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#bakugou x reader
strobimilk · a day ago
— bnha boys when you bite them
ft. bakugo, midoriya, todoroki, aizawa. (they’re the only ones i cld say i have a bit of a handle on when it comes to characterization. dont yell at me.)
MIDORIYA turns to look at you with both fear and surprise in his eyes, and you almost feel bad for him. the poor guy was just watching some TV on one of his rare down days, and he has to deal with your playful aggression.
“a-are you okay? are you mad at me?” he whispers, hand coming up to cover the part of his arm you just bit.
you laugh, waving him off. “no, no. it’s not that.” you scoot closer to him, wrapping your arms around his. “i just—”
“just…?” he prods, green eyes inquisitive and waiting as he turns over so you could lay on his stomach instead of just his side. he probably doesn’t even realize it, but his hands are now running up and down your back as he waits for your answer.
he’s always like this—kind, reassuring even when he doesn’t mean to be. always making you feel safe and wanted. a constant strong and comforting presence.
“…love you. just love you,” you whisper.
his eyes soften, smiling gently as a hand comes up to cup your face. “i love you, too.”
you give him an equally soft smile back, crawling further up to nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck.
“but maybe next time…you can just t-tell me, or something…” he stutters out after a few moments of silence, eliciting another laugh from you. “that kinda really hurt.”
TODOROKI blinks in perplexity, staying quiet as he slurps his noodles, waiting for you to explain why you did what you just did. there's no annoyance in his eyes, just plain confusion.
you’ve always noticed his cheeks and how round they get especially when he’s eating even prior to dating, and all the pent-up cute aggression you had seemed to just boil over on this day.
“sorry, sho.” you grin sheepishly, reaching over to pat his cheek lightly. “you’re just so cute.”
“oh,” is his sole reply. he swallows, putting his bowl down, eyes downcast as he seems to mull over what you just told him.
you start to worry that you may have gone overboard, but then he looks up to you again, the tips of his ears red, eyes gleaming and the tiniest smile on his lips. “i am?”
you practically beam, heart bubbling with warmth as you take his face in between your hands. “very.”
his smile widens, leaning onto your touch. you stay like that for a few seconds before you decided to push your luck again.
“can i do it one more time?”
and to your surprise, shoto only nods, eyes squeezing shut when you sink your teeth into his cheek once again, never losing their childlike gleam even when he opens them after you’re done.
BAKUGO yelps, far too engrossed in the act of cutting up the ingredients for the dinner he’s preparing to have full control over his reaction, add the fact that a mere few seconds ago, you were just innocently hugging him from behind, peering over his shoulder at what he’s doing. he’d been too relaxed.
the sound he let out makes a laugh bubble up from your throat, and he all but snarls, raising his arm to sling over the back of your head and turning his torso to the side to lock you in the crook of his elbow. “y’think you’re so funny, huh?” he grunts.
you only giggle, leaning over once again to take a mouthful of his pec that’s just sitting right there, making him let out an ‘ow!’ before he’s manhandling you to sit on top of the counter, standing in between your legs.
his hand come up to squeeze your face. “looks like we gotta put a muzzle over this pretty mouth, yeah?”
you grin. “that’s what you get for wearing your slutty little tank tops around.” which is true. those tank tops showcase his arms, shoulders, and back so well. and the little shit isn’t even aware of it.
amusement briefly breaks through his annoyed expression. “my what little tank tops?”
“your slutty little t—” your sentence is interrupted by boisterous laughter when his fingers come up to poke at your sides.
“now you’re mouthin’ off on me just right after bitin’ me, like that’s not gonna get you punished.” he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, the tip of this nose tickling you.
“i’m sorry!” you yell in between laughter, pushing his hands and face away from you.
“what if i bite you, hm?” and the petty fucker that he is, he does. leans over to your cheek and sinks his teeth in it, and now it’s your turn to yelp.
“mine was out of love!” you defend, pushing his face away once again. his tickling has stopped, but now you’re thinking you prefer that over the stinging on your cheek.
“love my fuckin’ ass. y’couldn’t have shown that love by, i don’t know, kisses or hugs, like a normal person? hm?!” he pulls your closer to him, brows still furrowed in irritation like he didn’t already get even with you.
a smile creeps up your lips, and before he could think something else of it, you’re leaning in to give him a quick kiss. “like that?”
his expression softens, but he stays quiet. you lean in once again to give him another, more lingering this time.
“yeah,” he grumbles reluctantly, “like that.”
AIZAWA has been side-eyeing you for the past five minutes, all too aware of your less than covert glances and the way you’ve been inching closer and closer towards him ever since he agreed to finish his paperwork on the bed like you’d asked.
“don’t even think about it,” he deadpans, and you freeze just as you’re about to bite down on his arm.
you groan, bumping your forehead on his arm instead. “i was so close! you couldn’t have just let me do it?!”
“what do you even get out of it? what are you, a teething baby?” he counters, eyes still on the screen of his damned computer.
“i may not be teething, but i’m still your baby,” you whine, laying on your side dejectedly, playing with the hem of the blanket like an apprehended child.
he only rolls his eyes, not even dignifying what you said with a response. you pout, turning your back onto him dramatically, rustling the covers and making the bed creak as you do. there’s only silence save for the sound of his keyboard as he types for a few minutes before he’s letting out a deep sigh.
you’re sitting up in flash, wrapping your arms around his neck as you bite and nip at his shoulder, the side of his neck, his jaw, and even his cheek.
“are you done?” he asks once you stop, fully content on just resting your head on his chest.
you land one last bite on his clothed pec before looking up at him and pressing a kiss to his chin. “love you, shouta.”
his eyes that had been on the screen until now shifts to you, softening as he presses a kiss to your forehead. “don’t think i don’t see you trying to push my laptop away with your foot, i still have to finish this.”
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arlerted · 2 days ago
thinking about how bakugou is actually a huge softy who cries a bit after you tell him you’re in love with him. not too much but just tears up a little when he’s standing in your kitchen after his quiet confession. 
he’s loved you since you started dating, but saying to you took more courage than he expected. so when you responded saying you loved him too, he couldn’t keep from tearing up a little. you love him. 
n he just pulls you into his arms and rubs your head, pats your hair n let’s his fingers gently massage your scalp. bakugou keeps his head tucked low before kissing you, fighting back the slight watering of his eyes. n when you ask him if he’s okay, he begrudgingly wipes them and tells you that he’s better than okay and to shut up and come watch a movie with him. 
neither of you actually end up watching it but it doesn’t really matter. whatever’s playing, bakugou’s sure he’s seen it a million times. 
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katsuphilia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
bakugou smiles to himself when he feels a hand clutch his pants, small legs hooking around his as a tiny body tries to climb onto his lap. he turns back to his phone with a smirk, waiting for his daughter to climb up.
“katsuki, don’t just sit—”
“let her try,” he insists, watching as she stumbles back and grips his pants yet again.
he caves when he hears a small huff of frustration.
“daddy, lemme up!” with a snort, he places his phone down on the couch, grabbing her and seating her on his lap, staring down at two red eyes much like his. except hers are wider, more curious, they’re less narrowed and much softer.
he wants to protect their innocence till his last breath.
“what do you want, kid?” she smiles with her arms held wide, a happy giggle on her tongue as she leans forward.
“a hug!” and soon her head is on his chest while his arms are wrapped securely around her. she’s tiny against his body, hers almost drowned by his arms alone, and bakugou isn’t used to handling something so carefully. but he thinks it’s worth the gentleness when he stares down at her.
“what do you really want?” she looks up with a pout—it mirrors yours and he rolls his eyes.
“can i come with you tomorrow? please, daddy? i won’t touch anything.” he raises a brow, and his heart squeezes a little bit. he’s not used to this feeling, but he welcomes it more and more with each passing day.
she’s a lot bigger now, bigger than she used to be, and soon she’ll be climbing onto his lap without his help. and soon after, she won’t be climbing on at all, too grown to sit with him and ramble about her day. bakugou’s not ever been known for his patience, but her voice eases his mind in a way he’s only experienced with you, and he thinks he can handle a ten minute conversation about her favorite teacups if it gets her to smile like that.
“no, it’s too dangerous,” he says gruffly. “you might get hurt, and then i’ll get killed by that nagging demon over there,” he points to you, making you glare at him from your spot across the room.
“katsuki, watch it,” you warn. she giggles, staring up at her father as he scowls at you.
“see? a demon,” he whispers to her, tickling her neck gently as she squirms in his hold. you smile, watching as they laugh together, her hands on his cheeks, smooshing them together as bakugou pinches her nose.
“but i wanna see you get the bad guys,” she pouts, and his heart swells with a bit of pride, a smirk on his lips as he glances at you. you roll your eyes at his cockiness.
“i’m pretty cool, huh kid?”
“mhm,” she nods. and with a flick to her forehead, he tugs her closer to his chest, holding her tiny form for a bit as he appreciates her as she is. she won’t always be this small, and bakugou dreads the day she’ll be out on her own—without him, without you, fighting off threats by herself, hero or not. “wanna be like you, daddy.”
“you’ll be even better,” he murmurs. because if there’s one person he’d want to surpass him, to win if it means he has to lose, it’s her. bakugou presses a tiny kiss to her forehead before throwing her up, laughing at the way she squeals, his hands waiting to catch her—always.
Tumblr media
this is a repost from my old blog
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yn-for-president · 2 days ago
(Y/n): IT IS NOT!
Todoroki: is too.
(Y/n): NOT!!!
Midoriya,whisper shouting: why are you both screaming so early in the morning?!
(Y/n): Todoroki’s judging my ice cream choice!
Todoroki: It’s just toothpaste ice cream.
(Y/n): It’s not, Its DELICIOUS ! Tell him Midoriya!
Midoriya:…I have no clue as to what this conversation is about.
Todoroki: if I wanted to eat Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream , I’d just eat a spoonful of chocolate and toothpaste.
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tiaetherealness · a day ago
Reader who's going to her college roommate, now best friend, house for the first time during a break. When the door is opened by DILF! Bakugou, you couldn't stop staring. He's 6'3 and built with muscle that fills the doorway. Your friend crying out "daddy!" with admiration made you realize that you'll love to call him that in a different context. You eventually introduce yourself with as much dignity as you can and tried not to jump when he shook your hand.
Your friend suggested that you guys chill in the living room as Katsuki prepares dinner for the two of you. With movies and games surrounding you both, you tried not to stare at his strong back that shifts with every movement he makes. Whenever he does turn, you gaze back to your game with a speed. You hoped that your friend doesn't notice how weird your being, especially Mr. Bakugou.
Dinner was served and passed with little interruptions, despite not making eye contact with Mr. Bakugou. It was about time for you to go to your own house which was 30 minutes away. You were going to call a cab but Katsuki decided to drop you home himself. You almost wanted to protest but bit your tongue.
The car ride is silent at first, with the directions being called in the background as Mr. Bakugou drove. When he stopped in front of your house, he shut off the car. Raising an eyebrow, you turned to him, only to be brought in a kiss. You melted and pulled him closer by the neck, smacking sounds filling the quiet space. In a rush, you unbuckled your seatbelt with one hand and moved onto Bakugo's lap with ease. He pulled back and you tried to chase his lips for more.
"Look at you, throwin' yourself at me. Bet you couldn't wait until we were alone, huh? Gagging for my dick before I even put out."
You instinctively grinded down at his mean tone and let out a gasp. "Fuck—Please, Mr. Bakugo!"
His brows furrowed as he narrowed his eyes at your own that shone with lust and desperation. "Humping my thigh like a bitch in heat. For someone who is older than you," he grabbed your hips to continue your motions.
"Someone who can be your father. But I think theres a much better word, don'tcha think?"
Without thinking, you keened out a desperate "daddy!"
Katsuki's eyes darkened a bit, and that's when he decided to stop your motions and pull down your pants and tug off his own. His cock smacked against your bare cunt, and you rubbed his thickness between your dripping folds to lubricate him. Seeing your slick glistened on his cock, he pushed in.
You moaned at the feeling of Katsuki splitting you open and didn't hesitate to start bouncing. You left hand gripped his shoulder as you rolled your hips, your clit grazing his shirt with every motion. He grasped your hips to gain control of your movement and jolted when he slid past your g-spot with his tip. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as your mouth dropped into an 'oh'.
The windows slowly started to fog up as the car rocked back and forth. Your right hand slammed into the window beside you as Bakugou took full control, a handprint being seen from the other side.
When Bakugo touched your cervix, you came with a suprise shout. Wetness dripped between your legs as it was forced out by his large cock. Your body went lax as your glassy eyes stared at Katsuki, completely unseeing. He was still hard and your overstimulated cunt twitched with every press of his cock. "Fuck! S-slow down daddy!"
If anything, he went faster. "Too bad baby," he pulled you closer and whispered in your ear. "You asked daddy for this. Fuckin' take it."
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th0tfairy · a day ago
how would bnha boys react if you wiped his kiss off 😚💋🤧
i'm sorry but i feel like Dabi would slap you 💀
Deku: kisses the hand u wiped his kiss off with 💋
Bakugo: wipes his lips off like “ew can’t believe I kissed u😷🤢”
Todoroki: pulls out his hand sanitizer and rubs it on your face next
Kiri: apologizes. Gets hung up on it and is iffy abt kissing u after that :/
Kami: “oh it’s like that??” Grabs your face and licks a fat stripe up your cheek 👅 💦
Sero: plants a kiss on ur eyelids like “ok now wipe that makeup off” -__-
Hawks: bites ur cheek in retaliation
Dabi: (u said it not me🤐) grabs you by the chin and gives u a light smack across the cheek he’d just kissed like “u oughta be more grateful”
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choozari · a day ago
Kaminari: I'm an idiot.
Y/N: I hope you're not waiting for us to disagree or else we're gonna be here all day.
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katslutski · a day ago
cw: dumbification, daddy kink, no editing
As horrible as it sounds, Katsuki Bakugou can't help but smile when you have a bad day. He hates the worn-down look in your eyes, the tiredness in your muscles, the way you step out of your shoes like you're climbing a mountain. But God, does he love when you fall into his arms.
You're just so... Vulnerable? Trusting? Dependent? Maybe all three. And it makes his heart stutter. His pulse quickens when you bury your face in his neck and whine at him to make you feel better. Katsuki's thankful you can't see his face, otherwise you might catch the way his lips quirk up while he rubs your back.
But how could he not like this? How could he not relish the way you lean into his touch and whimper at the complete assault of your sense. A hand around your throat with his lips on your own, only pulling away when you're out of breath so he can spit on your waiting tongue and repeat the process again. He makes you dizzy, makes you forget all of the nasty pitfalls of your nastier day.
Katsuki keeps an eye on you, makes sure you don't spiral again. When he sees you bite your lip, he taps at your face -- something between a slap and a pat -- and reminds you to look at me, that you don't need to listen to anyone except me, that you don't need to remember any words besides 'yes' and 'Daddy' and 'thank you.' You got that sweetheart?
It's only when you're utterly spent, shaking at the graze of his fingers over your skin, that he'll give you a break, a moment of peace disguised as an intermission. Katsuki's favorite part. He leans over your shivering body, and asks you to tell you about your day. And it's only when you can't speak during those breaks, can't say a coherent sentence, can only babble about how much you love him and need him and want him that he'll give you an extra minute of relief.
After all, you asked him to make you feel better. And Katsuki Bakugou doesn't half-ass anything.
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river-fics · 2 days ago
Reunion- Bakugou Katsuki
A/n: Whoops I started writing again :)
Summary: A year after your breakup, you return to UA for the 10 year reunion.
Warning: Fighting, swears
Tumblr media
Your grip on the glass cup strengthens as Bakugou screams. This is the third argument this week and it's about the same thing. You've been having the same fight for the whole week and it isn't getting better. Each time the topic of marriage comes up, he ignores it or gets defensive. At this point, you're convinced he doesn't want to be with you much longer. That thought festers inside your heart, creating a cold exterior.
"Bakugou, just say you don't want to marry me." You grumble, slamming the cup on the counter, it cracks in your palm. "Are you not listening? We're fine the way we are!" He barks, storming up to you. His face is inches away from yours, but you don't move. You don't give him the satisfaction of a reaction. "I'm the number two hero. I don't have time for all the sappy shit. We don't need to get married!" His lip twitches, pure irritation written on his face. "You don't get to decide what we need. This relationship doesn't consist of just you!" You retort, letting go of the glass and dropping your hand to your side. "Since when have you ever wanted this?" He cups your face, squeezing your jaw. It doesn't hurt, he isn't trying to hurt you. He's trying to get you to look him in the eyes, but you just can't. Not when he's making things very clear. "I've always wanted a wedding! I told you I wanted to get married before we started dating! You've known for years!" You rip his hand off your face, throwing it against his chest. "I never thought you were serious! That whole stupid family shit was never in my plans!" "But they're in mine." The house goes silent. Neither of you know what to say, but you both know the end is near. You both feel the ground beneath you crumbling. "If you want to do all that shit, find someone else." He doesn't expect you to obey him. He assumes you'll drop the topic and return to his side. Instead, you turn away from him and grab your keys. "Maybe I will."
You straighten out your dress, unsure if you should even be here. When you got the invitation in your mailbox you were excited. You'd get to see all your old classmates without a villain attack. You'd be able to catch up with everyone. Only issue is, Bakugou might be there as well. Doesn't matter, though. If you don't show up Ashido will just drag you back. You promised to be there for her since you haven't seen her in months. You've been busy working on your ranking, getting up to number 4.
You walk into the training area, now decked in fairy lights and ribbons. They went all out for this, even having huge buffet tables with a chocolate fountain. There's huge speakers with a well known band playing on a small stage. It's almost like prom, but this time you're going alone.
"L/n!" A squeaky voice calls you. You turn to see Ashido jogging towards you. You'll never understand how she can move so fast in heels. "Ashido, good to see you!" She pulls you into a tight hug, she smells like peaces. "Ugh, don't be so formal! We used to be like sisters at UA!" She reminds you. You can't help but return to those days. When things weren't so complicated, when you were still a kid learning how the control your quirk. "How could I forget? We used to sneak out overnight to watch movies." You nudge her playfully. She has a silk, black dress on. It reaches the floor, having an opening to see her legs. She was always the best dressed. "I heard Deku and Kirishima are going to be here soon!" You smile, enjoying the idea of seeing your friends again. Your class is lucky, being the only one with no casualties. "I'm sure Deku will spend the whole night with Uraraka." You laugh. "You think he still likes her?" Ashido questions, a frown present on her face. "I'm sure he does." "What a shame... She's married to Kaibara.." Ashido's voice lowers and you suddenly feel less confident. You completely forgot about Uraraka's wedding. You were so wrapped up in the idea of getting married yourself, you completely blocked out all the weddings you attended. "I still can't believe she married someone other than Deku.. they seemed so.. destined for each other." You hum, your stomach churning. "Well, you never know. Things have changed since we graduated." Ashido's eyes lower, becoming glassy. It hits you very quickly, reminding you of her divorce. Ashido married a top hero who went to a different hero school, only to find out he was using her. You spent nights with her, comforting her until she fell asleep. "Yeah, somehow it still feels like we just graduated." You're about to comfort her, when the entrance opens. You turn to see Kirishima and Deku walking in together. Deku's smile brightens to room, putting you at ease. "Oh thank god the golden boys are here!" Mina pipes up, dragging you towards them. She stops right in front of Kirishima, a big grin on her face. She's missed her close friend. "Ah, you beat us here!" Deku comments, a nervous look on his face. "You're like twenty minutes late!" You raise an eyebrow. "Yeah, well we had to pick up this jerk." Kirishima points behind him, causing you to lock eyes with the one man you didn't want to see. Bakugou has a black suit on, making him look way too handsome. You're quick to focus back on the other two boys, continuing a conversation. "We should dance!" Mina squeals. You want to shoot down her idea, beg her to do anything else, but Deku and Kirishima both agree. "Mind if I take L/n?" Deku asks politely. "Sure, I gotta catch up with Ashido anyway!" Kirishima holds out his hand for her to take, her gladly gripping it tight. Deku does the same, holding out his rough hand. You're hesitant, staring at Bakugou for a split second. You have no reason to ask if it's okay with Bakugou, you broke up. He made it clear he didn't want what you did. So, you gently place your hand on top of his, letting him guide you to the dance floor.
You spend a good thirty minutes dancing with Deku, getting in two slow dances. He's actually pretty good at dancing compared to his younger years. "So, you and Bakugou.." He mutters. Your shoulders drop at the topic. "We broke up." "Yeah, I know. He wouldn't stop talking about it for months." You let out a acknowledging hum. "He misses you. Do you miss him?" "Doesn't matter if I do. we both want different things, things that can't be compromised. I want a big wedding, a family. He doesn't. end of story." You sum up the entirety of the issue, seeing how different your worlds are. "He's changed." You're starting to get annoyed at his persistence. "I'm sure he has, but he can't change what he wants in a future within a year." You slowly pull away from Deku, no longer wanting to be touched. "L/n, he loves you. He spent a whole year missing you, wondering where you are. He's waited a year for a wedding invitation with your name on it." Deku's brows furrow, fists clenching. "That's not my problem anymore, Deku! He told me to move on, so I am!" "He wants a family with you! After two months of losing you, he realized how badly he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you! He's taken time to really think about it." "This isn't any of your business, Izuku." You hiss. You want to leave. You want to run away. To pretend like this conversation never happened, so you could continue believing Bakugou didn't want you. Because that thought has spent years in your head, thinking anything else is terrifying. "It is when he's miserable and you won't even take a second to talk to him!" "I don't need to talk to him! So fucking what if he misses me! I highly doubt he'll be happy married to me, to have kids with me! He told me that the entire time." You step away from Deku, your voice raising. "Is that what you really think? You think he's incapable of changing, of wanting something new? Are you that selfish?" That's what causes you to snap. 'selfish'. "HOW AM I SELFISH FOR WANTING SOMETHING HE DOESN'T! HE HAD YEARS TO CHANE, TO WANT A FAMILY! SO, WHY IS IT THAT THE MOMENT I LEAVE HE SUDDENLY WANTS EVERYTHING? HOW THE FUCK AM I SELFISH!?" Deku remains quiet, tightening his jaw. You huff, spinning on your heel and walking out the room. You can't stay there, not after that. You practically ruined the night with your stupid problems. It's also Deku's fault for being so pushy about all of this. You hope he's happy with the match he dropped on the bridge between you two.
"He wasn't lying." Bakugou's voice is gruff, heavy. You refuse to turn and look at him. He has no right to see you. "So what? It's been a year." You sigh. "I needed time to know what I want." You let him continue, too drained to respond. "I want you. I want a family. Hell, I even thought about a huge wedding." You still keep your mouth shut. "I wanted one of those weddings in a garden, with a wooden arch covered in flowers. I wanted all our friends and family to be there, to see how much I love you. I really wanted those stupid cakes that have three tiers." This changes nothing. This cannot fix what he's done. He doesn't want you, he told you to find someone else. There's no way this would work. He's only doing this to make you happy, he doesn't actually want this. "I wanted to have a kid after a year or two, he'd have my hair but your eyes. Probably have one of our quirks, don't matter which one." "Bakugou-" "I know you aren't married. I asked around every few months." You can hear his footsteps get closer, right behind you. "I know what I said that night was cruel, I never meant them. I didn't think I'd be a good father, let alone husband. I was scared you'd leave me after things got complicated. I didn't want to risk losing you, not like that." For the first time in a long while, the thoughts of him not wanting you start to fade away. Slowly, the cloud of doubt clears, leaving you with new sight on it all. "We can't just get married now. I mean, I don't even know if I'm ready anymore.." It's been a year. You're extremely sure that you still love him, you always will. But the idea of marrying him so soon makes you tremble. "I know. I don't plan on proposing right away. But I want you to know, that if we do get back together, I want a future. I want to share that future with you." You shut your eyes, debating between your two options. You could easily leave, find someone who won't take a year to decide what he wants. Or you could restart this whole thing, be with him and have the life you always wanted with him. After battling your mind, you decide on your answer, no matter how much pain it could cause. You want to be with him. You want to spend an eternity with him. You take his hand, restarting everything.
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sunhee-sun · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
characters : bakugo katsuki; midoriya izuku; amajiki tamaki x gn!reader genre : fluff warnings : none a/n : i'll be writing a second part for this one; there are only three characters since i can't write much bc of the amount of work i have to do for school; hope you enjoy <3 (i wrote this at 10pm yesterday and i'm too tired to proofread ._.)
Tumblr media
BAKUGO glared at you as soon as you cupped his cheeks, squishing them slightly between your palms. but as soon as he gazed into your eyes, noticing the fondness and love in them, he couldn’t help but avert his eyes, mumbling out an inaudible dumbass through his pouty lips, a light blush dusting over his cheeks.
chuckling, you leaned down slightly to kiss his lips tenderly, smiling against them as he grabbed your waist to pull you closer with one hand, muttering something among the lines of i love you and idiot against your mouth while his other hand brushed over your own one, still cupping his face. “you’re so pretty, katsu,” you whispered into his lips, chuckling at the way he scowled at you, cheeks even redder than earlier.
“shut up,” he groaned as he nuzzled into your neck, hiding away from your loving smile and soft praises. yet he couldn’t get himself to stop the smile that was growing on his face, arms tightening around your waist as he cuddled closer to you.
Tumblr media
MIDORIYA was studying when you barged into his dorm room, breathless and covered in sweat from your daily practice as your eyes hastily searched for your boyfriend. a smile grew on your face as soon as you noticed him at his desk, pen still in hand and eyes blinking at you in confusion.
“i know i’m not in my best state right now,” you chuckled, slowly walking towards him as he looked up at you, a small laugh falling from his lips as you sucked in air dramatically, “but i needed to tell you something urgent,” you continued, grinning at the confused look on his face. he looks like a tiny puppy, you thought, physically stopping yourself from cooing at the tilt of his head and the little smile on his lips and at how the apple of his cheeks turned pink under your fond gaze.
“what is it, love?” he asked softly, hand brushing over yours before interlocking your fingers, still staring into your eyes as if you weren’t looking like a complete mess at the moment. you quickly pecked his lips, mumbled you're pretty; my pretty boy, in a teasing way - but he knew you meant it - before bolting out of his room to get to the showers, chuckling at the flustered look on his face.
Tumblr media
AMAJIKI sighed in content at the feeling of your fingers running through his hair, his head resting on your lap while a movie you stopped paying attention to was playing on his laptop. internally cooing at his small smile, you ran your index finger from his scalp to his forehead.
you chuckled at the way he sleepily blinked up at you as you traced his features with your finger, brushing over his cheekbones and pinching his cheeks lightly, drawing a little whine from him that had you laughing quietly. you let your finger then brush over his lips, snorting at the way he seemed to fight back the urge to shy away from your touch. feeling a little sorry for the reddened face of your boyfriend, you removed your hand and started playing with his hair once again.
“you know you’re pretty, right?” you muttered under your breath, not really expecting him to hear you. yet with the way his eyes jolted open and how his face turned into a darker shade of red, you knew he did hear those words and you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing and cooing at his expression. too flustered to say anything, tamaki simply wrapped his arms around your waist and hid his face by cuddling into your chest.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated!
Tumblr media
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shotorozu · a day ago
hiii so i was tormenting myself by watching cute tiktok videos about couples and i came across a challenge (dk if i can call it that) but its where the gf asks the bf whether or not she still gives him butterflies and i immediately zoomed here and asked for a request (hc format, pls?) with shoto, katsuki and hawks/amajiki? hehe you can pick but my bois shoto and katsuki stay (im typing this on laptop so its kinda messy but ily and take care!)
“do i still give you butterflies?”
(based off a tiktok)
character(s) : todoroki shouto, bakugou katsuki, amajiki tamaki, takami keigo “hawks” (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] quirk not mentioned, gender neutral
headcanon type : fluff, crack (x reader)
note(s) : anon, your request wasn’t messy at all so don’t worry about it :)) i’m sorry for the lack of content lately, school has been a bitch 😐 i did all four because i was feeling spontaneous today 🤩 also, there’s not that many nuances, i just wanted to jump into it 💀
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
you came across a tiktok of someone asking their s/o if they still gave them butterflies— and you were amazed
but this also sparked your own interest, and you started wondering— wondering about shouto’s answer
you and shouto have been dating nearly a year now— your year anniversary being next week.
shouto would usually be watching tiktoks with you, but the heterochromatic haired man’s currently across your room, helping you round off candidates for your upcoming anniversary outfit
feeling intrigued at the idea of asking him the burning question no pun intended 💀 you swipe to the camera, hitting the record button— and you’re just about to ask him the question ™️
until you’re hit with a sudden pang of hesitation
you almost forgot, but you’ve suddenly remembered the fact that shouto’s insanely blunt— purposefully or not
and though you’re confident that shouto doesn’t have the desire to hurt you in any way, shape or form
if he bluntly says “no” to your question, your ego is going to take a blow, and it’s not going to be pretty 😨‼️
so, that raises the intimidation factor by thousands.
shouto halts his wardrobe inspection, and turns to you, noticing your sudden lack of words. not to mention the lack of tiktoks playing in the background
“what are you thinking right now, lovely?” he asks, the patient look on his face luring you into a false sense of security
you just blurted the question out, “do i still give you butterflies?”
shouto’s rendered speechless for a moment— the second long confusion diffusing into thin air, when he realizes what you’re actually talking about
and yes, he thought you were being literal for a second 💀 but thanks to his time together with you, and the constant scoldings from a certain blond— he understood what you meant by ‘butterflies’
he shakes his head, “usually, no.”
and you’re just like 😃➡️ fuck 😨‼️‼️— this backfired like you’ve originally assumed, and of course he wasn’t going to lie to you
you end the tiktok, feeling defeated— but it doesn’t engulf you whole, as shouto’s quick to add onto his statement “but, i don’t think that’s a bad thing.”
shouto then explains that during the earlier days of him having a crush on you, he did have butterflies— like he was genuinely sick with a stomach condition🗿
the amount of times he sent himself to recovery girl, because your hand accidentally grazed against his, is just absolutely astounding 😨
“i wasn’t so sure why they went away one day, so i looked the symptoms up online,” you snicker at the usage of ‘symptoms’— and shouto only smiles at that reaction
“it says that you’re not supposed to have them in the first place, because it’d be your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong. and— that sounds,, correct. when i’m with you, i feel calm. different, but comfortable.” he subconsciously holds your hands in his own, “is that okay?”
so, he didn’t get butterflies because he wasn’t interested— but rather, he felt safe in your presence, to the point his body responded accordingly.
“yes. of course, shou.” you press a kiss against his cheek, which already felt warm to begin with, “also, you said ‘usually’. so, when’s that rare occasion that you do get butterflies?”
he averts his gaze, cheeks tinting at the idea of just saying what he’s thinking, “when,, you call me handsome, and pretty.”
“but shou, you are! so does that mean you get butterflies when other people call you handsome or pretty?”
he deadpans, and you laugh— patting him on the shoulder “i’m kidding!”
“it’s only for you.”
“i know, shou. now, let’s get back to outfit picking— i’m still pretty undecided about what to wear.”
you add onto the unfinished tiktok when shouto leaves momentarily for some water, typing down what exactly happened after you stopped filming.
“false alarm ‼️he didn’t lose feelings 🤩 he’s just comfortable around me 💃✨ i am still taken.”
you upload the tiktok, and it blows up because of the expression you made when he told you “no.” 💀 and everyone was either laughing at your face, or celebrating the fact that you’re still together
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
you were by yourself when you came across a tiktok of someone asking their s/o if they still gave them butterflies— and of course, this made you curious of your own boyfriend
dating katsuki is something, alright— and though you’ve been together for some time now, you were also still figuring out each other’s ways as you guys should be
and there wasn’t a so-called honeymoon stage between you two— as he always treated you nicer than the rest of his classmates
so this sparks a question in your mind— and you want his answer.
except maybe not anymore, considering that you literally cannot find him, at all.
usually it’s you that’s missing in action, and it’s honestly never on purpose— still surprising nonetheless
you go to the dorm’s kitchen— wondering why you didn’t go there first, considering katsuki’s interest in making his own meals and yours but thats besides the point
you take a peak at the kitchen, and of course he was in there by himself— cooking up his dinner, with an concentrated look on his face.
you’re about to step into the kitchen, and call for his attention, when you jerk back— thinking it would be wrong for you to be entering the kitchen, while he’s cooking
though he didn’t explicitly say it, you know how he feels about people entering the kitchen for unrelated reasons he hates it basically
you pace back and forth, thinking carefully about the reactions he could possibly create, and if entering the kitchen would be good idea on your part.
you think you’re should be more intimidated and cautious about the idea of asking him this question in particular— but you can’t really find it in you 🗿
because katsuki’s usually in a constant state of anger. it’s different compared to someone like shouto whs’s calm on most days but scary when mad
you’re stopped in your tracks when you’re eye to eye with katsuki— and he was just there just watching you run in circles not that far off from the kitchen🧍‍♂️🤨❓❓
when he saw you, he was going to pull you into the kitchen with him, until he was you literally be like ↪️↩️🔃🔁🔄
“why the hell were you running in circles? you looked like a headless chicken.”
you laugh, “i was looking for you like— everywhere. turns out you were just here 😌”
“did i not tell you that i was making us dinner 🤨” he rolls his in false annoyance, “i know you have a question. you’ve never forgotten something like this. so, just a—”
“do i still give you butterflies?”
red irises blink upon hearing the question— he was honestly expecting a bizarre question, but he wasn’t expecting that in particular
he cleans up his work station, gathering his food in a small container— undoing the apron tied around him
katsuki chucks the apron onto a chair, and he stares at you— handing you the container of food, which is meant for your consumption and his consumption but he cooked it with the intent of sharing it with you
“this is another tiktok thing, isn’t it?”
“no, i’m like,,, genuinely curious. does bakugou katsuki get butterflies” you ponder 🤔❓ “i’m curious!”
“do YOU still get butterflies from me 🤨❓”
“OF COURSE. though it’s not every second of the day, you’re just too fine 😩😍‼️— now, answer the question.”
katsuki huffs, knowing that you’re genuinely curious this time, and that you’re not going to clown him, by posting a tiktok about his answer later
with a hand running through his hair, he admits— “yeah. same answer as yours. sometimes, i guess.”
you’re like 😃❓ “sometimes?”
“yeah. sometimes,” he clicks his tongue, tip of the ears turning red “like— fuckin’ hell! you just randomly say and do the weirdest things sometimes. i can’t help it.”
“but there are moments where i don’t get those,, shitty butterflies.” he can’t find himself elaborating his thoughts— that he feels safe, and it doesn’t feel like he’s shoved on a pedestal around you
he’s just simply katsuki around you. and as much as he likes being called king explosion murderer— he also needs to breathe air and you are the air he needs
plus— you guys are in the kitchen 💀 someone could just walk right in and see katsuki bakugou explain why he DOESN’T get butterflies around his s/o
you smile at that, and the idea of your bakugou katsuki actually having stomach butterflies, because of the things you say and do
“like what exactly?”
“oh, fuck off”
“aw, love you too.” his mouth twitches like he’s trying to hold back a big fat smile from showing
katsuki decided to combat this with a glare 💀
“you know what i mean. just eat the fucking food i gave you.” he turns around to conceal the rising heat on his cheeks, “i can’t believe you were actually worried about that.”
“it’s a valid question!”
“whatever, just follow me.”
you comply 🤩
Tumblr media
amajiki tamaki
the two of you were comfortable, scrolling on your fyp— when you come across a tiktok of someone asking their s/o if they still gave them butterflies
seeing the tiktok, you were intrigued— and also amazed by their answer. you didn’t know the person, their answer seemed fitting
however, watching this tiktok spurred your own curiosity— and you turn to ask the exact same question to your boyfriend
but you’re met with a very red tamaki— his cheeks are very similar to this 🔴🔴
he’s kind of like an open book 💀 it’s cute, but you still want a verbal answer from him.
he just KNOWS you’re about to ask him the same question, he can feel it “y-yeah?”
you smile, deciding to tease him a little bit, by pretending that you’re not going to ask him that question
even though you’re going to ask anyway
“should i turn on the air conditioner?”
he exhaled, the redness draining from his face.
tamaki’s relieved that you weren’t going to ask him if he still got butterflies from you because trust me, he still does
don’t get me wrong— it’s not like he’s avoiding the question because of any harsh truth,
but it’s because he knows he’s not going to be able to answer it without blushing or stuttering
and on top of that— he’s read somewhere that getting butterflies is basically your body’s way of signaling danger, and he feels anything but danger around you
and again, he’s like a open book in this situation
you scroll down to the next tiktok, and that’s when you ask the burning question “do i still give you butterflies?”
he chokes upon hearing that, and color immediately rushes back to his face. he should’ve known that you were just messing with him
tamaki looks for a temporary escape, gaze sent downwards— burning holes into the floor with his eyes
you don’t let him, choosing to pry further “so?”
he fumbles in answering— something he expected from the get-go 💀 “hmn.. not very often, s-surprisingly.”
“oh?” this answer has successfully surprised you, “why? do you—”
“b-but!” he’s quick to defend, “it’s not because i lost feelings, or anything like that.”
“i don’t know. i got them a lot, i still do sometimes— and they’re usually not in my control. i never liked how being everything but confident was second nature, and i wished i had more emotion control.”
“but compared to everything else, i feel at peace. l-like i don’t know.. that i’m not me for once—.”
“tamaki, don’t say that.”
“i know, and i’m sorry!” he defends, “but i mean.. with you, i’m never in a constant state of worry, that i’d make mistakes. however, this doesn’t mean everything you do isn’t..”
heart fluttering he’s so whipped, and in the end, he always has a reaction for everything you do
satisfied, and deciding that you’ve had enough of your teasing, you tear his hands anyway from his face, moving to brush his bangs back, “i understand. don’t feel so pressured with your answer, love— this isn’t life or death.”
“i-i know!” he replies, practically melting in your touch, “‘just don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”
“oh, i’d never” you coo, “if you’re also wondering, i’m practically the same as you! so, don’t worry that pretty head of yours.”
he flushes at the nickname— but nonetheless, he feels glad knowing that he’s not the only one that still gets butterflies in this stage of your relationship
“okay, i’m gonna stop teasing you now.” you conclude, immediately going back to your scrolling and for real this time
Tumblr media
hawks — takami keigo
you were supposed to be sleeping when you found the tiktok
you’d usually be tucked in your winged boyfriend’s arms, lulled into a much needed and peaceful sleep
but instead, you’re scooted over to the very corner of the bed— scrolling on your fyp
during your time scrolling on the app, you had to stifle and bite back laughter and reactions— but this time, you’re rendered curious
in the tiktok, the original uploader asked their s/o if they still had butterflies because of him
nevermind their s/o’s answer— because this tiktok caused some curiosity to bubble in your stomach, and on any normal occasion, you’d ask keigo
but it’s also 1 in the morning— and keigo finally got the sleep he’s been wanting and needing for a week now.
you don’t want to wake him up, now that he looks super peaceful.
you’ve concluded that you just needed to shake off the curiosity, or better yet— just drop the question overall.
anyway, it’s not like you’d be angry at his answer, considering that he’s been dating you for a year and a half now— you wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t get butterflies
though it’d be a real shame on your part since you still get butterflies because of him
you slowly sit up from your curled up position, setting aside the blankets— wanting to retrieve a remedy for your suddenly parched throat
and you’re about to step out of the bed, when keigo suddenly plops his head, face first, onto your lap— golden eyes piercing, despite the lack of light
“jesus christ keigo!” you exclaim, and he laughs at your reaction, “i thought my heart fell out of my ass for a second!”
“sorry, sorry.” he laughs with that gravely voice of his, and he caresses your back in comfort, “i didn’t feel you in my arms.”
“sorry, kei.”
“there’s no need for that. anyways, why’re you even awake? it’s.. late.”
you’re hesitant, not only because of the time, but because of his answer too, “it’s not important. you can answer it in the morning. you don’t get to sleep a lot, thanks to your job.”
“that’s true, but, consider me curious. whatever it is— i’m sure it’s important.” he insists, “c’mon! curiosity’s gonna kill the bird!”
you roll your eyes at that awful punchline, but you give in anyway, “do you.. still get butterflies from me?”
honestly, i was debating if hawks would— and i feel like he wouldn’t.
just realized everyone in this list said no 💀whoops
and yes, he had crushes, definitely. but, he didn’t date a lot when he was younger.
nevertheless, if he was in a relationship, he’d take it seriously. man’s always doing some form of work. so, if you actually got him in a relationship, you have him wrapped around your finger.
because the only people he actually got permanent butterflies from, were just people he was infatuated with 💀 not the same as love
keigo props himself up on his elbows, his lips turning up into a small smile, “hm.. i can’t say butterflies is the right term.”
“oh, why?”
“i don’t know— imagine a 23 year old, actually using the term ‘butterflies’? oh my. haven’t used that word since i was 17.” you snort, “hey! it’s true.”
“where was i.. right,” keigo goes back on track, “like every other crush, i did get butterflies. i’d accidentally brush my fingers against yours? butterflies. eye contact? butterflies. heck— even when i’d fly across the city, just to see you, i’d get them. and that’s in my control!”
“then suddenly, things were different.” keigo doesn’t voice this out, but he remembers the time you suddenly weren’t just like any other crush he had, “i’m not complaining though.”
“besides, constantly getting butterflies is also the body’s way of signaling danger, what i feel is different.” you tilt your head in confusion,
“heart fluttering is much more fitting!” he plants himself face first onto your lap, “can’t help that part. jeez— endeavor and miruko would laugh at me for using butterflies for the first time in 6 years.”
“ugh, this is where i go to sleep. why’d you have to mention endeavor??”
“i’m serious! i mean it. and not just that, i meant every single thing i said.”
“you better.” you get comfortable, allowing him to plop down on you— encasing you in his arms, “goodnight. thanks.. for answering.”
“of course. anytime, dove.”
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
Tumblr media
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strobimilk · 12 hours ago
f!reader. quirkless!au. cw: making out, some jealousy (idk if that even qualifies as a warning but well.) 3.4k+ (this got longer than i planned.) brainrot for kachuki not over so im taking u all down w me.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who’s two years your senior. you grew up in the same neighborhood as him and izuku, and you wouldn’t really have been lumped together with them if you had other children in your area the same age as you. unfortunately, they were the only children who lived close that’s closest to your age, so you had to deal with him dragging you and deku around wherever he wanted to go.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who really is more of a frenemy, with the way he lived for either making you cry or making you piss your pants, in no particular order, either by throwing bugs and worms at you, or messing up your pretty dresses, or making fun of you if you ever trip or fall.
honestly, the only reason you wouldn’t call him a straight up enemy is that while he loved giving you a hard time, he also has this weird complex about being the only one who could do it. some kids in kindergarten thought you were easy pickings after seeing him try to trip you? they’re crying to their moms the very same day, talking about an elementary school boy yelling and throwing rocks at them.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who only got worse as the years went by. going to the same elementary, middle, and high school as him was hell.
he would put rocks in your bag, read journal entries out loud, hang out with you and your girlfriends, scaring and weirding them out in the process. crushes? forget about it. the moment he catches word of whom you like, he’s telling them the most embarrassing stories about you, or some obviously fabricated shit that would make them want to stay away from you.
to weed the weak ones out, he said. you say it’s just because he doesn’t have a damn life he can focus on, so you do him the favor of setting him up with other people, hoping that if he gets into a relationship, he would finally stop bothering you.
not only does he outright laugh in your face once he found out, he drags you along come the day of the actual mixer, making everyone including you uncomfortable. he wouldn’t listen to a single word his dates tell him and would barely put effort in his responses. in the middle of it, he would make some dumb excuse to bolt, dragging you by the wrist to a nearby arcade where he can crush you in all of the games, just so he could see you fume.
you could finally breathe once he graduates high school and goes to a university two hours away. but sometimes, in the monotony of your days, you can’t help but notice how quiet it all is. how bland, how boring.
not that you’d ever admit to the reason why.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who comes back from college jacked and attractive as hell, now standing at six-foot-something, and smug as fuck about it.
he just finished his second year, going into his third. he didn’t go back home the summer after freshman year. his mother said something about summer classes. you just think he’s probably whoring himself out, making the most out of his newfound freedom. (you chalk the sour feeling you get in your gut at the thought as plain envy. you’ll have your turn once you graduate.)
this is the first time you’ve seen him since then, and it’s looking like he’s trying to make up for lost time. since summer break started, there hasn’t been a single day where he hasn’t bombarded your phone with texts, crashed your plans, and even your house. he’s taking advantage of the fact that your mother is especially fond of him despite his callous nature.
(i think he’s good for you, she once said after hearing you grumble about something dumb he did to piss you off once again, swearing to never have him over at your house again. he’s strong in the places you’re weak.
you just think he’s a huge pain and you hate him, so you tell her so. she only laughs.)
childhoodfriend!bakugo who grew out of all his clothes and most of his childish behavior, but not out of making fun of you and surprisingly enough, not out of being a little too protective of you.
your mother had said it as a joke right before leaving for a week-long business trip, “look out for her and make sure she doesn’t burn the house down, yeah?” and you were sure he took it as one, given that they laughed right after she said it.
as it turns out, he did not.
the same night of the day she left, he’s banging on your door, pushing past you once you open it and sniffing the air.
“goddamn, your mom asked you to do one thing— don’t burn the house down. and it’s already smelling like you’re on your way to doing just that,” he jabs, grinning down on you mockingly as he makes his way to the kitchen.
you try to block his way, push him back, drag him back out, anything to keep him away from the kitchen, but he just laughs mockingly at all of your attempts. curse him for getting built.
“damn,” he whistles as he peers over the pan. “is this supposed to be spam? holy shit.” he laughs, throwing his head back.
heat crawls up your neck, face, and all the way up to your ears. this is why you didn’t want him to see what you were doing, why you didn’t want him here at all. he’s a good cook, and you know he’s gonna rub it in your face that you can’t even make something as simple as a fried dish.
your brows furrow in irritation, breaths growing heavy in frustration as you try to elbow him out of the way. he doesn’t relent, leaning closer to you and fake-pouting.
“y’gonna cry? is the little princess gettin’ teary?” he mocks, inching his face closer and closer to yours. you stare him down through the accumulating tears in your eyes, at least to save the what little there is that’s left of your pride.
“don’t worry,” he taps your cheek lightly with a finger, leaning back and bringing a tupperware up to your face. “i brought you dinner.”
a frown stays on your face as you watch him unlatch the lid and present a meal to you, something that looks undoubtedly more appetizing than what you were attempting to make earlier.
he uses chopsticks to pick up a clump of rice and holds it up to your face. “open your mouth.”
you turn your head to the side, crossing your arms petulantly. no way are you just gonna give in like that. you’d rather starve.
“c’mon, princess, i slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon just to make you this,” he says, voice taking on an uncharacteristically soft tone that has your jaw dropping and head whipping around to look at him.
he takes the slight opening of your mouth as a chance to shove the bit of rice on the chopsticks in it, eliciting a noise of annoyance from you and laughter from him. he holds up a piece of tofu, and you don’t see the point of resisting further when you already have a piece of the dish he prepared in your mouth, so you begrudgingly let him feed you.
“s’good, right?” he asks.
“no. tastes like shit.” you say through a mouthful.
he only grins. “mhm, sure.”
he makes sure to be extra annoying the following days, hounding you and hogging all of your time by either staying home with you or tagging along to wherever you’re heading if you had plans. the only time of day you’re free of him is when it’s time to go to bed.
at least, until one night.
the rain’s been pouring all day, and it’s not showing any signs of letting up even at nightfall. bakugo had gone home after eating dinner at your house just a few minutes ago, and you’re just getting ready to head to bed, enjoying some alone time that you didn’t think would be a rarity on the one week your mother’s gone.
you just got out of the bathroom when the lights suddenly go out, bathing your room in pitch black. the humming of appliances stop, and the only sounds audible are the pelting of the rain against the roof and the howling of the wind. you scramble to turn on the flashlight of your phone, looking around for your bed and diving onto it. 
you’re lucky to have gotten your nightly ritual done before the power went out, it would’ve sucked to be in the middle of scrubbing your face and opening your eyes to complete darkness. you light one of the scented candles up on your bedside table before laying down on the bed, ready to end the day.
your eyes are growing heavier by the second, and just when you’re about to fall into deep sleep, your ears pick up a faint banging on your front door. you freeze for a second, clutching your blanket over your shoulders. 
a burglar? no, burglars don’t knock. what if it’s a murderer? someone with ill intent who’s trying to take advantage of a girl all alone in the house, and the banging is all part of them toying with you, just something to alert you of their presence even when they know they can knock it down easily and do whatever they want with you?
your phone starts buzzing, and you almost scream in fright. you look at your lit up screen, and you’ve never been more relieved to see bakugo’s name flashing across it. normally, you wouldn’t even think of answering his call this late at night. the most you’ll do is raise a middle finger up at the screen as you watch it ring. but tonight is different. you don’t know what’s outside your door, and deep down, you know that if you ever needed help, he would be the first one to come running.
“open your door, dumbass. next time i’ll ask your mom for a damn spare key—“
“you asshole!“ you yell, interrupting him. you shoot up from your bed, shoulders sagging in relief.
“yeah, you’re kinda late to the news, aren’t ya? open, dipshit!”
“no! i meant, it’s you at the door?!” you put your fluffy slippers on, walking out of your room with a flashlight.
“yeah!! why the fuck else would i ask you to open it?!” he yells back. you end the call, striding over to open the front door to a bakugo with his arm raised and a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, seemingly about to start banging on it again.
“it’s pouring rain and the power’s out, what the hell are you doing here?!“
he only pushes past you, as he usually does, like this is his house and not yours, making a beeline to the hall that leads to the bedrooms with the help of the flashlight from his phone. “i’m sleeping here.”
“what?! why?!” you follow after him. “does mitsuki-san even know about this?”
he ignores you, pausing mid-step to type something up on his phone. he turns the screen over to you a split second later. “now she does.”
crybaby is scared cuz of the storm and the power’s out. i’m staying over. the text reads.
you swat his hand that’s holding the phone. “i’m not scared because of the storm or the blackout, dumbass. i’m not five.”
he ignores you once again, walking suspiciously closer to the door of your room. he reaches out for the knob, so you stop him. “guest room’s the next one down,” you say.
“i know.“ he turns the knob to your room anyway, pushing the door open.
“that’s my room!“ you protest, chasing after him again.
“i know.“ he says calmly, setting his duffel bag at the foot of your bed before free falling onto it.
“bakugo, get off! i don’t want your gross germs all over my bed!” you pull at his arm with all your might.
he pulls back with little to no effort, making you fall right on top of him. he palms the back of your head, pressing your face onto his pecs. “i just took a shower, the fuck are you talking about? y’smell that? fresh!”
true enough, he does smell like his shower gel. you struggle to get out of his hold, pushing him away and reaching for one of your pillows to hit him with it. no matter how good he smells, he’s still invading your privacy.
“i told you, the guest room is over there!” you pant.
he rips the pillow away from your hands in one motion, hugging it to his chest before turning his back to you. “go sleep there, then.”
you groan. “asshole!”
you push at him one last time, but he’s still as a rock, clearly adamant on sleeping on your bed. you’d be damned if you had to move out of your own room, so you begrudgingly lay down on the available space, back turned to him.
after a few moments of silence, you start thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. you can ignore that there’s someone else on your bed because he’s not moving or making noises at all. yeah, this isn’t so bad.
until he decides to be a little shit and turn to lay on his back, taking up over half of the bed and nearly pushing you off on the process.
“bakugo!“ you yell, elbowing him and fighting to stay on the bed. just as you’re about to slide off, he wraps an arm around you, turning you over so half of your body’s laying on top of his.
“what?” he asks, mischief clear on his tone.
“you’re being such a dipshit!“ you swat his chest.
“remember when we were kids? you never used to complain about sleepovers. what changed, princess?” in the dim light the candle on your bedside table, you see him lift a teasing eyebrow up, ruby eyes glinting.
“for starters,” —you push yourself off of him, climbing over on the other, more spacious side of the bed, laying down on your side, facing his back— “you weren’t such a big fuck back then, we actually fit on the bed. and izuku was also here to switch places with me so you can stop kicking me in your sleep.”
he’s turned to face you the moment you decide to move, also laying on his side. there’s the tiniest change in his expression at the mention of izuku’s name, eyes growing hard and jaw tensing. “on first name basis with everyone except me, huh?” he says almost in a whisper.
“yeah, ‘cuz izuku-san’s actually nice,” you spit.
“san?” he chuckles, but his eyes remain humorless. “is this you saying you’d rather sleep next to him tonight?”
that wasn’t what you were saying at all. and you knew bakugo all too well by now, you recognize the challenge in his eyes—this is him picking a fight. maybe it’s your frustration from all of his antics tonight, but you decide to add fuel to the fire.
“and if it is?“ you raise an eyebrow. “come to think of it, i haven’t spent time with him in a while.” you even bring out your phone as if to text him.
bakugo snatches the phone from your hand, hiding it behind his back. “you got a crush on him or something?” he asks. the question itself should sound teasing, but the edge in his voice suggests otherwise.
and you don’t know why you said what you said next. it’s none of his business, and it’s not something you dwell on and think of often. but there’s something about the look in his eyes that sends something like a thrill through your whole being. you want to push him to his breaking point, see what’s on the other side of his act.
“i mean, i guess it’s only normal to develop a crush on your first kiss, right?“
there’s a terrifying moment of stillness after that. he doesn’t speak. he stops breathing. and even the rain and the wind outside seemed to cease for a split second.
“say that again, princess? think i heard you wrong.” his voice is low, eerily calm as he rises to sit up, never once taking his intense eyes off of you.
your heart starts hammering in your chest. but it’s not out of fear at all, no. it’s excitement. 
you swallow once, shrugging as you sit up. “i mean, d-didn’t you? develop a crush on your first kiss, i mean.” your voice dies down to a near whisper at the end, failing the facade of confidence and nonchalance you were trying to put up.
his jaw tenses once again, breaking off eye contact as he looks ahead—pensive, simmering. “fuckin’ deku kissed you, huh?” he repeats, more to himself.
you don’t get a chance to explain further before he’s lifting you by the waist, situating you to straddle his thighs. the sudden movement knocks the breath off of you, and you can only press your palms flat against his chest.
“show me, then.” he says.
“how did he kiss you? you seemed so happy and proud, so show me. let’s see if it’s any good.” his eyes drop to your lips.
“w-we didn’t— it wasn’t like that— it was, it was a peck,” you finally manage to let out.
he stares at you for a moment, silent and unmoving as he thinks of what you just said. and then he’s chuckling, shaking his head and heaving out a sigh.
“that wasn’t a fucking kiss then.”
you wanted to protest, but before you can say anything else, he’s diving in and pressing his lips to yours. his palm presses against the back of your head, his own tilting so he can kiss you deeper.
his other hand pulls you closer, entire arm cinching around your waist. he bites at your bottom lip, taking advantage of your yelp of pain and claiming your mouth with his tongue. your hands subconsciously go up to wrap around his neck, hands tangling in his hair.
he’s so warm. compared to the chilly air in your room, his skin is scorching, seeping through his clothes and yours. and the longer he kisses you, the more you want to feel more of his skin, more of him.
you pull away just a little bit to gasp for air, and his kisses travel down to your jaw and the side of your neck. he’s panting, too, clearly in need of air himself. but he continues with his ministrations, as if getting a taste of you is more important than breathing.
he leaves little bites and nips at the skin of your neck, landing on one spot that rips a breathless moan out of you. he squeezes your waist, pulling away to claim your lips once again, unrelenting until you’re both gasping for air, and even then, he chases your lips when you try to pull away.
“that’s how you kiss.” he pants. “i’m your first fucking kiss, y’got that?”
you can only nod, eyes still glazed over and mind hazy. he smiles at you, soft and genuine, rubbing his thumb over your cheek. he leans in once again, and this time, his movements are softer, more languid, you could melt into it.
you stay in that position for a few minutes, in comfortable silence, with him pressing small kisses on your lips and neck from time to time.
it takes a few more seconds for all that happened to load in your brain and be clear to you. you made out with bakugo. bakugo fucking katsuki and you. making out. holy fuck.
now that your head’s a bit clearer, a part of you is embarrassed at how easily you gave in to his kisses, how you just let him stick his tongue in your mouth, how you let him touch you, like you’re not at each other’s throats on a daily basis.
in an effort to quiet down the dying screams of your pride, you thoughtlessly call out to him. “bakugo.”
“i still hate you.”
you feel him tensing, considering you’re still pretty much leaning onto him. he doesn’t respond, but his hold on you slackens before he’s pushing you off of him.
“right.” is all he says before he’s standing up, walking straight to the door and leaving you confused.
“where are you going?” you ask.
he ignores you, but you don’t miss the look in his eyes, a mixture of confusion and...hurt?
the door is closed behind him before you could ask any more questions.
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bakugous-sandbag · 2 days ago
bakugou, recording himself on camera: back on my usual bullshit—
bakugou: *tackles you to the floor in a crushing hug as soon as you walk past the door*
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katsuphilia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bakugou overhears all class gossip, and while nobody thinks he does, he never misses a word. He’s got sharp ears and keen eyes and he never misses anything.
Which is why he’s reduced to a glum guy with wounded pride when he overhears the girls gossiping about how “Bakugou and y/n don’t seem like they’ll last.” He figures it’s true—deep down he realizes his prickly and harsh nature could never mesh well with your gentle and sweet one, but the words sting no less.
The truth is, Bakugou Katsuki has fallen hopelessly in love, and he wants to roll his eyes at himself, but he can’t. He can’t when it’s you, he can’t bring himself to do anything but soften his exterior as much as he can so you can see he’s trying. He’s trying and maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s all he’s got. He lets you grab his hand, and steal his snacks, and mess around with his gauntlets, and ruffle his hair, and he hopes it’s enough, but he knows deep down it’s not.
So when you sit next to him in the courtyard, plopping down quietly beside him as he looks ahead refusing to meet your eyes, he’s not expecting your hand to lay on his.
“Hey, Katsuki,” you whisper gently, and he can tell from your tone you know something’s up.
“Hmph,” he grumbles incoherently in acknowledgment, shoulders tensing as you get closer.
“What’s on your mind?” He’s silent for a moment, and even if he wanted to, Bakugou doesn’t even know how to tell you.
“Don’t say nothing.” Bakugou’s hand grips the fabric of his jeans tightly, and he’s trembling just the slightest bit, but the way your hand soothes over his arm in delicate circles grounds him just the tiniest bit.
“It’s none of your business,” he mutters. You raise your eyebrow unimpressed.
“Try again, babe.” And maybe it’s the way your palm is warm through the fabric of his blazer, or the way your voice is still gentle even when reprimanding, or the way you just seem to know, but he practically pours himself out to you. Because he needs you to hear, and he needs you to know—Bakugou’s trying.
“Those dumb girls can’t mind their business. They don’t think we’ll last—as if it’s their business,” he rants, and his voice is slightly tight—he’ll never admit it and you’ll never mention it, but you both can hear it. “Who asked, anyway?”
Nodding slowly, you lean your head on his shoulder, hand grasping his as you fiddle with his fingers. His cheek finds its way to the top of your head, and you both sit like that for a bit, you playing with his fingers and Bakugou peeking glances at you over his shoulder.
“Do you think we’ll last?”
“Do you think think they’re right? That we won’t last?” He wants to say yes, wants to admit that nobody would want to last with someone as rough and tough as him, that his words are just as abrasive as his actions and you shouldn’t tolerate it, but Bakugou needs more than anything for you to stick with him.
He needs the little cheek kisses goodnight, he needs the arm hugs while you walk together, he needs the tiny nose boops when he’s frowning—and he needs you.
“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I guess you shouldn’t really want us to, huh?” And he cringes a little when your head shoots up.
“What’s that mean?”
He simply shrugs and mumbles “I don’t know,” as he looks off to the side. But your hand grabs his jaw and gently forces him to look you in the eyes.
And his eyes are swimming with doubt, with anger, but mostly, a sense of defeat, and that’s unlike Bakugou. He never admits defeat, and it’s the one thing about him you love most.
“Katsuki. Don’t give me that,” you say gently, and the soft kiss to his nose makes him grip your waist tightly. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want us to last?”
“It just makes sense.”
“And why’s that?”
And the dam breaks when he opens his mouth, eyes angry (and slightly wet, but you don’t mention it) as he pours his heart out to you.
“Because you shouldn’t want to last with someone like me, we both know that. I’m not cut out to be the way a boyfriend is, I don’t act like the way they should. Go find someone who does,” he mutters at the end, and you frown, watching as he fights the tremble of his lips.
He’s waiting for the blow, for the moment you admit he’s right and walk off and inevitably rip his heart out and take it with you, but it never comes.
“Hey,” you wrap your arms around him, pulling him into your chest, and on any other day, he’d pull away instantly, grumbling about how someone might see. But today, today he needs to be close, to hear your heart beat against his ear. “That’s not true, Katsuki. You’re a bit different, but I don’t mind. I know you love me,” you whisper, threading your fingers through his hair.
“I’m not done, okay?” You poke his forehead, and he swats your hand away. “Like you said, it’s not their business. So they don’t know everything. You do a great job you know, you just make your own rules of how to do things,” you snort. “That’s okay though, it’s still plenty enough for me.”
“You sure?” His voice is gruff, but it’s still hesitant. Your hand glides down to grab his hand, lacing your fingers together as you peck his forehead.
“Of course. You look out for me, always make sure I’m safe, always try to notice how I can improve, always take the short end of the stick for me. Who cares if you don’t bring me roses or something? Do you love me?”
“Well yeah,” he grumbles, answer immediate.
“Do you want us to last?”
And his voice is a bit smaller this time when he admits a small “yes.”
“Good, I feel the same. And that’s it for that matter, don’t you think? It’s our business, and we seem to be on the same page.”
Almost instantly, his chest lightens at your words, and he registers the small circles you rub into his knuckles, and the gentle scratches at his scalp, and he thinks he’s found some place that he’s made his own, somewhere he’s himself and it’s enough and it’s cherished. And he realizes that maybe that’s what love is, not the stupid roses or the boxes of chocolates the damn girls are always telling him he needs to bring.
“Yeah, whatever,” he mutters, but his hand squeezes yours. “You should’ve gone up to your room you know, dumbass. Don’t think I didn’t see you hit your leg during training,” he chides. His voice is still gentle, and you smile at the way he’s back to himself already.
“Sorry, I’ll be more careful,” you promise.
He mumbles a quiet good before he sits up, pulling you into him as he kisses the top of your head. And the way you lean your cheek against him with a smile, rubbing his chest softly makes him think maybe you will last— because he’s not letting you go any time soon.
Tumblr media
this is a repost from my old blog
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shiggyscumrag · a day ago
I get butt hurt so easily bruh- I need to grow thicker skin...BUT PEOPLE CAN SUCK ASS FOR REAL SOMTIMES >:[
After another long day dealing with shitty people, you just wanna go home to Katsuki and have some snuggles to make yourself feel better. You need his presence to wash away all the negative energy you're still carrying around with you.
Sadly when you get home you see the apartment is empty. Letting out a deep sigh you decide you might as well eat your feelings away since the original plan didn't work. Changing into something comfortable you make your way to the kitchen to start cooking.
About an hour later your done and sitting on the couch satisfied with the wonderful meal you made yourself. Look Katsuki may be the chef of the house but your cooking wasn't half bad. Ever since you moved in together he's been teaching you new recipes and slowly you've improved over time. It was one of the things you did together.
To bad he's been so busy on patrol lately. Rising through the ranks quickly has made his schedule hectic to say the least. You both always made time for eachother though. You might not have been able to make and eat dinner together every night but that's okay. You were happy that he's able to pursue and excel in his dream. You were beyond proud of your boyfriend, and you made sure to show him whenever you could.
Cleaning up after yourself and starting on the dishes you hear the front door unlock and open. Turning you see your tired boyfriend walking towards you. With a smile you turned to speak "Welcome home love!" Placing a kiss on his cheek. "I already made dinner and ate, but I made you a plate. It's in the microwave, if you'd like it I can heat it up for you?" You asked. He huffed and sat down at the island, a clear indicator of two things.
1. Patrol was hell
2. He was hungry and needed affection
Smiling you got his food ready and plated it for him. Placing it nicely in front of him and a kiss to his forehead you go back to doing the dishes. As you lathered up the soap on your sponge wiping away some grime from the pan you used, you feel hands wrap around your waist and grip firmly into the meat of your hips. A small gasp of surprise coming from you as you turned and met Katsuki's crimson gaze.
"Over the counter, now." He said stern and cold. A shiver ran up your spine at his tone as his hands squeezed one last time before releasing his grip. Quickly you bent yourself face first over the counter, ass out and back arched slightly. He chuckled as he pressed his pelvis hard against your ass. Bending over he blew cold air agaisnt your ear. Writhing a underneath him you let out a small whine. He cleared his throat causing you to still. "Good girl, always knows how to be so quiet and obedient for me." A sudden harsh smack to your ass causes you to jump forward a little back. A small whimper coming from you. "When I agreed to eat, i wasn't talking about your cooking love." He paused gripping your ass hard, spreading them in the process. "I wanted this fat peice of ass in my hands, and especially on my face." A devious grin spread wide across his face.
Next thing you remember is you on the couch riding his face into the distant horizon. Tongue lapping at not one, but both of your holes. Making your legs shake and clamp around his face, slowly suffocating him. Katsuki never minded that though, drinking up the juices your spoiled cunt spilled out satisfying every craving he's ever had. Not to mention, it's way better than your cooking.
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tenko-nii · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ꜱᴇʀɪᴇꜱ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ — ꜱɪx
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: bakugou katsuki x f!reader
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄: heavy angst, marriage au, no quirks, 18+
𝐖𝐂: 6.2k
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘: it was the fight to end all fights. a real knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out kind of fight that left one with clenched teeth and fists, steam coming from the ears and the need to punch the ever living shit out of someone. it had become their new normal and neither you or bakugo knew how to change that, if they even could.
Tumblr media
𝐀/𝐍: besties im sorry but this series will be on a brief hiatus. i’ll be posting other fics so i’m not completely ghosting y’all. thank you so much for the love <33 i hope you enjoy this chapter !!
Tumblr media
akari jammed her hands in the pockets of her coat, immediately regretting not grabbing her gloves when storming out of the house. she sighed, thoughts flowing through her mind like a fast moving stream.
her parents were separating. she shouldn't be surprised, it was obvious to her how much they hated each other, but it still sucked. her family was falling apart and being that she was only 15, there was really nothing she could do about it. she didn't want her dad to leave. as much as the fighting and arguing, hateful stares and clear ignoring were really annoying, if it meant her dad still being there every morning, she would gladly take it. her dad was one of her best friends. always had been for as far back as she could remember. just like her mom. now she felt like she was being forced to chose sides. akari didn't really like how that felt.
she dragged her boots along the pavement as she kept walking. a few tears danced in her eyes and she hastily pushed them away. she wasn't going to cry about this. she had to be strong, for hana. she scoffed a little bit thinking about her little sister. hana didn't seem to be affected by the whole thing. all she cared about was whether you and dad still loved her. that was the one thing akari was sure of, her parents love for her. well, kind of. it must be nice to be little, so young and naive, so untainted by the world around her. she wished she could go back to being that young. not have any responsibility.
the last three days had been weird. almost like she had been living in a different world, with a different family. almost like an out of body experience. it had been different, having you do everything in the mornings. monday had been the most difficult, because everything was so raw. akari had known then, when she woke up that something had changed and it was big. it had been obvious. first, you made her lunch. you looked unsure of what to do, what to pack. it had been something dad always took care of.
she knew that something was very wrong. it was obvious when dad didn’t come home last night. akari swore she heard his voice, but she ascertained now that maybe she was dreaming. aside from the lunch thing, your eyes had looked huge and swollen despite the amount of makeup you had attempted to apply to hide them. you looked so sad and so completely defeated. that had been akari’s first clue. and then the half assed excuses as to where dad was. working late, at uncle kiri’s, gone to work early, right. she wasn't stupid.
akari supposed she had to get used to it; you taking over the routine in the mornings. she was angry, so angry when she had spewed to you that she was already used to it. this wasn't something that she was going to acclimate to quickly. everything was so hurried because there was no second person to help. she saw it in your face that monday and tuesday. by wednesday she seemed to have gotten the hang of it. but today? it was back to being weird. you had been weird this morning.
akari thought she had figured out why though. it must have been dad that you had gone to coffee with. it was the only logical explanation to her. really, the way you came back, you had been crying, as much as you denied it, it was so completely obvious. akari knew her mom wasn't good at hiding her emotions, much like hana. akari was more like dad; her explosive blowouts. and then the text from you saying dad was picking her up from school. she should’ve known then that something was going to go down at dinner. akari wasn't stupid.
she just hadn't been expecting them, him, to deliver the news like that. he was so blatant, so nonchalant about it. did he not care? not give a shit? akari knew what she said to hana wasn't right, she shouldn't have said it like that but she couldn't help the emotions flowing through.
when hana had looked at her with big eyes asking for an explanation she couldn't help but lash out the only way she knew how. akari felt bad about that, knowing her little sister didn't deserve it or even understand, but at the same time listening to her parents explain themselves out of that one hurt almost even more. with declarations that they still loved them and how it would never change, that the separation was ‘for now’. she called bullshit on that one. she felt like it would take a small miracle for her parents to get back together after this. she didn't really have any hope at the moment, of things ever going back to normal.
akari been at the table, she had heard the fights. she’d seen you after the talk with dad. she was sure this was forever. she wanted to believe she was jumping to conclusions, allowing her emotions to rule her thoughts but that didn't really matter. she didn't want to be mad at her parents, didn't want to be upset that the world was crumbling around her but she didn't think she could feel anything but anger. she was sure this whole set up was going to change her life as she knew it.
what it meant exactly was left to be determined, but she had already been corralled once into watching her little sister. akari was sure a lot of babysitting was in her near future. she sighed at the idea. it wasn't that she didn't like hana or didn't like watching her, it was just the idea of having to do it meant that things were different. she didn't like different, didn't like change. she never had. fond memories of the day they had moved out of the apartment they were been living in when she was six, or the day that she found out her mother was having another baby flooded her mind. change had never been her forte.
“is this swing taken?” akari’s head shot up to find uncle izuku standing beside her. her eyes widened as she looked at the green-haired man beside her. she shook her head no, and watched as her uncle brushed the snow off much like she had before sitting down.
izuku didn't say anything for a few minutes, pushing his feet off the ground to make the swing move ever so slightly.
“they called you, didn't they?” she asked after a few minutes of silence. out of the few uncles and aunts she had, both legally family and not, akari liked uncle izuku the best, much to her dad’s dismay.
“who called me?” he asked softly.
“my parents,” akari mumbled. she heard him sigh.
“no. no one called me. i just saw you walk by the house with your head down. figured you might need to talk.” he implored, looking at akari. “was i right?”
akari bit her lip, trying to decide what to say to him. she wasn't sure what 'the outside world' knew about her parents crumbling marriage.
“i had a fight with my mom, and dad by extension i guess.” izuku nodded, almost encouraging her to go on silently. she looked at him for a moment before looking down at the ground again. against her better judgement, and the fact that she was sure her parents would kill her for saying as much, she decided to just tell izuku what had happened at dinner. she needed to talk to someone. “my parents are separating,” she said softly. she didn't look up from the ground. akari heard him gasp softly. apparently she had been right. not even her parents closest friends knew about the turmoil.
“are you sure?” he asked softly. akari looked up and saw that her uncle had stopped swinging and was staring at her intently.
“those were his exact words at dinner. they were separating,” she sniffed.
izuku mumbled under his breath. “oh sweetie, i'm sorry.”
akari shrugged before looking down at her feet again. she didn't know what she was supposed to say to that, something along the lines of, ‘it's okay that my whole world is imploding?’, it didn't sound right to her.
after akari had dropped the bomb about her parents, her and izuku sat there on the swings in silence. her phone vibrated numerous times in her pocket, she figured it was one or both of her parents trying to find her. she didn't respond. she wanted them to worry. she didn't want to head back there right now.
she heard uncle izuku’s phone ring as well from the swing beside her. akari glared at him as he answered it. he was just hanging up the phone when they both heard the distinct crunch of snow behind them. she kept her head down as izuku offered a soft greeting and got off the swing. akari felt him touch her back before retreating away. she looked up in time to see her uncle walking towards the sidewalk that led back to his house, and her father sit down in the swing he had vacated.
bakugo didn't say anything to her at first, pushing his feet off the snow covered ground causing his swing to start swaying. akari continued to look at the ground as a soft breeze blew off her father's swing. it stopped after a few minutes, and she looked up to see her father had gotten off the swing and was standing to the left of her. he reached his glove covered hand out wordlessly to her. she accepted his hand and he pulled her off the swing, before passing her a pair of gloves from his pocket.
“thanks,” she whispered.
bakugo smiled at her gently. “come on, lets walk a bit.”
akari shrugged her shoulders. they began to walk through the snow, finding the path that wound through the park. they walked in silence for a few minutes before he spoke. “what's going on in that head of yours?” he asked softly.
she shrugged again. “i don't know.”
“akari.” he stopped and touched her arm.
“just stop, alright dad?” she looked at him and then down at her feet.
“i know this is hard to take. it's a lot for a kid,” he started. “but if you're going to be angry with anyone, be mad at me and not your mother.”
she chuckled darkly. “oh, you think i’m just mad at mom? if you think i'm mad at mom, i’m absolutely furious with you.” bakugo looked at her. “you left dad. you took off for three days. couldn't even send me a text to let me know that you know, you weren't abandoning me or hana? you don't know what it's like. i feel like…” she stopped. he gave her a look, imploring her to go on. “i feel like my whole world is crumbling, everything is changing around me and i don't know how to keep up.”
bakugo tried to offer her a small smile, but it was hard to muster. it's not like this situation was easy for him either. it wasn't easy to stay away from his family, it wasn't easy for him to give up on his marriage. none of this was easy for him, even if it seemed like it was. it hurt like a bitch. but to see his daughter hurting? that made it a thousand times worse.
“look…” he blew out a breath and collected his thoughts. “i heard you what you said to your mom. i'm sorry that you've heard our fights, i'm sorry that it's been so terrible for you, but that's why we're separating. to save you and hana from anything more,” he stopped. “but you cannot take it out on your mother.”
“who do you think has been there dad? who do you think saw her crying last night when she came home from coffee with YOU?” she wrapped her arms around herself, holding tight. she felt tears prick in the corners of her eyes, and she cursed her emotions for deceiving her.
“can i come home with you tonight?” she blurted, wiping her eyes furiously. “i mean, to grandma’s? i don't think i can be home tonight. especially if you're not going to be there...”
bakugo looked at his daughter, and if his heart wasn't broken before it was absolutely broken now. he wasn't sure how to answer. he could see the pain on her face, but he also knew if she wasn't home tonight you might go ballistic. but akari had a point. two hurting women wasn’t going to make a comfortable scene. both of them had volatile emotions, he'd been around them both enough that, while they may seem so different personality wise, they were so similar as well. even though akari was like him and kept it inside, when it was unleashed, it was unleashed tenfold.
“of course you can.” he offered her a tentative smile, and she gave him a watery one back. they began to walk back to the house, as darkness almost fully set in.
when they arrived, they both took off their boots and gloves but left on their coats. they found you in the living room, and you immediately stood up when akari came to view.
akari couldn’t look at you. she hadn't exactly been nice to you before she had left, and she regretted the ugly words that were spewed.
“honey, where did you go?” you implored softly.
akari glanced around the room, avoiding the question at first. “the park,” she said quietly after a few awkward moments.
you nodded slowly. “well, thanks for finding her katsuki.” you glanced at your husband. he nodded. it was then that you noticed akari was still wearing her outdoor gear. “go put your coat away. i’ll run you a bath.”
akari heart was starting to pound in her chest. “mom.” her voice was quiet. “i...we...before i left i said...”
“i know honey, it's fine.” you searched your daughters eyes. “i know you're hurting and...”
“mom, i want to stay at grandma’s tonight,” she paused. “with dad. just for tonight. i’ll come home after school. i just need to have a minute away from here to collect my thoughts. i'm sorry mom.” akari immediately felt terrible as she fumbled through words. she watched your eyes fill with tears as her own did the same.
“what did you say to her?”
akari could see the anger rising amongst your tears. she cut you off before bakugo could respond. “mom, it was my idea. i's been a long three days and today didn't end the greatest. dad didn't say anything, he even tried to tell me no but i need this mom.” she almost begged. “please.”
you gave your daughter a long look. you knew how close akari was to bakugo, always had been. but it still hurt, that on this difficult day, one of the hardest in their entire life as a family, she was choosing to go spend time with bakugo. you wanted to keep your daughters close, they were what kept you grounded. made you feel sane. they were what made this whole separation thing feel even remotely better. if they were with you, you knew they were fine and well taken care of.
“is that what you want baby?” you stepped closer and touched akari’s arm. she nodded. you turned to bakugo. “just for tonight.” it wasn't a question, more of a statement.
“absolutely.” he assured. “akari, why don't you go grab your backpack and some clothes for tomorrow.” she nodded and headed off to her bedroom. as soon as she was out of earshot, bakugo turned to look at you. “you’re something fuckin’ else, you know that? you really think i would put thoughts in her head? do you hear yourself when you talk sometimes?”
you turned to look at him, a glare mixed in with the tears that were rising in your eyes.
“don’t start, katsuki. it's bad enough you're taking my daughter away.”
“i didn’t do shit. it's for one night. she's my daughter too.”
you felt your anger flare, you took a step closer to him in an attempt to keep your voice in check. “that's funny, you laying claim to her now. considering you said you didn't even want her back then.”
bakugo rolled his eyes at you. “you know what, fine. hold a grudge because i said something stupid in the heat of the moment. yes, maybe there was some truth to it. but that does not mean i don't love her. i heard you two screaming at each other, give her some space. she's hurting too. probably more than we are.”
they were interrupted when akari entered the room. “i’m ready.” she walked over to them, where her parents were facing off. she looked between the two of them. “what's going on here?” she asked tentatively.
you turned to akari, quicker than bakugo. you tried to smile. “nothing. just, figuring out the weekend. hana wanted to see your father and i was just making sure that was okay still.”
bakugo faked a smile. “of course it's fine.”
akari eyed her parents, choosing not to get into it. “well, i love you mom. i’ll be back tomorrow.”
“i love you too honey. see you tomorrow.”
you waited until the front door closed before leaning your head against the wall, sighing as you thought about the events that just happened. this wasn’t how your life was supposed to go.
the drive to grandma’s was quiet until akari spoke. “you and mom were fighting again, weren't you?” she asked softly.
bakugo looked over at her. “what makes you say that?”
“c'mon dad, the way you guys were standing so close together, i'm assuming so you didn't yell? what were you fighting about? me? hana? money?”
he sighed, “we weren't fighting kid.” bakugo could easily see where the tempers had flared this afternoon between you and akari. it was becoming increasingly clear that akari knew more about the state of his marriage and the issues inside of it than she let on. he wasn't really comfortable with that. “we’re working our shit out alright? don’t worry about it and focus on school.”
“i kinda have to worry about it when it's damaging my family,” she mumbled. bakugo didn't know how to respond to that. they pulled up to the curb outside mitsuki’s house before he could formulate a response. akari opened the door and jumped out of the car before bakugo could turn the engine off. he sighed, turning the key as he watched her stomp up the pathway to his parents house. he got out of the car and met her at the door before she could go in on her own.
“katsuki, is that you?” mitsuki called as he opened the front door. she walked into the hallway from the living room, stopping short when she saw akari standing there with him. “hi sweetie,” she smiled. mitsuki took a step closer to her and opened her arms. akari didn't say anything, stepping into her arms. she gave bakugo a look as he mouthed that he would explain later.
“hi grandma,” akari whispered as she pulled away from the hug.
“did i hear my princess' voice?” masaru came into the hallway. bakugo saw akari’s eyes light up when she saw him. he smiled at the two of them as akari skipped over to meet masaru’s embrace. he and akari had been close from the moment you and bakugo had brought her home from the hospital. his parents had really been a rock to them in those early years. bakugo shook his head, tearing his thoughts from the memories. “what brings you by kiddo?” he heard masaru ask.
akari toed off her shoes and shucked off her coat before looking at responding. “just you know...want to see my dad.” she tried to smile. “and you of course!” bakugo saw her smile lightly, looking at masaru and then mitsuki.
“not that i don't love seeing my granddaughter, but can i ask what she's doing here?” masaru asked when akari left the room.
“she wanted to spend the night tonight.” he paused, scratching the back of his neck. “we told the girls tonight about the separation…”
masaru cut him off. “say no more son.”
“it's going to be okay katsuki.” mitsuki said softly. she reached up and kissed her son's cheek, much to bakugo’s distaste.
“are you sure?” she looked at him with a sad look on her face. the last thing she had wanted for her son, her grandchildren and even her daughter-in-law to face this kind of turmoil. “because at the moment, it really doesn't feel like anything's going to be okay.”
bakugo escaped up to the room he was staying in, collapsing onto the messy bed. He laid back on the pillows, closing his eyes, rubbing his face roughly. he sighed as tears started to burn at the corner of his eyes. while the conversation at dinner had gone better than planned, he hadn't really been expecting akari’s reactions. he hadn't thought about how much she knew, how much she understood. when had his little girl become a teenager? when had she become so aware? he missed the days when she would beg for him to play dolls, or to even kick a soccer ball in the backyard. he missed the days when things just weren't so complicated. he missed when it was easy.
he didn't know how long he laid on the bed, thinking about the events of the day. a few tears escaped as his mind drifted to the events of the past week. his entire world had crumbled because he had said something in the heat of the moment. he rubbed his eyes again. he didn't regret akari. he couldn’t regret her. she had changed his world for the better. she'd been the reason he even had this family to begin with. and he had gone and fucked it up.
but maybe this was for the best. maybe you and him needed this time apart. maybe they weren't meant to be the family that he thought they were going to be. maybe this was a way out.
he'd be lying if he said married life wasn't boring. he had been married since he was 18, but that also didn't mean he regretted it. it also didn't mean it was easy. nothing was easy.
his thoughts were interrupted when a knock came at his bedroom door. he rubbed at his eyes again furiously before calling for whoever it was to come in. akari poked her head in the room. “dad? can i come in?”
“of course.” he sat up on the bed, running his hands over his eyes one more time. she sat beside him on the bed, leaning her head on his shoulder. they sat there for who knows how long in complete silence, both of them just taking the sounds of their synchronized breathing.
“we're going to be okay, right daddy?” akari asked softly, her voice hoarse.
bakugo’s heart shattered. she hadn't called him that since she was like, 6. he kissed the top of her head. “we will.”
Tumblr media
you were nervous. you hadn't been able to sleep very well the night before, knowing that today would be the first day in a long list of weekends that you would have to share the kids. you packed hana’s backpack with a change of clothes, pajamas, her tooth brush and an assortment of little things she would need for the night. they packed green eggs and ham for bed time and her long eared bunny that she slept with into her backpack and set it by the door.
“what time is daddy coming, mommy?” hana looked up at you with big eyes.
“he should be here soon.” you crouched down in front of her, straightening the long sleeved shirt she was wearing. “you excited to spend some time with daddy?”
hana gave you a small smile while bouncing on the balls of her feet. her eyes were bright, happy. “i’m so excited to see daddy! what do you think we'll do this weekend?” she asked, her eyes searching yours. hana was one who needed to be entertained, if not by a parent but by some sort of stimulating activity. she was kind of like bakugo in that way.
you tried not to let on that you were heartbroken. as you looked at your daughter, the excited look in her eyes, you tried not to let your heart shatter. of course hana would be excited at the idea of spending time with her father. just like akari, hana had been a daddy's girl from the moment she was born. but it also hurt to see her so excited. it meant bakugo was coming, and taking the girls away for the weekend. it meant you were going to be alone. it meant your new normal was going to begin. it meant last week had been real. and that hurt, stung like a bitch.
“i don't know what dad's planning, but i hope it's not much. i have a big science test on monday that i really need to study for,” akari mumbled as she came down the stairs. she dropped her book bag by the door, right.
you tried to give akari a small smile. “did you pack your toothbrush akari?”
“do i look stupid?” she played with the cell phone in her hands, throwing it up and down slightly.
you stood up and faced her. “akari…” you were tired of this sass, this attitude you’d been getting from her. it was all you had heard from the moment she came home from school yesterday, and it didn't seem to be lighting up. you took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself before you said something you would regret just as a knock sounded at the door. swinging the door open you came face to face with bakugo. it felt strange for him to knock.
“oh. hi,” you said softly. you stepped back and let the door open wider, just as hana came out from behind your legs and launched herself at her dad.
“daddy!!” hana exclaimed. she instantly wrapped her arms around his waist just as he bent to lift her. she put her hands on his cheeks to turn his face to hers. “you came back!” you watched bakugo’s face as he smiled at their little girl.
“of course i came back honey!” he smiled. he shifted hana to his hip and looked between you and akari. “good morning girls.”
you tried to be civil and gave him a nod and a weak, emotion laden smile back.
“go get your bags, girls. we’re stopping somewhere before heading to grandma’s.” you watched the interaction with your bottom lip firmly in your mouth. you crossed your arms and watched them together. you had always loved to watch bakugo with their kids, but now it just seemed painful. not for them, more so for you. selfish, right? “i’ll have them back tomorrow after dinner.” bakugo said softly, looking at you. he shoved his hands in his pockets.
you nodded. they were quiet for a moment, each of them staring at their feet. what was there to say? what do you say to a person who basically, in not so many words told you he really doesn't want you anymore?
both of the girls came into the kitchen to say goodbye. you tried to busy yourself as you heard bakugo herd the girls out the door and to the car. you grasped the lip of the counter as you heard the car start up, and your shoulders fell as the car pulled away.
your girls were gone and you were alone.
you hung your head forward as the reality and the quiet of the house sunk in. tears immediately sprang from your eyes. you found yourself gravitating to the living room landing on the couch. you’d have to get used to this. this silence, this noiseless environment.
you thought about how in just under a week, your whole life had been turned upside down. and not just a little bit. the entire basis of your life, the entire structure for which everything else was built had completely blown up. your marriage, if you could even still call it that, was in complete shambles with absolutely no sign of any resolution unless you counted bakugo suggesting they separate. your relationship with your oldest daughter was rocky, and that was putting it in the nicest way possible. you didn't know how you were going to deal with that, didn't know how you were supposed to react to such open defiance and anger from akari. the seemingly imminent failure of that relationship alone made your heart nearly crack in two. the only things you still had, were your job and hana. but you didn't even have those this weekend.
you would be lying if you said it didn't hurt when you saw how excited hana got when she saw bakugo. it was like pouring salt on a fresh wound. you mindlessly took a sip of coffee and sighed deeply. it had been a hard week. made harder by the fact that akari had fought you at every turn, even more so last night when she returned from bakugo’s parents. you weren’t sure if you were strong enough to handle a hormonal and upset teenager while your own emotions were so frayed.
you felt like time was flying by and there was no way to stop it. the snow began to melt on the ground, bringing warmer weather to the surface. the warmer weather meant that life was moving on, even if they weren't ready for it. they had sunk into some sort of routine now, bakugo took the girls every other weekend and picked hana up from pre-school on wednesday's so you could work later. they'd fallen into a groove, and while there was a certain comfort that came with those feelings, it also didn't sit well with you at all. they shouldn't be falling into a routine, there shouldn't be a routine, at least not this one. their old routine was just fine or so you had thought.
you got out of bed on a saturday morning, where the rain was pouring down and pounding your windows. you sighed, swinging your legs off the bed. it would rain today. you hated driving in the rain with the girls. it scared you, always had. be a mom, you mumbled to yourself.
padding out of the room and towards hana’s room. you shook the little girl awake, before going to her closet to collect her ballet costumes for the afternoon recital.
“mommy, is it dance day?” hana looked up at her from her bed, her eyes large and her hair all over the place.
you turned around and grinned at your daughter. “it is. what would my little dancer like for breakfast?” you smiled as you watched hana tap her chin for a few minutes before declaring what food she wanted.
you were dishing the eggs out onto a plastic plate for her when akari appeared at the doorway.
“i don't want eggs.” she stabbed as she walked towards the fridge, opening it to peer into the depths.
“well, good morning to you too. if you want something that isn't eggs, by all means make something else.”
“what crawled up your ass this morning?” she grabbed the carton of orange juice from the fridge and slammed the door shut behind her.
“akari!” you slammed the spatula down on the counter and spun around to look at your daughter, who was preparing to take a swig from the juice container. you reached for the carton and ripped it from her hands.
this is how it had been for the last few weeks. it was always a battle of wills between you and akari. for you, it was weird. you and akari had always had a great relationship, and to have this turn of events was like dealing with a different child altogether. bakugo wasn't much help in these instances, he wasn't there when the battles went down. he'd promised that he had talked to akari, spoken to her about her attitude. and while he had claimed to have breakthroughs with her, you didn't seem to reap any of those benefits. akari continued to be hostile and combative with you at most turns and you were nearly at the end of your rope with her.
“hey!” akari exclaimed, trying to grab the juice carton back.
“i'm really not in the mood for your sass this morning. it is not welcomed, nor is it needed...” you paused, your brows knitting together. “your language is also extremely inappropriate.”
“your language is inappropriate,” akari mimicked as she stomped over to the cupboard and grabbed a glass.
“you know what, that's enough. go to your room.” akari rolled her eyes as you grabbed the plate of eggs and brought it into the dining room for hana before going back to grab her chocolate milk.
“mama, akari’s mean.” hana said softly as she munched on her breakfast.
“she’s not mean baby.” you said gently as the blender rumbled in the kitchen. “she’s just sad, i think.” you were grasping at straws. you didn't really know how akari was feeling, it wasn't like she ever talked to you anymore.
“mommy come do my hair now pleassssssssssssse.” you heard hana singsong from her room, just as the stereo in akari’s room started up. you immediately closed your eyes for a second, compelling yourself to take a deep cleansing breath. you walked out of the room and found hana grinning in the doorway, an excited look on her face. you smiled and led her to the bathroom, where with practiced precision you pulled and combed hana’s hair.
“there, all pretty.” you smiled.
after getting you and hana ready, you left the bathroom and walked to akari’s room, knocking heavily on the door, enough to hopefully be heard over the loud music she was playing. “akari, open the damn door.” you cursed and knocked again another two times before the door swung open.
you immediately sighed. “i’m leaving with hana. your dad will be here to pick you up at 1. please be ready.”
“whatever,” she mumbled.
you sighed again and went to say something else, “i love you, honey.” you heard akari grunt something that you wanted to believe was a response, but you could barely make it out as the bedroom door slammed in your face.
they'd bought the tickets for hana’s dance recital months ago. before christmas if you remembered correctly. before the separation. before this odd twilight zone they were coming to terms with. that's how you told time now, determined how much time had passed - with events that had happened previous to and after the separation. it probably wasn't healthy, or good but it was how you were dealing.
your parents were coming, along with mitsuki, masaru, todoroki and momo. everyone was coming to see the little star dance. everyone was there to support hana. it made you happy to know that even through the turmoil that was surrounding them, the family could still get together to support each other.
you were the last one to get to the assigned seats as you wanted to stay with hana until the very last minute. you fidgeted as you walked down the aisle, coming up to their row. the only seat that was open in the 9 seats you had bought was right beside bakugo. you sighed when you approached and saw akari sitting in the aisle seat, arms crossed over her chest and a scowl etched onto her face. nothing seemed to have changed from this morning.
your heart pounded as you squeezed between bakugo and the row in front of them. you plopped down in the seat, turning to the rest of their family and exchanging smiles, waves and hellos with everyone.
“i tried to save the aisle seat for you, but akari insisted. she’s moody,” bakugo mumbled.
“has been from the moment she woke up,” you scoffed.
“i’ll try and talk to her later.”
“a lot of good that'll do.” you held up your hand. “sorry. not the time. we're here to watch hana dance. be as civil as possible.” he nodded in agreement as you turned your attention elsewhere.
bakugo was grabbing for the program that was rolled in the cup holder in front of you when you noticed it. at first you thought it was the lights that were playing tricks on you. you were sure of it. you couldn't be seeing what you were seeing. you tried to be subtle, but when he reached his left hand forward again to put the program back you were sure of it. there was no glint from the cool silver metal but there was what looked like to be a soft impression from where it had once sat.
he took off his wedding ring.
Tumblr media
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Scoop pt. 2
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Warnings: language, 18+, dom reader (just a bit), unprotected sex
Note: I feel like this got so long so I rushed it, hopefully part 3 makes up for it 😭
“You want me to destroy you hah?” He chuckled lowly. “I hope you know what you’re signing yourself up for.” He picked you up, the space between you two little to none. You wrapped your legs around him tightly as he carried you upstairs. You made it back into his room, his lights are off now but you could still see him through the streetlight reflection through the window. He discarded his shirt, throwing it somewhere.
“Are you sure you wanna do this?” You removed your shirt as well. The look in your eyes caused him to swallow deeply.
“I’m more than sure.” He crawled on the bed, his body hovering over your own like before. His hands found their way to your breasts, feeling and caressing them like the perfect massage. Your mouth hung open when he slid his hand under your bra. He groaned softly when your hands tangled in his hair. He smiled in the dark, you didn’t see it but once you felt his mouth replace his hand you were left gasping for air. You threw your head back in complete ecstasy. He clamped gently down on your nipple. The bud caught in between his teeth. He made sure to bite as hard as he possibly could not to hurt you, but to make sure there would be marks for you to discover in the morning. It wasn’t like him to do such a thing, especially since you were his roommate but it was too late to go back now. The quirk was in full effect. He kissed your neck, your breathing hitched in your throat. You burned for him, wanting more. All you wanted right now was for him to give you his all even if it meant the possibility of losing the ability to walk, that’s the risk you’re willing to take. Your eyes closed, taking in the moment, it would be the first and last time this would happen and that was just fine. He slid your panties off, your lips meeting his again, tongues battled, even swallowing each other's saliva. Your legs wrapped around him again, making sure he kept his word. You wanted him to let loose inside you, wanting him to throw all of his problems away. It was your job to help him feel better and nothing could stop you from doing that. He ran a finger up and down your thigh. It tickled but not in a playful way, in a way that would leave a ghostly mark every once and a while. One that couldn’t be imitated by someone else.
“I don’t think there’s time to tease Princess so sit back and enjoy the ride.” With those words he spread your legs wider, his tip caressing your entrance. You held your breath, actually feeling how big he was when he sunk deeper inside you. He adjusted himself, ready to ask you if you were okay, but it seemed like the quirk took over forcing him to slam into you. Wrapping your hands around him, your nails sank deep into his back. It felt like fire against his already hot skin. That made him smile, hitting all the right places you were left a mess beneath him already. He made sure to fuck you senseless, gripping onto the sheets for security. You couldn’t form words as he smashed your insides around. His grunts in your ear made you melt. Your back arched giving him access to scoop you up. You were now on his lap, trying your best to muffle your moans with desperate kisses under his chin.
“You wanted me to destroy you, and I want you to remember that. When I break you I want you to remember this exact moment. And if you die, you fucking die.”
“Kill me then coward.” You were slammed back into the mattress. Maybe it was because you were the first person to ever say that to him and give him so much access but whatever it was caused something else to snap inside him.
He became a merciless beast digging into your soul like magic. The way he stretched you apart made you want to cry in delight. Reaching for the sheets until your knuckles ran numb, you could feel your high coming to an end. But you didn’t want it to not yet anyways.
“Bakugou, I’m going to-” He stopped moving, his sweaty face making you swallow your words.
“No you’re not.” He was breathless. “Lay there and take it.” Nodding slowly you seemed to feel even smaller beneath him. He had so much control in his voice. Like he was a different person. Not the roommate you knew all these months before. He leaned down, his lips inches from your ear. You could feel his breath; shaky and barbaric.
“I’m not even close to being finished. So get over it.” His thumb rolled over your sensitive clit, the feeling of both his finger and cock made your own hips stutter. He sucked all over your neck. Watching you squirm. He knew you’d be a lightweight and he couldn’t wait for you to come undone around him. It gave him such a power trip. He smiled to himself with just that thought alone. Moving his hand, he ripped your bra off, tired of seeing it. What he needed to see was those pretty tits of yours bouncing with all of his movements.
He made you moan like a pornstar when he grabbed your tit aggressively. Almost like he wanted to rip it off and save it for later. He grabbed you by the face forcing you to look at him as he flattened you into the mattress. He pulled out, your body shaking. A whimper escapes from the lack of contact, making you clench around nothing but air.
“On your knees now.” You had no time to fully recover let alone think straight enough to understand what it was he wanted but he helped you out. Pushing you to your knees. “Open your mouth.”
With drowsy eyes, you looked at him, mouth wide, tongue sticking out. He stood up, something clicked not too far from where he last stood. And his LED lights came on, nearly blinding you.
“I want to see you choke.” You gasped at the sight of his cock. No wonder it felt like your insides were being ripped apart. He was huge. “Like what you see or somethin’?” You nodded eagerly. “Use your words.”
“Keep that pretty mouth open.” He began pumping himself, the mixture of your juices along with his being more than what he needed for his next focal point. He grabbed the back of your head, forcing all of himself down your throat. You had no time to react, struggling to breath. Tears pinched the corner of your eyes as times slowly ticked away. He didn’t care, only pushing your head further down. You choked, pushing against his torso for air. He let you go, watching the trail of spit you left behind snap onto your chest. He smiled sinisterly.
“I thought I would be having fun with you, but you’re pouting like-” You pushed his hips towards your mouth, his cock going down your throat again, you were choking but you loved it. Loved the way he groaned above you. How he grabbed your hair to get a good look at you. When you let him go, he swallowed hard. It was finally clicking that you weren’t going to be easy like all the others he’s been with.
“You talk too much.” You wipe your mouth, ridding the spit on your swollen lips.
“Hm.” He stood there, thinking about what exactly he would do to shut you up for the rest of the night, but instead was met with your hands pushing him down to his bed. Getting to your knees again, you jerked him off. His mouth moved but nothing came out, and when your eyes locked he almost fell forward. There’s no denying he wasn’t your first time and he’d give anything to replace whoever it was lucky enough to have you taste them. You kissed his balls, taking each in your mouth. The sounds alone driving him insane. He made sure to keep his eyes on you as best as he could. It felt like you two were connecting spiritually and physically. Like you had some sort of spell on him. It made his stomach turn. If he weren’t hit with this quirk he’d have come a long time ago, it was actually pretty scary. He brought you into another kiss, tasting your spit and his sweat. You climbed his lap, pushing him down. He placed his hands around your waist, watching you take over. A couple strokes and you placed yourself inside him. This time giving yourself time to adjust to his size. Sinking down onto him. He hissed at the familiar warmth. You rode him slowly driving him crazy. Your hips shook from the earlier activity and he could feel it. Smiling to himself. You’d be nearly done soon. But he couldn’t deny that he too felt the end approaching. You picked up your pace suddenly, ass clapping around him. His warm chest heaved in and out as you continued to go crazy on top of him, he bit down on his lip preventing anything to come out. He felt absolutely amazing. Making you moan out in pleasure. Each time you fucked him it seemed like he hit a new spot each time.
“Fuck.” He breathed out, the more he suffered the faster you went. “I’m gonna come.” His eyes were shut tightly. “Yn.” He begged. “Fuck, Yn.”
“How cute.” You made him look at you. “You come when I say so.” He didn’t know why but that almost made him come in you. He wasn’t one to enjoy anything like this, but this new authoritative personality had him wanting to put a baby inside you. The look in your eye made him want to hold you for the rest of the night. You looked beautiful right now, not like the other times he’d see you. But you were glowing. It was breathtaking.
He flipped you over, kissing you gently. You didn’t want this night to end. What will happen tomorrow when you two wake up?
“It’s getting late, you need to get some sleep.” He slid inside you again, hips rolling at an agonizingly slow pace.
He let you take control, grinding on him. Every now and then he’d kiss your shoulder in an attempt to make you feel as good as he was. The sudden affection gave you an edge. Your hips jolted as your first high came to an end. For the rest of the night the two of you fucked like animals in heat, the apartment nearly got turned upside down.
He wrapped his arms around you as you slept in front of him. You were the first person to ever last as long as he could. With or without the quirk you impressed him. But what will happen when you both wake?
You could feel him behind you as the sun peered in through the blinds. If this were any normal day he’d been out of here going to work but it wasn’t like that today. Especially after what you two did just a few hours ago. You reached out for your phone, 12:20 P.M. You had to be at work in two hours, sighing deeply you attempted to get up but huge hands held you down. A smile made its way to your face.
“Don’t move.” He held on close, his face buried in the back of your neck.
“I have to get ready for work.” You giggled.
“Don’t go.” As tempting as it sounded you couldn’t. You would be the only one in today and there’s no way you’d be able to leave the store shut down.
“I have to.” He groaned, covering his face up annoyed with the sunlight.
“What time are you coming home?”
“Later. Maybe seven.” He sighed, waiting for you to change your mind.
“How are you feeling? Are you okay?”
“I still feel the quirk but it shouldn’t be as bad as last night.” Throwing the blanket off, he looked at you with a smile on his face. “You’re going into work with those marks all on you?” You ran to the mirror, marks and bruises all over your chest and neck.
“Oh fuck.” He laughed behind you getting comfortable in bed.
“Just wear a turtleneck. It’s cold out anyways.” You were sore, if you could you’d go back into bed and sleep it all away but that wouldn’t be an option when your roommate laid in your bed when just a few hours ago you and him had the toughest sex ever at least 10 times.
When you finished showering you saw him passed out, hugging closely to your pillow, your scent making him remember how safe he felt with you last night. Looks like there wouldn’t be any talk about last night yet, hopefully not at all. You set off for work trying your best to walk normally.
Hours passed and he would’ve kept sleeping but whoever it was at his door woke him up. Bakugou found one of his plain white shirts and dragged himself to the front door.
“Woah.” The guests gasped at the sight of their best friend. Not even bothering to let them in, he walked away to sit on the couch.
“Well someone had a fun night.” Mina examined the marks on his neck and under his chin. “A really fun night.” She smirked.
“Damn Bakubro I have nothing to say.” Denki nearly whispered. Too distracted by his friend's skin to even crack a few jokes.
“For once.” Kirishima giggled.
“What the hell happened?” Sero tried fixing Bakugou’s hair. “Ya know besides the sex pollen quirk.”
“A lot of things happened.”
“You and Nova finally fucked it out?” Bakugou cringed at his ex’s name. Completely forgetting about her. Why would Mina say her name?
“A hooker?” Denki pushed.
“A fan?” Sero sat next to him.
“I don’t think so.” They all looked at each other. “I don’t know if she’s a fan of mine or anything like that.”
“Who is it?”
“My roommate.” The room got quiet, no one knew what to say. They didn’t know anything about you being he never talked about you to them.
“Is she hot?” Denki crossed his arms.
“Unless he’s desperate I’d say so.” Sero rubbed his shoulders. Bakugou had no energy to go back and forth with them.
“Well how are you feeling now?”
“I can still feel it coursing through my veins but I’ll be fine. It’s not as bad as last night.”
“Good then! But we’re going to have to meet this roommate of yours and see what she’s working with. You know, for science.” Denki parades around the room.
“Don’t harass her. Plus she’s at work.”
“Then we’ll wait.” Sero pitched in. All the boys raced over to play on the game counsel. Mina looked at him, how his eyes scanned the screen, how quiet he was. He seemed to have been tamed somehow. Even after graduation and he matured he always had a bit of anger and spice after every word spoken to them but not today. He seemed to be chilled, high even.
“So what are you going to do about Nova?”
“I’m not worried about her right now.”
“You should, especially since you wanted to get back with her. She might be on her mission but she’ll be back and when she does she’ll be expecting that talk you wanted to have with her.”
“I’m not worried about that right now. I have shit to handle with my roommate first.” He glanced at her, and wanted to say something else but he let it go.
“Okay. One thing at a time.” She smiled before joining the boys on the floor cheering them on. He sighed, his arms still hurting.
If he were being honest he barely remembered anything that happened. Occasionally he’d snap in and out. Flashes of him slamming you into the bed or wall would replay over and over again. Your laugh as he stared into your soul. But your kisses, they burned into him. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Probably wanting to continue the activities longer, but he knew your work schedule and how you would’ve probably skinned him alive if you were late to work. He smiled within, the thought of his best friends meeting you after you got your guts rearranged not even 12 hours ago. He felt wrong about it after you fell asleep. Nova. He was still in love with her.
Tumblr media
Pt. 3
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ssplague · a day ago
Alpha Bakugou & his late blooming Omega girlfriend 🌬🥀
Tumblr media
Honorable mentions: @jazzylove @bakugoismisunderstood @koreylive
Okay since so many of you seemed to really enjoy this “Just thinking about”, I’m turning it into a short story. I’m thinking it will have four parts all together (including the original post). So I know I’d said that I’d give you a nice big dose of Scumbag Suki this update, buuuut that was before I knew this was going to take off like it did 🙈 The next one is entirely his POV so you’ll get your fill then!
“Suki, did you really have to be that harsh towards Izuku when we left the playground earlier? I know you dislike him now but….”
You trail off as you get settled on the plush, blanket lined floor of the small tent you and Bakugou had set up in your backyard. Supposedly there was going to be “A shit load of shooting stars tonight!” acording to one of your classmates. You were excited and insisted on staying up to watch, and as usual, Katsuki inserts himself into any and everything you do. Therefore; The two of you had rushed home after school, asked both your mothers and pleaded to spend the night together out in the yard. Deciding that you two were still at the age where anything other than star gazing was unlikely to happen, they allowed it.
Battery operated fairy lights were strung along the roof of the tent and a small lantern illuminated the center, giving the inside a pink and orange glow.
“Hah?! No way was I about to let stupid Deku come and ruin OUR sleep over! This is for me and you ________, no one else….just…us” a light breeze blew in through the open tent flap and treated Katsuki to be briefly overcome by your scent.
The two of you had your scent glands come in around the same time and still weren’t entirely used to it just yet. All both of you knew is that you favored each other’s scents over anyone else’s. It was kind of getting embarrassing how much you were beginning to enjoy your temperamental best friend’s spiced caramel aroma. So much so you had to make a conscious effort not to lean into him and sniff at his neck from time to time. He was subtle about it, but certainly didn’t mind bumping into or brushing up against you more often than ever to get a whiff of your intoxicating fragrance. Even getting hit with a face full just now had his brain feeling sluggish as beads of sweat began forming along his hairline.
A voice inside his head started incessantly growling “touch her, touch her TOUCH HER”. Under the guise of getting comfortable he shifted his leg to rest up against yours and his mind quieted instantly.
“I….I know that Kat…I wouldn’t have invited him anyway!” Your face began to redden as you brazenly blurted out; “I like when it’s just you and I, we always have the most fun”.
He instantly perked up at hearing that, but he couldn’t help but ask; “So you like me better than him? You think I’m BETTER than him?”. Leaning into you as he waited for you to answer his question, eyes narrowed.
“You know I do! Besides….” You couldn’t help yourself as you leaned towards him and inhaled deeply “You smell so much better than him too!”.
Oh hell now you’d done it ________, you unknowingly opened the metaphoric Pandora’s box.
He didn’t speak right away, just smirked back at you and enjoyed the devious expression on your face. After another minute spent invading one another’s personal space you were first to snap out of it quickly muttering; “M’sorry Suki I..I dunno what happened I shouldn’t have got in your face like that!”. You sat back up and moved your leg so it was no longer touching his. Unable to comprehend the sudden feeling of sadness at the loss of contact, or attribute it to the fact that you were no longer touching him. Katsuki frowned immediately and scooted back against you, “S’okay princess…s’not like it’s a big deal”. His use of the familiar nickname only succeeding to fluster you further.
The next few moments were spent in silence.
Surprisingly, It was you that eventually broke it asking; “Suki do you know…d’you know what mates are?”. You immediately began to play with the cheap desk telescope you’d brought out to avoid looking at him, your heart was beating a lot faster now. The startled look on his face would have informed you that your question caught him off gaurd; Surely you hadn’t just had the same thought he did?! Well either that or you could read minds….that wasn’t very likely, thank god.
“Ah well my mom told me it’s when two people decide that they want to always be together and get sad if they are ever apart…so they live together….and then other stuff happens that damn brats don’t need to know just yet” he finished lamely, confused as to why he felt so strange reciting his mother’s words exactly as she’d originally said them.
“I get sad when we have to go inside our houses at night and stop playing together” you said, the depressed tone of voice sounded like it was happening right then. “Me too…I wish we lived together cause then you’d always be with me” he confessed shooting you a nervous glance. Your eyes lit up and you beamed at him when the idea suddenly struck; “We have to become mates now Katsuki, we have to!”. You got up on your knees and began frantically shuffling things around the tiny tent. “If we’re mates then our parents can’t tell us we have to stop playing and separate at night! We’ll always be able to stay together!” Your sporadic movement and sudden outburst immediately infected your companion with the same frantic energy, albeit nervous, but excited all the same as he stared at you with wide eyes.
“You’re right _________! That’s a great idea”
“I know!”
“So uh..umm how uh…how do we do that?”
You stop smoothing the blankets out to stare at Katsuki, “You don’t know how?”.
“No” he admits glumly.
You can’t hold back the distressed whimper that escapes you and Katsuki is immediately at your side trying to console you “Hey princess it’s alright-“. “NO!” you exclaim “We need to do this to stay together forever!”.
Then you remembered something; “I see my mom and dad do this every morning”. You roll up the sleeve of your jacket and bring your wrist up, simulating the motion of rubbing it across the scent gland on your neck. Katsuki nods his head in understanding; “Oh yeah, mine do the same thing! Let’s do that!”. He lays back and stretches his neck out, “You do me first and then I’ll do you kay?”.
You nod and smile down at him, shuffling towards his head and bringing your wrist up to his neck. You hold your breath as your skin makes contact with his and start lightly rubbing over his scent gland a few times.
“S-Shit” he says softly, squirming slightly.
“What?! Did I hurt you??!” You ask.
Fear immediately replacing excitement and distracting you from reprimanding him for uttering a curse word as you usually would.
“N-No it didn’t hurt…please d-do it again”
You do, continuing thoughtlessly as you become enthralled by his peaceful expression and relaxed as he starts purring.
“Your turn”
You take his spot laying down on the fluffy blanket strewn floor, shivering with anticipation and the slight chill in the night air. His touch warms you from the inside out and you gasp at the sudden sensation. Relaxing once more, you look up at him through heavily lidded eyes and return the smile he’s giving you.
Neither one of you has any idea that this situation is going to come with serious consequences.
Eventually you remember the whole reason you two had decided to camp out in the first place; “The shooting stars!” You cry sitting up and narrowly avoiding head butting the blonde boy above you. “Hey!” He snarls. You stand and open the window flap in the tents ceiling, just as you do you see the first “star” shoot across the sky. “Woah! Quick make a wish make a wish kat!”.
He won’t admit it…but he does, and so do you.
As more stars shoot across the sky the two of you lay together; Happily curled up in the blankets, snuggling up together. Occasionally one of you brings your wrist up and begins to rub the others neck lazily, while continuing to watch the dazzling light show taking place above you. Both of you end up falling asleep long before it’s over. The sound of Katsuki’s continuous purring, lulling you into the most comfortable sleep possible.
Well that, and how his natural warmth just seemed to consume you….
Warmth…so warm at times it could get uncomfortable.
Like right now…too close…too hot
Your eyes snap open and you take in your surroundings; This is your dorm room, you’re at school right now, safe. Your clothes and sheets are soaked through with sweat. Not just sweat apparently; After waking up more you realize your lower body feels disgustingly sticky. Then a tingling sensation begins at the tip of your toes, rapidly spreading up your legs until it reaches the special place between them. Then it’s like a literal fucking furnace has exploded down there! Not to mention the heavyweight that has now come to rest in your lower stomach as it begins to cramp.
“Ow! ow! Ow!”
You try to feel around the bed for your phone, you could call one of your friends to come help you.Friends….that’s right they all left for the weekend! Wait not all of them left, Katsuki! He’s still here! That’s right, you were supposed to go over to his room, last night? Is it already morning? Fuck who knows.
You start to cry when you can’t feel your phone nearby on the bed, you don’t wanna look for it.
You don’t wanna be alone either though….Your scared. His room is just down the hall it’s not too far away, maybe if you just take it slow you’ll make it. You force yourself to get up, not even caring that all you have on is a tiny pair of sleep shorts and a sports bra.
You bend down to grab your slides out from beneath the bed and slip them on your feet before moving forward.
One foot in front of the other.
Your hunched over, one arm wrapped around your stomach and sweat freely dribbling down your face, coating your chest, sliding down the valley between your breasts.
Jesus, I must look like fucking shit right now.
As you make it into the hallway and start your journey all you can think about is how badly you want to see Katsuki. He always makes everything better somehow; That smile he wears just for you makes your heart sing normally. Right now you just let out a pained keen at the thought. Your inner omega has always been quiet enough to ignore in the past, but now she’s practically screeching like a fucking banshee inside of your head.
Just one word, over & over & over again:
With each screech your primal urges and instincts had began overwhelming you. Eventually reaching a point where the lines between the two began to blur. Making you feel more like a wounded beast that’s gone absolutely feral, while slowly dragging yourself down the hallway.
Once you get about halfway down you start to smell the familiar scent that you’ve become so fond of. Only it’s so much stronger and….muskier? It’s intoxicating, and so potent, you need more! Somehow your legs are moving quicker thanks to this new desperation manIfesting. Once you finally reach his door you have to stop yourself from breaking it down; Frantically pounding on it instead, and now you’ve started crying, salivating, and you’re just a goddamn walking train wreck… Somehow you don’t care, your appearance doesn’t matter, you just need HIM right now.
When the door opens you stumble inside.
The sound of his voice quieting your shrieking omega as soon as it reaches your ears;
“Finally decided to show up? Was waiting all fuckin’ night for you and…hey what’s wrong? Oh shit…fuck”.
Fuck is very right.
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escapenightmare · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
“shut up, or i'll—” bakugou tries to threaten through the phone, but it wasn't as effectful as he did in person, so none of you cared.
“you'll what, bakugou?” denki says in a teasing voice, his expression hilarious as he bursts out laughing, banging his fists on the table, making his entire phone shake and fall face down onto the wooden surface, making his screen go black. giggling as he straightens his phone, denki sighs. “man, your threatening sucks when it's through the phone!”
“that's not true! well, not really.” mina interjected, in her pyjamas even though it was almost 6pm.
“remember that one time?” you snort, trying not to laugh at the memory of said incident.
“what one time? do you mean—” sero gasps, covering his mouth with his hand as he wheezes. regaining himself, he sputters. “no way!”
“wait, what time?” “what the hell are you talking about?” bakugou and kirishima talk over eachother, making denki stop his laughter and hold up a finger.
“you know...”
“no, we don't! that's why we're asking you weirdos to explain.” bakugou rolls his eyes, shifting from sitting cross legged to laying on his stomach on his bed, phone still in hand.
“weirdos? pfft, are you talking about yourself, bakubro?” sero scoffs, fiddling with what looked like, toilet paper?
“what the fuck are you doing with toilet paper?” mina asks the question you were just about to ask.
“wait. are you taking a shit or something?” your eyes are wide as you question, “bro, sero, that's so—”
“of course not! these are paper tissues i had laying around on my table,” sero flips the camera to show his table; ripped pieces of tissues were literally everywhere. “anyways.”
“now that, that is out of the way, what one time are you guys talking about?” kirishima frowns.
“okay so remember that time where we were on a call during christmas?” mina asks, shifting around on the floor by her bed.
“um,” kirishima pouts as he tries to remember, “oh, oh! that time— how could i forget that? how could you forget that, bakugou?”
“i still have no clue what the fuck you are saying,” was bakugou's only reply.
“we're talking about that one time we were on a call during christmas and denki said something that pissed you off, so you sprinted all the way to his house and made him come outside, and then you went inside and locked the door.” you explain in brief, starting to laugh again.
“oh.” bakugou cracks a tiny smile at the memory, but it disappears before any of you could take a screenshot.
“i got concerned so i went to denki's house, and he was literally walking around aimlessly in his pikachu pjs while you, katsuki bakugou sipped hot chocolate, enjoying yourself and watching through the window,” you add, shaking your head. “i still don't know how denki survived in that cold.”
“if my mom was home at that time, none of that would've happened!” denki chuckles, spinning his chair around.
“i'm just glad you took a video of it and sent it to us before you helped denki,” mina smiles, her eyes brightening at the fond memory.
“it took a lot to get bakugou to open the door, i had to bribe him with his favorite food.”
“which you never got him!” denki starts wheezing, again.
“that wasn't bakugou threatening someone through the phone though.” kirishima hums, “but man, that was funny.”
“oi, where'd the toilet paper dispenser go?” bakugou's voice startles everyone and you check your phone to see that, sero had muted himself and turned his camera off.
“i think he might actually be taking a shit this time.”
Tumblr media
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