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Made this cake yesterday and instead of using vanilla extract I used like 1 ½ tsp of the princess cake emulsion. It turned out amazing!! I will be saving this recipe! My grandma would be […]

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Why are we told that we have to figure out what we want to do with our lives so damn early?? The whole routine is just so depressing! Nursery, primary school, secondary school, college, university, 9-5 boring-as-hell job, followed by death.


As cheesy as it sounds, theres sooo much to explore in this world, and i really dont see how i can decide what i want to be doing daily, through education alone. I’m extremely indescisive, I want to do so many different random things, not just one. Is that normal?

 Anyway i’ll get to the point of this post before i start moaning about a million other things. 

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 I’ve Decided. That. I. Must. Open. A. Bakery/Cake Shop. At. Some. Point. In. My. Life !

This mayyy or may not be inspired by films like ‘Chocolat’.. :) but seriously, 5 tier wedding cakes, CUPCAKES, muffins, cookies, chocolate, the whole shebang. Ahhh, the smell of bakerys and cake shops is just soooo amazing, and there is no doubt that cake + chocolate in general, is just good for the soul.

 So yup, at some point, I want a beautiful cake-ery. I'll have one of those icing tubes in my hand, healing the world with sugar. :)  

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- Must learn how to bake. Ahem.

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It is time for the british “straight” man of the group, Donnie!

Donnie is 18yrs old and a senior as the story takes place. He is a wealthy kid that asked his parents to let him attend public school for years until he reached high school so this would be his fourth year in the public eye and he loves it. He isnt all sunshine and rainbows though since befriending the group of three, he has taken the role of keeping everyone out of trouble especially the problematic anarchist known as “Armaros”. Their common conversations often consist of Donnie lecturing Armaros about being unorderly and soon after Armaros starts flirting with him, calling him gay. This causes Donnie to become flustered and deny his sexuality being anything other than straight.

ps the mark on his face is a washable tattoo that him and the group got of the aces in a card deck however for some reason the tattoos can not of washed off or rubbed off.

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Aw, thank you so much! I think it’s possible to simp for writing, I’m so honored that you like it well enough to simp for my writing, so sweet.

Speaking of sweet, we’ve got an extra special red velvet cupcake coming right up. (I’m really excited about people wanting some red velvet, I’ve got a notebook full of quirk ideas.)

First of all, you sound absolutely gorgeous and a lot of fun to be around, not to mention multi-talented! 

Your quirk is called Bard, you can manipulate people’s emotions with your words and music, you can also inspire others with your presence, making you a very highly sought after, not to mention vital, member of any hero team! You have a special combat ability called cutting words, you can literally cut an enemy with an insult. 

I hope you enjoyed your cupcake!

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Oh, man, do I have headcanons about this guy!

SFW Headcanon:

We all know he loves spicy food, but everyone has a favorite fruit. Katsuki Bakugou will tell you that  he hates fruit, but he’ll eat persimmons if he can get them. They have a silky, slippery texture and taste like a combination between a mango and a roasted sweet pepper, with almost a cinnamon aftertaste. Perfect for Bakugou. 

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I miss it too 🥺 it’s probably good if I just take a hiatus from it because every time I open the doc for the fifth chapter, I just go blank lollll :((((( but I rlly do think that the inspo will come back one day 💕

And as for the new one shshsjksksks I feel like it won’t make any sense if I try and summarize it here, but the biggest AU tropes involved (or fic tropes in general) will be neighbors, intern co-workers, slowburn (not the angsty kind), a sliver of “faux” dating (sort of) and both of them are still in uni ☺️ and robbe has a guitar hehe

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oh, i was just thinkin a lot since we briefly touched on your pokemon au. about how nice it was to have a word dump conversation with you for the first time in A While (on ao3 over the bakery stuff), and thinkin again how it’s probably very cumbersome for you here, on tumblrsometimes when you do have a lot to say but limited space to say it, limited number of asks, and no guarantee it’ll even go thru (tho tumblr has been better about that). and then thinkin about your pokemon au again.

…i know we talked about the submission feature before, and i was pretty quick to shut it down (even tho i was the one to bring it up… geez). i don’t remember exactly how that conversation went, but if that’s something you wanted to try using… i’ve seen some people say that fake/phony email addresses work? again, my main concern is privacy/boundary related. i mostly just want to be fair to you. 

so if you’re fine with the way things are, that’s totally cool with me! i can chalk it up to me overthinking. on the flipside, if you do want to do a change, that’s all right, too.

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