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#bakugo x reader

Mineta perving on bakugo, iida, and todoroki’s s\o

[I’m gonna be honest I just wanna see some good mineta bashing]


  • God help this boy
  • I almost feel bad for mineta ngl
  • You were just minding your own business
  • On the grind
  • Working on the p.e grounds
  • When you heard a certain grape headed bitch
  • “Jeez y\n you really do fill out that uniform”
  • Cue the nasty ass perv face
  • You were gonna fold him your self
  • But bakugo beet you to it
  • He had heard mineta from across the field and let me tell you
  • He was having none of that
  • Before mineta knew it he had been blasted half way across the field
  • “Fuck off you grape headed bastard!”
  • Boy was raging
  • You appreciated it but reminded him it wasn’t a good idea to attack people on school grounds
  • luckily aizawa just happened to miss this
  • Mineta was afraid to even look at you for a month

Originally posted by animemangapic


  • The second he heard mineta comment on your ‘figure’ it was over
  • Now iida is a very gentle giant and in most cases he wouldn’t be violent
  • But he was having none of mineta’s shit
  • “Its unbecoming of someone in UA’s hero course to behave like this” *vigorously hand chop’s*
  • Will opt to scold mineta instead of rip him in two
  • He’s a hero in training too after all he has to keep up a reputation
  • Hell then turn to you and make sure your okay
  • He’s not letting any grape pervert mess with you
  • And afterwards he may or may not report mineta for misconduct
  • He cares deeply about the safety of his female classmates especially you

Originally posted by aishitetsuro


  • Todoroki was just changing
  • Going about his day
  • When he heard mineta from around the corner
  • The purple bastard was standing facing the wall
  • Ike a weirdo
  • He herd mineta talking about the girls
  • And how he’d finally get a look at them
  • Torus floating pantys
  • Momo’s breasts
  • Y\n’s…
  • Nope
  • He immediately froze the bastard
  • Everyone was pretty scared todoroki looked down right murderous
  • Todoroki swiftly left the changing room
  • The girls found out what todoroki had done and thanked him tons
  • He just hopes mineta never tries to do that to you again
  • And if he dose todoroki will turn him into a grape popsicle

Originally posted by raittos

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↷ SYNOPSIS: With what’s going on right now worldwide, it has been really hard on everyone, but your favorite BNHA characters are willing to help you out during quarantine! 

CHARACTER PAIRINGS: Katsuki Bakugou, Tamaki Amajiki, Hitoshi Shinsou, Keigo Takami (Hawks), Shouto Todoroki, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyouka Jirou, Ochako Uraraka & Eijirou Kirishima x reader

TAGS: @candychronicles @cosmicskin @tooloudarts @j-hopeismyhope101 @redbeanteax @togasknifes @lady-bakuhoe @keigos-dove @katsukisprincess @bratwritings @yuueimagines @dee-madwriter @dickstealingbutterfly @letskidaddle @wesparklebitch @honneymusterd @k-atsukidayo @rattycakes263 @izzythekitty23 @what-a-creative-username @cloudsandtulips @bakugotrashpanda @klthmef @hoefortodo @ascrewupromantic @hawkso-o @dumbassbrigade @gabbygee928 @zoeisnthome @lordexplosionsextra​ @chaoticavalanche

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I got a lot of requests for sick! fics, and that’s really not my specialty because I don’t get sick that often, but I know that there’s a lot of stress and anxiety about this whole quarantine period for people. inspired by @adoringwords’ comfort blurbs!

’Tis is the season to be… quarantined?

Social distancing breaks your heart, especially when you’re stuck in your room at home with nothing to do. It’s a struggle for students and employees alike to endure this pandemic, stress burdening you heavily. Not knowing the state of the people around you is something that clutches your heart deeply. Even if history is making the textbooks, you’re weary of all of this, not being able to see your friends and family. You hear the doorbell ring to your apartment and catch a flash of… 

Katsuki Bakugou

To be fair, Bakugou’s version of ringing the doorbell involves switching between knocking your door and ringing the doorbell again and again. It’s the kind of thing that always disturbs your neighbors, creating complaints surrounding your boyfriend, but you’ve gotten used to waving away concerns about him. You always know it’s him at the door whenever he does that, and you rise from your seat on the sofa, excited to know that he’s here. Swinging the door open, you notice a large amount of bags in his hand, indicating that he has gone to the supermarket.

“Midoriya told me that your mother had to fight you from coming here,” you comment, a teasing lilt to your voice. He snorts at the mention of his childhood friend. “What changed?”

“I snuck out,” Bakugou answers shamelessly with a smirk lining his lips, making you roll your eyes at his response. After taking off his shoes, he meets your gaze steadily as he sets down the bags. “I wanted to make sure that you were okay. Is it a crime for me to think about you?”

His voice cracks slightly, revealing his worry for you, as he sheds his outer shell just for you. A smile spreads across your face since you know that he doesn’t like making a big deal out of his emotions, even if it’s you. Tipping yourself onto your toes, your lips meet Bakugou’s, a sweet kiss meant to convey the feeling of missing him so much. Your fingers slide through his hair, tugging the strands slightly to draw a murmur of pleasure from his lips. 

Much to his surprise, you end the kiss early, flicking your head to the group of bags next to the two of you. “What do you have there?”

“I could have shown you later,” he grumbles petulantly.

You settle down at the coffee table in your living room, curious about what he has brought you. Sifting through the bags, it’s clear that he cares for you by choosing different produce and meat along with some canned food. There’s even — 

“A recipe book?” you ask, giving him an amused look. “I could always use the internet to search stuff up.”

“The internet has nothing on recipe books,” Bakugou warns you, snatching the thick book out of your hands. “People are panicking, so they’re going to stock up on bad food. I’m not going to let you live like that.”

“Okay,” you sing, but internally, you’re grateful for his help, knowing that you have the worst luck when it comes to being stuck in quarantine. “Katsuki, thank you so much… what is this?”

“Oh,” is all he simply says, not having an intelligent response to your question when you lift up a whole package of several rolls of toilet paper. “You did mention that you were running out of toilet paper… so I made a run to the convenience store to get a couple of packages; I didn’t buy out the store like the other idiots out there.”

You can’t control your laughter at the sheepish way the tips of his ears turn a rosy red, but internally, you’re just glad that your boyfriend is here with you during this time. Despite his rough tone, his words are just so him that it makes your heart ache for all the time you have lost to this quarantine when you could have spent it with friends and family, so you’re thankful that you have some memories of a blissful time during this period.

Tamaki Amajiki

Your boyfriend peeks from the door, his eyes glittering with shyness. Warmth radiates from him, and you’re suddenly hit with the feeling of home when you see him. He holds two boxes of take-out in his arms, something that you have been longing for during this whole quarantine period. You would never think that you would miss those white styrofoam take-out containers that he carries. 

“Tama-chan,” you breathe out, his name sounding like a blessing against your lips. “What are you doing here?”

“I got a permit to go out for my work-study,” he explains with a slight smile lining his mouth, “so I made a detour for you.”

Your heart immediately swells because of Amajiki’s kind heart and considerate nature. He has thought about you during these lonely times. You follow him to the dining room where he sets down the styrofoam take-out containers onto the table, not needing any guidance after knowing the insides of your apartment far too well. The slight snap of the box to open it reveals a part of the world outside your apartment that you’ve been longing for all along. Takoyaki hits your senses immediately with its mouthwatering aroma, and it entices you with the way that the sauce drips down the savory dish. Mayo and takoyaki sauce drip down with shredded seaweed clinging onto the takoyaki balls. 

“I’ve missed this so much,” you murmur, the words falling out of your mouth ever so thickly. You lift your head up to meet his eyes. “I missed you.”

Before the two of you start eating, he kisses you so softly and tenderly that it brings tears to your face that he can be here with you. “I missed you, too.”

Hitoshi Shinsou

“You’re not supposed to be here,” you hiss as soon as you open the door to the smug look on Shinsou’s face. “Don’t you remember the reminder about social distancing?”

You’re about to close the door on him for both of your sakes. Despite the reminder not to panic over the whole situation of being quarantined, you cannot help yourself but panic while seeing so many people suffer. Despite the sweet sentiment of seeing Shinsou, it’s not an ideal meet-up for him to risk his life. Knowing you far too well, he pries the door further with his fingers curled around the door, effectively using his strength to prevent you from being able to close the door.

“Kitten, do you really think I’m the type to listen to those rules?” he asks with a laissez-faire air to him.

“No,” you admit without thinking once about saying it aloud — much to his amusement, “but it’s better for the two of us.”

“Don’t overreact over this; I got the ‘go’ for me to get out of home to see you,” he hums. After a struggle against you to keep the door open, he wins the fight, walking into the apartment with a nonchalance about this situation that you envy. “Looking at your selfies isn’t the same as seeing you in person, though.”

Even if you lean away from his kiss, he’s not deterred at all, his lips landing on your cheek softly. His words drip in smoothness, and despite your irritation toward the fact that he didn’t listen to the rules about social distancing, you can’t help but ease into his easygoing rhythm. With Shinsou, you forget about your worries about getting sick from the pandemic that’s happening outside. 

You hear a meow come out of his bag and notice Sushi Jr. peeking out shyly, making you crack a smile. “You knew that I was going to be mad, so you brought Sushi Jr. as a defense?”

“To be fair, you love Sushi Jr. too much,” he says with a shrug.

“More than you,” you retort as you coax Sushi Jr. into your arms.

He advances toward you, raising an eyebrow at you with a hidden threat lingering in his eyes. “Care to say that again?”

Your banter echoes through the apartment as he chases you down the hallway, and you run away with Sushi Jr. buried in your arms. The kitten paws at your chest while you’re at it, mewling softly and making you melt inwardly. That one pause in your steps while admiring Sushi Jr. allows Shinsou to steal the kitten and place her on the ground. His hands immediately go to your sides, his fingers knowing exactly where to go, but you don’t mind the ache in your chest, forgetting your anxiety about getting sick because you’re with him, and that’s what matters.

Keigo Takami

At least, you think someone’s knocking on the door, but when you look out the window, you almost have a heart attack because your boyfriend hovers by your window with a self-satisfied smile on his face, holding a plastic bag containing a red bucket of fried chicken. Fried chicken is a delicacy in this insane period of isolation that you haven’t had the chance to eat, especially with everything going on, so to you, it’s a miracle as to how Takami has been able to get ahold of it. He taps on the window, his golden eyes sparkling with mirth. While you compose yourself, your fingers feel hot and clammy, but you know that he won’t judge you for wearing pajamas like this.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” you ask, your voice getting covered by the whistling wind outside, but he hears you anyway as he climbs into your apartment.

“I got off patrol early,” Takami says with a cheerful tone to his voice. “The crime rate has severely dropped because of the quarantine, so I have a break this week.”

“Is it awful that I feel like this is the first time in months that I’ve gotten to spend time with you without anything occupying us?” you admit to him when you settle down on the couch together. He’s not wearing his hero costume, and he has shrugged off his leather jacket to reveal how his T-shirt clings onto his body. “I know that everyone is panicking about the quarantine and everything, but I’m just so… happy that I can see you without anything pushing us apart.”

A smile pushes the ends of his lips upwards as he listens to you ramble like this. He supports his head by leaning against the couch. All of his attention is on you, and his eyes are closed as if he’s trying to memorize the feeling of being here with you.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with me,” he teases, but you know this conversation is a lot more serious than it lets on. Dating Takami means sacrificing date nights sometimes and even getting stood up. You’ve had your fair share of heartbreaks with him, but at the same time, you would never give this man up because of your disappointment and neediness. “No matter what the circumstances are, I’ll take every opportunity to be with you.”

His words fall softly out of his mouth so meaningfully but true, and your heartbeat momentarily speeds up, unprepared to deal with the emotions that you feel toward your boyfriend. It’s comforting to know that he doesn’t mind the fact that the only reason why he’ll be able to spend the rest of the week with you is because of people getting sick. Sure, the reason why everyone in Japan is quarantined is because of the rapid-fire amount of people succumbing to the spread of getting sick, but at the same time, you can spend some time with Takami.

“You’re thinking too much, dove,” he says, a frown shaping his lips. “Don’t feel guilty about the time we spend together.”

After undoing the knot of the bag’s handles, he snaps the lid off the container, and the heavenly aroma of fried chicken sweeps into your apartment. You look at the golden folds of the fried chicken, and your mouth waters at the sight. Before you take a piece, he plucks one out to feed to you with a small smile.

“Open up,” he says, and slowly but surely, your guilt of being able to spend time with him blissfully subsides as you let the piece of fried chicken slip between your lips. 

Shouto Todoroki

The first thing that comes into your mind is that if at any point in time that mask manufacturers ever need a model, your boyfriend is the perfect model for it. Sure, your thought might be inappropriate, especially with a pandemic happening, but it snugly fits his face. As soon as he steps into the apartment, he slips it off, disposing of it in your trash can. You know that he’s most certainly not sick since, with his father’s occupation, it’s beneficial to Endeavor if Todoroki doesn’t get sick.

“Your father actually got off of your case?” you say incredulously, surveying his appearance up and down. “I thought he wouldn’t let you out of the house.”

So far in this quarantine period, Todoroki has been spamming you with memes and sweet nothings, bored out of his mind at home. The memes and sweet nothings have been welcomed for the first few days of quarantine until the two of you realized that you couldn’t see each other at all in person. With Todoroki, you know he’ll do anything to see you during this quarantine, but the last thing you expected is him sneaking out of his house just to see you.

“He’s on patrol today,” Todoroki tells you, a smile in his voice. He takes off his jacket, hanging it off the coat rack and slips into the pair of house slippers he wears whenever he comes to visit. “Fuyumi’s busy teaching lessons on Zoom, and Natsuo’s busy studying on Zoom. With everyone occupied, it’s not that hard to sneak out.”

“What happened to being a good boy?” you ask, a light tone lacing your words.

“That Shouto never existed in the first place,” he deadpans.

“Imagine the headlines: Shouto Todoroki breaking the law just to see his lover,” you muse, waving your hands up in the air dramatically. A grin spreads across his face as he gives in to your warmth, thawing out; it takes Todoroki a moment to adjust from his father to you, and you don’t mind it, letting him take his time. “Wouldn’t that be a scandal?”

“A terrible, terrible scandal,” Todoroki intones dryly, but as he shakes his head, the smile on his face betrays his amusement toward the idea.

You notice something that he sets onto your dining table with a thump, and immediately, your eyes widen with enthusiasm. “You got ice cream? Goodness, I love you so much.”

“It sounds like you love the ice cream more than me,” he says with a laugh. “That’s the true scandal here.”

“You caught me in the act,” you respond, sticking out your tongue. Your fingers curl under the lid, unable to lift the lid up, and you hold the tub of ice cream up to his face, sticking out your lower lip in a pout. “Could you help me please?”

“Hmm… I don’t know about that,” he contemplates teasingly, but he does it anyway, snapping it open by sending warmth to his fingers to ease it into opening. 

The two of you sit down at the couch as you scoop ice cream, feeding it into his mouth, and suddenly, your apartment feels a lot warmer with your boyfriend around.

Hanta Sero

“When I said I was lonely, you didn’t have to come all the way here to my apartment,” you say, your voice sounding almost strangled with surprise. 

Sero snickers at your reaction, leaning against the doorframe casually. “Why not? I wanted to keep you company.” 

Despite his loving words, you know there’s more to his words than he lets on. Your text messages are filled with witty banter and flirting, but even then, those messages can’t express the fact that the two of you feel like you’re about to go crazy from staying sheltered up in your homes with nothing to do. He knows how much you have yearned for him in the last few weeks of quarantine, and it’s driving you insane that you can’t see the rest of your classmates. You’re confined to using video calls as a means of communication, but even then, it’s just too much for your whole head to take. 

For him, it’s even harder because he’s the bigger social butterfly out of the two of you. Sero’s not big on complaining because that’s his nature; on the other hand, it’s easy to tell that he’s not satisfied with screen interaction (“Social distancing is bullshit, and we all know that,” he had said during a phone call. “Why not ban social media at this rate?”). 

As you stare at each other with silence falling around you, there’s an intensity that makes this moment pop out like stars exploding. You have forgotten how his voice sounds in real life, not distorted by your phone’s speaker or anything like that. Memorizing him at this moment, from the way his lips quirk up into a smile to the way he looks at you, it’s like you’re breathing fresh air into your lungs, relearning the definition of life as you meet his gaze.

“Oh, you should come in,” you say, realizing how awkward it is for him to stand outside like this waiting for you to invite him in. You usher him in, and he follows you, contrasting you with his gracefulness. “Don’t want you to catch a cold.”

“Don’t worry, I’m wearing several layers,” he hums, pinching the fabric of his top casually. “See?”

“Mind if I help you take off some?” you ask, arching an eyebrow playfully at him.

He grins, lips fitting onto yours perfectly. “I thought you would never ask.”

Denki Kaminari

Rather than seeing your boyfriend, you see a giant box before you, obscuring him from your view, but you know it’s him by the way he holds the box in his arms so unsteadily. He’s the only person in your life who would dare to do such a stupid thing and bring something this heavy from across the city. There are times when you question Kaminari’s sanity, and this is one of those times where you want to hit the pause button and shake him by the shoulders. You don’t mind the company, but when it’s during a quarantine period where he’s risking his life to see you, you prioritize his safety and health over your selfish needs. Inwardly, you make a note to berate him for his carelessness.

“Did you bring all of your belongings here or something?” you ask with a laugh as you shove your foot against the door to keep it open for him.

He stumbles into your apartment, setting down the cardboard box with a heavy sigh of relief slipping from his lips. It’s almost comical to see his body to sag to the ground as soon as he puts the box down since he’s supposed to be a hero, but here he is, defying the standards of being a hero. After closing it, you walk over to sit on your knees, bending over, so both of your foreheads are touching.

“No, I didn’t,” he informs you, pushing you away and making you sit up. You’re sitting in the same positions now and face each other on the carpet in front of your television. “I brought something much more important.”

In your anticipation, you watch him rip the tape off of the box, curious about the very thing that has made him go all the way to your apartment. There’s a bit of grunting and all, and he finally wrestles it out of its package, revealing a…

“You decided to risk your ass to bring your gaming console here?” you say incredulously, shooting him a dark look.

He pouts, his eyes shining. “It’s Animal Crossing, though.”

“Okay, give me a moment until we start.”

Izuku Midoriya

The first thing that hits you is the smell. It’s incredibly intoxicating, and despite having eaten lunch already, your stomach leaps out of your whole body, grumbling for more. You’re relieved that it doesn’t growl as it normally does because you wouldn’t know how to keep embarrassment flooding your whole body. Midoriya peeks from behind the containers, shooting you a grin.

“I’m using my Quirk, but I would appreciate it if you let me in,” he sings, making you crack a grin and let him enter your apartment.

“That’s an incredible amount of katsudon,” you breathe out, not sure how to react to the very fact that your boyfriend’s mom has made all of this. He sets the boxes of katsudon down on the dining table. “Tell your mom that it isn’t necessary; I got food stocked up in the pantry.”

“What kind of food?” Midoriya asks you, scrutinizing you with his emerald-eyed gaze. “Will it be as good as this?”

“No,” you admit sheepishly after a long pause, “but won’t it mold eventually?”

He averts his eyes immediately from you. “It’s better than the stuff that you’re planning to eat.”

You note the other things that hang off his wrists in eco-friendly bags. The bags are bulging as if you’re going through an apocalypse. With the bags being opaque, it’s hard to get a sense of what exactly is there.

“Is the rest of this from your mom?” you ask suspiciously, looking at the bags.

“Um… no,” he mumbles, his words slurring into one another in his panic. “There were some good discounts at the grocery store, so I bought some board games and other things if you ever get bored.”

He meets your eyes shyly, and your heart melts all over again for your boyfriend who has tried his best under the circumstances to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible for quarantine. All you have been doing is trading text messages along with staying up late with each other on the phone until the other falls asleep, but there’s nothing quite like looking at him now with his constellation-freckled face and smile. 

“Thank you, Izuku,” you murmur under your breath, pressing your lips against his slowly.

Just about when you’re on the verge of deepening it, he breaks free of it. “Aren’t we supposed to be doing social distancing?”

“You came to my apartment,” you point out matter-of-factly. “That’s not social distancing at all.”

Momo Yaoyorozu

Surprised doesn’t begin to explain your feelings toward your girlfriend’s sudden appearance at your apartment. She looks completely at ease, which raises mental alarms for you. You spend a few good minutes checking Yaoyorozu’s body temperature to make sure that she’s not sick with the fever or anything before you sit down on the sofa.

“I thought you said that social distancing was necessary to make sure both of us don’t get sick,” you comment, sending her a curious look.

The two of you have been keeping contact through text, not really having the time to call each other. Yaoyorozu has always been the type to follow rules, being your class president, so the decision she has made is almost unbelievable to you.

A light pink fans across her face. “I changed my mind because I was concerned, and I made sure I was well-protected from everything.”

She holds something similar to an N95 respirator, and you admire her for her intricate genius, noting it looks identical to the pictures you’ve seen. While texting, Yaoyorozu has mentioned that she has assisted in helping hospitals by producing masks, but there’s a slight part of her that’s almost disappointed at the fact that she’s not able enough to produce enough to help out. Her concern is valid, but you know her to the point where you know that her mind’s fixated on these mistakes. You change tactics, leaning forward with a sly grin.

“So you didn’t miss me?”

“Of course, I missed you!” Yaoyorozu bursts out, and you grin. She sinks into the couch, realizing that you’ve tricked her into admitting her real intentions. “I swear… one of these days, you’re going to be the death of me.”

“Love you, too,” you reply instantly, earning a quiet laugh from her.

Mission accomplished.

Kyouka Jirou

“I thought you didn’t want to risk the heavy fines if you get caught on the streets?” you ask her with a sly grin on your face as she enters your apartment.

“My mom and dad were encouraging me to break the rules,” she answers with mirth dancing in her voice, cocking her head to the side. “They said, ‘What’s the point of you being enrolled in a heroics course if you aren’t able to put those skills to use?’”

“Of course, they said that,” you say with a snort.

You know that Jirou’s parents are completely enthusiastic about you dating her, completely supportive of your relationship together. Most Heroics Department students don’t date simply because of the amount of commitment it takes in a relationship; with Jirou’s cynical nature, most would peg her as the least likely of your class to date (besides Mineta), but surprisingly, the two of you are attached at the hip. On the other hand, the quarantine has taken its toll on you as a couple since you can’t see each other in person.

She sneaks a look at your desktop, the ends of her lips tugging into a smile. “You’re listening to ASMR again?”

“Oh, that one…” your voice wanders off as soon as you catch a glimpse of the title of the video, and immediately, your fingers find their way to ctrl+w, not interested in letting your girlfriend figure out what your tastes range in. “It’s nothing special.”

Unfortunately for you, her eyes quickly land on the title of the video. ASMR Cuddling with your Girlfriend, the title reads blandly. With Jirou, she’s known for her speedy reaction time since her Quirk requires her to respond to situations quickly, too, so it’s no wonder that she’s able to catch the title of the video. Your earbuds are still plugged into the computer, and the remnants of the video’s sound play out before dying.

“Her voice sounds nothing like mine,” she observes aloud, much to your chagrin. She raises her eyebrows at you with a knowing look in her eyes. “If you want real cuddling, just ask me, or I could do a recording for you. I know that quarantine is hard on you, so don’t suffer through this without saying a word.”

The flush on your face and stammering that comes out of your lips are enough for her to laugh and tease you.

Ochako Uraraka

“I was in the area, helping out one of my neighbors buy groceries, so I thought I would stop by,” Uraraka sings cheerfully upon coming into your apartment. “I got you some good coupons, too, since I thought you might like them.”

You look down at the small strips of paper that are spread in a fan with large discounts. It’s amazing how much you save when you go out to buy groceries and other necessities. You’re used to Uraraka’s good luck in finding the best sales and discounts in your favorite brands and everything, but you’ve forgotten how considerate she can be, especially when she’s worried. In her dark eyes, concern bubbles up in them, and she hides it with a large smile. 

For her, she has a lot to lose with the pandemic happening. Even if her parents own a construction company, they’re not exactly in the place to call themselves well-off or anything like that, and they can’t file anything with their insurance since they’re employers themselves. Construction has already been paused throughout Japan, leaving little to none business to profit from. As you watch her turn to leave your apartment just as quickly as she came, you suddenly realize that she didn’t only come for you, but she also needed someone to be with, a constant in her life. 

You poke her cheek softly, giving her a gentle look. “Want to stay for some mochi?”

Her eyes light up at the sound of her favorite food, and she pecks your lips briefly, a noticeable change in her behavior.

“I would like that,” she says, making you smile in response to the idea of spending time with your girlfriend.

Eijirou Kirishima

“Surprise!” your boyfriend says, but you pay no attention to his words, rushing to his arms.

Kirishima embraces you immediately, and it feels like the first time you kissed, so warm and comfortable. It’s easy to lose yourself within this hug because you have almost forgotten what it’s like to touch someone else. Being with him is so comfortable, surrounded by this bubble of bliss and happiness. Your vision blurs out everything around you whenever you’re with him.

He plants his lips on your forehead, giving you a wry smile. “Long time no see, huh?”

“That’s an understatement,” you mumble, rolling your eyes at his optimistic behavior. “I thought that you were only allowed to go out for your work-study, though.”

“It’s called… breaking the rules,” he admits with a small chuckle in a stage whisper. “I wanted to see you so badly. This quarantine’s going to be the end of me if I don’t.”

Sinking into another kiss, you can’t complain because you’re enjoying this just as much as he does, and your fingers climb through his hair, begging for more. There’s so much you want to do and say, but the time isn’t exactly forgiving to you, so you settle with this — him murmuring your names in hurried breaths like this is going to be the last time you ever see each other. You say his name back, letting it become your mantra during these precious moments.

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Okay so we know how Bakugou, Todoroki, and Izuku would react to having a black girlfriend right? So how would they react to having a black boyfriend? If you’re not into that, then it can be a male black best friend.

jzjx thank you for requesting I’ve been want to write male reader for while I hope you enjoy babes :))

Bakugo :


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* for the first month of y’all dating everyone just thought all were just close friends

* Till one day bakugous ass was jealous and kissed you in front the school

* And everyone was just like ??? Bakugous gay

* And bakusquad just there and was like y’all didn’t know

* After he kisses you he announces that he’s bi that your his Boyfriend and they needa fuck off

* Anywaysss

* I’ve said this for a female but it applies to a male

* He loves helping you with your hair

* If you have waves : he buys you hella Durags and he’ll get you them wave brushes he spoils yo ass with hair shit

* If you have curls ( it don’t matter what texture ): he’ll get that expensive she’s moisture shit for you makes sure your hair is moisturized looking good

* And if you got dreads : he’ll he’ll re dread them and help trim them every once in a while

* black males get hated on way more if they are gay

* which is dumb asf

* But watch someone say some rude and degrading shit to you they getting hurt

* And after y’all gon cuddle

* He doesn’t care if your taller than him your the little spoon 😗

Deku :


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* he’s vv blushy around you and can barely speak around you

* So everyone already knew he liked you

* You knew he liked you too but you waited for him to tell you

* And after sometime he gets the confidents to ask you

* It’s so adorable vvvbfgg

* After y’all get together he never shuts up about you “ my boyfriends so cute “ “ have you’ve seen my boyfriends quirk “

* Has a note book on black culture and asks you to make him food ( if you can cook ofc )

* One time y’all were on a date and some lady was call you a thug bc your black

* Man o man you ain’t never seen deku so mad

* His mom fucking loves you and supports y’all 1000%

* If your family supports y’all they love him and want him over 24/7

* If they don’t and are mean to you they Getting cussed out by him and his mom 🥱

* Your most likely taller than him or the same height but even if your shorter than him , he’s the little spoon

* He doesn’t mind being the big spoon tho



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* The minute he catches feelings he asks you out

* Lol he like showing you off and he gives no fucks what others say

* PDA period ( if your comfortable ofc )

* He won’t let you meet his dad don’t even ask he’ll say no asap

* He’ll introduce you to his siblings and his mom and they all love you

* one time you where at his house y’all ran into his dad and enji asked who you were

* And todo wasn’t about to hide you so he just told his dad that you are his bf

* And his dad flipped tf out call you discriminating Names and shit

* Todo and his siblings wasn’t having that

* So all y’all mfs when on him with his big body ugly ass , dirty racist homophobic bitch ass clown

* Anywaysss

* He likes playing with your hair if you let him

* especially if you have waves he likes following the pattern with his hand and brushing them

* Bro ghggvg this dude can cook idc idc if you teach him out to make certain food you’ll taste it and think he was cooked by a black person

* and there was a time we’re y’all got pulled over by a white cop while you were driving and he when the cop pulled out his gun todo froze it

* He watched the hate you give and was not gonna let you die bc of some racist mf :)

- I hope y’all like I feel like this is gonna flop but whatever I love y’all stay in the houseeee 😎

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could i request 1, 5, and 7 from the angst prompts for bakugo ? thanks so much, love your work !馃挄

A/n: aww thank you 🥺 you aren’t going to love me after this tho 💀

1. “No! No! No! Wake up! Please!”

5. “They were my world, but now they’re gone"

7. “I know you’re gone, but i feel you here"


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Bakugo remembers the exact day that you died, no murdered. He remembers the feeling of wanting to get off patrol and go home, go to you and your cooking.

He doesn’t remember being followed by a villain, or being watched as he kissed you when he opened the door or smiled when you walked back towards the kitchen after you said he smelled.

He doesn’t remember when you got out of bed in the middle of the night but he will always remember the way you screamed. He’ll remember the blood that coated the floor, the way you looked at him with so much love in your eyes, touching a bloodied hand to his cheek as he was frantic, giving him a look like you knew you were going to die.

“You aren’t going to die on me idiot,” he smiled at you while tears clouded his vision, rolling down his face in a continuous stream. “You’re going to be okay.”

While he was focusing on your wound for a moment he didn’t notice your face pale just a little more, or your eyes flutter shut or the smile slowly drop from your face. When he looked up he didn’t want to believe it.

“No! No! No! Wake up! Please! Y/n you can’t leave me!”

He remembers the way kirishima’s hand felt too heavy as it rested on his shoulder at the hospital. The way he felt as the doctor brought him the papers, the way he sat there for hours staring at the wall.

“They were my world, but they’re gone now.”

He relives each one of the moments every time he visits you, kneeling in front of your headstone with fresh flowers every week. It became a routine after he’d get off work he’d go home, stare at your stuff he could bring himself to move and shower, knowing exactly what you’d say if he hadn’t.

For the first 6 months he went everyday, if he didn’t he felt an insane amount of guilt, like he’d re-killed you and that’s what he dreamed about on the days he didn’t go. He relieved your death every time he shut his eyes.

“I know you’re gone, have been for a while now but I still feel you y/n. Sometimes I still feel the way your lips felt against my cheek when I got home, hear you telling me to shower as your nose scrunched.” Bakugo gasped for breath. “I miss you so fucking much, it hurts everyday I can’t stand it.”

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I’ll always love you 

Word Count: 1180

Part 2

Bakugo Katsuki x reader


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“FORGIVE YOU?” I immediately cut him off and looked at him “Do you have any idea of how much pain you put me through!? And you just want me to forgive you?”

His mouth gapped open while his eyes when wide “y/-”

“Get out!!” I screamed while glaring at him.

All he did was stare at me while his eyes filled with water before silently leaving.

I closed the door and fell to my knees as I started sobbing. 

What am I meant to do? Forgive him? He left me and now he says it was a mistake. What did he expect exactly? Me to just magically pretend I haven’t spent the last month wondering what I could have done for him to stay.

What am I going to do?

I got up off the floor and stumbled my way to my bed. I lay down and picked up the teddy he won for me, I held it close to my chest as I thought about what do to.

If I forgive him, we’ll probably get back together but what’s gonna stop him from leaving me again?

If I don’t, I could find someone who would treat me better but will I ever get over Katsuki?

’Guess I’ll sleep on it’ I thought before closing my eyes and drifting off into a dreamy neverland.

I shot up, panting and clutching my chest. I was covered in a cold sweat as I tried to remember what had happened in my nightmare. This had been happening a lot recently. Nightmares. 

I would have normally gone to see Katsuki and he would make it all better.

I signed as I swung my legs over my bed, I put my hands on the side on the bed and tried to catch my breath before getting up and walking towards the door.

‘what’s the worse that could happen’ I thought as I stepped outside my room, hissing at how cold the floor was.

I wrapped my arms around myself as I made my way to Katsukis’ room. I wonder if he’s even awake, I don’t even know what the time is. 

I take a deep breath as I stood in front of his door. I slowly raised my hand placed it on the door. Should I be doing this? I knew I wasn’t thinking right at this moment in time but I didn’t care.

I just wanted to be wrapped in his arms once more and let all my worries just disappear.

I quietly knock on the door, if he was asleep I didn’t want to wake him.

I rose a brow when I heard someone fall over.

“What the hell?” I mumbled, wondering how he had managed to fall. I giggled at the pouty face he was probably thinking.

I snapped out my thoughts as the door opened.

“Shitty hair, I thought I- oh, y/n” He stared down at me with confusion and glanced at my chest.

I soon realized I was still holding the teddy he won me, I quickly hid it behind my back before probably looking up at him.

“Hi..I’m sorry for bothering you, I just di-” I stood talking when his hand grazed my tear-stained cheek.

“Nightmare?” He asked with the softest voice he could muster.

I nodded before looking down and wiggled my toes to help distract myself from the awkward atmosphere.

He sighed and scratched the back of his neck before opening his mouth to speak “Want to come in and talk about it? Or maybe cuddle if you’re up to it” He mumbled the last bit, probably thinking I wouldn’t hear him

I quickly step forward and wrap my arms around him tightly. I nuzzled my face into his chest, not realizing I was crying until I felt his shirt was wet. I mumbled a quiet sorry before closing my eyes, basking in the warmth I’ve missed so much.

He snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him as he brought a hand to the back of my head to rub soothingly. 

It was quiet till he rested his head on top of mine “I missed this” He said quietly as he sighed happily. 

It stayed quiet as I was trying to gain the confidence to stay over. 

I sighed and pulled away slightly and looked up at him “Can I please stay over..?” I started to fiddle with my fingers behind his back as I nervously waited for his answer. 

He thought for a moment before deciding he didn’t want his words to fail him, he picked me up bridal style. 

I yelped in surprise as I didn’t expect him to.

He kicked the door shut and carried me to his bed before laying me down gently before going in himself and pulling up his covers, making sure I had plenty so I didn’t get cold.

I got a glance at the state his room was in, it was a total mess. I guess the breakup did affect him.

I snuggled closer to him and wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his arm.

He slung an arm around my waist and believe me if we weren’t already close, we are now. He kissed my forehead before burying his nose into my hair. 

Something he always did to help calm his nerves.

“Sleep well” He mumbled softly before falling asleep.

I nodded before closing my eyes with a small smile on my face.

I woke up a few hours later to an empty bed, I quickly sat up, shocked. Where did he go? 

I heard the door open and my head towards the noise to see Katsuki coming in with a towel wrapped around his waist. I released the breath I didn’t realise I was holding. I smiled softly at him as I said a soft, morning.

He nodded his head in return as I laid back down in his bed and nuzzled into the pillow. I told a whiff of his scent that remained on the pillow. I sighed with content. 

I closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

Katsuki took this chance to get changed into clothes before coming to sit next to me.

My eyes shot open as I felt the mattress sink. I looked at him as he laid next to me. He rested his hand on my cheek, gently caressing it.

He took a deep breath before asking “So, what now?” 

I looked down, knowing what he meant “I…don’t know” I mumbled while reaching up to my cheek to his hand.

He didn’t stop me when I started to trace all the lines of his palm. Though he did grab my hand and held it close to his chest.

His eyes started to tear up “How about we just try again?” He looked me in the eye before continuing “I promise I’ll be better and I won’t make another big mistake like that again” 

I stayed quiet, trying to figure out what to say. It would be so hard to reject him like this…do I even want to reject him? There’s no denying that I don’t love him.

I nodded my head and looked up at him “I’d love to” The smile on my face brighten while he wore his signature smirk before engulfing me in a hug.

“I’ll love you forever y/n”

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So I got this idea while in the shower listening to the song Still Remembering by As It Is. The song is tagged in the source at the bottom if you would like to give the song a listen. This is the first thing I’ve ever written for MHA, so enjoy. 

Bakugou listens to a song from a playlist you made for him and it makes him think back to your relationship and how much he messed everything up. 

Keep reading

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Hello! I don’t actually have that many fics currently- but I probably will eventually so I’m making a master list :) 


Bakugo x Reader

Sleepless (Fluff?) // Part two

Stars (smau) 

Demon (Fantasy AU) : Part one // Part two

Fight (Angst)


Kaminari x Reader

Kaminari with a tsundere s/o

Wow- there is like nothing- but I’m working on it! Plus, I have spring break so yeah >:)

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So, here is a post for you guys! I hope you enjoy!

✽  ֍  ✽  ֍  ✽  ֍  ✽  ֍  ✽

Izuku Midoriya


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- Of all the ones on this list, he gets you the most

- Because he’s been there

- When you two start dating, you don’t tell him till the 2nd or 3rd date

- Not because you don’t trust him, but because you were scared of what his reaction would be

- When you do tell him, he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug

“You think not having a quirk makes you any less special to me? I love you how you are, quirkless or not! So, don’t worry about it! I love you no matter what…”

- After that, he makes sure you feel extra love

- Whether it’s extra cuddles or kisses

- He’s giving you more affection 

- Even if you complain about it

Bakugo Katsuki


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- Telling him took a lot more courage than you thought. 

- Considering the fact that you were in general studies and were more focused on fixing your fellow classmates costumes, he just assumed you didn’t want to be a hero

- Cause you sure didn’t sign up for the hero course( at least he didn’t see you at the entrance exam)

- Also, knowing him, you knew his view on it and were kinda scared to tell him

- You didn’t want him to see you as a weak piece of shit

- When you do tell him, you make sure to do it in private, in case he gets mad or something along those lines happens

“You think I give a fuck about whether you have some shitty quirk or not? I seriously don’t give two shits if you have one or don’t. I-If i didn’t think you were the best, you wouldn’t be here dumbass…”

- He really doesn’t know how to tell you that it doesn’t bother him

- And his pride won’t let him just say that he loves you as you are

Todoroki Shoto


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- I think he wouldn’t find out by you

- His dad finds out that you two are dating and immediately starts doing research on you

- When he finds out you’re quirkless, he flips and starts going off on Shoto the next time he sees him

- Of course, Shoto just shrugs it off because he really doesn’t care about what his father says at this point.

- Even though Shoto knows, he will wait for you to tell him, as well as acting as though he had no idea

- When you do end up telling him, he keeps his calm face and takes your hand, gently kissing the knuckles

“Princess, my love for you will not waver. Whether you have a quirk or not means nothing to me. I will love you till the ends of time…”

- He’s overall really sweet about it and makes sure you feel loved

- If anyone were to say something mean about, Shoto would not hesitate beating someone up

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Dark times texts

I absolutely adore “When its 2 at the morning” by @goatsenpaiultimate so here we go with some inspiration 👀
Warning! OOC? I mean Bakugo of. And English is not my native so dont be shy to show me my mistakes!

Katsuki X Reader


Kirishima (X) Reader

  • (X) - can be both platonic or bro relationship
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Can I request your headcanons of Todoroki, Deku and Bakugou having a s/o who has a quirk that requires a lot of energy and she's constantly falling asleep? Please鈾

a/n: i feel like i left out the “constantly sleeping” part and kinda just replaced it with them always being tired, so im sorry for that! thank u sm for the request<3

warning: not proofread!! i will be doing that tomorrow



Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • you are constantly tired and he just feels so sorry for you
  • but he knows you love your quirk, and he admires your hard work
  • plus, he knows you can handle being a little sleepy
  • after all, you have been dealing with the effects of your quirk for almost your whole life

“i-i really admire you, y/n” midoriya says, slightly blushing. the two of you have been dating for a few months now, yet he still gets nervous whilst talking to you, “i mean- it must be really hard to be sleepy all the time, yet you always pull through”

you yawn like you haven’t gotten sleep in days, despite having slept the previous night “aw thank you, izu. that’s-” you yawn once again, causing midoriya to giggle at your cuteness

  • thinks your yawns are the cutest thing ever
  • this baby has so many notes on the details of your quirk
  • before you guys started dating, his daily ritual was taking notes
  • not in a creepy way, your quirk is so interesting to him, and he couldn’t himself
  • he knows the things that drain you the most, how much you can take before needing a nap, etcetc.
  • he 100% carries coffee for you and makes sure it’s accessible

“young midoriya i were not aware you drink caffeine” allmight stated, slightly confused,

“oh this?” he questions pointing to the mug in his hand, “no no, this is for y/n”

  • midoriya’s favorite thing is when the two of you are sitting next to eachother, and you just lean your head onto his shoulder and fall into a deep sleep
  • you mostly do this when the class is on their way to a school fieldtrip and you two sit next to eachother on the bus
  • he will start squeeling then and there

“oi, shitty deku stop fUCKING SQUEELING”

midoriya looks over to see a red-faced bakugo ready to attack,

“shh kacchan she is trying to sleep” he says quietly

  • if it weren’t for kirishima and his special talent of calming down bakugo, your boyfriend would be dead

“shitty nerd..” bakugo mummbles in annoyance



Originally posted by giorno

  • he didn’t find out about the effects of you quirk until a few weeks into you’re relationship
  • i mean, he noticed how tired you look, but he never really thought to bring it up
  • until one day after a particularly intense quirk training, you look exhausted
  • you had to go to recovery girl’s room to take a nap, as usual
  • when you finally felt like you had reseted enough to make it through the day, you got out of the bed to find todoroki waiting for you

“todo,” you yawned, “you waited for me?”

“yes y/n, i read online a boyfriend is supposed to wait for his s/o todoroki when they are somewhere”

when the two of you started dating, todoroki did lots of “research” online, and even asked kaminari for a few tips. surprisingly, kaminari is pretty good with helping clueless boyfriends become a little less clueless

but still, todoroki being himself got straight to the point, “y/n, why do you always look so-tired”

“gee thanks” you sarcastically stated, giggling slightly at how socially unaware he was

todoroki stood there, waiting for a response, “well…” he started, “have you been getting enough sleep”

  • once you explain the effects of your quirk to him, he’s less concerned with your sleep schedule so much as with how you make it through the day

“that must be very hard, y/n. im sorry”

“eh, it’s not that bad!” you shrugged,

“how do you make it through the day when you’re so tired?”

“two words, todo: naps and coffee”

  • i see todoroki as the type of person who never saw the point in naps
  • he has a lot of stuff to do, why would he want to spend hours on sleeping during the day when he can do that at night
  • unless it’s naps with you
  • napping with you is one of his favorite parts of his day, and never a waste of time
  • even if he isn’t tired, he just loves anything that involves cuddling you
  • most times, the two of you will go to your dorm when you need a nap. he’ll try to read a book while you lay on his chest, but he always gets distracted by how peaceful you look
  • will steal his fathers credit card and buy you a $100 giftcard to starbucks, as well as about 15 mugs
  • he just shows up at your house one day and his hands are full with mugs, bags of coffee powder, and everything in between

you’re in the kitchen, grabbing yourself a cup of coffee when you hear the doorbell ring, “one second!” you say, only for the door bell to ring two or three times more, “one second!” you exclaim even louder this time

huffing in annoyance, you put down your cup and make your way to the door. you look through the peep hole to see your boyfriend, hands filled with various items. you open the door, “oh hi todo,” you said with a smile,

“what’s all this?” you ask, gesturing to the infinite amount of items he’s holding

“well i was thinking about your quirk and how tired it makes you so i stole my dads credit card and took a cab up to the mall and-”

“wait wait wait- you stole your dad’s credit card to buy me coffee supplies?” you question, a hint of concered laced within your voice


“i- okay”

  • honestly, he just wants to take care of you and be a good boyfriend



Originally posted by sixcorrupted

  • brings coffee “for himself”, then never drinks it and ends up giving it to you
  • but its pretty obvious he bought it for you, he literally has never had an all caffeinated drink in his life

“aww bakubabe, you brought me coffee?”

“you idiot, this is for me!” bakugo exclaimed, blushing

“bakugo i know you don’t drink coffee-”


  • the delivery is wrong but it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • bakugo loves cuddles and that is a fact!!
  • so a girlfriend with a quirk that makes her sleepy? yes please
  • you need lots of naps and this baby will let you cuddle up to him everyday during lunch despite how embarrassed he is

“aww bakubabe, you’re such a good boyfriend!” kaminari mocked jokingly

“yea bakubabe it’s so nice of you to let your bakubabe rest her head of your shoulder” sero joined

bakugo was fuming on the inside, but he knew if he yelled at them now, he would wake you up. and the last thing he wants to do is deprive you of your well needed rest. but boy, were those two getting it after school was over

  • after after a half hour of bakugo chasing around sero and kaminari, he’ll intertwinehis hand in yours and practically drag you home
  • 100% is the big spoon to assert his dominance
  • you really don’t care, you just need a nap
  • if naps aren’t doing you justice that day, he’ll walk with you to the nearest cafe
  • if you have the energy to come with, of course
  • buys you anything you want it is honestly the sweetest
  • yes, that is including sweets

“hurry up and pick out what you want, y/n!”

you pout, “yea yea, one second”

  • if you take too long, he gives up and buys you everything

“i love you bakubabe,” you tease, knowing how flustered that name makes him

“yea yea, i love you too idiot. now hurry up and eat your food before i eat it for you!”

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S/o was one of batmans sidekicks?


Pairing:  Momo x Reader  |  Bakugo x Reader  |  Kirishima x Reader  |  Jiro x Reader

Request: “Can I get headcannons for Momo, bakugou, Kiri, and Jirou being yanderes for a girl from America who seems to have a bit too much training until they find out (totally not from stalking her) that she’s one of batmans sidekicks? Please and thank you! By the way, I love your writing! - Anonymous”

Notes: Thank you so much, you’re too nice! Also, you guys are super creative with your prompts and asks. You always get me thinking :) Yandere themes are ahead.



Originally posted by izukus

Momo Yaoyorozu:

  • When you first get introduced to the class, Momo sees you as some perfect little American foreign exchange student
  • She’ll invite you on shopping trips to the mall, take you to dinner, and invite you over to study at her house and have tea
  • You just so looked so innocent and adorable that she can’t help but want to hide you away forever
  • When she feels her infatuation for you deepening, she hires a team of detectives to look into your past in order to find out more about you
  • She was aiming for them to find things like your exes, best friends, allergies, where you went to school, not for them to come back telling her that you were some sort of crime-fighting vigilante
  • Her whole idea of you being some innocent girl was shattered, but that didn’t stop her obsession with you
  • The idea of you running around at night getting all bruised was unacceptable. That part of your past was something that she would not allow to follow you here
  • “Aww, my little princess isn’t as innocent as she lets on. We’ll have to fix that.”



Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Katsuki Bakugo:

  • You and Bakugo were paired up as sparring partners when he started having suspicions of your past. The fact that you had pinned him down in about ten seconds, definitely lifted up some red flags to you having prior training.
  • He’s angry when he learns the truth. How dare you put your life in danger so stupidly? He won’t allow you to do that again
  • Being a hero was one thing, but a vigilante is a whole nother story
  • He isn’t afraid to confront you about it either
  • He’ll march right up to you in class and ask what the actual fuck were you thinking being some sidekick
  • He isn’t Ashamed of using your past as leverage to keep you inline too
  • “If you know what’s good for you, you won’t go on that suicide mission with Deku. I mean, it would be a shame if while you were gone, the word got out about your sketchy past.”



Eijiro Kirishima:

  • How manly of you!
  • He is proud of the scars you wear. It’s a representation of all the people you’ve saved
  • He admires your bravery and thinks highly of you and your fighting skills. But, you won’t be needing them anymore
  • In fact, you wouldn’t even need to fight at all
  • Not with a man like Kirishima looking after you now
  • “I know you can take care of yourself, but you don’t have to anymore. I’ll take care of you now, so you don’t have to put yourself in danger ever again.”



Kyoka Jiro:

  • Jiro was probably the most chill about it out of everyone (at least on the outside)
  • She notices your scars in the girl’s locker room when you’re changing before training
  • Of course, she’s concerned and can’t help but ask you about them. Her worst fear is that someone may be hurting you
  • But when you come clean and tell her the truth of your past, she’s relieved that it’s not more serious
  • That being said, now that she knows how reckless you can be when it comes to saving others, she’s always keeping an extra close eye on you from behind the scenes. Making sure you don’t overexert yourself and get another scar.
  • While she may look as calm as ever, every time you take a punch, she can’t stop her heart rate from spiking at the idea of you being injured
  • “You shouldn’t be so reckless with yourself, Y/N. I’d hate to see you get hurt.”
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Hello is it ok if I could get some headcanons of shou katsuki and kiri x ther s/o ( seperate ) of how they would react if they walked in on there S/O naked and there S/O not caring that there naked in front of them oooooo also I love you and your writing! 馃挄馃槶馃槶馃槶♥锔忦煐ゐ煉氿煉欚煉杫our amazing馃構馃挒馃挆馃槏馃挋馃А馃ぎ馃挆馃榿鉁♥锔忦煉濔煉

Awwww thank uuuu ❤️❤️❤️. I really appreciate the compliments



Originally posted by giorno

  • Bakugou has the tendency to barge into any room he wants. Wether it be in school or at the comfort of his home, he’d just kick open the door without a care in the world
  • Being Bakugou’s S/O doesn’t mean you’re excluded from this. Actually, instead of kicking the door open, Bakugou might just use his hands to twist the doorknob and open the door instead of breaking it with a kick
  • After working out, Bakugou decided to make his S/O a visit. He never expected to be met with a rather compromising view of his S/O
  • Bakugou just stood there, staring at his S/O. Their entire body was displayed for him as they stood completely naked in front of him
  • ”Katsuki, could you close the door please?”
  • He was surprised her nonchalant behavior. Though he was not complaining. The view was amazing
  • “ So should I wear this one or this one?” you questioned while holding two different sweaters in your hands
  • “How about the one that you stole from me?” He answered quickly, still not moving his gaze from you
  • Bakugou’s eyes trailed lower down your body and were fixed on your behind. A proud smirk appeared on his face. He was proud that he had an S/O with such an amazing body. And the fact that they were not afraid to show it to him made him feel incredibly happy and unable to control his labile emotions
  • “ Or, you know, you could always wear nothing…”



Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

  • He swore that it was an accident
  • After a successful study session with some of his friends he was thrilled to telling you all about it. Unfortunately, he was too excited and reckless. So much so that he forgot to knock on your door before entering
  • With a bashful blush in his face, Kirishima stood there, staring at your naked self. Just as soon as he caught a glimpse of your body, he took the doorknob and slammed the door shut. He stood on the hallway trying to process what had just happened when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching him from your room
  • Smiling without a care in the world, you told him to him to make his way into your bedroom. He did obey your command, but his eyes were fixed on the floor at all times. He did not want to give in to his pervy thoughts and glance at you while you were naked
  • “ You know, you can look at me!” you gently told him. It was not a lie that you trusted him to it’s your life. And quite frankly, you didn’t care if he saw you naked. You were completely at ease with him in the room
  • You continued to change while you felt Kirishima’s eyes in you. His face matched his hair and his heart was pounding way too fast for his liking
  • But he’s happy knowing that you trust him enough to let him stare at your beautiful body



Originally posted by mochii-s

  • Honestly, Todoroki would be just as nonchalant as you when he sees you naked
  • He tried calling your name numerous times. Since he didn’t hear a response from you, he entered your dorm just to check that you were well
  • A silent “oh” left his lips when he saw just how naked you were. He just stood there until you assured him that it was okay for him to stay with you
  • “ So how did you do on the test?” You asked
  • He’d just tell you about his day while you changed while glancing at your direction briefly. A small smile would appear on his face though. You sure knew how to brighten his day
  • Although he would be surprised at first, Todoroki woudln’t feel bashful about your nudity. He would, however, admit to himself that you had an amazing body which he was glad he could take a look at
  • He’d just lay on your bed while you changed. He really appreciates that you trust him enough to walk around your room naked while he was there, silently enjoying the view



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bakugou x reader; in which Bakugou and some other students from UA are doing a work -study abroad in NYC. also Bakugou is nice to you for once

cw: like, so many swears; sexual references

You’re sitting in a circle with Bakugou and all of his friends - whose real names you’ve learned by now. Kirishima passes out drinks to everyone, and you gladly take a bottle of beer. 

It’s a comfortable house party. No loud music, no insane partying. Just a group of friends sat in a circle, with maybe a few playing beer pong in another room. You smile and laugh at their jokes and stories, and part of you is jealous of Bakugou for having such an interesting group of friends. He barely joins in on the conversation, but you can tell the others enjoy having him around, even if it’s just to mess with him sometimes.

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Chapter 10

- On your wrists two names are tattooed. One of your soulmate and one of your enemy. Bakugou thinks all of it is total bullshit. Of course, that is until he meets you.


A/n: Damn, that last comment stung for Bakugou a little. Anyway, coming his dorm room soon thats gonna be hella cute. On another note, I want a nintendo switch and animal crossing so bad but I am broke as a joke. Anyways, the blogs birthday is coming up at the end of the month so tell me how you guys want to celebrate! Thank you for reading, I love you guys! 

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Ok but. A reader who loves rain. Like will straight up walk into an inch deep puddle, soaking socks and shoes, and splash in every single puddle in sight. Who would join her (of the boys ofc. I don’t necessarily care who but if we could have Katsuki or Sho in there that’d be super epic) and how would they respond if she dragged them in and splashed them (:

With all that self isolation going on I was writing this and WISHING I was the one in the rain right now. I haven’t been outside for like almost a month, I miss fresh air 😖🍃 anyways, here you go, hope you’ll like it!

Katsuki Bakugo

  • Him? Getting in the rain with you? No. Absolutely not. He means that… Are you out of your mind? Why would you want to be in the rain? Get all soaked and most likely catch a cold? No way in hell he is doing it. Not even for you.
  • That was one of the biggest lies he has ever told. And that’s the story of how it got ruined.
  • Okay, so, usual situation: the rain starts. You are running out of the room, not bothering to get a raincoat or an umbrella. A second later you are already out in the rain, having the time of your life. The worse it, the better.
  • Katsuki is totally watching you from the window, giving you middle finger every time you call him to join. He is not that type of a person.
  • He thinks so, at least. But worrying about you is stronger than his displeasure and dislike towards getting soaked in a rain. He walks out the door with and umbrella and a raincoat to wrap you in because you’ve been out for pretty long time.
  • That’s when it hits you. You come closer to your prey, expecting nothing but to drag you back into the room and get you under a blanket to warm up. Instead, he gets dragged in the rain.
  • Imagine the grumpy cat that accidentally fell in the bath full of water. Yep, that’s him, but yelling. At you. Loudly. On top of his lunges.
  • Just kiss the guy. KISS THE GUY IN THE RAIN.
  • He’ll shut up for as long as the kiss is going. That would feel nice. After that expect him to join you sometimes. Only sometimes. Only to mess with you. (“Being wet is still yuck though”)

Shoto Todoroki

  • As for this boy… Welp, you know he didn’t really get to enjoy his life and it is kind of a strange behavior for him.
  • You can totally say that he saw someone walking in the rain in movies you watched together, but rather than that? Nah. He has a genuine interest though.
  • Don’t expect him to walk in the rain right away.
  • It’s gonna take him some time to actually join you outside. He’s gonna take it slow.
  • At first, he’ll just keep watching you from inside the house. Just to see what you do. He’ll ask questions. A lot of questions that most likely will have only one answer: “You gotta feel it for yourself to know.”.
  • Soon he’ll move to watching you from under an umbrella or the porch. He’ll be so amused with how you act in the rain and kind of sharing those moments with you that he’ll never miss an opportunity to get outside with you.
  • Anyways, one day there was a huge thunder with heavy rain, but it was that kind when the sun is still shining and you get to see a rainbow. You’re running in the rain, jumping from puddle to puddle, laughing so hard and making Shoto smile so widely.
  • He just gets caught up in a moment, wanting to share this moment with you fully that he doesn’t even realize how he ends up in the rain. It’s gonna be a big shock for both of you, Shoto stands there with his hands put together and water gathers in his palms. He laughs then and splashes it all over you (as if you weren’t soaked anyway).
  • It all results in a game. Tag or something like this and at first it goes naturally, but then rules change: tagging is now not touching, but kissing.

Izuku Midoriya

  • I see it in a way that Midoriya would be confused and caught off guard when he first sees you running to play in the rain.
  • He is the type to watch you for a little while and then pull out his notebook to take notes. (For some reason that information about you is somehow relevant).
  • So. Much. Muttering. He is going to talk on and on about that habit of yours, especially if you have a quirk connected to water. A lot of theories of why you’d act this way and even a suspicious sight thrown at you.
  • When you get fed up with it, you’ll pull him from the inside of a room or a porch to join you in and the first thing to hear would be: “W-wait, m-my notebook!!!”. The disastrous look on his face when he thinks of it getting soaked and all the notes being gone forever.
  • Of course, he doesn’t notice that his notebook is actually left in a dry place.
  • Imagine that: you take his chin in your hand, turn his head for him to finally see the notebook being safe and the next thing you feel is his lips pressed against yours in a pure excitement.
  • Kissing in the rain might become his favourite part, although, he will be a bit shy about playing in the rain with you. (Why? Well, because, fabric of shirts is thin. And does it really hide anything when soaked? No. So, whose body parts are getting exposed is up to your imagination).
  • Anyways, that’s going to be one of his favourite things to do ever since. But, of course, he is going to first make sure that all his valuable possessions are secure.


  • As for here, that’s not gonna make any difference for him. Rain or not, who cares anyway? So, he might as well join your right away.
  • You bet he has a history of being out in the rain for some reasons, but not for the joy. Once he mentions that it was only a matter of finding a place to spend the night at or sleeping outside among all the wetness.
  • He will definitely take you to the park or some other quiet place to walk in the rain. Just walk. And sometimes talk. He’d really enjoy that quiet moment with you. It kinda can be sad to see his nostalgic gaze in the rain, it literally makes him think about something from the past or give off a familiar feeling that sends him back to his memories.
  • So it’d be kind of a mission for you to show him the other side of being in the rain. The joyful part. All the happiness that he can get from being soaked with you.
  • It’ll start off just as you stomping and splashing in puddles, gathering water in your hands and pouring it on Dabi to get his out of his thoughts and running away if he’d try to catch you and repay for getting wet.
  • Eventually, he’ll get a hang of it and grow to like it.
  • On one rainy day, he’ll ask you to join him for a walk as usual. You, not suspecting anything, follow him and get out of the LOV Hideout.
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, you’d get 100 of surprise when Dabi would actually splash you first and get you all wet by his own hands instead of the rain. A huge grin on his face including, especially when you’d fight back.
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HISTORY — a kirishima eijirou social media au

synopsis: y/n and kirishima have been friends since kindergarten up until their last year of middle school. unfortunate events started piling up and their strained relationship ended in a catastrophe.

warnings: mentions of drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts and death


part four < part five > part six (tba!)

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Warnings: plotless nsfw. This is just a drabble

“K-Katsuki,” you moaned in delight, legs quivering while your mouth gaped open.

You didn’t even need to glance at the boy under you to know that there was a smirk plastered on his face. Turning your head and peering down at him, or quite frankly, what you could catch of his face.

Your legs lingered on top of his face while his mouth wandered and roamed through your womanhood. You soon found out that his lips could enclose your clit and suck it with enough pressure to drive you insane.

“ Just let me take care of you, princess,” he whispered. His voice alone sending vibrations all over your pussy.

A shiver ran down your spine when his tongue fondled with you slit, slowly making its way up to abuse your clit once again .

You felt your orgasm approaching, swaying you hips on top of his face as he ate you out and whispered lewd words. Having the truculent boy under you working magic with his tongue was enough to drive you over the edge to a powerful orgasm.

Bakugou grasped your ass and brought your swollen clit back to his hungry lips. Shaking and begging him to stop was pointless. Overstimulation made you throw you head back.

His fingers were quick to join his mouth pleasuring you. He slowly teased your slit with two of his fingers before entering them inside of you.

“ You like it when I fuck you with my tongue, don’t you?”

The rapid circular movements of his wet muscle left you in a vacuous state unable to think properly.

He slapped your ass and pushed his tongue even deeper into you. He moved his head slightly in order to bite you thighs before returning to work on your clit.

You should have been leery of him when he called you to his room with that smirk that indicated he was up to no good. But at the moment, you just wanted to enjoy this blissful moment.



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Bakugou with a s/o who gives out a ton of affection but gets really shy while receiving affection

Awwww i feel this


Originally posted by deku-smash


“But Katsu.. the bell ..”

He gripped youre face gently kissing you . You were under the stairs in a hallway at UA. After you had showered Bakugo with affection all the way here he wanted to return the favor. He held youre face kissing gently . You whimpered feeling his smile creep up his cheeks.

“Just what i wanted.” He pet youre head smiling at youre red face

“Katsu!!! You shouldint do such things..”

“But its okay for you to sneak up on me and rubbmy butt? Thats not fair baby. “

Youre face got redder and Bakugo grabbed youre hip pulling you to him . “Cmon lets go to class “

You were different during class. You kept flinging notes at him and he would give you a look, even during training you would hug him from behind and kiss his neck , humping at him giggling.

After school you were on youre way to the lockers , someone yanked you out of the hall and under the stairs.

“Ow!! Katsu?”

He looked a little angry. He gently pushed you against the wall and slammed his arm on it above you. You were nervous someone would walk by and see you, you were shaking and squeezing youre bag.

“So how come.. you can do whatever you want to me. But when i do something you get all shy?” His other hand rubbing at youre hip .

“K..katsu!! I dont know okay?!?”

“Mmmm… not an answer.” He leaned down kissing you deeply . “Dont you like me? Or am i just some eye candy for you?”


He eased off you turning away, shoving his hands in his pockets. You hugged him from behind squeezing him. “Im just.. really happy to have you. Youre not eye candy. I like you alot. Im not not good with recieving affection Katsu..”

He turned around taking one of youre hands holding it tightly. “Then lets start slow”

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