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Server: Balmung (Crystal)

Date: Every 2nd Thursday

Location: Goblet, Ward 6 Subdivision, Apt 70

Time: 8PM - 11PM EDT

Gil: IC only!

Come by The Sleepy Nomad for comfort food, drinks, and chill music. Check the Carrd page for more info. See you soon!

Any relations to people real or fictional is entirely coincidental, and The Sleepy Nomad does not condone any partaking of illegal activities or substances in real life. Drink responsibly.

The Sleepy Nomad has a Fellowship! Find it under Roleplaying, Player Events, and Making Friends.

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This is all on her Carrd, but just saving people a click or two


Appearance -

  • Name: Altani “Maxi” Kha (proper birth name being Altani Dazkar)
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Au Ra, Xaela
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 4′ 10″
  • Eye Color: Bright Blue
  • Hair Color: Black, teal highlights
  • Notable Physical Features: Freckles on her cheeks, back scar from a workplace accident
  • Build: Small but athletically fit

The Facts -

  • Name Day:  23rd Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
  • Occupation: Archer, stereotypical “tavern wench” on the side
  • Sexual identification: Asexual
  • Romantic identification: Biromantic
  • Alignment: Good
  • Relationship Status: Single. She’s found it hard to have any meaningful relationship when she’s not interested in sex
  • Family: Mother and step-father travel around Eorzea with some other Kha as traveling merchants. Doesn’t speak of her father

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Dumplings
  • Favorite drink: Eastern teas. Persimmon teas are a favorite
  • Favorite scent: The smell of the Shroud right after a storm has rolled through

Facts about Maxi:

⚫Maxi is by birth/blood a Dazkar, not a Kha. Her, her mom, and her grandmother fled the tribe when she was born. She was born out of a non-consensual act, and despises her birth father to this day for what he’s done to them.

⚫ The Kha adopted Maxi and her mother & grandmother after fleeing. Her mom fell in love with one of their merchants, and they were married when Maxi was only 5 years old. She is on good terms with her step-father, who has done all he can to help the women have good lives

⚫ Maxi was trained from a young age by her late grandmother, Ghoa in all the ways of Dazkar archery. Ghoa had the title “Butterfly of the Dazkar” in her prime, and taught Maxi what she could before passing of old age. After her passing, Maxi left for the Archer’s guild in Gridania to further hone her skills.

⚫  Due to not having a ton of money, Maxi spent a year or so waitressing/bartending/etc at various taverns and inns in Limsa and Gridania to save up coin to start out on her own.

⚫ Maxi lived at the Archer’s Guild once she joined, and was very studious while there. She spent about 2-3 years honing her skills in the ways of the Elezen and Miqo’te styles of Archery to compliment the Xaela style her grandmother taught her. This is where she met her close friend Seseta. After being drawn to the Skysteel project in Ishgard, Seseta gifted Maxi her hat, since the latter loved it. Maxi will still wear it to this day

⚫ At one point, Maxi was considered for the guild’s Bard project, since she was seen as one who was competent in planning and strategy. Maxi turned them down, citing she preferred to work alongside Bards, not as one. In reality, she’s tone deaf, and didn’t want to let that come to light

⚫ Maxi does have some form of aetherical affinity, leaning towards the lightning aspect. She has the raw talent and aether needed to become a healer, but Maxi has no interest in it at all. Instead, Maxi’s learned to use her aetherical abilites to modify her arrows and shots, being able to exploit magical weaknesses in her

⚫ Maxi’s travelling companion is her chocobo, Drumstick. She saved him as a chick, and raised him herself. Now they’re inseparable, and the chocobo hates leaving her side.

⚫ Maxi has one notable scar, three lines that run across her back. She sustained it from a mission gone wrong. A rabid direwolf got loose and attacked a small settlement. Maxi arrived just in time to see it attacking a child, and threw herself between them and the wolf. She saved the child’s life, but the beast’s claw tore up her back. After a couple weeks of recovery, she was able to return back to her normal life, but still has the scar to this day

⚫ Maxi is, by definition, a tomboy. Because of her upbringing, her choice in line of work, and what side jobs she’s worked, things of a fancy nature are foreign to her. She has a grand total of two nice dresses/outfits given to her, one by her mom as a birthday present, the other from a client as thanks for helping them with the food and bar for an event last minute. She doesn’t often wear either, but has been known to break them out for events when required.

RP Hooks (aka starting RP points) ––––

  • Archery: Maxi would be a known face around the Archer’s guild in Gridania. She’s known as good with a bow, and reliable to handle whatever job she’s given. Anyone who’s spent an extended period of time with the guild would have heard her name.
  • Side Job: Maxi has experience with bartending, waitressing, and general help staff with public functions. If you need someone to help with running an event in a pinch, she can help out
  • Xaela: Maxi has ties to both the Dazkar and Kha. She doesn’t know them all extensively or a ton of the tribal traditions, but she is open to learning from any other Kha or Dazkar she meets. Maxi especially wants to meet other Dazkar members, to learn more of the tribe she shares blood with.
  • Friends: Maxi needs friends, plain and simple. Where she got them, what they do, doesn’t matter. Let the girl have people to do stuff with. Either pre-established or new, doesn’t matter.
  • Wildcard?: If you have something you want to run by me, go for it.

Contact Information  –––

If you want to hit me up via Discord, let me know. I can pass off my username. Maxi is based on Balmung, but I can travel throughout Crystal no problem


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