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#bakugo smut

NSFW 18+ Virgin — Dom! Bakugo x Virgin! Fem Reader

Warning: 18+ Content. Smut, sexual intercourse, virgin female reader, daddy kink, degrading, breeding kink, etc.

A/N: Hello! Thank you so much for your request and being a fan of my work. I’m sorry it took me forever to get to yours, but I appreciate your patience. I hope this is close to what you were thinking. Enjoy!

P.S. This is Katsuki stretching before he fucks your pussy up. ‘k bye ✨


Originally posted by reallysaltykou

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222 notes

hi! i can definitely do these characters, but i’ll be doing them separately so things stay more organized. i hope you don’t mind, thanks for requesting! (also idk if you meant your first time with them or your first time in general, so i did first time in general)

shinso, bakugo x fem!reader

warnings: virginity loss, pussy eating, premature orgasms, a very embarrassed bakugo

a/n: this was not proofread or edited, sorry for any errors or if it doesn’t make sense, i was just mindlessly typing

reminder that requests are open!



- it would probably be his first time too

- mans gets no coochie, he’s too busy out doing hero shit

- but even if its not his first time, he’s still cumming like a virgin

- it’s just really tight y'know :(

- don’t laugh, don’t speak, just pretend it didn’t happen bc he’s still gonna fuck you real good, whether he cums prematurely or not

- talks you through the whole thing

- surprisingly gentle

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Heavy shower smut with Kiyoomi Sakusa + jealous Sakusa


Word count: 1001

Ahh this is the longest one I’ve done and I’m actually proud of it!!

Also if you want you can send me requests and I would gladly do them!! :))


© all content belongs to XoBabyAlina 2021. do not modify or repost




You were sitting in the bleachers cheering on your germaphobe of a boyfriend. You were the manager of itachiyama volleyball club, so it was understandable that when you helped Yoomi’s team the members accidentally touched you(not in a wrong way). Although sometimes the team members would flirt with you just to rile Kiyoomi.

You really didn’t know what to think about it most of the time. Kiyoomi would end up punishing you for your terrible behavior but you both know he just hates the fact that his team mates touched you with their sweaty hands.

Once you often realize your boyfriend has more of a jealous behavior when you’re around other men/women. Though he does trust he just doesn’t want to lose someone so precious to him.

You often expected to get a good dicking down because the closer or the more flirtatious you are it’s better for you in the long run or scheme of things.

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— what stuffed animals the bakusquad would get you to hug while they rail you

a/n - im right and you know it, nd pictures of the stuffed animal will be after the headcanons

characters !! bakugou, kaminari, sero, kirishima, nd mina

cw !! afab reader, smoking (weed), oral (reader receiving)


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NSFW 18+ Calm - Bakugo x GN! Reader

WARNING: 18+ Content. Sexual intercourse, cursing, mentions of twitching, ADHD, smut, soft Bakugo, etc.

Request: Hey so like a bakugous request if that’s ok, i have ADHD and twitch (like my whole body and sometimes if j have an attack I’ll punch my face and slap my chest really hard) so can you write something that’s like in the middle of sex and reader has a twitching fit (MY WORST NIGHTMARES!!) and starts to panic bc like ahh and bakugou just calms up down without stoping thrusting into us? Also amazing work keep it up 👍

A/N: Hey love! Sorry it took me forever to get to your request. Thank you so much for submitting. I don’t have much knowledge about ADHD and twitches, so I apologize in advance if this isn’t cannon to your experience. I am down for constructive criticism so I can improve in the future. I hope you enjoy.


Originally posted by nameskatsukibakugo

You and Katsuki have been dating for quite some time now. Still fairly new relationship — only a few months — but nonetheless, you two know a lot about each other. He is aware of your ADHD and twitch. He always does his best to calm you down when an episode happens. Katsuki is not one to be the most patient, but with you, he tries his best.

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{{ E-GIRLS }}


adult,pro.hero!bakugo katsuki x quirkless.fem!reader

author’s note: so i was listening to CORPSE’s E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE on repeat and just HAD TO get this out of my system!

warnings: explicit stuff, like unapologetic smut, masturbation, plushie riding, minors DO NOT INTERACT. unedited, no beta, we die like men (haha)

do not repost on wattpad, AO3, or any other site. plagiarising this story is also unacceptable!

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85 notes

just music that goes with the boys being h0rny+ sero, bakugou

I’m trying to work on the tsukki one as a thanks for 100 followers and NOW 200+ followers ! this is a short one bc I’m having asahi brainrot and want to write it lmao

nsfw ! + only a little bit of degradation

sero hanta

— 12:34 am by billy lemos ft. omar apollo

— you were probably showing the song to him and it just got the atmosphere right for him

— it’s a short song so it probably just kept playing over and over again lol

— he was just looking at you look all cute in your shorts and one of his old shirts and the song just set the whole scene

— probably started touching your thighs or like massaging the flesh there

— stuff like that is always the biggest sign for you

— he looks at you like he’s not doing anything while massaging and gripping the tops of your thighs

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Hypothesis, Honey.

⬶ prev. | 🍯 008 - just a tiny bit! | next ⤅


“I dare you to kiss the delivery guy…on the lips, of course.”

A drunken night led you to kiss a complete—yet gorgeous—stranger. You felt no regret, believing it was just a single chance encounter. However, in an odd twist of events, you were now stuck doing a thesis with the guy you kissed on that fateful night—Bakugou Katsuki.  


🐝 a/n: ohoho this the start of everything 👀anyway, i decided to make this chapter into two parts because it’s so long 🤧next part is gonna be in Bakugou’s POV, which is my favorite part lmao. i was actually excited to post that part 😕but maybe there’s gonna be double update? who knows? it depends on my sched. anyway, hope you’re enjoying the smau! kith kith [this is a reupload since something happened earlier jdiasjdoa sorry about that 🥺]

🐝 Taglist: OPEN (until Thursday, March 4) — send an ask to be added on the taglist ✨

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The insecurities that brought you together now tore you apart

Bakugo x f!reader

a/n: been thinking about toxic relationships lately and realized i needed to write more mha hehe

tw: dubcon, smut, implied abuse

wc: 1.4k+


The belief that you could climb the ladder of success through hard work and dedication had been your lifeline growing up. It was what your father engraved in your mind as he worked ungodly hours just to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. So you did what you had to do in order to avoid working a measly job with your mediocre quirk. You divided your time studying and improving your quirk until your eyelids grew heavy and your muscles ached.

But in the end, hard work wasn’t enough and your growth plateaued after graduating UA. You did all you could to improve your quirk but, at the ripe age of twenty-two, you were found yourself at a dead-end with the promotion from sidekick to pro-hero nowhere in sight.

They say misery loves company and you suppose that was what kept you tethered to Katsuki Bakugo after the initial attraction subsided. Like you, Bakugo had his own insecurities that ate at him the longer Izuku Midoriya remained the Number One Hero and the larger the gap between them grew.

Where the two of you once found solace in your relationship and licked each other’s wounds, it proved to have been only temporary. Your wounds eventually festered and turned your relationship into an unreliable crutch that sometimes supported you and other times let you fall.

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Warnings: breeding kink, degreadation, creampie, dumbifictaion, mean! bakugou


A sadistic smirk appears on his face as he looks down at your vulnerable form. He felt a sense of pride at how much of a mess you were underneath him, unable to control your loud moans and whimpers as his fat cock stretched you out.

You were such a good girl for him, always so eager to please. He couldn’t help but want to take advantage of it— of you and your willingness to give in to him entirely.

No, he didn’t want to get you pregnant, of course not! But he couldn’t deny that the thrill only served to fuel his arousal.

Having you submit to him and become his obedient little fucktoy as he emptied his balls in you was exhilarating. He didn’t think he could ever get tired of the way your pussy hugged his cock, milking it for all it was worth as you clawed at his back still begging for more.

“Katsuki please-” Your slurred words only egged him on, making him shove his cock further into you. The tip pressing against the entrance of your cervix as you let out a strangled moan at the painfully pleasurable sensation.

He laughs at your pitiful state, not bothering to stop his ministrations. “Shut up and take it! You were begging for this cock earlier weren’t you? So fucking take it.”

His grip on your thigh grows harsher as he spreads your legs open further, giving himself the leverage he needs to take you exactly how he wants to.

You could feel your mind going blank and your words turning into incoherent nonsense while unshed tears filled your eyes at the white hot pleasure he was giving you.

“Look at the mess you’re making on my cock, baby. You feeling good?” He glances up at you, waiting for a response and the sight that greeted him was one he wanted to savor. Your face was red and flushed from arousal, your eyes half-lidded and unfocused and your face scrunched up into one of pure desire.

“Awh, I asked you a question, sweetheart. Don’t tell me I’ve already fucked you stupid? Dumb little slut can’t think anymore, can you?” He chuckles, the arrogance in his voice clear. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll take good care of you, I’ll fuck you till all you can think about being stuffed with my cock.”

He starts pounding your insides. A string of curses and filthy promises spill from his lips, each word bringing you closer to your high. The telltale tingle in your stomach growing stronger.

“You’re clamping down on me so much— fuck! You like being called a slut, don’t you?” You cry at the feeling of a harsh slap against your ass.

“M’gonna fill you up, babe. Breed you and turn you into my cute little housewife, hm? How does that sound? Yeah, you better not spill a fucking drop of my cum.” You let out a whine at his tone.

You could tell by his sloppy thrusts and frantic pace that he was getting close. His eyes were screwed shut as he got lost in his own pleasure, “Scream my name when you cum, slut! I want everyone to hear you begging for my cock.”

His name fell past your lips repeatedly, not knowing or caring why. It was hard to catch your breath with him pounding into you wildly, each snap of his hips stinging your already sore ass.

You could feel his length throbbing inside you, his body suddenly tensed up and with a loud grunt he came. Filling your womb with his hot seed.

He gave you a few more thrusts basking in the feeling of his orgasm while you squirmed at the sensitivity. You shuddered as his cum slowly seeped out of your cunt, a mixture of his seed and your juices dirtying the sheets. You suddenly hear a grunt of annoyance from Bakugou as he stares down at your abused hole, still plugged up by his slowly softening cock.

“Tsk, I told you not to waste any of it, bitch. Guess I’ll just have to fill you up some more or maybe I should just knock you up that way everyone knows that you’re my little breeding slut.”



@kutiekoge @graceraceace @fandomtrash @waitforitillwritemywayout @midnightsun30 @txmxkis @serosmissingtoe @bunniesandvillains @coldspoons @beelziee @vienettacream @mr-bombastic @moonlitsokka @light-castles @amajikibby @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmasdiscordkitty @leviathans-waifu @shirabuwife @meowmeowmushroom @zukooo @gaideservedbetter @narcoleptiicinsomniac @lenauhbenauh @hedlovesshoto @curiouslilbeast @cherrychan0 @amaejiki @planetofthebarbz @sssjuico10 @jinnbie @itsvicesage @eternallyvenus @local-baka @waywardbabie @honeykami @tanzaniiite @dakusoul @jensdior @you-cant-knock-me-down @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @ph0enixjude @henhouse-horrors @blxemafia @mysticmessofcrap @i-suck-at-naming-things-lol

826 notes

Boys included:

  • Bakugo
  • Dabi

Pairing: Fem! Reader

Plot: “Take me laser tagging, push me into a corner and kiss me. then shoot me and walk away” — Prompt from Pinterest, enjoy lovelies.  

Warnings: sOmE spice, gets a lil steamy, I’d say 16+



Originally posted by shigashimura

I watch Katsuki let out a psychotic laugher as he shoots Mina with the laser gun in his right hand, and then Kirishima with the one in his left.

Don’t even ask me how he managed to get two; he just did.

Mina and Kiri’s grumbling is drowned out by Sero’s battle cry as he jumps into the scene and attempts to shoot at Bakugo. With both of his guns out of commission for another 4 seconds, he locks eyes with me and grins, running towards me and then proceeding to use me as a human shield so that Sero hits my vest instead of his.

I turn around to give him a piece of my mind, as he shoots out from behind me with a quick, “don’t worry, I’ll get revenge on that tape face” and bolts after Sero, who ran away after shooting me.

Kaminari shoots me before bolting himself, knowing how competitive I can get.

And competitive they will receive.

I put my game face and plan a strategy that would leave these idiots all in the dust. Including Katsuki Bakugo. That little shit is going to learn a little lesson today.

I run after where Bakugo chased Sero, deliberately letting my hair out of my pony tale and letting my breathing get ragged. Lowering my V-neck shirt, I apply some lip gloss and practically strut over to where Bakugo is shooting Sero.

I watch Sero’s eyes widen as he takes me in, and with a jerk of my head, he runs away, leaving me alone with Bakugo in this corner of the arena.

His vermillion eyes meet mine as I watch them travel, taking in my messy hair, considerable cleavage and heavy breathing state.

I smirk, strutting over to him as I extenuate my long legs clad in black jeans. His breathing hitches in his throat, and his guns lay forgotten in his hands as his eyes continue to take me in.

I trail my hand down his chest, feeling along his abs as his breathing hitches once more.

“I wanna play too, Katski” I whine softly in his ear, my hands still trailing his well defined chest. Going lower, I drag my long nails under his shirt and along the band of his boxers. I smirk once more when I feel that his sweatpants were getting a little too tight for the considerable length hardening under my hands.

I palm him, and he grunts in surprise, his big hands letting go of the guns to grip my ass instead. The clatter of those toys on the floor has me smiling in victory.

 The plan is in motion.

I continue to palm him, his erection growing harder and harder as he growls and grabs the back of my head as he smashes his lips against mine.

The kiss is heated, lust oozing out from every pore in our bodies. He breaks the kiss, now working on my neck and shoulders, one of his hands coming from my hair to caress my boob.

A loud gasp escapes from my mouth as he bites me just where my shoulder and neck connects.

“Katsuki,” I whisper, which only makes him go harder. I shove my hands into his soft, soft hair, and tug, which makes him moan loudly.

He flips us around so that my back is on the wall, and as he starts to undo my jeans, all thoughts of why I instigated this flew out of my brain.

Just as he felt the lace of the drenched pink underwear I was wearing, Kaminari runs in on the promising scene, then proceeds to scream and runs away saying “my eyes, my pure innocent eyes!”

We pause, looking at his retreating figure, my hands entwined in his hair and his hands on the front of my jeans, which were undone.

All of a sudden I’m reminded of my brilliant plan to get back at him, and sadly reel my animalistic needs back within me.

Bakugo seems unaffected by being busted by Kaminari and attacks my lips once more, his hands once again roaming around my ass, the front of my jeans forgotten.


I don’t know if I could’ve done what I’m about to do if he had continued down there.

He continues to bruise my lips with his, and as I back away, he growls, looking at me with a flash in his eyes.

I smirk cruelly and causally side step out of his grasp. Having already brawled with him before, I know how to get out of his hold.

During our heavy make out session, I had made sure to kick away his laser guns.

I bring out my one with ease, having slung it on my hip before I came in here, and shoot him square in the chest.

He growls, lunging for me as I easily skip out of his hold and run out of the secluded corner we were in, my hair a big mess and my lips swollen and throbbing.

At least I got my revenge.

But if I know Katsuki, his revenge will be a million times worse than mine. And for the same reasons that he loves me, I can’t freaking wait. 



Originally posted by demigodxtonio

I steady my breathing as I watch Shiggy and Twice run past my newfound hiding spot, aiming at both of their chests and grinning as they realise they’ve been shot and blame one another.

“I thought we were allies! No, it’s okay, it was a moment of weakness. YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR BETRAYAL!” Twice went on, switching between his two personalities. Shiggy rolled his eyes and shot him while he was distracted, let out a dry cackle and ran off.

Twice regained control and ran after him, still arguing with himself on how he should feel towards Shiggy after he betrayed him a seemingly second time. I chuckled, tightening my high pony tail as I look around, watching out for a specific person in particular.

I shoot everyone who walks by, none of them being able to see me since my all black outfit blends in with the dark walls of the arena.

I shoot Toga, who whines when she realises she can’t shoot Spinner who was right in front of her, and just as I’m about to shoot him too, a blue flash catches my eye.

I turn, coming eye to eye with none other than Dabi, who found me with the aid of his blue fire. I immediately crouch down before he’s able to shoot me. He’s startled for a second, redirecting his light to see me more clearly. In response, I activate my own quirk, black fog. I make sure he sees my smirk before my fog distinguishes his flame and I run away, hidden in the curling smoke seeping out of my pores.

As I run, I shoot all the other people I see running by. Once I’m confident that Dabi is sufficiently lost, I will the smoke to dissolve, allowing my convenient cover to disappear.

I shoot others who come by, getting Shiggy a few more times and laughing every time he tries to locate me.

I turn, about to shoot yet another unsuspecting victim before I crash into someone.

Illuminated in his fire, Dabi’s eyes turned electric, glowing in the dark before me.

“You think you can just activate your quirk, hide in a cloak of darkness, shoot everyone and win this thing? I know you didn’t think that, y/n.”

I gulped as he took an impossible step closer, his arms on either side of my head and my back flat against the arena wall.

“You have to shoot me to win, Dabi. Not lecture me because your jealous of my brilliant strategy.”

My voice is surprisingly clear despite his close proximity and my racing heart.

As soon as I saw that vicious glint in his glowing eyes that I new all too well, I knew I was done for.

My knees started shaking as he slowly, so, so, slowly, leaned in, his straight nose brushing against mine.

His hand moved from bracing himself against the wall to violently grab my thigh and bring it up, hooking it around his hip. That same hand now firmly holding my ass, he snarled as he crashed his lips against mine, the piercings on his bottom lip bruising the bottom half of my mouth as he violently kissed me.

My head spins as I realise I need to breathe, but as I try to pull away, he lets out yet another snarl as he slaps my ass that he was gripping so tightly.

A whimper escapes the back of my throat as he breaks of the kiss, peppering mini kisses down my jaw and then my neck, where he sucks so intently that the hickey there would probably never fully fade. I gasp for breath, feeling along his muscular chest as he continues to make me forget where I was.

The need for him deep inside me almost drives me insane as I pepper some of my own kisses on his scarred neck. He grunts, grabbing my chin and forcing me to meet his eyes, which were now laced with hunger.

“I’m in charge,” he says roughly, his deep voice echoing through my body which results in my walls to painfully clench around nothing.

I look into his eyes as he kisses me once more, and then shoves me off of him. I blink in confusion, my body instantly feeling cold from his missing heat. He smirks, calling me all sorts of degrading names from his look alone, and promptly shoots me with his laser gun.

I look at him in shock, my jaw hanging open and my lips still throbbing, as our guns stop working as our session finishes.

“Close your mouth, babe, I want it in optimum condition for when we take a detour to my place.”

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pairing // katsuki x female reader

tw // cussing, smut

warnings for this part // masturbation, bondage, sensory deprivation, use of toys, voyuerism kink

theme // enemies to lovers au, camboy!katsu au, college student!katsu and reader au, no quirk au

keys // y/n

words // 1.4k

a/n // wont be updating for a while :((

previous part I masterlist

“no funny business, blondie.”

for some reason, the librarian decided to close the library early. an emergency, the staff said. it was already closed and locked up when the duo got there with none of the other teachers having the key. they said the librarian left without warning and apologized to the pissed off students and offered the idea of one of them going to the others house to study if they really wanted to. and that’s how y/n ended up here, sitting criss-cross on katsuki’s living room. the blonde sat right in front of her, preparing and scheduling the things they would be studying.

the competition was nearing and they both really needed to study. none of them want to admit but it is a bit easier studying together, both of them had their advantages and disadvantages on each subject and with each other, it was just… easier. “well, if you keep staring at me like that i won’t be able to stop myself.” katsuki looked up and smirked before going back to the papers splayed out in front of him. their mini little library session got them uncomfy to use the library at that time, right after that happened.

y/n was sure of one thing: she still hated his guts. sure, his cock felt awesome but that doesn’t push away the fact that he’s her biggest competition. there’s no reply as she glared right at him, rolling her eyes at what he just said. “you don’t record here?” and with that, the mood completely shifts. for katsuki, the tension grows and the room suddenly feels stuffy as he shifts from where he’s sitting. “what kind of mood up-lifter question is that?”

“who said i was trying to lift the mood? it’s a genuine question.” y/n glared, seemingly not bothered with what she just asked. does she ask questions like this on the daily? goddamn. katsuki gulped, “no. it’s upstairs.” with a quick glance at the girl, he sees her looking at his small flight of stairs. he sighs and looks back down, keeping himself occupied. “you know, you own a lot of vibrators.” y/n could feel the mood shift too as she felt a thin layer of sweat cover her neck slowly. 

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🍵 Favorite smell?


💧 Last cry?

Last night RIP…

🍕 Favorite pizza?

Pepperoni Pizza

🌸 Favorite flower?


🐾  Favorite dog breed?

Any type of hybrid wolf like breed

👯 Hair color?


🍦 Favorite ice cream?

Cookies n’ cream, Chocolate chip or Vanilla

🙀 Pet peeve?


👖 Shorts or jeans?


🎶 What are you listening to right now?

Twin Size Mattress- The Front Bottoms

👀 Eye color?


🎆 Favorite Holiday?


🌓 Night owl or day person ?


🍀 Favorite day of the week ?

Fucking friday

🌈 Nicknames?

Zelo or Zee

🎧 Favorite type of music?

No preference I like it all

⚡️ Tattoos?

Not yet  

🍳 Do you like to cook?

I like baking more.

🎀 Do you wear perfume?  

Yes, Specifically Vanilla Bean Noel (BBW)

🎨 Favorite color?


🍅 Do you like vegetables?

I actually love asparagus and broccoli

👓 Do you wear glasses?


🍁 Favorite season?


💕 What anime are you currently watching?

Balance:Unlimited (It’s so funny to me I’m LOVING IT so far!)

🏳️‍🌈 Gender and Sexuality?

I’m a female (She/her) and I am Pansexual

🥺 Height & Age?

5ft & 17

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katsuki bakugo + fem!reader

warnings: 18+, heavy petting, no actual sex, little bit of dirty talk, degradation.

word count — 764

a/n — this is definitely not a filler for while i’ve been writing the same 3k going to be 6k word fic for 3 months!!!


“you look pretty.” katsuki mutters softly, lips pressed into a subtle frown with a tinge of a pout which hovering over the shell of your ear. his hand stayed snaked around your waist, thumbs pressing into your plush hips delicately. you chuckle at his words with a soft smile. as you look at his frowning face you can’t help but be reminded of the stubborn, grumpy, and adorable man you fell in love with. his angry eyes held so much adoration in them, so loving it made you feel like home.

“i missed you” he pulls you into his warm chest, engulfing you in his warm arms as wrapping together around you while his chin comes down to rest on top of your head. the known smell of caramel consuming your senses as he hugged you so tightly and securely; qyou couldn’t help but melt into him. “i missed you too” you sigh. it felt good to be swathed in your boyfriend’s embrace after such a long day. your mind felt at peace, it felt your first breath of fresh air after drowning in a lake.

katsuki suddenly pulls away much too quickly for your liking only to grab your chin with his calloused thumb and forefinger and pulls you into him, tenderly pressing his soft lips onto your own. the kiss took you by suprise but you instantly ease into it, the farmiliar sensuality his kisses felt as his lips moved gingerly against your own never failed to leave you breathless. they were passionate, exciting and tender, you could feel every single emotion put into it every time katsuki kissed you.

your hands snake up to the flushed nape of his neck and pull him closer to you with a sigh. his kisses were so incredible and addictive, they made you so very greedy that one was never enough to satisfy you. you pulled away and peered up at him, lips still buzzing and body warm with need. katsuki’s eyes fluttered open and remained on yours, pupils dialated and cheeks tinted pink. you looked ravishing to him, when he first got a taste of you he knew he’d never be able to recover. he pulls you back fervently and attaches his lips to yours. you felt dizzy as he kissed you, hands gripping tighter and lips plush against your own. you pushed yourself further against your boyfriend and sighed, hands flying up to run your fingers through his soft blond locks.

your whole body was floating, breath being sucked out of your lungs as his tongue slipped out to press against your bottom lip, you opened your mouth and allowed his wet muscle to intertwine with yours. his tongue was hot against your own, tasting more and more of him with each swipe of it. as he kisses you slightly rougher and eagerly you can feel your legs growing weaker, belly swirling with desire, and slick beginning to pool in your flimsy panties.

katsuki’s heaving breathing did something to you, you whimper as his tongue tackles yours with agression. what once was soft was suddenly all forgotten when his hands flew down to your ass, kneading the flesh in his in his big palms. he groans softly into your mouth, “dumbass.” he mutters and you smile against his lips. “you’re so fucking hot, what am i going to do with you?l

his leg makes its way in between your subconsciously parting silky thighs. he takes the operrtunity to push you against the wooden door of your apartment. your greedy cunt grinding against his hard cock through his pants, tongues clashing together, katsuki’s fingers moving up from the cusp of your ass only to dig his fingers into your waist.

“katsuki please” you whimper out. he pulls away and tilts his head to the side, his hands making their way up to your clothed breasts and gripping them softly in his hands. you whine when he sighs hot kisses from the corner of your ear making his way down to your neck. “begging already? use your words baby, what do you need hmm?” he teases.

“please. fuck me please.” you whine out. he chuckles against your skin while sucking dark marks into your neck, biting at the flesh before soothing it over with his tongue. “i like when you beg for me, it’s cute”. katsuki’s lips make their way down to your collarbone leaving a trail of kisses. “makes you sound like such a needy little slut.”

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pairing: bakugou katsuki x f!reader
tw/warnings: nsfw (18+), dumbification, alcohol, some choking, some degradation, some cockwarming, canon au but not relevant to story, aged up characters (18)
wc: 4k


“paranoia, anyone?” kaminari asked, wriggling his eyebrows at the group. tonight was a chill drinking night, celebrating the start to summer vacation.

“ooh! i’m down,” mina exclaimed excitedly, clapping her hands together. you sat in the corner, just blissfully happy and quiet. you hadn’t drunk too much yet, but you could undoubtedly feel a light buzzing coursing throughout your veins, enough to make you just want to sit and recalibrate as everyone else moved animatedly around you.

“what’s that again?” kirishima asked, sipping his drink. “i forgot how to play, i think.”

“okay, okay, wait, let’s all sit in a circle,” kaminari started, waving his hands around. “it’ll be easier that way.”

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I want to apologize so much. I feel bad for not being on here so much. I haven’t been here because I’m having the worst semester of my entire life, so I’m funneling my energy into my school work over my writing - and I HATE that so much. I feel trapped, like I can’t be creative because I feel have to be practical. It’s so stupid. I have all these ideas, but by the time i’m done working, i’m too tired to write. 

I hope things will sooth out soon so that I can return to this blog because I love writing, I love writing Bakugo, and I love writing for all of you. I love you guys, you’re the best, everyone who has been following me for a while and those who are new here. I can’t believe this, but it’s almost the anniversary of this blog again! It feels like it hasn’t been that long since the first anniversary of this blog but it has, it really has. I want to do something special for that like I did last year, but I’ll have to see what happens. 

Again, thank you so much, so so much! 

Well wishes,


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:D requests are open! and smjsjs i hope i wrote dd/lg well! i did forget abt bunny play when writing it tho- so sorry abt that ^^;

cw !! ddlg, slight infantilization, praise, slight begging, almost crying (jus sum teary eyes), oral (fem receiving)


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