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Bnha cmv/tiktok ideas pt 4

• dabihawks to let me love you from glee

• shinkami or tododeku to porcelain face 

• bnha band au (guitarist kaminari) to ultraviolet by stiff dylans

• grievingshoto (dead deku au) to funeral from parade

• deku, uraraka, and iida (omegaverse) to the negative from waitress

• all might and deku to one last time from hamilton

• tododeku to begin again from taylor swift

• dabi and endeavor to jeffdunham achmed and AJ duet 

• bakudeku to jeff dunham good day 

• amajiki as fluttershy from my little pony

• hawks to you gotta die sometimes from falsettos

• kirishima to words fail “i’d rater pretend” from dear evanhansen

• kaminari to more than survive “never gonna be the cool guy” from be more chill

• bakugo to jeffdunham the cursing 

• kaccako and dabihawks to the notebook fight scene

• rei and hawks or burnin to two black cadillacs

• aizawa family to where you belong by keri kimmel (the fosters op)

• aizawa to on my own from les miserables

• deku to i’m not that girl from wicked

• inko/rei to i dreamed a dream from les miserables

• erasercloud to a little fall of rain from les miserables

• inko and rei to anybody got a map from dear evanhansen

• any of my angstyotps to we’ll meet again by vera lynn

• todoroki/dabi to emotionless by good charlotte

• todoroki family to family portrait by p!nk

• todoroki family to doll house by melanie martinez

• bakudeku to mean by taylor swift

Feel free to use any of these ideas

*cough* it would be nice if you credited me *cough*

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A random chunk for the next part of a BakuDeku thing I’m writing, because apparently I can never just enjoy a show and my ships. Nooo. I gotta do this shit.

(I have no idea how to use Tumblr so imma do my best lolol)

It all goes to hell because of fucking Shinsou.

In retrospect, Katsuki shouldn’t be that surprised. The fucking prick has been a thorn in 1-A’s collective sides since UA, in one way or another. Even now, years after graduation, it’s guaran-fucking-teed that whenever he shows his face, he’s gonna sling shit just to get a rise out of someone.

The only one marginally safe is Deku, but even then, it’s not by much.

So yeah. Fucking Shinsou.

“Have you ever considered talking less? It might help boost your image, just a little.”

Katsuki grits his teeth and keeps working, overturning rubble without saying a single fucking thing; it’s all there, brewing under the surface. A perfect, riotous storm of rage and emotion he keeps muzzled behind his bared teeth. He’s well aware of Shinsou’s Quirk and what he can do with it, and like fuck he’s about to open his mouth for that shitshow. Last time Shinsou tried to hijack his mind, he broke the fucker’s jaw and two of his ribs, and his PR manager is going to lose his mind if Katsuki assaults another Sidekick for “unjustifiable reasons.”

But Shinsou is the manifestation of shit on a good day, and apparently today isn’t such a good day, because he keeps fucking talking as they search for casualties and bodies in the wake of this latest villain attack.

“It would certainly be refreshing for the villains as well as those you work with, don’t you agree? You’re so flashy and loud; I’m sure your voice does more damage than your Quirk most days.”

Glaring from the corner of his eye, he happens to catch sight of Deku picking his way across the rubble. The nerd is headed in their direction, his mask pushed back and his face pale beneath streaks of dirt. Blood drips from his nose, but it’s his eyes – it’s always those fucking eyes – that give Katsuki pause. And Shinsou senses it like blood in the water, turning to look in Deku’s direction. He lets out a low, curious noise that raises Katsuki’s hackles in an instant, warning bells blaring through his aching skull.

Don’t you fucking dare.

“Do you think,” he says, low enough for only Katsuki to hear, “that he would have been able to save more of them, if you’d kept your mouth shut? Or is it just his own incompetence that caused them to die?”

Shinsou may be able to take control of someone’s mind when they speak, but the noise that rips from Katsuki’s throat isn’t even close to being words. It’s a savage snarl, something feral and rabid, like a wolf going in for the kill. His rage explodes from his palms, leaving his gloves hot enough to sear when he slams Shinsou into the ground with a hand around his throat.

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