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Current obsession. Looks like a banana, tastes more like an apple, texture like a very fresh banana. You can keep them in the fridge, and even though the skin gets bruised easily, the fruit inside will be fine. 

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Location: Ayala Triangle Gardens, Salcedo Village, Makati city
Price: ₱ ₱

I can’t belive I waited until I’m 22 before I finally tasted them. I usually just try their Banoffee Pie, and that is all– not until my 22nd Birthday when I decided to pick this as my Birthday Dinner. It was raining– as usual. Which makes this a greaattt comfort food. The servings are hefty, which makes it so affordable. It’s delicious, more of a home-cooked meal. Something that your Grandma would prepare– when you’re hungry. Which is why their spot in the heart of Makati is perfect! Us grownups can easily access good food when we’re feeling low. Right? Right?!

Though their space is a bit small and gets busy on Lunch/Dinner so better get there on an off-peak hour to fully enjoy your meal, and the view– the Ayala Triangle.

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