all-the-golden-roses · a day ago
Guys I think…I think Amber is a Vestige
Or like
A Vestige reincarnation?!?
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zoeflake · a day ago
Tumblr media
In solitude I find the keenest balance of Light and Dark  /  Lunaladee
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jerreeeeeee · 3 months ago
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balance is a love story
[id: ten screenshots of transcripts. 
“Lucretia: I can do this Magnus, please, [voice starts to become staticky and fade] please just lie down, I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself. I love you, Magnus, I love all of you. I’m sorry, it’ll be over soon.”
“Justin: And Taako walks over to Angus. Taako: Hey, um, cool knife. You know he has a sword that’s on fire, right? So, just before you get too excited, he did just give you a knife, I just want you to remember who’s your dude? Who’s your dude? Griffin: He runs over and he just grabs on to you, um, and also gives you a big, weepy hug.”
“Looking back, this performance is where that love that Barry and Lup cultivated quietly and cautiously over the last half century truly bloomed. There was romance in every measure, and longing in every note. And after the performance, they- they take each other’s hands high in the air, and they swoop down for this over-the-top bow, just laughing at- at the drama of it all. And the audience cheers. And Barry and Lup laugh, and they don’t let each other’s hands go. And then they stop laughing, and they don’t let each other’s hands go. And they keep not letting go. And Lup says,  Lup: Barry, do you wanna go talk somewhere for a while? Griffin: And Barry says,  Barry: [Wholeheartedly] Yeah.”
“Taako: Well I’m not leaving without Barry.”
“Magnus: I’m so sorry I forgot you, buddy. I’m so sorry.  Griffin: Um, it lifts up one of its tendrils and puts it on your shoulder. Travis: I lean my head in so that my forehead’s pushing against it and I start humming.”
“Taako: Am I...? I’m not going to lose you again.  Griffin: She says, Lup: Never. Never again, bud.  Griffin: And floats over and hugs you and says, Lup: Please don’t die.  Taako: I’d say the same to you, but that ship done sailed, eh?”
“Travis: I-I just stare at her. Not in a dumbfounded way, not in a I-can’t-believe-it way, but just. I can’t not look at her.  Griffin: She sets her tools down, and she smiles, and she says, Julia: You lived so much longer than I thought you were going to! Magnus: [tearfully] I know, I’m sorry I made you wait. Griffin: I think she starts running towards you, and you start running towards her, and you embrace in front of this house, and the two dogs are just kind of weaving around your feet as you stand there for what feels like hours, and- Travis: I whisper in her ear, Magnus: [tearfully] I tried to make you proud.”
“Lup: Barry already gave me a day. And... I love him, Taako, with all of my heart, but you... I needed a day from you, because you are my heart. You know that, right?”
“Griffin: She... smiles and she says,  Mavis: Well, you’re my hero too, dad, not just because you saved the world, but... because... I know how hard you’re trying.  Griffin: And she comes in for a hug, and she says, Mavis: I--I love you, dad. Merle: [softly] I love you too, baby.”
“Clint: Starbuck- okay. Um, if it’s about the finale, the one time I can remember crying was, um... was Merle’s last scene with, uh- stop looking at me, Juice- Merle’s last scene with Mavis, when, uh, she talked about how proud she was of how well he was doing, and he said “I love you, baby”, because that was- that was kinda me telling you guys the same thing.”
end id.]
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carpethedamndiem · a month ago
Tumblr media
Artist: Michael Divine
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euphorictruths · a month ago
Tumblr media
Embracing The Present Moment- Adrian Borda
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david-talks-sw · 2 months ago
"Balance" when talking about a Jedi.
I was thinking about this notion that a Jedi can't balance the Light Side and Dark Side... and like, they can. And they do.
That's what the whole Yoda vs Dark Yoda fight is about.
Tumblr media
Here's what Lucas said:
“The Sith practice the dark side and are way out of balance. The Jedi aren’t as much out of balance because they’re the light side of the Force. They still have the bad side of the Force in them, but they keep it in check. It’s always there, so it can always erupt if you let your guard down.” - The Star Wars Archives: 1999-2005, 2020
The Jedi all have a Dark Side, deep within them. 'Cause everybody does. But rather than ignoring that they have that inner darkness, or letting themselves be consumed by it…
Tumblr media
… they choose to accept it, face it and conquer it.
Tumblr media
So it's not about eliminating that darkness, it’s about not being ruled by it, keeping it under control.
“The whole point of a Jedi is that you can completely control your anger. Now [Anakin’s] at a point where he can't control it at all. It's because of his need for control and power… and being very upset when he doesn't have it.” - Revenge of the Sith, Director’s Commentary, 2005
If you don’t keep it under control… well, the Dark Side’s like a drug.
You use it once… next time you use it is 6 months later… next time it’s 2 months later… next time it’s a week later… next time it’s the next day… and the next hour… and next thing you know, you’re addicted.
And the more you use it?
Tumblr media
The more it uses you.
That’s what happened to the Sith:
“The Sith learned how to manipulate both sides of the Force, and then they fell into the trap of being corrupted by the dark side.” - Sci-fi Online, 2005
So yeah, the Jedi are already in balance.
(They can't use Force Lightning left and right because if you get to a point where you can use that power, you're already out of balance...)
They may love, they may fear, hell, sometimes they’ll get angry… but they won’t let these emotions rule them. When they act, it should come from a balanced state of mind, not an emotional one.
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umbraastaff · 2 months ago
it’s no wonder barry dies so much on faerun, he’s trying to be a fighter with the hit point classes of a wizard and maybe rogue
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darkmoonarchives · 8 months ago
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Unsophisticated Balanced With J.
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igmakeup · 4 months ago
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dvnfemme · 2 months ago
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dvnfemme ♡
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somecallmegin · 5 months ago
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Lucretia, one of the main characters from “The Aventure Zone : Balance” created by the McElroy family. This started with a sketch I did for the #6fanartschallenge back in 2019 and didn’t touch again for a long time. This character made a few bold choices, for herself and everyone else, and by doing so lived quite a few hard and lonely years. I do like slightly unhinged characters who are ready to throw down whenever for their families. Anyway, have some sort-of stained glass style fanart. I haven’t done a proper lineart in forever.
See the details or a few WIP shots on instagram. :)
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leafinthebreeze · 7 months ago
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jaubaius · 5 months ago
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jerreeeeeee · a month ago
i think its interesting that pretty much everyone on the starblaster is kinda lonely. like on a ship powered by bonds you’d think they wouldn’t be right? even if those other people they had bonds with aren’t on the ship you’d think that just having a lot of bonds with some people would be good to have. but like, the only person we know barry was close to was his mom, no other family, and he seems like a guy who was really into his work and didn’t have a lot of good friends. we know lucretia was very shy and we never heard about any family or friends from her. magnus’ childhood is nonexistent, merle left his insular community, the twins only had each other and maybe their aunt? the only person who probably had a fairly big family was davenport as a gnome, but taz plays fast and loose with dnd lore so who really knows if dav was from a warren. maybe lonely people were chosen on purpose so they would be more likely to form bonds with each other
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carpethedamndiem · 26 days ago
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a-todd-illustration · 5 months ago
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daniemblem · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
binged TAZ again. need I say more
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bratty-painkiller · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Need my head emptied … please and thanks
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umbraastaff · 18 days ago
A gnome enters the station, flanked by a couple of excited-looking scientists: people who have been working on the Starblaster project. The gnome's feed ID reads Captain Davenport, and indicates that he's head of the mission crew. The ship lies half-constructed in the bay, and all their voices echo in the space, recently vacated of construction workers for the evening.
(Late evening. This project has fostered an absolutely bewildering obsession in people. None of them get angry about working overtime. They even volunteer for it, without including questions about pay. It's unnerving.)
Davenport talks with the others about boring technical things for a while. Then he dismisses the other two, and just walks around admiring the ship's insides, because apparently there's something interesting to glean from that, even though he should already have all the design specifications.
"You're magnificent," he says. Despite his augmentations, he probably can't feel the whole room's feed, taken over by one massive artificial presence, swelling with pride.
Then, unfortunately, he looks at me.
"SecUnit," he says, and it's not a command or direct question, so I can get away with pretending not to acknowledge him. "How are you?" Ugh.
"This unit is functioning at optimal capacity," I respond. I'm really hoping he'll get bored and leave. And be so bored with this conversation that he never talks to or looks at me ever again. It hasn't worked so far.
Captain Davenport sighs, a small and controlled sound. He sounds uncomfortable, trying to make conversation with a killing machine. I put more of my focus into the media I'm discreetly watching. The ship peeks at it through my feed, like a huge hulking beast leaning over my shoulder to share a metaphorical display screen.
Read More (Ao3)
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pinepaz-archive · a year ago
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happy balance finale anniversary!!! ive had this monolouge storyboarded for a while and decided to make it into a comic this year! a big thanks to the mcelroys, i dont know where i would be without balance
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