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#bakugou katsuki
ktsukizu · 2 days ago
Bakugou slowly takes the role of Izuku's protector and I love to see it.
During the Tartarus escapees arc, Izuku has been dehumanized so much, it's insane. When I say dehumanized, I'm talking about how many people treat him like the vessel of One for All and not like a 16yo boy or a human being with feelings anymore.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Nomu", "Number nine"
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Bakugou calls him by his name..
Tumblr media
"You're the key to all of this. We can't have you dying on us."
like "If you die it's gonna be bad bc nobody can fight AFO anymore" and not "you don't deserve to die plz take care"
Tumblr media
"please let him rest so he can fight properly"
and not "because he suffers so much and deserves rest"
I could make a long list of that but my point is, the more we go into the story and the more people prioritize saving the world over Izuku's well being, treating him like a robot to repair like they're just willing to sacrifice Izuku ('s mental health/life) and bakugou is having none of it.
Ever since he learned about OFA and AFO, he started to help Izuku training out of worry.
Tumblr media
While the others want Izuku to be stronger so he can beat AFO, bakugou wants him to be stronger so he can survive. He's worried about losing izuku the most. As simple as that. A lot care about Izuku as well of course, but most still think beating AFO is more important than giving a kid a healthy happy long life.
Bakugou totally noticed it and it makes him mad. He yelled at All Might, his idol and the man he respect the most, for hiding something about the fourth user to Izuku when Bakugou knew secrets might be harmful to Izuku physically or psychologically since even though everyone noticed that Izuku was mentally drowning under pressure, they didn't really do anything worth noting to support him (until class 1A brought him back to UA)
Bakugou never mentioned AFO when he talked about bringing Izuku back because it's not his priority at all.
Tumblr media
He's literally just dead worried for his friend.
Please, the first thing he asked him after being separated for weeks, with a war and a coma in between, was if Izuku was able to smile.
Tumblr media
He genuinely cares so much about Izuku's safety and mental health it makes me want to cry. Bakugou went from being the boy's bully to his legit protector, so dare tell me otherwise.
During the battle with Shigaraki, he constantly had his eyes fixed on Izuku to be sure he wouldn't do anything risky and the moment Izuku really left his side to attack, Bakugou was pissed.
Tumblr media
and he ended up saving Izuku, almost sacrificing for him. Not for a strategic purpose to keep OFA. His body literally moved on its own and all he could think about was everything Izuku and him went through. He wanted to save his childhood friend.
Tumblr media
Honestly at this point I can confidently say that if Deku's death was the only solution to defeat/kill AFO then bakugou would prefer not to win. The guy who's obsessed with victory would totally prefer to lose than to have Izuku killed, that's a fact.
Now despite the apology, I dont think Izuku really understands how dedicated Bakugou is to protect him yet. I can't wait to see how their relationship will evolve.
Of course Bakugou isn't the only one who cares more about Izuku's life than OFA (class 1A, All Might, etc) but Bakugou's character development still has me crying.
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bkdkfandom · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Enough, is that they really are so ... ✨THEY✨ pff..
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softer-ua · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
That’s why
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rinriemie · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“And isn't it just so pretty to think, all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?”
Bakudeku Fantasy AU wedding
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myherokatsuki · 2 days ago
Impatient pt. 2 | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pro Hero!Bakugou Katsuki x f!Reader Word Count: 1.5k Warnings: 18+, slight daddy kink, degradation/praise, spanking, hair pulling, creampie, slight breeding kink
Summary: You got your wish, but now it’s Bakugou’s turn to get what he wants after riling him up.  Continuation of Impatient.  Requested by @itsmeteiiteii​​ & @jazzylove​​.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 “Good, hope you’re ready for me,” Bakugou huffed, and the next thing you knew you heard the front door open.
“Katsuki!” you gasped as he walked into the room, the look on his face sending heat washing through you afresh.
“Thought you wanted me to hurry home, woman,” he tsked, pulling his t-shirt over his head.  “Got your wish.  Now take that robe off, wanna see that new outfit.”
Pushing yourself up from the bed, you slipped the silken robe from your shoulders, letting it pool around your feet as your husband’s eyes greedily roamed your body.
“Do you like it, Katsuki?” you asked, stepping closer, running your hands slowly down your chest, only to be replaced with his larger ones.
“What d’you think?” he asked, his voice low in your ear as he grasped your wrist, guiding your hand to the bulge straining against the crotch of his jeans.
Giving him a squeeze, you grinned as you tilted your chin up to catch his lips, your breath hitching as his tongue forced its way eagerly into your mouth, claiming what was his as his hands slipped down to your ass to grab a handful, pulling you closer, your chest pressing to his.
“And you said I was needy,” you murmured, fumbling at the button at his waist as you pulled back to catch your breath.
“This is your fault, shitty woman,” Bakugou growled, picking you up to toss you back atop the bed before he finished what you started, unzipping his jeans, ” you and that sexy fuckin’ lingerie.  You gave me a damn hard-on on the train!”
“Oops,” you chirped with faux innocence, trembling with anticipation as you looked up at your husband towering over you from the edge of the bed, his crimson eyes drenched with lust as he eased his boxers down, letting his cock spring free of its confines. “All fours, Princess, I wanna see that sweet ass in the air,” he commanded, stroking himself lazily as his eyes roamed you hungrily.   
Holding his gaze almost defiantly, you slowly obeyed, turning and bending forward, lifting your back end and swaying slightly as you propped yourself up on your forearms before him, getting comfortable.  The sudden crack of his warm palm against your ass cheek, however, quickly wiped the coy grin from your face as a surprised yelp escaped your lips and your body gave a jerk.
“Not so cocky now, are ya, Princess?” Bakugou chuckled darkly.
The sharp sting swiftly faded to a warm ache that had your pussy practically dripping with arousal, soaking through your lace thong easily, and you let out a shuddering moan.  Pleased with your reaction, Bakugou spanked you again, your whole body rocking forward with the impact while his lips curled as he watched the blood rise to your flesh in a reddened handprint.
“Do you want another, baby girl?” he drawled, caressing the welt he’d just left as he leaned over you, his breath tickling your cheek as it fanned over the shell of your ear.
“Please,” you whimpered, arching your back to stick your ass out further, finding you liked the sweetness of the pain.
“Look at you, so fuckin’ desperate.  Do you like it when I spank you like the naughty little girl you are?”
The loud moan that ripped through you as his palm connected with your flesh once more made his cock twitch, weeping pre from his swollen head, and he bit back a groan of his own.  “God, the sounds you make,” he breathed, his words tight as he pressed his lips soothingly to your throbbing cheek before running his fingers over your clothed pussy, bringing another desperate mewl from you.
“Fuck, look at you, look at this sloppy mess,” he muttered, hooking his finger under the thin strip of fabric covering you and pulling it aside, silvery thin strings of your essence clinging to it.  “You already got to cum once and you still want more, hah?  Such a fucking slut, so greedy.”
“M’ your slut,” you mumbled, your face burning as you pressed it to the blanket beneath you.
“Yeah, that’s right, bought this little outfit for me too, just for a little attention.  Am I lucky or what?” he mused, parting your sloppy folds with his thick fingers before spreading your juices over your throbbing clit, drawing a moan from your lips as he circled it lazily, moving away again before you could get any relief, your moan turning to a whine.
“Thought you could get away with riling me up, hah?  Little tease,” he huffed and you shook your head.
“Just wanted you to hurry home.  Want you so bad,” you mumbled, turning your face to catch sight of him over your shoulder.  
“Well, it worked,” he exclaimed, his crimson eyes hazy with want as he gazed down at you.  “Now, you ready to take responsibility for this?” he asked, grasping his length and tapping it against your cunt, teasing your folds with his head. “Mhmm, m’ready,” you whimpered, trying to press back against him, pushing him deeper.
“Yeah, I’d say you are,” Bakugou muttered, letting out a choked sigh as he slid into you, his fingers biting into the fat of your ass as he pulled your cheeks apart to watch his cock disappear inside you, inch by inch.  “So fucking tight,” he groaned, stopping as he finally filled you, the tip of his cock pressing against your cervix.
“Please, Katsuki,” you whined, wriggling your hips, begging for him to move, but your pleas only made him smirk.
“Patience, woman,” he warned, giving your ass another firm smack, watching the fat ripple and jiggle.  “Gotta tease you a little in return or it’s no fair.”
“So mean to me,” you pouted.
“Mean, hah?  I can show you mean,” Bakugou growled, pulling back out nearly all the way only  to snap back into you, his hips connecting with your still stinging ass.
“OH!” you gasped, bracing yourself as he began to pound into you from behind, setting an unrelenting pace, his large hands circling your hips to anchor you, each rough thrust hitting you deeper than before, rocking you, your tits bouncing violently, and you buried your fingers into the blanket beneath you as you pressed your face to the bed to muffle your mounting cries.
“Ah ah, I wanna hear you, Princess,” he tutted breathlessly, tangling his fingers in your hair and yanking, pulling your head back up.  “Wanna hear all those cute sounds of yours.  Want you to be loud for me, let the neighbors know what a whore for me you are.”
“Katsuki!” you cried, your back arching as he only tugged harder, forcing you to obey, your cries growing to match the lewd sound of skin slapping against skin that filled your apartment.  
“Louder, woman,” he grunted, sweat running down his temple, carving a path down his neck.  The way you clenched around him with each harsh rut of his hips was almost too much after nearly a week of going without you.  
“Oh Katsuki, please!  Please, I’m so close!” you whined, tears pricking your eyes, giving up on trying to hold back, shamelessly letting all your moans spill forth regardless of who heard them.
“That’s right, taking my cock so good.  So good for me, baby,” he muttered, letting go of your hair to caress your cheek, knowing he couldn’t last much longer himself, not with how pent up he was.
“Wanna cum for me, Princess?  Wanna cum all over Daddy’s cock?” he groaned, reaching around you, his callused fingers searching blindly for your clit as his cock moved in and out of you, his pace beginning to falter.
“Yes, please!  Please baby!” you mewled, a jolt of electricity thrumming through you as he found your swollen bundle of nerves, mashing against it desperately til you were shaking, your mouth going slack in a silent cry as stars erupted behind your fluttering eyelids.
“Ah, fuck--!” Bakugou cried, pressing his sweat slicked forehead to the back of your shoulder as you came, your walls quivering and tensing tighter around his cock.
“F-fill me up, Katsuki.  Want you to cum inside me,” you managed to mewl, feeling your muscles go out, only held in place by your husband’s grasp on your hip and his arm wrapped tightly round you.
“Y-yeah, want me to fuck a baby into you, baby?” he grunted, letting out a guttural groan as his balls tensed, each shuddering thrust into your tight cunt milking him, filling you with his seed before he buried himself to the hilt to catch his breath, his chest heaving, the last of his cum painting your insides before he softened. 
When he finally pulled out, watching your combined juices slowly ooze from you, he quickly put the crotch of your panties back in place, not wanting any of it to escape before easing you to the bed and throwing himself down next to you with a ragged sigh, pulling you into his arms.
“You should do that more often,” he murmured, brushing his lips against the crown of your head.
“What, send you naughty pictures at work?” you asked, lifting your face to look at him, enjoying how soft he looked after how rough he was just moments ago.
“Mhmm, liked it,” he whispered, letting his hands slowly run over your now soiled lingerie, which had started all this.
“If this is how you greet me afterwards, then you better get used to it,” you replied, huffing a soft laugh as your lips met his.
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rizaliferous · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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fallasleepscenarios · 2 days ago
imagine 𝒷𝒶𝓀𝓊𝑔𝑜 confessing to you
gn!reader, fluff
imagine bakugo having a crush on you since forever ; since you were little kids, bakugo would always go out of his way to talk to you, show off in front of you and even tease you -not in the childish-"I hate you!"-hitting-you-way, just coming up with jokes where you were the protagonist. even after he got his quirk, he never stopped being intimidated in front of you ; he might have been feeling superior to anyone else, but not you, you were the only one bakugo felt like he still had to impress. it's funny, 'cause you never noticed any of that. even in middle school, you never noticed how he took longer to pack up his things just so he can leave school at the same time as you ; or how he sometimes took the longer route home just so he could walk with you, blaming yOU for following him, when he just wanted to spend as much time as he could with you. and you couldn't have known that he only played those silly little middle schoolers gamers, like "spin the bottle", only if you were at the party and about to play as well. in fact, he only begun playing just so the bottle lands pointing the two of you, but that never seemed to happen and he always found excuses to give up and get hung up on something so he can leave the game. in reality he didn't want to kiss anyone but you and even if you didn't know it, he would feel guilty if he kissed anyone else.
but even if bakugo hid it so well for all these years, the summer you both turned 18, he felt like he was confident enough to finally act on it. school was over and he didn't know if he'd continue to see you everyday, just like he always had. so, once more, he took the longer route home ; but you had already left a few minutes prior to him, so he had to catch up to you, take the same bus home, at least. bakugo ran to catch the bus, and thankfully for him, he was fast. he got into the bus just in time and scanned the room only to find you sitting by the window. just the sight of you, and the thought of what he was planning on doing, made him blush to his ears feeling hot. without hesitation, he went up to you and sat beside you without asking. you're surprised for a second, since you didn't see him taking the same route home as you, but you greet him. he sits but doesn't talk ; on the inside his mind is racing, replaying the things he'd want to say again and again, making him more and more nervous, his palms seriously sweating. he's decided ; he's going to do it, right there, on the bus, where you least expect it. he turns to you, determined ; but when you make eye contact, his heart stops, you just smile, having no clue that he's never seen anything as beautiful as you, as interesting and smart as no one ever could. bakugo gulps and his lips part, but he can't mouth a word. and your stop is coming soon. he mumbles out your name softly and you're taken aback ; he almost never calls you by your name ; you're just an "extra" like everyone else in bakugo's life. "bakugo?" you question. "I like you", he simply says and stares at your lips, unable to look you in the eyes. he watches as your pink lips part in surprise and awe, speechless. his heart drops, he's very confident but he can never deal with failure well- "bakugo..!", you call, then, and he loses his breath. your voice cracks as you turn redder than a tomato and whisper "I like you too".
and you sit there for the next few moments, unable to say anything, while bakugo tries to realize what had just happened. he reaches for your hand and simply traces his fingers on it, before finally intertwining them with his own. he can't force down a smile and looks at you, confident now, that he's got the chance to make you happy, to make you smile, just like you're smiling back at him at that moment: awkwardly, happily, amused as you could get, realizing your crush all these years wasn't one-sided!
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izusun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
thing is, bakugou and midoriya would never see what they wrote for each other because they both deleted their replies asap.
mina got a notification but she will never know what her friends posted. what she does know, though, is that bakugou and midoriya must have said something so in love that they’re embarrassed to let the other see.
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bakugous-sandbag · a day ago
Kinktober Day 21 - Praise Kink
Tumblr media
“That feel good, baby?” Katsuki purrs from somewhere above you, but you can’t see clearly with the tears brimming your eyes, threatening to spill if you blinked. “Or is it too much for you?” He asks, and you nod dumbly, near drunk alone on his cock.
“S-s’ too much,” you mewl, but refuse to push him away, not when it both feels and tastes so intoxicating. “It hurts, but it feels good,” you hiccup, and Katsuki reaches down with one of those big, meaty palms to stroke you cheek, cupping the side of your face. His hand is just as warm as your skin feels, and you lean into those fingers like a pretty little feline looking for affection. His dick twitches excitedly when you do.
“I know. I know baby,” Katsuki sits back, still seated nice and deep inside you, “but you’re doing so good. You’re taking me so well.”
“Y-yeah?” You murmur, letting your head rest against the plush pillows behind you. Even with how big he was, and how slow you had taken him, inch by inch, he’d stroke that pleasant part inside of you no matter what. And he was pressing directly against it now; flooding your head with that veil of thick fog, making you gasp and mewl so sweetly in a way that has Katsuki’s dick throbbing. The urge to mutter ‘fuck it’ and pound you raw was strong, but he’d promised to be gentle if you behaved. And you were behaving so fuckin’ well.
“Yeah,” he hushes under his breath, admiring the way your body submitted to his so perfectly.
As much as he wanted to be mean and rail the fuck out of you, he’d never go back on his word. That, and there’s something beautiful with the way you break so slowly... so tenderly... so delicately. It was breathtaking. Katsuki coos quietly, and circles his hips until it’s nearly driving you insane. You bite down over your knuckles, and buck your hips to stimulate more of that delicious friction, even though you’ve tumbled over the edge plenty of times already.
“You’re gorgeous,” Katsuki praises you, watching you ruin yourself on his dick. God, he can’t get enough of that; could never grow tired of it. He wanted it to be the very first thing he’d wake up to, and the very last thing he’d see before he fell asleep. “You’re too pretty for me.” He moans under his breath, taking a hold of your legs and hoisting those over his shoulders. “How’d I manage to get so fuckin’ lucky, huh?” Katsuki coos as he pulls out until the tip of his cock is just barely breaching your entrance, then pushing back inside, bottoming out with the slick sound of your walls squeezing around him.
“Fuuuck,” he grunts, brows creasing, breath hot and huffy. “Fuck yes baby,” his hips press flush with yours, breaching your body in a way nobody else could ever make you feel. And Katsuki revels in the sheer intimacy of that.
Tumblr media
Kinktober Masterlist
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bkdkfandom · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just those two historians next to each other as always.
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katsukikook · 2 days ago
erm i found this in my drafts from a while ago,,,, so i finished it and here you go !!! its not very long hehe
new boyfriend bakugou who is so infatuated by you, especially being his first girlfriend and he doesn’t want anybody to ruin it for him or get in the way of you both so he tells you to…. keep you both a secret.
at first you understood, early days and all, you thought he wanted to be sure that you were the one and not have to deal with people knowing then having to tell them you’re not together anymore. you got that. but now it’s gone a little too far, and sharing the same friendship group doesn’t help.
so you question him about it again, when he’s happy to see you, a little bit tired and his hands are firmly gripped on your waist. he’s kissing up your neck, your jawline and the corner of your mouth when you ask, “when are we gonna tell them??”
you say it softly, delicately like you don’t want to ruin the calm waters but you’re getting impatient now.
“hah? why do we have to? they’re gonna be all up in our asses about it all the fuckin’ time.” you can still detect the warmth in his tone underneath the gruffness, especially as he squeezes your waist and rubs his nose in the crook of your neck.
“but isn’t that part of being in a relationship? the annoying friends? actually holding your hand when they’re around?” you question with a frown. bakugou glances up at you, trying to figure out exactly what you’re thinking. he gets it wrong.
“i don’t wanna do that part. they’re annoying and i want you to myself.” he grunts childishly, like he was asked to share his favourite toy with the rest of the kids.
but you’re not having that, “you’re still gonna have me…” at the stubborn look in his eye, the taurus he is, you gave up on trying to change his mind. you’re gonna make him see for himself.
“fine,” you got up from your position on his bed, untangling your legs to make your way to the door, “i’ll meet you downstairs.”
now bakugou knew you were still upset with him. from the blank look you gave him when you left the room to the fact you weren’t meeting his eyes at all in the common room. not one smile, no nods, you didn’t even secretly save him a seat next to you. instead you were squished between sero and kirishima, chatting away like he didn’t exist.
crossed armed, with a glare that could kill, he watched as you giggled away with your friends. whispering in sero's ear making him laugh with you, leaning on kirishima’s shoulder when you let out a yawn and even holding hands with mina when you both offer to get any drinks.
it wasn’t like he said you couldn’t do that shit with him, right? but he wouldn’t do that even with a friend, bakugou reminds himself. it hadn’t even been half an hour and he’s already felt like you’ve proven your point.
accidentally letting out a groan a bit too loud, todoroki, who had taken the space that was meant for you, spoke up, “why’ve you been glaring at y/n all evening? did she do something to you?”
immediately looking away from the direction you left and to an ugly plant pot in the corner of the room, bakugou spluttered out, "fuck off, icy hot. why’re you watching me for?"
todoroki shrugged, "i know you're both dating, it's obvious."
shifting slightly to face the bi-haired boy, his frown deepened further, "what the fuck?" he exclaimed, then quieter, "how do you know that? are you stalking me?"
todoroki lets out a dry chuckle, “no. it’s obvious. you treat her differently than the rest of us and if you’re not sitting next to her then you’re around her. plus i saw her sneak into your room at like 4am once and i didn’t hear her come out.”
bakugou’s eyes widen, gobsmacked. he didn’t think he was obvious with how much he liked you. sure he didn’t call you as many names as the rest of them, but he still did, right? but that didn’t matter when he sees you walk back in the room with a handful of drinks with mina, handing the cold cans out to everybody and still avoiding his gaze. you even just placed his drink on the coffee table infront of him instead of his hand with a little squeeze like usual.
“so what? did you guys argue or something?” bakugou feels aggravated by todoroki beside him who was occupied munching away a bag of crisps. rubbing his own forehead roughly and letting out a deep sigh, he decided to confide in the boy.
“sorta, she wants to tell everyone about us,” he huffs, still watching you giggling away with sero, even playfully hitting his arm for effect.
“and why don’t you?” he asks with a therapeutic tone, posture straighter compared to bakugou’s slouched one.
“i dunno.” all bakugou’s reasons he had before had suddenly flew out the window. why didn’t he want to be able to hug you infront of everyone? or hold hands with you in front of your friends?
“you don’t know why you ‘ want everyone to know?” todoroki repeated with a frown, staring at the blonde like he was a little stupid. bakugou shoved him, feeling his squint.
“shut the fuck up. no, i dont know why i wanted it to be a secret.” and still staring at you, now laying on the floor, head in mina’s lap and playing with kaminari’s fingers… he could feel his palms begin to sweat with impatience. he wanted to be sitting there with you.
“so tell everyone now. she wants everyone to know right?” and todoroki says it like it’s so easy. which it is, but to bakugou it makes his head spin a little.
“hah? just randomly tell everyone now?” bakugou glances around the room like he’s at gunpoint. todoroki on the other hand, neatly folds the empty crisp packet in a square and places it on his lap to later throw in the bin.
“yeah. why not?” and todoroki knew how to push bakugou to the edge, “scared?”
bakugou sat up slightly, wiping his hands on his trouser legs, “fuck no, idiot.”
and with a deep breath and a tiny “you can do it” from todoroki, “oi.” then another louder, “oi!”
the whole room fell silent, turning their heads expectantly at bakugou whose face was slightly flushed a little red and his arms crossed protectively. you lifted your head from mina’s lap to look at your boyfriend, everyone frozen in their movements.
“jus’ so all you losers know, y/n is my girlfriend.” is all he states, his gaze falling to you at the end. but to his surprise you roll your eyes at him, a smile slowly making its way onto your face. but mina, kaminari, sero and kirishima just switch their heads to stare at you, their jaws dropped.
a chorus of “why didn’t you tell me?” “him? why him?” “since when?” “i knew there was a reason why bakugou kept talking about you!”
you only giggled, sitting up properly to say to your blushing blonde boyfriend, “finally. what made you give in then?” you give him a smirk, shuffling forward to rest a hand on his thigh whilst you’re still perched on the ground.
he looks down at you, your pretty smile and your glistening eyes and he doesn’t know why he ever said no. “jus’ want everyone to know. wanna touch you in public ‘n shit, love you properly, you know?” and your sweet grin makes a lopsided one land on his face too, grabbing your hand to hold and ignoring all the shouts and cheers for you both.
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filipinoizukuu · 2 days ago
someone mentioned how bc of the fact katsuki speaks softer and more kid-like with deku... its actually canon to list bkdk under the trope of "soft but only with you" ..........
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ktsukizu · 21 hours ago
Horikoshi really wants us all to suffer. He made a close up on Bakugou's shoulder twice, before and after his explosive turbo cluster to show us he's bleeding.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
His explosions were very powerful for the wound to open again, remember he was in intensive care at the hospital and UA's nurse can heal broken bones in a few minutes so after weeks it should be almost entirely healed. He really wanted Iida to grab Izuku's hand that bad :)
And the pain must have been horrible when we know how severe the wound was, and still, despite that, all he could think about was his apology.
Tumblr media
I love bakugou so much. And he loves Izuku so much. I love them both let me sob
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psychomurderz · 12 hours ago
Hey Psycho! I’m a huge fan of the DFO theory (thanks to you and others lol) and I love thinking about how HK will possibly execute this potential outcome. However there is a pretty big plot hole that I haven’t seen anyone really address: if AFO is truly Hisashi Midoriya, why hasn’t Tomura realized that his Sensei and his current arch nemesis look suspiciously alike? 👀 is it a camouflage or shape shifting quirk to where Tomura wouldn’t be able to connect the dots? What do you think?
Thank you for those words! DFO to the masses is our mission!
Why doesn't Tomura notice that his Sensei and Midoriya Izuku are similar:
1. When little Tenko met Sensei, he was five years old and had a very terrible mental state. In addition, because of such very severe cases, children at first hardly look at other adults - guilt, fear, expectation; because of their unstable state, reality is blurred and not always remembered.
2. Tomura had a “father” on his face, which still blocked partially the view, and it is difficult enough to look up when there is such a disturbance.
3. Sensei was not with Tomura the whole time, and probably already practiced communicating through the “Black Screen” at that time. We can see from Tomura's recollections and from flashbacks in “Vigilantes” that Afo was engaged in other projects. I daresay the Doctor had more contact with Tomura than Sensei himself. And also Kurogiri, who was probably purposely assigned to Tomura as a babysitter when Sensei didn't need him.
4. Sensei's injury after the battle with AM. When this happened, Tomura was supposedly about 14 years old. He observed these scars and wounds, and since his hatred of Heroes, AM in particular, had been confidently cultivated since he was 5, the focus could have easily shifted to Sensei's already current appearance, prioritizing “Now” over “Then”. That Sensei's appearance before the trauma could well have been blurred by the anger toward AM.
5. External physical differences. Sensei is tall, short haircut, white hair, and wears formal clothes. Izuku is (for now) slightly below average height, wiry, hair dark and medium length, his face still has some childhood puffiness. And every time Tomura saw Izuku, Izuku was either in a school/hero’s suit or simple civilian clothes. Completely different impressions.
6. Tomura's attitude. Sensei understands him and guides him, picks up soft intonations. Izuku on the other hand ... well the last impression was clearly not the most benevolent given the game “ball on a rubber band hits the racket”.
7. Simple appearance. Sensei and Izuku have simple looks, without any memorable striking features. That's why people remember it as “well, simple, ordinary”. Like a random person in a crowd, who is forgotten about as soon as you see him.
By the way, this also applies to Toshinori and Gran Torino. They had seen Afo in his former glory, had faced each other more than once in battle. But mind you, they never compared Afo and Izuku in appearance either. I think points 5-7 play a big role here. The very general image of Afo and Izuku is diametrically opposite for people at the moment, so they don't see any connections. Well, except for the quirk talk.
Although when it comes to people and their thoughts on the similarities between Afo and Izuku, I think Katsuki would be ahead of the curve here. He's already explicitly said that Izuku and Afo are alike because of their multi quirkiness; also, Katsuki clearly catches anxious moments during the quirk chatter; and since Katsuki's childhood, he feels something strange that makes him afraid of Izuku, trying to keep his distance, trying to push him away, but at the same time also keeping an eye on him.
In other words, Sensei and Izuku clearly evoke conflicting feelings in everyone. And it confuses people.
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Sero: Why is Bakugou doing the laundry so loudly?
Kirishima: To let us know that no one else helps out around here
Bakugou, in the distance: *slams washing machine door*
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