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lmao i hate this, i put way too much effort into this. obviously, i used a draw the squad base. the oc is one of my mha ocs as well as one of my main fursonas, Eve. Her quirk is unrelated to her being a cat. I simp for Bakugou because he and I are unfortunately similar, lmao. I too am a 16 year old loud angry blonde with mommy and daddy issues and gifted kid burnout.

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that little voice in my head - villain deku
by 1 ayo chill 1

An AU where Shigaraki implemented a quirk corrupter into Deku causing him to turn into *dun* *dun* Villain Deku! Please note that there are going to be no ships and any interaction between the characters is solely platonic. None of this is canon! Also sorry if Villain Deku’s new name sounds wrong or weird. I just combined the words “hateful” = kirai and “evil” = aku. And also, it’s kinda perfect that Doku means poison (Deku –> Doku)
Think of this Villain Deku as a Greedling from FMAB situation, except non-consensual and they can’t alternate who is managing Midoriya’s body like Greed and Ling can. Regular Deku is simply living in his mind as he watches Villain Deku control his body.

This AU takes almost directly after Deku vs Kacchan pt 2, meaning they already have their licenses and All Might has fallen. Deku also has just learned his legs exist (I know, crazy right?). If you have any questions I have no problem clarifying!

Words: 2873, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Ghosts of Dorm Rooms Past
by lionalice

Kaminari, Mina, Sero, and Kirishima recruit Aizawa to help them hunt down the ghost that spooked Kaminari. But the ghost seems to be one part man and one part… pumpkin?

This fic was created for BNHA’s Monster Ball - 31Doh (2020) as a treat for thestarmari!

Words: 1168, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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How Kirishima somehow became UA’s Advice Master
by dragontrappedinhumanskin

Kirishima is always down to help his friends, and if he’s the one they want to talk to then why would he stop them? It wasn’t his intention to get a title(?) out of it, but that’s fine to, as long as they don’t interrupt his and Bakugo’s dates.

Feat. Kaminari’s sexuality crisis

“He was wearing leggings, today, Kirishima,” Todoroki complained, voice muffled in the pillow, “Fucking leggings.”

“Oh damn,” Kirishima said sympathetically, “I’ve been there, dude. What did he wear with them? Oh no, was it an oversized top?!”

Todoroki suffering scream was answer enough and Kirishima let out a long breath, “Bro, I’m so sorry,”

Words: 45757, Chapters: 7/7, Language: English

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cuddle buddy! 🧸 [katsuki bakugo x f! reader smau] chapter 10: 

˚*   ੈ✩‧₊ series masterlist

- (Y/N) is a soft, kind-hearted, quirky, and meme queen university student who lives alone in a cute little apartment complex. She mistakens Bakugo Katsuki for her old neighbors; an old woman and her granddaughter whom she absolutely adores. She leaves a giant teddy bear every day before the sun rises for the little girl to see. Not knowing that they had moved out suddenly, Katsuki who had just moved in had never seen such a huge fluffy abomination all his life that it nearly gives him a heart attack. Chaos ensues and you try your absolute best to make it up to the explosive cutie that is your next door neighbor.

pairing: katsuki bakugo x female! reader

genre:  social media au, college au, normal/quirkless au, fluff, romance, crack, humor and lots of memes. lots of them.

warnings: strong language

status: updating

☆ asks are finally open and taglist is still open! (would love to hear your thoughts and what not! c: to those who have asked to be in the taglist yet i have not responded to nor added please do message me or send an ask then i’ll answer privately! i’m really sorry! my notifications are a mess and i had no idea tumblr deleted asks from notifs 😭)

[♡: i’m so annoyed right now because i have no idea what happened to the previous chapter 10(s) i decided to post. idk if i’m shadowbanned but that’s clearly not the case because i’ve asked some irl peeps who have tumblr to check if i am, and nothing’s wrong ;_; i can still message, answer asks, and my blog url can still be looked up by people. so i guess it’s safe to assume that my post was either banned for showing a meme that isn’t even remotely breaking guidelines but… oh well. decided to fix things up and will start to be more cautious of the “memes” i’ll be posting hereon forth as we go along with the smau. lowkey in the verge of crying right now because this whole thing has been stressing me out the whole day. hope this will be visible in the tags now :’) if things don’t work once again, i’ll contact tumblr asap about this… i just want to write and make fellow bnha fans and bkg luvrs happy why does this have to happen ;__; ]

[taglist: @themagical1sa, @loxbbg, @webkinzfroggie, @melanieacademy, @bakubae-boom, @bakasbitch18, @ravenkake, @softiehawks, @sansiemwah @sizzlingbarbarianglitter, @moon-spirit-yue, @thesuitelifeofafangirl, @spicyhokage, @softpinkangels, @faithfulferns, @bubbzibubbles, @cleverroadscissorscloud, @foreverren​]

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(A/N):So my Bakugou and Kaminari fics are the most popular so I guess I’m doing those now. Bakugou is my comfort character though and I’m sad today so I’m writing this.

TODAY’S FICTOBER PROMPT: “I can’t do this anymore”


Bakugou and (Y/N) were arguing. Again. The couple consisted of  two very hotheaded people– each with extremely powerful quirks. It was clear that they loved each other though, even if they didn’t show it. Apparently today was one of the days where they showed no love whatsoever.

“You’re such a fucking brat! You can’t have everything you want!”

Kaminari, Kirishima, Jirou, Sero, Mina, and Todoroki winced. They were watching this argument behind a wall.

“Just a fucking date, Katsuki! ONE date! I didn’t even ask to go anywhere expensive! Or to pay for anything! I just wanted to watch a movie with my boyfriend in my dorm! Is that so hard?”


(Y/N) was stunned speechless. Sensing his victory, Bakugou smirked and turned around, about to walk away. He turned back around when he heard a whimper. (Y/N) had fallen back onto the couch, tears streaming down her face. 


“I can’t do this anymore, Bakugou.” she whispered. His heart broke. (Y/N) hadn’t called him ‘Bakugou’ in two years. It was always ‘Kat’, or ‘Katsu’, or ‘Katsuki’. But definitely never ‘Bakugou’. 

Forgetting entirely about his pride and the argument, Katsuki walked back to the couch and wrapped (Y/N) up in his arms, running a hand through her hair.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you even love me? You’re so focused on- on training and being the #1 Hero… You’re always so mean to me! I try so hard to look good every day, and then I see you in the morning and the first thing you tell me is how shitty I look! Why are we even together?” (Y/N) was full on crying into her boyfriend’s chest now.

It was Katsuki’s turn to be speechless now. 

“I- I never meant it, (Y/N). You look beautiful every fucking day, I promise.” he mumbled into her hair. “And I do love you. So fucking much. And..” Bakugou had to force the words out of his mouth. “I’m sorry.”

(Y/N) sniffed and snuggled into him further. 

“You mean it?”

“Yeah, dumbass.”

“I love you too, Katsu.”



Todoroki: -leaves- 

Kaminari: -flirting with Jirou-

Jirou: -glaring at Kaminari-

Mina: -squealing because no one knew Bakugou had a heart-

Kirishima: THAT’S SO MANLY -wipes away a tear-

Sero: -hits blunt-

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