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#bang chan x reader
dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
Stray Kids Reaction - They Compare You To Their Ex [Request]
Tumblr media
Ex’s name - Areum (I always use this name 😶🤡)
Your hands held onto the small bag of food that you had in your hand, waiting for Chan to open the door to his studio. This morning you'd woken up alone again this morning and you doubted Chan had eaten yet.
"Y/n? Are you wanting to speak to Chan?" Felix asked from across the hall, glancing over your shoulder you nodded at the fellow Aussie. 
"I'll let you in," He offered coming closer, 
"No, that's okay Chan doesn't like it when I-" You didn't have a chance to finish your sentence as Felix had pushed the door open. Chan was working with headphones on which had explained why he hadn't heard you knocking. 
"Y/n?" You smiled and waved at him, Felix was gone now and of course, to Chan to looked as though you had just let yourself into the studio. 
"I thought I told you to always knock," He didn't mean to sound as angry as he did but he'd barely slept and he didn't have time for this right now. 
"I did but you didn't-"
"So if I didn't answer why did you walk right in?!" He raised his voice a little making your breath catch in your throat as you looked at him. Barely having any time to explain that it hadn't been you that had opened the door. 
"Seriously?!" He asked as he stared down at you, 
"Areum would always respect that I needed space and would never bother me at work." There it was. The fact that he had compared you to his ex made you feel sick.
"Well if Areum was so perfect why did you end things?!" You yelled back at him waiting for some kind of explanation or an apology but he just scoffed as he looked at you. The simple look made you feel as though you were an inch tall and meant nothing. 
"Who knows? Clearly, I was wrong to do so." Staring at one another neither of you said anything for what felt like an eternity. Realising that he wasn't even going to say sorry for what he had just said to you, you simple threw the bag of food down onto the table. 
"Fuck you," You said assertively as you began making your way out of the building. Chan made no attempt to come after you, all he did was slam the door and sit down at his desk.
Grumbling something as he opened up the bag of food, inside there was a tub. You must have spent most of the morning cooking for him since there was freshly made food inside. 
I know you hate it when I bother you at work, I know you haven't eaten anything but those stupid Oats. So Changbin and I made jjajangmyeon for you. Love you ~ Y/n
Your note made Chan's stomach sink thinking about what he had done. It wasn't as if he wanted to compare you to Areum, he just wanted you to realise he needed space but the moment he said it he had regretted it.
"Is Y/n still here?" Chan questioned as he walked into the dorms, Changbin just pointed over at the bedroom door where your suitcase was standing. You'd come back in such a rush you'd just began to pack. 
"Y/n please," Chan breathed as he walked into his room, shutting the door and standing in front of it so you couldn't leave. 
"Please what? Help you get back with Areum?" You mumbled picking up some more of your clothes and throwing them into an over the shoulder bag. 
"No, I was angry I didn't mean it-"
"But you did. You said you'd made a mistake breaking up with her. So I'm making this easy, I'm leaving. Go and find her." You snapped at him, turning to face him. He could see the anger in your eyes as he sighed a little, attempting to pull you closer to him but you shook your head. Stepping out of his grasp,
"You said what you said-"
"I was stressed and tired." He mumbled. It was always the same excuse whenever the two of you would have an argument. He was stressed, he was tired, he just needed some time to himself.
"You always say the same thing and I always forgive you," You said calmly this time, but it wasn't a good calm. It spooked Chan with how calm you were being during all of this.
"If you let me explain...I can make it all go away," You blinked at him, saying nothing as you waited for his explanation but he said nothing. 
"You compared me to your ex and said you were wrong for breaking up with her, there's nothing to explain." You mumbled to him, finally past the point of wanting to fight this out.
"But I was being an idiot. I- I just wanted the space she would give me at work...I want you to respect that I need space while I'm at the studios and that I need time to myself." His voice broke as he stared at you,
"You could have spoken to me about it...You could have asked me before straight-up comparing me," Tears were in your eyes but you didn't want to cry, not right now. 
"I know and I'm sorry...If I ever have a problem in the future I will speak with you first." He whispered, taking your hand in his, running his fingers along your knuckles as you let out a small sigh. 
"I still think I should go home for a couple of days...Give you some space,"
"But you'll be back right?" He rushed out as he looked at you. A small smile played on your lips as you nodded, leaning forward to kiss him softly. 
"I'll be back, I promise." He nodded at you, still not obsessed with the idea of you leaving but he respected that you needed a little time away.
In the future Chan was more open to you coming to the studios sometimes, bringing him food and making sure he was taking care of himself. 
Tumblr media
As soon as Minho walked into the apartment he wished he hadn't. There was laundry still not washed, the floors were mucky and it looked like no one had dusted in months. 
"What the fuck?" He grunted to himself, walking further into the house and rolling his eyes. He'd been gone for a couple of days working from the dorms and studio and this was what he came home to? 
"Shit, you're home." You rushed over to him, trying to distract him but he had already seen everything and there was no hiding it. 
"You could have made an attempt to clean it, this is disgusting Y/n." He grumbled picking up the laundry basket and heading into the linen room to go and clean it all up.
"I picked up a couple of extra shifts, I thought I would have time to clean before you came home." You quickly explained but Minho was having none of it. 
"Fuck, even Areum kept the place cleaner than this." It was like a shot to the heart, being compared to his cheating ex. 
"She probably kept it clean so you couldn't find out she was slutting herself out." You spat at him storming off to the bedroom and slamming the door behind you.
Minho grunted as he slammed the washing machine door shut and began to tidy up around the apartment. Not saying anything wrong with having just compared you to someone he hated.
"Are you just never going to speak to me again?" Minho questioned the next morning as you got up to have some breakfast. You'd kept the bedroom door locked all night making him sleep on the sofa but you knew you would have to see him at some point. 
"Maybe." You mumbled looking at him and then over at the kitchen, going to make yourself something to eat. Minho rolled his eyes at you, he still hadn't seen as what he said was wrong. 
"You don't get it, do you?" You asked as you came back into the living room, he looked at you with tired eyes.
"You compared me to the one person in the entire world that you hate...And saw nothing wrong with that?" He swallowed the lump in his throat as he realised how much it had hurt you to hear him say it. 
"I didn't mean to compare you...I was just saying-"
"That someone who cheated on you, made you feel like shit was better at cleaning than me." You folded your arms across your chest, staring at him as he nodded his head. It wasn't as if he could deny saying it to you when you were both standing there, 
"I've been taking extra shifts, but I still try to make sure I keep everything tidy." Sitting down beside him, you tried not to be as angry as you had been the night before. You had said something just as harsh as he had, 
"I'm sorry," He breathed out as you leant your head on his shoulder, his hand not daring to move to yours so you locked it with your own. 
"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said what I said." You told him, giving his hand a small squeeze and smiling up at him.
"How about, we go out to eat? My treat." He offered as you nodded at him, getting up from the sofa and folding the bedding he had used the night before.
Tumblr media
It took you a long time to get into a style of clothing that you eventually started to like. Trying to dress more confidently in yourself and show the world who you wanted to be. You came out of the bedroom, brushing down the outfit you were wearing for the night and smiled at Felix. It was something he had helped you pick out that morning for a date with Changbin, 
"You look great right, Changbin?" Felix asked making Changbin look up from his phone. His eyes landing on your body but the second he stared at you, you felt sick. There was a look of disgust plastered across his face as he looked you up and down again. 
"Areum would never wear something like that," The whole of the dorms seemed to stop. Minho stopped cooking and Chan looked up from his laptop, none of the boys wanting to believe what they had just heard fall from your boyfriend's lips. 
"What?" You questioned, your voice shaking a little as you stared at him. His eyes were back on his phone as he shrugged his shoulders.
"Areum would never come on a date looking like that," He said it so nonchalantly as if this was the normal thing to say to his new partner.
"So what? This is about what Y/n is wearing." Felix seemed angry as you backed away from them all, making your way back into the bedroom and breathing heavily. That was one thing you never thought Changbin could and would ever say to you. How could he have acted so calmly about it too?
"Are you stupid?!" You heard Felix yell as you quickly took off the clothes, changing into something completely different. Something that was comfy so you could crawl into bed in. You never wanted to go outside of this room again, it would be far too embarrassing to leave and have them all look at you.
"Y/n...I'm sorry," Changbin said for the one-hundredth time as he sat on the bed with you. You were sitting up and staring in front of you, you hadn't even said a word to him since he walked into the room half an hour ago.
"I didn't mean for it to sound harsh," He looked at you but you didn't dare look at him, you knew if you did you would most likely start crying.
"Then how had you meant for it to sound? Because it sounded as though you were comparing me to your ex and making me feel disgusted in myself." You mumbled looking down at your hands. 
"I meant...I meant it in a good way I really did." You scoffed, did he expect you to believe something so stupid?
"You gave me a filthy look and said-"
"I know but I meant it in a good way. I was looking at something on my phone. I was distracted." You looked at him and for the first time, you could see just how sorry he was about what he had said.
"I'm sorry...You really did look beautiful Y/n." He whispered as he took your hand in his, you smiled weakly feeling your body heating up. 
"Can we stay in tonight?" You questioned, laying your head on his shoulder. Not having the energy to want to go out for the night and have a large meal. Just staying in the dorms and having take out was enough for you. 
"Sure. I'll order all your favourites," He whispered pressing his lips against your cheek.
Tumblr media
"There you go again!" Hyunjin yelled as you stared at him in disbelief. He'd just told you that he and his ex would be dancing close together on a new project he was working on. Not his idea but he was still being forced to work with her and closely too. The dance they would be doing was something slow and sensual and you had every right to react the way you had. 
"There I go again what?!" You snapped at him, feeling your chest heave as you stared at him. 
"Being dramatic! God! Even when I had to do dances with other people Areum would never be this dramatic about it!" You scoffed at him shaking your head at the thought of it.
"Then maybe you should go back to her!" You cried back at him, he scoffed at you as he ran his fingers through his hair. Getting more and more frustrated as time went by. 
“You’re just being a child! We have one dance together-”
“Where she’ll be grinding against you, running her hands all over your body! Can’t you see why I’m being like this?!” You questioned him as he stared back at you in silence. On the one hand, he could but on the other, he couldn’t. You knew that this was his job and this was something he would have to do at some point.
“You wouldn’t care if it was someone else,” He told you as you nodded your head,
“If it was ANYONE else I wouldn’t give a shit! She’s your ex!” You cried out again, not being able to see why he didn’t see this as a bigger deal than it was. 
“I’m over her,” He whispered calmly to you, walking over to you and pulling you into his chest. 
“I am a professional and what I have to do with her is nothing more than work to me.” You said nothing as he continued to talk to you, 
“I am in love with you Y/n. Just because I have to do this with her doesn’t mean its going to bring any old feelings back...Its only you that I care for, that I love.” He whispered before kissing you deeply. Your arms falling behind his neck and bringing him closer to you as you smiled happily against his lips.
Tumblr media
Jisung spat the food back out onto the plate in front of him as you bit your lip. Racing to get him a bottle of water and something to wash his mouth out with. 
"I followed the recipe, I did everything right." You defended yourself but Jisung was too busy gargling the water as if he had just tasted something that was going to kill him. Spitting water into the sink and coughing as you took a bite from the food. It wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be, sure it was a little salty but that was it. 
"You're being dramatic, it's not that bad." You felt a heaviness in your chest as you looked at him, 
"It tastes like something died in that pot Y/n! Why would you ever give me something like that?!" He gagged dramatically making you feel even worse about it as you cleaned up the food, 
"Areum could cook better than that," You froze as you held the plate at the dishwasher, staring over at him as he began to wash his mouth out with more water. 
"Areum could cook better than that." He mumbled at you, staring at you as you put the plate down.
"Areum was a chef! Of course, she could?" You stared at him shaking your head, not believing that he would even say something like this to you. 
"I haven't tried this before and I wanted to make your favourite meal. I'm sorry it's not as amazing as a fucking chef could make it." Yelling was dumb but you didn't care, so was being compared to his ex.
"Y/n." He whispered realising now that what he had said was probably harsh but you ignored him, finishing cleaning up as he walked behind you. Wrapping his arms around you and sighing a little.
"No. You go and eat with her," You tried to push him away but he tightened his grip around you, 
"Y/n, please. I didn't mean it the way it came out, it was nice...just-"
"Not nice," You finished as he nodded his head, kissing your shoulder softly. 
"This weekend I promise to stay home with you. I'll help you learn whatever recipe you want." He suggested as you nodded your head a little, turning to look at him as you smiled weakly. 
"I'd like that. Maybe Felix can help too?" He nodded at you, kissing your shoulder as he promised he would clean everything up and order you both something to eat.
Tumblr media
Ever since landing in Australia, you had been nervous about meeting the rest of Felix's family. You hadn't been this nervous until Felix decided to drop on you that his family absolutely adored Areum and would always ask about her. Since then you had been doing everything that you could to try and make a good first impression but it came across as though you were trying too hard. 
"We're going to dinner," Felix said as he came over to you at the front door of his parents home, you smiled happily. Relieved that they were still willing to have you go with them to dinner after being a stuttering mess in front of them. 
"Cool, I can go and get my things from the hotel," You tried to explain but Felix shook his head at you, 
"No. Me and my family are going to dinner, you should go back to the hotel." You didn't feel so bad thinking that he just wanted to spend some time alone with his family so you nodded. Kissing his cheek and excusing yourself to use the restroom before you headed out. 
"You really should try and repatch things with Areum. She misses you." You froze in the bathroom hearing his father speaking with him, 
"She's such a nice girl, I don't know why you broke up." You did. She cheated on him, multiple times but he'd never told his parents because he didn't want to ruin the way they saw her.
"Y/n is nice too but she tries too hard, you could do better." His sister said as you felt your chest beginning to sink, you could have thrown up if it wasn't for them being right outside of the door. 
"Areum was good with you guys, I know how much you loved her," Felix said as he looked at the door you had opened. You looked down at the floor as you bowed, making your way out of the house before anyone else could say another word to you.
"I thought you were going to dinner." You grumbled as Felix walked into the hotel room, you were laid on the bed facing the window watching the sunset when he came in. Saying nothing as he cuddled up to you from behind, 
"Don't. You should go and spend time with your family. I'm sorry they don't like me." You tried to get out of his grasp but he tightened it on you as he shook his head. 
"I was going to defend you too them before you walked out," He whispered pressing a kiss on your ear but you didn't move, you laid there staring out of the window. 
"I told them what Areum did. I told them what she was like and I told them that you were nervous because of me." You sighed a little, rolling over so you could face him.
"Lix...I-I wanted them to like me the way they liked her," Your voice broke as he looked at you, cupping your face in his hands and nodding at you. 
"They will...Tomorrow we'll go back and we'll do it again, without me pressuring you." He whispered to you, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. 
Tumblr media
Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous whenever he was with someone pretty, it wasn't that you didn't trust him you were just unsure of things sometimes.
"I was just wondering where you were," You whispered as Seungin shook his head at you, pacing around the dance studio.  You'd come to meet him for lunch and found him with someone else, someone so pretty you felt a little insecure about him standing so close to them. 
"You're acting so jealous. You chased that poor girl away. She was just asking me to show her a move again," You looked down at the floor. Maybe you had overreacted a little but it didn't stop your thoughts from racing. Whenever your ex would be that close to someone it was because he had slept with them.
"Areum never used to get this jealous." He mumbled what he thought was under his breath but you'd heard him as clear as day. Staring at him and swallowing the lump that was beginning to build up in your throat. 
"Y/n." He called out as you began to walk toward the door ready to leave. 
"What? You're sorry you compared me to your ex?" You questioned putting your hand on your hip and raising your eyebrow at him, 
"I didn't mean to,"
"Oh? You just happened to say that?" You were angry and had every right to be. Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous sometimes. It wasn't an excuse but you were trying to work on it, you were doing what you could.
"Y/n I didn't mean for it to come out, I was just upset." He whispered as he reached for your hand but you didn't give it to him. You just pulled away and folded your arms over your chest,
"I know she never got this jealous but Seungmin-"
"I know, I'm sorry Y/n. I'm sorry." He trapped your body between him and the door, looking down at you with a weak smile. It was only a little bit of trust you needed to give to him and you were both working on it. 
"I know you were cheated on before, I'm sorry if it seemed like it was happening again." He whispered, kissing your nose softly as you looked at him, smiling weakly as you nodded at him. 
"I'm sorry...I should trust you and I do...Fuck I do but I just-" You had no time to say anything else as Seungmin crashed his lips against yours. Smiling against you as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and pulled him as close as you could get him.
Tumblr media
"Even when Areum was busy she would make time for me." You froze in the doorway of the dorms looking at Jeongin. He had his back to you as he spoke to the boys about how upset he was with how busy you had been lately. 
"Innie..." Felix attempted to warn him but he continued to rant on about it. 
"No. Y/n is always too busy to spend time with me, their always working or at home. I just want to see my partner." You walked up behind him, giving him the gift bag you had gotten that morning. 
"I've been busy because I've been doing overtime." You said calmly, looking at him as he had wide eyes.
"I work for my money unlike someone else we know who used you for your money," Jeongin said nothing since he knew that you were right. That was what Areum had been doing but he seemed to magically forget that when he decided that he was going to compare the two of you together. 
"I wanted to get you a present, something you've wanted for a while." You pointed at the bag and he blushed even more, remembering that you told him how much overtime you had been doing. 
"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings,"
"You didn't." You told him as you shrugged your shoulders, how could you be bothered about being compared to someone that never worked for anything in her life. 
"You got him the new PlayStation?" Felix asked excitedly as he peaked into the bag, you smiled as you nodded your head. Jeongin's eyes snapped back at you as he gave you a questioning look. 
"I knew how badly you wanted it so I put in extra-" You giggled as he almost tackled you down to the ground in a tight bear hug, repeating over and over again how sorry he was and how thankful he was.
"I promise that I won't do as much overtime anymore, I just really wanted to do this for you." You whispered as he shook his head at you, 
"I shouldn't have been so needy." He kissed your lips softly before pulling you and the bag toward his room, not giving the boys a chance to even look at it as he raced to get it set up.
Tumblr media
tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​
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corruption-skz · a day ago
DADDY'S TOUCH || Bang Chan smut
Warnings: female sub inexperienced!Reader,Dom!Chan,female masturbation, fingering,corruption kink,ddlg.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was a boring afternoon,you were home alone waiting for your boyfriend to come back.You figured he wouldn't be home soon so you thought it was time for your favourite activity.
Lately you have found your ways to have fun.It happened once accidentally when daddy was washing your hair and showering with you,he was holding the shower head and it touched your princess parts and it felt particularly good, especially looking at him while it happened.While he was gone for work the last few days you would secretly hop in the shower doing this to yourself imagining it's him holding the shower head,or maybe even touching you with his hand.But of course you would never let him know what you're doing or thinking because what if he thought you were weird?
You got in the shower and let the water run on your body as you started touching your nipples, circling your middle fingers around them letting a small moan escape from your lips.You picked the shower head and once you found your right pressure you let it run between your legs "O-Oh fuck daddy" you moaned loudly as your breath started getting heavier and heavier.
Today was one of the days Chris would be home a bit sooner than expected,he was so happy every time he got home early to see his little one excited.
But this time when he entered the house he couldn't find her.He heard the running water which surprised him.They showered this morning before he go to work,why would she want to shower again?Then he heard a small moan.
It can't be.
He thought to himself.
Chris had thought of you like that,the way you spoke to him,the way you would bend down to pick something giving him a glimpse of your cute panties under your skirts,always made him think that he could corrupt you so easily,that he could possibly have you melt under his touch,that his little one would be so obedient and reactive.
He opened the door and found you laid down on the bathtub,the shower head placed between your legs and your hands on your nipples,and his pants started feeling tighter than ever.
Once you noticed him your immediate reaction was to shut your legs tightly.
"Chris wait! I can explain!"
He bent down on your level cupping your face and giving you a small peck on the lips
"There's nothing to explain angel, there's nothing wrong with what you did"
And at this moment you decided to be completely honest with him,maybe he could help you
"Daddy lately I feel weird when I'm around you and when I'm on your lap or cuddling or showering with you I have this strange thing that I can't really explain, I'm sorry if you think I'm weird"
God.He just wanted to fuck you right then and there.You were describing something so filthy to him with the cutest way possible and that made him lose his mind.
He picked you up from the bathtub bridal style placing you on the bed
"Hmm I think I know what's going on baby girl"
He spread your legs for him touching your clit very gently
"does it feel tingly here little one?"
"Mmm yes daddy very much" you tried to keep your voice steady
"Princess could you show daddy how you touch your princess parts?"
You nodded and placed your fingers on your clit rubbing it,him watching you closely.
"Hmm try a little slower now, okay?" He laid beside you stroking your hair as you followed his instruction.
You moaned as you rubbed your clit and Chan started kissing your neck.You automatically turned to the side to give him more access.
"Okay princess now try to insert a finger"
You lowered your hand instantly shoving your finger in whimpering loudly
"D-daddy that hurts,it doesn't fit"
Chan groaned imagining how tight you can be.He removed your hand replacing it with his.
"Can daddy try angel?"
You nodded very hesitantly.His finger teasing your slit moving your juices around before slipping his tip in
"Mmm fuck little one your tiny hole down there can barely fit my finger" he said before slowly pushing it deeper inside you
"See, you have to do it slowly,and play a bit with your wetness so you make sure it will slip easier"
He curved his finger making you arch your back. You looked up at him pulling him closer by his shirt "daddy can I have a kiss?" Fuck,even with his finger buried deep inside you,you were so cute and you had that pretty innocent expression.
He immediately kissed you while his other hand started stroking your nipple making you moan into the kiss.
You started getting tighter and tighter around his finger and moaning even louder.
"It's okay little one, it's normal"
You were trying to hold back not sure what would happen to you if you let go that feeling.
"Princess,let go it's okay I promise"
Once you got daddy's confirmation,you let go around his finger.
He pulled out looking at you.Your mouth wide open your eyes unable to focus and your legs trembling.
He tacked you in a blanket that had beside him stroking yours thighs trying to calm you down "Shhh little one daddy is here" kissing you "I promise everything is okay"
Once you came back to reality he was still there with you "Everything okay princess?"
You nodded "more than okay actually, I loved it so much,thank you daddy"
He smiled at you "so next time you feel tingly you can ask daddy for help or touch yourself the way I showed you,but you have to ask me first,okay?"
"Yes daddy" you kissed him as you both laid there enjoying eachothers warmth
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chans-starlight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Words: 1,7k
Member: Bang Chan
Include: smut, blowjob
Description : He left with nothing, not a single text. Suddenly a years after his disappearing, he comes back with more than just a message.
Tumblr media
It was a normal Sunday afternoon, today was your day off from work. You wanted to do nothing more than get a warm bath with red wine and watch movies. Instead of that you got notification from your best friend talking about Chan, for you it wasn't just talking but more like fangirling and no wonder; your best friend was a Stay, fan of the popular group called Stray Kids.
You never knew what she saw in them but supported her nonetheless. The concept of falling in love with a person who is never going to know who you are and spending every money on an album just to be able to breathe close to them for a second feels too painful for you.
But you never tell your best friend about him, you never told her about Christopher well known as the Bang Chan, your childhood friend and crush. You two used to be close, texting back and forth every day.
Although you two went to the same school you never talked to him, so you question why he just wrote to you one day but was glad nonetheless and that was how a beautiful friendship was created.
Chan used to be the popular guy who was loved from all sides while you were the shy introverted girl who never could stay in the spotlight for more than 2 seconds. It was no wonder that with time apart you two slowly forget about each other.
While you were watching your favourite show on Netflix your phone vibrated, signifying that you got a new message. Your eyes go wide when you notice the contact name. Christopher was writing to you. His message was simple. It only said “hey :)” but it already surprised you.
With every text you two shared you wondered why he wrote to you but was too shy to ask. It was around 2am when you saw his last message, thinking he fell asleep, you closed your eyes.
Suddenly the loud notification from your phone makes your eyes snap open. The light of your screen made you blink several times but your body froze the moment you saw new messages from Chan and everything clicked the moment he asked you out..
Your mind tried to proceed with the information and with shaking hands you agreed with his offer letting out a deep breath, already preparing for tomorrow's meeting with your lost crush.
The next morning you wake up, happy but nervous. You didn't know what to expect from this, somehow you silently wish you two end today in more than in a friendship way but you knew that was wishful thinking. You and Chan didn't meet for long so any feelings could be long forgotten, but not for you; with his first message you realize you still like him a lot, a lot more than you should.
You glared at the hours gasping loud when you notice you're already late. While you were running to the destination when you were supposed to meet Chan, Chan was nervously standing there.
He notices you're late and that gives him only more anxiety, what if you decided to change your plans? What if you ain't as excited to see him as he is?
Truth is Chan always liked you, he wasn't sure if stays noticed his bright smile while he was talking about you in his live but he did and he remembered how happy he was having you by his side. Now when he had the chance he couldn't let it slip through his fingers any more.
He left out a relieved sigh when he saw you going closer to him. Instead of a simple hello Chan immediately brings you into one of his warm tight hugs, having a precious smile on his face.
Although you were taken aback you hugged Chan back nonetheless. His body radiates so much warmth, you wanted to stay in his hug forever. Unfortunately both of you decided to pull away leaving a cold sensation behind.
You looked at each other for like forever, no one dared to say the first word. Chan coughs awkwardly "So, it's been a long time since we talked. How have you been? Something new?" made you instantly start talking to him about everything and anything.
Chan chuckled "I remember a lot about you but i don't remember you being so talkative" which made you smirk "I grew up Chan, obviously a lot of things changed. I'm not that shy girl anymore" you admitted, feeling proud Chan nodded, he knew how much problems talking give to you in the past and he was more than happy to hear that.
You both stop before the coffee shop and Chan as the gentleman he is opens the door for you. He helped you to sit down and asked you what you would love to order, leaving you for a moment alone.
You deeply breathed in and out, you were crushing on him once again. You didn't expect the last half an hour to leave such an effect on you but it did and you weren't sure if that was a good or bad thing.
While you were lost in your head Chan came back with your hot chocolate in one hand and his green tea in second. Giving you your drink you quietly thanked him and sip on your drink, letting the warmth get all over your body.
You and Chan talked for a long time, getting to know each other better and better. "You know, i always liked you but now you're giving me more reason to love you" time seemed to stop the moment those words leave his mouth, freezing you in your seat with your mouth wide open.
When you get out of your trance you smile, putting your hand on his and softly squeeze it "and you should know then, that the average time for falling is 134 days.. Guess you make a new record" now was the time when tables turned, you left Chan completely speechless and blushing mess. His ears turned red making you softly giggle.
Chan couldn't wait any longer, he stood up still with your hand in his and led you out of the shop. You questioned where he was leading you but didn't ask, you trusted him completely. Your eyes widen when you realize where you were, your eyes getting ready to share some tears "how come you still remember where we met?" He smiled at you " The moment we met will always be unforgettable for me, I didn't trust in love at first sight before I met you here" his words made you blush.
You forgot how beautiful this place was; the beauty of nature and one single cherry tree with a big lake surrounding it. It was breathtaking and mesmerized. This place holds so much love in it, from couples meeting there to old grandparents dancing around. And maybe that's why you believed the reason you two met here was destiny, which knew that you both will be together one day.
His arms wrap around your waist, making you feel his buff chest against your back as Chan traced a way of soft kisses on your spine. Making you shiver at that touch. "You have no idea how long i waited for this moment, i think i had enough time to prepare where i want to take you when you'll be finally mine" his words hold all the care and love he had for you.
Chan couldn't keep his hands to himself as it slowly slid down to your sensitive area, making you shiver and your skin to create visible goosebumps. You pushed Chan hand away, turning around to look into his eyes. He nodded "You're right, if you feel like it's too soon I can understand that".
Chan wanted to say more but you silenced him with a kiss. Leaning your forehead against his you whispered "it's not about being too soon,trust me i also wanted this moment for so long. But you gave me so much love today and instead I just want to give it back to you".
He nodded, kissing your lips one more time. Chan unzipped his trousers, bringing the fabric of his jeans down which suddenly felt too hot and tight for him.
You didn't hesitate and immediately brought his slippers down as well. Looking at his big standing erection your head started to spin, your body feeling hotter every second.
You caressed his long dick several times before you took it into your mouth. Chan leaves a loud moan, making you confident in what you're doing.
His head leaned back "Gosh baby, I'm thankful I have someone amazing like you by my side now". You sucked on the tip of his dick, wrapping your hand around his dick as you stroke his whole length multiple times.
Chan groaned "Please princess, stop teasing me like that" He touched the skin on your cheek, making you keep eye contact with you.
The love he held in his eyes was insane. Making you want to only bring the best to him, you fasten up your speed. You start to bob your head up and down.
His soft compliments and words make you feel like in heaven too, Chan carefully hold your head taking all control over how fast or how deep your mouth goes basically fucking your mouth deeply and fastly.
Your eyes rolled back, at the lustful feeling. Chan was soft yet rough, and that was the combination you liked the most.
Even though you choked many times the tasteful feeling of his dick and saliva inside your mouth was enough to make you continue.
His moans intensified,his breath quicker and his lower part started to slightly shake.You knew he was close.You picked up your speed,officially sending him over the edge as his white substance came into your mouth as Chan moaned in pleasure.
When you feel like you finally steady your breathing, after giving Chan one of the best blowjobs he ever had. You thought it was over but he leaned close to your ear, kissing your earlobe and whispered "Don't go anywhere, I wanna take you to my house"
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—thank you for everyday—
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bang chan x fem!reader
genre: fluff
word count: 4.4K
warnings: mentions of food
prompt(s): running to you when they see you + seeking more and more physical contact and touch with the other, like brushing hands or linking arms while walking or cuddling up on the sofa or hugging the other from behind or laying an arm around the other's shoulders when joining them in a conversation with other friends
A/N: hellooo. okay i finally finished it! oof it was a long one. so i combined two requests into one because i felt like they just went really well together. so my lovely anon and my lovely chia! this is for you 💛💛 i hope you like it. it’s a little long 😅 sorry about that. i hope the content is worth it though! lmk what you guys think ^^ thank you for requesting~
he was standing in the middle of the hall chatting with his friends when he glanced to his right and saw you standing at the end of the corridor, scrolling on your phone. a smile crept on his face the moment he you, attention diverting completely from the story his friend was telling. chan quickly ended the conversation with his friends and rushed over to you, circling his arms around your waist as he hugged you from behind.
the way he crashed his body against yours made you jump and let out a high pitched yelp before his little breathy giggles made you relax into his chest.
‘why do you always have to do that to me?’ you asked after letting out a relieved sigh, making chan giggle as he rested his chin on your shoulder.
‘i’m sorry. but hi~’ he sang as he swayed you side to side lightly. you shook your head lightly, knowing very well that he was not sorry at all. chan lived for the random moments he’d run up to you and hug you, making you scream from the sudden movement, the little troll.
you turned your head a little to look at his face peaking out from the junction between your neck and shoulder and slapped his face lightly as if to chastise him. ‘hi, you little child. you seem to be in a good mood.’
‘i’m always in a good mood when i see you.’
‘uh huh, sure. let go for a sec,’ you said as you held his wrists to make him loosen his grip before turning around in his arms and facing him, his fingers locking behind your waist once more. you brought your hands up to his face, holding his cheeks in your palms as you stared at the dark circles under his puffy eyes. ‘you didn’t get any sleep, did you? and now you’re all charged up with coffee. that’s why you’re in a good mood.’
‘wh– how did you know?’
‘i always know. why didn’t you sleep?’
‘had to finish an assignment.’
you furrowed your eyebrows suspiciously at him, ‘is this the one due next week?’ chan looked to the side, avoiding your eyes before mumbling a quick “maybe”, making you sigh. ‘chris you could’ve slept and done it toda–‘
‘i know i know. but it’s okay. i’m okay. see?’ he said hastily as he shook his head like a wet puppy, making you laugh. you moved your hand from his face to smack the side of his arm before resting both of your hands on his shoulders.
‘don’t you have class right now?’
‘don’t you?’
‘nope. i’m done for today.’
‘really? okay then i’ll skip class and we can hang out!’
‘absolutely not! are you insane?’ you asked, brows knit in incredulous disappointment, causing the boy in front of you to giggle.
‘i’m kidding. professor anderson would kill me,’ chan said as he released you from his hold. ‘but. you can walk me to class?’
‘that... i can do. let’s go,’ you said as you grabbed hold of his hand and started making your way down the corridor to his lecture hall.
right as you two reached the entrance of the lecture hall, you came across professor anderson walking in your direction, a knowing smile plastered across his face.
‘ah, mr. bang. nice to see that you’ve made it to class before me. should i be thanking your girlfriend for that?’ he asked with a teasing smile, prompting a confused crease to form between your brows as you glanced between chan and his professor.
‘prof i’m always here before you. i was only late twice,’ chan mumbled with a sheepish smile.
‘two times too many. will you be coming in or is our meeting limited to the front door today?’
‘no, no. i’ll be coming in,’ he replied with a shy laugh.
‘hm. i’ll see you inside then,’ his professor responded before sending a friendly smile your way, making his way into the lecture hall.
once professor anderson was out of sight, you turned to chan and let out a small laugh. ‘he never lets go of an opportunity to tease you, huh?’
‘ugh. tell me about it,’ he replied as he pinched the bridge of his nose is mock exasperation.
‘why does he keep calling me your girlfriend? this is the second time he’s said that.’
‘how would i know? mr. anderson is always saying weird things. i’ve stopped questioning him.’
‘okay,’ you chuckled at chan’s troubled expression. ‘anyway, i’m gonna go now. byeeee. pay attention in class.’
‘always,’ he smiled as he pulled you in for a quick hug. ‘bye.’
you were sitting in the cafeteria with minho, listening to yet another story about his cats doing... random things cats do, when your phone dinged.
cringetopher 🙄🖤
> where are you?
< in the cafeteria with lino.
< sitting by the glass door near the bus stop.
cringetopher 🙄🖤
> okay i’m coming.
< you’re done with class?
cringetopher 🙄🖤
> no i’m skipping just to be with you. of course i’m done! what do you take me for?
< someone who offered to skip class literally two hours ago?
cringetopher 🙄🖤
> ...okay fair point. but that was a joke!
> anyway. save me a seat. i’m omw.
< okay😂
< you better hurry before i leave and don’t tell you where i disappeared off to.
cringetopher 🙄🖤
> what? hey hey hey! that’s treachery! >:(
> now what if i almost fall because i was running down the stairs to get to the cafeteria?
> what if i break a leg?! 😱
< alright, calm down. no need to be so dramatic. you’re not hyunjin 🤚🏻
you smiled at your phone screen, unable to hide the fondness you felt for the boy you’d been texting. he really always did the absolute most just to make you laugh, it warmed your heart. your happy thoughts were soon interrupted by a voice asking a question you’d heard too many times before.
‘talking to your boyfriend?’
you gave minho an unimpressed look, ‘he’s not my boyfriend.’
‘does he know that?’
‘of course he does, lino. what kind of question is that?’
‘do you know that?’
you knit your brows in confusion, about to ask what he meant when chan walked up to your table, taking a seat beside you.
‘hey pretty girl,’ he smiled as he place his elbow at the back of your chair, making you turn to him and give a shy smile back.
‘hey man, what’s up?’ chan greeted minho, extending his arm forward to fistbump him, the latter greeting him back with a teasing smile.
‘lino and i were just about to go watch a movie. wanna come?’ you asked.
‘oh yeah sure. who else is going?’
‘i’m not sure. i asked my other friends but they haven’t responded to my texts,’ you said with a pout, making chan smile at you fondly before pinching your cheek.
‘that’s okay. i’m sure they’ll respond soon. have you eaten yet?’
‘nope! i wanted to eat outside at the mall food court. i heard they opened up a new stall,’ you responded enthusiastically with a bright smile. chan nodded returned your smile with a dimpled one of his own before letting out a fond chuckle.
‘wait, what time is the movie again?’ minho interjected.
‘it’s at 6, lino. i told you this morning.’
‘ohhh shoot. i don’t think i can make it.’
your smile dropped to a pout. ‘what?’
‘yeah. ohmygod i’m so sorry, y/n. i completely forgot. i have a meeting at 6,’ minho said apologetically.
‘but i really wanted to watch this movie...’
‘i mean, you can still watch it. you and chan can go without me.’
you turned to chan, ‘you still wanna go?’
‘yeah, of course,’ he smiled.
‘okay, great!’ you exclaimed before turning to minho. ‘you don’t talk to me. i can’t believe you’re bailing on me like this last minute.’
minho shrugged his shoulders. ‘that’s okay. tomorrow you’ll come running to me telling me how much you love me, i just know it.’
‘in your dreams.’
‘honestly this situation is more of your dream than mine, but okay.’
‘what?’ you asked with a confused expression before turning to chan. ‘what is he talking about?’ you asked the boy, causing him to shrug. ‘lino do you always have to be so cryptic?’
‘it’s one of my many charms,’ minho responded with a smug expression on his face. ‘anyway. shouldn’t you guys get going?’
‘the bus won’t be here for another 30 minutes.’
‘y/n i’m not sure what plane or existence your perception of time works on but for the general public it’s already 3.50pm. and the bus is right there,’ he quipped back, pointing at the bus parked outside the glass doors. ‘look there’s people already lining up.’
‘what?! ohmygod. we have to go or we won’t get a seat!’ you exclaimed in a slight panic, urging chan to get up. ‘bye lino!’ you said loudly as you grabbed chan’s hand and pulled him away, prompting him to laugh at your urgency.
‘hey hey slow down you’re gonna make me fall!’
luckily because of your eagerness to queue up for the bus early, you and chan managed to get seats before the vehicle was completely packed. you sat by the window with chan sitting beside you, both smiling softly from excitement. a few minutes late and you wouldn’t have gotten a place in the bus at all.
the bus started moving as you leant back on your seat in relief before looking through your bag for your earphones. after rummaging for a good minute you let out a surprised gasp.
‘what happened?’ chan asked, noticing your distressed expression.
‘i left my earphones with minho,’ you whined, feeling a little dejected. the asshole didn’t even have the decency to remind you that he’d borrowed them.
chan laughed at your whining and childish anger directed at your friend. ‘it’s okay,’ he said before handing you one of his airpods. ‘you can listen with me.’
your eyes lit up as you quickly took the earbud from his hand, placing it in your right ear. ‘thank you.’
‘anytime. what do you wanna listen to?’
‘anything. put your playlist on shuffle.’
within seconds soft love songs started playing in your ear. you looked at chan and smiled at his choice of music before circling your arm around his bicep, resting your head on his shoulder. your eyes fluttered shut as you took soft breaths of contentment, soon feeling a head resting on top of yours.
when you reached the mall, you immediately made a beeline for the food court, holding chan’s arm as you dragged him along excitedly. you only had about an hour before the movie was supposed to start.
you made your way through the food court to the new stall before stopping right in front of the menu board, your eyes scanning through all the different things you could buy. you bit your lip trying to decide what to get when you felt a hand placed gently on your lower back.
‘okay what do you want?’ chan asked as he leaned in closer so you could hear him amidst the noise of the large crowd in the dining area.
‘what are you getting?’
‘i don’t know yet.’
‘i think i want... B13! it looks good.’
chan nodded softly, ‘okay. how about you go find us a table while i order?’
‘okay!’ you said as you turned away before turning back just as quickly, ‘oh and–‘
‘your favourite drink from the juice stall, i know,’ he replied with a knowing smile before you could even finish your sentence. you chuckled at how proud he looked with himself.
‘you know me so well!’ you said as you pinched his cheek before making your way over to the dining area to find a place to sit.
loud sounds of metal clanging and people shouting filled the cinema as the movie went on, the characters on the screen running through the valleys of an old town trying to avoid getting caught. you chuckled a little the comical way one of the characters bumped into a lady with fruit basket, spilling all of its contents before tripping over the oranges. your eyes sparkled with an amused glint as you watched the characters continue on their wild goose chase.
as immersed as you were with the story, you could not quite brush off the feeling of a pair of eyes boring into your soul. you turned to the boy sitting beside you, catching him off guard as his head snapped back to look at the movie screen, pretending to be interested in what was going on. though you could very clearly tell he had absolutely no clue what was happening or how the characters got there.
you raised your eyebrows in amusement before leaning over and whispering, ‘what were you looking at?’
‘nothing,’ chan responded, eyes glued to the screen in front of him.
‘well you were looking at something. or more specifically... someone,’ you said, trying to control your smile.
‘i was just looking at you because you laughed.’
‘mhm. do you even know what’s been happening in the movie?’
chan turned to you with a smile. ‘yes. i’ve watched this movie before. last week, actually. with felix.’
your mouth dropped open in shock. ‘why didn’t you say anything? we could’ve watched something else,’ you whisper-shouted.
chan simply shook his head as if to say “it’s okay” before leaning closer and whispering, ‘you really wanted to watch the movie. besides, it’s a good movie. i don’t mind watching it twice.’ he pointed to the screen with his chin, urging you to continue watching as he turned back to the movie, furrowing his eyebrows in concentration.
after a few minutes you felt his gaze on you again. knowing he’d turn away if you looked at him, you simply tilted your head towards him and questioned softly. ‘now what are you looking at?’
you turned to look at him and he gave you a soft smile. ‘nothing. popcorn,’ he said as he reached over and grabbed some popcorn from the box sitting in your lap before popping them in his mouth, closing his eyes in exaggerated delight at the taste of the salted caramel.
you chuckled at his antics and shook your head. ‘watch the movie!’ you whispered in between breathy laughs, making him let out little inaudible giggles of his own.
‘why aren’t you eating the popcorn?’
‘movie’s too intense. can’t focus on anything else.’
chan gave a hum in acknowledgement before taking some popcorn and feeding you while your eyes focused on the scene playing out in front of you. you mumbled a quick “thanks” with your mouth full before chewing, your eyes trained on the movie screen.
after a minute you open your mouth again, nudging chan with your elbow only to have him stuff a fistful of popcorn in your mouth, almost making you choke. you turn to him with a shocked but amused expression and smack his thigh, making him laugh a little harder, albeit still inaudible. you could tell it was starting to hurt his chest a little suppress his laughter as his cheeks started to gain a little more colour.
‘you’re going to get us kicked out!’
‘okay sorry,’ he replied between breathy, silent laughs, finding a little too much amusement in teasing you. he took a small kernel of popcorn to feed you again. you glared at him for a few seconds as he mouthed another “sorry” before opening your mouth, almost biting his fingers as he brought them closer.
‘hey!’ he chastised in a whisper, brows knit together in mock annoyance. ‘you could’ve bit my finger off!’ you retaliated by sticking your tongue out at him childishly before turning back to the movie, pulling him down a little as you rested your head on his shoulder.
‘then shut up and let me watch.’
‘ohmygod that was such a good movie! especially the ending! i was kinda expecting it but it still gave me goosebumps when it happened,’ you said as you walked out of the cinema.
chan chuckled at you fondly as he walked beside you. ‘yeah it was really good. what do you wanna do now?’
‘hm, what time is it?’ you asked before checking your phone. ‘huh. it’s only 8pm. when’s the last bus arriving?’
‘so we have a lot of time... are you hungry?’
‘not yet. are you?’
you shook your head and clicked your tongue. ‘oh wait! we can go sit by the fountains outside. they have a light show every night! we can sit on the steps by the fountain and watch. let’s go!’ you said in playful excitement as you laced your fingers with chan’s, making your way out to the botanical gardens outside the shopping area.
the moment you stepped closer to the fountain area, you could hear music blaring from the speakers placed right outside the mall entrance, colourful lights illuminating the trees and bushes in the garden. there were large crowds of people of different ages chatting and taking pictures. you had arrived in the middle of the light show, the crowd’s cheering and mirthful laughter filling the empty spaces of the open air. chan pulled you a little closer as you made your way through the clusters of people to find a rather isolated corner at the far left of the steps, right in front of one of the bigger fountains.
as the music rang, the fountains spurted following the rhythm of the song as countless lights of different colours flashed through the streams and columns of water. you took your phone as you sat down and started filming a few short videos of the light show before flipping the camera to film chan.
‘say hi!’
‘hi~’ he responded in a sing-song tone, bopping his head along to the music playing in the background. you turned the camera to yourself, giving a cheeky smile before ending the video and sending it to your friends, including minho.
you were showing chan the video you took when your phone dinged, minho’s name popping up at the top of your phone screen. you quickly tapped on it to send a response teasing him about how he missed out on the best day ever when you read a rather confusing message.
minho 😈🐰
> have you told him yet?
< told who what?
minho 😈🐰
> your next door neighbour.
> chan obviously! who else?
< tell him what?
minho 😈🐰
> ohmygod y/n are you stupid? just tell the man you’re in love with him already!
you stared at your phone screen, frozen in a silent panic as you realise that chan had been looking at your screen the whole time. your hands shook a little as you thought of different excuses you could give for minho’s big mouth before you lost the comfort and friendship you had with the boy sitting beside you.
you sucked in your lips nervously as you turned to him, feeling his gaze on you. he had an expression on his face you could not read, making your heart race even faster. ‘u-um...’
neither of you had any words to say as silence fell between the two of you. even the music booming through the speakers had softened to a slower song, the light show taking a short intermission. you looked down at your lap before looking up again, trying to think of something to say to ease the weird tension building up but no matter how much you tried, you were just not sure what to say.
you looked at chan, noticing the way his lips parted as he thought of a way to respond, his mouth opening and closing as he stumbled over his words, brows a little furrowed in apparent frustration.
‘i’m sorry. minho’s just being stupid. ignore him,’ you said softly, finally finding the courage to speak up. you looked at chan as he nodded silently before looking into your eyes.
‘so... you don’t have feelings for me then?’
‘oh. um. i–‘ you stumbled over your words before biting your bottom lip and taking a deep breath. ‘do you want me to?’
chan let out a short chuckle before smiling softly. ‘doesn’t matter what i want. do you have feeling for me?’
‘w-well. if... i say yes. h-hypothetically. what would you do?’ you asked, voice full of nerves but also a little hope, making chan smile even wider as his dimples deepened.
‘well, hypothetically... if you said yes, i’d hypothetically say that i hypothetically have feelings for you too. a lot of them. maybe even too many of them.’
‘yeah,’ he said softly before brushed a few strands of hair out of your face. ‘and then i’d hypothetically ask if i could hypothetically kiss you. because i’ve been hypothetically wanting to since the day i met you.’
you bit your lip to hide your smile as you let out a silent giggle. ‘then hypothetically... i’d have to ask first. why didn’t you say anything earlier?’
‘because i didn’t think you hypothetically liked me back,’ he said with an amused smile, making you laugh.
‘what? you think it’s funny?’
‘no,’ you laughed. ‘it’s just... we’re so nervous that we’ve made a hypothetical scenario just to confess.’
‘hey hey no. i didn’t make any scenario. you did. i asked you straight up.’
‘you still didn’t tell me you’ve been wanting to kiss me for almost a year.’
chan nodded in acknowledgment before leaning in a little closer. ‘well i’m telling you now. i’m sorry it took me so long. you just make me really nervous,’ he whispered as his eyes flickered between your eyes and lips.
‘yeah but what if i don’t want to kiss you right now? should’ve asked earlier.’
‘i mean... that’s fine too. you don’t have to. although... you’re sending some pretty mixed signals by constantly staring at my lips,’ he said with a smirk, causing your eyes to shoot up and look into his, noticing the mischievous glint in them. ‘yeah my eyes are up here.’
‘shut up,’ you laughed as you shoved his chest a little, though not enough to push him back. you shyly kept eye contact with him, resolved to not allow him to tease you, despite your heart almost beating out of your chest.
he let out a breathy giggle as he bit his bottom lip before leaning just a little closer, whispering lowly. ‘last call. you sure you don’t want to kiss me?’ he asked, only to be greeted by silence. ‘hm?’ he questioned once more as he looked into your eyes, a hand making its way up to the side of your face as he brushed a thumb across your cheek.
you smiled as you moved a little closer, closing the gap between the two of you, capturing his lips in a soft kiss. he smiled against your lips as he tilted his head a little before deepening the kiss, his other hand finding its way around your waist.
you pulled apart to breathe, both giggling as you stared into each other’s eyes, chan’s thumb swiping gently across your cheekbone. his eyes pooled with love and adoration as you looked at you, cheeks tinted with a soft pink that not even the dim lights around the fountain area could hide.
‘you’re a good kisser,’ you said cheekily, making him laugh loudly and rest his forehead on your shoulder as his hand went down to circle around your waist.
‘you can’t just say that!’ he whined.
‘why not? i’m complimenting you.’
‘i had a good thing going, y/n.’
‘oh so it’s my fault your fake confidence can only handle so much?’ you quipped back, making him look up at you with a frown, lips pouting slightly. you leant forward and kissed his pouty lips, pulling back with a proud smile as he started giggling again, trying to look at anything other than you.
‘stop it!’
‘stop what?’ you asked in a teasing tone.
‘this! what you’re doing. making me all shy...’ he mumbled quietly, a blush creeping up his neck, colouring his ears as well.
you laughed before hugging him tightly, your arms wrapping around his shoulders. ‘okay i’m sorry. you just look very pretty when you blush, i can’t help it.’
chan let out another shy giggle before whining, hiding his face further into the crook of your neck. ‘you’re just being cruel now.’
‘am i?’ you asked as you ran your fingers through his hair. he nodded a little, making you giggle as you pulled away to look at him, holding his cheeks to stop him from hiding his face. ‘it’s your fault, pretty boy. why are you so easy to tease?’
‘it’s because i’m in love with you. and you make me nervous,’ he replied with the utmost sincerity, trying his best to not look away. now that he wasn’t teasing you, it was making it even harder for him to not scream and hide his face.
‘you love me, do you?’ you asked, prompting him to nod softly. ‘i love you too,’ you smiled before leaning in and kissing him softly once more.
you pulled apart right as the music got louder once more, the light show starting once again. you looked at chan with a soft smile before lacing your fingers with his, resting your head on his shoulder as you two watched the columns of water dance to the rhythm of the music along with the colourful lights.
you suppose minho was right; you would be thanking him tomorrow. but not before kicking him in the face for almost giving you a heart attack. though something told you he might’ve known that things would work out. you looked up at chan, realising that he was already looking at you and smiled before placing a quick kiss under his jaw.
‘thank you for today,’ you said with a wide smile, one he responded with an equally bright smile.
‘thank you for everyday.’
you giggled shyly before resting your head on his shoulder once more, holding him even closer as he pressed a gentle kiss on the top of your head.
Tumblr media
tag list: @fylithia @skiez @john-joong @haechanight @at1nys-blog @lost-leopard-beanie @laikaya @theirbbygirl @awksfabstone @helo-xx @channies-luv @g-bbzz @rosesarentme @wrongbitch24
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imagine-a-life-like-this · 15 hours ago
Because It’s Love (B.C)
Warnings : suggestive, mentions of addiction, fwb
Word Count : 2701
Synopsis : it was supposed to be a no strings attached arrangement, but unfortunately for her, she fell in love with him, knowing that he had someone in his heart. but what if that person was her all along?
Author’s Note : thanks to anon for the request! i hope i followed what you wanted and that you enjoy :)
“Good morning beautiful.” Chan greeted partnered with a quick kiss on her lips. She melted into the kiss like she always did. She wasn’t sure when the feelings began to blossom for Chan, but he made his way into her heart and left a permanent mark, one that was going to be impossible to erase. “Shall we make some breakfast?” He hovered above her, leaving a trail of kisses down her jaw into her neck. She bit her lip to suppress the moan dying to come out.
           “Ch-an.” She stuttered out, her attempts to keep her voice steady obviously failing. She could feel his smirk as he continued to leave kisses on her neck and chest.
           “You’re irresistible, baby girl.” The pet name easily rolled off his lips, the same pet name he knew drove her insane. “But I’m starving and I’m sure you are too. We can continue this later.” With a final kiss pressed to her lips, he got out of bed, wearing only his boxers.
           She closed her eyes for a minute, trying to calm her heart from what just happened, before following Chan into the kitchen, dressed in his t-shirt and her panties. “You know I could get used to this view.” She teased seeing Chan’s toned back turned to her as he busied himself with cooking. He glanced back with a smirk on his face.
           “Could you now?” He asked with a chuckle. She approached him, wrapping her arms around him from behind, and leaving a small kiss on his shoulder. “I could get used to seeing you in my clothes.” He grabbed her hand, pulling her in front of him instead, holding her from behind now, while he continued to cook using her hands. She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips as he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck, leaving even more kisses.
           “That tickles, Channie.” He hummed against her neck, causing her to burst into more giggles.
           “You sound so cute when you giggle.” He whispered, nuzzling further while pressing more kisses to her neck. “I could get used to this.” The two just stood there, his confession hanging in the air.
           “Me too.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek before telling her to sit down and relax so he can finish cooking her an amazing breakfast. She really wasn’t sure when the domestic life with Chan started. When just casually sleeping together turned into breakfast in the mornings. When breakfast turned into dinner dates. When she started falling head over heels in love with the man who was just meant to be a friends with benefits. No strings attached, and love was one hell of a string.
           “I’d love to spend more time with you, but Sana said she wants to meet up for coffee.” Chan said after breakfast while the two washed dishes together. “We can shower and get dressed and I’ll drive you home.” She shook her head.
           “Don’t bother, Chan.” The way his name rolled off her lips instead of the loving nickname she’s called him the last few months broke his heart. “As a hookup, I’ve already overstayed my welcome.” She placed the drying towel on the counter and made her way to Chan’s room to get dressed into the dress she wore the night before, leaving Chan’s t-shirt folded on his bed.
           “Hey, is everything okay? You know you’re more than just a hookup to me, baby girl.” He followed her like a lost puppy as she walked to the door, simultaneously throwing her hair up in a bun and putting her shoes on.
           “Everything’s fine, Chan. I just remembered I had something to do. I’ll see you the next time we’re both needy.” He waited for his goodbye kiss, but it didn’t come. He was left wondering what went wrong. It’s like within seconds, everything crumbled around him. He was preparing something special to take their relationship to the next level. Chan wanted nothing more than to make her his girlfriend, make her his and no one else’s.
           “I’m an idiot.” She mumbled to her roommate, Minho, when she got home, collapsing on the couch, not bothering to change.
           “You just realized that?” Minho joked before he saw the sadness in his best friend’s eyes. “Whoa, hey, you’re not an idiot okay?” He quickly took a seat beside her, holding her face in his hands and wiping away the tears she didn’t realize were falling.
           “I fell in love with him, Min. And he already has someone in his heart.”
           “Okay, maybe not the smartest idea, but that doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. If anything, he’s the idiot for not seeing the great girl in front of him.” She smiled at her best friend.
           “I need you.” His needy call came only a day later. As heartbroken as she was knowing there was someone else in his heart, she was outside his place faster than ever before. She connected their lips as soon as he opened the door, hoping to push her feelings down for one more night. Have him to herself for one more night before moving forward, leaving Chan in the past.
           He took his time with her, more time than he had in the past. He soaked in what it felt like to be with her, to hold her, to make love to her. He soaked in the sounds she made, her little squeals, her heavy breathing, her moans. He soaked in the mixture of scents in the air, her perfume, his cologne, their sweat. He soaked in all the tastes of being with her, the taste of her lips on his, of her juices on his tongue, of the sweat dripping down her neck as he left his mark.
           But he mostly reveled in the sight of her. The way her eyes squeeze shut but her mouth is wide open. The goosebumps that pop up on her skin as he grazes her body with his fingertips. How pretty her neck and chest look littered with the dark purple hickeys he was leaving behind. The way she looks into his eyes with so much love while she wraps her arms lazily around his neck, bringing him down for a kiss that was more passionate than needy. Like she was trying to confess her love without saying the words.
           He couldn’t wait to wake up next to her in the morning and gently kiss all the marks he left. He couldn’t wait to cook her breakfast as she sits at the table dressed in his shirt and her panties watching him. To take her hand in his and look her in the eyes as he confesses what’s been in his heart for the longest time. The words he’s afraid to say, afraid to lose the good thing they created.
           But she had slipped out while he was asleep, leaving the shirt he gave her to sleep in folded on her side of the bed. It’s been months since the last time he woke up alone after their nights together. Months of seeing her in his arms as the previous night’s events occupied his mind. Months of having breakfast with her and dreaming about a future with her.
           His heart felt empty as he got out of bed, took the shirt he had given her the night before, and slipped it over his head. Her scent mixed with his wafted into his nose causing him to reminisce about the days he would nuzzle into her neck.
         “She’s so pretty.” She mumbled as she watched Chan with Sana from her hidden spot in the café. Minho turned to look at what she was seeing. “He never smiled at me like that. I can’t even be surprised. I’d choose her over me too.”
           “You’re way better than she is, Y/N. Chan is absolutely out of his mind if he’s choosing her.” Minho scoffed, taking another glance at the couple that was breaking his best friend’s heart before meeting her eyes again. She hasn’t looked away from the two of them since they sat down, and Minho could see just how badly the sight is breaking her. “Switch seats with me. You don’t need to look at that anymore.”
           She’s seen Chan with Sana before, how happy and laid back he seems to be with her. How he’s much more himself than when he’s with her. He laughed louder, smiled more, and sat much closer. She knew before they started their arrangement that Sana was always going to be someone she’d have to compete with, but she had hoped it would end in her favour.
           But Sana was everything she wishes she was. Sana was smart, talented, and so kind. She was gorgeous without trying. She knew how to be the center of attention but not let it get to her head. There really wasn’t much of a competition because Chan’s attention was always on Sana, even when Y/N stood right in front of him.
           Chan’s attention was on the door as he watched a familiar figure walking out, another man following close behind her. He didn’t see her face, but he knew it had to be her. He knew her like the back of his hand; he could pick her out of a crowd within seconds. “How did your confession go?” Sana asked, the question plaguing her mind since they arrived.
           “It didn’t. She was gone before I woke up.” His attention was still focused on the door he watched her walk out of. He wondered who the guy was, why she never brought him up.
           “I thought she’d been staying the night lately?” Chan finally met his best friend’s eyes again. She could see the tears he’s holding back.
           “I thought so too.”
         He called her over again, hoping her leaving while he slept was a one-time thing, hoping she would stay through the night so he could say the words that have been suffocating him. She wanted to decline, stay home with Minho, and watch cheesy rom coms. But Chan was a bad habit and she was addicted.
           They warn you about cigarettes, about alcohol, about drugs. But they never warn you about the man with dark brown eyes and dimples. They never warn you about the man whose smile brightens up even the darkest of days. About the man who learns your favourite thing to eat for breakfast and continues to cook it for you every time you stay the night. About the man who can not only pleasure you in the bedroom, but also make you smile just by existing.
           They never warn you that the hardest addiction to quit is love.
           So she raced over to Chan the minute he called, giving into the addiction she wishes she could quit. Allowing him to hold her like she’s the only girl in the world.
           But she left before he could wake up, leaving his shirt folded up on her side of the bed, filling Chan with a sense of déjà vu he wishes he could get rid of.
         “You need to stop giving into him, it’ll just hurt you more.” She was wrapped up in his arms, her head on his chest while he ran his fingers through her hair. “I don’t want to see you hurt anymore.” He whispered before placing a kiss to the top of her head. She knew he was right, that it would hurt less in the long run to let go. But in the moment, letting go hurt more than holding on.
           She tried her best to ignore Chan’s late-night calls, pretending she was already asleep, when in reality she watches the phone ring with tears in her eyes. She wakes up in her own room every morning, goes to all her classes, tries her best to distract herself from thinking about Chan, goes home to Minho, and watches movies with Minho every night before going to sleep and repeating the process.
           The routine was helping her let go of the helpless crush she had on Chan, until she saw him again. He was waiting outside her last class, his eyes trained solely on her as she stopped in her tracks. “Can we talk? Please?” He practically begged, looking at her with a look of desperation she’s never seen before.
           He waited an entire month for her to return his calls, or the texts she’s been leaving on read. He waited an entire month hoping she would return to him, pull him closer than she has ever before. He hated waiting for her, but he would do anything for her. But he needed to know why she had decided to push him away without warning. He needed to know if he should move on or wait a little more.
           “I don’t have anything to say to you.” She lied, pushing passed him, hoping that would be enough for him to leave her alone. But instead, he wrapped his hand around her wrist, pulling her towards him.
           “But I have something to say to you.” It’s like his eyes were darker than usual when he looked at her. They no longer held the light of a thousand stars, and his smile had faded. His beautiful smile that only seemed to exist for Sana, at least in her mind. “Just give me 5 minutes of your time, and then I’ll leave you alone for good if that’s what you really want.” He was desperate, she could clearly see it in his face, hear it in his voice.
           “5 minutes and not a second longer.” She pulled her phone out, setting a timer for 5 minutes and pressing start.
           “I miss you, Y/N. I miss you more than I thought possible. I thought if I gave you the space you were clearly asking for, you’d come back to me, but you didn’t. And I don’t want to wait anymore, I hate this distance between us.”
           “4 minutes.” She said, trying to hold in the tears that so desperately wanted to fall.
           “I want to go back to the days of waking up with you in my arms. Of cooking breakfast and washing dishes together. I want to go back to the days when you were mine.”
           “I was never yours. 3 minutes.”
           “But you were mine. And I was yours. What we had was so much more than just sex.” He was getting desperate, his eyes drifting the descending numbers on her phone screen. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, but he refused to give up. He needed her to be his again.
           “No strings attached, Chan. That was the agreement. 2 minutes.”
           “Why are you trying so hard to push me away, Y/N?!” His voiced raised, desperation taking over his entire body. “I’m trying to fix whatever it was I did, but you need to tell me what I did to make you push me away. Let me fix it!”
           “You can’t fix it!” She yelled back, the tears breaking through, causing Chan to cup her face to wipe them away.
           “Let me try.” He whispered softly.
           “I’m in love with you, Chan! Okay? I’m in love with you but you only have eyes for Sana. And I get it, she’s incredible, way better than I’ll ever be. So I need to be away from you. I can’t do this no strings attached thing anymore, not with you.” She pushed his hands down, trying to walk away, but he refused to let her.
           “I still have 1 minute.” He whispered as he kept her in place by wrapping his arms around her from behind, nuzzling his head into her neck as he always did. “1 minute to tell you that you’re absolutely crazy if you think I’m choosing Sana over you. She’s my best friend and I love her, but not the way I love you. I love her like she’s my sister. But I love you like you’re the love of my life.” He spun her around to make her face him, cupping her face again, and bringing her in for a kiss as the timer went off.
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seosracha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ㅡits just a mistake! a hwang hyunjin social media au
Tumblr media
✔︎synopsis: When a confession text lands into your college enemies messages, the solution is clear. At the end of the day, its just a mistake, right?
status: ongoing
playlist: <3
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hwangyeonjun · 2 days ago
smut [🔞] angst [💧] fluff [✨] suggestive [🦋]
Tumblr media
nothing yet.
nothing yet.
Tumblr media
nothing yet.
nothing yet.
nothing yet.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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nothing yet.
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seobangs · a day ago
north star 02│chan
Tumblr media
pairing: bang chan x fem!reader, lee min ho x fem!reader
word count: 6k
genre: romance, fantasy, angst, slow-burn, based off of the movie kimi no na wa (your name), strangers to lovers
warnings: lots of swearing.....that’s pretty much it. ha. 
you almost screamed when a ceiling fan was the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes. you blinked and blinked, but there was no doubt about the fact that you were back in chan’s room.
holy. fuck.
you sat up slowly, brain still trying to process the fact that you had, indeed, been right.
you and chan were switching bodies.
this had to be a dream.
the reflection of a man stared back at you in the large mirror above the sink. there was a circle in the center of the steam that clouded it, smudges revealing an unfamiliar face. you weren’t sure how long you had stood in the shower, hands scrubbing at your ─ no, their rugged face ─ hoping and praying you would somehow wake up from whatever dream this was. 
also, you probably spent around ten minutes alone staring at....that thing. 
a shiver ran up your spine as you thought about the miserable experience you’d had of learning how to use the toilet all over again.
you cupped your newly chiseled jaw with your hands, every touch foreign and strange. 
right, this has to be a dream, you thought.
somehow you managed to finally muster up enough courage to leave the safety of the warm bathroom. the humid air left your skin sticky and damp, and you grimaced slightly at the feeling. you were still struggling with the weight of your newfound limbs. the arms on this guy were a decent size, the heaviness tugging at your shoulders as they swayed while you walked. not to mention his legs were pretty lanky, so walking was weird, especially since his feet made you feel like you were a duck waddling around all over the place. 
whatever dream this was, it felt real. 
you couldn’t help but notice the dull, heavy feeling in your chest. 
well. okay then. 
open, shut. open, shut.
you stared at the hands in your lap, turning them over. you could see little hairs sitting on the backs of their pale knuckles, callouses forming on the pads of a couple of the fingers. 
after being yelled at a few more times, you figured that you wouldn’t be waking up any time soon. surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to find clothes to put on. most of the wardrobe in the room’s closet consisted of black hoodies and t-shirts, and the drawers were full of jeans ranging from black to denim. you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. boys are so easy.
“are you gonna eat? or are you just gonna keep staring at your hands?”
changbin was peering at you from across the table, one eyebrow raised as he held his glass of orange juice up to his mouth. you looked up slowly and cleared your throat.
“uh, i’m not that hungry i-i guess?” your voice cracked slightly towards the end, and you immediately cleared your throat again, slightly harder this time. 
yeah, the voice was gonna take some getting used to. 
changbin was still looking at you as though you’d just descended from the sky on a spacecraft.
i mean, he wasn’t wrong. you felt like that was kinda what happened too.
you pressed your lips together, the left side of your mouth turning upwards slightly in an awkward half smile. you shot it in his direction, and he did nothing but inhale with a slight shake of his head, going back to finishing the food on his plate.
you glanced to your left where the other guy sat at the head of the table, phone shoved into his face as he forked eggs into his mouth without so much as a glance at you. 
what was his name again? was it─
“jisung, what time are we scheduled for again?”
right, jisung.
there was no response, only silence from jisung as he continued to keep his eyes glued to his phone screen, mouth slightly open and a piece of egg hanging off the side of it.
“for christ’s sake has everyone gone stupid today? JISUNG!” changbin shouted, waving his hand frantically in front of the other.
jisung snapped his head up. “what? what did you say?”
changbin sighed. “what time are we scheduled for the studio?”
“uh, like, three thirty i think.” jisung waved him off, pressing play on his phone once more which made changbin roll his eyes.
“anyways, i’m not sure why you came out here wearing that. go change up so we can hit the gym before our session.”
it took you a second to realize changbin was talking to you. your eyes went wide, a finger coming up to point at your face. “me?”
changbin nodded slowly, a look of confusion on his face. “who else am i talking to?”
both of your heads turned to jisung, who was still immersed in whatever video was playing on his phone, mouth open as he laughed. you guessed that it was pretty obvious jisung wouldn’t be a gym fanatic. you turned back to changbin who was still looking at the other in disbelief. you hadn’t noticed that he was wearing a black t-shirt that hugged his upper body in a way that seemed unholy. you also didn’t notice that you were staring.
like, badly.
“please stop ogling me and go get changed.”
you jumped up, your chair flying backwards at the sudden movement. and without a word you took off towards the room, leaving your untouched breakfast and the two boys behind at the table. 
changbin wasn’t sure what was going on. the only thing he did know was that something was wrong with chan. he pinched the bridge of his nose after you turned and walked away, heading towards the direction of the room. when you disappeared behind the door he sighed, reaching over and pressing the lock button on jisung’s phone.
“hey! i was watching that asshole.”
changbin shushed him. he leaned forward slightly, bringing his voice down a level to speak when jisung followed his lead, eyes full of anticipation.
“doesn’t chan seem a little weird this morning? do you think he’s still mad at me?”
jisung snorted. “chan? mad? about the fact that you basically shit on the song idea that he’d been working on for weeks? oh changbin, what ever do you mean?” he batted his eyelashes, pouting his lips at the other who had to resist every urge in his body to not punch the puffy cheeked bastard in the face. 
so maybe changbin had been a little harsh the other day, saying that he didn’t want to try recording the song that chan had proposed for their next mixtape. chan was devastated to say the least. and although he wouldn’t admit it, he was a little mad that his hard work hadn’t even been given a chance. sure, maybe it needed some fine tuning. but it was the fact that there was no attempt to work through the rough edges of the song, there was only rejection.
and changbin had himself to blame for that. 
part of him was happy that you’d accepted his invitation to the gym. after being ignored by chan for the past few days, unbeknownst to you, he was looking forward to working out together and finally getting the chance to apologize. 
the walk to the gym was basically silent. the two of you moved side by side, hands stuffed deeply into the pockets of your long padding coats. you could hear the swish of them as you walked, exposed arms concealed inside as best as possible. as you looked around, you noticed a few things about the dream.
you were still in korea, it seemed, the familiar streets of seoul calming you slightly. the vendors on the sidewalk shouted and laughed, making small talk with customers waiting for their orders. clouds of smoke filled the air as both the hot breath of bystanders and steam from cooking stations danced together in the breeze. a small smile formed on your lips, things felt normal for the first time since you’d opened your eyes this morning.
a television screen that you’d caught a glimpse of inside one of the restaurants grabbed your attention, and you stopped for a moment, eyes glued to the news report that was being played.
“good morning, seoul. the current time is 9:45am on tuesday, november 13th. i’m your host─“
you blinked.
there’s no way that the date in your dream was the same as the one in real life, right?
thinking back to the events of this morning before you had fallen asleep, you remembered the calendar that hung in the doorway of you, seungmin, and minho’s home. the silly cat themed yearly calendar that you’d brought home for minho one day always sat in the same spot, large X’s marking the days that had passed. seungmin never paid any mind to it, he was more of a dog person anyways. 
let’s just say he was less than pleased that he’d have to start his mornings looking a cat straight in the eye as he put his shoes on at the door. 
the wheels in your head began to turn as you tried to recall the date. the moment when minho had stopped you from grabbing your workbag left you at eye level with the calendar. you inhaled sharply.
clear as day in your mind, despite the fatigue that plagued your entire body that morning, was the image of a big red X on the square that read november 12th. that meant that today, in your world, was november 13th. 
no fucking way.
“are you hungry or something?”
changbin’s voice snapped you back to reality, whatever that meant. you whipped your head in his direction and he raised an eyebrow in confusion. looking up at the restaurant sign, he shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and shrugged. “i mean i guess you didn’t eat much of your food this morning. or any of it, for that matter. i don’t really want you passing out on me in the middle of a set so we can stop─”
“it’s fine. i’m fine.”
he blinked, looking at you with another confused expression. you managed to give him a small smile, pulling your bottom lip inwards. 
“okay....well. let’s keep going then. we can grab something to eat afterwards.”
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
chan was very tired.
his head was against something hard, neck straining in a weird way as he tried to curl deeper into the blanket that covered him. the warmth that engulfed his entire body made up for it though, his body sinking into the comfort. in fact, he was so comfortable that he didn’t mind the way the hair that was bunched around his shoulders tickled his cheek.
wait. hair?
his eyelids flew open, the back of a couch meeting his gaze. 
since when did i end up on the couch?
the brown material made his eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. this was not his couch. he shifted slightly, a weight on his chest causing his eyes to go wide.
chan jolted upright, hood flying off with the force, allowing a head of brown hair to be released and fall around his face. 
“oh, someone’s up. i thought you were going to sleep for the rest of the da─“ the voice started and then stopped. 
chan slowly turned his head at the sound of an unfamiliar man, the owner of the voice sitting at a barstool in the kitchen, eyes wide as he stared at him. chan’s eyes then moved slowly, from the unknown man’s shocked face down to where his hands were cupping the boobs attached to his chest. he kneaded them, jiggling the weight around as he tried to comprehend whatever the fuck was going on.
“can you like, i don’t know, do that in your room maybe?” 
chan looked back at the man, his face now disgusted instead of shocked. 
“wh-where’s my room?” he asked timidly, the high pitched voice that came from his mouth caused his chest to start pounding, panic and confusion clouding his mind. the man in the kitchen raised an eyebrow, slowly lifting a finger to point at a door at the end of the hallway. 
chan stood quickly, shuffling across the floor and slamming the bedroom door behind him. he threw himself against the back of it, eyes darting around the room. he caught a glimpse of light reflecting off a small mirror in the corner, and he practically flung himself across the room to get to it. 
he stared at the woman looking back at him. she had smooth skin and narrowed eyes, lips that were full and colorful even after just waking up. 
he blinked. 
this has to be a dream.
chan had given up on trying to wake himself. his cheek stung as he held a palm to it, delicate fingers tracing over the redness that was forming. slapping definitely hadn’t worked. so instead he lay there, back flat against the bed as he stared up at the ceiling. his hands were still attached to the boobs on his chest, fiddling with them every once in a while.
this was strange. it felt like a dream but it also didn’t feel like a dream. he definitely didn’t remember ever having dreams that lasted more than 20 minutes, let alone ones where he was in someone else’s body. it was as though he could feel every heartbeat in your chest, every thump imitating the real heartbeat of a real person.
no, this had to be a dream.
“i don’t know she was just sitting there staring at the wall and squeezing her tits, what the hell am i supposed to say to that?” minho ran a hand through his hair, pinching the phone between his ear and his shoulder to begin rolling up his sleeves. flipping the faucet on, he pumped a few blobs of soap onto the sponge before scrubbing away at the dishes in the sink.
“maybe she’s having some sort of mid-life crisis.” felix said on the other line, the rustling of papers and office chatter slightly muffling his voice.
“felix, she’s twenty-two.” minho scoffed, shaking the plate in his hand to get rid of the excess water. 
felix, huh? how many unfamiliar men were there in this place?
chan peeked around the corner of the wall, examining minho as he stood hunched over the sink, his voice distressed as he conversed over the phone. chan was intrigued, to say the least. he was fairly certain he’d never seen this man, or you for that fact, in his life. why he was dreaming about you in particular, he had no clue.
he did think it was interesting that it was just the two of you in this house though. what was he? your brother? your boyfriend? 
“what are you doing?” 
chan screamed. and it wasn’t a small one either, the shrill pitch of his new voice ringing through the hallway. 
minho nearly dropped the porcelain plate in his hands, jumping at the sudden announcement of chan’s presence. meanwhile, seungmin continued to stare, wide-eyed at chan who stood clutching his chest. chan didn’t have much time to think about the fact that yet another strange man had shown up, minho’s voice cutting off any sort conversation that may have been about to start.
“seungmin, come on, you know she’s sensitive right now.” minho scolded, making a tsk sound and sending daggers in seungmin’s direction. with a final shake of his head he turned back to the sink, cutting off the water and drying his hands on the towel that hung from the cabinet in front of him.
so this one’s name is seungmin, got it.
seungmin continued to stare at chan, face void of any expression as he leaned forward slightly. chan wasn’t sure what was up with this guy, but he definitely had some sort of psychological problem going on.
just when he thought things couldn’t get weirder, seungmin’s lips parted and the corners of his mouth turned upward playfully.
chan blinked, eyes still glued to the wall of the hallway even after seungmin had walked away.
yeah. this is officially one of the stupidest dreams i’ve ever had, he thought.
chan was able to decipher a little bit more about your life during his time in the living room. his eyes trailed across the pictures that were displayed on one of the coffee tables. most of them were of you and minho, whose name he had learned after his incident with seungmin, and they seemed to stretch back as far as your childhood. 
there was one where the two of you stood in front of a birthday cake, the hot pink frosting spelling out your name as you and minho smiled wide, birthday hats strapped to your heads. 
y/n, that’s a pretty name. 
after breaking the news to your parents that you’d ended your long term relationship, you’d managed to find your way home one weekend to pay them a visit. it was nice to see them. their eyes had grown tired, smiles creating wrinkles at the corners of them. when your mom had learned that you were staying permanently at minho’s place, she sent you home with a few photos from your childhood albums.
chan’s eyes fell on another picture, this one of you with a bunch of other guys. you were all positioned nicely on what looked to be a large blanket, your faces adorned with smiles. it looked picture perfect, the sky clear and blue without a cloud in sight. 
that day was one of your favorites. 
“for the love of god, can the two of you please stop moving? you’re messing up the blanket.” 
hyunjin and jeongin pouted at your sudden scolding, both of them crossing their legs and obeying. you sighed and went back to your job of laying out all the side dishes, minho and felix stood to one side grilling the meat they’d picked up from the store. you watched as seungmin jumped around, shoving the lens of his camera into everyone’s face, and you couldn’t help but smile.
this wasn’t a usual occurrence for the six of you. whenever you all got together, it was usually at one of the apartments, but for some reason the suggestion of a picnic had come up and coincidentally, no one had any other plans that afternoon.
you split up into teams of three: minho, felix, and seungmin were in charge of the main course while you, hyunjin, and jeongin were in charge of snacks and drinks. this was a bad idea by the way, considering the fact that the three of you nearly wiped the snack aisle of the grocery store clean.
“alright, meat is done.” minho announced, walking over with a plate of steaming hot beef, much to the excitement of everyone else. ooh’s and ahh’s filled the air, all of you eagerly taking your seats as he set the plate down. 
“seungmin, i swear, get that thing out of my face.” jeongin whined, but it didn’t stop seungmin from clicking away, the sounds of the shutter going off. 
“why don’t we take a group photo?” you suggested, rolling your eyes when minho groaned.
“but i’m hungry.” he whined.
you sighed, getting up and walking over to seungmin’s camera bag. you pulled out the tripod, setting it up in front of the blanket and motioning for seungmin to bring the camera over. he obliged, crawling towards you and adjusting its position.
“come on, just one. make it cute. the sooner you cooperate, the sooner we eat.” you argued, patting minho’s cheek as you slid into place between him and felix. 
“okay ten seconds everyone!” seungmin explained, hurrying over after clicking the button. 
you perked up, slinging an arm around minho’s waist. he turned his head to stare at you, eyes glistening when you smiled at him. 
“say cheese!”
“we should do that again soon.”
chan’s ears perked up at the sudden voice, turning to find minho staring at the picture over his shoulder. before he could respond, minho had plopped down on the couch next to him, arm draped over the back of it as he motioned for him to move into his exposed side.
chan stared at him weirdly, making minho chuckle. “what, suddenly you don’t want to? you were fine this morning.” 
all chan could do was blink. minho gave up, putting his arm down and changing his expression from one of amusement to concern. 
“how are you feeling? better?” he quipped. chan licked his lips. or, well, your lips. he wasn’t exactly sure how to answer.
“i...guess?” he hesitated, shooting a look of uncertainty in minho’s direction. 
minho just hummed. in his mind, he deemed it better to just go along with what you, or chan in this case, decided to say. although he was worried about you, he knew better than to pry where it wasn’t wanted. but just because he couldn’t pry, didn’t mean he couldn’t let you know how concerned he was. 
“you know, i’ve been worried about you. and i know that you don’t want to talk about it, but i need you to remember─“ he shifted his weight, leaning forward and placing his elbows on his knees. with his hands folded, he brought his eyes up to meet chan’s. “─i’m here to listen.”
chan was certain that he could cry at any moment. hell, he didn’t have half a clue what minho was talking about, but he could hear the honesty in his voice as he spoke. it was something that chan wasn’t used to. in fact, he couldn’t remember ever hearing the words minho had just spoken come out of anyone’s mouth before, especially when they were talking to him. it frustrated him almost to the point of anger. so much so that he wasn’t sure if the tears threatening to well up in his eyes were due to rage or sadness. 
this is some sick dream. first i’m put in a woman’s body, then i’m reminded of how much better my life could be if i wasn’t me. 
however, instead of crying, chan scoffed. which then turned into a chuckle. which gradually turned into a fit of giggles escaping his lips. he couldn’t help but laugh at the sick mind game that his brain was playing on him at the moment. it was pathetic really, how much he craved love and affection from someone to the point that his brain went through the trouble of making him dream up such a ridiculous scenario. 
“funny of you to say, i don’t even know you.” chan laughed.
minho stared in confusion. his mouth parted and then shut again, finding it difficult to form words due to chan’s unexpected response. 
chan sighed before standing up and walking away, leaving a silent minho behind.
he wished he would just wake up already.
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
i need to wake the hell up.
if you stared at the ceiling fan any longer, you thought you might go insane. 
to say that the gym was a disaster was an understatement. and frankly, changbin couldn’t agree more. you’d never lifted a weight in your life, so you weren’t sure what exactly you had expected to happen when you followed changbin to the gym. it was hard enough to not gape at the muscles that threatened to rip through his shirt, let alone mimic his actions. 
changbin got the two of you out of there before you had a chance to injure yourself, or him for that matter. he dismissed your odd behavior, assuming that maybe you just hadn’t slept good the night before. you had been acting strange all day, anyways. 
he brought you back to the house afterwards. “i’m gonna let jisung know you can’t make it to the studio session today. maybe you should try getting some sleep or something.” he’d said, before shooting one last glance over his shoulder and disappearing out the door. 
so, here you were, stuck inside the house with absolutely nothing to do. as you laid on the couch staring up at the ceiling, the wheels in your head couldn’t help but begin to turn. 
why haven’t i woken up yet? you thought. this was definitely one of the longest and most detailed dreams that you’d ever had. the duration made it feel as though you were probably sleeping for days in the real world by now. 
there was no point in waiting around, clearly this dream wasn’t planning on ending anytime soon. 
you found yourself in chan’s room for the second time today, this time your eyes scanned the place, taking in all the aspects you hadn’t been able to process this morning. 
one of the things you’d failed to notice was the laptop on a desk in the corner of the room. a long wire was hooked up to it, trailing towards a tiny tabletop condensed mic. you walked over and sat down, placing your finger on the handprint scanner. to your surprise, the computer made a sound as it unlocked, revealing a long list of music files right in front of your eyes.
the scroll bar to the right of the screen was no more than a centimeter long, indicating just how long the list of music was. your mouth formed an O shape as you scrolled through the songs, eyes scanning across the titles. you pressed play on one of them, a soft piano melody immediately playing out of the speakers.
not bad, you thought.
and then a familiar voice filled your ears.
you knew what chan’s voice sounded like, you’d been hearing it all day. so why, then, could you feel your heart swelling at the sound of singing that was filling the room?
his voice was smooth, lyrics gliding through the air like butter. 
i don’t want to admit it, i still miss you. how could i forget?
you closed your eyes as chan’s voice continued to ring in your ears. his voice sounded sad, desperate almost, as he begged and pleaded for someone to come back to him.
the heavy feeling in your chest that you’d felt all day began to worsen, your breathing becoming short as you struggled to keep your composure. you weren’t sure what was happening. this wasn’t your life, these weren’t your lyrics, this isn’t you.
so why does it hurt so bad?
with your eyes still closed you laid your head down on the desk, fists clenched as you willed the feelings of sadness to disappear. you didn’t notice the tear that rolled down your cheek, nor did you notice yourself slowly drift off to sleep.
knock, knock, knock.
“hey, can you come out for dinner please?”
after a couple of moments, the knocking continued, slightly louder this time.
“i made your favorite.”
still no response. the next couple of knocks that followed were even louder, obtaining a stir out of you.
“y/n please.”
your eyes flew open. looking back at you was the familiar ceiling of your bedroom. 
“look i know you might still be upset for─” minho paused, rubbing the back of his neck. “─whatever reason. but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ea─“
he paused again, but this time it wasn’t because he had stopped himself. it was because the door to your room flung open and a body came barreling at him. 
the two of you landed with a thump on the floor, your arms and legs wrapped around minho’s body as you shouted incoherent words while tightening your grip on him. 
minho was winded, eyes wide while one hand awkwardly patted your back and the other rubbed at the back of his head. that was definitely gonna bruise. 
“you’ll never guess what happened! i had the craziest dream where i wasn’t in my own body and i had to live the life of this guy i’ve never even met before and it all felt so real god i think it’s the most real dream i’ve ever had in my entire life i can’t believe it even ha─“
you were cut off at the sudden appearance of someone standing over the two of you. 
“what are you guys doing?” 
you were certain that you’d never been happier to hear seungmin’s voice than you were at that moment. 
you scrambled to your feet, immediately jumping and attaching yourself to him which caused him to stumble, but he caught you nonetheless.
he met minho’s gaze, the latter rising to his feet. he dusted himself off and locked eyes with seungmin who was in shock, mouthing the words help me as your fingernails dug into the material of his sweatshirt.
they somehow managed to pry you off of him. seungmin wasted no time in running off to his room, trying to widen the distance between the two of you out of fear that you might attack again. his logic was that maybe you were getting back at him for the little scare he gave you in the hallway earlier. but little did he know, you had no clue anything of the sort even happened. 
“you seem to be feeling better.” minho commented as he watched you basically inhale a piece of pizza. 
you couldn’t help yourself. for some reason, you were starving. it was almost as if you hadn’t eaten the entire day. 
as a matter of fact, you hadn’t.
minho, however, was perfectly content watching you eat for the rest of the evening, maybe even for the rest of his life. unlike the past two weeks, his shoulders were more relaxed at the sight of you getting some food into your system. he was glad that you seemed to be a little bit perkier than what he’d been seeing as of recently. 
your eyes fell onto the digital clock on the stove. you tilted your head in confusion at the fact that it was almost eight o’clock at night. where the hell did the day go?
“god minho, next time, do not let me sleep that long.”
minho cocked an eyebrow at you. 
you took another bite out of your pizza before looking back at him, cheeks stuffed and marinara sauce smeared on your chin. minho exhaled a little bit harder than normal to mimic some form of a laugh, his hand grabbing a napkin before coming up and wiping away at your face. you gave as best of a smile as you could with a full mouth, swallowing hard right after.
“i’m serious. i can’t even begin to imagine how much work i’ll have to catch up on tomorrow. maybe next time instead of carrying me into my room you can push me onto the floo─“
“you only slept for like thirty minutes.”
you blinked. 
did you hear him right? no, of course you didn’t. 
“yeah, alright sure. then why is it eight o’clock? i fell asleep at eight in the morning.”
“...and then you woke up? do you not remember sitting on the couch and massaging your tits like a freak?” minho asked, staring at you with an expression that feigned both confusion and disgust. he shivered at the memory.
you, on the other hand, could feel your head getting dizzy.
“you mean to tell me...that i woke up... and started touching my boobs?” you asked slowly.
minho nodded. “yep, and i made sure to tell everyone else about how weird you are. hyunjin thinks i should send you off to the psych ward first thing tomorrow morning.” he joked, but you couldn’t laugh.
"i think i’m done eating.” you said quietly, pushing the plate away as you stood. you could barely make out the sounds of protest coming from minho as you left your dirty plate behind, ears ringing as your heart stammered in your chest. you walked back towards your room quickly, shutting the door and immediately pacing across the floor.
you bit your lip as your arms crossed themselves over your chest, your mind working at a hundred miles per hour. 
you were going crazy, there was no other explanation. you simply had just gotten the times in your head mixed up. maybe minho was just forgetful, or maybe he was creating a fake scenario as a joke to mess with you. 
you kicked yourself internally. your ideas were stupid.
there was an unshakable feeling that began to settle in the pit of your stomach, one that was reminiscent of the way your dream had felt impossibly real. you remembered how the day progressed as if you were living in real-time, your conscience and actions completely tangible despite the fact that you were dreaming.
and then it hit you. the news report in the restaurant had announced the exact same date and time as it was when you fell asleep on minho’s lap this morning. by the time you had gotten home from the gym with changbin, it was already the mid-afternoon. you had sat around in the living space of their house for a couple of hours, messing with the channels on the television and finding snacks in the cupboards. by the time you were sitting at chan’s computer desk, the sun had began to set outside of his window.
everything matched up.
there was no fucking way.
but then again, there was. you felt crazy for even feeding into the idea that maybe, just maybe, you had switched bodies with this chan guy. god, it sounded even worse the more you thought about it. but come to think of it, if you had switched bodies with him, that means he had also switched bodies with you.
that would explain why minho saw you─ or well, “you”─ fondling yourself.
perverted bastard, you cursed. 
there was only one way you could think of that you could test your theory. clearly there was some sort of connection between you and chan, whoever he was, that allowed the two of you to switch places based on whether or not you were sleeping. you took a deep breath and shut the lights off, walking over to your bed and sliding underneath the covers. 
you stared into the darkness that covered your room, and for the first time in two weeks, you willed your brain to send you off into dreamland so you could prove to yourself just how insane you actually were.
you didn’t know what you would do if you were right. 
you almost screamed when a ceiling fan was the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes. you blinked and blinked, but there was no doubt about the fact that you were back in chan’s room.
holy. fuck.
you sat up slowly, brain still trying to process the fact that you had, indeed, been right.
you and chan were switching bodies.
it was morning time now, and you concluded that chan must’ve also fallen asleep for the night, explaining why the switch happened again. but then─
if you were here, that meant that chan was there. he had to have noticed that he also was not dreaming about waking up in your body. if he didn’t know before, he certainly did now. 
you jumped up from the bed, eyes frantically searching the room. 
if everything was working in real-time, then that meant chan was in your room, under your covers. that meant he was also right next to your cellphone that you had left sitting on the nightstand next to your bed.
the the door to the room opened, and the sight of jisung greeted you when you turned around. in his hand, was a phone.
“it kept vibrating, i found it in between the couch cushions.”
you walked over to him quickly, grabbing the phone from his hand and muttering a small thanks, shutting the door. you listened for his feet which shuffled away down the hall before you ran back to the bed, sitting on the edge of it. 
the phone unlocked as soon as it scanned your face for recognition. you quickly searched for the messaging app, fingers shaking. 
but before you could begin typing a new message, your eyes went wide at the sight of your own phone number sitting at the top of the conversation list. apparently, you and chan both had the same idea.
[new number, 8:32 a.m.]
who are you?
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. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
(a/n: whoo! we made it! chapter 2!! i just want to take a second to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for the love on chapter one of north star. this tory has slowly become my baby, and i love everything about it. i hope this chapter meets your expectations. also, as my semester continues, work on future chapters may begin to slow, so please be patient with me! again, any and all feedback is much appreciated. until next time! -b xx)
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seungisms · 8 months ago
sex with skz 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, overstimulation, edging, fingering, eating out, blowjobs, degradation, praise, body worship, thigh riding, cockwarming, corruption kink, exhibition kink, bulging kink, switch!skz
note: sorry that i haven’t been that active lately, i’ve been too busy simping over pixelated cowboys (yes red dead) 🥴 please enjoy some smutty goodness as an apology - smut straight under the cut, beware! also, this whole post is just an excuse for me to indulge in hard!seungmin
Tumblr media
the softest dom to ever exist™
he’ll worship every inch of your skin, muttered praises being left with every hot open-mouthed kiss he showers you in
low chuckles leave him as you rut and whine against him - practically melting at his touch
a l w a y s keeps a tight grip on you hips, just cause he loves seeing the small imprint dents his fingers leave in your soft flesh 
he’ll kiss down the expanse of your body as foreplay, smothering your face in loving pecks before making his way past your collarbones and stomach, stopping at your panties
his teeth will softly nip at the thin band before hooking his long fingers around the material and promptly tugging them down your thighs, mouth watering at the sight of your drenched cunt
he always takes his time before giving into your begs, loving the look of utter desperation coating your pretty features
makes you cum at least twice with just his fingers and mouth
laps up every last drop of wetness that seeps out of your core, holding your trembling thighs still with his strong hands as the muscles of his mouth eat away at your pussy
he’ll take your bud into his mouth, sucking the sensitive flesh and watching smugly as you hoarsely cry out into the room, hips rasing to follow his lips
he loves to intertwine his fingers with your own as he eats you out, each tight squeeze of your hand letting him know exactly how close you are
he also loves the intimacy that comes with handholding during sex
didn’t even realise he had a bulging kink until he met you
the first time he ever saw the outline of his dick jutting out against the flesh of your stomach he almost creamed inside you
presses the palm of his hand flat against the protrusion and softly groans once he feels himself with every sloppy thrust past your folds, the sounds of his cock meeting your wet sex making his head dizzy
he just loves how well you’re able to take him despite your tight hole being far too small to fit the entirety of his thick cock into
he rarely ever dirty talks during sex but when he does it’s always quiet praises
“thats my good girl, taking me so well.”
“you love this cock huh? you’re just begging me to ruin you, sweetheart.”
softly wraps a hand around your neck while sinking into you slowly, thumb reaching up to trace your bottom lip as small gasps of air slip past, focusing on the way he fills you up
cockwarming is a must with this man
especially in his studio
he’ll have you sit on his lap as he works away on a new song, back pressed against his hard chest while he continues to stuff your pussy full with his hard cock
curses softly in your ear everytime you dare clench around him
eventually gives into your needy pouts and the circling of you hips - bending you over his desk and pressing your head against the cold wood before his hips meet your ass once again
always falls into a cold sweat whenever someone asks him why he has to keep buying new studio chair and makes mental note to punish you later for being such a damn tease
sometimes he humours you and lets you ride him, but the hard grip on your thighs and brushing of his dick against your warm walls reminds you that he’s always the one in control
will always spoil you afterwards, feeling guilty for the aching of your pussy and marks he left on your skin
he’s such a fucking tease
overstimulates you until you’re practically sobbing against him
never once breaks eye contact with you, dark eyes boring into your own teary ones as his digits rub lazily at your bud, teasingly slipping past your folds and dipping into your wet core
he’s an expert at fingering you at this point
curls his fingers deep inside your cunt, your slick coating them and gushing down the flesh of your thighs as he continues to stretch you out
he’ll gather up some of your liquids once he removes his fingers, ignoring your small whines of disapproval before bringing them up to your lips, tapping the soft skin and urging you to suck
turns absolutely feral watching your tongue swirl slowly around his digits, making sure to lick them clean of your wetness as his dick stiffens against your thigh, wanting nothing more than to feel your pretty lips around his dick
l o v e s being in control
he’ll pin your hands above your head as he leaves soft kisses against the expanse of your collarbones - the gentleness of his lips contrasting greatly with the blunt nails digging into your wrists, not paying any mind to your bratty complaining
his mouth always makes sure to leave a few markings in their wake around your thighs, loving the thought of your skirt flipping up later and everyone seeing your pretty, kiss-bruised flesh
also a major giver
he’ll eat you out for hours on end, the sore muscles in his jaw working away at your dripping cunt was worth the pain as you tug onto his disheveled locks and legs trembling on either side of his head, making his hips rut down against the sheets beneath him, tongue impatiently luring you towards orgasm
his chin and lips will be shining with your wetness once he pulls away, not hesitating to place his mouth against yours and force you to taste yourself on his tongue
he gets off on rubbing the tip of his cock against your aching bud, the small pleas leaving your raw throat almost making him want to give in
but he’s a little bit of a sadist, so he’ll draw every whine, whimper and beg from you before he even thinks about giving you what you want
seeing how much of a slut you turn into when begging for his dick makes dragging out his own pleasure worth it
he’ll edge you towards orgasm for hours if you dare disobey him - his length filling up each dent and crevice of your pussy before swiftly pulling out once he feels you clench tightly around him, reminding him how close you were
he continues his pleasurable torture on your abused cunt until you finally cry out for release, loud enough for the rest of the dorm to hear you
then he’ll fuck up into you until your pussy is raw and red, practically pulsating around him
he’ll make sure to fit thigh riding into his daily routine everyday too
the sight of your naked cunt dragging along the material of his rough jeans is too good not to savour
he won’t assist you either
prefers to sit back and watch you struggle to get yourself off, feeling your sticky wetness seep through the material of his trousers
he’ll only even think about helping you if you beg him enough, something about your voice dripping in sheer desperation is enough for him to fuck you right there on the dorms sofa
it doesn’t matter where you are or if the boy are near, he’ll find every opportunity to tease you and turn you into a complete mess with just his cruel words
he’s such a switch and i’ll take no other arguments
one minute he’ll be sobbing underneath you while begging for his release and the next he’ll have you on all fours, forcing you to bite into your pillow to muffle any whines or moans you dare to make
he only speaks in pouts and that translates into sex too
his lower lips will jut out into a cute little frown whenever you decide to tease him, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin as his hips resist the urge to rut against your own
he’s far too stubborn for his own good so he’ll let you drag out his pleasure for hours, refusing to give into your soft demands
eventually submits once your hand ‘accidentally’ brushes against his straining cock, the fleeting touch enough to make him jolt against your hold
turns into the most whiny boy afterwards, dick twitching against his stomach and damp hair falling into his eyes, words stumbling over eachother as you purposely continue to deny him
a connoisseur of face sitting <333
his fingers will grasp at any sort of flesh he can as soon as your legs settle on either side of his head, groaning lowly once your wet cunt comes into his view
he practically buries his head against you, nose nudging your bud before leaving a soft kiss on your folds, cursing lwoly when your hands tangle and tug his disheveled locks
eats you out throughly and eagerly, not letting one drop of your sweet wetness go to waste
he’ll ignore the desperate curving of his cock against his stomach, toes curling into the sheets below as you continue to grind your pussy against his mouth - the warmth of his flat tongue stroking your core combined with the strong grip on your thighs making your tummy twist with need
his tongue will eventually resort to fucking your tight hole, a satisfied moan being hummed against you once he feels your legs tremble in his hold
he’s also just as much of an enthusiast of blowjobs as he is with eating you out
becomes such a brat as soon as you teasingly lick away at his slit, the softest of whines falling from his lips and back arching off the bed with need
his mouth works before his brain, so expect a lot of rushed begs and stuttered pleas
feels himself malfunction once he hits the back of your throat, hands grasping at the covers beneath him while his hips raise in order to fuck your mouth harder and deeper
he has the biggest kink for cumplay so as soon as you stick your tongue out to catch his warm liquids while looking up at him through doe eyes his lips will be unable to form any coherent words, legs shaking and cock softening in your hold
as much as he loves submitting to you, theres no stopping this man whenever he’s jealous
as soon as he sees one of the boys getting too close for his liking he’ll instantly drag you to the nearest empty room, ignoring the questionable glances the others threw his way
he’ll fuck you right there against the wall, legs desperately clinging around his waist as he urges you to moan his name louder with every thrust he inflicts on your drenched cunt
he’ll leave marks in places you’re not able to cover them, stifling a smug chuckle when you glare towards him everytime someone points them out
also extremely fond of lingerie
lets his hands ghost over your body, admiring your glowing beauty in the sheer fabric and questioning how he got so lucky
before simply pushing your panties to the side and slipping his fat cock past your folds, the warmth and wetness of your pussy causing his face to slack with pleasure
he’s a H U G E cuddlier after sex and demands to be held, so leave some kisses on his forehead and lull him to sleep and he’ll be happy
he’s so giving during sex but not before edging you until you’re on the brink of tears
L O V E S using his mouth and fingers on you at the same time
he doesn’t rush while eating you out, hands pinning your thighs to bed to keep them spread as his tongue licks fat stripes up the centre of your pulsating pussy, tuning out your low whimpers of need
his long digits will circle your core, curving deep against your walls and feeling every crevice and twitch of your cunt
he’ll greedily lap up the liquids that seep from your hole until your sore, raw and shaking in his hold
pulls away with his lips drenched in your wetness before coaxing you into a open-mouthed kiss, tongue pushing against your own and sharing his salvia with you, urging you to taste yourself
he’ll constantly keep his mouth busy during sex
whether its nipping at your own lips, leaving markings against your neck or worshiping your perk breasts
he just loves the taste of you on his buds
also really into overstimulation 
once he finally gives into your pitiful begs of release there’s no stopping him
makes you cum again and again until you’re a absolute mess beneath him, legs trembling, tear stained cheeks and pussy aching from his torment
eats up every moan, plea and groan you emit
fills you up the brim and twitches deep against you, fingers reaching down to flick and pinch at your cunt - determined to draw out your sweet sounds of pleasure
he doesn’t pay any regard to anyone else in the dorm, if he wants to make you scream for them all to hear he will
he’ll coax you to sit on his lap with gentle words during move nights with the boys, hands splayed against your thighs as you try to focus on the screen
before they make their way down to your shorts, slipping past and brushing against your already soaked core
he’s quick to fill you to the brim with his veiny cock under the blanket, large hand pressed flat against your mouth to muffles your soft sighs
absolutely GETS OFF on the thought of being caught by one of the boys
so the movement and ruts of his hips will be exaggerated and sloppy, feeling you come undone quickly on his lap, the soft grind of your ass letting him know just how much you actually enjoyed it
softly flicks at your bud once you squeeze tightly around him, milking him dry before the others cast him a curious glance at his low growl
he won’t even acknowledge the eyes peering at you both, his long and thick cock continuing to stretch your small hole out
he’ll make sure to get you back for teasing him though
also l o v e s threesomes
he doesn’t mind sharing you, cause he always makes sure to remind you who you really belong to after
he never hesitates to invite jisung into the bedroom with you both -  watching his bestfriend fuck you until you’re sobbing and begging for more is one of his favourite sights
he’ll eventually join you both, but not before making a snide comment 
“you sure you can handle two cocks at once, honey?”
your wide eyes and flushed cheeks are more than answer for him, coaxing you onto all fours before slipping into your pussy, watching with hunger as you struggle to fit the younger boys cock past your lips, eyes filling up with unshed tears insides twitching with want
he knows just how innocent you were before you met him so he’ll sprinkle a few ‘darlings’ and ‘angels’ between his dirty words when you take his dick further into your mouth
as soon as you look up at him with big doe eyes and cum dribbling down the side of your mouth he knows he’s a goner
takes the crown for the brattiest sub ever
he’s so needy for your attention 24/7
he’s also extremely vocal during sex - whining and fussing against your hold until you finally give into his demands
teasing you is his favourite past-time
he’ll have you laying beneath him, fingers slowly drawing small circles on your clit as he admires your glassy eyes, the pad of his thumb resting against the top of your puffy cunt before he suddenly curls his digits against your walls
loving the look of frustration building up on your face as he continuously denies your release
constantly brings you to the brink of orgasm with his length, pulsating deep inside your core and leaking tip practically kissing your womb
just as he gets the sense you’re about to cum he’ll hastily remove himself, cruel chuckles leaving him as you almost sob beneath him
sends you videos of himself stroking his cock while he’s on tour just to be the tease that he is
his breathless whines are the only thing that slips past his lips, thumb pressing hard into his slit as he moans and begs for you
says things like, “wish you were here. need to be inside you.”
he’ll make a full show of it, hip raising to meet the desperate movements of his hand and softly muttering to himself, urging you to send something back
he also LOVES using toys on you
presses the vibrater harder against your hole, watching you fidget against the sheets and arch further into his body - nipples erect and sweat tracing your skin as your orgasm continued to build
just as you’re about to cum he’ll take the toy away, silencing your small complaints and furrowed brows once he replaces it with his leaking cock, the angry tip nudging past your entrance 
he fucks you slow and hard, cock brushing impossibly deep past your walls and filling you up so well, watching you come undone quickly beneath him
will literally trash talk your sex toys as if he hadn’t been using them on you five seconds before
“see? you don’t need some useless toy getting you off when i’m right here, darling.”
nothing gets him going quite like stockings
as soon as his eyes lay sight on the sheer fabric hugging your flesh he has the sudden urge to fuck you against the nearest wall
and will sit with a pout on his lips the entire night once you make him wait
he’s completely feral once he finally gets his hands on you, rutting against your panties and ripping every article of clothing off of your body except for the thigh-highs clinging perfectly to your flesh
he just thinks you look so pretty and angelic in them
only ever takes his time whenever he’s eating you out
kisses his way up your thighs as you watch him curiously, mouth settling against your clothed heat before mouthing against the soft fabric of your underwear - feeling your wetness seep through and onto his awaiting tongue
he’ll pay no mind to your embarrassed whimper, eager to lap up every ounce of wetness
simply pushes your panties to the side, mouth quickly attaching itself to your slit and sucking on your bud
he never leaves you unsatisfied, tongue softly nudging your hole and humming against your cunt as you quiver beneath him
tuts lowly as he forces you to keep your trembling legs spread open, cleaning up the wetness that pooled down your thighs and onto the bed
leaves a gentle kiss against your sensitive pussy once he’s done, the sight of his chin and lips shining in your liquids enough to make you hide your face shyly
he’ll pry your hands away from your eyes, pressing his mouth to your own and allowing you to taste yourself
he’s such an angel for you
he prefers being in control during sex but he’ll never complain when you take over
ride this man and he’ll do anything for you
something about the sight of you taking him so well as your palms lay flat against his sweat-glistened chest, eyes blown out with hunger and lips plump from his needy kisses really gets him going
also, the fact that it gives him the perfect view his length jutting out against the flesh of your stomach every time you grind down against him
he won’t comment on it, but he’s secretly proud that he’s big enough to leave a outline with every thrust of his cock
his eyes will stay glued to the bulge, thickness becoming impossibly harder against your cervix as your back arches off the bed, the jut becoming more prominat against your tummy with your movements
he gives into every small pout and plea you make almost instantly, the hopeful look in your eyes causing his dick to strain and twitch painfully against his thigh, your cunt almost begging him to bury himself inside you already
praises to the m a x
he’ll bury his face into your loose strands of hair, nose softly nudging your temple and closing his eyes in bliss - savouring the warmth of your pussy around him and the quiet mewls you let out
“you’re so pretty, feel so good taking me like this.”
he barely gets his words out, coming out choked and muttered as he struggles to focus on anything but the wither in your legs and the clenching of your tight hole around him
he absolutely melts at the thought of soft sex
and is a firm believer of constantly confessing his love for you while your pussy is milking him dry
leaves soft pecks anywhere his lips can reach
and he won’t be satisfied until your entire body is covered in his doting praises
he’s so overly gentle with you, hands ghosting over your curves and hips barely brushing against your own, taking his time to feel every twitch and clench of your inner walls
looks at you with nothing but adoration in his eyes while stretching you out
has his forehead pressed against your own, breathing heavily and brushing his lips against yours as you mewl beneath him
softly rubs at your clit while being deep inside you, just to see you arch further into him and grasp at his shoulders, lips parting to beg for more
marking is one of his love languages so expect your thighs and collarbones to be covered in bruises and love bites
he’ll kiss them for you afterwards though 🥺
he’s constantly in awe of your beauty and never fails to tell you just how pretty you look with your pussy stuffed full of him, a milky line connecting the head of his cock to your glistening pussy each time he pulls away - only to inflict more forceful grinds past your walls
calls you his ‘pretty angel’ constantly, the lovingness of his words unable to match the burning his fat cock caused while stretching you out, feeling your velvety walls close in around him
also lives for the intimacy of cockwarming
simply collapses ontop of your spent body, curling into your chest and not paying any mind to the stickiness of both your bodies, softened cock still buried inside you
he just absolutely loves the feeling of your warm walls twitching around him all night and sleep better when connected to you
he may look like the sweetest boy alive but that doesn’t mean he’s not afraid to make you sob and scream for the entire dorm to hear
always starts out slow and loving, taking his time to worship and praise you in every possible way
ghosting his lips over the entirety of your body, not paying any mind to your sharp intakes off breath everytime he brushes over your pert tits 
he’ll leave the most affectionate of kisses against your heated skin, goosebumps appearing in their wake as he showers you in love, length coming to a hilt inside of you and kissing deliously against your knotted womb
it drives him wild knowing the effect he has on you
and his desire for you is shown through the twitching of his needy head against your convulsing walls
but as soon as you start pouting and squirming in his hold his eyes will darken with hunger, not hesitating to push his cock further into your tight hole and stretch you open more, watching your face twitch slightly from the sensitivity of your aching pussy
he loves watching your face slack with pleasure once he gently wraps his hand around your neck, eyes falling shut and whimper threatening to spill from your pouted lips as he barely applies any pressure - hips grinding against your own and the sounds of your slick arousal meeting his own filling the room
gulps quietly while he watches you make a fuss beneath him, adams apple bobbing in his throat as his pre-cum dripped out of your pretty cunt, coating your folds in the white liquids and staining the pristen sheets
exhibition kink™
his need to fuck you against the nearest hard surface is constant and he makes sure to let you know
he gets especially riled up after shows, sweat dripping from his hairline and adrenaline pumping through his veins
he won’t hesitate to drag you into the nearest dressing room, ignoring every confused quiry falling form your kissable lips
pushes you up against the door roughly, lips immediately finding yours before his hands slip up your skirt, taking your lower lip between his teeth softly as the tips of his fingers brush against the soft skin of your thighs before stopping at your core, teasing you through your panties - barely giving you any time to respond to his hungry kisses, tongue pushing against your own
he’ll practically force your begs out of you, fingers curling deep inside of you without warning while eating up every moan you hummed against his mouth hungrily, the sloppiness of the kiss making him press harder against you
constantly reminds you how much of a slut you are for him and how willing you are to fuck him anywhere between pants, tuning out the chatter of the other boys on the other side of the door and focusing on how tight your hole spasmed around him
he’ll eventually have to shove his fingers into your mouth, eyes coaxing you to suck on them to silence your whimpers, his cock continuing its torment on your cunt
LOVES to cum inside you before shoving his fingers into your core, plugging up his liquids and making sure they stayed coated against your walls
simply knowing that you were walking around and chatting to others with his cum seeping out of you and leaking down your thighs makes him so territorial 
he loves to watch you crumble when he whispers into your ear, eyes catching the way your thighs clench and rub together with need
he’ll keep his hand gripping your leg tightly, dangerously close to where you most needed him
but he also loves it when you tease him back, making a point to remind him of your lack of underwear under your skirt when around the others, a playful glint in your eye and petty smile tugging at your lips
cue to a few hours later and he’ll be fucking you into the matress without compassion, legs thrown hastily over his shoulders for his cock to reach the deepest parts of your warmth
he’ll make you regret ever teasing him in the first place, edging you until your on the verge of tears 
okay but he also has a soft spot for more gentle sex and thats the tea
he especially loves it on his lazy days off, spooning your from behind and lazily thrusting into your core, your liquids mixing together and trailing down the expanse of your leg
peppers small pecks across your bare shoulders, hand reaching down to stimulate you along with his cock
buries his face into the crook of your neck and lets out the most prettiest gasps as he’s about to cum, warm breath hitting your heated skin
he’ll slump against you once he brings you over the edge - failing to care about the mess your wetness made on the sheets as he snuggles against your back, leaving small kisses against it every now and then as he drifts in and out of slumber
the goodest boy ever™
he’ll listen to every demand you make happily, only wanting to please you
and if that means dragging out his own pleasure then so be it
he fully believes his life purpose is to satisfy you
ruts against you greedily when you continuously deny his pleasure, the cutest little begs falling from his kiss-bruised lips and glassy eyes staring into your own - glinting with hope and watching your every move
the epitome of ‘🥺’ during sex
he knows how much of a tease you are and how far you like to take it with your dirty words and fleeting touchs - so he’ll warn you to tone it down everytime you stay the night at the dorm, already knowing his words are going in over your head
he secretly looks forward to it though, the thought of sneaking around the others really gets him going and he knows he’ll do just about anything to feel you around him
he’ll have to bite the back of his fist, being careful not to wake the other sleeping member in the room as you leave soft kisses down the column of his neck, hips rocking against his and breathy moans being shared between you
he gets a little carried away though, hands fisting at the sheets and head thrown back against his pillow, choked moans and stuttered begs leaving his throat as you drag your cunt along the underside of his cock, taking in his flushed skin and wide eyes with pride
his stare will stay pinned to your core, watching it drip onto his stomach and practically begging him to fill it up with his length
he’s a complete mess once you finally lower yourself onto his waiting thickness, pussy stretching out slowly and coaxing a string of curses from the breathless boy beneath you - his attempts to be quiet thrown out the window once you convulse around him, delberiatly rocking your hips down against him 
in summary, you’re now banned from having sex in the dorm after jisung woke up and screamed once he saw jeongin fucking you into the mattress after your teasing got the better of him
poor boy™
he’s always too insecure and hesitant to ask you to suck him off, usually just stuttering over his words and fidgeting with his sleeves, avoiding your prying stare at all costs
but once you slowly lower yourself to your knees and have your tongue greedily lap up the pre-cum oozing out of his twitching head after picking up his hints, he’s convinced he can see stars
his legs will tremble and sweat will gather above his brow once you eagerly suck on his tip, taking him inch-by-inch into your mouth
he won’t know what to do with his hands, settling with cupping your face gently as you took your tongue took its time moving around him
the soft graze of your teeth along the soft flesh makes him weak, hips follow the movement of your mouth and nudging the back of your throat with each rut 
almost collapses when you swallow his cum eagerly, thumb reaching down to catch the messy drops that seeped past your lips
before softly gasping when you take it into your mouth, sucking around the digit greedily and cleaning off the sticky wetness he managed to catch
he becomes so needy and shy when you praise him
he just LOVES hearing your whispered praises as you worship his heated skin, tongue dragging across his neck before leaving a searing kiss against the flesh
his favourite time to have sex is the morning after you both just wake up
his lazy thrusts combined with the sloppy kisses you leave against his mouth makes him so soft
he’s a such a simp for you inside and outside of the bedroom <333
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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aboutapeachparty · a month ago
Stray Kids | S/O is sore the morning after their first time (gender neutral)
reaction | hyung line
genre ➸ romance
disclaimer ➸ This is a work of fiction. I don't own any famous character(s) - like idols - and my writings are in no way meant to show these people’s real nature and/or offend them in any way.
Request:  Skz Hyung line reaction when their s/o is sore the morning after their first time? (Suggestive smut) (gender neutral) 🙏🏻✨
Tumblr media
When you wake up, you realize that something is wrong. Every movement hurt and your first urge was to get up, but you realize as you sit down that it didn't get any better. But because of your restless movements, Chan woke up. He slept on his stomach with his head turned to your side. When he opens his eyes, he smiles gently at you. "Good Morning." His voice was clear, but still calm. "Hey," you say, but you sounded a little pained with pain. It was immediately apparent to Chan that something was wrong and he immediately sat up. "Is everything okay? Do you regret it?" You had your first time last night and Chan was afraid he'd forced you to do something you didn't want. He wanted you, but he didn't want to overstep your limits. Did he push you to do something you didn't want? You immediately recognized his concern and you shake your head. "No, I have no regrets," you say softly and give him a gentle kiss. "But is there something?" You can’t lie to him. "Well ..." You start, but you were shy. You didn't want to burden him with your problems and in the worst case scenario he would feel bad too. "Come on tell me. You don't have to be uncomfortable." Clearly, Chan couldn't be fooled. "Well it feels sore here ... so down here." You point down at yourself and press your lips together. "Oh ...", Chan said and his eyes suddenly widened. And for a moment it became quiet between you. It was a little uncomfortable, but then Chan got up and got dressed. "Okay okay. You stay here and don't move. I'll go quickly and buy us breakfast." He packed panicked his things and looked for his wallet. "It's really okay, don't stress yourself." You try to calm him down, but he wasn't dissuaded. "No, I'll do everything for you today. I'm so sorry." Chan then kissed you and ran off.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch ..." You stumble back from the toilet and go back to bed. Minho was watching you with a big but evil grin. "Don't laugh like that, it's all your fault." You lie down next to him with a sigh and still feel the burning in your lower area. "But it was worth it, wasn't it?" He keeps grinning at you and you roll your eyes. "Let's see how long I'll be sore." You sigh and snuggle up in the covers again. "Sorry, I can't help it that he's so big." He winked and turned over to you. You roll your eyes, but you know that Minho wanted that confirmed. "Hmm right, I should find someone with a smaller dick." Now it was you who grinned and Minho looked at you with raised eyebrows. But then he smiled too and kisses the tip of your nose. "You will get used to him and then you will not want anything else," he whispered in your ear and you immediately get goosebumps. You look into his dark eyes and you miss the words. "But before that I can still be very gentle with you." His head bowed and his lips touched your neck, then your collarbone. His hands wandered over your body and you can feel your breath getting louder and louder. And Minho was just gentle ... very gentle.
"That was nice," whispered Changbin and starts playing with your fingers. He kissed every single one of your fingertips and he smiled gently. You smile too but couldn't answer anything.Your naked bodies were lying against each other and you liked that afterglow, but the sex had left you with after-effects on your body too. "Are you okay?" He asked and immediately noticed that something was wrong. You nod with pressed lips, but in reality you couldn't fool him. "What's going on?" He asked further and his look was suddenly so full of worry. Changbin could seem so tough and hard at times, but he was so soft with you here. "I'm just a little bit sore down there. It's not that bad." You smile and want to convince him that everything is fine. But Changbin immediately feels bad. "What? Did I hurt you?" He leaned over you and examined your whole body. "No, everything is really okay." You run his hair and look him in the eye. And the next moment he became calm too. His hustle and bustle disappeared and his pulse calmed down. "Really?" His dark pupils found themselves in your eyes and he looked like a small dog to you at the moment. "Yeah really. It's just so new to me. I have to get used to you." You wink and laughingly give him a kiss. "I'll be more careful next time," he promised you and snuggled up to you again.
Hyunjin still had a smile on his face even when he was asleep. He thought the night with you was just incredible. He was so happy and so full of love. And you had to smile too when you saw him like that. Of course you were happy and enjoyed the night with him, but you feel a little bit sore afterwards. And now in the morning it didn't get any better. When Hyunjin woke up, he smiled and the images from last night immediately came back to his head. "Good morning," he breathed and kissed you gently. "Hey, good morning," you say and stroke his hair. But his gaze changed, his eyes wandered to your lips and his body was suddenly above you. "What are you going to do?" You ask him with wide eyes and smile. "Same as last night," he whispered with a deep sigh and put his full lips on your neck. But it was clear to you that you could not make another round. Everything was still so sore. "Hyunjin ..." you say softly and put your hands on him. "Mhmm ... say my name again." He continued kissing your neck down to the base of your breasts. "Hyunjin ... it wouldn’t be a good idea ..." You push him away from you a bit and his look suddenly turned very sad. "Didn't you like it?" He asked, puzzled. "Yes ... but ... I'm not used to it and ... well ... it hurts ... here." You point to yourself and hope that he is not too disappointed. "Was I too rough?" He asked suddenly worried and his eyes went heavy. "No, not at all. It's just new ..." you say and kiss him gently. "Okay, then...cuddle?" He asked, his expression becoming so soft that you couldn't resist him. "Yes, I would love to."
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fizzydrink698 · 4 months ago
touch | chan
Tumblr media
pairing: bang chan/reader
word count: 7.2k
genre: romance, werewolf au, frenemies-to-lovers
warnings: swearing, dirty talk, hot and heavy making-out, reader is a capital-B Brat, blood (chan’s got those gnarly-looking claw-marks on his back and chest), yes this was entirely inspired by that wolfgang performance
Tumblr media
Then, he finally notices the first-aid kit in your hand, and he changes.
The corners of his lips turn up, twisting into a smirk. He raises his chin, one eyebrow arching at the sight of you. It’s a smug, quietly dangerous look from Chan that you’ve never seen before. One that sets your nerves on edge, has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.
“Why?” Chan asks, and his hand drifts up to undo his top button. “Are you here to play nurse?”
Tumblr media
There’s something wrong with Chan.
You notice immediately, trying to stay discreet as you watch through the window at the boys as they wander out of the forest, stretching limbs, ruffling dishevelled hair.
You’re still getting used to the whole werewolf thing.
It had only been a few months ago that you had returned from a semester abroad to find that your life-long best friend, Felix, had been bitten by some sketchy creep at a beach bonfire.
There’s no…lingering guilt about not being there. Or anything.
You’re fine.
But Chan isn’t. That’s what you’re so focused on right now.
His expression is guarded, shoulders tense as he walks just a few steps behind the rest of the group. You watch Felix hang back a second, talking to him, saying something you can’t hear through the window. You see Chan shake his head, patting him on the shoulder, and when Felix says something else, he moves his hand to the back of Felix’s head, scratching it affectionately.
You know objectively that Chan taking in Felix was one of the best things to happen for him. From the little you’ve gleaned about werewolves, you know that packs work like a support network. A new family. It’s good for him.
It just…chafes a little that you’re not a part of it. It feels unfair that the only way to regain that position you once held in Felix’s life would be to get bitten too, suffer through the painful transition, disconnect from society, spend days and weeks and months of your life as a mindless animal ready to attack and maul any living thing in sight–
Chan’s limping.
You catch it. Just barely.
You don’t think anyone else has noticed. You think you only caught it because Chan hasn’t noticed you looking.
Hasn’t noticed you.
You were surprised when Chan approached you a few weeks ago with a proposition. It was a simple enough request – staying at their cabin while the full moon happened, house-sitting while they spent the better part of three days doing their wolf stuff. You could catch up on your schoolwork, spend a few days alone to collect your thoughts.
It was nice. Quiet. Maybe a little lonely. But still nice.
You just didn’t see why you were needed. And Chan didn’t really do much to make you feel wanted either.
The other boys like you, you think. Felix obviously adores you, and the others joke around with you and share smiles and try to give you teasing little compliments when they think they can break you down, make you blush. It hasn’t worked so far, but it’s cute that they’re trying.
But Chan’s different. So warm to his boys, so committed to the role as pack leader – but there’s something off in the way he acts with you. Being a wolf, being a leader, is so intrinsic to his being and it’s all meaningless to you. He has no authority over you. He has nothing in common with you.
And he’s intimidating as fuck.
The first of the group finally make it to the door, filing in as they laugh raucously about some inside joke Felix might catch you up on later.
“Is there anything to eat?” Jisung asks, eyes alight.
You scowl. “Why are you asking me? You think I waited around all weekend, cooking you guys dinner?”
You had made it clear from day one that you weren’t going to be some house mother to these guys, some kind of Wendy to their Lost Boys. You had your own life, and you were doing them a favour just by agreeing to stay in such an isolated cabin, miles away from the rest of civilisation.
But as Jisung’s face slowly turns guilty, his gaze shifting to the floor as he is undoubtedly recalling this same conversation, you can’t help but sigh. “…I tried following Felix’s cookie recipe yesterday. There’s some left in the fridge.”
Jisung’s face lights up, and you try hard to keep your expression neutral when he leans in and kisses your cheek. “Cute.”
You shove him away, scowl firmly back in place. “Only the burned ones are left. Fucking help yourself, asshole.”
Jisung just laughs, already heading for the fridge.
Hyunjin, who had followed right behind him, gives you a smile as he takes a seat at the kitchen counter, attempting to tease out a stray twig knotted in his hair. “Thanks for staying.”
You shrug. “Eh. I got some quiet time. Managed to finish outlining my dissertation. It wasn’t the worst weekend, I guess.”
Seungmin is the next to wander through, and you notice the rips in his shirt, the way his right sleeve hangs off his arm in tatters. Felix has informed you of the perils of clothing as a werewolf, how easily things can rip and snag when you don’t quite have the transformation under control yet. It’s hard to undress when you’re literally in the middle of turning in to a big scary man-sized wolf, you suppose.
Jeongin’s shirt is open, every single button apparently a casualty of transforming, seams along his sleeves and sides burst. He passes you by with a sheepish grin, hair mussed, shoulders straightened out just a touch at the sight of you.
Felix throws his arms around you as soon as he walks through the door, shouting his greeting in your ear. He’s practically vibrating, still on the high of adrenaline from whatever wolfy things he did this weekend. Chased deer? Howled at the moon, maybe?
“-so cool, he just pounced on this bear, you wouldn’t believe it. Our Jeonginnie’s getting so strong!”
You close your eyes, burrowing your face in Felix’s shoulder for a second as he recounts the weekend’s escapades in breathless excitement.
Definitely lonely, you think. This weekend has definitely felt lonely.
When you open your eyes, you catch sight of a pair of thick black boots, marching past you. By the time you glance up, you only catch the barest glimpse of Chan’s back retreating from you as he heads up the stairs in silence.
“What’s up with Chan?” You ask, blinking.
“Huh?” Felix pulls away from you to turn, following your gaze to the now-empty staircase. “Uh, nothing much. He always gets kind of quiet after we transform back. It’s kind of intense, especially for him. He’ll be fine.”
You think back to that limp, the way Chan’s body had faltered when he thought no one was looking.
These boys are tough. You know that they’re strong, resilient and heal supernaturally fast. You’ve maybe seen them hurt once or twice, with bruises or scrapes that heal up in about an hour.
You have never seen Chan, the great and fearless pack leader, hurt – and you have definitely never seen him limping like that.
It piques your curiosity.
“Just give me a sec,” you murmur, squeezing Felix’s arm. You turn to the rest of the room, barely sparing a glance at the way Changbin opened the snack cupboard with so much force that he almost ripped the handle clean off. “You guys eat. Maybe wash up a little. I don’t wanna use the phrase ‘wet dog’ but–”
Minho flashes you a grin, and throws up one long, delicate middle finger in your direction.
You purse your lips, blowing him a kiss, before turning on your heel and heading up the stairs after Chan.
His room is at the very end of the hallway. You pass by the bathroom on the way to it, and in a moment of inspiration, you quickly stop there to grab the first-aid kit you kept stocked under the sink.
Chan’s bedroom door is, of course, firmly shut when you arrive. You knock, gently at first, at least making the attempt at politeness. When he doesn’t answer, you try again even harder.
No response.
You resort to pounding your fist against the door. “Chan?”
“…Not now,” finally came the response, the irritation in his tone clear even through the muffling of the wood.
“Not in the fucking mood.”
You blink at his terse response, before scoffing. Rude.
“Channie,” you sing-song, unable to resist winding him up just a little. “Channie, are you in there?”
“Leave me alone.”
You actually take a step back, staring in shock at the door.
You’ve only heard Chan use that voice on a handful of occasions before. Felix described it as Chan’s ‘alpha voice’ (even after you tried to explain to him that the concept of alpha wolves had already been disproven in science decades ago, “just ask David Mech–”) reserved only for the most serious of situations.
It was something only leaders had, a tone of voice that could bend the will of his pack members, force them to obey whatever he commanded.
Of course, with you not being a werewolf, that ‘alpha voice’ did jack-fucking-shit.
“Oh, scary. Chan’s all grumpy today,” you drawl, stepping forwards again. “I’m not leaving until you let me in, asshole. Now open the fucking door.”
There’s a pause. A long pause.
And then a sigh.
You’re already smirking when the lock turns, and the door slowly swings open to reveal Chan’s thunderous expression. “What do you want?”
“The pleasure of your company,” you retort, already trying to muscle your way in through the gap in the door.
Your shoulder makes contact with his side, shoving against it, and you jolt in shock when Chan reels back, wincing as his hands immediately flew to his ribs.
Oh, fuck.
Something was wrong.
You shut the door behind you, expression softening as you take in the sight of him.
His white shirt is streaked with dirt and grass stains, possibly salvageable with a long hot wash, nothing out of the ordinary. There’s a bright sheen of sweat covering his skin, clinging to the hair at his temples. His jaw is clenched, his nose flaring as he tries to breathe deeply. His whole body is tensed up.
He’s in pain.
You falter, unsure exactly how to deal with this situation now that you had forced your way into it.
“…What happened?”
Chan makes a face, turning away from you as he straightens up, pulling his hands away from his side. “Nothing.”
“Bullshit. You’re hurt.”
“It’s nothing. Leave it.”
Chan closes his eyes, letting out another long sigh through his nose. “Has anyone ever told you how irritating you are?”
“Frequently. It’s one of my charms. What happened?”
His eyes open, and he fixes you with one long, appraising stare. “…You’re not going to let this go, are you?”
“The boy catches on fast,” you comment. “What was it? Felix said something about a bear–”
Chan actually chuckles at that – well, you can almost call it a chuckle. A sharp exhale of air that sounds amused as Chan rolls his eyes. “No, it wasn’t the bear,” he says, like it’s obvious.
“So, what was it?”
He falls silent again.
You frown, eyes narrowing at his stubbornness.
Well, two can play at that game.
You turn away from him, wandering over to his neatly made bed and dropping your rear onto it with a graceless thud. You sit there on the edge, legs crossed. You raise an eyebrow, challenging him.
The message is clear – you’re not leaving until you get answers.
Chan’s expression is unreadable as he eyes your new position. “…Get off my bed.”
You smile, and lean back, planting your hands into the soft sheets behind you. “Maybe if you tell me what’s wrong.”
He just stares at you, eyes burning.
You decide to change tactics. Voice softening, you tilt your head as you look up at him. “This is…this is how I show concern. OK? I’m concerned.”
Your words draw out the slightest hint of softness in Chan’s eyes, and you know immediately. Got him.
He swallows, and with a final sigh, he shifts his weight from one foot to another. “Jeongin…he’s getting strong. Maybe too strong. I was trying to help him transform back, and he…caught me.”
Your eyebrows shoot up, your eyes widening in shock.
He quickly clarifies himself. “By accident, obviously.”
“And the others…haven’t noticed?”
Chan shrugs, then immediately hisses at the pain of it, tensing again for a few moments until he manages to regain his composure. “…They noticed. I just told them I was fine.”
“Of course you did.”
Chan has a talent in persuading people. He’s got this raw charisma about him, the kind that could make you believe anything he wanted if he gave you enough attention, said just the right things.
“How bad is it?”
“I’ll be fine.”
“That’s nice. How bad is it?”
Your tone is sharp, sickeningly sweet. There’s something in you that takes a grim kind of pleasure in condescending to Chan, that enjoys disrespecting him when so many of his pack members seems to worship the ground he walks on.
It’s also the precise way to really push his buttons – which, of course, is a big part of the fun.
Instantly, his expression hardens, and his eyes are back to that burning kind of fury as he glares across the room at you.
Then, he finally notices the first-aid kit in your hand, and he changes.
The corners of his lips turn up, twisting into a smirk. He raises his chin, one eyebrow arching at the sight of you. It’s a smug, quietly dangerous look from Chan that you’ve never seen before. One that sets your nerves on edge, has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.
“Why?” Chan asks, and his hand drifts up to undo his top button. “Are you here to play nurse?”
His tone is mocking, pointed – a perfect reflection of your own.
His hand travels down to the second button.
He’s trying to intimidate you, scare you into submission, send you running out the door.
You grip the kit even tighter in your hand, and watch as he undoes that button too.
“Oh, no. Not skin, Channie,” you remark, voice just a touch too strained for your liking. “Anything but that.”
He ignores you, moving onto the third and then the fourth, shirt gaping open to reveal more and more of his torso as his hands travelled.
This is starting to venture into unfamiliar territory.
But you hold your ground regardless, watching as more and more of his body became exposed.
It’s…it’s a nice body. Lean. Defined. Chan clearly takes care of himself. Works out.
You’re unable to resist following the lines of an emerging six-pack, fading and sharpening with each of his breaths.
You swallow. “…Chan, if you’re just trying to show off–”
He slips the shirt off entirely, and your words catch in your throat.
You stare.
He’s so broad. It’s one thing to see him under clothes, but it’s entirely different to see him stripped so bare, to see the meat of his shoulders and biceps, to see just how big he is.
And normally, your attention would be all over that.
But it’s not.
Because your gaze is caught on the marks on his chest, some still bleeding, some turned shiny and pink as Chan heals himself.
You rise up from the bed immediately, almost jumping to your feet, at the sight.
Chan pauses for just a fraction of a second at your sudden movement. “Wh–”
“Get on the bed,” you order him, no trace of humour in your tone. It is all business, all urgency.
Chan blinks at your words, mouth opening to respond.
“Now,” you snap, looking him over again. “They need to get cleaned out before they heal over, genius. Get on the bed.”
It takes a second for your words to sink in, and his expression shifts when he finally grasps what you’re trying to tell him.
And then, Chan makes the very smart decision to do what you say, brushing past you as he walks towards his own bed and slowly sits down with a wince. “…Go on, then.”
You nod, making your way back to the bed and climbing up onto the mattress, crawling around Chan to check out the damage to his back.
You’re faced with scores of angry claw-marks, cuts still oozing blood as they decorate his shoulders, his ribs, even the small of his back.
“What the fuck, Chan?” You hiss under your breath, fingers fumbling with the zip of the first-aid kit as you scramble to open it.
“Is it bad?” He asks, his voice so fucking casual.
You can’t even form a response, thoughts too tangled up in the state of his back. You dig for the antiseptic wipes, not exactly ideal for the situation but probably the best thing you had for cleaning these wounds.
“This is going to sting,” you warn, barely giving Chan time to brace himself before you press the wipe to the first of the cuts.
He grunts at the pain, teeth gritted as he tries to bite back any more sound. Of course he’s trying to tough this out.
You’re silent as you try to fix up the worst of his cuts, making do with what you have. The best thing would be to get him under running water – less of a chance of damaging the skin that way.
But considering you had enough of a time just convincing him to let you help him, you doubt you’d be able to persuade him to leave the safety of his bedroom and chance an encounter with his packmates on the way to the bathroom.
So, antiseptic wipes it is.
You finish off the back, applying appropriate dressing to the worst of the cuts. The muscles of his back still tense under your touch, twitching under your fingers. As your panic slowly eases with each treated wound, it’s getting harder and harder not to notice the way he’s built, the grooves and dips of each muscle.
You swallow at the sight. It’s a…it’s a strong back, you suppose.
Gently, very gently, you run your fingers across the planes of his back, paying close attention to the way it shifts underneath. “Any…like, muscle pain? Tightness? Aches?”
“…No. Honestly, it doesn’t even hurt much now. I’ll be fine in, like, an hour.”
You nod, moving your hand away. You’ve seen the effects of wolf healing first-hand. “OK. I’m…I’ll do your front now.”
Chan pauses, before shifting backwards by just a few inches. You shuffle on your knees to his side, watching as he finally settles, before turning his face to meet your gaze. He holds it, very carefully, before slowly leaning back, expression neutral.
Leaving more than enough room for you on his lap.
This feels like another test, you think to yourself, as you eye him with suspicion. Another power-play, meant to throw you off.
You think Chan doesn’t like it when he’s not in control. He’s not used to it.
“What?” Chan says, breaking you out of your trance. “You said you’d do my front. Don’t you need to hurry, before they close up?”
There’s a layer to his tone, the barest hint of challenge, and it has you straightening up in seconds, ready to face him head-on.
Fine. If he really thought he could break you like this, he had another thing coming.
With all the grace and self-assurance you could muster, you crawl back over to him, swinging one leg over him to plant both knees either side of his hips, straddling him without even batting an eye.
“Stay still,” you demand, gripping his shoulder with one hand as you shift your weight around, trying to get comfortable as you hover just a few inches above his lap.
Chan is silent, and somehow that’s even worse than when he was trying to provoke you earlier. You can feel his breath ghost against your ear, hear the tiniest little noises he made whenever you reached a new wound.
And fuck, his chest. His shoulders. His abs. Everything. Just…there’s a lot to take in. If you’re not careful, you’re going to get distracted.
Swallowing, you dab at one of the shallow cuts near his collarbone and finally speak up. “I guess I should say thanks for letting me stay here this weekend. I managed to get a shit-load of essay-reading done.”
Chan hums, and you feel the vibrations under your fingertips. “Good. Thanks for looking after the cabin while we were gone.”
“I still don’t think it was necessary,” you can’t help but add, trying to keep your tone light. “I didn’t really do much.”
“…Felix is always talking about wanting to spend more time with you,” Chan comments, and you pause at his words. “And you get on well with the others. You’re a good influence. Having you here seemed…like a smart idea at the time.”
“Seemed like? At the time?” You repeat, picking up on the subtle implications of his words. “Are you saying it wasn’t smart?”
“There are always risks,” Chan states, non-committal, eyes flickering to look at you. Naturally, your faces are incredibly close in this position – no more than a few inches apart. “Complications.”
“Like what?”
“We always have to stay careful around you, especially around a full moon. You’re more fragile than we are.”
“That’s me,” you retort, sarcasm dripping from your every word. You bring your hand up to his chest to steady yourself as you move on to the next scratch. His skin is warm under your fingertips, smooth. “Delicate little flower that I am. Gotta handle me gently, or I’ll break.”
Chan hesitates before he answers, and when the words do come out, they’re very carefully spoken. “…I don’t know. Maybe you could take a little more.”
“No shit,” you say absently, finishing up the last of his cuts by his shoulder. All pretty superficial, guaranteed to heal in the next hour. “I’m tougher than I look, Channie. I can take a lot.”
Chan doesn’t respond, and when you glance up, you see that his eyes have fluttered shut. He’s taking slow, deep breaths – like he’s meditating, or about to fall asleep.
There’s the tiniest of scratches on his cheekbone.
Gently, very gently, you lift one hand to rest against his face – and his eyes snap open in panic to stare at you.
“You got a thing,” you manage to blurt out, pointing towards the scratch. “There. Just gonna…yeah, clean it. You don’t want something getting infected on your face.”
Honestly, a cut that small is probably not going to get infected – especially with how quickly Chan can heal.
You’re a completionist.
Chan stares at you, and for a brief moment, panic starts to take hold in your gut. Have you gone too far?
But instead, he just says. “You’re not usually this…nice.”
“You’d be amazed how nice I can be when you don’t avoid my very reasonable questions.”
“You mean, when you get your own way?”
“That too.”
Chan laughs, eyes still fixed on you. “You’re a bit of a brat, aren’t you?”
He probably just means it innocently, but the way he says ‘brat’, the tone of his voice…
You take a deep breath, fighting back the flush that threatens to creep into your face. “Sometimes. It’s another one of those charms I was talking about.”
Chan doesn’t have a response to that. Maybe he wasn’t expecting you to agree.
You shift again, as your attention turns to the next set of scratches, and by sheer accident, your fingertips catch his nipple. You feel him tense under you, breath escaping him in one sharp exhale, and he hisses. “Careful.”
“Sorry,” you mumble, but you can’t help but examine this new piece of information about Chan with amusement. Sensitive nips. How unexpectedly…cute. “You OK?”
“Mm-hm. Just finish this up quickly,” he says, and there’s an edge of urgency in his tone, a desire to really see you end this as soon as possible.
It sounds foolish, but it’s really only then that you realise just how compromising this position is. Like, objectively, you had known the whole time that you had been straddling Chan – but it had still felt like a game, a competition, a statement.
The idea that he just wanted this over with should feel like victory, but you find yourself a little caught off-guard.
You’re so caught up in these thoughts that you don’t think through your next action. You’re so focused on reaching for that last wound snaking around his rib, just a touch too low for you to reach with your legs in their current position. You just need to lower them, then you can reach, then you can finish. Easy.
That’s why you don’t think twice before you lower yourself onto his lap completely, completely intent on just cleaning the cut and moving on.
And then you feel it.
Something in his lap, not quite pressing up into you, but certainly there. Interested. Insistent.
Chan is getting hard.
Your eyes snap up to meet his, watching as he swallows, struggling to hide the new flush in his face.
“Ignore it.”
“It happens sometimes, after a transformation. Body’s still trying to recover, hormones are all over the place. Ignore it.”
“…OK,” you nod, giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s right, it does make some kind of logical sense that his body is still all out of whack from changing. Physiological reactions happen. Dudes pop boners for literally no reason sometimes. It’s fine.
Of course, you’d been around Felix several times after his transformations, ready with water and clean clothes and some good old-fashioned moral support. And never once had this happened.
You can’t help but comment on it – which maybe spoke volumes for your own self-preservation instincts. “I mean, it definitely can’t be the cute girl in your lap or anything.”
Chan stills at your words, and his response is definitely evasive. “…You’re calling yourself cute now, huh?”
“You say it like it’s not the objective truth,” you respond, gently dabbing at that deceptively deep cut on his ribs. He tenses with the pain, and in your new position, you can feel the way his thighs squeeze and harden, the way his breath cuts short. You swallow, feeling a little warm. “I’m decently attractive. I’m very aware of this. It seems you’re aware of it too.”
“What makes you so sure of that?”
You smile sweetly at the man under you, the picture of innocence. “Channie, your dick is literally poking me in the leg.”
To your surprise, he flushes at your words, quickly averting his gaze as he tried to keep his expression under control. “…It’s a wolf thing, not a you thing.”
You’re not so sure about that.
You don’t know what to do with this new knowledge. Chan – big, scary, pack leader Chan – finds you attractive. It fills you with a sense of…power. You have to fight to keep the smirk off your face, but there’s no mistaking the smugness growing inside of you with every passing second. “For a wolf thing, you’re very flustered.”
“Maybe it’s because you keep talking about my dick,” Chan mutters.
“You want me to stop?” You ask, only half-teasing. You’re not here to push any limits, make anyone feel uncomfortable.
And again, Chan’s response is evasive. “Are you actually capable of stopping?”
Testing a theory, your hand returns to the cut on his side, and carefully, you press down.
Chan makes the tiniest pained groan, hand flying up to grab at your hip, squeezing. The sudden contact is enough to jar you slightly, pushing you forward along the slowly growing bulge in Chan’s pants. His grip on your hip tightens.
“You did that on purpose,” Chan hisses through his teeth.
“Keeping pressure on that deep of a wound is important,” you say, shrugging. “I’m sure you can handle it, big guy.”
He growls – a low, rumbling sound from deep in his chest – and you roll your eyes.
“Calm down.”
You expect Chan to respond immediately, but he doesn’t. He’s quiet – no, he’s silent. His eyes stay fixed on you, and you’re starting to find the attention a little…much.
“You’ve never been scared of us,” Chan finally notes. “Have you?”
You blink. “Not particularly, no.”
And you really haven’t. As much as you’re aware of the danger they pose, the strength they possessed – hell, just look at the marks Jeongin left on Chan, by accident – you still found it difficult to summon any kind of real fear of them. They were just…dorky young men. Loud. Funny, in their own bizarre ways.
“I trust you,” you add, quietly.
Chan stares back at you, eyes widening just slightly.
You tilt your head. “You seem surprised.”
“I just…didn’t think you liked me very much.”
“…You’re OK, I guess.”
Chan raises an eyebrow at you.
“What you’ve done for Felix…you know, makes up for your personality.”
You’re being a little meaner than usual – probably to compensate for the growing warmth in the pit of your stomach every time you looked too long at Chan’s naked torso, or thought too hard about what you could feel beneath you.
Chan doesn’t seem to even notice.
Instead, he suddenly tilts his head, eyeing you very intently. His eyes narrow slightly.
“What?” You ask.
“You said you’re not scared?” Chan says, suddenly serious. Intent on something.
You’re somewhat wary when you reply. “Yeah. Of course I’m not.”
You jump, because suddenly Chan’s other hand slides around your neck. Not in a choking position – there’s no pressure at all, his palm is only covering the side of your neck, and his thumb is resting just under the corner of your jaw instead of anywhere near your windpipe.
It’s unexpected enough to render you completely silent for a moment, blinking at him in confusion.
And then you see the corners of his mouth turn up in that familiar smirk, and you feel the pad of his thumb press just a little more firmly into your skin.
“Thought I heard something,” Chan muses, vaguely, and it takes you a few seconds to realise…
His hand. His thumb.
He’s checking your pulse.
…Oh, stupid fucking wolf senses. Of course he could hear how hard your heart was beating – the one tell you couldn’t control.
It feels a little unfair, honestly.
He knows he has the upper hand now, and his entire body language changes with this information. He’s relaxed, open, ten times more confident as he watches you with that teasing smirk. “So, if you’re not scared, why–”
“Shut the fuck up,” you snap, fuming that he’s managed to one-up you with this stupid little supernatural advantage he has.
“I don’t think I will.”
The hand on your hip shifts just slightly, and his thumb presses into the dip of your hipbone, rubbing slow circles into the soft flesh there.
It’s irritatingly effective. You find your own thighs starting to twitch, core clenching.
Chan hums again, this time in amusement, and continues this movement. His other hand drops from your neck to rest on your other hip. It’s a strange balance – there’s no pressure there, his touch is so light but it’s almost…possessive.
The two of you are starting to drift a little close to the edge of something.
Chan is now unmistakeably hard, and you can feel him pressing up into your inner thigh – just a few inches off from your core. It’s taking a lot of willpower to stop yourself from shifting slightly over and getting that pressure right where you needed it. You’re glad you wore jeans today instead of a skirt – there would be no hiding the effect he was having on you without the extra layer of denim separating you from his lap.
“It seems like you’re done with that,” Chan notes, nodding his head towards the first-aid kit by your side, which has sat untouched for a while now.
You look down at it. “…Yeah, I’m finished. You’re all set.”
Despite your words, you make no attempt to leave his lap.
Chan notices, and his grip tightens around you. Not pulling you down onto him, but just…holding. Tightly.
There’s a moment of silence that settles between the two of you. You’re fixated on each other, like two opponents in a game of chess, regarding the other’s every move.
Being the first to give in almost seems like a defeat, an admission of weakness. But if you’re going to go down, you’re going to go down swinging.
Your hand snakes up into his hair, tangling itself in the roots and tugging his head up to meet yours when your lips come crashing down on his.
Chan groans into you, and that’s when he finally relents, squeezing your hips with his hands as he grinds you down onto him. The friction is enough to make you whimper, the embarrassing sound muffled but still painfully audible.
When you finally pull away for breath, Chan is already attacking your throat with kisses, insatiable. You imagine he’s this close to openly rutting up against you – and it’s that desperation that soothes your ego, allowing you to believe you’re saving face here. Does it really count as a defeat when Chan is so clearly the more eager one?
You barely get the chance to savour this thought, before one of Chan’s hands leaves your hip to slowly slide under your shirt, taking his time. He reaches your bra, and you feel him stroke the lacy edge of the cup.
You pause, still shivering with delight as Chan’s mouth finds the sensitive spot just under your ear, and gently mouths at it. “Chan–”
“Just let me know if you want to stop, baby,” Chan murmurs in your ear, breathy. His hand is still on the cup itself, and he makes no attempt to slip his hand underneath just yet.
“Of course I fucking will,” you bite back. It’s like a switch flipped in Chan the second you kissed him – suddenly so intent on taking control, on treating you like something delicate. Where’s the Chan from five minutes ago who wrapped his hand around your neck to prove a point, and argued with you over how his scratches needed treating?
It’s clearly time for you to flip that switch back.
Grabbing his chin firmly, you lifted his face back to yours to initiate another kiss. The hand on his chin slid up to cup his jaw, and you allowed him a few seconds to enjoy himself before you plucked up the courage to execute the first step of your plan.
You let your lips part under the pressure of his, and then suddenly nipped at his bottom lip, not quite drawing blood but certainly adding some pain to his pleasure.
Chan jolts back in shock, eyes blown ride as he reaches up and touches his bottom lip.
“Like I said,” you remind him, resettling your weight across Chan’s hips, ignoring the way he sucks in a breath when your movement sparks another delicious wave of friction. “Tougher than I look. Don’t start being gentle with me now.”
You accompany your words with a roll of your hips, dragging yourself across the front of his pants and this time Chan grips you hard enough to bruise.
You suppress a grin, and instead pat him on the shoulder, condescending. “I mean, unless you can’t handle it–”
Chan cuts you off, crushing his lips to yours, and the hand still on your hip slides around to slip down your jeans and grab at your ass-cheek. An embarrassing squeak escapes your lips, which only makes him even more smug when he murmurs. “Such a fucking brat.”
“Brat? What happened to ‘baby’?”
“Maybe if you start behaving again.”
You get a particularly strong urge to pout, but you figure that would only prove him right, so instead you do the next best thing.
You run one hand down his front, careful to avoid any lingering injuries, and find the button to his jeans. You manage to pop it open with one hand – a surprising display of dexterity, and you’re a little miffed that Chan isn’t suitably impressed – and you only fumble a little with the zipper as you tug it down.
You’re interrupted momentarily when Chan finally decides it’s time to slide his hand under your bra cup, and you bite down a whimper when the rough pad of his thumb brushes over your nipple.
Chan catches on, and focuses all of his attention on teasing that area, again and again. It’s a little embarrassing, how many sounds as he can draw out of you with just one fucking hand on your breast, but at this point, it’s getting a little too difficult to care.
You close your eyes, letting your head dip forward to rest against his, losing yourself in the feeling for just a little while.
You don’t notice that your hand has fallen completely away from his zipper, instead moving to grab at his thigh.
But, of course, Chan does. “Hm? Weren’t you trying to do something there?”
You open your eyes.
This bitch.
It’s probably a bit of a dirty tactic, but you can’t help yourself.
You drop your gaze, taking in a breath before biting your bottom lip. “I…uh…”
Chan blinks at this sudden change in your body language, and pauses. He doesn’t quite withdraw his hand from your breast fully, but his fingers start stroking patterns into your side. “You OK?”
“I’m fine, I’m good,” you make sure to clarify with him, before swallowing. “I’m just…a little worried.”
Already, Chan is settling back into his ‘leader’ role, preparing himself to reassure, to comfort. “What are you worried about?”
You try to keep a straight face. You fail miserably.
“You’ve been hard for so long, I’m worried you’re gonna cum in your pants the second your dick gets touched.”
You finally chance a look up at his face, lips pressing together as you try to contain your smirk.
And there it is, that fire in his eyes.
You definitely don’t have to worry about him going gentle with you now.
In the blink of an eye, Chan flips the two of you. Your back hits the mattress with a thud, and you barely have time to readjust before he’s got both hands on your hips again. Only this time, he’s lifting your ass up off of the bed, legs in the air, and in one smooth motion, pulls your jeans clean off.
Oh, that was hot.
That was…pretty fucking hot.
And now that your jeans are off, Chan has a clear view of just how much he’s been affecting you.
“Oh, baby,” he croons, sliding one hand up your inner thigh, coming to a rest at the edge of your soaked underwear. “Look at you.”
“Shut the fuck up.”
He just laughs, and your breath catches when he leans in. His hand moves away, and you feel his lips replace it, planting a kiss just off to the side of where you need it most.
It’s truly a sight, seeing Chan – shirt off, pants unbuttoned, shoulders tensing as he holds himself up by his forearms – between your legs.
You’re not going to beg this man.
Definitely not.
…But you might find it in you to ask politely.
Suddenly, to your horror, there’s a knock at his bedroom door.
Chan jolts up, sitting back on his knees, looking down at you with pure panic.
The same thought runs through both your minds.
Shit. You didn’t lock the door.
Changbin’s voice comes through, muffled. “Hey, dude? You in there?”
Chan launches himself at the door, pressing both hands to it before Changbin can even attempt to open it. “Just a second!”
He turns back to look at you, hair mussed, eyes wide with panic.
You’re pretty sure the same can be said for you.
After a moment of blind panic, Chan has the sense to do up his jeans. You see the way his jaw tightens, eyes squeezing shut for a second when he has to dig his hand into pants to shove his erection down one side. It doesn’t do that much to hide what’s going on – and you feel yourself twitch at the thought of how fucking big Chan seems to be down there – but it’s better than nothing.
With one last futile attempt at fixing his hair, Chan lets out one last deep breath, and cracks open the door. “Yeah?”
You know you’re out of sight in your current position – with how small that gap is in the door, Changbin only has a narrow view of the far wall – but you still tense. Your legs quickly snap together, but you don’t risk trying to reach for your jeans to put them back on.
You hear Changbin speak once again. “Have you seen…oh, well obviously, you have–”
“What?” Chan interrupts, and you fight the urge to face-palm at how panicked he sounds.
“It looks like she’s patched you up,” you hear Changbin say, his voice slow, careful. He’s definitely picked up on something. “Did she say anything about going out? She’s not in her room, and the guys want to make dinner as a big thank you thing.”
It is so like the guys to decide to do something so sweet for you at exactly the wrong time.
“Nope. Not seen her,” Chan lies, forcing a shrug.
There’s a pause. A long pause.
Oh, shit.
“…Do you still have those headphones I lent you on the car ride here?” Changbin asks, sounding ever so innocent.
Chan swallows, and makes the mistake of looking behind him at the desk in the corner of the room. You spot the headphones resting there. “Yeah?”
“Can I grab them?”
“…Uh, don’t worry about it. I-I’ll get them for you now.”
Another pause, and you hear Changbin make one single step towards the door. Chan tenses, and pulls the door closer towards him, blocking even more of the room from sight. This time you do face-palm, as quietly as you can.
You see Chan staring ahead at what you can only assume is a Changbin who is slowly putting the pieces together, and there’s a long moment of silence before Changbin finally speaks. “…You know what? I don’t need them right now. You can just give them back tomorrow.”
Whatever Changbin’s expression is, it’s enough to send a pink flush up Chan’s neck. You hear him retreat back down the hallway, and Chan immediately slams the bedroom door shut, reaching for the lock and turning it. He even tries the handle again, pulling, just to make sure.
And then, finally, he turns to give you the most sheepish of looks.
You stare back.
And then your eyes slide back down to his jeans, which are still looking just as extraordinarily tight as before. Looks like Changbin’s interruption did very little to kill the mood for him.
And honestly, as the panic fades but the adrenaline still lingers – and this new sense of taboo, of getting away with something – you find yourself realising the exact same thing.
Slowly, you open your legs again, keeping your gaze fixed on Chan as his eyes drop to follow your movements.
Your voice is sweet, honeyed, only a little bit teasing.
“Weren’t you trying to do something there?”
Tumblr media
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jiminbbyboy · 3 months ago
between the lines: b.c (m)
Tumblr media
feat: Bang Chan x f.reader
arranged Marriage au
word count: 12.5k
↳ After being used a nothing more then a pawn to gain the upper hand on Chan. They’re left in a strained marriage and only one way out.
warnings: angst, sexual content: unprotected sex, oral (fem receiving), breeding kink, nickname such as princess
an: if anyone is interested in any other arranged marriage stories with any of the other stray kids feel free to let me know. 
Tumblr media
He didn’t love you and you were aware of that. He never wanted to marry you to begin with. You were nothing more than a bargaining chip used against him.
Laying in your shared bed, his back was to you as you stared at his bare skin. You’re on your seventh month of marriage and he won’t even touch you. You only share the same bed because the “guest” room in his penthouse is used as his library/office.
In the months you’ve been married he’s kissed you once, and that was at the end of your vows. The only slight sign of effect he shows is when you’re forced to attend events together. He’ll hold your hand to make a show of your marriage. To anyone on the outside looking in, your marriage seems great. The prodigal son Bang Chan married the heiress to one the biggest banks in the city.
Your marriage was forced when your father stepped in between Chan and his attempts to buy new land. Chan’s father was in debt to your family. The debt was too much for Chan to pay off without losing half his fortunes so your father gave him another option. Marry his only child, you. Your father mentioned that Chan must remain married to you for a minimum of ten years. There was a single loophole that could cut that time in half, and that was to give your father a grandchild. A new heir to the fortune.
Before your marriage to Chan you weren’t even sure if you even wanted children, but since getting married you were wondering if you should try to have a child in a couple years to cut Chan’s suffering in half. Anytime you thought about being intimate with Chan with the intentions of making a child, you quickly remember he can barely touch you. There’s no way he could stomach making a child with you.
Looking at the bright alarm clock sitting on your nightstand you see the clock reads two in the morning. Slowly you crawl out of bed attempting to not wake your sleeping husband. Your feet touch the cool dark hardwood floor sending a shiver down your spine. Walking over toward your closet you step into your slippers and pull on a silk robe.
Heading off to the kitchen you work on making yourself a cup of tea. Reaching into the cupboard you pull out your favorite light blue mug. It’s the first mug you drank out of when you moved into your shared home. This mug has always given you a sense of comfort.
After pouring yourself a cup of tea you move to the living room sitting on the overpriced couch that sits under the window that looks out into the city below you. You sit cross legged and let out a heavy sigh. You feel so conflicted, most nights you haven’t been able to sleep recently. Your life by all means is perfect, the only problem is you’re in a loveless marriage. That is a lie, you are indeed in love with your husband, he just doesn’t love you. You aren’t even sure if he even likes being around you. You can’t explain why you fell in love with him, maybe it stems from your crush you had on him before you got married.
Chan isn’t mean to you, by any means. He’s just quite cold. Whenever he’s home he’s quite distant. The only time you really ever spend time together is when you’re sharing a bed.
You hand clutch your light blue cup as you stare at the warm liquid. You feel so overwhelmed by everything. There’s an emptiness in your chest that you can’t seem to fill. You can’t help but wonder if you'll feel this way for the next nine and half years of your life.
You hear footsteps and you look up to find your husband.
“Why are you up?” he says walking into the living room. He’s dressed in only a low hanging pair of sweatpants that is showing off his little happy trail.
“I can’t sleep,” you sigh.
“You haven’t really been sleeping at all recently,” he says, pushing his hand through his fluffy curls. It’s clear even though it doesn’t seem like he pays attention to what you do, he's actually aware of what you’re doing.
“I have a lot on my mind,” you bring the blue mug up to your lips and take a sip of your tea.
“Do you need to talk about it,” he sits down on the chair that is near the couch you’re sitting on.
“No I don’t need to burden you,” he’s never cared about what’s going on in your life. You aren’t sure why he would care now.
You both sit there in silence for a long moment. Things feel so awkward between you, and you hate it. You never planned on being in a marriage where it’s clear your husband is never going to love you.
“Chan,” you say softly, staring at the brown liquid in your cup.
“Have you thought about the five year exit plan instead of waiting the ten years?” You aren’t sure why you said it that way, but it’s probably because you feel awkward bringing up the idea of having sex with your husband.
His warm eyes go wide as he stares at you in disbelief for a moment. His lips pursed together as he stared at you.
“Do you want an honest answer?” His face softens.
You know whatever he says is probably going to hurt, but you know what he’s been thinking about, “yes.”
“Yeah. I’ve thought about it a lot. I don’t think it’s fair to you.”
You suddenly feel so strange. You’re surprised he’s even taken your feelings into consideration.
“I don’t think any of this is fair to you,” you sigh.
“It’s not, but I can’t knock you up and leave you with a piece of me so I can try to get out of this marriage early,” his statement is meant to come off as sweet, but part of it hurts. Maybe because it’s a reminder that he doesn’t ever plan on loving you.
“If you want to try for a child, to walk away early I won’t ask you to stick around after you’re able to divorce me,” you sit the blue cup on the coffee table in front of you.
“What?” His voice raises as he stares at you, “I know we don’t have a normal marriage, but I want you to know that if we make the choice to have a child I won’t do that. I’m not a coward, I’m also not an asshole. I would never use you to conceive a child, just to toss you to the side.”
“Chan, if you want to have a child to try to get out of this early I want you to know I’m okay with that. I know it might be asking a lot because we aren’t intimate in any way, but could do insemination if that would make you more comfortable.”
“Please stop. You make it sound like the thought of us having sex is disgusting,” he sounds completely annoyed.
“It doesn’t disgust me. I just thought it might make you more comfortable.”
He stands up quickly and shakes his head, “YN, let’s have this conversation at another time. Let’s go to bed.”
“Okay,” you say meekly before following him to your bedroom.
Laying in bed again, this time you’re facing away from him. For some reason you can’t help but cry. Maybe because it’s clear he doesn’t return your feelings.
“YN?” He says softly.
You pause for a long moment deciding to pretend you’re asleep.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all this. I think it’s clear you think I hate you, but I want you to know I don’t. I’ll be honest I didn’t want to get married, and we don’t have a conventional marriage,” he pauses for a long moment. “But you don’t disgust me or anything like that. I think you’re a kind person, and you didn’t deserve to get put into this situation with me.” Tears slide down your cheek as you listen to him tell you how he’s really feeling. “Please don’t cry. I feel like in the last seven months you have shed too many tears over me.”
“You clearly don’t want this marriage and we have nine more years of this,” you sniffle back tears, not bother trying to hide the fact that you’re crying.
“We’ll figure this out,” you feel the bed start to move behind you. You’re completely caught off guard when he wraps his arm around your soft tummy and holds you against him for the first time.
You desperately want to tell him you love him, but you won’t. You openly cry as he holds you. For the first time ever he holds as you fall asleep.
When the sun comes up you wake up and find Chan gone. The thoughts of last night seem like a distant memory. Padding across the dark hardwood floor you walk into the living room to find your cup from last night still on the coffee table but now accompanied with a note next to it.
Sorry I had to leave before you woke up, I had to go to work. When I get home I would like to talk some more. After last night it’s become clear to me we need to work as a team. We’re husband and wife and we shouldn’t be strangers. - Chan
7 months ago
Walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress that would have been a dream of yours to wear if it was a different situation. You force a smile in a room filled with people. Your eyes look on Chan’s as he stares at you with an undistinguishable look. Stopping in front of him you zone out as the man who is officiating the wedding starts to speak. Chan’s eyes lock on yours and suddenly you see nothing more than sadness.
You’re so focused on the man in front of you, you barely hear the man officiating your wedding ask for Chan to say his vows.
“I Bang Chan promise to look after you, provide for you and support you no matter what. I will care and love and protect you,” Your stomach turns as you listen to him lie about loving you. He doesn’t want this marriage and he doesn’t plan on loving you.
When it’s your turn to say your vows you take a deep breath blinking back the tears that are threatening to fall. “I YN, promise to love and cherish you. I’ll be there for you no matter what,” your vows were short. You didn’t know how else you could lie to yourself and everyone else in the room.
The rest of the ceremony continues and you see Chan still has the same sad look in his eyes. Closing your eyes tightly you push back the tears that keep threatening to fall.
When it finally becomes time to say “I do” Chan rushes to say it like he’s trying to end his suffering.
“I do,” you say softly, just ready for this show to be over.
“You may now kiss the bride.”
Chan audibly swallows as he steps towards you. Closing your eyes you wait for his next move. His hand gently rests on your cheek pushing away the stray tear that’s fallen. Leaning towards you he presses his lips to yours. He lingers there for a moment staying still before he starts to move his lips against yours.
There’s a tightening feeling in your chest as you kiss your husband. He pulls away from you and gives you a forced smile as he takes your hand.
Your wedding reception is nothing but a show of your fake marriage. To anyone on the outside looking in other than your immediate family and close friends this looks like a perfectly normal wedding. Your husband is holding your hand leading you around the room introducing you as his wife. A handful of people have asked why you had such a short engagement. Chan made a little story about a whirlwind romance and this just made sense.
Your first dance leaves you with that empty feeling in your chest once again. His hands are resting on your hips as your arms are wrapped around his neck standing close to him.
Looking at the ground you try not to make eye contact with Chan any longer then you need to.
“It will be over soon,” he whispers, catching your attention. Looking up at him you sigh.
“We have ten years of this.”
“At least the wedding is over soon,” he says softly.
He was right, the wedding was over in a couple hours. Walking into the suite your parents booked for you. You paused and slipped your heels off. The door shuts behind you and you glance back at your now husband. You walk over to the dresser where a bottle of champagne sits. Picking the bottle up you hold it out towards Chan who’s taking his tie off.
“Did you want to drink?” he asks.
“I thought maybe you would want to.”
That night there wasn’t any wedding night sex or anything close to that. After sharing a glass of champagne the most sexual thing that happened was Chan unzipped your dress so you could take a shower. That night you didn’t even share a bed. Chan slept on the couch and you slept alone in the large bed. This was the first night you fell asleep crying over your now husband.
You aren’t exactly sure how he plans on making your marriage work like a team. Up until last night you barely even spoke. Something happened last night that tugged on the seams on your marriage and things have suddenly started unraveling.
Sitting in your office at your father's bank you stare at the paperwork on your desk. You work in the investment loans department. The first time you ever saw your husband was when he walked past your office for a meeting with your father. You had no clue about the debt his father had left to him. You didn’t know the first time he walked past you in a navy suit that he was your future husband.
Your whole day at work you constantly seemed to think about Chan, and what he could possibly want to talk about.
The day passed by in blur. You decided to make dinner for your husband so you could sit down to talk. With a glass of wine in front of you. You sit down at the expensive table in your dining room. An hour passed when Chan should have been home. Dinner is now cold as you stare at the meal you worked hard on. Pulling your plate close to you. You start eating your dinner alone in silence as anger and sadness starts to set in.
Your three glasses of wine into the bottle when you’ve put away Chan’s dinner. Laying on the couch you try your hardest to keep a level head and tell yourself you shouldn’t be hurt that he’s late, but the longer you lay there. The madder you get.
After your fourth glass of wine you’ve opted for sleeping on the couch.
Around eleven at night the front door finally opens and your husband walks in to find you asleep on the couch with a half drank bottle of wine on the coffee table. Walking over to the couch he picks up your sleeping body and carries you off to your room.
You wake up to the feeling of him laying you down on your bed. Your eyes pop open and you can’t push away the anger and hurt you feel as you look at your husband.
“I made dinner for you. I waited for you.”
“I’m sorry I had business to attend to,” he sighs with a guilty feeling in his stomach.
“I’m tired of all this,” you whisper. “I’m tired of waiting for you. I’m tired of feeling lonely.” You roll over so your back is to your husband.
He moves so he’s standing on your side of the bed. He hates that he’s caused you this much pain.
“YN,” he says standing near his side of the closet. There’s a guilty look on his face as he starts to loosen his tie.
“Chan, what could you possibly want? It’s all too clear that this marriage is nothing but an inconvenience to you. I’m really sorry I’m a burden but I can’t do anything about it,” tears slide down your cheek as you finally let him know how you truly feel.
A heavy sigh passes his lips as he pulls his tie off.
“I’m just tired of this. All this fucking hurts. I’ve felt lonely my entire life, but this is different. Before I was lonely because I didn’t fit into my parents high society life. I feel lonely now because it’s clear I don’t fit into your life.”
His head drops as the feeling of being a disappointment washes over your husband.
“Can you please put a bed in your library? I would prefer we don’t share a bed anymore,” you roll over once again turning your back to Chan.
“I don’t want to do that,” he says barely loud enough for you to hear him.
The room feels different as you lay there crying. You hear Chan walk around the room getting ready for bed. Ten minutes later your eyes open as the bed in front of you dips. You start to roll over to turn your back to him, but before you can move he reaches out stopping you.
“I’m an idiot. I’m aware I haven’t made this easy on you and I’m sorry. We’re a team here and I want to fix things between us. If we’re gonna be married, maybe we could at least be friends. I hate that you keep crying over me.”
You stare at him silently. There is so much you want to say to him, but you know you can’t. The man laying in bed next to you isn’t the villain in this situation. He’s a man who held power and your father felt threatened by him so he used you as a bargaining chip to gain the upper hand. Your husband, the man you share a bed with may not love you, but it’s clear he’s sorry you’ve been a casualty of this war. Even though he’s clearly sorry about hurting your feelings, one thing has become clear: you now must put up walls to protect your heart.
Four months later
Things between you and Chan are slightly different. He spends more time at home and when he’s home he’s been attempting to talk to you more. Things between you are still very awkward to say the least.
The closest thing you’ve had to intimacy since that night is he holds your hand at a company party and public events.
Tonight is nothing but one of those company events except this time your parents are also attending. You’re dressed in an elaborate black beaded dress as you stand next to your husband who is dressed for this black tie event. Your eyes wander through the sea of nameless people flaunting their money at this event. Taking a deep breath a heavy sigh passes your lips.
Your husband reaches down, taking your hand in his. You glance over at him and he squeezes your hand gently.
“It’s almost over,” he whispers, leaning in close to you. It’s the same sentence he whispered to you at your wedding.
“I hate these events,” you look over at him.
“I know you do,” he drags his thumb across your hand.
“If it’s not the Bang’s,” your mother's voice catches you and your husband's attention.
“Mother,” you instinctively grip your husband's hand.
“How's my beautiful daughter and her husband?” your mother walks over with a glass of champagne in her hand. Your mother excels at attending these types of events. You were born into money so these types of situations are second nature to her.
“Mother we’re doing well,” you slightly lie. You aren’t exactly sure where you and Chan stand at the moment. In the four months that have passed things are still strained.
“Your father and I have a gift for your anniversary.”
There’s a piece of you that has buried the idea of your anniversary deep inside your brain. Why would you celebrate something that doesn’t matter to your husband? It's just another day you tell yourself.
“Oh you do?” Chan finally speaks up.
“Honey,” your mother walks away to grab your father. She pulls him back still carrying her glass of champagne.
“Tell your daughter and Chan what we have for them.”
“Well YN and Chan we bought you plane tickets and booked you a villa to go on an anniversary trip together.”
“Chan is very busy with work there is no way we could go,” you quickly say. You know Chan has no desire to go on a vacation with you
“I could take time off.” Chan says as he drags his thumb across your skin again.
You stand there completely confused on why he would want to go on this trip. Your husband continues to make small talk with your parents before your father is dragged off to talk to someone else.
After the conversation with your parents everything seems like a blur as you overthink your whole conversation with your parents. Why would Chan possibly want to go on this trip with you?
It’s five minutes to midnight when you arrive home. You take off your heels at the door and take them in your hand heading off to your room. Walking off to the closet you put your heels away. Standing in your bedroom you turn around to find your husband standing in your room. He pushed his finger through his fluffy hair as his warm eyes locked on yours.
“Can you help me unzip this?” You pull your hair away from the zipper. He steps towards you and places his hand gently on your waist. A nervous feeling bubbles in your stomach as his hand lingers there for a long moment. You hear him swallow loudly as he stands behind you.
“Chan?” You say softly. Not even sure what else you should say.
“Happy anniversary,” he says softly. Your eyes shoot over to the clock on the wall to see that it’s one minute past midnight and officially your anniversary.
You coldly say, “it’s just another day.”
“Go on that anniversary trip with me,” he says as he slowly unzips your dress.
“Why?” You can’t seem to understand why he wants to go on this trip.
“I think it would be good for us to spend some one on one time together.”
You step away from and look at him completely confused on what is going on in his mind. He’s never once asked for you to go away with him. You spent your entire honeymoon alone while he took care of business.
“I spent our honeymoon alone. I would prefer not to do that again. Besides you have work you have to attend to, and I also have my own job,” you hold your dress up and walk off towards the bathroom where you have your pajamas waiting for you.
Standing in the master bathroom you shut the door and let out a heavy sigh as you let the expensive dress fall to the floor. You change into a comfy shirt and a pair of sleep shorts before you go through your nightly routine removing the evidence of your party you just attended. Hanging the dress on the back of the door you look at it for a long moment before walking out of the bathroom. You find your husband sitting on your side of the bed in nothing but a pair of boxers. The sight of his exposed body makes you swallow, at how beautiful he is. It’s not fair that the beautiful man you’re forced to be married to won’t ever see you in a sexual manner. It is unusual for him to sleep in only boxers. Normally he sleeps in sweatpants or lounge pants.
Your eyes lock on his warm ones and it’s clear he’s waiting for you.
“Please go on this trip with me,” he finally speaks up.
“Because I told you four months ago I want to make this work. It’s clear things between us are still strained and maybe this could help us,” he stands up and walks towards you.
“Our anniversary doesn’t mean anything. It’s just another day,” you’re attempting to keep your walls built up protecting your damaged heart.
“It could mean something,” he reaches up and pushes a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
Stepping back you shake your head, “please don’t say things to me you don’t actually mean.”
He knows deep down inside that no matter what he does he hurts you. He’s trying his hardest right now but nothing seems to be working.
Walking away from him you crawl under the covers and turn on your side so your back is to him. The bed dips behind you and quickly feel his warm body near yours.
“Please go on this trip with me.”
“Chan,” you let out a heavy sigh.
“I won’t work the whole time I’m there. It will just be us,” he says, reaching out resting his hand on your arm.
“If I agree to go. Can we maybe start trying to do the five year exit plan?”
The room is suddenly silent. You’ve never heard silence quite this loud before. You hear your husband swallow and take a deep breath.
“If you want a baby that badly to get out of this marriage, I’ll do whatever you want.” He sounds sad as he speaks to you. The bed moves behind as he moves so his back is to yours.
You fall asleep knowing that both of you are hurt and neither of you know how to fix this.
The following morning things between you and your husband feel tense. You wake up alone in bed, and expect to find him gone for the day. Walking into the kitchen you’re shocked to find your husband cooking breakfast. He’s dressed in just a pair of lounge pants and slippers. He turns around a smile as he sees you.
“Good morning,” he says as he pours you a cup of coffee.
“I made breakfast, I think we need to sit down and have a long talk.”
You look at the clock to see that your husband definitely should not be home right now. His work day was supposed to start over an hour ago.
You sit down at the table taking your cup of coffee. You can't help the little smile that forms on your lips at the fact he used your favorite cup. He walks into the dining area and places a plate in front of you. He sits down at the table across from you.
“I’ve thought about a lot of things since last night,” he says.
“About what?”
“Well first I think it’s clear you can’t stand the thought of being in this marriage for another nine years. So I think it’s only right if I just pay your father the money I owe him.”
“Wait Chan that would take over half your fortune,” you put the cup down on the table and look at your husband in shock. If he was to walk away from this marriage he would lose almost everything. You couldn’t ever live with yourself if he gave it all up for you.
“It’s not fair to you that the only way to end this early is to have a child,” he says, picking up his chopsticks.
“Chan is the thought of having sex with me really that repulsive that you would give up everything you worked for instead of having a child with me?” He’s wounded your pride without even trying at this point.
“YN I don’t think you realize that the reason I have been against this has nothing to do with having sex with you. I would take you right now on this table and wouldn’t have to think twice about it. You might not think I’m attracted to you, but I am. I’m hesitant because I don’t want you to have to feel like you would be alone with our child.”
His first sentence felt like a sucker punch to your stomach. You weren’t prepared for his response at all.
“I wouldn’t feel like I’m doing it alone. Even if we conceived a child today I would at least have you around for a few years of the child’s life. I also don’t think you’re the type of man that would abandon me fully. I just think if we had this child and then divorced you could at least move on and date women you’re interested in.”
You look down at the beautiful breakfast he’s made for you.
“Here’s the deal then. We’re gonna go on that trip and then I’ll put a baby in you if it will make you happy.”
Your stomach does a little flip as you look up quickly and knit your brows together processing what he just said to you.
“Okay I’ll go on this trip with you.”
The statement of Chan saying “ he would put a baby in you” left you feeling strange. The thought of having sex with your husband was hanging over your head leaving you feeling strange.
Sitting in the airport with Chan sitting next to you, you couldn’t believe you actually agreed to go on this trip. Chan is scrolling through his phone as you’re waiting to board your flight.
“How long are we going to be gone?” you ask.
“Seven days.”
In the whole time you’ve been married Chan has barely taken any time off. He even works a lot of weekends. You couldn’t believe that he would possibly take seven days off of work for this vacation.
Boarding the plane you sit next to your husband in first class and wonder if this trip can actually do anything to help your marriage. One year of marriage and you still feel lonely. The aching feeling in your chest is a reminder your husband doesn’t love you.
The plan takes off and without even thinking Chan reaches out taking your hand in yours. Gently squeezing your hand almost as a friendly reminder he remembers you don’t like flying. The plane ride to your vacation is long. Arriving at the beautiful beach resort you’re escorted by a host to a beautiful private villa.
You walk around the villa taking in its beauty. You notice right away there is only one bed. There’s a nervous feeling in your stomach wondering if Chan plans on trying to conceive a child on this vacation. A sad look is on your face as you let out another sigh.
“Do you hate me?” He lets out a heavy sigh as he sits down on the bed.
Your eyebrows knit together in confusion as you process his statement.
“I understand I haven’t made this easy. I know in the beginning I wasn’t around much and when I was home I was cold. I didn’t mean to be, but to be honest I didn’t know what to do. Before all this we didn’t know a lot about each other. Sure we used to see each other at events and we made small talk here and there, but we didn’t know each other,” he sounds so conflicted as he speaks to you.
“You know the first time we met you hit on me?” you sit down on the bed next to him.
“That was before I knew who your father was.” Chan remembers the first time he saw you. You were standing at an event your mother was hosting. You were dressed in a blush colored dress. You were standing away from the sea of people off in your own little world. He went over to speak to you and hit on you, he stopped the moment your father walked over and properly introduced you two.
“The first time we met was intoxicating to me. You were the first man who ever seemed to show me attention at those events. Knowing who my father is scared a lot of men off. I mean he clearly scared you off the second he came over,” you nervously play with the edge of your sweater.
“I wish I could go back in time and treat you better. I would try my hardest not to be so distant.”
“I think we both would change a lot of things,” you say.
“Let’s work on changing those things now.”
Chan stands up watching you for a moment with his hands shoved into his pockets. “Did you maybe want to go down to the pool?” he asks, catching your attention?
“Like go swimming?” the last time you went on your honeymoon with your husband he didn’t go to the pool once with you. You spent your whole trip alone.
Grabbing your suitcase you rummage through finding your mint colored two piece you brought. Walking off to the bathroom you get changed. You stare in the mirror and tell yourself that this trip is gonna help you and Chan’s relationship.
Walking out into the main area you find Chan standing there in his swimsuit. You can’t help but let your eyes roam his tone body.
“Ready?” He gives you a smile holding his hand out.
Hesitantly you take his hand. He leads you out of the villa towards the quiet pool area. There’s only a few people around, none of them near the area Chan leads you towards. He stops at a cabana that has his name on it.
“Did you want a drink before we swim?” he asks, sitting his phone down on a table by two lounge chairs.
“No I’m okay,” you say looking down at your hand as he still holds on to you.
“Let’s go swimming,” he says.
He leads the way towards the swallow end of the water. The water is warm as you step in. Chan releases your hand as you step and start walking further into the warmth. You stop once the water is right below your shoulders. Chan follows you and stops right in front of you.
“I should have spent more time with you on our honeymoon,” he says, stepping closer to you. “Do you think things would be any different if we did spend our honeymoon together?”
“Honestly, probably not. Spending a vacation together in the beginning wouldn't make you suddenly in love with me.”
“From this moment on, we need to be a team,” he says standing right in front of you.
“What does being a team involve?” You tilt your head to the side wondering what exactly he means.
“Well first of all. If I hurt your feelings you need to tell me. Also we’re gonna start trying to have a baby.”
“Okay. If you can fully try, I can try.”
He reaches out resting his hand on your hip underwater standing right in front of you. You can’t help the warm feeling in your stomach as he stares at you.
“Can we order room service tonight? I’m quite tired,” you ask.
“Yeah we can.”
You spend the afternoon hanging in the pool before both of your stomachs start to growl. Heading back to your room you decide to take a shower while Chan orders room service for the both of you.
Walking out in the main area you find Chan looking through a travel book. He’s now dressed in just a pair of sweatpants.
“What do you think about heading to the beach tomorrow?” he asks, setting the book down on the coffee table in front of him.
“That could be fun,” you're shocked he’s actually following through with his promise to spend the whole trip with you.
“I ordered dinner for us. It should be here within the next half hour.”
It’s not long before dinner arrives and Chan suggests sitting on the bed and eating while watching a tv show together. During this trip this is the most one on one time you’ve spent with your husband. You’ve never done something so casual together. After eating dinner you lay down having a hard time focusing on the show. Your mind seems to be everywhere.
Laying flat on your back in bed you stare at the ceiling awkwardly. The bed shifts next to you and Chan lays down next to you. Reaching across the bed Chan takes your hand in his. Looking over at him he gives you a soft smile.
“Did you want to start trying tomorrow?” He finally asked the question that seemed to be eating you alive.
“Yes,” you don’t even think about it. You just respond.
“Okay, I’m ready whenever you are.”
You stay silent, unsure of what you should even say.
“Are you nervous?” he asks, gently squeezing your hand.
“Yeah I am,” there's a nervous feeling bubbling in your stomach.
“Please don’t be. I promise I’ll take care of you.”
You know deep down inside that even if Chan doesn’t love you, he would never do anything to hurt you or leave you feeling uncomfortable. It’s been quite awhile since you had sex and there is a nervous feeling lingering over your head at the thought of having sex with Chan. What if you’re so terrible at it he never wants to touch you again.
“Can we cuddle?” He asks, snapping you out of your thoughts.
Glancing over at him you see him smile at you, “yeah.” Rolling over on your side you close your eyes thinking about all the ways your marriage seems to be suddenly changing. Chan moves behind you pulling your body flush against his. His hand rests on your soft stomach as he holds you close. Ever so gently he presses a soft kiss to your shoulder.
“Thank you for coming on this trip with me,” he says.
The next day Chan had a lot of things planned for your day. You couldn’t lie, you were happy he had your day planned so you didn’t have to think about the impending activity that we’re going to happen between the two of you at the end of the night.
Your morning started with breakfast in a cafe at the resort. Then Chan led you into town to do some shopping. Things between you feel so easy and you aren’t sure how to feel about that. There’s an uneasy feeling in your stomach that tells you this isn’t how things are gonna be forever. This is just a temporary fix.
The afternoon is spent laying out on the private beach right outside your villa.
“Do you want to go in the water?” Chan asks, leaning up on his elbow.
“I don’t want to get my hair wet.”
“Come, we’ll try to make sure you don’t get your hair wet,” he hops up and holds out his hand for you.
Walking into the chilled water you pause giving yourself a moment to adjust. Chan steps behind you resting his hand on your lower back. Walking further into the water Chan walks right behind you. Standing in the clear blue water you look around and smile at the beauty around you. Looking over at Chan you find him staring at you.
“It’s beautiful,” he says.
“It’s stunning.” He moves so he’s standing right behind you as a wave comes towards you. You’re knocked back against your husband's chest.
You quickly step away from him with your face burning with embarrassment. You step away from him, giving yourself distance from him.
“Oh so now you’re all shy?” He raises his eyebrow stepping towards you.
“You’re acting all shy suddenly that you fell into me?”
“It’s not like that. It’s not like you want to hold me anyway,” you aren’t sure if you’re mad or not.
“Believe me I would hold you if you would let me,” he laughs.
Biting your bottom lip you turn to walk away from him acting offended by his comment.
“YN,” he shouts as you pick up your pace. “Please don’t be mad,” he reaches for your waist, stopping you in your tracks.
“Chan,” you sigh.
“I didn’t mean it,” he wasted no time picking up bridal style carrying you out of the water.
“Chan put me down,” you wiggle in his hold.
“You don’t get to run away from me,” he says, stepping fully out of the water. Sitting you down on the sand you stare at him at a loss of even what you should say. There’s a concerned look on his face. He reaches forward pushing wet strains of hair out of your face. There’s something drawing you to him that you can’t quite explain. The man standing in front of you isn’t your cold husband who didn’t spend any time with you on your honeymoon. This is a different man who clearly is trying.
Without even thinking he leans forward pressing his lips to yours for a kiss. This is the first time you’ve ever felt his lips since you said “I do.” With one hand on your cheek, and the other on your hip, his soft lips move against yours. You have a hand resting on his forearm as your lips move together. This kiss is nothing like the one she shared at your wedding. This one has you seeing stars as your lips dance. Pulling away taking a deep breath you can’t help the burning feeling taking over your cheeks as you stare at your husband. The soft smile on his face is enough to make you melt. His dimples are showing as he stands there almost in awe of what just happened.
“I wasn’t mad at you,” you whisper.
“Okay good, I can’t stand the thought of me making you mad anymore,” his hand still lingers on your cheek.
“I’ll try not to get mad at you,” reaching down to take his hand in yours. His eyes can’t help but smile at how perfectly your hands fit together.
After your day at the beach Chan asked for you to get dressed up. He planned a beautiful candle lit dinner with just the two of you near the beach.
The dinner itself was absolutely wonderful, but your mind couldn’t focus on the dinner. You could only think about what was going to happen after you finished eating. Tonight was the night you and your husband were going to have sex for the first time and you couldn’t lie you’re nervous.
Leading you back to your villa, Chan's fingers are laced with yours. Holding his hand has become second nature at this point. You barely gave it a second thought.
Walking into the villa Chan stops the second he shuts the door. “Did you still want to try tonight?”
Biting your bottom lip you nod your head.
“I’m going to go change,” you release his hand and walk off to the bathroom.
Standing in front of the mirror you turn on the sink hoping to block out the sounds of your voice as you softly say to yourself, “you can do this. It’s just sex.” You’re well aware this isn’t just normal sex. This is your attempts at hyping yourself to have sex on a first date or something like that. This is you having sex with your husband for the first time.
Stripping away your clothes you’re left in just your lacy bra and underwear. Hanging on the back of the door you had black silk robe. Pulling the robe on you look at yourself in the mirror once again telling yourself you can do this.
Walking out into the bedroom Chan is nowhere to be seen. A nervous feeling quickly washes over you at the idea that maybe he changed his mind. The sound of footsteps catches your attention. Turning you see Chan walking back in.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, noticing the panicked look on your face.
“You weren’t here, I thought you changed your mind,” you sigh.
He steps closer to you, placing his hand gently under your chin, “I’m not going anywhere. Why don’t you sit down.”
Sitting on the edge of the bed you stare at your husband. This whole situation seems too formal and uncomfortable.
“I’m clean by the way,” he lets out a sigh as he loosens his tie.
You hadn’t even thought about the fact that you would have to ask him about his sexual history before you had sex.
“I’ve never had sex without a condom,” he says as he lays his tie on top of the dresser he’s standing by.
“I haven’t either,” the tips of your ears burn. You’ve never been a person who couldn openly talk about sex.
He works on unbuttoning his dress shirt as he stands by the dresser. You can’t help but stare at him taking in the sight of his toned stomach.
“Please don’t get mad at me, but when was the last time you had sex?” Your husband as he removes his pants leaving him in just his boxers.
“About a year and half before we got married when I was in college,” you can’t help but feel awkward mentioning how long it had been. “What about you?” You’re almost scared to ask. You know deep down inside he isn’t the type of man that would ever cheat on you.
“A week before I proposed.”
You close your eyes and realize that your father told him nine days before he proposed, about your arrangement. There’s a bubbling feeling in your chest you can’t seem to understand as you stare at him.
“I have another question to ask that might embarrass you,” he pauses for a moment, making you feel suddenly nervous. “When was the last time you touched yourself?”
A burning feeling washes over your cheeks as your ear burn, “um,” you stutter. “It’s been over six months. I tried but I couldn’t really get anywhere with it.”
“Okay I’m just curious.”
“What about you?” You aren’t sure why you asked him this.
“I did a couple nights ago,” he says standing right in front of you.
“What did you think about?” you don’t know what possessed you to ask him this.
“You,” he reaches down, taking your hand helping you stand up. You're dressed in a silk robe that ties tightly around your waist. His hand rests on the knot holding your robe together. “I’ve thought only about you. We might not act like a normal married couple but I haven’t thought about anyone else.”
“Can I kiss you? It seems a little strange to jump right into making a baby without kissing,” he smiles at you gently tugging on the knot releasing the silk belt holding your robe together.
Leaning forward he closes the gap between you. His lips move against your softly. His hands rest on your lower back pulling you closer to him. Reaching up you rested your hand on his cheek. His lips are soft with the faint taste of mint. This kiss is nothing like you have ever experienced before with your husband. One of your hands rests on his chest while the other grips your silk robe.
Pulling away a smile tugs at his lips, “I need you to trust me tonight.”
“Is this where I find out you like it rough or something?” you aren’t sure why you say that. This is your awkward attempt at lightening the mood.
He lets out a small laugh, “I wouldn’t say no to being rough, but that’s not how this is gonna go. We’re gonna take it slow. This is our first time together, I’m gonna treat you like the princess you are.”
“Are you calling me a princess because that's what other people like to call me?” You have been called princess most of your life. Being the heiress to your fathers fortune people have always assumed everything had been handed to you.
“No, I’m calling you a princess because you’re my princess tonight. You’re my wife and I’m gonna treat you right.”
“Okay,” you step back trying to push away the nervous feeling in your stomach.
“You have no clue how badly I want you,” he steps closer to you again. He reaches up and pushes your robe off your shoulder leaving you standing there in just your bra and underwear. “Can you turn around?” His voice is low. Silently you turn around closing your eyes. A moment passes before he’s pressed up behind you. He reaches up and pushes the straps of your bra down. Ever so slowly he leans down and presses his lips to your exposed shoulder. One of his hands wrap around and rest on your stomach holding you close to him as he leaves a trail of wet kisses up your neck. Biting your bottom lip you take in the feeling of your husband's hand slowly moving up your stomach.
“Can I touch you?” he whispers.
“Yea,” you sigh.
His strong hand moves to trade your breast in his hand. He ever so gently grasp you over your bra. Biting your bottom lip you hold back a moan.
He pulls away and unclasps your bra effortlessly. He pushes the straps of your shoulders and the lace bra falls to the floor. He steps close to you again and this time you’re all too aware of his hardening length pressed against your back. One hand rests on your stomach while the other takes your breast in his hand again. This time he massages your breast earning a moan from you.
“You sound so pretty,” he whispers with his lips against your neck. Without even thinking, roll your body back against him. “Oh princess,” he groans as his hand moves down to the top of your lace underwear. “Please tell me I can touch you.”
“Chan you can do whatever you want. Remember we’re trying to make a baby and normally that involves touching.” You’re trying to think logically about this. You know deep down inside that Chan is only doing this because you’ve begged him to have a child.
He quickly pulls away from you and you suddenly miss his touch. He moves so he stands in front of you. He puts his hand under your chin and lifts your face so you’re staring into his warm eyes, “I’m not just doing this to make a baby with you. I’m doing this because I want to be with you.”
“Okay then show me what you want to do,” you’re trying to sound confident.
“Take your underwear off and lay on the bed.”
Taking your underwear off, you move to the bed and sit there watching as Chan watches you intently. “Princess, I want to get you ready for what is to come. I also am dying to know how you taste.”
Laying on the bed you look down at Chan’s head between your legs. When you agreed to try for a baby, never in your right mind did you think that before he had sex with you he was ask to go down on you. His tongue laps at your sensitive bundle of nerves as his index finger moves in out of you. His finger is hooked hitting just the right spot inside you that makes your stomach feel like it’s in knots. You haven’t been touched like this in years. Your fingers tangle in his curls holding his face close to your core as he continues to pump two fingers in and out of you.
“Chan, Chan,” you chant his name like a prayer. The coil in your stomach continues to tighten as you’re on the brink of finding your first release in years.
His eyes locked in yours as he continues his work on your core. Moaning his name you find your release. You fingers release his curls he pulls away smirking at you as his thumb does lazy circles on your clit as you ride out your high.
“You taste just as good as I thought you would,” reaching up he wipes his mouth.
Your chest rises and falls and you lay your head back on the pillow. Closing your eyes you’re in complete bliss. Your eyes slowly open as you watch him step off the bed and remove his boxers. Your eyes roam his beautiful body and you can’t help but stare at his hardened length.
“You’re so beautiful,” you whisper, not sure if he heard you.
Crawling onto the bed he sits on his knees between your parred legs. “Are you ready?” He gently rubs your thigh.
Silently you nod.
Hovering over you he stares at you and softly smiles. Slowly he reaches between you and lines himself up with your entrance. He rolls his hips into you stretching slowly. With his pelvis flush against your watches you carefully as your face scrunches slightly as you adjust to the discomfort. You want to reach up and touch him, but you feel slightly awkward.
“Hey?” he catches your attention.
“What’s going on in your head?” he smiles at you as he stays still.
“I haven’t done this in a long time, and we’ve never done this. I’m just not sure what I should do.”
“You can touch me, or even yourself. Don’t overthink this,” he leans forward pressing his lips to your for a soft kiss. Your hands run up and down his muscular back. His soft skin is enticing to you. His hips roll into yours stretching you slowly. The stretching feeling is uncomfortable at first but with each roll of his hips the discomfort eases away.
A soft moan passes your lips as he drops down to his elbows hovering over your. His lips connect to yours for a lust filled kiss. You can’t help but moan against his lips.
With each roll of his hips a feeling of electricity runs through your body. Your fingers roan his back, holding on to him tightly.
He pulls away resting on his hands. His eyes are lust filled as he stares at you. “You feel so good,” he groans.
“Chan,” you moan, you don’t think your brain knows any other words than your husband's name.
“I’m gonna put a baby in you,” he snaps his hips into yours.“We should've done this a while ago.”
There’s something about the way he’s talking to you that turns you on. Spreading your legs wider he moves up to rest on his knees while he continues to thrust into you. One hand grips your hip while grips your thigh. He licks his lip as his eyes are locked in yours.
You reach up, taking your breast in your hand while the other grips the expensive cotton sheets. Biting your bottom lip you try your hardest not to scream his name.
He groans with each snap of his hips. The hand that was on your hip moves to play with your sensitive clit as he thrust in and out of you.
“Princess, you feel so good,” he moans. Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine your husband’s moans would sound so intoxicating.
“Chan I’m close,” you moan.
“Then cum for me baby,” he groans.
Wordlessly you nod desperate for your release. You're taken back by his sweet name he calls you. He snaps his hips into yours a few more times before your release takes over. Moaning his name loudly, throwing your head back. A warm wave washes over you as your walls pull him in. His hands grip your hips thrusting into you slowly.
“Can I cum inside you?” He sounds frantic chasing his own release.
You nod your head rapidly as your chest rises and falls rapidly. “Please,” you beg.
His pace picks up as he holds on to you desperately. His thrust becomes more frantic as he finds his release inside you. He stills as he paints your walls. His breathing is heavy as his eyes are held closed tightly. His bottom lip is captured between his teeth. Reaching up you take his hand pulling him down to you. He stays inside you as he lies on top of you. Your arms are wrapped around him holding him close.
“We should've done that a long time ago,” he slowly removes himself from you and lies on the bed next to you.
Laying there you close your eyes trying to process what all this means for your relationship with your husband. Chan slowly crawls off the bed and you can’t help but panic that he’s regretting what just happened. Quickly you sit up and frantically watch your husband.
“Relax, I’m just gonna clean myself up real quick,” he gives you a small smile.
Laying back down you feel a sense of relief washes over you. Moments later Chan walks back into the room and cleans up his release that leaked out of you. He grabs a pillow standing by the bed, “can you lift your hips for me?”
You lift your hips and he slides the pillow under your butt. He crawls into bed next to you laying on his side.
“How do you feel?” he asks.
“Okay. That was really nice,” you can’t help but smile.
“We’ll do round two after a little while. Let’s rest for now,” he leans forward pressing a kiss to your lips for a soft kiss.
The rest of your vacation consisted of having sex all over your villa. Round two took place on the bed but after that Chan took you on any surface he could. You hadn’t showered once alone. Since your first night together Chan couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Your afternoons spent either at the pool or at the beach Chan either was holding your hand on touching you. He couldn’t seem to get enough of you, and to be honest you couldn’t get enough of him.
The night before you leave you’re standing in the shower alone for the first time. Chan was busy doing something in the living area on his laptop and you took the moment away to shower. Standing under the warm water you rub the mango scent body wash on your body.
The glass door opens and your husband steps into the steam filled shower. Looking at him you find him smiling.
“Did you sneak away from me?” He steps towards you.
“No, but I thought I might shower and try to get clean before you joined,” you laughed, shaking your head.
“When we get home I have a gala I have to attend in two weeks. Will you go with me?” he reaches out, grabbing your hand.
You aren’t sure why he’s asking you to join him. Since your marriage you’ve attended every single event he’s had to go to. Since being married he hasn’t gone alone one.
“Chan, I've gone to every event with you.”
“I know, but can we make this a date?” He pulls you closer to him.
“Oh,” you are now standing right in front of him. One of his hands rests on your neck. “Okay.”
Leaning down he presses his lips to yours for a lust  filled kiss. Reaching between you, you take his soft length in your hand and pump him slowly until he’s hardening in your hand. He moans against your lips as you continue to pump him.
“I’m gonna take you one more time in this shower before we leave,” he sighs, pulling away from you.
“Turn around and rest your hands on the wall,” he says.
Silently you follow his command. You bend over putting your butt out towards him. He puts his hardened length flush against your butt and rolls his hips against yours a few times.
You can’t help but moan at the feeling.
“Princess, reach between your legs and touch yourself,” he groans. He steps back and pumps his length while he watches you touch yourself. His eyes are locked on you lost in a haze of lust. “Tell me when you’re wet enough.”
“Okay,” you sigh.
You do quick circles on your clit hoping that your husband will soon touch you. Your breathing becomes desperate.
“Channie,” you moan.
“You ready Princess?”
“Yes please.”
He grabs your hip with one hand while the other moves his length through your wet folds. You gasp as he pushes into you slowly. He stills for a moment gripping your hips.
“Chan?” You look over your shoulder.
“Yeah baby?”
“You can go quickly if you want.”
“Okay,” he smirks.
His hips snap into yours at a quick pace. Your hands are pressed against the cool marble wall. He leans forwards pressing his lips to your spine as he works at a quick pace.
In your whole life you’ve never had as much sex as you have had on this trip. Your body craves Chan at this point and you couldn’t seem to get enough of him, and he craved you just as much.
The room was filled with the sound of skin hitting skin, and Chan moans. You were desperate for your release with each snap of his hips.
“Baby touch yourself,” he groaned, tightening his grip on your hips. You followed his command reaching between your lefts to touch yourself pushing you closer and closer to the edge. You cum practically screaming his name. He lifts you from the wall lifting your leg hooking your knee over his arm as he continues to thrust into you. His other hand roughly massaged your breast. Leaning your head back on his shoulder you moaned, riding out your high as he pounds into you.
He snaps his hips into you one last time before painting your walls. Gently he sets your leg down wrapping his arms around your stomach holding you close to him. He places a trail of kisses on your neck as he rides out his own orgasm.
“I think I’m going to have to wash my body again,” he can’t help but laugh at your statement.
Two Weeks later
Standing in the middle of the ballroom Chan is standing in front of you with one hand on your waist while he holds a glass of champagne in the other. He’s talked to all the people he needed to talk to, and now you seem to have his full attention.
“I was thinking about taking a couple days off next week,” he says, catching your attention. You’ve literally just returned from your trip and he’s already talking about taking more time off.
Cocking your eyebrow you’re shocked by his statement. Before your anniversary trip you and Chan never went on trips. “Why?”
“According to your cycle, that's when you’re supposed to be ovulating.”
“You want to take time off just we can have sex?” you can’t help but let out a small laugh. You discovered that once you agreed to go on that anniversary trip with Chan that before leaving he did a lot of research about conception and tracking your cycle.
“We can do more then just have sex, but yeah we would definitely have a lot of sex during that time,” you can’t help but notice the tips of his ear turning red suddenly seeming embarrassed.
“Okay, I’ll let the office know I’m taking time off.”
He leans down gently pressing his lips to yours for a soft kiss. The moment you’re sharing with your husband makes you forget about all the people at the busy gala.
“Sweetheart, look at your daughter and her husband,” your mother’s voice catches both you and Chan’s attention. You look over to see your mother walking towards you. You had no clue your parents would be at this event.
“Hello mother,” you smile pulling away from your husband.
“You two look way more cozy then normal,” she says.
“I’m just enjoying my wife’s company,” Chan says, resting his hand on your lower back.
“I think that trip was a great idea,” she smiles clearly, noticing how different things seem.
“Yeah I was nice to get away with YN,” Chan says before finishing off his champagne. “It was nice to not think about work while we were away. The only thing I had to think about was spending time with my wife,” he beams.
“If you’ll excuse us mother, Chan and I were just getting ready to leave,” you reach down taking his hand.
“Oh you’re leaving early, have a safe trip home.” Taking your husband’s hand you lead Chan away from your mother heading towards the exit. Chan hasn’t said anything, he's just following your lead until you stop out in the beautiful rose garden.
“Did you want me to call our car?” he says, finally speaking up.
“Yes please. I would rather spend time with you then all these people,” you sigh.
Arriving home you fully expected Chan to have you naked the moment you entered your penthouse. You’re shocked when he walks into the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream from the freezer.
You take off your heels leaving them by the front door. Walking into the kitchen you watch him scoop two bowls of ice cream.
“I was fully expecting for you to have me naked and pinned against the door,” you joke.
He raises his eyebrow, “I mean if you want I can have you naked on the kitchen counter.”
“No, it's fine. I didn’t expect for us to eat ice cream when we got home.”
“You know that I enjoy spending time with you with our clothes on right? I know we have sex like at least five times a week, and don’t get me wrong I love it. But I also like doing mundane things with you like sitting at the table all dressed up eating ice cream.”
You realize that most of your time you spend with Chan normally leads to you both being naked. Since coming home two weeks ago Chan has basically fucked you everywhere in the penthouse. Your first time once returning home Chan requests it be slow and in your bed. While round two took place with you bent over the kitchen table.
Hell there was even one day you had to go to Chan’s office to drop something off and you ended up under his desk giving him head before he bent you over his ripping your underwear in the process.
You couldn’t lie you throughly enjoyed your sex life with your husband and he even tried new things on to see if you liked them, ultimately you enjoyed the little moment with him. Sitting at the dinner table and talking or watching a movie together.
“I like spending time with you too.”
“Maybe if you really can’t get enough of me after we eat ice cream, I’ll lay you on the table and eat you out,” smirks causing your cheeks to burn.
Two months later
Sitting on your bathroom floor you stare at a pregnancy test, this is your third pregnancy test that has read negative. Closing your eyes you take a deep breath. Your eyes are threatening to shed tears at your disappointment. You never thought this would be this hard. You assumed that you and Chan wouldn’t have to be having sex basically everyday at this point. There’s this little voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re broken. That something is wrong with you. The bathroom door slowly opens and Chan steps in the bathroom. He dressed in his work clothes looking handsome as ever.
His warm eyes lock on the pregnancy test in your hands, he takes his suit jacket off sitting it on the counter across from you.
“It’s not working,” you whisper with your voice shaking.
He sits down on the marble floor next to you. He takes the stick from you and stares at it for a moment, before sitting it on the floor. “This just means we have to keep trying.”
“Aren’t you tired of trying?” that nasty little voice eating at you can’t help but wonder if he’s grown bored of you yet.
“No I’m not tired of trying,” his large hand rests on your knee. “How about we take a bubble bath together, and then I’ll take you to bed.”
“Chan, is this attempt at you trying to seduce me?”
His thumb drags across your skin slowly, “is it working?”
“What if I’m broken?”
“You’re not broken. Come on, let's go take a bath.”
Chan runs a bath for you before helping you stand up and wipes away your tears. He gently removes your clothes whispering to you how pretty you are.
The warm lavender scented water is doing nothing to push away the nasty thoughts eating away at you. You're resting against your husband as he holds you close. Leaning your head back against his shoulder a heavy sigh passes your lips.
“What if I can’t have kids?”
His one arm is wrapped around your stomach holding you close to him. The other hand is resting on your thigh.
“Do you want my honest answer?” He presses a gentle kiss to your shoulder.
“Yes, you said we’re a team. I want you to be honest with me.”
“If you can’t have kids it's okay, because even if you have a baby…” he pauses. “I’m not leaving you at the five year mark. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t plan on leaving at the ten year mark either,” he pours his heart out to you.
“Why not, you’re allowed to leave and find someone to love,” you can’t seem to imagine why he would want to stick around. He made it clear when you first got married he had no interest in being with you.
“Are you really that dense?” He groans behind you.
“What do you mean?”
“I love you, and I want to stay married. If we can’t have kids we’ll figure it out later. But I want you to know that this baby isn’t for us to end our marriage quicker.”
“Chan,” your eyes are brimming with tears.
“Unless you want to end it, and if you do I just ask that you try to love me before you walk away. I know the first year I wasn’t a good husband but these last three month have been everything to me. I love getting to spend time with you. I love that I can touch you and hold you whenever I want. I might be selfish, but I don’t want this to ever end.”
“You really love me?”
“Of course I do. I haven’t ever lied to you, and I won’t start now. I also don’t want you getting any idea that i'm fine with staying married just because we have sex now. The sex is great, but that’s not why I love you. I love you because of who you are,” gently leaning you forward. Before you can even say anything he’s stepping out of the bath. He grabs a towel wrapping it around his waist. He stands there staring at you for a moment. “Can we please talk about this not in the bathroom?”
Silently you nod, reaching to unplug the bath. Stepping out Chan hands you a towel. You quickly dry off and Chan hands you your favorite blush colored robe that was hanging on the back of the door. He walks out of the bathroom and you take a moment trying to gather yourself. Walking into your bedroom you find Chan sitting on your bed in a pair of boxers.
“I’ve loved you for a long time Chan, but I thought it was going to be one-sided forever,” you finally say, breaking the silence that’s formed between you.
“So even if we can’t have a baby you’ll stay with me?” Ask, sounding hopeful.
“I’ll stay with you as long as you treat me like you have been since our anniversary trip,” you sit down next to him.
“Okay, good because I want what we have now,” he smiles, leaning over to press his lips to yours.
Things with Chan might have not started out perfectly. You were both forced into something neither of you fully wanted, but the universe had a way of making things work out. You’re unsure if you’ll ever actually be able to have a kid, but after your talk with Chan you know he loves you and has no plans on leaving you. After that night you both agree to pause on trying to have a baby. Chan tells you he wants to spend more time with you and at your three year wedding anniversary he wants to renew your vows.
As time passes with Chan you’ve gone through spurts of time trying to conceive but with no luck. On your third wedding anniversary you renew your vows in front of all your friends and family.
By the fifth year of your marriage Chan has taken you on countless trips, but for your fifth anniversary you end up in the same villa that changed your marriage forever.
Laying in bed in the same villa where everything changed you’re curled up in bed with your husband. He gently presses his lips to shoulder and whispers, “I would do anything in the world for you.”
“Is that your way of saying you love me?” You can’t help but smile.
“I thought it was obvious I loved you?”
“Will you still be married to me in five years?” you asked, already knowing his answer.
“Please tell me that’s a stupid question,” he releases you from his hold.
Rolling onto your back you look at your husband and smile, “but I can’t give you an heir to your fortune.” Even though Chan has told you multiple times he doesn’t care if you have kids or not. There’s a guilty feeling that eats away at you.
“Princess if you want a baby we can try IVF or adopt. I’ll do anything to make you happy,” he reaches over pushing your hair behind your ear.
“Maybe we can talk about it later down the line,” you smile. “Right now I just want you.”
“Princess you have me until my last breath,” he leans down pressing his lips to yours.
It doesn’t matter what the future holds, you know that you’ll always have Chan by your side.
Tumblr media
an: please me know what you all think  I have been working on a variation of this story since around January if you’re interested in my skz stories let me know.
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corruption-skz · 10 days ago
Satin Panties || Bang Chan smut
Warnings:smut,fingering, corruption kink,virgin reader,softdom!Chan, daddy kink,ddlg.
Tumblr media
Chris wanted nothing more than to keep you safe he always treated you like you were made of glass,so fragile.At the same time he wanted to ruin you so bad to give you a taste of what it's like feeling heavenly good.He would lie to himself if he said that he had never got off to the thought of your pretty innocent face whimpering underneath him.
One day coming home from the studio he found you on the sofa with your cute pink dress and your legs were spread lightly giving him a glimpse of your satin panties
"Hey baby! How was work today?" He was unable to focus on your words his mind only thinking about ripping those panties off of you "Baby are you okay?"
He snaps back again "Yeah baby everything good! Thank you for asking" sitting next to you on the couch,you immediately jump on top of him excited kissing him.
He wraps his arms around your waist as you kiss and you accidentally rub yourself over him making him gasp and tighten his grip around you.His hand automatically moving you back and forth on top of him making you widen your eyes and gasp.What was going on? Why would you have that tingly feeling between your legs? Chris was quick to pick up the signs his hand caressing your cheek "Do your princess parts feel funny angel?". You'd immediately nod blushing and feeling overwhelmed.
"Do you trust me baby?" He asked you playing with the hem of your dress
"A lot"
"Can daddy show you some things baby? I promise I'll stop if you don't like them",you nodded wanting nothing more than to get rid of that burn between your legs.
His hand slipped between your legs making you shiver,feeling your wetness over your satin panties as his lips were pecking your neck.His thumb started teasing your sensitive clit firstly over your panties before he pulls them aside moving your wetness everywhere.At this point you were a mess,your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your lips making beautiful whimpers.Was it possible to feel this good? This image itself could be enough to make Chris cum in his boxers.
"Baby girl this might hurt a little but I want you to tell daddy whenever you feel it's too much,okay?" You simply nodded,and with that he slipped his middle finger inside you making your whole body tense.
"Ugh daddy i-it feels weird" he immediately brought his hand on your hair stroking it comforting you in any way possible
"You're doing so good for daddy little one" he praised you moving his finger slowly,"look at you being a big girl and taking daddy's fingers so well". You felt your ego being boosted.You wanted nothing more than to be a good girl for daddy.
Your body started responding differently enjoying the feeling of having something inside you.Grinding on his fingers trying to get something more Chris knew what he had to do.He started moving in a faster pace feeling you getting tighter and tighter around his fingers.
Your stomach started feeling tighter as well "D-daddy I-I feel weird" your voice high pitched
Chris started caressing your neck and face "it's okay angel just let it go" and with that you came around his fingers releasing a loud moan as well.God he couldn't believe what was happening.He gave you your first orgasm,you were only his,he was the only one who has ever seen you this ruined,and oh god, he loved the idea of that.
After calming down he scooped you on his lap cuddling you and giving you small pecks occasionally, whispering praises to you making you blush "you did so so so good princess, daddy is proud of you"
"Daddy could we do it again sometime?" You asked hiding yourself witch of course made him even more whipped for you
"Hmm maybe since you liked it that much,but only if you behave"
You nodded excited willing to do whatever it takes to be touched like that by daddy again.
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dreamescapeswriting · 4 months ago
Stray Kids Reaction || Waking You Up With Oral [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
Chan was always late home and you always forgave him so easily for it but it didn't mean he forgave himself. He knew there must have been something inside of you that hated him for not being there when you went to bed, but all you cared about was him being there when you woke up. That morning Chan looked at you asleep on his side of the bed. It was almost 8 am which meant you'd be getting up soon but he wanted to wake you up with a surprise so he laid himself down between your legs, smirking when he saw you wearing nothing but his black silk shirt.
Just like that he began to tease you slowly, the two of you had talked about waking each other like this before and it wasn't the first time it had happened. Slowly he began to tease your clit, watching you as your body shifted in your sleep, not quite feeling the effects of his touches yet. 
"So wet, what have you been dreaming about?" He chuckled to himself as he began to apply a little more pressure to your bud, biting down on his lip as he heard a moan fall from your perfect lips. 
Licking a long stripe from your opening to your clit he smirked as you let out a louder moan, beginning to come back to reality as he pushed his tongue into you, holding your hips as he began to eat you out hungrily as if you were his only meal. 
"Oh shit!" You screamed out as you finally realised what was happening, his tongue pumping in and out of you, lapping you up as you cried out his name. 
"H-Holy shit," You cried out running your hands into his hair and tugging on the strands as he continued to aggressively eat you out, locking his eyes with yours.
"Ride my tongue," He smirked at you as you shook your head, tension building up as he continued with his movements, 
"I-I can't," You whimpered pushing your hips into the bed but he growled against you, as he continued. 
"Do it," Your head rolled back as everything began to gain in intensity, it felt as though lava was flowing through your blood and you were about to erupt. 
"That's it," He chuckled darkly as you began to rock your hips against his tongue as the tension curled up inside of you. 
"Chan!" You cried out as the tension snapped, it was like lightning in your veins, you released onto his tongue crying out his name as he continued to work you until you came down from your high.
"Morning babe," He chuckled laying down in the bed beside you but you kissed him hungrily as you straddled his lap desperate for more from him.
Tumblr media
(His smile literally makes me melt)
Attaching himself to your clit Minho smirked as he enjoyed the way your hips jolted in your sleep. Your body moving like instinct against his tongue as he rubbed your clit in small fast circles. Whining out his name as you rocked your hips back and forth. 
"M-Minho," You moaned out in your sleep thinking that all of the pleasure you were feeling was a part of a dream. Minho growled as he sunk his tongue into you, he didn't want his hard work to be associated with a dream, your eyes shot open as he swirled his tongue inside of you. Your eyes locked with his as he chuckled sending vibrations through you that made you feel as though you could cum right there. He slowed eased two fingers into you while his tongue worked on your clit, he pushed your legs down against the bed as you tried to clamp them together. 
"Holy fucking shit," You cried out as he continued to eat you out and pound his fingers into you, curling them so he could reach that one spot that made your body feel as though it was on fire.
"Cum." He ordered as he continued to pump his fingers relentlessly in and out of you, biting down softly on your clit as you cried out his name. 
"M-Minho," You breathed as your orgasm washed over you, your walls contracting around his fingers as you moaned out his name. Hips and legs bucking as you shook around him. 
"Good girl," He whispered as he cleaned you up with his tongue, staring at you as he licked his fingers clean.
Tumblr media
Changbin looked up when he heard you whimpering, his lips were attached to your clit as he used his fingers and tongue to go down on you. He'd woken up in the middle of the night to you grinding against him in your sleep, you'd clearly been having a good dream and it was. You'd dreamt of Changbin pounding into you ruthlessly the way he always did.
"Changbin," You let out a breathy moan as you slowly came to from your dream not realising what was happening yet. 
Eyes snapping open as you could feel a tightness growing in your stomach, it felt as though every inch of your body was on fire. Your toes curled as you could feel yourself getting closer to a release, you had no idea how long Changbin had been doing this to you but you weren't complaining.
"O-Oh fuck," You moaned out rolling your head back as your back arched away from the mattress. Changbin looked up at you with a smirk, humming against your clit making everything feel ten times more pleasurable as you run your fingers through his hair. 
"Morning," He hummed as he eased two fingers into you letting out a hum of approval at how tight you were around his fingers. 
"F-Fuck!" You screamed out as he continued to suck on your clit, letting occasional hums of pleasure escape his lips causing vibrations to run through your body.
He locked eyes with you as he curled his fingers into you, his tongue working its magic on you 
"C-Close," You warned him as your hips began to jerk, you could feel the tightness growing again as you moaned out his name loudly.
With a cry of his name you came on his fingers and tongue, head was thrown back against the pillows as he continued to work his fingers in and out f you, cleaning you up before coming up for air. His chin was shimmering in the light and you could feel yourself heating up with embarrassment that you had woken up like that. 
"Morning gorgeous," He chuckled as you laid there panting to yourself and staring at him. 
"You sounded like you were having a nice dream, I couldn't let it go to waste," You whimpered before kissing him deeply not caring that you could taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
It always took forever for you to wake up in the morning but today you had to be awake early. Hyunjin had done everything in his power to get you to wake up but nothing was working. 
"Fine, you wanna be like that." He chuckled as he began kissing up and down your legs as he watched you turn in your sleep. He carefully spread your legs watching you to see if you had woken up yet but it normally took a bucket of water to get you up.
"Come on princess," He chuckled as he ran one of his fingers through your folds, smirking to himself when he noticed how wet you were. 
"Such a dirty girl," He laughed attaching his lips to your clit instantly as he ate you out, humming against your core at the taste of you. 
Your eyes fluttered open and you looked down at him as he continued to push his tongue in and out of you, biting down on the outer part of your labia making you cry out. 
"H-Hyunjin?" You moaned out as you watched him, he pushed a finger into you pumping as he pulled his mouth away from you to answer. 
"Is this what it takes to wake you up angel? If so, I have no problems with that at all." He hummed attaching himself to your clit as your eyes rolled back, your body felt as though it had static running through it as you moaned out. The intensity of only waking up and being sore from the night before bringing you closer to the edge as he continued his rough and fast-paced movements. 
"O-Oh fuck Hyunjin," You cried out as he wrapped your legs around his shoulders dragging you closer to him. 
"Hmm?" He arched an eyebrow at you to see what it was you wanted but your eyes were screwed shut as you moaned out his name, hands digging into the sheets of the bed as you rocked your hips against his tongue.
"R-Right there!" You moaned out as he continued to hit into you with his tongue making you clench around him as you pushed him closer to your core. 
"S-Shit! Shit!" You screamed out as you came around his tongue, your head spinning as you held onto his hair. 
"Get changed, we're going to be late," He ordered as he got up from the floor, going into the bathroom with you quickly following him and dragging him into the shower.
Tumblr media
(Not my gif. Miss him more and more everyday)
JISUNG Jisung didn't care that the boys were home, he wanted to return the favour you had paid him the week before. Waking him up with a blow job was one of the best ways to wake up and he wanted to wake you up by eating you out.
"J-Jisung?" You whimpered as you looked under the covers to see Jisung eating you out, he'd been doing it for the last two minutes to see how long it would take you to wake up. Your lips parted as you almost moaned out his name but he reached his hand up to shut you up. 
"Wouldn't want to wake up Jeongin would you," He chuckled as he continued to run his tongue through your folds, using his free hand to pump two fingers in and out of you. You bit down on his hand to stop yourself moaning out loudly, as Jisung got rougher with you. Chan had already told both of you off for being active while everyone was home and it had been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you. 
"J-Jisung if t-they hear me." You whispered as you could feel yourself getting closer to your release as the coil kept tightening. You grabbed a pillow muffling your moans into it as your back arched, 
"Don't hold it off. Cum. Now." He ordered as he got rougher with you and as if you were controlled by his command you came onto his fingers, moaning out his name into the pillow as the bunk bed squeaked. 
"I thought Chan said not to do that when we're home," You groaned slapping Jisung on the chest as Jeongin woke up and complained about what he had heard.
Tumblr media
Walking in late from the studio Felix found you asleep on your sofa, legs over the arm of the sofa as you slept in one of his shirts and nothing else. Your legs were spread a little and he could see how wet you were, discarded beside you were one of your toys you had clearly been using that night despite him telling you not to. He was the only one that was allowed to make you cum and not some dumb piece of plastic that couldn't do half of the job that he could. 
Attaching himself to your clit he began sucking softly, pumping two fingers into you and smirking as your body reacted to him while being asleep. Your legs spread wider, your back arched a little as you whimpered out.
"Dirty girl pleasuring yourself," He growled as you woke up and looked at him, a whimper left your lips as you gave him a worried look. 
"I-I was needy," You pleaded with him as he continued to pump two fingers in and out of you slowly curling them up to hit your spot as you bucked your hips. 
"Then you will cum again...and again...and again until you're all worn out," He chuckled darkly as he continued to push his fingers into you a little faster this time. Your legs began to shake as you reached the edge, crying out his name as you squirmed. 
"Fucking cum." He growled at you in his deep voice making your eyes screwed shut as your orgasm ripped through you but his fingers never stilled, he only got faster. You were going to have a long night. 
Tumblr media
(please don’t touch me im soft)
Seungmin felt bad about the night before when you were both interrupted, he thought he had the dorms to himself for the night but everyone came home early leaving you without your release leading to a cold shower. Licking his lips Seungmin began kissing down your body as you laid there, smiling as he felt you shift in your sleep giving him access to your core. He chuckled as he saw how wet you were, your juices glistening in the low light as he ran his finger through your folds, you let out a moan as you slept. 
"S-Seungmin," You whined out as he began to drag his tongue through your folds, starting with small licks before turning to the big ones. Holding your hips steady as he ate you out while you slept, small whimpers leaving your lips as he continued to eat you out.
"Hmm, you're close and I haven't even started," He chuckled as he got faster with you, locking eyes with you as you woke up with his tongue buried deep inside of you flicking around as you cried out. Slapping your hands over your mouth in case the boys were home, 
"No one is here," He smirked as your back arched away from the bed, your orgasm building up inside of you as you let out a loud moan of his name. 
"You wanna cum baby?"
"I need it!" You cried out as he continued to rub circles on your clit, pumping two fingers into you as you cried out his name. Desperate to cum from the night before as he continued to pump. 
"Then you better cum before I stop then haven't you?" You cried out as you nodded your head desperately, he attached his mouth to your clit as you whimpered. The coil tightening until it snapped, your legs shaking as you wrapped them around his body, pushing him closer to you as you screamed out his name,
"Oh fuck," You panted as he came back up to your lips, kissing you softly as he thrust into you, desperate from the night before just as you had been.
Tumblr media
Smirking to himself Jeongin watched as you slept peacefully in your bed, dressed in one of his shirts and not much else besides underwear he chuckled softly. The other night he'd heard you talking over the phone with one of your friends about something she had been doing with her boyfriend. He'd randomly woken her up one morning with Oral and you expressed how badly you wanted to try it but didn't know how to explain it to Jeongin but now you didn't have to. Slowly and carefully he removed the covers from around your body before kissing up and down your thighs as he would if you had been awake, he watched you squirm a little in your sleep before continuing. 
Licking small stripes against your core he smirked as you made a small whine in your sleep, reality slowly starting to seep into your dreams as you rolled your head back. 
"That's it, baby, wake up." He mumbled against your clit sending vibrations through your body, he idly drew one finger over your clit in light, playful strokes that made your legs shake as you finally began to wake up. A little hazy from the sleep but as soon as Jeongin saw your eyes open he sank a finger into you making your head kick back against the pillows, 
"So fucking beautiful," He chuckled as he watched you closely breathy moans escaping you as he began pulling his finger out of you until he was almost free of your body and then inching it back into you, making you cry out.
"Such pretty little moans," He chuckled licking your clit softly as he added another finger, angling his hand so his thumb took over where his tongue had been. 
"Innie!" You cried out as he continued to pump his fingers into you, using his tongue to drive you closer to the edge. The sensations were maddening as you could feel yourself getting closer, rocking your hips a little so you could ride his tongue and fingers.
"S-Shit, Y/n-" Jeongin moaned out as you pushed your hand into his hair holding him closer to your core as you could feel the tightening happening. Everything inside of you was on fire as your body unravelled, releasing on his tongue and fingers as you cried out his name.
He slowly pulled away from you and smirked as he saw you panting heavily, 
"That wasn't supposed to happen," He mumbled looking down at the shorts he was wearing, that was when you noticed the damp fabric, his cheeks were coloured as he looked back at you. 
"Y-You came?" You giggled softly watching as he continued blushing, getting up to change into some clean shorts and get something to clean you up with.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​  @mwitsmejk​ @anxiousbobatea​ @justbangtanthingz​
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bngchnsi · 2 months ago
let me in | b.c
Tumblr media
synopsis: nothing is better after a long day (and night) than a quick fuck.
Tumblr media
pairing: dom!chan x sub!reader
warnings: afab reader, chan’s pov, smut, consensual somnophilia, vaginal fingering, unprotected vaginal sex, creampie, implied cock warming.
word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
Chan is exhausted when he enters your shared apartment, feeling like the entire world is weighing on his shoulders. He had been busy with leader duties all day, shooting variety shows and making sure his members are being well cared for, and even after all that was done he still had more work to do. After finishing the last track for an album that most likely wouldn’t be coming out for at least a year, chan finally let himself rest and go home for the night - or, well, early morning as it was four a.m.
He isn’t shocked when he sees that all of the lights are turned off and that the space is quiet. After being with you for almost three years, he knew your habits better than anyone else, and was pretty confident in his guess that you had most likely fallen asleep four to five hours ago. His heart warmed a little at the thought of seeing you all curled up in your shared bed, your head barely peeking out from beneath the covers as you slumbered on.
He makes sure to be extra quiet as he slips off his shoes at the doorway, tip toeing gently past the living and kitchen, peeking his head into the doorway of your bedroom to see that Chan was, more or less, pretty spot on with his assumptions. The only difference was that half of your body was spread out and over the blankets and, once he had entered the room and shut the door gently behind him, he also noticed that you were hugging a pillow tightly to your chest. With a jolt, Chan realizes that it was his pillow, and your face was stuffed deeply into it.
Maybe it has been a long time since Chan had last gotten his dick wet, or maybe he was just too damn tired, but he could already feel his cock twitching in his pants. He groaned quietly as he eyes slid down your pretty body, licking his lips when he noticed that you were also wearing his shirt and his favorite pair of underwear, the lacy pink material being a stark contrast to the black cotton of the oversized shirt. Already, his mind was filled of your tugging your panties to the side and fucking you raw, like he had started doing ever since you got the birth control implant in your arm, and he was already rubbing his dick through his pants before he could fully realize where his hand was going.
He nibbled on his bottom lip, exhaustion quickly being overpowered by intense lust, and he was already crawling onto the bed before he could even second guess his actions. He rubbed over your outer thighs and pantie clad ass, pulling your oversized shirt up so that it exposed your cute tummy and the underside of your breasts. He felt his heart sink a little at seeing the flesh unmarked with bruises and hickeys and made a mental note to save time for later that week to give you a good, thorough fuck where you would have trouble hiding where his lips and teeth had been.
He gently rubbed over your clothed folds, licking his lips when he pressed further and further down until you started to squirm a little in your sleep. He stopped for a moment, letting your body calm down so that he didn’t wake you, before repeating the process over and over again until you were awake.
Chan had done this with you so many times beforehand, usually on nights similar like these where he came home late and stressed, that he knew exactly how to play his cards so that you didn’t wake up until he finally started to fuck you. Something about seeing your innocent face twist into one of immense pleasure in your sleep made him as hard as a rock, and he could practically cum from the sight alone of you waking up, bleary eyed and red faced as you realized what was going on.
It was something that you loved, having said so yourself after he had woken you up with sex for the first time; after talking with you beforehand of course. It had quickly become a weekly occurrence and, as Chan moved your underwear to the side so that he could quickly stretch you open for his cock, he realized that you wearing his favorite pair of lacy underwear was probably on purpose. Naughty thing, he thought to himself, groaning quietly when he felt how tight your walls were around his fingers, grinding his throbbing dick down onto the bed, needing some sort of friction.
He only pulled the three fingers inside of you out when you started to moan in your sleep, biting his lip when he saw how wet they were, dripping down onto the sheets. He was quick to slip the between his plush lips so he could suck your essence off, and moaned lowly at the taste, head spinning at how amazing you tasted.
He made note to go down on you before you had to leave for work in a couple of hours.
Chan undid his pants and pulled them down his legs as quietly as he could, taking his boxers down with them as he jacked himself off to your sleeping form. His eyes kept straying down to your dripping pussy, practically begging to be filled with his cock and, later on, his seed, and he didn’t bother teasing himself any longer as he leaned forward and started pushing himself inside of you. He gnawed on his bottom lip, trying desperately not to moan as your heat wrapped tightly around him like a snake, and he manhandled your leg that laid over the blankets so that it rested against his front, ankle balanced on his broad shoulder as he started a slow and steady pace. His hands grabbed tightly around your thigh and hip, nails digging into your plush skin, and it was almost subconsciously that Chan realized that he was letting out little grunts and moans under his breath with every thrust.
It was when you started to squirm, your face pulling away from his pillow to show that it was twisted in an expression of pleasure, that Chan knew you were close to awakening and, sure enough, your pretty eyes were blinking open within the next minute. You took one look at your boyfriend, staring intensely down at your limp body as his hips thrusted his cock inside of you, before your face became one of understanding. Your lips opened as you moaned highly, your fingers digging into his pillow as his pace started to quicken now that you were awake, and Chan felt himself throb inside of you.
“Sorry doll,” he grunted, not really feeling sorry at all for interrupting your sleep, “you just looked too pretty.” You whimpered at his words, eyes squeezed shut as you, seemingly, tried to process the intense pleasure coming from his cock in your hole. “I-It’s ok Chris, j-just cum inside o-of me, ok?” You mumbled softly, words slurring together a little, and you looked up at him with teary eyes.
Chan groaned as his hips started picking up the pace. “Whatever you say pretty thing,” he gritted out, eyes closed shut in ecstasy as he focused purely on the feeling of your hole around his dick as well as the breathy sounds that left your lips with every one of his thrusts. No words were shared after that, both of you too tired to really do much than just feel, and it was no surprise when you suddenly came undone around him with a whimper, walls squeezing him so tightly he thought for sure that he had just entered heaven.
“F-Fuck,” he whined, thrusting a half dozen more times before pressing against you balls deep, spilling his white seed inside of you and filling you up. You hummed happily at the feeling, a sleepy smile painting your pretty face, and Chan felt that he had fallen in love with you all over again as cheesy as that sounded.
“I needed that,” you sighed, staring bleary eyed up at him, and Chan smiled down at his beautiful girlfriend that he currently had his half hard dick in. “I did too angel. Thank you for letting me use your pretty body.”
A pause, before Chan asked, “Can I stay inside you for the night?”
Tumblr media
tag list: @changbinscypher​
all rights reserved to bngchnsi. reuploads onto other platforms are prohibited.
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planetdream · a month ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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formidxble · 6 months ago
𝒎𝒚 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆
Tumblr media
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: fixing ties is a part of your job, so why is your boss acting like it isn’t?
𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒚 “𝒎𝒚 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆” 𝒃𝒚 2𝑷𝑴 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒊𝒕𝒔 𝒎𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄 𝒗𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒐
Tumblr media
𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: bang chan x fem!reader 
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 13k 
𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: smut, fluff, slight angst, and established relationship || ceo!bang chan x secretary!reader
𝒔𝒎𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: romantic sex, dirty talk, (some) possessiveness, marking, oral (female receiving), praising, “sir” kink (? 👀), (some) begging, unprotected sex (remember to always stay safe!!!), creampie
a/n: this is a gift to all you who submitted ceo bang chan asks and to everyone who followed me! thank you so much for 500 followers. i’m a bit late, but thank you! <3 thank you all so much!
little update (061921): three steps back has been posted!! this is a prequel to this fic, but you don’t have to read it in order to understand this one!! 
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
here we go again.
being the bang chan’s secretary meant that you had to accompany him to every event that required a plus one— public events, soirees, sales pitches, all the like. for the longest time, people have linked you to him and that wherever he went, you were expected to be there. it was almost like clockwork and here you were, beside him again, as he talked to mister seo changbin, the company’s vice chairman and chan’s right hand man. you relax your shoulders slightly.
don’t get it wrong, you loved being with chan and getting to see all the wonderful event venues around the country. people in chan’s level and caliber always threw the grandest of parties and though it was tiring just following your boss around, it was still better than staying at home and fixing chan’s schedule for the week. you also get to meet other high profile names in the industry and the company’s investors, most of which are also in the party tonight.
the party was thrown by the company to celebrate another successful sale made by none other than bang christopher chan. everyone who’s here is here to celebrate chan’s leadership and his success as the company’s youngest CEO. and, not to mention, as changbin lovingly put it just now, “his cockiness”. you giggle beside chan, smiling sheepishly when he gives you a playful glare.
when chang— mr. seo excuses himself to go grab another drink from one of the waiters roaming the hall, chan turns to you with a soft smile, his eyes content. “enjoying?” he asks as he gently swirls the wine glass in his hand.
“trying to,” you tease. you stand up straighter beside him, aware that people have eyes on you. it was one of the complaints you had about being next to chan. he was the center of attention everywhere and because you were beside him always, people tended to stare after they give chan a bow or even if they were gazing from afar. you always had to look presentable and though it came with the job, it gets tiring after a while. chan raises an eyebrow.
“what’s wrong?”
“nothing,” you smile. “just a little uncomfortable. that’s all.”
chan hums as he blinks. he surveys the hall before nodding. “if you want, you can go talk to some of the people here.”
chan barely allowed you to leave his side during public events. since you became a staple of his public appearances, seeing him alone always rose some eyebrows. so, why was tonight any different? you scrunch your eyebrows, swallowing as you tilt your head. the side of chan’s lip quirks up as his eyebrows mimic yours. it takes a second for chan to realize why.
“don’t worry about me,” chan laughs. “it’s a company event, so, i guess i can let you go for a bit.”
you look around the hall, frowning to yourself when you don’t spot any familiar faces. how were you supposed to interact with the businessmen in this party and wouldn’t it be weird if you just slid in the conversation? chan senses your hesitation, sucking his lips in as he gazes at the area.
“there’s, um,” chan moves in closer, tilting his glass toward the direction of a small group, “hwang hyunjin. do you remember him?”
of course, you do. chan sent you to the man’s office to confirm a sale a few months ago. you tripped in front of his desk and he only stared at you when you dusted yourself off. it wasn’t the most embarrassing moment in your life, but it was up there on the list. you huff softly.
chan hums once more as he glances at you. “you can talk to him or“—he tilts his glass to another group— “to the people in the office.” he takes a quick sip of his wine before grinning. “get the latest office gossip, like who’s dating who, you know? just all that fun stuff that i don’t get to know.”
office gossip? chan’s asking for juicy office gossip? you can’t blame him. out of all the people in the office, chan’s not the go-to person to talk about office drama. part of you feels bad, but then again, why would he care about one of the interns getting dumped if he’s too busy making sure the company doesn’t go under?
you fight the urge to giggle as you nod. chan catches the smile on your lips and he shakes his head, a soft ‘tsk’ leaving his lips.
“go on,” chan shoos playfully. “go socialize.” you give him a quick bow and before you could say anything else, mr. seo comes back, a full wine glass in his hand once more.
you step aside to look at the two groups chan pointed out. you could play it safe and go to the group you see around the office or you could shoot yourself in the foot and go to the group of millionaires.
you look behind as you feel chan’s eyes on you. once your eyes meet, he raises an eyebrow as he takes a sip of his wine. maybe you could impress him by going to the other group. the thought makes you turn away from him, feet moving in the direction of hwang hyunjin’s group.
you realize that this was a bad idea the moment the blonde-haired man spots you walking towards them. he raises his glass to greet you, head tilted to the side in curiosity and amusement. when you get nearer, the chatter in the group dies down and your mouth grows dry. their stare burns your skin and you can’t help but feel out of place.
“miss y/l/n,” hyunjin calls out, opening his arm out to invite you in the circle. “what brings you to our humble group?”
humble is not a word in this group’s vocabulary, that’s for sure. you smile at them as you inhale through your nose. this is a chance to mingle with the country’s richest and though you were nervous, it wouldn’t hurt to make a good impression, right? transactions in the future should be easier if you play your cards right. so, you part your lips and hum, “mr. bang wanted to get insider information and sent me over.”
the group laughs, almost rhythmically, like it’s been practiced before. nevertheless, the air grows lighter and beside you, hyunjin cracks a smile.
“that bastard. always one step ahead of us,” one of the men laughs. the other men join in and the conversation picks up where it left off— something about the trends in the market. not the most interesting of conversations, but you were already here.  hyunjin keeps his eyes on you and he leans over to your side.
“thank goodness you didn’t trip this time around.” your cheeks flush red and you laugh the statement off as you shake your head. “i thought i’d have to relive it all over again.”
“it must have been a nightmare, mr. hwang,” you play along softly. hyunjin hums.
“a nightmare for you, a comedy for me.”
if this was bang chan, you would have shamelessly smacked him. the thought makes you realize how easy-going everything is when it came to your work relationship with chan. after all, the two of you have been working together for almost a decade. during that time, you’ve gotten to know chan in ways his right-hand man hasn’t and he’s gotten to know you in ways previous employers haven’t. the line between work and friendship has been blurred for a long time now, but none of you have complained.
“i’m happy my pain provided entertainment, mr. hwang,” you tease. hyunjin chuckles before finishing his glass of wine. behind you, you feel a set of eyes travel down your back. you ignore the feeling.  
despite your lingering thoughts of chan, you couldn’t help but admire the man beside you. just like your boss, hwang hyunjin is one of the younger CEOs in the industry. he was younger than chan, but definitely carried himself in a manner that exuded superiority and grace, like he was on par with the men he’s standing with.
it seems to be the case because one of the businessmen in the group calls his attention, bringing him back to the conversation he was part of earlier. you frown when you see how loose his tie is around his neck.
someone’s secretary isn’t good with ties.
“not a good look,” you remember chan saying. like second nature, you reach over to grab hyunjin’s shoulder, gently turning him to face you. your hands find their way to the man’s tie, sliding the knot up to tighten it. when you look up, hyunjin’s eyes are on you and so are the eyes of the men around you.
the group grows silent and both of your breaths hitch. you’re frozen in your spot, blinking as you see hyunjin’s cheeks turn bright red. his eyes scan your face, panicked and confused. your hands on his tie start to shake and as you’re about to apologize, you feel a hand land on your lower back.
“i’m afraid i’d have to steal her for a bit, hyunjin,” you hear behind you. you bite your lower lip as you lean away from hyunjin, settling into the familiar hand. it takes a second for the blonde-haired man to recover, but he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck as he forces a smile.
“go ahead,” hyunjin chuckles shakily. “i’m not about to steal your secretary from you.”
“i’d like to see you try,” chan laughs and as if on cue, the others laugh with him. you give hyunjin an apologetic look when your eyes meet and he responds with a quick bow of his head like it was his fault. you put on your best fake laugh, your heart beating in your ears.
once the men stop laughing, the jokes thrown out earlier dissipate into thin air. and as much as you’d like to believe that these men were all friends, you were knowledgeable enough about the industry to say that this was all for show— the bows, the greetings, the jokes, the laughs, them coming to the party to “celebrate” chan’s success, all of it.
hyunjin’s the first to speak again, moving away from you and chan to close the circle and get away from the awkwardness that has formed between the three of you.
you feel chan remove his hand from your lower back and he uses it to grab your hand. “let’s dance.” chan whispers in your ear. you wet your lip as he leads you to the dance floor and the crowd parts to make way for the man of the hour and his plus one.
chan has always made you feel like you were the only woman in the room and he does it again tonight when he circles around you, his hand not letting go and his eyes never leaving yours. chan grins as he closes the gap between you and you hear your own breath stop. your eyes trail down to his lips when he wraps an arm around your waist.
your heartbeat rings in your ear once more when you and chan start swaying in time with the music. “i thought you didn’t want to dance tonight,” you whisper.
“it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, you know.”
you rest your forehead on his shoulder as you scoff internally. bang chan, the man whose head is always filled with work, even during events like this, now wants to have fun and dance with his secretary?
you could laugh, but instead you let him lead you on the dance floor. you and he have never done this and you wonder if he feels as nervous as you are. but knowing him, he would never show it, at least not right now.
as the both of you settle in the feeling of each other’s warmth, he mumbles, “you feel it too?”
you shiver as you lean back from his shoulder. you wanted to ask what he meant. was he referring to the way your heart skips a beat when you catch him staring from his office window or when he throws you a soft smile when he walks by your desk? or was he talking about the way his hand lingers for way too long when you give him his coffee or the way his hand subtly reaches out for yours when it’s close to his?
you weren’t stupid. of course, you’ve felt it. everyone in the office has, except for bang chan himself.
maybe it’s not insanity after all. your colleagues aren’t talking out of their asses and there’s a chance, no matter how small it is, that bang chan felt it too. whatever it may be.
chan clicks his tongue when you don’t answer, his eyes scanning your face as you struggle to come up with a coherent thought. he breaks the eye contact before looking around the hall. “everyone’s watching.”
you feel a quick pang of pain in your chest. bang chan, the youngest CEO of his family’s company and the smartest out of all the men in here, is the most oblivious man you’ve ever come across. heat creeps up onto your cheeks and you mentally smack yourself in the head. you were crazy for even hoping that you were both on the same wavelength. it’s just not possible, no matter how much you romanticize the whole situation. you swallow as you nod, hanging your head gently as the both of you continue to sway.
“don’t be shy,” chan chuckles softly. “you’re doing great.”
“yeah, right,” you mumble, playing off the embarrassment and the pain bubbling in your chest. you see a flash of worry pass chan’s eyes, but he doesn’t say anything.
the dance floor slowly fills up with the other couples in the hall, taking the prying eyes off of the two of you. for now. you let out a shaky exhale as chan’s hand squeezes yours.
“you also did great with hyunjin’s tie.”
you raise your eyebrows in surprise, letting out a soft, but nervous giggle. “i have enough experience with yours, sir.” chan snorts before rolling his eyes playfully. he spins the both of you around, wading through the other couples as smoothly as he could manage.
“my ties are of better quality, miss y/l/n. you, of all people, would know.” chan chuckles before his eyes leave yours. he pulls you in closer to him, inhaling softly when you collide with him. what that was for, you don’t know, but you’re close enough to feel his breath on your skin. there must be something in the air.
or maybe he’s just drunk. who knows, really?
“right,” you tease after a few beats of silence, “your ties are imported and his are...?”
“probably imported too,” chan shrugs. “he has the money.”
you scrunch your nose, pulling back from his embrace. “you have to make up your mind. you either talk about him behind his back or you compliment him.” chan tilts his head as he shrugs again, eyes filled with amusement. “you can’t do both.”
“i can do both,” chan mumbles. “i just did it, yes?”
you feel a set of eyes on the both of you, but this time you couldn’t care less. chan, with his charm, wit, and annoying smile, has managed to calm your nerves yet again. it makes you wonder if there was ever a line between friendship and work with the two of you.
you’re taken back to reality as you and chan sway in a comfortable silence, letting the orchestra take you to a world only the two of you knew. you sigh as you turn your head and rest your cheek on his shoulder. you inhale the scent of his cologne, the one you’ve come to know and love after all these years.
“hey,” you hear chan say after a while. you raise your head to meet his eyes before raising an eyebrow. “don’t fix anyone else’s ties when we’re together, okay?”
“are you jealous?” you taunt as you try not to focus on the fact that bang chan’s lips are right there, plump, red, and lonely. chan scoffs, his arm around your waist tightening.
“should i be?”
you laugh, throwing your head back dramatically as chan twirls the both of you around. when he stops, your eyes meet again and he gives you another grin. “you sound like you are.” his grin disappears as quickly as it formed, turning into a small, playful snarl.
“do i? that’s interesting,” chan teases, his shoulders relaxing ever so slightly. “i just,” he breathes, “don’t appreciate you going around the place fixing every man’s tie in here.”
you giggle, lightly smacking chan’s shoulder. “i fixed one, chan,” you snicker. “i fixed one tie. one!”
“that’s one too many ties, sweetheart.” the nickname travels throughout your body. it’s something he’s never called you before. you blush once more, turning your head away from him as you pretend to look at the other couples dancing. chan hums in front of you, unwrapping his arm around you to instead plant his hand on your waist.
“i was just doing my job,” you mutter. chan licks his bottom lip before he responds. your breath stops when you catch him taking in your facial features, but within a second, his eyes travel back to yours.
“i don’t think ‘fixing hwang hyunjin’s tie’ was part of the contract you signed years ago.”
“but fixing your tie is?” you retort.
chan grins at how fast you respond, shrugging playfully before twirling you around. the couples beside you gasp and giggle, your cheeks heating up at the sudden motion and attention. when you return to chan, he’s chuckling as he wraps his arm around your waist again, pulling you into his torso once more.
“you signed up for that the moment you were hired,” chan mutters, lips painfully close to yours. you swallow as your body starts to grow hot from the lack of space between the two of you.
for a moment, the people around you disappear and you could only focus on the way chan’s breath comes in contact with your skin. when he notices your eyes on his lips, he grins as he continues. “that means you’re only fixing my tie.”
you bite your lip when he leans in to whisper, his arm lowering to a place that you weren’t used to, “and the last time i checked, we’re still in a party thrown for me. in my company. in my house.”
your eyes widen when he pulls away, putting a small space in between the two of you. his arm loosens around you and you can’t help but long for its warmth again. your cheeks are flushed red when you part your lips to say, “chan, i—“
“don’t apologize,” chan interrupts, tilting his head as his arm comes back up to its previous position. it’s as if the words that left his mouth earlier were nothing important, like it wouldn’t keep you up at night. “just do better next time.”
you were used to hearing those words from chan, being his secretary. you had to admit that you  weren’t the best one for the job, almost always messing up the man’s schedule or just being plain absentminded while you’re sat on your office chair. you’ve lost track of how much you’ve put chan through, but it was always the same seven words he utters when he helps you clean up the mistakes. it’s a miracle you’re still his secretary, almost a decade after.
“as always,” you stutter softly, your breath betraying you when it hitches.
you see the couples on the dance floor dispersing and before you could move away from chan, he pulls you back into his chest to whisper, “let’s get out of here.” you raise an eyebrow.
“this early?” chan nods in response.
“in 10 minutes,” he turns the both of you to the direction of the back door, “i’ll be waiting for you over there.”
you blink at him as his words replay over and over in your mind. bang chan was the type to finish parties to the point that sometimes, you and he were the last people to leave the venue. but now, he wants to leave the party that was thrown specifically to celebrate him?  
“this is new,” you choke out. chan chuckles as he steps away from you, hand still not letting go of yours. he brings the back of your hand to his lips and gives it a soft peck. his lips linger on your skin and when his eyes come up to meet yours, he smirks.
“10 minutes.”
Tumblr media
when you look at the obnoxiously large clock on the stage at the end of the room, you realize that the minutes have flown by before you even started counting them.
meeting chan’s eyes from across the room, you knew that it was time to leave. he puts his wine glass on the table beside him, giving one of the businessmen a pat on the back as he excuses himself. when he disappears into the crowd, you clasp your hands together as you wonder what he had planned for the remainder of the night.
your eyes fall on chan when you arrive. he’s resting his back on the wall behind him and his shoulders are slumped, a stark contrast from the way he looked inside earlier. his hands are inside his pockets and the top two buttons of his black formal polo are now unbuttoned. he’s looking at the floor as he waits, his foot tapping to the rhythm of the song being performed in the other room. the echo of your heels in the empty room grabs chan’s attention and he raises his head to meet your eyes, a smile on his lips. 
“ready to go?” he asks.
“to where, exactly?” you hum, grabbing your phone from your dress pocket to give chan’s driver a quick text.
like the way your breath hitches, your movements halt when chan opens the back door for you. shouldn’t you be the one to open it for him and not the other way around? you motion forward with your hand and chan shakes his head.
“ladies first.”
“listen, i don’t know what you’re doing,” you start, “but i know you’re expecting something in return after this.” chan lets out an exhale through his nose as he smiles. “so, i think you should step out first.”
“maybe, i just want to do something for you this time,” chan shrugs. “have you ever thought of that?”
chan watches the way your cheeks heat up and before any of you could say anything else, you hear a honk outside. he’s the first to break the eye-contact, looking behind to wave at his driver. he turns his attention back to you with a cheeky grin on his lips.
“like i said, ladies first.”
you narrow your eyes toward him, but you step out nonetheless. behind you, you hear the door close and chan’s walking toward the car before you could blink. you follow after him, your heels clacking on the concrete. you overtake him as you near the car, your hand gripping the handle to open the door for him. his hand makes contact with yours, enveloping it as he does the same.
your eyes meet and it might have been because of the cold night air, but you see the color of bang chan’s cheeks turn into a light shade of red. you try to stop yourself from shivering when he grips your hand tighter to open the car door. your eyes don’t leave him as it opens and he motions for you to enter first.
you hesitate. wasn’t this your job?  
“y/n,” you hear him call, “i insist.”
you sigh, but don’t say anything else when you slip your hand out of his grip, ducking as you get inside the backseat. chan follows soon after, closing the car door and greeting his driver as he relaxes his back on the seat behind him.
chan’s driver turns to him as he asks, “where to, sir?”
he answers, “take us home, please.”
and with that, chan presses the button to slide the partition close.
the words that left his mouth almost give you whiplash. it was such a simple sentence, but somehow, your brain couldn’t comprehend it. you open your mouth as you turn to give chan a look. he reciprocates as he cocks his head to the side, chest glistening underneath the streetlights. 
“i apologize if that was a bit forward, but is it okay if i bring you to my place?” your boss hums, putting his arm on the curve of the backseat. “i figured we could work there instead of the office.”
you let his words settle into you the same way you lean back on the seat. your mind travels back to the calendar you prepared and submitted to him last sunday—a couple of meetings on monday and tuesday, a press conference on wednesday, and a celebratory party on thursday. and since everyone’s too hungover to function the next day, friday’s scheduled to be a lighter one, as requested by chan himself. you furrow your eyebrows, looking up at the ceiling to wonder, did you somehow forget the details you put on the schedule?
and not just details, but work? didn’t you and chan rush two days worth of tasks the previous nights so that the both of you can, as you quote him, “enjoy the party”? but, here you were, on the way to his house to work. again.
chan catches the look in your eyes. “it’s nothing heavy. i just need your help.”
“and why wasn’t this plotted in your official schedule?” you question, letting your eyes drift to his, an eyebrow raised.
chan’s eyes widen and he brings his forearm up to scratch the side of his head. “it’’s really not that important to warrant a spot in my calendar.”
“but, important enough for you to ask for my help?”
the color on chan’s cheeks disappear and his smile drops the way his arm does to his side.  he scoffs softly. “if it’s work related, of course.” he shakes his head. “you’re my secretary. a part of your job is to heed every call.”
“is this what i have to do since you opened the door for me earlier?”
“‘this’ being?”
“staying up all night with you again. working.”
chan rests his elbow on the window beside him. “that’s never been a problem for you, y/n,” he pauses. “why is it a problem now?”
you weren’t one to complain, but was it such a bad thing to long for a break? sure, the party takes place inside the company’s hall, but you didn’t have to be hunched over a desk, reading through paperwork to summarize and report or make him coffee to keep him awake. you weren’t required to do things for him—to work— because the both of you were there to have fun, mingle, and socialize with all of the other hot shots in the industry.
you were hoping, even just for one night, that you’d escape work responsibilities, that chan would have something fun planned for tonight.
but, maybe you expected for too much from bang christopher chan.
his dry laugh interrupts your thoughts. “unless you’d rather be with hwang hyunjin on that dance floor?”
“hwang hyun— are you kidding me?” you exclaim, eyes wide, as you turn to him. “you’re picking a fight because of hwang hyunjin? i can’t believe this.”
you huff as you cross your arms in front of your chest, looking away from chan to gaze out the window. the previous topic of the calendar is thrown out and it joins the blur of the buildings moving past the car. never in your life have you despised a three-letter word until now, when memories of tonight are slowly overpowered by the word tie. 
you hear chan take a deep breath and you couldn’t help but wonder if the man is actually jealous. if so, you’d prefer he tell you, rather than going back and forth. but then again, you were perfectly fine sitting like this with him—silent and unmoving. it stays like this for a few good minutes, until, in the corner of your eye, you see chan’s knee start bouncing. if it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t—
“i don’t see the big deal,” you sigh exasperatedly. “it’s just a damn tie.” before your hands even fall to your lap, chan’s eyes are on you like they never left.
he turns his body to you, motioning with his hands as he frowns. “it’s not just a tie to me. do you know how close th—“
“so, you are jealous?” you ask, putting a hand on your forehead as your skin heats up. “you’re jealous because i fixed another man’s tie?”
he furrows his eyebrows, shaking his head, as he grips the curve of the backseat. “i—“
“chan, you’re not even wearing a tie tonight! what am i supposed to fix—oh my god!“
the air in the car grows heavy as you try and catch your breath. chan slowly lowers his head to gaze upon his exposed chest. the tips of his ears turn red and it quickly travels down to his cheeks and neck. he swallows as he rubs his nape, a sheepish grin replacing the frown he had on earlier.
it was moments like this that make you wonder if chan’s really the smartest man you know.
“i guess you’re right,” chan whispers. “i’m sorry.”
“you should be,” you say in disbelief. “god, chan, it’s not like i wanted to do it!” he raises his eyebrows, letting out a soft hum, as he nods at your words. you crinkle your nose as you continue. “it was an honest mistake that i”— you point to yourself—“wholeheartedly regret doing and before yo—“
“i just don’t like other men looking at you the same way i do,” chan cuts you off, volume higher than usual. “okay? that’s it.” your boss slices the air to, quite literally, cut the tension. “end of argument.”
absolutely not. not after what he just said.
chan shrugs as he turns away from you to rest his elbow on the window once more. your heart pounds in your chest as his words float around in your mind, attacking every single thought that had made its presence known. your mind becomes an empty void and when you come to your senses—one of them—your skin forms goosebumps.
and it’s not because of the ac in the car.
“help me understand what’s happening right now, chan.”
“y/n,” chan groans softly. “if only you saw the way hyunjin looked at you. his eye—“
“i tripped in front of him!”
“and that’s the charm of it all,” chan states as he turns to look at you. your eyes meet and your heart skips a beat. you blink at him and he sighs.
“you’re different from all of the other women in there. you’re a breath of fresh air.”
your shoulders relax, but your hands begin to sweat. your anger and frustration have now been replaced by confusion and the butterflies in your stomach, which have been reserved for the man in front of you, start flapping their wings as your cheeks heat up. you’re about to ask what he meant, but chan parts his lips and it shuts you up quickly.
“it’s hard to let our guards down. the industry’s full of competition, full of rivalry, so you have to have thick skin,” chan pauses to shrug. “the businessmen in that party don’t care about my success, nor do the media. they only care about what’s next for us, what’s next for the company, all that good stuff.” chan sighs, “you know what i mean.”
“because of that,” he clicks his tongue, “i can’t have friends, nor can i have relationships because i’m never sure why they’re with me.” chan laughs bitterly and you feel a bit of resentment seeping out as he continues. “is it about the money? the fame? corporate espionage? fuck if i know,” chan looks back out of the window. on his thigh, you see his fist clench.
it was at this moment that you knew that this was not bang christopher chan, but this was only chan beside you, the complex, but relaxed and soft-spoken man you were privileged enough to know and spend time with during late nights in the office. a side of him no one else saw, but for some reason, he was willing to share as you sat beside him on his office couch.
the silence that comes after is louder than anything you’ve heard at the party earlier. you decide to take the leap, reach out, and hold his hand.
“y/n,” he breathes out, stopping your hand. “you’re different, okay? you’re different because you’ve never made me feel that way.” chan runs a hand through his hair. “the men and women in the office tiptoe around me, like there’s eggshells or something,” chan hangs his head down as he taps his fingertips on his thigh. “but you, you barely ever do.”
your breath catches in your throat and you whimper, “chan—“
“i’m not finished,” chan jokes shakily, turning his body to you this time. “you’re not afraid to make mistakes when you’re around me, laugh at my jokes, or sometimes, you just sit there and listen to me ramble.” chan smiles to himself. “you tell me what’s on your mind, your opinions, your views and most of the time, that’s the highlight of my day, not”— he motions with his hands—“the sale i’ll be making in the afternoon or the press conference we’ve got planned.”
us, we. always the duo, you and chan were. but why does tonight feel different and why is the sparkle in his eyes more prominent than before? “hell,” chan rolls his eyes playfully, “you even answer back to me. not a lot of people get that privilege.” even if your eyebrows are furrowed, your lips part to let out a soft giggle.
“and it does infuriate me,” he chuckles, shaking his head. “but i’ll let you do it.” chan lets his eyes meet yours and you freeze.
“over and over again.”
you feel as if a strong wind blows in the car, knocking you back into the seat. you grip the side of your dress to keep your hand from shaking. chan’s stare burns your skin and you try your best not to melt into the car itself. he inhales, “whenever you talk back, it makes me feel human. it reminds me that”—he puts a hand over his chest—“i’m not perfect, that i make mistakes, and that i should let my pride down sometimes.”
“sometimes?” you interrupt. chan’s ears perk up when he hears you and he lets his shoulders relax, his eyes growing soft and a grin forming on his lips. 
“yes, sometimes,” chan snickers. “but, i guess what i’m trying to say is,” he sighs, “you make me feel human, not a business drone or ‘the most successful CEO of the year’.”
before you could respond or even make sense of the point, chan quickly adds, “and you probably made hyunjin feel the same way when you tripped. i remember you told me that he bursted out laughing as soon as you left his office.”
“yeah,” you deadpan. “thanks for that memory.” beside you, chan chuckles and the car slows down when the light turns red.
and with a small smile on his lips, your boss at the other end of the seat looks back out of the window. in the corner of your eye, you see chan’s hand on the middle of the seat. you’re almost tempted to take it into yours as your mind travels to the words he uttered only moments ago.
there’s a reason why he’s awarded as the country’s most successful CEO. chan, as lovingly labelled by the media, is the industry’s Wolf, a title that was given to him during his second year in the position. and though many have come close, like the blonde-haired man in the party earlier, chan has never been overthrown by any other. sharp and smart, bang chan has done more than his father ever could, bringing the company to the international stock market and to other heights that only the other CEOs could dream of.
but, all these achievements came at a price. it’s lonely at the top, as they’ve said, and with bang chan, you saw that very statement come to life. chan, because of his reputation and riches, has closed himself up to make sure his mind and his company stays ahead and clear. that, of course, meant that he had to solve his personal problems on his own.
because who would the man on top run to when there’s no one else with him?
however, with his words, you realize that, maybe, you were that person for him. the person he can laugh and joke around with. the person he can talk to freely, ramble to, and spend time with. the person that allows him to be himself, no judgements, no pressure.
though, you’ve always felt some sort of tension between the two of you, it was enough to know that chan saw you more than just his secretary. you’d rather have him that way, than nothing at all. you turn to him.
you’re about to thank him, but chan’s voice rings out in the car as the light outside turns green. “and apart from all of that, you’re gorgeous too.”
“excuse me?” you choke out, eyes widening. chan turns to you, an eyebrow raised as he exhales through his nose. a soft ‘what?’ leaves his lips. “did i have too much to drink tonight?” chan merely chuckles at the question.
“you didn’t have any,” he responds. you shake your head as you shift uncomfortably in your seat.
it couldn’t be possible. was this a dream? first, chan became slightly possessive and now he’s calling you gorgeous like it won’t affect you, like you’ll believe him. the world must be punishing you right now, but if you close your eyes, maybe you’ll wake up in your apartment like it’s groundhog day. as you try and shut the world off, chan calls out your name and it brings you back to the car.
“do you want me to repea—“
“no!” you exclaim, leaning over to grab chan’s forearm.
chan glances at your hand, then at your lips. it’s through this subtle action that you realize how close the two of you are. he blinks at you while his cheeks become coated with a nice shade of red, but he doesn’t pull his arm away. “well, you heard me,” he utters. “i apologize if i don’t say it enough or don’t say it at all.”
you’re about to lose your mind.
“but, um,” chan uses his free hand to scratch the back of his neck, “you really are beautiful. hwang hyunjin knows it, changbin knows it, the staff in the office know it, and i know it.” chan pauses as his eyes scan your face for any reaction, to which you respond only with your mouth slightly opening.  
he huffs as he furrows his eyebrows, “i know it because i get to be with you everyday and i’d be stupid to deny it to myself any further.”
“and yes, it does bother me when men stare at you,” chan continues. your chest tightens and you couldn’t breathe, but it’s somehow the good kind, the kind that you don’t want to end, the kind that you could get used to.
“they see how much of a great woman you are, in the office and out of it. i’m glad they do, but at the same time,” chan pauses to remove his forearm from your grip. he wraps both of his hands around your wrists.
“you and i have been together for so long that i can’t see myself working with anybody new.” you blink. “what if they take you away? what if they offer you a higher salary or promise you more opportunities? or what if the—“
“chan,” you whisper, “just tell me what you want to say.” the man in front of you lets out a shaky breath and when he opens his mouth once more, a mess of incoherent words come out.
“just give it to me straight.” you plead. both of your eyes lock as his breath intertwines with yours.
you’ve only really lit one firework in your whole life.
how it goes is you strike a match to ignite a spark and while it travels down the incredibly long wick, it gives you ample time to run away and cower. the experience of running and waiting was thrilling, but what came after was underwhelming—the spark did not carry over to its destination.
but as chan presses his lips on yours, his hands tightening around your wrists to pull you in closer, you’re finally able to see the spark reach its destination after the 8 years of long, agonizing wait. the firework fires up into the sky, the black canvas being painted by a million different colors all at once. chan removes his hands around your wrists to cup your face.
now, you can say that you’ve lit two fireworks in your life.
compared to the absolute chaos happening inside of your body, the kiss is slow and gentle with chan’s lips, soft and plump, perfectly fitting into yours like a puzzle piece you never knew was missing. you tangle your hands into his hair to push him into you deeper and chan lets you, tilting his head to the side.
chan’s hand is the match that ignites another spark in your chest as it travels down to the side of your neck. your heart pounds louder when his hand settles on your skin, the heat from his fingertips combining with the heat that has formed on your neck.
you find yourself leaning back to the corner of your seat and before you could process it, chan’s on top of you. your skin forms goosebumps when his hand moves down to your waist. when you arch your back and push your torso onto his, you rip a soft groan from the back of his throat.
chan pushes himself off of you, his pupils dilated and his breath not being remotely enough for him.
“what was that for?” you whisper, your chest heaving. outside, you see his mansion come into view.
“you said to give it to you straight.”
but, fuck, you wanted more. you wanted curves, zigzags, waves, all of it. as long as chan’s lips are on yours again, you wanted it all.
Tumblr media
truth be told, you’ve never set foot in chan’s house. you’ve only seen the mansion through the car window, but you knew, one way or the other, you’ll be able to see what lies inside. of course, you were his secretary. heed every call, right?
you just didn’t envision that it’d be in this way.
you don’t finish your sentence as you’re gently pushed back onto the front door once it closes. chan’s on you like the way he was in the car, but this time, he’s closer, the distance almost non-existent as he puts his hands on your waist. goosebumps arise from your skin as his lips find their way to your neck. you’ve always thought you were stronger than this, but you’re already gasping for air when he starts peppering kisses down your skin.
“chan,” you breathe. he comes up from the side of your neck with his eyebrow raised and a small grin on his lips. “i thought we had work to do.”
chan hums nonchalantly in response and he merely dives back in your neck, closing the space between the two of you like you weren’t close enough. you find yourself tilting your head to give him more access and chan, being the smart man he is, notices this immediately. he grunts softly and you shiver, his lips latching onto the sides he hasn’t taken in.
you bite your lip, but as much as you were enjoying the attention, especially after 8 years of longing, you and chan had to work. knowing him, he’d value work over this in a heartbeat. you try and push him off of you, but he only tightens his grip.
“chan,” you whine, “this can wai—“
“no,” he mutters as he pulls you into his torso, “it can’t.” he hovers his lips on yours, his hot breath hitting your skin. “i don’t want to wait anymore.” you gasp when he squeezes your waist.
“i can’t. not anymore.”
though chan’s tone is stern, there’s longing in his voice like he’s a man who’s been denied of life’s pleasures for years and frankly, you feel the same way. he didn’t have to say anything else before you’re clashing your lips into his, your hands travelling to his hair and tugging on it. chan presses his body onto yours and you’re pushed back on the door again. you whimper.
chan’s clothed torso is hot against yours and its heat travels down in between your thighs. your wetness pools in your panties and before you knew it, he’s unwrapping his arm from your waist to lift you up. your legs wrap around his torso in an instant, like the both of you have done this before. he grins into the kiss, his hands finding their way to the curve of your ass as he starts walking to his bedroom.
even with his eyes closed and his neck craned up to keep his lips on yours, chan wades smoothly through his furniture and the both of you make it up the stairs with no problem. you should have been more concerned, but knowing bang chan, he’s got you. always have and always will, that much you know. he does, however, accidentally slam you onto his bedroom door. you wince.
“sorry,” chan mumbles. “won’t happen again.”
“excited?” you tease softly. chan chuckles against your lips as he reaches out to grab the door handle.
“very.” you feel a gush of wind hit your back as the door opens. his lips are on yours again as the both of you make your way in.
he lies you down on the bed, your hair splaying all over your shoulders and on the sheets behind you. when chan pulls away, he latches himself onto the skin behind your ear and you sigh as you put your hand on the back of his head. you arch your back into him when you feel his member hardening from below you and all he could do is chuckle, though a bit shaky.
chan runs a hand down to your waist as you spread your legs open to accommodate him. “you’re already so beautiful,” he breathes on your skin, “and you aren’t even naked yet.”
your breath catches in your throat, whimpering in response. it was overwhelming enough to learn that chan finds you beautiful, but to think that he’s thought of you unclothed? you could die happy now, as cheesy as that sounds. he comes up from your neck to press a soft kiss on your jaw. his free hand trails up the side of your body, fingers playing with the zipper located on the side of the dress.
“may i?”
the question rings out in the room and it echoes in the confines of your mind. such a simple, harmless question, but you feel blood rush to every part of your body. your legs close around his torso, your clit starting to throb at the prospect of being undressed by the man you’ve been hopelessly in love with. you nod and chan whispers a soft ‘thank you’ as he starts unzipping your dress.
as you feel your dress start unravelling with his touch, you inhale, taking in chan’s scent. it’s a combination of mint and lemon and it’s something you’ve gotten used to after years of working with him. it’s never been anything but cologne to you, but tonight it’s ambrosial and intoxicating. you let yourself drown in it, closing your eyes as chan’s lips continue to do their wonders on your neck.
the cold air hits your skin once chan fully unzips your dress and it brings you back to his bed, in his presence, in his hold. you whimper softly in his ear. he squeezes your waist, grunting as he presses a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“i can’t believe we waited this long,” chan whispers. you giggle before slowly slipping your arms out of your now loose dress straps. you don’t break the eye contact as you tug your dress down to your chest. the dip in between your tits catches chan’s attention and he breaks the stare to shamelessly trail his eyes down.
chan licks his bottom lip before he looks back up at you.
“we don’t have to wait anymore,” you reassure, reaching a hand up to swipe your thumb over his lip, glistening and swollen.
at your words, chan’s eyes dilate and darken. the color of his cheeks turn into a shade of red and as you’re about to tease, chan tugs your dress down your chest, exposing your breasts in all of its entirety. heat travels all over your body and your nipples harden under his touch. chan dips down to your chest like the bead of sweat trickling down your back and you can only moan when his lips start sucking the skin in between your breasts.
you whimper when he cups one of your tits, kneading it softly as he continues to suck on the skin. your hand finds its way to chan’s shoulder and you grip it as he pulls away with a soft pop. chan gazes up at you before smirking, your words failing you once again when he attaches his lips beside your nipple, nipping on the skin to leave another mark.
you moan his name as your hand latches onto the back of his head, pulling him into your skin even more. his teeth graze you and you arch your back into him, only to be pushed down by his hand on your waist. he doesn’t say anything once he pulls away, only going back in to leave more marks on your chest.
as if the marks weren’t proof of who you belonged to, chan utters, “mine.” you squeeze his shoulder tighter. “all mine.”
maybe, this is why chan’s called “the Wolf”.
your mouth falls open, his name falling off of it as his lips wrap around your nipple. the hand on your waist moves back up to cup your other breast. one of chan’s fingers plays with your other nipple and your hips lifts up to meet him, your heat making contact with his member. chan groans onto your skin, the vibrations travelling back down to where you ached for him.
“you say my name so prettily, babe.” the nickname shoots you straight in the chest and your heart aches. never in a million years did you think that chan would be on you the way he was now. the thought makes you whine softly. you feel chan’s hand move away from your breast. it follows the curve of your body and it slips in between your thighs, making you spread your legs even further apart. chan chuckles breathlessly.
you shiver when he presses his fingers in the front of your panties and you bite your lip when he starts rubbing, his tongue on your nipple following the motion of his fingers below you. as most new lovers, however, chan’s missing where you needed him most and you move your hips to help him find it. chan’s off of your nipple the moment you call out above him, chest slightly heaving as he looks up at you.
“can you move—“ you pant, “to the left?”
it takes a second for him to realize, the movement of his fingers slowing to a halt as he tilts his head. he blushes softly when he does and he chuckles. “i... just—“ he complies with your needs, but he’s still not—
“oh fuck. yeah,” you cry out when he finally finds your nub. “right there, chan. right there.”
“yeah baby,” he grunts, a smirk taking over his lips after. “i feel you.”
it’s amazing how chan’s making you see stars when he’s only rubbing you through your panties. chan notices this too, pecking one of the marks he left on your chest as he hums, moving down in between your legs. he inhales softly, fingers still making circles on your clit.
“god,” he groans. “you smell so sweet.” your wetness gushes out of you and you grip the sheets beside you, biting your lip as you feel his hot breath caress your folds. chan raises his eyes and he licks his lip when your eyes lock.
“i want to taste you.”
so simple, so straightforward, yet so obscene coming from the mouth of an executive. chan grins when you breathe a ‘yes’, your back arching when he hooks a finger on the waist band of your panties, teasingly taking his time as he pulls it down your thighs. you buck your hips up and chan snickers, “okay, okay. i got it.”
he puts your panties aside before he comes back up to your torso. his clothed member is dangerously close to yours and you’re almost tempted to grind yourself onto him. “let’s get this off,” chan mumbles as he tugs on your dress. “now.”
it may be the secretary in you or it may just be the lust that’s driving you at this point, but you’re scrambling to help chan get rid of the dress that’s clinging to your body. you shiver when it’s removed fully, the dress hitting the floor with a soft thud. chan looks down at you and he lets out a long breath like he’s been holding one in. you blush and instinctively, your hands try to cover your body. he frowns as he leans back down to grab a hold of your hands.
“no,” he mumbles before pressing a kiss on your lips. “your body’s beautiful. you’re beautiful. don’t hide from me.”
chan lets go of your hands and you let them fall down to your sides. “do you know how long i’ve wanted to see you like this?” he mutters as he kisses down your torso. goosebumps form on your skin. “especially when you wear those skirts.”
your heart pounds in your chest when he settles in between your thighs, kissing them before he dips down to press a kiss on your clit. your hand goes to his hair, your core clenching at the feeling of being empty.
“oh, that’s so cliché,” chan interjects, a playful smile on his lips as he raises his head.  the atmosphere in the room changes and you find yourself opening your eyes as you prop yourself up with your elbows. you raise an eyebrow as heat travels to your cheeks.
“if i got off to that nickname, i would have had a hard-on every time you called me sir.”
you roll your eyes with a huff as you lie back down on the bed. “just get on with it.”
“wow,” he laughs softly, “my secretary’s ordering me around now?”
truthfully, you loved banter with chan, but not tonight. not when he’s there, in between your thighs, purposefully ignoring the sex that’s staring him straight in the eyes. always the tease, bang chan was. you’re just not having it tonight.
“i’m not your secretary right now.”
you hear chan inhale sharply and within a second, he’s on your core like a fiend craving a shot of his drug. your hand’s on his hair again, tugging on it as you moan incoherently. he licks a stripe from your hole to your clit, the lewd sounds of his tongue lapping your wetness ringing out in the room after. your hip bucks up when he starts sucking on your clit and he puts your leg over his shoulder in the process to give him more access to your folds.
“you’re so delicious,” chan groans. “better than anything i’ve ever tasted.” you moan out brokenly, pulling him back into your clit like your life depended on it. he chuckles against it and the vibrations allow an explosion of a million fireworks inside of you. your mouth falls open the way your legs do, your moans filling the room with the sound of chan’s full lips on your pussy.
chan smirks below you, obviously pleased by the way your body is reacting to him. it’s embarrassing, but that’s what he gets for taking his precious time with you. you know he won’t let this go any time soon, but you couldn’t care less. he pecks your clit before pulling away. your clit throbs at the loss of the friction, but chan makes up for it when he plunges two of his fingers inside of you.
the intrusion is sudden, but welcome, as your back flies off of the bed with a loud cry, sitting up as you grip his shoulder. chan mewls softly as he plants a hand outside of your thigh to support himself as he leans up to crash his lips into yours. you taste your juices on him when he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip and your wetness seeps out, dripping onto the sheets below you. his fingers continue their assault on your pussy, alternatively thrusting and rubbing your walls.
chan pulls away from the kiss and a string of your combined spit attaches itself on his bottom lip. he breaks the string by licking his bottom lip and you find it unfair how chan’s lips just continue to look immaculate despite how swollen and red it is. he simpers as he rests his forehead on yours, sweat starting to form on its sides.
“do you hear yourself, baby?” he purrs. “do you hear how wet you are for me?” for him, for him, for him. all for chan, all for the man you’ve loved for years now. your hand wraps around his nape, pulling chan into your shoulder as he continues to thrust into your heat. he groans as he bites down on the skin, the sound of your slick overpowering anything else in the bedroom. you feel the familiar coil starting to form in your lower regions.
your cunt clenches around his fingers when he curls them and your hips start to gyrate. “y/n,” chan moans, “you’re getting so tight.” you whimper his name as your wetness coats his fingers even more, the sound and the smell of your sex getting more and more prominent as the coil in your stomach threatens to unravel for chan.
“cum for me, baby,” he growls. “cum.”
chan wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into him as ecstasy takes over the entirety of your body. you shake and tremble in his hold as he whispers sweet nothings and praises in your ear. his fingers slow to help you ride out your orgasm and he hums as your legs continue to shiver at his sides. he thrusts his fingers in once, twice, before he pulls them out, pulling away from the embrace to lick his fingers clean. he groans in delight.
you’re panting as you push chan onto the bed, getting on top of him before pressing your swollen lips onto his. naturally, his hands fall onto your hips as your lips move in sync. you run your hand down his clothed chest, the satin feeling supple against your fingertips. your desire, fuelled by the adrenaline surging through your veins, makes you whimper as you pop open the remaining buttons of chan’s polo.
every pop is significant to the way the both of you are letting yourselves go, baring your bodies and souls to each other after years of not being able to, after years of merely hoping. your heart pounds as you rip open chan’s polo, sighing as his torso shines underneath the light streaming inside the bedroom. chan pulls you back into his lips with a gentle hand on the back of your neck.
chan’s lips are soft on yours and you let yourself get carried away as you cup his face. chan hums as he sits up to remove his polo, lips not moving away from yours. he throbs in between your thighs and you gasp. chan takes this opportunity to slip his tongue to connect with yours and the both of you create a new language in the process.
“you’re so beautiful, y/n,” he whines as the both of you pull away. “you’ve always been so beautiful.”
you blush, your hand caressing his cheek gently as you utter a soft ‘thank you’. you share one more quick kiss before your hand moves down his torso to start unbuckling his pants. “let me return the favor.”
“no,” chan answers, reaching down to hold your wrist. “you don’t need to.”
he tightens his hold on your wrist as he pleads softly, “please. you always take care of me, y/n.” he leans up to mutter on your lips, “let me do that for you tonight.”
you weren’t strong enough to refuse the offer and you let chan raise you up from his lap, only to be lied down on the bed once more. you relax into the mattress as chan positions himself in between your legs. as he unbuckles his belt, your mind travels to the moment in the car and you can’t help but wonder—
“you meant what you said earlier, right?”
chan’s eyes are on you immediately as he hears your voice, his hands stopping. “of course, i did.”
“you didn’t just say that to get in my pants?”
chan bites his lip to suppress a laugh and he shakes his head as his hands resume their task earlier. “no,” he giggles. “if that was my plan the whole time, i would have just said ‘hey, i’m bang chan’ and your pants would have slid right off.”
you throw your head back onto the pillows as you laugh softly. “that didn’t happen when you interviewed me.”
“yeah, well,” chan mumbles, sliding out of his pants, “it’s happening now.”
“8 years after, but okay.”
“it’s still happening, so my point still stands,” chan shrugs, chuckling when he sees you cross your arms in front of your chest. “i’m sorry,” he laughs as he leans down to kiss you. “i’m kidding.”
“you’re so full of yourself, babe,” you tease.
your smile disappears when chan’s cock springs out of his boxers, thick and hard, with the tip red and glistening as pre-cum leaks out of it. the base is adorned with his veins, prominent enough to show up in the darkness. his cock twitches and your mouth opens, salivating at the sight of him. 
when you look back up, you let your eyes take in chan and you marvel at him, basking in the presence of a man whose body looks like it has been sculpted by the Gods up above. shoulders broad, muscles defined, your core throbs and tightens at the promise of getting to have him tonight.
it was here that you understood that you didn’t need to be swept off of your feet or be brought to anywhere else fancy when bang chan, in all of his glory, is no place you’ve ever been to. you’re more than willing to get to know him tonight and let him take you where he pleased.
“you’re about to be full of me in a second,” he jokes, smirking. his cheeks turn pink and you try your best to ignore the fondness brewing in your stomach. despite putting on his confident facade, you know chan is as nervous as you are. “lie back.”
you rest your back on the sheets below you, your legs opening to welcome chan in between them for the second time tonight. the feeling of his hands on the side of your body awakens something feral in you and before you can process the reaction, you buck your hips up onto him, your wet core brushing his hard cock. he groans as he pulls away, spitting on his palm before smearing it all over his member. you lick your lip before reaching up to hold his nape once more.
“ready?” he asks as he pumps himself, lining himself up in front of your core.
you feel as if you’re walking a tightrope when he asks you the question. one misstep and you’re falling into everything that encapsulated him, into everything that was bang chan. were you ready to let go and let him overwhelm you? after 8 long years, you finally let your foot slip and the next thing you know, you’re looking back up at chan, hand squeezing his shoulder as you say,
“ready as i’ll ever be, baby.”
it’s as if the gates of heaven opened when chan pushes himself in you, the both of your moans creating a melodic symphony that echoes in the bedroom. his girth parts your walls and the feeling burns ever so slightly. you whimper as you bite your lip, throwing your head back onto the pillows. a comforting hand rests on your waist as he stops at his thickest.
“you’re so big,” you choke out. he hums as he leans down to bury his face in your neck to smile against it. chan presses a soft kiss on your skin as he bottoms out, groaning softly when your cunt clenches around him. you put a hand on his back, pressing his skin as he pulls out fully. he pushes back in roughly, the sound of his balls hitting your skin echoing in the whole room. you claw at his back as you arch yours, gasping, and he grunts softly.
chan starts thrusting, his skin grinding against your swollen nub. “your pussy’s so tight, babe,” he moans. you sigh in response as your legs wrap around his torso, pushing him in you even deeper. you needed him, you wanted him, and you’re here to make sure you get to experience bang chan in ways you’ve never experienced him. it doesn’t matter how many he’s had before you. what matters is that he’s in you now, thrusting his cock and taking you to heaven.
“you’re so good,” you praise, voice cracking as a whine comes out. “you’re so good to me.”
“yeah?” chan breathes, a smug smile forming on his lips. his chest heaves as he continues to ram into you. his skin is hot against yours and you drown in the feeling and in his scent. “you’ve thought about this before, haven’t you?” you whine in response. “such a dirty mind for a refined secretary. ”
chan bites down on your shoulder before slowing his thrusts, raising his head from your neck. “turn around.”
it doesn’t register quickly, but once it does, you’re off of his cock to get on fours, planting your hands on the soft mattress and arching your back to expose yourself to chan. he groans behind you, hovering over you as he puts a hand on the headboard in front of you.
“tell me what you want,” chan whispers, pressing a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“baby, please,” you cry. “you know.”
chan snickers, pushing only the tip of his cock in. “i need to hear you say it.”
“tell me, baby. tell me what you want.”
“your cock, chan. please, i want it. i need it. i want to feel you inside me, please. pl—“
chan squeezes your hips before pounding his cock inside of you. you cry out his name, throwing your head back as your eyes close. you get lost in chan’s grunts, letting them wrap themselves around your body the way chan’s arm snakes around your waist. he pulls your body back into him, your back flushing against his chest. the sounds of your slick coating chan’s cock as he continues to ram into you rings in your ears and you feel your clit ache below you.
“god, baby,” chan grunts. “it’s like my cock’s made for you.”
you whine at his words, your hand making its way down to rub circles on your clit. chan growls softly, removing his hand from the headboard to hold your wrist.
“let me,” he mutters. “let me take you there.”
you weren’t about to say no.
the promise of an orgasm looms on you as chan draws rough circles on your clit. his thrusts start to syncopate from his rhythm and he pushes you back down on the bed gently. you bury your face on his soft sheets and you turn your head to the side as you moan and whine an incoherent mess of praises and curses. you grip the sheets as you spread your legs apart and your thighs start to shake as chan presses his fingers down on your clit.
“baby,” you rasp, tears forming in the corner of your eyes, “i can’t—“ 
chan grunts, “you want to cum for me again?”
“yes, please, please, pl—“
“gush on my cock, baby. let me feel you.”
it’s pure ecstasy when you do, letting yourself go in the pleasure of everything that was bang chan—his moans, grunts, breathing, cock, everything. you cry out into his sheets and grip them until your knuckles turn white. your legs try to close as your whole body shakes and just like the first time, chan takes you to a place you’ve never been, your vision turning blurry as he continues to pound you. your toes curl as you moan his name,  like it’s the only word in your vocabulary. behind you, chan whines softly.
“where do you want me to cum?”
you don’t respond immediately, body shaking in the aftermath of your orgasm. “inside,” you pant. “give it to me.”
chan cries, “jesus, fuck.” he loses his rhythm completely as he leans over you, his sweat falling on your back. “shit, y/n, baby, i— ”
he thrusts a few more times before he grabs your hips, pulling you into him with a groan as he spills his cum, hot and sticky, inside of you. your pussy clamps down on his cock as he grinds inside you to ride his high out, his hand finding its way to the dip of your back. he pulls out after a short while and you whine at the emptiness that comes with it. you do, however, feel both of your juices seep out of you, dripping down on his bed sheets.
“what a sight,” chan mutters behind you as you let your body fall on the bed. you giggle softly as you close your legs, the high wearing down as your body starts to feel heavy. you have a feeling you’d be sore tomorrow, but the both of you weren’t expecting many to come into work, anyway. so, you’ll end up getting away with it. for now. the bed dips beside you and chan pulls you into him, your back against his chest.
for a moment, you listen to his breathing and focus on the way his fingers lied on your stomach. your eyes start to grow heavy, but you hear chan whisper, “are you okay?”
“i am,” you respond softly, turning around to face him. once your eyes meet, chan smiles as he tucks a hair strand on the back of your ear. his hair is disheveled and wet with sweat, but still, chan looked as well put together as he always does. you lean up to kiss him, your lips moving slowly on each other. when you pull away, chan’s eyes are twinkling and he lets out a soft hum of satisfaction.
“so,” you mumble, playfully tapping his bottom lip, “are we still going to work tonight?”
chan groans, throwing his head back with a chuckle. “it can wait.”
“no. it can’t,” you tease, pressing a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. chan’s arms around your waist tighten as he pulls you closer.
“don’t use my words against me,” chan grins. he places his hand on the back of your head, lightly stroking your hair. your eyes grow heavy and the next thing you know, you’re wavering in between falling asleep and staying awake.
you do hear chan’s voice in the midst of all of this, a soft and gentle, “hey, i love you.” you feel him kiss your forehead before you blissfully fall into oblivion.
Tumblr media
you wake up when chan’s bedroom door bursts open, the door handle hitting the wall.
you raise your head, squinting as you watch chan come in with a tray of food. the aroma hits your nose immediately and your stomach growls softly. he gives you a quick, apologetic smile as he puts the tray down at the edge of the bed.
“good morning,” he greets, running a hand through his hair. he sits down beside the tray and he grins. your eyes travel down his figure, the black formal polo from last night is on his torso again, paired with the boxers, you could only assume, he was wearing last night.
friday, a new work day for the two of you. “good morning to you too, sir,” you mumble before rubbing your eyes. your chest stings from all of the marks from last night and you wince. chan lets out a soft hum, reaching out to hold your hand in his.
“did you sleep well?”
“yeah. thanks to you,” you tease. chan runs his thumb on your palm, inhaling as he looks up at you, cheeks pink.
a comfortable silence falls in the room as the both of you sit in each other’s company. it was overwhelming enough that you woke up in chan’s bed, but now he’s cooked you breakfast, plated it, and put it on a tray to bring to you. it didn’t even occur to you that he knew how to cook. you smile to yourself as you realize— you didn’t know everything about him yet. you part your lips to speak, but you didn’t notice chan doing the same.
“oh, you go firs—“
“no, you can—“
the two of you huff simultaneously, laughing at each other. “you go first,” you giggle. chan nods, coughing into his fist with a smile.
“about last night,” he starts, “i hope i didn’t hurt you too much.”
you look down at your chest playfully as you shrug. “it’s no big deal,” you hum. “i enjoyed it.” chan chuckles in response. he watches as you reach over to the plate, letting go of his hand as you bring the plate to your lap. “did you enjoy?” you question.
“yeah, of course,” chan responds immediately. “what’s not to enjoy? i mean, you were spectacular.”
“i could say the same to you, mister ‘no, i can’t wait anymore’.” you joke. chan’s cheeks flush as he scratches the back of his head sheepishly. you dig in your breakfast as chan does the same, the both of you eating in silence. you rest your back on the headboard and you watch chan. his hair is made already and he looks like he’s ready to start the work day. you bite your lip as you look down, your body merely being covered by the duvet. suddenly, memories of last night flood your mind and you sigh softly.
chan catches it immediately.
“where does this lead us?” you ask, putting down your utensils. “you know, this—“ you motion between the two of you—“whatever this is.” you didn’t know what answer you’re waiting for, but you hope it’s positive.
chan thinks for a moment and the silence is deafening. he puts his hand on your thigh,   putting down his plate beside him. “we can tell the office that we’re dating or...” he trails off, looking up at the ceiling, “we can keep this between us for now.”
your eyes widen, coughing as you struggle to come up with an answer. you and chan were together now? chan mentioned the word already, right? his eyes grow worried and he comes over to stroke your back. “did i say something wrong?”
“no, god, no, i just didn’t expect—“
“that i liked you back?” chan furrows his eyebrows. “i think last night was proof enough, baby.”
you blush, covering your face in your hands. chan chuckles softly as he leans over to move your hands away. “we can figure it out as we go,” he hums. “you don’t need to give me an answer right now, okay?”
you nod, your mind in shambles. your breath hitches as chan presses a kiss on your wrist. he looks up at you, “once we’re done eating, we can start the day.” you blink at him and he merely laughs.
“are you even ready for today?” he asks, tilting his head to the side, a smile on his lips.
the question hits you in many different ways, your mind travelling back to the last words you heard from him last night. are you ready to finally be with chan after all these years? you scan his face, taking him in as his smile reaches his eyes. chan looked beautiful and you know you wouldn’t be anywhere else, wouldn’t be with anyone else because all you needed is in front of you and he always has been. both of you were just too stupid to admit it to yourselves.
you straighten your back, clear your throat, throw your disheveled hair behind your shoulder, and smile at him.
“ready as i’ll ever be.”
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chanscoffee · 14 days ago
— what it's like to cockwarm bang chan (m)
word count: 380
warnings: cockwarming, mention of sex, use of the title "sir", slight exhibitionism,
this work is intended for adults only.
This man loves it
He cannot get enough of it
Your bodies being so close together
Especially loves it if you face him
Will literally ask you randomly if you wanna do it
“hey, babe, can you cockwarm me?”
You almost always agree to
You love the feeling as much as he does
Chan filling you up
The occasional thrust up into you every so often
The way he slowly kisses you
He cradles his head in your neck if youre facing him
Telling you how much you mean to him
You could get used to that
Love to cockwarm in his studio
Him sitting in his chair and he just turns to you and motions to his lap
You instantly know what he wants
You wear skirts a lot for easy access for the both of you because he wants to do it so often
Chan almost prefers cockwarming over actual sex
He often wants you to cockwarm him when he’s stressed
He says the feeling of you around him is the best stress reliever he’s ever had
You’ve done it while he did a Chan’s Room on a few occasions
You both have also almost been caught by the members before too
You were just watching a movie
All cuddled up with each other
You were home alone
And one thing led to another and boom
You were cockwarming him
You were thankfully wearing a longer skirt that day that could hide yourself
And you didn’t have enough time from the moment the door opened until the members came into the living room,
So you stayed on Chan’s cock
Jisung sat right next to you two
“You two are always doing something,,,” he grumbled
None of them stayed long in the room, so you two could get situated
But anyways,,,,,
Definitely leads to sex most times
It starts out innocently
But you’re a brat and you know it
Often moving your hips or the occasional bouncing on his cock
Chan groans
His hands hold your hips down tightly
“Baby, you know i’m not afraid to bend you over this desk and fuck you if you don’t behave.”
His words alone make you ache for him
“Understood, sir.”
He would end up fucking you anyways in his studio
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seungisms · a month ago
skz reaction: you being a ‘pillow princess’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, eating out, fingering, dumbification, soft-dom!skz
note: a ‘pillow princess’ is someone that prefers to receive sexual stimulation rather than give it - basically reader not having to lift a finger and the boys doing everything for her <3 @honeydh this one is for you *mwah* maknae line is longer than the rest cause i’m feral for them okay gn
Tumblr media
Chan buried his head deeper between your thighs, mouth softly working away at your dripping heat as his fingers intertwined with your own, loving the small squeezes you inflicted onto them each time his tongue fucked into your tight cunt. This man is absolutely in love with the sight of your angelic form relaxing into the plush pillows, submitting you body completely to him and allowing him to gently coax you closer towards orgasm, taking care of you in every sense. Since he’s a natural giver Chan will thrive knowing you love to receive; spends hours edging and overstimulating your overly sensitive pussy with the sole purpose of watching you become a drooling, needy mess beneath him. You arched further into his touch once he nipped teasingly at your bud, the soft whines tumbling from your kiss-bruised lips doing nothing but encourgaing him to prod deeper into you, unhinging his jaw slightly to devour your cunt whole. Each small tremble and twitch was met with a low hum, the sensation against your aching slit causing you to buck your hips further towards his face - begging for more and he was happy to give and give until you break.
“Just sit there and look pretty, angel. Let me take care of you.”
Gentle circles were traced along the outside of your sheer panties, soaked with arousal, legs spread wide open for the boy that was currently teasing your clit between them. Minho savoured the sight of you in his favourite state; fucked out and hungry for his cock. He thumbed the flimsy fabric of your underwear aside, chuckling lowly at the small whimper that fell from your pretty lips once the tips of his digits grazed against your folds. He loves taking the lead in everything he does and that’s no exception when it comes to getting you off - down on his knees and ready to please you as soon as you so much as throw a needy pout his way. Extremely willing and giving, demonstrated by the way his tongue was currently sucking on your drooling cunt, bringing you closer and closer to the edge with every flat swipe of his tongue against your clit. He’ll edge you until you’re reduced to nothing but a shaking, sobbing slut beneath him and he won’t stop until you’re completely incoherent and sensitive to his every touch.
“You like this sweetheart? You like being taken care of?”
Changbin is proudly and wholly whipped for his sweet pillow princess and gives into your every demand without a second thought. He’ll happily spend hours teasing your dripping pussy, thick fingers pinching and rubbing at your nub before fucking them into your tightness, spreading your hot liquids around and onto your folds - not once ceasing his pleasurable torment, loving how wound up and desperate you become for his cock. Although he absolutely adores the sight of you coming undone beneath him with the slightest graze of his touch, he quickly becomes bored of the one-sided fulfilment; opting for a position that’ll satisfy you both without you having to life a finger. Removes his digits from your core before shoving them between your lips to quieten your whines from the sudden emptiness, letting you taste yourself before slipping his cock into your heat, plush walls clenching snugly around him. His hips brushed slowly against your own, resisting the urge to coat your walls with his hot cum, waiting for you to find your own release first.
“Let me make you feel good honey.”
As much as he loves to deny it, Hyunjin is wrapped around your pretty little finger and will give you everything you want and more until you’re completely fucked dumb and on the verge of passing out - although he does like seeing you throw a little fit before giving in. Purposely prolongs your pleasure just to see you become the brat you truly are, rolling your eyes and huffing loudly as he continues to tease you; but once his fingers start to inch towards your core and you realise he’s finally giving you what you want you completely melt under his touch. His mouth practically waters once he finally exposes your glistening pussy, any previous thoughts of teasing you suddenly forgotten as he buried his head between your plush thighs, wrapping his plump lips around your core and pinning your wriggling hips to the bed, eating up every small gasp and mewl that you hiccuped out. His nose nudged against your nub, sucking your folds into his mouth and hungrily cleaning up the wetness that seeped past your tight hole - eating you out until you were pleased, throbbing and raw.
“Look at my princess, so pretty and needy.”
Despite being a pretty big pillow princess himself Jisung is always eager and ready to please you. He loves giving into your needs just as much as you do so expect to be constantly doted on and smothered in love. Incredibly generous while eating you out, places open-mouthed kisses against your core and devours your pussy whole, pulling away only to giggle softly at the sweet sounds of your sobs filling his senses, each drop of your wetness on his taste buds causing him to buck down against the bed, cock hardening as you wither and whine for his touch. His fingers swiftly fucked into your tight hole as he continued to lap up your juices, tongue tracing your velvety slit with a desperation that could only be satisfied by finally sinking deep into your heat - the throbbing of his thick length becoming too much for him to handle. Covers up the fact that he’s just as hungry to fill you up by tutting mockingly at your flushed cheeks and soft panting, hips fucking into your own at a painfully slow pace to watch you claw at the sheets, searching for something, anything, to grip onto as your pussy wrapped snugly around his cock.
“Look at you, so eager and happy to be used by me. You’re such a cutie.”
No matter how needy or bratty you’re being this man will drop everything to please you. Felix will adore you from head to toe, leaving light kisses over the soft skin of your stomach before pausing at your core, loving the slight gasp that slipped past your lips once his warm breath fanned over your aching cunt. His tongue softly prodded against your slit, teeth grazing your folds before suddenly sucking them between his lips, loving the incoherent mewls and cries you sounded out against him. He’ll eat you out unhinged desperation, huffing and groaning lowly against your cunt as his long fingers spread you apart to mouth further at your pussy, lapping up your sweet juices. Especially likes how fucked out and dreamy you become as he relentlessly overstimulates your spent self, clit puffy and raw yet he won’t stop until you’re unable to think straight; following his every order like a mindless whore, practically drooling at the thought of finally having him fuck you. Muttered praises will be sloppily uttered into your core, loving how well behaved you are for him, pressing your trembling hips into the mattress while messily nudging his nose against your nub, tongue pressing hard down on your pussy and dark eyes taking in every twitch and scrunch of your cute features - glassy, mascara stained eyes and glossy lips only making him want to give in and wreck you sooner.
“You’re so good for me angel.”
Taking care of you is practically hardwired into Seungmin at this point so he’ll spoil you until you’re shaking and begging him to stop, albeit while being a tad mean about it. Loves how receptive you are to his touch, gasping cutely when he so much as teasingly brushes past your core and pouting once he deliberately ignores your pitiful begs, your fussing cut short as he suddenly cups your heat - the sweet smile on his face doing nothing to ease you as he presses down hard on your desperate cunt, clenching around nothing at the slight pressure. He’ll slip his fingers past your folds just slightly, prodding into your dripping heat before withdrawing completely, teetering you on the edge of orgasm; your frustrated cries and glassy eyes only egging him on further. Eventually, he’ll give into your whines, pressing his lips to yours in an open-mouthed kiss before sinking into your heat, thrusting deep and filling you to the brim. He indulges you completely, manhandling and overstimulating you until you’re nothing but a whiny, sobbing, drooling mess trembling beneath him, happy to be used as his personal cum slut. He loves the dumb look that takes over you pretty features as he fucks into you, letting you feel every curve and twitch of his cock.
“Isn’t this what you wanted sweetheart?”
Jeongin admired your pretty form cushioned against the soft pillows, doe eyes staring up at him and hair framing around you like the angel you are; features contorted in pure pleasure as he fucked his fingers into your cunt, the wetness of your core coating his digits with every deep thrust. Being so used to having his hyungs dote and gush over his every move means he absolutely loves taking care of you, bringing you to the edge over and over again all the while ignoring the painful straining of his cock against his thigh, focusing solely on the soft begs that your fucked out form emitted. He also gets off on the sense of control he has over you, watching you mewl and twitch beneath him while unconsciously bucking your hips towards his fingers once he decides to tease you, gasping into his shoulder when he curled his digits deep inside your pussy, brushing softly against the edge of your womb. Super soft with you, nothing but love shining in his eyes and praises tumbling from his lips as he works your cunt, always happy to put your pleasure before his own.
“You’re so pretty.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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