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whump-side2 days ago
Tumblr media
Whumptober 2021
torture | made to watch | begging
Fun time for our Dude from Day 1 馃憣
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t-tyrants2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
girlie is offering you some bandages 馃馃グ yes theyre bloody now put em on
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nemfrog8 months ago
Tumblr media
How to bandage the thumb.聽Practical bandaging. c.1914.
Internet Archive
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elfbingo7 months ago
Tumblr media
Another random sketch while I work on part 4 of my MHA fan comic. Todoroki bandaging his own wounds (poor kid). My headcanon is that Todoroki is so used to bandaging his own wounds it doesn't occur to him to ask for help.
If anyone wants to color this go ahead!
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s4dpngs17 days ago
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whump-side5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A very specific whump trope I like : a whumpee who gets reminded they're still injured
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bargua month ago
Tumblr media
After first mission. He got an ouchie. Still not used to have medic onboard. Go see dr Chackwas, Thane, no need to struggle with those bandages :D Thane and Mass Effect belongs to Bioware, art made by Barguest
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digital-turtle1012 months ago
DSMP Members reacting to you coming home badly injured/bleeding
! Requests are open! <3 !
People: Dream, Wilbur, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo
Type: Hurt/Fluff
Fandom: Dream SMP
TW: Blood, injuries, mentions of violence/death, swearing
Note: this fic can be seen as romantic or platonic, whichever the reader wants (not sexualizing ofc)!!!! :D! Reminder; this is written about the characters, not the people :) Enjoy reading <3
Dream鈥檚 reaction would be a mix of instant anger and shock
None of his anger directed at you of course, but more or so whoever did this to you
He鈥檚 going to help you and he鈥檚 not going to take no for an answer
Honestly probably a little bit hostile, but only because he cares and wants to make sure you don鈥檛 fall over and die
Calms down after a bit, and just tries to focus on healing your wounds
Though he won鈥檛 admit it, he鈥檚 quite literally your servant for whatever you need
Change of bandages? Mans is right there. Need more painkillers? Please, Dream already put them on your bedside table
It鈥檚 no secret either that whoever did that to you is quite literally going to face the wrath of god
(That isn鈥檛 a joke, either)
DreamXD will take care if it, and if you ever ask what happened to whoever did that to you, he鈥檒l just respond with a quiet 鈥淣othing. Don鈥檛 worry about it.鈥
You were skeptical, but it鈥檚 probably better that you don鈥檛 ask
Since you most likely can鈥檛 walk for a while, he鈥檒l do anything he can to entertain you
Bring you coloring books, magazines, even just a deck of cards until you鈥檙e feeling better
On the very unfortunate occasion that you did die on your last life, no big deal! He鈥檇 revive you thoughtlessly, not even giving you any time to relax in the afterlife
Wilbur (Post-Revival/Alivebur)
Not going to lie, Wilbur only saw a bit of a scrape on your knee, and burst into laughter thinking you had fallen or something on the way home
It wasn鈥檛 until your legs gave out on you and he had to catch you in order to stop you from completely hitting the ground
That鈥檚 when he got a good look at your face, and well鈥 the rest of your body.
He brought you inside immediately, sat you down, and began cleaning your wounds
He wouldn鈥檛 stop bombarding you with demanding questions the whole time, not stopping until he realized how in pain you were, both physically and mentally
As soon as you were all bandaged up and full of painkillers, Wilbur would try and question you
If you managed to tell him who did that to you, he鈥檇 probably leave the house immediately
You鈥檇 be fine, right? He had enough confidence in his medical abilities that he assumed you鈥檇 survive, and so he just left
He鈥檇 be dead honest with everything that happened to the person who hurt you. There was no point in lying, right? You already knew Will was a bad person if you had stuck around for that long.
If you did happen to die on your last life after he left, he鈥檇 have no problem breaking Dream out of prison in exchange for your revival
Tommy probably had a similar reaction to Wilbur, laughing at a minor injury you had until you quite literally collapsed to the ground
He quickly rushed to your side with an 鈥渙h shit鈥
Most likely didn鈥檛 have the common sense to bring you inside, instead bringing all the bandages and cleaning supplies outside so that he could treat you where you collapsed
Truth be told, Tommy鈥檚 actually really smart when it comes to medical knowledge and wounds
He was way more panicky at first than anything else, the thought of being angry didn鈥檛 even cross his mind
I mean, you were hurt! He didn鈥檛 want to sit there and bombard you with questions, instead he鈥檇 sit there and panic as he tried to treat your wounds
Tommy absolutely refused to leave your side the whole time you were injured, he was way too paranoid that your heart would randomly just stop in the middle of the night when he wasn鈥檛 there
Basically, he just turns into Anxious Clingyinnit鈩
In the situation in which you did die, getting dream to revive you definitely wasn鈥檛 his first thought
He wouldn鈥檛 stop blaming himself, he should鈥檝e done better for you, but the second Tubbo comes around and reminds Tommy that dream could revive you, Tommy will break into that prison and threaten dream with his life until he revives you
He might have to work something out with Quackity, who knows.
Tubbo is a smart guy and definitely a very observant person, so the moment you come home injured, he notices and he鈥檚 on you like a worried mother
He definitely doesn鈥檛 take no for an answer, and is going to help you whether you like it or not
Much like Tommy, he isn鈥檛 initially concerned with who did that to you or how it happened until much later, his only thoughts are focused on trying to help you
Tubbo would prefer not to leave your side, but he understands if you need a bit of personal space
If he did have to leave you alone, he鈥檇 probably spend that time trying to track down whoever hurt you
Once he鈥檚 done probably threatening them with death of all their canon lives, Tubbo will focus on bringing you things to entertain you while you鈥檙e bedridden
Puzzles, coloring books, hell, sometimes he even brings Michael around to visit you
Overall, Tubbo tries to be as comforting and nice as possible, but he really does just want to help you
As soon as you鈥檙e able to get up and walk again, Tubbo is right by your side, helping you every step of the way
In the situation in which you died, Tubbo much like Tommy would blame himself. He was the one taking care of you, and therefore he didn鈥檛 do good enough.
*He mourned you for weeks, until he finally mustered up the courage to go beg Dream to revive you. And if that didn鈥檛 work, he鈥檇 have no problem resorting to violence. You deserved your lives back.
Ranboo鈥檚 first reaction would be complete panic and confusion
He wasn鈥檛 the most observant, and could definitely be a little鈥 day-dreamy at times, so it took him a second to realize that you were currently injured, probably close to death, colapsed on his lawn outside
To say that he was worried was an understatement
He immediately ushered you inside, probably questioning Tubbo for help considering he wasn鈥檛 the best when it came to medical skills
He wouldn鈥檛 stop bothering Tubbo with concerned questions the entire time
鈥淭ubbo??? Are they gonna be okay? Are you sure you know what you鈥檙e doing?? I can call Phil-鈥 and so on
Tubbo eventually kicked him out just so that he could focus on healing you
Ranboo tried to distract himself by keeping Michael away from the room, but honestly he was just so concerned and anxious
As soon as Tubbo let Ranboo back in, he refused to leave your side
He would scribble every single minor detail into his memory book, afraid that he would forget about this
Ranboo didn鈥檛 want to forget about this, because what if you were in danger again and he didn鈥檛 remember what had happened last time?
Whether it was for the better or worse, he wanted to remember
If you happened to pass away, Ranboo would be absolutely heartbroken, spending probably months mourning you. The idea of dream reviving you didn鈥檛 even cross his mind until Tubbo suggested it, and let鈥檚 just say he was determined for sure to get your lives back
If you read the whole thing, ily <3 :]
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animefangirl006 months ago
Tumblr media
Lofter Id 11857864 Mangaka聽
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brightgoat2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Too busy getting tended to at the hospital to tend to your plants at home. at least one of you will be healthy after you return home, right?
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avenger-hawka month ago
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銉娿儷銈点偣 by 聽銇傘仚 on pixiv Posted with the artist鈥檚 permission. Don鈥檛 remove the source. Reblog, don鈥檛 repost. 聽
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