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#bakugou imagine
crappycamille · 2 days ago
ever have those nights where you just want Bakugou to hold you?
knowing that you wouldn’t have to do anything or think about anything. you could just… be. i know just being in his presence would be the most secure and calming feeling. no matter the previous mood, Bakugou’s soul just has a way of making you calm. absolute serenity.
he doesn’t even have to say anything. just him being near you has such a big effect. but even then, man— his voice would be so soothing. there is something so nice about a deep and raspy voice. can imagine just asking him to mindlessly talking about his day. about a shitty villain. annoying paperwork. about his philosophical thoughts. about the weather. about how he killed a bug. about how he almost killed his stupid friends. about how something reminded him of you. about any and everything.
it’s not just his voice that’s soothing, but it’s him. hearing the way he tells his stories. his personality showing through with each detail which only makes you love them more. to the point where it feels weird when you hear other people tell stores cause they aren’t Katsuki. simple as that.
for others, Bakugou doesn‘t say much… it’s better that way for them. so it‘s weird for those who get to see the rarity that is a talkative Bakugou. something that you’ve grown so accustomed to. all of those nights sitting in each other’s arms, listening to him. his voice in a natural state, low and raspy. it’s lazy the way he talks.
the words tumbling out of his throat, almost too quiet to hear. he misses a couple of syllables at times due to the lack of effort. but you never miss a beat.
you only do when you start to fall asleep. you‘re trying so hard not to, you enjoy these moments to much to fall asleep on them. but how could you not. not with the steady rise and fall of his chest. the way his hands unconsciously rub up and down your back. how his head is laid on yours which is comfortably tucked in his neck. you can feel the rumbling of his voice from his body as he talks. occasionally feeling his breath tickle your skin when he huffs about something.
it’s like he wants you to fall asleep. and you do. and you always get the best sleep because of that extremely relaxed state.
he never says anything to you but Bakugou can always tell when you’re about to fall asleep. your breath slows and your mouth opens a little against him. he thinks it’s cute the way you lazily say “uh huh” as if you’re listening to what he’s saying, moments before you’re out.
he always makes it a point to gently kiss and pet your head for good measure. he’s gotta make sure you get the best sleep possible.
laying down with Bakugou is the best.
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stresspizza · a day ago
Bakugo x reader head canons
- he's a late bloomer in the ✨Romance department ✨
- he got these weird feelings around you... He got extra hot.... Heart beating fast/skipping a beat.... Avoided eye contact
- bakugo only concludes to one thing....
- "you disgust me, y/n. Tch."
- ngl your feelings were hurt, but this did also come outta no where and rn ur just 🙂 o ok
- bakugo continues to feel these feelings for a while, gets sick of it, and consults kirishima
- "y/n is just so... UGH ITS SO FRUSTRATING"
- kirishima: " ?????????? Bakugo you sound like u like them"
- bakugo denies bc he’s always right
- ://// katsuki
- he spends the next few weeks reading young adult advice about love, first loves, etc.
- and he realizes that, maybe, hot cheeto hair was right. Dammit.
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Obssesively rivals
Bakugou X fem!reader
Synopsis: you were always straightforward about your crush on the hot headed blonde, the only problem was, he didn't come to accept his fate as your boyfriend and future husband so you made a bet, and if you win, you get to take him out on a date.
Tw:banter, swearing, not proof read,bakugou 🤕
I love him but I love slandering him so yes.
God I love his dramatic ass so much, I hope this fic did his charecter justice! If you like or don't like this, please give feedback 😭😭.
Asks/requests always very much open!
(lame fanfic about reader that isn't afraid to express her feelings and is confident about her skills)
The amount of fanfics in my drafts are crazy-
Tumblr media
"hey katsuki"
"I like you"
"piss off"
That's how your average conversation with the crimson eyes blonde would go, you confess, he tells you to fuck off.
But you? Giving up? Unheard of.
This was going to be your super plus ultra mega move that will make bakugou fall head over heels!
You took the term fall literally as you pushed his face to the ground, using your quirk to increase the force you executed, brutally dlaming his face to the floor.
Ok, ok, ok.
That might have been a bit sudden,
Let's go back a few notches to what caused you to end up in this situation, sparring with bakugou in UA training grounds.
It all started at the 50th time you were rejected, having sighed so many times over the lack of chance bakugou would give you, you decided to take it yourself.
"yo! Katsuki!"
Narrowing his eyes at your obnoxiously cheerful call, he grunts knowing your usual antics and chinanigans are about to start. You were standing proudly infornt of his desk, smiling down on him.
"I don't want to talk with a lowely extra like you, piss of loser."
If his remarks were ninja blades, your reflexes would have been probably one of the best, considering how quick you dodge them and change the subject.
"well that's too bad! Because I want to talk to you! Actually, rather than talk, I wanted to have a fight with you!"
You stated boldly.
Ignoring his exaggerated response you continue, now hands at your hips.
"you heard me! I want to fight you, and if I win, I get to take you out on a date!"
You smirked, continuing to test his patience.
"in your dreams, loser! Why would I agree to your shitty deal anyway!"
Determination sprung in your eyes, now shining a bit brighter.
"why not? Are you scared you're going to loose?"
You challenge him even further.
"what did you just say?"
Seems like the waters are starting to boil, you note.
"I am just saying, if you were confident you are going to win then why would you turn me down? Or are you scared that you're going to loose and end up in a date with me?"
You can hear the string snap.
"heh, you said extra twice bakugou, you sound pretty scared to me."
Now in training grounds, bakugou who is standing menacingly Infront of you, with a huge smirk on his face,
He haunts,
"hmmm, you said ass twice, you know katsuki, you have a nick for repeating words twice, I hope your fighting style isn't as limited as your vocabulary."
Your annoying wit gearing its head yet again for an insult, it's true you ignored bakugou's vulgar words most of the time, but well, that's because if you did pay attention to them, you would be arguing all night. And deep down, you knew he didn't mean most of what he said. Key words 'most'.
he charges at you, spite boosting his speed.
You analyise him while he is heading towards you, his hands sparking already with his arms up ready to strike you down in one explosion.
Bakugou's explosions were a brutal hit. But they also had a range to them, depending on how close he is, the more damage it will do.
Keeping that in mind, you wait till he sets off his explosion to jump, manipulating energy to jump up as high as needed to avoid the explosion.
Balugou notices your sudden absence, and midst his search for you under all the smoke, you appear from behind and use your feet to kick him to the ground.
His ninja reflexes however, dodge your kick as he grabs your foot mid-air and swings you hard enough to slam you onto the ground. Now face into the floor, you grab his feet with both of your hands to balance yourself as you free your foot from his hold, you put your legs around his neck and with your hands now positioned on the floor, you flip him around, having him at a headlock in between your legs (not what y'all nasties are thinking 🤕)
You grab his arm and grib it tightly to your chest,
"don't think about breaking free, if your force your arm in this position, you will break your bones. I don't take you for a deku wannabe?"
He scoffs at you, anger evident on his face, and victory on yours.
"I am taking you on a date, Saturday, at 7, don't be late!"
You say as he you let go of his hand, him freeing himself from the chokehold you had on him. (😏)
Standing infornt of his house, you ring at the doorbell.
Wearing an excited smile, and cute but casual clothes, you tap your foot on the floor as you wait.
A short haired, blonde, crimson eyes, women version of bakugou, opens the door.
Looking perplexed at your appearance, you quickly explain yourself.
"hello! I am a classmate of katsuki, and I am here to take him out on a date, is he ready yet?"
The shock on the women's face could rival bakugou's reaction to deku's quirk.
"a date? My son? Are you sure you're in the right house, sweetie?"
"yep! I am sure!"
Still not fully recovered from the shock of a girl outside of their house, asking for her son for a date, she calls for him.
"katsuki! Your date is here!"
She says loudly.
"shut it old hag! She isn't my date for fuck's sake!"
Balugou shouts as he goes down from the stairs, wearing pretty casual clothes, but still looking good in your humble opinion.
"don't speak to your mother like that! And don't keep a lady waiting!"
She smacks him on the head once he is close enough.
You freeze at the door not quite knowing what else to do.
He scoffs loudly as he leaves his house, now by your side.
"whatever, lets just get this annoying day over with," He grunts.
"have fun you two! And be nice to her katsuki, you should be grateful someone is willing to go on a date with you. I never thought this day would come in a million years."
She tears up a little, exaggerating her statement. She waves you off and closes the door leaving you and bakugou to the begginng of your date.
Balugou is already walking ahead of you, with his usual annoyed expression.
"i will never loose against you ever again, mark my words, extra!"
He shouts angrly as he stomps his walk Infront of you.
"we will see about that you grump!"
You say, catching up to him.
"speaking of loosing...I have decided on the perfect place to take you on our date! To make up for your embarrassingly, horrible, loss, I wi give a chance of redemption! In the arcade!"
You say with a huge beam on your face, punching the air with fighting spirit.
You ignore his angry shouts and grab his hands, dragging him to your destination.
He shouts, yet doesn't yank your hands off.
Finally reaching the arcade, You let go of his arm and enter excitingly.
Your eyes set on a multi-player shooting game.
"katsuki! Let's play this one!"
You point to your first prey.
"tch, piece of cake," he scoffs.
"heh, I won again!"
Winning the third round, you smirk as bakugou looses all sort of self control he had stored. Lashing out on the game and cursing you in the process.
What a sore looser, you thought.
Is it weird you found him cute like this? Riled up over nothing, it was almost comedic. It was that trait of his that drew you into him in the first place, loud, brash, and honest, he always stood out. His determination was like no other and you found yourself admiring him and looking up to him everytime you witness his battles. The way he treats his opponents as equal, the way he never gives up, and his anger that you found amusing most of the time- when it wasn't causing him forehead wrinkles and white hairs that is.
From the moment you discovered those feelings, you confessed, the adrenaline of watching him and all the admiration piled up and you couldn't hold back anymore. After you were rejected, cursed on, and insulted, you didn't get discouraged whatsoever. Actually, you quite expected this reaction, you just wanted to make your feelings known as you start your journey of getting him to like you. Offering him your food, jumping on any chance to train with him, pissing him off on purpose just so his attention in on you, your antics knew no bound.
He couldn't figure out why you were so enamoured with him, no matter how many times he rejects you, pushes you away, you just come up with a new way to annoy him or to involve yourself in his life. He hated the fact that he was getting used to this, used to you.
You were so beautiful, smart, cunning, and your endless wit and attitude that attracted him to you. And most of all, your brains in battle and unique fighting style, he argued you were the only few people who actually used their brain for their quirk. You creatively altered your quirk to hold your own in battle, and damn was it hot.
You noticed him, he noticed you.
But feelings are for the weak! And bakugou katsuki is nothing close to that!
He doesn't like the vulnerability that comes with these warm and fuzzy feelings, your dorky and genuine laugh that would get him to double look in your direction. Your constant banter and cute face, he hated it as much as he loved it.
In the middle of his rage, he stopped to notice you staring at him, your eyes lite up as if you were looking at stars, the crease under your eyes that show that sincerity of your smile and darkened cheeks.
It made his eyes widen a bit, lost in the admiration in yours.
He turned his face away from you as fast as lightning, hoping you didn't catch his own reddening cheeks.
It was the same thing he would do whenever you decided to flirt with him between classes. Except he was more speechless so he didn't have the time to throw in a curse or two.
Why were you looking at him like that? And while he is making a fool of himself in the middle of the arcade, all of this was just dumb.
"I am winning in the next round."
He gets out after his mini tantrum, trying to shake off this fuzzy feeling in his chest by distracting himself with the game.
You say, maybe you should let him win the next round so he doesn't explode again, but you doubt bakugou would like that.
So you get ready with the controls once again, to give it your all.
I am tired so I am gonna make a part two of this for the rest of the date and the aftermath 🥱 it's 12 a.m and I have an exam tomorrow zzzzzz.
Tumblr media
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art3mis345 · 2 days ago
Summary: It was always fun to meet your favorite hero. Type: Fluff Warning: Curse words. (a/n): I hope this is up to your standards, please let me know if you find any mistakes or have any feedback. Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Tumblr media
It was a very pleasant day, not too hot nor too cold. You wanted to spend the day in your room, watching movies and snuggling under fuzzy blankets. Read it again. You wanted to.
Having a day off means re-stocking the groceries and good-knows-what. So here you are, in a supermarket with a cart full of vegetables.
You browsed through the shelves and took whatever you needed. It was still morning, so there was not much crowd. You pushed your cart forward and moved to the frozen products session. After scanning yogurts, tofus and others you stood there in front of Juice aisle.
You tried concentrating on what to buy, but someone kept whispering all the time. From the corner of eye, you noticed a toddler whispering things into his mother's ears, she kept encouraging him to do something. You did not pay much attention to that, until you felt a tug on your pants.
You looked down to see the same kid staring at you with wide eyes. An arrow went through your heart when the kid fiddled with his fingers, an action of shyness.
"Hey bubs, you want something?" You crouched down to his height.
The boy looked back to his mom, who nodded and gave a thumbs up.
"A-A-Ano....are you like DynaMight?"
You widened your eyes, ahhh yeah you were wearing DynaMight pants. You chuckled, "Yes! I'm a huge fan!"
The kid visibly beamed and threw his arms in the air as he let out a cheer.
" I do too! He's awesome!"
"I know! He's very cool!"
" He kicks the villian's bums and saves everyone!"
You picked him up and kept up with the conversation. The child was so enthusiastic while talking about his favorite hero, you smiled.
"Bubs, do you want to talk to him?"
The child's eyes went wide like plates, he nodded without a second thought. You pulled out your phone and opened up the contact of your boyfriend. Yes, read that again. Your Boyfriend.
The Bakugo Katsuki is your boyfriend. Seeing the surprised expression on the child's face you Video-called your boyfriend.
✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼
Bakugo was on his morning run, seeing your call he immediately picked up, "Hey Babe, gimme 10 minutes, I'm coming." he expected you to be there, but instead some wide doe-eyed kid was staring back at him.
You popped your head into the frame, " Hey! Katsu! Look who I met! A fan!!"
" Huh? A fan huh?"
The child was so nervous ( poor kid) , he started stammering and mixing up sentences.
" DynaMight! God!! uhhh Hero! Fan! Kick bums!"
You chuckled as you patted the kid's back, "Take it easy bubs, DynaMight will be here in 10 minutes, right Katsu?"
Katsuki looked at you calming the child. He smiled ( more like smirked) fondly. He increased the speed of his jog, main goal to reach the market and meet you and the young fan.
Ten minutes later, the kid was bubbling with enthusiasm and adoration. He couldn't stand still! His hero was here!! For him!!!!!
Katsuki encouraged every line the kid said, trying to keep up with the kid's energy.
" I like how you explode cars!!"
"You do now, huh?"
"Yes! Oka-san says that You eat vegetables! Do you?"
" I do, I am a hero after all!"
"Really? Do you eat candy?"
" Sometimes.." he fondly remembered the day you baked him a cake, the cake was sweet and the saccharine kisses were a delight. He will never forget that day.
" See! Oka-san! DynaMight also eats candy before bed!"
"Hey! hey! Brat, not before bed though. It's bad for you to eat candy before bed."
"Awwwww........If...if you don't eat...then...I also won't!!!" the kid pumped his fist in the air.
" Ano DynaMight! Are they your friend?" he pointed a finger towards you. Katsuki looked over at you, eyes filled with love.
"Nah, they're my partner"
"Woah!!! Are you going to marry DynaMight?" he innocently asked you. You blushed heavily and cleared your throat. His mother awkwardly stepped in before her son could say anything else. She thanked Katsuki, clicked a few pictures and had to tear her son away from Katsuki's arms.
Katsuki carried the bags with groceries in one hand, the other holding yours. 'are you going to marry Dynamight?'. One simple question, yet it held so much power and meaning for him. He really wanted to marry you, you had stuck with his shitty personality throughout. He loved you!
Katsuki looked at you, smiling at him, face radiating pure adoration, he is damn lucky, he tightened his grip on you, stealing a quick kiss he smirked.
'soon kid, soon.'
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trueshellz · 6 hours ago
Previous part: Dating Deku
Yours and Bakugou's daughter, who is nothing like her daddy except for the red eyes. Where he's brash and to the point, she is cute and bubbly, always smiling and has a heart of gold. So imagine the anger, the fury, he feels when one day after patrol he comes home to his daughter bawling her eyes out at the school gate.
"Wh-what? What?! Tell me, angel. Who do I need to kill?"
Bakugou completely ignores the looks he gets, who cares that he is surrounded by all the parents and dressed in his hero outfit, gauntlets in the car and a hoodie tugged over his torso with his hair pinned back using his mask. His little girl is crying and someone is going to pay for it.
"I broke up w-with my boyfriend! He-he said... he said that he was a Deku fan so... so he couldn't go out with me anymore."
Absolute silence.
"An-angel, when did you get a boyfriend?"
Bakugou is completely lost for words, absolutely seething in anger that a) his daughter had a boyfriend, b) said boyfriend was a Deku fan and now c) said boyfriend is now an ex-boyfriend. The ride home is eventful, with his daughter crying and Bakugou conspiring with ways to go after the kid, even contemplating asking Deku for help with this and by the time he's gotten home to you he's losing his shit.
"Our daughter broke up with her boyfriend today. Boyfriend! Did you know about this?"
"Which one?"
"Which...which one? There's more?! How many has she had?"
You turned confused as he started tapping away at his work phone, forehead creased in concentration as he shook his gloves off to type faster.
"I need to figure out how many jail cells I need to clear out."
A/N: Daddy Bakugou is my crack
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escapenightmare · a day ago
hi ashie !! congrats on 2k babe <3 for the event,
character : bakugo katsuki (if he’s too hard to write for, deku or momo will do <3)
prompt # 1 : car rides
prompt # 2 : i'm madly in love with you.” + “same.”
thankies and congrats again mwa <3
Tumblr media
one hand on the steering wheel, the other held his as you drove along the empty road. bakugou had his free hand propped up against the window, his eyes following every single thing outside, the lights outside cast a bright blue light on his face.
it was silent except for the music that played in low volume through bluetooth— like background noise since neither of you really paid attention to it.
your eyes were on the road, and as one song ended, bakugou leaned away from the window, turning the radio off. “i'm madly in love with you.” he whispers into the silence after a beat or two.
“same.” you reply, squeezing his hand with a gentle smile.
“tch. that's it?” he rolls his eyes and reaches over to turn the radio back on.
“fine,” you sigh loudly. “i'm madly in love with you too.”
“you better be.” he glares, but you don't miss his soft smile that he was desperately trying to hide.
Tumblr media
➳ wanna check out the event? here! ➳ and here's the masterlist! <3
Tumblr media
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bakugousbrat · 2 days ago
delete it
Summary: trying to help your best friend gets you in more trouble than you thought
Word count: 1.2k
Warnings: angst (a lot of it, because why not?), mentions of sex, alcohol, language
Tags: @bakugosbratx @miraclecherryblossomsblog @little-fairy-forest @gazelle-des-pres @jazzylove @bakugous-mamas @kamalymaly @unicornlover25 @kameiuchiha @oreo-oreki @kirishimaisthatbitch @pizzashapedmess @cloudsinthecosmos @desiray562 @enlightedfairyteller @minninugget @sunflowers-rae
It was a normal autumn day in New York.
The heavy rain thrashed on your soft black trenchcoat. The news mentioned rain in the forecast but you should’ve taken it more seriously. An upcoming rapper walked past mumbling verses under his breath, his footsteps smashed into the puddles covering the concrete sideway. You held onto the heavy bags in your gloved hands. His house wasn’t that far, you could’ve taken a cab or drove but you were far too stressed for any of those options. Your unofficial boyfriend injured himself and he’s been in a weird place lately. He’s too quiet. You didn’t like it.
Was he okay?
He was a doctor after all, his dreams were crushed. Why did he have to show off in that car? A street race is never worth your life or others around you. You sighed skipping the melancholy song that blasted through your earbuds. The sight of the hotel made you tense. You haven’t seen him in a few weeks. Not since he told you to leave him alone. It wasn’t in anger, but sadness. It was the day he realized everything he’s worked for was completely gone. Shattered into a million pieces. Seeing it in the news was one thing, but seeing him hurt like that scarred you. Why did he have to be so stupid? You sighed, letting it go. He was probably cracking jokes with his assistant right now. That dumb smile on his face, and his infectious laugh.
Grabbing the door knob, you smelled the familiar aroma of rain and flowers. There was a bouquet of flowers for him, they were spread all throughout the lobby. It warmed your heart seeing all the love from his colleagues, family and patients. You walked to the receptionists’ desk.
“Hello Yn.” She smiled, her plump lips painted in a sultry red lipstick.
“Hello.” You smiled back, feeling the rain drops fall off your hair and onto your shoulder. “How is he?”
“He’s,” She thought about it, trying to find the right words. “Better in a way. He’s been very quiet and he hasn’t really spoken to me. It’s seemed like forever since I last saw him out of his room. He has all these flowers and baskets from supporters but he hasn’t come out to see it. So the company told us to get rid of them as fast as we could.” You tried sighing your nerves away, swallowing all fear. Maybe when he sees you and your gift he’ll feel better.
“I’ll go talk to him. You have a good day for me, okay?” She sent a soft smile your way. Walking to the familiar elevator gave you nostalgia, all these familiar corners and symbols had you thinking of good times. The night you two would come in drunk and loud. Or when you needed someone to talk to. Nights like those that made you realize that he cared for you.
The loud ding pulled the memories away from you. You took a deep breath in preparing for your reunion. You couldn’t wait to see him again. He’s going to be so happy to see you.
You unlocked the door with your key. Butterflies are erupting all around your stomach. In less than a few seconds you’ll be in a place you know more than your own home. The door squeaked when you opened it, revealing a very dark room. Across from you was the man you hunted down. He sat at his desk, the rain sliding down the huge glass window behind him creating the perfect scene. He looked at you, his eyes glowing in the darkness.
“Hey Kat, I bought you some things.” You held the bag up, closing the door with your other hand. “I know it’s been-”
“Get out.” You inhaled a smile, trying to be brave. But you were terrified. Not of him but the way he said it. Anger and disgust behind those syllables.
“I know you’re still upset but-”
“But what? You come over here bringing bottles of alcohol pretending that everything is okay?”
He stood up, his chair sliding against the floor.
“I just wanted to check on you.”
“Why? To help you sleep better at night?”
“What? No. I came here because I care for you.”
“You don’t care about me Yn. Because if you did you wouldn’t have brought that shit up as I laid on the hospital bed waiting for updates. Way to crash someone’s dreams as they wait for life changing results.” He scoffed, sitting down. “I don’t need your charity and I don’t need you here to give me another life lesson. I fucked up, guess what we all do. That’s what makes us human.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Sorry isn’t going to fix me. It’s not going to fix my leg or my hands.”
“You’re still injured, you will heal.”
“I will. But I’ll never be the same, you know that right. Since you blabbed it out in the room.” You sighed, feeling smaller than you already were.
“Just leave me alone.”
“You want me to go? There’s so much time we could be spending together and I know you’re upset but I can see you’re lonely and you need help. Your assistant isn’t here.”
“That’s because I fired her.”
“Why does it matter? Why are you so concerned with my life? Why can’t you just leave me the fuck alone?” If there was a feeling close to a bullet piercing through your heart it’ll be the one you felt right now.
“Because we’re friends, maybe more than tha-”
“No. No we weren’t. We had sex, cool. Everyone does.”
“Wha-what about those nights you’d listen to me rant on your chest. There was no sex involved in that.”
“Yeah, but there was nothing else there. Just me being a friend. I will never date you, so take your wine and get the fuck out of my room.” Your breath shook, and your lip quivered. “Now you see what it feels like for your dreams to get shot down.”
“Bakugou this isn’t you.”
“Goodbye Yn.” You stood there unable to say another word.
“What about those nights you’d let me cook?”
“What about the days you’d let me practice your eyeliner?” You felt a tear stream down your face. “What about our first kiss? It felt like magic and I know you felt it because I saw it in your eyes!” You fell to your knees. The cold hardwood felt through your pant legs. “You can’t let everything we had disappear.” He stood up again. He never looked at you, only walking past you and to the door. You thought he would leave but instead he stood there, the door opening. You looked at him through wet eyes.
“You’re going to wake my neighbors, you need to leave.”
You dropped your head down, realizing you lost. All those memories are gone. You stood up, holding onto the bag tightly. You wanted to smack him, but there would be no point.
No point in pretending like everything was alright. Even if he was hurt, what he said was true. He spoke the truth. Even if you wanted to deny it. You walked past the receptionist as she called your name. You felt numb. Like everything you’ve ever lived for was a waste. You were rejected by the love of your life.
What happens now?
Tumblr media
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katsukibrat · 22 hours ago
When you're feeling down Bakugou would come home with a stuffed animal or a new Squishmallow you don't have. He says he hates them and that you have so many, yet he's hanging up another little corner hammock for them to stay in when they aren't on the bed or in your arms.
"I know you don't like them on the fuckin floor and they can't take up half our bed." He grumbles, standing in the ladder with was as he secures the hook before hanging the small white rope hammock.
You pass him up a weird combination of a unicorn and what he thinks is a cat. Shit didn't make any sense to him and it probably never would. But when he looks down and sees how you give the stuffed animal a big hug and smile before gently passing it up to Bakugou he's already thinking about what other little "friend" he can bring home tomorrow.
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tteokdoroki · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. your best friend’s girlfriend doesn’t like you, but can you really blame her? i mean, you’re perfect ! pretty, smart, likeable and you have her boyfriend wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.
ৎ୭ wc. 12222.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, dark content, college!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem!reader, best friend!bakugou, spit!kink, slight!manipulation,  dub-con, cheating, thigh-riding, handjobs, cherry chasing, recording, cumplay,  tummy bulges, possesive sex, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. happy friday everyone!! ah!! my final day of kinktober! i’d like to thank everyone who read and were excited for my fics, it’s honestly been really fun taking part in kinktober this year and hopefully i’ll join the next! i guess you could call this the grand finale, until the mikey fic comes along, but for now thank you and please enjoy <3 ( also i finished writing this at 6am today so i apologise if it’s riddled with typos !! )
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
katsuki bakugou’s been your best friend since as long as you can remember.
your mothers had always been close, kept in contact after they graduated and reunited when word spread they’d be having babies around the same time. katsuki, of course, came first— nothing could ever beat him and you always followed, popping out just months later.
just like your parents, you went through everything together. took your first bubble bath side by side, learned to crawl in unison— stood tall and walked in tune with one another. you’d punched out bakugou’s first wobbly tooth in first grade and he’d comforted you after you cried on your first day of school.
you were completely and utterly inseparable.
joined at the hip, you picked each other for every team in middle school and studied together for every honours class test in high school and when crushes came into play, bakugou never once looked away from you. ‘why the fuck would i need other girls when i have you?’ he’d say, lips pulled into a toothy smirk, vermillion eyes bright and mischievous as he’d try to shove whatever spicy hellish concoction he’d made for his bento that day, down your throat.
and gradually, whenever katsuki looked at you, a warm feeling would blossom in your chest— he made you feel like the only girl in the world, like you were his favourite girl.
people always told you how cute you were together, katsuki bakugou and his sweet little girlfriend yn...and you’d believe them. doodled his name in every one of your notebooks, hearts over the ‘i’ and your future children’s names scrawled in loopy font underneath. there was no one more perfect for your best friend than
except bakugou didn’t seem to think that way, not when moves halfway across the country for a college that you guys had never even talked about. your best friend left you behind but you would be fine, there were facetime calls and text messages and 3AM movie nights over discord while you both half awake and stealing glances at one another until one of you drifted off first. your best, your katsuki...he would tell you stories of the guys he’d met at the dorm, the ones he’d tell to back off while they tried to flirt with you over call. he would ask about your day, your classes— tell you that he was so proud of his girl and the praise always shot right to your tummy. the praise would make you touch yourself after your screens went dark and you were alone in your dorm with his name on your lips.
katsuki, katsuki, katsuki.
you’d chant his name like he was yours, like he was the one making you feel good and not the tiny fingers you have stuffed in your little cunt. you think of him when you cum, when you fall asleep, when you wake up in the morning… and maybe you’re a little obsessed...but after all, he’s all you’ve ever known. in your mind, bakugou was yours, he was always yours.
until he wasn’t. until he was hers.
“i’ve met someone,” the blonde mumbles to you on call one night, he’s sheepish and embarrassed— something that katsuki rarely ever expresses so you know he’s being serious. immediately your heart sinks, jealousy and anger curling around your beating heart and blackening it—how dare he? who is she? you and katsuki were made for each other, college wasn’t supposed to change that. and if your best friend sees your face twist into a frown, he doesn’t say anything about it. “she’s sweet, got a feelin’ yer gonna like her.”
you won’t, you already don’t.
you hate whoever the hell she is.
and katsuki sees that written all over your face, in the downturned corners of your glossed lips and the crinkle between your eyebrows. “she’s great,” he tries again, tries to reassure you because he hates seeing you upset and hates being the cause of it even more. “i promise.”
there’s no way she compares to you, she couldn’t be greater than you. “‘m sure she is.”
“yer upset with me, aren’cha?” the blonde asks you, clearly worried as his lips pull into a frown and you remember the sense of pride shooting through your veins at making him feel guilty. bakugou deserved that, especially after choosing some girl over you. “don’t be—“
“‘m not,” you say back, rolling your eyes and putting on a disinterested act just to vy for more of bakugou’s attention— you want his eyes on you and only you, not the bitch who’s swiped him from right underneath your nose. your lips push into a pout as you look away from the screen, shrugging your shoulders into the cool night while your childhood best friend rubs a hand over his face, clearly apologetic for having to break the news to you this way.
“c’mon angel, yn, look at me...don’t be fuckin’ mad, okay? don’t deny it either, already know that’cha are,” bakugou coos, rough as he leans into his shit-quality facetime and presents you with his furrowed brows and darling ruby gen eyes that you love so much. “you’re always gonna be my favourite girl, okay?”
you can’t help the smile that curls on your lips. “mkay,” you say in a quiet babyish voice and relief floods your best friend’s face. “do you promise?”
“pinky fuckin’ promise.”
but as it turns out, bakugou had lied.
his girlfriend wasn’t as great as he’d made out to be— in fact she was worse. her name doesn’t come up in the conversations the two of you have over your weekly calls but you manage to pull the handles of her social media accounts from between the loose lips of katsuki’s roommate— kirishima, with the promise of a few lewd videos and a chance for him to hook up with you. the red head’s chance with you wouldn’t come however, since you intended to save yourself only for the blonde with the firm, iron hot grip on your heart and all feelings for him replaced any guilt you had for manipulating kirishima the way you did.
nonetheless, ochako uraraka is the name he gives you and you decide that she’s nowhere near bakugou’s type. ‘yer gonna love her,’ is what you remember him telling you as you scroll through her instagram accounts— you hate her, is what you think. the girl is try hard, she wants to be cute but she looks annoying— she takes bakugou on dates you know he would hate, makes stupid comments about the stuff he loves that she dislikes, forces him to try foods you know he would turn his nose up at when he was back home with you. you pick at everything you can about her and try to convince your best friend that he’s making a terrible mistake but no matter what you say it’s always; ‘jus give her a chance, y’gotta warm up to her,’ and ‘i really like her, you will too.’
and you can’t, you won’t, you refuse. you refuse to acknowledge ochako as anything close to perfect for katsuki, no matter how hard he tries because you’re the one for him, you’re perfect for him and in your books she simply didn’t make the cut.
it’s not like ochako adored you either, the first time you’d met her guard was up miles high despite the sweet smile she’d given you in the presence of your best friend— and it’s not like you could blame her, in katsuki’s eyes, you appeared flawless… a vision of what a woman by his side should look like and that bothered her.
it bothered her to the point where she would try to sabotage your friendship with her boyfriend whatever chance she got— pretending to like your silly childhood games, kissing him when she was sure you were looking, prematurely ending the nights in which you hung out with bakugou by strategically placing a hand on his thigh and mumbling dirty words into his earn until his cheeks turned pink and he was rushing away with her. she was coming between you and your best friend and you hated it.
you hated her.
so you made sure of it, at your next visit to katsuki you’d win him back and remind him of who his favourite girl really was.
Tumblr media
“s-she hates me suki! she...s-she said i wasn’t good enough to be your friend!”
you hiccup your way through practiced words as bakugou locks the door to his frat house’s mancave— crossing the room in three short strides to be right by your side again. with soft hands, you cling to his toned arms and squeeze them beneath your grip, pressing yourself impossibly closer to your best friend. tears stream down your cheeks— fat droplets of saltine liquid clumped in your pretty lashes while you cling to him, small sniffles echoing through the room and just barely heard over the thumping bass of the music outside.
katsuki’s face, aged like fine wine over the years— ruby stone set eyes softening, falls flat at the sight of you so distraught and upset. it kills him inside to see you cry.
it hurts him more than a punch to the gut.
false waterworks and a wobbling bottom lip were all it took to get katsuki bakugou alone and away from the welcome party he’d thrown in your honour. the stardust sparkles in your watering eyes causing an unexplainable tightness in his chest, enough for him to pull you into the nearest empty room to comfort you. it’s not like you had lied about your reason for tearing up anyways— just moments before your best friend’s girlfriend, ochako, and her equally annoying buddy, mina, had cornered you in the hallway to confront you.
“you should go for hanta, or denki or maybe even eijirou. he really likes you,” the brunette had told you, swirling her solo cup of booze as her gaze swept over you. “so long as you back off of katsuki,”
you’d grinned with faux innocence, pushing yourself off of the wall the two girls had backed you up against to invade her personal space. “you’re sweet ‘chako!” you had squealed, revelling in her offended expression as you latched onto her as if you were best buds. “thanks but no thanks! all eiji knows is ass and good pussy. which you have neither of. my eyes are on suki.”
ochako had glared and grunted, stumbling back to get rid of you. “that wasn’t an offer,” came her snappy response. “you’re too clingy, too childish for him. katsuki wants a real woman.”
thinking of the bitch’s words only makes you angrier, makes you act harder to draw sympathy from katsuki so you can execute your plan of revenge. you were going to show her, show him— that you were just as much of a woman as ochako was and that he’d been making a huge mistake just by being with her. “she said i was too immature, that she’d get rid of me,” you blubber, jutting out your lower lip even more. “you won’t do that, right suki?” your acting could be a gift from god, an oscar winning performance one might say. you could tell by the unhappy twitch of bakugou’s frown— deeper, harder, that you’ve got him in a chokehold of guilt.
“fuck, y’really torn up about this huh, angel?” bakugou sighs, thick brows knitted together. you almost laugh, the sound coming out as a light gasp— like you would let ochako hurt your feelings. she had absolutely nothing on you. you were katsuki’s sun stars and moon, she would see that shortly. he moves towards the door, reaching for the handle. “i’ll go ‘n talk to her.”
“no!” you huff shortly, gripping him tighter and tugging your best friend over to the couch in the corner of the room— the route you’ve planned in your head and the final destination katsuki’s lap. “want you to stay, can you help me feel better, suki?” he looks to you as if he doesn’t know what to think, but how can he say no to you? he never can, not when you’ve been by his side your whole life and put his needs before your own. you throw him down onto the couch in one swift move, slotting yourself into his lap just like you would when you were back home— testing katsuki’s limits before your plan comes into play.
he accepts you at first, nodding his head with a warm hand rubbing on your back. hugs don’t count as cheating right? bakugou thinks. he couldn’t think to keep you at arms length, not when you were so warm— not when you were the sweetest person he’d ever met crying over a fight with his girlfriend. he’s conflicted, he knows he should be out there with ochako but you’re his best friend, you would do the same for him...right?
distracted by his thoughts and his seemingly endless list of problems brewing between his girlfriend and his best friend— katsuki almost doesn’t notice the way you slowly start to grind against his thigh, your chubby cheek pressed against his heartbeat to muffle the small whimpers gathered in your glossed lips and wet tongue. almost.
bakugou, before anything else, is a hormonal college boy— turned on at the slightest feeling or scent of good pussy. you know he won’t be able to resist you and the warmth of your sweet folds as they brush over his rough jeans, the beginning of your arousal sinking through the black denim fabric. you know that he couldn’t say no despite the dig of his rough fingertips into your supple waist— hormones clouding the red rhinestones in his irises when you pull back from his chest to look at him. “h-hey...hey! the fuck are you doin’ brat?” the blonde curses despite the pillow cushion to his words, he’s never harsh with you, he doesn’t want to upset you. your hips shift against katsuki’s thigh just right and your smaller-than-his fingers sink into his right arm in a tight grip as you cry his name. “fuckin’ stop with that!”
bottom lip wobbling, your face crumples and so does katsuki’s. he doesn’t want to see you cry, even if you grinding down against the meat of his muscled thighs is wrong, even if it drives him insane to feel your needy hole clench around against him. “w-what? what’s the matter ka’suki?” your words are let out with a faux whimper, faking your hurt until you make it. anything to get the plan to ruin his stupid little relationship going. “you don’ wanna help me? am i doin’ somethin’ wrong?”
you know just what to say, after all no one knows bakugou better than you— it just makes manipulating him way too easy. “what? no? the fuck are you on ‘bout?” katsuki struggles to get out, large hands attempting to push you off again while his thighs tell a different story, flexing the right one beneath your cunt, holding back a groan when your whole body shudders and your pretty eyes cross. “‘course i wanna help you angel, jus’ not like this. got a girlfriend now—“
“but you promised!” you sigh, putting on a bit more of a show now that you know you have your best friend’s attention. your fingers dance down towards the hem of your skirt, hips never stopping their straddled dance over katsuki’s thigh. “you said you’d help me feel better, ‘m your best friend suki, you want me to feel better right?” your tone is accusing with your facial expression innocent to match— you tug your skirt up, pinching the fabric between two fingers to reveal your naked pussy, rosy and puffy lips spread open against his jeans with a glisten as you leave a wet patch in your wake of grinding.
“fuck, i did...yeah i fuckin’ did,” bakugou sighs hotly and leans back into the couch, his large hands swallowing your thighs as if he wants to keep them spread— hazy eyes trained on the way your clit becomes swollen and bumps his thigh with every rut of your precious hips to get yourself off. “but angel,” he almost whines. “my girlfriend…”
grinning, you take his hands from your thighs and guide them slowly across the expanse of your body. “e‘nough ‘bout ochako,” you say, sliding his palms across your tummy, fingers feather light as they walk up your rib cage, squeeze your thighs again before brushing roughly under the swell of your breasts— calloused pads of his finger tips tweaking your nipple from under your shirt, as you’d forgone a bra too. “she’s not more important to you than me, right katsuki?”
you say his full name this time, the three syllables hanging onto the gloss that coats your lips and only briefly pulling his gaze away from your sticky cunt and catching your best friend’s attention. his thigh twitches at the sight of you, top pushed up over your breast and skirt lifted just so he can get a peek at the fruit in eve’s garden, and like the story goes the snake in his ear is telling bakugou to take a bite out of you and what you gave to offer.
bouncing his thigh against your blossoming cunt, bakugou breathes his next words. “never, fuckin’ never.”
in victory, your arms wrap around bakugou’s neck for support before you begin to lift and drop your hips slowly against his leg as he gives it the momentum it needs to watch your pretty cunt cum. “then help me forget how mean she was to me, kay?” you use a faux timid tone, grinding down in your friends lap with a front row seat to the blonde losing his sanity over how shiny your sweet slit has become just from humping him.
“f-fuck, okay angel, okay...” he rasps nervously, hands finding your hips again to grind you along. “whaddya need?” bakugou’s eyes don’t dare to tear away from your mound, watching it wetly glide across his leg and you swear you see his eyes, vermillion in colour, roll back as his tongue darts out to wet his lips. “jesus…” he adds, flexing his leg again and only looking up when you simper his name and your slit drools just that little bit more.
your body is wracked with a set of trembles as heat starts to boil between your thighs, adding to the strings of slick that tie you down to katsuki’s. “need you to touch me,” you speak, your voice just as shaky as the rest of you while you rut against bakugou to your heart’s content. “gonna take off my shirt, okay? t-then my skirt. want you to see how good you make me feel, suki.”
dangerous blood red eyes shimmer with something you’ve never seen in them before— you can tell just by looking into them that katsuki wants you in so many ways, more than just you being his best friend and his sudden desire for you makes the fire in your lower belly burn brighter. the sight of him like this, eye-level with you, you in his lap while his cheeks grow tinted with berry red and flush under the neon simmering of LED lights only serves to make slick pool beneath you— destroying his pants with your arousal, katsuki looks desperate for a taste of you, adam’s apple bobbing as his dazed gaze flicking from your face to your puffy folds, exposed to the room’s chilly air.
he’s pussy whipped already and hasn’t even had the best of you yet.
the blonde practically whimpers as you pull away from him to take of your shirt, a soft curse falling from between his chapped lips as you throw it into the abyss of the room— the fabric seemingly taking his feelings of guilt towards ochako with him, for his hands scarred and calloused settle on the bare fat of your waist to help pull you along, dragging you by your ankle tot the high heavens of pleasure, burning pads of his fingers sinking into your supple flesh. “fuck, have y’always been this fuckin’ soft?” your best friend muses, brows creased and cock swelling beneath his jeans.
you’re sly, like a vixen prowling through the forest and katsuki is the prey that can’t escape the grip your sharp teeth and claws have on him. “yeah suki,” comes your sweet sigh, leaning forward in his grip until your nose bumps his chin, until your lips are a breath’s width apart. “you like touching me, right? i’ve always wanted you to touch me like this,”
“jesus fuck, baby,” katsuki bleats weakly, swallowing thick and you feel his chest vibrate with a shaky breath from your proximity to him. for a moment, he hesitates, the thoughts in his brain trying to decide between right and wrong, between his girlfriend and his best friend before he takes the plunge and slides a hand beneath your skirt to pull at your peachy ass— the other wrestling with the clasp of your bra, making you grin in victory. “yeah...fuck yeah, love touchin’ you like this...f-fuck, i can’t believe ‘m doin this,” he slurs but mirrors your smile as he pulls your bra away and tosses it away to join your lost shirt. “y’fuckin’ pretty baby, know that right?”
of course you, you know that you— you’ve always been his type, why couldn’t he see that?
your nipples pebble once they hit the cold air and instead of giving him a response, you let your fingers tangle in the softness of his blonde hair and pull bakugou down to your chest. “show me, tell me how pretty you think i am,” your voice is soft, breathless as you glide across his thigh, despite the edgy command you give him and bakugou listens like the little pervert he’s become— before you know it, the heat of his sweltering mouth encapsulates your nipple and his pink tongue runs circles over your areola, tasting the light perspiration on your skin as he grunts softly against it. “o-oh! ka’suki!” you cry, fingers tightening their hold on his hair.
slurping noises shoot through the air, forming their tune in harmony with your entticng moans, airy light and ringing through bakugou’s ears. he can’t help but fall for the way you sound— delirious with arousal as he guides you back and forth over his leg, growing so rough that your clit occasionally bumps the curve of his knee, growing bold enough to grind it against you and make you squeal, force you to gush, anything. he just needs a reaction from you to soothe the aching throb to his fat cock. “god, yer tits are just as pretty as the rest of ya, so fucking pretty, so fucking—” the boy’s voice is muffled as you force his mouth onto your unattended breast, breath hitching as his teetth sink into the supple mound from shock or maybe even from revenge as you practically manhandle him and manipulate him to pleasure you at your will.
“shut up, katsuki,” you grunt impatiently but keep your voice innocent, face contorting with bliss as he follows your lead, sucking and biting at your breast while his calloused hand squeezes at the other. “o-oh! just like that— like that! y’gonna make me cum like that ‘suki!” bakugou looks up at you wide-eyed and hungry, seeming perfectly content with his mouth full of your tits and his thigh coated in the essence that bleeds from your pretty pussy as you circle your hips over him needily. he can’t help but wonder what you look like when you’re close to tipping off of the edge, can't help but wonder whether your cherry bitten lips will push into a pout or if they’ll fall open as you moan from deep within your chest— if your nose will scrunch and your eyelids will flutter just as much as your creamy cunt.
bakugou doesn’t have to wait much longer for his lack of patience and brash approach to everything has him swiping his thumb eagerly across your clit— stringing you along the path to your orgasm as a tight knot builds within your lower tummy. your body reacts to his touch, making him hum against your salvia stained breasts while you start to shake, struggling to even make one stroke of your hips over his thighs and fisting more and more locks of his sun-kissed hair between your trembling fingers.
“you like that?” bakugou hums observantly, his mouth letting go of your breast with a pop, tracks of his own drool running down his chin— you nod your head, picking up the pace of your hips just to make yourself cum to the point where you’re practically bouncing on katsuki’s thigh, pretty tits swaying in his face and activating a predatory look in the flecks of his red rouge eyes. “yeah y’fuckin do baby, holy shit...everythin’ ‘bout you is s’fuckin’ perfect, could watch you all day, let you use me all day. jus’ wanna see you cum, angel…” he drawls on and on, drawing roughly cut shapes into your puffy clit, groaning at the sight of your pillowy folds and the strings of slick leaking from between them as they connect you to his thigh messily. “wanna watch y’come apart just like this, c’mon you can do it, fuck angel, fuck…”
and if it weren’t for that bitch, ochako uraraka...maybe his words could come true.
“katsuki! ‘m gonna...gonna— !” but it’s hard to focus on hating her for stealing away your katsuki when he’s making you cum like a bitch in heat all over his thigh. the neon lights reflect in your teary eyes as your best friend pushes you head first into an orgasm, the pressure building up in the pits of your stomach unwinding faster than you can register as a stream of clear liquid gushes from your heated mound. “‘hmygod, ‘suki...don’t stop, please don’t stop!” your eyes cross and thighs lock around bakugou’s hand but he can’t bring himself to pull it away from your cute little cunt as the circles on your swollen nub grow tighter and tighter, pulling more yet tinier sports of your release out of you until you can barely breathe. he watches you eagerly, taking in the sight of your skin shining with sweat under the gentle hum of the LED lighting in the room along with your soft lip caught between your teeth and the tiny, shaky whimpers you let out.
bakugou could just cum from the sight of you alone, the view of you swaying and dizzy from cumming for him, making his cock stir in his pants. you collapse against your best friend’s chest until the world stops spinning, letting the scent of him bring you back down to earth and put the objects in the room back in their place. “holy shit, angel. did y’just fuckin’ squirt f’me?” he asks tenderly, pulling his fingers from between your messy eyes and cursing under his breath when he spreads them apart and watches the slick separate with them.
“mhm, was all for you katsuki,” lazily, you smile and attempt to shimmy off your now ruined skirt— making a b-line for the hem of katsuki’s shirt next, pushing it up to reveal his golden skin and perfectly carved abs. “you can taste me if you like,” your voice acts like silk running through his ears as you let go of his shirt, giggling at the crease of curiosity between bakugou’s brows as you push his fingers towards his mouth and force them inside. he makes a muffled noise of surprise but a fire lights up amongst the almost brown flecks in his ruby gem eyes at the taste of your sweet nectar against his tongue. “am i sweet, suki?” you add huskily.
he nods slowly, looking at you like a child who’s been given candy while cleaning off his fingers quickly, hungrily as if your cum is laced with some kind of additive— he can feel himself growing addicted. “so sweet baby, s’good,” he mumbles, letting you tear through his shirt.
“i want you to have more of me, katsuki, don’t you want more of me?” you coo innocently, hands that could only be dwarfed by bakugou, dancing down his frame on the path towards his zipper before he stops you. wide eyed, you look at him and cock your head in mock confusion, bottom lip jutting out as you prepare for a fake display of tears. “w-what’s wrong?”
“ochako, i—” katsuki tells you as if he’s had a sudden epiphany, realising where he is and what he’s doing and trying to push you off. he’s never been a cheater, he’d always thought he could be loyal but all it took was one bat of your eyelids up at him and he was feasting on the sight of your rosy, saccharine pussy as if it were his last meal... what the fuck was katsuki bakugou doing? he didn’t need to fuck you to make you feel better, he didn’t need to fuck you at all— not with his girlfriend waiting for him outside. his face is stricken with guilt when he looks at you, but not for cheating on ochako, not for hurting her...but for you and your pouty lips and your bambi eyes that reel him back in and remind him that you could never be second place. not to ochako, not to anyone. “should be gettin’ back to her, think we’ve gone too far here.”
hearing her name fall from his lips after the little show you’d put on for katsuki fills you with rage, tingling from the top of your head right down to your toes and you huff like a petulant child, smaller-than-his hand shooting out to grab him by his growing erection before he can leave. “but you should be with me!” you whinge, squeezing katsuki’s bulge from over his pants, fighting the genuine tears in your eyes, unable to believe that his stupid girlfriend has the one up on you. “she’s been so mean to me and you let her, katsuki! you should be here, making it up to me,”
“but angel—”
you shake your head, furiously working your way through bakugou’s jeans and boxers as you sniff away saltine tears. “but no!” a small smirk crossing your lips at the hiss your best friend lets out when your soft palm comes into contact with his half-hard erection. “you’re mine, you’re my best friend and i’m supposed to be your favourite! ‘m not letting her take you away from me.”
a response lays meekly on bakugou’s lips as he spreads his tongue across them, he should try harder to fight you off and snap you out of your senses, tell you that you can’t do this—that he can’t do this but he’s already revelling in the way you start to palm him as you tug him free from his clothes. your hand is cushioned as it runs from the base of his dick to his achy tip, milky white cascading down katsuki’s length and catching on his throbbing veins that stand at attention— and fuck you’re so good at this, using your fingers to swipe at the precum beading from your best friend’s slit, pushing your thumb into it just to see his body come alive with shivers. your eyes stay trained on his face, memorising every twitch and parting of his lips from how good you make him feel whenever you squeeze him or speed up the pace of your hand.
you’re so fucking good, so good that he starts to forget all about her.
soon enough, katsuki’s body melts into yours and he’s tugging you further into his lap by the ass as if it’s second nature— it feels right to have you straddling his thick thighs as he man-spreads them wide , even better to pull you close by the back of your neck and let his strawberry tongue roll over the seams of your cherry lips to taste the gloss there and he grows eager to taste more of you, have all of you— hungrier for your touch more than he ever was for ochako’s. you can feel your sense of desire growing too—the speed of your hand that pumps katsuki getting faster and faster until lewd and wet noises twist within the heavy, lustful air between you both, his cock dribbling endless amounts of his essence and painting your knuckles with shades of his incoming release.
bakugou’s world becomes centred around you, your name heavy on his tongue—viscous and filling his mouth like honey until he’s drowning in a pool of ecstasy and dragging you down with him. “the way ya touch my cock, fuck angel. just like fuckin’ that, you’re doin’ so good you might just make me cum…you want that? want my fuckin’ cum?” the words slip out before his brain can register what he’s saying or who he’s saying it to, letting you take control of his pleasure as your tiny hands squeeze at his heavy balls— the pair of them working his angry shaft, bright red and fiery at the tip. in fact, bakugou doesn’t care that he’s dirty talking you instead of his girlfriend, at least not in the moment— thrusting himself into the slick warmth of your hands and pathetically using them as his own personal fleshlight, leaking onto the couch beneath your clammy bodies he doesn’t fucking care.
because ochako has never been as bold in the bedroom as you have on this very night, ochako has never made him feel this good.
“i want you to cum for me so badly, suki! i’ve always dreamed of what it was like,” you coo sweetly against his lips, pressing your body flush against bakugou’s so he can feel every bounce of your tits against his naked chest from where his erratic thrusts into your gentle grip make you jolt up and down— your nipples brushing against his to make him hiss. “always wondered about how you might taste,” your voice is breathy while you slot your mouth against his, humming as they fit together perfectly, swapping spit messily while katsuki tugs on your waist and your hair to manhandle you into the perfect position, just the way he wants. “how it might feel to be covered in all your cum,”
“shit, yer fuckin’ filthy, ‘chako would never say nasty shit like that,” bakugou let’s out a colourful stream of curses when you pull away, connected by strings of your exchanged spit— cupids’ bows wet from your searing kisses. “makes me wanna ruin ya, makes me wanna fuck you s’bad,” your heart flutters with pride at how willing your best friend is to give into the sin and adultery you’ve offered up for him despite the fact that the handjob you’re giving him is a one way ticket to the gates of heaven— that’s just how good you feel. you relish the yelp of surprise katsuki let’s out when you dribble your shared saliva down into his painfully hard shaft, letting it mix with his constant flow of thick precum. he groans from deep within the pits of his chest, the seed of arousal sprouting and wrapping its vines around his rib cage until filthy praises blossom in your best friend’s mouth, whispers of ‘just like that,’ and ‘fuck angel, so fuckin’ good to me,’ and ‘ain’t never had it like this,’ laid out across your skin from where he’s buried his face into your neck.
if it weren’t for your bodies being so close, you might not have heard his praise over the raunchy, damp sounds of his balls hitting your closed fist— katsuki fucking your hand as if it were your pretty cunt, languidly thrusting into your grip and chasing his own release. his world his hazy, blurry, with you as his only grounding focus, with you being the only thing on his fucking mind. he whimpers needily into your skin and only pulls back for air, the need written across his face in pink ink that’s flushed against his cheeks— the shade almost rivalling his blissful ruby orbs that flutter every time you fondle his balls.
you can’t help but grin, tilting katsuki’s chin up to kiss him again before you circle his blazing, sticky cockhead with your thumb. “i’m so much better than ochako, suki, i’m everythin’ you’ll ever need,” you say cutely and airily, grinning wider especially when katsuki nods his head eagerly, letting you guide him to his high. “isn’t that right, suki?”
his adam’s apple bobs, vermillion eyes watering and fuck he looks even prettier than you imagined— the sight of katsuki with his head thrown back against the couch and his mouth hanging open, saliva weighty on his tongue while sweat beads at his hairline and his hips jump up and up into your heavenly hand. “y’gonna make me cum angel, fuckin’ make me cum, make me cum,” he growls roughly into the hot air, the sweat running down his neck illuminated by the buzz of the LED lights. the sight creates a pleasant fizz in your brain, committed to memory as you tug on his fat cock harder, faster. “please, ‘m gonna cum, gonna cum so hard baby, don’cha want it?”
bakugou barely feels shameless for begging his best friend to cum, dopamine rattling around in his brain, heart thumping against his rib cage as you rub him off, spitting on his cock again and making every so much wetter, making it so much harder for him to hold off his orgasm.
“say it.” you seethe in his direction, never slowing down the speed of your hand. “tell me that i’m better than her and i’ll let you cum, kay?” you’re bold enough to reach down and slap his balls, coaxing your best friend towards his high, while his alluring and dangerously addictive moans shoot out into the air. bakugou’s head shakes along with the rest of his body, eyes screwing shut while his hips chase your teasing fingers that press down on the forked blue vein wrapped around his cock every time his hips pull back and out of the warmth of your hand. you can’t decide if his telling you no, or if he’s trying to fight his body’s instincts to chase it’s high, but you repeat the action, slapping down on his heavy balls again to make his entire frame jolt. “say it.”
katsuki pants, letting go of your hips to run a hand through his sex mussed locks as his eyes snap open to lock into yours. “you’re so much fuckin’ better than her, could never make me cum like this, only you angel, only fucking you. god, fuck—!” he babbles brainlessly, barely holding onto his last threads of sanity.
“cum f’me, katsuki,” you command the blonde gently, with one last squeeze of your messy hand to his pulsating dick as it pistons through your closed fist.
your whispered words are all bakugou needs before his entire body is overcome with a set of trembles and you don’t dare to stop the flick of your wrist around his cock as he tumbles through the rush of his high, struggling to keep up with you as colours run wild behind his crystallised red eyes. curse words and praises alike line his lips, katsuki moaning your name haughty and loud enough that you almost fear that people will hear you both from outside— his head drops to the back of the couch, chest heaving as his hips stumble and give out, releasing thick ropes of white hot cum onto your sex tainted knuckles and hand, only adding further to the sweaty glaze coating both of your bodies. the soft, incomplete whimpers that leave your best friend make you smile wickedly, evilly as he comes down from his mind-blowing high.
oh ochako ururaka, if only you could see your boyfriend now.
if only you could see what a real woman does to him.
“fuck baby, that was…” bakugou lifts his head, golden and scarred skin shining with sweat as he looks to you, only cutting himself off with a low groan to watch you suck the cum from your fingers before you lean over his twitching frame to spit his own release back into his mouth. the blonde swallows diligently, cupping the back of your head with a large hand before you can pull away and kissing you sloppily, forcing his tongue deep into your mouth so the both of you can share his taste, moaning at it in unison. “that was fuckin amazin’, you really are a filthy little minx aren’cha, angel?”
you nod bashfully, sidling further up katsuki’s lap until you’re positioned just over his sensitive cock— feeling the remains of his orgasm against your needy cunt that’s already dripping wet from pleasuring him. “s’all for you katsuki, s’always been for you,” you tell him, looking down at the blonde with hooded eyes while experimentally grinding your soft mound over his softening dick, waiting for a reaction or for him to push you off. “been saving myself for you, for years, wanted you to have all of me my first time, suki.” you add earnestly while his rough fingers draw contrastingly soft shapes into the soft swell of your doughy thigh.
you’re met with the complete opposite of what you expected, instead of shoving you away and telling you ‘enough was enough,’ bakugou suddenly grips the meat of your thighs to keep you hooked over his lap— looking at you with a new and lustful fire burning between the flecks of his eyes. “yer…yer a virgin?” he asks quietly, the both of you sucking in a breath as his sticky, cum-stained length twitches to life beneath your awaiting pussy.
you nod again, head tilting back when katsuki begins to grind up into you slowly. “o-ochako said i wasn’t…w-wasn’t woman enough for…for you,” you swallow thickly, the blonde’s tip bumping your clit as blood starts to rush to it and your pussy blossoms for him like a flower. “wanted you to make me one…”
“fuck,” he rasps, gaze dropping to watch the show beneath your shaking bodies, hardening cock pushing through your puffy folds and milky cockhead rutting against your fluttering hole. katsuki’s finger’s reach between the sweltering heat between you both, using two of his digits to keep his dick in line with honey glazed folds, shining with the reminisce of your last orgasm. using your wetness, bakugou is able to slide through your sex easily, shaking moans tumbling from between his bitten lips every time he hits your clit, desperately gripping his cock every time he shoots up too far and his tip nudges your soft tummy, smearing it with opaque white. “we should wait...we... we should talk ‘bout this,”
you grind back down on him, keeping the blonde nestled between swollen and pink folds, a pout forming on your lips. “don’t wanna,”
“neither do fuckin’ i,” comes bakugou’s gruff response, it’s whispered against your blemished shoulder, tainted with light scars from your childhood days and beauty marks alike as his buff arms wrap around your middle to keep you pinned down to him. both of you are seconds away from the tipping point, well past the boundary of what separates best friends from lovers— either of your minds growing murky and foggy, while your breathing tingles at each other’s lips while you sloppily grind against each other. you can feel his hips jumping beneath yours, dying to push his cock past your soaking entrance in one swift movement, but katsuki attempts to slow his roll, wanting your first time to be special. ochako is no longer a thought in his mind, replacing all visions of her with thoughts of you— wanting to fuck you, to be tucked away into your tight heat. “god, angel, wanna fuck you so bad,”
your eyes sparkle with a certain sense of triumph at bakugou’s words…you’ve won him over, got him bending over backwards from the slightest bump of his tip against your resisting entrance— barely prepared to take him and the thickness of his shaft. “please ‘suki, need you...want you,” you murmur against the blonde’s hairline, relishing in the way he pulls back ever so slightly to tap his weighty girth against your awaiting and fluttering slit.
slowly but surely, bakugou starts to push his cock into you, gritting his teeth as he huffs into the junction between your shoulder and neck— holding back his whimpers and urge to thrust as he slides into your warmth, not wanting to cause you anymore pain. “‘m sorry baby, ‘m sorry, you know don’t like hurtin’ya,” he mumbles apologies into your skin, hating the way you his at his intrusion, quickly filling you up like you’ve never been before. it’s like his own personal hell, being stuffed inside your cute virgin cunt, walls pulsing around him rhythmically and slowly sucking down every inch of katsuki’s swollen and aching cock— you take him so well despite the pain, making it harder to resist the urge to pound into you.
you’re so pretty on top of him, so cute with your pouty lips and teary eyes and bakugou suddenly finds himself wondering why he didn’t do this sooner, why he settled for anything less than you.
“move, please move,” you pull katsuki back by the air, cupping his face soon after to pull his bottom lip down with your thumb— the hot air between your bodies is teaming with lust and years worth of desire finally being unleashed, your cunt readily accepting your best friend’s dick as it oozes against your insides and spreads the flame of desire through your sweet cunt. “you feel so much better t-than all my toys ka’suki, always thought of you when i used them on myself,” you confess dreamily, tight hole growing slippery with your heightening arousal, letting bakugou press on until he’s reached the hilt inside of you. “you can fuck me, i want you.. l-love you—!”
the tail end of your words because hushed and breathless when katsuki jolts up and deeper into your cunt at your words— scratching the itch in your gummy walls that only he can reach. you love him and he loves the way your squishy, precious pussy wraps around him so perfectly, barely letting bakugou pull out enough to start a proper pacing to his hips. “love you baby, y’my best friend...fuckin’ love you angel,” he babbles to you, looking up at you with hormone raging red eyes as you toy with his lips, pulling it back again as you lean close making you chest to chest. “fuck, y’so fuckin’ tight, so fuckin tight…” forehead’s pressed, bakugou’s eyes flutter shut expecting you to kiss him but instead is met with the gift of saliva to let drip onto his tongue from your own mouth. his entire body shudders violently, swallowing your glob of spit quickly before he leans up to slot your lips together— using this moment of distraction to pull back his hips and sharply thrust into you. “‘m gonna fuck you baby, make this pussy my own. carve my name into it, gonna fuckin’ claim you,”
your best friend barely knows what he’s saying, barely knows the person your pussy’s turned him into— any traces of his girlfriend ochako flushed out of his system by hormones like dopamine as his large hands roam your skin and map out your stretch marks and dips and scars, committing them to memory before sinking into the fat of your hips to keep you steady in his lap. “i-i’m yours, you have me just— move!” if only he knew how much ownership he had of your mind and body already, how much he’d staked his claim over you throughout the years— tonight he would see that, and hopefully realise how much of him you owned as well.
tongues twirling against one another, bakugou pulls away, licking up the string of drool that connected you. he grips your ass next, smacking a rough palm over the peachy flesh to make you squeal and take away some of the pain as he sets a tune to his hips while they begin to plough into you. “‘m gonna make you feel so good, make a woman outta you just like you and this sweet lil virgin thing wanted, yeah?” katsuki’s gaze drops to the mess between your thighs as if he’s gesturing to your cunt, pumping his cock into your creamy, puffy mound nice and deep— making you cry out for him and clamp down hard. “promised to wreck this sweet hole, make my angel forget all the mean things ‘chako said about you… have i ever— fuck, have ii ever broken a promise?”
bakugou struggles to leave the warmth of your pussy, not caring whether that's down to how addicting your tightness is or you keeping him selfishly locked against your soaked and ribbed walls. however, you manage to shake your head no, despite the way you writhe in his lap as he rocks his hips into yours, bulbous cock head battering up your squishy insides. “n-never, my ka’suki’s so good t’me!” you moan possessively, selfishly but it sounds like nothing but angel’s calls to your best friend, only driving him to rut into you harder, deeper.
“that’s fuckin’ right angel, never gonna let’cha down,” he growls, shoving his face into your neck yet again as if he doesn’t trust himself not to cum if he looks at your awe striken face any longer— large and gritty palms pulling you by your ass back and forth on his throbbing, leaky and fat dick to match the pace of him pounding your pathetically juicy slit, writing his name in milky white precum against every ridge inside of you. no matter how far katsuki’s cock pulls out of you, your hips always chase him, forcing them down with your body weight to keep him tucked inside of you— following your pleasure until your cunt is pushing against him, dripping down his balls that spurt equally as much precum inside of you. “don’cha cry angel, thought this was what’cha wanted, what was gonna make you feel better?” he coos, licking a stripe along your collarbones to taste you and to keep himself grounded.
you wrap your arms around bakugou’s neck, hugging him to your chest while he grunts against it needily and it’s not long before your bodies are bodies become coated coated in a sheen of sweat, drops of it pearling against his hairline and extenuating the sticky clap of you skin against each other— creating a harmonious tone that lingers in the air along with your moans and the scent of sex. “it is what i want, you’re what i want!” you squeal as your best friend bares down on pleasure spots your toys could only dream of reaching, only serving to add squelching sounds to the lewd soundtrack you both have going. “but i wanna be your favourite, wanna be yours,” you beg him wetly, delirious and dumb on his cock, filled with devoir and a sense of need for him and only him.
“‘course yer my fuckin’ favourite, look at how much y’love me, how much this pussy loves me— shit angel,” bakugou curses, his tone deep and rumbling throughout his chest. his words make you dizzy, the sight of him makes you dizzy. as he looks up at you, dazed and with rose tinted cheeks you take your view of him— the shine sweat adds to him, highlighting the sharpness to bakugpu’s jaw and the new maturity of his face, the flex of his arms as he lifts you up and down in his lap along with the way his washboard and honey glazed abs contract with exertion every time he thrusts into you. katsuki is like a taste of heaven and it almost makes you mad to know that before you, ochako was the only person who got to see him like this— but your burning rage and murderous impulse is quickly replaced by the ecstasy bakugou makes you feel by bruising up your insides, balls heavily slapping against your ass.
you grin to yourself inwardly, knowing that after tonight ochako will never get to see the beauty of katsuki bakugou like this, ever again.
bakugou may be the one fucking you, but you’re the one who’s in control of his heart tonight— you’ve sunk your claws into him, captured him as your prey and held him hostage. not that he minds, not that he cares, his only wish being that you’d done it sooner...fucking you like this, balls deep in your virgin pussy withh you tight and snug around him drives bakugou insane and makes him realise that you’re the only one he wants. not her, not his own fucking girlfriend.
it’s always been you.
no other girl could get him drunk on cunt like this, vermillion eyes honing in on the way you gently start to lift your hips up and down, following the current of his thrusts as he pounds away at that tight little hole you’ve saved all for fucking him. no other girl could get katsuki to whimper and whine so loud before, you’re special, you’re something else. you’re his best friend. “god, this is the kinda pussy you only get to fuck in dreams, baby,” bakugou slurs with a perverted grin, changing the stroke of his hips to follow the pattern of circles instead of just driving his hips upward. “you my dream girl, angel? y’got the cute lil pussy i’ve only ever dreamed of pourin’ my cum into, yeah? always wanted t’fuck you, thought about it forever, now here i fuckin’ am…”
“did you think of me more than her?”
yes. katsuki would have been a fool not to notice the way you’d grown up s prettily over the years, body filling out into beautiful curves carved with dips and moles and freckles and scars all created by athena herself, the swell of your chest, fruit stained shade of your lips were things that didn’t go unnoticed by your best friend either. so yes, of course he’d thought about you in the depths of the night—his dirty hollywood dreams starring only the girl of his dreams, only its you instead of his girlfriend ochako, you and your name that tumbles from his lips only to be swallowed by the fabric of his sheets. its you who bakugou pictures beneath him when he folds his pillow into the shape of pussy, fucking it like he means his life depends on it.
really, it’s always been you.
the blonde nuzzles at your shoulder with his sweaty forehead, shaking it against your equally sweaty skin. “mnhh, baby...yn,”
“answer me katsuki...a-answer me, please…” lazily, you run a hand through his mussed locks, making it worse
katsuki gasps softly, binding his lowly lip and screwing his eyes shut as he immerses himself in the passionate dance of your bodies; the slow and alluring bump and grind of his dick and your sweet pussy, tip jamming repeatedly and atrociously into your cervix— bullying your insides until you animalistically howl his name like a wolf calling to the moon. “more than her,” bakugou keens into your hands that claw down his bare back, scratching red tracks in the shape of your nails against his scarred skin and he lets his head drop to your neck, sinking the sharp edge of his canine teeth into your flesh and rolling his saliva soaked strawberry tongue over the assaulted area. “fuck— you feel like heaven, angel, c’mon, ride me...just like that, just like that…”
one hand braced on his shoulder, the other pats along the cushioned couch in search of katsuki’s phone. your birthday is his password—skillfully unlocked by you even while you clench down on the man in reward and he doesn’t hesitate to buck his hips back into you with the same level of feverishness, sloppily sliding your bodies against one another as you breathe, temperate and heavy and shakily into one another’s bruised lips. you tingle with joy, knowing yet another thing as simple as unlocking his phone boils down to just you—he’s obsessed with you, he loves you just as much as you love him. fumbling with katsuki’s phone and aim for the camera, a fresh wave of tears brew in your eyes and tangle with your lower lash line because he makes you see stars, gives you what you’ve been chasing after blindly for your whole life—the thickness of his shaft inside you as it stretches your virgin hole, the wet and impassioned snap of his hips into you, the sticky slap of his balls against your bare ass.
you’ve been dreaming of this for years and now you finally have him, all of katsuki bakugou to yourself. a selfish feeling wraps around your heart as you ride him, slow rolls of your hips taking is cock deeper into your squishy cunt, prrecum bleeding along your sensitive walls, and suddenly you feel the impulse to hit record— needing evidence of your night, something to show ochako that you’ve finally won.
the footage is blurry, the flash almost blinding you both as you turn on the camera and flip it to katsuki’s face, capturing every detail of his open mouth, tongue connected to the roof of his mouth by thick strings of spit—best visible when his head is thrown back in pure ecstasy. “the fuck are ya’doin’?” bakugou slurs, struggling to manage his words with the amount of saliva in his mouth. “you recordin’ me dirty girl? fuck, you wanna show the camera what a mess y’are f’me?” your tummy twists in delightful knots as katsuki plays himself up for the camera as soon as it turns on, giving it a toothy grin. essence pools between your raw folds, slicking up his cock as it dives into your plush folds, sliding perfectly against the soft velvet and you find yourself growing hornier from bakugou’s waves of intensity as they crash over you.
“uhuh, wan’...want keep a memo of how good you make me feel,” you tell him earnestly, almost losing your grip on the silver device you hold between your fingers— practically losing your mind when your best friend leans forward, letting all his excess spit drip down onto your joined sexes, lubing you up and making everything even more dissolute, nastier and creamier. it’s so obscene, the way his bubbles of white spit add a soft gleam to your tummy and pelvis as you both smash your sexes together—peeling back your hips from one anothers, the action only accompanied by a sticky sound. “‘hmygod, ka’suki!” the video picks up everything, especially the lewd and covetous cry you let out when bakugou grips your hips to grind you down against the wet mix he’s created, spit, his cum, your cum all coming together against your pussy.
the clip ends there and somehow you manage to spitefully forward it onto your best friend’s girlfriend. you can’t help the greedy clench of your cunt around katsuki’s pretty dick, feeling his veins sear their marks into your walls— the blonde doesn’t miss it either. it drives you wild, a frenzied blur of sex and hormones as you think of poor innocent ochako out at the party having the time of her life—it makes fat drops of your saccharine nectar to ooze from your ravaged hole just to imagine her face as the video of you fucking her boyfriend finally lights up her phone.
oh how turned on her ruined night makes you.
“you liked that, huh?” bakugou coos to you, capturing your raptured woozy stare with his ruby framed eyes that dance with lust as he pierces you on his cock over and over again. “‘course y’fuckin did, can feel it with how hard yer clampin’ dwon on me, angel,” he’s getting cocky— doped up on the way you suck him in and bounce away on him as if you’d done this before, his sweet virgin girl claiming what's rightfully hers. you need to put him back in his place, fuck your best friend hard enough to remind him who’s the rightful owner of the dick thats making you feel good for the very first time, you do everything your power to make the night last longer so you can torture the brunette bitch he’s dating even more—pushing back down on katsuki every time he thrusts up so that he can never leave the warmth of your soaked mound. the blonde leans back, watching you work yourself above him, dangerous and fiery eyes taking in the view, “so fuckin’ beauttiful when yer on’toppa me, takin’ this cock so good on your firsty try. s-shit, why didn’t i fuck you sooner, hah? got this perfect little pussy ‘n everythin’, the best i’ve ever had,”
katsuki’s praise shoots straight to your throbbing mound and has you jumping even as he slaps a rough palm over your puffy clit. “didn’t fuck me sooner , ‘cause you were to busy with her,” you snarl hotly, circling your hips over the blondes, driving his bright red tip into your g-spot, chasing your own pleasure as it bubbles in your lower tummy. “balls deep in her instead of me. shoulda been fuckin’ your favourite girl but were with ochako. why not me, suki? ‘m i not your favourite anymore?”
you reach for the phone again, pulling up the camera ready to record bakugou’s hazy response as you move to grip him by the roots of his hair, forcing him back against the couch while you bounce away in a frenzy on top of him— your unified groans slipping through the night air. “you’ve always been my favourite, she couldn’t even fuckin’ compare,” he mumbles to you, eyes glinting with mischief as you hit the record button once again. taking control, you lean forward again, spitting onto katsuki’s chest, pinching and teasing his nipples until they’re sore and he’s practically screaming your name, watching as the viscous glob rolls down between his fat pecs, “you sendin’ that shit to her, yeah? what a naughty fuckin’ girl, angel. tell ‘er whatcha gonna do to this cock, tell her whatcha gonna fuckin’ do to this cock. show her,” he sneers into the camera, dragging it down to show where your bodies join and cream froths at his base, dripping in white down his balls. “claim me for the fuckin’ camera, yeah, that’s right. fuckin’ claim me.”
hearing him breaking beneath you, desperate to keep your pussy locked onto his cock and you think; she must not be fucking him enough, not giving him enough juicy cunt to keep poor katsuki satisfied. she deserves to see what a mess your body’s made him, deserves to have her night destroyed and shattered to a million pieces by the sight of your swollen, tight, perfect pussy taking him in so nicely, and so you send off a second video to her, “you’re mine katsuki, mine forever. never hers, k-kay?” your voice is hushed as you take his lower lip between your teeth, making the pair of you an even greater mess while you guide bakugou into yet another raunchy kiss, sucking his tongue into your mouth before twirling the two pink muscles together. you claim every inch of him, with hands and tongue and your puckered hole alike—writing your name sinfully across his body so that katsuki really knows that he’s yours.
“‘m fuckin yours baby, belong to you,” the blonde says to you, his words woven with the sweetness of candy, shaky from feeling you pulse around him—heartbeat in your pussy. “don’ want anyone else to have me, show that camera how good you take you make me yours,” hot on his tongue, katsuki speaks in heated phrases before he spits onto his fingers, shoving the soiled digits against your swollen clit, blooming from the blood rush as he rubs it in tight circles, coating your sex in a crude mix of your juices and saliva—pushing it into you. the camera on the back of his phone catches it all, feeding it straight into ochako’s phone.
you pull your hips up, caught mid thrust by one of katsuki’s large hands holding your waist. you whimper at the feeling of being empty, no longer having the pressure of your best friend’s dick deep in your tummy, constantly bearing down on your g-spot hard. his cock is all the way out of you and only his tip is brushing against your clit, sticky and smeared with opaque white when bakugou makes you rut against it, stimulating yourself to your heart’s content—his bright red cockhead gliding easily between your creamy folds. he feels so good against you that you drop your grip on the phone that you miss the banging on the door outside, ignoring the sound and choosing instead to wrap your arms around bakugou’s muscled neck...stabilizing yourself while he takes ahold of the fleshy ass, kneading the flesh between calloused fingers and watching you get yourself off on him. “mmgod, fuck katsuki! lemme back on your cock, please...give it t’me, give it. please.” you squeal breathlessly, tongue rolling out of your mouth while you impatiently thrust your hips down, trying to coax the blonde back into your cute little cunt. you spit into your own hand, lubing it up before you grip his throbbing and achy shaft, jerking bakugou off until streams of foul language coat his lips and tattoo themselves against your skin. you even thumb the rim of his tip a little, knowing that he likes that.
“fuck! bakugou, i know you’re in there with that whore!” the banging on the door resumes, and you moan bakugou’s name louder, just to spitethe bitch who you know is just outside.
“angel, you, love you like this, love you on top of me, takin’ this cock as your own,” bakugou curses, flopping back against he couch and smoothing his rough hands over your body. he eventually settles them where your breasts ( as they bounce ) meet your ribcage, rubbing the area and sending goosebumps rising across your sweaty, honeyed skin. “this dick is yours, this dick s’the only one that can fuck you, this dick only goes inside this fuckin’ pussy.”
‘katsuki! open up! katsuki!’
the words are muffled by the wooden door between the outside world and the bubble you’ve made with bakugou—blood rushing through your ears, carrying lust amongst many other things. “k-katsuki, please...feels so fuckin’ good, d-don’t stop, don’t stop! you’re so good, s-so good!” you babble, losing your mind and your focus, letting everything that is katsuki bakugou overwhelm you. “i-i’m your girl, your favourite, no one else c-can have you!”
ochako’s piercing voice yells again from outside, fighting the locked door while bakugou manhandles you into a position he likes to chase the ebb of your highs as they begin to set fire to your insides. with every sharp pounding of his cock into your cunt, you both take feverish steps towards your orgasms, the blistering heat of them sneaking up on you. “‘m never gonna stop baby, not for anyone...gonna fuck you as long as you want me to, yeah? promise you. ‘m yours,” your best friend whispers, turning you around in his lap until your back is to his sticky chest. he pushes you forward by the curve of your spine, almost bending you in half as your face reaches the floor. “t-thats fuckin’ it angel, turn around around ‘n lemme see your ass bounce on me, just like that,”
“keep fuckin’ me just like that, fuckin’ ochako wishes she could be you, my favourite fuckin’ girl—ah shit!” he adds, sending a tremor of pleasure down your spine as dopamine sizzles at your nerve endings.
so you do as bakugou says, even though your thighs burn with how much you bounce up and down on him, throwing your ass back onto him to pull more of his dirty moans from his filthy mouth. your name is the only thing bakugou can say— chanting it like a prayer, as if his brain has been wiped of all other thoughts accept for you and the way you sink down on him, right to the creamy base of his dick as if it wasn’t even a problem eyes rolling, your toes curl, clamping down greedily on bakugou until his breath stutters and his dick, swollen with the load he’s holding back, has no room to breathe.
you don’t even stop fucking like animals when the door bursts open, a teary eyed ochako throwing herself into the room to the sight of her boyfriend fucking the girl she’d always been so worried about. to see him fucking you. “o-oh my god! katsuki bakugou wh-what the fuck are you doing? with her?” his girlfriend screams, but he can’t even look at her, obsessed with the way your body feels moving along with his. “you’re both fucking sick!”
“‘m gonna cum, katsuki,” you say airly, a smirk tugging at your lips as your eyes lock with shaky brown orbs—you can’t hold back at this point, your body craving to touch the white light of your release, the knots twisted in your stomach beginning to come undone as the pace of bakugou’s hips start to falter and grow impatient, churning up your insides as his sensitive tip drags along your spongy walls and pushes up against your squishy g-spot. it hurts so good to hold back, but it feels even better to watch ochako cry and scream and beg for her boyfriend to stop fucking you.
but bakugou isn’t doing any better than you are, beneath you, his muscled thighs tremble and his the stroke of his hips become sloppy and languid. “c’mon angel, cum f’me, paint this cock...let it all out f’me,” he mumbles strainedly into your shoulder, tweaking your nipples and barely acknowledging the presence of his girlfriend ( or ex, at this point ) while his calloused fingers dance down the softness of your tummy to toy with your clit once again, dragging you by the ankle towards both of your highs. “c-can’t hold it anymore baby, gonna...gonna—! fuck!”
“stop it, kastuki!”
the lewd cross of your eyes as you finally cum with katsuki is what drives uraraka off of the edge, breaking into full on sobs when your dam bursts—colours in brand new shades flashing behind your eyes, bakugou’s hips fail to slow as he guides you through your orgasm, sending you into a series of shivers and your mouth hangs open in a silent scream that makes your throat hoarse. you cum so hard that the world around you seems to fall away, throwing an arm behind you to grip the blonde locks of your best friend’s hair to ground yourself. your release splashes out against the floor, cunt fluttering rhythmically as it paints both yours and katsuki’s thighs before triggering his own high.
“f-fuck, fuck! ‘m cummin’, ‘m cummin. gonna fill you up baby...can ya take it? take my cum?” he gripes needily into the shell of your ear, high pitched and whiney. the blonde’s voice fades to static, hips bucking up into your soiled pussy with one last surge of power before he’ss spilling white hot seed into your spasming hole. there’s so much of it, bakugou’s cum bleeding out of you slipping down between your ass cheeks— your tummy practically swells form how much of his own release he’s given you and eventually, katsuki’s cantering hips slow down until they reach a grind, cock slipping out of you and spewing the last of his cum against your inner thighs and soft tummy. “holy fuckin’ shit baby, fuck.”
bakugou collapses into the couch as he comes down from the high heavens, near passing out and leaving you to deal with his gobsmacked girlfriend. “take a picture ochako, it’ll last longer!” you coo, sickly sweet, making the brunette stomp her foot like a petulant child and flee the scene.
after she’s gone, katsuki seems to stir awake with an amused laugh, pressing lazy kisses to your shoulder. “y’fuckin’ crazy angel, i love you.”
“d’ya mean that, suki?” you ask him with amused eyes as you turn around in his lap—drawing shapes over his heartbeat as you revel in the victory of your plan. “do you really love me?”
bakugou nods, rubbing his hand over the curve of your spine, kissing your nose as he slips in and out of consciousness. “always fuckin’ have, it’ll always be you, kay angel?” he tells you softly.
you barely have a chance to respond to bakugou, for he’s already passed out from how much you’d worn him out. you’d have a lot to talk about when the party was over and he'd woken up again, but for now you curl up against him contentedly— smiling at the knowledge that you’d always be his favourite girl.
Tumblr media
networks: @planetonet, @treehouse-network.
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veenxys · 2 months ago
「Attractive things BNHA Boys do」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
his hand on your waist or back but non-sexually. when you’re in his way or blocking his way to something or somewhere, he gently moves you by the waist, casually saying “excuse me, baby” his voice deep and so low that only you can hear it. he also instinctively guides you through crowds by putting his hand on the small of your back.
⤷ Deku
casual pda, however he always makes it more affectionate and passionate. he always puts his arm over your shoulder without saying anything or takes his hand out of his pockets to hold yours when you approach him. kisses on the back of your hand when he's a little distracted by the phone, but still wants to show your affection while you wait for your coffee orders at the cafe. casual hugs at concerts or festivals and him dropping a kiss on the top or back of the neck.
⤷ Todoroki
he brushes your hair out of your face when you talk so he can see you better. most of the time it is a casual and subconscious gesture; he's listening to you intently and when his eyes remain fixed on the strands of hair that fall over your face, he tucks them behind your ear or pushes them away from your face, gently running his fingers down your cheek in the process. he does this so often that you may get used to it after a while, but it always makes your heart race.
⤷ Denki
he says things like “come here honey, watch with me” when he finds a funny video on youtube. “tell me about your day,” he says, sitting down on the couch beside you, his body fully turned toward you. "here, drink this," he says, handing you a bottle of water. "honey! I made your favorite dessert!". it's such a small thing, but his casual commands make your heart warm.
⤷ Tamaki
the way he hums and moans softly when you play with his hair or give him a head massage. maybe it's a casual gesture when you watch netflix together or when you see him stressed out with work. his moans are deep, low and slightly slurred, and his hums are so soft and sound so content - almost giddy. he takes one of your hands away from his head and towards his lips to press a grateful kiss, his eyes closed and his mind in ecstasy.
⤷ Shinsou
the way he can go from being an adorable, giggly mess to being hot in a split second. one minute, you’re play-fighting, him keeping you at arm’s length to avoid your tickling, annoyed but gleeful giggles and laughs escaping from his mouth, and the next, he’s boldly getting into your space until your back is pressed against a wall.
⤷ Hawks
he likes to kiss you when you least expect it. when you're talking, he lightly traces your jaw as he listens before gently gripping your chin and tilting your head up so your lips meet his, smiling into the kiss as your words fade away. or he runs a hand through your front hair as if he's just fixing the unruly strands, but when his hand reaches the back of your head, he gently pulls you close to steal a kiss.
⤷ Dabi
he does this thing where he uses his index finger to lift your chin to make you look at him. it can be something as playful as making you pay your undivided attention when you’re jokingly ignoring him. or sometimes, when he sees you’re sad and upset about something and refusing to talk to him, he does this, his movements gentle, and his face calm as he searches your face then asks, “do you want to talk about it, dear?”
⤷ Shigaraki
he’s focusing on something; you think he doesn’t notice you staring at him but he suddenly looks at you with those eyes of his, and he stares back until you get flustered. the playful yet intense glint in his eyes makes it hard to look away as he looks at you with half-lidded eyes and the ghost of a smirk on his lips.
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bakugousleftnipple · a month ago
Slow Hands | Bakugou x reader
Word count: 800+
Warnings: overstimulation, masturbation
Summary: soulmate au where you can feel your soulmate touch themselves; prohero bakugou’s soulmate was on antidepressants which killed their sex drive for the longest time until the medications were switched, causing them to masturbate constantly, making pro hero bakugou very angry and determined to find them. (i was the anon who sent this ask to @tteokdoroki and got the okay to scribble some thoughts down, but please check aali’s writing - she is amazing and so skilled. i give her big kith.)
Bakugou never thought much about masturbation, only occasionally touching himself to relieve stress; however, that all changed when he was about 26 years old. Yeah, he knew about the soulmate bond that made you feel any sexual pleasure your partner was receiving, aside when from it was you and your partner together. He was grateful that his soulmate rarely masturbated, seeing it as an inconvenience. When his friends retold the awful stories of popping boners in public, he would sneer at them, but he was silently content with his soulmate’s low libido.
After becoming an adult, Katsuki wondered if he really had a soulmate. The first time you had touched yourself after the bond was formed, it shocked him. He was somewhat happy to know you existed, but at the same time annoyed. He felt a pressure on his cock, like someone was caressing him – he knew then you existed.
Panting as he stroked himself, he could tell you were close, and for a moment he thought the soulmate bond was somewhat nice if it was going to give him this much pleasure – it was intense, much greater than when he touched himself without you doing the same.
“God fucking damn it,” Bakugou growls as he angry unzips his pants. “Why the fuck, after so damn long-” He was in a predicament. Currently visiting his childhood home, he excused himself to the bathroom as he felt you playing with your cunt. “Ya better enjoy getting off five times a day before,” he groans out, cut off by a gasp, “before I fuckin’ find ya. Gonna tie you up, keep your greedy hands out of your pants.”
Fisting his cock, he pumps it angrily, desperate to get off quickly before his family asks him why he’s taking so long. He thought he hit the jackpot with your low libido, but something changed; suddenly, you can’t masturbate enough. It went from zero to one hundred.
He was pissed off, shoulders tense as he huffed out heavy breaths, desperately trying to be quiet. Form shaking as he cursed out under his breath, “Gonna make ya pay for this.” With a choked-out sob, he came, catching a glance of himself in the mirror on the wall. Bakugou took in his flushed cheeks and wild expression; how could he feel so good and so angry at the same time? He couldn’t understand what changed, but he was going to find out.
In his bed, stomach splattered with cum as his dick begins to harden again, Katsuki feels tears streaming down his cheeks, wetness finding his ears and making him frown harder. Body spent, as he isn’t used to being overstimulated, he makes an ugly noise in the back of his throat.
“I get bein’ horny but this is ridiculous,” he groans out, not daring to touch his sensitive cock. He feels your orgasm, shuddering as it washes over him. Sure you’re about to keep fucking yourself, he braces himself for more, but the constant stimulation finally stops.
Stretching an arm out to grab a tissue from his nightstand, he wipes his stomach clean. Dick somewhat hard, he grunts as he brushes against the raw head when he twits to throw away the used tissue.
Wincing, he hears his phone vibrate on the nightstand.
“Who the hell is textin’ me at this hour?” Unlocking his phone, he sees your text. Rolling his eyes, he opens the message, glancing over your dumb meme you sent him.  Bakugou opens your contact information, accidently facetiming you.
“Hello?” Confusion written clear across your face, “You okay?”
“What? Why wouldn’t I be?” Eyebrows raise as he shifts, taking in your features. He always thought you were pretty, but there was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on about you right now.
Laughing, “You never facetime me. Especially not in the middle of the night. Is there a reason you’re up so late? I thought you went to bed early.”
Grunting in annoyance, he remembers why he’s up so late. But it isn’t like he’s going to tell you why. “Couldn’t sleep.” Shrugging, he narrows his eyes at you. “Why’re you up this late?”
“Oh, well. My medications got switched and I haven’t been able to sleep as well.” Watching you shift, he considers this information.
“Ya havin’ insomnia as a side effect?” As you seem a bit flustered at his question, he grows suspicious. “What’re you on?”
As you tell him your medication’s name, he thinks briefly, remembering the medication you were on before. “How long have you been on this new medicine anyway?”
Blinking, you answer, “I dunno, a few months. Why?”
Humming, he keeps a straight face as he gives his cock an experimental stroke, successfully keeping his expression neutral. Drinking in your widened eyes and small gasp, he knows.
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toji-bunny-girl · 11 days ago
Thinking about... (NSFW, fem reader)
Husband!Katsuki who pulls open the curtain in the morning, waking you up as the morning rays seeps into your whole bedroom. He doesn’t head to the bathroom to prepare for the day nor the kitchen to cook up some fresh pancakes but instead, hops back onto the bed and feel the sun upon his skin as he stretches, waiting for you to give him a honeyed morning greeting and paste a soft peck onto his neck. 
Husband!Katsuki who kneels on the floor as your toddler wobble around on the couch, worried hands hovering over her frame incase she falls but she grabs the back pillows to stabilise her cubby body, rejecting his help which causes him to tear up internally because she’s growing up a little too fast to his liking.
Husband!Katsuki who lightly shushes you behind the kitchen door as you try to whimper as softly as you could about how he feels so good, thick cock tickling every inch of your dripping cunt as he groans into your ear about having another baby while the nanny unknowingly plays with your kid in the living room.
“It’s your birthstone,” Husband!Katsuki who gives a peck on your cheek after he hooks the light chains around your neck as your head rests against his shoulder, muscles toughened up through the days and weeks and years of training; he tastes the excited grin across your lips as you return a light smooch to his and thank him for your anniversary gift. 
Husband!Katsuki who fights the growling pomeranian who’s gripping the end of your bra as he clutches the other end, screaming at the dog to let go and for your kid to get out of the bedroom incase it goes feral and attacks her while you’re out getting groceries. 
Husband!Katsuki who places your daughter on his lap as he settles in front of the set of drums, hands guiding hers to firmly hold the drum sticks as he points to each little instruments and name them before teaching the basics to a babbling 1 year old.
Husband!Katsuki who’s the stay-at-home parent for the week, makes cute bento boxes he got inspired by on pinterest and does all the chores and even secretly join a dad subreddit so that he could know all the secrets of a parent.
Husband!Katsuki who brings his family to his parent’s, a warm grin dancing across his cheek as he finds his daughter jumping into her grandmother’s arms, a stoke of comfort within his chest as he glances at you and tells himself he finally has his own family, something he had dreamed about since forever ago and he’s one lucky of a bastard to have one with you. 
Husband!Katsuki who kisses the back of your hand before the two of you fall asleep, a fiery of in-loved red within his eyes that never seems to disappear despite the end of the night or the last of days that gazes at your features as he lets out a gentle whisper of a reminder that you’re the only soul that he loves. 
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lucyphurr · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
how they act when they’re horny & just rlly horny sex + denki, kiri, bakugo, & sero
in celebration of basically my first post getting 100 notes, and the second one nearing 100, here’s a rlly long thing I did. at first it was going to be short and sweet but I got carried away and then noticed my posts getting a lot of love! so this is a little thanks, eat it up and feel free to ask me things and messsge me, (honestly idk if my asks work) -L <3
nsfw ! + semi-public sex?, ngl mommy is thrown in there and i won’t take any criticism, degradation (giving & receiving), praise, thigh riding, spitting, daddy kink, cokwarming kind of, intoxicated sex, spanking/as well as pussy smacks, squirting
denki kaminari
— definitely a whiner
— if you’re in public he’ll keep trying to drag you home or somewhere else just so he can at least press up against you
— “please baby, you’re doing this on purpose”
— the most inconvenient place he got horny was when you were visiting your parents house for Christmas
— ended up probably having some of the hottest sex in your childhood room
— he wouldn’t shut up about how hot you looked in your dress and kept grabbing at you ass while no one was looking so you told your parents you’re gonna turn in early
After basically throwing Denki into your childhood room, he starts grabbing at you through your dress even more than he was before. You’d be lying if you said his actions didn’t start to make you horny, but you didn’t want him to start thinking he can get away with this whenever he wants. You decided that you would indulge yourself though, because Denki seemed to be in an extra subby mood today.
“Let me ask you a favor, Kami.”
“anything, just please-“
“I want to ask for a little Christmas gift a bit early,” you tell the boy who is now underneath you, you feel him trying to push up into you for some friction.
He just nods his head quickly before you even say what you want, you love when he gets like this. You pull him into a kiss that makes him squirm even more.
“I just want you to be a good boy for me today, I don’t want anything else from you.” Denki knows what that means, he whines out an “okay”.
“What a good boy, you’re so worked up you’ll probably let me do anything. How dirty.”
He just lets out a pitiful whine as you rut your hips down into him, feeling himself get incredibly hard just from this action and how you talk to him. He places his hands on your hips, right above the curve of your ass. His fingertips probably leaving bruises as he basically used you to try and get himself off. He lets out a protest whine when you remove his hands, quieting when you start undoing his belt. You remove his belt and motion at him for his hands, he tried to protest because he’s so handsy and loves touching you, but your grinding into him at such a slow pase makes him feel dizzy. He’d rather die than have you stop right now. You’re able to wrap his hands together, making sure to do it around a bar on your metal headboard so he’s actually stuck.
“You look so pretty like this, you probably sound even prettier.”
Denki is practically writhing in his skin, you decide to be nice and help him out. You take his pants off, leaving him in only boxers. For a bit you didn’t want to show Denki how wet you are. But the way he is now it would probably work him up more, so you lean back, your ass now pressed onto his dick. His eyes are glued to you as if looking away would be blasphemy, your spread your legs so your dress is bunched up at the top of your thighs. Denki let’s out a moan when he sees the wet patch in your panties, since you’re feeling generous you decide to pull them to the side. You smile when you notice his hands struggling against your headboard.
“Fuck, please...” Denki begs deperstely under you, it’s right in his face and he cant do anything. A smile creeps up your lips.
“Do you want it?” You ask like you don’t know the answer, he nods his head vigorously, lip taught in between his teeth. “Then ask me nicely.”
Denki looks so wound up you’re nervous he might set off his quirk, he’s thinking so hard, obviously trying to see the quickest way for you to help him out. He retorts that asking nicely is begging.
“Please baby, you don’t know how-“
“No, it has to be even nicer. Get creative.” You’re having the time of your life, you thought he’d take time to think, but he didn’t and your head practically exploded.
“Fuck, please, mommy. I want it so bad. mommy please I’ve been such a good boy for you.”
You didn’t know how to react besides giving him what he wanted and more, after all, he was right. He was being such a good boy for you.
eijiro kirishima
— there’s no way this boy isn’t handsy
— holding your thigh while driving but being annoyingly close to the top of your thigh
—he won’t rlly tell you bc he assumes you’ll just know, which you do
— when he’s horny in public he won’t say anything, he kind of likes waiting
— unless he’s horribly worked up, then there might be an exception
— today is one of those days
— slapping your ass, hugging you from behind and grabbing your breasts through your hero costume while no one is looking
— you both made a promise to your childhood friend bakugo that you wouldn’t fool around in his hero agency, and you didn’t want to break that promise because he might blow your asses up
— so kiri has to opt for waiting and getting you as soon as he can
— which so happens to be in the car before you both go home
“Kiri, maybe we should just wait until we get home” you breathe out, he’s kissing all the weak spots he knows. which is in fact getting you wrapped around his finger.
“I’ve been waiting for this all day, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna stop now that I’ve started.” He says into your ear while he plays with your tits through your shirt, it feels like when you were teens fooling around. what would people say if the famous pro hero couple was caught fooling around in their car? the tabloids would eat that up.
you were practically aching for kiri at this point, and he knew that. but one of his favorite things to do was tease you, something about you whining and crying because you just want to cum always makes him go insane. you already know what’s going to happen when kiri takes you out of your sweats and makes you straddle one of his thighs, you always loved his thighs.
“You know what to do, princess.” The nickname makes you whine, his hands guiding your hips at a horribly slow pace.
he chuckles at how he can already feel your wetness on his bare thigh, he pulled his shorts up a bit for you. he loved how you grab his shoulders for support, not even because your unsteady but because he’s going so slow you feel like you might pass out.
“fuck, kiri please go faster.” you whine out, every time you try to quicken the pace his hands slow you down again. “what’s my name?”
you don’t hear him, you’re too focused on looking down at yourself grinding on his thigh. the slow friction making you wetter by the second. you’re brought out of your trance when he smacks your ass, he has a stupid smile at your yelp.
“i said, what’s my name? i don’t have time for you to be a brat.”
he loosens up on your hips a bit, letting you go a bit faster.
“ah- fuck! daddy, please let me go faster.” he helps you quicken the pase, your moans high pitched and breathing fast in his ear.
“good girl, you sound so pretty. acting like a little slut for me, look at you being so desperate to get yourself off on my thigh.”
your cheeks burn red, the embarrassment feeling like a sting. you let out a high pitch whine when he slips his hand into your underwear, feeling at the wetness you smeared around yourself. he groans at the proof of how worked up you are, he pulls his hand out and scissors two fingers, showing the strings of arousal connecting them. He puts one in his mouth, maintaining eye contact with you, then raises his other messy finger to your mouth.
“taste how sweet you are, baby.” he says it like he’s offering you a slice of cake, but you can hear the lust dripping off of his words. you pop his middle finger in your mouth, his dick strains against his shorts even more at you swirling your tongue around.
he pulls his finger out of your mouth and goes back into your panties, making you grip onto his shoulders even harder. he doesn’t waste his time playing with your bud that’s been asking for attention this whole time, you start grinding down impossibly harder. you feel your release on the tip of your tongue, your motions becoming noticeably messy.
“ah- ah fuck, ‘gonna cum.” Is all you’re able to choke out, kiri reminds you of a rule the both of you have, just to make things more fun.
“ask to cum or you’re getting edged for the rest of the night.” your head spins at the thought of only coming once tonight, you manage to choke out something somewhat coherent.
“daddy, please- please let me cum.” his movements become just a bit faster, taking that as a yes the pressure in your stomach sends you over.
you gush on his hand and thigh, kiri loves it when you squirt all over him. he literally can’t think of anything hotter than you squirting on him, and because of him. just because he’s feeling like a dick he sticks his fingers into your tight and spasming entrance, you let out a high pitched yelp.
“daddy no- no, I’m so sensitive~”
you try to squirm away from his hand, but he traps you by wrapping his arm around your waist. pressing you flush against him, curling his fingers into you. your body is twitching with sensitivity, kiri groans at how you’re clamping down on his fingers, only making him want to go faster. you keep letting out increasingly higher pitched moans, you feel the familiar pressure building to again. subconsciously fucking yourself on his fingers, you feel like you’re going to melt from sensitivity, but it’s so good.
“go on baby, show daddy how good he’s making you feel right now. your pussy’s being so good for me, telling me when you’re close. the way you clamp down on my fingers is so dirty.”
you easily cum a second time on kiri’s hand again, he’s so hard it practically hurts now. you give him a thank you and kiss around his face, he chuckles at you.
“you did so good baby, you don’t have to do anything from this point”
he says as he turn you around, back pressed against his chest. pulling your ruined panties to the side. he raises you a bit, feeling his warm head at your entrance.
“daddy, you’re gonna break me.” you choke out while he slowly lowers you down, you tighten when his head pops into you. he gives a kiss to your neck
“yea baby, that’s the point.”
katsuki bakugou
— hes flat out annoyed and angry when he’s horny
— he doesn’t like telling you out of “basic human decency”
— but you’re pretty sure he’s just shy
— will def use his quirk a little bit on you, like smaking your ass and you feel a small sting
— most convos are just him being angry and dismissing you
— “tsuki~” “what.” “why does my baby look so bothered right now?” “i’m not.”
— usually ends convos by fast-walking out of the room
— definitely the same as he was in high school
— sex with him when he’s horny is like angry sex, so, very good
— will degrade you to filth without a second thought
— “the whole apartment could probably hear you. I should just let them watch you get fucked until you drip all over me.”
— “you’re screaming my name like a filthy whore, is this too much for you baby?”
— even if you said yes he probably wouldn’t slow down, if you try to like move up a bit or have him pull out a little bit he’ll literally trap you with his big ass arms
“oh fuck, oh fuck, ‘tsuki it’s too much.”
your boyfriend has you pinned on your kitchen counter, back on the cold marble and looking him in his eyes. looking down where you’re both connected at, the sight is filthy. bakugou is holding your wrists with one hand and the other is lightly holding your neck, periodically squeezing the sides, making your body tingle.
“shut up, waiting for me to come home dressed like this. you were so ready for me, you can take it baby.”
you encouraged bakugou to give you minimal prep today and you were suffering the consequences, but the way you were drooling all over yourself let him know that this hurt was a good one. but, just because he cares a little bit, he slowed his pace. but in the one way you were hoping he wouldn’t, he’s going horribly slow.
“look at you, your pussy is leaking all over me. what? you told me to slow down and I did.” he laughs like he’s taunting you, pulling out until it’s only his head and quickly jamming it back in.
he lets out groans at your tightness, tightening around him at his words. he knows exactly how to wind you up and get you wrapped around his finger. just as you were getting used to his slow brutal pace, you can feel pressure building up in you. as you try to chase your high by grinding down on him, he flips you over. face pressed onto the marble where your back was.
“so impatient, you know what I do to girls that can’t wait?”
your body burns with anticipation for what you know is coming, you let out a yelp when you get a harsh smack to your ass. bakugo palms and grips the flesh, letting out a groan when he spreads you to get a clearer view of your pussy that’s currently clenching around nothing.
“katsuki, please~”
you let out such a needy whine, how could he say no. without another word you feel him easing into you, you expected him to give you a hard time and tell you to beg harder or something. letting out a loud moan as he spreads you apart to watch.
“now, since I gave you something you’re gonna have to be a good girl and count for me.”
you let out another whine, trying to just ignore him and slowly start pushing yourself back on him. he smacks one of his hard hands down on you, getting you to jump. bakugou almost thinks he’s going to lose his mind how you’re clamping down on him.
“good girl.”
katsuki leaves himself buried deep inside you as he gives you your punishment, you never thought 16 was such a big number until you had to count up to it in such an agonizing situation. you know the way your tightening around katsuki is making him sweat and groan, it’s the only type of retaliation you can manage while you’re drooling from him smacking your ass and twitching in you. you have 6 left, the number seems so far away even though it’s so small. there’s a long pause before he brings his hand down on you, the anticipation practically edging you. you can feel your arousal dripping down your thighs. when he brings his hand down you practically scream, you felt his quirk go off on your ass.
“eleven, augh fuck ‘tsuki, don’t do this I’m gonna-“
you’re easily silenced by him thrusting into you, the wet sounds you made just from one thrust are humiliating. now each time he smacks you, you can feel his quirk go off. massaging the spot he hit that is quickly bruising each time you count, your whole body feels hot with excitement. although the remaining 5 pass by agonizingly slow, it passes. hoping to get friction from the blond boy rubbing your ass you tighten around him a bit. you’re quickly pulled from the warm marble by the back of your neck, your back pressed to his sweaty chest.
“are you gonna be a good girl for me, baby?”
after vigorously nodding your head he placed a kiss to your shoulder, setting a steady pace of pumping in and out of you. it feels so good you practically melt in his arms, feeling your wetness run down your legs only makes you more aroused. you already feel sensitive and you haven’t even cum yet, and your heart skips a beat when bakugou’s arm snakes around you and starts rubbing your swollen bud. you let out a high pitched cry and arch your back off of his sweaty body.
“ah~ fuck you’re gonna make me cum.”
he licks up the side of your neck before talking into your ear again, “yea, that’s the point. i want you to cum on daddy’s dick so hard I have to remind you how to walk after.”
sero hanta
— he gets horny every time he smokes
— not because it just happens, he gets horny because he knows how horny you get when you smoke together
— sero is a sucker for pleasing his s/o
— he’ll do anything to make you feel good, seeing you feel good makes him feel even better
— he’s a functioning stoner, so the way he touches you with steady hands always makes your head spin
— always makes sure it’s what you want to do before doing it, so you have to practically beg him, which gets him going too
— a little bit of a king of dirty talk
— “you’re whining so loud the rest of your dorm could probably hear you, start saying my name so they all know who’s doing this to you”
— sero is #1 supporter of your horny tendencies
— when you tease him for being horny he just degrades you to make up for it
“you’re being so good for me, spread your legs more.”
you let out a whine and spread them more for your boyfriend, his apartment was free from his roommates so you took advantage. you didn’t think it’d lead to him looking so pretty in between your legs, you run a hand through his blacks tresses, the long back tied into a low ponytail that you want to yank on so bad. he’s been teasing you by blowing on your slick for what has felt like ages, finally gasping into a moan when he finally licks a stripe up you. The grip on his hair tightens, which makes him let out a grunt against you.
“holy shit, hanta you’re doing so good.”
you decide to get your praise in now before it feels like you can’t speak, but you’re being honest. you don’t know how he’s so good at swirlig his tongue around you. you hate how good he looks doing it too, even with your hand making a mess of his hair, it’s like all it does is make him hotter. youre feeling so worked up, in need of more friction.
“hanta, stick your tongue out for me. i wanna see something.”
you look down at him layed on the bed in front of you, the blunts from earlier are really getting to you now. he sticks his tongue out with a smile, wrapping his arms around your thighs when you press yourself up to his tongue and start moving yourself against it. your body feeling fuzzy and incredibly hot with arousal, sero stops you and you protest with a whine. instead he has you sit up, and sits himself behind you so you’re sitting in between his legs.
the smile on his face only grew bigger as he starts trailing his fingers up and down the outside of your slit, the way he’s making you feel right now should be illegal. he slowly starts easing in his middle finger, and saying his fingers are kind of long is an understatement.
“you’re taking one finger so well, last time you were practically shaking. i love when you’re so sensitive.”
you buck your hips up as a response, whining when your action results in his finger going deeper in you. he takes that as a reason to put in another finger in. relishing the way you squirm in his arms, sero can’t believe how pretty you look. your mouth open, gripping at the shoulder that’s controlling his fingers. your eyes red and low, it only makes you sexier. with his free arm he grabs the blunt he abandoned earlier, takes a long pull of it and makes sure to put it out this time. you bite your lip when he directs you to look at him and he blows the smoke in your face.
you open your mouth and stick your tongue out like it’s routine, he smiles at how he feels you tightening on his fingers. he puckers his lips and lets spit fall onto your tongue, sero almost feels you get impossibly wetter. you open your mouth again for him, panting at his quicker pace. whimpers falling out of your mouth as you silently ask you boyfriend to spit in your mouth again. He lets more of his spit fall into your mouth, loving how the dirty acts makes you look like you’re ready to cum.
“you’re such a little slut, gushing around my fingers just because I spit in your mouth.”
you let out a moan at his means words, you feel like you’re practically dripping with arousal. you choke out a high pitched yelp when he scissors his fingers inside of you, he leans down and gives you a kiss on your forehead. your low eyes now focuses on his face, loving how enticed he is with his fingers working in and out of you. you feel the undeniable pressure building up in you, sero can also tell by the way your tightening around his fingers. just as you feel like the pressure is about to let itself go sero pulls his fingers out and gives two slaps your cunt, he expected it to startle you away from your high. but much to his surprise,
“oh- fuck, fuck~”
you start gushing around nothing, which sero can’t stand for. he puts both of his fingers back in you while your release is pouring out of you, curling his fingers up into your spongy spot. making you cry and cum harder while twitching in his arms. he doesn’t give you time to come down from your high, he hooks your knees over his thighs so you’re spread open for him. your hands gripping and clawing at his thighs, you feel like you’re going to cum again. you feel his breath tickle your ear, not deviating your eyes from where sero is abusing you.
“we’re not stopping until you do that again, I want you to ruin the sheets.”
you let out a high pitched whine in response, feeling the pressure coil up in your stomach and your body get increasingly warmer. sero keeping his steady pace as he feels your insides flutter around him, the only thing that changes is that he curls his fingers into your soft spot more, making you throw your head back on his shoulder. the pressure almost feels unbearable and you feel your hips twitching with arousal, finally feeling your release. you gush around him again with a scream. your thighs that are being held open twitch with disparity, trying to force themselves closed. sero is more than pleased with you squirting, literally feeling himself aching to have you do it around his dick.
“you did so good, that was so hot baby.” 
he praises you and kisses your jaw, pulling his fingers out and slapping your mess a few times. getting moans and twitches out of you. sero knows that when he cleans you up he’s just going to make you do it again.
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2dboys · 2 months ago
bad texter⌇bakugou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⚘ pairing: bakugou x f!reader
⚘ word count: 1.3k
⚘ cw: FWB, future multiple smut scenes, dom/sub themes, loss of virginity, katsuki being a soft bastard for reader, corruption kink, overstimulation, oral (m & f), office sex, alcohol consumption, squirting, a very jealous baku & unprotected sex <3
⚘ note: the prologue takes place in the past in UA High. the rest of the story will be set in the future, meaning all characters mentioned are well within their twenties and are adults thank you very much.
Tumblr media
"Okay, focus. No distractions… just cut a straight line." You encouraged yourself as you steadied your hands around the electric cutting tool.
All this week, your eyes had been stuck to the development studio's timesheet, carefully seeking out an hour in which the studio would be all yours. No having to compete with classmates for materials, and more importantly, no boisterous Mei Hatsume you'd be forced to work around.
This cut was imperative to your build. You couldn't afford to waste another sheet metal, so this cut had to be clean, precise... perfect, even. All you needed was complete and undivided focus–
A loud bang made you jump, and you gripped the power tool you had just nearly dropped tightly as the door to the development studio swung open.
"Hey! You ignorin' me or something?"
Letting out an internal sigh, you turned off the dangerous device, recognizing the voice's owner as a far more dangerous hazard.
"I texted you like four times." The blond frowned, hands tucked in his pockets as he stomped over to you.
Flashing him a look over your shoulder, you rolled your eyes dismissively.
"Contrary to the delusion you've convinced yourself of, I don't live to answer your every beck and call." You clicked your tongue.
"You're not cute, you know," Bakugou warned, grabbing a stool from an empty workstation and dragging it over to you.
"Thanks." You eyed him as he took a seat next to you, pulling out his lunch from his bag. "So, who pissed you off today?"
His scarlet eyes flickered over to you, "What makes you think–"
"You only ever voluntarily spend your lunch here with me whenever someone has pissed you off." You reminded him, unplugging the power tool.
It wasn't that you didn't trust Bakugou around powerful, potentially lethal machinery. But, given his boyish curiosity, you thought it better to err on the side of caution.
"That's not true."
“Let me guess, Midoriya? Todoroki?”
"None of your business." He scoffed.
"Kirishima? I thought you liked him." You furrowed your brows, tapping a finger to your chin.
"Shitty Hair went to Sato's dorm for lunch." Bakugou shrugged dismissively. "Anyway, I said I didn't want to talk about it, dumbass."
"Alright, alright!" You held your hands up in defeat, moving the sheet metal to the side. "We don't have to talk about it."
It wasn't as if pressing Bakugou for answers would do much good. You could liken the boy to a bear trap. The more you struggled and tried to get it to open up, the more it pressed its mouth shut. Besides, it was rare that he was honest with himself about his emotions, making these talks fruitless at best and exhausting at worst.
Prying open his container of food, he eyed you as you leaned over the work table, stray strands of your hair hiding your eyes from his view.
Still, he could see the way you furrowed at the blueprint you had sketched out in front of you, contemplating numbers and shapes that he couldn't care less to learn about.
Swallowing down his food, he nudged his foot into yours.
"So what's this heap of metal supposed to be?" He gestured towards the unfinished device sitting on the other side of the table. Despite his crude words, he sounded sincere in his curiosity.
You let out a sigh, numbers still running around your mind.
"It's supposed to be a hydraulic bracer."
"Looks like giant metal chopsticks," Bakugou told you honestly, making your shoulders deflate.
You glared over at the device, wondering at what stage of the process it was supposed to start looking more like a support gadget and less like a poorly constructed science fair project.
"Isn't the support course supposed to be… good at this stuff?"
At his observation, you reassigned your glare towards his stupid smirking face.
"Yeah, well, we can't all be Mei Hatsume."
"I don't get why you bother with this bullshit. You should be in the hero course, and you know it."
You couldn't help but laugh. This again?
"How many times do I have to explain that my quirk isn't suited for combat like yours? If I want any chance at working in the field when I'm older, I'll need to rely on hero gadgets. And that means learning how to make hero gadgets." You shook your head, scribbling a quick note onto your blueprint.
"Still…" Bakugou shifted in his seat, "all this hero training would be a lot easier if you were there with me."
There was a note of melancholy in the blond's tone that gave you pause, a hint of tenderness that was, for once, entirely honest. Looking over at Bakugou, you weren't surprised to find his attention buried in his meal. He never could really hold your stare– not when he was speaking candidly like this.
There wasn’t a single member of your kindergarten class that didn’t know Bakugou. Not that he was the top of any sort of popularity contest– far from it actually. Still, he was a constant ache in the teacher’s backside, as it became very clear that he was the ringleader and resident troublemaker of his little gang.
Not that he ever bossed you around though. You yourself were somewhat of a class ringleader, though your circle of friends didn’t include your rowdier classmates that Bakugou and Midoriya kept company with. There was mutual respect between Bakugou and you, both understanding that you possessed the power to command others (a skill that you would later grow out of). So your circle and his would play together during recess and on class trips, a symbiotic relationship forming amongst the class and its members— just so long as everyone answered to their respective leaders.
So when the two of you ran into each other on the first day of UA High, it was only natural that a friendship formed. It was an easy kind of friendship, the kind that didn’t need constant reassurance or felt the need to compete with other budding friendships. It was the kind that picked up where the two left off no matter how many days had passed in between meetings.
"Kacchan… Don't tell me you're going soft on me now?" You teased, this time it being your turn to nudge your shoe into his.
"Tch. Keep dreaming. With wonky gadgets like that, I'm not even sure you'll graduate." He stuck his nose up at you.
"Keep talking shit, Katsuki. When our graduation ceremony comes around, you'll be eating your words."
Bakugou couldn't help but grin at your clipped tone, "Tell you what… you graduate top of your class, I'll let you make me a support device once I'm a pro."
"You'll let me make you a gadget? Wow, what have I done to deserve this honor?" You deadpanned, voice dry of any humor.
"You should be thanking me, you know. Working under the #1 Pro Hero? Your reputation will be off the charts."
A snort ripped out of you before you could think to stop yourself, making Bakugou tense beside you, his glare sharp enough to cut through glass.
"Something funny, nerd?"
Funny wasn’t the right word for it. Nostalgic was perhaps the better term. You could still hear little Bakugou marching through the playground, yapping about becoming the number one hero as a clumsy but enthusiastic Midoriya trailed after him.
"Nothing. It's a deal. But number one hero or not, you better become the kind of hero I can say I'm proud is wearing my designs. Otherwise, the deal's off. You got that, Blondie?"
There was a flicker of color in your gaze, hints of an ardent hope that the words spoken today wouldn't just stay words, but that one day, the two of you just might see them through. Bakugou wondered for a moment if your eyes always shined like that or if maybe he was only just now noticing.
Clearing his throat, he raised a brow at you.
"Yeah, sure, whatever. You gonna eat my sliced apples or what?"
Feeling the atmosphere now significantly lighter than when he first came in, you nodded, scooting your own stool closer over to him.
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touyasdoll · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I Hate Me Too
This is my piece for Anilysium’s nsfw server collab! The theme this month was Hatefucking & Revenge. You can & should check out all the other pieces at the link below 🧡
Anilysium’s Hatefucking & Revenge Collab Masterlist
Minors DNI
Pairing: Pro Hero!Bakugou x Pro Hero!Reader
Genre: smut, hurt/comfort
Word count: 4.5k
Warnings: some very raw emotions in this one, biting, impact play, unprotected sex, mentions of blood, set in a hospital
Tumblr media
“I can’t fuckin’ believe the shit that you pull sometimes. Who in the hell even gave you a hero license?” A battle-worn Bakugou spits as he takes a seat in the hospital bed nearest the door, covered in grime and dried blood, some his own, most of it not. “You got a death wish or something, dumbass?”
“Me?! I’m not the idiot who went and got himself zapped by who even knows what the hell that quirk was.” You retort, settling into a bed of your own across the room from his, minding the sorest parts of your equally battered body.
“No, you’re just the fuckin’ moron who ran ahead without backup and nearly got herself fuckin’ killed!” He snarls, curling his fists in his lap. “You know how much extra paperwork that would’ve been for me? Typical L/n, makin’ shit harder for everyone, even in death.”
“Oh, fuck off, Bakugou,” you roll your eyes dismissively, laying back in the propped up bed. “How many times were you dropped as a kid? I’m curious to know what it takes to create your specific brand of ‘the entire world must revolve around me’. Honestly, there’s not much that you do well, but being entirely self-absorbed is something you’ve clearly mastered.”
He scoffs and the noise is dripping with disdain, “You’re one to fuckin’ talk, princess. I—,” the exasperated redhead standing by the door cuts him off.
“Okay!” Kirishima smiles, resting his hands on his hips. “Now that all that’s outta your system, how about you guys actually rest like you’re supposed to? Doc said that the hospital is swarmed, so you’re probably going to be in here a while before you’re even looked at, since your injuries aren’t that serious. I can’t stick around and play referee though, so can you two just promise me that you won’t kill each other?”
He glances between the two of you glaring at one another from opposite beds and you sigh, smiling politely in his direction, “Fine, but only because it’s you asking.”
“Whatever,” the blonde huffs, kicking his boots off to swing his legs into the bed.
“All right, I’m gonna take off then. I’ll let you guys know what’s going on with the case once I know more,” Kirishima nods, stepping back to grasp the handle on the door. “And if you two have finally settled your shit by then, somebody will let you guys outta here.”
He grins and flashes you both the key in his palm before slipping out the door and quickly pulling it shut, a lock clicking as Bakugou lunges from his bed to hammer his hand on top of the handle.
“Oi!” He pounds his fist against the door, “The fuck do you think you’re doing? Open this goddamn door!”
“Kiri, what the fuck?!” You shoot forward in the bed, scrambling to hop out of it, but his voice calling through the door stops you.
“I’m sorry! But you two are getting unbearable,” he sighs, tapping his palm to the door once. “You gotta be here for awhile anyway. If one of you for some reason actually starts dying, then call a doctor in and they’ll open the door. Otherwise, I would appreciate it if you could at least try to find a way to get along while you’re waiting. If not for yourselves, then for me, please? I’ll call to check in later. Sorry again!”
The sound of his boots thudding away are drowned out by Bakugou’s palm igniting against the door, “Dumbass! Get back here!”
“Oh my God, give it a rest,” You flop back into the bed, closing your eyes as you rest your forearm over them. “He’s gone. Just shut the hell up and relax, there’s no need to add property damage to your invoice. We won’t be in here forever.”
You didn’t need to look at him to see how he was seething, you could hear it in the way the air hissed between his gritted teeth as he stomped back to his bedside.
“At least there’s a fucking shower in here,” he grumbles, shoving his feet into the pair of slippers on the floor before crossing to the attached bathroom.
“At least I’ll have five minutes of peace and quiet,” you can’t help but murmur. Always wanting to prod and poke at your explosive colleague.
“Tch,” is all he has to reply with as he swings the door open and then slams it shut entirely too aggressively behind him.
You weren’t quite sure when you and Bakugou became this openly hostile to one another; it had seemed like such a natural progression. What would have been a healthy sense of competition for most individuals quickly morphed into a never-ending trading of blows between two overly competitive hotheads. Aizawa had his hands full with the two of you alone back in your school days and since then, Kirishima had stepped up to play the role of mediator, ensuring that neither one of you actually ever went for the jugular of the other, but you just couldn’t help but to push at his buttons. They were just so easy to press.
Katsuki Bakugou is one infuriating son of a bitch. That’s just a fact to most. He’s explosive, arrogant, rude, combative, aggressive; the list could go on and on. All terrible traits, all ones that you hated to admit that you shared with him. The pair of you were like two similar poles of magnets. Whenever you were brought too near one another, an unseen force repelled you.
Which is precisely why neither of you had been too keen on even teaming up with one another for this mission and still less thrilled to learn that you’d been partnered up. It wasn’t like you couldn’t work together, you’d managed and the job was nearly done now that the raid was over, thankfully. The past few weeks had been full of petty arguments over how to best do this or accomplish that. Meaningless squabbles that usually arose over nothing more than one of your fragile ego’s feeling wounded or your mutually incessant need to take charge of the situation.
Yet despite how inhumanly angry he could make you, how easily he could burrow himself so deep under your skin; you couldn’t deny that you hadn’t thought about ripping his clothes off at least once, especially after all the time you’d been forced to spend together recently, just the two of you. It’d become a favorite daydream of yours on those afternoons when the two of you had nothing to do but hole up in a cramped room to stake out the enemy.
You’d spent far too much time imagining peeling that tank top up over his head to reveal his perfectly sculpted torso, running your fingers over the muscles in his abdomen until they hooked into his pants while your lips pressed offerings along his neck. His broad arms caging you in against his body, trapping you there so you could feel the twitch of his cock against you while he groaned so needily in your ear.
“Oi,” you jump slightly, whipping your head to the bathroom door to see him standing in the frame, the ragged shirt of his uniform in his hand and the waist of his pants setting almost too low on his hips without the assistance the belt normally provided. “Shower’s free if you want it.”
“Thanks,” you nod, always striving for indifference when not for antagonism. “You bother to leave any hot water, at least?” You hooked your legs over the edge of the bed, sliding on your slippers.
“Wouldn’t want you to have to wash that body in the cold, though I have always wondered how perky your nipples might get.”
“Uh—excuse me?” You let out a punctuated breath, cocking your brow as you spun on your heel to face him only to find his face paleing.
“I..t-that’s not what I was trying to say, I—” he stuttered, furiously shaking his head as he turned his back to you. “I didn’t want you to hear that.”
“ thought it? And said it out loud so..?” You narrow your gaze, shuffling closer to him. “Are you fucking with me? Because this is grotesque, even for you.”
“No, I’m not fucking with you!” He barks, spinning back around, his eyes the perfect mix of panic and pique. “I genuinely wasn’t trying to say those words. It—,” he sighs in frustration, “It’s like my fuckin’ mouth had a mind of it’s own for a second!”
You cock your head to the side, looking away and then back to him slowly. He wasn’t usually one for pranks, rather just outright insults to get at someone, but you still couldn’t write off that this might be a ploy to make you look like an ass.
“Okay then, why don’t you just try saying whatever it was you were actually trying to say again?”
He heaves a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I was trying to say that while I was showering, I was picturing you naked in there with me and then I figured I oughta leave you some hot water, so you don’t think I’m an even bigger dick than you already do.” He drags his hand along his cheek, wiping his face before covering it with both hands as he paces away from you. “That’s—,” he shakes his head, looking as equally stunned as you. “That’s not what I wanted to say.”
“Are you—,” you pause, still reeling from whatever in the hell that was. “Are you okay? Like, seriously, what’s going on?”
“I don’t know,” his voice is muffled against the palms of his hands, his eyes closing as he takes a deep breath. “I’m so fucking embarrassed.”
“Okay, now I know you’re not fucking around. You’d never admit to that anyone, let alone me.” You snort, circling around your bed to step in front of him, gasping when a realization strikes you. “The quirk.”
“Dammit it,” he groans, balling his hands into fists to slap them against his thighs. “What kind of fuckin’ quirk makes you say embarassing shit?”
You shrug, “The kind that appeals to karma, I guess.”
He throws down daggers with his eyes, side-stepping around you to sit on his bed. He parts his lips to speak, but closes them tight to chew on his cheek instead.
“What?” You prod, sitting down on the edge on the bed.
“Don’t wanna risk the wrong shit comin’ out again,” he explains, his cheeks flushing the lightest shade of rose.
“C’mon,” you tap his knee with your knuckles and it jerks as if you were testing his reflexes. “I’ll stop being a dick, let’s see if we can figure this out.”
“What’s your bright idea? We gonna play 21 questions?” The edge in his voice levels out the tension in the room.
“Wait, yeah, that’s actually a great idea,” you admit, folding your hands in your lap. “Maybe it’s like that confession quirk or some sort of truth quirk.”
“So you believe that I was thinking about you in the shower?” He sets his jaw, his cheeks deepening a shade.
“Listen, we can unpack that later,” you laugh, a smirk turning up the corner of your mouth as he rolls his eyes. “C’mon, I’m serious. Lemme ask you a couple questions that I know the real answer to and then we’ll know.”
“Fine,” he reluctantly agrees with a deadpan expression. “Shoot.”
“Is your name Bakugou?”
“Did you attend UA?”
“Is your mother’s name Mitsuki?”
“Yes,” he says, more annoyance in this one than the previous. “What is this accomplishing?”
“It’s setting a baseline, jackass,” annoyance plenty evident in your reply. “Now, try to lie to me. Is your name Bakugou?”
“N—” he clenches his eyes shut, taking a deep breath. “N—yes.”
Your jaw drops open in shock, “Uh—okay. Let’s try again. Did you attend UA?”
“N—,” he growls, flexing the fingers in both of his hands in frustration that only grows as he continues. “Nnnn—ugh! Yes!”
“Okay,” you flash him your palms, “It’s all right. Let’s try something that’s not yes or no. What color are your eyes?”
“B-b,” he swallows, exhaling a deep breath. “Blu—red. Oh my fucking God,” he presses his hands to his temples in a fit of irritation. “It was a mother-fucking truth quirk. This is such bullshit.”
“I mean,” you half shrug, laughing quietly. “It’s kinda funny? At least it’s nothing harmful.”
“You ever go an entire day without lying?” He blinks at you, wholly unamused.
“That’s fair. Just don’t talk to anyone.”
“Oh, yeah, sure. Because you’re so easy to ignore.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You scowl. “I’m trying to help you here.”
“What for, princess?” He leans forward, glowering right back at you. “All you ever wanna do is piss me off, so pardon me if I have a hard time believing that you’re really trying to help. Only one of us was hit by that damn thing, which you’re welcome for, by the way. Should be you sitting here living through the plot of a mediocre Jim Carrey movie. Not me.”
“All right, I get you’re upset with me, but there’s no reason to take this out on Jim Carrey,” you put your hands up in jesting defense, trying to ease off on the aggression. “And look, I appreciate it, but I never asked you to—”
“Don’t you fuckin’ dare say it,” his eyes close while a frustrated chuckle leaves his lungs. “Don’t you dare say you didn’t ask me to take that hit for you.”
“I didn’t though! You just dove in there like a fucking madman like you always do!” You level your eyes with his, your nostrils flaring. “You’re always running around trying to do the absolute most all the time for your own fucking pride, don’t act like you did it out of the goodness of your heart.”
“Oh, fuck you,” he sneers, indignation dripping from his tongue.
You want to lean closer, to get up in his face and scream until his ears bleed. He’s done it again, nestled himself so far beneath your skin that you want to scratch and tear and fight until the urge is gone.
But then you have a more sinister idea.
You stop, leaning back to collect yourself, closing your eyes briefly. When you open them, you tilt your head to the side and ask calmly, “Do you want to?”
“What?” He’s still angry, but that emotion falls right off his face as your play dawns on him.
“I said,” you smile sickeningly sweet, “Do you want to fuck me, Bakugou?”
“Of course I fuckin’ do,” he bemoans, his face twisted up as if it hurt him to admit such a thing to you.
You blink, your brain not quite processing his words. Had you heard him right? If he can’t—if he can’t lie then he meant that?
“You do?” You lean forward and like a seesaw, he leans back, his spine touching the mattress that was fixed at a 120 degree angle.
“You fuckin’ heard me, didn’t you?” He bites back, obviously mortified if the color of his face is any indication.
You bite the inside of your lip, shamelessly raking your eyes over his half-dressed form as if you’re assessing him. A delicious warmth floods your belly as you watch the way he seems to squirm beneath your gaze, but you didn’t want to torture him. Not before you got clean anyway.
You rose from the bed, sauntering over to the open door of the bathroom, “I’ll leave you be.” You grasp the handle, taking another assessing glance at him while he looks anywhere but at you, “But since I’m assuming you meant what you said, I think I’ll just leave this open, if you don’t mind.”
From your peripheral vision, you can see his head turn to watch as you lift your top up over your head, stepping into the bathroom with a newfound sense of power. Your heart thumps a little harder in your chest as you shimmy out of your bottoms, setting them aside while you wonder if he’ll bite.
You turn the shower on and it doesn’t take long for it to warm up, allowing you to slip under the comforting stream of water and wash away the mess from your skin. You’ve never felt such adrenaline while simply washing your body, scrubbing away the dried blood and dirt while your mind ran wild with the possibility of Bakugou keeping you company.
Just when your pulse began to slow back down, as you were rinsing the last of the lightly scented soap off of your skin, you felt his presence behind you. His breath was audible, as hot and heavy as the thick steam clouding the small room when his large hands captured your hips. You instantly fell into his touch, leaning back against his broad chest. Soft lips close around your neck and your breath hitches, your hand clasping over the one on your hip while the other reaches back to push into his hair.
“I was beginning to worry you wouldn’t join me,” you sigh, lolling your head to the side while he kisses your warm, wet skin.
“I couldn’t stay away,” he nips gently, giving your hips a firm squeeze to pull a soft groan from your lips. “You drive me fucking crazy, you know that?”
“I couldn’t tell,” you scoff playfully, grinding yourself against his erection, inspiring him to rut it against you, letting it slip and slide against your ass while he groans softly.
“I mean it,” he snarls in your ear through gritted teeth, digging the tips of his fingers into your hips as he spins you around, pinning your back to the slick wall. “You’re a fucking menace. Always pissing me off to no end. What’s it for, princess? Got a little schoolgirl crush on me, do ya?” He cages you in with his arms, hovering his lips above yours while his hardened cock pushes up against your folds, throwing your mind into a tailspin.
Your jaw falls open, your hips seeking friction and finding it on the head of his cock as your clit catches against it, “Fuck,” you chew on your bottom lip, looking up at him while your hands roam his pecs. “You might never know, baby. Would it make you feel better if I said yes? I don’t feed your ego often enough, do I?”
He chuckles, his vermilion eyes glinting as they narrow to inspect your figure, “Have you ever looked in a mirror, baby? You know why I can’t fuckin’ stand you sometimes?” Two fingers slip inside your entrance, sinking right in while he stares into your eyes, a smug grin answering the way your brows pull together at the contact. “You’re real good at deflection, I’ll give you that.”
You throw your arms over his shoulders, clutching to him as he circles your clit with his thumb. His fingers are thick, sliding in and out of you with ease thanks to your arousal. The pleasure is enough to have your knees wobbling already.
“Because your ego,” he suddenly pulls his hand away, but you barely have the time to open your eyes to see why before he’s hoisting you up, taking a step closer to the wall as he holds you in his arms, lowering you onto his throbbing cock. “Is fucking insufferable sometimes.”
You snap your eyes shut, whimpering at the sudden stretch until you’re moaning, adjusting to his massive size and eagerly awaiting his next movement.
“You’re reckless,” he presses your back firmly against the wall, supporting your weight while he cocks his hips back and thrusts into you. “Always throwing yourself in the way of danger, even for people who don’t deserve it.”
“You’ve always got some smart ass comment waiting for me,” he repeats the motion of his hips, groaning as he sinks all of himself inside you this time, his breathing becoming more haggard. “Can’t ever just keep that pretty mouth of yours shut.”
“Bakugou,” you mewl, panting as your head falls back against the shower wall.
“Shut up,” he growls, thrusting into you again with more force than before. “You,” he shakes his head, expelling a breath as he flashes you a crooked smile. “Sometimes I just can’t fuckin’ stand you. Sometimes I think I actually do hate you.”
His admission disturbs something in your chest. It feels like a cumbersome needle has punctured your lungs and stolen the air from them. You want to shrink away, but you can’t, you’re trapped here, staring into impassioned red eyes that you are making you feel so, so small.
“Bakugou,” you repeat, your voice as insignificant as you feel and then you’re ripped away from the wall. You’re being carried to the bed, set down into the sheets that are dry no longer with him still sheathed inside of you.
“Don’t start,” he mumbles against your jaw, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses along it as he works towards your ear to whisper, “I’m not done.”
He buries his face in the crook of your neck, thrusting steadily into you while letting you hear all the needy, wanton noises he’s making for you.
“You wanna know what I hate the most about you?” He presses his palms to the thin mattress, slowing his thrusts, making them more deliberate while his orbs bore into yours. “It’s that I don’t fuckin’ hate you at all.”
“I’ve tried to and I can’t.”
“Because I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“I hate that I can’t get you out of my head.”
“I hate that you’re so ready to risk your life,”
“Because I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
He lowers himself down, resting on his forearm, while his other hand finds your waist and his forehead falls against yours, his eyes closing.
“I hate that I’ve pushed you so far away,” his voice cracks and he swallows, “because I hate knowing that I can’t have you.”
“Katsuki,” you say his name like a prayer, resting your hands on either side of his neck. “You can,” you say shakily, tears pricking your waterline as you open your eyes to see a single tear sliding over his cheek. You swipe it away with your thumb, squeezing the back of his neck gently as a means of reassurance.
“I can’t,” he breaks, like a used match. All that combustive energy disappears just before he snaps in two. “I can’t,” he repeats, with less fervor than his first insistence.
“Why not?” You implore, pleading with damp eyes while you gently stroke the hair at his nape.
His eyes open as he lifts his head away from yours, smiling sadly as the hand on your waist moves to cup your face, “Because I’ve fucked this up too bad already, princess. I can’t blame you for hating me,” he laughs once, a bitter sound as his eyes fall between you. “I hate me too.”
“Don’t say that,” your voice is barely above a whisper, a sob following your words as you realize that he actually means that. “Katsuki,” you rest your hand on the side of his face, lifting his eyes to yours. “I don’t hate you. I’ve never hated you.”
“You don’t?” His eyes are desperately searching your face, actively seeking any deception while a small spark lights behind his eyes.
“No,” you smile, laughing quietly, soft and sad as a tear rolls down your face. “You piss me off, that’s true. But I don’t hate you. I just—,” you sigh, trying to find the words while he waits with bated breath. “It’s like looking into a mirror. We’re so similar and I can see all the ways that we’re the same, but also different. I see my recklessness, but I see your bravery. I see my impatience, but I see your unwillingness to put up with any shit. I see my ego, but on you I see the confidence that you deserve to carry. I see all my faults, but then I can’t help but see how much everything that I hate about me is exactly what I love about you.” You swallow hard, willing yourself to hold his gaze, “I don’t hate you at all, Katsuki. I love you.”
His hand pushes into your hair, his lips finally colliding with yours as his hips pick up and move again with renewed vigor. He’s thrusting into you like he’s finally found a place to call home between your thighs while his mouth moves in tandem with yours, exchanging a conversation that can’t be spoken with words. You watch everything in a haze, too lost in the moment, too far gone to know who ends where. Not an ounce of clarity hits you until you feel the tightly wound coil, burning white hot in your belly about to snap, but you don’t dare try to rob him of your lips.
You arch into your release, his mouth hungrily swallowing the cries that spill from you as he fucks you through it. He pulls back, running a soothing hand through your hair while he watches your face contort beneath him, his hips stuttering as his own end finds him in watching your bliss unfold. He slips out just in time for his cock to spray his warm, thick seed along the inside of your thigh, his hand working to ensure every last drop leaks out while you watch in your fucked out state, half-lidded eyes admiring the mess you’ve made of the number two pro hero.
He leans down, eyes still full with fiery intention as he kisses you once more, slow and deep while he settles between your legs, his torso pressed flush to yours. The pad of his thumb drags carefully against your jaw as his hand rests on your neck.
“I love you too,” he smiles softly, appreciating the way your smile reaches your eyes as the words leave his tongue.
A knock at the door calls the attention of both of you, bursting your dreamlike bubble.
“You guys alive in there?” Kirishima calls before the handle on the door jiggles and you cling to Bakugou, who’s quick to respond.
“You better keep that damn door shut, dumbass! We’re havin’ a heart-to-heart in here,” he smirks back at you, leaning down to kiss along your collarbone as the red head’s voice carries through the door again.
“Wait, seriously?”
Bakugou groans quietly, before barking back, “Oi, what did I say? Get lost before I come out there and blast you down the hallway!”
You slap lightly at his chest, shushing him with a quiet giggle, to which he responds with a wolfish grin, delivering a decisive slap to your ass while his lips reattach to your collarbone, working towards your neck.
The sound of boots receding can be heard outside the door as Bakugou whispers huskily, “Wanna join me in the shower?”
Tumblr media
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brass tacks; bakugou katsuki
Tumblr media
summary: popular frat boy katsuki breaks up with his long term girlfriend to enjoy his college years the way his friends say he should. then regrets it.
word count: 5.4k
a/n: i’m laughing because this was originally an eren fic until I got to the smut part and decided it had to be bkg. and i’m not mad about it. we only have happy accidents here. anyway this is my baby right now so I hope you enjoy
also I wrote this while I was sad. im sure you can tell.
warnings: college au, alcohol, cussing, hickies, ANGST, a very baby reader, super self indulgent (lmao), oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex, pretty vanilla sex, praise praise praise, bratty ass reader, tiny bit of gagging, hair pulling ig, lil bit of possessiveness, soft (kinda) emotionally mature bkg
also tagging my lovely moot @katsukikook :)
Tumblr media
bakugou handles things pretty well at first. it’s to be expected from the one who broke things off.
he’s spent the last couple of months of your two year relationship convinced he’s too young for this sort of commitment. he tells you (and himself) that he loves you very much, but he needs some time to sort things out. to find out what he “really wants” from life.
and in the meantime, he can feel some of the freedoms that come with being a third-year alpha delta.
he tried to look at the positives. thinking it wouldn’t be much trouble at all to settle back into the bachelor routine he had nailed in during his freshman year at uni; before your things took over his space and your love took over his time. but as more lonely days and quiet nights go by, the more he realizes that his newfound freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
most mornings after the breakup, he’ll wake up in high spirits. he’ll go about his day without entertaining a single thought of you, a feat you couldn’t achieve. to bakugou, his life after you didn’t have to be much different from his life before you.
until he’s at the front of the starbucks line, completely frozen after mistakenly reciting the first syllable of your usual order; a habit that’s made itself much too comfortable in his routine. right then and there, a paralyzing pang of sadness washes over him. the memories of your early mornings spent together begin to flood in.
as he grabs a single drink off the counter, his mind is cemented to the sweet nothings you muttered to him in your sleep. he remembers those dawns so vividly, your fatigued figure curled up and warm in his bed. a stroke to your hair gently nudging you awake. always followed by a soft kiss to the cheek with your favorite drink in hand.
as he gets in his car, he can’t get the sight of your tired, sheepish grin out from behind his eyelids. nor the ghost of your infectious giggle from his eardrums after poking fun at the bed head he gave you the night before.
the next few weeks that follow only get worse.
he went from recalling small moments the two you shared during the quiet times in his day, to eventually forfeiting entire class periods to his own cruel thoughts. what is she doing right now? what if she’s thinking of me too? should I check her instagram to see if she’s moved on?
is it too late?
and instead of finding out himself, he’ll go on to ask only his close friends these questions. kaminari suggests he take a page out of his book and hit up some sororities with him this weekend. mina thinks it’s just guilt, that he needs to own up and apologize if he wants to move on and enjoy his up and coming senior year. sero tells him he doesn’t see the harm in texting you casually and asking. bakugou knows sero’s fucking with him.
kirishima gives him the safest idea, suggesting he sit with these thoughts for a while longer. kiri says it like it is, that bakugou needs to chill out before he makes any more life changing choices. that he can’t go around making rash decisions when it involves the sanity of someone else. as your friend too, he advises that bakugou try to move on and see if these feelings fade with time. before putting you through another emotional wringer.
so bakugou gives it a week.
and another.
and another.
in those passing weeks he attended frat parties, hooked up with all the “who’s who”s on campus, and even put more effort into his studies. but it seemed like no matter how much beer pong he played, no matter how many girls he fucked, and no matter how much his grades improved, he still couldn’t wipe away the look of adornment you had for him when he woke you up on those soft mornings. he tried so hard to shake you off, to clean his slate completely. going out of his way to get coffee from a different starbucks across town to eventually not getting coffee at all. every girl he used in an effort to feel something else just made him want to feel you again, each more than the last.
he can’t take it anymore. he pulls away from the blonde. her lips desperately suckling to his. her hot pink nails stay tangled in his locks. her last ditch effort to take things to the next level is abruptly interrupted.
“just stop,” he says, a sad plea that goes unnoticed as she continues the slobbery kiss. a thin trail of saliva extends from his neck to mid chest as she now claws at the hem of his boxer briefs. he takes her wrists in his thick hands, separating both grabby hands from himself before giving them back to her. without another thought he grabs his shirt off the ground and makes his way out. he barrels through the sweaty sea of wasted college kids, not an ounce of sympathy for their spilt drinks. bakugou ignores the confused calls from his friends, continuing out the door. he’s focused on one thing and one thing only.
for miles he trudges through the elements, drunk and slow, kicking up the thin blanket of snow cascaded over the sidewalk. it isn’t until he’s down the block when he realizes that he forgot his jacket in the kitchen. he has brief flashbacks of taking it off when he took all those shots. at this point, he doesn’t even care. with hands shoved in his pockets, he continues his miserable journey until he stands in front of a familiar glossy red door; the same small paint chips missing from the foot of it. he can’t feel the hand he raises to the door. icy wisps form from his breath as he stands there in silence.
what am i even doing here?
he nervously shifts himself from one foot to the other. in the cold. for minutes that feel like years. he drops his hand and turns back towards the stone steps before his knuckles could make contact with the door. he hadn’t told any of his friends about the impulsive intentions he had tonight. he hasn’t made a sound either. he could just leave without a single soul ever finding out he was here.
and he almost did, if it wasn’t for the deadbolt clicking open behind him.
the last person you expect to see when you swing open the door, clutching a bag of trash, is bakugou katsuki.
the garbage bag remains on your porch as you place a hot cup of tea in bakugou’s near frostbitten hands.
“you could’ve killed yourself, you know? It’s like 12 degrees outside,” you lecture him in a lame attempt to cut through the thick tension. the kind of jaw clenching tension that being alone and confined in a room with your recent ex-boyfriend fosters up. you grab your own cup before settling on the couch next to him, trying to keep your gaze set on anything else.
except bakugou’s eyes are locked on you. the way you lift the cup to your lips. the way you readjust your posture for the third time this minute. he watches each little tick you give into, every time your nerves get the better of you. not to harass you, but because he feels responsible. seeing you like this makes him miss the days when you were comfortable with him. the days when he was your safe space from everything else.
it seems to you like bakugou can’t feel the same tension you do. as if the liquor made him numb to that too. he shamelessly stares, still not believing you’re sitting in front of him sharing some tea. this was the first hit he’s had of you in several weeks. If you asked him, he’d say it’s been much longer.
“you look good, y/n”
you break your fixed stare on the coffee table trinkets to look over at him. sitting in surprise at his choice of words. the first ones he’s said to you since telling you he no longer wanted you in his life.
you can’t help but let the red-hot anger bubble in your chest, causing your blood to boil. after dumping you to go and “find himself”, he decides to show up at your place. drunk. 50 different shades of hickies on his neck. not to mention, all right after you got over him?
is he fucking with me right now?
you push yourself off of the couch and walk to the kitchen, abruptly dumping the remainder of your tea down the drain before turning the lights off on bakugou.
“you can stay here for the night, i’m sure you remember where the blankets are. I have to leave for work at 10. you’ll be gone by then, yea?”
he stands immediately and instinctually reaches out for your arm, stopping himself just before contact. you can barely make out his expression in passing. desperate? no, something a little sadder. his features were only partially lit by the moon’s soft refraction through the open blinds. you weren’t completely sure of his demeanor until you heard the cracks in his voice. his broken-up cry of your name. you take one more look over your shoulder to see bakugou standing there, shoulders slouched and eyes glossy. a sight you’re far too familiar with. one you’ve seen a lot in the mirror lately.
“goodnight bakugou,” you turn back around, ignoring his sad front completely and continuing to your room.
“I regret it. is that what you want me to say?” he practically whispers under his breath. you hear it but you don’t acknowledge him.
“Y/N,” this time he’s louder. his tone is harsh and jagged, as if it took everything in him to keep it from breaking. you stop with your hand on the door handle, “I’m sorry, y/n— i fucked up,” he chokes on thin air. a sharp blade shreds his windpipe to tatters as tears prick his eyes. he clears his throat and tries again, “I just- please. I need you tonight.”
you remain facing the door. chin up to keep the steady pool of liquid in your eyes from spilling. you just listen to bakugou’s shaky breathing as you compose yourself enough to sound strong. to come off as put together. to not seem phased at all by his attempt to worm his way back into your life, just after he’s left it in shambles.
you know that once you’re done shaking, once you’ve sucked every last tear back into your body, you have to look him in the eyes and ask him to leave.
it’s what you should do.
but the cool draft in your apartment suggests you’ll be cold by yourself tonight. the ache lying in between your thighs suggests that you shouldn't be lonely tonight.
It wasn’t long after your sniffled approval that bakugou had you pinned against your bedroom door, lips hungrily enveloping yours. the pads of his fingers digging mercilessly into your thighs. he’s gripping you so tightly, he’s unintentionally leaving a small pattern of fingerprint shaped bruises. he lifts you up and over his hips while your ankles lock together behind his back, pushing your needy cunt further into the growing bulge in his jeans. bakugou swallows every one of your moans as he jerks the door handle. he couldn’t wait another second to lay you down, to feel your heaven around him again. as soon as he’s got you nice and situated on the cushy mattress, your frantic hands fly to the buttons on his jeans. he groans as his thick cock springs out into his stomach as he slides them off. you sit up as you attempt to peel your own shirt off, but he stops you.
“mm nn, I got it”
you release the hem and bakugou slips your t shirt off. he trails his hands down your raised arms, peppering soft kisses down your neck before licking a cool stripe up to the shell of your ear.
as eager as he seems, he doesn’t consider this to be another one of his famous sloppy hookups. no matter how much you whine and demand for him to just give it to you already, he shakes his head and makes you wait.
“wan’na savor it, needa remember”
you can smell the different liquors in his sweat, but judging by his tremendous patience and precise movements, you know he isn’t shit faced drunk anymore. the long walk to your apartment must've been enough to sober him up.
even taking his time, it’s not long at all before he’s got you down to bare skin. bakugou already leaving marks on your neck and chest. you don’t stop him. in fact, your antsy breaths just egg him on more.
“want em t’know,” he huffs through gritted teeth, “all m-mine.”
you nearly stop breathing at that. you curse yourself for how much effect you let his words have on you. how your heart leapt into your throat upon hearing katsuki call you his again.
the butterflies immediately drop dead. your body tremors at the thought of a cold and lonely tomorrow. one where bakugou comes to his senses and leaves you to pick up the broken pieces all over again. you try to stop the deafening doubt in your mind from growing into a complete downward spiral, biting your tongue and repeating the same seven words in your head.
just enjoy this for what it is.
all of your efforts go out the window. he immediately notices your anxious body writhe in his hands.
“hey.. hey— baby, you alright?” you try to duck out of his concerned embrace. you pocket your hands under your arms and chin into your chest to attempt to make yourself as small as possible. he cradles your warming cheeks in both hands and gently encourages you to look at him. “I don- baby, I don’t have t’ be here. it’s okay.” he has tears in his eyes now too, his vocal facade crumbling underneath itself at the sight of you like this. so fragile. so hurt. all because of him. as cloudy as your vision becomes, you can see the agony etched into his features as he watches you collapse beneath his touch.
you grab his forearm as soon as he tries to reach for your discarded shirt, stopping him in his place. he implores you with desperate eyes, trying his best to understand what it is you want.
“I-I can’t do this— ‘f you’re just gonna leave me again”
he feels his heart snap in two at your words. his mouth is open but no sound comes out. it finally hits him, how selfish he’s being. how little thought he gave to this impulsive idea. not once on his two mile walk did he consider how you would handle all of this; if you had the space for all of his leftover baggage. no, he didn’t think about it. not before he wedged himself between you and the rest of your life. he was drunk and lonely and, frankly, stupid.
in hindsight, his initial decision to break things off with you was so frivolous. he knew you made him happy, and him, you. he knew your patient nature and sarcastic humor were the perfect complements to his heavy personality and short fuse.
when he walked out the door that day and didn’t look back, it was because he wouldn't have left if he did. he let his friends and his intrusive self-doubt lead him to believe that he wasn’t doing what a 20-year old frat boy should be doing. that he was selling himself short by staying with you. he knew he still loved you. still loves you.
he can’t believe how badly he fucked up this time.
he slips a hand behind your nape, pulling your shivering body into his chest.
“I’m not— i’m not going anywhere” he coos, stroking the back of your head with his calloused hand. you’ve held out for as long as you could; but after hearing the words you’ve longed for, you can no longer stop the violent sobs from ripping through your throat. your head jerking deeper into the crook of his neck with each crashing wave. if it weren’t for bakugou physically holding you together, the receding tides would drag you under the water completely.
he repeats the same mantra like a prayer, holding you for as long as you need and then some. he keeps your bare body pressed into him long after your sniffling stops, not once letting up on the words of affirmation.
at this point, you think they’re more for his own sake than yours.
finally you’ve regained enough composure to speak without worrying about regressing back into a sniveling mess.
“you promise?”
“swear on my life,” he doesn’t hesitate.
you nod and pull away to wipe the tears still caught in your eyelashes. you take the end of his shirt and try to drag it up his torso. he doesn’t let you.
“just relax f’ me, okay?” he lies you back down and rubs reassuringly up and down your sides before taking his shirt off himself.
you nod and watch through half lidded eyes as he takes the perky bud of your breast into his mouth and swirls it between his teeth and tongue. his hefty left hand’s got a kneading grip around his favorite tit while his right wedges itself between your legs, ghosting over every divot and curve of your ass. each teasing graze of his wrist against your sopping heat has you wriggling in his hold. every satisfied sigh and hum from katsuki has his cock pressing harder and deeper into your thigh. you take him in your hand and give a few mild pumps, drawing out a deep grunt from the bottom of his gut.
you’re even more aroused by his reaction, swiping your thumb over the bulb of precum before twisting and increasing your speed. you can see the effects of your touch written all over his face. katsuki’s had a lot of different hands on his dick in the past few months but has never seen the stars he does when it’s yours.
“baby, come on,” he lazily leans away, trying to put up a fight against your open invitation. he’s not convincing either of you. you usually listen to him, you usually wanna be good for him, right? but watching his resolve fall apart with a simple touch? god, it’s an ego boost that only makes you wanna give him more.
“missed you kats, jus’ wanna make you feel good,” your tone is sweet but your smile is wicked. you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger, his eyes starting to glaze over. he still stands his ground.
“nuh uh, wanna take care ’a you first,” he finally gains the composure to look back into your eyes, “that okay, darlin?”
It’s not unusual for katsuki to prioritize you every now and then, but you’re taken aback by his unwavering persistence. you think it’s the guilt talking. that this special treatment is his way; not of making it up to you, it’s going to take a lot more than one night to do that; but of showing you he wants to try. I mean, really try. you’re speculating, of course. hopefully speculating. there, in the deepest darkest corners of your mind, lives the hot, sweltering doubt. as calming as his words were, they did little to ease your more complex worries. his shallow reassurance acted as a double edged sword, fanning the same flames they were meant to put out. you still wonder why he left in the first place, why he came back, and whether or not you’re good enough. you’re reluctant to let him only be of service to you, as much as you think he deserves to put in the work. you almost feel like you have something to prove here, that you have to be better than every other tally mark he’s etched into his running record of blacked out hookups and one night stands. you’re not sure if he sees this as a challenge or as a game. but whatever the reason, you know he isn’t planning on standing down anytime soon.
you hum an approval and he takes no time to slip a pillow under your lower back and hike both of your thighs over his shoulders.
katsuki isn’t clueless, he knows you like the back of his hand. he’s seen these dreadful thoughts float through the dark depths of your pupils. he’s read the uncertainty hidden inbetween the lines above your brows. he knows it’s going to be a long time before you stop seeing these intimate moments that way, as a competition. but he’s more than willing to weather out this raging storm with you. the cold and doubtful nights, the dark and dreadful mornings, and all of the unwavering rain to come. he’ll do it all just to have a chance at being back where he was. tonight was never meant to be a quick and easy bandaid for your bullet holes. he doesn’t see this as a way for you to prove your worth to him, but for him to prove his love to you. it’s his first step in proving that, no matter what method he uses to solve the problem, the answer is you. that it’s always been you and it’ll always be you.
he’s almost giddy at the thought of tasting you again as he leaves a trail of light pecks and purplish-blue marks up your thigh. the last thing he wants to do is go back on his word. scolding you to be patient, just to abandon ship and dive right into your center. instead he bends his rules a bit, gathering some of the slick on two digits before glossing them over his tongue. the smooth contact sends a shiver up your spine. you feel little goosepricks growing on your skin at katsuki’s pleasured sigh. he keeps his cool, kissing all the way down to the folds of your core. the anticipation practically had you sweating. he wraps his hefty arm around your thigh, holding it in a chokehold while his same two saliva covered fingers inch into your heat. small shockwaves of electricity spread outward from your center as your body adjusts to the new sensation. before you could even catch up, his tongue starts taking languid swipes over your bud.
and he’s practically drooling at your sensitivity. your folds twitching away under his touch, your eyes screwed shut while your hands instinctively tug at bakugou’s hair. unlike your ex-boyfriend, you didn’t find yourself in a different bed every night. other than your handheld vibe, you honestly haven’t even been touched since it was by him. every single smooth swipe of his tongue, every fingered stroke to your spongy center drives you closer and closer to the edge. bakugou keeps the taut grip on your hip but still takes his time, lapping up your juices like it’s the sweetest nectarine in the garden of eden. his painfully slow speed has you frothing at the mouth. you can’t stop your hips from rutting into him, your body doing anything it can to relieve the thick tension winding up inside of you. bakugou lifts his head up to meet your lolling eyes. he pulls away from you completely.
“thought you were gonna let’me,” his tone is blank, his cocky side-eye elicits more emotion than his question.
“katsu, I wan’it please. wan’ you to give it t’me,” he’s got you reduced to a puddle. whining, pleading, begging for him to give you what you want.
“I will, baby, I promise, but everytime you act up im’ma hafta stop. be a good girl for me yea?”
you give him a half-groan, half-assed yes in which he responds with a light pat to your thigh and a mischievous smirk. he keeps a steady eye on your expression as he starts circling your clit with a thumb, watching your bratty grimace soften under his touch.
“shhh, shhh, that’s it, good,” he coos. after you’ve demonstrated your obedience, katsuki dips his head back down, this time picking up the pace. you nearly choke on your moans as the two pads of his fingers flick against the knot building in your stomach. he has to shut his eyes when your walls start to twitch around his digits. he tightens his head-lock on your leg and uses the leverage to bury his nose deeper between your folds. he’s so painfully hard, skin around his cock so tight he’s trying to rub some of the tension out onto the sheets underneath him.
“katsu, im-m im gonna-” you manage to squeak out as the intoxication begins flowing through your veins. your hearing is getting fuzzy and your head feels so, so heavy. you feel his murmur against your skin before you hear it.
“go ahead princess,”
you feel a shockwave spark through every one of your nerves from the inside out. he holds you as sturdy as he can, refusing to let you squirm out of his grasp while he laps up every last drop of your arousal. your arms go limp against the mattress as the feeling drains out from them. he laughs at the sight of you. completely hollowed out by his hand. he tries to stir you back to reality, running his warm hands over your dizzied-out figure. he perches himself on his shins between your sprawled legs, you lazily pull your knees up to cage him in. he’s gives his length a couple of strokes before lining up.
“you sure this’s okay?” he’s got nothing but innocence in his eyes. you give him the green light, but not before holding out your tongue, mouth wide and beckoning. “oh you wan’ a taste, huh?” he snickers, taking his same two slick coated fingers to draw up some of the pre on his tip. they sink into your mouth with ease, your lips suggestively wrap themselves around. you suck on em for a bit, aimlessly rolling your head back at the salty flavor. he’s frozen in place, utterly delirious as you pull on his fingers with your soft palate until they get caught in your throat.
he can’t fucking take it.
with both fingers down your esophagus and his thumb gripping your bottom teeth, he practically falls into you.
he can feel your squeal against his fingertips as he sinks all the way down to the hilt. he moves his dripping hand to cup your cheek, giving it light taps as you try to compose yourself.
“‘s too much k-kat—please” you struggle out. he doesn’t stop his full thrusts in and out of you, instead picking up speed with each stroke. he lets out a breathy laugh.
“‘m sorry baby I jus’ couldn’t resist. feels too good,” he’s not lying. all the self control he had before has run unbearably thin at the sight of your fucked out figure and lolling eyes. he takes a tighter grip on your waist as his hips rut against yours relentlessly. the sight of his bulge waxing and waning in your tummy only makes him harder. you can hardly catch your breath at the sudden fill, hands scrambling to find anything to hold your ground with. katsuki sees this and gathers both of your wrists in only a single hand and locks them above your head. your lips don’t have the strength to form words, incoherent vowels roll out of your mouth instead as you feel your walls stretch and tear themselves to accommodate for all of bakugou katsuki. the silk pillowcase collects every last one of your hot tears. he tells you over and over how pretty you look for him.
“you’re takin’ this so well, so good f’me”
through the painful hiccups and struggled gasps of air, you manage to look him in the eye.
“more what, baby. use your words.”
“h-harder kats, please”
the minute those words tumble out of you, he feels his entire frame shiver in an absolute blood-rushing high. he just chuckles to himself, “whatever my girl wants, she gets” his grinding ruts cease for exactly one (1) second. only to move your ankles up and onto his shoulders.
with your knees kissing your chest now, bakugou slams into your sopping cunt. your whimpers stay caught in your throat as you’re now eye level with your calves, feeling like you’re being torn in half from the inside out. he doesn’t hold back. having no mercy as he relentlessly bullies your cervix with his rock-solid shaft.
you almost regret opening your mouth.
he’s leaning into it, the combination of stick and sweat holds your legs perfectly in place for him. if at anytime you told him to stop, that you change your mind and it was actually too much for you, he absolutely would. but right now, as you’re barely balancing on the thin and shaky tightrope, one little mistake away from plummeting to the unforgiving concrete; it’s far too thrilling to give up. it hurts too good to give in.
everything’s soaked. the sheets, the pillows, him, you. katsuki can’t tell if it’s your sweat, his sweat, or your tears streaming down your face. as aggressive as he’s being, he still keeps his tabs on you. listening to your breathing and keeping aware of your reactions to make sure he hasn’t taken it too far. that you meant what you said.
“I want all the fuckin’ neighbors.. t’ hear, who y’a belong to” you know better than to deny him, but you’re so far gone you can’t even fathom a response. he takes a fistful of your locks, forcing your eye contact, “got it?”
“ngh-huh” limp tongued and empty headed, you really try. he lets you go.
his raging hard-on is so hypersensitive, he can feel every lilt and twitch your gummy center makes around him. as your flutters get more intense, he does too. each thrust smashes into you so hard you see galaxies behind your eyes. your head sinks deeper into the pillow as all the pain you’ve endured washes into pure pleasure. this only drives katsuki closer to the edge, angling your hips up with both hands to hit the fleshy center he knows all too well. your yelps rattle the four surrounding walls. you also wanted the world to know that you belonged to him. in this moment, he’s all you could think about. all you want to feel. all you want to know. him. him. him.
“that’s it, fuck” he doesn’t try to curb his enthusiasm, relishing in every surge of your spine, scratch in his back, and cry of his name. his thoughts getting cloudy as he feels an unmistakable flush in his cock. he knows he won’t last any longer, practically playing roulette with each pump. telling you over and over “just a little more” as he slides in and out of you like butter. you’re lifeless beneath him, barely managing to keep your eyes open.
you gain just enough feeling in your tongue to mutter,
“in-inside, please”
he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven.
he grits his teeth and grunts through it. and when his hips falter he uses his arms. hauling you up and into him. you watch him fall apart as you buck your cunt over him, only satisfied when he paints your insides with thick ropes of cum. you don’t stop. you don’t dare. he tenses and writhes in your grasp as you milk him for every last drop. he stays buried into you for a while, his semi-hard cock keeping you plugged up all nice and full.
it’s quiet in the room now. only soft breaths and feathered touches filling the space. your gentle hand braces his forearm as he thumbs at your cheek. katsuki hasn’t once taken his eyes off of yours. how could he? this is the first moment in months where he’s felt no anguish, sitting as a thick lump, in his throat. no dull ache lingering, wrenching as a painful reminder, in his chest. there’s nothing coursing through his veins in this moment but pure content.
he could drink it up until it kills him.
it’s fleeting, slowly but surely as you both come back down from your absolute euphoria. bakugou fills his lungs with fresh air, the look in his eyes changes from comfortable to careful.
“I know— we have to talk. but can it be tomorrow. please?” you don’t want to make an even bigger mess.
“yeah,” he whispers under his breath, pulling the covers up to your chin and placing a lingering kiss to your forehead, “we can do that.”
bakugou blinks his eyes open to your ceiling. the, far too familiar, room is illuminated in an early yellow-blue hue. he turns over to see your sleeping figure, so soft and angelic. he takes his time admiring every last one of your features. featherlike eyelashes resting on plump cheeks. body curled up with your hands nestled into your chest. it’s one of the most precious sights he’s ever seen. he barely manages to tear himself away from it; but when he does, he picks up his stray clothes, grabs your car keys, and (for the first time in forever) sets out for two coffees.
it isn’t a save-all cure-all, but he figures it’s a good place to start.
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tiaetherealness · 2 months ago
18+, virginal penetration, degradation
Thinking about Katsuki bending you in half, your knees hooked on his elbows as he thrust deep and fast into your wet cunt. Your hand gripping the sheets and your eyes crossing as he prod at your sweet spot. You let out stuttered gasp of "kat' p-please" and it makes him go faster. You squeal and he bends you even further, your ankles nearly reaching your ears.
"My little whore taking my cock so well. So fuckin' wet when you were so mouthy earlier. Wheres that sass, hm?"
All you can do is stare at him with glassy eyes, your wet lashes threatening to close as pleasure overtakes you. "S-sorry 'suki. I'm sorry!"
He grabs your face roughly, squeezing your cheeks together, causing your lips to jut out. "Look at me when you're apologising. Does my baby needs to be taught manners?"
He slowed his thrust down and released your legs. You whined and immediately locked your ankles behind his back to keep him in. "I'm sorry katsuki!"
He grinned and began to thrust a bit faster, his tip kissing your cervix. "Good girl."
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izuukii · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
—𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈𝐬 𝐀 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐈𝐟 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐏𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐬? (𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐈𝐟 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠?)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✩pairing: Hard Of Hearing!Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader
✩genre :hurt/comfort
✩word count: 7.4k
✩warnings: 18+ ONLY MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, established Shinkami (who are terrible pet owners), sad bakugou, dumbification, oral (fem receiving), fingering, unprotected sex
Not that he’d ever willingly admit it, of course. In fact, Katsuki would rather die than face the fact that the girl that walks his neighbor's dog plagues his mind morning, noon, and night. He’s too busy anyways. Constantly on patrol, tending to hero duties. It’s even hard for him to maintain a decent sleep schedule and to consider a relationship?
He’s hopeless. So hopeless in fact, that he’s waited all day by his window to see if you’ll walk by and has even found himself disappointed that your presence hasn’t graced the concrete just past his freshly cut lawn all day.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your mother always told you hate was a strong word, so you’ve avoided using it.
However, spending your early 20’s walking dogs between classes wasn’t what the teenage version of you imagined you would be doing at this age. You can’t complain though. Most dogs behave well. You do get to make your own schedule and who wouldn’t want to spend their free time walking dogs and playing with them while also avoiding the massive responsibility that they are?
Your mother’s chastising voice also reminds you to be grateful. That this job is better than nothing. That you’re lucky to have a consistent stream of customers that not only treat you well but pay you well, along with dogs that behave well.
Again. Most dogs.
Haru is the constant thorn in your side; the fluffy fur child of Hitoshi Shinsou and Denki Kaminari. A friendly dog, truthfully. You know the Saint Bernard would never hurt a fly. To put it in Shinsou’s words, he’s just excitable. Running after anything and everything he can without a care; jumping on complete strangers and barking at anything that moves. He’s a good dog really, just a bit rough around the edges and would be the ideal pet if either one of them could spend a few minutes a day training him.
So now every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you’re stuck with a dog that could take down a kindergartener effortlessly. The only thing Haru would ever do is lick someone to death, which might be annoying but not the worst thing in the world. You’ve been telling Shinsou the clasp on his leash has been acting up, hoping a new one will be bought soon by bringing it up to him -he’s truly the more responsible one of the two- and even warning him Haru could get loose. There’s no way you’d be able to catch him if something does happen. You’re not the most athletic person, and despite Haru’s size he’s incredibly fast off leash.
And it’s just your luck that today is the day where the metal clasp that keeps Haru secure breaks; hitting the asphalt with a foreboding sound. He sprints off immediately and you bound after him; your breaths coming short and shaking every time they bloom past your lips. It’s a shame that it had to happen today, with the sun high in the sky as it threatens to blind you with its brilliance.
You lose him for a moment, your heart beating in your ears sounds almost as loud as the claps of your feet on the sidewalk. How are you supposed to tell Shinsou and Kaminari? Sure things like this are covered in your contract, but it won’t keep the guilt of losing someone's pet from plaguing your mind at night. Shinsou and Kaminari aren’t the best pet parents out there, but their love for Haru saturates the air in the home. The way Kaminari’s eyes light up when he sees Haru and the rare smile that breaks across Shinsou’s face when he comes bounding up to him. There’s a pit of guilt growing in your stomach, raging and fiery and all consuming; it makes your legs feel heavier with every step, contrition sinking into your bones and making a home in your soul.
You’ll never forgive yourself for losing Haru.
Before guilt can fully move into your heart you spot Haru, digging through a neighbor's flower garden. You don’t have time to take in whose house this is; just thankful to see Haru’s okay, despite the petals sticking to his snout and the dirt covering the white spots on his ears.
After the relief washes over you, dread sits in. You recognize this house. There’s a prohero here; a tall and well built man with a tuft of blonde hair and eyes like two pools of fire. He’s always out here, meticulously tending to the flowers that bloom. Truthfully his garden is the best in the neighborhood, a rainbow of petals adorning his lawn and along the cobbled walkway to his front door. He never says hi to you when you smile at him, just gives a curt nod of his head and looks back down at his flowers. Sometimes he’s sitting on the porch, a cup of coffee in one hand while he mindlessly scrolls through his phone with the other. You don’t know much about him, even finding your mind blanking on his name. What is it again? It starts with a B, right?
“Hey!” you hear a voice bark. Bakugou, you remember, followed by his hero name: Dynamite. Number two prohero, known for being a walking volcano with a personality that explodes around the edges and coats those around him with the lava of his words. He stomps over to you, anger rolling off of him in waves; his hands balled into fists at his sides. “Get your dog the fuck out of here!” He points angrily at his destroyed garden, the limp flowers strewn around Haru like a grave and the way dirt splotches his lush green lawn. You should feel bad for it -worse than you already do- but he’s speaking to you as if you feel no guilt at all. Raging at you with spit coming from his mouth and his face red with anger. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You let your dogs just do whatever the fuck they want in other people’s yards?”
You don’t know why this makes you so angry. Is it his accusation that you did this on purpose? The thinly veiled disrespect towards Haru? He’s a menace but a sweetheart. You can’t help it, the dogs you walk are a part of your heart now too; and it’s not your fault. You told Shinsou and Kaminari several times that Haru needs better training and a new leash. At first you were nice about it, but after a while you became more blunt and incessant about it; while Shinsou just shrugged and Kaminari waved you off. Maybe this is what was needed for them to take you seriously. You bring your eyes from Haru, then to Bakugou leveling him with a glare as you grit your teeth. “Don’t talk to me like that.”
He’s flabbergasted for a moment, not used to someone actually taking his energy and throwing it back to him; only used to scaring people with his vulgar attitude and making them hide. But you look at him as if it’s a dare for him to say something back; your nose high in the air and lips pressed into a thin line. “Are you fucking kidding me?” he spits, daring to come closer to you, to loom over you as anger and disbelief coat his voice. He points at you, a single finger jutting at you like a knife between you both. “This is your fault. This fuckin’ dog got loose because of you, tore up my garden because of you, and is sitting in my front lawn wagging his tail like a fuckin idiot because you were the one that let him loose.”
“I didn’t let him do anything,” you seethe, stepping closer to him as a strange sense of victory finds rest in your bones at the sight of him stepping down before you; how his eyes widen with surprise and then lower with irritation. “He got loose! His leash broke. It was an accident and a mistake. You make those, don’t you? Or is Mr. Number-Two-Hero-Dynamite too good for that?”
He’s quiet, and that’s the first time you find him intimidating; his nostrils flaring as he takes deep breaths as if to keep himself grounded. A volcano desperately trying to not erupt; to not cause more damage than it’s already done. “Take Kaminari and Shinsou’s dumbass dog off my fucking lawn and get the fuck out of here.”
You don’t say anything, just turn on your heels and leave; your hands in a white knuckle grip around Haru’s collar as you tug him back towards his owners’ home. Bakugou’s house isn’t too far from theirs, just across the street and a couple houses down. You’re still seething by the time you reach their house; Haru bounding inside to greet Kaminari. He looks at you worriedly for a minute, before you slam the leash down on the granite countertop of their kitchen, understanding flashing in lightning colored eyes as he starts spewing apologies.
You just stare at him, your hands on your hips as you listen to his rambling I’m sorry’s and I’ll be better about training before you cut him off. “Haru needs a new leash, he destroyed Bakugou’s garden today.”
Kaminari pales for a moment, before shaking his head in frustration and running his hand through golden locks. “I’m sorry. I’ll handle it, and it’ll never happen again.”
Katsuki feels like an idiot.
He should be used to it by now, having a tongue that tends to spit more fire than water and a temper hotter than the sun, but he still can’t help internally kicking himself every time he remembers your face covered in pain before you quickly masked it with indignance. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so harsh. Dogs will be dogs and it wasn’t your fault. He should be blaming that damn Kaminari across the street who has a dog he’s never bothered to train; especially one that could easily knock over a small child.
He realizes too late -after the damage is done and he’s inside of his house nursing his wounds- that he probably was much louder than he intended. His hearing aids are charging. They don’t last as long as they did at first, probably from being knocked out of his ears one too many times. He makes a mental note to contact Mei about it. He really should get a spare set.
Maybe he’ll see your cute figure walking down the street again soon. He’s been working up the courage to ask you out; even timing his runs so that he can conveniently bump into you, but your schedule is just so damn random that it was starting to frustrate him instead. For a while he would even patiently wait by his window, busying his hands with a magazine or messing with some small thing in his house that needs fixing; just telling himself it’s nice by the window. That he definitely wasn’t trying to catch your eye or hear the way you tell Haru “good boy”, despite the inevitable truth that he’ll fuck his fist to the idea of calling you a “good little slut” later that night.
Not that he’d ever willingly admit it, of course. In fact, Katsuki would rather die than face the fact that the girl that walks his neighbor's dog plagues his mind morning, noon, and night. He’s too busy anyways. Constantly on patrol, tending to hero duties. It’s even hard for him to maintain a decent sleep schedule and to consider a relationship?
He’s hopeless. So hopeless in fact, that he’s waited all day by his window to see if you’ll walk by and has even found himself disappointed that your presence hasn’t graced the concrete just past his freshly cut lawn all day. Maybe he should give up. Maybe he should be happy. Happy that he’s scared yet another person away and he can continue focusing on climbing the hero ranks and saving Japan’s citizens.
So he’ll go out to his garden, plant more flowers to replace all the lives lost that he’ll never stop blaming himself for, and pretend that he’s doing something with his hands that’s useful instead of having hands that he’s convinced only hurt people. Which, unfortunately, is the only way he knows how to cope. Hastily putting himself back together with edges poking out of his body, and wondering why he cuts all the people he touches. As much as he hates it, he knows he’s cut you too. He’s stayed up some nights staring at the scars on his body in a mirror, silently looking for a scarlet letter carved somewhere that says he’s destined to hurt the people around him.
He’s bought more sunflowers -his mother’s favorite- that he’s aching to plant and what better way to take his mind off of his hands that only destroy by creating new life in his front yard. At least, that’s what he’s telling himself instead of facing the fact that he’s hoping he’ll see you walk along the concrete as if you’re a model for the sun in the sky; your fingers wrapped around a nylon leash in a white knuckled grip as Haru pulls you to his heart's content and you grit your teeth in frustration.
He crouches down on his knees, digging his hands in soil and relishing the cool way it feels on his skin in comparison to the burning heat rising around him -despite it being sunset, it’s still uncomfortably warm, and heat suffocates the air around him.
“Hello.” he hears a small voice call out from behind him. He turns, and despite knowing deep down it would be you he still finds his heart catching in his throat anyways. Katsuki remembers the way you looked at him earlier in the day: your face twisted in irritation, hands flailing around you as your tongue spits fire at him like a dragon scorned. Compared to now -your hands twisting nervously in front of you as you shift your weight back and forth on your legs, and looking past him rather than at him- you look almost meek. A shadow of the person he saw either. But either way, he still finds heat rising to his face and his tongue feels heavy in his mouth. “I’m uh… I’m sorry about earlier today. Would you like some help fixing the garden? I always see you out here, so I know it means a lot to you.”
He pauses for a moment, wondering what he did in a past life to earn a second chance after slashing someone to pieces, but he doesn’t question it. Just thanks his lucky stars that he finally has someone he didn’t scare away, even if the thought of having someone stuck to him makes his stomach turn to acid in his core. He doesn’t know what to say, so he says nothing; just shoves a nursery pot full of dahlia’s to you, grateful your hands are gentler than his.
He watches you out of the corner of his eye. Should he say something? Maybe tell you what to do? Where he wants it? You seem to already know; like some sort of mind reader who knows dahlia’s grow tall and outwords, placing them closer along the back of the garden; a place where they’ll thrive.
He wonders what kind of flower you’d be. If you’d be able to handle the full sun of Katsuki’s personality or if you’d need to be shaded. Are you picky about where you grow your roots? What color are you when you’re in full bloom?
In the silence between you both, another garden grows. A garden of unsaid words and conflicting feelings. Things that are blooming and growing and suffocating the air between you. It’s the only garden Katsuki is too scared to tend to, a garden full of the weeds of his insecurities; a garden full of doubt and shame, with one of the gardeners having hands that kill and the other with a tongue as sharp as knives. A flower with blades for petals, he supposes. He wonders what will happen if he cuts his finger tips daring to pluck you, wonders what color shines brightest on the inside of your heart.
Maybe it would be perfect between you two, a collection of freshly sharpened knives and testing the blades of each other’s words against hearts. Never sure who's going to win or lose; who will be bleeding and who will be victorious. Only knowing that someone will be broken while the other holds their hands in front of them in horror as they realize what they’ve done.
“Bakugou,” you say after some time. He pauses, wondering when you found out his name; before realizing he’s the number two hero. He doesn’t need to make introductions. He’ll never be an enigma. Never be someone unknown. Always shouldering the burden of being in a room full of people who know everything about him, while he knows nothing about them. A constant unfair advantage. “I’m willing to pay for more flowers. It’s my fault after all.”
He just shrugs, mutters something about how you don’t have to, that what’s done is done. But you insist, eyes bright and eager and pleading with him. Telling him that you really should, that it’s the least you can do for Japan’s number two hero. That you truly don’t mind but it’ll be later in the afternoon, because class runs in the middle of the day and you really can’t miss it.
And he really can’t just say no to you, can he? So he doesn’t. He just rolls his eyes and agrees with you, tells you to come right after class and don’t be fucking late. You’re all doe-eyed and happy; your face basking in the last few rays of the sun while strands of sweat coated hair stick to your face and he wants so badly to take a calloused thumb and brush them away from your face. Instead, he buries his hands deeper into the dirt, chewing on his lip and focusing on the way dirt feels against his skin.
Katsuki cannot help but feel like he is the sun, and not in some sort of romantic way where he makes days brighter. He feels as if he is nothing more than a nuisance, something that blinds and burns people. Makes them stay away when he’s too bright and that people can’t bear to look at him; only glaring at him through angry half lidded eyes. He thinks of himself as a force that is bright -annoyingly bright- that burns and scalds the earth and ruins crops. Something that makes the asphalt of peoples hearts burn uncomfortably and makes their mouths so dry their tongue sticks to the inside of their cheek.
He watches you plant a new hydrangea with hands gentler than sunlight on a spring morning, and he realizes maybe the sun can be gentle too.
He wonders, in a way similar to the sun, if you would notice if he’s gone.
You’re walking out of class when you get a text message from a number you don’t recognize.
>> i’m running late. u still comin?
who is this?<<
how did u get my number<<
>>are u comin or not
yes >>
>>get here in an hour
You suppose you can’t be mad at how curt he seems; knowing full well what you were getting into when you walked up to him yesterday night. You hoped he’d say something, tell you he’s sorry as well but he never did. Just stared at you when he thought you weren’t looking and wordlessly shoved pots of flowers into your waiting hands. He didn’t even tell you where to plant them, you just read the pamphlet stuck into the pot and prayed you didn’t mess anything up. You don’t know much about him, but you know he’d tell you if you did mess up.
You’re standing in front of his door before long, deciding to walk instead of taking the train to burn up the hour you had until you needed to be here. You’ve knocked a few times already. Is he not home? He shouldn’t be so insistent for punctuality out of you if he’s going to be late himself. You hear your phone ding.
>> i got home 20 mins ago. idk if ur outside but come in when u get here. i busted my hearing aids today
Hearing aids?
You open his front door and you’re greeted by hardwood floors and tall ceilings. It’s nice, a cozy space that smells like caramel and vanilla.
“Bakugou!” you call out loudly, hoping the sound of your voice will carry through the echoes of the house.
“I’m in the kitchen!” You hear him call out. You follow the sound, meeting him in an expansive kitchen; granite countertops and a gas stove and wood cabinets. He’s sitting at an island in the center of it; covered in cuts and bruises; his hair is wet. It clings to his forehead and you watch drops of water fall gently from his blonde locks. Two hearing aids are in front of him, crushed to pieces.
“What the hell happened to you?” you ask, concern leaking into your voice. The sound makes him look away from you. He puts disinfectant on a cotton ball, his lips pressed into a thin line as he swallows an involuntary hiss.
“I wasn’t supposed to work today. Worked. Then got beat up.” he tells you between clenched teeth. “S’nothing, just give me a few minutes.”
“Give me the cotton swab.” You hold your hand out towards him.
“Why the fuck would I do that?” he responds incredulously, tossing a bloodied cotton ball onto the counter. He reaches for another one. You grab the bag from his hand. He levels a glare at you, but for some reason you don’t find yourself intimidated.
“Can you just shut up and let me help you?” You don’t know why you’re insisting on helping him; why there’s a curiosity for him making a home in your soul. He’s an enigma you can’t help being drawn to. A garden of questions grows in your chest; a curiosity sprouting in your heart to know all the layers of Bakugou; like his favorite food, how well he sleeps at night and if he realizes there’s a galaxy in his mind waiting to be discovered. “Are you still good to go today?” you ask after some time, a softness he’s never heard lacing your words. “We can always reschedule.”
“No,” he tells you definitively, almost quickly. As if he hates the idea of changing plans with you. You don’t know why this thought makes you feel warm, but it does. “Jus’ a couple of scraps.”
“It looks bad.” you tell him, running your fingers absentmindedly across a scar on his back. He shivers at your touch. There’s a question rising to the surface of your tongue, something strange and personal that you’re not sure if you should be asking, but it spills over anyways. “How’d you lose your hearing?”
“S’my quirk.” he tells you, quietly. “Explosions damage my ears after a while.” To the untrained ear it sounds normal but you -already knowing and experiencing the rough and calloused way he speaks- it sounds soft; almost like he’s apologizing to you. Almost like he’s letting you in.
You don’t know what to say, so you say nothing. Just continue patching up his wounds and wondering if it can patch up the argument you both had the other day. You consider bringing it up; telling him you’re sorry again for Haru destroying his garden. That Shinsou and Kaminari feel awful about it. Something tells you words don’t mean much to Bakugou, so you hope to learn more about him from the plants he tenderly cares for. It’s silent for some time, save for the sound of barely restrained hisses escaping Katsuki’s lips and the ticking of the clock above his dining room table.
He shrugs your hands off of him after a while, and you have to bite down pain from rising in your chest. “Aight, that’s enough. Let’s go.” You say nothing, just dutifully follow him out of his house and into his truck. It’s massive, you can barely get in it; throwing yourself on the seat after you practically jump in. You listen to him snicker, tiny stuttering laughs that fill up the cab of the truck as his hands grip the steering wheel. You stare at him, your heart feeling strange in your chest as you realize this is the first time you’ve ever heard him laugh. It feels like hope; makes you hope for brighter days with him; makes you hope for days where you can both laugh until your sides hurt and tears ruin your mascara.
The ride to the greenhouse is spent in silence, not a weird kind of silence that feels heavy and suffocating. It’s the kind of silence that makes everything feel light; the kind of silence that reminds you that you don’t have to say anything to feel close to someone.
The greenhouse is huge; a big glass building bigger than Bakugou’s home. There’s a wooden sign along the entrance, old and worn with green paint peeling off of it. You can barely read it, not sure what the cursive says until Bakugou tells you it says “Mitsuki’s Garden.” You wonder for a moment why he sounds so sad when he says it. You wonder if he knows Mitsuki; wonder what kind of person she was to him. People don’t say names with that sort of wistfulness unless there’s love behind the name.
“Mitsuki’s my mum.” he tells you as if he can read your thoughts, looking over at you through garnet colored eyes. “I saved the person who owns this place, and they tried to name it after me.” you watch his nose crinkle slightly. It makes you smile at him. “I told them my mom recently passed, and to name it after her, so they did.” He holds the door open for you, and you walk inside; immediately engulfed by sticky air and pollen. It smells so green in here; like life and dirt and rain. You like the way it smells, because it smells almost like Bakugou. It’s just missing the scent of vanilla and caramel. It’s a strange thing for you, to find comfort in a scent other than the smell of rain and baked bread, but it doesn’t make you feel weird. Just makes you feel like there’s another piece of you.
“What got you into gardening?” you ask quietly, tentatively; hoping for any sign he’ll bare his heart to you.
“Shitty friend of mine told me to do anger management. Didn’t want to, to be honest. So they then suggested I do something to help me relax, especially after my mom died.” He scratches the back of his head nervously, not used to talking about these things to people; much less having people around whose opinions he cares about. “When I started doin’ hero work, I had a lot of people die on me. S’normal, I’ve come to understand that it’s impossible for me to save everyone. But it doesn’t mean that their faces don’t keep me up at night.” you’re quiet, listening to him speak as your fingers trace the flowers of a petal; you didn’t anticipate him opening up so much. Didn’t think he’d ever willingly bare his soul to you. “So I started gardening as a way to relax. I plant a new flower for every life I wasn’t able to save.”
You look at him, surprised to see vermillion eyes studying yours; as if carefully searching your face for any sort of reaction. Any sort of indication that you want nothing to do with him. “I’m sorry.” you say quietly. You know, logically, that it wasn’t your fault that Haru destroyed Bakugou’s garden, but guilt is carving itself into your bones; making your very soul feel sticky and green and syrupy.
“S’not your fault.” he says gruffly, looking away and grabbing a pot of morning glories. “You say sorry like there’s something you can do, but the truth is there’s nothing you can do. Life happens, not everyone is meant to last forever. And…” he pauses for a moment, staring out of the greenhouse window with a far away look in his eyes. “S’not my fault either.” He's so quiet when he says it, telling it to you like it’s some sort of secret; telling it to you in a way that makes you unsure if he believes it for himself.
You wonder, for a moment, what it’s like to be in his head. If it’s dark and dismal or if it’s as bright as the sun. What sort of garden grows there? Is it untended and full of weeds and half strung together thoughts? Is it something neatly put together? Well tended and clean and full of good intentions? Part of you wonders if you’ll ever know; if he’ll ever let you in. You realize you’re perfectly content waiting for him to open up to you; never wanting to take from him and perfectly content with giving instead.
You pick up a pot of daffodils, looking over at Bakugou and handing them to him. He takes it from you gingerly, taking extra care to make sure his fingers don’t brush up against yours. You look at him, vermillion eyes meeting your own and there’s a thought you’re not quite ready to voice hanging on the tip of your tongue; the question of what will happen between you two after the garden is repaired. If you’ll go back to walking past his house in admiration and he’ll go back to curt nods and grunts of acknowledgement. The thought of it makes you sad; to have someone around whose taken up a part of your life just to have them gone like they’ve never existed but have to deal with the grave their absence leaves.
You’re both quiet for the rest of the trip; even quiet for the ride home save for the static of Bakugou’s radio that doesn’t ever seem to be tuned into a particular station. Unlike the silence on the way to the greenhouse that was easy and effortless, this one seems to hang like a dark cloud over the both of you. Dark and looming and suffocating and threatening to drown you both in the sorrow of things unsaid.
You almost didn’t realize he pulled into his driveway. You wouldn’t have if he didn’t nudge you; concern flashing in lava colored eyes before he asks you if you’re okay.
“I’m fine.” you tell him; a slightly too forced smile gracing your lips. If he doesn’t believe you he doesn’t say anything. Just tells you to stay put while he gets out, walks around the outside of it, and opens your door. He extends his hand and you take it, letting him help you out of his truck.
“Thank you.” you smile. He says nothing, just looks away with a grunt. “Bakugou-” you begin carefully, treading lightly into the words you want to say. You want to ask if you’ll see him even after the garden is repaired, even after the pain of past mistakes and words that can’t be unsaid fade away. It’s weighing on your chest; suffocating you with its heaviness. You don’t know why these things seem to catch in your throat. You wonder if there’s any way to tell him that the garden you’re planting with him is a garden of words you wish you could take back, a garden of things you wish you could admit, and a garden of all the things that bloom between you.
“Call me Katsuki.”
You pause, deciding that words are cheap to him. Deciding to do your best to make sure you can stick around. “Same time tomorrow, Katsuki?” you ask him, saccharine sweet hope laces your words like honey and Katsuki is more than willing to drink up its sweetness; letting it water the flowers in his chest like ambrosia from the gods.
“Same time tomorrow.” He confirms, ducking inside his house.
There’s dirt under Katsuki’s nails.
It’s a sight he’s used to, constantly working in the garden and having both his hands submerged in the earth. Two hands constantly submerged in dirt to create new life, to cope with things he’s not sure how to, and to focus on something other than the light fading from civilian’s eyes.
There’s even more dirt under his nails, much tinier and much more glaring. Hard to clean and even harder to ignore. The dirt of the lives he wasn’t strong enough to save. People that he just wasn’t quick enough, wasn’t strong enough, and wasn’t good enough to save.
He can never quite get his fingers clean, no matter how hard he scrubs.
The flowers are almost done planting. Today’s the last day Katsuki will have an excuse to invite you over. He’s not sure how to voice how upset he is about this. It’s much too hard to sit down and find the right way to say these things. Dangerous things like please stay, don’t go, and I like your company and the way you make me feel. Things that make Katsuki feel like his throat is closing around him and make him feel uncomfortable. Like sitting in a bath until the water is cold and his skin is all pruny. These feelings, along with many others, are feelings that he will always do his best to run from. He decided long ago that feeling things besides apathy and irritation are not worth his time, but here you are in his front yard changing that.
“Katsuki,” you say, tapping his arm. He watches you nod your head across the street, only to see Kaminari flailing his arms wildly. “I don’t know what he’s trying to say.”
“Dude! My dog walker? Oh fuck yeah Bakubro get it!” he signs to him, accenting his last few words with an exaggerated thrust of his hips.
Katsuki turns to you, hoping you don’t notice the red dusting his cheeks. “He’s an idiot,” he huffs, digging his hands back into the dirt. “And he sucks at sign language. Don’t worry about it.”
A drop of rain hits Katsuki’s nose. He’s confused for a moment, wondering how he’s feeling rain. It’s late afternoon, the sun’s still out; casting the world in an orange marmalade hue. Another drop hits his cheek, and another lands on his forearm.
Your hand reaches out to catch the rain, your smile brighter than the sun as you hold it in your hands. The wind picks up, slow and steady stray petals catching in the wind and blowing past you. In this moment, Katsuki has never been more grateful to his hearing aids that allow him to hear the full beauty of your laugh. It’s more beautiful than anything Apollo could put together. You look so bright to him; he is just a shadow compared to the light you give off. A flower thankful to be in your sun. You are the water that keeps the garden in his chest in full bloom while being the sun that keeps it alive.
“Katsuki!” you beam at him, the full beauty of how carefree you are bringing his emotions to their knees. “It’s a sun shower!” He doesn’t say anything, just smiles with a soft shake of his head and plants the petunias that he’s holding. “Hey Katsuki?” you ask quietly, too quietly. He almost has to ask you to repeat yourself.
“Hm?” he says, sparing a glance towards you.
“How do you… ah… how do you sign sun shower?” your hands are twisting in front of you; eyes looking anywhere but him when you ask the question. You sound so sheepish when you say it; as if you’re asking him something personal.
There’s something strange happening with Katsuki’s throat; the way it feels tight with a noose made of emotions he refuses to face; how hard it’s trying to swallow but it’s just not working. He wipes his palms on his jeans; watching nitroglycerin infused sweat mix with dirt streak the fabric. He holds his hands out, motioning for you to place your hands in his. You look tentative for a moment and that breaks him; makes him wonder if you know about Bakugou Katsuki with hands that harm. They're so soft compared to his; tiny and delicate compared to his rough and calloused ones. He softly bends your fingers, guiding you through the motion of the sign and watches your eyes grow wide in understanding. You repeat the motion back to him fluidly; smiling when he nods his head in approval.
He gives you a pot of red carnations gingerly; not too scared to accidentally brush his fingers against yours. It’s the last flower that needs to be planted and the thought upsets him. He watches you grab the base of the flowers, tip the pot upside down and wiggle the flower out; watches how gentle your hands are as you place it in the dirt; your fingers pressing it in place before grabbing the watering can and spraying it.
He’s not ready for you to go so he asks you to stay in the only way he knows how. “Are you hungry?” And he is thanking every God he can think of when your head nods eagerly, wiping your hands on your shorts as you stand and follow him inside.
He’s not sure what to make, staring at the inside of his pantry at a loss while you’re looking around his kitchen like it’s the first time you’ve seen it again. He wonders what it’ll be like to always have you here; to always have you in his home and near him. To wake up to your makeup on his pillow and your mail next to his on the coffee table.
“Katsuki….” you call out from behind him, swallowing thickly and he finds himself mesmerized by the way your throat moves. “How do you sign stay?”
He takes your hands in his again, bending your fingers with his and guiding you through the motions of the sign; his heart beating in his chest is the loudest thing in the room, and he wonders if you can hear it too.
“Like that.” he whispers, his voice coming out cracked and dry. Before he knows what he is doing he’s using your hands to tug your body closer to him, slotting his lips against yours as your fingers tangle themselves in his straw colored locks. He grunts slightly at the feeling; grabbing your waist and guiding you to his bedroom. He’s hungry, his lips moving from yours to leave a galaxy of marks along your neck and collarbones.The beast that has laid dormant in his chest is now awakening; finally able to show you all his conflicting emotions without having to worry if you’ll want him or not because here you are, tossed on his bed without a care in the world about whether he’s going to hurt you while he’s fighting the urge to break you apart.
Your legs are wrapped around his waist and tugging him closer, closer, closer until he can feel the heat of your sex grinding on his aching cock. His hands are everywhere; grasping at your ass and breasts and waist; eager to feel and learn every single part of your body before you disappear into his sheets. Katsuki’s greedily ripping your clothes off while you’re tearing his off, both of you sick of the boundaries between you.
He moves his lips lower, grazing skin that’s completely new to him in amazement; his hands touching small and forgotten parts of your body that only the sun touches. The ditch of your elbow, the space where your spine meets your pelvis, the curve of your shoulder blade. He wishes he could bottle up the gasp that leaves your lips when his lips press against your clit; his tongue making slow circles around it that make your thighs tremble around his head. He runs his finger through your folds, listening to the tiny and begging whimpers that come from you and send the blood rushing straight to his cock. He’s tentative when he places a finger inside your entrance, taking time to stretch you out before adding a second one and hitting your g-spot over and over again until your mascara is running down your face. You come undone for him quickly, your hands fisting his hair and pushing his face deeper into you until the aftershocks of your orgasm subside.
“Can’t even think, can ya? Dumb little thing.” he chuckles softly. “S’okay, princess. Lemme take care of ya, yeah?” His thumb finds its way into your mouth and you open eagerly, allowing him to spit in your mouth and you swallow it like it’s nectar from God himself. “Good fucking girl,” he moans, leaving his fingers in your mouth and watching you gag around them. “My good fucking girl, yeah?”
He lines his cock up with your entrance, pumping it with one hand as his eyes meet yours; silently asking if you’re sure. You nod, and he smiles softly, plunging into you with a whimpering moan. Every thrust in you he makes your hips eagerly raise to meet his in an effort to communicate every unspoken feeling held between you. He’s gentle, as soft as the flowers you planted for him and a million times more beautiful.
“Pretty girl,” he says before nibbling on your ear. “S’fucking good for me, taking me so well.” There are galaxies forming between you both; whole universes of apologies and unspoken words, constellations of things you were both too scared to say and nebulas of promises to never leave each other forming in the space between you both. Each breath passed back and forth is stardust in the love story you two are sharing; beautiful in its own way and dying to be explored. You’re both astronauts in each other's galaxy; dying to explore the others' secrets and be the God that rules their life. Katsuki’s teasing you; long and slow thrusts along your velvet walls that have you bucking your hips and begging for more friction with soft little whines that sound better than any orchestra he’s ever heard. He picks up his pace after a while -if only to hear how sweet you sound crying out for him- kissing your cervix with every thrust. Your climax spurs his own; painting your walls with hot ropes of cum. He watches the white run of his cum push in and out of you as he takes a few more sloppy thrusts; forever mesmerized at the thought of his own seed inside you. He collapses next to you, staring at his ceiling and catching his breath; listening to your soft pants next to him.
As Katsuki lays next to you, drawing small mindless circles into your back he dares to think of something he’s never given much thought: the word forever; carefully memorizing the way it makes his heart speed up in his chest and the way it makes him dream. Dream of days with you by his side; of days spent in the garden as the sun caresses your face with a softness that he’s finally learning; your hand in his as he teaches you other ways to communicate with him. A life where he wakes up every day to your stray hairs on his pillow case, and a life where he has to brew an extra pot of coffee because you got to it before him. Maybe this won’t last for a season; maybe this actually can last forever; something that lasts much longer than the flowers in his front yard, much longer than the guilt that lives in his chest, and much longer than the sun's rays will ever be able to reach.
Maybe forever wasn’t something Katsuki was ever supposed to be afraid of. Maybe it was always something he was supposed to run to, reaching out to it with hands stretched and needy. Maybe it’s even something he deserves, to have someone willing to bask in the light of things that are permanent instead of temporary. Maybe with you by his side, forever isn’t as scary as he once believed.
“Katsuki?” you say quietly.
“I like your hands,” you tell him, your voice thick with sleep and impending dreams. “They feel s’nice.”
He doesn’t say anything, truthfully he doesn’t know what to say. Just listens to your breathing become even and soft; relishes the way it feels against his chest. “Go to sleep,” he croaks, burying his face in your hair. “I’ll be here when you wake up.”
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tteokdoroki · 4 months ago
I…I need slightly skeevy Bakugou falling so deeply in love with you that he thinks of so many ways to trap you with him. The first, and most appealing, is getting you pregnant. So he hides (read: throws) away your birth control pills and next time he’s balls deep in your cunt he ignores the small pleas of “Katsuki I forgot to take my pill today”. That just get him rock hard and fucks into you even harder. He can picture it: ur soft breasts swollen and heavy, and ur tummy round and plump with his HIS kid. The kid would have ur wonderful curls and his eyes and he gets so overwhelmed he shoots ropes of cum into you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
## new match ! -> scumbag.
— re: katsuki bakugou.
— cw: smut, mdni 18+, dub-con ? ( tagged with non-con too ), baby trapping, forced breeding, bakugou throws away birth control, scummy!bakugou and fem!reader.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
:(( scumbag boyfriend!bakugou keeps you folded like a little deck chair, shivering as he forces himself brutally into your plush little pussy— probably stops wearin’ condoms too, especially after he’s chucked out your birth control— you’re so hot, so fucking tight around him with that stupid piece of latex outta the way...could you blame him now for breeding your little hole? surely you couldn’t, if you knew how it felt to have you wrapped around him like that, there’s no way you would blame him.
‘n besides, katsuki’s gotta keep you for himself. can’t have anyone rocking into your perfect pussy the way he does, getting his tummy slicked up with all that you leak— your fingers curling in his hair while you beg him to stop but your face pleads him to thrust there— right there. hitting the spot that makes the world a little clear and the sunshine a little brighter and butterflies dance in your lower belly.
“please don’ cum in me ‘suki,” you’re tellin’ him, begging him through your feather light and whiny gasps, your eyes are fuzzy and your mouth open wide with pleasure, taunting bakugou to spit in it and fill up a second hole with all of him. “gotta pull out, kay? don have any pills...forgot to take it—!” the heel of your foot starts digging into his lower back so hard that if he really wanted to pull out, he couldn’t. you’re practically begging him to trap you, keep you tied down with his brat and so is your warm little cunt. oh you want it so bad, he can tell by the way you greedily suck him in with every draw back of his hips— gummy walls clinging to every vein on his fat cock.
“why baby? you wan’ it, you wan’ it so fuckin’ bad,” he grunts, sharp teeth bearing down on your pretty neck— lewd slapping sounds twisting with the sex scented air, you keep on going to him. keep on gushing from between your puffy pussy lips and clawing at his back to bring katsuki closer and closer until your sweaty bodies are pressed up against each other. “you love this cock, you love me, don’t you?”
and of course you say yes, through ugly babyish tears and weak nods, making katsuki’s heart swell because his sweet girl loves him that much that she’d give him a baby? even if he threw away your pills and told you condoms you were for extras, you still loved him enough to cry on his cock and clamp down on him with a vice fucking grip that could milk the life out of him if he wasn’t holding back enough to make you cum too. calloused fingers flick at your swollen clit, rub and pinch your raw cunt until you’re arching your back and screaming for more more more.
you’re so good, you don’t even know it, body telling katsuki everything he wants to hear as he fucks you— shoves himself deep inside your wet walls, cockhead ripe with pre catching on every ridge. you want this baby, your body screams when your tits bounce at every thrust bakugou gives you— making him imagine how gorgeous they’ll be when full with milk for his shitty kid. he grips your thighs with his same rough palms, thinking of how doughy and pudgy they’ll become as you get rounder and rounder with his baby. he’ll wanna fuck you so bad, even more so than before— see if he can squeeze another brat into your cunt along side the one he’s about to give you.
and at the end of it, you’ll be stuck at home with leaky breasts and a bouncing baby, waiting for your scummy boyfriend at the end of everyday with a kiss and meal on the table all for him. bakugou needs that, he can’t just keep his desires in his head anymore. so he lets loose, languidly thrusting into your cunt even after you’ve squirted and your release is sloshing around between your bodies. the bed creaks below you and your cunt spasms so hard you might push katsuki out of you— it’s too late to say no now, you’ve been asking for it for so long now.
forehead pressed against yours, bakugou’s blonde hair sticking to your sweaty faces. “gonna cum, gonna fuckin’ cum, better take all this cum...yeah? yeah? fuck yeah,” his speech is slurred, tuning out all of your shouts and moans of protest that give away how much desire you still hold for your boyfriend. and before you know it, his balls stop slapping against your ass when he stills his hips, emoting a fresh load of his hot cum into your awaiting and abused cunt— bakugou thrusts once or twice more to make it stick, lining your fertile womb with potent white until some of it spills out like cream against his softening shaft— keeping your body trapped under his.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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