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KiriBaku Fantasy AU Chapter 2

Katsuki stared at the bright red beast in front of him.  It dipped its lower jaw into the stream and pulled water into its mouth.  It’s claws dug tightly into the large fallen tree that its front paws were planted on.  Its tail slid up next to its body and rested on the tree, the end of it dipping into the water just barely.  Its wings twitched and rustled occasionally as its eyes slid closed and then open again. Bakugou was at a complete loss for words.  This… was a dragon. It was going to try and kill him if it found out he was here. It was going to put up a hell of a fight. Bakugou wanted nothing more than to take down this creature.  This was in his blood. This was what he was made for. But something wasn’t right about that. When was the last time anyone had seen a dragon?  Ten years ago. This was amazing.  This creature very well may be the last of its kind.  This creature was intelligent and dangerous. Bakugou was conflicted.  Dragons always kill, given the option.  Mitsuki’s words echoed in his mind.  This creature didn’t look like it had the intent of murder.  But it must. Right?  

A wild thought crossed Bakugou’s mind and before he had time to process it, he was acting upon it.  He stepped out very slowly from behind the rock. The dragon immediately noticed him. It’s head shot up and the two held a stare off.  Bakugou raised his hands slowly, taking a small step forward. The dragon let out a very soft growl but seemed interested rather than murderous.  Bakugou took another step, a little more confident this time. The dragon’s soft growl increased in volume a little but it didn’t move a muscle. It sniffed the air very carefully and suddenly snarled.  Bakugou took a big step back. The dragon’s head dipped and it’s wings puffed out in an intimidation attempt. Bakugou put his hands up in a more surrendering fashion.

“Listen scales for brains, I’m not trying to hurt you or anything.”  Bakugou rumbled with a scowl. The dragon glanced at his bicep and then his scimitar.  Bakugou quirked an eyebrow and then looked at his bicep himself. He saw the tribal tattoo and realized the dragon must have recognized it.  He glanced back at the dragon to see it’s defensive position, still very much in place. “I’m not… one of them.” Bakugou affirmed. The dragon’s wings fell back to their folded position and its raised lip fell.  It glared harshly at Bakugou’s scimitar and then back to Bakugou’s face. The warrior looked at his weapon and then the dragon.

“What?  My- seriously?  No I’m not getting rid of that!  That’s my only protection-” The dragon growled loudly and got back into a defensive position, taking a threatening step into the river towards Bakugou.  Bakugou didn’t flinch, but instead groaned in annoyance.

“Jeez, alright… but you are in no place to be threatening me!”  Bakugou tossed his scimitar behind him a good distance away.  The dragon dropped its threatening pose and suddenly took a few slow steps towards Bakugou.  The boy’s eyes widened in shock, his anger quickly replacing itself with a sense of fear and awe.

“Woah, woah, woah!”  Bakugou shouted as the dragon walked right up to him and shoved its snout into his clothing, sniffing and poking and prodding.  The dragon circled him and sniffed him head to toe. Bakugou stood rigidly still and angrily let the massive lizard sniff him. It circled him completely with its scaley body and then looked at him in the eyes, tilting its head.  Bakugou galred back at it.

“What?”  Bakugou demanded harshly, his body rigid and still prepared for a fight.  It chirped at him and then sniffed his face and hair.

“Fuck off!  Just cause I’m not gonna kill you doesn’t mean I wanna be your friend!”  Bakugou snapped. The dragon let out a repeated hiss that resembled laughter when it made Bakugou’s hair look stupid with an accidental brush of it’s wing.  Bakugou swatted the little shit away once more. Suddenly there was no more dragon. But there was a human.  A very, very, naked human.

“What the-” Bakugou was cut off when the oh-so-naked human started talking very loudly.

“Wow I mean you didn’t even look scared!  You’re so cool! I probably shouldn’t be talking to you… but that was so manly!  And you trusted me! That’s incredible! Have I seen you somewhere before?“ The redhead chittered on and on occasionally letting out a trill that was less than human like.

"Hey, hey; Would you shut up?” Bakugou snapped impatiently, his face flushing.  This was going to be a long day.

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KiriBaku Fantasy AU

Chapter 1

 Ever since I was a boy, I was told that I had nothing to be afraid of.  My mother always said that she herself, along with her brothers and sisters, had defeated the last of the hell-beasts.  That’s what we called the dragons who plagued our land. And so I grew up just as fearless as she expected me to be. Maybe even more.  Hell-beasts weren’t exactly feared, but hated.  Well, at least by my family.  Everyone else was scared of them.  They’d hire us to take care of their hell-beast problems.  My mother was the queen of our tribe. We hunted for ourselves, built for ourselves, fought for ourselves, and won for ourselves.  Outsiders may call us stupid names like barbarians or savages, but I would call us a family; the strongest there is.  My mother could defeat any living being and my father could out-wit the most clever.  I, of course, can do either or. I am the ‘Barbarian’ Prince, and I bow to no one.


   At this point in his journey, Bakugou had taken down three ogre’s, a witch, and a particularly stubborn giant wyrm that had to be at least seventy feet long.  He left his family with the intent of making a name for himself. He knew that it was very possible he may never return, but he wanted independence. And he definitely didn’t want to be a stupid ‘King of Barbarians’ or whatever his mother droned on about.  All that managing people and making sure everyone was happy business? No chance. He wanted to defeat magics and dangerous opponents just like his mother did.  He wanted to make a name for himself, not be forced into one.  So town to town he went in search of a new adventure or grueling task that he could take on (and hopefully get paid for).  He had already made enough money to buy a meal or a fresh deer caracas at the most, but why would he? He hunts in the woods whenever he wants.  And most merchants aren’t all too willing to trade with ‘barbarians’. And so he passed another jobless town, grumbling in frustration and disappointment.  

As he walked on his not-so-merry way, he stopped mid stride.  His head twitches left and then right, listening intently. Something big was moving somewhere near him.  His face contorted into a scowl as a specific glint flashed in his ruby eyes. He heard something sliding against a tree to the right of him and glanced quickly, only to see nothing.  He slowly stepped down off the merchants trail that crossed between towns being sure not to make a sound. He walked into the forest following the noise until he saw a large creek with a sandy bank.  He immediately dropped all of his body weight down as he hid behind the large rock he was moving around. He took a few breaths and blinked rapidly. He peeked over the rock once more to confirm what he thought he saw.

“Impossible.”  He whispered so quietly it could have been mistaken for another breath.  His eyes widened even more when the creature exposed itself a little more, flashing it’s red eyes back and forth to check for danger.


“Mom, what do dragons look like?”  A five year old Bakugou asked.

“Well, they’re quite hellish looking creatures,” Mitsuki, his mother, started.  Little Katsuki’s eyes widened in excitement. “They have leathery thick skin like snake scales with humongous jagged wings.  Most have huge horns and razor sharp teeth.” Katsuki bounced in his seat.

“What are they like?”

“Dangerous.  They will never hesitate to kill.  They are monsters, Katsuki.” His mother gave him that disapproving look that told him he shouldn’t be so excited about these types of things.

“Yeah I know…  but… do you think I could ever see one?”  Mitsuki sighed heavily and cast her glance down to her feet.

“Katsuki, I want you to come with me.”  She said quietly. She held out her hand and Katsuki took it begrudgingly.  He sent cautious glances at his mother, wondering why she seemed so strange.

“I’m sure you remember when the Tribe raided that nest.  There were riot dragons in the nest. Do you know what is in a dragons nest, Katsuki?”

“Danger!”  He said firmly, just like his mother taught him.

“Well, yes, but what else?”

“Dragon eggs.”  Katsuki asked cautiously.

“Yes, dragon eggs.  When we raided that nest, we found eggs.  One was already hatched.”  

Katsuki’s eyes widened.

“You saw a baby dragon?!”

“Yes,“  Mitsuki opened the door to the chamber where they keep prisoners.  “We brought it back with us. We thought perhaps we could learn from it… or even… tame it.”  The mother and son stepped down the short stairwell with cobblestone walls and entered a large chamber where a nine foot black scaled dragon lay chained down and muzzled.  Katsuki gasped, his red orbs fixated on the creature. Mitsuki walked right up to the dragon with Katsuki, as close as she could get without the creature being able to reach them.

“All this dragon knows is humans.  We raised it. It should like us to some extent, yes?”  She says calmly. Katsuki slowly nods. Suddenly the dragon leaps up from where it’s laying and roars piercingly loud, lashing out at the two.  Mitsuki doesn’t react when the large dragon claw swipes past her, making her dress skirt ripple a little bit. Katsuki on the other hand falls backwards flat on his butt, breathing heavily.  The dragon harshly fights against it’s chains snapping it’s jaw and roaring loudly inside the muzzle. Katsuki scooches back some more before standing up and glancing at his mother. She turns her head to look back at him.

“Dragons are born killers, Katsuki.  They will always kill, given the option.”  Katsuki shook his head. He understood now.


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Oookay, @baku-kiri is officially up and running!! Go give it a follow!! (If you wanna ‘:0)

For those that might’ve missed it, it’s just my new side blog for reblogging KiriBaku stuff :) The queue should start posting soon!! 💕

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Don’t make me get to zero.

Bakugō isn’t tired. Kirishima employs methods to persuade him to come to bed anyway. Based on a tik tok I saw when I was binging Kiribaku tik tok compilations because I have too much time on my hands. For @cupcakedog2023 who gave me an excuse to write more Kiribaku/Bakushima :)

SFW. Potential warnings: swearing. Kiribaku tickle fic.

Word count: 1,170


“Bakugō, come on,” Kirishima yawned, half-spotting Bakugō as he benched an absurd amount of weight, half-abashedly checking him out as his did so (but all the while trying not to show it, as it would only stoke Bakugō’s ego and drive to continue his reps). “You can’t stay at the gym all night.”

“You complain when I go to bed early,” Bakugō said, sweat gleaming on his temple and breath labored as he spoke between lifts, “and you complain when I go to bed late. There’s just no pleasing you, is there?”

Kirishima tried to make the chuckle he let out sound stern; he didn’t want to egg Bakugō on. “You worked hard today. You deserve rest.”

Bakugō set the barbell on the bar over his head, ducking under it to sit up and take deep breaths and swigs from his water bottle. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll rest. Right after this set.”

The blonde had made to lay back down and resume his exercise, only to find his partner had anticipated the stubbornness and sat down on the bench beside him and preventing him from laying back down. “Bakugō,” said Kirishima, arms folded and eyebrows high.

“Just go to bed without me,” Bakugō said with a roll of his eyes.

“I worked hard today, too,” Kirishima said, puffing out his lip. “Don’t I deserve cuddles?”

At the unfairly adorable display, Bakugō let out a gruff chuckle, blaming the heat in his cheeks on the last hour and a half of exercise training he’d powered through. “You’re tough; you’ll live.”

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a hill i will die on: kiribaku “person A thought we were dating / person B is oblivious” fic, where kirishima is the oblivious one and bakugo is DEEPLY EMBARRASSED by the whole thing

  • he calls kirishima “eijirou” and kirishima is like “oh! we’re best bros now of course!” and doesn’t think twice about calling bakugo “katsuki”
  • like all canon/fanon dynamics, kirishima is the Only Person allowed within bakugo’s personal bubble/the only one he’ll tutor/the only one who can really Touch Him Affectionately
  • bakugo is like “obviously he knows i Like Him then. and so we must be A Thing.”
  • this is, of course, immediately post-kamino. bakugo is like “yeah okay this has established our relationship of course”
  • the first time he tells kirishima he loves him, they’re washing dishes after bakugo made them dinner and kirishima has soap bubbles on his face and bakugo is just So Fucking Fond, that he just says it
  • and kirishima stops
  • and looks at him
  • and bakugo is immediately flustered (Pretending To Be Indifferent) and is like “it’s whatever you don’t have to say it back, i know we haven’t been together for very long–”
  • “what do you mean together??”
  • they both totally Blue Screen of Death
  • bakugo gets even More Flustered and also feels Really Fucking Stupid so he gets upset and kirishima is immediately like “wait no okay i love you too?? but what the fuck. did you ask me out and i just missed it??”
  • and bakugo is just like. “i was supposed to ASK? i thought we just KNEW??? what the fuck it was OBVIOUS”
  • half the class has been under the same impression as bakugo and the other half is just as caught off-guard as kirishima
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unfortunately this isn’t me coming back to tumblr, I honestly just need help at the moment. If I’m not mistaken, I told you guys that I’d have an ao3 account but I don’t think I ever actually sent the link lmao

I only write kiribaku fanfics there at the moment and this is when I ask my question:


if so, please share some to me c:

Please, I don’t want anything too vague rn because my brain is fried so basically give me some plot ideas and tell me if you’d like it to be angsty, fluffy and/or smutty and I shall deliver if I like the idea.


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Bakugou overall is a very loud person. Loud voice, loud personality, loud quirk.

But he loves very quietly.

He stares just a but too long at his friends when they aren’t looking, a gentle smirk on his face as he watches Denki and Hanta jump in puddles made from the rain.

He buys Mina chocolate when she’s on her period and leaves it outside her dorm room’s door. Anonymously.

His back hugs are legendary and warm and safe. He’ll burry his face into the crook on the neck of whoever is getting the hug. He’ll breathe deeply.

His kisses are soft and gentle. And no one believes Kirishima when he explains this. They’re never angry, or frustrated. Katsuki will simply melt, quietly giving himself over and letting Eiji have control.

He cooks his friends their favorite meals on their birthdays.

He knows how to make flower crowns. And uses floral languages when arranging bright colored petals on the heads of his friends. Innocence and Naivity for Kaminari, Trust and hope for Sero, Beauty and Confidence for Ashido, Love and Lust for Kirishima.

In contrast, the rest of Bakugou’s squad has loud love.

For Eijirou,

It’s declarations of love while eating food that Katsuki made.

It’s calling him “Kats” “Katsu” and just plain “Katsuki” around others just to see him blush

It’s constant romantic gestures. Cards on anniversaries. Poems read out loud (dramatically) in common areas. Wearing Kats’ hoodies and parading around in them.

For Mina,

It’s constantly kissing him on the cheek to say thank you for something he’s done without being asked.

It’s begging to borrow his eyeliner and laughing hysterically when Bakugou mumbles a soft “fine”

It’s squealing in delight when he smiles.

For Denki,

It’s as simple as offering him a hit of whatever he’s on at the time. Loudly calling him ungreatful when Bakugou says no.

It’s putting up with him when he’s grumpy, going shopping with him, calling him “Bakubabe”, complimenting the chef and boasting loudly about how great of a cook he is.

For Hanta,

It’s sticking little notes all over his door with kind messages. Thank you notes, encouragement, “you look cute today”, anything.

It’s always buying him spicy cashews at the store when he goes.

It’s saying “Love you too, when Bakugou says nothing at all.”

And they all wouldn’t have it any other way.

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