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anaiselysium · 2 days ago
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oobbbear · a month ago
Bakery au
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My brain has nothing else in store for this au so this might just be a one shot
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sadwithsocks · a month ago
I know it's not friday anymore but still counts-
Fanart for @oobbbear and their Bakery au(I swear I froth at the mouth when it comes to their aus ^^')
Still got a lot more stuff to come (been a very busy goober so look out for that)
Until then have a good one!
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paper-lilypie · a month ago
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@oobbbear’s Bakery Y/N, my beloved
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calamitycrown · a month ago
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I love these designs with every fiber of my being and I WILL be drawing Moon and Y/n later because I am legally obligated to due to the sheer drawability of these guys, I just have to get to work soon-
AU made by the ever so wonderful @oobbbear~
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artistsfuneral · 2 months ago
Tattoo Shop/Bakery AU where....
Geralt is a heavily tattooed baker, who always hangs out at Jaskier's Tattoo Shop and Jaskier is a Tattoo Artist, who only has a couple of tattoos but a very pronounced sweet tooth and always hangs out at Geralt's bakery.
Naturally people assume Geralt is the tattooist and Jaskier the baker.
Naturally Geralt bribes Jaskier with cookies and small cakes, while Jaskier bribes Geralt with new tattoo ideas, so they can spend time together.
Naturally the florist next door and the coffee shop owner have a bet going on how long it will take for Geralt and Jaskier to kiss.
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ruhianna · 11 months ago
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I doodled these Peters from a few of my favorite Your Boyfriend Game AU’s!! They were made by these lovely people: Asylum AU - Bakery AU - Church AU - Professor AU I just love all the ways Peter can be >v< !! Afterall he is your boyfriend no matter what the scenario ;3c A reminder that the YBF Fandom + Game is a 18+ Fandom, Minors do not interact and beware! Though I draw it very fluffy it is a very adult horror game!
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harveylikestoart · 4 months ago
Random AU but Red and Xiaojiao work at a bakery together. Xiaojiao makes cute desserts like you see all over social media, much to Red's annoyance. Until he sees a handsome man coo over Xiaojiao's desserts. And keep coming back every week for more. So now Red wants to learn but he can't admit that to his coworker.
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Hi I made it sadder because Red Son is a perfectionist 🙈
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exhausteddrawerr · a month ago
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I LOVE @oobbbear bakery au, it's just so pretty and I just rly love the concept so I did a lil smth
(Might have to click for better quality 😓)
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jobean12-blog · 9 months ago
A Sweet Treat
Pairing: 40s!Bucky x reader (Bakery AU)
Word Count: 1,307
Summary: You love to visit Bucky at the Bakery
Author’s Note: I got a request for some 40s!Bucky then I had a dream about this particular AU and I was like YAY! haha I LOVE BAKERY AU so this was extra fun to write! Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Bakery AU divider by my lovely friend Daisy @firefly-graphics thank you!!! 
Warnings: soft sweetness, fluff, shy!ish good girl reader, fingering, oral (f rec), smut (18+ only please!!!)
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The aroma hits you first. Freshly baked dough, cinnamon, and today, your favorite, the sweet delight of pumpkin and spice. You give Steve a small wave and a smile as he stands behind the register, working quickly to keep the line of customers moving along.
You walk slowly along the tiled floors, black and white and covered with a light dusting of flour that only adds to the charm of the bakery. Everything in the cases entices you, from the simple chocolate chip cookies to the decadent chocolate cake.
But it isn’t until you hear the soft murmur of your name and you look up into the most beautiful blue eyes that your breath catches in your throat and your mouth waters.
“Hi Bucky,” you whisper.
“Hiya doll face. Here for some sugar?” he simpers.
You giggle and drop your head, playing with the buttons on your dress, feeling your skin heat under his stare.
“Gimme 5 minutes and I’ll meet ya in the back.”
You smile and nod, watching him for a moment.
He greets the next customer, his eyes crinkled at the corners with his smile and his dark hair falling boyishly over his forehead.
You sigh dreamily, completely distracted.
It doesn’t help that the top few buttons of his shirt are open and you get a glimpse of his chiseled chest and the soft smattering of hair that lines it. Your fingers twitch with the urge to touch him and when your eyes meet his, he winks as if knowing your thoughts.
You clear your throat and rush around the display case and walk through the door of the kitchen. The smell of warm dough and flour invades your senses and you close your eyes with a contended inhale. As you walk around you take your time and enjoy each and every sight and smell.
“See anything ya like doll?”
You look up at the sound of his voice, your eyes wandering down his tall frame as he leans against the doorframe with his hands in his apron.
“Now I do,” you smile, surprising yourself with your boldness.
He takes two long strides and then has you caged against the wall, his arm resting above your head and the other hand still in his pocket.
“Is that so?” he purrs, leaning in closer.
You lift your eyes to his before they drop to his pink lips.
“Yes,” you whisper, reaching up to grab the collar of his shirt.
His hand leaves his pocket and he cups your cheek, brushing his thumb over your lips before kissing you sweetly.
“You’re the sweetest thing in the shop,” he croons, trailing his nose down your neck and smiling against your skin when you gasp and grip him tighter.
His lips find yours again and by the time he pulls away your toes are curled in your shoes and your breathing is heavy.
“Think your mama will let you come out tonight after the shop closes?” he asks, his blue eyes holding a glimmer of hope.
“I’ll be here,” you vow softly.
“And I’ll be looking forward to it all day,” he says, kissing you once more before escorting you out.
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When you come back to the bakery the front is dark except for the lights above the display cases and the closed sign is hanging on the door. You give it a push and it opens, the bell above chiming happily.
Your heels click along the floor and your heart beats rapidly in anticipation.
“There’s my sugar.”
Bucky’s voice washes over you like silk and you spin around.
“Hi Buck,” you say quietly, fiddling with your purse. “I told Mama I was going to Peggy’s…”
“Aw doll face. Sneakin’ around just for me huh?” he grins.
You giggle and drop your chin.
His warm fingers press to your skin and he lifts your head.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your while,” he murmurs.
You swallow hard and brush your fingertips across his cheek, wiping a smudge of chocolate from his face. He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and steps back, grabbing your hand and taking you to the kitchen.
“I want you to try a little something first,” he says, holding up a finger.
He grabs a plate from the small table and shows you the donuts.
“New recipe,” he explains as he picks one up.
You lick your lips and he holds the donut up to your mouth.
“Open up baby doll.”
You take a bite and lower your your lashes, moaning when the sweet taste hits your tongue.
“Oh Bucky…” you start. “Wow.”
His thumb grazes the corner of your mouth to wipe off the cream and he presses it to your lips.
“The cream is the best part,” he whispers, his eyes heated as he watches you lick his thumb clean.
“So good,” you breathe out.
He drops the donut back onto the plate and presses his lips to yours, parting them with his tongue and humming at the taste of you.
“Mmm they did come good,” he declares when he pulls away. “Now that you’ve had your sugar what about some for me baby doll?”
You breathe out his name and ghost your hands down his chest. His lips meet the soft skin of your neck and you grab onto his shoulders.
“Got anything sweet for me doll?”
His fingers slide up your thigh and he lifts your dress as they move higher. Your head falls against the wall and your hands rake through his hair, pulling his face closer.
“Just need a taste baby doll. Just a little taste,” he whispers into your neck as his fingers find the lace at your hip.
He slowly moves his hand across your stomach then dips it between your legs, running his finger over the wet patch.
His name falls from your lips, a whispered plea, but his movements remain unhurried as he teases you over the fabric.
“Come on doll face, lemme here those pretty little noises you make.”
He pushes your underwear aside and coats his finger in your arousal then rubs it over your clit. You mewl at the contact, pushing your hips into his hand. He swears, drawing his hand back and holding it between you.
His finger glistens with your wetness and his eyes gleam with promise as he lifts it to his mouth and licks it clean.
“Sweetest cream there is,” he murmurs and slides down your body, hiking up your dress in the process.
He rubs his nose against you and inhales, humming in satisfaction. You grab hold of your dress with one hand as the other gathers up his silky short strands of hair and tugs. His tongue pushes into you and your grip tightens.
Just as he sucks your clit into his mouth he sinks two fingers inside you, curling them in just the way that makes you cry out. Your body shakes against the wall and you can’t stop his name falling from your lips like a prayer.
He lifts his gaze, his dark eyelashes kissing his cheeks when he moans and sucks harder.
“Come on baby doll, let go for me,” he whispers before his tongue slides through you again.
Your release hits you like a wave and you nearly collapse into his arms when he stands and wraps them around you. His kisses are soft, first on your forehead, then your cheeks then finally your lips, the taste of you coating his tongue.
“My favorite treat,” he whispers.
Your fingers fumble with the belt at his waist and you nip his bottom lip.
“How much time do we have doll?” he asks, breathless.
“Enough,” you whimper, desperate for him.
“Good ‘cause I’m gonna spread you out on the table and fill you up better than one of my cream donuts.”
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anaiselysium · 9 days ago
I’m convinced this is what’s happening right now, marinette expects Evil so she Sees what he’s saying as evil.
And Adrien is just, genuinely sad and misses his lady and doesn’t suspect Marinette at all.
@buggachat is playing with my emotions too much!
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oobbbear · a month ago
Let me eat da pies 👁️👁️✨
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Sun has been waiting to use his peel to hit someone for so long
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kyler-xoxo · 5 months ago
muffin man. - seth
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FEM aligned DNI or you WILL BE BLOCKED
he smiled when seeing the group of boys. “hello, everyone. how’re your days going?” y/n spoke. seth blushed when hearing it, heart pounding. it was soft and sweet. “it’s going good, thank you.” one of the girl’s of the group, emily spoke.
“what would you guys like?” y/n asked. he noticed a few of the boys sniffing the air and smiling. “just made blueberry muffins.” y/n explained. “we want milk cake !” Quil spoke excitedly, Embry nodding quickly.
y/n chuckled, ringing up a few slices of milk cake. “the rest of you?” after everyone had ordered, seth was left. y/n smiled when seeing him. cute. seth nervously stepped up to the counter, glancing repeatedly at the flour streak on y/n’s face.
the rest of the boys snickered when hearing seth’s heart pounding. “um.. i would like some of those blueberry muffins, please.” he stuttered. y/n grinned. “alright.” after ringing it all up, emily paid before they all sat down.
seth watched as y/n got everyone’s order’s, and even watched as y/n cut a piece of the milk bread. “jeez, seth. you in love or something?” leah asked. seth burned a bright red, frowning. “what? no! shut up, leah.” he grumbled.
y/n walked over, handing everyone their things. just as he was about to walk away, he gave seth a smile and a wink. their eyes locked, and seth felt his whole world slow as he watched the man walk away. seth burned brighter, if it was even possible, and couldn’t help the smile showing. everyone perked up at seth’s next thought.
it’s like.. gravity. your whole center shifts. suddenly, it's not the earth holding you here. you would do anything, be anything he needs. A friend, a brother, a protector. a lover.
a few days later, and the pack was back at the bakery. everyone quickly ordered, and when seth stepped up he felt a weird feeling overwhelm him. he contained a laugh when he seen the flour streak.
“i would.. i would like some blueberry muffins, please.” seth spoke. y/n smiled, ringing it up. “would you like some hot chocolate with that? on the house.” y/n asked. seth blushed, and nodded.
he went and sat with the others. “no fair! why does seth get a free drink?!” quil whined quietly. “oh stop. the man obviously likes seth.” emily said, giggling when she seen seth flare up.
y/n came out a few minutes later with everyone’s stuff. when handing seth his drink, their hands brushed. y/n suddenly felt as though his whole world slowed, he and seth’s eyes locking.
y/n cleared his throat. “enjoy.” he spoke, eyes still on seth before walking away. the other’s watched till the man was in the back, before all eyes were on seth.
“seth’s totally in love with the muffin man!”
“the muffin man?!”
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deity-prompts · 3 months ago
I'm writing a romance story, enemies to lovers but baking edition! do you have any prompts/one-liners for that? it would be so amazing thank you! :))
I don’t think I’ll ever stop making enemies to lovers prompts and, honestly, I’m okay with that. I’m not sure if you’re looking for prompts where they’re bakers or where they’re just baking, so I did a mix (pun intended) of both.
Enemies to Lovers Baking Prompts
A is convinced that their culinary rival, B, has stolen one of A’s recipes as passes it off as their own.
A hates B with a passion, but B’s bakery is the only place to get A’s favourite comfort food and A has been very stressed lately.
A leaves their family bakery to go to culinary school and hone their skills. When they return, the bakery is being running by B who doesn’t care about A’s degree or family history.
A spends hours at B’s bakery, not ordering anything, to “check out the competition”. They totally don’t want an excuse to ogle at B in an apron.
“I baked this for you. Consider it a peace offering” “That is definitely poisoned”
“Teach me how to bake and I’ll consider us even”
“This bakery is my livelihood— my dream! And it’s shutting down all because of you”
“Here. It’s your favourite or whatever”
“After all these years, you remembered—” “That you like raisins in everything you eat like a psychopath. It’s not really something you forget”
Also see:
Enemies to lovers masterlist
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calamitycrown · 29 days ago
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S’more sweet sweet aggie doodles~
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alphacentaurirunaway · 3 months ago
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Bakery/Tattoo shop AU pt 2
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pizzadragons · a year ago
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i haven't seen a baker!dean AU yet so i decided to make one! a scribbly comic below the cut <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(yes cas is human in this AU but he's also a dumbass who doesn't know how to act around dean)
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