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Let’s GO! Two in one day! ALSO, thank you all so much! I screamed when I seen the overflow of requests and I’m so amazed to see that many, thank you all so so much! You guys are the greatest! I’m also having a great day, Anon. I hope you’re having the same and a amazing thanksgiving! I also just assumed you wanted the same guys, if not, message me and I’ll add more!

Disclaimer: Samwiches, Cursing, and Fluff for your souls!



Denki Kaminari

* My dear Weebster here has one big heart and that heart seemed to find its way to you.

* I see him as a type to not be as picky as you’d think. He falls for whoever he falls for.

* You being a chubby girl won’t even be a set back for him, he’s going to love every ounce of you.

* He thinks each roll, flab, and more that you have is perfect and you should never try to hate them.

* If anyone tries to bully, insult or make fun of you, he’s going to shock the living hell out of them to as high of a voltage that he possibly can until that brain of his is sorta fried.

* What does he love to see on you? Thigh highs! He think they’re hot on your body! He loves to see them grip your thighs perfectly while admiring you wearing them.

* He’ll definitely buy cat ones and pastel colors because they flatter your body.

* When you feel insecure, don’t worry about it. The next time you look into the mirror, it’ll be covered with sticky notes with positive messages and things he loves about you from head to toe.

* When you question him about it, he’ll stand behind you and point out each and everything he loves.

* times, he pounds his heart into you~

* So, About that samwich? He’s not picky and is..a both guy. Boobs? Ass? Both? Hell, he doesn’t care. They’re all great to him.

* Now, If you got them. Trust me, they’re going to be squeezed, held, sucked while he giving you his all.

* You think that lights going to be off while he’s pounding you? Especially AFTER YOU DOWNED YOURSELF?!

* You’re about to see red because those LED lights are going to be reflecting off that body he loves so much.

* God, Thank god for this weeb.



Shoto Todoroki

* I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again. He’s not picky. He goes for personality and if he’s attracted to you, he honestly thinks you’re the greatest for that.

* Shoto honestly worries throughout the relationship though because of his father because he honestly doesn’t want to burn the hell out of his father for saying a slick comment about your weight.

* That goes for everyone else too. He knows you can defend yourself but…a little frostbite won’t hurt them.

* He loves you for you and everything else. He doesn’t mind your weight and neither should you.

* What does he love on your body? Honestly, it may seem weird to some but he loves seeing you wear dresses and skirts. Why? The way the skirt flows with your body. He especially loves the overall dresses on you because he thinks it’s adorable on you.

* Each sway you make with your walk while wearing a simple skirt, taking your insecurities and crumbling them just makes Shoto happy.

* If you ever feel insecure about your body and complain to him about what you hate? Unlike his father who’d offer plastic surgery, he’ll grab your hand and kiss that part you hate. Stomach? He’ll kiss it softly and tell you that it’s perfect the way it is.

* But…when it comes to samwiches?


* He has you in that missionary for a reason, and that’s to see your breasts bounce in his vision.

* Hell, you riding him while he leans against the wall is his favorite position because you’re covering his face with your breasts while your body is clapping against him.

* He’s going to hold you so tight before taking over, slamming into your at a hard, deep pace. His lips inches away from yours.

* Or after you say one negative thing about you, he’s holding you close from behind while you two were facing the full body mirror with him whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

* Bless this man.



Katsuki Bakugo

* I’ve seen most where Bakugo is usually predicted to have a specific type but…I see him as a type to admire someone’s hard work ethic. Especially if they seem to want and push for something because he did the same.

* Weight wouldn’t much of an issue to him, he doesn’t care.

* If someone talks about you in ANY way, you better call a mortician because they’re about to die. He does not TOLERATE any ‘extra’ talking about what’s his.

* He may not show it often, but he genuinely loves you. Each day, he finds more to love about you. You flipped his world and he’s happy that you did.

* What does this explosive bastard love on you? His clothes, tank tops, and lastly..nothing at all.

* When you either sleep in his clothes or hoodies, it makes him proud to know that he was able to have a woman like you in his life.

* Tank tops are his best friend because honey! That chest is ready to POP when you’re just basically trying to cool off.

* But about that nothing at all part?..that’s a private matter. I see him as a type to snatch your towel after your shower just to see your body, wet with water droplets covering your skin.

* Again, Boobs or ass? He doesn’t care, he just want you. Every part of your body is getting. That. Attention.

* I have a small theory about Bakugo though, I sense he’s the type to have sex with the lights on. Yep, He wants to see all of you, every expression, roll, and more.

* Your shadow will be reflecting from the window in your bedroom while he’s marking your neck, pounding you senseless to erase those negative thoughts from your mind.

* (Lucky..)

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Bakugou Katsuki

69. How often does he jerk off

Not a lot. Even before you came into his life he didn’t touch himself that much. It was mostly a way to relax and let out his pent up frustrations

101. His hands plus fingering

AMAZING with his hands. He can make you cum multiple times with just his fingers. He is ✨gifted✨ Loves edging you too. Seeing you try to fuck yourself on his fingers is just delicious

104. Breeding kink

Yes, loves shoving his cock deep inside and filling you up with his seed. Whenever he sees that little bump in your belly he goes crazy

109. Porn and hentai Collection

Barely watches porn. He probably gets off to the thought of you and may watch porn from time to time just to get things going. I don’t think he likes watching hentai, it’s not realistic enough for him 🤭

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Bakugou Katsuki

10. Would he want anal

Yes, he’d definitely want to try it but if you express that you are not interested he’d be a little disappointed but wouldnt t force you. Consent is key

56. What size is his cock

He has a fat cock. It’s not that big probably 8 inches but it’s thick and he knows how to use it. Mf hits all the right spots

57. Cum, how much and taste

Quite a bit of cum. It tastes pretty good, he has a good diet so you’ll be able to swallow it without any problems. It’ll probably even have a bit of a bittersweet aftertaste

107. Does he use lube

Nope, he prefers to get you ready by eating you out. Don’t worry he always makes sure you’re prepped before you take him. He’s a gentleman :)

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“Calm down.” Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“How can I when you just dropped a bomb like that?!?”

“It’s not really a bomb.”

“Katsuki, you want me to meet your parents!” He hugged you to calm you down.

“Shhh. It’ll be fine. They’ve been wanting to meet you for a while now.”

“Oh my God! You told them about me?”

“Fucking duh, you are my girlfriend right?”


“Now calm down.” You relaxed some. You had time to make up an excuse on why you couldn’t do it.

“Also, you’re meeting them later.” He ran, literally.


You stood outside his parents house, your heartbeat pounded so fast.

“I can’t do this.” You admitted nervously.

“Yes you can.” He kissed the back of your head before ringing the door bell, reaching down to grab your hand you relaxed a bit. The door opened and you almost passed out. This was a bad idea, a very bad one.

“Oh!! Come in, come in!” His dad greeted happily.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Masaru.”

“Hi, I’m yn.”

“It’s finally nice meeting you. We always hear so many great things about you, but he never brings you over.”

“Where’s mom?”

“She’s finishing up dinner.”


“There she is.” Talk about a spitting image of Bakugou. You almost couldn’t believe it. Yeah his father had some resemblance but Mitsuki’s genes won.

“Oh my goodness! You’re adorable!! Maybe he does have taste.”

“Really mom? Really?” You only laughed before she grabbed your hand taking you to the kitchen. “I want to know all about you.” You smiled at her before sitting across from her, Bakugou sat next to you and across from his father.

“What would you like to know?”

“Bakugou’s good to you right?”

“Yes.” You smiled.

“Good, I would hate for him to lose you. I can tell you’re a good girl.”

“Mom please don’t embarrass me.”

“Of course not.” He smiled happily, but he soon found out she was lying.

“Masaru remember that one time yn went out of the city for a week and he called us crying about how lonely he was without her?” He slapped his face. You grabbed his hand under the table, he looked at you rolling his eyes at his mothers antics.

“It was nice meeting you both. Have a good night.” You smiled because you had more than enough secrets about Bakugou to hurt his pride.

“Yn, go wait in the car I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay.” Hw watched you walk away, his father stayed in the window making sure you got there safe. Even though it was a nice neighborhood he didn’t trust anyone.

“You know Katsuki, you should bring yn over more often.” Mitsuki smiled towards herself as she cleaned the dishes.

“You just met her calm down old lady.” She dunked his head under the dishwater. He struggled for air as she continued on smiling, finally letting him go she laughed at him and his wet hair.

“You damn crazy hag!” She slapped him in the back of his head the water splattering on the floor.

“Watch your mouth. I hope you don’t call yn names like this.”

“She’s not old like you.”

“KATSUKI!” He ran before she could attack, he laughed hysterically.

When he got in car you thought it was raining.

“Why’s your hair wet?”

“I called my mom a hag.”

“Bakugou. That’s not nice.”


“You look like a wet Pomeranian.”

“SHUT UP!! NO I DON’T!” You laughed uncontrollably.


You woke up next to Bakugou. He was still asleep on his stomach, his hands and arms under his pillow face turned away from your own.

Smiling you decided it was time to surprise him when some breakfast. You yawned as you cracked an egg, hearing Bakugou shuffle downstairs you smiled softly.

“Hey babe.” He didn’t say anything only stretching and yawning behind you. “Are you hungry?”


“Okay. It’ll be done in a few.”

“You should’ve had me make breakfast, I still wanted to cuddle.”

“Boo hoo babe.” He admired you from behind. Wearing his shirt and shorts. Only you could make something so simple as that look amazing.

He walked behind you, kissing your neck.

You smiled trying to shoo him away.

“Go sit Bakugou.” You tried to hold your laugh in.



“Because what?” He kissed the back of your neck.

“Because I’m trying to cook.”

“You can still cook, let me not stop you.” He slid his hands under your shirt. “No bra?” You could feel his smile on your neck. He twisted the bud of your nipple.

“Bakugou please…”

“Please what?” You couldn’t even finish your sentence because your words were now replaced with soft moans. “Hmm? You’re quiet all of a sudden.” You were stronger than this. Just tell him to stop and wait for breakfast but you couldn’t. It felt too good, so right, even though it was wrong. You almost bent over on instinct but the stove was on and you couldn’t risk getting burned.

“Can we at least wait until we eat.”

“But I’m hungry now.” His fingers slid down your stomach and into your panties.

“Bakugou.” You mewled, your head resting on his shoulder now.

“I wonder what’ll happen if I were to..oops.” Sliding his finger in, you gasped dropping the spatula. “What’s wrong? You dropped something.”

“Fuck y-you.” He hit the right spot with one of his fingers.

“I’m sorry could you say that again.” He slid another one in, you held onto his wrist. Hoping he’d stop but you wanted him to keep going. He worked his fingers inside, speeding up with each second. Just as soon as you felt your climax arriving he removed his fingers earning a whine from you.

He turned the stove off smiling at you.

“But the food.”

“Fuck the food.” He snatched you in, aggressively kissing you. You gently bit his lip in the process as he let you go. Taking your shirt off, he picked you up, bending you over the counter. The cold air on your now exposed skin.

He ripped your shorts off, you gasped. He lined himself up to you.

“You ready?” Nodding eagerly you got prepared or so you thought he slid inside you, sending shockwaves not only to your spine but to your stomach as well. Moving at a slow, rhythmic pace.

The feeling in itself was enough for you to throw in the towel, but you couldn’t and you wouldn’t.

“You’re always so damn tight!!” He growled. You could only moan in response.

Your eyes rolled in the back of your head each time he hit that special spot. You felt so full, his length was already too much.

He pulled out before slamming back into you.

“Who’s gonna fuck you better than me?”

“No one.” You whined.

“That’s fucking right.” The chills standing on your arms had you excited.

“Fuck!” You couldn’t take it, it felt so good. You gripped the countertop, trying your best to contain yourself. All of it was too good, the butterflies in your stomach were going wild.

The sound of skin slapping along with each grunt and moan escaping both of your lips was enough to make you pass out.

You looked at him desperately, he smiled eagerly. His pace picking up, your back arching on instinct. It was so good, you wanted it to last forever but that would be impossible.

He fisted your hair, yanking your body back, his thrusts increased more and more.

You let out a shaky moan as he grabbed your hips, the speed had your head nearly falling off to shoulders.

You met up with his speed, his head fell back in satisfactory.

“You’re fucking amazing yn. Shit.” You were on edge, your mouth wide open but no sound came out. You began seeing stars in the corner of your eyes, he fucked you dizzy.

The sensation in your stomach built up each time he pumped inside you. Your moans were more than sensual.

“Yn, if you keep making those sounds I might…” He didn’t finish the sentence, completely distracted by the way you took him. It was art, an absolutely beautiful view, you were close and he knew it.

“Katsuki, I’m gonna mm..” He sped up, his fingernails digging deeper into your hips. You came undone under him, your body trembling as he mercilessly pounded into you chasing his own high. You laid on the counter out of breath, the sticky sweat making a hot mess on your forehead.

“I love you yn.”

“I love you too.” You looked at the stuff you were working on earlier. “Can we finally eat?” You laughed as you tried fixing yourself.

“Yeah.” He laughed beside you.

No matter how many relationships you were in this was different, everything about him showed he really cared. He loved you, and you weren’t going to rush things, but you knew deep down inside he was the one.

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Bakugou Katsuki

note: sorry it took forever! i’m having a hard time catching up with all these asks 😅

3. Who would be the one to confess first?

He would of course! But he will make sure that you like him or at least thinks he’s attractive before he makes a move.

5. How fast or slow would he take a relationship, would he take it slow or go 0 to 100?

He’d take it pretty slow. He’s the kind of guy that wants things to happen naturally not forced and it takes a lot of time to build up his trust with you. But once he does trust you then the relationship progresses at a faster pace.

8. Would he be into a threesome?

Yes, but I think it’d be to prove a point of some sort. Maybe he wants to show you that he’s the only one who can fuck you as good or maybe he wants to show the other guy that he’s better at pleasing a woman

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Okay so I’d like to make a small announcement to my small little cult of followers who seem to like my shit😌💅

Christmas is coming up so I’m starting a new series calling Sinning with Santa which is basically horny hours on Christmas.

Idk who to do this year so you guys or literally anyone can request who you’d like me to do because I’m drawing a blank on who to write💔

So uh yeah if you don’t mind drop some requests💃🏽✨

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idk but something about calling kirishima eijirou just has me feeling some type of WAYYY!! but imagine not only is it your first time having an orgasm but imagine you’re a virgin too :((

pls ofc you guys might have done some heavy petting together before but it’s never gone far enough for you guys to get off; so tonight is the first time you’re actually going to be together TOGETHER !! boys make sure you’ve cum so many times before they even think about giving you their cocks :(( eiji holding you to his chest while katsu eats you out for the second time; making you wriggle against his tongue cos you’ve never felt this good before.

they’re whispering hushed praises into your ears, coaxing you to another high as katsuki slips inside of your sex and ejii pushes two fingers into your mouth for you to suck on so you can calm down :(( and get all pacified CRYIN

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pairing: bakugou/reader

cw: posessive bakugou

wordcount: 394

summary – bakugou had always been very possessive, you were his and his only. so it’s not a surprise that he’s not a fan of you cuddling close to mina during movie night.


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Katsuki Bakugou Fluff!

Hi thank you!✨😼🤚

Note: All characters here are aged up!

  • Okay so lets start when you guys were in third year
  • so whenever there’s an announcement for the whole UA
  • They always gather up outside the school right? to announce things
  • bakugou always gets distracted,, by you
  • he always gets caught by aizawa,, telling him to listen to the announcements
  • but you were too attractive,, so he didnt listen

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Rewards and Punishments || sub! Izuku and Bakugou

note: i’ll be posting a bit less than normal since i have to get through the ask game questions

Izuku Midoriya


Originally posted by miyazonoh

Reason: He probably tried to get himself off without your permission or talked back when he was in a mood

Punishment/s: Degradation and Orgasm Denial

He hates it when you tell him that he was bad boy. Izuku thrives off of praise so when his mommy is telling him that he was being bad for disobeying will get to him. Orgasm Denial is also a good punishment for him since he’s already very sensitive and getting denied even once gets him desperate. He’ll apologize telling you he didn’t mean it and beg for you to let him cum.

Reward/s: Praise and Overstimulation

Surprisingly, He loves getting overstimmed. The harmony of pain and pleasure makes his orgasms more intense. Praise is also something he really enjoys. Tell him he’s doing a good job, tell him how pretty he looks when he’s under you and he’ll be begging for more.


• Likes to be called baby, baby boy, prince and Zuku

• Calls you mommy and master

Bakugou Katsuki


Originally posted by haru-kaas

Reason: He doesn’t listen. Tries to act all tough and pretends he doesn’t need you also he talks back a lot and calls you names

Punishment/s: Spanking and Neglect Play

He hates being spanked, finds it extremely embarrassing. He still has a hard on whenever you do it but it makes him feel like he disappointed his master. Neglect Play, this is for when he’s been really bad. He hates being ignored, he might say he doesn’t need you but soon enough he’ll come crawling back and when he does show him how loved he is when he’s good for his master and he’ll get hooked.

Reward/s: Praise and Soft sex

As weird as it sounds he’s a total pillow prince. He liked being praise whether it be about his behaviour or how good he makes you feel. Soft sex is a favourite for Bakugou because it makes him feel loved. Whenever he’s in his sub mindset he likes things to be soft, sweet and caring and only rough when he’s been a brat.


• Likes to be called Katsu, Suki, babe, cutie

• Calls you master and mommy

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⟼ Study sessions with Bakugou aren’t always what you expected it to be. Sometimes, it ends up with you being in a lewd situation.

✮ Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
✮ Word Count: 0.8k
✮ Genre: Smut
✮ Warnings: 18+ content, Aged-Up Characters (3rd Years/College), Orgasm Denial, Fingering, Quirk Play

A/N: i just got this idea at 1am. y’know this was supposed to be a fluffy study session but it turned out to be smutty one 🙊let’s just hope this stays on the tags 🙏 

BNHA Masterlist』 ✮ 『Smut Masterlist


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hawks, bakugou & denki with a flat chested fem!s/o.

request: could i request hawks bakugo and denki hcs with a small boobs/flat chested s/o?


keigo takami.

  • i don’t think he’d really care
  • hawks is DEFINITELY an ass man
  • so boobs aren’t really a deciding factor for him??
  • he’d love your boobs in any size they were in, but he’d appreciate small boobs
  • they’re just.. easier for both parties to handle
  • would hype you up if you’re insecure about them
  • would literally stuff his head into your shirt and just stay there until you force him out
  • would also jokingly make fun of them if you were okay with it
  • ur cute lil mosquito bites
  • if he sees you topless he’ll just get hearts in his eyes
  • he thinks your boobs are GREAT!
  • would tell everyone he knows about how great your small boobs are
  • would randomly just place his hands on them and keep them there
  • “they’re warm birdie! it’s comfortable!”

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Minors DNI

⚠️NSFW⚠️ 18+

Thank you 😳(●’◡’●)ノ

Please note: all characters here are aged up!!

Warning!:mommy/ daddy kink, viagra, spitting, spanking, some breeding¿, teasing,cursing

Part 1




Originally posted by iwillalwaysbelemillion


* Denki was just laying in bed,,

* it was his day off from hero work,,while you were still at work,,

* he was just scrolling through instagram and twitter,, till he saw an advertisement for viagra,,

* he wanted to try it,, he was so curious

* he waited 2 weeks for that

* his package came,, “gee finally dude,,”

* viagra, he bought viagra

* but why though? he wanted to stay hard for you

* He opened the viagra,, and just straight up drink it

* he was waiting,,

* …

* “seriously? ugh it doesn’t work”

* so he got tired and he wanted to rest,,

* after 15 minutes,, you arrived home

* “hey denki,, babe im home”

* no answer?

* you went inside your guy’s bedroom

* and you found him naked,, jacking off to a magazine of your model photos,, since you were also a model and a hero

* he was so messy,, and hard

* “denki whats—“

* “fuck, uh y/n wanna join me?”

* “woah what? what the hell” you responded

* you were still wearing your office outfit,, a tight fit skirt,, and stockings

* just how he likes it,, he really loves role playing,,

* and just so you know,, he also ordered a nice school girl lingerie just for you to wear it for him,

* he stopped stroking his cock and showed you the lingerie he bought,,

* “oh y/n.. can you please try this on for me?”

* you got flustered,, you never saw denki like this before

* but at the same time you were horny too,,

* “it comes with a thong…” he smirked

* so you decided to try it on,,

* “ oh and leave the stockings on….please mommy?”

* you can still see his hard cock dangling and ready for it to get inside you

* he was so love drunk,,

* “c’mere baby…” he says

* you got closer to him,, him holding you very close,, you could feel his hard cock

* he grabbed your ass,, spreading your cunt open

* he was breathing near your ear,, “you’re sopping wet for me baby….”

* he started to kiss your lips,, slowly going down your neck,,

* “you look so fucking hot right now… do you know that baby?” he says

* he leaves love bites on your neck,,

* as he slowly puts one finger on your hole,,the other hand was holding your nipple

* you moaned his name,,

* “d-denk…a-ah!”

* “aww you cant even say my name straight…”

* he loves it so much when you are moaning his name

* he slowly rubs your clit.. and using his quirk on your nipples,, leaving little zaps here and there

* “ugh.. im getting impatient.. go to the bed and bend down for me baby”

* you listened to his commands

* he could see the thong you were wearing..

* he puts your skirt up,, so he could see a nice view of your pussy,, he was stroking his cock,,

* Its your turn now..

* you slowly removed the thong,, revealing your wet cunt for him,,

* he stroked his cock faster..

* “h-holy sh— ngh.. y/n…”

* “ you like the view denki?”

* he couldnt hold back,, so he came all over your ass and cunt

* he was still hard…? thats kinda weird

* you stood up,, pushing him down to the bed,, woah your a dom now

* he loves it..but he was getting real impatient here

* so he just did what his horny mind told him to do,,

* he thrusted his cock inside you,,

* You moaned so loud,,

* next thing you know,, you were riding his cock,,

* he was rubbing your nipples while having a make out session,zapping them here and there

* “f-fuck y/n im about to cum…ngh—ah”

* you stopped riding his cock..

* his cock was twitching

* “y-y/n why’d you s-stop”

* you gave a smirk

* “oh im sorry,, what was that?”

* “y/n plea-“

* “huh? what i cant hear you”

* he cock was twitching begging for you to make him cum

* “mommy… please i want to cum..

* “thats a good boy…”

* you continued riding his cock,, he came instantly inside you

* you bit your lip,, which made his mind snap to extreme horny mode,

* you layed down in the bed.

* untill he started to strip you down,,

* “mommy im sorry.. please let me cum again..”

* he was still hard from all of that

* he was pinning you down in the bed..

* “oh fuck mommy… you look so hot right now…ah…”

* he was rubbing your cunt with his dick.. and he slowly puts it in..

* he started of slow.. then full on speed,,

* he started to rub your clit fast

* you were moaning his name over and over,, until you started to squirt all over his dick,,

* oh he didnt stop there,, he just kept continuing

* after like 3 more rounds

* he finally stopped..

* “did you take viagra denki.”

* “no”

* “stop lying. i saw the viagra pack in the garbage.”




Originally posted by fan-tashia


* You and him were on patrol,, yknow going out

* you guys went on patrol on the roof for watch out

* so he felt thirsty,, and saw your drink,,

* he thought you wouldnt mind since you’ve been with him for a while now

* you had viagra on your drink.

* you just wanted to switch things up for you ,,but note that you didnt drink your drink yet

* You were on watch out till you wanted to drink it now,,

* so you turned around.

* uh oh.

* “EIJI NO!”

* he finished the drink,, he didn’t noticed he finished it

* “oh no y/n,, im so sorry, i thought you just wouldn’t—“

* “eiji. it had viagra.”

* you too looked at each other awkwardly

* not knowing what to do.

* “first of all, y/n why would you put viagra on your drink??”

* “i wanted to.. feel? something? i dont know, i was just curious on how it would work on girls!”

* he sighed,, and said “its okay… lets just forget about it.”

* you guys tried to forget about it,, and went back to work..

* after 8 minutes.. he got boner

* he wasn’t sure how viagra works

* but his hormones sure was acting up

* you were infront of him,, while he was at the back sitting.

* he has a nice view.. of your ass and thighs

* he couldnt help but say “damn y/n..”

* “huh? whats wrong eiji?”

* “why dont you come sit on my lap baby girl”

* you turned around and saw him looking at your thighs

* “Kirishima Eijiro. no. fight it cmon eiji we’re on patro-“

* you grabbed your waist and pulled you down to his lap

* “cant we have a little fun baby?”

* you felt his hard cock on you ass

* “you wanna give me a show baby girl?

* you couldnt help but get horny too..

* so you seduced him, and teased him

* you were rubbing his cock slowly,

* while having a nice and hot make out session

* at this point he didnt care who saw

* you both just started to strip

* “baby girl…suck this thick cock..”

* he knows his cock is big.. and hard to handle

* i know for sure he loves to hold your head deep while sucking him off

* “a-h ngh yes baby girl.. take this cock..”

* his dick was so hard,, he couldnt handle you deep throating him

* so he came in your mouth..

* he couldnt wait any longer,, till he said “ ride this cock baby girl.. do it now” he demands

* you tried to put it in, but it couldnt fit,

* “oh i know baby… fuck…your tight pussy can surely handle thick cock..”

* he thrusted in deep inside,

* you moaned so loud,,

* “AAa-ahh! nghhh aah fuck eijiro!”

* “yes baby girl?”

* he started pounding you deep

* reverse cow girl position,, basically his 2nd favorite position

* he slaps your ass everytime you clench on his cock

* “mhm.. yeah.. your pussy—ah fuck…”

* he started to spit on you..and kissing your neck, biting your shoulders

* “yes baby.. thats right.. scream daddy’s name”

* you were such a moaning mess

* all you could think about, was his cock pounding deep inside you

* right before you know it, you both came at the same time..

* he was still so hard..

* he switched to the missionary position..maybe his 3rd or 4th favorite position

* he loves it when your legs just wrap around him

* he spits in your wet cunt,,licking it, then spitting back at your mouth

* “mm you love it when daddy spits on you?”

* he thrusts it back in,, while rubbing your clit fast..

* “fuck! eiji.. please.. go slower..”

* “what? whos eiji?” he went even faster

* “daddy! please! go slower”

* “there we go..” he went slow.. taking deep thrusts

* leaving a lot of love bites on your chest,,

* going back to the speed,, he went back to being fast,, you moaning daddy made him feral,,

* next thing you know, you were squirting everywhere

* that made him very very turned on..

* he picked you up doing a full nelson,,

* ah yes finally his number 1 FAVORITE position,, damn i wonder from who he learn that from

* he just couldnt wait any longer and started to thrust you inside, fast and hard

* he could feel you clenching down on his cock,,

* “fuck baby girl.. a-ah—-ngha…you’re such a moaning mess..”

* “yes baby.. clench on daddy’s dick..”

* he bites your shoulder,,

* “baby girl.. fuck.. you’re going to make daddy cum inside you..hmm? you want that baby? oh ofcourse you do..,, You want daddy to stuff you full..“

* he speeds up,, he moaned so loud as he came inside your cunt..

* he was still hard after all of that?

* “oh baby girl.. daddy’s not done yet.. ill make sure that you wont be able to walk later” he smirked

* after like 4-5 more rounds

* “now i know why you wanted to try viagra..” he was breathing intensely,, finally his boner is gone


Hope you guys liked it!!




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wc. 986

warnings: veryy n*fw, rough sex, degradation, breeding, size kink, spit, oral sex, overstimulation

a/n: trying sum new with my hc’s hehe, the favoritism JUMPED out with shinsou’s


˚₊·❥ Bakugou Katsuki

even though I’m wifey you can hit it like a side chick, don’t need no side dick, no”

-> bakugou was always a bit rough in the bedroom

  • his pace is always fast, and unrelenting. often pairing his brutal nature with harsh and degrading words.
  • he really can’t help it though, not when you’re moaning like a pornstar and crying for more of his cock. he likes how much of a slut you can be.
  • and you always take it, no one can make you cum the way he does.


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How I think the mha boys are in bed part 1

Bakugou- emotionally overwhelming and pretty heavy, lots of pleasure and stuff but it’s hard to fully enjoy the moment or the intimacy because of how intense it is not great for hookups because you walk away kinda needing to process the emotion but in relationships he’ll kinda catch on and there’s a lot more verbal transaction which keeps you more grounded and you’re better able to enjoy eachother at that point the sex is great

Sero - good but predictable, vanilla in a sense kind of like this is our second year married the sex is good and consistent and I’m not lacking but we’re not pushing many boundaries. Sense of fulfillment and closeness in the relationship, lighthearted.

Ojiro - sweet and satisfying like when you’re really craving something and then you finally eat it and it’s like “yes that’s it that’s exactly what I wanted” and just that warm content feeling. Very intimate and close like a really sense of connection like you can really just feel how much both of you want it, rougher and morn intense than you’d expect but just out of pure longing.

Izuku - heart of a hero hands of a surgeon type deal. Like theres lots and lots of love and emotion in the sex, he’s not shy about telling you exactly how he feels and emotionally the sexy is very warm and sweet but fucking hell and actually physical part is just an art form this guy really just knows how to read you, plenty of intimate caresses and lots of position changes by the end you are more than satisfied without any of the emotional backlash from how vigorous the sex was, like you still felt a connection and he’s just so damn sweet.

Denki - gets consistently better in a relationship and takes time to learn what you like, absolutely useless at hookups because he’ll try to use old tricks on a new girl if you get me. But when he takes the time to get to know you it’s exactly what you want it to be a real sense of appreciation like you can just feel it off of him his touches are always kind of feverish just because he’s always so excited to be with you. Overall very sweet.

Shoji - very much pleasure focused, kinda guy not to get too wrapped up in the pleasure and get carried away making it sloppy or too rough but yeah definitely likes to push things with a partner but not in a way that leaves you limping like he seems to know how to get you both to the just absolute balance like anymore and it’d lose its benefits. Just right.

Tokoyami - honestly sex is actually on the more fun side with tokoyami definitely a guy who goes for rounds . He is very romantic so every other aspect of your relationship is just stuffed to the brim, so intimate sex happens pretty often but honestly isn’t heavily required, lots of communication and pretty kinky since you’re always trying to explore new things, shockingly lighthearted and giddy.

Aoyama - honestly he just wants your approval so definitely needs a lot of affirmation, honestly the sex is pretty shy and soft. Cute but tiring if you require lots of mutual share in sex

Todoroki- shockingly good tbh, he kinda gets a little cocky in bed and is aura seems totally different than the usual todoroki the sex is very much 50/50 and both partners leave happy he’s still pretty quiet with his words and expressions don’t go off the rails either it’s still todoroki after all but the vibe is so much more comfortable and relaxed and he actually cracks soft smiles

Kirishima - close. Very very close lots and lots of skin on skin not great in positions without lots of skin on skin and will just give in a go back to something close contact. Over all the sex is very gratifying. Not as much verbal communication as you’d think but very much understanding what the other person wants and not being afraid to physically guide that person to that want.

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