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#bang chan
ch4nb4ng · a day ago
Tumblr media
Paring: chan x fem!reader
Genre: Friends to lovers, college party
Warnings: Making out, nipple play, praise, dirty talk, 69, oral (f and m receiving), cum play, mentions of erections, squirting
Word count: 4.9k
Tagging: This idea couldn't have been made without j (@jsung01) so thank you for helping me come up with this and proof reading it for me :( Also tagging el (@spilledtee) bc she said was looking forward to it so here's the notification!
Summary: The party was fun, Chan was great company, but when Changbin accidentally spills a drink you and stains your clothes, Chan is reminded of his dirty little fantasies where you happen to be the main character.
You began to laugh, simultaneously taking a sip from your almost empty red cup as you heard Jisung tell his so-called ‘scary’ story.
“Jisung dude come on,” Changbin snickers, playfully hitting him on the chest, “that was one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. There really wasn’t anything scary about it at all.”
The other 5 boys nodded their heads in agreement with Changbin. To be fair, Jisung forgetting his clothes in the communal dryer and then remembering as he was halfway through cleaning himself in the communal shower, then running from one end of the campus to the other with nothing but a towel wrapped around him for the second time: it was hilarious. Scary for him, but nothing but amusement for you and his 5 other friends.
However, the storytelling was one of the least fascinating things that were happening. There was a variety of things to focus on: the blaring music, the array of cups on the kitchen counter, couples, throuples, foursomes, making out in almost every corner of Chan’s house. But the main thing that was taking up all of your concentration was how close he seemed to be to you at this current moment.
You were leaning, gently sitting on the edge of the coucharm, Chan sitting right next to you on a single chair, his ankle accidentally brushing against your lower leg every couple of seconds. Although it seemed like some kind of innocent mistake, you knew it was anything but that. You could feel his eyes lingering on you with every collision of skin, the sting of his gaze burning holes into the side of your face. You wanted to stare back, see that lustful stare that you had only seen a handful of times; but with other people. You had yet to experience it, personally that was. You turned to him for a brief moment instead, causing him to freeze for a moment, a friendly smile forming on his lips as you finally met his gaze. He took his foot away, crossing his legs as a sign of defeat, knowing very well that he had been caught.
“Is everything okay?”
“Of course y/n,” he smiled, sending you a quick wink.
“Then why do you keep kicking my leg?”
He said nothing, eyes drifting to your lips for a brief moment, a flush of butterflies erupting in your stomach as your eyes followed his trail, but you ignored it.
“So,” you began, hurriedly trying to change the subject, “how was your first two weeks? I feel like I haven’t seen you much.”
“Oh it was all over the place,” he sighed, taking a small sip in between his sentences, “all my professors are really nice though, so I cannot complain.”
“Who wants a drink?”
Seeing as your cup was already empty, the call from Seungmin across the room refilling random cups was perfect timing. Jumping out of your seat, you turned to Chan, holding out your hand as if to give him your cup, cheerfully strolling into the kitchen, gently nudging Minho out of the way and filling the two cups to the brim.
“Woah, y/n,” he smirked, grabbing you by the hips, placing him in front of you and closer to the keg, “someone is eager to party tonight.”
“What can I say Minho, I’m a girl that likes to have fun.”
He gave you barely any time to speak before the hands that had been placed on your hips were spinning you around, enclosing you in the small space between the kitchen bench and his body. His lips curled into a smirk as his eyes traveled up and down your body, eventually bringing them back up to meet your own.
“You want to have fun, huh?”
“Of course,” you scoffed, unfazed by his, in what your mind, was a poor attempt at trying to win you over, “Who doesn’t want to have fun?”
“We can have fun right now”, Minho tilted his head as he knelt his body forwards, drawing dangerously close to yours. ”You want to get out of here?”
You rolled your eyes, breaking free from his grip and turning away from his gaze.
“Nice try, Minho,” you yelled at him as you began walking back to where your friends had been , “Only in your dreams!”
You didn't bother waiting for his response, chuckling to yourself as you walked up to Chan, who had a puzzled frown on his face when he saw your giddy smile.
“What was that about?”, he asked you, nodding towards the spot you walked from.
You glanced behind you. “Oh, that? Just Minho trying to get in my pants again, nothing new”
“Oh, that must be annoying,” he chuckled, a painful one as he hid his jealousy behind a hefty swig of alcohol.
Truth was, Chan was well aware of the scene that had just unfolded in front of his eyes. He saw the whole encounter, the reminder of his annoyance apparent once he looked down at his palms and noticed the crescent shaped marks left by his nails digging too far into his skin. Even Jisung had taken notice, putting his hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down.
He usually didn’t care who you spoke to, but Minho: Minho was another story. He had a strong disdain for the guy, especially due to his reputation that he had with other people. Using and discarding them like they were purely put in the earth for his and only his benefit. This was a minute detail, however, seeing as Minho wasn’t really involved much with Chan’s circle. He didn’t know what it was, but the idea of you ever having anything to do with the younger boy was infuriating. Not wanting to show said jealousy to you was integral to your friendship in Chan’s opinion. He still didn’t really know why he was so jealous anyway.
“It’s fine,” you sighed, quickly changing the subject. “I'm bored, do you want to go dance?”
“The fact that you even have to ask me speaks volumes about our friendship.”, Chan replied with a smile.
You shook your head, a placid smile on your lips as you stood up and took Chan’s wrist, beginning to mildly tug him to the living room dance floor. You began to giggle, but sadly you were interrupted, feeling something, more yet, someone clumsily hit your shoulder. Everything felt in slow motion for a minute, until you looked up and saw Changbin’s mouth open, two cups on the floor, and a wet patch covering your jeans.
“Fuck y/n, I’m so sorry, they just slipped out of my hand I-”
“It‘s fine dude,” Chan sighed, keeping his calm, friendly composure, “we know how clumsy you can be.”
You chuckled, admiring the way he was trying to make light of the situation.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?”
You nodded, following Chan upstairs to his bathroom. You were in luck, seeing as this was Chan’s house, he knew where everything was kept. Opening the cupboard in front of the vanity, you sighed, disappointed by the fact that your favorite pants were now ruined, sticky with alcohol and pure regret. You really should have worn the skirt that you originally planned to.
“Here, some paper towel,” he smiled, handing you the thin material, “do you need anything else?”
“You stood up from the edge of the counter top, looking down and seeing the wet patch coincidentally covering your crotch. A sudden heat came to your cheeks, feeling his gaze lingering in the same spot. The tension in the air had suddenly become thick, and you ripped the towel out of his hands, quickly turning around and attempting to clean yourself.
“Uhm,” he mumbled, “I’ll just be in my room, while you, uhm, help yourself. I’ll give you a pair of pants to change into when you're done.”
You ignored him, praying for him to leave the room sooner. He was making it so weird. It was just a stain that happened to be in an unfortunate place. You rolled your eyes, forgetting how immature your best friend could be sometimes. It was seriously just a wet patch.
You grunted, trying with maximum effort to dry yourself as much as possible before opening the bin and chucking it in. Ignoring your thoughts, you opened the door, striding down the hall and to the left: Chan’s room. You knocked on the door, hearing the faint ‘come in’ from the other side as you opened it slightly ajar, making sure Chan wasn’t doing anything… weird. Why would he be doing something weird? He was genuinely just waiting for you so he could help you wear dry, comfortable clothes; he was being a good friend.
You snapped out of your thoughts when you saw your friend sitting on the edge of his bed. The look on his face was odd. It wasn’t a smile, but it wasn’t a frown either. And why was he holding a pillow across his legs?
“Hi,” you nodded, eyebrows now furrowed, “can I have that pair of new pants now?”
“Oh yeah sure,” he jittered, “they're just in my drawer.”
“Which one?”
The colour on his face began to drain. His legs shifted slightly. You had never seen him so stiff.
“Okay well, are you going to show me where?”
He looked at the floor, mumbling any barely coherent words comprehend.
“I said, please don’t make me get up and show you.”
“Why not, I don’t know where they are, it is your wardrobe.”
He left you standing there. Not moving, not speaking, simply doing nothing. His stubbornness was making you frustrated, but it was when he moved the pillow against his groin slightly, that you noticed. The puzzle piece in your head was beginning to fit together, and create a perfect masterpiece.
“Why are you being so weird right now?”
“I’m not being weird,” he snapped, fixing his gaze on anywhere but your pants, “you’re being weird?”
“I am? You’re the one that’s acting like a robot right now. And why are you holding a pillow?”
He said nothing, again, making your frustration peak at a new high. Storming towards him, you gripped the pillow, giving him no time to react before you yanked it away, leaving him open, and extremely exposed.
“Y/n,” he yelled, now covering himself with his palms, “why did you do that!”
“Because,” you shrugged a smirk playing on your lips, “you were being really awkward. Now I know why.”
The chuckle on your lips was making him angry. This was so embarrassing for him. Being aroused over such a small thing. It was pathetic.
“Stop laughing,” he groaned, waving his hand in front of you, “it’s not funny.”
“I’m sorry,” you stumbled, gasping for air between each fit of laughter, “it’s just, how could you possibly have a boner right now?”
“Because of you.”
Your fit of joy came to a very sudden halt. Did you hear that correctly?
“Because of me?”
“Yes! Okay? Because of you, and because of that stupid stain on your pants.”
Your confusion was now at an all time peak. What the hell was he talking about? How could a gross beer stain make him so horny? It made no sense. You were distracted by your comedic enjoyment, completely unaware of how big his bulge truly was. Your eyes widened, cognitions solely focused on how much his cock was straining against his pants. Chan took notice, his arousal intensifying at the way you ogled him.
“You like what you see?”
“Uhm” you coughed, “I do, but what about me having a sticky stain on my pants, that obviously isn’t cum, get you so worked up like this?”
“It’s embarrassing,” he whined, tearing his eyes away from your intense gaze, “I don’t want to tell you.”
A sigh of annoyance escaped your lips. You did love him, but his stubbornness was something you wish you could slap him out of. You simply would not accept that as an answer, but there was a way you could get it out of him.
You took a couple of steps closer, inches away from him as you dropped to your knees, enjoying the choking gasp that was strangled from his lips as you became eye level with his raging erection. Placing either hand on his upper thighs, you sighed, pretending to be upset with your best friend.
“Come on baby,” you cooed, hands sliding closer and closer to his aching heat, “tell me, what’s got you so fired up right now?”
“I told you already,” he whined, momentarily moving away from you, “you.”
“Yeah, but,” you whispered, spreading his legs wide, “tell me more. Is this the first time you have thought of me like this?”
“Come on y/n, you know the answer, please don’t torture me like this.”
“Chan, come on,” you pouted, “you’re not making this any fun, don’t you want to have some fun?”
“Please,” he whined, feeling your index fingers barely brushing where he wanted you the most, “please suck me off.”
The forwardness of his statement took you back for a moment, subtracting your hands and looking up at him. His gaze was weak, but it was there. He kept them fixated on your pants. It didn’t matter anyway, the feeling of your hands softly rubbing over his still clothed cock was making you feel lightheaded.
“Is that what you want, baby?”
“Yes,” he hissed, no secondary thought coming to his mind, “I want you to suck my dick like you do to all those other guys.”
“Mmm,” you hummed, allowing his words to have maximum impact, “that would feel so nice.”
His voice, so dark and sultry, yet so needy and desperate was corrupting your thoughts entirely. Any prior hesitation you had about how this could change your friendship for the worst had dissipated. Every fiber of being wanted nothing more than to wrap your lips around his anguished cock. Make him beg the answer you so desperately needed out of him.
Your left hand moved to his zipper, right hand unbuttoning the single button one swift motion. The sound of each tooth from the zipper felt like an eternity to him.
“Faster please,” he whispered impatiently, “please y/n, faster.”
You truly wanted to take your time: you really did, but as soon as he lifted his hips and helped your slip of his pants, and you saw his throbbing member, all coherent thoughts of teasing and taking your time were gone. The fact that he was wearing no undergarments was so hot. Almost like he planned for something like this to happen.
He didn’t, but he was getting hornier the longer he went without being touched. His thoughts were all over the place. There were so many times that he sat in this exact spot, with you in this exact position so many times. He stroked himself off at his desire for him to have his cock all the way into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. The gags he pictured erupting and bubbling in your throat and spilling out of your lips had become so realistic. All of his fantasies he had created of you were basically brought to life. Chan truly thought that if he made his imagery of you participating in these filthy, naughty acts, they would satisfy his wants and needs, because he really thought that this would never happen. But it was happening right now, and my god, was he enjoying this 1000x times more than other erotic imaginations he once created.
You titled as close as you could to his shaft, coughing and parting your lips, letting a smooth line of saliva drip from your mouth, coating the tip of his slit, and causing his hips to jolt in anticipation. You continued your wet assault, pushing your tongue out flat as you licked a long, hard stripe up the backside of him.
“Fuck,” was all he could say, hands instinctively travelling to your scalp and interlocking anything he could hold onto.
You chuckled against him, finally letting yourself have a hint of how he tastes as you wrapped your lips around his tip. The hisses and groans that escaped his lips were nothing but music to your ears. The further you sunk onto him, the louder he became. You were sure someone from the party, oh yeah the party, could hear him; but you didn’t care. If anything, your excitement increased. The idea of someone, preferably one of Chan’s friends, hearing you make him feel this good was making you dizzy.
You began to take him in your mouth effortlessly, cheeks hollowing every time you reached the base of his cock. He pushed his hand in the back of your head, lightly thrusting his hips into your mouth, the gags that bubbled in your throat adding to his satisfaction to an even greater extent.
“Hmm,” you hummed, replacing your mouth with your hand to take a break, “is this how you pictured me?”
“Yes,” he grunted, looking down at you, “there’s so many things I want, you have no idea.”
You paused, taking your hand away from his cock, creeping onto the bed with your legs on either side of his hips. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you smiled, your jeans hit the perfect angle against your heart and you pushed down onto him, fiercely grinding yourself against him.
“Hmmm,” you moaned, enjoying the gentle friction, “is that why you got so turned on by my pants?”
“Fuck,” he paused, gripping your hips and attempting to speed up the awfully slow pace you had set, “you don’t know what I wanna do to your right now.”
“Tell me,” you whispered, lips resting in the crook of his neck, “I’m dying to find out.”
“I want to make you feel so good y/n, you have no idea.”
“Fine,” you hissed, taking your head off his chest and looking into his eyes, then his lips. God his lips. So plump and ready to be attacked. You leaned forward, lip attaching to his as you began to move ferociously, a combination of moans and groans being shared amongst the two of you as things really began to heat up. There was so much passion, so much lust. So much want and need from the both of you, just as hungry as each other for the other’s desire.
Chan pulled away, admiring the heavy pants of your chest as he grabbed your hips, much firmer than before. He pushed you aside. Standing up, he lifted his shirt, exposing his bare body to you. You had seen him shirtless a million and one times before, but this time, it was different. You were seeing him in a whole new different light. He was always just your innocent little best friend. But now, he was the sexiest person you had ever laid your eyes on. His whole body was so toned, you couldn’t help it. Dipping your hands underneath your pants, past your panties, and into your folds was the only way to relieve the pent up stress you felt in your body at this current moment.
“You’re so hot,” he growled, following your actions in stroking himself, “does that feel good?”
“Mhm,” you whimpered, bucking your hips against your own fingers, “can you touch me?”
“You want me to touch you, pretty girl?”
“Stand up.”
You need say no more, as Chan brought you to your feet, swiftly discarding you of any and every item of clothing you had on your body. The heat rose to your cheeks as it hit you that your body was now completely exposed to him. He made a step closer, digits bruising against your stomach as Chan searched your body. He let his hands roam, making your body shiver under his tender touch. You could feel yourself melting, body barely able to stand as he moved closer. He let his finger travel closer and closer to your chest, softly brushing over your nipple to test the waters. Your body shuddered against him, a sharp intake of air coming into your chest in response. A smirk appeared on Chan’s face. He loved the fact that such little effort made you into a mess.
“You wanna know what I want to do to you?”
You nodded, not wanting to embarrass yourself from the lack of control you had over your vocal chords. He pressed a kiss to your lips, creating a trail across your jaw, down your neck, and back to your chest. He looked up at you once more, simultaneously capturing your left nipple in his mouth as you opened your mouth, eyebrows furrowed, and hands interlocking in his hair as he harshly sucked on the exposed skin.
“I want to,” he paused, pressing a kiss to your left nipple, “make you cum so hard,” he paused again, pressing a kiss to your right nipple, “that you’ll be shaking, begging me to stop.”
The color of his eyes had changed, nothing but black whirling inside of them as he grabbed you by your hips, setting himself down on the bed first. He turned your body around, leaving your ass in his face and his dick in front of yours.
Chan bit down on his bottom lip, hands on either side of your ass as he spread your cheeks, humming in satisfaction as he enjoyed the view. Yes, he was ogling, but you didn’t mind, especially since his cock was right in front of you. You sighed, leaning down and taking him into your mouth once more, another groan erupting from behind you as he bucked his hips, trying to get a view of him sucking his dick like he had pictured.
“Fuck,” he spat, spreading your folds with this middle and index finger, “you’re so good at that baby, fuck!”
A hum of satisfaction came from your lips, your chest feeling warm at such a nice, gentle praise. The contrast between the sweet words, and the indecent acts that you were fulfilling.
You became lost in your sexual thoughts, eyes fluttering shut as you enjoyed feeding into Chan's pleasure. His cock was also super nice to suck on. Just like a lollipop. You were truly in your element, that is, until you felt a wet substance. His noises were consistent, becoming slightly muffled as he pushed his fingers into his mouth, drowning them with his own substance as he painted a line down your core, prodding them at your extremely aroused entrance.
“Hmhm,” you whined, choking on his length. You took him out of your mouth for a moment, substituting your hand as you let out a loud moan.
“C-chan, that feels so good.”
“You like that baby?”
“Yes,” you whimpered, digging your hips into his fingers in any attempt to increase the friction, “so good baby.”
Your useless whimper was enough to send him into a buzz. He stuck out his tongue, aggressively attacking your pussy, teeth brushing against your bundle of nerves as you continued to rock against him. The moans, which were minor pants before, became an endless string of noise, the pleasure becoming immense the longer he kept his tongue against your clit. The gratification you were receiving from Chan’s minimal, yet extremely skilful kitten licks on your clit was so much, it was becoming hard to keep steady on his cock. You took your lips away once again, this time, pumping him hard with your left hand, your right hand gently massaging his balls as you saw his legs shake, committing to the desired impact you wanted to have on him.
“Oh shit,” he whispered, pushing two fingers into you, “you’re gonna make me cum right now if you keep doing that.”
“You’re close already huh?”
“Yes,” he growled, barely giving you time to respond, “don’t stop.”
His words motivated you greatly. You kept your hand on his balls, mouth now hollowed and returning to his tip. You began to suck, extremely harsh, wallowing and tracing his slit back and forth. The action caused him to jerk into your mouth; but you weren’t having any of that. Moving your grip to his sides, you giggled, pushing his hips aggressively against the bed. The last thing you needed was him helping you reach his high. You wanted to do this on your own, show him the good girl you really were and make him cum solely based on your skills.
“Oh fuck,” he whimpered, “I’m so close y/n.”
“Cum then.”
Chan said your name over and over, any and all vulnerability being exposed as his stomach coiled against your chest, legs shaking as his substance of the highest arousal coated your lips. You smiled, enjoying the taste of his orgasm that you brought him to smother you. You took a finger to your lips, sucking on them with no question.
“Hmm,” you purred, “all that pineapple juice you drink truly pays off sometimes huh?”
“Of course it does.”
You lifted your leg up, attempting to climb off the bed and stand up, but you were interrupted by a delightful surprise, Chan nipped at your ankle, hooking his arm around it as he brought you back to your original position.
“We’re not done yet pretty girl,” he growled, “turn around.”
You did as he said, his eyes now in line with your core. Hooking his arms around your knees, you gasped, taken aback by the brute force he used to bring you to his lips. You looked down at him, the look of eagerness in his eyes making your clit tingle in anticipation.
“You wanna know why your pants made me so wet?”
His finger plunged into your folds once more, soothingly massaging your knub as you let out a ferocious moan in response to his attack.
“Because princess, I want to make you cum so hard, you’re squirting all over me.”
He attacked again, giving you no time to respond as he situated his palms across your chest, flicking your nipples mercilessly, lips basically suctioned onto your clit as your body jerked in response. Your head was thrown back, eyes shut tightly, as you began to lightly rock back and forth on this tongue.
“Oh fuck,” was all you could say, followed by his name in different high pitched whimpers, “Chan.”
He hummed against you, the vibrations doing wonders through your body. The knot in your stomach was forming very abruptly, becoming together with each millisecond as Chan continued his rough, yet very highly skilled blitz on you. Your head was feeling drowsy, your jaw was open wide, hips were becoming sporadic. Everything was leading perfectly to the moment you’ve been waiting for. The build up had become so intense within a small period of time, and Chan being relentless with your body was not helping.
“Right there,” you gasped, looking down to see the edge of his tongue inside of your whole, “oh my god right there please baby don’t stop.”
The begs and pleads of mercy that escaped your lips every few seconds truly was music to his ears. He wanted to stop every second moment, fill your mind with the dirtiest of words and humiliate you, but you were already too far gone, and he would feel guilty in some way if he didn’t give you what you wanted.
Your legs were beginning to shake. Your hair was disheveled, your own hands tugging at the roots as you slid yourself farther and farther down onto his tongue, letting him fuck the shit out of you with his mouth.
“Chan please,” you moaned, becoming completely lost in the pleasure, “I’m gonna cum.”
“Cum for me then,” he paused, reattaching his lips to your clit, “I want to see how good I make you feel.”
Your breaths were already extremely heavy, a soft grunt coming from your lips. Everything had suddenly become so overwhelming. He could tell you were feeling it too. The way your face was flushed, and the perspiration that had gathered across the sleekness of your collarbone; it made him want to go even harder. His tongue was now moving at an ultra fast pace. His change in tempo made you scream a little, unaware that it was humanly possible to do something as good as this. It was enough to finally take you over the edge.
Your body became numb, hips gently curling around Chan’s tongue as he let you ride out your high, the excess stimulation making your body completely shut down. You collapsed on top of him, completely unaware of doing so. Your vision had become blurred, and all you could feel now was lying beside him, hands enveloping you into a warm embrace. You looked over at him, your face turning into a state of shock when you saw the mass liquid glistening across his entire chin.You lifted a hand, trying to clean it off of his face, and save yourself the embarrassment and reminder that it was Chan, your best friend, who had brought you to such a distraught state. Over an accidental beer stain.
“Oh shit, I wanna say I’m sorry, but I’m really not.”
“Don’t be sorry y/n,” he smirked, “that’s exactly the response I was looking for.”
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kpoppwriter · 2 days ago
[ 10:35am ]
Tumblr media
You shifted in bed — well it was more like a wiggle since Chan practically had you in a chokehold with how tightly he was cuddling you. You were about to drift back to sleep but your stomach let out a low grumble. You were very hungry. You tried to gently and quietly get out of Chan's grasp but he would not let you go even after waking up.
"What're you doing?" he rasped, his voice gravely from just waking up
"I'm trying to get up,” you giggled at the little disgruntled look on his face
"Why? Do you not love me anymore?”
"I'm hungry, love. I need food," you chuckled
With a whine, Chan moved to lay his head on your chest. His body kept yours trapped against the mattress so you couldn't go anywhere. You complained and cursed at your boyfriend (jokingly of course) but your words fell on deaf ears. You wriggled and writhed beneath the muscular man knowing there was no way you could get him to move by your strength alone yet you tried anyway.
"Here's the thing;” Chan lifted his head to look at you, “There's no way that you’re stronger than me. It looks like you're just gonna hafta cuddle with me."
"But I'm hungry!”
"And I want to cuddle with my favorite person!"
You melted when you heard the endearing term fall from Chan's lips. You let him win; your complaints stopped and you pushed his head down to rest on your chest again. You couldn't compete with Chan's sweet words. A satisfied smile graced Chan's face as he closed his eyes and relished being cuddled up with you. Another low groan escaped your stomach.
" Eh, looks like I'll starve.”
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mmelancholicdaze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All the Words Left Unspoken.
INCLUDING. fem!reader. stray kids hyunjin, seungmin, minho, chan, felix, changbin, han, and jeongin. ateez seonghwa, mingi, and wooyoung. bts taehyung and jungkook. blackpink lisa. itzy yeji. twice nayeon and sana. somi.
GENRES. university!au, friends with benefits, best friends to lovers, fluff, angst, smut.
SUMMARY. What’s one to do when your boyfriend of four years suddenly ghosts you, and reappears dating another girl not even one week later? Your best friends, Lisa and Yeji, insist on helping you move on. But that proves hard to do when you see him all over campus, the new blonde right by his side. Not mention that your friends, were also his friends. With the aid of numerous frat parties, drunken mistakes, and even a couple new friends, can you make it through?
A/N. i’ve had this idea in my head for so long, but never... done anything about it? so here we are! this is basically my first my first attempt at fanfiction, but i hope you’ll like it anyways! i don’t have a set schedule, so chapters will be uploaded just whenever i finish them. i’m super excited to finally bring this idea to life, so here’s to All the Words Left Unspoken. ( credits to one of my beautiful best friends for helping me with the title! ) ❥︎
coming soon.
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved to mmelancholicdaze, 2021. do NOT copy or modify any part of my stories. do NOT translate or repost my works on any platform.
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chrizbang · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bang Chan x female reader
Genre: smut
Word count: 1.319
Warnings: mature content, fingering
Summary: Chan challenged you to go five days without an orgasm. Will you be able to do it?
Days: 1
Tumblr media
The sunlight coming in through the opening in the curtain woke you up earlier than you expected. You rubbed your eyes, grunting because you wanted to sleep more, but you probably wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. You yawned and got up from the bed. That's when you noticed the sound of the shower. "Is Chan home?" you thought. It was 10 am, he was usually at the studio at this time. You slowly opened the bathroom door, just to see Chan taking a hot shower. You wanted to stay and admire his body, maybe even get in the shower with him, but it would only make you horny. You didn't need to tease yourself like that. You made the bed, waiting for him to finish so you could brush your teeth. A few minutes later, Chan came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. You tried to avoid looking at his body. And you knew that he knew by the look on his face. "Good morning, princess," he said with a big smile. "Good morning." You gave him a kiss on the cheek and rushed to the bathroom. As you brushed your teeth, Chan began to prepare breakfast. You went downstairs, already hearing your stomach growling. "I'm making some pancakes for us, baby," Chan said. "You didn't go to the studio today, love?" you asked, entering the kitchen. "We finished the album for the new group JYP is going to debut, so we have a little bit of free time." You felt butterflies in your stomach, knowing that you would be able to spend more time with your boyfriend. Chan worked as a producer at JYP along with his childhood friends Changbin and Jisung. They produced for almost every single artist in the company, so they were always busy. You got used to it since you had your own stuff to do, but sometimes, you really missed your boyfriend. "I'm happy to hear that, baby," you hugged him from behind. "I'm so proud of you." Chan chuckled and lowered his head, feeling a little shy. He always did this when you complimented him. "I'll have to go to the supermarket today," you said, cutting some fruits to eat with the pancake. "But maybe we can watch a movie later?" "Sure!" After eating breakfast and cleaning the dishes, Chan took you to the supermarket. You loved to go grocery shopping with Chan because he looked like a little kid, grabbing cereals and cookies to put in the cart. "You smell so good," he whispered in your ear, kissing your cheek while you waited in the checkout line. He was all over you, holding you from behind. "Stop," you giggled, playfully pushing him away. "What? I'm just complimenting my beautiful girlfriend." "You know damn well what you're doing, Chan." He kissed your neck, making you squirm a little. "I would fuck you right here if I could," he said in a low voice. You looked at him with wide eyes. "Chan!"
By the way he was looking at you, it was clear that he didn't care if the people around you were listening or not.
"I would fill your little pussy up so good, baby." You couldn't stop giggling, part of it because you were embarrassed, but also because you were incredibly turned on. "Why are you so mean to me?" you asked, pouting, hoping that Chan would be good to you if you acted cute. "Because I like teasing you." His eyes looked dark, he had a dirty grin on his face. He knew what he was doing. It was finally your turn to pay for the groceries, and Chan went back to acting normal. It was as if he was another person. You went back home feeling frustrated. You awkwardly walked through the door. Anyone that looked at you would think it was because of the bags you were carrying. It was actually because of the wetness in your panties, which was bothering you. You didn't know how you would be able to handle all the teasing, but you also wanted to prove to Chan that you could win the bet. He was organizing the grocery in the cabinet while you showered. You decided to take a cold shower, so you could distract your mind from how horny you were feeling. Your hands began to run through your skin, spreading the soap. You felt your pussy aching, begging to be touched. You looked at it, debating if you should touch yourself or not. You really wanted it, but you knew you wouldn't be able to stop once you were close to your orgasm. You decided to focus on finishing your shower. You sighed as you dried your body. Just four days. "What movie do you want to watch, baby?" Chan asked as you went down the stairs. “Anything is good, love." Chan chose a random movie, and you joined him on the couch. He was laying there, his head against the arm of the sofa. "It doesn't look comfortable," you laughed, looking at him. "I'm gonna grab a cushion, hold on." You got one from the other couch, giving it to Chan. "Better?" "Yes, thank you, baby girl." He gave you the sweetest smile and, for a moment, you forgot that he was the same man that was teasing you a while ago. "Come lay down with me?" he asked. You nodded, wasting no time. You sat between his legs, with your back against his chest. Chan's body was bigger than yours, even though he wasn't too tall. It made you feel so small but protected at the same time. "I love your warm body, baby," you purred. Chan put his arms around you, giving you a kiss on the cheek. "And I love everything about you, my pretty baby." The movie started. For a moment, you were actually paying attention to it. It was until you felt Chan's hand wandering around your body. At first, he was holding your hand. Then, his hand started to caress the skin of your belly. You weren't paying much attention to it, but it was impossible to ignore as his hand began to go up. Soon, it was caressing the skin next to your boob, very close, but still not touching it. You swallowed hard, knowing damn well where this was going. Chan wouldn't lose the chance to tease you.
You bit your lip, trying really hard to ignore him and focus on the movie. Chan kissed your cheek, still caressing your skin. "Are you enjoying the movie?" he asked in your ear. "Yes, very much." Chan finally grabbed your boob, massaging it firmly. You rubbed your tights together and whined. You didn't want to give him the taste of knowing the effect he had on you, but it was becoming impossible to hold it in. His other hand went straight to the waistband of your pants. His middle finger applied a little bit of pressure on your clit before moving. You sighed, closing your eyes. You were already on edge and he barely touched you. Chan kept playing with your clit, he was teasing you, but it wasn't enough to get you close to an orgasm. He put his hand inside of your panties. You gasped when he started fingering you, his finger sliding with ease because of your wetness. "C-chan," you moaned. "Shh, I'm watching the movie, baby girl." Chan found your g-spot, making you buck your hips up. You felt your orgasm getting closer, but it came accompanied by frustration since you knew you couldn't cum. "I'm so close," you warned him, before pushing his hand away. Chan chuckled. "Good girl." He pulled his finger out, bringing it to his lips and sucking on it while looking at you. "You are the worst," you said, pouting. "I love you too, baby."
Tumblr media
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Felix: Channie, we've known each other for a long time, right? You've come to respect me?
Chan: Sure.
Felix: Well, get ready to stop.
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STRAY KIDS // 말할 수 없는 비밀
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✧・゚: *✧ channie ✧*:゚・✧ for @bangchanz
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Hard sexy?
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