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Oh boy here we go

  • k so he absolutely loves yuri on ice but the only person that knows is aoyama cause one day he walked past bakugous dorm and heard history maker from inside and he opened the door and started singing so they just kinda leave it at that and don’t say anything
  • loves le cuddles
  • he has burn marks on the ends of all of his long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts cause he grips the edges when he gets angry
  • he shapes candy canes into shanks and stabs people with them
  • he sneezes like a kitten and fucking hates it
  • he’s that one asshole that will put plastic wrap over your toilet seat
  • he likes cooking, but when he makes a mistake he just pours a metric shit ton of cinnamon in it to cover it up
  • whenever he drinks red soda he calls it sparkling blood
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Bakugou, like compared to the other boys is so… rad

This dude…

  • Cook
  • Is smart
  • Plays the drums like a badass
  • Is strong
  • Cool ass quirk
  • Has some relatable spite aesthetic going on
  • Has rad hair
  • Secretly cares about his reputation
  • Subtly cares about his friends and classmates

How do the girls not feel some at least very mild attraction to this chubby cheeked boi

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SQ Prompt: Regina and Emma are shocked when they discover they're being shipped in an alternate world by fans of a show based on them and there fans just won the zimbio March Madness poll.

Also a mention to @baku-babe‘s own prompt:

Henry bursts into Granny’s diner exclaiming his moms won the poll

I very rarely lump together different prompts. In fact I believe this is the first time I’ve ever done that but the similar theme of the prompt made me do it since I’m already going to be horrible at writing this and I didn’t want to make you suffer with two crack!fics coming from me.

Having said that SO to all Swen! We won the Zimbio Poll!! Yay!

(Sorry for the tardiness of this one. Real life being awful yaddah yaddah)

“So, you are telling me that on this…”

“Poll” Regina supplied while finishing her morning coffee as the other patrons around them kept a watchful eye on the three of them and on their various expressions that ranged from bewildered and flustered -Emma-, confused but slightly amused -Regina- and utterly tired -Henry.

The teen in particular was already sighing and trying to interrupt his blonde mother but so far it had been impossible ever since he had stopped long enough after his happy tirade the second he had opened Granny’s door with an exultant smile on his face to realize that no one but him had been oblivious of the events that had kept him awake for the past few days while nervously checking any changes on one of the many books he had “borrowed” from the Author’s mansion.

“Yes, that.” Emma was saying with a distracted mutter before focusing again on him. “That we are…shipped?”

Henry growled inwardly; if Ruby had been there he wouldn’t have been the only one to raise a brow at how his mother seemed focused solely on how both her and his other mother were seen as needing to be together instead of what it meant to actually win the poll.

“I think he isn’t that preoccupied on that, Emma.” Regina’s smile, albeit still not as perfect as it usually tended to be, was closer to a smirk than anything else and the teen muttered a quick thanks to any higher power that could be listening to him. They had been enough times in the presence of a powerful being to take those things into consideration after all.

“But…” The blonde was already spluttering, right hand dramatically pointing at Henry as the boy crossed his arms in front of his chest knowing by now that the blonde was more likely going to have a stroke before actually admitting what half of Storybrooke already knew what happened whenever the two women thought no one could see them.

Not like he wanted to think about that for too long… but that was another story.

“Mom is right.” He finally said, a sigh coloring his words as his blonde mother fell silent. “The important part is that you won. They won.”

“I still don’t know how to feel about how many people actually voted.” The blonde replied pinching the bridge of her nose before raisin her head with a snap. “But… They ship us?”

This time even Regina rolled her eyes out of Emma’s peripheral vision and Henry was grateful to see how his brunette mother seemed as tired of the charade as he felt. They already had had enough with the marriage, the divorce, the tears, the awful screams and the follow up weeks in where the blonde had been closer to a ghost than to an actual person. He could only be glad that Emma had started to rewrite herself as weeks had progressed.

Which was quite good considering some of the awful things the quill had forced him to narrate during the marriage. And before that.

His thoughts were interrupted by his brunette mother’s hand clasping his other mother’s one with a gentle hold that created a few sparks everyone feigned not to see. (If Henry was sure of something was how Storybrooke’s citizens deserved an Oscar for no one saying outload how easy his mothers made it seem to have magic strong enough between them to create sparks -or move the moon, really-)

“I think what Henry is trying to tell us is that in some of his books we exist there as… characters?” She stopped there, asking for a clarification Henry was quick to answer to with a nod. “And we’ve won something that’s not easy to reach on the first place.”

“Exactly! So, if you two listen…!

It was already a lost cause of course. Emma tended to forget everything around her except his brunette mother whenever they touched and so he growled and run a hand over his hair.

And then they said that it was his grandparents the ones who couldn’t stop being awfully corny.

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Just a warning - /some/ of the people who post elsanna porn post in unsourced so they really don't care about tagging it as such. The rest of us usually tag nsfw content (and even triggers)...

yeah that’s what I thought, but I thought I might make a reminder anyway xD because I’m (assuming?) I’m not the only person who goes into the Elsanna tag who actually doesn’t ship romantic Elsanna…

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Tu fantasía (pt2)

°pairing: Dragon king!Bakugo X modern(ish) fem!reader

°warnings: angst all throughout just angst, a little comedy near the end🤷

°word count: 1257 

°tags: @hipster-merchant-of-death

A/n: alr my dudes I’m back once more. I’m sorry to disappoint y'all but no Baku here 😔 BUT but there will be in the next for sure!


Everything around you felt heavy. It was as if the walls suddenly started to close in. As if your breath had suddenly disappeared. You just stared up at your father with wide eyes.

  "Father…" your voice came out as a whisper. “(Y/n), your mother and I have been talking about this for a few weeks now and considering all you’ve done while we’re away left us no choice. This way we’ll know you’re safe and we won’t have to keep bothering your sister for three months.” “But-” “No buts (y/n), now go pack your things and get some rest. I suggest you clean up tonight so you won’t feel hurried up in the morning. You’ll be leaving at 7:00 am sharp. Your butler, James, will be the one to drive you there." 

  He wouldn’t let you talk, he’d never let you talk.

   "So you and mother won’t drive me there.” Your words came out more hurt than you’d expected and your dad sure did notice. He sighed deeply. “(Y/n),…” He paused looking at a lost for words. “…your mother and I will be gone in a few hours. We’ll bid you our farewell in a few minutes now head to your room.”

   He turned the lights off on his way to his own room upstairs leaving you alone in the dark space of your living room. You didn’t know how long you’d been sitting there for or when you started crying because when you finally lifted your head James was heading up to your room. 

  Before he stepped on the stairs he glanced at the living room and noticed you there. You quickly wiped at your tear stained cheeks and tried to smile at him. He walked towards you with a saddened look on his face. 

  "Is everything alright miss (y/n)?“ He crouched down to your level. "Uh, yeah. Yeah everything’s fine James.” “Miss (y/n)-” you cut him off short and told him, “Please just call me (y/n).” He smiled sweetly and sighed. “Alright (y/n), why don’t you go ahead and take a nice warm bath while I pack for you? Your parents told me to start the bath as you got your stuff in check.” “Heh, yeah that’d be nice thank you James.”

  He hummed in response and helped you from your seat. As you walked towards your room together you asked James something he wasn’t expecting. “James, why don’t my parents like me?” “I’m sorry?” “I know they say they love me and all but… it doesn’t feel that way. Since they realized I was a girl instead of a boy they were pretty upset. And not just me, my sister too. They found out she was a girl and were mad because they wanted their first born to be a male so he could be the heir of the company.

  Though that all changed once my brother, Saiko nō, was born. They pamper him up over the smallest things and they compliment and reward my sister for all the things she’s accomplished. That’s the only reason she’s on their good side now. But me… I don’t get any of that. All they do is point out my flaws and make fun of me; force me to change who I am in order to change the way it’ll make them look in the public eye. I understand they’re trying to keep their image of a composed, rich, and famous family but that’s not who I am. They feel forced to deal with me. I know it.”

   James stared at you with wide eyes and made you sit on your bed. “(Y/n), you know I love you as if you were my own daughter. I would do anything for you if you were. This situation you’re in, I can’t help you out of it and for that I’m sorry; so please understand that your reckless actions from before when you parents went on business trips are only to blame for this decision.

  As for their past actions I can’t tell you whether you are wrong or right, however I just want you to realize you’re somewhat lucky. At least they didn’t throw you out of their lives completely and are feeding and sheltering you. So please just be patient, you’re almost out of highschool and will be able to move out soon." 

  He sighed and got your suitcases  out of your closet. He quickly started to fold and organize everything by what was what. You stood up feeling tired and quickly rushed to the restroom to bathe.

  You got rid of your clothes and started putting your hair up in a messy bun, setting yourself in the now cool water of the tub. All you could do was think to yourself of everything you were going to leave behind. All your favorite places to visit on a daily, your favorite coffee shop, the movie theater you would go to every week, the swing on top of the big oak. And your friends. Oh your friends.

  You sank deeper into the water closing your eyes until all that was out was your nose and anything above. A wave of calmness started to flow through you like a flowing river only to be interrupted by the sound of your parents bursting into the room.

  "James tell (y/n) we’ve gone already. Don’t forget to mention that she’ll be at that school for a year.” The door closed and everything felt quiet and dark once more.

  Your mom. She was worse than your dad when it came to being cold. She would do it to you on a daily, she’d look at you like if you were all the scum of the earth put into one measly human. As if she couldn’t believe she’d given birth to something so miserable and helpless. Though you were used to it.

   You noticed the favoritism ever since you were 7 years old. Ever since then you’d become pretty independent considering you wouldn’t get any allowance like you siblings. If the rare occasion came the most you would get would be 20 U.S. dollars. It was never fair when it came to you. Never fair.

  Those two words kept repeating in your head until James knocked on your bathroom door and said everything was packed and he’d be leaving to his own home wishing you goodnight. You washed your hair real quick and got dressed. After getting ready for bed your stomach started growling intensely reminding you that you hadn’t eaten anything after your frappe this morning. 

  Walking down to the kitchen and preparing a sandwich you heard your sister’s usually loud footsteps start to descend down towards you. 

  "(Y/n)! What do you think you’re doing up so late you’re going to leave in 4 hours! It’s 3:00 am!“ Was all you heard before you continued to eat your sandwich. "Sora, can you please sHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M STARVING! LET. ME. EAT!”

  All your sister did was stare at you with wide open eyes and an open mouth. She swallowed and opened her mouth to say something but the glare you held on her made her close it again and sprint back to her room. Sighing, you turned back around to finish eating. I’m gonna get strangled for that later but right now a girl’s gotta eat. 

  After eating and cleaning your dishes you ran back to the comfort of your room and slowly shut the door. 


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Tu fantasía

°Pairing: Dragon King!Bakugo X modern(ish) fem!reader

°Warnings: fluff (few little friends, introductions) slight angst (near the end)

°word count: 1456

°Tags: @hipster-merchant-of-death

~title means your fantasy in Spanish~

A/n: Hello this is my first fic and I hope it’s a bit decent for a new writer like me. I tried to depict every character with their canon personality but I don’t think I got them quite right.


  You stared at the sky as the sun started to set, making the sky go from a beautiful orange and pink to a calming blue and indigo. 

  Your mind wondered. You came from a powerless world one where the only heros around were the people who joined the military, were doctors, and the police. Of course, the fictional characters portraying superheros in comics and movies were simply just that. Fictional characters. Although, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to live in a world with superheros. Where everyone had some sort of special ability. A special place in the world just for you- 

  "(Y/n)!“ Said a voice so familiar and loud it shook your very soul from your body. "Hey, are you just gonna ignore us or actually pay attention for once?” You turned around to actually face the culprit who shook your soul. “Hey, Mina.” You said to the pink haired girl behind you.

  Mina Ashido was your best friend. You two had known each other since elementary school. She was a natural pink-head with short, fluffy hair and wide, golden eyes. She was wearing blue jean shorts, a pink hoodie,and black shoes with a checkerboard pattern on them.

  "I’ve called you like 20 times! Since I started walking towards you! All I get is a ‘hey, Mina’. That’s all you’re gonna say to me? After months of not being able to see each other?! (y/n)! C'mon it’s been MONTHS!!“ She cried as she moved around to sit down beside you on the  bench swing on top of the lonely hill with only an enormous oak tree on top of it. "Mina…”,  You said almost too softly for her to hear you. “Yeah?” She asked looking away from the skyline and at you. “You said 'us’ earlier. What did you mean by that-” “SURPRISE !" 

  You were cut off by three other voices behind you and Mina. You jumped almost a whole foot in the air as you screamed and turned around to the now laughing trio of boys rolling around on the grass. "Jesus! What the hell? What was that for you jackasses?!” You held a hand to your heart and inhaled as much air as possible, almost choking on it as it entered your lungs with a cold sting.

   "Sorry (y/n)! I- it’s just that -wheeze- we thought it would be f- funny, hahaha!“ Said Kaminari as he banged his hand against the ground. "Y- yeah (y/n)! But You gotta admit it was kinda f- funny.” Said Sero still laughing on the ground with his buddy. Kirishima got up and wiped tears from the corners of his eyes, composing himself to at least be able to form a coherent sentence. “Sorry, (y/n). All we wanted to do was surprise you since we haven’t been able to do it for so long.”

   You stopped just for a second and thought to yourself. Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima; all life long friends. 

  Denki Kaminari was a blond with a strange black lightning bolt colored into his hair at birth. He had the same shade of yellow in his irises. He was wearing yellow converse, blue jeans, and a yellow hoodie that matched his hair. 

  Sero Hanta was a black haired boy with big black eyes, a big wide smile, and strangely large elbows. He was wearing shorts, black shoes, and a black hoodie with the teenage superhero ,Spiderman, on the front of it. 

  Eijirou Kirishima was a naturally black haired boy who dyed his hair red once highschool started. He had crimson red eyes and abnormally sharp teeth that made him look like a shark and making biting himself much more dangerous. He was wearing a red hoodie with cargo shorts on and his favorite red pair of crocs.

  Both he and Mina had gone to the same school since they started elementary school but didn’t talk to each other until middle school. Which was once they realized they both knew you.

  You met Kaminari and Sero in your first year of highschool. They were the class clowns and seemed to get along just fine with Kiri and Mina so why not go ahead and be their friend? And that’s how you all just came to be the self proclaimed 'Baku Squad’. 

 You sighed softly and spoke to Kirishima in a calmer tone. “It’s alright Ei. Hey, where’s Bakugo? He’s usually with you guys to kick your asses if you get too loud or in trouble.” “Oh, that grump? He’s right behind us, he should be coming up real soon.” As if Kirishima’s words were magic Bakugo appeared right behind him with a scowl plastered on his face. “Shut the hell up you morons!”

   Ah yes, Bakugo; the raging saint that everyone in your group followed like if he were their God. Even after countless tries of him trying to tear you and your stupid friends away from him, not one budge from your guy’s end. It was mainly because of Kirishima. He and Bakugo had built a steady friendship throughout highschool and became best friends meaning you and your group HAD to tag along. And that’s how the Baku Squad got its name also known as B.S. for short from Bakugo

  "The fuck you looking at fuck face?“ Bakugo hissed at you for staring at him for a little too long. His loud voice brought you out of your thoughts and brought you back down to earth. "Ah, sorry. I was just thinking.” “Woah, you’re thinking about Bakubro?” Kirishima chimed in. “What? You have a thing for me now, dumbass?” Bakugo said with a frown on his face. You picked up the subtle and teasing tone he gave you as he crossed his arms and leaned against the tree next to you. “Ha, you wish pretty boy. Next thing you know they’re gonna be saying I have a thing for Kaminari and that’s basically the same thing.” You said in an innocent tone acting nonchalant with your insult towards Bakugo. “HAH?! Did you just compare me to DUNCE FACE?!? LIKE HELL WE’RE ANYTHING ALIKE! I’M BETTER THAN THAT DUMBASS!” “I’M RIGHT HERE Bakugo!!” You hear Kaminari cry up towards the ash blonde with red crimson eyes. You shrug at him, still putting up the innocent facade. 

   Bakugo just clicked his tounge and pouted the opposite direction from you cursing and muttering insults at you and your “stupid” friends.

  Mina sighed and shook her head. “We should go and watch a movie together this week! It’ll be fun and we can catch up on lost time.” She smiled at you hopefully. It did sound fun but you also didn’t know if your parents would let you be out at all this week considering they had to go on a business trip to America for three whole months. Even if they didn’t let you, you could still sneak out and run the consequences if your older sister caught you out of the house without permission from both your parents. That snitch.

  "Alright, I don’t have a problem with that. I’m free all this week actually.“ You responded. "Yay! Alright, what about you guys? Are you free this Friday?” “I am.” “Yea sure why not.” “Of course.” Said Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari. “What about you Bakubro?” Asked Kirishima facing the still angry blonde. “Tch, whatever.” Is all he said before you all settled on Friday at six in the afternoon.

  As you got home you checked your phone only to find out it was already past your curfew. Shit. You thought to yourself as you slowly walked inside your home. 

  As soon as the door closed you saw the lights turn on in the living room towards your left. 

  "(y/n).“ You heard a stern man call out. "How many times do I have to tell you until you understand me child?” “Father, I’m sorry. I ran into my friends and lost track of time-” “I don’t want your excuses. I’ve already told you countless times to not ignore my warnings and you continue to do so,” he paused and motioned for you to sit down on one of the velvet white sofa chairs. He sat on an identical one across from you. 

  "(y/n), you know me and your mother love you very much right?“ The question caught you off guard and you suddenly started to feel your stomach churn with bad intuition. "Uh, yes of course father. Why are you bringing it up all of a sudden?” “Good.” He visibly relaxes his shoulders and continues, “Then you’ll understand why your mother and I have decided that you’ll be going to an all girls boarding school starting tomorrow.”



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