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» MHA characters & their fits 🌱

✏️ feat.— izuku midoriya, eijirou kirishima, katsuki bakugou, shouto todoroki.
✏️ a/n.— thought i’d try something a bit different this time lol. should i do more? i’m gnna do more lol.

📎 Izuku Midoriya 🌱

classic soft boy look. likes wearing looser clothing for comfort. soft, neutral, earthy tones are his fav, with the occasional pop of yellow since it works well with his green hair. button down shirts are his fav.

• • •

📎 Katsuki Bakugou 🌱

retro streetstyle vibes. takes a lot of inspo from artists like tyler the creator and asap rocky. knows how to mix and match patterns, textures and colors and makes them look good. this man knows how to dress and he proves it every time with his fits.

• • •

📎 Shouto Todoroki 🌱

classy and minimalistic. he’s got money and he’s gonna prove it to you through his fits. only buys items that are neutral colored or black. he swears on turtlenecks. all about that rich boy style.

• • •

📎 Eijirou Kirishima 🌱

streetstyle meets athleisure. his style is really similar to bakugou’s, the main thing putting them apart being basketball shorts. definitely not afraid to play around with bold colors. really, he loves the ‘i just finished balling but i still look good.’ type of style.

• • •

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Would you like to see the script I wrote for the comic? (I also wrote a part 2 in case you guys liked the first part and want more)

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random bakusquad shenanigans bc i have all these face claims/references for class 1A that i want to get used to using lol

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kaminari denki and storms do not mix
by sharloes

kaminari denki knew a storm was coming, so he prepares to spend it in his room, so why was he out of bed, in the common room, with his classmates studying?


where kaminari denki believes he is only a threat with the possibility of a storm passing through.

Words: 1172, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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↪︎Texting you when you’re on your period

A/N: Hi my lovelies! Sorry, I did not post today, I definitely needed today to just relax. I start training for my job tomorrow so I can get started with work, so I will be queuing up works to be posted in a timely manner. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this post, because gotta love that time of the month 🙃

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I did a Kirishima version of this so here’s a Bakugou version.

  • He’s well prepared and has already taken his medicine, has a bottle of water next to his bed, and a thermometer. 
  • He’s shivering under his blanket though, and doesn’t want to switch to something lighter. 
  • He’s always knew how to take care of himself, and just because he’s away from home he’s not about to pity himself for dealing with it alone.
  • He skips dinner. He’s not that hungry anyway.  He just wants to sleep.
  • It’s only thirty minutes in that there’s a knock on his door. He pretends to not hear, even though he can tell the person hesitates on the other end, knocking again before eventually walking away. 
  • It must have been Kirishima because soon after he hears a door close. 
  • His phone chimes soon after. 
  • Even though all his muscles are aching, he knows it’s Kirishima so he reaches to check his message.
  • Kirishima, 19:27  : “You okay?”
  • Me, 19:28 : “Fucking Great.”
  • It’s a lie but it’s not like Kirishima can tell. 
  • Except Kirishima apparently can, because next thing he knows is a really annoying knock on his door until he has to give up and open, just to see the other carrying a whole ass ‘care package’. 
  • One look at Bakugou and the other’s blinding smile falls into a look of worry. 
  • “I thought you sounded under the weather so I brought us video games to cheer you up, but damn, bro, you’re on fire.” 
  • Fuck, he’s so unfunny.
  • Bakugou just grunts and drags himself back to bed, closing his eyes. “I’m going back to sleep.” 
  • He hears the door close anyway, so he thinks Kirishima left him be.
  • Except only a minute later he feels a really cold cloth against his forehead. “What the fuck?!” The second he opens his eyes, he makes eye contact with two really worried eyes that stare right back at him. “You’re burning.” Kirishima explains, unhelpful. 
  • He’s too tired to argue.
  • He ends up falling asleep where Kirishima continues to refresh the icy feeling on his forehead until his fever goes down, barely consciously in and out of it through the night.
  • He wakes up in the morning feeling much more better, and to Kirishima asleep on his floor, arms and legs spread like the floor is as comfortable as a twin bed or something - what an idiot. 
  • When Kirishima wakes up, Bakugou’s no where to be seen and his bed is made. And there’s a blanket carefully put over him, tucked under his chin.
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Sacrifice - Bakugou Katsuki x Reader


Originally posted by sukifics

  • A/N This is my first post on here, so I hope someone enjoys it!

When the weight of the world lays on your shoulders, will you choose to save the people you love, or hide?

Warnings: sacrifice, mentions of death, realization of incoming death (?), cursing bc It’s Bakugou of course, angst

All thoughts rush out of my head as I look down at the city I call home. It’s my duty to protect this place and the people that live here. My friends, people I’ve grown to call family. I can see most of them fighting with the large outbreak of villains, but it’s no use unless the core is destroyed. The core shines bright red in the center of my vision, right below me. It’ll kill me as soon as I get too close to it, my body disintegrating. If I can make myself cold enough to push through it, as soon as I touch it I can probably freeze it enough for it to shatter. It’s a risky move though. As soon as you get close to it you grow so weak that you can barely move. If I can’t push through this I will die. Am I willing to do that to the people I love. I take a look around the city, noticing how all of my former classmates are here fighting together along with the big pro hero’s-I mean… We are the pro hero’s now. My boyfriend has grown so high on the list in just a couple years. I love him so much, and I know that he will hate me for this. If I live, he will shout my ears off and probably not leave my side for weeks, if I don’t survive this… then hopefully I will still have destroyed the core of death.

If what we’ve discovered is correct, the core is the source of all these villains energy. So without the core they will just turn into dust.

I take a deep, shaky breath and close my eyes.

I quickly form a letter in thick ice so that it won’t melt-just incase I don’t make it.

If I don’t make it, then hopefully I at least killed the core. As long as my loved ones and the city is safe, it will have been worth it.

I love all my friends and family, and I’m happy to have dedicated my life to protecting you all.

I love you Bakugou, my sweet boy. If I don’t make it, please don’t hang up on me too much. I’ll probably be there to haunt your ass! Haha… I love you so much. Stay safe.

-regards, Y/N.

I wipe the hot tears from my face before clenching my fists and focusing on freezing my body. If I don’t freeze the core to death, then I might freeze myself to death. To get myself this cold, it’s going to have to almost completely stop my heart and blood flow. I’ve been training hard, but this is completely new to me.

I love you Bakugou, keep the city safe for me.

I close my eyes and turn around. I inhale slowly and let my body fall back. The air lows around me as my hair gets in my face. This is so peaceful. I’ve always seen in movies how people just fall so calmly, and now I understand.

I twist my body to face the incoming ruby, the glowing making me clench my eyes shut. I can hear the dreadful noises that are escaping it, and the tears dry on my face. I have to do this right-for the city I love. And for him.

My heart beats just every few seconds despite how much adrenaline is trying to push it faster. I feel dead. I feel like I can’t even breath. Am I still alive? I can’t move my eyelids barely. I have to keep my eyes open-c'mon y/n. It’s right there. I open my palms and wait for the impact on them, icing over as fast as I can as soon as the solid objects meets my hands. I’m alive-am I alive?

The red stops shining and it grows silent in the city. I don’t hear fighting-or am I just dead?

Suddenly the ruby glows brightly again and then there’s an explosion. I open my eyes as the ice dissolved from my body. I’m being shot upwards, shards of red ruby around me. It’s exploded, does that mean that it’s over?

I look down to see monsters falling to the ground, dozens by dozens. Eyes watch me as voices scream out in horror.

I can still save myself, right? This isn’t the end for me. I saved the day, so I can’t possibly die. I’m not weak. I open my palm and point it down below me, but only a few sparkles of ice come out. I’ve used up all my stamina for the day, of course. I reach my maximum before I’m falling back down. This time I don’t flip around to face the ground. Why should I? I can’t do anything to change my future anymore. It’s all up to the universe now.

I shut my eyes as tears begin escaping them. Bakugou, my sweet boy. Please be safe.

We had so many plans for our future. We would just lay in bed and talk all night long about how we envisioned our future together.

I hope he can still have that with someone.

Suddenly the air changes and an arm is wrapped around my waist. I’m held against a body as blasts are heard from behind me. A small smile makes It’s way onto my face.

“Katsuki” I whisper knowingly. He’s saved me. Of course he saved me, he’s my protector. He is so head strong on telling me that he’ll never let anything ever happen to me, and that he’ll always be there to save me. I can’t believe he actually managed to keep his promises.

As soon as we are landed I feel us lower until I’m adjusted. I’m cradled in his arms and he’s hugging my limp body.

“Y/n? Please say something” his voice sounds so broken and I want to just reach up and hug him with all the strength I have, but I have none right now. All I can do is listen to the hurt man above me.

“Y-you can’t do this to me, not now. I need you, baby. Please” a broken sob leaves his mouth and I don’t know how I do it, but I pry my eyes open the slightest bit and shakily reach up to wipe the tears off of his face. He gasps and jerks back. His eyes open and he looks down at before a loud sob leaves his throat.

“You fucking idiot” he cries out into my hair.

“I-I thought you were gone as soon as you went down. I started running but then all the creatures dissolved so I-I though it was over. Then I saw you fly up and I forgot everything except for you. I won’t let you die, not today, not anytime” his voice has quieted to whimpers and I swallow the lump in my throat.

“I love you Katsuki” my voice sounds like absolute shit as I croak it out. He looks down at me with watering red eyes before sniffling.

“You better fucking love me, because you’re never getting rid of me, especially after this stunt”

At that moment neither of us worry about the cameras filming us, or the citizens coming out from their hiding spots to spot the two hero’s broken down. Not even Bakugou, who’s face is still coated with tears, bothers to move away from me to wipe his face off or go somewhere more private.

We just sit here on the destroyed road, soaking in each other’s embrace. That is, until recovery workers pull me away from my love to get me to the hospital for help. Bakugou follows me every step of the way, hand holding onto mine the entire time.

I don’t know how I survived, but I can guarantee that I’m going to get an ear full as soon as I get better. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

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So now that the big man is out and on the loose, I was reading about this theory, and honestly it’s pretty interesting.

All For One being Izuku’s father.

Other people could probably write better analyses of the theory itself than me, but from what I understand these are some main arguments to support this being a possibility:

Firstly, let’s talk about AFO’s appearance.

He’s shown with white hair in the anime when he was younger, as does his younger brother. His eyes are constantly shadowed even before his face got jacked up by All Might.

So genetically speaking, here are the traits that constitute Izuku and his parental figures:

  • One of Izuku’s parents would need to have freckles
  • One of Izuku’s parents would need to have green hair (check)
  • One of Izuku’s parents would need to have curly hair
  • One of Izuku’s parents would need to have green eyes (check)
  • One of Izuku’s parents would need to have his eye shape (check)
  • One of Izuku’s parents would need to have his skin tone (check)

The thing with genetics, though, is that they’re weird things and parents are not always the sole givers of traits.

As we can see, from the parts of All For One’s face that is visible, he doesn’t have curly hair OR freckles, which is sort of a big kick in the gut for this theory.

Irregardless, I do have to say that theory, though, does have a point with the fact that his eyes are hidden. Most of Izuku’s traits seem to come from his mother, and the fact that two of his most telling traits (his curly hair and his freckles) just so happen to be in the same spots that are covered up by scar tissue in the design of present-day AFO is pretty interesting.

Coincidental New Abilities Given To Izuku & Izuku’s strange pain threshold.

So this is one that I have been asking questions about. OFA is a stock piling quirk, but from the looks of it, only strength is actually passed down from one individual to the next, like an energy reserve. However, if that is the case, why is it that all of a sudden the vestiges decided to change the rules of the game and bestow onto Izuku all of their abilities.

Why not All Might? He was the closest to killing AFO in the past, so if they had done so with him he might have actually done it.

It’s possible that the reason they chose Izuku was because of the impending catastrophes that were obviously coming to fruition with the League of Villains and Tomura.

I’m left to wonder if there was another reason, though:

One of the themes of My Hero Academia is how quirks harm the user over time. All Might gets wounded and then forces himself to keep using his quirk,  Bakugou hurts his arms if he uses his quirk too much, Aizawa gets dry eye, Ururaka throws up, and the most obvious of them is Izuku– who breaks his bones with the intensity of his quirk.

This didn’t happen with All Might and apparently not with any of the past users, either, since All Might seemed surprised at the extent since it was easier for him, even though he suspected what the consequences might be. Add onto this that the ability is now supposed to be stronger than All Might’s was, and you get the picture.

The point is: Izuku gets wounded a lot and yet seems to have the pain resistance of a freaking monster I mean:



Taking that into consideration, AFO has been described as being concerned about how his quirk affects his body. Since he has so many quirks that could potentially harm him and overwhelm him. I mean, look at the experiments with the Nomu– people are obviously not supposed to have more than one quirk.

So someone with the capability of wielding multiple quirks with possibly painful drawbacks would, probably, be able to pass on some of the needed traits to keep that up genetically to Izuku, amiright.

And it’s possible the vestiges could tell that Izuku could handle it because of this genetic connection.

He didn’t have a quirk, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get other traits from AFO if he was his father, such as his endurance and pain threshold.

Which leads me to my next point:

Extra Toe Bone

I actually just thought of this when I was writing the last point, so if it makes no sense welp…

Izuku was born quirkless, something that is considered relatively rare, expecially as the generations go on. Quirks are genetic phenomenon, and so if two people who have quirks have a child, it is VERY slim that their child will be born quirkless, unless they had a grandparent or someone else down the line who was quirkless.

Now, AFO was part of the first generation of quirked people. Meaning, his parents would have likely been quirkless, something that would have made it much easier for his offspring to be quirkless, as well.

Fire-breathing Absent Father

This is one of the more easy and obvious ones.

Horikoshi has said that Izuku’s father would show up later in the story, meaning that he has had a plot planned out for Izuku’s parents. Whatever that might be.

So that obviously shuts down the idea that his father is simply an unimportant character. To be introduced so that into the story as if he’s a vital piece for the future story seems…strange. Pretty suspicious.

Anyways, there’s also the information that’s been given about Izuku’s father having the quirk of fire breathing, and, obviously, a man who has numerous quirks would have the possibility of being a fire breather.

There’s not much else to say about this point.


OH, this one’s my favorite.

Okay, looking at Tomura Shigaraki’s character for a moment, we see the connection he has with Nana, one of the previous holders of One for All.

This is a plot technique that is basically just a twist in the narrative. How could someone SO GOOD and someone that All Might looked up to have a grandchild so inherently evil? His family was relatively normal, even if his father was abusive (god, that’s a terrible thing to say but I digress). His father’s abuse came from the trauma he experiences when he was abandoned by Nana, but all in all his family was full of ordinary people. He had grandparents, a mother, a sister, and his abusive dad (oh god).

Even with the heroic heritage and the normal family life, Tomura becomes one of the worst villains in the series.

By parallelism, I mean, imagine the DRAMA if Izuku– pure, wanting-to-be-a-hero, saving everyone’s ass, sunshine child Izuku– was the most powerful villain’s child…that’d be fucking awesome. I would shit bricks. It’d be amazing!

Possibly predictable…

But amazing!

Plus, if you look at both Izuku and Tomura’s parents, if the Dad For One theory is true, they would each have one caring parent and one “bad” parent.

It would fit so well. With the narrative of the “heroes” of society not being inherently good (Nana abandoning her child– even if she believed it was for his best interest) and villains simply being misunderstood until the point that they snap (look at literally ANY villain in the series. There’s some type of narrative about being abandoned by society).

One of the best heroes ever producing one of the greatest villains, and vice versa.

It’d be beautiful.

THAT’S some badass parallelism.

PLUS, it would fit with the narrative of ending the cycle of violence. For a story so based on the intricacies of society and what is truly “evil” and “good”, to have an ending where the two characters stray from their genetically defined path and decide their own destinies would be SO satisfying I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

ANYWAYS, I’m not so sure how much I believe this theory might come true, but I know that it’s not a silly theory at all. Looking at the narrative, the possible hints, the parallelism (GOD the PARALLELISM) it would make sense in the long run and, in my opinion, be super interesting.

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Synopsis: You and Bakugou have been on and off for as long as you can remember, but what happens when one of you tries to leave even though the other is pulling you back.


Unhealthy (Chpt: 1)


Originally posted by bakugousbrat

Warning(s)⚠️: NSFW, toxic relationships, some angst


Your phone rang for the 8th time as you declined it for the 8th time. He says he wants to hang out but what he really means is talk for a while and then you guys end up fucking.

It’s always been like that. So when you silence your phone to go take a shower, you think about anything but him. When you get out, you didn’t expect the bastard to be in your room, holding your phone.

“54 fucking calls, 54! And don’t act like you didn’t see me calling because you declined some of them you dumbass!” He said as he threw your phone down on the bed.

“I was in the shower, Bakugou.” You say as you roll your eyes, gesturing to the towel wrapped around your damp body. He moved closer and backed you up into a wall. “So who you talking to now, huh?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” You countered. He grabbed your neck and squeezed tight enough to restrict your bloodflow.

“I already fucking told you I wasn’t talking to anyone but you, you caught me flirting with some girl once and we weren’t even serious at the time.” He says glaring at you, untightening his hand to let you speak.

“I guess Deku wouldn’t mind me talking to him either, I see the way he looks at me-” Before you could even finish, Bakugou was choking you again but this time he ripped the towel off of your body.

He began to search for any marks or hickeys, making sure what you said was just a threat and you weren’t with anyone else but him. “That shitty nerd wouldn’t be able to satisfy you, that’s the reason you’re still with me now, you’re always begging for my cock, not his.”

He harshly whispered into your ear as he tightened his grip on your neck. “Don’t EVER mention his fuckin’ name again, do you understand me?” He finally let go of you.

“Fuck you, you came here remember?! I’m not the one begging if YOU’RE the one who called me 54 times. Y'know what leave.” You said as you headed towards your dresser to finally put some clothes on.

Bakugou just stood there, you’ve always said this to him but you always let him worm his way back in too. “Go on, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” You said, still rummaging through your dresser.

He walked up behind you slowly as he wrapped one arm around your bare waist and the other around your neck. “You don’t want me to leave.” He whispered softly into the side of your neck.

Damnit, he knew how to play his cards, it was hard to resist him but you have to, you’ve got to, right?Come on, I’m sorry just let me make it up to you.” It’s what he always says.

He says that and just does it all over again. “Let me make it up to you. Fuck, it’s just one more time, atleast that’s what you told your self countlessly.

You leaned into his chest, giving in as he let the hand that was on your waist, travel down to your cunt as he started to slowly rub your clit. “Good girl.” He whispered more to himself as you whimpered.

Just one more time, it’ll be worth it, won’t it?

You didn’t even have enough time to think as you felt his cock enter from behind, the stretch making you moan outloud from the mix of pain and pleasure.

You grabbed onto the dresser for support as Bakugou grabbed your face and made you face the mirror on your dresser. “Deku will never make you feel like this.”

He whispered into your ear as he grabbed your neck and started to pound into you. “Do you hear me? Never.” He said angrily as he reached down to rub your clit again.

You got so lost in the feeling of him inside you and the fingers that rubbed and caressed you in the right ways that you almost forgot.

Just this last time, right?


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Here’s the actual drawing I did outside of the gif version :3 

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