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This gives off low key crack vibes tbh- but also, you may be thinking i made the reader is weird but like- just awkward…? (at some point I was gonna title Manwhore but that would just give off the wrong vibes-) (Also I wrote this quite a while and i tried to edit it so it’s better but idk…)

In which you and Bakugo are walking home when it starts raining, leaving you both to run for an abandoned building for shelter. 

Today was a cloudy day. You knew neither of you brought an umbrella, seeing as the weather forecast said nothing about rain. At least, that’s what Katsuki told you when you asked right outside your house that morning before heading to school.

“I hope it doesn’t rain,” you said noticing the way the clouds seemingly grew darker, and just as you said that, it began to drizzle. 

You were annoyed, you brought your blazer to school today, but Mina accidentally got it dirty trying to throw food at Kaminari but missed, she ended up taking it home to wash it since she felt bad- even despite when you told her it was fine over and over again. Now, not only were you going to freeze, but it was going to be awkward if your shirt became see-through.

“Dumbass,” Bakugo remarked, as you both began to walk faster.

You squinted at him, offended, “What? It’s not like I made it rain!” you pouted.

“Yeah, but you jinxed,” he scoffed.

“Okay, sure, whatever.” you scoffed back. The rain turned from it’s previous light drizzle to suddenly pouring.

You followed what little of Bakugo you could see from under your makeshift umbrella which was really just your school bag. You ran into the ash blonde’s back, nose first. You were about to complain, but then you realized you were now safe from the harsh drops of water that fell from the sky.

It was still cold,and you realized why, the place Bakugo led you to was an abandoned building. You wondered how long it had been there, not being able to entirely remember it on your usual route home.

You and Katsuki lived right across the street from each other and therefore went to and from school together, so if he somehow had a different route, it would make no sense whatsoever.

Either way, the place gave you the absolute creeps, along with chills, but it’s not like you could tell Katsuki that, he’d just laugh and call you a coward or something like that.

You sighed. Why did you have to care about what he thought about you?

Oh right, it’s because you had a crush on him, and have for a few years now.

Your cheeks burned a little thinking about it, but- why?! Why did you have to fall for your angry hedgehog of a childhood friend?! It could’ve been anyone, and that would be easier! Hell, Mineta- actually, no. Mineta could go die in a hole, you’d even rather die before falling for Mineta.

You shook your head, there was no point in thinking about all… that.

“You good, Brat?” Bakugo called over, you were still by the opening of the abandoned building, while he went in a little further, trying to escape the freezing weather as much as possible.

“U-Uh Yeah,” you called back, looking out to the pouring rain, your arms were freezing without your blazer. Unlike Bakugo, your quirk had nothing to do with fire, let alone heat, you rubbed your hands up and down you arms in an attempt to gain heat.

“You idiot, get your ass over here, it’s colder at the entrance.” Bakugo scoffed, clearly not realizing you knew that already.

In all honesty, you would’ve, if not for the fact you did not feel safe in this building. It was only because it was shady and possibly not structurally stable! You definitely did not believe in ghosts! That was definitely not it at all!

Besides, if Bakugo knew that you were scared of ghosts he’d think you were weird and probably a loser, and he’d mean it for real.

You chewed on the inside of your cheek, about to make an excuse as to why you couldn’t go in deeper, but you ended up being cut off when a hand grabbed you by the wrist, dragging you to the back wall of the building. You were about to complain, but were caught off before you got the chance to a second time. Once Katsuki’s slightly too big, but warm blazer was wrapped around you, you closed your mouth, flustered.

“Y-You hoe…” you trailed off, unable to make eye contact with the exponentially warmer ash blonde beside you as you took in the familiar scent of the blazer, wrapping it around you further.

“Brat-” Bakugo said, but you ended up interrupting him. After hearing the most grotesque mix of a groan and scream ever, followed by a long scratching sound, you flinched. Resulting in you tripping over your own feet and ended up landing on Bakugo.

Of course, his body build was strong enough to catch you, so instead of the two of you falling, he caught you by your wrist, pulling it up so you didn’t fall. Once the top of your head hit his chin slightly, you looked up to apologize. When you did, however, you were far too flustered to speak when you realized just how close your faces were.

“Don’t be. I fucking hate myself,” he rasped, successfully confusing the hell out of your flustered mind, “It might be selfish, but I don’t want to be ‘just friends’ anymore. I like you too much for that shit.”

He leaned in.

Your face burned a dark red, by the time he was only one inch away from your lips, his eyes closing, you couldn’t help but push him away after you got control of yourself.

You stood up only a foot away, your heart practically about to beat right out your chest. “I-I just-” you swallowed, and turned, “Bakugo, you manwhore!” you shouted absentmindedly and ran straight out into the rain.

You couldn’t even feel or hear the freezing raindrops, or the coldness that bit at your skin. Just your heartbeat, along with a thousand thoughts you couldn’t describe aloud without just screaming.

Bakugo watched your back retreating, running like he’d kill you if you stayed. 

He smirked to himself, and a confused Kirishima came out from the back room.

“You okay, bro?” he said, worried how Bakugo might lash out, “I didn’t think L/n could even run like that.” Kirishima really didn’t think you’d just run away like you did. Kirishima noticed the smirk on Bakugo’s face, suddenly more worried for his friend’s mental state.

“B-Bro,” Kirishima wearily put a hand on his shoulders. Not only did the plan of scaring you not work, but you’d just completely and outright rejected Bakugo. Kirishima felt he might just have to possibly run for his own life in a similar style to you.

Bakugo shrugged Kirishima’s hand off, aggressively but not angrily.

Bakugo wasn’t mad for once. Actually, he was rather satisfied, had you let him kiss you, that would’ve been a different story.

He knew you, and that meant he was sure if you let him kiss you- or worse, kissed him back- you were probably pitying him because you didn’t return his feelings or something.

It was probably ten minutes before Bakugo broke the silence between him and Kirishima, who was still terrified.

Kirishima flinched when Bakugo spoke up, “It’s about time I find that dumbass.” he said, walking off into the rain in the same direction as you.


You were probably gonna get sick, but you decided it was whatever. You’d just have to take a day or two off from school you supposed. You sat under a tree, now cold and wet from the rain, and the leaves did basically nothing to protect you from it. You hugged your knees, beginning to regret running away.

Why did you run away anyways?

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to kiss him- not that you really wanted to or anything though.

You groaned, pouting at your own idiocy.

You guessed it was just that the situation was… weird? Well, at least Bakugo was weird. Yeah, he confessed using cuss words, but still, he confessed. Ugh, you wanted to throw up, or maybe bury yourself in a hole, maybe you’d even be warmer that way. 

You buried you face into your knees, closing up the blank space with your arms so your face wasn’t visible.

You sighed.

“Regretting stopping that kiss?”

“Kind of-” you paused, what?

Your head snapped to beside you, Bakugo had managed to find you. Granted it wasn’t like you ran miles away, but you still definitely got a block or (2) two away. Your cheeks burned a bright red, and suddenly it wasn’t so cold anymore.

Bakugo smirked, “So why did you?”

You flinched as he sat next to you, you looked away, your blush deepening.

You mumbled a few incoherent words before he was actually able to understand you, “I… I don’t know. You were just being… weird.. and stuff, so I just did what happened on reflex,” you said, barely able to know how or what to think anymore. Most of the time, when it came to fight or flight situations, you’d opt to fight, being friends with Katsuki since childhood; however, there were specific situations you’d choose flight. This was apparently one of them.

There was a moment of silence before Bakugo spoke again, “What kind of reflex is yelling Manwhore?”

"Wh- Well, you’re the one who tried to kiss me!” you averted your eyes, your blush persistent.

“That’s because I like you, dumbass,” Bakugo deadpanned, not even trying to avoid your gaze or fidgeting, not seeming nervous at all.

“When you say it like that, I feel like… it’s not even real. I mean I know you’re not lying, it’s just like… I don’t know…” you sighed, “W-Well, a-anyways, I l-like you too, but-” you were cut off when Bakugo didn’t give you anytime to react.

Simply crashing his lips on yours to shut you up, it seemed all he needed was for you to say you liked him back and that was it. Well, you supposed it was all he needed to hear.

You didn’t pull away this time, simply pretending your face wasn’t as hot as the surface of the sun, and kissed back, furrowing your eyebrows finding it hard to keep your mouth from smiling and your eyes from opening.

After a while, you parted, and he pulled you closer to lean on him, when your head hit his chest, you were actually glad to hear his rapid heart beat, meaning it wasn’t just you who could barely handle this.

Everything felt warm, even the comfortable silence felt warm.

Too bad it was interrupted by your ash blonde hedgehog of a crush.

“I know you were scared in the abandoned building, Brat” he spoke.

The tics that formed on your forehead were almost visible, you pouted, turning your head a little to look up at him. “Tell anyone, and I’ll bite your face off.”

“I would like to see that happen,” he responded, making you do a double take.

“Are you- Are you hitting on me?!” you asked, dumbfounded as he smirked. You leaned back on his chest, turning your gaze to the side, “You really are a manwhore…

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So- it seemed like everyone rlly liked part one- so thank you for that… anyways- I hope this lives up to your expectations but idk just

Part one

One week. One whole ass week of (7) full days.

That was the amount of time you spent ignoring- completely avoiding- Bakugo Katsuki. 

According to him, you were a dumbass. However, you weren’t so stupid as to the fact the last comment he made before he left the gym that night (morning?) was basically a weird, sort of twisted not really but also really a confession

The girl he was talking about was apparently a dumbass, you were his dumbass. Your face flushed at the thought.

You kind of hated that it did though. Considering, believing you were the girl he liked also meant admitting you were a dumbass. You kind of were- but that didn’t mean you were willing to acknowledge it.

That was irrelevant. 

Bakugo Katsuki liked you. The angry hedgehog of Class 1-A, who called anyone he didn’t call an insulting nickname an extra, had feelings for you. It was kind of weird. Such an angry existence feeling more than the willingness to deal with you. It made you nauseous, but in the excited sort of way. As well as the super embarrassed sort of way.

Hence why you literally ran an extra lap in training when you noticed the ash blond boy walking over to you. You literally ran away from him. You didn’t even like running.

It was also why you were currently in the same gym room the whole situation rooted from. Pounding your fists against the very same punching bag Bakugo had been that night.

At this rate, it would be like a reverse deja vu situation. It was currently 3:18 AM. Also, you were already in the gym; however, you really hoped it wouldn’t actually be reverse deja vu, because that would mean Bakugo would come to you, and as mentioned before, you were avoiding him.

You didn’t really have a good reason for avoiding him. It was just sort one of those situations you didn’t want to be awkward, but the problem is you knew you’d make it awkward somehow. You and your high on sleep deprivation mind. 

You were still unable to sleep,and it was still because of Bakugo. 

Only now, it was because you couldn’t help the giddy feeling in your heart, stomach, cheeks, and overall existence. It made you roll around in bed smiling and kicking your legs until the adrenaline wore off or until you simply fell off your bed with a squawk from your mouth and a thud from your body, earning an “Are u okay?” text from whoever heard your antics.

You eventually took a small break from punching your feelings away to drink some water. When you did, your phone buzzed with a notification from Instagram.

That was odd. Kirishima wasn’t usually awake at this time. 


You gulped, praying to whatever deity up there that Bakugo wouldn’t be able to guess your whereabouts.


You were glad Kirishima had your back. Even if it did sort of intervene in his role as wing man, you didn’t feel like talking to Bakugo yet. Kirishima was a real one. You’d probably just find a way to yeet yourself into oblivion before that. Even if that wasn’t a very realistic choice.

You stretched your back and yawned. You should be asleep by now, but whatever. Bakugo and Kirishima were awake for what ever reason, though Kirishima seemed like he was woken up by Bakugo. In his words, most likely a ‘so not manly’ move on Bakugo’s part. If a bro is able to enjoy sleep, you should let them. Then again, suffering with sleep deprivation together was always fun. 

You picked up your stuff, deciding that should be it for tonight. You were kind of sore already from earlier today’s training and so adding anymore than this would only make you more sore, which wasn’t ideal.

You walked to the door, casually swinging it open. 

You nearly ran into someone’s chest due to the fact it was clad in a black tanktop which almost blended in with the darkness of the hallway. Luckily, you caught sight of the fair skin attached to the ash blond locks…


Suddenly you felt the color leave your face as your eyes met with deep crimson ones, piercing in the best way possible as always.

Within what felt like the millisecond, your hand reached for the door knob, pulling it towards you with the purpose of slamming it. Only when Bakugo caught hold of it, successfully stopping you, did you decide this was the end. 

You turned around, maybe you could get in a few more good punches to that poor punching bag before you died of embarrassment. You felt a cold sweat replace the natural one, caused by working out and not your emotional state.

How could Kirishima betray you?!

You pulled out your phone.


 Maybe you should tattoo ‘Lysol’ on his forehead instead of Kaminari’s, because that was what he deserved like the bacteria he was. Friendship was fragile as glass, there was no coming back from this for him. He probably just told Bakugo so he could go back to sleep without having to deal with your bullshit. Kirishima was fake. So fake.

That sucked for Kirishima, because now you were going to make sure he felt your pain. 

You meant it. You were coming for his kneecaps- 

“Hey, Dumbass,” Bakugo’s raspy voice stopped you in your tracks as he walked through the doorway. You turned around with a sheepish frown, “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

You breathed out harshly, “Narnia?” That worked. In your brain, of course. You were gonna die. Good going, you. 

Bakugo deadpanned at your idiotic answer. His look read, “What the fuck?”

You really couldn’t blame him.

Where was the portal to the void when you needed it?

You straightened, opting to find a way out of this. “Ya’ know what, Bakugo? I just realized, Narnia is that way, since- ya’know, there aren’t any closets here for me to hide in. I mean,” you cleared you throat, “use as a portal.” 

You began to swiftly walk with purpose. Purpose to escape and avoid this awkward interaction. You barely made passed him, the door was so close when he grabbed your wrist, not intending to let go.

You head snapped to his gaze, then down to your wrist and his hand. You laughed, the panic underlying in it clear. “Hey, Bakugo. Just thought I’d let you know, I spilled dumb bitch juice all over me, so you might wanna let go before it spreads-” 

“Shut the fuck up and talk to me,” Bakugo asserted. 

You sighed, standing up normally instead of the previous ready-to-run pose you were in just the second before. “T-talk about what,” you asked coyly.

You could practically see the angry tics for on Bakugo’s temple as his eyebrow twitched. At the same time, his face was dusted with a light blush, which only got your face to turn a deeper, much darker red. Bakugo cupped your cheeks, you flinched and your heart started beating faster.

However, you felt slightly relaxed and also disappointed when all he did was squeeze your cheeks together. Though it hurt a little, it was something your poor heart could take at the moment.

“You fucking- You fucking know what I’m saying, Dumbass,” he said as you managed to pry his hands off your cheeks. 

You sighed, turning away, embarrassed still. “Yeah,” you began to pout, “but what kind of sort-of but not really confession was that, you asshole?!” 

Now wasn’t the time for you to get mad, but you couldn’t tell if it was because of how late (early?) it was or if it was because you weren’t used to talking about love or things like that. It was probably the latter, considering the only other person aside from you who knew about your crush on Bakugo was Kirishima and Kirishima alone. 

It was whatever, you already got mad, there was no going back. 

Bakugo looked confused for once as you turned back around with an expression on your face he’d never seen before. Were you… flustered?

“Don’t look at me like that! I like you, Mr.I’m-good-at-everything-but-confessions! I like you, you asshole, and if your gonna confess do it better,” you crossed your arms, fuming in a more joking way, but your face really was red and no amount of pretending it wasn’t would change that. “So yeah, I like you… now what?”

You couldn’t keep your lips in a frown for much longer as you found your lips curling upwards instead. Bakugo took a few steps towards you, his chest only inches from your own. 

You had to look up at him, due to your height difference, but that wasn’t what you cared about.

Bakugo scoffed, his eyes not leaving yours. Bakugo wasn’t even sure it was possible to pry his eyes from your captivating e/c, not right now at least. “I like you,” he smirked, watching your face deteriorate back into it’s flustered expression, “is that better?”

You huffed, “Much-” you were cut off when Bakugo pushed his lips against yours. Your eyes widened before fluttering closed as you melted into the kiss. 

It was fiery, just like Bakugo himself. It was hard not to smile. The kiss was also sort of needy, maybe it was because you ignored the explosive blond for a whole week, or maybe it was because of how long you liked each other without acting on it. 

It wasn’t something you cared to know the answer of.

There was also one more thing.

You couldn’t tell if you cared or not anymore, but the back of your mind screamed you would still not be able to sleep, too happy to. All because of this dumb hoe, Bakugo Katsuki. It was fine, because now he was your dumb hoe.

~ extra ~

“Sleep deprived as always, eh, Y/n?” Kirishima nudged your elbow, both in a friendly way and to keep you awake.

“Watch your back, Kiri, if you want to keep your knee caps…” you trailed off, glaring daggers into him.

“What?! Didn’t things go well?!” the redhead exclaimed, panicked.

“Yes. They did, but still. >:(”


it’s currently 2:21 am for me rn lmao

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Got these back to back so here you go

Fav thing: they’re a challenge for the other so life’s exciting

Least fav thing: I just don’t like their dynamic

Fav line:


Do I ship them: nah

Random headcanon: I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣

Unpopular opinion: I don’t really have any nOTPs (with a few exceptions) but these two may be one of the closest to that for me Nevermind, I think they’re basically a nOTP

Song associated with them: Hot N Cold by Katy Perry 🤣🤣🤣

Fav pic:

If you haven’t noticed, I love crack images



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for the ship thingy kacchako ?

Fav thing: she doesn’t put up with his bullshit and he clearly respects her

Least fav thing: I think that Deku would be a common argument for them unless Deku and him resolved things

Fav lines: The entire sports festival fight with the commentary included and then this especially


Do I ship them: one of my fav Uraraka ships

Random headcanon: they spar whenever they can but at the same time, they literally scream out encouragement/support when the other is in a match (“Take her down, Katsuki!” “Kick his ass, Round Face!”)

Unpopular opinion: I like them better than Deku and Uraraka (don’t @ me)

Song associated with them: good girls bad guys

Fav pic:



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Least fav thing: I think Bakuhoe would try so hard to deny the fuck out of it

Fav lines: this scene

Do I ship them: yeah, I think they’d be cute

Random headcanon: he’d die before he admitted it but he finds most of Kaminari’s cheesy pick up lines cute as hell

Unpopular opinion: I think Kaminari is cuter than Bakugou

Song associated with them: Heart Attack (Demi Lovato I think?)

Fav pic:

(With some added momo Jirou 😈😈😈)



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Have we done Bakugou x Momo?

((Not yet and also for family guessing the characters, this was one my sister guessed))

Fav thing: I don’t think she’d take any of his shit if they were together and she might actually help him calm down and he helps her with reality checks when it comes to how oblivious she can be to her wealth

Least fav thing: however, I think she’s overall too meek for him

Fav lines: someone find me something where they interact????

Do I ship them: not really

Random headcanon: Momo is in love with explosions and you can’t tell me I’m wrong. Why the hell else would she make canons so often?!?!?!

Unpopular opinion: don’t think they’d ever end up together, but I think they could end up really good secret friends (study buddies cause she ACTUALLY FUCKING STUDIES)

Song associated with them: legends (the score)

Fav pic:

Technically not the both of them but I love this



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Fav thing about them: Kiri helps Baku be less of an asshole and Bakuhoe gives him confidence boosters in his bluntness

Least fav thing: some of their shippers

Fav lines of them:


do I ship them: they’re more a background ship for me; not gonna look for fics of them but if they’re in one, it’s not like I’m gonna stop reading

Random headcanon: Bakugo has to leave the room whenever Kiri does something cute or else he’ll die of overload of cuteness

Unpopular opinion: if they were real, like in a BNHA actor AU, their actors would be friends and they’d be the ones whose friendship would be hella strained due to crazy shippers (not saying all the shippers just the crazy ones; don’t @ me)

Song associated with them: Sucker- Jonas bros

Fav pic:



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HAPPY WHITE DAY, EVEN THOUGH I’M AMERICAN LOL! This is a sequel to Valentines Day Special with Bakugou back in February! One of you beautiful people asked me to do a part two and I was like, yeah of course! So I made sure to put in on my list and be ready to post it.




It seemed like only yesterday you were approached by Bakugou. You were super surprised to say the least. It was a strange date too. Even though you had fun, he seemed off the entire time. He wasn’t his usual self in the sense that he never insulted you or outburst at everything the entire night. He took you to all his favorite places, which you were surprised to know just how many of them weren’t hero or training related. You could only assume Bakugou at least liked you a little bit after that. He never really bothered you or even make fun of you.


You were sitting at a picnic bench outside school when you heard the familiar time bomb call out to you. Instead of referring to you as ‘idiot’, ‘stupid’ or ‘dummy’, he had opted to call you sidekick. Still insulting, but…almost endearing.

“Um, H-hi!” you shyly greeted. You noticed he had a box tucked under his arm. “What’s up?”

“Here.” he basically thrust the box into your hands.

“What’s this?” You curiously peeked inside. “Chocolates?”

“DUH! IDIOT!” he snapped. “Did you forget it was White Day?!”

“White day?” you repeated. You took the time to look around you. Exactly like it was a month ago, only the boys were pushing their male friends to give gifts to the girls instead of the other way around. “Right.” you laughed nervously. “No one’s ever given me anything like this before.”

“Well, sidekick. It’s the least I could do. You should be grateful someone so amazing like me would waste time on someone like you.” he huffed. “No one will ever get anything like this out of me for as long as I live.”

“I’ll remember that.” You noticed a piece of paper tacked to the lid of the box. “What’s this?”

“What are you ta-.” Bakugou saw you pick up the paper. “Hey w-wait! Don’t read that!” he tried to grab it.

“Why not!” you turned away from him. “Obviously it’s meant for me! It even has my name on it!” you brushed him off.

“I’m warning you, if you read that-”

“You’ll what? Blow up?” you joked. Bakugou went quiet. Of all the exploding-related humor thrust his way, he hadn’t heard that one before. “I mean what’s the worst that could happen.”

When you opened the envelope, you were greeted by shaky writing, a bunch of scribbles, and a plethora of other issues. It was obvious he was nervous writing it out, but what about.

Dear Y/N, Someone as beautiful useless and powerful powerless doesn’t deserve the luxury of being in my great presence. I am not worthy of hearing your laugh or witnessing a quirk as great as yours. You are not worthy of being near a future hero like me. I love you. I hate you. I’ve liked hated you ever since we were children. I never know just how much you were in love with me until last month when you made that stupid box for me, and now I can’t process my emotions right, idiot. You will always be less than me, but you can at least be my sidekick from here on out.

I can only hope I haven’t missed my chance to be the hero you deserve and the lover you deserve.


Laughing, You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing as you read the poorly thought out letter. You finally turned to look at Bakugou again who for some reason was glaring potholes at you.

“Grrr I said not to read it!” he exploded. “Why can’t you just do what you’re told for once in your life, Sidekick!”



“Bakugou listen-”


“BAKUGOU!” You shouted over him. The entire quad got quiet just hearing you two go back and forth. “You gonna let me talk or what?”

“No!” he grabbed the box of chocolates in one hand and snatched yours in the other.

“Hey!, where are we going?!” you had no choice to let him pull you along, otherwise he would have taken your arm out of it socket with how harsh he was being.

“We’re spending the rest of the day together.” he grumbled.

“Oh no no no!” You halted, dragging your heels against the concrete so he’d slow down. “We went to all the places you wanted to go last time. This time we’re going somewhere I want to go.”

“Fine, but you’d better not pick somewhere boring!” he snapped. “Or else I’ll…do something!”

“Whatever you say.” you could only shake your head.

“Where the hell are we going, Sidekick?”

“You’ve asked me that like eight times already.” you huffed. “Just be patient and we’ll get there soon!”

“You said that twenty minutes ago! I swear if this is just some sick prank on me I swear-”

“We’re here!” you shouted excitedly. You two stood outside a small door, it was so tiny that anyone could had missed it if they didn’t look hard enough. It was on the top floor of your apartment building.

“THIS is where you decided to take me for a date!” he boomed with laughter. 

“Come on!” you pushed the door open.

Plants hung off the wall like vines, there were vases full of pretty flowers everywhere. The sun was beating down through the glass roof. 

“What is this place?” he asked.

“A greenhouse. It was built here a while ago for charity.” you replied. “I figure since you took me to some of your favorite place, I’ll take you to one of mine.” you smiled. 

“Wow. I didn’t think one of your favorite places would be so boring-” Bakugou began to insult you as he usually would but stopped when he saw you hold your hand up to a sun ray peaking through the window. Your hand moved like you were holding something. Before his eyes, the sunray began moving over a stray potted plant. 

“Hm.” you narrowed your eyes as you ‘reached’ for another ray, moving it over the same plant. “Perfect!” you muttered. “What did you say Bakugou?”

“…I didn’t know you could do that.” 

“Not very many do.” you replied. It got very silent between the both of you. Silent and Awkward.

“H-hey! Sidekick…you never answered my question!”

“What question?”

“W-well…Are you gonna be my sidekick or not!?” he snapped. 

“You never asked me to be your sidekick.” you raised an eyebrow. 

“W-we’ll since you made a big deal about it on Valentine’s day like a dummy and had me looking like an asshole, the least you could do is not look at any other guy other than me from now on!”

“Hm.” a small smile crossed your face. “Not so fun when it’s you that has to do the confessing now?” you walked up towards him. The light hit his face in a way that almost made him look innocent. 

“S-shut up.” he mumbled. “So…is that a yes?”


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whos obsessed with deku more
Toga: im obsessed with deku and ill never love anyone else!
Uraraka: (PS NO SHADE ON URARAKA-SAN) i have a crush on deku but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone even though its obvious
Todoroki: everyone ships me and midoriya as tododeku but irl he probs doesnt want me
All Might: young midoriya.
Iida: *to bakugo* Bakugo! watch your language sir.
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