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#banana fish spoilers

i think either sing or max told ibe over the phone and ibe told eiji in person. maybe sing called eiji about it?? idk if he would’ve been able to break the news directly to him tho :( or maybe even jessica, after finding out from max. her and eiji seemed to get along and i’m sure she’d call him to check up on him anyway. idk but i’m sure whoever told him felt horribly guilty even tho they did nothing wrong :((

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you know what hurt me the most about banana fish?

the fact that the lady in the library said “aw that must be such a nice dream” excuse me ma’am i was not emotionally stable for that

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Banana Fish Thoughts: Spoilers Ahead

But before that, can I just say that you need to be in a good place to watch Banana Fish? At least read a little about it before you watch! I just thought it was just a violent West Side Story (I don’t do any prep for any show, I like being dumb), but the themes are explicit and very heavy. 

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ok this is my first time watching banana fish and i have a ton of thoughts about it but like i just don’t want to talk about it because i have such a deep seated hatred for shows like it? i don’t know how to explain it and i’m sure a ton of people have talked about it before but just the fact that he spent his entire life suffering just to die is so tiring as a narrative. i’ve seen it happen over and over and over and it’s the reason i hadn’t watched the show until now. like it’s a great story but i didn’t need another kill your gays show in my life right now.

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idk why i’m thinking about this today but like… the ending of banana fish was so bad. i enjoy tragedies and it’s not like i didn’t expect banana fish to not have a happy ending (though i think it would’ve been a better story for it to end happily) it’s just that the way ash died undermines literally every theme previously explored in banana fish. what was the message akimi yoshida was going for with that? “your circumstances don’t matter, redemption is impossible, and you will never be able to move on from your trauma and mistakes”?? ig that’s a fine message to explore but at least make it narratively cohesive with the rest of your story

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