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#banana fish
rubydragon16 · a day ago
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Uchida Yūma ✿ 内田 雄馬 ✩ (September 21) ♥
   ♥*♡∞:。.。 ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ 29ᴛʜ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ʏᴜᴜ-ᴋᴜɴ❣ 。.。:∞♡*♥
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yutlungapologist · 2 days ago
Banana Fish Cinderella AU call it "my sole is always with you"
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ash-callenreese · 15 hours ago
“SPECIAL MINI VOICE DRAMA” from the Banana Fish Cafe & Bar BOOK
These short voice clips were played only in the cafe & bar. The book had the original transcripts so I’m translating those! They are just Ash and Eiji being silly but I’m sure it must’ve been fun to listen to them while eating XD
Tumblr media
Eiji: “Welcome, let me show you to your seat! This way, please. Today’s special is Tofu Dip Bagel! I’ll come back when you’re ready to order”
Eiji: “Ash, when are you gonna stop slacking off?”
Ash: “What are you talking about, Eiji? I’m working, you know? Look, this one. If you eat it, you’ll grow two inches taller. Girls like it, huh? Shrimp and avocado.”
Eiji: “You’re still doing whatever you want… Stop with the nonsense, go take their order”
Ash: “I got it, so don’t push me. Say, you, don’t you like shrimp and avocado salad?”
Ash: “Eiji —— The ramen is ready. I’ll leave the rest to you!”
Eiji: “Ash… It really is weird to eat noodles on top of rice!”
Ash: “I don’t want to hear that from a Japanese person who eats natto. Tasty food will still taste good no matter how you eat it. It all goes to the same place once you’ve swallowed it”
Eiji: “I pictured New York as a more sophisticated place but… You guys, let me know what you think if you eat it too”
Eiji: “Ash, the pumpkin salad is ready. Please take it to table eight”
Ash: “Ack! I’m not good with pumpkins! I get the chills just by looking at it!!”
Eiji: “You’re always putting on airs, but this part of you is really just like a child, Ash (laughs)”
Ash: “Shut up. It’s a Halloween trauma… anyway, everyone has something they hate, right?”
Eiji: “That might be the case, but to be afraid of it even after it’s turned into salad… hehe (laughs) look at it! Look, look!”
Ash: “Oi! Stop it. Even if it’s salad now, I still hate it!!”
Eiji: “Hey, what you just said, it should be kept a secret from Arthur and Yut-Lung huh?
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melonnyan · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He found his freedom right here.
He found his America.
Inspired from suffragettecity's 'Brooklyn Baby' | Chapter 6: Stargirl Interlude
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otomiya-tickles · 2 days ago
I’m Home
Shorter x Eiji x Ash
Tumblr media
A/N: 05. “I didn’t steal anything!” of TK fic prompts with Ash x Eiji or Shorasheiji + lee Eiji, THANK YOU FOR THIS, ANON. The pleasure was mine to write this golden trio again. 
Summary: Eiji comes home to quite a scene; both Shorter and Ash are entangled in a crazy tickle fight. However the moment he enters the house, all of the attention shifts to Eiji. Iiiis he going to be alright? (Also on Ao3)
Word Count: 1570
Tumblr media
It was quite a welcome. Eiji could already hear loud familiar laughter when he wasn’t even inside the apartment yet. A few feet away, it was loud and clear, and he blushed a little in embarrassment at the realization he was going to walk in on both his boyfriends having a tickle fight.
Once in a while Ash and Shorter would go against each other like this, and one could say they were the most extreme tickle fights to ever exist. 
The moment he opened the front door, the laughter that had sounded faint and distant got three times louder, and Eiji smiled to hear the hysterical noises.
“HAHAHA! I didn’t steal anything! Y-you’re insahahane!” Ash laughed, suffering one of Shorter’s deadly tickle attacks. He was however not entirely helpless as he fought back: both guys were tickling each other. 
“I know you took them-- hahahaha! You took them hahaha g-give them bahahack! Stahahap thahahat! Hehehere take thihiihis you shohorty!” Shorter roared.
Ash was holding Shorter’s ankles and vengefully tickled his feet, but Shorter - despite laughing hysterically - bent over Ash’ smaller body and poked and scribbled all over his exposed sides. Two entangled boyfriends, reducing each other to that particular laughter Eiji liked so much. He smiled.
“I’m back~” he announced, more because of habit and if he would have reconsidered he rather would not say anything and just watch these two kill each other with tickles. Both Ash and Shorter looked up, cheeks flushed red in the cutest way, and they gaped at him. 
Both their eyes widened. “SEE?! I told you it wasn’t me!” Ash barked, pointing at Eiji, and Shorter had this exaggerated shocked expression as well.
“Eiji! My sunglasses!” he yelled, pointing at Eiji as well. The two untangled and clumsily got back on their feet. Eiji took a step back and grabbed the sunglasses that rested on top of his head. Oh.
“O-oh these? I thought I could borrow them for today - hey whahahat, I just borrowed- hey what are you guys doing!” Eiji giggled nervously when both his lovers advanced on him, closing him in right where he stood and approaching him with wiggling fingers.
“H-h-hehehere you can have them back!” Eiji giggled in anticipation, handing the sunglasses to Shorter. Again a mistake, since Shorter used this opportunity to grab his extended arm, and Ash grabbed the sunglasses and put it on his own face. He then grabbed Eiji’s other arm, and Eiji gave a loud cry when the two started dragging him towards the couch.
“Waaaaait nooo! No need for thihihis!” Eiji whined, using all of his weight to prevent them from taking him further towards the couch where he knew his doom would await.  
“Oh yes Eiji~ Here we were having a tickle war for something you caused,” Ash said cockily, looking way hilarious wearing those sunglasses indoors. Shorter snickered and already poked Eiji’s exposed side.
“Yeah yeah. We’re going to tickle you to death love, you better be ready for it,” he said, and Eiji felt his entire body fill with tingles as more giggles already escaped his lips.
“Wahaha!? Nohoho so meaaaan!” he cried, but at last they reached the couch, and he was easily pushed onto it. Without further discussion with Ash, Shorter instantly bent over him and went after his sides and stomach, ten wiggling fingers racing under Eiji’s shirt.
“AHAHAha! Nohoho Shohohortahahaha!” Eiji laughed, his arms flailing and trying to push Shorter off, but that was where Ash entered the game. Eiji gasped when both his arms were grabbed and pinned above his head. Ash sat there casually on top of them, trapping them effectively under his weight, and Eiji gulped as Ash bent over him as well. 
Ash moved the sunglasses from his eyes to the top of his head, showing him this teasy smirk before he started dancing his fingers playfully all over his exposed armpits.
“EEHeheeee! Guhuhuys! No fahahaaaair!” Eiji squealed, his legs kicking hysterically as he was tickled mercilessly, but Shorter also chose to sit down on top of him, pinning down his legs while his fingers continued to wreck his middle; scribbling and spidering all over his stomach, sides and ribs.
“Shorteehehheer! AHAH ASH!” Eiji suddenly screeched when Ash started to use his thumbs to dig into his armpits. His other fingers continued to wiggle against his writhing body as well, making Eiji feel overwhelmed with ticklish sensations he couldn’t fight off.
“Good one Ash!” Shorter cheered, not even minding in the slightest that Ash was in fact now wearing his sunglasses. 
“Yeah we make a good team,” Ash said, and well, Eiji was glad the two could drop their own tickle fight so soon to tickle him instead like partners in crime, but still, weren’t they doing too much?!
“Gahahhaa-guys! HAahhaa j-juhuhust a mihihinute!” Eiji yelped. “Tihihime out ahahaha p-plehehease!” That did it. Both of them stopped tickling him. Shorter’s hands slowed down until they were rubbing Eiji’s bare middle, making him squirm and giggle in anticipation, while Ash had moved his hands to Eiji’s head where his fingers combed comfortably through his hair.
“Already?” Shorter asked, smirking at him. Eiji blushed. 
“I wasn’t ready!” he gasped. “Y-you two suddenly..” he said, the smile on his face still stupid big, and he blushed even more when both his boyfriends laughed fondly.
“Ah, I see. Do you want to be ready? Should we count down?” Shorter asked. Eiji started to think he might have been better off letting the two of them tickle him to death straight away without this teasy intermission. He swallowed, feeling his cheeks burn.
“We will continue tickling you after ten seconds, Eiji~ You know the safeword if you want us to stop,” Ash said, and he winked. Eiji squeezed his eyes shut in embarrassment.
“I won’t!” he whined. Their safeword was usually for bedroom games only. No way was he going to ー
“Ten, nine,” Shorter said, his fingers resting against his middle to resume the tickle attack, and Eiji opened his eyes in shock. Oh no, they literally meant counting down...
“Eight, seven, six,” Ash joined in, his hands moving from Eiji’s head back towards his armpits. 
“Five, four, threee~” Shorter started to sound more teasy as they neared zero, and his fingers already curled slightly against his ribs, making Eiji tense up in anticipation.
“Two, one, go!” At start sign, both Ash and Shorter started tickling him again like the great team they were. Eiji was overwhelmed, laughter bursting out of him again in the loudest volumes, and he was ashamed to know how people might be able to hear it like he heard Ash and Shorter earlier.
“HAAHAHAH! EEhehheheheh- no wahahahah!” Eiji could only laugh as twenty fingers were playing his body like a music instrument. At some point Shorter’s hands went down towards his hips and squeezed there, causing him to bounce slightly underneath them, his loud screeches filling the room. 
“AAAAHhh! NHAhaha- not thehehehere!” he cackled, throwing his head back. Things got even more ticklish when Shorter bent down and started to nibble on his tummy, making Eiji already aware of what was coming next. Still, that didn’t make them any less worse when the first raspberry landed.
“EEeheheheep! It tihihihicklehehes!” he whined when more raspberries followed. Shorter’s hands on his hips, his lips on his tummy, and then Ash switching between his upper ribs, armpits and even his neck. 
It was definitely their heaviest tickle attack on him in a long while, and for such a reason...! Eiji continued to laugh breathlessly, growing more and more tired until they finally came to a stop. He caught his breath, still smiling and giggling, his body still tense - especially when Shorter placed soft kisses all over his tingling tummy. 
Ash was massaging his head again, one hand combing his hair lovingly and the other caressing Eiji’s cheek. 
“You endured that strongly dear Eiji, our ticklish little cutie~” Shorter complimented in between the kisses on his stomach. Eiji giggled shyly at these embarrassing words. He felt how Ash moved his thumb against his smiling lips.
“He deserves a kiss,” Ash said, who could not easily kiss Eiji from his angle, so Shorter chuckled and agreed, “he does~”, moving up until his lips could brush against Eiji’s in the softest tender kiss. 
Eiji felt the weight on his arms go away, and he moved his sore arms around Shorter’s neck, only to have the taller guy pulled away again.
“Heyyyy!” Shorter whined as Ash dragged him off Eiji and shoved him to the side. 
With a smug smirk on his face he climbed on top of Eiji right where Shorter had just been. “My turn,” he said, and before Eiji knew it, he was kissing Ash this time. 
A typical fierce Ash-kiss, and he smiled against his lips. He gasped slightly when Ash gave their kiss a french twist, and instead of pulling them apart again, Shorter simply grabbed the sunglasses from the lynx’s head and headed for the kitchen.
“Go get a room you two!” he scolded his mushy boyfriends, but Eiji could not complain as Ash continued to make out with him. In between those kisses, Ash smiled and muttered: “Welcome home, Eiji.” 
Eiji felt his chest, stomach and entire body fill with love and warmth, and he chuckled during the kiss, pulling apart slightly so he could give his response: “I’m home!”
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allegedlyauser · a day ago
ash: of course i read *actual general novels, every other week*
eiji: of course i read *cheesy popular romances, like twice a year*
shorter: of course i read *ao3, every night*
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deyzs · a day ago
Tumblr media
They fall in love with each other every day.
Ash and Eiji.
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chaoslynx · a day ago
Tumblr media
me: [has been drawing for a week and a half, has been drawing digitally for four days, has never drawn Shorter before, has never drawn a background before] me: I should join an event where I do all of those things
Anyway I didn't know what to draw so I decided to join Adam's dtiys?? I didn't even know those were a thing until I saw his.
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yutlungapologist · 2 days ago
Eiji: *smiles in Ash's direction*
Tumblr media
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deimosatellite · a day ago
this might b a hot take but like also normalize ash being a child and making mistakes please he is just 17 he has so much growing to do and thats what makes him such a human character and trying to say hes perfect is forcing him to grow up like many trauma victims are forced to pleeease 😭 let him just be a kid and find himself and Grow
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melonnyan · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.
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lyutsival · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"do I scare you?"
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