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#band squad

Happy New Years everyone!!! Hope y'all are having a great day especially since it’s a fresh new start to this year.

Anyways, I forgot to post this yesterday as this is my first ever post for 2020 (Yay). I really don’t have a name for the trio band yet, but there will be a new band member who will be joining them throughout this year really soon.

These are all my ocs Elijah Kind Cole (El/Eli on Guitar/Vocals and son to Katy Smith and Brayden Cole), Carlos Gomez (Carl on Drums/BVs) and Nicholas Herrington (Nick/Nicky on Bass/BVs). The new member who will be joining them is Shyanne Chamber (Shy/Shyshy the Lead singer and daughter to Eve Chamber and Ratchet).

Ratchet and lombaxes all belongs to ©InsomniacGames.

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On the one hand, the matching shirts thing is sort of adorable. On the other, I was hoping for something a bit cooler for the band performance. And Bakugou looks good in his button-down (even if it isn’t the tank top); let him have it. But then again, Tokoyami in the band shirt amuses me. Also, it’s cute to think about them having these matching shirts that they’ll probably lounge around in. And the tech crew seems to have them too? So not only do kiri and baku have matching shirts, but so does all of the squad (sans Mina).

Okay, I’m sold.

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why’d you come? you knew you should’ve stayed

i tried to warn you just to stay away

and now they’re outside ready to bust

it looks like you might be one of us

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