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#bakugou katsuki x reader

Your Happiness, My Priority

Summary: Headcanons for Bakugou taking care of his s/o on a bad day

Note: These are dedicated to one of my writer role models, @katsukisprincess​, who isn’t feeling too well at the moment. I hope that you’ll feel better soon <3


Originally posted by bnhajourney

  • Sleeping in, okay. Skipping breakfast once, acceptable. But not leaving the bed at all unless you are sick - Bakugou is not having it.
  • „Stop acting like a freaking caterpillar and get up already! I want to make the bed“, he grumbles at your figure as you are wrapping yourself in three different blankets. 
  • In his opinion a day without doing anything turns into a wasted day, which is something that he doesn’t appreciate. Every hour can become the chance for success instead of isolating yourself in the bedroom.
  • What might seem like a gruel behaviour actually is his way of trying to make you move at least a little bit. Feelings aren’t exactly his strength, so this will have to do for now.
  • As long as you don’t physically resist, he will carry you to the living room on his own. Whatever it takes he will get you to eat breakfast or a snack to restore your energy. Be prepared for a nutritious meal because the boy won’t touch frozen pizza.
  • Homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese, omelettes, fresh salads combined with a light dressing, sandwiches of all kind - Bakugou is the master of comfort food.
  • If he can’t convince you to leave the bed, he will bring the food to you on a tray to eat together with you in the bed room. 
  • Call him out on his motherly behaviour and he will death glare you while his cheeks will change colours to a light pink. Picture him rumbling about it as he is trying to eat faster by stuffing the food into his mouth!
  • Chipmunk Cheeks. The squishyness!
  • Going for a walk with you is a given at days like this, he silently demands to hold hands with your fingers intertwined with each other in order to send a little bit of warmth to you. 
  • One way or the other he attempts to make you talk about the issue. Without that he feels like he can’t do anything you cheer you up again, which would lead to him being a useless excuse of a boyfriend - His point of view.
  • Such days being your enemy awake a pretty rare side in Bakugou. And it’s a freaking soft one. 
  • Soft as in movie cuddles in the evening.
  • Imagine him laying on the sofa with you on top of him, your ear on his chest so that you can listen to his heartbeat. Meanwhile he absentmindedly draws circles on your back, fully focused on the TV. All of this with the comfy protection of the shared blanket the two of you are covered with. 
  • Thanks to his endless amounts of knowledge about physiotherapy, his massages can be described as the best anyways. The perfectly pressured movements of his heavenly warm hands wherever you like make you melt in no time.
  • But he only does this for you and absolutely no one else. He is a pro hero and not a freaking masseur, so he says. His skills speak differently though.
  • Oh yes to having a bad day as Bakugou’s significant other.


Posted: April 9th 2020 | Requests: Open | Match-ups: Closed

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The ash blonde stared at his phone. 

It was already 5 pm and he had yet to hear from you. You departed in the morning for christ sake! Did you get there safely? Did you fall asleep and miss your stop? Did your phone die? Did you lose your phone??? 

Where the hell were you?!

His mind flurried with endless possibilities, nearly all of them being negative. He didn’t want this to be the time for this to happen. It was too soon, he wasn’t prepared- heck he had been preparing since the day he went back in time, but nothing he would’ve done could prepare him for something he didn’t know when was going to occur.

He feverishly paced around his living room, his leg bounced erratically when he tried to calm himself by sitting on the couch, and he nearly choked on his water as he quickly downed it to refresh his mind. 

‘Dammit, dammit, dammit!

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Bakugou with a s/o who enjoys being sassy and flirty, so is constantly compliment Bakugou about his body (his ass, though) or making him nervous on purpose

a/n: i’ve been wanting to write some spice, so here goes nothing. under the cut so you get to choose whether or not you read it lol! i took the ass comment and rAN WITH IT OKAY. you started this. 

ps, didn’t realize this at first! but! this is my first kacchan smut so! be easy on me.



Originally posted by kuzuyami

“Seriously, babe, it must be a side effect of your quirk, ‘cause you have a pretty sweet ass.”

“I swear to Christ.”

You smirk from over your glass, raising a brow as if to challenge him in this room full of people. You nudge his calf with the toe of your shoe underneath the table, everyone’s breath caught in their throats as they await what comes next.

All Bakugou can do is grunt, turn his head to the side so no one can see the pink tinge on his cheeks, and take a long drag of his beer. 

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Bakugou having a crush who's best friends with Izuku or Monoma Neito?

Jelly jelly Bakugou! I chose Monoma because i never wrote for him befofe. Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

-Why was he jealous? It’s not like you’re his girlfriend or anything.

- But whenever you were around him, around stupid Monoma, he couldn’t help the rage that was bubbling inside his heart.

- And it definitely didn’t help that Monoma really liked to tease him.

- He’d wrap his arm around your waist, whisper in your ear, hug you, all while keeping eye contact with the angry blonde, shooting him a cocky smirk.

- It wasn’t hard to tell that Katsuki had a little crush on you, first by the way he threatens Neito whenever he interrupts him whilst having a conversation with you, second by the way he treats you, less harsh, less mean, he cared about you, and everyone can see the little smile, that he tries so hard to hide, when he’s talking to you.

-Now Monoma wasn’t that mean to be honest, he knew you liked Bakugou too, you always talk about him and how cool and stong he is.

-But he couldn’t help it! He loved seeing the explosive guy fuming.

- But as you got closer to the 1a boy, Neito seemed to cut down on his teasing.

- But he still liked seeing the boy jealous.

- When you tell him that you two are finally a couple, he was happy for you, he cared about your happiness you were his best friend after all, but he wouldn’t stop calling you traitor or fake just to annoy you.

- Though he stopped being too physically affectionate with you, respecting your relationship, he turned from a teasing prick to am overprotective one.

-Always glaring at Bakugou when he was giving you a sweet kiss, or picking up a fight with him if he saw you sad, even if it’s not the angry porcupine’s fault.

- But Bakugou could see, that even behind all the fights, the yells, the glares from the copy cat, that he still accepted him and trusted him.

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I love the idea of Bakugo crushing on Midoriya's sister!! Could you expand on that more please?

(for Baku crushing on Midoriya’s sister, I meant headcanons if it wasn’t clear! Sorry! 😊)

Hi. So I went a bit overboard while writing this request and ended up with something that comes off more like a fic than simple headcanons. I had a lot of feelings and thoughts about this though that I am sooo happy I was able to get out so honestly no regrets. 

Anyway, I hope you like them! Thanks for requesting!

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Everything really begins after an encounter during their middle school years where Midoriya’s sister put up a fight about how Bakugou was treating her brother. She really ripped into him, telling him how he was acting like a villain more than a hero and how disgusting of a person he was for looking down on others and being so rude. Probably the first time Bakugou had ever been left speechless and unable to quip back- no one had ever had the balls to talk to him that way- and by the time he recovered Midoriya’s little sister was pulling her brother away from the scene.
  • At the time he pretends to brush off her words, but they stick with him even if he wishes they didn’t. They transform into anger and spite towards the girl and he vows to show her just how wrong she was. Starting with getting into U.A. (which of course he did). Needless to say though, this acceptance did nothing to change her perception of him and that really pissed him off.
  • The first time Midoriya’s little sister shows an ounce of sympathy and kindness towards Bakugou (since they were kids at least) is after he was retrieved from the league of villains. Mama Midoriya would have sent her lovely daughter over to the Bakugous with some comfort food and the intention to check up on poor Katsuki. And for once, she didn’t find herself minding the trip as she was curious and- dare she admit, concerned-how he was doing as well.
  • She was the last person Bakugou expected to come and visit him. It was tense, neither knowing how to address the other in a way that didn’t involve yelling or insults. Midoriya’s little sister spoke up first, asking how he was doing since returning home. She was met with grunt and something that sounded along the lines of “fine”. A tense silence overtook the room once again after that. She had a lot she wanted to ask him, but it just felt wrong at the time to pry like that. In the end Midoriya’s sister let out a sigh, expressing in probably the softest voice Bakugou had ever heard her use that she was relieved he was alright and that, from what Midoriya described, she was impressed with how he handled the situation. That finally made Bakugou turn his eyes towards her form, not that she met his gaze.
  • If she had met his eyes she would have seen the intrigue and slight shock in them. He certainly wasn’t expecting that coming from her mouth. Of course, this hadn’t been the first time she had surprised him. She leaves him after that with a wave of her hand and a “see you whenever” thrown over her shoulder. Although neither of them knew at the time, that was the beginning of a change in their dynamic. After that exchange in the Bakugou household Katsuki finds himself picking fights with her less often and decides that when she isn’t glaring at him and cursing him out she’s pretty chill to be around. Not to say that they’re hanging out all of sudden so much as they end up crossing paths more, like when she sees Midoriya for a visit at the 1-A dorms or is shopping with her mother and happens to run into the Bakugous while out.
  • He deadass does his best to ignore the feelings for her that have begun to blossom. He’ll push down any affection he feels towards her and do all he can to convince himself that it’s nothing but some kind of wack physical attraction brought on by teenage hormones at best. Suffice to say, it doesn’t work for long since he finds it harder and harder to ignore how his heart jumps in his chest when she touches him in the most innocent and simplest of ways or how warmth floods his chest (and his cheeks) at hearing her laugh at something he said.
  • Yeah, he’s fucked and he knows it. He’s even more fucked though because he has no idea what to do about his feelings for her. I mean, he’s pretty sure she just barely likes him as is and that makes his chances of scoring even one date with her so very low. He definitely talks to Kirishima about it but Kirishima O N L Y, and even that only happened because Kirishima brought it up when they were hanging out one afternoon.
  • Kirishima encourages Bakugou to search out time to spend with her and to do his best to woo her with chivalrous and kind acts (the manliest way to win a woman over in Kirishima’s eyes). Only problem is, chivalry and kindness don’t come easy to Bakugou and definitely aren’t his style. Still, he values Kirishima’s input on the situation and figures it’s a starting point which is at least something to work with.
  • From then on whenever Bakugou is around Midoriya’s sister he tries to get her to warm up to him more in subtle ways, like offering/making her a drink, letting her try some of the food he’s made/making, and trying to yell less when she’s around. To outsiders this would seem like nothing, but to those who knew Bakugou this was d e f i n i t e l y something. Lucky for him, Midoriya’s sister took notice of his new behavior and found herself becoming more comfortable around him each time they happened upon one another. You could even say she actually began to enjoy being around him.
  • She too would soon end up catching feels for the hot tempered boy, and like him wouldn’t quite know what to do about it at first. She never expected she would feel something like this for him after all. Eventually though she would take the initiative (since she noticed he didn’t seem to be able to work up the guts to) and ask him if he’d like to hang out sometime. Just the two of them.
  • Bakugou is happy, thrilled even at being given the opportunity. But he plays it cool in front of her and simply responds with a shrug of his shoulders and a “sure”. Midoriya’s sister catches the smiling pulling at his lips though and can’t help but return it with one of her own. Neither one of them knew what would come out of this, or if anything would come out of it at all, but they were both more than a little excited to find out.

-Admin Sunshine

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may I please request bakugou family headcanons, like how katsuki would be with his kids and wife, give me all the fluff please!!

this was sent in march but it’s fitting for now since how yall were yesterday!

  • There once was time when Bakugou had press conference with the media while his S/O is out patrolling so he decided that he’d bring his children with him
  • Initially, he thought that it would be a good idea. But it all went to shit pretty fast.
  • As Katsuki answers questions, his youngest daughter wouldn’t stop reaching for the microphone in his hand, while the other one was off to the side messing around with the stage’s curtains.
  • And the third?
  • “Daddy! Daddy, look!! Watch me twirl, okay?!”
  • After that, Bakugou refuses to bring his brats on stage to a press conference again if you were working. Rather, he opts to drop them all at “Uncle Kiri’s” place before he does.
  • Never again will he put himself through such chaotic shit.
  • So far, he has 3 girls and prays to fuck that if he ever, ever, everrr tries again with you, it’ll be a boy.
  • He’s content with his children now, due to how all of his daughters are literally “daddy’s girls” and each have their own distinctive personalities.
  • But to have a son? That looks just like him?
  • His pride would be through the roof.
  • When Bakugou talks to his children, he does not and will not switch into a cute/soft ‘baby talk’ tone. He’s quite the opposite from you and will still talk to them as if they could keep up with what he’s saying.
  • It’s quite a sight to see such an powerful hero like Bakugou talking to his 2 year old about mundane things like they comprehend every sentence he speaks.
  • “Don’t forget, when you walk into that classroom today you’re repping me. You’re a Bakugou, so don’t mess this up,” he’d say as he points at his daughter’s chest.
  • “Katsuki, it’s preschool.”
  • When Bakugou had his first child in his early 20s, he just thought that it was crazy that the two of you would have to look after spawns of your own.
  • Like, he’s literally in charge of this little chubby baby? Crazy.
  • When it comes to discipline the phrase that you warn your kids, “Stop it, or I’ll tell your father,” immediately snaps the kids back into shape.
  • Being scolded by their dad was something they’d rather not sit through.
  • Reading bed time stories is an absolute nightmare. Your husband does not understand how you manage.
  • Wrangling them all into their pajamas and tucking them into their respective beds is trouble enough as is.
  • But hearing them fuss over the stories he chooses? Three voices on top of another whining for him to stop changing the storyline? Holy fuck
  • “(Y/N) I can’t do this anymore,” he’d groan, shoving the book into your hands, “take over.”
  • Everything else he’ll do, like joining their tea parties, taking them out, or even driving them to birthday parties/play dates. But reading them to sleep? He’ll respectively pass
  • Bakugou loves his children, is protective of them, and shows them tough love when necessary
  • He strives to give not only you, but his children the best lifestyle as possible
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fools - how could you bakubro

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fools masterlist


maybe I should have a warning for the foul language our katsuki uses… anyway I’m still debating what kind of plot the show will have and who else will be in it. Anyways, anyone have any thoughts on this lil smau? How we feelin fellas? Okie dokie, hope you all enjoy 🥺 tysm for all the likes 💕 lmk if u want to be added to the tag list thru my asks pls!


TAGLIST : @nerdynstoned @mrsreina @bubbleteaa @fujimoribaby @the-broken-halo-writer

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As soon as I saw the link to your new blog I had to ask for a request. Your writing makes beyond happy. Anyway I was thinking of a headcannon where Kirishima's or Bakugo's s/o got them into animal crossing? I think it would be hilarious knowing Bakugo had a town filled with cute little animals. Thank you and I can't want to see this blog take flight!

Ahh, hi bby, I’m really glad that my writing makes you happy :’) your support is so so appreciated! Also this ask is everything, animal crossing is my LIFE right now & I loved thinking about these! Theses are all based on New Horizons. Also get ready for more swearing than I’ve ever incorporated into my writing before.



  • He’s really excited to try it! He always loves holding you on his lap and watching you play and he’s been secretly hoping you’ll let him give it a shot
  • He walks around the whole island just exploring until he finds one of the jock villagers working out on the beach, and he’s just like, “Yoooo!” he’s lowkey disappointed that he can’t work out with him
  • He makes a little garden of red flowers right next to his house
  • He goes around talking to all of the villagers and when he finds out he can give them gifts he goes to all of the shops trying to find the best gifts to give them all
  • He panics when he’s fishing and almost always reels in the line before the fish bites - eventually he just makes you catch a few fish for him
  • He makes a little Crimson Riot poster in the designer and hangs it up above his bed
  • He hides the screen from you and writes you a letter telling you how much he loves you and how cute you are and how glad he is that he’s your boyfriend and when you get it the next morning you almost cry
  • He enjoyed playing but he honestly thinks what he loves more is watching you play


  • It takes some real convincing from you for him to give it a try, even though he’s been trying to subtly watch you play over your shoulder for the last few weeks
  • “It could help you relax!”
  • After that you just kinda shove your switch into his hands and he just scowls at the title screen until he finally says, “Well are you gonna show me how this works or not??”
  • He runs everywhere - the walking speed is just Too Slow and will not be tolerated
  • “Who’s this ugly fuck?” He asks as he swats Beardo repeatedly over the head with a net
  • The egg event has his blood pressure through the roof
  • “GOD *incoherent muttering* fucKING *more muttering* DAMN ITTTT” he just wants to catch some damn fish
  • “Incinerate my Switch and by god I’ll find a way to incinerate you.”
  • He just scowls and gives up on fishing and decides to go around shaking fruit trees so he can give the fruit to all the animals except Beardo, he really hopes word gets around that they all got fruit but him
  • Mutters “you’re fucking welcome” every time one of the cuties thanks him for the gift
  • He still keeps talking to them, though
  • He ends up playing every once in a while when he’s especially moody and honestly it really does help bring his mood up just a little
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Strike Three

The strong aroma of curry filled the house. You stood in the kitchen, stirring the pot while occasionally gazing at the clock planted on the wall. Bakugou had texted you about an hour ago that he would be coming home earlier than usual, having finished his mission report faster than expected, so you quickly started preparing dinner as soon as you saw the message. 

On the other end of the line Bakugou smirked to himself at the sight of your name pop up on his screen as he added the last few touches on his report.

Babygirl: Yay! Can’t wait to see you babe!

His heart squeezed in his chest as he gazed at your smiling face in his lockscreen. You had teased him days on end, back when you first started dating in high school, when you found out about the little secret gallery he kept in his phone of unsuspecting photos he had taken of you. A handful of them with your bright smile as you laughed or talked with your friends. You joked, calling him a creep but you found it undeniably adorable, you couldn’t help but squeal. And the teasing remarks only increased tenfold when you caught the little nickname he had set for your contact.

But it was true, as soft and vulnerable as it made him seem, you were his baby.

Quickly concluding his report and submitting it to his agent, he grabbed his stuff, rushing out the door of his agency to finally get home to you.


The sound of metal clicking and the turn of the doorknob signaling that your lover had just gotten home. Just in time as you turned off the burner and prepared two plates for dinner.

“I’m home” you heard the deep voice of your lover call from the doorway. His tone was nonchalant but little did you know that a smile stretched across his face as the smell of curry hit his nostrils and the sweet hum of your voice in response to his call had his heart jumping with excitement. His friends often accused him of being “totally whipped” thus sending threats and curses towards them but he couldn’t deny that deep down, he was utterly and undisputedly whipped. 

Stepping into the room he caught sight of you standing at the stove, back turned towards him as you filled your plates up with the hot fresh meal. You were clad in his shirt, much too big for you as it fell mid thigh and covered whatever you could possibly be hiding underneath. His vermillion eyes raked down the length of the smooth skin of your legs, watching as your feet turned around indicating that you were now facing him. 

His eyes finally locked with the (e/c) pair that he loved so much.

“Dinners ready.” you said with a smile. 

Bakugou walked towards you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist and pressing a kiss to your forehead. You whined about how he reeked of smoke and dirt but he knew by the playful tone in your voice that you were just as happy to be in each other’s embrace. 

“Did my baby make me food?”

You felt a tingle run down your spine at the little nickname. You nodded your head.

“Mhm cooked your fave. With extra spice just how you like it.”

Bakugou pressed a kiss to your lips, humming with satisfaction at the feeling of your soft mouth against his. His hands daringly migrating south, resting dangerously close to your bottom. He noticed how awfully thin the barrier between his hand and the skin beneath your shirt was. And he especially noticed the lack of shorts waistband there was against your hips. 

You were the first to pull away, looking up at him with hooded eyes and pink dusting your cheeks.

Adorable, he thought.

“We should eat before the food gets cold.” you said, but neither of you made any move to separate. 

Bakugou only hummed, instead leaning back in and stealing your lips in another kiss. This time more passionately. His hands now sneaking up your shirt and squeezing the plump flesh underneath.

“Hm?” the sound vibrating against your mouth, the male pulling away slightly but your lips still brushing against one another, “Lace panties?”

Your face flushed at his words causing the grin on his face to grow wider. 

“W-we should eat!” you stammered out, feeling too embarrassed to let him prod any further. You knew where this was going and you weren’t going to let your effort of making dinner go to waste any longer than it should have. Pushing against his chest you grabbed the plates and set them on the table. Not without Bakugou getting one last pat to your bottom. You squeaked, quickly throwing a glare at him over your shoulder. The fucker only shrugged his shoulders with that stupid smirk on his handsome face.

“And here I thought I would be able to treat myself to dessert before dinner.” he chided.

“S-shut up!”


After a fulfilling dinner the couple rested in the comfort of their shared bedroom. Bakugou already has his hands under your shirt with large palms groping your chest and your pelvis pressed against his as you straddle him with your back turned towards him. You whined about him being too eager, having finished dinner just minutes ago not even bothering to clean the dishes as they sat in the sink still stained with curry. But who cared right now? Not when his hard bulge was pressed against your damp cunt that was barely protected by the weak excuse of underwear that you wore and the soft moans and mewls that spilled from your mouth sang in the air. 

“Katsukiii” you whined, gripping one of his wrists to direct him lower down your body. He gladly complied, running it down your sides and slipping it under the band of your panties to rub at your sensitive bud. 

A gasp left your lips as the sensation of his clothed member grinding against you combined with the drawn circles on your clit increased the heat to your core, chasing you to your peak faster. 

Oh- Katsuki!” you cried as you shook to his ministrations. You were close, so, so close. 

“That’s it baby. I love the cute little noises you’re making. C’mon call me.”

“Katsuki- I-ah! I need more…” you whined, followed by a keen. 

“More?” he feigned a question, but you knew he was just being a little shit, prodding dumbfoundedly until you were begging. 

“Katsuki!” you exclaimed, he peered over your shoulder. The full body mirror that sat in front of your bed giving him a perfect view of your current position. Your legs on either side of his hips as you sat with his bulge between your thighs, one of his hands buried in the delicate fabric of your lace panties and the other hidden beneath the large shirt you wore. But his favorite part of the whole scene was your expression. Eyes shut, cheeks stained pink, and mouth hung open as you panted, enjoying the sensation of his touch as you swivel your hips down on his to gain more friction. 

Fuck it, he thought, fuck all the egging you on, he wanted to be sheathed inside of you just as much as you did- if not more. 

Flipping you over so that you were facing him, he pulled you into his chest by the waist and captured your lips in a messy kiss. Tongues tangling, barely going inside either’s mouth. When you parted for air, a string of saliva still connecting your mouths and your lips latched onto his jaw, peppering kisses down his neck as an unspoken plea to show how desperate for his cock you were. 

You sucked at the skin of his collarbone, a low growl rumbled in Bakugou’s throat. Usually it would be the other way around, having you pinned to the mattress as he littered your skin with love bites and hickeys to show everyone who you belonged to. But he absolutely loved it when you were just as hungry to mark him, letting every thirsty bitch know that he was taken- that you were the only one for him. 

Your face nuzzled into the junction between his neck and shoulder. Taking a big whiff of his scent, getting a hint of caramel and- grease?

You remembered that he still hadn’t showered since coming home. The smell wasn’t much of a problem but you noticed that his skin littered with soot and dirt, but you failed to notice that he was still clad in his uniform and you were laying on the bed. Making your face twist into slight disgust.

“Katsuki you’re dirty.” 

He chuckled, interpreting your words in a different way, “Not as dirty as you, naughty girl-”

You lifted your upper body, resting the palms of your hands on top of his chest and looking down at him with a frown, “No, you haven’t taken a shower and you’re covered in dirt.”

Bakugou’s eyes widened, feeling the mood go sour. Was this really the time to be talking about his hygiene? Sure he got on people for that kinda shit, but he was so turned on and he knew you were too. He didn’t have time to just get up and leave right now. 

Staring down at his incredulous expression, understanding that what you had just said was such a turn off, but your words also had other intentions. Hoping that you could continue your little activity in the shower. Together. 

Bakugou also had the same intentions at the back of his mind, but thinking back to his little scheme he started at the beginning of the week he held back a sneaky grin. Since you wanted to kill the mood, he might as well end it all together. 

Payback time.

Bakugou clicked his tongue, feigning annoyance when in reality he just wanted to piss you off even more. 

“Tch, fine I’ll go take a shower since you wanna be a brat about it.” maneuvering your body off of him and to the side, he got up from the bed. Leaving you alone in the bedroom.

Eyes blown wide with confusion. 

Did you just piss him off that much?

You watched his back as he disappeared into the en suite bathroom, the sound of running water following quickly after. Bakugou poked his head out from the corner, marveling at the obvious emptiness you expressed on your face. He…he wasn’t going to invite you? Or maybe you should just take the initiative on your own-

Getting up to stalk him into the bathroom, you were met with his unnerving expression and a quirk of his brow. 

“Hm? The hell are you doing? Gonna nag me about scrubbing properly?” playing dumb.

Immediately, your entire face bloomed into a bright red. You weren’t going to just ask him if you could join him in the shower! You’ve seen each other naked plenty of times but admitting such intimate acts was embarrassing- even if you had been begging for him just minutes ago. 

“O-o-oh! Um! Nothing! J-Just wanted to say don’t use up all the hot water!” you lied, rushing back to the bed in embarrassment. 

Bakugou stifled a chuckle. Guess he’ll just have to get himself off with his hand tonight. 


You laid on your back. 

Your lovers gentle snores bouncing off the walls of the room as you stared up at the ceiling in the dark. A frown hanging on your lips and your eyebrows creased in frustration.

Seriously again?! He could’ve at least picked up where he left off!


haha i typed this up real quick last night after uploading the latest mirai chapter. but i have to say this one was quite enjoyable to write lol nasty

anyways im thinking about making 2 more fics for this little mini series (unless yall have suggestions for it hehe)

currently working on next mirai chapter as well as a tobio and overhaul fic so stay tuned for that


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some bakugo, todoroki and amajiki domestic headcanons please?

F R I C K, first request just zeroing right in on my greatest weakness :’) I’m going to consider them all pro heroes for these!



  • He still likes to go to bed early. BUT. If he’s in just the right mood, you can definitely squeeze in some cuddles before actually falling asleep, especially if he’s had a long, hard day. He’ll never admit it but he’s been looking forward to this since lunchtime.
  • One of your favorite things to do together is cooking, and even with your busy schedules you make an effort to make a meal together at least a few times a week
  • He actually lets you take care of any cuts and scrapes with minimal grumbling, your hands are so gentle, and truth be told, Katsuki secretly sort of enjoys being babied a bit every once in a while
  • If it’s bad enough, you make him get in the bath with you so you can rub his muscles and make sure any wounds are extra clean, and even though he complains about the bubbles every single time he still lets out this deep, content sigh the moment he sinks down into the water
  • Most people wonder how the two of you are together or ask you if he treats you right. He is so offended every time you tell him about one of those encounters, because how could ANYONE even SUGGEST that he would even THINK of hurting you.
  • “They don’t know you like I do,” is what you say every time, and when you lean in to kiss him he’s still huffy about it, but he kisses you like he means it - he always does


  • Having his own little home to come back to after a long day at work is something Shouto treasures more than anything - you’re kind of like his anchor, and having something and someone to come home to just makes him work that much harder
  • He’s not really into the grand gestures, but there are a thousand small things he does every day that he proves to you just how much he cares about you that you might miss if you weren’t paying attention
  • He knows how you take your coffee or tea, he’s learned to make your favorite meals, he knows exactly how you like things organized and he’ll silently do the tasks you hate (like vacuuming or folding laundry) - whatever he can think of that might make things easier for you or make you smile just a little
  • He makes it a point to say “I love you” before you both leave for the day and before falling asleep - it’s an important part of his routine
  • He likes doing the most mundane things with you, like grocery shopping or cleaning the house together, it’s just so comfortable and he finds that there’s something beautiful in the most every day things
  • Sometimes you’ll kiss his scrapes and tell him how proud you are of him and how hard he works, and it just makes him feel so warm and loved and it makes him want to hold you tight and never let go


  • Home with you is one of the few places where Tamaki feels truly comfortable and at peace - being with you just makes him feel warm and happy and content, you’re his person
  • Coming home after a long day of hero work to see you standing in the kitchen making dinner or sitting on the couch with a book waiting for him just instantly makes him feel lighter - like some kind of weight he didn’t know he was carrying has finally slid off his back
  • He loves watching you cook. He doesn’t normally help a whole lot, but he’ll stir things here and there or watch a pot for you, he just really enjoys watching you bustle around the kitchen, hearing you hum softly to yourself as you go about your work
  • Typically, the two of you will spend your time at home in the same room and just existing together. Sometimes you’ll spend an entire weekend with the TV on in the background and just reading and relaxing
  • He is so good at remembering your anniversary, your birthday, and any other special dates, and on those days he loves to shower you in little gifts like sweets or flowers just because he loves to see the way it makes you smile
  • Your domestic life together overall is just really important and grounding to Tamaki, and it’s part of what allows him to be such a good hero and more confident in himself
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It’s your lucky day when you see Ground Zero get onto a train~

Warnings: 18+, chikan, dub-con/non-con.

Word Count: 3744.


“Ground Zero?” You asked, a hint of questioning in your voice as you stepped closer to the blond man, you were certain in your mind that this was the Pro-Hero, but you wanted to hear him say it for himself. His vermilion eyes immediately snapping in your direction at the mention of his Hero name, brows curved into their signature line of annoyance as he gave you a glare.

“What’s it to you?” He spat in a gruff voice, his eyes watching as you confidently stepped closer to him.

“I’m a really big fan,” You smiled up at him bashfully, playing with the hem of your skirt as you feigned shyness, biting down on your lower lip as you watched his reaction.

This had to be the luckiest day of your life, of all the trains in Japan and all the carriages you could’ve stepped onto you, you managed to find the one that had the famous Pro-Hero Ground Zero aboard. You were in a state of awe as you stared at the male in front of you, not even questioning why the fates had decided to shine on you today as a grin beamed across your features.

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A Spoon of Sugar

bnha masterlist

Café Chatter: Part 1. | Part 2.

1.6k words, the final installment, baby! this is like two weeks overdue lmao. a lot of dialogue & mannerisms bc i like that kinda stuff.



The look on Katsuki’s face when he bursts through Kirishima’s front door to find all twenty-something of his old classmates shouting, “Welcome back!” at him is an opportunity Kaminari does not waste. He’s already uploaded it to his Instagram account!

Katsuki is hilariously dumbfounded. Neck stuck in an arch that makes him look like someone’s just struck him on the back of the head, it takes a minute, but he eventually regains his poise and glares almost gratefully around the room. 

Everyone is here, truly: Deku’s tucked close to Round Face, Frog Face is snapping at the little Grape Fucker, and even that Half and Half Bastard has the audacity to show his ugly mug and smile at him. Tch.

They’re all here… for him. To welcome him back home.

Gazing around the room, Katsuki consumes about six different comedic acts among the ridiculousness of his comrades. It’s like staring at a newborn baby in the face for the first time, watching them all ensembled in the same place at the same time—and not for a reason that involves falling skyscrapers and metal-toothed villains.

Eijirou pats Katsuki on the back on his way inside from the car, a bounce in his step and it clicks that, of course, he’s the mastermind behind all of this. Of course, Ejirou would throw him a welcome back party.

But it couldn’t only be Eijirou; vermillion eyes start chasing around the living room. Katsuki’s flight landed at eight o’clock this morning; and, due to a booking error, the airport Katsuki landed at had been four hours away with no traffic. So, someone else would have to be here, preparing the house—

Katsuki sucks in a breath.

You’re standing to the far left, at the edge where the living room meets the kitchen. Arms folded across your chest, and lips twitching in and out of the smallest smile he’s ever seen you give.

“GROUP HUG!” Sero swings his arms around and dives for a piece of Bakugo to snatch from his body. Everyone else immediately huddles in, squeezing together and smiling wide enough to split their face apart—much to Katsuki’s adamant and vocal annoyance, as he’s at the center of it all.

“OI, Shitty Arms!”

“Say cheese!” Uraraka has a camera.

“CHEESE!” Everyone besides Bakugou smiles.


The coward in you can’t stand to look at him for long.

The coward in you doesn’t hug him, either. You don’t move to be included in the picture. Not because you don’t want to, but because the crippling fear of rejection has you begging to crawl inside of your own body.

So, you turn to neatly rearranging your cake pops and setting out more chip bowls and beer. It’s the least you could do, try and keep the refreshments well-kept. It’s not your house—Kirishima planned this to a T—but you are inconceivably grateful that Kirishima was willing to do this for Bakugou, and that he was so excited when you offered to help.


You’ve missed Katsuki so much, your fingers are itching to touch him.

A slight shift in your peripheral vision immediately brings your attention to a body standing in the doorway of the kitchen. The top of his head nearly bumps the top of it, and you slip a smile because somehow, it’s still as cute as you remember it to be six months ago. He may even be a little taller now.

Six months.

You lean into the marble countertop at the center of the kitchen and anxiously squeeze your upper arms. It’s been half of a year since you heard from this man. Half a year since…

“It’s all worthless!”

“I’m going whether you like it or not.”

How will he react to you? How will he greet you? Is he still angry? It’s been six months. Does he want nothing to do with you? Is he going to cuss you out?

Katsuki swallows roughly, palms sweaty with anticipation. What is he supposed to say to you? What is he allowed to say? He doesn’t even know what he wants to say.

Your cheeks burn as tears pool in the bottom of your eyes. You can’t stop your tongue from babbling. The enunciation of words strings together in a rushed heave of breath.


Bakugou doesn’t say anything, mostly because his heart squeezes and his throat constricts because you’ve gotten all dolled up, just for him. It’s only been six months, he knows, but can’t stop this growing awe inside of himself because you are every bit as beautiful as the last time he saw you. What was the word for it? He’s heard Yaoyorozu say it plenty of times before.

You wish you could stop fidgeting. But what are you supposed to do when under his scrutiny? He’s just been staring at you and hasn’t uttered a word. How can you lift the tension before you choke on it?

“You had fun, right? And got stronger.” The smile that accompanies your words is watered down. Katsuki can’t tell if it’s because you’re still angry; an inkling of intuition tells him that you are sad.

“You’ve always had that All American vibe, y’know? And from what I’d seen—on Twitter and stuff—you looked really, uh.” It tastes bitter on its way out of your mouth, but you say it anyway. Your shoulders droop as your head hangs to the pristinely tiled floor. “You looked happy, Bakugou.”



You think he’s been… happy?

“Listen,” you begin, finally meeting his gaze with your own.

“Before you left… about the fight that we had…” You reach a hand out to touch him, but decide against it, and curl it into your chest instead. Katsuki begins to take gradual steps towards you.

“I said what I said because,” you clench your firsts. “Because I knew it’d hurt you. It was completely intentional; I won’t lie.”

“The way you were brushing me off, the way you were… dismissing me. I felt worthless to you. And I wanted you to feel the same way.” Your hand falls to your side. “But I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t want to hurt you, even if you hurt me.”

He’s only an inch away from you now, back straight and shoulder proud as he peers down at you with slanted eyes. You’ve always liked that about Bakugou, the shape of his eyes.

You continue, maintaining eye contact and praying to the tenth god that he can read how sincere you are, hoping he can see how long you’ve been waiting for him, and wishing to the stars that he realizes you mean every inch of every word you say now.

“You’re my hero, y’know?” You press your palm to the curve of his jaw and caress his cheek with your thumb. Your heart swells when he leans into your touch, eyes fluttering closed. “Deku or no Deku, you will always be my number one hero, my love.”

Katsuki’s insides are melting.

You fix him up with watery doe eyes and that tender fucking smile, and those pretty little words and his heart is jumping out of his chest. Jumping out of his chest and right into your hands.

“I have been miserable,” Katsuki grumbles while loosely cupping the arm of yours that’s caressing his face. “I mean, duh, the training went well. Do y’know who you’re talking to, here?”

You snort and roll your eyes, your first smile of the day breaking across your face like dawn breaks in the sky.

“But we’ve been across the world from each other,” he stretches an arm on either side of you to lean against the marble countertop. The tone of his voice becomes smooth and low. “For six months.”

He squeezes the edge of the counter, slowly dipping in to brush the tip of his nose against yours and, now that he’s almost eye level, glaring into your soul with narrowed slits. “And you think I’ve been happy? Do I look like a dumbass to you?”

Yes,” you hiss, pressing your other hand to the middle of his chest. “To both. I mean, you’re the one who took off without saying anything—and I mean, not one fucking word. And then nothing thereafter for six entire months. How was I supposed to assume you still loved me the same?”

“Communication works both ways,” Katsuki scoffs, cupping your neck and thumbing the curve your jaw. “I needed two months just to get passed all the shit you spat me before I left.”

“Valid,” you yield, gazing down at where you’re clutching the bottom of Katsuki’s shirt.

“I was losing my mind,” you admit quietly, slipping your arms under his shirt and around his torso. “I couldn’t do anything without feeling everything.” You huff and press your cheek to Katsuki’s chest. “T’was exhausting.”

Bakugou slugs his limbs around your frame, practically absorbing your body into his. “I should have told you that I was leaving as soon as I found out I was cleared to go,” he whispers against the top of your head.

When you hum in agreement, he keeps going. “You are it, for me. You’re the career and the home and the—the everythin’ else. That’s what I should have fucking told you six months ago, angel face.”

“It has been a long time.” You realize in disbelief, tightening your grip on him. It’s felt like a decade and a day all at once. “Is this a confession, I hear? From a hero?”

Timeless! Bakugou remembers suddenly. The word he was looking for.

You are timeless.

“I made you some cake pops!” You throw out offhandedly but excitedly, turning slightly in Katsuki’s arms to reach back and grab one. “As an apology bribe—”

“Mhm,” Katsuki catches your face in his hands and molds his lips against yours like it’s all he’s been thinking about since he left. Slow, sensual, and enthusiastic. “Mm.”

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late night snacks ⋆⋆⋆ bakugou katsuki

  • it’s like 2:34 am when you found yourself in the kitchen of the ua dorms. you were seriously craving some of your favorite food and couldn’t sleep, so why not make it??
  • the only problem is, you’re a terrible chef. anybody in the dorms could agree to that. once, you burnt an entire bag of popcorn because you accidentally pressed the potato button instead of popcorn on the microwave
  • maybe it’s how late it is or how hungry you are, but as you looked over the recipe, it all seemed incredibly easy. maybe, if you just double checked everything and were super careful, it’d turn out slightly edible
  • it’s the moment of truth. you’ve just gotten out all the dishes you’re going to be needing, all your ingredients are measured out and lined up according to when they’ll be used, time to get cracking
  • you reach for the first ingredient, and right when you’re about to pour it into the bowl, you hear a, “what the fuck are you doing?” from behind you
  • it was so unexpected, you nearly drop the measuring cup and let out a scream. thankfully, all your hero training has built up some quick thinking skills and you don’t wake the entire class up
  • turning around, the last person you expected to see standing there was bakugou. the boy went to bed at n i n e every morning like clockwork so why tf was he up right now?
  • you asked him that exact question too, to which he said, “damn i just want some water, like a normal person”
  • your mouth formed an “O” and you turned back to your cooking but ofc, he stopped you again, insisting that you answer his question. 
  • “i’m trying to cook, what does it look like?” “right now? a mess.” not all of us can be master chefs bakugou smh
  • you thought the blond was just going to grab his water and leave, but nope. he decided to stick around and make comments on every move you made. you got so fed up it, you forced in katsuki to finishing the food for you
  • you thought you were doing alright too, but seeing how easy the boy made it, you might’ve been wrong. besides the way you are, sitting on the counter, much to bakugou’s chagrin, was a lot easier
  • besides you had a big win on your side, you managed to have a pleasant conversation with him! you don’t know if it’s just the late night or he enjoyed cooking that much, but he actually told a funny joke
  • kaminari would be hella proud
  • it was surprising how, when the food was finished, the boy tried to leave and let you enjoy the food by yourself. and were you gonna let that happen?? hell no! he deserved at least a little for making it
  • so, you two sat together on the couch and turned on some trashy reality tv show. with full bellies and good company, it wasn’t hard to slip into sleep
  • in the morning, class 1a didn’t know what was more unexpected: the fact that bakugou wasn’t up at 5 am every day like he usually is, or that he’s the little spoon
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⤷ being hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t even give a fuck about his surroundings is tough. to watch him grow up before your very eyes, it was hard not to fall in love with him. luckily, there’s new lovebot going around twitter. what could possibly go wrong in anonymously proclaiming your feelings, right?

a/n: love buddies and bakugous new anon

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Chapter 11

- On your wrists two names are tattooed. One of your soulmate and one of your enemy. Bakugou thinks all of it is total bullshit. Of course, that is until he meets you.


A/n: I want to be a person Tohru Honda is proud of. Go watch Fruits Basket if you haven’t and if you have, talk with me! The first episode of season 2 is so good already! But anyways, the BNHA anime is over for now but I’m real excited for season 5. Like were gonna see so much more action. Sorry if I don’t post as much, like I said in my previous post it’s hard with the quarantine, but I’ll try to give it my best :). Thank you for reading and supporting me! 

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So I’m closing the requests tomorrow if anyone wants to send in an ask do it today!! Also idk for how long it will be closed, untill i finish every ask I’ve gotten.

After that I’m going to test my plan first. Request will be only open from friday to sunday, and I’ll work on the asks throughout the week,just to not get overwhelmed. Thank you everyone!!


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can i request a poc girl who’s insecure about her race and skin color because its rare to see interracial couples and the concept of a white girl dating a white guy is really popular?? it’s uncommon to see a poc girl dating a white man, with todoroki and bakugou? 🥺 thank you if you *do* end up doing this and i don’t mind whether it’s fluff or not 💖💕💓💗💘

Heyyya my lovelies. It’s been a while since I did a request. Figured I’d do one before getting back to studying.

This request is kinda similar so to those who requested this, hope ya like dis ❤


Originally posted by katetcake

Growing up, you had been taught to love yourself. It hasn’t always been easy and it took time for you to actually do so, what with the world we currently live in. Not to be ungrateful or anything, of course you are thrilled that little by little the world’s perception of beauty is learning to be more inclusive. That the world is being more accepting. But it is undeniable, that there’s still this small portion of the world that remains closed-minded.

Bakugo’s eyes wander down at you when he feels your grip on his hand tighten. He scowls when he sees you looking around anxiously. He looks around too and he sees people staring. I mean, it is pretty much inevitable considering you two had just recently made your relationship public.

Bakugo understood that some people might find it hard to believe that someone as amazing as you can tolerate a person like him. After all, he did make a reputation for himself. But damn if anyone dares look at you the wrong way, he wouldn’t hesitate making a fucking scene.

“What’s wrong, baby?” you look up when you hear him ask in a low voice. He pulls you closer to him and planted a kiss on your temple as you both exit the school building. You flush instantly seeing a couple of students around look at you two in surprise. Much to Bakugo’s dismay, you let go of his hand. You then look up at him with an apologetic smile, shaking your head.

“Nothing. I-I’ll go ahead and just meet you back in the dorm.” you mumble then hurriedly walked ahead of him. He tried to catch your hand again but Shitty Hair and Dunce face caught up with him and started babbling about the up coming exam they need help with.

Later that afternoon, you hear a knock on your door followed by your boyfriend’s gruff voice. “I’m coming in.” he announces, making you grin to yourself and roll your eyes.

“Hey.” you greet softly, watching him sit on the foot of your bed. Bakugo sighs and pulls your leg playfully, eliciting a laugh from you. “Stop it.” you whine, sitting up and pushing his hand away. Bakugo caught your wrist though and forcefully pulls you into his lap.

“Katsuki-” you say breathlessly. Shuddering when you feel his slightly chapped lips graze your neck. His strong arms wrap tightly around your waist, making escape impossible. “What the fuck has gotten in to you after class?” he asks.

You still under his embrace, you were hoping he’d forget about it and avoid this conversation altogether. But as Bakugo pulls away just enough to meet your gaze, he scrutinizes your face. “Is it that damn bad being my girl?” he frowns. “That you had to fucking let go of my hand in public?”

Your brows raise in disbelief. Bakugo fucking Katsuki thinks you’re embarrassed to be his girlfriend, this beautiful boy that you can hardly believe you’re able to call yours. You shake your head vehemently, letting your hands cradle his soft cheeks. “No, Bakugo, that’s not it. Seriously? And you call me the dumbass?” you ask and laughed dryly, eliciting an eyeroll from him.

“What the fuck was that earlier, then?” he asks, looking frustrated already at this point. “Did I do something wrong?” he asks, searching your eyes. Bakugo would admit, it did sting having you let go of his hand and walkaway like that. You mean the world to him and he’s honestly trying his best for you.

You pursed your lips and let out a shaky breath. “It’s not you. Don’t ever think that. You’re one of the best things that ever happened to me, Katsuki.” you say, running your fingers through his hair. He looks at you with a confused expression, trying to figure you out. He then leans his forehead against your chest, mumbling “Aren’t you okay with being seen with me in public then? Is that it?”

You held him gingerly, gnawing at your lips. Finally, you say, “You’re going to think this is so stupid.”

“I don’t care. Spit out, dumbass.” his says, voice muffled. You sigh and nudge him, holding out a pinky to him. “Just promise me first that you won’t get mad.” Bakugo eyes your pinky ruefully before glaring back up at you. “I can’t, Y/n.” he says deadpan. “Please?” A growl sounds in his throat when he sees you pout. He then unwillingly links his pinky to yours. “Fine. Now talk ya damn nerd.” he challenges, letting go of your waist and leaning back on his palms. You felt small under his piercing gaze and you all but burried in your face in his chest as you confide.

“I’m happy being with you. Being your girlfriend. B-but I can’t help but get self-conscious having people look at us when we’re out together.” Your eyes start to water recalling hearing some of the people from other class make a comment about not pegging Bakugo to be that type of guy to date a girl of color.

“I hate it too, feeling this way.” you confess, voice getting thick. “I hate that sometimes I even think that maybe they’re right? Maybe I’m just not right for you? And I don’t know what to do because I can’t shake off this insecurity I feel when I hear people say, ‘Oh Bakugo is dating her?’” you pursed your lips, trying to keep it from trembling. You recall the dirty looks you get, seeing judgement in their eyes.

“Like, is it really that impossible for you to love someone like me? Is it so bizarre just because my skin color is not the same as yours?” you ask out of sheer frustration, meeting his crimson gaze.

Bakugo exhales sharply. All along he though it was because you were embarrassed to be seen with him because of how he is. He felt ridiculous now knowing it goes so much deeper. He even felt selfish.

You look away from him as he wipes the tears that you didn’t know had escaped, the pads of his fingers grazing your cheeks. He pulls you back in his arms and lays in your bed with on top of him. You feel his lips brush the top of your head before taking a deep breath. He just holds you for a while, his fingers rubbing your back soothingly.

“You already know this but,” he starts to say, finally breaking the silence. “I couldn’t give a damn what those extras think.” A quiet laughter escapes you despite the tears.

“And people with that kind of fucking mindset are a bunch of shitty airheads. For them to judge what we have basing on our physical attribute? Fucking ridiculous.” he continues, waving a hand exasperatedly.

“Y/n, you’re all that matters to me now.” Bakugo murmurs against your temples.

This is the first time Bakugo has ever been vocal about the way he feels about you apart from the night he finally confesses to you. He rarely says mushy things because that’s just not him. You were rendered speechless, you couldn’t even move in his arms. When he looks down at you and titled your chin up so he can meet your gaze, you were met by a soft loving kiss.

“I’m sorry if I was being-” you start but he shushes you. “You don’t ever have to apologize for what you’re feeling Y/n. Not with me.” A wave of fresh hot tears brim your eyes. How the hell did you get so lucky?

“Now, would ya promise me one thing?” he asks. You wet your lips and nodded. Bakugo holds you tighter against his body, his other hand coming up to touch the side of your face.

“Just let those fuckin’ extras say or think whatever the hell they want and promise me,” he stares at you sincerely, his fingers now grazing your bottom lip, “That all you’ll ever care about starting from today is that,” you watch his adam’s apple bob as he swallows, “I’m all yours.. and you’re mine.”

A huge grin stretches your lips, in awe of how much this boy can make you adore him even more than you already do. Bakugo Katsuki is a lot of things. He can be a pain in the ass at times but God, when he loves you, he makes damn sure you know and feel it.

You held out your pinky to him once more, making the ash blonde chuckle and roll his eyes. He then links his with yours before smothering you with butterfly kisses all over your face.

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Can I get bakugou who’s s/o is from America and he has to survive a long distance relationship?

a/n: i hope i’m doing bakugou justice in this hc LMFAO i need to start writing more bnha so send in bnha request yall 👀


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • you met because you were apart of a foriegn exchange student program and decided to go to Japan to attend UA for your first year of high school
  • bakugou and his tsundere ass confessed that he liked you a couple of months before you were supposed to head back to America
  • so you dated for the months that you were still in Japan and then mutually decided to continue as a long distance relationship when you had to head back home at the end of the school term
  • japan being 16 hours ahead of america sorry is this is wrong its the difference for cali which is where i live made things complicated at first
  • you were both heroes in training so it was hard to even find downtime for yourself, so it was difficult to find a time where you were both free of other priorities and still awake at the same time to talk
  • but you guys made it work by texting each other when you could throughout the day, even if the other person was sleeping, just to keep them updated
  • “accidentally ran into someone while i was rushing to class. he yelled at me and it reminded me of you ;)))”
  • “stfu”
  • as the long distance relationship progressed, you two soon fell into a daily schedule with each other
  • he’s an earlier riser so when he wakes up, it was around midafternoon/early evening for you so he would always video calls right when he gets up and two talk as he gets ready for the day
  • if you stay up late to catch up on school work or can’t sleep because you keep getting distracted with social media, you’ll video call him because it’ll be evening for him
  • “why the fuck are you still awake”
  • “can’t sleep wanted to hear your voice and see your face”
  • “yeah right you were watching those stupid tiktoks again weren’t you”
  • this mans goes to sleep early, so by the time he’s in bed you’re still sleeping because its very early morning for you
  • likes to send you texts before he falls asleep
  • “hey dumbass i’m going to bed now i’ll talk to you when i wake up”
  • “you better be dreaming of me idiot”
  • knows your dorm address so he can send you surprise gifts here and there
  • flowers, something he found that reminds him of you, a few things that you’ve been dying to get but haven’t bought it yet, basically just the little things because he likes to see you smiling when you video call him to show off the gift he got you bitchass won’t admit it though
  • “open your door i got you something”
  • on your one year anniversary the something at the front of your door was him uwu
  • overall still have a really good relationship despite being miles apart with a big time difference between the two of you
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bakugou with no lying?

Katsuki doesn’t lie.

Not exactly. He means it when he says someone has shitty hair, or they smile too god damned much, or that they don’t have any brain cells to spare on even trivial shit. Why would he lie? He doesn’t want to keep people around that he’d be tempted to lie to, that he has to tip toe around.

It’s almost enraging that he can’t find his soulmate unless he tries to lie, so- whatever. He doesn’t need to search, and if they try to lie and find out they can’t - maybe he’s put too much thought into this mess.

..the thing is, if it gets bad enough, he’ll do it.

He does it.

He doesn’t even put thought into it, just flat out lies and says he’ll get people out, of fucking course, because if he doesn’t- people panic. And he can’t have that. Not now, not if they want a sliver of a chance. So he lies and hates himself for it, and then his eyes land on you and suddenly he’s choking on the words, and.. now he wants to lie, more than anything.

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