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Parece que este cachengue será todo el verano… Acá tecleando trabajando y están de pura festichola en el @parquearaucano
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Well I don’t follow the Bolshoi as much as the Mariinsky so by no means take this as fact, but I will try my best. I will use the same criteria that @ballet-symphonie used in their original post (they made the Mariinsky one!) I’m also not doing all the soloists, because I don’t know enough about them. Thanks much to @goodgolly-missmolly88 for her help in creating this. 

*Disclaimer: This is not what I would want, but what I believe based on casting*


Eleonora Sevenard (Think Etudes proves this) 

Alena Kovaleva (Sadly) 

Olga Marchenkova (Devestatingly) 


Margarita Shrainer (Seems to have cooled for her) 


Anastasia Denisova (Getting inexplicable roles) 

Maria Vinogradova (Only reason she’s here is because of Vasiliev) 

Elizaveta Kruteleva (Had an interesting debut this year) 


Kristina Kretova (It would have happened by now) 

Daria Khokhlova (I just…. no) 

Ana Turazashvilli (Has been focusing on non-ballet endeavors according to @goodgolly-missmolly88

Antonina Chapkina (Just doesn’t stand out enough) 


Anna Tikhomirova (Can’t carry a full ballet) 

Xenia Zhiganshina (Boring, outshone) 

Anastasia Goryacheva (Age) 

Anastasia Meskova (Nope.) 

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What’s your opinion on blackface in ballet?

Hi!! What is your opinion on the current state of development of these dancers: Ksenia Zhiganshina, Eleonora Sevenard and Stanislava Postnova ? Do you feel like they’ve gotten worse, better..?

Zhiganshina: Have always found her boring, and she’s very stagnant. 

Sevenard: Improving. Very excited to see her career. 

Postnova: Should never have stepped on the Bolshoi stage

Do you think Ksenia Zhiganshina will go to leading soloist / first soloist? she seems more versatile than other dancers her rank like Turazashvili for example. Or will all the current soloists be outranked by newcomers?

No, I don’t think she’ll ever go higher, and I think that’s right. I don’t think she’s a particularly interesting dancer and she hasn’t grown really. But I don’t think all soloists will be outranked; I just think she isn’t a particularly promising soloist. 

What are your opinions on Victor from Mariinsky? He seems to stir the pot and it looks like he has some broken friendships (Like with Khoreva)

I think that he’s a very talented dancer with a lot of promise – one of the only promising male dancers at the Mariinsky. However, as I’ve said before, I think he needs to stop running his mouth or he is not going to go any farther in his career (or could find himself booted) 

What do you make out of the Trikoz situation? When she joined she had quite a number of debuts but now to me it looks like the BM is focusing on other dancers and she is remaining kinda behind ?

To be honest, while I was very excited about her last year, she hasn’t shown a huge amount of growth in her first year in the theatre. I think for example Kokoreva is more promising than her. However, I wouldn’t write her off yet and will see where she continues to go. 

Do you share the opinion that the Bolshoi director prefers ballerinas that are tall,very skinny and with very long limbs? I often read this but except for Shrainer and Marchenkova it looks to me this isn’t true? Like Kokoreva,a newcomer, is getting quite a few roles and she is very petite, Sevenard seems to be taken into consideration and she doesn’t fit in this body type.. what do you think? Is it a fake claim or are Kokoreva and Sevenard just the exception to the “rule”?

My view on the Bolshoi/Vaziev is a lot more favourable than other people on Tumblr, mostly because I see his sins as paling in comparison to Fateyev at the Mariinsky. Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly what he thinks or what is going on there. I don’t, for example, buy that he makes all the decisions himself (particularly as people love to talk about sponsors at the MT, but disregard them in some respects at the Bolshoi which is arguably closer to the political elite of Russia). I will say that he has made some really disappointing promotions of tall, very skinny dancers. But at the same time, Krysanova, Nikulina are shorter dancers who have incredibly important, leading principal roles in the company. Sevenard and Kokoreva, as you mention, also don’t fit this bill but are getting exceptional opportunities (particularly the former). So is this an answer? Not really I guess. But I don’t think shorter and shorter limbed dancers have zero opportunities within the company. 

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Wonderful Finnish SATUMAA TANGO with fantastic @hana.vinteuil and new beautiful video which you can find in full version on oopperabaletti Facebook page…
Check it guys… The opera singers are INCREDIBLE 👏👏👏
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