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bakura but hes a splatoon

i could NOT figure out how to work yami bakura’s hair into squid physics so i gave him the glowy horns (that come with stickers)

(also hair style inspired by ploppymeep’s way of drawing bakura’s hair, it is very lovely <3)

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Random Ancient Egyptian Ryou in Thief Kings’ robes. This one has no context think what you will XD

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i know right????

i’m like at a point rn when smn calls bakura vehemently evil I really have to make a double-take cause ???? he is not ???? we have ascended far past being bakura apologist. There’s nothing to apologise for. You either like bakura too much (known as bakura supremacists, e.g. me) or you are alright with him (any other ygo fan). hating on him is forbidden. 😌

yeah, I know, he’s done bad shit (he’s the villain after all duh) but so did so many supposedly “heroes” of the show. And from so many antagonists I know in fiction Bakura is like one of the most tragic characters I know and his actions are like soooooo justified. The fandom has a tendency to even treat fucking Pegasus as a comedic and part-of-the-good-guys character rather than bakura. and this all because Bakura opposes yugi till the end 🙄 he dies as a villain rather than a redeemed character and this is reason enough to hate him ig. Really eating of the creator's hands like sheep smh. critical thinking anyone?? ever heard of that????

oh and let’s not even mention how much the anime (the subbed one even) worked on making bakura much more eviler than in the original lmao I’m pretty sure if the anime would have been more faithful to the manga not many ppl would have agreed on antagonising bakura so much. they’d spot the real villains of the show… 🌝

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a concept for short-haired thief king bakura cause why not ✨

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I’m the fuckin bomb.

Anyways have naked bois in jewelry with way too much highlighter and time on their hands.

If this gets flagged I will cry.

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Talking about penalty games, this is hands down the most badass of them all. No one can convince me otherwise.

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so special

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Heheh cat boy bakura :) cat body was inspired by Egyptian sand cat

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Ryou is building his potion ingredient collection. What potion will he brew?

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Once again, the day is ruined thanks to
Marik, Bakura and Slender Man
Dedicated to
@yugiohtas-blog & his amazing humour and satire

“Slender Man sure likes the letter X, was he made from chemical X like The Powerpuff Girls?”

ink/pencil drawing

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finally redrew my ryou pony cause mlp news gave me motivation to actually do it lol

August 2020 vs February 2021

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Okay, I know I already made two posts for Euroshipping stuff (lesbian one is almost done, soulmate au will be posted as a “after they’ve become poly” story while I take my time for the bigger picture, and university au is sorta on the way)

However! I wanna challenge my writing skills between Ryou and Bakura too!

I’m seriously running dry on ways to expand my writing in that area so if there is anything in particular you wanna see written, then please tell me and I’ll write it!

And if it’s something I’ve already written before and you just like reading it (or want to have a specific setting) then feel free to tell me anyway! I just wanna write Ryou and Bakura stuff.

Okay, the only exception is anything relating to a ship other than Euroshipping. I wanna post all of the submission stories here but this is a Euroshipping blog so other ships (with the exception of Teaseshipping because it includes Ryou and Seto, just with the addition of Joey) is a no-go on this blog.

That said, I look forward to any and all submissions!

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