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This is so accurate.
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small steps i suppose
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IDK if this needs it, but just in case! CW: blood
With that out of the way, plz enjoy UwU
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Kiribaku summer road trip! ☀
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I Want What You Have
Kiribaku x Fem!Reader
a/n: Someone call the horny police because my ass was up at 6am writing this. I've had this idea of Bakugou walking in on Kiri's GF brewing in my head for awhile so I hope you enjoy!
CW: aged up characters/college au. smut, lots of it. Implied/desired somnophilia. Oral, f/m receiving. Anal. Double penetration. Cum play. Dom kiri, lowkey timid bakugou. Daddy kink for kiri. Use of pet names/nicknames: baby/baby girl/princess/babe.
Word Count: 5,816
It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to be at the house. Being Kirishima’s girlfriend and all, it was a pretty typical occurrence to see you around.
Bakugou knew Kiri got home late last night but must have been far too deep into sleep to notice two sets of footsteps walking past his room. Which is fine, he should have expected you to be here for the long weekend.
What he didn’t expect was to open the door to his best friend's, and housemates, room to see your half naked body sprawled out on the big bed.
Kiri’s room was set up with his bed facing the door. The foot of the bed directly pointed right where Bakugou was standing in the doorway. He could hear water running from the bathroom just a few feet away from him, and from you. Kiri must be in the shower. But you…
You were still asleep, laying on your stomach, left leg hiked up over a pillow. Your right leg outstretched so your toes just barely hung off the edge of the bed. Your right arm underneath your pillow and your left on top of it, tucked right next to your face.
You were always in Kiri’s clothes and right now was no different. Shirt, sweats, hoodies, basketball shorts, you name it. Bakugou was so envious that his best friend had someone so perfect to wear all of his clothes. Someone like you wearing his clothes.
The shirt you were wearing was one of Kiri's favorites. He’d had it ever since his first year of high school. A plain, basic red t-shirt, but damn if you didn’t look fucking amazing in it. You always did. Your sweet boyfriend always made sure to tell you how beautiful you looked. Your boyfriend's best friend continued to make a mental note of everything he’d want to say to you. He was happy for Kirishima for finding someone like you to keep him happy and he’d never get in the way of that. But he wants what you guys have.
The shirt was big on you, and Bakugou was so thankful for that. The way the cotton fabric settled on your hip, bunched up perfectly above the upper half of your ass.
The sheets on the bed look disheveled, and if the clothes scattered on the floor weren’t enough of an indication of what happened in here overnight, maybe the cum still dripping out of your pussy was.
Usually you and Kirishima were loud in the bedroom. If it wasn’t your moans and his grunts, Bakugou could at least hear the mattress creaking and the frame knocking against the wall.
The sound of his best friend fucking you senseless usually ended up with him pressing his ear against the wall, fucking his fist to the sounds spilling from your throat. But not last night. Maybe he was just that tired. It had been a long week for him.
He was brought out of thought as he heard the water of the shower turn off. Only he couldn’t get himself to move. He couldn’t pull away from the sight of you. Your perfect pussy on display for him. Leaking his best friends cum. How the fuck did kiri leave you like that? If Bakugou woke up to this sight, he’d make sure to wake you up properly.
He’d spend his morning lingering kisses all along the bare skin of your back. Sinking his teeth softly into the fat of your ass. Slowly dragging his fingers through the mess he made the night before only to push it back in and hope there’s room for a fresh load to dump into you. Fingering you open for him again so you’d wake up to his dick inside of you.
Your usual morning stretch to wake yourself up would be replaced by the stretch of your tight cunt around his thick cock. He’d thrust into you slow and deep as your sleepy eyes began to flutter open. A groggy morning hum and an arch of your back as you try to push yourself up only to be met with Bakugou's chest, it would be everything he ever dreamed of. And that’s all it could be. A dream.
With Bakugou still standing in the middle of Kirishima’s room, the creaking of the bathroom door opening finally brought his gaze away from you.
“Oh, uh… morning Bakugou? Did you need something?” Kiri asks in a whisper, trying not to wake you. He’s got a towel wrapped around his waist and another one running through his hair to try and dry it off.
“Sorry, I um, eh hem, didn’t know y/n was here. I came in to ask if you wanted to go to the gym, but… yeah. Sorry man.” Bakugou says with a pink blush dusting across his cheeks, almost embarrassed that he had been caught looking at you in such a state.
“Don’t be sorry man,” Kiri says, stepping closer to his best friend, resting a large hand on his shoulder. “Quite a sight though, isn’t it?” Kiri smiles and wiggles his eyebrows up and down.
“Yeah Kiri, you’re one lucky bastard…” Bakugou’s eyes finally leave you to look at the door. Not wanting to put himself through anymore tourture knowing that he’ll never have someone like you. Or better yet, you.
Bakugou speaks again before turning to face the door, “’m gonna go then.”
“Hold up Bakugou… I uh, um.. I see the way you look at her, ya know. We’ve talked about spicing things up in the bedroom too – ”
Bakugou turns around, meeting his best friend's gaze. A smirk plastered across Kirishima's face is contrasting to the shock across Bakugou’s. “Y-you can’t be serious?” He takes a deep breath, trying to calm the pounding in his chest at what he was just offered.
“Come on man, I am serious. So? Whataya say?” Kiri grins again as he brings Bakugou closer to the bed, slinging his arm heavily around his neck.
Bakugou feels like this is so wrong, you’re not even awake yet. He’s already had his fix at getting to look at you like this. He can’t even ask what you want, part of him wants to make sure and the other doesn’t care, he wants it so bad. He wants you so bad. He can hardly believe the offer and there’s not a bone in his body that wants to deny it.
“Fine, let’s do this.” Bakugou is now the one smirking at his best friend, and man, is he ready for what’s to come.
Kirishima cocks an eyebrow at the other man in the room and nods his head in your direction, silently telling Bakugou to follow his lead. So he does, shutting the bedroom door before following. Kiri has since discarded the towel he was using to dry his hair. The one around his waist still sits loosely on his hips as he takes his place next to you on the head of the bed.
He places a large, gentle hand on your head, smoothing your hair and whispering a soft “G’morning baby”, causing you to stir slightly. Not yet opening your eyes but moving enough to realize something is trying to wake up.
Kiri’s hand is still on your head, moving it in long, petting strokes against your hair. He leans back against the wall, speaking softly, his words directed at Bakugou, “touch her.”
Bakugou looks at Kiri, his grin only grows wider waiting on his next movements. Bakugou climbs on the bed behind you. Calloused fingers gliding across your smooth skin. Bakugou sighs at the contrast, allowing himself to relax further into the touch. His hands move up higher. Pads of his fingers caressing your inner thigh, moving even higher. Pulling on the fat of your lower ass. The tug of his fingers on your skin pulls open your labia, giving him a closer view of the thick cum still dripping out of you.
Bakugou moved his hand closer, holding the outer lip with his forefinger and allowing his middle finger to slowly drag up your slit. His touch has you turning in your sleep, your eyes flutter open briefly. Catching a glimpse of Kiri looking down at you, a sweet smile spread across his face, seeing it made you smile as well and release a sigh of content.
You’re a little more awake and you roll over on your side, arms moving to wrap around kiri’s mid and lay your head against his lap. Your movement pulls Bakugou’s hand out of reach and pulls your shirt down to cover your lower half.
Kirishima looks at Bakugou, obvious disappointment spread across his face at the lost contact. So Kiri speaks again, this time it's directed at you.
“Hey. Baby girl, I have a surprise for you. Wanna open those pretty eyes for me?”
You let out a long, drawn out sigh, eyes still closed, “mmmm, what is it Ei?”
“Gotta sit up for me first baby. Wanna come sit in my lap?”
You giggle softly. Still not noticing Bakugou’s presence in the room. “Always know how to tempt me, huh Ei?”
You push yourself on your hands and knees, sticking your ass out as you move to situate yourself before moving your legs to straddle his lap. Your hands come up to his still damp hair. Tangling your fingers in his red locks.
You bring your lips to the spot right where his collarbone meets his neck, pecking the skin softly.
Another soft peck on the column of his neck.
“What’s my surprise this morning?”
Another kiss to the base of his jaw under his ear.
“We picking up where we left off last night?”
Another kiss at the corner of his mouth.
“Or did I wear you out too much, hmm?”
Kiri laughs softly, but it’s sinful. His hands are on your hips, massaging your skin lightly, but his eyes are focused on something behind you.
“Ahh, something like that. But, just so you know,” he leans into you closer, whispering into your ear before tugging your lobe between his teeth, “you could never wear me out.”
You grab his jaw and pull him into an open mouthed kiss. Humming at the sensation of your tongues pushing against each other.
He pulls out of the kiss and his hands move down to firmly grip your ass. Spreading your cheeks apart, making sure Bakugou has a good view from where he’s still sitting on the bed.
“So, about that surprise,” Kiri starts, “remember when we said we wanted to spice things up? Try something new?”
God damn the way he looks at you. His words drip off his lips like sweet honey. He’s got you wrapped around his finger.
You cock your head to the side and kiss his cheek, slowly starting to rock your hips in his lap as he continues to talk to you.
“What do you think about adding someone new?” Kiri looks from you to Bakugou. Your eyes light up at the offer.
“Babe, you’re serious?”
“Turn around and see for yourself.”
You finally look over your shoulder to see Bakugou sitting on the bed. Cheeks flushed and shoulders hunched forward.
You turn back to Kiri, he can tell by your eyes you want to know if he’s serious. He gives you a reassuring nod and you turn around to face Bakugou.
You get on your hands and knees again to crawl toward Bakugou. Kiri starts talking from behind you.
“Ya know baby girl, Bakugou walked in on you asleep this morning. Saw that pretty little pussy of yours still dripping from the mess I made last night. You gonna let him fill you up just like I did?”
“Mmm, I dunno Ei, you think he can handle that?”
Kirishima leans forward to place a harsh slap on your ass, sure to leave a nice hand print.
Bakugou’s confident demeanor returns and he grabs you by your face. Fingers gripped loosely around your jaw as he speaks.
“I think the real question is can you handle it, princess?”
“Hmph, I like this side of you Kat, you should show it more often.” You say, bringing your face even closer. Lips just centimeters away from his.
“Why don’t you show Kat how good of a girl you are baby?”
“Yeah, come on princess, show me what ya got.”
“Careful what you wish for Kat, I might just make you eat those words.”
“I think Kat and I are both planning on eating something else babe.”
Instead of responding to your boyfriend, you let your actions speak for you. You close the little distance left between you two, pressing your lips to Bakugou’s. You grab the collar of his shirt, using it as leverage to pull yourself into his lap.
His head is spinning. Minutes ago he was staring at your sleeping body, daydreaming about all the things he’d wish he could do to you and now the opportunity has finally come. He wasn’t going to blow it.
As aggressive and brash as Bakugou can be as a person, his touches were soft yet firm at the same time and he touched you with purpose. You knew he could break you if he wanted. He knew it too. But there was something about you that made him want to take his time memorizing every dip and curve of your body.
This is all too much, but at the same time not enough. He wants more. As you continue to rock yourself into him, he grabs your ass, just as Kiri had done earlier. Spreading you wide open and making a mental note at the gasp that leaves your throat, he eagerly swallows it and takes the opportunity to suck your tongue between his lips, only to bring his teeth back up to your bottom lip in a soft tug.
“Fuuuuck, you two are really going at it. Don’t be selfish now Kat. Y/n, why don’t you come sit in daddy’s lap and let Bakugou play with your perfect little pussy, hm?”
You pull away slightly, feeling the weight shift on the bed as Kiri situates himself in the middle of the mattress, still leaning against the wall, pulling the towel off his lower half. His rock hard cock barely standing upright due to the sheer weight of it.
You flash Kirishima a quick glance of dismissal over your shoulder and bring your attention back to Bakugou. You continue your attack on his lips and you can hear a low growl come from your boyfriend and you feel the weight on the bed shift again. This time, you don’t turn around to look. Instead you feel a second set of hands on you.
The way Bakugou and Kiri are moving in tandem with one another makes you think they were made to share you. Working perfectly in sync. Bakugou lifts your hips slightly so Kiri can move his fingers to your bare cunt in his lap.
The familiar feeling of his thick fingers pushing into you floods your senses, along with an unfamiliar feeling of Bakugou grabbing a fistful of your hair to pull your head to the side, giving Kiri access to your neck as he starts to leave his mark on you. Sharp teeth digging into the soft skin in the crook of your neck makes you instinctively release a whine into Bakugou’s mouth.
With the hand that’s still on your hip, Bakugou starts to guide your hips further down onto Kiri’s fingers. The angle of his fingers inside of you and the way Bakugou pushes you into him has Kiri’s knuckles brushing up against the growing bulge in the blondes shorts. A quiet groan comes from his throat but you and Kiri are quick to notice. You pull away from Bakugou and lean back into Kiri’s lap. Your back on his chest and his fingers stay buried in you the entire time you move.
His hand comes off of your hips and out of your hair at the shift but you're quick to grab his hand again. Holding onto it as Kiri takes his original seat at the head of the bed, leaning against the wall with you in his lap now. He removes his fingers, which are dripping with slick.
He brings them up to your lips and you clean them with a content moan.
You lean your head against your boyfriend's broad chest, tongue still wrapped around your fingers. You pull Bakugou into you by the hand you were still holding onto. Taking it and placing it softly on your chest. Encouraging him to touch where and how he wanted. If your actions weren’t enough, Kiri made sure to tell him anyway.
“Come on Bakugou, touch her. She’s practically dripping for ya, isn’t that right baby?” His voice raspy against your skin, echoing in your ear.
Bakugou’s eyes flick down to your pussy then back up to you still sucking on his best friend's fingers. You remove Kiri’s fingers from your mouth with an audible pop! and turn your head toward Bakugou.
“Whatsamatter Kat? Ya nervous? Didn’t really peg you for the type.” You turn your face up to Kiri, grabbing his jaw with delicate fingers and bringing him into a kiss that’s all tongue. The way your mouth moves against his causes you both to release a sigh. “Mmm, why don’t you show him how it’s done, Ei.” More of a demand than a question.
“Hmm, don’t mind if I do.” And he does. Kiri is grabbing you by the throat, forcing you to look at Bakugou by pushing his thumb into your jaw. His other hand ghosts over his shirt that covers your body. Pulling the fabric up over your chest, exposing all of you. Lowering his hand again, he draws one, two, three quick circles against your clit. Making your thighs twitch.
He quickly sinks two fingers back into you. Curling them up inside of you, hitting that spot he knows drives you mad. While he picks up the pace of his fingers thrusting in and out of you, you drop your hand to rub your clit. Kiri is quick to force your face to look at him and pull his fingers out of you, slapping your hand away from continuing your movements.
“Come on baby girl, don’t be selfish. Think we should let Bakugou have a turn.”
His eyes are on his best friend again, “Come on Kat, you gonna make her wait all day?”
“Nah, shitty hair. I’m not.”
Finally, finally. Bakugou makes his move. His thumb moves to start rubbing soft circles over your clit. Expirimentally stroking your slit up and down with the tips of his fingers. You start to rock your hips against his hand, wanting to feel him deeper. Kiri is quick to move his legs to wrap around yours and hold your thighs wide open by your ankles.
Kirishima and Bakugou exchange a quick glance before Bakugou quickly shoves two fingers inside you. Making you jump in Kiri’s lap, the redhead releasing a deep groan as your ass bounces against his throbbing cock. Kiri’s fingers always filled you up perfectly, long and thick, hitting all the right spots. Bakugou’s were just almost as long as Kiri's, but thicker than you had ever paid attention to.
His fingers are pushing in and out of you at a ruthless pace. The veins in his forearms bulge at how hard he's working his fingers into your dripping cunt. Kirishima still has a hand on your throat, keeping you in place, forcing you to look at the mess his best friend is making between your legs.
His off hand comes down to rub messy circles around your clit.
“She’s clenching around me, Ei. Faster, she’s gonna cum.” The blonde says, shoving his fingers deeper inside of you.
“Gonna cum for us baby? Why don’t you show Kat how good you are and squirt for us?” He pushes your head to the side, making room for himself so he can bring his mouth back to your skin, sinking his teeth into your shoulder and letting out a low growl. “Wanna cum all over Bakugou’s fingers, hm?”
You whine and try to move your hips even more. Bakugou is quick to move his off hand to keep your hips still and reposition himself to lay on his stomach, face right next to your pussy as he still fingers you open.
Kiri quickly swipes three of his fingers over your swollen bud before removing his hand to grip Bakugou's hair and pull his mouth to your overstimulated clit. Quickly sucking it between his lips.
Your entire body is shaking and you’re barely hanging on. Your orgasm is flooding over you. “Fuck! Nnngh, gonna cum! I’m – ah! Cumming!”
Your eyes squeezed tightly shut, spurts of warm, clear liquid coming out of you as Bakugou still works his fingers in and out of you. Kirishima is in your ear, curses falling from his lips at how provocative the sight in front of him is. Bakugou is earnestly lapping at your juices, drinking every last drop of your release.
When you finally come down from your high, vision refocusing as you blink the tears from your eyes, you feel Bakugou wipe his mouth on the inside of your thighs. Kirishima has released his hold on your throat and has been palming at your breast, rubbing his thumb over your stiffened peaked nipples.
“Such a good girl for us baby. You like it when daddy shares you with his friends?”
Your head is leaning against his chest as you nod and muster a soft “yes”.
“Wanna be a good girl and take me in your mouth with Kat behind you?”
The thought of being stuffed full with Kiri down your throat and Bakugou behind you has your body and mind reeling. And you want it.
You nod your head yes again, eyes shooting open as a second wind comes over you. You slip your shirt over your head completely. You move to grab at Bakugou’s shirt. Trying to strip the only clothed person in the room. He takes the hem in his own hands and tugs it over his head. Your hands pull at the waistband of his cotton sleep shorts, slipping one hand in to palm his length. Bakugou grabs the backside of his shorts and boxers, pulling them down around the muscle of his ass. Setting his throbbing cock free.
You stroke him a few times, thumb pressing into his slit to spread the bead of pre around the flushed red tip. Your other hand reaches down to roll his balls in your fingers. His length is impressive. Not as thick and heavy as Kiri, but long with forked veins you can’t wait to feel along your walls.
You turn back around to face Kiri, still holding Bakugou by his cock to pull him on the bed. You let go as soon as he sets his knees on the bed behind you. Leaning down onto your forearms, face in Kiri’s crotch, you stick your ass in the air and your tongue out to lick a long strip up your boyfriends length. You wrap your lips around the angry red tip and suck forcefully, earning yourself a long hiss from between Kiri’s teeth.
He brings a hand down to pull your hair out of the way and hold it in a fist at the base of your head. “Fuck baby girl, always so good with that mouth of yours.”
You flutter your eyelashes up at Kiri, whose jaw is slack with pleasure as he watches his cock disappear down your throat. Too focused on doing everything you can with your mouth, you almost miss Bakugou dragging the tip of his cock through the slick between your lips. Using your previous release to lubricate himself before pushing inside of you.
The head catches on your still swollen clit which makes your hips jump forward instinctively. Bakugou then pushes himself inside of you, slow at first. And you were right. You can feel every ridge of the veins on his cock dragging against your walls.
“Shit princess, I dunno how yer still so tight when you take Eijiro’s cock every night.”
This earns a laugh from your boyfriend, who is now pushing your head down deeper on his length. You hum around him and soon Bakugou’s hips are snapping against yours. The loud sound of balls slapping against your clit fills the room.
The air becomes thicker from the hot breaths and panting coming from the three of you. Bakugou has a death grip on your hips as he forces himself deeper into you each time. The force of him fucking into you has your body rocking, forcing Eijiro’s cock to hit the back of your throat. You’re desperate for air as the pace becomes too much, you’re so full from both ends and you can’t imagine what it would feel like to have both of them inside of you in a different way.
Kiri pulls you off of his length, looking down at your sweet face, saliva dripping down your chin, your cheeks stained with tears. To him, you’ve never looked prettier. Such a mess for him. He’s still got a hold on your hair when he pulls you up further. You prop yourself up onto the palms of your hands and his lips meet yours. He brings a hand up to wipe the new fallen tear off of your cheek.
Pulling away from your lips, Eijiro’s deep red iris’ bore into yours before he speaks. “Bakugou making you feel good baby girl?”
“Mmmm mhmm, s’good”
“Fuck her harder Kat. She can take it, can’tcha baby?” He coos as he rubs soothing circles around your cheekbone.
“Shit, ‘m not gonna last too much longer Ei, she’s clenching.”
“Ahhhaaa come on man, we’re not even close to being done.”
“Fuck, Eiji, ‘m gonna cum- gonna cum again.” you manage to breathe out in between Bakugou’s rough thrusts.
Your fluttering walls sucking him in deeper and deeper, you can feel his length start to twitch inside of you, hips starting to stutter.
You know his release is coming fast and you’re chasing your second as well. His hips are still smacking against your ass as you bring your hand down to rub your clit. Wrist flicking quickly as that coil comes closer and closer to snapping.
Kiri is holding your face in his hands as your eyes begin to squeeze shut and moans fall from your lips. “Fuck, cumming!”
“Shit, me too, ohh fuck!” Bakugou spills his seed inside of you with a grunt and continues to move his hips. Pushing his cum deeper as your second orgasm rushes through your body.
You drop your head down onto Kiri’s shoulder, Bakugou is quick to steady himself before collapsing completely on top of you.
Bakugou pulls out of you and you whine at the loss of feeling suddenly empty. Kiri, who is still painfully hard, pulls you flush into his chest again. Flipping you around before he settles you in his lap. Back against his chest, legs spread wide open for Bakugou.
“Doing so good for us baby, you think you can handle me and Kat inside at the same time?”
Your chest still heaving as you catch your breath, the blonde in the room doing the same. Although, you open your eyes and see that Bakugou is already hard again. Kiri wasn’t kidding when he said they weren’t close to being done.
Once your breathing steadies, Kiri drags his fingers through the slick between your legs. Dipping two fingers in your heat and pushing out the load Bakugou just filled you with. He brings his fingers up to your clit then back to your pussy. Gathering more cum on his fingers only to push it out and watch it drip down your ass.
A low voice breaks behind you, “Kat, come play with her clit again. It’s my turn.” the familiar growl sending chills down your spine.
Bakugou moves closer and starts playing with the far overstimulated bundle, pulling back the hood only to run the pad of his finger against it over and over again. Your body feels so spent already and you know you’ve got a long way to go.
The pressure on your clit is a good distraction for Kirishima’s thick fingers prodding at the tight ring of muscle. He works his two cum covered fingers into the opening, simultaneously kissing your neck to try and get you to relax.
Sinful moans escape your throat as you grind your hips down harder on the two pairs of hands working on your lower half. You bring one hand up to grope at your breast, the other reaching back to tug on Kirishima's hair.
“Shit princess, you into this? You like Kiri fingering that tight little asshole of yours open?”
“Mmm, yes Kat, so much. Feels so so good. Fuck Eiji, more please. I– “
Your eyes roll to the back of your head and a sharp gasp leaves your lips as soon as kiri shoves another finger inside of you. Curling them, trying to open you up further for him.
You can feel his hard cock pressing uncomfortably into your back. “You think you’re ready baby girl? Y’gonna let me and Kat in?”
You nod your head in compliance, looking over your shoulder at your boyfriend with big, pleading doe eyes. “Yes, wan’it so bad Ei.”
“You heard the lady, get over here Kat.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice shitty hair.”
Simultaneously you are stretched wider than you ever have been before. Bakugou pushing back into your already dripping core and Kirishima slowly opening your asshole. He’s pushing slowly inside, but Bakugou is quick with his thrusts. Your body rocking from his pace only to push Kiri in deeper.
Kiri reaches around to palm your chest with one hand, his other supporting underneath your thigh to keep you steady. Bakugou has one hand against the wall behind you and Kiri and the other is gently around your throat.
He slows his pace slightly as he brings his lips to yours. Kissing you with so much passion you feel heat bubbling in your core. Slow strokes inside of you and slow laps of his tongue against yours as Kiri finally bottoms out inside of you.
“Fuck, feels so fucking good.” Bakugou says into your mouth.
“You feelin’ as good as we are babe? Who are we kidding, I know you are. You love this, don’t you?” Kiri says, hips still as he is completely engulfed inside of you.
“‘ts so full, ah. So good. Fuck, move. Please.”
You really should be careful what you wish for because they are now both thrusting into you with so much force you’re seeing stars.
Your mouth open wide in a silent scream. If it was possible to get words out, you would be an incoherent, babbling mess.
The force of Kirishima and Bakugou thrusting into you almost becomes too much to handle. Their paces are relentless and matched, almost like they’re in a competition as to who can do it better, faster and harder. Fucking into you at the same time, a thin wall separating the two of them inside of you.
“Takin’ us so well princess. You really are a good girl aren’tcha?”
“You want me and Kat to fill you up at the same time baby girl? I think you do.”
“Shit! Too much, too much- ngh! Fuck!”
Their pace slows down just enough to where they can switch positions. Kiri opens his mouth briefly to tell Bakugou to lay down on his back and get you on top of him. They both slip out of you for just a few seconds. Bakugou now on his back, You’re straddling his hips as Kiri positions himself behind you. One knee on the bed in between Bakugou’s legs and the other propped up against the outside of your hip.
Both of them push back into you in one swift motion, this time their strokes offset one another. One pushing in as the other is coming out. Making sure you’re never left feeling empty.
Both of them are so deep inside of you that you can feel it in your stomach. The room is hot and heavy, your bodies are all slick with a thin layer of sweat. It feels so good to feel so full. Large hands on your body, sandwiched between their two large frames. Something you’ve always wanted and surely something Bakugou has dreamed of too.
With Kiri thrusting into you hard and fast, you feel another release coming. Bakugou doesn’t even need to keep a rhythm due to how hard Kiri is moving, rocking your body against Bakugou. Kiri’s heavy balls smacking against Bakugou's, the scene is so lewd but so hot.
“Shit baby, I'm gonna cum. Bakugou, you close man?”
“Yeah, ‘m close. Just keep going. Fuck! You got one more in you, princess? I think you do.”
Kiri grabs a fist full of your hair, pulling your back into a deeper arch, Bakugou snakes a hand down between your bodies to rub your clit again. Forcefully pushing his thumb against it. Your thighs are trembling at the pleasure coursing through every inch of your body.
As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect, all three of you reach your high at the same time. Bakugou and Kiri twitching inside of you as your releases run down your inner thighs.
Their softening cocks pull out of you at the same time. Kiri plants a loving smack to your ass and shakes the fat of it in his hand before letting go. You flop down onto the bed next to Bakugou and Kiri is quick to grab a towel from the bathroom.
Once the three of you are wiped down and resting on the bed, you find yourself sandwiched again between your boyfriend and his best friend yet again. You roll over, placing a hand across Kiri’s mid, reaching for Bakugou to do the same to you from behind. At the end of the day, Bakugou will admit that he'd never get tired of seeing you so spent and so full of his cum. Maybe he can convince his best friend, and you, to make this a regular occurrence.
Bakugou speaks up before sleep takes over your bodies. “We should all shower and get some rest. We have a long weekend and this is definitely happening again. This time, you’re gonna follow my lead shitty hair.”
You smile into Kiri’s chest, loving the competitive dynamic they share, “Good luck with that man, I run shit in this relationship.” The two playfully scoff at one another.
Good Gods, what did you get yourself into?
For more kiribaku content check out Three Best Friends.
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kelseybee-art · 6 months ago
Could you do Bakugo going shopping?
Tumblr media
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kirirua · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
me : please, please let me have a consistent artstyle
evil wizard : i will now cast "every-drawing-will-forever-be-different" spell
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kiribakuincorrect · 26 days ago
Bakugo: This bloodline ends with me.
Kirishima: That's the fanciest way I've ever heard someone say "I'm gay."
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fisshgutss · a year ago
Tumblr media
what if we kissed on our team up mission on the carousel?
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tobirono · 11 days ago
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happy baku
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a-mole-whacker · 7 days ago
Kirishima: What did I tell you?
Bakugou, sighing: Don't be a cunt.
Kirishima: Exactly.
Bakugou: ...So can I-
Kirishima: No, you can't be a dick either.
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ricedoesart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
they already have 6 dogs and 3 more cats at home..
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chippolyta · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve never been to a cat cafe before, but if I ever do go I can 100% guarantee that this will happen with me and my gf. 😩
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mariliyaa · 8 months ago
Happy pride month 🌈
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annie-jpg55 · a month ago
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R o cky Roa d…
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iara-png · a year ago
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Part 2 for a kinda old comic I’ve made, I’ll call it “Bakugou was hit by a shoujo quirk” there’s an easter egg on the last panel, that flowers weren’t there before ┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬ 
(btw last two panels is Kirishima with his hair down) 
Link for the first one:
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kelseybee-art · 7 months ago
How do you feel about a request of kiribaku/bakusquad sleepy cuddles?
Tumblr media
after a long day of training
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alythekitten · 10 months ago
Bakugou buying CrimsonRiot's HotSauce in S5 ending is *chef's kiss*
Tumblr media
I mean:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obviously this is for Kirishima
Tumblr media
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kiribakuincorrect · 2 months ago
kirishima: don't come to the loft
denki: why?
kirishima: bakugo's passive-aggressively doing the dishes he asked me to do six hours ago. it isn't safe here anymore
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