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Cat Scratch
by ASaluteToYou

It was a dark and stormy night when Sero got hit with a quirk that turned him into a stray cat. With no idea how to turn back, Sero has to learn how to survive and get back to his class!

Words: 5179, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Mina: I’m going to my mom’s house today and there’s a package waiting for me. I’m really excited about it

Bakugo: I hope it’s an orphan that can’t speak. You can feed it mushed carrots

Kirishima: If it’s an orphan, can we name him Thomas? I’ve always loved that name

Kaminari: No! Leave it nameless!

Sero: But why is it an orphan? What if it’s allergic to carrots?

Bakugo: Who the fuck is allergic to carrots? Does that allergy even exist?

Mina: Okay guys, it’s just a new dress

Bakugo: So no orphan

Mina: No. No orphan

*Bakugo Katsuki has left the group chat*

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SUMMARY: You start your new job at the library while you work towards getting your English degree. On your first day you realize you forgot some paperwork at your apartment and go back to get it, only to find your boyfriend with his tongue down another girls throat. Not wanting to be late you quickly grab the papers you needed and walk out without giving him time to come up with an excuse. You don’t have time to break down and cry over it or figure out what your next move is. When you finally get to work you notice a flyer on the community billboard. Roommate Wanted! Text xxx-xxx-xxxx for details! Before you can stop yourself you snatch the flyer and text the number.

PAIRINGS: Bakugou x Reader

STATUS: Ongoing

WARNINGS: Language, memes, angst, bakugou and todoroki being savage ass bitches.

UPDATES: Every Wednesday & Saturday 

Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist!

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Bnha Characters sorted into Hogwarts houses:

ft: @barely-contained-panic @whore-4-planting @kyramidoriya @britishweebisbi

Aoyama : Slytherin

Tsuyu : Slytherin

Mina: Gryffindor

Iida: Slytherin

Ochaco: Hufflepuff

Ojiro: Hufflepuff

Denki: Hufflepuff

Kirishima: Gryffindor

Koda: Hufflepuff

Sato: Ravenclaw

Shoji: Ravenclaw

Jirou: Ravenclaw

Sero: Slytherin

Tokoyami: Ravenclaw

Todoroki: Gryffindor

Tooru: Hufflepuff

Katsuki: Gryffindor

Izuku: Slytherin

Momo: Ravenclaw

Pro Heroes:

Hawks: Slytherin

Miruko: Gryffindor

All Might: Hufflepuff

Aizawa: Ravenclaw

Nana: Hufflepuff

Midnight: Slytherin

Mic: Hufflepuff

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Denki and mina: *almost got lost while trying to follow a cat*

Denki and Eijiro: We got an idea! Let’s buy fried chicken!

Katsuki: I’m definitely the mom of this group *five minutes later* go away, you’re not my child

Hanta: *sings chewing gum in a very bad way while scraping gum off a chair*

Kyoka: *almost got sent to the principal’s office because of Her “sassy attitude”*

Katsuki: *spilled iced latte on himself* OH MY GOD! IT’S SO HOT PLEASE SEND HELP SOMEONE’S DYING OVER HERE

Eijiro: *put five cents in Katsuki’s sock because he kept trying to pay him back even though he said it was fine*

Kyoka: *ran around the whole park in order to find wifi so she could listen to the black parade*

Mina: *got  sweater stuck her braces*

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Eijirou: im never gonna be a hero…ughhhh.

Mina: Oh, come on Ei! never forget that denki kaminari once played a guitar solo in front of the whole school and learned how to do it in three weeks, passed a written entrance exam for the most prestigious school in japan,finished middle school and is so close to becoming to becoming a hero.

Hanta: all well having dyslexia and ADHD….

Kyoka: also hes bottom of class and a pervert.

mina: yeah, if he can do those things i think you can pass an exam.

Denki: I dont know if i should take that as a complement or an insult.

Katsuki: take it as a complement, dont want you to fry your brain thinking about it.


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what we deserve
by aloera

“Never have I ever met my soulmate,” Uraraka says.

Katsuki freezes. Around the circle, a few people take their drinks. Deku and Todoroki both smile softly before sipping. Yaomomo and Kyouka grin and clink their drinks together, before sipping at the same time. It’s so fucking stupid, this is a dumbass game and he could most definitely lie and nobody would even know–

Drunk Katsuki takes a sip and the room goes silent. At his side, Eijirou goes rigid.

“Sorry, Katsuki, what?”

“Oh boy,” Mina whistles.

in which nobody has ever taught Katsuki that the foundation for most healthy relationships is not, in fact, weapons-grade emotional repression.

Words: 4490, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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The Dancer in the family.
by Littledanceingdragons

Based off of a post by bakushinsquad

Fanfic Idea: Bakugou does pointé (look it up if you don’t know what it is). His parents didn’t approve of him continuing to dance around the house after he dropped out of the class, so he took his pointé shoes to the Midoriya’s place. After the dorms were put in place, there were parents days put in place as well (with a whole lot of security). On one of these parent days, while Bakugou’s parents were busy, Inko brought Bakugou his pointé shoes. He immdiately put them on and warmed up to start dancing.

Words: 1326, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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