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#bakugo x poc

Imposter Bakugou pt 2


You stand there shaken as you watch Bakugou kick Shinsou into the vents, a smear of blood leading from it. “I respect the bastard for putting up a bit of a fight.” Bakugou laughs darkly, looking at you to join in but honestly you found nothing funny.

Watching Bakugou cover his work, you took the time to assess your options. On one hand, you could run and tell the others, you’d made a pretty strong bond with the rest of them. Then again they knew Bakugou longer. On the other hand, you could simply go along with what he wanted but wouldn’t that just prolong your inevitable death?

Your thoughts are cut at the sound of the door opening. Bakugou narrowed his red eyes at the shadows approaching.

Your time of evaluation had been cut shorter than you expected.

You take a step forward but Bakugou quickly cuts off your path, pushing you against the wall. From an outside view, it would seem like you two were caught in a moment of passion. But the reality was that Bakugou had his utility knife against your side. “Don’t be stupid.”

The irony

You two part ways there, unable to continue further. Bakugou didn’t approach you after that day, but you both knew your decision was already made. Whether it was the selfishness of caring for your own life. Or the sick illusions that your friends would go peacefully if you didn’t cause panic.

Little by little they disappeared and it wasn’t until it was only 4 of you left. For a moment, you felt a slight hope that the 3 of you could ban together and stop Bakugou. But that illusion was decimated as you watch crimson blood drip down Sato’s arm as he crushed Kouji’s head with his bare hands.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t feel a thing. Well less than he would have if Katsuki had done it, he eats people.” Sato said, shivering from an unpleasant memory. He then looks at you from the corner of his eyes with a lifeless gaze, and you take that as a chance to run.

As you sprint down the corridors, Sato makes a move to go after you but Bakugou dissuades him. “We have some unfinished business with each other.”

The sound of carefree whistling, reached your ears in no time and the hammering of your heart became too much to bear. “Come on out, make this easy!” Bakugou’s gravelly voice resounded throughout the now empty halls is the skeld and strikes fear in you.

You try to calm your breathing as you lean against the closet door and the sound of his footsteps retreating became obvious. There was a deafening silence, and then there was a loud crunch of your door being punched through. The familiar sight of Bakugou’s alien tongue crossed your vision as it retracted just inches away from your head.

“Did I get you?” The realism of it all hit you like a brick and you dropped to your knees as Bakugou opened the door. “Guess not. Why are you on the floor?” Bakgou looked at you with slight confusion but mostly disinterest.

You paw at the front of his suit, trying to get it undone before he grabbed your hands. “Aye what’s wrong with you?” You looked at him dumbly, Bakugou wasn’t one to play mind games. It took you awhile to realize his seriousness. “B-But you said that you were going to…” you felt your body heat up at the memory of his words.“

Bakugou smirked, "Ah that, honestly I was just going to kill ya.” You snatched your hands away quickly as the blond man unzipped his orange suit. “But now that I see what a truly desperate little slut you are, how can I pass up this opportunity!?”

You squint your eyes preparing for some disgusting deformity on his body but it seemed mostly human. In fact the only indicator that something was wrong was the small sliver of skin overlapping past his belly button. Bakugou snaps his fingers in front of your face.

“Eyes up here!” Pulling the suit pants low off his waist, the vision of a pink tip flashes before you as his dick hits his stomach. And as much as you hated it, the sight made your mouth water.

Bakugou snorted, “Even I can see how pathetic you are. ” Bakugou holds his member and stores it slowly, “Fine. Open wide for me and I just might let you live.”

You doubted that statement but follow your instructions nonetheless

His cock was hot and heavy on your tongue as he tapped against it a few times. The pre it was leaking was salty and bitter, encapsulating Bakugou’s personality or lack thereof. You hum as he places his hand on the top of your head, urging you to explore.

Oral was never your thing but, being there on your knees, with the possibility of death was enticing and left your skin tingling with excitement. “You’re moving too damn slow, human.”

Bakugou grabs the side of your face and thrusts himself the rest of the way. You choke, tapping his leg rapidly as a sign that is ignored. “Ohh fuck.” His speed was brutal and the feeling of his balls slapping your chin only made him want to go faster.

You sat limply on your knees as Bakugou used you as he pleased. You felt about as useful as a sex toy and he treated you as such. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard and I want you to swallow it.”

You make a noise of alarm as his dick begins twitching in your throat. “Shut up, be a good cocksleave and I might just let you live.” Bakugou’s hips stutter for a moment and next thing you know, sticky strings of cum are sliding slowly down your throat, and it takes deep concentration to keep it from going down the wrong pipe.

Bakugou pulls away and your watch fearfully as his cock bobbed in front of you. Still hard. “I might just keep you around a little while longer if you keep this up.” He slaps your face lightly as he zips himself up.

You are dragged behind him as he pushes you in a capsule that Sato sat waiting in. You didn’t know where you were going but you did know you weren’t dead and that’s all that matters now. Bakugou watched you from the corner of his eye and his mouth spread in a toothy grin.

This would be fun.

Ion really like the ending but ig

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Boxer!bakugo x black!reader

TW: Swearing, mentions of fighting

Note: kinda a branch off of my og boxer bakugo fic that you can find here

Normal high school AU

Taglist: @myhoodacademia @bnhainthewoo @iiminibattlehero @ecao @nnnoya @hawklmaoo @strawberry-ice @mixxfi @kozumilf @wolfkid22 @mythiccheroacademia @myfandemons @mrs-atsuhiro @lilsparkyswife

  • Where do I start…
  • He loves you so much that he’s been in more fights for you than he has for the club
  • Like the only thing keeping this nigga from being out of the club or expelled is how good he is at boxing
  • “Boy I’m surprised yo dumbass ain’t get expelled from this damn school yet.”
  • And for that reason, people are terrified of even breathing the wrong way around you
  • Katsuki usually looms around you all the time because he’s just over protective like that
  • This usually scares off boys in particular, so don’t expect to have too many male friends outside of a handful from the boys in the boxing club
  • God forbid someone flirts with you
  • “I have a boyfriend, so you might wanna step off.”
  • “Why? Whats your little boyfriend gonna do?”
  • “My nigga will absolutely dog walk you.”
  • “Aww really?”
  • And then Katsuki pops up, already about to beat someone’s ass
  • “Really. Now back the fuck off.”
  • Even if they do back off, he beats their ass anyways
  • You usually get into all the boxing matches for free because of him, if its a student running the front, you can just walk in without paying because Katsuki probably intimidated them into just letting you pass
  • If its a teacher, despite his rep as someone who constantly gets in trouble, the staff actually likes him, so they subtly let you by
  • Everyone else is also scared of you to some extent
  • Just because they know damn well Katsuki over here teaching you how to beat someone’s ass if you need to
  • He doesn’t even teach you, you just have to learn through play fights
  • “Why the fuck are you hitting so damn hard?”
  • “I didn’t even hit you that hard. Plus you can learn to take punches this way.”
  • You dont really ever have to use them because he protects you with his life, but they’re nice to know
  • Katsuki might be all big and bad, but hes got a soft interior thats for you exclusively
  • Youre gonna feel sooo safe and secure in his arms
  • It’s the best feeling, and you won’t get it anywhere else
  • He kisses you allll over
  • Takes so many pictures of you that he could make 2 full collages, neither sharing one common picture
  • Katsuki thinks you’re the most gorgeous specimen on the planet, and he never lets you forget it
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Bakugou does your hair

In this I’ll be using my hair products cause i don’t know any other. Blue magic, cantu, and Shea Moisture don’t work for me. My hair hates it and breaks off🤷🏿‍♀️

I used to use Grandma’s Recipe but its not moisturizing my hair anymore since i moved to Vegas so i have been using ™WonderGro (Jamaican Black Castro Oil) for grease and ™Elite (total body care) for both shampoo, conditioner, and face oil. I gots me some vitamin c serum for dark spots cause i don’t use make-up.

I have super sensitive skin that switches 25/40 (i cant use suave anymore cause now im alergic to it.) And i break out easy so trust me if i recommend any products in regards to skin care😂

Sorry this is getting long, enjoy the fluff

The day was here. The day you’ve dreaded since you and Katsuki started living together. Wash day.

Up until now, all Katsuki had seen you wearing were different variations of braids. He had a vague idea that not all your hair was real but he has never seen your hair free and in the wild.

“Hey Bakugou, do you have anything to do today?” you ask nonchalantly as your boyfriend walks through the door. “No.” was his only response as he sat next to you. You cringe as he buries his face into your braids and you  imagine the dust and dirt falling on his eyelashes. 

(I’ve only let it get that bad twice in my life)

“Well, could you please find something to do?” That got his attention as he sits up and glares at you. “Why are you trying to get rid of me all of a sudden?” You close your eyes regretting even starting the conversation. “Look today I need to wash my hair so I really need to focus, Baku.” 

Bakugou is, of course, confused as he looks at your hair to see if something was wrong with it. “So why don’t you wash it, I won’t bother you?” You scream inside your head at his persistence but press on. “Because Bakugou, you’ve never seen my natural hair and I’m not sure if I want you to yet.”

You peek your eyes open to see Bakugou’s reaction and to your horror, absolute boredom was present on his face. “That sounds like a personal problem because now I’m not leaving, in fact, let’s go do it now.” 

“Bakugou! Please!” you wail as he drags you to your shared bathroom. You try to dodge and weave but consequently get your hair caught in his steel grip as he held onto a group of your braids. “Stop struggling and sit your pretty ass down.”

You pout as you plop down on the toilet seat but watch with curious eyes as Bakugou grabs your rat tail comb and stabs a spot in-between your braids. “What are you doing?’ He scoffs as he elegantly unbraids your hair. “I doubt you wash your hair while it’s still braided idiot.”

With calm accuracy, Bakugou takes down your hair from left to right, smacking your hands when you try to help. “You didn’t want to do your hair with me around so I don’t want you raising a hand to help!”

When Bakugou finishes, he grabs the mountain of hair and looks at you with wide eyes as he takes in your real hair. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You groan hiding your face in embarrassment. Bakugou shrugs, “I didn’t expect it to be that short.” He bags the rest of your hair and leaves to throw it out as you wallow in self pity.

With frustrated tears you turn away from him with your arms crossed. A hand hits you on the back of your head, “What’s that face for!?” You turn towards him with your lip jutted out, “You said my hair is short!”

Bakugou looked at you dumbly as he watched you glare at your toes. With a sigh Bakgou turns on the shower as he speaks, “I never said it was a bad thing. Hell, i wouldn’t care if you were bald.” You study his face and feel your heart flutter. It wasn’t often you got to see the side of him.

Your suddenly hit with a face full of pressurized water as Bakugou points the shower head at you, “Get that dumb look off your face and get in the shower!”

After you recover from your drowning, you get into the shower and put shampoo on your hair. Humming your favorite song, you massage the liquid into your scalp, completely missing the sound of the curtain opening.

It wasn’t until you felt a warm presence behind you and breath tickling your ear. “Why do you have the water at 100 gotdamn degrees in here!?” In your haste, you nearly slip and bang your face against the shower wall. “I’m not even gonna ask.” Katsuki muttered as he adjusted the knob.

“Why are you in the shower with me?” Bakugou rolls his eyes and turns you back around, and for a moment you thought he wanted to get ✨freaky deaky✨ in the shower. That of course was until you felt fingers rub your scalp in soothing circles.

“Ah~” Bakugou smirked as he heard your sound of pleasure. In reality, he was taking the time to get used to touching your hair. Because it was in braids, he never got to fully feel your hair texture. But now he could not only feel it dry but wet and he must say it’s a strange feeling.

Side note: am i the only one that thinks straight hair feels slimy when wet? Like i can’t stand touching non black hair when it’s wet it feels so icky.🤢

When washing is said and done (of course with a loving make out session: details not included) You somehow find yourself in between Bakugou’s legs as he parts your hair. “Wait a damn minute, you don’t know how to do my hair!?” You say reaching back to grab the comb only to get your hands popped. 

“Your mom taught me that trap card.” Bakugou smirked as you rub your battle wound. “That’s it, I ain’t letting you hang with my momma no moe.” Bakugou applies your repair oil in the parts, and massages it into your scalp once again, soon making your eyes roll back from the feeling.

“Do you want to use Grandma’s Recipe’ or "WonderGro Jamaican Black Castro oil”?“ Bakugou asks, reading your grease labels. You sit there and shrug, "Jamaican.” Bakugou nods and opens it gasping when he smells it. 

(It smells like blue slurpee on gawd)

“Can I eat it?” He asked scooping some of the dark purple solid onto his finger. “You can, but I can’t guarantee you’ll live afterwards though.” You joke earning yourself another pop.

In the end Bakugou puts your hair in twisties for you to blow dry tomorrow. It looked better than you expected and you thanked him for it.


Anyone notice that when you look up short hairstyles it be shoulder length like, “sorry but im bald ma'am😃”

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*inserts cardi b “I’m glad you bought it up cause I’ve been dying to talk abt it for a fucking hot minute”*

mwah mwah mwah ily 😚

tw: explicit sexual content

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ignoring them for 24 hours ✧ hc

you ignore your boys for 24 hours. or, at least, you try to.

genre: fluff

requested: yes! i added todoroki just cause


Originally posted by ihavenolife842

  • as perceptive as he is
  • izuku probably notices immediately how you’re avoiding him
  • you two wake up at similar times because you go to sleep at similar times, but this time you woke up before him
  • he gave you a sweet “good morning” and kissed your cheek, but you only smiled and went to the bathroom
  • he thought that was strange. you usually say good morning back
  • but then again, it was such a small thing that he didn’t really overreact over it
  • however, when you left his dorm without saying goodbye or anything like that he got a little worried
  • once classes were beginning, he went to your dorm to pick you up and walk you to class like usual but
  • you were already gone.
  • “what the…” he would murmur to himself, frowning now
  • what was up with you? were you ignoring him or something?
  • what even annoyed him further was that you spent the whole day with fucking bakusquad!
  • bakugo didn’t seem to like it of course, but kirishima and the others accepted your company like it was nothing
  • he tried to sit next to you at lunch but once bakugo noticed his presence, he immediately yelled at the green haired boy to “fucking beat it!”
  • “but i-“
  • the fact that you didn’t even come to his defense kind of hurt him
  • he didn’t even eat at lunch
  • he was so bummed out that he just poked at his food with a frown on his face
  • of course you noticed this. you had been watching him all day and it broke your heart to see your baby like this omg ㅠㅠ
  • you couldn’t do it anymore. you got up and sat next to him at lunch and you swear he shined brighter than the sun when he saw you
  • “y/n! i-you-“
  • “i was trying to praaank you,” you pouted. “but you looked so upset after what that bomb bitch said-i couldn’t do it anymore.”
  • his pout matched yours.
  • “don’t do that again… i was seriously worried!”
  • he makes you stay by him for the rest of the day 😭
  • ignoring him for 24 hours challenge: failed.
  • y/n only lasted 5-6 hours.

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I was rewatching Boy Meets World , and I was thinking about katsuki Bakugou as Shawn Hunter and me as fucking Angela Moore!! NOW I CANT SLEEP!


They are soooooo cute 🥺💖✨

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when i wake up, i’m afraid ✰ k. bakugo

he shares his insecurities in his own way. you reassure him in your own way.

genre: angst :c but softness too

warnings: angst, insecure bakugo needs a hug

word count: 749

requested: no

based off of afraid by the neighbourhood


He fucking hates this song.

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— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ y/n havin a Afro


— ˗ˋbakugou -he likes but won’t tell tho like he just straight up tell you “I like it “but no he won’t explains he just look you up and Down

—tho he will help you on wash day because why not also definitely watch YouTube tutorial on how to wash a Afro such a dumbass >:(

—he loves it when he runs his fingers in your hair it’s just so relaxing but he won’t do it public

— in all honesty he really does love your Afro :)


— ˗ˋoikawa he will take pictures for you for days when tell you he so proud how beautiful you look in that Afro bby he could go for days how much he loves it

—basically your hype man he played Megan stallion for days wap too he play the song because he want you know how much baddie you look in that Afro

—he doesn’t know how do wash days he just sit there let you wash it worrying abt the little thing like water getting in your ear

—same as bakugou he loves ruin his finger you hair he doesn’t care if you have “need to get comp out “ hair 1000

—overall 10/10 he loves you hair no matter what!

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i still get jealous ✧ hc

when they have a s/o as great at you, they can’t help but jealous at all the people that want a shot with you.

warnings: gn reader fluff, a lil bit of angst and some suggestive content

requested: mhm! hope u enjoy <33

he knew he shouldn’t have left you alone.

when you told him you were a bit hungry, he instantly went to get you two a snack from the pretzel shop just a few stores down in the mall you were in. he gets you your favorite, pretzel bites with cheese dip, and gets himself a little snack before paying and making his way back to the clothing store.

he stops in his tracks when he sees a guy talking to you, and his eyebrows furrow when you let out a laugh at something this dude randomly says. he isn’t recognizable to them at all. why are you laughing?

  • he automatically decides that he does not like the scene in front of him.
  • he practically marches over to stand next to you, handing you your pretzels while staring up at the random guy, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes big with annoyance.
  • “who’s this?” the guy asks. izuku’s blood boils.
  • “he’s-“ “i’m their boyfriend. who are you?” he doesn’t even try to hide his pettiness, not even a little bit. the guy raises an eyebrow and to prevent any problems, he leaves the store, not saying a word to you or izuku.
  • “you’re cute when you’re mad,” you tell him as you two walk out with cheese dip on your lips, and he blushes a little
  • here he is. your shy, flustered izuku. the one you know and love.
  • “i don’t like it when other people flirt with you,” he tells you earnestly, pouting. “don’t really wanna add another person to my hit list.”
  • “you know he wasn’t flirting, right? he was telling me how awesome you looked during your provisional exam. said it was the coolest shit ever.”
  • izuku’s mouth drops open.
  • your giggle immediately puts him back in a good mood.
  • too shy to even approach you or the guy
  • he’s so, so insecure
  • sure, he has his moments of confidence but
  • feeling overshadowed his entire life isn’t made better just by a few moments of him being confident.
  • he doesn’t really know what to do
  • he just stands there until you catch his eyes and beckon him over
  • the guy turns to meet his eyes too, and tamaki gulps, his face slowly turning red
  • he—he can’t. he can’t.
  • instead of entering the store with you, he turns to quickly walk away, his hands shoved in his pockets.
  • are you going to leave him? oh god, you’re gonna leave him, aren’t you—
  • tama!
  • hearing your voice as he walks has him slowing down, slowly turning around to see you running towards him. the guy is nowhere in sight
  • “tama,” you frowned once you catch up to him, your hand gripping onto his. his heart flutters. “why did you walk away? that dude wanted to tell you how much he liked your quirk—said he saw it on tv before!”
  • tamaki blinks.
  • “w-w-what?
  • “yeah, he said it’s the “coolest shapeshifting shit” he’s ever seen. and even asked if you used your tentacles in bed—“ you giggled. “i had to laugh at that.”
  • “oh…” he sighs, closing his eyes in relief, before hugging you tightly and pressing his face in your neck.
  • “don’t leave me, y/n.”
  • you don’t exactly know why he’s saying that to you, but you don’t ask.
  • “never will, tamaki.”
  • what the fuck?
  • irritation completely takes over him as he makes his way into the store, suddenly shoving your pretzels and cheese against your chest
  • “having fun laughing with random guys huh? fine, eat your pretzels your damn self!”
  • he walks off, scoffing, shaking his head.
  • could you really not have waited for him to get back? someone just had to come up to you and you just had to give them attention?
  • ugh.
  • of course, you’re rushing behind your boom boy, and he knows it but doesn’t try to slow down at all
  • “bakugo!-“
  • “i don’t wanna hear it y/n.”
  • bakugo!” you shout again, suddenly grabbing his head and turning the blonde around so he could meet your eyes. he’s glaring at you, and you stiffen.
  • “he was just complimenting your quirk, you stupid asshole!” you tell him, and his face completely falls. “god. he said he was too scared to come up to you directly so he just waited until you were gone, jeez!”
  • tch.”
  • a slight grin appears on his face as he wraps his muscular arm around your shoulder, tugging you forward to walk.
  • “he was scared of me, huh? good.”
  • you roll your eyes.
  • another one that doesn’t wanna approach you at all
  • he trusts you completely
  • if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be dating you
  • and it’s not very manly to throw a fit in the middle of a clothing store
  • quite childish, actually
  • so he just leans on the glass of the store, eating his pretzels, waiting for you to get back
  • trying his best to act like he’s not jealous and push those feelings down
  • you come out a few minutes later—7, to be exact
  • yes, he was counting.
  • “had fun with your new buddy?” he asks you, smiling with those sharp teeth
  • you furrow your eyebrows at the passive aggressiveness in his tone
  • “huh?”
  • “your little friend,” he bites. “saw you in there laughing at him—he must’ve been reaaaal funny.”
  • “kiri.” you start, your lips slowly stretching into a smirk.
  • “are you…”
  • jealous?”
  • jealous?! aha. ahahahaha!” he fake laughs, quickly shaking his head. “no! i don’t get jealous. not manly at all.”
  • you roll your eyes as you grab your pretzels and his hand, huffing.
  • “i’ll have you know he only wanted to say thanks for saving his dad during that fight with that dude with the blades. you just weren’t in there, so he said it to me instead.”
  • kirishima smiles widely, squeezing your hand.
  • he knew he had nothing to worry about.
  • 🥰
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A/N: Ah, here’s my first scenario! This was actually a lot longer than I thought it would be…but you know, it is what it is. I’m still relatively new to writing these so I hope you all enjoy these and I will be doing my best! This scenario was kind of personal…and to all my black girls out there who have gone through this, please know that our hair is beautiful; no matter what anyone says, we are beautiful and unique! Anywho, enjoy this scenario! (DON’T FORGET TO MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE ANY REQUESTS, I WILL TRY MY BEST TO GET TO THEM AS SOON AS I CAN ❤️)



Though you loved wearing your protective hairstyles, you were insecure about your natural hair. However, growing up in Japan, you were all too familiar with the beauty standards in the country, especially when it came to hair. It was always difficult to find hair products to match your hair texture–that in which you almost always had to order them from international stores– not to mention the random strangers who were always touching your hair, and some students would poking fun at it.

To Bakugo, he had no idea you were insecure about your hair, because it was something you never brought up. Truth be told, the boy loved your hair. He always found it fascinating to watch you do your hair in the dorm on weekend nights. Even everytime you came to school with a new hairstyle, Bakugo would always find a way to compliment your hair, always adding that you were beautiful.

It was very rare that you wore your natural afro to school, but today, you wanted to try something different.

You poofed up your afro a few more times before adjusting your uniform. A small smile appeared on your lips, impressed with your hair’s ability to cooperate this morning. The last time you had worn your afro natural was this past summer when your grandparents came to visit, but then it was only for the weekend.

A loud knock could be heard at your door.

“Hey, hurry your ass up! Just ‘cause we live on campus doesn’t mean we can take our time to get to class,” Bakugo said on the other side of your door. You rolled your eyes and grabbed your backpack, putting your arms through the loops. Walking over to the door, you paused and felt your cheeks heat up. This would be the first time he would be seeing you wear your natural hair to school.

What if he hated it? Or thought it was goofy looking? You thought to yourself before pausing and shaking your head. You turned the knob to your door, pulling it open to reveal your spiky haired boyfriend. He was leaning against the door frame when you opened the door.

His eyes widen at your sudden change of appearance. “Holy shit,” he breathed out. It caught you off guard and you felt your face heat up even more. “It’s something different, I just wanted to try this style…oh god, do you not like it?” You began ranting, before you could finish he tsked.

“Hey, don’t speak for me,” he growled, lifting himself from off the door frame. “You look beautiful. I always love seeing the many things you can do with your hair,” Bakugo told you, snaking his arm around your waist, pressing a kiss to your cheek. 

Call it cheesy or whatever, but you couldn’t help the flood of butterflies that invaded your stomach at his sweet words. “Suki…” you said softly, looking at him.

“But if you tell anybody I told you that, I’ll kill you,” he defended, removing his arm from around your waist and fitting his hand in yours as you both head off to class.


By the time you got into your homeroom class, all of Class 1A was gawking in awe at your hair. Your other classmates were practically toppling over each other to get a closer look at your hair, some even asking if they could touch your afro. 

“Girl, your hair has so much volume! Did you try that new curl cream? See, I told you, you gotta get rid of that Cantu stuff and your hair will thank you!” Mina squeaked. Bakugo looked at you then at Mina with an obvious look of confusion written on her face. 

“It looks so soft!” Ochaco commented.

“It’s so pretty! How long does it take for you to get that style?” Momo questioned, placing her hands on her hips. Others nodding in agreement with Momo’s question.

You smiled at your classmates, blinking at the sudden bombardment of comments and questions. 

Bakugo scoffed and leaned against your chair. “Alright. Back up you damn nerds,” He muttered, shooing them away. Bakugo began heading back to his seat, sneaking in a wink which made you blush. 

There was an unanimous “awe” as they all began to disperse. All except for one. Mineta. 

“Why are you all so obsessed with her hair? I mean come on, it just looks…what the word…oh! Nappy…” Mineta announced, which caused you to stiffen. Everyone paused and exchanged uncomfortable glances at each other. “I’m serious, guys! It looks so distracting and messy.” 

“Dude, stop it,” Kaminari interjected.

He stepped closer to you and pressed his hand into your hair, grabbing a handful of curls. “But hey, it’s okay. Your hair may be ugly, but at least it doesn’t distract me from your nice rack,” he added, smirking. 

Before anyone could even respond, there was a low rumble filling the room. The students all stiffened, and turned their attention to the source of the noise. It was none other than your boyfriend. He had gotten up from his seat, walking towards your desk, setting off small explosions in his hands. His face was painted with a never before seen look of anger, rage pooling his eyes. It was enough to send goosebumps down your spine.

“You want to fucking say that again, you waste of space?” Bakugo challenged through gritted teeth.

“Hey! You two, we cannot resort to violence! Let’s sit down and talk this out!” Iida offered. Bless his heart for his attempts but it would be rendered useless. The ash-blond spiky haired boy, hated Mineta deeply. He hated the sexual comments he made about you and even suggestive gestures in front of you. There were several times where he’s gotten close to sending Mineta to the emergency room, but you and Mr. Aizawa always came in just in time to put a stop to it. Calming down Bakugo was like trying to stop an already erupting volcano. 

Mineta released his grasp from your hair and begin backing up, fear reeking his whole body. “I…uh…heh…it was…” He stuttered.

“Katsuki…no, leave it alone, it’s fine,” you told him, standing up from your seat.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. I’m not gonna send him to a funeral home…I’d think, it’s been a while since you’ve visited Recovery Girl, HUH?!” He growled, lunging towards him which evoked a loud scream from Mineta.

“Katsuki, no!” You yelled, stepping in front of him quickly. You pressed your hands against his chest and attempted to hold him back. “Please, just leave it alone. Don’t start anything, please…for me?” You said softly, moving your hand to rest on his arm, then eventually down to his hand.

He would be lying if he said that your voice and even touch alone didn’t calm him down. You’re one of the rare individuals in his life who can pull him out of rage fit and even a soon to be crime scene, and this time was no different.

His eyes stared into yours as you watched the rage in his eyes dissipate and his tense body loosen. You offered him a small smile, giving his hands a soft squeeze, receiving a growl in response. He pulled his hand from yours with a huff and went back to his seat.

You turned to Iida who mouthed a relieved ‘Thank You’ then turned your eyes to Mineta who was standing there engulfed in fear and…pee? Oh my…the boy peed himself, you thought in disbelief as you sat back down in your chair.


Walking back to the school dorm, your head was full of thoughts. Throughout the school day, you’d be lying if you said what Mineta said didn’t bother you. You knew his words out of everyone should matter the least, but you couldn’t help but ponder on those words: Nappy, Distracting, Ugly. Ugh, it was like primary school all over again. How could you forget all those days when the other students would make fun of your hair, sticking school supplies in your afro and even grabbing your hair when you asked them to stop. And of course all the boys you had crushes on but they turned you down because they thought your hair was too ugly and weird. 

What if Bakugo actually thought the same thing? That your hair was ugly and messy and he was just trying his best to be nice about it. You thought to yourself.

By the time you reached your dorm room, you had tears threatening to fall from your eyes. You turned the knob, pushing open the door. As soon as the door closed, locking it behind you, you dropped down to your knees, letting the tears fall down your cheeks. Broken sobs left your lips as you doubled over on the ground. 

Truly, you didn’t understand. Why people would waste their time bullying someone because of their differences–and even something they cannot change. You didn’t have straight hair like Tsuyu and Ochaco. You didn’t have luscious hair like Momo and manageable hair is Mina. You hated the fact that you had much thicker hair which took you hours to just wash and detangle. You hated that your hair would shrink when you washed it. Truth be told, you couldn’t help but think that maybe Bakugo hated the fact that he couldn’t run his fingers through your hair when you cuddled late at night. 

You had finally gotten the strength to stand to your feet, tossing your book bag aside and taking off your shoes. You collapsed on your bed, attempting to silence your sobs into your pillow. You had thought you had done a pretty decent job being quiet until you heard a faint knock on your door. Immediately, your breathing hitched. Oh no…who is that? Did they hear me? You thought to yourself. Slowly, you lifted your head from your pillow and turned to the door. As useless as it probably was going to turn out, you decided you try to remain quiet in hopes that whoever knocked would just walk away.

Despite your hopes, the person knocked again. “Y/N…it’s me…will you please let me in.” Instantly, you recognized that voice. It belonged to your boyfriend, Bakugo. Oh no…okay, he couldn’t have heard me crying. Shit, what if he did? He’s gonna ask why I’m crying…If I tell him, he’d probably think I’m being stupid and–

I know you’re in there, Y/N. Just open the damn door! Please…” He added pulling you from your thoughts, knocking again. There was a brief moment of silence and stillness. You heard him let out a sigh.

“Please…did I do something?” he questioned, a slight pang could be heard in his voice. “If I did, I’m sorry…will you please let me in so we can talk.” His fist unraveled as he pressed his palm against the door. Truth be told, Bakugo had no idea what he had done. He tried to think back to the past couple of days to see if there was something he said that caused you to cry. It couldn’t have been the usual banter between the two of you because you could tell when it was all just jokes and he knew when not to cross the line. 

Your heart broke hearing his words. It wasn’t him, not at all. How were you going to tell him it was because of your hair. He’d laugh at you and think you were being childish. But he didn’t deserve to be shut out. A soft sigh left your lips as you pushed yourself off the bed and headed to the door. You unlocked it and opened it just slightly. He pushed open the door and before you could react, he engulfed you in his arms. You were completely taken by surprise.

Bakugo closed the door behind him with his foot before pulling away, his hands remaining on your shoulders. Concern washed over his face seeing the current state you were in. Your eyes were red, dried tear stains streaked down your puffy face. “Y/N…” He started. “It’s not you, Bakugo,” You choked out, feeling the tears cloud your vision yet again. In a blink of a moment, his face softened as he wiped away a tear that had fallen with his thumb.

“Then why are you crying?” He asked softly. Your eyes shifted down as you remained silent. You couldn’t help but chuckle in your head because it was humorous almost. Bakugo was always so loud and aggressive around other people but it’s moments like these when you got to see this softer side of him. 

He took note of your silence and scowled slightly. “Why aren’t you telling me what’s going on? Did I hurt you?” He paused and dropped his hands immediately. “Do you not trust me, Y/N?” He questioned, not missing the slight crack in his voice.

You shook your head, as your eyes remained glued down to the floor. “No, Katsuki. I do trust you…it’s just…” A sigh left your lips as you hugged yourself. “If you trust me then tell me what’s going on. We promised not to hide things from each other!”

“I can’t…” You whispered. “What?!” He argued back, both of you knowing full well he heard you. “I said I can’t, Katsuki!” You said, raising your voice. His brow furrowed at the use of his full name coming from your mouth. You rarely called him Katsuki. Whenever you did, it would indicate that you were serious. He hated hearing you call him that. Yes, that was his name, but even if he didn’t admit it, it always warmed his heart when you called him pet names, especially Suki. 

“That’s not my name, dammit! And why the hell not?!” Bakugo yelled back. 

“Because it’s stupid! I’m sitting in my room crying because I think my hair is ugly and a fucking mess and I don’t have luscious beautiful hair like all those other girls in this school! I c-can’t…just wake up in the morning, brush my hair and go out looking beautiful! I have to…to…go through fucking hell just to look presentable, every single day, just to be dragged down and treated like shit because my hair texture is different! Do you know how many days I came home and cried to my mom because the kids in my class would bully me because of my hair?! God, I sound so stupid!” By now you were crying your heart out. As your sobs filled the room, you pressed your palms onto your eyes, crying into your hands. 

Bakugo said nothing in response. He had no idea you felt this way about your hair. If anything, he was obsessed with your hair and impressed with the many things you could do with it. He truly believed that your hair added to your beauty. His heart broke seeing your fragile state. In this moment, he didn’t care how he looked, he didn’t waste another second and wrapped his arms around you. Once you felt his embrace, you collapsed your weight into his body and he held onto you, eventually dropping to the floor, holding you close against his chest, pressing a few soft kisses in your hair.

After a while, you finally calmed down, sniffling and playing with the cuff of his sleeve. “You’re such a dumbass, you know?” Bakugo finally said. You were taken by surprise. “Because you convinced yourself that you sound stupid telling me about your problems. How many times have I told you that you can always come to me to talk about what you’re going, no matter how big or small.” He said to you as he continued to rock you in his arms. “And how many times do I have to tell you that you are beautiful. Your hair is beautiful and everyone else’s shitty opinion is stupid and irrelevant. I don’t care that you don’t have stupid straight hair, I love YOUR curls, Y/N. I love that you go to sleep wearing your bonnet at night and that you contribute so much time to take care of your hair and can do all those fancy smiles. I’d take your hair texture over anyone else’s in a heartbeat and I want you to always remember that. You’re no match for those damn extras out there, ya hear?” 

You looked up to meet his eyes which were already on you, nodding softly in response. “Good. And if you ever feel like that again, you better come to me and talk about it. I know you can handle your own, but if any of these damn nerds are making fun of you, you come tell me and I’ll deal with them.” He growled. You stared up at him, smiling. Oh you were so in love with this boy. 

“What?” Bakugo questioned. Your smile turned into a grin before you pressed a soft kiss on his lips. “Thank you, Suki,’ you said softly. A faint blush painted his cheeks as he tsked, “Yeah, yeah.” He smirked slightly and took the opportunity to kiss your lips before pulling away.

“I’m still gonna kill that damn grape,” he muttered. “Hey, no no. It’s fine. I’ll deal with him. Plus…you already made him wet himself. This is the third time this month, give him a break, love. If he says something, I’ll handle it.” Bakugo scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Tch. Fine. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop watching his and everyone else’s every move,” He told you.

“Oh, I’m counting on it. But for now, cuddles, please” you pouted, shifting to wrap your arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he tightened his grip around you before standing up to his feet and walking the two of you over to your bed. 

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Kirishima, Bakugo and Shinsou Reacting to Their Depressed S/O


Pairings: kirishima/bakugo/shinsou x fem!black/poc!reader

Genre: angsty with fluff ending

Synopsis: your boyfriend notices some changes in your behavior and confronts you about them


A/N: pls if depression is a trigger for you do not read this, I dont want anyone to be triggered since this is a pretty sensitive topic. Depression varies in different ways, and is not always related to being sad, so some scenarios here will have different depictions of depression, some of them i have experienced myself. Hope you enjoy and hope this brings comfort to any of my readers who are suffering from depression

Kirishima Eijiro

  • Baby girl you can’t hide anything from him, idek why you tryin it.
  • Kirishima is very perceptive, and notices every little change in you. You are his girlfriend, after all. What kind of man would he be if he didn’t take not of all things related to his pebble?
  • However, Kirishima doesn’t pry, because he trusts you to come to him if something, anything is bothering you. Even though it hurts to watch you shrivel into a shell of yourself, he still doesn’t want to approach you about it the wrong way
  • It gets to the point where you’ve stopped talking to him, which hurts the most. When your conversations become dry and your texts are barely there, Kirishima knows that he’s put off talking to you about it for far too long.
  • So one weekend, he organizes a little movie date in his room. He gathers his comfiest blankets and pillows, and picks out your favorite comedy. He wants you to be as comfortable as possible when he asks you what’s wrong.
  • Your date is just like the other movie dates you’ve had - you sat between his legs, back leaning against his chest as the movie plays on his laptop
  • When theres a break in the movie, Kirishima begins the long dreaded conversation.
  • “Hey babe, I noticed you’ve been acting kind of off lately. Is everything okay?”
  • You try to brush him off with a short ‘I’m fine’ but Kiri is not going to drop it until you give him an answer he’ll believe in.
  • When you finally break and tell him about your depression, he feels his heart crack a bit.
  • ‘How could this have happened on my watch?’ he thinks to himself
  • He asks if there’s anything he can do to help you, anything at all.
  • You tell him that it’s not necessarily something he can help with, because you feel like its something you have to figure out on your own. This hurts him even more, even though he won’t let the added hurt show.
  • He offers to increase the little actions he does already, i.e. giving you more kisses, hugs from behind, cuddles, anything to make you feel like you’re not alone, anything to make him feel hopeless and useless in this situation.
  • Kirishima just wants you to be happy again, and he will do absolutely anything to see your smile again. What kind of man would he be if he couldn’t even get his girlfriend to smile?

Bakugo Katsuki

  • Bakugo won’t think much of it at first.
  • So you’re a bit moody, big deal. You’re yelling at him all the time anyway, that’s just how the dynamic of your relationship works.
  • But one day he sees you yelling at Midoriya for some reason. You never yell at Midoriya, much less anyone else.
  • The newfound hostility should make him soar with an odd sense of happiness, but he has this pit in his stomach that’s telling him that something is up
  • He brings it up to you right away, asking what the hell is your problem’
  • This starts one of the loudest arguments you two have ever had, and not a playful one either.
  • He definitely does not like this newfound hostility.
  • On a whim he searches up your symptoms of anger and comes across an article for different forms of depression. One of them being bouts of anger
  • ‘Were you really depressed?’ He asks himself, as he finds himself doing more research on the subject.
  • Once he gathers his evidence and arguments he approaches you again
  • While you keep insisting that nothing is wrong with you, it becomes increasingly hard to deny it with the amount of plausible arguments Bakugo is putting up.
  • “Just let me help you, goddamnit.”
  • He’s not yelling at you, not mean muggin like he normally does. Because he cares about you, and he’ll be damned if there’s something wrong with you that he can’t help with.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Much like Kirishima, he knows you like the back of his hand
  • He definitely notices when you start sleeping more, missing homeroom, and your constant use of the phrase “I’m just tired” or “I’m a bit sleepy”.
  • There’s not that much sleep in the world, he knows that for sure.
  • So he brings it up to you one late night when you’re both in his dorm rooms, just talking about life while holding each other.
  • No matter what, he doesn’t use his quirk on you. He wants you to tell him, not his mind control
  • You genuinely say that you’ve just been really tired lately, and that you aren’t sure why.
  • He doesn’t necessarily like your answer but lets it slide.
  • The next day he goes to Aizawa for help, since he himself is kind of stumped as well.
  • Aizawa puts it blunt: “She could be depressed.”
  • Shinsou wouldn’t have thought it possible, but now that he has an idea of it, it all starts to make sense.
  • Your withdrawnness, your excessive sleeping, etc. It hurts him a bit to know he hadn’t noticed it sooner.
  • Shinsou sits you down once again to have a talk about it, telling you what he got from Aizawa and what he thinks of it. 
  • You tell him that you had thought of that once, but didn’t say much because you didn’t want it to affect everyone else around you.
  • “We’re gonna work through this. You’re not alone, okay?”
  • And he stays true to that.

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ˋ°*⁀➷ rules

  • i will write smut, fluff, and angst! i’m 100% open to requests so go ahead and send them in <3
  • ill write fics, drabbles, headcanons, mtls, and i don’t mind dabbling in texts and social media aus
  • for any headcanon and mtl (most to least) requests, i’ll take up to 4 characters!


  • izuku midoriya ✰ deku
  • katsuki bakugodynamight
  • eijiro kirishima ✰ red riot
  • shoto todoroki ✰ shoto
  • mina ashido ✰ pinky
  • hitoshi shinsou ✰
  • denki kaminari ✰ chargebolt
  • amajiki tamaki ✰ suneater
  • keigo takami ✰ hawks
  • toshinori yagi ✰ all might
  • shota aizawa ✰ eraser head
  • taishiro toyomitsu ✰ fat gum
  • tomura shigarakishigaraki
  • touya todoroki ✰ dabi
  • overhaul and twice are also characters i MIGHT write for!

i will write for other characters not mentioned in this list, these are just the characters i’ll gravitate to <3

i will NOT write dark content other than yandere typed stuff. so none of that weird ass dubcon shit will be on this blog! when i do write nsfw for these characters, they’ll of course be aged up!

i am allowed to decline requests that make me uncomfortable or requests i genuinely don’t see myself writing. but it doesn’t happen often! 9/10 i’ll write whatever you send me c:

most of my fics will be written for black / poc!readers, but anyone can read them!

now send some requests <3

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Class 1-A homeroom: Morning

Morning B^tch face:

Wattpad: _creativaeey

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It had been weeks Since Y/N got into UA high school and she couldn’t be happy as ever, her whole family where proud of her and glad that she gotten the acceptance from All Might it made her eyes widened as her smile.

3 weeks ago

“Young L/N when I first met I knew you were going to be a hard working determination and brave girl, from the look of your eyes you ready from anything from your way that’s why I say this that we honor to have you as our UA student, congratulations Y/N and we are ready to see your achievements. Have a good night” he lastly said as the screen video was cut off. I let out few tears as I hear my mom and dad cheering and background hugging and kissing my cheek.

I stay still as I let the memory run over my head again but it’s Monday morning a new day and a fresh start but She wasn’t in a mood today.

It was a gloomy day and raining hard outside of window of the entrance of the school. I just arrived there 2 minutes ago soaking wet from the long walk I had to take since both my parents was at work. I stayed there for few minutes to let the air dry me but now I’m regretting and shivering . Y/n know soon or later she gonna get a cold.

Y/n check herself in the mirror one more time fixing her curly puff two buns and adding shine lip gloss before walking to her class. She hadn’t made friends yet since she too aggravated and a moody person but you can’t blame her she’s on her cycle so that made that 10x worser.

She walk into the hallway with annoyed look plastered on her face with some people looking at her wired look but she doesn’t care about that now.


I made to Class 1-A and pull the door handle. I went inside and not see sleeping beauty anywhere.“late” I thought As I walk over to my seat. I hear some of my classmates welcoming me and greeting me.

“Hey y/n”

“Hey gurl ”



They all said except one person in the back but I just ignore that. I wave and nod my head at them  as I take a seat right next to the blonde headed boy right next to me having his legs up on top of the table ,  arms fold and head down. 

I took a quick glance at him before pulling out my iPhone and headphones as I look for a song on SoundCloud, I quickly found one and turn it up to block out every one voices. I lean over my seat and shut my eyes as the words take over me and my foot bouncing along the beat.

I swear to god I heard a growl right next to me but once again I ignore that. I hum along the lyrics when I can feel eyes burning through my left side. I open my eyes when Mr. Aizawa enter inside homeroom. Everyone and me greeted him as he lazily walk up to his Desk and tiredly wave.

“Everyone please take out your notebooks” he said start up his set. I stop my music and turn over to my left side reaching down to grab my book when I found “Him” glaring at me. I look back away and grab my book flipping to a new page when I feel someone staring at me.


I look over to find him again starting me but more like ‘resting b^tch face’ you can say. I wasn’t in a mood for some aggravated people so i gave him the same look before I rolled my eyes and suck my teeth and going back on my note book.

It irritates bakugo but he doesn’t explodes or anything he just stay still glaring at the brown skin beauty . It had been happening since there first training at UA. He doesn’t know where he get this weird feeling from but for now he just ignoring that as when he heard Mr. Aizawa voice.

“Bakugo put your foot down”


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hello <3 welcome to my blog!


delito = crime in spanish. based off the song DELITO by nathy peluso

my name is luxelle, i go by she/her pronouns and izuku is the loml. kirishima is a close second and kaminari is a close third HAHSHD

however, i love nearly all characters in mha!

i am black, so most of my content will be written towards my fellow black girls !!

this is a side blog, my main is @sseunnii so if you ever see some activity from there, it’s me ^_^

i’ve recently gotten back into mha and decided to make a lil blog <3 if i watch anymore anime and get into it and wanna write for it, it’ll go here!

some of my content is nsfw so if ur not into that pls try and avoid it !!

my favorite color is PINK and i love everything sanrio <3 u might see that throughout my blog!

i also make content on tiktok! my @ on there is @/uwucoffin <3

that’s all. go and send me some requests!

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this is really cute🥺

∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘


  • Y’all were just moving into the dorms after the little rescue mission Kirishima and Todoroki put together
  • Y’all were getting settled in until Mina suggested a room contest and you participated for fun
  • You gave them a mini tour of your room and it resulted in a 2 minute interrogation from Mina asking where you got your bonnets from
  • Y’all made it to Bakugo’s room, and everyone left assuming that he wasn’t feeling well
  • You knocked on his door ”Baby are you in there?” You waited for a response and when you didn’t get one you leaned your back against the door
  • What you didn’t know was that Bakugo was melting behind the door as you told him about the little contest that y’all were doing
  • Honestly he couldn’t focus on much cause his mind was just like “They called me baby” and it’s not new to him
  • It just hits different at a time like this
  • He opened the door and you were like “oh, okay 😀” thinking you were about to fall until you felt arms around you
  • Bakugo hid his face in the crook of your neck and quietly asked you if you could stay
  • You turned around and smiled at him “Of course Katsu”


  • You were doing Eri’s hair into cute little braided pigtails so you and Eri could spend the day together
  • Since it was the morning you still had your bonnet on, since you weren’t really ready to head out
  • You and Eri were having a cute little conversation about the cartoon that you put on for her
  • You tied off each braid with two red rubber bands, she started to stand up cause she thought she was done, you smiled softly and said “One more thing Eri.” You reached for the hair pin but you left it in the bathroom
  • “Honey could you get me the apple hair pin in the bathroom?”
  • He looked up from his spot at the counter with a coffee in his hands and just froze, it felt like y’all were a little family with Eri in the mix
  • He nodded at you to get the apple hair pin, even thought it was a short walk he was smiling the whole time


  • Y’all were at a restaurant on a little date
  • Y’all sat outside cause sometimes outside seats be hitting sometimes
  • You were waiting for your food to come, until the sun just hit right highlighting your features
  • He was just staring at you, and the device that let you know your order is ready started beeping but he didn’t notice
  • You giggled a bit when you noticed him staring at you “Baby our order is ready”
  • On top of seeing you look like a Deity you said that?
  • He blushed a bit at the mention of the nickname and went to get the food
  • He had such a cute little dorky grin on his face while he waited in the line to pick up y’all’s order


  • Park date!
  • Cause y’all cute like that, and the nicknames, so sweet it could probably give you a cavity
  • Anyways you decided to take him to the park, to cheer him up after what had happened on a recent mission that caused him to lose his quirk
  • You noticed how he wore a fake smiled and you hoped a small little park date would at least give him a genuine smile even if it was a small one
  • You noticed an ice cream cart and asked if he was down for some ice cream with a smile on your face, he returned your smile and y’all walked hand in hand to the cart
  • You were looking at the flavor selection and asked “Hey honey which one did you want again?”
  • Something just clicked in his mind and like I said it just hits different
  • He said what flavor he wanted with a small smile on his face and you were like “This happy over ice cream? I guess my job here is done” you giggled a bit upon noticing the small smile he had on his face

∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘

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Hey y’all!

Me, @lxstfulbeans @skepticalkoi-catastrophe and @kalopsiaologist have decided to come together to create a HUGE Ao3 and Wattpad account exclusively for black/poc readers. We know how upsetting it is to read a fic/book/one-shot where it’s literally x wh*te reader in a nutshell and no representation for POCS whatsoever. And because of that, we decided to take one for the team and do this cuz chile…it’s been getting way outta hand and me personally, I’m sick of it.

It would mean a lot of us if y’all could support us by following us on both accounts, and we promise you, that we’ll go above and beyond to write the best fics for y’all to enjoy.

We’re currently planning our first fic! Stay tune for that👀

Here’s the links that’ll take u straight to the accounts!:

Melaninology (wattpad)

Melaninology (Ao3)


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buss it challenge


how the boys would react to your #bussitchallenge tiktok. and in summary, you the baddest bitch on the planet. purrrr✨

black!fem reader

warnings: suggestive themes but nothing explicit <3

all characters are 18+


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PAIRING: Katsuki Bakugou x Black!Famous Singer! Reader (however anyone is free to read if they would like)

GENRE: SMAU/ fanfic writing

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I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE BY SAM SMITH (I recommend you listen while reading)

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No one expected them to get together. It was a spur-of-the-moment type of thing, and it continued from there. People saw her eyes shift from Izuku to Bakugo. Others saw the light that grew in Bakugo’s eyes when he looked at her. Nothing happened between them until the Sports Festival.


It was after Bakugo just beat her at the festival. He was heading back to the room he was in before he left when he saw Uraraka limping down the hallway. He stood and stared at her for a second before scoffing at her and looking away. She must have heard him based on how she tried to run up to him before he closed the door to the room. She stuck her foot in the door, stopping it from closing, and went inside.

“What do you want round face?” he asks as she pushes herself in the room. Uraraka turns to face Bakugo. “I want to thank you.”

“For what idiot? Beating your ass? Making you look stupid in front of thousands of people?”

“Actually, yes. I did want to thank you for that,” Uraraka answers. Bakugo gawks at her in shock. “Why?”

“Because you showed me that I have to strive harder,” she paused. “I have to push myself and try as much as I can if I want to get anywhere in this world so I can be a hero.” She then glanced up at him with adoration swirling in her eyes and advanced closer to him. “So thank you.”

Bakugo was shocked that someone like Uraraka could learn something from him. He just wanted to win the festival! Why is she telling him this useless shit anyway! He couldn’t care less about the bullshit that spewed out of her mouth! He couldn’t understand what he did that was so great to her. What he did that was so great to someone who admired Deku like an obsessed fan.

“Listen, stupid round face you-” he got cut off.

Cut off by a kiss. She kissed him.


Their relationship in highschool together was a blur. It was covered by the many traumatic things that happened to them and their class. They surely were in love though. Everyone recognized that. It was like they would be together forever. Their future together was something that everyone looked forward to.

But there was one problem that appeared some years after they’d been together.

Things started to get weird between the two of them for a while now. It wasn’t like they fell out of love with each other. There was just some sort of tension between them. Almost like one of them was keeping a secret from the other. Neither wanted to bring it up in fear of ruining the relationship.

So they kept ongoing. Shorter talks and less dinners together. Dates becoming something of the past. They were hardly even seen out in public together anymore. The media and their fans came up with theories of why they were so awkward around each other in public. But the truth was, they both were hiding something from each other. There were times where both of them came home later than they were supposed to or even coming home the next day, only that both of them were coming home late for different reasons.

And still, during all of this, they felt like they loved each other. Even if they didn’t show it, they knew.

Bakugo wanted their relationship to last. Wouldn’t you, if you have only been with one person for several years? He was so set on keeping Uraraka with him. He did the one thing that would take their relationship to the next level.

Bakugo was out most of the night on phone calls with a jeweler that would help him design a perfect sparkly oval diamond ring that would sit on his soon to be fiance’s ring finger. They would spend several hours trying to make the ring perfect, just how Bakugo wanted it. And when he was out of town on one of his next missions, he would go and pick it up.

Was he nervous? Of course, he was. But he wanted Uraraka to be his forever. This would be the one thing that would secure their relationship.

Uraraka would spend her nights without Bakugo with some rando she would meet at a bar after work. Each night he wasn’t home, she would be getting intimate in different positions that shouldn’t be in. She was careless. She knew that. Anyone could leak that she was cheating on her boyfriend but she frankly didn’t care. The thrill was fun. The sex was fun. It was just something that was a part of her now. Although she was careless, she still loved Bakugo and did feel bad about what she was doing to a certain extent. She didn’t know what went wrong in their relationship if anything did go wrong at that. She didn’t understand why she did what she did yet she didn’t complain about it. And deep down, she did want to fix their relationship. She just didn’t know-how. So she continued doing the wrong thing.


It happened just when Bakugo arrived home from his mission. The house was eerily quiet when he walked through the door. The velvet box was in his hand and nerves swam through his body. As he wandered through the house to find Uraraka, he heard the slight sounds of a bed creaking. He was sick to his stomach immediately thinking the worst.

Maybe she’s just rearranging the room? Or had to move the bed because her phone fell behind the headboard? Maybe she found something under the bed and had to move it? Or she could just be a dumbass and jumping on it? Any ridiculous reason as to why the bed might be making noise ran through his head. Anything to drive his mind away from something he might not want to see.

Bakugo walked up the stairs to their bedroom and opened the door.

There she was

With him

In their bed

Just how she would be with Bakugo.

His heart and soul in so much agony seeing the woman he wanted to marry.

He recognized the guy she was with. It was with one of the new interns that got approved at her agency. He always got a weird vibe from him whenever he saw Uraraka with him.

Now he knew why

He abandoned whatever he had in his hands which alerted Uraraka that someone was in the room.

Bakugo looked up at her with tears in his eyes as he started to walk away and out of the house. Uraraka squealed, pushing the intern off of her body and scrambling to make herself decent. By the time she had something covering her body, she saw Bakugo getting in his car and driving away.

Driving away from their paradise

Driving away from their sorrow

Driving away from her.

Uraraka burst into tears, sobbing up to the bedroom, screaming at the intern that he’s fired and to get out of the house.

She ached. Her heart burned. I didn’t mean it, is what she persisted telling herself to make her not feel as bad about what happened.

Crying out in anguish at the likelihood of never being with Bakugo again. Crying that Bakugo would never want anything to do with her.

She was about to pull herself to lay on the bed when she remembered Bakugo dropped something. She looked at the area where he was at the doorway and saw a velvet box on the floor. A beautiful diamond ring shone through as she opened it.

She wailed even harder. A chance at a genuine future with the love of her life tore from her hands.

And it’s all her fault.

Broken hearts separated for life completely. The damage too much to help either of them. Souls destroyed into pieces that have the chance of never being repaired ever again. It was a pitiful sight to see. Tears flowing uncontrollably at the idea of having to exist on their own without the other.


Two years later and Bakugo wasn’t doing good. Even if he wasn’t visibly upset, he still felt hollow. He was upset whenever he saw Uraraka in the news or a scandal with another guy, believing that she got over him so easily.

All this stayed the same til Bakugo met you.

You’re presence and aura just healed him in a way he never endured before. It was why he fell for you when you guys first met at the party. Something about you made him want to feel love again. So he took a chance and went with you.

And he fell in love with you instantly.

The party, the date, just every time you guys spent time together it was magical.

And you felt the same way.

Now a new possibility was here for Bakugo

A chance for him to recover

A chance for him to improve

A chance for him to love.



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