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‘til the stars fall from the sky
Tumblr media
aged up bakugou k. x reader (no pronouns used)
wc: 922 words
contains: sfw but nsfw in the way that you guys finished bumping uglies like 10 minutes ago, marriage proposal, established relationship, cursing, fluff, play wrestling, drinking alcohol (in the past), katsu breaks his nose (past) but nothing is described, casual nudity (reader n bkg are both nakey in my head but if you want you can imagine clothes)
a/n: hahaha this isn’t inspired by mbfgw what are you talking about
mdni // 18+ blog
Tumblr media
you’ve always thought bakugou katsuki looked beautiful. his spikes of blonde hair, the scars and freckles scattered around his hero work chiseled body that you’ve traced for hours before. the crooked slope of his nose from when you were both stupid drunk and he slipped in the kitchen then slammed his face into the wall, those long lashes, and his red eyes that always filled you with warmth. a work of art. 
he even looks beautiful now, a thin layer of sweat and love bites littered over both of you. duvet tangled through your bodies, pushed right under your chest, thrown over the back of his thighs. the afterglow of the day is dragging over his back and highlighting his hair. almost a halo. 
though, katsuki is not an angel to you right now. right now, the ridiculously beautiful man is equivalent to a large rodent draped over you. 
“i want to get up.” you say as you push your hands through his hair, watching as goosebumps rush over his skin. he only looks at you. laying all of his weight on you, mouth tucked into where your ribs meet. katsuki’s eyes flutter shut when your hands find the base of his skull, grunting into your skin when you tug on his ears. he somehow presses his face deeper between your ribs.
you groan in protest and push at his shoulders, but you’re a moment too late. he’s already shoving his arms under the small of your back, skin to skin isn’t close enough for him. you give an ugly cackle at the way his eyebrows furrow and he almost looks genuinely upset at you trying to get out of bed. you feel him smile against you. it quickly becomes a game, you’re trying to push him off while katsuki holds onto you like you’re a buoy in the ocean. 
he finds a way to win. you scream and laugh when he sets his teeth into your side, “i’m done! you win,” you wheeze and throw your head back onto the pillow, “you win, freak.” from the corner of your eye you see him with a smug little grin. 
“what do i win?” he asks. 
you glance his way when he readjusts his hold on you. you hum at him. “i don’t know,” you smile and scrunch your nose at him, “what do you want winner?”
katsuki’s warm gaze falls over you, you watch as his pupils dilate. he looks back into your eyes, “you.”
a giggle breaks through you, “oh?” he smiles again, but this time it’s not a smug grin. he leaned the left side of his head against you, looking up at you with a look. he looks– he looks dopey almost. his eyes are nearly glowing, there’s a flush on his ears, and his smile is stupidly big. makes you feel warm and electric.
you sit up and drag him closer by his head, he pushes himself closer. you kiss his cheek when katsuki starts again, “i want you,” you snort and kiss his nose, “forever.”
“want you forever too ’ki.” you try to kiss him again, but he pulls away suddenly and you accidentally kiss his chin. you pout at him.
“really?” he’s holding your face and looks a little surprised. you nod and go to move closer, but he scoots back again. he looks at you directly in your eyes, the look is back. “really really?”
your head tilts in his hands, “course.” he grins and presses his nose against yours, your faces mushed together. his crimson eyes morphing into one long eye stretching over his nose, features blurry from closeness. 
“marry me.” he says against your lips.
“what?” you can’t tell if he’s being serious right now. 
“marry me.” he states again, leaning back and almost tumbling out of bed to grab something from underneath the frame. katsuki sits back up, hair in every direction, blushing from the head rush and probably at least one other thing. 
you lean back and look at him. the sun is setting, hot golden rays gone, left with streaks of pink and white sky. his shoulders are tense and his eyes are darting around more the longer you wait to respond. you glance at the velvet box holding the golden band with a dark ruby sitting in it, idiot matched the jewel with his eyes. 
your gaze travels back up to his face. it settles on the scar on his nose. katsuki broke his nose directly after he told you he loved you for the first time. the two of you had gotten shitfaced at denki’s birthday party and you were dry heaving into his toilet. you asked for water right as he professed his love and he immediately ran into the kitchen full speed. 
how could you not marry him?
you jump toward him as you wrap your arms around his neck. “of course katsuki!” you beam, he yelps when he hits the mattress. he pauses before laughing quietly against you. 
katsuki breathes into your shoulder, “you fuckin scared me.”
you giggle next to his ear, “ooo, did i?” he pinches your side when he feels you starting to laugh again. 
“m gonna kill you.”
“i don’t know,” you press your cheek against his, “i heard ya wanna marry me.” he brings a hand under your thigh and wrestles you onto your back, both of you laughing. 
the sun is down now and the moon is making her way higher into the sky, looking more beautiful than ever.
Tumblr media
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brace yourself…
(aka— you finally get your braces off)
character(s) : bakugou katsuki (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = YOUR NAME] you/your pronouns, quirk’s not mentioned, you and bkg aren’t together yet, bc he’s pining hard and he calls you ‘nerd’ a lot
scenario type : fluff, crack-ish (x reader)
note(s) : i just got my braces off after three whole years 😼 i was gonna write this the second i stepped out of the dentist’s office— but my charger broke, and all of my devices died 🤩 love that for me 😃😐 also, i’m gonna make a part two, and a tokyo revengers version 💀 part two will have todoroki, midoriya and iida
Tumblr media
when you got your braces removed, you were ecstatic— over the moon.
when your dentist gave you an open window to get your braces off a few days earlier than your actual appointment— you gladly took that chance. the time, dedication and money was all worth it in the end, as you were satisfied with the end results of your braces.
moving aside the fact that your teeth are now ideally aligned to your personal aesthetics, you were now finally free from the hassle that came with braces, the pain, the wait, and finally— that damned nickname given to you by bakugou katsuki.
if you were to be frank, you were expecting a bigger reaction from bakugou— considering that your circle of friends have shown you a reaction of some sort.
and bakugou— he’s known you since the day you’ve gotten your braces on, which inevitably led to him giving you the nickname “nerd” since you “already look the part”
which you found odd, and rightfully so. though you didn’t understand most of it, you’ve defended yourself, and dealt with that kind of treatment for as long as you could really remember knowing bakugou katsuki.
however— removing your braces essentially removed the exact reason behind your nickname. so, he no longer had such reason to call you that whatsoever.
well.. regardless of the blond’s reaction, and whatever bakugou had to say about your newly aligned teeth— even if it was nothing at all, you didn’t care, and you’re finally free from that nickname and.. whatever bakugou had against you.
or so you assumed.
you see bakugou from a distance. he’s walking around— and it appears to be that he’s searching for something, constantly turning his head to scan the area of whatever he’s looking for.
and then, his gaze lands in your direction, and his expression changes— crimson, ruby eyes zeroing in on whatever he’s caught sight of.
his expression is unnerving, and before you could grasp a logical reason behind such an expression, the distance between you two gets closer and closer.
“hey, nerd.” he says as a greeting. oh dear.
you look away, to hide your teeth that are free of brackets and wires— you don’t know why you just did that. “bakugou.” you say his name in return.
you can hear his footsteps, and when you look back, bakugou’s closer. you swallow, in an attempt to push down the growing lump in your throat.
“you’re actin’ all squirrelly.” he says it as a statement, not as a question. “and you weren’t here yesterday. got an explanation for that?”
you try to ignore the fact that he had to ask about your absence, and you shrug your shoulders up, not exactly sure if your answer would satisfy him to leave you be— or if he was remotely interested to know… whatever you had to say.
“i don’t really know what to tell you, bakugou.” you say, which was true to some extent. though, there was a small part of you that was wanting for some sort of reaction regarding your teeth. “there’s nothing to explain, really—”
and suddenly, bakugou’s even closer than before. when you step back, he steps forward— and follows your step.
he stares at you, as if there was something on your face, somewhere below your nose. he reaches up, high enough to reach your face.
however, whatever he was about to do was long forgotten, as he allowed his hand to draw back and fall— leaving you wondering about what he was going to do just now.
his grin draws his attention back to him, “you got your braces removed, didn’t you?” he asks, and you huff at whatever he’s trying to imply.
“yeah, i did. but what’s so special about it, huh?” you retort, “it’s just my mouth without wires and stuff. it’s not like anything’s changed to you—”
“it looks good, nerd.”
you blink when you absorb his words— and you’re quick to scan his face of any possible bullshit. his face is unfaltering.
is the world ending?
“don’t let it get to your head, nerd.” he flicks your forehead, and you cringe, recoiling a step back— holding a hand up to the affected area. “i’m saying your dentist did fucking good. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a day with you without braces before.”
is this his sad attempt at complimenting you???
you scoff, “didn’t think you’d actually notice, or remember.” it’s your turn to grin, suddenly feeling complacent for what you’re about to say. his gaze goes downwards upon this action. “i guess this means you can’t call me a nerd anymore.”
his brows are turnt downwards when he frowns, and he laughs— shaking his head.
“no, you’ll always be my fuckin’ nerd.”
your jaw goes slightly slack. you’re pretty sure that he meant to say that you’ll “always be a fuckin’ nerd to him” but nonetheless, his words catch you by surprise.
he doesn’t seem to make a move to correct himself, which was the bigger shocker, and you’re starting to question if you even heard the sentence correctly at all. “anyway, wear your fucking retainer— unless you want fucked up teeth again.” his gaze flies back down to below your nose, staring at whatever has his constant attention.
it’s barely there, subtle— but when you were able to catch sight of the faintest dust of red on the tips of his ears, you just knew that it was there.
unfortunately for your own curiosity, and before you could question it any further— bakugou makes a move to start walking away from this conversation, seemingly finished with what he had to say to you. however, he doesn’t leave without a final bidding.
“see you later, nerd.”
and you were suddenly left with more questions than answers.
Tumblr media
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i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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Lazy Morning (KiriBaku x Reader)
Quite mornings were pretty rare around your apartment. If Kirishima wasn’t getting ready to run around, Bakugou was doing meal prep or yelling on the phone. So when it happened you were always very surprised. Laying with your feet in Bakugou’s lap while he scrolled through his tablet. You think he was looking at mission reports. His glasses firmly planted on his nose. You’d learn to not comment on the frames good or bad because he’d go a whole week squinting instead of using them if you did. 
“What’s my best feature?” Looking over to your red headed boyfriend he was frowning into his phone hunched up as he stared into his phone. “This online poll says my best feature is my smile. Like I mean I feel like my hair is pretty good and I’ve been working really hard on my arms. Really defending them, Ya know?” You ended up biting your lip to stop yourself from giggling at how adorable the man was. Settings down the remote you rolled to face him while still laying on the sofa. Bakugou holding your feet in place on his lap letting you know he didn’t want you to move. 
“I think it’s your back. I like the way your shoulder blades move when you do your morning stretches.” You snuggle into the pillow you were using as Kirishima wiggled his eyebrows. 
“Oi better be carful, I know your weakness now baby girl.” He teased looking over his phone. Letting his eyes take in your legs in your little shorts to your waist were the lacy band of your panties peaked out where your shirt had sneaked up to expose your tummy. His pointed teeth coming out to drag along his bottom lip. 
“Shut up, it’s his thighs. Solid foundation when he’s fighting, and he’s got enough control to tighten them even when he’s cum three time, while they are sensitive enough that when I fuck them he becomes a sloppy mess.” Bakugou doesn’t look up form his tablet obviously saying the statement off the top of his head too busy thinking about whatever he was working on. 
Kirishima’s face matched his hair as he looked down at his leg before frowning. “I gotta go.” Standing up he quickly rushed past you leaving you confused as he grabbed his keys and hopped to the door pulling his shoes on without tying them. Leaving you pouting as you rolled back over to your pervious position but somehow it just wasn’t as relaxing as before. 
“What just happen?” You could hear the faint taps against the tablet and crossed your arms. Did Bakugou just cock block you? 
“He skipped leg day yesterday.” Slowly a smile broke across your face and you pushed Bakugou’s thigh with your foot, your giggles making him grin into the glowing screen. 
“Your so sneaky sometimes.” He peaked over to look at you that mischievous glint in his eyes now focused on you. His warm hand sneaking up your leg  
“You wanna know your best feature princess?”  
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What part of your body do they prefer?
Featuring: Shouto Todoroki, Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Shinso Hitoshi.
Warnings: none.
Author's note: I know this thing has be done sooo many times but I'm exploring right now and I wanted to try headcanons with a subject I'm rather confident with. It's also my first time writing for Shinso and Hawks and so I apologize if they're a bit OOC.
As always, this is gender neutral and I've tried to stay as vague as possible in the descriptions so everyone could relate. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
What part of your body do they prefer?
Todoroki Shouto
Your eyes. He finds them so beautiful, so full of emotions and bright. He likes how expressive they are when you speak of something you like and he feels his body warm up when those beautiful eyes are on him. He loves when you smile, because it makes them gleam and everytime it happens, Shouto feels like his heart will explode. You both communicate a lot with glances and it makes him feel deeply connected with you. Shouto does not consider himself very good with words, so he's always looking at you straight in the eyes to be sure he's not saying something hurtful to you.
One of his friend told him once that eyes were a mirror of the soul and Shouto had never agreed with something so fast in his life because it rings so true and right to him when it comes to you. You're the only person he lets stare into his soul, after all.
Tumblr media
Midoriya Izuku
Your hands. They are so so gentle, he almost cried the first time you patched him up after a rough mission. He loves their softness, the way they touch him, caress his scarred skin or gently ruffle his curly hair like he is the most precious thing in the world. And he is, you tell him once while cradling his face carefully in your hands. Midoriya loves your hands because when he feels insecure or not enough, it's your hands that pulled him back to reality with a gentle tap on his shoulder or a light squeeze of his hand. He becomes a blushing mess the first time you entertwine your fingers with his but he can't help to admire the view of both of your hands together like this. So when you're alone, he reaches for your hand and keeps it in his. Prepare yourself for a lot of kissing on your fingers, your wrist, the back of your hand... And try to not avert your eyes when he does that looking at you or he will lightly chuckle and kiss your hand even more.
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
Your mouth. That fucking mouth that talks back to him with no hesitation. That mouth that can match the foulness of his but who can make his heart skip a beat when you smile. It's not seductive in any way, but Bakugou still feel his heart react, the bastard. Why? Because it's a bright smile, a genuine one, so raw and honest, so different from the ones he can see in his everyday life.
Bakugou will die before admiting it, but a simple smile from you can lighten his whole day, no matter how shitty it is. And after a while, he will return it, just because then your smile widens and it makes him want to kiss it so badly... And that could be a good way to shut you up sometimes...
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinso
Your shoulders and neck. He can't choose just one. He loves to burry his face onto your neck when you're both watching a movie or reading, his breath on your skin making you shiver a little, giving him the perfect excuse to embrace you a bit tighter. He also sleeps like that, which makes him the big spoon. And he so loves that, it's his favorite way to fall asleep and to wake up. He's not sure he can sleep any other way now.
Also, he will kiss your shoulders every morning, one peck on each one, but when Shinso wants to take his time, he kisses them again and again in a lazy way while you're preparing breakfast. He also loves kissing your neck because it makes you giggle or squeak, depending the way he kisses it.
Tumblr media
Hawks | Takami Keigo
Your hair. He loves them so much. They're so beautiful. He always wants to help you when you wash you hair. It's a moment of intimacy you both share in the bathroom: you wash his hair, he washes yours. And his hands are always so gentle, so caring you're about to fall asleep each and every time. It amuses Keigo a lot and he teases you about it, but it also moves him to see you relax that much with him, to be vulnerable with him only.
Another thing he loves about your hair: they smell like home to him. When he comes back from a patrol, he needs to hug you and burry his nose into you hair. That way, he can take a deep breath and finally relax. Only then will he mutter a "I'm home", because as soon as he takes your smell in, he becomes Keigo Takami, the man, and not Hawks, the hero. That's how your smell makes him feel: like himself and like home.
Tumblr media
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| k a t s u k i b a k u g o u
“your heart belongs to the number one hero.”
“So? D’you wanna come to my place?” Liv Davis, 32, an entrepreneur asks the lady besides him. A side smile appears on Katsuki Bakugou’s lips. Words are not spoken yet. Yet, he knows what she would answer. It will be a ‘no’. But, her hesitant ‘okay?’ and nervous smile is what he hears from his ex-fiancée. The once peaceful café now becomes chaotic because of him. Katsuki smashes the vase against the glass wall and reveals himself.
“What were you thinking, Y/N?!” he walks to them, seething at the sight of Liv Davis talking to Y/N.
“Katsuki?” she blinks her eyes, wondering why the man her parents used to bind her with is now interrupting her very first date. Liv Davis matches Katsuki’s stance, likely shielding her from him. “Are you associated with this hero?” Liv asks, posing confidence and will to fight if necessary.
Other than their parents, no one in the whole country knows about Y/N’s connection with Pro Hero Katsuki Bakugou. She was his fiancée. Katsuki’s secret girl. Y/N loves him but he’s tied up with his dream of becoming the number one hero and Katsuki has no time for any issues that may involve his heart.
Yes, he agreed with his parents when they told him about Y/N being his future wife. Katsuki, as much as possible, wanted to avoid getting in a fight with his mother. Despite hating the idea of dating Y/N, he accepted and treated her casually.
“We’re neighbors, Liv.” Y/N answers. Katsuki raises a brow at her, urging Y/N to add more information. “Just his normal girl next door.”
Pro Hero Katsuki grits his teeth. That’s not how he wants her to speak of their untold entanglements. “Y/N is my fian—”
“Liv, can I talk to him for a moment?” he grits his teeth again. Katsuki was so close to that ‘f’ term he despises. Fiancée! His only fiancée!
Liv Davis, normal denizen. Born with no quirk just like Y/N, nods his head unwillingly, “fine. Scream if you need help.”
Y/N gives Liv an reassuring smile and a nod before notifying Katsuki Bakugou to follow her in a corner.
“Katsuki—” she starts but he pulls her in inside the comfort room.
“Can you at least give me a chance to speak and oppose for myself, Y/N?” he corners her against the sink. “Let me tell you how bad I feel when I heard your conversation with my mom last night. I was there. I was there when you asked for my freedom. I was there when you told her that pro heroes prefers ramp models and beauty queens. I was there when you told my mother that Katsuki Bakugou will never be happy with you.”
“I just did the right thing, Katsuki,” Y/N maintains her calm in response to Bakugou’s wrath. For all those years she shares with this man, Y/N has mastered the art of ‘do not cry when Katsuki is around’.
“Can’t I be happy too?’ she asks, not looking at him. Her eyes are on his chest. “I free you from the responsibility that are not yours to shoulder. I will never be happy if you’re not happy, Katsuki.”
When she finds the courage to face him, Y/N meets his gaze, let him see through her eyes how she values his existence, “consider my choice an option for your little freedom in life.”
Y/N’s parents raised her well. Katsuki deserves a proper closure so she extends her right hand to him when he gives her space to move and breathe.
“I can never be happy if it’s not you, Y/N,” he accepts her hand, pulls her and snakes another hand around her waist. “I don’t speak of you to anyone in order to keep you safe.”
His grips on her waist and hand has tightened. Katsuki kisses the side of her palm, “There were so many girls I let in and out my life but you’re the only one I never wanted to walk out of it.”
He kisses the back of Y/N’s hand this time and says, “baby, please don’t go,” with a stare that can melt the strength of her knees.
“God. Katsuki... ” she whispers before succumbing to the push of her heart. Y/N presses her lips to him and let Katsuki do the next step. He picks her up and sits her on the edge of the sink to kiss her gently.
Pro Hero Katsuki Bakugou walks out of the room first, Y/N following him.
“Liv Davis,” Katsuki says, fingers intertwined with Y/N’s small ones. “This is Y/N. And her heart belongs to the number one hero.”
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lumimew · 9 hours ago
mm thinking about drunk late night kisses with bakugou, stumbling home after a long night, him barely being able to unlock the door cause’ you keep distracting him with kisses peppered along his jawline, ears, and neck. how when you get inside you both collapse onto the couch and you can’t keep yourself from giggling into his mouth as you kiss him, and he mutters about how you “really can’t hold a drink,” and how you’re “so fucking stupid, going out and getting wasted when you have work tomorrow.” but you’re not concerned about work, and you’re definitely not considering the massive headache you’re going to have tomorrow. all you can think about is how good katsuki smells when you leave marks along his neck, whispering how much you love him. and while he’s hesitant at first--you’re drunk after all, you don’t really know what you’re saying, he soon matches your passion, kissing you like he’s never gonna get another chance and muttering over and over again, “i love you, fucking idiot, god--” he cuts himself off mid-sentence just to stop and admire how pretty you are, wondering how the hell an asshole like himself managed to score a fucking gorgeous partner like you. you stop and admire him too, his face flushed red (he’s had a few beers to drink too, and can’t deny the effect your kisses are having on him) and moonlight draped softly over his hair as it peers through your open windows. he looks so stunning like this, awestruck and so, so madly in love with you. both of your lips are kissed pink and pretty and you collapse onto his chest, giggling again, not able to hold back the laughter. he just shakes his head and sighs, “let’s get you to bed, dumbass,” hauling you up off the couch, pausing to wrap his arms around your neck and pull you in for another kiss, moving with such carefulness and holding you so sweetly, like he’s afraid to break you. when he breaks apart, you feel him smiling as he presses a soft kiss to your collarbone before muttering, “bedtime, now.” you grumble, but let yourself be led back to the room and when you flop on the bed, he gently coaxes you into changing into one of his big, soft t-shirts you love to sleep in. it smells like him holding you. you can’t stop yourself from stealing one more messy kiss before you pass out, and even in your drunken haze as you cuddle up against hi, you remember to whisper to him, “i love you.”
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mulier-indomita · a day ago
Your Call | Part I
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bakugou x Fem!Reader Word Count: 5665 Summary: As the only daughter from an affluent family, Y/N must fulfill a role inside the golden cage she escapes from at every opportunity. But as an enthralling and mysterious boy comes into her life, she's about to discover there's no escaping her true self.
Warnings: Implications of incest.
Author’s Notes: Jaguars are not native from Japan but the Americas, however, I've always been fascinated with nahual legends that hail from my country. So, I took many liberties regarding jaguars and did my best to accomodate nahual elements into the story. Enjoy!
Taglist: @riotsragdoll @ofallthingsnasty @ajaviary
Tumblr media
Nahual \ nəˈ(g)wäl \
: a human being who has the power to shapeshift into a jaguar form, often assuming the role of a personal spirit guardian or protective alter ego.
Sinking your dainty feet in the mud felt just right. If your mother could see you right now, she’d scold you for not following the rules she spent eight years teaching you. Breaking them as deliberately as you did when she wasn't looking earned you three nights in the cellar without food or water.
It was inconceivable for a lady of your standing and tender age to leave her house without a chaperone, to play in the forest, and ruin her silk dress with dirt. But your parents' strict upbringing could not put down your thirst for adventure, and your free-spirit always longed for the call of nature when you were forced to stay put at home. Being an only child was boring, so you took advantage of your nanny’s naps to get away.
When you jumped once again in the dirt, giggling at the swoshing sound of the mud making its way through your toes, and turned around, you found yourself in the company of a blonde boy that seemed not much older than you. Also, he was very much naked.
Your first reaction was to avert your eyes, but curiosity made you look at him again. His hair was the color of the wheat that grew on your father’s lands, his skin was sun kissed but his eyes were unlike any other pair you had ever seen before, they were crimson red… The color of blood.
He was also giving you a surprised and inquisitive look, as if he had never seen another person in his life. His eyebrows furrowed and you thought he was going to be mean like the other children you knew. Instead of that, he approached you slowly and leaned his face closer to your neck, sniffing you and you felt your ear tickle. He briefly pulled apart to look you in the eye and licked your cheek.
“Nice to meet you too,” you said, stroking his head, and he nuzzled his cheek against yours. “I’m Y/N!”
The boy didn’t reply at once, taking his sweet time examining your features and grooming you.
“Do you have a name?”
The boy’s lips moved and a hissing noise came from the depths of his throat. Then he sputtered in frustration and finally said something coherent. “Katsuki.”
“Katsuki!” you repeated after him, and he seemed to like it. “Where are your Papa and Mama?”
His smile disappeared at once. “Gone.”
Upon learning that Katsuki was an orphan, you felt an inexplicable urge to cry. Now it made sense why Katsuki was alone in the middle of the forest without any clothes.
Your feelings of melancholy and guilt were soon forgotten when Katsuki ruffled your hair, ruining the curls your mother liked to see on you.
"Come!" He challenged you, running towards the waterfall. It was an unfamiliar and intimidating place that you had never visited alone, but you followed him without hesitation.
You soon discovered that with Katsuki time passed in the blink of an eye. Unable to hear you because of the noise of the waterfall, you had to yell at Katsuki and in a way that was invigorating. In your world where manners ruled, you could only speak softly and never out of turn. With Katsuki it was as if you were releasing something that they forced you to keep suppressed, and encouraged you to surrender to joy and embrace your true self.
At some point Katsuki decided it was a good idea to cool off in the river and prompted you to follow him. But seeing that you remained on the riverbank dipping only your feet, Katsuki returned to your side and began to pull from your dress to take it off.
"W-what are you doing?"
"Take…” he grumbled. “Off!"
Katsuki tried to use his teeth, which looked too sharp for a child's, and his nails to break your clothes, but you stopped him. After a brief struggle, you managed to remove your clothes on your own until you were only left in your pantaloons and went swimming with Katsuki. Your mother would definitely faint if she could see you, and the thought made you laugh.
By the time the sun began to fade over the horizon, you and Katsuki were lying asleep very close to each other. Your face was hidden in his neck while he hugged you protectively. And you’d have stayed like this all night if it were not for your father and his hunting party who were in search of you and managed to find you before it was completely dark.
Your father wasn’t amused to find you half-naked, but like you, he was captivated by Katsuki's exotic appearance. He wondered if he was a Russian or half-breed orphan who had been abandoned due to Japanese hostility towards the Russians. It would be just a matter of time before he succumbed to the cruelty of nature or one of his stray bullets.
He was surprised for an instant when Katsuki opened his eyes and gave him a defiant look. It was astonishing how a child's gaze could make a chill run down his spine, and he knew it wasn't just because they had an unnatural color. Katsuki's glare, along with the way you two were huddled together, was enough for your father to come to the conclusion that trying to separate you was going to be impossible and wasn’t worth it to make you cry if he tried to.
Plus, he already had a pet jaguar at home. Adding a homeless, human boy wasn't going to be a problem.
"Y/N," he gently shook you, Katsuki's gaze following his every movement. "Wake up, darling, let's go home."
You whined and felt Katsuki's arm hold you tighter when you opened your eyes. "Papa..."
When you stood up and tried to get closer to your father, Katsuki grabbed your wrist. He didn't want to part with you, and it hurt you, too, to leave him behind.
"Papa, can we...?" You gave him a pleading look, and he smiled.
"Sure. If you like him, he's yours.” he agreed as if Katsuki was his property. “I'll give him to you."
"Thank you so much!" You beamed, holding Katsuki’s hand.
After helping you put back on your dress and covering Katsuki with the haori of one of the servants, the group returned to the estate that belonged to the L/N family. Your family.
Katsuki looked around curiously as you crossed the wheat and corn crops. They were owned by your father, and were lands that Katsuki had avoided all his life at his father's warning, before he disappeared forever.
The ranch was also impressive, and although he understood that it served as a refuge to you, it was nothing like the caves and tree branches that he used to sleep in. He wondered what it’d look like on the inside, but as he got off the horse to enter, what he saw at the entrance caused him to freeze in his tracks.
"It’s pretty, right?" You asked him innocently, but soon noticed that he was frowning and showing his teeth. "What's wrong?"
A powerful roar caught your attention and you looked ahead. Near the entrance there was a male jaguar chained to a tree. Your father had captured it last year when it snuck onto the garden while you were playing alone with a paper ball. You remembered that it had jumped on you and tried to take you away, but your father had shot it in the thigh.
Despite the enormous fright it had given you, it greatly distressed you to see the injured jaguar, and before your father could give it the killing shot, you protected Jaga with your body. Much to his surprise, the animal was not intent on harming you and licked the tears off your face.
And to your mother's dismay, the jaguar had its wound healed and it was adopted as a pet. Your father liked to brag to his friends and acquaintances that he was the only man in Ezo to own a predatory animal and have a daughter capable of taming it with ease.
Without fear, you approached the jaguar and it immediately behaved docile. It actually seemed to like having you scratch its neck and ears, and it playfully bit your hand in response.
"Come pet him," you encouraged Katsuki and he leaned over and mimicked your actions. "His name is Jaga."
Far from looking excited about having the opportunity to touch such a dangerous animal and come out unscathed, Katsuki seemed overwhelmed. Jaga licked his hand and looked sad too. You knew this because he had behaved similarly in the early days of his captivity.
Your father approached to caress it, too, but he could barely give it a couple of pats. Jaga regained its usual energy and roared a warning at your father that made him desist from his caring gesture.
As soon as you stepped inside the house, you were embraced by your anguished mother. You were ashamed to admit it, but her overbearing affection that mixed overprotection and dominance was the main reason why you took advantage of the moments when she was distracted to run off to the forest. She always fretted that if you went out she would never see you again, and at the same time she kept a distance from you under the pretext of having a headache and feeling ill when things didn’t go her way. She adored dressing you in the finest fabrics and ribbons she could find yet she argued that you were plain, even though other adults said you were a very pretty girl.
Your father told you that when you were born your mother had had a very difficult delivery and made it impossible for her to have more children, which explained why she was so suffocating and strict on you and why you didn't have siblings.
"Are you okay, Y/N?" She asked you while checking you from head to toe and kissing your cheeks.
"Yes, Mama."
Her smile of relief was replaced with a sigh of disappointment. "I don't understand why you won't be a good girl and stay still."
There it was. The criticism hidden behind a sliver of affection. At this you could only lower your gaze and let her express her concern and anger until she remembered that your father was also present and turned her attention to him.
"When I found Y/N, this boy was with her and they got along so well that I decided to bring him so he could keep her company."
Until then, Katsuki had remained silent and hidden behind your father, but when he realized that everyone had gone quiet, he showed himself. As soon as their gazes met, your mother paled and took a step back. It was as if she had seen a ghost and immediately pulled you towards her.
"I don't want that scoundrel in my house!" She complained loudly and embraced you protectively. "I have enough with that wretched beast outside!"
"Papa told me I could keep him!" You protested, trying to free yourself from her hold "I want Katsuki to be with me!"
Katsuki also tried to approach you, but your father stopped him, wanting to mediate before allowing him to get closer and risk someone getting hurt. If Katsuki had managed to survive alone in the forest without any scratches, perhaps he was more fierce and strong than he appeared. "It's true, I have allowed your new friend to be a part of this house as he seems determined to keep you safe. With patience we can make him more civilized and say that he is the orphaned son of some distant relative," he looked at him and Katsuki seemed to calm down a bit, but kept an angry pout. "My decision is final."
That night your mother refused to eat supper in the dining room, and Katsuki was given an old yukata that belonged to the cook's grandson and a pair of geta, both of which he refused to wear at first. Your father promised to get him clothes of his size that would make him look more cultured, and he also made an agreement with your tutor to teach him to read and write. For a moment they both believed that the task would be impossible because Katsuki seemed to be unable to speak, until you told your father that Katsuki could actually talk fluently and just didn't feel like doing it.
His table manners were also terrible. In addition to eating with his hands, he chewed with his mouth open and sniffed everything before eating it. Noticing that he was being watched by everyone with shocked looks, Katsuki became frustrated and threw his plate and glass of water to the floor. Your father immediately ordered the maids to clean up the mess and scolded Katsuki for losing his temper so easily. You knew that despite being a loving parent to you, he could be very stern with his punishments if you made him angry, and you intervened before that happened with your new friend.
"Hey," Katsuki glanced at you and watched you cut a piece of meat. "Use the fork and knife, like this."
Katsuki snorted, but calmed down when you offered him your meat with a smile. After eating it, he took away your utensils to try to do the same. Although his way of holding the fork and knife was very mediocre, his willingness to learn filled you with pride and appeased your father.
"It seems that you are skilled at taming any kind of beast." He commented, not caring if Katsuki understood what he was talking about and was offended as a result. His wary gaze implied that he had been offended.
"Don't worry, I'll help you learn faster." You encouraged him, wiping his mouth with the napkin.
Katsuki basked in your subtle display of affection and grabbed your wrist, rubbing his cheek against it. Your father sighed in exasperation, making a mental note that he would have to correct that as well.
Even though your father didn't really expect to turn Katsuki into someone refined, the latter exceeded his expectations. At first he didn’t speak and his writing was terrible, but Katsuki soon proved to be very intelligent and easily learned what your teacher taught him. Once he was encouraged to read aloud, your attestation that he was good with words was confirmed, and since then there was no way to silence him when he wanted to voice his opinion.
Between lessons, Katsuki liked to go outside to run and play, even at night. At first he did it naked; then he learned to keep his pants on and eventually gave up the habit of undressing in public. You couldn't help but notice that when he went outside, he always addressed Jaga with respect, and even sat for long hours with it, stroking it, and muttering something unintelligible.
"Thanks for taking care of him." He told you during one of the many nights when Katsuki snuck into your room to share your bed despite having his own to sleep in.
Katsuki was silent for a few moments before answering. "Jaga."
"Ah," Now that you thought about it, since Jaga became part of the family, you were the one who took care of it. Far from treating it like a pet, he had become your best friend and you sympathized with its needs just as it perceived your need to be loved and be free. "I like to do it, Jaga is someone special to me."
"I know, and he feels the same."
You wondered if Katsuki could understand Jaga too, but apparently he was much better at it than you. But instead of being pleased, Katsuki seemed uncomfortable, although the times you saw him talking to Jaga, his expression was solemn and focused.
As the weeks passed, and your bond with Katsuki grew stronger, your father became pleased with him. So much, that he allowed him to mingle with the children of his friends and acquaintances at the party he organized to celebrate his birthday. Your mother kept giving Katsuki contemptuous glances that he reciprocated. It was useless trying to make her understand his qualities because she insisted on saying that your father would eventually regret taking Katsuki in.
While your mother was getting ready to go down to the party, you and Katsuki were in charge of receiving the guests with your father. Katsuki again refused to engage in conversation but when he introduced himself, he did so with such excellent manners that it was hard to believe that he was the same wild boy you met just a few weeks ago.
However, when Count Enji Todoroki arrived with his family and he took your hand to kiss it, Katsuki stiffened and a groan escaped him. It wasn't the first time a grown man had made that gesture with you, but there was something about Enji that unsettled you. But you weren’t allowed to spurn him as he was your father’s most important business partner and lifelong friend.
"I see that your daughter is growing up to be very beautiful and strong. I’m sure that someday she will make a wonderful wife." Upon hearing that remark, his wife, Lady Rei, looked away and coughed a little. Despite being a graceful and gentle woman, her health was fragile and she rarely traveled with him.
"Well yes, her future is promising but I doubt that Shouto is already thinking about such things, isn't he?" Your father inquired.
Shouto was the youngest of Count Todoroki's four children and his favorite. The duality of his red and white hair as well as his turquoise and gray eyes was striking. His reaction to the possibility of a marriage between you and him was limited to a long, silent look. He then did the same with Katsuki, who gave him a dismissive gesture and hugged you as if he wanted to block his view. Although he had nothing to worry about because Shouto never spoke to you whenever he visited your house, preferring to remain absorbed in his own world, and he never made an effort to be your friend.
It was during those parties between adults that you needed a friend the most. Since you could remember, the other children believed you were a strange girl and they used that to treat you like the plague, especially Seiji Shishikura and Neito Monoma.
Sometimes they ignored you while they played with each other and other times they pulled mean pranks on you. They weren't worried about the eldest Todoroki children, Touya, and Fuyumi, because they remained away from the others instead of acting as caretakers for the younger kids.
Now that Katsuki had joined their social circle, they believed that they could treat him the same way that they had treated you until now. The last time they spotted their babysitters, Touya was busy holding Fuyumi's ankle and slipping his hand underneath her kimono, making her blush and timidly look away.
This time you didn't mind being ignored because you had Katsuki as a playmate. But when the other children asked to join your butterfly hunting game, you saw no reason to object.
"Amazing Katsuki! You’re so good at this!" You praised him when he captured his ninth butterfly within an hour.
"You’re the one who’s very slow!" He teased you, pointing to the moth you had in your pocket. "I’ll make a great hunter outta you!"
"Look, Y/N!” Seiji approached you holding something between his joined hands. “I found a butterfly of many colors!"
Ecstatic and out of curiosity, you put your palms up to get a closer look at the butterfly, but your delight was overshadowed with horror when Seiji placed a gutted frog in your hands. You immediately threw it away and started crying, looking for a pond of water to wash yourself. But when Neito pulled you by the hair, Katsuki stepped in and grabbed his wrist tightly until his bones began to crack.
"Hey, let him go!" Seiji intervened and grabbed Katsuki by the neck of his clothes. "You want to pick a fight with us?!"
As soon as he said that, the atmosphere felt so tense that even Shouto turned his attention away from the book he was reading and a chill ran down your spine.
Soon, Seiji was horrified and trembled with fear when he saw that Katsuki was looking at him with uncanny fierceness and bared his very sharp teeth while growling in fury. In an instant, Katsuki broke free by throwing a swipe at Seiji so hard that his vest was tattered and he fell backwards to the ground. The blonde did the same with Neito and everyone froze with just one glare from him.
"Don't you ever bully Y/N, ever again!" He threatened them. "If you don't stop, I'll take off more than your clothes!"
Katsuki looked like a predator threatening to eat them, and the crimson glow in his eyes was so intimidating that it made Seiji pee on himself. Everyone fled in terror to hide from him, but when Katsuki turned around and saw Shouto wipe your watery eyes with a handkerchief, he pushed him away.
"Get away! She's mine!" He was no longer showing off his enlarged fangs and sharp nails, but it was evident that he didn’t like anyone else touching you, be it a friend or a foe.
"I was just helping her." Shouto quietly complained, not scared of him in the slightest. "You don't have to be so agitated."
Just as Katsuki was preparing to jump on Shouto, you took his hand to stop him. He roared at you, but upon looking at your shocked expressions and taking in the consequences of his actions, as well as Shouto's puzzled look, Katsuki pulled his arm off and ran away.
You instantly rushed after him because you were the only one to notice something else beyond his eerie transformation: his tears.
Katsuki's heart was hurting.
He was very fast and soon disappeared from your sight. You tried calling his name, to no avail, but somehow you could smell his scent. Perhaps his odd habits were rubbing off on you, and soon enough you found his pants, his jacket, and the rest of his clothes until you spotted a really big cat...
It actually looked an awful lot like Jaga, but smaller. It was turning its back at you, but its tail was flicking back and forth in a rigid way. Your experience at reading Jaga's behavior told you that the little fella was
"Katsuki," the feline moved away from your touch but didn't run again. It didn't have to speak for you to know that he was Katsuki, but with a different appearance.
Katsuki had sworn not to show you this side of him so soon, if ever. He knew you were different from those who forced him to stay hidden from the world, the only one who could understand him. But that didn't stop him from wondering what you could think of him and his unique ability. He was terrified that you wouldn't hold him dear to you anymore after you saw what he was, and what he was capable to do.
Because the scariest and most painful thing that could happen to him would be if the one he loved most rejected him as well.
"Katsuki, it's going to be alright," you whispered softly and crawled next to him. "I'm here."
He turned his head, and you reached out your hand to pet his head and smiled reassuringly. Your arm surrounded his neck and you nuzzled your cheek against his face. In return, he licked you, but then scoffed, as if embarrassed by his own actions.
You remained cuddled together until he gradually returned to his human appearance. He put back on his clothes, except the shoes, but remained quiet. You didn't know much about jaguars, so you took him before Jaga in the hopes that its presence would soothe Katsuki.
The animal was taking a nap and woke up as soon as it heard your footsteps in the distance and turned its attention to Katsuki, who was beginning to morph again due to how upset he still was.
"Please Jaga. If you are friends with Katsuki, help him." You asked, rubbing circles on Katsuki’s back and pushing him to get closer.
You didn't have to ask twice, as Jaga carefully bit Katsuki's hand to bring him out of his raging trance and he roared in protest. Then the jaguar began to lick him on the face, neck and nape, at which Katsuki got on his knees, and continued growling, until he stopped looking like a beast. Although the chuffle that occasionally escaped his lips as he rolled on the ground with Jaga was not at all human.
You smiled and joined them, not minding if your silk dress was ruined for rolling on the grass and letting Jaga hit you with its paws when you tried to imitate its sounds, or ruffling your locks with its gentle licks on your head and face. It was a familiar and pleasant feeling that you hadn’t experienced in...
Now that you stopped to think about it, you did not remember feeling that way with your parents, even though they did their best to raise you well, but you chose not to delve too deeply into it. Or rather, Katsuki didn't let you do it as he tugged your dress to pull you towards him and press you to the ground. His gaze on you was deep and slightly furrowed, but you knew he wasn't upset; rather than that he was concentrating on your puzzled expression.
"Katsuki, are you a bakeneko?"
He flicked your nose, offended that you compared him to a demon. "I'm a nahual."
"A what?"
Katsuki proceeded to explain he was one of the last descendants of a line of sorcerers that possessed a connection with an animal spirit that acted as their protector and granted them the ability to take on its form at will. In Katsuki's case, he and his parents could change into jaguars.
His parents weren't the type to harbor resentment toward those who discriminated against them for their heritage. But Katsuki pointed out it wasn't a good idea to get on the bad side of a nahual, and he admitted he wasn't as forgiving.
"Does it bother you?" He asked you, still afraid at the possibility that you wouldn’t want to relate to him anymore after seeing him partially transformed.
To his relief, you shook your head. "It was amazing," You stroked his cheek. "You're amazing."
Hearing you admit that you were impressed with his unique ability to shapeshift and accepting him for who he was made him smile. It was the first time you had seen him do such a thing, and you returned the gesture with a smile of your own and a hug full of love that he enjoyed more than he was willing to admit.
When you and Katsuki were called in for dinner, no one mentioned anything about the incident with the latter's transformation. Apparently Seiji and his friends were so terrified of him that they made up a story of ripping their clothes off in a thorn bush while playing.
Your mother, however, assumed that Katsuki had something to do with it since he kept her eye on them and they avoided looking at him. She waited for the guests to leave to approach her husband with the idea of sending you to study in Ashikaga along with Count Todoroki's daughter. Wanting the best for you but also wishing to consult it with you first, your father said that he would think about it before making a decision.
Unbeknownst to them, Katsuki had overheard the conversation as he made his nightly rounds with Jaga. The very idea of separating from you filled him with anxiety, because he sensed that if you left his side, he would never see you again, and he wasn’t willing to risk it.
Katsuki snuck into your bedroom to warn you of your parents’ plot, but he was a bit disappointed when she saw that you were already sound asleep. He climbed on your bed and hugged you against his body, stroking your hair.
"I will always be with you, Y/N." He murmured in your ear. Katsuki was young but very determined. "Nothing and no one is ever going to separate us."
That was a promise that Katsuki kept for ten years, overcoming your mother's unfulfilled wishes to send you away to study, witnessing Ezo's name change to Hokkaido after the Honorable Restoration, as well as the changes time brought in your appearance.
As a child you were considered quite pretty, but now that you had matured into a young woman, there was no man who could resist looking at you and contemplating your beauty, so different from the other women on the island. While Katsuki became a tall and muscular man that made the ladies swoon over him when he accompanied you to social events or they stopped by your farm to see him work in the fields. However, they often left disappointed when Katsuki was nowhere to be seen because he was away from any prying eyes to enjoy your company.
Your parents had already resigned themselves to the idea that no matter how vigilant they were of you or how much they forbade you to leave the estate, you were always going to find a way to escape to the forest whenever you wanted. But your father was more lax about it, since now you did it accompanied by Katsuki and Jaga. Your friend was excellent at body-to-body combat and few people would dare to come closer with a jaguar next to you.
When you were first allowed to take Jaga on a stroll, you planned to release it to its rightful place, but somehow Jaga always returned in time to go home. Ever since you met Katsuki and they got lost together in the jungle, you understood how precious freedom was and it was odd that Jaga was unwilling to take advantage of it.
But Katsuki had taken it upon himself to make you understand that without a partner, freedom felt as lonely as captivity. When he came into your life it was as if the gates of paradise had opened for you, and Katsuki not only taught you to climb trees, swim in the river and catch small animals. But he also taught you what it was like to love and be loved.
You made an official introduction to the marriage market on your 20th spring with a lavish party. Numerous men, among them Monoma, vied for your hand in marriage. But they knew your parents wouldn't be content to give you away to any man as you were very beautiful and talented. Only a man with huge pockets and more skill was worthy of you.
Someone like Shouto Todoroki.
Just like Katsuki was highly desired by ladies, Shouto was the most eligible bachelor around, equally sought after by heiresses and their fathers. He had grown into a very handsome man with a prodigious talent for many things and a royal bearing that made him look more like a Prince than a Duke.
Shouto seemed to also think he stood a chance at winning you over. A couple of days after the party, he visited your house to run an errand for his father and asked for permission to take you for some kakigori. Your mother gave her consent, but Katsuki tagged along regardless of his workload.
"Which flavor do you fancy?" Shouto asked you.
"Sweet plum." You replied, taking in Katsuki's sour mood.
"I like that one too." Shouto smiled and you did as well. Then he turned to Katsuki. "And you?"
"I don't want anything that comes from you." He replied, glaring at the amicable interaction between the two of you.
After Katsuki partially shifted in front of the other children, Shouto had made a more active effort to befriend you. But Katsuki didn't seem to appreciate his attempts, especially when you decided to open up to him and accept him into your inner circle.
Katsuki saw other men that showed interest in you to be beneath him, even those that were of higher birth than himself, and he openly mocked them. But with Shouto he was outright hostile, and you knew that was because he saw him as a threat.
You were indifferent with all the bachelors that tried to catch your attention; however, you made an exception with Shouto because he was a pleasant and genuine person. That was enough for Katsuki to dislike him, though you assumed it wasn't anything to worry about.
When you received your treat, some children ran off past you and dropped your shaved ice. Shouto kindly offered you his portion, and held your hand for a moment, feeling your soft and warm skin. Katsuki slapped his hand and pulled you towards him.
"Katsuki!" You took a handkerchief from your pocket to wipe the syrup from Shouto's jacket. "What is your problem?"
He ignored your question to make his own query to Shouto. "Are you courting her?"
You were surprised that Katsuki was so paranoid of every man that approached you, including one who saw them as friends. Shouto had set high standards for himself, he told you as much. There was no way Shouto would want you as his wife when he could have his choosing from the daughters of barons and princes...
"Yes, I am."o
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Tumblr media
“gimme a kiss,” bakugou slurs, and you roll your eyes, giggling as you lean in and press a kiss to his forehead. “hell yeah, fuckin’ love those. gimme more,” he pokes your shoulder to bring your attention back to his face, and you shake your head in amusement as he huffs when you don’t.
“katsuki, we need to get you out of this shirt—”
“don’t care,” he cuts you off.
“well, i do. it smells like liquor, i’m not sleeping next to you in it,” you try to reach froward to go back to unbuttoning, but he pulls away with a stubborn grunt.
“gimme the damn kiss,” he argues, and there’s no winning against a drunk bakugou if you want peace. so, with a sigh, you cup his cheeks and pepper kisses across his face, pressing one final one over his lips. a small, barely there grin erupts on his face as he leans into your hands, and you brush a thumb over his warm cheek.
“there. that enough for you?”
“yeah,” he nods, head drooping forward as his eyes start to close, and this is exactly what you’d been trying to avoid. bakugou always does this. he falls asleep on the couch, slumped on the floor against the kitchen counter, in the passenger seat of your car, anywhere but your bed—you never can manage to get him there in time, and a hungover bakugou with a sore back is never fun to deal with.
“no,” you warn, tapping his cheek to wake him. “katsuki, do not fall asleep,” you say sternly, and he huffs, lifting his head up with a scowl, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as you unbutton his dress shirt. bakugou hates hero events, but he’s got a reputation to keep, and he’s got appearances to make, and he’s got duties to attend to.
“‘m tired,” he grumbles, “and why’re you trying to see me naked?” you stare at him with pursed lips as he looks up at you with a raised brow.
“i’m not. now lift your arms—”
“think ‘m hot? like what you see? wanna see more?” he grins, reaching to poke your cheek. he misses, and his body sways forward as he loses his balance, making you grab him with a sigh. “hey, keep your hands to yourself,” he snickers, and you almost think you should let him fall forward to the floor, face first.
but that would make him even more insufferable in the morning, and you like the idea of keeping the remaining bits of your sanity intact—not that there’s a lot of sanity left to keep when you’re dating someone like bakugou.
“you are too much,” you snort, but still, there’s fondess as you sweep back sweaty locks from his face, tracing over the slants of his features slowly as he closes his eyes and he relishes in your touch. you don’t get to take care of bakugou like this often, so you’re grateful he’s a lightweight—even if he denies this fact to his grave.
“don’t think i’m hot? c’mon, i know you do just a little,” he insists, letting you finally peel his button down off his upper body. he hates wearing them, and he hates buttoning them more, so it’s usually a task you have to take on yourself, but you can’t say you hate it.
there’s something about little things bakugou trusts you with—buttoning his shirts, putting lotion on his cracked hands, washing the dirt from his hair after missions, they all make you realize he likes depending on you. and it surprises you initially, but you learn he likes the intimacy. but you also learn he likes the gentleness behind your actions more—they make him realize he’s not as bad as he seems, otherwise you wouldn’t have a goofy little grin on your face as you spike his hair up into a shark fin with the suds of his shampoo.
chuckling, you throw his shirt into the hamper across the room as you murmur, “maybe i think you’re hot, but only just a little.”
“well, i think you’re pretty fuckin’ sexy,” he pokes your hip, sending you a sly grin as you swat his wandering hand away with a warning glance. “best i ever had.”
“oh yeah? who else you got to make the comparison?”
“no one. everyone else sucks, so you’re best by default,” he shrugs. your heart melts a little, and you supposed this is what dating someone like bakugou does to you. taking things he means as an insult to others as a compliment for yourself, but it warms you up that he sees you as different, as good.
“you’re the best i had too,” you grin.
“course i am, i’m perfect,” he mumbles, yawning as he falls back onto the bed and closes his eyes. rolling your eyes, you pull the covers over his body, giggling as you tuck him in and kiss his forehead goodnight—he never lets you do either on a regular night, so you take the chance when you can.
“this is my side of the bed, asshole,” you scoff, but still, there’s a content smile on your face as you crawl into bed beside him, and it widens when he leans into your body like it’s second nature even in his sleep. “night, katsuki.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. your best friend’s girlfriend doesn’t like you, but can you really blame her? i mean, you’re perfect ! pretty, smart, likeable and you have her boyfriend wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.
ৎ୭ wc. 12222.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, dark content, college!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem!reader, best friend!bakugou, spit!kink, slight!manipulation,  dub-con, cheating, thigh-riding, handjobs, cherry chasing, recording, cumplay,  tummy bulges, possesive sex, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. happy friday everyone!! ah!! my final day of kinktober! i’d like to thank everyone who read and were excited for my fics, it’s honestly been really fun taking part in kinktober this year and hopefully i’ll join the next! i guess you could call this the grand finale, until the mikey fic comes along, but for now thank you and please enjoy <3 ( also i finished writing this at 6am today so i apologise if it’s riddled with typos !! )
ৎ୭ now playing. tonight - doja cat ft eve.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
katsuki bakugou’s been your best friend since as long as you can remember.
your mothers had always been close, kept in contact after they graduated and reunited when word spread they’d be having babies around the same time. katsuki, of course, came first— nothing could ever beat him and you always followed, popping out just months later.
just like your parents, you went through everything together. took your first bubble bath side by side, learned to crawl in unison— stood tall and walked in tune with one another. you’d punched out bakugou’s first wobbly tooth in first grade and he’d comforted you after you cried on your first day of school.
you were completely and utterly inseparable.
joined at the hip, you picked each other for every team in middle school and studied together for every honours class test in high school and when crushes came into play, bakugou never once looked away from you. ‘why the fuck would i need other girls when i have you?’ he’d say, lips pulled into a toothy smirk, vermillion eyes bright and mischievous as he’d try to shove whatever spicy hellish concoction he’d made for his bento that day, down your throat.
and gradually, whenever katsuki looked at you, a warm feeling would blossom in your chest— he made you feel like the only girl in the world, like you were his favourite girl.
people always told you how cute you were together, katsuki bakugou and his sweet little girlfriend yn...and you’d believe them. doodled his name in every one of your notebooks, hearts over the ‘i’ and your future children’s names scrawled in loopy font underneath. there was no one more perfect for your best friend than well...you.
except bakugou didn’t seem to think that way, not when moves halfway across the country for a college that you guys had never even talked about. your best friend left you behind but you would be fine, there were facetime calls and text messages and 3AM movie nights over discord while you both half awake and stealing glances at one another until one of you drifted off first. your best, your katsuki...he would tell you stories of the guys he’d met at the dorm, the ones he’d tell to back off while they tried to flirt with you over call. he would ask about your day, your classes— tell you that he was so proud of his girl and the praise always shot right to your tummy. the praise would make you touch yourself after your screens went dark and you were alone in your dorm with his name on your lips.
katsuki, katsuki, katsuki.
you’d chant his name like he was yours, like he was the one making you feel good and not the tiny fingers you have stuffed in your little cunt. you think of him when you cum, when you fall asleep, when you wake up in the morning… and maybe you’re a little obsessed...but after all, he’s all you’ve ever known. in your mind, bakugou was yours, he was always yours.
until he wasn’t. until he was hers.
“i’ve met someone,” the blonde mumbles to you on call one night, he’s sheepish and embarrassed— something that katsuki rarely ever expresses so you know he’s being serious. immediately your heart sinks, jealousy and anger curling around your beating heart and blackening it—how dare he? who is she? you and katsuki were made for each other, college wasn’t supposed to change that. and if your best friend sees your face twist into a frown, he doesn’t say anything about it. “she’s sweet, got a feelin’ yer gonna like her.”
you won’t, you already don’t.
you hate whoever the hell she is.
and katsuki sees that written all over your face, in the downturned corners of your glossed lips and the crinkle between your eyebrows. “she’s great,” he tries again, tries to reassure you because he hates seeing you upset and hates being the cause of it even more. “i promise.”
there’s no way she compares to you, she couldn’t be greater than you. “‘m sure she is.”
“yer upset with me, aren’cha?” the blonde asks you, clearly worried as his lips pull into a frown and you remember the sense of pride shooting through your veins at making him feel guilty. bakugou deserved that, especially after choosing some girl over you. “don’t be—“
“‘m not,” you say back, rolling your eyes and putting on a disinterested act just to vy for more of bakugou’s attention— you want his eyes on you and only you, not the bitch who’s swiped him from right underneath your nose. your lips push into a pout as you look away from the screen, shrugging your shoulders into the cool night while your childhood best friend rubs a hand over his face, clearly apologetic for having to break the news to you this way.
“c’mon angel, yn, look at me...don’t be fuckin’ mad, okay? don’t deny it either, already know that’cha are,” bakugou coos, rough as he leans into his shit-quality facetime and presents you with his furrowed brows and darling ruby gen eyes that you love so much. “you’re always gonna be my favourite girl, okay?”
you can’t help the smile that curls on your lips. “mkay,” you say in a quiet babyish voice and relief floods your best friend’s face. “do you promise?”
“pinky fuckin’ promise.”
but as it turns out, bakugou had lied.
his girlfriend wasn’t as great as he’d made out to be— in fact she was worse. her name doesn’t come up in the conversations the two of you have over your weekly calls but you manage to pull the handles of her social media accounts from between the loose lips of katsuki’s roommate— kirishima, with the promise of a few lewd videos and a chance for him to hook up with you. the red head’s chance with you wouldn’t come however, since you intended to save yourself only for the blonde with the firm, iron hot grip on your heart and all feelings for him replaced any guilt you had for manipulating kirishima the way you did.
nonetheless, ochako uraraka is the name he gives you and you decide that she’s nowhere near bakugou’s type. ‘yer gonna love her,’ is what you remember him telling you as you scroll through her instagram accounts— you hate her, is what you think. the girl is try hard, she wants to be cute but she looks annoying— she takes bakugou on dates you know he would hate, makes stupid comments about the stuff he loves that she dislikes, forces him to try foods you know he would turn his nose up at when he was back home with you. you pick at everything you can about her and try to convince your best friend that he’s making a terrible mistake but no matter what you say it’s always; ‘jus give her a chance, y’gotta warm up to her,’ and ‘i really like her, you will too.’
and you can’t, you won’t, you refuse. you refuse to acknowledge ochako as anything close to perfect for katsuki, no matter how hard he tries because you’re the one for him, you’re perfect for him and in your books she simply didn’t make the cut.
it’s not like ochako adored you either, the first time you’d met her guard was up miles high despite the sweet smile she’d given you in the presence of your best friend— and it’s not like you could blame her, in katsuki’s eyes, you appeared flawless… a vision of what a woman by his side should look like and that bothered her.
it bothered her to the point where she would try to sabotage your friendship with her boyfriend whatever chance she got— pretending to like your silly childhood games, kissing him when she was sure you were looking, prematurely ending the nights in which you hung out with bakugou by strategically placing a hand on his thigh and mumbling dirty words into his earn until his cheeks turned pink and he was rushing away with her. she was coming between you and your best friend and you hated it.
you hated her.
so you made sure of it, at your next visit to katsuki you’d win him back and remind him of who his favourite girl really was.
Tumblr media
“s-she hates me suki! she...s-she said i wasn’t good enough to be your friend!”
you hiccup your way through practiced words as bakugou locks the door to his frat house’s mancave— crossing the room in three short strides to be right by your side again. with soft hands, you cling to his toned arms and squeeze them beneath your grip, pressing yourself impossibly closer to your best friend. tears stream down your cheeks— fat droplets of saltine liquid clumped in your pretty lashes while you cling to him, small sniffles echoing through the room and just barely heard over the thumping bass of the music outside.
katsuki’s face, aged like fine wine over the years— ruby stone set eyes softening, falls flat at the sight of you so distraught and upset. it kills him inside to see you cry.
it hurts him more than a punch to the gut.
false waterworks and a wobbling bottom lip were all it took to get katsuki bakugou alone and away from the welcome party he’d thrown in your honour. the stardust sparkles in your watering eyes causing an unexplainable tightness in his chest, enough for him to pull you into the nearest empty room to comfort you. it’s not like you had lied about your reason for tearing up anyways— just moments before your best friend’s girlfriend, ochako, and her equally annoying buddy, mina, had cornered you in the hallway to confront you.
“you should go for hanta, or denki or maybe even eijirou. he really likes you,” the brunette had told you, swirling her solo cup of booze as her gaze swept over you. “so long as you back off of katsuki,”
you’d grinned with faux innocence, pushing yourself off of the wall the two girls had backed you up against to invade her personal space. “you’re sweet ‘chako!” you had squealed, revelling in her offended expression as you latched onto her as if you were best buds. “thanks but no thanks! all eiji knows is ass and good pussy. which you have neither of. my eyes are on suki.”
ochako had glared and grunted, stumbling back to get rid of you. “that wasn’t an offer,” came her snappy response. “you’re too clingy, too childish for him. katsuki wants a real woman.”
thinking of the bitch’s words only makes you angrier, makes you act harder to draw sympathy from katsuki so you can execute your plan of revenge. you were going to show her, show him— that you were just as much of a woman as ochako was and that he’d been making a huge mistake just by being with her. “she said i was too immature, that she’d get rid of me,” you blubber, jutting out your lower lip even more. “you won’t do that, right suki?” your acting could be a gift from god, an oscar winning performance one might say. you could tell by the unhappy twitch of bakugou’s frown— deeper, harder, that you’ve got him in a chokehold of guilt.
“fuck, y’really torn up about this huh, angel?” bakugou sighs, thick brows knitted together. you almost laugh, the sound coming out as a light gasp— like you would let ochako hurt your feelings. she had absolutely nothing on you. you were katsuki’s sun stars and moon, she would see that shortly. he moves towards the door, reaching for the handle. “i’ll go ‘n talk to her.”
“no!” you huff shortly, gripping him tighter and tugging your best friend over to the couch in the corner of the room— the route you’ve planned in your head and the final destination katsuki’s lap. “want you to stay, can you help me feel better, suki?” he looks to you as if he doesn’t know what to think, but how can he say no to you? he never can, not when you’ve been by his side your whole life and put his needs before your own. you throw him down onto the couch in one swift move, slotting yourself into his lap just like you would when you were back home— testing katsuki’s limits before your plan comes into play.
he accepts you at first, nodding his head with a warm hand rubbing on your back. hugs don’t count as cheating right? bakugou thinks. he couldn’t think to keep you at arms length, not when you were so warm— not when you were the sweetest person he’d ever met crying over a fight with his girlfriend. he’s conflicted, he knows he should be out there with ochako but you’re his best friend, you would do the same for him...right?
distracted by his thoughts and his seemingly endless list of problems brewing between his girlfriend and his best friend— katsuki almost doesn’t notice the way you slowly start to grind against his thigh, your chubby cheek pressed against his heartbeat to muffle the small whimpers gathered in your glossed lips and wet tongue. almost.
bakugou, before anything else, is a hormonal college boy— turned on at the slightest feeling or scent of good pussy. you know he won’t be able to resist you and the warmth of your sweet folds as they brush over his rough jeans, the beginning of your arousal sinking through the black denim fabric. you know that he couldn’t say no despite the dig of his rough fingertips into your supple waist— hormones clouding the red rhinestones in his irises when you pull back from his chest to look at him. “h-hey...hey! the fuck are you doin’ brat?” the blonde curses despite the pillow cushion to his words, he’s never harsh with you, he doesn’t want to upset you. your hips shift against katsuki’s thigh just right and your smaller-than-his fingers sink into his right arm in a tight grip as you cry his name. “fuckin’ stop with that!”
bottom lip wobbling, your face crumples and so does katsuki’s. he doesn’t want to see you cry, even if you grinding down against the meat of his muscled thighs is wrong, even if it drives him insane to feel your needy hole clench around against him. “w-what? what’s the matter ka’suki?” your words are let out with a faux whimper, faking your hurt until you make it. anything to get the plan to ruin his stupid little relationship going. “you don’ wanna help me? am i doin’ somethin’ wrong?”
you know just what to say, after all no one knows bakugou better than you— it just makes manipulating him way too easy. “what? no? the fuck are you on ‘bout?” katsuki struggles to get out, large hands attempting to push you off again while his thighs tell a different story, flexing the right one beneath your cunt, holding back a groan when your whole body shudders and your pretty eyes cross. “‘course i wanna help you angel, jus’ not like this. got a girlfriend now—“
“but you promised!” you sigh, putting on a bit more of a show now that you know you have your best friend’s attention. your fingers dance down towards the hem of your skirt, hips never stopping their straddled dance over katsuki’s thigh. “you said you’d help me feel better, ‘m your best friend suki, you want me to feel better right?” your tone is accusing with your facial expression innocent to match— you tug your skirt up, pinching the fabric between two fingers to reveal your naked pussy, rosy and puffy lips spread open against his jeans with a glisten as you leave a wet patch in your wake of grinding.
“fuck, i did...yeah i fuckin’ did,” bakugou sighs hotly and leans back into the couch, his large hands swallowing your thighs as if he wants to keep them spread— hazy eyes trained on the way your clit becomes swollen and bumps his thigh with every rut of your precious hips to get yourself off. “but angel,” he almost whines. “my girlfriend…”
grinning, you take his hands from your thighs and guide them slowly across the expanse of your body. “e‘nough ‘bout ochako,” you say, sliding his palms across your tummy, fingers feather light as they walk up your rib cage, squeeze your thighs again before brushing roughly under the swell of your breasts— calloused pads of his finger tips tweaking your nipple from under your shirt, as you’d forgone a bra too. “she’s not more important to you than me, right katsuki?”
you say his full name this time, the three syllables hanging onto the gloss that coats your lips and only briefly pulling his gaze away from your sticky cunt and catching your best friend’s attention. his thigh twitches at the sight of you, top pushed up over your breast and skirt lifted just so he can get a peek at the fruit in eve’s garden, and like the story goes the snake in his ear is telling bakugou to take a bite out of you and what you gave to offer.
bouncing his thigh against your blossoming cunt, bakugou breathes his next words. “never, fuckin’ never.”
in victory, your arms wrap around bakugou’s neck for support before you begin to lift and drop your hips slowly against his leg as he gives it the momentum it needs to watch your pretty cunt cum. “then help me forget how mean she was to me, kay?” you use a faux timid tone, grinding down in your friends lap with a front row seat to the blonde losing his sanity over how shiny your sweet slit has become just from humping him.
“f-fuck, okay angel, okay...” he rasps nervously, hands finding your hips again to grind you along. “whaddya need?” bakugou’s eyes don’t dare to tear away from your mound, watching it wetly glide across his leg and you swear you see his eyes, vermillion in colour, roll back as his tongue darts out to wet his lips. “jesus…” he adds, flexing his leg again and only looking up when you simper his name and your slit drools just that little bit more.
your body is wracked with a set of trembles as heat starts to boil between your thighs, adding to the strings of slick that tie you down to katsuki’s. “need you to touch me,” you speak, your voice just as shaky as the rest of you while you rut against bakugou to your heart’s content. “gonna take off my shirt, okay? t-then my skirt. want you to see how good you make me feel, suki.”
dangerous blood red eyes shimmer with something you’ve never seen in them before— you can tell just by looking into them that katsuki wants you in so many ways, more than just you being his best friend and his sudden desire for you makes the fire in your lower belly burn brighter. the sight of him like this, eye-level with you, you in his lap while his cheeks grow tinted with berry red and flush under the neon simmering of LED lights only serves to make slick pool beneath you— destroying his pants with your arousal, katsuki looks desperate for a taste of you, adam’s apple bobbing as his dazed gaze flicking from your face to your puffy folds, exposed to the room’s chilly air.
he’s pussy whipped already and hasn’t even had the best of you yet.
the blonde practically whimpers as you pull away from him to take of your shirt, a soft curse falling from between his chapped lips as you throw it into the abyss of the room— the fabric seemingly taking his feelings of guilt towards ochako with him, for his hands scarred and calloused settle on the bare fat of your waist to help pull you along, dragging you by your ankle tot the high heavens of pleasure, burning pads of his fingers sinking into your supple flesh. “fuck, have y’always been this fuckin’ soft?” your best friend muses, brows creased and cock swelling beneath his jeans.
you’re sly, like a vixen prowling through the forest and katsuki is the prey that can’t escape the grip your sharp teeth and claws have on him. “yeah suki,” comes your sweet sigh, leaning forward in his grip until your nose bumps his chin, until your lips are a breath’s width apart. “you like touching me, right? i’ve always wanted you to touch me like this,”
“jesus fuck, baby,” katsuki bleats weakly, swallowing thick and you feel his chest vibrate with a shaky breath from your proximity to him. for a moment, he hesitates, the thoughts in his brain trying to decide between right and wrong, between his girlfriend and his best friend before he takes the plunge and slides a hand beneath your skirt to pull at your peachy ass— the other wrestling with the clasp of your bra, making you grin in victory. “yeah...fuck yeah, love touchin’ you like this...f-fuck, i can’t believe ‘m doin this,” he slurs but mirrors your smile as he pulls your bra away and tosses it away to join your lost shirt. “y’fuckin’ pretty baby, you...you know that right?”
of course you, you know that you— you’ve always been his type, why couldn’t he see that?
your nipples pebble once they hit the cold air and instead of giving him a response, you let your fingers tangle in the softness of his blonde hair and pull bakugou down to your chest. “show me, tell me how pretty you think i am,” your voice is soft, breathless as you glide across his thigh, despite the edgy command you give him and bakugou listens like the little pervert he’s become— before you know it, the heat of his sweltering mouth encapsulates your nipple and his pink tongue runs circles over your areola, tasting the light perspiration on your skin as he grunts softly against it. “o-oh! ka’suki!” you cry, fingers tightening their hold on his hair.
slurping noises shoot through the air, forming their tune in harmony with your entticng moans, airy light and ringing through bakugou’s ears. he can’t help but fall for the way you sound— delirious with arousal as he guides you back and forth over his leg, growing so rough that your clit occasionally bumps the curve of his knee, growing bold enough to grind it against you and make you squeal, force you to gush, anything. he just needs a reaction from you to soothe the aching throb to his fat cock. “god, yer tits are just as pretty as the rest of ya, so fucking pretty, so fucking—” the boy’s voice is muffled as you force his mouth onto your unattended breast, breath hitching as his teetth sink into the supple mound from shock or maybe even from revenge as you practically manhandle him and manipulate him to pleasure you at your will.
“shut up, katsuki,” you grunt impatiently but keep your voice innocent, face contorting with bliss as he follows your lead, sucking and biting at your breast while his calloused hand squeezes at the other. “o-oh! just like that— like that! y’gonna make me cum like that ‘suki!” bakugou looks up at you wide-eyed and hungry, seeming perfectly content with his mouth full of your tits and his thigh coated in the essence that bleeds from your pretty pussy as you circle your hips over him needily. he can’t help but wonder what you look like when you’re close to tipping off of the edge, can't help but wonder whether your cherry bitten lips will push into a pout or if they’ll fall open as you moan from deep within your chest— if your nose will scrunch and your eyelids will flutter just as much as your creamy cunt.
bakugou doesn’t have to wait much longer for his lack of patience and brash approach to everything has him swiping his thumb eagerly across your clit— stringing you along the path to your orgasm as a tight knot builds within your lower tummy. your body reacts to his touch, making him hum against your salvia stained breasts while you start to shake, struggling to even make one stroke of your hips over his thighs and fisting more and more locks of his sun-kissed hair between your trembling fingers.
“you like that?” bakugou hums observantly, his mouth letting go of your breast with a pop, tracks of his own drool running down his chin— you nod your head, picking up the pace of your hips just to make yourself cum to the point where you’re practically bouncing on katsuki’s thigh, pretty tits swaying in his face and activating a predatory look in the flecks of his red rouge eyes. “yeah y’fuckin do baby, holy shit...everythin’ ‘bout you is s’fuckin’ perfect, could watch you all day, let you use me all day. jus’ wanna see you cum, angel…” he drawls on and on, drawing roughly cut shapes into your puffy clit, groaning at the sight of your pillowy folds and the strings of slick leaking from between them as they connect you to his thigh messily. “wanna watch y’come apart just like this, c’mon you can do it, fuck angel, fuck…”
and if it weren’t for that bitch, ochako uraraka...maybe his words could come true.
“katsuki! ‘m gonna...gonna— !” but it’s hard to focus on hating her for stealing away your katsuki when he’s making you cum like a bitch in heat all over his thigh. the neon lights reflect in your teary eyes as your best friend pushes you head first into an orgasm, the pressure building up in the pits of your stomach unwinding faster than you can register as a stream of clear liquid gushes from your heated mound. “‘hmygod, ‘suki...don’t stop, please don’t stop!” your eyes cross and thighs lock around bakugou’s hand but he can’t bring himself to pull it away from your cute little cunt as the circles on your swollen nub grow tighter and tighter, pulling more yet tinier spirts of your release out of you until you can barely breathe. he watches you eagerly, taking in the sight of your skin shining with sweat under the gentle hum of the LED lighting in the room along with your soft lip caught between your teeth and the tiny, shaky whimpers you let out.
bakugou could just cum from the sight of you alone, the view of you swaying and dizzy from cumming for him, making his cock stir in his pants. you collapse against your best friend’s chest until the world stops spinning, letting the scent of him bring you back down to earth and put the objects in the room back in their place. “holy shit, angel. did y’just fuckin’ squirt f’me?” he asks tenderly, pulling his fingers from between your messy eyes and cursing under his breath when he spreads them apart and watches the slick separate with them.
“mhm, was all for you katsuki,” lazily, you smile and attempt to shimmy off your now ruined skirt— making a b-line for the hem of katsuki’s shirt next, pushing it up to reveal his golden skin and perfectly carved abs. “you can taste me if you like,” your voice acts like silk running through his ears as you let go of his shirt, giggling at the crease of curiosity between bakugou’s brows as you push his fingers towards his mouth and force them inside. he makes a muffled noise of surprise but a fire lights up amongst the almost brown flecks in his ruby gem eyes at the taste of your sweet nectar against his tongue. “am i sweet, suki?” you add huskily.
he nods slowly, looking at you like a child who’s been given candy while cleaning off his fingers quickly, hungrily as if your cum is laced with some kind of additive— he can feel himself growing addicted. “so sweet baby, s’good,” he mumbles, letting you tear through his shirt.
“i want you to have more of me, katsuki, don’t you want more of me?” you coo innocently, hands that could only be dwarfed by bakugou, dancing down his frame on the path towards his zipper before he stops you. wide eyed, you look at him and cock your head in mock confusion, bottom lip jutting out as you prepare for a fake display of tears. “w-what’s wrong?”
“ochako, i—” katsuki tells you as if he’s had a sudden epiphany, realising where he is and what he’s doing and trying to push you off. he’s never been a cheater, he’d always thought he could be loyal but all it took was one bat of your eyelids up at him and he was feasting on the sight of your rosy, saccharine pussy as if it were his last meal... what the fuck was katsuki bakugou doing? he didn’t need to fuck you to make you feel better, he didn’t need to fuck you at all— not with his girlfriend waiting for him outside. his face is stricken with guilt when he looks at you, but not for cheating on ochako, not for hurting her...but for you and your pouty lips and your bambi eyes that reel him back in and remind him that you could never be second place. not to ochako, not to anyone. “should be gettin’ back to her, think we’ve gone too far here.”
hearing her name fall from his lips after the little show you’d put on for katsuki fills you with rage, tingling from the top of your head right down to your toes and you huff like a petulant child, smaller-than-his hand shooting out to grab him by his growing erection before he can leave. “but you should be with me!” you whinge, squeezing katsuki’s bulge from over his pants, fighting the genuine tears in your eyes, unable to believe that his stupid girlfriend has the one up on you. “she’s been so mean to me and you let her, katsuki! you should be here, making it up to me,”
“but angel—”
you shake your head, furiously working your way through bakugou’s jeans and boxers as you sniff away saltine tears. “but no!” a small smirk crossing your lips at the hiss your best friend lets out when your soft palm comes into contact with his half-hard erection. “you’re mine, you’re my best friend and i’m supposed to be your favourite! ‘m not letting her take you away from me.”
a response lays meekly on bakugou’s lips as he spreads his tongue across them, he should try harder to fight you off and snap you out of your senses, tell you that you can’t do this—that he can’t do this but he’s already revelling in the way you start to palm him as you tug him free from his clothes. your hand is cushioned as it runs from the base of his dick to his achy tip, milky white cascading down katsuki’s length and catching on his throbbing veins that stand at attention— and fuck you’re so good at this, using your fingers to swipe at the precum beading from your best friend’s slit, pushing your thumb into it just to see his body come alive with shivers. your eyes stay trained on his face, memorising every twitch and parting of his lips from how good you make him feel whenever you squeeze him or speed up the pace of your hand.
you’re so fucking good, so good that he starts to forget all about her.
soon enough, katsuki’s body melts into yours and he’s tugging you further into his lap by the ass as if it’s second nature— it feels right to have you straddling his thick thighs as he man-spreads them wide , even better to pull you close by the back of your neck and let his strawberry tongue roll over the seams of your cherry lips to taste the gloss there and he grows eager to taste more of you, have all of you— hungrier for your touch more than he ever was for ochako’s. you can feel your sense of desire growing too—the speed of your hand that pumps katsuki getting faster and faster until lewd and wet noises twist within the heavy, lustful air between you both, his cock dribbling endless amounts of his essence and painting your knuckles with shades of his incoming release.
bakugou’s world becomes centred around you, your name heavy on his tongue—viscous and filling his mouth like honey until he’s drowning in a pool of ecstasy and dragging you down with him. “the way ya touch my cock, fuck angel. just like fuckin’ that, you’re doin’ so good you might just make me cum…you want that? want my fuckin’ cum?” the words slip out before his brain can register what he’s saying or who he’s saying it to, letting you take control of his pleasure as your tiny hands squeeze at his heavy balls— the pair of them working his angry shaft, bright red and fiery at the tip. in fact, bakugou doesn’t care that he’s dirty talking you instead of his girlfriend, at least not in the moment— thrusting himself into the slick warmth of your hands and pathetically using them as his own personal fleshlight, leaking onto the couch beneath your clammy bodies he doesn’t fucking care.
because ochako has never been as bold in the bedroom as you have on this very night, ochako has never made him feel this good.
“i want you to cum for me so badly, suki! i’ve always dreamed of what it was like,” you coo sweetly against his lips, pressing your body flush against bakugou’s so he can feel every bounce of your tits against his naked chest from where his erratic thrusts into your gentle grip make you jolt up and down— your nipples brushing against his to make him hiss. “always wondered about how you might taste,” your voice is breathy while you slot your mouth against his, humming as they fit together perfectly, swapping spit messily while katsuki tugs on your waist and your hair to manhandle you into the perfect position, just the way he wants. “how it might feel to be covered in all your cum,”
“shit, yer fuckin’ filthy, ‘chako would never say nasty shit like that,” bakugou let’s out a colourful stream of curses when you pull away, connected by strings of your exchanged spit— cupids’ bows wet from your searing kisses. “makes me wanna ruin ya, makes me wanna fuck you s’bad,” your heart flutters with pride at how willing your best friend is to give into the sin and adultery you’ve offered up for him despite the fact that the handjob you’re giving him is a one way ticket to the gates of heaven— that’s just how good you feel. you relish the yelp of surprise katsuki let’s out when you dribble your shared saliva down into his painfully hard shaft, letting it mix with his constant flow of thick precum. he groans from deep within the pits of his chest, the seed of arousal sprouting and wrapping its vines around his rib cage until filthy praises blossom in your best friend’s mouth, whispers of ‘just like that,’ and ‘fuck angel, so fuckin’ good to me,’ and ‘ain’t never had it like this,’ laid out across your skin from where he’s buried his face into your neck.
if it weren’t for your bodies being so close, you might not have heard his praise over the raunchy, damp sounds of his balls hitting your closed fist— katsuki fucking your hand as if it were your pretty cunt, languidly thrusting into your grip and chasing his own release. his world his hazy, blurry, with you as his only grounding focus, with you being the only thing on his fucking mind. he whimpers needily into your skin and only pulls back for air, the need written across his face in pink ink that’s flushed against his cheeks— the shade almost rivalling his blissful ruby orbs that flutter every time you fondle his balls.
you can’t help but grin, tilting katsuki’s chin up to kiss him again before you circle his blazing, sticky cockhead with your thumb. “i’m so much better than ochako, suki, i’m everythin’ you’ll ever need,” you say cutely and airily, grinning wider especially when katsuki nods his head eagerly, letting you guide him to his high. “isn’t that right, suki?”
his adam’s apple bobs, vermillion eyes watering and fuck he looks even prettier than you imagined— the sight of katsuki with his head thrown back against the couch and his mouth hanging open, saliva weighty on his tongue while sweat beads at his hairline and his hips jump up and up into your heavenly hand. “y’gonna make me cum angel, fuckin’ make me cum, make me cum,” he growls roughly into the hot air, the sweat running down his neck illuminated by the buzz of the LED lights. the sight creates a pleasant fizz in your brain, committed to memory as you tug on his fat cock harder, faster. “please, ‘m gonna cum, gonna cum so hard baby, don’cha want it?”
bakugou barely feels shameless for begging his best friend to cum, dopamine rattling around in his brain, heart thumping against his rib cage as you rub him off, spitting on his cock again and making every so much wetter, making it so much harder for him to hold off his orgasm.
“say it.” you seethe in his direction, never slowing down the speed of your hand. “tell me that i’m better than her and i’ll let you cum, kay?” you’re bold enough to reach down and slap his balls, coaxing your best friend towards his high, while his alluring and dangerously addictive moans shoot out into the air. bakugou’s head shakes along with the rest of his body, eyes screwing shut while his hips chase your teasing fingers that press down on the forked blue vein wrapped around his cock every time his hips pull back and out of the warmth of your hand. you can’t decide if his telling you no, or if he’s trying to fight his body’s instincts to chase it’s high, but you repeat the action, slapping down on his heavy balls again to make his entire frame jolt. “say it.”
katsuki pants, letting go of your hips to run a hand through his sex mussed locks as his eyes snap open to lock into yours. “you’re so much fuckin’ better than her, could never make me cum like this, only you angel, only fucking you. god, fuck—!” he babbles brainlessly, barely holding onto his last threads of sanity.
“cum f’me, katsuki,” you command the blonde gently, with one last squeeze of your messy hand to his pulsating dick as it pistons through your closed fist.
your whispered words are all bakugou needs before his entire body is overcome with a set of trembles and you don’t dare to stop the flick of your wrist around his cock as he tumbles through the rush of his high, struggling to keep up with you as colours run wild behind his crystallised red eyes. curse words and praises alike line his lips, katsuki moaning your name haughty and loud enough that you almost fear that people will hear you both from outside— his head drops to the back of the couch, chest heaving as his hips stumble and give out, releasing thick ropes of white hot cum onto your sex tainted knuckles and hand, only adding further to the sweaty glaze coating both of your bodies. the soft, incomplete whimpers that leave your best friend make you smile wickedly, evilly as he comes down from his mind-blowing high.
oh ochako ururaka, if only you could see your boyfriend now.
if only you could see what a real woman does to him.
“fuck baby, that was…” bakugou lifts his head, golden and scarred skin shining with sweat as he looks to you, only cutting himself off with a low groan to watch you suck the cum from your fingers before you lean over his twitching frame to spit his own release back into his mouth. the blonde swallows diligently, cupping the back of your head with a large hand before you can pull away and kissing you sloppily, forcing his tongue deep into your mouth so the both of you can share his taste, moaning at it in unison. “that was fuckin amazin’, you really are a filthy little minx aren’cha, angel?”
you nod bashfully, sidling further up katsuki’s lap until you’re positioned just over his sensitive cock— feeling the remains of his orgasm against your needy cunt that’s already dripping wet from pleasuring him. “s’all for you katsuki, s’always been for you,” you tell him, looking down at the blonde with hooded eyes while experimentally grinding your soft mound over his softening dick, waiting for a reaction or for him to push you off. “been saving myself for you, for years, wanted you to have all of me my first time, suki.” you add earnestly while his rough fingers draw contrastingly soft shapes into the soft swell of your doughy thigh.
you’re met with the complete opposite of what you expected, instead of shoving you away and telling you ‘enough was enough,’ bakugou suddenly grips the meat of your thighs to keep you hooked over his lap— looking at you with a new and lustful fire burning between the flecks of his eyes. “yer…yer a virgin?” he asks quietly, the both of you sucking in a breath as his sticky, cum-stained length twitches to life beneath your awaiting pussy.
you nod again, head tilting back when katsuki begins to grind up into you slowly. “o-ochako said i wasn’t…w-wasn’t woman enough for…for you,” you swallow thickly, the blonde’s tip bumping your clit as blood starts to rush to it and your pussy blossoms for him like a flower. “wanted you to make me one…”
“fuck,” he rasps, gaze dropping to watch the show beneath your shaking bodies, hardening cock pushing through your puffy folds and milky cockhead rutting against your fluttering hole. katsuki’s finger’s reach between the sweltering heat between you both, using two of his digits to keep his dick in line with honey glazed folds, shining with the reminisce of your last orgasm. using your wetness, bakugou is able to slide through your sex easily, shaking moans tumbling from between his bitten lips every time he hits your clit, desperately gripping his cock every time he shoots up too far and his tip nudges your soft tummy, smearing it with opaque white. “we should wait...we... we should talk ‘bout this,”
you grind back down on him, keeping the blonde nestled between swollen and pink folds, a pout forming on your lips. “don’t wanna,”
“neither do fuckin’ i,” comes bakugou’s gruff response, it’s whispered against your blemished shoulder, tainted with light scars from your childhood days and beauty marks alike as his buff arms wrap around your middle to keep you pinned down to him. both of you are seconds away from the tipping point, well past the boundary of what separates best friends from lovers— either of your minds growing murky and foggy, while your breathing tingles at each other’s lips while you sloppily grind against each other. you can feel his hips jumping beneath yours, dying to push his cock past your soaking entrance in one swift movement, but katsuki attempts to slow his roll, wanting your first time to be special. ochako is no longer a thought in his mind, replacing all visions of her with thoughts of you— wanting to fuck you, to be tucked away into your tight heat. “god, angel, wanna fuck you so bad,”
your eyes sparkle with a certain sense of triumph at bakugou’s words…you’ve won him over, got him bending over backwards from the slightest bump of his tip against your resisting entrance— barely prepared to take him and the thickness of his shaft. “please ‘suki, need you...want you,” you murmur against the blonde’s hairline, relishing in the way he pulls back ever so slightly to tap his weighty girth against your awaiting and fluttering slit.
slowly but surely, bakugou starts to push his cock into you, gritting his teeth as he huffs into the junction between your shoulder and neck— holding back his whimpers and urge to thrust as he slides into your warmth, not wanting to cause you anymore pain. “‘m sorry baby, ‘m sorry, you know don’t like hurtin’ya,” he mumbles apologies into your skin, hating the way you his at his intrusion, quickly filling you up like you’ve never been before. it’s like his own personal hell, being stuffed inside your cute virgin cunt, walls pulsing around him rhythmically and slowly sucking down every inch of katsuki’s swollen and aching cock— you take him so well despite the pain, making it harder to resist the urge to pound into you.
you’re so pretty on top of him, so cute with your pouty lips and teary eyes and bakugou suddenly finds himself wondering why he didn’t do this sooner, why he settled for anything less than you.
“move, please move,” you pull katsuki back by the air, cupping his face soon after to pull his bottom lip down with your thumb— the hot air between your bodies is teaming with lust and years worth of desire finally being unleashed, your cunt readily accepting your best friend’s dick as it oozes against your insides and spreads the flame of desire through your sweet cunt. “you feel so much better t-than all my toys ka’suki, always thought of you when i used them on myself,” you confess dreamily, tight hole growing slippery with your heightening arousal, letting bakugou press on until he’s reached the hilt inside of you. “you can fuck me, i want you.. l-love you—!”
the tail end of your words because hushed and breathless when katsuki jolts up and deeper into your cunt at your words— scratching the itch in your gummy walls that only he can reach. you love him and he loves the way your squishy, precious pussy wraps around him so perfectly, barely letting bakugou pull out enough to start a proper pacing to his hips. “love you baby, y’my best friend...fuckin’ love you angel,” he babbles to you, looking up at you with hormone raging red eyes as you toy with his lips, pulling it back again as you lean close making you chest to chest. “fuck, y’so fuckin’ tight, so fuckin tight…” forehead’s pressed, bakugou’s eyes flutter shut expecting you to kiss him but instead is met with the gift of saliva to let drip onto his tongue from your own mouth. his entire body shudders violently, swallowing your glob of spit quickly before he leans up to slot your lips together— using this moment of distraction to pull back his hips and sharply thrust into you. “‘m gonna fuck you baby, make this pussy my own. carve my name into it, gonna fuckin’ claim you,”
your best friend barely knows what he’s saying, barely knows the person your pussy’s turned him into— any traces of his girlfriend ochako flushed out of his system by hormones like dopamine as his large hands roam your skin and map out your stretch marks and dips and scars, committing them to memory before sinking into the fat of your hips to keep you steady in his lap. “i-i’m yours, you have me just— move!” if only he knew how much ownership he had of your mind and body already, how much he’d staked his claim over you throughout the years— tonight he would see that, and hopefully realise how much of him you owned as well.
tongues twirling against one another, bakugou pulls away, licking up the string of drool that connected you. he grips your ass next, smacking a rough palm over the peachy flesh to make you squeal and take away some of the pain as he sets a tune to his hips while they begin to plough into you. “‘m gonna make you feel so good, make a woman outta you just like you and this sweet lil virgin thing wanted, yeah?” katsuki’s gaze drops to the mess between your thighs as if he’s gesturing to your cunt, pumping his cock into your creamy, puffy mound nice and deep— making you cry out for him and clamp down hard. “promised to wreck this sweet hole, make my angel forget all the mean things ‘chako said about you… have i ever— fuck, have ii ever broken a promise?”
bakugou struggles to leave the warmth of your pussy, not caring whether that's down to how addicting your tightness is or you keeping him selfishly locked against your soaked and ribbed walls. however, you manage to shake your head no, despite the way you writhe in his lap as he rocks his hips into yours, bulbous cock head battering up your squishy insides. “n-never, my ka’suki’s so good t’me!” you moan possessively, selfishly but it sounds like nothing but angel’s calls to your best friend, only driving him to rut into you harder, deeper.
“that’s fuckin’ right angel, never gonna let’cha down,” he growls, shoving his face into your neck yet again as if he doesn’t trust himself not to cum if he looks at your awe striken face any longer— large and gritty palms pulling you by your ass back and forth on his throbbing, leaky and fat dick to match the pace of him pounding your pathetically juicy slit, writing his name in milky white precum against every ridge inside of you. no matter how far katsuki’s cock pulls out of you, your hips always chase him, forcing them down with your body weight to keep him tucked inside of you— following your pleasure until your cunt is pushing against him, dripping down his balls that spurt equally as much precum inside of you. “don’cha cry angel, thought this was what’cha wanted, what was gonna make you feel better?” he coos, licking a stripe along your collarbones to taste you and to keep himself grounded.
you wrap your arms around bakugou’s neck, hugging him to your chest while he grunts against it needily and it’s not long before your bodies are bodies become coated coated in a sheen of sweat, drops of it pearling against his hairline and extenuating the sticky clap of you skin against each other— creating a harmonious tone that lingers in the air along with your moans and the scent of sex. “it is what i want, you’re what i want!” you squeal as your best friend bares down on pleasure spots your toys could only dream of reaching, only serving to add squelching sounds to the lewd soundtrack you both have going. “but i wanna be your favourite, wanna be yours,” you beg him wetly, delirious and dumb on his cock, filled with devoir and a sense of need for him and only him.
“‘course yer my fuckin’ favourite, look at how much y’love me, how much this pussy loves me— shit angel,” bakugou curses, his tone deep and rumbling throughout his chest. his words make you dizzy, the sight of him makes you dizzy. as he looks up at you, dazed and with rose tinted cheeks you take your view of him— the shine sweat adds to him, highlighting the sharpness to bakugpu’s jaw and the new maturity of his face, the flex of his arms as he lifts you up and down in his lap along with the way his washboard and honey glazed abs contract with exertion every time he thrusts into you. katsuki is like a taste of heaven and it almost makes you mad to know that before you, ochako was the only person who got to see him like this— but your burning rage and murderous impulse is quickly replaced by the ecstasy bakugou makes you feel by bruising up your insides, balls heavily slapping against your ass.
you grin to yourself inwardly, knowing that after tonight ochako will never get to see the beauty of katsuki bakugou like this, ever again.
bakugou may be the one fucking you, but you’re the one who’s in control of his heart tonight— you’ve sunk your claws into him, captured him as your prey and held him hostage. not that he minds, not that he cares, his only wish being that you’d done it sooner...fucking you like this, balls deep in your virgin pussy withh you tight and snug around him drives bakugou insane and makes him realise that you’re the only one he wants. not her, not his own fucking girlfriend.
it’s always been you.
no other girl could get him drunk on cunt like this, vermillion eyes honing in on the way you gently start to lift your hips up and down, following the current of his thrusts as he pounds away at that tight little hole you’ve saved all for fucking him. no other girl could get katsuki to whimper and whine so loud before, you’re special, you’re something else. you’re his best friend. “god, this is the kinda pussy you only get to fuck in dreams, baby,” bakugou slurs with a perverted grin, changing the stroke of his hips to follow the pattern of circles instead of just driving his hips upward. “you my dream girl, angel? y’got the cute lil pussy i’ve only ever dreamed of pourin’ my cum into, yeah? always wanted t’fuck you, thought about it forever, now here i fuckin’ am…”
“did you think of me more than her?”
yes. katsuki would have been a fool not to notice the way you’d grown up s prettily over the years, body filling out into beautiful curves carved with dips and moles and freckles and scars all created by athena herself, the swell of your chest, fruit stained shade of your lips were things that didn’t go unnoticed by your best friend either. so yes, of course he’d thought about you in the depths of the night—his dirty hollywood dreams starring only the girl of his dreams, only its you instead of his girlfriend ochako, you and your name that tumbles from his lips only to be swallowed by the fabric of his sheets. its you who bakugou pictures beneath him when he folds his pillow into the shape of pussy, fucking it like he means it...like his life depends on it.
really, it’s always been you.
the blonde nuzzles at your shoulder with his sweaty forehead, shaking it against your equally sweaty skin. “mnhh, baby...yn,”
“answer me katsuki...a-answer me, please…” lazily, you run a hand through his mussed locks, making it worse
katsuki gasps softly, binding his lowly lip and screwing his eyes shut as he immerses himself in the passionate dance of your bodies; the slow and alluring bump and grind of his dick and your sweet pussy, tip jamming repeatedly and atrociously into your cervix— bullying your insides until you animalistically howl his name like a wolf calling to the moon. “more than her,” bakugou keens into your hands that claw down his bare back, scratching red tracks in the shape of your nails against his scarred skin and he lets his head drop to your neck, sinking the sharp edge of his canine teeth into your flesh and rolling his saliva soaked strawberry tongue over the assaulted area. “fuck— you feel like heaven, angel, c’mon, ride me...just like that, just like that…”
one hand braced on his shoulder, the other pats along the cushioned couch in search of katsuki’s phone. your birthday is his password—skillfully unlocked by you even while you clench down on the man in reward and he doesn’t hesitate to buck his hips back into you with the same level of feverishness, sloppily sliding your bodies against one another as you breathe, temperate and heavy and shakily into one another’s bruised lips. you tingle with joy, knowing yet another thing as simple as unlocking his phone boils down to just you—he’s obsessed with you, he loves you just as much as you love him. fumbling with katsuki’s phone and aim for the camera, a fresh wave of tears brew in your eyes and tangle with your lower lash line because he makes you see stars, gives you what you’ve been chasing after blindly for your whole life—the thickness of his shaft inside you as it stretches your virgin hole, the wet and impassioned snap of his hips into you, the sticky slap of his balls against your bare ass.
you’ve been dreaming of this for years and now you finally have him, all of katsuki bakugou to yourself. a selfish feeling wraps around your heart as you ride him, slow rolls of your hips taking is cock deeper into your squishy cunt, prrecum bleeding along your sensitive walls, and suddenly you feel the impulse to hit record— needing evidence of your night, something to show ochako that you’ve finally won.
the footage is blurry, the flash almost blinding you both as you turn on the camera and flip it to katsuki’s face, capturing every detail of his open mouth, tongue connected to the roof of his mouth by thick strings of spit—best visible when his head is thrown back in pure ecstasy. “the fuck are ya’doin’?” bakugou slurs, struggling to manage his words with the amount of saliva in his mouth. “you recordin’ me dirty girl? fuck, you wanna show the camera what a mess y’are f’me?” your tummy twists in delightful knots as katsuki plays himself up for the camera as soon as it turns on, giving it a toothy grin. essence pools between your raw folds, slicking up his cock as it dives into your plush folds, sliding perfectly against the soft velvet and you find yourself growing hornier from bakugou’s waves of intensity as they crash over you.
“uhuh, wan’...want keep a memo of how good you make me feel,” you tell him earnestly, almost losing your grip on the silver device you hold between your fingers— practically losing your mind when your best friend leans forward, letting all his excess spit drip down onto your joined sexes, lubing you up and making everything even more dissolute, nastier and creamier. it’s so obscene, the way his bubbles of white spit add a soft gleam to your tummy and pelvis as you both smash your sexes together—peeling back your hips from one anothers, the action only accompanied by a sticky sound. “‘hmygod, ka’suki!” the video picks up everything, especially the lewd and covetous cry you let out when bakugou grips your hips to grind you down against the wet mix he’s created, spit, his cum, your cum all coming together against your pussy.
the clip ends there and somehow you manage to spitefully forward it onto your best friend’s girlfriend. you can’t help the greedy clench of your cunt around katsuki’s pretty dick, feeling his veins sear their marks into your walls— the blonde doesn’t miss it either. it drives you wild, a frenzied blur of sex and hormones as you think of poor innocent ochako out at the party having the time of her life—it makes fat drops of your saccharine nectar to ooze from your ravaged hole just to imagine her face as the video of you fucking her boyfriend finally lights up her phone.
oh how turned on her ruined night makes you.
“you liked that, huh?” bakugou coos to you, capturing your raptured woozy stare with his ruby framed eyes that dance with lust as he pierces you on his cock over and over again. “‘course y’fuckin did, can feel it with how hard yer clampin’ dwon on me, angel,” he’s getting cocky— doped up on the way you suck him in and bounce away on him as if you’d done this before, his sweet virgin girl claiming what's rightfully hers. you need to put him back in his place, fuck your best friend hard enough to remind him who’s the rightful owner of the dick thats making you feel good for the very first time, you do everything your power to make the night last longer so you can torture the brunette bitch he’s dating even more—pushing back down on katsuki every time he thrusts up so that he can never leave the warmth of your soaked mound. the blonde leans back, watching you work yourself above him, dangerous and fiery eyes taking in the view, “so fuckin’ beauttiful when yer on’toppa me, takin’ this cock so good on your firsty try. s-shit, why didn’t i fuck you sooner, hah? got this perfect little pussy ‘n everythin’, the best i’ve ever had,”
katsuki’s praise shoots straight to your throbbing mound and has you jumping even as he slaps a rough palm over your puffy clit. “didn’t fuck me sooner , ‘cause you were to busy with her,” you snarl hotly, circling your hips over the blondes, driving his bright red tip into your g-spot, chasing your own pleasure as it bubbles in your lower tummy. “balls deep in her instead of me. shoulda been fuckin’ your favourite girl but instead...you were with ochako. why not me, suki? ‘m i not your favourite anymore?”
you reach for the phone again, pulling up the camera ready to record bakugou’s hazy response as you move to grip him by the roots of his hair, forcing him back against the couch while you bounce away in a frenzy on top of him— your unified groans slipping through the night air. “you’ve always been my favourite, she couldn’t even fuckin’ compare,” he mumbles to you, eyes glinting with mischief as you hit the record button once again. taking control, you lean forward again, spitting onto katsuki’s chest, pinching and teasing his nipples until they’re sore and he’s practically screaming your name, watching as the viscous glob rolls down between his fat pecs, “you sendin’ that shit to her, yeah? what a naughty fuckin’ girl, angel. tell ‘er whatcha gonna do to this cock, tell her whatcha gonna fuckin’ do to this cock. show her,” he sneers into the camera, dragging it down to show where your bodies join and cream froths at his base, dripping in white down his balls. “claim me for the fuckin’ camera, yeah, that’s right. fuckin’ claim me.”
hearing him breaking beneath you, desperate to keep your pussy locked onto his cock and you think; she must not be fucking him enough, not giving him enough juicy cunt to keep poor katsuki satisfied. she deserves to see what a mess your body’s made him, deserves to have her night destroyed and shattered to a million pieces by the sight of your swollen, tight, perfect pussy taking him in so nicely, and so you send off a second video to her, “you’re mine katsuki, mine forever. never hers, k-kay?” your voice is hushed as you take his lower lip between your teeth, making the pair of you an even greater mess while you guide bakugou into yet another raunchy kiss, sucking his tongue into your mouth before twirling the two pink muscles together. you claim every inch of him, with hands and tongue and your puckered hole alike—writing your name sinfully across his body so that katsuki really knows that he’s yours.
“‘m fuckin yours baby, belong to you,” the blonde says to you, his words woven with the sweetness of candy, shaky from feeling you pulse around him—heartbeat in your pussy. “don’ want anyone else to have me, show that camera how good you take me...how you make me yours,” hot on his tongue, katsuki speaks in heated phrases before he spits onto his fingers, shoving the soiled digits against your swollen clit, blooming from the blood rush as he rubs it in tight circles, coating your sex in a crude mix of your juices and saliva—pushing it into you. the camera on the back of his phone catches it all, feeding it straight into ochako’s phone.
you pull your hips up, caught mid thrust by one of katsuki’s large hands holding your waist. you whimper at the feeling of being empty, no longer having the pressure of your best friend’s dick deep in your tummy, constantly bearing down on your g-spot hard. his cock is all the way out of you and only his tip is brushing against your clit, sticky and smeared with opaque white when bakugou makes you rut against it, stimulating yourself to your heart’s content—his bright red cockhead gliding easily between your creamy folds. he feels so good against you that you drop your grip on the phone that you miss the banging on the door outside, ignoring the sound and choosing instead to wrap your arms around bakugou’s muscled neck...stabilizing yourself while he takes ahold of the fleshy ass, kneading the flesh between calloused fingers and watching you get yourself off on him. “mmgod, fuck katsuki! lemme back on your cock, please...give it t’me, give it. please.” you squeal breathlessly, tongue rolling out of your mouth while you impatiently thrust your hips down, trying to coax the blonde back into your cute little cunt. you spit into your own hand, lubing it up before you grip his throbbing and achy shaft, jerking bakugou off until streams of foul language coat his lips and tattoo themselves against your skin. you even thumb the rim of his tip a little, knowing that he likes that.
“fuck! bakugou, i know you’re in there with that whore!” the banging on the door resumes, and you moan bakugou’s name louder, just to spitethe bitch who you know is just outside.
“angel, fuck...love you, love you like this, love you on top of me, takin’ this cock as your own,” bakugou curses, flopping back against he couch and smoothing his rough hands over your body. he eventually settles them where your breasts ( as they bounce ) meet your ribcage, rubbing the area and sending goosebumps rising across your sweaty, honeyed skin. “this dick is yours, this dick s’the only one that can fuck you, this dick only goes inside this fuckin’ pussy.”
‘katsuki! open up! katsuki!’
the words are muffled by the wooden door between the outside world and the bubble you’ve made with bakugou—blood rushing through your ears, carrying lust amongst many other things. “k-katsuki, please...feels so fuckin’ good, d-don’t stop, don’t stop! you’re so good, s-so good!” you babble, losing your mind and your focus, letting everything that is katsuki bakugou overwhelm you. “i-i’m your girl, your favourite, no one else c-can have you!”
ochako’s piercing voice yells again from outside, fighting the locked door while bakugou manhandles you into a position he likes to chase the ebb of your highs as they begin to set fire to your insides. with every sharp pounding of his cock into your cunt, you both take feverish steps towards your orgasms, the blistering heat of them sneaking up on you. “‘m never gonna stop baby, not for anyone...gonna fuck you as long as you want me to, yeah? promise you. ‘m yours,” your best friend whispers, turning you around in his lap until your back is to his sticky chest. he pushes you forward by the curve of your spine, almost bending you in half as your face reaches the floor. “t-thats fuckin’ it angel, turn around around ‘n lemme see your ass bounce on me, just like that,”
“keep fuckin’ me just like that, fuckin’ ochako wishes she could be you, my favourite fuckin’ girl—ah shit!” he adds, sending a tremor of pleasure down your spine as dopamine sizzles at your nerve endings.
so you do as bakugou says, even though your thighs burn with how much you bounce up and down on him, throwing your ass back onto him to pull more of his dirty moans from his filthy mouth. your name is the only thing bakugou can say— chanting it like a prayer, as if his brain has been wiped of all other thoughts accept for you and the way you sink down on him, right to the creamy base of his dick as if it wasn’t even a problem eyes rolling, your toes curl, clamping down greedily on bakugou until his breath stutters and his dick, swollen with the load he’s holding back, has no room to breathe.
you don’t even stop fucking like animals when the door bursts open, a teary eyed ochako throwing herself into the room to the sight of her boyfriend fucking the girl she’d always been so worried about. to see him fucking you. “o-oh my god! katsuki bakugou wh-what the fuck are you doing? with her?” his girlfriend screams, but he can’t even look at her, obsessed with the way your body feels moving along with his. “you’re both fucking sick!”
“‘m gonna cum, katsuki,” you say airly, a smirk tugging at your lips as your eyes lock with shaky brown orbs—you can’t hold back at this point, your body craving to touch the white light of your release, the knots twisted in your stomach beginning to come undone as the pace of bakugou’s hips start to falter and grow impatient, churning up your insides as his sensitive tip drags along your spongy walls and pushes up against your squishy g-spot. it hurts so good to hold back, but it feels even better to watch ochako cry and scream and beg for her boyfriend to stop fucking you.
but bakugou isn’t doing any better than you are, beneath you, his muscled thighs tremble and his the stroke of his hips become sloppy and languid. “c’mon angel, cum f’me, paint this cock...let it all out f’me,” he mumbles strainedly into your shoulder, tweaking your nipples and barely acknowledging the presence of his girlfriend ( or ex, at this point ) while his calloused fingers dance down the softness of your tummy to toy with your clit once again, dragging you by the ankle towards both of your highs. “c-can’t hold it anymore baby, gonna...gonna—! fuck!”
“stop it, kastuki!”
the lewd cross of your eyes as you finally cum with katsuki is what drives uraraka off of the edge, breaking into full on sobs when your dam bursts—colours in brand new shades flashing behind your eyes, bakugou’s hips fail to slow as he guides you through your orgasm, sending you into a series of shivers and your mouth hangs open in a silent scream that makes your throat hoarse. you cum so hard that the world around you seems to fall away, throwing an arm behind you to grip the blonde locks of your best friend’s hair to ground yourself. your release splashes out against the floor, cunt fluttering rhythmically as it paints both yours and katsuki’s thighs before triggering his own high.
“f-fuck, fuck! ‘m cummin’, ‘m cummin. gonna fill you up baby...can ya take it? take my cum?” he gripes needily into the shell of your ear, high pitched and whiney. the blonde’s voice fades to static, hips bucking up into your soiled pussy with one last surge of power before he’ss spilling white hot seed into your spasming hole. there’s so much of it, bakugou’s cum bleeding out of you slipping down between your ass cheeks— your tummy practically swells form how much of his own release he’s given you and eventually, katsuki’s cantering hips slow down until they reach a grind, cock slipping out of you and spewing the last of his cum against your inner thighs and soft tummy. “holy fuckin’ shit baby, fuck.”
bakugou collapses into the couch as he comes down from the high heavens, near passing out and leaving you to deal with his gobsmacked girlfriend. “take a picture ochako, it’ll last longer!” you coo, sickly sweet, making the brunette stomp her foot like a petulant child and flee the scene.
after she’s gone, katsuki seems to stir awake with an amused laugh, pressing lazy kisses to your shoulder. “y’fuckin’ crazy angel, i love you.”
“d’ya mean that, suki?” you ask him with amused eyes as you turn around in his lap—drawing shapes over his heartbeat as you revel in the victory of your plan. “do you really love me?”
bakugou nods, rubbing his hand over the curve of your spine, kissing your nose as he slips in and out of consciousness. “always fuckin’ have, it’ll always be you, kay angel?” he tells you softly.
you barely have a chance to respond to bakugou, for he’s already passed out from how much you’d worn him out. you’d have a lot to talk about when the party was over and he'd woken up again, but for now you curl up against him contentedly— smiling at the knowledge that you’d always be his favourite girl.
Tumblr media
networks: @planetonet, @treehouse-network.
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sipsteainanxiety · a month ago
bakugou katsuki is six when he pushes his mother away from him for the first time, a loud “EW!” escaping his lips once she’d kissed his cheek goodnight.
“‘ew’?” mitsuki’s eyes narrow at him, tucked comfortably in his little bed with All Might themed blankets. he pouts, furiously wiping at the spot where her lips had pressed against his skin.
“don’t kiss me, it’s gross,” he tells her, sticking his tongue out to hammer in his point. she scoffs and deliberately leans down to press a much wetter one to the same cheek. he makes an indignant noise, pushing her away again with a small hand that pops tiny sparks at her. “stop that!”
“one day you’ll miss your mother’s kisses, brat,” mitsuki tells him, ruffling his hair as she pulls away and leans over to flick off the lamp near his bed. it encases them in darkness lit only slightly by the full moon peering through his bedroom window. “then we’ll see what’s so gross about them.”
“like hell!” he exclaims in return, getting a wallop on the top of his head as his mother chides him for his language. he clutches at his head, his pout deepening. “go away already!”
mitsuki rolls her eyes, retreating to the hallway so she can head to her own bed for the night. she wishes him goodnight, then closes his door, leaving a frowning katsuki in the dark.
bakugou katsuki is eleven when a random girl in his class tries to hug him.
“get the hell off of me!” he spits out in that pre-pubescent voice of his as he shoves her away. she stumbles and trips, landing in a heap on the floor of the classroom they’re in. her big eyes look up at his scowling form, his arms crossed haughtily over his chest.
“but katsuki,” she pouts at him, “it’s valentine’s day! i just wanted to give you a hug!”
“don’t fucking touch me again, extra,” he practically growls out, then stalks away. his friends follow after him, snickering behind their palms as the girl frowns on the ground, nearly reduced to tears.
bakugou katsuki is sixteen when one of his classmates at U.A. slings an arm around his shoulder nonchalantly during lunch.
“piss off,” he snarls as he shoves the arm away, irritated that his meal had been interrupted. kaminari raises his hands in a nonthreatening manner, attempting to soothe the angry force that is the ash-blond.
“whoa there kacchan, no need to get your panties in a twist.” he grins, sliding away from katsuki slightly when a vicious glare is aimed his way.
“oooh, kaminari, haven’t you heard?” ashido leans in closer to whisper in a not-so-quiet voice. “the beast doesn’t like being touched. careful, or he’ll bite your arm off.” at this, katsuki shoots them a heated glare, and they let out playful little yelps, clutching onto each other dramatically.
“lighten up bakubro,” kirishima says cheerfully as he slaps a hand onto katsuki’s shoulder. “they’re just messing with ya!”
katsuki sends another glare at the redhead, practically stabbing his chopsticks into the piece of katsu in his bowl, but ultimately says nothing else as he shrugs the hand off his shoulder.
bakugou katsuki is twenty-two when you tap him on his upper arm for the first time, trying to catch his attention.
“what,” he grunts, already irritated since he had to wake up at ass o’clock in the morning for a patrol.
“uh, dynamight sir, i’ve got your new gauntlets here ready,” you tell him as you hold up said items. they’re slimmer, he notices approvingly, taking one in his hands to inspect the gleaming metal. he’d damaged his old ones in battle not too long ago and had to get the support team of his agency to remodel some new ones.
“they have a new latching mechanism,” you explain as you point out a funky piece of metal near the top that would go around his forearm. he eyes it, already trying to mentally figure out how it works. “i’ll need to show you how to properly adjust it—it’s a bit tricky.”
there’s a moment where he just wants to tell you to leave it—that he’ll figure it out later. but you’re already fiddling around with the gauntlet you’re still holding onto, unlatching a piece of metal swiftly and holding it out to him with an expectant look on your face.
he stares at you, eyes tracing the contours of your cheeks for a few seconds, then huffs out his nose and sticks his arm out. you’re quick with getting the device around his forearm, explaining to him what to do as he listens on and tries to ignore the soft touches of your fingers on his skin.
bakugou katsuki is twenty-three when he realizes he subconsciously craves your presence, your touch.
fleeting brushes of skin on skin when you pass by him in his agency, patting him on the shoulder. your hands wrapping around his arm when you want to pull him down to the support lab to test new items. your fingers threading through his hair when you see it all mussed up from a battle, a small smile on your face.
he realizes, as he stiffly stands one day in your tight hold, that he doesn’t quite know how to reciprocate affection. his hands hang awkwardly at his sides and he swallows thickly when you pull away and peer up at him, checking him for any injuries.
“you okay?” you whisper to him, and fuck that look in your eyes makes him want to do so many things. but he doesn’t know how.
he knows that he wasn’t the most affectionate when he was younger. he’d scoffed in the face of any sort of intimacy, his pride making him feel above that sort of thing. that just wasn’t his personality. that’s not who he was, simple as that. or at least, that’s what he’d thought.
“m’okay,” he finds himself mumbling, the urge to bury his head into your hair so overwhelmingly strong. but something holds him back. something stops him from taking that extra step. and he wishes he knew why he’s like this, why he’s so hardened to simple affections like this. why he can’t give you what you deserve.
but he can change. he knows he can.
bakugou katsuki is twenty-four when he finally learns to hug back, just for you.
he learns to wrap his arms around your waist, tugging you closer to him so that your bodies can practically meld together. he learns how to tuck his head down into the crook of your neck, breathing in the scent of your perfume as though it was ambrosia. he learns to gently bump his forehead against yours to make you giggle and hold onto him tighter.
all of this and more, katsuki learns so he can get you to smile that soft smile you seem to reserve only for him. he’s become addicted, now that he’s gotten his first taste, and his life has changed for the better as a result.
so when you press a wet kiss to his cheek one day when he gets home from a particularly grueling mission, he finds himself leaning down into your touch instead of pushing you away, a content smile on his face.
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lady-lauren · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Part I
Nymphetamine: marriage of the words nymphomania and amphetamine; an unhealthy, beast-like addiction to one female in particular.
║ Masterlist ║Part II ║Part III
↣ pairing: alpha!katuski x omega!reader
↣ word count: 9.3k
↣ notes: part I of III
↣ acknowledgements: huge thanks to @ratsqueaks for this amazing banner, and to my supporters/beta readers @titan-fodder​, @whats-her-quirk​​, @spacelabrathor​​, I couldn’t do this without you all in my corner 
↣ warnings: a/b/o dynamics, prime dynamics (prime alphas/omegas; stronger, more dangerous variants), noncon/dubcon (the relationship later turns consensual, but it starts out with kidnapping and a/b/o can blur the consent lines), enemies to lovers, villain!katsuki, some yandere tones, kidnapping, captivity, corruption, breeding, heats, ruts, knots, mating, claiming, bonding, possessive actions, clawing, biting, choking, belly-bulges, bruising, blood, too much fucking purring, a lot of praise, some degradation, hair pulling, size difference, creampies and cum galore
↣ summary: Katsuki wants it all, everything. His name on every tongue, his fingers in every pot. All the money, all the fame, every tasty omega in the city. Because he deserves it, because he’s a prime alpha; king of the concrete jungle. Years of all the fucking extras, of all the stupid betas and base alphas, getting more attention than him has made his jealousy boil over until he couldn’t hold back the worst parts of himself. The arrogance, the aggression, the gluttony and greed, he let every deadly sin take over, ferine fury shaping a more noxious alpha. He couldn’t be the best hero, so he’s become an unrivaled villain.  
And you’ve been hiding right below his nose, smothered in heat and scent suppressors, only exposed when Katsuki’s curiosity gets the better of him. It’s hard to say no to a tempting alpha when he’s stolen you away, and your instincts are getting the better of you.
But you have claws and canines, too, as long and sharp as his.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nymphetamine: marriage of the words nymphomania and amphetamine; an unhealthy, beast-like addiction to one female in particular.
Katsuki wants it all, everything. His name on every tongue, his fingers in every pot. All the money, all the fame, every tasty omega in the city.
Because he deserves it, because he’s a prime alpha; king of the concrete jungle. King of the fucking world in his eyes.
Years of all the fucking extras, of all the stupid betas and base alphas, getting more attention than him made his jealousy boil over until he couldn’t hold back the worst parts of himself. The arrogance, the aggression, the gluttony and greed, he let every deadly sin take over, ferine fury shaping a more noxious alpha.
He couldn’t be the best hero, so he’s become an unrivaled villain.  
Katsuki is more than just a dangerous criminal, he’s a crafty kingpin. Legitimate pools of money come in from a multitude of nightclubs, playgrounds for the insatiable rich and famous. He’s even spotted a few heroes mingling in the crowds. But his true wealth comes from the drugs he smuggles into the country, the investments made in illegal heat and rut enhancers, and from the pools of blood he steps over to keep his crown.
One could almost call him a mob boss, but he’s never cared for that term. Just call him the Alpha, with a capital A, and he’s satisfied.
“Is everything in place?” Katsuki tunes the static in his ear piece as he awaits confirmation.
“Yeah, Alpha,” Kirishima’s voice comes in clear, “looks like the night shift in the agency is gathered on the lower levels. Where you’re headed is empty.”
“Better fucking be.”
The only thing he misses about hero life is the ability to be obnoxiously bold. Instead of blasting through windows, he sneaks in them, wearing swift tactical gear he bullied Hatsume into crafting for him.
Evading heroes is an art form, one he’s perfected since he knows the ins and outs of hero culture. He could let someone else do this, but he’s grown bored lording on his throne. Where’s the fun in sitting in wait in one of his penthouses when he can do the job far easier than some bumbling underling?
He’s drug a few poor souls down with him to the underworld, ensnared them with promises of untold riches and unparalleled power. And he’s made good on those assurances, their pockets so full of money that he has to literally bury it across Musutafu to keep Iida and the cops from prodding into his bank accounts.
Setting the climbing anchor on the rooftop, Katsuki carefully repels down to his destination. He cuts the glass, not caring to leave a hole behind. He wants them to know someone was here. It’ll instill fear, and fear is easy to control. Fear burns like a wildfire, makes people weak and predictable. Even heroes.
He shines a flashlight into the well kept storage room, trying to spot which row of filing cabinets contains what he needs. He is surefooted, aware that top-secret documents often come with traps and infrared beams behind locked doors.
Thieving is child’s play for a seasoned criminal. Pop the drawer lock, wipe the metal even though he’s wearing gloves, find the file he needs labeled under M. Fresh information is the key to success. He has to stay ahead of the few duty-bound heroes still trying to stop him.
He holds the flashlight between sharp canines as he thumbs through the mint condition pages. Assignments, achievements, status, even a list of known weaknesses and new hero movesets greet garnet eyes. It’s ridiculous how bureaucratic the hero system is, how everything has to be on paper for the Hero Public Safety Commission.
“Hey, Alpha! Can you hear me?” his ears ring from the sudden intrusion of Kiri on his comm system, “You find what you were after? Cause there’s movement just a floor below you, I’d get outta there quick.”
“Hold your horses. I’ve got a whole fucking cheat sheet of info to look through here.”
“Just take it, yeah?”
Why not? He can just burn it after he gets all he needs.
Katsuki carefully puts the lock back in place, making it look like he was never there. He wants the fuckers who work in this building to have to search through all of the thousands of files to find the one he’s stolen. By the time they figure it out, it’ll be too late anyways.
He grunts and shoves the manila folder into a backpack, ready to take the path out until he sees initials on a different filing cabinet catch his light.
They’re tempting, to say the least.
He was just here for one hero. But information on another wouldn’t hurt. Especially when said hero has always gotten under his skin for some fucking reason.
A pretty face is printed in this file, one he’s thought of countless times before. But there’s something new, something unexpected waiting just below the name.
“Well I’ll be fucking damned.” He grins, devilish and enthused.
Something primal brews in his gut, evil toils in his skull.
What he’s uncovered will change everything. Allow him to have absolutely everything he’s ever wanted.
Tumblr media
You promptly ignore the phone call buzzing on your nightstand, too tired to deal with the robbery nonsense that’s taken over the agency for the last four days.
It shook Endeavor to the core that someone was bold enough to cut through a window just below his office. But they left nothing behind, no footprints, no hairs, just broken glass on the tiled floor. All the cabinets were in pristine shape. Either nothing was taken, or the fiend was an expert.
You knew of only a few assholes who would be so brazen as to announce they were in the building. One in particular comes to mind, but Bakugou is too busy holding the underworld in a chokehold to commit petty crimes. He’s too keen on covering his tracks, galavanting wealth and building a facade. The news is covered in stories about how the playboy alpha just bought a new nightclub and an entire oceanfront apartment building near Takoba.
The entire city is aware his fortune comes from seedy means, but no one seems to care when he donates millions to charity and buids a park with his fucking name on it. It’s astonishing what money can buy, even freedom and ignorance.
Sometimes the success of criminals makes you reconsider the whole hero business.
Your apartment isn’t shabby by any means; Endeavor of all people pays extremely well, but wouldn’t it be nice to not pay rent and to have every luxury item you’ve ever dreamed of?
But the wealth of villains comes at a price: human life, human decency. Something criminals disregard in favor of taking anything they desire.
It’s been a long day, and you can feel pesky hormones raging just beneath your skin.
The stress of the break-in has you taking more pills than normal, the little pink capsules helping to repress instincts and smother impulses that come on with stress. But heat is on the horizon, weeks away and already gnawing on your bones and calling for desire, for reproduction.
You need a bath, a long soak to ease the stress. As the water fills the tub, you mull over how fucked up it is that the universe decided to add quirks into the mix of ancient biological hierarchies that dominate social and cultural structures.
Living in a world controlled by alphas that subjugate betas and omegas is hard enough, now people can shoot lightning out of their ass and turn buildings into dust.
Even still, you’ve always felt the call to protect and help such a world.
Heroes can change the status-quo if they work hard enough. All Might showed the world that alphas, even those deemed prime, perfect species, can still be gentle and caring toward the other dynamics. He helped restore balance, encouraged organizations that promote dynamic equality, even for rare, weak little omegas.
But All Might is gone. Endeavor has been overtaken by his son and a few of your classmates as the top heroes, and you’re right behind them. You cling to the charts at unlucky number thirteen.
For a while, in the wake of the prime heroes, the world was changing for the better, until drugs became rampant in Musutafu. Drugs were always around, sure, but now heat inducers flow through the city like ripe vines, cinching morality until it can hardly breathe.
The chimes on your phone ring right as you undress, the tone synonymous with your colleague.
You gripe to yourself as you answer it, throwing it onto speakerphone as you hiss and dip yourself into scorching bath water.
“Shouto, don’t we have an agreement about no work phone calls after ten pm?”
“Unless it’s an emergency, yes.”
Taking a deep breath, you stare up at your ceiling, suddenly feeling far more naked than you already are. The air feels tense, like ticking clocks the pressure before a storm breaks.
“What’s wrong?”
“My sidekick still isn’t finished going through the files, but she did find one missing. Deku’s performance and information folder is gone. I don’t think it would’ve been misplaced, either.”
There’s an urge to dunk your head under the water and scream, but you fight it off, focusing on clenching your fists in the bath and feeling air and water rush through your fingers.
“Well. Shit. Are other files gone?”
“Don’t know yet. We need you back at the agency as soon as you can get here. We’re having a meeting with The Commission about city surveillance and hero protection.”
“Noted. Give me thirty.”
A grunt of affirmation sounds before the call ends, leaving you floating with anxiety churning in your chest.
You’re tired. So fucking tired of all the mess, of one villain turning into a new one and druglords and kingpins hiding in the shadows and broad daylight. You’d give anything for peace and quiet.
So you take what little time you do have, smoothing sweet smelling soaps into your skin, trying to take a few calming breaths and picture pretty things behind your eyelids. The temptation to touch yourself comes to mind, your body long neglected by working late nights. You toy with the idea, fingers trailing over your tummy and down between your legs.
Pleasuring yourself is a risk, really. Can’t have scent sticking to your skin and following you around. But you surmise that you can just scrub yourself again after, take just a little bit longer to get to the agency.
“Fuck it,” you swirl your fingers over your clit and delight in the tingle of your nerves.
For a moment, the world fades away as you glide two fingers into your aching sex, unabashedly thinking about how thick, rough hands would feel so much better than your own.
It doesn’t take long for you to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm. You’re sensitive, eager, and it’s almost like you can smell an alpha if you focus hard enough.
You gasp when you cum, and it’s all over too quickly. Your cunt squeezes rhythmically around your fingers, like it’s looking for something else, something more filling. You stare up at the ceiling as you come down from the small high, breasts heaving as the water’s warmth fades.
It’s never enough on your own, but for now it will do. You deserve a serotonin boost before walking back into work.
Admittedly, your re-wash is sloppy, the anxiety of your situations filling the holes your brief orgasm had momentarily saturated. You dry off quickly, grab the satin robe from the back of your bathroom door. You have several extra sets of your hero costume waiting in your closet, freshly made by seasoned graduates of the support department.
But any thoughts you have of getting dressed come to a halt as you throw open the door.
“Long time no see, princess.”
The shock of seeing the ghost of Bakugou Katsuki standing in your bedroom slams into your chest so forcefully that it feels as if your ribs are splintering.
Your hands grip at the tie on your robe.
“How the fuck did you get in here?”
“Doesn’t take much money to convince a landlord to give me a key.”
The thought of him just waltzing in via your front door makes you sick. And the reeking scent of alpha steaming off his skin doesn’t help. It’s overwhelming, fills the room like sweet, heavy smoke. You’d know that smell anywhere, caramel and fire, having had it thrown in your face for years in school.
The pheromones are pure, unadulterated. The scent only a perfection of his dynamic could produce.
He looks the same, stands the same. Legs spread wide upon the floor with thick arms crossed over his chest. A behemoth of a man, age only encouraging him to grow broader, stronger.
What concerns you is the fact that he’s in his costume. Nowadays the public tends to see him in lavish suits, expertly tailored to fit his build.
But here, with you, he’s a villain. A perverted version of Dynamight in orange and black, familiar X standing proud over his chest as blood red eyes simmer behind the jagged edges of his mask.
Katsuki lifts his nose in the air, sniffing once, twice, before a smirk tugs the edge of his mouth.
“Smells sweet in here. Overly fucking sweet for a beta, don’t you think?”
Your heart stutters in your chest. He can’t know. He can’t.
“Blame that on my soap.”
“I think it can be blamed on a lot more than just that.”
He steps forward, black boots crunching the carpet, but you stand your ground. Villains don’t scare you, not anymore. Even one as domineering and grand as him.
But standing your ground becomes significantly harder when he lifts you off your feet, large fist encircling your throat until you choke. Slamming you against the wall for good measure, Katsuki watches how you struggle to breathe, all the air knocked out of your lungs. Your nails attempt to tear into his gloves. His grip only tightens, the flaming orange of his palm like paint against your skin.
Your mind is already racing through the possibilities of getting out of his grasp, taking note of your surroundings and which limbs you can move easiest.
“What,” your voice strains, eyes glaring up at his looming figure, “do you want?”
Katsuki laughs, a more subtle boom than you’re used to. It’s sinister, like a man who’s already got what he came for.
“Look at you, acting all brave. But you’ve been hiding something, hiding right under my fucking nose.”
Quickly, you raise one of your legs to kick him, but he catches your thigh with his free hand without missing a beat. He digs his fingers into your soft flesh, squeezing hard enough to make you hiss and grit your teeth.
“I’ve always wanted you and could never figure out why. You’re just a pretty little beta, just a sideshow, a fucking extra who can’t even make it into the top ten. Oh but now I know. I know your dirty little secret.”
Focusing is hard when his chokehold is making you see spots, the heat of his chest making your hormones sing in the wake of fresh orgasm.
No wonder you could smell alpha in the bath. He’s been lying in wait.
“Yeah? And what m-makes me so dirty, huh?”
Katsuki cups your naked sex, gloved hand rough against sensitive skin. You flinch instinctively, thighs clenching but unable to close around the width of his body.
“Funny thing is, little one, you’re perfect. Prime fucking omega.”
The title makes your ears burn. You’re not used to hearing it, having kept the truth of what you are so close to your chest for years.
Prime omegas are rare, strong enough to fight off those who have evolved to hunt them. Strong enough to earn you the right to be a hero.
U.A. and your agency have been keen on insisting that your dynamic never be known. It’s safer that way; keeps territorial, greedy alphas from trying to stake claim on a hero they don’t deserve.
Your heat and scent suppressants are nearly foolproof, but not in the face of a prime alpha when his fingers are gliding through your folds, growling at the fresh scent of slick.
“No wonder I want you, you were made for me to own.”
“You don’t ah—” the way you moan when he thrusts a finger into your tight heat makes him grin, alpha canines coming out to play, “don’t own me.”
“Oh but I will.”
Tumblr media
Katuski snuffs out your consciousness before he loses control of himself.
You are putty in his arms, wrapped up in the pretty satin bow of your robe. He thinks it’s cute how you tried to fight, like you could ever compare to him. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t wish it was more of a challenge; but he knows whenever you wake, you’ll be ready to bare your teeth for him.
He takes you to his favorite penthouse, the one that smells most like him.
You look so small in his bed, so fucking perfect. You’ll be out like a light for a while longer, he made sure of that.
Locking you in the bedroom, he stalks to the living room of his lofty apartment, grunting to signal his arrival to Kirishima. The red headed alpha’s ears perk at the sound, making him jump off the couch.
“Did you get what I asked for, shitty hair?”
It had taken a lot of convincing to get his former classmate to join his side, but once the sturdy hero had seen what a fucking good life villains in Katsuki’s care live, he completely rededicated his cause.
“Y-yeah! Of course, it’s,” he pauses to shuffle into the kitchen, returning with an arm load of pillows and blankets, a little brown bag sitting on the top, “I got it all, and more!”
Katsuki sniffs the soft threads, nose wrinkling when he smells Kirishima all over the blankets.
“Wash those. And don’t fucking touch them again.”
Kiri nods, inquisitive eyes blinking.
“Do you, uh...you have an omega, don’t you?”
Katsuki growls as he snatches the brown bag, hasty hands pulling out a small bottle of pills as well as a vial and syringe. He shouldn’t need it, he’d checked your schedule in your file, did the math on your “vacations” and determined you were due for a heat in a few weeks. His scent alone without the scheduled doses of your suppressants should send you into a quick, frenzied heat.
This is just in case your body fights him. It shouldn’t; your troublesome, weak little omega instincts should be begging for him by the time you wake up surrounded by sheets he made sure to overly scent.
“Yeah, I’ve got an omega. A fucking prime omega.”
He doesn’t miss the shock that tinges Kirishima’s face.
“That’s impossible. There’s no of-age primes in the city, I-I checked records for you and everything.”
“Well, hair-for-brains, there is one, and she’s been hiding in plain sight.”
A possessiveness worms into his chest, carving a hole he can’t wait to fill.
“Not telling, not until I fucking claim her. Leave, I’ll wash the stupid blankets. And don’t let anyone disturb me until I’m done with my omega. You hear me?”
The other alpha can sense his leader’s growing avidity and annoyance, making him drop the pile of soft things he holds into the floor and make for an exit.
“Hey, uh, Alpha?”
“What?” Katsuki snaps, eyes flashing as he rips off his mask, preparing to get comfortable.
“What if something goes wrong while you’re busy?”
“Nothing better go wrong, or it’ll be your and Pinky’s fucking heads.”
He relishes in the sound of the door locking. It’s quiet, the spacious apartment finally at peace. But not for long, he muses.
Katsuki has been pent up for days thinking about you.
He’s never had a prime omega, only ever heard stories about how they taste sweeter than water, how their bonds to their mates are so strong that, like scripture says, only in death do they part.
And to find one so strong? No wonder his instincts kept him from mating before. Deep down, he always knew his perfect omega was out there, just waiting for him. And low-and-behold, it’s his former classmate, former school-boy crush, and a current grade-a hero cunt.
Tumblr media
The world feels like a haze when you wake. But you feel warm, needy.
You tentatively move your limbs, checking for restraints and finding none. Fingers fist into expensive sheets, your body curling and aching as a familiar scent invades your senses. Burnt sugar and coals. It’s like Katsuki’s weight is all around you.
Growling, you clutch your stomach as you sit up in the king-sized bed, looking around the dark room. Floor to ceiling windows allow the shadows of night to stream into the space, and there’s plenty of fucking space. Too much space for one man, with expensive furniture filling every corner.
His scent, his bed is making you feel drunk. You slide out of the sheets, ready to explore the room for more information on just where this high rise building is located, but your feet don’t hold you up.
God he’s sent you straight into the hell of a heat cycle.
You’re already sweating, estrous making your reproductive organs cry and plead for some kind of release.
The rug you’ve landed on smells like the leather of his boots and it makes your mouth water.
Stupid fucking instincts.
But that’s all this is, you tell yourself. Instincts. Impulses you can’t control. You take a deep breath and sit up, resisting the pain twisting like a knife in your gut to stand. Your fingers flex in and out of fists, muscles clenching.
He’s going to smell you soon. Slick already stains the insides of your naked thighs.
Something resolute coils in your chest, heavy like iron. You were made for this, made to fight. You forget that sometimes, so busy parading around like a beta that you lose sight of the fact that you are, indeed, something rare. An omega built to resist predators.
Katsuki, however, isn’t a run of the mill alpha. He’s the creme de la creme, king of the human hierarchy.
But you have claws and canines, too, as long and sharp as his.
Your burst of strength is brief, the scent of unmated, prime alpha drifting past your nose again from the messy sheets. It makes your scent glands ache on your neck, fresh waves of your own sweet smell permeating into the room before you can stop it. You cup your throat, feeling the pounding of blood and hormones beneath your palm.
You’ve been told you’re irresistible before by alphas, that it takes copious amounts of restraint to keep from sinking teeth into sinew and creating a mating bond. Which is why you always choose kind, docile alphas, or, worse for your conscience, already mated ones to get you through your heats.
Katsuki won’t show that kind of self-discipline.
He’s gluttonous, ravenous. Always has been.
The door flies open, warm light filtering in past the giant shadow of a naked alpha. Scars catch the glow like red hot scorch marks. He wears them with pride, victories written into flesh.
More shocking is the revelation of ink etched into his skin. Black tattoos wind around one of his shoulders, spill onto his back. In the dark they’re just shadows, serpentine blurs bleeding into skin.
“Looks like sleeping beauty is awake. How’s that heat treating you, hm?” It’s a tease and you know it.
“It fucking hurts, you bastard.”
You expect a snarky comeback, but all you hear is a purr. Loud and sedative in nature. The noise shoots straight between your legs, full of security and promise that an alpha is here to help, to breed.
“Don’t,” you breathe hard and fast, “do not make that sound.”
“Why not? Does it turn you on?”
It does. He does. Because he’s beautiful. That little school-girl crush you had on him is flaring in the pit of your stomach.
Bold, brazen Katsuki, with his gorgeous jawline and a stare that makes you feel like you’re standing in the rays of a summer sun. His physique is awe-inspiring, bulging thighs and broad chest, masculine and robust. He’s tempting. Very, very tempting.
He stalks forward, all proud shoulders and sure strides. You resist the urge to fall to your knees before him, instead curling your nails into your palms to create a different distracting pain.
You snatch his wrist before he can touch you, claws digging into flesh. With a stupid amount of arrgoance and insolence, you use your free hand to shove him as hard as you possibly can.
He doesn’t budge, muscles like solid stone. And he laughs, a cruel, daring sound.
“That’s right, fight me.” He stays put, massive shoulders rolling in preparation. You try to keep his gaze, try to glare a hole through his thick head, but that’s a hard thing to do when his cock, long and impressively fat, is straining against a thatch of blonde curls on his lower stomach. “You won’t win.”
And to prove his point, he purrs, loud and proud and it makes your cunt weep.
The smell of him, of raw, fertile alpha, warmth radiating from tightly corded muscle, it’s all too much. You’re tired, having barely slept since the agency has been on high alert. Your body is crumbling in on itself, like your womb is trying to eat you from the inside out.
Voice downright nasty, you hiss at him, “If you mark me, I will rip your teeth out of your fucking skull.”
“I’ll make you beg me to take you.”
When he comes closer, you itch to touch his skin. Everything around you hums in his incessant purr, calling, lulling.
He doesn’t bother to hide how much he wants you, giant fist tugging at the length of his cock. The action forces you to look at him, to admire the swollen flesh and the pre that drips down his knuckles.
Astute as always, Katsuki catches the way you can’t help but lick at the corner of your lips.
“Wanna taste?”
Like he would ever give you time to answer. In an instant he has your jaw in his grasp, index and middle fingers smearing the taste of alpha across your mouth.
His pre-cum makes you high, makes your stomach flip and your thoughts fall into the dangerous headspace of estrous. His purr only grows in volume as you willingly take a finger between your lips, brows pinching together as you moan around the digit.
“Good girl,” he smirks, popping his finger out of your mouth so both hands can cinch around your waist.
But you’re not that good, not drunk enough to be completely at his mercy. As he lifts you onto his mattress, your fist wraps around his throat, claws catching the thump of his scent glands.
Crimson eyes glare down at you, hot like dripping blood.
You gather your courage, “We’re doing this m-my way.”
“That s-so?” he mocks your loss of focus.
You threaten him by flexing your fingers against his neck, squeezing into the firm muscles. His purr turns into a cautionary tune. His hand wraps around your wrist, keeping your stare as he roughly plucks your fingers from his throat one by one.
“I’m the fucking Alpha, princess.”
His scent grows stronger, unspoken emotions filtering through the air. Violence, appetite. His words are more combrous than you realize.
Alpha is his way of life, his sense of worth. He won’t let you demean him.
You’re so small compared to his mass, so easy to move however he pleases. All it takes is a rough shove and you’re flat on your back below him, messy thighs spread and wrists pinned. It’s like you’re melting against his musculature, back arching and lashes fluttering at the submissive position. Your body craves this, your stomach is in knots and your cunt is thumping like a war drum.
Hollow, you feel empty, desperate to be made whole.
Katsuki attempts to shove his mouth against yours, but you turn your cheek. You don’t want to taste more of him, it’ll just suck you further into the steaming whirlpool of estrous.
You can’t evade him for long, it’s all too apparent in the way your pheromones are singing, swirling into the room and being inhaled by heavy breaths. But you can try to change the currents into something more favorable.
With every remaining ounce of strength you have left, you grasp at the large fists caging your wrists and clamp your thighs around his broad waist. A string of delight singes down your back as you roll your bodies in the sheets, mounting the enormous alpha.
You both hiss in tandem as you pin his arms to the pillows.
“Alpha,” you purr to soothe him, and you notice how his boiling eyes appear to simmer.
His cock is twitching between your legs and it makes you groan, hips grinding down against his length so your sopping folds can curl around him.
Alphas are big, and Katsuki is huge. Sitting atop him makes you feel powerful, makes your nails scrape down his forearms to his chest.
“Yeah? You want me, don’t you?”
Those voracious hands find your hips again, fingering bruises already left behind.
“Need you.”
There’s no denying it. You’ve been sucked into the second circle of hell.
You’re already breathless, so far gone that when he lifts you to sit on his cock, the pain of his initial stretch feels like blinding pleasure.
Your head falls down as you finally start to feel full, pussy slowly spreading around his girth. Even with copious strings of slick, it takes several thrusts of his hips for you to suck all of him in.
Hungrily, you eye where your bodies are joining, watching the fattest cock you’ve seen disappear between your thighs.
“You like that, omega. Like feeling my cock spread you apart,” not questions, statements.
You nod frantically. The burning stretch is utter bliss. The vibrations from his purr, the smell of sex. It makes your fingers curl into the hair of his chest, nails pressing crescent moons into tawny skin.
You whimper and arch, grinding yourself down against his pubic bone as the pumping veins of his cock meld with your heartbeat. When Katsuki shifts his hips down, heavy cock sliding out of your tight hole, you bare your teeth and growl at a man nearly double your size.
He only seems amused; he’s watching you for entertainment. His hips snap against you like resounding thunder, and he revels in the way you scream. It’s a wordless show of power, the force in his hands and hips shouting that he’s in charge.
Your knees are spread wide around his waist, your muscles quivering, but you can’t sense the pain that will linger after. You’re lost in a rush of ecstasy, of gasps and growls as he fucks into you like you’re nothing but a cocksleeve. You give an attempt to roll your hips, to supplement the rhythm he’s created, but his thumbs press back on your pelvis and keep you in place.
“Fuck you’re so tight, so fucking—”
“Perfect,” you mumble, “y-you feel so good, alpha, alpha,” you let out a string of his title, your praises only encouraging to fuck harder, faster.
“That’s right. You were made for my cock, made for me, for me.”
His arm curls around your back as he sits up, taking you into his lap so he can fuck into you deeper.
His hands are heedless against your flesh, claws sinking into your hips and trailing down the curve of your spine. All your movements feel coerced, like your body is following instinctual leads. Your hips begin to match his thrusts, nails mimicking his and digging into rolling shoulders. Skin splits and he growls, pleased to feel an omega etching her marks into him.
All you can do is focus on how effortlessly his cock slides within you, your walls melded to him. Each thrust is hasty and claiming, skin slapping against skin, scented sweat mixing. He curves just perfectly inside you, cockhead delightfully brushing against the most sensitive flesh within your depths with every plunge of his hips.
“Open your fucking eyes, watch me,” the barked order makes you jump.
You hadn’t even realized you’d closed your eyes.
“Sweetest fucking thing I’ve ever smelled,” it makes your body hot, your hormones raging like electricity.
Orgasm is building in your gut, and he feels that too. Your cunt tightens around him and it makes him roar, canines catching the light as he winds a fist into your hair and jerks your head back.
The column of your throat is on display, body bouncing in his lap.
“Don’t,” you hiss, lost in the throes of pleasure but still cognizant enough to feel his desire to mate and claim.
“You fucking wish. You haven’t proved you’re worth it.”
He laughs at the way you growl like you’re offended. But you quickly realize that’s what he wants, he’s simply preying on your pride, your instincts.
He pushes your head down into his neck, burying your nose into his scent glands just so you can drown in him. It’s hard to picture him as any other alpha, blonde hair blurring the edges of your vision, his name practically inscribed into the aromas stuck to his skin. Even his tattoos smell like him; no reek of ink, just dark rivers of him.
Katsuki Bakugou, rutting into you like a beast. Like he deserves you.
One of his hands slides higher upon your body, fingers lacing around your ribcage, thumb petting the underside of your breast. He forcefully pulls your body into his, sliding you up and down upon his cock. You cry out, legs tightening at his waist, pulling him closer, deeper, begging for release.
“Fuck,fuck,fuck,” you’re angry, he can sense it, smell it, feel it in the way you sink your claws deeper into him. You’re furious with him, with your fucking impulses making you a wreck on his giant cock. You hate the budding pleasure that blooms over every single nerve ending whenever he drums inside you.
You mimic his earlier actions, weaving your fingers into his hair and tugging until the thick muscles of his neck roll back. He looks up at you with a daring smirk, never once missing a beat of thrusting inside of you.
“You’re still trying to fight me,” he muses, “You. Won’t. Win.”
With a flash of anger, you jerk Katsuki’s hair until it hurts, until he’s falling back onto the bed. He roars as you pound your fists into his chest, cock still seated fully in your depths. You feel like a testy child, but there are too many emotions flowing through your drunk veins for you to control.
You rear back to slap him across his smug face, only to have him lunge at you, arms nearly the size of tree trunks winding around your body until he can press you flat on your back.
“Insolent fucking omega,” he easily bends your legs backward, curling them to your chest so he can pin his heavy thighs around yours, “I’ll break you.”
His cock is lodged so deep inside your guts that it makes you whimper.
Your body is begging you to submit: your neck is pounding with blood, calling him to sink in his teeth, your cunt is sucking him as he starts a brutal pace, pleading for him to fill you to the brim with cum.
There’s more pain in your chest from disobeying your instincts than there is from the weight of Katsuki on top of you.
“I’m sorry,” you whisper before you can stop, the urge to please him flooding over you like a river welling in a storm.
“You will be.”
Large hands grope at your breasts, tweaking puffy nipples as he barrels into your heat. Your vision is going spotty, ripples of rapture spilling over your skin every time his cockhead kisses your womb and his balls pound into your ass.
The scorching pleasure is almost devastating, making you feel numb, making you feel like this is all you have ever needed in the whole fucking world—all you need is Katsuki’s cock for the rest of your life, plunging into your depths until all you can feel is him. His strength, his greedy hands upon your tits, his tongue licking up the side of your neck.
He hums at the taste of you, continues to swirl his tongue over your delicate neck until he can feel your scent resting in the back of his mouth.
You can hear your gummy walls squelching around him, the wet gushes of slick stuck to your bodies.
“Please purr,” you coo, hands gripping at the biceps that cage you to the bed.
Unlike you, he doesn’t even consider disobeying your plea. He purrs instantly, emphatic and deep, and it makes your body tingle and your tummy tighten. It’s so comforting, soothing over you like a balm.
You moan and press your cheek against his as he raises to look at you, nuzzling into sweet smelling skin.
“Atta girl,” he groans, hands cupping your cheeks, “Alpha’s got you, yeah?”
“Need to cum, tell me to cum, alpha, please—!”
“You’ll cum with me.”
You whimper in a way that spurs him on, makes his thighs clench from where they are seated around yours. His cock is swelling, engorging with blood in preparation to knot, stretching you farther than you’ve ever been before.
“Pleasepleaseplease,” you beg, and he covers your mouth with his in an urgent kiss. You don’t kiss back, just mewl against soft lips as the need to orgasm coils so tightly in your womb that it’s painful.
“Alpha!” He licks your lips as you call for him, nails digging into the strength of his arms.
“You’re getting so fucking tight for me,” his thrusts are a little more erratic, perfect rhythm faltering only so his knot can begin to swell.
A horribly powerful wave crashes into your chest when you feel the first rush of Katuski’s cum flow into your cunt.
Your own orgasm blasts you into a sideways place where you have no name or purpose but to fuck and be fucked.
It makes your body arch into his, tears welling in your lashes at the devastating feeling of clenching around a thick, pumping alpha cock.
You start babbling nonsense into his neck, a slurry of praises and thanks like a bumbling fool face down before a god. And, at this moment, he is one. He’s all you can think of, all you desire. The smell and feel of his cum is driving you mad.
His thumbs smooth over your cheeks, your face still held within deadly hands.
Katsuki’s grin is wild as he looms over you, pulling back so he can sit on his knees and admire where his cock, where his knot, is lodged so fully in your depths that he can see it swell in your tummy.
You feel sedated. Your body feels so perfectly, wholly full, and your instincts have you purring. He basks in the delicious sound, petting over your chest so he can feel the vibrations against his fingertips.
“You’re lucky I let you cum, brat.”
“I’m not a brat,” you pant, still trying to cull yourself from the drunkenness of heat, “you took me.”
“And I’ll fucking take you again. Your heat’s only just started.”
“That’s not what I—”
He quiets you by looping his arms around your back, too easily lifting you and laying onto his back so you can comfortably rest against his chest while his knot throbs inside your cunt.
“I don’t give a damn what you meant.”
Your body flutters as he kicks up his purring again, the sound loud and all too perfect against your ear that lays on his chest.
He’s got instincts too, beyond just claiming and rutting, and you’re reminded of that as he pets your hair. You’ve been nearly fucked senseless and he has the urge to calm you, soothe you. It draws you in, has all your hormones in harmony as you allow yourself to focus on the exhilarating feeling of being stretched and seated upon his cock.
“Fuck, you smell so good.”
You do, don’t you? You’d forgotten how tempting your scent is, having smothered it for so long. But it’s sweetened from mixing with his; prime, pure smells drifting around the room like smoke from a cigarette.
You feel safe in the after-sex delirium, comforted by the colossal alpha that continues to purr and pet and stroke. His fingers are calloused, thick as they drift down your back, over your arms, finally coming to rest on your ever-pounding neck.
“Katsuki…” you lift your head to look at him, find him peeking one vermillion eye open to look at you. Gods, you hadn’t even gotten the chance to really look at him up close, and his handsomeness strikes a chord that he must be able to feel, because he smirks.
“What, omega?”
You have questions, plenty of them. But they’re drowned out by alpha purrs and a fresh crest of tiredness. So you just stare at him, eyes taking in the wrinkles by his eyes, the sharpness of his jaw. How such a beautiful creature became corrupted you’ll never understand.
“Sleep,” he pushes your head back to his chest, “you put up a good fight.”
The sharp praise is unexpected and sends a chill over your naked flesh.
Tumblr media
The second wave of heat that rouses you is less frantic.
Katsuki is already awake when you rise, knot having dissipated but his cock still hard and ready in the throes of his rut.
It’s barely daylight, the soft glow of dawn curling around naked limbs. You’re still pressed snugly to his chest, and a sharp kick of estrous has you purring against plush pectorals. He responds in kind, his guttural hum nearly deafening. You let him drown out the sounds of the sheets rustling, of your tired thoughts trying to climb back into your head.
You let him mount you without protest, only mewling as you feel remnants of cum drool out of your pussy. It’s like he can hear your thoughts, taking a moment to swirl his fingers between your swollen folds before sliding them into your mouth.
There’s a triumphant smirk on his cheeks as you get drunk off the taste of him.
He takes his spit slick fingers from your lips and places them around your neck. You expect him to squeeze, but he just holds you, feels the tempting thump beneath his palm of where his teeth desire to be.
Katsuki opens his mouth to speak, but you bare your teeth in warning.
You don’t want him to talk. You want him to fuck you again.
He grunts out your name as he plunges his cock into your core, both of you moaning as he begins a now familiar, ferocious pace.
His hold on your throat keeps your focus on him, on the way lust brews in his eyes and sunlight catches in his blonde hair. He’s mesmerizing, really, the smell and feel and sight of him, of such a perfect alpha. Your legs wind around his waist and pull him closer.
It's all a blur of chemical madness, one you’re dangerously falling into.
Lips crash into yours and you fight the compulsion to kiss him.
He can have your cunt, he can have your nails clawing into the mountainous muscle of his back, he can have his name on your tongue, but you won’t give him the satisfaction of kissing him like a woman in love.
He doesn’t seem to care, just slants his lips harder against yours until he can press his tongue behind your teeth.
“Cum on my cock,” he mumbles into your slack mouth, “want to feel you milk me again.”
A command from an alpha is a hard thing to resist, especially when said cock is stretching you so perfectly you swear you can feel heaven where your bodies are joined.
This orgasm rocks you as hard as your first, despite the fucking being less frantic. Your toes curl against his back, colors shoot behind your eyelids as your stomach rhythmically tightens over and over again until you pull his seed from his balls.
His knot is just as satisfying, making you feel complete again as he engorges just enough to make you feel like you’re going to burst with contentment.
Katsuki whispers praises into your hair as he keeps you in his arms, dragging your conjoined bodies until you’re on your sides, limbs entangled and your breasts trapped against his chest.
You sleep for god knows how long, body mending and preparing for another round with the tumultuous alpha.
But when you wake in an empty bed, a flash of panic hits your chest.
Where is alpha?
You internally chastise yourself for thinking such a thing, but even still your restlessness can’t be quelled. It’s broad daylight and the room is empty, save for what scented, cum covered sheets you gather in your arms and hold against your breasts.
Pesky instincts take over again. The bed is wrong. Your nest is wrong, empty.
You fluff pillows and rearrange them, bringing the most heavily scented sheets to weave in a circle around where you sit. Your body is aching, shaking. Heat is setting in all over again and you feel nauseous, pussy already throbbing and clenching around nothing.
Just as you think to call for him, Katsuki comes into the room, filling the space with more of his scent.
“Christ I could smell your fucking anxiety from the kitchen.”
His arms are full of blankets, soft pillows.
“You...you got nesting things?”
“Course I did, I’m not heartless.”
You could argue against that, but that’s not the pressing issue.
Your legs are sore as you stand, and you notice dark marks blooming on your thighs, your hips. Katsuki isn’t a particularly gentle alpha. The bruises make your hormones hum, they’re welcome on your skin as little memories of the pleasures of fucking. Almost like tattoos to match his.
Katsuki doesn’t argue as you pluck what you deem desirable from his arms, one by one adding and arranging it just perfectly in your nest bed. Each item smells like him, he made sure of that.
What you don’t want, what you deem unworthy, he simply tosses into the floor to be forgotten.
“Never really understood the nesting shit you omegas do,” he comes behind you as he speaks, giant arms wrapping around your waist as he buries his nose into your shoulder, taking in a deep breath.
“Me either. I just...need it.”
“Just like I need to claim you.”
“No,” you snarl, tilting your neck away from him, “you can control that.”
“Not with you, never wanted something so bad in my fucking life.”
He releases his hold only to press a large palm to the center of your back, pressing your chest down onto the bed.
You moan and expect to feel his cock prodding your entrance, instead you feel his tongue.
Gasping, you fist your fingers into the sheets, spreading your thighs as the alpha devours cum and slick from between your folds. He’s rough, quick, long strokes down your middle before focusing on filling the hole that’s aching for him.
You roll your hips back, groaning and growling because you want—
He purrs just like he knows you desire, letting the sweet rumble vibrate between your legs until you can’t see straight.
“Oh, alpha, fuckfuckfuck,”
Experience is something you never doubted he had. He’s fucked countless omegas, probably even a few alphas if they piqued his interest, and his tongue has the talent to show for it.
You’re as powerless against his mouth as you are his cock, nerves singing every time the tip of his tongue circles over your clit. Thighs quiver in his strong hands, his thumbs purposely spreading your lips apart just enough to make you wish for something more filling to stretch you.
He takes his time, savoring the way your body reacts to him. A coil begins to tighten within your lower stomach, a vein of heat beginning to fissure right down your spine. Each stroke of his tongue is calculated and deliberate; he’s been paying attention to the sounds you make for him, continuing motions that earn moans or trembles. His dedication reminds you of a time when he was more heroic.
“Taste so fucking good, omega. Taste like you want me.”
A hand slithers from one of your thighs, coming to skim along the outer lips of your pussy. Your heart beats heavy within the confines of your chest, sweat beading at the nape of your neck from a mixture of pleasure and overwhelming need to be fucked, bred. Katsuki spreads your pussy with warm, thick fingers, admiring the view before him. A swollen cunt still dripping with his seed, your slick staining down the expanse of your thighs.
His index finger slips inside of you, and he can’t help but marvel over the tightness of your inner muscles despite having been fucked and knotted so thoroughly. A high-pitched sound echoes against the sheets and rings in your ears, a desperate plea for more attention.
“Alpha, want your cock s-so bad, please.”
He chuckles at your pleading, pumping a heavy finger into you. He curls it just right, finding that fleshy spot within you that he’s become familiar with. Delectable jolts signal down your body, making your back arch and hips buck against his hand.
“What was that, princess? Can’t hear you down here.”
“Katsuki,” you grit your teeth, “fuck me like you’re supposed to!”
A second finger quickly accompanies the first, the wide digits spreading you delightfully. Just like how he fucks, his pace is calculated, rhythmatic. You moan with every twist and plunge, gaze transfixed on the nest you’re pressed into.
Your senses are heightened to pick up on every move of his body, every hot breath against your cunt, and you cream the moment his tongue finds your clit again.
The orgasm feels like it’s stolen from you, wasted on pumping fingers instead of a silken knot. But it makes you cry nonetheless, makes you writhe and spill slick into a grinning mouth.
“Good girl, good fucking girl,” the praise makes you dizzy, because your heat wave hasn’t been satisfied. You need more than orgasm, you need him inside you.
And he knows that, can feel and smell the stress steaming off your skin.
Hungry hands spin you around to face him, pull you up off the floor so he can hook your thighs over his forearms and spear his cock inside your drenched cunt.
It’s a purposeful position, you know, because it has your arms around his shoulders and your face buried right into the apex of his scent in his neck.
Katsuki pumps into you hard and fast, the sugary taste of you making his cock ache just as much as you burn for him.
“Never gonna get tired of this,” he groans, lifting you up and down on his cock like you’re weightless. And you are to his brawn, his muscles are bulging and corded expertly around his body. He’s trained himself to perfection; trained to be a predator.
“Feels so good, sososogood.”
You can’t help but run your tongue along the length of his neck as he bounces you, stretches you. His scent is too enticing, tastes divine in your mouth.
Fucking instincts.
The feel of your wet, hot little tongue against his skin makes him purr. It’s like a reward to you, so you don’t stop, content to get lost in his smell and taste if it means you get to hear and feel his hypnotizing hum.
“You’re a messy little thing.”
You know what he means; a stream of slick is pouring down your thighs, drooling into the floor and seeping into the rug.
You whimper and tangle your fingers in his spiked hair, gripping on for dear life as he pounds into your abused hole. The heat between you is intensifying more than you ever thought possible. He’s insanely powerful, so dominant with your body, all you can do is try to breathe against his throat and pray for the absolution of his orgasm to save you from falling into some kind of pleasurable despair.
His fingers are mean against the plump flesh of your ass, spreading you apart and painting more perfect prints against your skin.
“N-need your cum, alpha, please, need it so bad!”
“Keep begging. I fucking love it.”
“Fuck! Need your cum, need your f-fucking cum so I can cum all over your cock!”
Your mind is on sensory overload, your body uncontrollably bucking against him, pleading for another release. You can feel yourself clenching around his delicious cock, his fat veins throbbing. The way the wide head brushes against your walls, repeatedly stroking all the right spots, it’s addictive. Terrifying, really, how you were made to be fucked by him.
The moment his knot swells inside you again and your ecstasy pushes you into another orgasmic bliss, there’s a very dangerous urge for you to sink your teeth into his neck. To mark, to hurt. Claiming is his duty, but something about the way his tattoos kiss the valley of shoulder and neck makes your teeth hurt.
Katsuki’s head falls back as he holds you in his arms, and you’re smacked in the face with the beautiful scent of creamy butter and rich sugar melting over a fire.
If you could have, you would’ve tried to climb away, but his knot keeps you seated across his thick forearms and over his cock.
When the numbness of orgasm fades, his slick smeared lips find your cheek, tongue brazenly licking over your skin.
“Kiss me,” he demands it, moving to capture your mouth.
You lean back out of his reach.
“What? Don’t like the taste of your own cum?”
“No, I—”
“Then fucking kiss me.”
When you avoid him again, he gives a threatening growl.
“Kiss. Me. Or I won’t put you back in your stupid nest.”
You frown, sinking your claws into his shoulders.
“You haven’t proved you’re worth it,” you echo what he spoke to you last night.
The pair of you growl at the same time, and Katsuki deems it’s not worth the fight. He always gets what he wants in the end, he knows it, and you’ll know it soon enough.
Conceding, Katsuki dips your conjoined bodies into his bed, into your nest. You purr when he enters it, feeling the satisfaction of the final piece to your little nesting puzzle coming into place.
Tumblr media
Two days pass of Katsuki fucking you through the starvations of your heat. Pulling, prodding, and breaking your body to his pleasures whenever you rouse him and beg for cock, beg for his rut. Your nest reeks of cum and slick, your hair even becoming full of cum after the testy alpha decided to release a load onto your face just to watch you bare your teeth and drink him down.
Normally after so many hours you’d be satiated, but by the third nightfall you’re aching and pleading all over again.
And you know why, you just don’t want to admit it to yourself.
Your estrous won’t quit until the unruly, unmated prime alpha takes everything you have to offer.
Part II | Part III
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haikyutiehoe · a month ago
bakugou who watches you carefully with glaring scarlet visionaries as your pussy sinks down further on his girthy cock. his hands, a solid, grounding weight on your hips squeeze the flesh roughly. “faster.” he growls, impatience flaring in his gaze. your smaller hands scratch down his stomach, features flinching as you force yourself to accomodate his length.
“c-can’t.” you whine, shame shining in your eyes. “can’t katsu...”
a soft hush reaches the blonde’s lips as your lips tremble at his unfavorable expression. “need me to use you like a cocksleeve baby?” he questions, hands migrating down to your thicker cheeks, fingers splayed to cup your ass. he rolls his hips in tandem with his words, drawing out pathetic slutty sounds. “is this all you can manage, just the tip and then some?” as to demonstrate, he thrusts up higher, disappearing into you further than you could manage on your own.
“mmmh.” you mewl, body bouncing from the sharp impact.
“want it all?” one hand gravitates to your pussy, a thumb flicking over your clit. “you’re all wet princess, i know you can take it all if you really try.”  the innocent lie drawn across your features causes the hero to scowl. “c’mon, try.”
at his sharper tone, you cling onto bakugou’s biceps, the muscle flexing beneath your touch. the burn stings and aches more, as the male makes space where you were convinced it didn’t exist. a soft groan leaves your mouth when he thrusts again, teasing a stupid look across your face. “there we go. wider. good girl.” within seconds, an unconvincing creamy ring of cum accents the male’s angry cock. “see. fucking yourself so pretty on me puppy.”
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katsupeach · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bakugou x f!reader
wc: 7.9K
summary: fed up with his inability to deliver the way he wants to in a relationship, bakugou turns to a dating app for casual sex and companionship. he assures his friends he's capable of maintaining a platonic sexual relationship, despite his own misgivings. After things go well the first time, you establish a casual thing, and bakugou finds himself prying you open.
a/n: incredibly overworked reader and bakugou engage in a series of escalating casual hookups, bakugou falls for you, you fall for bakugou. choking, spitting, degredation, impact play, bondage, sir kink, daddy kink, praise, degradation, bakugou's BIG on communication and aftercare, dom!bakugou, reader has corporate job and body is unspecific but she does have acne scars. bakugou is a mean hard dom right up until he cums and then he's needy and affectionate, but if you're uncomfy w degradation, this is not the fic for you. villain/hero predator prey kink roleplay is discussed but not described really. part one. part 2 here
network - @http-404-error-unknown​
Tumblr media
After the first time you sleep with Bakugou Katsuki, you avoid eye contact with him. You’re yanking your clothes on as quickly as possible, anxious to get as dressed as possible before he turns the lights on and you have to perceive yourself, perceive what you’ve done, been doing.
“Hey,” Bakugou says, “Should we uh, should we talk? About that?” You feel something cold wrap around your heart, a drawbridge closing.
“Um,” you swallow, “Um, I’m good. Don’t need to talk.” He looks over his shoulder, a little confused, but you’re focused on lacing your sneakers up again, ignoring him. “No need to um, to talk.” You reiterate and he nods slowly, inspecting you.
“Can I uh,” he walks across his bedroom, and when he rests a hand on your shoulder you jump like he’s shocked you.
“I don’t need the uh,” you gesture to the bed, “The cuddling and stuff, I’m all good.” You stretch a little. He narrows his eyes.
“Was it uh, good, for you?” He’s embarrassed at how relieved his is when he reads your genuine smile.
“Yeah.” You say brightly, punching him in the arm. “Thanks for having me, buddy.” He physically recoils at the nickname, glancing at his phone, he knew the people used tinder to date online casually, but he didn’t think you’d be this indifferent.
“Cut that buddy shit.” He says, and you laugh a little, exhaling through your nose. “Wait uh,” He catches your wrist, stopping you from leaving, pure curiosity spurring him on more than anything else. “Can I,” he starts lamely, “Can I see you again?” He senses your hesitation and backtracks. “Like can we uh, can we fuck again?”
“Oh!” Your eyes shoot open. “Sure.” You pull your phone out of your pocket and he watches you check a calendar. “Actually,” you chew your lower lip, “If you’re down for something casual regularly, I can see you on Saturday at like 2PM?”
“Yeah I’m off on Saturday.” He says. “Anything I can do to uh, improve the experience? Since we're being so clinical about this.” He says, covering up his surprise with sarcasm. You giggle, leaning against the closed door.
“You’re pretty good in bed,” you cock your head at him, “But you knew that, didn’t you?” He nods. “I like uh, I like it rough generally, which you’re already on the edge of, but if you think of any ways to up the ante there, I’m down. We can talk about it first, but I actually have to go. I have an appointment” You put your phone away. “Shoot me a text okay?” He thinks about kissing you goodbye, and thinks better of it, letting you slip out of his apartment, and down the hallway.
“You keep checking your phone, bro.” Kirishima knocks his shoulder. “Waiting on someone?” Bakugou shrugs, then takes another sip of his beer.
“Deciding whether to text a girl.” He says again, barely able to speak above the crackle and boom of conversations and laughter in the bar.
“What’s stopping you?” Kirishima probes, and Bakugou rubs his eyes.
“The sex was good,” he admits, “She’s hot as fuck.”
“Sounds perfect.” Kirishima cocks his head at the blonde. “You’re the one who’s always saying you work too much for a relationship.” Bakugou stares down at the amber liquid in front of him for a moment before responding.
“She was, she was really casual.” He thinks about it. “I asked if we could chill again and she took out her google calendar and made us an appointment.” Kirishima snorts, and then chokes a little on his beer.
“Listen, if you had good sex it doesn’t seem like you have anything to lose,” he pauses, “Of course, unless you think there’s something there, romantically, because we both know you’re not really a casual guy.”
“I’m totally fucking casual,” Bakugou roars, and Kirishima shakes his head.
“You are the CEO of catching feelings and you goddamn know it.”
“I’m not gonna catch feelings,” he says the phrase like it’s a vile expletive. Kirishima raises his eyebrows.
“Alright, well, better text her then.”
You show up at his place, hair tied away from your face, the last vestiges of golden afternoon light spilling into his apartment on the thirtieth floor. You’re all business.
“Do you mind if I get a glass of water before we start?” He shakes his head, gesturing to the kitchen. “I was kinda surprised you reached out.” You say, rocking onto your tiptoes, stretching to reach his water glasses on the top shelf. You feel his presence behind you, he takes one down and hands it to you.
“Why’s that?”
“I dunno,” you laugh, “I guess you seemed a little jarred when I left so suddenly.” You go to his sink and fill your glass, taking a sip of it. He shrugs.
“You did seem like ya were in a hurry.”
“I was almost late,” Your mouth quirks a little, “You were better than I expected.” He shakes his head,
“Flattery, huh?” He reaches out, cupping your face with one calloused hand, thumb pressing into the plush of your cheek. “You tryna butter me up?” You giggle nervously, setting the glass on the counter. He leans over you, red eyes unreadable, as he takes you by the waist, lifting you easily, setting you on his island. “I’m not touchin’ you again unless we have a safeword, green for fine, yellow for slow down, or less, red for stop completely, and I’ll uh, how do you want to be taken care of?” You consider, and he watches your hands dance in front of you.
“Um,” you close your eyes and shake your head a little bit, dismissively, “I’m sure I won’t need it, but um, just like, praise and physical comfort.”
“Hard limits?” He says, and you raise an eyebrow.
“You’re taking this very seriously.” He doesn’t take the bait.
“Yeah, I take not accidentally hurting you pretty seriously, you don’t have to be my girlfriend for me to want you to feel safe with me.” There’s a pause.
“I mean, I’m sure you get this all the time when you have these conversations, I’m pretty typical,” there’s an assumption he catches there, that he does this often, that his celebrity status means unlimited one night stands, and he doesn't bother to correct it, but it tugs at him for a moment. “But you know, um, vomit, scat, piss, I wouldn’t do really hard impact play or knifeplay with someone I didn’t know. Degradation is fine, if you praise me too much it might take me out of it but I um, I trust you. What about you?” He nods.
“That covers my shit too. And I’m not usin’ my quirk on ya, so don’t ask. That shit can scar.”
“Oh, um, thank you.” You’re still perched on the counter, and he lets you take another sip of water, downing half the glass, avoiding eye contact. Eventually you speak again, “Bakugou I-” He cuts off your words by wrapping a hand around your throat, squaring your hips against his, “I,” you whisper, pupils dilating, mind spinning,
“If I didn’t know better,” he says, voice a match barely striking tinder, rough, and low, “I’d say you were scared.” You blink up at him and slips a thumb between your lips, and he watches all pretense slip from your face, your eyes soften and you suck gently at it. “I knew you were smarter than you looked,” he says, tightening the hand he has around your throat, tugging his thumb from your lips with a soft pop. He jerks his head towards the bedroom. “C’mon, dummy.” To his surprise and subsequent delight, when he releases you, you slide off the counter onto the floor, crawling next to him down the hall. He sits on his mattress, and beckons you forward with one finger, utterly bewitched as you move to him, sitting on your knees between his legs.
“Why are you here?” He rumbles, unsure of the words as soon as he’s said them, but you seem to understand what he’s asking, even if you’re already far away from your body.
“Wanna be good, for you.” You say softly. He nods, slowly, and slips your dress of your shoulders, reaching around and unclipping your bra with one swift movement. Your breasts fall a little without the support, and he tosses your bra across the room, reaching for them, massaging the plush between his fingers, squeezing hard enough to push a gasp of pain from your lips, “This whatcha meant,” he growls, “When you said you wanted it rougher.” You nod a little.
“Y-yes.” You whisper, as he lets go of you, pushing his joggers down. He pumps his cock in front of you, once, twice, and then spits coarsely on the tip of it, rubbing his thumb across the head.
“You want this?” He asks, watching your eyes widen. “You wanna suck my dick?” You nod, “Dirty fuckin’ whore.” He reaches out and gently taps the side of your face. “Is that what you are, a dirty fuckin’ whore?”
“Yes,” and you realize what he wants, “Please, please, I’m a, a dirty whore, let me suck your cock daddy please-”
“Daddy,” he interrupts and repeats to you, an evil smile growing. “Daddy, huh? You think you get to call me that?” He shakes his head. “Nah. Gotta earn that shit. Let’s stick with sir, huh?” You nod, understanding. “Give it another shot, slut.”
“Please can I suck your cock, sir?” You look up at him, eyes wide with soft innocence, and he can’t stop the expletives that fall from his lips as he nods, taking a hold of the back of your head as you plant the softest kiss on the tip of his cock.
“That’s it,” he breathes, guiding you, softly at first and then working harder, moving your head so that you’re stroking his cock with your throat, watching your eyes water as you gag. “Am I too big for ya,” you shake your head and he rips you off of his length tapping your face with his wet cock, “I asked you a fuckin’ question,” You blink up at him, lashes wet.
“N-no sir,” You sputter, and the genuine fear in your voice makes his dick twitch. “No I can take it, I promise,” He cuts you off by thrusting hard into your mouth, fucking your face in earnest as tears drip down your cheeks. Your lungs burn for oxygen, and he only allows you short sharp breaths before he puts you back to work. It’s a few minutes of this before he stops, holding you off longer, letting you catch your breath.
“Color?” He asks, gruffly.
“Green,” you gasp. He pauses, “Green, I promise,” you protest, as he wipes a few tears from your face. “I’m fine.” He grunts with annoyance and stands, lifting you partially by the hair and partially by your arm, tossing you onto his bed. He pulls your dress off your body quickly, your panties soon follow, and you watch him climb on top of you, kneeling between your legs. He parts your folds with a finger, and slips it inside you, loosening the muscle a little. You react like you’ve never been touched, and he can’t help but marvel at the performance, shaking his head.
“Cut that shit,” he says roughly, “You don’t gotta act like everything fucking works for you, I actually want to make you cum.” You freeze, awkwardly, and he squints at you. “Seriously, I want you to be real. Tell me what I can do better.” You nod, catching your lower lip between your teeth.
“S-sorry.” You sit up a little, “I don’t um, I’m not used to, um, communicating.” He shrugs.
“I’m a patient guy, give it your best shot.” You search for the words, your face warming, and he watches you squirm uncomfortably. “Why does this freak you out more than me roughin’ you up?”
“Ahhhh,” you squirm, “Unclear. But um,” you reach out and take his hand, and for a moment, he thinks you’re reaching out for comfort, he’s ready to hold you, to tell you you don’t have to keep going, but you guide his hand back to your cunt, and slip two of his fingers inside you. You push them up, wincing a little at the stretch, and he feels it, “Right,” you gasp as he presses hard against that spot, ‘Right, right there, fuck-”
“Dirty little bitch,” He snarls, surprising even himself at how easily he falls back into it, shoving you roughly back onto the bed. Your back arches up as he picks the pace up, happier with the sounds your making, they’re less pretty, but they sound real. “That’s it,” he nearly coos, watching tears burn in your eyes, “There we fuckin’ go.”
You’re only able to take short sharp breaths as the waves of pleasure rock your body, he leans over you, watching you genuinely fall apart at his hands.
III. Two Weeks Later.
Bakugou fumbles with his phone when it buzzes, tucking his coffee into the crook of his elbow.
You: I’m free tonight.
Bakugou: love how you don’t do small talk.
You: too busy.
You: can we try this?
Bakugou opens the door to his office with his elbow, and sets his coffee down before sitting in his chair, mind racing with possibilities.
You: video.exe
You: minus the daddy thing since that's something you don’t like.
He turns the volume almost all the way down, glancing up to make sure the door to his office is closed, and clicks play on the video. It’s porn, I mean, what did he expect, but not something he’s seen before. The girl has her arms tightly bound behind her, and her partner is fucking her so hard she’s having trouble keeping her ass in the air. His brows knit together when her partner leans down, and spits in her face, rubbing it in and growling a stream of viscous, degrading expletives in her ear.
Bakugou: *something you have to earn.
Bakugou: bad day huh?
You: the worst.
Bakugou: sure. I don’t have rope though.
You: I do! I’ll bring it.
Bakugou: am I ever gonna see your place?
You: tell you what
You: you pick something for us to try and next time we can do it at my apartment.
He frowns, putting his phone down and taking a sip of his coffee before responding. It’s true, he has things he’s wanted to try, things he wanted to do with a partner, but could he even call you that? Was partner too intimate? He did, however, want to see your apartment. He imagines it, maybe as sterile as your phone, cleared of applications for anything except things explicit functions. Would it be all white, clean lines? As crisp as the skirt suit he’d ripped off of you last week, sending you home with an apology and a pair of his sweatpants and a merch t shirt? He sighs, rubbing his eyes.
Bakugou: deal.
Bakugou: can you do 6PM?
You: ahhhh
You: might have to work, can we do 8?
Bakugou: that’s late to be working
You: very bad day.
You: really want you to make me cry about it.
Bakugou: can do.
It’s 8:15 when he hears the soft click of your heels in the hallway outside of his apartment, and then your soft knock.
“I’m so sorry I’m late,” You say, before he even opens the door, and he takes a moment, balking at your appearance. “I came from the office.” You confess, and he nods, some of your makeup is smudged underneath your eyes, and your hands are trembling a little, likely from caffeine.
“All good,” he says, “Shit though,” he reaches down and pulls a little piece of fluff from your hair. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you look exhausted.” You nod, stepping out of your pumps.
“Do you mind if I freshen up?” You look up at him, every inch an apology, and he shrugs, gesturing towards the bathroom. You put your purse and a plain bag on the counter. “The ropes in there, I stopped by a place and grabbed some so that I wasn’t even later to you. If you like it, you can keep it.” He nods, padding over to the counter and peeking in the bag, it’s bright orange, and doubled over in a knot.
“Aw,” he calls, just loud enough so that you’ll hear him down the hall, “Didja get it to match my hero outfit?” He hears you giggle, a beautiful soft music he hasn’t been treated to before.
“I did, actually.” You peek your head out. “I’m just gonna take my face off and put it back on really fast, I promise I’ll look human in a couple minutes.” He rolls his eyes.
“Just take your makeup off. I don’t give a shit.”
“Really?” You say dryly. “You want to see my actual skin?”
“How bad can it be?” He shrugs, “S’not like I’m your boyfriend.” He watches you consider, and weigh the vulnerability.
“Um, alright,” you say, after a long moment, “But don’t worry I’m not gonna start coming over looking a mess.” Bakugou grunts noncommittally, but stands in the doorway, watching you slowly remove foundation, some kind of tinted lip thing, and eyeliner.
“Gonna tell me what happened today?” He asks, and you shrug, splashing water on your face and then wiping it on one of his clean hand towels.
“Don’t laugh at me,” you beam at him, and the forced light is just a little too bright, “But I have a pretty high pressure job. I’m not, like, saving lives though.” He shrugs. “Enough though, just tell me if you think I look like frankenstein's monster or something,” he inspects you carefully, sure, there’s a splotchyness that wasn’t there before, some acne scars, and your eyes are less defined, less catlike. But it’s still you.
“Ya look fine, dumbass.” He hits you lightly on the back of the head. “C’mon.” You take his outstretched hand, marveling at how fucking good he looks in just a pair of grey sweatpants and a t shirt.
“Do I ever tell you you’re ridiculously sexy,” You ask, cocking your head, “Emphasis on ridiculous?” He snorts.
“No.” He grabs the paper bag off of the counter and leads you to the bedroom, ripping the rope out of it’s packaging as you start getting undressed. “And what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He says, genuine annoyance in his tone. You swallow, nervously. “That’s my job.” He walks up to you, slowly and slips your jacket off your shoulders, tossing it on a chair. He leans down, his lips meeting your jaw, mouth moving down your neck as he unbuttons your shirt, and slowly pulls it off of your arms, letting it fall to the floor. You reach for him and he shakes his head. “Don’t move.”
“Y-yes, sir.” He watches you relax a little, your shoulders drooping as he unclasps your bra, your tits falling a little without the support. He unzips your skirt, and chuckles dangerously.
“Wearin’ these all day, huh?” He gestures to the black thigh high tights. “Dirty fuckin’ slut.” He tugs at the matching lacy panties.
“Was thinking about you,” you murmur, closing your eyes as he pulls them down, and helps you step out of them, feeling the full vulnerability of being naked, while he’s fully clothed. He balks a little at that, but you don’t see it, you just feel him reach between your legs to check, slipping between your folds, pulling a choked gasp from your lips.
“You’re certainly fuckin’ wet enough.” He chastises. “Damn.” He stands up again, spinning you around roughly and pressing you against the wall, folding your arms behind your back, tying them tightly, exactly like in the video you’d sent. “Too tight?” He asks and you test them a little.
“It’s comfortable.”
“You sure this is what you want tonight?” he asks, measuring how tired you look, the droop of your eyelids, the corners of your mouth slightly downturned.
“I need,” you start, and you’re taken aback by the desperation in your own voice. “I need to lose control. For a little.” You sound so soft, so vulnerable, Bakugou can’t help himself, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to the apple of your cheek.
“I’ll take care of it.” He says, his low rasp right in your ear warms your face, “Remember the safewords?”
“Green for keep going, yellow for slow, and red for stop.”
“Good girl.” he says, and then leans down and cups your ass, pressing you harder against the wall, “Not a lot of praise in that video you sent,” he cautions.
“None, I should think.” He grinds his crotch against your ass, reaching up and squeezing your breasts.
“And you’re fine with that?”
“Yep.” You say, then let out a soft, high pitched grunt as he starts pinching and rubbing your nipples, you can feel his length grinding against your ass. He pinches them tightly and pulls hard enough to make you cry out in pain, before landing a harsh slap on your ass. You yelp, and he takes you by the hips and throws you down on the bed, moving so quickly you barely see him, flipping you facedown and lifting your hips high.
“Down farther,” he snaps, “Get your fucking face in that mattress.” He barely gives you a second to comply before spanking you hard. “Come on slut,” he snarls, “Is it difficult, is it fuckin’ hard to arch your goddamn back,” you shake your head quickly, doing as your told.
“No sir.”
“No sir,” he repeats in a high pitched mocking tone, “Awful fucking polite, arentcha?” He spanks you again, “For a slut.” You know better than to respond, he slaps your ass again, admiring the way it moves, soft under his calloused palm, hitting you over and over again until he hears what he’s waiting for, the tiniest little sniffle. “Aww,” he coos, still taunting, mocking, “Does it hurt?”
“Y-yes sir,” you breathe, on the verge of crying, tears burning in your eyes and soaking into his blankets.
“Do you like it?” He asks, and you nod.
“I-I do, sir,” you say, and he laughs at you, landing a hard slap directly on your cunt. It’s hard enough that you yelp in pain, but keep your position, shifting your weight from knee to knee. He does it again and you choke out a sob, then feel a soft touch.
“Color?” He asks and you catch your breath.
“Green.” You can’t see it, but he shakes his head, before slapping you directly on the clit again, this time you cry out loudly and he follows it up with soft rubbing,
“You’re soaked,” he breathes, half surprised that this was actually turning you on as much as it was him, “Fuck,” at this point it’s more to himself than to you, he slips two fingers inside you, every little sob making him harder. He scissors them, and hears your soft moan, grinning at his ability at this point to play you like a fiddle.
“Ah-fuck,” you bite down hard on your lower lip, feeling your skin burning from his hands, the pleasure now is undetachable from the pain, “Please, please,” you beg, “Want you to fuck me,”
“Yeah,” he says, curling his fingers inside you, pulling a whine from your lips, “You wanna get fucked, bitch, you want my cock that bad?” You moan loudly. “Filthy fuckin’ thing,” he says, and he slaps your ass hard again, knowing the skin will rise in the shape of his hand, that it’ll warm that way, “Beg me more.”
“Please, need it,” you mumble, rolling your hips against him desperately, “Need your cock so badly,” you say, it’s almost a whine, almost wanton enough for him to give in, “Please, please, please-” He spanks you one last time, tugging his shirt off over his head and easing inside you, taking his time, feeling your walls clench and throb around him. He wraps a hand around your forearms, still tied tightly behind you, and uses it as leverage.
“Holy shit,” he breathes, it’s like this every time, and he has to bite back praise, bite back telling you how fucking good it feels to be buried inside you. “Fuck,” he settles on, picking up the pace of his thrusts, wanting to hear you moan and cry for him, the slapping of his hips against your ass fills the room, your desperate, soft mewls. He tightens his grip on your arms, holding you firmly in place.
“Oh my god,” you fall flat onto the bed, unable to stay upright against him, but he just lifts you and keeps fucking you hard, you look so beautiful like this, tears in your eyes, lips parted, and he feels you clenching before you even you’re nearing your high,
“Don’t you dare fuckin’ cum,” he snaps, “Don’t you dare.” He leans over you, pushing your back into a harsher arch, “That’s my fuckin’ pussy, and I say when it cums,” you nod and babble incoherently, a mix of begging, and please, and baraganing but he almost doens’t hear it he’s so drenched in the ecstasy of not having to hold back, he knows he’s holding onto your hips tightly, knows it might bruise, but fuck it, all day everyone tells him what to do. He goes where the commission tells him, he defeats the villains they put on his plate, he doesn’t bite the presses’ head off and here, right now, being in control again, feels right in an almost sacred way.
“Cum with me,” he orders suddenly, the words falling from his lips before they even form in his head fully, “Wanna feel you cum on my goddamn cock, slut,” you feel him get impossibly hard inside you as you vault over the cliff of your orgasm, gasping as your vision whites out, barely hearing his mangled snarl as he rakes his nails down your back and collapses next to you. There’s a moment where you’re both lying there, chests rising and falling rapidly, before Bakugou remembers you’re still tied up, and curls his body around you, rubbing your back as you cry quietly. “C’mere.” He grunts, gathering you onto his chest, unable to stop himself from kissing your teary face as he works the knots out. For a moment, he’s seized by the fear that even this intimacy is overstepping, but maybe it’s the day you’ve had, or how tired you are, but you curl into him with your free hands, wrapping your arms around his neck. He rubs your head, “Good girl,” he coos, experimentally and you hum softly. He wraps a thick arm around your waist, anchoring your body to his own. You sigh. “So good,” he tries again and feels you tighten your grip on him.
“More.” You mumble, and something inside him warms, he squeezes you tight to him.
“Good girl,” he breathes, “Did such a good job f’me, huh?” You nod, whimpering a little.
“Thanks, Bakugou.” He swallows, hating the way his last name taste in your mouth when he can feel the tears still hot on your cheeks. “Thanks for having me.” He wonders how you mean that, having you over, or temporarily taking both responsibility and control of you.
“Of course,” he finds himself saying gruffly.
“Is this okay?” You ask, barely audible over the hum of his air conditioner, and he realizes you mean the cuddling, the aftercare, the closeness.
“Yeah.” He says, trying to hide his own eagerness, “S’long as it’s okay with you.” He traces patterns down your body, rubbing the places on your skin where the rope left marks, where his hands had left bruises, “You want a glass of water?” He asks, and there’s a silence. He listens to the soft rhythm of your breaths and realizes you’ve fallen asleep. Just a few minutes, he reasons, couldn’t hurt. You wake before him, pleasant and warm, at first not sure where you are. You blink a couple times, the light in his room still on, he’s snoring quietly, muscled arm locked around your body, and your heart breaks into a sprint.
“Hey,” you say, with an undercurrent of urgency in your voice. “Hey, I’m gonna go,” He groans a little.
“Why?” He opens an eye, “M’comfortable.”
“I have work in the morning.” You whisper and he looks over at the clock on his nightstand, flashing 2AM. He sighs.
“S’not safe for you to get a taxi or anythin’.” He rolls off the bed, rubbing his eyes and releasing you. “I’ll drive ya back.”
“Are you sure,” you say, standing and looking for your clothes, but he puts a hand on your shoulder.
“Just put on my sweats and a t shirt. That suit looks uncomfortable anyway.” You nod, yawning again. Bakugou, for his part, barely bothers getting dressed but you suppose when you're built like a greek god anything goes, He yanks on joggers and doesn’t even button his flannel up before shoving a baseball cap over his bedhead. You take the elevator down to the garage level, and the night is cooler than you thought it would be.
“Why uh,” he says, ‘Why do this, instead of dating?” His voice carries in the parking garage, bouncing off the hard surfaces.
“I work too much to date.” You shake your head. “I’d start seeing someone I liked and then my job would pick up and I’d ghost them without even meaning to.” You sigh. “But I’ve got needs.” He chuckles.
“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” You swat at him and he only halfheartedly entertains your playfighting. You hop up into the front seat of his jeep. “What about you?” You ask as the engine hums to life.
“Ah,” he shrugs, “I’m more of a relationship person, but I kept lettin’ people down. ‘Cause of my job, I can’t say, you know sorry I’m saving lives I’m gonna be late to dinner every fuckin’ time now can I?” You nod. “Sucks though. I still want all of it.” He presses a button and the radio plays.
“All of what?” You lean your head back on the seat.
“All the crap that comes with being in love,” he says gruffly, turning his face to you to back out of the parking spot, “Like, memorizing their coffee order, wakin’ up with them. That shit.”
“That would be nice.” You murmur.
“I like the idea of coming home to someone,” He says, still avoiding eye contact, “But I can’t expect them to wait up for me. Not every time.” He adjusts his baseball cap. “Also, whoever I’m romantically involved with, when it becomes public knowledge, you know, there’s a certain scrutiny, from the media, and also added danger since you’d be-” He catches himself, and you, by some grace, don’t say anything, “They’d be a target for villains to use as leverage against me. It’s not really a conversation I can have in a bar. ”
“Sure.” You’re still staring at him, when he glances at you, so he scowls.
“I didn’t peg you for a relationship guy.” You say simply.
“Let’s get one thing straight,” he pauses, turning his signal on before making a left, “You ain’t peggin’ me, ever.” You let out a bright giggle. “Bratty fuckin’ bottom.” He shakes his head. “No way you could do that.”
“I absolutely could!” You protest. “I just would need instructions, and a strong authority figure to guide me through it.” He chuckles, and you point at the street sign, “It’s actually not far, just a couple blocks that way.”
“Cool.” He says, stealing a quick glance at you. “You mean it, next time I pick something I want to try, and we do it at your place?” You nod.
“Yeah, sounds good. Ah, up here, on the left,” it’s a nondescript stone apartment building, “I’ve got some work stuff coming up, so it’ll be a few days but yeah, let me know and I’ll put it on my calendar.” Bakugou fights the urge to lean across the seat and kiss you goodnight, settling for a quick pat on the thigh.
“Yeah, uh, sleep well.”
“Will do.” You struggle opening the car door, he reaches over, giving you a soft tch, opening it for you. “Ah, thanks,” you hop out and walk awkwardly to your door, punching in a code and swinging the door open, he watches you disappear and drives home.
“Brooooo,” Denki calls, “You keep checking your phone. What’s going on with you?” Bakugou takes a sip of his beer and mashes his palms into his eye sockets.
“It’s nothin’.”
“Bakugou is ‘keeping things casual’ with a girl,” Kirishima says, clapping the blonde on the back, “It’s not going well for him.”
“It’s going fine,” Bakugou snaps, “I’m doing fine.” He glances at his phone. “She just said she’d text me, and she hasn’t yet.” There’s a silence.
“And that’s fine,” Sero says, “Because you’re a pro hero, and you can get laid whenever you want.” Bakugou scans the bar, frowning.
“Not like her.” He mumbles, hoping no one really listens. “It’s different.”
After 72 hours of radio silence, Bakugou takes matters into his own hands, scrolling through his bookmarked porn videos, trying to find the one he’s looking for. It takes him longer than he’d like to admit, remembering how long his dry spell had been before your arrangement.
Bakugou: video.exe
You’re in your kitchen, making yourself a late dinner, barefoot in a giant t shirt and panties, stirring some pasta, and open the video.
You: you want to roleplay? Color me shocked.
Bakugou: don’t really think you can kink shame me princess
You: no nicknames and no shame here
You: just surprised
You: I’ve actually got an outfit that might work for this
Bakugou: send me a picture
You: right now?
Bakugou: what, are you at work?
You snap a picture of your pasta and sauce, simmering low on the stove.
You: no but this is in a delicate spot and if I burn it i’ll cry
Bakugou: are you making puttanesca?
You: are you well versed in italian cuisine?
Bakugou: do you think it’s fucken cute to answer a question with a question?
You: do you find it cute?
Bakugou: jesus christ I wanna spank you bloody
You: lol it’s puttanesca yeah
Bakugou: that’s a lot of food for one person.
He’s pacing around his apartment, hating how fast his brain is moving, are you alone, he wants to ask, are you as nervous as he is, do you know what it’s doing to him that you cook, well apparently.
You: lol I just cook when I can in a big batch or I’d live on takeout.
You: when I take this off the heat i’ll send you a picture.
Bakugou: be wearing it.
You: of course.
It’s another forty five minutes before he hears from you.
You: sorry this actually took forever to find
You: photo.exe
Bakugou stops washing his face, and glances at his phone, nearly dropping it on the cool tile. You’re wearing a tight black catsuit, that dips low between your breasts.
Bakugou: perfect.
Bakugou: I’m serious with the safewords on this one though, you gotta fuckin’ communicate with me.
You: I do!!
Bakugou: mhm okay
You: I can be better
Bakugou: that’s a good girl.
You heave a sigh, it’s late, and he’s a pro hero, probably on some kind of diet, and it’s a bad idea, you know it is but by the time you’re seized by a violent regret it’s too late, you’ve already hit send.
You: if you haven’t eaten yet you can swing through for dinner.
Bakugou scoffs, it’s 9PM, of course he’s eaten, the dishes have been done, and the grilled chicken and vegetables are sitting in his stomach. He groans loudly, mashing his palms into his eye sockets.
Bakugou: yeah I haven’t eaten.
You: cool cool cool
Bakugou: what’s your apartment #
You: 1412
You have time to light a candle and blow it out several times before Bakugou arrives, you wriggle out of the catsuit and throw on some leggings and a flannel, hoping that’s neutral between catsuit and only a t- shirt. You open the door when he knocks, grateful he’s also stayed casual, jeans and grey t, but he leans down and kisses your cheek, and you get a whiff of his cologne, leather and cedar and citrus.
“Smells amazing in here.” he says softly.
“I like cooking,” you invite him in further and he glances around, it’s normal, normal enough some pictures of your family, comfortable couches, dark wood shelving units lined with books, “What, is it what you expected?” He shrugs.
“I did wonder if you lived in a dungeon,” he says gruffly, and you laugh lightly, gesturing to the plates you’ve made. He glances at the kitchen, you’ve made a complete mess. “Didya have me over so that you didn’t have to do dishes by yourself?”
“No, no promise.” You take a seat at your little table and he follows suit, twirling some pasta and spooning it into his mouth. You watch him carefully, but he doesn’t betray any reaction. “Okay, well?”
“It’s good.” He says, begrudgingly, and you preen at the praise, he watches you light up, “You cook often?”
“Never more than once a week.” There’s a touch of sadness to your voice. “Work.” He nods. “Is this weird, that I invited you over?” He thinks about it.
“Only because you woke up in my arms and practically sprinted out the door.” He says eventually, “Gettin’ over that fear of intimacy?”
“Oh almost certainly not,” you sigh. “But the company is nice, I think.” He reaches over and wipes some sauce off your face with a thumb, and you swallow nervously. This is Bakugou’s second dinner in so many hours, but he finishes it anyway, and the conversation is warm and inviting, and he’s treated to the sound of your genuine laughter as he describes his friends, and talks to you about his life and maybe you wouldn’t even have noticed the time passing if it weren’t for the empty plates in front of you. You sigh,
“I should get some sleep,” you glance over your shoulder, and he nods.
“I have afternoon patrol so I’m gonna stay up for a bit,” he stands, stretching a little, full of pasta. “Are you not gonna do those dishes?” You groan.
“I’ll do them tomorrow.” he shakes his head.
“Nah you’ll do ‘em now,” he holds a hand out to you, “I’ll help, c’mon.” you let him drag you to the kitchen, but you go noodly against him, flopping against his body, ignoring attempt to pull you forward, “Seriously,” he looks down at you, “Thought you were a big fuckin’ girl.”
“I hate cleaning.” You moan. “I’ll do it tomorrow, please,” he goes to stand at the sink.
“I’ll rinse, you dry. You’ll feel shitty if you wake up to a mess.” You sigh but obey, loading the dishwasher. He’s rinsing out the sink when he feels you cling to one of his arms. “You’re gonna get wet,” he cautions, and you moan,
“I’m done standing.” He smirks, and takes the sprayer, and squirts it all over you. “Oh, my god.” You flick water back at you and he sprays you again. “Bakugou!”
“Whatsa matter,” he drawls, and you leap at him, jumping into his arms even as he tries to catch you and hold you at arms length before you can use him as a human towel. “Shit, fuck,” you succeed in pressing your body to his, soaking through his thin t shirt, “Fuck you,” he throws you over his shoulder. You explode with giggles and he unceremoniously dumps you on the couch, climbing on top of you before you can slip away, pinning your wrists. There’s a moment, where he almost kisses you, as the laughter dies, and suddenly you’re two people, who are very very close to one another, faces warm, heart rates slowing.
“It’s late,” you whisper.
“Why did you invite me over?” He says back, low rasp sending shivers up your spine,
“I-” You start but his lips find your neck, “Bakugou,”
“Why,” he says in your ear, lips closing on it, biting down before continuing, “Did you invite me over,”
“I wanted you here.” You breathe, and he groans loudly before flopping on top of you, burying his face in your chest. “Is that okay?”
“As friends?” He says, not looking at you.
“Sure.” You say evenly. He lifts his head, then, trying to get a read on you. “I dunno, Bakugou, I wanted to see you. That’s all I know, that’s, that’s a lot for me to say that’s very vulnerable for me.” He nods, sitting up, hearing your throat tighten, even just a little.
“I uh, I get it.” He acts on impulse, and leans forward, pressing his lips to your forehead. “I’m not gonna push you, okay?” You nod.
“O-okay.” He stands.
“I’ll see ya this weekend, if you have time.” You nod.
“Yeah I’m um, I’m looking forward to it.” He pats the top of your head, and you walk him out.
Bakugou sits in the front seat of his car for a few minutes, then fumbles with his phone.
Bakugou: I’m gonna need you to hold the i told you so
Kirishima: sure
Bakugou: the girl
Kirishima: mhmmmmm
Bakugou: I might have feelings for her
Kirishima: yeah, duh
Bakugou: shut the fuck up
Bakugou: she spooks real easy tho, she’s super jumpy
Bakugou: AND for some reason she can’t just SAY what she’s thinking or feeling
Kirishima: can i have permission to mock you
Bakugou: fine.
Kirishima: so what’s it like dating yourself
Kirishima: hm
Kirishima: independent?
Bakugou: yeah she’s so self sufficient I goddamn hate it
Kirishima: workaholic?
Bakugou: chronically yeah
Kirishima: too smart for her own good?
Bakugou: absolutely
Kirishima: does she have your temper?
Bakugou: no she’s a fuckin’ angel
Kirishima: sounds like you oughtta lock it down.
Bakugou tosses the phone into the seat next to him, turning the engine of his car on and driving back to his apartment without turning on the radio. He parks, and picks it up again.
Bakugou: I’m seeing her this weekend. But just for sex.
Kirishima: so sweep her off her feet!!
Kirishima: have you talked about why she keeps things casual
Bakugou: she says she worked so much she’d ghost without meaning to. I think I gotta take it slow, if I want to do anything.
Kirishima: i mean if you’re looking to romance her it sounds like you have to show her you can fit into her life
Kirishima: assuming the sex is good
Bakugou: the sex is mind blowing.
Kirishima: maybe try and do things to make her life easier, show her that people can be an asset rather than a drain
Bakugou: mm
Kirishima: good idea kirishima
Kirishima: thanks bakugou you really appreciate me
Kirishima: yeah well it’s nice to be appreciated
Bakugou: shitty hair
Kirishima: Hm?
Bakugou: thanks. For talking shit out with me.
Kirishima: you’re welcome
Bakugou stands nervously in front of your apartment, freshly showered, a duffel bag on his shoulder, dressed in his summer hero costume and a jacket. He checks his phone before knocking, making sure he’s not too early, but 8 minutes early is practically on time, right? He raises a hand and raps the door, seconds later it swings open.
You step aside to let him in and he notes that this time, you don’t stiffen at his presence. You seem nearly relaxed. Which he takes as a good sign.
“So I have to admit,” you grin up at him, “I’m not an actress, or a villain.” He nods. “Are they really as theatrical as they seem on TV, with like the outfits, and stuff?” Bakugou thinks about it.
“The really dangerous ones aren’t.” he says, slipping his jacket off his shoulders, surprised when you take it from him, and hang it up in the hall closet, getting a whiff of the soft leather. “But you’re not gonna be anything I can’t handle.” You laugh, and smirk at him.
“Maybe this is my grand quirk reveal,” you tease, “And I’ll finally best the Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.” He squints at you.
“You’re quirkless?”
“Just call me a damsel in distress,” you mock sigh, “But yeah. I can’t do anything.” He shakes his head at you.
“Did you ever think you wanted to be a hero?” You lead him to the bedroom pulling the catsuit from the closet,
“You have to help me put this on, and um, no,” you shrug, “I’m not really athletically gifted, and I never had been before. It was a bit of a bummer, but I got over it.” Bakugou’s left hand twitches, he remembers something.
“Did kids bully you?” You cock your head at him. “For bein’ quirkless.” You sigh.
“Oh sure, for being quirkless, for being intense, and weird and liking things too much, or liking the wrong things, it’s all,” you step into the pant leg of the suit, pulling it up and then wriggle into the top of it, turning your back to him.
“Huh.” He says, zipping it up.
“I’m um,” you sigh, “This is probably TMI but don’t worry about me, I’ve got stuff, but I’m in therapy, I wouldn’t, I don’t need to rely on you for emotional support.” He nods, smoothing the zipper.
“As long as you know you could. If you wanted to.” He says simply, resting his hands on your hips, pulling you into his body, you can feel the warmth of his chest against your back. He kisses the top of your head, inhaling deeply, and he speaks right before you can respond. “You look fuckin’ insane in this,” he growls, “I basically dropped my phone when you sent that pic.”
“Really?” You say softly, shivering at his touch.
“Really.” He leans down and speaks in your ear. “Here are the rules for tonight. One, if you need to safeword, I need to know that you will.” You nod. “Say you understand.”
“I, I understand.”
“Two, we’re both gonna need aftercare after this, no kickin’ me out or some shit, alright?”
“Alright.” You shift your weight nervously.
“Three,” he says, “I’m gonna count to fifteen, and let you hide somewhere in the apartment, and when I find you, you’re gonna fight me.”
“Yes, sir.” You practically whimper, and he slaps your ass playfully.
“You sure you’re okay?” He asks. “I’m gonna check in, I’ll be careful. I promise I know what I’m doin’ and I’m not gonna leave any lasting damage.” You nod, and turn around in his hands, looking up him, eyes soft.
“Bakugou, I trust you.” He can’t stop himself, loses all self control, leans down and kisses you hard, cupping your face in his gloved hands. He takes over, pressing you against the wall, you rock onto your tiptoes and he lifts you off your feet, crushing your body against his. It’s a few minutes before he lets you go, setting you back down on the ground, cupping your face softly and staring at you. “Bakugou,” you whispers, “What was-”
“Fifteen.” He says, voice low and threatening, and your heart breaks into a sprint. “Fourteen.” You squeak and dart out of your bedroom.
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neitoz · a month ago
only callin bakugou pretty to the point that when he goes shopping without you he sends pics in the dressing room with each outfit asking “is this pretty?” / “pretty in this?” n it could literally be a muscle shirt or cargo pants or some faded band tee but you’ve made that word invade his mind now n he can’t use any other one. not handsome or cool or nice; just pretty. so, yeah, he gets all blushy n giddy when you send back “you look SO pretty!!! definitely <3” n smiles like an idiot in the mirror in the dressing room fighting the urge to kick his feet
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earthtooz · 6 days ago
clingy, kinda soft bakugou <3 no pronouns are mentioned!
Tumblr media
it's late.
in fact, at this hour of the night, bakugou katsuki would be in bed, peacefully resting his body to prepare for another day of pro-heroing.
or rather, that should be what he's doing. instead, he's dragging his sore, tired self out of bed to find wherever you could be that's not in his arms. he's dearly missed the warmth that came from the other side of the mattress, which you occupied.
footsteps softly trudging along the planks of your home, bakugou discovers you in the kitchen, sitting at the island with your laptop underneath a singular, dim light source that hung over your head. the bluelight glasses that accompanied your face illuminated the screen of the laptop, and in his delirium, the blond notices that you're typing away on some sort of document.
he huffs, hoping that it would capture your attention... but to no avail, and bakugou is absolutely flabbergasted. how could you ignore him?
what could be more important than your lover that just wanted your attention to come to bed?
he tries over and over again, and it's not until bakugou coughs that he finally captures your attention, unfortunately for his impatience.
"you scared me," you sighed, hand going over your heart, "what's up?"
"come to bed, doofus," he grumbles, walking over to where you sat and draping himself over your body freely. you ignore him as if there's no problem, pretending as if there isn't some muscular hero splayed across your back, placing most of his weight onto you.
you continue typing away, irking bakugou to no end, "i'm almost done. go back to sleep without me, i'll be there soon."
"it's 3am."
"and you're not where you're supposed to be, which is sleeping beside me."
a laugh filters through bakugou's ears, and he looks at you with an inquisitive stare, "katsuki, you have work tomorrow. go rest."
"and you have to visit me tomorrow on your day off, and i refuse to talk to your tired-ass that should've listened to me."
that's a lie. bakugou would do anything for you, regardless of whatever state you're in, because even though it seems like he hates taking care of you, but he's always at your beck and call regardless of the teasing he endures from you.
"wow, you really do care about me," you muttered, pretending to act touched as bakugou rolls his eyes, moving his arms to wrap firmly around your waist.
"as if. i just can't sleep without ya there. 'tis all," he grumbles through his teeth, "i don't care about your health."
a smile adorns your face. it's so obvious he's lying, judging by the way he's pressing his face against your shoulder and holding you tightly against him.
you fuel the fire, "and you wonder why i'm not going to bed."
"y/n," he groans, borderline whining.
"bakugou," you mimic, not tearing your eyes from the laptop screen.
"you can't pull out the last name on me, you little shit!"
"i can do whatever i want, bakugou katsuki."
"if you don't get up and come to bed in peace, i am going to resort to violence."
"please don't blow up the house again-"
in an instant, you're being picked up effortlessly and bakugou is carrying you out of the kitchen, shutting your laptop lid and turning off the lights simultaneously, before bringing you to your shared bedroom.
he throws you on the bed in an undignified manner and climbs in not too long after, pushing you down by leaning most of his weight on your body. the ironic part is that he carefully plucks your glasses off your face, gently putting them on the nightstand before flopping back over you, arms wrapped securely around your middle
bakugou sighs contently, melting into your warmth completely when your hands have found their home in his ruffled hair. he shifts his leg to rest over your hips, making sure that you couldn't escape as he continues basking in his paradise.
you almost want to scold him but you know that bakugou does this for you because he knows it's what is best for you. when you forget to take care of yourself and succumb to the feeling of never having motivation, he'll always be there to pull you back.
he's corrected multiple of your deprecating habits; such as going to bed late by forcing you to sleep when he does since he can't sleep without you. on the contrary, you've softened his edges a little, showing the explosive blond what it's like to be able to rely on someone else for a change.
as much of a pain in the ass bakugou was, you wouldn't have it any other way.
"i lovb youu, shtupid," he whispers against your neck, muffled. "shay it back."
a small laugh echoes through the space, "i love you too, katsuki."
"good, now go to shleep, or i will be mad."
and as rough as bakugou katsuki could be, he always made you feel loved, even in the darkness of your bedroom with him laying half on top of you.
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dreamesamu · a month ago
Tumblr media
⊳ 11:15 pm + bakugo katsuki
Tumblr media
you sighed, quietly closed the door behind you and sank in the warm, comforting scent of your sweet home, so warm, so sweet, it is too good to be home in the coldest winter.
"here comes the idiot trying to overwork themselves." in the dark apartment, his voice startled you.
"oh- uh- hello babe." you grinned innocently in your thickest coat sprinkled with water, bangs were wetted by the rain, finger clicked the corridor dim light on.
bakugo was standing there, the familiar grumpy expression with his arms crossed, had seemed to be waiting for you for the longest time.
"don't 'babe' me you extra, I should've known you'll be home this late." though his words were not very endearing, his hand made its way rubbing your cold cheek, eyes softened.
"sorry, katsuki, an unexpected obstacle has occurred, we haven't untied the knot yet, so was just trying my best to contribute my advantages to find the villain." you melted in his touch while babbling, his hand was warm.
he was just about to scold the agency for letting this happen, but then he thought about you, so passionate about your work, he felt guilty.
"you- didn't wear your mask on the way home?" he asked surprised when his thumb interacted with your cold little nose.
"I think I forgot it at my office, I'm sorry." that was the second time you told him an apology.
"idiot, so stupid of you to not take care of yourself. if you got sick, I swear I would kill you." bakugo voice sounded disappointed.
"shut up. I've heard enough." he kissed your nose. "welcome home. give me your bag and go take a quick bath."
"thank you, I love you." you pecked his cheek and quickly dashed into the room, leaving the katsuki with his cheek tint pink.
"tch. what an idiot."
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated ♡ !!!!
© 2021 dreamesamu. All rights reserved.
Tumblr media
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ellesuki · 29 days ago
sitting pretty in katsuki’s car waiting for him to get back from stopping a villain he noticed while driving. he’s only slightly out of breath when he comes into view, running a hand through his ruffled blond hair. ‘idiot,’ he mutters under his breath, settling himself in the drivers seat before leaning over to kiss you on the forehead, ‘the next one to try to ruin our evening is really going to regret it’
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ghostbeam · 27 days ago
there was nothing in the world that I ever wanted more (than to feel you deep in my heart)
Tumblr media
There was no way that Bakugou Katsuki, the same boy you had been in love with since your first year at UA, was telling you he loved you in Kaminari’s messy room during a New Year’s Eve party.
Notes: Happy new year everyone!! I hope 2022 is a great year for all of you!! This is a little Drabble inspired by when Harry met sally, and I wrote it cause I was listening to Haley Blais’ Auld Lang Syne cover. Hope u enjoy it!!! <3 (title from pictures of you by the cure)
Warnings: None
Words: 1.1k
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe him. Honestly you couldn’t. After years of friendship, Katsuki decided to spring this on you now, on New Year’s Eve.
You stood in the middle of Kaminari’s room, your champagne glass in one hand, and your best friend standing in front of you.
“I love you.” Katsuki speaks, his voice firm, completely sure. You grin widely.
“Aw, I love you too, Kacchan!” You giggle, surprised at your friend’s sudden burst of affection.
“No. No you-“ he lets out one irritated breath through his nostrils and speaks again, “I love you. I’m in love with you.”
You’re shocked at first. There was no way that this was the same boy it took a whole year to befriend, the same boy who had told you since you met that he didn’t have time for relationships.
There was no way that Bakugou Katsuki, the same boy you had been in love with since your first year at UA, was telling you he loved you in Kaminari’s messy room during a New Year’s Eve party.
“Are you drunk?” You asked him. He frowns.
“You know I’m not.” He answers. You did, in fact, know he wasn’t. Katsuki hated champagne, which was what mainly occupied the kitchen fridge other than some cheap beer and seltzers. He also hated not having a clear head, especially around groups of people, so of course Katsuki wasn’t drunk.
“You sick?” You asked, holding the back of your hand up to his forehead. He scoffs and pulls your hand down from his head, intertwining your fingers. You look down at your hands, surprised at the gesture and comforted by his thumb running over your knuckles.
“Cut that shit out. You heard me.” He says. “What’s going through that pretty little head of yours? Get on with it.”
“Get on with it?” You scoff, pulling your hand away, “You don’t just confess to a girl out of nowhere like that, Katsuki.”
“I just did.” He quipped. You shook your head.
“You’re unbelievable, you know that? I’ve spent years pining over you! Spent years listening to you completely reject the idea of relationships altogether!” You huff, “which is fine! That’s your choice, but you don’t get to confess to me after I spent years trying to get over you!”
“Princess—“ he starts, the nickname you like so much rolling off his tongue easily. It feels different now that you know how he feels, and you turn away, not wanting to dwell on it too much
“No! I’m not doing this tonight.” You protest, walking towards the door and turning the handle. You swing the door open, entering the living room, noticing that most of the guests have moved to the balcony the closer it gets to midnight.
You should be happy. You should be ecstatic. But you had a plan. You were going to ring in the new year without your feelings for Katsuki distracting you. It had taken years for you to get to a place where your crush on him wasn’t completely overwhelming, and now that’s completely ruined.
But he loved you. Bakugou Katsuki loved you. You had been dreaming of this since you saw him take those robots down during the entrance exam. And he was there, surrounded by Kaminari’s dirty laundry, but he was there and he loved you.
“You are doing this tonight!” You hear his voice from behind you. His fingers wrap around your wrist, spinning you around to face him, “I have been agonizing over your dumb ass for years! You drive me crazy! I’m not waiting any longer! We’re doing this tonight.”
“You have?” Your voice goes soft. You couldn’t believe that he had ever agonized over anyone in his life.
“Yes.” He sighs. He takes a step towards you then.
“Why?” You question. You watch him chuckle and throw his head back like he can’t believe that you don’t know.
“Why? Because no matter how hard I try, and believe me, I’ve really, really tried, I can’t get you out of my head.” He begins, “You’re persistent, and stubborn as fuck, and that’s the only reason you got as close to me as you did in the first place. But I love that about you now. I love how your nose scrunches you when you laugh. I love watching you kick ass when we’re on patrol. I love that you don’t let me get away with being an asshole. I love you. I don’t care that you’re trying to get over me. I never want you to get over me. I fuckin’ love you.”
“Goddammit, Katsuki.” You cry, crossing your arms in front of you. He takes another step forward, and pulls your arms away from yourself. You can hear your friends begin to count down outside, signaling the beginning of the new year.
“Tell me. If you want me to walk away, I will, but you love me too. You do.” He says, placing his hands on your hips. He says it like he’s trying to convince himself, like he needs to reassure himself that you do, even though you’ve just told him you spent the last few years loving him.
“They’re counting down.” You point out, trying to change the subject.
“Tell me.” He commands. You can hear your friends counting from ten now, and you know you won’t be ringing in the new year with them, not when Katsuki is looking at you like this.
“I do. I love you. You know I do.” You tell him, and it’s all he needs to hear before he presses his lips against yours.
You had never been kissed on New Years before. You spent the last couple of years with your friends, most of whom were coupled up, and you never wanted to kiss anyone but Katsuki. And you were glad you never did.
His lips are soft on yours. You can hear your friends screaming outside, blowing party horns and laughing with each other. Auld Lang Syne blasts from the speakers, and you run your hands though Katsuki’s hair.
You’d expected him to be more rough when he kissed you. You always thought his kisses would be bruising, but Katsuki held your face in his hands like you were made of glass. His mouth moved over yours, and it was you who slipped your tongue into his mouth first. When you pulled back, his face was flushed and his lips were swollen. You don’t know if you’d ever seen your best friend look so content.
“You know, I never knew what the fuck this song was about.” He says, hearing the old New Year’s Eve tune on the radio. You shake your head, pressing another kiss to his lips.
“You don’t know? It’s about old friends.”
Tumblr media
🔖: @sugarbkg (hope u enjoy<3)
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sakusins · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
it’s far too late for someone like bakugou to be up, but he is, and you’re a little surprised to see him at your front door like this, but he always leaves room for surprises. you stand before him with furrowed brows, and he grits his jaw in concentration.
“katsuk—bakugou,” you correct. it’s a foreign taste, his surname on your tongue, but you should get used to it. you have to get used to it. bakugou wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a fling—you knew this going in, and you know this now. but he’s got warm finger tips, and even if it’s naive, you like to think it’s not his quirk that leaves sparks on your skin as they run up and down your back gently.
he’s clearly unhappy by the switch of names, and you shouldn’t care. but there’s a lot you shouldn’t do—and it’s never stopped you before. his skin glistens in the dim lighting of your front doorway, and you can tell by the light huffing of his breath that he’s run here after a work out, and you’re almost tempted to scold him about not drinking enough water before coming here.
you don’t know how you know, but you do.
“what, so i’m being demoted or something?” he questions gruffly, arms crossing as he stares at you. “the fuck’s up your ass lately?”
“this isn’t a good way to ask,” you frown. and this is the part about you that drives bakugou insane. you’re not rude, and you’re not angry. you don’t scold him for being crass. you simply correct him, like it’s your right, like you should, like you can. it drives him mad, but there’s a small part of him that’s oddly comforted by it.
there’s always you to push him back if he goes too far, and he hasn’t in a long while, but it’s comforting no less. you’re comforting, and you don’t dislike him. he doesn’t get why, but he doesn’t complain either.
“and this isn’t a good way to let someone know you’re not interested,” he snarks back. but there’s hurt behind his voice, and there’s hurt behind his eyes, and there’s hurt behind the way he stands before you this late at your front doorstep. you stare at him for a moment, blinking as you take in his words.
bakugou katsuki isn’t one to stand at front door steps and ask for explanations—he doesn’t ever care. but you’re so oddly different, and he can’t tell why, but you make him break every norm that he lives by.
“i didn’t realize you were interested,” you say softly.
“oh, my apologies,” he says mockingly, “was being balls deep not—”
“bakugou,” you huff, frowning as heat floods to your cheeks at the vulgarity of his words.
“it’s katsuki, you idiot,” he corrects. it’s silent for a moment, and you fight the urge to close the door and climb under your sheets and cry. you don’t know why you want to cry, but maybe it’s because he’s right here, so close yet so far.
“you shouldn’t be—”
“what’d i do to drive you away?” he cuts you off with his question, and it makes you pause. he doesn’t ask you why you’re avoiding him, or why you’ve changed your mind. he asks what he’s done.
a small part of you aches at the way he almost defaults to just blaming himself—like he’s positive he’s always the problem.
“nothing,” you murmur. “it’s not you—”
“yeah, okay,” he scoffs dryly, a humorless chuckle ringing through the air. and you’ve never imagined you’d see bakugou so close to vulnerable, but he swallows thickly as he crosses his arms and looks to the side, and you’re almost certain he’s blinking back tears. “it’s always me,” he mutters.
“katsuki,” you say gently, taking a step forward, and he clenches his jaw at the sound of his first name rolling off your tongue so smoothly. you reach for his arm, and he tenses, pulling away from your touch—even if he desperately wants nothing more than to feel you.
it pains you, but you figure you deserve it.
“it’s whatever,” he shrugs, “forget i said anything—”
“it’s me,” you cut him off. “i just…overthink,” you admit. “i didn’t think you’d be interested,” you repeat like earlier, and he frowns, lips almost an angry pout at your words.
“well i was,” he grumbles.
“i was too,” you whisper.
“well you left,” he narrows his eyes, and you can clearly see the traces of hurt that still linger. and the guilt eats you alive, but the relief is stronger—you’re glad you’ve come to learn he feels the same, even if you hurt him in the process.
this time, when you reach to cup his cheek, he doesn’t pull away. he ever so slightly leans into your palm as you rub his skin with your thumb.
“sorry,” you murmur. “i won’t do it again.” the sweet smile you offer him makes him grip your hips tightly, clutching on almost as if to make sure you make good of your word and don’t walk off without him.
“better not,” he glares at you, and when you lean in and press a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth, he closes his eyes, lips wobbling ever so slightly.
“promise i won’t, katsuki,” you whisper, pressing another kiss to his lips, and he deepens it instantly, arms pulling you close against his chest.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
bakugou is so in love with you it makes him look stupid.
Tumblr media
im talking about bakugou who wakes up a little earlier than you every day— up to an hour where he goes for a run before you can even think about breakfast. he knows that you worry about him, waking up without you makes you scared that he’s gotten hurt on the job, so he leaves a note in his scratchy explosive handwriting. i love you, i’m safe. it always says.
out on his runs he stops by the bakery you like, the one where you had your third, sixth and ninth date because you really loved the egg custard tarts there and katsuki picks up three because one isn’t enough to fill either of you up and he likes to split the third with you. over crummy kisses and spilt milk, you watch the sunrise and light up deep red hues, twisted with shades of blissful orange and peachy pinks and the words i love you are not spoken but instead said through the way you cup his cheek and he leans into your palm not a second later.
bakugou who looks for you in crowds in the busy streets of japan when you meet him for his lunch break during work— he’s messily put together, hoodie tugged over his hero suit which is a little torn from patrol but you’re in love so it’s okay, he looks beautiful to you anyway. bakugou who keeps his large hand on your waist, guiding you through strangers who couldn’t care less as you ramble about the things you saw on your way to meet him and the place you want to take him to get a good meal in him.
he loves that you’re thoughtful, always thinking of you while you’re thinking of him— he’s got that airy look on his face as you feed him bites from your plate and he sneaks in the bill and a hefty tip despite the fact that you said you’d pay. katsuki’s hand falling back to your waist when you leave as he glares at the server who wouldn’t stop looking your way, making it known that you only smile that pretty for him.
bakugou who can’t stop the tears from rolling as you stand up, cuddling his head into your stomach. he gets nightmares some nights, not as often as when he was back in school. he can’t see, he can’t breathe and all he feels is himself sinking into darkness as the villain swallows him hole and then...then there’s you, warm around him and not suffocating— with gentle eyes that tell him not to worry, bring him back down to earth and tell him it’ll all be okay. katsuki shakes but you brush back his hair, kiss his forehead and tell him. it’s alright, you’re safe.
bakugou who checks his phone every five seconds on a night out with kirishima and the others to see if you’ve texted, his cheeks flaring red when kaminari swings an arm over his shoulders just to tell him what a softie he’s become over the years—especially for you. and katsuki can’t even deny it, it’s the truth. maybe you’ve humbled him a little bit, your tender loving soothing the painful cracks in his soul. the way you look at him when you first wake up to the way you hold him when you both lay your heads down to rest— it all makes bakugou feel loved and valued, helps him breathe in fresh air after having his head underwater for so long. he would die for you, but you’d ask him to live instead and that’s all he’s ever needed to hear. all his life, you’re all he’s ever needed.
maybe i am. bakugou says to kaminari, the hints of a smile coming through when your text rolls in.
stay safe. i love you. it says.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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