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#bakugou x midoriya

Ship: Bakugo x Midoriya
Warnings: None, but there’s Bakugo so swearing.. Bakugo is so stupid soft in this it feels unnatural..
Prompt: “Oh god, you’re bleeding.”
Original date written: Aug 4th 2018
Notes: I cleaned this up just a tidbit other wise it’s all the same as when I originally wrote it - this was part of a 30 day writing thing I had tried (and failed)


“Promise me you’ll be safe.” Midoriya mumbled.

“Tch as safe as a Hero can get. I’m not some weakling like you who–” The sudden sneeze caught them both off guard as Izuku violently sneezed, nearly knocking himself on his own ass. Bakugou caught him before that could happen however and pulled the sniffling boy to his chest.

“Get your dumb ass into bed before you hurt yourself.” Bakugou hissed.

All the other could do was sickly giggle before nodding. “Okay Kacchan.” The two went to their shared bedroom and Bakugou made sure his ass was in bed before he even thought of leaving.

“Be safe.” Midoriya mumbled.

“Shut it, you should focus on getting better dammit..” the other grumbled and kissed Midoriya’s forehead before he quietly left the house. It took the young man a little while after his boyfriend left for sleep to finally hit him, only to wake a few hours later.

It was a little after three when Midoriya got up and dragged himself out of bed to find something to eat. He hated feeling so useless, but after the events of his last task he’d ended up soaked by the end of it which led to him now being sick. Some hero he was.

After heating up some simple broth he decided he needed a change of scenery and made himself comfortable on the couch. Soup on his lap he turned the TV on and flipped around before he stopped. There was Bakugou, well far away shots but he could make out that hero outfit anywhere.

Midoriya sipped at the broth as his eyes stayed glued to the TV, something big happened, something he didn’t fully seem to grasp. Damn his ability to focus when sick.

When the broadcast ended he’d finished his broth and half a box of tissues, as much as he disliked being sick, he disliked being alone more. He couldn’t wait for Bakugou to get home and take care of him in that rough, round about way of his.

To his complete surprise, Midoriya heard the front door open around six, followed by angry grumbling. “Kacchan?” he asked with a hint of confusion. “What are you doing home so early?”

“Deku what the hell are you doing awake?” Bakugou left the entrance to make his way further into the house to find Midoriya on the couch surrounded by tissues that clearly didn’t reach the trash.

“I got tired of being in bed, and I was hungry earlier.”

Bakugou walked around the couch and looked over his clearly exhausted lover before bending over to kiss his head. Midoriya tilted his head up at the action and almost closed his eyes before something caught his attention on his boyfriend’s body. “Oh god, you’re bleeding!” he panicked.

Midoriya was up in a heartbeat and patting his hands over the blonde’s torso in panic. “What? Wait, hey!” Bakugou firmly grabbed the other’s shoulders and pushed him back onto the couch. “Idiot I’m fine, it’s not mine.” Hearing this Midoriya let out a huge exhale and slouched back into the couch.

“That scared me.. Are you okay though? I saw you on the news earlier.” The blonde rolled his eyes and sat beside his boyfriend and moved his shirt to show he wasn’t lying

“Yeah, some simple shit quickly escalated when a villain lost control of his own mess.”

The green haired male exhaled and leaned forward into Bakugou’s chest, arms loosely wrapping around him. “So is that why your home early?” The blonde snorted before moving to get comfortable with the other clinging to him.

“Idiot, everyone knows your sick..” he paused. “..I wanted to hurry back and keep an eye on you is all.” he mumbled into the other’s fluffy hair.

He simply hummed and the two sat in silence before the words finally hit him. “Wait you were worried about me?” Midoriya pulled back with a smile and gently rest his forehead on the other’s.

Bakugou growled and carefully knocked their foreheads together before shoving Midoriya’s face into his shoulder. “Shut up and lets get you back into bed..”

“Only if you nap with me.. Then we can have dinner..” Midoriya demanded, he pulled back with a sickly cute pout and broke out the puppy dog eyes. A strangled noise came out of the blonde as he jerked his head away from the sight.

“Tch whatever..” The other broke into a soft giggle fit before leaning up to softly kiss the blonde. “I love you Kacchan~”

 “Yeah, I love you too idiot.”

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Draw a sketch of this hilarious skit, it’ll be easy I said, a quick little doodle. Two - weeks - later…

Credit to @oyasumi47 for the original dialogue.

I also like to imagine Todoroki adding in a smug “b*#ch” to the end of his last line.

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Here’s some more content for the Mafia/Gang AU! This one acts as a lead up to a very special meeting between Shouto and a certain someone. It also gives Izuku the chance to further discuss his current situation with Kirishima and Bakugou more. Please go check it out! :) :) 

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Sorry for the Interruption

Based on this post Whipped up Bakudeku drabble

The beach was beautiful that night. Wide open skies so clear and unmarried by the glare of city lights. Stars… one could easily forget when you grew up in a metropolis. You could see the constellations clear and maybe even the Milky Way blinking back.

The young couple walk along the shore barefoot, holding each other’s hands, threading their toes into the cool white sand in quiet reflection with only the sound of the waves ebbing and flowing like the emotions driving their hearts. Mina leans on her boyfriend Eijiro’s shoulder, sighing and smiling. He’d chosen the perfect spot for a date.

Eijiro turns and places a kiss to her temple, happy to see her so relaxed. Their line of work was exciting for sure, but sometimes, you just need to take a break.

They were so focused on themselves and the quiet surroundings, that they failed to notice they weren’t the only ones on that beach.

First Eijiro kicks and trips over something, folllowed suit by his girlfriend Mina. They stumble over the object that gives off a… squeak and growl??! Oh, no! Did they kick an animal?!

“Oh my goodness!” Mina jumps back and squeals, but as their eyes adjust to the shadowed lumps they realize…

Eijiro laughs. “Izuku? Katsuki?! Wow!” he waves his arms in apology. “I’m so sorry we interrupted your date!”

“First off fucker,” Katsuki growls at their mutual friend. “I know we’re both gay, but don’t just assume that we’re here on a date cause we’re alone. Right, Deku?” He turns towards his friend expecting a confirmation.

Eijiro laughs, “Dude I’m sorry blondies so oblivious that this is totally a date.”

“Wait what?!” Katsuki grabs Izuku by the shirt. “Is that what you brought me out here for? I thought you just didn’t wanna star gaze alone!”

Izuku shrugs, “I was kinda hoping it was a date, yeah.”

Katsuki deadpans at his friend while Eijiro hastily grabs for Mina’s hand. “Well look at the time, we better be on our way.”

“Enjoy your date,” Mina giggles and waves as the couple quickly books it out of there.

“Tch. You’re such an idiot Deku,” Bakugou releases his friend with a slight shove and lays back down on his back. “All you had to do was ask me for real.”

Izuku stares at his friend, blinking in confusion. “Are you serious?! I thought you’d kill me if I tried!”

Katsuki rolls his eyes. He grabs Izuku a second time by the back of his shirt and pulls him down. Then he rolls him over so the man’s head is on his chest, and holds it there. “Shh! Stop interrupting our date.”

Izuku melts against the man. His face flushes wildly, hidden in the darkness of that barren beach. “Kacchan…”

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Words: 5,469

Warning: Burn injuries, an angry Pomeranian trying to be sweet and it kinda working but only because of the broccoli baby.

Staring down at her wrist, Y/N inspected the small orange mushroom cloud tattoo on her skin. It sat below her first mark; a cute lavender bubble symbolizing her own quirk. Both appeared years ago, one burned bright into her skin the day she manifested her quirk and the other sat, fading in months later.

It’s said the marks are to connect you with your soulmate. It seemed to be another evolution to come with the quirks as the quirkless didn’t get the same predicament throughout life. Actually, there were even a few quirked people that never gained marks. While it seemed unfair and people hated that quirked people got the ideal life and were handed their other half almost straight out the gate, some loved the fact most quirkless people had the option to find their soulmate naturally.

There were even people that covered their mark with another tattoo, to try and avoid searching for their person. Some invested their entire being into finding that special someone. They even made dating apps to share pictures of your mark to help you find your match.

Y/N fell in the middle, she didn’t despise the idea of finding her soulmate, but she didn’t want that to be a major factor in her mind. She didn’t want to spend her life trying to find a person that very well could reject you.

Yes, even if fate had intertwined your hearts, you could reject the idea. While you could only reject your soulmate after meeting them, it was only done with a simple two words- ‘I reject’- and the idea scared the hell out of her.

So here she was, hiding her mark under bracelets or long sleeves, scared of finding her soulmate because two stupid words, but even more terrified because of one stupid thing. The pretty colourful cluster of stars tattoo… sitting just right of her soulmate’s mark.

She had two soulmates.

Of course, there were people out there that dated their soulmate and another set of soulmates, or a fated couple found their third in another kind person. But never has she heard of being given two soulmates.

Now she could be rejected…twice.

“Okay, so since it’s just us girls, I say we watch shitty chick flicks and whine about being single.” Mina huffed, plopping down on the couch.

“Mina… Toru has a boyfriend… and Jirou is dating Mo…” Uraraka pointed out.

“Okay, but I am single I would like to whine about it.” Mina groaned as Y/N sat down. “You and Y/N are single too so, we could still complain.”

“Hey, hey. Don’t bring me into this. I tried my hand at dating, that’s just bleh.” Y/N cringed.

Jirou scoffed. “That’s because you keep putting all your heart into people who aren’t your soulmate.”

“Hey, I like keeping my options open! It’ll happen sooner or later.” Y/N defended herself.

“It could be sooner if you stop hiding the mark.” Mina cheesed. “You know the point is to find the matching tattoo?”

“Yeah, yeah. Maybe I just really like surprises.” Y/N sighed, trying to focus on the two women trying to hide the baby from the rambunctious fairy god mother on the screen.

“Your person kinda has to see the mark for it to click in your heads.” Uraraka hummed. “So, if you hide it…”

“It’s not completely invisible, I don’t always cover it. Any one can see it at anytime.” Y/N rolled her eyes.

“Mmm, okay… Y/N didn’t notice the look Mina gave to Jirou. “Then let us see-.”

Both Mina and Jirou went to tackle Y/N but an instant bubble appeared around her, bouncing them off. “You always try this, Mina.”

“Damn it…”

Leaving the matter to rest, the girls continued to watch the poor obedient fifteen year old send away her only friend. Okay, so yes… Y/N hid the marks for the most part. She wasn’t trying to avoid people seeing the marks per say, but she was just trying to keep it out of… people’s sight…

Actually, she was trying to avoid them being seen, but really, in her defense. The last time someone saw two soulmarks on her wrist she was harassed and bullied until she had to move. So, she felt it was in her best mind to hide her marks and keep a lookout for two matching her own.

And she hoped the girls would leave it alone but-

“Okay… Just a little peek.” Mina whispered.


“Just for me?”

“No, Mina.”

“At least describe it a little.”


“I just wanna see it.”

“I don’t care.”

“I’m you’re best friend, please.” Mina dragged out the word, as long as her breath held out for.

“Aright, you know. I’m really tired, ladies. So, I’m gonna wrap this up and head to bed.” Y/N sighed standing, letting Mina and Uraraka fall into her now vacant space. “Goodnight girls.”

Ignoring their mixed groans and pleas, Y/N continued to leave, irritated with Mina’s questioning. She didn’t even stop to collect her small throw blanket, but Mina yelped and rushed up the stairs to apologize. She hadn’t meant to piss off her friend, but-.

“Wait! Wait, Y/N, I’m sorry!” She squeaked, slamming into the door that was closed in her face.

“Go away, Mina.” Y/N. “It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not…” Mina whined.

Y/N bit her lip and started at the door. Her first real best friend stood on the opposite side of the door and would probably sit there until she opened the door, like she always did when they fought. But really, she thought about leaving her there and sneaking out the window in the morning, because she was pissed, truly.

“Look, Y/N, I know you don’t like talking about your mark and it’s not okay I kept pressuring you to show us-.” Mina mumbled.

Angry, Y/N yanked opened the door, watching Mina stumble in from leaning on it. “You’re right! It’s not okay! It was mean and stupid and I honestly don’t know why you were so hellbent on seeing it, you never are! Our entire time of being friends- which is three fucking years- you never bugged this much to see it! What is your fucking deal-?”

“Mine rejected me.”

“With trying… to… what?” Y/N continued her rant, before fully recognizing her friend’s words. “What did you say?”

“My soulmate rejected me.” She repeated. “He goes to another school; Asaki Eizo. He’s top of his class, an adorkable nerd. He’s already probably got collage recommendations… he um… He feels that such a um, eccentric personality would distract him form the real things in life. ‘Honestly, I feel you’re too childish to live the life I want.’ His exact words.”

“He called you childish?” Y/N blinked.

“Yeah, but we could still be friends! We hang out every now and then! Just not as… soulmates.” Mina whispered the last part.

Y/N clicked her tongue and nodded slowly, before deciding and grabbing a hoodie. “I’m gonna need an address.”

“What? No. No!” Mina yelped and pushed her friend back in her room. “You can’t go kill him!”

“I never said I would kill him. Just maim.” Y/N tried to press past her friend, but she held fast.

“No, no. People get rejected all the time! It’s okay!” Mina flailed her arms, looking comically like a bird before she tackled her friend to the floor. “I just, I just wanted to see yours because I like the idea of my best friend getting her forever person, even if I don’t…”

Y/N sighed. “Honestly, I might be in the same predicament as you, babes.”

Mina furrowed her eyebrows and sat up on the girl’s lap. Y/N tugged off the bracelets she was wearing and pushed her sleeve up a bit. Mina did her best to keep eye contact with her friend, just incase she wanted to hide it again. But Y/N didn’t, she raised her wrist in between them, revealing the several marks on her skin.

“You… There are… That’s an odd soulmate mark…” Mina muttered.

“No, it’s two. I have two soulmates…” Y/N groaned falling back. “I have two chances of getting rejected.”

Mina pouted and laid down on Y/N, to cuddle her. “I don’t think that would happen. Maybe they’ve already found each other, and they are just waiting on you.”

“I feel like I’d be intruding on a happy relationship.” She sighed.

“I don’t think the fates would have intertwined you to just hurt you.” Mina said.

Y/N played with Mina’s hair. “Mina… You literally just told me that your own soulmate rejected you because you’re a fun girl. So, I don’t think the fates were thinking too many things through at their round table.”

“Mm, yeah, but you know what they say. When you get rejected by your soulmate, it’s the fates realizing they found someone better for you and a new mark should form.” Mina mumbled, sleepily.

“Yeah, yeah. When I see a new mark glow on your skin, I’ll believe it.” Y/N snorted.

“Today’s task is simple. Save the victim before the building comes down.” All Might said.

“Before it comes down? As in actually collapse?” Mineta already had tears filling his eyes.

“It’s what you’ll have to do as heroes.” Tsu commented, before smacking the small grape boy with her tongue. “Stop crying.”

He continued to cry anyway. All Might sighed. “There’s no hidden objectives, or priorities. But it is an incredibility dangerous situation, so you’ll actually have to thinks the entire thing through and when you think you have a plan, you’ll have to make a backup. Stay on your toes, save the victim and don’t get crushed.”

“What happens if we don’t get out in time?” Y/N asked.

“There is a timer, the building won’t actually fall if there is anyone still inside, but you will have failed the test if you can’t get the victim out before it ‘falls’.” All Might answered, surely.

Now each team went through the buildings while the rest of the class watched. There were three separate building, each with different hazards. The timer was set for thirty minutes, the story plot was villains attacked, blah blah blah, the building would fall in thirty minutes and there was still someone trapped inside. A basic training op.

“Hey, you’re not wearing your bracelets today.” Mina noted, holding her hand.

“Yeah, guess I should try and put myself out there.” Y/N sighed. “Plus, can’t let you find your soulmate first, markless.”

“Oh, ha ha. You think you’re funny.” Mina rolled her eyes, playfully.

“I think I’m fucking hilarious.” Y/N grinned, before raising her friend’s wrist. “I wish it would manifest already, looking at bits and pieces of it for the last month is aggravating.”

“Yeah, me too. But think about it, I’ve spent the last four months soulmate-less. Maybe I’m emotionally shellshocked and my body’s trying to fight fate off.” Mina giggled.

It had been two months since their conversation in Y/N’s bedroom and since then, Mina had convinced Y/N to not hide it when they went out into the real world. Especially when they went out without their classmates. Which they’d done a lot more, in hopes to find one or both of Y/N’s mates and maybe to kick start Mina’s new mark. Still she hid it whenever she was at school, this had been the first time she hadn’t tried to hide it. And she prayed it wouldn’t come back to bite her in the ass.

“Y/N, Bakugo, Midoriya. You’re turn.” All Might, clapped her on the shoulder.

“Be careful.” Mina let her friend go.

“Probably won’t.” Y/N cheesed.

And here she stood in between the childhood frenemies, staring up at Building B that bent halfway up at an uncomfortable angle. “I’ll bet you boys my left arm that are victim is up at the top…”

“Probably.” Midoriya sighed. “Any ideas.”

“Stay out of my way.” Bakugo muttered.

Y/N rolled her eyes and turned to glare at the blond. “Yeah, no. We’re a team. So, we work as a team. Otherwise, I will bubble you right here and now and have you follow us like a an explosive toy.”

“I’ll blow your stupid bubble open.” Bakugo snarled down at her.

“Oh, really?” She asked, scoffing.

“Wait, guys, the test is about to start. Maybe we should handle this later…” Midoriya tried.

Y/N ignored him and softy booped Bakugo’s nose. “Do it then.”

A loud shrill echoed through the air, signifying the start of the test and Bakugo was encased in a see-through sphere. Midoriya blinked at Bakugo’s entrapment and then at Y/N who raised her brow expecting him to say something, but her look convinced him to just turn around and head inside the building.

The two quietly searched the building and made their way up and over each obstacle, Bakugo screaming and exploding in his bubble every five seconds. Coming to a two sided elevator shaft, they all paused. The elevator itself was tilted and seemed to be caught on the walls of the shaft, making a bridge way to the otherside.

“Alright, I’m gonna bubble you two through first… Because I feel like if you breath on that thing… it’ll fall.” Y/N sighed.

“We could probably just jump it.” Midoriya suggested.

“We should avoid shaking the building at all, we should treat it as if it would actually collapse. Which, honestly. It might…” Y/N carefully peeked out into the shaft and looked up to find another elevator several stories above. “Also, I’m pretty sure if we put too much weight on this thing, it’ll pull the other one down.”

“I’m gonna push the angry Pomeranian over first and then you. Alright?” Y/N stated.

“Angry Pomeranian?!” Bakugo shouted, his palms crackling.

She giggled and stuck her hand into the bubbled and pat his head. “Yep, keep being an ass, I’ll get you a collar.”

He snatched her hand and tugged her close, trying to force her into the bubble. “Let me out of this damned bubble.”

“I was going to after I got you across, stop being a dick for five minutes or you’ll stay in it!” She snapped, pinching his cheek.

“You had better or I swear I’ll…” He trailed off, looking at her arm. At her multiple marks.

She hadn’t noticed where is eyes locked and hurriedly thrusted him across the opening, before turning to Midoriya and bubbling him as well. She, much more gently, pushed him across the opening before following them herself. And true to her word, she released Bakugo from his soft cage.

“Now, be good or I’ll put you back.” She warned.

“Piss off.” He grumbled. “We got fifteen minutes left, let’s find this idiot doll and get out of here.”

Midoriya and Y/N nodded in agreement and hurried through to the top of the building. Surprisingly, without many words, they worked together well. And when ideas were shared everyone listened, for the most part. They were a good team together, despite, being randomly thrown together.

Y/N gently, bubbled debris out of the way, unaware of the blonde analyzing her and Midoriya. Her soulmate mark matched the one Midoriya had on his own wrist. She’d been there, right under his nose for the longest time, and the dipshit didn’t ever notice.

But Bakugo didn’t notice either. Hers matched his as well. Neither boy noticed that their soulmate was with them every day.

Smoke filled the air as they cleared a hole through the floor above. They could hear the crackling of flames and see the orange light fill the hall above them. Carefully everyone climbed up to the next floor and eyed the fiery hall before them.

“Alright, boys, bubble time again.” Y/N sighed, and looked over at Midoriya who opened his mouth. “Don’t you dare say ‘we can jump it’ because again, unstable building.”

Midoriya turned red, at having been caught. “I- I wasn’t going to say that…”

“Yes, you were.” Both of his teammates said.

“I just don’t want you to overexert yourself, Y/N. You’re the only one whose used their quirk the most here.” Midoriya justified.

“It’s the safest one to use in this situation.” She shrugged, bubbling him. “I’ll only be tired if I use my bubble for an extended amount of time.”

“You had my in a bubble constantly, earlier.” Bakugo pointed out.

“Yeah, see. We can just jump across!” Midoriya tried, but she flicked him across anyway.

“For like three minutes. Five at most.” Y/N rolled her eyes and bubbled Bakugo as well. “I’m fine.”

After she dropped him off, she followed and landed softly. “See, no harm done. I’m a big girl, boys.”

“Well, cool it a bit, dumbass, we’re not useless.” Bakugo grunted, flicking her forehead.

Was that what this was about? “I never said you were, guys. Sorry, if I made it seem that way.” She apologized, following Midoriya to the second elevator tunnel.

This building was so tall, stupidly its elevator shafts had been stacked with a thin base floor between them. Bakugo peeked through, to deem it safe and carefully stepped across, Midoriya moving to follow when the building shook violently, knocking them all to their knees. Not a moment later did the creaking elevator a few floors above drop.

Bakugo yanked Midoriya out of the way, just in time as the elevator crashing into the base floor. Y/N yelped, flying back into the fire from the impact. She shook away her dizziness and stared at the flames surrounding her bubble- thankfully, her reaction time was fast.

“Y/N!” She heard Midoriya yell back at her.

“I- I’m fine. Just caught me off guard.” She panted, looking up at the elevator that almost crushed him. “What about you?”

“We’re fine, no damage.” Bakugo called back. “You’ll have to climb through the elevator to get over here.”

“Alright, well, uh.” She rolled herself back towards the elevator. “You guys go on ahead, I’ll catch up.”

“We can’t leave you.” Midoriya started to come back for her, but a bubbled filled the elevator blocking him.

“Just go, damn it. We’ve got just under ten minutes left, go find the damn vic and I’ll catch up.” She ordered. “I’ll be right behind you guys.”

She lied. Unintentionally, but still. She was trapped against the ceiling in her bubble, protected from the burning flames around her but unable to move. Her bubble had been stuck for the last three minutes, and it was actually starting to get hot inside, the walls of her bubble burning her skin a bit. She needed to get out of the fire, quick before she was seriously burned.

Y/N attempted, again to roll out of the flames but really all she succeeded in was rolling herself in the awkward crevice she was stuck in. Now she was mostly upside down, her forearms pressed against her artificial wall. It was almost like she was pressing herself against hot glass and granted her bubble kept out the black smoke, she had no fresh air. So, the air she did have was getting thick and stuffy and she was going dizzy. 

“Y/N!” A voice shouted at her.

Gasping, Y/N looked around to find Bakugo and Midoriya with the victim doll. They managed to find their way back to her part of the maze of death and she just about cried.

“Oh, I could kiss you two right now!” She grunted, her flesh burning. 

While Midoriya blubbered, turning twenty-five different shades of red, Bakugo rolled his eyes at her, smirking. “And here I thought you were going to be right behind us.”

"Oh, screw off.” She tried to laugh through her pain. “Now please, figure out how to get me out of here, I’m actually being poached.”

Thinking for a small moment the boys had to put together a plan. If Midoriya were to full cowl into the flames, this floor would probably give away from the force, taking them all down. Bakugo could have probably blasted her out of it onto the other side, but again they were stuck with their partner being unreachable. 

“Boys, just go. You got the victim, the place is supposed to come down in minutes.” Y/N coughed.

“Can’t leave our partner in here, shit face.” Bakugo grumbled.

“Well, you gotta or were all screwed.” Y/N argued. “Look I’ll be fine, I’m sure someone will come in and help me in a few minutes.”

“And you’ll boil alive, yeah right.” Bakugo glared, still thinking.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. A few burns never killed anyone.” She huffed.

Bakugo gave her a look as to shut up, but she kept going. “C'mon Deku, you know I got this. You guys finish the mission.”

As soon as Midoriya opened his mouth to try and side with someone, Bakugo leaned down and pulled off his com so she wouldn’t hear what he said. Whatever he said made the poor little broccoli boy’s jaw drop and eyes grow to the size of moons. Not finding the room to care, Y/N closed her eyes, panting and waited for them to leave.

She heard footsteps and looked back to see Bakugo hauling ass while Midoriya just stood there. “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to follow him.”

“Ah, well…” Midoriya coughed, nervously. He seemed way jumpier after what Bakugo said.

“Izuku Midoriya, you will not jump into this fire!” She realized what he was going to do.

“I’m technically going to jump through it.” He winced at hearing his full name.

“I think the hell not!” She snapped. “There is not enough space for you to jump. You will just launch yourself into that wall and probably take down this whole floor!”

“Yeah, that’s the plan.” He nodded.

“What about Bakugo and the hostage?” She glared.

“Part of the plan.” He answered, vaguely. 

“Yes, the sudden plan you didn’t tell me anything about.” Her scolding made his face twist into a pout, like a sweet little puppy that got kicked.

“You would have been mad at the plan.” He argued.

“Deku… I’m mad right now. If you jump into this fire, I will beat you with Bakugo and then strangle him with your intestines. Don’t. You. Dare-.” Her threats were cut off by Bakugo’s voice in the coming.

“Oi, shut up and trust us. Now hurry it up, damn nerd!" 

Y/N groaned knowing they weren’t going to listen to reason and they’d probably end up failing this exercise and end up in the nurse’s office. Really, she was just overwhelmingly scared her partners would be hurt. She almost certainly didn’t care about the grade or herself but just them. 

Y/N watched Midoriya spark, before lunging at her. He hissed at the heat of her bubble burning through his costume and onto his skin. Once again, she watched green sparks travel up his arm as he reared back to punch out the cracked wall.

Once they emerged into fresh air, Y/N let her bubble drop fell fully into his arms. As she warned, the building started to crumble from where they emerged and continued downwards. The building began falling over, dropping debris everywhere. As she and Midoriya fell through the air, Y/N watched the building, internally fretting over Bakugo.

Suddenly an explosion erupted from a window and out came the devil himself. Bakugo launched out the window and directly into the two hurling towards the ground. He snatched them out of the air, redirecting their bodies out of the way of the falling building parts.

Panicking, as they came closer to the ground, Y/N quickly encased them in a bubble, despite Bakugo twisting around to take the brunt of the impact. They hit the ground and bounced a few times, rolling around inside her bubble. They rolled to a stop and she let her bubble pop.

They all looked at each other, dirty, burn and dazed and the victim doll safe. The timer dinged overhead, signifying the end of their simulation. Y/N laughed and fell back to lay on the ground, prompting the two boys to look over at her.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Bakugo huffed and leaned back on his hands.

“That was way more dramatic than it had to be.” She snorted, bringing up her arms to cover her face.

“Y/N… we should probably get you to the nurse’s office.” Midoriya mumbled out, looking at her burns.

Later that night, Y/N grumbled glaring at the angry burns on her arms. Recovery girl managed to reduce them to minor second degree burns, but they still needed to be taken care of outside of the nurse’s office. She had been sitting there for a solid ten minutes, at least, trying to tell herself to just pick up the damn wet cloth and press it to the burns… but it hurt so five seconds after doing so she dropped the towel back into the bowl.

She needed to clean and wrap the burns before she could go downstairs. She took a deep breath and reached for the wet rag again, but thankfully, a soft knock echoed from her door. She jumped up to answer her savior and pulled it open to find her most recent teammates standing there.

“Oh, hi guys.” Y/N greeting, briefly noting Bakugo’s arm hanging over Midoriya’s shoulder. “What’s up, whatcha need?”

“H-Hi, Y/N we just wanted to, uh, um. Well-.” Midoriya tried to stutter out. “We brought you this for your burns!”

Midoriya thrusted out a small bottle of cream. “Aw, thanks. That’s sweet of you.”

“Yeah, yeah. We gotta talk. So, you gonna let us in or what?” Bakugo grumbled, tugging Midoriya closer.

“Ah, blunt as always, Bakugo.” She rolled her eyes and stepped back and gestured into the room. “But, yes, come in.”

Y/N closed the door as they stepped through and took opposite seats. Bakugo in her previous seat and Midoriya on the edge of her bed. The air grew tense and awkward as Y/N moved to stand next to Bakugo.

She played with the cold water in the bowl, still trying to convince herself to clean her burns, but as the minutes dragged on, she became distracted by the two boys in her room. She would absolutely be lying if she were to say she wasn’t attracted to them.

Midoriya; sweet and kind. Probably has killed a fly on accident and cried about it. A cute little broccoli babe. Bakugo; hot-headed and loud mouthed. Probably tells Midoriya he killed a fly just to watch him cry. A hot angry porcupine. She wasn’t stupid enough to try anything with either of them, but a girl could dream, yeah?

“Fuck, come here.” Bakugo suddenly yanked her arm and grabbed the cold rag before pressing it to her arm.

“Ow! You asshole!” She yanked her arm away. “That fucking hurt!”

“Well, I’m tired of sitting her watching you play with the towel instead of cleaning them like you’re supposed to be doing, shitty woman.” He grumbled reaching out to grab her arm again.

“Kacchan, you can’t be so rough.” Midoriya stepped in and stopped him. “Sorry, he get’s like that when he’s worried.”

“It’s okay. You don’t need to worry, though.” Y/N sighed, letting Midoriya take her wrist, the one that was unmarked. “What did you guys want to talk about.”

“Yeah, um…” Bakugo handed him the wet cloth and tugged Y/N to sit in his lap. “Sorry, for being an ass today during training.”

Y/N blushed at her new seating predicament, but she covered her embarrassment with an attempted joke. “Okay, Midoriya what have you done with Bakugo? He’s openly showing he’s worried about his friends and he’s apologizing?” She winced as he patted her wound with the cold towel.

“Yeah, that’s because you’re not his friend.” Midoriya coughed. “Neither of us are.”

For some reason that made her heart hurt. She talked to both boys relatively often, not enough to be as close as she and Mina were, but she was sure she could call them both friends at least. “Well, ouch. Was I that bad of a teammate today?”

“No, you idiot.” Bakugo grumbled, wrapping his arm around her waist tighter and reached over to grab the gauze she was supposed to use and handed it over to Midoriya. “You weren’t great, but you weren’t shit either.”

“Kacchan, be nice…” Midoriya warned, weakly.

“I am, this as nice as I’m gonna get, nerd.” Bakugo muttered laying his head on her shoulder.

Y/N winced again, when the green haired boy wrapped her arm. “I’m sorry? What the flying fuck is going on?”

“Um, I- we… Um.” Midoriya stared at her arm, before looking up at her. “We match.”

Y/N blinked, confused at first. What did they match? Clothes? No. Grades for the match? No. she was two points below Bakugo and one above Midoriya. What did they- Oh.

“Oh.” She breathed.

“Yeah. ‘oh’.” Bakugo grumbled, raising his own wrist up to reveal his marks to her as did Midoriya.

Y/N sat frozen, staring at the matching nine marks shining against their skin. Midoriya began to pull his arm away, to finish dressing her arm, but she was quick to grab him. She brushed a thumb over his tattoos, not noticing the bright colour washing over his face. She grasped Bakugo’s arm and did the same, a gently shudder running through him at the contact.

They matched.

“Y/N?” Midoriya called, bringing her attention back.

“Yeah?” Her voice cracked, and his fingers reached up to brush across her cheek.

“Why are you crying?” Bakugo hugged her a bit tighter at Midoriya’s words.

Y/N sniffled and laughed. “I’ve been so scared to meet you two, I hid my marks for so long.”

“What the hell you do that shit for?” Bakugo grunted, handing her arm to Midoriya so he could finish. “We could have been gotten this over with three fucking years ago.”

“Exactly, I’m not ready to be rejected by one of my soulmates, let alone both.” She cried.

“Rejected?” Midoriya choked. “You think we’re going to reject you?”

“Why the hell would we do that?” Bakugo snapped.

“Any number of reason, really.” She sniffled, pulling open a drawer and pulled out a small legal pad. “They might not be gay. They could be gay for each other and not want a third. They could think multiple people in a relationship is gross. One could think I’m ugly-.”

Bakugo ripped her pad out of her hand and threw it in the trashcan. “All I’m hearing is bullshit. What is with you two thinking this way?”

“Shut up and hand me the gauze.” Midoriya glared up at Bakugo. “You told me to jump off the roof, so could you blame me for being scared you’d reject me.”

“You didn’t even talk to me about it. You ran away, avoided me and then tried to reject me yourself!” Bakugo reached over and thumped him in the forehead. “Almost fucked up everything, dumbass.”

The boys argued back and forth for a moment, Bakugo reaching to attack Midoriya and the latter crying and swatting at the explosive hands gripping his collar. Y/N laughed, easily breaking up their bickering. Both boys smiled, hearing her laughter, if sounded different hearing it now. Especially with what they now knew.

It sounded better.

“This is gonna be one hell of a ride.” She laughed.

“Fate probably said we’d need someone to maintain the speed on this roller coaster.” Midoriya joked, kissing her wrapping after he was done.

“Yeah, better hold on tight.” Bakugo kissed her shoulder.

“I’m not letting go anytime soon.”


“What the fuck is it supposed to be?” Y/N tilted her head looking at Mina’s fully formed mark.

“I don’t know, I’m really confused.” Mina sighed. It honestly looked like two red jagged planks crossed in the middle making an ‘x’ shape.

“Watch it, Pinky.” Bakugo huffed, dropping on to the couch and thumped his boyfriend’s nose who laid cuddled into Y/N’s stomach.

Midoriya grumbled and curled further into Y/N’s tummy and Y/N swatted away Bakugo pestering finger.  “Stop that.” She ordered.

“He’s gonna ruin his sleep schedule.” Bakugo kept pestering him. “He’ll be up at two am and I’m sending him to bug you.”

“And I’ll call you to come help tire him out.” She smirked, pecking his lips cheekily.

“You guys are so cute, it’s fucking gross.” Mina gagged. “Anyway, I wonder what their quirk would be?”

“I dunno, maybe they’d a treasure finder… like ‘x marks the spot.’ Or something.” Y/N offered.

“Or hardening… because I’m pretty sure that’s Shitty hair’s mark.” Bakugo informed dryly.

Mina blinked at him and then at the person of interest as they popped into the room with Sero. Y/N bubbled Midoriya and leaned to the side, just because she knew what Mina was going to do.




“Kirishima show me your wrist!”

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Bakugo: [stood under Midoriya’s window with a sign that reads “Go to prom with me, nerd”]

Kaminari: [leaning out the window] Oh my, Bakugo I thought you’d never ask!

Bakugo: Hah?! No, tell Deku

Kaminari: Midoriya! I’m going to prom with your boyfriend!

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Omg wait, I can’t believe I didn’t say this before. So Captain America!Izuku loves teasing Iron Man!Katsuki for how short he is. Izuku gets hit with Quirk and goes back to being pre-serum. Katsuki can’t believe how tiny he is and finally gets revenge. Deku’s light as a feather. It’s supposed to be the best day ever but he’d forgotten that pre-serum Izuku was really sick and he’s now stuck babysitting him until the Quirk wears off. The rest of the Avengers laughs at overprotective Katsuki.

He s m o l .

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Midoriya: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?

Kaminari: Punch him in the stomach. Then when he doubles over in pain, kiss him!

Uraraka: Tackle him!

Todoroki: Dump him.

Ashido: Kick him in the shin!


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Took a few weeks but here they are! Also my commissions are now properly open. Also because I can’t be fucked to to back and continously change and edit my comission post, I’ll link it but explain that I’m now able to use PayPal and Zelle, I had an issue but now it’s fixed.


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