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Bakugou having a crush who's best friends with Izuku or Monoma Neito?

Jelly jelly Bakugou! I chose Monoma because i never wrote for him befofe. Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

-Why was he jealous? It’s not like you’re his girlfriend or anything.

- But whenever you were around him, around stupid Monoma, he couldn’t help the rage that was bubbling inside his heart.

- And it definitely didn’t help that Monoma really liked to tease him.

- He’d wrap his arm around your waist, whisper in your ear, hug you, all while keeping eye contact with the angry blonde, shooting him a cocky smirk.

- It wasn’t hard to tell that Katsuki had a little crush on you, first by the way he threatens Neito whenever he interrupts him whilst having a conversation with you, second by the way he treats you, less harsh, less mean, he cared about you, and everyone can see the little smile, that he tries so hard to hide, when he’s talking to you.

-Now Monoma wasn’t that mean to be honest, he knew you liked Bakugou too, you always talk about him and how cool and stong he is.

-But he couldn’t help it! He loved seeing the explosive guy fuming.

- But as you got closer to the 1a boy, Neito seemed to cut down on his teasing.

- But he still liked seeing the boy jealous.

- When you tell him that you two are finally a couple, he was happy for you, he cared about your happiness you were his best friend after all, but he wouldn’t stop calling you traitor or fake just to annoy you.

- Though he stopped being too physically affectionate with you, respecting your relationship, he turned from a teasing prick to am overprotective one.

-Always glaring at Bakugou when he was giving you a sweet kiss, or picking up a fight with him if he saw you sad, even if it’s not the angry porcupine’s fault.

- But Bakugou could see, that even behind all the fights, the yells, the glares from the copy cat, that he still accepted him and trusted him.

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Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

“above it all” | katsuki bakugou

Summary: facing your fears for a certain boy is easier than you thought it would be.

Type: Fluff.

Warnings: swearing (it’s bakugou c’mon).

Words: 3003.

A/N: just something to get me back in the writing mindset uwu. Also faaaar longer than I originally intended oops.


To say that you’d been excited when Aizawa-Sensei said 1-A could go to the local carnival that was coming to town at the end of the semester if you all put in the work would be a heinous understatement. There was something about their glorified romance that had hooked you in from the moment you’d first visited one as a child. You couldn’t help yourself and although Mina and Co. teased you ruthlessly for the week before the outing you knew they were just as hyped. There was however one slight difficulty.

Almost a month ago when the idea had first been revealed to the class, in true Mina fashion, the girls had gathered in the pink girl’s room for some good ol’ truth or dare. And as you’d expected the questions quickly transitioned from boring basic knowledge to which new boy had caught the girls fancy. You tried to avoid this topic like the plague but your flimsy excuse of wanting to go to bed early didn’t fool anyone.

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so you said that bakugous expression when he saves natsuo reminds you of dekus expression when he saves bakugou from the sludge villain. do you think that when we get bakugous hero name, there will be a flashback from his pov with a bigger panel that references/parallels deku expression more directly?

I think when he gets his hero name there will be flashbacks to the Endeavor internship arc from his perspective (sort of how we get now bits and pieces of Tokoyami flashbacks), but I’m not sure exactly of what. I was referencing the sludge-villain panel, because I think that shows that Bakugou’s state of mind saving Natsuo was different than his previous saves. But that doesn’t mean that this was the catalyst moment for his hero name.  Maybe we’ll see something different, like his reaction to Endeavor’s speech to Natsuo which was hidden, or a cut scene from between when the police arrived and when they are at the train station.

I’m sure there will be a big panel with him announcing his hero-name and it will be a really chatarctic moment one way or another. Horikoshi has been building this plot point since the Sports Festival, so I’m certain that he’ll make it a great one. 

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It’s very funny that Bakugous bday is one 4/20 when out of all the characters, he is probably the least likely to smoke weed. Like this boy goes to bed early and he wants nothing more than to be a hero, do you really think he’d sabotage his chances over something that I must say, is not the best?

Now, literally everyone else in the bakusquad? Their asking Bakugou to smoke weed with them and when he says fuck no Kirishima says it’s manly he didn’t bend to peer pressure.

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right so you were talking about nobody like... talking to Katsuki after traumatic stuff. Maybe that cause he always says he’s ok? Like he doesn’t let other greg over him cause like it’s week or something?? And it’s not until the big spill(tm) that he actually says something is wrong and he’s hurting. Like, he’s just bottling up all his emotions and it’s gonna be like that until he busts. It def seems in character for him...

Yes, he’s definitely the type to pretend that everything is OK, and would probably lash out at anyone even suggesting anything different. In fact, he’s so good at holding everything in that it never even occurred to people to try to talk to him, as All Might acknowledges.


This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the responsibility of the adults in his life to try to look out for his mental health after a traumatic experience, especially since all the teachers are in fact pro heroes, they must be both professionally aware and personally experienced with the possible emotional fallout of such situations. There is a big contrast with how All Might treats Midoriya in this respect, or how Mirio reaches out to Eri. 

And I think Aizawa realizes too that he screwed up. I’m fairly certain that this is the reason why he doesn’t expel Bakugou for instigating an all-out fight on campus. And becomes afterwards much better paying attention to the students’ mental well-being, reaching out to the Raid Team after Sir Nightseye’s death or to Todoroki during and after the Endeavor fight on TV. 

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I love the idea of Bakugo crushing on Midoriya's sister!! Could you expand on that more please?

(for Baku crushing on Midoriya’s sister, I meant headcanons if it wasn’t clear! Sorry! 😊)

Hi. So I went a bit overboard while writing this request and ended up with something that comes off more like a fic than simple headcanons. I had a lot of feelings and thoughts about this though that I am sooo happy I was able to get out so honestly no regrets. 

Anyway, I hope you like them! Thanks for requesting!

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Everything really begins after an encounter during their middle school years where Midoriya’s sister put up a fight about how Bakugou was treating her brother. She really ripped into him, telling him how he was acting like a villain more than a hero and how disgusting of a person he was for looking down on others and being so rude. Probably the first time Bakugou had ever been left speechless and unable to quip back- no one had ever had the balls to talk to him that way- and by the time he recovered Midoriya’s little sister was pulling her brother away from the scene.
  • At the time he pretends to brush off her words, but they stick with him even if he wishes they didn’t. They transform into anger and spite towards the girl and he vows to show her just how wrong she was. Starting with getting into U.A. (which of course he did). Needless to say though, this acceptance did nothing to change her perception of him and that really pissed him off.
  • The first time Midoriya’s little sister shows an ounce of sympathy and kindness towards Bakugou (since they were kids at least) is after he was retrieved from the league of villains. Mama Midoriya would have sent her lovely daughter over to the Bakugous with some comfort food and the intention to check up on poor Katsuki. And for once, she didn’t find herself minding the trip as she was curious and- dare she admit, concerned-how he was doing as well.
  • She was the last person Bakugou expected to come and visit him. It was tense, neither knowing how to address the other in a way that didn’t involve yelling or insults. Midoriya’s little sister spoke up first, asking how he was doing since returning home. She was met with grunt and something that sounded along the lines of “fine”. A tense silence overtook the room once again after that. She had a lot she wanted to ask him, but it just felt wrong at the time to pry like that. In the end Midoriya’s sister let out a sigh, expressing in probably the softest voice Bakugou had ever heard her use that she was relieved he was alright and that, from what Midoriya described, she was impressed with how he handled the situation. That finally made Bakugou turn his eyes towards her form, not that she met his gaze.
  • If she had met his eyes she would have seen the intrigue and slight shock in them. He certainly wasn’t expecting that coming from her mouth. Of course, this hadn’t been the first time she had surprised him. She leaves him after that with a wave of her hand and a “see you whenever” thrown over her shoulder. Although neither of them knew at the time, that was the beginning of a change in their dynamic. After that exchange in the Bakugou household Katsuki finds himself picking fights with her less often and decides that when she isn’t glaring at him and cursing him out she’s pretty chill to be around. Not to say that they’re hanging out all of sudden so much as they end up crossing paths more, like when she sees Midoriya for a visit at the 1-A dorms or is shopping with her mother and happens to run into the Bakugous while out.
  • He deadass does his best to ignore the feelings for her that have begun to blossom. He’ll push down any affection he feels towards her and do all he can to convince himself that it’s nothing but some kind of wack physical attraction brought on by teenage hormones at best. Suffice to say, it doesn’t work for long since he finds it harder and harder to ignore how his heart jumps in his chest when she touches him in the most innocent and simplest of ways or how warmth floods his chest (and his cheeks) at hearing her laugh at something he said.
  • Yeah, he’s fucked and he knows it. He’s even more fucked though because he has no idea what to do about his feelings for her. I mean, he’s pretty sure she just barely likes him as is and that makes his chances of scoring even one date with her so very low. He definitely talks to Kirishima about it but Kirishima O N L Y, and even that only happened because Kirishima brought it up when they were hanging out one afternoon.
  • Kirishima encourages Bakugou to search out time to spend with her and to do his best to woo her with chivalrous and kind acts (the manliest way to win a woman over in Kirishima’s eyes). Only problem is, chivalry and kindness don’t come easy to Bakugou and definitely aren’t his style. Still, he values Kirishima’s input on the situation and figures it’s a starting point which is at least something to work with.
  • From then on whenever Bakugou is around Midoriya’s sister he tries to get her to warm up to him more in subtle ways, like offering/making her a drink, letting her try some of the food he’s made/making, and trying to yell less when she’s around. To outsiders this would seem like nothing, but to those who knew Bakugou this was d e f i n i t e l y something. Lucky for him, Midoriya’s sister took notice of his new behavior and found herself becoming more comfortable around him each time they happened upon one another. You could even say she actually began to enjoy being around him.
  • She too would soon end up catching feels for the hot tempered boy, and like him wouldn’t quite know what to do about it at first. She never expected she would feel something like this for him after all. Eventually though she would take the initiative (since she noticed he didn’t seem to be able to work up the guts to) and ask him if he’d like to hang out sometime. Just the two of them.
  • Bakugou is happy, thrilled even at being given the opportunity. But he plays it cool in front of her and simply responds with a shrug of his shoulders and a “sure”. Midoriya’s sister catches the smiling pulling at his lips though and can’t help but return it with one of her own. Neither one of them knew what would come out of this, or if anything would come out of it at all, but they were both more than a little excited to find out.

-Admin Sunshine

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Bakugo: My birthday is on 4/20- // Midoriya: iS tHaT a WEED™? I'M CALLING THE POLICE!

Midoriya storms into Bakugou’s dorm room on his birthday, midnight, 4/20 on the DOT

just to yell this

and then he runs before Bakugou can blow that ass up

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Originally posted by kugurii

A/N: hello hello! I’ve decided to make a Greek god au idea because like i’m obsessed with Greek mythology and honestly my favorite god is Aphrodite the goddess of love, so i’m going to make a Greek gods au with a couple of my hero academia characters with me  ( yes me, the admin! i will write an oc that has the same name as me ;w;)

Me(Sophia): Goddess of Life
- she can create anything with the palm of her hand, she can create people or animals anything that involves life, she honestly loves every animal and everything that comes with life. she is loved by everyone else that is in the Goddess/Gods life, Everybody says she is honestly the best to talk to and always has the biggest heart in the whole Greek universe

Katsuki Bakugou: God of Death

- Anything he touches or gets in contact with can die from his hands, he hated the life he was given but it honestly gets to him when he cant hold hands with the one he loves, He takes care of the souls that have committed a crime on the human land and even exiles souls to hell if they’ve done wrong (reaps most of the truly/tainted souls)

Kirishima Ejiriou: God of Death

- He honestly doesn’t use the “death touch” for bad but instead he is honestly the gentler side of death able to coax a soul into accepting the afterlife and calming them down, He honestly helps souls to move on or to just guide them into a better side of the afterlife (such as hell/heaven)

Izuku Midoriya:  God of Knowledge

- he takes care of all the knowledge of younger gods knowing what power they have or even teaching them what to do with there Goddess/God powers and to give or even send other gods information about anything they needed to know or anything in the matter of the gods

Toga Himiko: (Child: Beloved Acolyte of Faith) Now: Agent of Chaos and Violence

- like any other goddess, toga was the one of passing on the help and praise of the gods, but when she called out to the gods they didn’t hear her call instead the god of death reaped her soul or intended to, but she became corrupted and filled with violence and hatered who wanted to reap the innocence of each gods/goddess

Kai Chisaki: (Child: God of Hope) Now: Incamation of Despair

- When he was a child, like toga he spreaded the word of peace and praise to the gods, but instead knowing that toga was reaped by the gods/goddess his heart turned into a soul of pure anger and sadness, instead of spreading the world of peace he instead spread the world of anger and sadness

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