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#bakugou fluff
escapenightmare · 2 days ago
from bnha, who'll probably be the best s/o?
Tumblr media
denki. he swings your joint hands back and forth while he excitedly babbles about his day. will cheer you up if you're having a bad day with poor attempts at flirting and using pick up lines, being his clumsy self and using dumb jokes.
bakugou. pretends he doesn't care but is the person who cares the most. his eyes slightly brighten when he spots you walking over to him, and he does small things to make your life easier while trying and failing to be discreet about it.
izuku. he'll make flashcards and shower you with kisses and compliments if you get the answer right. will write your notes for you if you're ever feeling tired during online classes, you don't need to ask him since he's already asking you to give him your notebook.
jirou. jamming out to loud music in her room, making playlists for each other, her being awkward with affection at the begining, and slowly warming up to the point where she's still shy in public but is like a whole different person in private.
shoto. he'll kiss you on the cheek and over exaggerate the sound. says “they're our hoodies” when you ask to borrow one of his. he always asks for your consent; even if it's holding hands, kissing or even sitting next to each other.
kirishima. he'll openly care for you and immediately knows if something is wrong, he doesn't pry and instead just lets you know he's there for you. doesn't care if it's 3am, if you need his comfort he's already on his way with your favorite snacks and cuddles.
sero. he'll be down to do anything with you— even if he's hundred percent sure that it's not going to end well. will wrap his arm around your shoulder as a way to tell you he's there and that you're going to be okay.
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note : was going to do the others but i have hw :(
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y2tsuki · 2 days ago
my faves as college boyfriends.
with: izuku midoriya, katsuki bakugou, and shoto todoroki genre: crack, fluff, comfort because nee is Suffering nee’s note: uhhhh this is Entirely Self Indulgent lol. this is for me to come back to when i lose motivation </3 college is a bitch, motivation is bitchier, and i am Tired.
Tumblr media
𖦹︎ izuku as the college boyfriend who’s immensely doting: regular checkups while you’re studying with snacks and water, little doodles in the margins of your notes of you’ve got this! >:) and i love you <3 !! likes study sessions in the open because he doesn’t like confined spaces (says he tends to mumble to himself and people give him weird looks ): for it) + the fresh air is great for both you to relax in. encourages you to rest your head in his lap as his reads your notes out loud to you while adding his own imput as well. hovers like a mom when if you’re the all nighter type and pouts when you say you’ll go to bed in five mins (you said that twenty mins ago….) ends up tugging you away from your laptop because you need to sleep on time!! ….and because he sleeps better when you do. (baby </3)
𖦹︎ katsuki as the college boyfriend who’s all bark, some bite: is not afraid to dangle your notes above your head if he notices you’ve been neglecting self care. (his definition of self care is his head in your lap and your fingers running through his hair, end of story.) will ‘bully’ you into studying if you’ve been lazy though. will never admit that he thinks your face when you get questions right is cute. likes to sit behind you and tuck his chin over your shoulder when he wants attention but knows you’re busy, and wraps his arms around your middle in silent support. gives a little smile smirk and pats your head when you tell him you got a good grade on a quiz/test/exam. all your professors love him (??? no one has seen him do homework ever but he’s one of the top students) but will shit talk all of them with you if you aren’t keen on a few. will make you have a decent sleep schedule because he doesn’t like sleeping without your head on his chest ):
𖦹︎ shoto as the college boyfriend who’s there for moral support: he may not understand why your coursework is making you upset and burnout but he will be upset with you — going the whole nine yards as to setting aside a whole day just for relaxation. will read aloud to you per request because his voice is soothing (yes, yes it is) and makes no room to move because you fall asleep on his shoulder more often than not as a result. study sessions in the library is where you get the bulk of your coursework done, lil glances shared here and there with faint smiles amidst quietly disrupting the silence to ask each other questions and playing footsies under the table. (sharing earbuds is a must during these sessions as well.) his sleep schedule is somewhat okay, because he definitely goes to bed later than the first two, but he makes an effort to try and match your schedule if you’re an early riser because he likes have a little quiet morning routine with you ):
Tumblr media
© y2tsuki 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, profiting off my works, or using my works for asmr related work. reblogs & interactions are always appreciated. ♡
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killmehe · 2 days ago
Some Kind of Wonderful
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary — In which your friend Katsuki decides to help you 'practice' for your upcoming date. 
Pairing — Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
WC — 5507
Tags — MDNI - Minors Do Not Interact, Aged-up Character(s), Alternate Universe, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Making out, Implied Chubby Reader, Literally the tiniest hint toward a boner, Implied Mirio/Reader, No Beta
Tumblr media
Katsuki’s patience snaps in half when you let out your fifth sigh of the afternoon. He stomps his boots on the ground, slaps his paperback book down, and he wires his jaw tight. The cherry on top of his hissy fit comes in the form of a heated glare tossed in your direction, where you stand hunched under a Honda Civic. “What’s your fuckin’ problem? And don’t give me that ‘nothing’ bullshit.”
With the purse of your lips and the scratch of your thoroughly used pencil, you ignore his outburst and take it for what it is — an opening to whine about your troubles to Katsuki, guilt-free. You just don’t have it in you to be anything less than transparent about the heaving, wistful breaths, even if you should give him shit about his tone. It’s Katsuki, anyways — when you’ve been friends with him this long, sometimes you have to give up the ghost of indignation with how he extends his ass-backward concern. 
You glance up at him while you take inventory of supplies, gauging his irritation while you run over the checklist in your head. “I’m a little nervous about my date.”
He doesn’t contain his almost audible eye roll, crossing two big arms in front of his chest while scoffing at you. ”What’s there to be nervous over? It’s just fucking Togata.”
Funnily enough, you already recognize how ridiculous it is to be this concerned about Mirio. And that’s no slight to him; He’s unassuming, sweet, and easygoing with an air that has most people feeling safe and secure. On top of it all, he asked you on a date because he was the one with the massive crush, not you. You were sitting fairly pretty with the current situation but the hot pinpricks in your stomach beg to differ.
”I know, but—“ you falter for a second, trying to figure out if this is really the type of thing you want to talk about with Katsuki of all people. He’ll probably call you an idiot and go back to his boring nonfiction without another word on the subject — there’s also a chance that he’ll resort to mocking and you’ll never hear the end of it. At least that’s how he normally reacts when Denki complains about being left on read or when Kirishima bumbles around all red-faced after receiving compliments from you.
You only need a few seconds to find your resolve again. Potential humiliation is always daunting but you really don’t think you can stomach the last hours of your shift with this uneasy weight on your shoulders. Besides, he won’t let it lie if you shrug him off now after practically begging for his attention. “Well, it’s just — what am I gonna do if we kiss?” 
His face goes slack for a millisecond before he looks like he wants to kill you for bringing up the subject. “Are we in middle school or somethin’? Just fuckin’ kiss him if you want to,” he growls it out, already ripping open his book to find the page he lost for such a juvenile conversation.
You can’t bring yourself to say the real issue. How hard could it possibly be to just say you’re out of practice? Extremely, woefully out of practice for someone your age who should be playing the field to some degree. You haven’t been in a relationship since high school and the last time you kissed someone was at a Christmas party two years ago. 
(Even more depressing is the fact that the kiss in question only barely counts. Getting caught underneath the mistletoe with Tenya had resulted in the most awkward, short-lived peck in human existence. It took months for either of you to fully live it down and you still hear about it every December.
You would be loath to admit it but it’s because of Katsuki that all you’ve experienced in the last few years has been Tenya’s stiff embrace. At some point before that party, you had noticed the way you came alive when he would direct all of his attention on you and it hadn’t taken long to realize that it was because you had feelings for him. How could you not? He's always cared for you and paid attention to all of your little parts, always rough and tumble but soft and doting at the same time. He’s always impressed upon you how you’re ‘his girl’ and it’s always lit you like a livewire. 
Despite it all, you’d given up hope of reciprocity. He never exhibited any feelings in return and you weren’t the type to actively pursue something with a friendship as dear as his on the line. Mirio’s invitation couldn’t have come at a better time because, hopefully, someone as lovely as him will wean you off of Katsuki and the insurmountable emotions you have for him.)
You don’t flounder for long because Katsuki never lets you. He always zeros in on these things quickly without you having to actually say anything. It’s too bad that he uses his powers for evil instead of actually being helpful for once.
His smile is knife-sharp and his eyes hold the usual air of taunting people like Izuku have to deal with all the time. “What? Does the little ‘ole mechanic still not know how to kiss?” He clicks his tongue in mock pity before letting out an obnoxious laugh at your expense, slapping his book on his knee like he wasn’t pissed at the beginning of this exchange. Like you don’t know how he’s just as hopeless in this arena with his nonexistent dating life.
“It’s just been a while!” You’re trying to defend yourself but it only makes him laugh that much harder, his hand slapping across his mouth to cover his manic grin and stifle his obnoxious wheezing. It might have been funny if it was anyone else but it just feels pathetic to you; It’s to the point now that the mechanics of making out have totally slipped your mind, not that he needs to know that with how hard he’s already laughing. “I just want it to be good,” you drop your pencil down on the steel table with finality before turning back to the Honda. To save some face, to protect what little bit of pride you still have kicking in your chest, your words take on an indifferent tone. ”Whatever. I’ll just figure it out when the time comes.”
His laughter dies down and no response follows which is honestly fine because you prefer the silence. You assume he’s dropped it, something that’s probably for the best after how he’s been this week. While you might have forgotten the lead-up, the motions of making out, the same can’t be said for knowing how little Katsuki is invested in the topic of your date. He’s made it perfectly clear how much of an idiot he finds Mirio and how you’re an even bigger one for accepting his offer. Telling Katsuki about Mirio started recurring rounds of barely-concealed huffing and little comments at Mirio’s expense (and sometimes yours) before pattering off into a terrible mask of nonchalance. It’s done nothing to hide his random bout of irritation on the subject.
You line up a collection pan under the drain plug, already reaching for the ratchet balanced on the nearby toolbox. Placing the head of the tool against the large bolt, you set to work on turning. You twist and twist and twist your arm counter-clockwise and the garage fills with the familiar sound of metal on metal.
The click of your tool is loud on your ears but it’s not enough to drown out everything with it, especially with the rhythmic pauses you take with each crank. You hear a group of teenagers after one crank, laughing carelessly after a day at the local high school pass the front of the shop. Next, it’s a deep metal clang from the old vending machine in the office section, its weak lights fluttering with the shake of an old machine. Finally,  just as you feel the bolt release the majority of its tension and all it will take to have pools of slick oil filling your pan is a single crank, you catch Katsuki’s rough voice carrying through the wind. Your ratchet ends up slipping right through your fingers and clattering on the concrete. The bolt still clings to the valve. 
”Practice on me.”
The slam of metal on concrete has you startling, and you straighten your back to your full height—not that you get very far. Pain blooms at the crown of your head from the harsh metal of a rogue pipe beneath the car. “Shit, that hurt—” You cup the spot tenderly, reaching toward the ground so you can scoop up your fallen tool while you hiss in Katsuki’s direction. “I really hope that joke was worth my concussion, asshole.” 
He locks his jaw and squares his shoulders, tense and sharp lines replacing the teasing air that usually comes of his mockery, before retaliating again—almost making you drop the ratchet a second time. “‘M not joking,” Katsuki frowns, the pinch of his brow painting the perfect picture of serious. 
Your cheeks heat but unlike the flush that comes with crushes and dates and kissing, it’s the kind that comes with being poked at. It feels a little humiliating because he’s barring down, acting like he’s willing to make out with you and for a joke of all things. You clench your fist tight around the ratchet before slamming it back into your toolbox. “You’re not funny, Kat,” you close your eyes for a brief moment, releasing a single rage-filled breath so you don’t blow up from his audacity. “That’s not funny, especially since I was being open with you.”
He casts his head back and groans, loud and frustrated before replying with a sneer that doesn’t reach his eyes. “I know the fumes from this shithole haven’t fucked with your cognitive abilities that much. I said I wasn’t jokin’.”
Tinges of anger still linger deep within your chest but they’re mostly replaced with confusion. It doesn’t make any sense, not in your world at least. “You’re being serious? Why would you offer that?”
His cheeks redden as he processes what you’ve said, where the conversation has gone and then he’s breaking his gaze, swiveling his head to the bustling street outside. He ignores your questions when he finally works through all of the thoughts you can see piling up in his head. “Forget it.”
You aren’t as willing to forget. “Would you really do that for me?”
You step around your toolbox, around the steel table you write all of your orders down on, and you close the distance that separated Katsuki from your work. He doesn’t move when you approach; he stays still and quiet, watching people come and go with dark eyes and a clamped mouth. ”It’s just a dumb fucking kiss,” his rough voice is even more coarse. “I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t willin’.”
Shock doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re going through. Katsuki can shrug off a kiss like it carries no weight but you know that’s not really how he feels. Dating, sex, kissing — it‘s all serious business to him, after a lifetime of watching his parents love each other and seeing the joy and domestic bliss that came out of it. After a lifetime of wanting it for himself. He wouldn’t do this with just anyone.
He’d do it with you, though. 
You consider him then, only for a few seconds. You take in his pale hair, his stained cheeks, his large hand dwarfing his little paperback where it holds the page he’s on. Pretty, you recognize because that’s always been true for as long as you’ve known him. Pretty and willing to kiss you.
Your answer leaves as easily as it came to mind. “Okay.”
You catch the subtle ruffle of his hair when he turns to face you again. He considers you now, analyzing you in the same way you had analyzed him. Feeling his eyes on you is too much so you follow in his footsteps; You lamely train your eyes out the door and pretend he isn’t even here, like anything out there is more interesting than this sudden turn of events. 
You can’t help but glance at him from the corner of your eyes, and it’s enough to finally evoke a response out of him.
“You gonna get over here or are ya gonna stand around like an idiot?”
It only takes four steps to clear what little space pooled between you two, to be within reaching distance of each other. You don't reach out to him yet; Instead, you wipe sweaty hands down your front, completely at a loss for how to tread these new waters with someone currently glaring holes in between your eyebrows. 
“What are you gonna do with your hands?” Business as usual, Katsuki takes on his usually bossy tone. It’s irritating most days but all it does now is put you at ease. You know he’ll take care of you and you know that he’ll be helpful in his own aggressive way.
“My hands? It depends,” you say, because it does.  A lot of factors go into hand placement.
He rolls his eyes at you because, even though he’s helping, he’s still Katsuki. “No, it doesn’t ‘depend’,” he quotes the air, his voice in a grating impression of your own. “God, you’re so fucking lucky I’m around.”
 He snatches your hands, curling around the limp of your wrists and then tugging unnecessarily harsh until you’re standing in between his parted thighs. He drops a stained hand on his shoulder, ignoring a cry you let out about the grease before twining your leftover fingers with his. You feel the catch of his calluses on your own and despite the pleasant trill that rockets up your palm, it’s immediately overshadowed by the need to fidget away in a fit of stage fright. If Katsuki feels the same, he doesn’t show it.
The hand still in his grip is moved to the back of his head that dips back to meet it. He cards your fingers through the wild mess of hair, curling your fingers around his strands before slipping away to anchor around your elbow. “There. He’ll like it if you do that shit,” Katsuki smirks up at you, cocky when all he did was put your hands on him. 
Embarrassingly enough, he might actually have a reason to feel cocky. If it feels even a fraction like this when you touch Mirio then you don’t see how things could go wrong. You notice how it lights you up from the inside; Pops and crackles flare deep in the crevices of your gut the longer your hands are on him. 
You’ve touched these parts of him before—felt the curves of his shoulder when patting him on the back and the downy soft of his hair on the rare occasions he lays his head on your lap—but this is the first time it’s inspired anything beyond friendly affection. This is new, feeling your friend in this context. You’re a little shocked by how much you enjoy it.
With little success, you try to ignore how well he fits into your palms. “What now?” You zero in on the material of his shirt but it proves to be just as distracting with how it clings to his torso. Has he always been this built?
He’s so focused on helping, so serious about it that you almost feel a little guilty for the subtle squeeze you give to his arm, taking in how the muscles refuse to cave around your fingers. “You gotta look me in the eyes when you do this shit, or it won’t count.”
You doubt that but you listen anyway because you really don’t want to be caught checking him out when he’s being so nice to help you in the first place. You square your shoulders and dip your head and tear your gaze away from your prodding fingers but his request is easier said than done. 
The promise of a kiss as practice, one shared with your best friend no less, is making you feel ridiculous and—if you really examined yourself—extremely nervous. If only you could be as straight-faced as he is; Your mouth stretches into a grin and your belly begins to twitch with suppressed laughter, despite the admittedly valiant attempt to stop both.
His face doesn’t crumble when he notices the shake of your shoulders. Instead, deep red eyes narrow into a glare when he sees your lip caught between your teeth, when he feels the clench of your heated hands on his shoulder and in his hair, and a snarl warps his face. You can’t blame him.
“Fuckin’—stop laughing,” he snaps, his cheeks coloring to match his ears. “I don’t have to do this shit for you. Fucking grow up.”
“Sorry—” You cast your head back to the tin roof of the garage, and you try to regain your composure because he is right. He doesn’t have to do this for you and you should probably be grateful he hasn’t started kicking your ass for daring to laugh at him. A few pulls of air filled with the overpowering smell of gasoline and grease does nothing to quell the jitter of your nerves like it usually does. You're practically wheezing now. “Just give me a second.”
“No, fuck you. I do this shit out of the kindness of my heart and you have the fuckin’ nerve,” — he tries to pry your hands away but you tighten your grip to deter him — “Let go, damn it!“
“Please, Katsuki,” you’re gasping for air but it does help relieve some of the tension that started to leak into your bones. “I’m just nervous, remember?”
That must quell his wrath because hands that sought to push you away lose their will, loosening around where they tried to pry you off. Instead, they find shelter at the curve of your waist. He cups just beneath your rib cage, his fingers locking against doughy flesh, and then pets down your side every time your body jumps from every stifled laugh.
It takes longer than a few seconds, your laughs losing their wind and your smile shrinking into its little half-moon slowly, but it does eventually stop—and when the time comes, you find he’s already staring at you. There’s no scowl or scathing look or pout. All you’re greeted with is an expression that reeks of something gentle and reverent.
 It should shock you to see, this sweetness, but most of the surprise comes from how real it feels. You’re still coming off of a rush of endorphins, happy little chemicals that eased you into his gaze, but it doesn’t quite feel like the lingering effects of adrenaline that legitimatizes the glint in his eyes. You know how authentic that expression is because It rests along your tongue and the roof of your mouth whenever you are caught up in your own feelings, filling your throat with a roaring heat that sears your insides with want. 
It’s just practice, you stress half-heartedly.
His hands slide down to grip the fat of your hips with strength that surges up his arms, has the blue-green criss-cross of his veins jumping and the muscles of his arms flexing. He pulls you even closer until your thighs press tight against the insides of his.
 His torso expands and rubs pleasantly through the thick material of your coveralls and, maybe if you weren’t too busy marveling at the novelty of it, you would have noticed the singular stutter of his breathing when you lean into him even more, squishing your chest against him with the weight of your body. “He’ll do that,” He says, his voice low and rumbling while his eyes bounce around, never staying anywhere for long. “He’ll do that if he isn’t a complete moron.”
Your fingers twist and curl the edges of his hair. It's a necessary distraction from how one of his hands rubs a slow stroke up and down your side. He tilts his head back a bit to maintain eye contact, and you find that you like that, feeling his eyes gazing up at you. A dull thud echoes in the quiet still of the garage; The toe of one of your boots knocks against the tower of tires Katsuki has perched himself on and it’s all because you want to feel his head tip a little further into the cradle of your palm. “How do you know?”
His eyes finally halt, fixed on a singular point on your face, your mouth, with drooping eyelids. Has anyone ever looked at you like that before? He grumbles back a slow and reluctant answer. “I read a lot of Shoujo.” 
Normal conditions would call for a round of teasing. He’s never openly admitted to reading those, always telling you to ‘mind your own damn business’ when you ask. It should be ridiculous that someone like Katsuki, who looks like he would be averse to romance in all its forms, indulges in stories about characters falling deeply in love.
It doesn’t feel so absurd now that you’re chest to chest with him and his eyes feel like they’re brand-hot while they trail the shape of your face. 
Maybe if you ask nicely, with enough sweetness and pleading, he’ll tell you what it is that he enjoys reading the most. There are endless possibilities in romance; Maybe he reads about enemies falling in love or maybe he sticks solely to meet-cute storylines about starstruck strangers. A secret hope wriggles itself deep in the crevices of your heart, flipping your stomach obnoxiously once more; Maybe, if you’re lucky, he’ll have a soft spot for romance between friends.
The way he’s looking at you now almost makes the last week he’s spent biting your head off worth it. It also makes you forget how you earned this position, the two of you spun around each other. It feels too natural, perfect in the way that he’s meant to have his hands on you and your hands on him.
“Changed my mind.” For all your sluggish movements and syrupy thoughts, your heart works itself into overdrive when he says that. He doesn’t let you spiral for long. “Close your eyes,” he whispers.
The request causes hesitation. What if this leaves you wrecked to the point that you’ll never be able to get over him? Is this really the type of thing you should do before a date with someone else? What if Katsuki doesn’t like it?
Because it’s Katsuki, he sees all the trepidation flash across your face and makes the decision for you. A hand that’s sat still on your side, one that’s only played with the give of your hip, moves. It ghosts over your waist, slow on its ascent up the side of a breast. Higher, the length of your neck shivers when his calloused graze thin skin. His middle and index fingers extend, parting to fit the width of your eyes before resting over your brow and pulling down. The pads of his fingers are rough here too but also gentle and warm on your eyelids. “Close ‘em.”
Your eyes flutter at the raspy demand. You hear a car fly past the shop and a gust of warm, early September air whooshing through the garage door. The wind ruffles the edges of your hair but never touches your cheek; Katsuki’s hand bats away the humidity, his thumb rubbing dizzying tingles into the skin. 
The tickle of his breath results in the swipe of your tongue along your cupid’s bow—you only miss Katsuki’s bottom lip by a centimeter, not that you notice. You work through the jumble of your throat, swallowing around the ball of nerves that grows the longer he hovers. “I thought it didn’t count if I couldn't look you in the eye?” 
“Shut up,” he rumbles, nowhere near as scathing as he usually is when he demands your silence. “Couldn’t handle you lookin’ at me like that.”
His breath smells like the sweet-tart of citrus tic tacs, the same ones he refused to share earlier. Giddy is the best way to describe the emotion bubbling up. Looks like you get a taste after all. “Why not?” 
Your eyes stay resolutely closed, his mouth stays resolutely shut. You scratch at his scalp a little meanly but the low grunt he lets out is more relaxed than hurt. “C’mon, Katsuki.“ Why wouldn’t he be able to handle you looking at him in any type of way?
His voice is so low on your ears that if you weren’t already hanging off of his words you would have surely missed it. “Ya keep lookin’ at me like that and it’ll be me you’re goin’ on a date with.”
It’s soft, much softer than Katsuki seems capable of, when you feel the first press of his lips.
And It’s good. It’s so good you completely forget the nerves and the implication of his words. They just — whoosh away with the wind of another too fast car and each wet smack of his lips. Everything you know fades out of existence and all you can do is fall into him, leaning more and more of your weight into his soft squeezes and the clenching muscles of his stomach shamelessly. You don’t even have it in you to be embarrassed when your teeth clink or someone bites too hard on plush bottom lips. He takes it all in a stride, almost seems to revel in it as much as you do. 
And maybe you weren’t as hopeless as you thought because you seem to match his pace and finesse with little trouble. Katsuki pants and shudders and pulls at you with increasing force. His fingers flex and clench along your body, trailing dangerously low on your back with one hand and slowly rubbing the side of your belly with the other. He whines when you clench his hair in your fist and lean his head back for better access to the curl of his tongue, moans low and rough when your body sags against him and you feel a tell-tale hardness straining against his jeans.
He’s the one that pulls away first. The only thing that stops you from licking into his mouth again is a little shove to your hips and a low croak. 
“E—enough,” he clears his throat, and the air of nonchalance he’s imitating would be more believable if he wasn’t running his tongue over swollen lips, if his fingers weren’t twitching to touch more and his eyes weren't trained on the heave of your chest. “You’ve got no reason to be nervous about your dumb fuckin’ date.”
He might be able to change the subject easily but you can’t. You’re dazed, practically swaying in your work boots between his thighs. Date? Nervous? You aren’t nervous anymore and you aren’t thinking about a date with Mirio. Everything seems so far away now, hardly even a blip on your radar. Unimportant. All you have left swirling in your head are ways to get your mouth on him again without seeming too desperate. 
“You’re blushing.” You’ve missed the migration of his deep flush because your eyes were closed. The blush has moved from his face and ears down toward the thick of his neck, maybe even the valley of his chest. You trail a finger down one scalding cheek, the same shade of rouge that covers the pert of his nose. He freezes in his pursuit of making distance. “Did you like it that much, Katsuki?”
You should know better than to ask him that and it’s only confirmed when he slaps at the hand on his cheek and forces you back before he jumps to his feet off of his tower of tires. He looms over you once he’s at his full height with a mean snarl that curls back his upper lip. The intention of intimidation falls flat when his eyes still track the swollen mess you have for a mouth.
“As fuckin’ if.” He rips his jacket from the hood of a car, shoving his arms deep into the leather with all the aggression in the world and stomping toward the entrance of the shop with the same amount of ire. “I should’ve known you would pull some shit like that. Should've let you look like the goddamn fool you are in front of your lame ass boy toy.”
Katsuki doesn’t normally leave until your shift ends so he can drive you home. The rush he’s in to leave the garage is startling and even if you committed the cardinal sin of asking Katsuki how he feels, you’re unprepared for the change of pace. You intercept him right at the door, posing yourself as a wobbly-kneed wall that stands between his escape. “Where are you going?”
“Anywhere but this shitty fuckin’ shop!” He spits it out all mean but he doesn’t push through you to leave like he normally would. He stands with clenched fists and glares down at you even though he’s supposed to be storming out of the garage. 
“Okay,” you breathe it out, a little dreamy and a little defeated. You don’t really want him to leave, not when you easily just had the best kiss of recent memory and with the same friend who’s been so aggravated since Mirio made his appearance on your radar. But you know from how he shifts from foot to foot that any conversation about it right now would just make him act like a caged animal. “Alright, Kat. Just one more thing before you go.” 
“What do you want now?” His sharp edge dulls itself a bit from curiosity. You hope to god you’re reading the room right.
You steel your resolve and rise to the tip of your toes. With the collar of his jacket cuffed in your fist, you drop a final kiss on the corner of his mouth. He reacts so fast, not even questioning it and already working to move his mouth so it’s placed squarely against yours. The soft pucker of his lips trying so hard to greet your own only builds the hope you buried in your chest.
The smile you give him when you’ve pulled away must be a lot to take in because he avoids it entirely. You don’t let him run for long; You cup the underside of his chin and pull him to face you head-on. 
“I’ll call you later, yeah?” 
You only get a single half-second of his disbelief before his wide eyes strengthen to their normal steel with that little something from before, that pillow-soft glaze of affection and want. The response he grunts back confirms what you see and what you felt when he held you in his hands and kissed away your thoughts. “Nah, I’ll call you. I have some shit I got to tell you.”
And then he leaves. He nudges you out of the way with a firm grip on your waist before he turns his back to you and marches out the garage door. He never fully looks back either. All you get is a single glance out of the corner of ruby eyes when he fixes a nonexistent fold of his jacket before he leaves you alone with the hum of an archaic vending machine and the phantom impression his hands left on your body.
And you just watch him trudge down the sidewalk. You memorize how the sinking sun paints his hair and the tenseness of his shoulders from how he has a hand shoved in his pocket and his little paperback book clenched in the other. You lose sight of him completely when he passes the dingy corner store you always buy coffee from. 
You already have an inclination about what his call will be about. If his goodbye and the reaction to the sweet little kiss you placed on the edge of his mouth are anything to go off of, you really do have nothing to worry about — nothing to worry about because Katsuki is going to put an end to your lovesick misery without the help of Mirio. You can barely contain the excitement from gushing out of every pore. 
Your next course of action is pretty much decided then and there and you waste no time once he‘s gone. You claw your phone from the deep pocket of your coveralls, you pull up Mirio’s contact info, and let out your sixth sigh of the afternoon.
Katsuki’s soothed your nerves but, in doing so, he’s left you with a whole new problem. Now you need to figure out the right way to tell Mirio that you can’t make your date because you’re seeing someone else.
Tumblr media
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shotorozu · a day ago
imagine you’re having a good cry, about to turn a sad song (ex: sparks, i can’t handle change, etc) on and ur bf bakugo/kirishima just burst into the room, change the song, and take care of u… can u tell i’m suffering from a severe case of loneliness /hj
(no format bc im lazy rn 💀)
ah yes— katsuki appears to be that person that doesn’t give a fuck about anybody’s personal business, but he actually does, he just has a strange way of showing it 🧍‍♀️
if the silent eavesdropping on personal conversations, and the sworn secrecy with said conversations, and OFA didn’t make things obvious, then i’ll just say it— katsuki cares, most especially for you.
he can tell you’re on the tipping edge, from the way your eyes look glassier than usual, and your sudden withdrawal from socializing with your beloved friends. katsuki thinks he should probably allow you to be a sad mess for an hour or two, before interfering like the boyfriend he is.
that was until he hears sad music that’s coming from your room— and i’m talking about the saddest, yet sappiest music one could ever think of (not mentioning specific songs because everyone’s music taste is different)
katsuki, now pissed at the fact that you’re most likely crying your eyes out at such sad music, marches over to your room— busts down your door with one single kick (a kick, that hopefully didn’t break anything), and changes the music to something happier.
happier than whatever that anyway.
he closes the door after making his grant entrance, “get up, you’re gonna take a bath— put in all of those bath bombs you have, or whatever.”
it sounds a little harsh, but he tends to you delicately. plops in a single bath bomb of your choice in the tub with the same amount of energy he usually has— just not enough for the water to splash in your eyes, and despite his warm hands, he washes the tears off your face with cool water, that’s enough to provide relief for your swollen eyes.
“instead of being depressin listenin’ to equally depressing music, you should come to me next time. you agree?”
on the other hand— eijirou takes a gentler approach.
eijirou’s a great boyfriend. he’s supportive, he’s loving, and he understands, and knows your personality like the back of his hand. the two of you are like this essentially🤞
which is why he recognized the telltale signs of a burnout. slumped shoulders, the sudden appearance of dark circles, and heavier eyelids. it was getting worrisome.
it reached it’s breaking point, when you asked for some alone time (which, on a normal day— he would’ve respected) until, you disappeared into your room for hours at this point.
then, he heard muffled music— sad music, specifically.
eijirou’s concluded that an intervention is needed after all.
so he invites himself into your room silently— and tries not to flinch at the way he can hear your sniffles, as he makes himself comfortable under your blanket, where you’ve taken refuge, so you could suffer alone.
and that— he couldn’t allow.
“don’t mind if i do,” he smiles at you warmly, when he engulfs you in gentle, yet comforting hold.
he maneuvers you to sit up straight, so he could take care of you as he’d like— wiping the product of your sorrows off your face, and tidying up your hairstyle
when eijirou’s rubbing moisturizer on your face after running you a bath— it’s when you’ve finally stopped crying
he smiles, feeling proud of you already— and that’s when he asks to change the song “hey, what if i switched the song to something even better? i promise you’ll like it!”
because, as much as this song’s nice, it’s too sad for his liking, especially since it’s a song that has amplified your crying.
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th0tfairy · 2 days ago
bnha boys on your birthday
Deku: waits until midnight so he can b the first to wish u a happy birthday 🎊 then takes u out to breakfast 🥞
Shouto: takes u out somewhere only the two of you and packs all ur fav food on a picnic
Bakugou: pretends like he doesn’t know all day and then surprises u with a special gift at night 💝
Kirishima: throws u a huge party and decorates terribly but u love the effort 🎈
Kaminari: spends all day watching a cake recipe and ruins it so he buys u a regular cake but instead of happy birthday it just says SORRY🧁
Sero: takes u out on a boat ride lunch date thing⛵️
Shinsou: takes u out ice skating ⛸ even tho he hates it bc he always busts his ass and u crack up 🥲
Hawks: takes u out shopping in shibuya 🛍
Dabi: takes u out for dinner and tells the waiter it’s ur birthday then lights his blunt on your birthday candles 🎂
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kitkatbarz · 2 days ago
tsudere!bakugou x reader
Tumblr media
bakugou is slightly out of character lol
includes > SFW, normal au, no pronouns mentioned for reader
Tumblr media
tsundere!bakugou who hates himself for just not knowing how to show his true feelings or how to display them for you, he tries too, really
tsundere!bakugou who glares at you when you accidentally bumped into him but then wouldn't stop thinking abt the fact you just touched him!
tsudere!bakugou who tells you that your strategy for the next mission sucks, that's it's gonna fail in 5 seconds and that you should just leave it to him to figure it out, when really it's bc your strategy is just you putting yourself in too much danger so then he tries to figure out one himself so you wouldn't get severely injured :(
to be honest you can tolerate his behavior atleast your not that one girl who he called an extra, then tried to be a badass and tried punch Bakugou but he caught it and blew her away with his quirk. yeah... how embarrassing (how that girl felt when she stood up with balled fist, saying "say that again":🐶👹)
so his words doesn't bother you that much anyways, pretty sure everyone in the class is used to it lmao
tsundere!bakugou who makes sures that you take care of your self by giving you water
"oi! catch" *throws it aggressively*
recommending places with tasty food that you can treat yourself with
"try going to this place, the food you had on your insta story looked like garbage" (ok gordan ramsay)
and making sure your doing your work so you wouldn't get into trouble
"how the fuck are ya gonna be a pro hero when you can't even do this shit?"
but really tsudere!bakugou just wants your love, he'll be calling you at night to come over and finally told you how he feels about you, aggressively.
even tho he can be a bully he shows his love by quality time and using actions instead of words because you can tell he sucks at words lol
he'll be cooking for you when your tired, help you with paper work because he knows how difficult some can be for you, he'd make hot coco when it's cold or tea if that's what you like
he loves you with all his heart, maybe one day he can say "I love you" like how you say it to him every night, morning and noon. even if it's gonna take forever you both know its gonna be worth it heating him say those three words
Tumblr media
I am not every good at being mean but I tried 😭 also if there's any mistakes, especially with grammar I apologize english isn't my first language lmao
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angstyoikawa · 2 days ago
Oh to be a pro hero just like the bnha kids. Fighting alongside them, befriending them.
Oh to have an enemies to lovers type of romance with Bakugo Katsuki aka Dynamight, except it’s much deeper and meaningful than just bickering and salty comments.
He’s not mean to everyone he meets once he’s a pro hero, because he’s a grown man and has learned to respect others and keep his damn mouth shut. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna laugh at your sarcastic jokes directed towards him or let you provoke him just because you find it funny when he scrunches up his nose in annoyance.
He fights back, but he’s not very smart and always ends up making a big deal out of it when in reality it’s all just a joke. Yeah maybe you do enjoy railing people up, and maybe you do have your focus on him for being so easy to bother but you don’t mean to hurt him! You never even thought yourself capable of that.
Now he’s got a wrong impression of you and is convinced that everything you say is directed towards him, every sentence holds a double meaning and you think you’re smarter than him, with all your calculus knowledge and vast literature collection. He believes you are challenging him, threatening to take his spot in the hero charts and ruin his career.
No matter how hard you try you always end up arguing with him about the stupidest things. Being battlefield partners isn’t easy at all, you don’t go well together and even though you manage to do your job it’s ten times more tiring. His way of thinking is so different from yours, he’s not careful at all and relies on actions instead of planification. It’s not that he’s dumb, he has his own strategies and is used to being the leader whereas you’re used to being the big brain of the operation and having things under control, no surprise attacks or impulse driven circumstances.
The media doesn’t waste time and immediately catches onto your constant disagreements, and with Bakugo being the reckless idiot he is, it's almost impossible to change the situation. Every time you try to reason with him he builds the walls around him even higher.
“Katsuki just listen for once, we can’t let them talk about us like we’re some mentally unstable teenagers who need couples therapy”
“Who the fuck told you It was okay to call me by my first name, huh?”
“Are you even hearing what I’m saying? This is why they always get to us. You need to control yourself, come on, just take a deep breath…”
“Fucking stop that I’m not a child, you think you’re so smart don’t you? I don’t need you to tell me to calm down I’m fine and the press can talk all they want, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m one of the best heroes out there”
You admire his determination and confidence, but his carelessness and stubbornness is gonna be the end of both your careers and dreams.
He doesn’t behave like that all the time though, like I said he’s a grown man and has matured since his childhood years.
“I'm sorry this was my fault, I got super mad because I’m not used to being bossed around and almost ruined the whole operation. I still think that wasn’t the best way to do it though.”
His apologies are always sincere, yet he’d never give in or lie saying he thought like you did, going down the easy path instead of fighting for his beliefs. You are truly amazed by his strong grip on what he considers right or wrong, not letting anyone mess with him and his already made up mind.
Eventually you both come to an agreement. It is a statement that you don’t understand each other, your minds work differently and are pretty much incompatible. And so you let the world know, showing them how great heroes you are but just not friends, telling everyone not to expect you to get along.
Years pass and you grow used to each other, always saying hi and being respectful. You don’t become friends but you do become coworkers, you’re finally able to understand why he is the way he is and confirm your theories about him being a nice person who’s just lacking communication skills.
It all changes after a certain battle where you’re left unconscious, almost at the verge of dying. Bakugo is the one who saves you and carries you to the hospital, it’s not romantic I mean he’s a hero it’s his job. When you wake up you find your friends and family standing next to you in the room, trying their best to smile and tell you how brave and strong you were during the fight, but what you didn’t expect was to be visited but no other than Dynamight himself, uniform and all. He doesn’t smile at you, he looks at your broken body and scoffs.
“You look like shit smarty pants”
The comment isn’t meant to make you laugh, he’s not a sarcastic guy. It holds the truth that no one else is brave enough to say out loud, and it’s relieving.
You stay silent for a while as he wanders around the place, just like a dad inside his child’s room.
“Hey, could you turn that thing off? The beeping is making me anxious.” You say and point towards the ECG monitoring your heart rate.
“Should I? You’re not gonna die on me right? What if they think I killed you on purpose, we don’t have the healthiest relationship” You laugh at his comment and your whole body aches, you’re still weak and you both can see it. He does end up doing what you asked for and the room falls silent again.
You talk about the battle, strategies, upcoming events and surprisingly there’s no bickering or arguing. You’re being nice and civil and it’s not because of the state you’re in, he genuinely is listening to you and you realize you’ve got a lot in common. The medicine you were given has a strong effect and your eyes threaten to fall shut with every passing second, you’re not in the best conditions but your mind is up and running.
“It’s so weird to see you like this. Weak.” His words take you by surprise, Bakugo isn’t one to open up his heart but you figure that after years of working together it was bound to happen at some point. “I mean, I’m not talking about your body, I'm talking about you. You’re always loud and so energetic, now you don’t even have the strength to tease me and it’s annoying. You’re supposed to be the smart one, why did you put yourself in such a risky situation?”
Again, his words aren’t meant to hurt you, he's simply telling the truth. He looks worried and mad and isn’t trying to hide it. It only makes you smile.
“I know, I’ll be careful next time. Thanks.” And he knows you mean it, he trusts you and doesn’t push it, there’s no need for promises cause he’s sure you’ve already made many of those that same day. You shut your eyes for a second, trying to hold back the tears and also giving your sight a rest. Maybe he thinks you’ve fallen asleep because after a few minutes you can hear him standing up from his chair and walking up to you, leaning down and pressing his lips against your temple.
“I’m awake, you know.” He jumps back like a scared cat, his head almost bumping into the roof.
“You little shit, you fucking scared me.”
It’s weird to be laughing with him, but it doesn’t feel wrong. You’ve always thought there was more to him that you’d never be able to see and yet here you are.
“I think we’d be great friends.”
You say it before thinking twice and for a moment you’re terrified. There’s no need to be.
“Yeah we would.” His mouth also moves on it’s own and you can see the surprise look on his face the second the words are out. “Why do you say that though? I thought you saw me as an arrogant asshole with anger issues.” And he’s quoting you.
“Nah, I’ve been dealing with assholes my whole life, I know one when I see one. You’re just a bit defensive most times but a great person nonetheless.”
“Hm. You’re pretty great too.”
“You’re also very irritating and kinda dumb, that’s why we never agree on things.”
“I take back what I said, you aren’t great at all.”
And you both laugh. You laugh at his childish behavior and he laughs at you when you cry out in pain for laughing too much.
That day a new friendship begins.
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catsukibakagou · 2 days ago
How Bakugo Katsuki loves you
His love is all consuming, the more you two fell in love the more your awareness to everyone around you fell away. He, especially, could care less about anyone else around him, you’re the only person who matters to him.
He still has his goals and aspirations, he thought love would get in the way of all that but it has just encouraged him to do his very best for you. He wants you to feel proud that you’re with him, just as he feels with you.
He feels as though he doesn’t deserve you so he has to do everything in his power to make sure he’s worthy of your love. He needs you to love him just as much as he loves you.
When Katsuki realized he was in love with you he didn’t know what to do with himself. He felt like a giant weight was lifted from his chest. He pushed you away and during that time he was away from you he realized that he couldn’t stand being distant from you. He needed to know you were okay, you were safe, and that you were happy.
His heart felt like it was breaking into pieces when he was pushing you away. He felt like he was being torn apart because Katsuki was far too in love with you to be away from you. When he falls in love he falls hard, he isn’t the type of person to simply fall in love on a whim. No, he adores you for a reason, he holds you so close to his heart because you’re someone irreplaceable to him.
Katsuki get’s jealous, his jealousy is burning and is like an itch that won’t go away. When he gets jealous he makes sure everyone knows he’s with you. He makes sure everyone knows that he is the one who has the privilege of being with you. He makes sure everyone knows that he is the person who was made for you and no one will ever be able to take his place.
His love is so warm, it is secure and safe. He is unbelievably loyal, and he makes sure you know that he loves you. Even if he isn’t always the most verbal he will make sure his actions are louder than his words.
Nothing will ever come before you, he always makes sure that you’ve eaten, you’re happy, and that you’re never feeling cold or lonely. You are the only person Bakugo Katsuki fully opens up to, you’re the only person he cooks for, you are the only person he is vulnerable with. He denies that he treats you differently from others but even he knows that you will always be different than everyone else to him.
When Katsuki is in love he will gaze at you as if you’re the most beautiful work of art in a museum and he is trying to decipher your meaning. You are perfect to him all your flaws are endearing and he will treat you as if you are the most precious thing on earth. Once Bakugou Katsuki falls in love he will never let go of you.
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hisbo · 2 days ago
A/N: not using DILF because by the dictionary, it makes me feel icky, so I'll use my own safety version which is DILC which means Dads I'd Like (to) Cuddle :)
Tumblr media
DILC!bakugo who can never allow himself to let his daughter leave the nest, even when she's is a fully sophisticated woman.
He "wonders" off his patrol space to invade hers and bugs her with questions. Lunchtime's always, "do you eat well?" "I─" "─actually, I'll cook you a lunch, what do you want, chili pickled cucumbers or chikuwa cucumbers?" much to her disapproval even when she munches of seasoned, dried noodles. (she doesn't know this, but you watch Bakugo go to war with himself every morning to combat the urge to trim her sandwich into a cute bunny or kitty with the mold cutter like he used to do :()
Tumblr media
Or when he buds in while she's handing a villain to the police, you can always count on Dynamight to bring up the conversation of finances like it's weather-talk. "Do you need any money? You don't have ta pay me back." No dad, you know how much I make because you're my boss, she'll think when her eye twitches with vexation.
Speaking of being the boss, he makes it very clear that the boss's daughter is off limits and there will be no such things as hidden office romances.
Of course, he's not being insufferable Y/N, he just wants to make sure Katsumi Bakugo is ready for what the world has in store for her. But when you finally rub his back and kiss his cheek while he watches her car clear his driveway with her fiancee onboard, he thinks maybe it's finally time to move on and spend his days with you by his side.
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aizawasdumbwhore · 18 hours ago
BNHA Boys Doing Your Make-up - Part One
they all just decided to do it randomly for fun so yk,,, no other reason
Izuku Midoriya
"you want to do your makeup?"
he feels like he's being entrusted with something so special
poor bb doesn't know anything other than pencil eyeliner and mascara
but he's willing to try everything to make you look cute asf
he does it in a very unusual order
gets very nervous doing liquid eyeliner
hand is literally shaking as he's trying to do it because he's so nervous he'll mess up
honestly, you don't care how it'll turn out
it's just cute to see him try
very lightly brushes your face with the colors
so light you don't even know if the pigment is coming off
end result: a somewhat dramatic but natural look
Denki Kaminari
has no idea what he's doing
but he's trying his best
so many colors but not blended very well
he doesn't understand you have to continue brushing the colors together
not just pat them on
"trust me, i know what I'm doing."
do you?
after giving up on the eyeshadow, he starts doing graphic eyeliner looks
they look better than anything else
definitely gives rock vibes more than anything else
he's very smug about the end results
"i think you look sexier than ever"
end result: full on Kaminari attempted glam look
Katsuki Bakugou
"there's no way in hell I'm doing that"
but once he sits down and does it, he realizes it's pretty fun
he does a lot better of a job than you thought he'd do
not that you were underestimating him
he's got a decent understanding of what's what and how to use it
very aggressive with patting the foundation and concealer in with the makeup sponge
does that really shock anyone though?
"stop flinching"
maybe if you were softer with it...
end result: baddie natural/glam look
Shoto Todoroki
he's low-key shy about it at first
he doesn't wanna mess anything up
looks up on Pinterest different looks to do and asks for you input
because your input is important to him
he asks a lot of questions on what to use and how to do it
he's learning
"please let me know if I'm hurting your skin."
he's in awe at how much make up can change the way your face looks
gentle with it but continues to ask if he's doing okay with the pressure of the brushes
end result: subtle pink with soft sparkles
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little-fairy-forest · a day ago
Hii I just wanted to say I love your blog and I also wanted to ask if you can make a small Drabble or Imagine from your previous head canon  Class 1A meets Todoroki's older sister reader, like where the reader bist and but this their kid is a little older like maybe a  toddler and the boys try and use the toddler to get close to the reader😂and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to you
🍀Hello sunshine! This has been sitting in my drafts for far too long im so sorry 💀 hope you enjoy my unorganized mess
Class 1-A meets Todoroki's older!sister | 2
Platonic, fluff
S/n = son's name
Tumblr media
So you came back to visit Shouto again with s/n, he missed him like mad since Shouto hasn't been able to visit home in a while
When you showed up with s/n, everyome recognised you immediately as Shouto's sister. They all instantly said their hellos and making you feel welcome
"How are you y/n?" Midoriya strikes up as he waits for you and s/n to swap out your shoes for slippers, he bends down to s/n height to say hello
Your kid was definitely similar to shouto since they instantly his behind Shouto's legs as you went to go say hello too, you knew it would take a while to get him to talk to all of Shouto's friends again
"Hello!" Kaminari makes his way over to s/n putting his hand up waiting for a high-five off s/n, which never came
"Uhh...thanks bud," Kaminari said deflated, he had an idea to get him to talk though
"Hey kiddo, do you know what your moms favourite sweet is?" Kaminari hopes that what the answer is he has in his section of the kitchen
"Um..anything sour" s/n says as he fiddles with the ends of his shirt, trying his best in conversation
"Perfect!" Kaminari dashes to the kitchen in hopes to return with the sweets to give to you and then have you complement Kaminari on his kindness
"Oi brat, go ask your old hag if she wants makin' a pot anyway" Bakugou tries to cover his tracks incase anyone suspects he wants to make you tea personally :')
"No she likes coffee" S/n was really fed up of people asking questions about his mommy, why not ask him questions about himself?
"Hey s/n do you want to colour with me?" Kirishima offers as he has a hero themed colouring booked layed out for the boy to play with. S/n eyes lit up, like seriously colouring? Yes please
Kirishima and s/n sit colouring together their favoruite heros as they chat about kindergarten and the hardships of learning how to count
Bakugou bring you your coffee especially made just for you since your not a big tea drinker, is that a cookie was well? Your in luck because Bakugou never shares his cookies!
Unfortunately your currently munching on the sour sweets Kaminari brought over for you and Shouto. Kaminari sends a smug look in Bakugou's direction as you thank Kaminari for sharing. Bakugou's angry glare vanishes as he watches s/n run up to you with two coloured in sheets for you too look at
"Mommy mommy look what me and Kirishima made!" S/n bounces with delight as you look so amazed at these drawing coloured in, are they coloured inside the lines? Of course not but its the thought that counts.
"Mommy I coloured in the All Might one and Kirishima coloured in the Red Riot one!" S/n points out as he grabs his drawing to show you in detail,
"Oh wow! I must hang these on the fridge later!" You gush as s/n beams with happiness because his artwork is going on the fridge! Best day ever for this young child
Kirishima sends a glace towards Bakugou who's teacup is shaking due to his anger and Kaminari is deflated on the couch since he wasn't able to get your attention like that
After a long day at the dorms filled with you chatting to all Shouto's classmates, whiched included you helping Sero with his maths homework since you were "really smart" accoring to sero. You helped Shouto explain to s/n as to why he stays at the dorms, ugh! It's been a long day.
You look around the common to find your sleepy son napping on one of his newest friends. Who's that friend you might ask? Well only his best friend, *ahem* Tokoyami because he let him feed dark shadow an apple before dinner....
You stare at your son looking all cute until you felt a hand tap your shoulder. Kaminari smiles at you and asks you a risky question
"So as you can see, s/n is fast asleep, and of course never wake a sleeping baby" he starts off and you start to laugh as Kaminari mentions s/n as a "baby" sure he was your baby but still.
"Soooo you could spend the night–" Kaminari is cut off by an angry Shouto
"Absolutely not, y/n needs to get home with s/n, there isn't any beds available–" Shouto was cut off by a desprite Kirishima
"I can share my bed! It's the manly thing to do!" Bakugou cuts in angrily
"Hah! As if! Y/n would want a nice bed to sleep in with s/n, not some crusty ass bed you got! They can take my bed I'll take the couch" Bakugou offers proudly as if he won the argument
You start to laugh at these boys attempts to get you to stay were aware of their actions all night but it was worth it to see Shouto's reaction. You speak up before Shouto gets too pissed at his friends hitting on his sister
"Unfortunately we do have to go home as my partner will be coming home from work soon" you say as you watch their faces drop
You never mentioned a present partner if your life– obviously s/n got here somehow!
As you wave your goodbyes you think to yourself "maybe i shouldn't visit for a while for Shouto's sake"
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading!
-> masterlist
-> General tags : @aomi04 @justheretoaskandread @rebekah-trader @veenxys
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tessa-is-a-simp · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
|| Previous, Chapter Three ||
Tumblr media
ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔭𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔉𝔬𝔲𝔯
The atmosphere around grew less lively as the night progressed in its early hours, the people growing quieter and tired every passing second. Few were still hanging out with each other while others were passed out on the tables themselves.
The fires were burning brightly to light the path up for everyone to see properly, casting a beautiful yellow luminance on the water. I, along with Kirishima and others, made my way to the magnificent ship that I had only seen from the outside.
It was a quiet and long walk there, the silence was comfortable with the low hum of the waves crashing against the port sounding in the background. Contrary to the surroundings, I was wide awake, not even a bit tired which was peculiar for someone like me who had to sleep at eleven sharp. I wasn't tired at all I had never been so wide awake. There was something inside of me that kept me awake and I was glad for it.
"So, how much more do we have to walk?" I asked, my legs hurting due to the shoes digging in them.
"Just a bit further," Kirishima said, he was walking in front of me, whereas the other pirates were crowded around him and some were beside me.
"It wasn't this long of a walk when we went to the tavern, was it?" I asked,
"T'was. You didn't notice because we were talkin'." He said, looking over his shoulder.
I nodded in realization before hurrying to catch up with him.
"So what is he like?" I asked again, not quite satisfied with the previous answer.
"I uh... I told you, he is his person and a mind of his own..." He stated, not looking at me while saying that.
"Oh? So he is a unique fellow..." I asked, a bit confused as to why that was the only feature I was told. It might have a different reason, what if he is a faerie too!? Could he be? I mean, it's not impossible... Or what if he is a different creature? That would be exciting!
A few minutes later we finally reached the ship, it was still there, parked in all its glory. Beautiful, elegant... All these words were less for it, there was just something about it that called me towards it... It was weird but comforting...
"'Kay so, listen, you 'ave t' be patient with him," Kirishima said, as he stopped in front of me and looked at me, trying to make me understand. I nodded, thinking of the possibilities of why would he say that...
Is he a dwarf? Do they exist? Or perhaps a nymph? What could he be? I thought, climbing up the ship by the platform attached to it.
Kirishima went up before me and offered his hand to pull me up. I smiled at him gratefully as I stepped on the deck.
I gasped as I saw the deck, I was rendered speechless... The exterior woodwork was nothing in comparison to the interior one. The deck had sculptured wood, with beautiful patterns across it, the wood was strong and polished, the lights glimmering off the surface. It was huge, the sails were rolled in and tied to the wooden poles that surrounded it, there were many sails, many... and they were vast! The whole sky was covered with them and yet you could see the stars from in between, and they looked gorgeous.
Kirishima chuckled at my speechless state and shook his head, his laugh was like one of those that made you laugh too, which it did. His hair reflected the white lights and his eyes shone like diamonds, his teeth—
Holy God! How did I not notice that!? His teeth are pointy and certainly sharp, the tip of them reflecting the light making them look deadly... However, they didn't look that scary...
A loud thud brought me out of my thoughts, and I looked away, still laughing.
"This is beautiful..." I mumbled, turning around to take a full look.
"Told ya." He said and started leading me around.
It was bustling with people, crew members. Some were rolling barrels and arranging them in the corner, some were cleaning the deck whereas some were just roaming about and chatting. All of them nodded at Kirishima, who nodded back... I swear, they respect him everywhere.
"Tis is the beautiful ship that I get t' call my home. It's enchantin' as it sails past the water, the water parting for her to make her way." He said, a loving look in his eye, it reminded me of the things that I loved, the people... The look reminded me of the one Mama had... The look Father had when she was alive... The look Kyoka has when she talks about her musical instruments or the new melody she practiced, the look Momo has when she gets the idea of a new dress, or when she sees the perfect material for a dress that she wanted to make... It was the look of delight, fondness, admiration... I don't know if I ever had that look or will have in the future but it felt nice to see it in others' eyes...
"You must really—"
"I am back!!" I was saying but got interrupted by Mina as she slung her arm on my shoulder and cheered excitedly,
"You're back soon..." Kirishima said and nodded in agreement.
"Yeah!! As soon as you guys left, they came, we both talked and then came here." She said, with a smile.
"Oh, and they know you!! That's what convinced them to come with me!" She said excitedly as she looked at me.
"Oh?" I asked, panic coursing through my body... What if they were guards? Or spies!? Matsumoto's spies or even worse!?
"Where are they then?" I asked, trying to sound as normal as possible while my heart was beating rapidly. My hands felt cold with the possibility of the worst happening before a very familiar voice brought me back.
"Y/n!" I heard it call my name, stopping mid-thought as to how was I able to hear that voice... It was extremely familiar and it made me take a deep breath in surprise as I turned around and gasped.
"Don't tell me you thought we would let you leave alone." She said and tears filled my eyes, a wave of relief washing over me, and it felt as if an unknown weight lifted off of my shoulders, because standing there were my two greatest friends, my ladies, Kyoka and Momo.
I held back a sob as I rushed towards them with open arms, hugging them both together tightly, I felt good... It felt good... To finally have something familiar in the foreign settings...
"Oh my god, I missed you both so much," I mumbled, whilst the hug.
"I mean, you just saw us a few hours ago but okay..." Kyoka said, earning a glare from Momo who was patting my back and also had tears in her eyes.
"I am so glad that you are okay," Momo said, as she pulled away, holding my hands in hers.
"We were so worried..." She said,
"Yeah, we thought you wouldn't survive more than five minutes," Kyoka said and I glared at her, sticking my tongue out.
"But... I missed you too..." She said with a smile and I rolled my eyes,
"Uhh, okay... So you guys know each other this well?" Mina asked breaking the silence.
A sudden realization dawned upon the three of us as we looked at each other... This was never part of a plan... We did not have a cover story, what were we going to tell them?
Looking at their panic-stricken faces, I decided to speak.
"Yes, we do. These are my... cousins! Yes, my cousins... From court... We are very close cousins!" I said nervously, trying to explain how we know each other.
"Yes, cousins! We are cousins, very close ones at that, we do everything together..." Jiro said, adding to my story.
Momo nodded, agreeing with everything we said,
"Oh!? And you all are running away together..?" Mina asked,
I mentally cursed myself, thinking of more to add on to, when Momo broke her silence.
"Yeah, we couldn't leave Y/n alone... And if she wasn't going to marry the guy... They would have..."
"Send us off to marry!" Jiro said, grinning from ear to ear, happy to conceive a believable lie.
"Oh... I am so proud of all of you girls!! But Jiro, what about the princess? Weren't you, her lady or something??" She asked,
How did she know that? I looked at Jiro questioningly, wanting her to give me a reason as to why Mina knew that.
"I am... But the princess is very kind and understanding, she let me go." She said looking at me,
My eyes softened at her statement and I gave her shoulder a grateful squeeze, it filled me with happiness to know that this is what she thinks about me.
"I like the princess, she seems cool," Mina said, making me smile.
She let it all go while Kirishima looked at the three of us with suspicious eyes but decided not to pry... We were safe... For now.
To be honest, I was overjoyed by the fact that my two best friends were here to support me... It was very thoughtful of them... I wouldn't feel alone anymore...
"Thank you," I whispered to them, as Kirishima and Mina got distracted by someone doing something stupid, which I think was Kaminari...
"For what?" Momo whispered back confused, the same look on Kyoka's face.
"For everything..." I said, tears pooling in my eyes yet again,
Momo smiled kindly and brought her hands up to wipe my tears,
"You are our best friend, sister even... You don't have to thank us." She said,
"Yeah and besides, remember what Queen Kumiko told us? Stay together." Kyoka said as she ruffled my hair, earning a smack on her hand from me.
I remembered Mama always telling us to stay together... To be together... Never leave each other's side. She told us to be there for each other and never betray the other... And that was what we had decided to do after her death... Trust each other more than anybody else, believe what the other say. Mama told us that she had three friends that were together almost every hour of the day but they all got separated, she told me that they four were the troublemakers of the town, their friendship was one to be remembered... Which changed after they all married.
She did not want that to happen to us, so she made us promise her, which we did and we were thoroughly planning to let it stay that way.
"Y/n wanna see the ship?" Kirishima asked as he made his way towards me after solving whatever was happening.
I looked at Kyoka and Momo who nodded before engaging in a conversation with Mina.
"Of course, I will!" I said, following him as he made his way through the crowd and forward.
"So tis is the deck, where mainly we just walk 'round, manage sails an' rations. 'Ere we work, an' sit an' do everything, honestly." He said, taking me across the huge deck, and even with so many people on it, it still had a considerable space left empty.
"That is the steering wheel on the stern-deck, where usually cap'n and I stand and look out for potential threats and dangers and change directions." He said pointing to a higher platform that had a big wooden wheel on it.
"That's so good..." I wondered out loud, looking at the quarter deck and the deck. Whoever invented the ship put a lot of thought into them...
"Yeah, it is. However, we built this ship ourselves, the place we are from is expert in making ships and that is mostly what everybody does over there. So we did too." He said proudly, and I was impressed,
"You made it!?" I asked, unable to control my disbelief,
"Well, t'was mostly Cap'n, he designed it and carved most of the main pieces, the mechanisms, I just helped him assemble and make a few things." He said,
"Oh my god, he must be very skilled..." I said, even more, eager to meet him. Someone who could create something as beautiful as this with his hands has to be extremely talented, not to mention he also is the captain of the ship, and Kirishima and the others seemed to respect him... He must be quite nice a person.
"So next stop—" Kirishima was saying when the background chatter came to a halt and a silence fell upon the ship.
I looked around, confused, making eye contact with Momo who shrugged,
"What's going on?" I asked Kirishima, my voice barely a whisper as I tried not to break the quiet.
The clicking of boots against the wooden floor, broke the stillness as it echoed through the ship. The souund increasing with each each step.
"He's here." He said with a toothy grin as he looked up at the quarter deck.
Tumblr media
|| Next, Chapter Five (5th December 2021) ||
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
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veenxys · 2 months ago
「Attractive things BNHA Boys do」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
his hand on your waist or back but non-sexually. when you’re in his way or blocking his way to something or somewhere, he gently moves you by the waist, casually saying “excuse me, baby” his voice deep and so low that only you can hear it. he also instinctively guides you through crowds by putting his hand on the small of your back.
⤷ Deku
casual pda, however he always makes it more affectionate and passionate. he always puts his arm over your shoulder without saying anything or takes his hand out of his pockets to hold yours when you approach him. kisses on the back of your hand when he's a little distracted by the phone, but still wants to show your affection while you wait for your coffee orders at the cafe. casual hugs at concerts or festivals and him dropping a kiss on the top or back of the neck.
⤷ Todoroki
he brushes your hair out of your face when you talk so he can see you better. most of the time it is a casual and subconscious gesture; he's listening to you intently and when his eyes remain fixed on the strands of hair that fall over your face, he tucks them behind your ear or pushes them away from your face, gently running his fingers down your cheek in the process. he does this so often that you may get used to it after a while, but it always makes your heart race.
⤷ Denki
he says things like “come here honey, watch with me” when he finds a funny video on youtube. “tell me about your day,” he says, sitting down on the couch beside you, his body fully turned toward you. "here, drink this," he says, handing you a bottle of water. "honey! I made your favorite dessert!". it's such a small thing, but his casual commands make your heart warm.
⤷ Tamaki
the way he hums and moans softly when you play with his hair or give him a head massage. maybe it's a casual gesture when you watch netflix together or when you see him stressed out with work. his moans are deep, low and slightly slurred, and his hums are so soft and sound so content - almost giddy. he takes one of your hands away from his head and towards his lips to press a grateful kiss, his eyes closed and his mind in ecstasy.
⤷ Shinsou
the way he can go from being an adorable, giggly mess to being hot in a split second. one minute, you’re play-fighting, him keeping you at arm’s length to avoid your tickling, annoyed but gleeful giggles and laughs escaping from his mouth, and the next, he’s boldly getting into your space until your back is pressed against a wall.
⤷ Hawks
he likes to kiss you when you least expect it. when you're talking, he lightly traces your jaw as he listens before gently gripping your chin and tilting your head up so your lips meet his, smiling into the kiss as your words fade away. or he runs a hand through your front hair as if he's just fixing the unruly strands, but when his hand reaches the back of your head, he gently pulls you close to steal a kiss.
⤷ Dabi
he does this thing where he uses his index finger to lift your chin to make you look at him. it can be something as playful as making you pay your undivided attention when you’re jokingly ignoring him. or sometimes, when he sees you’re sad and upset about something and refusing to talk to him, he does this, his movements gentle, and his face calm as he searches your face then asks, “do you want to talk about it, dear?”
⤷ Shigaraki
he’s focusing on something; you think he doesn’t notice you staring at him but he suddenly looks at you with those eyes of his, and he stares back until you get flustered. the playful yet intense glint in his eyes makes it hard to look away as he looks at you with half-lidded eyes and the ghost of a smirk on his lips.
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tteokdoroki · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
bakugou is so in love with you it makes him look stupid.
Tumblr media
im talking about bakugou who wakes up a little earlier than you every day— up to an hour where he goes for a run before you can even think about breakfast. he knows that you worry about him, waking up without you makes you scared that he’s gotten hurt on the job, so he leaves a note in his scratchy explosive handwriting. i love you, i’m safe. it always says.
out on his runs he stops by the bakery you like, the one where you had your third, sixth and ninth date because you really loved the egg custard tarts there and katsuki picks up three because one isn’t enough to fill either of you up and he likes to split the third with you. over crummy kisses and spilt milk, you watch the sunrise and light up deep red hues, twisted with shades of blissful orange and peachy pinks and the words i love you are not spoken but instead said through the way you cup his cheek and he leans into your palm not a second later.
bakugou who looks for you in crowds in the busy streets of japan when you meet him for his lunch break during work— he’s messily put together, hoodie tugged over his hero suit which is a little torn from patrol but you’re in love so it’s okay, he looks beautiful to you anyway. bakugou who keeps his large hand on your waist, guiding you through strangers who couldn’t care less as you ramble about the things you saw on your way to meet him and the place you want to take him to get a good meal in him.
he loves that you’re thoughtful, always thinking of you while you’re thinking of him— he’s got that airy look on his face as you feed him bites from your plate and he sneaks in the bill and a hefty tip despite the fact that you said you’d pay. katsuki’s hand falling back to your waist when you leave as he glares at the server who wouldn’t stop looking your way, making it known that you only smile that pretty for him.
bakugou who can’t stop the tears from rolling as you stand up, cuddling his head into your stomach. he gets nightmares some nights, not as often as when he was back in school. he can’t see, he can’t breathe and all he feels is himself sinking into darkness as the villain swallows him hole and then...then there’s you, warm around him and not suffocating— with gentle eyes that tell him not to worry, bring him back down to earth and tell him it’ll all be okay. katsuki shakes but you brush back his hair, kiss his forehead and tell him. it’s alright, you’re safe.
bakugou who checks his phone every five seconds on a night out with kirishima and the others to see if you’ve texted, his cheeks flaring red when kaminari swings an arm over his shoulders just to tell him what a softie he’s become over the years—especially for you. and katsuki can’t even deny it, it’s the truth. maybe you’ve humbled him a little bit, your tender loving soothing the painful cracks in his soul. the way you look at him when you first wake up to the way you hold him when you both lay your heads down to rest— it all makes bakugou feel loved and valued, helps him breathe in fresh air after having his head underwater for so long. he would die for you, but you’d ask him to live instead and that’s all he’s ever needed to hear. all his life, you’re all he’s ever needed.
maybe i am. bakugou says to kaminari, the hints of a smile coming through when your text rolls in.
stay safe. i love you. it says.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deartouya · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. bakugou katsuki, dabi, aizawa shota, todoroki shoto + keigo takami.
warnings: none except maybe a little suggestiveness and teasing in hawks + dabi’s.
note: pretty much that old tiktok trend and i just cant stop thinking about how warm and comfy dabi’s lap would be :/ 
Tumblr media
✞ BAKUGOU was sat on the couch, scribbling down some random new costume ideas and signing some papers before bed. but you felt a little touch starved, missing the natural warmth that came with being wrapped in your boyfriend. “’suki?” you drawl, the soft tone of your voice catching his attention immediately as he raises a curious brow, grunting in response. but you dont say anything else, instead you just slide yourself onto his lap, tracing your fingers up his biceps in the process, grinning when you watch him immediately freeze up- cheeks tinting pink. “what are you doing, dumbass?” bakugou groans, shuffling under you slightly with a sigh but he still doesn't tell you to get off, allowing you to get comfortable before you feel the natural heat of his palm rest against your lower back- his chin resting on your shoulder with a tsk and a few grumbles, hoping you dont notice the way his blush has now spread to the tips of his ears as he pouts down at the papers infront of him. “fine, ju-just sit still would ya?” bakugou huffs, holding you close while he traces his fingers soothingly along your back.
✞ DABI you’d decided to do it during one of the league meetings, hoping you'd be able to get some sort of reaction out of your boyfriend. dabi’s eyes are on you immediately when you enter the room, re-adjusting himself on the old couch to make room for you beside him. you try to suppress the grin on your lips when you approach him instead, sliding your way between his legs before climbing onto his lap- his face remains unphased apart from the slight raise of his brow but you’re surprised when his arms reach for you anyway, hands resting on your hips as if this had been planned all along, almost making you pout at the smug expression on his face while he leans in closer. “yeah? infront of the league, doll?” dabi almost groans, words a drawl while his gaze locks on yours, pulling your hips flush against his own “aren’t you bold.” you’re only jolted from the haze of your mind when you hear shigaraki bark at you both to “get a room” with a disgusted scowl on his face, causing dabi to flick him off with a cocky grin before his hand returns to playfully smack at your ass, shooting you a smirk and a wink after “oh, we will.”
✞ AIZAWA he was grading papers while he sat at the desk in the spare bedroom of your home, hair tied back out of his face as he ran an exhausted hand over his face - head slowly turning to face you while you approached him in the doorway, watching his features soften immediately. “you okay?” shota hums, sleep evident in his tone. you only offer him a nod in reply before nudging at his arm slightly, and you're surprised when he raises it, pushing his chair out from under the desk to allow you to crawl into his lap smoothly. “almost done.” he sighs while you allow yourself to get comfortable, feeling him pull himself closer to the desk again before one of his hands rest on the back of your head, guiding you to nuzzle into the crook of his neck. suddenly finding yourself feeling tired yourself while surrounded by his warmth, the scribbling of his pen and your soft breathing filling the room- feeling him place a gentle kiss against your shoulder before you drift off in his hold.
✞ TODOROKI you were a little nervous to try it with him honestly, not being too sure how he would react or if he even would. so you had waited until he was sitting on his bed, smiling softly at you before gently patting the space next to him. so you approach, a little hesitantly at first but eventually you decide to just do it - smoothly sliding into his lap and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. shoto freezes, momentarily- arms still by his side as he looks at you with wide eyes and parted lips, a little confused. “are you cold or something?” it makes your heart bloom at the innocence of the question, deciding to just nod and try to play it off as just that. but you dont expect to feel his arms lightly wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to him while he rests his face in the crook of your neck- breathing softly before he eventually speaks “is this better?” he breathes and you hold him a little tighter when you notice the faint tint of red on the tips of his ears, “its perfect.” 
✞ HAWKS was always looking for ways to fluster you, so you thought you’d try take this as an opportunity to do the same to him. waiting until he was lying in bed after a long day of patrols, amber eyes heavy with sleep but still focused on you when the bed dips under your weight. “oho~ what’s this? how can i help you, angel?” his words are laced in a teasing tone, his lips stretching into a handsome smirk as his hands immediately reach for your figure- pulling you even closer against him until you're almost lying completely on top of him. his fingers tilting your chin up in favour of his lips ghosting your own. “come on, baby. what now?” you want to roll your eyes at the sickly sweet tone and the playful glint in his eyes, realising that he probably figured you out before you even started- but when you feel his palm smooth along your hips and pull you closer, raising a brow at you before his lips finally press against your own- you realise you dont really care anyway.
Tumblr media
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bakupom · 11 days ago
𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐲 - 𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢 𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ↣ 𝖻𝖺𝗄𝗎𝗀𝗈𝗎 𝖺𝗌𝗄𝗌 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗍𝗈 𝗌𝗁𝖺𝗏𝖾 𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝖿𝖺𝖼𝖾 𝖿𝗈𝗋 𝗁𝗂𝗆 𝖻𝖾𝖼𝖺𝗎𝗌𝖾 𝗁𝖾'𝗌 𝗌𝗅𝖾𝖾𝗉𝗒.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 ↣ 𝖿𝗅𝗎𝖿𝖿
𝐰/𝐜 ↣ 𝟢.𝟧𝗄
𝐚/𝐧  ↣ 𝗂 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾𝖽 𝗐𝗋𝗂𝗍𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗌𝗈 𝗆𝗎𝖼𝗁 𝗅𝗈𝗅 𝗂 𝖼𝖺𝗇 𝖽𝖾𝖿𝗂𝗇𝗂𝗍𝖾𝗅𝗒 𝗌𝖾𝖾 𝖻𝖺𝗄𝗎𝗀𝗈𝗎 𝖻𝖾𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖼𝗅𝗂𝗇𝗀𝗒 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝗌𝗎𝗉𝖾𝗋 𝖺𝖿𝖿𝖾𝖼𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗐𝗁𝖾𝗇 𝗁𝖾'𝗌 𝗌𝗅𝖾𝖾𝗉𝗒 😭
Tumblr media
“hey, come to the bathroom real quick” you read from your phone after receiving a text from bakugou. you sighed and got out of bakugou’s cozy bed, heading for the bathroom to see what he wanted. 
“what do you want katsuki? you were supposed to come back to your room like 10 minutes ago so we could watch a movie.” you huffed as you walked into the bathroom and were greeted by bakugou who was only wearing a towel around his waist. 
“stop being such a brat, it didn’t even take that long. anyways, i called you in here because i need your help.” he declared.
“YOU need MY help? the world is ending.” you joked while giggling to yourself.
“oh just shut up” bakugou grumbled while holding back a smile. without any warning, he wrapped his hands around your waist and hoisted you up onto the bathroom counter.
“are you trying to fuc—”
“don’t.” bakugou quickly said before you even got to finish your sentence. “shave my face.” he continued while handing you a razor and shaving cream. 
“and you couldn’t do this yourself because…?” you laughed while grabbing the supplies from him.
“i like it when you do it. plus, i’m tired” he stated simply.
“fine you manchild. first, let’s swap positions” you said while stepping down from the counter.
“why? you won’t be able to reach me from there” he questioned confusedly while complying nonetheless.
“so i can do this” you said before getting back up to sit on his lap while wrapping your legs around him.
“so damn clingy” bakugou said in fake annoyance while trying to hide the blush creeping upon his face.
“you know you love it”  you said before you both landed into a comfortable silence while you shaved his stubble. looking up at him, you saw him already staring at you. 
“why are you staring at me you creep?” you joked while breaking the silence.
“because you’re so beautiful” bakugou freely complimented you without holding back or throwing in an insult.
“that’s how i know you’re tired” you laughed.
 “am i not allowed to compliment my girlfriend? i should’ve just called you ugly” he said while yawning and nuzzling his head into your chest as he wrapped his arms around your body. 
“katsu get off, you’re getting shaving cream on me! i have one more spot left.” you said while trying to free yourself from his grip.
“no. i’m tired. we’re going to bed now.” he mumbled before lifting himself up with you still on him and carrying you both to his bed.
reaching his room, he plopped you down on his bed and you looked at him with a scowl on your face.
“why are you looking at me like that?” he questioned, not laying down until you answered him.
“you got shaving cream all over my shirt.”
“stop whining, you know you can wear one of mine.” he sighed while handing you an oversized shirt from his closet. 
“yay!” you cheered while swapping your shirts.
“let’s go to sleep now” he sighed in relief as he entered the warmth of his bed and immediately wrapped his arms around your waist with you facing him.
“katsuki?” you said softly while stroking his face gently.
“hmm?” we hummed while nuzzling his face further into your hands.
“you know you’re going to have one patch of hair left on your face and you’re gonna look like an idiot, right?”
“go to hell”
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toji-bunny-girl · 14 days ago
Thinking about... (NSFW, fem reader)
Husband!Katsuki who pulls open the curtain in the morning, waking you up as the morning rays seeps into your whole bedroom. He doesn’t head to the bathroom to prepare for the day nor the kitchen to cook up some fresh pancakes but instead, hops back onto the bed and feel the sun upon his skin as he stretches, waiting for you to give him a honeyed morning greeting and paste a soft peck onto his neck. 
Husband!Katsuki who kneels on the floor as your toddler wobble around on the couch, worried hands hovering over her frame incase she falls but she grabs the back pillows to stabilise her cubby body, rejecting his help which causes him to tear up internally because she’s growing up a little too fast to his liking.
Husband!Katsuki who lightly shushes you behind the kitchen door as you try to whimper as softly as you could about how he feels so good, thick cock tickling every inch of your dripping cunt as he groans into your ear about having another baby while the nanny unknowingly plays with your kid in the living room.
“It’s your birthstone,” Husband!Katsuki who gives a peck on your cheek after he hooks the light chains around your neck as your head rests against his shoulder, muscles toughened up through the days and weeks and years of training; he tastes the excited grin across your lips as you return a light smooch to his and thank him for your anniversary gift. 
Husband!Katsuki who fights the growling pomeranian who’s gripping the end of your bra as he clutches the other end, screaming at the dog to let go and for your kid to get out of the bedroom incase it goes feral and attacks her while you’re out getting groceries. 
Husband!Katsuki who places your daughter on his lap as he settles in front of the set of drums, hands guiding hers to firmly hold the drum sticks as he points to each little instruments and name them before teaching the basics to a babbling 1 year old.
Husband!Katsuki who’s the stay-at-home parent for the week, makes cute bento boxes he got inspired by on pinterest and does all the chores and even secretly join a dad subreddit so that he could know all the secrets of a parent.
Husband!Katsuki who brings his family to his parent’s, a warm grin dancing across his cheek as he finds his daughter jumping into her grandmother’s arms, a stoke of comfort within his chest as he glances at you and tells himself he finally has his own family, something he had dreamed about since forever ago and he’s one lucky of a bastard to have one with you. 
Husband!Katsuki who kisses the back of your hand before the two of you fall asleep, a fiery of in-loved red within his eyes that never seems to disappear despite the end of the night or the last of days that gazes at your features as he lets out a gentle whisper of a reminder that you’re the only soul that he loves. 
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Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: dabi, keigo takami, bakugou katsuki, kirishima eijirou, kaminari denki
𝐚/𝐧: repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
✿ 𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 has his hands on your hips, keeping you in place as he kisses you, grip occasionally tightening as he pulls you closer. Gently, you pull away, cupping his cheeks while he looks at you expectantly. “Why’d you pull away?” You laugh, pecking his nose before pressing your forehead to his. “Just wanted to let you know really quickly that you’re really pretty,” you whisper. His eyes widen, staring at you in shock for a few moments before his face hardens and he looks to the side, rolling his eyes as his jaw clenches. “Yeah, okay, doll.” You force him to look at you once more, gently tracing the edge of his scar with your thumb, pecking his lips softly. “I mean it Dabi, you’re so pretty.” He sighs, eyes not meeting yours as he slowly pulls your closer, kissing you much softer than usual.
✿ 𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐒 smiles wide when he pulls you by your wrist back into his arms, gripping you tightly and pulling your closer to his chest, kissing the crown of your head softly as his hand rubs up and down your back. “Got a few more minutes before I gotta get up birdie, don’t go yet,” he insists. His face softens when your hand brushes hair out of his face, eyes bright and happy as they stare at him, scanning over his every feature. He’s not used to such a soft gaze directed at him, looking down bashfully while you stare. “You’re really pretty, Kei. You know that?” He gives you a small laugh, cheeks dusted red as he buries his face into your neck. “You’re just saying that.” Running your fingers through his hair, you kiss his head, making him melt and his hands grip your shirt. “I’m not, baby. You’re perfect.”
✿ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎𝐔 buttons up his shirt, grumbling under his breath, unhappy that he has to wear formal attire for the evening. His eyes meet yours when you walk in, scanning over him really quickly before grinning widely. “Damn, Katsuki, you’re looking pretty,” you tease. He growls, swatting your hand away as you go to pinch his cheek, glaring at you harshly. “Shut up, you dumbass. Now get out,” he grumbles. With a giggle, you wrap your arms around his neck, and he lets you, glaring to the side. His arms gently wrap around your torso, hugging you close to him. “I’m serious,” you whisper much gentler this time, “you’re pretty, you know.” He scowls, face darkening to a shade of crimson, flicking your forehead as he rolls his eyes. “I told you to shut up, you idiot.” But he kisses you softly, arms tightening around you and bringing you as close as he could, not ready to let go.
✿ 𝐊𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀 smiles giddily as you walk through the door, rushing over to wrap you in a hug for the first time all day, excited to see you again. With a laugh, you hug him back, squeezing him tightly against you. “Hey, pretty boy, I missed you,” you chuckle. Pulling away slowly, he stares at you with wide eyes before looking down at his feet, rubbing his neck as his ears turn red. “Pretty boy?” Nodding, you squish his cheeks together, making his lips pucker as you press small kisses to them, moving up and pressing more onto his warm cheeks. “Yes, pretty boy. The prettiest boy ever,” you smile, making his heart soar in this chest, eyes brightening just a tad bit more. With a shy grin, he kisses your lips softly, lingering on them as he pulls away, whispering “you’re really pretty too” before pecking your forehead.
✿ 𝐊𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐑𝐈 looks at you, eyes wide when he feels your hands suddenly hold each side of his face, pulling it closer to you as you lean in. Your thumb runs over his eyebrow, making its way to his cheek bone as it traces over it, gentle, as though he was delicate and fragile. “You’re so pretty, Denki. My pretty boy,” you whisper. His eyes widen before they gloss over just a bit, smile slowly widening as he leans into you more, seeking more affection. “Yeah, you think so?” You hum, carding a hand through his hair as he buries his face into your neck, your other hand rubbing his back soothingly. “Yeah. I love you,” you smile, holding him as he lets himself feel your warmth. His voice is quiet, barely audible as he whispers out a muffled “love you too, so much,” into the skin of your neck before kissing it.
Tumblr media
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