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Today’s Princess of the Day is: Pumplulu Princess, from Go! Princess PreCure: Go! Go!! Gorgeous Triple Feature!!!

The friendly and refined princess of the Pumpkin Kingdom, Pumplulu is a benevolent princess who loves socializing with her subjects. She is a courageous girl who is willing to stand up for her friends, even when it is dangerous.

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La vie en rose

Tags = @supershiny-raven @kawaiibunga please forgive me if it wasn’t that good this is my first raph x reader. I know i did a lot of mistake ⚘ here’s a rose to compensate.

“Lets go we’re gonna be late!!” april said as she left for the front door. You too got up from you dressing chair and looked at the mirror one last time “Would he like it?”. Honk honk

you were broken from your trance by the honking of most probably Casey’s car. He is here to pick you both up tonight. April was sitting beside casey who had wore a yellow tuxedo probably to match with April’s glittery yellow gown.

Why gown? Well we have to go back 2 weeks ago.

After defeating the Kraang and saving the world, the turtle brothers were rewarded with great respect and reputation but the police chief didn’t stop showing her gratitude to them just there. She invited the turtles, casey, april, vern, sensei and even you to their Annual Ball Party. Ofcourse it would be in a secrecy and not a word would pass by the wind. YOU guys were so hyped about this!! All of you started planning your outfit. Donnie measured his brothers and drew the designs of their tuxedos. They had their suits custom made obviously. While you and april went to shop for the perfect Gown♡.

Mamma mia you did find your dress! It was a beautiful satin red dress that showed one leg when you walked. You were pretty confident this was THE DRESS and you very happily SAID YES TO THE DRESS.

Babe show me what you’re gonna wear

Uh huh slow down tortuga, its a surprise.”

Aww come on!! I showed you!!

Raph said impatiently. You pressed a finger to his lips and shushed him. “Shush babe. The longer you wait, the luscious it is” with that you planted a lil kiss on his lips. Wait is all he had to do.

Now here you were sitting behind April and casey and looking down at your dress. “Did i select the right dress?” You asked yourself. “Why the long face honey?” Asked april, she must’ve noticed you from the rear mirror. “Nothing just wondering whats gonna happen” you didnt tell her of your thoughts, you weren’t that type of girl who goes around telling their feelings to everyone, you kept it to yourself. This is one of the many things that matched with raph and you.

Atlast you arrived. The palace was beautiful as if it came out of a fairytale book, you couldn’t believe that palaces like this still exist is modern 21st century.

At the gate you guys passed some security who showed you where the main hall is.

The gates were closed and casey knocked the door 3 times and slowly the guard opened the gates. You couldn’t see a lot as april and casey were infront of you holding their hands as all 3 of you made into the hall.

Whoaaaa no wayy🌟

This was amazingg!!💫❤

You couldn’t believe it. It looked like you came into some 16th or 17th Victorian Era.

You slowly but confidently walked down the stair, with a hundreds of eyes looking at you. Raph too came across the room to the bottom of the stairs to take your hand. When you reached to him, you stopped and gave him a gleeful smile while he too amazed to talk gave you the “You’re so beautiful” look. You took his hand and he escorted you to the middle of the hall.

You stood infront of the grand staircase and scanned the room . There were so many people looking at you but your eyes searched for the one who reigns over your heart until, they stopped, there he was, “Raph!!..” you mouthed the words. Raph on the otherhand was completely bewildered. He stood their with his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide looking blinklessly to you. Even though there was a great difference between you too, you could see the stars in his eyes. “Awww” you thoughtto yourself. And all the doubt you had for jumped out the window as you could see the answer in those glistening emerald eyes of his. He too was not looking any less handsome, the tuxedo had his biceps more striking and his stature even more hot.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the “La Vie En rose” started to play.

Raph seeing the mood setting, half bowed and put out his hand and asked “May i have this dance?” “Yes you may” you said taking his hand delightedly. He smiled and held you by the waist with his right hand and with his left he grasped your free hand.


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This green-and-orange dress can also be made with a brown-and-orange bodice and blue or purple skirt, to resemble a coneflower.

A few years ago I had an idea of drawing a funny Cinderella comic where the Fairy Godmother’s wand was glitchy and turned the pumpkin into a ballgown instead of a carriage. That was basically the entire joke, so the story was never completed, but I did still have several concept designs for the dress.

April 2020

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Day 2 of Sanderstober!!

Prompt: Create a Suit or Dress inspired by a specific candy bar wrapper design!

Honestly this is the best drawing I’ve ever made?!! Yeah I don’t know how I did it either XD

Can you guess the candy wrapper I based this on? The background should be a dead give away, but I thought I’d ask anyway ^-^

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