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I just wanna make this post to thank tumblr for including peoples tags in our notifications because I just love it so much and it makes it much easier to see what people are whispering on my posts ☺️❤️ please keep this feature forever , tumblr

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I know we all probably think this already but Bakugo is a cat . He just is . One minute he’s telling Deku to back off and stop being a stalker , and the next minute he’s monologing to himself that Deku better be watching his every move . Make up your dumb gay mind , you insufferable little goblin

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The rest of my thought last night on the Conversation between Izuku and the Vestiges in OFA space(where they call him out on his intense relationship to Kacchan) was

That basically, that could even just segway into Izuku thinking about Kacchan again, and then into him realizing in live time “KACCHAN GOT HURT. IS HE OK I HAVE TO KNOW” which then segways into him waking up and immediately asking for Kacchan.

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PoserPunk Bakugo and Cottagecore/ActualPunk Deku has so much flavor 🧡💫💚

Like yes Deku teach that literbug how to be eco friendly and vandalize government property for a cause😩💕💕💕

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Deku : I can’t believe you … you gave up your own life to protect me

Bakugo : and I’ll do it again bop bop

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Deku was Bakugos cane , but Bakugo was Dekus shield

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Izuku giggles and brushes Katsuki’s bangs away from his forehead with gentle wonder and warmth like the sun. “Will you still love me then? When I’m old and ugly and no longer fit?”

A smile tugs at the edges of Katsuki’s lips, not quite making it as the blond tamps it down. He gently puts his calloused sweaty palm over Deku’s freckled ones and leans his cheek into the touch. “Forever, I said, didn’t I? So yes,” he snorts.

The irritable pro-hero jabs a finger into the shorter man’s side.

I’ll love you forever–” Poke.

“–even when you’re ugly,” Poke.

fat,” Poke.

senile,” Poke.

“–or whatever the fuck else you manage to be when we grow old. Got it nerd?”

Below him, the green-haired man dissolves into a fit of ticklish giggles as he tries to move away from Bakugou’s prods while leaning into his touch all the same. There’s a gentle squeeze on his heart that thuds so painfully against his chest, and the world feels alive. Katsuki looks over at his soulmate and holds him close, burying his nose in curly green hair as he breathes in deep.

He prays to anything listening that they will grow old together.

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Bakugou: I have no tolerance for stupid people. The next dumb bitch I see is getting a punch in the face.

Izuku: I dropped my shoe down the toilet when trying to drown mineta-


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Bakudeku: *sitting with their backs turned to eachother*

Deku: I hate you.

Bakugo: The feeling is mutual, dipshit.

Aoyama: They really think someone will believe it if they are clearly holding hands?

Todoroki, unbothered: They want to make sure the other won’t almost get killed by running towards trouble again.

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you guys, Horikoshi always does this with Bakugou, and fandom always reacts like Miette the cat, as if there aren’t going to be any more chapters in the future and this was our one and only chance to see some angst. and then a few chapters later Horikoshi always DOES hit us with the angst, and of course it’s amazing, and always more than worth the wait.

chapter 96: Bakugou has just been rescued after being kidnapped and held by villains for two days, and watching his hero lose his powers because of him. instead of angsty uwu Bakugou, we get loud gremlin Bakugou arguing with his mom while his parents and teachers talk about dorms. we do get the “thank you” scene afterwards, but otherwise there’s no acknowledgement of how this very traumatic incident has affected him, and All Might pretty much brushes off the chance to talk to him about it.

chapter 118:why was I the one who ended All Might?” he has a four-chapters-long fight with Deku, confesses to all of the trauma we knew he was hiding, and has All Might come and give him a hug and validate him being a good hero and reassure him that what happened was not his fault. it’s even acknowledged that he (All Might) should have done so earlier. we got everything we could have wanted; it just took an extra twenty chapters or so to get there.

chapter 283: Deku rushes off to go save Aizawa (and this is also the chapter where he unlocks Float), leaving Bakugou with Gran. fandom reacts like Bakugou is going to be left out of the entire fight and fade into the background and never be heard from again.

chapters 284+285: Bakugou gets by far his most impressive character development to date (“you are [worried for him] too”; “I bullied him”; “he just doesn’t take himself into account”; “that’s your way of trying to atone, right?”), takes over the battle, coordinates Enji and Shouto to produce a near-lethal counterattack, and winds up making a sacrifice play in one of the defining moments of the arc.

chapter 303: Bakugou rushes to Deku’s hospital room only to be dragged away by his classmates who try to tell him that All Might requested to be alone with Deku, and who also don’t want him storming into his comatose friend’s room and throwing a fit while he himself has only just woken up after being freshly impaled (which, he really shouldn’t even be up in the first place).

chapter(s) TBD: Bakugou and All Might have a serious talk, All Might thanks him and tells him he heard what he did and that he’s proud of him and relieved that he’s okay, and Bakugou and Deku finally have their post-Jakku reunion, during which Bakugou reveals the meaning of his new hero name, and finally gets his chance to apologize.

just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, or that Bakugou is being turned into a comic relief character whom no one understands or takes seriously. first of all, canon Bakugou has always been like this and this was honestly 100% predictable. and second and more importantly, if Horikoshi is pushing these reunions back, it doesn’t mean that we’re missing out; it simply means that this is not the right time for it. he wants to get all of the other stuff out of the way first. if that’s the case, I appreciate that we even briefly got to see Bakugou at all (and also got those more serious scenes with him in chapter 298), rather than Horikoshi simply keeping him asleep off-screen until the timing was right.

but what this means is that Bakugou and Deku’s reunion is actually getting a place of honor at the very end of this hospital mini-arc. Horikoshi is saving it for last, and allowing the tension to build up as much as possible beforehand, because this will be the most important scene of the arc (and possibly one of the most important in the entire series). and whether we have to wait twenty chapters like we did after Kamino, or only a few chapters like we did during the Jakku fight, either way the payoff is going to be worth it.

so that’s it, that’s the post lol. the bkdk is coming you guys. the angst is coming. the character development is coming. we’ve waited 303 chapters already; a few more isn’t going to kill us. the brief little bit of humor after the last few incredibly tense Todoroki flashback chapters is a nice change of pace that helps keep this mini arc from being a complete angstfest. Bakugou’s shouty antics help give his classmates a brief respite from sitting around being sad (which is one of the secondary functions he’s always had as a character, and it’s one of the reasons his classmates are so fond of him now). and again, it’s all going to be worth it. you can write that down. and if Horikoshi does somehow wind up botching this of all things, you can message me after and be all “WHAT GIVES, MAKESTE, YOU SAID!!”, and I will apologize and give you a dollar.

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idk how to tell this but i literally don’t give a fuck about the canon sexuality of a character. i ship two characters together just because i want and i can and i don’t care if they are cishet or lgbt+ in canon. if i want to ship them together because i think they have a great chemistry or because they are both hot or because i have a crush on one of the characters and i identify with the other or for whatever other reason then I WILL. and i’m tired of people starting to tell me why they don’t ship them (i literally don’t care lol) or people who are trying to push their personal ship down everyone throat. and i hate people who say “my ship makes more sense in canon or my ship will become canon” because one, this doesn’t mean other ships are less valid or that other point of view doesn’t make sense. two, i don’t care what happens in the canon. if you think that a ship is worthy of existing only because the author could or could not really make it happen, then you don’t understand anything about fandom and shipping. and i understand that a lot of lgbt+ people want more representation and that they really want to see a canon lgbt ship in a popular show/manga/media in general, but this is not an excuse for being a dick or for pushing your personal agenda onto others or the author.

also, i’m one of those people who like to ship a character with myself or with my ocs too and, again, i don’t care if that character is cishet or lgbt+ in canon, because it’s fictional and they can be whatever i want them to be. and if i want them to be my bf or gf or whatever then they will be. bye.

and please PLEASE stop saying that women can’t ship mlm pairing or writing mlm fanfictions or drawing mlm fanart because this is just misogynistic. and yes, i’m talking about nsfw fanfictions and fanarts too. women can enjoy and create this kind of contents.

(homophobic cishet dudebros should just shut the fuck up)

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I still can’t get @amanewrites post about Tekkonkinkreet parallels and Horikoshi’s inspiration out of my head..

To the point that I have a theory.. that Deku is going to push Bakugo away now and put some space between them. With Deku possibly focusing on training with Hawks and maybe Best Jeanist. Then Bakugo having to focus on his own stuff.

But the pair being apart actually makes things worse, with Bakugo possibly going in depression or letting his anger win out without Deku around.

Maybe something along those lines anyway.. something similar to Kuro and Shiro from Tekkonkinkreet where Kuro being apart from Shiro sends Kuro into a downward spiral that he doesn’t come out of until he’s reunited with Shiro.

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Deku: what did you write down for our wedding menu?

Bakugou: What did you write down?

Deku: No gluten or Dairy

Bakugou: …. hot chips

Deku: …

Bakugou: …

Deku: You wrote hot chips down for our wedding?!

Bakugou: *explosion noises*

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Good point! DvK2 felt like a breaking point for him, and it’s not just about blaming himself for All Might’s fall. It showed us how everyone’s neglectance affected him and eventually caused him to blow up. From the time in the river when their other friends said “he’s fine cuz he’s strong”, to the slime incident where he was praised for his strength instead of being asked if he was okay, and even now when his concern for Deku is brushed off as ‘typical Bakugo-like aggression’.

Except now, he understands that the praise and people calling him strong isn’t necessarily a good thing. He has grown to acknowledge his weaknesses, instead off pushing them away like what he did with Deku. The frustrating part for me is seeing everyone’s understanding of him not grow as much as Bakugo himself has.

Also, I do think that he does openly express that he cares for Deku. The problem is that his words can be interpreted as nothing more than rivalry, when there’s actually a mix of both concern and rivalry.


For me anyways, him saying “hurry up and master your quirk so I can surpass you” IS his direct way of expression, because it’s the actions he does, or are caused by his words that count. Bakugo’s more of a person of action than words.

But I really don’t think something similar to DvK2 is gonna happen though. He’s grown past the point of just blowing up like that. There’s probably still gonna something big that will happen between them though.

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Summary: “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

The thinning of Aizawa’s patience was evident in the twitching of his brow. “If you stop asking questions, maybe I could finish explaining.

”With a huff and roll of his eyes, Katsuki glanced away from their coach.

“City Hall and the SC want us to give them more variety. We are a team solely made up of single skaters. Every year, we dominate the rankings for single skate while Shinketsu dominates the pairs, so this year both cities are being required to split their skaters evenly between singles and pairs with at least one pair coming from out top five.” There was a collective intake of breath, but no one commented, choosing instead to remain silent. “Unfortunately, for us, it’s a lot easier to switch from pairs to singles. With our male to female ratio, alpha/beta/omega ratio, and those of you actually experienced with pair skating, we’re at a disadvantage. So, I’ve decided to choose your partners for you.”


Or where Katsuki and Izuku are forced to be partners so they can continue to compete, but the blood in the water may be thicker than anyone realized.

Pairing: Bakudeku

Rating: T

Chapter: 10/20

Previously <- Chapter 9: Refills

Chapter 11: ??? -> Next (coming 3/7)

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To everyone who follows me.

You good? Like mentally?

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