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#bakugou x reader

fluffvember 2020 | evening.


[ 7:13 pm ] — bakugo katsuki

“oh…” you lament, looking down at your wristwatch, “it’s almost time for me to head home.” parents were always the strictest. you look back up at bakugo, and all he’s doing is looking at the whack-a-mole game he just couldn’t seem to beat. however, the game costs three tokens to play, and he only has one. 

he turns to you. “we should head home, then.” you pull him towards the exit, but one specific little attraction in the arcade catches your eye. stopping in your track, you turn your head towards the photo booth, and a small smile makes its way onto your face. you warm, and ask him if he would like to take a photo with you. 

bakugo is quiet when he tells you, “i only have one token.” he’s sort of ashamed to tell you this, as he’s spent all of his tokens trying out—and winning, for that matter—every game in the arcade. you were the one to suggest going to an arcade on your second date, so he might as well make the most of it. 

you check out the booth and are elated to find out that to take a picture costs only two tokens—you pull out your only remaining token from your pocket. you beam, and bakugo can’t help but smile as well. 

you pull him into the booth and insert the tokens. the screen in front of you lights up, and it mirrors your faces. the speaker lets out a scratchy, “first shot in 3… 2… 1…” 

the both of you panic, not knowing how to pose, so the both of you give awkward smiles. neither of you know where to look, either. 

“second shot in 3… 2… 1…”

you cup his cheek in your palm, and you give him a kiss on the cheek. bakugo stays stiff, not expecting you to do such a thing.

“third shot in 3… 2… 1…” 

he does the same. like bakugo, you weren’t expecting it, so your eyes go comically wide and there’s a huge smile plastered on your face. you can’t remove it, and when bakugo pulls away, he’s also smiling— though, your smile radiates over his. 

“fourth shot in 3… 2… 1…” 

the both of you turn back to look at the camera with panicked faces. there was a fourth picture? your hands scrambled to pull up a peace sign, but bakugo’s held onto your wrists. you looked back at him with such genuine surprise and yet a tinge of innocence that his gaze on you softens. you feel your heartbeat race. 

“enjoy your picture!” the photo booth prints out a single sheet of the four pictures taken. your heart drops. there’s no second sheet—who’s to take it home? 

you pull out the sheet gingerly, and you hand it to bakugo, who looks at pictures then at you. “no, you should take them home. you’ll be able to pin it on your wall, or something,” he tells you, rejecting to take them home. 

“no, i want you to have them. it seems you had more fun than i did tonight.” you smile. it seems to bakugo that smiling is a common feat in your relationship, so he smiles back. 

“i said you should take them home!” he tells you, raising his voice slightly. it’s in a playful manner, so you laugh. you then shove the single sheet into his chest. 

“they’re yours now,” you argue. he sighs. 

he’s sorta glad he took them home. though, he’s not all that excited about having his mother asking him what he’s holding and smiling at when she barges into his room later that night. 

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the little things

summary: the little things about you that made him fall in love with you.

characters: katsuki bakugou, denki kaminari, shouto todoroki

warnings: none just fluff 

  • this boy is completely in love w u
  • he’s not one who is very good at expressing emotions and we all know that
  • so when he realized he was in love w u he panicked lmfao
  • before you two started dating it was the small gestures you’d do subconsciously
  • touching his arm when you passed by him
  • always having a snarky remark when he calls you names
  • never taking his threats too seriously
  • the way you cheer him on during spars 
  • he would never openly admit it because he is
  • e m o t i o n a l l y  c o n s t i p a t e d
  • when you two do start dating he finds even more things that he loves about you
  • ofc your kisses 
  • but also the way you look at him
  • he could be losing his shit
  • mad as fuck
  • and just your look alone is enough to calm him down
  • and don’t even get him started on the way you slip your hand into his at the most random times
  • overall this boy is a straight SIMP for you
  • you have him wrapped around your finger
  • s’cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • let’s be real
  • anything you do is fucking adorable to kaminari
  • you could deadass rip a fat mf fart and he would cry at how cute you are LMAO
  • knowing kaminari, before you two started dating everyone knew he liked you
  • he’s not very sneaky when it comes to things like feelings
  • so initially he found your reactions to his dorky pickup lines cute
  • kaminari: “do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk past you again?”
  • you: ☼.☼ 
  • also you: (◡‿◡✿)
  • honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his search history is full things like
  • “cheesy pick up lines to make them laugh”
  • “top ten pick up lines to make them yours”
  • when you two start dating he sees a more intimate side of you
  • which means he finds more cute lil things to love about you
  • how messy you look when you wake up 
  • how you complain about homework 
  • how angry you get while playing video games
  • how you hold onto the sleeve of his shirt when you get anxious in public 
  • how you squish his lil cheeks to get his attention
  • god he just loves you so much
  • everything you do is so perfect
  • keep him he’s so sweet i wanna cry ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒)
  • todoroki is the most reserved out of the three
  • but he is also so mf observant
  • he notices things that literally no one would ever focus on
  • like how you part your hair
  • he loves that shit it looks so good on you
  • if you wear makeup he notices when you change lip glosses 
  • this bitch notices when you change 
  • it could literally be clear and he notices somehow
  • todoroki loves things like the shape of your nose
  • when you crinkle it (。◕ω◕。)
  • he eats that shit up 
  • but in all seriousness
  • he loves the way you play w your hands or bite your nails when you’re nervous
  • when you brush his hair out of his eyes 
  • when you show him something on social media that reminded you of him
  • when you dance around your or his room 
  • he loves the little noises you make when you’re sleeping next to him
  • oh my god he loves your face when you’re embarrassed
  • tbh he loves every expression you have
  • when your eyes light up at something you’re excited about
  • the face you make when you’re trying to do something difficult 
  • the face you make after you ACOMPLISH said difficult thing
  • he even loves your crying face (but he hates when you cry it breaks his heart)
  • because he has never seen someone as beautiful as you
  • he’s so mf cute im dying
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Lonely Nights

Bakugo x reader

A/N: inspired by the song Lonley Nights by ilyTOMMY, also it’s aged up and Baku is a pro hero

Also if you know the song, I changed the order of a few lines so that it would go back and forth between reader and Bakugo.

I honestly have no idea what this is, and it kinda sucks soooo 🤠

Warnings: angst, a little bit of cussing,


The lonley nights

It had been months since you’d seen Bakugo after your brutal break up, but you still missed him every night. During the day you’d cope fine, busying yourself with work, friends, family, etc. but the night was empty. Just like your once shared apartment and bed. And as you struggled to sleep like you always did, since 4 months ago, a tear slid down your face. You didn’t know if it was from frustration or sadness and you didn’t care, all you wanted was to sleep. Next to Bakugo.

I used to touch up on your thigh

It had been exactly four months since Bakugo had seen you. He broke up with you, so why does he feel so upset about it. During the day he’d cope fine, doing hero work, yelling at his dumbass friends, working out, etc. but when it was all over and he went to sleep, he would yearn for your comforting fingers drawing patterns on his back. He remembers with a ‘tch™️’ how he would grab your thighs and bring your leg over his before nuzzleing into your chest. Tears pricked his eyes as he substituted your body with a pillow and wondered why he broke up with you in the first place.

I used to hate it when we’d always fight

You remember clearly all the fights you had with Bakugo. You remember each tear he caused you to shed because of his unbridled rage. You most certainly remember the last fight you had. Screams, tears, breaking up. But you still missed him, you knew you shouldn’t, he broke up with you after all. But every night after you cried your pity tears you remembered all the good things too. Like the cooking, the morning runs, the Netflix binge nights, the cuddles, the laughs, the genuine love. Or at least you thought it was genuine.

I used to hate it when you always cried

Bakugo remembers the way he treated you every time he thinks of your break up. Of you. He remembers the look of pain on your face after he’d snap at you because he had a shitty day. Or the small tears that would run down your face as you would put in your earphones to block him out. And how angry he got when you did that, how his blood boiled when you ignored him, even when he deserved to be ignored. He remembers the last fight you had and the pained sobs that came out of your soft and pretty mouth. Or how tears came down heavier than ever before as he called you terrible things. And how even after everything he said, you were still going to stay with him. You would still be together if not for him. His heart pangs with guilt and regret. You were so perfect to him, supporting him all the way. Staying with him even when he raged at you. And he pushed you away.

I wake up, see my face and close my eyes

You remember the first night you woke up without Bakugo by your side. You cried for hours. For days. For weeks. You wanted it to all be a sick joke, or a nightmare. You wanted to stop waking up to your joke of a life and your sunken eyes. You wanted to wake up next Bakugo. During the first month, you would wake up and go back to sleep, eyes brimming with thick tears, spending the day in your bed. It’s gotten better, as time progressed, but each lonely morning hurts just as much as a lonely night.

I’m feelin’ weaker as the day goes by

Bakugo never liked to feel weak, and that certainly hasn’t changed but the longer you and him were apart the weaker he felt. It was hard to do certain things, listen to certain songs, and go certain places without a longing for you. He remembers all your dates, and every smile you guys shared during them, even if he wasn’t a participant in the smiling part. And each time he remembered he got this unignorable hurt in his chest. And then he felt weak. He would work out and curse at himself for a distraction, but he couldn’t do that forever, so when his distraction ended he remembers you again. And the process repeats.

I miss the grave that you had in your eyes

You remeber Bakugos eyes. A lot. The beautiful firey eyes. The pit of pure passion and determination. The way they would stare into opponents eyes and show them their end. Their decided grave. They were one of your favorite parts of Bakugo. The way he looked at you was different. Softer. Full of love that you happily returned. All you wanted was to look in them and forgive. Forgive and forget. But that could never happen, he was to prideful for that. You missed him though, so much. And you hoped he felt the same way.

I miss when you were right here by my side

The first time you and Bakugo saw each other after your break up, had been almost a year later. He never contacted you again, like you knew he wouldn’t, his pride far to big. You almost broke into tears and he cringed at your shocked eyes. But you also smiled at him, showing him that you forgave him. Showing him that you wished he was happy. And he gave you a much smaller smile in return. He wanted to walk up to you. Put his pride aside to apologize and propose a second chance. And as he took in a breath to prepare himself he saw a guy walk up to you and grab your hand. You gave one last soft smile before walking off with your new lover. And Bakugo’s heat broke again.

The lonely nights

That night Bakugo went to bed, alone. And he let himself cry for the first time in months. He knew you weren’t going to bed lonely, because you found someone new.

That night you went to bed, next to your “s/o”, but he was really just a distraction. Someone to fill the Bakugo sized hole in your heart, but he didn’t help, your heart has never felt the same. You may have been with him but you still felt alone without Bakugo. As your lover drifted off to bed you turned to your side to cry softly.


You both missed each other but it seems that you would both continue to good to bed with that lonely and crushing weight on your chest. You would continue your lonely nights without each other.


A/N: so um yeah it’s finished you got to the end, and it’s not good I’m so sorry. Gonna post it anyway tho but yeah.

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Bakugou Katsuki

69. How often does he jerk off

Not a lot. Even before you came into his life he didn’t touch himself that much. It was mostly a way to relax and let out his pent up frustrations

101. His hands plus fingering

AMAZING with his hands. He can make you cum multiple times with just his fingers. He is ✨gifted✨ Loves edging you too. Seeing you try to fuck yourself on his fingers is just delicious

104. Breeding kink

Yes, loves shoving his cock deep inside and filling you up with his seed. Whenever he sees that little bump in your belly he goes crazy

109. Porn and hentai Collection

Barely watches porn. He probably gets off to the thought of you and may watch porn from time to time just to get things going. I don’t think he likes watching hentai, it’s not realistic enough for him 🤭

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[Nesting Fever]

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting!! I wrote this all in one sitting, lol I was suddenly hit with inspiration. I hope you like it!! Also, I hope this comes off as a poly relationship. I’ve never written one before, but I tried!

Word Count: 3,059

Warnings: Always cursing lmfao


It was wrong. You could feel it. You knew what you wanted. But it was wrong. You scolded yourself over and over. This had been going on for months. Far too long and more than you’d like to admit.

“I shouldn’t want both of their scents in here,” you groaned, flinging yourself into your nest.

After the nesting conundrum that took place in your apartment just seven short months ago, your everything had changed. Kirishima had become a very big part of your life. After scenting him to spite Katsuki during a fight, he now seemed determined to win you. Even if he didn’t notice. Eijiro basically lived in your house now.

He made you feel safe. His scent soothed you in just a whiff. You almost felt like you were falling in love all over again. You didn’t love Katsuki any less. But you were falling in love with Eijiro. You wondered if maybe you’d always been. He was so easy to fall in love with, after all.

The intrusive thoughts you’d had about your new house guest had been growing. Before, they were peppered in. Just an occasional thing. Easy to brush off. But now you’d been properly fantasizing about how he tasted. About how his hands would feel against the skin that only Katsuki and yourself had ever touched.

You wondered how he’d fit in with your family. How they’d react to you having not one, but two Alphas. You wondered if you were being greedy, wanting them both. But you did, vehemently so.

This was not good.

How could you explain that to your mate of a year and a half? The man you’d been talking about marrying? How could you tell him that you were still head over heels for him - while also loving Kirishima the same way? What would he even think about that?

“I could never ask Katsuki….” you muttered. “He would never….”

But the fact that your boyfriend had had a little crush on Kirishima was never a secret. Not to you, at least. He claimed it was because they were best friends. But you didn’t act like that with normal friends. Maybe Katsuki wouldn’t be opposed….but would he be willing to share an omega? That was the kicker.

Alphas were possessive. They wanted what they wanted, and who was theirs was theirs. The two had been at each other’s throats over you. Alpha vs Alpha. Could you really ask them to share you?

Kirishima was a near permanent fixture in your home now. He had never been in the way. In fact, it felt like a piece clicked into place. Your home had felt brighter and been filled with more laughter. Everything was amazing - when the two were behaving.

But the tense air between the two alphas was choking. There were times they both let their guards down. Times when you already felt like you had a dynamic. Those times were amazing. You leaned on Katsuki and Kirishima cuddled against you. Katsuki and Eijiro would act couplely, even when they hadn’t meant to. You wanted to just smother them both in kisses.

But you couldn’t.

What were you going to do?

You groaned loudly and threw a pillow at the door. A burst from your quirk made it hit harder than you intended. In a flash the door was open and the warm, delicious mixed scent of Katsuki and Eijiro flooded in. They were very alert. Their eyes were wide, scanning for danger.

“The hell is going on?” Katsuki snapped. His shoulders were tense, the tendons in his neck standing out. He was a coiled snake ready to pounce.

Eijiro hesitated in the door. You caught as he stepped forward then immediately retreated. “Are you okay?”

You sighed heavily. “I’m fine. Just…having some issues. - Katsssuuuu….”

You held your arms out and he went to fill them. He kneeled and took you tightly in his arms. He hid his face in the crook of your neck. You relaxed your arms around him.

“Something isn’t right,” you muttered. Then locked eyes with Eijiro. “My nest is missing something important, it isn’t complete.”

Eijiro froze, you could see it. Every muscle tensing. His face grew red. But he didn’t break your gaze. He swirled his own pheromones in with Katsuki’s, as if testing the waters. You had a feeling he caught on. You smiled, reclining your head against Katsuki’s shoulder in response and taking in a large sigh.

You were going to have to talk to Eijiro about this later. Maybe, if you could get him on board, talk about your feelings, then it would be easier confessing to Katsuki. Maybe he’d even do it with you.

Eijiro bolted off and out of sight. While Katsuki held you tight. Your eyes lingered a moment longer on the door frame. You had wanted them both in your nest so badly. You wanted them both to hold you, to protect you, to tell you they love you. But it wasn’t that easy.

You gave Katsuki a tight hug in return. Your nerves soothing surprisingly well, despite how conflicted you were. But this was Katsuki. The last few months, he’d been verging on an Apex Alpha. He was very conscious of everything you felt. He’d some how figured out how to turn his pheromones into the most relaxing, lulling, mouth-watering mixture. You didn’t know what he’d done, but you became absolute putty in his hands in one whiff.

You always wanted to be putty in his hands. But you wanted to putty in Eijiro’s too.

Katsuki relaxed you to sleep. You’d been up early anyway. You napped for a few hours. Your dreams were laced with the most potent caramel scent. But soon, a musky, warm scent invaded. And your body felt like water. You were on cloud 9. Everything, everyone, you wanted was bottle up in those two scents. You wanted this delicious mix in your life forever.

When you woke up, you heard the TV on. Along with the faint sound of sizzling. Giving a whiff, you could tell Katsuki was cooking. You tottered out , still stumbling on your slumber legs. You smiled to yourself as you looked into the room.

Katsuki stood with a pan and an apron in the kitchen doorway. He was completely absorbed in whatever Eijiro was watching, even standing very close to where he was sitting.. The red head was sitting in the chair you’d occupied for your little tantrum. He had his knees to his chest, totally lost in whatever was on.

It was adorable.

After a minute you yawned loudly and went in. Both of their eyes snapped to you. Eijiro grinned, but looked away quickly, his face staining red again. Katsuki smiled that in love, puppy dog smile he got when he thought no one was looking.

“There’s my Omega,” Katsuki cooed. “I’m making dinner, since Shitty Hair can’t cook.”

“I can too!” Eijiro tossed back.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “[Name] likes my food better anyway.”

They both looked at you expectantly. You felt like you shrank. You wanted to dive back into your nest. All you could think was, please don’t give me those eyes!

“I like you both,” you said, awkwardly laughing as you tried to fix your statement. “I think you both are really good cooks.”

“Osha. Whatever,” Katsuki scoffed. “Oi, you two run to the store. Get some dessert, whatever you two want.”

“But you want vanilla - something, right?” you asked, more teasing than anything.

Katsuki gave you a seductive smirk, then licked the end of the spoon he was holding. “I want anything that tastes like vanilla. The sweeter, the better.”

Heat coursed through you. Damn him. Katsuki gave you a wink then went back to the kitchen. You turned back to Eijiro. You saw his jaw clench, and his eyes take one desperate drag up your body. You’d never seen him do that before. You turned quickly, going to throw on some actual going out clothes.

Eijiro was bouncing anxiously by the door when you got back. He caught your eye then darted through the entry.

“We’re going Katsuki,” you called. “Love you, be back in a bit. Text me if you remember anything!”

“Don’t you two miss me too much,” he called back. “Don’t make me wreck the supermarket because you idiots.”

That was Katsuki for I love you too. Please be safe, I will protect you til my dying breath.

“We’ll try,” you laughed and shook your head.

“Oh, and ask Shitty Hair if he wants anything else in this. I already know what you’ll want. Fucking predictable.”

“I will. I’ll text you.”

Then you were out the door. Eijiro was waiting in the street below for you. His hands were stuffed into his pockets and his head was ducked. You’d really messed up, hadn’t you? Maybe you should’ve taken it slower….

“So,” you started, bumping his shoulder with yours. “What do you want for dessert.”

Eijiro’s eyes flicked to you then the ground. He shrugged and headed down the sidewalk. It was quiet as you walked. Tensely quiet. You hated it. Eijiro should’ve been his usual self. Talking happily about whatever. He couldn’t even look at you.

It was wrong, but you were glad to be this close to him. To his scent. Even if it was weird right now. You’d smelt that turmoil once before, months ago as you sat on his lap and scented him. Eijiro smelt like that now.

What was he thinking?

Eijiro still hadn’t said a word as you read he’d the store. He’d nearly walked into the door he was so distracted. He followed blindly by your side as you walked through the aisles.

“Uuuhhh,” you mused. Trying to think of what to say. “Do you like bed we set up for you? I know it’s not the newest mattress but -”

“What did you mean?” Eijiro asked, coming out of stupor. “About your nest?”

You were quiet. A little too ashamed to admit it out loud. What you’d meant. What you were trying to say in one longing look. You kept your eyes forward, going down one aisle then the next.

“[Name], please….it’s been bugging me all day. I have a theory, but….I want you to tell me.”

You stuttered and stumbled. Trying to put together a semblance of a sentence. He watched you and those crimson eyes, so much softer than Katsuki’s own rubies but just as gorgeous, made you nervous. You felt like a kid with a crush who’d been called out. You supposed you were, in a way.

“I,” you finally managed. “It’s hard to explain. Can you feel the exact same way about two people?”

Eijiro’s mouth flattened into a line. “I guess that depends on the feeling.”

There was something in his scent that changed then. It egged you on. Made you braver. Something that made you think he knew exactly what you were talking about.

You slowed your pace. “Can….Can you be in love with two people at the same time and love them an equal amount?”

You saw Eijiro swallow. His whole body seemed flushed. His eyes on you intently. You met them with equal intensity. Everything felt like it balanced on a delicate scale.

“That’s a very serious question,” he said, his voice a low murmur.

You nodded. “It’s a very serious feeling.”

Eijiro grabbed your wrist, tugging you a few aisles. And then there, right in between Chex Mix and the Honey Graham’s - he kissed you. You could actually feel his heart thrumming against his chest. Yours met his pace. Then quickly your mouths found their rhythm. It was hot and needy, and he tasted just like you’d expected him too. Only better.

A slight bit of shame chewed at you as you separated. You wanted this. You wanted him to be your Alpha, along with Katsuki. Honesty, Eijiro could probably teach him a thing or two about being an Alpha.

“Do you really mean this…?” Eijiro asked, and his face was more serious than you’d ever seen.

“That’s been my issue,” you muttered. “I love Katsuki. To absolute bits and I’d be lost without him. But I’ve fallen in love with you too. I love you to bits. I’d be lost without you. I’ve been happier these last couple months, and I think Katsuki has been too.

"But I’m worried. An Omega isn’t supposed to have two Alphas. I’m not supposed to love two people, not so deeply, anyway. And I don’t know how to tell Katsuki any of it. What if he thinks I don’t love him as much? What if he thinks I want to leave him?”

Eijiro chuckled, then kissed your forehead. “Who said you can only love one person at a time? And who said it was illegal to have more than one Alpha? There’s a lot of amazing people in the world. You can love as many of them as you want, with as much of yourself as you want. - Maybe it’s a bit unmanly to admit, but I’ve kinda had a thing for you both for a while. If Katsuki’s down for sharing you, having it be the three of us, then so am I. I just want you both to be happy. Even if that’s without me.”

You shook your head, you could barely stomach the thought. “I don’t think I could be happy without you both now. It’s hurts to much to think of either of you leaving. I think I’ve been falling in love you while I was also falling for Katsuki. So don’t think it’s just because you’re around more.”

“So….what do you want to do?” Eijiro was serious again. He held you closely, as if you’d always been like this. You caught as he momentarily warned an Alpha who was eyeing you up. A little change in scent was all it took for them to turn tail.

You groaned. “I don’t know. I need to tell Katsuki. If I keep this secret in, I’ll burst. And it’s not like I want to cheat on him with you. I want it to be the three of us. My two favorite people.”

“We could sit him down tomorrow, if you want. I’ll wake up early, make breakfast. And we could talk.”

You nodded, Eijiro made it sound so easy. “It’s as good as any. - Now we better hurry before he calls asking where we are.”

You two began towards the dessert section, then silence much more comfortable now.

Eijiro knocked your shoulder. “Oh, and Katsuki was right. You know? About the vanilla.”

You groaned and momentarily his your face in your hands. If things went too, you’d now have two people embarrassing the hell out of you.

You quickly fetched your desserts and the two of you went halfsies. Mostly because Eijiro left his wallet in his other pants and could only pay with what he had on him. You’d given him another kiss for how cute he was. You remembered to ask about Eijiro’s garish on the way back.

You and Eijiro were all smiles as you got back to the apartment. You worried. Would Katsuki think something was wrong? Or that something was going on behind his back? He didn’t say anything, even if he did. Dinner was amazing, as you were expecting. Every bite was an absolute thrill to the taste buds.

Maybe Katsuki should give up heroing to a full time professional chef!

After dinner, you and Eijiro offered to do dishes. It was the least you could do since Katsuki cooked. You were washing and Eijiro was drying. Katsuki leaned on the doorway between the living room and kitchen for a while.

“Hey,” Katsuki started awkwardly. The dishes were nearly done. “You don’t have to worry about cooking breakfast tomorrow, Ei. Butt dial here basically told me everything themselves.”

The plate in your hands clattered into the sink. You and Eijiro both stared at Katsuki. He didn’t look mad or anything. More amused. He held up his phone and pressed a button. The entire conversation in the cereal aisle played out, right up until the vanilla comment.

“Katsuki,” you rushed. “I promise, I still love you all the same -”

He came and pushed a gentle kiss to your lips. Katsuki’s puppy dog smile came back as his eyes bounced between you and Eijiro. He grabbed the back of Eijiro’s head and pulled him to kiss his forehead. Then left wordlessly out the door.

Eijiro put a hand on his forehead. A little grin coming. Then he laughed and grabbed you, pulling you close to him. He planted a few sloppy kisses on your cheek.

So it was a yes. Everything was fine. Katsuki wanted you both like you wanted them. There was nothing wrong with you. Nothing about this was bad. It was a possibility you hadn’t thought of, with a better outcome than you could’ve hoped for.

Later that night, after Eijiro fell asleep on you for the millionth time, you finally talked to Katsuki.

“You really don’t mind?” you asked. “About sharing me? About the three of us -”

“If I was going to be stuck with any idiots forever,” Katsuki started. “I rather it be you two than anyone else.”

You leaned up to give him a kiss. He put a hand on your cheek. That sent butterflies raving through your stomach.

“And you may have been fucking right,” he admitted hesitantly against your lips. “I….might have a stupid thing for Shitty Hair. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever love you any less.”

You shrugged. “Lots of love to share.”

“I’m not fucking sharing you with anyone else but him,” Katsuki growled. “You’re still my Omega. And it doesn’t matter how I feel about him, if he even thinks about hurting you -”

You shushed him. “You’ll wake up Eiji.”

It took you both to carry Eijiro to your bed. You figured now was as good of time as any jump head long into this. Eijiro immediately clung to you, and Katsuki squished you in between. This felt amazing. This felt right. This is where you were supposed to be. In the arms of the Alphas, of the men, that you loved more than anyone else in the universe.


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Bakugou Katsuki

10. Would he want anal

Yes, he’d definitely want to try it but if you express that you are not interested he’d be a little disappointed but wouldnt t force you. Consent is key

56. What size is his cock

He has a fat cock. It’s not that big probably 8 inches but it’s thick and he knows how to use it. Mf hits all the right spots

57. Cum, how much and taste

Quite a bit of cum. It tastes pretty good, he has a good diet so you’ll be able to swallow it without any problems. It’ll probably even have a bit of a bittersweet aftertaste

107. Does he use lube

Nope, he prefers to get you ready by eating you out. Don’t worry he always makes sure you’re prepped before you take him. He’s a gentleman :)

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“Calm down.” Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“How can I when you just dropped a bomb like that?!?”

“It’s not really a bomb.”

“Katsuki, you want me to meet your parents!” He hugged you to calm you down.

“Shhh. It’ll be fine. They’ve been wanting to meet you for a while now.”

“Oh my God! You told them about me?”

“Fucking duh, you are my girlfriend right?”


“Now calm down.” You relaxed some. You had time to make up an excuse on why you couldn’t do it.

“Also, you’re meeting them later.” He ran, literally.


You stood outside his parents house, your heartbeat pounded so fast.

“I can’t do this.” You admitted nervously.

“Yes you can.” He kissed the back of your head before ringing the door bell, reaching down to grab your hand you relaxed a bit. The door opened and you almost passed out. This was a bad idea, a very bad one.

“Oh!! Come in, come in!” His dad greeted happily.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Masaru.”

“Hi, I’m yn.”

“It’s finally nice meeting you. We always hear so many great things about you, but he never brings you over.”

“Where’s mom?”

“She’s finishing up dinner.”


“There she is.” Talk about a spitting image of Bakugou. You almost couldn’t believe it. Yeah his father had some resemblance but Mitsuki’s genes won.

“Oh my goodness! You’re adorable!! Maybe he does have taste.”

“Really mom? Really?” You only laughed before she grabbed your hand taking you to the kitchen. “I want to know all about you.” You smiled at her before sitting across from her, Bakugou sat next to you and across from his father.

“What would you like to know?”

“Bakugou’s good to you right?”

“Yes.” You smiled.

“Good, I would hate for him to lose you. I can tell you’re a good girl.”

“Mom please don’t embarrass me.”

“Of course not.” He smiled happily, but he soon found out she was lying.

“Masaru remember that one time yn went out of the city for a week and he called us crying about how lonely he was without her?” He slapped his face. You grabbed his hand under the table, he looked at you rolling his eyes at his mothers antics.

“It was nice meeting you both. Have a good night.” You smiled because you had more than enough secrets about Bakugou to hurt his pride.

“Yn, go wait in the car I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay.” Hw watched you walk away, his father stayed in the window making sure you got there safe. Even though it was a nice neighborhood he didn’t trust anyone.

“You know Katsuki, you should bring yn over more often.” Mitsuki smiled towards herself as she cleaned the dishes.

“You just met her calm down old lady.” She dunked his head under the dishwater. He struggled for air as she continued on smiling, finally letting him go she laughed at him and his wet hair.

“You damn crazy hag!” She slapped him in the back of his head the water splattering on the floor.

“Watch your mouth. I hope you don’t call yn names like this.”

“She’s not old like you.”

“KATSUKI!” He ran before she could attack, he laughed hysterically.

When he got in car you thought it was raining.

“Why’s your hair wet?”

“I called my mom a hag.”

“Bakugou. That’s not nice.”


“You look like a wet Pomeranian.”

“SHUT UP!! NO I DON’T!” You laughed uncontrollably.


You woke up next to Bakugou. He was still asleep on his stomach, his hands and arms under his pillow face turned away from your own.

Smiling you decided it was time to surprise him when some breakfast. You yawned as you cracked an egg, hearing Bakugou shuffle downstairs you smiled softly.

“Hey babe.” He didn’t say anything only stretching and yawning behind you. “Are you hungry?”


“Okay. It’ll be done in a few.”

“You should’ve had me make breakfast, I still wanted to cuddle.”

“Boo hoo babe.” He admired you from behind. Wearing his shirt and shorts. Only you could make something so simple as that look amazing.

He walked behind you, kissing your neck.

You smiled trying to shoo him away.

“Go sit Bakugou.” You tried to hold your laugh in.



“Because what?” He kissed the back of your neck.

“Because I’m trying to cook.”

“You can still cook, let me not stop you.” He slid his hands under your shirt. “No bra?” You could feel his smile on your neck. He twisted the bud of your nipple.

“Bakugou please…”

“Please what?” You couldn’t even finish your sentence because your words were now replaced with soft moans. “Hmm? You’re quiet all of a sudden.” You were stronger than this. Just tell him to stop and wait for breakfast but you couldn’t. It felt too good, so right, even though it was wrong. You almost bent over on instinct but the stove was on and you couldn’t risk getting burned.

“Can we at least wait until we eat.”

“But I’m hungry now.” His fingers slid down your stomach and into your panties.

“Bakugou.” You mewled, your head resting on his shoulder now.

“I wonder what’ll happen if I were to..oops.” Sliding his finger in, you gasped dropping the spatula. “What’s wrong? You dropped something.”

“Fuck y-you.” He hit the right spot with one of his fingers.

“I’m sorry could you say that again.” He slid another one in, you held onto his wrist. Hoping he’d stop but you wanted him to keep going. He worked his fingers inside, speeding up with each second. Just as soon as you felt your climax arriving he removed his fingers earning a whine from you.

He turned the stove off smiling at you.

“But the food.”

“Fuck the food.” He snatched you in, aggressively kissing you. You gently bit his lip in the process as he let you go. Taking your shirt off, he picked you up, bending you over the counter. The cold air on your now exposed skin.

He ripped your shorts off, you gasped. He lined himself up to you.

“You ready?” Nodding eagerly you got prepared or so you thought he slid inside you, sending shockwaves not only to your spine but to your stomach as well. Moving at a slow, rhythmic pace.

The feeling in itself was enough for you to throw in the towel, but you couldn’t and you wouldn’t.

“You’re always so damn tight!!” He growled. You could only moan in response.

Your eyes rolled in the back of your head each time he hit that special spot. You felt so full, his length was already too much.

He pulled out before slamming back into you.

“Who’s gonna fuck you better than me?”

“No one.” You whined.

“That’s fucking right.” The chills standing on your arms had you excited.

“Fuck!” You couldn’t take it, it felt so good. You gripped the countertop, trying your best to contain yourself. All of it was too good, the butterflies in your stomach were going wild.

The sound of skin slapping along with each grunt and moan escaping both of your lips was enough to make you pass out.

You looked at him desperately, he smiled eagerly. His pace picking up, your back arching on instinct. It was so good, you wanted it to last forever but that would be impossible.

He fisted your hair, yanking your body back, his thrusts increased more and more.

You let out a shaky moan as he grabbed your hips, the speed had your head nearly falling off to shoulders.

You met up with his speed, his head fell back in satisfactory.

“You’re fucking amazing yn. Shit.” You were on edge, your mouth wide open but no sound came out. You began seeing stars in the corner of your eyes, he fucked you dizzy.

The sensation in your stomach built up each time he pumped inside you. Your moans were more than sensual.

“Yn, if you keep making those sounds I might…” He didn’t finish the sentence, completely distracted by the way you took him. It was art, an absolutely beautiful view, you were close and he knew it.

“Katsuki, I’m gonna mm..” He sped up, his fingernails digging deeper into your hips. You came undone under him, your body trembling as he mercilessly pounded into you chasing his own high. You laid on the counter out of breath, the sticky sweat making a hot mess on your forehead.

“I love you yn.”

“I love you too.” You looked at the stuff you were working on earlier. “Can we finally eat?” You laughed as you tried fixing yourself.

“Yeah.” He laughed beside you.

No matter how many relationships you were in this was different, everything about him showed he really cared. He loved you, and you weren’t going to rush things, but you knew deep down inside he was the one.

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Request:Hi! :) my request is kind of open ended, I just think this is such an adorable thought..could you write a fic of a female reader being in a relationship with Bakugou..and they’re relaxing alone somewhere and the reader just peppers his face in kisses and SHOWERS him in affection? I just could totally see him melting tbh? Anyways 😳🥺 thank you, so sorry if this is out if your realm or anything! Hope you have a really amazing day ✨❤️

Shower you with affection

Bakugou x reader

Summery: as you stare at Bakugou, you really can’t understand why some people think of him as a monster.

Warning: cussing and Bakugou, also cheeky reader as it always seems to be.

A/N: Hello! I had an amazing day! And this is a cute thought<3. Requests are open for any character on the masterlist, just check the rules first please!


Originally posted by amazonfam

“Thanks for cuddling with me, I know it’s not really your thing.”

“Yeah whatever, be quiet and let me relax.”

To you— he looked so peaceful and content. He’s finally taking a break from his own ideals and thoughts, that usually make him so aggressive. He looked…beautiful? In a way, he looked nothing like the book he covered for. He looked like Katsuki, not bakugou.

Your thoughts that swarmed throughout your head made you realize something that you already knew. You loved him more than anything, you truely did. You do realize how aggressive and mean he tends to be DOES tend to throw people off however.

And he gets patronized and left out a lot because of it. He also doesn’t receive much affection, from his family or his friends because he’s so tough skinned and hard to approach.

He really wasn’t some arrogant asshole, he was more of a secret sweetheart who cared about his friends deeply.

A mutual respect was formed between you two, that soon turned to adoration, which turned into what you are now, boyfriend and girlfriend. You weaseled your way into his heart, and frankly you took pride and importance to your accomplishment.

He could feel your gaze on him as he tried to relax with his arm strewn across your shoulders. He grimaced and opened one eye to peek at you.

“The hell are you staring at? Do I look like a fucking painting?” He asked, his ever standoffish tone of aggressiveness still evident in his relaxed voice. You smiled up at him cheekily.

“Like a work of art.” You giggled. You swung your leg across his lap. He grunted and instinctively placed his hands on your hips to steady you. He had a slightly irritated look on his face.

“What the hell are you-“

You didn’t verbally answer him. You placed your hands against his cheeks and smashed your lips into his in a searing kiss. He let out a surprised noise into your lips, barely kissing back in his surprise.

You barely let him comprehend your actions as you continued to assault his face with your kisses. He seemed so taken aback by it, it almost made you stop holding back your smile, which you were holding back ont the fact that you could kiss him easier without it.

You kissed his lips, his forehead, his cheeks, his jawline, the tip of his nose, leaving multiple kisses in each spot. You were determined to leave no spot unkissed!

He quickly grasped your wrists, pulling them away from his face and towards your, but you still continued to kiss him everywhere. He flinched and turned his head away with a scowl, his face heating up.

“Hey hey! What the hell are you doing crazy, trying to slober me up or something?!?”

You laughed at him. You threw your arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug.

“Oh It’s nothing, I just realized how much I love and appreciate you Katsuki!” You cheered, nuzzling your cheek against his affectionatly.

He flushed a deep red, his skin burning to the touch. You could hear him growl slightly, one that came from his chest. He turned his face away from you— causing you to face plant into his hair.

“Tch, d-doesn’t sound like “nothing” to me.” He growled with a click of his toungue. You knew him well enough to know he was very flustered by your statement.

You know that he’s probably doing his little pout, his face red as a cherry. You nuzzled your face into his hair, inhaling his caramel scent discreetly before laying a kiss down there. A chuckle rumbled throughout your body at him.

“Your right, it isn’t just nothing. I love you, you know that right?” You asked softly, your hand coming up to rest on his cheek, turning his head towards you so you can look him in the eye.

He tried to avoid your gaze, to embarrassed and flustered to make a snarky remark. You could see the doubt and hesitation in his eyes, the internalized loneliness in his red irises. He didn’t know how to react to your displays of affection as he opened and closed his mouth in an attempt to build a sentence.

“I- you-“ He stuttered, clenching his eyes shut, almost sweating as he tried to form a response. You smiled down at him, giving a nod of understanding. You slid your hand up to his blonde hair, petting it a couple of time.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything back.” You said, no sarcasm and snarky undertones in your voice.

“Hell, you don’t even have to believe me right now, but I’ll make you believe. I’ll make you believe how much your loved, by me and everyone else you know.” You said, resting your forehead against his, your eyes closed with a smile on your face.

His eyes widened and his mouth went slightly agape at your words. It didn’t acknowledge it however, in fear of him thinking you’re teasing him. His shocked expression didn’t last long however.

He turned his face away, a blush still evident. He scowled at you, but his lip was quivering and you could see in watery eyes, the tears he wouldn’t let fall in front of you. You could hear him click his tongue in dismissal.

“S-shut up- just be quiet, I don’t wanna hear your voice while I’m trying to- to relax.” He muttered out.

You shook your head at him, your understanding smile still on his face. You took your thumb and wiped on the underside of his eyes, aiding him in his wish to not cry infront of you.

“It’s okay Katsuki.” You muttered softly. “I’ll always be here to give you kisses.” You said with a cheeky smile, trying to lighten the mood. You heard him let out a large puff from his nose.

“Shut up (Y/N), you talk to much.” He said, his abrasive tone returning slowly, but with the whimpering sound still in his voice.

But, through his hesitant and abrasive expression, you could see a small smile growing on his face— which, is all you really wanted from him.

A/N: the tooth rotting sweetness- I can’t. But I tried out spacing my fics, do you guys like it like this or like my other ones where my spaces are less…well spacious.

The Jean fic is out btw for anyone who’s waiting on it, and a Bakugou and Ray fic are coming soon!


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everyone bow down 🙇🏼‍♀️

29. “You like it when my fingers are shoved inside your tight cunt, don’t you?”

spoiler alert: this is my first smut🧍🏼‍♀️don’t roast me too hard

warnings: 18+, degradation, fingering, cringe smut

**not proofread

“Look at you.” Bakugou’s low voice groans out as I hear his footsteps walk around my body, which was currently tied to his bed.

“Katsuki, please!” I whine out, lifting my bare hips into the air, feeling the cool air brush against my naked core. My boyfriend’s rough hands shove my hips back down.

“Don’t. Move.” He growls into my ear. Opening my hazy eyes, I see the ash-blonde’s raging hard-on, standing loud and proud as he glares down at me. A frustrated moan escapes my lips as I rub my thighs together, determined to make some sort of friction. 

“T-touch me! I’ll be a good girl, I promise!”

“No.” He growls out, spreading my legs with his large hands. “You were being a naughty girl earlier, trying to jack me off under the table when we were eating lunch. You damn slut.”

“Please! I’ll do anything.” I whimper as his thumb brushes over my clit.

“Anything, you say?”

“Yes! I p-promise!” Another loud moan escapes my mouth as Katsuki shoves two fingers inside of my pussy, angling them upwards and motioning them in a way that makes me see stars.

You like it when my fingers are shoved inside your tight cunt, don’t you? You’re so fucking desperate for me. It’s pathetic.” My muscles tense up from the pleasure, sending spasms throughout my body. The lewd sounds leaving my mouth and Katsuki’s insults fill the room as I feel my climax coming closer and closer.

“A-ah! Katsuki! I’m cumming-” Just as my body prepares to release, Katuski removes his fingers from me, licking my taste off of his fingers.

“Naughty girls like you don’t deserve to cum. You’re in for a long night, babygirl.”

pls i’m literally 9 months🤰🏼🤰🏼

n e ways i will now be passing away

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Bakugou x GN!Reader x Midoriya |
Prompt: Fake Dating
Contains: Fluff, Jealous, Scheming

Ry: Sooo sadly this’ll be the last of fluffvember bc i am burnt out rn and the last few have just not come to me. ;;

I really hope you like it, though! 

Bakugou’s POV**

He had been watching you since you came into the class, your unique personality attracting him right away. You did not put up with his attitude, at all. You had called him an idiot and threatened to smack him the first day, and man he had fallen for you.
But, Katsuki Bakugou was not currently ready or interested in a relationship. All he wanted was to surpass All Might, and now Deku was in his way. So, he did what he did best and bottled up any emotions for you and threw that bottle with a blast.
Of course, this didn’t stop him from being a jealous wreck every time someone else got close to you, and especially when you gave anyone else attention. So, he picked on you constantly so your eyes were always on him. Even if it was mostly shouts, smacks and threats, well, that’s his love language. He just has no idea, nor do you. He would also snap at anyone who tried to get too close to you, his glares and pops in his palms usually enough to scare anybody away.
It did not stop, however, a certain green haired boy who was basically immune to Bakugou’s threats. Now, Izuku had no intentions of dating you, no. He was simply your best friend as the two of you had so much in common, it was like you were twins. But did the angry spikey boy know this? Of course not.
It was now third year, and Bakugou still struggled with the tearing pain in his chest every time he saw you smile that smile at Deku. That damn Deku.


You had had a crush on Bakugou when you had first met him, despite his nasty attitude. He was hot after all, and you were not immune to hot guys. However, as you had come to know him over the last two years, you had only come to fall in love with him. While he didn’t necessarily talk with you, he would shout random things about himself before running off. Or when you showed interest in things you had in common, he would begin to start showing interest when you brought up the subject before getting angry and leaving. You had come to take his shouts and angry outbursts as attempts at getting to know you, and honestly you were right.
You had started noticing whenever a guy came to chat with you, Bakugou would lose his shit. He always brushed it off as people annoyed him, but he didn’t seem to care when Kirishima touched Mina’s waist or when Kaminari brushed against Jirou, but god help anybody if they accidently touched you. He would start shouting about personal space and how them being near was an annoyance, even if they hadn’t been near him.
Kirishima had come to your dorm in the middle of the night with Mina in tow, and had told the two of you that Bakugou had asked about you, and if you had anybody you liked. He had lied and said he wasn’t sure, and Bakugou had basically threatened him to ask without bringing him up. Usually, Kirishima would think it was unmanly to tell you Bakugou’s secret conversation, but he knew this was going to be for the best.
Now, you had a mission to make that boy admit he likes you. Your best friend being Izuku, and him knowing Bakugou so well, you decided to enlist his help. Izuku was more than willing to help you out, because he honestly believed you’d be able to “tame Kacchan” and would be good for him. So, along with Mina and Kirishima, you devised a plan.

Bakugou’s POV**

You had been acting as if there was some secret in the past few days, and honestly it was pissing him off. And you had been avoiding him, and that was making it even worse. That was, until lunch time came and he figured out why. As he walked in the hallway with Kirishima, he grumbled a bit.
“What’s wrong, Bakubro? You seem angrier than normal.” Kirishima said, looking at his friend.
“What’s going on with Y/N? Why the fuck are they avoiding me lately?” he growled out, only loud enough for Kirishima to hear.
“Oh… You don’t know?” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “Er…” he said, stopping in his tracks right in front of the courtyard window.
Bakugou frowned and stopped as well, “Know fucking what?!” he snapped, but then he saw it. Right outside the window, there you were, sitting on Izuku’s lap with his stupid scarred arms wrapped around you. He knew it was you, there was no mistaking you for anybody else. His palms started to pop as he growled, “Fucking Deku? They’re with Deku?!” he said, snarling as he started to stomp down the hall.
Kirishima grabbed his arm, but he pulled it away and kicked the door open. Kirishima sighed and ran after him, but inwardly he grinned to himself that the plan of fake dating Izuku was working to get Bakugou riled up. That idiot needed a push to admit he had feelings for you.


“Get the fuck off of Deku like that!” Bakugou snarled as he got closer, grabbing your arm and yanking you off of Izuku’s lap. He held you close as you stood there, rather shocked. Even if the plan was working, you really had not expected it to work like this.
Izuku blinked, frowning before he stood up, “What’s your problem, Kacchan? Don’t take Y/N away like that. We were having a good time,” he said, holding out a hand for you.
As you began to reach out, Bakugou smacked your hand down before grabbing it himself.
“No, you’re fucking not! Not anymore,” he growled. He was not going to lose you to Deku, of all people.
“Who gave you that right? Do you even like Y/N? You’re always such a jerk to them!” Izuku snapped, grabbing you from Bakugou’s grip and taking you back into his arms.
“I fucking love Y/N!” he shouted, panting softly from the anger rising then suddenly crashing down. “I… I really fucking love you, Y/N…” he said, looking at you with the softest crimson eyes you had ever seen from the blond boy.
You swallowed hard. You had not expected it to be that deep of a confession. Tears welling up in your eyes, you begin to sob, making Izuku loosen his grip on you.
“Do.. Do you hate me that much?!” Bakugou said, his voice angry and tense, scared.
“N-No,” you choke out, leaving Izuku’s arms and going to Bakugou, wrapping your arms around his waist as you sob into his chest. “I love you too,” you manage between sobs.
“Then why are you dating Deku?!” he demanded, but his arms found their way around your shoulders, having dreamed of holding you like this for so long.
“I-I’m not,” you sniffle, looking into his eyes, “I never said I was.” you add.
Bakugou looks up at Izuku who shrugs, then looks towards Kirishima, who.. Isn’t there anymore.
“THAT FUCKING SHITTY HAIR!” Bakugou shouted, making you wince a bit. He instantly froze and his shoulders relaxed a bit, still holding you. “He.. made it sound like you two were together and then I saw you.. On his damn lap and I…” he said, growling as he glared at Izuku.
Izuku looked away, rubbing the back of his neck, “Kacchan… You needed a push… It was obvious you like Y/N… so…” he said before laughing awkwardly and running off, activating his full cowling to get as far away as possible.
“What the fuck!” Bakugou growls, looking at you, “Was this some stupid fucking plan?” he asked, obviously irritated.
“It wasn’t stupid. It worked,” you retorted, before your eyes widened, “Er…”
“You better run, because you’re definitely getting punished if I catch you,” he growled out, his quirk going off in his palm.
“B-But I thought we were dating now?” you stutter out, stepping back.
“Oh, we are, but now you’re going to be held to certain standards,” he said with a smirk, his quirk going off in larger explosions now.
“Ah,” you say before kissing his lips and turning tail to run, dashing off into the hallway as he stood there, looking dumbfounded by your very first kiss together.
“GET BACK HERE, DUMBASS!” he yelled as he finally snapped out of it, chasing after you.

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PART 1 | previously: prologue | masterlist

pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x fem! reader

rating/warnings: swearing

synopsis: When UA’s hot heads, Katsuki Bakugou and you, are forced to put your hatred for each other aside and plan the third year Prom, things end up getting a little heated…

a/n: hi hi💛ahh so here is part 1 :)) so updates will hopefully be every two days or so but i can’t really promise that they will be super regular (but I’ll try). again, the taglist is open so leave a comment or send me an ask if you’d like to be added :)) and my inbox is always open for anything💕enjoy xx

one: the basement

“I wish I was planning prom! That sounds so fun!” cheered Mina.

“Trust me if I could switch places with you I would,” you groaned. You were finally back in the dorms after your little meeting with Principal Nezu, Aizawa, and Bakugou. You were sitting in the common area with your friends.

“So you and Bakugou are gonna be spending a lot of time together then huh?” mumbled Deku. You sighed.

“Ugh don’t remind me. The absolute last thing I wanna do is spend time with that asshole.”

“I know you aren’t talking about me Y/N,” interrupted Bakugou. He approached you all, Kirishima trailing behind. You stood up to face him.

“Me? Call you an asshole? Trust me Bakugou, I could call you worse,” you smirked. Bakugou clenched his fists.

“I’d love to see you try.”

“I wouldn’t-“ said Deku, taking your arm and pulling you back into the group.

“Lucky for you Katsuki that I actually care about graduating this year so I’ll save the ass kicking for later,” you smiled sarcastically. You sat back down in your seat. Bakugou sat down across from you.

“Hey Y/N, Bakugou, Mr. Aizawa was looking for you guys,” called Denki.

“Great, what does he want now?” You groaned. You got up and walked over to Aizawa’s office.

“Wait up dumbass,” said Bakugou. You ignored him and continued to walk.


You knocked on the door of Mr. Aizawa’s office. Bakugou stood next to you. A tired Aizawa opened the door.

“Oh good you’re here,” he said. He waved the two of you inside of his office. Aizawa pulled out a folder overflowing with papers and a set of keys.

“This should be all the information you’ll need for planning the dance and here is the key set for the basement,” explained Aizawa. He dangled the keys in front of you two and you went to grab them but Bakugou got them before you.

“No way I’m trusting you with the keys,” he said. You let out an annoyed huff and picked up the folder.

“The basement should have old supplies that have been used for past dances. You two can spend your free time after class planning and working down there. Make sure not to lose the keys or else you’ll get locked out or in. Got it?”

You and Bakugou nodded, then excused yourself from Aizawa’s office. You began to walk back to the dorms before noticing Bakugou’s change in direction.

“Hey explosion boy, dorms are this way,” you said. Bakugou turned to face you, shaking the keys.

“No students are allowed in the basement, I wanna check it out,” he explained. You sighed and ran after him.

As expected, the basement was dark and cold. It was clear that no one ever went down there unless they had to.

“Smells like shit,” said Bakugou.

“Must be you,” you sneared.

“Fuck off.”

Bakugou and you explored the dingy basement. There were two large tables in the middle of the endless piles of boxes. You decided to take out a box and start looking through it.

“All this old stuff is crap,” you complained.

“This whole situation is crap,” said Bakugou, who was just lying down on the table.

“Finally something we can agree on,” you mumbled.

“Listen, I don’t wanna deal with you more than I have to, so how about tomorrow we just split up the work and leave each other be?” suggested Bakugou.

“Isn’t the whole point of this punishment for us to get along?” You said. Bakugou huffed.

“We both know that isn’t gonna happen so might as well get this dance over with as soon as possible.”

“Yeah like I could ever get along with someone like you,” you muttered.


“You heard me.”

Bakugou got up from the table and stood in front of you.

“Watch it Y/N.”

“Make me.”

Bakugou’s eyes widened but he just turned around and began to leave.

“Don’t even think about trying to lock me down here Katsuki!” You rushed up the stairs just as the door began to close.

God, I hate this guy.


The next morning you woke up and got yourself ready for classes. You got dressed and walked to your homeroom with Uraraka. You sat down at your desk.

“Good morning Y/N!” said Deku. You gave him a small smile.

“Hi Deku.” Izuku sat down at the desk next to you.

“I heard we are doing our Hero training on the new course today,” said Deku. Your eyes widened as a hint of excitement rushed through your veins. There was nothing you loved more than showing off your skills.

“I hope we do,” you smiled.

“Maybe we could partner up-”

“HEY!” called Bakugou. You turned to look at the blond, rolling your eyes.

“What do you want?” You asked.

“After school, basement, got it?” he said. You sighed.

“Yeah I know idiot. Just leave me alone until then.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.”

Your morning of classes went slow as usual. You ate your lunch with Deku and Iida and the others like you always did. Surprisingly enough you and Iida were pretty close friends. Somehow he was fine with dealing with you and your constant misbehaving.

“Y/N, you mustn’t stress Mr. Aizawa out anymore or else your consequences will be worse,” said Iida. You laughed.

“I doubt things could get any worse than dealing with Bakugou during my free time,” you said.

“Well he could be a powerful ally if you used your quirks together instead of against each other.” You turned to Iida, pulled his tie, and made him look you in the eye.

“Never will I work with someone like Katsuki Bakugou, got it?” You said firmly. Iida nodded quickly. You let go of him and smiled.

“Besides, he would probably just hold me back anyway.”


After lunch it was finally Hero training, your favorite part of the day. You went to get suited up in your Hero outfit. It was a skin tight bodysuit, colored red with black and white detailing. Your suit also came with gloves made with tantalum carbide, an extremely heat resistant material, so when you used your quirk you wouldn’t get burned. Lastly, you wore black boots and protective, yet still fashionable for your liking, sunglasses to shield your eyes from your bright explosions.

Since you needed heat to use your quirk properly, the longer you wore the suit, the more body heat and outside heat sources it would store away for when you needed to use your quirk. It was safe to say you had thought of every possible way to protect yourself.

You walked down to the new training ground with your classmates. You stood outside the gates, eager to hear what you would be doing today. Mr. Aizawa was in charge of your training today.

“Alright so today is going to be basic villain fighting 101. One team will be the heroes and the other will be the villains. Villains have someone held hostage and the hero’s job is to save them and take out the villains. This is timed so if the hero’s don’t finish in time, villains win,” explained Aizawa. You all nodded in agreement.

“I have already picked your teams based on quirk compatibility. It’s often that Hero’s will have to work with other people, using both of your quirks efficiently. The teams go as follows,” Aizawa clicked a button to project the teams. You scanned the list for your name.

Group 1

Team 1: Todoroki and Midorya (villains)

Team 2: Y/N and Bakugou (heroes)

No fucking way…

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warnings: light swearing bc bakugou lol

banter between you and bakugou was normal. the rest of class 1-a found your play fights a bit concerning, considering you two have been dating since the second half of your first year, but both of you knew that it was all teasing in the end.

aizawa put a hold on his lecture when principal nezu asked for him in the teacher’s lounge, so he gave the class a few minutes of free time as a break.

“hey, katsu. i’m gonna hang out with mina after school. can we postpone our a date a couple of hours?” you ask slyly. you knew it would rile him up a bit, even though he was understanding when it came to your friends.

“whatever, dumbass. just don’t be late,” bakugou grunts. to everyone else, he sounded angry at you. but you knew him well enough to know he understood.

“mmm, i don’t think you should be worrying about me being late,” you say. a smirk makes way to your face when he processes what you say. and you were definitely not referring to where he was late to your last date because he got caught up at the gym with kirishima.

he stared with a deadpan expression, “don’t be fucking rude.

silence overtook your classmates, shocked by the words exchanged between you two. instead of a surprised or sensitive reaction from you, you laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

you giggled when his face turned red, signaling you got him right where you wanted him. “love you too, babe!”


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SUMMARY: Bakugou learned from a young age to keep his hands to himself, even when his entire body longed for touch and his eyes filled with tears at the loss of a comforting habit.


WARNINGS: hurt/comfort, angst, touch starved bakugou!!, kind of a character study? i think about him a lot, one kiss, cursing, consensual hand holding (PFFFT), mitsuki fucking sucks but what’s new

I hope you like this!! please remember feedback is always appreciated and all that. thank you for reading!! sorry if it sucks LMAO I DID MY BEST AND I KINDA LIKE IT


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Peony: good luck, love, honor

Call it cheesy, but Bakugou does think you actually bring him good luck. He doesn’t necessarily have a reason as to why, but if you ask he says it’s because he wants to show you how awesome he is. Bakugou is also notorious for getting into fights when people mention you. It doesn’t matter if they speak positively of you, he doesn’t like “extras” having your name in their mouth. He also isn’t big on affection, rather wanting to spend time with you quietly while you both work on your respective tasks for the day

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you couldn’t resist pulling out your wallet when you saw your boyfriend’s hero merch displayed out in the city today. the store specialized in hero merch for the top heroes in the industry, including deku, shouto, and your very own ground zero.

“baby, are you home?” you ask as you walk through the door excitedly, shopping bag in hand. you knew your answer as soon as you smelled the scents of curry wafting through your shared apartment.

“in the kitchen,” he grunts.

bakugou stands by the stove, stirring whatever is cooking in the pot in front of him. you snake your arms around his waist, holding the shopping bag in front of him.

“i got you a present,” you say as you giggle, seeing the confusion in his face.

“this better not be stupid, dumbass.”

he pulls out a black t-shirt, with orange accents, one very similar to his hero costume.

…is this my shirt?

you pull out a shirt from the bag matching his new one, “and we match too!”

you start giggling and he sighs, “anything for you, i guess.”


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Unreaped (Part 2)


Background: UA is a part of a system of schools for the dead. (Those who do not attend UA cannot be reincarnated; they automatically pass into the afterlife Those who graduate can either choose to be reincarnated, or choose to become a Reaper, one of Death’s servants. Those who choose reincarnation are only allowed one other life before passing into the afterlife. Those who serve under Death for five years get reincarnated, and then another chance to attend UA (and so the cycle begins again).

Pairing: (none yet)

Genre/Warnings: cursing

Summary: Todoroki brings you to UA. Introductions are in order. You get to know a few of them.

A/N: enjoy! It’ll start to pick up the pace in the next chapter!

/Part 1\


“I- You kind of have to come with me now,” Todoroki mumbles.

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A really cute hc!

Sorry for being so late :(((( school has just been a huge bother :/



-You and Katsuki have been dating since your last year at UA

-You both went through so many things with the LOV obviously you grew closer

-Katsuki was able to create his own agency, and being number 2 meant he also had the income, so you two got a house together 🏡

-From there, things got a bit quicker

-Talks about marriage came, about kids, etc

-You got married 💍 not long afterwards bc he didn’t want to wait 

-You’ve been married for like 6 months or so and clearly you couldn’t be happier

-That’s what you thought

-You were off from your agency and home alone

-You were sick, REALLY sick

-You thought that maybe you were pregnant, so you just went for it and did the little test

-Turns out you’re pregnant! Yeaaah

-You guys had already had a talk about having kids so you weren’t scared of telling him

-And you were right not to bc the boy was ready to cry 🤣

-But he didn’t, as if he would cry tch

-Don’t tell him that you found him crying in one of the spare rooms of your house later on bc he will deny it until he dies


-During your pregnancy, at first, he lets you do your thing, after all, in the first months, nothing truly changes except for the sickness and mood swings

-He definitely became n°1 at holding your hair or tying it when you’re sick

-Now you’re obliged to have a hair tie always with you

-Like for real, it’s an order

-Once your pregnant belly got more visible, your mood swings were huuuuuge

-He really didn’t think you could be so annoying during those 9 months

-But either way, he did everything you asked him (he would again deny it until he dies)

-He made sure you go to all your appointments, your parenting class etc

-He started to help with chores and at some point decided to do everything for no reason lol

-Oh wait yeah you’re pregnant (still will deny that he’s doing everything for you until he dies)

-Due date is coming around and you can tell he is stressed

-Probably more than you tho


-He was there during the birth of your beloved daughter 👶

-He did cried 

-He cried so much out of happiness

-He dried his tears before holding her for the 1st time

-He almost yelled at the nurse to take a picture with his phone

-But he thought of the well being of your child so he just whispered

-You never saw him whisper tho 

-You can already tell that she’s going to be super spoiled by her dad

 -And the 3 of you were living just fine when 2 years later you had a son lol


I’m still sorry about the late HC :(


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you tiptoed into the house, hoping bakugou wouldn’t catch you coming home so late. you didn’t want to wake him, knowing he had his strict 8pm bedtime if he wanted to get up early enough for work the next morning.

who were you with?” you jumped at the voice coming from your living room, bakugou sitting on the loveseat in the dark.

“katsu, you scared me!” you said, nervously.

“don’t change the subject, dumbass,” he said. he sounded so angry…or jealous? “i said, who were you with? you didn’t answer my calls, i was worried as hell.” the last part he whispered, sounding just a bit sad. you almost felt bad. almost.

“i was with mina,” you went over and stood in front of where was sitting. “i’m sorry i didn’t answer, my phone died on the way back.”

“it’s okay, i just…was worried,” he sighed, placing his hands on your hips and resting his forehead on your tummy.

“i didn’t mean to worry. i actually came back a bit late because…” you couldn’t help but grin when you pulled a pomperanian plushie from behind your back. “i saw this at the arcade, and it reminded me of you! we stayed late so i could try and win it for you.”

bakugou sat there staring at the plushie. he processes that you think of him when you see the little things, and his face goes red. he takes the plushie from your hands and pulls you into his lap.


he wraps his arms around your body and buries his face into your neck to hide his flushed face.

“i love it, thank you y/n.”


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cuddle buddy! 🧸 chapter 19: lost in translation [katsuki bakugo x f! reader smau]

˚*   ੈ✩‧₊ series masterlist

- (Y/N) is a soft, kind-hearted, quirky, and meme queen university student who lives alone in a cute little apartment complex. She mistakens Bakugo Katsuki for her old neighbors; an old woman and her granddaughter whom she absolutely adores. She leaves a giant teddy bear every day before the sun rises for the little girl to see. Not knowing that they had moved out suddenly, Katsuki who had just moved in had never seen such a huge fluffy abomination all his life that it nearly gives him a heart attack. Chaos ensues and you try your absolute best to make it up to the explosive cutie that is your next door neighbor.

pairing: katsuki bakugo x female! reader

genre:  social media au, college au, normal/quirkless au, fluff, romance, crack, humor and lots of memes. lots of them.

warnings: strong language

status: updating

☆ asks are finally open and taglist is open! (would love to hear your thoughts and what not! c: to those who have asked to be in the taglist yet i have not responded to nor added please do message me or send an ask then i’ll answer privately! i’m really sorry! my notifications are a mess and i had no idea tumblr deleted asks from notifs 😭 another thing i’d like to add is that, to those who have already sent asks and are waiting to be tagged, i leave them unanswered so that i can remember everyone’s usernames to add to future chapters! will immediately reply once i’ve added you to the next one so don’t worry!)

[♡: did kaminari just break the fourth wall? yes. yes he did. i’m actually not quite proud of the second half of this chapter?? i feel like it’s missing something but i can’t seem to put my finger on it ;w; aaa. we are nearing the second half or the second “arc” of this smau once we reach chapter 20! i am so so excited to show you guys what else i have in store! just keep in mind that we are still taking things slow so i won’t rush you and bakugo’s relationship just yet ;w; expect a lot of more chaos from both dekusquad and bakusquad! might even have the rest of class 1-A appear in a chapter or two! stay tuned!! </3 ]

[✿  psst if you wanna read my lame attempt on writing hcs for the three main bnha boys, feel free to read it here!]

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