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Bakugo: How’re your ribs doing? Are they healing okay? 

Kirishima: Yeah. Broken ribs are pretty manly, but what’s even manlier is when they heal and you feel your strength coursing back into your body

Bakugo: You’re a freak

Kirishima: Do you think I can still harden with broken bones?

Bakugo: Don’t do it

(No reply)

Bakugo: Eijirou. What did you do.

Kirishima: One word

Bakugo: What?

Kirishima: crunch

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Kirishima: Hey, babe. Can you come get me?

Bakugo: Uhh…sure? Why? And where are you?

Kirishima: The emergency room. I kind of got hit by a car

Bakugo: You what

Kirishima: It’s not that bad! I was pushing someone out of the way. Two broken ribs, a broken leg, and a broken clavicle

Kirishima: I vaguely remember Denki yelling, “YEET” as I’m sliding down the windshield

Bakugo: Neither of you have ever had an intelligent thought. No braincells whatsoever

Kirishima: Are you coming though?


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So, in case everyone was completely unaware, I’m all over the place because quarantine is hell even though I’m an essential worker and thus am allowed to leave my home.

Anywho, anyone have some fic or art recs for kirishima being attracted to or turned on by Bakugo’s body odor? I have a sudden urge to read this. Any help is appreciated!

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lifeguard / summer au

The summer in which Bakugou is a lifeguard, Kirishima takes his job way too seriously, and everything smells like chlorine. Everything.

a/n: I’ve been inactive for a whole 3 years and haven’t posted up a fic since 2017 and I also don’t have a public anitwit account to post this to so I’m digging up this dusty ass account for my recent fic asflkjgal

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Here’s the specifics for sending asks!:

  • Alright, you can ask to ‘talk’ to a character (I’m just responding as the charater) but make sure you include the character you want.
  • This one is basically the same as the first but you can ask the characters questions!
  • You can have character matchups, if you want you can tell me which characters you dislike so I dont pair you with them. Please specify weather you want male or female, the default is male.

Characters and fandoms:


  • All characters

My hero academia:

  • Tenya Iida
  • Katsuki Bakugou
  • Uraraka ochaco
  • Ejirou kirishima
  • Denki kaminari
  • Ojiro mashirao
  • Mezou shouji

You can still ask for charaters/fandoms I hadn’t put.

You can always send suggestions or questions for me!

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Soulmate AU inspired by the prompt:  “If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them” OR Kiri, Kami and Baku have been dating for a while now but didn’t know they were soulmates… until now. 


Do not repost without permission.

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Bakugou is a dirty boy. A fun having, fun lookin dirty boy. Like a really rowdy boy. Just a dirty boy. Just a rowdy dirty boy. A trash boy. A garbage boy stink man. Little punk boy.

Now Kirishima is a beautiful baby boy. A good boy. He’s a boy that i could get into! He’s a perfect boy. A soft boy.

But together they’re my two special boys.

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