mexicali · 4 months ago
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Bésame Mucho Festival. Sábado 3 de diciembre de 2022 en el estadio de los Dodgers, Los Angeles, California. A partir de 199 dólares. Toda la info en besamemuchofestival.com
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brunitoascomiseto · 5 months ago
Banda songs that I would dedicate to these ones because I'm cheesy
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De contrabando - Jenny Rivera
Michael is a weird one. He is inconsistent and that song it's basically about a love like that. A love from time to time. Some days it's love and some days not. De vez en cuando.
"De contrabando". A forbidden love and of course it is like that. People cannot know that you and Michael are a thing.
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Háblame de ti - Banda MS
This one is about a man who wants to now everything about the woman he likes
Carrie doesn't have friends nor anyone who really listens to her so she really needs someone with the same enthusiasm that this song describes.
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Siempre te voy a querer - Calibre 50
This one is about a love with it's ups and downs. As much as there is love there are also a lot of fights but even with the imperfections, you will always love him.
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Me gusta todo de ti - Banda El Recodo
This is just what I felt since the first time I saw Daniel.
It's a song about simping. You like every physical trait, everything that person does to you.
"Esa forma tan dulce de hablarme" that sweet way of yours of talk me and you can't deny that his voice it's like honey (don't @me ik)
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Hermosa Experiencia - Banda MS
Ok so I choose this one because is sexy. It's a sensual song about a man who appreciates the body of his girlfriend and for him it's a beautiful experience being with her. Touch her and worship her body.
And you can't tell me that Brahms isn't touch starved and into body worshiping.
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Te quiero así - Valentín Elizalde
This one is about a man putting his girlfriend at ease. She always focuses in her imperfections and the man is like "Yeah so, to me you are beautiful and I like you for being you, no matter what"
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Piénsalo - Banda MS
This is about a man convincing a girl to be with him as he knows that the feeling is mutual, that he can give her serenades and gifts. That they're perfect for each other so she must think about it.
And I think that Tiffany would love to be treated that way.
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Incomparable- Los Del Norteño Banda
This one is about someone that compares everything that is beautiful to the person they love but nothing comes closer to the beauty of them.
Like yeah, Bubba it's my beautiful being
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Mi razón de ser - Banda MS
Honestly. I did this for him and this song.
He's just that beautiful to me and I really think that fits him perfectly.
If you can find the lyrics, please read it. It means "My reason of being" you know, the reason for you to keep living.
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Mi sorpresa fuiste tu - Calibre 50
And last but not least. This one is about a man who realizes why every previous relationship was empty and irrelevant to him. Like it was destiny that the one was this person. A person that took them by surprise, one they could never tought they would love.
I think that's what happens in most of works about Billy and also what happened to me about him and his movie.
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invisiblechica2 · 18 days ago
Quería que se quedaran conmigo para siempre, y olvide que ellos también tenían una vida por vivir.
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luisonte · 5 months ago
La mejor banda sonora para una rotura de tubería
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saintlopezlov3r · 7 months ago
Matching Icons
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Mamonas Assassinas
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luzng · 4 months ago
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ask-the-ryans · 6 months ago
Aran's sister is Masked Muscle #1 fan and he's not too pleased. And wow, he's been starring on the asks lately.
(I am working on asks too of course, but I've hit a wall and decided to let it out with this inspired by this video. I don't blame you for being weirded out.)
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flaquita-cabrona · 7 months ago
Todos: De seguro es bien mamona
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fotitospacurartudepresion · 7 months ago
Wey me acabo de enterar que la banda El Recodo fue fundada en 1938, literalmente hubo un punto en el tiempo donde existieron los nazis y la banda El Recodo
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letsmakepoppunkgreatagain · 4 months ago
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Go Radio - Go To Hell
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viejospellejos · a month ago
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Lo dice por cosas como esta:
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rodolfo9999 · 11 months ago
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Visited at the Spanish bar BANDA located at the Fukushima ward Osaka.
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tconstelation · a year ago
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luisonte · a year ago
Magnifica jugada
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xamucaxula · a year ago
Vintage birthday cake : Chalino Sánchez
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sexyslatinas · 2 months ago
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stairnaheireann · 10 months ago
Triple Goddesses
In religious iconography or mythological art, three separate beings may represent either a triad who always appear as a group or a single deity known from literary sources as having three aspects. In the case of the Irish Brigid it can be ambiguous whether she is a single goddess or three sisters, all named Brigid. The Morrígan also appears sometimes as one being, and at other times as three…
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auroraphant · a year ago
viver, viver e ser livre, saber dar valor para as coisas mais simples. só o amor constrói pontes indestrutíveis
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remasterizados · a year ago
De Contrabando de Jenni Rivera, del álbum Parrandera Rebelde y Atrevida (2005)
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viejospellejos · a year ago
La banda del barrio
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