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Request above!

A/n: Don’t forget to take care of yourself, Darling! Love you too! 💞

  • Bakugou is very perspective and easily noticed your sudden strange attitude.
  • He had made you a special meal for dinner, wanting to treat you.
  • You didn’t eat it. You didn’t even touch it.

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His World part 7

alpha dragon Bakugou x omega reader

As the last of winter faded, flowers started to grow and you got extra help on starting your garden. Denki, Mina, Sero, and Kirishima all rotated helping you pull weeds, till, fertilize, and expand your garden. What would normally take several months to do ended up being only two weeks. 

Mina and Denki seemed more interested in the planting and caring for the garden than the others. Kiri and Sero ended up helping more with the brunt work and fishing. The four of them took the cabin that you used to reside in. Bakugou had basically made the bigger house both of yours.

Speaking of Bakugou, you would only get to see him when you woke up and when you were done for the day. You honestly were worried that you had done something wrong. When you asked him, his face softened into guilt. He would wrap his arms around you and nuzzle his face into your neck.

“No Angel… I’m just doing stuff since I’m better. I promise I will be all yours when I’m done ok?” He would say in his gruff voice. You would melt under his affections and hum.

“You better keep your promise.” You warned. He let out his chuckle.

The others tried their best to distract you. Keeping you busy with questions, chores, and other tedious things. Mina and Kirishima loved to explain dragon politics and ask about human’s. Denki often asked for you to explain some of your chores and would see if he could do it the first time around. Sero loved to drag you around to do tedious things, such as, making and sharpening tools, patching up holes in the two buildings, making a new shed, chopping wood, etc. But everytime you would ask any of them what Bakugou was doing they would go silent and change the subject.

Around when small sprouts started to show their heads and spring started to melt into summer Mina and Kirishima came bounding up to you in their dragon forms. 

Kiri was a red dragon like Bakugou but he had an affinity with earth magic. He was not as large or burly as Bakugou but he still was very able and strong. You found out the hard way why he hated to fly. They had all been practicing and his magic accidently activated. He nearly got hurt.

Mina was a light pink dragon and had an affinity with a kind of magic you had never seen before. She was large, lean and very agile. You enjoyed watching her fly. She also tried, in your spare time, to teach you how to dance. It didn’t end very well most of the time, mostly with one or both of you with scrapes and bruises. Those were the only times you feared for Mina’s life.

Kiri and Mina ran up to you as you were pulling weeds from the garden and started pushing/pulling you towards the houses. Confused you willing went with them. once inside they changed into their human forms. They both looked extremely excited.

“What is wrong with you two?” You asked. Mina squealed and handed you a pile of fancy clothes.

“These are for you! But we drew you a bath to get cleaned first!” She said quickly as Kiri started to push you towards were you had the bathroom.

More confused than anything, you ended up getting clean and put the clothes on. When you left the bathroom Kiri and Mina did your hair and various things. When they were done the sun was setting.

Mina squealed and clapped her hands as she lead you out of the house and into the woods. After walking for several minutes Kiri covered your eyes and Mina took your hand.

You stopped walking and heard candles and smelled Bakugou. Excited and confused you tried to remove Kiri’s hands.

“Not yet.” He chirped. Huffing in frustration you waited. You felt Bakugou come closer and gently take Kiri’s hand away.

You had to take a second to look around. It was a meadow with a waterfall on the far side. Someplace you had never stumbled upon with all you walks. Your jaw dropped in awe. Then your eyes land on Bakugou. His hair was somewhat tidy and he was wearing a shirt. His cape was clean and the fur looked soft and fluffy. He looked anxious as you smiled and cupped his cheek.

“Hi.” what your brilliant opening.

“Hey angel.” He mumbled as he leaned into your touch.

The night went on and he explained this was a dragon courting thing. He had been cleaning up the area for the past several months. Clearing it of briars and other annoying weeds. Towards the end of the night you two were dancing, or swaying from side to side, when Bakugou cleared his throat.

He pulled away and cleared his throat. You tilted your head in confusion and he got down on one knee. Realization flooded over you.

“I know it feels really fast.” He started with a red face. “But ever since you helped me from the first day I had to come to the sudden realization that I couldn’t live without you.” He cleared his throat and took your hands into his, pulling out a silver ring with dragon runes on it. He stared into your eyes almost begging as he said gruffly. “Will you marry me?”


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Can I request a reader who’s apart of the bakusquad and seems really innocent (like she doesn’t swear, doesn’t make sexual jokes, and is super shy) but one day denki or Mina plays a really inappropriate song like (shake that from Eminem or crazy rap by colt 45) and the reader is singing every word to the song, and they’re all like “0-0? she can swear??”. Just to make this clear, the reader isn’t with/ crushing on anyone this is just how the entire bakusquad is reacting to the rly innocent friend being not so innocent😂. You can choose if you want this to be a scenario or a headcanon <3 Thank youuuuuu


a/n: sorry this took awhile, i had a doctor’s appt this morning and i’m hella stressed because school starts tomorrow so 😔🔫!! anyways hope this is okay!! (ps, it’s interesting that you used the submission tab instead of the ask box. nothing wrong with it, just interesting lmao!!)

warnings: cursing

pairings: none

requests: open



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the repercussions of living in truth
by sonrissa

Kirishima Eijirou doesn’t mean to come out.

He thought he could hide until he didn’t need to anymore, hide until he forgot about it, hide until his parents loved him too much to be bothered by his sexuality.

But he’s only in his second year when he cracks a joke that changes his life forever. His parents hate him, and Eijirou has no home to go home to anymore.

This is the story of Kirishima Eijirou living through the repercussions of living honestly.

Words: 18878, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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A lot of you may not agree but, I don’t see any friendship between Deku and Bakugou (that’s not to say they’re not important to each other tho) and i love it!! so much!! and here’s my reasoning:

I see their relationship as a story where two people who so clearly (as I see it) bring the worst out of each other come to terms that, while they cannot form a healthy bond, they can come to understand each other and work together when necessary. Speaking as a Bakugou supremacist I think it’s important NOT to forget that he bullied Deku, he’s the voice in his head everytime he doubst himself and, while Midoriya was capable of making that voice a source of motivation, it doesn’t make it less traumatic. And Bakugou, we can clearly see how toxic Deku is for him, he (deku) isn’t a bad person, he didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s there. He makes Bakugou completely lose it, and all the negativity and doubt within him stirs from Deku’s existence. In my eyes this is something really important and real that we often forget about: A person doesn’t have to be evil to make us hurt. Even if it’s indirectly. And we can see that Deku knows, at some levels, what he means to Bakugou as shown in the ep where he specifically asks Kirishima to extend his hand to Bakugou because as HIS FRIEND he was the only option. Midoriya knows he makes Bakugou hurt.

My point is that the care they have for one another comes from the understanding of how much impact they had in each other lifes, the situations that they had to face together and, as simple as it may seem, just growing up. So the fact that there’s not a clear friendship like the one with lida for Midoriya or Kirishima for Bakugou (for example) it’s very important to me to acknowledge their development. (Also it makes more obvious the importance Kirishima had in Bakugou’s life but that’s for another post.)

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Poly Bakusquad💥🦈📦👽⚡️x (Femme Reader) Dom girls

  • You and Mina rule your household. Ask for anything and you shall receive
  • 👽 “Daddy’s we’re going on a spa day.”
  • ⚡️ “oh! I’ll pay for it girls.”
  • 💥 “With what? Your number ten hero money? Here baby girl’s, daddy’s got you.”
  • Y/n: “I want my nails done, but I don’t feel like going out.”
  • 📦 “I’ll have manicurists here for you and Mina in fifteen minutes, Mi amor.”
  • Even though you two are both successful with you being a (insert career) and Mina being a pro-hero, you two never touch your money to spend it. The boys always got you
  • You own their wallets
  • Bakugo does the cooking
  • Kirishima does the heavy duty housework and repairs (cleaning the gutters, installing new fixtures, changing lightbulbs, moving furniture etc.)
  • Kaminari fixes the cars and does yard work
  • And Sero does the cleaning
  • You spoiled bitches don’t life a finger unless it’s pointing them in the direction you want them to go or calling them over to do something for you
  • In the bedroom, you and Mina’s pleasure comes first
  • Sero and Kaminari are kneeling between your legs, slurping you out like pudding cups
  • Kirishima is nibbling Mina’s neck and massaging her tits
  • Bakugo is sucking your nipples and talking dirty in your ear.
  • They don’t cum until y’all do
  • And if either of you catch them getting themselves off or pleasuring one another before they finish you, oh it’s on

Originally posted by therawrchannel

  • It doesn’t matter who did it, they all getting fucked up
  • Mina pulls out the paddle and you get the ball gags
  • Their asses are red by the time you’re done
  • Afterwards the perpetrator(s) have to sit with their hands tied as you and the rest of your boyfriend’s please each other
  • If one of them busts before you?
  • Ohohoho buddy.
  • Worst mistake of their lives
  • You and Mina edge that MF until he’s a crying, shaking begging mess
  • Either that or you’re pegging him until he’s babbling like a brain dead mental patient
  • Basically you and Mina are the queens of the castle. You don’t have to do shit but sit back and be the bad bitches you are while your men take care of you two

Originally posted by peraltiago

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ok so ive seen people mention jirou being an honorary member of the bakusquad, and im all for that bc i love their friendship, bUT. can i suggest.

Uraraka being an honorary member of the bakusquad?

she seems to be good friends with them, and bakugou respects her too, and tell me she wouldnt enjoy occasionally joining in on the chaos-ensuing shenanigans that are a part of the bakusquad’s day to day life bc the dekusquad isnt the type to do stuff like that. so sometimes she would chill with the bakusquad and they’d have fun together

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