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#bakugou imagine

I hope that you’re feeling okay, anon! Thank you for your ask.

Love and hugs from Yaomomo xx

TW: Contains weaponry, violence and angst. Please be cautious if this could potentially trigger you.


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by alice-chan-chan

Katsuki screamed down the microphone connected to his hero suit, alerting other heroes and law enforcement in the area of imminent danger. Three high profile villains had backed the cocky hero down an alley whilst Katsuki was on his way home for the evening - They were all armed with offensive weapons. Ground Zero attempted to ignite his quirk but faltered, one of these guys must have a quirk-cancelling power. He knew full well that he could handle most fist fights, he was a buff guy but, Katsuki knew he stood next to no chance against knives and guns - He stood there, lip quivering. 

“What the fuck do you extras want?!”

One of the villains cackled in response, pointing the kitchen knife in his hand closer towards the hero’s throat, “Hand over your hero license, Ground Zero,” his tone was mocking as he inched ever closer to Bakugou, “And don’t think for a second we’re leaving without your wallet either.”  Katsuki growled, eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of help, a way to escape, anything that would get him home to you safely.

“Tch, tough luck, asshole,” the words spat out of his lips as he tried desperately to form a plan in his head. “I left my shit back at the agency, guess I’ll have to take you there to get it-” Katsuki’s breath caught as he felt the cold brick wall on his muscular back, the villain had him trapped. 

“Well, isn’t that a shame. I’ll just have to kill you here before you have the chance to esca-”

“Kaachan!” All three villains were beaten to the floor within seconds, several heroes having launched an attack from above, jumping down between the buildings that formed the alleyway. Deku, Red Riot and Eraserhead were quickly followed by police, apprehending the criminals with ease. Even after the assailants were taken down, Katsuki couldn’t stop shaking, tears falling down his cheeks and screaming at anyone who dared to speak to him. His hands were shaking so badly that he spilled his cup of tea all over him whilst he was attempting to calm down at the police station - That made him much angrier.

“Ground Zero, Sir, you’re in no danger here. Please try to calm down.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” He roared back in the officer’s direction, spilling another cup of hot tea down his torso, growling fiercely at the burning sting of the liquid on his skin. 

“That is no way to talk when your wife is in the building, Mr Bakugou.” You mentioned, walking up behind him and smiling sweetly. Suddenly, his face lost all of that intense angry red colour it held and his expression calmed as his eyes caught your beautiful features.

“M-my wife…” He mumbled, flinging his arms around your waist and burying his nose in your shoulder, finding comfort in your warmth and the scent of your perfume. “Baby, you came-” Katsuki was still clearly shaken up from the incident, having fallen into a fragile side of himself which he rarely let emerge. But he was in your arms, he knew that he was safe against your body and that you: His wife, his hero, wouldn’t let any harm come to him. Katsuki’s hands found themselves running through your soft hair, his teary eyes focused on your own as his body shook with relief that you were with him. He lay sloppy kisses across your cheeks before you were able to catch his lips in a reassuring kiss. A blush danced across Katsuki’s cheeks when your hands came up to cup his face, your words of praise and pride and relief that he was safe only bringing more heat to his face. Your husband gripped your hand tightly, never intending to let go.

“Lets get you home, hubby.”

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Hiii could u do hc for Baku and todo w/ a gf who wants to be at there house all the time like sleepover’s and after school because her family is really toxic and bully’s her and treats her like shit ( but never physically hurt her ) she acts like everything’s ok if you don’t want to do this plz say no馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓

a/n: hi!! of course love <3 i wanna have a sleepover so bad bruh, me and my best friend usually have sleepovers all the time like every weekend, but with everything happening, we’ve been separated, she’s my other brain cell.

headcanon: them with a s/o who hates being at their own house

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing, angst

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Dorms weren’t a thing just yet. So you were currently staying at home. 
  • You hated home.
  • It was nothing but a pit of hatred, boiling over with your parents’ distaste for your future. They hated that you wanted to become a hero. They hated that you wanted to throw your life away on some whim.
  • “You’re wasting your time. You don’t have any talent.”
  • “You’re pathetic, and that quirk is useless in the hero world.”
  • “Drop out already, you’re being a real pain in the ass.”
  • But you didn’t listen. In fact, you did the opposite. You tried even harder.
  • But that was hard in it of itself.
  • When you and Bakugou got together, you made every excuse to go over. You felt like you were being clingy but you just didn’t want to be home. You didn’t want to hear your parents tease and bully you for chasing your dreams.
  • It was often you found yourself hanging out after school, staying for dinner, hanging out on the weekends, studying together, and eventually, after enough persuading from Bakugou, you could spend the night.
  • “We’re just gonna watch movies!”
  • “You better leave the door open!” 
  • “Shut up!” Bakugou yelled back to his mom, bringing you upstairs toward his room. You giggled and walked into his room, now accustomed to his house’s layout.
  • You opened your book bag to pull out some school work. As you opened your binder, a bunch of ripped papers were staring back at you.
  • This can’t be happening.
  • Your parents had taken their frustration with you out on your homework.
  • You’d stopped by to pick up some spare clothes, and in the meantime, they’d ripped and torn your important homework to shreds.
  • You sat on Bakugou’s bed, staring at the tattered fragments of what was supposed to be your math and reading homework.
  • “Hey what happened?” Bakugou asked, looking at the mess of paper.
  • “I-I don’t know.” You lied. Of course, you knew. But you didn’t want to tell him.
  • “Don’t give me that shit.” Bakugou turned to look at you. You looked back at him, your eyes brimming with tears. 
  • “Nothing is wrong, I promise.” You lied again. Bakugou frowned and glanced back at your homework.
  • “You expect me to believe that you just tore that up yourself?” Bakugou asked. You shook your head.
  • “It’s just-”
  • “It’s what? You can tell me.” Bakugou wasn’t the one for comforting, but he could tell when things were bothering you. And if something was making you upset, he was going to beat the shit out of whoever or whatever it was.
  • “My parents. They don’t like the idea of me being a hero. They must’ve done this while I was getting spare clothes.” You explained, leaning into Bakugou.
  • “I’ll have my mom make copies on the printer.” Bakugou looked down at his homework. He hadn’t started, so you’d be able to get a nice clean copy.
  • And then everything clicked. 
  • “Is this why you always want to come over?” Bakugou asked, not even giving his question a second thought.
  • “Yeah.” You whispered. As a few tears rolled down your cheek, you felt strong arms embrace you.
  • “Don’t ever ask me again if you can come over. You come over whenever you want, okay?” Bakugou rubbed your back. You nodded and lifted your head to look at Bakugou.
  • You smiled at him and poked his nose.
  • “You’re such a softie.” You said quietly, watching as Bakugou rolled his eyes.
  • “Only for you, dumbass.”

»»————- ★ ————-««

shoto todoroki


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Shoto is sort of oblivious. But he knows what it’s like when parents pressure you.
  • At first, it was mostly just verbal taunts. Your parents would tease you for wanting to be a hero, and tell you that your quirk was pathetic.
  • But then things got worse.
  • They wouldn’t physically hurt you, but you wondered if they would.
  • The yelling and bullying got worse.
  • It became a daily thing. You’d be trying to make dinner and they’d mess with your things, crumping up your homework, your mom even hid your hero costume one time.
  • You found it a few days later but you had to make up an excuse as to where it went.
  • And then you and Todoroki started dating.
  • You started staying at your house less.
  • Todoroki was convinced you just liked being with him, and he soon had a full dresser drawer of your stuff, shirts, pants, jackets, you name it, it was in that drawer.
  • But then Todoroki noticed while you were using the bathroom, a note on your binder.
  • ‘Just give up already, you should be supporting this family not chasing some stupid dream.’
  • When you got back from the bathroom, you froze, watching as Todoroki read through several notes you had from your parents.
  • “What are these?” Todoroki asked, looking over at you. You quickly scurried over and took them from him.
  • “It’s nothing.” You lied, shoving them back into your bookbag.
  • “They don’t look like nothing.” Todoroki replied. You just shook your head.
  • “Really it’s-”
  • “Is something happening at your house?” Todoroki didn’t have much restraint. He cared for you a lot, so he was willing to get to the bottom of things. And if something was happening like what was happening with his dad and him, he didn’t want you experiencing it.
  • “I-” You paused. You looked down at your lap and sighed.
  • “My parents don’t think I’d make a good hero. They think I’m just chasing some silly dream.” You explain, not wanting to look up at Todoroki.
  • Todoroki pulled you into a hug. You rested your head on his shoulder, snuggling into his warmth.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?” Todoroki questioned. You didn’t know what to say. You just didn’t want him feeling bad for you.
  • “I don’t know.” Was all you could say. Todoroki hugged you tighter, understanding your pain. How long had you been going through this?
  • “You’re more than welcome to come over whenever you’d like.” Todoroki pulled away looking at you. You nodded and smiled.
  • “Thank you.” You thanked him. Todoroki was your escape.
  • “Do you want some soba?” Todoroki asked, his eyes lighting up.
  • “I would love some soba.”

»»————- ★ ————-««


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could you do hc’s for bakugou with a girlfriend who’s a boxer? love your work!

a/n: this is super cute, i like this idea, thanks love! sorry it’s a tad short

headcanon: them with a boxer s/o

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Whether you’ve got a flashy quirk or not, you’re very skilled. And Bakugou saw that from day 1.
  • He always wanted to spar with you because you were just that good. And let’s face it when Bakugou saw you take down a few of his classmates with just sheer hand-to-hand combat, he was impressed.
  • You give him a run for his money.
  • Eventually, Mr. Aizawa had the two of you sparring, no quirks involved. That’s when Bakugou got scared.
  • Because you’d beaten him twice before on these same terms.
  • Boxing for you is pretty much second nature. So when you made it to U.A. you were pretty skilled in combat alone, but you could still use some fine-tuning.
  • Bakugou eventually got the courage to ask you out and then the two of you spent even more time together.
  • You like to teach him how to box.
  • Or maybe you just like to pin him down on the ground and hear him say that ‘you won.’ and  ‘alright you win, just let me up!’
  • But we’ll never know.
  • Bakugou enjoys sparring with you because he thinks you’re incredibly talented and worthy of fighting him.
  • If he’d want anyone to beat him, it’s you he wants.
  • And when you’re not throwing hands at each other, your cuddling, or going on walks.
  • Bakugou also takes super good care of you, and your hands. He’s always checking to make sure you’re letting them heal and not pushing yourself over the limit.
  • “Oi! You’re gonna hurt yourself quit.” Bakugou groaned. You glanced up at him, pulling your wrapped hands away from the punching bag. You glance down at your hands. 
  • Bakugou unwraps them and you’re able to see how red your knuckles are. Bakugou just huffs and brings your hands up to his lips, kissing your knuckles gently.
  • “Let’s go get ice cream or something.” Bakugou huffs. You smile and nod.
  • “Alright.”

»»————- ★ ————-««


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hey bb! can i pls get a main 3 x reader where they don’t know how to kiss and asked reader to teach them? and at the end of the day they couldn’t stop thinking of her lips on theirs and eventually want more? thanks babe !

Hey ok, so I struggled a bit with this one but i hope it turned out ok and that you like it! Thank you so much for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

Midoriya Izuku 💚

- You’ve been in a relationship with Mido for a few months already when all of this happened.

- You were hanging out in your dorm, studying a bit for next week’s exams, everything was going normally.

- Untill he realized something, I never kissed her? Is it too soon though? But I never kissed anyone, what if she doesn’t like it? Oh, what if she thinks I’m bad at kissing and decided to break up with me, and maybe…

- Hey Mido, boy, take a chill pill ok? Ok

- You looked up at him, after you’ve asked a question for the third time already, seeing he was in deep thoughts, “Hey, you ok Izu?”

- When he heard your sweet voice, he tried to hide his reddening face, telling you it was nothing and apologizing for not paying attention to you.

- But you wanted to know what was going on in his head, so you started persuading him into telling you, promising you wouldn’t laugh at him or be mad.

- So he did, he shyly told you that he never kissed anyone before, ans he really, really wanted to kiss you. “Y/n can you…. Can you teach me how to kiss?”

- You were surprised at first, did he really asked you to teach him how to kiss?! BOI

-But still, you smiled at his request, leaning in slowly, lips brushing, looking into his eyes for any sign of regret, not finding one, you finally pressed your lips to his, finally kissing him.

- When you pulled away, you found a very flustered Mido sitting in front of you. He was so cute honestly!

- So that’s what it feels like? It felt…. Nice? He couldn’t get the sention of your soft lips from his mind, he wanted one more, so he acted, and kissed you, this time taking you by surprise.

-And one kiss, turned into two, turned into a day full of innocent sweet kisses, studying long forgotten.

Todoroki Shoto ❤️💙

- We all know how blunt Todoroki can be right?

-But it honestly surprised you when, one day, your stoic boyfriend asked you to teach him how to kiss.

- Um sorry, but how are you supposed to react to that? You actually laughed, thinking he was joking or something this boy’s sense of humor smh.

- But when you looked at him and saw that he was being serious, got you even more confused.

-“What do you mean Sho?” you had to ask, because one, how do you teach someone how to kiss and two does that mean that he never kissed anyone, and you were his first kiss? The mere idea if that got you all smiley and blushy.

- After he told you that, yes you are his first kiss and that he just wanted to be kissed, it’s that simple y/n.

- You took the opportunity to flaunt your kissing skills, kiss him so passionately, it got the both of you panting for air.

- As you broke the kiss, and went back to whatever you were doing before Todoroki interrupted you with that weird request of his, he was just smiling at you.

-He never thought that kissing would make him feel like this, all fuzzy inside, all happy.

- Throughout the day, he wanted to feel that happiness again, and couldn’t stop kissing you.

Bakugou Katsuki 🧡

- So unlike the previous two, you weren’t dating when he asked you to teach him how to kiss.

- You were actually in the middle of a fight, or more like you jokingly make fun of him, and him not being able to handle it.

- At this point you just wanted to see how angry you can make him before he explodes, so you were just using whatever insult that came to your mind.

-Now it was no secret that there was some weird tension around you two. Not in a bad way, more like please date already we had enough of your awkwardness.

- For some reason, you decided to insult his kissing skilss, “Rich coming from a guy who doesn’t know how to kiss” or “Oh yeah? Well instead of screaming all the time, go use your mouth to kiss someone. Oh right do you even know how to kiss?” or something along these ligns (guys idk how to insult someone like that pls forgive me T-T)

- He stood there, looking at you for a minute, then a devilish smirk appeared on his face. Oh oh, bad sign.

- Bakugou saw an opportunity and he was about to take it! He always wanted to kiss you, he always wondered what your lips taste like, feel like.

-“ Well then y/n why don’t you teach me? Unless you don’t know either?”

- Excuse me, but who do you think you are Mr. Bakugou?! Of course i know how to kiss! So yeah you just wanted to prove him wrong, even if that meant kissing him.

- As your lips collided you couldn’t help but melt into it, his lips are a bit chapped, he kinda taste like caramel.

-Same for Bakugou, your lips are so soft, the perfect contrast to his, he couldn’t get enough of you.

-But you had to breathe, so you pulled away, face ever so red. Eyes never leaving Bakugou’s lips. “I…..”

-You couldn’t even think about what you were about to say, Bakugou is kissing you again, wanting to taste your lips over and over again.

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) Bakugo x reader

Y/N = your name

Warnings: violence and swearing

A/N: it’s one of my longest chapters. I was debating on wether or not to leave it like that but I said fuck it. If you want to check out the other chapters, click on my icon and they should be their :) Also, the song here is the one you will see later on in the story

Part 6 -Sports festival


Finally, it was time to compete. After hearing Bakugos arrogant ‘speech’ you had enough. You watched as the lights going out one by one and took a deep breath.

“W-what are you doing here All Might?”

“I’ve been wanting to speak to you. But, i haven’t had the time these days.”


“Don’t be afraid of you quirk, and stop shutting people out.”

“But, What if I hurt them?”

Badum badum

“That’s what friends are for, to help you out of a dark place, to aid you in your healing.”

“I’ll try.”

“I hope you do try your hardest. Remember, plus ultra!”

Badum badum

Taking in all the vibrations from their stomping.

“I will All Might.”

I will.

You jumped just in time and saw everyone else had been glued to the ground, hell yeah. With your quirk, you flew out the narrow entrance and chased Todoroki, remember don’t use all of it. You were neck in neck with him when the robots from the trial came back, “God, Why these guys again.” You flew back down and waited. You watched attentively as the boy froze them and put your hand and the ground, “Thank you sir.” All the shocks helped you launch yourself to the top and landed on a robot. The thing was so fragile right now, it started to coming down when you took even more shocks and flew once again.

“It looks like we have a tie for first place! Both students are from the hero course and they don’t seem to stop at any minute.”

You then heard a maniacal laughter and looked back for one second, “Why.” You were coming up at the second obstacle course and looked down, I can’t use the flying technique…. Aizawa watched from the box, “She needs some a somewhat stable ground to fly.” You watched as the idiot you hated was going pretty far and you couldn’t take it. Just in time, you felt the ground shaking from all the students heading your way and took it all in, “Oh Shit my brain, it’s sloshing inside my skull.” You then positioned your hands at an angle behind you and grunted, “Dont… let it.. take… over… you!” You were not expecting to surpass Bakugo and Todoroki and neither did they. You began runing now, “I’M GONNA KILL YOU.” You stuck out your tongue “catch me first dumbass!”

You made it to your last obstacle and looked around, “a mine field.” They were inching towards you. So you began to fly with the power you still had left, you can sense it, the finish line was close when you saw a trail of ice ahead, “Icy hot is close.” You were gonna do one last boost when you felt your leg being clutched and thrown like a ragdoll to the back, “BAKUGO YOU IDIOT.” You were beginning to get back up and smiled wickedly, “Now, now, I cant waste this precious opportunity.” The ground was shaking so hard that it felt like an earthquake. You once again launched yourself up and as you were passing by, you saw Bakugos surprised face and hit him with one of your sonic booms with the palm of your hands, “Who’s the clown Now?!” Suddenly you saw Midoriya in first and you couldn’t be happier, alright kid. It was gonna be close between the four of you. It was real close.

“And in first is… Midoriya! And in close second is Aiuchi with Todoroki and Bakugo right on her tail!”

You stretched once again and felt Bakugos glare, “Don’t be a sore loser now, that’s not very pro hero of you.” You heard a string of curses and his stomps, “one point for me, zero for the hot tamale.” Kirishima came up to you and patted you behind your back, “Great job out their Aiuchi!” You smiled softly and he smiled even bigger. He hadn’t seen any other expressions from you, other than relaxed, or annoyed, “thanks.” You then heard Midnight speak and explained your next event. Apperantly, first place was worth one million points and you were all trying to take off the bandannas off your opponents, this is going to be hard for Midoriya.

“Would like to team up?” You were unsure, “Who’s on your team, “Oh, well, it’s Sero, Mina and Bakugo.” You watched as he had his gaze transfixed on you, “I know you guys are lovely people but, right now I can’t be in the same group as trash.” You watched Sero and yossksk snickered behind him and Bakugos Ruby’s filled with anger, “Shut up you two!” You heard Tokoyami call you, “I wish you the best Kirishima.” The red head yelled out, “Me to Auchi! See you after the match!” He went back to his team and the blond smashed his fist onto his head, “DONT ASSOCIATE WITH THE ENEMY YOU EXTRA!”

You greeted him and turned to Uraraka and Midoriya, “we were wondering if you were free, since we still need one more person.” You looked back at Kirishimas group, he’s still looking at me? “I’m in.” It was tough, far too many close calls and Todoroki had your one million headband, “we won’t give up!” You kept looking around, but it seemed that Bakugos group was charging towards you guys as well, “Midoriya, any idea on what to do?” You felt him tremble above you, “Sort of.” “Great! I hope it involves Frozen.” You began to think of a plan quickly, “Tokoyami, start running towards Todoroki.”


“WHAT?!” You kept yours eyes locked on Bakugo. You could hear Uraraka worrying, “B-but Bakugo is charging at us!” You turned to your group, “You guys have to trust me.” Tokoyami bagan to run faster, “I trust her.” As you were getting ready for Bakugo, you saw Todoroki preparing himself, “Midoriya get ready!” You heard a yelp and turned just in time, the Blonds group had just made a leap and you smirked ever so slightly. You changed your eye color once again and like last time, Bakugo was taken aback, “Good game.” As quickly as possible, you yanked off one of his headbands and lifted your hand with your palm open and threw him across the field with your quirk.


You looked at Midoriya, who had shock ridden all over his face, “I grabbed the wrong one..” You tried not to show how upset you were, “These are the groups that are moving forward.” You looked down at yours and smiled, “We’re fine.” You grabbed Bakugos and you guys would be moving forward. The four of you celebrated while Midoriya was crying his eyes out and you looked at the board once again, “Guess the devil slipped through hands of death this time.” He just qualified for the next round.

They announced it was time to go to lunch and Todoroki called for you and Midoriya. You honestly didn’t have time for this shit, all you wanted to do was eat and get this day over with. But, you followed him, “Midoriya, are you All Mights secrete love child?” You tried holding your laugh, “What?! No!” He then spoke to you guys about why he didn’t use his other side, and you felt so bad for him. You could understand though, hating a side of you. He then finished off your small meeting by saying, “I will keep an eye out for you to, I won’t loose to you again.” You bowed your head respectfully at what came out his mouth, “Good to know, rival.”

You were looking around where to eat when Midoriya caught up to you, “Aiuchi!” You stopped and saw him crouched down, panting, “Would, would like to eat with us?” You looked behind him and saw Iida and uraraka,

“Don’t be afraid of you quirk, and stop shutting people out.”

“Sure.” His eyes had that glint of hope once again, and he waved at his friends. You guys sat on the bench and Iida and Midoriya began to talk among themselves.

“I don’t think we have properly introduced each other.” That’s true, “I’m sorry, uraraka, excuse my lack of mannerisms.” You heard Midoriya whisper, “She talks like Iida.” You had no fucking idea what that meant and you turned your attention back to the girl, “We can be friends if you’d like to!” You needed them, according to every adult in your life, “sure.” Oh god, what am I getting myself into?

The break time felt short and you guys began to head back inside, “Aiuchi!” You turned and saw what you thought to be one of the people you knew the best in U.A, “Shinso!” You jogged up to him quickly, “I’ll see you guys later.” You watched as he spoke to a classmate and they narrowed their eyes at you, “oh, I’m the enemy huh?” He shoved his hands in his pockets, “You guessed correctly.” He draped his arm around you. You felt the heat rise to your cheeks but tried playing it off, “I’m glad that you made it to the last round.” He looked up pridefully, “Yeah, I’m content that my hard work didn’t go to waste.” You guys made it to the stadium and uraraka went up to the two of you very shyly, “Um Aiuchi?” You both turned your powerful gazes toward her, they’re so intimidating, “Mineta said that Mr. Aizawa said we had to change into these.” You looked at the over exposing piece of clothing, “I’m not wearing that.”

“But Mr. Aizawa-“ To her, you grew slender and your eyes had a glint of death, “Let him try to defy me.” That one kind of slipped out. With that, she ran off and you sighed, “They’re probably just being perverts.” You began to walk away, “C’mon, or they’re gonna start without us.”

As you waited with Shinso, you saw the girls come out and yeah, they were wearing cheerleading outfits that exposed far to much.

“Mineta, Kaminari! You tricked us didn’t you?!”

Shinso was gonna stop you, but, then again, who is he to defy you? You went up to the two individuals and the girls watched from afar curiously, “What is she doing?” They then proceeded to watch you pick both of them off the ground and bash both their heads together, “and this the last time I better hear of such a thing.” The girls eyes grew wide, “She’s not someone to be messed with.” You crossed your arms and walked to the front with Shinso, “You’re a fisty one aren’t you?” You tried to not get so mad over the problem, “Only when it’s needed.” He chuckled and looked ahead, “Only when needed.”


“YOU” Kirishima turned to his friend and saw his eye was twitching. He squeezed his shoulder, “I think you should let her be.” He got away from him and grinded his teeth, “Don’t tell me what to do!”



The purple haired boy nudged you softly, “You know him?” You knew he knew the response, “Nope.”


As if he was. You then felt someones grip on your stomach and the close contact of your back on their chest, “UNHAND ME.”


Rule number 1, never touch someone who’s been doing close combat training their entire life. You got a hold of Bakugos neck and with all that you had, you threw him over you and watched as his body crashed onto the ground, “Don’t touch me.” He got up quickly, “Well then stay with your group and not with that guy!” He was looking at your mutual. Don’t say anything else, you’ll look bad infront of the heroes. You shoved him away with your shoulder, “He’s my friend.”

You soon made your way to your class and stood next to Tokoyami, “It’s good that you stood up for yourself, shows that your strong.” You tapped your fingers onto your thighs, “I hope it did.” You heard Midnight announce the first round and you looked at Kaminari, who was already shitting bricks, “She’s gonna kill me !” He turned towards your direction slowly and hid behind Kirishima when he saw that you were already looking at him. The red head just shrugged his shoulders and smiled nervously. His friend is gonna die.

“LETS START THE ACTIVITIES BEFORE THE BIG EVENT!” You heard the crowd roar and you decided to do some part in it. Throughout the entire thing, you tried using as little energy and took it slow with Tokoyami. You liked his pace, nice and steady.

By the time of the first round, you sat down in the front seats and watched the first match attentively. You didn’t know who’s side to take, they were really kind to you. But, Shinso needed this win more than Midoriya. You watched his brainwashing in action for the first time and was impressed. But, at the last minute Midoriya broke free and began beating your friend mercilessly. You felt your heart ache, “Shinso…” soon enough it was announced that Midoriya won. You don’t know why, but you stood up and began whistling and clapping, “Yeah Shinso!” After you began, others began to cheer for him. Your entire class stared at you in shock, he looked up with a smile and blew you a kiss and you ‘caught it’ “Now that’s a future pro hero!” You began to hear Hero’s saying that his quirk would be good to take down villains and you sat back down, I’ve done what I could. You then scurried downstairs and bumped into Midoriya, “Congrats on the win.” He held onto the two fingers he injured, “T-thank you!” You rushed forward and found him sitting in a bench with a defeated look in his eyes, “Hey.” He couldn’t look at you. You sat down next to him and closed your hands, “You’ll get them next year.” He looked bewildered, “I know you can.” You believed in him, and he felt it, “I will.”

You heard that the match between Sero and Todoroki was insane, but it was your turn now.

You came out through the tunnel and heard as people cheered for Kaminari and felt nervous. As soon as you stood in the center you heard a loud roar, “YES AIUCHI!” You followed the cheering and found it was no other than Shinso. You were then surprised to find that some of your classmates were cheering for you.

“Let’s begin this match!”

“From class 1A, who’s filled with energy, Kaminari!”

“And also from class 1A, don’t judge her by her height, Y/N Aiuchi!” He’s gonna pay for that one.


You started walking towards him and he began his attacks, just like you thought. They were small and you could easily dodge them. As you began to run closer to him, he kept backing up, perfect. You saw his eyes growing desperate and you knew he was gonna do it. As soon as you saw him release it, you flew up and tried to stay high above long enough for he could fry his own brain. When you saw he was done, you came with a drop kick from above and watched as he got launched out of bounds.

“Kaminari is out of bounds, Aiuchi wins!”

“Did you see that kick?!”

“She only used close combat skills!”

You felt bad for him but then remembered. That’s what you get for being a perv.

After that, the first round was ending quickly, well, except for the girl he kept on rambling about her devices. Why doesn’t she just fight?! Iida won that one.

Then it was Aoyama and Ashido, you’ve seen her and she was good. And you were right, because she won the match once Aoyama got a tummy ache.

After them was Yaoyorozu and she couldn’t hold her stand against Tokoyami who you already was strong as hell. You were looking forward to your fight with him.

Then what you thought to be the most entertains one, Kirishima against the boy from class B. They were so alike that you knew that if they weren’t fighting, they would probably be really good friends.

Lastly, the most gruesome one you thought to be, Bakugo against Uraraka. She was actually quiet good, which surprised you. She would’ve one if it wasn’t against the edge lord himself. He didn’t show any mercy and you weren’t surprised.

It was finally the second round and the first up were Todoroki and Midoriya. You knew deep down Midoriya gave it his all. With moves that made you question where he got such power, you were trully impressed. But, somehow the bickering between the two turned to Todoroki using his fire form, which you thought was pretty bad ass.

You walked down quickly and ran into Endeavor on your way, “Watch it.” You were taken aback, you knew he was a jerk but god did he have to be all the time, “Can you lighten up? Your son just won his match.” You could feel his gaze on you as you walked away, “With his quirks that make him nothing like you.” You ran out before he could say something and Mina was already stretching. She made her hands into fists and her brows furrowed, “Ready to loose?” You quirked a brow. That’s very bold of her to say. She came at you, skating her way into an attack and she didn’t notice you kept backing up with each slide she took. As soln as you saw her close you jumped away from the way and hit her one of your sonic booms that sent her down the stairs and out bounds.

You looked up at the place where Present Mic and Aizawa were, “She took advantage of her quick combat skills and used that against her opponent, a tactical move.”

Another round of applauses.

“That was so loud!”

“Yeah! I felt like I was in the field.”

Because you were so tired, you entered the lockers and didn’t notice uraraka was inside. You shut the door quickly, seeing that Iida and Midoriya were speaking to her. You decided to go back up and watch the match against Bakugo and Kirishima. Since you did wander around, you didn’t see Tokoyami beat Iida and you were sad you weren’t able to see.

As you settled down, you heard a blond boy from the other class bothering your class. You were about to blow him out of the face of the earth when a girl with orange hair began to apologize and you lowered your hand. You were sad that Kirishima lost, but you kind of knew deep down that Bakugo was gonna win.

Finally, the round That was gonna determine the finalist. You found out that you were against Tokoyami and he bowed his head, “You are a worthy opponent.” You guys watched the first half of Bakugos and Todoroki and damn, did he have issues. He was bombarding him with bombs, but what you noticed was that they had a purpose. When it came to strategy, he wasn’t playing around.

You were not gonna lie, fighting Tokoyami was gonna be hard. You decided to bring out one of the devices that got approved. You once again walked out the battle field and was surprised you were their first. You watched as Tokoyami came out his tunnel with a stance that meant business. You looked up at the sky, “Wish me luck.” He came at you quickly with his demon swatting at you. It was hard to keep up, he was trully a strong rival. You wanted to save this move for the final round. You ran to the other side and looked into Tokoyamis eyes quickly. You sang quietly so no one heard you, “Shine.”

“What is this?!” He doesn’t know what’s going on.

“Step into the light.” A great illusion, he had been ‘blinded’ by lights. You took this time and grabbed the chains around your waist and used it to throw Tokoyami out of bounds. You watched as he hit the the ground and his demon friend was gone.


“What just happened?!”

“She chained him up so quickly!”

You knew you couldn’t go up to him now so you waited in your room until you were called up. This, this is the only person you planned for but, you were so nervous, what if he didn’t react the way you thought he would? You stayed in their the entire time, not wanting to interact with anyone else because it would just increase your nerves. This, this was going to be your big performance. You decided to still take the chains just Incase something went out of hand and headed out once more.

You felt your headache pounding and headed into the field. The roars of the crowd were making you more anxious by the second until, you felt your headache going away. You looked up to see your parents waving and smiled back at them. Your mom began to sign to you, knock them dead rockstar. You felt relieved knowing they were here to cheer you on. As you waited for Bakugo and watched your mother, you thought of your family, and your brother. You know what, I’m gonna win his way.


You watched sparks fly from his palms, “I’m just getting started, Bakugo.” While they announced your names, you stared intently into his eyes. He thought you were trying to challenge him, but it was just what you wanted.”


He ran towards you and began to try to block your sight, which was an advantage for you. As soon as he turned to look for you, you threw your first illusion, “I know you think I’m a sociopath..the crowd gasped, it became cloudy all of the sudden. The illusion of yourself came out and Bakugo began to attack it. But just like you, it dodged them.

My lovely prey, I’m a cliche.” You watched as he became more confused by the second. He didn’t know what the hell was happening to him.

Make way I’m in my Pepsi mood,

Mama needs food, how about a barbecue?” Aizawa and Present Mic knew what you were doing, “She’s using the siren.” The crowd was confused,

“Why isn’t he fighting?”

For us the bourgeoisie, so carefree

Remember when we?” Your illusions eyes became white and he looked mesmerized.

I don’t know what you need to get by.” She began to levitate and white clouds formed around him and he began to float. Your illusion touched his forehead and at the same time you touched his leg with your free arm.

Something for your mind (mind), mind (mind), mind (mind)” you were afraid for this part, you felt his heartbeat and it was quite quick, he’s trying to fight it. Since you had been training with Aizawa, this was easier. You watched from below as his eyes became weary and he was falling asleep. Soon enough you felt it, his heart is at rest.

Something for your mind (mind), mind, mind (mind)” You dropped the hand that was keeping him afloat, using the same tactic for your feet, but with your arm, and watched as he came down to the ground quickly. You positioned yourself with your arms open and caught him in your arms. He looked so, peaceful. What are you thinking? Fuck this guy.

You were slowly making everything disappear, the cloudy sky, the smoke, and your illusion. The crowd was more confused than ever.

“It was all an illusion?!”

You set Bakugo out of the yellow line and looked at Midnight who was in complete shock, “Bakugo…. IS OUT BOUNDS!” You heard the crowd cheer louder than ever.

“she’s so awesome!”

“Yeah, she doesn’t even have a scratch on her!”

“Aiuchi! Come work for me!”

You felt so overwhelmed by the support and smiled brightly, looking at your parents who were prouder than ever.

“THE WINNER OF THIS YEARS FESTIVAL IS Y/N AIUCHI, IM SO- I mean… A ROUND OF APPLAUSE.” You couldn’t believe it, you did it, you actually did it.

Soon enough, the award ceremony took place after Bakugo woke up really pissed you heard Kirishima say that Bakugo was “Going to kill you for being a little brat.” You could care less, if you wanted to, you would’ve kicked his ass and won.

As you were standing in first place, Todoroki went up to you, “Were hiding this quirk for this?” You noded your head, “That was a good move.” “Thank you.”

“HEY! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!” Todoroki leaned in, his curiosity getting the best of him, “I casted an illusion, trapped you and only you in it, made you float and for the final touch, made you fall asleep.” He looked so pissed, “WHY DIDNT YOU FIGHT?! COWARD!” You smiled innocently, “Because I wanted to prove to you that i didn’t need my physical strength to beat you.”


“oh, hey All Might!”

He came down and handed you guys your medals, and of course, Bakugo was screaming that he deserved the number one spot and you smiled at his pain. You caught up with your parents and they blurted your favorite music in the radio and took you home to rest. It was such an amazing day, filled so many emotions. You finally got to rest, and you didn’t know what to expect for tomorrow.

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) Bakugo x reader

Y/N = your name

Warnings: swearing

A/N: this is one of my shortest ones, but, if you want to read more, all you have to do is click on my icon and you will be able to see the full story :) Enjoy!

Part 5


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It was finally Monday, and you headed to school this time with Aizawa, “Are sure you can teach?” He nodded his head, “If I’m good at anything, it’s at torchering you guys.”



You walked ahead quickly and ran to your seat, “No running!” You turned to Iida and quirked your brow and threatened to put your feet on the desk, “Ok! Ok! I get it, I’m sorry.” You put your feet back down and shut your eyes loving the somewhat silence until you felt someone tap your shoulder. You took in a deep breath and opened them slowly, “Oh, it’s you.” Midoriya played with his fingers and gave you a crooked smile, “How are you feeling Aiuchi?” A little like crap, “I’m fine now.” He clenched his fists and nodded his head, “That’s good to hear!” God, Why does everybody have to yell, “Yup.” Suddenly you heard Tsuyu say, “I wonder who is going to be our substitute.” You threw your head back and counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2,1…

“Mr. Aizawa?!”

There it is.

“Wow, he really is a pro hero!”

Yup, he was not gonna give up without a fight. “The UA sports festival is closing in.” Already? “Ofcourse, joingning a famous hero agency will get you more experience and popularity.”

“Once a year, a total of 3 chances.” Oh god.

“no aspiring hero can miss theses opportunities, so don’t slack off in your preparations.” I’m feeling queasy.

“Look! That’s gonna be me one day!”

“I don’t doubt it, you little punk.”

What? Why am I freaking out now? Shouldn’t I be celebrating? You heard the bell ring and decided to rush out to the restroom to cool off when you looked up and heard Mineta complain, “Why are they all here?!” Bakugo slid pass you, “scouting out the enemy, small fry.”

“Out of my way, extras.” Oh shit. oh shit.

“Stop calling people extras because you don’t know them!”

You felt so emberassed, he’s making all of you look bad. Then, a guy with purple hair came forward, “Are all the the people in the Hero course like this?” Um?! No! “I’m here for a declaration of war.” Now we’re in deep shit. You then heard another guy yap and you had enough, I’m dipping. You pinched Bakugo under his arm, “Don’t do anything else to make us look bad.” You then began to go through the crowd politely, “Pardon me,thank you, excuse me.” Soon enough you felt a hideous prescence and saw Bakugo right behind you while people were yelling at him, “Get your own escape route.” He shoved his way ahead, “Shut up.” He then grabbed your arm harshly and brought you close to him, something you didn’t expect. You couldn’t comprehend his actions, “Next time you pinch me, you are dead.” He then let go of you so violently that you took a few steps back, “Well fuck you to, you piece of porcupine trash!” God damn what’s up his ass?!

It was time to head home and you decided to get a ride from Aizawa, all he had had to do was correct some papers so you began to wonder the hallways in your skateboard while you waited. You were looking down and pondering, what is Bakugo thinking… what is he.. you know what do I even care? He’s a jerk. He can go to hell if i cared! That son-

you hit something hard and were sent flying. You grabbed the side of your head, ouch. You then felt the ground moving and looked down to see the guy with the purple hair. You jumped off him, “Oh god! I’m so sorry.” You extended your hand which he took, “It’s fine.” You expected more, since he did put your class in the hot seat, “I would also like to apologize for my classmate.” He looked at you as if you were playing with him. You felt your palms sweat, “I see that you’re different from him.” You felt relief wash over you, “If you mean not being a jerk then yeah, we’re different.” He chuckled at the insult, “I’m Shinso, Hitashi Shinso.” You picked skateboard from the ground, “Aiuchi.” He now stood at the side of you, “so, what are you doing here at this time?” You tried to not blow your cover, “Oh, I’m doing some community service.” “Ah, ok.” The two of you began to walk, “What about you?” He pointed at his backpack, “I stayed behind to study a bit at the library.” That makes sense, “So you’re the studious type.” His eyes crinkled a bit, “Not really, I’m just tying my best to get into your class.” You weren’t surprised, everyone is trying to do that right now, “You might be able to then.” You tilted your head, “What’s your quirk?” He looked uncomfortable, “Brainwashing.” No fucking way, “That’s pretty cool.” From the corner of your eye, you could see he was surprised, “really?” You began to walk backwards, “Yeah, You could literally lure villains out.” He was surprised at your response, “I thought you would think it was villainous, since everyone else does.” That hit too close to home. You stopped walking and gave him you’re full attention, “It’s up to you to decide your own destiny, not anyone else’s.” He gave you a small smirk.

“Y/N!” You turned to see Aizawa waiting for you.

“Well Aiuchi, I guess I’ll be seeing you at the event?” You nodded your head and he put his hands behind his back, “I look forward in seeing you their.” You felt the competitiveness uprising, “Hell Yeah.” You ran to your uncle while he looked at you wide eyed, “Excuse me little girl, but who was that?” You began to skate down the hall, “relax Zawa, it was just a guy.” He’s never felt so protective, “Just a- don’t talk to me as if I was one of your friends.”

“I don’t have any.”



Having an uncle that lead the hero course was quite an advantage. You guys were at your backyard and you used Yamada to do some close combat for a bit and took a break. He went inside and knocked out on the rug, “that was fun.” He turned to you and got up, “now let’s work on your quirk.” You felt a bit uncomfortable, but you had to say it, “sorry, I can’t hit the handicapped.”

“HANDI- I’m just gonna instruct you on what to do.” Oops, “Now get up.” He turned on the lawnmower, “Take in the vibrations.” You kneeled on the ground and began to absorb them, “You have enough?” “Yeah.” He backed up, “get up then.” You felt it getting out of control, “take back the control, don’t release your quirk at random.” He knew you had trouble with that, you were good at aiming with one part of your body, but not the rest, “I want you to take off.” “What?” He pointed at your legs, “start relying on your legs, they can give much more momentum than ones you use when launching yourself up things.” You were to afraid, what if you cracked the ground instead? “Remember, dont use all of it at once.” Like a rocket, ok that’s a good way of thinking, be like a plane, you shut your eyes, plane, plane plane plane, “Oh shit…” you were up in the sky, “I did it… I did it! Uncle Zawa I-“


“Keep concentrating and don’t loose focus.” Noted. It felt like an eternity but you finally started to get the hang of it, all you needed was something to bounce of the vibrations from. You thought Izawa was gonna call it a day when, “You have to work on one last thing.”

“Have you been doing research on heartbeats like I told you?” Oh no. You blurred out and began to cross your arms, “Nope! Uh, uh. No way am I using that on you.”

“So you did.”

He got closer this time, “try it on me.” You began to panic, “What if I hurt you.” You gasped, “or kill you!” He pinched the bridge of his nose, “I’ll erase your quirk if it does.” You felt some relief, “oh, ok.” You went up to him quickly and touched his exposed had and came back to where you were standing. You looked at his chest and blocked out any other noises, you could sense it, even hear it. You took a deep breath and remembered your research. You began to tap your fingers on your wrist, it’s relaxed. Now the tricky part. All I have to do is relax his heart beat slowly to 40 beats per minute. You felt as your slower beats connected with his and you could feel his heart was going to rest when you heard a thud. You opened your eyes quickly to find Aizawa on the ground, “oh fuck, I killed him.” You grabbed his wrist and began to hear him snoring. You let go of it in shock, “it worked.”

After knowing you could put him asleep so easily, for the past next weeks you trained for the festival, he ended each session with the sleeping, and each time before you used it, he would grab the sleeping bag and tell you to start. It was honestly a win- win situation.

Finally, it came, the three of you parted ways and you headed inside the building. You strolled around for a bit and you saw shinso with his class and waved. He gave you a small wave and you mouthed to him good luck. He pointed at you and gave you a thumbs up. You had actually become mutuals, you guys would talk sometimes after school and would say hi to each other in the hallways. But, you still hung out in the teachers lounge at lunch even though Yamada kept encouraging you to go to the cafeteria. Of course, you said no way in hell and he left it at that.

You walked into class 1As prep room and put your bag in your locker. You were about to fall asleep because you stayed up training by yourself when you felt a prescience. You looked up to see it was Kirishima and his little gang, “Oh, hey.” You could sense His excitement, “Are you excited for today?” You decided to crack your bones, which you didn’t know others found disturbing, “Yeah, I’ve been training pretty hard.” He scooted closer, “I’ve been to! Look at these muscles.” You watch as he turned his body hard as a rock, “I can see that.” I love his energy.

“Midoriya, I’m going to beat you.” Ok, now that had your attention. Operantly, Todoroki was challenging Midoriya. Maybe this will be good for him. What were you saying, Icy hot is strong as hell. You watched as sweat began to drip down his forehead and you felt so bad, “I’ll be going for it with everything I have, too.” Wow you really felt like a proud mom. It was a beautiful moment.

“If we’re going to be calling out people!”


You saw Kirishima and the rest of the class was looking at you. Huh? You looked up to see Bakugo pointing his finger right in front of your face, “I will beat you mercilessly. Until you cry for help, you rotten brat.” Rotten. ME?! I’M THE ROTTEN ONE? You tried to calm down, deep breaths, deep breaths, “You will never beat me, even with the help of your uncle.” Oh hell to the no. You don’t know how, but your body got to him so quickly and you threw him onto the lockers and aimed at his face but quickly moved your fist at the last second and punched a clean hole through the blue metal locker. You pointed at it with your hands trembling with anger, “That’s gonna be you,” and left without saying another word.

You began to roam around the dark hallways and held onto your head, “Stupid boy.. stupid boy!” You stood quietly in one of the hallways, “If I don’t win this for myself…. I have to win for them.” You began to walk back into the inside of the arena when you heard a voice call out to you, “Aiuchi.” You turned aggressively, not wanting to be bothered by anyone, “All Might?”

Midoriya wanted to chase after you but, Tokoyami stopped him, “Midoriya, I don’t think she wants to talk right now.” He felt so frustrated not being able to help his friend, “I’ve never seen like that before.”

Mineta then chirped in, “Oh what did I tell you?! She is scary!”

“Bakugo, don’t you know it’s unmanly to chose a fight with a lady?” He touched the clean cut you made though the hard metal with a mischievous smirk, “That’s not a lady, that’s my competition.”

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Hiii could u do hc for todo Baku and kiri of what they would do If someone lied about dating there fem S/O and she gets super uncomfortable♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔 ♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔♥锔


  • As soon as he finds out he’ll immediately go find the person and talk with them
  • He’s pissed, but he’s gonna try and handle it rationally
  • He doesn’t want to make any more drama
  • He’ll simply go “stop telling people youre dating y/n, it’s making her uncomfortable and above all she’s already dating me.”
  • His words aren’t threatening, but the look in his eyes are
  • That serious icy glare sends shivers down the person’s spine, it’s obvious he’s not happy
  • And Shouto’s not someone really anyone wants to mess with in the first place
  • So the person would probably back off pretty quickly


  • As if everyone doesn’t already know that youre dating him, word gets around fast that mean old bakugous actually dating someone
  • Even so - he’s ready to fight
  • Someone’s being creepy and making his baby uncomfortable? Theyre dead
  • As soon as you tell him or he hears about it, he’s going straight to the person with sparks flying out of his hands
  • Stomps up to them, not caring if it’s making a scene, and grabs them by the collar, going “You leave y/n the fuck alone, got that?”
  • If theyre smart they’ll just nod their head
  • Its not a good idea to make baku even more angry in this state
  • So in this case too, they’d probably back off real fast as to not get murdered


  • Also instantly goes to find the person as soon as he finds out about this
  • First he talked to you about it, like “do you want me to beat them up baby? I’ll do it.” and it’s lowkey cute but he’s real amped up about this cause he’s pissed
  • But you tell him that if he wants to do something just to tell them to stop, so he agrees and does that
  • Sadly for him, as obviously angry Eiji is about this, when he tells them to leave you alone they’ll probably just be like ‘yeah whatever’ and not actually care, cause Eiji’s not really known for being scary or starting fights
  • But he’ll pull a Bakugou and grab him by the collar, fists hardening to prove his point, and tell him again: “leave y/n alone.”
  • This time they’ll probably be more inclined to listen
  • Unless they think continuing their lies is worth getting punched in the face 
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Bakugou with an s/o that seems really independent and friendly but when their in private they get all soft and a little needy and touch starved and are just really soft all together?
  • This works very well for him, since he tends to be the same way
  • He doesn’t want people knowing hes soft
  • So in public he’s fine with you two not being all touchy and stuff
  • He can pretend he’s cool or whatever, but he knows that once youre alone he can finally be close to you
  • You two are the cuddliest fuckers in private, always touching somehow
  • Just holding hands and sharing little kisses and talking about whatever comes to mind
  • Even in other activities, being doing homework or watching TV or playing games, youre leaning on each other or have your legs all intertwined
  • You two are just adorable together, and he loves being able to open himself up to you in private like that
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main 3 boys (todoroki, bakugou and deku) with a fem crush or s/o who has a quirk like panty and stocking from the anime "Panty and Stocking ft Garterbelt" !!! essentially, it's a weapon like transformation quirk, but stockings turn into swords and panties turn into guns dghjddjgdjjsfb im imagining the boys have only ever seen the reader use swords, so when she just takes off her panties everyones like 'what the absolute fuck' ! this could be sorta nsfw so i understand if you dont wanna write it

I’ve never seen panty and stocking so I hope this is okay


  • Very concerned when he sees you start randomly taking off your underwear during a fight
  • He’s also always been confused as to why your hero costume is a skirt, that doesn’t seem very good to fight in
  • But he’s about to find out
  • When you pull out your underwear he looks away with a blush on his face, he feels wrong to keep watching even though he wants to
  • But then he notices gun shots, and gets confused about where those are coming from until he turns back to see you shooting the villain
  • And he goes ?? because he’s pretty sure you didn’t have that before
  • After the fight he asks you about it, and when you explain he’s still confused
  • Still kinda embarrassed, but at least you don’t mind and there was a legit reasoning behind your actions


  • So youre sparring in class
  • Its you against bakugou, and you want to practice using your gun since you generally dont
  • (we’ll say that she changed the bullets to non lethal ones so that she could shoot Bakugou okay)
  • It’s kinda embarrassing to just take off your underwear in front of everyone but you do it anyways
  • Everyone’s just staring at you, hella confused
  • And baku’s face is beat read from where he’s standing
  • Aizawa of course knows about your quirk so he doesn’t question it, and starts the match
  • When your underwear turns into a gun everyone understands what’s going on but that doesn’t stop bakugou from being embarrassed
  • You shocked him, and now he’s distracted
  • It’s painfully easy to beat him, he couldn’t stop thinking about it 
  • Poor boy, now he’s more embarrassed cause he lost


  • This is during the time where everyone was working on improving their quirks and making signature moves
  • Of course you need to work on your gun usage here, and you can most likely incorporate it into your signature more
  • Deku, wanting to be supportive, comes and asks you how your training is going as the period starts
  • And youre like “oh it’s going great!” as you start pulling your underwear down your legs
  • His soul? Gone.
  • He’s immediately so confused and shocked and just overall unsure of what to do, of course he knows what your quirk is but he didn’t know about the panty part
  • He tries to act casual when it turns into a gun, realizing that it’s just another part of your quirk, but he just can’t
  • He has to go back to his station right after, but he’s so out of it
  • Poor boy #2
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hiyaa! I would like to request headcanons for hawks, denki, bakugou and deku (separate) with a s/o who's literally a ray of sunshine who sees a bright side for everything and always has a big smile on face no matter what? thankssssss


  • Ugh why do you have to be baby?
  • He’s annoyed with how sweet you are, but in a good way
  • Like ‘how are you so perfect the world doesnt deserve you’ kind of annoyed
  • But overall he appreciates how optimistic you are
  • He can be kinda negative sometimes so having you right there with your bright smile to cheer him up is always welcome


  • Oh my gosh he loves you so much?
  • He sees you and literally goes uwu
  • It’s a great combo cause he looks like sunshine and you act like it
  • He lowkey thought you were kinda fake at first, cause who can be that optimistic about everything
  • But now he vows to protect you at all costs


  • Originally you annoyed him
  • But as time went on he learned to appreciate your optimistic attitude, he finds it hard to be angry when youre there being so positive
  • So he is thankful that youre the way you are
  • Whenever he needs to vent he does so to you cause you instantly make him feel better, you can tell him everythings gonna be okay with a bright smile on your face and his worries vanish


  • You two really out here being the sweetest little fucks
  • Sunshine couple
  • Seriously you two are painfully adorable together
  • He loves your personality, especially cause even though he usually is a lot like you, he also has a lot of moments where he can be kinda pessimistic 
  • So having you there to always bring his mood back up is such a blessing

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Pairing: Bakugo x Reader

Summary: He always saw you wherever he went. You were always alone, even if many people knew of you. None of them knew you. Yet he still wanted you in his life, despite your reputation.

Warnings: Soft Bakugo, mention of death, a little angsty, happy ending :) I was bored so sorry if its not good. I tried to make this as gender neutral as possible 

Word Count: 3,270ish

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My Hero Academia (SERIES) Bakugo x reader

Warnings: some cursing

Y/N = your name

A/N: Hello! Welcome back if you have been reading the other parts :) I hope you enjoy this next one <3 If you want to read the other parts, click my icon and it should be their. Enjoy!

Part 4


Originally posted by deku-smash

“Daddy, they killed him. I saw it!”

“I’m so sorry y/n, I’ve failed you two.”

“The two of us have failed both of you.”

You shot up from the hospital bed, “NO!” You then felt people restraining you down to the bed and you opened your eyes, you were in a hospital, and it was evening from what you could tell. “Deep breaths y/n.” You listened to what the nurse said and tried concentrating on the flow of your breath, “Their, do you feel better?” Your eyes were still adjusting to the light exposure and you began to remember, “Where’s Aizawa?! I have to see him. He’s my-“

“Uncle. Yes, he gave us that lecture already.”

He already did… That meant he was fine by now then, “May I have some water?” The kind nurse gladly poured you a small cup which you quickly drank. The cool water going down your throat felt peculiar, yet so refreshing at the same time. You handed her the cup once more, “Thank you.” She smiled in reponse and left the room with the reinforcement from before. You felt so weak, just drinking the water felt like a hard task. You brought your upper body up with the beds remote control to look at the doctor more comfortably , “How long was it?” He saw that you were probably use to this, “Three days.” Fuck. He left you some pills for your headache on a small desk, “I read your medical history, so I thought you might need these for that migraine of yours.” You smiled softly, “Thank you doctor.” He gave you a small nod, “Are you willing to take visitors?” Probably Yama and Zawa, “Yes.” He began to close the door, “They will be here soon.” You gave him once again a small smile and felt a wash of relief once he left.

You tried taking a deep breath, but even doing that hurt. You hated this so much that you started sobbing softly as you turned your head to the window, why, why that stupid memory. You tried wiping your tears but it hurt, that could’ve been Aizawa. Soon enough, you heard a knock on your door and quickly grabbed the bed sheet to wipe your tears, “Come in.” You tried preparing your softest smile for your uncle when what the- WHAT THE- WHATS IS THIS?! You watched as some of the classmates you knew came in. You looked up to see both of your uncles at the door and your expression said everything, why in the fuck are they here?

As they all crowded around you, you took a look at their bodies and noticed that they didn’t have any injures and you felt relieved, they didn’t get them. You watched as Iida was about to open his mouth and just thinking of his yapping made your head hurt, “Please.” You watched his face turn into confusion, “Don’t talk that loud.” He took a step back and bowed, “I’m sorry.” It was almost humorous to you, “It’s fine.” You were surprised to see Todoroki and Bakugo, if you knew any better, they didn’t give a fuck about you.

You looked at the foot of the bed and saw Midoriya had tears forming in the corner of his eyes, oh no, the baby is crying, “Aiuchi, we were all so worried.” You looked at Bakugo for conformation, “Don’t speak for all of us you damn nerd!” You watched as Iida hit him behind the head, ah yes, this is paradise, “Be considerate Bakugo.” You watched as his brows knitted together in anger and turned the other way. You were then handed some fruit by Iida, jelly by Tokoyami and a chocolate frog by Kouda, “we wanted to thank you.” You looked at your newfound friend, “I love jelly.” You watched as a smile crept up and he and the friendly giant bowed, “We will always be at your debt for saving us.” You shook your head, “This food is enough.” You then looked at Iida, “I came down to see if you were okay, as the class representative.” Of course, “Im doing just fine, thank you.” You then weakly pointed at the pills, “can you hand those to me.” He obliged and gave them to you and you grabbed his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Thank you for taking care of everyone.” He looked at you in shock, “Your welcome!”


“I mean, Your welcome.” You shrugged it off, “just saying the truth.” He had a determined face plastered on, “I will never fail you Aiuchi.” You gave him a thumbs up and he began to shove Tokoyami, Kouda and himself out of the room, “We hope to see you at school tomorrow!”



You closed your eyes a bit and pointed at the door, “do you guys have some water?” Soon enough, you felt a cup placed in your hand, “Thank you.” You took a pill and washed it down with the water. You had to face it, didn’t you? “Did I hurt any of you?” They all shook their heads. You felt relieved, “How are you doing unc- Aizawa?”

“I’m doing just fine. And they know.” Dammit.

You watched as he pulled out a chair, he had bandages all over his face, “What caused it this time?” You felt your throat closing, but you couldn’t cry infront of these guys, “i saw you unconscious.” He decided to touch up on that later, “Hm.”

“Do you mind if you put the things on the table?” Kirishima gave you the biggest smile, “if it isn’t a bother.” He shook his head aggressively, “Of course.” Aw, he’s so nice. You then proceeded to rub the back of your neck, “I didn’t go too rogue, did I?” Their looks said other wise. “How did you get up after all those hits?” You turned to Midoriya, “Hm?” “You got flung to tree, we for sure thought you were unconscious.” That didn’t sound like you, “I didn’t dodge it?”

Todoroki spoke, “You took a hit for Bakugo.” Oh.

You shifted your gaze towards him and noticed his eyes softened but became stiff once more, “And that’s the last time you do that, you Brat!” You looked at your uncle and noticed his eyes were glowing, you’re in my turf now buddy.

“You did that many times, yet you still got up each time.”

What the Hell is wrong with me. “But, it all stopped once you proceeded to attack the villains that woke up.” Kirishima nodded, “Yeah, you got thrown so far, you made it into the water of the shipwreck simulator.” Jesus Christ, “and you wouldn’t come up.” Probably the after shocks of gaining consciousness. His eyes brightened once more and pointed at the blond boy, “Luckily, Bakugo was their and was able to get you out.” You were surprised, but remembered him carrying you, “Thanks.” He rolled his eyes and huffed. I’ll take that as a you’re welcome.

Suddenly you heard both of your uncles phones go off and Present Mic pointed at the door. You held your uncles arm and he patted it with his other one, “I’ll see you at home.” Fuck, they’re staying over? They always do this after your quirk acts out. You nodded your head and let go of him. You watched as he walked out with Present Mic who just smiled at you, he sure as hell knew he couldn’t speak right now. You waved goodbye and saw Aizawa turn, “You four.”

“Make sure she gets home safely.”

Dammit, I was planning on going to the cat cafe after this. They nodded their heads in understanding and they left for good.

“If you don’t mind me asking again, why didn’t you get hurt?”

You began to move again a bit and felt so sore all over your body, I did take many hits didn’t I? “My body absorbs the shocks.” His eyes began to twinkle, “Just like All Might!” You never thought of it that way, “Yeah, I guess.” You then noticed the heap of clothes left for you, “If you guys don’t mind going outside, I’m gonna change.” You watched as they all became flustered and scrambled towards the door. So childish.

Lucky for you, Present Mic knew exactly what you liked so he packed you some black jeans, a white shirt and your black leather jacket. In the same place, you found your rings and was grateful to find you didn’t loose any. You tried taking as long as possible, hoping they would leave. But, as soon as you opened the door feeling pain all over your body, you felt someone yank the bags out of you, “I’ll take care of these Aiuchi!” They stayed?!

Kirishima gladly took your bags and distributed between him, Midoriya and Todoroki. You felt a smile creep up, the hot tamale left. Suddenly, you felt a strong grip on your shoulder pushing you down, “idiot! Don’t you know you’re not suppose to be standing you annoying brat?!” HE stayed?! “It’s fine, you guys can go home.” You sure as hell knew how to get home from this hospital. “B-but what if Mr.Aizawa finds out?” You heard Bakugo grumble, “Then I’m not taking any risks!” You rolled your eyes, “is their anywhere where you would like to eat, Aiuchi?” You shook your head, but your stomach said other wise. Midoriya put your backpack and him and clutched the straps, “Let’s stop by a store and get you some snacks.” You settled on that you told them of a store close to your house so, you headed that way.

“Can I get up? I’m sure I can walk.” Bakugo was fucking Psycho, he kept on going on the cracks which made you jolt up and down, hurting you even more. Todoroki shrugged his shoulders, “if you think you can.” Thank god. You began to get up and tried not to show any discomfort, walking ahead of everyone. Midoriya began to really admire you, you got up and kept on going, like a pro hero.

As you were walking around the store, you kept hearing Bakugo groan, “Why am I rolling around this stupid wheel chair?!” You opened the freezer and started grabbing the bags of ice, “For this.” He quirked an eyebrow, “Why do you need so many?” You grabbed the last bag and stretched your arm, “An ice bath.” He nodded, “Let’s go then, extra.” You guys were quickly moving ahead, and they didn’t say a word, until you were at your gate.

Midoriya and Kirishima shouted at the same time, “Wow, you’re rich!” You looked at your house and back at them, “Yeah, I guess.” You input the pin and the gate swung open and closed it after you all made it in. You then began to open your door and walked in, “Where would you like for us to put down your bags?” You motioned them to follow you and pointed at the kitchen floor, “It’s fine here.” They all began to pile them and Kirishima put the food on the marble island in your kitchen, “are you here by yourself?” You grabbed an ice pack and put it on your neck, “Yeah, my parents are still touring.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Do you need anything else?” You shook your head and sat on a stool, “Nah, I’m good now.” Todoroki took the hint and tapped both Kirishima and Midoriya as he signaled to the door, “We should be heading out, we’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Honestly you didn’t want to go, “Did I miss a lot?” They all shook their heads, that’s a relief, “You technically just missed Friday, so your fine.” That’s true. You saw the guys heading out and you called out to them, “Wait!”

They all turned, “Don’t mention this to anybody.” Midoriya tilted his head like a puppy but Todoroki seemed to be the most logical one right now, “Of course,” and left closed the door behind them. You headed towards the security cameras and saw Midoriya and Kirishima freaking out about your dads custom car and Bakugo hitting them behind the head and dragging them out of the place. As you watched the gates close, you once again saw that concerned expression on Bakugos face and you held onto yourself, “What’s buggging you, Katsuki?”

After a while, you began to dump all the ice into your bath tub and jumped inside, feeling comfort in the freezing water as you felt your muscles ease. You came out feeling much better and grabbed your phone, noticing that you had many missed calls from your mother and father. You felt the headache coming back, I’ll call them later.

You began walking downstairs, to a place where no one would ever hear you and opened the door. You turned on the lights and grabbed your black electric keyboard and sat down in a chair and began to sing,

I can’t walk and I ain’t the same

And my name became

A new destiny to the grave

And I, I can feel the pull begin

Feel my conscience wearing thin

And my skin

It will start to break up and fall apart

I don’t wanna fall, fall away

I don’t wanna fall, fall away

I’ll keep the lights on in this place

Cause I don’t wanna fall, fall away…”

As you finished up and headed upstairs into the living room, you heard some shuffling and turned the corner to find Present Mic and Aizawa waiting for you. Aizawa extended his hand and handed you your purple sleeping bag and plopped onto your couch. Eraserhead leaned onto you and you leaned onto Present Mic, “It was so terrifying.” You felt Yamaha begin to rub your back. You then sensed yourself chocking on your words, “W-What if All Might did-dn’t arrive? What would have happen to us?” This made Yamadas heart ache, he knew how uncontrollable that part of your quirk was, and how much you blamed yourself for what happened to your sibling, “Stop thinking of what could’ve happened.” You looked up and he had a smile so big that his eyes were shut, “But be happy with this outcome.” You looked at Aizawa and he nodded his head. You then watched as he shifted in his bag, “Mochi?” You took one gratefully and he extended his hand even farther to mess with your hair. As soon as he heard you giggle, he closed his eyes.

“So, What do you guys want to watch?”

“Let’s watch the Lion King”

“Again Aizawa?! That movie has too many cats.”


“What’s your point Yamada?”

The sweet bickering of these two. You rested easily but thought of Bakugo once again, is he okay?

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Imagine being on a study date with bakugou and kirishima (polly)

Bakugou-“why aren’t you getting it iv told you five times how to do it”

Kirishima-“I’m sorry. I’m trying man”

You-“bakugou don’t be so hard on him. He’s trying”

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Katsuki Bakugo x reader


Summary: Katsuki gets a message from you, asking him to meet up at night without explanation. He gets worried but agrees to come: you’ve never done anything like this before.

A/N: I’m gonna be honest with you: my heart is broken so I had to write it to reanimate my faith in love and feel better. So I’m sorry if this is not really good written or sum

Enjoy reading! 🌺

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The Butterfly Effect-Part 2 ~Katsuki Bakugo x fem!reader

Warning!⚠️ violence, cussing

Previous Parts:

Prologue Prologue 1.5 Part 1


Originally posted by touyanii

“Hey Hiro, isn’t that where your dad tried to beat that sludge villain when he was little?”

Hiroyuki looked at the exhibit that Miyoko was pointing at. “Yeah, my dad tells me about it all the time. His friend was in trouble and the heroes there couldn’t help him so my dad tried to save his friend all by himself,” Hiroyuki said with a sparkle in his eye.

“Well, your dad’s friend sounds pretty lame since he couldn’t even beat a little slime,” Miyoko said with a grin. “Well, my dad only beat him because he had help from Grandpa Toshi. Heh heh,” Hiroyuki said as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Yeah, but your dad is awesome. I wish he was my dad,” Miyoko grumbled.

Hiroyuki looked at her and got ready to say something to cheer her up when the doors to the museum busted open. Two pro heroes rushed in.

“Woah! Red Riot and Chargebolt! I wonder what they’re doing here?”

“Everyone remain calm. There’s a problem in the building and we need everyone to evacuate immediately.”

The teachers tried to group all of their students up but they were interrupted when the lights flickered off and the ground shook violently. A chorus of screams sounded as an explosion rumbled through the museum causing the walls of the museum to shift and collapse.


Bakugo’s head pounded.

Ears ringing, he reached up and touched his head.


“Tch. Damn psychopath. ”

Bakugo swayed when he stood up. He stumbled for the first few steps but was over all pretty good for surviving a full blown explosion. He guessed he was just used to them. He kept going until he saw a familiar head of red hair.

“Bakugo! What happened out there man!?” Kirishima asked knowing better than to ask if he was okay. Denki not so much.

“Yeah man, you look like shit.” Bakugo glared at the blonde.

“What did you say to me, Asshole!?” Bakugo went to swing at Kaminari but he missed and swayed forward.

Kirishima caught Bakugo.

“I don’t need your help, Shitty Hair!” Bakugo said as he swayed more trying to get away from the red head’s grasp.

“What happened back there, man?”

“Damn suicide bomber.”

“Woah man. That’s pretty serious. You need to get some medical help.”

“I’m fine.” Bakugo grumbled. Kirishima gave him a worried look.

“Fine. We’ll finish looking for survivors but after that we’re getting you to a doctor.”

Bakugo growled but didn’t comment on it.


“Hiro!” Miyoko yelled, trying to locate her best friend through the dust and wreckage.

“Miko! I’m over here!” Hiroyuki cried back from under a collapsed wall.

Miyoko started digging through pieces of wreckage desperately trying to free her best friend.

“Don’t worry Hiro! I’m gonna get you out!” Miyoko yelled, trying to calm down her bestfriend.

“Hey guys, I think I hear some kids over here!” Miyoko heard from behind her. She turned around to see heroes running towards her. She instantly recognized them from earlier.

“Red Riot, Chargebolt you’re here! My friend needs help!” Miyoko cried out as she ran over towards the heroes. Kirishima had to do a double take when he saw a carbon copy of his best friend running towards him.

“Hey, are you hurt little girl?” Kirishima asked as she approached him.

“My arm hurts a little, but I’m okay. My friend needs help. He’s stuck under those rocks,” Miyoko said as Kirishima checked her for immediate injuries.

“Hey Shitty Hair, what’s the hold up?”

Miyoko turned to face the rash voice. Another blonde hero limped towards the group. She stared intently at the hero, trying to figure out where she had seen him before. Bakugo looked at Miyoko.

“What’s your problem, brat?” Bakugo scoffed when Miyoko stuck her tongue out at him.

“Ground Zero, there’s a kid stuck under here. I’m worried that if we start pulling out rocks, it could bring the whole place down. I’m gonna go around and see if there’s another way to get the kid out,” Kirishima said before jogging around the rubble.

“Wait! I wanna go with you! He’s my friend and I wanna save him!” Miyoko yelled. Kirishima stopped dead in his tracks.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Kirishima asked the girl gently.

“Miyoko and his name is Hiro, Hiroyuki! He’s my best friend!”

“Look Miyoko. It’ll be safer for you and him if you wait here with Bak- I mean, Ground Zero. I know your mommy and daddy wouldn’t want you to get hurt or lost too,” he tried to reason with the four year old.

“Well, I don’t have a daddy.” Miyoko argued back.

“Well, I’m sure your mom would be really sad if something happened to you. You need to stay here where it’s safe,” Kirishima said with a frown. Kirishima leaned down to her level.

“I need you to protect my friend over there. He’s hurt. Can you be my hero and watch out for villains for me?” Miyoko begrudgingly nodded. She didn’t want to watch over this mean guy, she wanted to save her friend.

Miyoko crossed her arms and frowned but didn’t say anything else as the red headed hero ran around the building’s remains.

Bakugo and Miyoko sat in silence for a few moments before the rubble shifted and Hiroyuki let out a cry.

“Hiro!” Miyoko yelled before shooting up and running to help her friend. Miyoko was fast, but Bakugo was faster even in his wounded state. Bakugo tried to hold her back, but Miyoko was determined to get away and save her friend.

“Kid, you gotta stop, dammit! If you start pulling random fucking rocks, they’ll all fall and crush your friend,” Bakugo gritted out as he tried to contain the squirming Miyoko.

Miyoko eventually went limp in his arms, the frustration getting the better of her and hot angry tears made their way down her face.

“Shit,” Bakugo sighed. He wasn’t good with kids and Kirishima knew it. So, he didn’t see why he thought it was a good idea to leave him here.

“Everything’s gonna be fine, kid. There’s no reason to-“ Bakugo stopped as a new idea ran through his head.

“Hey kid, who’s your favorite hero?” Miyoko looked at him through big watery eyes before answering him.

“Hellfreeze, the duality hero. He’s the coolest. And my name’s not Kid, it’s Miyoko,” she sassed to him.

‘You gotta be shitting me,’ Bakugo thought to himself.

“Well, what would Hellfreeze want you to do in this situation? He wouldn’t want you to cry. He’d want you to be strong so that we can save your friend.”

Miyoko sniffed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I wish he was here. He’d know what to do.”

Bakugo suddenly remembered why he decided to never have kids.


Hey guys! Here’s the next part of the series! I hope you like it! Don’t forget if you guys are ever confused on what’s happening or just want to talk about what’s happening, don’t hesitate to ask! I will try to answer all your questions! Also if you want to be added to the tags still, just let me know!

Edit: Okay I feel like I have to clarify because if I didn’t know, it might now be that clear to me. In my fanfiction, Todoroki is one of the top three pro heroes. He also took on the hero name Hellfreeze mostly because I thought it sounded badass 😂 also in the next part, it might get confusing again so I’ll clarify right now. Uraraka let her hero license expire right after she had Hiro so she could protect him at home. Her and Midoriya desided it was for the best, because it was extremely dangerous for them to have a kid while Deku was still the no1 hero. If there’s anything I might’ve missed that’s confusing, just let me know!



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Hello hello, reader friend! This is adorable, and as we all know, I am in love with Katsuki Bakugou (thanks so much for requesting! )

Lotsa love from Yaomomo xx


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by osxka

Not attending UA was the right move for you- Your life’s dream wasn’t to be a top ranking pro. It could be difficult sometimes though, not being able to see your boyfriend everyday, not to mention the fact that UA seemed to be under constant attack from villains.  Katsuki would text you a few times during the school day just to check on you, make sure that you’ve eaten lunch or to arrange what time he’d be picking you up for your study date. He is an incredibly caring boyfriend, but he attempts to cover up his secret affectionate side. 

Noone believed that your lockscreen was real: Your classmates teased you about your allegedly photoshopped photos with one of UA’s upcoming pros. But they were all legit - Katsuki’s lips on your cheek as your phone faced the mirror making the selfie that was your phone’s lockscreen. Unfortunately, it made you the subject of some teasing during the school day but, you knew that when the bell rung at the end of the day, Katsuki would kiss it all better.

“Off to see your fake boyfriend, nerd-” One of your less-than-kind classmates laughed at you as you walked out of the school gates, books clutched to your chest. Luckily, Katsuki was in earshot as he waited for your library date. “Your precious little Bakugou who’s totally your boyfriend.”

“Watch your mouth, asshole,” Katsuki growled as he pulled you into his arms, chin upon your head as he glared daggers at your bully, “Leave (F/N) alone before I break your fuckin’ knees.” His hand raked through your hair before kissing your mouth passionately, eyes half-liddedly open still glaring at your despicable classmate. “Stay out of their way or I’ll set you on fire.” Your classmates left you alone about your boyfriend after the incident.

Katsuki gazed down at you, taking your books and holding them under his left arm. His right arm snaked around your waist and a low grunt left his lips. He didn’t say much as you wandered to the library for you date, but, he glared around, holding you close to his body as he protected you.

“How long have they been botherin’ you, nerd?” Your boyfriend huffed, setting your books on the library table and slouching in the slightly uncomfortable chair.

“As long as we’ve been together, Kaachan,” you grumbled, watching his scowling face as he flipped open a textbook. Without a word, Katsuki lay a lingering kiss to your lips, one softer than his usual rough kisses. “Katsuki-”

He blushed lightly, “I’m not soft okay … Just care about you, okay.”

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Hello there! May I request really fluffy (and sLiGhTlY angsty) scenario of Bakugou comforting his s/o after telling him that she was bein’ bullied- sorry if this is too much to ask for lmao 馃槄

Bakugou comforting his s/o who was being bullied

Warnings: angst, bullying, fluff(?, swearing. I thinks that’s all.

Words: 877

A/N: i hope i’ve met your expectations and thanks for requesting, enjoy!

(i think this is more angst tan fluff lol, sorry)


 Bakugou was beginning to suspect, your red nose when he saw you enter to your dorm, or since you were feeling depressed lately, you tried to hide it but Bakugou is not a fool, you’ve been dating for a long time and he can tell that your behavior wasn’t normal. Although he didn’t say nothing because he thought it was ‘girl stuff’.

On the other hand, you were less eager to go to school, afraid to meet again the people who were responsible for killing your joys, more than fear you felt terror, it felt like an endless nightmare. You wanted everything to stop, katsuki was your only way out but it was increasingly difficult to pretend that nothing happened. Your boyfriend hadn’t found out yet because you were from the support class and your class was very far from his. You also hadn’t told the teachers because you were terrified, and because you didn’t want to mess with the people who attacked you. For a moment you thought that the bullying would stop soon, but you were so wrong.

It was friday after leaving class when you met again with that bunch of people you never wanted to see again, a shiver ran down your spine, fear filling your body.


Katsuki heard knocking on his door, reluctantly stood up and as he approached the door he heard sobbing, he opened the door his heart broke in two. You were staring at the floor with a red face full of tears and disheveled hair, hiccups of sadness leaving your chest. He had no time to talk when you threw yourself at him and hugged him with all your strength, burying your face in his chest.

¨What the fuck happened, (y/n)?!¨ he exclaimed holding you as he closed the door, he was in shock. His girlfriend who always smiled and laughed happily, was now made a mess of tears, holding him tight.

Since you couldn’t stop crying, he took you to the sofa, the boy was rarely silent, worry muted him. He gave you some water and hugged you again, laying you both on the couch while stroking you until you stop crying.

Once you calmed down, when you felt sure, you took a breath and spoke ¨they… they bullied me again. For days, i feel worthless, stupid, i feel small. They attack me, criticize me. I can’t stand it anymore¨ your voice broke and you felt bakugou tense, quickly you spoke again ¨no, no, no, listen, i just only wanna be with you right now, please. I don’t wanna know nothing about them¨ you begged.

¨How the fuck do you want me to be so calm after what you told me, huh?! You want me to pretend like nothing happened?! I already knew that someth-¨

¨please.¨ you mumble, holding him tight. ¨i beg you, the least that i want to do is think ‘bout that, ‘suki…¨ you looked into his eyes and he just stare at you, confuse and angry.

Bakugou felt terrible, there was only fear and sadness on your eyes. He sighed and hugged you again, giving you a soft kiss on your forehead and then you feel his head laying on top of yours. ¨i just can’t see you like this, fuck, don’t you understand that you’re really special to me? It fuck me up the fact that those idiots can make you feel like this, you don’t deserve this, at all.¨ The boy couldn’t help but feel impotence and anger, because he failed to keep his promise: to protect you. ¨you’re the best fucking thing that happened to me and you need to know that.¨ he softened his voice.

After that, you forgot all the shit that happened, your boyfriend and you kept cuddling and watching tv until nightfall, you made dinner, and so the kitchen end up being a mess because of the little food fight that you both had. You took a shower on his bathroom and then, when you were done, bakugou gave you one of his shirts to sleep, you wore it with the shorts that you use under your college skirt. Once you both were in bed, you lay your head on his chest, his arms on you waist, as if he was afraid to let you go. You never expected to see this side of bakugou and you sincerely appreciated with all your heart for behaving like this. Without realizing it you fell asleep. Happy because it’s the weekend and so you can spend more days with him.

It was Sunday in the morning and Nezu, the director, called you to his office. He told you that the teachers and a student told him about the incident. He showed you the photos of the culprits so you can identify them and so the university took care of the rest. Once you got out of the room you felt like you could breathe peacefully again. You came back to bakugou’s dorm. He was the one who told the teachers what was going on and then the director did the rest. You was sincerely surprise your boyfriend didn’t get in trouble nor overreact like you tought he would.

A day full of hugs and caresses awaited you.

please feel free to let me know if there’s a misspelling because english is not my native language and i wanna write the best i can uwu.

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