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A friendship that withered all too soon.


The prompt was friendship. For my WoL, she considered him her first best friend, for she was not a weapon for him to wield, but a person he admired. If only he knew that she too admired him, for his optimism kept her going.

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Lunar Rose Presents: All Saints Wake!

We welcome you to our Lunar Rose All Saints Wake Event! We will have several things to do at our event! Will you be there to join us for a lot of spooks?

- Costume Contest

Join us in your best costume! Dress up as a superhero, a spooky monster, or maybe that one neighbour that came to your door to borrow some sugar. The best costume wins a small prize!

-Spooky Storytelling

Listen to a scary story, told by the Academy’s students and staff. Maybe you have a story of your own to tell? Just remember that its all based on a real story. oooo~

- Haunted Mini-games

We even have little games that you can play! Bop for a apple, or carve your own pumpkin. All is possible at the haunted horror that is Lunar Rose.

-Where is it?


Lavender Beds, Ward 13, Plot 30 (Balmung)

but everyone is welcome to join! We start at 3 PM EST, we hope to see you there!

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