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What if Inko had stuck to her decision that Deku couldn’t return to UA and All Might followed him to a new school?

Deku vs Kacchan 2 would never have happened… Kacchan would have been left behind, never knowing that Am was always going to lose his powers, Deku wouldn’t have been able to set him straight about how he felt about him.

It’d have just been him and the loop stuck in his head- All his fault, Deku looking down on him…


My poor bb 🥺

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Katsuki gains consciousness, and immediately wishes he hadn’t. He meets IcyHot’s face, panic written all over his normally deadpan expression. His hands are moving frantically somewhere over his middle.

Katsuki doesn’t dare to look.

“Come on, come on.” Todoroki mumbles, applying pressure to staunch the bleeding. Katsuki grunts in pain. “Bakugou?! Hang in there, I think I’m almost…”

“Ku…” He manages with a heavy tongue, speaking over him, and ignoring whatever the fuck is happening to his body. “Eku…” Katsuki tries again, and Todoroki glances up, clearly worried, as he bandages his torso. “Deku?” He finally blurts out, and leaves it at that.

Katsuki doesn’t have the strength to ask whether the nerd is okay or not, just phrasing the word like a question is enough to wrench his heart.

“Midoriya is here.” IcyHot answers, gesturing next to him.

Katsuki turns his neck so fast, his back protests and his vision goes hazy. He gasps when he finds the awful bird nest of curls he knows so well resting at arm’s length. Deku’s face is covered in cuts and bruises. The body of the idiot is battered beyond what Katsuki feared in his worst nightmares. Shit, his arms. He glances away quickly, the state of the limbs almost too much for his stomach.

He grits his teeth and tries to touch him, but his arm refuses to move, fingers jerking weakly, mocking him. Not laying Deku on Katsuki’s good side is a valid reason to beat up that Half n’ Half bastard when he recovers. He growls, furious, and a green eye opens, the one not swollen shut. The knot in his chest loosens, even if his guts are in agony. Katsuki’s lungs seem to come back to life with each blink of that eye.

“Kacchan?” His voice is tentative, hopeful. Katsuki feels like hugging him and punching him at the same time.

Deku’s arm twitches, but doesn’t move closer. Both of them are too hurt to reach for the other.

It’s fucking ironic that after all those years Katsuki batted his hand away, now there is nothing he wants more than to clutch it to his chest and never let go.

“You are so fucking stupid, Deku.” Katsuki says, his voice breaking. Fear, worry, panic and terror combined in that single sentence.

The busted lip curves in a smile.

“Right back at you, Kacchan.”

Katsuki’s startled laugh hurts him, but he lets it out anyway.

“You are both stupid, no reason to argue.” Todoroki kneels between them, and reaches for their arms. He circles their wrists and pulls them closer, hands gentle, until Katsuki can link their pinkies together. Deku squeezes his finger as hard as he can, tears leaking from the corner of his eye.

Katsuki doesn’t care about the Hell waiting for them in the aftermath.

They are alive.

They are going to overcome this.

It’s the only thing that matters.


Sorry! But with the next chapter coming up, this scene refused to leave my brain, and I had to write it down. I just want them to heal together, Hori, please.

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Two Sides, One Coin
by MagicMysticFantasy

“I knew the overseas excuse was, well, an excuse, but I didn’t think it was because of something like this.” OR A what-if drabble where after seeing a photo in class, Midoriya and Bakugou have an unexpected reaction that leads to a reveal nobody was expecting. (Story ½)

Words: 752, Chapters: 1, Status: Complete, Language: English

Read Here:

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Hello, gonna be very honest I forgot how to read properly and read a request wrong and wrote a 3000 word fic for it, woohoo! But i mean at least you guys get a fic from it, lol. Italics are flashbacks, bold is reality trying to pull him out of his head, and the regular text is reality. The actual request should be up tomorrow. Reader is neutral and I didn’t specify the birthing process! Hope you all enjoy.


Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

Bakugou’s S/O dies in a crash leaving him a single dad, he has flashes backs of your life together.

TW: Death, depiction of a car crash and blood. Kinde heavy angst

Words: 3052


“I am so sorry sir but there’s nothing we could do for them, w-” The doctor went on but the words slurred together in Bakugou’s mind. This isn’t how it was supposed to go, you were both supposed to grow old together. Supposed to send Kaori to her first day of school together. To bully the shit out of her first significant other. Go all out on each and every one of her birthdays. To give her at least 3 more brats to hang out with…to cry as you sent her off to college. This isn’t how it was supposed to go, he was supposed to protect you, to be your hero. Everything you both had promised to each other was slipping through his grasped fist and the flashbacks were not helping either.

“Watch where you are going, Pomeranian.” You said to him.

“Pomeranian? The fuck, watch your mouth shitty extra!” He roared back at you.

“I think you’re the one who needs soap in his mouth, you’re cursing every other word.” You cocked a brow at him.

“Whatever you god damn extra, get outta my way i’m gonna be late.” He backed off shocking his small group of friends.

“What the heck bakubro! If I said that to you I would be dead! You’re caught by the balls already!” Denki said pouting

“Whaddyah just say dunce face? I am not and it doesn’t matter. I went easy cause they’re so insignificant I wont see them again.” He said with a shrug as they walked into the training yard where their class was meeting.

“Alright, today we have a few helpers from other classes to help you with physical combat skills without the use of your quirks. Pair up with them, if you can actually beat them the first go than you pass. If you don’t, then well you fail, and will do supplementary training with me after every class.” Aizawa said, zipping himself into his sleeping bag.

“Hello class 1-A, Im Y/N. I am in charge of everybody you’re about to fight, we’ve all trained in various types of Martial arts, and uhh you’re probably all gonna lose but try your hardest alright?! I’ve got match-ups based on your physical abilities, so let’s begin.” You said getting everyone into their pairs.

“So much for never seeing them again, huh?” Sero said laughing at the fuming bakugou.

“Yeah you’ll be seeing a lot more of me Pomeranian boy, but for now let me wipe the floor with you.” You said getting into a fighting position. He remembers how he lost that fight, terribly he might add. You only offered to help him after the loss, ignoring all his cries of protest. He didn’t only lose the fist fight, he lost his heart to you. He had hoped you would never give it back to him, but here you are giving him his heart back. He hated these images, he wants them to stop.

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Down With the Monocracy


Summary: Reader has had a FWB relationship with Bakugou for the past 4 months due to her monstrous sex drive. This relationship however, comes to a brisk end when reader seems to get a boyfriend. Frustrated at your now weird behavior towards him, he decides to get to the bottom of it…in his own way. 

Words: 7.5k

Rating: 🌊 Explicit, Smut

Warnings: cursing, bratty/stuck-up reader, implied cheating, heavy orgasm denial, fingering, dirty talking, spanking, degrading, slight breeding

Notes: Hello! This is the first fanfiction I’ve wrote in close to ten years. Its much longer than I intended for a first fanfic but I was desperate to get this out of my brain. I’ll probably chill out and do drabbles for a bit lol. Feel free to give me feedback as I’ve become more-so used to writing research and analysis papers, I wouldn’t be surprised if my fanfic writing is a bit wonky. Anyways, enjoy :-).

F/N – First name

L/N – Last name

H/N – Hero name

E/C – Eye color

 Harsh pants filled Bakugou’s dorm as the both of you tried to stay quiet.  Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero were in the next room playing video games. You could occasionally hear them shouting at one another, a signal that one of them had lost or died in the game. Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Yaoyorozu were in the commons watching some sort of K-drama. You’d hear one of them let out surprised gasp or a giggle in reaction to whatever romantic scene transpired on the screen.

But these outside noises would leave your mind just as quickly as they’d come in due to the pleasure that was currently surging through your body. You were seated in Bakugou’s lap, faced towards his desk, grinding away at his cock trying to chase that pleasure to the maximum. Your hands clutching at the notebooks and flailed papers on his desk. A reminder that once again you guys could not study together for 10 minutes without needing to exhaust the filling sexual tension. Bakugou’s hands were grabbing at your hips, his grasp getting tighter as he got closer and closer to his climax.

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yall didnt give me smth to do so… i found this expression challenge in my camera roll and decided yk what? todays the day to do smth stupid.

also i have no idea who actually made this expression chart so like…. if yall could lemme know id love to properly participate and credit and all that fun stuff

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anon: Imagine Bakugo having an SO who’s very touchy and touch starved (like they lean into him the whole time, pet his hair, massage his shoulders randomly, the whole deal) and he’s DYING inside but can’t really snap in front of them bc they’re a even bigger pain in the ass when they’re sad/angry


a/n: yk i always get these funny fluffy reqs and turn them into something serious 😔😔 n e wayz i lowkey forgot to include the ‘being a pain in the ass when sad/angry’ part but it’s still implied?? so??? ALSO this is a repost due to tagging issues lmao

pairings: bakugou x reader

warnings: none

taglist: @emmiju

requests: open

masterlist can be found in my pinned post



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nonnie barging in with the truth


i don’t necessarily… like it, cause i do want there to be more depth and focus on the issue of mental health (cause heroism is fucking people up), but i also think hori is focused on making bnha just… an action-packed anime? like there’s insightful moments, but the emotional state of the characters doesn’t come across to me as a focus, you know? it’s unfortunate, cause i love talking about those things but 😕 what can you doooooo

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