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#banana fish

A new skateboard anime has been announced by Crunchyroll (I know I’m two days late but I was busy with school ) I’m so excited for this show to come out the animation looks Flawless and it looks like it’s going to have such a good story. Fun facts (correct me if I’m wrong) if you didn’t know it’s going to have the same director of banana fish so I know this anime is going to pull on my Heartstrings and it’s production is going to be by bones.

Side note: I can’t wait for 2021 cuz we’re getting some new anime and some new Seasons I’m so excited for next year.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t checked it out⬇



Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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Like I get that it’s got Ash and Eiji and all that Jazz, but classifying it as a yaoi anime? Come on :c It just doesn’t represent the story properly and might turn away people that would be interested in it (or attract viewers who are expecting one thing and then get a whole other thing) Like, it’s a crime drama first and a yaoi third or fourth

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bf tiktok is so funny it’s just [sees someone cry so hard over the ending they throw up] same

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I once played among us with someone named Ash Lynx. I was very upset when I saw them get murdered while I was floating around as a ghost doing my tasks. We had fun talking in dead chat though, so that was nice.

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Yeah, Ash would probably be at the end of the stick. But as time goes on, he’ll get more used to affection. Yut-Lung has also been through a lot of shit, so I think he’s the same level as Ash. Blanca would be higher than Arthur in my opinion, since Arthur is a lot more standoffish and introverted. And ofc, Shorter “Simp” Wong and Eiji, King of East Simp Kingdom, are the best at accepting affection.

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