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revelryinthememes · 5 months ago
All Might talking to Class 1A: And that concludes the battle plan. Eraserhead, you’re up!
Aizawa: Alright, time to see if you little shits were paying attention
[kahoot music starts to play]
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fenkko · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CAUTION: very loud. and spitty
this was one of the bnha actor au comics i drew for the @bnhabehindthescenes zine, open for leftover sales now! 
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alexandralumetta · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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After the storm ☀️
Yes. Bakugou is sit ON Deku.
"Let's see if the nerd can run now" said someone, at some point.
(Sorry A1 Kids, and especially Tenya, but i inked this before the new chapter ✨)
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
presented | k.bakugou.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader.
♡ word count: 13.3K
♡ rating: mature, 18+, mdni.
♡ genre: fantasy!au, dragon king!au, angst, fluff + smut.
♡ summary: on the twenty-first birthday of katsuki bakugou, an offering is made in his honour as he becomes chief of the dragons. clans usually offer up sacrifices of berries or nuts, salts and fresh catches. but for those of dargon’s blood, their offering is a mate...and that mate is you.
♡ warning(s): please read ! heavy smut,  ( characters aged up to early twenties ), dark content,  dub-con,  heavy!voyeurism, heavy!degredation, slight!misogyny breeding!kink, dacryphilia!kink, unprotected sex ( wrap it before you tap it, kids ), fingering ( female receiving ), blowjobs, tummy bulges, face slapping,  choking, spitting, cumplay, reader is a sexual offering. listen,,, its a lot...
♡ author’s note(s): HAPPY BAKUGOU DAY <33 i love this man sm :( and i wanted to do somn special for his day so here’s my contribution to the bakugou birthday bash collab!!! ( my first woo ) hosted by the lovely @jodrawssmut @phasmwrites @katsukikitten @bakugotrashpanda @lady-bakuhoe and @ramen-rambles​ !! pls go ahead and check out the works from the other creators!!  and enjoy <333
♡ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
it was tradition in the tribes of barbarians roaming japan, that on the twenty first birthday of the eldest child of the tribe leader came— an offering would be made in their honour and the title of chief would be passed down to them. for those of nymph and earth tribes it would be the month’s harvest of berries and nuts, for those of mer and water tribes it would be fresh salts and the biggest catch they could find… and for tribes of dragons and fire it would be— a mate.
the dragon clans worked differently from most others, with rituals fuelled by the heats of their core and the fire in their spirits— their desire. so when the moon came to be at its highest and the eldest child had come of age, the virginity of the most eligible men or women of the tribe was offered up as thanks for the leader’s hard work.
not much was expected of the offering, their only goal in life to produce heirs to the chief and act in pleasure of their mate. offerings were also trained from an early age for the ceremony— it was considered a privilege and brought many riches to their family. at least that’s what your parents had told you, where they as children had watched their friend masaru be paired with the dragon clan’s current chief, mitsuki. you had never understood the glitz and the glamour of being presented to someone as a gift, having your rights stripped away from you to be nothing more than a trophy to the leader of your people. the question of why always remained at the forefront of your mind, why was this the goal? why was this the life your parents so badly wished for you to attain?
sure, the arrangement and ceremony had it’s ups, mitsuki and masaru were happily mated still to this day and brought the dragon clan of barbarians much success, creating stable ground for trade amongst other clans and cementing their fearsome reputation— but you couldn’t see mating for honour in your future. you wanted it to be out of love just like your parents. you didn’t want to be one of sixteen other gifts offered to the chief’s son on his birthday ( a son that you barely remember, mind you. ) — but then again, life wasn’t always about getting what you wanted, unless you had power. life was always unfair so it seemed.
sometimes you wondered what the chief’s son thought of all this, you liked to think he too would be opposed to something so obscure as an offering and mating ceremony to celebrate his birthday and coming of age— but even then it was still wishful thinking and you could barely remember bakugou well enough to know what he was thinking. you had played together as children apparently, before you’d both begun your individual training, him to be a warrior, a leader and a king and yourself, a wife, a mother and whatever the future chief needed. it had been a long time since then, so you tried not to be bothered that you couldn’t remember him.
for right now, you sit aged twenty on the night before the coming of age offering and ceremony— sitting between girls of a similar age group as they fix the gifts they’d prepared for bakugou in their lessons today. another tradition you found stupid, was that along with the classes you had to take in order to prepare yourself as an offering , was to prepare a feasible gift for the future leader of your clan. as if he didn’t already have all the riches and land in the area under his belt already. the excitement of the girls in your hut  irks you enough to tune out of the conversation, wondering if any of the other offerings were getting much sleep and would allow an extra bed. you only return to the chitchat when someone calls your name.
“yn,” a girl you know as ichika whines from beside you, throwing herself into your left shoulder whilst clutching a woven basket she’d made for the prince. “aren’t you excited?”
you frown at the girl, confused and rub at the spot she’d hit you with a pout soon after. “why would i be excited?” your tone is blunt and unamused, there’s not a single emotion that sits at the base of your words— unlike the other offerings who can’t wait to have at it with the soon to be dragon prince. you couldn’t understand their fascination with having their life thrown away for someone they hardly knew.
akari is next to speak, she was a little older than most of the other offerings, at aged twenty three going on twenty four— a lot of your teachers doubted bakugou would pick someone older, since he needed someone able to produce heirs or live long enough to care for many generations of his offspring, no matter who they came from. you sometimes felt bad for her, but then again this seemed to be a life she was willing to suffer through. “didn’t you know him growing up, yn? oh please tell us what he was like?” she squeals with star struck eyes, latching into your right arm as she abandons the small fabric painting she’d made for bakugou. the others lean forwards in their seats, eager to swallow up any information they could get on their future mate before the time came, but you didn’t know how many more times you could tell them that you didn’t have any.
you clutch at your own gift, suppressing the annoyance at their ignorance. you’d made bakugou a necklace of shells, small and pearlescent ones that shone when you held them up to the light of the moon. did they sparkle like his eyes? hold the world’s fragile jewels? you think, but if you weren’t careful, they could shatter under your harsh grip and crumble to pieces— much like the hearts of all of these other offerings if the chief’s son didn’t pick them at tomorrow night’s ceremony. shells were fragile yet beautiful things, they didn’t deserve to be broken like this. you don’t even know why you bothered to make the stupid thing, you didn’t want to get picked and it’s not like you would anyway.
looking away from hopeful faces, you drop your gaze to your lap and sigh. “i don’t know how many more ways i can tell you this, but i don’t know him— bakugou, i don’t even remember him!” you try to explain, earning yourself several irritated sighs and a couple of eye rolls. “my parents are the ones that do! he and i were just barely on our feet when we played together as children.” both ichika and akari retreat from you at this, a solemn shadow cascading over their features and again you’re made to feel like an outcast. for thinking differently, for mayhaps thinking better of yourself instead of as a gift to be traded off to someone else.
“of course she wouldn’t tell us, why would she when knowing about him gives her the one up. typical yn. so selfish.”
one of the other offerings mumbles from a distance, and when you look to the girls you had previously been chatting with— they choose to lower their heads and not even utter a word in your defence. you scoff, standing up from your seat and deciding that if those you were raised and taught with weren’t going to have your back, you would much rather be elsewhere. so you quickly gather your robes, stuffing the necklace into your pocket and storm out from the hut— ignoring the whispered pleas for you to come back to bed and not break the rules to avoid getting in trouble. you were tired of the rules, hot from being kept inside and hotter in the face from being pushed away by the others.
you don’t know why it hurts so much, to be rejected by offerings you’d never see again after tomorrow and a part of you longs for some kind of acceptance somewhere out in the world. would you get it from your parents if bakugou chose you? would you even get it from yourself if being his mate was where you ended up? as you weave your way out of the offering camp and into the forest behind, your frenzied storm of nerve wracking thoughts quickly dissipate when your face is hit with cool nightly winds and fresh air that carries the salt from the seas at the mouth of the nearest river.
closing your eyes, you feel relief flood your body and your worries tumble downstream with the rush of the river. whatever were to happen tomorrow, you’re sure would be fine, you try to convince yourself— doing your best to ignore the raging anxious parts of your brain. opening your eyes, you lift a finger to the sky and allow the stars and constellations in the midnight canvas above to soothe your spirits, recounting each of the ones your father had taught to you as a child to calm your nerves. ursa major is one easy find, ursa minor next and after that the ram and after that some rustling deep within the bushes across the stream.
hold on a second, rustling?
slapping a hand over your mouth, you try to quieten your breathing. it was stupid of you to come out here so late at night, alone and without a weapon— that was also one of the rules of the offerings camp and rightly so, it was usually around this time other, weaker divisions in the dragon clan would try to sabotage the coming of age ceremonies by attacking and harming the offerings and you knew that there wasn’t much damage the necklace you thumbed over in your pocket could do as a weapon of self defence. hearing the rustling in the foliage turn to footsteps against the woodland floor, you duck in an attempt to conceal yourself— praying that whoever it is has a  shitty sense of hearing.  
“whoever’s there, i can see your fucking robes, if yer a hostile you might as well come out. ya’don't stand a damn chance against me.” a gruff voice cuts into the peaceful silence of the night and out of fear, you jump up and throw your only mechanism of defence at the perpetrator. he makes an oof  sound as shells collide with his skin but scoffs not long after. that’s how you know you’re fucked. “throwin’ a shitty necklace at me? well you’re no damn hostile, show yourself, fucker.”
you curse to yourself internally— you weren’t raised or taught to fight for yourself, that wasn’t the job of the dragon king’s mate, it was his job to protect you and that was another thing you found ridiculous about this whole ceremony scheme. catching your breath, you weigh up your options; either you make a mad dash back to the camp and face getting scolded for leaving the premises— or you face this stranger and die before you possibly give up your life for a man you’d hardly known.
dying sounded a lot better than being some asshole’s mate right about now.
moving to your feet, you rise to a standing position and make yourself visible to the intruder, hands up in the air as you ready to plead for your life and surrender. however, your face mirrors the look of surprise on the stranger’s handsome face, your gaze settling on a man seemingly in his early twenties with blood ruby eyes that practically shine like precious dragon jewels under the night sky. they hold secrets as they scan your body, catching on the robes that identify you belonging to the dragon tribe and more specifically as an offering too. he seems to recognise that fact, gaze revealing the fine detail of disappointment amongst the dark flecks in his eyes. the corners of lips twitch into a deep frown, as if the asshole is looking down on you. the boy has blonde hair, thick in volume and rough and unruly like the untamed flames of a village bonfire while he stands tall and the muscles of his body flex from underneath his red fur cape— also allowing you to place him as a member of your clan.
the stranger is beautiful, nothing like you’ve ever seen before and he makes curiosity burn at your insides while you both stare one another down.
after sometime, he scoffs and you have to avert your eyes from his figure to avoid watching his bulky, trained arms flex deliciously as he crosses them. “yer a fuckin’ offering?” he states more than he questions, causing initiation to flare up deep in your chest.
“and you shouldn’t be here.” you counter with a roll of your eyes. you quickly mimic his stance, in a weak attempt to cover the silken red fabric that does blatantly tell the world what you are. a mate, an offering, a gift.
“neither should you,” the blonde shoots a cocky smirk your way while he moves to cross the stream that separates you— chucking the shell necklace you’d made for bakugou in your direction. he makes a noise of amusement when you stumble to catch it and clutch the gift to your chest. “shouldn’t ya be back at your camp, with the others? oh ‘n here’s your shitty necklace, get a better weapon.”  you don’t know why you feel so protective of the stupid thing, it’s not like bakugou would appreciate it if he chose you. which he wouldn’t, he can’t, you don’t want him to.
the stranger adjusts himself after joining you on the other side of the stream, the water is only shallow and reached up to his boots— but he was stupid and hadn’t lifted his cape to stop it from getting soaked in his commute. for the second time that night, heat prickles at the skin underneath your cheeks while he takes the heavy red fur into his hands, wrigining it out to free the water that weighs it down. your skin only burns because the asshole isn’t wearing a shirt and you can see his abs ripple as he moves and shifts the cape off to reveal his scarred, caramel grazed skin to the night air.
“technically, i’m still on campgrounds. you’re the one who shouldn’t be here. you shouldn’t even be looking at us. so what are you even doing here?”  you ask him after defending yourself. even if you were breaking the rules by not being in your hut, it was against clan rules to see the offerings before the ceremony. they were for the chief's child only. and besides, the wooded area surrounding the offering campgrounds wasn’t off limits, he was the one who was somewhere he shouldn’t be. “who even are you?”
the blonde tilts his head at you, as if he’s entertained by the little sass that you give him and sucks his teeth once. “i’m on a fuckin’ walk, i’m a traveller, not that that’s any of yer business.” he grunts, voice rough in a way that makes you shiver. the stranger makes a move to sit on the grass, laying out his cape to dry under the night's moon. you backup a little bit to give him some space but also a little bit out of fear. you hadn’t had much contact with people outside the camp aside from your parents and the other offerings, so being this close to an incredibly handsome and abrasive stranger was nerve wracking. still, you shake your head, you couldn’t be having thoughts about another man when you could be married off tomorrow. “stop yer fuckin’ movin’ too, ‘m not gonna kill ya, you’re not a hostile and you’d be too easy.”
the boy adds, finally giving you a toothy grin at how you begin to scowl at him you admit, it’s worth it though. “what’s your name then?” you settle on asking him next, moving to sit down next to him. he spares you a glance but doesn’t shy away, allowing you to sit with him.
“bak— katsuki, now stop askin’ me questions, it’s fuckin’ annoying.” katsuki mumbles as he lays back in the grass and closes his eyes while he waits for his belongings to dry, locking away the fiery vermillion orbs that seem oddly comforting to you. a silence sweeps over you, one that’s weirdly content and periodically interrupted by the pair of you shifting in the grass or woodland creatures moving amongst the treelines or in the bushes.
“why are you out for a walk so late at night, katsuki?” you press, not afraid of pushing his buttons.
if he was really annoyed by your talking he would have up and left by now, but instead the self proclaimed traveller who you now know as katsuki lets out a low chuckle but keeps his eyes closed. “thought i asked you ta’stop talkin’?” the blonde gives a small chuckle as if he finds your persistence interesting.
“i‘m not a very good listener.” you retort, catching the wisps of a smile against his lips.
“i could tell.” bakugou doesn’t know why he continues to entertain you, maybe it’s because your innocent aura is like a breath of fresh air compared to the people he’s used to being around. “you talk too much, people must have a hard time gettin’ a shitty word in around you.” there’s something different about you, you don’t talk to him with the weight of expectations hidden behind your tone or try to play into his desires and change yourself to please him. instead, you challenged his actions and play along with his harsh banter. you’re brand new, a light shining in the dark pressure he feels.
this time to don’t bounce back with a witty response, your next words falling flat. “trust me, it’s quite the opposite.”
katsuki doesn’t need to be up and looking at you to know that a solemn frown is cast over your features like a dark cloud ruining a sunny day. he may not know you well enough but he could tell that you must not have a lot of people around you that you could talk to.
he doesn’t like feeling sympathetic but he shifts until his legs are bent and bumps his knee against yours as you have yours crossed. “‘m out here ‘cause i needed to think, got a lot on my plate. under a lotta pressure.” the blonde says to answer your earlier question.
you hum appreciatively, casting your gaze over the strangers’s closed eyes and now relaxed face. you wonder what a traveller like him could be stressed about and rub your knee where he bumped you, sheepishly. “‘m sorry,”
“don’t be, s’not like i need your pity, y’have plenty of that ya’self it’s seems.” katsuki still seems calm, another small smile playing at his lips— telling you that he enjoys talking to you despite the sharp edge to his words.
you push at his knee. “yeah? and how would you know?”
“you just like look like it.” he mumbles.
“your eyes are closed, you’re not even looking at me right now!”
“don’t need to be, can feel it. you exude ‘my life sucks’ energy.” katsuki’s eyes briefly flicker over to you, giving you a knowing look before he returns to his nap like state.
you scoff incredulously, he’s only been around you for about thirty minutes and he’s already making assumptions about to character. “and you’re not going to ask me about what my life is really like?” you ask, huffing into the night.
“nope,” the dragon prince ( unbeknownst to you ) says, popping the p. “don’t care enough.” you giggle, finding the stranger’s blunt attitude slightly charming.
this moment and the banter it held had been the most relaxed you had been in a while, no longer trapped by the strings of stress related to giving your life away for the sake of tradition. for some reason, you feel like you can talk to katsuki, even if he’s rude and gruff, he doesn’t seem bothered by your presence.“well since you oh-so-kindly name’s yn and...i’m on a walk too. one that i shouldn’t be on, valuable merchandise and all...but i needed to clear my head.” you confess into the cool air, looking back up at the sky in search for the constellation of your own zodiac sign.
katsuki bakugou cracks an eye open, looking over your side profile as you find peace within the sky. he thinks that you’re stupid for not recognising him, especially after his blunder with his own damn name but for some unknown reason he feels drawn to you and can’t bring himself to leave. “don’t care, didn’t ask, stop talkin’.” he spits, despite his internal thoughts and hopes that you ignore his brashness.
you do, barely giving him the time of day as you continue, fingers gripping the grass beneath your thighs. “i needed to clear my head because i’m scared, about tomorrow, about my future and…” you pause as bakugou perks up, seemingly interested in what you have to say about the choosing ceremony for his birthday. he didn’t care much for it himself, it was part and parcel of the leader of the dragon clan, he’d do what he had to for his people, for honour. “and i know with all my heart that if i am chosen to be the dragon prince’s mate tomorrow, it’ll be the worst moment of my entire life. i’m not cut out to be someone’s wife, to be limited to having his children and to serving him, pleasing him. that’s just not who i am or what i want from this life…the other offerings all look forward to being this, but me? i—“
“yeah, yeah yeah, boohoo little miss ‘‘m not like other girls’, we fuckin’get it.” katsuki groans loudly now, cutting right through your train of thought. you make a move to curse him out, to shove him hard in shoulder for disrupting you while you pour your heart out into night time’s breeze but he grabs your wrist and yanks you toward him. your heart rate spikes as his warm breath fans over your cheeks, but he doesn’t seem the least bit fazed for now. “stop pittyin’ yerself. who’s to say the chief’s son’s gonna pick ya anyways? i know i wouldn’t with all yer fuckin’ whinin’.” the blonde tuts when you gasp, not expecting his mean words but you can barely focus on them with your sudden proximity. you’ve become so close that you can see the darker shades of red that line his vermillion orbs along with the tan freckles that line his cheek bones and dot around his scars, he’s beautiful and you wish so badly that you weren’t an offering so you might have a chance with him.
bakugou doesn’t seem to notice as you lose focus, still scolding you with a firm grip on your wrist while he inches closer to you. “it fuckin’ sucks having your whole life planned out for you— but’cha make do with what you have, this is an honour, to your name and to your parents,” he breathes in with the sway of the trees as he grows heated and katsuki isn’t sure when his lesson to you turned into a rant about his feelings towards what he really thought about the ceremony. “...hell, even to—even to your fuckin’ clan. you really gonna pity yourself when you could end up with a better life than what half the people here have? would you hate it that much if you got chosen?” he looks to you hopefully, eyes catching the light of the moon as he speaks.
“i won’t get chosen.” you whisper, not registering the fact that katsuki is leaning into you with unadulterated curiousness. something about the way he stares at you, makes you tingle with a foreign feeling. was it desire? interest? fear? you couldn’t tell.
“what if you do?” he counters, a breaths width away from you now.
“i won’t. he wouldn’t want me.” your eyes meet before gazes flutter down to either one of your lips.
“how would you know that?”
this time, you bite your lip and finally break away from the trance katsuki had somehow lured you into. “not even i want me. i wouldn’t be able to meet his needs.”
bakugou scoffs at this, the sound similar to earlier when you’d first met and eventually pulls away from you. the lack of his overbearing warmth and harshness upsets something within your body and you start to cower due to the cold— even if your robes protect you from the breeze. “yer a fuckin’ whiner, you know that? it’s fuckin’ infuriating,” he sighs before gathering his cape and moving to stand. “you should go back to your camp before someone finds ya. i’ll see you tomorrow.”
the last of katsuki’s words pass over your head, your body still reeling from his change in attitudes and emotions towards you. your head spins, one second you’re about to kiss a complete stranger and the next, he’s leaving you in the cold of the night. was this what life would be like if you were chosen at the ceremony? needed one moment and then in the blink of an eye, tossed to the side? you hated that feeling, you never wanted to feel that way ever again. so you quickly gather yourself together, not bothering to watch bakugou retreat and pray to all of the stars that you don’t get chosen to be the future chief’s mate.
“tomorrow?” you whisper, briefly touching your lips before heading to your hut back at camp for some well deserved rest.
Tumblr media
the next day is spent preparing for the ceremony taking place that night. your teachers from over the last few years bid you and the other offerings fair well, reminding you of your training with tearful granny eyes as they pull at your cheeks and tell you not to worry if you didn’t get picked— like you were all children being chosen for a team game. you”re given a celebratory lunch for completing your training, which your parents and family are allowed to join you for.
more tears are shed when your mother sees you again, telling you what a beautiful young lady you’ve become and that bakugou would be lucky to mate you. you choke on your green tea and your father wipes you clean, recounting old memories of how you and the future dragon king used to play in the mud as infants— the other offerings and their families stare you down but you avoid their gazes and chant to yourself ‘the sooner this day is over, the sooner you never have to see ichika and akari ever again.’ to distract yourself.
part of you hoped that bakugou is into self centred, shallow and fake women— at least that way one of them would have a better chance at being his mate than you.
you almost cry when they begin to dress you for the ceremony later that day. you feel demeaned as they strip you from the safety of your robes and put you in skimpy fabrics consisting of next to nothing. a red bralette does nothing but hold up your cleavage, leaving your skin exposed to the chilly spring air— it’s fabric painted with shades of burnt orange and honeyed yellows to symbolise the fire of your people. the panties are even worse. you regrettably run your fingers over the fabric, hating how your most intimate areas will be put on display for everyone to see, even your parents.
was losing yourself worth it to become what they wanted?
shame burns at your cheeks when your teachers tie strings of a dragon scaled thong around your waist, to them you look like a model beauty— ready to become a wife but you feel nothing but loss and try to remember katsuki’s words from the night before. this was for honour, make do with what you have. your teachers leave you after you’re dressed, reminding you to join the others as you slide on some traditional jewellery and fix your hair. with a nervous heart pounding at your rib cage, you grab your gift to the dragon prince and head towards the main camp, where the other offerings reside behind a makeshift stage. they ignore you, of course, leaving you to your own devices until the ceremony begins.
a hand lands on you shoulder, breaking you from your jumpy trance. “good luck out there, whiner,” katsuki’s familiar, timbre voice fills your ear and a warmth floods your exposed, cool body. spinning around, you lock eyes with the blonde and can’t help but smile. he’s dressed for the occasion too, although missing his cape from last night he wears leather as well, but in the form of a lace up jacket that ends just under his rib cage, patterns that tell stories of your clan’s origins are burned into the material— it’s unusual blue contrasting with the heat of his eyes. he must be here to join the crowds like everyone else, you muse, the clan makes a big deal out of these things.
“thank you, katsuki,” you breathe steadily, trying to hide your body when you realise you must look much different from last night.
he doesn’t look down, much to your surprise, gaze settling on the chain of shells you’d made for the dragon prince. katsuki’s face twists with something you don’t recognise before he tucks away a stray baby of yours and leans in to whisper into the shell of your ear. “you’ll be fuckin’ needing it, whiner.” he says smoothly, retreating from your body as he stalks away to the beat of the announcing drums outside.
“what’s that supposed to mean—?” again, you don’t understand what it is that he means but before you can get an answer, the man is lost in the chaos and you’re lining up to head out on centre stage to give up the rest of your life.
“now presenting, the sixteen offerings of the dragon-fire tribe!” someone calls to the crowd, announcing your cue. you follow the lead of the other offerings into the stage, blinded by fire and pitched while you’re drowned in the screaming and chanting of your fellow barbarians.
you would make do, you would do this for honour.
Tumblr media
up on stage, your blood freezes in your veins.
you feel stuck in place, barely able to move and think any clear thoughts aside from him. before tonight, in your mind, bakugou was a fuzzy blur from your childhood, a blurry figure that danced amongst your memories as a child— but here now, he stays standing before you as clear as day with his mother mitsuki bakugou announcing him to the clan as your new leader. her son, katsuki bakugou.
you feel a fool for not noticing the resemblance in him earlier— you”d confided in the man you had a one in sixteen chance of being mated to, told him your fears and your worries and now he proudly smirked to his people with an inflated ego and an evil glint in his once warm eyes. “my boy, as you take reign as chief,” mistuki’s voice booms loudly across the swarm of barbarians that cheer the new chief on, reclining in her seat and linking hands with masaru. katsuki basks in his new found glory, barely acknowledging his mother until she starts to speak again, “you must choose a mate to stand by your side as you build your new empire and to bring forth heirs in order for the bakugou name to prosper. katsuki bakugou, you must choose one from the sixteen offerings by taking their gift to you and placing it on your body as proof you belong to them, and they you,”
the crowd falls into an anticipating silence, the moment they’d been waiting for since the period of sacrifice began finally coming to fruition. it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop, in fact, the sounds of your own uneven breathing fills the air while you hope and pray that bakugou skips over you. tradition has it that the new chief must inspect each of his offerings before coming to a final decision, so you wait with baited breath in hopes that he chooses someone, anyone but you to become his. your gaze drops to your feet while the dragon king’s footsteps ascend the line of your classmates, you can’t bear to look Jim in the eye after he knows what he does about you. you don’t even want to see your parents in the crowd.
the footsteps grow closer and your anxiety spikes, causing you to screw your eyes shut. “gimme yer dumb fuckin’ necklace.” bakugou declares with a harsh tug of your chin to make you look up at him. his sudden presence before you sends shock waves through your system and your eyes shoot open to meet his cooler, now more calculated ones. he had picked you.
“k-katsuki?” you stutter, hands shakily holding out the jewellery you’d make for him. you wonder if he recognises you from last night, the pathetic girl who wanted to escape it all, whining about her life— does he remember that she was you?
“finally recognise me, whiner?” the dragon king snatches the necklace from your hands and pulls it over his head with unusual care for his brash personality— face lighting up as he questions you. you swallow and nod your head, unable to do anything else as you remain paralysed with shock. turning to his people, bakugou takes hold of your wrist in the same way he did last night and pulls you towards them before you have a chance to think. “this one. she’s my mate.”
you could almost hear the excited screams of your parents, cheers from your people and sighs or sneers of disappointment from your fellow offering peers while they’re cleared off of the stage. you feel light headed, everything moving too quickly for you to process and you latch onto katsuki to steady yourself. he smirks as if he had planned this all.
mitsuki stands from her throne, approaching you with a smile of approval stretching across her lips. “what is your name?” she asks you and when you give it to her, the smile on her face grows. “now yn, here your life begins as mate to the chief of the dragon clan. you begin by presenting yourself to your mate.”
“p-presenting myself?” absentmindedly, you shudder— from cold or from anxiety you’re not sure. all the lessons you’ve ever learned about being an offering drop from the forefront of your mind and all you can think about is all the people that will watch you lose yourself to katsuki bakugou. you feel sick, still not over the fact that you’d met last night, the fact that he’d chosen you despite everything you had to say and most importantly— the fact that he was basking in your reaction.
the new chief uses your hold on him as leverage to push you down to the floor, not letting up even as you stumble and taking over as his mother backs away from you both to let him perform his duty in completing the ceremony. “you heard her, slut.” katsuki’s mouth remains vulgar but this time the words on his tongue are dipped in a coating of venom that sends an uncomfortable mix of desire and fright down your spine. “get on your hands ‘n fuckin’ knees, present yourself to your people, present yourself to your king— to me.”
in that moment, while trepidation twists in your gut, you feel the blood in your veins fill with a sick mix of hatred and humiliation. you hate him for ruining your life after you put your trust in him. he took advantage of your innocence in not knowing who he was, acting as a stranger who made you feel safe and wanted. you hate him for it.
“do i need to fuckin’ repeat myself? do they teach you offerin’s nothing or are you just that dumb.” bakugou says cooly , disinterested expression taking over his face, similar to when you’d first met last night. on the contrary, his rubied eyes bleed with newfound fierceness— telling you that if you mess up, he’ll snap. “ya’must have nothin’ but air between those fuckin’ ears or didn’t they teach ya to take orders? get on your fucking knees.”
this man isn’t the same as the one you’d met last night, he’s mean and feral, blinded by the roaring cheers from his people. you internally curse yourself out for the heat that starts to grow between your exposed thighs while the dragon king  degrades you. you hate it, you hate him. “n-no, k-katsuki please, you know i don’t want to do this,” you bite back a whimper, trying to get through to the softer side of him that had comforted you prior but he returns the wobble in your lower lip with a snarl, his upper lip curling harshly in a way that makes you genuinely scared.
“you think i care about what you want? this day is about me. it’s my day, my fuckin’ ceremony and you’ll do as i please. like ya’spsosed to, as my mate.” tears flood your eyes and the spark that they held in the moon the night before falls from them easily, much to katsuki’s expiation. he’s going to enjoy breaking you down tonight. “you should be honoured about servicing me, don’t you remember our little chat yesterday? you should feel honour. don’t wanna disappoint your teachers, your folks, your people… do you?”
poison dipped words sit in the forefront of your mind as you look up at your newfound mate. the people of the dragon clan weren’t just under his rule, but yours too. there would be expectations that they had for you: to bare children, to look pretty and be kind. to be mated to their chief under their watchful eye. would your parents really feel disappointed if you neglected your duties in front of everyone they knew.
you shake your head gently at your king’s confession, feeling the eyes of every person in your clan on you in that moment. vermillion eyes light up at your change of heart, you’ll want this, just as he did. “good girl, now hurry the fuck up and get on your knees.” katsuki seethes, pride swelling in his chest as you give into his demands. angry tears that you swallow down hurt at you throat while you shift from your slump on the floor into a kneeling position— anger towards yourself for wanting whatever he’s about to do to you, despite how scared you feel.
bakugou towers above you, you hadn’t noticed last night how big he really was. his honey glazed chest is barely covered by the tight leather that he wears, muscled from the years of training he’d undergone for this moment. his body looks as if it were carved from stone by the gods himself, angular and cut in the right placed— heavy scars lining his perfect skin. he’s so big that you feel dwarfed as a large palm comes up to sit on your head, the touch softer compared to the blood lustful stare he gives you, it flickers for a moment when you flinch back.
“‘m not gonna hurt ya, ya stupid little thing. at least not yet.” his words are gentle but unlike last night, you aren’t so naive to believe him this time round. bakugou’s thick fingers wrap around the tendrils of your hair, gripping them harshly and using them to force your head until a sky filled with stars comes into view. you gasp at the unexpected pain, he’s hurting you and you so shamefully like the pain, rubbing your kneeling thighs together as slick starts to travel between them. the blonde takes your open mouth as a sign of opportunity— spitting into it harshly and smirking as you splutter and choke on him. the action gets a rouse out of the crowd, members of your clan cheering katsuki on as he starts to take his claim over your body.
yanking you to look up at him as a sweltering heat boils in your lower tummy, the dragon king leans down to your level until you’re a breaths width apart and he can practically smell the need rolling off of you in waves. “here’s how this s’gonna go, little one. ‘m gonna fuck you, in front of all of these people— make a fung show of turnin’ you into my obedient lil mate. mine.”  he grips your cheeks with a free handcki, pads of his burning hot fingers sinking into the supple flesh there as he keeps and even, low voice. “you’re fuckin’ mine now, y’got that?”
through squashed cheeks you manage to agree with him— meekly. “yes, katsuki—“
your words are quickly cut off when the hands that held your cheeks release you— only to send up slapping you across the face. your head swings to the side and you blink back the burning pain in your cheek— a pain that you liked, that made you leak through the flimsy thong you were wearing. the people cheer and you whimper.
“getting real sick of you whinin’ my name like that,” bakugou muses, mouth twitching up into a sinister smirk. he takes in your dazed state, the way your pupils blow wide your mouth now hangs open with tracks of drool. “y’gonna call me your fuckin’ king, especially if you wanna get slapped around like that again, i know you liked that, nasty bitch.”
you can’t believe the vulgar words that pour from the boy’s mouth even with everyone watching his every move, you find it harder to believe that you’re enjoying this— never having been handled like this before. nothing in your training as an offering could prepare you for how mean, dirty and nasty bakugou would be when taking you for the first time.
he steps around your kneeling form with calculated eyes, mapping out in his brain how he wants to ravage your pure and virgin body first. once out of your line of vision, the dragon king disappears from your body completely— leaving you under the watchful gaze of barbarian men. you hate it that you miss his hands on you, grabbing you and twisting you in different ways.
katsuki returns with a curved blade, earning hoots from your clan as he holds it to your chest. your heart hammers against your rib cage and you look up at the blonde with wild untamed fear. “be still, unless ya want me to fuckin’ cut ya,” he warns, keeping cool until you manage to still yourself enough for him to hook the blade on your bralette and slice right through the material.
the flimsy fabric falls limp at your chest, making you shudder as your breasts are exposed to the cooler night air— making your nipples harden. “fuck baby, look yer tits… so fuckin’ pretty,” you mewl at his praise, chest arching into nothing as dangerous blood red eyes dance between them. they look so soft to him and he wants nothing more than to bury his face between them and mark them up— but there would be time for that later, his twitching hard on required more attention. “want you to suck me off, take out my cock n suck it dry. use your tits, dirty girl.”
your body flushes with white hot desire at katsuki’s command and without thinking, you launch forward to work through his pants eagerly, forgetting the group of people watching you just as eagerly. after fighting with his belt for long enough, bakugou finally manages to shrug down his pants— cock springing free as he’d forgone underwear. you’d never seen a cock up close before, fascinated by the clear droplets of precum that ooze from the slit at his angry red tip. your king is impressive in size too, curved ever so slightly and so big you fear that wherever he chooses to put it, bakugou’s length might not fit.
you know that he’d make it fit, however.
“what’s takin’ you so long?” bakugou grunts impatiently from above you, face contort with want as you eye his impressive girth. the cold air is getting to him, making his dick twitch at the change in temperature.
you hesitate and bite your lip, feeling your cheeks flame as the crowd of men grow angsty. “katsuk— i mean, my king… i’ve never…never...”
“spit it the fuck out.” he snaps.
“i’ve never sucked a cock before!” you squeal, ashamed that you had to admit the fact in front of everyone that you know. as an offering you had never had a sexual encounter in your life, unless you counted touching yourself at night while you thought everyone else was asleep.
something shifts in the air as realisation dawns on katsuki. for a split second he had forgotten the traditions of your clan, that offerings were made to remain pure and innocent until their mate could take them at the ceremony. he grins at the thought, he would be the first to break you— wreck your mouth and your cunt and ruin everything else for you. “shit, huh? guess i’ll have to teach you that too, stupid lil girl can’t do anytnin’ for herself can ya, how pathetic.” bakugou hums, feeling himself pant from excitement about sinking into your hot mouth. he grabs a fistful of your hair and pulls you onto him, shoving his leaky cock past your soft, virgin lips.
you make a small squeak of protest at his sharp thrust into your mouth, but settle down feeling the weight of bakugou’s girth on your tongue. he’s heavy, tasting of sweetness and smelling like caramel— mostly from the layer of sweat that glazes his skin. experimentally, you run your tongue over the prominent vein on the underside of his cock and peer up at him through your lashes.
fucking hell, you look so darling and innocent from up above, dried tears on your cheeks as your jaw stretches to accommodate for katsuki’s size. your mouth is hot as he sinks further into it and he can feel your tongue fidgeting beneath him as he pushes in. “fuck’re so hot on me, how’s it feel? takin’ a fat cock in your mouth for the first time, hah?” bakugou’s words come out slurred and breathy, swaying on his feet as he pushes your head towards his balls and bucks up into your mouth. “look atchu baby, fuckin’ look at her.”
the blonde sneers commandingly to the crowd with another jolt of his hips, sticky tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat with ease. you gag, fresh sets of tears springing to your doe eyes and searing a pathway down your chubby baby fat cheeks as they burn with shame once again. your cunt is wet, throbbing with wanton as your mate directs everyone to look at you choking on the sheer size of him— for some reason, mayhaps a primal desire, you feel the need to impress and begin to slowly bob your up and down the length of katsuki’s dick.
a triumphant, toothy grin spreads across the dragon king’s lips— bearing is sharp fangs for all the world to see. you’ve finally come around, ready to get the show on the road and he pulls your head back by the hair only just to add a globule of his own spit to the sloppy mess you’ve made on his cock. “ohh fuck, shit. y’sure this is the first time you’ve sucked a cock, little one? ‘cause your mouth is takin’ me in like a well trained slut,” bakugou coos, although there’s a mocking lilt to his tone but you barely hear him over the sound of you slurping up his precum and sloppily licking over what fits in your mouth.
he shudders, feeling you swallow around the tip at hit reaches the base of your throat— eyes growing hazy. “gonna need those precious tits of yours baby, s’pecially since your pathetic mouth can’t take all of me,” katsuki pants out. he doesn’t need your breasts on him but he can’t help but want to stain them with all the dripping mess from his cock. painting your body with his potent seed so everyone knows that you’re his.
seeing you like this makes his chest burn with lust, thoughts of all the ways he could take you and claim you plaguing his mind. he fucking lucked out, he thinks, being the only one who’s ever going to get you on your knees like this.
as you hesitantly push your breasts together around the base of his cock, visions of you waiting for him, sprawled out across various furs under the light of burning flames flash behind katsuki’s eyes. you’re going to belong to him, mind body and soul but everyone has to know it first.
your tits are soft and fleshy around the base of katsuki’s dick and his eyes flutter shut at the push and pull of them over his length, at least what doesn’t fit into your mouth. you remain obedient for him, giving it your all to see the dragon king’s face contort with pleasure above you, memorising how he twitches when your tongue presses down on certain spots along his shaft. fuck you’re so good at this, so pretty like this with his essence smeared against your skin and your glassy eyes focused on him and only him.
“god the way you’re fuckin’ lookin’ at me, takin’ my cock...such a good little bitch, hah?” you moan around him, praise shooting straight to your puffy, untouched heat. the sound travels up katsuki’s length, pulling a broken growl from him. “oh yer s’naughty, practically begging fer me to fill your mouth up with my cum, hah? isn’t that whatcha want?” his breathing is shallow, hips stuttering as he thrusts through the valley of your breasts, straight into the heat of your sinful mouth. bakugou could cum like this, paint your mouth from the sight of drool spilling down your cheeks and chin, dripping between your bouncing tits, over your hard nipples and mixing with the clear stickiness of his precum. “too bad ya cockhungry little whore, ‘m not cummin’ till i get to that tight little cunt of yers—hey!”
you forget for a moment, the people surrounding you and watching you slobber over their leader’s cock and stumble forward, selfishly closing your lips around katsuki— desperate to taste his release on your tongue. he grits his teeth, drunk on the early signs of his high as spit gathers in mouth before you spew it all over his heavy girth, some of it landing on his thick thighs and against your messier chest. “oh-hoho, you greedy fuckin’ girl,” he punctuates each of his words with a thrust through your glossy lips and a pat to your cheeks. “yer such a slut, s’hungry for your first taste of my cock hah? in front of all these people?”
red eyes swimming with lust dart to the crowd, growing more and more rowdy the more you give in to your duty as mate. you follow katsuki’s eyes, whimpering around him at the men and women who basically drool over you getting railed. “oh fuck— you fuckin’ bitch, m’gonna cum, gonna fuckin’ cum—“  he grabs hold of your face with a free hand, pushing you further down his girth until your nose his buried in his public hairs. you gag and choke and splutter as he thrusts deeper and deeper into your tight throat. a gruff moan tears in bakugou’s throat, the pace of his hips losing momentum as he nears his high.
you lose your balance, letting go of your chest to catch yourself as you fall onto hands and knees but don’t dare let up on working bakugou with your mouth. you shiver, thin material of your underwear caught between your sticky pussy lips as you’re exposed to cool air once again. the tips of your ears burn as people start to notice your glistening heat, capturing bakugou’s attention even as he’s close to cumming.
“god, she’s soaked.”
“if he doesn’t fuck her cunt soon, then i will.”
it makes him livid to hear such unworthy low life’s talk about his property like that, at his ceremony for his twenty-first birthday. how dare they? who the fuck do they think they are? katsuki glances back down at you again, watching as you struggle to breathe from his cock down your throat and all it takes is the look of need in your eyes for the cord in his lower belly to snap. “shit baby, fuck—“ he shouts, creaming your sweet mouth for all to see. “suck that cock, suck it dry, fuck—! show ‘em who you belong to.”
you swallow every last drop of cum as katsuki hits cloud nine, white colours of rage and euphoria flashing behind his commanding eyes. you milk him for all his worth, tasting his sweet essence across your tongue and for a second you forget every doubt you had about becoming an offering as the image of your king painting your mouth with his seed becomes ingrained in your mind.
the moment doesn’t last long, for you’re ripped off of his dick by the hair— milky white staining your chin and tits and bakugou is manhandling you back down to the crowd, letting them see how filthy you are. bakugou strips the rest of his shirt and shoves his pants lower behind you, throwing his shirt across the stage and earning a few hoots from members of your clan below— you’re breathless and a hot mess, sprawled out on the cold concrete. you’re thankful for the break, trying to sit up and recover from his toughness before a hard leather boot lands on your shoulder, keeping your back arched and you pinned to the floor.
“y’see this needy little bitch?” katsuki puffs his chest, staring at his people—the cat callers more specifically— in an accusing manner. they nod with fear rolling off of their bodies in waves as he grips your hair, yanking your head up. “she’s fuckin’ mine, and if you dare say a fuckin’ word about my cunt again? i’ll kill you and feed you to the fuckin’ dragons. get that through your thick, shitty skulls.”
his possessive warning sends your pussy into a series of flutters, juices of arousal dripping from your hole and staining the ground beneath you. it’s rough against your skin, probably marking you up and grazing your softness— but the pain feels good and you whine out for your mate, desperate for something; anything from him to ease your needy pain. “f-fuck— suki, p-please i—“ you resort to begging, no longer caring about the many pairs of eyes on you— nor about your values either. “please, please please—!”
a hand flies across your face, stinging your chubby cheeks and making a fresh set of hot tears burn at your bambi eyes. “thought i fuckin’ told ya to call me yer fuckin’ king, slut. or do i have ta teach ya that too?” as soon as the stinging is gone, he’s rubbing at the sore area before he’s pushing your face back down to the ground. “gonna have ta show all these people who you belong to sweet girl, gotta fuck you until cum for me ‘n all of these worthless, pathetic fucks know that your cunt is mine and mine a fuckin’ lone.”
your audience remains intrigued and you drip down the backs of your thighs, craving to be touched and roughed up more. your brain crackles with electricity and anticipation sits heavy in the air as katsuki kneels beside your head and his fingers dance down your spine until they meet your juicy, fleshy ass.
a heavy hand comes down against your ass cheeks, making you squeal and your breath hitch. “y’ want my fingers in that tight hole of yours, my pretty little slut? gonna stretch you out for a fat cock. you’re gonna be so tight around me, can already tell,” bakugou pinches at the base of your spine then tears through your panties, watching with amusement as your hips jump up before he spreads your cheeks and leans back to spit directly into your hole. you clench right after. “so greedy, ‘course you fuckin’ do. tell me you want it.”
“i want it, wan...want your fingers…” you pant, drool sloshing around in your mouth.
the blonde shakes his head, spitting again and landing another spank. “beg for it you greedy bitch.”
“oh god—please! need your fingers inside me, my king, can’t—please, oh please—!” the words pass from your lips in incoherent babbles but your mate seems pleased, sliding his fingers lower and lower down to your slit.
“louder, tell your people what you want from your fuckin king.”
twitching under his boot, your hips rut you into the air with heavy impatience— causing the blonde holding you down to smirk in amusement. “please use your fingers on my dirty cunt, m-my king, can’t hold it anymore— ‘m desperate please!” you practically scream, the tail end of your words catching in your throat as katsuki pushes two of his thick fingers past your entrance, immediately scissoring them once they breach your gummy walls.
your cunt is so fucking hot, so fucking sticky, the juices that pour from it viscous like sweet honeys. you cry out, lips pushing into a messy, wet pout while you clamp down on the digits pressing against your inner walls. “christ sweetheart, yer cunny’s drippin’ all over me— ya really get this wet from suckin’ your first cock?” katsuki moans breathily in your ear, grinning as your eyes cross and you become dazed.
“yes,” you hiccup, drunk on the way your virgin hole stretches over the two fingers inside them. you gush all over them when they curl in search of your g spot— your hips pushing back against bakugou’s palm which grinds against your puffy clit deliciously. “feels s’good, so good, ‘m so wet m-my king— oh! fuck—more, please more!“
you’d never felt pleasure like this in your entire life, not even your hand against your sex in the dead of the night had felt as good as this. wet, squishy sounds fill the air, coming straight from your hole with the push and pull of his fingers. “shut the fuck up.” bakugou grunts, watching strings of your arousal stick to his fingers while he pulls them out of your hole to show the crowd. “who the fuck is she s’wet for?” he asks them, grinning as the men up front cower in fear. they stop their hands in their pants as you quiver— knowing that if they don’t answer you won’t get the release you’re craving for.
“y-you, chief bakugou.”
he brings his fingers to his lips, smearing your slick against them to get a taste of what he’ll have access to for the rest of his life. katsuki is nasty, dirty, so fucking filthy—lifting his boot from your back to tug you up by your hair again as he pulls you up to his face, leaning in just like last night. his lips brush against yours, hot breath fanning against them as he speaks. “isn’t that right baby, you ‘n your stupid cunt are soaked for me, yeah?  s’all for fuckin’ me…” bakugou tilts his head, focused on the twitches of your face. “bet you want me to eat that cunny of yers too...”
“s’all for you suki, please eat me...” you mumble, chest heaving at your proximity. bakugou licks over his bottom lip before feverishly pressing them against yours— forcing you to taste yourself on him. you sigh, eagerly sucking on his bottom lip and biting down on it hard when his fingers end up circling your puckering hole once again.
“fuck no, you’d be a nasty, greedy little bitch if you think ‘m eatin’ you out here,” the blonde growls, only just pulling away from your spit covered lips. “ya’get what yer fuckin’ given, got that?”
you whimper in agreement before being yanked back onto katsuki’s mouth.  your teeth and tongue clash in a dirty, filthy kiss— spit swapped between your mouths with the taste of one another’s arousals on your tongues. the pad of his thumb press roughly into your swollen clit, your shrill and cute whines becoming more and more addictive as they twist with the sounds of your silken heat.
“you’re so fuckin’ naughty, takin’ my fingers like this in front of all these people. tryna be my good mate but yer jus a stupid, needy bitch who wants to cum for me.” bakugou manages between kisses, sliding his tongue lazily against yours and using it to push his spit into your mouth at the same time as his scarred digits press down hard on your pleasure spot. your gummy walls clamp down on him, forcing more of your nectar down your thighs. “christ, you like being talked to like that, like yer my worthless whore. hah?”
you nod, it’s all you can do as you feel your high approaching you rapidly. honeyed whines breach the night air, sounding out loudly against the cheers and hoots from katsuki’s people—your people. “w-wanna cum for my king,” you babble, back arching and hole growing tighter and tighter around the fingers pleasuring you. “‘m so close, ‘m yours, worthless ‘n yours—!”
bakugou begins to cackle into your kiss, the flavour of your juices fading before he forces your face back under his boot and starts pumping his fingers into you at a brutal pace. “then cum for me, little one.” he orders and your body naturally responds, the coil in your stomach finally snapping as thousands of colours and shades without names dance behind your eyes. your body shakes violently as your orgasm washes over you— sucking the air out of your lungs as your pussy selfishly keeps katsuki’s fingers locked in against your walls. “atta fuckin’ girl,”
you release a shrill scream and you cum so hard that you practically black out, not registering the way katsuki sets himself on the ground in front of  you and manipulates your body into position— still twitching as he gathers you in his arms.
you come down from your high only to have katsuki positioning himself at your entrance, his pants hang low on hips but he doesn’t dare remove them. you didn’t even notice the stark difference in your modesties until it was too late, for now his cock slides up your wet, over stimulated pussy— prodding at your puckered entrance while he holds you against his sweaty chest. you’re spent, sleepy from the orgasm he pulled from you and latch onto his pec to pacify yourself, sucking on the skin gently while he rubs his tip over your clit, slapping it a few times.
“c-can’t,” you croak out, thoughts mushy and blurred in your brain— barely thinking as you wrap your arms around his neck to steady yourself. your thighs meet his clothed ones while he kneels with you in his lap, the rough material against your bare skin adding to your sensitivity. “s’too much, katsuki i can’t—“
his hands fall against your ass, gripping the peachy flesh as he uses it to press your bodies flush together. bakugou’s dick breeches your walls, sloppy and bathing him in your sweet nectar. it drips down his balls, mixing with his own arousal that oozes from his hardened cock again. “you can’t, you can’t. does it look like—“ the blonde’s mocking breathing stutters while he gets accustomed to your iron hot walls that stretch over him. “does it look like i give—shit yer tight— like i give a fuck?”
you know the answer, letting a whine bubbling up on your pouted lips and shake your head— falling into a cock haze. your earlier release makes it easier for him to push his way into your hot cunt, hissing through his teeth as he bottoms out. sleepily, you gaze down to where your bodies join, squeezing down hard at the sight of his fat cock at the base of your tummy. you’re bulging from the size of him and he hasn’t even started moving yet.
katsuki himself can’t even think straight, buried deep in your velveteen walls that grip him so nicely— being inside a pussy had never felt so heavenly as it did right now, making him moan lowly into your ear as he pulls back his hips to give an experimental thrust. your syrupy cunt accepts him warmly and you buck back against him— causing choked whimpers to tumble from both of you. “yer suffocatin’ me baby, fuck— i outta fuck ya loose… mould your cute cunny into the shape of my cock,” bakugou slurs, eyes fluttering shut while he pushes deeper into you.
“s-so deep,” you mumble to him, tiredly dragging your lips across his collar bones— mapping out every dip and scar in his skin. you’ll need to get used to them, find what makes him tick if you’re going to be able to please him like this again. “more, more, need more of you,” you chant to bakugou, sinking your teeth into his neck to hold in your pathetic cries. he sets a pace, starting slow at first as if to let you adjust.
but you beg him so sweetly, moving your own hips to take more of the blonde into you— he couldn’t deny you of having your cunt destroyed in front of everyone, not when you were so reserved before, and now you were opening up for him like a blossoming flower. your sticky thighs wrap around his slender waist, bruised from moving against the sharp leather of his pants. god you fucking deserve this, to have your body claimed and worshipped in front of your clan— you need to be claimed and shown that you’re wanted. and katsuki bakugou was going to give you that.
“more, y’want more? then fuckin’ look at them— look at your people while i fuck you.” he draws his head back to look at you, ruby lined eyes authorative as the shallow thrusts bakugou gives you start to pick up, harsh and wet as your skin starts to slap against one another and the clan start to grow angsty as you both approach the last hurdle. katsuki has ruined you, for better or for worse you don’t know, but you lift your head from his now bruised neck and shoot your stare out to the crowd, bouncing on his lap as your hardened nipples brush against one another.
the air between your sweaty bodies is thin but layered thickly with arousal— viscous juices of your sexes dirtying everything that he still wears. bakugou watches your face twist with new euphoria with every roll of bakugou’s hips upwards into yours, his girth pushes against your g-spot and in that moment, a saccharine cry paints your cherry lips. the very sight of you deep in pleasure because of him sends waves of dopamine over his brain— he gets to make you feel this way for the rest of his life.
because you’re his, his mate.
his mate who one day he’s going to fill with pups to carry on his legacy. breeding you makes his red eyes cross, the clan before him becoming blurry as he fucks into your addictively gluttonous hole. the tip of his dick creates friction against the ridges of your insides and he can’t help but spread is thighs to spread you wider— ploughing further into the deepest parts of you, that now belong to him. “you’re fuckin’ mine,” he growls more so to himself than you, “my bitch, mine. gonna breed you ‘n stuff ya full— god you’d like that, fer me to cream in your cunny ‘n show the world that you’re mine,”
“want you to cum in me,” you affirm, tipping your head back in a sweet simper. “c-cum in me my king, want it more than anythin…” you give into him as bakugou’s hands travel from your ass to your thighs, scratching and pinching at any part of your flesh that he could reach. you’re sure that the pads of his finger tips have burned bruises into your waist when he begins to lift you up and down on his dick— stirring up your insides with your chests pressed hotly against one another.
weakly, you lift and drop your hips against him— forgetting about the world around you both. your parents, the ceremony, the people— it’s just you and bakugou as he fucks up into you harder, faster, needier. thoughts of him spilling his cum into you and breeding you as his fill his mind and one of his large hands drop to your waist to take control of your pace above him. “stop movin’, let me fuck you deeper,” he snarls, the strokes of his cock inside you increasing in pace. “stay fuckin’ still.”
you make a gurgling noise of protest, back arching as katsuki swirls his hips in circular motions— bearing down harshly on your g-spot. “please, ‘m gettin’ close,” you slur sleepily, looking at him with hooded eyes. your hands push through his blonde locks, tug on his jewellery until it snaps and the beads shatter across the stage— you grab at him anywhere and everywhere to get him to come closer, to make you cum. you forget about the shell neckpiece you’d made for him
heat flashes through your body as katsuki’s freehand comes crashing down on your throat— dwarfing you in his arms as the world falls away. the lack of oxygen numbs your body and your brain, not a thought between your eyes except for the cock that wetly pounds at your hole, abusing it over and over again. “yer gonna cum while i choke you, take my fuckin’ cum while you’re dumb and breathless over me—“ katsuki makes the choice for you, his own words punctuated by his desperate and needy tone. you feel him throb in your power belly, pulsing with your heat that warns you of his own impending orgasm. you gush at the feeling, bringing a devilish smile to bakugou’s sweat licked face. “you get s’wet when choke you, when i slap you about, god— fuck….” he whines, dizzy from your tightness.
the sound of your king whimpering is what drives you off the cliff and straight into release— the deep husky sound filling your ears and revitalising your numb senses. “k-katsuki-!” you scream, mouth hanging open in a loud, moan while you ascend to cloud nine— your eyes roll far into the back of your head, spraying bakugou’s pelvis with your essence. the hand on your hip drops to your tired, worn out pussy— flicking your clit in rough, speedy circles to draw out your orgasm. you don’t stop cumming, more and more of your release slipping out from between your folds until you’re a shaky, faint mess.
bakugou doesn’t let up with us thrusts, although their pace becomes sloppy and languid while his balls slap heavily against your ass. “shit, make me cum, greedy bitch— fuck my cock, fuck my cock— fuuuck,” he chants, orgasm taking over him as he pumps you full of his sticky, potent seed. katsuki fills your pussy up to the brim, lining your walls with thick white to the point of it spewing down your glazed, doughy thighs. you slump in his arms, trying to stay awake as katsuki pushes his cum deeper and deeper into your cunt, making you twitch from the overstimulation.
“fuck, you’re so good…” bakugou praises, his soft voice filling your ears despite the earnest claps from his family and subjects alike. you collapse into his chest, practically passing out in a post orgasm haze— the last thing you remember is the blonde growling at anyone who dared tried to separate him from you...his mate.
Tumblr media
the next time you wake, you’re no longer on the stage with hundreds of people watching you being fucked and degraded by their king. instead, you rise from masses of animal furs with fresh garments adorning your body and a warm fire crackling to your left. the insides of your thighs burn and you peer between them only to see that you’re clean and the skin there appears slightly tender and swollen, bruised from katsuki’s fingertips.
“you’re awake.”
the words are more of a statement than a question, gruff and stern as they slip past your mate’s lips. you barely manage to rub the sleep from your eyes before bakugou is shoving a bowl full of something that smells so good into your face accompanied by a curious face and eyes laced with concern.
you take the food, staring at the warm orange-red liquid as it sloshes in the bowl before wolfing it down— you’re hungrier than you anticipated. “where am i?”
“didn't anyone ever teach you not to eat with yer fuckin’ mouthful?” katsuki scolds, dropping his worried glance as his face morphs into mild disappointment. you nod, an embarrassed heat sparking at the tips of your ears and slow your roll. “you’re in my room,” you choke on the spoonful of soup you have in your mouth and bakugou smirks. he’s annoying. “you passed the fuck out after you came and they wanted to take you away to clean you up. so i refused, did it my fuckin’ self.”
“oh,” you say flatly, unsure of why he would do that for you. just a mere offering, made to please and to serve. “why?”
bakugou stands opposite from you, his large, trained boy shifting with irritation but you can tell for some reason he’s trying to keep cool. “because.” he mumbles petulantly, looking everywhere in his room but you.
“because, why?” you press again, slowly slurping the soup he’d given you.
growing tired of your antics, bakugou lunges for the bowl of soup in your hands causing you to whine out a ‘hey!’ in protest— his strong, scarred arms flex when he cages you in next and you can practically hear his chest rumble as he snarls out. “because i’m your mate, because you’re mine.” he breaths hotly, gaze zeroing in on you. “didn’t i already tell ya to stop askin’ me so many damn questions?”
that was not the answer you were expecting. in fact, quite the opposite and you look down with a huff to avoid the blonde before you. “but isn’t that, what i’m supposed to do for you?” all your life you’d been taught that it was your job to take care of the chief, the dragon king or queen. you were taught to fill their every desire, sexual or mundane but never had you known that they could try to return the gesture.
katsuki is trying, lifting his head to look up at you. you can’t read his face, too many emotions flying across it at once but he’s still as close as he was that night, his lips a breaths width from your own. the fire crackling in his room illuminates his face with amber hues, some swirling with the brilliant red in his eyes. he’s trying.
“y’really must be a little stupid huh?” bakugou smiles lazily, still having you locked between your arms— close enough to see your face twist with mild annoyance. “you’ve seen my parents right? my dad was an offerin’ too, mom chose him and there isn’t anythin’ in this fuckin’ world she wouldn’t do for him.” he pauses to read your expression again before continuing. “now, i don’t know whatcha been taught at that dumbass camp...but there ain’t anythin’ to say that we dragon chiefs, leaders or whatever the hell you wanna call us can’t care for our mates.”
your breath hitches at bakugou’s next words. “that we can’t learn to love ‘em too.” his cheeks flame at the admission, cherry red flying up to the tips of his while a flutter bursts through your heart.
he wants to care for you, wants to love you.
“then why me?” you ask your final question, knowing that he’d grow irritated with you and shift on the bed— inviting katsuki to sit with you. for a moment he’s bewildered but quickly joins you, sitting impossibly close to you so much so that you feel the heat of his skin against yours and instinctively curl into him.
bakugou’s arms come down against you hesitantly, pulling you further into his chest as his brain dizzies with affection. neither of you are used to this, being so close to one another— even if you did fuck on stage in front of all of your subjects. this was a new level of intimacy.
“i chose you ‘cause  you were different,” the dragon king starts by explaining. “the night we met weren’t the first time i’d been to the camp. i’d snuck in before to meet the other offerin’s, dressin’ up as one of yous just to see what you were like,”
you curl further into the burning heat of his chest, listening to him talk. bakugou is dressed more casually now— skin covered by a cotton shirt similar to yours but he still wears the shell necklace you gave him, you can tell it was reassembled, barely surviving your wreckage but it still makes butterflies fill your tummy.
“they all thought the same ‘bout my ceremony, my birthday. they all just wanted to serve me...but you…” bakugou looks down to you, admiration splayed out on his features as he does. “you had an opinion, you were scared like i was. you kept me on my toes and— i knew if i wanted to spend the rest of my life mated to an offerin’ it was goin’ta be you.” there they were, those butterflies again. “if i wanted someone stupid, i woulda just fucked them— which i did with you. but i also wanted to show ya that you were wanted, i wanted you.”
your stomach is in flips as you mull over his words, you weren’t just some stupid girl to him. something to fuck because it was his day and his ceremony, you were wanted by him and that was that. “t-thank you katsuki, i-i don’t even know what to say.” you admit shyly. “i’ll be a good mate for you and…i’m sure i’ll learn to love you too.
he grins, genuinely before pulling you to straddle his lap and letting his hands rest over your thighs— drawing sweet shapes into them. “finally gotcha to shut up, huh?” bakugou hums pridefully, eyes honing in on your parted lips. “don’t thank me, say nothin’. just know i meant what i said at the ceremony. yer mine. no one’s takin’ya from me.”
you nod slowly, giving in to the way he stares at your lips and press a slow, passionate kiss against his. katsuki cups the back of your head with one hand and clutches your hips from underneath your loose shirt while you grab a fistful of his, keeping him impossibly close until you both come up for air.
“you’re mine too, katsuki, my king, my mate, mine.” you say breathlessly, happily— a smile spreading across your cherry lips.
“damn right i am,” he says cockily, making you roll your eyes. bakugou lifts you from his mass of warm furs, taking you into his arms before laying down with you on top— holding you to him possessively. you don’t know how long you stay awake with him like that, talking about everything and nothing at all. but you want this, for the rest of your life. you want him.
so as sleep begins to take over your bodies again, katsuki’s comforting caramel scent filling your senses while you cuddle into your mate— you manage to speak as the minutes of his birthday fade away into the next dawn. “happy birthday, katsuki,” you say warmly.
you feel him squeeze you tighter as the world falls away and nothing else remains. it’s  just katsuki bakugou and his mate and the budding love between them.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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