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#bakugou x reader

Of course! Tall buffy ladies are kinda…cool :D I envision her kinda like She-ra maybe, tall and buff and cool! Thank you for this request, it’s perfect (OuO’)

Requests are still closed! Please don’t submit anything, I will delete your ask! Also, check out my RedBubble link in my bio for anime, Disney, and Kpop designs on shirts, buttons, stickers, prints, coffee mugs, pencil cases, and so much more stuff!

Please enjoy~!


You were studying in your room when Bakugou pounded on your door. “Open up (Name), we need to talk!” he yelled from the other side of the door. You opened, and he took you by the shoulders, slamming the door behind you. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you personally knew All Might? You know how much of a role model he is to me! And to hear you’ve known him since you were a kid! He’s your godfather of something, right?” He demanded, shaking you. “W-well, it’s not like that-”

“What do you mean?! Is he not your godfather?” he questioned, his face turning into a frown, “Is he something to you?” You nodded as he released you from his grip. “He’s…my dad”, you said, watching Bakugou process the information you’d just proved him. 


You took a deep breath before repeating yourself. He stared at you in utter confusion. “Okay, but why didn’t you tell me? That’s something I kinda should have known. I warned you about my parents, why didn’t you tell me he was your dad?” You shrugged. “I dunno”, you responded, “I guess I didn’t really have the heart to tell you. And I felt that it wasn’t all that important. You still love me, right? I mean, it’s not like I’m in  the hero course to show it off or anything like that.”

“Then why put yourself through it? If it’s not your dream, why are you going through with it?” He asked, a frown gracing his features as the two of you sat down on your bed. “Well…”, you started, rubbing the back of your neck, “I kinda need a license so I can screw around, but I also want to be able to protect others in a more calm way than I currently do. I’m a loose cannon I’ll admit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna work on it.”

He nodded, looking down at his hands before looking back up at you. “I guess those are pretty damn good reasons to be in the hero course, eh?” he remarked, a small smirk and a twinkle in his eye turning his expression into one of admiration. He kissed your forehead, making you smile. 

“I guess I’ll forgive you for not telling me, but from now on, no more secrets okay? I’m here for you, thick or thin, hero or not.” You nodded at his affirmation, sealing your own with a hug that had you clinging onto each other. 




- You two were eating lunch a few days later when Bakugou You know, you look a bit like him with your hair and how tall you are

- “You’re a bit over me and you’ve got guns (Name).”

- “Well it’s not hard to be taller than you Bakugou, you’re only 170 centimeters, that’s not a hard height to beat”, you teased, earning a glare from the shorter blonde

- “Fuck off, I’m still a normal height (Name), you’re a fucking comic book character”, he sneered, making you laugh

-You rolled your eyes at him, giving him a kiss on the top of his head before leaving him 

- “Shut up Katsuki, I’m still a badass and also taller and buffer than you~”

-He grumbled to himself as you left, leaving him to finish off his sandwich alone while he wallowed in his poutiness

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Thank you for your request 💖 and please remember you’re beautiful and your moles just add to your beauty, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! 

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki and Todoroki Shouto

Type: Headcanons 


Bakugou Katsuki


☁️Bakugou doesn’t understand why you’re self-conscious about your moles at first.

☁️They’re part of your body and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of them.

☁️They made you, you. The person he loved. 

☁️But once he realizes how much it affects he’ll do his best to make sure you feel loved.

☁️He’ll kiss every single mole he can find, telling you how beautiful you are after every kiss.

☁️You’re not used to Bakugou being this affectionate, but it’s really appreciated.

☁️"And don’t tell yourself you’re not beautiful ever again.“ He says before kissing your lips. "Understand idiot?”

☁️You’re really surprised by how cute your seemingly rough boyfriend can be. 


Todoroki Shouto


☁️Todoroki might stare at you for long periods, but it’s just because he’s mesmerized.

☁️He thinks they are beautiful and only make you more unique.

☁️But you might think he’s staring because they’re weird and you bring it up.

☁️This will make him feel bad because it made you uncomfortable, but he makes up for it. 

☁️"I don’t think they’re weird at all, they remind me of stars…“

☁️He’ll trace his fingers over your moles as if connecting the dots.

☁️"They form beautiful constellations.” He says kissing your temple. “Making your body a universe.”

☁️You’re left madly blushing. 

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Mixing both requests so I’ll make it gender gn!reader too 💖

Character: Katsuki Bakugou

Type: Headcanons 


Bakugou Katsuki


☁️Bakugou doesn’t even know how you guys started being friends.

☁️It all started when both classes had a joint training session and your quirk caught his attention.

☁️He wanted to fight you but Aizawa put you both on the same team to teach something about “team-work”.

☁️He’s actually impressed by your technique and says something about the lines of “You’re actually a capable extra”.

☁️"You’re not that bad either!-“

☁️He promised himself he’ll never try to compliment anyone ever again.

☁️But you kept meeting around the halls and you never left his side again.

☁️You give each other’s advice on how to get better control of your quirk and have sparring matches all the time.

☁️Your playful banter annoys him to no end, but he’ll still insult your back.

☁️"Your technique is actually getting better Bakugou!”

☁️"Well, yours still shit.“

☁️"Wait, whAT?

☁️He still cares about you, of course, he’ll just show it in his own Bakugou way.

☁️Like telling you to eat well and get a good night of sleep.

☁️He’ll also help you study and of course, gently beat you up with the rolled-up papers if you talk too long to understand.

☁️But he’ll also prepare your favorite snack so it’s okay.

☁️"Ugh you’re so annoying.”

☁️"But I’m still your best friend!“

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rules: ship yourself with your favorite character and give headcanons on how your relationship would go

Omg I literally had a mental breakdown choosing!!! Like obviously i chose Baku, but i felt so bad for not choosing Sero like my baby deserves more love but….. I mean I’m a Bakugou slut what else can I say??


Originally posted by bnhasdaily

-OK so like I said before, it’s either one of two options.

-We either hate, like absolutely despise each other.

-Or we best friends. Periodt.

-Though I prefer the first option so that’s what I’m going is.

-I might seem nice and kind here, but irl, i will definitely roll my eyes everytime I hear his voice.

-I will cry out of cringiness in the middle of the class when he has some presentation (i hate to say that but….. I’ve actually cried bc someone i dont like was talking to the class idk what’s wrong with me!!!)

-But, I feel like I’d be good friends with Sero and Kaminari, since I somehow for some unknown reason, get along with idiot trouble makers.

-And being the fake bitch I am, I’ll try and be nice to Bakugo, bur HaHa not so fast.

-I usually insult people a lot but I hide it in like a joke format, But katsuki is having none of it and he’ll stary insulting me.

-I’ll either insult him back and we have like a weird hatred but not really relationship.

-Or if I’m having a bad day I’ll cry, and even if he’s an a-hole, he’ll still feep bad for making someone cry.

-After a while, our hatred relationship evols and we find each other literally glued to one another.

-We’ll probably sit in the back and judge what the teacher is wearing, what on earth is Pikachu talking about, you know normal mean stuff.

-We have…. Special nicknames for each other.

-Of course I’ll always call him Bakubae, Bakuhoe, Bakuwhatever but in a more private setting, I’ll call him Kat, pronounced Cat.

-Because I just like cats and he reminds me of those angry cats you see all over the internet.

-He’ll probably just call me by my first name, and if he wants to annoy me, he’ll call me by my middle name.

-But also in more private settings, he’ll have sweet nicknames like Baby, babe or princess.

-Though I’ll literally shoot daggers at him if he uses that last one.

-I don’t think either of us are into dates.

-Fancy, romantic stuff are just beurk so it’s probably more of hang outs at each other’s house or at friend’s.

-And if we do go on dates, it’s something really lowkey, like movies or a simple lunch dates.

-OR OMG he’ll take me to cat shelters because he likes to see me cry and suffer but I also always beg him to get me one and he gets annoyed.

-Our lock screen background is not each other pic, because you know, idk it’s just cliché.

-But our home screen is probably a picture of us.

-Maybe me sleeping and he’s taking the pic. Like one of the rare ones where he’s smiling.

-We looove to make fun of stupid horror movies.

-Since neither of us gets scared, and let’s be honest most of horror movies don’t have a good plot, we’re just laughing the entire time.

-Ok so sweeter hc.

-When I’m having a bad day, he always knows what to do. He doesn’t cling to me and he lets me cry.

-He tells me that it’s ok to cry and will listen to me angrily explaining to him what’s going on.

-And if he’s having a bad day, I’ll the one to do all of that, I’ll hold him and run my hair through his hair, whip away his tears as I tell him how important he is to me.

-I probably overuse the words I love you, but when he always say it back, it just feels so special and I’ll get all blushy.

-Ugh hugging him would be an absolute delight, I’d be the one hugging him, so so tightly while he’s just standing looking at his phone or talking to someone.

-It might not sound the sweetest, but that’s how I like my hugs.

-And on the rare occasion where he’s the one hugging, his hands would wrap up so tight, I’ll have to push him away to breathe.

-When we’re just sitting around, with his head on my shoulder looking over it to see what I’m drawing, I’ll probably take any pen and start doodling on his arm, hearts, animals, eyes, dicks…. Whatever and while he tries to earse them, he’ll keep the ‘I love you Kat"!!

-Ok weird thing I’d do, I’ll try and convince him to die his hair black, only cause blonds aren’t my type.

-Omg the more i think about it the more i wonder how he’s my fav??

-I always need someone to be honest with me and get me out of my confort zone, so he’s the one doing so.

Ok and ig songs weren’t on the original prompt but imma do it cause i like it.

Simple Love by The Digs

So fall into my arms

It’s the only place to be

You’re the fish and I’m the sea

Our love is a simple love

It’s a simple love

It’s a simple love

Les Hautes Lumières by Fauve

J'porte le blason de mon clan

Je l'ai désormais gravé sur la face visible de mon coeur

Mais ça ne fait pas mal rassure toi au contraire

J'ai fait broder nos souvenirs étincelants sur deux manteaux de nuit

Que m'ont offerts des frères tisserands, drapiers canuts

J'ai à la main mes haussières

Je suis prêt

Après la nuit

Avant le jour

Et à travers les roselières

Après la nuit

Avant le jour

Je t'offrirai les hautes lumières


I wear the coat of my clan

I have now engraved it on the visible side of my heart

But it does not hurt be reassured on the contrary

I had our sparkling memories embroidered on two night coats

What the weaver brothers, canut drapers gave me

I have my hawsers in my hand

I’m ready

After the night

Before the day

And through the reed beds

After the night

Before the day

I’ll give you the highlights

Thanks @necccomancy for the tag. I’ll tag @bnha-homeroom and @1-800-callmekatsuki

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yandere dabi x reader, background bakugou x reader

summary; you love your husband, but not all is as meets the eye. there are somethings that you can’t bear to look in the eyes.

a/n; for eland. sorry i deleted this during my moral crisis it is back

tw; nsfw, dub-con, death, mindbreak? 

word count; 3.4k


Heat, a burning warmth against you face. The smell of burning flesh. Something bright flashes against your closed lids, and god, the screaming, it won’t stop, it won’t stop, it’s getting louder and-

“Y/n.” Your lover’s voice brings you back to the present, and your stomach lurches at the bright blue of his eyes. It’s too close to the colour of the flames, and the scent of singed hair fills your nostrils, and-

“Y/n!” You jolt feeling as if you’ve just awoken from a particularly vivid dream. Dabi’s cross; you can see that much from the flat line of his lips.

“Are you feeling alright?” Despite his obvious annoyance at your ignorance of him, his voice is still soft, eyes filled with concern.

“I-” You hesitate. Why?

“I’m feeling fine.” Dabi looks unconvinced, rightfully so, and you feel the need to convince him otherwise. “I’m probably just tired from last night.” Heat creeps up your neck, and you look away embarrassed as a predatory smile creeps across his face. Something about his expression makes you want to shiver, but you can’t put a finger on just what it is.

You don’t know why you’re so absent minded and jumpy around Dabi, the man you’ve been married to for the past five years and known for 15 more. He’s your closest confidant, childhood friend, the person who loves you the most and only wants the best for you.

“I love you, Dabi.” For some reason the phrase doesn’t quite flow off the tongue right, and you can tell that Dabi notices too. His smile twitches, and for a second there’s a little too much tooth, a little too sharp, the cheekbones of his face just a little too angular to be human. You blink, and it vanishes.

“I love you too, y/n.” Yeah. You love Dabi. Dabi loves you. It’s the way it’s always been.

Keep reading

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Of course ^_^

- - - -


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • He’d probably like to keep your relationship a secret due to your line of work-
  • so he wasn’t all that surprised when he saw some people starting to ship you with heroes- (it had happened to other heroes before after all-)
  • But then it started to get a pattern of one person in particular-
  • And that’s when he was Absolutely fuming-
  • He’ll try and play it off like it’s no big deal but the moment someone even brings it up he’s always half tempted to throw them out the window-
  • And to make things even worse?-
  • Of all people- people had started shipping you with Kirishima-
  • Which was bad because he knew Kirishima would never make a move on you (that just wouldn’t be manly-)
  • Probably tries to force Kiri to make a statement saying how you two weren’t dating or anything-
  • But that only increased the ship 10 fold-
  • People now thought he was just trying to hide the relationship much to Bakugou’s dismay-
  • Eventually he just loses it and starts shouting at whoever mentions it-
  • “Excuses me!- (y/n)- is it true that you and red riot are dating?-“ “Go to hell you damn bastard!-“ “Ah Sorry about that- please excuse my boyfriend-“ “your what?!-“
  • Let’s just say that poor man ended up being one of the top reporters of Japan- and while that stopped a lot of Katsuki’s rage- he always knew there would be the few people who still shipped you-
  • Stop him before he hunts them all down-

Originally posted by bnhasdaily

  • Didn’t really understand shipping at first-
  • You had to explain it to him that it wasn’t real and just what some fans thought
  • He understood- but it still kinda hurt him to see that people thought you would be better off with someone else
  • It wasn’t like either of you had made a huge deal about your relationship though-
  • so neither of you really blamed anyone
  • But now he felt like he had to do something to show you both were in a relationship-
  • He wasn’t exactly sure what ‘something’ was though-
  • Lucky the person you kept getting shipped with was Iida, one of his friends who he had know to show no interest in dating you before-
  • Actually asks him if he would ever be interested in dating you just because he’s so confused-
  • Eventually does more research on your ship and stumbles across the ones involving him-
  • And though there were a few of him and you- most of them were full of him and his best friend-
  • Reassured you he’s not dating Midoriya despite you having already known about the ship long before he found out-
  • Only ever occasionally address your relationship in interviews or when he’s asked questions though so it’s not really something that bothers him-
  • He’s learned that it happens to all of them wether they like it or not-

Originally posted by jirouus

  • Oh he knows about shipping-
  • And He has seen its dark sides-
  • He only feels bad that you had to fall victim to it-
  • But in all honestly he was really upset seeing that people though you’d be better off with someone else-
  • Especially when it was Monoma of all people-
  • Of course Monoma was never actually interested in you-
  • that still didn’t stop him from messing with the press much to your and Izuku’s protests though-
  • But It just genuinely baffled Him because he knew that your relationship was pretty well known to the public-
  • Yet people still continued to ship you-
  • Sadly- he knows the limits shippers will go to so he knows that there’s really no hope for getting it to stop-
  • Oh he’ll still try though- even though he knows it’ll never actually stop people from shipping you

- - - -

Hope that these turned out alright and that you liked them ^_^

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Irritated 9


Short but hey at least I’m writing again.

“Moving onto the most crucial point of this meeting. Due to the heavy rumors of the reappearance of the league of villians and high end nomus I need the two of you to be in…” But the rest of the conversation is drowned out by the rushing blood in the ash blonde’s ears.

Teetering on the back two legs of his chair as his eyes burn holes into that damn emerald mop head who is ever present in his life.

The same dumbass who asks questions about this meeting.

But he isn’t asking the right ones.

Hell everyone seems to be avoiding the elephant in the room as they carry on normal conversation all the while the hot head grows even hotter.

The swirling rage demanding his undivided attention while his ribs echo his heart beat.

Finally he snaps, slamming down the two front legs of his chair, palms hissing as explosions ring out stunning the other two in the room.

The wood at his seat is forever charred, while yours was always neat, easy to forget as they seem to have now.

Hell even Izuku was sitting in your normal seat.

“Oi, how much longer are you two gonna act like nothing is fucking wrong?” He growls, Izuku looks away with flamed cheeks proving Bakugou’s theory right.

Izuku was worried too, he was just too scared to ask.

“I don’t follow.”

“You lying fucker. You *do* follow. When was the last you heard form Y/N?!” He slams his phone on the table when no one answers, “Since she quit right?”

“So that makes it a whole fucking month. No one has seen her, no one has heard from her and her insta is dead.” He shoves the phone in their faces. The last picture you posted was of Bakugou and Deku standing next to All Might’s cut out.

“She could be on vacation.” Yami counters to which Bakugou snorts.

“And she wouldn’t want any dumbass pictures of the beach with an even shittier caption?” He hisses, “No paparazzi has seen her?”

“I’m sure she’s been spotted.”

“Where? All the tabloids question her where abouts.”

“Staycation. No one knows where she lives. She was always good at that.” Yami counters, nervously sipping at his coffee causing the blonde to grind his teeth.

“How is she eating if I still have her fucking card?” He slams the plastic on the table that clatters with it’s own dramatic flare.

Director Yami gulps desperate for an excuse as Deku’s eyes widen.

“New card.” Yami shrugs making his way back to the bulletin points behind him.

“Its still active.” The room is enveloped in that sweet burning sugary smell as his temper rises. He is no longer playing Mr. Nice guy.

“Activate her tracker.” Its a threat and a promise all in one. Do as I say or become fuel for my explosions is everything his eyes say.

“S…she threw her bracelet at me when she resigned.” Yami tries to sound direct as Izuku subconsciously fingers the metal on his own wrist.

“Yea but I doubt she did that with the one that’s implanted. Pull it up Yami.”

The director is stunned into silence before a burning blush creeps onto his face.

“I…” He clears his throat no longer able to hold eye contact with either party, “I don’t think it will work.”

“What?!” A snarl and a shocked retort echo in the room.

“What do you mean?” Another set of polar opposite tones ring out in the small stuffy place of the meeting room. Yami fishes for his phone in his pocket, pulling up the neglected app swallowing thickly as he is proved right.

The map shows no red dots. Only the hundreds of blue caused by the bracelets. He pushes the phone to the center of the table, the proximity is close enough to reactivate the trackers in the two men. Slowly two red dots flicker to life beside blue.

The third never makes an appearance.

“Why isn’t hers showing?” Izuku asks, a glare beginning to weigh heavy in his jade eyes.

“If it’s not checked monthly then it deactivates on it’s own.” He pinches the bridge of his nose, “In my defense I had seen the three of you everyday for the last few months. You guys are a PR nightmare!”

Bakugou’s glare narrows in on the ignorant man who was in charge of the safety of hundreds of heroes.

He was going to be pay for his ignorance.

Izuku watches the hot head’s toned arm lift, palm spread wide, realizing just in time Bakugou’s intentions. He lunges for his old friend, knocking him off balance as the two of them fight. The two men struggling for dominance before the blonde comes out on top.

Literally, pinning the emerald haired man, as he raises a fist, sure to make contact with his stupid, freckled face.

He always hated this face, but you, you didn’t seem to mind it.

And yet, in a sense, Deku had let you down too.

But no one let you down as much as Bakugou had. Or so he thinks, he keeps telling himself something isn’t right, that he should have followed you.

Maybe even apologized.

“And fuck you too Useless Deku! Too much of a pussy to ask about your fucking friends!” He brings his fist down, aided by the power of his quirk.

Deku shuts his eyes and hope he doesn’t lose too many teeth.

The punch makes contact but not with Izuku’s face. Instead Bakugou’s forearm is half swallowed by carpet, concrete and steel biting into his flesh. He ignores it with a growl. He rises with a growl, scarlet eyes set in determination as he blasts the door from its hinges.


The smell of damp Earth and harsh chemicals assault your nostrils as your vision rapidly fades in and out. 

As if it watching an old film, images flickering by just fast enough to give it the effect of motion. 

But this felt like a horror film. 

And one you are staring in. Your breath comes rapid and hitched as you try to fight the silent fingers that slowly caress against your brain. Each nail numbing a part of your thought process as motion catches your eye from beneath a side door to your right.

The door open illuminating the shadow as a hiss of your bracelets pierce into your skin, injecting you with something that pulls you under faster than the figure can appear before you.

“I think I need to lower the dosage doll. I want those pretty eyes to see their new home I’ve built.” His voice echos in the darkness before all thought is lost to you.


In Bakugou’s moment of rage a thought occured to him. One that has floated through his mind for longer than he can remember.

If he wanted something to be done right then he ought to just do it his damnself.

His strong legs carry him down the stairs and winding halls to the records room. Like clockwork the attendant had left for his smoke break at exactly six o clock.

Something Bakugou had noticed years ago and filed away as possibly important.

Just in case he needed to borrow a file without having to check it out.

And he definetly doesn’t anyone to know that he may or may not be looking for you.

Because they were more than likely going to try to stop him.

The hot head knew he had a least fifteen minutes, especially since the evening receptionist smoked at this time as the quiet record keeper. The basement dwelling attendant hoping to mac on the handsome receptionist in that short time.

Bakugou was thankful for the stupidity of others for once as he slipped into the records room with the spare key that was tapped beneath the desk.

The room is vast, reeking of mildew and damage paper mixed in with stained ink. He never understood why cases and records were filed manually instead of digitally but today he was grateful for the current CEO’s laziness and the former CEO’s aversion to both change and technology.

Older records are kept on steel shelves stacked in brown boxes that had to date back to the seventies or eighties while the more recent files were tucked away in half rusted filing cabinets, lining the musty brick walls.

There was no method to the company’s madness, the records seemed to be filed haphazardly and more or less half assed over the years by someone whose dreams of being a hero hadn’t fully flickered out.

But clearly they had settled for protecting rotting paper in favor of the public.

Bakugou growls as his eyes drag along each paper plaquer none in the exact order he needs. Some even slid into the metal casing upside down.

At least that’s how he finds the one labeled “new hires 20XX”. His cheeks hurt from his devilish grin before he yanks one of the doors open.

Again organization is thrown to the wind as files sit out of alphabetical order.

Chaotically mingling with one another having Bakugou grind his teeth.

Finally he finds your file, tattered and coffee stained as if someone revisited it quite often. He opens the Manila folder, more than ready to commit your address and whatever other information he could gain from the thick folder before an idea strikes him.

Would anyone even notice a missing file in this mess?

Hell it had taken him almost ten minutes to find and it wasn’t as if the director was concerned with your well being.

His eyes narrow at your address, wondering why you chose to live in such a run down part of town before he slips the folder into the front of his pants swiftly covering it with his shirt.

He returns to the front of the record room, quietly shutting the cage door before he takes his gloved hand to the tape.

The door to the left stairwell clangs open. Two male voices echoing in the hall.

“I…I mean that’s if…if you want to meet for drinks when you g..get off.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes, deft fingers adhering the key back to its home just before the other make answers.

Delight in his voice that twists Bakugou’s stomach in whole, green jealousy.

“I’d love to see you later. Until then.” What could be a peck on the cheek follows as Bakugou slips into the opposite stairwell.

Wondering why the hell it seemed blossoming relationships came so easily to everyone around him.

His ribs throb as a reminder that that was something he would never have the privilege to experience as your voice echos in his head.

“We were never friends.”

The mineola folder suddenly feels too hot against his skin, burning even. For a second he wonders why he is even doing this.

Why he’s bothering himself with finding someone that clearly doesn’t care for his company. He thinks to himself that he will just place the folder in his desk, that he’ll abandon the notion of being a sleuth and return to his hot headed no fucks given ways.

But you whisper in his head once more with a weak, sleepy tone.

“Please stay, Katsuki.”

Strengthening his resolve to find you once more.

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send in a character + kink/scenario with a song prompt!

masterlist requests are open <3

cyber sex - ‘i wanna touch on you/you see me in my room/wish you were here right now/all of the things i’d do’

won’t bite - ‘closer to me baby, i won’t bite/you look so tasty, but i won’t bite/really i’m such a good kitty, don’t put up fights/ but if you trick me, baby it gon’ get sticky’

rules - ‘said play with my pussy/but don’t play with my emotions’

bottom bitch - ‘i’m her pimp/she my flip/ooh don’t forget/that’s my trick/she my bottom bitch’

say so - ‘let me check my chest, my breath right quick/he ain’t never seen it in a dress like this/he ain’t never been impressed like this’

like that - ‘i said ‘do that, do that, baby, all night long’/and i’ma turn off all my phones/you know i hate it when i’m left on read’

talk dirty - ‘tell me, what’s my name? make that kitty yearn/teach me how to jerk, make that kitty learn/ uh, wait who’s your momma? who’s your daddy, lil’ baby?’

addiction - ‘i’ve got such a pretty body/looks prettier when i’m a mess/and i just like to call him daddy/cause the first one he up and left/and you can relate to broken girls’

streets - ‘we play our fantasies out in real life ways and/no final fantasy, can we end these games though?/you give me energy, make me feel lightweight/like birds of a feather, baby we real life made for eachother’

shine - ‘yeah i fuck your mind, i ain’t got time/dick was hella mean, slipped in some nice’

better than me - ‘baby, why you frontin’? you know that i been the best/i come for they neck, they run cause i’m next’

juicy - ‘like to keep him wanting more/he ask me, ‘doja where you at huh?’

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Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Most people called their partner by their name or something nice. 

Bakugou Katsuki was not most people.


Oi, Dumbass!

You paused, feeling your mood sour slightly. You loved your boyfriend, but you hated his nicknames for you.

"Yeah?” you asked, turning and closing your locker.

“You look wrecked, you not sleeping or some shit?”

“I’m fine, Bakugou.” you sighed.


The truth was, you were not fine. 

You knew he thought well of you and liked you, and you liked him too. You could handle his brashness and see the well-meaning behind his crude words. 

But these negative nicknames were really starting to get to you. You felt your confidence being chipped away with every “dumbass”, “dipshit” and “shithead”.

But Bakugou being Bakugou, he wasn’t one to notice subtle things like that, or think about whether his words would hurt feelings.

You had thought the rudeness would decrease when you started dating, but if anything, it had only gotten worse.


Your friends could see the light dimming in your eyes over time with it, but every time they offered to do or say something, you refused. You didn’t want them to have to do that. 

So you lied and said it was no big deal. That you didn’t care.

They didn’t buy it, of course, but they couldn’t do something you didn’t want them to. You found you were needing to lie a lot these days.


Gathered in the common room, you were playing games with Kaminari, Mina and Sero. Kirishima was on the couch, sitting this round out as all five of you took turns on the console. It was really fun and you were having a ball.

But then your boyfriend showed up.

“Haah?! Playing shitty games again? You’re gonna ruin your eyes, Dumbass!” he prodded you in the head.

“We’re just having a little fun.” you said, waving him off with one hand as you sent Mina’s character flying with the other. She squealed in protest.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?!”

“Relaxation is important!” Kaminari argued.

“Bakubro, why don’t you join in next round?” Kirishima suggested cheerily.

Those things are bad for your brain, and I’m going to bed in an hour!” he barked back.

“Grandpa Bakugou~” Sero teased.

The blond bristled and tugged on your sleeve. Your character slipped off the platform and died as a result. Your shoulders sank.

You had been so close to beating Sero. You’d never managed to get so close before. It wasn’t a big deal, you were just trying to have fun with your friends.But even that was being ruined right now.

Bakugou was oblivious. “C'mon, Shithead! We’re leaving!

Something in you snapped.

”…My name isn’t “Shithead”.“ 

Bakugou paused, surprised at your response. ”… What?“

You rounded on him, all of your built up anger finally spilling over. You didn’t care that your friends were there. You had had enough.

You stood up and rounded on Bakugou.

"If I’m such a "dumbass”, such a “shithead”, then why don’t you just dump me already?! Or are you too much of a fucking coward?!

Your friends watched with stunned silence. Even Bakugou was shocked speechless. You weren’t stopping. 

"Do you have any idea how badly you treat me?” you went on, jabbing a finger into the chest of your tight-lipped boyfriend. “Kendo treats Monoma better than you treat me, and he’s an asshat!

Poor Monoma didn’t deserve to be dragged into this.

Your voice then got scarily soft, looking Bakugou dead in the eyes, your faces mere inches apart. 

“If you actually want me to hang around, you better get your shit together and fucking act like it before I decide to dump your ass.”

With that, you grabbed your things and left.


Still in the common room, Bakugou exploded. 

What the fuck was that about?

Kirishima was the only one brave enough to broach something so sensitive.

“Bro, most people don’t call their girlfriends something so insulting.”

I’m not most people! She knows that!

“You still shouldn’t call her things like “Shithead”! She’s really good to you and you’re treating her like crap!

“…It’s honestly amazing that she’s put up with it for so long.” Mina admitted quietly. “A lot of girls would have dumped you ages ago for it.”

“Wha-?!” Bakugou had been about to argue, but stopped when he realised how serious Mina was being. 

“You’re in deep shit, bro.” Sero advised sagely.

Bakugou’s face dropped as he realised jsut how close he was to losing you. He needed to fix this. And fast. “…What do I do?”


You were furious. Absolutely irate.

You hadn’t spoken to Bakugou in almost two days.

You wouldn’t answer his calls or read his texts. If you heard or saw one more insult from him you might actually lose your mind.

You wouldn’t look at him in class. If he entered a room in the dorms, you left.

You were faster than Bakugou. You always had been. If you saw him approaching you in the yard you ran and he could not catch up.

You knew you couldn’t ignore him forever, but you were too damn angry to even think about being around him.

It had only been two days, but there were already rumors that you two had broken up. Mineta had approached you offering to soothe any feelings of loneliness, but after you dangled him over the edge of a window, he got the message to not bother you anymore.


Bakugou was losing his mind.

He was chasing you around, calling you, texting you, doing everything he could to try to get you alone and apologise to you, but not only were you giving him total radio silence, you were treating him like a fucking leper and wouldn’t let him anywhere near you.

He wasn’t patient, and you were killing him. And his guilt was eating him up inside. He was selfish. He knew that. He didn’t compromise enough. He knew that. 

But he had missed you even before this fight. It was the whole reason he had tried to drag you away from that game in the first place. With training and schoolwork and clashing schedules, you two hadn’t had a proper date in almost a month. He had just wanted an hour alone with you to cuddle before he had to go to bed. To have you in his arms and feel you near. That was all he had wanted. 

And now he was struggling just to try to keep you.

Three days was his breaking point.


Bakugou stomped into class, approaching your desk. Your classmates turned to look at him heading your way, hushing in their curiosity of what was to follow. You pointedly flipped through your phone, ignoring him.

“I’m sorry, l/n.” he said clearly. “You’ve been amazing to me and I’ve been a dumbass and a shitty boyfriend to you.”

You paused. It was strange to hear him using your surname. It had been so long since you’d heard it from him instead of an insult. 

“I’m going to work on the mean nicknames thing. Not just with you, but with everyone. No more insults. And if there’s anything else, just say it. Anytime.” He took a moment to ready his nerves. He hated that everyone was watching. “…I really fucking miss you, y/n.”

You looked up at that. He was red to the tips of his ears, clearly embarrassed, but determined. Not only was he was saying all of this in front of your classmates, but it was also his first time using your first name. He knew you could mock him in front of everyone if you wanted to.

But you wouldn’t. 

You stood up and gave him a hug. “…I missed you too.” you admitted.

Your class erupted in cheers and wolf-whistles.

“Oh, thank god.” Bakugou sighed in relief, wrapping you up in his arms and pulling you close

“You’re making me dinner tonight.” you grinned. 

“Whatever you want.” he agreed. He was just glad to have you back.

“Take your seats before I give you both detention.” Aizawa drawled.

You separated quickly and took your seats, but already knew what your plans for the evening would be. 

A shit-ton of cuddling.

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I kept this pretty vague as I really didn’t know how to write for it, I mainly wanted to give you something that showed you that it is okay and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed or anything like that. Also I’m really bad at angst I think so I didn’t want to add it to this in case of offending anyone. I hope you’re still happy with this ❤

Philophobia - The fear of love/falling in love


  • He gets it
  • With the way his childhood was he is pretty apprehensive when it comes to love himself
  • So when you express your fear he will understand the most
  • He would want to help you with your fear but wouldn’t know where to start so he asks you if he can help in any way
  • Shoto will do some research so he can understand a little better so he doesn’t accidentally offend you or something similar
  • You will get no judgment from him at all! 
  • Fully supportive and will help you with absolutely anything you need


  • Has no clue what to do when you tell him
  • He honestly takes it to heart to begin with because he feels like he is too angry and scares you
  • Bby is insecure
  • This being said he will do a little research on the subject so he can understand because he wants to understand you better
  • Once he understands better he will want to talk to you about it more to see if there is anything he can do to help you
  • But he is super blunt about it because he is Bakugou afterall
  • He won’t judge you about it and will support you in his own quiet way


  • His first instinct when you tell him is to research it
  • Does his thing where he researches every little thing and has a whole notebook all about it
  • He desperately wants to understand what you’re going through so he can help you 
  • Wants to talk to you about the subject more but he has to psych himself up for it so you find him passing and mumbling
  • He thinks normal research is great and all but he really wants to know what your personal experience is
  • He asks if there is anything you want him to do or if you even want help to get through your fear
  • Izuku gives you his full support no matter what because you deserve it
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send a character in with a prompt ! <3

masterlist requests are open <3

comfort crowd - ‘yeah, i could spend a lifetime/sitting here talkin’/and even if i cry all over your body/you don’t really mind’

wish you were sober - ‘tripped down the road, walking home/you kissed me at your door/pulling me close, begging me to stay over/but i’m over this rollercoaster’

maniac - ‘then tell them that you hate me and dated me just for laughs/so, why do you call me and tell me you want me back?’

(online love) - ‘i can’t help but imagine/what maybe could’ve happened/if you weren’t just an online love’

checkmate - ‘now this is getting fun/i saw you kissing someone else’s tongue/you said that i’m the only one you love’

the cut that always bleeds - ‘say you love somebody new/and beat my heart, to black and blue/then they leave, and it’s me/you come back to’

fight or flight - ‘now there’s someone at my door/someone i’ve not met before/they’ve for eyes like mine/a pretty smile and they’ve been crying for a while’

affluenza - ‘every day’s your birthday/you threw a party but you kinda hate all your friends/so you’re crying in a drive-way/killing time, getting high/can’t wait ‘til it ends’

(can we be best friends?) - ‘and if anybody fucks with you/they fuck with me/so, if anybody fucks with you/i’ll knock their teeth out, yeah’

heather - ‘why would you ever kiss me?/i’m not even half, as pretty/you gave her your sweater/it’s just polyester, but you like her better/wish i were heather’

little league - ‘do you remember days on our old block?/messing with our neighbours who called the cops/coulda swore that you and me/could get away with anything’

the story - ‘best friends with each other/but always wished they were more/ cause they loved one another/but never discovered/cause they were too afraid/of what they’d say’

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oop, back at it again with dragon dick kiri

thank you SO much to @brattyquirks​ and @shoutogepi​ for looking over this for me when i was sick of looking at it, i appreciate the help so so much !! 🧡

pairing: kirishima x reader x bakugou

word count: 8.3k

warnings: explicit penetrative sex, M/M/F threesome, dildos, dragon dick kiri

this is part of the dragon dick kiri series

tip jar!


It had started out as a joke, a throwaway comment that you really hadn’t put all that much thought into. You didn’t expect it to grow into anything more, but maybe you should have; it was pretty typical of Bakugou to take an innocent comment and interpret it as a personal challenge, after all.

“I hate my life.” You announce to no one in particular, your voice echoing off of the bathroom tiles.

“Shut the fuck up.” Bakugou snarls. You can’t take the vicious heat in his voice seriously, given your current predicament, so you just opt to ignore it. “Will you just- ow! That hurts, you stupid, shitty-”

“Fuck off, this is not my fault!” You snap back. Your patience is frayed and barely hanging on by a thread, and you feel safe enough snapping back at Bakugou considering you’re confident that he’s in no position to try and kill you if he does happen to take issue with your tone.

“We’re not playing the blame game!” Bakugou snarls, which means that he’s definitely aware that he’s at fault here but doesn’t want to admit it. “All you have to do is-”

“I’m trying!”

You’re not trying hard enough!

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a/n: im honestly really glad that i’ve gotten requests for male s/o’s !! ive always thought lgbt+ boys need more representation on these kinds of blogs :’) sorry if this is bad, but i’d be more than willing to write more on this concept !!


Originally posted by jirouus


  • disaster bi
  • you’d fluster him very much, especially if you flirted with him
  • “y-you’re pretty.. h-handsome? w-whichever you’d prefer, i-”
  • when he first saw your hero costume, oh boy
  • he wouldn’t even get close to you
  • sure, he sees you in the locker room, but something about you in your hero costume does something to him
  • especially if you have a skirt, he’d definitely see up your skirt on “accident” and blush about it for the rest of the day
  • deku’s a nasty, nasty boy, but that’s for another day
  • once you’re comfortable though, he’d have no problem ogling you as much as he wants
  • he’d be envious of your confidence, and be proud of you at the same time
  • you’d slowly help him grow more confident by telling him he’s hot, gorgeous, smart, etc
  • it makes his heart go waPOW
  • if someone said something about you he’d immediately rush to your comfort, being the worry wart he is, even though you’ve told him plenty times that people’s words don’t get to you
  • he’d give the person that said something to you angry-frustrated glares from then on

Originally posted by giorno


  • lowkey always thought you were hot, will never admit it though
  • confidence is very attractive to katsuki, and the fact that you strutted your stuff for the world to see got his attention very quickly
  • tries to pretend like you’re annoying, but it becomes playful banter very quickly
  • as playful as bakugou can get
  • when it comes to your hero costume, it doesn’t bother him much until he actually sees you in action
  • you’re a badass and you look hot as fuck in that skirt?
  • he trains with you a lot
  • you two are definitely a power couple
  • shamelessly lifts up the skirts/dresses that you wear when the two of you are alone
  • “nice ass. “you have 5 seconds before i fucking sock you.”
  • he’s definitely more upset than you at what people may say
  • “tch, fucking piece of shit extra thinks they have the right to say anything about you? have they even seen you fight?”
  • is more than willing to teach them a lesson, but of course you stop him before he can
  • you honestly have to beg him not to get in arguments for your sake
  • you make him promise to keep his cool as best as he can when you’re not there to calm him
  • “pretty please?” “…you’re damn annoying. whatever.”
  • translation: i cant say no to you

Originally posted by shuuthegourmet


  • another power couple
  • todoroki being todoroki, pays no mind to you at first
  • although, you are competition to him once he realizes how strong you are
  • he didn’t treat the girls any differently, so why should he treat you differently?
  • he’ll ask you to spar with him, during which you proceed to flirt with him
  • todoroki being todoroki, does not notice
  • this will either frustrate you intensely, or encourage you to keep trying
  • he does not once doubt your power, so your sessions get pretty intense
  • you’ll have to beat the shit outta him and ask him out while you stand with one foot his chest
  • seeing your tight costume/up your skirt from that angle flustered him so much that he didn’t even hear you ask him out
  • “(y/n), t-this position-”
  • “i didn’t think i’d have to beat it into you for you to realize.” “…realize?” 
  • your eye would twitch
  • “so you’re telling me you want a second round?
  • once you two finally got together though, all was good and well
  • when people said things about you, he’d always check in with you first 
  • of course he didn’t like it, but he wouldn’t get mad unless you did
  • he’d still reassure you always that you’re amazing and he loved you for who you were

Originally posted by tsubasale


  • fuck yeah
  • kiri would love that shit
  • if your costume exposed your body, he’d love it even more
  • you two could be borderline naked together!
  • of course he’d think you’re hot, but that didn’t matter as much to him at all
  • you were so strong and confident and amazing and made his heart go doki doki boom boom
  • he’d be the one pining after you
  • you could beat his ass and he’d cheer you on as if you’d taken down a villain
  • “that was fucking awesome. you’re so fucking manly.”
  • even though he loved that you didn’t care what others said about you, kiri would get defensive
  • he’s the type to pout about it and give you a bunch of affection later
  • you’re just like ???? and he just “i love you. very much. let me kiss you please”
  • kiri would definitely be up for trying on a skirt himself
  • he’d smash in ur hero costume

Originally posted by rufflestruffles


  • the dumb half of dumb and dumber
  • he’s very friendly and would approach you first
  • you would warm up to him pretty quickly
  • he’s honestly the easiest to develop a crush on
  • sero would casually compliment you on your fighting and your outfit all the time
  • he 100% knows what he’s doing
  • though he doesn’t even have to compliment you for you to know that 
  • hype man all the way
  • he’d confess when you two were studying together cause he was staring at you the whole time
  • “you’re really pretty, ya know.” “wh- t-the lesson, sero.” “let’s go on a date”. “…not if you fail this test again.”
  • would like you to model your hero costume for him if ya know what i mean
  • and other cute clothes as well
  • he’s ready to fight whoever disrespected you in the slightest
  • sero would offer to tape the mouths of anyone who talked shit about you
  • or tape them to a while til they apologized
  • you’d say no of course, but he can’t make any promises

Originally posted by pvscvls


  • dumber
  • another disaster bi
  • you two would meet because he’d mistake you for a girl
  • you were talking to someone else and you had your back turned
  • whether it was your hair, your clothes, or your posture, denki thought you were another baddie to flirt with
  • which you were, just not the type of baddie he thought
  • “hey girl, what’s your name?”
  • you didn’t let it get to you because this happened all the time, and you thought he was just another asshole, so you simply turned around to correct him
  •  “i’m a guy.” “hey boy, what’s your name?”
  • while midoriya is the shy disaster bi, denki is the chaotic one
  • “if you ever need help putting on your hero costume, you can call m-” he doesn’t finish before you sock him in his shit
  • he’d do ridiculous things to get your attention, though you can’t help but find it cute
  • you’re gorgeous to him, through and through. your confidence, your looks, you’re like a movie star in his eyes
  • plus you’re badass
  • he’d want you to beat him up
  • will fight just about anybody for you
  • “hey kaminari, why don’t you take notes from your girlfriend?” “hes my fucking boyfriend, you shit stain”
  • let anybody misgender you, denki will go off
  • if you’re not with him he will start a fight
  • he loves you so much and will always try to fight for your honor
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Reader: F
Character: Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya, Dabi
Rating: E
Summary: “your writing is literally so good!! 💞 could I request a yan! kirishima, bakugou, dabi, and izuku with an s/o who’s super short, a bit chubby; kind/caring, cute, and goofy? she just wants the best for people, but is super insecure herself. thank you for considering it! 💗^^“ - Anon
Warning: Yandere
A/N: There were a lot to do so I didn’t do the Kirishima one, but I’ll do it in another piece. 
Tip Jar 🍸 | Commission Info | Ask Box: Open

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Part 1

Here’s a lil tiny bit of part 2, let me know if you want to be tagged when I post the second part!! If you want part 1, scroll down. I will link it later. Hugs!

@ikebukuro-ghoul @itsgardenuniverse

-Brit, @slut-zawa THANKS JO for helping me write this for real.


Originally posted by offlineno-bakugou

Rating: Sorta nsfw, children stay away. The full part two will be very nsfw.

New stuff under the cut!


“I.” You gulp, mouth dry. “I have-….I think I like you.” Now you can’t meet his gaze. You only hear a hitch of breath before a rough hand is on your chin, turning it gently to face him. Bakugou wears an unreadable expression before he pushes his forehead against yours, and you close your eyes, enjoying the closeness. You both are just panting into each other’s slightly ajar mouths. Breathing the same hot, charged air. You can hear the soft smile in his voice when he asks,

“Can I?” In lieu of an answer, you surge forward to seal your plush lips over his. He sighs into the kiss, deepening it immediately. Tilting his head, he brings another large hand to the back of your neck to pull you into him. His tongue darts out to run along your bottom lip and you open up for him. You moan as his tongue slips into your mouth, licking along every surface he can. It’s like he’s been waiting forever to do this, and he lays his desperation out in the open for you to see.

The heat in your core is back in full force, sending scorching waves through your body as the hand on your neck comes to the small of your back. His hands are scouring over every inch of you, greedily squeezing and kneading and stroking. You arch your body into him, frustrated that you can’t get the friction you need, but breath hitching at how you can feel his ab muscles contracting against you. Your hands are stroking down his arms and chest, appreciating the way his muscles pull taut under your touch.

He breaks away first, trying to catch his breath, but wastes no time in trailing sloppy kisses down your jawline and neck. He sucks on a spot at the base as one calloused hand comes to stroke up your thigh. Widening your legs, you gasp and whine as your hands dig into the roots of his spiky locks and pull. You delight at the full-bodied groan that earns you, and he pulls away from your neck with a searing gaze. 

“Want to go to my room?” His deep voice rasps. You do. You very much do.

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hcs: Bakugou with a cute, chill & space cadet s/o

request:Hi 💗could you please write some headcanons for Bakugo with a s/o who’s a total space cadet?

request:omg could u do some headcanons for Bakugo with a cute, chill, space cadet type s/o please!!! 🙏✨💞😭

I decided to combine these since they’r very similar ^^

okay so English isn’t my first language which meant I had to look up the term space cadet and the internet said it’s person who zones out pretty often? So that’s the definition I will go with, my apologies if I got the meaning wrong! have fun reading ^^

Tip jar ^^


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Synopsys: During your daily walk alongside the shore you come across a peculiar looking man. Suddenly everything around you changes and the beautiful paradise becomes a nightmare. There is but one man who can wake you up from it. Will you manage to open your eyes? What awaits you if you open them?

tags/warnings: Kirishima x reader ✅  slight Bakugou x reader ✅  SFW ✅  fluff ✅  fantasy ✅  slight horror/violence ✅

word count: 6.6k 

prompts used: “It’s all right, come here.” and “Wow. You’re even prettier up close.”

A/N: This is my contribution to the Mermay event the BNHA bookclub ( @bnhabookclub​ ) organized! Please mind that this is my very first attempt at such a long story! A BIG thanks to all the people from the club who continuously cheered me on and sprinted with me until the very end of this piece ( ´ ∀ ` ) Enjoy and thank you for picking this work up! ❤️  

━━━━☆ ━━━━☆ ━━━━☆

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AN: Hope you like it :) Sorry for typos or misspellings. 

Idea: You sleepwalk when you’re highly stressed or nervous. You just found out you’re pregnant and you’re scared and unsure of how to tell your husband.

Aged up characters.

Warnings: Pregnancy, Stress/Anxiety , cussing (It’s Bakugo, that a given)

Parring: Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

Words: 1.7K


There you were, sitting alone on your couch in your apartment, shocked as your doctor’s words echoed through your mind. ‘Congratulations, Mrs. Bakugo, you’re going to be a mother.' 

You’re pregnant. A child is growing inside your body. You’re going to be a mother. Katsuki is going to be a father. OH GOD! 

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