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#bakugou smut

Alright guys, I’ve got a question. I still have got 2 more asks to complete and after I’m done with that, should I do a part 2 for “Rough around the edges”? I’ve been thinking of this cause that got the most notes out of all my fanfictions? Gimme a comment if ya’ll think I should?

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Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Degradation, Daddy kink, Submissive reader, Dominating Bakugou, Hella kinky stuff


Ever since the UA days, Bakugou loved the way you acted. You were always a bundle of happiness, a contrast opposite to him and could bring out the good in everyone, including an angry gremlin like himself. Sure, back then, he acted like he hated it, that he despised her bubbly and positive attitude but if he were to be honest, you gave him the motivation to do better and be a better person/hero. You were a part of Bakusquad ever since you stepped into the class and with time, Bakugou found himself considering you as one of the closest friends he ever had. With time, his attraction towards you only grew and by the time you were in your third year, he had fallen hard for you. The fact that Kaminari constantly flirted with you and you laughed at his attempts did nothing but piss Bakugou off. Honestly, he was surprised that he didn’t beat Kaminari to a pulp yet. However, that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t put a stop to that. As soon as third year ended, he demanded that you joined his new found agency. You joined without hesitation since the two of you were best friends. Which is why, he found himself in this situation, pinning you to a wall as you looked up at him with pink dusting your cheeks and a flustered expression.

It had been an year since Bakugou opened the famous “Ground Zero Agency” where you worked as his partner. Your quirk was not as strong as Bakugou’s, which is why starting off as an independent pro hero was not an option for you. Besides, you had other reasons to join his agency. You had a huge crush on him ever since your second year in UA. After all, why wouldn’t you? He was nice to you compared to everyone else (he still had a weird nickname for you and cussed at you when you messed up but it was far, far less aggressive than everyone else), he looked like a greek God, and most importantly, let’s just say you were kinda a fangirl cause damn that man knows how to kick villain butts. Anyway, ever since Bakugou opened up his agency and you joined his agency, Bakugou ended up getting to the top 10 position in hero ratings. Your ratings improved drastically as well thanks to Bakugou’s impeccable leadership and you had your position in the top 20. Now that both of you were quite popular pro heroes, you were invited to the annual hero reunion gala where every popular heroes were invited. It was an event that was held mostly for giving every hero a chance to increase media coverage and get more investors for their respective agencies. Pro hero Ground Zero and (H/N) naturally got an invitation and while Bakugou was not initially excited about showing up, hearing that you’re going chanced that. Since the two of you ran the agency together (even though it wasn’t your agency and you were a hired pro hero but you’d always help a friend out), Bakugou and you decided that he’d pick you up from your home and that you should go with him. Did Bakugou initially plan to ask you on a date instead of making it sound like something that should be done for their agency? Yes, yes he did. Did he chicken out at the last moment and pretend that it was all for the agency? Again, yes, yes he did. How could he not chicken out? You were always just too cute that it disarmed him.

Going back to current events, Bakugou was waiting for you infront of your apartment in his brand new Lamborghini (cause he’s a show off). When you finally came out, he almost had a seizure. You wore a tiny black dress that hugged your curves perfectly. You went for a no makeup look and your (H/C) hair was curled. Along with all that, you had the cutest smile on your face and Bakugou knew that he’d have a boner the entire time. This had been happening recently for the last few months. He used to feel his heartbeat increase whenever you smiled like that before but nowadays, he downright gets boners. Probably because you keep getting cuter every damned day atleast to him. The whole car ride was distracting as you kept rambling like a child about how your day went. He wondered how you could make something as disgusting as cleaning the toilet sound like something adventurous. Bakugou gave short replies like his usual self but since when did that stop you? Upon reaching, the both of you were swarmed by the press who kept asking if you and Bakugou were dating. There were certain rumours since no one except you could work that well with Bakugou. The way you blushed as soon as the reporters brought it up made his cock twitch in his pants. At this point, he was thanking whatever God gave him the brilliant idea of wearing tight boxers.

When Bakugou thought that getting in the party would change things, he was completely wrong. Everyone from Bakusquad showed up to the party as well since they gained popularity too. Your first reaction was to run at Mina and Kirishima and tackle them. You and Mina were inseparable back in the UA days and you were the one who set her up with Kirishima since they were pining on eachother for the longest time. You were really close to Kirishima as well since he always hung out with you and Bakugou. Hell, you were pretty much close to everyone. However, Bakugou, Mina and Kirishima probably were closer than the others. That didn’t mean that Bakugou didn’t get jealous. He didn’t like the fact that Kirishima and Mina got hugs from you since he decided that he was the only one who deserved hugs from you. Which meant that he was downright glaring at the oblivious couple as they talked to you with excited voices. You haven’t met up with them in a while thanks to your busy schedule. Things got worse when Kaminari put an arm around your shoulder and asked, “Aww they got a hug and I didn’t? Isn’t that unfair, (Y/N)?”. Let’s just say that Bakugou was really, really close to losing control of his quirk.

“Kaminari-kun, are you jealous?” you winked at the blonde before laughing. “I’ll be fucking damned if dunce face is the one to make her laugh like that.” Bakugou growled internally, losing his shit and pretty much grabbing your hand and pulling you away from the surprised group. You personally were shocked by his sudden aggression. Yes, Bakugou was a really agressive person but he never showed much of that side towards you until now. You tried to talk to him and asked him to slow down but all your words went unheard till he pulled you into an abandoned corridor in the community hall and shoved you into a janitor’s closet that was in the corridor. Getting in there himself, he closed the door, letting only tiny beams of light pass through the gaps on the door. “Bakugou-kun, why did you bring me here?” you asked, confused, tilting your head sightly. Only if you knew what your cuteness did to him…. “I was gonna ask you on a fucking date before I chickened out cause you always look so damn cute!” Bakugou hissed as he pinned you to the wall of the janitor’s closet, making a slight amount of pink to dust your cheeks as you looked at him with a flustered expression.

“Y-you like me?” you stuttered at his sudden confession. “Yes (Y/N). Now, if you continue to be so fucking cute, I’ll take you right here, right now. You’re really testing my self control now so stop looking so damned cute or just tell me on my face if you don’t want me.” Bakugou grumbled as he closed the distance between you even more, your lips almost touching. “I like you too, Bakugou-kun… I want you to continue…” you whispered, meeting his lips. It didn’t take long for Bakugou to kiss you back with immense passion and agression. His tongue demanded entrance in your mouth and you let him. Your tongues battled for dominance which he won in a matter of moments, leaving you completely breathless. Before you could realise, his hands already travelled to your groins as a finger rubbed your pussy. “So wet… Did this get you horny baby? Who knew, such an innocent cutie could turn out to be a complete slut…” Bakugou muttered to your ear with a smug smirk. “Ah… Baku…” you were stopped with a light peck on your lips as Bakugou looked at you with an unusually soft expression and said, “Call me Katsuki. You’re my girl now, right?”. “Yes, Katsuki… I’m yours…” you breathed out as his fingers rubbing your pussy was making you weak at your knees. “Why were you flirting with dunce face back there huh? You’ve been such a bad girl. You know what happens to bad girls? They get punished. Guess what’s gonna happen to you now, baby?” Bakugou whispered into your ear with a smirk as a wave of heat washed throughout your body and pooled at your vagina. “Getting wetter are we? Does this turn you on? Do you want daddy to punish you?” Bakugou whispered to you. He didn’t know how you’d react to his kinks and honestly, he was anxious about your response. However, all his worries went away when you looked at him with a cute smile and said, “Punish me daddy. Please?”. Damn he would never forget the face you made as it instantly made him get the most painful hard on in his entire life.

“Fuck… You really know how to make daddy happy huh? Such a cute fucking smile… You wanna be punished huh? Fine, I’ll fuck you into oblivion but if you make one noise, I’m not letting you cum.” Bakugou hissed at you before he pulled your dress up, removed your panties, picked you up, held you against the wall and entered you with brute force. You almost yelped at the feeling as his cock was bigger than anything you’ve put in yourself so far as it filked you to the brim. Biting your lips, you controlled yourself before looking at Bakugou, giving him the signal to move. Without a warning, he pounded into you with an unforgiving pace, making it almost impossible for you to keep quiet. However, you wanted to be good for him. The idea of him being so much in control turned you on so much that you were already feeling dizzy from all the sensations that were inflicted on your body. “Fuck…. So tight…. You’re clenching on me…” Bakugou whispered to you making you grab onto him tighter as the sensations were making you feel euphoric beyond measure. You were going to cum soon. “Such a good girl for me… You’ve listened to daddy and didn’t make a noise huh? Daddy’s got two rewards for you. For being so damn cute and for being a good girl. I’ll let you cum for being such a cutie…” Bakugou muttered into your ear, increasing his pace and making you come undone all over him. Even then, you made no noise except your ragged breathing. However, Bakugou didn’t stop as he kept chasing his own release, overstimulating you. You couldn’t help it anymore as you whimpered slightly at the unbearably pleasant feeling. “Can’t help it anymore baby? It’s okay. Lemme hear those cute sounds. Don’t make a racket though.” Bakugou groaned to your ear as he was nearing his release. With his permission, you let out low gasps and whimpers while trying to keep the loud moans as you bit your lips hard enough to draw blood.

It didn’t take long for Bakugou to cum. With a light groan, he pumped you full of his release. He carefully put you down before making you wear your panties before any of his release leaks out. After the two of you caught your breath, he whispered something to you that flustered you completely. “Having your insides full of my cum is my reward to you for being a good girl. Now that you’ll have my cum all over your panties and inside you as well when you talk to any of those shitty extras, you’ll keep remembering who you belong to.”

[Author’s note: I hope this is good enough? 😅]

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thank you so much for your request!! I can assure you I’m happy and healthy! Eating well and trying to drink more water! Resting is iffy for me but I’m still getting 8 hours!!

I ship you with…


  • Since you are a water sign and he is an air sign you get along well
  • Ok so I feel like you guys met through sports, you were probably a cheerleader for Aoba Joshai!
  • Iwa 100% asked you out by sending a volleyball your way with a letter attached to it!!
  • Movie marathons 100%, might make you watch scary movies just so you cling to him and get scared
  • since Iwa is a Pisces rising he is really good with understanding peoples emotions and sentiments 
  • he is also very observative and can deal with different situations with ease so even the slightest vibe change he can feel it and knows how to make you feel better. (mentally….. and physically)
  • Iwa also doesn’t show his emotions but when he does he’s extremely vulnerable. 
  • He needs to trust you 110% with everything because if this vulnerability
  • because of his rising zodiac he likes talking about marriage and hopes that his better world will have you in it (honestly best boyfriend ever)
  • he would definitely propose to you at Disney?  
  • as a Gemini, he has very fast thinking and he’s super tolerant 
  • how else was he able to deal with Oikawa?
  • He’s very open with you in public as long as there are no disturbances 
  • he rarely shows any negative qualities.
  • Iwa is really truthful when it comes down it and he won’t be afraid to get a little inappropriate 
  • calls you an idiot as a joke even tho you could probably school him on every subject 


  • DOM
  • I don’t make the rules
  • When you guys first started fucking he used a condom but once he forgot one and came inside you that idea was GONE
  • thinks the daddy kink is HOT AF 
  • loves praising you but won’t be afraid to call you his slut 
  • 100% possessive AF
  • if someone even looks at you the wrong way he will drag you into the closest bathroom and get you on your knees
  • he has really long fingers so 100% likes giving more than recieving but if he needs to teach you a lesson you’re on your knees!!
  • he will edge you on until your begging for him, fuck you like it’s his last day on earth and then overstimulate you until your crying even more.
  • exhibitionism on a rare chance, maybe when you out at a movie.
  • loves your thighs, squeezes then under the table or when you’re in the movie
  • ass smacks is A MUST like literally has an obsession
  • even tho you have a small top half he will worship you!!
  • Always waits for you to cum first and takes pride in making you finish with just his dick 
  • Jealous sex is rough and fast but you won’t be able to get any words out
  • he’s definitely a grunter and some occasional breathy moans but overall doesn’t really make much noise 
  • Aftercare is really good!
  • If you don’t want to get up he will clean you up with a warm towel, put on a Disney movie, and will cuddle you until you fall asleep. 
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • An overall good relationship with lots of love and affection!! <3 

I really hope you enjoyed this!! It took me a little while longer than expected so sorry about that!! Also, can we all just take a moment to admire how HOT Iwaizumi Hajime is!?! he does not have the right, 100% simp mode activated!! 

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— live now: redlove | eijirou kirishima (m.)


pairing: eijirou kirishima/reader ft. katsuki bakugou.

genre: fluff, smut, pwp

wordcount: 𝟷𝟼𝟹𝟽

cw: cam couple!au, prohero!bakugou, established relationship

tags: voyeurism (bakugou’s pov), dirty talk, masturbation, humilation/degredation, begging, light praise, rough sex, doggy style, choking, hair pulling, light spanking, baku has a crush

note: i have no excuses for this lmao. i was originally gonna make this into a fic where bakugou joins u nd kiri but,,,i kind of want to make this like a series or something????

  bakugou enjoys porn. especially live cam porn. he discovers the cam couple redlove and is immediately smitten.


masterlist | rules


© all content belongs to hshinso 2020. do not modify or repost.    


Bakugou watched porn. Just like every other guy on the planet. He enjoyed it, especially since as a pro-hero, he didn’t have the opportunity to get into sustainable relationships. He was the #2 hero so finding himself someone who wanted him because he was Katsuki Bakugou and not Ground Zero was near impossible. 

So, he turned to porn. Sounds sad now that he thought about it but truthfully, he never thought twice about it. It was just the way things were. 

More specifically, he had an interest in cam porn. The live stream kind. He couldn’t quite pinpoint why that was ― there was just something alluring about watching porn live. 

Usually, he stuck to solo girl content, every once in a while he’d venture to the male side. It was only recently, however, that he discovered the booming community of couples cams. 

Watching couples have sex live was even more enticing than watching men and woman masturbate or watching amateur porn. It seemed so intimate, watching these couples together. Almost forbidden. 

And he was sure that was exactly what made him cum so hard every single time. He liked watching these couples have sex, feeling like he was seeing something he wasn’t supposed to.

Many times, he’d stroke his cock to the idea of being humiliated by a couple as he watched them together. Filthy thoughts and words filtered into his mind, his eyes closed as he panted to the idea. They’d call him disgusting, a pig for getting hard watching ―  how only a slut would act as lewd as he did. Maybe they’d shame him; #2 pro hero Ground Zero a pathetic whore. 

It wasn’t until one night, he laid in bed browsing the couple’s livestreams on his favorite website, he discovered one couple that immediately caught his eye. The thumbnail showed a redheaded guy with spiky hair sitting on the edge of the bed with a pretty girl with marvelously smooth skin sat behind him with her arms wrapped around his shoulders. The young man’s hair color must have been the inspiration behind their channel name: redlove. He could only assume they had just started the stream and were looking at comments when the picture set. 

The stream was titled “We had a long day”. Bakugou couldn’t help but scoff at such a title, it was hardly enticing. Most streams had things like ‘watch me squirt until i cry!!!’ or “he makes my pussy hurt so good” or some other cringy shit. He would have been tempted to scroll past but he couldn’t deny just how attractive the couple was. Not to say there weren’t attractive people doing cam porn, no he’d seen his fair share of beautiful women and handsome men. 

But redlove were stunning together. They looked like a perfect match, he could tell just by how you were holding him that just oozed affection for the redhead. 

Another thing that caught the blonde’s eye was the view count: most cammers had in the double digits ― 20 or 30 viewers. Every once in a while he’d catch a particularly popular cammer and see a few hundred but it had never exceeded 200. So the live view count, the number of people watching them at that exact moment, was currently displayed on redlove’s stream link had him baffled.

Edging on 800 viewers. Sitting at 782.

It was clear the two of you were immensely popular. There had to be a good reason. 

Curious and thoroughly intrigued, he tapped the screen of his phone to get into their stream. 

It took a moment to buffer, all the activity with the chat making it lag a bit. When it finally finished loading, Bakugou felt like the air had been punched out of his lungs. His cock was immediately hard, straining against his boxers.

Keep reading

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‘Message Recieved” - Katsuki Bakugou

A/N: This is a gift for @mcchristinaconlinobeyme who wrote me lovely little fanfic in return 💖

Pairings: Katsuki Bakugou x F!Reader

Warnings: Stalker-ish and abusive tendencies from reader’s father, Bakugou’s filthy language

Summary: You thought your villainous father was out of your life for good. Until the letters began to arrive.

Word Count: 2.5k

masterlist requests are open <3


It was little things at first. You couldn’t help but notice your name on flyers when you would go into the city. When men would bump into you in the street and before you had time to apologise they’d have run off without a trace. U.A. knew of your fathers history which is why they felt it necessary to have you be under more protection at school.

Though soon enough you just began to think that all those little occurrences were nothing but that, your plagued mind worrying yourself that something was bound to happen. But the teachers were taking care of you, nothing was going to change that.

Until the letters began to come.

Suspecting it was another student leaving small love letters out for you, you didn’t particularly pay much interest in it. The notes saying things like ‘Hello Y/N’ and ‘I’ve missed you a lot’. But one night as you were fading into sleep you heard the small drop of paper onto your balcony. Itching your eyes you feigned awakeness to try and see above you if someone was there and dropped it onto your balcony below. But all the lights were off on the floor above. Opening the envelope your blood ran cold, your feet stepping back until you tripped and landed with a heavy thud.

When are you going to come back home to me Y/N?

Nothing could stop the wave of tears from flowing down your face or the choked sobs falling out your mouth, you could’ve woken up the whole floor but you didn’t care as the shock settled in. You were doomed. It wasn’t until there were loud raps banging on your door that took you out of your swampy wallowing. You didn’t even wipe your face as you went to open the door, your hands shaking as you twisted the door handle- expecting to see your father there.

“Can you keep the noise down idiot some people are trying to slee-“ Bakugou stood in front of your door, hair disheveled from his rudely awoken slumber. “What’s up with you?

It wasn’t common knowledge for a lot of the students to know about your father since you had been placed under witness protection. The teachers felt it better that way also as a means for the other students to not think of you any differently from themselves.

“I need to see Mr Aizawa.” Your hands had unbeknownst to you; crushed the paper. You’d been safe for so long, why now? Why when you’re finally happy why does it have to crawl right back up to you?

“Yeah.” His answer was curt but he could see you not even taking the effort to move, or even look him in the eye. Bakugou knew something was immensely off. “Look. I’ll take you there.”

Bakugou’s hand finds the small of your back as he tries to guide you towards the elevator so you two could head to Aizawa’s room. Bakugou took a short glance at you while you waited in the elevator. He didn’t like seeing you like this, pale, sickly. And your eyes looked like they wanted to set that small piece of paper alight. Right now, he would give anything to take you out of how you’re feeling.

When you finally reach Aizawa’s dorm room, you don’t even lift an arm to knock so Bakugou proceeds for you. It takes a few moments for him to awaken and answer the door, his eyes gleaming with anger as to why you’re here.

“You two better have a good reason for being up on a school ni-.”

“I think my dad is trying to get me back.” You uttered.

It was the first time you spoke in that whole few minutes of making your way up the dorms and it felt like years of silence. Aizawa’s gaze lifted with a look of worry, asking you to continue.

“I didn’t really think about it at first, but I’ve seen things when I’ve been outside. Posters with my name on it and small threats. I figured it was just something dumb but it had to be him. A few nights ago I started getting these letters on my balcony, they were harmless so I thought one of the other students was playing a prank on me. Until I got this one.”

Your hand shakily lifted the crumpled envelope and Aizawa took it and scanned it over. Sighing as he prepared himself to speak.

“Do you think he’s trying to get you to join him in his criminal activity?” Aizawa asked, yet before you could speak Bakugou piped up; clearly confused by the interaction.

“Criminal activity? Y/N? Is someone going to tell me what’s happening here?” Bakugou did his best to keep the volume of his voice lowered but it still stuck out sharply in the empty halls. His hands crackling with annoyance as he struggled to understand the context.

“Bakugou that’s enough from you.” Aizawa’s eyes gleamed of his quirk and the small popping and smell of caramel soon dissipated. “You’ve heard enough now go back to your dor-“

“Actually Mr Aizawa, I’d prefer it if he stayed.” Your voice sounding slightly more confident than before, looking to Bakugou who’s shock rang in his eyes. He was just happy that you wanted him there. His defensive presence was almost… calming.

Aizawa acknowledged your wishes and asked you both to wait as he contacted the other teachers to be on the watch out for any disturbances on school grounds. He agreed that he’d take the night to keep watch but the teachers tomorrow would have to set up a schedule.

“Now I know you can handle yourself Y/N, but I’m trusting you Bakugou to make sure she gets to her dorm safely.” His eyes shot between the two of you, sympathy washing over you as he glanced at your sickly expression. “We’ll keep everyone safe.”

And with that Bakugou walked you both back to your dormitories. Not wanting to deal with the silence for any longer, Bakugou broke it with a sigh before speaking.

“I know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but your dads a villain?”

You nodded, you knew everyone would do their best but your father was sneaky, manipulative. He played games no one knew how, and it terrified you. Why hadn’t you seen it before? All the messages, the ways to get into your head. It was suddenly all at once eating you alive, the feeling of eyes all over your body.

“Thank you. For- staying with me.” You sigh, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the darkness of your room. Not even giving Bakugou a chance to say ‘you’re welcome’ as you shut your door. Sliding your curtains closed and double checking to make sure that everything was locked, you succumbed to a worrying slumber. The thought of your father in the front of your mind.

Throughout the days, things wore off. Your father clearly having taken a hint that security at UA had increased since his last letter. But nothing would stop him from having you back with him. And that was when the text messages started.

‘You know the fates your friends will meet if you don’t find me Y/N’

‘You can’t hide from me forever’

You hadn’t told the teachers of the texts for some moral high ground you had set upon yourself that you could push through it. He wasn’t in your life anymore and bu hacking into your phone wasn’t any different. Until the last text.

‘Tomorrow. They’ll all be dead because of you if you don’t show your face at the park, midnight. Don’t think I won’t.’

Attached to the message were selfies of you and your friends from 1-A. Laughing, smiling, having a good time together. But it was the last few photos that caught your attention. Pictures not from your phone. Photos of you and Bakugou taken from distances away, just days when you were all out shopping and hanging out on weekends together with the rest of the Bakusquad. But with every swipe of your finger, the pictures got closer and closer.

‘Katsuki Bakugou right? Don’t think I won’t blow him to smithereens too. Take up my offer or watch your friends and your little boyfriend’s faces be splattered all over TV screens at my hands.’

You swallowed the lump in your throat. This was it. You had to join him. For the safety of everyone. Packing a small bag you slipped out onto your balcony, manoeuvring ways to get down and out of UA Heights in the dark. You stifled sniffles as you snuck out, probably never going to see your friends again, and Bakugou… he was rough around his edges, yes, but he was the only one who knew. Who knew what you had been through, the torture your father had put you through. You knew you couldn’t burden him with the texts you had been getting though, he’d been your therapist enough. You had to leave. For him.

Your father didn’t give any descriptors on what park to head to, but you had your hunch. It was one that he used to take you as a kid with your mother. But that memory was all but a dream. Walking around the dimly lit paths, you searched for any sign of him before an arm tugged you into the rough of a bush. Expecting this to be your fate, you lent into the attacker.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The harsh whisper of Bakugou’s voice was weirdly music to your ears. His eyes had bags underneath them, an abnormal sight for the boy who went to bed at 8pm every day.

“What’re you doing here?” You shot back, keeping the hushed tones. Knowing your father would kill Bakugou on sight if he saw him here.

“Stopping you from doing something stupid, idiot!” His hands gripped tightly at the sides of your shoulders before dropping them as he realised he might’ve been scaring you more than he should’ve been.

“I knew something was up. I fuckin’ knew it.” Bakugou shook his head, you couldn’t read him in the darkness of the leaves surrounding you both. “I knew he wouldn’t just up and leave. Fuck-“

“Why did you follow me Bakugou?” Your voice was angry and you could see the look of shock on his face. It took him a few moments to answer before he gave a sigh.

“To take care of you idiot.” His voice is but a mere grumble, but it’s as clear as day in the quiet of the park. “You don’t have to suffer in silence. I- I’m worried about you.”

He shoots a side glance at you, obviously worried about your wellbeing. His eyes dance over your face so delicately, taking in every small aspect of it. As if he’s studied it for hundreds of years and knows each freckle by memory.

“You can’t be here.” You didn’t even realise you were crying, the look of realisation set upon his face.

“He’s here isn’t he?” His question is simple enough but it feels like a ton of bricks on your neck as you try to nod.

“Y/N~” your dad’s voice rings out in the dark and it sets the two of you upright. The anger washes over his face and you realise that he can no longer hold back, and you can’t even stop him. Nothing ever stops Bakugou.

“You think you can just lure her away you freak?” Bakugou’s words reek of venom, his figure slipping out from the shrubbery, palms crackling like 1000 party poppers. “You’ll never lay a finger on her!”

Bakugou is the first to blast, you can’t help but hide in the bushes as the fight ensues, too terrified to show your face in case your dad swoops you away. But… what about Bakugou?

“Where is she?” Your father’s voice rings like a lion’s roar, it sends bile up your throat.

“Somewhere you’ll never find her!” Bakugou lies through his teeth, hoping to buy some time.

Before long it’s an all out flashy quirk fest. Your father’s quirk being that of scorching energy beams, not an easy fight for the two. It didn’t take too long before your father eventually clipped Bakugou with one of his beams, sending him flying into a tree.

“Katsuki!” You scream out, revealing your hiding place. Scrambling over to Bakugou’s slumped over body you try to wake him up as your father chuckles and stomps over to you. You manage to throw him back for a few blows, keeping him away from Bakugou and yourself before you hear voices. The teachers. The sight of your father being captured by Aizawa’s scarf couldn’t help but feel like a breath of fresh air.

“They get here okay?” Bakugou chokes out from underneath you, his eyes squinting at the heroes.

“You called for help?” Your face was wet with tears, once falling because of fear and desperation and now just happy that Bakugou was seemingly alright. “That’s not like you.”

“I didn’t care what happened to that fuckin’ idiot.” His hand lays atop yours, switching his sight to you with a small smirk played upon his lips. “Just that you were safe.”

“Katsuki I-“

“I care about you a lot Y/N.” Bakugou sits himself up, wincing, so he can look you better in the eye. “I just, wanted to make sure that you were okay because… well I like you okay?”

The admission seems to hurt him but feels like a relief off of his chest.

“You were there for me Bakugou when I needed it.” You pull him delicately into a hug, the explosive smell of caramel and firewood playing upon your senses. “And… I’m thankful for that. Plus I- like you too.”

“You’re not just saying that because I saved your life are you idiot?”

You can’t help but chuckle a bit.

“No Bakugou. As I said, you’re there for me. And that’s why I like you… a lot.”

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thank you so much june <3

ugh yes it’s TIMMEEEEE for my baby thank u for sending him in!

S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)

bitch will fuck ALLLLL night if he could. Definitely can orgasm at least three times and still be vibing out. ALL the heroes have to have good stamina, how else are you gonna be a pro? I think he’s also the master of knowing when to give himself a break, trying to only pleasure you so he can have a second to recover. he’s no dummy!!! will fuck you until you need him to stop.

O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)

LOVES getting head. will take a blowjob anytime and anywhere. He also enjoys giving head, but i think he likes to finger you more because he can lean up and get a better look at you. I don’t think he’s big into 69 so i wouldn’t expect too much of that. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

SO unfair. If he’s the dominate one, expect to be teased and tortured to no end. In public, he HATES when you tease but obviously he’s allowed to do as much as he wants. he’s the worst

L = Location (favorite places to do the do)

I think he’s traditional enough to enjoy it on a bed most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be his own bed hehe. guest bed at a friends house visiting? game. Random bed at a house party? Game. Deku’s bed? Game (even though you won’t let him) if he’s really pent up, some against the door sex is also game. Down for most places i’d guess but prefers a bed.

M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)

I don’t think its hard to flip the switch to get him going, but I think he really enjoys being whispered to. Like if you’re sitting together at a restaurant with friends and you lean over to tell him something, even if its completely not sexual, he’s going to be hella turned on.

A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)

Very insistent to tell him what you need, probably has a strict routine down at this rate. Soothing gel on any marks, rubbing out sore muscles, making you chug water, ect. Big on praise afterwards and making you confident. I headcanon Bakugou as a switch, so for his own aftercare, i think he kinda wants to be babied. Probably one of the few times he’ll let you coddle him without getting snippy about it. Definitely wants you to hold him close and stroke his face, give him lots of little kisses. Just stay really close. 

T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)

Def has a nice little collection going for partner use. I also could kinda see him owning a fleshlight LOL but i think he would rather die than anyone find out about that.

E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

None. No experience before. If y’all are together, its a forever thing, not gonna risk that for someone. The beginnings are the normal navigation of first time sexual experiences, but he quickly finetunes himself to know EXACTLY what you like,

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oh FUCK me sideways, there’s something so innocently sexy about his dick and heart going on brick at the reader’s collarbones.


Fuck… Bakugo swallowed. Hard. This was so completely inappropriate and unprofessional and could land him in a load of utter shit - but he just couldn’t help it.

“Any pain with that movement?” He clears his throat, trying desperately to focus his gaze anywhere but where it wanted to land so badly. Where it was drawn to.

His head snapped up at your hum of contemplation, fingers tightening ever so slightly at the grip on your shoulder, thumb brushing against your pulse point with every little rise of your chest. If his hand were to slip, even just an inch down, he’d be touching your—

“Nope, just a little tightness,” You roll your shoulder again in the opposite direction as to make sure. “It hurts a bit lower, it pinches when I lean forward or curve my back - here.” You guides his wrist to where you felt the pressure, not at all noticing the blonde’s flushed cheeks or clenched jaw.

Oh fuck. Bakugo’s breath hitches painfully in his throat, adam’s apple bobbing up and down furiously but you were none the wiser. Absolutely ignorant to the restlesssness in his head, and the rushing of blood to his other one.

The pads of his fingers dared to touch the collarbones peeking out from your tee-shirt. Sleek, and sexy, and he honestly had no idea why he was so drawn to them - but he fucking was and his increasingly tighteness in his slacks was a testament to it.

Fuck it.

“Yes, I see.” He nods his head, pretending to look empathetic - this was a total abuse of power, but he couldn’t begin to care about the potential consequences now. You were so cute, such a sweet little thing. Perfect, and he wasn’t going to just let you slip through his fingers before he even got the chance to sink them into you.

“It seems worse than I intinally thought,” He’s trying so hard not to smirk in satisfaction at your immediate reaction, asking him, what’s wrong, doctor? Fuck, if his title sounded that good falling from your lips, he could only imagine how his actual name would sound. He could picture it now, you on your back, tongue lolling out and drool dripping down your chin as you moaned - begged him - Katsuki, please

“—Dr. Bakugo? What’s wrong with me?” Your eyes are pleading, not taking notice of his glazed over red ones.

He shook those thoughts out of his head for the moment, reluctantly letting his hand drop from your soft skin to grab his clipboard, scribbling down some nonsense and furrowing his brows.

“It’s nothing that a few visits can’t help,” He tilts his head nonchalantly - he’s anything but, practically giddy at the thought of you coming around to sit that sweet ass on his exam table every week. Slowly getting closer to you, wrapping you up in his web, snug with him in the silky prison of his doing.

He pauses his writing, eyes narrowing behind those glasses as he looks you straight on, and he can see the way you shiver - revels in it.

“You want to get better, don’t you?” It’s getting so hard not to grin, and he allows a bit of his gums to peek from excitement. “You don’t even have to worry. I’ll have you feeling pain free in no time.

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BNHA | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader (NSFW)

Okay, I’m really nervous about this one ‘cause Bakugou is a pretty popular character and I’m afraid of disappointing anyone who was expecting a good one. I hope it is though! Whew, this one was challenging to me as well. Got stuck a few times with writer’s block and inexperience in nsfws. Let me know what you think, okay?

Enjoy yourselves!

I’d like to apologize for any errors I might have missed btw.

Themes/warnings: 18+, aged-up, praise kink, blowjob, fingering, spanking, overstimulation, swearing, mild degradation, unprotected sex

*I do not own this picture.


[  Caffeine Rush  ]


The office building that made Ground Zero agency was quiet and still. The appointed office hours were over hours back. 

Most staff had already retired for the day. Among the black, lifeless screens on the desks, only hers stayed running bright and full of words on its screen. 

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First Kiss.


pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader

word count: 3k

rating: mature 🌧

warnings: kissing, suggestive content

genre: fluff, tiny bit of angst


(currently unavailable)

Synopsis: you and bakugou had never quite got along. Not because there was any bad blood, he just chose to very obviously avoid you and treat you like every other extra in the class. However, while out on a walk during the evening, you stumbled onto bakugou all alone and seemingly upset. Thats when this rocky relationship became a bit more stable.


The night sky started to paint the atmosphere, the cool breeze swaying your hair and tickling your exposed skin. As you slowly settled into your new dorm at u.a, you found yourself feeling more tense than usual. Maybe it was all the stress of the move or just plain old home sickness, but either way the feeling ran deep within you. That’s exactly why tonight you decided to take a walk, not too far from the dorms, but just enough to finally take a refreshing break.

You eyed and analysed the scenery, the dazzling stars sprinkled the navy sky above that dripped its evening hue onto the shrinking sunset. Softly, the wind spun in and out of the trees and bushes, their leaves rustling and crunching followed by the occasional whistling of the wind. It was a calming scene to watch.

As your eyes explored the view around you, they landed on something a bit more unsettling. A blonde male, better known as katsuki bakugou, sat on a bench in the distance.

This evening, similarly to you, he had felt overwhelmed. Though he hated to admit it, he started to feel out of touch with himself, someone had been on his mind. It felt like a constant itch that never went away, no matter how much he scratched at it, the thought failed to leave him alone. This very thought he blamed for his sudden “downfall”. Admittedly, to everyone else, this failure he considered himself was completely unseen. It was all in his head.

You carefully scanned the boy from a far, reluctant on whether or not you should approach him. After all, he wasn’t the nicest of people, or at least that’s how he presented himself. Him blowing up in you face was the last thing you wanted. A heavy sighed escaped through your parted lips as you weighed the pros and cons of this current situation. Should you approach him?

The initial conflicted question was soon provided with an easy answer.

You watched his body tense up further and further, his hands clenched into tight fists as his eyes stayed fixed on one point, clearly zoned out. Something was bothering him. Regardless of his awful demeanour, you couldn’t help but lend him a listening ear. After all, it was in your nature to be so blindly giving sometimes.

You took slow and hesitant steps towards him, his bothersome state becoming clearer. The steps you took were gentle, soon gaining more of a steady pace. Though your stomach was turning, adrenaline coursing through your sluggish body as your heart thumped in your ears. It was no surprise that approaching him would shake up all these nerves inside you, his reaction would be unpredictable. You were definitely scared and nervous for the outcome, however your caring nature got the better of you.

Soon, you were right next to him, taking a careful seat on the bench, not too close but no too far. His unusual unfocused state the only reason you were able to get so close. As your body finally made contact with the bench, his head took a harsh and sudden snap. His vermillion eyes glared right back at you, his posture only getting more tense.

“um…hi” you started shyly.

He was clearly taken aback, if it weren’t for his current state, you doubt he’d tolerate you being near him. His face grew flushed in embarrassment, his eyebrows furrowing angrily at his sudden “weak” response.

You didn’t know exactly what was on his mind, why he was flustered or why he was so tense. Only if you knew that it was in fact you who was bothering his thoughts tonight.

Bakugou had never had an intense liking to someone, someone he didn’t even know, someone who was just an extra in his little world. It frustrated and confused him beyond compare. Tonight, he couldn’t shake the thought of you and to be honest, it began to frighten him a bit. After all, he was new to these sort of emotions. No matter how much he distanced himself or was rude to you, this weird feeling never left him. And it just had to be today, the day this thought bothered him most that you showed up.

“fuck off” he cursed, glancing away and sinking into the bench.

His word were harsh, but the his voice came out calm, motivating you to try and figure him out.

“hey, listen. i was taking a walk, had a lot on my mind and i’m guessing you do too”

You tried sparking up a conversation once more, a warm smile on your face. You kept your eyes on him, watching his response but he remained silent. The chilling air caused a shiver to run through you, more nervous now to see what would happen next. You tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, nuzzling your hands into your oversized sleeves.

“just go back to the dorms, dumbass” he mutters taking a quick pause before his heavy eyes fall back onto you.

“you’re clearly cold”

He was right, you weren’t just cold, you were practically freezing. Yet, you didn’t want to go back, not right now. You’d never had a proper conversation with Bakugou, a once in a life time opportunity. Not to mention, you’d often prioritised someone else well-being over your own.

“and something’s clearly bothering you” you gave him a reassuring smile, hoping to warm him to the idea of opening up.

He didn’t seem to budge, instead crossing his arms over his chest and giving you a smug look.

“nothings fucking bothering me. just go home”

his cold attitude should have hurt you, but his blatant lies only confirmed your suspicions. Something was definitely bothering him. Deep in thought, you bit your lower lip, looking down at you hands that hid cosily in your sleeves. Another breath escaped your lips as you dared to speak again.

“i want to stay with you for now” you hesitated to speak out at first, wondering if such a response was too forward. Maybe it was the adrenaline that invaded your thoughts right now, or maybe it just felt natural to say, regardless those words had left your mouth.

Bakugou felt his body tense up again as his stomach felt an unfamiliar buzz. Completely lost for words, so he just hummed in response.

You both stayed in comfortable silence for a while. You watched as he sat almost paralysed, his hands returning to their shaken state. Watching him like this was worrying to say the least, maybe even terrifying. He was one of the strongest students in class, never showing a weak side to him, until now of course. You didn’t know what to do or what to say.

Gently, you untucked your hand from your sleeve, the cold air harsh on your skin as it lost its previous heat. Though you were nervous to make another move, you didn’t want to see him like this anymore. You reached out slowly, until your cold hand rested on top of his larger, more heated one. In fact, his hands were dangerously hot and sweaty. Now you were really worried on what had worked him up this much.

His hand twitched as he felt your touch, shocked by the sudden affection he’d never experienced before. Yet he allowed this foreign territory to be further explored, making no effort to push you off or yell. His heart began thumping faster in his chest, his stomach turned as adrenaline rushed to fill his body. He was no longer bothered by his previous thoughts, previous worries of you clouding his mind for days, the unshakable feeling he got around you. Maybe it was the adrenaline, but those thoughts were soon buried deep inside him, long forgotten. All his mind could think about in that moment was your touch. How soft your hand felt as you fingertips carefully massaged his hand, the way your minor movements brought him to a calmer state. But most importantly, how cold your hand felt.

“your hand is cold” he spoke bluntly, no emotion in his voice, contradictory to his adrenaline being at an all time high.

“it doesn’t matter”

Your voice was gentle, like your touch it was some how soothing him. It didn’t make this weird adrenaline rush calm down, it was probably just making it heighten. However, his anger, irritability and lack of patience faded as you quite simply just sat there, softly speaking. It was odd that another person had so much control over him, not only invading his daily thoughts, but now in possession of his very emotions. That’s how he viewed the situation at least. But even when this thought hit him, he couldn’t be mad at you.

“it does matter, dumbass” he spoke slightly harsher this time, worry laced in his voice.

You were taken aback by his tone, not prepared for his empathy. But he just kept surprising you more after that, giving you no time to respond. He interlaced his fingers with yours, his hand engulfing your significantly smaller one. His hand felt warm, very warm. His touch was rough, but it held way more emotion than you could uncover in that moment. As you stared down at your hand hidden within his, you felt your face burn red.

Never did you imagine that you’d be in this position, sat next to Katsuki Bakugou, blushing at his selfless gestures. On top of that, you never imagined he’d be like this.

He grabbed something from his side, the side that wasn’t visible to you.

“wear it, you’ll be less cold”

Rather than handing you the jacket to put on yourself, he used his free hand to rest it over your shoulders. A soft smile lingered on his lips, his eyes starring deeply into yours as he waited for your reaction.

Your heart rate sped up as your blush grew deeper, his action making you feel something weird towards him.

“thanks, bakugou” you managed to say through your flustered state.

You felt the bench move slightly, as bakugou shifted closer towards you, his leg now in contact with yours. You were side by side, joint at the hands as your shoulders, thighs, knees, all of that were pressed together.

“i have something to ask”

Through the midst of all of this, his voice sounded calm as though unfazed by anything going on. But as you watched his seemingly emotionless face, you saw his hidden nervousness, his face starring straight ahead as a soft pink glow coated his cheeks. Was he blushing?

Before you could think, you lay your head onto his shoulder, your other hand coming to rest on top of your intertwined hands. You hummed in response, eagerly waiting for his question.

“what does it mean when you can’t stop thinking about someone. like you try so hard but they won’t leave your mind”

his question was a bit out of place, but it soon started to make a bit more sense as you allowed it to sink in.

“in what way? like they’re annoying you or are you interested”

You question back, trying to gather more information on his situation, realising this is what must have been bothering him.

Weirdly enough, someone had been bothering your thoughts as well. Maybe that’s exactly why you felt so flustered at his simple touches. For months, you found yourself attracted to Bakugou, his little glances towards you sending an electric feeling to course through you. Better than anyone, you understood how he felt in this moment, and the frustration of not being able to get someone out of your head, especially when liking them seemed so far fetched.

“i never really thought of it but i guess interested or whatever” he let out a low sigh.

The reply to his statement was simple, he liked someone. Deep down, you wished it was you, after all you’d been feeling this way for bakugou for a while. However, he had no real reason to like you, he pushed you away, ignored you and rarely made an effort to talk. Today was a situation slightly out of the blue, his actions out of character but enjoyable.

“then you like someone” you chirped.

You sounded happy for him, well you tried your best to. But the selfishness within you was still present. you hoped he was taking about you.

You heard a low laugh escape his lips, his hand squeezing yours a bit, but not in a painful way. Tranquility surrounded you both once more as both of you didn’t speak.

“well, i guess i like you dumbass”

You felt that same buzz bounce around in your stomach as his simple response clouded your brain. You were not expecting him to say that. Not at all. You finally turned to face him, his ruby eyes less furious as they had a sleepy look to them. His face was calm, not tensed up in a frown or in an annoyed glare as it usually was. Not to mention, his ash blonde hair was spiked up, but slightly messy. He looked… cute. You felt your face get all warm, your chest all fuzzy and your hands began to slightly sweat. The nervous feeling you rarely got was present. His eyes starred right back at yours, his lack of emotion in the face and unreadable expression only made this feeling you were experiencing more intense.

“it’s not mutual?” he questioned, almost sounding disappointed as you remained silent.

You took in a deep breath, nervous to respond but you didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“no, no… it’s mutual”

The stuttering in your voice was evident, he knew exactly how nervous he made you and it filled him with pride to know that.

Silence invaded your surroundings. Your bodies turned towards each other, your eyes still locked. you analysed his features, hoping to understand what he was thinking or feeling, but it was impossible.

The distant sound of passing cars was now audible as no one spoke, the rustling of leaves as the wind hummed.

“you sure” he finally spoke up.

“i’m sure”

You both stayed silent once more, not moving an inch as you awaited his next move.

“i just don’t want to fuck this up” he admitted.

This moment was nothing like you have ever experienced with him before. He was being confusing, acting out of character and the feelings that flooded your body only made this whole situation a lot more perplexing.

“you won’t, i promise” you gave him your signature smile, hoping to keep him from breaking character even further.

You watched him carefully as he edged closer to you, making your heart race. His face was only inches away from yours now.

“Don’t make me fucking regret this then” he scoffed, his minty breathe tickling your face.

You didn’t know what he was doing, but the anticipation was killing you.

You felt his warm hand trail up your stomach, making a stop at your waist, gripping it softly. His eyes darted around your face, almost as if he panicked to see your reaction.

Nervousness and excitement pumped through your body, heat rushing to your face at his soft touch. You gave him another reassuring smile, confused as to wether you wanted him to do anything more or if you wanted him to get his hands off you.

His eyes slowly, met yours again fully concentrated. Your chest felt slightly tight, the nervousness only growing greater and greater, making your heart pound at your chest. You really prayed he couldn’t hear how loud your heart was beating.

Once again, his hands wandered, lightly grazing across your cold skin, leaving goosebumps with wherever his warmth evaporated after his touch left. He finally placed this hand on your cheek, rubbing his thumb in circles. His eyes flickered between your two eyes and mouth, almost as though he was drawing a triangle on your face. that’s when it really hit you, he was going in for a kiss.

He finally leaned his face closer, his lips slightly parted. It felt like time was moving in slow motion, still yet to process the exact event that was currently unfolding. But all the analytical thinking soon vanished when his soft lips finally locked with yours.You batted your eyelids shut. The tenderness of his touch finally calming you, the confusion and fear steaming out of your body. His lips slowly started to move as you adjusted into the kiss. Your both inexperienced lips moved oddly in sync, locked into each other’s like jigsaw pieces.

You picked your free hand up, pressing it against Bakugous abdomen. he twitched under your cold delicate touch, but as you dipped your hand under his charcoal coloured top, you felt him relax. you traced your fingers up his abs, admiring his physique.

He brought your face even closer to his, as the hand that had been resting on your cheek slid up to the back of your head, tugging softly at your roots. His nose bumped yours a bit as his silky platinum hair tickled your face.

The kiss was soft, soft for a guy like him. you never expected his touches to be so gentle, or his kisses to hold so much emotion. It felt like with every time your lips collided more and more emotions fogged your minds.

you pulled your hand from under his shirt, bringing it up to his collar, tugging the cotton material towards yourself. His chest was flush against yours, his heart evidently beating fast across you.The sudden contact of your two bodies sent an overload of excitement shooting through you.

Without warming, his gentle hand untangled from your hair, instead grabbing your hand that was tugging at his tank top. Eager to gain dominance, he grasped your wrist, snatching it from his body. Though his current movements were rapid, they still remained careful not to hurt you. Quickly, he rested your hand on his thigh. His grasp loosened, gently caressing your palm with his warm fingertips before interlacing his fingers with yours. His other that hand that was once locked with yours, now snaking around your waist.

He sunk his teeth into your bottom lip, not too roughly, but noticeably harsher than his other actions.Your lower lip was given a slight tug, and in this short moment you both caught your breaths. You opened your eyes slightly to meet his as they bolted around your face. Without a second thought, he leaned back in, smoothly dipping his tongue into your mouth. It felt warm and soft as it pressed against yours. He explored every inch of your mouth, his tongue brushing and swirling your own. The warmth filled your mouth as he claimed your mouth.He continued to deepen the kiss, it becoming more sloppy and careless.

He pulled away suddenly, a trail of saliva connecting you both. A smirk was plastered on his face, as both of your faces beamed red.

“did i fuck it up” he questioned, as his chest was rising and falling in attempt to catch his breath.

you gave his hand a soft squeeze, leaning in to give him one more peck on his lips.

“not at all”

The softness of your low whisper to him, caused a child-like smile to form on his face. He brought you closer to him, his hands leaving their previous positions to wrap around you in a tight hug. His head reset over your shoulder as he hugged you.

“well, does that make you mine?” his breath tickled your neck as he spoke.

You only had one answer to his question, not hesitating to give it.

“i’ve always been yours”

and with that, this once foreign feeling, foreign acquaintance, foreign touch became something a lot more familiar and secure for the two of you.

[a/n]: i hope you enjoyed my first written piece of work on here, since i’ve never shared my writing🥺 ngl this was little bad but i still put in a lot of effort into it so i couldn’t let it go to waste :) don’t be shyyy to give me feedback on my work!!

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pairing: bakugou katsuki x fem!reader

genre: smut

word count: 1.6k words

summary: it’s been weeks since you’ve tried catching up on paperwork. your boyfriend Bakugou has been missing you lately, so he decides to distract you a little.

a/n: this is my first time actually writing smut AAA i hope it isn’t too bad… also bakugou in that picture looks too fine mmm. characters aged up <3

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

It has been the busiest week for you so far. You have never felt so much pressure before with all of the paperwork from the company you work for stacking up day after day. You were overwhelmed to say at the very least, but you were determined to get things done in a timely fashion.

However, that meant to be focusing on your screen and your screen only.

And your boyfriend Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t having it at all.

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Say Ah, Baby

Dentist! Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

[Modern AU]


[words : 3.1k]

tags : @gallickingun@shoutogepi(I forgot who else wanted to be tagged fuck sorry im garbage)

warnings : explicit sexual content, blowjobs, dirty talk - I have no fucking excuses this is pure filth. 

Do not read if under the age of 18

You went in for a checkup at your boyfriend Bakugo’s dental office. Things don’t go as you envisioned, but you can’t say you’re displeased in the slightest.

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Keychain (Sequel to Bracelet)

A second part was requested by @ghett0goth so here it is!

Warning: NSFW, Smut, Degradation, kinky stuff


Originally posted by bnhasdaily

“Oi Bakugou! The obstacle course race is starting! Didn’t you want to race with us?” Kirishima called out Bakugou as soon as the two of you got out of the corner and headed for the dorms. “Hah? That’s now?” Bakugou asked, looking pissed. “Yeah? I mean, you were gone for quite a while. How did things go?” Kirishima asked with a good natured smile. “Fine…” Bakugou grumbled. “Well, after blasty got down on his knee and begged me to go out with him and bribed me with a shiny as fuck bracelet, I accepted his kind request and became his girlfriend.” you answered for him, giving Kirishima a wink. “I DID NOT BEG YOU TO DATE ME YOU SHITTY WOMAN!” Bakugou barked at you looking livid. “Sure you didn’t Blasty boi. The proof’s on my hand ya know” you winked at Bakugou, making him more pissed. Just as Bakugou tried to grab your hand and pull you to the dorms, Kaminari came looking for Kirishima and Bakugou. “Oi Bakubro! You gotta give your name ya know. Kiri already put his name in.” Kaminari called out, approaching Bakugou, you and Kirishima. “Fuck off. I ain’t joining.” Bakugou grumbled. “Oh? Are you scared that you’ll lose to Kiri?” you teased him, loving the way he reacted. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY BRAT?!?!?!?” Bakugou almost exploded. “Brat? You shouldn’t call your girlfriend brat ya know. That’s not manly dude…” Kirishima protested. “See Kiri? This dude’s unmanly af.” you sighed dramatically. “FUCK! Let’s go to the fucking obstacle course. I’ll beat your ass indisputably Shitty hair!” Bakugou seethed. “Girlfriend? It finally happened? Damn I thought our plans are gonna fail again.” Kaminari whispered to Kirishima as you and Bakugou walked ahead. At the same time, Bakugou hunched a bit to meet your ear and whispered to you, “We’ll see who’s on their knees when I get my hands on you”.

His voice made you regret your decision on teasing him. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any hotter, he threw that husky voice at you that made you weak at the knees. “You’re better than this (Y/N)!” you thought to yourself, trying to keep the heat pooling between your legs to a minimum, and failing miserably. As the obstacle course started, you were cheering for Bakugou but you couldn’t help but hope this was over as soon as possible since you desperately needed him at the moment. Bakugou won the obstacle course and along with a medal, he was given a gift card to one of the gift shops in the festival. After coming down from the stage, he held your hand, pulling you behind him, as he went away from the crowd. “Can’t wait to have me huh?” you teased him. “What are you talking about Princess? We are going to that stupid gift shop. You think you’re the only one who can be a damn tease? Don’t think that I didn’t notice you rubbing your legs together when I was on the damned obstacle course. You want me too don’t ya?” Bakugou gave you a smug smirk, making you blush momentarily. However, you recovered quickly before saying, “Awww babyyy! You notice me that much? You’re obsessed with me aren’t you?”. “Why shouldn’t I idiot? You’re my girlfriend. Should I rather notice another extra like, I dunno, round face or something?” Bakugou snapped at you. “No thanks. Uraraka deserves better.” you answered cheekily only to get an angry glare from Bakugou.

After reaching the gift shop, the two of you found out that it was the typical souvenir shop. “The fuck am I supposed to do with any of these shits?” Bakugou muttered, eyeing the key chains and batches. While you were looking around, you found something that caught your attention. You reached out for the key chain that caught your attention. Ever since the sports festival, Bakugou caught the attention of the public enough to have keychains with him. This particular one had a chibi bakugou restrained to a pole like in the sports festival. “Don’t tell me you want that shit!” Bakugou barked at you. “But I doooooo!!!” you pouted at him. Ofcourse, Bakugou couldn’t resist your pouting face or your wagging tail. “Tch.. Whatever…” he muttered, handing the gift card to the shopkeeper. On your way back, you found Bakugou holding your hand. You suddenly felt giddy due to his action and a small smile etched on your face along with the slight pink dusting your cheek. Seeing you so happy brought a rare soft smile on Bakugou’s face as well as the two of you went for the dorms.

“My room or yours?” Bakugou smirked at you when you entered the dorms. The dorms were completely empty except the two of you as the others were still in the festival. “Yours. I’ve never seen your room before.” you answered, slightly blushing at what was coming up soon. “Okay princess. Let’s go.” he answered, getting on the elevator with you. While Bakugou acted as if he was confident and not flustered by the fact that his first time was so near, internally, he was freaking out. Sure, Aizawa gave everyone in class condoms during their sex ed class, so he was prepared. However, constant thoughts about whether he would be good enough or if you are a virgin, whether he would hurt you or not plagued his mind. Reaching his room, he had no idea how he was keeping himself together. “Katsuki, relax. It’s gonna be fine.” you touched his shaky hands that was fumbled with the door. “I should be the one comforting you dammit…” Bakugou hissed, irritated with himself. “Katsuki, I’m your girl right? That gives me the right to comfort you whenever the hell I want. I’m scared too as it’s my first time but we’ll do this together okay? We were always good at teamwork.” you told him in a soothing tone, hugging him. “You really are something aren’t ya?” Bakugou sighed before pulling away from the hug and opening the door to his room.

His room was…blatantly ordinary. A bed at a corner, his dresser on the opposite wall beside which there was a desk with his books and a computer table with a computer. There was an all might poster above his desk and a family photo on his desk and that was it. After locking the door behind you, Bakugou went for his desk, opened the drawer to pull out a packet of condom, which he threw on the bed before facing you. “You sure you wanna do this?” he asked you, taking your consent. “Yes. I need you, Katsuki…” you muttered, looking at him with pure lust. Without wasting a moment, he pulled you into a passionate kiss, taking your breath away. It didn’t last long though as Bakugou sat on his bed, making you kneel infront of him, between is legs. “Look who’s kneeling now.” he gave you a cocky grin, only to get a glare back from you. When he pulled out his hardened member, the glare was kicked off your face. He was…BIG. “Damn didn’t know you’d like it that much.” Bakugou chuckled haughtily, looking at your surprised and lustful face. With that, he placed your hand on his member, teaching you how to stroke him. You were a quick learner and were pumping him perfectly in no time. “Damn… You’re a fucking natural…”, Bakugou hissed as pleasure shooted throughout his body. Without hesitation, he asked you to take him in your mouth, which you did without thinking twice. You did see a fair share of pornography and you started following what you saw. At that moment, Bakugou was biting his lips to keep any shameful noise from erupting him. You were good. His hands fisted your hair, making you take as much of him in your throat as possible. Just before he almost came, he pulled you off him to kiss you yet again. His hands travelled to your pussy after he placed you on the bed to find you dripping wet. “So wet for me… Such a good girl…” he muttered as he massaged your clit. You were a moaning mess under him, not bothering to contain your voice at all. Each sound you made went straight to his groin, making him as hard as possible.

Without further delay, he put the condom on, held your hand and stated, “Baby, help me enter you.”. To that, you took his cock in one hand and positioned him on your opening. You looked at him, confirming him to thrust and he did, filling you to the brim. A sharp pain shooted throughout your body as you yelped and held him tightly, tears flowing freely from your eyes. “Shit! Baby? Are you okay? Do you want me to pull out?” Bakugou asked you, concerned. “N-no! Just… Just don’t move… Please…” you told him with a strangled voice. He looked at you with guilt in his eyes as he held your hand and kissed you all over your face, trying to distract you from the pain. It didn’t take long for the pain to go away. When it did you muttered at Bakugou to move. “Katsuki? You can move…” you whispered to him and it seemed like his dam of restraint broke. Without any warning, he started pounding into you, making you yelp in discomfort. However, it didn’t take long for that discomfort to turn into raw pleasure as you got used to his length inside you. Just when a moan of pleasure erupted from your throat, it seemed like Bakugou went feral. He looked at you with untamed eyes, and growled, “Look at you, moaning like a slut. You like that hah? You like me rearranging your damned insides? Who’s slut are you hah? Tell me!”. “Yours Katsukiiii!!! Only yourssss ahhh” you moaned loudly, your words encouraging him to pound into you even faster. “Good girl… So good for me… You wanna cum princess?” he growled to your ears as he hid his face in the crook of your neck. “Pleaseee make me cum Katsukiii!” you begged him in an euphoric tone. “Cum around my cock like the little slut you are then.” Bakugou growled, hitting the perfect spot inside you, making you cum. The fluttering of your insides drove him to an orgasm as well.

After pulling out of you, Bakugou immediately got up from the bed to discard the used condom. Then he put his pants on and left the room, making you wonder what the fuck is wrong with him cause who leaves a girl without a second word after having sex? Suddenly, negative thoughts entered your head as you felt like Bakugou only used you. However, him entering the room with a wet washcloth and a glass of water broke you from your thoughts. “You could’ve told me that you’re getting water. I thought you’re done with me since we already had sex…” you muttered, pouting at him. “Idiot, you aren’t getting rid of me just like that. You’re stuck with me for life dumbass!” Bakugou grumbled at that. “Huh? Was that an indirect way to ask me to marry you in the distant future? Damn you really are a tsundere…” you teased him only for him to explode, shouting, “DIEEE!!!”

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Summary: after the national stay at home order goes into place, you find yourself confined to your apartment with your roommate, Bakugou. The mutual unspoken attraction the two of you have to each other has always been able to be kept at bay, but the growing amount of time spent together is complicating the situation…

Pairing: Prohero!Bakugou x fem!reader

Word Count: 9.1k!

Themes: “oh my god they were roommates” + “oh my god they were quarantined” tropes, slow burn, dash of angst that comes with pining, brief fluff at the end, nsfw/18+ content. 

Warnings: nsfw content, swearing, tiniest dash of degradation + size kink if you squint.

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A Word from the Author: I want to thank the @bnhabookclub​ sprint for helping me grind out this piece! + extra special thanks to @thisisthehardestthing​ for beta reading for me and helping me choose a title!! I’ve had an itch to do some quarantine inspired writing since my personal one started a little over two months ago, and i’m finally getting around to doing it. I hope you enjoy!

。.:☆*:・' 。.:☆*:・' 。.:☆*:・’

Having a roommate wasn’t exactly your first choice. Despite the generally good experience you had in college with roommates, you had been hoping to find your own apartment once you graduated. But, the city was pricey, and that dream was quickly dashed. You had recently started your job at Hawks’ agency, working in the PR department for the Pro. Even though it paid well, with your racking student loan debt and other complications, it didn’t feel like it was enough. The prospect of finding a place left you stressed, until one of the firm’s sidekicks mentioned a former classmate who was also looking for a roommate. Even though the prospect frustrated you, you knew that biting the bullet and reaching out was the best idea. 

Tsukuyomi had warned you ahead of the time that your potential roommate was a bit of a hothead. You had slightly brushed off his assessment until you met the man he had mentioned. Bakugou Katsuki, more commonly known as Ground Zero. Bakugou was indeed a hothead, and you couldn’t help but be relieved that he wasn’t your PR nightmare to handle. But, the situation he offered was pleasant. The apartment was a nice two-bedroom, one bath that was a 10-minute walk from Hawks’ office. It had lots of natural light and was extremely clean. Bakugou worked long hours as a busy (and highly ranked) hero, and so he had high standards for the place he lived. Keep it clean, keep it organized, and stay out of his way. You figured this would be reasonably easy to manage, and you moved in soon afterward. 

And generally speaking, it was easy. You and Bakugou had formed an odd dynamic, but it seemed to work well. The apartment was always clean, you both paid your rent on time, he bought his portion of the groceries, and never messed with yours. You rarely saw him due to his busy schedule. There was evidence of his existence around the apartment, like his shampoo in the shower of the shared bathroom, or the occasional small pile of his folded clothes on top of the dryer when you came back in from work. Most times, when you encountered him, he was in the kitchen later at night, cooking large batches of food so he could meal prep for the week. Despite this seemingly ideal situation, there was one small problem: you were insanely attracted to him.

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<< 18+ Warning, contains NSFW content. >> 

Enjoy, sinners. 


Originally posted by animemangapic


  • Definitely has a daddy kink, any form of title that screams authority {e.g Daddy, Sir, Master} drives him up the wall. If you want to initiate sex or rile him up, this is probably one of the quickest ways.
  • Hair Pulling/tugging (be it giving or receiving) is a big turn on for this feral boi, running your fingers through his spiky locks is usually met with grunts of approval, however if he’s the one doing the pulling prepare for a sore scalp in the aftermath. He is brutal, fisting your strands into his knuckles and pulling them back with a force strong enough to curl your back in delight- he enjoys dragging his hungry eyes along your arched torso, using this leverage to drill into you at a more riotous pace.
  • Goes absolutely wild when you give him oral. He’s a sucker for seeing you on all-fours in a declaration of submission, revelling in how his form towers over your kneeling frame. Definitely more of a receiver, however will occasionally surprise you with multiple ground-shattering orgasms courtesy of his tongue.
  • Believe it or not, a little heated bickering is a sure fire way to get him in the mood. The back and forth of some sharp-tongued verbal warfare rouses him up in a way he can’t ignore, though he’d never admit it out loud. He enjoys earning submission, rather than it being handed to him on a silver platter, so showing a sense of defiance towards him is like rippling a red flag in front a bull, you better believe he will charge head first and accept your challenge of proving to you who is truly the dominant in the relationship.
  • QUIRK 👏 PLAY 👏 that is all. Bringing his heated palm down onto the tender skin of your ass is a kink of his that he just cant seem to get enough of, marvelling at the beauty of the raised, thick-printed palm marks decorating the sensitive area - further adding to the insanely pleasurable experience that is sleeping with Bakugou Katsuki. Being the secret softie his is though, expect thorough after care with the same palm lovingly rubbing aloe on to the sore areas after ward. Truly a “get you a man that can do both” typa deal.
  • Eye contact. Maintaining a hold of eye contact gets him flustered in the best way possible. He’ll to lift up your chin and force your pretty eyes gaze up at him -  those vermilion irises raking  over you with such wild lust and fervour it’s enough to make your core tremble, his soft touch a stark contrast to the brutal treatment your body is savagely experiencing. He likes to assert dominance in any way possible, and that includes staring you into submission.
  • Loves hearing you moan, don’t be afraid to vocalise how good he’s able to make you feel, he loves having things stroked, his ego is no exception. Listening to you moan or mumble words of appraisal into his ear, no matter how cute or dirty, threatens to spill him over the edge with the force of a crashing tidal wave. While he’s not the best communicator himself, he more than makes up for it with the physical pleasure he reigns down upon you. However, when he’s really fired up, the string of lustful words that leave his mouth are enough to make your toes curl. 
  • Will most definitely deny your orgasm several times until he’s satisfied with your level of mindless pleading - dragging his thumb across your spit covered mouth, drooling messily in an ahegao fashion before brutally making you cum several times in a row, your body unable to comprehend the drastic change in feeling until it’s trembling with over stimulation.
  • Back on to the topic of marked skin, leaving scratches,hickeys,bites and hand prints on your body is just another way of Bakugou branding what’s his- he is incredibly territorial, so if he ever feels jealous or threatened, expect double the treatment in this aspect. He takes great satisfaction in the sight of his partner smothered with his inflictions. 
  • Likewise, he thoroughly enjoys when you mark up his body too, flaunting the littered love-bites and jagged claw marks that decorate his back with sense of pride, knowing full well how good he’s able to make you feel. After all, this hot-heated aries governed by the blaze of infernos is an overachiever and relentlessly ambitious in everything he does, so expect nothing less than 100% of his best every time, you’re in for a wild ride.

Originally posted by baekugos


  • Definitely a switch, however prefers the role of a sub, I don’t make the rules. This broccoli boy lives to please, so he will likely be willing to try most things you suggest, albeit with stammering agreement and a coy nod of his head. 
  • Don’t be fooled by this however, there’s a button inside of him that once pressed,turns him into an unassailable dominant that even Izuku is taken aback by. This is usually only provoked through jealousy, battling with the overwhelming urge to mark you as his until it overflows and manifests through  unpremeditated moments of kabe-don, forest locks tousled around his features with those intense eyes boring into yours, donning the same intense and almost indescribable expression he wears when analysing a quirk - feathering his lips over your exposed neck in needy fervour until he abuses your skin in an act of heated branding. It’s ardent and addictive, made all the more electrifying by its spontaneity. 
  • Being a caring Cancer ruled by the gentle rippling of water, he is sensitive - so will 100% savour words of appraisal and shower you with them just the same, a constant reminder of how good you’re making him feel. He loves physical touch, so initiating sex by the soft act of spooning or the casual yet intimate act of cock-warming is for sure a way to get him in the mood. He just wants to be embraced by you, PROTECT THIS BLUSHING BOI AT ALL COSTS. ;-;
  • Speaking of blushing, Izuku thoroughly enjoys the feeling of being flustered. Tease him at every given opportunity. A subtle wink, smirk or a gentle tracing of his thigh is enough to send an explosion of heat straight to his freckled cheeks that would put Katsuki to shame. Better yet, lightly palm his crotch when no one is looking, steadily increasing the pressure until it reaches peaks of mind-numbing pleasure. This guy is a closet exhibitionist, and revels in the adrenaline coursing through his body at the thought of being caught. He will most definitely babble a few words of hushed protest at first, insisting that it isn’t a good idea, though it’s blatant his body totally disagrees - his traitorous desires eventually conquering the rational part of his brain into a state of submission, his body a complete and utter slave to your touch.
  • His moans. BOIIIII HIS M O A N S. They are sweet and velvety, hitting the ear in an addictive blend of pained and pleasurable vocalisation. Your knees will 100% threaten to buckle from under you when those sounds grace your ears.
  • Let’s be real, he’s probably open to the idea of being pegged, being the bashful lil bottom he is. Generally speaking, he prefers when you take the reigns, so will likely be the type to bend over for you and submit himself to a rough and ruthless grinding against the g-spot.
  • Bondage. Tie him up, tease him, leave him grovelling for the sweet release of climax until he’s on the brink of tears. Deny him touch, all the while teasingly tracing the curves of your breasts, tipping your head back with a slow grind of your hips, snaking your hands along the body he’s been depraved of touching until he breaks. He enjoys marvelling at every curve and crevice of your body while you’re riding him to the point it’s enough to send him over the edge - so don’t forget to put on a lil show, surprise him ;)

Originally posted by deku-smash


  • Most definitely has a size kink, he loves a smaller sized s/o, however it is not essential. This trait is highlighted when he is savouring the sensation of his thick cock grinding against your walls, marvelling at how large he feels inside the velvety cavern gripping around the veins of his cock in motions of pure ecstasy. He will occasionally press his palm to your lower stomach for you both to feel how hard he’s scrambling your insides, driving home truly how big he is - in case you hadn’t been well aware of it already. (and let’s be honest, you most definitely were every second of it.)
  • For such a seemingly confident guy, he was surprisingly shy at first when you two started becoming more intimate, however it didn’t take long before him to break out of this shell. Bathing him in cuddles and words of reassurance was all it took for him to fully open up to you and give you a personal tour of heaven on earth.
  • Low-key a sub when it comes to body worship, this selfless ball of rock will much like Midoriya, also shamelessly grovel at your knees in awe of how beautiful you are, his eyes tracing longingly over every inch of your body until it’s carved into his retinas and stored to memory.
  • A soft dom with a daddy kink. The kind to gently run his fingers through your hair while murmuring words of appraisal and love-sick sweet nothings of how much he loves you.
  • “Such a good girl… you’re taking my cock so well princess, do you want to cum for daddy?”  
  • On the topic of dirty talk, he eats that shit up. Hearing you say even the most innocent things with a hint of mischief makes his cock twitch, so don’t forget to lace your lewd words with feigning the ignorance, or say even the most casual of sentences with an undertone of seduction and he’s ready to go.
  •  Blessed with the open mind of a Libra and versatility of an air sign, Kiri can definitely take on the role of a switch when you want to spice things up a little and opt for some experimentation. However, will probably take a bit of coaxing for him to consider the idea of pegging, throw the merciless act of puppy eyes towards him and he physically incapable of saying no.
  • Definitely more of a giver as opposed to a receiver when it comes to oral, and he’s always as gentle or rough as you desire. Like I said, soft dom. Kiri would much rather revel in your pleasure as opposed to his own, seeing you erupt in euphoria and providing each other with undivided attention. His main goal? To erase your thoughts of anything besides himself while you’re in the sheets until your left crying in ecstasy, thighs spasming and lungs burning with the repeated act of screaming his name.
  • “You’re so perfect… I’m the luckiest man alive, I’ll treasure you forever.”

If you have any requests, then feel free to ask ;) - Kix.

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A little poll for the Bakugou nsfw

Hey guys, I’m having a little trouble deciding between two choices and I want you guys to help me choose. 


Originally posted by giorno

The two options are gonna be vague as I don’t want to spoil it till it is ready to be read.

a) coffee             b) newspaper

Simply comment your choice - a or b.

Thank you <3

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