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#bakugou katsuki
hey i was wondering if you could do the main three (bakugou deku and todoroki) with a really rich so? like billionaire rich? but she’s kinda scared of telling people bc her parents have told her that people may try to take advantage of her? thank u !

My app crashed while i was writing this request and deleted half of it. 😡😡Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

Midoriya Izuku 💚

- It was no secret that you were doing well financially, so Izuku did know that you were rich.

- But what he didn’t know, was how actually rich you are.

- It all happened when one day you got so sick, that you couldn’t go to class.

-Being the angel he is, he decided to go give you the notes he took for you.

- He knew where you lived, but he never visited you before.

-He stood there, in front of the fanciest door he’s ever seen, so overwhelmed.

- A voice shook him out of his thoughts asking him if he was lost or was looking for something.

- Noticing it was a maid, he asked, ever so politely “Is this where l/n f/n, lives?”

-After getting the confirmation and the maid led him to your bedrom, he stood in your room mesmerizing every single detail; from your comfy queen sized bed, to all the jewelry you had on display, Wow that’s so beautiful!

- “Hey Izu, what brings you here?”

- He told you that he was just here to give you all the notes you missed on “but wow y/n, you never said you were so rich!”

- At this remark, your face contorted in a hurt expression, he didn’t have to say that.

- Once he saw your reaction, he felt so bad, but like he didn’t say something bad right?

- So you explained to him how you were raised to be cautious because people will use you for money.

- At that, he smiled “oh y/n, I’ll never do that, I love you for you, not for money.”

Todoroki Shouto💙❤️

- He knew you were rich rich, he’d seen you before at those fancy diners before.

-So he knew, but what he didn’t quite understand is why you always lied about going to those events.

- Whenever the girls tried to make plans with you, you always refused, coming up with some excuse.

- You never meant anything bad, it’s just your parents words that always lingered in your head, “y/n, beware of people, don’t flaunt your money, they might take advantage of you.”

-When you were younger, you didn’t quite understand, but the older you got, and the more pain you felt every time you realised that those words were true. So you decided to keep your wealth a secret.

- You never Todo about this, about how you feel it was no big deal for you. But for him, he didn’t enjoy feeling like you’re keeping things from him.

-So then, he decided to talk to you about it bluntly, asking why you’re lying, and not just say the truth.

-He won’t say that he didn’t understand how you felt when you explained to him about your beliefs, he also went through similar things.

-“But y/n, there’s no use to lying here, you know our classnates will never do something of this sort. So just tell them the truth, it’ll make them feel happier. Promise?”

Bakugou Katsuki 🧡

- It’s been one whole year that you two have been together!

- It was honestly a surprise to everyone that you two lasted that long.“y/n I can’t believe you were able to handle our angry porcupine for a year!”

- So you decided to get him something very special to celebrate this special day.

- You knew that Katsuki wasn’t really a materialistic person, he doesn’t care for presents as long as he got to spend the day with his special someone.

-But still, you got him a super super rare limited edition All Might poster that you knew he’d love.

-As he received the present, he complained and ranted about how you shouldn’t have gotten anything, but he soon shut his mouth as he laid eyes on the figurine.

- He kept glancing between you and your gift “y/n ! How did you even get that? It most have costed you a fortune.”

-You just smiled at him, telling hin it was ok, and it wasn’t that expensive for you. “What do you mean not that expensive? Are you millionaire or something?”

- You just nodded your head, but nade him promise to keep the secret between the two of you.

-He of course understood that you didn’t want anyone to know and you were afraid of the impact that it would have on your friendship if people knew that you were rich.

- He promised to keep it to himself and at the same time feeling so proud and happy knowing that you trusted him enough to tell him about that.

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Here some Bakudragon for your soul uwu

I was originally not gonna draw any of them in their full dragon form since I’m out of practice with drawing dragons/anything not human in general but @drownedembrace really inspired me („• ֊ •„)

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Deku: do you ever feel bugs on you when there’s no bugs?

Todo: those are ghosts from all the bugs you’ve killed.


Baku: look what you did, you scared him you stupid idiot.

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Okay but what if Bakuhoe stalks his crushs private story she posts a cute selfie smiling while eating a burger and the caption says "I just love BK so much😭" and hes freakin out bc although the food is irrelevant she didnt seem like the type to confess like that by adding his initials so he messages her "u love me?" And shes all like "oh um I meant BK as in burger king" and it's all awkward so shes like "but ur cute too dw" idk what u want to do with this I just thought of this and need help 🤣

- - - -


It’s my favourite post now 💙💙💙💙🤣

Tysm for sharing it, I had so much fun writing it up!

- - - -

When school is over, Bakugou locks himself in his room before any of his squad members can ask him to hang out. Unfortunately for them, the blond had been in a foul mood the whole day, which meant that the amount of unnecessary yelling and insults had only increased today.

It was kind of bearable though, knowing the reason why.

Bakugou gets changed quickly, and plops down onto his bed with his phone. He unlocks it, before logging on to his “favourite” app.

There’s a reason why Bakugou doesn’t have too many people on Snapchat - it would make it much harder to find her private story in the sea of irrelevant ones. Right now, [Name] was the only one with new content, seeing as she hadn’t gone to school.

[Name] had been “ill” and therefore unable to attend classes that day. Well, that was what Mr Aizawa had told the class in the morning. [Name] being ill meant skipping classes to meet up with her father. Nobody blamed her though, as [Name] had a rather complex family situation. One which Mr Aizawa, nor any other teacher was permitted to talk about.

Bakugou looked at the content on [Name]’s private story - titled [Name]’s private - with a small smile on his face. They were mostly pictures of her dad, with captions like, “cutest dad ever”, or “remind me why I skipped school to be with him again?” He was honoured to be in [Name]’s private story, not that he’d ever admit the fact out loud.

There were so many pictures, it took about a minute to get to the last one. Unlike the majority, this picture was one of [Name]. She looked extremely pretty in this photo, since it was taken without her knowledge. She was in the middle of eating a burger. The caption read:

I love BK so much 😭

BK…Was she talking about him?! Bakugou’s mind began racing, and it was way too late to calm himself down now. Did she forget he was also on this private story, or was her confession deliberate? Bakugou didn’t care about the answer - instead, he focused on making his move. He swipes up on the picture, enabling his keyboard. With quick fingers, he types.


You love me?

The response comes almost immediately, which almost wrecks the lovesick boy’s nerves.


Oh, um i meant BK as in I love Burger King

Bakugou stares at the message for a long time. Stupid mistake? Check. Burger King, of fucking course. Suddenly, Bakugou is filled with a massive urge to destroy everything in his path, including his phone. Before he can start, his phone makes a notification sound.

A voice note from her.

“But you’re cute too Bakugou, so don’t worry!” He quickly makes the decision that maybe, there’s no need to destroy his phone and everything else in his room. When replying to [Name]’s message this time, he decides to type slow, in case he wants to back out at the last second.


R u still with ur dad?


Nope, I’m in my dorm room.


Come to mine.

Once he gets the okay from [Name], Bakugou gets out of bed. He tidies up a bit, though there’s hardly any mess, and calms his racing heart. He’s not sure what’s going to come out of this whole situation - [Name] didn’t make it very clear whether or not she actually returned his accidentally confessed feelings. There’s no time to create scenarios in his head though, a knock at his door snaps him out of his daze.

Bakugou opens the door, revealing a very cutely dressed [Name]. She’s still wearing the outfit which she wore to meet her dad - a plain white shirt, with black jeans (ripped at the knees) and a jumper wrapped around her waist. She had taken off her shoes, so left on her feet was a pair of matching socks.

“Hey.” It’s when she speaks up, that Bakugou realises that he’d been staring. He manages to force down a blush, but with what [Name] does next, it’s basically impossible.

She throws her arms around his neck, and pulls Bakugou down to meet her lips. She’s not particularly comfortable with kissing in the hallway, so she steps forward, forcing Bakugou to back into his room. [Name] shuts the door with her foot, giving them their much needed privacy.

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So I’ve made the conscious decision that on my weekends off, I’m going to start writing a kiribaku fic and I dunno all the details yet but I’m gonna give it a go.

Hopefully it’s better than my matsuhana one but hey, all you can do is try!

So like, stay tuned or something, idk man.

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I don’t want to spam you with requests I swear but what about Baku squad finding out Reader is Bakugou’s older sibling and they’re part of the big three maybe. Their personality is very outgoing and motherly so it’s a huge shock.

a/n: sorry this came out so late !!!

  • if theres a secret bakugo would keep,, its that he has an older sister
  • the ever so talented bakugo katsuki has an older sister who’s as talented as him ladies and gentlemen
  • so when aizawa announced that class a are gonna have some visitors
  • and the fact you mentioned something about talking to his class soon the other day
  • the color of his face visibly drained
  • “aye bakubro what’s with the face” sero laughs
  • bakugo sends him the infamous bakugo glare and immediately sero shuts up
  • and thats where you, along with tamaki and mirio walk inside the classroom that once belonged to the three of you
  • “the girl looks like bakugo don’t you think” kaminari whispers to kirishima
  • kirishima turns around, “holy shit… she does” he covers his mouth and looks at bakugo
  • “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT SHITTY HAIR” bakugo growls at his friend
  • “Katsuki, keep your voice down” you say in a calm, motherly tone
  • bakugo huffs and hides his face in embarrassment 
  • “why did she call him katsuki?? are they close??? are they dating??” 
  • hushed whispers around the classroom started to spread
  • “class, these are the big 3 of U.A. please introduce yourselves to the class” aizawa motions the three of you to the class
  • “y/n.. i can’t do it.. you do it first..” tamaki utters making you giggle 
  • “okay you guys, this cute, jittery guy here is amajiki tamaki and i am bakugo y/n” you introduce yourself and tamaki to the class
  • ‘BAKUGO?!” the entire class screams
  • bakugo wanted to die right there right now
  • “yes, i am the older sister of your famous bakugo katsuki” you laughed, coming over to his desk to give him a pat on the head
  • “fuck off” bakugo hissed and slapped your hand away
  • “hey bakugo, that’s not how you treat an older sibling” mina teased
  • after that fiasco it was finally lunch time
  • all of bakusquad was giving him side glances 
  • and they were too afraid to ask about you cs like earlier,, he got mad
  • “yes she’s my fucking sister. no i won’t introduce the three of you to her, she has no time to date fucking children and finally, you all have no chance with her whatso fucking ever” bakugo sneers at they sat down on their places in the cafeteria
  • “dude c’mon!” kaminari whines
  • and thus bakugo had to deal with the endless questions throwned by his friends about the two of you
  • “did you play barbie or dress ups with her??” - kirishima
  • “how come she has brown hair instead of blonde like you blondie” - sero
  • “are you two close`??” - mina
  • “man, what happened to you? she’s so sweet and caring but look at you” - kaminari
  • overall they’d tease the living daylights out of him 
  • especially the times where you see him in the hallways and give him a pat on the head or squish his cheeks
  • “YOU WANT TO GO TO HELL SHITTY HAIR?!” bakugo growls, still in your hold cause he can’t escape the hands of death (you) 
  • the end !
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Here is the start of my BakugouxReaderxKirishima fic!

Warning: NSFW, Cheating, Mentions of Injuries, Drinking


You were the fiancee of one of the Top Five Heroes- Bakugou Katsuki.
Like all things, he was passionately devoted to your relationship as long as it didn’t get in the way of his hero work. And hero work is why he hasn’t been home in days, why you only see him for quick, kinda uncomfortable sex every once in a while, and why you aren’t able to move closer to a place that has a job in your field. Yeah, that has to be it. He’s just a really good hero. Like your best friend Ochako’s husband… who is home every night doting on his pregnant wife…

No matter, you won’t be that clingy girlfriend. It was just a settling-in phase. You’ll just grin and bear it, and it will all work out, right?

Until then, maybe you could make a few more friends while you waited for Katsuki to come home.


It was another night of watching him on your television. How high and mighty he looked, snapping at the reporters huddled around him. Although he sounded angry, the pride and haughty tone he held said differently. You muted the report, unwilling to listen to him talk down to his pandering masses any longer. It wasn’t a surprise, he had warned you from the first date that his work took preference. What you didn’t expect was how you now felt like a guest in your own home.

You felt like you were barely there, existing. Melting into the decorations-none of which were yours. You had moved in with Katsuki Bakugou six months ago, although you had been together for almost five years. Your head rested on your hand as you glanced over your living room, sparse and designer. It looked more like a showroom than anything. Why wouldn’t it, no one was ever home to live in it. A glint of red caught your eye, prompting you to look at the extravagant ring nestled on your finger, sharp points tugging on your skin.

He proposed a few months ago in this very living room, not that many people even knew you existed. You were a blank face in the eyes of the public, “Ground Zero’s Fiancee.” No name, no pictures, just sparse mentions every few months when some cocky reporter decided to dig into Katsuki’s personal life. You would be a liability if people knew who you were, he said, and like always you gritted your teeth and nodded along. It was all part of the package for dating a hero and not being one yourself. You wondered if he would even make it home tonight.

Keep reading

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… Big Oof, Man
by Leeeee05

Deku has always been a fanboy, from the time he was young enough to understand that All Might was the best hero to ever exist to him becoming a pro hero. After becoming number one hero, he was invited to host the first year’s sports festival.

Deku being Deku.

Words: 1604, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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