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#bakugou katsuki x reader
godtomura · 2 days ago
𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 #𝟏
✞ katsuki x fem!reader
✞ cw: aged up characters, oral (m->f), overstimulation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thinking about how katsuki eats pussy, he loves eating it from the back. he's got you cross eyed and drooling on the pillows as he uses two thick fingers to spread your sticky folds apart, tongue flicking relentlessly at the little pink button that has you squirming under his hands. katsuki spits on pussy before he shoves his fingers inside, getting your hole nice and wet so the digits can curl blissfully against your sweet spot and to make it easier for his fat cock to pound away at it. His tongue laves over your pulsing clit before he sucks it into his mouth, your toes curling at the light scrape of teeth against the puffy bud.
katsuki licks at your pretty cunt until his face glistens with your arousal, buries his face in your wet folds until your scent is all that fills his nose. katsuki toys with your pussy until you cum so much that you have to push him away with weak hands and tears on your cheeks because " 'm sensitive, hurts too much."
Tumblr media
©godtomura 2021 all rights reserved. do not repost, copy, modify, translate, cross-post, or recommend any of my works on any other platform.
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vagabondreamer · a day ago
Warm Me Up
Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x F!MC
Summary: Bakugo and reader get locked in a freezer together.
Author's Note: Finally my first Bakugo smut! Characters aged up to 18.
Minors DNI
You were in your last year at UA, and you thought you had made many good friends along the way. Some of those friends being part of the infamous Bakugo-Squad. You refused to say you were a part of it; you loved everyone in it except for Bakugo. You thought you could trust Kirishima and Mina - but here you were, being dragged by them against your will.
"Hey! Guys! What the hell are you doing!" You tried planting your feet firm on the ground, only to be dragged harder.
"This is for your own good, I swear MC," Kirishima wouldn't look you in the eye. He felt the guilt already building.
"Don't worry! You'll have company in there!" Mina excitedly said.
"Wait, where? And with who?!" You were freaking out more when you saw that they were pulling you to a huge walk in freezer. "Oh my god! You guys are trying to kill me!"
Mina only laughed harder as they opened the door up and pushed you in. You tripped on your way in, trying to turn around as quickly as possible so you could try to push against the door. But it was to no use, they had sealed it behind you already.
"Alright guys, we'll be just a few feet away. Just admit you guys are friends and stop acting like total weenies and we'll let you out," shouted Kirishima from the other side.
You turned around, not even realizing there was another body in here with you. There he was. Bakugo was sitting on the floor, struggling to get out of the ropes they tied him with. His mouth was covered with tape. So much for heroes - they kidnapped you both!
Reaching down, you ripped the tape off of his mouth.
"OW! Son of a bitch, could you pull it harder next time?"
"Oh? I could just put it back on since you sound so ungrateful." You started to get close to him, jokingly about to put it back on when he shook his head.
"Stop it, just get me out of these."
Begrudgingly, you started tugging at the rope.
"What? Couldn't blast yourself out of these simple things?"
"It's like zero degrees in here, MC! My ass has been freezing in here for like ten minutes already!"
So distracted with being thrown in here and untying Bakugo, you hadn't realized you were wearing only a skirt and a simple blouse. The cold was just starting to really set in. Bakugo stood up and immediately went to the door, placing his hands on it he tried to use his quirk to explode through it. Unfortunately, he had been in here for too long and couldn't muster any sweat.
"God damnit! Let me out losers! I'm gonna kill you when I'm out of here!" Bakugo pounded at the door.
"Oh yeah, 'cause they're really gonna let us out now after a threat."
"Ha! Okay then, what's your brilliant idea to get us out?"
You start to walk around the small room, back and forth, trying to keep circulation moving in your body.
"I say we just keep quiet and eventually they'll think we came to some kind of agreement."
"That's fucking stupid. Who knows how long they'll make us wait." He started jumping up and down.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm trying to sweat, dumbass."
You hated when he called you that.
"You look fucking stupid," you spat back.
"Yeah well at least my quirk is useful." Ouch. That one kind of hurt. You actually had a decent quirk, but in this particular situation it was pretty useless.
"Tch. Whatever." You rolled your eyes and just kept walking. Your shivering started to get worse, and your legs were really starting to go cold.
Bakugo gave one last attempt at blasting the door but only produced a minimal spark.
"Fuck!" He slid down next to the door.
"So much for being useful," you muttered. He gave you a nasty glare and crossed his arms to his chest. An insult was at the tip of his tongue, but one look down your body and he finally realized how little clothes you were wearing compared to him. He groaned audibly. "What's your problem now?"
"Get over here." His hand motioned you over, but he wouldn't look you in the eye.
"Unless you want to freeze to death."
It's like your legs started to move on their own. At least that's what you tell yourself. Soon enough you were standing directly in front of Bakugo, unsure of what to do next. He gave you and annoyed sigh and grabbed your hand, pulling you down in between his legs. He then put his calloused hands behind your thighs, pulling them so that you were straddling his lap.
"Ah! What are you --" Your cheeks flared red with embarrassment.
"It's to warm us up, dumbass." He began gently rubbing your thighs and calves, using what little of his quirk that he had to warm you up. His face was also a shade of pink, but you chalked it up to being cold.
Your hands sat between his chest and yours. Slowly, you put them against his chest and began gently rubbing up and down - caressing his neck to his broad chest.
"What are you doing?" He stiffened.
"I-I'm just trying to keep you warm, too." You lowered your face against his shoulder, too embarrassed to see his face.
Your warm breath danced on his exposed collarbone and he shivered from the temperature difference. His grip on your thighs tightened, and he pulled you closer - every part of your body now flushed against his. A small yelp of surprise came out of your mouth and you lifted your head to look at him. You could see the inner struggle in his eyes - what was his next move? You decided to make it for him. Gripping his shirt tightly, you crashed your lips into his. His lips were surprisingly soft. But he wasn't moving his lips. So you pulled away.
"Fuck, I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that," you tried to backtrack. You tried to pull away, but his grip was unforgiving.
"Just surprised me, dumbass," he whispered to you like it was a secret.
Pulling you back into the kiss, this time he was in charge. It was like electricity shot through you as you intertwined in each other. Your hands ran through his hair, tugging at it to deepen the kiss. Your tongues fought for dominance - you fought with him for everything, this wouldn't be any different. He jolted his hips up towards you. The shock of feeling how hard he was made you lose concentration, and he dominated the kiss. At this rate, your lungs would burst, but his kisses were addicting. Briefly pulling away, your chests were heaving heavily.
"Bakugo -"
"Call me, Katsuki."
"Katsuki, warm me up." You weren't entirely sure what you were saying. You were high off of his scent, his warmth, his voice, his name, his everything. You just wanted more of him.
Your hips grinded into his just wanting to feel his hard length rubbing into sensitive clit. He got the hint and started grinding back as he kissed you again. His lips travelled down your neck, gifting you small love bites that made you moan in his ear. You could tell his patience was running thin as his hands went under your blouse and found your tits. He wasted no time and started playing with your nipples. He gave a tight squeeze, making you moan out in pain and pleasure.
"Fuck, you sound so good, MC." You only moaned more in pleasure.
His hands moved down to your clothed pussy. He was so grateful you were wearing a skirt. His fingers trailed the wetness of your panties.
"Who's got you so wet?"
"Uh-uh, say my name."
"Gonna have to give me more than that if you want me to fuck you," he teased. The look on his face was one that both turned you on and made you want to smack him.
"Katsuki, please fuck my pussy. Only you can make me so wet," you practically begged him. You fed his ego well.
"Oh yeah? Only I can make this pussy this wet?" He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he ripped your panties to the side and took his hard dick out from his pants. His dick was much bigger than you had expected, it was leaking pre-cum and looked angry at not being touched. You reached your hand out, your thumb spread the pre-cum the tip. A moan escaped his mouth. You decided to indulge him just this once.
"Only you! Please fuck me!" He didn't need to be told again. Lifting you up slightly, he guided the head of his dick across your wet pussy. That sensation alone made you quiver. Slowly, he started to push into you.
"Fuck, you're tight -" He pushed further and further, the burning making your eyes tear up. Finally, he pushed all the way in. "You okay?"
"Mm-yeah, you're just so big." Your doe eyes looked to his - he was trying his best to hold back for your sake but he was about to break at any moment. Leaning forward to catch his lips again, you began to move up and down the length of his cock. The pain soon went away, and pleasure stepped into it's place. Katsuki grabbed you tightly by your ass, wrapped your legs around his waist, and stood up. He pushed you against the door and started pounding relentlessly into your pussy.
"Ah! Katsuki!" You couldn't get enough of him. Every word that came out of your mouth was a variation of his name and praise. "So good! Feels so good!"
"Mm, keep talking like that you're gonna make me cum," he warned. But there was no way he was going to cum first. Hell, he wish he could've made you cum twice before even putting his dick in you, but you were both still stuck in a freezer. And no matter how much sweat you both were producing, he could still feel you shivering. And then it hit him. He was going to make you cum and get you both out of there.
His hand reached between you both, and he found your sensitive clit. The coldness in the room and the heat from his hand was too much for you to handle, and with each thrust you felt every vein in his cock.
"I-I'm cumming! Katsuki --" You tightened around his cock - he didn't even think it was possible to feel this close to you.
"Fuck, me too," he said as he came inside you. At the same time, you felt a warmth behind your back. You grasped onto Katsuki tightly making him groan at the oversensitivity of his dick that was still inside you. The next thing you heard was an explosion and then a sudden burst of light came into the room. Looking behind you saw that Katsuki blew open the door. Slowly, you unhooked yourself from him and stood on your wobbly legs as he buttoned his pants.
"What the -" Much to your surprise, there was no one standing guard. "They were totally gonna let us die!"
"Oh, I'm going to kill them." Katsuki started to head out, but he looked behind at you struggling to walk on your own. "Did I fuck you that good?" He teased as he picked you up bridal style.
"Please, this is because my legs are numb from the cold," you retorted.
"Guess I'll just have to keep warming you up."
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greendoriya · a day ago
— i like u
friends with benefits seemed easy enough—until one of you started to catch feelings, and you knew it wasn’t him.
pairing: bakugou katsuki x reader
content: fluff, mild angst, some adult content but it doesn’t really go there. the characters are all grown up for this by the way!
warnings: none! just some mentions of smut like i said but its p fine
inspired by the niki song of the same title. i suggest u listen so u can ~feel~ it a bit better !!
YES I AM ALIVE casually disappeared for like a year to focus on academics and applications and stuff but it’s almost christmas break and hey i missed writing so why not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) anyw i hope u guys r doing fine and to those who were waiting for me to post something… anything… i’m sorry it took a year here’s an honorary cookie for ur wait ily
Tumblr media
This was where you found yourself every Friday night.
Him atop you as he stole kisses in between ragged breaths. Steady hands securing your hips in place, digging into white duvet, moaning each other’s name like a mantra that slipped out of your tongue with every thrust of pleasure you received. He was always so strong, so determined, that your highs were always quick to come once the two of you got onto it.
And you’d wake up, Tokyo morning sun radiating like rays dancing on the white cloth, waking you out of your dazed trance. Intertwined between sheets, his worn-out t-shirt on you as he laid there by your side shirtless, staring down at his best friend he brought to heaven the night before. Whenever he felt like everything was going to hell, he’d call you, the first number on his contact list—the only person who had seen him through his short-fused explosive phase to the number two hero he was now. His crimson red eyes were always the first thing to greet you on those fateful Saturday mornings, but they were no match with the content smile on his face that he showed no one else but, well, you.
Bakugou Katsuki was a gentleman. As hard as it was to believe, especially for those who were around during high school, it consistently rang true. Like in these mornings as he asked you to stay and made you breakfast in his exquisite high-ceilinged apartment. He always wanted to hear your thoughts about his cooking, on what he could improve, and if ever you were staying over again, what you’d want next (but you already knew the answer to that).
One thing about Katsuki was he never got tired of listening to your drabbling about work. Right now, it was about that stupid sidekick that has been hitting on you for weeks now, despite you blocking them with a clear dragged out no every time. He would chuckle at your little gestures, carefully observing every detail his best friend had, and thought about how he was the lucky man to run his hands through them every week.
He had told you before to move to his agency. Though these little rants of yours were nothing short of entertaining, Katsuki was well-aware that in between those tales lies a bitter truth that you were not well within his reach, and he couldn’t protect you if another pervert tried to touch you again. And you always told him you wanted to—needed to, even, but your boss kept shrugging off your now-piles of resignation papers down the shredder. You were a big asset, after all—a UA graduate, top of your class, a pretty strong quirk, and an excellent internship rating. But Bakugou knew they only saw you for your credentials, not at all as a human who was protecting other humans, and made a mental note to blast your boss’s face sometime he’s free within this week. He reasoned to himself: it was only make him aware of what he was going to be dealing with if he keeps on treating you any less of the hero you are.
It was those little things about your best friend that had you lying awake at night, legs still sore from the action just a few days prior. You had been trying to sleep for the last hour, staring up at the ceiling, basically memorizing its patterns. You wanted to be frustrated with yourself—angry that you thought he could even look at you in that way.
You see, when two people have cramped-up schedules, half a decade of youth still left to live, and raging hormonal impulses—they resort to a little arrangement called friends with benefits. In short, they do stuff couples do: kiss, make out, stay over, call each other and ask them about their day, take care of the one who’s sick from overpatrolling, but most of all, meet each other at a certain time, a certain place to make love. There was no commitment, no red strings, no feelings involved, just two people trying to satisfy their needs through someone else’s. That’s what you told yourself every night.
Until that time he sent you a bouquet of tulips to your office and the blood on your cheeks told you otherwise.
“Katsuki,” you whispered through the phone, voice rough from the bloodrush. “What in the world is this?”
“A gift?” he replied, so casually that it was driving you insane. “I thought you’d like it.”
“I do, but,” you sucked in a breath, looking at the florist holding out a contract for you to sign. “Did you really have to do this at my office?”
“You overwork yourself hard enough,” he nagged, hearing him adjust something on the other end of the phone. Katsuki shouted something to the person calling out at him, then returned to you. “Listen, I’m on patrol right now, but take those. I already paid for them. And don’t feel obligated to come to my apartment later tonight because of that. I just don’t want to be a shitty best friend, that’s all.”
The flowers laid in a vase on your desk, causing your co-heroes to gawk at the stunning arrangement of black and orange tulips adorning your otherwise plain workspace. You weren’t big on decorations, after all, since you were a hero and didn’t stay there often. The flowers finally gave your desk some much needed color.
And it pissed you off. It pissed you off how he said it so casually, how he managed to make your heartbeat not too far from a hummingbird’s, and how he took time out of his day, his most beloved hero job, to get you a gift.
But what pissed you off the most was the fact that all of the grandeur was because he thought of you as his best friend who needed relief.
You mentally slapped yourself. You were being distracted. You were not falling for Katsuki, you just liked how he felt inside you, how perfect he fit into you, and the rest of those feelings for him were platonic.
But why did he have to rummage through your thoughts every single night?
“Do you ever get tired?” you blurted out.
He poured the freshly-brewed coffee into two mugs, adding milk on yours just the way you liked it. “Doing what?”
“Running through my mind every night.”
Your hands flew to your mouth as soon as the words came out, cheeks starting to redden from embarrassment. You were not supposed to say that. Right then and there, you wished for anything that could get you out of there—maybe even a dang UFO—so it could spare you from the shame about to come.
But Katsuki turned around, two mugs in hand, putting them on the counter behind you to look you straight in the eye. His calloused hands, shaped by years of explosions, made it to your heated face, not really helping with the fluster you were feeling at that moment. He carefully pulled your fingers away, setting them on your lap to hold your chin tenderly.
“Only if you tell me why you made me fall for my own best friend.”
And then you woke up.
Feeling slightly frustrated for whatever reason, you threw your pillow to the wall, running a hand through your hair and catching shaky breaths.
Great, he made it into to your dreams, too.
Your stare buried into the duvet covering your lower body. You ran a hand through your face, planning on getting up to get a cup of water and watch Netflix instead. Because dreaming of him again would not help with your current predicament.
This is all your fault, Bakugou Katsuki.
“Oi, what’s your problem?”
And you forgot that you were sleeping over at his place that night.
His voice was low and gravelly as he turned around to look at your side of the bed. You averted your gaze, wanting to shrug it off.
“Nothing.” You raised your chin up. “I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not,” he simply responded, getting up to his knees to sit next to you. “Bad dream?”
You tried not to look at his chiseled chest just there for your gazing glory, and the sweatpants that you swore were about to fall off with how loose they were around his waist. He was so oblivious to the thoughts running around your head it was insane. Why did he have to be shirtless at this time?
“No.” You wanted to be adamant. “I told you, I’m fine.”
“Waking up at 3AM practically having an asthma attack isn’t fine, (Y/N).” Katsuki crossed his arms, looking at the side of your face. “You’re choosing the wrong person to lie to.”
Your hands flew up in defeat. “Fine, then I’m not fine. How could I ever lie to you, huh?”
“Damn right you know. You’ve been my annoying best friend for two decades. I practically have you memorized, whether I like it or not.”
There it was again. That damned best friend title. The situation was starting to become tolerable, but that label just had to come up, right? You felt your chest tighten, knowing well what you were about to say next.
“I think we should stop this,” you said, finally meeting up to look at him.
The blonde let out a guttural chuckle until his eyes met yours, seeing no hint of mischief behind the irises he knew too well.
“But... why?” was all he managed to stutter.
Of course, a half-ass excuse would be better than to tell him hey, I’ve been constantly thinking of you quite unhealthily for the past two months now, and if I don’t pry myself away from you in the next three minutes I might just ruin our friendship.
To be continued…
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lovely-angst · 22 hours ago
hi can i request a oneshot where bakugou has two twin sons (4-5) and they wake up early to ask if they can come with their dad to his agency for the day! have a nice day <3
a/n: i wanted to turn this slightly angsty but then i was like, nah. give them a break, so enjoy this pure fluff!
genre: fluff
pairing: bakugou x reader
summary: your twin boys spend a day with their daddy, dynamight
word count: 2.1k+
"here you go, baby," you say as you hand your youngest son his small red riot lunchbox, packed with his favorite lunch. "masaya, do you have yours?" you ask and masaya lifts up his deku lunch box for you.
"listen to daddy, okay? have a great day, my little heroes," you say, leaning down to press a kiss onto their cute little chubby cheeks.
before you could turn away to head back into bed, your husband clears his throat loudly for you to turn around. glancing at him from over your shoulder, his red eyes bore into your own before you let out a small chuckle.
walking back over, you lean up to press a kiss onto his warm lips before brushing his soft blond hair back, "you have a great day too, i love you." he quickly leans back in for another peck, smiling through it. "i love you too."
"come on, boys," bakugou says as he leaves your embrace and steps towards the door, his two, five-year-old boys following quickly behind, "bye, mommy!"
waving goodbye to your boys, bakugou closes the door shut before you walk over toward the large window to watch them walk away. your babies looked so cute with their little lunchboxes and backpacks following their daddy. your heart squeezed.
your two boys have been asking to go with bakugou to his agency for forever now, and after a little bit of work, bakugou was finally able to make it happen. anything for his babies.
it was hitting 6:30 in the morning as the three continued on with their walk to the agency. bakugou turned around to glance at his tiny children, bundled up in a warm sweater due to the crisp early morning chill.
"tired yet?" he asks and they shake their head, full of determination. "i'm not tired at all!" hayato, the younger twin shouted and bakugou smirked proudly. "good, you have the whole day ahead of you."
as they approached the large agency doors, bakugou felt small hands grip his pants tightly before little gasps could be heard. "daddy! look!" following his son's little finger, he frowned once he saw the culprit of his sons' cute squeals. "it's red riot and deku!"
upon hearing his name, kirishima turned and his face brightened upon seeing the young boy. "hey there, little man!" hayato ran over and into kirishima's arms as masaya was off running over to deku on the side. bakugou rolled his eyes.
"you guys act like you have never seen red riot or deku in your life. you just saw them last week," bakugou says as midoriya and kirishima walk over to bakugou with his boys in their arms.
"it must be so exciting to spend the whole day with your dad at work," midoriya says as he places masaya back onto his feet. "my mommy packed me lunch," hayato says, lifting up his lunch box. "hey, you got the red riot lunch box!"
"that's all he ever talked about," bakugou says dryly as the redhead laughed at him. "guess they weren't interested in dynamight merch, huh?"
"whatever, don't you two have work to do?" bakugou says as kirishima laughs at him. "patrol is starting soon," midoriya says as ushers kirishima away, "nice seeing you kacchan! tell (name) we said hi!"
masaya and hayato wave goodbye before they follow bakugou inside the agency doors. it was a familiar scene for the two young boys. they've come around with you at times when you would bring bakugou lunch.
stopping at the main desk at the entrance, the young receptionist glances down with a smile, "good morning, you two. helping dynamight today?" they nod at her shyly, and she lets out a giggle, "well, here are your work badges for today. don't lose them, okay?"
reaching down, she hands each of the boys a small badge with their picture and names on them, causing their eyes to sparkle. "we won't!"
as the three walk into the elevator, bakugou secretly smiles as he hears his two young sons chatting about their new work badges. "daddy, that lady was nice." bakugou raised a brow at him, "you think so?"
"yeah, i like her," hayato smiles as he hugs his badge tightly. it wasn't long before they made it to dynamight's large office, bakugou heading for his desk as his little boys ran for the large and comfy couch with giggles filling the air.
"mommy usually comes with us!" masaya notes as bakugou settles down in his desk. before he could get comfortable, he felt a tug on his sleeve. "daddy?" turning to face the young boy, hayato holds up his red riot lunch box, "can we eat?"
bakugou's eyebrows knit, "baby, we just ate breakfast."
"yeah, but i'm getting hungry."
bakugou held back a sigh before he nodded, taking out his own lunch box and gesturing the boys over to the grand windows he had overlooking part of the city. "sit down, boys."
walking over, masaya sits on bakugou's right side while hayato sits on the left of him, their little hands eager to open up the lunches you had packed for them. "mommy makes the best food!"
there was a peaceful silence amongst the three as they enjoyed the lunch you had made for them. bakugou wished you could be here too.
"daddy, i think today is the best day ever," masaya states with a smile as he watches the people down below on the streets. bakugou's heart squeezed as he looked at the little boy who was practically a copy of him, "but the day barely started."
"i'm really happy i could come to work with you," he confesses, and hayato leans into bakugou's arm. "me too!"
bakugou couldn't help the smile that formed on his face before he grabbed his two boys and gave them a tight hug. he was blessed with more than he could have ever asked for.
after finishing up their early lunch, bakugou stood up and placed his hero mask on, "who's ready to go on patrol?"
"make sure you are watching very carefully for anybody who needs help," bakugou informs his sons as they walk around the neighborhood. bakugou had helped them into their matching hero costumes, turning them into mini versions of bakugou.
"i look like you now," hayato says, lifting his arms to show his small grenade gauntlets. bakugou chuckled, raising his own as well, "we match."
"hello, do you need any help crossing the street?" masaya asks as he sees an elderly woman waiting at the crosswalk. she turns over and smiles at the boys, "well, aren't you the sweetest? daddy raised you well," she says as they wait for the light to change before crossing. masaya and hayato assist on either side of the lady as bakugou walks behind for safety.
"thank you, have a good day," she waves goodbye before going on her own way, and the boys turn to sparkle at bakugou. "did we do good, daddy?"
"you're working like a pro hero," he replies and they run to hug his legs, hayato squealing in joy, "i can't wait to tell mommy all about it!"
the trio turned around as they watched a group of fans run their way. slightly intimidated, the twins hid behind bakugou's legs as they stared up at the fans. "i hope i'm not interrupting your patrol, but i just had to say hi! I'm a huge fan!" one boy exclaims, pulling at the dynamight shirt he was wearing.
"glad to hear it. thank you for the support," bakugou responds with a head nod and the fan smiles proudly. "are these your boys?" a female voice asks as she waves at the younger boys. bakugou gently gestures them to say hello as they peek out behind his legs.
"hello, i'm a fan. are you doing hero work today?" she asks gently, and the twins nod, "we helped a grandma cross the street."
she gasps loudly with a smile, "that is amazing! you are already helping people! that's what heroes do, right?" "right." she offered her hand for a high five as the twins responded happily. "you guys are doing great."
"we better get back to our patrolling. again, thank you for all of the support," bakugou announces with a polite bow. "thank you for being a great hero!"
"she said she was my fan, daddy," glancing down, bakugou looks at his sons' sparkly eyes before chuckling and messing up their soft blond hair. "always appreciate your fans."
"that was a long patrol!" hayato exclaims in the elevator as they make their way back to dynamight's office after a couple (short) hours of patrol, but his boys didn't need to know that patrols were a lot longer.
opening the large door to his office, they were all greeted with a surprise.
"mommy!" the two boys run over towards you as you reach down to pull their small masks to the top of their heads, their blond hair sticking up in every direction. "what are you doing here? you surprised us!"
you smile down at them before glancing over at bakugou through your eyelashes, who was walking over with that lovestruck smirk on his face, "someone told me you guys ate your lunches early and would be hungry after a hard day at work."
as the twin cheered in glee over more food, bakugou slides his hand around your waist, pulling you into him gently before pressing a sweet kiss onto your lips. "how did it go, honey?" you ask, peering up into his beautiful red eyes. "you should ask the boys yourself. they couldn't wait to tell you."
"where's naoko?" bakugou asks before turning to look at the stroller that you had parked by his desk. "she was sleeping on the stroll here, but hearing her brothers, she might have woken up."
bakugou walks over to find two large eyes glancing back and when he smiles, she smiles widely, showing off her gummy smile. "hey there, baby girl," bakugou says as he gently undos her straps to scoop his four-month-old daughter.
"you two must be so hungry from all of that hard work daddy had you doing." you say as you walk over to the stroller where you had stored the lunches. "come on boys, sit down and let's eat."
bakugou kept naoko occupied as you laid out the small picnic on his office floor by the office's large windows. "i made a hearty lunch for you all because you've been working so hard."
"thank you, mommy!" the twins say before digging happily. "i'll take her, honey. go ahead and eat," you say before leaning over to take naoko from his arms. "it's time for miss naoko to eat too." but bakugou shifts away.
"have you eaten yet?" bakugou asks and you roll your eyes playfully at him before trying to scoop naoko out of his hold. "i ate a bit at home before coming, don't worry."
"i don't want to eat if my wife eats last," bakugou states with a hard, determined stare and you couldn't help but shake your head at him playfully, "baby, i promise i ate at home. you eat first, and once naoko is done, i'll eat too."
bakugou reaches over for her bottle, settling down beside the boys, "i'll feed naoko. go ahead and eat," he says softly and you couldn't help but smile in defeat.
"masaya, hayato, tell me all about your day with daddy!" you ask excitedly as they tell you about their day. even making sure to talk about red riot and deku. "wow, you even got to see your favorite heroes today? lucky!"
masaya nods back enthusiastically, "yeah, but i think my new favorite hero is dynamight."
your eyes widen before you take a peek at bakugou to see his reaction. his eyes had slightly widened and his cheeks turned rosy before he glanced down at naoko to hide his expression.
"dynamight," you repeat, letting the name fall from your lips, "how come daddy is your new favorite hero?" you ask and masaya fidgets in his spot shyly. "i don't know...he is just the coolest." your lips curl in awe before you glance back at bakugou. his eyes getting glassy. "yeah, daddy is the best hero!" hayato exclaims before stuffing his face with more food.
you nod in adoration, "he is the best, isn't he? the best daddy, the best hero, and the best person."
bakugou watches in fondness as he wishes time could stop—his heart was so full. he had never thought he could love so much before, but his family always manages to prove him wrong.
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river-fics · a day ago
Bakugou often has a rough time with sleeping. He thinks about every mistake he's made at night, because it's quiet. There's no distractions when he wants to sleep. All he thinks he can do is shut his eyes and let panic ease him to sleep. But sometimes you suddenly enter his dorm and plop onto his bed. Just you being near him is enough to calm him down. With you asleep next to him he no longer feels the need to overthink. He just wants to sleep with you in his arms.
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afk-dreaminq · a day ago
Hoodies !!
I don't see Bakugou as the one to throw his things away when they don't fit him anymore, nope !! That's not him- he likes to keep the things that are tight on him for you ! When a hoodie gets too tight for him, he'll sneakily put it in your wardrobe for you to wear, and what a surprise it will be when you randomly find one of Bakugou's favourite hoodies in your closet- when you were just looking for a t-shirt.
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quirkfics · 2 days ago
What about Bakugou x Reader, with Dream?
"What,” Katsuki barks, more of a statement than a question, jerking impatiently at the tie around his neck. As violent as he makes the motion appear, he’s actually moving a little slower than he usually does, fingertips pinching carefully at the very end of the material.  He would rather choke than admit it, but you’re almost certain that tie was a gift, and Katsuki always takes care of gifted items. 
“I’m admiring you,” you announce, looking away as soon as his head whips away from the mirror. He’s glaring at you now, you can feel the weight of his eyes. You know better than to meet them - even now, he jumps to argue first, questions later. “You’re always a dream in formal wear,” you add, flopping backwards on the hotel bed, stretching as you kick off your shoes.
“Monkey suit,” he mutters, disparaging, even as his gaze roves slowly over you, from your head, all the way down to your toes. He abandons his mildly irritated stripping in front of the bathroom mirror, bracing himself against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest. He only lasts a moment before he decides to cross the room. “If you’re looking to take advantage of it, then you’d better get your head out of the damn clouds.” He sounds irritated, but when the bed dips and his knuckle drags over your cheek and along the hollow of your throat, he looks-  “Keep that sugary crap to yourself and just kiss me already, damn it.”
You listen, smiling all the while.
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kiribakuhappiness · 2 days ago
Do you have any Baku/OC or Baku/Reader recs?? I just binges yours and they were so freaking wonderful, I can't even begin to describe it
OMG that is literally so nice of you! I'm so so happy that you enjoyed them <3 Hikaru has such a special place in my heart, I love that spicy little smartass!
Here are some that I have bookmarked on my second account. I haven't read some of them fully yet so I can't guarantee what they're like, but they looked interesting to me so maybe you'll like them too!
1. what heroes do by sugiwa - Bakugou Katsuki/Original Female Character Shouto didn't know much about his twin sister. She was an Edgeshot fan, had a raging collection of manga, and liked Natsuo the best. She also wasn't supposed to be at U.A. High School, but he sure as hell wasn't telling their father about it. // I haven't read this one yet but I've heard some good things floating around about it! Apparently it's very much a slow burn (which I love) so I'm excited to start it!
2. Explosive Hatred, Burning Love by pandariia - Bakugou Katsuki/Original Female Character, some Kaminari Denki/Original Female Character Aoi Homura is the prettiest girl in the world. At least, that's what she's always been told. Everyone loves her or wants to be her. Still, her life isn't perfect. Her mother ignores her, and she suffers from an extensive inferiority complex. When she gets accepted into UA, she focuses all her energy on becoming friends with the most powerful, and most attractive people in her class in an attempt to make it to the top. Even though her classmates (mostly the boys) find her charming, someone in particular doesn't seem to be affected by her charm or looks. She then makes it her mission to make that blonde asshole see what he is missing, but, in the process, she becomes acutely aware of her own shortcomings. // I thought this description sounded so fun and fresh!! Everyone is so afraid to write characters who think they're the shit. Literally the first line, "Aoi Homura is the prettiest girl in the world." Dude, I am so intrigued and instantly hooked right off the bat! Like yesss, give me some self-conceited leads, it makes such great content! I've only read a bit of this one so far but I'm very excited to see where it goes! PLEASE MIND THE WARNING TAGS ON THIS STORY!! RAPE/NON-CON IS MENTIONED! I haven't reached that point yet but I feel like it's very important to make you aware of it!
3. love me, love me not by tsuhika - Bakugou Katsuki/Reader as a pro-hero in training, bakugo thought he was prepared for any situation. what he wasn't prepared for were the gifts he got from you in the form of flowers, and the feelings that came with them. // Again, I haven't read this one in its entirety yet but I thought the premise was interesting enough, and I think it's the most liked fic in that category (so you may have already seen it, if so I apologize for recommending it again!)
4. Of Snowscapes & Explosions by sugarbun - Bakugou Katsuki/Reader, Bakugou Katsuki/Original Female Character, Todoroki Shouto/Reader, Todoroki Shouto/Original Female Character The universe is against you, truly. It has been ever since you were seven years old and found out that Shoto Todoroki has a better quirk than you. Now you can't seem to escape him, even on your way to a new high school. Not that he's a bad guy—he's actually really nice, which makes it a lot harder to admit you've been brooding about your differences for years now. It may have been the root cause of most of your personal issues. Maybe no one will understand what it's like to be compared to perfection. Maybe no one will see your potential, even with that chip on your shoulder. Everyone says you're not allowed to dislike Shoto Todoroki. But everybody said that Katsuki Bakugou wasn't allowed to be angry at a quirkless nerd who doesn't deserve the spotlight, too. Everyone said he's not allowed to dislike the kind and amazing Izuku Midoriya. Where does that leave the two of you? // THIS STORY!!! The writing is really, really fun (the description alone totally pulled me in - I LOVE the idea of "everyone says you're not allowed to dislike Shoto Todoroki. But everybody said that Katsuki Bakugo wasn't allowed to be angry at a quirkless nerd." Like yesss, give me all the PARALLELS! We love to see it!) I'm also such a sucker for the title, I think it's interesting, catchy, all of the above!
5. AMOUR IMPROMPTU by mrsackxrman - Bakugou Katsuki/Original Female Character When Mélanie Arnaud — a linguistics student and languages enthusiast — was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to work as the consecutive interpreter of a certain Katsuki Bakugo during his one month stay in the City of Love, she had no clue that the bad-tempered, egocentric, and incredibly attractive hero/model from Japan would turn her life upside down. // Love the idea of a linguistics student. I haven't actually gotten around to this one yet but I've been eyeing it in my bookmarks for WEEKS now, just waiting for the right day to relax and sit back with it.
6. unrequited by txmaki - Bakugou Katsuki/Reader You’re in love with him. Butterflies and red cheeks kind of love, staying up all night because you can’t stop thinking about how good he looked at the sports festival kind of love, daydreaming that maybe he just might feel the same kind of love. You’re in love with him, and Katsuki doesn’t notice a thing. // PLEASE THIS STORY!!! Literally saved my favorite for last - the amount of times I have read this is insane. The angst is so well done, I think the author did a marvelous job of portraying unrequited love. I think they added a second chapter where it turns out that it actually ISN'T unrequited love, but to be quite honest, I enjoyed the story a lot more as an angsty one-shot. Highly recommend!
Now that I've given my recommendations I'm going to put up my own stories because I am a selfish, greedy little writer and I would love to be able to recommend them to others who might be looking for Bakugou Katsuki/Original Character and Bakugou Katsuki/Reader content!
1. A Longing by Any Other Name Would Feel Just as Shitty by HotShotHappiness - Kirishima Eijirou/Reader, Bakugou Katsuki & Reader 'Eiji won me the biggest teddy they had!' the caption reads, and Katsuki's eyes are quick to take in the details before the image has the chance to disappear on him. Of course Kirishima would give you such an overwhelming monstrosity of a gift, and of course you would melt like damn putty in his dumb hands for it. Showing off like you always seem to do, flaunting how well Kirishima treats you, playing the role of the prideful partner so in love with their budding high school romance that you wouldn't even think twice about sending a picture like this to your boyfriend's best friend. Katsuki's vermillion gaze drank it all in like a stranded man dying of thirst. // This one was a request that I got on my old account back when it was live on Tumblr. It said something like, "Reader is dating Kirishima and Bakugou is pining for them" and they wanted it to involve Snapchat in some way. I had a lot of fun with this one! It's on the shorter side but I feel like it really delivers on that gut-punching unrequited love vibe, yaknow?
2. Where Fools Roam Rabid and Free by HotShotHappiness - Bakugou Katsuki/Original Female Character He met her like he met everything else in his life. With incredible brute force. - “Wait, wait, wait,” Kaminari waved his hands around in a sporadic manner. “Are you telling me that you have been ordered, by the country of Japan, to arrest your hero-turned-criminal girlfriend?"
Katsuki clenched his jaw and refused to answer that with anything more than a raised middle finger. Which did nothing except make that idiot laugh, as if there was anything funny about it at all.
“Dude! That is so messed up! What are you going to do when you see her next? I mean, how are you going to explain that one to her?” Kaminari pestered like this was some poor replacement entertainment for his fucking movie.
“You already saw her, didn’t you?” Kirishima asked in the silence that followed Kaminari’s outburst. “And you… let her get away?”
Katsuki sneered and sat up fast enough to give himself a head rush. “I fucking had to!" // I've edited and re-edited and re-edited this fic over and over, and every time I go through it again, I fall more and more in love with it. Childhood Friends to Teen Romance to Star-Crossed to Lovers, and just about everything else in between!
3. A Tale as Old as Dirt by HotShotHappiness - Bakugou Katsuki/Original Female Character Once upon a time, in the hidden heart of Japan, a group of young warriors trained and lived together in a beautiful estate… - An arrogant young soldier (Bakugou Katsuki) and his peers-in-training fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns him into a dangerous Beast until he learns to love and be loved in return. The spirited, headstrong village girl (Watanabe Hikaru) enters the Beast's estate after she runs away from an unwanted marriage proposal in order to seek out adventure. With the help of his ghostly servants, Hikaru begins to draw the cold-hearted Beast out of his deep-seated isolation. // A Beauty and the Beast AU! I never really watched Disney growing up but I watched the live-action Beauty and the Beast and I really enjoyed it! So I was listening to the soundtrack and totally saw this story flash before my eyes and I knew I had to write it! I've been having a lot of fun with it.
I hope you can find something fun to read from this list! Thanks so much for reaching out <3
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mci-writing · a day ago
Hello! Is it possible for you to do headcanons of fem midoriya and fem bakugou(separate or together, which ever you prefer) doing naked apron for their boyfriend? Thank you!
For a hot minute, I didn’t know how to go about this. Hope you enjoy! Reader’s gender won’t be specific for the most part.
Naked Apron Hcs-
Tumblr media
Izumi is definitely very nervous when trying it out at first
Sure, she’s a closeted pervert and sure, it’s super exciting to try out such a risqué cliche, but what if you didn’t like it
She really wants it to be enjoyable for both of you, not just her
And she kinda wants you to have a very,,, emotionally charged reaction,,, when you see her in it
So after hyping herself up some more (and receiving encouraging messages from her friends to go through with it), Izumi is wearing a sunflower golden apron around her body, held in place with a very neat (somehow tied with her shaky hands) and big bow on the small of her back, the tails resting on her freckled, slightly tanned booty. The fabric is thin enough that her pebbled, hardened nipples are seen straining against it and it leaves very little to the imagination where it stops, just above mid thigh and just a little under her hips
When you do come downstairs to your shared kitchen to see what your adorable little girlfriend is up to, she’s leaned over the stove cooking up something and moving away pretty soon after to bend down and take a glance at whatever she has in the oven
It’s pretty much impossible not to follow her every movement as she moves about the kitchen, grabbing things here and there that she may have missed before
You stop to hug her from behind and give her a small spook in the process, a very loud noise sounding from her lips at the initial shock with a nice set of flushing cheeks to match (on both set of cheeks-). Just walking around like that is enough to arouse her (very evident when you reach around and can feel the heat of her radiating through the thin fabric), but she becomes a bit more of a mess when you tease her about it and take your time admiring the fabric and how well it fits and compliments her
She isn’t cooking for long after that, the stove and oven cut off as Izumi receives some very much needed fingering and licking-
Tumblr media
Katsuki is the type to casually walk around the house with little to nothing on already, so naked apron is a literal walk in the park
Will take a few to admire herself in the mirror
Only cares about how she feels about it bc, “You’re only allowed to like it if I like it”. Trust me, she does care, but she also knows that she looks good in literally everything, so it’s not a huge concern
Probably also had help from Bakusquad in picking it out, but she’ll never admit that she had help and she’s definitely not telling them that she wore the “shitty and fucking stupid” apron. It’s mostly orange with a few designs of swirled flowers (or bombs? I’m pretty sure those are bombs, honey) spaced around the waist of it. It’s somewhat of a v-neck, doing very little to hide her cleavage, and manages to hold her tits in place. It’s hard to tell if it’s really being held by the apron’s ties on the back or if it naturally is hanging from her body, but you’re never going to get the time to dwell on it.
She shows the apron off in your shared room first, ensuring to tease you and call you a pervert for enjoying it. You don’t have to glance for too long because she just knows and she’s going to squeeze as much teasing out of it as she can
Will purposely move into certain positions to show off what is and isn’t exposed by the apron. You can’t stay for too long tho, or she’s definitely going to call you out for staring when she catches you, you fucking perv
Give in and start touching her tho and she’s very easily putty your hands. You’re still a damn perv, but she can’t coherently get the words out when she’s trying to keep a strong front and stuttering when fingers gently press against and tease sensitive, clothed nipples
Tell her she’s cute, even tho she “already fucking knows she is”, and play with her a little. Sure, you’re still a “damn fucking pervert”, but she’s also just as much as one when her lower lips are drenched from you just admiring her apron
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katsukikitten · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello! This holiday fiction was created by day dreaming in @kingkatsuki 's dms. Please thank her for this fic cause simply just talking about the idea encouraged me to write it in an hour and I love it. It's not super long but it made me tear up. Hope it brings a bit of holiday joy to yall as it's just straight fluff with Bakugou. Enjoy ~
Tumblr media
Burning ember eyes watch you twirl in your new sweater dress, pulling at the bottom to ensure the length covered your assets. Black tights hugging thick thighs like a second skin before he lets his eyes trail up your sexy body and land on your beautiful face. You enhanced your features with a bit of mascara and eyeliner wanting to look “good” for pictures you were bound to want to take. Bakugou scoffs to himself, of course you were going to look good, you were going to look fucking great, breath taking even.
You always did.
It makes a particular question burn in his throat as he looks you over, instead he lets out a soft bite.
“Where’s your jacket?”
You give him a pointed glare through the reflection of the mirror before turning to face him.
“The dress is the jacket, it’s a sweater dress.” You point to yourself, but all it does is bring attention to your chest Bakugou shakes his head.
“Yea and it's thin for a ‘sweater’ you’re gonna freeze those pretty tits off.” He pushes off of the door jam, heading towards the front of the small apartment. You were bound to have one somewhere in this damn place, considering you shed your clothes anywhere you could in this place.
Not that Bakugou minds your stripping, but damn if it didn’t make laundry day complicated when that one favorite shirt didn’t get washed, it was then he would have to give up his own. He hears you following him with each clack of your heeled boots, and when he pulls out your pea coat you pout.
You never did like how it made you look so boxy and it seemed to almost highlight some of your insecurities.
“Nooo.” You pout, “I’m going to be fine!”
Bakugou looks at his watch, the two of you were already late and he already had to move back the reservation for dinner once this evening thanks to his shitty job.
Well that and thanks to the hour and a half after he got him tonight. He can still feel your nails raking down his back, still feel the grip of your pretty cunt around him. He grits his teeth, talking himself out of wanting to hear you cry out for him and only him.
“We’re gonna be late.” He hangs your jacket back up in the small closet by the front door.
“How can we be late for lights?!” You tease and he snarls in your direction, pulling you by your waist closer to him.
Excitement thrums through your veins and pounds louder in your chest than your heart. It had been awhile since Bakugou could get a day off around the holidays. The last two years were spent curled up on the couch with a marathon of Christmas movies as you decorated the tree.
He managed to facetime you here and there during the height of the holidays but the calls were so short that it left you with an aching hollow feeling and a bitter taste coating your tongue. In those moments you wished he wasn’t a hero at all and the moments after those selfish thoughts you felt guilty.
Shaking away the thoughts and that weird feeling you allow wonder lust to swallow you whole. Bakugou had surprised you last week with tickets to “that stupid light tour” you had been wanting to do for ages. He’ll never tell you just how hard they were to get or that he had to drop his pro name just to secure two tickets. Lacing your gloved fingers into his you pull him under the first twinkling arch to enter the garden. Already you are fighting your body to keep it from shivering.
Crocus and Christmas roses line the smooth paved path as it winds deeper towards a bridge that overlooks a small lake before the last arch of the garden that sits atop a cliff that gives the best view of the night sky. Two of you stand there for what feels like hours. Watching the water ripple in the wind as lights dance on the surface but all Bakugou can see is the light dancing in your eyes as you burst with happiness. Brimming with it and as if it were contagious it latches onto Bakugou who smiles down at you. He steps back without you knowing and goes to snap a quick candid picture, careful to get the image without people passing through the frame. When he steps back next to you a large gust of frosted wind whips through you and you can no longer hide it. He watches you shudder and hears your teeth chattering together.
He scoffs, looking over to the destination he had in mind, it isn’t far. Maybe a couple yards or so and then you’ll get to see the view in person, instead of through a phone screen on an instagram feed. Without thought he sheds his jacket, placing it over you as he mumbles.
“Dumbass.” He kisses your hair, trapping you against the bridge to block some of the wind coming from behind, “Told ya you’d get cold.”
Bakugou is thankful you forced him to wear his own bulky sweater, the black woven fabric keeps his normally chilled skin warm. That and his bit of nervousness is help keeping him hot blooded.
You snuggle into him, keeping the jacket just on your shoulders. Looking over the lake and the gardens on a little island in the middle. The lights fade into different hues, blue, white, yellow, reds and pinks. Its nice, sitting here like this in the arms of the man you love as you both forget you’re anything but human.
But two people in love sharing a soft moment in the frigid air.
A group of people laugh behind you two, pulling you from the serenity, Bakugou’s eyes dart to them and then to the highpoint of the grounds. No one is there and he thinks now is the best time to take you to see. All the while you’re just thankful it’s dark and that Bakuogu just looks like a scary guy and not the beloved Pro Hero Dynamight.
He steps away from you, hands in the pockets of his black pants as he nods to the path. You smile up at him and put his jacket on properly, doing a small jog to match his stride. Letting your mind wander as your eyes look over the Ranunculus that bloom in bold colors despite the icy frost that clings to its petals. Resilient in the freezing temperatures and it fights to put some color into the ever bleak and graying witner. Another gust of wind whips through causing you to place your hands into the pockets of Bakugou’s jacket. Your knuckles hit something small in his left pocket.
Something square.
Heat blooms in your chest as you let your fingers explore the object.
Was… was this what you thought it was?
What? couldn’t? Bakugou wouldn’t propose, Bakugou didn’t believe in marriage.
He always said it was just paper, that the whole world didn’t need proof of how in love the two of you were and you respected that. It was never really a deal breaker for you.
Besides, Bakugou would always have to be married to his job. He was a hero after all.
So it must just be a present. Yea that’s what it was, a christmas present that he picked up the last time he was out on his day off, just that cute pandora heart ring you’ve been asking about. He must have forgotten it in his jacket or knew you damn well never went into that coat closet to save your life.
You wearing his jacket was proof enough of that.
While you were having your own internal struggle is around the same time that Bakugou realizes what exactly he’s done. His scarlet eyes watch in horror as he sees your hands in his pockets. Of your wide blown eyes and the heavy flush on your cheeks.
He breaks into a cold sweat, Gods, how could he be so fucking stupid?
The one thing he wanted to do for you. The only thing he’s ever wanted to make uniquely special and he went and just left the fucking thing in his pocket.
Even though it is not in his hand he feels the weight of it in his sweaty palm. Just as he did when he showed Kirishima the large rock and when he first got it. By chance really as he saw the perfect ring for you as he passed by a shop on patrol.
He knew he wanted to ask when he saw himself and you in place of the couple at the counter. They were older, she was getting her ring cleaned and he tagged along for lunch. He could just make out as the door opened what the grumpy older man was saying.
“Been with her for well over twenty years, aint never seen another broad since.”
Fuck he was so stupid. He was going to have to call this off, think of an excuse to go home, maybe force his hero phone to ring and take a fake fucking call.
And worst of all what if you say no. What if Bakugou Katsuki really wasn’t worthy of a love story.
Gods this was embarrasing, fucking up the only thing you ever really asked for. He swallows thickly, letting his eyes roam over the flower before they return to you. You still flustered, head slightly down as you’re lost in thought. He watches you bite the inside of your lower lip like you always do when something heavy is weighing on your mind. He watches you fight a smile and through all of your range of emotions he still sees a gentle sparkle in your eye, even with only the full moon to see.
For some reason his stomach tightens, and his eyes mist just a bit as it hits him harder than any fucking sucker punch he’s ever taken.
It hits him just how in fucking love he is with you and only you.
He swallows thickly, the two of you are under the arch now anyway so he might as well. Suddenly his palms aren’t as sweaty, his heart is racing from excitement instead of anger. No longer is he filled with dread of hearing your sweet voice break his heart with a simple no. Now all he can see is the future.
And for once it’s bright.
It’s warm, far from the clinical feeling of chasing after the number one spot.
But what really calms his heart is just you, as he remembers how you always said how different each love story was, how they all started, how they all progressed and how uniquely genuinely human they were. How all you want in life is authenticity and a genuine love.
He stops and you run into his arm, he’s looking down at you with that damn smirk. The shit eating grin like he knows what you’re thinking with a mischievous gleam in his vermillion eyes.
“What’s wrong, Princess?” He asks, cat smile still on his lips as he sinks down to one knee, without the damn ring, “You don’t wanna marry me?”
Like an idiot you gasp, pulling the ring from your pocket as if it couldn’t be true. Fumbling with the box as your hands shake and not from the cold. You can’t seem to open it and gently he takes your hands. He kisses each knuckle on your left hand that holds the box before pulling away, gently lifting the velvet top to reveal a shining gem. The moonlight and the flickering white lights overhead flicker in the dark diamond, the breeze brings with it the threat of snow, a soft floral scent and that intoxicating spiced caramel that you could drown in. This was more than you could ever dream of.
“So what’s it gonna be? Ya wanna be mine forever?”
You stare down at him, fanning your eyes to try to stop the tears before a sob racks through your body.
“Yes, Katsuki, Yes.” He watches your lip quiver, “A thousand times yes.”
Tumblr media
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alwayskatsuki · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
hello everybody!! I’ve recently hit 1300 followers (!!!) and I’ve decided to do my first event!
first of all, thank you to every single one of you for being here and sticking around with me.
I’m a total sucker for the holidays, so this is a holiday themed fic collab!
✶ may pick any character from bnha or snk
✶ fics must be at least 1,300 words
✶ can be based on any winter holiday or winter activity
✶ can be either sfw or nsfw, please use appropriate warnings
✶ all entries are due by December 24th
✶ open to anybody who sees this
✶ message me your blog name, a character, and an activity to write for
ex: ice skating with todoroki shoto, christmas morning with levi ackerman etc.
✶ repeat characters/activites are accepted, but repeat combinations are not
✶ tag me (@alwayskatsuki) in your post so I can add you to the masterlist
✶ sledding with bakugou katsuki - @alwayskatsuki​
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myherokatsuki · 27 days ago
A Favour | Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pro Hero Bakugou Katsuki x Sidekick f!Reader Warnings: 18+ minors dni, all characters are aged up, porn with feeling, unprotected sex, vaginal fingering, vaginal penetration, pretty vanilla tbh Word Count: 5.6k
Summary: To avoid being pestered by his mother about his practically non-existent love life, Bakugou asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a weekend trip to his parents’.  But what happens when you both harbour long buried feelings for each other?
a/n: Written for @kenzumekodma​‘s AUdvent Collab.  I chose two of my favourite cliche tropes: Fake Dating + Only One Bed.
Also a big big thank you to @kingkatsuki​ & @crytalstellar​ for being my betas, and @super-predictable98​ for being my constant cheerleader!
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki was screwed.  He knew he shouldn’t have answered that phone call from his mother.
Now he sat at his desk, fuming, desperately trying to come up with a solution to the trap he’d just gotten himself into.
“Katsuki, you haven’t come to visit in forever!  I know you’re busy saving the world and everything, but surely you can take one weekend off to see your ailing parents, you ungrateful cur!”
Ungrateful cur?!
“Ailing, my ass,” he’d grumbled, before reluctantly agreeing — it wasn’t like he didn’t have enough sidekicks to keep the place running in his absence for a couple days.
“Perfect!  Oh, and I was thinking about inviting someone for you to meet while you’re here.  She’s just the loveliest girl, I think you’ll like her.”
Not another set up!
Bakugou growled.  He’d lost count of how many women his mother had tried to match him up with in the past year and all of them were insufferable.  Without thinking he’d blurted out the first thing that’d sprang to his lips, instantly regretting it as soon as he’d realized he’d only traded one problem for another.
“I’m already seeing someone!”
“Really?  I almost can’t believe it!  Why don’t you bring her with you then, we’d love to meet her!”
Shit, shit, shit.
Bakugou groaned as he banged his head against his desk in frustration.  He knew any excuse as to why his ‘girlfriend’ couldn’t make it would only confirm his mother’s suspicions and he’d be stuck enduring her never ending parade of suitable partners, which was the last thing he wanted.  He had to find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend, at least for the weekend, and fast.
“That can’t be good for the desk.”
Your amused voice on the other side of his office jerked Bakugou from his dilemma and he quickly straightened, his stomach giving a flutter at your wry grin.
“What d’you want?” he demanded, though his words held no heat, sounding more weary than anything and you frowned, setting down the stack of paperwork in your arms.
“You okay, Kaachan?”
“No,” he grumbled, suddenly eyeing you thoughtfully.  If anyone would agree to help him out, it’d be you.  After all, you’d been good friends since high school — the fact that he’d also harboured feelings for you since then had nothing to do with it.
What’s the worst that could happen? He thought, deciding to take the gamble.
“What are you doing this weekend?” he asked abruptly, the question taking you aback.
Was he asking you out?  Quickly pushing the thought from your mind and ignoring the way it made your stomach flip hopefully, you told yourself he probably just wanted you to pick up an extra shift or something.
“Uhm, nothing,” you shrugged.  “I don’t really have any plans.  Why?”
At your answer, relief flickered across Bakugou’s face before he quickly schooled his expression.  “I need… a favour,” he ground out reluctantly, and you frowned.  It wasn’t like Dynamight to ask his sidekicks for favours.  Though, if he were asking as a friend…
“What sort of favour?” you asked, fidgeting with your fingers.
Bakugou took a deep breath, his gaze faltering as he grimaced.  What would he do if you said no?
“I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for the weekend.”
“What?!”  The question burst from your lips unbidden as your stomach dropped.  Out of anything he could have asked you, you certainly weren’t expecting that.
“It’s not like that, okay!” Bakugou huffed.  You hadn’t seen him that flustered since your school days.
“My mom pestered me into visiting and if I show up alone, she’s gunna try to set me up with some star fucker who’s only interested in my status,” he explained, sneering at the thought.  “Please?  You’re the only one I trust.”
At his words, you sighed.  Of course he had to go and tack that on there, dragging your emotions further through the wringer.  But how could you say no?  Despite everything, Bakugou was your friend, and as you agreed, you tried not to think of how much the thought of him seeing another woman twisted your gut with jealousy.
Standing outside Bakugou’s childhood home you felt your heart leap into your throat, all the ways this could go wrong tumbling through your head.
“Hey—” Bakugou’s familiar gruff voice next to you yanked you from your thoughts, and you turned to look at him.  “You clean up pretty nice,” he muttered, his gaze running over you.
“Could say the same about you,” you snorted, eyeing him up and down, his backhanded compliment distracting you from your nerves for the moment.
But it’s true, he did.
You couldn’t remember the last time you’d seen Bakugou out of his Dynamight outfit, let alone in a nice dress shirt and slacks.
“Oh!” you exclaimed suddenly as he rang the buzzer, throwing you a questioning look at your outburst.  “We’re supposed to be a couple, remember?  We better act like it,” you reminded him, moving closer to his side.  
Grumbling under his breath, he begrudgingly wrapped an arm around your waist however, just before the door swung open.  This close, you could smell his cologne, barely masking the scent beneath that was so distinctly him.   The heady scent of clean sweat and lingering trace of smoke was a byproduct of his quirk, but you couldn’t help but find it intoxicating, your head swimming.
“Katsuki!  You’re here!”
Despite her youthful appearance, the woman that greeted you was unmistakably Bakugou’s mother; it was obvious where he got his looks from — the two shared the same unruly blond hair and fiery ruby red eyes.
“Is this her?  Is this your girlfriend, whom you’ve only just recently informed us of?” she asked excitedly, grabbing you both and hauling you inside before you could answer.
“Will you get off of me?” Bakugou snapped, brushing his mother’s hand off his arm before introducing you.
“Don’t be so rude, Katsuki!” she exclaimed, swatting at his head, her frown dissipating as she turned back to you.  “I’m Mitsuki, it’s such a pleasure to meet you.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” you murmured in response, bowing your head to her.
“Oh, please, no need to be so formal!” she exclaimed, flashing you a warm smile that did wonders to put you at ease, that is, until she continued.  
“My, Katsuki, you’ve certainly done well for yourself,” she mused, appraising you, and you felt your cheeks warm.  “And here we were starting to think you’d never find a girlfriend on your own.  It’s not good for your health to be married only to your work, and you know how much we want grandchildren—“ 
Quickly averting your gaze, your face flaring hotter at her words, you noticed Bakugou’s flustered expression, his own face flashing red for a moment before a sullen frown once more tugged at his lips.
“Yeah, yeah, where’s dad?” he asked, brusquely changing the subject, remembering to grab your hand as he ventured further inside.
Upon meeting the placid and mild mannered Bakugou Masaru, however, it was becoming even more evident that Katsuki had not only inherited his mother’s looks, but also her fiery temperament, his father the complete opposite of the two of them.
As you sat across from his parents, Bakugou scowled, no doubt waiting for his mother to pick up where she’d left off, his hand still clasped in yours turning sweaty.  Luckily, before Mitsuki could get another word in Masaru leaned back in his chair, fixing the two of them with his easy going smile.  “So, where did the two of you meet?” he asked and you nearly sighed in relief, saved from any further talk of babies.
Though you had to admit that the idea of surly, rough around the edges Bakugou Katsuki gently holding a child, a cute little blonde haired baby made you feel some sort of way, your heart aching in your chest.  Before you could devote too much thought to the image however, you felt a sharp nudge to the ribs, pulling you back to the conversation at hand.  
Where you met?  That was an easy one.
“Actually, Katsuki and I were classmates at UA together,” you explained, grinning as you remembered the first time you’d met the explosive blonde next to you.  “Now we work at the same agency together.  Can you believe it took us that long to finally realize our true feelings?” you laughed lightly.
“Isn’t that romantic?” Mitsuki exclaimed, clapping a hand over her heart before her dreamy smile slipped and her thin brows drew down.  “Did it really take you that long to ask her out, Katsuki?” she snapped.
“Yeah, something like that,” he muttered under his breath, carefully avoiding your gaze, while a wicked grin curled the corners of your mouth.
“Katsuki’s a little hesitant when it comes to romance,” you teased, ignoring the indignant glare he shot you.
“That’s not true, babe,” he ground out, his grasp on your hand tightening almost painfully.  “She’s the one who kept playing hard to get!”
“Oh please!  You’re the one who wouldn’t have realized your feelings without a push,” you scoffed, ready to continue arguing until Masaru cut in gently.
“Look at you two, already bickering like an old married couple,” he chuckled, his eyes crinkling with amusement behind his glasses.
Letting out an annoyed huff, Bakugou sank back into the cushions, his brows furrowing as he eyed you askance, chewing his bottom lip as if deep in thought.
“Katsuki, why don’t you help me in the kitchen?” his father murmured and the blonde sighed, nodding before pushing to his feet.  
“Don’t push it,” he hissed under his breath, fixing you with a pointed look before ambling toward the kitchen and pulling a black apron over his head.
“Come on, let’s sit at the counter while they work,” Mitsuki suggested, ushering you toward the stools across from Katsuki who had just retrieved a knife and cutting board.  For a moment, you stared transfixed at his bluff hands as he began slicing the vegetables, each sure fluid motion impressing you further.  You’d heard Bakugou was a good cook, but you’d never really seen him in action before.
“Will ya quit starin’?” he barked, his eyes not leaving the task at hand to chastise you and you jumped.
“What, can’t perform while I’m watching?” you shot back, prickling slightly.
Bakugou grumbled under his breath, but didn’t rise to your goad, though the tips of his ears turned red — from anger or embarrassment, you couldn’t say.
“Would you like to see some of Katsuki’s baby pictures?” Mitsuki asked, plopping a large photo book at your elbow and Bakugou got his wish, your attention diverted, though not in the way he’d wanted.
“Mom!” he growled, the knife in his hand stilling mid chop, forgotten for the moment as his eyes flashed dangerously.
Unphased by his outburst, Mitsuki didn’t even bat an eye as she ignored him, opening the book in front of you.  “He was such a cute kid,” she smiled fondly.  “I don’t know what happened,” she teased, and Bakugou began grumbling louder as he returned to the cutting board.
“I dunno, I think he turned out rather handsome,” you mused, propping your chin in your hand as you gazed down at the photos, not realizing what you’d said til the words were already out of your mouth, noticing Bakugou stiffen across from you.
Mitsuki chuckled, flipping the page.  “Oh, of course, though I meant his personality,” she continued, lifting her face to eye her son wryly.  “He was praised so often as a child, it all went to his head.”
You nodded.  That was true...
But… even then, age had mellowed him somewhat.  Sure he was still surly and cocky at times, but he was also perceptive, recognizing his weaknesses and working to fix them, to always keep improving himself.
“You know—” Mitsuki lowered her voice as her son moved toward the pot bubbling on the stove, “—Katsuki’ll  make a good husband someday,” she murmured, giving you a knowing look.  “He may not seem like it, but he’s good around the house and incredibly devoted, just like his father…”
You could feel your face begin to warm again as you nodded wordlessly, your gaze following Bakugou across the small kitchen, watching as he moved with such surety, completely in his element.
“He’s never brought anyone home with him before, you know?” his mother confided, a smile in her voice.  “He must really care for you.”
“Oh, I don’t know about that…” you argued weakly, your stomach knotting as you remembered the real reason he’d brought you.
“I need… a favour.”
Turning to you, Mitsuki grasped your hands in hers imploringly.  “Please take care of him.  You have no idea how much it warms my heart to see you together.”
At a loss for words, all you could manage to do was nod again before Bakugou’s voice interrupted the moment.
“Oi!  Stop acting so weird!” he cried, pointing at his mother with the wooden spoon in his hand.  “You’re gunna scare her off!”
“If anyone’s gunna scare her off, it’ll be you!” 
The two began to bicker back and forth, their antics bringing a small smile to your lips, even as your heart began to ache in earnest, wishing this were real.
After dinner you offered to help Bakugou clean up, grabbing a towel as you stood next to him at the sink, drying the clean dishes he handed you.
“I think it’s working, they seem to like you,” he murmured, glancing toward his parents in the other room.
“What’s not to like?” you teased, flashing him a cheeky grin.
“Don’t get cocky, woman,” he huffed, flicking your forehead with his finger.
Scowling back at him, you wiped the soapy water from your face, contemplating smacking him with the damp towel in your hand.
“Though… that was some quick thinking when they asked how we met,” he conceded, his sudden praise taking you by surprise.
“I pretty much just told the truth,” you shrugged, hanging the towel up as he unstopped the drain.  “I-I mean, with a little embellishment there at the end, of course,” you quickly added, noticing the small frown that tugged at his lips and the crease between his brows, skirting the truth just enough not to give your true feelings away.
Before Bakugou could respond, Masaru joined the pair of you in the kitchen, clapping a hand to each of your shoulders.  “Thanks for your help, you two.  I can’t remember the last time I got to just relax after dinner,” he chuckled.
“Yeah, no problem, pops,” Bakugou muttered, ducking his head.
“I bet you two are pretty exhausted, huh?” Mitsuki exclaimed, joining her husband.  “Katsuki always used to be in bed early, unless that’s changed?”
“No, that’s still the same,” you laughed, poking him in the side, ignoring his glower.  
“Come on then, I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping.”
Bidding Masaru good night, you followed Mitsuki down the hall, letting your gaze linger on the framed photos that decorated the wall.
“Here’s Katsuki’s old bedroom,” his mother explained, opening a door and ushering you both inside.  “If you need anything, I’m sure Katsuki can take care of it.  He knows where things are in this house.  That is, if he hasn’t forgotten,” she snapped, fixing a stern eye on her son before lightening.  “Sleep well.  We’ll see you in the morning~,” she chirped, directing a pleasant grin at you,” her demeanor doing a one eighty.
“Wait—” you called feebly, the door already shutting behind her.  “—There’s only one bed.”
“They probably did that on purpose,” Bakugou grumbled, stepping across the room to pull back the covers.  “I’ll sleep on the floor,” he said without hesitation.
“Are you sure?” you asked, biting your lip.  “That doesn’t sound comfortable…”
Bakugou shrugged.  “You’re the one doing me a favour.  It’s the least I can do.”
“Yeah, but—” you sighed; this might be a mistake, but what was the worst that could happen?  “Look, the bed’s big enough for us both, let’s just stay on opposite sides and it doesn’t have to be weird,” you suggested.
“Fine,” Bakugou agreed with another shrug, pulling his shirt over his head in one fluid motion.
“What’re you doing?” you gasped, quickly turning away, but not before getting a good look at his toned, scarred chest, your face warming at the further rustle of clothes behind you.
“Getting ready for bed,” he answered as if he didn’t see what the big deal was.  “Not like you haven’t seen this much of me before,” he taunted and you chanced a peek over your shoulder, catching sight of his dark boxer briefs before he crawled under the covers.
“Yeah, but those times were at the swimming pool or-or during training, not in bed together!” you countered, unzipping your overnight bag with more force than necessary and pulling your night shirt out, wishing you’d brought something a little less revealing, having assumed you’d be sleeping in separate rooms.
Seriously, whose parents let their unmarried son and his “girlfriend” sleep in the same room together while under their roof?   Doesn’t that seem a little scandalous?  
Unless Mitsuki had seen through your act and was trying to set the two of you up…
“No peeking!” you exclaimed, glancing over your shoulder at Bakugou, finding him watching you, an unreadable expression on his face.  Shrugging, he clicked his tongue before laying down and turning his back to you.
Biting your lip, you waited a moment longer to make sure he wouldn’t turn back around while you were changing, turning your back to him to undress before quickly pulling your night shirt over your head.  Slipping into bed, you pulled the covers up to your chin, your skin instantly pebbling from the coolness of the fresh sheets beneath you and you scooted as close to the edge as you could.
Still, despite the bed being big enough for two people, it wasn’t exactly large by any standards, and as Bakugou shifted behind you, the bed frame creaked slightly. You could almost feel his back touching yours, the mattress sinking beneath you, sucking you closer.
“Jesus, woman, your feet are freezing!” Bakugou cried suddenly, jerking away from you.
“I can’t help it!  If you don’t like it, stay on your side of the bed!” you replied, tensing.
“You’re the one who wanted me in bed with you in the first place,” he grumbled, tugging the blankets toward him.
“That’s not—!  You’re making it sound like—!” you spluttered, searching for the right words while clutching at the blanket so he wouldn’t steal it all, and eventually silence fell as you stewed.
“Are you really that fuckin’ cold?” Bakugou asked, cutting your thoughts off as he shifted to peer over his shoulder at you.
“I’ll be fine,” you chattered, clenching your jaw and drawing your limbs in tighter against your chest, trying to warm yourself up.
“C’mere,” Bakugou finally grunted and you glanced back, finding him turning toward you, his arms open.
“I’m not going to let you spoon me!” you exclaimed, feeling your cheeks warm.
Bakugou frowned, his thin brows drawing down in annoyance.  “Fine, go on and freeze then, but if you keep me up all night with your damn shivering there’ll be hell to pay,” he warned and you rolled your eyes, letting out an indignant huff.
“Alright, alright, just… keep your hands to yourself,” you muttered, scooting backward into his embrace til your back hit his solid chest, his warmth instantly seeping into you.  “And you better not get turned on or something,” you added under your breath, your face flaring hotter at the thought, hyper conscious of all the places your bodies were now touching.
“Can’t make any promises,” he muttered, stiffening as you shifted against him.
“What’s that s’posed to mean?” you demanded, half turning to glance over your shoulder at him.
“When you’re a guy, sometimes you can’t fuckin’ help it… it has a mind of its own, and if you keep wriggling like that, it’s gunna make it a lot harder not to get turned on!” he exclaimed, and you stilled with a huff.
“Can’t you just, I dunno, think of something that’s”
“A little hard to do when you’ve got a hot girl pressed against you,” he grumbled, his words making your cheeks burn and you fell silent, trying to get comfortable without moving too much.
“What did I tell you about squirming?” Bakugou exclaimed, but it was too late, and you squeaked, heat filling you as you felt a telltale bulge began to press into your back, nestled against your ass.
“You think I’m hot...?” you ventured softly, your stomach flipping somersaults, arousal pooling low in your gut at the feel of his hardness. 
“I mean, anyone with eyes could fuckin’ see you are,” Bakugou huffed, making no move to readjust, bringing a pleased smile to your lips.
“I didn’t ask about anyone else, I asked about you,” you pressed, curious how he really felt.
Bakugou merely groaned, reluctant to answer.  “Yes, alright!” he exclaimed finally, his voice almost a growl before softening, as if running out of steam.  “It’s distracting.  Are you happy now?  I don’t see what this has to do with anything.”
Pleased with his answer, you fell silent, letting your eyes slip shut as you focused on Bakugou’s even breaths behind you, your thoughts drifting to something his mother had said earlier; the words that had brought a smile to your face at the time now made your stomach drop.
“He’s never brought anyone home with him before, you know?  He must really care for you.”
“Hey, Katsuki…?” you murmured hesitantly, wondering if he was already asleep.
“Hmm?” he grunted moments later.
“What would you have done if I didn’t agree to come with you?  Would you have asked someone else from the office, til someone agreed?”
“Why does it matter?” Bakugou asked, a sharp wariness to his tone that made him sound on edge.
“It… it just does, okay?” you argued, barely able to breathe as you waited for his answer.
Did you just happen to be the first girl he asked, or had he picked you for a reason?
“He must really care for you…”
At your insistence, Bakugou sighed — a heavy breath that left him deflated.
“I don’t know.  I probably would’ve just told my mom you couldn’t make it,” he admitted.
“You wouldn’t have asked anyone else?” you pressed, not quite daring to breathe.  “...Katsuki?” you asked when he didn’t respond.
“No,” he whispered.  “The truth is… I didn’t wanna ask anyone else.  I wanted it to be you.”
His confession seemed to steal whatever breath you had left, leaving you speechless while your heart beat wildly in your throat, still processing what he’d said.
“Well, say something, dammit!” he growled, your lack of response sending him into a panic.
“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you to ask me out, you jerk!” you huffed, suddenly turning in his embrace to face him, jabbing your finger into his chest.
Before you could berate him further, however, Bakugou’s mouth collided with yours as he pulled you closer, effectively trapping you against him and cutting you off as his tongue invaded your mouth.
For a moment your mind went blank — was this really happening?  You’d imagined it so many times before, but this was so much better, each insistent caress of his agile tongue against yours sending a thrill through you.
“So, how long have you wanted me to ask you out?” Bakugou panted, pulling back just enough to catch his breath, his eyes flicking up to yours as he waited for your answer.
“...Since high school,” you admitted quietly, your own eyes darting away and Bakugou frowned, a quick tightening of his expression that spoke of regret before he tilted his chin up to catch your lips once more, this time taking his time, savouring it, and you whimpered, snaking your arms around his neck as he rolled you to your back.
“Katsuki,” you gasped, running your hands over his muscular shoulders as your gaze traveled downward, taking in the expanse of bare chest hovering over you.
“Hmm?” he grunted, his lips trailing to your neck as his fingers slipped under the hem of your shirt, teasing the flushed skin just below your navel, hesitating as if waiting for your approval.
“Please,” you sighed, drawing your bottom lip between your teeth and his hand slid higher, covering your naked breast before kneading it, his warmth seeping into you.  Humming softly, you arched into his touch, your own hand reaching down to palm him through his boxers, giving an experimental squeeze and pulling a moan from his chest.
“You sure about this?” he asked, his lips brushing your collar bone before he lifted his eyes to yours, his ruby depths searching yours hopefully.
“I’m sure,” you breathed.  “Want this.  I want you,” you murmured, and your words brought another moan to his lips.
“I’ve wanted you so long,” he whispered, his breath hitching as you stroked him through the fabric before your fingers dipped below the waistband of his boxers, wanting to feel him, wrapping your small hand around his girth.
“Yeah?  Me too,” you admitted, giggling as he lifted your shirt, his lips quirking into a smirk as he took your peaked nipple between his teeth, flicking it with the tip of his tongue.  
“Yeah?  Bet you’ve touched yourself while thinking of me before, hah?” he growled, switching breasts as he slipped his hand down the front of your panties, his thick callused fingers delving your folds, finding you wet and wanting, emboldened by your response.
“Maybe,” you gasped, rolling your hips against his hand, seeking the friction from the heel of his palm as his fingers slid deeper, past the first tight ring of muscle.
“But I bet you have too,” you wagered, your soft voice a purr as you caressed his velvety length, smearing his pre over your palm.  When Bakugou made a noncommittal grunt in response, you huffed a laugh.  “I’ll take that as a yes?” you teased, giving his cock another squeeze.  “Bet my hand feels better than yours,” you continued, gasping as his teeth grazed your skin.
“Bet your pussy feels even better,” Bakugou muttered, once more silently asking if this was what you wanted as his lidded eyes met yours, his fingers scissoring inside you, preparing you for him before curling, blunt nails grazing your spongy g-spot.
“I bet it does,” you gasped, your words coming out breathier than you’d planned, your walls clenching around his fingers in surprise.
“You ready for me, Princess?” he breathed, pulling his hand free to tug at your panties, easing them down with your help.  
“I’m ready,” you exclaimed, laying back and opening your legs to him invitingly as he shed his boxers, his weeping cock standing at attention.
Guiding himself to your waiting entrance, he took a moment to tease your folds, spreading your slick over his thick head before finally pressing into you, watching his length slowly disappear into your cunt before crawling back over you to claim your lips in a passionate kiss.  The way his tongue slid over yours as he continued to fill you was almost overwhelming and your head swam as he split you on his dick, stretching you almost to the point of pain.
“Mm, so big,” you gasped, pressing your palms to his chest as if to stall him.  “Slow down, Katsu, it’s been a while,” you whined and he stopped.
“That so?  Am I too big for ya, Princess?” he murmured, amusement in his husky voice.  “Or maybe all the other losers you’ve been with just had tiny pricks.”
Hiding behind his crude words you detected a sliver of insecurity — How many have you slept with when it could’ve been me all this time?
“You’re not too big,” you whispered, pressing your lips to his throat, feeling him swallow, his adam’s apple bobbing under your touch.  “I haven’t been with anyone for a long time,” you admitted honestly, glancing up to catch his gaze to drive the point home.
“What, they couldn’t satisfy you?”
“Mm mm,” you hummed, shaking your head, your hands trailing up his arms, memorizing how his muscles flexed and tensed under his skin.  They weren’t you.  “But I bet you can.”
A wolfish grin spread across Bakugou’s face.  “You fuckin’ know it, babe.”
“I’m ready,” you mewled, wriggling your hips under him, urging him to continue filling you.
“God, you’re so fuckin’ tight,” he groaned, dropping his face to the hollow of your neck as he finally sheathed himself completely, his tip nestled against your cervix, stretching you nearly to your limit.
“Been a while for you too?” you asked quietly, and at your question Bakugou huffed a mirthless laugh.
“Yeah,” he answered simply.
To your surprise, when he began to move, he was tender, careful not to hurt you, but not in such a way that left you wanting.  Who knew big bad Lord Dynamight had such a soft streak?  Unless… it was only in relation to you?
Buoyed by the thought, you smiled as you wrapped your arms around his neck, drawing him even closer as his hips met yours, wanting to feel every inch of him pressed against you as you made love. 
Holding his gaze as he fucked you, his cock finding that sweet spot inside you with each rolling thrust, you lost yourself in him — in each deep gasp and moan and whimper that caught in his throat, in the way his skin flushed with exertion, dusting his cheeks with colour, in each drop of sweat that rolled slowly down his chest, but mostly in the way he looked at you, as if he couldn’t believe you were really there, that you wanted him just as much as he wanted you.
“Katsuki, I’m getting close,” you whispered, canting your hips to meet him, feeling full and warm and close, so close to him.  You couldn’t remember the last time you’d ever felt like this with someone.
“Yeah?” he grunted, his lips twitching, “then cum for me, sweetheart, I wanna see how good I make you feel.”
How could you deny him that?
As your pleasure washed over you, enveloping you like warm water, rolling over you like the tide, you opened yourself to it, pressing your face to Bakugou’s shoulder to muffle your cries as you came, clenching around him like a vice.
“Oh, fuck,” he groaned, shuddering as he rode you through it, quickly pulling out to spill his seed over your stomach before dropping his forehead to your chest and panting for breath.
For a long moment he merely stayed there as you held him close, running your fingers through his spiky locks, past caring about his mess cooling on your skin and when he finally pulled away to fetch his discarded t-shirt to clean you with, you let out a soft whine, not wanting to lose his warmth.
“I’ll be right back, fuckin’ needy,” he tsked, though his eyes danced with amusement as he wiped you clean, letting his hand linger a moment longer before tossing the shirt aside and pulling the blanket back over you, wrapping you once more in his strong arms and holding you against his chest as silence fell over the room.
“Look at us,” you finally murmured, “a couple of idiots pining needlessly for each other all this time.”
“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” Bakugou huffed, his lips twitching down, and you shifted, frowning up at him in turn.
“Why didn’t you?” you demanded, throwing his question back at him.
“I… I, fuck, woman, why does it even matter now?” he scoffed.  “Pretty sure that’s kinda irrelevant now, unless you have any objections…” he muttered reluctantly.
“No objections, just one request,” you replied, taking his face between your hands, smiling softly.
“What’s that?”
“Ask me for real,” you murmured, brushing your thumb over his bottom lip as you held his gaze, your heart aching with affection.
Bakugou snorted softly as a grin tugged at his kiss-swollen lips.  “I can do that,” he huffed, though he hesitated.  “You wanna be my girl?” he asked softly, his arms tightening around you as if afraid you’d leave him now.  “Cause I’ve gone too fuckin’ long wanting you, only to go back to how we were.”
“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend, for real this time,” you replied, pressing a chaste peck to his parted lips.  “As if there were any doubt,” you teased, a thought hitting you.  “Guess your mother kinda set you up after all,” you mused, grinning wryly.
“Don’t you even say that!” Bakugou gasped, his mouth falling open while his brows knit, his indignation only making you laugh harder.
“You should be grateful to her!”
“I mean it, woman!” he warned with a growl that sent a thrill chasing up your spine, though his words held no real heat.
“Oh, what’re you gunna do to me?” you taunted, still clutched by your laughter, gasping as he suddenly pinned you down once more.
“I’m sure I can think of a few ways to shut you up,” he answered, his eyes flashing, sending heat washing through you afresh.
“I’d like to see you try,” you shot back, sharing his grin.
“Just remember you asked for this, Princess.”
[ the next morning ]
“What if they heard us?” you whispered, following Katsuki toward the faint sound of cooking and the smell of something tasty.
“We were quiet,” he shrugged.  “If not, we’re grown adults, so who cares?” he argued, flashing you a toothy smirk that screamed ‘wait til I get you home where we can be as loud as we want’.
Throwing him a doubtful look, you didn’t get a chance to respond before his mother greeted you with a rather knowing grin.
“Good morning you two.  Sleep well?”
Oh, she’d definitely heard.
Tumblr media
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cyancherub · 2 months ago
conversations with the devil
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki x reader
Tumblr media
PAIRING.  (dirtbag) stepbro!bakugou x fem!reader (ft. his nasty frat bros)
LENGTH.  19.2k words
GENRE.  nsfw + dc, aged up characters (21+)
EXTRA.  this takes place in the same au as initiation :>
CONTENT.  dark content: blackmail, coercion, manipulation, noncon (breeding, creampie, fantasies, recording), power imbalance, stepcest.  ass play, breathplay, cum eating, cumplay, degradation, (very) dubcon, edging, fingering, humiliation, impact play, masturbation (m + f), multiple orgasms, oral (f receiving), objectification, overstimulation, panty theft / sniffing, size kink, somnophilia (referenced), spit kink, squirting, teasing / fantasizing, voyeurism, no aftercare
SYNOPSIS.  nothing weird’s gonna happen just because the two of you are all alone... right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
11:00 A.M.
Katsuki gets a lot of pussy.
That’s absolutely not a fact that you should know about your own stepbrother. But it’s a fact that you do know, and can’t really help knowing — because he practically shoves it in your face every summer. It’s a fact that you can hear through the wall separating his room and yours.
Every fucking night for the last two summers. It’s like the girls he fucks are so shrill. So incredibly, terribly shrill that their voices are etched, permanently, into your brain.
Fuck me harder, Katsuki.
God, Katsuki, your dick is so fucking good.
The best dick I’ve ever had.
You scowl. Those obscene voices are playing in your head as you near the end of your annual drive home from college for summer break. It’s a long drive — from the south end of the state to the very middle of it.
You guess it’s a long drive for your stepbrother, too, who drives from the north end of the state down. The both of you have made the drive for the past two summers — ever since your mom and his dad shacked up, bought a nice little home in the burbs, and asked you both to drive over so you could all play house.
Like a big, happy family.
Your douche of a stepbrother is probably already home. His college lets out a week earlier than yours each summer.
You frown, staring at the road. You’re in the neighborhood now, driving past familiar houses, as you approach your own. You wonder how he’ll be this summer. If he’ll be just as bad as last summer and the one before. If he’ll be even worse.
Sometimes you think he does it just to deprive you of sleep. Just to piss you off. Because that’s just the kind of guy he is.
Either way, you’ve already mentally prepared yourself to get very little sleep, with the devil the next room over.
Speak of the devil; as you pull up to your driveway, you see his car parked there. It’s an obnoxious thing, slammed and spoilered. Your mom’s car, which is usually in the driveway, is nowhere to be found. He’s parked in the very middle of the driveway — so that, even though there should be room for your car next to his, there isn’t.
Asshole, you mutter under your breath, pulling into the street parking.
You step out of your car, adjust your top. Throw your duffel bag over your shoulder. It’s hot outside. Muggy. The sun beams down, intense. You trudge up to the house, peeling your tiny top away from your sweaty, sticky skin. You slot your keys in the front door, open it, and call out, flatly, “Kat.”
No response. The house is completely empty.
For some reason, you’re a little disappointed. Where’s your mom? Your stepdad? Where’s your dumb stepbrother — the one who should be tormenting you from the second you step in the door?
You frown. Why do you even care where your brother is? All he is is a pain in the ass, anyway. It would be better if he stayed gone, wherever he is.
You head up the stairs, to your room, lugging your duffel bag up the stairs. If Katsuki were here, you’d make him carry it up. Well — you’d try. He’d probably just tell you to fuck off.
What’s the use of having a brother if he won’t even carry your shit up the stairs?
You’re thinking about his terrible attitude as you jog back down the stairs and into the kitchen. The AC is on, and it’s chilly in the house, but you’re still cooling off from the heat outside. So you fill up a glass of water.
You’re leaning against the counter, sipping on it thoughtfully, when the front door opens.
He must have just gone on a run or something. Because he’s covered in sweat, wearing nothing but workout shorts and Nikes. No shirt. Sweat drips down his chest, snakes down the ridges between his abs.
You’ve always thought his build was absolutely ridiculous. Huge and obnoxious, just like his personality. You can hear the music in his airpods all the way from the kitchen — loud, bass-heavy. Something about fucking bitches, probably. He’s cliche like that.
You meet his eyes. You hate that scheming grin that crosses his face when he sees you. You could slap it right off. It’s just so annoying. He takes an airpod out of one ear, slamming the front door behind him, and says,
“What’s up, squirt? It’s been a while.”
You scrunch your nose up at the nickname, still sipping on your water as you watch him approach.
“Don’t call me that,” you say flatly. “You’re getting sweat everywhere,” you frown, glancing at a droplet making its way down his abs. The sweat rolls down his pecs. Down his neck, collecting in the little divot between his collarbones. “It’s gross.”
He eyes you out, sly, as he approaches the kitchen.
“A little sweat never hurt anybody,” he says, stepping around the kitchen island.
You feel like he’s always getting a little too close to you. Taking up a little too much space. It’s like his personality, his aggression, expands to fill whatever space he’s in. He’s always been big. And right now, he seems even bigger.
You don’t know what it is. He couldn’t have grown. It must just be the proximity. The emptiness of the house, the fact that he’s standing far too close.
You shrink away. “Go take a shower.”
He wrenches the glass of water out of your hand, cutting you off when you start to protest. “I’m not done working out,” he says, right before he takes a huge gulp of the water in your glass.
You’re staring at him, incredulous. Wondering how the hell he always finds a new way to piss you off. “You’re so fucking annoying,” you scoff, watching him down more of your water.
“What’s with the attitude?” he says, after drinking more than half of it. He runs his tongue over his lips, leaning against the counter. “I can’t believe you’re so rude to your big brother right off the bat.”
Big brother. Ever since your parents got together, he’s lorded that over you. As if a year age difference really means anything, considering you’re both in your twenties. As if he’s actually related to you.
“Give me that,” you snap, yanking the glass right back out of his hand.
You put a little too much force behind it; the water sloshes out of the cup, splashing onto your tits.
“Fuck,” you say under your breath, looking down at your tiny top, the wet spot on your chest. When you look back up at him, he’s looking down at your chest, with a satisfied smirk on his face. He meets your eyes, still smiling.
Blatant. That’s a good word for your stepbrother.
You break eye contact.
He’s a dog. You know that deep down, maybe on some level that you refuse to really acknowledge fully. You have known that since your parents first got together a couple of years ago. All the lingering glances, right off the bat. He’s always been like this.
But, even if you know that he’s a dog, it’s not something you acknowledge. Really, it’s better if you don’t. Because if you do…
If you do acknowledge what a dog he is…
Then you might have to confront your own stolen glances. The ones that happen just once every so often, when you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing, and you catch yourself looking at his body.
Like right now.
You realize suddenly that, while you were thinking about all of this, letting your mind wander, your eyes were wandering, too: down to his waistband, where his happy trail disappears under the elastic.
You look away quickly, and when you meet his eyes, there’s a knowing smile on his face.
You gulp, clearing the disgusting thoughts out of your head. “Where are mom and dad?” you demand.
“They didn’t tell you?” he says, stepping closer. You can smell the sweat on him; it’s sickly sweet, almost. “They’re gone for a week.”
You’re not surprised that they didn’t bother to tell you. They tend to default their interactions to your asshole of a stepbrother, usually forgetting that you exist. Because, somehow, Katsuki has ingratiated himself as the favorite child of both his dad and your mom.
He’s the pride and joy: at the top of his class, on a full ride to a prestigious college.
You frown, thinking about what he’d just said. Gone for a week? Leaving you here, with … ?
“Where are they?”
“Fuck if I know. All I know,” he grins, “is that they left me in charge.”
You roll your eyes. There he goes again — playing the big brother role so well, like the two of you are kids, left home alone for the night. Milking that role for all it’s got.
“Really,” you say flatly.
“Really,” he says, taking a step toward you. You step away instinctively; your back hits the counter. “You have to do whatever I say while we’re all alone,” he teases. “Mommy told me so.”
All alone. The way he says things — especially right now — seems so… so… suggestive.
“I might invite some friends over this week,” he’s saying, resting his weight against the counter, gauging your expression with a calculating eye.
You sigh. “Can you just chill out for one week?” you snap. “I want to decompress. The semester just finished.”
“Yeah?” he grins. “Why, because you worked so hard? Got a 4.0? Made the Dean’s List? Deserve some relaxation time, after all that hard work?”
You stare at him, indignant. You’ve never done all that well in school, and he knows that. That’s his area of expertise, you guess. Along with being the biggest douchebag known to man.
“Just fuck off,” you snap. “I don’t want your frat bros in the house. They’re gross. You’re gross.”
It’s true; they are gross. You’d met them when he’d brought them — uninvited — to the last family gathering, for whatever godforsaken reason. They’d all shown up in an obnoxiously loud car, and then they’d spent the entire night snickering amongst themselves. You’d overheard some of their whispers, and you could’ve sworn that some of the disgusting things you’d heard them saying to each other were about you —
“I’m gonna do what I want, Princess,” he says drily.
Princess. You hate that. The way he subverts the innocent nickname your mom uses for you. Makes it feel… grimy.
He plucks the glass out of your hand, and at this point you’re too lost in thought to fight him on it. Maybe it’s better that way, because your hand had been so tight around the glass that it was probably close to shattering. So you just watch him down the rest of the water from it.
Katsuki walks past you and to the kitchen sink, brushing your bare arm with his on the way there. You feel the sweat transfer from his skin to yours; disgusted, you wipe it off with your hand. He places the glass on the side of the sink — not bothering to put it in the dishwasher or even in the sink, like you ask him to do every summer.
It’s intentional, like everything else. Just to get under your skin.
You screw up your face in distaste, tracking him with your eyes. He rounds the kitchen island and leans over the granite, facing you — his chain swinging in the heavy, empty space. You walk to the opposite side of the kitchen island and stand there, just looking at him, with half a mind to lecture him about his glass.
“What?” he asks.
You decide against it. What good would it do, anyway?
“‘Kay,” he says sarcastically, pulling his phone out of his pocket.
He puts his chain in his mouth, sucking on it absently as he unlocks his phone. He’s leaning over the granite with his phone flat on the counter, and he must know that you can see everything on the screen from where you’re standing. He must know that you can see his obscene phone background — some model with her legs spread. You know he knows you can see it.
You watch him tap on a familiar red icon — a dating app. He starts to scroll through it, with a bored expression on his face.
“Hey,” he says, looking up at you, letting his chain fall from his mouth. “You don’t mind if I have someone over tonight, do you?”
His tone says it all: he’s not asking you. He’s telling you. He might as well say, You don’t mind if I fuck a girl’s brains out while you’re trying to sleep, do you?
“It’s not the frat bros,” he’s saying caustically. “Since I know you’d throw a fit about that.”
You clench your jaw, thinking about the noises you’re in for if he does decide to bring someone over. The bed creaking so loud you don’t even know how it’s still standing. The girls moaning like they won’t survive the night. The girls saying I’m cumming! so many times that they must be faking it. Because there’s no fucking way.
Those voices might drive you insane.
Fuck me, Katsuki - ! God, you’re so fucking deep.
Your dick is fucking amazing.
A different girl every fucking night.
Maybe it’s time to acknowledge it — he’s such a fucking dog.
“What?” he fake pouts. “Is someone jealous?”
Your eyes widen. “Jealous?” you stammer quickly.
You can’t believe he’d ask that. What does he even mean by that? Jealous of what, exactly? Jealous of those girls getting their brains fucked out the next room over? Jealous of the way they’re getting pounded into the mattress? Jealous of the amount of times he makes them cum? You can’t be jealous of that — can’t be jealous of girls for fucking your very own stepbr—
“Jealous that you’re not getting any anymore,” he says, studying you — sly. “Pops told me about your breakup.” His eyes narrow. “Why? What did you think I meant?”
You’re flustered. Your mouth feels like cotton. It’s that same feeling you’d feel as a little kid, getting caught in the act: pilfering something, maybe. Doing something your parents really wouldn’t like. “Nothing,” you say quickly.
There’s a smug look on his face; it’s replaced, slowly, by an expression of mock surprise. “Wait a minute,” he says caustically. “You didn’t think I meant… jealous of the girls I bring over, right?”
“Of course not,” you hiss under your breath — as if someone could hear you, even though it’s just the two of you.
Just the two of you, all alone in this house, for the week.
“Because that would be totally sick,” he says. Smug.
“I wasn’t thinking about that,” you say through your teeth.
“You should get your mind out of the gutter,” he chides. “I mean, I get it — you’re dick deprived. Must suck and all. But I’m your big brother, for god’s sake.” His tone is so caustic: sarcasm dripping off every word. Nasty, just like his personality.
You wonder what’s set him off. Why he’s being even worse than usual. Why he’s tormenting you so much. Because this is different from the little gazes across the years, the ones that you can pretend to ignore. This is blatant conversation, the type that you can’t just brush over. No skirting around the topic.
“Stop talking,” you say, because you’ll be damned if you devote any more attention to this awful conversation. “Just stop.”
“Man,” he grins, leaning over the kitchen island — getting right up in your face. So close. Too close. You take a step backward, and he laughs. “Imagine if your mom knew what went through your dirty mind.”
He’s being even more of a pain than usual. You don’t know what it is. This should just be like any other summer. Your parents have gone off before, left the two of you on your own in the house before, right…?
Well, now that you think of it, they’ve never gone away for this long before. They’ve taken a few days here and there, but never a week.
So is that it? The promise of being alone together for an entire week? Is he going to be like this the entire time?
Katsuki straightens up, locking his phone. “I can’t believe you, squirt,” he’s laughing. “Didn’t know you were so fucking sick in the head.”
“Shut the fuck up, Katsuki,” you say, shifting from foot to foot. “Just shut up. You’re being fucking disgusting. I wasn’t thinking of anything like that. I would never!”
You’d put a little too enthusiasm behind the last word, and you find yourself cringing at your own adamance. Because it’s so obvious that it was overdone.
Your brother smiles — a self-assured, knowing smirk. “I’m just fucking with you,” he says innocently. “Damn, why are you all worked up? Can’t you take a joke?”
You’re staring up at him indignantly. Furiously. He’s so nonchalant — as if he didn’t just imply that you wanted to fuck him. Him! Of all people. Your own stepbrother. You’re speechless, just glaring at him, without the faintest idea of how to respond.
He laughs, reaches across the counter to squish up your cheeks with his massive, rough hand.
“Relax, kiddo,” he chides — condescending. Sarcastic. “This isn’t a cheap porno. I’m your big brother. Nothing weird’s gonna happen just because we’re all alone.”
Then he’s laughing, pulling away from the counter, turning his attention back to flipping through the girls on his dating app as he walks off.
I’m your big brother.
You watch him walk up the stairs, taking them two at a time. The way his body flexes, covered in sweat, glinting in the light.
Nothing weird’s gonna happen.
11:45 A.M.
Katsuki is in great shape.
He takes pride in his body, hits the gym at college every single day after class.
So, of course, he won’t let that hard work go to waste. He has weights in his room. Makes use of them throughout the summer — doesn’t miss a single day.
That’s why he’s on the floor right now, laid out, pressing dumbbells: 30 pounds in each hand, easy.
Maybe he should get something heavier.
He’s thinking of you as he works out — quick, high rep sets, with sweat running down his face and music going in the background. He’s thinking of your secretive glances at his body. The flustered way you always peek at his abs. His arms. The hungry, absent gazes that linger on the waistband of his shorts.
His perverted little sister. He’s trying to keep count of his reps, but he keeps getting distracted, thinking about you.
He’s so glad you’re finally home. He hates that lull each summer. The way his college lets out a week before yours.
He wants you every single summer. Thinks about you, fucks other girls wishing it was your pussy clenching around his dick.
Usually, he can tide himself over — unloading in cunt after cunt. Sticky, messy cum in girls who are good for nothing else as he imagines you under him, your eyes rolling back, his hand around your throat.
It’s particularly bad this summer, the want for you. The anticipation. He feels like he’s been going crazy, ever since his dad told him that he’d be going off with your mom for a week, leaving the two of you alone in the house. He doesn’t even know where they’ve gone. Doesn’t remember, doesn’t care. Because as soon as he’d heard that, you were the only thing on his mind. That was when he started scheming.
That was when he’d made up his mind that he’d fuck you.
Katsuki’s been waiting too long for an opportunity like this — to have you all to himself in this big house.
Your parents left for the week a couple days ago. It’s been torture for him ever since. He’s had so much pent up energy, waiting for you to get home. So much desire. He’s been inviting girl after girl over.
(That’s normal; he does it every summer, fucks them to blow off steam. Fucks them to distract himself from you. And, every summer, he fucks them extra hard, gets them screaming extra loud, just to piss you off.
Just to show his little sister what she’s missing out on.)
Katsuki doesn’t have any trouble picking up girls. They trip over themselves to fuck him — so much pussy he’s fucking drowning in it. But he finds them pathetic. Boring.
He wants you — his dirty whore of a little sister. Because he knows, even though you give it up easily, you’ll put up a fight when it’s your brother.
You take things like this seriously. And he finds that annoying — that you’ll spread your legs for guys you don’t even know, but not him. He’s thinking of last summer, and the guys you’d bring home from your favorite bar, when it should’ve been him in your pussy.
But there’s one upside to all of this.
The thought of all of your uptight reactions to him, of all of that denial, when he knows you want it — that gets his dick so hard. I would never! you’d said. He’s licking the sweat off of his upper lip, thinking about how badly he wants your cunt, as he nears the end of his set.
His hookups haven’t been enough this summer, not nearly. No amount of pussy will satisfy him if he can’t have you. The promise of being alone with you for a week has been far too enticing. It has him so worked up that he jacks off practically as soon as his hookups leave. He finds himself doing it several times a day: one hand on his dick, the other on his phone — where he’s usually zoomed in on your ass, thinking about burying his cock in it. And he cums all over himself — sticky white spurting up onto his stomach, onto his heaving chest, with his lip between his teeth and his face contorted.
Sometimes he fucks a little pocket pussy he got with you in mind: strokes it, messy, over his dick. He dumps load after load into it, wishing it was your cunt. Thinks about how hot, wet, and tight you’d be. He likes to hold it in place, thrusting up into it. While he does, he imagines his hands on your hips, keeping you still as he pounds up into your dripping pussy.
It’s been too long since he’s last seen you. When was the last time, anyway? Some family gathering. But he hears a lot about you from your mom. She’s taken a liking to him; she likes to keep him updated on his little sister. She thinks he’s talented, smart. And he is.
She thinks he’s a good kid.
He’s not.
He wonders what your mom would think of him if she knew how long he spends on your Instagram, especially at the end of each spring semester, when summer draws close. What would she think if she saw him zooming in on your party pictures to see your cleavage in your skimpy outfits? What would she think if she saw him showing all of his friends pictures of his nasty slut of a little sister?
Katsuki’s friends all know you. From afar. They’ve all spent nights with their dicks wrapped up in their fists, drooling over pictures of you.
They talk to your big brother about passing you around, stuffing you full. They ask your big brother when he’ll let them abuse all of your holes at once.
Katsuki’s arms are burning as he lifts the dumbbells. He doesn’t know what rep he’s on anymore. He’s lost count. He’s too distracted, thinking about what his friends keep saying about you. The way they keep egging him on.
That’s your stepsister?
You get all fucking summer with her?
This is your — what? — third summer with her?
You’re fucking insane if you haven’t fucked her yet.
They’re right.
A call starts to buzz on his phone. So he finishes the set and sits up, with burning arms.
It’s his friends. A group call.
He has half a mind to ignore it, to go back to his thoughts of you as he works out. Maybe he’ll fuck his fist again when he’s done, with you in his head. But he decides against it. He was pretty much done with the set, anyway.
He accepts the call, puts it on speaker.
“Katsu,” says a low voice. “What’s up, dude?”
“Nothing. Working out,” he says. “Well. I was trying to.” Clipped. He has a short temper to begin with, and he finds it particularly irritating when his friends interrupt his fantasies.
“Cool. Hey, how’s your little sis?” another voice crackles over the line.
“Slutty as ever,” he says, thinking of your little top. “Just walks around in these tiny fucking outfits. Tits out. No fucking bra. I swear she’s fucking asking for it.”
“Send a picture,” someone snickers.
He grins, wiping sweat off his face with the back of his hand. “Yeah. Maybe.”
“More for the spank bank,” someone says.
He scowls. Usually, Katsuki doesn’t mind sharing with his friends. He likes it: seeing girls get ruined right in front of him. But, for some reason, he’s feeling different about it right now. When it’s you…
At the very least, you’re going to be his before any of his friends get any.
“You fucked her yet?”
He snorts. “She’s been home for like an hour.”
“If it were me?” someone says. “I’d have had her face down ass up as soon as she walked through the fucking door.”
He’s thinking about that now. You, his cute stepsister, face down, ass up. His big hands spreading your ass cheeks. His dick moving in and out of your cunt. He keeps replaying that in his head, on a loop.
“God, yeah,” his other friend is saying. “Remember her ass in that one post?”
He’s zoning out as friends talk, thinking about your ass in your outfit today. Your tiny shorts. The little shirt you’re wearing — a strip of fabric that barely even qualifies as an article of clothing. Your nipples pressing against the thin material.
You must dress like that on purpose. You must post all of that slutty shit on purpose.
You must be doing it all to tempt him, just like the fucking slut you are.
“Hey, Kat,” someone says. “When are you gonna let us get a turn?”
His mouth twists up in distaste. Katsuki doesn’t like coming in second, not one bit. Especially not when it comes to you. He has dibs. “Me first,” he says, drily.
Once he gets a turn, though…
Someone laughs. “I bet her pussy is so fucking good,” they say. “Bet she takes dick like a champ. What do you think, Katsu?”
“Yeah. For sure.”
“Hey, Kiri,” says a voice — “what position would you want her in?”
“69,” answers Katsuki’s friend. “I’d make her ride my tongue. What about you, Kat?”
Katsuki suddenly hears something quiet, just under the buzz of his friends’ voices on the phone. Your footsteps: quiet, secretive. Your tread light. Pausing right outside his door.
Knowing you can hear everything he’s saying, your stepbrother says, “Doggy.”
“And why’s that?” comes a voice over the line.
Your brother knows you’re still idling outside his door, still listening. Waiting to hear what he says.
“Princess has a nice ass,” he says. “I wanna look at it while her pussy swallows up my dick.”
His friends laugh, agreeing. Katsuki hears a light footstep: you stepping away. And he’s suppressing a laugh, imagining that poor, embarrassed look on your face. It gets him hard, that humiliation.
He hears the shower turn on as his friends continue to talk about you and what position they’d like to fuck you in most. And he’s just thinking about you. About wanting to fuck you every summer. About how right now is his chance — now that he has you all to himself for the entire week.
“What’s she up to, anyway?” someone’s saying.
“She’s in the shower,” he answers. Scheming.
“Oh, really?”
There’s a heavy silence on the line, while everyone thinks about that. Imagines that — you in the shower, rubbing soap over your body.
“So what are you waiting for, Kat?” someone says.
He laughs. “Maybe I should go.”
Katsuki’s friends dog him for it, egg him on. They encourage him until he agrees — he’ll do something about it. He doesn’t need much convincing, anyway. Not at this point.
Katsuki ends the call and drops his phone into his pocket.
Then, your stepbrother steps out of his room and walks lightly to the bathroom, slipping his big hands into the pockets of his shorts. He’s looking at the bathroom door now, leaning his muscular frame against the wall next to it.
It’s slightly askew. Cracked open.
He can hear you moving in the shower. He’s listening to each movement, no matter how small. Imagining how you look in there. He hears you pop open the cap to the shampoo bottle.
And he’s thinking.
You don’t usually shower with the door open. He’s tried to open it before, actually. Once or twice, when he was feeling particularly malicious. It’s always been locked.
So why is it open now? Not just unlocked, but open?
What are you doing, leaving the door cracked like that — while you’re all naked and vulnerable, right on the other side of the thin shower curtain?
You’re fucking asking for it.
And he’s thinking about giving it to you. About stepping into the shower and surprising you. He’d cover your mouth and muffle the inevitable shriek of surprise, slot his dick into your pussy. He’d fuck you up against the shower wall, plunging in and out of your tight, wet cunt.
Katsuki steps into the bathroom, adjusting his hardening dick in his shorts.
The air in the bathroom is hot. Steamy, from the heat of the water.
He thinks he can hear something, just over the sound of the water hitting the floor of the tub.
It’s almost like… tiny whimpers.
Little pleasured gasps.
Katsuki grins. What is his perverted little sister doing in there, right on the other side of the shower curtain?
Before he does anything else, your brother pulls out his phone. Flips through his apps quickly, until he finds what he’s looking for — voice memos. He presses record, then sets his phone on the counter. Katsuki’s going to keep this forever; he’ll have your cute moans accessible whenever he needs something to stroke his dick to.
And, now that he’s capturing every noise you make, Katsuki takes a step toward the shower.
He pauses, feeling something soft underfoot. He lifts his foot and looks down at the floor, to find your discarded pile of clothes. The same tiny shirt you were wearing when the water splashed over your tits, the same obscenely small shorts.
And, right at the top of the pile, your panties.
Your whimpers are getting louder from behind the shower curtain. He crouches down, listening, his dick hard in his shorts for his stepsister’s adorable gasps.
You’re so filthy, such a slut for this: making yourself feel so good in the shower, with the door open, knowing his room is right next to it. He picks up your panties from the pile of clothes with one finger, grinning. Brings them to his face as your gasps get a little louder — as they turn into soft moans.
He inhales, deep. Gets his head full of pussy. Feels it cloud his mind, feels his dick getting even stiffer. He’s ravenous: a dog with a bone, practically drooling with your panties pressed to his face.
Katsuki’s a smart guy. He knows that the smart thing to do is to slip out of the bathroom right now. He could pocket your panties, bring them back to his room to jack off behind the safety of his locked door. But your moans sound too good. They have him chained to the floor, paralyzed. He doesn’t want to leave.
And then, he hears it.
Oh. Katsuki.
A breathy moan. Your breathy moan. So quiet that he’s not even sure he heard you right at first.
And then he hears it again. A little louder this time.
Fuck. Katsuki. Make me cum.
He grabs his dick through his shorts with his free hand, squeezes it, blood rushing between his legs fast. His name. You’re saying his name while you play with your pussy right behind the curtain. He wants to know just what you’re thinking of. What you’re imagining, what kind of sick scenarios you’re concocting with your big brother in the starring role.
With your panties still pressed to his face with his left hand, he shoves his right down his shorts, pulls his drooling dick out. There’s precum everywhere — sticky, oozing. That’s what his little sister does to him. He wants your pussy so bad. Smelling it isn’t enough. He wants to lick it, to fuck you with his tongue. He wants to eat you up.
He listens to your moans get louder from behind the shower curtain. More urgent. He’s thinking about how fucking filthy you are for that. Making yourself cum to the thought of him, after all of that resistance, all of that pretending.
I would never!
He knew you wanted him. And here’s the confirmation. And now, after these summers of pent up frustration…
Now, he’s gonna have you.
He keeps taking deep breaths with your panties pressed to his face. Panting into them, he squeezes his dick, uses his fist to drag the slick precum from the tip of it down. He jacks it, thinking about what way he’s gonna have his slutty sister for the first time.
Your moans are heightening as he slides his fist over his dick, precum dribbling onto the bathroom counter. He fucks his fist, listening to your moans, knowing he could make you sound so much better. Knowing your pussy would feel so much better wrapped around his cock.
He hears you, again: Kat, I’m gonna cum.
You’re feeling so good, right on the other side of the shower curtain. What do you want him to do to you?
He can imagine how you look with your eyes rolling back. He lets your panties fall to the bathroom counter, freeing his hand to grip the edge of it so hard his knuckles turn white. He keeps jerking his dick with his other hand, panting, his chest heaving.
You’re starting to cum — gasping and whimpering just a couple feet away from him — O-oh, god, Katsuki, I’m cumming.
That sends him over fast. He’s swearing under his breath, with the smell of your pussy still clouding his head, jerking his dick over your panties. All the tension boils over, releases in waves of pleasure. His cum starts to spurt out — thick, dripping down his fist, coating your panties, spilling onto the bathroom counter.
And he rides it out: groaning under his breath, his eyes rolled back, his head lolling back on his shoulders. Cum keeps shooting out with each wave, more and more of it onto the counter, onto your panties, until they’re drenched.
And when it’s done, he leans forward on the counter. Catches his breath, with sweat dripping down his chest.
Before you can finish your shower, he’s wiping the cum off of the counter with your ruined panties. He puts his dick back in his shorts, slips your panties into his shorts pocket. Grabs his phone, stops the recording.
Your stepbrother slips out of the bathroom door, and by the time he hears you turn the shower off, he’s back in his room.
12:15 P.M.
You finish your shower feeling absolutely filthy. So filthy that you even consider jumping back in, scrubbing your skin clean. Scrubbing all of your sins clean.
Why did you do … that?
You can barely even admit it to yourself, everything you just did. It’s sick, the way you leaned against the shower tile. The way you turned the showerhead to the massage setting and focused the stream on your clit. The way you came from imagining… him.
You’d heard all of those disgusting things your stepbrother and his friends were saying. All of the ways they’d fuck you. And you should have found it vile, because it was. If you weren’t as disgusting as them, you would have walked away and pretended they were talking about someone else.
But, instead, you listened. And, after hearing everything, you were so worked up — so tense — that you were desperate for some kind of release.
Why did you like those filthy things they were saying? It’s gross — the way you made yourself cum, thinking about all of those nasty things. The gross images in your head. The things you imagined:
You riding your stepbrother’s friend’s tongue, with him watching. His friend’s tongue on your clit, while he fucks your ass. You getting fucked doggystyle by your stepbrother, the way his fingers would feel digging into your hips. Your pussy swallowing up his dick, just like he said.
Just like he wants.
What you want, now that your head is clearer, is to erase that little mishap from your mind. The whole thing was wrong. Awful. So you decide you’ll pretend that it never happened. That you’ll forget all about it.
Yeah. That’s a good idea.
You try to forget about it as you run the towel over your body. You try to focus on something simple: just getting the water off of you. And it works.
When you’re all dried off, with the towel wrapped around you, you reach down to pick your dirty clothes up off of the ground.
You stall for a second, feeling your stomach twist. Something isn’t right. Something is missing. You rummage frantically through the pile of clothes, looking for something in particular.
But it’s no use. Your panties are gone.
Your stomach is in knots. Because, if they’re gone, that means he was here. Right here, in the bathroom, outside the shower curtain. Right here, while you were massaging your clit with the showerhead, moaning his name.
You frown. Does that pervert think you’re fucking stupid? That you won’t notice he took them?
… Does he think that you haven’t been noticing that they keep mysteriously vanishing from your laundry pile every summer?
What a fucking creep, you’re thinking. You’re trying to ignore the fact that your body seems to disagree, that you’re getting wet again. There’s no fucking way you’d get wet off the fact that your stepbrother is a panty stealer. A perv. Because what would that make you?
You exit the bathroom to see him stepping into his doorway with a towel slung over his shoulder. He’s even sweatier now, like he’s been working out hard. The veins are standing out on his forearms, on his hands. His face is flushed. His shorts are so low on his hips that it’s almost obscene.
“Took you long enough,” he says, with the most knowing smile plastered across his smug face. “What the fuck were you even doing in there, anyway?”
You gulp, speechless. So incredibly flustered. Your chest feels tight. You tighten the towel around you, feeling naked under his scheming gaze, like he can see right through the fabric.
He was there. Maybe he could hear…
What were you thinking, leaving the door unlocked? Worse — leaving it cracked open? That’s not like you. You always lock it. You must have forgotten, right?
Right. Because if you had left it open on purpose— knowing your disgusting brother wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation — that would be sick. Wrong.
“What do you think?” you retort shakily. “Showering. Fucking idiot.”
You turn away from him, storming past his room and into yours.
Once you’re in your room, you take a deep breath, listening to the racing of your own heartbeat with your back against the wall. You hear him laugh, right before his heavy footsteps recede down the hallway. He walks into the bathroom, slams the door shut behind him. The loud noise makes you wince.
You wait a second, for the little squeak of the faucet handle, and then the rush of the water coming from the showerhead. Once a few more moments have passed, you stick your head out of the doorframe. Just to make sure he’s still actually in the bathroom, and not sneaking around, like you are.
With a pounding heart, you creep out of your room and right next door, into his.
It’s surprisingly neat, for someone as disgusting as him. You glance around, then walk through the doorway. Still in just your towel. You shouldn’t be in here. And you have half a mind to leave when you see them — your panties, resting right at the top of his laundry basket. No attempt to hide them, not in the least. They’re just sitting there, soaked in cum.
You gulp, with a knot in your stomach. In just your towel, in the middle of your disgusting brother’s room. Staring at your cum-drenched panties in his basket, with your pussy dripping down your thighs.
You book it out of his room with your heart in your throat, leaving your panties right where they are.
12:45 P.M.
You’re reclined on the couch, watching some nonsensical show — distracting yourself from the strange events upstairs — when Katsuki comes down the stairs.
He’s showered now; his hair is wet, and he’s running a towel through it. He’s shirtless — water droplets adorning his heavily muscled chest — wearing nothing but sweatpants and socks.
You don’t look at him for too long. It would be best to just avoid him altogether, after what happened upstairs.
But it’s hard to avoid someone when they sit right next to you. The entire couch is open; it’s huge, spacious. It practically takes up half of the massive living room. And he decides to sink into it right next to you — so close that his leg is pressing against yours.
You glance down at his lap. At his sweats. You swear that you can see the massive outline of his… his…
You can feel his eyes on you, so you meet them. Instinctively. He’s grinning down at you. He was watching you look, just now. He reaches a bulky arm over your lap, snatches up the remote, then leans back into the cushions. You watch him start to flip through the stations. Casual.
“I was watching that,” you protest shakily.
“Oh, yeah?” he leers down at you — predatory. “Maybe you should keep your eyes on it, then. Instead of staring at my —”
You shoot to your feet with a racing heart, stomping over to the kitchen.
He laughs. Amused. Stands up off the couch and walks over to the TV to turn on the Xbox.
You’re watching him warily from behind the kitchen island, like a zoo visitor studying a wild animal. Primal alarm bells are going off all over your body — nerves everywhere telling you to run.
Katsuki slips his gaming headset over his head.
While you’re trying to calm your nerves, your stepbrother is connecting to a game. His friends must already be online, because you can hear their voices start to come in through the headset immediately. They’re so loud. So obnoxious, just like him. You can hear them warbling all the way from the kitchen, even though you can’t quite make out what anyone’s saying.
Someone says something — their tone lilting up at the end. A question for your big brother, you presume.
“Not yet,” he responds.
His friend replies, and you can see from Katsuki’s face that he’s not happy with whatever was just said. It was a jab, maybe.
“I’ll fucking bet you. By today. $20.”
You don’t know what he’s betting on, and you have a feeling that it’s better if you don’t know.
You need a distraction. You need to think about something. Anything. Dinner, maybe. You turn to the fridge, tear the doors open. You’re looking through it, not really processing anything that you’re seeing.
Usually, your brother cooks dinner. Katsuki’s a good cook, surprisingly. Actually, he’s good at everything he does.
But you have a feeling, based on the fact that he’s been particularly antagonistic toward you since you got home, that he won’t be cooking anything tonight.
You’re a shit cook, but you’re thinking — maybe if the two of you just eat dinner together, like normal siblings in a normal family, it’ll make things a little less weird. You’re willing to attempt a meal if it’ll dissipate some of the tension between the two of you. If it’ll help you move past that little incident upstairs.
So, you shout over to him, “Katsuki. What do you want for dinner? I’ll make something for us.”
He’s ignoring you on purpose. There’s no doubt about it; you’d yelled loud enough for him to hear, even over the game he’s playing. But he makes no effort to respond. He just keeps playing, saying crass things into the mic as he navigates his character through a wasteland.
Katsuki shoots at anything that moves.
You shout louder. “Katsuki.”
Now you’re pissed off. Here you are, trying to do something normal — something nice. Trying to be a good sister. And he’s just ignoring you, shouting obnoxiously into the headset, not sparing you a shred of attention. Your big brother won’t even give you the time of day.
That perverted douchebag. So he’s interested in you enough to steal your panties? To cum all over them? But he won’t even respond to anything you say?
You trudge over to the couch furiously.
He ignores you even when you’re standing right beside him with your hands on your hips, like a disappointed parent. He pretends you’re not even there. Like you’re invisible. He just maintains his position: hunched over, elbows on his thighs, his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth as his big fingers move deftly over the controller.
“Ka-tsu-ki,” you say, pulling one side of the headset away from his ear peskily. You let it go; it snaps back onto his head.
He doesn’t like that.
He rips the headset off, pulling it down around his neck roughly. “What?” he asks, looking up at you with a nasty scowl on his face. “Fuck off. Fucking pain in my ass.”
“I’m the pain in the ass?” you say, finding his attitude absolutely unbearable. You snatch the controller out of his hands, stepping backward. “I’m trying to figure out dinner,” you snap, waving the controller in the air.
“Eat shit,” he says, sparing a glance at your skimpy shorts.
“You’re a fucking dirtbag,” you spit. “I hate you.”
You take another step backward with the Xbox controller in your hand. You have half a mind to storm back to the kitchen and throw it in the trash. But, before you can escape his radius, he’s reaching a long arm out and grabbing you roughly by the front of your tiny shirt. You mumble a little cry of protest, right before you’re wrenched violently back to him. You stumble forward, breathless, still trying to hold the controller out of his reach.
“I fucking hate you, too, squirt,” he sneers, with a big fistful of your tiny top. He has it tugged so far down that your nipples are one small movement away from being exposed.
You’re flustered, so close to him, staring right into his eyes. And, now that you’re this close, you can hear everything his friends say as they continue to talk through the headset around his neck.
“So did you jump in the shower with her?” a low voice is teasing. “Or did you miss your chance?”
A thrill runs through your chest. Your eyes widen. There’s no way. Absolutely no way that they’re talking about you, right?
He grins, knowing you can hear every word. He’s getting off on the embarrassment on your face. On the shock. You’re slack-jawed. Because, maybe on some level you suspected this and denied it. But now there’s no doubt about it. No escape.
Katsuki wrenches the controller out of your hands; the force of it makes your tits jiggle. His eyes flick downward to them, hungry.
“If that was my stepsister,” someone’s snickering over the headset.
Your brother has you by the shirt; you’re not going anywhere. His other hand is holding the controller far out of your reach. You grab for it again, unsure why you’re still fighting for it. You’re so embarrassed, so flustered. You need to stop now. Stop moving, before your tits fall out of your shirt, before you hear more of the filthy things his friends have to say about you. Before this goes somewhere it shouldn’t.
You should stop, but you don’t.
“I'd be in her room every fucking night,” says a lazy voice. “Wake her up with some dick in her cunt. Bet she’d love that.”
Your brother’s grin deepens.
“I’d fuck her so hard her mom hears her screaming,” someone else says. “You should show your stepmom what a slut her daughter is, Kat.”
Katsuki laughs, watching you struggle for the controller, watching you get more flustered with each disgusting word his friends say through the headset.
“Give it to me,” you hiss through your teeth.
You grab for it one more time, knowing it’s futile — knowing that you could never beat him, not in anything, because he’s superior to you in every way: bigger, stronger, faster, smarter. He’s levels up on the food chain. An apex predator.
He could do absolutely anything he wants, especially now: now that the two of you are all alone in this big house. Now that no one’s around to stop him. You both know that very well.
He drops the controller onto the couch on the far side of him. His huge hands envelop your hips, and then — before you even realize what’s happening — your big brother is wrestling you onto his lap.
You look at him, wide eyed, breathing hard. You’re frozen in place, straddling him, with your heart in your throat. Under your thigh — which is bare, from your tiny shorts riding up — you can feel his dick growing through his sweats. Getting hard. Getting huge.
His dick is so big — bigger than any you’ve taken. You bet…
You bet he could stretch your pussy out so well.
“What the fuck are you doing?” you stammer breathlessly.
You make a shaky, halfhearted attempt to clamber off of his lap, but he grabs your hips and slams them back down. He jerks his hips upward, pressing his stiffening dick up against you.
“You want my dick,” he says, squeezing your hips. “Don’t you?”
“I’m serious, Katsuki,” you say weakly, as one of his hands comes up to your chest, pulls your shirt down roughly. You take a shaky breath, feel him grope your tits. Squeezing, rubbing. It shouldn’t, but it feels so good — his big, rough, warm hands on you. “What… what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
You feel hazy. Your pussy is wet, dripping onto the thin fabric of your shorts. Onto his lap.
You’re not even wearing panties.
And why is that, anyway? Was it because you were waiting for something like this to happen? Because you knew how easy it would be — how tempting — for him to pull your flowy shorts to the side and get his big fingers all wet in your dripping cunt?
This isn’t right. None of it is. He’s your… your…
You can feel his cock, so hard, pressing up against his sweats. Straining against your thigh. And it’s so painfully obvious where this is going — how desperately he wants to bury his dick in his slutty little sister’s wet pussy. How much his body wants you. How ready he is to abuse you, wreck you, split you open.
You hear his friends snicker through the headset. They’ve gone silent. Listening.
You can’t help the little breathy sigh that leaves your mouth as he slips his hot hands under the loose, flowy bottoms of your shorts. The way you gasp when he grips your ass in his big, rough hands. Kneads the flesh. Rubs it.
“I heard you in the shower,” he grins.
Your stomach drops — even though, on some level, you knew.
You shake your head furiously, playing innocent, demanding, “Heard what?”
He licks his lips, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of your ass. His dick twitches against the underside of your thigh. It’s so big, so thick, so hard. And you can’t stop thinking of all the girls he brings home every summer, the way every single one of them sounds like they’re having the best fuck of their life.
God, your dick is so fucking good, I’m gonna cum.
Over and over and over again.
“You know what,” he grins, shoving your hips down again. His dick presses harder into your thigh. It’s taking every ounce of willpower in you not to grind down on it. You want so badly to pull it out, feel the weight of it in your hands, get your dripping pussy all over it.
“Oh, Katsuki,” he mocks, imitating your voice. “Make me cum.”
You feel a chill roll down your spine. He laughs, watching the surprise cross your face.
“Fuck you. You’re hearing things. You’re crazy.”
“Am I?” he laughs.
Your brother pulls his phone out, where his group chat with his friends is open. Because that’s where he sent the recording of you moaning in the shower.
He presses play, and it’s you! It’s you, saying, in the most obscene, lewd voice, “I wanna cum, Katsuki.”
You catch a glimpse of his screen, and the replies to the voice recording.
thanks kat. im gonna have so much fun with this.
“I’ll make you cum, little sis,” he taunts, dropping his phone to the couch so he can bring his hands back to your ass. “You just need some dick, don’t you?”
“Shut up,” you say, so flustered. This is all so wrong: the way his left hand is digging into the flesh of your ass, the way his right is wandering, lazily, between your thighs. The way he’s moving the damp crotch of your shorts to the side, gauging your reactions closely. “Fucking — god — just fucking shut up.”
“I wanna cum, Katsuki,” he mocks. Taunts. Condescending, with the filthiest grin on his face. “You wanna cum? Huh? All over your big brother’s dick?”
Your jaw is hanging open; his fingers hover right beneath your pussy, like he’ll decide whether or not to reward you with them based on your reaction.
“You’re fucking sick,” you say. You’re shocked. Absolutely incredulous. “Listening to me in the shower,” you say breathlessly. “Recording me? Fucking creep. Weirdo.”
And then, your big brother puts his long, thick fingers on your pussy.
They’re hot. Your eyelashes flutter; he runs them back and forth over your sopping, clenching hole — teasing it, watching you gasp and writhe on his lap, watching you lose your composure because it feels so good.
“You’re — fuck, oh god — you’re insane,” you mumble.
“You were the one moaning my name,” he says, dragging his fingers to your throbbing clit. His hands are so wet, slippery with your arousal. And as soon as he gets his fingers on your sensitive, twitching clit, your eyes are rolling back.
“If you wanted to get fucked,” he says, watching the pleasure on your face, massaging your clit with practiced hands, “you could’ve just asked me. You don’t have to play games. Walking around, dressed like a fucking slut. I can make you cum. I can make you feel real fucking good, little sis. Wanna sit on my cock and find out?”
You’re embarrassed, so flustered by how blatant he is. But his hands — they’re amazing. Irresistible. The best you’ve ever had. The pressure on your clit, the speed of the little circles he’s rubbing into it. Everything’s just right.
I can make you cum.
You’re already so close.
“This isn’t…” you’re starting, through hitching breaths. Your hands are on his bare chest now; you’re looking down at his face, feverish, as he pleasures you.
Your disgusting, ravenous brother — so incredible with his fingers.
“You can admit it,” he says, moving his fingers away from your clit — neglecting it, to tease over your dripping hole. “I’ll admit it.”
Your face is close to his; you’re breathing hard now, gasping against his mouth, your lips just brushing together. Your body doesn’t care about who he is; you’re responding to him, needing him — dripping wet, your hole fluttering each time his thick fingers brush over it.
“I’ve been dying for this pussy since I first saw you,” he drawls. “Want you every fucking summer. Look at your slutty posts and think about shooting my cum in my pretty little sister’s cunt.”
An obscene moan falls from your mouth, picturing that — your pussy glistening, dripping with your brother’s sticky, hot cum.
A snicker comes through the headset, sudden. You freeze, find yourself crashing back to earth.
You’d forgotten that your brother’s friends were on the line. That they’d been listening to him finger you, getting off on it. Probably stroking their dicks on the other end. You’d forgotten how completely fucked this entire thing is.
Or maybe you hadn’t forgotten. Maybe you’d liked it, gotten off on it, just like the rest of them.
Either way. You clamber off of his lap, backing away from him as you fix your shorts.
“This is… this is fucked up,” you spit. “God. You’re fucking disgusting, Katsuki.”
He laughs, watching you back up, amused — a cat studying a bird that’s already injured beyond recovery. You half expect him to stand up and grab you; instead, he shrugs, suddenly nonchalant, returning his headset to its original place atop his head.
“Keep acting like you don’t want it, sis,” he grins, licking his glistening fingers clean. “That’s why your pussy got so fucking wet, right?”
“Fuck off,” you say shakily, turning on your heel to storm up the stairs.
“That’s why you ruined my sweats, right?” he calls after you as you stomp up them. He laughs. Loud and obnoxious and pointed.
You get up to the den, breathless, and start to pace there. You’re trying to ignore the throbbing in your clit, the wetness between your legs. You’re trying not to think about the thickness of his fingers, the heat of them — the way they’d felt so good on your clit, the way they’d feel even better pumping inside of you.
But what you really want pumping in and out of you isn’t his fingers.
God, Katsuki, your dick is so fucking good.
You shouldn’t be imagining how your own voice would sound from the next room over. How you’d be screaming if you were the one getting pounded into the mattress by your dog of a stepbrother.
You need a distraction, quick. You wish he wasn’t downstairs hogging the TV. You wish he wasn’t even here, being so disgusting. Being a total fucking creep.
You find yourself walking into your parents’ bedroom. You know that, if you go into your own, you’ll start thinking about all those sleepless nights spent listening to the moans through the wall. You’ll start thinking of how hard your brother fucks, how good his dick must be to make every girl sound like that.
At least, here in your parents’ bedroom, you can distract yourself with the huge TV they have right in front of their bed. So you grab the remote, plop onto the bed with a huff, and flick it on.
Some action movie is playing. You turn the volume up, trying desperately to pay attention, to forget all about your gross brother and the way he got you so wet. The way he gets you so wet…
The movie continues to play; the protagonist is sprinting away from some masked pursuer. But you’re not paying attention to it, like you should be. Instead, you’re thinking about his dick. The size of it. The heat of it under your thigh. What he’d said —
I’ll admit it.
I’ve been dying for this pussy since I first saw you.
Look at your slutty posts and think about shooting my cum in my pretty little sister’s cunt.
You’re imagining your disgusting brother shoving his cock deep in your cunt, unloading his cum in you, shooting you so full of it that it drips out, thick, around his dick.
You can still hear him playing his game downstairs; his deep voice reverberates through the house. You turn the TV up, trying to drown him out. But it’s not enough; you can still hear him.
You get out of your parents’ bed and slam the door shut hard. Hard enough that you know he’ll hear it. And then, when that’s done, you trudge back to the bed and climb on, propping yourself up in the pillows.
All of the chaos of this movie should be the perfect distraction, right?
So why’s it not working?
Every fucking summer. He wants you every fucking summer.
You’re thinking about the cum on your panties. The way he’d left them out at the very top of the basket, not even bothering to bury them under his other clothes. It’s almost like he’d wanted you to see. Like he’d wanted you to know that he jacked off on them. And now you’re imagining that: him stroking his dick, making himself cum, spilling it all over them.
You’re wet. Dripping. It’s useless to keep trying to deny your body’s disgusting response to him. So you’ll just have to do something about this frustration building up. You’ll take care of it now — by yourself, of course! — and deal with how fucked up it all is later. But for now, you’re letting yourself think of his dick, and how it twitched under your thigh, aching for attention.
You’re slipping your fingers down your shorts, so frustrated, dragging them through your pussy as you think about how you’d please your big brother. How much attention you’d give him. You’re soaked, slippery, just from the thought of him. A little shudder escapes your mouth as you imagine the thickness of his dick moving in and out of your pussy, his fingers around your throat, his tongue in your mouth.
I’ll make you feel real good, little sis.
He could. You bet he could. You’re so worked up, so desperate — your legs spread, your lip between your teeth as you rub your clit. In your head, there’s just him. His body glistening in sweat, droplets of it rolling down his abs. That body — so cut, powerful. Bulky, huge on top of you. You’re tightening up, pushing your fingers into your pussy, smearing the slick back on your clit.
He’d listened to you in the shower, heard all of your little moans.
He could’ve stepped in then — could’ve relieved all of this tension. Could’ve made you scream in the shower of your parents’ house. That would’ve been so good. You can imagine it, vivid:
His fingers squeezing your throat as you choke in the steam-filled air. His dick plunging into you, splitting you open. Him shooting hot cum into your pussy as scalding water rolls down your body. His lips on your ear, saying the most filthy, disgusting things.
He’d fuck you with your parents home, you bet. Your parents would ask each other — Hey, where are the kids at? And he’d be right upstairs, right above their heads — fucking you hard into the mattress, making you moan, making your pussy clench up and drip around his dick.
You whimper, soft, under your breath, as the tension builds up higher and higher.
And then, the door swings open, sudden.
You freeze. You’re caught — mid-moan, with your pussy dripping and clenching onto your fingers to the thought of him! Your half-lidded eyes widen, and you look in shock at your stepbrother’s big figure in the doorway. His eyes are on your pussy, and his face is twisting into a filthy, satisfied grin.
You slam your legs shut, grabbing the nearest pillow and putting it on your lap to cover yourself. Your chest is heaving; adrenaline is rushing through you at the sudden, unexpected intrusion.
Because it was unexpected, wasn’t it? It wasn’t like you’d left the door unlocked on purpose. It wasn’t like you’d thrown a little tantrum earlier, slamming it so loud he’d have no choice but to come up and put you in your place.
“What the fuck?” you demand shrilly. “What the fuck are you doing?”
He’s laughing, putting his big hands on the top of the doorframe — so tall that the pose is natural. He leans in, grinning, like he can read your mind and all the disgusting thoughts there.
“What?” he taunts. “Are you mad that you got caught? Knuckle deep in your slutty cunt?”
Your stomach is in knots. “Shut up,” you say, breathless. “Fucking pervert. Fucking creep.”
You’re still wet, maybe even more turned on now, your cunt pulsing, clit aching. Your pussy needs attention, the stretch of his dick in his sweats.
“Aww,” he chides, condescending. “Are you worked up after all that shit downstairs? I thought you said I’m sick? And you came right up here to rub your pussy? Why?”
You’re glaring at him, incredulous. “Can you just fuck off?”
“Did you get your nut yet?” he laughs. “Fucking your fingers like a desperate little bitch. Did you cum?”
“No,” you seethe.
He smirks. You’re embarrassed that you even answered the question, because you shouldn’t have entertained it.
“Stop fucking talking to me,” you snap. “Just get the fuck out.”
“My fingers would feel so much better, little sis,” he says, his big hands on the doorframe — his fingers spidering outward, long and thick. “I can get so much fucking deeper in that pussy.”
You gulp, squeezing your legs together. “Fuck off. Go play your stupid fucking games with your stupid fucking friends.”
His smile deepens. He lets go of the doorframe, slips his hands into the pockets of his sweats. Steps into your parents’ room, getting closer.
“I see,” he says, taking another step forward. You’re watching him approach the bed, wide-eyed. “You’re jealous. Little attention whore.”
You shake your head furiously, clutching the pillow in your lap. He grins, then snatches it away from you, laughing when you scramble backward on the bed.
“I bet you wanna feel my cock in your pussy, right?” he says, looking at the wet spot on the crotch of your shorts. His dick is hard in his sweats, thick against his thigh. “Want me to make you cum?”
“No,” you say. But you’re losing your composure fast, with your eyes glued on his dick, thinking about how much you want it pumping in and out of you. “God, no.”
“Uh huh,” he condescends.
Suddenly, he’s grabbing you by the ankles and dragging you to the edge of the bed. It’s easy for him to overpower you. Effortless. You yelp, but you don’t bother to fight back — because you know that you stand no chance when it comes to your brother.
Now you’re flat on the bed, and he’s leaning over you — getting right in your face, a nasty leer. You feel like you’re suffocating, with all of that powerful bulk hovering just over you, his big hands caging you in on either side.
“Fuck you,” you spit. “You’re such a fucking sicko.”
“Yeah,” he grins, running his fingers up your thighs — up and up and up until his fingers are pressing into your clit, rubbing over the thin, soaked fabric of your shorts. “And you’re so fucking wet for me. So what does that make you?”
“I fucking hate you.”
He fake pouts, keeps rubbing your clit through the fabric of your shorts, watching you gasp beneath him. “Look how fucking needy you are,” he’s sneering — and you’re hazy, gasping, barely hearing him say, “Your poor little pussy just needs to get filled up.”
“You’re fucking gross,” you say, breathless, all of your juices leaking out of your pussy.
He hooks his fingers over the elastic of your shorts, rips them forcefully down your thighs and drops them to the floor. You take a hitching breath and lift your head up off the bed to watch, groggily, as he leans down and drops a big, messy glob of spit on your pussy.
“G-gross,” you stammer, watching him spread his spit over your clit with his fingers, massaging the sensitive little spot until you’re shuddering. Until you’re dropping your head back on the mattress, looking up at his hungry face. “You’re disgusting,” you gasp. “You know that, Katsuki?”
“You’re the one in mom and dad’s bed,” he says, playing with your clit — watching you squirm and gasp. He trails a finger down, teases it back and forth over your dripping, sensitive entrance. “I wonder what they’d say if they found out you were just fucking your fingers on their nice sheets.”
He pushes a finger into you, watches you tremble. Watches you melt.
“You better not say anything,” you choke between breathy moans, tightening up as he slides another finger in, fucking them in and out of your pussy. He curls them upward, watches your eyes roll back, your jaw dropping open. He can feel you tightening up, getting so wet. “Y-you — god — I’ll fucking tell them about all your sicko fantasies, Katsuki. The way you — oh, fuck — the way you jerk it to my panties. Shit. Fucking creep.”
His grin widens. He’s not ashamed. Not embarrassed. He’s pleased. Like he’s been waiting for you to notice your cum-soaked panties at the very top of the laundry basket. Like he’s been waiting for you to say something about them, so he can get off on it. It’s no wonder he didn’t bother to bury them.
You can feel his dick growing, pushed up against you. He’s getting off on the disgust in your voice, on the way you moan as his fingers curl against that sensitive spot in your pussy. And, after all that resistance, and all of that denial, you finally can admit that your big brother was so right. His fingers feel so much better.
He’s so fast, so good with his fingers. They feel delicious in you, amazing. And you can’t stop thinking about all of those girls he’s fucked, the way they kept saying how fucking good he is.
So fucking good. They were right. They weren’t faking. He is so fucking good — your big brother and his amazing hands, his thick, long fingers that know just how to work your pussy and make you cum.
“So fucking tell them,” he says.
He’s got you so wet now that your pussy is squelching with each pump of his fingers — loud noises that embarrass you, that turn you on even more, that make you drip all onto your parents’ bed sheets. “Go ahead and tell mom and dad,” he taunts. “I wonder who they’d believe. You? Or me?”
And he’s right. Because your disgusting, vile big brother is smart. A genius at the top of his class, on a full ride scholarship — one of many he was offered. He’s a dog with a squeaky clean track record. His dad’s favorite, your mom’s favorite — because, despite his “slight temper” — everyone knows he’s going places.
It’s all so fucked.
You’re looking up at his ravenous face. So much anticipation. His dick on your thigh, hard and hot through his sweats. Your legs spread wide around him as you let him fuck your cunt with his fingers.
“You know what I could tell them?” he taunts — his smile wide and satisfied. “I could tell them all about how my slut of a little sister fucks herself to the thought of me in the shower. I could show them the recording. The evidence.” He laughs into your face, watching you squirm, the pleasure from his fingers building up. “Where’s your evidence, little sis? Where are your panties? I bet you couldn’t find them if you looked.”
“You’re fucking evil,” you pant. “Shut the fuck up.”
“Shut me up, then,” he grins above you. “Give me some fucking pussy. You let me fuck your cunt? I won’t say shit.”
Katsuki lowers his face to yours, swallows your hitching breaths. He’s so heavy between your legs: rubbing his dick on you, and you’re panting, euphoric.
“God,” you say, breathy.
“What do you say, sis?” he teases against your lips as he ruts his dick on your thigh. His sweats are wet with precum. Sticky. “You don’t want your mom to find out about how much of slut you are, do you? God, she’d be so fucking disappointed.”
“You disgust me,” you moan — his fingers bringing you so close, the sensation of his cock on your thigh bringing you even closer.
“All you have to do is sit there and take it,” he says. His thumb is on your clit, playing with it as his fingers plunge in and out of you, everything so puffy and slick. “Let me fuck this tight little hole.”
You’re pausing, your chest heaving, trying not to give in. His fingers in you — that’s one thing. But his dick is another.
“This isn’t fucking right, Katsuki,” you stammer weakly. You lift your head up, look between your spread legs, where he’s breathing hard, rubbing his dick on your thigh. You watch his fingers pump in and out of you, filling you up — thick and hot, glistening each time they come out. You’re tightening up; you’ll cum soon, make a mess on his fingers.
“Isn’t that what makes it so much better?” he grins.
He’s right. So you give, letting your resolve go completely.
You’re too wrapped up in the way his fingers play you just the right way, the way they’re teasing an orgasm out of you. It’s so close to the surface, and you’ve been wanting this for far too long: craving his body, dying to get fucked like all the girls he brings home. So you let yourself give in, spreading your legs wider as he fingerfucks you, working out the tension that’s been building up for the past two summers.
And now that you’re really doing this —
You bring your hand to his cock, squeeze it through his sweats. Look up at his face, as if for approval, your lip between your teeth.
“There you go,” he leers.
You slip your hand down his sweats, wrap your fingers around his dick — finally. Feel a chill running through you, your pussy getting tighter, wetter around his fingers just from the sensation of his dick in your hand. You feel it, hot, heavy in your palm, for the very first time. And you think just the sight of it could make you cum all over his fingers — precum leaking down the tip, the massive, hard length of it.
He can see it in your face: the way it contorts. He can feel it around his fingers. You’ll cum soon. And it gets him so hard to see you looking so desperately up at him. He thinks you look so cute like that: all needy, with your eyebrows all furrowed up, desperate to get filled up with his cock — just like the little slut he knows you are.
“You wanted my dick so fucking bad, didn’t you?”
You nod, running your fist down his dick, and back up. Slow, the first time, then jacking it faster.
“Fuck,” he groans.
So good. Everything about him is so good. The tension is knotted up between your thighs, aching for release. Your pussy is clenching, sopping wet — gripping his fingers hard. One more curl of his fingers, abusing that sensitive spot inside of your tightening pussy, fucking you so well, and you’re about to go over.
“I’m gonna cum,” you whimper. “You’re gonna make me cum.”
You feel it building, feel all of the tension just about to release — when he pulls his dripping fingers out of you.
“Fuck,” you whine, frustrated. He loves that little pout on your face. “I was so fucking close.”
“I know,” he laughs, standing. He wipes his hand on his dick, smears all the juices from your pussy down it. Slips his sweats further down, then jerks his dick as he looks down at you from the side of the bed.
“Get on your knees,” he says. “Flip around. Show me that pussy.”
“I was so fucking close,” you protest.
“What the fuck did I say?” he sneers, standing right at the edge of the bed, using his free hand to grab your face. “Let your big brother see your cunt, Princess.”
The way he talks to you — it’s so blunt, it’s embarrassing. Shameful. But it’s all so fucked up, so disgusting — what’s one more nasty thing that gets you wet? You scrunch your nose up and grab his wrist, pulling his hand off of your face.
He’s laughing, watching you peel your shirt off and turn so you’re facing away from him. You can hear him jacking off behind you, at the edge of the bed, his precum-coated fist sliding over his cock as he watches you get on your knees, press your cheek to the sheets — face-down, ass up, just the way he likes it.
He slaps your ass hard, and you yelp, hearing his strokes get faster over his dick. Messier.
Katsuki crouches and spits on your pussy: a hot, thick, messy glob. You shudder, sloppy and embarrassed, exposed to your big brother. Listening to his pleasured breaths as he jerks off to your pussy.
“Spread your ass,” he says. “Show me.”
You’ve never been so embarrassed in your life. You’re complaining, telling him how disgusting he is, how much of a fucking dog he is — your own brother telling you to spread your cheeks. Telling him that he’s so sick that he can’t even keep his dick in his pants around his sister. But still, you’re doing it for him, letting him see everything: your glistening pussy, your juices dripping from your cunt onto your parents’ bed sheets.
Katsuki swears under his breath, jacking off to the sight of all the liquid oozing out of you. Your tight little hole. He’s thinking about how hot and wet you’ll be around his dick. How good it’ll feel when your pussy is gripping him, dripping all over him. He runs his fingers over your pussy, and it responds to him: your hole fluttering, waiting to get stretched out and bred by his dick.
His disgusting little sister.
“You’ve been hiding this pussy from me the whole time?” he says.
Katsuki’s wasted the last two summers. He sees that now. What he should have been doing is this. Playing with this wet hole every chance he got. He should’ve been sneaking into your room every night to use you, sinking his cock into you over and over again. He can’t believe he wasted his time on anyone else when this pussy was one room over.
He wants his dick coated in your juices, dripping wet.
Katsuki starts with a little lick to your pussy, gets your slick on his tongue. The taste of you is so good; it goes straight to his head, straight to his dick, a drug. And all of your embarrassed whimpers, the way your fingers dig needily into the flesh of your ass as he drags his tongue up your cunt — that’s intoxicating, too. He loves how spread open you are, because he can eat you messy. Sloppy.
He licks your clit, sucks it. Nips at it. Sticks his big tongue in your cunt, gets harder off the filthy moan that spills out of your mouth. He jacks off to the taste of your pussy, and to your little gasps, precum dribbling out of his dick and onto his hand.
More. You’re begging him for more.
So he gives it to you. Tilts his head, pushes his face deeper. Spits on your cunt again, runs his tongue over your clit. He pushes two big fingers into your dripping pussy, licks your clit at the same time.
It’s so good — his fingers fucking you, his tongue circling your clit as you spread yourself open for him. You can’t help the moans that keep spilling from your mouth. You’re loud, lewd and disgusting. You’re letting him do whatever he wants to you, no better than any of the other girls he fucks for the summer.
No — you’re definitely worse. Because you’re his sister, and you’d let him use you as nothing more than a tight hole to dump his cum in.
You’d let him enact every depraved desire on you.
And that’s what he’s doing right now: spitting on your ass, running his big tongue over it. Flicking little circles on the tight muscle, pushing his tongue against your clenching hole until it gives for him. And then he’s pushing his tongue into your ass, listening to your embarrassed cries of protest melt into fuck me, Katsuki, give me more, god it’s so good — right there. Fuck my ass, please.
Katsuki thinks his disgusting little sister tastes better than anything.
He’s not surprised you’re a slut for anal. So he gives you more of what you want: drops a big glob of spit onto his finger, eases it into your ass as he turns his head back to suck on your sensitive clit, dragging his tongue back and forth over it while he pumps a thick finger in and out of your ass.
And between laps at your clit, he’s asking you why you like all of this so much — why you love it when your big brother licks your pussy, why you love it when he fingerfucks your ass. He asks you if this is what makes a disgusting slut like you cum.
It feels so fucking good, Katsuki. So fucking good. And that’s all you can say, because the only thing on your mind is that you don’t want him to stop until you cum.
And maybe not even then.
He sticks his tongue in your pussy, drinking up your slick. Keeps pumping his finger in and out of your tight ass. Shoves another in. And then he’s licking up and down your clit, stimulating it just the right amount, because he knows how to make a pussy cum.
Your big brother is good at everything he does. Especially eating pussy.
His skilled tongue keeps playing with you, licking up all the arousal oozing out of your cunt. He eats you, fucks your ass with his fingers, until you’re drooling onto the bed sheets — your pussy dripping, quivering, right at the edge of your orgasm.
And you’re saying, over and over, Make me cum, Katsuki, make me cum, please.
He stuffs you full of his big fingers one more time, burying them knuckle deep. One more lick to your twitching clit and you’re hurtling right over the edge with a filthy moan.
Oh, god, I’m cumming, I’m - !
Like a fucking pornstar. Katsuki thinks his little sister sounds like his own personal pornstar.
Fuck, fuck - !
He feels your ass tighten. And then the muscles are contracting around his fingers, your thighs shaking, and you’re cumming right in front of his face, all spread out. He watches the slick drip out of your cunt as you cum, your slit twitching with each wave of pleasure — clenching and unclenching.
Your brother shoves his tongue in your pussy, feels it pulse as you moan, loud and obscene. He jacks his dick while you cum on his tongue, drinking up the liquid that drips out of your glistening pussy, licking up every last drop.
He keeps eating you even when your orgasm is done, keeps licking your clit until you’re begging for a second.
“Horny fucking slut,” he laughs against your pussy. “Now tell me more about how much you don’t want it.”
You choke out a nonsensical reply, trying to catch your breath as he stands, dragging his dick through your glistening pussy. Katsuki wants to feel it around his dick. He’s been waiting too long.
So he jerks his hips forward, buries his dick — for the first time — into his sister’s sopping, clenching hole. Feels it envelop him — warm, wet, and tight. Still twitching from your orgasm.
“Fuck, it’s wet.”
Katsuki feels his balls tightening up just from the feeling of sinking into your cunt for the first time. He could cum just like this — just from feeling how hot and wet you are around him. You’re so tight, squeezing all the precum out of him. Just what he’s been needing.
He fucks you, deep strokes, telling you how it’s the best pussy he’s ever been in. He can feel all of your arousal oozing out around his cock, thick at the base of it. He grips your hips, buries his dick into you over and over, fucking you so rough that you yelp, grabbing onto the sheets as he splits you open.
You’re whining about how sensitive you are, but he doesn’t care about that. He’s drunk on your pussy, feeling your walls clench and soak around his dick. He’s watching your ass bounce as he pounds into you. And he loves this position for that: the way he can see his dick sinking into you, deep. He can tell that you like it too, that you love to get fucked like this from the way you’re groaning and arching your back. From those breathless, incoherent gasps.
He’s wanted this for so long now, and it’s so fucking worth it. He wants to cum, to pump you full of it.
He grabs a fistful of your hair as he fucks you, pulling your head back. Looks down at your face: your brow all furrowed up, your eyes rolling back, practically drooling on yourself.
He watches your face as you take his dick, sees your eyelids flutter every time he buries his cock all the way in you.
“It’s — fuck, it’s so good,” you moan. “Deeper, deeper, please.”
He leans over, thrusting in deep. Tells you to open your mouth, and you do, for him.
He drops spit in your mouth, tells you to swallow it. And you do that, too, because you’d do anything for your big brother — because he’s giving you the best dick of your life.
“This is what you needed?” he pants, splitting you open. “Your brother’s dick in your pussy?”
You nod, slipping your hand between your legs to rub your clit as he fucks you. “Yes,” you moan. “I needed it so bad.”
“Needed what?” he leers, pulling your hair back harder. “Say it.”
“I needed my — my brother’s dick in my pussy,” you say, getting wet off of the filthy words, tightening up.
“Yeah?” he’s panting. “Fuck, I needed this too.”
You can hear the conflict in his voice: the relief in each stroke, slaking the tension inside of him. And the way it’s building it up at the same time, getting him closer and closer to the edge. “I needed this fucking cunt,” he’s saying. “I’ve been thinking about it all the fucking time. Every time I — fuck — every fucking time I jack off.”
“Oh, god,” you’re panting.
And then he’s getting up on the bed so he can fuck you harder, forcing you further up on it. He climbs on top of you on the mattress — dwarfs you on it.
He grips your hips in his huge hands, forcing them up until your back is bent into an arch that’s so severe it hurts. Then he’s grabbing a fistful of your hair, slamming your cheek into the mattress as he slips his dick back into your pussy.
You can’t respond, can’t form anything coherent, not with how hazy your head is. All you can do is drool onto the sheets, rubbing your clit, while he pounds into your cunt. He’s getting so deep, each thrust sloppy, squelching. His balls keep hitting your pussy, and the sounds are embarrassing to you — disgusting, but so good.
The bed is creaking so loud you think it might give. That he might break it from fucking you so hard. Beside the bed, the nightstand shakes, everything on the surface of it rattling. Your eyes keep rolling back and fluttering shut.
“Open your fucking eyes,” he says. “Look.”
You know exactly what he wants you to look at. So you open your bleary eyes, force yourself to focus on the family portrait of the four of you that wobbles on the nightstand; the frame nearly topples over with each hard thrust of his dick into your pussy.
You struggle to look at it, feeling so embarrassed as you do — like your mom can see you through it. He’s getting off on your embarrassment, loving it, his dick leaking more hot precum into your pussy.
“I bet your mom would be so fucking proud,” he’s panting, slamming his dick so deep into you that it hurts. You try to squirm away so he can’t get as deep, but he jerks your hips roughly up, back into position. “So fucking proud, if she found out her little girl was getting used like a fucking slut.”
All you can do is moan in response, crying about how deep it is. About how much it hurts. About how fucking good it feels. The pain. You’re tightening up, your toes curling. He can feel you clenching, feel you squirming each time his dick hits your cervix. But he keeps ramming into it, because the feeling of it on the tip of his dick makes him feel so good. It makes him want to dump all of his cum into you — load after hot, sticky load.
“You like taking cock in mom and pops’ bed?” he taunts, pulling your head up by the hair just to slam it back down onto the mattress. “Huh?” he sneers. “Answer me.”
Before you can even choke out a response, he’s spitting a hot glob onto your face, laughing when you flinch. And then he slams your head back down onto the sheets, and you’re moaning with spit dripping down your lips as he tells you to fucking answer him.
“Y-yes,” you stammer, your fists so tight in the sheets that they’re going numb.
“Yeah, you do,” he leers, between breathy pants. “All because you’re a dumb little slut for dick. You like this cock, little sis? Feels good? Gonna cum all over your big brother’s dick again?”
That does it — you’re moaning as all of the tension releases again, and he feels it. That tight squeeze right before the tension bursts and you start to cum on him. Again. “Fucking filthy,” he groans. “There you fucking go.”
He has to keep himself from cumming as he watches your orgasm rip through you, as he feels it: your walls getting wetter, gripping his dick over and over.
“Fuck,” he pants. “This pussy feels so fucking good.”
He fucks you through it, and he pulls out when you finish, your slick dripping off his cock and onto your skin while he watches your used hole twitch. He listens to you whimper as you come down, almost on the verge of tears — so much pleasure it hurts.
He slaps your hole with his dick, then shoves it in deep again, groaning when you cry out — getting off on you whining about how sensitive you are, the way you tremble under him and around him. Ruined.
Your head is off the mattress, and you’re whining, panting, about how it’s so sensitive.
Katsuki places a big hand on the back of your neck and slams your face into the mattress.
“Shut the fuck up,” he sneers, smashing your face down into the sheets. You can barely breathe; he keeps you pinned there. “This is what you wanted, right?” he says — shoving his dick against your cervix. “You wanted my dick, right? This is what you were begging for in the shower, right?”
Katsuki doesn’t care how sensitive you are. He’s not done with you.
“Yes, fuck,” you’re mumbling, so overstimulated. Your cunt is puffy, sensitive from cumming so many times.
“I’m gonna dump all my cum in your cunt,” he sneers, squeezing your neck. “And you’re gonna take it.”
“Oh, god,” you stammer, because now — now, he’s hitting just the right spot, and that sensitivity is feeling so good.
“Tell me you’re gonna let me use you until I cum.”
“Y-yeah,” you choke between moans. “Use me. Fuck, it feels so good —“
“Atta girl,” he says. Breathy. “Such a fucking slut for your big brother, aren’t you?”
You are. It’s clear from what you’re doing right now: biting your lip, letting him hit you so deep, rubbing your clit. You can feel him getting close, hear it in his heavy breaths. His dick is starting to twitch inside of you; his thrusts are getting deeper, more erratic.
“You’ve been such a good little sister for me,” he pants — euphoria in every breath. “Letting me use your cunt. I better give you something in return, right?”
You’re so perfect around him: tight, wet. So hot. He’s been waiting so long for this, and now that he has you under him — he wants to fill you up. To breed you. To dump all of his cum in you. He’s going to make up for all of the summers he’s wasted.
He’ll give you so much cum — the perfect reward for a slut like you.
“Are you gonna — fuck, Katsuki, fuck — are you gonna pull out — ?”
You should know better. He’s already pushing your face down into the sheets, forcing your hips further up so he can fuck you deeper. He leans over, crushing you under his weight, his head dropping to your neck as his thrusts lose their rhythm.
He breathes hard, digs his teeth into your shoulder until you cry out. And he gets deep, thrusts in hard and stays there, pressed against your cervix. Bites down harder, feeling the tension boil over.
“Are you — ?” you start shrilly.
But he’s already cutting you off with a low moan. “Oh, fuck.”
You feel his dick twitch again, right before he shudders, unloading deep in your pussy without warning.
“Fuck, I’m cumming,” he says — pumping his cum into you. Hot spurts against your cervix as you pant into the mattress, rubbing your clit. “Feels so fucking good.”
He thrusts several times as he rides his orgasm out, filling you up, cum gushing out of your cunt and onto his dick with each little jerk of his hips, each movement punctuated by a pleasured groan.
He’s euphoric — high on the feeling of you clenching around him, high on that little gasp of surprise as you feel his cum shooting into your pussy.
“Fucking — fucking asshole,” you moan, feeling so full of it. It dribbles out of your cunt, rolls down the outside, hot and sticky. “God, you’re fucking gross,” you pant, like you’re not getting off on the feeling of his dick twitching each time more cum shoots out. Like you don’t love the feeling of being stuffed so full of his cum that it leaks out of you, dribbling onto your parents’ bed sheets.
Then he’s pulling out, slamming you onto your back — so hard it knocks the breath out of you.
You’re groggy, hazy as he brings his face between your legs. You watch, wide-eyed, as your disgusting brother kisses your cum-drenched clit. He looks at your pussy — at all of the cum dripping out there — and then up at you.
“Look at you,” he says. “You’re such a fucking mess.”
You know you are. You can feel it, all of the cum dripping out of your slit and down, onto your ass. He brings his fingers to your cunt, pushes them in. Watches the cum gush out around them.
He takes them out of your pussy, brings them up to his face. And then, your vile, filthy brother grins up at you and licks his own cum off of his fingers. You’re staring down at him, slack-jawed, while he lowers his mouth to your cunt and starts to slurp his own cum out.
And the whole time, you’re telling him how nasty he is. How absolutely disgusting it is that he gets off on shit like this. But you can’t help the way you’re losing your nerve, spreading your legs wider for him to eat you deeper, your toes curling. Because he’s eating you so sloppy, lapping at your clit — messy and enthusiastic as he spreads his cum around with his tongue, stroking his dick at the same time.
He slurps at your hole, gets a mouthful of his own cum. And then he’s climbing up over you, his bulk making you sink further into the mattress. He wraps his fingers around your throat, brings his other hand to your mouth to pry it open.
You know what he wants, and you can see that he has a mouthful. So you open your mouth, stick your tongue out for him.
He lowers his face, spits the cum out. A big, hot glob on your tongue. Licks his lips off and says,
“Keep it there while I fuck you.”
So you do. While he slots his cock over your pussy again, rubbing the leaking tip of it back and forth over your clit, you keep it on your tongue. As you pant, some of it seeps off. You feel droplets of it running down your throat; some runs down your chin, mixing with your spit.
He shoves his dick back in your pussy, fucks the mixture of spit and cum into you as you watch him groggily, trying to hold the cum on your tongue. The impact of each thrust has some of it dripping off. And you keep panting, moaning, through your open mouth. You’re drooling onto your chin, swallowing little rivulets of cum.
“You’re fucking wasting it,” he sneers. “Stupid little bitch. Guess I better give you more, right?”
You moan something. Nothing coherent, with your tongue sticking out of your mouth. His face comes crashing down to yours, and you feel his tongue: eager in your mouth, licking the cum off of your own. Swallowing it.
With the taste of cum still lingering on your tongue and his, he hauls you on top of him — your back pressed to his chest. His big hands envelop your tits, squeezing them so hard you cry out. But you don’t even have time to process that sensation, because he’s already shoving his dick in your pussy from beneath you, sudden and deep.
“You’re gonna take more cum, huh?” he says into your neck, stretching you again, thrusting in deep. “I want your cunt so fucking full of my cum.”
He licks his fingers, brings them — wet, hot, and rough — to tweak your nipples. He gropes you as he fucks you — pinching your nipples. Slapping your tits, squeezing them, rubbing them. Abusing them until you’re whimpering.
You’re so sensitive everywhere, your obscene moans filling the air of your parents’ bedroom, your stepbrother stuffing your pussy full in their bed. And you’re enjoying yourself so much — dripping all over his balls, as you hurtle toward another orgasm.
“Tell me again how disgusting I am,” he’s saying breathily into your neck. “How sick. Little fucking whore. Look at you now.”
“Fuck you, fuck you,” you shudder, as he rubs your tits. He knows exactly how to touch them, just like every other spot on your body. Exactly what sensation makes you tighten up.
“I knew you’d be a good fuck, little sis,” he’s saying into your neck, bringing one hand between your legs to slap your clit. He laughs when your hips jerk up from the sensation, slaps it again. “All my friends want a piece. But I told them I was gonna try you out first.”
“The lot of you,” you choke. “You’re all fucking disgusting.”
You act like you don’t want it — like the thought of your brother’s vile friends ruining you right after him doesn’t get your heart racing. Like you don’t want to be passed around, filled up, over and over and over.
“And look how disgusting you are,” he’s panting. “How filthy.” Each word punctuated by a hard thrust — and each thrust causing cum to gush out of your pussy, dripping down his dick. “Your cunt’s a fucking mess.”
With one hand groping your tits, he brings the other to his mouth, licks his fingers. And when they’re all coated in his spit, he brings them down to your pussy, shoves them into you — beside his dick, stretching you more, filling you more. He forces them in, fucks them in and out of your pussy right next to his cock.
You’re so stretched out on top of him. Euphoric, full.
He brings his fingers back out of you, up to your face. Shows you how slick they are, how they’re coated in cum — swiped from your insides, remnants of his last load.
You do, and when you do — you get a mouthful of his messy, cum-covered fingers. A mouthful of yourself, and him. The taste of it sends you reeling, more tension building up fast. He shoves his fingers down your throat, makes you gag and choke on them.
“You’re getting so fucking tight,” he pants, taking his fingers out of your throat. “You like getting filled up by your big brother’s dick that much? Are you that much of a disgusting slut?” he asks, as you gasp for air. “Are you gonna cum again? Huh?”
“Y-yes,” you stammer, yelping as he grabs your head by the hair, yanking your head back roughly. And now, with your neck arched back painfully over his shoulder, he sneers against the side of your face —
“I bet you’d like it if I filled this cunt up again, wouldn’t you? You want another load in your pussy?”
“You’re fucking sick,” you moan — breathing hard, with his dick hitting a perfect spot inside of your pussy, massaging it with each thrust. “What if I get p—”
“Yeah, what if?” he says. “What if I empty my balls into your cunt? Fill this pussy up again? What if I get you all fat with my kids? What if, little sis?”
His words are disgusting — delicious, especially combined with the feeling of his cock stretching you out, filling up your needy, messy cunt. He brings his spit-covered fingers down to your clit, rubs it, gets you moaning. He knows you can’t respond — that you’re too drunk on pleasure to talk back anymore.
“What would you tell mom?” he sneers into your ear. “What do you think pops would say?”
He wraps one hand around your throat, squeezes your neck hard — until you’re squirming. Until you’re gasping for air, with his other hand abusing your clit. There’s so much pressure in your head; you’re choking, listening to his low voice in your ear.
“Do you think anyone would be surprised?” he’s saying between messy thrusts, his deft fingers getting you closer and closer to cumming again.
“You’re just a filthy whore,” he pants. “Everyone knows it. You fuck every guy you see.” He shoves his dick in deep — so deep, holding it there, pressed up against your cervix, letting out a breathy, pleasured groan. “Fuck,” he shudders. “Could be anyone’s kid. Definitely not mine.”
You’re getting closer and closer, with one of his hands toying with your clit and the other choking you. He knows you’re going to cum again from the way your back arches off his abdomen. So he picks up his speed, fucks you harder: splits you open over and over again, as you gasp for air.
“God, it feels so good, Katsuki,” you choke groggily, sounding just like all of the other girls he’s fucked. “Make me cum, make me cum, I’m gonna cum again — please.”
Both of his big hands grip the bottoms of your thighs, spreading them wider. He digs his fingers in, hard. “You wanna cum again for your big brother?” he sneers into your ear.
You nod. Murmur a tearful affirmation as you turn your head to the side, looking at his feverish face. You beg for it: hard, Katsuki. Fast. More.
He kisses you messily, sticks his tongue in your mouth. And he murmurs, between spit-laced kisses, “You’re gonna make a fucking mess on me?”
“Fuck, yes,” you’re drooling into his mouth — barely coherent, because he’s hitting every spot perfectly. And he’s doing it right here: right in the middle of your parents’ bed, with your legs held wide open and his feet planted on the mattress so he can thrust up harder. It’s disgusting, messy: cum dribbling out of you, onto his balls, and down onto the sheets.
He grips your thighs harder, shoving his dick into you over and over. You can tell, from the way his breaths come quick, his hazy groans — he’s close.
You came on him so many times, and your pussy is so wet — ruined, abused, as he keeps shoving his dick into you. You’re filthy, so nasty. Katsuki feels your pussy pulsing, feels you getting closer, squeezing his dick. And he thinks he can get you even filthier. Even wetter. Even nastier.
Katsuki wants to make you squirt, and he knows how to do it.
So, while you’re moaning, rubbing your clit, your brother pauses. Keeps his hips still, and just talks filth into your ear, getting you so worked up instead. His hands come to your waist, squeezing, holding you still — keeping you from moving your desperate body up and down his cock to make yourself cum.
He knows how to get girls dripping without even moving. Knows just what to say to get juices oozing down his cock. So he talks to you until the base of his dick is coated in slick. Messy, just how he likes it.
And then — you’re so worked up from his words alone, begging him to fuck you again.
Please. Please fuck me.
He doesn’t move, just keeps teasing you — a steady stream of filthy words, his hands tight on your waist to keep you from moving. He feels you tighten around him, feels your back arching, feels you start to cum just from his words.
I’m - ! Fuck!
Once your pussy is already contracting — that’s when your brother starts to move. He sticks two big fingers in your cunt, deep, massaging that spot at the front of your clenching walls, pumping his dick into the same hole, his thumb flicking your clit at the same time.
Katsuki’s never met a bitch that won’t squirt for him.
It hits you fast. It’s like your orgasm is starting all over. All of these sensations coming together: his dick hitting you deep, his fingers on that delicious spot inside of you, his thumb on your clit. There’s an unfamiliar pull in your pussy, tension building up fast and then bursting.
Kat, fuck it feels - ! Oh, god, I think - !
“Make a fucking mess,” he’s saying, still curling his fingers, still thrusting into you deep. He feels your cunt pulse, then there’s a second delay. He hears you whimper. Your toes curl, your head lolls back on your shoulders, and then it really hits you.
Liquid spurts out of your pussy, drips down his dick, drenching it.
Katsuki’s never met a bitch that won’t squirt for him — not even his little sister.
He fucks the squirt out of you — liquid gushing out around his cock as you cry out. He’s trying not to cum from your loud, obscene moans, and from the amazing feeling of the hot liquid rushing down his dick.
“Fuck,” he pants breathily. “Ah, fuck.”
He lifts you up off of his dick for a split second, breathing hard. If he stays buried in your wet cunt he’ll cum, and he wants to fuck you a little more first. So he gives you a second, lets you shake and gasp as he hovers you right over his glistening dick.
Liquid keeps gushing out of you in short bursts with each wave of pleasure racking your body, spraying down onto his dick. He drops you back down on it, groaning when he feels your contracting walls envelop his dick again.
“God, you fucking slut — oh, fuck, it’s wet.”
He thinks your moans sound so good, so nasty. Your squirt keeps coming out in short bursts, and he keeps curling his fingers in your pussy beside his dick, massaging that spot at the front of your walls — urging more and more liquid out of you. It drenches his fingers, drips down his dick, mixing with the cum coating his shaft. He can feel it all dripping down his dick, onto the sheets below both of you, ruining them.
“Fucking filthy,” he pants, trying to stave his orgasm off.
The amount of liquid gushing out of you, wetting his fingers, his lap — it’s so much. The way your pussy is pulsing around his dick, on his fingertips. You’re so filthy, messy — the nastiest bitch he’s ever had.
But it’s not enough; he wants to fill you up, to give you more, get you even messier.
He feels his balls tightening up, the muscles in his lower stomach clenching. He bites his lip, tries to hold off for a little more so he can keep fucking you. But it feels too good; his eyes are rolling back, and his hips are losing their rhythm.
It’s all too much. Your exhausted, pleasured whimpers. All of the warm liquid coating his dick. And you — his sister — taking his cock so deep, squirting all over him.
“I’m gonna — shit,” he pants, gritting his teeth, his head dropping back onto the mattress. “I’m gonna give you another fucking load.”
It’s too much; the tension is about to burst.
He’s about to go over, feeling your cunt pulsing around his twitching dick. And he’s groaning — fucking you so hard and fast that the bed sounds like it might give, that the happy family photo on the nightstand goes crashing to the floor.
You just keep provoking him, moaning, obscene, like the slut you are, panting — fill me up, give it to me, give it to me, fuck me.
“Take my cum,” he’s panting, losing it — shoving his cock deep in your pussy, all the way up against your cervix. He lets out a deep groan, feels the cum start to shoot through his dick. Pleasure crashes through him, works all of the tension out of his body. He fills you up: sticky, hot spurts of cum that mix with all of your juices, coating your puffy insides and spilling out around him with each pump. “Fucking take it all.”
And you just keep begging through it  — “Fuck me, Katsuki, fuck me harder, I want more cum.”
So he gives his slutty little sister what she wants — more cum, more dick, more pleasure — fucking you as the pleasure rolls through him. He holds your waist tight — your back arched as he pumps into you, listening to your whimpers as he empties every single drop of his cum into your warm, wet hole. He fucks you even when his orgasm is over, shuddering, overstimulating his dick with each stroke. 
And then, when he’s all done, and you are too — sighing, shuddering — he lays his arm across your stomach and pushes you down so your back is flush against his chest. He doesn’t want you moving, not yet — so he keeps you still, plugged full of all of his hot cum.
He kisses your neck — his tongue hot, messy on your skin — and his hands come to your tits, massaging them. You’re sensitive everywhere, shivering.
“What do you say?” he drawls into your neck as you come down. “Now that your big brother got you nice and filled up?”
“Thank you,” you mumble, allowing yourself to enjoy the feeling of his big fingers teasing your tits before you have to forget that any of this ever happened.
“That’s a good little fuck toy,” he laughs against your neck — condescending, as big an asshole as ever.
You frown, making a move to get up and off of him — remembering, suddenly, the gravity of everything you’ve just done — and how gross your stepbrother is.
He bars his arm across your chest, slamming you back down against him.
“Where do you think you’re going, squirt?” he grins into your neck.
“What the fuck do you mean?” you snap.
Over your own voice, you can hear a loud car coming down your street. That engine sounds familiar, somehow — like you’ve heard it before. The driver, whoever it is, is blasting the same kind of obnoxious, bass-heavy music that your brother listens to.
Katsuki glances at the clock on the nightstand.
“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier?” your brother says into your neck. You can hear the smile in his voice.
You think you recognize the sound of that car. You think that you can place it, now. 
You recognize the sound of that car from a family gathering some time ago — when Katsuki invited his obnoxious friends over.
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
Outside, the driver of the loud car shuts the ignition off. You hear several doors open, then slam shut. Several deep voices start to converse as they approach the house. And they all sound terribly familiar.
Now that you’re nice and ruined — and now that his friends are here, punctual for the first time in their lives — your big brother says,
“I told you all my friends wanted a piece.”
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itsruiblue · a month ago
Sweet (Like Honey) | K. Bakugou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Entry 02 | The Virginity Chronicles
Summary: When Katsuki finds out in the worst way possible that Deku is, in fact, not a virgin anymore, he takes matters into his own hands and decides to seek you out.  
(Or, alternatively; Katsuki fucks for the first time)
Paring: Katsuki Bakugou x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, virginity loss, fingering, dry humping, cunnilingus,  creampie, multiple orgasms, no contraception mentioned, extremely unrealistic (seriously, this is not what losing your virginity is actually like), characters are aged up to 18
Note: So this was inspired by someone on my AO3, who wondered what Bakugou would be like when he lost his virginity. And this is what my brain had to say. 
Series Masterlist 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you agreed to date Katsuki Bakugou, you’d honestly thought you’d been prepared for everything. The ash-blond was probably as explosive as a single person could ever get and one needed nerves of steel to simply remain in the same room as him for an extended period of time and not get blown up. And, considering you’d had this down for far longer than you’d actually been in a romantic relationship with him, you’d assumed there’d be nothing he could do that could ever put you in a perpetual state of shock.
You were proven suddenly, violently wrong one evening towards the end of your UA career when Katsuki came storming into your dorm room with a look on his face that would probably have caused some poor old lady to keel over from heart failure if she caught sight of it.
You, however, were somewhat tougher than some old lady and so, when the door of your bedroom slammed open, you merely gave your boyfriend a mild look from where you were lying on your stomach on your bed.
“What’s up?”
Katsuki didn’t reply immediately. Rather, he stared at you, his face curling in an odd mixture of disgust and embarrassment that you had never seen before. His cheeks flushed pink in such a way that you might have thought he’d been working out, (despite the fact that you knew he hadn’t). His gaze moved, slipping from your face to the book you had propped up on a pillow that you’d relocated to the foot of your bed, to the UA uniform you had yet to change out after the school day. His jaw clenched as he seemed to steel himself.
Then he said, “Let’s fuck.”
You choked. The air in your lungs had suddenly turned to cement at your boyfriend’s unexpected proclamation and it felt like all you could do was gape at him, your mouth opening and closing like some kind of confused fish.
Katsuki glowered at you heatedly, obviously choosing to ignore the way his cheeks were practically glowing from his furious blush. “Don't look at me like that. You look ugly as fuck."
"Fuck you, Katsuki!" Your mouth snapped closed and suddenly you could breathe again. Katsuki took absolutely no notice of your indignant words, however, only turning to close your bedroom door before going right back to staring at you intently.
You glared back at him, now in a thoroughly bad mood. "What the fuck do you want?"
"Let's fuck," Katsuki repeated, taking a step closer. "Right now."
 You gave him a disgruntled look, your face doing well at hiding the absolute shock and surprise that was still coursing through your body like acid. 'Let's fuck,’ - What did that even mean?
Katsuki let out an annoyed grunt and crossed his arms over his chest as you continued to sit in silence, thinking. Then he rolled his eyes heavily.
"Look, if it disgusts you that much, then it's fine, we don't have to." He started to turn away, his expression still stoic but you could tell immediately by the look in his eyes that he was hurt.
You were on your feet before you even had time to think, reaching out to grab hastily at the back of his school shirt. Katsuki felt your grip on the material and stopped, however, he didn't turn around. His hands were at his sides, clenched into fists and shaking just slightly.
For a moment the pair of you stood, silent, as you thought about what it was you wanted to say. Then you sighed.
“That’s not what I meant,’ you said in a very quiet voice, almost too quiet to be heard. “I want to, Katsuki. I just… I’m confused.”
Katsuki exhaled softly. “Confused?” he asked in a tone just as low as your own.
“Why do people fuck?” He turned around then, one eyebrow arched as he gave you a very questioning look. “I thought you were smart, nerd.”
You slapped lightly at his bicep. “No, dipshit, not like that. I mean… why now? Why do you suddenly want to do this?” You dropped his gaze. “I’ve brought it up before but you didn’t seem very interested. I thought you didn’t want to… you know, with me.”
“You dumbass,” Katsuki mumbled. “That’s not…” he ground his teeth together in frustration before placing his hands on either side of your face. You stared at him, surprised, as he turned your head upwards forcing you to look into his sharp ruby eyes. “That’s not it at all. I just wanted to be sure we were both ready. I don’t want to pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.”
“Really?” you mumbled. He nodded earnestly.
A small smile tugged at the corner of your mouth. You poked him lightly in the chest. “Wow, look at you being considerate.”
“Tch,” Katsuki scowled at you, annoyed. “I’m always fucking considerate, you nerd.”
“Yeah, sure.” You continued to poke him, grinning properly now. “’Considerate Katsuki’, that’s definitely you.”
“Fuck off!” He shoved you away from him, glowering. You stumbled back, laughing, though not before you grabbed onto the front of his shirt and pulled him with you. The pair of you collapsed unceremoniously backward onto your bed.
You relaxed at the feeling of Katsuki’s familiar weight pressing your body into the mattress. Reaching your arms up, you linked them around the back of his neck, sighing happily as Katsuki nosed his way into the crook of your shoulder. For a moment, the pair of you remained there, still and quiet, listening only to the sound of each other’s breathing. Then you turned your head slightly, glancing down at the shock of pale hair tickling your ear.
“You never answered my question. About why you wanted to do it now?”
Katsuki shifted; you could feel him scrunch his nose into your collarbone. Then he mumbled something, a jumble of words none of which you could make out, muffled as they were in your shoulder.
Frowning slightly, you turned your head further to look at him. “What was that?”
“I walked in on Shitty Deku and his girlfriend.”
You froze, eyes widening in shock. “You mean...while they were-?”
“Yeah,” Katsuki mumbled. “Fucking gross.”
You couldn’t control your giggles. “Oh my god, Katsuki!” Your chest heaved as you laughed. “That’s awful! Poor Midoriya.”
Katsuki raised his head to give you an incredulous look. “Poor Midoriya?” he repeated in a tone so disgusted it sent you in a round of fresh giggles. “What the fu- Poor ME!” He gave an exaggerated gag, seemingly reliving the experience. “I don’t wanna see that shit! It’s their fault for not getting a room!”
“Where the fuck were they?” you asked, wide-eyed.
“The goddamn training room.” He sniffed, unimpressed. “Shows how smart that fucking extra is. The fuck did he think was gonna happen?”
You were practically in tears, you were laughing so hard. “And you seriously just walked in on them?”
Katsuki shrugged, incredulous. “I didn’t know they were there! If I had I wouldn’t have gone in.” He gave you a disgusted look. “Do you think I wanna see Deku’s junk? Fucking gross.”
“Oh yeah,” you chuckled, wiping at your eyes. “Because it’s not like you two bathed together when you were little, right?”
Katsuki shoved your face into the pillow, muffling your relapse of laughter. “You promised you’d never bring that up!” he screeched, steam practically coming out of his ears as his cheeks burned bright pink. “I fucking knew I should never have told you.”
You were fully prepared to continue teasing him, your love for the boy beginning to sink beneath your overwhelming desire to make him squirm. However, when Katsuki started to get up, absolutely fuming, your laughter stopped immediately.
“Wait,” you whined, making grabby hands in his direction as he pulled himself off you and backed away from the bed. “Nooo, where are you going?”
“Away from the bitch who’s tryna squash my self-esteem,” he mumbled back, although you could tell from the low tone of his voice that he was jesting, just a little. Sitting up, you reached out for him again.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll stop laughing,” you pouted, fingers wiggling in his direction. “Please don’t leave.”
Katsuki watched you for a minute, seemingly contemplating his options. You knew it was highly possible he’d ignore your complaints completely and walk out just for the sake of being petty. After all, Katsuki had never been one to be swayed by puppy eyes.
However, he seemed to want to stay just as much as you wanted to keep him, and so after a few agonizing seconds, he came traipsing back towards the bed. You waited until he’d flopped down beside you before climbing into his lap and looping your arms around his neck once again. Katsuki glared at you as you smiled down at him, however, he didn’t push you away. Rather, his hands came up to rest on each of your hips, holding you in place with one of your legs on either side of his body.
You leaned down to give him a light peck on the tip of his nose. “I’m sorry.”
Katsuki scowled. “You should be.”
“And I promise I’ll forget that you and Midoriya bathed together when you were three.”
Katsuki’s fingers dug into the flesh of your hips. “You’d fucking better,” he snarled, which had you hiding your smile.
(You knew you’d never forget it. But you weren’t particularly inclined to tell him just yet)
For a moment, the pair of you sat in silence, simply looking at each other in the dim light of your dorm room. You’d already closed your curtains; the darkness of the evening being kept at bay only by the warm yellow glow of your desk lamp. Katsuki’s eyes were calm as he watched you, his expression relaxing as one of his thumbs began to brush circles into your hip bone. You made up your mind.
“So…” you said, quietly willing your voice not to shake. “You still wanna fuck?”
The widening of Katsuki's eyes was so slight it was almost indiscernible. Almost. He let go of your hip and leaned back to rest his weight on the heels of his hands behind him, studying your face with a blank expression on his own. You looked right back at him, refusing to let your features give anything away. However, despite the both of your causal attitudes, there was a tension in the air that hadn’t been there moments before. And it was mounting.
Katsuki tilted his head slightly to the right. His eyelashes fluttered as his gaze flicked up and down your body. Then he shrugged one shoulder.
"I mean, if you wanna."
You were on him in a second. Chest to chest, you drank in his scent, his taste, as your mouth met his in a bruising kiss. Katsuki let out a small grunt of surprise but didn’t shy away from your enthusiasm. In fact, his arms came up to wrap securely around your body and pull you even closer on his lap as he himself collapsed backward until his back was flat to the bed.
You slid a hand into his thick hair to grip at the blond locks, fingernails scratching along his scalp. Katsuki’s mouth was furious against yours; you could feel the tension spilling from him into you as his lips molded with yours and his arms trapped you flush against his chest. His tongue slid between you, begging eagerly for entrance to your mouth, and when you failed to open up for him, he sank his teeth into the soft flesh of your bottom lip.
You pulled back with a slight squeak and gave him an annoyed look. “Quit doing that.”
“Quit teasing me then” was all he had in reply before one of his hands came up to grab the back of your head and forced you back down to him. You didn’t resist and your lips smashed into his again with an eagerness that had you both groaning. Taking advantage of the situation, you were quick to nip Katsuki back, and when his lips parted in slight shock, you slid your tongue between them to meet his. Katsuki groaned, loud enough that you felt it vibrate through his chest. Without warning, his hips thrust upwards and you gasped a little as the bulge of his semi-hard cock pressed into the flesh of your thigh.
“Fuck, sorry.” Katsuki pulled back with a grimace. “I didn’t mean…”
You shook your head. “No, it’s okay. In fact…” you pursed your lips, trying to stifle your nerves, and then gave an experimental roll of your own hips. “Keep going.”
Katsuki’s eyes widened in earnest and he bit down on his bottom lip hard enough to leave it bright pink. “Fuck,” he mumbled in a low voice as his hands slid to grip your hips once again, holding your body in place over his crotch. You ground down on him again and Katsuki groaned, his head falling back against the bedcovers. “H-holy shit.”
This wasn’t foreign territory for you. Despite not having gone all the way yet, you and Katsuki were well acquainted with the idea of dry humping; heavy make-out sessions after particularly frustrating training exercises had become the norm for you, the second that mutual comfort regarding each other’s bodies was developed. You’d learned enough in those few instances to have a good idea of what made your boyfriend tick, and now, as you rutted your hips back and forth against his, you said a silent thank you to the universe for it.
Gaining confidence, you sank one of your hands back into Katsuki’s soft hair and pulled it just enough to force his head back and to the side. A shock of satisfaction rushed through you as the smooth skin of his neck was exposed for your hungry eyes and then, unable to help yourself, you leaned forward to trail kisses down the line of his jugular. At the same time, your free hand slipped between where your torso was pressed against Katsuki’s and snuck quietly under the hem of his shirt to trail absentmindedly over his muscled abdomen.
You felt Katsuki’s entire body shiver under you, a soft moan falling from his lips. His fingers dug deep into the divots of your hips and then, without warning, he took control, moving your body back and forth of his own accord against his now fully hard cock.
You sucked in a sharp breath of surprise, a shock coursing through your nerves as your clothed clit dragged against the front of Katsuki’s crotch. Your boyfriend seemed to notice this and a small smirk caught at his lips as he repeated the action, forcing your hips towards him and then down along the bulge in his pants. You keened into his shoulder, unable to ignore the way heat flared between your legs, and then, frustrated by the change in dynamic, sunk your teeth into Katsuki’s sweet spot.
“Ah fuck.” He moaned at the feeling, unable to control the way his hips instinctively rutted up.
Your own pleasure was becoming distracting now. With the sound of Katsuki’s whines in your ears and the way his constant thrusting was stimulating your clit (though not quite enough), you were finding it difficult to focus on anything other than your continued assault of his neck. Katsuki usually didn’t permit hickeys, considering the idea of people knowing he felt any emotions other than “strength” to be disgusting. However, you judged by the way shivers were rushing up and down his body in tandem with your licks against his neck, that he had no objection now. This was only confirmed further when one of his large hands left its place on your hip to palm the back of your head, physically preventing you from pulling away (not that you wanted to).
As you worked on his neck, the hand that had snuck under his shirt was exploring. Your fingertips brushed light as feathers across his abdomen, the barely-there scratch of your nails against his skin driving the boy under you absolutely insane. His muscles flexed every time you brushed over them, probably more out of instinct than anything else, and when you laid your palm flat against his chest, you could feel the pounding of his heart beneath it. 
Tilting your head upwards slightly, you gave a light nibble to Katsuki’s earlobe. He suddenly stilled, both his hands going to grip your hips hard enough to slow your movements as his entire body stiffened. You pulled away from his neck then, confused, to see that his eyes were squeezed shut so hard it almost looked painful and his jaw was clenched into a sharp line.
Propping your torso up against his chest, you gave him a concerned look, a spike of worry shooting through you that maybe you’d somehow made him uncomfortable. “Katsu? Are you-?”
“I’m fine,” he mumbled, cutting you off as his muscles began to relax once again. “Just…gimme a second.”
He shook his head. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s all good. I just… almost came in my pants.”
You blinked then grinned. “Aw, Katsu, you must really be enjoying this, huh?’
“Shut the fuck up,” he mumbled, blushing. “You’re enjoying it too, you little shit.”
You couldn’t lie; you were enjoying it. Especially now that you knew Katsuki had almost hit his climax just from you grinding on him; it sent a special kind of fizz right to your core and made your legs clench a little closer together around Katsuki’s hips.
Katsuki himself seemed to have recovered somewhat because his eyelids fluttered open and he raised a single eyebrow at you, sharp eyes gleaming.
“You still wanna do this? Not scared?”
“Course not.” You gave him a sly smile though your heart was pounding in your chest. “Are you?”
“Tch.” Katsuki scoffed and gave you a look as if to ask ‘are you dumb?’ “What the fuck do I have to be scared of?”
You shrugged and sat up once again. “Pussy?”
Katsuki coloured deeply but kept his scowl as he pushed himself up to grab your hips again. “Fuck no. Your pussy better be scared of me, dumbass.”
“Oh, I’m sure. Considering you’ve never once gone near it.”
You’d expected him to be embarrassed, a ploy to get him to show off his pretty blush even more. But to your surprise, a smirk began to curl across Katsuki’s lips and you realised his interpretation of your words was very different to your own. A shock passed down your body when his hand slipped, sliding from your hip downwards until he was gripping your thigh.
“Do you want me to?” His voice was low, barely more than a growl, and you could feel the vibration of it rumbling deep in his chest through your hands. You gave a sharp inhale in tandem with a jump in your nerves. Something throbbed between your legs.
“I…” you mumbled, flustered enough that your words tangled on your tongue and it took you a few seconds to unravel them. “I mean… i-if you want.”
Katsuki’s eyes narrowed slightly and he gave your thigh a hard squeeze. Your jaw went slack as you let out a soft gasp.
“None of that crap,” Katsuki growled low, leaning forward so his mouth was just centimetres from the shell of your ear. The feeling of his breath against your skin sent a shiver of anticipation down your spine. “What do you want?”
The words came before you could process them. “Touch me.”
And then his mouth was back on yours, tongue sliding immediately between your slack lips as his hand kneaded the flesh of your thigh, his palm warm and rough against your skin. You kissed back fervently, one of your hands immediately flying back to his hair while the other cupped the side of his jaw, holding him as close as you possibly could. Katsuki groaned into your mouth as your hips rolled instinctively and his grip on your hip tightened, forcing you to stop moving.
“No fucking way,” he mumbled as best he could through your flurry of kisses. “I‘m gonna touch you, and you’re gonna sit still.”
You didn’t even have it in you to object as the hand on your thigh finally moved, sliding up and up, the skin beneath his touch burning. With every centimetre closer his fingers drew to your core, you could feel your arousal growing. You were sure your panties must already be wet through.
Your suspicions were confirmed when Katsuki’s hand finally disappeared beneath your skirt and you hissed as the pads of his fingers pressed right up against your clothed cunt. Katsuki sucked in a breath at the feeling and cursed softly under his breath. “Fuck, you’re so warm.”
You could only exhale shakily in reply, nerves already jumping at the feeling of Katsuki’s long fingers brushing back and forth against the dampness of your panties. Even through the material you could feel their light pressure against your clit; the feather-light touches were agonising and the feeling, combined with the continued building excitement, was beginning to cloud your head.
Katsuki, who had definitely noticed the way your torso went just a little limp against his chest, grinned. “I haven’t even touched you properly and you already look like that? Fuck, princess.”
You scowled as best you could. “S-shut up, a-asshole. You’re fucking teasing me.”
“I can stop?” His smirk was cruel as he pulled his hand back. You let out an uncontrollable whine as the feeling of his fingers disappeared completely, and slumped forward so your forehead was pressed into his shoulder.
“Nononono, please don’t stop,” you slurred into the material of his uniform shirt. Your hips rolled uncontrollably against his crotch. “Please, Katsu.”
His expression softened just slightly at the nickname, his inability to say no to you battling with his deep desire to tease. He kept his hand back for a long moment, watching as you became more and more desperate on his lap, your whines almost turning to wails. Then his resolve crumbled and he brought your face to his with a firm hand on the back of your head, lips meeting yours roughly.
You couldn’t help it; you moaned into his mouth as his hand snuck back under your skirt, bypassing the teasing this time to rub up and down your clit. Your kisses grew sloppy as the feeling overwhelmed you, the parallel processing of kissing Katsuki and grinding your hips down on his fingers suddenly becoming too much for your brain to handle. You broke away from him with a gasp, your entire body twitching as he increased the pressure just slightly.
Katsuki was blushing hard; his cheeks glowing a bright, rosy pink as he explored your most intimate region. Even so, his eyes were burning even more, bright and focused, and he seemed to eat up your reactions like they were his last meal.
It didn’t take long for his thumb to hook into the band of your panties.
You bit down on your lip, hard, and let your head fall back to his shoulder as you felt his fingers slide up and then down, slipping inside the now-soaked material of your panties. Both of you sucked in a sharp breath as his fingertips stroked down your slit proper.
“Fuck,” Katsuki mumbled, his eyes widening at the feeling as your heat pulsing beneath his digits. “You’re so wet!”
The expression on his face was almost comical; eyes round and mouth slack-jawed with surprise, and you probably would have laughed if your head wasn’t so fuzzy from the feeling of his middle finger rolling over your clit. All you managed was a slightly disgruntled, “No shit.”
“What…” Katsuki started, then swallowed. His heart was beating incredibly hard through his chest, something you could feel through your own. “What feels good?”
You bit back a whimper as his finger ran over your clit again, too fast. “Here,” you mumbled, unwinding one of your arms from around his neck to slip your hand down to join his beneath your skirt. “I’ll show you.”
Your grip moved from his wrist to the back of his hand and then you spread your fingers out, your hand covering his. Gently you began to direct him, moving his fingers with yours.
“There,” you mumbled as you maneuvered his placement. “Rub there… like this.”
Katsuki seemed to be concentrating hard, his eyebrow furrowed and his mouth set in a small frown as he took in the way you moved his fingers. He let you control his digits for a moment, rubbing small circles on your clit using his middle finger while he spectated. Then, once he felt confident by himself, he gently took the control back.
“Like this?’ he asked quietly, mimicking your movements without your help. You could only nod as your back arched, chest pressing closer to his as the tingling of pleasure shot down your spine.
“O-oh fuck, Katsuki.”
“Shit,” Katsuki mumbled and his voice trembled almost as much as yours. “Don’t moan my name like that, princess.” Unprovoked, he moved his hand further down to slip one of his long fingers up inside your cunt. You keened, eyes squeezing shut at the intrusion.
“Holy shit, that’s tight,” your boyfriend mumbled, almost to himself as he experimentally began to pump his finger in and out of you. “I… holy fuck, princess.”
You suddenly became aware of the fact that his whole body seemed to be trembling beneath you, his muscles tense as he marvelled at the feeling of your inner walls pulsing around his digit. His finger moved without resistance, coated in a thick layer of your slippery arousal as your pussy practically gushed around it.
You could feel his cock straining against his uniform slacks, its bulge pressing into your inner thigh. He hadn’t made any kind of suggestion for you to touch him since the earlier grinding, and while you appreciated the fact that he was focusing solely on you, you didn’t want to leave him out either. It was this that prompted you to slowly slide one of your own hands down his chest, path set on the tent made in his pants by his hard cock. You moved slowly, giving Katsuki fair warning should he want to stop you. However, as your hand brushed down his chest to his abs to the buckle of his belt, the only reaction he gave was a sharp intake of breath.
Your fingers were curling around his belt, ready to undo it, when a shock of pleasure shot through your entire body and you slumped forward with a muffled moan. A second of Katsuki’s fingers had slipped inside you and he’d curled them, stroking along the spongy inside of your cunt with surprising precision for someone who had absolutely no experience. At the same time, his thumb had moved to your clit to continue rubbing slow circles there and your whole body trembled at the feeling, a sudden knot becoming apparent in the base of your stomach.
You bit down on your bottom lip and forced it back. No fucking way am I gonna cum before I get to touch his dick.
 Katsuki groaned as you undid his belt buckle and then the button and zip of his slacks. His cock was straining against his briefs beneath, a spot on the grey material already damp from pre-come. You didn’t pull the clothing away yet, mind too hazy to think as Katsuki pushed his fingers even deeper and hit your g-spot. “Ah fuck!”
“Baby,” Katsuki whimpered as you moaned, the word slurring slightly on his tongue. “Baby, you’re so…”
You didn’t give him time to finish, reaching down to palm his cock directly over his briefs before the sentence was complete. Katsuki let out a muffled grunt of surprise and then his head fell forward, coming to rest, much like your own, on your shoulder. You could feel his heavy breath against your collarbone.
The tension in your abdomen was building now, a constant pressure that reminded you of the high Katsuki was slowly drawing from you. Your moans were sweet, constant, but now they were joined by Katsuki’s groans of pleasure as you rubbed up and down his length through his underwear. He was rutting his cock regularly into your touch, his abs working as he forced his hips upwards despite your weight holding them down. “Katsu,” you found yourself mumbling over and over, although you weren’t sure if it was a result of his fingers still pumping in and out of your cunt or the way he seemed so desperate for you to keep touching him.
And then suddenly, his fingers were gone, pulled from your cunt and your panties as Katsuki groaned loudly, his chest heaving. “Fuck,” he mumbled as you let out an almost painful whimper, devastated by the loss of stimulation. “I’m sorry, baby, just… let me” he began to claw at his shirt, undoing some buttons and breaking others until the entire front was undone and open. “s’too hot.”
You helped him push the garment from his shoulders, all too eager to expose his torso for you to ogle. The dim light of the room had his already tanned skin glowing golden, while the dips of his muscles were thrown into even greater contrast. Without thinking you leaned down to kiss his defined collarbone, nipping gently at the soft skin as you tried to distract yourself from the desperate ache between your legs.
Thankfully Katsuki didn’t let you go unattended for long. After throwing his shirt somewhere into the depths of the room, he grabbed at you once again; taking a few seconds to massage your thighs before his hand snuck beneath your skirt and dove back into your panties. There was no hesitation as he slipped his fingers inside you this time. In fact, he seemed more confident, curling them upwards almost immediately to bring all the burning tensions rushing back. Your head fell back at the feeling, lips parting in a moan. Your hand stilled on Katsuki’s cock for a second, mind too clouded to fully process everything. Your boyfriend didn’t seem to mind, however, he was too busy staring up at you with hearts in his eyes as a whine of his own tumbled from his tongue.
“Fuck,” the boy mumbled before leaning forward. His mouth was so hot when it met your neck, tongue practically burning as it laved along your skin and sent you into an even higher state of pleasure “You’re… so…fucking…hot,” Katsuki mumbled between kisses, punctuating his words with a thrust of his fingers. “D’you think you’re gonna cum?”
You bit your lip. “Maybe.” Your voice was high and shaky, pleasure turning the corners of your mind fuzzy and unfocused. “K-keep going.”
And so he did, pushing you higher and higher as his middle and ring fingers thrust into you while his thumb drew figure-eights on your clit. Your hips ground rhythmically into his hand, instinctively looking for more friction as your moans grew steadily higher. You could feel it building, the heated tension that held back the waves of pleasure. Your desperation, too, was growing, spurred on by the way Katsuki groaned softly every now and then, just from looking at you. Finally, you were sitting right on the edge, legs shaking and hips jumping as you pushed further and further, searching for that final something that would send you tumbling into the haze of your orgasm.
Thank fuck Katsuki knew what that something was.
Pulling his head from your neck, he rested his chin on your shoulder so his mouth was right against the shell of your ear. For a moment, he pressed soft kisses to the skin beneath it that had your whole body tingling. Then he leaned impossibly closer and whispered, his voice just a little scratchy, “You’re doing so well, princess. Come on, cum for me. You can do it.”
Your body seemed to buffer for a moment, the shock of his unexpected praise sending every axon into overdrive. Then your head tipped backward in a silent moan as your orgasm crashed through you, the tension finally snapping and sending you into a haze of pleasure so intense your senses deserted you for a few seconds.
You had never once felt that before.
Katsuki worked you through your orgasm, thumb rubbing slow circles on your clit as he kissed up and down your jugular. When you finally drifted back to yourself, eyes fluttering open to give him a hazy look, he grinned, far too smug for his own good.
You stared at him for a moment, brain struggling to place what had happened. Then the slightest semblance of a scowl crossed your face 
“Shut the fuck up.”
“I didn’t say anything, dumbass,” he replied, still smirking. “You just fucking came, didn’t you?” He pulled his fingers from your cunt as he spoke. When he held them up to the light, showing off the way they were coated in liquid, so much so that it was dripping from his fingers down the tendons on the back of his hands, you felt yourself flush. Cheeks burning furiously, you hide your face in the crook of Katsuki’s neck, refusing to show him your embarrassment.
Katsuki laughed, not maliciously, and rubbed his clean hand up and down your back. It was comforting, despite his teasing, and you couldn’t help the way you relaxed into him, loving the way the bare skin of his shoulder was so smooth against your hot cheek.
“Don’t be embarrassed.” His voice was low as he spoke, tone serious enough that you knew he wanted you to trust what he was saying. “That’s was fucking amazing, you dumbass. Please tell me you liked it.”
You almost laughed. “Of course I liked it. I mean, fuck, Katsuki. Where on earth did you learn to do that?” Your eyes suddenly narrowed and you raised your head to give him a piercing look. “Have you been practicing on someone else?”
Katsuki wiped his fingers on your bedsheets – a move that had you making a small, outraged noise – and then flicked you in the centre of the forehead. “Who the fuck am I gonna practice on, huh? You’re the only shitty girl I can stand, you loser.”
“That’d better be true,” you threatened, glaring at him. “Otherwise, I’ll cut your dick off.”
“As if you could-ah!” his words dissolved into a low moan and your hand slid between the pair of you to squeeze his still-hard cock.
It was as if the both of you had suddenly remembered the fact that Katsuki was still painfully turned on. Even the lightest brush of your hand over his length had your boyfriend practically writhing beneath you, his eyes wide and hazy as he grabbed onto your hips in search of support.
“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Katsuki whined as you stroked the full length of his cock, still through his boxers. “Baby, please...”
“Please what?” you whispered to him as your pussy throbbed between your legs, sparking back into feeling as Katsuki panted beneath you. He thrust up erratically and whined when you withdrew your hand.
“Please what, Katsuki?” you repeated, your voice stronger this time. It wasn’t often you would get Katsuki like this, shaking and desperate beneath you, and you intended to take full advantage of it in the limited time you had.
Katsuki gave a choked swallow at your assertive tone and buried his face in your shoulder. You could feel his erratic breaths against your skin. “Please,” he whispered, and his voice was so desperate, so needy, it gave you a headrush so strong you had to bite back a moan of your own.
“What do you want me to do?” you whispered to him. “Tell me, Katsu, otherwise I don’t know.”
“Make me cum.” His answer was immediate, quiet but strong, and you knew that was as close you would be getting to having Katsuki on his knees begging for.
A smile curled across your lips as you pulled him into a deep kiss. “With pleasure.”
His briefs gave without much resistance, your fingers eager to slip them down and allow his length to spring free. You didn’t waste time staring at it, equal parts too nervous and too excited. Instead, you reached out immediately to stroke him, admiring the way his skin felt soft as velvet beneath your touch.
Katsuki sucks in a sharp breath at the raw contact, his eyes rolling almost immediately into the back of his head. “O-oh,” he mumbled softly, his tone weak, and for a moment you thought he was going to collapse backward onto his back. Then his grasp tightened on your hips, stopping him from falling away. You smiled slightly, grip teasing up his length.
“Good?” you asked. Katsuki jerked as the pressure of your fingers increased just a little.
“Good,” he confirmed, nose hiding in the crook of your neck. “More.”
You gave him what he wanted, your pace increasing. You could feel the veins that ran up the side of his cock, pronounced with the constant blood rush. Pre-cum leaked from his tip, running down his length and making your hand slip smoothly along him. Katsuki was rocking his hips in time to your pumps – most likely instinctively – as he pushed for his own pleasure, his moans muffled into the soft skin of your neck.
The angle was a little awkward, your wrist having to flex in a way it wasn’t accustomed to in order for you to reach all of him. But you continued anyway, already drunk off the way Katsuki was falling to pieces under your touch.
“Shit.” Katsuki’s shaky whimper snapped you from your thoughts. “I’m so close, fucking hell.”
This encouraged you further and you increased your pace, twisting your hand to try and stimulate more of his nerves at once. As your thumb slid over his head, Katsuki keened; a long, low whine slipped from his lips as you felt his whole body tense beneath you, preparing for release. Using your free hand, you tugged his head from your neck by his hair and smashed your lips to his in a searing kiss that had both of you moaning. Suddenly, it felt like all the muscles down Katsuki’s torso rippled, and then, finally, he came with a long groan, muffled by your tongue.
You pulled back to let him breathe, your heart beating so hard it felt like your whole chest was vibrating. Katsuki’s forehead fell against yours as his shoulders heaved with panting breaths. He was trembling slightly.
For a moment the pair of you sat in silence, staring at each other. Then a small smile broke across your face.
“You’re so cute.” The words slipped from your tongue before you could reel them back in. Almost immediately, any sense of fucked-out-ness disappeared from Katsuki’s expression and he gave you a filthy look – one that had you grinning harder to yourself.
“M’not fucking cute, you little shit,” he spat angrily, sitting up straight to glower at you properly. “No fucking way.”
You pouted at him playfully. “But Katsu… You’re so sweet when you moan for me.”
The look on his face was indescribable, a mixture of shock, horror, and pure unbridled rage. You couldn’t help it as you began to giggle, the deep flush of his cheeks spurring you on despite the voice at the back of your head telling you that you’d definitely regret it later.
Katsuki growled. “Say that again.”
You were stupid. You dismissed the warning in his tone. “You look soooooo cute when you’re moaning for- mff!”
Katsuki had grabbed your wrist and shoved your hand – the hand covered in his cum – right at your face. Your eyes practically fell out of your head as he stuffed your dripping fingers right into your own mouth, smothering your tongue in the taste of him.
You choked, shocked.
“If you’re gonna fuck with me, you’re dealing with eating my cum off your hand,” Katsuki practically snarled right up close to your ear. There was a feral glint in his eyes as he watched you choking on your own fingers that you didn’t recognise; it was humiliating and yet… you couldn’t deny the way your pussy throbbed at the dangerous tone of his voice.
Obediently you licked at your own fingers, collecting all remnants of Katsuki’s release from them. It didn’t taste as bad as you expected, salty but not to a degree that had you gagging. Your eyelids drooped as you focused on what you were doing, feeling the burning glare of your boyfriend as he watched your every move.
Finally, once every drop had been swallowed, you pulled your fingers from your mouth with a resounding ‘pop’. Holding them up, you showed them to Katsuki as your cheeks burned with embarrassment. The ash-blond inspected your digits for a few moments as if confirming for himself that your work was up to his standards. Then an evil smirk curled across his face and his eyes met yours again.
“So,” he murmured, leaning in as his crimson eyes pierced through your own. “Am I cute now?”
You shook your head, eyes wide. Katsuki grinned. “S’what I thought.” His hands ran up and down your sides for a second as you continued to stare at each other, the gravity of what was to come next somehow beginning to sink in.
Then Katsuki asked, quietly, tentatively, almost as if he was scared to hear the answer, “…you wanna keep going?”
You didn’t bother giving a verbal answer. Instead, you leaned in and kissed him.
Katsuki’s hands were on you within a second. Rough palms sliding up your sides to your chest, fingers pawing at the material of your school blouse, grabbing as much as they could of your breasts through the material of that and your bra. You arched your back into his touch, chin tipping back at the feeling of his hands on your body. It was addicting, the kind of high you’d never once thought you needed but now that you’d had a taste, you wouldn’t be able to forget it for a while.
Languidly, Katsuki began to pop the buttons of your blouse, eyes drinking in the sight as more and more of your skin was exposed to the open air. His mouth dropped to the swell of your breast, accentuated by the cup of your bra, before he’d even fully discarded your blouse. His lips were feather-light on your skin, barely a soft reminder of his worship of your body. However, it was enough to make you squirm; you could already taste the tang of excitement and pleasure on your tongue and it had butterflies storming your stomach. Your hand slipped into his hair.
“You’re…so…fuckin’…perfect…” Katsuki mumbled between nibbles at the skin of your breast. Your blouse slipped from your arms, forming a heap on the floor somewhere behind you, but you didn’t care. In the dimly lit room, with only Katsuki’s sharp ruby eyes on you, you felt completely comfortable. More than that; you felt valued. Your heart swelled with warmth and love as Katsuki focused on kissing as much of you as he possibly could.
His fingers snuck round your back to grab at the clasp of your bra, inexperience causing him to fumble. Without a word you unhooked the thing yourself, and let the thin straps slide down your arms until the garment had joined your blouse on the floor. Katsuki groaned aloud.
“Fuck,” he mumbled lowly, eyes wide as he stared at your chest in wonder. His hand snuck out, hovering over you for just a second before touching you properly. Katsuki went practically bug-eyed at the feeling of your bare flesh in his palms.
“They’re so… squishy,” he mumbled, teasing at the point of your nipple. You gave him a narrow-eyed glare, your eyebrows furrowing slightly.
“Well, what the fuck did you expect them to feel like? Rocks?”
“Shuddup,” Katsuki grumbled, flushing. His hands cupped both, palms enveloping each breast fully, and he seemed to marvel at them for a second before looking up at you again. “I like them.”
You leaned down, eyes half-lidded. “A teenage boy likes boobs,” you mumbled sarcastically into the air you two shared. “Shocker.” Then you kissed him before he could complain.
It was a soft moment, a kind of calm before the storm, that both of you took time to revel in. Katsuki’s hands slowed their frantic movements just a bit, and his tongue was slow and languid as it rolled with yours. He seemed to drink you in, your taste, smell, feel, as if he wanted to drown himself in you. And you reciprocated gladly, in turn enveloping yourself in all that was him.
Then Katsuki’s fingers found the zipper of your skirt. He yanked it down and rid your body of the material, leaving you sitting in just your still-soaked panties beneath his hungry gaze. “Fuck,” he mumbled to himself as his fingers hooked into the waistband at your hips. “C’mon, get these off for me, yeah?”
You began to wiggle out of them before a thought struck you and you froze. “Wait,” you mumbled, voice slightly slurred. “We need to switch positions.”
Katsuki’s gave you a confused you – a look that told you he was fully prepared to fuck you right then and there. “What? Why?”
You frowned at him. “Because I’m not being on top my first time, dipshit! Now roll over!”
Katsuki frowned right back at you. “Well, why should I have to be on top my first time?” he countered. It was a valid enough argument, but you could tell his resistance was due to pettiness over you bossing him around and not an actual aversion to being one top. Still, you chose to play to his narrative.
“Because you’re big and strong with ungodly amounts of stamina, and I’m weak and powerless.”
Katsuki laughed outright at that, “You’re so full of shit,” he told you, squeezing slightly at your sides. “The fucking last thing anyone would call you is ‘weak and powerless'.”
He was right of course but your point still stood. Looping your arms around his neck, you gave him your best puppy eyes. “Please, Katsu?”
He cracked immediately, you could see it in his face. Even so, he scowled and looked away from you, eyebrows furrowed as he struggled with his pride. “You so fucking…fine! Whatever. Just don’t complain about back pain or some shit later.”
“Back pain?” you snorted. “I don’t think you could fuck me hard enough to give me back pain, Katsuki.”
You were on your back before you had time to realise just how badly you’d fucked up. Katsuki loomed over you, propped up with his elbows on either side of his head, his eyes dark and dangerous as he smirked.
“Is that a challenge?”
Your eyes widened and your breath hitched in your chest, your windpipe suddenly feeling like it was filled with ice. A shock of pleasure zipped up your body as you stared up at your boyfriend; he suddenly seemed so much bigger than you, like his entire presence was squashing yours as his body pressed you back into the mattress of your school bed. It would probably have been scary if you couldn’t see his eyes and the complete unadulterated love that shone through all the lust in his expression.
There was no warning when his lips smashed into yours. Your hands slipped around his back, trailing across his defined muscles as you kissed him back. Then you gasped into his mouth at the feeling of his fingers hooking back into the band of your panties.
The suspense was suffocating as he slowly slid them down your legs. You squeezed your eyes shut in anticipation, nuzzling to hide your face into the crook of his neck when he pulled away from your lips to look down at your naked body properly.
There was a moment of silence during which a million and one thoughts seemed to rush through your head; ranging from ‘holy fucking shit, I’m naked!’ to ‘What if he thinks I’m ugly?’
Then Katsuki cursed low under his breath and the word was so strangled, so broken, it sent tingles rushing across your skin.
The sound of light scuffling suddenly reached your ears and you blinked your eyes open to see that Katsuki was struggling to rip his own pants and briefs off. His gaze was still fixed on your body, running up and down your skin, looking in a way you could only describe as ‘awestruck’. It sent a flush of warmth through your chest and calmed your raging insecurities enough that when Katsuki let out a stream of garbled curse words, you only giggled.
Once Katsuki was dressed in nothing but his own skin, you pulled him back down to you. His hips slotted between your thighs and your eyes widened slightly when you felt the hardness of his length rub up against your slick folds. Katsuki too groaned at the feeling and pressed the bridge of his nose into your shoulder. He inhaled deeply.
“You still sure you wanna fuck?”
You snorted. “Isn’t it a bit late to back out now?”
Katsuki shook his head. “S’never too late,” he mumbled into the skin of your shoulder. “Tell me to fuck off and I will. Don’t wanna if you’re not comfortable.”
You smiled softly and nosed at his thick hair. One of your hands found his against the bedsheets and your fingers laced with his. “I’ll keep that in mind,” you murmured. “But for now… c’mere.”
You pulled his mouth to yours and Katsuki groaned, giving an experimental roll of his hips. His cock pressed against you and both of you let out low gasps.
“M’gonna….” Katsuki slurred and his free hand slipped down between your bodies to grip the base of his cock, lining himself up. You braced yourself as his head breached your entrance.
It felt weird at first, the stretch far too much to be comfortable. Then it began to burn and your lips opened in a small yelp of pain. Katsuki tensed, prepared to stop, but you shook your head violently and ran your fingers down his back. “Keep going,” you mumbled to him, determined to take the pain – if you were honest with yourself, you had a feeling if he stopped you wouldn't have the courage to continue.
Katsuki gritted his teeth and did as you asked, although his face contorted slightly with each whimper that fell from your lips as if he was being hurt too. Despite this, his eyes were clouded with lust and as he sank further into you he seemed to have a harder and harder time controlling his movements.
Both of you let out long exhales when he finally bottomed out, Katsuki’s of pleasure and yours of pain. He stopped moving then, his entire body stilled as you gripped at his back and bit your tongue, trying to muffle your noises of discomfort.
“I’m sorry,” Katsuki mumbled softly, running his thumb over the back of your hand. “Fuck, m’sorry.”
“S’kay,” you mumbled back, your brain hazy. The pain was still there, like fire in your abdomen, but so was a slowly growing feeling of satisfaction, as well as the intoxicating sensation of having Katsuki so close. You bit your lip.
“You…you can move.”
Katsuki visibly gulped. Then he nodded shakily. “Okay.”
When he pulled back, the pain flared again and you clenched your jaw as tears beaded in the corners of your eyes. Katsuki went slowly, though not as slowly as when he’d entered, and despite how wet you were, each ridge and vein and bump on his cock seemed to catch on your insides. However, in one of the oddest combinations you’d ever experienced, it also felt good.
When Katsuki had pulled out enough that only his head still remained inside you, he gently rolled his hips forward, breaching your inner walls once again. The reaction was immediate.
Your head fell back, a garbled mixture between a yelp and a moan escaping you. At the same time, Katsuki let out a choked, “Fuck” and attached his mouth to your neck. 
From there, his thrusts became regular as the pair of you settled into an inexperienced rhythm. The pain was subsiding, giving way to an inexplicable pleasure and with each roll of his hips, Katsuki seemed to grow more confident.
The first moan you let out was long and low, and you felt a physical shiver rush down Katsuki’s spine at the sound. “Fucking hell,” the boy himself muttered and gripped your hand tighter. “Holy fucking shit.”
“Katsuki,” you whispered into his ear. Your hand snuck up into his hair and then pulled impossible tight as you felt his fingers trailed across your abdomen to rub slow circles into your clit. Your whole body seemed to tremble.
“How the fuck are you so tight?” Katsuki gasped. “Fucking hell – I can’t – s’too fucking- fuck.” His words were jumbled, not making much sense and yet you had to agree with him. The pleasure was building; you could feel the tip of his dick nudging up against the sweet spot inside you and it was sending all of your senses into overdrive. Your back arched upwards.
“Please don’t stop,” you whispered into the darkness of your room. “Fuck, Katsu, please.”
Katsuki was practically whimpering. Sweat was beginning to form a light sheen on his skin, dampening the roots of his blond hair, and when he raised his head to kiss you, his eyes had a hazy, fucked-out look that had your entire body thrumming in pleasure. Katsuki moaned into your mouth as you clenched around him.
“H-holy fuck, baby,” he choked out when you broke apart. His hips slammed into yours at a pace you had absolutely no clue how he was keeping up. “Fuck, fuck fuck, you feel s’fucking good.”
It was all you could do to moan his name in reply, your head beginning to grow foggy as pleasure coursed through your veins like acid.
Katsuki’s eyes suddenly widened and he thumbed harder at your clit, causing your whole body to jerk. “Fuck,” he mumbled. “Fuck, I think… fuck, I’m gonna cum.”
You stroked a hand down the side of his face. “S’okay,” you whimpered to him. “Cum for me, Katsu.”
But Katsuki seemed to be forcing his orgasm back, his shoulders heaving with heavy breaths as he pushed himself to the absolute limits. “How …” he stuttered, his voice trembling. “How close – fuck – are you?”
You shook your head. “Not there you,” you mumbled, still only just able to feel the beginning of an orgasm in your lower belly.
Katsuki’s expression hardened, his mouth settling into a line and suddenly he shook his head. “Absolutely fuck no.”
Your eyebrows furrowed, about to ask what he was talking about when suddenly his thrusts stopped. Your eyes widened in confusion and then a small squeak dropped from your lips when he pulled out of you completely.
“Not fucking happening,” Katsuki mumbled, probably to himself, shooting you a disgruntled look when you keened at the loss of contact. Before you even knew what was happening, he was sitting up and pushing his body downwards, no longer draped out on top of you.
You started to prop yourself up on your elbows. “Katsuki, what the f-?” and then your eyes widened as his head snuck between your thighs and his mouth met your pussy. Your words dissolved into a surprised moan.
Katsuki seemed almost angry as he forced his tongue between your folds, using it to fill the empty space his cock had left. He held your thighs apart with his large hands, forcing you to spread out for him as he devoured you in a way you could only describe as ‘feral’.
“No fucking way,” you could hear him hiss between slurps. “No fucking fair.”
“Katsuki?” you managed to get out, trying desperately to fight through the haze of pleasure as he licked eagerly at your clit. “What-?”
“I’m not cumming until you do, dumbass,” Katsuki grunted as he pulled a moan from your lips. “Just this once… I’m not gonna be…fucking first.”
He flicked at your clit with his tongue and you choked, your back arching up away from the bed. Without thinking, one of your hands came to grip his hair.
“Y-you don’t…” you gasped between moans, not wanting him to force down his own needs for the sake of yours. “You don’t need to – ah fuck, Katsuki – I’m f-fine, I – oh fuck!”
Katsuki raised his head to look you in the eye. “No way. I’m doing this shit properly.” His gaze was dark and dangerous, so focused it sent heat rushing up your legs. “Now lie back, loser. I’m going to make you see fucking stars.”
And he did. Katsuki had always been a ridiculously fast learner and it took him no time at all to figure out exactly what had you practically crying beneath him. His tongue was highly skilled despite his inexperience and you could feel him smirking against you as he sucked at your clit, forcing you to squirm and cry out his name.
It didn’t take long for the familiar feel of an impending orgasm to come crashing down on you. Heat was building in your lower abdomen, rushing up your legs and causing your thighs to tremble around Katsuki’s head. You’d collapsed backward, your back flat to the bed, and couldn’t help but roll your hips into his face, the desperation to reach you high clouding your mind.
Katsuki too seemed to understand, not missing the way your pussy clenched harder around his tongue or the way your moans shot up an octave, your chest heaving with exertion.
“You close now?” he mumbled through a smirk, lips and chin glistening with your slick. You nodded frantically.
“Yes, shit, so fucking close Katsuki.”
“Good,” was all he said before hauling himself up your body again. “Now, I’m gonna finish this properly.”
Your mouth fell open in a slight moan as he sank his cock inside you in one thrust. You were so much wetter now, your cunt still pulsing from all he’s done with his mouth, that you barely felt the stretch this time round. Instead, an overwhelming wave of pleasure tore through your nerves as, almost immediately, he squarely hit your g-spot.
Katsuki himself moaned aloud, eyes clouding immediately. “Oh fuck,” he mumbled as he began to thrust regular again, chasing both of your highs now. “Oh god, you feel so good, Y/N.”
You dragged your fingers down his back, too far gone to fully register his mumblings. The pleasure was almost unbearable now, your lower belly too tight and only getting worse as Katsuki continued to pound into you. All your muscles were trembling.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Katsuki choked out above you, his eyes squeezed tight shut. “Holy shit, I’m gonna…fuck, fuck, fuck. “
His desperate pants pushed you on, nudging you closer and closer towards the edge. You were crying out his name over and over again, begging him to get you to your high. And then, as his hand slipped between your sweaty bodies once again to circle quick figure-eights on your clit, you felt the damn wall crack.
You hugged him close as you came, face buried in the crook of his shoulder as you felt the wave of white-hot pleasure rush from your toes to your head until you really were seeing stars.
Katsuki himself didn’t take long to follow. As your cunt pulsed and clenched around him, he bit down gently on your neck, muffling the desperate moan that escaped him. With one final thrust deep inside you, he felt the wave of his own climax crashing through his body as he hugged you just as tight, ropes of cum bursting forth inside you.
Silence fell as the both of you clung to each other, bodies trembling in the aftermath of your highs. Katsuki kept his face buried in your neck, his chest heaving as he struggled to breath with his head foggy and clouded. You held him tightly, sure he could feel the fluttering of your heart through his own chest as the tension in your body gradually subsided.
Eventually, Katsuki lifted his head to stare down at you. You stared right back, eyes wide and full of stars.
Katsuki swallowed, looking lost for words. “Holy shit,” was all he seemed able to say, cheeks still flushed and chest heaving. A soft smile tugged at the corner of your lips. 
“I…” Katsuki pursed his lips. “You… what…why the fuck did we not do that before?”
You laughed aloud at that and reached up to tug his head back down until his nose was pressed to your collarbone.
“I take it you enjoyed yourself?”
Katsuki grunted as you carded your fingers through his sweat-slicked blond hair. “No shit.” Then he shifted backward slightly and raised his hips to slip his softening cock from inside you. You groaned slightly at the loss of his warmth and pressed his face even closer to you.
All was silent for a moment as you basked in the warmth and the feeling and the scent of Katsuki. Then you turned your head to press a kiss to his temple. 
“I love you, Katsu.”
Katsuki sniffed in the way he always did when you expressed affection. However, his hands around you tightened.
Eventually, he mumbled, “Love you too, dumbass.”
Your eyelids were growing heavy as you lay quietly with him. Katsuki too seemed to be drifting off, his breaths becoming slow and even against your skin. Then he muttered something, his voice low and so muffled that you almost didn’t catch it. Almost.
“Stupid fucking Deku. He’s not gonna beat me.”
Silently, you smiled up at the ceiling. You’d have to remind yourself to thank Midoriya later.  
Tumblr media
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river-fics · a day ago
Still Friends(Bad ending)- Bakugou Katsuki
A/n: You got the bad ending 1...
Summary: The traitors are finally revealed, you being one of them. (multiple versions)
Warning: Dark themes, mentions of death, blood
Tumblr media
You had one job. One job and somehow it all went wrong. All because Hagakure decided to slip up and reveal herself. Then Aoyama thought it would be smart to also come clean. How stupid are they? Hagakure thought she could finish the mission after telling the whole class and Aoyama thought he would be protected by his classmates if he told them how he was forced. I made an oath to see this mission through. I don't need them to bring down UA and hero society. I just need the heroes to trust me.
I remove my hand from Aoyama's mangled corpse. His arm barley connected to his body. My hands are drenched in blood and there's no where to wash them off. The city is in ruins and Shigaraki is winning so far. You know your best option is to run and play victim, to show the class the bodies and blame it on a villain. It's the only thing you can do now, because you were seen with them last. You leave the classroom you've stained with blood. You slowly walk towards the gym where the students have been taken for safety. It's only a matter of time before the walls collapse on all of them, taking the new generation of heroes down with them. The moment you reach the gym, you see your classmates. Grasping your arm like it's injured and leaning on one leg to fake a limp, you start your act. "HELP!" You scream, watching as they all turn towards your blood figure. Bakugou's eyes widen, running towards you. You turn on the water works, letting out a sob. "Y/n, what happened?!" He doesn't know what to do, reaching to cup your face but stopping himself last second. "Aoyama... Hagakure..." You force your breathing to elongate, out of breath. "The traitors?" Deku pushes past the group forming around you, staring into your eyes. "I was lost outside the grounds and they cornered me!" You lie, watching the group grow interest, "But one of the villains ripped them apart!" You create a heavy sob ending at the word 'ripped'. They're so easy to trick, wanting nothing more but to be free of this war. "Fuck..." Bakugou mutters, pulling you into his chest. You never thought you could feel anything positive in your life. You always assumed you were meant to be unlovable. But, somehow Bakugou slipped through your hard shell and crushed your heart. It's a shame you're far too committed to the league. No one will stop your revenge against hero society. "I was so scared! I thought they reached you guys!" You whimper, pulling away from Bakugou. His warmth is replaced with the cold you surround yourself in. You'll miss him, truly. If things were different, you'd stay with him. You'd choose him over the league. But you've built your life around killing every hero you can reach. "I don't remember seeing you when the teachers huddled us in here." Mina pipes in. That's when you hear your mind cracking. You eyes pierce hers, threatening her. "I wasn't with you guys. Like I said I got lost." You remind her, hoping she shuts her mouth. "You couldn't have been outside. The entrances are locked from the inside." Another crack, splitting your brain. You're slowly losing grip on your lie, trying to piece it together. "I crawled through a window!" At this point Bakugou is slowly stepping away from you, holding his arms out to push others away. "All the windows are on the second floor, your quirk can't get you up there." Her jaw drops at the realization. Your lie has been stretched thin, they can see through it. "Guys, come on." You're desperate, they can sense it. They know. "We're friends! She's just paranoid!" You flail your arms around, grasping at anything you can. "You weren't in any of the sections at the Provisional Hero License Exam." She points out. Everyone glances around, no one confirms your placement. They can't. Because you were in the shadows, taking people down silently. The only reason you got your license is because of how many people you got out. You cheated the whole time. "I was there! I have my license!" You growl. "No one saw you! In fact, it's weird how Toga was there while you and Hagakure were missing! Aoyama was making excuses for both of you!" "Y/n...?" Momo's voice cracks. It's over. You can't get out of this. "What did you do to them?" CRACK. Your mind buzzes with panic. You stop your crying, wiping your tears. "I did what I had to." You grumble, getting out of your injured stance, "Like I've been doing for years." "What the fuck." Bakugou can't look at you, but Deku finally notices the blood soaking your hands, it's dried by now. "HOLY SHIT!" He points to it, your 'friends' screaming. You look towards Bakugou, knowing you've
destroyed your relationship. "It wasn't supposed to end like this." You hum, activating your quirk. "I was going to spare you, make sure Shigaraki leaves you alone." You huff, faking pity. "Liar! You were going to kill us!" Uraraka shrieks. "Now, that's just mean. You guys are my friends." You chuckle, moving to attack. "Everything was a lie." Bakugou jumps back, shoving the group back. There's space now, between you and the whole class. None of their quirks are mastered yet and you've been pretending to struggle with yours. You've spent your life honing your quirk. This will be easy. You're about to strike, when a sharp sting enters your abdomen. You blankly look down to see blood seeping through your uniform. You blink a few times before looking behind you. You see Snipe and Aizawa standing by the gym entrance. "How kind." You laugh, collapsing to the ground. You turn on your back, staring at the ceiling. "Any second now." You cough, blood spilling from your lips. Just like you said, the ceiling begins cracking, beams supporting it falling to the ground. No one has time to get out before the top crumbles and falls on them. Looks like your plan worked.
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kingkatsuki · 4 months ago
Serendipity | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐲: 𝐚 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲. 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐤, 𝐨𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐧𝐞, 𝐢𝐧 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲
Tumblr media
Hi! This is my contribution to my first ever Anilysium collab. The prompt was band AU’s and I was very lucky to be allowed to write for Bakugou. Please check out all the other amazing creators here.
I was already late for this collab and I don’t have the balls to ask any of my friends to go through 16k of my shit so unedited/unbeta’d, pls don’t question me-
Pairing: drummer!Bakugou Katsuki x f!Reader
Warnings: 18+, sex with feelings, soft sex, unprotected sex, creampie, face-sitting, spanking, praise. As vanilla as sex can be with Bakugou~
Word Count: 16.1k.
Thank you to @/rat-zuki for making the edit in the banner for me. The emo to my goth the MCR references were for you.💕
Tumblr media
New tweet from Y/N [5:05PM]: A brand new EP from upcoming band No Heroes, another mainstream pop-punk album to put on when you’ve finished listening to good music and you want a change.
“Mainstream pop-punk.” Bakugou reread the tweet that had flashed up on his screen, brows furrowed in irritation as he took in each word, “mainstream?”
“Aw man, I was really hoping she’d like it. She did an amazing review on Mindjack’s new song last week. He got a review with Spotify after that.” Kirishima sulked as he read the words on the screen behind Bakugou, watching the tweet slowly begin to gain hearts and retweets.
No Heroes had been a relatively small band a month ago, still playing songs in their garage as they practically pleaded for venues to let them play. Losing count of the number of shows they did for free as they tried to make a name for themselves. It helped that they had managed to gather up a cult online following to try and reach their dreams, hundreds of loyal fans finding them online as they began streaming their music and begging the men to play in their town. The first twenty-four hours of their latest album release had gone perfectly, rave reviews appearing all over the internet about this new band dominating the scene. 
All except the one that you’d just posted.
“I’m gonna fuckin’ message her.” Bakugou snarled, fingers already moving to click onto your profile picture, a crowd shot from a live music venue.
“Kats, you can’t make a burner account to send her shit, dude. She’ll work it-“
“Burner? Who the fucks makin’ a burner I’m just gonna message her.” Bakugou’s fingers were already clicking the touchpad roughly, following the link to your private messages on Twitter.
Kirishima hovering over his best friend as he watched his digits angrily jab at the keyboard, wincing at the unforgiving plastic as it quaked under his aggressive touch.
“I don’t think you can say that, man. I mean- she is entitled to her opinion. And didn’t you see the review New Noise gave us? It was glowing.” Kirishima pressed a reassuring palm to Bakugou’s shoulder that was swiftly shrugged away.
“She’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s fuckin’ wrong.” Remaining hunched over the laptop as he finished composing his message before clicking send.
Tumblr media
Flopping down onto your bed after a long day you pulled your phone out of your pocket to check your notifications, preparing to clear out your inbox of any unsolicited messages. Most from fans of you, or fans of the bands you reviewed. Rolling your eyes as you noticed a slew of new private messages from multiple people, a lot seemed to have the signature No Heroes profile pictures so you knew exactly why they were messaging. Clicking onto one of the top ones as you opened the message to read its contents.
New reply from N0HER0EZ [5:10PM]: No Heroes are amazing and I think you need to give the album another review because you clearly didn’t listen to it.
Shaking your head as you moved to click the next one, already preparing for a similar message when you noticed their profile picture was the lead singer of No Heroes.
New reply from DYNAMIGHTNH [5:10PM]: No Heroes are the best band to ever exist and they don’t need your stupid reviews for validation.
Deciding to just clear out your inbox of the rest of the messages as you kept clicking through, swiping your thumb across your screen to delete each one. Your hand lingering over the glass screen at the sight of one in particular
New reply from OfficialDynamight [5:11PM]: Are you listening to the right fucking album? You can’t call us mainstream pop-punk when your favourite artist is Mindjack. I’d hate to see your Spotify playlist.
You had to do a double-take to believe who the message was from, even clicking onto his profile to see whether it was legit. And sure enough, the signature profile picture of Bakugou Katsuki flashed in front of your eyes, two small metallic studs sitting below his lower lip as he gave a cocky smirk, flipping off the camera with a tattooed hand. There was no way of denying he was attractive, the sight of him alone almost made you want to like No Heroes, but he was clearly a jerk.
Scrolling through his Twitter as you looked at the most recent posts. His pinned message is an announcement about the new EP and a single with a link to download it. The comments and likes were more than consistent for an upcoming band, really impressive actually. Of course, it was easier to gain traction when the band members are attractive. Remembering how quickly Dabi managed to reach the top of the metal scene after he released his first EP with the most recognisable voice.
Reading his most recent tweets you couldn’t help but smile at the irate tone that was so easy to convey even through text. You could practically hear the seething tone of his voice as your eyes read over the message.
New tweet from OfficialDynamight [5:12PM]: @Y/N doesn’t know what she’s fucking talking about. Our new EP is the best pop-punk album of 2021.
The comments beneath were mostly loyal fans agreeing, complimenting the drummer for the music and talking about their favourite songs. One in particular catching your eyes.
New reply from KatsukiBangMyDrums [5:13PM]: My favourite song is your part on “No Love” I’d love to hear more of you actually singing Katsuki💕
You reread the tweet in shock, that was Bakugou’s voice on that track? Truthfully the album hadn’t been all that bad, but a lot of the songs not really standing out to you. But that song— that song you could remember vividly. If you had to pick anything from the album that would be the song you chose as the best one. Moving back to the private message you began to type a reply to Bakugou.
Y/N [11:23PM]: I didn’t say your album was bad! I just think it wasn’t that different to the others out there right now.
OfficialDynamight [11:23PM]: Oh yeah? Maybe you should listen again because you clearly weren’t listening to the right album.
You were surprised to get a message back so quickly, especially since it had been hours since his last tweet.
Y/N [11:24PM]: I’m pretty sure I was, I clicked the cute little link at the top of your bands Twitter to download it and everything.
OfficialDynamight [11:24PM]: Yeah, well do me a favour and get your ears checked.
Y/N [11:25PM]: I’ll put it on my to-do list.
You cuddled back against your pillows as you found yourself staring at your screen waiting for him to type back, over-analysing your message as you regret your words. Leaving such a closed-ended response that made it difficult for him to come back with any kind of conversation but to your surprise, he actually responded.
OfficialDynamight [11:26PM]: What you doing up so late anyway? Can’t sleep because you’re thinking about how dumb your review was?
He was so petty, his message actually made you smirk at your phone screen as you typed a reply.
Y/N [11:26PM]: No, I was actually at a gig. I’m just finishing up my notes for my review tomorrow.
OfficialDynamight [11:26PM]: What show?
Y/N [11:27PM]: Title Fight. They were so fucking good!
OfficialDynamight [11:28PM]: You mean to tell me that you like Title Fight but you don’t like us? There’s something wrong with you.
Y/N [11:28PM]: Nah, I just like good music ;)
OfficialDynamight [11:28PM]: Fuck you.
Y/N [11:29PM]: Right back at you! <3
OfficialDynamight [11:29PM]: You wish.
You laughed at his reply, finally moving to your notes to type up the final few you wanted to add from the show in preparation for your review tomorrow. Plugging your phone in to charge as you settled down to sleep, your heartbeat racing as you replayed your conversation with Bakugou in your head.
Tumblr media
Sunlight slowly illuminated your bedroom as peaceful chirps sounded from outside, your eyes fluttering open as you felt your duvet trying to pull you back into slumber. Squinting your eyes as you looked at your phone screen for any new message notifications as you tried not to feel disappointed when you didn’t see any from the one person you were hoping may have sent you something. Pulling your covers tighter around you as you aimlessly scrolled through your notifications, enjoying the warmth of your bed for as long as possible before the need to function overtook you. Over exaggerating a stretch before you slipped out of bed, padding your way towards your bathroom as you got ready for your day.
There was something about the warm scent of coffee and caramel in the morning that just helped start your day, brewing a fresh ground roast as you waited for your laptop to boot up. Opening your phone to your notes app as you began to read through the points you’d made the evening before, figuring out what you wanted to put into the review as the notes brought memories flooding back.
Sitting down at your desk with your large mug of coffee as you began to type. The hardest part of your reviews was always choosing what photographs to use, the picture alone could sway the entire article. There had been images you’d managed to capture at shows before that had ended up being so popular the boost from them was overwhelming. Helping you to find new audiences each day and new musicians to interview and watch, remembering the time that Deku’s band OFA had chosen one of your crowd shots to be on their t-shirts.
Not even a minute after you posted your review a comment appeared underneath from the drummer of No Heroes, the corner of your lip curling into a smile as you clicked to open his new message.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [10:34AM]: This band fucking sucks, way too many high-hats in every song, you can’t even hear the track over the auto-tune. I thought you liked good music?
You were already about to type a reply when you saw a new incoming message appear on your screen and you shamelessly clicked onto it, completely uncaring about how eager you appeared to see a notification from him.
OfficialDynamight [10:34AM]: How the fuck do you like all these shitty bands that aren’t even that good but you don’t like us?
Y/N [10:35AM]: What are you talking about? Their new single is so good! Have you heard the riff in the interlude?
OfficialDynamight [10:35AM]: The only redeeming feature over the shitty fucking drum solo.
The more Bakugou began to message you, the more you found yourself wanting to post. Deliberately trying to find bands or musicians that you could happily talk about that would bring the angry blond rushing back into your inbox. Each time you posted about a new song or band Bakugou would be straight back into your private messages to give his own opinions. You couldn’t deny the way it made your heart race each time you saw an incoming notification for him, finding yourself turning on alerts for his messages so you wouldn’t miss them.
New tweet from Y/N [4:03PM]: If New Heroes stopped trying to replicate every other pop-punk band ever they might actually be good.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [4:06PM]: If you got your ears tested people might actually care about your opinion.
New reply from Y/N [4:06PM]: my ears are fine, that’s how I know it sucked ;)
New reply from OfficialDynamight [4:07PM]: Wrong.
It was almost a running joke between your fans, the comments flooding in around your petty public arguments as people were quick to weigh in on the messages.
New reply from Poppunkprincess [4:05PM]: Just admit they’re your guilty pleasure already.
New reply from Dynamightdrums [4:11PM]: I agree with @OfficialDynamight you need your ears tested they are the best band in the WORLD
New reply from Cellophane[5:10PM]: If we kick @OfficialDynamight from the band will you like us?
New reply from Chargebolt[5:23PM]: @cellophane great idea bro, maybe then @Y/N will come to a show ;)
New reply from OfficialDynamight [5:30PM]: @chargebolt @cellophane fuck you.
Each moment you posted something new about No Heroes Bakugou always seemed to be one of the first to comment, almost as though he had your post notifications on too.
New tweet from Y/N [8:49PM]: Deathcab for Cutie - I will follow you into the dark really is one of the greatest songs of all time.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [8:50PM]: Thank FUCK, you do have a brain cell.
New reply from Y/N [8:51PM]: Are you being nice to me for once?
New reply from OfficialDynamight [8:52PM]: No, it just means you’re not a complete idiot.
New reply from Dynamightdrums [8:53PM]: OMG @OfficialDynamight and @Y/N?
New reply from RedRiot [9:05PM]: @OfficialDynamight I wish you’d say this to me sometime 😭
It was difficult not to notice how big No Heroes were becoming in the local music scene, their follower count online steadily rising as they began slowly inching up the alternative chart. You couldn’t deny it was impressive for such a new band to be so successful in such a short period of time, and it probably helped that they were all gorgeous. You couldn’t help but visit Bakugou’s Instagram profile regularly, checking his new posts as you looked through the pictures of him on stage. The pure focus and determination on his face as he hit his sticks against his drum kit was hard not to applaud. Feeling your heartbeat increase whenever you noticed a new photograph, pinching the screen to get a closer look at the array of tattoos that littered his body.
Another message from Bakugou distracted you from your blatant objectification and it made you flush, thinking that he could see exactly what you were doing and wondering what he’d do if he knew you were looking at pictures of him right now.
OfficialDynamight [11:23PM]: So what’s your favourite song on our EP?
Y/N [11:24AM]: I don’t have one :(
OfficialDynamight [11:25PM]: I forgot you have no taste, shitty woman.
Y/N [11:25AM]: Or maybe you just need to write some better songs
OfficialDynamight [11:26PM]: I wrote almost every song on the EP, dumbass. That’s how I know they’re good.
Y/N [1127PM]: Okay, so my favourite is the one you didn’t write.
OfficialDynamight [11:27PM]: Piss off.
You laughed at his response as you closed the window, shamelessly going back to his Instagram profile to look through more photos. One particular promotional shot had become your favourite, a picture of him shirtless against a plain black backdrop. The image had been edited to black and white as it showed off the beautiful contrast of ink against his skin and the lack of a shirt gave you an even better opportunity to map out the sharp contours of his chest. Even with the greyscale picture, you could still see his sharp, piercing gaze even though his vermilion orbs were muted. It felt like he was staring directly at you through the image and it was difficult to deny that he was gorgeous.
You couldn’t work out why he was so interested in your opinions? There were hundreds of blogs out there dedicated to his band, massive music accounts and other reviewers praising their songs so why did your opinion matter so much?
“It’s because he likes you, duh.”
Mina’s words rang in your ear as you remembered what she had said to you when you’d first told her about Bakugou messaging you. Your best friend was always honest to a fault in her opinions,
“He doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion because he wants you to like him.”
Keeping that image of him in your mind as you locked your phone and prepared for bed, leaving it charging on your bedside table as you settled back beneath your covers. The only thoughts flowing through your mind were those of Bakugou Katsuki.
Maybe you liked him too?
A shrill vibration woke you up in the morning as you raised your phone with squinting eyes to check the time, 7.49am.
Who was even up this early?
Your phone buzzing again with another message from the same person, you should have known it had to be someone annoying messaging you so early in the morning.
OfficialDynamight [7:48AM]: Oi
You almost rolled your eyes at the greeting you were met with first thing in the morning, squinting your eyes as the bright screen illuminated and hindered your vision, watching the little notification at the bottom of your screen that indicated that Bakugou was typing.
OfficialDynamight [7:49AM]: You sleep so fucking long, shitty woman.
Official Dynamight [7:49AM]: You know that?
OfficialDynamight [7:49AM]: So when you gonna write something good about us?
The message was accompanied by a screenshot of a gig poster, a graphic of No Heroes band logo in the middle as in big bold writing it showed ‘HEADLINE SHOW: SOLD OUT.’ It was hard not to feel happy for him, it seemed like the band were following their dreams and succeeding, but you were still content with pushing his buttons.
Y/N [7:52AM]: When you finally start making some good music
You smirked at your response as you let your phone flop to the side of the bed, reaching your arms above your head to stretch. Already knowing that Bakugou would be absolutely seething once he read your message, the quick succession of vibrations from your phone evident that he was irate.
OfficialDynamight [7:52AM]: Piss off.
OfficialDynamight [7:53AM]: You know how many bands have actually sold out that venue?
Anyone else texting you multiple messages like this would have been blocked and ignored immediately, but something was endearing to you when Bakugou did it. As though you could feel the way his thoughts flowed out, feeling every bit of emotion through the screen as you watched him continue to type.
OfficialDynamight [7:54AM]: You really don’t know good music, do ya?
OfficialDynamight [7:54AM]: I bet you’re one of those people that think The Black Parade is the greatest album of all time too huh?
Of course he was a My Chemical Romance fan, your fingers already gliding across your phone screen as you typed a response, unable to hide the smile on your face.
Y/N [7:55AM]: It’s a great album actually, but Three cheers will always have top spot in my heart
His next words shouldn’t have made you feel quite so delirious but you found yourself re-reading them as though he’d just proclaimed his love for you.
OfficialDynamight [7:56AM]: Oh, so you’re not a complete dumbass after all.
There was no way of denying it, you were falling for Bakugou Katsuki.
Tumblr media
OfficialDynamight [1:02AM]: It’s so fucking weird there’s just something about talking to you?
OfficialDynamight [1:02AM]: I dunno, I can’t fucking explain it.
Y/N [1:03AM]: Bakugou, have you been drinking?
You squinted at the time stamp on the message, seeing that it was close to two in the morning, the messages continuing to come in from Bakugou.
OfficialDynamight [1:04AM]: Fuck off.
OfficialDynamight [1:04AM]: I have, but I’m not drunk.
OfficialDynamight [1:04AM]: We played a set with OFA tonight.
OfficialDynamight [1:05AM]: Just do me a favour and watch some videos from our set.
OfficialDynamight [1:09AM]: Are you even listening to me, Princess? Do it.
You laughed as you typed back a reply, tempted to search for some videos now, but instead deciding to wait until morning. Actual morning.
Y/N [1:10AM]: Bakugou, it’s 1am. I’ll watch in the morning, I promise.
OfficialDynamight [1:10AM]: You fucking better.
OfficialDynamight [1:15AM]: Goodnight.
Tumblr media
New tweet from Y/N [11:40AM]: Okay, the clips from No Heroes show at the club last night sound really awesome.
New reply from OfficialDynamight [11:42AM]: About fucking time. Told you.
New reply from Chargebolt [11:44AM]: Thanks so much Y/N, you should come to a show sometime! ;)
New reply from OfficialDynamight [11:44AM]: @chargebolt no.
“Dude, why did you say that? Do you even realise how hot she is?” Kaminari whined from his position on the couch, throwing his head back as he read Bakugou’s blunt reply.
“Hot ain’t gonna fix how dumb she is.” Bakugou muttered, slipping his phone into his jeans pocket before picking up his drumsticks, “Are we rehearsing or what?”
“I think we should change the set so the new song is in the middle.” Kirishima grinned from his spot beside Kaminari, his fingers grasping a plectrum as he strummed at the electric guitar that wasn’t turned on. The dull pang of the strings sounded in the garage as Sero fiddled with an amp, the familiar buzz of electricity surging through it as static noise pulled through the speakers.
“Have you even seen what she looks like, dude?” Kaminari ignored Kirishima’s attempt to stop the conversation as Bakugou turned around, pointing his sticks at Kaminari as he stood by the drumkit.
“Tch, no why?” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “Don’t fuckin’ matter what she looks like.”
“I’m telling you, dude. She’s hot.” Kaminari’s fingers were quickly scrolling along with his phone screen, eyebrows furrowed as he searched for something, smiling in glee when he found it as he turned his phone to face the room.
Bakugou stepped closer to look at the screen, leaning forward as he caught sight of the photograph. It was that exact moment Bakugou was sure his heart had stopped beating, the sight of your wide smile as you grinned at the camera, holding up a playful hang loose sign with your hand as you stood outside a dingy looking music venue. A tattered Green Day shirt hanging from your body as you matched it with tights and a pair of Dr Marten boots. Your eyes looking directly at the camera as though you were looking directly at him, immediately reaching forward to snatch the phone from Kaminari’s hands as he took a closer look.
You were so hot? Pinching the screen with his fingers as he zoomed in on your face, feeling his skin begin to heat up as he thought about just how pretty you were. This is who he’d been talking to for the last few weeks, how had he never seen a picture of you before? This had been the person that had been insulting his band for the last few weeks and he had absolutely no idea, unable to quell the butterflies that began to erupt in his chest at the sight of you. His heart stuttering as his thoughts began to flood towards what it would be like to kiss you--
“See man, I fucking told you she was hot. We need to get her to come to the show.” Kaminari whined, throwing his head back onto the couch, “We’d look so frigging cute as a couple.”
“What makes you think she’d ever be interested in you, dumbass?” Bakugou scoffed, moving away when Kaminari tried to snatch his phone back. Instead, locking it and throwing it down onto the couch beside him before making his way back towards his drumkit.
“Oh, I’m sorry. How stupid of me.” Kaminari replied sarcastically, “She’d obviously be more interested in your winning personality.”
“Yeah? Like the rest of the girls online then.” Bakugou replied with a smirk, hitting the snare as he settled on the stool.
“Bakubro’s actually been talking to her a lot recently, haven’t you bro?” Kirishima grinned at his friend as he accepted the connection to a guitar amp from Sero, “I think it would be awesome to have her at a show, man. She might even write a good review for us once she sees us live.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she only hates us because Bakugou is such an asshole.” Sero grinned, passing the guitar he’d been tuning to Kaminari as he picked up his microphone.
“Not my fault she’s got shit music taste.”
“Just invite her, Bro. You’re the one that’s so determined to prove that we don’t suck. What better way than to show her?”
“Fuck off, I’m not inviting her. Now, are we gonna play or what?”
Tumblr media
New tweet from Y/N [7:23PM]: Can’t wait for the Gravity Aura show tomorrow with support from No Heroes.
You laughed at the comments that began to flood in from No Heroes fans, telling you how prepared they were to finally convert you and how excited they were for your photographs from the show. Others asked whether they’d be able to meet you during the show and if you’d actually be staying for the entire set.
A message from Bakugou appearing in your inbox from Bakugou as you found yourself smiling before you’d even opened it.
OfficialDynamight [7:24PM]: I fucking knew you wanted to see us live.
Y/N [7:24PM]: I’m just there to interview Gravity Aura actually, but I might try and catch your set.
OfficialDynamight [7:25PM]: So you can finally apologise for being completely fucking wrong?
Y/N [7:26PM]: I guess that depends on the show you put on, doesn’t it?
OfficialDynamight [7:26PM]: You know we’re fucking good don’t even question it. You better watch us.
Rereading his words as you felt the butterflies begin to rise in your chest, he wanted you there.
You smiled at the tall security man at the main doors to the venue as you gave your name on the Press list, waiting patiently as he ticked your name off and moved to the side to let you into the venue. Collecting your press pass from the box office before walking through the venue. The familiar smell of beer and musky sweat filling your senses as you made your way through the dingy dive bar you’d been to many times before, the acoustics always seemed to be perfect for every show despite the shoddy interior. Pushing past the double doors as you made your way backstage.
“You stalkin’ me now?” You heard a familiar voice as you turned to face Bakugou. Your heart hammering against your ribcage as you looked him up and down, the first time you’d seen him face to face and he looked perfect, “Knew you were a fan-”
“Shut up! I’m here to interview Gravity Aura actually,” You almost choked on your words at the sight of him. His tall frame towering over you as he stepped closer, the loose black Metallica vest he was wearing completely distressed as it hung from his frame. Giving you the perfect opportunity to view the artwork that painted his skin, a full sleeve morphing into a pretty pattern against his left pectoral that almost looked like an explosion. A pair of plain black skinny jeans clinging to his muscular thighs, accenting every single ridge of muscle through the denim.
“My eyes are up here, shitty woman.” Bakugou smirked, crossing his arms over his chest as you watched his muscles flex, “You really tryin’ to say you ain’t gonna watch our set?”
“I might,” You tried to be coy, but honestly if he was going to look like that the entire show you would most definitely be watching.
“Then you can stop lying to yourself about us being shit.” Bakugou scoffed as you broke off into a laugh. His eyes zoning in on the cute way your nose scrunched at his words as you stood together in the cramped hallway.
“Yeah, or it’ll finally prove my point, Dynamight.” You turned to leave, already feeling flustered after being in such close proximity to him.
“You’re gonna need a drink to watch their fuckin’ set, they suck.” Bakugou scoffed, rolling his eyes at the suggestion.
“I dunno, I think they’re quite good. It’s great to have more female-fronted pop-punk bands, you know?” You smiled at the shocked expression on his face before his brows furrowed into a glare.
“You like them but you don’t like my band? Are you stupid?” He scoffed.
“It must be the way they play the drums, huh?” Unable to wipe the giddy smile off your face at the sight of him gawking at you in disbelief as you stepped into Gravity Aura’s dressing room, already looking forward to seeing his set.
The entire performance you couldn’t take your eyes off Bakugou. The focus and determination he possessed while behind the drums were truly captivating, so much so you had to weave your way out of the chaotic mosh pit to watch from the sidelines. Too enticed by the way his brows furrowed in concentration as he knocked the sticks against the kit, sweat causing his messy spikes to stick to his brow as the droplets flicked into all directions from his fast beat. Feeling a certain heat rise inside you at the way his vest moved with his movements, his darkened areola peeking out from under the fabric as you noted the shiny barbell that slot comfortably through his nipple.
The rest of the concert was almost a blur as you spent the entire performance imagining sitting on his lap while he tapped a beat on the drums, the way his thick thigh would bounce you on his lap as he tapped out a beat on the bass pedal. His sweaty body sticking to your own as he would whisper absolute filth in your ear in the same husky voice that sounded over the microphone when it was his turn to sing.
Your heartbeat increased when you noticed the familiar opening beat to your favourite song off their EP, the one all the fans had been going crazy for online as Bakugou began to sing. The subtle rasp had your lips parting in a silent moan, watching the way he never missed a beat on the drums as he sang the lyrics perfectly. Sero jumped in at the chorus as the crowd went wild.
This felt completely different to the recorded EP you’d listened to by them, there was something so raw and honest with their performance. You found yourself even screaming along to some of the lyrics as you let yourself enjoy the set. Disappointed when Sero announced it was the last song before Gravity Aura would take the stage, wanting to see more of them. More of him.
The band walked off side of the stage as you lingered in the crowd, watching the stagehandsset up for the next band, pulling your phone out of your pocket as you went to check your socials. The screen already glowing with a new notification.
OfficialDynamight [8:02PM]: Told you we were fucking good.
Y/N [8:03PM]: I didn’t even say anything yet.
OfficialDynamight [8:03PM]: You don’t even have to, I saw you giving me heart eyes in the crowd. You getting your panties in a twist at the sight of me, yeah? 
He was so fucking cocky, but you couldn’t even deny watching him had made you flustered. Your thoughts immediately floating back to the intense gaze in his eyes as he focused on the beat of the drums.
OfficialDynamight [8:04PM]: If you even try and deny you enjoyed that, you’re a dirty fucking liar.
Y/N [8:04PM]: I’ll give it to you, that was a good set.
OfficialDynamight [8:04PM]: I fucking knew you loved us.
Y/N [8:04PM]: I didn’t say that.
OfficialDynamight [8:05PM]: You can stop lying to yourself now, Princess.
The nickname almost caused you to drop your cell phone, tightening your grip around the case as you reread it. Princess. You tried to imagine him saying it in the same raspy tone you’d heard before, the notion making you feel flushed as you stood in a sea full of people. Trying to distract yourself in your reply.
Y/N [8:07PM]: I mean, you’re definitely better live. I like the scrunchy face you make when you’re singing though, it’s cute. :)
Y/N [8:08PM]: You’d think it was cute, wouldn’t you?
OfficialDynamight [8:09PM]: You fucking wish.
Y/N [8:10PM]: Don’t lie.
You tried to use his own words against him as you saw him typing back a reply swiftly, gnawing your bottom lip as you eagerly awaited his response.
OfficialDynamight [8:11PM]: Maybe it’d be cute, you’d still fucking suck though.
Did he just call you cute? Maybe cute? Either way it made your heart flutter as you noticed the lights in the room go down to signal the next band taking the stage. You tried to ignore how upset you were after Gravity Aura’s set, hoping you’d manage to see Bakugou one last time before you had to get home. Nervous about missing the last subway train as you stood near the entrance. You knew that they had a lot of interviews to go through, and they held a meet and greet for their fans which seemingly meant that you wouldn’t be able to say goodbye. Deciding instead to text Bakugou that you were leaving to meet the last train, and hoping that you’d see him soon. Even with the disappointment, it was difficult to hide the smile on your face when he’d text you back.
OfficialDynamight [10:29PM]: You better fucking text me when you get home, I can’t get out of this stupid shit.
Y/N [10:30PM]: Aw, you really do care about me!
OfficialDynamight [10:31PM]: Don’t kid yourself, dumbass. I just don’t want something happening to you before you admit you love me.
OfficialDynamight [10:31PM]: *Love my band.
OfficialDynamight [10:32PM]: Don’t go getting any ideas.
Y/N [10:33PM]: It’s okay, I know you like me really.
OfficialDynamight [10:34PM]: Yeah? Maybe I fucking do.
The words caused your heart to soar, even if he’d corrected himself as you couldn’t wipe away the wide smile on your face as you made your way home. Dutifully doing so as you got through your front door, falling back onto your bed as you replied to his text before anything else.
Y/N[11:23PM]: Reporting myself home safe, daddy.
You instantly regret your words once you’d pressed send, feeling your cheeks heat up as you waited for him to reply. Hoping that it wouldn’t make him ghost you completely.
OfficialDynamight [11:24PM]: Good girl.
The words made your entire body shudder, a pleasurable twinge surging straight to your clit as you clenched your thighs together. Trying to imagine those exact same words in his voice, thinking about how they would sound with his body on top of yours as he slipped himself inside you.
You were giddy the entire time you were getting ready for bed, a ridiculous smile that you couldn’t seem to shake as you changed into your pyjamas, climbing beneath the covers as you snuggled beneath them.
You were falling in love with Bakugou Katsuki.
Tumblr media
Bakugou couldn’t deny he found himself falling for you, the more time he spent without you the more he found himself missing your presence. Wanting to send you random text messages throughout the day just to find out what you were doing or if you were thinking about him too. Often checking his phone and rereading your last few messages from each other with his lips curled into a soft smile, slowly working up the courage to ask to see you again.
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this way about someone, if he ever had. Trying to look back at all the one night stands and casual hookups to see if he’d ever actually caught feelings for anyone but he hadn’t. There was just something about you that seemed to break the mould, no matter how much he tried to deny it, how much he tried to convince himself you were annoying, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was falling for you.
Maybe he should invite you to the No Heroes headline show like Kirishima had suggested, if you’d even come?
Pausing his beat on his drumkit as he placed the sticks on the top of the snare, reaching into his pocket to pull his cell phone out as he prepared to text you to ask. His phone illuminated with a new Twitter notification from you, unlocking his phone swiftly as he moved to read the caption.
New tweet from Y/N [10:44AM]: Amazing Mindjack show last night, thank you so much for inviting me Shinsou.
Bakugou felt his stomach turn to knots at the sight of you standing beside Mindjack. A wide smile on your face as his eyes instantly went towards his hand poised snugly around your waist. The tips of his fingers digging into your side as they hovered dangerously close to the round curve of your ass. Your body obviously being pulled against his chest as you wrapped both your arms around his thin waist, one of your hands grasping your wrist to circle him.
Immediately looking at the comments that flooded in beneath the image, fans saying how cute you looked together and how happy they were for you. Others expressed their anger that you were dating their favourite musician, complaining that they would no longer have a chance to profess their love.
Swallowing thickly to try and ignore the hurt that welled inside him, the emotion quickly masked with anger as he moved to message you. Unable to stop himself from typing out the harsh words that flowed onto the screen.
OfficialDynamight [10:47PM]: No wonder you hate my fucking band, it’s because you’re not interested in the music at all are you? Just another fucking groupie.
Rage boiled inside him as he angrily jabbed the screen with his thumb to press send, exiting out of the message to unfollow your profile. Uncaring about his cellphone screen as he chucked his phone across the room, hearing it clatter against the hardwood floor but he didn’t care. His entire body seething as he tried to calm his breathing, chest heaving while rage boiled inside him. Rubbing his hands on his jeans to try and dry the sweat off his palms as he ground his teeth together in irritation. Why did he let himself fall for you? He should’ve known you’d do this to him.
Leaning forward on his drum stool he picked his sticks back up, settling his foot against the bass pedal as he began to tap out an aggressive beat. Loud bangs vibrating through the empty garage as he followed the rhythm of his rage, angry clashes of the symbols as he took his anger out on the kit in front of him. Feeling the tension in his muscles slowly starting to release with each harsh hit on the snare.
“Dude, what the fuck?” Kirishima yelled over the frantic bang of drums in the garage, his hands coming up to cover his ears. Sweat pooling from Bakugou’s body as he landed harsh hits to the drums, his barefoot bouncing against the bass pedal, “What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothin’,” Bakugou continued his beat, his thigh bouncing in quick succession as he tried to ignore Kirishima standing to the side of him.
“Don’t lie to me, man. Something’s obviously up.” Kirishima crossed his arms across his chest as he yelled at his best friend over the sound of the drums, unsure whether Bakugou had even heard him until the harsh noise came to a quiet tap.
“Something must have happened?” Kirishima’s hand reached out to grab the clattering symbol that Bakugou had just hit angrily, ceasing the loud clang as he gave it a look, “I’m not gonna leave until you tell me, Bro. So you-”
“She’s fuckin’ dating Mindjack.” Bakugou mumbled, cutting off Kirishima as he pushed his blond hair away from his sweaty forehead, the strands sticking together as they pointed up in random directions as Bakugou panted from exertion, “All this time.”
“And she didn’t say anything?”
“Course she fuckin’ didn’t. Why would she?”
“It seems a little odd that she’d talk to you for all this time when she’s got a boyfriend though?” Kirishima tried to reason, “Did you ask her about it?”
“Doesn’t matter anyway,” Bakugou growled, his foot bouncing against the bass pedal angrily, “It’s fuckin’ done.”
Tumblr media
How had Bakugou Katsuki managed to do this to you?
You felt tears begin to well in your eyes, clumping against your lashes as they began to spill down your cheeks. Blurring your vision as you re-read his words.
OfficialDynamight: no wonder you hate my fucking band, it’s because you’re not interested in the music at all are you? Just another fucking groupie.
Noticing that you couldn’t reply to him, a sign that he’d blocked you from his social media accounts. Somehow this hurt more as you were unable to confront him, even if you’d wanted to. You should’ve never allowed yourself to fall for him, it was your fault for allowing him in. Letting him penetrate the locked cage of your heart and soul as he broke you from the inside out. A different kind of pain to those daily aches and pains, this one hit so much deeper. He’d broken down every wall you claimed you’d put up for your safety, vowing to never allow someone to hurt you again. Protecting your heart for yourself before all others, not wanting anyone to navigate you back to your darkest place.
You couldn’t do this again, you didn’t want to resign yourself to the heartbreak as you moved to his social media profiles, finding his handle as you blocked him back to shut him out. Doing what you had to do to protect yourself from any more pain and disappointment.
Dumping your phone onto your bedside table you pulled your duvet around your body, snuggling into the comforting fabric as your tears continued to fall. A gentle playlist flowing from your speakers as you tried to ignore the pang in your chest at the realisation that Bakugou didn’t want you back.
You’d be okay, you always were. But it didn’t make it hurt any less.
A few hours later you woke up to your phone buzzing against your bedside table, rubbing the dried tears from your eyes with the sleeve of your hoodie as you picked it up, trying to ignore how dry and irritated your retina were as you unlocked the screen. Checking the new notifications on Twitter from Red Riot, Bakugou’s bandmate. Already expecting him to be coming up with a bullshit excuse for him that you didn’t want to hear as you contemplated deleting the message and blocking him too, you’d block every single member of the band if you had to. There was no way you’d ever be posting about them online again. The ache still hammering in your chest at Bakugou’s rejection the day before as you swiped at the screen.
RedRiot [4:24PM]: Hey
RedRiot [4:25PM]: Look, I know it would be easier to delete this but would you please hear me out? Bakugou is really upset.
The insinuation that he was more upset than you hurt as you backed out of the message to screenshot the last words Bakugou had sent to you, forwarding it across to Kirishima with a blunt message.
Y/N [4:31PM]: He’s the one that's hurting? When he’s the one that sent me this-
RedRiot [4:32PM]: I didn’t know he’d said that to you…
Y/N [4:34PM]: Yeah? Well, he did. Doesn’t matter now anyway.
RedRiot [4:35PM]: He was just really upset to see you with Mindjack, I think he really liked you and he didn’t realise you were dating.
Y/N [4:35PM]: Dating? I’m not dating Mindjack?
RedRiot [4:35PM]: Wait, you’re not?
Y/N [4:37PM]: No? I literally just reviewed his show. It was supposed to be out today but I didn’t get to finish it after Bakugou decided to be an fucking asshole.
RedRiot [4:38PM]: OMG that’s great news
Was he serious right now? Great news? Did he not hear anything that you’d just told him, already finding yourself irritated as you went to give him a snappy retort before he messaged again.
RedRiot [4:40PM]: Look, he was so upset when he thought you were dating Mindjack earlier. He’d never admit it, but he really likes you. I’ve never seen him this way around a girl before, and I can always tell when he’s talking to you because he’s always smiling.
Y/N [4:41PM]: If he really liked me he should’ve been straight up and not jumped to conclusions over a stupid picture.
RedRiot [4:42PM]: You’ve probably noticed by now, but Bakugou isn’t the best at sharing his feelings. I promise he’s a really great guy.
RedRiot [4:45PM]: Will you at least think about coming to the show? I know he fucked up, but whether he’d admit it or not. I know Bakugou would really want to see you.
You locked your phone after the conversation, pulling your legs up to your chest in a soft huddle. No matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t stop thinking about him, you missed him.
And if there was a chance he missed you too then maybe you should take it.
Tumblr media
You felt bile rise in your stomach as you entered the music venue, the AAA sticker stuck to your thigh as you weaved through the crowd. Trying to decide whether to just lurk at the back of the room and watch or just go home. It felt suffocating, your heart aching at the thought of even seeing Bakugou as you tried to decide what to do.
RedRiot [7:20PM]: You here yet?
Rereading the message as you tried to decide whether to answer or not, he’d already seen that you’d read it by now but you could still come up with an excuse.
Y/N [7:24PM]: I just got here…
RedRiot [7:26PM]: I’m so glad you decided to come, you got the pass right? Come backstage, I’ll be here if you’re nervous.
RedRiot [7:27PM]: Unless you want me to come and get you?
Y/N [7:27PM]: It’s fine, I’m coming.
You lingered at the door to their dingy dressing room as your knuckles hovered over the shoddy wood, trying to work up the courage to actually knock on the door to enter. Your heart pounding in your ribcage as you took a deep breath, allowing your knuckles to rap them against the door. Unsure whether they would be able to hear you over the loud rambunctious laughter inside so you took a deep breath as you let yourself inside.
The loud bustling came to a quiet stop as four sets of eyes glanced towards your frame in the doorway, nervously standing under their gaze as you shuffled your feet at the door.
It wasn’t too late to run, you thought, chewing your bottom lip between your teeth as you sincerely considered it.
“Hey! Thanks for coming.” Kirishima hopped up from his chair and bound across the room to greet you in the doorway, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug. Almost trying to anchor you in place to make sure you wouldn’t leave.
“What is she doing here?” Bakugou grumbled when he saw you standing in the doorway nervously, his vermilion orbs meeting your own as you felt the same feelings begin to resurface.
“I- I can go,” You mumbled, toying with your fingers nervously as you made to step back from the room, already feeling overwhelmed by the situation and being here.
“But you just got here, please stay-” Kirishima placed a large, comforting palm on your lower back as he helped you step inside the room.
Bakugou’s bandmates all came up to introduce themselves as Bakugou lingered near the back of the room, leaning against the vanity table as Kirishima ushered them out. Leaving you alone to talk with Bakugou, awkwardly standing in the middle of the room as he crossed his arms over his chest.
“Well, are you gonna say anything or-” Bakugou was quick to cut you off.
“I’m sorry.” Bakugou mumbled, looking down at his worn vans as he tried to get the words out, “I shouldn’t have lashed out like that-”
“You’re right, you shouldn’t have.” You glared at him angrily as he lifted his gaze to meet yours. Obviously not expecting the raised tone to your voice, “I really fucking liked you, Bakugou.”
Hearing his last name leaving your lips made him ache, a hurt expression flashing through his eyes as he listened to you speak.
“I actually thought you liked me too.” You whispered.
“I do.” Bakugou rasped, “That’s why when I saw the picture of you with that bastard, and all the comments underneath I got pissed and lashed out.”
“You know those messages are what I have to deal with on a near daily basis, right?” You recalled the amount of times you’d had random strangers on the internet call you a groupie, a whore, a slut that was only interested in sleeping with guys from bands, “You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, you know?”
“Yeah, I know.” He rasped, a guilty look on his face.
“Otherwise you’d have to admit OFA are a better band than No Heroes.” You teased, watching the way he sneered at you.
“I know you don’t fuckin’ think that.” Bakugou glared.
“Oh yeah? You wanna bet?” He took a step into your personal space, his scent overwhelming your senses as you drank him in. His sheer mass hulking over you as his deep red eyes gazed down at you with mischief.
“You’re so fuckin’ annoying.” He growled down at you.
“So are you.” You quipped.
His calloused palm reached up to cup your neck, his thumb brushing against your jawline as you felt yourself lean into his touch. Your eyes fluttering from the soothing drag of his skin against yours as he leaned forward, warm breath fanning your face as his lips met yours in a slow, sensual kiss. The moment you collided it was as though nothing else mattered, pouring his feelings and emotions into the kiss as his tongue stroked against your lips, begging for entry which you gladly allowed. Your bodies melding together as your hands reached out for something, anything to keep you grounded as your head began to spin. Grabbing fistfuls of the band shirt he was wearing as you held him tight, feeling his tongue swipe against your own as you let out a soft moan which was engulfed by his mouth. Bakugou’s hand tightening its grip on your neck as his other began to trace patterns against your back, elaborate circles that had you arching into his touch, gasping for breath when you felt him squeeze the round cheek of your ass.
“You have no fuckin’ idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” Bakugou’s chest heaved as he sucked in a breath, his lips ghosting against your own as he held you tight. Unable to resist bringing you back into another deep kiss, this time your hands becoming bolder in their movements. Tracing the muscular contours of his chest through his shirt, dipping your hands towards the hem of his low-slung shorts as your fingertips slipped underneath the hem of his clothes, brushing against his bare skin as you teased the fuzzy trail of hair that sat below his belly button.
“Fuck,” He growled against your lips, “Best be careful, Princess.”
“Or what?” You smiled as you splay your palm against his chest,
Bakugou used his grip on your body to push you forward, making you walk backwards as you felt the back of your thighs hit something, gasping in surprise as you fell backwards. Landing on the worn leather sofa that sat in the room. Bakugou followed after as he settled between your parted thighs, not once breaking the kiss as his tongue lapped at the roof of your mouth. Your hands moving up to weave through the messy hairs at the base of his neck, fingernails dragging through the buzzed hair of his undercut as you felt him shudder against you.
You couldn’t quite believe this was happening, this was something you’d thought about when you lay in bed at night. Imagining how it would feel to have his body pressed against yours, completely surrounded by his intoxicating scent. Having him here now felt like a fever dream, fearing that you could wake up at any moment and be back at home alone in your bed once more. The thought causing you to cling tighter to him, a low growl leaving Bakugou’s lips when you tugged at his hair, your thigh latching onto his hip as his hand manoeuvred to your ass, grinding the tent in his shorts against your clothed sex.
“God, you’re so fuckin’ pretty.” He rasped as he pulled away from your lips, giving you a moment to breathe before he made you throb again as he began to press hot, searing kisses along your jawline.
“I’m not,” You mumbled in your love-drunk stupor, squeezing your thighs against Bakugou’s hips as he pulled away from your neck. A serious look in his eyes as his brows furrowed, vermilion orbs gazing down at you.
“Yes, you fuckin’ are.” He pecked your lips as you felt your heart do somersaults, “And I’ll keep sayin’ it til you believe it.”
Using his grip on your ass to roll his hips against yours, grinning at the breathless gasp you made at the sensation of his hard cock pressing against your core. Your hands grabbing for him as you tried to pull him back towards you, the distance was already too far. Bakugou’s lips curling into a grin as he latched onto your pulse point, his teeth biting down on the supple skin as he sucked the junction of your throat. Your head laying back on the worn cushions as your back arched into his touch, his touch scorching against you as you scrambled to hold onto him. Trying to ground yourself as you let out a deep moan, Bakugou’s tongue lashing against you as he soothed the skin, pulling back to assess his work before you were already desperately trying to pull him back into a sloppy kiss. His wet lips connecting with yours as he smirked, his nose bumping against yours playfully as he continued peppering you with soft kisses.
“Hey, I’m guessing you guys made up then?” Kirishima called from the door, Bakugou pulling away from you with a snarl as he glared towards his friend in the doorway.
Feeling yourself heat up in embarrassment of being caught in such a compromising position as Bakugou yelled out obscenities, trying to get Kirishima to leave the room as he kept you pinned to the sofa.
“I wish I could, dude. But we’re due on stage like now-” Kirishima moved his gaze to you, “I’m gonna have to steal him away, sorry.” You gave him a shy smile as you felt Bakugou’s grip tighten on you, obviously contemplating not going on stage at all.  
“Come on, Bakubro.” Sero poked his head in and made a wolf whistle when he saw the position the pair of you were in, “It’s headline night, baby-”
“Why does everyone always want Bakugou?” Kaminari groaned when he saw you both on the sofa in the dressing room.
“It’s the bad boy image, Denks. You don’t have it-” Sero laughed, patting his best friend on the back.
“Come on, man.” Kirishima tried to push his other band members out of the doorway, “You gonna watch us side stage?” He directed to you as you gave him a shy nod.
“Give me a fuckin’ second, assholes.” Bakugou
“You okay?” He asked gently, his red irises looking into yours for any sign that you may not be. Giving him a small smile as you nodded in affirmation, making him press a final peck to your lips before getting up from the sofa.
“Fuck,” He grumbled under his breath as he readjusted his shorts, making you laugh as he tried to hide the raging hard-on beneath the fabric.
“Whatcha laughin’ at, hah?” He sent you a playful glare, reaching a hand out to you to help you off the couch as he pulled you up with ease.
“Come on, ‘m gonna show you the best fuckin’ show you’ve ever seen.” He smirked cockily, leading you out of the dressing room and towards the stage.
“Yeah? We’ll see- ow!” You cried playfully when Bakugou landed a harsh smack to your ass.
The moment you made it to the side of the stage you could hear the crowd roaring, the synchronized chants of No Heroes sounding out and filling the venue as the band slowly began to walk out on stage. Bakugou leaving a lingering kiss on your lips before he stepped out last, walking straight to his drumkit as he pulled the sticks from his back pocket. Taking a seat on the stool as he slapped them together to signal the start of the first song. The loud bass roaring to action as the sound filled the speakers, the music vibrating through you as you watched them lose their inhibitions on stage. Sero’s voice singing out over the loud instruments as the first song began.
Much like the first time you’d seen them perform, you found you were unable to take your eyes off Bakugou. There was just something so enticing about watching him play, the controlled focus on his features as he tapped the beat out on the drums effortlessly. Rubbing your thighs together as you were reminded of your unsatiated need, trying to give yourself some light relief as you watched the way his muscles contracted with each movement.
This was the Bakugou you wanted to see, the true raw emotion that he exuded when he was on stage. Your eyes were captivated by his every move, watching the sweat begin to collect against his brow as he pushed his hair from his eyes, shaking the sweat off as he took hard, deep breaths between songs. Each gap he’d glance over at you, giving you a small smile while Sero worked the audience. The familiar guitar introduction of your favourite No Heroes song sounding out as Bakugou smirked, leaning forward on the stool slightly as he began to tap out a beat, his thigh bouncing as he kicked the bass pedal, breaking out into the melodic chorus as his voice flowed through the microphone. Pouring out every bit of emotion he felt inside him into the song, the words flowing through the air and straight into your soul.
Sorrow flowing through your veins as you heard Sero announce that this was the final song, glancing out at the crowd as they cheered for No Heroes. You didn’t want the performance to end, moving your focus back onto Bakugou as he prepared to start the song. The whole band turning to face him as they were counted in. The guitars blending together perfectly with Bakugou’s beat as you watched him pour all his energy into the set.
Sweat dripping off his body and pooling on the ground around him as he picked up his towel, trying to wipe himself off as he raised a final fist to the crowd, holding his drumsticks above his head before he chucked both into the audience. Creating a mini-scuffle in the crowd as fans fought for a memento of their show. Bakugou quickly turning to make his way back to the side of the stage where you were still waiting for him.
“Well?” He wiped some of the sweat from his brow with a black towel around his neck as he moved to pull you into a hug, which you tried to escape. His skin glistened with moisture as you squealed, his arms circling you as you were pressed against his damp chest. Feeling the wetness pressing against your shirt as you tried to wriggle out of his tight grip.
“Get off, you’re so sweaty.” You cried, moving your head back as he kept your body pressed snugly against his, his musky scent provocative as you found yourself eager to be engulfed in it. Calming your thrashing as you allowed it to gather around you as you inhaled deeply,
“You love it, don’t lie,” Bakugou smirked, flicking his head to try and move some of his messy spikes from his vision, droplets of sweat flicking against your face.
“Ew,” You laughed as he leaned down to nuzzle your neck, almost as though he was marking you with his scent.
“You gonna tell me what you thought?” His eyes looked hopeful as he waited for your reaction, the rest of his band bustling in the background as the crowd continued to cheer, even though the lights in the venue had powered back on.
“You were incredible.” You replied in earnest, “Seriously.”
You wished you could’ve captured the elation in his eyes at the words, a big smile you’d never seen before appearing on his face as he tightened his grip around you, ignoring your cries of protest about how sweaty he was as he pulled you into a kiss.
“It’s getting really late, I should probably get home.”
“Hold on, I’ll walk you home.”
A subtle moonlight illuminated the pavement as you walked home, Bakugou’s thick arms nudging into your side as he tried to decide whether to grab your hand. Maybe put his arm around you instead? He wasn’t sure what to do so instead remained silent beside you, but there was something different about Bakugou that made silence serene.
Maybe it was the knowledge that you didn’t have to talk to feel comfortable with him, no sound to try and overcompensate for awkward tension. Everything felt so natural, so normal. You wanted to feel this way all the time, to be with him all the time. There was just something about Bakugou Katsuki that you couldn’t seem to shake, gravitating towards his orbit whenever he spoke. Something so raw and true about him that you’d never quite found in another person before, it was difficult to find that kind of unabashed honesty anymore.
“Whatcha thinkin’ about?” Bakugou’s husky voice spoke out, deliberately nudging your shoulder as you walked along the quiet streets.
“Mmm, nothing really.” You tried to act coy, there was no way you were going to tell him what you were really thinking about. The pent up urges from the venue still whirring inside you as you thought back to how his muscular body had felt on top of you.
“Oi, what did I tell you about lying?” Bakugou grunted, his nose scrunching in the same way you’d observed he did whenever he was annoyed, “Stop being a brat and answer the fuckin’ question.”
“Oh? You wanna know that I’m thinking about you?” Bakugou’s cheeks tinged pink at your answer, obviously not expecting you to be so blunt. “How about you, Bakugou? What are you thinking about?”
You hoped that he was going to say you, longing to hear the confession of his desire for you leaving his lips. You needed to hear that he wanted you too, just as much as you wanted him. That you occupied his thoughts in the same way he was now taking over yours, flooding your mind with all thoughts of Bakugou Katsuki and filling your conscience to the brim until there was no space left for anything else.
“Tch, you dumbass.” He muttered, eyes facing forward as you continued walking together.
“What was that? I’m not sure I quite heard you, Bakugou.” You teased, already knowing loud and clear what he’d just confessed.
“You fuckin’ heard me,” He almost shouted, the sound making a wide smile appear on your face, “And call me Katsuki.”
“Katsuki.” You hummed the name, the melody sounding so perfect coming from your lips as Bakugou longed to hear you say it over and over again.
Pulling your key out of your pocket as you moved to open your front door, Bakugou lingering behind as he waited for you to get inside safely.
“Goodnight.” He whispered, shuffling his feet as he was obviously trying to decide whether he should kiss you or not. An internal argument in his mind overstepping closer and scooping you into his arms or just turning and walking away.
“Are you not coming in?” You lingered in the doorway as you watched Bakugou turn to leave, his lip curling into a small smile as he stepped back towards you as you kept the door open for him to step inside your apartment.
Closing it gently as he slipped his vans off and left them beside yours at the door, following you through to the living room as he looked around your quaint home.
“‘m glad you came tonight.” He murmured, leaning into your touch as you leaned up on tip-toes to wrap your arms around his shoulders, tugging him down into a gentle kiss.
“I’m glad I came too,” You smiled, “I wasn’t going to-”
“I know.”
“Kiri convinced me though. Told me you weren’t as big an asshole as you seem-” You grinned at the dopey smile that appeared on his face, “I’m still not sure if he’s right though.”
“Yeah, yeah. And you’re fuckin’ annoying too, you know.” He groaned, but there was no true malice in his words.
“But you love it.” You teased.
“Yeah, I do-”
You took his large palm in your own as you lead him towards your bedroom, giving him a lingering peck on the lips as you moved to put some music on. Slipping on one of your soft, romantic pop-punk playlists as he sat down on the edge of your bed. Giving him a gentle smile as you walked towards him as the slow, soothing music played through your speaker. Standing between his parted thighs as Bakugou’s arms coiled around you, caging you in against him as you drape your arms over his shoulders.
Bakugou’s large palms moved to grasp your ass, kneading the cheeks as you lowered your lips to his, craning his neck to meet you in a sultry kiss. Your soft moans captured in his mouth as he continued to massage your rear, using his grip on you to pull you closer as your fingers danced along his face, feeling the rough stubble against his jawline as you cupped his cheeks, boldly pushing your tongue between his parted lips as you deepened the kiss.
This was nothing like any other relationship you’d had before, it felt completely new and fresh. A different kind of intimacy that you had longed to feel but had never been able to experience until now. Each touch Bakugou left on your body kept tiny volts of electricity flowing through you, your heart racing in your chest as he began to move his hands higher, slipping underneath the distressed shirt you wore to the show as he splayed his palms against your bare back, silently waiting for you to permit him to proceed.
You answered by breaking away from the kiss, reaching down to the hem of your shirt to pull the fabric up and over your head, discarding it to the floor as you stood between his parted thighs in a plain black bra. Bakugou’s eyes instantly shooting towards your exposed skin, mapping out the beautiful contours of your body as he pulled you back towards him, nuzzling his face against your round breasts as you ran your fingers through his messy hair.
“You’re fuckin’ perfect.” He groaned as his palms explored the new territory, stroking along your sides as he came to the bottom of your bra. Thick fingers thumbing the underside of your breasts, watching carefully as your back arched into his touch.
His lips pressing gentle kisses to the supple skin that peeked out of the black cups, holding his head as he gave playful nips to you, his nose nuzzling the skin as his fingers moved to your back to unclasp the fabric, feeling it loosen around your body as the cups hung lifelessly against you. Moving back so you could pull the material away from your body, letting it fall to the ground as you exposed your chest to Bakugou.
“Shit,” He sucked in a breath at the sight of you bare in front of him. Your breasts posed beautifully for him as he pressed a gentle kiss against your soft nipple, watching the way it hardened beneath his touch. Stiffening to a peak as he repeated the motion on the other side. Large palms cupping your mounds as you let out an airy sigh, moaning as he languidly began to lap at your chest. His tongue slathering spit against your darkened areolas, dragging the tip around your buds as you tried to get him to suck them into his mouth. Tightening your grip on the back of his head as your fingernails dug into the skin, groaning when you felt him comply. His teeth dragging gently against the surface as he sucked one between his lips.
“Fuck, Katsuki.” You mewled, leaning your weight against him as you felt his tongue lash against your nipple, cheeks hollowing as he began to suck crudely. The sound audible over the playlist you’d put on as he pulled back from your mound with a pop, blowing cool air against the wet skin as you shuddered. A smirk on his face as he moved to the other side, mimicking the action as you began to rub your thighs together, “Feels good.”
“Yeah?” He pulled away, lips pouted as he blew cold air against your other stiff peak, “How good?”
“So good.” You gasped when his fingers moved to your jeans, tugging the button as it popped open, your fly unzipping as he began to help you out of the denim. The material slipping to the floor as you stepped out of it, exposing your matching black panties to his eyes as he sucked in a breath.
“Why am I the only one getting naked?” You whined as Bakugou’s hands instantly moved to turn you to the side so he could get a better view. Marvelling the way your underwear curved around the shape of your ass, clinging to your body perfectly as he grabbed a fistful. Squeezing gently as the fabric slipped between your cheeks, pulling back to give the surface a soft smack, making you cry out for him.
“Cause you’re prettier.” He murmured, giving your cheek another spank as he cherished the way you cried out for him.
“No, I’m not,” You scrunch your nose in disagreement as he repeated the motion, harder this time as the smack reverberated around your room.
“Yes, you fuckin’ are.” Bakugou squeezed the roundness of your ass, fingertips digging into the skin he’d just spanked. The sensation causes a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure to ebb through you.
“Katsu, please.” You pouted as your fingers tugged at his shirt, trying to get him to remove it as he finally caved in.
“Fine, fine. So whiny.” He sassed playfully as he leaned back to pull the fabric up and over his head as he dropped it to the floor to join your clothes.
Your hungry eyes immediately drinking in his exposed skin, hands smoothing along his defined pectorals as you brushed through the thin lines of blond hair that danced against his chest. Grazing his nipples as you enjoyed mapping out his body, unabashedly ogling him as he stroked his warm palms along your outer thighs.
“You’re so pretty.” You cooed, pressing a playful kiss to his lips as you pressed against his pectorals so his back was flush on the mattress.
“Yeah? I’m pretty, am I?” He teased back, large palms curling around the back of your thighs as he pulled you on top of him. Your legs on either side of his hips as your clothed cunt was pressed flush against his crotch. The sensation making him grunt softly as he rolled his hips against you, creating delicious friction between both your bodies as his lashes fluttered.
“You’re the fuckin’ pretty one.” He growled as he grabbed both of your ass cheeks in his large palms, grinding you down against his bulge as he deliberately rolled your hips against him, ensuring to drag against your clit with each circular motion. The sensation causing your walls to clench around nothing as you felt your slick dampening the fabric of your panties and sticking to his jeans, “God, you’re such a fuckin’ mess and I’ve barely touched you.”
His fingers slipped between your thighs to brush the back of his knuckles against your clothed slit, feeling how wet you were through the thin barrier of clothing. You sucked in a breath as you felt him nudge your clit, rolling your hips to try and give yourself some more stimulation as he watched the way your chest heaved at the sensation. Having the perfect vantage point of your round breasts above him as he moved his other hand to tweak one of your hard nipples.
Shuddering as you felt his fingers stroke the apex of your thighs, goosebumps littering your skin as he slipped his calloused fingers beneath the hem of your panties, fingers grazing over your outer labia as he spread you open, delving his digits between your messy folds. A growl echoing from deep in his chest as the feeling of you beneath his touch, so wet and slick for him as he trailed along your cunt. Teasingly flicking your sensitive nub before travelling lower, tracing gentle circles around your tight entrance as he felt your walls flutter at his ministrations. Desperately trying to drag him in deeper, to feel him stretching you out as you writhed above him.
Becoming impatient as you moved your own hands from their position on his chest to the waistband of his jeans, fingers tugging at his belt as you managed to unbuckle it, leaving it threaded through the loops as you began pawing at his fly. Unbuttoning the denim as you tugged at the material, trying to give yourself as much space as possible to free his aching cock. You whimpered when you saw how thick he looked beneath the grey boxer briefs he was wearing. A dark circle of pre staining the fabric as you palmed him through the thin fabric, making him grunt as he jerked his hips sloppily.
“Don’t,” His hand was quick to catch your wrist, yanking you back from his crotch as he let out the strained breath he’d been holding in, his chest heaving as he looked up at the ceiling.
The movement catching you off guard as you took it to be an instant rejection, trying to ignore the romantic playlist that was playing in the background, words flowing through the speakers about love and eternity that only seemed to exasperate your feelings. Bakugou immediately caught the look of hurt that was fraught on your features, his gaze softening as his grip on your wrist loosened.
“Oh fuck, no-” He rambled, “Not because it didn’t feel good- shit- because you’ll have me cummin’ in my fuckin’ pants if you keep that up.”
You felt the heavy weight in your chest dissipate at his words, the fear that he’d taken you this far just to reject you now removed as Bakugou began to stroke soothing circles along your thigh, his thumb slipping between your slick folds to find your puffy clit, pressing down on the sensitive nub as he began to rub slow circles around it.
“You like that?” Bakugou rasped as he pressed harder against your clit, watching your face contorted in pleasure as you tried to form a response, instead the words slipping out in an incoherent jumble. Your hips buckled as you tried to get him to give you something, anything more to help send you over the edge.
“More,” You managed to gasp out, your smaller hands wrapping around his thick wrist to try and get him to move towards your entrance, eager to have him inside you.
“More? Greedy little thing, aren’tcha?” Bakugou coddled you, “This not enough for you, Princess?”
“Don’t tease, Katsu.” You whined as you felt his thumb leave your clit, instead stroking along your outer lips as he watched you trying to gain more stimulation for yourself, your hips rolling as you tried to position his touch to where you needed it most. Taking pity on you as he moved his middle finger to slip inside your tight heat.
“Jesus fuckin’ christ.” He groaned at the feeling of your inner walls squeezing around his digit, “You’re so tight.”
You felt his blunt nails dragging along your spongy inner walls, curling his finger to try and find the spot inside you he knew would have you coming undone for him. Trying to drop your hips on his hand to get him deeper inside you as you moved your palms back to rest on his chest, trying to gain traction as you began to fuck yourself on his finger.
“God, I could look at you like this all damn day.” Bakugou kept his hand still as he watched you roll your hips against him, occasionally curling the digit just to hear what sweet moans he could pull from your lips, “So fuckin’ pretty.”
You mewled indignantly when he pulled his finger from your dripping cunt, scrunching your nose as he moved his hand to grab the back of your thigh, your essence sticking to your skin uncomfortably as he caught you by surprise, hoisting you up his body until you were resting against his pectorals.
“What are you doing?” Your face flushed in confusion as your lower half was positioned dangerously close to his face.
“What’s it look like, Princess?” He tugged on your thighs again, moving them over his shoulders so you were hovering over his face. The headboard of your bed was too far away to hold as you trembled above him, “‘m getting a taste.”
Your body flushed in embarrassment as he tugged your panties to the side, getting a close look at your puffy lips.
“Look at this pretty little pussy,” You keen at his words, almost falling backwards before his strong arms weave under your thighs to hold you steady. Holding your ass in his large palms, dropping you down onto his eager mouth. Feeling the flat of his tongue lick a long swipe along your sex, your slick coating it as he tasted you for the first time, the taste igniting something feral inside him as a low growl vibrated in his throat.
“Even better than I imagined,” He murmured before diving in for more, the desire inside you overwhelming as he began to feast on your cunt. His tongue glided between your labia as he found your tight entrance, circling it with the tip of his tongue before prodding it inside your saccharine walls. His nose was snug against your clit as you found yourself grinding down against him. Your hands immediately looking for something to hold onto to try and ground yourself as your fingers weaved into his messy hair. Fingernails dragging against his scalp as you began to ride his face.
“That’s it, good fuckin’ girl.” He growled, enjoying the sensation of you tugging his hair at the root, rutting his hips against nothing as he tried to create some friction for his neglected cock, “Got such a pretty pussy, don’tcha?”
His words made your entire body flush, a heat pooling between your legs as you felt him move back up, his tongue sliding along your sex as he wrapped his lips around your clit. His teeth lightly grazing it as he began to suck, his cheeks hollowing as he lashed his tongue against the sensitive nub. The motion caused you to cry out for him, trying to shut your thighs around his head as the sensation became too overwhelming. Bakugou kept his grip on your ass firm as he continued to work your clit, enjoying the way you caged him in, as though you were trying to suffocate him.
Jumbled words began to tumble from your lips as you tried to form coherent words to describe how you were currently feeling, but you couldn’t. The sensation was unlike anything you’d ever felt before as he continued to work your body with precision. His hand curling around your body to rest against your pelvis as he angled your hips, keeping you steady as he lashed his tongue against your sensitive nub.
“Oh, fuck.” You gasped, feeling the familiar ache inside you as your climax surged through you like a tidal wave. Your hands pulling at Bakugou’s hair as you bucked your hips erratically against his touch. His grip keeping his lips against you as he held you steady. Trying to close your thighs to no avail as he continued working your clit in his mouth. Bakugou’s vermilion eyes completely focused on your face as your lips parted in a near-constant whine. His name spilling from your throat like a dull mantra, crying out for him as though he was some sort of deity.
“S’too much, I can’t-” You tried to mumble out, your thighs quivering as you felt the intensity of your orgasm still flowing through you, “I’m so-”
You couldn’t find the words, as quickly as you’d reached your first climax, Bakugou had been relentless in granting you your second. Your body almost falling forward if it wasn’t for his grip on you, a display of pure strength from the blond as he kept you upright while continuing to lap against your folds. Nuzzling your sensitive clit before moving his lips down to taste your release on his tongue, shamelessly slurping at your cunt as the lewd noises filled your bedroom and sounded over your playlist.
“You’re such a mess,” Bakugou smirked as he finally gave you a moment to recover as he pulled back from your sex, your slick glistening against his chin as he licked his lips greedily.
“That was-” You didn’t even know how to describe it, if there were even words in this life that could describe the euphoria you felt.
“I know.” He replied cockily, a dopey grin on his face as you made a motion to slap his cheek playfully, “Oi, is that how you treat someone that just made you cum like that- twice,”
“So fucking cocky.” You rolled your eyes as you felt him shuffle behind you, your body still resting around his neck.
“Yeah, I am.” You turned back to watch his thumbs slipping into the hem of his boxers, tugging the fabric down to let it keep around his muscular thighs. His thick cock springing free as you couldn’t help but stare.
You knew he was going to be big, but this was completely unexpected. You could tell how heavy his cock was from the way it slapped down against his abdomen, the sheer girth enough to have your cunt throbbing as you wondered how you’d even be able to take him in. A heavy set of balls sat at the base, a faint scattering of hair around them as the length was just as intimidating. You noted the way it curved, forking veins scattered along it which only seemed to add to his sheer mass as your eyes were met with the mushroomed head. A thick bead of pre oozing from the tip and dribbling against his chest as he moved to give himself a quick pump with his fist, smearing the pre along his length.
“You don’t have to, you know-” Bakugou whispered honestly, his eyes looking up into yours for any sign of reluctance as you shook your head.
“No, I want to.” You reassured him, “I have for a while.”
Bakugou lifted you with ease as he moved you back down to his hips, watching as you used his chest for leverage as you eased your thighs up, taking him in one hand as he hissed on impact. The sensation of your small hand around his impressive girth had him throbbing as he watched you position him at your entrance.
“I don’t think I prepped you enough, Princess. You’re fuckin’ tight-” Bakugou tried to move a hand back between your thighs to stretch you out before slipping his thick cock inside but you were quick to brush him away. Your hand pushing his larger one away as he let out a guttural groan at your refusal.
“No, I want it now.” You pouted childishly as you pressed the bulging head inside you, your lips parted in a silent moan as you felt him beginning to stretch you out. A gentle throb between your thighs as you slowly began to roll your hips against him, trying to get yourself accustomed to the size as you began to drop yourself lower and lower on his thick cock.
“Fuckin’ hell, you’re so fuckin’ hot you have no idea-” Bakugou cursed as he rambled on about how beautiful you looked taking his cock, what a good girl you were being for him. His sweet praises only aiding you in taking him inside your walls, fluttering around him as you were eager to please.
“Atta girl,” Bakugou groaned when he felt you take him down to the base. Your messy slick stringing in his neatly trimmed pubic hair as you took a moment to adjust to the intrusion. The subtle tremor of your velvety walls around him made it near impossible for him not to buck up into you, tightening his grip on your hips as the calloused pads of his fingers dug into your sides, no doubt leaving bruises.
“Katuski.” You sighed when you finally began to move against him, grinding yourself against his pelvis as his pubic hair stimulated your clit. Dragging yourself back and forth as you basked in the sensation, throwing your head back as you used his body to get yourself off.
“That’s it, pretty girl.” Bakugou cooed, a hand reaching up to flick your nipple as he kept his grip on your hips, letting you move at a pace you desire, “You makin’ yourself feel good, yeah?”
“Feel so good, Suki. You feel good-” You warbled, tears blanking your vision from the stretch as you selfishly worked yourself towards another orgasm.
Your hips stuttered with each movement as you began to lift yourself before dropping yourself back down on his cock, repeating the motion as his thickness dragged along your spongy walls. Each drag of his cock inside you had you feeling warm, hot molten lava flowing through your body as you began to roll your hips above him. Pulling more beautiful sounds from between his lips. Generating invigorating friction as you tried to keep up a steady pace. Your body already overwhelmed by pleasure and you couldn’t get enough as you continued to ride him.
Bakugou’s hands were all over you, touching every single curve of your body he could reach, moving his palms up to cup your round breasts. Feeling the weight in his palms as he thumbed your nipples, cherishing the pretty whine that he managed to pull from your lips at the sensation. Continuing lower as he stroked your soft curves, moving the flat of his palm to press against your pelvis. Certain he could almost feel his thick cock buried deep inside you, stretching your tight body to accommodate him. The realisation had him groaning and bucking his hips up into you, causing you to cry out his name.
“Wait,” Bakugou turned his head towards your speaker as a familiar song began to play out, “Is that one of my fuckin’ songs? I thought you didn’t like my band-“
You flushed at the realisation that you really did have one of his songs on your romantic playlist, it was one of the first songs you’d ever listened to by his band and it was one you cherished the most because it had vocals from Bakugou. Almost as though he was singing it to you.
“You got Serendipity on your playlist?” Bakugou’s grin couldn’t get any wider, flashing a hint of gum as he smirked down at you dopily.
“I like this one,” You murmured innocently, continuing your sloppy pace against him, “It’s good.”
“I fuckin’ knew you loved us,” Bakugou replied cockily, moving his hand back to spank your ass, “Can’t believe I’m actually fuckin’ to one of my songs.”
“Shut up,” You pouted, your pace becoming more erratic as you tried to stop the ache in your parted thighs.
“Let me fuckin’ have this one,”
“There’s a growl you do in this song that’s just so fucking sexy.” Bakugou stopped his motions as he gave you the cockiest smirk you’d ever seen.
“Oh yeah?” Noticing the way you slowed against him, lifting yourself up slightly before barely dropping back down, “Getting tired, Princess?” Bakugou cooed, as you nodded your head in reply.
Feeling him tighten his grip on your waist as he held you stead, positioning his feet on the floor as he began to piston his hips up into you, the harsh sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room as his balls hit the curve of your ass almost to the beat of the song. Your stretched pussy began to squelch with the amount of your shared juices that dribbled down his thick cock and left white ring marks around the base, his motions were more harsh and frantic as his song played in the background.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh-” You whined, his frantic pace was making your breasts bounce as he ruts himself into you quickly, greedily trying to send you into another release.
“Gonna cum for me, Princess?” He smirked, “Gonna cum to one of my songs?”
Bakugou was so deep inside you from this position, his cockhead kissing your cervix with each downward motion as he eagerly brought you towards another climax. Your toes curling as you threw your head back, letting Bakugou use you any way he saw fit. Each movement had you feeling a different kind of bliss, an ethereal feeling flowing through you as your vision began to become hazy. Biting down on your bottom lip enough to draw blood as you tried to stop yourself from screaming out for him.
“Don’t hide it, baby. Lemme hear it.” Bakugou rasped between sharp breaths, his cock pulsing inside you at the beginning of his own release, “Lemme hear how good I make you feel.”
Everything felt so intense, so raw as Bakugou continued ramming into you. Your inner walls fluttering around him in the telltale signs of your release, squeezing his cock as you felt yourself reaching your climax.
“Come on, Princess. Cum for me-” You keened as Bakugou continued whispering encouraging words to you, angling his hips so he repeatedly hit that same spot inside you he knew would have you seeing stars, “I know you’re fuckin’ close I can feel ya clampin’ down on me.”
“Fuck, that’s it, pretty girl-” He grunted when he felt your walls begin to pulse around him, milking his cock as you came. Never giving up his pace as his vermilion eyes trained on you, thrusting upwards as his cock  drove into you with reckless abandon, watching your face contort in pleasure as you came around him.
You cried out his name, not even caring if anyone heard you. Your body beginning to shudder as you felt an earth-shattering climax surge through you. Knocking the air from your lungs as your body collapsed forward. Your sweaty chest pressed against his as he continued whispering sweet praises. Bakugou’s arms curling around your back to hold you against him as he greedily used you for his own release. Fucking his thick cock into you as his thrusts became sloppier, guttural grunts leaving his lips.
“Can I- Where do you want it?” Bakugou grunted, unsure how much longer he could hold back as he felt himself teetering on the edge of his release.
“Inside, please cum inside me-” Your lips pressed against his collar bone as you pleaded your request.
Bakugou’s hips faltering at just how sweet you sounded in your request, burying himself deep inside you one last time as he let go. White, hot ropes of cum spurting from his thick cock and coating your inner walls as he continued to rut his hips against you, riding out his release.
Bakugou wrapped his arms around you in a bear hug as he held you against his heaving chest. A light sheen of sweat coating both your bodies as it made you stick together comfortably, his hair pressed back from his forehead from sweat as he pressed gentle kisses to the top of your head as you both regained your breath.
“That was so fuckin’ good.” Bakugou panted, keeping himself buried inside you for a few more precious moments as he cherished the way your walls fluttered around his softening cock in the aftershocks to your orgasm.
Resting your cheek on his pectoral as you let yourself relax into him, his scent lulling you to sleep as another slow song played out over the speakers. When Bakugou made a move to lift you off his cock you let out a childish whine as you tried to feebly tighten your thighs around his hips.
“Come on, baby. ‘m gonna pull out, okay?” This time you let him lift you off his cock, some of his cum dribbling out of your cunt and onto his pelvis as he tucked you into his side. Letting you nuzzle into his armpit as you curled a thigh over one of his legs, staying as close to him as possible. Bakugou’s eyes immediately moving down to his crotch where some of his release had spilt out of you and onto his lower half. Groaning as he felt his semi-hard cock throb at the thought of your velvety walls again, already thinking about slipping back inside you.
Bakugou continued stroking his hands along your exposed skin, both of you uncaring that you were laying half-naked in your bed above the covers. His lips continued to press gentle kisses against your forehead as he felt you begin to draw absent-minded lines against his pectoral.
“We need to shower,” Bakugou murmured gently, pressing more kisses to your head.
“I know,” You pouted, but you weren’t ready to get up just yet. Still basking in the scent of him, nuzzling your nose against his side as you tightened your arm around his waist.
“No-” You whined when he tried to lift his body up, placing your weight against his side to try and anchor him back down for a moment longer. The motion caused him to smirk as he lay back down. His feet were still positioned on the floor as you curled up near the end of the bed, “Can we just stay like this a bit longer-”
“‘m not going anywhere, you know that?” Bakugou relaxed back against your mattress,
“I still can’t believe I fucked to my own song.” Bakugou grinned, a dopey look on his face that had you rolling your eyes.
“Ugh, I guess this means I’m stuck with you, doesn’t it?” You teased playfully, his gaze meeting your own as he turned his head down to look at you.
“You love it, Princess.” Bakugou smirked as he moved a palm to your thigh, clinging to it as he lifted it higher against his leg, “Besides, someones gotta stick around and fix your shitty music taste.”
“Is that your way of asking me out?” You laughed as you pressed a chaste kiss to his pec.
“I’m not asking, I’m tellin’ you-” Bakugou smirked cockily, “You need all the fuckin’ help you can get.”
“You’re such an asshole, you know that?”
“Yeah, yeah. I know you love me really, Princess.” Bakugou smirked, pulling you into him as he pressed his lips to the top of your head. “You better tell everyone you were actin’ crazy the last few months and we’re really your favourite fuckin’ band though.”
“Or maybe we can just start by telling everyone you don’t suck that much,”
“I’m telling everyone you got one of my songs on your ‘fuck me’ playlist.” He tightened his grip on your thigh to prevent you from even attempting to move away.
“That was not my ‘fuck me’ playlist.” You replied with a flustered heat on your cheeks.
“Oh yeah? Well, I think it is now-”
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tteokdoroki · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
bakugou is so in love with you it makes him look stupid.
Tumblr media
im talking about bakugou who wakes up a little earlier than you every day— up to an hour where he goes for a run before you can even think about breakfast. he knows that you worry about him, waking up without you makes you scared that he’s gotten hurt on the job, so he leaves a note in his scratchy explosive handwriting. i love you, i’m safe. it always says.
out on his runs he stops by the bakery you like, the one where you had your third, sixth and ninth date because you really loved the egg custard tarts there and katsuki picks up three because one isn’t enough to fill either of you up and he likes to split the third with you. over crummy kisses and spilt milk, you watch the sunrise and light up deep red hues, twisted with shades of blissful orange and peachy pinks and the words i love you are not spoken but instead said through the way you cup his cheek and he leans into your palm not a second later.
bakugou who looks for you in crowds in the busy streets of japan when you meet him for his lunch break during work— he’s messily put together, hoodie tugged over his hero suit which is a little torn from patrol but you’re in love so it’s okay, he looks beautiful to you anyway. bakugou who keeps his large hand on your waist, guiding you through strangers who couldn’t care less as you ramble about the things you saw on your way to meet him and the place you want to take him to get a good meal in him.
he loves that you’re thoughtful, always thinking of you while you’re thinking of him— he’s got that airy look on his face as you feed him bites from your plate and he sneaks in the bill and a hefty tip despite the fact that you said you’d pay. katsuki’s hand falling back to your waist when you leave as he glares at the server who wouldn’t stop looking your way, making it known that you only smile that pretty for him.
bakugou who can’t stop the tears from rolling as you stand up, cuddling his head into your stomach. he gets nightmares some nights, not as often as when he was back in school. he can’t see, he can’t breathe and all he feels is himself sinking into darkness as the villain swallows him hole and then...then there’s you, warm around him and not suffocating— with gentle eyes that tell him not to worry, bring him back down to earth and tell him it’ll all be okay. katsuki shakes but you brush back his hair, kiss his forehead and tell him. it’s alright, you’re safe.
bakugou who checks his phone every five seconds on a night out with kirishima and the others to see if you’ve texted, his cheeks flaring red when kaminari swings an arm over his shoulders just to tell him what a softie he’s become over the years—especially for you. and katsuki can’t even deny it, it’s the truth. maybe you’ve humbled him a little bit, your tender loving soothing the painful cracks in his soul. the way you look at him when you first wake up to the way you hold him when you both lay your heads down to rest— it all makes bakugou feel loved and valued, helps him breathe in fresh air after having his head underwater for so long. he would die for you, but you’d ask him to live instead and that’s all he’s ever needed to hear. all his life, you’re all he’s ever needed.
maybe i am. bakugou says to kaminari, the hints of a smile coming through when your text rolls in.
stay safe. i love you. it says.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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natsuonii · 6 days ago
here is my hand that will not harm you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem! reader
words: 7.6k
cw/tw: bodyguard/special agents au (both bakugou and reader are bodyguards), guns, mild injuries + blood, mild violence, mentions of scars on bakugou and reader, reader has body + pubic hair, bakugou lifts reader, oral + fingering (f → receiving), unprotected sex + creampie
— You lean against the wall and ask, “Looking forward to dressing up again?”
Another page flip, he gifts you with a ghost of a smile and a flicker of eye contact. You’ll take that as a yes. —
✰ ✰ ✰
You love your job. It’s hard to explain to people what exactly it is you do, though. The way you describe it, you could be mistaken for a spy. You don’t rappel down from ceilings or diffuse bombs, you don’t download intel onto a thumb drive or speak a dozen languages, you’re really just on security detail for your company most of the time. Your agency is fairly exclusive too, it only lets people use their services for very high prices. 
You’re allowed to live a mostly normal life with decent pay, and for that you are grateful. Sure, there are a few downsides, occasionally you’re forced to move, twice you’ve had to briefly use a false identity; but, now with your higher seniority in the company, you’ve been allowed to be selective about which ops you work, you’ve been able to choose to stay in one city, long term. The only drawback there? Not being able to select your own partner. Well, you win some, you lose some.
You’ve had several partners through the last few years, no one to write home about until Katsuki Bakugou was selected to work with you. You appreciate his work hard and take no shit attitude, even if others at your agency say he’s abrasive and short-tempered. 
You think his sharp tongue and piercing eyes are charming, even a little funny sometimes. You can tell he means well, he’s just not… well-versed, socially. And, despite watching him tell off people before, he’s never raised his voice at you, never once been mean to you. Not to say he’s been incredibly friendly, it took him a few weeks to warm up to you. You remember realizing his terse, clipped sentences had morphed into something you’d dare to call camaraderie, past tactful politeness, and into a real friendship. Still a new feeling, but one you revel in, using your unofficial and unspoken status to tease him openly and without repercussion.
“Ready for tonight?” you say with a smile, adjusting your hidden gun holster on the inside of your blazer.
“You say that like you’re going a fuckin’ date,” Bakugou grumbles as he finishes loading a clip into your pistol’s magazine.
He tosses the metal to you and you catch it effortlessly, clicking it into your gun. You double-check the safety before tucking the pistol into your holster, “It wouldn’t hurt for you to get excited for once. And I’m surprised you even know what a date is! You’ve definitely never been on one,” you tease.
He scowls across the room as he drapes his undone tie over the back of his neck, quick to perfectly knot it, “Shut it, I'm single for a reason.”
“It’s a distraction,” you say in unison, you’ve heard him give you that excuse a thousand times. Your imitation of him is perfect, down to the inflection and the little scowl that tugs at his lips when he says it.
You laugh at the way he pouts, not that he’d ever admit that the Katsuki Bakugou pouts, “I know, Bakugou, I know.”
As much as he tries to pretend otherwise, Bakugou’s not completely unaffected by other people, you know he’s occasionally slept with coworkers to let off steam— never clients, and certainly not you. He insists on staying strictly professional partners as long as your agency has you paired up. And yet he always gets huffy and short when you bring up your own rendezvous, you only tell him the details because you find the way his face pinches up very amusing, it’s entertained you a great deal during the last few months together.
There are no chances of getting lucky tonight however, with or without Bakugou, you’ve got a job to do. It’s supposed to be simple but enough to keep both of you busy: guard and protect the client while he conducts a meeting, keep your ears shut, don’t ask questions. Get in, get out. 
Things never go as planned.
One of your client’s associates pulls a gun on him, you’d had a feeling the business was shady. Bakugou takes the assailant down as you guide your client out, unfortunately not before shots are exchanged on either side. A bullet grazes your ribs, slicing through your blazer and crisp white shirt, another pierces your thigh. You grunt and grit your teeth, finding the will to keep moving through the burning pain and get into the armored car. You’ve got a job to do, you can worry about your injuries later.
You’ve managed to get the VIP out and back to safety, something the man pathetically thanks you for with a trembling lower lip, not even noticing the dark wetness of blood on your suit. You give him a stern nod, tell him you were just doing your job, then you demand that he give you his belt.
As you tighten it around your thigh to stop most of your bleeding, you bark out, “Step on it.”
He glances back in the rearview before he does as you say. You don’t know how much of the damage he noticed, but your tone got across that it was urgent, and not just for the sake of your client.
The client is dropped off and you’re back at base before you know it. Bakugou throws the car into park, then he’s at your door in what feels like a millisecond, you hear the car keys clatter to the floor as you clamber out, stubbornly trying to walk on your own.
“Sorry about the blood,” you grunt as Bakugou catches you when you stumble, “I bet they’re gonna take the cleaning fee outta my fucking paycheck.”
Your makeshift tourniquet and your hands’ steady, heavy pressure on your thigh during the ride only did so much. Definitely enough to save you without permanent damage, but not enough to leave you completely unscathed.
“You’re worrying about that now?” he almost shouts, obviously trying to keep his voice level. You watch him try to figure out if your thigh is the only injury you have.
“My rib is hit too,” you hiss as he helps you into the building, letting him all but drag you into the bathroom off of your room, “I think the bullet just grazed it though.”
He eases you down to sit on the closed toilet seat, instructing you to stick your legs out and lean back so you don’t aggravate your thigh even more. You suck in a slow breath and he carefully peels your blazer off, you look down as he unbuttons your shirt, “The moisture-wicking fabric works!” you joke, very deliberately keeping the panic you feel buzzing in your chest out of your voice.
He huffs something to the effect of that not being funny, then he helps remove your pants and shirt, leaving you in your underwear.
“This ain’t distracting you?” you say as he inspects you, waggling your brows in an effort to ignore the nausea churning your stomach.
“Shoulda been a comedian,” he huffs under his breath, quickly shedding you of the rest of your clothes and assessing you, “You wouldn’t get shot in that line of work.”
“Not as fun though,” you should be looking down at your wounds to see if they’re as bad as they feel, but you can’t seem to take your eyes off the furrow of his brow.
He looks up, meeting your eyes. Bakugou looks like he wants to say something. A few options flit through your mind— I should’ve been faster, I should’ve clocked him before he reached for his gun, I should’ve taken the bullet. But he doesn’t speak. He just nods before he leaves the bathroom, quick to gather supplies. You close your eyes and tip your head back, breathing in deeply through your nose before you realize something.
“You should call the medic.”
“It’ll take ‘em too long,” he says as he returns, the first aid kit secure in his hand, “I can do just as good of a job. Don’t you trust me?”
“Yea,” you breathe, not even needing to think twice, “I do.”
Bakugou gives you an affirming hum and washes his hands thoroughly before he kneels, the foot of your injured leg between his knees, “Just hit the outside, didn’t really go through you,” he tells you under his breath, his fingers surprisingly delicate on your thigh, “Lucky you.”
“Too bad I don’t feel very lucky,” you hiss as he presses a fresh bandage to the side of your thigh to gauge the bleeding.
“Keep talkin’,” he murmurs as he sets off to work, evidently the bleeding has slowed enough to have him deem you out of the danger zone, “Distract yourself.”
You click your tongue in distaste, you’d rather doze off but you know he’s got the right idea. You start babbling about nothing in particular; a movie you watched, a coworker you both dislike, your plans for your days off, whatever comes to mind, Bakugou replies often enough to keep you engaged.
This is really the first time a job has gone sour on you two. Before tonight, the worst injury either of you had dealt with since working together were bruises, sprains, Bakugou had a minor concussion once. Guns had been drawn at least twice before, but you’d managed to de-escalate the situation before anyone pulled a trigger. Oh well, no one’s luck lasts forever.
You keep talking, opening your eyes to watch Bakugou once your nausea has passed and your heart is back at a normal rate. Even though his face is all pinched, brows furrowed and a familiar pout settled on his lips, even though his voice is still gruff, his hands on you are gentle, tender. 
You always suspected he had a milder side to him, something quiet and melancholic about him had you trying to peek past that spiky exterior, curious to see what he’s like beneath the armor. Stolen, secret moments you’d hoarded— him softly humming in the kitchen when he thought he was alone, the faintest curling of his lip when he’d read something funny, making extra food when he insisted he was only cooking for himself only to make you eat it— you’re happy to have collected another memory. Even if the circumstances are less than optimal.
“You should shower before you apply your bandages,” he says, interrupting your train of thought. It’s probably for the best, though. Thinking of your coworker turned friend like this will do you no good in the long run, you should’ve cut this part of your mind out long ago.
“You’re right, I’m good from here on out. Thank you, Baku—”
“Shut up,” he grumbles, “In the state you’re in? No way, ‘m gonna help.” 
He says it with finality, but you know that if you pushed he would leave you be. Most likely hovering by the door, listening intently for any distress, but he would let you shower alone. You pause for a moment, weighing your options. Well, you’ve already seen each other nude, kind of hard not to when living and working together the way you do, and you really could use the help.
“Okay,” you nod, “Thank you.”
He turns the water on before he’s helping you out of your underwear, very pointedly not ogling, even though he’s seen you naked before, “Don’t thank me. This is my fault.”
“It’s not,” you reply, knowing it’s the truth, “It’s no one’s fault. Well, maybe just the guy who shot me.”
He huffs, Bakugou-speak for I disagree but we can drop it for now, and starts to undress too. He keeps his white undershirt and slacks on, his shoes kicked off into a corner as he helps you stand. You grip at his biceps, your elbows held securely in his hands, you can feel the way he holds you up, it’s strangely thrilling. You’re directed to the tiled seat jutting out of the wall, the water just shy of reaching you.
You move to cross your arms over your chest but he stops you, “Your rib,” he reminds you.
“Oh,” you’d been completely distracted by your thigh, in all honesty.
“I’ll be quick,” he promises, helping you clean yourself in the most clinical way possible.
His serious expression should be comical to you, it almost always is, but now you’re suddenly… shy? It must be the blood loss, normally you can reign yourself in, at least until you’re alone. Embarrassed heat crawls up your neck, but thankfully the shower is quick. Bakugou sets a towel down on the toilet seat before he helps you sit down on it, quickly patting you dry with another towel before he pulls out gauze and tape from the first aid kit.
“I can do this part myself, Bakugou,” you try to insist, your voice not coming out as steady as you would’ve liked.
He rolls his eyes, shaking his head at your stubbornness, “Just let me work.”
You bite your tongue as he bandages you up. It’s quick, standard procedure, but now that the adrenaline has almost fully left your body, your eyes are drooping. He notices quickly, of course he does. So, once he’s done, he helps you to your bed.
“You wanna eat or sleep?” he asks as he tosses you your pajamas.
“Sleep,” you yawn, already trying to stand to tug on your pants without his help.
“Quit it,” he barks without any real heat, and you concede, too tired to fight.
“Nice workin’ with you,” you say genuinely you settle under the covers, holding your fist up as he pulls the covers over your legs.
Bakugou lifts one of his brows for a moment before he huffs and gives you the fist bump you’re waiting for, “I’m always nice to work with.”
You bark out a laugh, surprised. The way Bakugou's face twists in confusion only makes you laugh harder, only having to taper off due to the sharp pain in your side. You cringe and grit your teeth, Bakugou's hand settles heavy and arm against your injured ribs as if to steady them while you suck in some shallow breaths. An amused smile and a pained grimace mixed together on your face, “You’re a pain to work with,” your voice is affectionate when you say it, no bite or malice, you know he can hear it.
“I’m still the best,” he murmurs, suddenly quiet as he rubs his thumb over your bandage for a brief moment before he pulls away, “I’ll fill out the report, and I’m gonna call the medic to get you properly checked out. Now get some rest.”
Your eyes slip shut as he steps away from your bedside, “Thanks, Bakugou.”
What a way to start your week.
Bedrest is a pain, as always. 
Your whole body seems to vibrate with the need to leap up and follow Bakugou each time he leaves without you on a job. He doesn’t seem too upset that you’re not tagging along, but he must feel bad for you in some way. He leaves you little gifts, mostly food he makes, claiming that the stuff you make isn’t going to help you heal faster.
You always eat his meals with a smile on your face, teasing him that he just wants you to heal ‘cause he misses you. Bakugou rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, all dramatics, but he never denies it. It’s the little things that make your forced vacation bearable. Physical therapy isn’t so bad either, it gives you a distraction two days a week, keeps you from going totally stir crazy. And, before you know it, you’re cleared for action, your only reminder of your wounds are the scars.
You’re not that lucky though. Of course, since the universe hasn’t screwed you over enough, there’s a lull in jobs. The long-term ops have already been covered, and Bakugou’s temporary partner has been paired to another agent since you’re back. So now all you can do is wait. 
But at least you get to wait around with Bakugou. Going through your first real injury on the job with him, paired with his own brand of gentleness while you healed up, you've found yourself even closer to him. Your time together has really solidified you as good friends, but the time alone had also given your little crush to develop into something more… substantial.
You’ve started to wonder if being a distraction would be so bad, you at least want to know if he's a good kisser. But every flirtation is brushed off, even the very obvious cheesy teases are shut down. It stings a little, you won’t lie. Would the two of you be so bad together? You try not to dwell on it, but it is difficult now that you know how gentle his brutal hands can be.
“Quit starin’,” Bakugou grumbles.
Too bad staring is all you really can do until your next job is confirmed, it should be soon, but there’s still more than enough time to laze about between weekly sessions at the range and the gym.
You don’t look away, thoughtfully chewing an apple as you watch him lightly lick the tip of his index finger to flip a page. You almost laugh at the action, so delicate it’s almost out of place. You swallow your mouthful of fruit to ask, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re very pretty?”
He sticks a finger between the pages before shutting it so he doesn’t lose his place when he looks up at you, “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
Well-trained agent he is, he gives very little tells as to what you’ve made him feel. No amount of training can curb the way his ears turn pink though. Interesting.
“No,” you answer honestly, fiddling with the stem of the apple as you smile across the room. Bakugou holds your gaze for a heartbeat longer before he turns back to his book, but you’re not done yet, “I don’t have a better view either.”
“Shut up,” he huffs without any venom, pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand as he closes his eyes, “At least let me read in silence.”
You take another bite of your apple, not bothering to muffle the crunch. You watch him scrunch his nose, but he doesn’t say anything else, he just picks up where he left off in his book. You watch him for a little while longer as you finish your snack. You stand, feeling his eyes on you as you toss the apple core into the trash. When you turn back to him though, he’s seemingly fully engrossed in his novel. 
You lean against the wall and ask, “Looking forward to dressing up again?”
Another page flip, he gifts you with a ghost of a smile and a flicker of eye contact. You’ll take that as a yes.
Bakugou’s small glimmer of enthusiasm doesn’t last when you’re both briefed on the next job. 
You’re playing undercover bodyguard, posing as the client’s date so you can stay near him through the night, and Bakugou is going to be the more obvious security detail, tasked with guarding you both. He’s made his unhappiness about your closeness to the client very apparent, and the rational part of your brain knows that his feelings are justified based on what happened to you on your last outing in the field, but a part of you feels like he doesn’t trust your skills.
You don’t tell him how you feel slighted by his attitude, you tell yourself that you’ll get over it and leave your feelings at the door so you can do your job, but it doesn’t work. The atmosphere in the house has taken a nosedive, not hostile or outright negative but there is a tension that settles heavy over your shoulders each time you and Bakugou are in the same room.
Bakugou doesn’t seem to sense it as much as you do, he keeps bringing up the subject, pressing on it like a bruise, seemingly uncaring of the way you bristle and try to change the topic. A few days before the job, the two of you review the info you have. And, like clockwork, he asks, again, if you’re sure you can handle it.
You slap the file in front of you shut with a little more force than necessary, sighing deeply as you cross your arms over your chest, “What's your problem, Bakugou?”
“Do you not trust that I can do my job? I’ve been cleared by the medics, you know,” his expression doesn’t change so you continue, trying a different tactic this time, “It’s not like I’m going on a real date, I’m not gonna be ‘distracted’, so what’s with the attitude?”
“There’s no problem,” Bakugou says, his body language tightens up, his face pinches sourly, “Forget about it.”
You don’t try to stop him as he leaves the room, letting him cool off in privacy is always the best course of action in these cases. 
You don’t really get the chance to talk to Bakugou before you both are outfitted with expensive clothes and hidden weapons, thigh to thigh in the backseat of the company car and being driven to 
Jealous? you mouth at him over your shoulder, dramatically laying your hand over your fake date’s, linking your fingers together. Bakugou just huffs quietly, rolling his eyes at your little tease. You stick your tongue out as subtly as you can and turn away, maybe you two will be fine after all.
The client leans over, smiling like nothing is wrong, but he tells you the code that signals that he needs to be escorted out, quickly. Even with some of your attention on Bakugou, you’d also noticed the building aggression of the people across from you.
“Hey, sweetheart, show me where the restroom is,” you say softly, giving the others at the table an apologetic smile, “Excuse us, we’ll be right back.”
You do your job, you do it well. Your client is safe, hidden, and waiting in the car. The only problem is that you’ve lost Bakugou. Well, you know he’s still inside, but he’s not answering his comms, so you decide to head back inside and find him yourself.
You head back to the main room where you left him, but he’s nowhere to be found. You try your best not to sprint down empty halls, pausing at closed doors to listen in. You hear the thud hand to hand fighting. Bakugou’s gun must’ve jammed, he prefers to be efficient in taking out adversaries, good thing you’re here to rescue him. 
You pull the small pistol off of your leg before you throw open the door and shout, “Duck!”
Bakugou doesn’t even look back, recognizing that it’s your voice, and he drops to his knees in an instant. The man he was fighting manages to blurt out a: “What the f—?” before you fire.
You miss on purpose, the bullet whizzes by his ear before Bakugou swings his leg out, knocking the other man off his balance and careening to the floor. His head hits heavy against the ground, knocking him out, but you keep your gun trained on him until Bakugou slaps his face a few times to make sure he’s really down for the count.
You rush to his side as he stands, your hands already reaching up to check his face, “I’m fine,” he grumbles as you inspect his face. 
Bakugou’s a good fighter, the other guy only got a few solid hits in. Besides Bakugou’s knuckles, a busted lip and an angry bruise beginning to bloom across his jaw seem to be the only damage. You brush some hair out of his eyes before you step back, letting out a sigh of relief.
“Thanks for the help,” he rasps, swiping the back of his hand against his bloody lip before he undoes his tie, all but ripping it off, “Let’s get out of here.”
You watch him out of the corner of your eye the whole drive back. Counting his breaths, counting each street light that passes over his tired face, counting the clack of heels up the steps.
“Don’t move,” you command, ushering him into a seat in the dining room and pushing down on his shoulders so he stays put, “I mean it.”
Bakugou grumbles something noncommittal as you go to get the things you need. You decide to change as quickly, swapping your gown out for some simple pajamas, not wanting to deal with getting blood on your work clothes. You come back with a first aid kit, a clean towel, and a bowl of water to wash his knuckles in and find him right where you left him, his fingers idly tapping the cool laminated wood as you drop the supplies in front of your seat. Once you’ve set up what you need, you sit by Bakugou and take his wrist in your hand.
“I can do this myself,” he says, not moving out of your grip at all.
You take his broad hand and dip it into the bowl, sullying the clear water with blood, “I know,” you reply softly.
You work slowly, diligently, making sure every bit of blood is washed away. You gently wipe the wet towel over his skin, cleaning his hands off like they’re porcelain instead of the deadly things they are. You hold him still while you work with a hand on the underside of his wrist, your fingertips right on his steady pulse.
You keep your eyes on his hands, but you can feel his sharp gaze on your face, never even looking down to double-check what you’re doing. It’s quiet, the occasional clink of nails and splash of water, the energy between you two intimate and tense. Charged, somehow, in a way you’ve never felt before.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”
“No,” he insists, ducking his head down to catch your eye. He waits until you glance up from his hands to continue, “Before. I was being a dick, I know you can do your job just fine.”
You blink, surprised, then focus back on his hands, “It’s… I know you meant well.”
He accepts your words as forgiveness enough. The hard part is done, you just need to bandage him. You finish wrapping his knuckles, securing the gauze bandage with medical tape to keep it in place. You look up as your thumb smoothes down the edge of the fabric, surprised to see his face is hardly an inch or two away from yours. Calm and handsome and close.
You drop his hands on the table to push your chair back and get up, suddenly flustered, “I'm all done,” you say he grabs your forearm before you can get far though, you spin back around, “Bakugou?”
“Hey,” his carmine eyes are desperately searching for something in yours as he looks up at you, your first name soft on his lips. You stare right back, any words you could say are caught in your throat. When you don’t speak, he stands up. He pulls you to his chest and hums, “You know my name.”
It takes a moment for you to catch up, your brain feels scattered and fuzzy, “Katsuki…” your voice doesn’t come out louder than a whisper, “What—?”
“I just… I want you to know something. You’re not a distraction,” he says as he leans down, tracking your eyes as his other hand settles on your waist, “Not to me.”
“Oh,” you breathe, too stunned to think of anything of value to say.
“Well,” he sighs, “You are, actually. Your strength, your voice… everything about you makes it hard to focus. You’re all I can see, sometimes. But… I think I like that. I like you.”
You don’t know what to say. You barely can process the words at all, you can’t believe Bakugou is the one saying them. So you say nothing. You can hardly move, hardly breathe, the hair on the back of your neck feels like they’re standing on end, but Bakugou isn’t put off, he just keeps looking at you, holding you as you breathe in each others’ space. He strokes the hair on your forearm with his thumb and swallows harshly, his Adam's apple bobbing accents the stubble on his throat. You watch a tendon on his jaw tense, drawing attention to the bruise there, your eyes can’t help but flit across his face to take in each of his features before settling on his lips, right as he licks them.
“I'm going to kiss you,” he says matter-of-factly, but you know Bakugou well enough to realize he’s asking for permission.
“Yes,” you murmur intelligently, giving him all he needs.
So he kisses you. It's not cataclysmic or earth-shattering or knee-weakening, it’s a kiss; but it does feel right, it feels good. Better than good, it’s like coming together, a completion of something you didn’t know was lacking. You can feel the unshaven stubble graze against your cheek, his barely chapped, warm lips gentle on yours. You often imagined a kiss with him would be like sparring, you’d hardly fantasized about it being as soft and sweet as this. Bakugou kisses like he knows how harsh his tongue is, like he knows he has fangs, like he knows he doesn’t want to be sharp with you.
Bakugou breaks the kiss first, his hand coming off your arm like he’s giving you a cue to pull away, an opportunity to reject him. Your eyes lock when you open them, holding each other’s gaze for a moment, then you’re kissing again, you’re not sure who leaned in first.
Something different this time, more urgent. You’re clinging to each other, blindly grasping at clothes as you pant harshly through your noses, your hands roam his broad back as his find your hips, squeezing down with barely restrained strength, you feel his muscles flex under your palms. Bakugou’s hot tongue swipes against your bottom lip, prompting you to open up. You let out a content groan when your tongue meets his, accepting him into your mouth greedily, not caring about breathing now that you have him like this.
You softly suck on his tongue as it grazes against your teeth, drawing a rough noise from Bakugou’s chest as he pulls away. He rests his warm forehead against yours as you both catch your breath, his eyes are shut as yours take in every bit of his face you can see, the view of his rose dusted cheeks and shiny lips has heat curling low in your stomach. One of his hands comes off your hip to take your arm, reaching down until he can take your hand. 
His eyes finally open as he brings your hand between you two, “See what you do to me?” he whispers.
Your fingers curve over him, hard and restrained in his dark slacks. He lets out a soft sigh at the contact, ducking his head to kiss you again as you gently palm him, working over his pants for a while until he lets out a strangled little moan into your mouth. You fumble with his belt, not wanting to break the kiss for even a moment to look down. You manage to blindly pull his pants and boxer briefs down enough to expose his cock, already leaking as you wrap your hand around it, thumb swiping across the tip. 
He tugs at your loose pajama pants, groaning when he realizes you aren’t wearing underwear. You let out a breathy laugh against his mouth and pull your hands back so you can yank your pants down and kick them off, and the moment you do, Bakugou’s hands are on you, insistent and perfectly rough, just shy of frenzied.
Your foreheads are pressed together as he maps your body with broad hands and thick fingers, gently squeezing and massaging your tits over your shirt before he slips underneath the cotton. His fingers find your nipples easily and he pinches them, drawing a moan from you, but he doesn’t linger for long. One hand stays on your torso, the other comes up to cup your cheek and angle your face for a kiss, you don’t know how you’d gone so long without knowing the feel of him like this. You lift your hand to his, stroking the bandage over his knuckles and sighing into his mouth when he grazes the scar on your rib.
He found it without looking, without needing to. You think— you know you could do the same on his body; could find every dimple, every faded or new scar in the dark. Your bodies are already so familiar with each other, he’s a comfort and a curiosity all at once. You’d know him even without words, without light, without sound. If he’d touched your cheek in the dark you would know him, and you would go to him. But you don’t know all of him yet.
His touch is moving down now, new territory for you both, new places for him to map out and memorize— you look forward to it. You gasp at the feel of his warm fingers against you, petting the coarse hair between your legs before gliding down to find your slit. 
Two thick fingers frame your clit before they slide downward, eager to reach for where you’re already slick and aching. Bakugou captures your lips in a kiss again, surprisingly slow and unhurried as he glides his fingers up and down, teasing, just feeling the way your hole clenches against nothing. 
“Fuck,” he groans against your mouth as he guides a finger inside you, “So warm.”
You huff, your face heating at his comment, but the way his now wet finger comes back up to your clit distracts you. He draws slow, achingly slow circles around it, missing on purpose until, suddenly,  he isn’t. You grasp his arm as he finally gives you the friction you need, still slow but it’s perfect.
Your breath comes out in a desperate rasp, a quiet ah, your forehead falling forward to his shoulder as he toys with you, “Katsuki...”
Bakugou’s hand moves down again, two fingers slide inside you and the heel of his palm pushes against your aching clit. Your hips buck forward and you gasp, even just two fingers and you’re desperate. He groans low in his throat as he feels you squeeze around him, crowding you against the wall as he lets you hump his hand for a moment.
You clutch his bicep when he rumbles your name, the sound of it rolling off his tongue sends another jolt of arousal right to your clit. He pulls his hand away, making you have to hold back a disgruntled sound, then he’s kissing you again. He gently pins you to the wall as his lips travel across your cheek, his warm breath puffing along your skin as he lays kisses along your jaw and down your neck. As he continues downward, he kneels.
Bakugou lifts your shirt slightly to press a kiss to the soft underside of your breast, lingering there for only a heartbeat, inhaling the scent of you before ducking down to kiss your stomach. He takes a moment to settle, thumbing at the old scar on your thigh before he hoists one of your legs over his shoulder, seating the meat of your thigh on his body, encouraging you to rest your weight on him.
“I’ve got you,” Bakugou promises as he holds your other leg up, his wide hand spanning your thigh, his fingertips brushing against the sensitive skin along the inside of your knee.
The position is awkward, finicky and a little precarious, but he seems determined to make it work, too impatient and proud. You have half a mind to tell him to let you move, to at least have you sit on the table, but the warmth of his tongue against you instantly makes you forget.
Another of your fantasies come to life, much different in reality, however. You’d always imagined him going down on you with the intense, almost feral energy he has in fights, but this is so much better. It’s intense, yes, all the thickness of arousal and desire in the air has you gasping for breath, but it isn’t feral. The way Bakugou works his tongue along your cunt isn’t animalistic or barbaric, it’s simple and precise, no gimmicks needed to show you how much he really has been aching for this— maybe just as much as you have. No gimmicks to make you feel good either.
Your trembling hands can’t seem to find a suitable place to land, going from covering your mouth to grasping at his hair to pressing against the wall as he groans and focuses your clit, your hips bucking into his face in response. You can feel his stubble catch on the hair on your mound, the quiet scratching is muffled by both of your pleased sounds. Each flick of the flexed point of his tongue, each suckle of his lips on your clit, each groan he lets out against you makes you dizzier and dizzier.
His thumb strokes the hinge of your knee as he pulls back, laving his tongue in a broad stroke across your slit before he sighs, “Can’t believe I waited so long to taste you.”
You can’t manage a response because, as quickly as he paused, he’s back to work. This time he’s focusing on your clit, silently determined to make you cum. It takes another minute or two, but it suddenly rushes you all at once, the knot in your stomach drawing tight, tight, tighter until it snaps and you’re tipped over the edge. You hastily shout out his name as your thighs squeeze around his head, only making him falter his rhythm slightly.
But, even as your orgasm ends, Bakugou doesn’t stop. Not until you’re keening, begging, tugging at his hair, insisting that it’s too much. He finally relents, kissing your trembling thighs with a wet, sticky mouth as you look down at him. He’s smirking, even with your slick across his lips and chin, he looks impossibly smug, pleased. You laugh, breath shaky, and tell him to shut his mouth. 
“Haven't said anything,” he rumbles as he sets your wobbly legs to the floor and stands up, his warm hands reaching up to your face so he can kiss you again.
“Didn’t have to,” you mumble between kisses, uncaring of the way you can taste yourself on his lips.
The simple I know you well enough goes unsaid as you continue to exchange lazy kisses, hands idly instead of fervently wandering across each others’ bodies. Things go from slow to heated again when you lean back into the wall and Bakugou follows, his cock pressed up hard against your hip.
“I want you,” you sigh as he pulls your shirt up, tugging at your nipples until you whine, “Katsuki, please.”
He grumbles something about you being impatient as your hand spans over the big scar across his stomach before it trails down, you briefly roll his balls in your hand, humming at the weight of them in your palm before you keep moving, lightly stroking his cock a few times before he knocks your hand away.
“Should be doin’ this in a bed,” he huffs as he lifts one of your legs, but neither of you care to relocate. 
“Please,” you repeat, gently knocking your heel against his back so he can get a move on.
Bakugou takes the hint, pulling back and adjusting until the fat head of his cock finds purchase, then he’s pushing inside you. Your bodies slot against each other so effortlessly that you think they had to have been carved together from the same place somewhere in time.
Bakugou's voice fractures when he says your name, his hips meeting yours with a muffled, lewd sound. A desperate gasp escapes you as he fills you completely, bottoming out without an ounce of pain or discomfort before he lifts your other leg.
You trust him to hold you up against the wall, not a doubt in your mind, he won’t let you fall. His hands stay steady on your thighs, keeping you in place as he starts to fuck you, his face pressed warm and grounding against your temple. Quiet grunts and curses spill from his lips, occasional soft sighs of your name puff against your forehead. You’re nearly as quiet as he is, soft gasps and hushed whimpers of his name in response.
Your hands come up and off his arms to wrap around him, fingers curling around the base of his neck and tugging at his ash blond hair, “Katsuki,” you sigh, a whine bleeding into the vowels, “You feel so good.”
His reply is tilting his head down to nudge his nose against yours, his breath balmy against your lips, “Waited so long f’ you…”
You almost sob, something animalistic and electric zinging through your body. He thought about this, about you. You’re reaching up and cupping his face before you know it, kissing his spit slick lips before you gasp out, “Tell me.”
He knows what you want, he gives it to you without hesitation, “Since I met you, I knew you— haah— were different. Made up dumb fuckin’ rules to keep you away ‘cause I knew— I knew if I had you I’d never let go.”
His rhythm suffers as he speaks, hips stuttering and breaths trembling as you tighten around him, your body greedily, desperately trying to keep him inside, to keep feeling deliciously full. But the feeling of his cock dragging in and out of your sensitive cunt feels delicious too, his words clouding your head with almost overwhelming affection. He thought about you. He wants you, has been wanting you.
“Katsuki, ‘m close,” you whisper desperately into his mouth, suddenly feeling yourself right on the precipice of orgasm, “Please make me cum.”
He shivers and pushes his body even closer to you, the change of the angle ever so slightly gives your clit some friction as he murmurs encouragement, finding that hard rhythm of his hips again. You blink your eyes open to watch him, to cup his flushed cheeks just to admire his handsome face as he fucks you. One of his harsh thrusts pulls out an undignified sound out of you, you watch the corner of his lips twitch up in response, then he’s trying to find that spot again.
“C’mon,” he whispers your name, encouraging and gruff, “Let go, I wanna feel you.”
It’s not long before you do, the stomach dropping sensation rushing you all at once and you shatter in his arms, like a tightly-coiled spring finally released. Trembling, keening, a desperate, choked sound tumbling from your lips while you grasp at his shoulders as his hips keep moving, his cock hitting steady and deep inside you. You’re panting into each other's mouths when he follows you into orgasm, his lips brushing hot and soft against yours when he grunts your name, his voice husky and deep.
His cock throbs against your cervix, hot ropes of cum filling you second after second, “Damn,” Bakugou slurs like his tongue is made of lead, peering at you through his thick blonde lashes with such reverence your heart aches, “You’re fuckin’ perfect.”
You clutch at any part of him you can, pawing the back of his neck, desperately pulling him closer for a kiss, and he happily obliges. It takes a moment for you to remember to breathe through your nose, your brain so fuzzy with pleasure you can hardly think.
“Katsuki,” you manage to gasp when you both have to pull back for proper air, not asking for anything, simply saying his name all hushed and breathy while he’s still inside you, just because you can.
Bakugou only keeps you crowded against the wall for another minute or two before he unwraps your legs from around him, holding you steady when your knees wobble. He tilts his head down and cups your face with bandaged hands as you exchange lazy kisses.
You notice his knuckle bandages have come undone as his thumbs idly stroke your cheeks, “Let me fix this up for you,” you tell him, wrapping one hand around his wrist. 
Bakugou nods and gives himself to you, letting out a small amused noise when you kiss the back of his hand, right above the bandage. You set about your work again, you’re both still sticky and half naked so you make it quick, eager to shower. It doesn’t take much to redo his bandages anyway, all you really have to do is add some more tape and he’s good to go. He hums a thank you, and you decide you can talk about all this tomorrow, hoping you mean more than a roll in the hay.
“Wanna sleep in my room tonight?” you ask as he leans over, his clumsy kisses against your hairline make you chuckle softly.
“No,” Bakugou says when he pulls back. His palm rubs against the stubble on his throat and makes a quiet sound that you enjoy, “You’re sleeping in mine, my bed‘s more comfortable.”
“Okay,” you reply, not even bothering to remind him that your beds are the same make and model, pinching his butt as he turns away to gather your discarded clothes. His indignant huff and his hand swatting yours away makes you smile, maybe things won’t be so different after all, “Sounds good to me.”
✰ ✰ ✰
thank you sophie and nilani for beta reading <3 i love u guys sm <333
title credit: Louise Glück, From Descending Figure; “Epithalamium”
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chicoree · 19 days ago
on edge
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bakugou x f!Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY edging, orgasm denial, squirting, slight cumeating/degradation, aged up characters
A/N: Thank you to @vanille–kiss and @lemonadencran​ for beta reading! Let’s celebrate my brain letting me write more than 1k! 
WC: 2.9K
Tumblr media
“Tell me when you’re close.”
Bakugou watches you, eyes bright, narrowed, as your mouth parts. He shifts a little closer to you, the mattress dipping under his weight, sliding you towards him a little more. You arch your back, hips grinding against his hand as your eyes slip closed.
“Hey.” A rough hand grabs at your chin, thumbing along the swell of your lower lip, pressing down until your lashes flatter and you meet his gaze. He’s smirking, the barest tilt of his mouth before it fades as he demands, “Look at me, and tell me when you’re gonna cum.”
“Yeah,” you whimper when he slips his hand out from between your legs, deliberately dragging his fingers along the line of your slit. You think you hear a stifled snicker when your breath hitches, toes curling at the low, simmering pleasure that spreads along your nerves.
“Yeah?” It’s not fair how pretty he is like this, hungry and dangerous, his pants slung low and undone along the narrow line of his hips. He shifts closer and the fabric pulls taut along the length of his cock, the sight of it making your mouth dry. “You getting close? Gonna cum for me soon?”
Slowly, his fingers slide back inside you and you fight to keep your eyes open, to keep them trained on his. The stretch, the feeling of being filled just enough has you squirming a little in the sheets. If he would just curl his fingers a little more, or slide his thumb along your clit, then maybe—
As if he read your mind, there’s the mind-numbing press of his fingers along your g-spot and careful circle of his thumb along your clit.
“Shit—” You suck in a sharp breath, eyes watering as your body tenses. You already know what he’s going to ask; it’s the same thing he’s been asking for the better part of half an hour, voice warm and husky,
“You gonna cum?”
You’d snap at him if you weren’t so close to tipping over the edge, if he wasn’t dragging his other hand up the sensitive skin of your inner thigh, squeezing appreciatively as he goes.
You flick your eyes down, drinking in the bare expanse of his torso, the rise and fall of his chest, the dark smattering of hair that trails down his abdomen. You can’t help but squirm again, feeling the flex of your walls around his fingers, the way your calves and legs draw tight as you grit out, “No.”
Bakugou huffs, voice dropping impossibly lower, gravelly and amused as he fucks his fingers in and out of you a little faster. “No? Y’sure about that?”
The wet squelch of his touch is almost enough to send you over, but you just need a little longer…
“N-no.” Even you can tell you’re lying. The tremor in your voice gives you away, the droop of your eyes and the way your head tips back a little. He’s always liked that about you, though, the way you bare yourself before him, exposing the vulnerable column of your throat to the bruising nip of his teeth.
His fingers curl a little meaner inside you, pressing hard against the soft, spongy spot in your pussy, dragging a wail from your mouth as he pulls his hand free.
“No, no, no, Katsuki—”
“C’mon,” he all but purrs, his smile growing a little sharper as he presses a kiss to the corner of your mouth. You pout in response, refusing to indulge him—to indulge yourself. “’M gonna make you feel good, just wait a—”
If he keeps talking, you really will snap at him. Desperate, you slide your mouth along his, sucking and biting at his lower lip, trying to catch one thick, muscle thigh between your own. For a second you succeed, smearing your wetness along the length of his jeans, humming and shivering at the ripple of want that rolls through you. You bite harder than usual at his mouth when he shifts away, trying and failing to hide the blooming desire in your eyes when he forces your hips down to the mattress, his palms branding your skin.
“I wanna cum now.” This is new for both of you, you know—this desperation, this petulance. He’s arching an eyebrow and you’re heating from embarrassment, but he’s never taken quite so long to give you what you want before. “Please? Just let me—”
“No.” His hands grab yours before they can slip between your bodies, one angling for the thick cock you know is aching to be freed, the other to slip along your folds. “Just fuckin’—trust me. You’ll like it; I promise.”
“How do you know that?” you snipe, as if he hasn’t pulled you apart in this very bed a countless number of times, as if there wasn’t one memorable occasion where all it took was him holding you in his lap, whispering in your ear, and bouncing, bouncing, bouncing you on his thigh—
He chuckles, pressing both your wrists into one big palm up above your head so his fingers can find their way to your folds once more.
“’Cause I know you.” His mouth drags hot up along your jaw, lips attaching to the spot just below your ear as he hums, “and I know what you like.”
You clamp down immediately, the warm slick gushing past his fingers making you jolt in his grip, your arms tugging uselessly upwards.
He pauses, pushing up on his forearm, digging his fingers into your flesh a little harder. You can see the slow flick of his eyes down to your pussy then up to your face as he licks his kiss-bitten lips.
“That’s new.”
“Shut up.” You tug futilely in his grasp again, hating the way heat simmers in your belly at the smug grin spreading slowly along his face.
“Do it again.”
“I’m not a goddamn water fountain—”
“Do it again and I’ll let you cum.”
It’s your turn to pause, spine turning to jelly when he bullies his fingers back inside you, pressing them as deep as they’ll go. You can feel the third finger he’s slipped inside you, warming at the knowledge that it hadn’t met any resistance at all—that it hadn’t been accompanied by any discomfort. You must’ve soaked through the entire mattress by now with how wet you are—
There’s a lewd, squelching noise when he slides his fingers back, and you mewl at the feeling, heating at the sound. You must be—
“So fuckin’ wet,” Bakugou murmurs, eyes fixated on your cunt. “Do it again, sweetheart. Lemme see.”
“Katsuki, I can’t—”
“What? You don’t wanna cum?”
Oh, he’s deliberately being an asshole now, isn’t he? He’s never been one to look innocent but he’s particularly bad at it now, raising his brows, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling.
You can bow off the mattress as much as you want, you can squeeze your legs as much as you want, but you don’t have the first idea about how you’re going to squirt again.
“I don’t—” You roll your hips in time with his hand as he pumps it in and out of you, trying to match his pace, trying not to tug the sheets off the mattress. “I don’t know how—”
“Need something bigger?”
He has to know what he’s doing speaking like that. Your suspicions are confirmed when your walls squeeze and his head snaps back down to your glistening cunt, his stare boring into the obscene stretch of your entrance around his fingers.
“Yeah, you do.”
You barely have enough time to cringe at the wet sound of his hand leaving your body before Bakugou is standing above you, the mattress shaking with his frenzied movements as he shucks his pants and kicks them gracelessly over the side of the bed. You’d forgotten in this moment, as desperate and wanting as you were, that he was putting himself through the same torture he was inflicting on you. It’s a fact you’re reminded of as he rolls his underwear down, the waistband dragging along the swollen shaft of his cock. It’s flushed darker than usual—glistening wetter than usual, the tip still drooling a sticky line of precum that stretches thin as he tugs off his boxer-briefs.
You swallow as you watch it smack against his belly, bobbing as he falls back to his knees between your parted legs. Unthinking, you spread them apart a little more, desperate to entice him closer, to fuck you how you want.
“Didn’t even have to ask,” he rasps, pinching at your waist, grinning at your indignant expression. He’s quick to soothe you though, fingers sliding through the mess your pussy has made, groaning when you keen as he pinches at your clit. “Fuck, you’re gonna feel so good.”
You can’t tell if he’s talking about the pay-off from his careful attention earlier, or if he’s talking about the excited twitch of his cock when it bumps hot and heavy against your greedy hole. He sucks in a sharp breath and you try to remember to breathe when he starts to press in, your hands flying to his wrists.
“Katsuki—Katsuki, wait.”
His eyes snap up to yours, brow pinched, jaw clenched, his hips rutting forward, then back. “What? What is it?”
You have to scramble to put your thoughts in order again, too caught up in the feeling of him barely pressing in before drawing back.
“If—” Your chest feels tight, heart beating rabbit quick as you fight to push the words from your mouth. “’M gonna cum.”
“Yeah, that’s the plan—”
“If you put it in now ‘m gonna cum.”
It’s supposed to be a warning, but all Bakugou does is laugh, short, breathless, eyes feverish as they flicker back down to your drooling pussy.
“Oh yeah?” He slicks the blunt head through your folds again, watching it catch the edge of your cunt. “Never said you could, though.”
“You’re not allowed to. Not yet.”
His hips press forward and you squeal, trying to scramble away even as one of his hands anchors you in place. He squeezes at the give of your waist once, a lingering press that doesn’t relent until you look at him.
“Don’t fuckin’ cum yet.”
He says it as he surges forward, cock spreading you open, stretching your eager walls and filling you so deep, full, there’s too much—
You feel the heat radiating from his chest as he drapes himself over you, his mouth darting along the curve of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose as you jolt beneath him, struggling to keep your orgasm at bay. Your lashes are thick with tears by the time you manage to meet his eye, lip caught hard between your teeth as your nails dig into his shoulders.
“Not yet.” There’s still that demand in his voice even as desperate as he is, his eyes searching yours. Slowly you let your lip pop free, inhaling shakily when he brushes a kiss across it. “Just a little more.”
You’re helpless, unable to do anything but watch when Bakugou props himself up to adjust so that his forehead is dropping to yours, eyes trained on drag of his cock out of your body. It’s gleaming, slick with your arousal and his, and he groans at the sight.
“Fuck. Just wait—”
For the second time tonight, you don’t know if he’s talking to you or himself; if you’re honest you don’t really care, too enraptured with the feeling of him inside you. He’s right; he does know what you like. It’s clear in the way he’s fucking you, the careful roll and grind of his body pinpointing every aching nerve-ending inside you. Even the sight of his body flexing as he thrusts into you has your breath hitching as you watch the flex and release of every muscle.
“You feel it?” His mouth grazes along yours. “In there?”
“Mm.” You slot your mouth against his, dizzy with the taste of him, the swirl of his tongue along yours.
“Oi,” he parts from you with a wet smack, laughing when you search for his mouth again. “Fuckin’ brat. I asked you a question.”
“Do you feel it?” Bakugou slips an arm beneath you, the firm muscle of his forearm fitting along the curve of your lower back, hitching your hips higher as he fucks into you deeper, hitting something so good your mind whites out, pushing out a breathy,
“Oh. Katsuki—”
“Well? Do you?” He sounds insufferably smug, pressing deep to hold himself there, to feel the clamp of your legs around his waist, to hear your unhappy cry when he untangles himself from your hold to sit back on his legs. “Right here.”
He presses a palm flat to your belly and slides it down beneath your belly button, eyes searching yours.
His cock pulls out then fucks in, short, slow, and your eyes fly wide open.
“Wait—Katsuki, I think I’m gonna—”
Your voice stutters to a halt at the positively feral expression on his face, the open hunger in the part of his mouth as his gaze snaps back down to your pussy.
“Yeah.” He drags his cock out and then thrusts back in, groaning at the clench of your pussy and the startled gasp you let out. “That’s the fucking plan.”
What if you make a mess? What if it isn’t what he thinks it is? You can’t help it, mind running wild as you scramble to hold back the rising tide of your pleasure. There’s this awful, lurking fear that it’ll disgust him in spite of him asking for it; that it’s not going to be what he wanted; that it’s going to ruin all this build-up and effort and—
“Hey.” You keen when Bakugou sweeps his thumb along your clit, your worries melting with each, sure stroke of his finger. “Focus on me.”
He’s glaring at you, the deep furrow of his brow making the red of his eyes that much darker. His cheeks are flushed, chest glistening with a thin sheen of sweat as he lifts your hips a little higher, angling you until you’re wailing that it’s too much as he fucks you faster, harder, eyes darting between the jiggle of your tits and the smear of slick along your thighs and up his abs.
“Look at you—fuck, look at you, dirty fuckin’ girl. Making a goddamn mess all over me.” He growls when he feels your cunt spasm, balls drawing tight.
“Cum. C’mon, cum.” Bakugou swipes at your clit dragging your wetness up along your belly, pressing down firm, steady, making you kick your feet as he pants, “Squirt for me an’ I’ll fill you up—promise, ‘m gonna stuff you fucking’ full—”
Whatever grip you’d had on your self-control is lost at that. You don’t see the mess you make on him, vision filled with stars as you cum, your hands flying to your mouth to try and put a stop to the torrent of moans that slip from your tongue. He was right—he was right. It was worth it, waiting that long, listening to what he said, doing what he said. The feeling of letting go, of finally flying over the edge is so delicious you almost miss him swearing, ragged and loud, the bed shaking as he surges forward.
There’s a loud smack as Bakugou fumbles for the headboard, as he fucks into you fast, using the bed as leverage to bully his cock as deep as he can as he cums. Maybe it’s the unending squeeze of your walls but he feels bigger than usual, like he’s cumming more than usual, cock twitching inside you as he releases rope after rope of his seed.
“Fuck.” In a rare turn of events, he sounds winded, delirious, flopping on top of you. It’s a testament to the haze of endorphins you’re floating in that you don’t smack at him until he rolls off of you, relishing instead the grounding feeling of his body atop yours. His cock gives another kick inside you and you moan, walls clenching in response as Bakugou hisses. “Fuck.”
Again, your walls spasm, your body shivering at the gravel in his voice, the fumble of his hand up to your chest to palm at your tits.
“Think you can give me one more?” Your breathless no is betrayed by the tightening of your body, the warmth stirring in your belly. “You sure about that?”
It’s your turn to hum in thought, your turn to press your smile against the edge of Bakugou’s cheek as you stretch your arms above your head and relish the feeling.
You flush when his cock slips free, the deluge of cum sliding onto the heavily soiled sheets making your pussy throb. You know what happens next—or at least what usually happens next, But with this new turn of events…
Bakugou, reliable as always, shimmies his way down between your legs, dragging you over to a relatively clean part of the mattress, ignoring the trail of cum and sweat he leaves behind in favour of eyeing your pussy.
“Just like before, got it?” His eyes are bright when he looks up at you, the wicked curve of his smile disappearing between your thighs as he licks a slow stripe up your slit. “Don’t cum until I say you can.”
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strobimilk · 2 months ago
— only want you
in which you and bakugo still gravitate towards each other despite having broken up a few months ago.
pro!hero bakugo x f!reader. 2.7k+ MDNI y'all they be havin SEX this is 18+ ONLY. exes to ???people who r fucking ig. fingering, mirror sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, squirting, possessiveness, relationship that is a bit toxic. sex with feelings. there’s so much going on here but tl;dr, bkg is down horrendous. also ig i write for mha now lmao.
“w-we can’t keep doing this, bakugo,” breathless and stuttered, your words are obviously the last line of whatever pathetic defense you were trying to put up, and he could laugh. with the way you were leaning entirely on him, arms clinging tightly around his neck, and knees buckling with every flick of his fingers inside you, it’s a miracle that you’re still trying your hardest to reject what both of you have no power over. he chuckles darkly, eyes menacing and smile mischievous. under the dim yellow lights of the bathroom, the sharp angles of his face look even more intimidating. “yeah? we shouldn’t?” he coos mockingly. you shake your head, mouth falling open and head falling forward as you lean onto his shoulder when he maneuvers his fingers to move deeper inside you. “why are you shaking, then?” he whispers. “why are you still sucking my fingers up so good, hm? like you don’t wanna fuckin’ let go?”
you can only whimper as an answer, burying your face deeper onto his shoulder. as usual, you have no strength left to answer back, numb to everything else but the pleasure he’s giving you. the pleasure only he could give you. and as usual, he won’t stand for it. when bakugo asks a question, he gets an answer. “uh-uh,” he tuts. “i asked you a question, baby.” his fingers inside you slow to a stop and he moves the shoulder you’re leaning on to get you to look up at him. you let out a sob when you look up, eyes big and pleading as you rut your hips onto his fingers. you were almost there, it was so close. and he just— he unwraps the arm that was meant to keep you steady around you, hand moving up to squeeze your pretty face in his hands. “use your words, angel. haven’t fucked you with my cock yet, an’ you’re already goin’ dumb on me?” “feels s’good…” you breathlessly mewl. a smirk crawls up on his lips as he resumes the pace of his fingers inside you, a triumphant feeling springing in his chest when he sees your eyes fall shut slowly in ecstasy once again, but even through how ethereal you look in this state, he can’t let you off easy. “uh huh, but i thought we couldn’t keep doing this?” he knows he’s being cruel, purposely hitting you where it hurts by having you say things that would hurt your pride. the answering sob almost breaks his heart. almost. “hm, baby? if we can’t keep doing this, why can you barely keep your eyes open and talk?” the come-hither movement of his fingers keep on hitting the spot that makes your knees buckle, and he only speeds it up, going almost inhumanly faster and deeper, making the lewd squelching noises of your pussy almost rival the noises coming from your own mouth. “y’hear that?” he eggs on. “you’re fuckin’ dripping. that’s all you, baby. and all for me.” you can only wail and shake in his arms, hands gripping his shoulders as you fight to keep yourself upright while going higher and higher. “answer me.” he demands, pressing a sweet, chaste kiss to your cheek, a huge contrast to the way he’s squeezing your face in one hand and demolishing your cunt in the other. he knows he’s being cruel. but it’s been so long since he’s had you just cuddled into his arms, perfectly content with not doing anything else. it’s been so long since he’s had you sleeping next to him, smiling in your sleep and telling him about your dreams in the morning. it’s been so long since he’s had a good night’s sleep because he knows you’re safe by his side, so long since home has been home, and being inside you meant making love and not just fucking. this is the only way you would let him in—when you’re drunk on his cock and wanting to cum. and it hurts like hell every time you’d leave after you’re sated, even more so when he saw you out on a date with a fucking nobody, but he’ll take whatever piece of you he can get, and he’ll be damned if he has to share with anyone else. he knows he’s being cruel. it was his fault that you got to this point anyway. he was too absent, too angry, too adamant on being number one that he neglected you along the way, only realizing that he did so when your bags are already packed and you’re raring to go. he knows he’s being cruel, but in his twisted head, it’s only fair that he gets even this tiny piece of you, because you still own all of him. it’s only fair. he swipes his thumb to your swollen clit and you twitch, rutting faster against his hand, as if having three thick fingers knuckle-deep in you isn’t enough. you’ve always been a greedy little thing, and he’s always had a particular inclination to indulging you until you’re crying. you bite his shoulder, trying your best to muffle your screams as you feel yourself tensing and reaching your peak. his fingers are relentless inside of you, stirring you up real good until you’re shaking and dripping all over his hands, your thighs, and the pretty dress you had on for tonight. you always end up like this—panting and trembling from the high he’s brought you to despite having told yourself that the last time would be the last. you always end up letting him back in your bed, in you, because as much as you hated it, you needed him.
it’s a shame that not everything you feel you need is necessarily good for you. you push him away once you catch your breath, reaching for the paper towels near the sink and trying to straighten yourself up. you try not to think about how he stumbled back easily once you pushed him off of you, like there’s no strength left in him despite his build and stature.
you’d seen him withstand the kicks and blows of villains twice his size, either bouncing back or not even budging at all, and yet he’s this powerless against your rejection. your eyes flick up to his reflection in the mirror, and for a brief moment, you see him just standing there, frozen, defeated. like he’d been better off getting stabbed in the gut than having you push him off. it’s short lived, though. because the moment he meets your eyes in your reflection, his face goes back to a determined expression. he stalks over to you, pressing his chest onto your back and setting both of his hands on either side of you to cage you in, never once breaking off eye contact. he drops soft kisses to your jaw and the side of your neck, pecks eventually turning into nips and soft bites as he hikes the skirt of your dress up once again, big and rough palms kneading your ass. there’s no underwear left for him to worry about, as he ripped it off you and pocketed it the moment he pulled you into the restroom. “you haven’t answered my question, who said we were done?” “bakugo, i need to go back,” you reply, steeling your resolve and willing yourself not to close your eyes and lean onto him. “to where, to your fuckin’ date?” he spits the words in disdain, wrapping a hand around your throat as the other moves to unbuckle his belt. “not before you watch me fuck you in this dress. see the faces you make with my cock in you. see if you can go back to him with my cum running down your legs.” you tremble at his words, sighing as your back arches when you feel the head of his cock pressing onto your hole and threatening to break you open. “bakug— ah!” your words are interrupted with a scream when he pushes the head of his cock in, the stretch still overwhelming and so, so good even after all this time. “it’s katsuki,” he corrects, groaning into your ear as he bottoms out. “s’always katsuki t’my pretty angel.” he sighs, thinking to himself that this is where he belongs—sheathed deep in your cunt. so tight, so soft, so warm. all his. this is the only way he breathes easy—with you as close as possible, knowing that no one can take you away from him, knowing that you belong to him as much as he does to you. he burrows his head to your neck once he starts his relentless pace, eyes closed, breathing in your scent and feeling the vibrations of the sounds you make on the skin of your throat. he wills himself to open his eyes, wanting to witness the look on your face as you fall apart on his cock, wanting—no, needing to see that this is affecting you as much as it’s affecting him. and by god, is he thankful he mustered enough strength to open his eyes. he’s seen this sight so many times, but it never fails to make something inside him shake in carnal need. you, brows furrowed and mouth open in complete ecstasy, skin glowing with a thin sheen of sweat, and tits bouncing with every snap of his hips. he’s smart enough to have locked the door after dragging you in here, because in his mind, they can listen all they want to the sounds you’re making as he fucks you, but this sight is only reserved for him and him alone. it would be even better if he could see your pretty eyes completely engulfed in lust, so he asks. “can ya open those pretty eyes for me, baby?” his words barely register in your mind, your whole being completely clouded in pleasure. the head of his cock keeps bumping onto the spot that has you gushing, and all you can do this lean and cling onto whatever part of him you can reach. despite that, you try your best to adhere to his request, and the sight that greets you only has you clenching tighter around him. “fuck, you love this so much.” he chuckles. “you love getting fucked and watching yourself get absolutely ruined,”
“yes, ah! i-i do, please, please…” you babble, pleading for something you’re not even sure of, inhibitions and pride be damned. all you know is that every snap of his hips is getting you closer and closer to a high that feels like it’s going to knock the breath out of you. terrifying and electrifying all at the same time. “so why d’you keep on pushin’ me away, huh?” he pants. “only i can fuck you like this, you know that, right? took my fuckin’ time to learn what makes you scream, what makes you fuckin’. cry. because it felt too good.” every word is punctuated with a deep thrust that has you sobbing. “y’think y’can parade around with someone new and replace me jus’ like that?” you shake your head no, heaving and delirious as he fucks deeper into you. “n-no, only you! only you! he didn’t— didn’t touch me, c-couldn’t— ah!” he laughs in triumph. “that’s right, this is all for me, right? all fuckin’ mine.” “uh huh,” you nod, mewling as you move your hips to fuck back into him. “only you, katsuki—fuck, i’m so close!” “then fucking cum,” he orders, pressing his palm below your navel so he can feel himself every time he bottoms out. “cum around my cock, s’all yours, baby, only you.” his palm above your pelvis only intensifies the feeling of his deep thrusts, pushing you closer and closer to the edge. your legs tremble as the bubble of pressure pops, making you throw your head back, mouth open in a soundless scream. he turns your head towards him, claiming your mouth as his hips stutter. he grunts into your mouth as he cums, bursting warmth inside you.
you both stay still for a minute, him still sheathed inside you as you both catch your breath. he presses sweet little kisses to your shoulder and neck, and you tilt your head to the side, letting him do what he wants. “holy fuck, baby,” bakugo says once he catches his breath, “y’just squirted.” your eyes pop open at his words, chest still heaving as you come down from your high. you look down, and true enough, part of your dress is soaked in your juices, and you’re guessing part of his pants is the same. he wraps his arms around your waist, hugging you to his chest as he breathes you in, sighing as if this is the first breath he’s taken after being submerged underwater for a long time. “come home with me.” your heart clenches at his words. home. it’s been a long time since you felt at home—long before you even left him. even now, you’re not sure coming back with him would feel like coming home. you try to wiggle out of his hold, but his arms only tighten around you. you look up at your reflection in the mirror—there’s disheveled and fucked out you, and bakugo who has his eyes closed and brows furrowed, holding onto your for dear life. he opens his eyes once he feels your gaze on him, immediately shutting them tight once again and burrowing his face further into the side of your neck, almost like a child getting caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. you barely realize the smile making its way up on your face, but you let yourself melt into him. he’s already ruined your makeup, your dress, you for anyone else for the rest of the night, and probably for the rest of your life. going back to his pad with him wouldn’t really make that much of a difference. he takes you once again at the backseat of his car, making the windows all fogged up. and again against the door after he’s closed it shut behind him the moment you got into his pad, once more on the sofa, and finally, on his bed. “you’re insatiable,” you whisper as he ruts into you, slow and languid this time, making you feel every ridge and vein along his girth with every drag, but just as deep as the first four times. you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve came and how many times he’s come in you, numb to everything but the sensitivity of your abused hole and the squelch of both of your essences every time he pulls out and pushes back in. he hums, palms going up to fondle your tits, adjusting your legs that are propped up on each of his shoulders as his head is buried in your neck. “only f’you,” he slurs, eyes closed and completely pussy drunk. you smile, hand going up to tangle against messy blond hair that is now drenched in sweat. he lifts his head up, tilting his head to claim your mouth, tongue tangling with yours. “missed you so fuckin’ much,” he whispers. “an’ i’m so sorry.”
the follow-up knocks the breath out of you, making tears gather at the corner of your eyes. the difference those words would have made a few months ago… “hated being here without you. hated it even more when i heard you’re goin’ out with someone else.” his thrusts pick up in pace, energy renewed by the anger he feels at the thought of you being with someone else. “‘m here now,” you breathlessly moan, pulling his head down for another kiss as he pounds into you. “uh huh, and i’m gonna make sure y’won’t run from me again.” you nod mindlessly, clinging onto him as another orgasm overtook you. those last words are more of a promise to himself. he’ll be better, and you’ll never want for anything as long as you’re with him. he’ll be better, and he won’t let you slip away again. he should’ve known that your responses to him last night were only fueled by lust, nothing but appeasements to get him to shut up, because the moment morning light came, he’s waking up to you gathering your clothes, probably hoping you could leave without waking him up. “where are you going?” he still asks despite the dread in his gut. “home.” you answer, looking back at him, eyes cold and emotionless, nothing like the ones that looked up at him completely clouded in need last night. you are home, he wants to say. you’re home with me. but you’re gone and out the door before he could. and just like that, the gaping hole in his chest that had been momentarily plugged up by your presence reopens, rendering him unable to move. everything is back to how it is without you—cold, stale, meaningless. never mind all that, he tells himself, he’ll get you back no matter what. even if it means fucking you until you can’t talk, can’t do anything but cry for his cock, much less walk away from him. he’ll get you back.
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