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It was a bet! I promise…(Kirishima)

This was is going to be soo fun, also, I wanted to thank you for all the likes on Mr. Bad Boy, I totally didn’t expected to wake up and see then it have that much likes. Thank you soo much ;3

Kirishima was laying on bed with you in his arms. It was really rough day and you were both tired, still you made time to cuddle before you will need to head to your room to get some sleep.

After few minutes you really needed to go, before somebody will catch you in his dorm this late. Kirishima didn’t wanted you to go, but he knew then it was really late so after a while he let you go. You both got few kisses from each other before you finally said goodbye.

Kirishima closed the door and went back to his bed. When he was falling asleep, he noticed something under his pillow, your phone. It was still on and there was some kind of book on it. He took in in his hands to find out what it is.

Your keyboard was on too, you wrote this? Kirishima didn’t know you are some kind of writer. He wanted to read your work so he started reading it.

It was another rainy day and Kirishima was laying in his bed. What? It’s about him? That’s awesome! He was feeling quite lonely so he got his phone and called his boyfriend. Wait, what? It must be some kind of accident, you wanted to write girlfriend. He picked his call as fast as he can. „Hi, honey" Kirishima said to his boyfriend. „I’m kinda bored, wanna hang out?“ Kirishima asked his boyfriend out and now he was waiting for his answer. You are still writing boyfriend? That’s weird… „Of course, I will be right there” Bakugo answered and ended their call. Wait what? Bakugo? No it can’t be some of these shipping fan fictions between him and Bakugo. His girlfriend won’t write something like this. After few minutes, Kirishima heard knocking on his door. „You can go in" He said because he knew who it was. „I missed you" Bakugo said and went to lay next to him. Well in reality he would probably say something like why is he being annoying piece of shit that late but okay. Kirishima just hugged him. After awhile, Bakugo started kissing him and Kirishima picked him up into his lap. Noooooo, tell me that it’s not going where I think. And Bakugo is really muscular and tall,he would probably break his hands while picking him up and then his legs while having him in his lap. Kirishima’s hand went to Bakugo’s butt and he softly squeezed it in his hand, He did what!? No, god please stop. to what his boyfriend answered with loud moan. Kirishima started stripping them both while kissing his boyfriend’s neck and after awhile they were both naked. No, please dress up again…please… Kirishima left few marks on his neck before he started paying attention to his boyfriend’s nipples. Kirishima slightly picked his boyfriend up before he slide his It ends here, thank god.

When Kirishima was done reading, he was just sitting on his bed looking into a wall and moving forward and back. He was like that for minutes, maybe for hour before you opened door to his room. „Hi, I left my phone here, haven’t you seen it?“ You asked with smile that faded when you seen your phone next to visibly traumatized Kirishima. „You…read it?” You asked scared what he will say. „Y-you wrote story about me and our best friend having…. sex?“ He whispered before turning around to face you. „It was bet! I promise…and it’s kinda popular on the internet, just please don’t tell Bakugo, or he will blow me out of this world” You begged him before he let out soft smile and hugged you. „Just don’t continue please" He said before falling asleep hugging you, not caring you need to go back into your room.

A/N: That was totally awesome and if you won’t like it.. I’m probably going to kill myself ;-; I really love it :3

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Kaminari: Hey, Bakugo! Would you kill me-

Bakugo: Yes.

Kaminari: What? Why?

Bakugo: Why not?

Kaminari: I asked first.

Bakugo: I asked second.

Kaminari: That’s not how this works.

Bakugo: ‘This’ doesn’t work at all.

Kaminari: Look, I haven’t even given you a scenario in which you’d kill me.

Bakugo: I can give you a whole list of stuff that’s already happened that will justify your murder.

Kaminari: Bakugo, I wanted you to say no!

Bakugo: Why the hell would I say no to an offer of death?

Kaminari: I asked this question to see where we were as friends!!

Bakugo: Bold of you to assume we were friends.

Kaminari: That’s it, I’m joining the DekuSquad.

Bakugo: WAIT NO-

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Confessions Bakugo x Reader

(A/N In this oneshot your quirk is called Botany which means you can make any plant (real or imaginary) grow anywhere. If you know of a magic plant in a book series that can heal people you can make it in real life and it still has those magical abilities. You are also best friends with Kirishima and Todoroki)

“Katsuki!’ You whine reaching your arms up trying to grab your phone from his grasp.

“Give it back!” You jump while cursing the height difference between the two of you. After trying for a while (and failing miserably) you stop trying to get your phone from the ash blonde boy in front of you and jut your lip into a pout while crossing your arms over your chest. He rolls his eyes and places your phone in the pocket of your hoodie. You beam up at him as a thanks.

“Whatever.” He grumbles with a scowl that didn’t reach his eyes.

“Thank you Katsuki.” You smile your biggest smile up at him and walk back to class with him still scowling.

“Good morning Kirishima!” You greet 

“Have you asked out Bakubro yet?” He asks rather loudly

You glance around to see if he was heard by the hot tempered boy, “Kiri you can’t just say stuff like that out loud. He doesn’t even like me.” You whisper and cover his mouth to stop him from saying anything else you didn’t particularly want anyone else knowing.

“He likes you (Y/N) he’s just too oblivious to ask you out first.” Kirishima tries to nudge you towards him and you wrap some vines around your ankle to keep you from moving.

“EVERYONE GET IN YOUR SEATS!” Iida shouts drawing everyone’s attention to him. You use that as an excuse to get away from the red headed boy and sit at your desk. Mr. Aizawa walks into the classroom and begins to start his class.

When class is over you pack up all your stuff and walk out of the classroom with Todoroki towards the cafeteria and get some bubble tea. 

“Maybe this weekend your dad will let you skip training with him and say that you’re training with me.” You suggest to Todoroki while sipping on your bubble tea.

“HEY! (Y/N)!” You hear someone shout from above you both. You look up to see Bakugo looking down at you from his balcony. You barely notice Todoroki continue to walk into the dorms.


“You tell her Bakugo!” You hear Kirishima shout from his dorm. You blush and pull yourself up towards his balcony with some grape wines. When you reach his balcony you grip the front of his shirt and pull his lips to yours. After a few seconds of kissing you pull away and hear some slow clapping. You both look to the side and see Kirishima on the balcony looking at the two of you. Your face turns a bright shade of red and Bakugo pulls you into his room.

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Hear me out, Aztecs au. Like come on, Bakugou LOVES spicy food, he loves to be aggressive and chaotic, HE WOULD LOVE TO SACRIFICE PEOPLE, and he is a warrior.

It makes a lot of sense, the only off thing is that my boy bakugou is blonde and white but that’s irrelevant. Look at the capes they are both red and Bakugou is also extra af.

I have to draw this or write a fanfic.

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His prototype was very similar in design to Bakugou, the main difference was that he was aggressively nice to everyone

oh yes, I remember now~ you know, I’m an idiot to not have gotten that~ oof~ but it’s an interesting idea~ maybe I can incorporate that in somehow? maybe?

I have some concrete ideas already about his personality, so we’ll see how things turn out~ 

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I just want the Baku Twins to fuck me 😔 give me that good double penetration (pun intended) AND THEN CUDDLES AFTER ヽ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ though imagine if Katsukis twin is more of a little shit in bed AND in public? They try to one up eachother every. single. time.

patience~ in time you’ll get that double dose of Bakugo~ it’s all a matter of time~ and don’t worry~ there will be plenty of fun and a little competition~ 

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