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Originally posted by katetcake

Bakugou x reader Drabble (fluff)

Bakugou let out a soft grunt as he padded across the cool linoleum floor of your apartment. Reaching around and giving the small of his back a lazy scratch, a sharp puff of air escaped his nostrils as he skirted around your bed. Stepping over the fluffy black cat weaving between his ankles on the way to the balcony. With a gentle click Katsuke unlatched the door and slid it open, sparing a glance over his shoulder at your undisturbed form. Eyes shifting back down he clicked his tongue. Adding a scolding hiss —prodding your reluctant feline back inside with his foot, as he slipped through the crack in the glass door heaving it shut behind himself.

“Fuck,“ The words left his lips like steam leaving a tea kettle. Already the icy breath from your air-conditioned abode evaoprated into this unseemingly hot spring morning. Narrowed crimson eyes scanned the not so distant overpass, the continual thrum of traffic providing a constraint ambiance that some might consider “noise.”

You however found the wind skirting past sleek bodied vehicles, emergency sirens, and the occasional blare of a horn to be a reminder that you were not alone in this world. Seeing so many busy lives rushing by reminded you that each of those cars held a story, a tragity, a celebration. Bakugou mulled over the past explanation you had given him of this racket as he slipped back inside. Finding the brief life pause had left him more disgruntled than refreshed he slipped back through your heavy glass doorway. Running his fingers through disheveled blonde hair Katsuke took comfort in the short stride to your bed, whatever thickened murky mood that tried to cling to him wouldn’t stand a chance once he was in your embrace.

Peeling your covers back, corner of his lip twitching at the sight of your bare skin. Sheet tangled around your legs and hair a mess as you hugged a pillow to your face. Knees meeting the plush mattress Katsuke slid a large calloused hand over the slope of your back, savoring the smooth invitation of your flesh before slipping his fingers under the sheet and beginning to untangle you.

Allowing his hands to greedily stroke and cup your delicate flesh as he went, Bakugous heart rate slowed, breath returning to a sleepier cadence and an occasional grin or chuckle escaping his lips at your soft sleepy hums and mewls while he straightened the bed. Slipping at last under said covers with you, taking the sheets place he tangled his legs with yours. Burying his face against your neck, your fragrant tresses of soft hair pulling him closer to euphoria. With a peck on your shoulder Katsuke bid a “fuck off” to the thought of a productive day and wrapped his arms around you even tighter. The world was always busy, that damn freeway reminded him of that. So today he’d let them deal with the whole life thing as he endulged in his favorite pastime, you.

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Ack, i’ve never written for BNHA before. Hella terrified, y’all. 

Relationship beginnings imagines with the Bakugo and Todoroki, aged up to Pro Heros. This got …longer than I intended…


Okay so hear me out. I know he seems like the type to go all on everything in but I feel like emotionsTM aren’t his thing so he’ll avoid talking about them as long as possible. And then one day he’s just like ‘huh this isn’t so bad’ and that’s the end of that.

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Bakugo X Reader

Words : 3096

Reader is from America and somewhat of a delinquent with an alpha quirk that allows her to turn into a wolf as well as bond with dogs. She is sent to UA to straighten out her attitude. She ends up in a power struggle with none other than our favorite hot head. Words in Italics are words said telepathically



You were practically dragging your feet back to the locker room. If you thought the workout this morning was rough, this afternoon was that times 10. You sparred several rounds with Bakugo and Mercy, dripping with sweat at the end of each match. You won just as much as you lost but near the end he decided to include Kirishima and do some two on two. You weren’t prepared for how hard he was. You flinch just thinking about how hard you would have to dig you to cut him.

A huge bruise was blossoming over your rubs where he had hit you. It didn’t hurt that bad when you were in your wolf form but now as you pressed on the tender flesh you winced. It shouldn’t take too long to heal. But it would be rather inconvenient until it did.

Mercy as predicted was on his A game. He left with barley a scratch on him. He showed off for your new classmates running as fast as he could, jumping, and diving. He even managed to get through Kirishima’s hard skin at one point. You were very proud of him.

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i can just imagine it being like 3 in the morning and bakugo waking up to find kiri crying on their bathroom floor because his roots are growing out and he ran out of hair dye and he just feels so ugly even though he’s obviously not and katsuki literally leaves the house right then and there and drives to the nearest open store (which is at least 30 minutes away) to get some dye because he’ll be damned if his kirishima has to feel ugly and he comes back and dyes kiri’s hair for him immediately and it’s like 5 a.m. before they’re done and they both have Pro work to do that day but it doesn’t matter because kirishima needed this and bakugo was sure as hell going to do it for him

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can we just talk about this scene for a minute??

like the rest of them knew when they made up the plan to save bakugo that the only one of them he would really be willing to listen to would be kirishima. they knew that he was the only one that bakugo fully respected out of them. if any other person had been the one offering their hand like that you know for a damn fact that bakugo would have been contemplating his pride for a moment before even attempting to jump up. but it was the fact that it was kirishima reaching out to him that made him decide so quickly.

this just really speaks volumes about the bond the two of them have in order for bakugo to swallow his pride totally and allow himself to be saved by them.

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You don’t need to change

Genre: angst then fluff, comfort

A katsuki bakugo x reader

A/n: ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!! i’ve been playing minecraft with my friends the whole week and i’ve been craving to write that’s why i decided to write this a day earlier! Anon, hope you feel better, your ex doesn’t deserve you if they treat you like that. Hopefully i didn’t made you guys wait too long!! Requests are still open with 6 slots so please request something. Without further ado, let’s go!


Originally posted by cherriielle

  • You weren’t the best looking in class, you knew that for a fact.
  • Ochako and momo have perfect bodies, tsuyu and hagakure have wonderful personalities, jiro and mina have always been favorites.
  • And here you are, different from the others.
  • You didn’t have a perfect body or face or even a unique personality.
  • But somehow, one of the most hottest and explosive boy in school fell for you hard.
  • He didn’t really bat an eye at other girls.
  • But you knew other girls looked at him in a way which made you feel even more insecure.
  • Bakugo insisted you go back to the dorms while he trained with kirishima so you walked the halls alone at the end of the day.
  • You were about to turn a corner when you heard voices, then your name.
  • “(y/n) and bakugo don’t even look good together. She has too much fat on her and she has an ugly face.”
  • “yeah, maybe ochako would fit the bill for him. She has a rocking bod. Did you see how pretty she is earlier? That’s what bakugo deserves. Not a wannabe.”
  • The 2 girls snickered and they walked off.
  • When you hear their footsteps go further and further away, you ran to the dorms and up to your room before anyone could see the tears stinging your eyes.
  • In the next few days, you started to act a bit more like the other girls.
  • You forced yourself to smile and laugh, copying their mannerisms and gestures.
  • You even opted to give your food away to others so you could start losing weight faster.
  • You started to wear more makeup more than usual too, just to keep the new look up.
  • Though it looked like you were doing well, you were drained.
  • You needed to keep this happy facade up, to make everyone happy, especially bakugo.
  • He deserves better so you need to be the best.
  • He caught on quickly.
  • He saw that you weren’t eating during breakfast or lunch anymore.
  • He noticed how your smile would falter for a second before going back to that smile.
  • He saw how much you added to your makeup just to cover blemishes that made you the person he loved.
  • He couldn’t take it anymore. When everyone walked back to the dorms, bakugo immediately pulled you up to your room and sat you down on the edge of the bed where you started to fidget nervously.
  • This is it. He’s gonna dump you. He’s disgusted you knew it. He was just keeping this charade up so now he’s gonna drop the bomb.
  • “(y/n) baby, what’s going on with you?” his tone was soft and comforting that your shoulders stopped tensing.
  • You looked at your hands and drew out a shaky breath, trying to push your tears back.
  • “i-i heard some g-girls saying that ochako was better for you. S-so i tried to fix myself for your sake. Y-you deserve e-everything and i-”
  • You couldn’t even finish your sentence when you feel two arms wrapped around you.
  • “i didn’t fall in love with ochako dumbass, i fell in love with you. All of you. You don’t need to change yourself whether that be your body or face or personality because-”
  • He cut himself off to kiss your lips and wipe your tears of your face.
  • “because i love you for who you are. Nothing’s gonna change that. So don’t listen to any of those extras okay?”
  • You nodded before wrapping your arms around his neck.
  • You eased into a cuddle session for the rest of the night.

First fic of the week, did you guys like it? Was it worth the wait? Hopefully it is! Requests are still very open with 6 slots so please request everything and anything! Hope you guys enjoyed! Love you 😘❤😘

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 did it with my favourites (Kaminari, Kirishima, Bakugo and Todoroki) but definitely would do more! little scenes of a sleepy them and you, and just how you guys would end your evenings :)


Originally posted by amadeyus

info: really only kissing and hugging in bed? not comfortable writing s e x y stuff about kids but these are lovely boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/soulmate imagines :)

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