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blueparadis · a day ago
Tumblr media
꒰content warnings꒱ — afab-reader, she /her pronouns, aged-up Baji (in his 20s), jealous boyfriend baji, established relationship, s/d dynamics, dom baji, domish reader, fluff, crack, soft smut ˖˖ wc- 0.6k
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Tumblr media
Baji skims his veiny artistic hands through his locks while his eyes roam all over you from afar. "Yep see you Fuyu, bye", you wave your hand through the window as Chifuyu smiles back. That was the first time Baji bit his bottom lip too hard to bruise it just because you ruffled Chifuyu's hair.
No, he didn't hate you for blending into his friend's circle he liked seeing you being the center of attraction. And with him on your side, you both have become an eyesore to all. Baji liked it, liked to show you off: his feral princess.
"hey!", he calls out wrapping his gingers around your wrist and pulling you into his lap. You could feel his cold hands over your back. The moment you shift your gaze on him his eyebrows jerk up while he blurts out,
"What the fuck?! You're not wearing a bra....."His other hand resting on your thighs as your clear your throat puckering up your lips in a pout exclaiming," It was getting uncomfy..."
"Oh yeah!", he utters lifting one of his eyebrows. You know why exactly he's being like that, you two just had a dinner party with all of his friends.
Chifuyu was the last one to leave while all the time Mikey was way too excited to meet you. It was Mikey's nagging that Baji agreed to have this in the first place.
"Never mind! You must be really tired...", he exhales strongly slipping his hands under your top as he leans onto your shoulders. "Keisuke... Kei... keiiii"
"Shhhhh! I'm trying to calm down", he mumbles but before you could satisfy your curiosity more he sucks onto your pulse point making you gasp. You turn towards him hoping for more of his gentle touch but he swiftly scoops you in his arms carrying you to the bed.
It was so unlike him. No, he loves to cuddle with you but after constantly slipping his hands onto your things during dinner time he just suddenly turns cold, or maybe he is just tired.
"omg! everyone's here, you squealed in excitement. Baji's heart dropped seeing you hopping from Mikey's bike. One thing he cherished the most is bike rides with you; how could he not after you whispered right into his ear those magical words while having your arms curled around his torso.
So, seeing you with Mikey like that he couldn't just hold it any longer but he knows that it's him, his insecurity, not some deliberate lame-ass acts to make him jealous.
As soon as you reach the group Baji slips his hands along your nape rubbing his nose against your temple, followed by a kiss on your cheeks. You nuzzle in his embrace in a reflex, smiling at his gesture.
While others gave you two a little space he just whispers with his bold masculine tone “don’t turn me on now" making you flinch and as you look up to him he gives you a wide grin concluding, "I'm not gonna hesitate to drag you behind that cottage and fuck you baby", with a squeeze on your ass.
"But Kei ... I wore a bra today and that turned you on?", you mumble cocking an eyebrow on him, adjusting the collar of his shirt. “I love you!”, he utters instantly biting his lower lip slowly.
Baji indeed hid the fact that he did it purely out of jealousy but you: his feral princess obeying him, all the more: dressing by his liking sure made him hard.
Tumblr media
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dabipawz · 3 months ago
nsfw — mdni, afab!reader, soft sex, dacryphilia
Tumblr media
he fucks you like he loves you ♡ one hand intertwined with your own, love- and lust-blown pupils gazing down into yours ♡ the other hand resting on the crown of your head, pushing back any stray strands of hair that find their way onto your face ♡ he rocks his hips gently into yours, pelvis rubbing your clit and the head of his dick squishing up against that spot inside of you ♡ never once lets his dick escape the warm confinements of your walls ♡ swallows your whimpers and whines of pleasure with his kisses, plush lips sucking and licking at your own ♡ he grits his teeth to stop himself from cumming too soon, the feel of your nipples sliding against his chest as he slowly thrusts into you sends his brain working overtime in a feeble attempt to calm himself down ♡ he takes his time with you, drinking in every shock of pleasure that courses through him, every breathy cry of his name that falls onto his ears ♡ and when he sees tears bubble and spill over your lash line… yeah ♡ that’s when he thinks, no, he knows he’s never felt a love like this before.
♱ ‧₊˚. mitsuya + shinichiro + baji + kisaki + inumaki + megumi + yuuta + nanami + kita + sakusa + atsumu + kageyama
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tatakaebomb · 3 months ago
Two is better than one
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Draken x Reader x Baji
ꕥ Synopsis : Your roommates happen to know what you’ve been fantasising about , and they make it come true
ꕥ Word count : 1.8k
ꕥ A/N : All characters are over 18 ! obvs
ꕥ TW : voyeurism, threesome (?), degradation, praise, rough sex, oral (m receiving), cervix bruising, slight dumification, teasing, slight mention of jealousy, spanking, sub! reader, unprotected sex, creampie, baji’s big dick lmao, 18+
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Since you moved in with Draken and Baji, its been a weird dynamic between the three of you.
Although you swore everything was purely platonic, you and Draken have had your fair share of drunk late-night hook ups when Baji would be missing from the apartment.
You'd always go back to acting as just friends by the morning, so you figured it was just harmless fun.
Draken felt differently though, since he first saw the way your tiny cunt stretches out to take him, he couldn't help but feel jealous when he'd occasionally see you flirting with Baji in the living room, your laughter filling the room as you playfully hit him in the arm. It made his teeth grit, he would never admit that to you though.
As for Baji, he'd be missing alot from home.
And most of the nights he would be home all you could hear from his room next door was loud moans from different women every week and harsh slapping noises echoing through the whole apartment.
Hearing it made your cheeks flush red, flustered that you must of fantasised one too many times of having him between your legs, playing in his hair as he made you moan just as loud.
You imagined he must be doing something right to have all these women scream his name shamelessly like that, but you tried to ignore the idea.
Although every time you'd let the thought of him fucking you dumb slip into your mind, your knees would get weak.
It was no hidden fact that both of your best friends were into you, so you got used to their competitive nature. It wasn't too deep , you thought, although sometimes they would get too much.
"Keiii, give it backk" You pout, climbing on top of Baji on the couch in order to try reach the remote.
"Nope" He laughs and pushes you back, making you fall on your ass on the floor.
You cross your arms , giving the long haired man a death stare.
"You're so mean"
"Mm, fine ill give it to you, on one condition" He grins, playing with the remote in his hand.
Your eyes glisten as you look up at him from the floor, tilting your head and pushing the hair out your face while waiting for him to continue.
You watch him push the remote down his pants, giggling as you furrow your eyebrows and part your lips in confusion.
"Come get it, you can only use your mouth though"
You narrow your eyes, smirk forming in the corner of your mouth as he relaxes his posture, back lazily pressed against the cushions.
"Deal" You blurt out, crawling to him and pressing your elbows on his thighs.
He widens his eyes, not expecting you to actually agree. "Wait wha-"
You lower your head to his crotch, teeth pulling down at the zipper.
He licks his lips, lowering his hand to push the hair out of your face to give him a better view of you tugging to undo the button with ur teeth.
You innocently smile when you successfully do it, wrapping your mouth around the remote before pulling it slowly up. You accidentally drop the remote on the floor, a big crash echoing through the living room.
"Haha, fuck yo-" Your celebration gets interrupted by the click of the door opening, making you both dart your head towards the door.
"You two having fun?"
You freeze watching Draken lean on the doorway, hands in his pocket as he stares down at your very questionable position. You kneeling down in front of Baji, him laying back into the couch with his zipper undone. It wasn't a good look.
You fall back on the floor, shaking your head embarrassed as Baji lets out a big laugh.
"No no - its not what it looks like-" You incoherently say as Draken nears you, his tall figure towering over you as he reaches for your hand in order to pull you up. Just as you're about to thank him, he throws you down on Baji's lap, making a quiet gasp escape your lips.
"What the fuck?" You mutter looking up into Draken's eyes, your face reddening at the fact Baji was rock hard under you. He takes a seat on the sofa chair, not breaking eye contant as he slumps back.
"Since you wanna fuck him so bad, go ahead" Draken chuckles bitterly, watching you widening your eyes as you try to shift up from Baji's lap.
"I don't wanna- fuck" Baji pulls you back down on his lap, making you bite your lip as your clothed cunt comes in contact with his bulge.
Baji moves your hair out the way, placing kisses on your neck as you begin to slowly shift in his lap, your eyes never once leaving Draken's as small whimpers escape your lips.
"What are you- Kei~" You accidentally moan Baji's name when you feel him bite at the sensitive part of your neck, your hips automatically pressing down harder into him for friction.
Draken grits his teeth at the sound of your moans, quietly watching you getting off to his best friend.
Baji lifts you off his lap, your back faced to him as he pulls down your pants, giving him a better view of your bare ass.
"Be a good girl n' bend down for me, Y/N" Baji demands, and you follow through with his request, gasping when you feel his hands run over your hips, grabbing roughly at your ass.
"She's so fuckin wet already" He coos, grabbing and snapping the thread of your panties back into place making you let out a loud whimper. He slides your panties to the side, collecting your arousal on two fingers before placing them to his lips, letting his tongue taste you.
"Bet she is" Draken spits out from the chair, and you slowly rise your gaze towards him again, noticing his cock starting to strain against the grey material of his sweatpants.
You look back at Baji, smirk placed on his lips as he frees his cock from his boxers, the massive size of it making you widen your eyes. Now you began to understand what those screams were about.
"I- I can't- Baji" You moan out as he grabs your hips and slowly starts lowering you down on his cock, grinning as he watches your mouth drop after puttin in half.
"'S too big-" You exhale, your hands squeezing the side of his thighs.
"It's only half way in, princess " He chuckles a groan before impatiently pulling you down all the way, a loud gasp leaving your lips.
You watch as Draken sits up, getting in front of you and dropping his sweatpants to the floor, his cock springing up in front of your face. You look up at him through your watery eyes, wincing when you feel Baji slowly rise you up just to drop you down again, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix.
" Ken, 'm sorry" You moan out, gasping when you feel his hand roughly tangle in your hair.
Draken pushes your head down his thick cock, the gagging along with your moans sending vibrations through him making him groan.
"Let me shut her up for you" Draken chuckles, looking over at Baji with a smirk.
Baji gives him a nod, a loud slap to your ass along with the tip of Draken's dick down your throat makes your eyes roll back, spit running down your chin as your moans continue to muffle.
"Fuck - Fuckin' slut , squeezing down on me like that"
Tears well up in your eyes when Baji lands another blow to your ass, continuing to abuse your cunt as Draken gives you barely any time to breathe as he fucks your mouth.
You look up at Draken, the sight of his head thrown back as curses escape his lips making you squeeze down on Baji's cock harder.
You feel Draken's cock begin to twitch at the back of your throat, his sloppy thrusts giving you the signal he's close.
"Shit" Draken groans out as spurts of his cum shoot down your throat, quickly pulling out of your mouth.
You look at Draken as you swallow, your tongue lolling out as Baji continues to bounce you up and down.
"Good girl"
Draken taps your cheek, giving you a tired smile before he sits back down.
Your attention is brought back to Baji as you feel him roughly grab at your tits from behind, slamming you down harder and harder with each thrusts as his fingers play with your nipples.
"~ it's too much" You roll your eyes back, legs shaking as you feel the knot in your stomach begin to form.
"You wouldn't want me to go easy on such a good whore like you, mm?" He growls in your ear, sending you over the edge making you throw your head back, cumming all over his cock.
"N-No, harderr " You scream out, making his dick twitch inside of you as he begins thrusting up, reaching deeper inside you each time.
"That's more like it doll" He groans into your ear, your hands placed on top of his as he continues to grip on your tits, his strokes becoming sloppier as you approach your orgasm again.
"K-Kei im gonna-"
"Fuck- Cum with me "
You both reach your highs, moans and pants being drawn from your lips as you feel him let go, painting the walls of your cunt white with his cum.
He slowly lifts you up, his cum leaking down as he lays you down on the couch.
You lazily open your eyes, head spinning as your eyes meet Draken's from the other side of the room, head placed in his hand as he scans your body.
"She's good, ain't she ?" Draken looks over at Baji, making him let out a tired chuckle as he sits up and slips his pants back on.
"Best pussy i've had in a while"
Baji gives you one last look, slapping your thigh before heading out for the night, the door closing shut behind him.
You giggle, biting on your bottom lip as you switch your gaze to stare up at Draken, lifting a hand to play with your sensitive nipples.
He lets out a quiet 'fuck', tugging at his clothed cock thats already hardened again.
"Got room for one more ?" He sits up, his body towering over yours as he bends down to place his lips to yours .
You squirm when you feel his hand lower to your clit, a quiet moan drawn out from you when he bites on your bottom lip as he breaks the kiss.
You look up through your blown out pupils,
"I always got room for you, Ken"
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lovelorn-thots · 5 months ago
cw: somnophilia (somewhat)
baji who fucks you to sleep when your anxiety is at a peak and the growing list of things you have to do for work threatens to keep you awake all night
baji who whispers a gentle shhhh as he shepherds you into bed despite your protests, laying you down and wrapping his arms around you so you stay still while he spoons you and bids you to relax
baji who himself isn’t totally still, whose hard cock finds its way comfortably between your legs and nestles itself within your walls
baji who thrusts upwards slowly while massaging a breast and drawing soft, sleepy moans and whispers, cheek nuzzled in the crook of your neck
baji who reminds you that you deserve to relax and nibbles at your ear, plays with your nipples, and moves just slow and deep enough that you’re overstimulated for a far different reason
baji who tips you over in a way that brings you sweet release not panic, who talks you through your orgasm and reminds you you’re his good girl no matter what
who walks his fingers along the curve of your waist as you fall asleep
and rubs your back gently
kissing your neck before he gets up to set your morning alarm
and prepares a love note to give you the strength to tackle tomorrow
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h-itani · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
“fuck” you muttered
damn this guy really knows how to fuck.
You thought while this guy who You don’t even know the name of, is fucking your brains out.
With dark red hickies and sweat dripping down your body, this man is shoving his 9 inch cock deep in your cunt hitting your g-spot perfectly with each thrust he takes.
He shoves his tongue in your mouth exploring each part leaving nothing untouched. He leaves a trail of kisses along your jaw moving toward your neck. Taking his time sucking, nibbling, biting on your sweet spot all while rubbing your clit and pounding into you like a fucking monster. His deep husky moans turning you on to no end.
Finally, you saw stars from the 5th euphoric orgasm this hot ass fucking sex god just gave you.
Tumblr media
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bajifuyutorabb · 2 months ago
cw: sub!chifuyu, sub!kazutora, dom!reader, frotting, polyamory, cum play, voyeurism, exhibitionism
no because imagine coming home and catching kazutora and chifuyu frotting against each other :((
here you go @kazuwhora <33
you don’t hear them at first. you‘ve just closed the front door, shucking off your shoes. a soft sigh escapes your lips at the feeling of your feet leaving the confining footwear. the day’s been exhausting. work was shitty, traffic was shitty, people were shitty, everything was just— in general, disappointing. you’d love nothing more than to lay down in your bed, sandwiched between your two loving boyfriends
”fuyu? tora?” you called out, dropping your bag on the couch. no answer. you frown. it’s not that late, so they should still be awake. why aren’t they answering? you call out again, a little louder this time. still nothing. you’re about to do it a third time when you hear it. a soft, familiar whimper, muffled and desperate. your heart skips a beat. no way—
you silently pad over to the bedroom, since it’s where the sound came from. the closer you get, the better you can hear them. desperate whines and whimpers intermixing with each other, accompanied by the telltale shlick shlick shlick that tells you they’re definitely doing something in there. with each other. your heart pounds in your ears as you open the door
they’re on the middle of the bed, legs tangled together. they’re sitting upright, their cocks struggling to fit together in chifuyu’s hand. tora thrusts shallowly into the other man’s fist, long hair falling over his face. even from here, you can see the red blush that decorates his cheeks and the tips of his ears
all the exhaustion from today bleeds from your body when tora’s eyes meet yours. they widen even more, yellow eyes shining under the cheap lightbulb. he opens his mouth to say something, presumably a greeting. however, the only sound that comes out is a moan, as chifuyu decides at that moment to tug at their cocks. chifuyu is facing away from you, so he doesn’t notice you, unlike tora
tora, who whimpers and scrunches his eyes shut, face twisting in pleasure as he bucks his hips up into chifuyu’s fist. “(name)” tumbles from his lips, eyes opening again as he stares directly at you. chifuyu gasps and turns his head, green eyes widening when he catches view of you
”ah- (name)- ah-!“ whatever he was about to say is cut off by a mewl, the head of tora‘s cock bumping against his. pre dribbles from his slit and onto both of their cocks, already coated in their own cum. when you look closer, you see spots of the stuff staining the sheets under them. you’d be pissed about that, but for now, your attention is fixed on the two men in front of you
you walk in and shut the door, a grin curling your lips as you grab a chair from a corner of the room. you can feel two pairs of eyes watching you. you situate the chair in front of the bed, sitting on it and crossing your legs. chifuyu and tora stare at you, eyes wide and lips parted, chests heaving. you gesture at their cocks resting in chifuyu’s hand. “go on. don’t stop on my behalf” you hum, eyes lidded and body hot
tora’s the one that moves first. he uses his hand to hold chifuyu’s in place, thrusting his hips up and moaning. chifuyu hisses in surprise before it turns into a whimper, feeling tora’s cock slide against a sensitive vein on the underside of his. “tora, wait-“ he chokes out, but doesn’t remove his hand. tora simply shakes his head and goes faster, mouth open and chest heaving in short, shallow puffs. ”wanna cum, fuyu, please please-“ he scrunches his eyes shut again, keening as he goes faster
chifuyu’s moans mix with his, the black-haired man glancing at you from the corner of his eyes, cheeks red. he’s so cute, you think, cooing at him. the only response you get is a quiet whimper
it doesn’t take long for tora to cry out “ah- m’gonna cum m’gonna cum-“, thighs shaking as his orgasm washes over him. his hips twitch involuntarily, and his cock slides against the vein on chifuyu’s underside once, twice… ”shit shit-“ is the only thing chifuyu can say as he throws his head back, ropes of cum shooting onto his and tora’s thighs. their cum mix and spill over their cocks and chifuyu’s hand, and you watch them closely as they come down from their high
there’s a few moments of quiet, with the only sounds being tora and chifuyu’s panting, until tora opens his eyes again, and they go wide. but he’s not staring at you. he’s staring at the door, and you follow his gaze to where baji is leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and a wolfish grin stretching across his lips
”you three sure seem like you’re having fun.”
well. it’s gonna be a long night.
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doll-ie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
imagine kisaki, ran, mikey, shinichiro, baji, inui
a/n. YES this is rushed, YES this is kinda bad, and YES I’m too lazy to put the warnings.. but you read the first part you get the gist of it .. not proofread
Tumblr media
your choices were stupid. you knew they were. you knew you deserved to be where you were now, sitting with your knees hugged to your chest, naked, as your boyfriend stood in the doorway and raised his eyebrows, he looked bored, and unamused while you felt embarrassed and shamed. his footsteps were loud as he finally decided to get close to your naked figure, removing his blazer and rolling his sleeves up with a stern look on his face,
“I didn’t mean—“ your words were cut short as he quickly grabbed your jaw as soon as you were bold enough to look up at him, and with a cold, threatening almost, expression he spoke, “get on all fours. I don’t wanna fucking hear it till you’re done here.” your boyfriends words had your eyes widening and stomach sinking in with fear— all you could do is nod and crawl over onto the mattress as fast as you could without questioning anything.
you looked over at him as you sat in front of him, shivering as the cold breeze from the air conditioning brushed on your skin gently. “you really think.. he wouldn’t tell me?” you stood quiet, feeling tears build up along with that sickening feeling in your throat, you tried not to blink, to avoid the thick tears from spilling out along your skin but you couldn’t do it. a choked up sob left your lips as you slowly shook your head, listening to the male in front of you toy with his belt quickly, pulling it off like it’s nothing.
his pants and boxers lowered near his knees and out sprung his thick, long cock, landing back into his hand as tears were now streaming down your face and sniffles could be heard, “c’mon.. wanna be such a crybaby when I call you out for something wrong? don’t you.. deserve this.” again, you shook your head, before quietly replying to his comments. “don’t just.. go..in pl—please..” the size of his cock felt like it was splitting your jaw into two even after all the times you’ve sucked it or toyed with it. when he fucks you, he says it feels like a virgins pussy and you say it feels like the first time, he’s just too big, you couldn’t do this. not now.
Your boyfriends hands made their way to your ass, feeling at the skin as your fingers got lost in the spare bed sheets that folded below your body. “you’ll be just.. fine.” your boyfriend spoke again, grabbing ahold of a spare bottle of lube that rested on the edge of the bed, almost empty. cherry flavored. the moist sounds of the liquid being rubbed all over his cock had you sweating. “ ‘m sorry..” you sobbed again, letting your head hang low. maybe if you’d cry he’d feel bad and would stop?.. wrong.
the way your sob changed to a quick scream of pain and pleasure was insanely quick. insanely quick as your boyfriend was now forcing his cock inside your needy, wet cunt. oh you were in fucking pain. but oh did it feel so good at the same time. “ngh! hah! ‘m sorry! I’m— so—rry!” you couldn’t even get a single word out without screaming out in pain and tugging onto the sheets.
meanwhile, harsh hisses and curses left your boyfriends lips as he thrusted himself quicker inside your wet hole “shut up ‘nd take it. fuckin’ whore.” a slap was left on the flesh of your ass, causing the pleasure and pain to reach what you thought was an all time high. the pace of his thrusts felt deadly as you shut your eyes, letting tears flow. the mascara and tear filled liquid hit the sheets along with drool as your mouth hung open. his cock was too much,
“baby! ‘m sorry! I’ll.. I’ll be a good girl!” It’s like you were on mute as he quickly grabbed your arms, pinning them near your lower back while shoving your face into the mattress with his free hand. the pain of his cock stretching you out soon turned to pleasure as your eyes widened suddenly, practically rolling back now- “‘m gonna cum! please— lemme cum!” you swung your feet around, squealing and whining into the sheets. your boyfriend looked bored, again, as he listened to your pathetic whines and cries. sure, he felt like he could let go his release of thick cum inside you any second. but did you deserve it?? hell no.
“bad girls.. don’t get to cum for a while.”
Tumblr media
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fairyfuyu · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
that night | baji keisuke
Tumblr media
summary: aged up characters +20, enemies to lovers w/ baji, reader is siblings w/ chifuyu, some shit isn’t canon but some is and i am too lazy to state what is/isn’t. bite me. baji and reader have really hot sex
wc: 8.9k (i am yelling)
*taps mic* jess this one's for you @zeeroweenies
content: NSFW 18+, fem!reader, unbearable teasing and tension, we have a lil girlboss moment ngl, gang discourse but what else is new (also involving us but we’re ok i promise), mentions of blood from wounds, baji being protective, use of pet name ‘angel,’ degradation if you squint, oral (m&f receiving, baji also licks our taint), face fucking, spit as lube, unprotected sex, tummy bulge, choking, hair pulling, impact play (spanking), overstim (?), squirting, baji fucks us dumb, backshots, shitty aftercare (but aftercare nontheless) i mean its baji cmon what do you really expect stop lying to yourself
a/n: lol remember when i said writing smut isnt my thing? changed my mind this is now an art/smut account sorry about it. this is the result of having baji brainrot for 3 days straight. i barely slept. was h word for 72 consistent hours. i have no regrets. this is purely self indulgent aka i wanna be in a gang and carry a diamond encrusted knife on me at all times
mdni !!!!! or else im taking ur ipad away from u
please have your fucking age in your bio im begging you
Tumblr media
“Chifuyu! Where the fuck is your peyoung yakisoba?!”
His voice was so indistinguishable as it rang throughout the small space of the apartment. Deep. Commandeering. Even with your headphones on as you intently focused on your homework, it demanded the attention it never failed to acquire. You internally groaned at the very first syllable you heard.
He let himself in again, that dumbass.
You rolled your eyes, hating yourself for even thinking about responding back in place of your brother’s absence. As much as you dreaded the thought of engaging the ravenette, you knew the sooner he got the information he was searching for, the sooner he would shut up.
“He’s not home!” You shouted back, not waiting for an answer before you situated your headphones back to their original position.
Turning back to your laptop, you wished you didn’t hear the heavy footsteps approaching your closed door. It didn’t take long before he reached for the handle, finding his attempt at barging in futile. “___? Why’s the door locked - you naked or something?”
You scoffed, fully taking your headphones off and resting them around your neck. “You’re a pervert.” Accepting your defeat at evading any conversation with him, you pushed yourself out of your chair and strode to your door, unlocking it and cracking it open slightly. You looked up at his dark eyes staring back down at you, leaning all of his weight on his arm against the doorframe.
“I’m in university, remember? I gave up playing gangster when I was in high school.” You shot up at him, an unbothered expression resting on your face.
It was true, you briefly scuttled around with your brother and his little gang in high school. It wasn’t anything too serious on your part, mostly because Chifuyu would kill you if you let yourself get wrapped up with a few particular enemies of his. You two were incredibly close, but what siblings wouldn’t be after their single mom ran out on them by the time you turned 15? Chifuyu would do anything to protect you, but he knew that he alone wasn’t enough; you ultimately had to learn to protect yourself, which is why you even got involved with his friends in the first place. You learned anything you needed to protect yourself, and being related to someone so deeply tied to Toman, that reputation alone kept you safe. Though you were pretty skilled in fighting, your involvement trailed off once you decided to focus more on your education and getting into university. After all, being in a gang was not a safe or secure way to make a living. But that didn’t mean you stopped keeping your jewel-encrusted knife on you at all times that Chifuyu gifted you when you turned 17.
Baji rolled his eyes at you. “Don’t try and act like you’re above that shit. You’re just as bad as your brother. Now, where is that fucker?”
“I told you, he’s out. And stop letting yourself in, it’s creepy.” You replied back, maintaining your deadpan tone.
He let out an unamused chuckle. “You know I’m not gonna stop. Besides, I was hungry and I know you guys always stay stocked up - at least, I thought you did.”
You decided to mess with him some. “Aw, you didn’t come to see me?”
“Of course not, idiot.”
“Oh, don’t play dumb. Do you think I don’t catch you staring all the time?” You teased him, revelling in the reaction you pulled from him; he didn’t actually stare, you just knew he hated anytime you teased him like this. Although this time, you could practically hear his heart stop in his chest, just inches away from yours.
He narrowed his eyes down at you. “You’re ridiculous. I’m staying here till Fuyu gets back.”
“Like I care. Just don’t bother me anymore.” You moved to put your headphones back over your ears, just wanting the conversation to be over.
“Pretty sure I annoy you just by being here.”
“You’re absolutely right.” You said with a smile, before shutting the door in his face.
Thankfully, you were able to get through all the homework you hoped to complete that evening without any interruptions from Baji or Chifuyu once he returned. He knew how important your studies were to you, and he wanted nothing but success for you, making sure to never break your focus unless something urgent happened.
It wasn’t until you forced yourself to look up from your laptop did you realize what time it was; the dark sky peeking through your window told you it was much later than you had thought, and a glance at your phone confirmed it. 9:13 PM.
You decided that eating dinner would definitely be the smartest decision; your aching stomach would surely appreciate some type of food. Peeling yourself out of your chair for the first time since Baji rudely interrupted, you slid into your slippers beside you and made your way out to the kitchen.
Chifuyu stood at the sink, a dish in one hand and a rag in the other. He heard the quiet pitter-patter of your footsteps and looked up, a soft smile crossing his face. “Hey ___, finished with your work?”
You nodded, silently sighing in annoyance to see Baji still under your roof. “Yeah, finally. ‘M starving, though.” Before you could even make your way to the fridge to throw a makeshift meal together, Chifuyu opened the oven and grabbed a dish covered in tin foil.
“Here, I kept it warm for you.” He spoke tenderly, placing the dish on the countertop for you.
Chifuyu always made sure you ate something before you fell asleep, knowing how often you neglect your self care when it comes to late nights of studying. The gesture reminded you just how much he cared about you. You offered a smile in return. “Thanks, Fuyu.”
Sitting down opposite Baji at the kitchen table - who presumably was satisfied after his friend made him dinner considering his much more mellow nature than earlier - you placed the plate of noodles in front of you and didn’t hesitate to dig in. If Chifuyu did one thing right, it surprisingly was his ability to make a good meal.
“So, how was Mikey?” You asked Chifuyu nonchalantly, not even acknowledging Baji’s presence.
He placed the dish he had cleaned on the drying rack. “You know you don’t have to pretend to be interested in Toman anymore, ___.”
“But what if I am interested?” You countered. “Those guys were my friends for so long - and I mean, you’re practically an exec at this point, my best friend is dating Takemichi...how can I not be somewhat involved still?”
“I thought you were above playing gangster.” Baji chimed in, not breaking eye contact with the phone in his hands.
You shot him a glare for alluding to your conversation earlier. “I’m just saying, is it so wrong for me to ask how everyone is sometimes? Even if it has been months since I’ve seen Mikey or Draken.”
“He asked about you, actually.” Chifuyu stated simply.
“Who, Mikey?” You asked absentmindedly, taking another bite.
He nodded. “Said he missed having you around.”
Thank god you swallowed before hearing Chifuyu’s response, otherwise you’d have choked. It hung in the air for a moment, the silence that followed so deafening. You almost thought you caught a glimpse of Baji’s grip tightening on his phone, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from Chifuyu across the room. He acted as though he didn’t even say anything, continuing his task of cleaning yet another dish. You noted the suds on his bruised knuckles, moving back and forth as he scrubbed. Cleaning the front, then the back, then rinsing it off. The steady stream of the faucet shut off, but the lingering drops continued for a second, drip, drip, drip…
You snapped out of your trance held on the water droplets, finding your brother’s green eyes locked on you. “What’d you tell him?” You took another bite.
“That you were at university now, being a serious adult, doing serious, adult things.” He tossed the towel to the side, apparently done with the chore.
Baji took a sip of his drink. “Is the serious adult still too cool to hang out with the wannabe gangsters?” He continued averting his gaze from you.
“You’re not in this conversation, dumbass.” You retorted, eyes flickering to him for a split second before returning your attention to your brother. You saw him stick his tongue out at you like a damn child out of the corner of your eye, and the tiniest part of you wanted to smile. But, you didn’t. “Why’d he bring me up all of a sudden?”
The blonde just shrugged. “Guess he just misses you.”
You bit the inside of your cheek in slight concentration...or maybe it was contemplation. Your mind wandered back to the last brawl you ever found yourself in the middle of, just before you graduated high school. It was like every other time - Toman got wrapped up in their agenda of having each other's back, finding themselves up against a pretty tough rival gang. You weren’t excused from the brutality that time by any means; the shitheads always liked to try and take out the rival girls, and you never understood why...if they really think girls are weaker, then would it really prove their strength to beat the shit out of one? You were incredibly skilled, though, and most of the time you could stand your ground. But that time, you hesitated a second too long, and before you knew it you were flat on the ground, Chifuyu kneeling over you and cradling your head.
You were okay, but a trip to the ER later revealed a broken jaw and an injured self-esteem. You cursed yourself for letting that lanky asshole knock you out, but your time in the hospital allowed you to reflect some on where to go from there; Chifuyu’s guilt for ever allowing you to join in on fights definitely had a lot of weight on your final decision to step away from the group of boys who occupied most of your time. It forced you to face reality and take some responsibility for your life and where you ended up. Despite those boys practically being family, you needed to step away from that part of your life. So, you turned towards getting a degree and never looked back.
That was over a year ago.
“Is he expecting me to come back or something?” You finally said after your brief self-examination, staring back down at your dinner in front of you. Chifuyu had made his way to join you and Baji at the table.
Shrugging again, he leaned forward on his elbows atop the table’s surface. “Don’t dwell on it, I just thought I’d let you know he hasn’t totally forgotten about you.”
His statement made you smile a little. “Well, who could forget about me?” You joked, causing him to mirror your smile.
“Would you ever come back?” Baji intervened.
“No.” Chifuyu answered for you before you could even think about what you’d respond with. His voice was so firm, so sure.
You raised an eyebrow at your brother. “No?”
“Yeah.” He said, as serious as ever.
Baji shook his head in confusion. “I just heard ‘no’ and ‘yeah,’ which one is it?”
Scoffing at the raven-haired boy, you rolled your eyes. “Dumbass. Since when do you make decisions for me, Chifuyu?”
The blonde sat back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. “Did you forget what happened last year? Or did Hanma kick that pretty little head of yours too hard, ___?”
“Fuck you.” You bit back at his remark. “I can take care of myself, just cause you’re a year older than me doesn’t mean I’m some baby.”
“I just don’t want you getting hurt again,” Chifuyu said, “that’s all.”
You pushed yourself out of your seat, deciding that you were thirsty. “Well, I still have that knife you gave me, ready to use whenever.”
Two steps later and Chifuyu was out of his seat, grabbing you and whipping you around to try and catch you off guard, but you moved quicker than him. In an instant, you wielded your knife tucked in your waistline, holding the blade inches away from his face. A proud smile on your face as you locked him in position, you chuckled. “Checking to see if I still remember a thing or two?”
“Always.” He replied, impressed at his little sister.
“Wow, kitty likes to scratch, huh?” Baji laughed, unable to tear his eyes off of the two dangerous siblings.
You let go of the hold you had on Chifuyu, returning the knife back to the holster you keep hidden. It was no exaggeration that you kept it on you at all times. “Suck my dick, Keisuke.” You snapped, furrowing your eyebrows at him.
Reaching up to grab a glass out of your cupboard, you heard the two boys stirring behind you. You turned your head to see Chifuyu sling the familiar black jacket over his shoulders, Baji’s own tucked under his arm. Without them saying anything, you connected the dots. “Oh...that’s why Mikey needed to talk to you today, huh?”
He nodded sheepishly, not looking your way as he headed towards the door. “Something like that, yeah.”
You couldn’t help your heart rate spike a little, the anxiety setting in that always managed to take over whenever you watched Chifuyu leave for the night. Obviously, the shit he was getting into was dangerous, and you couldn’t stop your mind from wandering to the worst case scenario while he was gone. The longer he stayed out, the more worried you grew. You knew your brother was strong, and he absolutely had no problem when it came to protecting himself and his friends. Part of you was just scared that you’d lose the last bit of family you had left.
Chifuyu’s ego was a fragile one too - though he’d never admit it, of course - but you knew he felt the need to prove his strength any chance he got. He never had a father, never had someone teach him how to go out into the world and face what came his way. He was forced to learn it from his delinquent friends; and of course he couldn’t help the cards he was dealt in life, but sometimes you wished things turned out different.
Most of the time, though, you were glad for exactly who Chifuyu was.
You trailed behind them like a lost puppy as they made their way to the exit of the apartment. “Fuyu,” You quietly called.
He hesitated in the open doorway; he knew exactly what you were feeling and this is precisely why he didn’t tell you about the meeting tonight. “I’ll be fine, I promise.” He assured you, pressing his lips into a forced smile.
Nodding to yourself, for a second you almost believed him. “Okay.”
And with that, the blonde and the brunette left into the night.
Tumblr media
10:30 rolled around and you still hadn’t fallen asleep. You tossed and turned in your little bed, desperate to find a position comfortable enough to doze off in. Needless to say, your efforts were unsuccessful; any position was unbearable with your mind racing and your brother out in the city doing who knows what. It was always like this. You tried not to let Chifuyu’s undertakings evade your thoughts on a day to day basis, and for the most part, they didn’t. He felt that the less you knew, the better, and you agreed; but that didn’t stop you from speculating his whereabouts when he wouldn’t return home all day, even though he just said he’d be back in under an hour. And your speculations, more often than not, were correct. He’d waltz through that front door, trying his hardest to be as quiet as a mouse, but you were too clever; you’d catch him every time red handed - quite literally, as new battle scars always managed to find their way onto his skin.
Maybe it was your familial bias towards Chifuyu, but you repeatedly found some way to blame that dumbass that lived three floors above the two of you. If it wouldn’t have been for Chifuyu and Baji meeting in middle school, he never would’ve been introduced to Toman in the first place. And although you treated Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and the rest of them like siblings, Baji never clicked with you somehow. Sure, you can tolerate him the bare minimum in order to appease your brother, but his gruff and churlish attitude towards you didn’t sit right. Ever since Chifuyu met him - and subsequently discovered he lived in the same building as you - they’ve been inseparable. Baji’s just always been there, though never for you.
Ignoring the tiny voice inside of your head that begged you not to, you found yourself on your feet in one swift motion, the cold evening air sending a sharp chill down your spine. Trading your sleep shorts for something a little more practical, your feet took you over to your closet where you rummaged through the back until your hands landed on what you were searching for. A soft smile tugged at your lips as you admired the embroidery Mitsuya carefully stitched into the fabric for you.
“As the honorary little sis of Toman, I had to specially make yours by hand.” You remembered him saying when he first handed it to you years ago, and you’d always treasure it - whether you were a part of Toman or not.
You threw the black jacket over your t-shirt, stepped into some shoes, and grabbed your keys to your motorcycle. Your plan, though barely a plan at all, was this: go to the spot Toman typically meets, see if the boys were there, and make sure your brother isn’t dead. If they weren’t there, you’d end your search. Simple. At the very least, a nice ride in the brisk night would surely help calm your nerves.
The autumnal air breezes past you as you ride down the barren sidestreets, navigating your way between the concrete buildings surrounding you. Your open jacket catches the wind, chilling you further and making you curse under your breath at your stupidity for only sporting a thin t-shirt tonight. You always loved riding your bike through the city, especially the spontaneous drives with Chifuyu and his friends, somehow going into the earliest hours of the morning. There were times you even stayed up until the sun rose (mostly due to Mikey’s pleading), and as much as you hate to admit it, those times you cherish the most.
Your little joyride was short lived sadly; before you knew it, you heard the familiar shouts from the gang growing louder and louder, indicating you had arrived at the correct spot. Shedding your helmet and buttoning your jacket halfheartedly, you carried yourself down to the opening that was home to the voices. And then, you saw them; Mikey, Draken, Baji, and Takemichi, all lined up behind Chifuyu as he stared up at Kisaki. Hanma was right by his side.
The quiet sounds of you approaching the group must’ve been much louder than you thought, because as soon as you came into view, Mikey called out to you.
“Oi, is that ___?” He asked; there was a hint of excitement in his voice.
You could feel your brother’s gaze burning into your skull the closer you drew near, furious that you even thought about coming out here. You knew he would be mad at you for this choice, but you still stand by your decision. He’s been there for you all these years, you felt you should do the same.
“Weren’t done playing gangster after all, huh?” Baji teased, flashing his little fangs at you with a toothy grin.
You approached the group, locking eyes with the brunette for a passing second. “Nice ponytail, dumbass.”
“Ew, don’t compliment me like that. They’re gonna think we’re friends.” He scoffed, switching his smirk out for a frown, his eyebrows knitted together.
“Go home, ___.” Chifuyu ordered, petulance laced through the simple phrase, pulling your attention over towards him, but only momentarily.
Hanma took a few steps towards you, eyes shooting daggers into yours as if he were warning you. A simper played on his lips. “Looks like you healed up real nice from last time I saw you. Maybe this time you won’t be so lucky.”
“Hanma…” Draken interjected, but you silenced him.
“No, I think I will be lucky this time actually.” You smirked up at him, implicitly begging him to make a move.
And he played right into it, that cocky son of a bitch. It all happened quickly, the way he swung at you, with such force and arrogance, like he was sure he would knock you out in one punch. But his pomposity proved faulty in this instance, for you dodged it with such finesse, sweeping his legs out from under him and pinning him down. Your blade was drawn, inches away from his face, your other hand securing his arm and digging your knee into his back. Giggling softly, you scowled down at him. “Seems I did get lucky this time around, huh?”
While your eyes were trained on him, you were completely unaware of what occurred behind you. Kisaki decided to dismiss whatever business he had with your brother, deeming the situation with Hanma far more important since you had a weapon too close for comfort. But before he could get close to you, the ravenette tackled him, slamming his head to the concrete and knocking his glasses off his smug face.
“You touch her, you die.” He spit, not a hint of sarcasm in his voice. If not for that unmistakable voice that sounded in the quiet night, you wouldn’t have believed it was Baji. It caught you off guard, mostly because he always had a jovial tonality whenever he spoke. He wasn’t serious by nature, but he sure as shit was at this moment in time. You made sure to not lose focus on keeping Hanma down, but managed to steal a brief glance towards the scene unraveling.
Kisaki laughed beneath Baji’s weight. “Since when do you give a shit about little Matsuno?”
Instead of a proper response, Baji sent a clean, hard punch right to his face. “Talk about her again, I dare you.”
“Kei, you don’t need-” Chifuyu started to say, taking a step towards his friend, but the brunette completely ignored him, striking his enemy again. Blood trickled from his nose, eyes hazy as they peered skywards.
Hanma’s eyes focused over to the brawling men, snickering softly. “Your boyfriend seems to be doing a good job of protecting you.”
You rest the blade right under his jaw, not forcefully, but with enough contact to get the point across. “I don’t need anyone to protect me. I’m the one with the knife, remember?”
“____, do you really need to have a knife pulled on him?” Takemichi asked, his voice trembling slightly.
Mikey laughed at his question. “Let her be, she’s got it handled.”
Meanwhile, Baji kept his eyes trained on the body beneath him. “Now, tell me you’re gonna fuck off from messing with Matsuno or else I’m killing you right here and now.”
“No need to make such empty promises, Keisuke. I just wanted to make sure Chifuyu knew who he was dealing with, 's all.” Kisaki spoke smoothly, as if he didn’t just get his nose broken. “I think we’ve all had enough fun for tonight, yeah?”
Not satisfied with his answer, Baji gave him one last jab, putting him right to sleep. He got up from his position, walking over to you and resting a hand on your shoulder. “You can get up, ___. He won’t hurt you.”
Gritting your teeth behind your closed lips, you pulled the knife away from Hanma’s neck, barely nicking him in the process. Your eyes didn’t leave the tiny drop of blood that formed as you stood up and off of the arrogant man beneath you. Turning your back on him, you walked over to your brother.
Your eyes flickered up to Baji’s. “You didn’t need to do that for me.”
He rolled his eyes, walking further ahead of you as he inspected the fresh wounds on his knuckles. “Like I did that for you. I knew Fuyu would never shut up if you got hurt again.” He pulled the hair tie out of his hair, allowing his dark locks to cascade over his shoulders and bathe in the moonlight.
You fell back, joining Chifuyu who stood perfectly still, frozen and staring at the ground where you previously had control over Hanma. He controlled his breathing, balling his hands in fists beside himself. You crossed your arms in front of your chest. “Ready to go home?”
I’ll save it for tomorrow, he thought to himself. He couldn’t bring himself to go off on you here, in front of everyone. Nodding, he sucked up his pride. “Yeah, let’s go home.”
Tumblr media
You barely got any sleep that night, thanks to the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The second you got home, Chifuyu wordlessly entered his room, secluding himself for the rest of the night. Fleeing to your own, you settled under the covers, but no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t help but overthink every little thing that happened that night.
Specifically, Baji’s behavior.
Why would he say the things he said - ‘You touch her, you die’ ? Beating the shit out of Kisaki like...like he cared about you or something. But then he goes and acts like he doesn’t care about you.
Of course he doesn’t care about you, he never has, never will.
‘Like I’d do that for you’
The words replayed over and over in your head, an endless cycle of convincing yourself that he’s just lying and actually does care about you, but then overthinking your entire relationship with him and deciding that there’s no way he didn’t mean the things he said.
The reason for your racing heart and anxiety coursing through your whole body was not the fact that you successfully stopped Hanma from attacking you yet again, it was the fact that this person who never passed up on a chance to annoy the ever living shit out of you, potentially tried protecting you that night.
By the time the sun rose, you and Chifuyu were yelling at each other like real siblings do in the living room. You couldn’t have been more spot on with how you expected the argument to go; he, of course, scolded you for being so stupid, so careless, because “what if you weren’t able to take him down, what then?” And you shot back at him with “but I did take him down, I told you I can take care of myself!” Which cascaded the entire argument into one about how Chifuyu treats you like you’re five and doesn’t have any faith in you. His reasoning for that was he just cares about you too much, you’re family, you’re all he has left...of course he’s going to worry.
When you heard this, the only response you found fitting was something along the lines of “You’re wrong, you have Toman! You have a hundred guys ready to back you up - ready to treat you like family. I don’t have that anymore - you’re my only family and you know it”
Were you proud of that response? You weren’t entirely sure. It sounded right in the heat of the moment, but the way his face dropped and he instantly got quiet, you felt a slight twinge of regret for your choice in words. As he grabbed his keys from the counter, he muttered a quiet “I’ll see you later” before he shut the front door behind him.
And so, here you were, twelve minutes later, curled up in your bed trying to at least take a brief nap since you didn’t sleep at all. The closest you got to a nap was keeping your eyes shut for a solid minute before you heard the front door open and close in haste.
That was quick, you thought to yourself, forcing yourself to sit upright in your bed as you locked your eyes on your open doorway, expecting to see your brother.
What you didn’t expect was to see Baji standing there instead, breathing heavily, and a small smirk on his face. “Hey, ___.”
You pushed yourself out of bed awkwardly, a little confused that he of all people was there. “Chifuyu isn't home...I actually thought he was with you-”
“I didn’t come to see Chifuyu.” He stated.
A deafening hush fell over the two of you. He looked like hell - probably just as bad as you looked, to be honest. Dark bags rest beneath his moody eyes and his hair hung impossibly messy beside his face. His breathing began to still as more seconds passed.
His eyes searched yours for any sort of answer. “Say something.”
“What do you want me to say?” It was as much of a response as you could muster; your thoughts were all over the place.
He rocked onto his toes nervously. “You don’t wanna know what I want you to say.”
You swallowed the lump in your throat, beginning to fiddle with your fingers - a bad habit you nurse when you find yourself in uneasy situations. You were mute again, unknowing how to even begin to navigate this conversation.
“Don’t pick at your fingers like that, it's bad for you.”
You let out an incredulous exhale. “I don’t think you’re in any position to talk about proper hand-care.” You teased lightheartedly, glancing down to his own torn knuckles from last night’s fight. “Let me get you some bandages.” You said, composing yourself some and brushing past the tall boy hurriedly. He never stopped you.
You wandered down the hallway into yours and Chifuyu’s shared bathroom, scouring the medicine cabinet for the proper first aid. As you pulled out the products, Baji settled himself on top of the toilet seat, looking around absentmindedly.
Grabbing disinfectant, you took his right hand in yours. Part of you was a little nervous to hold his hand, but you brushed it off. “This might sting a little.” You warned, before applying the compound to his small cuts.
His hand twitched in yours. “I’m not a pussy, that was just a reflex.”
“Sure,” You taunted, taking the bandage and rolling his knuckles up in them, securing it so it wouldn’t unravel. “Other hand.”
Reciprocating your actions, you could feel Baji’s smile without even seeing it. When you were finished, you shoved the unused bandages to the side. “All done.”
“So are you even gonna ask why I’m here?”
You leaned against the counter, thinking about exactly what you wanted to say. “I have a couple thoughts of my own on why you’re here.”
“I’m all ears.”
Scrunching your nose in mock annoyance, you huffed. “I think you were lying last night when you said you didn’t beat up Kisaki for me.”
Baji nodded his head, running a hand through his hair. “Would it be so bad if I told you you were right?”
“I thought you hated me.”
“I thought you hated me.” He exclaimed. “You’re not exactly subtle about how annoyed you are with me so much as being near you.”
Rolling your eyes, you scoffed in disbelief. “Please, you make it your life mission to bother the absolute hell out of me. Anytime I’m with you and Chifuyu, you practically beg me to leave you guys alone.”
“Maybe I’m just bad at making friends, okay! You know I’m not that smart, how on earth am I supposed to act around someone like you?!” His words became progressively more passionate, more urgent - it was undeniable that he was starting to ramble, letting any and every thought he had just fall past his lips in an effortless revelation. He was on his feet now, and suddenly the small bathroom became a confined, suffocating space; taking a frantic breath, he stepped past you, out into the hall. Finally, he could breathe.
You trailed behind him, suddenly becoming shy as you listened to him drone on.
“I don’t even know why I came here, to be honest. I-I just couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking about you and - fuck, that sounds creepy...” He turned on his heel, hands finding his head again, burying the bandaged fingers deep in the roots of his hair. “It’s pathetic, honestly, because you’re so smart and mature even though you’re younger than me and you’re already so successful going to university...it doesn’t make any sense at all, really, but for some reason I-” He stopped his manic monologue, taking a deep breath and shutting his eyes before speaking again. “I like you, regardless of the way you ridicule me and constantly tell me to shut up and - shit, I even like the way you call me dumbass. You have no idea what you do to me, and you don’t even try.”
He ran out of things to say, it seemed - or maybe he just wanted to give you a chance to add something to the conversation. You couldn’t tell in the dim lighting of the hallway, but his hands were shaking ever so slightly; he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket, as if they were a safe haven and would rid him of his uneasiness.
Before you could utter a single word, he spoke again. “Sorry if this is all too much, I just didn’t know what to do, a-and I’m bad with my words so I probably didn’t do a good job of explaining exactly how I feel-”
“If you’re bad with your words, then show me.” You said, a newfound confidence overcoming you out of nowhere.
Your words left him dumbfounded. He quirked a thick eyebrow. “What did you just say?”
“I said…” You took a step closer to him, “Show me how you feel.”
He wasted no time in closing whatever space was left between the two of you, hands finding either side of your face and pulling you to him. Crashing his lips onto yours, it was a wonder how your knees didn’t give out right then and there; you immediately melted into him, lips working feverishly against his and gladly welcoming his exploring tongue. It was almost as if he read your mind, clutching onto your shoulders and backing you up against the wall, somehow deepening the kiss further.
Barely detaching his hungry lips from yours, he mumbled against your lips. “You want me to show you what I’m feeling right now?”
Before you could even form a response, he drove his hips into yours, allowing you to feel just how hard he was and pulling a quiet whimper from your chest. This time, your knees did buckle under you, but Baji made sure to keep you upright between his strong hands. “Thought you were stronger than that, Angel. Don’t go tapping out on me just yet.”
You fluttered your eyes open, already drunk off his actions and butterflies forming in your tummy. His dark eyes held your gaze, so moody and mysterious, you found yourself getting lost in them. How did you never realize it before? How enchanting his eyes were, the specks of gold seemingly shimmering down at you. You knew your disdain for him didn’t allow you to feel anything other than aggravation towards him, but after what transpired last night, you couldn’t help but feel pure, unadulterated admiration towards him.
Maybe he really did care about you all this time.
Just the mere thought of this led you to kissing him once more, wrapping your arms around his neck, clutching onto him as if your life depended on it. All you could think about was how you wanted nothing more than to lose yourself in his touch. Tongues battling for dominance, though he was clearly winning, you moaned into his mouth as his wandering hand brushed up your side to eagerly paw at your breast.
“Kei…” You panted, the two of you catching your breath for a fleeting second.
He smiled down at you, showing off his cute little fangs. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”
A grin tugged at your lips. “What else have you been waiting to do with me?”
That certainly wasn’t the reply he was expecting. His cock pulsed beneath the fabric of his sweats at your words; he couldn’t even begin to explain what he wanted to do with you - what he wanted to do to you. As if it was possible, you had managed to make him even more turned on. Your aura captivated every ounce of his being; your smile, your scent, your touch, everything tumbled together in his mind and ran straight to his dick.
His body moved faster than his mind - in one effortless movement, he threw you over his shoulder and charged down the hall to your room, leaving you a mess of giggles. He thought about his hand placement, though, one strong hand over your ass to ensure you didn’t fall. Tossing you onto your bed, you smiled up at him as he crawled over you, immediately rolling his hips against yours and attaching his lips to your neck.
The tiny room was filled with the sounds of your breathy moans while Baji left wet, open-mouthed kisses along the column of your throat. A bandaged hand joined in, wrapping itself lightly around your neck. He slid a thigh in between yours, allowing you to grind your throbbing cunt against him.
“Kei, fuck” you gasped, feeling his fangs sink into your flesh as he marked you, running his hot tongue over the bruise once he was pleased with the result.
“Need something, Angel?” He asked innocently, punctuating his question with another grind of his hard-on against your heat.
“Wait,” you spoke quietly, squeezing his arm to catch his attention.
Instantly, he pulled away. “What’s wrong?”
Turning coy, you brought your hand down to grab his bulge, fitting your hand perfectly around his length. “Have you been waiting for me to suck your cock?”
His cheeks flushed a deep rose color, his breathing halting when you palmed over him. Ever so slightly, he nodded his head and swallowed hard. “Yeah, I can’t count the times I’ve dreamt about the way those pretty lips of yours would look around my dick, Angel.”
Satisfied with his answer, you pecked his lips quickly. “Go lock the door.”
He left your side in a hurry, darting across the room to slam the door shut and locking it, returning back to you - who sat with her legs hanging off the end of the bed. Approaching you, he craned down to capture your lips in another rushed kiss, groaning as your hands found the waistband of his sweatpants. He broke the kiss, pulling his shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the side.
Shoving the fabric down, you didn’t hold back from smirking at the clear imprint of his cock, still veiled behind his thin briefs. You noticed the darker spot in the fabric, clearly a result of his leaking tip. Running your hands over his backside, you brought him closer to you, wide eyes maintaining eye contact as you pressed a chaste kiss to the head.
“Fuck, ___.” He groaned, brushing some of your hair over your shoulder and out of the way.
You couldn’t wait any longer, tearing the fabric off and allowing his painfully hard dick to spring up and slap against his abdomen. It was long and thick, flushed a pretty pink at the tip and littered in veins. Staring down his impressive size, you licked your lips, eager to wrap them around his cock.
Your eyes lit up at a particularly prominent vein running the length of his shaft; you ran your tongue slowly, delicately along that pulsating vein. You knew that the teasing drove him wild from the shaky breath he released, inflating your ego even more. Swirling your tongue tantalizingly slow around his head, you quickly took him into your mouth, forcing as much of his length as you could possibly fit without gagging.
The sudden action caused him to thrust himself further into your mouth. “Shit, s-sorry, you just - fuck...” He stammered, and you pulled off him entirely, connecting a thin string of saliva from your lip to his head.
“Don’t apologize,” You assured him, licking your lips once more and feeling confident. “Do it again.”
And your lips were around him once more; you tried steadying your breaths as you bobbed your head, his tip repeatedly hitting the back of your throat. You swallowed reflexively around him, earning yet another strained moan from the brunette.
Both his hands were on your head, somewhat aiding you as you worked yourself along his cock. He pushed your head just a little deeper, and you relaxed yourself, enabling him to finally feel that snug feeling of your throat that he’s been so patient for. “Fuck, Angel, take my fucking cock...just like that,” He chanted, adoring the way your throat felt around him.
Tears brimming your eyes, you came up for air, unable to contain your gag reflex any longer. Giving your mouth a second to rest, you spit in your hand, wrapping it around his dick and harshly jerking him off.
Taking him in your mouth again, one hand fondled his balls gently. Baji continued to fuck your face, and you loved every second of it. It was pathetic how much you enjoyed the way his tip kissed the back of your mouth, how your throat stretched around him to take his girth. You couldn’t stand the way your clit was throbbing, so your free hand traveled to rub yourself over your shorts.
He cracked his eyes open, noticing the way you began touching yourself, and immediately tugged on your hair to pry you off his cock. “Look at you, thinking you can get yourself off from your tiny little hand.”
“Please, Kei,” You whined, hands working at undoing your shorts and sliding them down your legs.
“Want me to touch you, Angel?” He proposed, gesturing for you to lay flat on your back. You nodded your head feverishly in response, tugging your sweater over your head so you were just left in your panties and bralette. His hungry eyes trailed over your body, taking in all your beauty laid out for him. A lone hand traveled to cup your left breast. “You’re gonna have to beg a little harder, then.”
Groaning, you brought your hands up around his neck. “Kei, please, I need you inside me.”
An eyebrow curled quizzically. “Do you need my fingers?” He asked, pulling your panties to the side and swiping a finger between your wet folds. You moaned as he dipped the slender digit deep into your hole, instantly curling and hitting that sweet spot you can never seem to reach on your own.
He bent down to kiss over the bruise he left along your neck earlier, hovering his head right next to your ear as he whispered, “Or do you need me to fuck you?”
Your walls clenched around his long finger at his words, hips bucking up to indicate just how desperate you were for him to ruin you. “Fuck, please fuck me, Kei. I need your cock.” If you weren’t as turned on, you would’ve hated yourself for sounding so needy, but after getting a glimpse of just how big he was and how nice he fucked your mouth, you couldn’t resist him.
He sent you a devilish smirk, fangs on display as he ripped your panties off. “That’s better, Angel.”
Lifting your hips slightly, he guided his tip between your swollen lips, covering it in your arousal. That wasn’t enough for him, though; allowing a fat pearl of saliva to fall past his lips onto your quivering hole, he dragged his tip through his spit before sinking it into you.
“Fuck,” he rasped, eyes locked on how you swallowed his length further and further, hugging him so tightly.
You couldn’t help the pornographic moan you released as he entered you, feeling the way you contracted around his frenulum. You swore you could feel every one of his veins against your walls as he pushed into you slowly.
Bottoming out, you felt his balls rest against the curve of your ass; you mentally thanked him for giving you a second to adjust to the sheer size of him, because as soon as you gave him the silent signal to keep going, he never stopped.
Nearly drawing himself all the way out of you, he forcefully thrust right back in just for you to let out another moan. It was music to his ears, the way you moaned from his cock splitting you open. Desperate hands yanked your bralette down, putting your tits on display for him as they bounced with every ruthless thrust of his hips.
God, you’re gorgeous, he thought to himself. The image of you burned into his mind so it was impossible for him to forget. He filed it away in his head - the sight of you spread for him, a moaning mess with his markings painted on your skin, eyes screwed shut in intoxication - for him to remember whenever he was alone in his bedroom. He didn’t know if he was ever going to have you like this again, so he had to make sure this time counted.
He didn’t know it yet, but you never wanted this to end, so helplessly obsessed with the boy who only two days ago presumably hated you.
Despite not knowing, he did everything in his power to make sure you came crawling back to him. “Shit, Angel,” he puffed, not easing up on his pace, “You like the way my cock stretches you out, hm?”
All you could manage was a whimper in response, forcing your eyes open to stare up at him. He just smirked down at you, giving you a slow but deep thrust, kissing your cervix. His eyes flickered down to the little bulge below your naval that he created, bringing a bandaged hand to your tummy and pressing down.
“Look at that, Angel - I’m in your stomach.” He brought that same hand away from your abdomen and placed it around your neck, resuming his former harsh tempo of fucking into you. “No one can fuck you like me, isn’t that right, ___? This is my pretty little pussy.”
You nodded your head, tongue lolling out of your mouth. “Right, Kei. ‘S all yours.”
That familiar coil was winding in your stomach; chasing your high, you brought two fingers down to lazily circle your clit. He squeezed your neck tighter, aiding you in reaching your climax. “You gonna cum for me, Angel?”
Loving how his choking made your head feel a little dizzy, you clenched around his cock in reply. You fastened the pace of your fingers, and the unrelenting snap of his hips against yours pushed you over the edge. Contracting hard around his dick, your powerful orgasm finally hit you. “Keisuke, fuck!”
Being the gentleman he was, he fucked you through your high, but the second your breathing settled, he completely pulled out of you. Before you could even ask what he was doing, his deep voice ordered you: “On your hands and knees, I’m not done with you yet.”
The command went straight to your pussy. Despite how fucked out you were already, you rolled onto your stomach willingly, sticking your ass up and resting on your wobbly arms.
Baji knelt down behind you, running his tongue up your sensitive slit. You inhaled sharply from the feeling of his wet muscle against your already sopping hole; when you felt him kitten lick your taint, chills ran up your back, but you leaned back further into him, not wanting his mouth to leave your core.
“You taste amazing, Angel.” He exhaled, kissing your hole a final time.
He abruptly moved away, taking the base of his cock in his hand and sheathing himself into your abused cunt once again. Baji kneaded the flesh of your ass, mouth watering at how his dick disappeared into you. He smacked your right cheek hard enough to leave an imprint, and he groaned at the sight.
A large hand rested on the small of your back, and though he wasn’t forceful, the slight pressure had you buckling under your own weight due to your exhaustion. You moaned into your comforter as he rutted into you again and again, balls slapping your overstimulated clit.
“You fucked out already?” He chuckled, before he grabbed a handful of your hair and jerked you upwards, curving your back into a pretty arch. “There we go, Angel. Now I can hear how pretty you sound.”
“Kei…” You whined. If it was even possible, this new position allowed Baji to hit deeper spots inside of you; each drive of his cock against your walls made you see stars. The only word you could think of was his name - he completely fucked you dumb. “Fuck, Kei-”
The squelching sounds of your pussy filled the room as he mercilessly pounded into you. He hung his head back in pleasure, feeling his own climax approaching quickly. Your second orgasm of the night was building too, much quicker than the first.
“Angel, shit, love how you squeeze me,” A groan came from behind you and he let go of your hair, another hand crashing down on your ass.
Face planted in the sheets, your cries were muffled as they came tumbling out, the tension in your stomach becoming unbearable. You gripped his cock harshly as you came, your juices spilling out of you and coating Baji’s abdomen.
The way you squirted around him sent him over the edge; he pulled out of you at the last possible minute before his hot cum spurted out of his slit, covering your ass and lower back. “Fuck…” He sighed, stroking his cock languidly as he continued to paint your back with his release.
He swiped the hair that clung to his glistening forehead out of the way before climbing off the bed, grabbing the box of tissues off your dresser and bringing them over. You continued to sit there, face down and ass up, as you panted, trying to catch your breath. Your overstimulated pussy continued to flutter around nothing as he cleaned his cum off your skin, tossing the used tissues on your nightstand.
You finally rolled onto your back, turning your head and watching as he cleaned himself off. Feeling your face heat up, you covered your eyes with your arm; that was the first time you’ve ever squirted, and you were starting to think it wasn’t possible for you to. Clearly, you just needed to be fucked right.
He joined you back on the bed, lying next to you and letting out a long exhale. “Y’know, I’m never gonna be able to fuck my fist again after feeling that heavenly pussy of yours around me.”
You looked at him, letting out a tired laugh. “Who said you can’t just come over anytime you’re in the mood?”
“This wasn’t a one time thing?” He asked, feeling his heart flutter in his chest, a slight blush covering his cheeks.
You shrugged. “It can be a one time thing, but I was hoping otherwise.”
He smiled, pulling you into a warm embrace and pressing a gentle kiss to the top of your head. The last thing he wanted to do was bring up the topic of labels, so the two of you just continued to lay there in silence, simply enjoying each other’s presence.
It wasn’t until you heard the distant open and shut of your front door were you pulled out of your post-sex haze. Then, the familiar rattle of your doorknob. “___? Let me in... can we talk for a sec?”
You and Baji looked at each other, wide eyed and somewhat fearful. There was no way the two of you were getting out of this one.
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hllokttyairhead · 2 months ago
★ headcanons abt first times with toman σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
18+, lil bit of fluff, virginity loss, fingering, oral, titty Job, vaginal sex, aftercare, mentions of blood all characters are over 18, readers skin color is not mentioned
Tumblr media Tumblr media
is so excited to finally have sex with you!
Gave you all the time you needed but was still super excited at the thought of finally touching your beautiful body
Hes a virgin but he's still so excited to fuck you dumb
Ends up getting fucked dumb
He underestimated the feeling of your pussy, the moment you slid his cock inside of you he moaned way too loud. But it's cute how sensitive he was. So you loved it
He obviously loved it too, maybe a little too much because he came after a minute of you bouncing on his cock.
It was just too much. Your tits bouncing in his face, the grip of your pussy and the thing that made him shoot his load into you Was when you took his hand and started sucking on his fingers
He was so weak, he was so embarrassed. But you assured him that it was fine and that you enjoyed yourself
But he didn't feel better. So you offered that he'd just eat you out and he perked up like a puppy, he agreed happily and slid between your legs
Eats you out like a hungry animal, your pussy might just be his favorite thing to munch on now
Slurps and sucks on your clit like it's the best thing he ever tasted, fucks his tongue into your pussy so well!
After the two of you are done Mikey keeps clinging onto you and just cuddles you in the bath
Deadass asks you "can i eat you out again?"
You happily say yes and immediately sit up on the bathtub to let him fuck you with his tongue again. And maybe you'll get to suck his pretty thick cock <33
waited patiently and didn't care if you weren't ready, sex isn't on the top of his list.
But was still pretty excited when you told him that you were ready to finally have sex. I mean obviously. You are the hottest woman he's ever seen
Isn't a virgin, so he tries to be as gentle as possible
Definitely puts slow sexy music on before
Preps you by licking and sucking on your pretty clit while his thick fingers slowly went in and out of you
Is super worried when you start to whimper and tries to comfort you
His 7 inches feel way too big inside of your virgin cunt, so it's really hard to not whimper or cry
He prepped you very well before but it still hurt like hell
After he was fully inside you could almost feel him in your tummy, but the pain faded quickly as his cock pressed against all of the right spots.
It felt so good all of a sudden but ken was so worried once your thighs and pussy started twitching around him. He asked you if everything is okay and if you two should try another time
But you shake your head as you were looking at him with your pretty doe eyes while begging him to please keep going
Has a hard fucking time keeping himself from just fucking you into the mattress like a dog in heat when you're looking at him like that and moaning so cutely
After you get used to him moving inside you, you beg him to go faster and faster until you cum
As youre having an explosion like orgasm draken thought it would be the perfect time to go even faster, making you cum two times in a row
It doesn't take long for ken to pull out and cum all over your body, the look of you covered in his cum with your legs still spread and twitching made him hard again
Shyly asks you if you two can do it again
End up fucking all night and falling asleep all dirty and sticky in drakens big and strong arms <33
So many thoughts ran through his mind when you said you were ready to have sex
Answered with a loud and enthusiastic yes when you asked if he was ready too
Quickly changed his mind when you were under him with your pretty pussy spread open by your Fingers
Obviously a virgin
Poor tora never even saw a pussy outside of porn, so seeing yours right in front of him wet and twitching almost made him cum untouched
You kissed his cheek softly telling him it was fine if he wasn't ready, but he didn't say he wanted to completely stop
So you asked him if you should suck him off, the sheer thought made his cock twitch
He agreed and you made him lay down with his elbows propped on the bed so he could watch you. as you got down in between his legs you put your tits around him
You know tora loves you tits, he sleeps on them and just overall loves to touch them
You gave him a blow job before but never a boob job so that excited him already so much
He put a hand over his mouth as you pressed your tits together around his throbbing length
Whined and moaned the whole time as his hips kept bucking up into your tits and mouth
Cute baby Tiger came pretty fast and a lot
Lots of after care through cuddles for the both of you <33
Pretends to be fine but is screaming inside and answers with a loud and fake Confident yes when you ask him if he was ready
NOT A VIRGIN!1!!1! (Is a virgin.)
Pretends like its not a big Deal but is actually super nervous
But when you're under him with your legs spread wide for him he loses it and just has to Taste that pretty cunt in front of him
Spends only 3 Minutes between your legs since you came pretty quickly because of his talented tongue
Is breathing super heavily once he slowly slides his head inside your tight and small cunt
Bites his lip to try not to whimper and seem like the sensitive baby boy he actually is
His 6 inches feel like 10 when he looks so fucking cute, all flushed and flashing his cute canines
Promises himself that he will make you a crying mess next time you two fuck
Cum pretty fast, that adorable boy
You give him aftercare and bathe him as if he was a dog but then pouts while tugging at your wrist to pull you into the bath with him
Eat something together while watching movies and then cuddle before falling asleep
Is super hype
But also nervous
He grabs you hands and tells you how bad he wanted this
Is a virgin. (Never even had a girlfriend)
You get on top of him and he is completely mesmerized by the Look of your pretty pained face as you lower yourself onto his length
Moans at your moans
Kisses you nonstop
Grabs your hips and moves you against him when he feels you tightening around his throbbing cock
Literally cums when you cum
Refuses to pull out when you're done or to stop holding you against him
So you two just fall asleep with chifuyu's cock and cum still deep inside of you
Was scared he might do something wrong or even worse- hurt you! The most precious thing in his fucked up life
Is a virgin and very anxious if he could even satisfy you
You made haruchiyo lay down on his back as you positioned yourself over his throbbing erection
Moans and whines a lot the first time
Is definitely more submissive the first time having sex with you
Is trying so hard not to cum before you do, he wants you to enjoy yourself
Sees a little bit of blood drip onto his cock and panics but you assure him that everything is fine
Immediately feels disgusted because of himself because you probably felt his cock twitch and throb once he saw the blood.
Plays with your clit to make you cum faster and just so he can finally fucking cum too
It would hurt his ego if he came first
Wants to give you aftercare but you end up cuddling him and running a bath for you two <33
Is beyond excited
Has waited so long and finally gets to fuck you!!
Isn't a virgin mans fucked every weekend before he met you
Isnt as gentle as you would have expected but you still very much enjoyed it
Prepped you good before pushing his fat cock inside of you
Giggles when you cry out for him to slow down and just goes harder (you guys have decided on a safe word before, don't worry bae)
Makes you cum three times before cumming inside you
Doesn't know what after care is. 😐
So you just cuddle up on him and he hugs you as tight as he could
Finally gets what you want and kisses you Lots before getting a wet and hot towel to clean you up <33
Sweetie, an angel
He is nervous, too nervous
Thinks he will have a heart attack when he sees your pussy
A virgin i mean..c'mon..obviously
He preps you by licking and sucking your pretty clit with his fingers stretching you out for him
Spends an hour between your legs before he actually sits up and lines his cock up with your aching hole
Whines cutely with every inch he shoves inside of you
Almost cums at how amazing your pussy feels
Cums really fast and is super embarrassed about it
You kiss him and take a shower with your pretty boyfriend
He cuddles your pretty body like a puppy and nuzzling his face between your tits with no perverted intent
Ok maybe a little bit, cause he ends up sucking on your tits till he falls asleep <33
Has promised you that he will wait for you as long as you want
Is so happy to make you feel good and that you feel that comfortable with him that you would wanna have sex with him
Isnt a virgin so he promised to take real good care of you
Is slow and soft with you
Kisses you and plays with your clit to make you open up more and distract you from the stinging pain
Once you get used to it he angles his hips right and immediately finds the spot that made you see stars
A sex god
Makes you cum about 6 times
Like draken, he can cum multiple times, covering you in his cum <33
Calls you pretty pet names while laying next to you and caressing your body
Runs you a bubble bath while he cooks for you <33
Poor baby doesn't know what to do
He wants this more than you could even imagine
But is scared he might disappoint you
You assure him that he couldn't disappoint you even if he tried, he felt a little better because of you
A virgin. Never even talked to a woman before you
Prepped you by fingering and kissing you messily
His cock was already hard before he even stepped into your room so having his finger buried in your tight cunt made his cock throb and ache
Asks you if he could fuck you from behind because he's scared he might cum by seeing your tits bounce or even just your pretty facial expressions
You agree and spread your pussy for him
So hard seeing you spread yourself open just for him.
He's afraid he might be too small for you but that thought goes right out the window when you moan out "s-so big, k-kai!"
Is way too sensitive
Shivers with every stroke into your tight pussy
Also cums pretty fast, you don't mind that though. Because you enjoyed yourself either way
He makes it up to you by letting you ride his face as long as you want
In the end, you're both too tired to go take a bath or even pull the covers over you two and just promise each other you'll go take a shower tomorrow morning
You both fall asleep covered in sweat and sticky cum <33
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hosikas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
size kink
draken & baji with a size kink
trigger warning: size kink, dom/sub, smut
Tumblr media
─ draken
he likes towering you and easily manhandling you
if he wants to lift you up and corner you against a wall he can
it's all about the control he has over your body
like I said he likes towering you, he presses his chest against your back and breathes near your ear, making you shiver
more than the kinky side of it, being taller than you also makes him want to protect you
so he's always very gentle with you during sex because his worst fear would be to hurt you
he tries not to literally crush you beneath him
not that you would mind don't you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Tell me what you need sweetie, c'mon." He whispers into your ear, ignoring your nails scratching his back.
All you can think about is the way his cock is rubbing against your hole and his tall figure looking down on you. He supports himself by grabbing the headboard with one hand and by pressing the other on the mattress next to your head. He could easily crush you under his weight and he knows it. He rubs a little harder the tipe of his dick against your sensitive part when you don't answer, making you whine loudly. He's not a mean teaser, but he loves hearing your voice, you know that he won't give you what you desesperatly want until you open your mouth to speak.
"Use your words." He says, sucking the soft skin of your neck and ignoring your small whines of complaints.
"Please Ken... I need you, pl-"
You can't finish your sentence, feeling him pushing into your entrance, his dick already pulsing into you. He couldn't wait any longer, hearing your desesperate voice. He's a soft dom after all.
─ baji
I know Baji isn't that tall, but there's something about his aura??
he gives me feral / animalistic vibes with his fangs, his long hair and his crazy eyes
tell me you're a slut for baji without telling me you are a slut for baji
I'm 5'9 and I would still feel very small compared to him
Like he just screams dom energy
he lives for seeing your pretty eyes looking up at him
he just loves the feeling of his body towering yours
and he knows you love it too
"Ah~ Kei..." You just can't form a coherent sentence as you feel the weight of his chest on your back, pressing you a little further into the mattress.
"You're already getting all dumb for me? And I'm not even fucking you yet." He whispers close to your ear before biting it.
He's right, he's not even fucking you yet and you're already a drooling mess. But you can't help it, you're overwhelmed by his presence, feeling the weight of his body on yours. While one of his hand pinned down one of yours he wraps his other arm around your waist to pull you closer to his chest. You feel his hot breath on your neck and his lips slowly grazing the skin of your shoulder. Your legs are already shaking when he presses his fingers against your sensitive part, his arm around your waist is the only thing that keeps you from falling on the mattress. You're enveloped by his warmth, his whole body covering you from behind as his hands seem to be everywhere on your skin.
"You're such a slut, getting so turned on just with my fingers."
You mewl in response, his fingers already doing their magic as you feel a familiar heat starting to form in your body.
"Don't worry sweetie, I'm going to make you feel really good."
Tumblr media
tokyo revengers masterlist
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kisakunt · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
chifuyu’s always had soft hands. that’s how you can tell he’s the one prodding at your knees when you wake up, pushing them apart with nimble fingers and a tenderness your other two boyfriends just don’t have. you feel the softness of his lips on your thigh after, sense the eucalyptus ‘burts bee’s’ chapstick only he wears against your skin.
you can tell kazutora is the one groping at your tits under the thin fabric of your camisole by the way he rolls your nipple between his thumb and pointer finger. he pays attention to the bud, fingerprints finding a fascination with it they always do. you find yourself more conscious now as his digits knead the flesh of your breasts, redirecting one of his hands to lift up at the silk of your top, exposing your ribs to the crisp air of your shared room, nipples hardening against the temperature.
you wonder about the absence of your last lover when matsuno licks a long strip up your heat, tongue flattening in between your folds. baji isn’t one to typically miss out on the fun, and you’re almost awake enough to ask out for him before you feel something on your mouth, silencing you before you could even start.
and, of course, it’s your brute of a man; you recognize the weight of his cock against your lips, tip spreading them apart tediously. the head of it is fat, sticky and wet and you wonder how long they fucked around with each other before they decided to wake you up so whorishly.
you consider the urge to be defiant, but when chifuyu’s mouth closes around your clit, sucking at it, yours opens in sync with a whine that’s quickly gargled by the girth of baji.
“there she is,” your eyes flutter open and meet the amber of keisuke’s, leaning over his own frame to smirk down at you over the heavy sight of his balls. “morning, angel.” your attempt at a response bubbles with saliva, quick to pool around the veins of his shaft as he steadily inches himself further down your throat.
kazutora’s tongue trails under your right breast, reminding you of his presence as he pinches down on your skin with his nails. “slack your jaw, baby, you know how he gets.” and when you do, when you remember to widen your mouth in the cute little way your boyfriends coo over, kazu scratches over the skin he’d pinched like a praise.
“atta girl.” baji sounds proud in the laugh that rumbles in his throat, which mixes in with a groan shortly when his head hits the back of your throat drawing a gag from you.
and, as if you could’ve forgotten about him, chifuyu reminds you of his presence by lapping at your cunt, tongue flicking against your clit boyishly and coy as he grips onto the plush of your thighs. and it’s all so much when his tongue delves into your walls tears immediately prick at your eyes, washing away all signs of sleep from them.
you’ve found it’s always easier to draw an orgasm from you when you’re in this languid state of mind, body calm against the sheets you’d recently washed and senses overwhelmed with the three boys that latch themselves onto you like an illness. so, it’s no surprise when your high trickles up on you, tingling at your skin and shaking your legs. and you’re really crying when baji starts fucking himself into your throat, thick of his cock much too much for you right now, like this, but he gives it anyway and you do nothing but take.
you breathe in through your nose— which you regret after you sputter out a gag against the base of keisuke’s cock— when chifuyu lifts himself from between your thighs with a toothy grin, trailing sloppy kisses in a line up your stomach before he latches onto the nipple kazutora isn’t preoccupied with.
you feel his lashes flutter against your skin and it’s calming in contrast to the buck of baji’s hips above you, fucking your head down into the pillow, keeping your body against the mattress.
“look at you,” all of your boyfriends have a lot of tells to them, and with the way baji grits out his words you know he’s about to cum. “crying all pretty for me, like my cock’s too much or somethin’.” your nose tickles at the contact against his balls, heavy and violating and full against your skin, and then he’s cumming down your throat; lazily fucking the full spurts evenly throughout your mouth.
saliva rings around his cock almost as nice as the slick from your pussy would when he pulls himself from your mouth, moving on his thighs in a way that might almost seem awkward before flopping down next to you with a laugh. and you don’t even have to look to know who latches themselves onto your mouth, kazutora’s eager tongue mapping out all the places baji’s cock had stuck to, drinking up the last of his cum off your lips hot and heavy.
“i think,” he starts, ignoring the way chifuyu’s hands come up behind him, massaging at his hips as he keeps a hearty grip on your chin. “i should get to fuck you first, since baji got a blow and chifuyu came on the sheets like a damn virgin. yeah, don’t think i didn’t see that you freak.”
they’re bickering now, voices elevated and emotional as they throw pitiful insults at each other, hands still wandering and needy, and you melt back into the mattress, reaching up blindly for any of them with the same urgency the three hold for you.
Tumblr media
brutally unedited, yet again another drabble format, pet shop trio owns my pussy btw like yeah. anyway baji purists kys.
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fuyussi · 3 months ago
after school classes
characters: baji keisuke x dom!reader
cw: you tutor ur classmate baji, this is aged up ofc in uni or smth
a/n: no plot
“come on baji, what’s the answer for number 9?” you pressed, teasing lilt in your voice. bring up a hand, you caress his messy hair, pushing it to one side and exposing his flushed neck to you. the contrast between your gentle hands and lips against his neck, versus your hips harshly pounding his hole, fucking him so deep and good; baji was whining, his hands barely grasping the pen as his whole body jerks from the force of your thrusts.
“d-don’t know! i dunno, fuck, i w-wanna cum,” he blubbered, mind so hazy from arousal he couldn’t even read the question on the paper.
you sighed, “you know you can only cum if you pass this test within 20 minutes, come on there’s only 2 questions left.” you slowed your hips down, dragging your cock in and out his sopping hole at a snail’s pace and letting baji gather himself a bit, before grasping the pen again.
but try as he might, all he could think of was the feeling of your cock stretching him out. god you felt so delicious in him; baji could fuck himself on your cock all day. if it weren’t for this stupid test or the damned cockring you’ve put on him, he would beg you to make him cum again and again, show you just how much he could take.
fuck, fuck! you grazed a particularly sensitive spot in him, cock rubbing against it torturously slow as baji’s hips stuttered, the cockring preventing him from cumming right then and there.
whimpering, his grip on the table tightened as he scribbled a random answer on the question, sharp canines almost breaking the skin of his lips. reaching out a hand, you drew a red ‘x’ on his answer, “wrong again baby,” you murmured into his ear, gently rolling his earlobe between your teeth, before landing a sharp slap on his plump ass.
baji jolted and cursed under his breath, he wasn’t exactly in the state of mind to be keeping score, but if he ever wants to be able to cum now he needs to get at least a 5/10; or he’ll be fucking his fist tonight.
gathering the last bits of his sanity, baji read through the last question; thankfully it was about a topic you recently went through with him. skimming through the answers he jots down the answer he thinks to be correct, impatience taking over.
a smile crept up your face seeing his final answer, “that’s correct babe, final score-” drawing a tick mark on his paper, your other hand already wrapping around his poor neglected cock. “five out of ten marks.”
baji moans in relief, flopping forward on the table as you pulled off his cockring and resumed your previous pace. spitting into your hand, you begin pumping his cock, matching the pace of your hips as baji moans into the table. resting his cheek against the desk, mouth hanging open and drool beginning to leak out as his eyes rolled back.
twisting your hand around the tip of his cock the way you know has his knees weak, his hole sucking in your cock so desperately and it’s not long before he’s on the verge of his orgasm, pressure built up from the cockring about to overflow.
curling his fists, baji cries out as his cum spurts out, coating your hand and dripping onto the floor. fucking him through his orgasm, you pressed kisses down his back, occasionally nipping his skin and leaving tiny bite marks. “you did well today baji, good boy.” still panting from his orgasm you let him rest against the table before cleaning him up.
now sitting at the edge of his bed, he watches you grab your things—already leaving right after you fucked the life out of him. would it kill you to stay a while? i guess that’s what you meant when you said ‘business relationship’.
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madamekurokawa · 3 months ago
Let your sub top you when they still struggle to know what makes you feel good and lose themselves as soon as they are inside you. Scratch their back and tell them to go deeper and faster. Pull on their hair when they hit a particularly nice spot. Let them know you want to hear them moan loud for their mommy. Tell them that it’s okay to cum inside mommy’s pussy even though you didn’t cum and you probably won’t because their hip movements are so erratic and they can’t seem to get the angle you enjoy right. Let them cry in the crook of your neck when they overstimulated themselves because you didn’t allow them to pull out. Tell them that you just want your baby to feel good and they are allowed to use your pussy however they need to while stroking their back. Remind them their pleasure is what gets you going the most.
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seraphdreams · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis - what’s a dog without a little home-training? a mutt. who knew baji was just the right owner for you…
contains - fem!reader, degradation, use of the word “bitch”, slapping/spanking, choking, dacryphilia/crying, manhandling, overstimulation, and brat taming. 18+ mdni.
word count - 1k
puptober masterlist
Tumblr media
“what the fuck did i tell you ‘bout that?”
baji’s tone is nothing less of irked as he steps into your shared apartment, slipping his shoes off by the front door and dropping his keys onto the counter beside him when he finishes. the whole day was hell and you were substantially to blame, giving him attitude where you saw fit and pissing him off even further. you can’t help that he’s so attractive when he’s mad.
“tell me about what, kei?” you try to sound as virtuous as possible, looking at him with wide, doe-like eyes and holding your hands behind your back. he shoots an apathetic look at your display, narrowing his eyes and altogether ignoring you as he walks past. “don’t play stupid with me.” his voice is deep and cold, no vestiges of emotion whatsoever as he treads to the bedroom, beginning to do away with his jacket, leaving him in a tee and black sweatpants.
like the puppy you are, you follow behind him, taking in the sight of his toned arms flexing continuously while he throws his discarded garment into a hamper. you stand in the doorway, leaning your head on the frame with a sour pout on your face. “you’re the stupid one.”
his eye twitches at your utterance and he swears that this time he’s gonna ignore you for good, for your sake because if he says something, it’s not gonna be the best choice of words. his dark, gold eyes scan your frame, he’s gotta admit, you always looked so pretty when wracking up his nerves. he huffs out a dismissive sigh.
“lose the attitude, bitch. i’m tired of dealing with your shit, you either drop that tone or get from ‘round me.” you would think that his remark would be enough to shut you up but not with your slick mouth, you decide you have another card to play, one that’ll get him going for sure. “lose the attitude? how ‘bout you make me?”
at this, he was surprisingly calm, or at least you thought he was, giving an air of nonchalance as he comes up to you, a strong grip on your wrist as he pushes you down onto the plush bedsheets. you try to wriggle from his hold, but your advances were momentarily shot down when you feel his fingers hook into the waistband of your bottoms and pull them down along with your underwear. “‘make me’, huh?” he whispers, his fingers thumbing your folds and spreading your arousal up and down from your cunt to your clit.
“k-kei..” you mutter out and before you know it, his digits are deep in your cunt, index and middle fingers vigorously curling up at your sweet spot. you expeditiously tangle your hands into the sheets, your legs growing weak and breath becoming increasingly heavy at his harsh movements. “don’t act all cute now, thought you wanted to be a brat—a mutt?” he chuckles sinisterly when you don’t respond, instead whimpering at the intrusion of his skilled fingers inside you. it’s all too much for your mind, everything in your eyes growing hazy as you feel yourself momentarily reach your climax.
“c’mon mutt, since you had so much t’say, come out ‘nd say it.” he hovers over you completely, his onyx, long hair draped over his devilish features; eyes reddened with anger and fangs bared to its fullest, he was truly scary but not scary enough to stop you from running your slick mouth, your body too focused on cumming that you don’t even realize the immediate second he places his thumb on your clit, both hands working in tandem to push you further to your release.
“hm?” he questions, tilting his head when he doesn’t get a proper response. his hand moves from your clit to your neck, the thick digits curling around your throat and squeezing gently. he keeps the pace of his fingers in your cunt. “when i ask a question, i expect an answer. you got that, bitch?” he adds onto the pressure on your neck before moving his fingers back to your clit.
your back arches off the bed, hands flying up to cover your face as you tremble under him, teetering off the edge. “i got it! j-just stop that!”
there’s a devious look on his face as he observes the way your cunt clenches around his fingers, signaling your near orgasm. the circles on your clit become harsher, faster and your legs threaten to close around him. “hnnn, ‘m so close, kei! so close!” you cry out, now grinding your hips down. “you think you deserve to cum?” baji’s question pulls tears from your eyes, and you can feel your body surge in frustration. there was only one thing to do when he acts like this, the thing you dreaded most.
“yes, i deserve to cum! please let me cum, kei! please!”
begging helped your case but in the slightest as he uses the back of his hand to wipe your tears. “you’re so fuckin’ pretty when you cry. think you can cry some more?” you nod absentmindedly, your head clouded with your impending release. “good little mutt.” he says, just before slapping your cheek, a tinge of sharp friction being felt on your face which, in turn, causes more tears to flow. he speeds up his fingers until they reach a brute pace, one that has you convulsing over the digits, coating them in the sheen of your cunt before he pulls away.
he watches the way your core throbs and cunt flutter around nothing, an amused expression painted on his features. you breathe steadily, trying to recollect your body from the intense orgasm that rippled through you. a deep grumble pulls you from your not so tranquil state. “have you learned your lesson?” keisuke asks, his countenance returning back its blasé manner. you nod your head once more, afraid that one wrong word will start him up again.
he places a firm slap to your sensitive cunt with his signature fang-baring smirk spread over his lips. “good puppy.”
Tumblr media
tags - @sjoyy @luvrtaro @mikasa019 @sklycan @meena-in-a-nutshell @kennyackermanswhore @getougeko @imkumichan
Tumblr media
– all rights reserved © seraphdreams 2021. do not repost, change, copy, republish, read, translate, or recommend my work on tumblr or any other platforms without prior permission. feedback is widely appreciated!
Tumblr media
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zeeroweenies · 10 months ago
having thots about toman bullying the reader but specifically chifuyu, mikey, draken, baji and mitsuya 😮‍💨
this ask got my mf spidey senses tingling😫
cw: recording (not consensual) ; bullying i guess ; humiliation ; denial ; public fingering ; anal ; cum swallowing.
Tumblr media
bully! draken and mikey can’t help but wanna tag team you. They’re on your ass at all times, literally. Dapping each other up like bros do and giggling at the way you nervously hug your books to your chest from them secretly recording under that tiny skirt when you’re in a rush to get up the stairs, only to prevent you from getting to your destination by flipping it up to get a closer look at those pretty panties you always wear, bending you over the nearest surface to fuck you full with two whole loads leaking from your slutty pussy before sending you right on your merry way. It’s not their fault you’re so breedable.
bully! mitsuya always dresses you in the sluttiest shit he manages to craft up no matter how embarrassing it may be. Dragging you out in public in the tiniest tops with your tits hanging out and mini skirts that barely cover anything or showing off his hard work by making you put on a private show for the entire gang, every stitch that holds the indigo blue lingerie against your body makes everyone in the room stare in awe, accompanied by stifled groans and catcalls along with the hardened tents in their pants when Takashi makes you twirl on your heels and bend over to reveal your soaked pussy through your crotchless panties.
“She looks so fuckin’ hot,” a voice chirps up from behind him, making an egotistical “I know” fall from his lips before throwing his drink back with a smile. Don’t forget to say thank you, Mitsuya.
bully! baji loves getting you flustered. You’re a shy lil’ thing, exactly how he likes em. That’s why it’s so fun getting you off during class, staring you down though those intense grey eyes while he’s two knuckles deep inside your tight little cunt, a mischievous grin on those roguish features from the way you try to contain each small whimper and gasp the entire time during your suspecting professor’s lecture. Leaving you displeased and hot in the face when you look up at him through begging eyes when he pulls out of you to suck his digits clean, dick throbbing in his pants at the way you rub your thighs together in a secret plea for more. God, good girls were the fucking best.
bully! smiley uses you for his own pleasure. You don’t need to get off when you’re his personal cumdump, in his eyes you don’t deserve to. So he pumps you full, heart swelling with pride at the way you take all of him even though he’s far too big for you, that trademark smile plastered across his carefree mug contrasting your fucked out features when he’s pounding into you, eyes crossed and mind bleary before he quickly pulls out to cum on that pretty face. Maybe if you beg good enough next time he’ll be nice enough to cum inside you like the bitch you are.
bully! toman as a whole loves to pass you around to the gang. Fucking their favorite whore full of cock and cum until you’re an incoherent mess. Gleaming at how you willingly slut yourself out to them like a cheap skank, even allowing them to put a cute little tramp stamp of the gang’s insignia on the side of your hip should you ever forget you’re Toman property. “And what’s your name?” Your chin is lifted harshly by Draken who’s shoving a camera in your flushed face, spit and cum leaking onto his hand with Mikey and the other men towering over you with their dicks in hand waiting for your answer. “Tom– Toman’s cumdump.” You barely manage to mumble. That’s a good girl, maybe they should collectively reward you with a facial. It’s only fair that they treat their favorite hole nicely.
Tumblr media
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izukine · 9 months ago
— 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
mentioned: multiple tr men
cw: explicit sexual content, use of ‘cunt’, unprotected sex, tiny mention of choking, praising, degradation, visual links (twt)
an: 1) this has probably already been done but it’s been sitting in my wips 2) the link for full nelson was deleted…so let’s pretend the one i used is that !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
cowgirl ft. takemichi, chifuyu, kazutora, inui
→ he loves the view of your tits in this position—thinks you’re the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. no matter how many times you ride him, it never fails to leave him a whimpering, stuttering, fucked out mess. pleas of ‘baby, you feel so good’ and ‘just like that’ vacate from his trembling lips, a string of choked-out profanities following suit shortly after. he’s just so pussy drunk, so in love, that he can’t help the shivers that inch up his spine, or the way his cock twitches inside of you when you clamp down on him like that. you’d always do a good job when taking him, making sure to ease your way down, all the way to the hilt. he could never get enough—your cunt squeezing on him like a vice, the squelching noises, your impassioned moans—it was all so incredibly much, which is why when he’s close to cumming…he cums hard. “f-fuck, (name), gonna fuck this pretty pussy full of my c-cum.”
missionary ft. shinichiro, naoto, mitsuya, takeomi
→ he was a simple man. he liked to stay within his comfort zone, sticking to his philosophy that ‘one should stick to what they know best’—which in this case, was missionary. now don’t get him wrong, he was fairly open to trying new things, and he’d never deny you…but he was a firm believer in ‘if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it’. a traditionalist. missionary was intimate, fail-proof, and straight to the point. he loved the expression you wore when he took you in this position. the one where your cheeks are stained with tears, your eyes clenched, mouth parted the tiniest bit, releasing the softest moans for him to hear—and only him. you never had to wonder if you’d finish or not, because the way his cock would plunge into your walls, hitting that gummy spot over and over again, it never failed to have you tumbling over the edge. “that’s it, pretty girl,” he’d coo, “you did so good.”
full nelson ft. draken, taiju
→ from childhood to adulthood, he’d always been…bigger than the rest. strong and burly, lean with muscle—it’s all he’s ever known, being big. but he’s also a show off…and even while he’s stuffed inside of you, he still manages to showcase his godly strength. he could fuck you on the mattress, with your head pushed down, and your ass in the air, but it simply wouldn’t do it for him. so, he opts to fuck you standing up—not against the wall, or pressed into a desk, but in his arms, with your back taut against his chest, and your head thrown back against his shoulder. in this position, your feet dangle on either side of him, and your hands tangle in his hair, gripping the strands for dear life as he fucks up into you with fervor. with every rut, you lose yourself a little more. nothing or no one could ever compare to how good he fucks you; they would never get as deep as him, or even feel as good as him. he’d made sure to leave a lasting impression, and because of him, your cunt would never orgasm again without him. “this cunt is mine, molded only for me,” he spits, “say it, tell me whose pussy this belongs to?”
back shots ft. baji, mikey, rindou, ran
→ nothing would ever beat the way you looked from this angle. you, with your face smooshed into the mattress, the pillow damp with tears of pleasure—he was addicted. and like all addictions, he needed his fill, all the time. location? didn’t matter. he’d bend you over the counter, the sink, the desk, the bed, anywhere and everywhere he could. it excited him a great deal, and he’d never get over the way your cunt clenched around him just a little tighter, when he’d use you like a rag doll. you never protested because in reality, you enjoyed it just as much as he did. his roughness, the words he’d whisper in your ear while choking you from behind, the way his cock kissed your cervix with every plunge…there was no doubt you weren’t getting off just as much as he was. “look at you, clampin’ down on me like that. you like when my hand’s wrapped around that pretty throat, huh?” he grins, “you like being forced down? you’re so disgusting.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @megumisbimbo @yeouls  @oblxvion @nekobeni @chifuyuck @haruchiyo @dancingazaleas @glittrkink @jenijae @monirei @namjoonswifeyy @dukina @histarean @ryugucci @chngyyn @planetoshun​
© all content belongs to izukine 2021. no reposts or modifications.
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doll-ie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n. decided to write for something I’m into again woo
c/w. size kink, dacryphilia, slight cnc? if you squint, briefly proofread
imagine draken, ran, baji, hanma
Tumblr media
he’s so big even sucking on his tip is enough to have you gagging with tears running down your face, enough to have you sobbing and attempting to tell him you can’t fit anymore in your mouth :(. but he’s so mean! he doesn’t care about your sobs and gags filling the room as you attempt to push his thighs away from your face, he’d just tell you to shut up and take it cause remember? you’re his slut <3 , your drool pools at your thighs, right onto the new cute skirt he just got you :(. you’re making a mess just by sucking a cock cause you’re just so dumb and struggling so hard with his fat cock, it’s too much! :( he loves to shove it as far as he can as you’re practically on the brink of passing out with how little air you’re getting but he finds it so fucking hot.
When he fucks you its so clear how big and thick his cock is as it usually has you screaming and gripping your sheets till your knuckles go a pure shade of white and your eyes are shut so tight you swear they’ll never open again. oh but it feels so good! feels so good the way his cock stretches you out like a virgin getting fucked for the first time. you swear you’ll die with the way his hand wraps around your throat and his cock hits your cervix, ramming even deeper with each thrusts he forces in despite your cries of pain of ‘it hurts! no more!’ but you look so pretty when you cry and cum on his cock :(. it’s all worth it in the end with how well he takes care of you though. how he treats you like a princess and babies you till you finally fall asleep. he’s just trying to satisfy you and himself because he knows through your sobs of ‘no more!’ It’s just an invitation to fuck your tight little cunt even more!
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pupgorou · 5 months ago
baji and kazu being so obsessed with you. you own a little flower store down the street from them, popping in every now and then to give them a new flower to put in their shop for decoration, giving it to them for free cause you're so kind to them. it's then where the two gain this overprotectiveness over you, willing to do anything and everything. they're almost following your every move, borderline stalking, but what you don't know, won't hurt you. they're so open about it too, chatting about how fucking hot you looked the other day while out with your friends. or how stupid that one guy was commenting under your insta pic, laughing at how desperate his comment sounded cause he would never get you. they end up roping pretty little chifuyu into it too after a couple weeks :( and it sort of becomes a little routine. you popping in, giving them a flower and taking a look at all the little kittens and puppies before you have to go back to work. and you always look so pretty, so innocent and kind. they want to fuck you up. and being the gross men they are, they put up a sign saying they're on break, "be back in 20mins!" it says. and they all make their way to the store room. baji opening up your recent insta pic on his phone, and without missing a beat, they've all got their cocks out. all jerking their cocks for you. covering the screen in ribbons upon ribbons of cum. just for you. all because they're obsessed with you <3
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