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Yoongi: ... Why are you wearing a tux?
Jin: It's after six. What am I, a farmer?
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Okay, i have never done this but here is my request 🫢 I’m gonna go with the elevator scene (could be the whole scene there or maybe then moving it to another place 😅) but with Jin please 🥺 I would like some type of angry sex, like idk, both are mad about whatever and then 🤯 if it could contain some degradation and maybe a spit kink? it would be more than perfect 😬🤩 oh! And some appreciation to his shoulders and lips ☺️ thank you so much in advance 🥰 hope you have a great dayyyy and take care of yourself 💜
Here’s some inspo~ 😍
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stuck with you. || ksj.
❝ “Jin?”
“Happy anniversary.” ❞
[this was also posted on ao3]
Tumblr media
➳ summary: you always thought that having a 'first time' with your boyfriend, the kim seokjin, would be nothing but wonderful. like having your first kiss together or the first time you made love to each other. but not this time. having your first fight was horrible and you wanted nothing but to pout in silence. but then you get stuck in the elevator together with your boyfriend. and jin wasn't nearly done with you.
➳ pairing: kim seokjin x reader
➳ genre: idol!au, established relationship!au, light angst (they had a stupid fight), smut, fluff at the end
➳ warnings: make up sex, punishment sex, public sex (they're fucking in an elevator), spanking, name calling (slut but also good girl, baby), unprotected sex, boobies appreciation, nipple play, creampie
➳ wordcount: 5,5k
➳ a/n: it's done, your request @jimcartop! I really hope you like this and it's written to your liking <3 it's not that good, I know, yet I still hope you (and all the other people too ofc) had a good time while reading this. Big thanks to @hoebii as well, thank you so much for taking the time to beta read for me! Ilysm <3 My requests are open btw, so if you have a wish, I'll try to get it done! Feedback would be much appreciated, ly all <3
➳ taglist: @parkdatjimin @hoebii
Tumblr media
You always thought that the 'first time' of something would be a moment you’d love and treasure for a long time.
Like the first time you met your boyfriend Seokjin, all those years ago, or the first time the two of you went out on a date, the first kiss you shared or the first time you made love to each other. All these 'first times' will forever hold a special place in your heart, and whenever you’d feel sad, you’d remember them and suddenly the world seemed so much brighter, so much better.
Not this time though.
This 'first time' was horrible, something you thought you could prevent just a little bit longer, no, forever because yes, as much as you tried to deny it, you’ve always been avoiding it because it scares you to death; a fight. You and Seokjin had your first fight.
It all started pretty normally. You woke up at your shared apartment, alone, because your boyfriend had already left for practice and it was your day off.
Today was a very special day. It was your 5 year anniversary and you were beyond excited to spend this day with Jin. You both already had the day planned out in advance. Nothing special, because Jin still had work today, but the two of you would just spend time together at your shared apartment while watching a movie and eating the food your boyfriend made, and then things would – hopefully - get hot and steamy and the two of you wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom because you’d simply be too horny for each other. You even bought a new lingerie set in his favorite color you knew he’d love, because this anniversary meant a lot to you and you really wanted to please your boyfriend today.
But then everything just went downhill.
Tumblr media
Your footsteps echoed loudly in the hallways as you made your way to the dance studios. You were angry, no, more than angry – you were furious and almost at the edge of crying, which was so unlike you that it simply made you angrier. But who could blame you?
This was your anniversary, a day that simply shouldn’t have gone wrong. Yet it did. When Seokjin called you earlier, saying that he wouldn’t make it home and needed to be at the studio for a few more hours you were mad. He knew how much this day meant to you, and yes, you also knew he was an idol and it happened often that he couldn’t make it home, but on your anniversary? He couldn’t even make time for you on your fucking anniversary?
There was music coming out from one of the studios, so you immediately knew that the boys would be in there. You probably should knock, waiting for them to give their approval for you to step into the room but you didn’t care. Not today, not now.
So, you shoved the door open with sheer force, a loud ‘bang‘ pierced through the room as it collided with the wall on the other side.
“Kim Seokjin!“
The people inside fell into silence, though the music continued playing in the background, everyone too stunned to make any moves as shocked faces were looking at you with wide, open eyes.
The first one to react to your sudden arrival was Jimin; the young man who was just sitting on a chair moments ago, drinking from his water bottle, fell from his chair, face colliding first with the floor. A loud soundision echoed through the studio, alongside Jimin groaning in pain, rubbing his forehead.
Then there was a laugh. Hobi.
The others followed him shortly after, laughing at poor Jimin who was now rolling his eyes, slightly annoyed, but not mad.
Everyone was laughing, except Jin.
Your boyfriend was looking at you, and you saw the different emotions flickering in his eyes. Surprise, guilt and annoyance. Why was he annoyed? A fire of anger blazed within you, ready to burn down everything that came its way.
“I am so angry at you, you have no idea!”, you announced, your voice echoing through the studio as you approach Seokjin with angry steps, your nostrils trembling.
In the corner of your eyes, you notice how the boys became quiet. They were no longer laughing, Jimin was no longer complaining about his pain. All their attention lingered on you, the crazy, angry girlfriend that just stormed in here without permission, without caring that they had to work.
You didn’t give any shit, your whole attention on the man standing right before you.
“This is such an important day for me, and you know it! On our anniversary?! Fuck, do you really appreciate me so little? How dare you, Kim Seokjin?!”
Okay, now you were overreacting. But you couldn’t stop, not when the anger within you only started to grow when you saw how his body tensed, a clear sign that he was angry himself.
You were also sure that the tears, which already gathered in the corners of your eyes, would soon gush out of you like a waterfall. You knew you wouldn’t be able to control yourself then any longer. And you didn't want to show yourself this emotional in front of him and the others.
But Jin remained silent, calm. He didn’t let the storm raging inside him out. He waited while the guilt tried to suffocate him, slowly, because seeing you this angry and upset wasn’t easy for him, too. Even if he knew this was kind of his fault.
A voice from behind caught your attention. Namjoon.
Of course it was him, the leader, trying to solve every problem, even if he himself had nothing to do with it.
“Y/N, I’m sorry. I think this has to be my fault. Shit, I completely forgot about your anniversary. If I had known beforehand, I wouldn’t have told Jin to stay longer to practice more”, Namjoon explained.
He was calm too, but something about that made you even more angry, more upset about this whole situation. Why the fuck was everyone this calm?!
Coming here was a bad idea, you now realized, because you were painfully aware of how much you were overreacting. Tears welled up inside you again, this time out of pure shame.
Yet you couldn’t stop.
You didn’t answer, didn’t even give a sign that you heard what the leader said and last but not least, you didn’t look anyone in the eyes. Not the boys, not your boyfriend.
Without another word, you practically sprinted out of the room. The door fell shut behind you, and now the silence of the corridor accompanied you as you ran away. Your heels clattered on the floor and your pent-up emotions that you tried so hard to hold in, tears of pure anger and shame, now flowed in streams down your cheeks, ruining your make-up you’ve put so much effort into.
You were painfully aware that Jin wasn’t following you, that he wouldn't pull you into his strong arms and let you cry on his warm chest.
But if you were honest, you couldn’t even blame him. You behaved like a little brat, which wasn’t entirely fair to him as well.
But you wouldn’t admit that, not now, not when your feelings were still this strong, this new.
You sprinted to the elevator at the end of the corridor, pressing the button like a madman, once, twice, then again, over and over again. You just wanted to get out of here, into your bed, where you could continue to act like a little child - but this time in peace, when no one could judge you and you no longer had to justify yourself for your shameful behavior.
The elevator opened its doors, a short ‘beep’ sounded out as you got in and pushed the button for the garage where you’d parked your car.
You were still sniffling, your eyes full of tears running down your cheeks, yet you didn’t have the emotional capacity to do anything about it, not even wipe them off with the back of your hand. Your back was pressing against the cold wall of the elevator, and you desperately tried your hardest to not look at the huge mirror. You didn't want to see what a miserable state you were in.
The doors slowly closed and you fished your phone out of your purse, fingers flying over the screen as you checked your messages, trying to get your mind busy with other things.
A hand reached through the elevator doors, followed by a foot, and then there was a groan as the doors failed to defy resistance, crushing both hand and foot. But the person on the other side reached his goal. The doors opened again, slowly, and in front of you now stood Jin, completely sweaty and agitated. He was running after you, even though you didn’t give him any reason at all to do so.
Rather the opposite was the case.
He entered, cautiously, and then the doors closed behind him and the elevator took the two of you down.
You now wiped your eyes, red and swollen from all the crying, but you still didn’t look at him. Because yes, even though you now understood how childish your behavior was, you were still angry. The fire was still burning in your chest and you weren't ready to erase it yet.
“Y/N, Jagiya, please look at m-“
Suddenly, the elevator came to a standstill. A screech rang out, metal on metal and a loud, startled shriek escaped your throat. Jin lost his footing, desperately flailing his arms back and forth as he tried to hold on to something at the very last moment, but it was too late. He lost his grip, fell forward and – of course – straight into your arms. Suddenly your lungs seemed to be out of air, your breath being taken away from you. As he slammed into you, as his full weight pinned you against the wall, your back hit with such force that tears came to your eyes instinctively, the pain making you see stars for a moment.
Then everything was quiet. Too quiet. And that’s when you realized the damn elevator got fucking stuck.
“Shit, oh god, are you okay?”, Jin asked, the worry clearly evident in his voice. You groaned in pain, your whole back hurt, and now tears were streaming down your cheeks again. This time, not out of anger or shame, but of pure pain.
“This can’t be fucking true, we can’t be stuck in this fucking elevator!”
But of course it was true. Jin knew, and you did too. What did you do in your previous life to deserve something like this?
Your whole back was killing you, and so while you were getting comfortable on the floor you groaned, both in pain and annoyance. Meanwhile you saw how Jin was pressing buttons, desperately trying to get you out of the elevator. He even tried to open the doors with his hands, but of course it wasn’t working.
“We’re stuck. Shit. Seems like we have to wait here till someone notices it.”
“No shit, Sherlock”, you grumbled, rolling your eyes. Jin turned around, and now you saw the clear frustration, visible in both his gaze and body language. You weren’t fair to him, you knew that. While it did made you feel bad, you also weren’t able to stop behaving like this. You and your hurt ego, it was honestly more of a pain in the ass than it was useful to you.
“Y/N, don’t be like that”, Jin sighed, and he ran his hands through his chocolate brown hair. A few wrinkles were now evident on his handsome face, which usually happened when he was nervous or frustrated. Probably both, you figured out.
“Don’t be like what? What am I doing? Explain it to me, so that I can understand it better”, you said, sarcasm practically dripping out of every part of your whole being. Jin only groaned in frustration, his head falling back, meeting the cold wall of the elevator.
“You behave like a little brat. Shit, I knew I fucked up, but I couldn’t just say no when Namjoon said he wanted to practice longer. You know how he is! He would’ve been stressing over it if I wouldn’t have agreed”, Jin tried to explain, his eyes searching for yours, desperately.
And you understood it, you really did, yet you had so much chaos, so many raw emotions within you that your reasonable side was hard to manifest itself again.
You started to cry. Yes, you, an adult woman, started to sob like a little baby while being stuck in an elevator with your boyfriend. You covered your eyes with your hands and it was like a switch had flipped within you. The tears wouldn’t stop flowing and you were pretty sure you looked like a whole mess, eyes and nose red from crying, your whole make-up smeared across your face.
It was in this moment you realized you were the luckiest woman in the whole world, no, the whole fucking universe to have Kim Seokjin as your boyfriend. No matter how angry he was with you before, no matter how frustrated, those feelings didn’t matter because he immediately put his arms around you without a second’s hesitation. Gosh, you loved this man, you truly did, and you swore to yourself that you would never get angry at him again.
He stroked your back in circular movements, didn’t stop, even if after what felt like an eternity – which was probably more like 10 minutes – you had calmed down, your body going limp in his arms. He still didn’t let go of you, instead starting to rock your body back and forth, slowly, carefully.
“I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long”, you started to speak, your voice sounding muffled due to your face still being buried in your boyfriend’s shirt. “I’ve took the day off. I-I didn’t say it because I wanted it to be a surprise for you. I cleaned the whole apartment, then I went shopping to buy this lingerie set you thought looked so good on me. I shaved my whole body, because… yeah, you know. I even made a reservation for your favorite restaurant. Shit, yeah, I’m so sorry for acting like this, but I’ve just… I’ve just wanted this day to be perfect Jin.”
You felt your tears starting to well up again, but this time you could control it. Instead, your gaze met his, and a soft smile spread on your face. Jin pulled you towards him again, this time his face was buried deep in your hair and you could feel his breath on your skin, making you shiver.
Then something wet rolled down your neck.
A tear. Guilt was washing over you, hitting you like a punch in the stomach.
“I’m so sorry, Jagi, shit. I’m so sorry. If I knew how much all of this meant to you, then I would’ve never stayed longer.”
You slowly untangled yourself from his arms, tried to look him in the face, but he wouldn’t let you. He turned away instead, sniffling softly to himself. The sound echoed through the elevator.
This had to be the most painful thing you have ever experienced. Your boyfriend, your soft, idiotic and funny boyfriend, who would always crack stupid dad jokes, who’d never leave the apartment without a goodbye kiss, was crying right in front of you. Because of your goddamn insensitivity.
You cupped his face, making him look at you. His eyes were red, swollen, exactly like yours just a few minutes ago. His hands clasped yours, who were still cupping his face, while he closed his eyes.
For a while, there was nothing but your shared silence in the elevator. The only noise coming from you was your calm and steady breathing.
Slowly you lift your fingers, wiped away the few tears that were still on his face and then spread soft kisses on his face, his eyes, which were still closed, his nose, his cheeks until your lips found his, and you placed one soft kiss there too. You have never been more grateful than in that moment, because after all of this Jin still let you get so close to him.
“I’m sorry Jin. I’m so sorry for letting it all out on you. This shouldn’t have happened, and I deeply regret that”, you spoke with a soft and steady voice, but on the inside, you were actually quite stressed. What if Jin wouldn’t forgive you? He had a reason not to, and the thought scared you, making you almost tear up again.
But Jin wasn’t like this, and deep within you, you already knew that.
“How can I forgive you when I’ve never been angry with you in the first place?”, he chuckled, a smile now on his face. You automatically started smiling too, and you nudged his nose with yours, giggling quietly while your arms swung around his broad shoulders.
“You shouldn’t be so indulgent with me. Punish me for what I did!”, came out of you, and suddenly it was as if a switch had flipped, the air between you immediately heated up, had something heavy, erotic in it.
And as you saw his smirk, you knew you would receive punishment. Just not in the way you imagined, but something much, much better, which made it already difficult for you to breath.
“Punishment, huh? Is that what you want?”, he asked. His voice sounded thick and so much deeper than usual, and when his hands grabbed you by the hips and pulled you closer so that you were flushed against him, a groan escaped your throat.
You felt yourself becoming wet just by the thought of what exactly he would give you, and you couldn’t wait but to hope the punishment would be as bad as possible.
“Answer me, baby girl. Do you want to be punished? A bad girl like you should be punished the worst, don’t you think so?”, he mumbled, and as you tried to answer, tried to tell him how desperate you were to see how he would punish you, his sinful lips found the sensitive spot behind your ears, licking, sucking hard, and a whimper left your lips as you arched your back, closer, shit, you had to be so much closer to his body.
“Answer me, slut”, he groaned, and you whimpered as the filthy words left his mouth. You were dripping, your juices already forming a wet spot on his sweatpants and he hadn’t even started yet. And he knew, of course he knew, and he took full advantage of it, that lousy son of a-
With a jerk he turned your face to him, didn’t let go of you, even if you already looked at him obediently. Anger was now clearly visible on his face.
“Open your mouth”, he ordered, which you did without a second thought, waiting for what you knew would come next. He collected his saliva in his mouth and without hesitation he spat into your mouth and you stuck out your tongue, showed him where his saliva now was in your mouth.
He was breathing heavily and you could feel him beginning to rise underneath you, his long, fat cock slowly getting hard. A satisfied grin crept onto his lips.
“Now swallow.”
He gave you an order again, so of course you obeyed. With pleasure. You swallowed his saliva, imagining it was his cum instead, heavy on your tongue, and the thought alone almost brought you over the edge.
“Good girl”, he said and then the calm was over, the slight hesitation gone. Jin pounced on you like a hunter on his prey and you gave yourself immediately to him, unconditionally, even if there was a slight risk that he would eat you alive.
His mouth pressed onto yours, hard and without any mercy. He pulled you even closer to him, your breasts now pressed against his upper body and his cock rubbed against your cunt deliciously. Even under this much layer of clothes he had such a strong effect on you and you could feel how long and thick his member was. God, you truly loved his cock. You would definitely suck him off once the two of you got home.
“Gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk out of this fucking elevator. You will never behave like this, do you understand me? How you exposed me in front of the others, I will make sure you never will be able to do that again. You have to be punished, hard, do you understand that?”
His hands found your thighs, kneading the soft flesh while his lips kissed your neck. You immediately lean your head to the side so he could have better access to it, and now his kisses were getting sloppier, messier and a fire lit up in your stomach, making your walls clench around nothing.
His hands tore open your blouse with force and a startled scream escaped you. Buttons flew in all directions, but Seokjin didn’t seem to care at all, because he was looking at your chest intensely, the way your boobs almost spilled out of your bra, how nicely they were pressed together by the fabric.
“Look at your tits babe. Fucking look at them. They’re so gorgeous”, he spoke, his voice sounded so hoarse, so turned on. His big hands found your tits, massaged the flesh without mercy, again and again.
Your nipples harden underneath his touch, now clearly visible through the thin fabric of the bra, and Jin smirked as he saw that. He took one of your rosy buds between his fingers, rolling it back and forth while his mouth found your other breast, sucked you through the fabric, hard, just as he knew you liked it.
“Jin, oh my god, don’t stop, please”, you moaned out. His lips on your nipple made you see stars, and you grinded down onto his hard cock through the fabric of your clothes, the friction causing you immediate pleasure. Yet you wanted nothing more than to feel him inside you, while he fucked you hard and fast.
“Yes, continue, ride yourself on my dick babe.”
He groaned at the sight of you. Your eyes were closed, your lips swollen and your tits bouncing right before his face, even though you still had a bra on. Gosh, he felt like he could cum right in his pants at this beautiful, sinful sight that was you.
But it was you who came first.
Your climax came suddenly, without a warning, so hard you screamed, the sound echoing throughout the elevator. However, you didn’t stop grinding against him, the opposite was the case, because while he still worked your nipples alternately with his lips and fingers you started to increase your speed, desperate to feel more of him.
“Fuck, who told you to cum without permission?”, Jin asked. He suddenly pulled away from you, leaving you confused and aroused, and instead began to massage himself through his pants. The sudden prospect made you groan, but the trembling of his nostrils made you hold still, made you not to do anything nasty again.
Your eyes followed him as he stood up and a moan escaped you as his hard cock was at eye level with you; a faint wet stain was clearly visible on his pants, and it was probably the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. You thought he wanted you to lick his cock, to take him deep in your mouth until you couldn’t breathe anymore, but that wasn’t the case. He grabbed you by the shoulders, roughly, but not in such a way that it would cause you any pain, and pulled you up with all his strength. You got up stumbling a little, a little out of breath, but he didn’t give you time to get a hold of yourself, because the next moment he had pressed you against the wall with the mirror on it. The situation from before had been so similar, and yet so different, because this time you didn’t moan out of pain, but out of the sheer pleasure he was causing you.
“Turn around”, he ordered, his lips close to your ear as he bit down hard, once, then let go and waited for you to obey his command. And like the good girl you are – for him and him only – you followed his order, turned around and pressed your upper body against the cold glass of the mirror. Your breasts were spilling out of your bra, nipples getting even harder as they were pressed against the mirror.
Your eyes found his in the mirror, he looked at you without turning his gaze away just for a second, and you stretched out your ass towards him while you slowly licked your lips and exhaled your breath sensually, the glass beneath you making it visible by turning foggy.
He groaned at the sight, and then his whole body was pressed against your back, his dick pressed against your ass, slowly grinding between your ass cheeks as much as possible because you were still clothed. It had to be gone, you realized, your clothes who forbid him to grind his cock directly at your ass had to be gone. Now.
“Need to feel you inside me Jin, please“, you begged, wiggling your ass at him out of sheer desperateness. He bit down hard into your neck at this action, hard, and you moaned at the thought of being marked as his, the evidence clearly visible on your neck.
“Shit- you’re so hot, might cum in my pants by the sight you’re giving me. Gonna fuck you so hard I have to carry you out of this elevator since you won’t be able to feel your legs after it. Now strip for me, babe. Fast.”
You probably broke all the records by stripping, slipping out of your clothes so quickly and throwing them carelessly on the floor that you were pretty shocked yourself. Then you stood in front of him, naked, completely exposed and in his eyes you saw how much he enjoyed this, how much it aroused him that while you were naked he was still fully clothed, causing him to smirk slyly. His arousal was clearly visible as his erection continued to swell and the sight made you even wetter, even more desperate to get his cock inside you as fast as possible.
And it seemed like he couldn’t wait either. He forced your body to turn around, so you were facing the mirror again. Then, as you finally thought he would fuck you, you were surprised again.
He slapped your ass. Once. Twice. So hard that you were sure your flesh was all red. You moaned, cried out, over and over again as he continued to slap you. The view he had seemed too good to be true, how the flesh jiggled as he slapped your perfect ass until it was sore. Only then did he stop, and when you thought you could catch your breath you were taught a better one: he pulled down both pants and boxer shorts and thrust into you, hard and so fast and deep that you got dizzy. At first there was pain, so much pain it brought tears to your eyes but your boyfriend actually let you get used to his size until you were sure your legs wouldn’t give out the second he would thrust into you again.
You gave him a sign by giving him a nod, and he didn’t hesitate for even a millisecond. He pulled his cock out of you, the sudden emptiness making you whimper, but before you knew it, he was inside you again, and oh god, he hit a certain spot, so hot and deep. He thrust into you, over and over again, at a speed that made you see stars, that made you reach your climax far too quickly for your liking. Yet you didn’t want him to stop.
His hands were on your boobs again, finally, and he squeezed the flesh he loved to much, punished your nipples over and over again with both his hands till you were screaming due to oversensitivity.
“Watch yourself in the mirror, Jagi. Open your eyes. Shit, do you see how hot you are? So wet and ready for me.”
His words, oh god, his words made you scream as you opened your eyes, as you watched this beautiful man thrust into your pussy, hitting spots within you you didn’t even know existed.
You felt ready to burst, the obscene noises of your juices between you while he fucked you hard were too much, too hot, you weren’t sure how much longer you could last.
Seokjin grabbed your hips, prevented you from moving and was thrusting so fucking fast and hard in you that you were nothing but a screaming mess. And when he also took your clitoris between his fingers, massaged it over and over again in circular movements, it was over for you.
You came, your second orgasm hitting you, the pleasure flowing through your whole body, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your hair, making you sigh in comfort, making your body go limp and leaving you a panting mess.
“Good job, princess. You did so good”, Jin said, his lips on your shoulder, leaving a trail of feather light kisses along the way. But he still wasn’t finished with you.
Trying to reach his own release, he picked up his pace again, his cock slipping in and out of you again, the action making you scream because shit, you were so sensitive there, so sore from his big dick.
“Jin, I- ah, can’t go again, please”, you cried out, your forehead pressing against the mirror while you tried your hardest to stop your legs from trembling. “Yes, you can and you will. Be a good girl for me, Y/N. I know you can do that for me”, he mumbled, his voice sounded dull because he was still kissing your back and shoulders. His lips were squeezed shut, trying his hardest to chase his orgasm.
He was also panting you noticed, his shirt sticking to his chest due to all the sweat his body was producing, yet he didn’t seem to mind that. He was lost within you, deep buried into your tight and warm pussy, desperately trying to cum.
After you caught yourself again, a few moments later, you decided to help the poor man a little. With your hands you leaned against the mirrored wall and lifted your hips, letting them rotate back and forth as he thrust into you again and again. Sheer pleasure was visible on his face, and you swore the sight of him trying to get himself off while using you for his own pleasure was enough to force another orgasm out of you.
His movements were getting sloppier, changing from slow to fast which let you knew he was getting close, getting ready to burst his load within you.
“Cum for me, Jin. Need your cum in me, painting my walls white.”
Oh, and he did. His dick twitched inside of you and he came in waves, cum dripping down your thighs. He groaned, biting down hard into the flesh of your shoulders, panting heavily.
“Shit, that was amazing”, he said shortly after, his member slipping out of you easily due to all the cum the two of you produced together.
“We should get stuck more often in an elevator if it ends up like this, huh?”, you said, wiggling your eyebrows suggestively while grinning at him through the mirror. He laughed, nodding in agreement with you, because this had to be the best sex he ever experienced – although all the sex with you was the best, so fucking hot and good all the time. He would never get tired of fucking you, and clearly never tired of loving you.
You turned around, still naked as you smiled, standing on your tiptoes to press a soft, deep kiss on his beautiful lips. He smiled into the kiss, pulling you yet again closer to him.
Shortly after, you collected the clothes lying on the floor, trying to get dressed, Jin trying to distract you by grabbing you again and again, pulling you to himself and kissing you deeply. He only stopped after you hit him playfully on the arm, only then did he let you get dressed in peace.
“I love you, Kim Seokjin”, you announced, suddenly feeling emotional all over again. The love you had for him was real, deep and raw burning in your chest. You loved him with every breath you took, every heartbeat of your loving heart.
“And I love you, L/N Y/N”, he grinned, boyishly.
It took a while for the elevator to jerk into motion again, taking you both finally to your desired destination.
Only when the doors opened and the corridor leading to the garage was revealed to you did you remembered something, something so important you couldn’t believe you simply had actually forgotten.
“Happy anniversary.”
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Jungkook icons Left and Right
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blood sweat & tears // yet to come
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jungkook scenario | mr. ice
Tumblr media
❝ the boy living in the apartment above yours is exceptionally cold to you, and you’ve not-so-lovingly started calling him ‘mr. ice’. but when the two of you end up snowed inside your apartment complex in the heart of a blizzard on christmas eve, his icy exterior begins to melt... ❞
➸ prompt: i’m not feeling the christmas spirit, but you live below me and keep blasting christmas tunes really loud…
➸ pairing: jungkook x female reader
➸ warnings: profanity; mentions of infidelity; multiple pov; y/n is an idiot and jungkook can’t handle a pretty face
➸ requested by anon | 11.1k words | fluff, mild angst, neighbours au, enemies to lovers au
➸ author’s note: well, would you look at that... your girl went a wrote another jungkook e2l fic. what a surprise... don’t know what it is with me and jungkook e2l aus! maybe some part of me just wants to fight this man? anyway, here’s some holiday cheese for you. enjoy, and merry christmas!
Tumblr media
Who gave Jeon Jungkook permission to act this way?
There’s a fire of fury raging in your chest as you slam the door in his face. This is the third time this week that you’ve slammed the door in front of him. Before you moved into this apartment, you’d never slammed a door in anyone’s face. Not even once. Jungkook just does things to you. Things that have your blood boiling, voice raising, hands fisting.
On the other side of the door, you hear a muttered string of curses, and through the too-thin frame (that’s what you get for renting cheap) you call, “Watch your language!”
He hurls a particularly loud cuss at the door, specifically just for your benefit.
You listen to the sound of his footsteps retreating back down the hallway, and the banging of the doors as he enters the stairwell. It feels good to hear the aggravated thudding.
So you made him as angry as you feel. That’s reassuring.
He deserves to feel that way. Particularly when you’re in the right on this. And you know you’re in the right. It’s December. That means it’s officially Christmas, and you can play Christmas tunes as loud as you want. If that disturbs Jungkook above you, then tough. You’re allowed to enjoy yourself with the volume turned up as loud as you like.
Huffing, you go back to your living room, and turn up the music again – Wizzard blasting around your tiny apartment, with the words, “I wish it could be Christmas everyday.”
You go back to decorating the room – which you had been doing before Jungkook had so rudely interrupted you, with his banging on the door, louder than your very loud music.
Above you, you can hear the thud of Jungkook’s feet as he stomps around in the apartment upstairs. He’s clearly upset. Good. With his callous coldness, you think he deserves it. Jeon Jungkook isn’t a name suitable for someone like him. Mr. Ice is more appropriate. It matches his hard onyx eyes, his slick jet hair, and his angular eyebrows, with piercings of silver on his lower lip, his brow, his ears – all sharp edges, like he’s been carved from ice.
Normally you’d be sympathetic. You know how annoying it can be to have loud neighbours -  you’ve been there yourself, with dormmates in university that would party till early in the morning, while you banged your head against your desk, trying to type out an essay that was due in ten hours.
But Jungkook lost your sympathy long ago. Even when you first met him, you knew you would have trouble with him. It was your first week in the apartment complex, and you’d already met lots of your other neighbours, including the old lady who lived on the ground floor, and baked you cookies, as well as the young couple directly below you, who invited you around for a glass of wine. But Jungkook hadn’t shown himself at all - in fact you thought the apartment above yours was abandoned, until one day, you had been struggling into the stairwell with too many bags of groceries, and he had entered ahead of you. Instead of holding the door open for you, with your zero free hands, he had just let the door swing shut in your face.
If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s bad manners.
At least you wouldn’t have to put up with him much – that was what you had thought. You reasoned that he mustn’t live close to you, since you’d never seen his face before. But as he took the stairs up, and you’d awkwardly followed after him with your shopping, past the first three sets of stairs, till he reached the fourth floor, and you reached the awful realisation that this asshole was your neighbour. He’d made eye contact with you, as he exited the stairwell, black eyes big, staring down at you, on the third floor, as you narrowed your own back at him.
It was the beginning of something bitter.
You hated it. You’d never got along with someone so poorly in your whole adult life, and you had no idea how to deal with all your pent-up frustration. It’s not like sorting out problems in primary school, where you could get away with kicking at the child you disliked, and then make up and be friends the next day by offering to share your toys. You really have no idea how to fix what’s happening with Jungkook. And part of you wishes you could. You don’t like the thought of being hated by anyone, even if that someone is Mr. Ice himself.
But if he is going to hate you – which he does, and you can’t help – then you guess you have to hate him back.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
Jungkook collapses against his door, trapping out the world behind him.  Even as he’s recovering his breath from storming up one flight of stairs, below him, begin the strains of “I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday.”
He stifles a scream, which instead turns into a groan as he slides down the door, until he’s hunched on the floor, knees tucked up to his chest. Why are you like this? What makes you think you have the right to disturb his life with your loud music, when he’s not feeling at all in the mood?
Maybe he should have asked more politely.
But to be fair, he had asked politely the first time. And you had refused. And when he asked again, you had refused even more bluntly. And now it’s this. This… “Ooooh I wish it could be Christmas everydaaaaay…” right below him. He curls his arms around his legs and rests his forehead against his knees. He’d rather not think about Christmas; he’s not feeling festive at all. Your insistence on blasting music at max volume is not helping.
What’s happening to him? Why do the two of you get along so badly? It’s something he’ll never be able to understand. You seemed to hate him from the very beginning. But maybe that was his fault. He had been exceptionally cold to you. He recognised that. It wasn’t intentional. But he had always been bad at dealing with pretty faces, and flutterings in his heart. It was the same gut reaction he had when he was a child with his first crush, when instead of being nice to earn love, he had instead turned away, and pretended to ignore it – as if the feelings would melt away on their own.
But no. The feelings never go on their own.
You’re nothing new in the failed chronicles of Jungkook’s unsuccessful love life, where he stares longingly across the room at the people he likes, and ends up never saying anything to them.
Well… apart from that one time… but he doesn’t want to think of that.
This time he had tried talking to you – and it had gone awfully. The second time he saw you, after spotting you in the stairwell, he had taken a deep breath, and decided he would start a conversation. He was an adult now, and he could do things like speak to someone he was developing a crush on.
“Hey, I think we must be neighbours,” he had said, when he caught you by the vending machine in the apartment lobby. You were picking up a milk coffee can from the tray. Your cheeks were pink like strawberries.
“Yeah, I figured that,” you said. Jungkook had been taken aback by how frosty your response was.
Talking to you was obviously a mistake. His stomach was doing flips, and it was making him feel ill. Maybe he should back out now. His jaw tightened, as his throat closed up and he nodded. “Cool.”
“Cool.” You brushed past him to get back to the stairwell, milk coffee in hand. Your shoulder was hard against his arm. He wasn’t sure if you did that on purpose, but it made him angry, for reasons he couldn’t explain. You smelt like apple shampoo.
Yeah, Jungkook should definitely leave his crushes alone. That was a lesson learned.  He was going to stay single forever at this rate. But it was easier than experiencing whatever was going on in his chest at that moment. Lesson learned. He’d be ice to you now.
But being ice isn’t easy. Ice shatters quickly, especially when you’re cracking it below your feet. And so Jungkook’s short lasted infatuation quickly turned to hate to match your own – even colder, and more brittle. Ready to snap.
He mutters another curse under his breath as he stands up and stomps towards the kitchen. He needs a coffee. As if he could ever have had a crush on someone like you. The thought puts a wry smile on his face. He stamps hard on the floor. He hopes you can hear it.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
“I really don’t get why you hate that guy so much.” Your friend, Jimin, is staring at you over his mint chocolate mocha, sitting in the café in your nearest mall. You’re doing some last minute shopping with him, and it’s somehow turned into a venting session, where you dump all your annoyances about Jungkook into his lap, and leave Jimin to wipe up the mess.
“I-” You cut yourself off. You can articulate why you hate him just fine in your head. But when it comes out in words it really doesn’t make sense. “I don’t know,” you say at last, looking down to your own cup – simple milk coffee, nothing fancy. “He just rubs me the wrong way. His tone is always so… cold.”
“Well it sounds like your own tone isn’t much better with him,” Jimin prods. You don’t want to hear that. It probably is true. You press your lips together, as the childish quip “He started it!” is inches from being launched off your tongue. You swallow it down again. “Listen, Jimin,” you lean across the table, “He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t hold the door open for people that are struggling with groceries.”
“And you’re strong and independent, and don’t need a man to hold the door for you,” Jimin quips back.
“But that’s just common curtesy,” you say, sitting back in your chair with a huff, crossing your arms, and frowning down at your feet. You don’t look up until you hear a click, and your head snaps up to see Jimin holding his phone in front of him, his camera facing you. Your own phone vibrates, and you open it to see he’s messaged the photo he just took. You hate how you look in it – like a stroppy toddler, throwing a tantrum, lips folded in a pout. Jimin’s added the caption: ‘Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. You look funny when you’re mad.’
You only message back with two words. Words you wouldn’t want your mum to hear.
Jimin laughs, and says, “I hope you recognise how childish you’re being.”
You blow out air past your lips, puffing up your cheeks as you do so. “Alright, I get it. I’ll try to be nicer to Jungkook. In fact, I’ll even invite him to my Christmas party this year, how’s that?”
Jimin nods his head, a smile pulling up. “Wow, how mature of you!”
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
Jungkook has resolved to try and be nicer to you. He’s not sure how he’ll achieve this. As soon as he thinks of you, bad feelings start rising up like gall inside him, choking down what might have once been a juvenile crush.
When he bumps into you on the stairwell, stuffing your keys into your pocket as you leave your apartment, he forces a pleasant smile, and says, “Hi.”
You look vaguely disturbed by this smile, and Jungkook realises it must be weird. His expression slips off again, back to the same stoic mask he always wears around you. But before he can walk on past you to his floor, you stop him, with a light hand on his shoulder. It almost burns him - the feeling of your fingers through his hoodie.
“Listen,” you say, “I know we don’t get on all that well, but it’s almost Christmas, so in the spirit of festivity and good will to all… would you like to come to a Christmas party I’m organising?”
You pause, while Jungkook stares at you, eyes wide. Aware that he must look like a startled deer in headlights right now, he tries to fix his expression, shutting his gaping mouth.
You go on, “I mean, I assume you’ll just complain about all the noise that the party will cause anyway, so I figured I may as well invite you so you can be a part of the noise, instead of just getting annoyed by it. But, if you don’t want to – since you seem to hate Christmas so much – then don’t come.”
Jungkook begins panicking. As soon as you had extended a line out to him, you were retracting it back, all while he watched on, completely dumb, mouth useless, with his tongue heavy inside. “No!” he manages to burst out, and you seem startled by his tone. He tries again, calmer, “No. I’ll… I’ll see if I’m free.”
A smile brightens your face. Jungkook doesn’t think he’s ever seen you smile that way at him before.
As you head past him calling that you’ll post the details through his letter box, he shouts after you – “And I don’t hate Christmas. I just don’t appreciate you blasting Christmas music so early.”
In response to this, you only start humming the Wizzard song obnoxiously loudly, looking up to him, from the turn in the stairwell, and with a devilish smile, you stick out your tongue at him.
Jungkook raises a middle finger in response, and you just laugh. “Alright. I’ll see you around, Mr. Ice.”
Before Jungkook can say anything else, you bound on down the stairs, taking two at a time, still humming. Your voice echoes up to Jungkook.
Mr. Ice? He’s still wondering over your name for him. Is he really that cold? He doesn’t want to be. But, despite telling you that he doesn’t hate Christmas, he really does find it difficult to get in the festive mood this time of year.
Maybe he can change that now. He can show you he’s made of something other than ice. There’s no point moping. Above all, no moping.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
This was a terrible idea, Jungkook decides as he stands in front of your door, hand raised to knock. He should stop, walk back up the stairs, and hide away in his room. But it had already taken him so much effort to push himself out of his apartment, with a dark green jumper on, which he hoped was seasonably appropriate – what do people even wear to Christmas parties? – with a small box of mince pies as a gift for the host.
Still, it was a bad idea. Even hearing the music on the other side of the door, blasting loud as always, is grating on his nerves. But just as he’s lowering his hand, ready to turn back, and walk upstairs, he hears a voice behind him. “Are you here for the party too?”
Jungkook turns around to see a young man standing behind him, only a few years older, it seems. His dyed blonde hair is pushed off his forehead, and he carries a gift under his arm, wrapped neatly in pretty silver paper.
“Um… yeah….” Jungkook offers lamely.
“Cool, me too,” the man says, sticking out a hand, “I’m Park Jimin. I’m a friend of the host.”
“Oh. Jeon Jungkook,” Jungkook returns the handshake, “I live upstai-”
“Mr. Ice!” Jimin grins before Jungkook can say anything else, “Wow. You really did come! I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“Oh,” Jungkook forces a smile that he hopes doesn’t look as much like a grimace as it feels. “All good things I hope.” He can taste the sarcasm pooling on his tongue.
“Yeah,” Jimin’s full lips smirk, “You’re kind of infamous in our friend group.”
“Oh, great…” Jungkook really should have left when he had a chance. “That’s just what I need. Maybe I should just head home now, and avoid any arguments that are inevitably going to happen if I step in there.”
He makes a move to leave, but Jimin catches him by his shoulder, his hand gentle, but firm. “No. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Just the fact that you got invited and showed up is promising. Maybe you’ll be able to put... whatever’s going on behind you.” Jungkook is still tense, straining against Jimin’s hand on his shoulder. “And for the record,” Jimin adds, “I don’t believe half the stories. You can’t possibly be as ice cold as that. Not when you show up to a party having clearly made an effort on your appearance, and with a gift and everything.” He smiles, and Jungkook relents against him, stepping back.
“Alright,” Jungkook says, “But if we end up arguing, and the whole party is ruined, you’ll be held accountable.”
“I accept the risk,” Jimin walks past Jungkook, and knocks on the door.
There’s a gentle thump of footsteps, and Jungkook fights down the usual butterflies when your face shows at the edged open door.
“Jimin!” you squeal, and throw the door open fully, launching yourself into a hug, “It’s great to see you!”  You’re wearing a sparkly jumper, with a Christmas tree printed on it. Normally, Jungkook finds those jumpers obnoxious, but it looks cute on you. He feels his cheeks heat up, and he runs a hand through his hair, ducking his head down, as if by staring down at the floor long enough he’ll melt into it, and won’t have to interact with you. But – alas! – you’re peeling yourself off Jimin, and looking behind him. “Oh… you came…”
Jungkook looks up to find you staring at him. His heart jumps up to his throat, with the same nervous feeling he always gets around you. He quashes it down, and holds up the hand with the mince pies in it. “Here.” It comes out gruffer than he intended.
You take the box off him, looking at it closely. “Oh, great! This store does the best mince pies!” You smile at him, another genuine grin. He’s not used to it. But he could be, if it became a regular occurrence. He gives a smile back, slightly fake, but well meant:
“I’m glad you like them.”
You open the door wider, and both Jimin and Jungkook follow you inside, with Jungkook reminding himself he’ll only have to put up with this for a few hours before he can politely make an excuse and take his leave again.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
You really weren’t expecting Jungkook to show up. You’d given him the invitation as more of a kind gesture than something you’d expected him to follow through on. Not only that, but he’s brought a gift, and is now standing in your living room, making polite conversation with your other neighbours, who all seem to know him quite well. The old lady from the first floor is doting over him, and the two girls who share an apartment together a few floors above are laughing at everything he says.
You drag Jimin aside, into your kitchen, where you begin stacking up another tray of gingerbread men and Christmas themed cupcakes. “What do I do now?” you ask him.
“About what?” Jimin is genuinely confused.
You jerk a head towards Jungkook, just visible through the door of your kitchen. His nose is scrunching in amusement at a joke one of your friends has just said.
“What do you mean?” Jimin says, “You don’t need to do anything about him. He seems to be getting along with everyone, and he’s not causing any trouble.”
You hate that Jimin’s right, and yet, you still can’t help but feel uneasy. “I just…” you search for a way to word what’s going on inside you, “It’s making me feel weird. Like… he’s getting on with everyone else so well. So what have I been doing wrong?”
Jimin shrugs, running a hand through his hair – a habit to give himself time to think. “I guess it just goes to show that you two started off on the wrong foot. I mean, you’re not a bad person, but you act badly around Jungkook, and the same seems to be true for him. So just go out there and show him that you can be nice too.”
You think about this, and then nod. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” With that, you give Jimin a smile, and picking up the tray of snacks, you go out to the living room, and begin offering food around with a wide smile on your face. You’ll be as kind and polite as possible to everyone – just to rub it in Jungkook’s face. You do the rounds of the room, all the while checking to make sure Jungkook’s noting your behaviour. His eyes are always on you when you look across to him – although his gaze flickers away when you look his way.
The old lady from floor one stops you to talk about her cat who has just had kittens, and you smile kindly, and tell her how exciting it is. “And,” the old lady goes on, “It really is so nice to see you finally getting along with Jungkook.”
Your smile falters slightly. “What do you mean?”
“Oh well,” she raises her eyebrows, “The whole apartment complex knows how you two don’t get along particularly well. Goodness knows your arguments are loud enough for it to be well advertised. But it’s good to see you’re able to put aside your differences.” You are standing quite close to Jungkook when she says this, and you’re sure he’s overheard. You glance over to check. His eyes are glued to your Christmas tree in the corner of the room, but his expression is stormy – lips pressed together, brows lowered. You give a polite nod to the lady, and say, “Yes, well… it is the season of good will and all that.”
“Hopefully it’s not just for Christmas,” the lady goes on, with a twinkle in her eye.
You give another nod, and attempt to extract yourself from the conversation, wanting to move on to talk to Jungkook now. You’re not sure why, but you want to speak to him after this, perhaps to prove a point – that you really can get along. But as you move closer to the group that Jungkook’s now a part of, he moves away, and before you can follow after him as he leaves the living room, you’re stopped by the couple from the floor below, who want to show you baby photos.
You relent with a smile, and turn to them, ready to listen, and coo over how cute their nine-month-old is.
You’ll find Jungkook later.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
Jungkook makes his way through your apartment, slightly disorientated by the layout, which seems to be a mirror of his own space above. It looks so familiar, and yet so alien, with your decorations adorning the walls, and your furniture choice spilling over your personality that he barely knows. He makes his way down the hall, turning into the room that would be the bathroom in his own apartment. It’s also a bathroom here. Good. He locks the door behind him, and heaves a sigh, hidden away from the bustling noise of the party. He walks over the sink, and splashes cold water into his face, then looks at himself in the mirror. His face is stern, eyes cold as they stare back at him. He doesn’t remember looking like that. Is this what you normally see? He tries to smile at his reflection, but it comes out strained. He settles for a halfhearted smirk, and takes a few deep breaths.
Everything will be okay. He just has to endure a little longer, eat some Christmas cookies, drink some mulled wine, and then leave, all without having to interact with you anymore. Interacting with you is too painful - with your pretty face, and your gaze sharp like diamond. Nodding at himself in the mirror, he turns, and unlocks the bathroom door.
As he exits, he finds you walking down the hall, a concentrated look on your face.
You stop, your expression fading as you look up at him.
Jungkook’s mouth feels clumsy in your presence. He manages a single syllable. “Hi.”
“Hello,” you reply back, stiffly.
“You, um, look busy. I should get back to the living room,” Jungkook resists the urge to wince. He’s making a mess of his words, and making a fool of himself in the process. His body feels strangely warm.
“Oh, right, yeah,” you nod, “There’s mulled wine in there if you haven’t had some yet.”
You continue walking down the hall, a frown developing as you turn away from him.
“Uh, are you alright?” Jungkook hesitates, not quite ready to return to the living room yet, despite the enticing promise of alcohol.
“Hmm, oh, yeah,” you turn back to Jungkook, “Just… the lady from the floor below, Rachel, has lost her bracelet, and she thinks it might have fallen off when I took her coat at the door. I’m just looking for it.”
Jungkook should go back and leave you to it. He knows that’s the best plan, but he’s drawn to stay, for reasons he cannot fathom. So he stays. “Let me help you look.”
You stare at him for a second, frozen on the spot, before you respond, “Um, sure.”
Jungkook nods, and the two of you continue your search in silence. You get to the spot by your door where the coats have been hung up, and search along the floor, but there’s no sign of any jewellery. Jungkook gets down on his hands and knees and tries to peek under your shoe rack.
“You really don’t need to help, you know,” your voice cuts through to Jungkook. Cuts deeper than was perhaps intended. Jungkook straightens up, taking you in.
Your expression is unreadable to him. He can’t know what you’re thinking, although part of him wishes he could. He wants to understand what he did wrong, what he can do right from now on. As he stares at you, your face shaded in the darkening hallway, the sunlight slipping from the evening sky outside, he feels the tingling of the original crush he had. There’s a gentle fluttering in his stomach. “I want to help,” he says.
A frown clouds your features. “Listen, Jungkook, I get it. You want to prove that the two of us can be decent with one another. We can be polite. But there’s no point forcing this. You can go back to the living room, smile and converse with our neighbours, and then you can leave, and we can continue to stay out of each other’s lives.”
Stubborn, Jungkook simply grits his teeth and continues searching, cold and silent, hearing a sigh of exasperation escape you. He spots something glistening silver below the rack of shoes, and reaches his hand underneath, pulling out a delicate bracelet, with dewdrops of diamonds sprinkled across the thin chain.
Standing up, Jungkook holds out his spoils to you. “Found it.”
Your expression softens for a split second. Jungkook places the bracelet into your open palm, jolting his hand away when his fingers accidentally brush against your skin. “Guess I’ll go get some of that mulled wine,” he mumbles, “And I’ll stay out of your way as much as possible.”
With that he turns on this heel, and walks down the corridor.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
He misses the disappointment on your face as you watch him go. You feel bad - perhaps he really was trying to help, rather than get on your nerves. You wonder why things have gone so wrong between the two of you. Jungkook confuses you more than any other person you’ve met before, and probably will meet after. Your fingers close around the bracelet in your hand, cold metal turned warm from Jungkook’s touch.
You walk down the darkening hall and enter the living room. Inside is warm and bright, with the lights on your Christmas tree winking happily at you. The air is filled with the gentle hum of your neighbours and friends chatting. You can’t see Jungkook, he has already dissolved into the crowd. You try to shrug off the thoughts of him, and make your way over to Rachel. “Here’s your bracelet.”
She gives a smile, “Oh, thank goodness. I was so worried when I realised it had slipped off! Thank you so much.”
“No worries,” you say, “I mean, it was actually Jungkook who found it for you.”
“Well, I’ll make sure to thank him.”
You nod, and then go back to circulating around your guests. You bump into Jimin as you’re making your rounds. “What’s wrong with you?” he asks, as you walk up to him.
“What do you mean?”
“You look grumpy,” Jimin says, then he holds up a hand, “No wait. I think I can guess. You’ve been speaking with Jungkook.”
“Is it that obvious?”
“Um, how do I put this - yes!” Jimin smiles at you, but as you frown back, the expression slides off his face. “Shame. I really though that this was a step in the right direction for the two of you.”
You heave your shoulders in a shrug. “You can’t say I didn’t try.” Your eyes scan the group in the living room, “Where is Jungkook now?”
“Oh, he left a few minutes ago,” Jimin replies.
You bite your lip. “Oh.” You don’t have anything else to add, nothing else you want to say. You can’t articulate the strange sadness that is building up inside you. You really had been hoping that this would be a new start for you and Jungkook. Trying to shake off the unease, you go to grab a mug of mulled wine, and try to enjoy the rest of the party.
Still, thoughts of Jungkook circulate your mind, obsessive, and no matter what you do, you cannot shake them off.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
The days pass, and Christmas creeps closer, with chocolate depleting from your advent calendar. All too soon, and yet, not soon enough, Christmas Eve blows in with weather warnings, and flurries of snow galloping in on freezing winds.
As you work in the kitchen, baking cookies for your family, you listen with baited breath while the radio spouts warnings of an incoming snowstorm. You were supposed to be driving back to your family home today, yet with each weather report that comes in, that trip is looking less and less likely.
There are anxious text messages incoming from your mother, phone vibrating on the kitchen counter, ranging from, “Sounds like the weather is bad. Hope the drive won’t be too tricky for you x” to “Just checked the weather, and it’s looking even worse. Are you going to be okay? x”
You were planning to start driving at four o’clock, which would give you enough time to finish baking Christmas cookies for your family, and still get to your parents house by seven o’clock. But with the worsening weather reports, you decide at two o’clock that you should start the drive as soon as possible. The Christmas cookies will have to miss out on the detailed icing decoration you were planning, opting instead for a dip in some melted chocolate – a little messier than usual, but quick.
With your bags packed, box of cookies in one hand, and Christmas presents in the other, you make your way down the stairs, and open the door to a whole ten inches of snow piled up. You battle through the quilt of white to your car, ignoring the freezing sensation in your toes. The whole road leading out from your apartment complex is completely covered. The snow is falling down, thick and fast, clinging to your hair and lashes. It’s only going to get worse. You feel a cold sensation pooling in your stomach, anxious for the drive. You’ve only had your license for a year, and you don’t have much practice driving in extreme weather like this. As you open your car and sit down at the driver’s seat, your phone begins ringing. You answer to hear your mother’s worried tones on the other end of the line:
“Hi, darling.”
“Hi mum.”
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m doing good.”
You can hear her smile through the speakers. “Great, great. Listen, I’ve been watching the weather on our end, and it’s looking pretty rough. I don’t know if I feel comfortable with the idea of you driving out to see us this year. It seems too dangerous.”
Your stomach drops, and your feel a sting in your eyes, “Really? I don’t mind. I’ll take the roads really slow.”
“I’m sure you would, darling,” your mother replies, “But it’s just too treacherous. There have already been a few accidents on the roads around here, and the motorway’s backed up.”
“But I want to see you this Christmas.”
“I know, darling. I want to see you as well. But it’s not worth it if you’re putting yourself in danger.”
It’s an immature response, but you suddenly feel like crying. You swallow the tears down, and try to keep your tone bright. “I really don’t mind. I’m sure I can make it through the weather.”
“No please, don’t worry about coming down today,” your mother continues, “If we wait for the weather to clear, you can drive over to visit us in a few days, and we can have our Christmas celebrations late.” You can tell she’s trying to keep you cheerful, despite the disappointment. There’s no point in arguing with her. It really is too dangerous. As you’ve been sitting in your car, chatting, the snow has already piled up on your windscreen, and you can’t see past a white curtain weighing down your wipers.
“Alright, I’d like that, mum,” you reply, “Make sure you take care of yourself. I look forward to seeing you.”
“You too, darling,” your mum says.
With your goodbyes, you hang up, and sit in the car, unsure what to do next. Tomorrow is Christmas, and yet, it’s going to be the first holiday you’ve spent alone. Despite fighting them off, tears well up, and spill over. Resting your head on the steering wheel, you let the wave of sadness wash over, purging yourself with salt-water running down your cheeks.
Outside the car, the wind roars, shaking the frame of your small hatchback, and the snow keeps barraging on, blanketing the world in a thick, impenetrable wall of ice.
Wiping the last of the tears from your face, you grab your bags from the car, and battle your way back to the apartment complex. As you heave your way upstairs, you manage to bump into – of course! – the last person you want to see right now. Mr. Ice - Jeon Jungkook himself.
Aware that your face must still be red and puffy from crying, you duck your head down, and try to push past him, without any kind of interaction.
But it’s too late, he’s already spotted you.
“Hey.” His greeting is as cold as you would expect.
“Hi,” you return, your voice still shaky.
He pauses, sensing your sadness. “Are you okay?”
You nod, too vigorously, too eager to prove a point. “Yeah, fine, great.”
“You don’t seem great, if I’m honest.”
“Well, if I’m honest, then it’s none of your buisiness. What’s your problem? Want to see me wallow in my own sadness? Do you get off on it or something?”
“What? No!” His dark brows furrow below the sweep of his hair, his eyebrow piercing catching the light. “Why would I want that? Am I not allowed to extend any kind of sympathy towards you?”
“Not really,” you snap, “It’s weird after how much we’ve fought. It makes me feel shitty if you’re nice to me now.”
Jungkook blinks at you. You can tell that he’s trying to find the right words, but can’t.
You sigh, “Sorry. Sorry… I shouldn’t have snapped like that. I’ve just… had bad news. I shouldn’t be taking it out on you.”
Jungkook takes in your appearance, snowflakes melting on your hair and cheeks, cookies and presents clenched in your grip.
“Are you going to see your family this year?” he asks. An innocent question, but you feel a sting behind your eyes at the words.
“I was,” you say, “But the snow’s too heavy. I don’t think I’m going to be getting home for Christmas this year.” You feel your voice wobbling, but try to keep strong. There’s no way that you’re going to let yourself cry in front on Jungkook.
“Oh,” Jungkook bites his cheek, “Sorry to hear that. I know how important Christmas is to you.”
You nod, worried that if you say anything now, you’ll burst into tears.
“Well,” Jungkook offers you a careful smile, “At least now you can continue to force the Christmas spirit on me by blasting Christmas tunes as loud as you like.”
That’s it. It’s stupid, but that’s the final straw for you. The tears are spilling over before you can stop them, a faucet switched on inside you. You look down to the floor, humiliated. You don’t want Jungkook to see you like this, but it’s already too late.
“Hey, wait,” Jungkook holds up a hand, “I don’t mind really. You can play your music as loud as you like if it helps. I’m not angry or anything.” He scrambles for words as you continue to cry silently.
“It’s not that,” you manage to say, past the tears, “It’s just…” You sniff. “This will be the first Christmas I’ve spent alone. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”
Jungkook’s eyes sweep over you, drinking in your puffy lids and wet cheeks. You see determination settle behind his irises. “You can spend Christmas with me if you want.”
“What?” You balk, not sure if this is a cruel joke.
Jungkook nods, “I mean it. I don’t have any plans this Christmas, and you can’t spend the time with your family, so let’s spend it together.”
You wipe at your eyes, pushing away the tears, “You mean it?”
“Sure,” Jungkook says, “I’d like that.”
You think it over. You can either spend Christmas day alone and sad, or you can spend the day with the man you hate – the man who was kind enough to offer you his company, and a smile as you cry. Perhaps you were wrong about him. You’re not sure if that makes you feel better or worse. “Okay,” you reply, “Let’s celebrate Christmas together.” You consider, then venture, “Do you have anything for dinner tomorrow?”
Jungkook worries his bottom lip with his teeth, “What - like turkey or ham? No, nothing like that.”
“Me neither,” you say, “I was going to cook at my parents house, so they have all the food over there.”
“We could go buy something?” Jungkook suggests.
“At this time? On Christmas Eve?” You give him an incredulous look, “There won’t be anything in stock and most shops are shutting soon anyway.”
“All the more reason to go right away so we don’t miss our chance,” he declares.
You give him a cautious look, trying to gauge if he’s joking or not, but he seems genuine, so you murmur your agreement. Jungkook dashes back up to his apartment to grab a coat and scarf while you leave your cookies and presents back in your kitchen, mind still reeling from this strange turn of events.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
As Jungkook scrambles around his apartment to find a coat and appropriate boots for the thick layer of snow that’s icing the city, he tries to quell the butterflies fighting in his stomach. It’s just two neighbours spending the Christmas holidays together. It’s just a kind thing to do for someone whose plans have been ruined. It’s just a chance to put things right. It doesn’t mean anything special.
Yet, he can’t help the excitement bubbling at the prospect of spending more time with you.
Feelings are senseless like that. Even when Jungkook tries to fight them off with reasoning - knowing that he’s ruined all of his possible chances with you, burnt all the bridges you built - still, his heart bumps hopeful in his throat.
As he laces up his boots, he takes a few calming breaths. Despite the schooling of his own emotions, he can’t help the sanguine glow that’s started kindling in his stomach.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
The two of you make your way down to the convenience store at the corner of the street, battered by the snowflakes that cut through the air in sheets of cold. You’re laughing, pulled to frenzied humour by the absurdness of the terrible weather. It pulls your hair into a tangled mess, coating your eyelids and cheeks with quick-melting flakes. It’s a relief to step into the safety of the warm store, stamping snow from your boots and pushing hair off your face. Jungkook stands behind you, shaking snow from his fringe. He catches you staring and offers you a grin that turns to laughter.
“What?” you ask.
“Sorry,” he swallows his smile, “You just look very bedraggled. Like a little lost puppy.”
“Really? My ego is very delicate at this moment, and yet, here you are, laughing at me?” you say.
Jungkook’s face falls, “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean...”
You grin, “I’m just teasing, Jungkook. Relax.”
His expression softens, dark eyes melting to liquid gold, “Ah. Sorry. I’m just not used to this. You know… me and you.. getting along.”
“Yeah,” you chuckle, “Jimin would be so proud of me.”
“So, what do we need?” Jungkook asks you, picking up a basket at the store entrance.
You glance around the shop. Many of the shelves look depressingly bare today, and the worker behind the till is not hiding their annoyance at having to work on Christmas Eve. You walk down the aisles with Jungkook by your side, looking for something that you can turn into Christmas dinner. Most of the necessary foods have been snatched already. All that remains are advent calendars that will be obsolete tomorrow, and a few snacks, along with ready meals, sandwiches, and instant noodles. Nothing that you could really turn into a nice meal.
“How about some ramen for dinner,” you joke, picking up a packet of instant noodles.
“I know you’re not serious, but I honestly wouldn’t mind that,” Jungkook grins.
He nods, “Yeah. I never actually grew out of my instant noodles phase after uni. They’ve sustained me many a time.”
You laugh, “Alright. I guess we don’t have much of a choice, huh?” You throw the packets into Jungkook’s basket, scanning the shelves for anything else you can find.
As you walk side by side with him, a sudden wave of warmth rushes through you, combatting the cold that still clings to your cheeks from the journey to the store. Something about meal planning and shopping with this man almost makes you feel like a couple. You sweep the notion away as fast as it arives. Jungkook is simply being a kind neighbour, nothing more. You don’t need to make it weird by trying to read a subtext that clearly isn’t there. Yet, as you journey around the store, with Jungkook picking out ingredients that he reckons will go well with your makeshift Christmas dinner, you cannot help but view him in a new light of possibilities.
“What about this for desert?” Jungkook picks up a bottle of discounted Prosecco that’s been abandoned in the wine section.
You grin, “Sure.” He sticks it in the basket.
As you reach the final section of the shop, you pause, “Jungkook, I was just thinking.”
He stops, turning his gaze to you. You feel oddly shy as he looks your way.
You continue, “I haven’t even got a Christmas present for you.”
He laughs, “You don’t need to worry about that.”
“But it feels weird if I spend Christmas day with you without even giving you a gift.”
“Will it ruin Christmas if we don’t exchange presents?” he asks.
“Totally,” you widen your eyes for dramatic effect.
“Alright,” he gives in, “Let’s split up and get gifts in here. Nothing big, though.”
You grin, bouncing on your toes in excitement. “Yeah, that sounds fun.”
“Alright,” Jungkook nods, “It’s decided. Go get me something, and I’ll find something for you.”
You split off from Jungkook, skirting around the store, trying to find something. The shop is so small that you’ll occasionally bump into Jungkook on your journey, each of you making a pantomime of sneaking away from the other like terrible secret agents, all the while trying not to laugh. Eventually, you come across the candy aisle, where a couple of chocolates are being sold with stuffed toys attached. There’s an assortment of elves, reindeers, and polar bears, each holding a bag of chocolate candies. Your eyes light upon one stuffed toy in particular – a snowman, wrapped in a red scarf, with a jolly smile. It’s the perfect gift for Mr. Ice, you decide – a cold creature with a kind face. You pick it up and take it to the till, keeping an eye out for Jungkook the entire time. By the time he’s finished, you’re waiting at the door with your present for him stuffed into your coat pocket.
“Did you pay for all that?” you ask, nodding at the paper bags he carries, stuffed with the ingredients for your feast tomorrow.
“Yeah, of course,” he says.
You riffle in your purse pulling out a couple of notes, “Is that enough to pay you back?”
“Hey, it’s okay,” he soothes, “You don’t need to pay me back.”
“Of course I do,” you reply, “It’s just good manners.”
“No, really, it’s fine,” he grins, “You can pay me back in cookies. I saw you baked some earlier.”
“Well, I suppose I do need help eating them.”
You put the money back in your pocket as the two of you get ready to face the bitter cold outside the store. Calling your thanks to the cashier who served you, you step out into the snow, a gust of wind knocking any warmth out of your body. Perhaps this Christmas won’t be so bad after all.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
When you return to your apartment, you and Jungkook agree to go your own ways to prepare for tomorrow.
However, just as Jungkook turns to head back up the stairs to his own apartment, you blurt out, “If you want, you could come over for some cookies and drinks later this evening?”
Jungkook pauses by the stairwell door, and smiles, “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”
Now, you find yourself getting ready, jumpy and nervous like a teenage girl going on her first date, as you survey your house, making sure everything is neat and tidy before Jungkook arrives. You wrap Jungkook’s present carefully and leave it by your Christmas tree, then take a shower and try to process the sudden change in your feelings for your neighbour. The hot water is soothing, running in rivulets down your body. Through the steam, you evaluate your feelings for your neighbour. How could you go from hating him, to craving his company in the span of one afternoon? Maybe Jimin had been right all along, and you should have been nicer to him. Even in the heat of the shower, you body turns cold with guilt. You swallow it down. You’ll simply have to be nicer from now on to make up for all the stress you caused before.
Once you’re out of the shower, you take the time to choose out clean clothes and give one last check over your house.
The hours pass quickly, and before you know it, Jungkook is knocking on your door. You open up to him with a grin. He holds the bottle of Prosecco in his hand, and wears a smile on his face. He looks oddly pleased to see you despite how antagonistic you’ve been in the past. You know you don’t deserve that smile, but you gladly take it, and stow it away in your memory.
“Hello,” you open the door wider, letting him in.
“Hey,” he says, “I brought this.” He holds up the bottle. “Thought it might be nice to have some now. Unless you want to save it for tomorrow?”
“Nah, we can start the celebrations early. I’ll go get some glasses.”
Darting to the kitchen, you grab some wine glasses and plate up the cookies before returning to the living room, where Jungkook has settled on your sofa, glancing around at the decorations.
“Here,” you set the cookies down on the coffee table, “Sorry they’re a little messy. I made them in a rush this morning.”
“Don’t be silly,” Jungkook retorts, “These look amazing.”
He picks one from the plate, taking a careful bite. His widened eyes and raised eyebrows say enough. He’s very happy with your baking. You glow with pride as he finishes off the cookie and goes in for a second.
You uncork the Prosecco and start pouring into his glass. “Say when.” His eyes stray to you, distracting you from the stream of alcohol that bubbles into his cup. Preoccupied under his gaze, you force your eyes down to the glass, dazed, almost spilling the precious Prosecco in the process.
With a mouth full of cookie, Jungkook waves a hand when you’ve poured enough. You take a glass for yourself, still feeling jittery in Jungkook’s presence. You take a sip to steady yourself, before taking a seat next to him on the sofa. You leave a gap between the two of you on the cushions. Sitting beside him, feeling his warmth radiating across to you, has your insides somersaulting.
As you sit, sipping on Prosecco, you realise that you don’t actually know how to converse with Jungkook. You’ve spent all this time arguing, and now that it comes to being civil, you don’t know how to carry yourself. Thinking about it, you barely know anything about him, outside of the fact that he’s around the same age as you, that he likes instant noodles, and that he hates Christmas music. You try to think of a topic to break the ice that is still frozen in a rift between you. You search around the room, eyes trailing across your decorations before yo-yoing back to Jungkook. Hie gaze is also wandering, lips pressed together, looking as awkward as you feel. His gaze falls on the game console by your TV.
“I see you have a Switch,” he says. It’s not the most graceful of entrances to conversation, but you’re grateful to him for breaking the silence, so you indulge him.
“Yeah,” you say, “I love it, but I barely have any time to play it at the moment.”
“Tell me about it,” Jungkook laughs, “I have so many video games I want to play and no time to play anything.”
“We could play now if you wanted?” you suggest. Games are always a good way to break the ice.
“Sure, what do you have?” Jungkook asks.
You open the drawer below your coffee table, showing him the collection of cartridges. Jungkook peruses them, sipping Prosecco as he makes a decision. He settles on MarioKart. You accept, handing him a game controller.
“I’ve got to warn you now, I’m pretty good a this game,” Jungkook says, as the loading screen bursts onto your TV screen.
“Oh yeah?” you grin at him, “Well so am I - I guess we’ll just have to see who’s better.”
Jungkook smirks at your challenge. “Okay, you’re on!”
You barely have any time to protest before he’s selecting Rainbow Road as your first course. “Hey, you can’t pick that one!” you cry as the timer counts down, “That one’s off limits.”
“I did warn you I was good,” Jungkook retorts.
In the time it’s taken you to fall of the road and recover five times, Jungkook has already finished his third lap. “No way,” you cry as you cross the finish line in ninth place, “I’m not normally this bad. It must be the alcohol. It’s making my driving much worse.”
“That sounds like an excuse to me,” Jungkook laughs.
And just like that, it’s easy. It’s like you’ve been friends all along.
You while away the evening playing video games, until you both get too tired, and stick on a movie to chat over instead.
As the opening credits of The Nightmare Before Christmas begin to play, you snuggle down on the sofa, feeling warm from the glow of alcohol in your system. “Hey, Jungkook, sorry if this is a weird question,” you say, “But why do you dislike Christmas so much?”
Jungkook’s gaze turns from the film to focus on you. “I don’t dislike Christmas.”
“It seems like you do though,” you wrinkle your nose at him, confused, “I mean, you don’t like Christmas songs, and you aren’t even doing anything for Christmas – well, apart from hanging out with me. What’s up with that? Is it to do with your religion or something?”
“Huh…? No,” Jungkook says, “To be honest...” He stops almost as soon as he starts, hanging on the edge of his words. He worries his bottom lip with his teeth, light glancing off his piercing, before he lets the truth slip, “I had a terrible break up with my ex last Christmas. I know it’s stupid, but I still associate all this Christmas stuff with her. She loved all the Christmas songs you play, and she was really into celebrating the holiday season, so now I find that all of this stuff reminds me of that time in my life.”
He sighs, glancing down at his lap. His black hair falls over his forehead, eyes lowered, shadowed by his eyelashes. You want to reach out and comfort him, but you hold back, unsure of yourself.
“I’m sorry, Jungkook,” you murmur, “I shouldn’t have rubbed all that stuff in your face.”
“No, don’t worry.” He wrings his hands on his lap, “There was no way for you to know.”
You swallow, “Is it okay if I ask why you broke up?”
His jaw tightens, you can see the tendons standing out on his neck as he fights for words. “She cheated on me.”
You’re unsure how to respond. Asking a tough question will get you a tough answer. All you can give is a measly, “I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that.”
Jungkook shrugs. “She at least felt bad enough to admit it to me. On Christmas day of all days. I suppose the whole festive spirit made her feel too guilty. Anyway, that kind of ruined Christmas for me.” He gives a wry laugh. “I broke up with her, but it still hangs over me now. I mean, I don’t have feelings for her anymore, but that kind of thing still stings, you know?”
You don’t know. You’ve never experienced anything like that before. Again, you say, “I’m really sorry, Jungkook”
He finally raises his eyes to you, “It’s okay. You don’t need to apologise. You weren’t the one who did it.” He’s silent for a few moments, “I suppose it just made me a bit uncomfortable around people after. Like, if I’m not good enough, and she had to cheat on me with someone else, maybe I won’t be good enough for anyone else. Maybe that’s why I was so cold to you initially. I’m really sorry.”
“Hey, don’t you dare apologise for that. The only one in the wrong here is that ex of yours,” you bristle as you say it. How someone could cheat on Jungkook, of all people, is beyond you. Here’s someone who was kind enough to give up a day of his life just to keep you company when you were feeling low, despite the fact that you never got on with him. That’s the sort of kindness most people dream of having in a partner. “You can’t let her ruin all these parts of your life,” you say, “You’re good enough, and you deserve to be happy. Your ex is the one with problems, not you. We’ll just have to have the most amazing Christmas ever so that when you think of Christmas you think of the good times, and not of her.”
Jungkook smiles at you, and you find the ice has finally melted. There’s nothing there but warmth - the reality of Jungkook you were too stubborn to see before. With this realisation, your sober mind gives up the fight over your tipsiness and you cross the wall of sofa cushions that divide you and Jungkook, wrapping your arms around him. “Jungkook, I’m so sorry you had to go through all that hurt,” you mumble into his jumper. This close, he’s warm, like a hot water bottle, and he smells of soap and a pleasant musk.
He’s brittle below you, surprised by your sudden affection, but he slowly loosens, softening in your arms. You feel his hands tentatively move to nestle around your shoulders, returning the hug.
“You don’t need to apologise for this,” Jungkook says, his voice wooly with emotion.
“No, I should have been kinder to you from the start,” you admit.
“Me too,” he says, “I know I’ve been distant. In honesty, I found it difficult to be around with you at first.”
You pull back slightly, studying his expression. “What does that mean?”
He hurries to explain, “That came out wrong. What I mean is, I got nervous around you.”
“Am I that scary?”
“No, not scary. It’s just that... you’re my type, and the thought of falling for someone again is daunting.”
Your body heats up, as if burned, everything clicking into place. Suddenly embarrassed, you duck your head down, nestling into his jumper to hide the flame of blush on your cheeks. “For what it’s worth, you’re my type as well,” you mumble into the fabric of his sweater.
It’s the truth you’ve been trying so hard to avoid, yet there it is, shoved into your face. You cannot ignore it any longer. You like him. A fire ignites in your chest at this admission.
“What was that?” You hear the laughter in Jungkook’s voice now, rumbling through his chest. “I can’t hear you if you mumble.”
You lift your face, staring up at him. “Don’t make me say it out loud again,” you plead.
Jungkook’s lips pull into a grin, that he tries, and fails to shake. “I don’t know what you mean. I just want you to repeat what you said.”
You roll you eyes at him. “Fine. I said, you’re my type as well. There, are you happy?”
A triumphant smile spreads across his face, a mixture of innocent surprise and genuine excitement. It warms you to your core. “Yes, I’m happy with that,” he says, although his tone says more than that. A lot more.
“Good,” you nestle back into him, your face still hot, and your chest ablaze.
You feel his arms wrap around you, his chin resting on your shoulder. In the quiet that descends, filled with the mumble from the TV, you feel at peace, finally understanding Jungkook – and your own heart.
“So what now?” he murmurs to the room.
You glance up at him. He’s so close that you can make out the flecks of gold in his dark irises - a twisting galaxy of light. “Now,” you consider, “We see where things go. We spend time together, and see if we get along well. And if we do, we keep spending time together.”
“That sounds a lot like dating.”
You shrug, “Call it what you want. I just want to be with you.”
He pulls you closer, and you rest your head against his chest. “I’d like that too,” he says.
As you sit in his arms, watching images flickering cross your TV screen, a wave of warmth washes over you. You sink into it, give your body over to it. Jungkook is warm below you, his arms around you a promise of more to come. Sleep tugs at your eyes. Dreams and waking blur together, until your finally succumb and fall over the edge of consciousness into a deep slumber, all with Jungkook’s arms entwined around you.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
You are awoken in the morning to the smell of something sweet. You sit up, rubbing at your eyes. It takes you a few minutes to adjust, before you realise that you must have fallen asleep on the sofa with Jungkook last night. Standing up, you stretch, and plod towards the source of the smell.
In the kitchen, you find Jungkook standing by the stove, poking at a pan with a spoon.
“Morning, sleeping beauty,” he grins at you, “Merry Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas,” you take a seat at the table.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I was getting hungry, so I started making breakfast.”
“I don’t mind at all,” you smile at him.
“I found pancake batter in your cupboard, and I figured today was a special enough occasion to use it.”
“What’s the special occasion?” you ask.
He turns to you, “Christmas, obviously.”
“What? And not us dating?”
“I though you said you didn’t want to give it a name,” he shoots back, a teasing smile painting a pleasing vision of his face.
You shrug, “Well, maybe. But whatever it is, it’s still special and deserving of pancakes I think.”
“I think so to.” His eyes sparkle as he speaks, before he suddenly remembers that he’s in the middle of cooking, and turns back to the burning pancake with a mumbled, “Shit”, as he quickly flips it over. “This one’s going to be a bit overdone.”
“I don’t mind,” you laugh, “I like crispy pancakes.”
While Jungkook cooks, you set about making a pot of coffee, exchanging jokes and small talk with him, until breakfast is plated before you, butter melting on a stack of hot pancakes.
“Perhaps not a traditional Christmas breakfast, but I hope you like it,” Jungkook says, as he takes a seat beside you.
“I don’t care if pancakes are traditional or not. They’re delicious.” You take your first forkful, letting the warm cake melt on your tongue, dissolving in syrup. It tastes like your childhood. “Thanks Jungkook,” you say as you take a sip of coffee, “This is great.”
He glances down at the table, bashful. “Well, it’s just pancake batter from the store. It’s not like I did anything special.”
“Not true,” you say, “You put love into it.”
His cheeks turn pink at the word ‘love’. You reach under the table, with your leg, nudging your knee against his. His cheeks turn all the more rosy. You could get used to this.
After breakfast, Jungkook nips back to his apartment to freshen up and to grab your Christmas present. You get ready yourself, grabbing a fresh set of clothes, and tidying your wayward hair. You’re glad when you hear your bell ringing, dashing to open the door for him again.
He steps inside with a package wrapped in white paper with the words, “Happy Birthday!” emblazoned all over. “Sorry, I didn’t actually have any Christmas-themed wrapping paper,” he says.
“I suppose it is technically Jesus’ birthday, so you could argue this is festive,” you joke, leading him towards the living room, where you’ve left your present under the tree for him. You pick it up and hand it over to him. “This is for you.”
He smiles, “You know, it feels nice to actually be doing this whole gift exchange thing. I was worried it would feel weird, but it’s just… nice.”
“Good,” you say, “Let’s fill this day with loads of happy memories then.”
“I’d like that,” he smiles.
You wait in suspense while he carefully pulls off the wrapping paper from your gift, revealing the soft snowman and the candy you had bought for him.
“It reminded me of you,” you say, “A frosty exterior, but soft on the inside.”
Jungkook stifles a laugh, “You’re so cheesy, you know that?”
“Is ‘cheesy’ your type?”
“Ah, you got me,” he raises his hands in defeat, “So maybe I like a little bit of cheese.”
You grin, as he sets the stuffed snowman down carefully on your sofa, before reaching across to give you a hug. “Thank you,” he mumbles into your jumper.
His arms around you spark warmth through your body. You hope you never get used to this feeling.
As you part, Jungkook picks up his gift for you, pushing it into you hands.“Open it,” he insists.
You pull off the paper, and stare down at the CD in your hand. “Greatest Christmas Hits’ is scrawled across in obnoxious greens and reds.
“You kept playing the same Christmas songs this year, so I got you a CD with some other options,” Jungkook says, glancing down at the floor. “I also made a separate playlist on the other disc. Not of Christmas songs. Just songs I like.”
“I love it,” you set down the CD, throwing your arms around him, “Thank you so much, Jungkook!”
His arms wrap around you, returning the hug. It feels like home, a feeling you didn’t realise you were missing until now.
You disentangle yourself from him to put his CD into your player, and turn up the music. Offering him a hand, you ask, “Could I have this dance, sir?”
He laughs at your formal tone, reaching out to pull you close, until you’re pressed next to him. His body is firm below you, keeping you balanced as he swings you around your living room in time to the music. His breath is hot on your neck, warming your body - it’s as if you’re glowing. You hadn’t noticed you were missing this feeling, desparate for him to hold you, but now that you’ve got it, you never want to let go.
In this moment, entangled in his heat, you realise that Jungkook isn’t ice at all – he’s fire, and your heart’s igniting.
Tumblr media
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Pretty Little Baby - Min Yoongi
Words - 3.9k
Genre - smut/fluff
warning/s - virgin!reader, slight dom!yoongi, fingering, penetrative sex, cum eating, Yoongi is whipped fr his gf, cursing, female genitalia is used (if there are any more, please let me know)
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Tumblr media
“What?” Yoongi looked at you with eyes as wide as saucers, his mouth positioned into an ‘O’. “But you’re so hot.”
“Oh wow, thank you Yoongi.” Your voice was thick with sarcasm. You were certain that it was the right time to tell Yoongi, but apparently not. You leaned back against the headboard, crossing your arms in annoyance.
“No, I just meant-” 
“Just because I’m ‘hot’,” You put air quotes around that word, finding your usually poetic boyfriend’s choice of words amusing, “That doesn't mean I have to have sex with anyone who offers.” Yoongi blushed, feeling bad about his sudden outburst.
The fact that you were a virgin just came as a surprise to him, that's all. He really didn't mean to make you feel bad about anything, but it appears it was too late for that, the frown on your face letting him know that he’d said something wrong.
“That’s not what I meant, baby,” His hand shot forwards to grab yours, trying his hardest to comfort you. He hated making you sad. “It just came as a surprise, that's all. I didn't think you’d still be a…” The frown on your face became bigger as he approached the word ‘virgin’. It seemed as though he was just digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.
“We’ve been dating for over a year, now, and I’ve never once had sex with you,” The laugh that came out of your mouth was a way of trying to mask your sadness at the whole situation. In a strange way, you felt a little guilty, like you should’ve been more willing to give yourself to your boyfriend, but you just weren't ready. Until now, that is. “How did you not realise?”
“I just assumed you weren't ready to have it with me.” You weren’t ready to have it with anyone, not just your boyfriend. For a while, you just assumed you were asexual, something else that you felt guilty for not telling Yoongi about. 
Then things changed. Your relationship with Yoongi was moving quicker than any other relationship, your trust and love for him growing at an exponential rate. It wasn’t until you’d fallen head over heels for him that you realised just how much you wanted him. You didn't understand what the feeling was at first, never having felt it before. It came and went, getting especially strong when you were in close proximity to your boyfriend. It was a dull ache in the pit of your stomach, going down into your core. It felt warm, a little wet too, and your clitoris would throb, desperately begging you for something. 
Usually, you’d just spend the evening at your own home with your hand between your legs, crying out your boyfriend’s name into your otherwise silent room. Your mind would be full of images of him working out, or stepping out of the shower, but sometimes it just wasn't enough. The real thing would’ve been so much better, his slender fingers working away at your cunt in a way that you simply couldn't yourself. His smooth voice would tease you, spitting nasty words into your ear as he drew you closer and closer to the edge.
Everything got harder to manage when he asked you to move in with him. You’d be lying if you said you weren't absolutely thrilled at his proposition, excited for your growing relationship, but there was just something in the back of your mind that you couldn't escape. How were you going to deal with your little problem if you’d no longer be alone at night? You could no longer spend hours at a time pleasuring yourself to the thought of him; not when he was sleeping right next to you. 
Soon it became too much. You hadn’t touched yourself in weeks and the dull throbbing between your legs just wouldn't go away. And now you were living with Yoongi, there was no escape from him. Everything he did turned you on, somehow, no matter how small. The way his fingers held his coffee mug in the morning, fiddling with the handle so gently, the tendons in the back of his hand shifting with each finger movement. The way his tongue darted out of his mouth to soothe his dry lips leaving a trail of saliva in its wake. You couldn’t take it anymore; you needed a solution.
“Well I wasn’t, but…” You fumbled over your words, feeling a little embarrassed about what you were about to tell him. His hand squeezed yours, urging you to carry on. You absolutely loved how understanding he was. “I want you to fuck me.” 
He didn't say a word, too in shock to say anything. Usually, you were so innocent with your words, blushing whenever Yoongi even dared to curse in front of you. He wasn’t even sure if he’d ever heard your pretty little mouth say ‘damn’ before, let alone ‘fuck’. He couldn't lie, though, it turned him on, the feeling of his dick now pressing against the fabric of his pants making him hold back a groan.
“You want me to fuck you?” You nodded slowly, feeling nervous under his gaze. He let out a snort, laughing at your shyness despite your previous choice of words, “You want me to take your virginity? Make you feel good?” The way you looked down, avoiding his eyes made him want to let out a laugh. God, you were so cute, so innocent, and you wanted him to take it all away. You wanted him to ruin you… 
“Talk, baby,” He let go of your hand, using it to grab your chin instead. He positioned your head, making sure that you were looking him right in the eyes. He wanted to watch the innocence drain from your eyes as he teased you. He wanted to see you grow nervous under his glare. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Yoongi wanted to peek at yours. “Tell me what you want from me.”
The whimper that left your mouth was nothing short of pathetic. It was music to Yoongi’s ears, drawing him in. He wanted to hear more, wanted to know what you sounded like when you were in an unbearable amount of pleasure. To make those sounds come out of you would be a dream come true.
“I-I want,” He hummed in response, the shyness in your tone going straight to his member. The look on his face urged you to continue, his eyes burrowing into yours, begging you to let him have you. “I want you to make me feel good, Yoongi.” That was his cue.
He burst forward, closing the gap between the two of you. The kiss was rushed, animalistic almost, not that you minded. This was exactly what you had in mind when you imagined him all those times. Teeth against teeth, tongues pushing against one another as Yoongi forces you to submit to him. You wanted to be used by him.
You felt messy as he groaned into your mouth, a mixture of your two salivas collecting at the corner of your mouth, ready to drip down your chin at any second. His hand had your hair in a tight hold, keeping you pressed up against him. There was no escape, not that you wanted there to be. 
“God, I love you,” He whispered as he pulled away. He didn't go far, leaning his forehead against yours, staring down at your abused lips. The sight made him want to know how they’d look around his dick. That was for another day, though. Tonight was all about you. “Do you know just how long I’ve wanted this for, baby?” You shook your head against his, not trusting yourself to open your mouth. “Come here, baby. Feel how hard I am.”
You ran your hand down his clothed torso, taking all the time in the world to feel the muscles that sat behind the thin material of his t-shirt. You’d felt it before, but never in this context, and never had it made you this aroused. You could feel just how wet you were, your juices lubricating your thighs as you rubbed them together, desperate for the tiniest bit of stimulation. 
Finally, you reached your destination, your hand resting lightly over Yoongi’s bulge. The feeling of it resting against your hand made you let out a whine. It was big, thick. Honestly, you weren’t sure how it was meant to fit inside of you, your hole only having experience with your two fingers. 
“You don't have to be so gentle.” He spoke with a chuckle, watching as you tried to conceal yet another moan. You looked so small sitting there, despite the fact that you almost matched him in height. It made him feel like you were under his control, listening to his every command and following them with ease. The thought alone made his dick twitch, causing a small gasp to come from your mouth as you felt it under your hand.
You still refused to put any more pressure on his bulge, scared that you may hurt him if you held him too tightly. The last thing you wanted to do was ruin the atmosphere. Yoongi had other ideas though. He let his hand rest on your shoulder, trailing his fingers down your arm slowly. The sensation sent tingles through your body. You shuddered at the feeling. 
Once Yoongi’s hand was where he wanted it to be, right on top of yours, he squeezed. Your smaller hand tightened around him, making him let out a groan. Involuntarily, he bucked his hips up, forcing his member up into your hand even more. He could’ve cum right there, the feeling of something other than his own hand being almost too much for him to handle. It took him a moment to remember it was your night, pulling your hand off of himself and stopping his impending orgasm from happening.
“You’re so good, baby,” His voice was barely above a whisper, but it was deep. Much more than it usually was. The lust that ran through his body seemed to make his voice drop an octave. It didn't help the wetness between your legs, the need to have him touch you only growing as he spoke. “Such a good little baby, all for me.”
His words were making everything so much harder to cope with. You needed him inside of you, now. If you had to wait for much longer, you were sure you’d go insane.
“Yoongi!” You cried out, pushing your chest forward into his. Your pyjamas didn’t offer much of a barrier for you, your hardened nipples rubbing against his chest.
“Yes?” Humour was laced through his voice. No matter how much you wanted him, you couldn't deny that sometimes, he was extremely annoying. He knew what you wanted, and yet he still had the audacity to make you say it.
“Touch me, already.” You grabbed at his hand, desperately trying to manoeuvre it towards your core. He had none of it, though, pulling his hand away harshly.
“I thought you were going to be good for me?” He did his best to sound hurt as if your desperation had offended him in some way. “If you were good, you’d say please.” His tone was harsh, his words almost coming out in a growl. As infuriating as he was being, you could help but let your eyes flicker closed, the arousal becoming too much for you.
“Please.” You sounded as if you were on the verge of tears, and honesty, you were. Your pussy was aching to the point where it was almost painful. At this point, you were one step away from locking yourself in the bathroom and using the showerhead. At least then you wouldn't have to wait.
He didn't say another word, instead, letting his hand fall to where you wanted him most. His touch was gentle at first, barely brushing against your clit above your pyjama bottoms. It didn’t matter though, your body jumping no matter how light or brief the touch was. It was the first stimulation you'd had other than your own hands and it was a blessing. 
There was something that felt so different about someone else touching you and yet it was all so familiar. The shock of electricity that coursed through your body, stopping your brain from thinking for a brief moment, yet you weren't the one in control. You were giving everything up, letting Yoongi hold the reigns for you, tugging on them in ways different to how you would yourself, leading you in a completely different direction.
Finally, he let his hand slip underneath the fabric, guiding it down lower and lower until it came into contact with your bare pussy. His eyes shot up to meet yours, surprise laced through his expression. 
“No underwear?” He smirked, pushing his fingertips against your sensitive bus, rubbing slow circles against it. “Looks like my good little baby isn't so good after all.” You could hear how wet you were, squelching sounds ringing throughout the room. “Fucking nasty.” He grunted, speeding up the movement of his fingers against you.
You cried out, your first orgasm of the night quickly approaching. Your body was twitching, thighs shaking as you let your bodyweight topple into Yoongi. His spare arm wrapped around your waist, keeping you in place as he worked. A mixture of gentle praises and degrading comments were whispered into your ear, working perfectly against each other to bring you closer and closer to your release.
“You look so pretty like that,” He spat into your ear as he pushed one of the fingers into you, shifting his hand so that he could penetrate you, his thumb continuing to work on your clit. “So pretty letting me ruin you like this. I can't believe you’re letting me corrupt you, finally.” He grinned against your neck, gently nipping at your skin with his canines.
His finger moved inside of you, feeling just how tight you were. He wasn’t sure how he’d be able to fit himself inside of you, but he was sure he’d find a way. Especially since you seemed to be so needy for him. 
Suddenly, you tightened around him, a loud moan coming from you as you came. Chants of ‘my good baby,’ left your boyfriend's mouth, praising you. Nothing could've boosted his ego more than this, being the only person, other than yourself, to ever make you cum. He was never going to let you forget that he was your first, and so far, your only.
“What do you want now baby?” He let you catch your breath before asking you. His hand gently brushed your hair out of your face, making sure it couldn't stick to the layer of sweat that sat on your face. You always looked gorgeous to him, but nothing could compare to how you looked now. Besides, it was him that made you look like that. “You want my dick, yeah? Want me to fuck you?” You nodded at him, your body setting alight once more at his words. “Words, baby.” 
“Fuck yes.”
He sprung into action, retrieving his hand from your pyjama pants and lifting his wet fingers to his mouth. He smirked as his tongue darted out and began to kitten lick his fingers. A groan sounded through the air and he began to suckle on it, pushing it further and further into his mouth. Next time, he’d have to drink it straight from the source. Not today though, he needed to be inside of you.
As he sucked your essence off of his finger, he used his other hand to push you back onto the bed. You watched him with hooded eyes as he pulled your pants down, sighing deeply as he saw your pussy, all wet and ready for him. It was perfect. The way it glistened pulled him in. He couldn't take his eye off of your hole that twitched around nothing. It was practically begging for him to fill you up, and he was more than happy to listen. 
His finger was pulled out of his mouth with a ‘pop’, Yoongi having finished devouring every drop of your cum that sat on his finger. Looking at you, it was obvious that you’d need more preparation before he even attempted to fuck you. You were certainly wet enough for him, but you were still a virgin and you were still the love of his life. If he hurt you in any way, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to take it.
“Just need to make sure you can take me, baby.” His voice was softer than it had been all night. It served as assurance that once he was done, you’d get what you wanted from him. All he had to do first was open you up.
Much like before, he started with one finger, slowly pushing it in and out for a few seconds before adding another. You weren't used to the stretch, his fingers being thicker than your own. The whimper you let out was quickly shushed by him, his other hand rubbing gentle circles into the flesh of your thigh.
Your face was screwed up in pleasure, the initial burning soon melting away into pleasure. You’d never experienced such a feeling before, and it was overwhelming. You let out short sharp breaths, trying to hold back the embarrassingly loud sounds that were on the verge of slipping out. Your resolve soon fell apart when Yoongi began to scissor his fingers, pushing against your walls to open them up. You were sensitive and the feeling of his calloused fingertips pressing into the sensitive muscle made you let out a high pitched squeal.
Never before had you been able to cum from your own fingers alone, but Yoongi seemed to be getting the job done fairly well. He watched as you writhed around, your eyes screwed shut as regular cries of pure satisfaction left your body. He felt the signs of your release once more, but before you could topple over the ledge, he removed his hand. A loud laugh left him as you cried out in frustration, kicking your legs like a child having a tantrum. Adorable.
You soon stopped when his hands moved to the bottom of his shirt, swiftly removing it before moving to the waistband of his bottoms. You’d noticed earlier in the night that he’d had no boxers on underneath. It wasn’t hard when all that separated his dick from the world was a thin piece of grey material. You were still surprised when his member was finally released, slapping lightly against his stomach and leaving a droplet of pearlescent pre-cum to run down the soft flesh of his stomach. 
“Like what you see, baby?” Yoongi crawled on top of you. He smiled when he noticed that you couldn't seem to take your eyes off of his dick. He didn't think it was that big, knowing that some of his members were bigger, but the look on your face boosted his ego a little.
“It's bigger than I expected.” You watched as he positioned himself at your entrance, stopping before pushing it in.
“I know, baby,” A kiss was pressed to your temple. “It might hurt a little but that feeling will go, okay?” You nodded your head, needing him inside you. "Still on the pill right?” You hummed in agreement. It was mainly used to regulate your periods but now it had another use, you guessed. 
“Good, baby.” And with that, he slid himself into you. It went slowly, going in inch by inch until finally, he was seated deep inside of you. He was right, it did sting a little, but he waited patiently, holding back his own deep grunts. He watched you carefully waiting for you to unscrew your eyes and the grimace to leave your face. When it finally did, he left a quick kiss to your cheek bone. It made him happy to see your pain slip away. “Can I move?” 
In response, you bucked your hips up into his, shifting his cock inside of you. As it rubbed against your walls you groaned, relishing the delectable feeling of pleasure that shot through your core. He felt like nothing you’d ever experienced before, and you felt nothing but joy in the fact that Yoongi was the person to make you feel this way.
As per your non-verbal instructions, he began to thrust into you, beautiful sounds leaving him each and every time he bottomed out. You were the same, whimpers and cries coming from you as you gripped onto his shoulders. 
Grounding yourself was hard, your head beginning to float up into the clouds as he relentlessly thrust into you over and over again with no break. Occasionally, he changed the pace, first speeding up a little before letting himself stop, moving instead at an excruciatingly slow pace. He was close himself. How could he not be? It was heaven for him to be inside of someone again, and even better was the fact that it was you, his baby. 
He wouldn’t come before you though. 
He slipped his hand between the two of you, once again moving his fingers against your pussy. Compared to his smooth circles from before, he was much rougher. His hand moved from side to side, fingers flicking against your clitoris at a speed you could never dream of replicating yourself. Wherever he was doing worked, though. You were being pushed towards the edge much faster than before and you werent sure how much longer you could hold on for.
“I can feel it, baby,” He took his earlobe into your mouth, sucking and biting on it. “Let go for me, yeah?” 
His words were all it took to push you to orgasm. Your back arched, stomach pressing up to meet his as your thighs shook on either side of him. White was all you saw, your vision slipping away from you as well as your touch on reality. Whatever Yoongi had done to you was the best thing that had ever happened to you, and with that final thought, you came.
It didnt take long for Yoongi to follow suit, his hips stuttering as he let go. Ribbons of cum flowed out of him and into you. It felt warm inside of you; sticky too. He stopped thrusting, letting himself push all the way into you once more whilst he released. Long, low groans left his mouth and finally, he collapsed on top of you.
He could’ve fallen asleep right there and then, but first, he needed to make sure you were okay. He pulled himself out of you, flipping himself over so he was instead lay by your side. A hand lifted up, stroking the side of your face to try and bring you back down to reality. It took a few moments, your head fuzzy, but Yoongi was patient with you, grinning as incoherent mumbles fell from your tongue.
“Hey there, pretty,” A soft voice filled your head as Yoongi began to speak. “I’m sorry if I tired you out a little too much. We just need to do a few things and then you can sleep.” You nodded along with his voice, not really taking in what was being said.
“Come on, baby. I’ll run you a nice warm bath.”
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leefics · 7 months ago
bts scenarios | protecting you from another man
Tumblr media
pairing | individual bts members x reader
genre | angst, fluff
warning/s | some very disgusting men, sexist remarks, stalking, swearing, minor unwanted physical contact
word count | 5.54k words (I definitely got carried away WHOOPS)
lee’s notes | we may not always have a bts member to protect us but please please always be mindful of your surroundings and those around you! ask for help if you need it <3
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Tumblr media
— k. seokjin 
Tumblr media
“Hyung, another drink?” Jungkook asks, standing up from his seat.
They were currently celebrating winning Artist of the Year at a fancy steakhouse somewhere in the middle of Seoul. The restaurant was classy, and it had a separate bar where everyone could go for drinks. Being a bar; however, people naturally remained in the area to mingle with one another.
BTS, wanting to enjoy the night without any kinds of disruptions, decided to rent out a part of the restaurant to themselves with a nice minibar just for them. 
“Huh?” Seokjin says, looking at Jungkook.
“I’m going to the minibar for another beer. Want me to get you some?” Jungkook asks, grabbing his glass.
“Yes please, thanks JK.” Seokjin says, giving Jungkook a thankful smile before continuing to look around the restaurant.
His seat was the closest to the open bar, so he got the clearest view of what was mostly going on in the area. It was the usual high-class mingling, with people just talking to one another to try and make more social connections.
You; however, stood out to Seokjin. You looked clearly uncomfortable while trying to seemingly leave a conversation with a much older man. Seokjin’s eyebrows furrowed as he slowly sits up from his seat, the sound of the chair causing you to look his way.
Your eyes immediately widen once you catch Seokjin’s eyes, and he could almost see the desperation in your eyes once you make eye contact. Thinking that this was your way out, you politely smile to the man you were talking to politely and begin to walk in Seokjin’s direction.
“Sunbae, thank god. I thought you weren’t coming!” You exclaim, a small smile on your face as you pretend to know him as you walk up to him. Unfortunately for you, the man you were talking to still follows you, clearly not getting the message.
Seokjin sees this and stands up, walking towards you with a small smile. Once you notice this, you’re quickly relieved as you think he’s going to help you. However, before you could actually exchange words, a security guard comes between you guys.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but this area is restricted.” He tells you, straight-faced, making you frown. But before you reply, Seokjin clears his throat and puts his hand on the guard’s shoulder.
“Hi, no worries. She’s with me.” Seokjin says, causing the security guard’s eyes to widen as he steps aside. 
“Sorry, miss. Feel free to come through.” The guard says, and you look up at him, clearly surprised, as he leads you into their booth.
“Hey! I’m with her.” The guy following you says, making Seokjin’s eyebrows furrow. 
He gently grabs the your hand and guides you behind him before proceeding to glare at the guy.
“I said, she’s with me. You can leave now.” Seokjin says, the tone of his voice alarming the security guard. He looks at you three and gets a grip of what’s going on, quickly turning on his radio.
“I have a man here who’s making the VIPs uncomfortable. I need him out of the premises immediately.” He says, making you and Seokjin sigh in relief.
The guard nods at you and Seokjin and guides the older man outside. Once they’re out of sight, you quickly turn to Seokjin with an almost concerned expression.
“Thank you so much. God—I’m so sorry, I didn’t think you were a VIP or anything, I promise. I swear I’ll leave once—”
“Hey, it’s ok. You can stay here if you’d like.” Seokjin says with a reassuring expression, making you sigh in relief and give him a grateful smile.
After a few seconds of silence, Seokjin clears his throat, causing you to look at him.
“Say, have you had dinner yet?” Seokjin asks, nodding to the dinner table behind them. 
You let out a small laugh and smile at Seokjin, shaking your head.
“Are you asking me to eat with you?” You ask, Seokjin shrugging with a smile.
“Maybe, but unlike the other man, I’d be happy to get you a separate table if you refuse.” Seokjin says.
You let out a small grin, a breathy chuckle leaving your mouth as you shyly nod your head.
“Well, I’d love to have dinner with you, Mr. VIP.”
— m. yoongi
Tumblr media
“Alright, who’s next?” Sejin asks, Yoongi raising his hand up as he gets up from his seat.
“This way, sir.” The nurse says with a smile, Yoongi giving a polite smile in return before following her lead.
BTS were all currently at a hospital getting checked up. They had a concert in a few days and HYBE wanted to make sure they were all free from any illnesses and injuries before making them perform.
As Yoongi follows the nurse’s lead, he suddenly hears a commotion from a station near them.
“Sir, you don’t understand. The drugs you gave your son weren’t in the correct dosage. That’s why his body went into shock.” You reason, your expression, from Yoongi’s view, looking almost—fearful?
“No, I refuse to believe this happened because of me! So don’t you dare come here with your fucking medical degree telling me otherwise!” The father screams, causing other people to look at them.
Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow as he watches the scene unfold, the nurse leading him to the check up room now long gone as she called for help.
“I’m sure you’re a great father, sir. But you need to understand that we’re just telling you this so it doesn’t happen again.” You explain, placing your clipboard onto the table.
The man groans loudly and glares at you before slamming his fist onto the table, causing some of the patients to gasp. You slowly begin to back away from him, fear evident in your eyes
“You’re the one who needs to understand that I would never do something like this to my son! You’re probably just trying to cover up your own ass, aren’t you, huh? You did something wrong while helping my son and now your scared your gonna get fired so you blame it on me!” The father exclaims, jabbing a finger into your shoulder, causing you to tumble backwards towards the table behind you.
At this point, Yoongi is alarmed at what he’s watching. As much as he hates bringing attention to himself, he decided to walk towards the scene to help you. 
“Sir, please. If you could just calm down for one moment—” You say before the man lunges forward and cuts you off.
“Don’t tell me to calm down, you bitch!” He exclaims, raising his hand to hit you.
You close your eyes, knowing there’s nothing else to do but take the impact of the hit. But, it never comes. Your eyes slowly open and widen at the sight in front of you.
Yoongi, now standing between you and the father, grasps the man’s wrist tight as he stares at him with a glare.
“She’s helping your kid and that’s how you repay her?” Yoongi asks almost sarcastically, his other hand lightly pushing your waist as if to push you behind him.
Before he could talk more sense into the man; however, the nurse returns with 2 security guards behind her. They quickly take the man into custody and assure the patients that the commotion is over while you and Yoongi walk off scene, both sighing with relief.
“Thank you so much. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.” You say, making Yoongi let out a small smile and shake his head.
“It’s nothing, no worries. Just, promise me you’ll stay away from men like that, please.” Yoongi says, making you bite your lip and chuckle.
“Will do, uh—“ You say. before pausing as you realized you never caught his name.
But before you could ask, the nurse in-charge interrupts your conversation.
“Dr. (L/N)? The other attending just arrived. He heard about what happened and says he’s more than willing to take over the rest of the check-ups if you want to head home early.” The nurse says, Yoongi making the connection.
“Oh, you’re the doctor checking me up?“ Yoongi asks, you blinking as you also begin realize.
“Oh! Well, Ms. Kim, please tell the other attending he can start checking up the remaining patients. I’ll consult with 1 more before calling it a day.” You say, causing Yoongi to let out a small smile.
The nurse, now catching on at what was happening, looks at you with a knowing look on her face.
“Right away, Dr.”
— j. hoseok
Tumblr media
You walked into one of the many hallways of HYBE, looking for the nearest front desk. You were recently called to meet with Bang PD about an open choreography position for the company. 
Unfortunately for you, they neglected to give you directions or names for who to talk to once you got to the building, which was why you were currently wandering around the building, clearly lost.
After what seemed like forever, you finally spot a man sitting in his open office. He was typing on his laptop while simultaneously writing on a piece of paper. Not sure if you could interrupt, you decide to just walk to the door and knock, causing the man to look up.
He looks at you for a few seconds, as if trying to study you, until he swiftly stands up with a smile. 
“Hi, may I help you?” The man asks, you giving him a small polite smile.
“Uhm—I’m trying to look for Bang PD’s office?” You reply, causing the man to chuckle and nod.
“Oh, no worries. I get lost all the time too.” He says with a laugh as he leaves his table and walks towards you.
“I can walk you there if you’d like, wouldn’t want a pretty girl like you to get even more lost.” The man adds with a wink, making you let out a forced laugh.
If there was one thing your friends knew about you, it was that you never a fan of randomly socializing with strangers—let along flirt with them. But if this was your only way to get directions to Bang PD’s office, then well, you didn’t really have a choice.
“Oh, it’s alright. You can just tell me which floor I need to go to and I can just ask someone there. I’d hate to bother you, especially since you looked pretty busy when I knocked.” You reply, clearly trying to avoid making him go with you. Unfortunately for you, the man could not take a hint.
“No worries, pretty. My work can wait. You meanwhile, well, it’s not every day nice girls like you come strolling into my office.” He says, giving you another wink. You almost pale at his remark before scanning the area around you, trying to look for someone else you could approach.
“You know what? I think I actually remember Bang sending me directions in his email. I’m gonna go to a place with better signal to check.” You reply, giving the man a forced smile as discomfort started to creep into your system.
As you look sideways to grab your phone, you makes eye contact with a man wearing a mask and a hat and your eyes immediately widen, pleading him to help you.
Hoseok, the man in the mask, sees this and begins to get a grip of what’s going on. He quickly walks towards you and hears what the man has to reply.
“There’s no need for that, pretty. Just come with me and I promise to show you the way.” He says, making your eyes widen as you begins to shake your head.
“Hey, she said no. Back off, will you?” Hoseok says, walking between you and the man. 
The man looks at Hoseok with furrowed eyebrows and stands his ground.
“Young man, I don’t remember talking to you. This is between me and the nice lady behind you.” He says, making Hoseok scoff.
He takes his hat off as well as his mask, and the man’s eyes widen.
“I think it’ll be my business when I tell Bang there’s a man as disgusting as you roaming the halls of my building.” Hoseok says, almost glaring at the man in front of him.
“And doing it to (Y/N) at that? Do you have any idea how long me and Bang have been trying to get her to join HYBE? And what? You were just gonna sabotage all that to stroke your ego?” Hoseok adds, cornering the man into a wall.
You’re shocked at Hoseok’s remark, surprised he even knew who you were. Meanwhile, the man was practically shaking, his 2 hands immediately clasping together.
“H-Hoseok-ssi, I am so sorry. I promise I had no idea—” The man says, making Hoseok let out a sarcastic laugh.
“Wrong answer, man. The fact that you would even willingly treat a woman like that is enough for me to talk to Bang about this.” Hoseok says, shaking his head.
Before letting the man speak more, Hoseok gently grabs your hand and brings you to the elevator lobby, making sure to glare at the man one last time.
“I suggest you start figuring out how you want to explain this to Bang, that’s if, he even gives you a chance to explain of course.” Hoseok says sarcastically before the elevator doors open.
He walks in and motions you to follow him, you nervously looking at Hoseok and the man way behind you guys before joining him inside.
As the doors close, Hoseok lets out a sigh and scratches the back of his head,  turning to you with an apologetic smile.
“Sorry about him, I promise that the rest of our staff are much more respectful.” Hoseok says, making you let out a relieved laugh as you smile back at him.
“I don’t doubt it. Thank you so much for what you did back there. And uhm—about what you said..” You reply, your voice trailing off at the end. 
“All of it was true. Me and Bang have been trying to contact you for months. So you can just imagine the horror I felt when I saw that was happening downstairs.” Hoseok explains, causing you to blush.
“I’m a huge fan of yours, thank you so much for saying that.” You mumble, Hoseok laughing in reply.
“No, thank you for accepting the offer to meet with us. Fair warning though, I don’t think me and Bang can take no for an answer for the choreography position.” Hoseok warns playfully, you now letting out a laugh as well.
“Well, as long as there aren’t any other people like the one we saw downstairs, I think you’ll be seeing me much more often.” (Y/N) replies with a small smile, Hoseok returning it with a much wider one.
“That’s great news! Oh, and no worries, I don't think you'll have to worry about any other rude people coming at you.” Hoseok says with a smirk, making (Y/N) let out another laugh.
“Why’s that?” (Y/N) replies playfully as the elevator doors open.
“Well, you’ll be working with ENHYPEN, TXT, and, BTS. I don’t think anyone will have the guts to treat you that way once they find out who you’re working with.” Hoseok teases, letting her get off the elevator first before adding,
“And, well, they’ll have to get through me first.”
— k. namjoon
Tumblr media
“Hyung! There’s someone at the door!” Jimin shouts from the bathroom, causing Namjoon to stand up with a groan.
“I got it.” Namjoon replies loudly, rubbing his face before walking to the door.
They were currently in LA for the American Music Awards, but since it wasn’t for another 2 days, they were given the day-off today to do whatever they wanted to.
Before Namjoon opened the door, he decided to look through the peephole just to be sure he wasn’t just opening the door to anyone. However, he was very puzzled when the lady at the door was definitely not room service. 
It was (Y/N) (L/N), the actress that everyone was currently obsessed with, him included. What were you doing at their door? Namjoon wondered before peeking again.
This time, he noticed that you weren’t alone. Behind you was another man, about your age, holding a bouquet of flowers as he continued to try and converse with you.
Namjoon just scratches his head in confusion, trying to recall if they were expecting anyone. But before he could ask the other guys, the doorbell rings again.
Ah, screw it. Namjoon thinks, deciding to just open the door as he realizes that the security would probably not have let you guys through if you were threat to their safety.
Once he opens the door, he sees the sudden relief in your eyes when they met his. As he opens his mouth to say something, you cut him off by mouthing the words help me as your eyes move to the man beside you.
“Uh—Hi, (Y/N).” Namjoon says, the confusion slightly evident in the tone of his voice.
“Namjoon, so good to see you! I was just in the area and was hoping I could come by and say hi to you and the other members.” You reply with a smile, clearly acting like this wasn’t the first time you met.
Namjoon slowly begins to get the message and he opens the door a bit wider, returning your smile.
“Well, come in! I'm sure they’ll be happy to see you.” Namjoon says, playing along.
The man beside you frowns as this, and suddenly grasps your upper arm, making you gasp. 
“Hey, what about me?” He asks, his eyebrows furrowed as you attempt to get out of his grip.
“I told you to stay away from me. What part of that can’t you understand?” You plead loudly to the man, but he only frowns and tightens his grip.
“Hey, she said to stay away.” Namjoon says, grabbing the man’s hand and pulling it off your arm.
Once he lets go of you, you immediately rush beside Namjoon who gladly brings you behind him as he glares at the man. The guy tries to lunge forward to get you but before he could, a security guard shows up and grabs onto the man.
“Sir, I heard the commotion. Is he bothering you?” The guard says, Namjoon looking at you.
“P-Please lead him out of the building.” You reply, the guard nodding and bowing to both of you before leading the man to the elevator.
Namjoon brings you into their room and closes the door behind them before letting you take a seat on the couch.
“You okay?” He asks, taking a seat in front of you.
“Yeah, sorry about that. That guy’s been following me since I finished at the gym. I just couldn’t call my manager because I accidentally left all my stuff in my room. I stay in the room connected to this though, so as soon as I can call for another keycard I can get out of your hair.” You explain, Namjoon nodding with a smile.
“No problem, feel free to take your time. Besides—I’m a huge fan so I’d love to pick your brain about some of the movies you’ve been in so far while you wait, if that’s alright.” Namjoon says with a chuckle, making you smile.
Little did you both know, the conversation lasted for more than an hour, with the 2 of you too distracted with each other to realize how much time had passed.
— p. jimin
Tumblr media
“Hey man, fun night?” Jimin’s friend, Jaehyuk teases, making him groan as he gets out of bed, his head throbbing.
“What time is it?” Jimin mumbles, making Jaehyuk laugh.
“It’s almost 1PM, dude.” He replies, making Jimin’s eyes widen as he groans again.
“I’m never drinking with you ever again.” Jimin mumbles, grabbing his phone from the nightstand.
Jaehyuk invited him over for a drink at his house when he came back from the U.S., and they ended up drinking so much that they both knocked out by the end of the night.
“There’s some painkillers in the kitchen. Water’s there too.” Jaehyuk says, patting Jimin’s head as he opens the door to the bathroom.
“Thanks.” Jimin replies, getting out of bed and stretching.
“Oh—and before I forget, my roommate came back from his parent’s house today. So just beware and stuff, he’s kind of an ass.” His friend says, making Jimin chuckle.
“I’m aware. Met him myself a few months ago, remember?” Jimin replies, Jaehyuk scoffing.
“Right. Well, I ordered some soup from our neighbor’s grandmother. She should be coming over soon to deliver it. Keep a close eye on her, okay? Roomie tends to get a bit—douchey when she’s around.” Jaehyuk explains, Jimin nodding.
“Got it.” He replies, giving his friend a reassuring smile before walking out to the kitchen to get some painkillers.
Once he got to the kitchen; however, the doorbell rang. Jimin quickly gulps down the painkillers with a glass of water and rushes to the door, only to stand in defeat when he sees that his friend’s roommate beat him to it.
“Good morning!” You greet, looking up to the door with a smile.
“Aw, hi doll, wanted to come see me before you left for work?” The roommate teases you, making your smile drop to a frown immediately.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it was you.” You reply with a sigh before grabbing the container from your bag.
“Here, could you give this to Jaehyuk? Tell him he can just leave the containers outside halmeoni’s doorstep.” You say, handing him the soup container.
“Sure, doll. Do you have anything for me?” Roommate teases, making Jimin scoff from afar while he watches.
You just sigh and shake your head, about to turn around and leave when roommate suddenly grabs your hand.
“Hey!” You exclaim, not liking the sudden contact. 
“If I ask you a question, you’re supposed to answer it, doll.” He replies teasingly as you try and take your hand out of his grip.
“Stop calling me doll. And I don’t have to answer you!” You reply, trying to pull your hand from his grip. Roommate laughs and shakes his head, pulling you closer to him.
“Dude, you’re making her uncomfortable.” Jimin finally says once he realizes how far the guy’s going.
Roommate scoffs once he sees Jimin and rolls his eyes, while you look at Jimin confused, wondering who he was and why you’ve never seen him before.
“What, Jaehyuk asked you to keep an eye on me?” Roommate teases, Jimin now the one rolling his eyes as he forcefully grabs roommate’s arm, causing the latter to let go of you.
“Hey!” Roommate says before Jimin pushes him into the wall beside them.
“If you put your hands on her, on on any other girl, again for that matter, I’m reporting you to the police.” Jimin threatens, making roommate scoff.
“What—think they’re going to believe you just because you’re some worldwide artist?” Roommate teases, causing Jimin to smirk.
“You don’t know what I’m capable of doing.” Jimin says, the roommate glaring at him before pushing him away.
“Get away from me.” He mumbles before walking back into the house, Jimin scoffing and rolling his eyes.
He turns towards you, his eyes softening as he gets the soup container from you.
“Sorry about him.” He says, watching as you give him a comforting smile.
“It’s alright, not like it’s the first time anyways.” You say with a sad laugh, making Jimin frown as he sees you rub your wrist.
“Did he hurt you?” Jimin asks softly, opening his other hand as if to ask for your wrist. You hesitantly give it to him, showing him the small bruises that were on your wrist.
“That bastard.” Jimin mumbles, clenching his jaw as he puts down the soup container on a nearby table.
“This won’t do. Here, uh—why don’t we go to the convenience store? I’ll go and get you a cold compress.” Jimin says, making you shake your head.
“Oh no, that’s alright. I would hate to hassle you more than I already have.” You reply, giving Jimin a small smile.
“No, I don’t mind, no worries.” Jimin replies with a reassuring smile before stepping outside.
— k. taehyung
Tumblr media
“Hello? May I help you, sir?” You ask politely as you answer the telephone.
“Hi (Y/N), I just wanted to inform you that I’ll be in a video conference for the next hour or so. So, please inform any incoming visitors that I’ll only be able to entertain them by the end of the day if they’re willing to wait.” Bang PD says through the phone.
“Alright, sir. I’ll take note of that.” (Y/N) says, writing it down on a post-it note and sticking it onto her monitor.
“Thanks, (Y/N).” Bang PD says before hanging up.
You’ve been working as Bang PD’s secretary for almost a year now. Today was no different than any other day, with you just sitting on the desk in front of his office as you usually helped him organize documents.
Suddenly, someone walks through the elevator and goes straight to your table, looking like he was in a big hurry.
“Hi sir, may I help you?” You ask, and the man looks at you and sighs.
“I need to see Mr. Bang regarding an urgent manner.” He replies, causing you to frown as you recall what Bang PD told you moments ago.
“Sorry, sir. But Mr. Bang has given me strict instructions that he is not to be bothered until his video conference is finished. If you’re willing to wait, he should be done in a few hours.” You reply, making the man scoff.
“Didn’t you understand what I just said? I said it was an urgent matter.” He says, making you sigh.
“Yes sir, I understand. But once again, I would just like to inform you that Mr. Bang has informed me that no one is to come into his office until—”
“What do you not understand about the word urgent? I need to see him now.” The man repeats, and you purse your lips into a line as you attempt to address the situation calmly.
“Sir, if you could just calm down and take a seat. I promise you that as soon as Mr. Bang can see you, you’ll be able to enter his office.” You reply, the man rolling his eyes in response.
“Did you just ask me to sit down? Miss, do you even know who you’re speaking to?” The man exclaims loudly, surprising you.
“You’re new, aren’t you? Well, I see Bang all the time, okay? And each time, he just lets me come in. Why am I suddenly not allowed to today?” The man says, his voice now much louder than how it was when he first arrived.
You just sigh in response and bring out your phone, about to call security to help you with the situation when someone suddenly clears their throat. You and the man both look to the source of the sound and your eyes widen when you see Taehyung standing there, glaring at the man.
“Sir, I’m sorry but you’re causing a scene and at the rate you’re going, the whole building is going to know about your predicament.” Taehyung says, making the man scoff.
“Young man, I don’t know who you are or why you’re here, but I think you’ve misunderstood. I just want to speak to Bang, but this lady over here won’t let me!” The man remarks, making Taehyung eye him as he walks towards them.
"Sir, I’m giving you 2 options. Either you calm down and take a seat or I call security.” Taehyung says.
The man glares at Taehyung for a few seconds before turning around and rushing to Bang PD’s office. Once you realized what he was doing, you rushed toward him and blocked him from entering the door.
“Sir, please—” You say before getting cut-off as he moves towards you, about to push you out of the way when Taehyung grabs the man’s arm and pulls him away from you.
He nods towards the 2 security guards behind him and they both grab the man before escorting him out.
“Bang will hear about this and you’ll both get fired!” The man shouts before the elevator closes, making Taehyung scoff and shake his head.
“You okay? That was a close one there.” Taehyung says, looking at you as his expression begins to soften.
“Yes, I’m alright. Thank you so much, Taehyung-ssi.” You reply, giving him a small smile.
“No problem, I was just making sure you were safe.” Taehyung says, giving you a smile as the tips of his ears begin to turn red.
“Well, you did a very good job at doing just that.” You say with a giggle.
He grins at this before walking and taking a seat in front of your table, puzzling you.
“Taehyung-ssi?” You ask, confused by his action.
“I think I’ll stay here for a bit. You know, in case you need me to make sure you’re safe again.”
— j. jeongguk
Tumblr media
“Thank you so much for all your support.” Jungkook says with a big smile as he lets go of the hand of the fan in front of him.
“I love you so much, oppa! Hang in there!” The fan replies, making Jungkook grin before she moves onto the next member.
BTS was currently having their first fan meeting for Map of the Soul: Persona and Jungkook could not be more excited to be meet with all the ARMYs. After saying goodbye to the previous fan, he quickly grabs the album of the next fan and signs it, forgetting to make eye contact with the fan in front of him first.
You just stare at Jungkook, struck at how ethereal he looks in person, unable to remember what you practiced in the car before coming to the fan meeting. Jungkook realizes how quiet you are and looks up at you after signing your album, his eyes slightly widening once he makes eye contact with you.
You both blush and look elsewhere for a few seconds until Jungkook clears his throat and looks at you.
“What’s your name?” He asks with a small smile, the tips of his ears a clear shade of pink.
“I’m (Y/N).” You reply as he smiles wider.
“You have a very pretty name, (Y/N).” He says, making you blush more as he gains the courage to intertwine your hands.
“T-Thank you.” You mumble, pausing for a few moments before letting out a sigh as you can’t recall what you were supposed to say.
“Is something wrong?” Jungkook asks, frowning slightly.
“Ah, I just can’t seem to recall what I was supposed to tell you. I had it all practiced before coming here.” You say sheepishly, making him laugh out loud.
“Aigoo, you’re so cute, (Y/N).” He says, ruffling your hair. 
“You don’t need to say anything, honestly. Just your presence is enough.” Jungkook continues, hands caressing yours as he laughs at how flustered you are.
“I don't know what to say.” You mumble, making Jungkook laugh.
“Excuse me, you need to move the to the next member, miss.” The staff member behind Jungkook says, causing both of you to frown.
Ignore him. Jungkook mouths to you with a wink, making you smile and nod. He continues caressing your hands and conversing with you, not noticing the staff member behind him nod to the security guard behind you.
The guard nods back and clears his throat, slowly grasping both of your shoulders to gently to push you to the next member. 
“I’m actually from—hey!” You exclaim, Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowing as he sees what the guard’s doing.
“Hey, let go of her!” Jungkook says, standing up to pull the guard’s hands away from you.
At this point, most of the members were also looking at them, trying to figure out what was going on. Taehyung, the member nearest to them, catches on and stands up, placing his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder.
“It’s alright, Kook.” Taehyung says, Jungkook still glaring at the security guard.
“You don’t touch people without their permission.” Jungkook mumbles, shaking his head at the security guard and the staff member before sitting down again.
He writes something on your album before passing it to Taehyung, looking at you apologetically.
“I’m sorry about that.” Jungkook says and you give him a reassuring smile.
“It’s okay, thank you for looking out for me.” You reply, and Jungkook smiles at you.
You move onto Taehyung and take a seat, confused at the smirk on his face.
“Hi?” You say, and he grins and shakes his head.
“He likes you.” Taehyung teases, and you scoff and shake your head.
“Jungkook? Liking me? What?” You whisper, making Taehyung laugh.
“Check his page when you get to your car.” He says, winking at you.
You get into your car and sigh in relief before bringing out your album. After turning a few pages, you can only laugh, in shock at what was written in front of you.
Thanks for coming today. Call me, please !!! XXXX-XXX-XXXX
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deukiv · 7 months ago
bio ideas
... she/her ☆ <3
## . . she-her !?%
✎⋯ bangtan only ꗃ she/her
 𓂅 ⬪ mine only (idol) 𓂃 ⸼ she!her
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heyyouknowbts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This blog hit another milestone, and so fast 😲  I hope you enjoy these BTS as meme tweets. Thank you so much 💜
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jeonloops · 6 months ago
need to know | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genres: smut, tiny bits of fluff
warnings: top jungkook, bottom reader, blowjobs, cum eating, jungkook has a big dick, cumshot, pet names, fingering, face-fucking, hair pulling, established relationship
word count: 850+
With sparkling eyes, you dared not to look away from the man above you who was towering your figure. Your elbows stay prepped on either side of you, supporting your whole torso. His black slacks were halfway through his thighs, revealing his toned skin and meaty muscles which you loved to ride sometimes. Jungkook's hair fell charmingly on his forehead as he looked down on you, smiling softly from the motive your eyes showed: always eager to do something for him.
Your neck was starting to feel painful from the akward position you were in, but all you really cared was your boyfriend's cock before you. Hard, leaking out of precum, and just ready to be touched. Heat prickled on your neck, crawling 'til it reached your cheeks as you realized your mouth almost watered at the sight of it alone. Are you this much of a cockslut for him?
"Think you can take it?" he murmured teasingly, big hands caressing your face. Despite his hands feeling rough, he gently held you and you couldn't help but melt in his touch. Jungkook tapped your lips with the red tip, ordering you to open for him. And you did. You wasted no time and took his cock in one go.
Mirth glinted in Jungkook's eyes as you swallowed his cock, tongue pressing wetly on the head. Jungkook hissed at the feeling of your warm mouth enveloping the whole girth of his dick, the sound shooting straight down to your weeping core.
Your boyfriend gathered your hair and turned it into a makeshift ponytail while his hips slowly fuck your mouth. You felt a burning sensation at the side of your mouth as you slowly took his cock, and oh god he's so fucking huge, the biggest one you've ever had. You two have done this a couple of times, but the feeling of sucking him off never gets old. Jungkook firmly held your chin, the simple gesture made your stomach twist but in a good way.
"So good for me," Jungkook sighed. "Your mouth feels so fucking good, baby."
You keened at him. Warmth fluttered in your chest at the praises he threw at you so decided to take more of him. Jungkook groaned at the spontaenous move you made, hips carefully fastening its pace. You loved the pleasured sounds you made and you wanting to hear more of it. You teasingly sucked him, tongue swirling around the head.
"Stop being such a fucking tease," he grunted and harshly pulled your hair. The force of his fingers tugging on your hair burned through your scalp. You tried to whine but couldn't, not with your mouth was stuffed with his cock. Jungkook snickered at your attempt and pulled your hair even more, now holding your head while he relentlessly fucked your mouth like a sex toy.
His moans were starting to sound high pitch and a little breathy, indicating that he's almost reach his high. Jungkook's cock jabbed your throat plenty of times, making you choke. With desperate eyes, you scratched his thighs and knee in hopes of slowing down, but the son of the bitch only ignored you.
"M gonna cum, baby," he groaned, head lolling to the back.
Jungkook pushed you down to the mattres as he removed himself from your mouth to furiously stroke his cock. You looked up at him with your mouth open like a hungry puppy, patiently waiting to be fed by your owner. Jungkook violently fisted his cock, clearly desperate for release, Using your spit as an alternative lubrication. A few 'ahs' and groans came out from his mouth. After a few more pumps, spurts of white ribbons spewed on your face, neck, and hair.
"Fuck," Jungkook sobbed with eyes closed, hips stuttering.
Feeling greedy, you licked the remains of his cum, lapping everything you could find in the areas he blessed you. You couldn't help but groan at the bitter-sweet taste of him so you took him once again, now sucking his softening cock.
Jungkook collapsed beside you in exhaustion. "You did so well, angel" he murmured and pressed a wet kiss on your cheek, as if rewarding you. You faced him and flashed him with that smile of yours, the one you knew he liked the most about you.
"You okay?" he asked, concern evident in his tone
"I feel like I'm going to be bald." you bluntly stated.
Jungkook weakly laughed and shoot you with an apologetic smile. You could tell he was embarrased by how could he turn into a different person while you two were having sex
"I'm sorry. Want me to run you a bath as a peace offering?"
You softened at that and nodded, tangling your arms with his neck to pull his sweaty body closer, him doing the same. For a while you two just laid there, still feeling high, not aware that your eyelids grew heavier and heavier by each second.
You woke up inside the tub, bubbles floating around water and of course, his slender fingers were rapidly going in and out of you. You leaned back and sighed.
He really was the best when it came to 'aftercare'.
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Like…… how do I even? For real.
Tumblr media
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onigiri-dorkk · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finished up this cute mini series 😝 If you know, you know!!!
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mee-place · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taetae storie icons 🥴🐯💜
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binnie-xox · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pinterest post
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army-author · 6 months ago
yoongi scenario | everything you’re not
Tumblr media
❝ yoongi insists that you’re totally not his type, and you’re determined to prove him wrong... ❞
➸ prompt: i baked too many christmas cookies. do you want some?
➸ pairing: yoongi x female reader
➸ requested by anon | 7.6k words | fluff, high school au, fantasy au, friends to lovers au
➸ warnings/includes: profanity; an inordinate amount of blushing; y/n and yoongi are both idiots in love
➸ author’s note: the anon who requested this specifically asked for tsundere yoongi, so i did my best to deliver. also this au is very much inspired by harry potter, but with my own twists. i hope everyone enjoys this as much as i enjoyed writing it!
➸ tag list: @mwitsmejk​
Tumblr media
“What do you want?”
As December bursts past the rainy gales of November, with snow on its frosted breath, this question is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, passed through the corridors of Hemingford’s Academy for Exceptional Magicians, as friends try to figure out what to buy for Christmas.
You weren’t sure what you expected Yoongi’s reaction to be, but you certainly weren’t expecting his answer:
“Everything you’re not.”
You blink at him over the book of magical herbs that you’re pretending to study. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
He stares at you from across the desk in the corner of the common room, his chin resting on his palm, and responds, “I want someone who’s the opposite of you.”
Your breath catches in your throat, fighting back laughter, as you try to explain, “I meant for a Christmas present. I wasn’t asking for your dating preferences.”
His cheeks turned rosy as the cogs begin grinding and he realises his mistake. “Oh, right. Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to get me a present this year,” he mumbles, lowering his head to stare intently at the textbook in front of him.
“Of course I’ll get you a present,” you say, “You’re my friend. Even if you don’t like me.”
“I never said I didn’t like you.” His head snaps up. His cheeks are still flushed, eyes wide, as he stumbles on, “I just meant I don’t like you in that way.”
You lean back in your chair, crossing your arms, as you tease, “Frankly, I’m hurt, Yoongi. I’m pretty, I’m smart, and charming to boot. How could I possibly not be your type.”
Your friend ducks his head, fiddling with a loose thread on his school jumper as he mumbles, “If you keep joking like this, maybe you won’t get any Christmas presents from me this year.”
“Oh, so you were going to get me something,” you grin, “Lucky me.”
“Don’t think too much of it,” Yoongi grumbles, “It doesn’t mean anything aside from the fact that I don’t want you to complain.”
“Sure, sure,” you purr, “I know. It’s embarrassing to admit that you care for me.”
“I never said that,” Yoongi puffs up his cheeks in annoyance, but refuses to meet your gaze.
This is how it’s always been with Yoongi, ever since the two of you became friends – with Yoongi pushing away any affection, all while you tease him by flirting, finding it fun to see his cheeks turn pink.
Your friendship was never totally normal.
After all, Yoongi’s not totally normal.
While most of the students that attend Hemingford’s Academy are humans gifted with magic in their fingertips, a few of those that attend have backgrounds a lot more strange. There are werewolves, elves, pixies. There’s even a rumour that one of the students in the year above you is a ghost. But Yoongi is something even rarer.
He’s a vampire.
He’s not like the vampires you read about in books, with pale skin and pointed fangs. In fact, looking at Yoongi, he seems perfectly human. His method of feeding isn’t similar to that of the vampires you heard of growing up either. He doesn’t get nourishment from blood, sucked from arteries, pushed from a beating heart. Instead, he gets his sustenance from physical contact, taking energy from connection with others, whether it be the brush of a finger on a hand, the embrace of an arm, or the kiss of lips - he needs this contact to keep his body ticking over.
It was a shock when he first revealed this to you. You’d known him for around a month at the time, slowly befriending him on your walks to and from classes, finding his brusque attitude charming.
It was evening, and you were sitting in the library with him. He had been oddly quiet that day, and you had simply assumed that he was stressing over the test he had on magical animals and their handling the next morning. But when he stood up from his desk to go and find a book from the shelves behind him, he had wobbled in front of you, before collapsing to the ground.
Panicked, you had leapt from your chair, and rushed to his side. “Are you alright?”
He furrowed his brows, sitting up slowly as you knelt down beside him.
“Sorry,” he mumbled, “I’m just feeling a bit weak right now.”
“Can I get you anything? Water? Ice?”
He had worried his bottom lip with his teeth, “Can I tell you a secret?”
“Um, sure.” This wasn’t where you had expected the conversation to go.
Taking a deep breath, he stared at you, straight past your eyes and into your heart, “Promise not to tell anyone?”
“I promise.”
He had let go of the breath he was holding. “I’m a vampire,” he explained, “And I haven’t eaten in a while.”
“Oh...” you swallowed, unsure what to do with this new information. “Do you need… blood?”
You were surprised when he laughed. “I’m not that kind of vampire.”
“Then what kind of vampire are you?”
“I…” His gaze fell to the floor, “I feed on physical touch.”
“So… you need someone to hug you?” You had wrinkled your brow in confusion.
“Kinda. Or hold hands. Anything really, so long as it’s physical,” he had explained, “I feed on the energies that people give when they touch someone they care about.”
“Well, why didn’t you say so?” you had extended your hand out to him.
He had blinked at you, “What are you doing?”
“Letting you feed from me,” you said, “Come on. You just fainted because you haven't been taking care of yourself. So let me help you.”
He had hesitated before taking your hand in his own. The feeling was odd, not what you had expected. There was a strange tug inside of you, like your heart had been hooked, and was being reeled out of your chest. You couldn’t help but gasp at the feeling.
“Sorry,” he dropped your hand as if you had scorched him, “Was that too much?”
“No, no, it’s okay,” you held out your hand again, “It’s fine. I just didn’t expect it to feel that way.”
Cautiously, he accepted your hand again, as you pulled him to his feet and sat down next to him at the desk.
From then on, you had become Yoongi’s source of food, offering your touch to keep him going. It wasn’t romantic, you had convinced yourself of that. Despite this, you couldn't help but tease Yoongi when you offered him your touch, enjoying the flush of his cheeks when your flirting went a little too far.
Over the years, you and Yoongi had found your own hidden corners of the school, where you could tuck yourselves away for a few minutes, curling yourselves around each other, until Yoongi was satiated.
You had convinced yourself that these quiet moments with Yoongi didn’t mean anything. Yet, as you sit with him in the common room now, after he tells you that you aren’t the type of person he would ever want to date, a hole cracks open in your chest.
The thought plagues you for the rest of the night, as you got ready for bed, listening to May, the girl you share a dorm with, as she complains about the amount of homework she has been assigned.
Are you really so bad that Yoongi would never consider you as a romantic option? You’re smart, you’re funny, you even fancy that you might be a little bit pretty. So why wouldn’t Yoongi like you?
You stew over this thought as you lie awake in bed, and decide that you want to prove yourself to be everything he wants.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
As the Christmas holidays creep closer, Hemingford’s Academy becomes all the more festive, with staff hanging up decorations around the old school building, and snow dusting the manicured hedges of the school gardens.
It’s at times like this that you find it difficult to concentrate on lessons. When the air turns cold, and the sky sighs down breaths of snow, all you can think of is returning home for the holidays, sitting in the log cabin you share with your mother, and watching the forest behind your house turn white with flurries of frost.
As the daughter of a long line of magicians that practice plant magic, you feel a connection to nature, and find yourself missing it while you stay at the Academy. Hemingford’s is situated in the middle of the magic district in the city centre, surrounded by winding streets, cobbled alleyways, and white stone buildings, with ivy covered archways leading into the back gardens of grand museums and libraries. It’s a far cry from your home, and you find yourself getting homesick around this time of year.
You’re distracted, caught in memories of the smell of pine trees, when your Potions teacher taps her finger on your desk, “Yoohoo, are you still with us?”
You blink, settling back into reality as you glance up to be met with a twisted frown, as your teacher repeats, “What additional ingredients can we add to a healing potion to help with a chest cough?”
You press your lips together as you consider, “Moon-root could help to ease coughing, and silver-ivy sprout could help prevent future infections.”
Your teacher nods, satisfied, and you lean back in your chair, grateful that you got away with your inattention. Forcing yourself to focus, you scribble down the teacher’s words as she walks back to her chalkboard. Just as your mind is beginning to drift away again, you feel a tap on your shoulder, and turn around to see a balled up piece of paper dropping to the floor.
Yoongi is sitting at the desk behind you, doodling in his own notebook, his chin resting on his palm. He raises his eyes to yours, before his gaze bounces to the floor, eyeing the piece of paper meaningfully.
You snatch the paper from the floor, before the teacher spots it, and un-crumple it, reading over Yoongi’s scrawl: “Same place? Lunch time?”
It’s the message you’ve grown to expect from him - his way of letting you know that he needs to feed. As the teacher begins writing on the board, you give Yoongi a nod and return to your notes.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
At lunch, you meet Yoongi at your usual spot, in a hidden room behind the library.
The two of you had discovered the spot in second year, when Yoongi had been searching for a particular book for his essay on the use of runes in magical practices, and had found that if you pushed one of the shelves to one side, you could sneak into a tight passageway that led to a small room beyond. The place was unfurnished, more like a storage cupboard than an actual room, but it gave you a quiet place where you could spend time with Yoongi, undisturbed.
Pushing back the bookshelf, you sneak through, pulling the shelf over the space behind you.
Yoongi is already in the room, sat on the rug that covers the cold stone floor, his knees tucked up to his chest.
“Hey,” you say, “What do you need this time?”
He pats the floor next to him, inviting you to sit down. “I’m hungry,” he admits.
You take a seat next to him, snuggling close as his arms find their familiar home around you. You rest your head in the crook of his neck, his soft hair tickling your forehead. As you get comfy, you feel the usual tug that comes with his feeding. The sensation is odd, but not necessarily unpleasant - like the excited nausea you get at the top of a roller-coaster, just before you plummet down the drop.
“You never did actually tell me what you wanted for Christmas this year,” you say, as you get comfy next to Yoongi, revelling in the warmth he provides, “Well, besides insulting me, and letting me know that you would never date me...”
“That wasn’t an insult,” Yoongi grumbles, “I’m sorry. You’re totally not the kind of person I’d ever have a crush on...”
“Okay, okay, I get it,” you huff, “I’ve got icky girl germs… I just wanted to know what to get you for Christmas.”
“Right, yeah...” he trails off as his mind stews over the question you’ve presented. “I don’t know,” he says at last, “Just get me whatever.”
“That’s really unhelpful, Yoongi,” you groan, nipping at his side with your fingers.
“Ouch!” He squirms at your touch, “Don’t do that when I’m feeding. It makes your energy taste all bitter.”
“Fine,” you relent, “Just tell me what to buy you this year.”
“Okay, okay. Get me a new coat or something. My old one’s getting a hole in the sleeve.”
“But that’s such a boring gift,” you sigh.
“Did you, or did you not, ask me what I wanted?”
“Alright, I’ll get you a new coat if that’s really what you want,” you say, “I guess that makes my job easier.”
“What about you?” he asks, “What do you want?”
“Everything you’re not,” you joke, as Yoongi groans:
“Can we please just move past that? I said I was sorry already!”
“Sure,” you say, as you continue to not move past it, “What I’d really like for Christmas are more books. I’ve run out of anything new to read.”
“And you said that my choice was boring?” Yoongi huffs.
“Okay, so maybe both of our requests are a bit boring,” you concede.
Yoongi stretches, moving away from you. The warmth that he takes with him leaves a gaping space next to you. You want to pull him back, and keep yourself in his hold just a little longer. You swallow, surprised at the realisation that you might be needing Yoongi’s touch as much as he needs yours.
It wasn’t meant to be like this. It was just a friend, helping another friend.
“That’s enough for now,” Yoongi says, “Thanks for, well, you know… letting me feed.”
“That’s okay,” you say, “I know how much you love my hugs.” Your flirting feels a little lacklustre today. You hang onto Yoongi’s next words, as he digs in his pockets:
“I actually got something for you.”
He pulls a bright blue flower from his pocket, holding the petals delicately in his palm.
“Wow,” you shuffle closer to him, dazzled by the plant, “That’s bluebird’s heart, right?”
“Yeah, I saw it in the garden as I was walking to class today. I know it’s pretty rare, but I thought you might be able to use it in some of your potions.”
You hold out your hand, and he places the flower carefully in your open palm, fingers grazing your skin, eliciting a shiver from him as he pulls away.
“Thank you, Yoongi,” you smile, “I’ll put it to good use.”
It’s no secret that you love brewing homemade potions in your spare time. It’s the only reason that despite zoning out in most of your classes, you’re still passing Potions with flying colours.
Yoongi’s ears turn pink at your gratitude. “Yeah, I thought you’d like it.” He stands, heading for the corridor back to the library, when you call him back, “Yoongi, by the way...”
He pauses, turning back to face you.
“You’re not the opposite of what I would want,” you tell him, “In fact you’re exactly what I would want in a boyfriend.”
He hesitates, a deer in the headlights. “Don’t- don’t make stupid jokes like that,” he mumbles, before he exits the room, and you’re left with only the ghost of his warmth for company.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
That weekend, the senior year groups are allowed to head out of Hemingford's grounds to get some Christmas shopping done. You and Yoongi agree to meet up on Saturday to take a wander through the city.
As you get ready that morning, you find yourself pausing in front of the mirror, trying to decide what to wear. You like donning your school uniform during the week, as it means you don’t have to worry about how you look. But on weekends, you actually have to pick out your own outfits, and you never quite know what to put on. Growing up in the middle of nowhere, and practicing plant-based magic next to the forest with your mother, you know your sense of style leans a little close to what the city kids would call “hippy”.
But after Yoongi telling you that you’re not his type, you find yourself fretting over what to wear when you meet him. You want to pick something that will make you look pretty – to cast you in a different light, and give yourself a second chance.
“This is stupid,” you sigh, as you throw yet another rejected sweater on your bed, glancing at the bluebird’s heart that you had left out on your bedside table, unable to bring yourself to use it in any potion, “I don’t care what he thinks anyway.”
May glances over to you from where she’s sitting on her bed, painting her nails. “Uh oh, am I hearing of boy trouble?” She waves her hand, letting the nail polish dry. It’s the magical kind you’ve seen advertised but never actually used – the kind that changes colour and shows different patterns depending on the weather.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to blurt that out,” you sigh, “It’s just… boys are so annoying sometimes, you know?”
“Oh, I know,” May chuckles, “What’s bothering you today?”
You sigh, blowing a wayward strand of hair out of your eyes, “I don’t know. It’s just… there’s this guy...”
“Do you like him?” May asks.
“Well...” you chew over your answer, unsure. Maybe you like him. Or maybe your mind is confused because of the quiet hugs you’ve shared together in soft moments, when Yoongi lets his guard slip, and runs a gentle hand through your hair as he holds you. “I guess,” you shrug, “It’s complicated.”
“But you want to impress him today?” May pushes.
“Yeah,” you nod.
“Then let me help,” May jumps up from her bed, flashing a grin at you as she walks over to your side and appraises the outfits you’ve got lined up.
“This one,” she points at the light blue dress you had picked out, “This is cute.”
You pick it up, holding it against your body as you stare into the mirror. “Yeah?”
“Wear it with this,” May hands you a white, chunky knit cardigan, “It’ll look good.” She smiles. “I can help you with make-up as well if you want.”
You hesitate. You’ve never really worn make-up before. You like the idea of it, but any time you’ve walked past the aisles of mascara and blush and lipstick while shopping, you’ve been so daunted that you’ve simply given up. “You’re sure you don’t mind?”
“Of course not,” May smiles, “I’d love to. You’ve got such a nice face, it’ll be fun to try out some cute looks on you. Um, if you don’t mind?”
“Sure,” you say, as she dashes to the ensuite, returning with a bag of make-up. You sit patiently on the bed while May pads at your face with sponges and brushes.
By the time she has finished, you’re nervous to take a look. What if make-up just makes you look silly – like a child playing at being an adult?
Swallowing, you turn to the mirror, and catch your breath, pleasantly surprised by what you see. You look like... you, just with a little glow, sparkles highlighting your cheeks, and blush warming your face.
“Do you like it?” May stands next to you, reviewing her handiwork.
“Yeah, I love it. Thank you!” You smile at her.
“Yoongi’s going to keel over when he sees you,” she grins.
You pause, “How… how did you know this was for Yoongi?”
“Aw, come on,” she chuckles, “It’s so obvious that you two are meant for each other.”
Your cheeks heat, as blood rushes to your head, “Oh… I didn’t realise it was that obvious.”
“Sure it is,” May sighs, “You two are such a good match. I wish I was as lucky as you… I can’t find anyone as perfect for me as Yoongi is for you.”
“I don’t know if I’d call it lucky.” You fiddle with a loose strand of hair, finding it embarrassing to talk about Yoongi in this way. “I mean, being friends makes it complicated. Because if things work out badly, you don’t just loose your crush, you loose your friend as well.”
“You won’t loose him,” May smiles, “Yoongi likes you too, I’m sure of it. He’s just too shy to admit it, even to himself.”
“How can you tell?” you ask.
“I’ve seen how he looks at you during class when he thinks you won’t notice,” she says, “It’s sweet, really. Everything about him softens when his eyes are on you.”
If May continues on like this, you think your face might combust from the embarrassment. Burying your face in your hands, you mumble, “I don’t think I can take any more of this.”
From beyond the dusk of your palms, you can hear May chuckling, “Ah, you guys are too cute! Just let me know how it goes today, okay?”
“Sure, but there won’t be much to tell I’m sure.” You peel your hands away from your face, and try to calm down before you meet Yoongi.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
When you arrive at the entrance to the school building, Yoongi is already waiting for you.
He glances at you, up and down, taking you in as you approach. His ears turn pink as his gaze bounces off yours, settling on the ground.
“Hi,” you smile as you reach him.
“Hello,” he mumbles, keeping his gaze on a weed that’s growing up between the cracks in the stone path leading down to the entrance of the Academy.
The two of you make your way down to the gateway leading out of the school grounds, as Yoongi stuffs his hands into his pockets.
“What’s up with you today?” you ask, as you reach the gate, where one of the teachers is checking your passes, making sure that younger students don’t try to sneak out with the seniors.
“What?” Yoongi asks, as you slip out onto the street that leads to Hemingford’s Academy, the pavement already bustling with shoppers. “I’m acting totally normal.”
“Yeah right,” you say as you walk down the street, heading towards the city centre. You stick your hands in the pockets of your cardigan, and pull an exaggerated frown, glowering at the curb as you imitate Yoongi. “This is how you’re acting,” you tell him, “And you think this is normal?”
“Whatever,” Yoongi mumbles, “I’m just cold. It’s cold today.”
“If you say so,” you chuckle. You think back to your earlier chat with May. Could it really be possible that Yoongi likes you? Part of you hopes that it could be true, although your brain hasn’t quite caught up with your heart.
You always thought that having a crush would be obvious - an avalanche of feelings, hitting you in the chest, and knocking the breath out of you. Yet, with Yoongi, the feelings are slower, a fire kindling in the pit of your stomach.
As you round the corner, reaching the fountain that marks the square in the centre of the city, Yoongi mumbles, “Um, you look nice by the way.”
You turn to him, spray from the fountain kissing your cheeks as a gust of wind catches your hair. “Thanks, Yoongi,” you smile at him.
“Yeah, whatever,” he grumbles, as his glowering at the ground intensifies, “It’s just a compliment. No need to be weird about it.”
“You’re the one being weird,” you point out.
Yoongi doesn’t say anything, his his eyes tracing up to your face, until his gaze finally meets yours, his cheeks glowing pink. Maybe it’s just the cold… Or maybe May is really onto something. “Um,” Yoongi swallows, his eyes caught on yours before he continues, “We should… probably split up so that we can do our Christmas shopping for one another.”
“But I already know what you’re going to get me,” you point out.
“Well, maybe,” Yoongi says, “But I still want it to be a surprise… “
“Okay,” you decide, “Let’s split up for half an hour. We can meet up back at that cafe.” You point out the cafe on the other side of the square. It’s a regular go-to on the weekends; with its shelves crammed full of plants, it makes you feel like you’re back in the forests next to your home.
Yoongi nods, and the two of you set off in different directions.
The magic district spirals out in winding cobbled streets from the square, quickly turning into a maze. One minute you’re walking through a marble archway into a park, the next you’re stumbling into the entrance of a magical herb market. The first few times that you went to the city you found yourself getting lost. Bust after six years at Hemingford’s Academy, you know the labyrinth of streets like the freckles on the back of your hand.
As you pass the familiar storefront promising good luck charms that will grant you the perfect grades on exams, you take a right, aiming for Filbert’s All-In-One Department store. You find yourself thinking over Yoongi’s behaviour as you walk. He’s been acting very strange over the past few days. You’re not sure if you can decipher what it all means, and you don’t want to get your hopes up.
Crossing the road, you duck into Filbert’s. The small store front hides a much larger shop behind, stretching upwards into multiple stories. You walk past the newest items designed to make life more convenient – technology and magic combining into the latest gizmo to be shoved down your throat in time for Christmas. There are machines to grind ingredients for potions without the need for a mortar and pestle, devices to translate what your familiar is saying, and magical powders that will remove a stain from any fabric.
You take the stairs up to the second floor, heading for the men’s clothing section. Rifling through the racks, you manage to find a coat in Yoongi’s size – a simple black piece with faux fur around the hood, and deep pockets.
With your present neatly folded in a bag, you head back to the street, and weave your way through the twisty alleyways until you reach the square again.
You open the cafe door to the smell of roasted coffee beans. This particular cafe specialises in drinks with magical properties, like coffees that heal aching muscles, or teas that help with sleep. Your favourite is the ginger latte, which claims to boost concentration. You’ve never actually used it for its effects; you just like how it tastes. When you enter the cafe, pushing your wind-swept hair off your face, Yoongi is already there at your favourite table, with a ginger latte ordered for you.
You take a seat next to him, as he pushes your coffee across the table to you. He’s ordered himself a black liquorice coffee – one that promises to boost calm feelings. It’s the one he always goes for.
When you first found out that Yoongi was a vampire, you had been confused by the fact that he still ate regular food. You had simply assumed that he got everything he needed from the energy he took in the form of physical touch.  He had explained that physical touch was just one element of sustaining himself. In the same way that humans need water and food, vampires need the living energy that comes from a person, alongside other foods.
“Did you have a successful shopping trip?” you ask Yoongi as you set down your bag.
“Yeah, sure,” Yoongi nods as he takes a sip of his coffee. You notice a slight shake of his hand as he sets his cup down on its saucer.
“You okay?” you ask.
He nods, furrowing his brow, “Yeah, don’t worry. Just feeling a little weak.”
“Ah, do you need to feed?” you ask him.
He nods, eyes watching the dark liquid in his cup as he stirs it with a spoon, “Yeah, but it’s okay. We should probably wait.”
“You can hold my hand if you need,” you say, “I mean, I know its not as direct as a hug, but it’ll give you some sustenance, right?”
“But there’s people around,” Yoongi objects, his cheeks turning pinker by the second.
“So what?” you ask, “Lots of people hold hands in public. It’s not a big deal.”
“What if someone from school sees?” Yoongi says, “They might get the wrong idea.”
“Would it be so bad if someone thought you were dating a cute girl like me?” You flutter your eyelashes at him.
“Stop it,” he pouts, “You’re making me want to hold your hand less and less.”
“I’m just joking, Yoongi,” you say, holding your hand out to him across the table.
He worries his bottom lip with his teeth, glancing around before he sighs, “Fine.” He shoves his hand into your own, fingers grasping, “But it doesn’t mean anything, okay?”
“I know, I know,” you say, “You don’t like me in that way.”
And just like that, with his hand in your own, you find your heart cracking a little more. Maybe it’s your own fault for joking about things that you take way too seriously.
With your free hand, you pick up your coffee cup, taking a sip. You savour the jolt of caffeine as the aftertaste of ginger warms your tongue.
Yoongi keeps his fingers threaded through yours. The tug of his feeding tingles at your fingers, a confusing feeling of both hot and cold under your skin. You wish you could stay like this forever, even if Yoongi never wants to give you any more. Just his hands in yours, and his eyes on you, are enough.
You’re in far deeper than you can fully comprehend.
Suddenly, Yoongi yanks his hand out of yours, his head snapping around to stare out the window. You focus your gaze on where he’s looking, and find May waving at you, past the sign for half price coffees if your order a cake, a grin on her face. You wave back at her, as Yoongi sinks lower into his chair. You glance back at him, catching his cheeks burning as he stares down at his coffee.
As May continues down the street, and out of sight, Yoongi groans, “She probably thinks we’re dating now.”
You shrug, “Is that really so bad?”
Yoongi baulks, staring at you. “What do you mean? I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.”
“Why?” As your feelings rise to the surface, they only get more easily injured. Yoongi appears so averse to the idea of the two of you together, all while you slip closer and closer to wanting nothing more, and his insistence on you staying platonic is stinging like a healing salve on a fresh cut.
“I don’t like you like that,” Yoongi continues, “It’s embarrassing if people think we’re a couple.”
“Well I’m sorry that you think I’m embarrassing,” you shoot back hotly, “I get that you don’t like me in that way, but have you ever considered that this is kind of hurtful to me?”
He blinks at you, confused by your sudden outburst.
You swallow, trying to keep your voice calm. “Am I really that unattractive that you find it embarrassing to be around me?”
“That’s not what I mean,” Yoongi sighs.
“No really, if I’m too embarrassing, maybe you should just stop hanging out with me,” you push back.
“Why are you so pissed off all of a sudden?” Yoongi mumbles as he stares down at his coffee.
“I already told you,” you say, “You hurt my feelings. I know you don’t want to be a couple, but calling me an embarrassment, and telling me you’d never want to date someone like me… it really knocks my self-esteem, you know?”
Yoongi swallows, “I… I didn’t mean…”
You shake your head, “Whatever, Yoongi.”
Yoongi glances down at his barely touched coffee, while you pick up your bag, and stand up from the table. “Are you going already?”
“Yeah, wouldn’t want people to think we’re together or anything,” you say wryly, “I’ll walk back by myself.”
Yoongi opens his mouth, but no words come out. You’re tired of waiting, so you don’t. You exit the cafe, into the cold air of December, and make your way back to school, your heart aching more with every step.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
That night, you find yourself struggling to fall asleep, you mind obsessing over the fight you had with Yoongi. Perhaps you had been too harsh. Yet, you can’t ignore the fact that Yoongi had hurt your feelings as well.
This was the problem that came with joking about your own emotions. Your flirting with Yoongi had become so commonplace, you hadn’t realised when it became genuine, and you weren’t prepared for Yoongi to shoot it down.
Sighing, you roll over onto your side, tangled in your duvet. Maybe you should apologise to Yoongi tomorrow.
Or maybe you should wait for him to apologise to you.
Your mind is so confused, racing between a hundred different thoughts.
As you slowly drift to sleep, you know that despite the fighting today, you’re still going to dream of Yoongi, with his arms wrapped tightly around you.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
The next morning, you don’t have any lessons with Yoongi. You sit through Ancient Tomes, and Magical Healing, all the while worrying about what you’re going to say when you see him next.
When the bell finally rings for lunch, you leap from your chair, and dash into the corridor, heading for the cafeteria. You can’t find Yoongi there, and he’s not out in the gardens either.
Unsure where else to go, you head for the library, pulling back the bookshelf in the furthest corner, and sneaking into the hidden room behind the stacks of books.
There he is, sitting on the floor, pulling at a loose thread on his jumper. You had wanted to be strong, yet as soon as your eyes land on him, your heart softens.
He jumps to his feet when you enter, his eyes catching yours as you find your voice.
“Hi,” you say.
“Hi,” he struggles to hold your gaze, eyes bouncing down to the floor. You notice that he’s holding a box in his hands, which he thrusts in your direction. “Um… I made too many cookies in Home Economics today,” he mumbles, “So I wanted you to have some.”
You take the box the he’s extended to you, taking a peek inside. You catch a glimpse of sugar cookies, frosted with white icing and decorated with red sprinkles. “Is this your way of apologising?” you ask, as you look back up to him.
Yoongi nods, keeping his eyes on the floor. “Yeah… Look, I know I’ve been kind of weird lately. I’ve… got a lot on my mind at the moment.”
“Well, I’m your friend,” you say, “So if something’s bothering you, you know you can just tell me, right? We’ll figure it out together.”
His gaze finally meets yours, and with this, your heart rises from your chest to your throat with the desperate hope that maybe he’ll give you what you want.
“I know,” he says, “And I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you. I guess you’re normally so sure of yourself, I didn’t realise saying what I did would hurt you.”
“I know you didn’t mean it,” you hold out your hand to him, and he takes it in his own, holding you cautiously, as if you were a delicate piece of china that would disintegrate if he were too rough with you.
“I know you haven’t fed today,” you say, “You can take some of my energy, if you need it.”
He nods, his grip gentle on your fingers as you both a take a seat on the floor, huddling next to each other. You feel the familiar tug in your chest as Yoongi begins to feed, his arms wrapping around you.
You settle next to him, feeling the comforting press of his body. You want more of this feeling, but more than that, you want to know if Yoongi wants it too, want to know if he cares for you beyond the need to satiate his hunger. You want to know if he likes you.
“Yoongi?” you murmur into the quiet of the room.
“Yeah?” he asks, his voice soft.
“What’s been bothering you recently?”
You feel his chest contract in a breath as he pauses, “I… I don’t know how to explain.”
“Well, start from the beginning. That’s usually a good place to go from.”
He considers. “Well I suppose it started a while back, when I got this weird feeling while I was around you.”
You feel your pulse quicken, and wonder if Yoongi can sense it, with the two of you pulled so close together.
“I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself,” he says, “But I suppose I’ve been lying to you.”
“About what?”
“About not liking you.” He swallows, “I do like you. I like you… a lot. But I’m… so scared.”
You turn slightly, shifting in his arms so that you’re facing him, “What are you scared of?”
He bites down on his bottom lip, “I’m scared of losing control. I mean… I like you, so much, but since I’m – well – the way I am, I worry that if I allow myself to get any closer to you, and our relationship gets more physical, I might end up feeding too much, and draining your energy in the process. It can happen. I’ve seen it with my family, my cousins. They fall in love with someone and then end up hurting them. I don’t want that for you.”
He heaves out a sigh, lowering his head. His face is so close to yours, his forehead is almost brushing against your own. His hair is downy soft, tickling your skin. “That’s why I kept trying to push you away. I suppose when you kept teasing me by flirting with me, I assumed you wouldn’t take my feelings seriously anyway, and I didn’t want to loose you either.”
“Yoongi,” you murmur, and his eyes dance up to meet yours, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I just… liked how you looked at me when I was teasing you. But… I don’t think I’m teasing anymore.”
“I mean it,” you say, “When I say I like you too.”
His cheeks turn a pleasing shade of pink, as your hand squeezes his, “We’ll figure this out together, Yoongi. Everything. You don’t have to try and stumble through all of this on your own.” Carefully, you bring his hand to your lips, kissing the tips of his fingers.
He shivers as your lips graze his skin, and you feel a tug on your insides. “That’s nice,” he hums.
“Is it better than feeding through hugging?” you ask as you kiss another finger.
“Yeah,” he nods, breathless, “It’s really good. It’s just… a lot. I mean, if hugging you is like buttered toast, then this is like a glass of champagne. I don’t know how to explain it really.”
You smile, “Okay. I suppose we should take it slow then. Don’t want it all going to your head.” You drop his hand, and see his lips pull into a soft smile.
“Thank you,” he murmurs, “For everything. For sticking with me, even when I was trying to push you away. And for caring for me like you do.”
“Well, of course,” you say, “I like you, Yoongi.”
And like that, everything makes sense again.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
The next week goes by in a blur as the Christmas holidays creep closer. It isn’t long before you find yourself on the threshold of the final day before you split up for the holidays. You pack your bags in the blue light of morning, while May chats to you about her Christmas plans.
You’re not sure how to feel. Of course, you’re looking forward to going home and seeing your mother. But you’re also sad to be leaving Yoongi, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks.
At breakfast, you find Yoongi in the cafeteria, picking over the last few bits of toast on his plate.
“Morning,” you say, as you take a seat next to him.
“Hi,” he smiles at you.
Ever since the two of you admitted your feelings for each other, he’s been a lot less cautious about other people seeing you with him, not caring if people guess about your dating life. He’s still jumpy about holding your hand in public though. Small steps, you tell yourself.
Under the table, you catch his fingers for a brief moment, and squeeze, and he smiles at you.
“We should go to the library after this,” Yoongi suggests, as he takes a glance around at the other students joking at a nearby table, “I still need to give you your present.”
“Sounds good to me,” you say.
- ✻ ✻ ✻ -
Once you’ve finished eating, the two of you split up to collect your presents, before you meet up to take the stairs up from the dorm rooms towards the library. You find the school building particularly quiet today, with most of the students out in the gardens, making the most of the snow that’s piled up overnight – throwing snowballs, and making snow angels.
You and Yoongi slip into your secret room behind the bookcase, where Yoongi takes a seat on the floor, patting the space next to him for you to join.
You make yourself comfy beside him, your present for him clutched in your hands. “Here you go,” you say, handing the package across to him.
He grins as he takes it, “Thank you.”
With a smile, you watch as he pulls off the paper, revealing the coat that you bought for him.
“Oh, this is great,” he says, pulling it on over his jumper immediately, “This is exactly what I wanted.”
“Well, you did ask me to buy you just that,” you say.
He nods, “Yeah, sure, but it’s still a nice coat.” Reaching into his pockets, he takes out his present for you, neatly wrapped in red paper.
“Thanks,” you say as you take it from him, slowly peeling away the paper.
Below the neat folds, you find a book – the next in the series of mystery novels you have been reading. Of course Yoongi would know exactly what you wanted to read. As you pull the book from its packaging, you realise that there’s something below it, cushioned by tissue paper. Carefully, you pull the paper aside to reveal the delicate silver chain of a necklace. A diamond charm shines in the centre. Looking closeer, you realise that the charm is in the shape of a bluebird’s heart bloom. “Woah, it’s beautiful,” you sigh, glancing up to see Yoongi blushing, a shy smile playing on his lips.
“I’m glad you like it,” he says, “I thought of you when I saw it.”
You pull the necklace free from the packaging, trying to fasten it around your neck.
“Let me help,” Yoongi says.
Gently, he pulls your hair away from your neck, working on the necklace clasp. Before he lets your locks fall down, he places a careful kiss at your hairline.
“It’s really pretty on you,” he says as you turn around to face him.
His cheeks are burning pink, but you can see the corners of his lips fighting a smile as a warm glow spreads through you.
“Thank you, Yoongi,” you say, “I love it. Sorry that I didn’t get you anything extra for your present.”
“Are you kidding?” Yoongi asks, “You gave me the best gift I could ask for just by being mine.” At his own words, his cheeks turn from pink to red, and he buries his face in his hands, “Sorry. That was so cheesy. I can’t believe I said that!”
You chuckle, “You know, you’d be really smooth if you didn’t get so flustered after everything you say to me.”
He peeks at you between his fingers, “You know I’m no good at any of this.”
“Yeah,” you giggle, “And it’s so cute!”
“Oi,” he nudges your arm, “Don’t call me cute.”
“Then what should I call you? Boyfriend?”
At this word, his cheeks take on an even darker shade of crimson. Staring at the floor, he mumbles, “I suppose you can call me that. If you want.”
“Okay, boyfriend,” you grin.
At that, you think Yoongi will combust as he buries his burning face in your neck. He can’t hide his smile from you though.
As you wrap your arms around him, you can’t help but laugh, so happy that you can call him yours.
Despite Yoongi’s insistence that he wanted everything you’re not, you’re pleased to know that you’re everything he needs after all.
Tumblr media
➸ author’s note: i hope you enjoyed it. feel free to drop me a message and let me know what you thought! i’ve got more christmassy stories on the way~
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Requests: open
Tumblr media
All Members
Reaction to their S/O giving them the silent treatment 
Reaction to their S/O winning an award for best kiss scene
Reaction to their S/O changing their lockscreen to their bias
Reaction to seeing a cutout of their S/O at a concert
Reaction to their S/O wiping off their kisses
Reaction to their sibling dancing in an M/V
Reaction to their S/O putting ice down their shirt to wake them up
Reaction to their S/O being clingy
Min Yoongi
Pretty Little Baby (Smut)
Truth or Dare (Smut)
Kim Taehyung
His Girl(s) (Smut)
Match Made in Heaven (Fluff)
Tumblr media
All Members
Hip Hop Unit
Reaction to their S/O being naturally clumsy
Vocal Unit
Reaction to their S/O being sick 
Reaction to their S/O being clumsy
Reaction to their S/O being sleepy
Performance unit
Reaction to their S/O being a night owl
Jeon Wonwoo
Sleep On the Floor Pt2 (Fluff)
Lee Jihoon
Frozen Devotion (Smut)
Stray Kids
Tumblr media
All Members
Reaction to their S/O being clumsy
Reaction to their youngest member giving them kisses
Reaction to accidentally revealing your relationship (Maknae line)
Reaction to their S/O having a tongue piercing
Tumblr media
All Members
00′s line - reaction to their S/O saying ‘daddy’ as a joke
Reaction to their S/O struggling to learn their native language
NCT 127
Reaction to their youngest member giving them kisses
Reaction to their S/O fainting during an argument
Reaction to their S/O comforting them during a horror film
Reaction to their crush confessing
Reaction to foreign S/O not wanting to call them ‘oppa’
Reaction to their S/O falling asleep whilst studying
Reaction to their S/O acting bratty
Reaction to their youngest member giving them kisses
Reaction to their older S/O being insecure about their age
Reaction to teasing their S/O
Reaction to their S/O giving them the silent treatment
Reaction to their S/O calling them daddy as a joke
Reaction to their S/O having a strong British Accent
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He Knew She Was Strong, Nevertheless...
Jungkook x Reader
Word Count: 3.2 k Words
Warning: Cursing, implied smut, arguing
A/n: This one is a bit shorted but has a lot of important memories that will make sense in future parts.
Summary: You knew from the beginning that he never wanted a relationship. He was bad for you and should as run far away as you can from him. But ever time you grow the courage to finally let him go, things don’t go as plan. So what exactly happens when someone new comes into the picture and shows you things Jeon Jungkook never was able to show? Is he willing to change his ways for you? Or will you be added to his contacts he calls when bored?
He’s bad for me, Nevertheless (Series Masterlist)
Wattpad Link
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, you’re doing it all wrong!” Y/n says while watching Jungkook attempt to learn Midnight’s choreography. Getting up off the counter in the practice room, Y/n stand in front of Jungkook and slows down each movement,
“It’s a fast 8-count, so slowed down it looks like this.” She says as Jungkook watches her every movement and follows along. He was mesmerized by her every move; `1everything was done so flawlessly and Jungkook found himself smirking slightly at some thoughts that weren’t very kid friendly.
“Aish, I don’t see how y’all do it. This is complicated.” Jungkook complains as he watches Y/n deliver the choreo at its original pace. Scoffing at the Maknae of BTS, Y/n walks to sit in front of the mirror and faces him. “Have you seen the Choreography that you guys do. I’m terrified to do a dance with J-hope or Jimin.” She jokes, causing him to laugh. Walking over to her, he grabs his water bottle off the ground and takes a sip while nodding.
“Yeah, I guess you have a point, but just know you’ll have to deal with both for our song and music video collaboration.” Y/n groans jokingly as she pulls out her phone and reads some of her text message, unaware of the way Jungkook was staring at her. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more beautiful that her.’ Jungkook thought to himself as he quickly looks away and places the water back down. “Speaking of, do you want to hear some of it? Yoongi was here earlier with me and we finish composing it, so I’m sure soon you’ll have to come over to record.” Y/n asks as she continues to scroll on her phone.
Jungkook smirks a bit more than earlier as he bends down in front of Y/n and pushes her phone down, grabbing her attention. She looks up at him and gasps at how close he is as he leans in. “Trying to get me alone in your studio?” He asks, his voice in a low whisper causing Y/n to struggle for a second on how to breath.
As he leans even closer than before, so close to closing the gap in-between their lips, there is a knock at the studio door, causing both idols to jump apart. Seconds later, Hyun-Jung and EunMi walk in shocked once they see both Y/n and Jungkook in there. “Oh sorry, we were coming to work on some stuff. We can come back!” EunMi says, apologetically but Y/n shakes her head as she shakes her head.
“You guys can take the practice room; we were about to go to my studio.” Y/n says as she and Jungkook quickly grab their things and leave. Once the pair leave, EunMi and Hyun-Jung look at each other with a confused look and seconds later begin laughing.
“I hope they use protection.” EunMi says, causing Hyun-Jung to laugh and gently pat EunMi’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s get this practice done so we can go home.”
“Gently you lifted me off the ground, so we can go on. Every night, moonlight twilight, high above the sky, I dream of you still…” Y/n’s voice rings out the studio as the song ends with a melody and Jungkook stares at the screen with a smile. Y/n turns to Jungkook who is sitting on the couch in her studio and she tilts her head to the side.
“So, what do you think?” She asks as she flips her notebook to a fresh page to write down some critiques Jungkook might have. Y/n found feedback grateful, since it’s important to her that all artists are on the same page, especially if somethings missing and she wasn’t able to catch it. “Was that you singing?” Jungkook asks, causing her to nod as she writes Jungkook’s name at the top of the page.
“Yeah, you know how it is. Just a place holder until the finish product.” She responds, not looking at him still, unaware of the look of lust that fills his eyes. “Well, it’s beautiful,” He starts off, leaning forward towards her.
“But?” Y/n says, as she looks up at him. Jungkook chuckles lowly and stares into her eyes. “But there is something missing.”
Raising her eyebrow, she looks down at her paper and writes something on the piece of paper, waiting for him to continue. “What do you think that’s missing?”
However, instead of answering her, Jungkook places a finger underneath her chin and makes her look at him. Before she can say anything further, Jungkook leans in quickly and attaches his lips to hers.
At first, puzzles but Jungkook’s actions, she doesn’t kiss back, but as he pulls away something in her begs for more.
Don’t get her wrong, she knew what Jungkook was all abouts. It was like he was playing a game, and to him she was the next level, however, that didn’t matter.
Placing the notebook on her desk, she leans back in and kisses Jungkook once more.
‘It’s just one kiss, it won’t be anything more.’ Y/n thought to herself, but boy was she wrong.
Humming to herself, Y/n steps out of the shower in the bathroom that was attached to her studio and grabs a towel. “So that’s what you look like under all those clothes.” Jungkook’s voice suddenly says, causing Y/n to shriek and quickly wrap the towel around her body as she sees the man leaning on both hands against the bathroom counter as he looks down.
“Jungkook, you pervert, what are you doing, get out!” Y/n yells flustered and angry at him. He looks up from the sink at the mirror and stares back at her as he smirks. “Come on Y/n, you know why I’m here.”
“This is wrong on so many level’s Jungkook, get out!” Y/n says sternly, but Jungkook simply turns around and crosses his arms across his chest, making Y/n clutch her towel tighter. Jungkook looks her up and down as he gently bites his lower lip and looks back into Y/n’s eyes. “I could leave, but let’s talk about that journal of yours.”
Looking at him confused, Y/n takes a step back. “Listen, I don’t know what you are talking about, but can we do this when I’m not naked!”
Jungkook nods his head and shrugs, “We can, but wasn’t this one of your little fantasies?” He says, making her eyes widen. ‘No, there’s no way he’s referring to that journal...’ She thought to herself.
You remember that notebook where Y/n wrote all her critiques? Well, let’s just say after the kiss they both shared in her studio, after that day she accidentally mistook it as her personal diary and wrote some… things in there. More specifically about Jungkook. She thought she tore that page out, honestly and got rid of it, but it has become very clear that she hasn’t.
“Jungkook, I can-“ Y/n starts but she can utter another word, Jungkook quickly grabs her by her waist, pulling her closer to him, and she gasp at the sudden movement. Placing her hands on his chest, she opens her mouth to continue, but he interrupts her. “Let’s just say, I like what I read. Didn’t know you felt that way about me, Y/n.”
As he speaks, Y/n feels him move his hand from her waist and down towards the slip in the towel. “I honestly thought it was just me, and that kiss we shared meant nothing, but clearly I was wrong.” Just as he was about to slip his hand underneath her towel, Y/n grabs his hand.
“I don’t think this is appropriate Jungkook,” Y/n says, however she already sounded fucked already. Jungkook pulls her closer and presses his lips to her neck. “Tell me to stop then,” He whispers as he continues to kiss her neck.
As much as Y/n didn’t want to admit it, she was enjoying what he was doing. How he was holding her, kissing her, and overall, how much control he has over her at this point. He pulls back and looks Y/n in her eyes. “I’ll stop, if you want me too.”
He stands there for a second, looking Y/n in her eyes waiting for her answer, and all she does is shake her head. And once she does, Jungkook quickly leans in and connects their lips. Y/n wraps her arms around his shoulders, and he wraps his around the middle of her back and lifts her of the ground. She giggles a bit against his lips as he places her on the bathroom counter, and she pull back slightly. Jungkook smirks a little as he keeps his lips close enough to hers so that if either of them was to move it could push them into another kiss.
“Tell me what you want, Y/n,” Jungkook whispers to her, causing her to smile little. She moves her hands from around his shoulders and grips gently on the t-shirt he is wearing. “I want you…” Y/n whispers as she places the tiniest kiss on the corner of his lips and lock their eyes again. “To fuck me,”
That was how this relationship of Y/n and Jungkook started all those months ago. And not long after their occasional hook-ups, Jungkook would say the words that would essentially come and haunt him. “I’m falling in love with you, Y/n” he says to her as they were on a date with each other.
The words he threw out carelessly, not realizing the damage that would come with it when one of the parties were unfaithful.
Jungkook and Y/n sit across from each other in a private conference room at JYP and Y/n takes a deep breath as she sits there fiddling with a ring that Jungkook gave her for her birthday. Jungkook watches as she takes it off, placing it on the table and speaks. “I’m not going to scream, yell, cry, because honestly, I have done enough of that.” She starts off as she continues to look at her hands.
“I want you to tell me honestly, was it all a lie?” Y/n says, looking up at Jungkook. He is taken aback from the question, but he understood why she was asking. “No, it wasn’t.” Jungkook says, staring back at her.
“Then why did you do it?” Y/n asks in a low tone as she stares at him past the baseball cap she’s wearing. “Y/n, you know why.”
“No, I don’t.” Y/n says sternly. “You can’t hide behind the ‘I don’t do relationships’ excuse Jungkook. Especially when you were the one who initiated us dating, so,” Y/n sits up in her seat and changes her expression towards him to a glare. “Let’s try that again. Why did you do it?”
Jungkook shutters a little underneath her glare and looks down in shame. He knew she was strong; she was never one to take shit from anyone, nevertheless, he was the dumbass to mess up.
“You were the one who wanted to talk after the interview,” Y/n says chuckling in anger. “Yet, I give you the opportunity to come and talk and you can’t even answer a simple question.”
“It’s not a simple question.”
“Yes, it is Jungkook!” Y/n says, raising her voice slightly, snapping back. She quickly takes a deep breath, reminding herself not letting him rile her up and she sits back. “Fine, let’s say it is a difficult question to answer. I have another for you, how many were there since we started this mess?”
“Jungkook, just answer the question or I leave and never speak to you again.” Y/n states, interrupting him. “I’m giving you a chance to explain yourself so that maybe, just maybe, we can go past this and live the rest of our lives as nothing more but idols in this industry who may have to work again.”
Jungkook sighs as he runs his fingers through his hair and looks down at the table once again, unable to meet her eyes. “There were 7 different girls apart from you.”
“How far apart?” Y/n quickly rebuttals.
“Come on Y/n, is this really necessary?” Jungkook asks, looking up at her. “I feel terrible for what I did, I have to live with this guilt for what feels like the rest of my life, and me telling you this will make me feel even worse.”
“Good.” Y/n says smirking. “You should live with this for the rest of your life and take it as a lesson. Don’t throw around words that are so meaningful that you don’t mean. Those 3 little words mean a lot and then for something like this to happen can break someone. But…” Y/n says chuckling.
“I won’t lecture you, instead, let’s turn things around a little bit.” She gets up from her seat with Jungkook’s eyes following her, and she leans against the chair she was just sitting on. “Let’s say it was me, in your shoes. I tell others I don’t do relationships; I make you fall in love with me, wine and dine you, making you feel as if my player ways are over. That I finally found someone to break me out of that cycle, but on my birthday all the things I told you were lies.”
“Y/n, I never lied to you.”
“Oh, so you loved me so much that you decided to sleep with 7 other girls?” Y/n asks, causing him to stop talking once again. “As I was saying, you show up to surprise me, you bought a cake, planned a whole getaway for the two of us that lined up perfectly with a time we’d both be on breaks, just to find a man leaving my studio. How would you feel?”
There was a long pause between both idols, Jungkook sitting there feeling guiltier than ever, while Y/n stands there patiently. Waiting for his answer.
Walking over to his side, Y/n bends over, close to his ear and continues. “Heartbroken? Anger? The feeling of your entire world crashing down?”
Jungkook simply nods his head and Y/n laughs once more as she stands up and looks at him. “Well, that’s how I felt.” Y/n moves back to her side of the table, staring at the Maknae of BTS and continues. “I felt pathetic because I kept crying over you, embarrassed because I knew your reputation but yet I fell for it. But that doesn’t matter anymore, you have a new girlfriend.
“She’s not my girlfriend.” Jungkook finally says. “I just hope you don’t play her the way you played me.”
“She’s not my girlfriend!” Jungkook says, angrily, standing up from his seat causing Y/n to scoff. “You better watch your tone Jungkook.” Y/n says darkly as she stares deeply into his eyes. Sensing that this conversation isn’t going to get anywhere except for possible screaming match, Y/n smirks at him and shakes her head.
“Karma is a bitch, Jungkook. She may not have caught up with you yet, but when she does, it’s going to hurt.” Y/n tilts her head to the side as she continues to smirk and leans forwards against the table. “A lot.” She whispers.
“Is that a threat?” Jungkook asks, causing Y/n to shake her head and stand back up straight. “No, but just some advice.”
Jungkook looks at her as she stands up and she dusts her hands. “Well, I think I got the answers I needed even though you avoided all but one. I never want to hear from you again, I’ll be cordial at award shows or public appearances, but other than that we don’t have any type of relationship. Goodbye Jungkook.”
Without saying another word, Y/n walks out the conference room with her head held high, leaving him in his thoughts.
A day after her conversation with Jungkook, or mainly her talking at him, she went on with her life. She didn’t want him to impact her life more than he already had.
“Okay, Y/n you will move here as Jae-In begins her part.” Our choreographer says as I nod and imitate the dance move, we have rehearsed all day long.
This continues for another hour before we finally perform the full song with our choreo without mistake. “Alright, good job everyone, let's take a 30 for dinner,” I announce to all the members as we thank our choreographer and head out the practice room. “Unnie, you’re glowing today!” Jae-In says with excitement as the other members agree with her.
I laugh a little as I run a towel behind my neck, not looking where I am going when suddenly I run into someone. “Oh my, I am so sorry,” I say as I pick up a bag the person dropped, not looking at who it was.
However, I quickly notice who it is as their hand comes into view and I see their long hands. I look up slightly and smile once I see Taehyung. “What are you doing here?”
“Let’s leave them to talk,” I hear Ji-Ah say to the other members, leaving me to talk with him.
“I brought you food, I figured you haven’t yet, so I brought some for you since I was in the area.” He says as we both stand up with the bag in my hand. “Really, thank you. That’s very kind of you.”
He smiles and nods as he hands over the drink in his other hand. “Are you staying to eat with me?” I ask, but he takes a deep breath. “If you don’t mind, there’s something I wanted to talk with you about.”
Instantly, I nod my head as I directed him into my studio. “Man, last time you were here I was drinking my sorrows away.” I joke, making Taehyung smile. We both sit in silence for a second as I unwrap the food he brought and place it on my desk.
“So, what did you want to talk about?” I ask, not looking in his direction. “Have you seen dispatch today?” He asks, causing me to stop and look at him.
“No, should I have?” I ask, Taehyung pulls out his phone and shows me what’s on his screen. On it was photos of Taehyung and I the last time he came to JYP.
After I sobbed in his arms for a while, he suggested that we take a walk outside since I was locked in my studio for days. However, in these photos it looks as if we are a couple.
My eyes widen as I look at him after I read the caption and he take a deep breath. “JYP and HYBE want us two tomorrow with them to discuss this.”
“But we aren’t…” I start and Taehyung nods. “I asked why we don’t just deny the rumors, but because of them, at HYBE our revenue went up significantly.” Taehyung says, causing my mouth to drop open in shock. ‘No, I can’t get involved with another member of BTS. Though the other one was private, if they agree Taehyung and I would have too..’ I thought as I look away from him in shock.
‘Congrats for the new couple! Kim Taehyung & Seol Y/n’
Things were becoming messier, nevertheless…
Taglist (29/40) :
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
baby ♡
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but you want it anyway | knj
Tumblr media
pairing: kim namjoon x reader
genres: smut and a tiny sprinkle of fluff
warnings: dom namjoon, sub reader, daddy kink, choking, dumbification, praises, pet names, sadism (if you squint) degradation, this is basically reader being a crybaby because of a cock :( this is pure filth i'm so sorry
word count: 900+
"Feeling good?" Namjoon's restrained voice filled your ears, his breath felt hot against the side of your face. You couldn't speak, as you felt like you were going delirious with the way his cock grinded in you. Instead you just nodded frantically while small, quick pants left your mouth. You heard him grunt behind you, the sound going straight down to your weeping core. Namjoon's moans were like music to your ears, a melody you will never get tired of hearing if you will.
 Namjoon felt a pang of pride swell in his chest while he watch your fucked up condition. He liked seeing you like thisㅡ messy hair, tears and spit drooling down your face. He really liked seeing you like this, knowing that the reason why you were a babbling mess was because of his cock. Dumb bitch, he thought and fueled by his ego, his thrusts became sharper, more sloppier than before. Namjoon took a hold of your neck, locking you with his muscled arms and continued to slam himself into you. You let out a scream when his cock found that particular bundle of nerves, jabbing over it again and again. 
"D-daddy", you cried, your tiny fists reaching out to desperately clutch the sheets. You were holding onto it for your dear life as you felt like you were being teared apart just by how good his cock fucked you.
Namjoon made a voice at the back of his throat. "Aww, does my baby like that?" he asked you with a loving voice, knowing how well it affected you. 
"Yes, I like it", you babbled. "I like it s-so much daddy"
"Ah, fuck", he grunted, strong arms tightening its hold on your neck. Feeling helpless and small under his gaze, you cried as your hands fought to remove his octopus-like grip on your neck. Realizing that you're putting up a fight, Namjoon only chortled at your pitiful attempt. 
His laugh could be heard all over the room and you hated how it made you feel. But your pussy spoke otherwise. 
"Pathetic little slut," he seethed and fucked you harder. Every thrust of his hips were rough, long gone was his collected facade that he showed you from the start. Namjoon fucked you like there was no tomorrow, his hips going at an animalistic pace. It was almost scary at how he could turn into when it comes to pleasuring you, but you loved every second of it. You loved how he used you like a ragdoll, a hole for his cock, a cumdump. 
"You gonna come?" he asked you, voice low and a little breathy. His hips slowed its pace and by that you could tell how hard he was trying to hold his own orgasm. You nodded senselessly, the knot in your abdomen getting bigger and bigger.
"What's that?"
You couldn't help but whine at his teasing tone. You were close, so so close from reaching your orgasm.
"Yes", you answered with a hoarse voice. "I-I'm going to c-cum."
"You really need to tell me what you want, baby. No need to get shy." Namjoon snickered and fucked you hard again.
You let out voiceless sob when your orgasm washed over you like a strong, unexpected wave. It spread throughout your thighs and abdomen and you couldn't help when your eyes rolled at the back of your head as your cunt clenched all the cum out. Everything felt so good you almost thought you were at heaven.
Namjoon laughed fondly, finding your reaction endearing. He caressed your sweaty face with his hands, admiring how beautiful you looked with tears and spit painting your skin. It's disgusting, he should find disgusting, but hot damn.
"That's a good girl," Namjoon muttered and started shallowly fucked you. Unprepared by the sudden thrust of his hips again, you whined. He still had you locked with his arms, so you had nothing else to do except to just receive everything from him.
After a few shallow thrust of his hips Namjoon came with a loud, pleasured groan. He threw his head back, exposing his sweaty neck which was littered with shades of bright red love bites. You smiled lazily, knowing that they were because of you. God, he looked like he straight up jumped from a painting made by the finest painters in the world. He looked so beautiful you could stare at him forever.
Namjoon slowly pulled his cock out from you, wincing when he noticed how beaten your cunt looked. His cum instantly came gushing out and you whined when you realize that you were being emptied out. Namjoon darkly chuckled as he felt a possessive and territorial feeling roaring inside of him.
"Nooo" you cried, "Put them back in."
"Nope", Namjoon replied and kissed your cheek. "I could fill you up whenever I want, anyways." He whispered in your ear.
Feeling boneless, you laid on top of him. Face buried between his chest, your arms finding its way on his neck. Namjoon got the signal and immediately wrapped his arms around your lithe and shaking frame. You let out small noises of satisfaction when his fingertips came contact with your sweaty back, his touch causing goosebumps all over your body.
"You okay, doll?" he asked and kissed the top of your head. You looked up at him to see him smiling, his dimples showing up. You smiled tiredly and nodded, mind still hazy from the pleasure you just experienced.
He really did meant it when he said he would fuck your brains out.
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