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#bang chan imagines
fizzydrink698 · 6 months ago
touch | chan
Tumblr media
pairing: bang chan/reader
word count: 7.2k
genre: romance, werewolf au, frenemies-to-lovers
warnings: swearing, dirty talk, hot and heavy making-out, reader is a capital-B Brat, blood (chan’s got those gnarly-looking claw-marks on his back and chest), yes this was entirely inspired by that wolfgang performance
Tumblr media
Then, he finally notices the first-aid kit in your hand, and he changes.
The corners of his lips turn up, twisting into a smirk. He raises his chin, one eyebrow arching at the sight of you. It’s a smug, quietly dangerous look from Chan that you’ve never seen before. One that sets your nerves on edge, has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.
“Why?” Chan asks, and his hand drifts up to undo his top button. “Are you here to play nurse?”
Tumblr media
There’s something wrong with Chan.
You notice immediately, trying to stay discreet as you watch through the window at the boys as they wander out of the forest, stretching limbs, ruffling dishevelled hair.
You’re still getting used to the whole werewolf thing.
It had only been a few months ago that you had returned from a semester abroad to find that your life-long best friend, Felix, had been bitten by some sketchy creep at a beach bonfire.
There’s no…lingering guilt about not being there. Or anything.
You’re fine.
But Chan isn’t. That’s what you’re so focused on right now.
His expression is guarded, shoulders tense as he walks just a few steps behind the rest of the group. You watch Felix hang back a second, talking to him, saying something you can’t hear through the window. You see Chan shake his head, patting him on the shoulder, and when Felix says something else, he moves his hand to the back of Felix’s head, scratching it affectionately.
You know objectively that Chan taking in Felix was one of the best things to happen for him. From the little you’ve gleaned about werewolves, you know that packs work like a support network. A new family. It’s good for him.
It just…chafes a little that you’re not a part of it. It feels unfair that the only way to regain that position you once held in Felix’s life would be to get bitten too, suffer through the painful transition, disconnect from society, spend days and weeks and months of your life as a mindless animal ready to attack and maul any living thing in sight–
Chan’s limping.
You catch it. Just barely.
You don’t think anyone else has noticed. You think you only caught it because Chan hasn’t noticed you looking.
Hasn’t noticed you.
You were surprised when Chan approached you a few weeks ago with a proposition. It was a simple enough request – staying at their cabin while the full moon happened, house-sitting while they spent the better part of three days doing their wolf stuff. You could catch up on your schoolwork, spend a few days alone to collect your thoughts.
It was nice. Quiet. Maybe a little lonely. But still nice.
You just didn’t see why you were needed. And Chan didn’t really do much to make you feel wanted either.
The other boys like you, you think. Felix obviously adores you, and the others joke around with you and share smiles and try to give you teasing little compliments when they think they can break you down, make you blush. It hasn’t worked so far, but it’s cute that they’re trying.
But Chan’s different. So warm to his boys, so committed to the role as pack leader – but there’s something off in the way he acts with you. Being a wolf, being a leader, is so intrinsic to his being and it’s all meaningless to you. He has no authority over you. He has nothing in common with you.
And he’s intimidating as fuck.
The first of the group finally make it to the door, filing in as they laugh raucously about some inside joke Felix might catch you up on later.
“Is there anything to eat?” Jisung asks, eyes alight.
You scowl. “Why are you asking me? You think I waited around all weekend, cooking you guys dinner?”
You had made it clear from day one that you weren’t going to be some house mother to these guys, some kind of Wendy to their Lost Boys. You had your own life, and you were doing them a favour just by agreeing to stay in such an isolated cabin, miles away from the rest of civilisation.
But as Jisung’s face slowly turns guilty, his gaze shifting to the floor as he is undoubtedly recalling this same conversation, you can’t help but sigh. “…I tried following Felix’s cookie recipe yesterday. There’s some left in the fridge.”
Jisung’s face lights up, and you try hard to keep your expression neutral when he leans in and kisses your cheek. “Cute.”
You shove him away, scowl firmly back in place. “Only the burned ones are left. Fucking help yourself, asshole.”
Jisung just laughs, already heading for the fridge.
Hyunjin, who had followed right behind him, gives you a smile as he takes a seat at the kitchen counter, attempting to tease out a stray twig knotted in his hair. “Thanks for staying.”
You shrug. “Eh. I got some quiet time. Managed to finish outlining my dissertation. It wasn’t the worst weekend, I guess.”
Seungmin is the next to wander through, and you notice the rips in his shirt, the way his right sleeve hangs off his arm in tatters. Felix has informed you of the perils of clothing as a werewolf, how easily things can rip and snag when you don’t quite have the transformation under control yet. It’s hard to undress when you’re literally in the middle of turning in to a big scary man-sized wolf, you suppose.
Jeongin’s shirt is open, every single button apparently a casualty of transforming, seams along his sleeves and sides burst. He passes you by with a sheepish grin, hair mussed, shoulders straightened out just a touch at the sight of you.
Felix throws his arms around you as soon as he walks through the door, shouting his greeting in your ear. He’s practically vibrating, still on the high of adrenaline from whatever wolfy things he did this weekend. Chased deer? Howled at the moon, maybe?
“-so cool, he just pounced on this bear, you wouldn’t believe it. Our Jeonginnie’s getting so strong!”
You close your eyes, burrowing your face in Felix’s shoulder for a second as he recounts the weekend’s escapades in breathless excitement.
Definitely lonely, you think. This weekend has definitely felt lonely.
When you open your eyes, you catch sight of a pair of thick black boots, marching past you. By the time you glance up, you only catch the barest glimpse of Chan’s back retreating from you as he heads up the stairs in silence.
“What’s up with Chan?” You ask, blinking.
“Huh?” Felix pulls away from you to turn, following your gaze to the now-empty staircase. “Uh, nothing much. He always gets kind of quiet after we transform back. It’s kind of intense, especially for him. He’ll be fine.”
You think back to that limp, the way Chan’s body had faltered when he thought no one was looking.
These boys are tough. You know that they’re strong, resilient and heal supernaturally fast. You’ve maybe seen them hurt once or twice, with bruises or scrapes that heal up in about an hour.
You have never seen Chan, the great and fearless pack leader, hurt – and you have definitely never seen him limping like that.
It piques your curiosity.
“Just give me a sec,” you murmur, squeezing Felix’s arm. You turn to the rest of the room, barely sparing a glance at the way Changbin opened the snack cupboard with so much force that he almost ripped the handle clean off. “You guys eat. Maybe wash up a little. I don’t wanna use the phrase ‘wet dog’ but–”
Minho flashes you a grin, and throws up one long, delicate middle finger in your direction.
You purse your lips, blowing him a kiss, before turning on your heel and heading up the stairs after Chan.
His room is at the very end of the hallway. You pass by the bathroom on the way to it, and in a moment of inspiration, you quickly stop there to grab the first-aid kit you kept stocked under the sink.
Chan’s bedroom door is, of course, firmly shut when you arrive. You knock, gently at first, at least making the attempt at politeness. When he doesn’t answer, you try again even harder.
No response.
You resort to pounding your fist against the door. “Chan?”
“…Not now,” finally came the response, the irritation in his tone clear even through the muffling of the wood.
“Not in the fucking mood.”
You blink at his terse response, before scoffing. Rude.
“Channie,” you sing-song, unable to resist winding him up just a little. “Channie, are you in there?”
“Leave me alone.”
You actually take a step back, staring in shock at the door.
You’ve only heard Chan use that voice on a handful of occasions before. Felix described it as Chan’s ‘alpha voice’ (even after you tried to explain to him that the concept of alpha wolves had already been disproven in science decades ago, “just ask David Mech–”) reserved only for the most serious of situations.
It was something only leaders had, a tone of voice that could bend the will of his pack members, force them to obey whatever he commanded.
Of course, with you not being a werewolf, that ‘alpha voice’ did jack-fucking-shit.
“Oh, scary. Chan’s all grumpy today,” you drawl, stepping forwards again. “I’m not leaving until you let me in, asshole. Now open the fucking door.”
There’s a pause. A long pause.
And then a sigh.
You’re already smirking when the lock turns, and the door slowly swings open to reveal Chan’s thunderous expression. “What do you want?”
“The pleasure of your company,” you retort, already trying to muscle your way in through the gap in the door.
Your shoulder makes contact with his side, shoving against it, and you jolt in shock when Chan reels back, wincing as his hands immediately flew to his ribs.
Oh, fuck.
Something was wrong.
You shut the door behind you, expression softening as you take in the sight of him.
His white shirt is streaked with dirt and grass stains, possibly salvageable with a long hot wash, nothing out of the ordinary. There’s a bright sheen of sweat covering his skin, clinging to the hair at his temples. His jaw is clenched, his nose flaring as he tries to breathe deeply. His whole body is tensed up.
He’s in pain.
You falter, unsure exactly how to deal with this situation now that you had forced your way into it.
“…What happened?”
Chan makes a face, turning away from you as he straightens up, pulling his hands away from his side. “Nothing.”
“Bullshit. You’re hurt.”
“It’s nothing. Leave it.”
Chan closes his eyes, letting out another long sigh through his nose. “Has anyone ever told you how irritating you are?”
“Frequently. It’s one of my charms. What happened?”
His eyes open, and he fixes you with one long, appraising stare. “…You’re not going to let this go, are you?”
“The boy catches on fast,” you comment. “What was it? Felix said something about a bear–”
Chan actually chuckles at that – well, you can almost call it a chuckle. A sharp exhale of air that sounds amused as Chan rolls his eyes. “No, it wasn’t the bear,” he says, like it’s obvious.
“So, what was it?”
He falls silent again.
You frown, eyes narrowing at his stubbornness.
Well, two can play at that game.
You turn away from him, wandering over to his neatly made bed and dropping your rear onto it with a graceless thud. You sit there on the edge, legs crossed. You raise an eyebrow, challenging him.
The message is clear – you’re not leaving until you get answers.
Chan’s expression is unreadable as he eyes your new position. “…Get off my bed.”
You smile, and lean back, planting your hands into the soft sheets behind you. “Maybe if you tell me what’s wrong.”
He just stares at you, eyes burning.
You decide to change tactics. Voice softening, you tilt your head as you look up at him. “This is…this is how I show concern. OK? I’m concerned.”
Your words draw out the slightest hint of softness in Chan’s eyes, and you know immediately. Got him.
He swallows, and with a final sigh, he shifts his weight from one foot to another. “Jeongin…he’s getting strong. Maybe too strong. I was trying to help him transform back, and he…caught me.”
Your eyebrows shoot up, your eyes widening in shock.
He quickly clarifies himself. “By accident, obviously.”
“And the others…haven’t noticed?”
Chan shrugs, then immediately hisses at the pain of it, tensing again for a few moments until he manages to regain his composure. “…They noticed. I just told them I was fine.”
“Of course you did.”
Chan has a talent in persuading people. He’s got this raw charisma about him, the kind that could make you believe anything he wanted if he gave you enough attention, said just the right things.
“How bad is it?”
“I’ll be fine.”
“That’s nice. How bad is it?”
Your tone is sharp, sickeningly sweet. There’s something in you that takes a grim kind of pleasure in condescending to Chan, that enjoys disrespecting him when so many of his pack members seems to worship the ground he walks on.
It’s also the precise way to really push his buttons – which, of course, is a big part of the fun.
Instantly, his expression hardens, and his eyes are back to that burning kind of fury as he glares across the room at you.
Then, he finally notices the first-aid kit in your hand, and he changes.
The corners of his lips turn up, twisting into a smirk. He raises his chin, one eyebrow arching at the sight of you. It’s a smug, quietly dangerous look from Chan that you’ve never seen before. One that sets your nerves on edge, has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.
“Why?” Chan asks, and his hand drifts up to undo his top button. “Are you here to play nurse?”
His tone is mocking, pointed – a perfect reflection of your own.
His hand travels down to the second button.
He’s trying to intimidate you, scare you into submission, send you running out the door.
You grip the kit even tighter in your hand, and watch as he undoes that button too.
“Oh, no. Not skin, Channie,” you remark, voice just a touch too strained for your liking. “Anything but that.”
He ignores you, moving onto the third and then the fourth, shirt gaping open to reveal more and more of his torso as his hands travelled.
This is starting to venture into unfamiliar territory.
But you hold your ground regardless, watching as more and more of his body became exposed.
It’s…it’s a nice body. Lean. Defined. Chan clearly takes care of himself. Works out.
You’re unable to resist following the lines of an emerging six-pack, fading and sharpening with each of his breaths.
You swallow. “…Chan, if you’re just trying to show off–”
He slips the shirt off entirely, and your words catch in your throat.
You stare.
He’s so broad. It’s one thing to see him under clothes, but it’s entirely different to see him stripped so bare, to see the meat of his shoulders and biceps, to see just how big he is.
And normally, your attention would be all over that.
But it’s not.
Because your gaze is caught on the marks on his chest, some still bleeding, some turned shiny and pink as Chan heals himself.
You rise up from the bed immediately, almost jumping to your feet, at the sight.
Chan pauses for just a fraction of a second at your sudden movement. “Wh–”
“Get on the bed,” you order him, no trace of humour in your tone. It is all business, all urgency.
Chan blinks at your words, mouth opening to respond.
“Now,” you snap, looking him over again. “They need to get cleaned out before they heal over, genius. Get on the bed.”
It takes a second for your words to sink in, and his expression shifts when he finally grasps what you’re trying to tell him.
And then, Chan makes the very smart decision to do what you say, brushing past you as he walks towards his own bed and slowly sits down with a wince. “…Go on, then.”
You nod, making your way back to the bed and climbing up onto the mattress, crawling around Chan to check out the damage to his back.
You’re faced with scores of angry claw-marks, cuts still oozing blood as they decorate his shoulders, his ribs, even the small of his back.
“What the fuck, Chan?” You hiss under your breath, fingers fumbling with the zip of the first-aid kit as you scramble to open it.
“Is it bad?” He asks, his voice so fucking casual.
You can’t even form a response, thoughts too tangled up in the state of his back. You dig for the antiseptic wipes, not exactly ideal for the situation but probably the best thing you had for cleaning these wounds.
“This is going to sting,” you warn, barely giving Chan time to brace himself before you press the wipe to the first of the cuts.
He grunts at the pain, teeth gritted as he tries to bite back any more sound. Of course he’s trying to tough this out.
You’re silent as you try to fix up the worst of his cuts, making do with what you have. The best thing would be to get him under running water – less of a chance of damaging the skin that way.
But considering you had enough of a time just convincing him to let you help him, you doubt you’d be able to persuade him to leave the safety of his bedroom and chance an encounter with his packmates on the way to the bathroom.
So, antiseptic wipes it is.
You finish off the back, applying appropriate dressing to the worst of the cuts. The muscles of his back still tense under your touch, twitching under your fingers. As your panic slowly eases with each treated wound, it’s getting harder and harder not to notice the way he’s built, the grooves and dips of each muscle.
You swallow at the sight. It’s a…it’s a strong back, you suppose.
Gently, very gently, you run your fingers across the planes of his back, paying close attention to the way it shifts underneath. “Any…like, muscle pain? Tightness? Aches?”
“…No. Honestly, it doesn’t even hurt much now. I’ll be fine in, like, an hour.”
You nod, moving your hand away. You’ve seen the effects of wolf healing first-hand. “OK. I’m…I’ll do your front now.”
Chan pauses, before shifting backwards by just a few inches. You shuffle on your knees to his side, watching as he finally settles, before turning his face to meet your gaze. He holds it, very carefully, before slowly leaning back, expression neutral.
Leaving more than enough room for you on his lap.
This feels like another test, you think to yourself, as you eye him with suspicion. Another power-play, meant to throw you off.
You think Chan doesn’t like it when he’s not in control. He’s not used to it.
“What?” Chan says, breaking you out of your trance. “You said you’d do my front. Don’t you need to hurry, before they close up?”
There’s a layer to his tone, the barest hint of challenge, and it has you straightening up in seconds, ready to face him head-on.
Fine. If he really thought he could break you like this, he had another thing coming.
With all the grace and self-assurance you could muster, you crawl back over to him, swinging one leg over him to plant both knees either side of his hips, straddling him without even batting an eye.
“Stay still,” you demand, gripping his shoulder with one hand as you shift your weight around, trying to get comfortable as you hover just a few inches above his lap.
Chan is silent, and somehow that’s even worse than when he was trying to provoke you earlier. You can feel his breath ghost against your ear, hear the tiniest little noises he made whenever you reached a new wound.
And fuck, his chest. His shoulders. His abs. Everything. Just…there’s a lot to take in. If you’re not careful, you’re going to get distracted.
Swallowing, you dab at one of the shallow cuts near his collarbone and finally speak up. “I guess I should say thanks for letting me stay here this weekend. I managed to get a shit-load of essay-reading done.”
Chan hums, and you feel the vibrations under your fingertips. “Good. Thanks for looking after the cabin while we were gone.”
“I still don’t think it was necessary,” you can’t help but add, trying to keep your tone light. “I didn’t really do much.”
“…Felix is always talking about wanting to spend more time with you,” Chan comments, and you pause at his words. “And you get on well with the others. You’re a good influence. Having you here seemed…like a smart idea at the time.”
“Seemed like? At the time?” You repeat, picking up on the subtle implications of his words. “Are you saying it wasn’t smart?”
“There are always risks,” Chan states, non-committal, eyes flickering to look at you. Naturally, your faces are incredibly close in this position – no more than a few inches apart. “Complications.”
“Like what?”
“We always have to stay careful around you, especially around a full moon. You’re more fragile than we are.”
“That’s me,” you retort, sarcasm dripping from your every word. You bring your hand up to his chest to steady yourself as you move on to the next scratch. His skin is warm under your fingertips, smooth. “Delicate little flower that I am. Gotta handle me gently, or I’ll break.”
Chan hesitates before he answers, and when the words do come out, they’re very carefully spoken. “…I don’t know. Maybe you could take a little more.”
“No shit,” you say absently, finishing up the last of his cuts by his shoulder. All pretty superficial, guaranteed to heal in the next hour. “I’m tougher than I look, Channie. I can take a lot.”
Chan doesn’t respond, and when you glance up, you see that his eyes have fluttered shut. He’s taking slow, deep breaths – like he’s meditating, or about to fall asleep.
There’s the tiniest of scratches on his cheekbone.
Gently, very gently, you lift one hand to rest against his face – and his eyes snap open in panic to stare at you.
“You got a thing,” you manage to blurt out, pointing towards the scratch. “There. Just gonna…yeah, clean it. You don’t want something getting infected on your face.”
Honestly, a cut that small is probably not going to get infected – especially with how quickly Chan can heal.
You’re a completionist.
Chan stares at you, and for a brief moment, panic starts to take hold in your gut. Have you gone too far?
But instead, he just says. “You’re not usually this…nice.”
“You’d be amazed how nice I can be when you don’t avoid my very reasonable questions.”
“You mean, when you get your own way?”
“That too.”
Chan laughs, eyes still fixed on you. “You’re a bit of a brat, aren’t you?”
He probably just means it innocently, but the way he says ‘brat’, the tone of his voice…
You take a deep breath, fighting back the flush that threatens to creep into your face. “Sometimes. It’s another one of those charms I was talking about.”
Chan doesn’t have a response to that. Maybe he wasn’t expecting you to agree.
You shift again, as your attention turns to the next set of scratches, and by sheer accident, your fingertips catch his nipple. You feel him tense under you, breath escaping him in one sharp exhale, and he hisses. “Careful.”
“Sorry,” you mumble, but you can’t help but examine this new piece of information about Chan with amusement. Sensitive nips. How unexpectedly…cute. “You OK?”
“Mm-hm. Just finish this up quickly,” he says, and there’s an edge of urgency in his tone, a desire to really see you end this as soon as possible.
It sounds foolish, but it’s really only then that you realise just how compromising this position is. Like, objectively, you had known the whole time that you had been straddling Chan – but it had still felt like a game, a competition, a statement.
The idea that he just wanted this over with should feel like victory, but you find yourself a little caught off-guard.
You’re so caught up in these thoughts that you don’t think through your next action. You’re so focused on reaching for that last wound snaking around his rib, just a touch too low for you to reach with your legs in their current position. You just need to lower them, then you can reach, then you can finish. Easy.
That’s why you don’t think twice before you lower yourself onto his lap completely, completely intent on just cleaning the cut and moving on.
And then you feel it.
Something in his lap, not quite pressing up into you, but certainly there. Interested. Insistent.
Chan is getting hard.
Your eyes snap up to meet his, watching as he swallows, struggling to hide the new flush in his face.
“Ignore it.”
“It happens sometimes, after a transformation. Body’s still trying to recover, hormones are all over the place. Ignore it.”
“…OK,” you nod, giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s right, it does make some kind of logical sense that his body is still all out of whack from changing. Physiological reactions happen. Dudes pop boners for literally no reason sometimes. It’s fine.
Of course, you’d been around Felix several times after his transformations, ready with water and clean clothes and some good old-fashioned moral support. And never once had this happened.
You can’t help but comment on it – which maybe spoke volumes for your own self-preservation instincts. “I mean, it definitely can’t be the cute girl in your lap or anything.”
Chan stills at your words, and his response is definitely evasive. “…You’re calling yourself cute now, huh?”
“You say it like it’s not the objective truth,” you respond, gently dabbing at that deceptively deep cut on his ribs. He tenses with the pain, and in your new position, you can feel the way his thighs squeeze and harden, the way his breath cuts short. You swallow, feeling a little warm. “I’m decently attractive. I’m very aware of this. It seems you’re aware of it too.”
“What makes you so sure of that?”
You smile sweetly at the man under you, the picture of innocence. “Channie, your dick is literally poking me in the leg.”
To your surprise, he flushes at your words, quickly averting his gaze as he tried to keep his expression under control. “…It’s a wolf thing, not a you thing.”
You’re not so sure about that.
You don’t know what to do with this new knowledge. Chan – big, scary, pack leader Chan – finds you attractive. It fills you with a sense of…power. You have to fight to keep the smirk off your face, but there’s no mistaking the smugness growing inside of you with every passing second. “For a wolf thing, you’re very flustered.”
“Maybe it’s because you keep talking about my dick,” Chan mutters.
“You want me to stop?” You ask, only half-teasing. You’re not here to push any limits, make anyone feel uncomfortable.
And again, Chan’s response is evasive. “Are you actually capable of stopping?”
Testing a theory, your hand returns to the cut on his side, and carefully, you press down.
Chan makes the tiniest pained groan, hand flying up to grab at your hip, squeezing. The sudden contact is enough to jar you slightly, pushing you forward along the slowly growing bulge in Chan’s pants. His grip on your hip tightens.
“You did that on purpose,” Chan hisses through his teeth.
“Keeping pressure on that deep of a wound is important,” you say, shrugging. “I’m sure you can handle it, big guy.”
He growls – a low, rumbling sound from deep in his chest – and you roll your eyes.
“Calm down.”
You expect Chan to respond immediately, but he doesn’t. He’s quiet – no, he’s silent. His eyes stay fixed on you, and you’re starting to find the attention a little…much.
“You’ve never been scared of us,” Chan finally notes. “Have you?”
You blink. “Not particularly, no.”
And you really haven’t. As much as you’re aware of the danger they pose, the strength they possessed – hell, just look at the marks Jeongin left on Chan, by accident – you still found it difficult to summon any kind of real fear of them. They were just…dorky young men. Loud. Funny, in their own bizarre ways.
“I trust you,” you add, quietly.
Chan stares back at you, eyes widening just slightly.
You tilt your head. “You seem surprised.”
“I just…didn’t think you liked me very much.”
“…You’re OK, I guess.”
Chan raises an eyebrow at you.
“What you’ve done for Felix…you know, makes up for your personality.”
You’re being a little meaner than usual – probably to compensate for the growing warmth in the pit of your stomach every time you looked too long at Chan’s naked torso, or thought too hard about what you could feel beneath you.
Chan doesn’t seem to even notice.
Instead, he suddenly tilts his head, eyeing you very intently. His eyes narrow slightly.
“What?” You ask.
“You said you’re not scared?” Chan says, suddenly serious. Intent on something.
You’re somewhat wary when you reply. “Yeah. Of course I’m not.”
You jump, because suddenly Chan’s other hand slides around your neck. Not in a choking position – there’s no pressure at all, his palm is only covering the side of your neck, and his thumb is resting just under the corner of your jaw instead of anywhere near your windpipe.
It’s unexpected enough to render you completely silent for a moment, blinking at him in confusion.
And then you see the corners of his mouth turn up in that familiar smirk, and you feel the pad of his thumb press just a little more firmly into your skin.
“Thought I heard something,” Chan muses, vaguely, and it takes you a few seconds to realise…
His hand. His thumb.
He’s checking your pulse.
…Oh, stupid fucking wolf senses. Of course he could hear how hard your heart was beating – the one tell you couldn’t control.
It feels a little unfair, honestly.
He knows he has the upper hand now, and his entire body language changes with this information. He’s relaxed, open, ten times more confident as he watches you with that teasing smirk. “So, if you’re not scared, why–”
“Shut the fuck up,” you snap, fuming that he’s managed to one-up you with this stupid little supernatural advantage he has.
“I don’t think I will.”
The hand on your hip shifts just slightly, and his thumb presses into the dip of your hipbone, rubbing slow circles into the soft flesh there.
It’s irritatingly effective. You find your own thighs starting to twitch, core clenching.
Chan hums again, this time in amusement, and continues this movement. His other hand drops from your neck to rest on your other hip. It’s a strange balance – there’s no pressure there, his touch is so light but it’s almost…possessive.
The two of you are starting to drift a little close to the edge of something.
Chan is now unmistakeably hard, and you can feel him pressing up into your inner thigh – just a few inches off from your core. It’s taking a lot of willpower to stop yourself from shifting slightly over and getting that pressure right where you needed it. You’re glad you wore jeans today instead of a skirt – there would be no hiding the effect he was having on you without the extra layer of denim separating you from his lap.
“It seems like you’re done with that,” Chan notes, nodding his head towards the first-aid kit by your side, which has sat untouched for a while now.
You look down at it. “…Yeah, I’m finished. You’re all set.”
Despite your words, you make no attempt to leave his lap.
Chan notices, and his grip tightens around you. Not pulling you down onto him, but just…holding. Tightly.
There’s a moment of silence that settles between the two of you. You’re fixated on each other, like two opponents in a game of chess, regarding the other’s every move.
Being the first to give in almost seems like a defeat, an admission of weakness. But if you’re going to go down, you’re going to go down swinging.
Your hand snakes up into his hair, tangling itself in the roots and tugging his head up to meet yours when your lips come crashing down on his.
Chan groans into you, and that’s when he finally relents, squeezing your hips with his hands as he grinds you down onto him. The friction is enough to make you whimper, the embarrassing sound muffled but still painfully audible.
When you finally pull away for breath, Chan is already attacking your throat with kisses, insatiable. You imagine he’s this close to openly rutting up against you – and it’s that desperation that soothes your ego, allowing you to believe you’re saving face here. Does it really count as a defeat when Chan is so clearly the more eager one?
You barely get the chance to savour this thought, before one of Chan’s hands leaves your hip to slowly slide under your shirt, taking his time. He reaches your bra, and you feel him stroke the lacy edge of the cup.
You pause, still shivering with delight as Chan’s mouth finds the sensitive spot just under your ear, and gently mouths at it. “Chan–”
“Just let me know if you want to stop, baby,” Chan murmurs in your ear, breathy. His hand is still on the cup itself, and he makes no attempt to slip his hand underneath just yet.
“Of course I fucking will,” you bite back. It’s like a switch flipped in Chan the second you kissed him – suddenly so intent on taking control, on treating you like something delicate. Where’s the Chan from five minutes ago who wrapped his hand around your neck to prove a point, and argued with you over how his scratches needed treating?
It’s clearly time for you to flip that switch back.
Grabbing his chin firmly, you lifted his face back to yours to initiate another kiss. The hand on his chin slid up to cup his jaw, and you allowed him a few seconds to enjoy himself before you plucked up the courage to execute the first step of your plan.
You let your lips part under the pressure of his, and then suddenly nipped at his bottom lip, not quite drawing blood but certainly adding some pain to his pleasure.
Chan jolts back in shock, eyes blown ride as he reaches up and touches his bottom lip.
“Like I said,” you remind him, resettling your weight across Chan’s hips, ignoring the way he sucks in a breath when your movement sparks another delicious wave of friction. “Tougher than I look. Don’t start being gentle with me now.”
You accompany your words with a roll of your hips, dragging yourself across the front of his pants and this time Chan grips you hard enough to bruise.
You suppress a grin, and instead pat him on the shoulder, condescending. “I mean, unless you can’t handle it–”
Chan cuts you off, crushing his lips to yours, and the hand still on your hip slides around to slip down your jeans and grab at your ass-cheek. An embarrassing squeak escapes your lips, which only makes him even more smug when he murmurs. “Such a fucking brat.”
“Brat? What happened to ‘baby’?”
“Maybe if you start behaving again.”
You get a particularly strong urge to pout, but you figure that would only prove him right, so instead you do the next best thing.
You run one hand down his front, careful to avoid any lingering injuries, and find the button to his jeans. You manage to pop it open with one hand – a surprising display of dexterity, and you’re a little miffed that Chan isn’t suitably impressed – and you only fumble a little with the zipper as you tug it down.
You’re interrupted momentarily when Chan finally decides it’s time to slide his hand under your bra cup, and you bite down a whimper when the rough pad of his thumb brushes over your nipple.
Chan catches on, and focuses all of his attention on teasing that area, again and again. It’s a little embarrassing, how many sounds as he can draw out of you with just one fucking hand on your breast, but at this point, it’s getting a little too difficult to care.
You close your eyes, letting your head dip forward to rest against his, losing yourself in the feeling for just a little while.
You don’t notice that your hand has fallen completely away from his zipper, instead moving to grab at his thigh.
But, of course, Chan does. “Hm? Weren’t you trying to do something there?”
You open your eyes.
This bitch.
It’s probably a bit of a dirty tactic, but you can’t help yourself.
You drop your gaze, taking in a breath before biting your bottom lip. “I…uh…”
Chan blinks at this sudden change in your body language, and pauses. He doesn’t quite withdraw his hand from your breast fully, but his fingers start stroking patterns into your side. “You OK?”
“I’m fine, I’m good,” you make sure to clarify with him, before swallowing. “I’m just…a little worried.”
Already, Chan is settling back into his ‘leader’ role, preparing himself to reassure, to comfort. “What are you worried about?”
You try to keep a straight face. You fail miserably.
“You’ve been hard for so long, I’m worried you’re gonna cum in your pants the second your dick gets touched.”
You finally chance a look up at his face, lips pressing together as you try to contain your smirk.
And there it is, that fire in his eyes.
You definitely don’t have to worry about him going gentle with you now.
In the blink of an eye, Chan flips the two of you. Your back hits the mattress with a thud, and you barely have time to readjust before he’s got both hands on your hips again. Only this time, he’s lifting your ass up off of the bed, legs in the air, and in one smooth motion, pulls your jeans clean off.
Oh, that was hot.
That was…pretty fucking hot.
And now that your jeans are off, Chan has a clear view of just how much he’s been affecting you.
“Oh, baby,” he croons, sliding one hand up your inner thigh, coming to a rest at the edge of your soaked underwear. “Look at you.”
“Shut the fuck up.”
He just laughs, and your breath catches when he leans in. His hand moves away, and you feel his lips replace it, planting a kiss just off to the side of where you need it most.
It’s truly a sight, seeing Chan – shirt off, pants unbuttoned, shoulders tensing as he holds himself up by his forearms – between your legs.
You’re not going to beg this man.
Definitely not.
…But you might find it in you to ask politely.
Suddenly, to your horror, there’s a knock at his bedroom door.
Chan jolts up, sitting back on his knees, looking down at you with pure panic.
The same thought runs through both your minds.
Shit. You didn’t lock the door.
Changbin’s voice comes through, muffled. “Hey, dude? You in there?”
Chan launches himself at the door, pressing both hands to it before Changbin can even attempt to open it. “Just a second!”
He turns back to look at you, hair mussed, eyes wide with panic.
You’re pretty sure the same can be said for you.
After a moment of blind panic, Chan has the sense to do up his jeans. You see the way his jaw tightens, eyes squeezing shut for a second when he has to dig his hand into pants to shove his erection down one side. It doesn’t do that much to hide what’s going on – and you feel yourself twitch at the thought of how fucking big Chan seems to be down there – but it’s better than nothing.
With one last futile attempt at fixing his hair, Chan lets out one last deep breath, and cracks open the door. “Yeah?”
You know you’re out of sight in your current position – with how small that gap is in the door, Changbin only has a narrow view of the far wall – but you still tense. Your legs quickly snap together, but you don’t risk trying to reach for your jeans to put them back on.
You hear Changbin speak once again. “Have you seen…oh, well obviously, you have–”
“What?” Chan interrupts, and you fight the urge to face-palm at how panicked he sounds.
“It looks like she’s patched you up,” you hear Changbin say, his voice slow, careful. He’s definitely picked up on something. “Did she say anything about going out? She’s not in her room, and the guys want to make dinner as a big thank you thing.”
It is so like the guys to decide to do something so sweet for you at exactly the wrong time.
“Nope. Not seen her,” Chan lies, forcing a shrug.
There’s a pause. A long pause.
Oh, shit.
“…Do you still have those headphones I lent you on the car ride here?” Changbin asks, sounding ever so innocent.
Chan swallows, and makes the mistake of looking behind him at the desk in the corner of the room. You spot the headphones resting there. “Yeah?”
“Can I grab them?”
“…Uh, don’t worry about it. I-I’ll get them for you now.”
Another pause, and you hear Changbin make one single step towards the door. Chan tenses, and pulls the door closer towards him, blocking even more of the room from sight. This time you do face-palm, as quietly as you can.
You see Chan staring ahead at what you can only assume is a Changbin who is slowly putting the pieces together, and there’s a long moment of silence before Changbin finally speaks. “…You know what? I don’t need them right now. You can just give them back tomorrow.”
Whatever Changbin’s expression is, it’s enough to send a pink flush up Chan’s neck. You hear him retreat back down the hallway, and Chan immediately slams the bedroom door shut, reaching for the lock and turning it. He even tries the handle again, pulling, just to make sure.
And then, finally, he turns to give you the most sheepish of looks.
You stare back.
And then your eyes slide back down to his jeans, which are still looking just as extraordinarily tight as before. Looks like Changbin’s interruption did very little to kill the mood for him.
And honestly, as the panic fades but the adrenaline still lingers – and this new sense of taboo, of getting away with something – you find yourself realising the exact same thing.
Slowly, you open your legs again, keeping your gaze fixed on Chan as his eyes drop to follow your movements.
Your voice is sweet, honeyed, only a little bit teasing.
“Weren’t you trying to do something there?”
Tumblr media
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freckledwinterfalls · 16 days ago
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*chris as your boyfriend*
Tumblr media
requested by @lixesque:
xie!! congrats on 400 followers hehe 💗 could i request 4 from the suggestive list with bang chan pls? bonus points if you could give it a comedic twist 😌
rated PG-13
warnings: extremely suggestive content
word count: 0.35k
a/n: this one was too much fun o.0
[suggestive fluff]
You stepped out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped hastily around your naked body. 
Chris, patiently watching TV from your shared bed, looked up with interest as you scurried across the room to your dresser. 
"You left the shower running, love," he reminded you. 
You straightened to offer him a dry glance. "I know. Does it look like I've taken a shower yet, Christopher?" 
He snickered as you rummaged through one of your drawers. 
"I forgot my underwear," you muttered. 
Utterly consumed with finding the most comfortable cotton panties you owned, you didn't notice your boyfriend sneaking up behind you. 
A squeak slipped from your mouth as his hands wrapped around your waist, tugging you away from the drawer and against his hard chest. 
"I see," he purred. "This was an excuse to get some attention, wasn't it? Coming out here in nothing but a towel…"
You laughed, wriggling out of his grasp and latching onto the underwear you'd been searching for. 
"No, Christopher Bang," you said with mock-sternness, "I will be showering now, thank you."
Grinning wolfishly, he began to peel off his tank top, exposing his defined abs to the open air. 
"Chris!" you shrieked, covering your eyes. "Put your shirt back on!"
He scoffed, gently grabbing your wrist and lowering it from your face. "Please, baby, it's nothing you haven't seen before."
Petulantly, you stuck out your tongue, maneuvering around him. 
"Don't think for a second you're coming with me," you warned, headed back for the shower.
You could all but hear his smirk. "Oh, no?"
Your cheeks burned as you whirled, a scandalized grin on your face. "Chris!"
As he shrugged, his innocent face showed a complete contrast to the filthy insinuation of his previous words. 
"No," you said sternly. "I mean coming in the shower."
To your horror, his smirk only grew. "Would you rather I do it on the bed?"
You shrieked playfully, breaking into a sprint towards the bathroom, your boyfriend on your heels. 
The second your feet touched the cold tile, you swung the door closed.
But his hand stopped it. 
"Chris," you whined, struggling to hide the grin contorting your lips. "I just want to take a shower!"
"Don't be selfish, baby," he replied cheekily, using his brute strength to push open the door despite you throwing all your weight on it. "We can share."
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}
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sulfurcosmos · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—you scratch my back, i scratch yours—
bang chan x gn!reader
genre: just tooth-rotting fluff, established relationship
word count: 1.2K
A/N: anon that wanted a back scratches and kisses blurb!! this one is for you~ ❤️❤️ i hope you like it!
you were lying in bed, scrolling on your phone when chan walked in through the door. he quickly plopped down on the bed, crawling over to lie on top you. he rested his face in the crook of your neck and his warm breath hitting your neck made you giggle.
‘hi baby,’ you said as you stared at his head with an amused smile.
‘hi,’ he replied in a muffled voice.
you pulled your arms from under his body to wrap around his torso, gently chucking your phone on the empty space beside him.
‘tiring day?’ you asked softly, making chan respond with a small nod of his head. you manoeuvred your body a little to pull your left arm out from under his, gently bringing it up to brush fingers through his hair while pressing a kiss at the side of his head.
‘wanna go to sleep?’ you asked, to which he responded with a quick shake of his head. you chuckled at how childlike he got when he was tired. ‘then what do you want? i was doing something before you rudely interrupted me,’ you said playfully, still running fingers through his hair.
‘just hold me,’ he breathed out while readjusting his body a little as to not crush you under his weight, pressing a small kiss to the side of your neck.
you let out a small chuckle as you moved your other hand to hug him a little tighter before relaxing your arm to rub slow circles on his back. he let out a hum of contentment from your actions as he snuggled a little into your neck.
your hand inched lower and lower until it reached the hem of his hoodie, slowly creeping under it. as your hand moved up, your nails gently scraped on the soft expanse of his back, sending a small shiver down his spine and he hummed once more. you rested your hand on the middle of his back, rubbing small circles, making him whine from discontentment.
‘what?’ you whispered.
‘keep doing that,’ he said softly, his voice sounding a little groggy.
‘what, this?’ you asked while scraping your nails against his back once more. he nodded with a hum of agreement, his arm tightening around your body ever so slightly as he pulled you close.
‘it feels really good. i could almost... fall asleep,’ he said with a soft yawn.
‘well maybe that’s a sign that you should sleep. it’s well past midnight.’
chan shook his head. ‘if i sleep i’ll miss out on spending time with you,’ he responded and you giggled softly, endeared by how cute he was acting.
‘i’ll be here when you wake up in the morning too, y’know.’
‘yeah but then i’ll have to leave,’ he said, a pout evident in his voice. ‘i’m not sleeping yet,’ he said as he raised his head from your neck and pressing a kiss to the corner of your lips.
‘i think you missed,’ you joked.
he moved his body back a little and leaned in to press a kiss to your lips. ‘better?’ he mumbled against your lips before pressing another kiss.
you chuckled against his lips as you kissed him back, moving the arm that was playing with his hair to circle around his torso as well. both of your hands started scratching up and down his back softly, your arms lifting his hoodie up halfway in the process.
‘hmm, you wanna take off my hoodie, huh?’ he whispered in your ear teasingly, making you laugh.
‘not at all,’ you replied as you pulled his hoodie back down before moving your hands to either side of his waist, tickling him.
‘ah no!’ he protested between giggles as he squirmed a little in your hold, rolling over to lie on his side. he grabbed your wrists and held them together to stop your attack. ‘you evil evil human. we were having a moment!’ he exclaimed with his brows furrowed, lips pressed together in mock annoyance.
‘you’re the one who decided to ruin it with your dirty mind!’ you laughed. ‘i was just scratching your back like you asked me to.’
he giggled and leant forward to press a soft kiss against your lips. ‘i love you,’ he mumbled against your lips before pressing another kiss.
and another.
and another.
‘i love you too,’ you reciprocated between small kisses and giggles.
he circled an arm around your waist as he moved his body to lay on his back, pulling your upper body on top of him. you held his jaw and pressed a soft kiss on his lips before pulling away, making the man chase after your lips. you gave him a mischievous smile as he pouted in dissatisfaction.
‘i’m not done kissing you yet.’
‘okay then kiss me,’ you responded playfully. chan craned his neck up to reach your lips and moved back a little further with a giggle, making him furrow his brows playfully.
‘let me kiss you!’
‘why should i?’
‘because! ...i’m tired,’ he said with a pout.
‘if you’re tired, shouldn’t you sleep? hm?’ you asked as you lowered your body a little to rest your chin on his chest, looking up at him with a teasing smile.
‘i don’t wanna sleep!’ he protested childishly with a nasal, high pitched voice, making you chuckle.
‘but what if i wanna sleep?’ you asked as you tilted your head innocently.
‘give me a kiss and i’ll help you fall asleep.’
you smiled and reached up to kiss his nose before raising your brows playfully, a mischievous glint in your eyes. chan pouted at your actions and looked down with a sad face, making you laugh.
‘ohmygod fine! don’t make that face,’ you said before holding his jaw gently and kissing him. his hand crept up your neck to hold you in place as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, his other hand resting securely on your waist.
once both of you ran out of breath, you pulled away to breathe, lifting your body up a little to stare into his eyes, love and adoration gleaming through his gaze. you reached down to press another chaste kiss on his lips.
‘happy now?’ you asked.
‘very,’ he responded with a bright smile, his eyes disappearing into little crescents as his dimples popped out, making you chuckle and shake your head softly.
you moved to rest your head on his chest, your upper body still resting on top of his as your arms circled lazily around his frame.
‘now keep your end of the bargain,’ you said with your voice slightly muffled by your cheek pressing against his chest.
chan let out a breathy chuckle as he moved his hand under your shirt, scratching your back the same way you had scratched his earlier.
‘mmm, this is nice,’ you said as you snuggled into his chest.
‘you scratch my back, i scratch yours,’ he joked, making you smack his body lightly.
‘shut up. this is not the time for your lame jokes,’ you said sleepily, prompting him to giggle and press a kiss to the top of your head.
‘goodnight, baby.’
Tumblr media
tag list: @fylithia @skiez @john-joong @haechanight @at1nys-blog @lost-leopard-beanie @laikaya @theirbbygirl @awksfabstone @helo-xx @channies-luv @g-bbzz @rosesarentme @wrongbitch24 @ddaengpotate
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skzeo · 23 days ago
the sweetest thing. ( bang chan )
warnings; d/s themes, use of safe word (kinda!), overstimulation, size kink
a/n: definitely one of my personal favourites. the softest sex i have written and i still love it.
you sigh at the throb in your abdomen and legs, though it slowly dissolves as chan massaged it— as a sincere apology.
“does it still hurt, buttercup?” the sweet boy asks with a pout that rested against your shoulder innocently. the nickname never fails to make your heart flutter, maybe even throb at times. you nod as you sink into his embrace and touch, trying to fall asleep.
silence only rests around the two of you with occasional whimpers of pain and giggles from little tickles.
“chan?” your voice comes out small, croaked and high. broken and weak. chan hums in return, cheeks quivering as he tries to hold back a smile of pride. “why do you always overstimulate me?”
“because you’re my good girl, no?” chan laughs as he rests his chin on your shoulder and looks at you. his arms have stopped working on your sore muscles, but have instead chosen to rest lazily around your waist tightly.
he’s right, you’re his good girl. you’ll always aim to be, to prove to him that you’d always be his best girl. it’s no doubt you’re pliant in his calloused hands— for him.
but when one earns something, another is lost.
while compliments pour out from his soft lips that have been on yours working out another orgasm from you, it’s almost as if your body is burning. you’re tired, pushed beyond limits and shivering from all the aftershocks. you taste the saltiness of your sweat (or tears?) as it drips down your face and into your mouth you can’t seem to close. of course, it would never close, silly! he would never permit for it to stay silent, even more, when he’s in charge and his tongue is working hard to push you off another cliff.
you have tried, tried so hard all these while. but god does it hurt!
“ahhhmph!” you whine when chan flicks your swollen clit for the umpteenth time, body jerking and shrivelling up as you close your thighs away from his head. you bring your knees to your chest and let your weak arms hug it close to you. chan immediately puts his hand on yours. “baby, you okay?”
you wanted to use your safe word. you did. you calmed down under his soft touch and your breathing steadies. with his hand on yours, you had three options. one tap for ‘i’m fine’, two for ‘i need a break’ and three for ‘stop’. it’s a system chan came up with for you with full understanding on how quiet and vulnerable you are in your subspace.
chan worries as your fingers doesn’t move. chan worries as all he feels is a girl he would never hurt shivering under him. “y/n?”
“are you sure?”
you nod your head once you have gained a little more strength.
“we can stop—”
“no, please.”
“are you sure?”
you nod.
“no, i need to hear you say it. are you sure?”
your heart drops. you could barely even get it out on the first try but he wants you to say it again?
“yeah, yeah. fuck me, please.”
chan almost doesn’t believe you. who is this girl and why does she pinch his guts in such a flowery and loving manner? oh right, his girl. he smiles in adoration at how cute you sounded as you spilled such vulgar words from your mouth. chan shifts his weight as he croons over your balled up frame and presses a kiss on your sweaty forehead. you smile at his honey-filled gestures. ever so the—
“where did you learn such filthy language babygirl?”
oh, fuck mr. ever-so-the-gentleman christopher bang. his eyes switch back into the ones he wore, just like that. his duality scares you but after all, it’s the thing that drags you down into hell as you ascend to heaven.
you look at him with the most innocent-niest (?) puppy eyes and (?) your lips instinctively retracts into your teeth. at this point, you have already lost yourself again. you squirm in surprise and humiliation as you feel something wet run down your ass, from your beloved womanhood. wonder what that could have been.
“who knew you would have such a slutty mouth, hmm?” chan questions as he presses his finger onto your bottom lip, dragging it back out from between your teeth and opening your mouth again. his thumb scoops up the saliva that had conveniently been resting on your face and chan slips it in. you immediately comply, big hopes he would at least give in too. “you’re such a good doll for me, do you know that?” you nod. yes! yes, you are! you hum around his appendix to enunciate your point.
chan ponders if he should drag this out further. but you’re beyond spent and it shows. it’s not his fault he only wants the best for you, especially when it comes to your pleasure. he knows you enjoy this and he’s willing to give. watching you suck around his thumb messily as you desperately try to convince him that you are nothing but the most deserved girl of his cock. you look pathetic, but he found it nothing short of cute. your needy yet weak form, god did he want to ruin your entire frame.
you’re lucky he loves you too much. he wants to end this fast for you so that while you receive what you want, you also aren’t pushing yourself solely for his enjoyment. chan slips his thumb out of your mouth and in a quick unnoticed moment it’s back on your clit, rubbing teasing circles.
he loves you to the moon and back, he loves you the same way eros loved psyche. he wants you to realise, to be able to feel how much he just loves and adores you. only you. even if you aren’t the wordiest in the bedroom, he knows how much you love him with the way your tight walls hug around his cock perfectly and the way your sweaty body clings onto him for dear life as he finally thrusts into you.
you let out a broken cry at the way he stretches you out. he always does, and it’s a wonder how it still feels euphoric each time through the sheer pain. you tear up again and they fall from your eyes drop by drop like pearls from a broken necklace. chan pecks little kisses over your quivering lips before catching them with his and slipping his tongue in as his hand cups your jaw, thumb gingerly wiping away at your tears. of course, you kiss him back through little whimpers and whines of discomfort. chan makes sure to kiss them away.
the rest of the event goes the way it always does, he spills praises calling you his best girl and even how fucking tight your sopping cunt is. you do too, your high-pitched moans and that vice grip you have around his cock are just shreds of evidence of how good he was making you feel. he rams into you as he slows down now and then to appreciate the bulge, correction, his bulge that peeks from your tiny stomach until you start squirming all over him like a pathetic little worm and he never fails to remind you of it whenever you do. a “bitch in heat” is what he likes to say with a little chuckle and a kiss on your forehead. “don’t worry, i’ll make you feel good.” is his last words before he fucks you dumb. dumb.
he takes great care of you after like you’re a precious ceramic angel (not as if he didn’t just wreck you into pieces of fallen feathers). with gentle hands, chan carries you into the bath and though you often curse at your lack of a bathtub, your lover sits down on the bathroom floor and lets you straddle his bare thighs as he washes you free of sweat and it’s bacteria friends. you lean against him sleepily, occasionally being pulled away when he needs to slather soap on your front. he rinses everything off with warm water that isn’t too hot neither too cold; water that is just right. he whispers apologies whenever wince at his fingers grazing across the pretty possessive love bites he had littered all over your body, he kisses your shoulder whenever he deems he should, followed by a comforting assurance of how much he loves you and that he would take good care of you.
and here you are now, in his arms, being cradled and comforted by a big clingy puppy you’re proud to call yours. through the years, your love was defined by more than just the occasional (or rather frequent) sex and fluffy aftercare. there’s so much more to it but until another day when you’re able to find words to describe it, you are lovers built from separate foundations and made for each other.
hehe thanks for reading, i hope you have a nice day!
— en.
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hyunsuks-beanie · 18 days ago
Chan NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
Mellow speaks: I've had 2-3 requests for an NSFW Alphabet for Channie, so here we are!! Sorry for the wait, and I hope you guys enjoy reading!! Keep the comments and requests coming xoxo! PS. The concept photos are so pretty pls I'm simping-
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare
(What they’re like after sex)
If it's Chan, you can rest assured that the man is the king of aftercare. No matter how tired he is, he will insist on the whole nine, cleaning you (and himself up), drawing a warm bath if need be, getting a quick fix from the kitchen if you end up getting hungry, and finally just cuddling you until falling asleep. He always says he falls asleep miraculously well after having sex with you, and so, you obviously can't pass up on the chance to drag him to bed after a session. That being said, if he's too tired or if it's the rare occasion of you taking the lead, then he would love to have you be the one to take care of him.
B = Body part
(Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
His upper body, including his arms, shoulders, and torso. Being the workout beast that he is, it's not surprising that he's proud of the way his body looks. And of course, what's all the more fun is having you grip his shoulders as he rams into you, or place fluttering kisses over his toned abs, or using his hands and arms to choke you. About you, Chan actually has quite a hard time picking, since he's just a sucker for all of you. But if he had to choose, he'd probably say your face, loving the way it contorts into pleasure and desperation every time you have sex.
C = Cum
(Anything to do with cum basically)
Chan is one of the biggest oral givers you will ever come across. He just lives for hearing your moans while he eats you out, the taste of your juices from your practically seeping cunt driving him insane with how good it tastes. He could go on eating you out for hours, getting a taste but not letting you cum (man's motto is edging and he said it himself). He just loves having you squirming under him, reminding you every now and then about the power he holds over you merely with his tongue. As for his cum, he often prefers to enter you raw, but pull out just before he cums, only to have you suck him out toll he reaches his climax.
D = Dirty Secret
(Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He might seem like the type of person who wouldn't like it when you're getting too close with someone else, but in reality, he enjoys watching you pay attention to others in order to get him to pay attention to you, loving the slightly scared expression on your face from knowing you're doing something you shouldn't be doing. Moreover, it gives him a chance to be rough with you, breaking his usual soft dom image for once while passing it off as jealousy.
E = Experience
(How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Again, if it's Chan we're talking about, you can rest assured that he has ample experience when it comes to sex. He knows just what positions he likes, and just what his kinks are. But that doesn't mean he'll tell you all about them, choosing to have you figure them out yourself while dropping only subtle hints for you. He's an avid learner, and that applies to your body as well. He will continue wrecking you until he can read every contour of your form like a page from a book.
F = Favourite Position
(This goes without saying)
The classic, with him on top of you and you a writhing mess under him. Don't get him wrong, he's game for exploring any position you'd like and occasionally even is the one to suggest it, but he just loves ramming into you while being able to see your face, your arms on his shoulders and your legs wrapped around his torso.
G = Goofy
(Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Chan insists on being serious while having sex, feeling like he won't be able to satisfy you if he breaks character. This holds true especially for times when sex is rough, him wanting to be completely in control. That being said though, it's rather easy to get him all flustered, a couple praises and compliments and he turns into a blushing mess, laughing and acting all silly with you.
I = Intimacy
(How are they during the moment, romantic aspect-)
Chan is the king of intimacy, making even a quickie seem like the best sex of your life, thanks to his amazing ability to turn everything romantic. Holding hands, singing your praises, worshipping your body, you name it, he's done it. He just wants to make sex as pleasurable for you as possible, while also expressing how grateful he is to have you with him. What he can't say through words, he expresses through his actions. When it's time for vanilla sex, he really becomes the softest dom ever. His kisses are soft as a feather, and his touch is barely there. But he still manages to make you feel things like no one else can.
J = Jack Off
(Masturbation headcanon)
Jacking off has become a rarity since he has met you, but occasionally, he does find himself getting hard to the mere thought of you (the dirty photos and videos on his phone don't really help). It's usually when he's all alone, working in his studio. He'll feel himself be turned on, and then would proceed to link his phone to his laptop, so that he can jerk off while devouring your sexy moments on the big screen in his room.
K= Kink
(One or more of their kinks)
The fact that Chan has a choking kink is pretty much canon at this point, we all know those hands would be amazing as cutting off someone's oxygen supply during sex, so you can bet he knows it too. He loves the way your neck is very conveniently located directly under him when he's on top of you, granting his hands easy access to your soft skin. He would caress the pit of your throat before wrapping his fingers around your throat, choking you softly. Another kink of his would probably be hot wax play. There's just something about him that screams the fact that he would love pouring tiny amounts of hot wax over you, before wiping it away and kissing the redness on your skin. I can also see him loving the idea of making videos of you two while you have sex, carefully storing them away only for his eyes to see.
L = Location
(Favourite places to do the do)
Apart from the bedroom, his number one place to drive into you would be his studio, you giving him head from under the table while he works, followed by him fucking you senseless on the couch. He would also be game for having sex in the gym, loving the very idea of turning you on by showing off how great his body looks while he works out. While these two are his favorite spots, I feel like Chan is the type of person to not really care where you are, as long as you can have a good time.
M = Motivation
(What turns them on, gets them going)
Massage his shoulders, whisper sweet nothings in his ear, and tell him how great he is. That's all it takes to have him reeling, making him fuck you in the softest way possible. If you want things to be more rough though, you're going to have to work work little harder. Make him jealous, pay attention to someone else, or better yet, tease him while he works. Give him head, grind on his lap, give him hickeys, and before long, he'll have you pinned against the wall as he rams into you.
N = NO
(Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Bondage, especially when it's you who wants to put him under cuffs. I mean, you can't blame him when we all know his hands are his best weapons when it comes to wrecking you. When you're the one cuffed though, things may well be different. Another thing I don't see him being into would probably be fluid play of any kind. He just seems like the type to be grossed out by it.
O = Oral
(Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
As I said before, he's the best giver you'll ever come across. He takes immense pleasure in being the one to pleasure you, loving the feeling of your core coming in contact with his tongue while his fingers torture your bud. When it comes to receiving, he usually considers it to be a way of de-stressing, feeling his tiredness seep away while he watches you give him a blowjob, his hands pushing your face down every so often. P = Pace
(Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
You can bet on him to like to take thing slow and sensual 75% of the time, wanting to take his time showing you just how special you are to him, and making the atmosphere as romantic as he possibly can. But when he's not in a good mood, or when you're passing him off and all he wants to do is wreck you, all hell would break lose as he thrusts into you like a tide, edging and overestimating you until you cry, choking you until you can't breathe, denying your orgasm till you beg him. Q = Quickie
(Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He usually isn't one to go for a quickie, instead preferring to finger and tease you or have you suck on him under the table. The real deal is reserved for later, when he has you all to him. That being said, when you do end up having a quickie, he usually fills it up with sweet talk and praises, taking way longer than what a quickie would normally take. He can't help it, he just loves the very of you being close to him.
R = Risk
(Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He will definitely be down to experiment as long as it doesn't make him uncomfortable. As I said before, he's into a hell lot of kinks, from choking, bondage, hot wax play (and by extension ice play as well), roleplays, exhibitionism, making sextapes, to teasing in public.
S = Stamina
(How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Since it's Chan we're talking about, it's pretty much a given that he can go at least three rounds, overestimating you until he's satisfied. Even when he's being soft, he loves to draw you out for as long as he can, claiming that it makes the orgasm feel even more real (he's not wrong though). Thrusting into you, two to three rounds come rather easily to him, as he feels himself be spurred on the pretty sounds you make.
U = Unfair
(how much they like to tease)
He doesn't consider it being "unfair" per say, since he believes that drawing you out will make the orgasm more satisfactory. But that's just his way of justifying his actions of being a complete tease who wouldn't relent until he has you begging for him to let you cum. Overstimulation is the key, and he doesn't shy away from teasing you even when you're in public, his fingers torturing your core under the table.
V = Volume
(How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Normally, apart from soft giggles and the constant slew of praises, Chan isn't all that vocal when the sex is soft. The most would be an occasional moan or a low grunt, but that's about all. But when things get spiced up, the grunts become louder, while the moans are replaced by him urging you to scream his name, making you make up for his lack of volume while feeding his ego of being the only person who can wreck you like this.
X = X-Ray
(Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
With Chan, there's practically no other opinion about his dick other than that he's huge. And by huge I do mean huge, like it would feel as if you walls are about to burst every single time he enters you, and you would struggle to take him in while giving him a blowjob. He knows how to keep himself well-groomed, and I believe that would be the case down there too. Y = Yearning
(How high is their sex drive?)
Chan doesn't need much stimulus to have sex with you, his energy being high enough to keep his drive high as well. This is especially true when he's either in a very good mood and wants to shower all his love on you, or when you've managed to make him angry beyond words and all he wants to do is to show you your place by fucking you senseless. Even when he's not particularly in the mood, you have learned all the ways to get him riled up.
(… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
This chronic insomniac does fall asleep eventually, but not before he watches you sleep soundly after having sex with him for at least an hour. Having sex with you is a great way for him to release stress and tire his body out, and the cuddles that come after every session are a huge added bonus. He just loves holding you close, admiring how gorgeous you look after being totally fucked out. He does give in to sleep sooner or later, your embrace calming him down.
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
34+35 ~ BC [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Chan x fem!Reader
GENRE:  69, cute, fluffy, blushing chan 
Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - November 2021
Tumblr media
Beads of sunlight began to wake Chan up and he smiled brightly, expecting to find you lying beside him in the bed but as he rolled over he frowned. There was nothing beside him but cold sheets and the familiar scent of your perfume on the pillows, he knew you were still around. Your bags were still in the corner of his room, along with some of the clothes you had been wearing the night before, but instead of being strewn along the floor. They were folded up and the rest of Chan’s items had all been tided up along with it. It hit him that you didn’t sleep that much just like him and that you must have gotten up to do something giving Chan as much rest as you could. 
You had. That morning you’d woken up when all of the boys were heading out for the day and decided to do something nice for them all and clean up the dorms. You’d started in Chan’s room, sliding into one of his smart-shirts and some underwear and began to clean up. Grabbing any laundry that you could find on his floor and headed out to look around the rest of the dorms. 
Deciding it was easier to clean while Chan was asleep you slipped in some earphones and began to tidy up. Starting with the easier work of laundry and making your way up to cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. It wasn’t as if the boys were dirty on purpose they were all busy so it was natural for the dorms to get cluttered and untidy easy.
“Can you stay up all night? Fuck me ‘till the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five.” Chan smirked to himself when he heard the soft singing coming from the kitchen. He rounded the corner and a bright smile came across his cheeks. 
There you were standing in front of the sink, swinging your hips from side to side while you sang along to the song playing in your earphones. Chan took in the appearance for as long as he could, enjoying how carefree you seemed in the dorms. Dancing and singing around the dorms in nothing but a pair of panties and one of his shirts, he was glad none of the boys was home to see this. That meant that he had time to drink the entire sight to himself.
“Can we stay up all night? Fuck a jet lag. You bring your fine ass and overnight bag. Add up the numbers or get behind that.” A blush grew over Chan’s cheeks hearing you swearing during the song, it wasn’t as if he’d never heard you swear before but you usually tried to keep it to a minimum. You knew how Chan would always try and keep his vlives PG and you didn’t want to come across as someone who was always swearing.
Occasionally the odd swear word would slip from your lips as it would anyone else, if you hurt yourself or accidentally got bumped you would swear under your breath and to your unknowing it would always make Chan smile. Hearing words such as those falling from your lips, it was cute and endearing. 
“Wake up the neighbours, we got an audience, They hear the clapping, but we not applauding 'em…Six o'clock and I'm crushing. Then it get to seven o'clock now he wants it. When it hit eight o'clock, we said, fuck it.” Chan’s hand flew in front of his lips to stop himself from chuckling too loud, he enjoyed watching you do this. You seemed completely and utterly carefree and you’d been dying for Chan to play this on one of his lives, obviously, he would never be able to play this version.
“Fuck me till the daylight, thirty-four, thirty-five.” You breathed out and Chan knew what was coming, one of your favourite verses and he smiled. Sitting down at the table as you began to bounce a little to the song,
“Bitch, let me get cute. He's about to come through! I’ve been in the shower for ‘bout a whole hour.” You hummed as you giggled a little, completely forgetting that you weren’t at home in the comfort of your own home. Forgetting that Chan was asleep in a room just down the hall, 
“This pussy so good for ya health, call it superfood. when I’m by myself, DIY likes its youtube. Bad, bad bitch, all the boys wanna spank me.” Chan raised up from the chair when he saw you were done with the washing up and stood behind you, grinding his body against yours as you jumped a little, 
“Left him on read, girlfriend need to thank me. Make his toes point, ballerina, no tutu.” He rapped along to the song, pulling one of your Bluetooth earphones and sliding it into his ear, 
“Baby, I’m the best, I don’t know what the rest do.” He looked at you with a smirk as you both began to sing along, 
“Dive in the water like a private island, thirty-four, thirty-five we can sixty-nine it and I been a bad girl but this pussy on the good list, I hope that you ain't tired we ain't stopping till I finish.” You both began to laugh as he pulled the earphones out of your ears and looked down at you, a bright blush on his cheeks as you felt your body heating up in embarrassment. 
“You heard all of it?” He shook his head, 
“Just from Doja’s verse onwards,” He laughed softly shaking his head at you as you tried to hide in his chest but he wasn’t about to let you get away from him that easy so he pulled your chin up to look at him. 
“You know, all you had to do was ask.” You frowned a little, not following along with what he was talking about until he kissed you deeply. Pressing himself against you when you felt it, how hard he was just from watching you dancing around in his shirt. 
“I-I do want that,” You breathed against his lips, biting down a little as he looked at you, cocking his eyebrow at you. 
“Want what princess? Use your words,”
“I want to try it…Sixty-Nine,” You felt embarrassed to be saying it despite having just been dancing and singing around the whole dorms to the song, as well as grinding against your boyfriend as you rapped the words back at one another. But that was all Chan needed. He threw your earbuds down onto the kitchen counter and began to take you towards his dorm room once again.
Tumblr media
You both desperately pulled at one another’s clothes, throwing them around his once tided room as you tried to get close to one another. Hungrily wanting to feel skin against skin as Chan laid down on the bed, bringing you with him as he issued you softly and desperately all at the same time. It wasn’t as if this was all something completely new to either of you before, you had ridden Chan’s face and he’d fucked your mouth. This was just all going to happen at the same time instead of at separate times. 
Giving you a final kiss on the lips Chan eased your hips up, tapping your ass as a sign that he wanted you to turn around so you did. Your hips hovered above his face as you smirked down at his cock. Taking him into your hand and pumping him painfully slowly, 
“D-Don’t tease,” There was a hint of desperation in his voice that made you smile, knowing that you were the one that made him needy like this.
“Yes Channie,” You licked your lips before lightly sucking on the head of his cock, earning a sharp breath to leave his throat as he rolled his hips a little but you stopped him. Pinning his hips down to the bed and giggling a little as you began to leave small licks on the head of his cock.
 “I said don’t tease,” He growled at you as you began to lick the underside of his cock, running your tongue along the prominent vein of his dick. Chan lets out a loud moan of your name as you began to pump him in your hand, slowly twisting your wrist as you kissed his balls. Letting small whimpers fall from his lips as he let you touch him like this,
“Y-Y/n please,” He breathed out as he looked at you, moving his hands up to your hips as he tried to pull them down, 
“Sit on my face, I want to make you feel good.” You smirked and relaxed against him, allowing him to pull you down onto his face and moaned out as you felt his tongue on the folds of your cunt. Your hips bucked just a little as he began to drag his tongue through your folds, you reacting by taking him into your mouth, moaning around him whenever he would make you feel good. 
“S-Shit, just like that.” He praised you as you continued to take his cock all the way into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his cock as he grunted. His tongue continued to run up and down your pussy as your toes curled a little, legs shaking as you continued to take him into your mouth. Gagging around his length as you did your best to take him as much as you could, using your hands to pump the rest of him.
“C-Chan,” You panted as you continued to pump him, pulling off his cock for a little air as you rolled your head back in pure bliss. Chan did nothing but pull you closer to his face, enjoying the loud moans that escaped your lips as your thighs shook around him. 
“Holy fuck,” You cried out as your lips parted, leaning down as you began to take him back into your throat, moving at the same pace as him as he grunted against your cunt. Only sending you closer to the edge. 
“C-Chan, close.” You warned as he continued to flick his tongue across your clit quickly. Your hips ground down against his face as he ground his up into your mouth unable to stop. Loud and lewd noises filled the entire bedroom as you continued to work on each other. 
“Holy shit, good...G-Good girl.” Chan moaned out as he felt himself getting closer. Your tongue swirling around his sensitive head as you pumped him vigorously in your hand.
Whines and whimpers left his throat as he tried to hold back from cumming but it was too late, one last harsh suck from you and he spilt into  your mouth as you swallowed around him, 
“Shit! Chan!” You screamed grabbing his thighs as he began to harshly eat you out, determined to make you finish with him, loud screams of his name left your throat as you grasped at the sheets. Knees buckling as you hit your high, cumming around his tongue as you let out whimpers of his name.
Both of you fell back onto the sheets and he smirked at you, running his thumb along your bottom lip to remove the cum that had dripped from your mouth. He eased his thumb back into your mouth as you sucked it clean
“I hope that you ain't tired, we ain't stopping 'til I finish.” He repeated to you with a wink, making you both heat up and laugh with one another as he bought you into a tight hug.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @justbangtanthingz​ @taeechwitaa​ @mwitsmejk​ @stillwithlix​ If you would like to be added or removed please message me <3 
Tumblr media
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jl-micasea-fics · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Self-insert, female reader x Stray Kids Bang Chan
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, heavy sexual tension, angst, sexual content and feelings, parent-teacher relationship, a randy proposition, single parent
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Kinktober contents list | Kinktober prompt list
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © October 2021 by jl-micasea
Tumblr media
Don't look, you told yourself for the tenth time that evening.
He's a parent, you reiterated internally. A parent of a kid I teach. I should not be staring.
Parent's evenings had always been the bane of your life - griping parents that believe their method of helicopter parenting is the only way to do it. They never want to hear your opinion as the teacher, they don't actually care about what they could be doing to sustain and encourage their child's education.
All they want to do is explain why their kid has had so much time off. Why they should be allowed to wear brand name trainers to school.
You hated it.
But that was only up until three terms ago.
When a certain dad had sat at your table, giving his daughter's name with a smile so bright it almost knocked you from your chair. His dimples were prominent and his eyes crystal clear, his caramel coloured hair swept back on one side. He even dressed in a way that suggested he put fashion over comfort - which is nothing if not a novelty for the dads you'd come across over the years.
Do not stare, you remind yourself, twiddling your thumbs on the table before you.
Yet you chance a glance across the assembly hall anyway, watching as he strolls along, hand in hand with his daughter.
His black, slim jeans fit him perfectly, taut in all the right places, across his thighs and rear. His red checkered shit hangs open over a black tee, a thin chain necklace rests around his thick neck. His jaw is sharp and set, yet the smile that erupts every time he looks down at his little girl makes your knees weak.
She can't be more then six, seven at a push. For a teacher, you were notoriously bad with ages, but that didn't seem to matter when it came to your teaching capabilities. You could do the job well enough.
You watch as the little girl jumps on her feet, pointing your way.
Oh no.
Not yet.
I'm not prepared.
Mr. Bang nods and lets her lead the way, the two of them traipsing through the crowd of parents and their kids, chatting teachers.
Until they're stood right before you.
You force your best smile, clearing your throat as you stand to greet them.
"Mr. Bang," you choke, outstretching your hand. "I'm so glad you could make it this evening."
"Are you kidding?" He grins. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."
He slides his hand into yours, and you swear the fireworks that erupt in your gut aren't normal for what constitutes a simple fucking handshake.
"Sit, please."
And they do. Except Mr. Bang opens his arms wide, lifting his little girl with ease and placing her on his knee, one strong arm wrapped around her as he bounces her playfully.
You have no idea why the sight of him being so fatherly makes you swoon, but it does all the same. It's not like you haven't seen these kinds of interactions before, between father and daughter.
"So, how is she doing?" He asks, sweeping his free hand through his hair. "I know last time you said she was having a little trouble with math."
You clear your throat again, forcing yourself to rifle through the stack of papers on the table, looking for the report you wrote up on mini Bang for this exact purpose.
"Y- Yes, she was, but uh..." You stammer, frantically sorting the reports, scanning the names as quickly as you can.
Until a large hand finds yours, stilling it in place.
Your eyes fly open, your body temperature soars almost immediately as the cool of his skin meets yours. You feel the callouses on his palms, feel the giddy anticipation that's almost definitely as inappropriate as it is unintentional on his part.
"Is this the one you want?" He removes his hand and taps the paper underneath yours.
"A- Ah, yes, it is!" You laugh nervously. "Good eye, Mr. Bang."
"It's Chan, please."
"O- Okay... Chan."
Flipping open the report, you find the page you need, a table comparison of mini Bang's results from the previous term to this term.
"So, as you can see here, there's actually been a marked improvement in her maths. She's really applied herself, asking questions when she needs to and even asking for past papers to take home with her," you explain.
Chan's eyes light up, he pokes his daughter in the ribs gently, to which she giggles.
"That's great news, seriously," he sounds relieved. "We worked extra hard at home, didn't we honey? An hour after school to go through what she'd learned. Do you think that helped at all?"
You blink in absent confusion, wondering what the good lord was thinking when he made this one and ordained him a father.
"I... I would say so, yes. Extracurricular work like that will never do any damage, Mr. Ban- Uh, Chan. She's clearly benefitted from it, the proof is right here."
Chan beams once more, rubbing his daughter's back and pressing a brief peck to her temple. Warmth pools in your gut as you watch the adoring way she looks up at her dad, the way in which he's so clearly bursting with pride with her achievements, almost as if they're his own.
God, this man deserves everything. I could give him everything.
You quickly shake off the thought, flipping the page on the report.
"She's almost made some improvements within english literature," you point. "Her reading comprehension for age is super advanced, she's actually the first in the class to move on to the big books."
"Seriously?" Chan exclaims. "That's... that's incredible."
He turns to his little girl, bouncing her on his knee once more.
"You hear that, baby? You're top of your class, now."
"I know," she giggles, covering her mouth. "But you helped me with it, daddy."
"Oh, I didn't do anything. You managed this all by yourself. You'll be a scientist in no time, huh?"
"Not a scientist!" She protests, shaking her little head. "N' astronaut."
You giggle into your hand at the endearing exchange, to which Chan rolls his eyes and shrugs in defeat. Clearly, he'll never win that argument.
"Thank you so much for all the support you've given her," he leans over the table. "I'm really grateful."
"Oh, Mr. Bang, please. I'm just doing my job, all the hard work is done by parents like yourself," you dismiss.
He purses his perfect lips, clearly thinking something over before he turns to his daughter.
"Hey, why don't you go find your friends, honey. Mrs. L/N and I have something to talk about. That okay?"
"Okay daddy," she nods, hopping down off his knee and wandering away into the crowd.
"Uh, it's Miss. L/N, actually," you correct as he turns back to you.
He cocks his head, resting his elbows on the table.
"Really?" He muses. "That's good to know."
Something in your gut flips with excitement at his observation, and you'd shoot down every one of those damn butterflies if you could.
He takes a deep breath before speaking again, fiddling with the metal rings on his fingers.
"I, uh... I know you probably won't want to hear this - teachers and personal lives, and all that stuff. But, it's just my little girl and I at home. I want the best for her, I do, but sometimes... it's hard, you know?"
You nod quietly, reserving judgment and trying not to get lost in his eyes.
"If there's anything I can do, anything I should be doing for her, a- as a parent, you know... Will you... Would you tell me?" He asks quietly.
"Mr. Bang, I-"
"It's Chan," he reiterates once more, drumming his fingers on the table. "Please don't be formal with me."
You swallow at the minor change in his tone, it appears somewhat more forceful than what you've heard from him so far.
You hate that you kind of love it.
"Chan, I don't know if anyone's told you this lately, or ever, but... You're doing a great job with her. Being a single parent must be so hard - especially a single dad. I don't think people realise that dads often have it harder than the mums do. So... You should give yourself more credit. Really."
Chan blinks and swallows, his tongue glosses his bottom lip subtly before he leans in even closer, the scent of his musky cologne flits over you - much to your delight.
"Tell me if I'm overstepping," he near whispers. "But, uh... Do you maybe want to..."
"Want to what?" You raise an eyebrow at him, your heart thudding impossibly.
He hesitates, glancing over his shoulder and then back at you.
"Would you want to get a drink with me? Tomorrow? Or next week? Or whenever is good for you really-"
Your answer comes out as an excited blurt, you want to kick yourself the moment it's out there, enthusiasm and all.
Chan grins slowly, catching his bottom lip between his teeth as you feel the heat in your cheeks attest to your embarrassment, the dampness in your panties attest to your rampant excitement at the idea of seeing him outside of this kind of environment.
He grabs mini Bang's report, taking the pen from behind your ear in one slick motion and popping the cap between his teeth. He scrawls a telephone number down on the paper, before spinning it to you.
Leaning back in, he stretches across the table as if to embrace you, but stops just before the distance is closed, bringing his lips to your ear as he tucks the pen back behind it.
"Just so you know," he drawls. "I always fuck on the first date. Hard."
And with that, he flashes you a wink and stalks away, into the crowd to find his daughter.
Taking your dignity - and the promise of the best sex of your life - with him.
You suddenly can't wait for the parents evening to be over.
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: I am confused at how much I enjoyed this. Read the continuation here. 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐚
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formidxble · 7 months ago
𝒎𝒚 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆
Tumblr media
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: fixing ties is a part of your job, so why is your boss acting like it isn’t?
𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒚 “𝒎𝒚 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆” 𝒃𝒚 2𝑷𝑴 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒊𝒕𝒔 𝒎𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄 𝒗𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒐
Tumblr media
𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: bang chan x fem!reader 
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 13k 
𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: smut, fluff, slight angst, and established relationship || ceo!bang chan x secretary!reader
𝒔𝒎𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: romantic sex, dirty talk, (some) possessiveness, marking, oral (female receiving), praising, “sir” kink (? 👀), (some) begging, unprotected sex (remember to always stay safe!!!), creampie
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
here we go again.
being the bang chan’s secretary meant that you had to accompany him to every event that required a plus one— public events, soirees, sales pitches, all the like. for the longest time, people have linked you to him and that wherever he went, you were expected to be there. it was almost like clockwork and here you were, beside him again, as he talked to mister seo changbin, the company’s vice chairman and chan’s right hand man. you relax your shoulders slightly.
don’t get it wrong, you loved being with chan and getting to see all the wonderful event venues around the country. people in chan’s level and caliber always threw the grandest of parties and though it was tiring just following your boss around, it was still better than staying at home and fixing chan’s schedule for the week. you also get to meet other high profile names in the industry and the company’s investors, most of which are also in the party tonight.
the party was thrown by the company to celebrate another successful sale made by none other than bang christopher chan. everyone who’s here is here to celebrate chan’s leadership and his success as the company’s youngest CEO. and, not to mention, as changbin lovingly put it just now, “his cockiness”. you giggle beside chan, smiling sheepishly when he gives you a playful glare.
when chang— mr. seo excuses himself to go grab another drink from one of the waiters roaming the hall, chan turns to you with a soft smile, his eyes content. “enjoying?” he asks as he gently swirls the wine glass in his hand.
“trying to,” you tease. you stand up straighter beside him, aware that people have eyes on you. it was one of the complaints you had about being next to chan. he was the center of attention everywhere and because you were beside him always, people tended to stare after they give chan a bow or even if they were gazing from afar. you always had to look presentable and though it came with the job, it gets tiring after a while. chan raises an eyebrow.
“what’s wrong?”
“nothing,” you smile. “just a little uncomfortable. that’s all.”
chan hums as he blinks. he surveys the hall before nodding. “if you want, you can go talk to some of the people here.”
chan barely allowed you to leave his side during public events. since you became a staple of his public appearances, seeing him alone always rose some eyebrows. so, why was tonight any different? you scrunch your eyebrows, swallowing as you tilt your head. the side of chan’s lip quirks up as his eyebrows mimic yours. it takes a second for chan to realize why.
“don’t worry about me,” chan laughs. “it’s a company event, so, i guess i can let you go for a bit.”
you look around the hall, frowning to yourself when you don’t spot any familiar faces. how were you supposed to interact with the businessmen in this party and wouldn’t it be weird if you just slid in the conversation? chan senses your hesitation, sucking his lips in as he gazes at the area.
“there’s, um,” chan moves in closer, tilting his glass toward the direction of a small group, “hwang hyunjin. do you remember him?”
of course, you do. chan sent you to the man’s office to confirm a sale a few months ago. you tripped in front of his desk and he only stared at you when you dusted yourself off. it wasn’t the most embarrassing moment in your life, but it was up there on the list. you huff softly.
chan hums once more as he glances at you. “you can talk to him or“—he tilts his glass to another group— “to the people in the office.” he takes a quick sip of his wine before grinning. “get the latest office gossip, like who’s dating who, you know? just all that fun stuff that i don’t get to know.”
office gossip? chan’s asking for juicy office gossip? you can’t blame him. out of all the people in the office, chan’s not the go-to person to talk about office drama. part of you feels bad, but then again, why would he care about one of the interns getting dumped if he’s too busy making sure the company doesn’t go under?
you fight the urge to giggle as you nod. chan catches the smile on your lips and he shakes his head, a soft ‘tsk’ leaving his lips.
“go on,” chan shoos playfully. “go socialize.” you give him a quick bow and before you could say anything else, mr. seo comes back, a full wine glass in his hand once more.
you step aside to look at the two groups chan pointed out. you could play it safe and go to the group you see around the office or you could shoot yourself in the foot and go to the group of millionaires.
you look behind as you feel chan’s eyes on you. once your eyes meet, he raises an eyebrow as he takes a sip of his wine. maybe you could impress him by going to the other group. the thought makes you turn away from him, feet moving in the direction of hwang hyunjin’s group.
you realize that this was a bad idea the moment the blonde-haired man spots you walking towards them. he raises his glass to greet you, head tilted to the side in curiosity and amusement. when you get nearer, the chatter in the group dies down and your mouth grows dry. their stare burns your skin and you can’t help but feel out of place.
“miss y/l/n,” hyunjin calls out, opening his arm out to invite you in the circle. “what brings you to our humble group?”
humble is not a word in this group’s vocabulary, that’s for sure. you smile at them as you inhale through your nose. this is a chance to mingle with the country’s richest and though you were nervous, it wouldn’t hurt to make a good impression, right? transactions in the future should be easier if you play your cards right. so, you part your lips and hum, “mr. bang wanted to get insider information and sent me over.”
the group laughs, almost rhythmically, like it’s been practiced before. nevertheless, the air grows lighter and beside you, hyunjin cracks a smile.
“that bastard. always one step ahead of us,” one of the men laughs. the other men join in and the conversation picks up where it left off— something about the trends in the market. not the most interesting of conversations, but you were already here.  hyunjin keeps his eyes on you and he leans over to your side.
“thank goodness you didn’t trip this time around.” your cheeks flush red and you laugh the statement off as you shake your head. “i thought i’d have to relive it all over again.”
“it must have been a nightmare, mr. hwang,” you play along softly. hyunjin hums.
“a nightmare for you, a comedy for me.”
if this was bang chan, you would have shamelessly smacked him. the thought makes you realize how easy-going everything is when it came to your work relationship with chan. after all, the two of you have been working together for almost a decade. during that time, you’ve gotten to know chan in ways his right-hand man hasn’t and he’s gotten to know you in ways previous employers haven’t. the line between work and friendship has been blurred for a long time now, but none of you have complained.
“i’m happy my pain provided entertainment, mr. hwang,” you tease. hyunjin chuckles before finishing his glass of wine. behind you, you feel a set of eyes travel down your back. you ignore the feeling.  
despite your lingering thoughts of chan, you couldn’t help but admire the man beside you. just like your boss, hwang hyunjin is one of the younger CEOs in the industry. he was younger than chan, but definitely carried himself in a manner that exuded superiority and grace, like he was on par with the men he’s standing with.
it seems to be the case because one of the businessmen in the group calls his attention, bringing him back to the conversation he was part of earlier. you frown when you see how loose his tie is around his neck.
someone’s secretary isn’t good with ties.
“not a good look,” you remember chan saying. like second nature, you reach over to grab hyunjin’s shoulder, gently turning him to face you. your hands find their way to the man’s tie, sliding the knot up to tighten it. when you look up, hyunjin’s eyes are on you and so are the eyes of the men around you.
the group grows silent and both of your breaths hitch. you’re frozen in your spot, blinking as you see hyunjin’s cheeks turn bright red. his eyes scan your face, panicked and confused. your hands on his tie start to shake and as you’re about to apologize, you feel a hand land on your lower back.
“i’m afraid i’d have to steal her for a bit, hyunjin,” you hear behind you. you bite your lower lip as you lean away from hyunjin, settling into the familiar hand. it takes a second for the blonde-haired man to recover, but he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck as he forces a smile.
“go ahead,” hyunjin chuckles shakily. “i’m not about to steal your secretary from you.”
“i’d like to see you try,” chan laughs and as if on cue, the others laugh with him. you give hyunjin an apologetic look when your eyes meet and he responds with a quick bow of his head like it was his fault. you put on your best fake laugh, your heart beating in your ears.
once the men stop laughing, the jokes thrown out earlier dissipate into thin air. and as much as you’d like to believe that these men were all friends, you were knowledgeable enough about the industry to say that this was all for show— the bows, the greetings, the jokes, the laughs, them coming to the party to “celebrate” chan’s success, all of it.
hyunjin’s the first to speak again, moving away from you and chan to close the circle and get away from the awkwardness that has formed between the three of you.
you feel chan remove his hand from your lower back and he uses it to grab your hand. “let’s dance.” chan whispers in your ear. you wet your lip as he leads you to the dance floor and the crowd parts to make way for the man of the hour and his plus one.
chan has always made you feel like you were the only woman in the room and he does it again tonight when he circles around you, his hand not letting go and his eyes never leaving yours. chan grins as he closes the gap between you and you hear your own breath stop. your eyes trail down to his lips when he wraps an arm around your waist.
your heartbeat rings in your ear once more when you and chan start swaying in time with the music. “i thought you didn’t want to dance tonight,” you whisper.
“it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, you know.”
you rest your forehead on his shoulder as you scoff internally. bang chan, the man whose head is always filled with work, even during events like this, now wants to have fun and dance with his secretary?
you could laugh, but instead you let him lead you on the dance floor. you and he have never done this and you wonder if he feels as nervous as you are. but knowing him, he would never show it, at least not right now.
as the both of you settle in the feeling of each other’s warmth, he mumbles, “you feel it too?”
you shiver as you lean back from his shoulder. you wanted to ask what he meant. was he referring to the way your heart skips a beat when you catch him staring from his office window or when he throws you a soft smile when he walks by your desk? or was he talking about the way his hand lingers for way too long when you give him his coffee or the way his hand subtly reaches out for yours when it’s close to his?
you weren’t stupid. of course, you’ve felt it. everyone in the office has, except for bang chan himself.
maybe it’s not insanity after all. your colleagues aren’t talking out of their asses and there’s a chance, no matter how small it is, that bang chan felt it too. whatever it may be.
chan clicks his tongue when you don’t answer, his eyes scanning your face as you struggle to come up with a coherent thought. he breaks the eye contact before looking around the hall. “everyone’s watching.”
you feel a quick pang of pain in your chest. bang chan, the youngest CEO of his family’s company and the smartest out of all the men in here, is the most oblivious man you’ve ever come across. heat creeps up onto your cheeks and you mentally smack yourself in the head. you were crazy for even hoping that you were both on the same wavelength. it’s just not possible, no matter how much you romanticize the whole situation. you swallow as you nod, hanging your head gently as the both of you continue to sway.
“don’t be shy,” chan chuckles softly. “you’re doing great.”
“yeah, right,” you mumble, playing off the embarrassment and the pain bubbling in your chest. you see a flash of worry pass chan’s eyes, but he doesn’t say anything.
the dance floor slowly fills up with the other couples in the hall, taking the prying eyes off of the two of you. for now. you let out a shaky exhale as chan’s hand squeezes yours.
“you also did great with hyunjin’s tie.”
you raise your eyebrows in surprise, letting out a soft, but nervous giggle. “i have enough experience with yours, sir.” chan snorts before rolling his eyes playfully. he spins the both of you around, wading through the other couples as smoothly as he could manage.
“my ties are of better quality, miss y/l/n. you, of all people, would know.” chan chuckles before his eyes leave yours. he pulls you in closer to him, inhaling softly when you collide with him. what that was for, you don’t know, but you’re close enough to feel his breath on your skin. there must be something in the air.
or maybe he’s just drunk. who knows, really?
“right,” you tease after a few beats of silence, “your ties are imported and his are...?”
“probably imported too,” chan shrugs. “he has the money.”
you scrunch your nose, pulling back from his embrace. “you have to make up your mind. you either talk about him behind his back or you compliment him.” chan tilts his head as he shrugs again, eyes filled with amusement. “you can’t do both.”
“i can do both,” chan mumbles. “i just did it, yes?”
you feel a set of eyes on the both of you, but this time you couldn’t care less. chan, with his charm, wit, and annoying smile, has managed to calm your nerves yet again. it makes you wonder if there was ever a line between friendship and work with the two of you.
you’re taken back to reality as you and chan sway in a comfortable silence, letting the orchestra take you to a world only the two of you knew. you sigh as you turn your head and rest your cheek on his shoulder. you inhale the scent of his cologne, the one you’ve come to know and love after all these years.
“hey,” you hear chan say after a while. you raise your head to meet his eyes before raising an eyebrow. “don’t fix anyone else’s ties when we’re together, okay?”
“are you jealous?” you taunt as you try not to focus on the fact that bang chan’s lips are right there, plump, red, and lonely. chan scoffs, his arm around your waist tightening.
“should i be?”
you laugh, throwing your head back dramatically as chan twirls the both of you around. when he stops, your eyes meet again and he gives you another grin. “you sound like you are.” his grin disappears as quickly as it formed, turning into a small, playful snarl.
“do i? that’s interesting,” chan teases, his shoulders relaxing ever so slightly. “i just,” he breathes, “don’t appreciate you going around the place fixing every man’s tie in here.”
you giggle, lightly smacking chan’s shoulder. “i fixed one, chan,” you snicker. “i fixed one tie. one!”
“that’s one too many ties, sweetheart.” the nickname travels throughout your body. it’s something he’s never called you before. you blush once more, turning your head away from him as you pretend to look at the other couples dancing. chan hums in front of you, unwrapping his arm around you to instead plant his hand on your waist.
“i was just doing my job,” you mutter. chan licks his bottom lip before he responds. your breath stops when you catch him taking in your facial features, but within a second, his eyes travel back to yours.
“i don’t think ‘fixing hwang hyunjin’s tie’ was part of the contract you signed years ago.”
“but fixing your tie is?” you retort.
chan grins at how fast you respond, shrugging playfully before twirling you around. the couples beside you gasp and giggle, your cheeks heating up at the sudden motion and attention. when you return to chan, he’s chuckling as he wraps his arm around your waist again, pulling you into his torso once more.
“you signed up for that the moment you were hired,” chan mutters, lips painfully close to yours. you swallow as your body starts to grow hot from the lack of space between the two of you.
for a moment, the people around you disappear and you could only focus on the way chan’s breath comes in contact with your skin. when he notices your eyes on his lips, he grins as he continues. “that means you’re only fixing my tie.”
you bite your lip when he leans in to whisper, his arm lowering to a place that you weren’t used to, “and the last time i checked, we’re still in a party thrown for me. in my company. in my house.”
your eyes widen when he pulls away, putting a small space in between the two of you. his arm loosens around you and you can’t help but long for its warmth again. your cheeks are flushed red when you part your lips to say, “chan, i—“
“don’t apologize,” chan interrupts, tilting his head as his arm comes back up to its previous position. it’s as if the words that left his mouth earlier were nothing important, like it wouldn’t keep you up at night. “just do better next time.”
you were used to hearing those words from chan, being his secretary. you had to admit that you  weren’t the best one for the job, almost always messing up the man’s schedule or just being plain absentminded while you’re sat on your office chair. you’ve lost track of how much you’ve put chan through, but it was always the same seven words he utters when he helps you clean up the mistakes. it’s a miracle you’re still his secretary, almost a decade after.
“as always,” you stutter softly, your breath betraying you when it hitches.
you see the couples on the dance floor dispersing and before you could move away from chan, he pulls you back into his chest to whisper, “let’s get out of here.” you raise an eyebrow.
“this early?” chan nods in response.
“in 10 minutes,” he turns the both of you to the direction of the back door, “i’ll be waiting for you over there.”
you blink at him as his words replay over and over in your mind. bang chan was the type to finish parties to the point that sometimes, you and he were the last people to leave the venue. but now, he wants to leave the party that was thrown specifically to celebrate him?  
“this is new,” you choke out. chan chuckles as he steps away from you, hand still not letting go of yours. he brings the back of your hand to his lips and gives it a soft peck. his lips linger on your skin and when his eyes come up to meet yours, he smirks.
“10 minutes.”
Tumblr media
when you look at the obnoxiously large clock on the stage at the end of the room, you realize that the minutes have flown by before you even started counting them.
meeting chan’s eyes from across the room, you knew that it was time to leave. he puts his wine glass on the table beside him, giving one of the businessmen a pat on the back as he excuses himself. when he disappears into the crowd, you clasp your hands together as you wonder what he had planned for the remainder of the night.
your eyes fall on chan when you arrive. he’s resting his back on the wall behind him and his shoulders are slumped, a stark contrast from the way he looked inside earlier. his hands are inside his pockets and the top two buttons of his black formal polo are now unbuttoned. he’s looking at the floor as he waits, his foot tapping to the rhythm of the song being performed in the other room. the echo of your heels in the empty room grabs chan’s attention and he raises his head to meet your eyes, a smile on his lips. 
“ready to go?” he asks.
“to where, exactly?” you hum, grabbing your phone from your dress pocket to give chan’s driver a quick text.
like the way your breath hitches, your movements halt when chan opens the back door for you. shouldn’t you be the one to open it for him and not the other way around? you motion forward with your hand and chan shakes his head.
“ladies first.”
“listen, i don’t know what you’re doing,” you start, “but i know you’re expecting something in return after this.” chan lets out an exhale through his nose as he smiles. “so, i think you should step out first.”
“maybe, i just want to do something for you this time,” chan shrugs. “have you ever thought of that?”
chan watches the way your cheeks heat up and before any of you could say anything else, you hear a honk outside. he’s the first to break the eye-contact, looking behind to wave at his driver. he turns his attention back to you with a cheeky grin on his lips.
“like i said, ladies first.”
you narrow your eyes toward him, but you step out nonetheless. behind you, you hear the door close and chan’s walking toward the car before you could blink. you follow after him, your heels clacking on the concrete. you overtake him as you near the car, your hand gripping the handle to open the door for him. his hand makes contact with yours, enveloping it as he does the same.
your eyes meet and it might have been because of the cold night air, but you see the color of bang chan’s cheeks turn into a light shade of red. you try to stop yourself from shivering when he grips your hand tighter to open the car door. your eyes don’t leave him as it opens and he motions for you to enter first.
you hesitate. wasn’t this your job?  
“y/n,” you hear him call, “i insist.”
you sigh, but don’t say anything else when you slip your hand out of his grip, ducking as you get inside the backseat. chan follows soon after, closing the car door and greeting his driver as he relaxes his back on the seat behind him.
chan’s driver turns to him as he asks, “where to, sir?”
he answers, “take us home, please.”
and with that, chan presses the button to slide the partition close.
the words that left his mouth almost give you whiplash. it was such a simple sentence, but somehow, your brain couldn’t comprehend it. you open your mouth as you turn to give chan a look. he reciprocates as he cocks his head to the side, chest glistening underneath the streetlights. 
“i apologize if that was a bit forward, but is it okay if i bring you to my place?” your boss hums, putting his arm on the curve of the backseat. “i figured we could work there instead of the office.”
you let his words settle into you the same way you lean back on the seat. your mind travels back to the calendar you prepared and submitted to him last sunday—a couple of meetings on monday and tuesday, a press conference on wednesday, and a celebratory party on thursday. and since everyone’s too hungover to function the next day, friday’s scheduled to be a lighter one, as requested by chan himself. you furrow your eyebrows, looking up at the ceiling to wonder, did you somehow forget the details you put on the schedule?
and not just details, but work? didn’t you and chan rush two days worth of tasks the previous nights so that the both of you can, as you quote him, “enjoy the party”? but, here you were, on the way to his house to work. again.
chan catches the look in your eyes. “it’s nothing heavy. i just need your help.”
“and why wasn’t this plotted in your official schedule?” you question, letting your eyes drift to his, an eyebrow raised.
chan’s eyes widen and he brings his forearm up to scratch the side of his head. “it’’s really not that important to warrant a spot in my calendar.”
“but, important enough for you to ask for my help?”
the color on chan’s cheeks disappear and his smile drops the way his arm does to his side.  he scoffs softly. “if it’s work related, of course.” he shakes his head. “you’re my secretary. a part of your job is to heed every call.”
“is this what i have to do since you opened the door for me earlier?”
“‘this’ being?”
“staying up all night with you again. working.”
chan rests his elbow on the window beside him. “that’s never been a problem for you, y/n,” he pauses. “why is it a problem now?”
you weren’t one to complain, but was it such a bad thing to long for a break? sure, the party takes place inside the company’s hall, but you didn’t have to be hunched over a desk, reading through paperwork to summarize and report or make him coffee to keep him awake. you weren’t required to do things for him—to work— because the both of you were there to have fun, mingle, and socialize with all of the other hot shots in the industry.
you were hoping, even just for one night, that you’d escape work responsibilities, that chan would have something fun planned for tonight.
but, maybe you expected for too much from bang christopher chan.
his dry laugh interrupts your thoughts. “unless you’d rather be with hwang hyunjin on that dance floor?”
“hwang hyun— are you kidding me?” you exclaim, eyes wide, as you turn to him. “you’re picking a fight because of hwang hyunjin? i can’t believe this.”
you huff as you cross your arms in front of your chest, looking away from chan to gaze out the window. the previous topic of the calendar is thrown out and it joins the blur of the buildings moving past the car. never in your life have you despised a three-letter word until now, when memories of tonight are slowly overpowered by the word tie. 
you hear chan take a deep breath and you couldn’t help but wonder if the man is actually jealous. if so, you’d prefer he tell you, rather than going back and forth. but then again, you were perfectly fine sitting like this with him—silent and unmoving. it stays like this for a few good minutes, until, in the corner of your eye, you see chan’s knee start bouncing. if it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t—
“i don’t see the big deal,” you sigh exasperatedly. “it’s just a damn tie.” before your hands even fall to your lap, chan’s eyes are on you like they never left.
he turns his body to you, motioning with his hands as he frowns. “it’s not just a tie to me. do you know how close th—“
“so, you are jealous?” you ask, putting a hand on your forehead as your skin heats up. “you’re jealous because i fixed another man’s tie?”
he furrows his eyebrows, shaking his head, as he grips the curve of the backseat. “i—“
“chan, you’re not even wearing a tie tonight! what am i supposed to fix—oh my god!“
the air in the car grows heavy as you try and catch your breath. chan slowly lowers his head to gaze upon his exposed chest. the tips of his ears turn red and it quickly travels down to his cheeks and neck. he swallows as he rubs his nape, a sheepish grin replacing the frown he had on earlier.
it was moments like this that make you wonder if chan’s really the smartest man you know.
“i guess you’re right,” chan whispers. “i’m sorry.”
“you should be,” you say in disbelief. “god, chan, it’s not like i wanted to do it!” he raises his eyebrows, letting out a soft hum, as he nods at your words. you crinkle your nose as you continue. “it was an honest mistake that i”— you point to yourself—“wholeheartedly regret doing and before yo—“
“i just don’t like other men looking at you the same way i do,” chan cuts you off, volume higher than usual. “okay? that’s it.” your boss slices the air to, quite literally, cut the tension. “end of argument.”
absolutely not. not after what he just said.
chan shrugs as he turns away from you to rest his elbow on the window once more. your heart pounds in your chest as his words float around in your mind, attacking every single thought that had made its presence known. your mind becomes an empty void and when you come to your senses—one of them—your skin forms goosebumps.
and it’s not because of the ac in the car.
“help me understand what’s happening right now, chan.”
“y/n,” chan groans softly. “if only you saw the way hyunjin looked at you. his eye—“
“i tripped in front of him!”
“and that’s the charm of it all,” chan states as he turns to look at you. your eyes meet and your heart skips a beat. you blink at him and he sighs.
“you’re different from all of the other women in there. you’re a breath of fresh air.”
your shoulders relax, but your hands begin to sweat. your anger and frustration have now been replaced by confusion and the butterflies in your stomach, which have been reserved for the man in front of you, start flapping their wings as your cheeks heat up. you’re about to ask what he meant, but chan parts his lips and it shuts you up quickly.
“it’s hard to let our guards down. the industry’s full of competition, full of rivalry, so you have to have thick skin,” chan pauses to shrug. “the businessmen in that party don’t care about my success, nor do the media. they only care about what’s next for us, what’s next for the company, all that good stuff.” chan sighs, “you know what i mean.”
“because of that,” he clicks his tongue, “i can’t have friends, nor can i have relationships because i’m never sure why they’re with me.” chan laughs bitterly and you feel a bit of resentment seeping out as he continues. “is it about the money? the fame? corporate espionage? fuck if i know,” chan looks back out of the window. on his thigh, you see his fist clench.
it was at this moment that you knew that this was not bang christopher chan, but this was only chan beside you, the complex, but relaxed and soft-spoken man you were privileged enough to know and spend time with during late nights in the office. a side of him no one else saw, but for some reason, he was willing to share as you sat beside him on his office couch.
the silence that comes after is louder than anything you’ve heard at the party earlier. you decide to take the leap, reach out, and hold his hand.
“y/n,” he breathes out, stopping your hand. “you’re different, okay? you’re different because you’ve never made me feel that way.” chan runs a hand through his hair. “the men and women in the office tiptoe around me, like there’s eggshells or something,” chan hangs his head down as he taps his fingertips on his thigh. “but you, you barely ever do.”
your breath catches in your throat and you whimper, “chan—“
“i’m not finished,” chan jokes shakily, turning his body to you this time. “you’re not afraid to make mistakes when you’re around me, laugh at my jokes, or sometimes, you just sit there and listen to me ramble.” chan smiles to himself. “you tell me what’s on your mind, your opinions, your views and most of the time, that’s the highlight of my day, not”— he motions with his hands—“the sale i’ll be making in the afternoon or the press conference we’ve got planned.”
us, we. always the duo, you and chan were. but why does tonight feel different and why is the sparkle in his eyes more prominent than before? “hell,” chan rolls his eyes playfully, “you even answer back to me. not a lot of people get that privilege.” even if your eyebrows are furrowed, your lips part to let out a soft giggle.
“and it does infuriate me,” he chuckles, shaking his head. “but i’ll let you do it.” chan lets his eyes meet yours and you freeze.
“over and over again.”
you feel as if a strong wind blows in the car, knocking you back into the seat. you grip the side of your dress to keep your hand from shaking. chan’s stare burns your skin and you try your best not to melt into the car itself. he inhales, “whenever you talk back, it makes me feel human. it reminds me that”—he puts a hand over his chest—“i’m not perfect, that i make mistakes, and that i should let my pride down sometimes.”
“sometimes?” you interrupt. chan’s ears perk up when he hears you and he lets his shoulders relax, his eyes growing soft and a grin forming on his lips. 
“yes, sometimes,” chan snickers. “but, i guess what i’m trying to say is,” he sighs, “you make me feel human, not a business drone or ‘the most successful CEO of the year’.”
before you could respond or even make sense of the point, chan quickly adds, “and you probably made hyunjin feel the same way when you tripped. i remember you told me that he bursted out laughing as soon as you left his office.”
“yeah,” you deadpan. “thanks for that memory.” beside you, chan chuckles and the car slows down when the light turns red.
and with a small smile on his lips, your boss at the other end of the seat looks back out of the window. in the corner of your eye, you see chan’s hand on the middle of the seat. you’re almost tempted to take it into yours as your mind travels to the words he uttered only moments ago.
there’s a reason why he’s awarded as the country’s most successful CEO. chan, as lovingly labelled by the media, is the industry’s Wolf, a title that was given to him during his second year in the position. and though many have come close, like the blonde-haired man in the party earlier, chan has never been overthrown by any other. sharp and smart, bang chan has done more than his father ever could, bringing the company to the international stock market and to other heights that only the other CEOs could dream of.
but, all these achievements came at a price. it’s lonely at the top, as they’ve said, and with bang chan, you saw that very statement come to life. chan, because of his reputation and riches, has closed himself up to make sure his mind and his company stays ahead and clear. that, of course, meant that he had to solve his personal problems on his own.
because who would the man on top run to when there’s no one else with him?
however, with his words, you realize that, maybe, you were that person for him. the person he can laugh and joke around with. the person he can talk to freely, ramble to, and spend time with. the person that allows him to be himself, no judgements, no pressure.
though, you’ve always felt some sort of tension between the two of you, it was enough to know that chan saw you more than just his secretary. you’d rather have him that way, than nothing at all. you turn to him.
you’re about to thank him, but chan’s voice rings out in the car as the light outside turns green. “and apart from all of that, you’re gorgeous too.”
“excuse me?” you choke out, eyes widening. chan turns to you, an eyebrow raised as he exhales through his nose. a soft ‘what?’ leaves his lips. “did i have too much to drink tonight?” chan merely chuckles at the question.
“you didn’t have any,” he responds. you shake your head as you shift uncomfortably in your seat.
it couldn’t be possible. was this a dream? first, chan became slightly possessive and now he’s calling you gorgeous like it won’t affect you, like you’ll believe him. the world must be punishing you right now, but if you close your eyes, maybe you’ll wake up in your apartment like it’s groundhog day. as you try and shut the world off, chan calls out your name and it brings you back to the car.
“do you want me to repea—“
“no!” you exclaim, leaning over to grab chan’s forearm.
chan glances at your hand, then at your lips. it’s through this subtle action that you realize how close the two of you are. he blinks at you while his cheeks become coated with a nice shade of red, but he doesn’t pull his arm away. “well, you heard me,” he utters. “i apologize if i don’t say it enough or don’t say it at all.”
you’re about to lose your mind.
“but, um,” chan uses his free hand to scratch the back of his neck, “you really are beautiful. hwang hyunjin knows it, changbin knows it, the staff in the office know it, and i know it.” chan pauses as his eyes scan your face for any reaction, to which you respond only with your mouth slightly opening.  
he huffs as he furrows his eyebrows, “i know it because i get to be with you everyday and i’d be stupid to deny it to myself any further.”
“and yes, it does bother me when men stare at you,” chan continues. your chest tightens and you couldn’t breathe, but it’s somehow the good kind, the kind that you don’t want to end, the kind that you could get used to.
“they see how much of a great woman you are, in the office and out of it. i’m glad they do, but at the same time,” chan pauses to remove his forearm from your grip. he wraps both of his hands around your wrists.
“you and i have been together for so long that i can’t see myself working with anybody new.” you blink. “what if they take you away? what if they offer you a higher salary or promise you more opportunities? or what if the—“
“chan,” you whisper, “just tell me what you want to say.” the man in front of you lets out a shaky breath and when he opens his mouth once more, a mess of incoherent words come out.
“just give it to me straight.” you plead. both of your eyes lock as his breath intertwines with yours.
you’ve only really lit one firework in your whole life.
how it goes is you strike a match to ignite a spark and while it travels down the incredibly long wick, it gives you ample time to run away and cower. the experience of running and waiting was thrilling, but what came after was underwhelming—the spark did not carry over to its destination.
but as chan presses his lips on yours, his hands tightening around your wrists to pull you in closer, you’re finally able to see the spark reach its destination after the 8 years of long, agonizing wait. the firework fires up into the sky, the black canvas being painted by a million different colors all at once. chan removes his hands around your wrists to cup your face.
now, you can say that you’ve lit two fireworks in your life.
compared to the absolute chaos happening inside of your body, the kiss is slow and gentle with chan’s lips, soft and plump, perfectly fitting into yours like a puzzle piece you never knew was missing. you tangle your hands into his hair to push him into you deeper and chan lets you, tilting his head to the side.
chan’s hand is the match that ignites another spark in your chest as it travels down to the side of your neck. your heart pounds louder when his hand settles on your skin, the heat from his fingertips combining with the heat that has formed on your neck.
you find yourself leaning back to the corner of your seat and before you could process it, chan’s on top of you. your skin forms goosebumps when his hand moves down to your waist. when you arch your back and push your torso onto his, you rip a soft groan from the back of his throat.
chan pushes himself off of you, his pupils dilated and his breath not being remotely enough for him.
“what was that for?” you whisper, your chest heaving. outside, you see his mansion come into view.
“you said to give it to you straight.”
but, fuck, you wanted more. you wanted curves, zigzags, waves, all of it. as long as chan’s lips are on yours again, you wanted it all.
Tumblr media
truth be told, you’ve never set foot in chan’s house. you’ve only seen the mansion through the car window, but you knew, one way or the other, you’ll be able to see what lies inside. of course, you were his secretary. heed every call, right?
you just didn’t envision that it’d be in this way.
you don’t finish your sentence as you’re gently pushed back onto the front door once it closes. chan’s on you like the way he was in the car, but this time, he’s closer, the distance almost non-existent as he puts his hands on your waist. goosebumps arise from your skin as his lips find their way to your neck. you’ve always thought you were stronger than this, but you’re already gasping for air when he starts peppering kisses down your skin.
“chan,” you breathe. he comes up from the side of your neck with his eyebrow raised and a small grin on his lips. “i thought we had work to do.”
chan hums nonchalantly in response and he merely dives back in your neck, closing the space between the two of you like you weren’t close enough. you find yourself tilting your head to give him more access and chan, being the smart man he is, notices this immediately. he grunts softly and you shiver, his lips latching onto the sides he hasn’t taken in.
you bite your lip, but as much as you were enjoying the attention, especially after 8 years of longing, you and chan had to work. knowing him, he’d value work over this in a heartbeat. you try and push him off of you, but he only tightens his grip.
“chan,” you whine, “this can wai—“
“no,” he mutters as he pulls you into his torso, “it can’t.” he hovers his lips on yours, his hot breath hitting your skin. “i don’t want to wait anymore.” you gasp when he squeezes your waist.
“i can’t. not anymore.”
though chan’s tone is stern, there’s longing in his voice like he’s a man who’s been denied of life’s pleasures for years and frankly, you feel the same way. he didn’t have to say anything else before you’re clashing your lips into his, your hands travelling to his hair and tugging on it. chan presses his body onto yours and you’re pushed back on the door again. you whimper.
chan’s clothed torso is hot against yours and its heat travels down in between your thighs. your wetness pools in your panties and before you knew it, he’s unwrapping his arm from your waist to lift you up. your legs wrap around his torso in an instant, like the both of you have done this before. he grins into the kiss, his hands finding their way to the curve of your ass as he starts walking to his bedroom.
even with his eyes closed and his neck craned up to keep his lips on yours, chan wades smoothly through his furniture and the both of you make it up the stairs with no problem. you should have been more concerned, but knowing bang chan, he’s got you. always have and always will, that much you know. he does, however, accidentally slam you onto his bedroom door. you wince.
“sorry,” chan mumbles. “won’t happen again.”
“excited?” you tease softly. chan chuckles against your lips as he reaches out to grab the door handle.
“very.” you feel a gush of wind hit your back as the door opens. his lips are on yours again as the both of you make your way in.
he lies you down on the bed, your hair splaying all over your shoulders and on the sheets behind you. when chan pulls away, he latches himself onto the skin behind your ear and you sigh as you put your hand on the back of his head. you arch your back into him when you feel his member hardening from below you and all he could do is chuckle, though a bit shaky.
chan runs a hand down to your waist as you spread your legs open to accommodate him. “you’re already so beautiful,” he breathes on your skin, “and you aren’t even naked yet.”
your breath catches in your throat, whimpering in response. it was overwhelming enough to learn that chan finds you beautiful, but to think that he’s thought of you unclothed? you could die happy now, as cheesy as that sounds. he comes up from your neck to press a soft kiss on your jaw. his free hand trails up the side of your body, fingers playing with the zipper located on the side of the dress.
“may i?”
the question rings out in the room and it echoes in the confines of your mind. such a simple, harmless question, but you feel blood rush to every part of your body. your legs close around his torso, your clit starting to throb at the prospect of being undressed by the man you’ve been hopelessly in love with. you nod and chan whispers a soft ‘thank you’ as he starts unzipping your dress.
as you feel your dress start unravelling with his touch, you inhale, taking in chan’s scent. it’s a combination of mint and lemon and it’s something you’ve gotten used to after years of working with him. it’s never been anything but cologne to you, but tonight it’s ambrosial and intoxicating. you let yourself drown in it, closing your eyes as chan’s lips continue to do their wonders on your neck.
the cold air hits your skin once chan fully unzips your dress and it brings you back to his bed, in his presence, in his hold. you whimper softly in his ear. he squeezes your waist, grunting as he presses a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“i can’t believe we waited this long,” chan whispers. you giggle before slowly slipping your arms out of your now loose dress straps. you don’t break the eye contact as you tug your dress down to your chest. the dip in between your tits catches chan’s attention and he breaks the stare to shamelessly trail his eyes down.
chan licks his bottom lip before he looks back up at you.
“we don’t have to wait anymore,” you reassure, reaching a hand up to swipe your thumb over his lip, glistening and swollen.
at your words, chan’s eyes dilate and darken. the color of his cheeks turn into a shade of red and as you’re about to tease, chan tugs your dress down your chest, exposing your breasts in all of its entirety. heat travels all over your body and your nipples harden under his touch. chan dips down to your chest like the bead of sweat trickling down your back and you can only moan when his lips start sucking the skin in between your breasts.
you whimper when he cups one of your tits, kneading it softly as he continues to suck on the skin. your hand finds its way to chan’s shoulder and you grip it as he pulls away with a soft pop. chan gazes up at you before smirking, your words failing you once again when he attaches his lips beside your nipple, nipping on the skin to leave another mark.
you moan his name as your hand latches onto the back of his head, pulling him into your skin even more. his teeth graze you and you arch your back into him, only to be pushed down by his hand on your waist. he doesn’t say anything once he pulls away, only going back in to leave more marks on your chest.
as if the marks weren’t proof of who you belonged to, chan utters, “mine.” you squeeze his shoulder tighter. “all mine.”
maybe, this is why chan’s called “the Wolf”.
your mouth falls open, his name falling off of it as his lips wrap around your nipple. the hand on your waist moves back up to cup your other breast. one of chan’s fingers plays with your other nipple and your hips lifts up to meet him, your heat making contact with his member. chan groans onto your skin, the vibrations travelling back down to where you ached for him.
“you say my name so prettily, babe.” the nickname shoots you straight in the chest and your heart aches. never in a million years did you think that chan would be on you the way he was now. the thought makes you whine softly. you feel chan’s hand move away from your breast. it follows the curve of your body and it slips in between your thighs, making you spread your legs even further apart. chan chuckles breathlessly.
you shiver when he presses his fingers in the front of your panties and you bite your lip when he starts rubbing, his tongue on your nipple following the motion of his fingers below you. as most new lovers, however, chan’s missing where you needed him most and you move your hips to help him find it. chan’s off of your nipple the moment you call out above him, chest slightly heaving as he looks up at you.
“can you move—“ you pant, “to the left?”
it takes a second for him to realize, the movement of his fingers slowing to a halt as he tilts his head. he blushes softly when he does and he chuckles. “i... just—“ he complies with your needs, but he’s still not—
“oh fuck. yeah,” you cry out when he finally finds your nub. “right there, chan. right there.”
“yeah baby,” he grunts, a smirk taking over his lips after. “i feel you.”
it’s amazing how chan’s making you see stars when he’s only rubbing you through your panties. chan notices this too, pecking one of the marks he left on your chest as he hums, moving down in between your legs. he inhales softly, fingers still making circles on your clit.
“god,” he groans. “you smell so sweet.” your wetness gushes out of you and you grip the sheets beside you, biting your lip as you feel his hot breath caress your folds. chan raises his eyes and he licks his lip when your eyes lock.
“i want to taste you.”
so simple, so straightforward, yet so obscene coming from the mouth of an executive. chan grins when you breathe a ‘yes’, your back arching when he hooks a finger on the waist band of your panties, teasingly taking his time as he pulls it down your thighs. you buck your hips up and chan snickers, “okay, okay. i got it.”
he puts your panties aside before he comes back up to your torso. his clothed member is dangerously close to yours and you’re almost tempted to grind yourself onto him. “let’s get this off,” chan mumbles as he tugs on your dress. “now.”
it may be the secretary in you or it may just be the lust that’s driving you at this point, but you’re scrambling to help chan get rid of the dress that’s clinging to your body. you shiver when it’s removed fully, the dress hitting the floor with a soft thud. chan looks down at you and he lets out a long breath like he’s been holding one in. you blush and instinctively, your hands try to cover your body. he frowns as he leans back down to grab a hold of your hands.
“no,” he mumbles before pressing a kiss on your lips. “your body’s beautiful. you’re beautiful. don’t hide from me.”
chan lets go of your hands and you let them fall down to your sides. “do you know how long i’ve wanted to see you like this?” he mutters as he kisses down your torso. goosebumps form on your skin. “especially when you wear those skirts.”
your heart pounds in your chest when he settles in between your thighs, kissing them before he dips down to press a kiss on your clit. your hand goes to his hair, your core clenching at the feeling of being empty.
“oh, that’s so cliché,” chan interjects, a playful smile on his lips as he raises his head.  the atmosphere in the room changes and you find yourself opening your eyes as you prop yourself up with your elbows. you raise an eyebrow as heat travels to your cheeks.
“if i got off to that nickname, i would have had a hard-on every time you called me sir.”
you roll your eyes with a huff as you lie back down on the bed. “just get on with it.”
“wow,” he laughs softly, “my secretary’s ordering me around now?”
truthfully, you loved banter with chan, but not tonight. not when he’s there, in between your thighs, purposefully ignoring the sex that’s staring him straight in the eyes. always the tease, bang chan was. you’re just not having it tonight.
“i’m not your secretary right now.”
you hear chan inhale sharply and within a second, he’s on your core like a fiend craving a shot of his drug. your hand’s on his hair again, tugging on it as you moan incoherently. he licks a stripe from your hole to your clit, the lewd sounds of his tongue lapping your wetness ringing out in the room after. your hip bucks up when he starts sucking on your clit and he puts your leg over his shoulder in the process to give him more access to your folds.
“you’re so delicious,” chan groans. “better than anything i’ve ever tasted.” you moan out brokenly, pulling him back into your clit like your life depended on it. he chuckles against it and the vibrations allow an explosion of a million fireworks inside of you. your mouth falls open the way your legs do, your moans filling the room with the sound of chan’s full lips on your pussy.
chan smirks below you, obviously pleased by the way your body is reacting to him. it’s embarrassing, but that’s what he gets for taking his precious time with you. you know he won’t let this go any time soon, but you couldn’t care less. he pecks your clit before pulling away. your clit throbs at the loss of the friction, but chan makes up for it when he plunges two of his fingers inside of you.
the intrusion is sudden, but welcome, as your back flies off of the bed with a loud cry, sitting up as you grip his shoulder. chan mewls softly as he plants a hand outside of your thigh to support himself as he leans up to crash his lips into yours. you taste your juices on him when he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip and your wetness seeps out, dripping onto the sheets below you. his fingers continue their assault on your pussy, alternatively thrusting and rubbing your walls.
chan pulls away from the kiss and a string of your combined spit attaches itself on his bottom lip. he breaks the string by licking his bottom lip and you find it unfair how chan’s lips just continue to look immaculate despite how swollen and red it is. he simpers as he rests his forehead on yours, sweat starting to form on its sides.
“do you hear yourself, baby?” he purrs. “do you hear how wet you are for me?” for him, for him, for him. all for chan, all for the man you’ve loved for years now. your hand wraps around his nape, pulling chan into your shoulder as he continues to thrust into your heat. he groans as he bites down on the skin, the sound of your slick overpowering anything else in the bedroom. you feel the familiar coil starting to form in your lower regions.
your cunt clenches around his fingers when he curls them and your hips start to gyrate. “y/n,” chan moans, “you’re getting so tight.” you whimper his name as your wetness coats his fingers even more, the sound and the smell of your sex getting more and more prominent as the coil in your stomach threatens to unravel for chan.
“cum for me, baby,” he growls. “cum.”
chan wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into him as ecstasy takes over the entirety of your body. you shake and tremble in his hold as he whispers sweet nothings and praises in your ear. his fingers slow to help you ride out your orgasm and he hums as your legs continue to shiver at his sides. he thrusts his fingers in once, twice, before he pulls them out, pulling away from the embrace to lick his fingers clean. he groans in delight.
you’re panting as you push chan onto the bed, getting on top of him before pressing your swollen lips onto his. naturally, his hands fall onto your hips as your lips move in sync. you run your hand down his clothed chest, the satin feeling supple against your fingertips. your desire, fuelled by the adrenaline surging through your veins, makes you whimper as you pop open the remaining buttons of chan’s polo.
every pop is significant to the way the both of you are letting yourselves go, baring your bodies and souls to each other after years of not being able to, after years of merely hoping. your heart pounds as you rip open chan’s polo, sighing as his torso shines underneath the light streaming inside the bedroom. chan pulls you back into his lips with a gentle hand on the back of your neck.
chan’s lips are soft on yours and you let yourself get carried away as you cup his face. chan hums as he sits up to remove his polo, lips not moving away from yours. he throbs in between your thighs and you gasp. chan takes this opportunity to slip his tongue to connect with yours and the both of you create a new language in the process.
“you’re so beautiful, y/n,” he whines as the both of you pull away. “you’ve always been so beautiful.”
you blush, your hand caressing his cheek gently as you utter a soft ‘thank you’. you share one more quick kiss before your hand moves down his torso to start unbuckling his pants. “let me return the favor.”
“no,” chan answers, reaching down to hold your wrist. “you don’t need to.”
he tightens his hold on your wrist as he pleads softly, “please. you always take care of me, y/n.” he leans up to mutter on your lips, “let me do that for you tonight.”
you weren’t strong enough to refuse the offer and you let chan raise you up from his lap, only to be lied down on the bed once more. you relax into the mattress as chan positions himself in between your legs. as he unbuckles his belt, your mind travels to the moment in the car and you can’t help but wonder—
“you meant what you said earlier, right?”
chan’s eyes are on you immediately as he hears your voice, his hands stopping. “of course, i did.”
“you didn’t just say that to get in my pants?”
chan bites his lip to suppress a laugh and he shakes his head as his hands resume their task earlier. “no,” he giggles. “if that was my plan the whole time, i would have just said ‘hey, i’m bang chan’ and your pants would have slid right off.”
you throw your head back onto the pillows as you laugh softly. “that didn’t happen when you interviewed me.”
“yeah, well,” chan mumbles, sliding out of his pants, “it’s happening now.”
“8 years after, but okay.”
“it’s still happening, so my point still stands,” chan shrugs, chuckling when he sees you cross your arms in front of your chest. “i’m sorry,” he laughs as he leans down to kiss you. “i’m kidding.”
“you’re so full of yourself, babe,” you tease.
your smile disappears when chan’s cock springs out of his boxers, thick and hard, with the tip red and glistening as pre-cum leaks out of it. the base is adorned with his veins, prominent enough to show up in the darkness. his cock twitches and your mouth opens, salivating at the sight of him. 
when you look back up, you let your eyes take in chan and you marvel at him, basking in the presence of a man whose body looks like it has been sculpted by the Gods up above. shoulders broad, muscles defined, your core throbs and tightens at the promise of getting to have him tonight.
it was here that you understood that you didn’t need to be swept off of your feet or be brought to anywhere else fancy when bang chan, in all of his glory, is no place you’ve ever been to. you’re more than willing to get to know him tonight and let him take you where he pleased.
“you’re about to be full of me in a second,” he jokes, smirking. his cheeks turn pink and you try your best to ignore the fondness brewing in your stomach. despite putting on his confident facade, you know chan is as nervous as you are. “lie back.”
you rest your back on the sheets below you, your legs opening to welcome chan in between them for the second time tonight. the feeling of his hands on the side of your body awakens something feral in you and before you can process the reaction, you buck your hips up onto him, your wet core brushing his hard cock. he groans as he pulls away, spitting on his palm before smearing it all over his member. you lick your lip before reaching up to hold his nape once more.
“ready?” he asks as he pumps himself, lining himself up in front of your core.
you feel as if you’re walking a tightrope when he asks you the question. one misstep and you’re falling into everything that encapsulated him, into everything that was bang chan. were you ready to let go and let him overwhelm you? after 8 long years, you finally let your foot slip and the next thing you know, you’re looking back up at chan, hand squeezing his shoulder as you say,
“ready as i’ll ever be, baby.”
it’s as if the gates of heaven opened when chan pushes himself in you, the both of your moans creating a melodic symphony that echoes in the bedroom. his girth parts your walls and the feeling burns ever so slightly. you whimper as you bite your lip, throwing your head back onto the pillows. a comforting hand rests on your waist as he stops at his thickest.
“you’re so big,” you choke out. he hums as he leans down to bury his face in your neck to smile against it. chan presses a soft kiss on your skin as he bottoms out, groaning softly when your cunt clenches around him. you put a hand on his back, pressing his skin as he pulls out fully. he pushes back in roughly, the sound of his balls hitting your skin echoing in the whole room. you claw at his back as you arch yours, gasping, and he grunts softly.
chan starts thrusting, his skin grinding against your swollen nub. “your pussy’s so tight, babe,” he moans. you sigh in response as your legs wrap around his torso, pushing him in you even deeper. you needed him, you wanted him, and you’re here to make sure you get to experience bang chan in ways you’ve never experienced him. it doesn’t matter how many he’s had before you. what matters is that he’s in you now, thrusting his cock and taking you to heaven.
“you’re so good,” you praise, voice cracking as a whine comes out. “you’re so good to me.”
“yeah?” chan breathes, a smug smile forming on his lips. his chest heaves as he continues to ram into you. his skin is hot against yours and you drown in the feeling and in his scent. “you’ve thought about this before, haven’t you?” you whine in response. “such a dirty mind for a refined secretary. ”
chan bites down on your shoulder before slowing his thrusts, raising his head from your neck. “turn around.”
it doesn’t register quickly, but once it does, you’re off of his cock to get on fours, planting your hands on the soft mattress and arching your back to expose yourself to chan. he groans behind you, hovering over you as he puts a hand on the headboard in front of you.
“tell me what you want,” chan whispers, pressing a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“baby, please,” you cry. “you know.”
chan snickers, pushing only the tip of his cock in. “i need to hear you say it.”
“tell me, baby. tell me what you want.”
“your cock, chan. please, i want it. i need it. i want to feel you inside me, please. pl—“
chan squeezes your hips before pounding his cock inside of you. you cry out his name, throwing your head back as your eyes close. you get lost in chan’s grunts, letting them wrap themselves around your body the way chan’s arm snakes around your waist. he pulls your body back into him, your back flushing against his chest. the sounds of your slick coating chan’s cock as he continues to ram into you rings in your ears and you feel your clit ache below you.
“god, baby,” chan grunts. “it’s like my cock’s made for you.”
you whine at his words, your hand making its way down to rub circles on your clit. chan growls softly, removing his hand from the headboard to hold your wrist.
“let me,” he mutters. “let me take you there.”
you weren’t about to say no.
the promise of an orgasm looms on you as chan draws rough circles on your clit. his thrusts start to syncopate from his rhythm and he pushes you back down on the bed gently. you bury your face on his soft sheets and you turn your head to the side as you moan and whine an incoherent mess of praises and curses. you grip the sheets as you spread your legs apart and your thighs start to shake as chan presses his fingers down on your clit.
“baby,” you rasp, tears forming in the corner of your eyes, “i can’t—“ 
chan grunts, “you want to cum for me again?”
“yes, please, please, pl—“
“gush on my cock, baby. let me feel you.”
it’s pure ecstasy when you do, letting yourself go in the pleasure of everything that was bang chan—his moans, grunts, breathing, cock, everything. you cry out into his sheets and grip them until your knuckles turn white. your legs try to close as your whole body shakes and just like the first time, chan takes you to a place you’ve never been, your vision turning blurry as he continues to pound you. your toes curl as you moan his name,  like it’s the only word in your vocabulary. behind you, chan whines softly.
“where do you want me to cum?”
you don’t respond immediately, body shaking in the aftermath of your orgasm. “inside,” you pant. “give it to me.”
chan cries, “jesus, fuck.” he loses his rhythm completely as he leans over you, his sweat falling on your back. “shit, y/n, baby, i— ”
he thrusts a few more times before he grabs your hips, pulling you into him with a groan as he spills his cum, hot and sticky, inside of you. your pussy clamps down on his cock as he grinds inside you to ride his high out, his hand finding its way to the dip of your back. he pulls out after a short while and you whine at the emptiness that comes with it. you do, however, feel both of your juices seep out of you, dripping down on his bed sheets.
“what a sight,” chan mutters behind you as you let your body fall on the bed. you giggle softly as you close your legs, the high wearing down as your body starts to feel heavy. you have a feeling you’d be sore tomorrow, but the both of you weren’t expecting many to come into work, anyway. so, you’ll end up getting away with it. for now. the bed dips beside you and chan pulls you into him, your back against his chest.
for a moment, you listen to his breathing and focus on the way his fingers lied on your stomach. your eyes start to grow heavy, but you hear chan whisper, “are you okay?”
“i am,” you respond softly, turning around to face him. once your eyes meet, chan smiles as he tucks a hair strand on the back of your ear. his hair is disheveled and wet with sweat, but still, chan looked as well put together as he always does. you lean up to kiss him, your lips moving slowly on each other. when you pull away, chan’s eyes are twinkling and he lets out a soft hum of satisfaction.
“so,” you mumble, playfully tapping his bottom lip, “are we still going to work tonight?”
chan groans, throwing his head back with a chuckle. “it can wait.”
“no. it can’t,” you tease, pressing a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. chan’s arms around your waist tighten as he pulls you closer.
“don’t use my words against me,” chan grins. he places his hand on the back of your head, lightly stroking your hair. your eyes grow heavy and the next thing you know, you’re wavering in between falling asleep and staying awake.
you do hear chan’s voice in the midst of all of this, a soft and gentle, “hey, i love you.” you feel him kiss your forehead before you blissfully fall into oblivion.
Tumblr media
you wake up when chan’s bedroom door bursts open, the door handle hitting the wall.
you raise your head, squinting as you watch chan come in with a tray of food. the aroma hits your nose immediately and your stomach growls softly. he gives you a quick, apologetic smile as he puts the tray down at the edge of the bed.
“good morning,” he greets, running a hand through his hair. he sits down beside the tray and he grins. your eyes travel down his figure, the black formal polo from last night is on his torso again, paired with the boxers, you could only assume, he was wearing last night.
friday, a new work day for the two of you. “good morning to you too, sir,” you mumble before rubbing your eyes. your chest stings from all of the marks from last night and you wince. chan lets out a soft hum, reaching out to hold your hand in his.
“did you sleep well?”
“yeah. thanks to you,” you tease. chan runs his thumb on your palm, inhaling as he looks up at you, cheeks pink.
a comfortable silence falls in the room as the both of you sit in each other’s company. it was overwhelming enough that you woke up in chan’s bed, but now he’s cooked you breakfast, plated it, and put it on a tray to bring to you. it didn’t even occur to you that he knew how to cook. you smile to yourself as you realize— you didn’t know everything about him yet. you part your lips to speak, but you didn’t notice chan doing the same.
“oh, you go firs—“
“no, you can—“
the two of you huff simultaneously, laughing at each other. “you go first,” you giggle. chan nods, coughing into his fist with a smile.
“about last night,” he starts, “i hope i didn’t hurt you too much.”
you look down at your chest playfully as you shrug. “it’s no big deal,” you hum. “i enjoyed it.” chan chuckles in response. he watches as you reach over to the plate, letting go of his hand as you bring the plate to your lap. “did you enjoy?” you question.
“yeah, of course,” chan responds immediately. “what’s not to enjoy? i mean, you were spectacular.”
“i could say the same to you, mister ‘no, i can’t wait anymore’.” you joke. chan’s cheeks flush as he scratches the back of his head sheepishly. you dig in your breakfast as chan does the same, the both of you eating in silence. you rest your back on the headboard and you watch chan. his hair is made already and he looks like he’s ready to start the work day. you bite your lip as you look down, your body merely being covered by the duvet. suddenly, memories of last night flood your mind and you sigh softly.
chan catches it immediately.
“where does this lead us?” you ask, putting down your utensils. “you know, this—“ you motion between the two of you—“whatever this is.” you didn’t know what answer you’re waiting for, but you hope it’s positive.
chan thinks for a moment and the silence is deafening. he puts his hand on your thigh,   putting down his plate beside him. “we can tell the office that we’re dating or...” he trails off, looking up at the ceiling, “we can keep this between us for now.”
your eyes widen, coughing as you struggle to come up with an answer. you and chan were together now? chan mentioned the word already, right? his eyes grow worried and he comes over to stroke your back. “did i say something wrong?”
“no, god, no, i just didn’t expect—“
“that i liked you back?” chan furrows his eyebrows. “i think last night was proof enough, baby.”
you blush, covering your face in your hands. chan chuckles softly as he leans over to move your hands away. “we can figure it out as we go,” he hums. “you don’t need to give me an answer right now, okay?”
you nod, your mind in shambles. your breath hitches as chan presses a kiss on your wrist. he looks up at you, “once we’re done eating, we can start the day.” you blink at him and he merely laughs.
“are you even ready for today?” he asks, tilting his head to the side, a smile on his lips.
the question hits you in many different ways, your mind travelling back to the last words you heard from him last night. are you ready to finally be with chan after all these years? you scan his face, taking him in as his smile reaches his eyes. chan looked beautiful and you know you wouldn’t be anywhere else, wouldn’t be with anyone else because all you needed is in front of you and he always has been. both of you were just too stupid to admit it to yourselves.
you straighten your back, clear your throat, throw your disheveled hair behind your shoulder, and smile at him.
“ready as i’ll ever be.”
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sunnyville36 · a month ago
Tumblr media
>>> When a chance encounter thrusts you into a reality you’d only thought was possible in your wildest dreams (or the fanfiction you read religiously), will you find yourself falling in love, or free falling with nothing to do but brace for impact?
Pairing: Bang Chan x fem reader
Themes: idol!verse, developing relationship, slice of life, fluff, angst, smut, includes first time for both, switch dynamics, difficulties of celebrity relationships, friendships with all members, reader from a foreign country
Warnings: negative self thoughts, anxiety, emotional distress, mentions of body image and weight insecurity, explicit sexual content, masturbation, handjob, vaginal fingering, oral sex (m & f receiving), unprotected sex, d/s dynamics, degradation, breeding kink, slight puppy play, rough sex, semi-public sex, physical altercation with minor injuries (not in relationship)
Hint! There are songs recommended after each section. Use them as a palate cleanser while reading or as a reminder of the overall vibes of the previous part if you leave and come back! Hope you enjoy 💜
Word count: 48.5k
A/N: This is a self-indulgent mess created for the express purpose of putting all my late-night-scenarios-you-make-up-to-go-to-sleep thoughts to good(?) use.  It’s about 25% crack!, 25% smut, 25% idealized slice-of-life, and 25% angst, because even in a world of unrealistically perfect expectations, it can’t all be sunshine all the time.  Even so, this is mainly about the feeling of having everything slot into place, about finally finding your person, so I hope it brings you joy!
As always, happy to hear your thoughts and thank you for reading!
Part 1 >>> The lilt of his accent catches you off guard, even stronger than the hundreds of times you’ve heard it in videos and Vlives.  If you weren’t already sure, now you are one hundred percent certain that the man sitting next to you is none other than Bang Chan.
Read here
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Tumblr media
Part 2 >>> “Relax, baby, I’m just joking; I think it’s cute.  As if I haven’t scribbled down lines about you when I’m in the studio.”
Read here
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Tumblr media
Part 3 >>> “Do you have any idea what you do to me up there, Christopher?”
Read here
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Tumblr media
Part 4 >>> “And you almost never get to hear the messages that people want to say to you along with the gifts.  How they want to tell you how much you mean to them and how you inspire them, bring them joy.  And you deserve to know that.”
Read here
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Tumblr media
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youn9racha · 2 months ago
Bubbles and Essence
Requested by: @jisungsmysugadaddy
Pairing: bf!Chanxafab!reader
Words: 1.6 words
Genre: smut
Warning: soft dom!chan, sub!reader, chan’s an idol here, fingering in the bathtub, make outs, i made his company sound good lmfao #fuckjype, reader calls chan baby boy
Extra notes: god, this makes me wish i had chan as my bf… sigh if only </3 but anyhow, idk what else to add here, so i hope you enjoy it nonetheless !!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is no way representative of the way Stray Kids act. They’re nothing but references of character, and in no shape or form is this how they act. And I am in no way romanticizing or glamorizing any toxic behavior exhibited, they’re just stories that is meant to be read. Readers discretion is advised. ——————————————————————————-
What a fucking stressful day.
Chan thought to himself as he drives himself back from the building where he works all his might and spends most of his day there. Don’t get him wrong, he loves what he was doing, he wouldn’t give up his job for anything as it is his dream to reach where he’s at. But with his dream job, there’s about have some hiccups in there, and that is how tumultuous anf tiring it can get.
Chan is in no way lazy, no one has ever thought of him as that, not his bandmates, not his partner, not his friends, family, coworkers, not even himself, and this man carries more criticism about himself than praise. If anything, he has the tendency to overwork himself, and he enjoys doing so. But he can admit that at times, it gets really draining and at times he does get burned out with ideas. Comebacks after comebacks, while it sounds great to him, his bandmates, and his fans, it can still take a toll on him and his group’s mental health.
Seeing how drained and tired he was, he was ordered to leave and have a few days off. At first, Chan was skeptical, as he never went through this, however that skepticism was soon changed after realizing two things. His members have often commented about how exhausted he seems. How his eyebags has started to get deeper, how he kind of started to slack off and started to doze and zone out when someone talks to him, all in all he looked like a mess that needed to be fixed.
He knew he needed that break, but he also realized something else. He began thinking of you. While yes, you two live together, but you two only see each other when you both are going to hit the bed and sleep. Oh, how much he misses the late night conversations you two would have in bed, how you two would hold onto each other as you two doze off, or during those sleepless night where you two‘s bare bodies would beautifully touch each other, resulting in heavy breathings and moans spreads through the night.
God damn, does he miss having you in his arms.
He was so deep into his thoughts, that he didn’t even realize that he already reached into the parking lot of his apartment. He shook his head as he sees himself staring at the steering wheel in front of him and got out of his car.
He went into the elevator and pressed the button on the floor where you and him resided on. He tried so hard to not let him get into deep thoughts again, as he couldn’t wait to finally see you, awake and well. The door opened wide and Chan was out of there. He reached to the door of his complex and walked in as he opened up the door with his keys.
He saw the apartment complex being clean but yet quiet. He checked the time and he saw that it was mid afternoon, a time that you would be at home already from work. He walked into the place, took off his shoes, and off to your shared bedroom he goes. He intially wanted to investigate where you could have been, or maybe plan a mini surprise for his sudden appearance, but that all changed when he heard a humming from the shared bathroom.
It was a familiar hum and it was definitely not alarming to Chan as he recognizes your voice from outside the bathroom door. He held the door knob and slowly opened it, hopefully not making a sound. It was no surprised that you left the door unlocked as you were home alone-or at least you thought you did-and you wouldn’t expect anyone would open up the door.
The door was slowly opened wide and there he saw you. You were laid in the bathtub, rose-jasmine candel lit up next to you at a safe distance, bubbles and rose petals covered up to your chest, knees were propped upwards and your hair was tied up. Your relaxed facial expression, head lifted up, closed eyes and slight humming made you look like an angel, maybe even a goddess, to Chan’s eyes. He smiled at the scenery, but he still wanted you to know his presence.
“Chan, I know you’re staring,” You spoke, still not moving from which made Chan look at you in disbelief, “how did you know I was standing?”
“I got psychic powers,” you jokingly remark, which made Chan raise one eyebrow, “also I heard your footsteps and I knew it was you,“ You said, opening your eyes and your head turned to him with a smile, to which he smiled back endearingly and walked up to you. He sat next to you, placing his arm into the edge of the bathtub, “hi, baby.”
”Hi,” You said, leaning towards him to peck him on the lips, then resorted back to your previous position. Chan looked at you with full adoration as the back of your head was placed at the bathtub, exposing your neck to him. “You’re home early,” you said, you may sound calm, but on the inside you’re more than happy to see your physically absent boyfriend. While he does text you, call you, and does sleep next to you, you really did miss his affectionate presence. You couldn’t be too mad at him because you knew it wasn’t his idea to allow him to be the way he is, as you knew he would have made time for you as well. But you couldn’t intervene with his job, so you had to resort to online communication.
“Yeah, my job is letting me have a few days off so I can get back on track,” Chan said, his fingers started to play with the bubbles that were close to your knee, “and also to allow me to get back to your arms again,“ he added, as his fingers tiptoed up your knees.
You smirked at his last remark, “oh, really? Is that what the company told you?”
“Not the last part, but I’d like to have my day offs with you,” Chan’s voice started to become more lower, still playing with your knees. His hands slowly started to submerge under the bubbly water, as he stroked your thigh, and massaging it. He got closer to you, and you twisted your head slightly tilted to look at him with a weak, seductive smile, “I miss you so much, baby,” he whispers into your lips, as his hand went to your inner thighs, getting dangerously close to your heat.
You snickered lightly, “I missed you too, babyboy” after you whispered back, and there Chan crashed his lips into yours. It was slow but it was very passionate and fiery, you could tell that Chan was frustrated and he was held back, however he wanted to be sweet and gentle just based on his hestitant fingers not touching your heat.
“Chan,” you breathed out through the kiss, “please..”
“Please what?“ Chan pulled away, his face was still not a far distance from yours. “Touch me,” you whispered back.
”Gladly,” Chan muttered, as he began kissing you, this time his mouth was more opened and let his tongue go up against yours as his hand finally reached you wanted it to be. He rubbed your clit with his thumb, as he let his forefinger enter you, “holy fuck, i can easily slip in you, were you thinking of me, huh?” he pulled away to speak as you moan into his finger inside you.
”Y-yes, Chris, only you,” the way your lips expelled his real name out made his eyes go darker with lust. He smikred at you bottoming out as he slowly began thrusting his finger in you, “call me that, okay?”
”Okay, Chri—ha!” you gasp as you felt him inserting his middle finger inside you as well, stretching you out. Your noises was getting louder, and it didn’t help that Chan was began kissing up your exposed neck. His thrusts in you gradually got faster and rough, making you groan louder. With the pace of his finger, the water started to follow his movements, making some leak out of the bathtub. The floor and the clothes he was wearing getting covered in water as his thrusts were getting faster, and your shaking body holding onto him.
“Ch-Ch-Chris, I-I’m c—fuck!” You mewled, holding onto Chan’s arm, he pulled away from your neck to look at you with a smirk, his curly hair now covering parts of his eyes, “you‘re cumming?”
You couldn’t find yourself speaking so you ended up nodding, as the speed of his fingers and wrist were getting unbelievably faster. His smile and voice started to get darker, “cum then,” its as though he commanded you, because once he said so, your head was thrown back as you whined and whimpered out a noise that was music to Chan’s ears, indicat that you have reached your orgasm.
He slowly stopped thrusting, as he enjoyed the sounds you make when you’re slightly overstimulated. You began panting, as Chan got up and took off his shirt, “this isn’t over, baby, I have my day off, and I’m gonna make you skip tomorrow, just so you and I can hang out more, got it?“
While you heard what Chan said, you still couldn’t speak up, so all you could was look up at him with a smile and nod.
God, do you really miss this man.
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chanluster · 2 months ago
paris | m ; f ; a (teaser)
“You and Chan, jazz-filled corners, hidden history, and the city of love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oneshot | exes to lovers! au | 1950s! au | approx. 40k words
Tumblr media
s u m m a r y >> heartbroken by your long-term boyfriend, shunned by the paparazzi, and disgraced in the eyes of cinema, you flee ironically to the city of love to find comfort. the comfort somehow arrives in the shape of film noir superstar, bang chan, the enigmatic man who taught you the art of acting, lust and love during your rise to fame. he asks you on a simple little date, and you could not refuse, leading to a path of neverending passion, pain and everything that comes with fooling around with your ex in the jazz-filled corners of paris.
w a r n i n g s >> actor! ex! chan, actor! reader, actor! ex! minho, keeping the gang as hollywood actors, reader is bitter and a slight bitch at the start, most of the sites i mention are real in paris (i did way too much research), my chan bias came out drastically, sexual tension galore, teasing, making out, fingering, oral (f. receiving and possibly m. if i’m feeling spicy), unprotected sex (stay safe!!), less sex more sad angsty lovemaking, phone sex, constant edging and cockblocking, chan is nothing but a d o m, reader is a brat, i promise there is fluff, but there is more angst methinks, overall planned to be an emotional rollercoaster (more to be added!)
p l a y l i s t >> here!
t a g l i s t >> @decembermoonskz @tenderfrailty @i-am-silver @sulfurcosmos @chrisishungry100397 @freckledquokka @kingkaithekiwi @dreamycomets @mooninstarlight @derpjungkook @phonixa8 @softlikemochis @yxngbl00dwings @koroleva--rezni (send an ask or reply to this teaser if you want to be added! also tagging @hyuckworld​ or she’ll have my neck)
a u t h o r ‘ s  n o t e >> LMAOO HI I GUESS !! not really back but i got a sudden burst to revamp this and yeh hopefully i release it before my uni classes start officially :’) being away for so long made me realise how much i missed yall, so i decided to attempt this !! blame chan and the red lights mv it has such a chokehold on me but anyway i hope you enjoy the teaser and thank u alice for pushing me to post this <33
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Tumblr media
You nearly melted upon the doorway. Gripping hard onto the frame was your only option.
Your eyes could not even trail upwards — a strange fear curled in your gut at the stare which would welcome you. Deep down, you knew that if you looked at him, you would collapse on the floor.
His leather shoes came into view as he took a step forward. “Now are you going to let me in,” you heard his whisper, “Or are you to spend the whole night avoiding my gaze?”
That comment had you tilting your head towards him, fallen into the abyss of his eyes. It could have been blamed on the moonlight behind you, but a twinkle danced in his irises.
You stepped aside. Let him inside your abode, the mess before cleaned up and settled nicely by room service, but the mess within you still reigning. 
Chan roamed his eyes over your lavish suite, and then stopped before your remaining macaroons, daintily sitting upon your table. 
“I’m surprised those haven’t been finished yet,” he voiced, a brow lifted in mocking. “Knowing you, I would have expected these to be gone by the first day.”
“Stop it, you!” Exasperated, you picked up the telephone, ordering two bottles of wine as you sat yourself down on the bed, hand gesturing towards the chairs. “Sit. I’ve ordered drinks.”
Obliging, the man gently settled in his seat, folding a leg over the other as he looked to the window view of Paris. “I expected more mess in the room, actually.”
“If you’ve only come here to insult me then you may leave,” you remarked, which earned you soft laughter from the man. The knocking of the door indicated room service, and you dashed towards the sound, gladly accepting the bottles of white wine and hurrying back to the table. Two glasses perched delicately upon it, waiting to be filled with alcohol. 
You poured Chan half a glass, then yours right to the brim. “Greedy,” he taunted, which only had you sticking your tongue out as you took the first gulp. Meanwhile, he only took a careful sip, a soft hum indicating his satisfaction.
“How long do you plan on staying here?” He asked, drinking more. 
“As long as my funds will allow me,” you answered a little too truthfully. “Jeongin is restless trying to get me an audition in the city for any big projects around Hollywood.”
You scoffed, already halfway through your first glass. “As if Hollywood wants me back after what happened.”
“You will climb up from this, ____,” the man assured you. “Did you not fight through the scandals when you were with me?”
“Yes, but this is so different,” you countered, pouring yourself a second glass. “With you, it was fun. I did not care the slightest because I knew that whatever happened, me and you were never going to be outcasts. The people loved us, Chan.”
You took in a long sip. “I guess the public liked Minho more as a charming playboy than a charming boyfriend.”
A harsh scoff was his answer. “That arrogant prick was still suspicious even when both of you were dating.”
A raised brow. “Since when did you follow the tabloids?”
“I don’t,” he said. “But I am not a stupid man.”
After a small silence followed, with you feeling down from Minho’s antics, you continued to your third glass, beginning to sense the wine coursing through your body. The effects began to kick in, a familiar rush running beneath your skin. 
“Whatever,” you mumbled. “So what if he cheated on me?” 
Chan focused his gaze upon you, watching you down your wine with more anger as he swirled his own drink. “You deserve better, chérie.”
Ah yes. The same proclamation Jeongin voiced this afternoon.
You deserve better than half-hearted fairy tales.
“Don’t look at me like that,” he remarked, you sighing as you drowned your anger with alcohol. “I’m serious, ____.” 
His answer was your silence, which he accepted as he took another sip of his wine. The pause ensued until you parted your mouth once more.
“I just want everything back to normal, Chan.”
You looked at him, vision a little blurry. “I just want to act again. I want to be in front of the cameras, and become another person entirely. Is that even normal?” Another glass down. “I mean, I am an actress, but recently the urge to be someone I am not is so tempting. Perhaps the lives of characters can be so perfect at times I become almost envious of words on a page. Is that normal, Chan?
“People do not fall in love with the actor. They fall in love with a persona they re-enacted. People never fell for me, Chan, they fell in love with what I perceived myself to be on the screen. That’s all I am to them, yet I never want to stop acting. Is that normal, Chan? Am I normal, Chan?”
The man listened, a hard look upon his face as he finished his second glass, feeling his chest tighten at your words. He put the glass upon the table, never breaking your stare. 
“I understand, darling.” He propped his hands on the armchair. “I used to think like this too, especially when my films were not as successful in the start. It was hard to get out of the pressure, but everyone has to hit rock bottom to experience the pure joy of climbing back up.”
The man then exposed a ghost of a smile upon his lips. “You want to know something?”
You raise your brows. “What?”
Unfolding his leg, he leaned in, legs spreading into a V. His curls nearly slipped through from the beret. “I never did fall for who you were on television, all those years ago.
“I fell for who you truly were. Not your characters, your scripted interviews, none of that superficiality. I fell for you.”
You cursed, low in your throat. 
And suddenly it was all too much; this man, seated before you, drinking wine with you, listening to you ramble as drunkards do. It was all too much. Too good, too beautiful, too precious. 
You did not know why tears threatened as you parted your mouth, staring at his eyes. 
“I really missed you, Chan.”
The man paused his drinking. 
Widened his eyes as he abandoned the alcohol altogether, instead drinking in the words that left your mouth. 
“You…” he slowly stood. Walked to where you lay, leaned back on the divan. “You did?”
You raised yourself slightly, edging forwards. Towards him. His gaze enlivened by the wine coating upon your lips. 
“So much.”
He inched closer, hands raising. They found refuge just under your jaw, upon the dip where your neck ran down. The anarchy on his face brought you to near ruination. 
“I really want to kiss you, chérie.”
A small whimper escaped you as you welcomed his touch, eyes heavy lidded. Still, you did not break his stare. “Wh-what is it…what’s stopping you?”
The man ran his tongue down his lower lip, and you had half a mind to capture it with your mouth. 
His thumb began caressing your cheek, sparking your insides aflame. “Everything.”
Tumblr media
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freckledwinterfalls · 10 days ago
*chris as your boyfriend*
Tumblr media
requested by anonnie:
"You taste like chocolate..." 🙈 could you do a fem (she/her) reader saying it to channie (skz). feat. BLUSHY CHAN
12) "You taste like chocolate."
rated PG-13
warnings: suggestive content, blush!chan
word count: 0.42k
a/n: ANONNIE, THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE IT TOOK LIKE 2 SECONDS thank you so much for requesting this T^T
[suggestive fluff]
His shirt had been discarded a while ago, his bare chest burning through your t-shirt as he pressed you up against the window. The feeling of his mouth, soft and warm, enveloping yours was a feeling you would never grow tired of. You sighed contentedly as his smooth legs slowly rubbed against yours. But there was something besides the feel of his skin on yours preoccupying you, and you hadn’t been able to define it since it had first come to your attention. It wasn’t until you licked experimentally along the roof of his mouth that it finally hit you.
“You taste like chocolate,” you whispered, pulling away just enough to grin at him.
Chris looked dazed for a moment, still drunk on your lips and your hands on his chest. “I do?”
“Yes,” you cooed, running your fingers along the sharp line of his jaw.
Something in your eyes had him blushing furiously, that shy smile you adored blooming across his pretty face.
“But I didn’t eat any chocolate,” he protested bashfully, ducking his head into the crook of your neck to hide his reddening face.
“Then I guess that’s just how you taste,” you teased, pulling him up out of your shoulder. “Let me look at you.”
“No,” he whined, still smiling and flushing and hiding his face with his hands. “My face is all pink!”
“That’s why I wanna look!”
With a giggle that almost broke your heart with its sweetness, Channie raced in the opposite direction, peeking through his fingers to see where he was going.
“But I love blushy Chrissy!”
Your feet pattered against the cold floor as you rushed after him into the bedroom, where he leaped onto the bed and buried his face in the pillows.
“Let me look!” you laughed, tugging at his broad shoulders.
“No!” His reply was muffled by the pillows and saturated with the high, shy giggles you loved so much.
With a roll of your eyes, you leaned down to suckle softly at his shoulder blades. You smirked as he suddenly went silent. Bingo.
Slowly, your mouth traveled up his muscled shoulders to his bright red ear. After placing a small kiss on the shell, you breathed, “Please?”
He rolled over so fast, you almost didn’t even see it. And this time, his face was flushed with something a lot less innocent.
Chris pushed you until you were flat on your back, crawling between your jeaned thighs. “You want to look, baby? I’ll give you something to look at.”
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}
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taexual · a month ago
eyelash wishes | bang chan
Tumblr media
title: eyelash wishes
pairing: chan x oc
genre: non au, established relationship, domestic life
warnings: FLUFF (literally so much fluff)
summary: you find yourself absolutely content with all that you have in life as you and chan wake up next to each other on sunday morning.
words count: 2.6k
requested by anonymous.
Tumblr media
There weren’t many occasions where you trusted yourself to wake up without an alarm clock, but this Sunday happened to be special. For the first time in weeks, you had no plans whatsoever, and prepared—diligently—to spend the entire day in bed.
You’d closed the curtains, dressed in your most comfortable pajamas, even warmed the room with a heater before you went to bed the night before, so the sheets would be warmer. And, most importantly, you’d brought Chan, who, aside from being a human furnace, also happened to be the sole reason why you were looking forward to staying in bed today.
Unfortunately, he also ended up being the reason why—contrary to what was explicitly agreed upon—you opened your eyes before midday.
In his defense, his touch on your face was, truly, featherlight. But he hadn’t spent the night here in so long, you’d forgotten what it was like when someone decided to touch you first thing in the morning. Startled, you opened your eyes and, within seconds, the bitter realisation that you were, unfortunately, already awake, settled in.
Humming in distaste when you saw how relatively light your bedroom already was, you scrunched your nose and accused Chan, “I thought we’d made a deal to sleep until noon.”
“We did,” he said, too amused by your reaction to apologize. “But there was an eyelash on your cheek. It was driving me crazy. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
You yawned and closed your eyes. “Why were you awake?”
“You kicked me at around six in the morning,” Chan explained, “and I hit my head against the headboard.”
You frowned and forced your eyes to open again, the allegation simply outrageous. “I didn’t kick you.”
“You did,” he insisted.
“I’ve never kicked you before.”
You saw him shrug underneath the covers as he argued, “well, you did today.”
Squinting your eyes at him, you did not respond as you tried to calculate the probability of this being true. Chan caved before you could come to a likely conclusion.
“Alright, fine,” he said, admitting, “it was because I accidentally stole your duvet from you. I got confused. It was dark.”
That made more sense. You may not have been particularly violent when you were asleep, but you were definitely territorial and very possessive of your duvets.
“So, you’d been awake since 6 AM?” you asked. Right now, you were still too tired to feel bad about his lack of sleep, but you were sure your empathy would return to you when you woke up a little bit more.
“More or less,” Chan said, his eyes bright. He didn’t seem to mind the time he’d spent awake. But there was one thing that he did mind, as he confessed, “I’m dying to pee.”
Laughing now, you stuffed the side of your face deeper into the pillow and gave his shoulder a nudge under the covers. “Go.”
Chuckling, too, Chan shuffled around the bed – looking for the exit from underneath the covers – and said quickly, “I’ll be right—”
Immediately after he moved, a chill spread to the parts of your body that he’d been pressed against before. You felt yourself shiver, the sudden discomfort waking you up in the most brutal way.
“On second thought,” you grabbed his hand, “are you sure you can’t hold it? It’s cold.”
Chan laughed, gently releasing your grip on his hand as he promised, “it won’t be long. Should I put the kettle on while I’m—”
“Don’t you dare go anywhere but to the bathroom, and then straight back here,” you threatened.
“Alright, ma’am,” he gave you a quick salute – you didn’t see it, having already closed your eyes, but you knew him well enough to know that he did it – and then he exited the room, singing, “it’ll just be a second!”
It was the longest second in the history of all seconds – including the ones you’d spent waiting for the last client to leave before you could close up at work – and you clutched the duvet around yourself, desperate to return to the comfortable, toasty state you’d been in before.
It was all useless, really, and you continued to shiver until Chan finally found his way back to your bed. Somehow, his body seemed to be twice as hot as yours, even though he was the one who’d left the warmth and safety of the bed.
You were wrapped around him before he could even lie down properly, like a koala, preying on the eucalyptus tree. Chan, unlike the eucalyptus tree, was very happy to receive this welcome as he laughed and threw an arm around your waist, cuddling into you.
“Sleep or breakfast?” he whispered.
You exhaled, very heartbroken that you couldn’t pick both, and mumbled, “breakfast, I guess. But I refuse to get up or let you get up.”
“Ah,” smiling at the predicament you two were in, Chan tried to offer a solution, “we could order something.”
Feeling particularly happy about the current state of things, you considered what—if anything—would be worth getting out of bed for. You felt like you had all that you needed right here.
“We could,” you agreed, “provided they delivered it straight to our bed.”
His heart had suddenly grown wings and seemed to develop a voice of its’ own as it proceeded to echo your words in a chant—our bed, our bed, our bed—so he needed a minute to figure out how to keep holding you in his arms, while also grabbing his phone from the nightstand next to the bed.
Eventually, he ended up having to let go of you—for just a moment—and the half-hearted whine that left your lips was music to your ears.
“Let’s see,” he said then, unlocking his phone as he settled into his previous position next to you, and opened the food delivery app. “Eggs or pancakes?”
You understood that, despite feeling like you could, you probably would not be able to survive on love for very long. Therefore, you settled, “pancakes.”
“Do we want Chocolate Chip or Banana Chocolate?” was his next question because, like with many other important decisions – but especially when it came to breakfast – you functioned as a unit.
“We want both,” you answered, and Chan nodded knowingly. “At least when we order it, we know it won’t turn into a disaster.”
“Hey!” he scolded immediately, recognizing the dig at his last attempt to make you breakfast in bed. “The pancakes were fine. It’s not my fault you have a wobbly mattress.”
“It’s not the mattress,” you argued, “you’re the one who decided to play Jenga with the pancakes. Who even piles up so many of them?”
“There were only eight!” he defended. “It was supposed to be a pancake tower.”
You shuffled your head around the pillow, looking for a more comfortable position. “It was a tower alright. But why try to eat the one at the very bottom?”
“That one had the most chocolate!”
You couldn’t disagree there. “Fine, that’s fair. But it took three washes to clean the chocolate from the sheets, so I’m not sure if it was worth it.”
Dignified, Chan declared, “chocolate is always worth it.”
Grinning – because, really, how lucky did a person have to be to find someone to argue about chocolate with, on a Sunday morning? – you snuggled your head into the pillow and changed the topic. “Did you place the order?”
“I did,” he confirmed, tossing his phone on the bed behind you, because removing his arms from your waist to put the device in its’ proper place felt like too much work. “They’ll be here in twenty-five minutes.”
You sighed. “That’s fast. I feel bad for making someone work so much on a Sunday morning.”
“We could have cooked,” he said.
“Please,” you countered with a scoff.
Very prideful about this, Chan repeated, “the pancakes were fine!”
“I’m not trying to offend your pancakes,” you said, “but I don’t feel like bringing the fridge and the stove over here, into the bed. And, I’m afraid, there simply is no other way. We agreed to stay here the whole day.”
“We did,” he confirmed, reaching one of his hands from underneath the covers so he could wipe your cheek, just below your eye.
“Another eyelash?” you asked, and he nodded. Squeezing your eyes shut you mumbled, “what is it this morning, it’s like I’m shedding.”
Chan hadn’t expected himself to laugh so hard at this, his head reflexively leaning closer to yours until he had to hide his face in the crook of your neck to recover.
“You’re not shedding,” he said when he pulled back to look at you, still giddy. He placed a kiss to your cheek and then added, “you’re supposed to make a wish when you lose one, you know.”
“What if I lose two?”
“Three, actually,” he pointed out with another laugh. “I got two in one go this time.”
You snorted at this. “Do I have any left on my eyes?”
Grinning because he was close enough to be able to count each and every eyelash on both of your eyes, he assured you, “you have plenty.”
The two of you giggled at this for a minute – hazy from the pointlessness of this conversation as well as from the sheer delight of being in each other’s arms like this – and then you leaned in to kiss his cheek in return.
“So, what should I wish for?” you asked, resting your head back on your pillow.
“I honestly don’t know,” he replied, playful. “You already have me.”
“I wish you never make pancakes with chocolate syrup again.”
“That’s—wow,” Chan said, his tongue poking his cheek in an expression of exaggerated offense. Then, he retaliated, “well, I wish you never use white sheets that are unreasonably easy to stain.”
“Hey, it’s my eyelash,” you said. “You don’t get any wishes.”
“And you’re my girlfriend,” he countered with a kiss to your lips. “What’s yours is mine.”
Doubting this logic – even though your traitor face broke into a smile – you tossed back, “I wish you’d let me brush my teeth before you kissed me in the morning.”
“Hmm,” he only pretended to consider this as he leaned in to connect your lips again, each of his kisses more lingering than the one before. “You’re an eyelash short for that one to come true.”
“Well, not a problem,” you extended one of your hands and brought it to your right eye, rubbing it gently.
Chan laughed, pulling your wrist away from your face as the two of you burst into another fit of uncontrollable giggles that did not recede – and, if anything, seemed to intensify – when he kissed you again.
You were a mess of clumsy, sloppy kisses, and you couldn’t stop grinning at each other. It felt like time had stopped for you two on this Sunday morning, and you didn’t even have to sell your soul to the devil for this beautiful moment not to pass away – take that, Goethe.
But then, a terrible, ear-piercing sound rang through the apartment, forcing you to break the kiss with a start.
“The doorbell,” Chan informed you when you gave him a look, wordlessly inquiring about the audacity of someone to disturb your peace. “It’s probably the pancakes.”
You huffed, having forgotten the breakfast that was on the way, and rolled onto your back. Chan gave you an offended look when you let go of him a full twenty seconds earlier than was necessary.
“I would complain about getting up,” you explained, “but now I have to pee. Will you get the door?”
Accepting this excuse, he chuckled again and nodded. “Yeah, I got it.”
You both sat up and crawled over to the same side of the bed, despite having more than enough space to get out of it from opposite sides. You were still unwilling—or unable, at this point—to let go of each other as you kept your hands intertwined. Chan kissed you one more time before standing up and pulling you up to your feet, too.
“Alright,” you said, bracing the cold of the apartment. “Meet me back in bed in two minutes.”
“I’ll be here,” he promised and, with another quick kiss, left to open the door.
“Don’t be late!” you called after him, a veiled threat in your voice.
“That depends on how quickly I locate the forks in the kitchen!” he shouted back and then immediately added a “hello, thank you very much,” as he opened the door of your apartment to the delivery person.
You waited until you heard the door close again before you called out a reminder, “they’re in the middle drawer!”
“Got it!” he answered from across the apartment.
But a minute later he was still shuffling around in the kitchen, either lost or plotting something.
You turned the tap to wash your hands in the bathroom as you called out impatiently, “if the forks aren’t there, we’ll just eat with our hands!”
“The forks are here!” Chan replied with a laugh. “I’m just getting plates.”
You only hummed in response now as you lowered your head to the sink, rinsing your mouth with water. It was hard not to splash any of it on your pajamas because you couldn’t lose the goofy grin on your face – that was seriously starting to become a problem.
“Oh, hey!” you shouted afterwards, reaching for the towel by the sink to dry your face and hands. “I actually have another wish.”
“Yeah?” Chan asked, passing by the bathroom as he headed back to your bedroom, carrying the styrofoam tray of pancakes and empty plates in his hands. “Let’s hear it.”
“I wish—and don’t tell me that this is cliché because I will attack—that this day never ends,” you said as you entered the bedroom after him. “How many eyelashes will I have to pull out for that one to come true?”
Chan laughed, sitting down on the bed, and putting the food on it before he leaned over to grab your hand and pull you into bed with him. Careful, so you wouldn’t get any of the food on your sheets again, you two settled in with your backs leaning against the headboard, resting the plates on your thighs as you shared the pancakes from the tray between you.
“That is a cliché,” he told you as he took the first bite.
You stopped your own fork mid-air to give him a warning look. “What did I tell you about—”
“But I wish for the same,” he cut you off before you could carry out your promise and turn the peaceful breakfast into a violent fight for survival. “Actually, no. I wish we could spend the rest of our lives here, no matter what day it is.”
You exhaled wistfully, finally putting the pancake into your mouth as you agreed, “me too. I don’t even care how many eyelashes we’ll have left in the end.”
Laughing again, Chan reached for a bite of the pancake on your plate and, as you continued to eat and make progressively more unrealistic wishes—and plans—for your futures, both of you realised that you didn’t really need any eyelashes or eleven-elevens to make your wishes come true.
As long as you were here, next to each other, all of your wishes were true already.
Tumblr media
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moonlit-han · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
genre: fluff, comfort, established relationship au pairing: bang chan x femme reader word count: 1.5k warnings: none? (intense kissing, though) request: yes a/n: hi anon! thanks so much for requesting :) this was a joy to write—i also needed so comforting fluff in my life. i hope you enjoy this!
✧ masterlist & tag list info in bio ✧
Curled up beside Chan on his bed while he worked on a track had to be your favorite place to be. Ever. Warm? Check. Comfortable? Check again. Boyfriend included? Check, check, and check!
Yes, there were things left to be desired, such as privacy—looking at you, Jisung—but it was a sacrifice you were willing to make to be with your boyfriend. Luckily, Jisung had oh-so-graciously agreed to sleep in Felix’s room that night to actually give you and Chan that much needed privacy. From the grin on Jisung’s face as he strolled out of the room, you knew Felix was in for a rough night—you suspected having Jisung unexpectedly rooming with him would be worse than having a demon under the bed. But, you didn’t care because you had a whole night alone with Chan.
You watched as Chan rummaged around with cables, adapters, and his laptop, then climbed up to the top bunk where you sat already cocooned in his blanket. 
“How are you that cute?!” he demanded, squeezing himself in beside you. “Seriously, Y/N. It’s not fair!”
“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “I think the blanket helps?”
“Hmmm, probably,” Chan said. He nestled closer to you, nearly butting his head against your shoulder like a cat, and lightly kissed your cheek. “But you’re cute all the time.”
Little gestures like that always melted your heart. Granted, that meant you spent most of your time with an utterly melted heart because Chan took every opportunity to his affection for you. He loved to give you little kisses, hugs, to hold your hands, to wrap his arms around you from behind and lean his chin on your shoulder, to pull you close into his side and keep you warm. Physical touch was essential for him, the best way he could give and receive comfort and love.
Thinking to get him back for making you melt, you quickly turned and managed to kiss him on the nose before he could pull away. This, however, meant Chan was perfectly placed to lightly press his lips to yours. You squeaked, but gave in immediately. Turning more squarely toward your boyfriend, you steadied one hand on his shoulder as he kissed you again.
And that was only the beginning. Soon you were kissing heatedly, tasting each other over and over again, your mutual desire mounting with every breath, every stroke of his tongue against yours. Before you knew it, Chan had drawn you down on top of him, holding your hips to his as he kissed every bit of you he could reach. His kisses were intoxicating, like the most delicious mead you’d ever had. They always were. All you could do was kiss him back, running your fingers through slightly curling hair. Chan then nipped at your bottom lip, drawing a small whimper from you as heat rose to your cheeks. He grinned up at you, satisfied with a job well done. You tried, desperately, not to think about the fact that seven other men were within easy hearing of the two of you.
You narrowed your eyes. “Shouldn’t you be working or something?” you asked, thoroughly killing the mood.
“Maybe…” Chan didn’t meet your gaze, then craned his neck to chase your lips.
“Oh no you don’t, you goof muffin,” you playfully scolded, pushing yourself up and backward.
“Can I at least be in the blanket cocoon?” Chan pouted, sitting up as well.
“Fine, I guess you can be in the blanket cocoon,” you said. “It’s your blanket anyway.”
Chan huffed, then scooted down the bed to sit beside you and curled into the blanket. He was just about to lay his head on your shoulder again when he groaned in annoyance, reaching for his computer and headphones. He’d clearly forgotten that he needed them to work and would not be able to work efficiently if he was trapped in a blanket cocoon. Reluctantly, Chan moved forward so as to be on the blanket but not completely wrapped in it.
As he continued to situate himself on the bed, you took the chance to observe Chan. Even after all this time and just doing the simplest of tasks, he was still the most beautiful person you’d ever seen. With his lips slightly swollen, a gleam in his eyes, and his hair rumpled from kissing, he looked even better.
Once settled, Chan got to work on a track he’d started earlier that week. It was fairly standard at the moment, just the baseline for what would become a more involved piece later, especially once Changbin got his hands on it. Chan had confided in you that Changbin was usually the reason songs became more musically complex, and that Chan and Jisung were grateful for the extra boost, as it were, that gave their music. He occasionally placed his headphones over your ears for your opinion, too, genuinely interested in what you thought. You’d always appreciated that about Chan—he never treated you differently, just because you weren’t as skilled a musician as he.
You were content to just watch Chan’s hands flit back and forth over his keyboard as he adjusted the levels of the track and added new components. Every so often, you’d turn your face up to his in a way you both knew well. He would simply lean in and give you a small kiss before going back to work, just as he did every time you looked to him with that look in your eyes. With the room all to yourselves, it was like you were in your own little world, the faerie lights twinkling above the window giving the illusion of stars. After a couple of hours, all was quiet as everyone else went to sleep.
“Baby,” you murmured, “we should get some rest. Are you almost done?”
“Mhmm,” came Chan’s noncommittal response.
“Yep, I’ll be done soon.”
To reassure you, Chan wrapped an arm around your waist and began brushing his thumb up and down the sensitive skin there. You settled into the crook of his arms easily, as if you did it every night. After awhile, you felt Chan gently scratching your back, his evenly trimmed nails describing circle after circle.
“Mmmmm, that feels a little too good,” you said, knowing your voice was thick with sleep. You turned your face into Chan’s shoulder, nuzzling the soft fabric of his hoodie.
“Yeah?” Chan slipped his hand under the hem of your—his—old t-shirt, and began properly scratching your back.
You couldn’t help your “Oooooh” of delight.
It felt truly wonderful, creating just the perfect combination of shivery pleasure and relief from tension you didn’t know you had been holding. You found yourself shifting back and forth a bit to help Chan reach just the right spots but quickly realized that if you continued moving, the bed would shake too much.
Chan noticed what you were doing and just giggled softly. “Y/N, we’ve done much more than gently rock this bed and it hasn’t come apart yet. Don’t worry about it.” This earned him a light elbow in the ribs that you turned into a hug.
With better access to your back, Chan continued lightly scratching up and down, up and down your back in slow, lazy lines. Your lack of a bra only made it easier. It wasn’t long before your eyes drifted close and your head began to slip down Chan’s shoulder. Making an indistinct, sleepy noise, you tried curling closer into your boyfriend’s side to somehow intimate that you wanted to sleep. Now, preferably. In your sleep-muddled state, you considered pawing at Chan, but thought better of it, since he was still working.
Five minutes later, Chan closed his computer and took off his headphones, setting them both aside where they wouldn’t fall to the floor in the middle of the night. With a soft sigh, he shifted slightly so he could support you as he sank back onto his pillows. You automatically curled yourself on top of him, one leg between his and the other crooked over his hip, making contented noises as Chan pulled the blanket up over both of you. You could hear his heartbeat, loud and reassuring, where your head rested on his chest.
With the two of you situated, Chan continued lightly scratching and rubbing your back—with the odd kiss to the crown of your head—until your breathing matched and he began to slip into sleep as well. Not much later, he woke slightly, and took a moment to appreciate the quiet of the night and the comforting weight of you on top of him. Then, he decided to simply wrap his arms around you, hold you as tightly as he could, and to never let go.
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hyunsuks-beanie · a month ago
Anything For You
Tumblr media
Best friend (with benefits) Chan x fem. bodied! reader x best friend (with benefits) Felix
Genre/Warnings: Smut; threesome; anal; brief unprotected sex
Word Count: 2k words
Mellow speaks: Here's the long overdue ChanLix smut, finally completed! I'm sorry for keeping you waiting anon, and I hope this makes up for it! I hope you enjoy reading it, and do lemme know if you like it!
Tumblr media
Sighing, you lean your head against your front door, reluctant to enter as you try to push back the tears that are threatening to spill out. Today had definitely been a day gone wrong for you, every single thing and plan you had had falling apart right before your eyes. You should have known that luck wasn't in your favor when you spilled coffee all over your new shirt early in the morning, but you had chosen to ignore it, allowing things to spiral further downwards. You had been late to work, and the jitters had caused you to mess your presentation up, which had ultimately resulted in you getting into an argument with your teammates, forcing you to cancel your plans of grabbing lunch with them.
But by far, the worst thing that had happened today was that it was your birthday, and neither of your two best friends had so much as called you. Maybe you didn't matter enough, maybe they too, had realized what a disaster you were, or so it was appearing to you right now. Bracing yourself for thw flurry of tears that would start as soon as you entered your apartment, you unlock the door, but instead of darkness welcoming you, the sight that greets makes your jaw drop in shock. There they are, huge smiles on their faces as they scream "Happy Birthday!," Felix holding a gigantic cake in his hands, and Chan already leading the way to engulf you in a hug. He barely a foot away from you when he takes in your expression, your eyes bloodshot and your lips already trembling, and that's when he knows.
Without a word, he wraps his arms around your form, beckoning for the younger boy, who has joined the hug in a heartbeat, taking hold of your waist from behind as he nuzzles his face into your neck. "What happened, baby?," Chan asks, his voice barely above a whisper. There it is, the pet name you had been craving all day. It was normal for the three of you to use cheesy pet names amongst yourselves, it was just something that gave you a sense of comfort. And it was that comfort that finally caused you to break, crying into Chan's chest as Felix tries to calm you down by placing soft kisses on your neck. Together, the two lead you towards the couch, your freckled friend making you sit on his lap as the older boy walks over to the dining table to get a glass of water for you.
"Shhhh, love. It's alright. You're alright. We love you, you don't have to cry," Felix whispers in your ear, placing kisses to your neck and forehead every so often. Walking back to you, Chan runs his hand down your back, handing you the glass and placing a chaste kiss to your head. "Wanna talk about it?," he asks, and you shake your head no, causing a giggle to escape Felix's lips as Chan tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. "Okay," he says, tugging on your arm to lift you up, "It's your special day, and we know just how to make you feel special," he smirks, running his hands down your arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake. You look up at him, a gasp escaping your lips as you notice his eyes, now dark, staring intently at your lips.
You open your mouth to say something, but Chan takes the chance to smash his lips onto yours, kissing you softly and roughly at the same time. His hands quickly make their way to your butt, squeezing it gently as he bites down on your bottom lip, seeking entrance. You part your lips, allowing him to enter as his tongue explores every inch of your mouth. He smirks into the kiss when he feels you gasp, the reason having been Felix sucking on your sweet spot from behind you, alternatively biting and licking the skin on your neck. Your reaction only pushes the younger boy to tease you further, hands slipping to the hem of your shirt before dipping under it, running up and down your bare torso.
You can't help the moan that escapes your lips at their touch, your mind already clouded with lustful thoughts as you feel excitement pool between your legs. Sure, being best friends with two super hot guys had resulted in one too many sexual encounters that others would label as "inappropriate," but this was new, even to you. This was the first time you were feeling both of their hands on you at once, and you couldn't wait for what was to come.
As if reading your thoughts, Chan finally pulls away from you, leaving you breathless in his wake as he licks his lips. He lets out a chuckle upon seeing Felix rushing to take his place, unbuttoned your shirt without you even have a chance to respond. Pushing the fabric off your body, he quickly attaches his lips to the area above your lace-colored boobs, a groan escaping his lips as Chan's hand makes his way towards his crotch, paling his semi-hard member through his soccer shorts. Smirking, the eldest among you asks, "Shall we take this to the bedroom?," eliciting a firm "No" from the both of you, a moan leaving your lips as Felix pulls the cups of your bra down, latching his lips onto your nipple.
Throwing your head back in pleasure, you fail to see Chan taking Felix's shorts down in one quick motion, the younger's dick springing out, hard and beautiful as ever. Stroking it, Chan moves his lips towards Felix's ears, whispering to him as the other continues to suck on your boobs. "Come on Lix, why don't you get a taste of Y/N?" His words catch Felix off guard, making his mouth water as he reluctantly pulls away, hands moving to unbunckle your belt. You stop him though, walking over to Chan and placing your hands at the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down in one swift move. Licking your lips, you begin unbuckling your belt, pulling it away before popping the button of your pants. Sliding them down, you do a little twirl, wanting both boys to see your lace lingerie. Smirking, you hook your fingers in the waistband, pulling the panties down while bending to give Felix a better view of your butt.
Sliding the fabric down your ankles, you finally wrap your hands around Chan's length, pumping him a couple times before going down on your knees. Taking him into your mouth, you move your hands to his balls, massaging them as his member almost hits the back of your throat. Your exposed core is like an invitation to Felix, and he doesn't waste a second in getting down behind you, thrusting his tongue into your core as he massages you butt cheeks. Bobbing your head up and down, you can't help the moan that escapes your lips as the younger boy's mouth works wonders on you, hitting spots you didn't even know existed. He continues to alternate between pushing his tongue into you and biting your clit, as Chan's hands make their way to your hair, pulling on them roughly as he guides your head over his cock.
You suddenly let out a whine against his member when Felix pulls his mouth away from your core, the emptiness quickly being replaced by the feeling of his dick slowly pushing into you. It causes a moan to leave your lips, pushing Chan closer to his edge. You swirl your tongue around his girth, grazing your teeth against his length as the room fills with his groans, his hands gripping your hair even tighter as he finally reaches his climax, releasing his seed into your mouth. You lap up every last drop of his juice, moans and groans leaving your lips you feel the knot in your stomach growing, thanks to Felix. It doesn't take you long to reach your own high, the previous stimulation from his tongue making you weak in the knees. Felix pulls out just before you cum, watching in fascination as your juice spills out of you. Getting on his knees again, his tongue quickly cleans you up as he smacks his lips in satisfaction.
Once you calm down, you turn towards Felix, looking up at him with big doe eyes. "C'mere," he says, a chuckle leaving his lips as he realizes what you're up to. Wrapping your lips around him, you once again start doing what you previously did to Chan, the man in front of you gripping the armrest of couch while letting out a string of groans. "Fuck, Y/N! Just like that," he moans, his eyes rolling back in pleasure. You soon have him cumming into your mouth, lapping up every last bit of his seed as his hands move to grip your hair. Coming down from his high, he gives you a smile while pulling out of you.
Before you can get up, however, Chan comes up behind you, placing his hand on your body as he helps you up. "Ready for the real thing babe?," he asks, his voice sending shivers down your spine as you nod softly. Smirking, he pulls away from you, walking over to Felix and whispering something in his ear. Pulling away, he picks up his shorts from the floor, pulling out two condoms and throwing one to Felix, who immediately begins unwrapping it and pulling it down over his length. As soon as he's done, the younger walks over to the couch, sprawling his limbs out on it as he beckons you over. Realization dawns on you as you make your way over to him, unable to hide the grin on your face as you lower yourself down on his member, hissing softly as he fills you up. After adjusting yourself to him, you begin rolling your hips against his, the room filling with your moans as you gradually speed up your pace, catching his lips in a sloppy kiss as your skin slaps against his.
Chan, meanwhile, continues to pump himself while enjoying the show, smirking to himself as he slowly makes his way over to you, aligning himself against your hole, catching you by surprise as he finally enters you from behind. The sensation causes a gasp to leave your lips as he begins thrusting in and out of you while latching his lips onto your neck. The feeling of both your holes being filled simultaneously is enough to make your brain go fuzzy and your toes curl up, the double stimulation making the knot in your stomach grow much more quickly, and before you know it, your moans turn into screams of their names, your orgasm hitting you like a truck as you place your head on Felix's chest, body convulsing from the sheer force of your climax.
Felix follows not long after, the vibrations pushing him over the edge as he cums into the condom. Chan continues thrusting into you, grunts escaping his lips as he finally reaches his climax. Riding out his high, he slowly pulls out of you, careful not to hurt you. You slowly stumble away from Felix, tiredness washing over your body as you collapse next to him on the couch while he wraps his arms around you. Chan leans forward, placing a kiss on your forehead as he asks, "Want something to eat?" You reply by letting out a yawn, both of them chuckling in understanding.
Had it been any other day, you would most likely have taken care of yourself. But since it's your birthday, your two best friends are more than happy to help clean you up, getting you in comfortable clothes before tucking you into bed. Crawling under the duvet, you softly call out for them to stay, and smiling, they comply, laying down on either side of you. You snuggle yourself in Chan's chest, using one hand to pull Felix closer to your back. He does, wrapping his arms securely around your form. "Thank you for today," you smile, on the verge of falling asleep.
"Anything for you, love," both of them say, together.
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dreamescapeswriting · a month ago
Kinktober ~ Day 29
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chan looked at you as he let out a small whimper, normally he wasn't this needy and clingy but tonight was different. You'd both finished having sex and fallen right to sleep but now he was left needy for more. 
Cock throbbing as he looked at you, he'd tried to deal with it himself. rubbing himself slowly to a picture of you, even using one of the toys you'd gotten him but it wasn't what he wanted or needed.
He needed you. He desperately needed you and his mind went back to conversations you had together previously. Telling him that it was okay with you, that if he was completely needy he could wake you up that way if he craved to. 
A small grunt left his lips as he inched closer to you on the bed, looking at you as you rolled over suddenly feeling him close to you. Your body naturally threw your leg over his hip and pulled him closer to you in your sleep, only making this harder for Chan. He could feel you right on the tip of his cock as he moaned a little in your ear. Even asleep you were one of the sexiest people in the world to him. 
"C-Chan?" You mumbled tiredly feeling him as he attempted to get out of your grasp but he froze,
"You're still needy?" Your words came out muffled since you were still hiding in his neck and he nodded his head, rubbing your back softly. 
"You know you can do what you need right?" You questioned giving him further confirmation that you would be okay with this. That what Chan had been thinking about for the last ten minutes was a-okay with you. 
Wasting no time he nodded his head, grunting a little as he pushed into you, his hips stilling as he was balls deep inside of your wet cunt. You felt like heaven around him and he was never going to stop thanking you for this.
Chan pulled your thigh up a little higher so he could position himself more comfortably, kissing up and down your neck as he whimpered a little.
If Chan had the energy he would roll his hips faster but this was all he needed. All he needed was to be buried inside of you with you as close to him as humanly possible. 
"F-Fuck." He moaned out not knowing you could hear him but you smirked a little and bucked your hips. Ran the tips of your fingers up and down his naked chest, smiling sleepily as he rocked a little. 
"You feel so good," You whispered to him as you clenched around him again, moaning out against his chest as he continued to hold you close to him. 
Hips moved a little faster as you pressed yourself closer to him, never wanting this to end but both of you were sensitive and Chan was already close from his previous actions.
"Chan," You moaned out as he grunted loudly, hips bucking as he came into you suddenly, your walls fluttering around him as you followed soon after him.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ If you would like to be added or removed please let me know 💞🥰
Tumblr media
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jl-micasea-fics · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊: Cuckolding
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Self-insert, female reader x Stray Kids Bang Chan | Self-insert, female reader x Stray Kids Changbin
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, explicit sexual content, an established relationship, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cuckolding, swinging, praise and instruction
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Kinktober contents list | Kinktober prompt list
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © October 2021 by jl-micasea ​
Tumblr media
This wasn't something you'd ever have conjured up yourself.
Indeed, the very idea of doing what you were about to do was nothing if not novel, and you had Chan to thank for that.
Yours was a fairly established relationship, three years of dating and time for each other meant that you were well on your way to a comfortable sort of familiarity, one where you could freely speak your mind, and he his.
Yet one quiet night amongst the bed sheets, huddled together amongst warmth and the haze of sleepy content as the rain pelted down on the bedroom window, your hushed pillow talk descended into something a little more... intimate.
Whispers of fantasies, both yours and his, things that you would be prepared to try in the bedroom given the opportunity and a little courage. Giggles and raised eyebrows, sly smiles and the excitement of anticipation ran between you, the promise of such things to come shoring your relationship all the fiercer.
Restraining, wax play, perhaps the use of a toy here or there.
Nothing too insane. Nothing too vanilla.
That was only until Chan whispered through parted lips.
"I've always wanted to watch you with someone else."
Your initial reaction had been one of shock, raw and unfiltered. Both of you were committed to one another, you knew, yet his suggestion of straying from your monogamous tendencies came as nothing but a surprise.
"Really?" You reiterated.
"It's weird, I know. But I can't help thinking about it," he nods.
"It's not weird... It's just a surprise is all."
"Would you be okay with it?"
"Having sex with someone else? While I watch?"
"I... I don't know, Chan. Isn't that like... cheating? The thought of someone else's hands on me doesn't sit right."
He'd looked at you with a spark in his eye, something you'd never seen from him before.
"What if it were Changbin's hands?"
Now that, changed things.
You'd always had something of a soft spot for the gruff rapper, and you'd be lying to yourself and your God if you said you didn't spend a second too long admiring the way his thighs fitted the sweats he always wore, the way his biceps would curl up when he swept his dark hair off his face under his snapback.
Chan knew, much as he always did.
You hadn't had much opportunity to be all that mortified about it. Indeed, Chan capitalised off your wandering eye, twisted things to suit his needs and desires.
And that, by and large, explained your current situation.
Changbin had - according to Chan - been all too willing to participate in the little experiment, making exclamations of disbelief on his luck when Chan had propositioned him.
"Are you telling me I finally get to see that tight little ass of hers, like, for real?"
You took the compliment as it was meant, allowing the stroke to your ego.
Changbin sits beside you on the sofa, fully clothed, just as you are. His demeanour is that of formality and awkward composure, and you suppose you're not much better than he is. Because frankly, it is awkward.
Chan sits in front of the two of you, legs crossed neatly and arms over his chest.
It almost feels akin to being summoned to the Headteacher's office, the atmosphere fit to break at any moment or the second someone says something.
And before too long, Chan does just that.
"Aren't you going to fuck my girlfriend now?"
Changbin chokes into his hand, your eyes fly open wide as you burn up from head to toe.
Of course, you all knew the score. It was why you were all together, what the purpose of this whole thing was.
But to hear it said out loud, so blatantly and without tact... was startling.
"I, uh... I mean, yeah," Changbin laughs. "I guess that's what I'm here for, right?"
He turns to you, his spine ramrod straight and shoulders squared. You almost half expect him to hold a hand out for you to shake, but no such thing occurs.
He sidles closer to you, across the leather sofa, clearing his throat when the two of you lock eyes.
It's an immutable feeling, locking gazes with a stranger you could see yourself fucking. Like a red carpet rolling out before you, revealing a path that you might one day take, if only you were brave enough. It presents possibilities, opportunities. A whole myriad of 'what-if' scenarios that you know you'll never get the answers to, because you're not living that life, with that person - because you're promised to someone else. In your case, Chan.
But with Chan not a foot away from you, watching your red carpet roll out, seeing all the same possibilities you see when Changbin swallows thickly, his hazel browns shimmering with anticipation when he flicks down to your lips, then back again - you suppose this is the one and only taste you're going to get of another life, at another time.
And the idea of it simply sings to you.
"Kiss her," Chan instructs, his voice hoarse.
Changbin doesn't even register the instruction, but moves to act on it. He lifts his fingertips to your chin, the black tank top he wears falls open at the ribs as he motions, revealing a glimpse of the muscle beneath.
You tense when he closes the distance between you, feeling every inch the filthy betrayer when he tentatively, carefully, brushes his perfect doll lips against yours.
"I said kiss her, not fucking peck her," Chan complains. "What are we, teenagers?"
"Give me a break, this is... This is new to me, dude," Changbin shoots back, flashing him a glare.
"It's okay..." you mutter quietly, placing your hand on his thigh. "It was nice."
Changbin swallows again, and Chan seems to stiffen in place.
"Yeah?" Changbin confirms.
You nod quietly.
He smirks to himself, the dimples in his cheeks make an appearance as his confidence seems to build with your admission.
"Well then, in that case..."
He leans over you in one motion, and this time, he kisses you.
Really kisses you.
Your lips mould together in perfect shape, you're sent reeling back to the sofa as he follows above you, slotting himself between his legs. His tongue finds yours, the muted taste of bubblegum lingers on him, and you find yourself all too excited by the whole thing as a roll of his hips against your sex indicates his own raw, rather erect, excitement.
"Good..." Chan praises. "Start stripping her."
Changbin doesn't need to be told again as he sits back on his knees, tugging you with him by your wrists. He makes quick work of removing your shirt, tossing it aside and unhooking your bra with deft efficiency, enough so to make your head spin.
You're thrown back to the sofa proper when he starts fumbling with the zipper of your skater skirt, his own erection getting in the way of removal of anything.
"Leave it on her," Chan intervenes. "Just get rid of her panties."
Your breaths come shorter and sharper, more ragged as you watch Changbin reach under your skirt, taking hold of the material of your thong and pulling it down your legs, dampened in the gusset where your desire made manifest.
He doesn't seem to notice in his own ferocity, but fans your skirt up to your hips, quickly whipping off his tank top and throwing it to the floor.
The sight that awaits beneath is positively jaw-dropping, and you almost lament that Chan has to watch you appreciate every ridge and prominent line of Changbin's perfect body - because this now goes far past simply doing it for your boyfriend.
You're doing it for yourself.
Because you know you're going to drown in every second of it.
He frees his erection quickly, it hangs heavily between you as he returns to looming above you, smothering your neck with open-mouthed kisses, nibbles and tender bites. He cups your breast with one large hand, massaging and playing with the feel of it, forcing little groans of content from your throat.
You chance a glance at your boyfriend - who's still watching the two of you like he's about to break into an interrogation - only for your core to set alight when you realise what he's doing.
He holds his throbbing cock in his right hand, fisting it slowly, carefully. Spreading the lube he retrieved from God-knows-where across it, his cheeks burnt a shade of rose that indicates his descent into lust.
He really did want this.
He's really not losing his mind.
Fuck it.
Keeping your eyes trained on Chan, you pull Changbin in by his broad shoulders, spreading your legs and hooking your ankles around his rear.
"Fuck me," you hiss in his ear. "Fuck me like I know you've always wanted to. He wants it."
Changbin laughs quietly, glancing at his friend working himself, biting on his lip when he comes to much the same conclusion you did.
And with that, he enters you slowly, the stretching sensation of being filled so well makes you keen and mewl against him.
Changbin pushes up your skirt, angling you so Chan can see exactly what your pussy looks like when it's taking another cock, and Chan's eyes roll back right about the same time yours do, albeit for different reasons.
For it seems that stature and personality aren't the only things about Changbin that one could consider 'larger than life'.
He bottoms out inside you, holding still for a moment to allow your adjustment.
"She can take it," Chan hisses. "Don't hold back."
"We'll see about that..." Changbin muses, his hips doing what they do best.
He begins to move, controlled motions of his lower body driving his slick length to the very depths you need it at, brushing against your most sensitive spot almost immediately with the angle he has you in.
You cling to his shoulders, making sure you keep your legs spread as wide as possible, as well as possible given what you're taking in that moment. The squeak of the cool leather beneath you presses against your body, the sofa itself inches in place with the momentum of force Changbin is applying to his motions.
The knot in your core tightens and contracts as Changbin fucks you, the slaps of his skin against yours adding to the atmosphere that's utterly taboo, given the relations of all concerned.
Yet you're far past caring, just as the other two are, and by the time you're trembling and quivering around Changbin's muscled form, squeezing around his length and prominent girth in a greedy attempt to get all the stimulation you can, Chan's already arrived.
He stands from his chair, ambling over to you on the sofa, his aim not to interrupt, but rather, to add.
"Open your mouth, princess," he groans, his cock a throbbing shade of pink in his hand, the veins prominent and thick.
Changbin keeps up his pace, your mind is so hazed and dulled that you'd welcome anything your boyfriend would give you, even his seed in so blatant a manner. Letting your jaw fall slack, your head falls back to the arm of the sofa as Chan positions himself next to you, still seeing himself through to his end.
"You close?" He directs at Changbin.
"Dude I've been putting off finishing for the last ten minutes - you know how tight she is. I'm done," he grunts.
"Then finish. Fill her up for me."
His instruction is all that's needed as Changbin's final thrusts reduce to feral ruts, desperate grinding and groaning as he finishes inside you, sparking your own orgasm to fruition with the sensation of him stiffening inside you, swelling and releasing.
Chan glides over his cock once, then twice, a final and firm third time before spurts of his warm release escape the tip of his tender cock, gracing your tongue and lips, salty and thick. He shudders and curses into the air, though keeps his hooded eyes firmly locked to your quivering form.
With Changbin collapsed on top of you and your boyfriend fucked out beside you, your sex drive ia well and truly sated for the time being...
You wonder if they'd be open to making this a regular occurrence.
Because you, definitely fucking would.
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: This haunts me night and day. 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐚
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fizzydrink698 · 3 months ago
ease | chan
Tumblr media
pairing: bang chan/reader
word count: 2.5k
genre: romance, historical fantasy au
warnings: steam (literally), sexual tension you could cut with a knife, great appreciation for chan and his shoulders, idk the thunderous mv made me feel things
Tumblr media
He didn’t take long to melt under your gentle attentions, letting out a small sigh as you massaged his scalp, fingers occasionally sliding down to his temples to slowly ease away the tension built up there.
“You’re good at this,” he remarked, eyes drifting to a close.
Tumblr media
part of the six month anniversary drabble event!
prompt: “can i do your hair?”
Tumblr media
“He’s occupied at the moment. Specifically requested that no one disturb him.”
The guard to the bathhouse wasn’t budging. In a way, you wanted to commend him for being so committed to his orders.
If only that thoroughness wasn’t directly stopping you from doing your job.
“Chan also ‘specifically requested’ I go straight to him the moment I got news on the Haeju mission,” you told him, standing firm. “And guess what I have?”
“If it’s urgent,” the guard replied. “I can pass on the information.”
You frowned, eyeing him carefully. From his accent, he was local to the area. Young enough that his hair and beard were still entirely black, but certainly older than the men he guarded. Old enough to have a wife, maybe a child or two.
He was loyal to the Thunderous cause – all the locals were, that was why this town was chosen as the base of operations.
But that potential family was a weak point. It made him susceptible to the promise of money, of enough funds to keep his children fed through the next winter.
With enough gold, someone could buy any sensitive information he had.
“…No. No, it has to come from me,” you stated. “Now, let me in.”
“I already said–”
“I heard you. Let me in.”
The guard, by this point visibly irritated, opened his mouth to bark out another refusal – when a familiar voice from inside cut him off.
“Who is it?”
You tried to hide your smile as the guard reluctantly turned, opening the door to give Chan your name.
Chan’s response was almost immediate. “Is it about Haeju? Let them in, quick.”
It was hard not to be smug as you marched past the guard, head high as you entered the bathhouse.
To your surprise, the room is almost completely empty. You knew Chan liked his privacy, but it was rare for a person to bathe alone – especially someone of his status.
And yet, there he was. Sitting up in the bath, eyes fixed on you.
He was certainly a sight to behold. While there was enough soap and oils and fragrances in the water to turn it cloudy and obscure the lower half of his body beneath it, he was still very much naked. His skin was flushed from the heat of the water, and it seemed he must have been reclining before your arrival, because there were still droplets of water trailing down his chest, gleaming in the light of the torches.
You swallowed, taking great care to keep your composure. You knew Chan wouldn’t take well to being ogled so openly.
“Did something happen in Haeju?” Chan demanded, voice tight with worry.
You stepped forward on impulse, hands up as if to physically assuage his concerns. “My sources all say the mission went well. Perfectly, even.”
“And Felix?” Chan asked. With his shoulders bare, you could see just how they looked when tensed.
“He’s safe. But there was a close call on the Gyeonggi-do border with some royal soldiers. They got away safely, but they won’t be back for another week. They’re sticking to the backroads, just to be careful.”
Chan took in this information with a quiet nod, relaxing just a little. He sighed, finally, and ran a hand over his face. “I never should have sent them so far west, not alone. Something could still happen.”
“Felix is careful. He’ll be alright. And if he’s already in Gyeonggi-do, the worst is over.”
“True,” Chan admitted, still sounding troubled.
With your report over, you technically had no more reason to be here, interrupting Chan’s personal time.
But he hadn’t dismissed you yet, and you found yourself reluctant to leave.
“It’s not like you to use the bathhouse so late at night,” you noted.
“I thought it would…I don’t know, relax me? If I got some time alone.”
“Has it?”
Chan paused, before sighing. “No. Honestly, with nothing to distract me, it’s just made it worse. My thoughts keep racing.”
You glanced around the room, more for show than anything else. You’d already given the place a once-over when you first entered. “No attendants? Talking to them might help. Even if it’s not Thunderous-related.”
Chan laughed. “It’s hard to think of anything in mu life that isn’t related to Thunderous. But no, I…”
Chan trailed off, and the flush of his cheeks deepened.
“I’m still not used to attendants seeing me bathe. I wasn’t…brought up with this. Being around people in public baths is one thing, but…well, it’s different. It’s different when people are fully-clothed, I think. More embarrassing.”
You blinked, before raising an eyebrow at him. He didn’t catch on immediately, not until your hands reached up to the first tie of your jeogori, fingers making quick work of undoing the knot.
Chan’s eyes widened, cheeks burning, as he stumbled to correct himself. “I-I meant…”
Second tie undone.
“I didn’t mean…you don’t have to…”
Third tie. Fourth tie. Your jeogori was already sliding down your shoulders, revealing the thin linen shirt underneath.
You allowed Chan to flounder for just a few seconds more, enjoying yourself immensely, before you took mercy. “I know. But it’s very fun to tease you sometimes, Leader Bang.”
He made a face at your use of his official title. “…Yes, well, shouldn’t leaders be shown respect?”
“On the contrary, I think all great leaders need to be teased, just a little. For their own sakes,” you argued, smiling, as you undid the final knot. The jeogori slipped off easily, falling to the ground with a muted thud. Its absence was an immediate relief, in the heat and humidity of this steam-filled room.
It also didn’t escape your notice that the shedding of your jeogori was a good indicator that you intended to stay for a while – that you wouldn’t be making any kind of polite, hurried exit without Chan’s dismissal.
And still, Chan had not dismissed you.
“You might be right,” Chan said slowly, changing the subject of conversation. “About how talking to someone here can help. With relaxing.”
“I’m glad to hear it. It’s nice to know my prattling on has some benefits.”
Chan’s lips quirked up into a half-smile. “I just…I like that you talk to me like a normal person.”
“Good. I’m not about to stop now,” you grinned.
Then, a thought crossed your mind. Carefully, gently, like you’re trying not to spook a horse, you took another step forward – and made a proposition.
“If you don’t mind…can I do your hair?”
Chan blinked in surprise, lips parting just slightly. “Uh…what?”
“It’s something I used to do for my family. Combing it through, talking to them, easing their worries a little. I haven’t…” you paused, looking away as you swallowed thickly. “I haven’t done it for a long time. I…miss it.”
Your quiet confession was not lost on Chan – especially considering how rarely you showed this vulnerable side of yourself – and after a few moments…
“…Alright. If you’d like.”
You smiled, before quickly rolling up the sleeves of your shirt. “OK. Let’s get to work.”
There was already a place for you to sit at the edge – purposely built for the use of attendants for exactly this task. You claimed the seat immediately, quiet as you waited for Chan to adjust his position. With every movement, the clouded water sloshed dangerously close to the edge, threatening to spill over.
His head was warm as he slowly – almost nervously – leaned back into your hands. You reached for a nearby jug to douse your hands with warm water, and then you begin.
Your hands are careful, gentle, as you run them through his hair. He would need a moment to get used to something so intimate – and you knew him to be nervous enough to back out at the first sign of embarrassment.
So, you stayed slow, soft, wetting his hair as best you could before reaching for the oils.
He didn’t take long to melt under your gentle attentions, letting out a small sigh as you massaged his scalp, fingers occasionally sliding down to his temples to slowly ease away the tension built up there.
“You’re good at this,” he remarked, eyes drifting to a close.
“I have enough practice,” you replied, simply.
In truth, your attention was entirely taken up by the vibrant colour of his hair as it slipped between your fingers. Under the light of the torches, it seemed to burn a countless number of shades – reds, oranges, such a stark contrast to the startling blue flames he and his Thunderous cohorts could summon.
“I’m curious. Has your hair always been this colour?”
Chan’s eyes remained closed as he answered easily. “No, I actually had dark hair when I was young. It turned like this when my powers came.”
That was an interesting way to phrase it – as if to him, his powers weren’t his own, they were something else outside of him, something strange and foreign that came to him – not something he’d had inside his whole life.
“It’s a lovely colour,” you commented, slowing as you admired the way it looked twisted around your fingers. “Very vivid.”
“Thank you,” Chan responded, and you’re almost surprised at the absence of any bashfulness, at any embarrassed rejection. That was how deeply he had relaxed under your soothing hands.
You fell quiet as you continued to massage him, watching him loosen, hearing his breaths slow and deepen as time went on. You’d have to be careful he didn’t fall asleep entirely, and slip under the water.
It was to your surprise, then, that Chan spoke up suddenly.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Of course.”
“…How do people see us? The Thunderous?”
You took a moment to consider your answer, turning thoughtful. “I think…they see what you do. How you want to defend them, how you work with communities, you’re not trying to lord over them. I think any hesitation to support you comes from fear of the king, not from any apprehensions about you.”
“The royals always call us ‘rebels’,” Chan said, with a sigh. “We’re not rebels, we never were. I wish they saw that…we’re just trying to help the people that need us. We’re not after the throne.”
“You’re not rebels,” you agreed, reassuring him.
“And the townspeople, they don’t…they don’t think we’re burdening them? Staying here?”
“Oh, here? In this town? They love you,” you said with a grin. “They’ve almost doubled our food supplies just with donations.”
Chan’s eyes snapped open, alarmed. “They shouldn’t’ be giving us their food-”
You hushed him with a look. “It takes a very brave man to tell a farmer what he can and can’t do with his crops. Especially in this town.”
He sighed. “Still.”
“They want to support you,” you tell him, your hands easing over his head. “They see how you lead. You’re doing well. You’re smart. Careful. Capable.”
Chan’s gaze stayed fixed on you. His expression was unreadable.
You just gave him a small smile. “Let’s get this rinsed.”
You were both silent for the next few moments, as you used the jug to rinse his hair, hands a little firmer on him but still taking great care. Soon enough, you’re done, hands stilling on his head as you took a moment to look him over. Taking a chance, you allowed yourself to run your hands through his hair one more time, fingertips brushing his ears, trailing down to the nape of his neck. You paused again, before continuing on, parting your hands to smooth across his shoulders, resting them gently.
Despite your concerns, his shoulders were loose – not a hint of tension, as if they welcomed your touch.
“Done,” you said, softly, still reluctant to pull away. “Want me to comb it too?”
“…Yes,” Chan answered, voice just as quiet as yours. “Please.”
You picked up a wide-toothed comb, perfect for detangling, and got to work.
Fortunately, your thorough attention to detail with the oil allowed the comb to pass freely through his hair – barely encountering any tangles or knots at all. In fact, you wondered if this might be just as soothing as your hands, the way it glided along so smoothly.
Chan’s next question made you pause.
“Why did you decide to join us?”
That…that wasn’t an easy question to answer.
Silently, you moved the comb away, and pushed yourself up to your feet.
Immediately, Chan was alarmed at your sudden withdrawal, already turning to face you–
When he found you knelt by his side, holding up the comb. “Sorry. Just needed to get to the front.”
Chan blinked. “…Oh.”
“I didn’t mean to panic you,” you continued, that teasing edge returning.
Chan scowled, even as his face warmed. “I wasn’t panicked.”
Your smirk was undeniable as you carefully reached up to start on Chan’s parting. As you worked, the hand without a comb in it found its way to Chan’s shoulder again, allowing you to steady yourself on him. Your grip was firm, curved around the bulge of his muscle there.
There was a simple answer to Chan’s question, an answer that countless people gave – that you had seen the proof of his and Thunderous brethren, seen the bright blue flames they could conjure and use to keep people safe from harm – but you could tell that wasn’t an answer Chan was looking for.
“I like what you stand for,” you said quietly, not missing the way Chan’s eyes caught on you. “You protect the weak. You fight against injustice. You work hard, with the best of intentions.”
You slowly lowered the hand holding the comb, attention turning away briefly to set the comb on the side. The hand on Chan’s shoulder remained.
You turned back, and made sure to look Chan right in the eyes.
“You’re making the world a better place than how you found it.”
Chan stared back, stunned into silence by your words, even if just for a moment.
“…Thank you,” he finally murmured, voice heavy with emotion.
The moment drew out between the two of you, silence settling in as you stared at each other.
Before Chan’s eyes lowered, gaze dropping to your mouth, and your breath caught in your throat.
One second passed. Two.
And Chan cleared his throat, thrown suddenly back into self-consciousness, quickly tearing his eyes away.
You stared after him for a second, still trying to process what had just happened, the moment the two of you had just shared.
Chan had been about to kiss you.
Still, able to read the room and see the tangle of thoughts that were now brewing in Chan’s head, you rose to your feet.
“I’ll leave you to finish up,” you said, gently, before turning on your heel.
There was a new energy to your step as you walked, pausing only to bend down and retrieve your jeogori. You glanced back to Chan one last time as you opened the door, catching the way he stared after you, eyes burning.
You smiled at him, returning his look, before letting the door shut between you.
Your smile only widened as you walked away, jeogori thrown over your arm, the night air refreshingly cool against your skin.
Seducing the rebellion’s leader would be easier than you thought.
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