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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I ship you with Bakugo. But in a you love him too much and he hurts you a lot. But he can’t handle how he looses you when you’ve finely had enough kind of way 🥺💖

YES I can see that. bakugou is a lil shit but i still love the crap out of him 🥺🥺

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So I’m working on this arc and im calling it “ The Red Riot Arc” it’s all about kirishimas life, crimson riot and even gigantomachia since I know he has something to do with our baby shark boy.

I’m drawing the cover page later because artist block

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After graduating from U.A., Bakugou and Uraraka become super close. Basically best friends. Their friendship thrives on making fun of each other and making everything competitive. They always try to one-up each other.

When Bakugou and Kirishima get married, Uraraka is Bakugou’s best man. She makes two speeches. One is genuine and kind. The other is a retelling of every single time she’s beat him at something.

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Syd’s Daily Headcanons #29

Y'all think Iida is the stuck up buzzkill? You’re wrong. Bakugou “I’m Gonna Kill You” Katsuki is the biggest buzzkill in the class. You wanna drink? Make sure Bakugou is in bed. You wanna get high? Better do it outside where the smell won’t linger. If it’s illegal or frowned upon, Bakugou will immediately disapprove of it. Everyone thinks he’d be the bad boy to break the rules, but he takes rules very seriously. The important ones, at least.

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As Bakugou climbs the ranks as a pro hero, he obviously becomes known for being a bit volatile and angry. He’s a “bad boy” as the media likes to say. But he quickly becomes known for something else.

Philanthropy. Statistically Bakugou gives more money to charity than any other pro hero. He even starts some of his own charities. When asked about it in interviews, he brushes it off. He doesn’t bring attention to it. He just does it because he feels like it’s the right thing to do. He has more money than he needs, so he may as well give it to people who need it.

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Syd’s Daily Headcanons #3

It’s midnight so technically I missed it but OH WELL YA GIRL IS TOO FUCKED TO CARE


Headcanon #3: Everyone seems to think Sero or Kaminari would provide the memes in the Bakusquad. I say those people are wrong. Bakugou, Mr. I’m-Good-At-Everything, would 100% provide the best, high quality memes. Eventually it gets out to the rest of the class. Bakugou becomes 1-A’s meme dealer.

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I had the best dream bc if was a mix of d:bh, bnha and a zombie apocalypse. Momo amd bakugo were the main characters and I forgot the other dude

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