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kitsblade · 2 days ago
Imagine 3RACHA reading smut of themselves in the studio…
Genre : smut
!!trigger warnings!! smut, masturbation, mentions of master kinks, daddy kinks, kitten kinks. Hot and heavy 3racha.
It was decently late at night when Changbin, Han, and Chan all decided it was best to take a break from producing songs in the studio. They had been in there for hours, working nonstop, perfecting the beat, vocals, and raps. Like always, they had been putting their heart and soul into all of it - and now they were exhausted. So they decided it’s be best to take a break.
They had been on their phones, scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, secretly looking at all of the ways stays spoke of them - sweet sayings about how talented they are and edits of their hard work, but some were a bit… thirsty. Now, they all blushed reading the sweet posts, but the tent that grew in their pants when they got on Tumblr for the first time and sound the archives.
Bangchan was reading a smut that involved him having a daddy kink and kitten play kink. He was a caring dom that loved his partner unconditionally, and he treated them like his own pet - and the reader of the story was willing to do anything for him.
Han was reading a smut more on the sweet side of things. In the story, he had taken them on a romantic date at a fancy restaurant where they finished up some cheesecake as desert. When the night was coming to a close, he had been sweetly fucking the reader while they came undone, screaming how much they loved him.
Changbin was reading a master kink smut. He never thought he’d find it so hot that stays not only looked up to him as an idol in the world, but as a domming leader in bed as well. In the imagine, Changbin had been fucking the reader harshly after they disobeyed the rules.
Let’s say, 3RACHA produced some HARD pulsing beats if you get what I’m saying.
Slowly but surely they all left the studio, claiming to be tired, but that’s not at all why they left. They left to go jerk off in their rooms because the thoughts they had wouldn’t go away. Some major tents got pitched.
Han left first, he simply couldn’t handle how sweet and sexy the smut was and immediately jerked off in the bathroom without question. Every time he finished, another one grew. Han tried so hard to be quiet, but it was getting difficult. Stays thinking of him this way turned him on so much.
Chan left second. He tried to have the willpower, but he broke. He thought about the times when he called himself ‘daddy’ and how stays took that quite sexually - and the man was not complaining. There was something about being called daddy that just ruined him. Being a leader, being in charge, having a pet right next to him willing to do whatever they want… made his head spin.
Changbin stayed in the studio though. That one shot called for his partner to be in the studio, under the desk, waiting for his command to come out and satisfy him when he was stressed. So you bet your ass he stayed in there and jerked off to the thought of a stay underneath the table willing to help him at any given moment in the process - anything to help him make his music the best it can get.
The next day, they all went about themselves feeling a bit more guilty than normal. They stopped working to jerk off to the thoughts stays had of them, but as guilty as they felt, the more they just wanted to fuck some needy, thirsty stays.
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skz-bubble · 2 days ago
Hyunjin on bbl
this is kinda fun i love lee know😂🖤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bangchanbabygurl · a day ago
The Only Exception (B. Chan)
Tumblr media
Member: Chan
Request: No
Genre: Angst/Smut
WARNINGS: Sex scenes, abusive household, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mentions of death & suicide, explicit language, dom&sub, daddy issues, mommy issues, eating disorder, vanilla sex, rough sex, & mentions of kinks.
Part 1
Part 2
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oddlittlefandomist · 5 months ago
Congrats to Ryan Reynolds on joining one of the most chaotic and mentally ill kpop fandoms, we're happy to have you my guy
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kitsblade · 2 days ago
Imagine Changbin, Han, and Bangchan all reading smut of themselves while they’re chilling in the studio on a break late at night, and they get so hot and heavy over the idea of stays wanting to literally fuck them so bad that they just stop for the night and masturbate in their rooms because it’s getting too much for them to handle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bangchanbabygurl · a day ago
The Only Exception (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Member: Chan
Request: No
Genre: Angst/Smut
WARNINGS: Abusive household, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mentions of death & suicide, strong sex scenes, explicit language, dom&sub, mentions of kinks, depression, anxiety, and mentions of abuse.
Tumblr media
Patting lightly against the wound with a rubbing alcohol wipe, my teeth clenched tightly on the cloth in my mouth. Tears on the bridge of falling, I gripped onto the bathroom counter. Once I got used to the burning and stinging I spit out the cloth out of my mouth and inhale sharply, my chest fell heavily. My finger glide some healing ointment on the bleeding flesh, with shaking hands I ripped open a packet of bandages. Wrapping it around my thigh covering the wound, a sigh left my lips as I throw my head back against the wall. I could still hear them shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs, cleaning up the bloody mess. I washed my hands roughly getting rid of the blood before it stains, closing the tap I walked out into my bedroom. My eyes fell on the clock 7:30AM was read, I ramped through my closet. Removing the red robe I slipped on a black knitted sweatshirt and a pair of denim jeans I groaned in pain as I squeezed into the jeans.
I slipped my tennis shoes on before grabbing my things and headed downstairs, a disgusted expression plastered on my face as I saw Dan and mother fucking in the living room. "Fucking pigs," I mumbled before walking out of the house, things really went down hill when father and Dylan left. Now I had to deal with this shit and work my damn ass for a living, a sigh of frustration escaped my lips.
Entering the campus library I noticed that it was slightly crowded than it usuals emptiness, I turned to see that they were business and management students. A scuff left my lips as I walked up the staircase of the library, my eyes scanned for a book to read before class starts. I could hear the students getting a bit too loud for my liking, I turn my gaze to see Mr. Bang's presences was the reason for them getting noisy. I shook my head and went back to reading, "Good morning students, thank you all for coming. Now before we get started on why we're here please try not to get noisy, there are a couple of other students studying here." Professor Emeritus said I rolled my eyes as she gave the usual damn speech. I couldn't read in peace with all this nose going on, slamming the book shut I got up and rushed down the staircase. "Luna?" Professor Emeritus asked I halted and glanced at her, "Did we interrupted your study session?" She asked I gave her a slight stern expression.
I gripped my bag, "There's a reason why it's called a library Professor Emeritus." I said feeling the familiar burning gaze on me. "Our apologies." she said, I walk out of the library. I bite down on my bottom lip as the pain on my thigh grew stronger, I look down to see blood leaking through the jeans. "Fuck." I uttered looking around for the nearest bathroom, "Luna," Mr. Bang called out. "Shit shit." I mumbled I put pressure on my thigh. I took a seat by the table placing my bag over the bleeding thigh, I look up to see Mr. Bang in a dark grey suit his hair was slight pushed back. I gave him a faint smile, "Mr. Bang, hi." I said turning my gaze back to my bag. Blood was tricking down my leg, fuck I should have gone to the ER. The stab looked deep, "I was informed that you used to major in Business but dropped why is that?" He asked placing his hands on his lips. A laugh passed my lips as I shook my head, "Well business was something my parents wanted me to do but I gave up and decided to do what I love." I lied. I didn't drop Professor Emeritus class, she removed me from her class I still remember her exact words. 'It's a shame really, a woman- I mean girl like you with such talent in business would do great things but Mr. Bang isn't looking for a little girl, he's looking for a woman.'
"Look Mr. Bang I don't want you to try and change my mind because I've already made it up." I said getting up avoiding eye contact, "'re bleeding." Mr. Bang spoke in a calm tone. I sighed and nodded my head lightly, "I know, now well you excuse me I have to go get this taken care of." I said walking towards the infirmary. Opening the door to see Mrs. Carter signing some paperwork, "Hello Mrs. Carter." I said with a smile on my lips. Mrs. Carter had a smile on her lips as well; turning her gaze up, her sweet smile turned into a frown. "Luna, again?" she asked I nodded my head at her words.
I sat on the bed as she stitched up the wound, "It's a good thing it wasn't a deep wound. Just four stitches will be needed, Luna this is the second time you've come into my office with a bleeding wound." Mrs. Carter said with worrisome in her voice, "What can I say, I'm a clumsy person." I said. Her office always gave me comfort whenever I felt lonely, I grew a liking to her company hell I even spend my lunch hour with her. The faint sound of 'Sleep Walk' by Santo & Johnny filled my ears as she finished stitching up the wound, "Why work as a nurse at this shitty university? You could be working as a doctor at a hospital." I said. Mrs. Carter hand me a pair of clean jeans that I left here three months ago, a sigh left her lips as I slipped on the jeans. "Maybe you're right but it's not like I had a choice." Mrs. Carter said my eyes fell on the vinyl player, "I see you finally bought the Bluetooth vinyl player. And still listening to Santo & Johnny." I said with a faint smile. Washing my hands clean, a knocked interrupted Mrs. Carter before she could respond to my teasing.
"Mr. Bang uh what a surprise." Mrs. Carter said my smile faded as I heard her talking to Mr. Bang, I dried my hands with paper towels before walking out of the bathroom. "What are you doing here?" I asked my tone seemed a bit rude seeing from the expression Mrs. Carter had, "Luna please." she hissed. "I just wanted to see if you were okay." Mr. Bang said with a soft expression on his good looking face, I nodded my head crossing my arms. "Aww how sweet, maybe you should get back to Professor Emeritus before she gets her panties in a twist." I said turning on my heels and laid on the bed, "I apologize for her rudeness Mr. Bang, but Luna does has a point about Professor Emeritus." Mrs. Carter said a quiet sigh left my lips covering my ears.
"Did something happened between Professor Emeritus and Luna?" Mr. Bang asked, I removed my hands from my ears. "Well, I'm sure Professor Emeritus has probably already told everyone that Luna dropped her class for Education but that's not the case." Mrs. Carter said I got up from the bed, "Did she not drop the class?" Mr. Bang asked. I leaned against the wall with crossed arms, "No I didn't drop her class nor your program, she removed me." I said with a stern expression. Mr. Bang had a perplexed expression, "Removed? With whose permission did she had in order to remove you?" He asked crossing his arms. I shrugged my shoulders, "Did she say why she was removing you?" Mr. Bang asked all I could do was give him a chuckle. "Professor Emeritus told her that you were looking for a woman of talents not a little girl." Mrs. Carter said I chewed on my bottom lip, "The hell with it, nothing changes anything." I said grabbing my bag and storm out of the infirmary.
"Well, what a surprise to see you once again Ms. Morales." Professor Emeritus said with a smile plastered on those dark red filter lips, I try to walk around her but it was like we were playing a game of mouse and cat. I gave her a glare, "What is your problem?" I asked she was taken back from my words. "Look...Sarah, I 'dropped' your class remember so there's no reason for you to be doing this little act of kindness." I said she placed a hand on her chest, she seemed offended. "Luna, that's very rude of you. Yet I can see where you get that little attitude from." Sarah said with a cheeky grin, I rolled my eyes at her as I turn my back to her and walk off.
Hugging myself from the sudden gush of wind, I had three options in life 1.) End my life by getting beaten or killed to death by mother’s boyfriend, 2.) take my own life by slitting my wrists or throat, 3.) Suck it up and live. I always managed to stick with option three since I still have a life ahead of me, maybe I can just drop out of university and work but I really want to continue with my studies. Gosh being a college student sure is hell.
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redslvt · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah. Bangchan told the groupchat things like that a while ago, now he had his girlfriend riding his dick on the couch. If you’re expecting this rough shit where he would grip onto her that hard, you’re wrong. His hand was barely touching her, just softly roaming around—feeling her skin and how tiny she is under his touch.
He sounded magical to her, the whimpers and the moans that she heard was clear even Chase Atlantic’s Okay blasted through the speaker.
He sounded magical to her, the whimpers and the moans that she heard was clear even Chase Atlantic’s Okay blasted through the speaker.
Both of them didn’t really know how could they end up like this, but fuck, he would actually do anything to have some time with her like this. Her in his black hoodie struggling over on his thighs because all she could think was him and him only. “Fuck baby,” his voice is raspy, making her roll her eyes inside the skull. “You feel so good, keep going,” his breathing short, “ah—shit.
More profanities slipped through his lips, as she said, “I’m so close.”
“Let go,” he sounded too breathless, her walls clenching onto him like there’s no tomorrow, “let go, it’s okay baby.”
She stopped there, a soft mewl passed her lips as he caressed her back. “You didn’t…?”
“Okay, it’s okay,” he pecked her lips, “still good.”
He looked into her eyes as he adored the doe-eye of her that staring back into him. Bangchan smiled over the sight, then brushed some of her hair. “I’m not tired yet,” she murmured, making him laugh in response.
“Okay, and?”
“I wanted to make you feel good,” she pouted.
“Okay cute little thing what do you want?” He kissed the tip of her nose. Her response was cute, she crunched her nose after. “I don’t know. Anything you wanna do to me.”
“What I wanna do to you?” His voice—it’s clearly a tease. “Be specific.”
“Wreck me, like you always do.”
The way she whispered it to him was about to make him cum in seconds, because fuck, it sounded so pretty. She started to grind on him again, kissing just below his ear, then to his jaw. “I need you to get on your back,” the change in his voice was something she waited for, “gonna wreck you right here, right now. Be sure you’re quiet. Understand?”
She nodded.
Yeah, whatever he did on 2 AM that day. In the freaking studio.
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hyunjinify · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jiminbbyboy · 26 days ago
golden hour - b.c, h.hj
Tumblr media
featuring: bang chan x f.reader x hwang hyunjin
↳  The three of them had fallen into a habit for sharing a bed and cuddling. What happens when feelings get involved?
{“you mean the world to us”}
word count: 9.5k
warnings: angst, fluff, self doubt, the reader is written as some learning to love themselves and learning to love their body and accept love from others, mention of pregnancy Explicit sexual content such as: oral, unprotected sex, voyeurism, threesomes
an: this is a reworking of one of my stories from my other tumblr spidey-babe-parker
Tumblr media
Laying in the full-size bed, your curvy body was curled up against the muscular body of Hyunjin. Your thick leg was thrown over his waist as your head used his chest as a pillow. Your body couldn’t be any physically closer to his. Curled up behind you, Chan was nuzzled up tightly against you.
You weren’t even dating either of them. You had fallen into this cycle of all sleeping in bed together. It all started one night when you had a really bad nightmare and went to the kitchen to get water, and found Chan sitting on the barstool at the counter. He also couldn’t sleep himself.  His own personal nightmares had kept him up. That was the first night you and Chan innocently shared a bed together.
It became a frequent habit of both of you sleeping together just to cuddle after Chan would have nightmares. Hyunjin joined in one night about a month in when he walked into Chan’s room to check on him and found him curled up next to you. You were both wide awake and spooning while talking. You both looked over at Hyunjin with the look of a child who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Hyunjin asked what was going on and you then went on to explain to him that you both had a hard time sleeping at night.
Hyunjin awkwardly asked if he could join, and you both just nodded your head as he curled upset onto the other side of the bed. From that night on you rarely ever slept alone.
You nuzzled against Hyunjin’s chest as you started to slowly wake up. Chan’s strong hand gently rubbed her thigh letting you know he was awake. Gently you rolled off of Hyunjin trying not to wake him up. Looking over at Chan who had moved back a little to give you room.
He laid on his back and signaled for you to cuddle up against him. You moved back into the position you had just been laying on Hyunjin. Your leg once again was tossed over Chan’s waist as your head nuzzled against Chan’s strong chest.
His hand gripped your thigh pulling you even closer to him. This was the first time your cuddling had even gotten close to sexual. There was suddenly a thick sexual tension between you as you let out a low moan as your pajama covered cored rutted against his hip. Your eyes went wide as you bit your lip. You didn’t mean to moan, but the way he was pulling you closer to him was intoxicating.
His warm eyes locked onto yours as he was trying to figure out what was going on in your mind. He suddenly wanted to kiss you but he didn’t know if you even had feelings for him.
You suddenly felt embarrassed at the fact you moaned as your body moved against him. Your eyes quickly moved away from his dark ones.
“Should I sleep somewhere else?” You rasped lightly, finally breaking the silence.
He shook his head quickly. The last thing he wanted was for you to sleep somewhere else, at this point he didn’t know if he was able to actually sleep all night without you or Hyunjin.
“What’s going on?” Hyunjin said, sitting up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked over at the two of you confused about what was going on.
You rolled off of Chan quickly and laid on your back staring at the ceiling. You wondered if maybe it was time for you to start sleeping alone again. You couldn’t lie to yourself anymore. You were starting to develop feelings for both of the men you were sharing a bed with.
“I think I need to sleep alone,” you continued to stare at the ceiling. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at either of them. The embarrassment creeping across your face.
“What? Why?” Hyunjin almost shouted. He had just woken up and suddenly you were saying you didn’t want to sleep with them anymore.
“Because I can’t keep telling myself I don’t have feelings for you,” you felt embarrassed that you had to confess your feelings you had for them. Your cheeks burned bright as your eyes looked over slowly at Hyunjin and then at Chan who both had the same wide-eyed look as they stared at each other.
“I mean I like you too,” Hyunjin said, speaking up as he looked down at you.
Chan nodded his head, “I like you too.”
“Oh,” you were completely caught off guard. Hyunjin was a man who had no issue with skinship. You hadn’t even thought about the possibility he would like you as more than a friend. Chan had always been more closed off, almost afraid to put himself out there. The thought of him like you wasn’t something you could picture.
“Can we maybe talk about this later? I’m exhausted and still want to cuddle,” Hyunjin asked as he laid back down.
“Okay we can talk about this later,” you said, still attempting to process everything.
Hyunjin moved so he was laying on his side and pulled your soft body so you were curled up against him. Chan smiled as he watched you curl up against Hyunjin.
“Are you going to join?” You asked.
He nodded his head as he slowly moved to become the little spoon in front of you. His strong body pressed against your curvy one. Your hand was over his waist and he reached up and laced his fingers with yours and gave your hand a little squeeze.
Hyunjin gently pressed his lips to your bare shoulder and whispered, “you mean the world to us.”
Chan had this ability to fully distract you with very little to no effort. His strong hand gently rested on your lower back as he was talking about something completely random. You were trying her hardest to pay attention to what he was saying but you were so distracted by his touch and his warm eyes that were locked onto your.
Hyunjin leaned against the counter as he watched you attempting to carry on a conversation with Chan who was completely oblivious to the effect that he was having on you. Hyunjin couldn’t help but smile a little at the effect Chan was having on you.
He walked over and without saying a word pressed his lips gently to your cheek. He had wanted to kiss you but he also just wanted to see what you would do with Chan innocently touching you while he pressed his lips to your burning cheek.
Your head quickly whipped to the side to see Hyunjin innocently smirking at you. Chan must have caught on to what was happening because his hand gently pulled you in so you were standing less than an inch away from him. You looked up at him with wide eyes as your cheeks burned bright. You still weren’t even exactly sure what was going on between you, Chan and Hyunjin, other than they both said they shared feelings for you.
“You okay?” Chan asked, gazing down at you.
Slowly you nodded. You weren’t sure she could process words at the moment. Nothing like this has ever happened to you in your life. In your whole life you hadn’t had the best history with dating, and men never really pined after you. Let alone two men that looked like them.
“Hey Princess,” his words caught your attention and you looked over at him as you stood still right in front of Chan. Hyunjin reached over and lightly rested his hand on your soft face. Silently you stared into his warm eyes. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, testing the waters. Since you had all discussed your feelings, you hadn’t done much other than share innocent kisses on the cheek and forehead.
Your heart raced at the thought of kissing him. You nodded your head, still not sure if you could speak.
Without hesitation he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to yours to share your first real kiss. Chan stepped back letting Hyunjin have his moment. He watched as his best friend and you shared your first kiss and he couldn’t help but smile. Watching Hyunjin kiss the girl that he liked made him desperately want to share a kiss with you. He couldn’t explain how much he enjoyed seeing both of you so happy together.
Hyunjin’s touch was gentle as his lips moved against yours. You still couldn’t wrap your mind around the fact that both Hyunjin and Chan admitted they had feelings for you. His lips felt electric against yours, he pulled his lips away from yours and smiled.
“Wow,” you whispered as your eyes burned into his dark orbs.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as his hand was still resting on your face. His lingering touch leaves butterflies in your stomach.
Chan cleared his throat and both Hyunjin and you looked over at Chan to see him staring at you with a questioning look on his face.
“Yeah Chan?” Hyunjin asked.
“Can I steal a kiss baby girl?” he asked, stepping back towards you.
Hyunjin removed his hand from your face as you slowly nodded. Hyunjin stepped back and smiled as Chan and you awkwardly stood in front of each other. Chan leaned forward and rested his forehead against yours as if he was trying to figure out exactly what should happen. You closed your eyes as you were taking in his closeness. You stayed like that for a moment before Chan leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours. His lips moved ever so gently as if he was afraid, you were going to break if he wasn’t careful. Your hand reached up and rested on his neck as your lips moved against his. His lips tasted of mint chapstick and it was intoxicating.
You moved apart and your eyes moved from Hyunjin and Chan quickly becoming extremely aware of the fact that you had just kissed both of them. Your heart rate picked up as you suddenly felt nervous. What did all this mean? What happened next between you. All of this was uncharted territory for all of you.
“Wow,” you whispered again. That was the only word you could think of.
“You’re an incredible woman,” Chan leaned forward and whispered before lightly pressing his lips to your cheek for a soft kiss.
Hyunjin was away at a dance competition and it was your first time alone with Chan since you confessed your feelings and shared your first kiss with each boy.  Hyunjin was supposed to be arriving home at any time. As Hyunjin was leaving, he asked Chan to look after you. He called you “their girl” the sweet nickname left you wanting to giggle like a schoolgirl.
Chan and you were curled up on the couch. You leaned into his side as the movie you were watching played on the tv in front of you. His strong hand rested on your thigh as he aimlessly drew circles on your thigh. His touch caught your attention. You glanced up at him as you were attempting to watch the movie playing in front of you. How are you supposed to focus on a movie when the man that was always capturing your attention was touching you.
His focus was on the tv in front of him, but he could feel you looking at him. He looked down at you with a smile playing across his lips.
“Yes, Princess?”
Your eyes narrowed, “you can’t just touch me and expect me to actually watch the movie playing.”
He bit his bottom lip and held back a smile.
“Did you want it to be more than an innocent touch?” he asked, wondering if he could test the waters with you. This whole relationship was a learning experience for everyone involved.
Your eyes went wide as you took in what he had just said to you. There constantly seemed to be the thought in the back of your mind wondering what else could unfold between you. Slowly you nod. He pulled away from you and moved so you were facing each other. He reached forward and connected his lips to yours for a passionate kiss. His fingers tangled in your hair pulling him closer to her as their lips danced together. His strong hands grabbed your round hips moving you so you were straddling his waist. His hands roamed your back as your lips continued to move against each other. The way you were kissing you would have sworn that you needed each other to breathe. The sound of the door opening caused you to pull apart. With wide eyes you both looked up to see Hyunjin standing by the tv.
“I see you took care of our girl,” Hyunjin smiled as he stared at the pair of you who look like you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar.
“Hey Hyunjin,” Chan awkwardly said as you crawled off of him, and moved back to your spot on the couch you had been sitting on.
“Why are you two acting like I just walked in on catching you cheating on me?” Hyunjin was confused on why you were suddenly acting guilty.
You shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know.” This was all new to you. It felt strange that Hyunjin would be okay with you openly kissing his best friend.
“(YN) you’re allowed to kiss Chan and do whatever you want with him. You don’t ever need to ask for my permission,” he smiled as he walked towards you and sat on the coffee table that was sat in front of the couch. He reached over and placed his hand under your chin and gently tilted your head up so you were looking into his warm eyes. “The ball is in your court at all times Princess. Whatever you want from all this is what you get. If you want to be with both of us you can or if you only want to be with Chan, we both understand.”
Both Hyunjin and Chan wanted you to be happy, and they both had agreed that whatever happened your happiness was what mattered.
“I want both of you guys,” you whispered, still almost unsure that all of this was real. How could both of these men possibly be okay with openly
Sharing your affection.
“Then you have both of us Princess,” Chan said from beside you.
“Did you want me to leave so you guys can go back to making out on the couch?” Hyunjin asked with a soft laugh as he released your chin.
“No, did you want to cuddle and watch the movie with us?” You asked.
“I would love that.”
You moved back into Chan’s side and Hyunjin sat down on the couch next to you and rested his hand on your thigh.
“I missed you guys,” Hyunjin smiled gently, massaging your thighs, earning a soft sigh from you.
“We missed you too,” Chan said before leaning over and pressing his lips to the top of his favorite girl's head.
Hyunjin gripped your hips as his own hips thrust into you over and over again. You couldn’t help but moan his name over and over again. Your hands moved to grip the sheets next to your hips. Your velvety walls are pulling him in, earning a groan.
You and the boys had recently started having sex and to say it was earth shattering was an understatement. Neither of them seemed to be able to get enough of you. Honestly, you couldn’t get enough of them either.
Chan had gone to work out leaving you and Hyunjin alone for a little while and it didn’t take long before Hyunjin had you naked and on your back.
He sat back on his hunches as his hips thrust into yours over and over again. Your back arched as he was pushing you closer and closer to the edge.  
“Hyunjin,” your high pitched moan echoed off the walls.
“Baby girl let go,” he rasped as he leaned forward. He pressed his lips to your soft stomach as he rolled his hips against yours. You wanted every piece of the man thrusting into you. Everything about him was absolutely intoxicating to you. His golden skin glistened with sweat as he looked down at you like you were his world.
It only took a few more thrust before he pushed you over the edge. Your walls pulled him in, and he thrust a few more times before he hit his own high. He laid down on the bed next to you and stared at the ceiling as he panted. He looked over at you to see you with a huge smile on your face. If you looked up word bliss in the dictionary, this moment could be found.
“Did you enjoy that?” he asked, reaching over and lacing his fingers with yours.
Silently you nod as you look over at him.
“Man, Chan missed out by going and working out,” he laughed softly.
Before you could respond the door opened and Chan walked inside to see you and Hyunjin naked lying in bed. Chan pushed his eyebrows together and smiled at the sight in front of him.
“I see I missed the fun,” he walked over and sat down on the bed.
“I got my own workout in,” Hyunjin teased.
“I guess I should stop going to the gym,” Chan jokes.
“Well if you’re not too tired I’m sure YN, would let you get another workout in,” Hyunjin lifted your hand up and pressed a light kiss to the top of delicate skin on top of your hand.
You bit your lip and smiled. You couldn’t believe you were so lucky that two beautiful men seemed to be absolutely in love with you and both wanted to sleep with you.
“Princess, could you go for another round?” Chan asked, looking at you.
“I guess,” you joke. Even if you were absolutely exhausted you couldn’t turn down the chance to be with Chan.
“I’ll give you guys some alone time. I’m in need of a shower,” Hyunjin released your hand and got out of bed.
Chan pulled off his shirt and watched as you sat up and leaned against the headboard. Hyunjin walked over and patted Chan on the back before heading off to the bathroom. Chan reached down and pushed off his sweatpants and his boxers. Hungry eyes traveled up and down his toned body. You couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that you were having sex with both the boys all the time.
Crawling onto the bed he watched as you laid back down and smiled at him. He moved so he was hovering over you and connected his lips to yours for a passionate kiss.
“I need to stop leaving you and Hyunjin alone,” he rasped with his lips brushing against yours.
“At least he is also giving you alone time with me,” you reached up and rested your hand on his cheek.
“Remind me to thank him for that,” he smiled before pressing his lips to yours again.
Both of your boys were away on business trips together and you couldn’t help but get lost in your own thoughts as you laid in your bed alone for the first time in forever. You were starting to doubt yourself, you didn’t understand why two men would want to be with you, let alone two men who looked like them. Glancing over at the clock you saw the time read three in the morning. You weren’t even close to tired anymore.
Lifting the covers, you crawled out of bed and walked off towards your bathroom starting the warm water. You slowly stripped off your clothes and stepped into the water. The warm water engulfed your body, you couldn’t help it as tears started to slide down your cheeks. You were over thinking everything and you knew it. You had had a really rough day at work and that probably wasn’t helping at all. You ran your hands across your rear stain face and washed away your tears.
You stayed in the shower for what felt like forever before you finally got out. You shut the water off and wrapped a towel around you. As you turned around, you heard the bathroom door open and turned to find Chan walking inside looking exhausted.
Suddenly you felt embarrassed by the fact that Chan walked into the bathroom to find you crying in the middle of the night.
His soft eyes roamed your face attempting to figure out what was wrong with you. “Baby girl, what's wrong?” he stepped towards you and wrapped his arms around your basically naked body pulling you into his chest.
“I just had a rough day, and started over thinking about everything,” you sighed as the tears continued to slide down her cheeks. You felt stupid that you let little things get you down, but you couldn’t help it.
His strong hand gently rubbed your back as he pressed his lips to the top of your head. You closed your eyes and held on to him. You knew you didn’t need to be crying, but you couldn’t help it.
“Where’s Hyunjin?” You murmured, still holding on to him.
He pulled away from you and gave you a small smile, “he’s exhausted the second we got back, he stripped down to his boxers and got into your bed.”
“Oh okay,” you whispered.
“Baby girl what aren’t you telling me?” he had both his hands on your arms staring at you trying to figure out what was going on in your head.
“Why do you guys want to be with me? I’m literally nothing special,” you sighed.
He moved his strong hand and gently rested it under your chin and tilted your head up so you was looking at him, “you are so beautiful inside and out. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I’m pretty sure Hyunjin feels the same way.”
“I don’t feel like I’m worthy of the feeling you guys have for me,” you sighed.
“Don’t ever say that,” he leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to your tear stained cheek. “Stop doubting yourself.”
“Why do you put some pajamas on and we’ll crawl into bed with Hyunjin?” He gave you a simple smile. “or if you want you can just take that towel off and crawl into bed,” he smirked slightly.
“I’ll get dressed for bed,” you reached over and picked up your oversized shirt that was on the sink next to where you were standing. Chan watched you as you slowly got dressed for bed. He wasted no time lacing his fingers with yours and led you towards your bed. As you got close to the bed you found Hyunjin sound asleep on the far end of the bed. You crawled onto the bed and moved over closer to Hyunjin. His eyes slowly opened and saw you giving him a sad smile.
“Princess, what’s wrong?” he asked, sitting up noticing something was wrong. He looked over at Chan who had a concerned look on his face. “Chan what's going on?”
“Our girl had a rough day and needs some love.”
Hyunjin didn’t bother responding, he leaned forward and gently connected his lips to yours. His hand rested on your cheek as he stared at you for a moment.
“Why do you guys like me so much,” you whispered.
“I can list a million reasons if you want me to,” he leaned forward and rested his forehead against yours. His hand was resting on your cheek.
Chan moved onto the bed and rubbed your back gently before pressing his lips gently to your shirt-covered shoulder.
“Why don’t we all get some sleep princess?” he whispered.
“I think Chan has a good idea,” Hyunjin whispered.
Hyunjin laid back down and you curled up against him and he pressed his lips to the top of your head. Chan curled up behind you and whispered, “baby girl we love you so much.”
“Chan is right, we love you,” Hyunjin chimed in.
As the clock struck midnight Hyunjin pulled himself away from your sleeping form that was curled up next to him. He was attempting to not wake you up, but you were a light sleeper and the second he moved your eyes opened.
“Is it time for you to leave?” You whispered attempting to not wake Chan who was sound asleep next to you.
“Yeah, Baby. I’ll be back in three day,” he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours for a kiss goodbye. “I love you.”
“I love you too. Please come back safe,” you said as you watched him walk out of your bedroom.
You rolled over and curled up next to Chan who hadn’t even woken up.
Closing your eyes you only got a little more sleep before you woke up again. Laying in bed you curled up close to Chan. He had his arm wrapped around you holding your close. You had a big day ahead of you tomorrow. Hyunjin was away and your mother was coming into town. The three of you had talked it out and agreed that you would say you were only dating Chan. You still couldn’t help but be nervous. You hadn’t ever had many of your past partners meet your mother.
Your head was resting on his strong chest as you attempted to go to sleep.
“Baby girl, are you awake?” he asked as his strong hand gently rubbed your side.
“I can’t sleep?” You whispered.
“Do you maybe wanna take a bubble bath?” he asked, knowing that was one of your favorite ways to relax.
“Chan it’s two in the morning,” you glanced over at the alarm clock on the bedside table.
“So,” he didn’t see a problem in you taking a bubble bath.
“Alright let’s take a bubble bath,” you said softly.
Pulling away from Chan’s body you slowly got out of bed and followed Chan off to the bathroom. Chan walked over to the bathtub and started feeling it up with warm water. You reached under the sink and pulled out one of your favorite bath bombs and dropped it into the warm water.
As the water started to rise Chan stripped away his boxers and stepped into the warm water. You removed your undies and oversized shirt and stepped in the tub in front of him. You leaned against his bare body and instantly relaxed against his touch. His strong hand rested on your thigh and aimlessly drew circles on your skin.
It was moments like this you were happy that you had Chan in your life. He always knew the best ways to calm her down.
“I miss Hyunjin,” you whispered. When this all first started you worried about stating your feelings for the other man, but they both constantly informed you they weren’t competing for your love. You were allowed to love both of them equally.
“I miss Hyunjin too, baby girl.”
Leaning your head back you rested your head against Chan’s shoulder. You were exhausted but so nervous about tomorrow you couldn't sleep.
You knew you didn’t need to be nervous. You weren’t telling your mother that you were involved with both Hyunjin and Chan, you were only telling her about Chan.
“If Hyunjin was here we all wouldn’t fit in this tub?” His words caused you to smile.
“I guess it would have been a relaxing night time shower then,” you lightly laughed.
He pressed his lips to the side of your neck for a gentle kiss and you couldn’t help but smile. His touch was so relaxing to you.
“Are you worried your mom isn’t going to like me?” Chan couldn’t lie he was nervous your mother wasn’t going to like him. When they agreed that you would tell your family you were only dating one of them. He had originally thought Hyunjin would be the one saying he was the boyfriend. Everyone always seemed to be drawn to Hyunjin, he was charming and people loved him. Hyunjin and you both agreed that it should be Chan though for some reason.
“I know my mom is gonna love you. I just don’t like the idea of not telling her about Hyunjin, but she wouldn’t understand,” you reached down and laced your fingers with Chan’s hand that was under the water.
“Maybe after we have been together awhile, we can tell her about Hyunjin,” he said knowing eventually you would need to tell your family about Hyunjin.
“Yeah I like that idea,” you said with a smile.
You sat in the warm bath for probably half an hour, talking about little things. When you got out you were barely awake. Chan helped dry you off then he carried you to bed, curled up under the covers you both quickly fell asleep.
When your mother met Chan she couldn’t help but be charmed by the man with curly hair and a pretty accent. When she first arrived Chan was so nervous he didn’t even know what to say. It didn’t take long before you and your mother were laughing at one of his stories from his childhood in Australia. Your mother seemed to love Chan and when you walked her out to her car she kissed Chan on the cheek and told him to take care of her daughter.
You sat in the kitchen waiting for Hyunjin to come home. His competition was over and he was supposed to be walking through that door at any moment. You missed him dearly and couldn’t wait for him to come home. Chan was off taking a shower, he had asked you to join him, but you told him you didn’t want to be in the shower when Hyunjin walked through the door.
It was pretty early in the morning and you let out a yawn. You walked over to the coffee pot and started to make some coffee for you and the boys. As you turned the coffee pot on you heard the front door open. Turning around you found Hyunjin walking in, limping. Your eyes went wide and suddenly you panicked. Rushing over to Hyunjin who seemed to be moving slower than normal. He dropped his duffle bag and wrapped his arms around you as you buried your face in his chest. Leaning down he pressed his lips to the top of your head.
“Hyunjin are you alright?” You asked, worried about him.
“Yeah baby girl I’m fine. I’m just a little sore, I definitely overworked myself.”
“You had me really worried for a moment,” you sighed.
“I’m fine you don’t have to worry about me,” he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours for a soft kiss. “How did Chan meeting your mom go?”
“It went great, my mom loved Chan,” you couldn’t help but smile thinking about how great things went with your mom.
Leaning up once again you pressed your lips to his. You had missed Hyunjin so much. You grabbed his hand and led him off to your shared bedroom.
You walked him over to your bed and reached down for the bottom of your shirt and pulled it off. Hyunjin had truly missed you, but he didn’t expect this greeting when he arrived home. He reached to pull off his own shirt and groaned at the soreness.
“Hyunjin, are you okay?” You asked worried about how hurt he actually was.
“Yeah baby I’m fine,” he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way and worked on getting his shoes off.
You took this as your chance to remove your pale blue pajama bottoms. He pushed his sweat pants down and boxers and he stood there naked in front of you. You reached up and softly connected your lips to his for a gentle kiss. You missed him so much, you hated when you had to spend time apart.
Lancing your fingers with his you led him towards the bed. Hyunjin laid down on your unmade bed and she reached over and pumped his erection a few times. Desperately missing the feeling of his skin. Slowly you crawled into the bed, and lined his erection up with your entrance. You slowly sank down on his length.
You gasped as you bottomed out and Hyunjin let out a breathy moan. He had missed you so much and he loved you so much he couldn’t get enough of you. Slowly you moved herself against him.
Chan walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of you on top of Hyunjin. Both Hyunjin and you looked over at Chan and gave him a small smile. You continued to ride Hyunjin as Chan acted like nothing was going on and worked on grabbing some boxers out of the dresser. It didn’t take long before Hyunjin and you both hit your highs. You crawled off him and laid down next to him. Chan leaned against the wall and smiled at the two of you who were both trying to catch your breath.
“Hyunjin what’s up with the bruise?” Chan asked, noticing Hyunjin’s bruised skin.
“I fell and overworked myself, but our girl took care of me.”
Chan let out a soft laugh, “she’s the best kind of medicine.” He walked over and crawled into bed next to you and curled up next to you.
It was bright and early on Christmas morning and you were sitting between Chan’s legs on the living room floor as Hyunjin was sorting the Christmas presents that were under the tree. All three of you were bundled up in their new pajamas you had given to each other on Christmas Eve. It was a family tradition that your family had and you wanted to make it a tradition with you and the boys. You reached for your cup of coffee that was sitting next to you and Chan lifted it up to your mouth to take a sip. As you brought the cup down, you felt Chan press his lips to the side of your neck. You couldn’t help but smile, you didn’t understand how you had gotten so lucky finding Chan and Hyunjin.
“So, who wants to open the first present?” Hyunjin asked, holding a box.
“I volunteer, baby girl,” Chan said before pressing another kiss to your cheek.
“What about Hyunjin?” You asked, excited to see him open his present.
“I second what Chan said, you’re opening the first present,” Hyunjin handed you a box. He sat down across from Chan and you and smiled. “So, this one is from me.”
Tearing away the gingerbread paper you started unwrapping your present and her eyes lit up when you opened the box to see that Hyunjin had bought you the boots you had gawked at the other day at the store.
“Hyunjin you didn't need to get me these” you pulled out the boots and stared at them for a moment. You sat the boots back in the box next to you and Chan and leaned forward and pressed your lips to Hyunjin’s. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away.
“I knew you would never spend the money on them, and I saw how much you wanted them,” he couldn’t help but be proud of himself.
“Well open my present I got you, it’s the one in the gold wrapping,” you pointed to the gold box that was under the tree.
Hyunjin opened the box and couldn’t help but get a huge smile on his face when he saw that you got him a bunch of new shading pencils and a sketch pad.
“So, I know it’s not a lot but I saw you have been sketching a lot more, and you had told me that before you started dancing that you wanted to go to art school,” you started rambling because you worried your present was lame.
“Baby girl, quit freaking out, he loves it,” Chan said from behind you with a light laugh.
“Princess, it's perfect,” Hyunjin said with his eyes lighting up.
“I think it’s time for Chan to unwrap something,” she said excitedly.
“I know something I want to unwrap,” he said as his lips started peppering against your neck. A shiver went down your spine and you shook your head.
“Christopher you better behave,” you scolded, trying to have a serious tone. You crawled out of his lap and moved across the room and grabbed a box that was wrapped in silver paper. “Open this please,” you batted your eyelashes trying to act all innocent.
He opened the box and smiled at the fact you bought him a vintage film camera. He had mentioned in passing to you that back in the day he was fascinated by photography but he never expected you to get him a camera.
“Baby,” he was speechless; he wasn’t even sure what to say.
“I think our girl knows us well,” Hyunjin said with a huge smile on his face. He leaned forward and connected his lips to your cheek.
“You guys make me so happy and I wanted to get you stuff you would like.”
Chan set his camera down and signaled for you to come back towards him. You moved back towards your spot between his legs. He pressed his lips to your cheek and whispered in your ear, “I love you so much.”
“You boys are the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” you couldn’t help the huge smile on her face.
You, and the boys glided through the crowded party. Your hand was holding Chan’s strong hand tightly. He led you away from the party to his old room at Changbin’s house, Hyunjin followed right behind. You snuck off upstairs away from the crowd as everyone was ringing in the new year. The moment the door was opened he pressed you against the wall and moved his lips down your neck. Hyunjin slowly walked in behind you. Chan seemed to be way more eager than Hyunjin was. Hyunjin walked over and sat down on the bed and watched as Chan’s hungry lips moved down the base of your neck as his hands worked on getting your dress off. Chan growled at the fact that you weren’t wearing a bra. He removed your dress leaving you only in undies and your black high heels, your curvy body was on full display. He stepped away and worked on getting his own clothes off.
You looked over Chan’s shoulder to find Hyunjin sitting on the bed watching with a smile on his face. He seemed amused by what was playing out in front of him.
You reached down and removed your heels and undies as Chan stripped off the rest of his clothing. The second he was naked he gave himself a few strokes, he connected his lips to yours and dipped his fingers into your core to give you some foreplay as his lips moved against yours in a hungry kiss. You moaned into the kiss at the feeling of his fingers circling your sensitive nub. You pulled your lips away from his and moaned his name loudly. He took this as his cue and lifted your curvy body up like you weighed nothing. He thrust into you in one quick motion. Your hands gripped his back as he pressed you against the wall as he slid into you over and over again.
You couldn’t help but moan with every thrust. You held on to him tightly as he worked at a quick pace. Looking over at the bed you found Hyunjin biting his bottom lip as he palmed himself through his dress pants.
Chan’s lips moved to the side of your neck where he left a trail of wet kisses. He groaned against your skin as he was getting close to his high. It only took two more thrust before he pushed you over the edge. You rode out your high as he thrust a few more times before finishing inside you.
“Hyunjin,” you whispered as Chan sat you back down on your feet. He stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. He could tell by your tone what you wanted. With your legs slightly wobbly you walked over to Hyunjin who was standing next to the bed removing his dress shirt. You stood in front of him for a second before you leaned up and pressed your lips to his.
Chan walked over and sat down on the chair by the window still coming down from his own high. How much he wanted to get in on the action he wanted to give you and Hyunjin some time to yourselves. There were times that you would have sex all together, but they also like to give each other their alone time with you.
You reached between Hyunjin and you and undid his belt and buttons on his pants. Hyunjin was the only one in the room still wearing clothing. It didn’t take long before Hyunjin’s clothes were on the floor and he moved to the bed.
Your curvy body was sitting on his hips as he lay underneath you. Your hands rested on his chest and you moved your body slowly up and down his length. Chan sat silently on the chair for a little while, before he got up and moved over to the bed. He leaned over and started placing wet kisses across your shoulder as you rode Hyunjin like your life depended on it. You tilted your head back and moaned. Hyunjin was pushing you over the edge as his strong hands gripped her soft hips helping move your body up and down his length.
It didn’t take long before you hit your high again. Your moans were muffled by Chan lips as he pressed his lips to yours for a searing kiss. Hyunjin tilted his head back and moaned as he hit his own high.
Rolling off Hyunjin’s body you laid on the bed next to him staring at the ceiling. Chan walked over and laid down on the bed next to you and cuddled up against her.
“Happy New Years boys,” you smiled as you laid there in pure bliss.
“Happy New Year's baby girl,” Chan leaned over and kissed your cheek.
Hyunjin silently laid there with a huge smile on his face.
“I think we wore Hyunjin out,” Chan jokes.
He closed his eyes and nodded his head with a huge smile on his face.
Sitting on the floor in the bathroom you mind raced. Your emotions were all over the place and your brain fought with the feeling of sadness, happiness and guilt. The dinging on your phone let you know that five minutes had passed letting you know that it was time.
Reaching up on the counter you looked at the two pink stripes on the stick that let you know that you were indeed pregnant. Most women would be over the moon to find out they were pregnant, but you couldn’t help but feel guilty. You had never discussed having children with Hyunjin and Chan and you honestly had no clue who the father was.
The sound of knocking on the bathroom door caught your attention. Before you could even dispose of the pregnancy test Hyunjin walked into the bathroom. His mouth opened to say something but immediately shut as he looked at the pregnancy test that was in your hands.
“Princess are you okay?” He asked, sitting down on the floor next to you.
Quietly you shook your head and looked into his warm eyes. You wonder if the baby is his if they’ll get his beautiful lips or warm eyes.
“What does it say?” He rested his hand on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“I’m pregnant,” your voice shook as admitted it out loud for the first time.
“Why are you sad about that?”
You took a deep breath wondering what exactly you should say, “we never talked about having children and I don’t know which one of you is the father.”
A look of confusion crossed his face as he reached for your curvy body. Without a second thought he pulled you into his lap. You sat on his lap and rested your head on his strong chest. A sigh pasted your lips as your eyes brimmed with tears. His hand rubbed your side and his lips pressed to the top of your head. He took a long moment just holding you. He wanted to comfort you, but he knew you were mentally going through a lot processing the fact that you knew you were pregnant.
“It doesn’t matter who the father is. We both love you and no matter what we’ll raise this child together with you,” he murmured as his hand continued to rub your side.
Glancing up at him you found him smiling. He seemed to be happy about the fact that you were pregnant. A small sense of relief started to wash over you at the fact that he wasn’t worried about the fact you didn’t know who the father was.
Sniffling back tears you asked, “do you think Chan is going to be okay with me being pregnant?”
Hyunjin and Chan were in very different places in their lives mentally. Hyunjin was pretty well adapted to what he wanted in life, and Chan was still trying to figure out what he fully wanted with his life. His dream of pursuing music was something that always stopped him for settling.
“Chan’s always longed for a family, and the sense of having a home here, and starting a family with you is something that he needs.”
A warm feeling in your chest let you know that everything was going to be alright. That things between you and the two boys weren’t exactly normal in the eyes of society, but what you had was perfect to them.
“Chan should be home from working out anytime, do you want to tell him?” Hyunjin asked.
You gently nodded your head and crawled out his lap. He stood up and reached his hand out to help you stand up. The moment you were standing he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours for a sweet kiss. Pulling his lips away from yours he wrapped his arms around your curvy torso and hugged you. His hand rubbed your back and he whispered, “there is no other woman I would rather have a child with, and there is no other person I would rather father share being a father with than my best friend.”
Pulling away you looked up at him and couldn’t help smiling. The sound of the bedroom door opening caught your attention. Hyunjin reached down and grabbed the pregnancy test and handed it to you and smiled.
You walked out of the bathroom to find a shirtless Chan looking through his drawer in one of the dressers. He turned around and his eyes immediately went to you and noticed your eyes were puffy in the aftermath of your tears.
“Baby girl, what’s wrong?” Chan asked.
Without a word you held out the pregnancy test. Silently he stepped forward and grabbed the pregnancy test, his wide eyes stayed locked on the pregnancy test. You couldn’t help but be worried about the look on Chan’s face. His dark eyes were wild for a long moment before he looked up at you and instantly his expression softened.
Hyunjin stood next to you holding your hand, he knew that all of this was scary for you.
“You’re pregnant?” Chan asked, finally breaking the silence that had grown so loud between all of you.
Slowly you nodded not sure what to say.
“I’m assuming we don’t know who the dad is?” He asked not actually caring who the father was.
Shaking your head you tried not to cry.
“The way I see it, it doesn’t matter who the father is. We’re both fathers to this baby,” Chan reached out resting his hand on your stomach.
His response warmed your heart and you smiled.
“Told you he would be happy,” Hyunjin leaned down and pressed his lips to the top of your head.
“I’m finally going to have a real family,” he walked towards you and wrapped his arms around your soft torso pulling you into a tight hug. “I love you so much baby girl.”
Stepping back you looked over at Hyunjin who had a really big smile on his face. Both boys seemed genuinely happy that they were going to have a child. You had gone from feeling sad and guilty to suddenly overjoyed that you were going to be starting a family with the two boys who you loved and adored.
Your hand rested on your growing stomach. As you sat on the large couch that was in the middle of your living room. You leaned against Hyunjin while her feet were resting in Chan’s lap. Strong hands massages your feet as your eyes are held closed enjoying the closeness with the boys.
Without saying a word you reached for the pillow on the floor and laid it down in Hyunjin’s lap. He couldn’t help but smile as you moved to lay your head down in his lap while Chan massaged your feet.
From the moment they discovered you were pregnant both the boys had gone out of their way to make sure you were treated like a princess. Both them were over the moon that you were expecting a child.
Recently your hormones have been all over the place. You went from wanting to cry to wanting to tear the boy’s clothing off with your teeth.
“Baby are you tired?” Hyunjin asked as he rubbed your arm gently.
“I’m exhausted every moment of my life right now,” you let out a soft laugh. “Carrying this baby takes all my energy.”
Reached up, Hyunjin gently rested his hand on your round stomach. It still amazes him that either Chan or him had created a life with you. He couldn’t wait to see if the baby was going to look like you or either him or his best friend.
“You look so beautiful carrying our baby.”
“You two are lucky you’re charming and good looking because this baby takes all my energy,” you teased.
“We’re sorry the baby is making you tired,” Chan said, speaking up.
Leaning over Chan placed a sweet kiss on your knee.
“I’m supposed to be cooking dinner for your birthday Chan.”
Hyunjin looked down at you shaking his head smiling, “that’s cute you think you’re cooking dinner.”
In the last two months as you crossed over from her second trimester to her third the boys were letting you do less and less. You had originally planned to cook the boys an amazing dinner for Chan’s birthday but both the boys kept shutting you down.
“If I don’t cook, who is going to cook?”
“We are more than capable of cooking dinner for us,” Chan gently squeezed your foot. She looked at him and tried not to laugh at his comment. “Don’t be rude,” he gently squeezed your foot one last time.
“So Princess, have you figured out if you want to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl?” Hyunjin asked attempting to change the subject.
You were still trying to decide if you wanted to know if you were having a boy or a girl. Since finding out you were pregnant you had gone back and forth on if you wanted to find out.
“I mean I still don’t know. Maybe the gender can be a surprise along with figuring out who the dad is,” you tried to joke about the situation that still made you feel guilty.
Hyunjin leaned down and pressed his lips to your forehead. His touch was gentle as if he was trying to calm you.
“We both have told you over and over it doesn’t matter who the father is. This is both of our baby,” Hyunjin's voice was warm and calming.
“He’s right,” Chan said, speaking up.
“I know I just feel…” you paused trying to gather you words. You slowly sat up and took feet off of Chan’s lap and sat in between both the boys. “It’s just an odd feeling. I feel like I’m breaking one of your hearts.”
“Hey,” Chan reaches over and rested his hand on your cheek and gently twisting your head so you’re looking at him. “No one is upset here or hurt. You mean the world to both of us and we both love you and the baby equally. It doesn’t matter who the biological father is. We don’t even have to ever find out if you don’t want to.”
Your eyes were locked on his kind dark colored eyes. Slowly you blinked for a moment before you leaned forward for a sweet kiss.
“I don’t think I want to find out,” you whispered, feeling a sense of relief wash over you.
“Then we don’t find out,” Hyunjin answered.
“Thank you boys.”
You put her feet up on the coffee table and reached over and took both of their hands. You knew nothing about their lives were normal but wouldn’t change your life for the world. You would never know how you ended up lucky enough to have two wonderful men in your life. Or how you were lucky enough to start a family with them.
Standing in the living room you watched as Chan held your daughter. He gently swayed side to side singing softly to the little girl who stole his heart.
You and Hyunjin had just returned from the store and hadn’t expected to find Chan dancing with your daughter. You couldn’t help the smile that is plastered on your face as you watch them.
“Is that how Chan calms her down?”she asked looking up at Hyunjin.
“When I dance she doesn’t giggle like that,” Hyunjin acted as if he was offended even though he wasn’t.
“Look mommy and daddy are home,” Chan says walking over towards you.
“Did she behave?” You asked as you walked closer to Chan and your daughter.
“This little girl was a complete angel while you were away,” he winked before he pressed his lips to the top of his daughter's head.
In all the time you had been with Chan and Hyunjin things between the three of you just kept getting better. The addition of your daughter seemed to bring all of you closer than you had ever been before and none of you thought that was possible.
Hyunjin heads off to the kitchen to put some of the groceries away. You stood in the living room staring at Chan for a moment before he handed you your daughter. You’ll never get over how completely perfect your little girl is. Holding your daughter close you press your lips to the top of her head. Swaying to the beat of the music you hummed along to the song. It’s not long before your little girl is sound asleep in your arms.
“I should probably put her down for a nap,” you say quietly.
Walking off to her nursery you lays her down in her crib and press your lips to her forehead before slowly leaving her room.
Walking back into the living room you find Hyunjin and Chan sitting down on the couch. You smile as you sit down between them.
“I don’t want to brag but I personally think we made the perfect baby,” you states proudly.
Chan shrugs and lets out a chuckle, “I mean you aren’t wrong.”
You both look at Hyunjin who is smiling. He lets out a soft laugh of his own before saying, “I’m aware our daughter is beautiful. She looks like her mother. She was bound to be stunning.”
Biting your bottom lip you hold back a smile as blush crept across your cheeks. You’ll never get over the fact that both boys are so attracted to you, and how much you love your life with them.
“I love you both,” you beams.
“And we love you,” Chan says as he leans over and presses his lips to your shoulder.
It’s moments like this that make you feel like your life is perfect, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
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