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#bakugo x reader

a/n: this came straight from the heart (and also i self indulged with the artist bit) because i know exactly what it’s like to get caught in a slump and absolutely lose yourself in your work and becoming irritated with everything so here’s some soft bakugo taking care of you ~


Originally posted by d00msd44y

Bakugo quietly set his spare key down on the counter and shed his coat before entering the living room. He paused near the couch and watched the back of your head as it was bowed over your latest piece of art. His crimson eyes sidled over and scanned the mess of your apartment: laundry on the floor, dishes in the sink, paint brushes and canvases scattered around you like a strange summoning circle.

You still hadn’t realized he had walked in, and he shook his head in disappointment. “Hey,” he called over to you, crossing his arms and frowning. “How long have you been working at that?”

His disappointment only furthered when you didn’t even turn your head to look at him. You fervently painted over the canvas in front of you, shoulders hunched and one leg dangling off of the stool.

“Hello?” he said, moving to stand behind you. “Are you just going to ignore me?”

“I’m not ignoring you,” you finally answered, still not looking at him.

“Why didn’t you answer me?”

“Katsuki, I’m really trying to focus here,” you snapped, dunking your brush into the water and drying it with a towel. “You know how important this is to me.”

“You know what else is important?” Bakugo said as he picked at the t-shirt you wore, dirty with various patches of dried paint. “Basic hygiene. When was the last time you had a shower?”

You shrugged away from his fingers and scowled over your shoulder at him. “Why do you care all of the sudden?”

The muscle in his jaw twitched as he returned the scowl. “Because you haven’t been answering my calls or my texts, dumbass. I know how you get when you fall into a slump: you overwork yourself to the point where you’re barely functional.”

You looked away. “That’s not true.”

Bakugo glanced around the messy apartment. “Isn’t it?”

“I haven’t been able to finish this piece in weeks,” you said quietly, staring down at the canvas. “I figured if I just forced myself to keep working, I’d be able to. I haven’t been inspired lately and it’s making me question my skills.”

He squatted beside you and placed a hand on your knee. “I’m going to be honest with you, because no one else will, alright?”


“The painting is gonna come out looking like shit if you keep forcing it,” he said, tilting his head. “You’re a damn good artist, (y/n). Stop doubting that.”

Your eyes flickered between him and your work, before you finally sighed through your nose and nodded. “I know.”

“So stop overworking yourself and take a fucking break,” he said, getting to his feet and holding out his hand. “You stink.”

“You’re an asshole,” you muttered, but you allowed him to guide you to your bathroom where he sat you on the edge of the tub and began running the water. Once he was satisfied with the temperature, he dumped an obscene amount of lavender bath salts and pointed to it.

“Take the bath, dumbass. I’ll clean up the kitchen and make you something to eat.”

You reached over and caught his hand as he passed you on his way out. Bakugo stopped and turned to face you again, but you kept your eyes on the tiled floor and simply squeezed his fingers.

He squeezed them back.

“Thank you,” you mumbled, still not looking up at him.

“You’re welcome.”

After he left you alone to sink beneath the heated water and watch the clouds of steam billow throughout the bathroom, you wondered what you had done to deserve a friend that cared about you like Katsuki Bakugo. Perhaps you’d never know.

Perhaps you would simply enjoy him, because the world always seemed so colorless without him.

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omg i hope you feel better soon :((( let bakugo help you hehe


you don’t know how, but bakugo had been able to tell from the second you walked through the door.

bakugo had the worst habit of worrying about you at every hour of the day, even when he tried not to show it, so you made every effort to keep your illness under your wraps. you’d been keeping your sniffling to a minimum, wrapped up in a large sweater to hide your chills, but with one glance at you, he’d banished you to bed.

“how did you even know, katsu?” you sniffle through the doorway, craning your neck to see your boyfriend in the kitchen of the apartment. he rolls his eyes, working vigorously over the stove as he yells back over his shoulder.

“i’m not stupid, [Name]. i can tell when you’re sick.”

you pout into the blankets that he had so gently swaddled around you (he’d been calling you a dumbass when he did it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?), closing your eyes as you await whatever meal he’s cooking. the smell wafts through the apartment, pleasantly filling your senses, and you open your eyes just in time to see him enter the bedroom.

neatly arranged on a tray is a bowl of hot soup, along with a small cup of cubed fruit, a glass of water, and a mug of warm tea.

“wow, katsuki.” you tease, pausing for a short cough. “you sure tried hard.”

bakugo scowls but doesn’t deny it, pulling up a chair next to the bed and settling down with the tray. he takes a careful spoonful of the soup, blowing on it gently, before offering it to you.

“shut up and eat.” he demands, but you don’t miss the brush of pink on his cheeks. “i can’t take care of you forever.”

(”can you do the airplane? i only like being fed when there’s an airplane.” “eat the goddamn food before i blow you up.”)


[send in a bnha/haikyuu character and a cute scenario and receive a drabble <3]

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prompt: what arguments would be like with them. 
characters: bakugo
warnings: angst?, not very edited. 


Originally posted by osakaxkobe


  • Being in a relationship with none other than Bakugo, arguments were prone to happen. 
  • Bakugo tended to assume the worst and that pissed you off. 
  • So, you ignored him. 
  • It was your favorite side of yourself, the petty one < 3
  • Bakugo was equally as petty so he ignored you too. 
  • You two made this a competition. 
  • It got to a full week of ignoring each other. 
  • “Oh, i thought you and Bakugo had a date tonight?” 
  • “Who?”
  • Yeah, you had gotten to the point of pretending each other didn’t exist. 
  • Bakugo knew the arguement was stupid but refused to appologize. 
  • And you refused to speak to him until he appologized. 
  • So, you weren’t getting anywhere in this. 
  • Until, one day, this mother fucker just slams your dorm room open. 
  • “Jesus christ-” 
  • Your heart almost stopped-
  • “Try ignoring me now, bitch.”
  • He jumped on top of you, refusing to let you go. 
  • “I hate you.”
  • “I know.”
  • “Don’t you have something to say?”
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “What was that?”
  • “I said it once.”
  • “I didn’t hear it.” 
  • “Yes, you did.”
  • “Ok, fine.”
  • You’d probably lay there like that for an hour. With him on top of you. 
  • Mans wouldn’t leave until he had to train, sleep, or eat. 
  • That’s his cycle tbh. 
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— bruises. | part two


pairing: bakugo x fem!reader

genre: enemies-to-lovers, romance, angst, eventual smut

tw: cursing, emotional baggage, kinda dysfunctional family

summary: “do i wanna know? if these feelings flows both ways, sad to see you go. was sorta hoping that you’d stay. baby, we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day. crawling back to you.” — do i wanna know?, arctic monkeys

+ series masterlist.

+ it’s gonna be spicy next chapter, i promise :)


“How’s everything going on?” your mother asked before you could even settle down on the sofa beside your father’s hospital bed.

Wolfing down the annoyance that has climbed up in your throat, you sat down forcefully, literally letting your whole weight slumped back in the lush seat. “Geez, Mom. I just arrived,” you sarcastically pointed out.

Your mother threw you a shrewded look, distaste upon your slight churlish behavior evident on her perfectly made up face. However, she didn’t say a word, only sipped on her coffee cup.

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A few Bakugo love language/intimacy hcs

  • Okay so I really don’t stan him like that but I do have a few things I think he would do in e relationship
  • So number one, boom boom man is really organized
  • He gets your schedule together for you sometimes of you have a hard time doing it yourself
  • Definitely gets you up for class and puts you down for the next day
  • He’s worked himself into your schedule and the other way around
  • Sweetie knows it takes time to do your hair so he’ll never rush that. He’s very conscious that you need different thing than him hair wise
  • He WILL gift you hair stuff though. You complain about something getting low BAM he’s on your amazon past purchases.
  • (he’s like that dad that finds out your favorite fruit and gets it consistently for like a month)
  • Still, he gets you orange hair clips and smirks when he sees you have them. Oh and all of the head scarves and durags. Jeez
  • After he finds out you wear them out sometimes he gets your initials monogrammed on them (and there’s one with his shhh)
  • That onetime you got green and orange braids jfhsjak
  • He kinda short circuited before chucking your chin and saying “I like the hair dumbass”
  • Speaking of, he loves physical intimacy even if he can’t always engage in it.
  • I kinda hc that his hands might interfere with that aspect, they sometimes leave stains if it’s humid and he hates mess
  • But he’s also scared he might hurt you while holding your hands
  • So what do you do?
  • Show him you’re not afraid and he thinks it’s cute but still would rather not
  • Locking pinkys is a big thing for you guys, will wrap an arm around you, hook his fingers in your belt loops.
  • When he holds you it’s in his room where it’s freezing and he has no sweat to worry abt for the most part.
  • He caresses you face with the back of his fingers ☺️
  • If he’s feeling bold he’ll massage your neck and back and scalp it’s so nice. He’s vv skilled
  • I saw a hc that he’s skincare is mostly exfoliation which makes sense cause of this sweat (dudes mom has the fountain of youth ya hear)
  • Willing to hear you out on finding him new habits, still does his thing.
  • Will indulge your need to see him in a mask tho, he likes the minty ones.
  • Show this man the pinnacle of all hot chips: hot fries.
  • He’s obsessed. How dare America go off like this. (You give him bags during your study sessions and he tears them hoes up)
  • We all know he lowkey dresses in like all black, so he’s not surprised when you actually juxtapose him. I mean your hair changes every other week.
  • But the you change styles and he’s like??? And then again,,??? You simply have a hard time keeping one aesthetic (look sameee)
  • Secretly love being held (shhhhhhhhh) likes the solidness of a body by him.
  • Loves the quiet moments between you. He won’t day it but they feel charged in their own right.
  • Will stare at you and then blush or get mad when you see him and wave (him: 👁👁 you: 👀👋🏾 him: 👁💥👁)
  • Will call you the sweetest things unintentionally “hey baby bear” “my main charge” your name in his phone is “tnt for me ❤️🧨” (who knew being called “my dear detonator” would have your heart fucking flutter wtf)
  • Supports tf outta you. Like in a loud brash way but still
  • Works out with you, def uses you as a weight sometimes. Plucks you right up and squats you while telling you to work on your lower back strength. Or puts you on his back during pushups and tells you to plank on him to help your balance.
  • He calls you pet names in public cause he’s ✨possessive✨ tell me in wrong
  • Bucks at men staring too hard, will mean eye women whispering and giggling abt you, n e one can catch katsuki’s fade watch
  • When out patrolling the little boys will sometimes rub their heads on you and he’s like 👿
  • He will throw you over his shoulder and walk off believe it!
  • Everyone is surprised you dated him like?? sweet you and live wire him??? But definitely see how it happened
  • I mean you’re so sweet. Definitely giving jj from criminal minds, you can talk anyone down.
  • Ppl are scared when he yells one day “WHERES THE DUMBASS”, but when your voice projects “RIGHT HERE SPARKY” they know you’re fine
  • Have eavesdropped and hear him call you “teddy bear” before but jeez he was kinda yelling. Mans always lowkey on 90.
  • (Mina saw your name on his phone and def told everyone)
  • N e one who thinks you don’t go good together can and will catch fades,,, from both of you. Gang shit don’t stop babyeeee.
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november 23rd: flirting - katsuki bakugou (requested by anon)

all prompts are by @jojosmilktea


a/n: this is unedited so if it sucks that’s why :,) sorry this is posted so late in the day, too, i’ve highkey been sLACKING on my writing duties HAHAHAH it’s also really short so sorry about that kdsfjhsjkf

pairings: bakugou x gn reader

warnings: cursing, i think i used the word “vomit” once KDSFHJ

word count: 676

taglist open!

fluffvember masterlist in my pinned post, i’d link it but tagging issues are a thing HAHAH



“What the fuck do I have to do to get you to shut up?” Bakugou’s head rested in his hands. His voice was exasperated, almost desperate. The fact that you could bother him so much brought a smile to your face. 

“Well, I don’t have a sure-fire method, but I know that if you—“

“No,” he interrupted, knowing what was coming. 

“Oh, come on, not even once?” Your teasing tone deepened the dusting of red atop his ears. He was always really funny when he got angry. No one else seemed to think so, constantly shooting you looks that screamed at you to stop, slipping little comments here and there about how you were lucky he hadn’t blasted you to hell and back by now. You were never really afraid of him like they were, though. 

“I’m not fucking kissing you.”

“It’d shut me up for sure!”

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A/N: Thank you! I hope this is alright! I tried a different approach to this one as I really wanted to try and go all out with it. My writing isn’t the best in this form so I apologise! I still hope you’re able to enjoy it :) look after yourself too, anon <3

To those who have sent me requests, I’m sorry they’re taking so long :( I will get around to them soon!

Characters: Pro Hero Bakugo with Pro Hero gender neutral reader

Warnings: TW suicide attempt and angst

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apology — bakugou katsuki x reader

“the word ‘chill’ does not exist in kacchan’s vocabulary.” —izuku midoriya

content: fluff! also some strong language


Bakugou always went hard on training sessions. No matter who it was in front of him, they better be ready to fight if they didn’t want to be blasted into the thermosphere. To him, it was second nature—if he couldn’t give it his all, he couldn’t be the number one hero. Due to this unfaltering determination, Recovery Girl was on standby everytime Class 1-A trained. Almost all of his past opponents needed to heal from an injury or burn mark somewhere—and you, his girlfriend of a year, were no exception.

After a strong blow to your right leg left you limping, Yaomomo assisting you as you made your way to the clinic, Bakugou could only stare in disbelief and shock. He impulsively ran after you, but Ochaco and Jirou blocked his path, giving him death glares that practically screamed, “you fucked up.” The worst part is, it was no accident.

Of course, you always tried your best to understand your boyfriend’s rather violent demeanor. It was definitely worse when it came to combat, but the pain in your leg was too unbearable to let you think straight—and everyone in the class saw that. You were sent home early to the dorms with your leg under a thick layer of bandages, a care package from Yaomomo and the girls, and a small “sorry” note from Kirishima, which you had no idea was for.

So there you laid—in whatever oversized shirt you pulled from your drawer, loose shorts, and a single sock on your uninjured leg. Recovery Girl told you you were fairly lucky to walk away with just a rather big scratch and a torn ligament, which she managed to heal. It wasn’t your fault, after all. You were sure Bakugou received an earful from the old lady for doing such thing to a poor girl—moreover, his own girlfriend.

You weren’t exactly mad at Bakugou, but you definitely weren’t pleased, either. He didn’t visit you in the clinic, nor even text and ask how you were doing. Nada. Your tsundere of a boyfriend was surely rock-hard when it came to lowering his pride, but you thought he’d at least show a bit of care. You tried giving him the benefit of the doubt though, that maybe he was just in shock at what happened. He accidentally hurt you, after all—something he never wanted to do to you, and you knew that very well. Wanting to get everything off your mind, you threw the covers on and tried to drift off to sleep.

You wanted to call him and ask for an explanation. Limp to the elevator and wait for him in the lobby to hear it as soon as he came home. But it seemed too petty, and your leg was too fucking painful to walk. Moving it around in your bed had a tolerable amount of pain, so that solidified your decision of staying in. Plus, you were independent, you could survive the healing phase on your own, angry explosive boyfriend or none.

Thirty minutes passed and you found yourself dumbstruck at the wall. Sleep has long abandoned you, not even visiting you once that afternoon. You picked up your phone, looking for a game to distract yourself with and hopefully fall asleep to. You decided on Subway Surfers, playing a few rounds, when you felt your eyelids get heavy. Finally, you drifted off to rest, but you were interrupted by someone opening your door without a warning.

“Oi,” Bakugou called. Your boyfriend was wearing a grey pullover over black knee shorts, and the same Fire Princess socks you got him for Christmas. His tone was soft as he passed the door, rough voice laced with concern. “Are you alright?”

You were about to answer with a sarcastic retort when a cough lodged in your throat. “What do you think?” you asked rather silently.

You didn’t look at him. Bakugou groaned and sat on the edge of your bed.

“I…” he started. You lightly craned your head to his direction, waiting for the apology you were sure was coming. “I… think your bandages need to be replaced.”

You rolled your eyes. They were dirty from walking around your room without a slipper, not to mention the grass that stuck to it from when you almost fell flat on your face outside. “Tell me about it.”

Katsuki suddenly placed your leg on his thighs, carefully peeling off the wrap. Your eyes widened, jumping up to stop the ash blonde. “Do you have any idea how to do that?”

“Shut up, the old woman taught me how to,” he reassured. Once the last inch of cloth was removed, Bakugou stood up and went to the mini first aid kit he conveniently brought with him.

He sat back down, being extra gentle with your leg. You crossed your arms, sitting up and watching his large hands sanitize your tender joint.

“I’m still mad at you, by the way,” you grumbled.

“I know,” Bakugou retorted, pulling you closer by your waist to get a better grip. His gaze was completely set on the task at hand, not wanting to make your injury any worse. You pulled your leg away stubbornly, his hand moving quickly to take it back. This went on for multiple times, making his face contort into one of annoyance. “Hey, I know you’re fuckin’ angry, but stop being a brat. You’re leg’s gonna break off if you keep doing that.”

You stuck your tongue out at him. “I wasn’t the idiot who blasted my fuckin’ leg.”

Bakugou seemed to not care at all at your insult as he massaged your leg. He was in the middle of your knee when he mumbled something under his breath, making you ask, “What did you say?”

“I said, I’m fuckin’ sorry, dumbass.” He looked up to meet your gaze for the first time in that visit. “I really went overboard with you.”

You pouted. “You know I’m okay with your anger issues, but please, if you want to see me alive by our marriage date, don’t go blasting me off places.”

Katsuki blushed at the thought of a wedding with you, but was quick to shake it off. “Yeah, whatever. I’m sorry.”

You could tell it was taking a lot of his pride to apologize as it was all genuine. “You owe me a bowl of ramen for that.”

He stopped wrapping the bandage and planted a kiss on your forehead. “I owe you more than that, dork. But next time you’re going to pretend to be mad at me, don’t wear one of my shirts while you’re at it.”

You quickly looked down at the black skull shirt loosely hung around your frame, making you internally swear. “It was just the first thing in my closet, asshole.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes playfully, a smirk adorning his sharp features as he finished the job with a stable wrap of medical tape.

“If you move too much, I’m going to tape you to the bed.”

“How dare you use your kinks on me when I’m sick?” you asked with a feigned offense. He chuckled.

“Between the two of us, I think you’re the kinkier one here,” the blonde shot back. “Remember when—“

“No, I do not!” you screamed, hurriedly tackling your boyfriend down to shut him up. His arms moved like reflex to steady your broken leg before it fell down the bed.

“Be careful, dumbass!” Bakugou laid down beside you, adjusting your position to where it would be comfortable for you. “I told you once, and I’m not going to say it again.”

“Are you threatening me with medical tape, Kacchan?” you taunted. He cringed at the nickname only his green-haired nerd of a childhood friend called him.

“Stop that,” he ordered, burying his head on the crook of your shoulder. “You look really hot wearing my stuff.”

You thanked the Heavens for not letting him see your lovestruck reaction, or else he wouldn’t have let it slide. This caught you in a lack of words, to which he happily filled.

“I’m going to have to control my style if I don’t want to lose my girlfriend,” Bakugou said, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to back down on you, either. I have my own battles to prove too, you know,” you replied with a content smile, playing with the spikes of his hair. He smelled vaguely of caramel.

“Whatever.” It was silent for a few minutes, when he started speaking again. “Can you manage to shower?”

That aspect of being injured never slipped into your mind yet, and the thought of possibly slipping in the bathroom and bumping your head was terrifying. Shit. Bakugou must have sensed your worry, though, as another smirk grew on his face.

“You need help?” your explosive boyfriend teased. “I think I can sleep here tonight, it’s a Friday after all.”

“You pervert!” you exclaimed, lightly patting his head, making him giggle. “Just say you want to fuck me and go.”

He looked at you with a deadpan look on his face, arms still tightly wrapped around your torso. “Oi, you may look ridiculously enticing with my shirt on, but your health comes first. You are not getting any action until your leg heals completely.”

You pouted again. “What a bummer.”

“Who’s the pervert now?” he inquired, switching your positions a bit so now you were below his head.

“I hate you,” you retorted, not meaning any second of it.

“You love me.”

“Shut up.”

“I love you too, dumbass. I’m sorry for nearly killing your leg.” Bakugou ran a hand through your hair, neatly massaging it as the other turned off the nightlight. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bowl of ramen to prepare and a whiny girlfriend to feed.”

You didn’t respond as you fell asleep smug on his toned chest, having the best rest you’ve felt in years.


note: henlo this was just pure ✨Fluffy Brain Rot✨ so i hope u guys enjoyed it :D

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“that’s literally the definition of jealous, you dumbass.”


pairing: katsuki bakugo x female reader

cw: explicit language and kissing

word count: 2500+

a/n: hey this is my first one shot on tumblr, i haven’t written in almost 3 years now and i thought i should get back into it, so here i am. hope you guys enjoy it.

summary: in which bakugo finds y/n and todoroki getting closer than normal, the more he sees them together the more rage he builds up over someone who he thought was just an extra to him

↞ back to my hero academia masterlist

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ 

It wasn’t like you weren’t friends with Bakugo, you were, there had never been any formal introductions at the beginning of class 1-a, instead a quirk test. It wasn’t that it was boring to see people’s quirks but the only one that stood out was Bakugo’s, his ability to reach the top made you admire him until he opened his mouth. You had just scrapped number 2 on the stupid test something you were proud of, it being the first time you could use your quirk without damage.

He had come up to you by the end of the day, rambling on about some Deku kid who you assumed was the guy who broke his finger. “Fucking Deku” he hadn’t bothered introducing himself and instead rambled on about how much he hated this Deku kid.

“Who are you?” You look at him with the most unamusable face as he stared back watching you intensively.

“Katsuki, Katsuki Bakugo.”

“Oh, okay and why are you talking to me?” You longed out the ‘and’ questioning, why had some boy who you had just met following you and rambling about some Deku.

He stares at you as the both of you continue to walk out of UA, “you got second, just after me dumbass, you need to know that you’ll never beat me.”

“Oh, is this like a i’m not here to make friends you’re all just insignificant to my life kinda routine.” You cocked your head back in a laugh as he huffs in agreement to what you said starting to walk away.

“Nice to meet you Bakugo I’m y/n y/l/n.” The smirk that was plastered on your face making the explosive boy become even more angry.

Even with that being the first encounter with Bakugo there continued to be many more, even helping to find Bakugo after he was captured by the league of villains and the dorm system being implemented. Moments occurred where both Bakugo and you would spend lunches and breaks talking to each other even occasionally walking to and from school.

The relationship wasn’t conventional, but you were friends in some way, so when Bakugo saw something he never expected he was angry, not just normal Bakugo angry though the rage he held was something more, something he couldn’t explain.

“Todoroki look what I got last weekend?” You left your desk, your presence clearly making Bakugo turn around as he saw you sitting on Todoroki’s desk as he sat in his seat. Your legs were swinging with your skirt riding to your thighs. You were showing him something on your phone as Bakugo tried to see, angry that you were that close to that extra and even showing him your legs that were covered by your thigh highs that pushed your thighs together. “Do you like it?”

He heard Todoroki reply making his blood boil, “any guy would love that y/n”. He could hear your laugh as he turned around not wanting to see any more, as he was writing something the pen snapped before throwing it in the bin just missing Mineta who was sharpening his pencil.

This wasn’t the last time he was going to see you and Todoroki spending time together, a couple hours after the first incident he watched as he saw you with your bento box you were talking to Todoroki again, Bakugo was about to call out to you to tell you to join him and Kirishima but instead you turned around showing Todoroki your arm which has the scar that you had told Bakugo about months prior. He wasn’t jealous it was just a stupid story of you falling when you were a kid, so why was he angry again. Did he think it was some private secret between the two of you?  Todoroki and you walked to where Izuku was and sat beside them.

“Fucking Deku” He mutters as he watches you smile at a shitty joke Izuku probably said.

Bakugo stood up not wanting to see anymore knowing he’d break something again, he walked out of the lunch room as he went to get some air, his quirk wanting to be released. He hid his palms as sweat was building up, he couldn’t wait for some training later. All the pent-up anger he had would finally be gone and he wouldn’t have to see you all up in Todoroki.

As Bakugo was walking back to lunch he could hear your voice ringing in his ears, “Shoto” you face him as he smiles at you, “why does everybody like you? Is it because you’re hot and cool” you laugh as Shoto gave a smile at your idiotic behaviour, trying to supress a laugh at how bad the joke was. Bakugo didn’t want to hear your laugh especially beside Todoroki and even worse you were calling him Shoto. He was still Bakugo, why hadn’t it changed, he’d known you longer, you were friends, weren’t you?

The day continued, you were luckily paired up with Momo who wasn’t as harsh as the guys were, it went a lot quicker than usual, and as you finished getting changed, you left for the dorms. Shoto was waiting outside as you ran up smiling at him as you pushed into him your arms touching, Bakugo had come out at the same time, he was going to ask you to walk to the dorms, immediately his face fell as he saw your arms touching Todoroki.

“Everything all right.” Kirishima asked as he saw Bakugo’s face fall.

Bakugo quickly became his normal angry self, “I want to be in fucking bed.”

“Woah its not even 8PM yet.” Kirishima laughed as they walked back to the dorms.

Arriving at the dorms, Bakugo saw you and Mina on the couch, you were still wearing your uniform with you tie hanging off your neck as the front three buttons were unbuttoned, you’d taken off your shoes left in your socks that you’d brought from your knees down to your ankles.

Both of you hadn’t realised Bakugo was behind you before Mina started speaking again, “you still like him then.”

“Duh! Of course, I do, have you seen him?” You sign leaning against the couch.

Bakugo continued to listen, you liked someone? Who was it? It better not be fucking Icy Hot!

“Well I don’t know; you always hide your feelings from me.”

You look up at Mina, “Oh shut up, I need my bed, Momo hit me across the room.”

“Sounds like you’re changing the subject Y/n” You had stood up putting your socks back to your thighs as you did so.

You stick your tongue out as you flipped her off, “Fuck off.” You laugh walking out of the room.

Bakugo pretended to be walking towards you as if he hadn’t heard anything, “Hey Bakugo, I haven’t seen you all day.” You smile as he gives a scowl.

“Why would I want to see you anyway?” He crossed his arms walking past you.

Hurt. You felt hurt, you’d thought your relationship with Bakugo was improving but now it just seemed like he didn’t care about you even as a friend. “Fuck, how am I supposed to tell him I like him.” You whisper as you walk to the elevator.

The next day rolled out quickly, both Bakugo and you not even looking at each other, Bakugo would normally come in and turn around to see your face every morning, nothing this morning though. You looked down. Had you done something wrong?

You had been partnered up with Shoto which you were happy about needing a friend, the scowl on Bakugo’s face said the opposite for him. He watched as the both of you were sparring, seeing Todoroki hitting you with ice and you were hitting him back with your own quirk.

“Bakugo pay attention.” Kirishima shouted as he was running towards the explosive boy.

Bakugo kept watching before he saw you trip up on Todoroki causing the both of you to fall, you had landed on the hard chest of Todoroki, his arms wrapped around your waist, you both looked at each other staring into each other’s eyes. Your legs were inside his own, laughing in embarrassment as you both stayed in the position to work out the best way to get out of it.

That’s what started it, the blood boiling as Bakugo had watched the scene, you both laughing, finally helping each other get up, you were touching hands, arms, bodies something Bakugo hadn’t done with you. He wasn’t jealous, it wasn’t jealousy. He kept telling himself but with the explosion in his hands that flamed up into a bright yellow hue that looked like it could harm All Might himself, Bakugo threw it at Kirishima who had hardened just in time as he had witnessed Bakugo’s eyes go a blood red.

Kirishima fell to the ground as everybody saw him on the ground, “Kirishima” you say running to him alongside the whole class.

Questions came from the whole class as Bakugo stood there before storming away, you noticed the blond boy leave as you quickly followed trying to not be caught by Aizawa. Bakugo was pacing quickly away as you had to run to catch up to him.

“Bakugo.” You shout as he stops, he slowly turns around his eyes still a blood red looking to murder.

“What?” He spits out.

You walk closer to him, “Where are you going?”

“None of your damn business shitty woman.” You looked up at him before huffing.

This had been the second time Bakugo had let his feelings control his mouth in front of you and it was making it harder to see if he had any feelings back for you.

You spoke as he was looking around, “you don’t need to be a dick.”

You walk back to the class, to make sure Kirishima was fine. He wasn’t hurt that badly, but he already knew that to be partnered up with Bakugo was a cause for disaster to occur. Bakugo had come back and was shouting at something Sero had said as he had been made to partner up with Sero in the meantime. He would give sly looks at you and Todoroki who continued to talk to like a normal person would. Bakugo had finally realised that he had fucked it with you, and you were better off with Icy Hot.

After the class got dismissed you and Todoroki walked back to the dorms again, this time Bakugo couldn’t handle seeing the both of you so close, he pushed past Todoroki hitting shoulders. You look at him as Todoroki was fine but the anger you felt was building up.

“Are you okay?” You ask Todoroki as you both walk into the dorms.

“Yeah I’ve had a lot worse from Bakugo.” He laughs as you give a small smile, he walks towards his room as you go into the elevator, pressing the floor that had Bakugo’s room in.

You paced outside his room contemplating if you should even go inside and shout at him, you finally got the nerves and knocked on the door.

“Who the fuck is it?”

“It’s me.” Bakugo opens the door seeing your frame against his you were wearing you uniform with your tie stuffed in your bag that you’d chucked in your room.

“What the fuck do you want?” He hissed, you barged passed him as he rolled his eyes closing the door as you crossed your arms glaring at him.

He stood in front of you looking pissed, “What the fuck is your problem, first you hurt Kirishima and now you’re getting pissed at Todoroki, what is going on?”

He stays silent, “Really silence, Bakugo fucking tell me what’s going on, we’re…” you pause thinking, did Bakugo even class you as a friend, or where you just another extra to him. “friends.” You finally say.

“I was worried for you that’s all I just don’t want you to get close to Todoroki and get hurt cause then you’ll be sad and you won’t work to your potential and then you won’t be worthy competition.”

You stare at him, thinking of the bullshit you just heard come from his mouth, “Wut?”

“I said what I said.”

“Bakugo you do realise that doesn’t even fucking correlate together.” You look at him as he stares at you, “You’re not jealous or something.”

“What the fuck? No! Of Icy Hot? I’m better than him in every single way. He’s not good at anything, the only difference between us is that he has you and I don’t, I don’t care though, who needs you? I don’t!” The malice dripping from his tongue as he moves closer to you, you could almost feel his body heat against yours.

You look at him smugly, “That’s literally the definition of jealous, you dumbass.”

“I’m not fucking jealous.”

“Whatever.” You mutter before moving closer to him, “if you were I wouldn’t worry I only have eyes for one person…” You stand on your toes going to his ear as you can see his ears turn red, “and its most definitely not Shoto.”

You let go of him as your hands had gone to his chest, he stares down at you, “who is it then?”

Even with him asking casually you could see his eyes watching inventively, “I thought you didn’t care about me.”

“I don’t”

You start walking to his door as he looks at you, “I think I’ll ask him out actually.” You open the door but as soon as Bakugo heard those words he slams the door shut, his arm pushing the door closed as your head was just touching it.

“You are not leaving this fucking room.” He shouts as you cock your head to the side looking at him.

“And why not.” He pauses before speaking, “Don’t be a slut.”

“A slut? Don’t be jealous Katsuki.” You had said his first name without even realising, Bakugo’s eyes fell softly as he stared at you.

“Who do you like?” His arm was still on the door as he looked down almost embarrassed at ignoring your statement.

This was your chance, just say it, say his name Y/n. Do it!

“He’s here right now” You finally mustered out as he looked at you his eyes going wide, he doesn’t speak, just admired processing what he had just heard.

Your back had been to the door as his hand travelled to your throat softly grabbing it as he brought your lips to him, his lips were soft compared to your chapped lips, finally gaining moisture, the kiss became hungrier and hungrier. His hand choking you slightly as you were in between him pressed against the door, his other hand had travelled to your waist, with your hands in his hair. Slowly pushing himself onto you as you felt the kiss deepen.

You both let go to feel air before you finally spoke, the distance between your lips being a mere centimetre, “maybe I was jealous.” He spoke softly.

 “Maybe?” You give a small giggle as you both go in for another kiss, feeling his warmth and safety around you.

━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ 

If you guys want to be a part of a tag list, just reply to any post and I’ll add you xx

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summary: shoto, katsuki, and izuku’s usually confident s/o tries to seek comfort in them

pairing: shoto todoroki x gn!reader ; katsuki bakugo x gn!reader ; izuku midoriya x gn!reader

warning(s): none i think!

genre: fluff/comfort

anon asked: aaa,,, I’ve been having a tough time lately and was wondering if you could do some head canons for Shoto, Izuku and Katsuki where their usually confident s/o tries to seek comfort in them?sorry if it’s too specific but thank you anyway !! 🤍

a/n: aw bby im sososo sorry you felt like this:( you’re literally so perfect inside and out!! so if you ever feel like that just dm me i will become your personal hype man<33 


⋆ he will be so confused

⋆ he’d be like “but y/n you’re my angel fallen from the sky:(”

⋆ but he will def give you one of the best pep talks you could ever hear

⋆ cuddles cuddles cuddles

⋆ this man is a sucker for cuddles, so get ready to be held by him all night

⋆ constantly whispering how much he loves you and how beautiful you are

⋆ is always there if you need reassurance, so if you ever feel like this don’t hesitate to call icyhot and he will be on his way to remind you that you are loved, special, and the baddest bitch everr!!

⋆ peppers kisses around your body to let you know it’s so beautiful!

⋆ treats you to a movie date so that you can be distracted for a while with him

⋆ he is your #1 fan, never forget that bby!!


⋆ okay bakugo does have some good pep talks

⋆ but they’re so… aggressive 

⋆ (i’m trying to stay canon here)

⋆ he’d say something like “dumbass why do you feel like this? don’t you know you’re so badass and so.. beautiful”

⋆ you should feel lucky, because bakugo’s soft side will come out

⋆ and it only comes out like once or twice a year

⋆ soft bakugo just embraces you

⋆ he wants to lay with you for a while

⋆ even offers to take you out on a date

⋆ and he will go all out

⋆ and spoil you with his mommy’s credit card

⋆ he will get his ass beat later

⋆ but it’s worth it though, since he wants to see you happy and confident<33


⋆ the best out of all 3

⋆ honestly the best hype man you could ask for

⋆ he is so sweet, always reminding you how much he loves you!!

⋆ if you need to vent, midoriya will always be 1000% ready to listen, and to be there for you

⋆ he treats you to a spa night, in hopes to make you feel better

⋆ face masks, a warm bubble bath, candles, he spoils you so much because you’re his baby and he wants you to be the best version of you that you can be!

⋆ babyboy is awkward when it comes to cuddles, so if you want him to cuddles just give some hints/tell him so that you can lay on top of him while he plays with your hair

⋆ in conclusion, midoriya is husband material

⋆ he likes taking care of you, and likes hyping you up and telling you how much you mean to him

⋆ super understanding and very sweet, 11/10

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⟼ Study sessions with Bakugou aren’t always what you expected it to be. Sometimes, it ends up with you being in a lewd situation.

✮ Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
✮ Word Count: 0.8k
✮ Genre: Smut
✮ Warnings: 18+ content, Aged-Up Characters (3rd Years/College), Orgasm Denial, Fingering, Quirk Play

A/N: i just got this idea at 1am. y’know this was supposed to be a fluffy study session but it turned out to be smutty one 🙊let’s just hope this stays on the tags 🙏 

BNHA Masterlist』 ✮ 『Smut Masterlist


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MY REVIVAL ACADEMIA- A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

MANGA SPOILER WARNING!!! This HEAVILY includes a character and his backstory that hasn’t been animated yet, if you don’t read the manga or don’t want spoilers, please don’t read this fanfic!


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↳ synopsis: bakugo katsuki is your foul-mouthed and loud neigbor. you are elementary school teachers who doesn’t get paid enough to live next door to him. despite your rocky beginnings, you find yourself growing fond of the man who lives next door. more than fond, even. 

↳ fic tags + warnings: pro!hero au, neighbor! au, strangers to lover, mutual pining, eventual romance, eventual smut, heavy angst, hurt/comfort, somewhat slow-burn, platonic bakudeku relationship mending, canon typical violence/injury, crude humor, sexual innuendos (all characters are written in their twenties) 

↳ chapter list 

chapter one: noise complaint 

chapter two: pro-hero piss-baby. 

chapter three: stop asking me for favors (coming december 1st) 

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━ 𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕞𝕒𝕟 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕨𝕠: 𝕡𝕣𝕠-𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕠 𝕡𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪

↳ general fic tags/warnings: pro!hero au, neighbor! au, strangers to lover, mutual pining, eventual romance, eventual smut, heavy angst, hurt/comfort, somewhat slow-burn, platonic bakudeku relationship mending, canon typical violence/injury

↳ chapter specific warnings: me talking about bakugos tits for too long, attempt at humor, cursing etc., general nsfw implications/crude humor lol

↳ wc: 5.8k

↳ general fic summary: bakugo katsuki is your foul-mouthed neighbor.  you are an elementary school teacher who doesn’t get paid enough to live next to him. despite your awful first encounters, you find yourself liking the pro’s presnece in your life. you even start to grow fond of him, thought it seems like all he ever brings you is chaos.

↳ chapter summary: bakugo hates being useless. you however think it’s fucking hilarious. 

↳ a/n: hey yall! i actually posted this on ao3 first and forgot to post it her bc im a major dumbass so uhm yeah. also im getting rid of the gif except for the masterlist bc its making tumblr fuck w the tags. 

btw this fic wont include smut for a long while but they’re both like in their 20′s here so there might be some implied stuff. 

fic masterlist (coming soon) | fic playlist 

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Bakugo Katsuki feels like he got hit by a fucking freight train.

His body is riddled with exhaustion.  He’s conscious for a while before he has the energy to move. He’s woken up by a light sensation on his skin - the tension in his neck being alleviated by something soft and plush. There’s a strangely familiar voice, humming a tune he doesn’t recognize.

His knee-jerk reaction is distress. Before he woke up, he just remembers being on the battlefield and getting hit by some unfamiliar quirk. There’s no familiarity in his surroundings, but the presence of whoever woke him up eases his mind. Not by much, but enough to jolt him awake and be calm. He manages to pry his eyelids open. An attempt to speak falls clumsily out of his mouth but the words are easily caught in his hoarse-throat. For fucksake - was he dying?

His gaze falls on the light fixture above him. It looks like the one in his apartment but it isn’t. He knows for sure he isn’t some villain hide-out but frankly his questions weren’t being answered. Turning his eyes to whoever was touching him seconds ago - he isn’t sure what exactly he’s expecting to see.

One thing he knows for sure is that it’s not you.

“Haah? Why’re you here?,” he wants to shout. The words come out more like a harsh-whisper which leaves him flinching at the lack of authority in his tone. He has several questions that he needs to ask but lacks any strength to do so.

You give him a comforting smile. You remind him of shitty hair in that way. He doesn’t immediately want to deck you when you do shit like that. He can’t really place why.

“Morning there, Ground Zero. A villain attacked you and Kirishima brought you here. You’re gonna be pretty fucked up for a few hours, but I’ll be takin care of you,”

The explanations soothes some of his immediate worries. No matter what, he trusts Kirishima. He’s not exactly happy with that red-heads bastard’s decision to leave him in your care - but he can understand the decision. It leaves him unreasonably mad that he has to be in someone’s care to begin in but it doesn’t matter. It’s only now that all of his exhaustion hits him.

His muscles ache all over his body. His head aches from the mild amount of light in the room. His throat is hoarse and scratchy. Everything about him is worn out. He’s frustratingly useless. He can’t even muster up the energy to be angry because he feels like he might die.

“He asked me to be a friend and help you out so I’ll be your nurse for the day. Whaddya need?,”  . Bakugo gives you a look. You look so earnest it pisses him off but he doesn’t have any room to refuse you - especially if he wants to take care of this case once he’s recovered. Begrudgingly he gives in, a resigned sigh tumbling out of his mouth as he figures out what he needs.

“Right… th-thanks,” he manages out “Water?,”

He rolls his eyes at your delighted reply.

“Yes, sir,”

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𝘕𝘰 𝘕𝘶𝘵 𝘕𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳 𝘏𝘊𝘴  - 𝘉𝘕𝘏𝘈

➥ 𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙏𝙬𝙤


mixi talks: second addition to the NNN hcs for some new contenders. also, everyone is 18+ and a pro hero! hopefully u enjoy these :P


☄️ Kirishima Eijiro

  • It was Kaminari’s idea that him and Sero were subject to hearing about during their hangout, so he figured it would be interesting to try out.
  • By the end of the first week, Kirishima realized how much he fucking regretted doing this.
  • It’s so hard, it really is, hero work has been extremely difficult this month and he’s been stressed out. Sometimes he just wants to love on his cute spouse, but he can’t because he’s already committed to beating this challenge.
  • It crushes him each time he makes you cum, whether it be with his hands, mouth, or dick, and you look at him with pleading eyes, softly begging for him to let you take care of him and make him cum too.
  • You were too cute for you own good, he almost caved in several times. Instead, he just made you cum over and over until you stopped thinking about it.
  • It’s so obvious that it’s getting to him because he gets more and desperate to make you cum as the month goes on, his eyes always focused on your face to make sure you’re feeling good. Sometime’s he’ll go as far as to beg you to cum. “Baby? You’re close, right? Please cum for me, please, need you to cum.” He just sounds so wrecked and he hasn’t even touched himself–
  • Lasts: The whole month. BARELY. There are several instances when he nearly lost, and if he were younger, he knew he wouldn’t have made it. But PLEASE take care of him afterwards, he’ll be able to cum quickly, but he’s not sure only one round will help him calm down.

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× Doll!GZ x Reader ×

•→NOTES: you have a strange moment about the doll, his name is Ground Zero and it goes… Wild… ( again this is alike Chucky the Doll… Skdjsm)

genre: cussing,


your brain has fully frustrating and confusing in a moment, your son keeps telling you the truth about this odd doll, you didn’t believe it because Doll is an actual toy doll who couldn’t be existing.

You want to prove if the doll is alive, your stomach feels butterfly around the world and sicky, you glare at his ruby eyes “ say something you little…bastard ” Ground Zero has no comebacks. “ …say something, damnit-! ” you grind your jaw tighten continue glaring like a flare in your eye. Ground Zero convening a scowlI AM LORD EXPLOSION MURDER!!Ground Zero cried out making your lip grins a little then dig into smooth chuckles couldn’t believe how he would say it.

you noticed the big orange ‘Heroes’ box and curious to examine how does it work, you snatch, reading back of forms “ Wants to be best NO. 1 hero ” you scoff, how silly quote as you stride back but it something felt out the box catching your eye down.

it was the batteries the heroes batteries. your heart stank as you recheck the box it said 'batteries include’ your lung fulfilled with panic. thunder your eye reference Ground Zero.

should I check his… batteries? you resource his costume on his back, it has a box of batteries you inhale for a moment if it has on or not… you quickly open the door of batteries boxes it was empty, Ground Zero spun his head back prompting you to gulp. I AM GROUND ZERO AND I WILL BEAT YOU DOWN!! your heart flinches in horrible as you scream, plunge him 'ThUmB!` slamming his head on the ground. what the hell was that…??

You breathe unstable to breathe as you take a deeply slowly exhale with visions shuts, not inferring how to chill as you slowly opening your eyes and reaching your arm out to grab Ground Zero again. your stomach felt like an animal going crazy as shaky sough-after you scarcely stare at him while you wriggle his leg, nothing happens… You shake his whole body again.

“ T-.. Talk! ” the whole living room went silent, “ Talk to me!! ” you shout how he couldn’t speak? How annoyingly “ alright…I will make you talk—! ” sauntering to the fireplaces, exposing the matches subsidize the fire flame surplus, your recommendation to make Ground Zero converse the fuck up

“ Talk to me damnit or I will throw you off the fire—! ” you insist, as Ground Zero finally blink his glareful ruby and began to snap his jaw

you stupid, bitches fucking sluts! he thrashing his arm everywhere while he growled, you can’t rectify to clench him down he is vital as you trying to get him off, you were struggling because he has a powerful grip on your clothes and attempting to pull you back


“ NO! ” you scream, he discloses his jaw to gnaw your neck as you scream in pitiful his small jaw occur harshly easy to shrink your neck. wiggling him off of your strength affecting him to bite your arm again, sensing your arm slowly red spilling

you finally jostle him and hurried back to an old brick wall. Ground Zero snarled getting back up, detecting his furious eyes to chasing you down but he refuses and running away

To find your son……..

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