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#bakugo x black reader

when i wake up, i’m afraid ✰ k. bakugo

he shares his insecurities in his own way. you reassure him in your own way.

genre: angst :c but softness too

warnings: angst, insecure bakugo needs a hug

word count: 749

requested: no

based off of afraid by the neighbourhood


He fucking hates this song.

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i still get jealous ✧ hc

when they have a s/o as great at you, they can’t help but jealous at all the people that want a shot with you.

warnings: gn reader fluff, a lil bit of angst and some suggestive content

requested: mhm! hope u enjoy <33

he knew he shouldn’t have left you alone.

when you told him you were a bit hungry, he instantly went to get you two a snack from the pretzel shop just a few stores down in the mall you were in. he gets you your favorite, pretzel bites with cheese dip, and gets himself a little snack before paying and making his way back to the clothing store.

he stops in his tracks when he sees a guy talking to you, and his eyebrows furrow when you let out a laugh at something this dude randomly says. he isn’t recognizable to them at all. why are you laughing?

  • he automatically decides that he does not like the scene in front of him.
  • he practically marches over to stand next to you, handing you your pretzels while staring up at the random guy, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes big with annoyance.
  • “who’s this?” the guy asks. izuku’s blood boils.
  • “he’s-“ “i’m their boyfriend. who are you?” he doesn’t even try to hide his pettiness, not even a little bit. the guy raises an eyebrow and to prevent any problems, he leaves the store, not saying a word to you or izuku.
  • “you’re cute when you’re mad,” you tell him as you two walk out with cheese dip on your lips, and he blushes a little
  • here he is. your shy, flustered izuku. the one you know and love.
  • “i don’t like it when other people flirt with you,” he tells you earnestly, pouting. “don’t really wanna add another person to my hit list.”
  • “you know he wasn’t flirting, right? he was telling me how awesome you looked during your provisional exam. said it was the coolest shit ever.”
  • izuku’s mouth drops open.
  • your giggle immediately puts him back in a good mood.
  • too shy to even approach you or the guy
  • he’s so, so insecure
  • sure, he has his moments of confidence but
  • feeling overshadowed his entire life isn’t made better just by a few moments of him being confident.
  • he doesn’t really know what to do
  • he just stands there until you catch his eyes and beckon him over
  • the guy turns to meet his eyes too, and tamaki gulps, his face slowly turning red
  • he—he can’t. he can’t.
  • instead of entering the store with you, he turns to quickly walk away, his hands shoved in his pockets.
  • are you going to leave him? oh god, you’re gonna leave him, aren’t you—
  • tama!
  • hearing your voice as he walks has him slowing down, slowly turning around to see you running towards him. the guy is nowhere in sight
  • “tama,” you frowned once you catch up to him, your hand gripping onto his. his heart flutters. “why did you walk away? that dude wanted to tell you how much he liked your quirk—said he saw it on tv before!”
  • tamaki blinks.
  • “w-w-what?
  • “yeah, he said it’s the “coolest shapeshifting shit” he’s ever seen. and even asked if you used your tentacles in bed—“ you giggled. “i had to laugh at that.”
  • “oh…” he sighs, closing his eyes in relief, before hugging you tightly and pressing his face in your neck.
  • “don’t leave me, y/n.”
  • you don’t exactly know why he’s saying that to you, but you don’t ask.
  • “never will, tamaki.”
  • what the fuck?
  • irritation completely takes over him as he makes his way into the store, suddenly shoving your pretzels and cheese against your chest
  • “having fun laughing with random guys huh? fine, eat your pretzels your damn self!”
  • he walks off, scoffing, shaking his head.
  • could you really not have waited for him to get back? someone just had to come up to you and you just had to give them attention?
  • ugh.
  • of course, you’re rushing behind your boom boy, and he knows it but doesn’t try to slow down at all
  • “bakugo!-“
  • “i don’t wanna hear it y/n.”
  • bakugo!” you shout again, suddenly grabbing his head and turning the blonde around so he could meet your eyes. he’s glaring at you, and you stiffen.
  • “he was just complimenting your quirk, you stupid asshole!” you tell him, and his face completely falls. “god. he said he was too scared to come up to you directly so he just waited until you were gone, jeez!”
  • tch.”
  • a slight grin appears on his face as he wraps his muscular arm around your shoulder, tugging you forward to walk.
  • “he was scared of me, huh? good.”
  • you roll your eyes.
  • another one that doesn’t wanna approach you at all
  • he trusts you completely
  • if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be dating you
  • and it’s not very manly to throw a fit in the middle of a clothing store
  • quite childish, actually
  • so he just leans on the glass of the store, eating his pretzels, waiting for you to get back
  • trying his best to act like he’s not jealous and push those feelings down
  • you come out a few minutes later—7, to be exact
  • yes, he was counting.
  • “had fun with your new buddy?” he asks you, smiling with those sharp teeth
  • you furrow your eyebrows at the passive aggressiveness in his tone
  • “huh?”
  • “your little friend,” he bites. “saw you in there laughing at him—he must’ve been reaaaal funny.”
  • “kiri.” you start, your lips slowly stretching into a smirk.
  • “are you…”
  • jealous?”
  • jealous?! aha. ahahahaha!” he fake laughs, quickly shaking his head. “no! i don’t get jealous. not manly at all.”
  • you roll your eyes as you grab your pretzels and his hand, huffing.
  • “i’ll have you know he only wanted to say thanks for saving his dad during that fight with that dude with the blades. you just weren’t in there, so he said it to me instead.”
  • kirishima smiles widely, squeezing your hand.
  • he knew he had nothing to worry about.
  • 🥰
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Imposter Bakugou pt1


It was so hard to choose who to kill honestly

Among Us au obviously

Darker themes, murder

This was a smut request that i honestly don’t know how to turn into a smut and I’m still unsure if I’m going to put my darker fanfic fantasies on this account.

The lights went out above you, shrouding you in darkness. You wearily tap your body in search of your small built in flashlight. So far it seemed you were the only one heading towards Electrical but that wasn’t surprising.

Ever since you all boarded, there seemed to be something on board. Your friends were going missing or turning up dead entirely, leading to distrust among the crew. So who in their right mind would head towards the source of the darkness rather than huddle together in a corner.

Nonetheless, someone has to turn the lights back on, you couldn’t just be waiting in the dark, it would only lead to more death with no discovery. 

You enter the room and feel around for the breaker. The soft sounds of shuffling was heard near you, but you ignore it against your better judgement. You get the lights on and turn around only to see the doors shut.

“Damn it!” The power going out probably triggered the door mechanism. It was going to be a while till they powered back on and you got out of here. You look down at your walkie and your checklist. “Might as well shift the power route to the top generator before calling someone.”

You walk around the wall supporting the broker and cover your mouth in a silent scream. 

There, laying in a heap of blood was Shinsou Hitoshi. He was a transfer from the other fleet, still so young in the working force, so why was he lying here with a hole in his chest?!? You back away from his body, seat gathering on your forehead.

You screamed and swung a blind punch when two hands clamp down on your shoulder. “Stop making so much damn noise, you’ll scare everyone.” It was Bakugou and you quickly latch onto him as you sobbed. A gentle hand rubbed your back until you calmed down

“Bakgou, we have to go tell the others quickly!” You run to the door expecting it to be unblocked but it still remained shut. “W-What, then how did you get in?” Bakgou leans against the wall. “I was already here.”

You steady your breath, okay. “Then the killer must have killed Shinsou and run off when you weren’t looking.” Bakgou says nothing about your inner turmoil as he watched your eyes glance back and forth. He could care less and honestly he was quiet hungry. The thought of Tokoyaki crossed his mind briefly.

“But Bakugou…” You faced the door, unable to turn around unless the blond man answered your question. “Don’t you have the master card to override all the doors.” Bakgou lazily swung said card in your face confirming your question.

“And the doors only shut after I came in so that would be enough time for you to leave and get help.” Bakgou shrugged, “I couldn’t see that the kid was dead so I had no reason to report." 

You turn around, pressing yourself against the wall to cause a little more distance. Bakugou stands straighter at the sight of your tense behavior. "What task were you doing?” Bakugou snorted, “Damn wires, what else!”

“You were doing wires in the dark?” Bakgou laughed as he walked towards you. The feeling of dread came over you as he got closer. Though the sound leaving his mouth was joyful, his eyes told a different story. You should shut your mouth, you knew, try to live another day. But you couldn’t, for Shinsou.

“No idiot I had my flashlight on!” You slowly draw your hand to the small knife on your waist. “But you said you couldn’t see Shinsou, he’s two feet from wires and even if he wasn’t, our flashlights are good enough to light half this room." 

Bakgou rolled his shoulders, "You ask a lot of questions ya'know?” He stood only a small distance from you, if you moved now, you could take him out. “Ever heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat?" 

You lunge at him, knife out and ready and to your surprise he makes no move to stop you.

You stab directly at his side. You didn’t want to kill him for questioning but you needed to immobilize him. Nothing, you watch as his suit stains with blood. "Damn, I’m gonna have me one hell of a toothache now.”

“Toothache?” Your throat is gripped and you are soon held against the wall suspended. Before your eyes, Bakugou’s midsection opens up completely, revealing a faint mouth full of teeth and a strangely shaped tongue. 

As if hearing your fretful thoughts, the tongue slides out of it’s large mouth and slides along your cheek, slicing the skin there with only a touch. “I can kill you right fucking now all because you couldn’t be a dumb little slut for me.”

You shake your head as you grip the arm holding you up. “N-No this is impossible!” Bakgou rolls his eyes and puts you down before grabbing you by the ear. He drags you towards Shinsou’s mangled corpse and you feel the bile rise in your throat.

“What is that y/n?” You shake your head as salty tears roll down your cheeks. He pressed your face closer, “WHAT IS THAT!” You gasp as another sob takes over you. “Fine I’ll answer, that is a hole y/n. A hole in the middle of this extras body. Is that impossible y/n?" 

The tears falling down your face prevented you from speaking as snot dripped out of your nose. Bakugou sneers in disgust and pushes you away, even closer to the body. "Damn humans are fucking disgusting.” You crawl away from Shinsou as the realization of your situation finally hits you.

“Are you going to do that to me? Am I going to die?!” Bakugou doesn’t respond but his waist does open back up. You clench your eyes shut and stand, it would probably be less painful if you stood. Your fists clenched and unclenched besides you as you waited for either pain, or the sweet release of death.

Nothing happens and you can’t help but break down again. “Just do it already!” The sound of concealed laughter brings you out of your panic and you open your eyes. 

Bakugou is bent over before you, laughing so hard, tears were falling down his face. The thought that it was all a prank crossed your mind but no, Shinsou looked too real. And they were never close enough to want to pull something this sick together.

“Ah, you’re different than the rest. Any other would beg for their life and even offer their first born just to live to see the next day. But you!?” His sentence is interrupted with laughter once again. “You’re so damn weak, you just gave up and decided to die!" 

Bakugou wipes a stray tear from his eyes before becoming serious. "How pathetic. Fine, I’m not going to kill you, not yet at least.” You are not comforted by the news as Bakugou walks towards you. “Nah instead, I’m going to  pound that dumb little head of yours, until all you can think about is me. So much so, you won’t even try to snitch.”

Bakgou taps your head with his index finger as he looks down at your condescendingly. “I’m going to make you live with guilt on your mind as I pick your friends off one. by. one. Until it’s only you left.” He leans away, admiring the damage he was causing. “And then, when you’re all alone, and broken. Then I’m going to come for you, and I’ll be the one deciding whether you live or die.”

This was way darker than i meant it to be. Idk how I’m going to even lead to a smut from this

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Originally posted by shigashimura


  • Y’all were just hanging out in his dorm
  • You were on your phone while he was tinkering with his grenades
  • You decided to start secretly recording
  • “Hey Bakugo can you pass me my water?” You asked
  • “Get it yourself you laz-wait what did you call me?”
  • He paused
  • Uh oh
  • Did he forget something?
  • “Bakugo” You repeated, raising a brow
  • He was quiet for a few moments, standing to get the water and warily making his way to you
  • He rarely forgot dates and important things, especially when it had to do with you
  • Clutching the bottle, he took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the calendar but there was nothing on it
  • “Shit,What’d I do?” He didn’t give you the water yet
  • You didn’t respond, only raising a brow and looking him straight in the eye
  • He was internally panicking 
  • “Speak dumbass!”
  • “Just give me my water-” You tried to act upset
  • “Not until you tell me what’s wrong!”
  • You huffed, reaching for the bottle but he pulled it out of reach
  • “Just-”
  • “Katsuki Bakugo if you don’t give me my water right now.” You held your hand out
  • You could see him pause in his movements
  • Uh oh
  • He really messed up
  • You could clearly see the worry displayed on his face as he slowly gave you the bottle
  • “I’m sorry.” He grumbled under his breath
  • “For what?” You tried to hold back a laugh but a chuckle still excaped
  • “For whatever I did dumbass! Why are you laughing!?” His face was tinted a little pink 
  • Your laughter finally escaped and you stopped the recording
  • “You didn’t do anything! It was a prank!”
  • Cue him cursing and grumbling as he went back to tinkering with the grenades
  • “I’m not cuddling you tonight”
  • “But Sukiii!”
  • “Nope.” He shook his head
  • Yeah he didn’t stay true to his word, and ended up cuddling you later regardless

Originally posted by deku-smash


  • You were at lunch
  • The poor boy was just enjoying his meal, unaware of the prank you had planned with your friends
  • “Watch this-” You said, then turned to Kirishima
  • “Kirishima can you pass me a napkin please?” You asked, holding out your hand, forcing you face to look as neutral as possible
  • The conversation he was having with Denki was immediately put to an end
  • He turned to you, eyes wide
  • “K-Kirishima?” He repeated 
  • “Thats you, isn’t it?” You rolled your eyes
  • Now he really knew he was in trouble
  • This man went right ahead and pulled you in a hug, apologizing even though he didn’t know why he was in trouble
  • You tried to hide your smile
  • “I’m so sorry! I don’t know what I did but-”
  • “It’s ok Kirishima, I just need a napkin-” You deadpanned
  • He tensed while he was hugging you and pulled away
  • “Oh, okay🥺” He handed you the napkin
  • ojwoijd you felt so bad
  • He checked his phone calendar and…nothing?
  • then his notes for you and he didn’t see anything
  • He tried to think of anything he could have done
  • “Is it because I didn’t share my snacks with you?” He asked
  • You couldn’t hold your facade anymore
  • You hugged him tight
  • “No no you were perfect! It was a prank!” You chuckled
  • “Oh phew! I was really worried for a sec there!” He visibly relaxed
  • Mans still went up and bought you a whole container of pocky

Originally posted by kingshouto


  • Probably the most scared
  • He was playing games with the Bakusquad while you were over
  • “Kaminari can you pass me my jacket?” You specified yours
  • He froze and went silent 
  • His character was even killed and he didn’t say anything
  • He’s bad at remembering stuff but he’s trying his best and he knows he set at least 5 reminders for your birthday, anniversary and everything!
  • “Sorry guys I gotta go, bye-” He hung up in an instant, shutting off the monitor and everything
  • “What did I forget?” He asked, bringing your jacket over
  • He genuinely looked disappointed with himself
  • You thought about telling him it was a prank right then and there
  • But you told yourself you’d see it through
  • “I just want my jacket Kaminari.” You calmly said, reaching out for it and ignoring his question 
  • He went 😞
  • But still held your jacket out for you
  • The poor baby went to the calendar on his room wall, and when he saw there was nothing on it, he was even more distressed 
  • “Y/n, tell me so I can make it up to you…please?” 🥺
  • You couldn’t do it
  • “It was just a prank baby! You didn’t mix anything up!” You opened your arms for him
  • He looked SO relieved iwjowedwdj
  • He snuggled into you, pouting a little
  • “Don’t do that again!”

Originally posted by deku-smash


  • Please do not 💀
  • If you DO decide to, he’s gonna have a stroke
  • He was watching an All Might video when you called to him
  • “Midoriya can you hand me my notebook?”
  • He went 😀
  • He went rigid and he was just
  • Staring
  • Uh oh you broke him
  • You raised an eyebrow and that seemed to spur him into action, grabbing the notebook and going to hand it to you
  • Once he got back to his desk, he started frantically flipping through the pages he had on you in his notebook
  • He found n o t h I n g
  • Then the muttering began
  • You couldn’t take it
  • “It’s a prank!” You chuckled
  • Give him cuddles
  • He was so worried woefjwfj

I dont know what made me write this but here you guys go!!

351 notes

this is really cute🥺

∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘


  • Y’all were just moving into the dorms after the little rescue mission Kirishima and Todoroki put together
  • Y’all were getting settled in until Mina suggested a room contest and you participated for fun
  • You gave them a mini tour of your room and it resulted in a 2 minute interrogation from Mina asking where you got your bonnets from
  • Y’all made it to Bakugo’s room, and everyone left assuming that he wasn’t feeling well
  • You knocked on his door ”Baby are you in there?” You waited for a response and when you didn’t get one you leaned your back against the door
  • What you didn’t know was that Bakugo was melting behind the door as you told him about the little contest that y’all were doing
  • Honestly he couldn’t focus on much cause his mind was just like “They called me baby” and it’s not new to him
  • It just hits different at a time like this
  • He opened the door and you were like “oh, okay 😀” thinking you were about to fall until you felt arms around you
  • Bakugo hid his face in the crook of your neck and quietly asked you if you could stay
  • You turned around and smiled at him “Of course Katsu”


  • You were doing Eri’s hair into cute little braided pigtails so you and Eri could spend the day together
  • Since it was the morning you still had your bonnet on, since you weren’t really ready to head out
  • You and Eri were having a cute little conversation about the cartoon that you put on for her
  • You tied off each braid with two red rubber bands, she started to stand up cause she thought she was done, you smiled softly and said “One more thing Eri.” You reached for the hair pin but you left it in the bathroom
  • “Honey could you get me the apple hair pin in the bathroom?”
  • He looked up from his spot at the counter with a coffee in his hands and just froze, it felt like y’all were a little family with Eri in the mix
  • He nodded at you to get the apple hair pin, even thought it was a short walk he was smiling the whole time


  • Y’all were at a restaurant on a little date
  • Y’all sat outside cause sometimes outside seats be hitting sometimes
  • You were waiting for your food to come, until the sun just hit right highlighting your features
  • He was just staring at you, and the device that let you know your order is ready started beeping but he didn’t notice
  • You giggled a bit when you noticed him staring at you “Baby our order is ready”
  • On top of seeing you look like a Deity you said that?
  • He blushed a bit at the mention of the nickname and went to get the food
  • He had such a cute little dorky grin on his face while he waited in the line to pick up y’all’s order


  • Park date!
  • Cause y’all cute like that, and the nicknames, so sweet it could probably give you a cavity
  • Anyways you decided to take him to the park, to cheer him up after what had happened on a recent mission that caused him to lose his quirk
  • You noticed how he wore a fake smiled and you hoped a small little park date would at least give him a genuine smile even if it was a small one
  • You noticed an ice cream cart and asked if he was down for some ice cream with a smile on your face, he returned your smile and y’all walked hand in hand to the cart
  • You were looking at the flavor selection and asked “Hey honey which one did you want again?”
  • Something just clicked in his mind and like I said it just hits different
  • He said what flavor he wanted with a small smile on his face and you were like “This happy over ice cream? I guess my job here is done” you giggled a bit upon noticing the small smile he had on his face

∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘

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buss it challenge


how the boys would react to your #bussitchallenge tiktok. and in summary, you the baddest bitch on the planet. purrrr✨

black!fem reader

warnings: suggestive themes but nothing explicit <3

all characters are 18+


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PAIRING: Katsuki Bakugou x Black!Famous Singer! Reader (however anyone is free to read if they would like)

GENRE: SMAU/ fanfic writing

A/N: HELLOOOOO!!!! IM SUPER PROUD OF THIS CHAPTER LIKE SO HAPPY!!!!! here’s the long awaited chapter 10!!!! I love you guys thank you so much!!!!! Hope you guys have been good lately 💕


I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE BY SAM SMITH (I recommend you listen while reading)

Taglist: @lemorrite @todomochi-uwu @blue-peach14 @bby-chloe1999 @princess00wifi @writing-mlm @iiminibattlehero @unknown-jpg-exe @sassi-sunflower @bnhainthewoo @graceb4boys @httpglxssy @mamooska8 @urmomsshousee @mxhriii @cookiesaresquishy @cowward @anndnea @trixiebae @cachann @aalvyah @randomgirl202-blog @the-atlantic-french-fry @qweeby @saintkore @1madxson1 @ravenkake @stoopidnekobish @michikomalandrosworld @bimyoux @rapsgoddess @kat-su-ki @fxirylightsx @waitwhatsrealityagain @uaofficialdumpster @disaster-rose @livajoh @starlight-studios777 @yourlocalsunfloweobsessedweeb @lanaxians-2 @sokkaswylie @olaitanbabe-blog @arielanguiiano @overallweeb


No one expected them to get together. It was a spur-of-the-moment type of thing, and it continued from there. People saw her eyes shift from Izuku to Bakugo. Others saw the light that grew in Bakugo’s eyes when he looked at her. Nothing happened between them until the Sports Festival.


It was after Bakugo just beat her at the festival. He was heading back to the room he was in before he left when he saw Uraraka limping down the hallway. He stood and stared at her for a second before scoffing at her and looking away. She must have heard him based on how she tried to run up to him before he closed the door to the room. She stuck her foot in the door, stopping it from closing, and went inside.

“What do you want round face?” he asks as she pushes herself in the room. Uraraka turns to face Bakugo. “I want to thank you.”

“For what idiot? Beating your ass? Making you look stupid in front of thousands of people?”

“Actually, yes. I did want to thank you for that,” Uraraka answers. Bakugo gawks at her in shock. “Why?”

“Because you showed me that I have to strive harder,” she paused. “I have to push myself and try as much as I can if I want to get anywhere in this world so I can be a hero.” She then glanced up at him with adoration swirling in her eyes and advanced closer to him. “So thank you.”

Bakugo was shocked that someone like Uraraka could learn something from him. He just wanted to win the festival! Why is she telling him this useless shit anyway! He couldn’t care less about the bullshit that spewed out of her mouth! He couldn’t understand what he did that was so great to her. What he did that was so great to someone who admired Deku like an obsessed fan.

“Listen, stupid round face you-” he got cut off.

Cut off by a kiss. She kissed him.


Their relationship in highschool together was a blur. It was covered by the many traumatic things that happened to them and their class. They surely were in love though. Everyone recognized that. It was like they would be together forever. Their future together was something that everyone looked forward to.

But there was one problem that appeared some years after they’d been together.

Things started to get weird between the two of them for a while now. It wasn’t like they fell out of love with each other. There was just some sort of tension between them. Almost like one of them was keeping a secret from the other. Neither wanted to bring it up in fear of ruining the relationship.

So they kept ongoing. Shorter talks and less dinners together. Dates becoming something of the past. They were hardly even seen out in public together anymore. The media and their fans came up with theories of why they were so awkward around each other in public. But the truth was, they both were hiding something from each other. There were times where both of them came home later than they were supposed to or even coming home the next day, only that both of them were coming home late for different reasons.

And still, during all of this, they felt like they loved each other. Even if they didn’t show it, they knew.

Bakugo wanted their relationship to last. Wouldn’t you, if you have only been with one person for several years? He was so set on keeping Uraraka with him. He did the one thing that would take their relationship to the next level.

Bakugo was out most of the night on phone calls with a jeweler that would help him design a perfect sparkly oval diamond ring that would sit on his soon to be fiance’s ring finger. They would spend several hours trying to make the ring perfect, just how Bakugo wanted it. And when he was out of town on one of his next missions, he would go and pick it up.

Was he nervous? Of course, he was. But he wanted Uraraka to be his forever. This would be the one thing that would secure their relationship.

Uraraka would spend her nights without Bakugo with some rando she would meet at a bar after work. Each night he wasn’t home, she would be getting intimate in different positions that shouldn’t be in. She was careless. She knew that. Anyone could leak that she was cheating on her boyfriend but she frankly didn’t care. The thrill was fun. The sex was fun. It was just something that was a part of her now. Although she was careless, she still loved Bakugo and did feel bad about what she was doing to a certain extent. She didn’t know what went wrong in their relationship if anything did go wrong at that. She didn’t understand why she did what she did yet she didn’t complain about it. And deep down, she did want to fix their relationship. She just didn’t know-how. So she continued doing the wrong thing.


It happened just when Bakugo arrived home from his mission. The house was eerily quiet when he walked through the door. The velvet box was in his hand and nerves swam through his body. As he wandered through the house to find Uraraka, he heard the slight sounds of a bed creaking. He was sick to his stomach immediately thinking the worst.

Maybe she’s just rearranging the room? Or had to move the bed because her phone fell behind the headboard? Maybe she found something under the bed and had to move it? Or she could just be a dumbass and jumping on it? Any ridiculous reason as to why the bed might be making noise ran through his head. Anything to drive his mind away from something he might not want to see.

Bakugo walked up the stairs to their bedroom and opened the door.

There she was

With him

In their bed

Just how she would be with Bakugo.

His heart and soul in so much agony seeing the woman he wanted to marry.

He recognized the guy she was with. It was with one of the new interns that got approved at her agency. He always got a weird vibe from him whenever he saw Uraraka with him.

Now he knew why

He abandoned whatever he had in his hands which alerted Uraraka that someone was in the room.

Bakugo looked up at her with tears in his eyes as he started to walk away and out of the house. Uraraka squealed, pushing the intern off of her body and scrambling to make herself decent. By the time she had something covering her body, she saw Bakugo getting in his car and driving away.

Driving away from their paradise

Driving away from their sorrow

Driving away from her.

Uraraka burst into tears, sobbing up to the bedroom, screaming at the intern that he’s fired and to get out of the house.

She ached. Her heart burned. I didn’t mean it, is what she persisted telling herself to make her not feel as bad about what happened.

Crying out in anguish at the likelihood of never being with Bakugo again. Crying that Bakugo would never want anything to do with her.

She was about to pull herself to lay on the bed when she remembered Bakugo dropped something. She looked at the area where he was at the doorway and saw a velvet box on the floor. A beautiful diamond ring shone through as she opened it.

She wailed even harder. A chance at a genuine future with the love of her life tore from her hands.

And it’s all her fault.

Broken hearts separated for life completely. The damage too much to help either of them. Souls destroyed into pieces that have the chance of never being repaired ever again. It was a pitiful sight to see. Tears flowing uncontrollably at the idea of having to exist on their own without the other.


Two years later and Bakugo wasn’t doing good. Even if he wasn’t visibly upset, he still felt hollow. He was upset whenever he saw Uraraka in the news or a scandal with another guy, believing that she got over him so easily.

All this stayed the same til Bakugo met you.

You’re presence and aura just healed him in a way he never endured before. It was why he fell for you when you guys first met at the party. Something about you made him want to feel love again. So he took a chance and went with you.

And he fell in love with you instantly.

The party, the date, just every time you guys spent time together it was magical.

And you felt the same way.

Now a new possibility was here for Bakugo

A chance for him to recover

A chance for him to improve

A chance for him to love.



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Bakugo x black!reader, Todoroki x black!reader, Kirishima x black!reader, Kaminari x black!reader

TW: Swearing, idek if this counts as suggestive bc its really not but here’s your warning just in case

Note: first off, I’m sorry this took so long I started this when I was back on my grind for my break then school came and hit me like a rock😭 second, I couldn’t come up w much for kiri and kami so im sorry but I hope you enjoy


  • Honestly you just gotta get use to the feeling of his hand almost always being on your butt
  • And the random and kind of painful spanks
  • Doesn’t matter if your laying down, making some food, in the middle of getting dressed, hes gonna do it
  • As for getting dressed, if youre putting on jeans and do that lil jump wiggle to get into them, expect the hit to be harder than usual
  • “Nigga you hit me one more time-”
  • “What? Nothing? Exactly.”
  • But as much as katsuki might be all up on you, he’ll be damned if someone even looks at you
  • “The fuck are you lookin’ at my s/o for?”
  • But if someone TOUCHES you??? Unless you got a gun or the strength/something to stop him it is above you🙏🏾
  • You’re gonna have to drag him away before it gets too ugly
  • When yall are chillin, his hand is probably on your butt
  • And if its not, its right above it on your lower back or below on your thigh
  • He can and will remind you how beautiful you are inside and out
  • Because yes, your body is immaculate, but you as a person are too, and Katsuki always reminds you because black s/os deserve to be cherished💖


  • He doesn’t even know what to do
  • Like you really have him stuck
  • When you’re turned away from him, all he can do is stare😭
  • If he can regain some type of function he might come up behind you and wrap his arms around you
  • Shoto doesn’t even know how much he likes it himself, he does everything subconsciously
  • When yall are laying down together, he won’t even know his hand is on your butt, or even near it till he actually sees it
  • His heart will probably skip a beat, and he’ll blush a lil bit
  • But is he moving his hand?
  • Absolutely not❤
  • When shoto learns how to function properly when he looks anywhere below your waist, he’ll probably make comments here and there
  • “Those pants look really nice on you, love.”
  • Most people wouldn’t think much of it, but when shoto is acting more lost than usual, hes actually easier to read
  • So you will 100% know that he appreciates your body (but don’t worry, he loves the rest of you too, and he makes it hard to forget💖)


  • Hes honestly really shy
  • Like he 100% notices
  • But its not manly to be focused on it
  • Plus hes just a lil sweetie
  • His eyes wander a LOT and he usually stares for 10 seconds at most before he catches himself and looks away instantly
  • Eiji knows he likes it… but again, breaking manly code💀so he just has lots of slip ups
  • His hand subconsciously sliding down your back, wandering eyes, and somehow manages to press up against you subconsciously too
  • The only thing he does on purpose is just barely have his hand on it while yall cuddle
  • If Eijiro ever feels like hes been too timid or anything, he’ll make sure you know he really does appreciate your body


  • Chile you already know how this shit finna go
  • This man is grade A perv and only second to m*neta
  • He is ALWAYS gonna be on you
  • Pressed up against you with his arms around your waist, hand always a little too low on your waist, 100% stares all the time, etc.
  • Denki dont have not one CRUMB of shame in him either
  • He won’t try to be slick, even if youre in public. He might chill out a little, but doesn’t hide it
  • Denki knows he can be a bit much, so he tones it down every now and then, and of course reminds you that he loves you for so many more reasons other than your body
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(Well hello fellow millennial! 😂)


Originally posted by luvidi

  • 🔥❄️: 🤯🤯🤯
  • Is this man when he sees your ass move like that
  • Like…
  • How is that humanly possible?
  • You: Babe! Come join me!
  • ❄️🔥; *Sitting back with his hands in his pants pockets trying desperately not to bust a nut in his pants* “Nah, I’m good
  • 🥺 Baaaabe, come on!
  • When you dance on him you immediately feel the affects that your booty shaking antics are having on him
  • ❄️🔥: 😏 I told you it might not be a good idea…
  • Hell nah, you bout to throw it back for real now!
  • By the time you’re done, Todoroki is about to pass out or fuck you up.
  • Probably both

Originally posted by jiminieelovesalpacas

  • You know what you’re doing…
  • You KNOW what you’re doing
  • You know he’s an ass man
  • So you literally pop, lock, and dropping it is blowing him
  • Dick on
  • 🍆🍆🍆
  • Mouth agape
  • Eyes buggin
  • Snatches you up by the waist and forces you to
  • 💥: Do that on the dick, since you wanna play 😏

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Originally posted by samuelantonioroncalminano

  • That’s his face the whole time that ass is bouncing and gyrating all over the place
  • He loves dancing with you, but man is it distracting when you get into it
  • When the hips and ass get thrown in, buddy just had to stop and stare
  • He’s also an ass man (I mean his quirk is perfect for spanking that 🍑 of yours)
  • Literally dry humping you to the beat and will smack that ass just as hard if you’ll let him while you bend it over and touch your toes
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lunch box


A/N: just another cute idea i had because i’m obsessed with barbarian/dragon king!bakugo and fantasy shit in general. some context: you and bakugo are betrothed—although, sometimes you wish you weren’t bc he can be a real asshole. luckily for you, he’s willing to work on it bc he likes loves you just that much. a litte angst (it wouldn’t be a mtha story without it) but it ends in fluff <3

Warnings: cursing


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Melanin Goddess

Hello my dear! I hope this makes your day or night! Thank you for requesting and have a great day! I changed the last one to one that even I had to explain to a friend of mine before who was another race. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: Cursing



* Let’s start off with one thing here, Hitoshi doesn’t like violence unless he has to use it. He doesn’t mind kicking ass for you.

* You may be independent and can defend for yourself and all, but there are times where he’d use his quirk for the stupidity that people ask you.

* You were just chilling, sitting with your boyfriend and enjoying your lovely lunch.

* Everything was fine and dandy until you heard a tray click onto the other side of the table, across from you.

* Your eyes looked at the figure above you, you didn’t know who she was so it didn’t bother you.

* “You’re from South Africa right?” She asked, looking at you. You cleared your throat and smiled. “Yes, I am.”

* The moment you responded with that. She squealed and sat down. “So! You must’ve had to hunt for food, right?! You’re like a warrior huh?” She asked.

* Hold the hell up? Did you…DID YOU?!


* “No, I never had to do that.” You said, laughing awkwardly. “Really? I though you had to, that’s what I see in the movies.” She continued.

* “Well, Everything on the movies isn’t always correct.” Shinsou would butt in, his annoyance obvious in his voice .

* “I was jus-“

* “stand up..” he ordered, suddenly taking control of her.

* He hates how people are quick to judge based on what’s shown within the media of your country.

* Regardless of what others think of you or your country, you’re perfect in his eyes. You’re the best thing walking and there was nothing that could ever possibly change that.



* Young Shouta is the same as he is now, just probably sleeping less than before.

* You, Present Mic, Shouta, Midnight and Shirakumo. The small group were laughing and giggling about random issues and topics going on within the world at the moment while walking home.

* The golden hour was glowing off your skin while Shouta held your hand, glancing every now and then to see your gorgeous smile.

* “I still can’t believe you’re from South Africa, I know it’s absolutely gorgeous!” Midnight commented while you two stepped into the train.

* “She’s not from Africa..” someone commented, catching the whole group off guard.

* “Excuse me?” You asked as a man looked over.

* “You can obviously tell she’s not African, they’re poor. She’s obviously an American.” He said as Present Mic’s face tightened a bit.

* “Yo, I’m not gonna al-“

* “He’s just a miserable idiot who doesn’t have anything else better to do then to listen to teenagers conversations, obsess over young girls and deal with his shitty life. I suggest you find something else to listen to old man, you wouldn’t know anything about what’s mine even if you had the chance.” Shouta said, leaving you and Midnight speechless.

* “OH! Here’s our stop!” Shirakumo quickly responded, happy to hear the train stop. The fluffy boy pushed his group out as quickly as he could to avoid the anger of the middle aged man.

* His grip on your hand stayed tight, he despised know-it-all’s. Especially the ones who claims that you’re not who you are.

* You’re Y/N, and regardless if your country is rich or not. He’ll always love you.



* He hates how ignorant people can act and be with it comes to you.

* He seriously despises it within the highest degree, it makes him want to blast any asshole who THINKS about saying some dumbass shit to you.

* This included his friends or anyone to be exact.

* The Baku-squad was just chilling, relaxing at a restaurant. His arm was slung over your shoulders and you were close to him, looking absolutely adorable in Mina’s eyes.

* Denki was seeing a girl..who’s personality wasn’t necessarily up to par to put it in kind words. But in Bakugo’s term, She was a bitch.

* “I have a question.” She said suddenly, gathering everyone’s attention within the circle booth. “I notice you’re South African right, Y/N? (She said your name wrong.)”

* “Yeah, born and raised before moving here, what’s up?” You questioned.

* “You never really dress like a African, I noticed.” She said as Sero spat his drink back out.

* Kirishima’s eyes snapped wide before he looked towards Bakugo who’s glare was darted at her.

* “I just noticed that, and I-“

* “LET ME EDUCATE YOU ON SOME SHIT, BRITTANY!” Mina said as she slapped her hand on the table. “It’s pronounced Y/N. Say it right or don’t say it at all, Next. Just because she’s from Africa doesn’t mean she should dress like one. You’re from Jaku City but you dress like you’re from America with the absolute bullshit all over you. Third and last, I don’t like you. I don’t give a fuck if you’re Denki’s bitch, don’t ever talk shit to my girl like that ever again, clear?” She said, showing a different side to her that left everyone speechless.

* You smirked, knowing you’ve been teaching her to the secret dark-side that she hardly channels.

* Even though, Bakugo let Mina have this one. The next one we going to be his victim because he’s going to defend for you and your country. He loves that Melanin honey.



* He’s a obvious shy, silent but deadly type. I love him as a character but I can’t fully relate to him like I would with others.

* Probably because I was once like him before I stopped giving a fuck, ANYWAY! Tamaki is a absolute shy sweetheart when it comes to you. He sees and knows the constant questions and random things you’re asked by younger peers or strangers when they find out that you’re South African.

* Just some people..kinda get the wrong ideas sometimes.

* So, You, Mirio, Tamaki and Nejire were heading to your next class, walking with one another while discussing the ideas for the upcoming festival.

* You were apart of the group who saved Eri, you and Mirio basically took care of her and she’s come to love you and Tamaki.

* You loved how adorably shy your dear boyfriend is and how cute he could be with you, especially when it’s just you and him.

* Suddenly, a other classmate appeared and held his phone to you. “Do you know him?” He asked suddenly, showing you a picture of you and Rock Lock, you were assisting him when you the picture was taken.

* “No, I d-“

* “OF COURSE SHE DOES! The know each other! All of them know each other.” His friend said from behind, stepping beside his friend.

* It’s the ignorance for me.

* You were about to say something with Tamaki’s hand touched yours, grabbing it suddenly. “J-J-Just ignore them, B-Bunny.” He whispered to you. He’s extremely humble and refuses to let you suit down to their level. Without saying a word, you walked forward with your boyfriend.

* Guilt suddenly rushed through his veins when he was pulled by you. “I-I didn’t defend for you, I-I-I’m sorry..” he apologized quickly before you smiled.

* “No, you did. You helped me from being suspended or being another racial stereotype, Tama. Thank you.” You reassured, facing him when you two arrived at the door.

* Your soft hands touched each of his cheeks and you pecked his nose, making blush cover his cheeks.

* He loves you more than he thought he could ever, he was afraid to love at first. Each day with you, just..makes his day better each and every time.

* Regardless of your skin, country or even your quirk. You’ll always be perfectly amazing in his eyes. He just has a hard time expressing it at the moment.

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Boxer!bakugo x black!reader

TW: Swearing, mentions of fighting

Note: kinda a branch off of my og boxer bakugo fic that you can find here

Normal high school AU

Taglist: @myhoodacademia @bnhainthewoo @iiminibattlehero @ecao @nnnoya @hawklmaoo @strawberry-ice @mixxfi @kozumilf @wolfkid22 @mythiccheroacademia @myfandemons @mrs-atsuhiro @lilsparkyswife

  • Where do I start…
  • He loves you so much that he’s been in more fights for you than he has for the club
  • Like the only thing keeping this nigga from being out of the club or expelled is how good he is at boxing
  • “Boy I’m surprised yo dumbass ain’t get expelled from this damn school yet.”
  • And for that reason, people are terrified of even breathing the wrong way around you
  • Katsuki usually looms around you all the time because he’s just over protective like that
  • This usually scares off boys in particular, so don’t expect to have too many male friends outside of a handful from the boys in the boxing club
  • God forbid someone flirts with you
  • “I have a boyfriend, so you might wanna step off.”
  • “Why? Whats your little boyfriend gonna do?”
  • “My nigga will absolutely dog walk you.”
  • “Aww really?”
  • And then Katsuki pops up, already about to beat someone’s ass
  • “Really. Now back the fuck off.”
  • Even if they do back off, he beats their ass anyways
  • You usually get into all the boxing matches for free because of him, if its a student running the front, you can just walk in without paying because Katsuki probably intimidated them into just letting you pass
  • If its a teacher, despite his rep as someone who constantly gets in trouble, the staff actually likes him, so they subtly let you by
  • Everyone else is also scared of you to some extent
  • Just because they know damn well Katsuki over here teaching you how to beat someone’s ass if you need to
  • He doesn’t even teach you, you just have to learn through play fights
  • “Why the fuck are you hitting so damn hard?”
  • “I didn’t even hit you that hard. Plus you can learn to take punches this way.”
  • You dont really ever have to use them because he protects you with his life, but they’re nice to know
  • Katsuki might be all big and bad, but hes got a soft interior thats for you exclusively
  • Youre gonna feel sooo safe and secure in his arms
  • It’s the best feeling, and you won’t get it anywhere else
  • He kisses you allll over
  • Takes so many pictures of you that he could make 2 full collages, neither sharing one common picture
  • Katsuki thinks you’re the most gorgeous specimen on the planet, and he never lets you forget it
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➴ feat. katsuki bakugou, shouto todoroki, denki kaminari


Katsuki Bakugou

Genre: Alternative Rock

  • As a kid, Bakugou dreamed of reaching stardom with his bandmates: Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari (at the time), and Mina. He worked hard in order to reach the top of the charts as Japan’s Number One Alternative Rock Band. Bakugou is mainly on vocals but also is the lead guitarist for the band.
  • The two of you probably would have met because you were rivals. You just so happened to be signed to the same label as him after all. Bakugou likes keeping tabs on people he finds a threat, you are no exception. The two of you would bicker a lot, arguing about mundane things. Things were fairly hostile between you until your managers suggested a collab.
  • Having several nights in the studio together, you two saw each other in another light. Soon enough, the two of you started dating. He was uncomfortable announcing it to the public, even though many speculated the whole reason he disliked you in the first place was that he was attracted. It isn’t until your collaborative song wins an award, he’d give a passionate speech and reveal just how much he cares about you.
  • “Look…I want to thank Kirishima, my right hand for always putting up with me. Sero of course, Mina too but….I also want to thank (Y/n). I love you so much. We managed to do this together. That’s all the time I have!”

Shouto Todoroki

Genre: R&B

  • Todoroki always was a fan of R&B. He always streamed American R&B artists like Alicia Keys, Sza, the Weeknd and so many more. It managed to calm him down whenever he was trying to ignore the frustrations in his life. He slowly began writing songs and decided to sing to some of them on Youtube. It took a few years, but a major label discovered him and signed him on the spot. His father is begrudgingly his manager though, which has left his passion for music to disappear.
  • Todoroki was scrolling through Youtube one day, reminiscing when he was passionate about singing and music in general, when he discovered you. You were singing a cover of one of his songs. Hearing your melody and voice, a sudden rush of passion echoed throughout him. He reached out to you to see if you were interested collabing, or being signed under his label, but you thought he was a scam. It’s not until he sends a video of him, asking you directly you actually believe him.
  • One of his favorite moments with you is in the studio harmonizing with one another. Those late nights with take-out soba are irreplaceable in his heart. He just really enjoys singing and harmonizing with you and can’t help but chuckle at some of your quips and jokes towards him. You brought that passion back to him and he’s forever indebted to you because of that.
  • “Was the song good? I’ve worked on it for a while—I…heh…I mean, I  would have to agree it would probably sound better if you sang it, baby.”

Denki Kaminari

Genre: EDM

  • Kaminari started out in Bakugou’s band as one of the guitarists but didn’t like how strict he was within it. After a huge fight broke out between him and Bakugou where the hothead told Kaminari he wasn’t needed anymore, Kaminari left. Sero and Kirishima were the ones to convince him to stay in the industry and he did. Instead of playing guitar, Kaminari became a DJ. He mixes his own songs and sometimes appears at raves and parties.
  • You and Kaminari actually met because you’re his manager. The dynamics between you two come out of a romantic comedy, him throwing pickup lines at you and you throwing jokes/roasts at him back. Kaminari will get serious one night and actually ask you out on a date and hope you accept. He even managed to send you your favorite flowers to your apartment, hoping you’d actually agree.
  • You ended up accepting and things have been sort of complicated since. Kaminari’s firm has been pressuring him to start dating someone to get more publicity, with him awkwardly rejecting saying he’s got his eye on someone else. He knows the two of you are in a weird place, but he generally cares about you and wants to continue this relationship with you—even if he has to reject his firm at times.
  • “Babe…Baby…love…angel….I promise I’ll get up in 5 minu..tes……Wait no kisses? Fuck that! I’m up! I’m up!”

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Family Drama

This literally brought back moments within my family….SO ENJOY MY FUCKED UP MOMENTS.

Disclaimer: Crackhead mess, Black Folks issues, Obviously cursing



* Hawks already is the type to be nosey as hell and will excuse himself because he’s a hero and has to make sure no one gets into fights.

* Homeboy just wants to see one and not have to worry about breaking it up.

* Everyone was having a good ass time, chilling with one another and having a good ass dinner.



* FROM 1995!

* You didn’t want to show Keigo this side of your family because it’s stereotypical as fuck but this boy is enjoying the shit.

* He doesn’t say a word or nothing, he’s chewing his chicken while your uncle and your family have it out.

* That doesn’t mean he’ll tolerate him saying shit about you, that’ll earn him a feather yeeting his drunk ass out or him getting roasted by Hawks words and observations from just sitting at the dinner alone.



* HES SO USED TO CHOAS, he didn’t even stop eating his food! Homeboy finished that damn plate while everyone was just embarrassed as fuck.

* It was a simple, nice family dinner with all the family. Even the ones you don’t like, fine and dandy.




* You obviously shamed by your cousins actions while Bakugo just enjoying those collards and everything. He ain’t gonna waste this good ass food your family made.

* But tell that hoe she needs to watch herself okay, don’t come for you.

* Bakugo’s hands are bisexual and he’s not afraid to knock a hoe out of he has to. He’s aware you can fight, but those explosions hit different.



* He’s used to it, he didn’t even flinch during the fight.

* He simply stared, watching them go at it.

* So, You’ve got a distant cousin who’s crashing with your family. But he has this…baby momma..who makes you wonder what was he thinking when he laid in bed with her.

* Now, Everyone’s having a good dinner, laughing, enjoying and everything until the ring doorbell flashed on your mother’s screen.

* Not even a few minutes later, she’s walking in with her children, WALKING STRAIGHT TO YOU ALL AND AS SOON AS SHE SUCKED SOME AIR IN. YOU KNEW IT WAS ABOUT TO BE SOME SHIT!

* They start arguing because it was his time to watch the kids while she goes to work. Which is confusing the hell out of everyone because of the fact she doesn’t work anywhere, especially after being banned at every fast food restaurant for giving black folks free food on the FUCKING daily. (She good people though.)

* You just wanna cover your head and die because of this, but Dabi is just simply enjoying this.

* It’s actually reassuring to him because it lets him know that his family isn’t the only one that’s fucked up as is.



* Homeboy was ready because you prepared him beforehand.

* The dinner went great and everything was fine, until you saw your favorite cousin, you and them done some of the most craziest shit together.

* You had your favorite cousin with your boyfriend, nothing could possibly ruin this.

* Cue the auntie walking in and seeing something of your grandmother’s in your house.



* You and your cousin just shake your head at how crazy they were acting…OVER A FUCKING PICTURE!

* Hitoshi would take notice to how embarrassed you are and usher you outside…but proceed to laugh with your cousin at how strange they sounded when they said what they said in there.

* I guess it didn’t end as bad as it did huh?

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  • Has always been entranced by your melanin. Especially when you’re wearing lingerie. Especially anything bright and sexy
  • He buys you the most luxurious sensuous pieces and has you walk around in it for him
  • Smacks your ass so much while you bend over to clean or to fix food that it’s practically raw
  • 😒 “Yo, can you chill with all that, babe? My ass starting to burn.”
  • “Oh is it?” 😏 “I can fix that.”
  • Next thing you know you’re bent over the kitchen table while he licks and sucks on the welts he’s created on your ass from his spanking
  • Katsuki is an ass man and the best ass reside on black women in his opinion

Originally posted by tsunamistorms

  • Especially on his black queen
  • “Ohhhh my god daddyyyy”😩😩
  • “Hmm? It feel better, babe?”
  • But you can’t form actual words because he’s literally tongue fucking your ass with his fingers knuckles deep in your punani 😌

(Art by: @sakimichan )

  • Your pussy is like a drug to this man
  • Those pretty brown lips and all that gushy pinkness in between your thighs makes it hard to concentrate at work sometimes
  • Will call you up: “Be waiting in bed with those pretty legs open for me, yeah?”
  • “Yes sir daddy.”
  • “And send daddy a picture while you’re at it. Get nice and ready for me, baby girl.”
  • “Ok daddy.” 🤤🤤🤤
  • “That’s daddy’s good girl.”
  • It’s not hard to get worked up because Shoto spams you with pics and vids of how hard you’re making him and jack off videos
  • “I love that pretty pussy, baby girl. I can’t wait to get home to you. Spread those legs, daddy’s girl. What a good girl.”
  • When he gets home, his head is buried in your thighs. He loves the contrast of that beautiful brown skin and that glistening were cunt
  • Devours your clit until the pleasure is so sharp it damn near hurts
  • But if you’re not passed out in a puddle of your own juices, his job isn’t over. So buckle up sis, cuz you’re in for one helluva ride!

(Art by: @xiaoann)

  • “Come here princess.” 😏
  • Whenever Kirishima pats his lap, with that look, you KNOW what time it is.
  • You straddle his lap and he just spends half an hour running those huge rough fingers over your soft body
  • “Look this sexy ass skin.” 😍He kissed your collarbone, your neck and back
  • “Beautiful dark skin and all these perfect curves. You’re so perfect.”
  • He’s massaging your ass the whole time and has you melting the whole time like😩😩😩
  • “Daddy, don’t tease me please.”
  • “Not teasing, princess,” he says while admiring your dark brown nipples. He pinches them gently and rolls them, big hands still kneading your ass. “Just admiring my baby girl.”
  • “I want you to fuck meee!”
  • Kirishima chuckles cuz he loves when you’re Bratty
  • “Just let me admire you a little longer, princess. Then I promise, I’ll give you exactly what you want.”
  • The next hour is just him kissing, sucking, and massaging your body head to toe groaning about your beautiful melanated curves are and how much of a goddess you are
  • By the time he fucks you, your pussy is practically swallowing him
  • You got this man so damn obsessed with you girl
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Goddess In The Midst

Fight me on this…but those natural lightenings are MADE for us! I CANT TELL YOU! ALL MY BEAT PICTURES are TAKEN IN THE BEAUTY OF SUNLIGHT OR MOONLIGHT. I hope you enjoy honey!

Disclaimer: Curising (you know how I roll.)


Mirio Togata


* He’s one character that I can’t lie and say I don’t relate to him on a thousand levels! I enjoy making others laugh!

* Let’s get one thing straight with Mirio here, he’s an absolute ball of sunshine.

* This means you’re his sunshine as well, the sunniest ball of sunshine he’s ever seen. Oh, how he loves to make your smile, the way your eyes light up with excitement when he comes around.

* It makes his day when you laugh at his bad or good jokes, you just laugh.

* He’s full of surprises and will often surprise you with dates.

* He loves when you spend the night at his home, you’re laying with your nightcap on your head on his bed.

* He will purposely have the curtains open just to see the morning sun reflect off your gorgeous skin.

* How the sun just rolls on your soft skin while the oil on your face makes your head shine a bit or a lot (if you’re like me.)

* He doesn’t care if you’re snoring, drooling, look like an absolute mess with or without your makeup, you’re beautiful to him and always will be.

* (Y’all being all cute and shit is a mood.)


Katsuki Bakugo


* Mister boom boom discovered the golden hour by accident.

* Since you skipped your gym day yesterday and you didn’t have enough time to work out with him that morning, you agreed to go that afternoon.

* It was a sunny day and sweat was dripping all over your body while you two jogged in the walking area right outside of the gym.

* Your body bounced a bit while your music played in your ears, your feet leading you down the path. You were so focused on burning the long day you had away.

* Katsuki turned his head a bit to check on you and was instantly slapped by the beauty you bestowed on him.

* You were glowing underneath the afternoon sun, your skin sparkling while you were trying to warn him.

* He didn’t realize it until it was too late and BAM! Smacked right onto a light pole.

* You got him a bag of ice for his head and he constantly blames you for that…

* But he demands that you two jog in the afternoons now instead of in the morning.


Eijiro Kirishima


* You blessed this man with the goods one day when you two were at Momo’s home, enjoying her heated swimming pool.

* You swam for a bit and just decide to enjoy the sun for a bit, your sunscreen benefiting your skin and blessing it with the shiny goodness we originally have.

* Whether you had locs, braids, weave, or natural. Honey, you were looking breathtaking in your red swimsuit without a single care in the world.

* Well, you were. One minute you were walking beside the pool before a pair of arms jumped up and snatched you into the pool like a shark attack.

* You squealed loudly before being snatched into the clear water while your boyfriend held you close.

* You slipped towards the surface of the water before giving your dear shark a death glare while he stared at you speechless.

* His red hair was slicked back but the true focus was on you. The sun seemed to dance with you, glistening on you while the sunscreen you used kept that gorgeous skin safe.

* Even after you got out and squeezed the water out of your hair before flipping it back, you were still! STILL GORGEOUS!

* He’s sprung now, honey.


Keigo Takami


* It’s already cannon that he’s a night owl and is a workaholic as well.

* It’s honestly a miracle to catch him at night, but when he calls. He knows you’ll answer.

* He may call you during a break within the night like around 2-5 am, which is extremely late.

* He’ll simply ask if you could meet him somewhere. It’s either a park, an empty parking lot, and at times, his own home.

* He adores your cooking so if he calls you to his house, he’s most likely will be asking for your food and if you could cook home something.

* If it’s the park or outside, he’ll treat you to a meal outside and simply watch you.

* Even if you’re not wearing makeup, you look gorgeous underneath the bright moonlight.

* The porcelain white moon just emanating on your beautiful skin, with your lotion routine making your skin sparkle.

* Keigo will always acknowledge how great you smell, look, and how amazing you are underneath the moonlight by flirting and teasing you.

* These times are the times to see the true side of him without his ego being in the way, at this time he’s tired but hasn’t made himself aware that he was. Downing the caffeinated drinks and just forcing him to stay awake will often make him more open with his feelings.

* He will fly you back home and use your car after work because he’s exhausted by then.

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I don’t think he would inherently be disrespectful ok? I just think he’ll get stressed and overwhelmed and lash out at anyone and it’ll be like the wrong place wrong time vibe. He’s older yes but he’s still trying to figure out his emotions and he still sometimes uses anger as a coping mechanism instead of working through his shit yannow? So I’d just like be walking past, and not say anything but like be giving him a worried look cuz I know he’s stressed and he’s just like 


Cue me a few seconds later holding this man by his cheeks with one hand, squeezing them so tight he looks like a fucking fish. I got the calmest but most evil expression you ever did see on someone’s face.

 “Sorry what was that? I don’t think I heard you correctly Kacchan.” 

The fear of God is in him. He’s not even angry or stressed anymore he’s terrified. And just like that in a split second I’m back to smiling and being sunshine Marquie. 

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now take a deep breath, calm the fuck down and when you’re ready to talk, I’m here.” 😊


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➴ What are they like in the pokemon-verse feat. katsuki bakugou, shouto todoroki, izuku midoriya, hitoshi shinsou, midnight


Katsuki Bakugou

Pokemon Lineup: Blaziken, Centiskorch, Salazzle, Hitmoncha, Arcanine and Heatran. 

  • Bakugou is totally a fire-fighting type of guy. He feels like they are the strongest types, and bonds with their eager natures. He’s determined to show off how great the fire/fighting type is.
  • Bakugou would be your number one rival in the Pokemon-universe. The two of you would grow up together, battling one another to see who would be the champion in your region. He’s really snarky and will always say how your pokemon are weaker, but whenever your in trouble he’s the first person to help you. He refuses for you to lose to anyone else—your his rival.
  • Eventually traveling together, he’d start developing a crush early on. His Pokemon know it too, and will try to nudge him closer to you to try to urge him to make a move. One night, he just can’t sleep and is looking out towards the stars where you’ll see him. With a blush on his cheeks and a sigh, he’d admit that he’s weak—you made him weak from making him fall for you.
  • “S-Shut up! You have to win! You beat me so that goes to show you that you’re the most powerful trainer in this region! Go prove it to them! And don’t worry, I’ll steal that champion title from you soon!”

Shouto Todoroki

Pokemon Lineup: Charizard, Darmanitan (Zen Mode Galarian Form), Victini, Walrein, Lapras, and Glaceon.

  • Todoroki would end up taking over the gym of his father once he retired. Every expected him to pull out only fire type Pokemon since his father held that specialty, but he became a fire-ice main. His gym is notoriously hard because it’s a double battle with both ice and fire pokemon. He’s defeated so many trainers dreams on becoming the champion, whether he realized it or not. 
  • You would catch Todoroki’s eye after finally defeating him and gaining his gym badge. Throughout the battle, he finally got the spark and thrill Pokemon gave him as a child and is extremely thankful for you for doing that. Before you leave town and go off to the next gym, he’s going to try to stop you and invite you to dinner or lunch.
  • Once the two of you have started dating and you remain the champion of the region, he’d love if you settled down in his town so he could see you more often. Todoroki would ask you for one more battle, where he’d finally confess to you revisiting the gym that started in all.
  • “I’m impressed, Glaceon doesn’t take much liking to people. I guess it must be a sign, hm?”

Izuku Midoriya

Pokemon Lineup: Blissy, Eevee, Snorlax, Miltank, Slaking, and Porygon-Z

  • Midoriya always wanted to be a Pokemon champion but was told he could never achieve that position. Although he never made it to become a champion, he impressed the region champion known as All-Might and took over his old gym. Here, Midoriya became the normal-type expert. 
  • Similarly to Bakugou, you would have been Midoriya’s childhood friend. He always admired your strength and determination when you battled. He was your number one fan, always cheering you on in the stands or on television. He wasn’t expecting to run into you when he had to meet with All-Might for something.
  • Although he would be shy and embarrassed, that initial feeling would eventually go away reminiscing about the simpler days when the two of you were younger. He’d accidentally let it slip he had a huge crush on you and devolve into a flustered mess. His hands would cover his red face if you admitted you liked him to and urged him to try again. Midoriya would end up taking you up on that offer.
  • “It’s crazy how much you’ve grown since then. I mean you being champion! You were always so brave funny and gorgeous, I knew you could do it! W-Wait! I-I m-mean! Ah! F-Forget I said anything!!”

Hitoshi Shinsou

Pokemon Lineup: Sableye, Mimikyu, Chandelure, Dragapult, Aegislash and his favorite, Gengar.

  • Shinsou was a trainer who ended up studying to become a gym leader. He always found ghost type entertaining from them messing with other people. He was usually alone anyways so they were the Pokemon that always gave him company. Aizawa, he gym leader, was always strict but eventually he took over the gym once Aizawa retired. Shinsou is the last gym many people go through, which means he is one of the strongest. He’s proud of what’s he’s accomplished. 
  • You’d end up running into Shinsou a lot, since he has to run a lot of errands for his lazy boss. You make him laugh by cracking a joke making his sour mood more positive. He really enjoys your company, things in his life always seem a bit brighter with you there with him. He doesn’t even say anything snarky once you win the ghost gym badge, him simply proud you managed to do it.
  • Shinsou loves to mess with you by using his Pokemon. He has had his Gengar scare you on multiple occasions, only to crack up laughing hearing you yell at him. He won’t confess to you in fear that he’d slow you down.If you confessed to him though, that signature smiles gonna appear followed by a sarcastic comment. He loves to keep you on your toes.
  • “Aw what’s wrong. Scared of the little Gengar, big baby—hey! Chill out, hahaha! I get it!”


Pokemon Lineup: Nidoqueen, Toxicroak, Seviper, Roserade, Toxtricity and Crobat.

  • Midnight is such a badass woman. She is one of the Elite Four members you’ll have to get through in order to beat All-Might the champion of the region. She mainly focuses on poison type Pokemon and is close friend with retired ghost gym leader Aizawa and Elite 4 member Present Mic. 
  • You and Midnight would have been close friends, traveling together when you were young to become Pokemon Masters. She loves showing off in front of you, and knows the entire audience is captivated by her confidence and strategy. She always blows a kiss in your direction before she starts her battle, it’s her good luck charm.
  • Midnight is very open with her affections towards you, so the two of you would be dating for awhile. As a result, the two of you are on many magazines together. She has been featured on the cover a totally of 5 times, two of which you were right by her.
  • “Aww, is my baby pouting because I didn’t give them much affection today. Here, I’ll clear my schedule out and we can have a nice, relaxing night together. Deal, angel?”

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