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A = Activities (What do they like to do with their s/o?)

One would think sparring, but, truthfully, small study dates. It may seem strange, but Bakugou loves sitting at a table teaching you the rights and wrongs about the subject you’re learning. He may be a little rough with his teaching, but it’s all fun in his eyes.

B = Beauty (What do they admire about their s/o?)

He’s torn between strength and cooperation. You’re strong, mentally and physically, but your ability to cooperate with a hothead such as himself is amazing.

C = Comfort (How would they help their s/o when they feel down?)

He isn’t too good with emotions other than anger, so the most he’ll do is awkwardly pat your back. Maybe listen to you rant about your problem and give lame, rough advice.

“Ugh. Just … Get over it. Not worth the fucking tears.”

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Summary: You buy Bakugo a very special present for his birthday

Word Count: 1,294

A/N: Where’d you all come from yesterday? I had a huge jump in followers and notes and idk if y’all just knew that I was having a bad night but you definitely cheered me up. So thank you!

As the guys around you yelled loudly, you checked your phone to see that it was already 10:35 at night. The time had come. 

You were at Bakugo’s apartment, having a little birthday get-together for the explosive hero. Despite his protests that he didn’t care about celebrating, the Bakusquad couldn’t let him get off that easy and had thrown him a small party at his place. They’d even invited Deku and Todoroki. And though he tried to hide it, you could tell that he was having fun. But there was still one more surprise that you had to give him. 

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My favorite thing about this is that not only did they somehow kidnap Bakuhoe without anyone noticing, but the only reason they do notice is because Iida is counting and that they also took the time to give the log the uniform and a Bakugo accurate wig

Also that Shiggy put a fucking heart and signed it love

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