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#bang chan

Originally posted by luvknow

bang chan x male!reader

genre: fluff

fluff prompts: “you’re beautiful, you know that?” & “it’s late, shouldn’t you be asleep?”

you’ve been waiting patiently on your couch watching tv for your boyfriend to come back from practice. you saw the time and got worried, seeing that he was supposed to be here almost an hour ago. 

you unlock your phone and as you were about to call him, the door swung open and there he was. you got up from the couch and tackled him with a big hug.

“it’s late, shouldn’t you be asleep?” chan said and chuckled at your clingy self. “were you waiting for me?” you nod in his chest and he rested his chin on your head. his hand was slowly moving up and down your back, missing you for all these hours. 

you almost fell asleep in his arms, but then chan pulled himself away from you and you groaned from the loss of contact. 

“come on, let’s go to bed love.” you shake your head and pull yourself closer to him again. chan decided to pick you up and lead you both to the bedroom, laying you down gently, but you didn’t let go of him.

“i’ll be right back, okay?” he said with a smile, trying to pull himself away from your body. you looked at him with puppy eyes, earning kisses all over your face. he then left to get himself ready for bed as quickly as he could.

as chan laid himself beside you, he looked deeply into your eyes. “you’re beautiful, you know that?” your face started becoming red and to that chan responded with a kiss to your lips. 

you pull away and still focussed on each other’s eyes. “how was practice?” you asked curiously. “i’ll tell you everything tomorrow, but for now lets both get some rest.” you nod and kiss again. 

“i love you, y/n.” chan whispered as you drifted off.

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Seo Changbin / 2k / smut / fluff

Warnings: smut, oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, dirty talk

Summary: Long week of work got you down? The best remedy is a steaming shower with your boyfriend and an unexpected stress reliever.

⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

After the long week of work, you just couldn’t wait to get home. Friday was finally here, and you were excited to have the weekend off for some much needed relaxation. What made this all better was that your boyfriend, Changbin, was coming over to spend that time together.

You hadn’t heard from him all day since they were busy currently with promotions. You would always send him a snap when you watched their interviews, claiming that you were his number one fan while drawing funny drawings around his face. You hated that you couldn’t here from him most the days while promoting, but you knew he was working and out of his control. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you started dating him. Dating an idol can be hard, and the two of you had a good talk about that before committing to one another.

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Part two!! You can find part one on my blog, its the only other one hehe.  Once again, feedback is much appreciated! 

warnings: smut, fluff, oral, fem!reader receiving, car sex with a twist ;), post date sexy time

word count: +9k

The white lights in the ice cream parlor casts a luminescence in Chan’s eyes that draws out a lighter brown color as he studies the flavors below him.  You really hope he picks vanilla or sweet cream or something white…not for any particular reason, you just liked the thought of it pooling at the sides of his plush lips and dribbling down his chin, running down his sweaty neck-

“Y/n?  You gonna get something?”  Chan’s concerned voice pierces through your embarrassing thoughts as you snap your eyes up to his.  He giggles at catching you off guard and nudges you softly with his shoulder, nodding at the ice cream case.  The pastel pink clad employee gives you a jaded stare and you quickly choose your go-to: artificial pink and blue cotton candy in a sugar cone.  A soft, endeared smile spreads across Chan’s face and he tells the worker that he’ll be getting strawberry cream.  You pout a little, but the mostly vanilla ice cream with chunks of strawberries will have to satisfy your fantasies.  Not that Chan would let the sweet trickle down his beautiful face, he’s always too clean for that, you realize to your dismay.  

Once again, Chan pays, claiming that you paid last time though you can’t really remember as you both head back to his car.  With one hand on the steering wheel, one cautiously gripping the cone, Chan drives to a secluded hill that overlooks the nightscape.  By this time, you’re already crunching down on the cone while Chan licks around the ice cream.  With his eyes trained on the twinkling lights in front of you, so it’s easy to just stare at him.  

His cherry red hair is messy and curls raise from his neck, the same curls that you love playing with at night, when his head is on your chest and his breathing is all you can hear.  A wistful look overcomes his eyes as he turns them up to the heavenly bodies he’s so enraptured by.  Every time you both come up here, he always talks about constellations, meteors, and shooting stars.  The wonder and excitement in his eyes and voice whenever he does makes your heart swell and thank the stars for giving him so much joy.  You’ve decided to appreciate them more than before, just because Chan loves them so much.  

His voice this time, however, is distant as he rests his head on the headrest.  “Some civilizations thought that the stars were souls reincarnated so that their loved ones would have light in the night.”

You nod solemnly, “Yeah, like Mufasa.”

A choked laugh escapes from Chan’s throat as he stares at you in disbelief and amusement, “Like Lion King?”

Smiling, you nod again, “It would make sense, though.  That’s why there are so many.  And maybe shooting stars are people that momentarily died but came back and that’s why we wish on them, to have as much luck as them.”

Chan lets out a low, “Hmm, I’d never thought of that before.  Maybe constellations are families or groups of friends.”

A slow smile spreads across your face as you complete Chan’s sentence, “So then, you can stay with your loved ones after death.”  He nods, looking over at you with what you can only describe as admiration and contentment.  

You’ve long finished your ice cream but Chan’s just started on his cone.  He mistakes your stare as a silent plead, smiling softly as he offers you a bite.  Your mind is made up in a split second, you very slowly, while looking straight at Chan with doe eyes, take a long lick of his ice cream, flicking it back into your mouth.  You smirk as Chan stares at you, shocked before rushing to quickly eat his cone.  

“You wanna use that promise from last time, babygirl?”


You’ve moved into the cool night breeze as Chan lays down on the roof of his car, patting his chest, a smirk on his face.  You whine, tugging at his black t shirt, “No, take this off please.”

He laughs softly and sits up to swiftly do so.  The pale, milky white of Chan’s chest provides beautiful contrast to the dark night sky and you really can’t help but stare at him.  Like the flirt he is, Chan gives you a wink before laying back down on the roof.  It really doesn’t help because  the anticipation has a coil tightening in your stomach as you can feel the uncomfortable wetness sticking your panties to your hot core.  You pull your simple black panties off, tossing them on top of Chan’s shirt, which rests on the hood.  

“Y’know, Channie I’d really like to keep my skirt on, but I wanna see your pretty eyes.”

The thought of your bare ass out in the open night air causes Chan’s semi to harden just a bit more than he’d like to admit.  Of course though, seeing it is better than imagining and when you unzip your pastel purple skirt, Chan groans loudly.  The cool air hits your hot thighs and dripping pussy, making you clench around nothing.  Chan pulls you by your hands to him, your wetness rubbing against his glorious abs.  The friction makes you quiver against Chan’s lips.  Though his abs provide a cold surface to rut on, Chan’s neck is hot as you press open mouthed kisses and make red marks all over it.  

Your hands are in his red hair and plays with his soft curls, a contrast to your vicious teeth, ravaging his pretty neck.  Chan’s sharp Adam’s apple bobs as his tent grows and you pull back.  

“What if someone comes up here, Chan?”  You ask dumbly, realizing you should have asked this when he pulled you out of the car.  Beneath you, Chan gives you a cheeky, wide smile.  

“Then you’d better get to it, babygirl,” he says, smacking your ass lightly.  

You give him a half hearted glare—the ache in your core is too much to ignore for too long.  The car roof is smooth under your knees as you lower your dripping, hot core onto Chan’s puckered lips.  When he give a tentative lick, your arms shoot out onto the roof, catching you.  

“M-more,” you whisper, beginning to grind on Chan’s face.

His cold hands grip your bare thighs tightly and he sticks his tongue into you, nodding his head to your tempo.  His wet mouth fans hot breaths into you and you squeeze Chan’s head between your thighs.  You feel his lips curl into a smile and you look down to see Chan’s adorable cheek  squished between your thighs.  His eyes form smiling crescents and you let out a giggle, “You’re so cute, Channie.”

He cocks an eyebrow and you know he’d say something along the lines of ‘even while you’re riding my face?’.  

When his teeth snag your clit, you double forward again, using your arms as leverage to grind down harder on Chan’s face.  No doubt Chan’s grip on your thighs will leave bruises and you tremble at the thought.  Reading your mind, Chan removes his hands, making you whine loudly.  While he runs caresses up your right thigh, his other hand finds its way up to rub your swollen bud.  Your high pitched, embarrassing moan has you biting down on your shoulder, afraid to alert anyone in the area.  Annoyed by this, Chan shoves two long, ringed fingers into your core.  The underside of his rings are warm from gripping your skin but the tops of them are cold from the night air and your jaw lets go of your shoulder, moaning with no regards for anyone but the man under you.  He curls his fingers, beckoning your orgasm closer, scissoring deep into you.  You feel his rings clink together.  

Its coming faster than you want; you don’t want this moment, overcome by euphoria, to end.  You cry out, trying your absolute best to hold out though your thighs burn from the repetitive motion.  

Chan removes his fingers, trailing your arousal on your thigh before clutching your hips still.  His tongue continues its swirling, thrusting assault into you and you gasp as it becomes harder to fend off your orgasm.  His lips press into your clit harshly, spreading your folds apart.  You feel his hand move down and his grunts as he pulls down his pants, almost frantically jacking off.  The thought of how this looks causes you to loose your motivation to hold out.  “I-I’m gonna come,” you whine, ready to let go.  Chan’s tongue slows down and you cry out as you realize he’s telling you to wait.  Despite his almost lethargic tongue movements, you feel his hand quickly maneuver over his undoubtedly aching dick.  Tears spring in your eyes as you can’t go anymore.

When Chan groans into your core, you feel hot ropes of Chan’s cum spray onto ass and probably onto Chan’s abs.  Your body spasms in pleasure as your high crashes over you.  It has your eyes rolling into your head, your toes curling, and a high-pitched cry torn from your throat.  Chan’s tongue licks you up and you can’t wait to see his face covered in your juices.

Pulling back shakily and weakly, you collapse onto Chan’s chest, ignoring his cum on both of you.  With a dumb smile on his face, he looks down at you and you swear you could come again from the sight before you.  His hair sticks out from your constant tugging and his eyes are hazy and droopy from lust.  His red lips glisten in from your cum, which coats his chin and is so slowly dribbling down to cover his jawline.  

His voice is thick and low, “Is this what you were thinking about when I was eating my ice cream, babygirl?”

Tiredly, you nod your head as the burning in your thighs subsides, moving to cuddle into Chan’s arms.  You lick up your arousal from his neck, tracing the trail up to his swollen lips.  The kiss is sloppy, a mix of your cum and both of your saliva.  Its hot and messy, but Chan’s hand gently strokes your cheek.

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[200604] realstraykids:

🐺 STAY~ ありがとうございます!


스테이 덕분에 저희가 항상 힘낼 수 있어서 앞으로도 더 좋은 모습들만 보여드리겠습니다!!

Remember we’re always with you guys!

그리고! 저희 GO LIVE도 많이 기대해주세요!! (너무 많이 기대하지말고요 ㅋㅋㅋ)⠀

#StrayKids #STAY #GOLIVE #ORICON #1位 #ありがとうございます #🤙🏻


🐺 STAY~ ありがとうございます!


Because we always gain strength thanks to STAY, we’ll continue to show a better side of ourselves!!

Remember we’re always with you guys!

And! Please look forward to our GO LIVE too!! (Don’t expect too much kekeke)⠀

#StrayKids #STAY #GOLIVE #ORICON #1位 #ありがとうございます

Trans Cre: @straykidsvideo, take out with full credit

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(non-idol! hwang hyunjin x reader!)

part eleven | part thirteen

crush culture masterlist

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

“ Cupid’s Kiss ” - a stupid activity the school puts together in order to help students find a valentine for the valentine’s day dance. y/n hates the idea of cupids kiss. hyunjin is curious.


a/n: bruh everyone say “thank you y/n!!” 😌✋🏼 aLSO they dropped the teaser images AND the tracklist and i’m trying to hold myself together 😖 help they all look so good and i know this album is gonna be fire wtf 😭😭

TAGLIST: @hanniiesuckle17 @wontawni @seesoftie @youngestdelacour @mochibabycakes @angelichris-b97 @rjsmochii @7829-kamie @arohatiny @yooniversalstudios @scriptura-delirus @skzsha @inseonqt @lynniac @distrikt9 @cookiemonstermusic258 @treeforlight @chanrachas @hyunjpgin @kpopstanh @cb97culture @desertofdessert @hyunhaosworld @icedtear @mvltimoon @luvhjs @boyzwithfunbts @chxrryskz @sunsungie @karenbcy @fylithia @scarredbytheworld @stayarmybtsskz

if you’re interested in being in the taglist for crush culture, feel free to send a message or ask, either works!

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