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Universal balance is an awful concept. It is saying that this world can only be so good without falling to evil. It is saying that you should not try to help everyone, because you will hurt someone. It is saying that you shouldn’t help everyone, you shouldn’t take out the evil people, because they will be back and stronger. And this does not help

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Maduro ofrece balance del COVID-19 en Venezuela

Maduro ofrece balance del COVID-19 en Venezuela

Foto: @PresidencialVE
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2020 The year of the Awakening 

This past year has truly been something that I must say. I did not think I would come to envisage in this life time let alone live through it. It would seem that, that which was foretold has come to pass. But just as any foretelling - changes occur for nothing is set in stone.

Such are the laws of free will both collectively and personally, on our journey here on earth. It is that free will that enables us as creators to re-create anything we so feel into existence. (Not to be mistaken for destiny. You see we all at points in our lives find ourselves in a place that seems to have aligned perfectly. This is Destiny, it is then in this time with this life changing event presented to us by some form of synchronistic events. (individual or collectively) that free will then plays her part. It is here in this time that you get to chose, do you repeat or do you go inward and create a new outcome. A new path and a new way forward. 

This free will is extended to all and has no sell-by date. As human beings we too must extend this courtesy to all those around us for to do otherwise is to cheat both ourselves and that person of the space to choose. Thus changing the natural course of what is to be. It is one thing to open a door and quite another to push someone through it. We truly have no right to do this and if we do try to be meddlesome, them we must pay our dues for our meddlesome ways.

This year has taught me much in ways I did not anticipate or thought possible. And as ever I remain the pupil wide eyed and always curious and questioning all. For I will never presume to think I know – to me this is limiting my growth and my ability to learn ever more in my expansion as a being of unimaginable potential. I have observed many things this year both in myself and in those around me. Both close to home and afar,. In each observation, I am reminded that my observations are In some part also a reflection of me. In as much as I feel within me that I have worked to accomplish much self-reflection and healing in my life. I do know that this self-reflective work in my journey back to me (source, God, Home, The Light) has much work still to complete. If I were to let my self-delusion and ego have say, I am sure the message would be that of completed work. I used to hear myself say (I am too old for this – I have worked too hard to have to put up with this – I am beyond this now) And now I giggle to myself because it is me who presented such lessons or reflections to me once more. Because I had not yet learned or transmuted what was needed that I may end this repetition. It truly is not until faced with a reflection where one can look at it with peace and balance in our heart and being that we move it out of our reflective mirror. If it no longer causes a reaction in you – then you have transcended the lesson. There is great power in this and great humility as you become closer to your inner self.

True self reflection I have come to witness is not for the faint hearted and is in itself an immensely powerful and humbling journey. I see many proclaim to have done this – and yet when triggered the self-reflective work is no where to be seen. It is easy to preach about self-reflection when we are looking into the eyes of those who merely project, as a defence mechanism in order that they do not have to face the deep-set unconscious pain buried beneath layers of self-made fabrications and gremlins. In order to cope with the onslaught of an initial trauma or pain at the instant that it was created. This pain than left to breed like an illness, an infestation within the subconscious and unconscious energetic threads of the emotional realm within the person. No different to a parasite it will breed within you and when faced with the threat of being eliminated it will fight against you to survive. So now you are not only having to re visit a pain within you, you are also having to fight the gremlin you created and fed for all these years, or even life times. Talk about hard work.

But unless we do, we will inevitably repeat the same patterns and then ask ourselves why we keep having to put up with the same old story.

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Guidance today. Temperance XVl. Alchemy, Balance, Connecting with your guides, Harmony, Patience. You should learn to bring about balance, patience and moderation in your life. You are being invited to stabilise your energy and to allow the life force to flow through you without force or resistance. It’s time to recover your flow and get your life back into order and balance. Even when life feels stressful or frantic. You should take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintain a sense of calm and even temperament.

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Lucretia goes through the motions of life. She wakes up, eats breakfast, gets showered and dressed, all with an empty mind. Well no, her mind is hardly empty, she always has plenty to think about. But her heart is weak, a ceramic figure that’s hollow on the inside.

There’s no reason for it, and it frustrates her. She’s dealt with it long enough that the messages about her not needing a reason to be upset have been internalized and understood, but as she sits down to write, no words come to the page. If she could feel anything right now, she’d be infuriated.

This is her job, and one she likes. She shouldn’t be failing to come up with the right words. She shouldn’t be staring at a half finished sentence and struggle to come up with the tail end of it. After four measly sentences she’s putting down her quill and sighing, elbows on her knees and face in her hands. She doesn’t know what to do.

A knock hits her door and she sighs again, silent this time. She doesn’t want to have to talk to people, but she mutters a “Come in,” anyway.

She hears the door open and footsteps come in, one of the twins by the sound of it. Lup says, “Hey! Are you— oh, what’s up?”

Lucretia pivots her hands so her eyes are visible and the heels of her hands are over her mouth. Lup comes to crouch next to Lucretia’s desk chair, her hand on Lucretia’s shoulder and her face one of utter concern.

“My brain logged off,” Lucretia says, muffled and quiet and incoherent. Kind of how she treats her feelings for Lup.

Lup chuckles, a quick exhale through her nose. She says, “How can I help?”

“There’s nothing to do,” Lucretia says, staring at the floor. She can’t bring herself to be honest and vulnerable in this moment. “I just… have to wait it out.”

“I see,” Lup says. She stands and holds out a hand to Lucretia. “Let’s get you back to bed.”

Lucretia takes the hand and stands. “Why?”

“I don’t know exactly what “logging off” means, but I’m pretty sure you should take a break,” Lup says. She still holds Lucretia’s hand and pulls her towards Lucretia’s bed. Hands on her shoulders, Lup makes her sit on the edge of the bed.

“I had one yesterday. There’s work to do,” Lucretia says. And that’s the thing! She felt bad so she took a break, and now she feels worse! She honestly should just push through it.

Lup, now moving about Lucretia’s room, looks over her shoulder with a pointed look. “Sometimes people need long breaks.” She shuts off the light over Lucretia’s desk and starts gathering up the quills. “And that’s okay.” She bookmarks and closes the open journal with its half a paragraph, all while Lucretia sits and watches in silence.

Lup turns to face Lucretia and asks, “Where’re your pajamas?”

Lucreita points to her bureau. “Last two drawers.” Honestly, she’s glad to have an excuse not to do anything. If anyone breaks down her door asking why she isn’t writing, she can just point them in Lup’s direction. But… it feels like cheating. Slacking.

“Are you sure?” she asks as Lup rifles through the drawers, picking out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Lup nods. “We’re not planning on doing much today. You don’t need to write down that I’m gonna convince Taako to make empanadas for lunch.” She hands the clothes to Lucretia, then picks up her bonnet off the nightstand and puts it on top of the pile. “Here, go change.”

Lucretia stands, looking from the pajamas to Lup. “Thank you.”

Lup smiles, all warm and fond and doing things to Lucretia’s heart. Lucretia leaves to the en suite bathroom to change, mostly to hide her lovesick blush and giddy grin.

When she comes back out, her day clothes in a pile on the floor, she sees that Lup’s been busy. Her bedroom is much cleaner; clutter picked up, clothes in the laundry basket, her bed freshly made. Lucretia’s a clean person to begin with, but this slump has really made her let go of that usual energy to tidy up after herself. Watching Lup gather papers and put them in a neat pile on her desk is… relieving.

“Oh, good!” Lup says cheerfully, catching sight of Lucretia. “Wait, lemme…” She crosses the room, passes Lucretia, picks up the clothes Lucretia changed out of, and dumps them in the laundry basket. “There. Perfect.” She beams proudly at Lucretia, smile as bright as the afternoon suns back home.

And Lucretia just might cry. “Thank you,” she says again. “You really didn’t have to do this.”

Lup’s smile falls, eyes scanning Lucretia’s face. Then her smile returns; softer this time, like a sunset. She takes Lucretia’s hand in her own. “I think I did.”

Like a lost puppy, Lucretia lets herself be led to her bed. Lup peels back the covers and Lucretia gets in, getting tucked in like a child. Both girls laugh at the antics and Lucretia hopelessly falls in love with Lup’s laughter.

“Now get some sleep,” Lup says, “I’ll wake you up for lunch, then you’re gonna chill for the rest of today. And tomorrow, if you need it.”

Dumbly, Lucretia repeats herself. “Thank you, Lup.”

“Of course, Lucy. But it’s really no problem. I’ll help you whenever you need it.”

Gods, Lucretia’s gonna die. She should just go to sleep so she doesn’t embarrass herself. “Okay.”

She starts to get comfortable under the covers and Lup— who must be trying to kill her at this point— taps her nose with a final “Boop,” and a smile before she stands and makes for the door.

Yep, this is Lucretia’s finally resting place. Not even the bond engine can revive her now. She shifts in the bed, laying on one side before deciding that the other is comfier. No, the first side was better.

There’s a chuckle from her doorway and Lucretia looks over to see that Lup never actually left. With amusement in her voice, she asks, “Would it help if I stayed?”

Lucretia just nods. Lup comes back into the room, the door shutting behind her. She pulls back the covers on the empty side and slides in, pulling them back up over her shoulders. She lays on her side and holds out her arm. “C’mere.”

Without thinking about the possible effects on her heart, Lucretia moves into the embrace, letting Lup cuddle her. Lup tucks her chin over Lucretia’s head, holding her snug and warm under the blankets. Lucretia hesitantly wraps her arm around Lup’s middle; she’s worried about crossing a line, even if Lup is already cuddling her.

“Better?” Lup asks, voice quiet and reminding Lucretia about the lack of distance between them.

“Much,” Lucretia answers. She can already feel her eyelids growing heavy and her mind slipping into unconsciousness.

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Buone motivazioni

Dunque oggi ho fatto jogging serio per un tot di 15 km solo per potermi sbafare a merenda i Ravioli al cioccolato del Signor 🐸 e far resuscitare lo stomaco del dolce morto ierisera. Che poi, visto che avrebbero dovuto essere una Limited Edition ma ormai sono sul mercato da almeno un secolo, saranno degni di tale compito?

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Balance is how the elements are distributed in the design, is the visual interpretation of the gravity in the design. The bigger or denser elements appear to be heavier while smaller appears to be lighter. Balance is used to create a sense of stability, structure, emphasis and dynamics. In design, balance is also used to place the visual elements in a pleasing arrangement or to achieve some feel or look. Using a good balance can make a strong visual effect.

Symmetrical – symmetrical balance when we have everything symmetrical balanced in a page, normally this is achieved by centring all the elements and using the same sizes. This type of balance is like a mirror image, if we draw a line in the centre of the page, the visual elements will match because they will be similar in number, colour, shape and scale.

This type of balance is used when we want to achieve a formal design, with some sense of structure, organization and stability.

Asymmetrical - We can find an asymmetrical design when we have smaller elements. They are balanced with a heavier element on the other side, and a lighter element can also balance a heavier one by being further away from the centre of gravity.

This type of balance is often used to achieve a more casual design. This balance can create a sense of tension, and it normally keeps the audience’s attention on the visual message.

Discordant or off-balance - these design types suggest motion and action; they also make people uncomfortable or uneasy. This is a prevalent type of design used to make people uncomfortable or to make them think.

Radial Balance – This type of balance occurs when all the elements radiate out from a centre point in a circular fashion. This balance has a focal point in the radial, and all the elements lead our eyes to the centre.

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Jan. 24, 1995: Van Halen released their Balance record.

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Can’t Stop Lovin’ You


Don’t Tell Me




Not Enough


Headbangers Ball UK 1/26&27/95


Sammy Hagar on the 21st anniversary

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Weekend Motivation

Having the willpower to stay on track with exercise and eating well seems a lot more difficult during the weekends. I do enjoy working out, aerobic dance is fun, wireless earbuds have been one of the best purchases that I made in 2020.I did plan to get another hour of exercise in before the end of today, but I already did 30 minutes and that was a good start. Incorporating that into my routine…


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