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#bangtan smut
borathae · a day ago
Tumblr media
↳ Index [Chapter 10 - It’s The Little Steps That Count]
Genre: Fluff, Smut, soft Angst
Warnings: switchy!Jungkook, domish!Reader, choking, multiple positions & orgasms aye, so much domestic fluffiness, some fears of commitment too because that doesn’t just stop all of a sudden, there is also one very emotional scene about Kook’s path to soberity and it made me cry when I wrote it
Wordcount: 9.6k
a/n: *screeches into the void*
Tumblr media
 Jungkook shakes you awake a few hours later. He didn’t want to shake you awake, just as he didn’t want to wake up in the first place. But he does. He has to. His stomach woke him up.
“What?” you murmur tiredly, watching him run to the bathroom.
He doesn’t close the door. He couldn’t. He barely reached the toilet in the first place. The door would have been too much work.
You sigh, listening to him empty his stomach loudly.
You knew that he drank. He literally reeked of it last night when you met him. His breath, his skin, his clothes, even his lips. It was so strong that it even overpowered the scent of his cologne. Maybe you should have called him out on it, but you were honestly just happy to see him again. You didn’t want to ruin it with fighting.
You listen as he throws up again, sobbing painfully as he does.
Fuck, you feel so bad for him. He never should have drank that much again. It was your fault, you made him drink that much. He must have felt so broken because you threw him out of your place. You were so goddamn unfair to him back then. You roll out of bed and hurry to the bathroom. You need to be there for him, apologize to him through actions and show him that he has your support.
Tumblr media
Jungkook was kneeling in front of the toilet, panting heavily and grasping the toilet seat as if his life depended on it. He hasn’t heard you come in, currently gagging more and more in preparation for having to throw up again.
You sit down next to him in silence, placing your hand on his back to rub soothing circles on it. Fuck, he’s sweat straight through his shirt.
He gags and then his stomach empties itself again.
“It’s okay, let it all out”, you soothe him, “it’s painful, but you’ll feel better afterwards.”
He sobs, convulsing painfully.
“Sssh it’s okay, it’s going to be over soon”, you whisper, patting his back.
He convulses one last time and then finally, finally, his stomach stops aching. He falls down with a grunt, head hitting the wall and eyes barely open.
“How are you feeling?”
“Like shit.”
“Mhm I know, that sucks”, you say and flush for him.
You get him a glass of water and something to wipe his mouth with afterwards, allowing his head to fall against your shoulder once he cleaned his mouth.
“I’m so sorry you had to see this”, he croaks.
“Don’t apologize, I really don’t mind”, you assure him, petting his damp hair.
He whimpers, pulling his legs up and resting them on your lap.
“___ I drank again last night and now a-all I’m craving again is another sip”, he whimpers, seeking comfort by pressing himself closer, “I’m so scared, I don’t wanna drink again.”
“I know Kook.”
“Why am I doing this to myself?”
“I don’t know.”
“It hurts so much.”
“I know”, you reach over your chest to caress his ear.
He shivers, “don’t stop please”, he begs in a barely there whisper.
You don’t stop, massaging his ear softly. Your brother sometimes did that to you when you wouldn’t calm down. It always relaxed you. You’re happy that it helps Jungkook relax too.
 “___ I think I broke someone last night.”
“Really? How so?”
“There was this woman, who works for me, and were fucking for the past five months. But last night I told her that it was over and”, he whimpers, “and she looked so broken. She cried a-and begged me not to do this to her. ___ I did the same thing she did to me.”
“Don’t be so harsh on yourself please. You and that girl were only fucking, she gave you hopes of a relationship. Don’t mix that up.”
“Yeah, but she was crying so much and she reminded me so much of myself. Fuck ___”, he looks at you with glassy eyes, “I feel so fucking guilty.”
You sigh and cup his cheek.
“You did the right thing Bunny. If you felt that ending the sexual relationship you and her had was the right thing for you to do then it was the right thing to do. You shouldn’t have to stay in relationships just because you don’t want to hurt the other person, it’s best to let them go before you end up getting more hurt than necessary.”
“You really think so?”
“Yes, I really do. You did the right thing, alright?”
He nods his head, leaning into your touch like an addict looking for his high.
“Thank you so much. You always know what to say”, he whispers, draping his arm across your stomach to hug you.
You continue caressing his ear, listening to his steady breathing.
“Is that why you drank so much?”
“Partially, mostly it was because I missed you so much.”
Your heart stings in your chest.
“This hurts me, don’t drink because of me.”
“I’m sorry”, he chokes out, “oh god, wait.”
He ends up throwing up again, feeling a little less shitty doing so now that you are here to rub his back and let him rest his head on your shoulder afterwards. He was still feeling shitty however. You found out that he was drinking. He didn’t want to drink in front of you anymore, he didn’t want to be drunk or hungover and yet still ended up failing. He feels like such a disappointment. 
“Fuck I’m so fucking sorry.”
“It’s fine, really”, you assure him, “I’ve been there before.”
“Have you?”
“Yeah and I had nobody, so please stop apologizing. I’m here to help you.”
“Thank you.”
“But you have to promise me that you want to get better, I’m not here to watch you poison yourself over and over again.”
“I promise, it’s going to be easier now. I have you, I can do it with you by my side.”
You give him a smile, pressing a soft kiss to his sweaty forehead before resting your cheek against his head.
“I’m so happy that we’re finally dating. I've wanted this for so long.”
Your smile falls.
Now you have a person depending on you.
You have a person to take care of. You swallow heavily. This is everything you never wanted. You have a person, another human being, who is going to be by your side from now on. They could leave you. Jungkook could actually leave you. You just gave him the opportunity to hurt you.
What have you done?
“Right?” Jungkook sits up and crawls on top of your lap, “we are dating, aren’t we?”
You stare at him, picturing every bad scenario which would come out of you saying no. Jungkook ends up very hurt in most of them. Then you look at his lips and picture every bad scenario which would come out of you saying yes. You end up hurt in most of them. You look into his eyes and feel close to choking.
Jungkook scoots up your lap and touches the sides of your neck softly.
“We are dating, right?” he asks quietly, eyes becoming glassy in worry.
You end up hurt in most of them. Jungkook hurts you in most of them. He breaks your heart over and over again. Jungkook is going to break your heart if you say yes, so break his’ first.
The voice in your head is basically screaming it at you.
“Yes”, you answer him barely audible and flinch mentally when the voice begins yelling at you how stupid you are. Shut up voice, I want to be happy once. You tell it, clutching his thighs tightly for support.
“Oh god”, he says and sighs in relief, “I was so scared that you would say no”, he confesses and leans closer, “can I kiss you?”
“Brush your teeth first.”
“Oh yeah”, he covers his mouth, “sorry, that’s so disgusting.”
“It’s fine”, you assure him, giving his butt a gentle pat, “stinky boy.”
“Don’t”, he whines and blushes, “you are so mean, this is so embarrassing.”
He stumbles off your lap and gets to his feet with the help of your shoulders. Then he waddles to the sink and opens his cabinet to take out his toothbrush and toothpaste. You watch him, fumbling with the empty glass of water in your hands.
You said yes. Despite all the warnings of your brain you said yes. What is happening to you? That's not you. You don’t commit to someone. You don’t. 
Jungkook turns and opens another cabinet. He seems to feel better now. It was probably one of those moments where his body needed to get rid of the excess poison in his stomach, but once it’s done it feels good again. You sometimes had those moments too when you took too much.
“I have a fresh toothbrush in there, you can use it if you want to”, he tells you and points at it.
“Thank you, that’s so nice", you say and force yourself to stand up.
So you and him brush your teeth next to each other, sneaking nervous glances at the other every so often. It feels so weird to you. You are being all domestic with him.
“What do you want to do today?” he asks you.
“Huh?” you widen your eyes maybe a little too much right now. He wants to do stuff with you??
“Should we go out and do something? Or do you want to stay in and cuddle?”
"I think I wanna stay in, I’m so sleepy. Is that okay with you?" 
"Uuuh", you say before nodding your head. He wants to do stuff with you. That feels so weird to experience.
"Nice, then let's stay in." 
Jungkook spits out the toothpaste and rinses his mouth with water. He gurgles it and spits it into the sink, washing his face with cold water afterwards.
“Oh that felt nice”, he sighs and pats it dry with a towel, “my cheeks felt so tight from all the crying”, he says while putting moisturiser on his skin.
His eyes flit to you.
“What’s with that look?”
“I uhm”, you look away, “nothing.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know”, you say and mean it honestly. You just feel weird and you can’t really say why. This is the type of intimacy you are not used to. You don’t know how to react.
Jungkook gnaws on his lower lip, watching you spit out your toothpaste and then rinse your mouth. You splash your face with ice cold water, hoping that it can lessen the feeling of burning up. Then you straighten up, gasping when Jungkook stands next to you with a fresh towel between his fingers.
“Thank you”, you whisper, accepting it and patting your face dry with lowered eyes.
“Do you want moisturiser too?”
“I don’t k-know, does it help?”
He nods his head and offers you the opened tube. You have never used such products before. Why should you, when eighty percent of your day you are wearing a mask either way?
“How much do I need?” you ask him shyly.
“Can I show you?”
“Yes?” you allow him and ask him at the same time what he means by that.
He steps closer and tilts your head up with one finger under your chin. 
His eyes race over your features before a soft smile tugs the corners of his lips up. Then he places his pointer and middle fingers on your cheek, eliciting a soft gasp from you because of the cold cream on his fingertips.
“You have to put it everywhere first to make it all even”, he tells you in a soft spoken voice, putting tiny dots of the white cream all over your face, “perfect all done”, he grins.
“Okay”, you whisper, gawking at his brows eyes and wondering what the hell you were doing here.
“Then you have to spread it. Like that”, he says and begins rubbing it into your skin in slow circles. He touches you softly, tentatively even, eyes following the lines his fingers draw.
You can’t remember the last time you took a breath. You don’t think that you have ever felt so….vulnerable before. You are allowing someone else to put moisturiser on your face in the softest of touches. This feels as if you are walking down a busy road naked. So you clutch the fabric of your shirt right where your heart pounds in your chest, hoping that you can shield yourself a little.
He runs his pointer fingers down your temples and then dances them over your cheekbones, “there we go, now it’s all absorbed”, he whispers.
“Thank you”, the words are silent as you speak so you clear your throat and try a second time, “thank y-you.”
He smiles, eyes flitting to your lips. You can feel it and see it. You close your eyes and go for it. You goddamn go for it and press a kiss to his lips.
“Mhm”, he lets out, fingers losing themselves in your hair and shoulders rising to his ears.
You break away way too soon for his taste, keeping your eyes half-lidded and focused on his parted lips.
“Did you like that?” you ask him, because quite frankly you didn’t know if that was the right thing to do.
“So much”, he whispers, half-lidded eyes focused on the curve of your nose.
“Hah”, you let out and step back, “I have an idea."
"An i-idea?" 
“Let’s get all of your booze bottles and put them on the kitchen counter.”
“What? Why?”
“Let’s just do it.”
“Uhm”, Jungkook furrows his brows in confusion.
“Do you trust me Bunny?”
He nods his head, "of course, but why?"
“Good then let’s do it”, you say and grab his hand, “let’s go, let’s collect all of the bottles.”
He follows you, showing you all the places with confusion in his eyes. But you have a plan. He will see soon enough what you want to do.
Jungkook sets down the last bottle of whiskey (he found it in the guest bathroom hidden under towels) and then steps back to look at you.
"Is that everything now?" you ask him. 
He nods his head, staring at countless bottles. Holy fuck, that’s so many. What is wrong with me? He thinks and feels his heart ache in guilt and embarrassment. He lowers his head and bites down on the tip of his tongue. He wants to cry just from seeing how fucked he actually became.
"Good”, you say.
Silence as you work. You take the first bottle of many and open it. Jungkook lifts his head at the sound, eyes flitting to the bottle. 
"What are you doing?"
You extend your arm and hand it to him. He furrows his brows. 
"Take it." 
"What?" he gasps.
"Take it." 
"Trust me." 
"Please tell me first." 
"Okay, so I know it's just a little step and also very spontaneous. But maybe we could empty all your bottles into the sink, so that at least in your home you are free of temptation?" 
"Oh", he lets out and lowers his eyes. 
"Wanna do it? It's okay if you don’t, I know that I'm kinda pushy right now." 
"No, uhm…"
Jungkook looks at the bottle of booze and takes a deep breath. He extends his arm and wraps his shaking fingers around the bottle neck. He stares at it, trembling in fear. 
"Now pour it down the sink." 
Jungkook stares at you with fear in his eyes.
"Trust me", you say and smile. 
Jungkook seems hesitant, fumbling with the opened bottleneck. So you step closer and wrap your fingers around his'. 
"Do you want my help?" 
He looks to the floor and nods his head. 
"Okay, let's do it together then. Come on. One, two and...three." 
You tilt the bottle. The brown liquid trickles into the sink loudly, disappearing down the drain in an instance. Jungkook is panting, eyeing it with panic. 
"You're doing very well Bunny", you praise him because you know that all he can think about right now is all the wasted alcohol. 
The last drop. Jungkook tilts the bottle up quickly and breaks away. He wheezes, throwing his hand over his mouth. 
"How do you feel?" you ask him.
He shakes his head, back colliding with the kitchen island. 
"It's really weird to watch isn’t it?" 
He nods his head vigorously, twisting his shirt right above where his heart hammers in his chest.
You put the now empty whiskey bottle in the cardboard box with all the other empty bottles, you had found on the way, and then draw closer to Jungkook. You touch his tummy softly, caressing it.
"And what do you think? Do you like the idea?" 
"Don't know, I-I don’t know", he stutters and shakes his head. 
"Okay, then shall we try another one? And then you can tell me if you want to continue or not?" 
He looks at his collection, shimmying from one foot to the other. His fingers leave red marks on his forehead from how harshly he massages it. 
"Okay, it's hard to answer. I get that. Then show me what is your least favourite out of them all?" 
Jungkook points at the unopened bottle of Bacardi. So you take it. 
"You are not going to miss it, right?" 
He shakes his head. 
"Good, that's good. So let's open it and pour it down the sink. Shall we?" 
"You do it, please", he chokes out, pressing himself against the kitchen island. 
"Okay, I’ll do it."
You step to the sink, open the bottle and turn to Jungkook. He stares at the bottle, hand thrown over his mouth. 
"You are doing amazing Jungkook", you assure him and tilt the bottle. 
He gasps when the liquid hits the sink, shuddering with every spilled drop. It is empty within seconds, the bottle finds its home in the cardboard box. 
"Look, there are three more bottles of Bacardi. Should I empty them for you?" 
Jungkook whimpers, "yes please." 
"Great, we'll do it together. You watch me and I pour."
Jungkook nods his head, eyes glued to your hands. You empty the first two quickly and discard them in the box. Then you turn. Jungkook is holding the last bottle, he had opened it. His eyes are glued to the opening even when he hands it to you. 
"Good job, that was really good", you praise him and turn to the sink to empty the last bottle.
Jungkook whimpers when the last drop falls, throwing his hand over his mouth again. It's gone. The Bacardi is gone. 
You discard the bottle in the box and then claim your spot in front of Jungkook. You touch his sides to remind him that he wasn’t alone right now.
"You have done so well until now. I'm really proud of you." 
Jungkook reaches for you, twisting your shirt in the front. His face is contorted in painful relief. You know that a part of him is mourning the loss of his favourite coping mechanism while another is dancing in joy. The trick is to go slow until dancing becomes easier than mourning. 
"Let's do another one. What's your second least favourite?" 
Jungkook lowers his head and shakes it. 
"It's okay, should I just pick one?" 
He hesitates, rubbing his hand over his face in distress. You think that maybe he will tell you that he had enough but then all of a sudden he nods his head.  
"Okay. Then I'll pick….this one." 
You show him the bottle of Tequila. Jungkook had opened it just last week, but only drank a quarter of it. 
"I never liked that shit", you say and smile. 
Jungkook doesn’t retort it and that's okay. You know how much stress he was experiencing right now. 
"Now come on Kookie, I need your help with that one. Let's do it together." 
Jungkook whimpers, hands balled into fists. So you take one of them and make his fingers wrap around the bottleneck instead. Jungkook whimpers. 
"There we go. Now. One, two, three." 
The liquid pours down quickly. Jungkook squirms beside you, letting out tiny squeaks of distress. 
"All done. Let's do one more together."
You pick out a bottle of soju. You rub Jungkook's lower back in the process because he started to shake uncontrollably. 
The bottle empties quickly. You grab another one and hand it to Jungkook. 
"Can you do this one alone?" 
He shakes his head, eyes becoming glassy. You step closer and open the bottle for him. 
"Now just tilt it Bunny", you whisper, caressing his back. 
He grunts and shakes as he tries to tilt the bottle. He really tries. He swallows down a sob and tilts the bottle more. 
Drop. Drop. Drop.
The soju trips onto the metal loudly. Jungkook wheezes for air and sobs. 
"Yellow", he presses out, dropping the bottle and stumbling away, "yellow, yellow, yellow", he sobs, burying his face in his hands. 
"Okay, that’s okay. Jungkook, you have done so, so well." 
Jungkook turns and runs. He runs and you follow him until he falls down on his sofa.
"I can't do this", he chokes out and sobs loudly, "I can't do this, I can’t, I can’t." 
"Hey Bunny", you kneel down in front of him and cup his cheeks to tilt his head up, "you don’t have to do this anymore. We can stop for today. I am not forcing you to do this." 
Jungkook sobs. His face carries so much fucking pain but somehow also disappointment.
"Tell me your thoughts Jungkook, what’s bothering you?"
"I can't do this, I c-can't do this. Not alone. I can't do this alone."
"Okay, then let's do it together." 
He shakes his head and leans forward until his face is buried in your shoulder and you have to support half of his weight. 
"Why? Tell me what makes it so hard."
"So much alcohol", he manages to get out and then he has to sob painfully. 
"Ah I get it. You are seeing all of this alcohol run down the drain and you feel like you are wasting it." 
"No, no." 
"Then tell me Kookie."
"I can't do this without it. I'm so scared. I can’t live without it." 
"You feel like it now because you are currently under immense stress, but trust me Kook you can. I saw you be happy without booze. I saw you function without it. You can live without it." 
Jungkook whimpers and lifts his head. 
"Trust me Jungkook. It feels like you can’t, but that's just an asshole trick of the booze as it's trying to lure you back", you cup his cheeks, "you can live without it. Trust me." 
He shakes his head and sobs softly. 
"Come on, let's get up and walk." 
Jungkook lets you pull him to his feet. You support him by his waist, leading him to the stairs. He takes them slowly, needing the hand railing. It’s alright for you because you have time. You just want to bring him away from the alcohol for now, give his brain a new environment to concentrate on. Once upstairs you lead him to the rooftop terrace, opening the door and going outside with him. It is a warm morning. The clouds hang between the skyscrapers, collimating the sunlight into straight beams. From underneath the fields of white clouds a constant rushing was making its way up to your ears. Like that of the ocean. You know that it was traffic however. 
He seems to breathe easier once outside. He doesn’t need to clutch you that tightly and he doesn’t stumble that much either.
You sit him down on his sunbed and sit down next to him, rubbing up and down his back.
"There we go. It can't reach us here." 
Jungkook sniffles and looks at you. 
"I'm sorry."
"There is nothing to apologize for."
"I used my safeword. I, I don’t know why I did that." 
"That wasn’t weird at all. I want you to use it when you feel it necessary. The situation doesn’t need to be sexual for you to need a break or to stop. Okay?" 
"Yes okay", he whispers.
You give him a soft smile, combing his disheveled hair out of his face.
"I'm very proud of you. You managed to throw away seven bottles. That's such an impressive start and one you can be really proud of." 
Jungkook looks at you but lowers his head after a moment. 
"Fuck", he presses out.
"It sounds like too much, doesn’t it?"
"Yes", he confesses shakily. 
"I know it does, but it was just right." 
Jungkook exhales shakily and punches his own palm twice. Then he squeezes his own fist, glassy eyes glued to the floor. 
"I wanna stop drinking. But now that we are emptying all my booze, I don’t want to stop. Why is this so fucking hard?" 
"Because everything inside of you tells you that taking away your supposed only escape is a big mistake." 
You tug his hair behind his ear.
"It has something to do with evolution and how we are still animals in the sense of needing to be aware of an escape route at all times. If we aren't, our bodies go into stress and we start to feel really uneasy and anxious. That's why people choose the seats next to walls in restaurants instead of the ones facing the crowd. You can look over everything better and always have an eye on your escape routes." 
Jungkook looks at you. 
"Alcohol is your escape route Kookie and now you are forcing your body to watch how you are cutting it off. You are currently under immense stress because it feels like you are being forced into a corner." 
"Yes", his lower lip trembles, "that’s how it feels like. I'm so scared." 
"I know you are and that is totally valid, but I am here for you and I am not gonna leave you."
"Yes really", you take his hand, "we'll tackle this bitch together." 
"Fuck ___", he whispers and guides your hand to his lips to kiss your knuckles softly. He presses it against his forehead and closes his eyes, "thank you so much." 
"Don't thank me, I’m doing this gladly." 
Jungkook drops your hand but continues holding it. His elbows are propped up on his thighs, his upper body is bend forward and his head lowered. You rub his back softly, giving him the moment of silence he so clearly needs. You know that his mind must be racing right now. That he is replaying what had happened downstairs over and over again and that he is asking himself all sorts of existential questions. You can remember how you felt when you had to take your last pill. How you stared at it for an hour, trembling and crying, because you didn’t want to use it up but you so desperately needed it. How you asked yourself why you even left Busan in the first place and why you didn’t stay with the people who could have made escaping so much easier. You remember that you threw up from stress once you took the pill and that you stared at the still undissolved pill in your bile and that for a moment you considered reaching in there and taking it out again. You ended up forcing yourself to flush before that could happen and then ended up crying so hard that you had to throw up a second time. 
You are glad that Jungkook, while still clearly in distress, feels a little better in forcing his addiction quite literally down the drain. And you are happy that you can be there for him to make it easier. 
"I feel like such a failure", he breaks the silence. His breathing has thankfully returned to normal. 
"Because I got upset over spilled booze", he clenches his jaw, "I'm so pathetic." 
"Jungkook", you shake him, "didn’t I tell you to stop talking shit about yourself?" 
He turns his head, staying silent. 
"Stop insulting yourself, not when you can praise yourself instead. You managed to throw away seven bottles. Seven. That's so many." 
He looks away and inhales shakily. 
"Say it Jungkook", you stress and shake him softly. 
"Say what?" 
"Say that you are proud of yourself." 
He grinds his teeth, picking at the skin of his nailbeds. He doesn’t want to say that he is proud because he isn’t. You know that this is what's stopping him. 
"I didn't even pour them down, you did." 
"Doesn’t matter, say that you are proud of yourself." 
He huffs out air, reaching for his face to pick at the fluff on his cheek. 
"Go on Bunny", you encourage him. 
"I'm…" he falls silent and sneaks a glance your way, "that’s stupid." 
"Nuh-uh that’s not what you’re supposed to say. Tell me that you are proud of yourself." 
"I'm proud of myself", he whispers.
"Yes! Yes you are!" you exclaim and laugh proudly, wrapping your arm around him, "why are you proud of yourself Jungkook?" 
He punches his own thigh, swaying from side to side as you shake him softly. 
"I threw away booze." 
"Yes exactly, you did that. You managed to do that." 
Jungkook sniffles, sneaking another glance your way. 
"I'm proud of myself for throwing away booze", the words trembled as they rolled off his tongue. His eyes stayed focused on yours. 
"Yeah you are. Gosh, I’m so happy to hear that", you say, cupping his cheek.
Jungkook exhales through his mouth and leans into your touch. He closes his eyes for a moment before opening them and jumping to his feet. 
"Where are you going?" you ask him, following him back inside and down the stairs. 
Jungkook is going straight for the kitchen and takes the first booze bottle he sees. He opens it, discarding the cap in the trash bag. Then he stumbles to the sink and stops. He looks over his shoulder at you. You give him a reassuring smile. 
Jungkook turns back to the sink and lifts the bottle. One tilt and the liquid flows down the drain loudly. 
"Yes! That's so good", you exclaim and laugh.
Jungkook laughs too, he laughs and laughs and laughs until suddenly he sobs. He drops the empty bottle and buries his face in his hands. 
"Hey Kook, hey it's alright you've done very well", you gasp, hurrying to his side. 
Jungkook sobs miserably. You pull his hands away, expecting pain but instead you meet a smile. 
And you understand. That's not pain, that’s relief. This is the realisation that nothing will hurt him when he discards his booze. This is the enlightenment that all those fears were for nothing.
"It feels good doesn’t it?" 
"Y-yes", he stutters and laughs in a sob, "it feels so good." 
He laughs, sobs and laughs again. He rubs his face aggressively, fighting with his tears.
"Fuck, what’s happening to me?" 
"That's normal, just let it happen", you promise him.
He looks into your eyes, allowing the hot tears to stream down his face.
"Give, give me another one.”
And so you do. You hand him another bottle and watch as he opens it and empties it down the sink. And he sobs as he does it, and he laughs as he does it, and he wheezes for air afterwards, staring at you with relieved happiness. 
"One more?" you ask him, feeling your own eyes tear up in happiness.
He nods his head. 
You turn to the counter and take one bottle. There are five more left afterwards. All of them are whiskey. 
"Here you go", you hand him the last bottle of soju and watch as he opens it and empties it without regret. 
He throws the empty bottle in the box and stares at the whiskey bottles. He falls silent. 
You drape your arm across his waist. 
"This one is the hardest isn’t it?" 
"Tell me why." 
"Because…" he exhales shakily, "'s become part of me." 
"And you want it to be part of you?" 
"I don't know. ___ what if I can’t do this?" 
"Well, I think you can because you are a strong man and you can do anything."
"I'm not strong." 
"Jungkook you've fucking survived until now. You are strong." 
"Fuck", he chokes out, face contorting as he sobs. He seems changed, like you just told him the revelation to life itself when in reality all you did was make him aware of the fact that he kept on fighting even through the hardest days.
"See? You are stronger than you think." 
Jungkook sobs and lowers himself until his forehead is pressed against his arms on the counter. 
"Fuck", he presses out and grunts. He hits the counter and curses again. You let him. You know that this fight is the kind he needs to get through alone, you can stay by his side and rub his back, but his brain needs to do the last push. 
"I can do this", he whispers, straightening up enough to stare at the bottles, "fuck." 
He hits the counter and hits it again. 
"Do it", he says loudly, "do it Jungkook." 
He reaches for the first bottle and opens it. 
"No, it's not-" 
"Yes it's possible. Don't give up now."
He looks at you as if he just remembered that you were with him. He whimpers and pushes himself off the counter. 
"Help me." 
You wrap your hand around the bottle too. 
"Look at me Jungkook." 
Jungkook looks at you and furrows his brows when he can hear the first trickle of alcohol. He wants to see, wants to watch it go down the drain untouched and unused. But you don’t allow him.
"Keep looking at me", you encourage him, tilting the bottle up further.
Jungkook can feel how much lighter the bottle becomes with the seconds. Until all of a sudden. Silence. 
He lets out the breath he wasn’t even aware of holding and turns to the sink. It’s gone. You lower the bottle and take it out of his hand. 
You discard it in the box. 
"I did it", he whispers. 
"You did it. I'm so proud of you." 
He laughs, "holy shit I did it."
"I know", you say and laugh with him.  
He turns to you, "___ I did it." 
"I know, it's so great." 
He breaks the distance between him and you and picks you up to twirl you through the kitchen. 
"I did it", he exclaims and giggles.
"Gosh Bunny, I’m gonna get dizzy" you squeal, clutching his shoulders tightly. 
Jungkook stops, pressing your back against the fridge. 
"I love you", he whispers, glassy eyes filled with adoration. 
"Oh?" your heart skips a beat, "Jungkook I…"
Jungkook slides you down the fridge slowly until your feet touch the ground again. Then he steps closer and buries his face in the crook of your neck, arms wrapped around you safely.
"Thank you so much", he breathes, squeezing you softly. 
You squeeze your eyes shut. Your nose is buried in his shoulder, taking in nothing else than his scent. It is so overwhelming and yet you can’t get enough of it. So you wrap your arms around him and pull him closer. You feel a tear run down your cheek. So this is how it feels like to be loved. 
"Don't thank me, it was all on you." 
"No", he lifts his head, cupping your cheek, "no it wasn’t. You made me do it."
"I did?" you breathe. 
"Thank you so much." 
"Fuck Jungkook." 
He smiles and leans closer. He stops, eyes flitting to your lips. 
"Can I kiss you?" 
"Yes", you breathe, closing your eyes in anticipation. 
You gasp when the kiss happens, twisting his hair between your fingers. His lips taste of tears, salty. And somehow you are glad that they do, because on most days they tasted of whiskey instead. 
Jungkook steps closer and lifts you again. You squeak softly, grasping his shoulders and wrapping your legs around his waist. You have never been lifted before. It feels so weird to experience. 
Jungkook breaks the kiss to gaze at you with a smile. You try to retort it, but end up gawking in surprise when Jungkook does the unthinkable of breaking away from the fridge and carrying you through the kitchen.
"Jungkook what are you doing?" you squeak, clasping him tightly.
"You're so cute", he chuckles, walking to the chaise lounge in his living room. It was placed right next to the tall windows, giving view to the city below. The clouds have broken up by now, revealing the streets in messy shreds. 
He places you down on the chaise lounge and claims the spot between your legs. You gasp and look to the side. The street looks so far away. 
"What's wrong?" he asks, staring at your widened eyes.
"Please look at how small the cars are", you say and turn, almost pressing your nose against the glass as you stare outside, "the people look like ants oh my god." 
Jungkook grins and looks outside. He is so used to the view, but he thinks it is exciting today because you were so excited about it. 
You do the one thing Jungkook sometimes does when lies on his chaise lounge and is bored. You stick out your finger and pretend to be the one pushing the cars over the roads. Jungkook feels himself fall even more in love with you in that moment. He had wanted to kiss you until you wanted to connect with him even more, but changed his mind right in that moment. This right here was even better.
"Like toys", you say and chuckle softly. Jungkook smiles and tugs your hair behind your ear. You are so perfect to him. 
"Okay that's lowkey fun", you murmur. 
"Right?" he says and rests on top of you. His cheek is pressed against your chest, your left hand is rubbing up and down his back and his eyes are following your fingers. 
Jungkook lifts his pointer finger and pretends to push the car of the opposite traffic, making little motor sounds. You giggle. The cars are coming closer and closer. Jungkook giggles too. Closer and closer. Will you crash? 
"Oooh..aaand...bam", he says, making explosion gestures with his hand while mimicking an explosion with his mouth. 
You laugh, looking down at him. 
He sneaks a glance up at you and grins cutely. 
"We crashed." 
"You stupid noodle", you giggle, ruffling his hair. 
He smiles and then looks back at the road, finding a new car to push. He makes little motor sounds quietly, almost as if he was lost in his own world. You find a new car too after sneaking one last glance down at him. He is your boyfriend now. Holy shit. Maybe it will not be as bad as you feared it would be. 
"Oh watch out", you gasp and mimic squeaking tires as your car barely manages to pass Jungkook's. 
Jungkook laughs softly.
"Oh that was close", you giggle, finding a new car. 
He giggles, rubbing his nose against you like a cuddly bunny. 
"Now this one, wroom wroom wroooom. Watch out Kookie here it comes", you say, making motor sounds as you push a big bus. Jungkook giggles and feels his heart flutter in his chest. This is so much more fun when he can do it with you. 
"No ___ what are you doing? This is the wrong lane", he murmurs before boom big explosion as your cars collide with each other. You both laugh and giggle, soon finding new cars to push.
And so you and him continue playing gods with unsuspecting cars, making up all sorts of silly stories as you go and it is fun, really and truly fun. You laughed so much that your bellies ached and later when the sun was high above the skyscrapers you fell asleep together, sharing a soft cotton blanket and cuddling the other tightly. Jungkook will empty the remaining four bottles of whiskey even later that day and he will do so with tears of relief streaming down his face while you rub his back and tell him that you are proud of him.
Tumblr media
You meet again on Saturday for coffee and cake in a zombie themed café, which you found on the internet. He came earlier than you, sitting by the window and looking at every passerby with his heart skipping a beat. He felt so nervous, checking his watch every five seconds. You were ten minutes late. It was not a worrying time, perhaps public transport had a delay or spontaneous change in schedule, but it made Jungkook anxious nonetheless. Would you really come? What if you changed your mind? What if you are going to let him wait in this café for hours and never show up? Should he have picked you up at home? Were you expecting him to pick you up?
Jungkook’s eyes widen.
“Wait, did we agree that I pick her up?” he murmurs to himself, raking his brain for answers.
He thinks that they didn’t. He would remember if they did. Or would he? After all his brain is literally mush from withdrawal lately. Just yesterday he couldn’t even remember the passcode to his own apartment and had to call security for help. And this morning he forgot how to use his washing machine and had to skim through the manual.
Jungkook feels his stomach twist.
“Oh god what if I forgot?” he gasps, throwing his hand over his mouth.
He can’t even check up on you because you haven’t given him your number yet. What if he ruined everything now?
Jungkook begins fidgeting nervously, picking at the fluff on his cheeks without even realising that he does it. He ruined it. He ruined it. Oh god he ruined - 
“Hey, sorry I’m late.”
Jungkook raises his head. His mind clears in an instance, a smile replaces his frown.
“Hey”, he jumps to his feet, grasping your hands, “you’re here.”
“Yeah I’m here. Sorry for being late, I took the wrong bus and had to walk like three hundred miles to get here”, you say.
“That’s alright I wasn’t even waiting for so long”, he assures you, “here do you want to sit on the bench? The cushion is very comfortable, it’s shaped like a brain, which is funny”, he says, dragging you to the spot he had previously been sitting in, “here have my brain – I, I mean seat.”
You plop down with a low grunt, watching him clumsily sit down on the chair next to you.
“That wasn’t necessary, I could have taken the chair.”
Jungkook is leaning on the table with his elbows, bent forward to get closer to you and cheeks squished between his hands as he grins at you goofily.
“It’s fine I like chairs”, he says.
Fuck he really is so whipped for you, you think as you study his lovedrunk features. 
“What do you want to drink? I wanted to order and surprise you, but then I thought that that’d be kinda a violation of your freewill so I didn’t order and just waited. Did you have a good drive? Also we need to exchange numbers because I tried to call you, but couldn’t because I don’t have your number. Also how are you doing? Gosh I missed you so much, I was going crazy”, he babbles.
You snort, “were you always rambling that much?”
He closes his mouth and blushes.
“Sorry”, he murmurs, “sorry I know I’m making no sense, but I’m just so excited. I want to tell you a million things and listen to your million things and I”, he blushes even more, “and I am starting to ramble again, I’m sorry I’ll shut up now.”
“No don’t, it’s adorable and to answer your questions. Yes, let’s exchange numbers. I am fine, just a little exhausted. I had a good drive and I have no idea what I wanna drink because I have no idea what places like these offer.”
“Wait, I'll get you a menu!”
And like that he is off his chair and by the counter, asking for a menu. You couldn’t even stop him. He runs back to you once he has gotten it, plopping down on the chair.
“Here for you”, he says, sticking the neon green menu all up in your face.
“Thank you”, you accept it with a chuckle, opening it and skimming through it. The drinks and foods all have zombie themed names. Brainsplatter, fresh guts (spaghetti with tomato sauce), chewed off toe. It was exactly how you had hoped they would be called.
You know that he is watching you and it is making you nervous.
“Do you already know what you’re going to get?” you ask him.
“No, but take your time.”
Your eyes meet. He is grinning, eyes sparkling in the lights.
“What?” you ask him.
“I just don’t ever want to stop looking at you”, he says and sighs dramatically, sagging his shoulders, “you’re so beautiful.”
“Stop it”, you hiss, hiding your face behind the menu.
A second later you can feel it being tugged away and soon you can spot Jungkook’s big eyes peeking at you over the edge. He blinks a few times, most definitely starting to smile as the corners of his eyes are starting to crinkle.
“Fine god”, you groan, dropping the menu, “you’re so adorable Bunny, it’s unbelievable” you murmur, cupping his cheeks to pull him into a sweet kiss.
Tumblr media
He rolls over, mewling a second later when you sink down on his cock again. It was a Tuesday when you saw him again. He took the first appointment, strutting through your door with his red mask on and his body wrapped in a grey tweed suit. You talked for a little before you both couldn’t take it any longer. You ripped off your masks, undressed messily while you kissed and he ate your pussy until your juices were covering his chin. Then he fucked you from behind, pulling your hips on his cock over and over and over again until it became too much for you and him and you climaxed together. That was when you slipped off of him, pushed him onto the mattress and sank down on him to ride him through his overstimulation.
“I can barely handle it, holy shit this is too much”, he sobs, writhing beneath you as his nimble fingers grasp your hips.
“Yeah you can Bunny, now shut up and give me your cock, you good-for-nothing fucktoy”, you taunt, wrapping your fingers around his throat.
Jungkook moans, face contorting in surprised pleasure.
“Holy shit”, he chokes out, wrapping his fingers around your wrist and arching his back. So you squeeze his throat harder, watching his eyelids flutter and his eyes roll back.
“It’s nice, right? Can you feel how your brain is begging for blood?” you taunt, slamming your hips down on his cock.
“Y-yes mistress”, he chokes out, squeezing your wrist.
“How does it make you feel?”
“Fucking incredible”, he lets out in a growl, you can feel his voice vibrate against your fingertips, "don't stop please don’t fucking stop."
“Fuck Bunny, you’re driving me insane.”
You were aching to cum. You can fucking look at Jungkook when you fuck him. You know the way his cheeks look when they flush, know the way his lips part in a desperate gasp for air, know the way his forehead creases when he furrows his brows in pleasure. You also know how his black hair looks like sticking to his sweaty face and you realised that he has the tendency to bite down on his lower lip and roll it between his teeth when you touch his nipples.
So you touch them, tugging on them harshly.
“Ah”, he lets out, biting down on his lower lip in an instance. You squeeze his throat and punish him with a harsh bounce up and down his throbbing length.
“You’re really driving me insane”, you grunt, pinching his other nipple.
Jungkook releases his lip and mewls. His right hand falls to your hips, fingers digging into your flesh bruisingly tightly.
“I wanna cum”, he confesses, opening his eyes just enough to be able to look at you. He is so into this. He can look at you. He knows how your face looks when he fucks you. He decided that you look even better than you did in his imagination.
You squeeze his throat and draw closer until your lips are touching.
“Then fucking do it”, you rasp, pulling away just to be able to watch how his face looks like when you let go of his throat and make the blood shoot back into his brain.
His eyes roll back so far into his skull you only see white, his jaw locks tightly, lips curling back to show his teeth as he grinds them and grunts deeply. Then he shakes and you can feel his hot cum cover every inch of your pussy. His mouth falls open, eyelids fluttering and neck tensing. So that’s how he looks when he orgasms.
“Fucking hell Bunny”, you moan, feeling the coil in your stomach break as you climax on top of him so hard that you feel like someone punched the air out of your lungs.
You collapse on top of him after twenty seconds of feeling breathless, making him slip out of you with a wet sound. His cum gushes everywhere, how wonderful this is going to take ages to clean up. Your legs feel like jelly, your chest fills with so much warmth.
“Fucking hell”, he groans and wraps his arms around you.
“Mhm indeed”, you murmur, drooling on his chest.
“Why are you so good at sex?”
You laugh.
“I had lots of practice.”
“No but you’re literally inhuman. Are you a succubus or something?”
“That’d be a fun roleplay”, you raise your head, “I’m the starving succubus visiting you in your sleep. I wake you with my lips wrapped around your throbbing cock and as you wake up, you realise that I tied your limbs to the bedposts. You’re scared at first but soon find yourself trembling in my touch as I milk your body from all the pleasure you have to offer.”
“Okay that would literally be so hot. Can we do that?”
“Now?” you laugh.
“Not now, someday. Maybe not here”, he dances his hands down to your ass to caress it softly, “maybe at my place when you stay over again.”
“You wanna have sex outside this place?”
He laughs in disbelief and furrows his brows.
“Yeah? Why not?”
“Wouldn’t that be weird?”
“Why would that be weird? We’re dating.”
He laughs in disbelief again, propping himself up on his elbows.
“Why would that be weird?” he asks sadly.
You gnaw on your lower lip then lower your eyes.
“I don’t know, I just…”
You look back at Jungkook. He is confused, just as you are. You don’t know why you are acting so weird right now or why the thought of you and Jungkook fucking anywhere other than this room is scaring you so much, but it does. Maybe it is because it just reminded you once again that another person was depending on you and in return you had a person to lose and so you panicked.
“Please talk to me ___.”
“That’s so intimate. What would we even do?”
Jungkook laughs in confusion, “have sex? Just like we do here, but without the awful house music and the smell of strangers and your boss literally exploiting you.”
“Hush, oh my god, don’t say that”, you hiss, pressing your hand over his mouth and looking over your shoulder at the very locked door.
Jungkook shakes your hand off, licking his lips and furrowing his brows.
“It’s the truth.”
“Don’t say that Bunny please”, you whisper, pressing him down into the pillows and hovering over him. You muffle him with both hands, staring into his eyes. He looks at you with unconditional trust in his gaze. You exhale shakily and take away your hands, “I’m sorry for doing that.”
“It’s alright”, he assures you and reaches up to tug a strand of hair behind your ear, “why are you scared that she hears you? It’s the truth and you know that it is. You shouldn’t have to give away eighty percent of your money, not when you have to accept shitty fucks from shitty dudes.”
“It, it’s right that way. They use the money to keep the club nice and give u-us girls good health care a-and food and a home. It’s used for us.”
“I’m sorry, but that sounds more like manipulation to me than anything else. Hey, give me eighty percent of your income so you can stay poor and never escape this life. And as you continue being dependent on me taking care of your basic human needs, I make money off of you and pretend as if I am doing it for you.”
“Why are you saying this?”
“I’m just saying ___, you and the other girls should earn enough money that you don’t have to depend on your fucking employer to pay for your health care and your food and your home.”
You lower your head, “what should I do? It’s not like anyone wants to hire a twenty five year old prostitute with no educational background or academic knowledge.”
“Quit this job and let me take care of you.”
“Quit it, I will take care of you until you know what you want to do. You can go to university and study however many majors you want, you can start an apprenticeship somewhere, you can volunteer or stay at home and do nothing.”
“No”, you shake your head, “no don’t say that.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s too much”, you say and sit up to roll off him.
Jungkook chases you, sitting down on the edge of the bed next to you. He drapes his arm across your hips, caressing it softly. He leans down and kisses your naked shoulder.
“Don’t do that”, you hiss, shaking him off.
He blinks and furrows his brows.
“Hey…my love”, he whispers, resting his cheek on your shoulder.
“Get off of me”, you hiss and push him away so harshly that he falls down on his elbows.
“___”, he gasps.
You stare at him.
You can see that it hurt him. His eyes, which are normally so sparkly in the presence of you, become lifeless and sad.
“Sorry for pushing you” now you are panicking because you fear that you went too far with being distant. After all, you didn’t want to actually push him away, you just wanted to keep a little safe distance between you and him, “I don’t know why I did that, sorry", you say and stumble on top of his lap, wrapping your arms around him and resting your cheek on his chest.
Jungkook exhales loudly, grinding his teeth.
“Please give me time. I don’t want to quit my job just yet, please.”
Jungkook sneaks a glance at you and blinks quickly to get rid of the burn in his eyes.
“Does that mean that you want to have sex with other men beside me?”
“What?” you lift your head and gawk at him.
“That’s what that means. You have sex for a living ___.”
“I, I”, you swallow heavily, “Jungkook I’m sorry, no it’s, it’s not like that. It’s j-just that I, I”, you grunt and force down a panicky gag, “we can hang on every day”, you try and stare into his eyes.
Holy shit, holy shit. You are so scared and nervous. What are you saying? What should you say? What is happening to you? Why are you so panicky right now?
You nod your head vigorously, “I make my Wednesday my Bunny day and you can come here a-and then we can meet on other days whenever, except Tuesday and Thursday,.”
He lets out a breathy laugh and looks to the side, “well, that’s…I don’t know what to say.”
“Do you not want to hang?” you gasp.
“Of course I want to”, he pouts, “what the hell? I thought we were seeing each other and now you just want to hang on Wednesdays and whenever.”
“I told you, we can hang on other days too.”
“Don’t call it hanging.”
“Well what else should I call it?”
“Spending time together, seeing each other, being with each other. I don’t know, just not something so casual.”
“Okay then let’s spend time together on Wednesdays and on Saturdays? Then I’ll clear my schedule for you on Wednesday and on Saturday we can do whatever we want to do.”
“Does it really have to be so scheduled? What if I wanted to see you on Friday or Monday or Tuesday?”
“Then you’d have to call Miss Boss and ask her if I’m still available.”
He lowers his head.
“Sorry”, you blurt out panicky, “I work from Tuesday to Thursday, but I’m free any other day. And I make Wednesday your day. Jungkook please”, you say and cup his face.
Now you pushed him away too much. You need to tug him back, keep him close so he doesn’t end up running away. You don’t want to lose him. You really don’t.
“Okay yeah, uhm”, he sneaks a glance your way, “I’ll see what I can do.”
And with that he pushes you off of him, stumbling to the bathroom with his head hanging low.
You stare at the empty doorway, fearing that maybe this isn’t going to be as easy as you believe it would be.
Tumblr media
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raggaraddy · 9 hours ago
Summary: Trying to get a little payback and tease Taehyung at a work event is all fun and games until you take it too far.
Trigger warning: Smut, rough sex, questionable consent, bratty sub, examples of a bad D/s dynamic, choking, bondage.
A/N: Apart of the 'You tease/instigate sex with Yandere BTS' OT7 reaction. But they're all too long, so they will be released individually. 💜💜💜
Other parts
Dom! Taehyung
"Behave," is what Taehyung whispered in your ear just before you got out of the car tonight. Honestly, though, how does he expect you to follow that instruction? Not with how tempting he has been all day. Not with how delicious he looks right now. And then to top it off, he adds his deep rich voice in your ear? Yet he expects you to resist acting up?
Obviously, he has greater confidence in your self-control than you do.
Despite Taehyung's order and the part of your brain telling you to be a good girl, it couldn't have been more than 30 minutes later that your hands were starting to roam. It's his companies end of year party, and after Taehyung made his welcoming remarks everyone began to drink like it was the last night on earth. You know how these parties go. Everyone is going to be drunk within the hour and won't have the capacity to pay any attention to the two of you.
Besides, all day he sent you an endless string of messages saying such dirty things, sending you pictures that had you drooling, getting you relentlessly worked up. Only to send you one final message;
Don't even think about it. You're not cumming until I'm inside you.
Which already made you pouty. But then he was late coming home. Now if he was on time he could have fucked you before you left the house and you would have been satisfied and well behaved like he wanted. But he didn't.
So he has to endure the consequences of leaving you in this state.
Sitting at one of the tables next to Taehyung, you are leaning into his side zoning out while he's talking to a few people that you have never met. Becoming extremely bored. However, instead of waiting for something interesting to happen, you give him your side-eyed attention and make your own fun.
Every couple of minutes trying in some way to make his dick hard.
Making sure to be as subtle as possible you shuffle your position every now and then, and each time you do, you find a way to rub your hand over his lap or curve it around his thigh.
Sometimes you simply tilt your body away from the table just enough that no one else can see the way you bite your lip or the flirtatious looks you give him. And sometimes you whisper in his ear, telling him all the dirty things you want to do to him. Even to the point you can see him lightly blushing.
It takes a bit longer than you thought it might, but finally, you get a reaction from him. With a heavy sigh, he leans over to you.
"Who is in charge here, little girl?" He smiles softly. His go-to line when he wants you to stop your bratty behaviour and submit.
Dipping back you look up at him with big eyes trying to hide your smug smile. You can't deny that phrase gets you wet and makes you want to be good, but you're having too much fun to stop.
"Right now?" Your further goading response takes the smile off his face.
Looking down at you deadpan and unblinking, his mouth parts slightly, clicking his tongue. Sighing again, this time more frustrated.
"Try again. Who's in charge?"
"Me." You smirk, saying the most smart-ass thing you could think of. You know you're going to be in so much trouble for challenging him when you get home. But right now, you're getting too much amusement out of tormenting him.
This is what he gets for being mean to you all day.
As an extra person joins the conversation, the group's focus shifts to the other end of the table. Their distraction gives you the perfect opportunity to be a little more direct. With your eyes fixed on his beautiful brown ones, you stretch your hand out and grope his cock through his pants. His whole body jolting and tightening as you intently rub your open palm up and down his crotch. Giving you a sense of pride over how stiff you're making him. Leaving you unable to hide the bright entertained smile that fills your face.
Trying to limit your mischief Taehyung harshly grabs your wrist and holds it above the table. His other hand is wrapped around the back of your chair and his fingers latch onto the underside of your arm, pinching the tender bare skin so hard that you can feel the bruises already. Your face skewing at the sudden sharp pain.
"If you step out of line one more time, I will make you very sorry," he speaks low, his chest rumbling against your side.
You know it's supposed to be a threat, but he isn't going to do anything right here, right now. And the cadence of his voice is just turning you on more.
"What's the matter? Is this getting too hard for you?" you hum the double entendre, using the same snarky tone of voice. "I'd be happy to crawl under the table and take care of it for you. If you ask nicely."
Facing straight ahead he is barely maintaining his composure. You're unphased, giggling to yourself until his jaw clenches to the side. A clear warning sign of when he is genuinely pissed off. The smile quickly fades from your face. You know things can get really bad from here.
Which means the fun's over. It's time to behave.
Turning your body straight in your chair, you fix your posture. Biting the inside of your lip while looking down at your legs.
You were just playing. You weren't actually wanting to make him mad. You just wanted to get him worked up like he did to you.
But your correction comes too late.
Abruptly he stands, his hold on your wrist dragging you up also. Getting the table's attention, Taehyung excuses you both. Smiling politely as the two of you leave to supposedly get another drink.
He's walking you calmly through the hall. To anyone else, he would appear natural and unbothered. But below the surface, he is crushing your hand with his interlaced hold. Moving at a pace that is just a bit too fast for you.
There is only the outside streetlights and moon streaming in that provides any sort of dim lighting, but it's enough to see the cold look he gives you. A look that makes you nervous. And as he storms at you, your whole body tightens and braces.
You've clearly provoked him too far.
Leading you out of the party and down an unlit corridor, his behaviour becomes more openly aggressive and forceful now that you are out of sight from his employees. Speeding up, he tugs you further and further into a desolate, restricted area of the venue. Until he apparently sees a room he likes and practically throws you through the doorway of one of the vacant meeting rooms. Sealing and locking the entrance behind you.
"Sorry," you try to give your behaviour an explaination. "I was just-"
Your weak apology is interrupted by a firm slap across your cheek that knocks your head to the side. Your hand springing up and cupping your face. Truthfully it didn't hurt that much, but it's his enraged behaviour that is making you anxious.
Taehyung has a high threshold for what irritates him, and you trust him. Except, every time you truly get him mad he always takes things a little too far.
"You want to play games with me, you little brat." He scolds.
Kicking a chair from one of the tables, he shoves you into the edge of it. His actions getting more and more furious.
"Fine," Twisting you over, he slams you down face-first into the table. Your head actually making contact. His weight pressed heavily on your back he holds you flat, roughly bunching up your long dress and tearing down your panties.
You can hear the metal from his belt buckle tinging. It makes you tense, trying to expect anything he might do. Unsure if he is going to hit you or fuck you.
"Here's my game." Your uncertainty is quickly answered as he jams his dick inside you, causing you to yelp and jerk forward from the pain of taking him all at once.
In this position, his shape can be really unpleasant for you if he is too rough. Especially if you haven't had some time to get used to him. He knows that. But still, he isn't giving you any leniency. Immediately ramming you into the desk. Knocking the air from you.
"You can breathe and you can cry," he leans over you, taking both of your arms and pinning them behind your back. Pulling your whole body higher so his mouth comes to your ear. "But no matter what I do to you, you're not going to make a single sound. If I hear just one squeak from you, then this is the last time you'll have anything inside your cunt until next year."
It's November 20th. He knows how much you struggle to stay quiet during sex- in pain or pleasure. He is setting you up to fail.
Instantly, you clamp your mouth shut. Silencing the teeth-gritting whines you were making.
"Do you understand me, girl?" He snaps his hips powerfully, using your arms as leverage to drag you back and slam into you again one time. Trying to draw something vocal from you. Your jaw clenching is the only thing that keeps you silent. 
Bound and with nothing to brace yourself against, you're completely at his mercy as he begins his fierce onslaught again. Your cheek and chest pressed heavily into the table as you're rocked back and forth.
You nod in big motions so that he can see you through the faint lighting. His punishment is too severe. It's not fair. You have no idea how you're going to do this.
Satisfied with your response, he pushes you again onto the desk. Using his belt he lashes your arms behind your back, one over the other. The leather biting into your forearms, the pose pulling and straining your shoulders.
Desperate not to fail you hold all of the pressure of your breath in your lungs. Tightly stifling any possible sounds that might slip out. Trying to focus on that and that alone.
Slowly, thankfully, you start to become accustomed to the rhythm, your centre stretching to fit him, and the pain fades. His thrusts feeling more pleasurable. However, you're sure he can sense that it is getting easier for you because he reactively hooks his hand under your left thigh and raises your leg onto the desk. Your widespread position sinking him inside you deeper. To a truly agonizing point.
Normally in this posture, it would still be uncomfortable if he used half as much force. But it seems that right now he is enjoying how much he's hurting you. You can feel he is pounding you with as much force as he can. Like he is trying to break you.
Tears start to flow without your control. He's too hard. Too deep. Your whole body is in intolerable pain every time he hits your cervix.
No matter how hard you bite your lip, or how earnestly you try, you can't restrain the small stammered breathes that roll into vocal cries, squeals and then shreiks.
"Ah," Taehyung stops his hammering thrusts. Puffing as he runs his hands through his hair, brushing it off his forehead. "Too bad. You lose."
Even as he stops you are still whining and panting. However, his pause gives you hope that he is going to take his cock out of you, and let your sore shivering body rest. But that hope is quickly smashed. Dragging you upright, he brings your back to his chest. His large hand wrapping around your throat, his other keeping your legs spread apart, his hips beginning to jerk upwards. Choking you as he fucks you. Your brow breaking into a cold sweat, goosebumps covering your skin.
Normally you like to be hurt during sex. Of course, you do. You beg him to do it. But this is different. He's scaring you. And you're shaking just as much from panic as you are pain. Sobbing as you endure him.
"Aww, what's the matter baby? Is this getting too hard for you?" You can hear the smirk in his words.
Your eyes are getting dizzy and your head is getting light. You can't take anymore. You want to tell him to stop so badly, but you can't find the courage to. Not after last time. You just wish he would realize that you need him to stop.
"Y/n. Who's in charge here?" His heavy breath huffs over the side of your face. This time you don't hesitate to answer correctly.
"You-" you gasp brokenly, "You Sir."
"That's right." He affirms with a chuckle. You whimper as he releases your throat and finally lets you out of the harmful stretched position, allowing you to lower your leg. Your chest easily collapsing on the table as he pushes you over. The pain immediately getting so much less extreme.
While it doesn't seem like he is going to stop, you're grateful that he is at least lessening the intensity of his assault. His strokes seeming more interested in his own pleasure now, rather than making you suffer. Not going as deep, not being as violent. Allowing it to be bearable.
"I know it hurts baby girl, but you better enjoy my dick while you can." He laughs, his hands grabbing and massaging your ass, "Because for the next 6 weeks you're going to be reminded what happens to stupid little sluts who try to be in control,"
Tumblr media
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dirtybtssnaps · 2 days ago
would jimin be into face sitting? i've wanted to try it, but i'm too embarrassed about it, and i dom't want him to be uncomfortable under me :(
“Why would you ask her instead of me princess? To be honest, I never tried it before, but every girl I've asked has been was too scared to try it with me. But I'm really glad you wanna try it, would you like to try it right now princess?
-Park Jimin
Tumblr media
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jungkxook · 26 days ago
—just for tonight. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: nerve!au / strangers-to-lovers / fluff + smut 
⟶ words: 17,762
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: jungkook will do anything to get invited to the annual and exclusive start-of-the-year party, even if that means dragging you along for the ride
⟶ warnings: jungkook and oc get close to committing a few crimes oops, unprotected sex (jk got that pull out game tho), breast play, multiple orgasms, sixety-nine position, oral sex (f and m receiving), deepthroating, face riding, cum eating, doggy style, missionary
⟶ note: this is a repost of an old fic of mine, and a gift to celebrate since it’s jungkook’s birthday! this fic is also inspired by the movie nerve!!
Tumblr media
From: Unknown number.
Received: 2:45 p.m.
Congratulations! You are one of the randomly limited selected numbers that have been chosen as a potential candidate to be invited to the annual start of the year party! If you wish to accept your invitation, you must first prove your worth to us by completing a number of tasks that we will assign you. These tasks will also have to be documented and sent back to us, at this exact number. If you are interested, please respond accordingly to this, and any other future message we send you, with only “yes” or “no” answers.
From: You
Sent: 2:48 p.m.
From: Unknown number.
Sent: 2:50 p.m.
The rules for tonight are simple. Complete the tasks we give you and send us proof of your completion of the task. If you fail or refuse to complete a task, your invitation is revoked. Once you complete all assigned tasks, a secret location and instructions on how to find us will be sent to you. Are you ready for your first task?
From: You
Sent: 2:50 p.m.
From: Unknown number.
Sent: 2:53 p.m.
Your first task is as follows: sneak into the gala masquerade ball downtown being held tonight at 4:00 p.m. and get a drink from a stranger. Then, kiss said stranger.
Tumblr media
4:10 p.m.
From beneath a simple black mask, you stare nervously down at the illuminated screen of your phone in your hand, eyes skimming over the texts you had received only hours ago. Tearing your gaze from the phone, you turn your attention towards the grandiose banquet hall and the masked party-goers that occupy it, drinking champagne out of crystal glasses, snacking on delectable hors d’oeuvres, and sharing shrill pompous laughter that rings in your ears over the sound of smooth jazz that plays from a live band.
You don’t belong here. You hadn’t been invited, hadn’t been a part of the rich families that were only supposed to be there, hadn’t dressed the part, and yet you had somehow found a way to sneak in. It was a risky idea, you’ll admit you thought, when you anxiously and briskly walked to the very back of the banquet hall with a plan formulating in your mind. You had been restlessly tugging at the frills of your prom dress that you were still surprised you had fit in after stuffing it in the back of your closet for the past few years but the simple idea on your mind was all that you had. You find the back doors of the kitchen with ease, the windows of which you peek through to notice the staff of the banquet hall hurriedly bustling about.
It’s chaotic, it’s messy, but your plan is to act as one of the waiters that run back and forth from the kitchen to the main floor. You are surprised when, after cautiously tiptoeing into the kitchen and past the chefs, someone (someone whom you assume to be the boss), angrily points at you and you think you have been caught until he exclaims, “There you are! You’re part of the new staff, correct? My goodness, love, you’re really putting a strain on my heart ━ and you’re not even dressed! No matter, there’s a change of clothes in the breakroom. Make it quick! We need all the hands we can get out there!”
Then he’s scurrying off, yelling orders at another one of his staff, and you are left alone just like that. Using their frenzied commotion to your advantage, you pick up your pace and jog out the kitchen until you have finally emerged into the open space of the gala. The music and decorations are as quaint as the guests, and you are apprehensively glancing around the party when you notice certain eyes flicker to your bare face and fraying dress. Your palms flatten the stray wisps of your hair back down to your head and smooth the skirt of your dress. You gulp, hold your head high, and glance once more down at your phone and the texts you had received.
It happens every year.
Through whispered tales and harbored secrets, almost everyone knows of it but no one knows who plans it or where it is held. The Start of Year party begins every September 1st, ending summer, and starting the new school year, in a promised thrilling way. You have heard stories of it being grand and elaborate, with the best food, the best music, the best drinks, the best guests (the list of which includes the utmost famous of celebrities), the best everything. Except, it’s near impossible to receive an invitation. It’s invite only, an anonymous organization throwing a secret underground party that requires a certain location and a certain codeword in order to access it.
Invitees are given numerous dares to complete in order to finally be deemed of worth to be allowed entrance. The “worthy” people, you have discovered over time, are meant to be people that are fun, exciting, thrilling, bold, akin to the anonymous group who host the party. Up until receiving the texts in your phone, you had thought the whole idea to be rather pretentious. In fact, you had even considered it to be a fabricated lie. But upon being selected to be invited and receiving the text, you could not bring yourself to reject an invitation to a party others would kill to be at.
So, as expected, you find yourself accepting the dare, even if you cannot bring yourself to kiss a random stranger, let alone converse with one that is, perhaps, too far out of your league. Yet you tell yourself that you can be reckless, wild, exhilarated, even if it is just for tonight. So, you approach the bar first and slowly sit on one of the stools, eyes scanning those around you for a potential date you could flirt with but the masks, as they would, distort their true appearances. You’re too caught up in surveying your surroundings that you don’t even notice the stranger that slips into the seat beside you.
“Are you okay?”
Craning your neck, you turn to see the newcomer and are surprised to find him staring right at you from underneath his own mask. You can’t make out much of what he looks like but you know he is tall with shaggy carob brown hair that is pushed hastily up and out of his face in an attempt to make him look somewhat formal. He’s wearing a suit but it looks just as frayed and old as your prom dress and the tie he wears is wrong. But his voice… His voice sounds all too familiar, though you can’t quite place a finger on it.
“Hm? Me?”
The boy nods and gestures to the way you absentmindedly gnaw on your fingernails.
“You look a little nervous,” he points out, the faintest of grins tugging at his pink lips. “Did you do something you’re not supposed to?”
Your eyes widen at his simple question and, for a moment, you think you may have been caught.
“What? No, of course not!” You exclaim. The boy raises an eyebrow beneath his mask and chuckles lightly, even as you straighten up in your seat and scoff. “I mean, no, I’m fine. You know, it isn’t very nice to accuse people of doing something they didn’t. Oh, and your tie is on backwards. Are you sure you aren’t the nervous one?”
The boy glances down at the flimsy material around his neck and bursts out into laughter. He shakes his head and yanks at the tie, loosening it until it falls off from his neck. He shoves it into his pants pockets, murmuring, “I never really could put a tie on properly.”
When he glances back up at you, he smiles. “Hey, how about I buy you a drink? To make up for my apparently accusatory joke.”
You nearly jump at his offer, your face lighting up with a smile as you think, was it really that easy? You nod eagerly, your eyes flickering down to your phone momentarily, as the boy leans over the counter to order two drinks. When they slide onto the counter beside you, you carefully and swiftly snap a picture of them to send to the unknown number who had first texted you. Maybe it’s because you were so swiftly able to get a drink from a stranger that suddenly boosts your confidence and makes you eager to finish the rest of the dare, and the ones that are to come. So, as you stare at the boy who makes himself comfortable next to you, your mind has an inner struggle on what you should do.
“So,” The boy begins, but you are hardly paying attention, “what’s your name━”
It’s as he’s turning to face you that you react fast. You reach out to grab onto his face and pull him down to you, instantly colliding your lips with his. You catch him completely off guard that he nearly falls out of his seat but you are just as shocked with yourself. Palms warm, cheeks burning, heartbeat ringing in your ears, you can’t believe that you actually kissed a stranger. He doesn’t push you off and you take that as a good sign, even when he begins moving his lips in time with yours for a chaste kiss, but then you’re slowly reminded of the fact that this is for a dare and you pull apart from him just as frantically. You’re staring at him with widened eyes, and he looks bewildered, staring down at your lips.
“I mean, it’s never hard for me to pick up girls but I gotta admit this is a new time record for me,” The boy admits with a laugh.
“I’m sorry,” You say sheepishly, your face flushing in embarrassment. “I had to.”
“Is that because of my charming personality and good looks,” he says, “or because of your dare?”
You’re stricken horrified as you stare up at him but then you notice the way he gestures to your phone.
“I’m not that stupid,” he says. “Don’t think I haven’t seen the way you’ve been glancing at your phone or when you tried to slyly take a picture.” He glances over both his shoulders to look around the room and leans in closer for when he speaks next, as if it is some exclusive secret, “So, you got invited to the party too, huh? What was your first dare?”
Swallowing your nerves, you tell him, “Sneak into here and get a drink from a stranger, then kiss them. You?”
“Same as mine, minus the drink part,” he says. “Hey, how’d you get in here?”
“I went around back to the kitchen,” You explain. “It was so hectic back there that they confused me as one of the staff.”
The boy bursts out into sudden laughter so loud that a few guests turn to shoot him a look. “Genius! I wish I’d thought of that.”
You quirk a brow. “How did you get in here, then?”
“Well,” he says, “let’s just say it didn’t go as smoothly as your entrance and that security is still looking for me. So, I’m glad you decided to make that very quick first move because I’m afraid I need to get going.”
He cranes his neck over his shoulder to look at something in the distance and you follow his gaze only to notice a brute looking man in a security uniform. He is scanning the crowd with an intense eye, his brows screwed together in a look of vex. When you turn back around, the boy is already out of his seat.
“Wait, wait!” You exclaim. “What was your name?”
Fortunately, the boy pauses. He turns to look at you and flashes you a cheeky smile that makes your heart flutter. “Jungkook.”
Yet just as fast as your reverie had overcome you, it comes crashing and burning down. The name dawns on you and suddenly you realize who he is. “Jeon Jungkook? It’s you? I knew your voice sounded familiar!”
The boy squints from beneath his mask as he stares at you, as if trying to figure you out, and then he gaps. “Y/N? You got invited to the party?”
The surprise and hostility in his voice when he asks you his question distracts you from the fact that you had just met, and kissed, Jungkook, a reckless boy who attends the same college as you and shares a few classes with you but someone you never really talked to before. From what you could tell, he was rather popular amongst the student body but you couldn’t quite pinpoint if it had to do with his handsome features and dark hair, his charming and daring personality, or the tattoos that litter his arms and made him even more appealing.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask hotly.
“Nothing!” Jungkook assures briskly. He tosses a glance over his shoulder to see the security guard walking aimlessly and naively towards the bar, not yet spotting Jungkook. “Just that you don’t exactly seem like the type to be daring. Look, I really have to go-”
“Then take me with you,” You say abruptly. “I’ll show you I can be daring and we can help each other finish these dares so we can get into the stupid party sooner.”
Jungkook pauses to think, shuffling his feet nervously. He rakes a hand through his hair, eyes flickering fleetingly once more to the security guard and back again. He sighs rather quickly than you would have thought he would. “Fine. Fine, let’s go! Quick, come on!”
You wonder why he’s suddenly rushing before you notice the security guard hurriedly pushing through the crowd and chasing toward the bar. Jungkook grabs onto your hand and then he’s running, pulling you along with him and, though you know you can push him off of you and change your mind (especially when he, in his rush, bolts past a pompous-looking couple and knocks their champagne out of their hands so that it spills down their designer outfits (but still takes the time to shout an apology), you quicken your pace and scurry after him.
As you’re running, another security guard jumps out from his hiding place and blocks the path Jungkook is running in. To avoid an unpleasant confrontation, Jungkook suddenly jerks you to the left and maneuvers his way through the guests, ignoring the angry yells coming from the guards. It takes you a moment to realize that Jungkook is laughing maniacally and you wonder if you should be scared at just how much he seems to be enjoying the adrenaline rush. You doubt for a moment that you will even be able to make it outside to your freedom that you don’t even notice Jungkook pulling you in the direction of the kitchen. He bursts through the swinging doors and emerges into the crowded and frantic kitchen and nearly bumps into a waiter carrying a tray full of dainty finger foods.
“Sorry!” Jungkook shouts, reaching out with his free hand to steady the tray before side-stepping the waiter and running past him.
You scramble to keep up, legs burning and lungs wheezing for air, but you favour the idea of not being caught now when you are so close to the exit that it pushes you to run faster. You giggle at Jungkook’s clumsiness in his haste and watch incredulously as he zigzags past every waiter and chef even when the security guards charge through the kitchen door. It doesn’t take you long before you finally come tumbling through the very back doors and are thrown out into the darkened night. Jungkook, however, doesn’t stop running until he’s far away from the back alley, far away from the building, and is once more in the crowded streets of the city’s nightlife, long escaping the security guards from the gala. When you finally come to a halt, it is next to a car that you assume is Jungkook’s as he starts digging around his pockets for his keys. You’re both gasping for air, stripping yourselves of your bothersome masks and attempting to calm the shrill beating of your heart, when you start laughing.
“That,” You say, “was insane. You’re insane. Do you know that?”
Jungkook chuckles as he fishes his keys out of his pockets. He shrugs sheepishly, innocently. “At least we didn’t get caught. Are you still sure you want to team up with me after that?”
“You’re going to have to try harder than that to scare me away,” You tell him. “Especially from this apparently too exclusive party- Hey, what are you doing? I thought that was your car.”
As you are talking, Jungkook slowly inches forward, moving away from the car and heading for what’s parked in front of it. A motorcycle. The boy mounts the bike and reaches down below to another compartment to pull out a helmet. He looks over his shoulder at you and smirks at your startled expression, especially when he hands you the helmet.
“This is your ride?” You ask.
Jungkook nods. “Not chickening out now, are you?”
You scoff at his accusatory tone and snatch the helmet from him. “No, of course not. It’s just that, y’know, I’m in a dress and I don’t think that’s exactly the best thing to wear on a motorcycle-”
“Oh, get on, princess,” he sighs dramatically. “We’ll get a change of clothes before we do the next task. Sound good?”
You’re still staring at him long after he finishes speaking. It’s ridiculous, you think, how easily you seem to want to prove yourself to this boy you had hardly talked to before tonight - and now you were actually considering going with him on his bike. It’s the small nagging voice in the back of your mind that pushes you to cave, that tells you it’s only just for one night.
“Sounds great,” You say weakly.
Jungkook grins wide and then readjusts himself in his seat, revving the engine to life. You’re still hovering awkwardly next to the motorcycle as it roars and groans, gnawing on your lower lip. You tell yourself that maybe Jungkook isn’t that bad of a partner - and you certainly can’t deny how good he looks in a suit on a motorcycle.
“You coming?” Jungkook asks, bursting through your thoughts. “We don’t have all night.”
“I know, I know,” You say. “But Jungkook?”
“Kiss me again so we can get a picture.”
Jungkook’s head snaps in your direction and he lets out a rumble of laughter, shaking his head. “Well, if it’s for the picture, then I guess we have to.”
“Have to?” You repeat. “I’m sorry it’s such a hassle-”
But he silences you quickly by smashing his lips on yours. You’re taken completely off guard that you stumble forward and trip, colliding against him, though he catches you swiftly and hooks one arm around your waist. Unlike the kiss in the bar, you take the time to memorize his soft lips on yours and the way they taste; how he moves gently and slowly for a soft kiss, how his free hand grasps lightly at your face. Without warning, there’s a flash of light and the sound of a camera clicking. You pull apart and snap your eyes open to see Jungkook holding his phone level with your heads. His eyes flicker fleetingly down at the picture on his phone and he shoots you an amused look, the corners of his lips tugging upward into a faint smirk.
“Definitely not a hassle,” he says. “In fact, I kind of like it. Maybe we should kiss again - just to get a better picture. I think this one’s a little blurry.”
You stare at him for a moment, completely dumbfounded, before bursting into a fit of (albeit, nervous) laughter. You push his head away from you with a shake of your head and climb onto the motorcycle behind him, ignoring his suggestion. It’s only when you both have your helmets on and wrap your arms around Jungkook’s torso, that you can feel the light shake of his back as he tries to contain his laughter.
The last thing he says to you before kicking the motorcycle into a start is, “Hold on tight, okay?”
And then he’s off, speeding down the street at what feels like lightning speed that you almost shriek and wonder just what you have gotten yourself into.
Tumblr media
5:45 pm.
It’s nearly an hour later when you and Jungkook arrive at your next destination, having made two stops along the way, one at your house, and another at his, to change out of your “formal” attire and into something more casual.
Jungkook doesn’t even receive his next dare until you’re both leaving his place and seems rather ecstatic to read that it says “get a spontaneous tattoo.” Jungkook had almost laughed out loud in an air of pride - what’s one more tattoo to his arm already covered in an intricate sleeve of ink? He isn’t necessarily excited to read the second part of the dare which is “get a spontaneous tattoo of the name of the stranger you met at the bar and let someone who isn’t your tattooist tattoo you,” but it somehow still doesn’t seem to stop him from adding yet another tattoo to his random collection and soon you’re standing in the tattoo parlour that he says one of his friends works at.
The shop itself is located in the heart of downtown, and in the midst of a busy end-of-summer festival. It’s dimly lit and rather shabby-looking, with thick smoke clinging in the stuffy air and flickering neon lights but it seems to be quite busy. Jungkook is hardly intimidated by the idea of getting your name tattooed on him and goes straight up to his friend (who is equally as covered in tattoos as Jungkook) who introduces himself as Yoongi. Jungkook, within minutes, is sitting back in a chair for Yoongi to begin work on. He decides to get your name along his neck, just behind his right ear. You sit across from Jungkook, watching Yoongi with steady eyes as he concentrates on the needle and the tattoo. At some point, when you look up at Jungkook, you find him already staring pensively at you.
“So, what made you decide to go to the party?” he asks. “I used to always hear you make fun of it.”
You shrug. “I just figured I’d give it a try and it’d be a shame to pass up the invitation when so many other people are dying to get one.”
Yoongi chuckles under his breath. “Yeah, that was Jungkook. The kid turned into a huge baby whenever he didn’t get invited.”
Jungkook grimaces and shoots Yoongi a glare as you stifle your giggles.
“No,” he says firmly. “It’s just that I’ve been trying for three years to get invited to this party and tonight is finally the night. I’m not letting it go to waste.”
Yoongi only hums in response, ignoring his friend.
“So, why do you want to go to the party so badly?” You ask.
“They always hand out invitations the last day of August and my birthday is the first of September,” he says. “I just figured it’d be a pretty awesome way to end my summer and kick off my birthday. That, and, I, Jeon Jungkook, never back down from a dare.”
“He’s an idiot,” Yoongi comments. He pauses on Jungkook’s arm and pulls back to glance at you. “You can finish the name, if you want - and if Jungkook wants.”
“Well, we need to finish the dare,” Jungkook replies.
Yoongi sighs and hands you a pair of latex gloves for your hands before passing the tattoo gun onto you. You switch seats with the other boy and follow Yoongi’s directions as he tells you what to do. When Yoongi leaves you to finish it on your own, you catch sight of an uneasy-looking Jungkook.
“Don’t mess up,” he says. “Please.”
Quirking a brow, and favouring a moment of redemption for the scare he had given you at the bar, you decide to feign a dramatic gasp. You curse aloud, “Oh, shit!”
Jungkook jolts in his seat and immediately glances behind at you only to be greeted to the sight of both you and Yoongi stifling your amused laughter.
“Relax, Jeon,” You snicker. “I’m just messing with you.”
Jungkook only rolls his eyes. A few minutes pass of silence (in, which time, Jungkook snaps a picture of you tattooing his neck) but when you are finally done, you pull back from him and beam down at your work.
“Well, I think it looks pretty good,” You say. “Considering it is my name.”
“It better be good,” Jungkook retaliates. “Considering I’m stuck with it on me forever now.”
Yoongi finishes cleaning, sanitizing, and wrapping the tattoo before letting Jungkook go. When the commotion is done, Jungkook finally takes the chance to look at his tattoo in the mirror and you’re relieved (despite your teasing) to see he doesn’t hate it. It’s when you’re both leaving after paying Yoongi for his time that Jungkook remembers something and turns to you.
“What did you say was your dare again?” he asks.
“I didn’t.”
“Oh,” he quirks a brow. “Well, what was it?”
You purse your lips when you look at Jungkook. You had received your dare shortly after Jungkook’s and have been thinking about it the entire time in the tattoo shop. Now, as you’re standing in the large crowd of people at the festival, you realize you have the perfect opportunity to finish your dare. So, you swiftly push away your worrisome thoughts that had been plaguing you for the past hour and the nerves churning your stomach. Just for tonight, you tell yourself again. The simple mantra you are slowly coming to accept.
“This,” You say to Jungkook and then you’re dashing forward.
Jungkook wonders why, wonders what your dare is, as you run into the middle of a busy crowd and hop up on a nearby concrete step. Before he can chase after you and ask what you’re doing, you’re lifting your shirt and bra and cheering loudly enough to make everyone near you look over in appalled and shocked stares. Your back is to Jungkook but he can see the smooth expanse of your skin and his jaw drops open in a gasp. Before you can pull your shirt back down, Jungkook fumbles to snap a picture of you flashing the crowd from your back and nearly drops his phone. The crowd’s reaction is a mixed cacophony of either cheering or disapproved murmuring but none of it makes you feel any better. Jungkook watches as you pull your shirt back down and scurry back to him, your face burning sheepishly and your eyebrows scrunching together.
“Let’s get out of here, please,” You beg silently. “And don’t say anything.”
Jungkook, despite you grabbing onto his wrist to pull him away, can’t help but laugh at your flustered attire. People are still staring but he and you seem to blend easily amongst the crowd that reforms to carry on with their own business. He’s smirking at the way you continue to stomp away but he doesn’t bother to linger and chases after you, swiftly falling into step beside you.
“Listen,” he hums, “I gotta give you kudos for actually doing that. I don’t think I’d even flash people.”
He’s suddenly laughing again at the way you frown and, if you weren’t as embarrassed as you are or desperate to flee the crowd, you may have scoffed some sarcastic response but, for now, you remain in your silent brooding and hop on the back of the bike to prepare for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
6:30 pm.
“So, where are we right now?”
Your voice seems loud as you ask your question in what feels like the dead of night. After finishing your last dare, Jungkook’s next task was to deface private property (though the actual dare read T.P. or egg a random house). While you stood with the fact that this was a bad idea, Jungkook seemed keen to get started and had the perfect place in mind. Half an hour later, he’s made a pit stop at a grocery store to buy a carton of eggs and a package of toilet paper and drives you both into the suburbs of the city. He finds the right house with ease and parks the motorcycle in front of it, hoping off of it with a frown already etched on his face.
“This,” Jungkook says, “is Lee Minhyuk’s house. Ever heard of him?”
The name hardly takes a second to register in your memory. Lee Minhyuk is a boy who you have had the displeasure of attending all years of high school with and college and is the least favourable person you have met to date. He is pretentious and snobby, arrogant and mean, and finds joy in hurting others.
“Rings a bell,” You reply grimly. “I take it you don’t like him?”
“What’s there to like?” Jungkook scoffs. “We used to be friends but he’s done a lot of shit to me. One, for instance, is the way he deliberately hooked up with my, now ex, girlfriend behind my back for a good few months. I never really did pay him back for that.”
“Ouch,” You wince. “That’s an asshole move.”
“Tell me about it,” he hums, his eyes narrowing into a glare as he stares up at the house.
You purse your lips as you study Jungkook and then the house behind him. You push yourself off of the motorcycle which you had been leaning against and grab the bag of items, carrying them over to the boy.
“Then I think we should use both the eggs and toilet paper,” You say. “That way we can give Minhyuk a special surprise for when he wakes up. Choose your weapon.”
Jungkook looks down at you and the opened bag in your hands. He laughs before sticking his hand inside and pulls out the fresh carton of eggs, flipping open the lid. He plucks one perfectly rounded egg from the dozen, looks down at it in his hand as if sizing it, and then glances back up at the house. He hesitates for a moment before winding his arm back and hurling the egg forward, where it collides messily with the bricks on the foundation of the upper level, breaks into pieces, and splatters it’s yellow yolk all over. It’s silent as he observes his work and then he’s smirking.
“Now that was satisfying,” he admits. The look on his face is one of pure unadulterated joy and it’s irreplaceable. “Let’s just make this quick before someone finds us.”
You don’t argue his point as you aren’t exactly keen on the idea of being caught. Jungkook continues to make his way through the carton until the house is painted in egg-white shell pieces and dripping yolk. As he’s busying himself with the eggs, you take the time to run around Minhyuk’s front lawn and toss the toilet paper around the tree planted near you and on his car. When you have both used all your supply of eggs and toilet paper, the two of you stand back and admire the mess that you have created together. Jungkook is right. It’s satisfying to do something so destructive and maybe it’s the fact that you’re doing it to someone as payback that makes it fun. There is a small inkling in you that makes you feel bad for doing something such as vandalizing but the joy it gives you, the smile on Jungkook’s face, and the laughter the two of you share in the process of destroying the exterior of Minhyuk’s home is all worth it.
“I gotta say,” You hum in content, “this may just be our magnum opus.”
Jungkook swiftly swipes a picture of the house with his phone and then finally turns to you. “I think we’ve done enough remodelling to Minhyuk’s home. How about we get going?”
You nod silently, watching as he walks back to his motorcycle and grabs his helmet. When you join him on the bike and are hugging his torso close to you, you ask, “So, how are you feeling now?”
Jungkook, without missing a beat, replies, “Like I can take on the world,” and it makes you laugh.
Tumblr media
7:25 pm.
Forty-five minutes later, and miles away from Minhyuk’s house, you are wishing that you had the bold attitude and brave heart of Jungkook as you struggle to find the courage to complete your dare.
It’s a simple one but it’s enough to make you shift nervously in your spot, toy anxiously with your fingers, and gnaw on your lower lip or the inside of your cheek. Dye your hair a bright colour. It’s the bright colour aspect of the dare that makes you apprehensive, as you tend to enjoy the way you seem to blend in to crowds rather than stick out. You and Jungkook spend a good fifteen minutes in the beauty section of your local drug store, staring at the abundance of hair dye before you gather the last of your wits and courage and grab the brightest of shades, a vibrant violet purple, and pay for it. Then, you march straight to the empty and dingy woman’s washroom and pull Jungkook inside where you hesitate once more.
“I don’t think I can do it,” You say. “I don’t want to ruin my hair.”
“You’ll be fine,” Jungkook assures.
“What if I hate it?”
“It’ll fade. Besides, you can dye it back to your natural colour later.”
You grimace at the thought of having to go at least 24 hours with bright purple hair and rub your face tiredly.
“Everyone will stare,” You say.
Jungkook chuckles and nods. He’s leaning against one of the porcelain sinks in the washroom, his arms folded over his chest. “That’s the point. Purple will look nice, trust me. At least it doesn’t stand out as much as neon green or yellow.”
When you don’t reply, Jungkook glances over at you and the way you’re nervously toying with your hair as you stare at your reflection in the mirror. He feels bad to see you struggling so much with one simple dare that it jolts something in him and he begins beaming at you with no explanation. You see the strange look on his face and quirk an eyebrow, shooting him a questioning stare.
“What are you doing?” You ask.
“Helping,” he says. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”
Then he’s fleeing out of the washroom and disappearing out of your sight. You wait by the sink, anxiously watching the door as you wait for his return, and when he does, it is three minutes later. He’s grinning wide as he holds up the box in his hands, the hair dye that he just paid for.
“How do you think I’ll look with blonde hair?” he asks.
When you lock eyes with his, there is a mischievous glint in them that makes you shake your head at him and a warm smile tug at your lips.
“I guess we’ll just have to find out,” You say.
“Exactly,” he replies. “If I look like an idiot, it’s because I’m helping you. Now, let’s do this.”
It’s Jungkook’s blazing determination and fearlessness that seems to suddenly reinvoke your own confidence and you nod firmly. The next few minutes are spent with the both of you applying the whole bottle worth of dye on both of your heads, evenly coating every inch and layer of your hair. Then, you let it sit for the next thirty to forty-five minutes, in which time the two of you spend lounging around the washroom and talking. When the time is up, you both struggle to wash your hair out in the sinks with shampoo you buy from the same store. The whole process is long and tedious but you don’t seem to mind when you’re spending it with Jungkook.
When you’re finished washing your hair, you straighten up and finally take a long look at yourself in the mirror. The first thing you see is a shock of purple hair and it makes you gasp audibly. Though it is mostly a sound of surprise as you find that you actually kind of, sort of, like it. You laugh at your own dumbfounded expression in the mirror, too caught up with fiddling with your new purple strands to notice Jungkook is done washing his hair. When he straightens up beside you, you glance over at him and can’t help but smile. The blonde dye mingles with his dark hair and creates some sort of beautiful dirty blonde that makes his golden tan even more prominent. You find yourself gazing too long and too hard at his new hair colour that you don’t even realize he asks you a question.
“Earth to Y/N?” he asks. “You there?”
When you hear his voice break through your reverie, you shake your head furiously and avert your gaze back to his. “Oh, uh, sorry. What was that?”
“I said, how do I look?”
“Hot.” The word slips from your mouth before you can bite it back but Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind. He laughs at your compliment and nods.
“Thanks,” he says. “I can say the same for you.”
He reaches out suddenly to run his fingers through the ends of your hair, admiring the purple. “It actually really suits you. I told you it’d look nice.”
“You’re lying,” You say.
“I swear I’m not,” he replies. “I think you should keep it. I like it on you.”
His comment makes you blush but he doesn’t seem to notice - or maybe he doesn’t mind.
Tumblr media
8:38 pm.
“Jungkook, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”
After leaving the washroom of the store with your newly dyed hair, and after sending pictures to the unknown number as proof, your next dare came rather quickly. Jungkook’s was to skinny dip in any body of water and yours was to sneak into a stranger’s home and use their pool. Jungkook had the “perfect” idea and suggested using his friend, Namjoon’s, home for both your dares. Namjoon’s home is big, almost mansion-like, with huge lot and an enormous backyard, in which lays an inground pool. It doesn’t seem to hit you when Jungkook arrives to Namjoon’s house, or when Jungkook guides you around the side of the house to the fence of the backyard. It’s when he starts opening the fence door that you suddenly stop him.
Jungkook pushes open the door and looks back down at you. “Why not?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” You roll your eyes. “Maybe because this is considered breaking and entering.”
“It’s not that bad if you think about it,” he says. “Namjoon is my friend but is considered a stranger to you. Namjoon’s out of town at the moment but he asked if I could check in on his house every now and then. Granted, I told him I couldn’t because I can’t even look after a plant without having it die on me, but, long story short, he wouldn’t mind if I came over or brought someone else with me.”
Your face scrunches up with doubt but Jungkook simply shrugs. He gestures for you to follow after him and you reluctantly do so.
“We’ll be out of here in less than half an hour,” Jungkook promises. “If that makes you feel any better.”
“Not really,” You admit.
The boy laughs as he walks straight for the rectangle pool in Namjoon’s yard. The clear water ripples lightly under the slight breeze of the night and glistens as it reflects the silvery light of the moon and stars. You’re too busy admiring Namjoon’s yard and pool to not notice Jungkook as he starts pulling off his shirt. When you look over at him again, he’s tossing his shirt to the side and starting with the buckle of his belt and your heart all but stops beating before quickening in pace to the point where the rapid thud is all you can hear in your ears.
Jungkook, for lack of better words, is hot.
His golden tan spreads all over his toned torso and biceps and defined lines of his abs. His arms are both covered in tattoos and there is even one on his chest that you had no idea existed. His jeans hang low on his hips and you have to look away when you notice him kicking off his shoes and socks and then his own pants until he’s standing in just his boxers. You must look flustered because, when Jungkook glances over his shoulder at you, he starts chuckling.
“Are you getting naked or what?” he asks.
“What?” You exclaim, instantly rounding on him. “Excuse me?”
His chuckles escalate into booming laughter and he shakes his head. “Your dare. You have to go swimming in the pool with me.”
Your gulp thickly, soothing your heart to a lull. You sigh, “Right.”
He notices that you hesitate and looks at you curiously, maybe a little expectantly. “Well?”
“Don’t look at me while I’m stripping!” You argue.
“I’m going to see you in the pool anyway,” he points out.
“Just-” You shake your head. “Just humour me and get in the pool and shut your eyes. Please?”
Jungkook gives you a look, one that’s mostly amused, and laughs lightly to himself. Thankfully, he doesn’t protest your demand. Instead, he takes a few steps back before running forward and jumping into the pool, creating enough momentum that the cool water splashes at you. He resurfaces from the water with a beaming grin seconds later, shaking the water from his shaggy and dripping wet hair. When he sees you staring at him expectantly, he shuts his eyes and makes it a point to cover them with his hand. Just to be cautious, you turn your back to him (but not before you spot the way his lips curl into a faint smirk). You kick off your shoes first, then jeans, followed by your shirt. And, while you’re distracted with stripping to your underwear, Jungkook can’t help himself but sneak a glance at you. It’s much too tempting not to.
His eyes fall first to the smooth expanse of your legs and trails upward to the way your hips move as you shimmy out of your jeans. He watches the way your hair spills out of your shirt when you lift it up and over your head, notices the strap of your bra that falls down your shoulder and gulps. Just before you turn back around, he shuts his eyes once more and clamps his hand over them. He listens as your feet gently pad forward and as you slide into the pool with a soft splash, sighing at the way the cool water soothes your warm skin. He doesn’t open his eyes yet, not even when he’s certain you’re standing in the pool.
“You can open your eyes now,” You giggle.
He does so, slowly, just so he can take his time as he studies you. You’re standing a few feet away from him, your arms wrapped around your chest and all he can think is that you are beautiful. It’s this time, out of the entire night, that you finally find Jungkook to be the one gawking at you, to look flustered, and it puzzles you.
“Are you okay, Jungkook?” You ask. “You look red.”
“I-I’m fine,” he stammers. He swallows and shakes his head, taking a step forward. “More than fine, actually.”
A small silence follows that makes you look away from Jungkook and up at the sky. He let’s a few moments of solitude pass before inching forward again.
“So,” he hums, “how’s this night turning out for you?”
“Not as bad as I thought,” You admit. “I just hope this party is worth it.”
“And if it isn’t?”
“Then I’ll be kind of pissed.”
Jungkook laughs at your bluntness. He takes another step towards you and grins. “Isn’t the whole point of these dares to have fun? Kind of like the whole deal is with this party?”
“Are you telling me,” You say, “that you wouldn’t mind if this party was absolutely shit because you had fun trying to finish these dares to get invited in the first place?”
“Something like that,” he says. “Oh, come on, don’t make that face! Are you trying to tell me that you haven’t had fun tonight?”
“It’s been kind of stressful.”
“But it’s been fun.”
“Well, I’m still debating if this was a fun idea or not,” You say. “I’m still worried your friend might walk in on us at any moment and call the police.”
“He won’t,” Jungkook promises. “He’s on some trip with his family. We have the house all to ourselves. You didn’t answer my question, by the way. Have you been having fun?”
You don’t respond at first, and Jungkook waits patiently for your answer. After a while, you sigh exasperatedly.
“Okay, so maybe I have had a bit of fun,” You admit. “But I think it’s because you’re here.”
“So, you’re saying I’m fun?” he asks with a smug grin.
His question receives a roll of your eyes, though you’re trying to stifle the humour that paints your face by biting back your smile. He’s standing right in front of you now and you absentmindedly reach out to brush away the annoying piece of hair dangling down his forehead. When you realize what you’re doing, your hand drops from his face and a blush creeps up to your cheeks.
“Sorry,” You apologize sheepishly, looking away hastily.
You’re startled when his fingers brush against your chin and gently lift your face up to look at him. His gaze is warm, his smile is gentle, and his eyes twinkle under the light as they stare down at you. You aren’t quite sure what to expect him to say next but what he does say completely startles you.
“I really want to kiss you again right now.”
Your eyes widen into shock as you gawk up at him, your heart racing in your chest. When he realizes what he said, he suddenly looks as if he has just done something wrong and drops his hand from you.
“I-I-” he mumbles. “I just-”
You react fast, purely by instinct, just as you had hours earlier in the gala when you were near fearless. You reach out to grab onto his face and pull him down to you, pressing your lips against his and you instantly melt against his frame. He’s stunned for a moment, unsure of how to react, but you find him quickly relaxing and smoothing his own mouth over yours. His mouth detaches from yours to kiss your upper, then lower lip in such a slow yet sensual manner, but when his mouth collides with yours again, his tongue grazes along your lower lip, as if cautious to move any further. You’re too caught up in the moment, in the heat and passion of the kiss, but you remember taking the time to enjoy it, sliding your arms around his neck and letting your fingers tug at the hair at the nape of his neck. His own hands find purchase on your waist and he holds you delicately against him, in such a way that makes your heart skip a beat. Your lips part to allow him access and his tongue presses against yours in a fiery need.
“Don’t. Stop.” You mumble against his mouth.
You feel him smirk, sighing against your lips, and as if to reassure you that he has no means of stopping, he lifts one of his hands to cup the side of your face and pull you closer to him.
“Don’t plan on it,” he whispers between kissing you. “I’ve been wanting to do this again all night.”
He presses his mouth against yours again for a needy kiss that it distracts you momentarily. When you gather your wits again, you whisper weakly, “Then you should have kissed me sooner.”
Jungkook parts from you to laugh and then quickly reattaches his lips to your jawline, sucking at the sensitive skin there. A shiver runs down your spine and you can begin to feel the heat pooling at your core, warming your body all over. He kisses a trail down to your neck and nibbles down gently on the skin there but with enough force that it leaves you gasping, moaning his name. As soon as you do, it seems to jolt some sort of excitement in him because he sighs in content and buries his face in the junction where your shoulder meets your neck.
“God, you’re amazing,” he mumbles. “Do that again.”
As if to tease you further, he nibbles down on your neck again and emits yet another moan from you. You shake your head at him and, if you hadn’t been enjoying yourself as much as you were, you might have pushed him off of you. Instead, your fingers thread in his hair and hold his head closer to your neck as you crane it, allowing him more access. His hand that rests on your waist drops down to your hip bone and his grip tightens just enough for him to yank you toward him as his mouth continues to leave love bites along your neck. It’s then that you can feel the prominent stiffness in his boxers, feel it brush against the inside of your thigh, and it reminds you of your own heat that drips from your core. You instinctively jutt your hips forward, desperate to please him and yourself, and earn a guttural growl into your neck.
“Fuck, I need you,” he hisses. He presses his mouth back against yours, kissing you hard and fast, and holds your hips tight against his. “I need you so bad.”
“Jungkook,” You rasp. “M-Maybe we should go inside.”
He parts from you only to leave heated kisses along your jaw and neck once more just so he can speak between them. “I can’t wait. Let me take you here and now, baby.”
You giggle at his neediness and push his head away. He relents at once and looks at you desperately, silently begging you. You don’t hesitate to lock eyes with him and lean forward to kiss the skin just below his left ear. Your teeth catch onto his lobe and you tug at it lightly, letting his breath hitch in his throat.
“If we go inside, you can have me anyway you want,” You pur. “Bend me over, spank me, eat me out, or fuck me until I can’t walk - I’ll be all yours.”
A lock of shock paints Jungkook’s face when you pull back from him, and then it’s quickly being replaced with a sudden urge. “Then, let’s go,” he says. “What are we still doing out here?”
You laugh again and purposely reach down with your hand to splash him with water as if to distract him so you can have a head start on climbing out of the pool. He scrambles to join you, completely shameless with his budding erection but it still humours you nonetheless. It’s a struggle to keep your hands off of one another as soon as you’re both out of the pool. When you’re grabbing your clothes haphazardly and standing up straight again, Jungkook can’t help but wrap his arms around your torso from behind and kissing your neck and shoulder all over, both of you equally dripping with water. You bask in the way his hands feel running down the front of your stomach, his lips as they graze along your skin, but before you can get too carried away again, you’re pushing him off of you and winking up at him.
“You’re such a tease,” he whines, bending over to grab his clothes.
Prompting to further tease him, you choose you ask, “How do we get inside?”
He grumbles something behind you but briskly keeps up. He guides you back to the front of the house and pauses on the porch next to a small potted plant. He lifts it up where there is a tiny latch that he pops open to reveal a key inside. He nearly drops it in his haste and fumbles to unlock the door, much to your amusement. By the time he is able to fling open the door, the two of you aren’t nearly as wet as climbing out of the pool and don’t leave wet footprints as you walk inside. Namjoon’s house is as big as Jungkook promises and is rather clean for someone who lives on their own. As soon as Jungkook slams the door shut and locks it and flickers on the lights, he tosses his clothes to the ground and walks right up to you. He takes the liberty of knocking your own clothes out of your hand, though you don’t protest him - especially not when he leans down to kiss you again.
“I swear when we make it to this bed,” he hums against you, “I’ll make you wish we had just fucked in the pool.”
You snort. “That’s if we make it to the bed.”
“Do you want me to take you on the floor instead now?” he asks.
You snicker. You lean into the kiss once more and nibble down on his lower lip before pulling away and letting go. You spin around and saunter off quickly, leaving him stumbling after you in your wake. Trying to make it up the stairs proves to be a hassle as he continuously tries to grab onto you to yank you back to him. Somehow, you’re both able to make it to the second landing, and Jungkook pulls you quickly into what you assume is the guest bedroom. He shuts the door behind him and, as soon as he does and turns back around to you, you fling yourself against him, knocking him off his balance. He collides against the door as your lips smash against his and he grabs onto your hips, urging you to jump. You instantly oblige, leaping forward and hugging your legs around his waist as your arms snake around his neck and then he’s walking you towards the bed.
He plops you down onto the mattress and silky sheets with a soft bounce and climbs over you with a certain type of hunger laced in his eyes. He’s hovering over your stomach as he crawls up to meet your face and pauses along the way to press his lips against your navel. He leaves a trail of butterfly kisses up past the valley of your breasts, along your collarbones, and jugular, before planting them once more on your own lips. Your fingers grasp needily at his hips and you pull him down onto you, bucking your own hips forward to meet with his erection. It’s then that you realize just how needy you are for him, just how wet you’ve become, and, as if to find solace for your aching core, you begin desperately grinding your hips against his.
He’s still too preoccupied with tasting your lips with his that when you first press your hips against his, he jolts and nearly collapses against you. He exhales a shuddering breath and presses his lips harder against yours in an entirely ungraceful but needy passion, full of lip smacking and teeth clashing. It’s quick and hot and messy and you find yourself loving every minute of it to the point where all you know is that you need more. Maybe Jungkook can sense this, or maybe he feels the same way, because he replaces your efforts of grinding against him with his own, pressing you hard into the bed. A moan falls from your lips and resonates deep within Jungkook because he’s certain he’s never heard anything as sexy before.
And then, he realizes he needs to see, needs to feel just how needy you are. One of his hands flitters down your stomach and lands right at the waistband of your underwear. He pauses, letting his fingers run along the top and tugging at it teasingly so that it snaps back onto your skin. Just when you think he’ll continue teasing you, he presses his fingers against your clothed core and can feel, past the way your underwear are still damp from the pool, just how wet you are and he groans. His fingers fumble to push your underwear off your legs and you kick it off the rest of the way, exposing yourself to him. His hooded eyes flicker down to your core and he licks his lips hungrily, admiring the soft glisten of your arousal. He touches you delicately, running his fingers along your folds and up to your clit, coating his fingers in your cum at once.
“Fuck, you’re soaking,” he mumbles. “I need you to sit on my face, baby. I want you to.”
“Y-You what?” You struggle to stammer, both flustered from his sudden proclamation and the way his fingers continue to rub circles against your clit.
“You heard me,” he says. “Ride my face. Let me eat you out. Can you do that for me? Think of it as another dare.”
He adds the last part mischievously, though you’re much too caught up in your own lust to pay attention. You gasp as you struggle to keep up and nod quickly. “Fuck- Yes, yes, okay!”
A smirk forms on his face and then he’s grasping at your hips again and flipping you both over so that he’s on his back. You’re straddling his hips and sit back on him momentarily, unsure of how to carry on, and he must notice the way you bite down on your lower lip as you look at him because he guides you forward until your knees are propping you up on either side of his head. His gaze locks with yours momentarily before flickering back down to your core and you watch him with steady eyes as he begins to move. He firsts reaches out with his fingers to run along your core, spreading your walls open just enough in a way that makes you writhe above him.
He continues to press small circles into your clit until he thinks you’ve had enough and then you feel the slippery warmth of his tongue lap at your core. A gasp tears from your throat and the surprise has your hurtling forward, nearly falling to the side, but you grip the headboard of the bed quickly and clutch it hard. He laps at you again and again in kitten licks that have you suddenly moaning and groaning and you shut your eyes to focus your attention only on the pleasure.
“Jungkook,” You mewl. “Mmmm-”
“You taste so good,” he hums from beneath. “So good.”
And there’s something about the way he mumbles it hoarsely before burying his face once more into your core that makes you cum then and there. His teeth suddenly clamp down on your clit and tug at it lightly but it’s enough to make you nearly scream. Your hand falls from your ironclad grip on the headboard to tangle in his blonde strands that have begun to dry after being in the pool. His tongue smooths over your clit once more and then pushes past your folds to your entrance, lapping at you until all you can hear is the sound of a wet smacking.
He spends a few moments lapping at your core and then returns to pleasure your clit, and repeats this process again and again until you’ve become a moaning and gasping mess above him. You can’t help it but grind down against his tongue each time and, when he sees you’re desperate for more, lets you ride his face as promised. You’re a panting mess, moans and curses falling from your lips, but you refuse to stop - not when you feel your release so near. Jungkook hums beneath you and you can feel the vibrations run through your body, coursing up your spine which makes you arch your back. You’re somehow able to gather a few of your thoughts and wits which make you, reluctantly, pull away from Jungkook, panting hard. When you do, he shoots you a questioning look and it’s hard not to notice the way his chin and mouth glisten with you - and he has no qualms about it.
“Wait, wait,” You gasp. “Let me- Let me try something- Don’t stop, either-”
Jungkook quirks a brow but doesn’t object when you twist around to face the rest of his body. He must catch on quickly to what your plan is because he resorts to eating you out again, lapping at your core once more even as you bend over to hover closer to his crotch. You struggle to focus on pleasuring Jungkook when he is already distracting you with his own tongue and mouth but you force yourself to move. The erection in his boxers is, if possible, ever more prominent, and you cannot help but to run your fingers along his length. His reaction is immediate and he moans into your heat, bucking his hips forward, and you take that as a good sign. Running your fingers back up and then back down, you grasp the base of his clothed length and earn yet another moan. Jungkook detaches his mouth from your core with a lewd pop and groans.
“Don’t tease me,” he complains in a needy whine. “Ah, shit- Y/N-”
You silence him by peeling the elastic waistband of his boxers back and grasping his cock in your hand and pulling him out of his boxers. To you, he’s big and bulging, his tip angry and red and leaking with pearly drops of his cum. You brush your thumb along his head and pinch it lightly, just enough in way that makes him buck forward in your hand. You lick your own lips hungrily at the sight of him and lean down to lick at his tip before wrapping your entire mouth around it and sucking. Jungkook moans again and stifles the noise by burying his face back between your thighs, wrapping his mouth around your clit. The onslaught of sensations is suddenly overwhelming but entirely in a good way. It makes you get ahead of yourself and rush to please Jungkook, licking from the base of his length up before sinking your mouth down on him as far as possible. You gag when he reaches the back of your throat and sputter, instantly pulling back, but the action causes Jungkook to moan.
“Holy shit,” he grunts. “That felt amazing. Can you do that again?”
Your lips tug into a smirk and you oblige without protesting. You first let your tongue glide across his tip, tasting his salty release, before inhaling a deep breath through your nose and sinking your mouth down on him once more. This time, you try to stay still for as long as possible, even when he hits the back of your throat, and swallow around him. He nearly yelps with delight at the sudden feeling and bucks his hips forward absentmindedly.
“A-Again,” he gasps.
And you do.
You repeat the action again and again, swallowing each time, and enjoying the way he grunts and groans even when he reattaches his lips and tongue to your core. Soon, the room is filled with lewd and sloppy sounds of the both of you pleasing one another mixed with your whiny moans and Jungkook’s breathy grunts and you never want it to stop. However, when you feel your release approaching, it hits you all at once and barely gives you time to prepare. Jungkook’s tongue is relentless against you, his lips smacking against your folds, and he grasps your hips, pulling you back and forth on him. When you can feel the familiar warmth begin to pool at your core and flicker outward to the rest of your body, your lips detach from Jungkook’s length with a loud pop! You toss your head back, pressing your hips further back on Jungkook’s face, and casting your gaze over your shoulder at him only to see him burrowing deep into you.
“Ahh, fuck!” You cry. “F-Fuck, Jungkook, that feels amazing. I-I- I’m not going to last-”
As soon as the words slip from your mouth, Jungkook makes it his duty to make sure you come on his tongue. He begins eating you out in a passionate frenzy to the point where you can feel your cum leak from your folds and drip down your thighs onto his chin. To feel your release so near makes you shudder and writhe and you hurry to aid yourself by pressing one of your hands between your two bodies to rub fiercely at your clit.
“J-Jungkook!” His name rips from your throat in a strangled croak. “Jungkook, oh my god-”
Your voice is suddenly cut off by the way your release hits you. It’s abrupt, starting with a spark that ignites in your chest and spirals outward, making you twist and turn above him. Your legs begin shaking terribly and you whimper his name in a repeated mantra. Your chest is heaving and falling rapidly as the fire suddenly explodes into a burning white light and you can feel your own cum splash down your thighs and his face but he never stops - not until he’s certain he’s licked every last drop of you. You collapse against Jungkook’s body, too weak to lift yourself up, but he continues to lap at your core to help you ride out your high until you begin to cringe from oversensitivity.
“Ah, Jungkook, nghn, w-wait-” You gasp. “Let me- Let me catch my breath- fuck-”
You yelp suddenly but it turns into a quiet moan, although Jungkook decides then that you’ve had enough and pulls away from you. You push yourself off of him and land on your back, breathing hard and struggling to catch your breath. Jungkook, in the meantime (as you notice when you glance down at him), is busying himself with licking at his own lips to taste every last bit of you. His mouth, chin, and neck are glistening with you but he doesn’t seem to mind and, in fact, smirks when he meets your tired gaze.
“Have you had enough already?” he asks.
“No way,” You pant, pushing yourself up into a sitting position. “Fuck, that was amazing- No, I need to return the favour, of course.”
Jungkook almost sighs in relief and collapses against the bed. “Thank god,” he says. “Please do.”
You giggle as you wiggle around until you’re hovering over his crotch again. He’s close, you can tell, from the way he’s breathing hard and the way his own cock twitches with each second. You don’t hesitate to return to the same process as before. As soon as your mouth sinks down on him once more, he deteriorates into a sudden mess, moaning your name. His hands find purchase in your hair, tugging it back into a ponytail and pulling you closer down onto him.
“Ah, fuck,” he hisses. “Just like that, baby.”
His voice is a hoarse croak, ending in a single grunt. His reactions make you grin tiredly around him and then you abandon your slow pace to suck him off hard and fast. You let one of your hands stroke the base of his cock which your mouth can’t reach but, eventually, you resort to letting him buck in and out of your mouth. Though tears prickle at your eyes and you gag each time he hits the back of your throat, you remain still and calm for him, breathing in and out through your nose. He comes moments later with a loud “Fuck!” resonating around the room and releases his hot seed onto the tip of your tongue.
You prop your own mouth open and watch as his hand comes down to pump himself harder, as if to finish the last of his orgasm, and he’s a spasming mess beneath you when the last of his cum is released and he becomes boneless in his hand. You swallow as much of it as you can, though some sticks to your lips and coats your face but you don’t mind. You’re licking your lips free of his cum when you push yourself up into a sitting position again and wiping the rest from your face when you look down at him. He’s breathless, wheezing for air, and sweat begins to coat his forehead. He’s staring at you through dark, hooded eyes and rakes his hand through his blonde hair.
“Holy shit,” he laughs breathlessly. “Come here.”
You push yourself back up on all fours and crawl over to him only to collapse next to him. It’s silent as you both take the moment to calm down from your highs, both of you gazing up at the stucco ceiling. When your heart is back to an even beating pace and your lungs aren’t gasping for air, you push yourself over onto your stomach and look up at Jungkook.
“We need to do that again,” You tell him.
“Right now?” he asks with a wry smirk.
You roll your eyes and shake your head. “Not now. But eventually.”
“Not now?” he repeats. “But, baby, I’m not even done with you yet.”
“You aren’t?” You ask.
“Didn’t you promise that you were all mine?” he questions. “What was that last thing you said I can do to you? Fuck you until you can’t walk? That sounds fun.”
“You’re such a shit,” You gasp exasperatedly.
He presses his lips to yours and hums in agreement, grinning. If it had been any other moment, you might have told him to stop but, in that moment, you were still too excited to stop. If Jungkook wanted to keep going, you were certainly not going to reject him. He continues to kiss you lazily and you would have been content with even that but then his hands begin roaming your body again and finds the clasp of your bra, which he easily undoes. He pulls it off of your chest and you toss it somewhere behind you and he pulls back just enough to take your full exposed body in.
He pushes you onto your back and kisses down your neck once more to your collarbones and in between your breasts. His mouth catches one of your nipples and his tongue swirls across the perked bud, teeth lightly clamping down. His other hand comes up to knead at your other breast, fingers pinching at your perked bud and you gasp in delight, back arching off the bed. You aren’t sure how much time passes as he takes his time with your body once more, kissing it up and down and in all the right places. All you do know is that it’s enough time for his erection to poke against your thigh again and when he’s rock hard against you, you’re gasping for more.
“Fuck,” he grumbles. “Shit, baby girl, I need to be in you right now.”
You tingle with delight and beam. “Then fuck me. How do you want me?”
Jungkook’s eyes widen as he stares down at you, clearly surprised with your question. Then, his expression darkens and he’s grinning.
“Turn around,” he orders. “Get on your hands and knees for me.”
You do as you’re told, lazily pushing yourself over onto your stomach and jutting out your hips for him. “Is this good?” You ask.
Jungkook’s eyes tear from your ass and flicker up to your face. He nods hurriedly, saying, “Better than.”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
“Right,” he says. “We need a condom- where the hell are the condoms?”
Jungkook suddenly springs into action and he reaches instinctively for his wallet in his jeans, which he thinks is on the floor next to the bed. He remembers then that he has left his clothes downstairs and groans inwardly.
“I’ll be right back,” he says, moving to get up, but you grab onto his arm and yank him back down, shaking your head furiously.
“No, no, no,” You beg. “Jungkook, fuck, I can’t wait any longer. I need you right now, please.”
He stares down at you momentarily and gives in “Screw it,” he says.
He’s behind you again, kneeling just behind your ass, and his hand grips his member, pumping himself slowly. You crane your neck to look and watch as he takes his time on his hardened length, his own gaze fixated on only you. Then, in the next second, and completely without breaking eye contact with you, he’s running his cock just along your folds, coating it in your own cum. Your breath hitches in your throat at the sudden pressure your core receives and you try to contain your desperate pleas for him to hurry. He taps his length against your clit, watching the way you jerk below him, head rolling back.
“Jungkook,” Your voice is a mixture somewhere between a groan of frustration and a moan. “If you don’t hurry up, I might explode.”
Jungkook laughs and shakes his head. He grabs your hips suddenly and lifts you higher up the bed. He lets one of his hands slide from your hips to the small of your back to gently guide you backward as his other hand starts pushing his member to you. Finally, you feel him push into you, feel the tip of his cock slide past your walls and you gasp. He’s even bigger as you feel him stretching you open inch by glorious inch, slipping into you with such ease that you feel no pain at all.
“Oh, fuck,” he hisses, stilling momentarily. He leans down until his chest is pressed against your back and his mouth begins to graze along your shoulder and neck. “You’re so wet and warm,” he grunts against you. “You take my cock so well, baby.”
A strangled choke of air leaves you in response and you needily jutt your hips backward on him, urgent for more. He takes the time to suck a small hickey on your neck, his teeth grazing your skin, tongue swirling back and forth in a stray pattern. He’s marked your entire throat black and blue and red but you never once tell him to stop - especially not know, as you’re completely stripped of your wits and any reasonable thought as he slowly, so very slowly, pushes himself into you the rest of the way. Your jaw drops open in a delighted yet silent cry, fingers clutching the sheets beneath for dear life, as he buries himself hilt deep within you. He pauses again, collapsing against your back and sputtering against your neck. You can feel his cock twitch inside your walls and you instinctively squeeze your muscles around him which earn you a beautiful breathy moan from Jungkook.
“Don’t do that,” he whimpers. “Not yet, shit, I won’t last if you keep doing that.”
“Well, neither will I,” You rasp, shaking your head. “Fuck, fuck, you feel so good, Jungkook, I-”
Your voice cuts off suddenly when you feel him pull out in one fluid stroke until his tip is the only thing left. Then, just as slowly, he bucks himself into you. You fumble for words but nothing comes, safe for whining moans as he continues at his slow pace. You can feel his length parting your walls each time he thrusts back into you and the simple act is enough to have your legs start shaking. His tongue and mouth remain latched to your neck and he greedily sneaks a hand around your front to grasp at your breasts.
“F-Faster,” You cry.
Jungkook sighs against you and doesn’t oblige at first. Instead, he progressively begins to pick up speed, pulling out of you in measured strokes but thrusting into you quickly. He carries on at his leisurely pace until he abandons it all together for something a bit hastier but it still isn’t enough.
“Faster, Jungkook,” You beg. “Faster, please!”
He grunts behind you as he pulls out and then surprises you entirely by ramming himself into you. You jerk forward on the bed, completely being thrown off balance and losing your grip on the sheets, and yelp as your head flies forward into the pillow.
“Faster!” You whine. “Oh, god, please-”
Jungkook doesn’t bother to fight you anymore. He is quick to adopt a new pace, pumping himself in and out of you in fast and swift motions that it is near seamless, being coaxed by your wet arousal. You’re in a state of pure bliss as you feel him practically in the back of your throat, each thrust he makes igniting hot fire. You’re dripping around his cock, your own cum spilling down his length in a sticky mess. It’s hot and frantic and erotic but Jungkook doesn’t stop, refuses to.
“Is this good, baby?” he rasps. “Moan for me, let me hear you.”
You nod weakly, struggling to find your words when all that is ingrained in your mind and laced on the tip of your tongue is his name, which slips past your teeth before you can bite it back. He straightens up behind you and pushes you gently further down onto the bed. His own hands fly back to your hips, grazing over your ass, and he pulls you back and forth on him in a frantic need. You’re far too tired to lift yourself up and, instead, collapse against the bed to let him completely take all of you. You can barely hold on, tumbling quickly to the familiar effects of your release, but you force yourself to hold off, to relish in the feeling. You’re a panting, sobbing mess as Jungkook continues at his relentless pace, snapping his hips into yours with such a feverish passion that you are certain you’ll have bruises tomorrow but you can’t bring yourself to make him stop, not when it feels so fucking good.
The room is suddenly overwhelming and stiflingly hot and sweat begins to coat both yours and Jungkook’s body. Jungkook is just as much of a frantic mess behind you, gasping for air and groaning with each thrust he makes back into your heat. He must be close considering he can hardly keep himself composed either. His face is scrunched in pleasure, hooded eyes staring down at the way he disappears within you, mouth slightly ajar, and jaw clenched. In the next second, and all too quickly, Jungkook is pulling out of you and flipping you over onto your back. You weakly follow his lead and slump against the mattress, staring up at him with tired eyes. He wastes no time in rolling his hips back into yours, his length slipping into you with a wet squelch.
He’s kneeling in front of you, holding your hips to him so he can thrust into you easier. He pushes your thighs up to stretch you wider and he suddenly hits a spot in you at the new angle that shakes something in you. Your mouth drops open and your back arches off the bed, a whimper and a cry tearing from your throat. Your hands grasp at his neck and arms, desperate to have him closer to you, and he lets you pull him down to you. Your lips crash with his in a heated and passionate kiss that is entirely haphazard and you can’t bring yourself to part from him too much, even when you feel the need to talk.
“I-I’m close,” You whisper. “Fuck, Jungkook! Don’t stop.”
“Come for me, baby,” he grunts. “I want to feel you coming all over my cock, yeah?”
You nod distractedly, biting down accidentally on his lower lip. He hisses at the feeling and soon his hand is finding its way between your bodies and thighs, rubbing furiously at your clit. Your body begins to convulse and twist beneath him and you hastily bury your face in his shoulder, squeezing your eyes shut. It’s then, when you’re a panting and moaning mess, that you feel the familiar wave hit you, feel the fire coursing through your veins. You chase after your release hurriedly and are finally, finally, hit with it. Feeling your second orgasm of the night has you completely shaking from head to toe, tears forming in your eyes as you’re momentarily blinded by the pure white light of bliss.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Jungkook!” You sob. “Oh my god, ah-”
Jungkook snaps his hips quicker into you, harder, and rides you out through your high. You’re struggling to breathe, gasping for air in between moans of his name, and you’re completely caught up in the moment, the sound of the bed creaking the accompanying your mewls of pleasure. You don’t know how much time passes as you bask in the feeling of your sweet release, lazily slumping against the bed for Jungkook to take control of. Eventually, he, too, is fumbling for his high after being spurred on by your reactions and the way your walls clench around him and you can tell with the way his thrusts become sloppy and quick spurts. Just before he can feel his release, he’s pulling out of you quickly and grasping his glistening cock with his hand to pump himself hard and fast. You shudder at the way your own cum leaks onto your thighs but push the thought away and focus your gaze only on Jungkook who is chasing after his high. You greedily replace his efforts with your own and reach down to pump his length. He comes moments later, releasing onto your stomach his hot seed that paints your skin in ivory white.
“Oh, fuck!” he moans, bucking into your hand.
He slumps completely against your chest as you help him ride out his high by jerking him off until he, too, begins to cringe at oversensitivity. When you’re certain he’s calmed down from his high, he collapses against you with a huff and the room suddenly goes silent. All that you hear is the sound of your thudding hearts and panting breaths, but neither of you speak as you wallow in the pure bliss and after sex glow. Eventually, Jungkook pushes himself off of you and falls onto his back beside you. You, instinctively, curl up into his side with a yawn, your hand flying up to rest on his chest as his wraps around your waist. In fact, the two of you do not speak for what feels like hours but you don’t entirely mind. It’s relaxing, you think, as your index finger traces the tattoos that ink his chest and arms whilst his hand strokes your back in feathery touches.
“I could stay like this forever,” You whisper at long last.
Jungkook smiles tiredly, watching as you yawn and nuzzle your head in his side. “That sounds amazing. Fuck, I’m tempted to just say forget the party altogether so we can stay like this but I don’t want all our hard work to be for nothing.”
“Right,” You sigh. “Should we leave now?”
Jungkook shakes his head and brushes the hair out of your face. “Why don’t you rest for a bit? Maybe take a nap? Here, I’ll get something to clean yourself up with.”
You’re too exhausted to keep up with him or watch where he goes but you know he disappears out of the room after slipping into his boxers. He returns moments later with a wad of toilet paper only to find you already fast asleep, your purple hair splayed out across the pillow and framing your face. The sight curls his lips back in a faint smile and makes something warm tug at his heart before he cleans the mess on your stomach and wipes softly at your core.
Jungkook ends up letting you sleep for half an hour before gently shaking you awake, reminding you of the party and the dares you have yet to complete. Before you leave, you both decide to use Namjoon’s house to the best of your advantage, throwing your stiffened underwear into his washing machine and then dryer, as well as taking the time to wash the bed sheets that you ruined (which was your idea), and hopping into one of his shower to wash off the chlorine and sex on your skin (at which time, Jungkook suggests that the two of you take a shower together to conserve water, but the shower itself ends up becoming yet another round of a quick fuck and completely defeats his purpose of saving water).
You eventually leave Namjoon’s house and return to Jungkook’s motorcycle, scrubbed raw and clean and with a newfound affection for the boy beside you. Before you climb onto the motorcycle behind him and let him drive you to your next destination, he takes the time to pull you toward him for one last chaste kiss and all you know, in that moment, is that you never want this night to end.
Tumblr media
11:30 pm.
“Alright, so this is our last dare?”
Jungkook nods as he looks over at you. You’re both standing in an alleyway between two brick buildings in the busy downtown city to finish Jungkook’s dare. You had received both your dares nearly an hour ago. Yours was to sing and dance to an entire song in public which you only did after Jungkook agreed to join in with you on a, dare you say, brilliant performance of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton (that resulted in you dancing rather animatedly around a large group of people, Jungkook serenading a man sitting nearby, and somehow bribing a busker to join in with his piano). Jungkook’s dare is to graffiti a building. The thought of defacing yet another building doesn’t exactly sit well with you but Jungkook promised that he would complete his dare quickly without risking any chance of being caught. You weren’t so sure how smoothly that would go.
“Apparently,” Jungkook says. “How long do we have? What did the text say again?”
You grab your phone out of your pocket and unlock it to find the text.
From: Unknown number.
Sent: 11:00 pm.
Congratulations! You have completed almost all of your tasks. Your last dare is to sing an entire song in public but beware: you must complete this task before midnight, as that is when we close the doors on late attendees. Once you complete this task, and send us proof, we will evaluate your score and send you both the location and secret password to access the party.
“We have thirty minutes,” You say. “Think we can do it?”
“Of course,” Jungkook says smugly. He’s holding a bag of spray paint that he purchased only moments ago and reaches inside to pull out a can of red paint. “Hey, don’t look so worried. It’s liberating once you give it a try.”
“You’ve done this before?” You ask.
Jungkook smirks and shrugs innocently. “Once. Okay, maybe a few times, but I’ve never gotten caught before.”
“Well, you better hope tonight isn’t the night,” You say.
Jungkook laughs and tosses you the can of spray paint before plucking the other orange one from the bag but he doesn’t respond. You watch as he uncaps the can of paint, looks up at the brick wall of the structure, and presses down on the nub, spraying orange paint all over. It’s fascinating to watch him as he works, and you tell yourself that trying it for a few minutes won’t hurt. So, you follow his lead, uncapping the can in your hands, covering your nose and mouth with your hand to protect your lungs from the fumes, and begin painting the wall in red strokes. You’re quick to realize that Jungkook is right once more and there’s something oddly liberating with spray painting a building, like a child who is suddenly allowed to colour outside of the lines, and soon you’re laughing in triumph. You’re both too caught up in the moment, too caught up with having fun, to notice the police car that drives by until it’s cruising down the street again, siren blaring and lights flashing. Jungkook is the one who notices it first and curses under his breath.
“Shit,” he grumbles.
He snatches the can from your hands and tosses both cans into the bag before chucking it to the ground. He grabs your hand next and he’s ready to run but is stopped when two police officers, both burly looking men, stand in front of you, blocking the entrance of the alleyway.
“What’s going on here?” One of them asks in a gruff voice.
Jungkook comes to a sudden halt and you crash into his back. The two of you are instantly silent, exchanging worrisome glances. The officers look stern, angry, eyeing the two of you with beady glares.
“Are you aware that graffiti and defacing of public property is against the law?” The other one asks. “And you have both just been caught in the act of vandalising this building. Can you both please step out of the alleyway?”
Jungkook grimaces and reluctantly agrees, pulling you with him. You can see him growing anxious, restless, gripping your hand tightly in his. The officers set you to the side as they drone on about the crime you’ve committed and the fine they need to write you both up for, as well as explaining that they would need the two of you to do some sort of community service to make up for it. While the cops are standing off to the side, writing up a ticket for the two of you, Jungkook glances down at his phone while the two of you sit on the curb of the street and groans.
“I’m sorry I got you into this mess,” he says.
“You didn’t. This party did,” You point out.
Jungkook winces at the mention of the party and runs a hand through his blonde hair.
“It’s 11:40,” he says. “They said we have until midnight to finish our dares. We’re cutting it close, don’t you think?”
“Didn’t you send them a picture of the wall while the cops were talking to us?” You ask.
Jungkook nods. “Well, there’s no way we can make it to the party by midnight - wherever it is - if we need to go down to the station.”
“It’s okay,” You tell him. You place your hand on his shoulder and make him look down at you. “Maybe we just weren’t meant to go to the party.”
“Three years,” Jungkook says, scowling. “That’s how long I’ve waited to get invited, and we’re twenty minutes to midnight, and now I can’t go. And, on top of that, I guess I’ll be spending my birthday at the police station - but I guess it’s not a total bust, right? We did meet.”
You look at him sympathetically and sigh. You’re gnawing on your lower lip as a stiff silence settles between the two of you. You know how much the party means to Jungkook, even if you can’t seem to find a reason to admire it, and you feel terrible for how this night might end. It’s then, as you’re fidgeting with the strands of your pink hair, that a completely reckless and shocking idea pops into your head. Your eyes flicker to the cops who have their back turned to you, then to Jungkook’s motorcycle which is parked across the busy street, and lands lastly on Jungkook.
“Maybe our fun doesn’t have to end here,” You whisper to the boy.
He turns to look at you, quirking an eyebrow. You lean in closer to him to make sure he is the only one who can hear you when you say, “Let’s run.”
Jungkook’s eyes widen. “From the cops? Holy shit, who are you and what have you done with Y/N?”
You shoot him a look that makes him sigh. He glances over at the cops and is silent, thinking, debating what he should do.
“This is a terrible idea,” he says, “but we can’t get in trouble if we don’t get caught. Follow me.”
There’s a devious glint in his eyes that suddenly makes you second guess yourself and your plan, but it’s already too late. He gets to his feet, pulling you with him. His eyes are darting back and forth from the police and the traffic lights at the intersection, which are green. Cars speed past going either direction and Jungkook waits until the lights turn yellow, then red. You think he’ll move as soon as it turns red but he waits, lingering. He waits a few seconds, counting down in his head, and then he’s lunging forward, exclaiming, “Run!”
You’re caught off guard by his sudden action that you fumble over your own two feet to catch up with Jungkook as he bolts across the street. You hear the police from somewhere behind you, grunting and yelling, most likely chasing after the two of you but, before they can and just as you and Jungkook weave through the stopped cars to the other side of the street, the traffic light turns green and the cars begin to drive again, blocking the police. You’re left in a state of shock when you realize you’ve outrun the cops but Jungkook doesn’t stop. He hops onto his motorcycle and tosses on his helmet and you hastily follow his lead, clinging onto him tightly as he revs the bike to life and merges into traffic without a second thought.
You wonder how he’s able to guide the motorcycle left and right to dodge the cars as fast as he can. The speed he’s at almost scares you but he can’t stop, not when the police are struggling to chase after the two of you, but they stop eventually, figuring the chase isn’t worth the fight and they let the two of you go, driving off into the night.
Tumblr media
11:55 pm.
You still aren’t entirely sure how exactly you were able to outrun the police, and you aren’t sure if that simple action will have any other dire consequences, but all your worries are shooed from your mind when you’re both stopped at a red light eight minutes ago and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, indicating a new text. It was much to your delight to read it said:
We are glad to invite you to the annual start of year party! You can find us at the bar The Hub. The secret password is “banana milk.” We hope to see you there!
You cannot contain your excitement and nearly shriek with joy in Jungkook’s ear, startling him entirely, before explaining the text. He beams as you relay the text to him and then tells you that The Hub isn’t far from where the two of you are and makes it to the bar at record time. The bar, however, isn’t at all what you imagined it to be. You weren’t so sure what you were expecting when you thought of what this party would look like but The Hub was certainly not it. The bar was dingy and old, with flickering neon lights and burnt out bulbs on it’s sign. It’s a small building, a tiny hole in the wall, and it is completely empty except for the bartender and two other customers sitting at the very end of the bar counter. It’s silent, and you wonder if maybe this whole thing, the invitation and the dares, was just a rouse.
“This is it?” You ask.
Jungkook, however, doesn’t reply. You can tell he doesn’t want to believe that a whole night’s worth of dares and running from the cops ends in a shabby looking bar. His eyes flicker around the room hopefully and settles on the bartender.
“Maybe we can ask him,” Jungkook suggests.
“I don’t think this is the kind of place that sells banana milk, Jungkook,” You say.
“What kind of stupid password is banana milk anyway?” Jungkook mumbles.
The two of you walk toward the counter and stop near the bartender to wait, awkwardly, as he finishes washing and drying a glass. When he’s done, he turns to the two of you with a stern look and asks, “What can I do for you?”
“Do you know anything about a party?” Jungkook asks.
The bartender shakes his head. “Party? Don’t know of one. Can I get you two anything?”
You purse your lips and shoot Jungkook a look. The boy glances behind at you and grimaces, thinking. You can see the physical confusion on his face with the way his eyebrows scrunch together. He sighs heavily and turns back to the bartender.
“Banana milk?”
The words come out of Jungkook’s mouth in the form of a question, as if he isn’t too sure himself if it will work. The two of you glance back at the bartender who is suddenly silent. He eyes the two of you and you wonder if he will burst into laughter or kick you both out for even asking a question but then he’s smiling, surprising the both of you.
“Right this way,” he says.
Still uncertain with what the password does with the bartender, you watch as he gestures for the two of you to come behind the counter. Jungkook is the first to move, following after the bartender and passing the other two customers who smile up at you. His hand reaches out for yours and he grips it reassuringly as he guides you behind the counter. The whole situation seems oddly like a scene out of a horror movie and your mind begins to panic at the thought of this being a whole set up to be either mugged or murdered. You cling into Jungkook tightly as he follows the bartender into the backroom of the bar. He doesn’t stop walking until he’s reached the storage room and pushes it open. Inside, past the shelves full of other various items and bottles, is another door that the bartender holds open.
“Have fun,” he says, and then he’s gone, disappearing back to the front of the bar and leaving the two of you alone.
You glance through the door that he opens to find a flight of stairs that lead down to a third door. Jungkook begins walking down them with no qualms and, though you chase after him, you grumble angrily the whole way down.
“We’re going to die,” You say. “We are going to die. Doesn’t this seem a little bit strange to you?”
“We’ll be fine,” Jungkook says. “Just take a deep breath.”
“Fine,” You mumble. “But if we walk through that door and see that bartender doing some Sweeney Todd baking and turning these party attendees into pies, I have full obligatory rights to say I told you so.”
“Well, Sweeney Todd is a barber,” Jungkook points out. “Not a bartender. Also, he’s not real. So-”
“You get what I’m saying,” You sigh.
Jungkook smirks just before the two of you reach the last step and, thus, the door. Jungkook takes a deep breath and looks up at you before reaching forward, grasping the doorknob, and turning it to push it open.
Tumblr media
12:02 am.
It is much to your pleasure that, as soon as you walk through the door, you find yourselves walking not in the midst of the bartender baking human meat pies but in the middle of a party.
And it isn’t just any party.
It’s loud, it’s huge, it’s crazy. It certainly doesn’t let down and holds up to expectations. Crowds of hundreds of people already occupy the underground basement (which isn’t at all a basement, since, from what you can see, it stretches on and on), laughter and chatter mingling with the thump of bass that plays. There are glittering lights, ice sculptures, balloons, servers carrying trays of various arrays of foods and drinks, and a DJ playing from somewhere on a higher up platform. It’s entirely overwhelming and yet exciting at the same time and neither you nor Jungkook can fully comprehend what you have both just walked in on. You turn to look at one another, completely and absolutely shocked.
“We made it,” Jungkook says in disbelief. “We got in.”
A wide grin stretches across your face. “We got in!” You exclaim, bursting into triumphant laughter and swinging your arms around his neck. “I can’t believe this is actually a thing. We’re here!”
Jungkook can’t help but join in your laughter, scooping you up in his arms and lifting you off the ground in a tight hug. He places you back down moments later and locks gazes with yours. The smile on his face is irreplaceable, priceless, and you can’t bring yourself to look away. A sudden thought pops into your head and your smile softens.
“It’s midnight, isn’t it?” You ask. “Happy birthday! Is this everything you wanted?”
Jungkook grins and glances around the room. His stare settles back on you and his hands fall to the small of your waist so he can tug you closer to him.
“Everything and more,” he says.
“Must be a pretty awesome present, huh?”
“It’s alright,” he admits. “I think the better present was getting to spend this night with you - and, of course, when you let me eat you out.”
You gasp, reaching out to whack his shoulder playfully. “Ever the romantic, Jeon!”
“Well, I’m telling the truth,” Jungkook says. He laughs at your scowling face and leans down to catch your lips with his for a gentle kiss that leaves your heart fluttering. “Which reminds me, we’re going to need to go on a date after this night - maybe even have round two. I do, after all, have your name tattooed on me now. We can’t let that go to waste.”
“I’d like that,” You say.
“Good,” Jungkook smiles wide and then he’s grasping your hand and gesturing to the wide open space of the party and the crowd that occupies it. “Now, let’s have some fun. We didn’t run from the cops for no reason.”
You’ll follow after Jungkook then, slipping into the crowd of people to join in on the party, but you realize, in the end, that the party wasn’t the sole reason for your happiness. It was the events during the night, the dares, and the fact that you were able to meet Jungkook that made you remember that night the most - and you were certainly glad you had been able to start off the night right by gathering enough courage to kiss the stranger that was Jungkook.
If there are any potential consequences for completing your chaotic dares, you suppose you could deal with all that later (and with the bonus of Jungkook by your side), putting it off for a better day if only just for tonight.
Tumblr media
⟶ All rights reserved to © jungkxook. I do not allow reposting, translating, or any sort of modifying and reuploading of my work.
⟶ Cross-posted on my wattpad which you can find here.
⟶ Feedback is always appreciated!
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bangtangalicious · a month ago
For touch me wherever pairing, something with somnophilia? Jk's parents finally agree for a sleepover at yn's and jk uses this opportunity to the fullest.
wanna touch you (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: pwp, smut, oneshot | loss-of-innocence!au naive!reader x naive!jungkook childhood-friends-to-lovers!au
summary: jungkook is horny but you wont wake up!
wordcount: 2.2k
tw: somnophilia. smut. NEEDY!jungkook. read that again. masturbation. feverish stuttering raging hormones. VERY horny!koo, did i mention he is needy. breast play. cockwarming. body worship kinda. innocence. unhealthy attachment. obsessive thoughts. unprotected sex, penetrative sex, crying. begging? sweating. jungkook pov. this is filth. unrealistic. assume 18+ but very sheltered
a/n: thank you lovely anon for the req <3 this is just a drabble from the touch me wherever au but can be read by a standalone. i hope you enjoy ;) unedited
Tumblr media
Cuddled up in the slick warmth of the summer night, Jungkook lay with his arms tight around you, fingers curling over the back of your shoulders as though you were his only hold on reality.
Well you were—as far as he was concerned. He always felt the safest around you. He couldn't handle himself when he couldn't sense you near. Hear your beautiful voice, see your lovely smile or most of all, feel your comforting warmth.
A heat wave had taken your town by storm. It was extremely hot, even with the static clicking of the fan above. That wasn’t about to stop him from being close to you. Jungkook always loved to cuddle with you. Frustratingly enough, he hadn't been able to find as many opportunities to do so anymore. Sleepovers together had become increasingly infrequent, much to the irritating interference of both of your strict families.
He didn't understand what the big deal was. Back in the day, the two of you practically lived together—growing up in your heavily protected bubble. Either he would end up at your house, or you in his, sharing the same bed, the same shower—there was nothing you didn't share.
Until one day it all stopped. No longer could he wake up with his face pressed against your neck. No longer could he watch as you let soap drizzle down your pretty body. Jungkook had to adamantly plead & beg his parents to allow him to spend the night with you. After months of harsh rejections, finally they agreed. 
Having you in his arms again was bliss. He had been craving you for so long. You were the culprit of his sleepless nights. The criminal robbing his sanity as he clutched the plush toy he stole from your room many years ago against his heart, crying into his pillows. Cock straining in his shorts.
Jungkook knew you like the back of his hand, the things you liked, the movies you watched, the thoughts in your head - he knew it all. The sound of your voice was music to his ears. After school you would always go to his house and tell him all about your day. Spilling each and every detail, babbling away as he would trace shapes into your thighs. Blinking up, listening intently, mouth nibbling on your tits.
Being away from you was by far the most painful experience he ever had to endure. You were dizzying relief. You were the weight of his world. Everywhere, every thought he had surrounded you—he wanted you. 
Oh he wanted you bad.
He couldn't even understand himself at times. Moments when he would see you at school, chatting to your other friends. He knew you weren’t doing anything wrong, but still he’d want to throw a fit. Or when you would tell him you didn't feel like coming over after school. That you were too tired. It would absolutely destroy him.
None of that mattered in moments like this. This made it all okay. Jungkook sighed, nuzzling the top of your head, breathing in your intoxicating scent. He attempted to doze off. 
But he couldn't. Something stirred within him, prompting him to buck his lips slightly, sealing himself onto you. Your brows furrowed, likely due to the heat radiating between you. Jungkook pinched your cheek, admiring your restful state. Lips parted, slight drool at the edge of your lips, eyes shut tight.
Jungkook knew he should let you sleep. You were exhausted after staying up night after night, studying to appease your parents. He would stay up alongside you, massaging you while you worked. Giving you kisses all over your neck and shoulders when he would get bored, until finally you would lose focus too. 
Then he’d pull you into his lap and slurp your tongue into his mouth. Bouncing you up and down, blouse popped open, fingers trailing your hot skin while you pleaded for more.
In between his legs, he began to see a bulge. Groaning, he pressed himself into the mattress, trying to suppress the growing heat within him.
"Y-Y/n" He mumbled, nudging you again. You hummed slightly, but to no avail. Jungkook felt like screaming. His head throbbed, all he wanted to do was yank off all your clothes and kiss you everywhere, rub his cock all over your supple, soft skin.
Trembling, he slid his hand down his boxers. His length hot in his hand as he pulled at it slowly, biting back the cries of pleasure. Looking at you, still fast asleep while his tongue grazed over his lips. 
"P-please Y/n..." He squirmed closer to you, his fist brushing against your core as he carefully continued to stroke himself. He allowed his face to near yours, lips barely touching as whines slipped through. "I need you. Please. I...wanna touch you"
His strokes quickened, mind stuck on the way your nightgown had ridden up your legs, scrunched at your stomach. How he could see your heaving breasts through the useless hold of the soft silky fabric. Your underwear, bright in color, fully on display. Jungkook smiled softly. You were so cute.
Sweat trickled down the side of his face. "Y/n" He urged in a final attempt "Y/n h-help me please. It hurts. It hurts so bad Y/n pleaseee" He cried, voice raising enough to cause you to stir.
His breath hitched, you weren't budging. Irritation seized him. He needed to touch you. Couldn’t you just wake up for him? You would always give him what he wanted, especially if it helped him with the pain. So why couldn't he have you? He wanted you now. Now.
Fuck it! Jungkook thought. The pressure possessing his every vein was too much to bear. He could combust any minute if he didn't take you. You were right there—right there next to him. How was he supposed to resist? 
Getting up, Jungkook carefully hovered over you, thighs caging your unsuspecting frame as he slid down his boxers, tugging relentlessly at his cock. Bottom lip jutted out as he whimpered.
"Y-you're so pretty. Want you n-now. Please Y/n. I can't take it!! I can't I can't I can't!" He exhaled, tears budding in his eyes. Lowering himself, he thrusts against you slowly. Bare cock pushing against the fabric of your panties, nestling as far as it could go as Jungkook groaned. "Wake up-p" He whined, shaking you slightly.
You simply wouldn't. Jungkook hissed. Were you doing this on purpose? How could you stay asleep, ignore him when he needed you so bad? His body was shivering, desperate for the comforting heat that he could only get buried deep into your cunt.
"Fuckkkk" He sobbed, pushing his hips forward slightly, lips forming a circle as a rush of pleasure struck him. His fingers hesitantly stroked against the edge of your face before his tongue swiped against your lips. The plump flesh, tantalizing. An addicting flavor that only left him wanting more.
His high pitched moans muffled as he reached down to peel away your panties. Taking his heavy cock back into his palm, he traced it along your folds, allowing the tip to press against your clit, exchanging heated warmth, soaring pleasure. Jungkook grinned as your body twitched. He sighed in relief. You wanted this.
Shamelessly, he slotted himself into your dry cunt. You were immensely tight. He pushed in slightly, wincing at your hold. 
"C-can you p-please open for me?" He whispered, pecking your cheek. "Y/n come on please" His hips pushed in a bit further. "OH fuck" Jungkook hiccuped, gripping your hips tightly.
"Little more please..." He urged you. Your pussy swallowed him tightly, walls clamping around him. You felt incredible to him. It would blow his mind every time. He loved whenever he could touch you like this. 
"C-come on. Y/n. More. Just a little bit more please come on let me in" Without meaning to, he yanked your thighs down, pulling you the rest of the way onto his cock. The sudden thrust caused him to scream, instantly muffling his face into your neck. Nails digging into your ass he bucked his hips unconsciously, shooting his cum into you as you groaned in your sleep.
"NO" He sobbed, thrusting rapidly—not wanting it to be over so soon. He leaked and leaked, filling you up as he pumped into you, chasing a fleeting high. "Not yet. Not yetttt. Please not yet, I need more Y/n"
Tears rolled down his face as he laid on top of you, holding you tight as he cried. "I love you. I love you I love you so so so much" He pecked your neck with every word, not wanting to move. Relishing the wetness of being inside you.
"Koo..." You hummed, tongue licking your lips and you frowned slightly "So hot in here"
Jungkook scented your neck, tasting your sweet pearly sweat. "M’sorry. One more okay. One more and I'll stop"
He knew you couldn't really hear him. "S'really hot in here..."
Giggling slightly he nodded "Mhm. It is hot isn't it?" He could feel his cock hardening again as his tongue trailed down your chest. Pulling down your straps, he pushed your breasts up, fitting one into your mouth while the other smushed against his cheek.
His teeth grazed the perky nub, sucking lightly at them "Taste so good Y/n" He mumbled, mouth full of you. Gnawing lightly, his other hand flicked at the free breast, thumbing in soft circles. 
"MmmmMMMM" Widening his mouth, he licked his lips, allowing them to swallow more of you in, tongue running rampant, suckling you for all you were worth. Cock still perfectly warm inside of you, he could feel it twitch as your wet walls pulsed around him.
Switching to the other breast, he huffed before diving in. Watching the way your face contorted, gasping slightly as he continued on. He began to roll his hips, allowing his cock to drag out lightly before pushing right back in.
"Kooooo" You were covered in a mix of his and your sweat. Hands combing through his hair, pushing his face into you. "Please"
"Yeah?" Jungkook perked up at your barely coherent words. His heart was hammering in his chest in excitement. "Yeah? You like it? Do you Y/n? Do you like when I do this?" He rolled his hips again, watching you eagerly. Speeding up, the ease of his thrusts aided by your sticky arousal.
"I r-really like this Y/n. I really like how you feel." Jungkook whispered. "Will you let me do this to you whenever I want to? You will right? You love me right? You won't let me hurt." He couldn't even comprehend his own words at this point, dizzy with the sound of you squelching pussy. "D-do you hear that Y/n? Fuck. Fuck. You're so g-good"
He knew he was reaching his edge, but he wanted to savor you longer. Instinct had him speeding up, fucking you senselessly fast as his tears trickled onto your face.
"So good. F-feel so fucking good. Oh god. OH god. W-wanna give it to you. W-wanna give you everything please" His eyes clenched shut, his voice booming. Planting his lips onto yours, he screamed into your mouth, flooding you with cum.
He fell limply, rolling over as he dumped his load, stroking your back while holding you steady on his cock. Breathing shakily, he pulled out, watching as streams of white trickled down both your legs. Chuckling, he wiped his sweat, reaching for the blanket to wipe you off too. Taking the opportunity to admire your peaceful state.
"You're so pretty" His eyes were wide, trembling still, glossy with tears. He sniffled as he kissed you again "S-so pretty my Y/n. P-please don't leave me. Don't ever leave me" He began to sob, and finally your eyes shot open. Brows furrowed as you felt strangely sore and sticky. Seeing Jungkook next to you unraveling in tears. “Please. Don’t ever go”
"What's wrong?" You exclaimed, tilting his face to yours. He shook his head, avoiding your eyes.
"Nothing I just..." He choked, as you brushed his tears away with your thumb "I miss this. I miss you."
You giggled "Jungkookie. How can you miss me when I'm right here?" Pulling him into a hug, you held him tight while his eyes fluttered shut.
Your heart ached. You hated it when Jungkook was sad or in any sort of pain. Thinking deeply, you slid your hand down, finding his bare cock. Rolling your palm over him, you knew he would feel better if you touched him there. Just how he liked.
Hopefully he won't mind you doing it while he’s asleep.
masterlist | touch me wherever
a/n: god what even was this. lmao. wow. hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! 
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taesinferno · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦ SUMMARY your boyfriend's family buys you a car for your birthday. how generous!
✦ PAIRING married dilf!namjoon × younger(legal)!reader
✦ WARNINGS 18+, infidelity, age gap, unprotected penetrative sex, daddy kink, kinda corruption kink (if u squint), size kink, car sex (unprotected), oral f!recieving, clit slaps, unedited
Tumblr media
♡ prev
You coo, throwing yourself onto the spanking new car that shone in the light. "It's beautiful! Is it really mine?"
"Of course, sweetheart." He engulfed you in his big arms, pulling you into his side with a kiss on your forehead. "All yours. Baby needs a new ride if you're gonna get around easy."
Your eyes shone with admiration and wonderment as you stared up at him, squealing and throwing your arms around his neck and chanting 'thank you!!"
Your birthday present sat with a giant bow in his garage. Your own boyfriend hadn't even matched his father's level of gift-giving. It was clear by the way he haphazardly threw together a few candles and a generic card that he'd forgotten your birthday until his own father reminded him. Subtly, of course. Namjoon must've mentioned something about how your birthday, his girlfriend of three years, was coming up and Gaeul's empty head clicked. Running to the store after breakfast and into the first store he saw at the mall. He wasn't even going to take you out to dinner tonight until you had hinted very hard at a new restaurant you'd wanted to try.
Namjoon, noticing the dilemma, being the extremely attentive man he was, immediately relayed his concerns to his wife. Clicking his jaw at their son, and feigning pity about "oh, poor girl. puts up with gaeul and he wont even get her a proper present." His wife was quick to jump to their son's defense. Of course. Noting that you should be so lucky to be with a boy like her son. But she couldn't deny the lack of consideration and romantic treatment you were shown. She turned her nose up and made a few comments about your social status when Namjoon suggested that the whole family get you a present. A car no less. But she begrudgingly agreed in the end. She wasn't going to argue with her husband over such trivial matters, such as a poor girl's transportation means. If he wanted to buy you a car, let him. Maybe then you'd drive somewhere far away and leave her darling son to someone worthy.
For all the lack of attention and care from Gaeul, you still loved him. You knew he didn't do it on purpose. It was just a side effect of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. And you accepted him like that, just as he accepted you. He was kind when he needed to be, always offering to drive and pick you up whenever you needed. At your beck and call when you got off work, or had to run to a store across town. Your dependency on his chaffeuring you around one of the reasons Namjoon thought to get you your own car in the first place.
Of course, when his father ran the idea by Gaeul, he was all for it. Not a single doubt in his head as his dad, once again, sweeped in to clean up his mess.
You sent a quick text to Gaeul, knowing he wouldn't respond for a few hours until it was time for your dinner date as he was currently occupied with "the championships, babe! we've been planning this for months!"
"On my birthday, Gaeul?! You know I'd want to spend the day with you!"
"It'll only be a few hours. I promise. Then I'm all yours." Nevermind what you wanted.
His mother was at the salon, or some high-end restaurant with her friends, or someplace where she could avoid the whole gift-giving of your brand new car. Though it was technically from the whole family, she had nothing to do with it, and she wanted you to know it.
"Wanna look inside?" Namjoon offered, opening the door for you look inside. Your eyes were wide with excitement as you took the interiors. It was everything you'd ever dreamed of.
You threw yourself onto Namjoon as soon as you turned around, finding his mouth instantly to show your gratitude. He leaned you against the open car as he returned your fervor. "You deserve it, baby."
"Mm, what else do I deserve?" Your giggled surreptitiously as you backed into the passenger seat of the car, carefully unzipping your shorts and discarding them. Namjoon's sharp eyes followed your every move, large imposing figure towering over you and your car with a hungry gaze as you exposed your glistening cunt. "Let me help you break in the new car."
You squeaked as he tackled you back into the console, lifting your legs up to rest one on the open car door and one on the other side. "It's your birthday, but I'm getting the treat." He shone his canines at you before diving into your pussy, lewdly licking and slurping at your core.
"' know you're not cumming tonight, so here's one more gift." You whined and tugged at his hair as he ate you out, somehow fitting his whole body in between your legs. He had you spread out all across your new car, ready to be fucked in it. How else were you going to break it in?
Namjoon latched onto your clit vivaciously, humming with the slight desperate movements of your hips into his mouth. You tasted so sweet. And if he were a better man, he wouldn't notice that younger pussy was better than anything his wife ever offered him. Maybe that's why he hadn't touched her properly in years. But was on his knees in the garage for you. At your beck and call, though his older knees weren't taking too well to the cold concrete. If he were a better man, he would repent and abstain from you, for both your sakes. Too bad he wasn't.
He thumbed at your clit as he stood, holding back just enough to have you mewling and wriggling under his touch. "Ready, princess?" He lined his cock up with your entrance. You watched the way he stood up, slightly wobbling as he gripped the car door for balance. And for the first time found yourself wondering just how old he really was. Was it too much for him? Would he be okay?
Those thoughts flew out of your mind when he pushed in, his thick cock bullying its way into your tight hole. Another benefit of fucking younger girls, he thought crudely. Your walls quivering around him as he thrust into your hole. Every worry you had being replaced with pure pleasure and dumbification as he fucked ruthlessly into you. Your head leaning back against the console, Namjoon large and imposing, trapping you in the small space with his giant body as he shoved his cock in where he could fit it. He seemed even bigger with his head thrown back as he grunted animalistically. The sight of your smaller figure, at his mercy. Cute little cunt being abused and toyed with. By an older man. Just how you liked it. How you needed it.
"Say my name, princess." He landed a few quick slaps to your clit, tapping it lightly before delivering harsher strikes. "Who's making you feel this good? Is it Gaeul?"
"G-Gae--who? Daddy, it's you. Only you." You're sobbing, mind in a haze, on the verge of teetering over the edge and he was talking about something... You don't even know. You forgot your own name. All you knew was Daddy. Brainless cockslut whore as he fucked into you so brutally he sent you into another plane of existence.
Namjoon's heart swelled at the sight. His son's little girlfriend. Such a sweet thing. Being fucked properly, the way you deserved, on your birthday. He buried his face into the valley of your perky tits as you clenched tightly around him, noticing how much nicer they were than his wife's. (Heck, he noticed that the first moment he'd met you) Pulling you and holding you close as your clutched him like a baby koala. "Happy birthday, princess."
You sniffed as you came down from your high, slowly detaching yourself from his body, sweat making it stickier. You slid down the side of the car, down onto your knees. Holding your breasts together, you looked up at him with big, watery eyes. Tears from being fucked so good. Ready to take whatever he gave you. "Thank you, daddy."
Tumblr media
✦ want more dilf content? click here!
| main m.list | kofi |
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc.
Tumblr media
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7deadlysinsfics · 25 days ago
facetime love | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!jungkook x gf!reader
rating: 18 +
genre + warnings: established relationship, fluff, smut | video call sex au, facetime sex, stripping (strip tease) dancing, reader is a professional dancer, masturbation, dirty talk, breast/nipple play, mentions of marking
word count: 2k
summary: thanks to a stupid storm in your area, your flight back to south korea got cancelled which meant you would miss your boyfriend’s birthday
—note: a little something i wrote in honor of the birthday boy
—🎧: paradise by h.e.r.
Tumblr media
You were irate! This was supposed to be your first time celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday together.
You groaned in anger, throwing the remote against the light grey sofa of your hotel room after listening to the weather forecast. After getting a notification from the airline about your cancelled flight back to South Korea, you hoped the storm would change direction.
You weren’t that lucky, though.
You missed him so much, and you wanted this to be the perfect birthday for him. You had everything planned with Seokjin’s help. You had booked a little cabin in Gangwon-do to spend alone time with him. You wanted to surprise him by taking him to the hot springs and the beautiful temples. You had even planned to take him skydiving for the very first time! He’s been wanting to do that for so long.
Your friend Ara texted you last night to let you know your new Lindie lingerie from Agent Provocateur was delivered, and you were so excited because it was one of his favorite colors on you, and it left nothing to the imagination.
You could imagine how speechless he would’ve been at the sight. Watching how red his ears turned as you modeled it for him and then how fueled by lust he would get as you slowly walked closer to him, sparking in him this desperate need to be inside you, stretching you open to fuck you deeper until you both succumbed to each other.
He deserved nothing less, but alas, a little facetime love would have to do for now until you were in his arms again.
“Baby, stop pouting. Seriously, it’s OK. Maybe we can do all of those things as soon as you get back. I can ask for a couple of days off. I’m sure they’ll say yes,” Jungkook tried comforting you, and all you wanted was to reach through your laptop screen and grab his face to kiss him.
He was so good to you.
And even though all of your plans fell through because of the storm, he was still so excited about everything you had planned for him. You were so thoughtful, and he loved that about you. You knew him so well, and you always went out of your way to make sure you did things he loved too.
“I just wanted it all to be perfect, just like you.” He was so in love with you. Watching you look so sad ate at him. He hated anything that made you feel that way. “I planned something else for you, though. It’s not as great, but I hope you still enjoy it,” you smiled innocently, your intentions being anything but.
“Oh?” His eyebrows shot up immediately, curious as to what you were up to. “Are you going to sing to me?”
Your chest shook with laughter, “And make the birthday boys’ ears bleed?” He laughed and rolled his eyes playfully, “You know I can’t carry a tune to save my life. I have something else in mind.”
You’ve never done anything like this with him before. The closest you’d ever come to anything like it was texting him nudes. He fucking loved it when you sent them, so you felt like he’d go crazy over your surprise.
“Sit back and relax, yeah?” After he nodded, you got up from the bed to place your laptop on the desk in front of it and then went to dim the lights a little.
“Baby?” You heard the curiosity in his voice, and it almost made you chuckle. You hit play on your phone, your Bluetooth speaker gently surrounding the bedroom in H.E.R.’s voice as she sang Paradise.
When you came into view in front of his screen, his whispered ‘fuck’ did make you chuckle. You’d let your hair down and was finally letting him see the wrap-around dress you mentioned to him about buying earlier in a text, telling him you loved how the color complimented your skin tone. You watched him lick his lips as his eyes took in the way the fabric hugged your curves perfectly and the way the plunging neckline showed off your cleavage, but the dress didn’t last long on your body as your fingers slowly undid the tie, your hips moving to the beat of the song.
You moved closer to the screen, bottom lip between your teeth as you slid off the satin fabric, “I might not know how to carry a tune but what I do know is how to move.”
“Fuck yes, you do, baby. Wish I was touching you right now,” Jungkook palmed his cock, hissing at how sensitive he felt.
Tumblr media
You were one of the hired dancers for the group’s Black Swan performance intro at one of the award shows. You were given permission—along with the other dancers—to use one of BH’s dance studios whenever you needed it. One night, you chose to stay late and practice when Jungkook walked in and stopped in the middle of the room as he watched you stretch.
You’d both met before, and from the glances and subtle flirting, you both felt like there was something there.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone would be here at this time,” Jungkook was backing away to leave, but you stopped him.
“Wait! You don’t have to go. I’m practicing for the Black Swan intro. I’m guessing you’re here to practice your part?”
Jungkook dropped down his bag and jacket in the corner of the large room full of mirrors before walking over to you, “Yeah. Um, there’s this part where I lift Jimin and spin, but my hand keeps bumping his leg right before I go to lift, and it messes with the time.”
“Ah, I know the part. But I think you forgot to bring Jimin?”
He smiles and nervously rubs the back of his neck, “We were supposed to get here together, but his friend called, so he said he’ll get here soon.
“Hm. I can help in the meantime if you want? I’m smaller than Jimin, so the weight will, of course, be different, but I can help you with the placement of your arms and your legs so you won’t hurt your back.”
“That’d be great. But, what about you? What were you going to practice?” He looked at you curiously but as his eyes scanned your body, taking in your black leggings and white sports bra, something in his gaze changed.
“A grand jete. I always fuck up the placement of my arms, so I want to correct that,” you explained.
“I’m sorry, I have no idea what that is,” he let out a little embarrassed chuckle.
“I can show you.”
Tumblr media
He fell for you that night, as he held you in his arms while you taught him the right way to lift someone. He kissed you for the first time that same night, too, not being able to hold himself back. And the best part? You kissed him back. And it probably would’ve gone further had Jimin not gotten there.
Jungkook feels like he falls in love with you every day for the first time. Watching you--as you sat back on the bed after the most sensual dance he’s ever seen—with your legs spread for him, he can’t help but fall even deeper.
“Take your cock out for me, baby. I wanna see,” you unclasped your bra as you watched him do what you’d asked. God, you missed his dick. His perfectly thick and large dick. You’d be riding him into oblivion if it weren’t for the damned show you had to fly to New York City for. You’d be giving him anything he’d ask for.
Your mouth watered at the sight of Jungkook touching himself. He was so fucking beautiful.
“Wait, I need…” he trailed off, opening the drawer near him to grab a bottle of lube. He squeezed a more than generous amount into his hands, making you laugh.
“Baby, that’s… a lot.”
“You know how messy I like it,” he smirks. “Wish it was you instead,” he watched the way you played with your clit, cock hardening more and more with every stroke. You were so wet, so fucking ready for him, and it made him whine because he desperately wanted to feel you wrapped around him. “Spread those legs wider, go on. And play with your tits for me. Fuck, so pretty.”
You slipped a finger inside you, and with your other hand, you lifted your breast close to your mouth, where your tongue flicked out to lick at your nipple. That drove Jungkook crazy, his hips moving up, fucking his cock into his hand as he moaned out how sexy you looked.
His eyes were so dark. Mouth parted as he massaged his balls with his other hand. He’d taken his shirt off earlier while you danced for him, and now you stared at all of him. Biceps bulging and abs were tightening as he kept thrusting into his hand. Although you wanted nothing more than to touch him, feel him everywhere outside and inside your body, watching him like this was beyond beautiful.
“Add another finger for me. Look at me; please look at me,” your walls clenched at his desperate plea. “Shit, add another one.”
You moaned at the sound of his fucked-out voice and at the fullness your three fingers were giving you. It was nowhere near what Jungkook could give you but just the look on his face had you close to orgasm.
Paradise was still playing softly on loop in the background when Jungkook said he wanted to see you cum. He was close, but he wanted to see you fall apart for him first.
You looked like a literal sex goddess to him. Fingers from one hand were stimulating your clit while the other tried to fuck deep into you at a fast pace, mouth agape with his name escaping your lips with every loud moan. If he were in that room with you, he’d be making you cum on his tongue after leaving marks on your thighs for him to admire later.
Not once did you look away from each other, not even when you finally came on his command, body shaking uncontrollably with a sob because you couldn’t believe how good it fucking felt. Jungkook growled as he came. Your eyes widened at the amount of cum painting his tummy.
You were still trying to catch your breath as you laughed at the mess made. After you cleaned yourselves up, you threw on a t-shirt—one of his that you took with you—and brought the laptop back into bed with you.
“I love you,” you whispered.
“I love you too, pretty girl. I can’t wait to hug you and kiss you. Thank you for my birthday present, I—” he sighed.
“What is it?” You asked.
“I feel so happy with you. You make me happy,” he smiled sleepily and it was the cutest thing ever.
“You have no idea how happy you make me. Sometimes I can’t even believe it,” you sighed too, feeling super content. “In 24 hours, I get to see you again. I promise to call as soon as I land.”
“OK, baby, before I go, I wanted to tell you how proud of you I am. Seokjin Hyung showed us the video of your show, and you were breathtaking. I can’t believe I get to date you,” he laughed.
“Oh, look who’s talking. Are you kidding me? I get to date the hottest most talented man ever.”
“We do make a great couple,” he winks at you.
“We really do. Hey, are you planning to stay in the studio longer?”
“I think I’m going to head back home as soon as Hobi is done in his. I’m tired.”
“I bet,” you tease and he laughs.
“It’s all your fault,” he bites back playfully.
“Just wait until I’m back home. Everything I just did? You’ll get to see it in person.”
“Oh, fuck.”  
Tumblr media
all rights reserved ©️ 7deadlysinsfics
do not copy, repost, translate or modify any of my works
Tumblr media
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shukakoo · 8 days ago
right here | jjk drabble series
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: best friends to lovers, angst, eventual smut
word count: 1091
blurb: jungkook has a break up and you help him go through it.
[one.] [two.] [three.] [four.] [five.] [six.] [seven.]
Tumblr media
“There you are,” you hear heavy breaths followed by Jungkook squatting down to where you were.
You were hiding behind the slide in your local playground. Tear stains on your cheeks, puffy eyes with your arms embracing both your legs—that’s how Jungkook found you.
He forced his way to sit next to you, pushing you to give him the space he needs.
“Leave me alone,” you sniff.
“Do you really want me to?” he asks without looking at you.
You do the opposite and study his face. He has soft features painted with the efforts of puberty in developing his body. Your eyes start to brim with tears and you look away, letting go of your legs and straightening them.
“I was worried about you,” he sighs, “you just disappeared for hours with no word. Your parents are going crazy right now.”
You pick at the black thread of your dress, “I’m sorry. I just needed a bit of space to think and process my emotions.”
Jungkook sighs again, relaxing a bit by loosening the tie wrapped around his neck.
“Do you want to talk about it? When my nana passed, it helped to talk to someone about it.”
“He… he was the perfect person, you know? It feels like he did all he could for me while I was busy neglecting it all. I feel like… l-like a horrible person and it just hurts to think about the fact that I would... n-never be able to see or talk to him ever again,” you start sobbing quietly.
Jungkook has his hand over yours on your lap. He rubs small circles with his thumb and gives your hand a squeeze to reassure you that he’s here for you.
“It’s okay, I’m sure he loved you regardless.”
“It’s like every thing in life just passes by so quick and I always fail to appreciate it all. I’m just so horrible,” you continue to sob and Jungkook sticks by you with his words of comfort.
Jungkook doesn’t know how long he spent sitting under the slide with you that day, but watching you cry sparked his newfound intent to protect you. He doesn’t ever want to see you cry ever again.
Your eyes felt sore from all the crying and you close them while dropping your head to the shoulder of the boy next to you.
“I’m sorry for making you put up with me,” you apologise.
“Don’t apologise, you would do the same for me. That’s what friends are for,” he squeezes your hand.
“Anyway, we should probably go,” you let go of his hand, the two of you making your way out.
You stretch your arms and pat your face, the fresh air making you more awake.
“Let’s get some ice cream then head to your house,” Jungkook suggests, knowing how much you love the dessert.
You grin at him and hugged him—a form of thankfulness, saying, “You know me so well!”
The two of you walked to the small local ice cream shop and Jungkook went inside to buy them—you opted to go with him, but he just asked you to wait out.
He brought the ice creams out and he walked you to your home.
“You know,” Jungkook speaks, “we should have a way of telling each other that we’re fine even when we’ve disappeared.”
“Hmm… like a code?”
“Yea, that could work. Something short and simple?” he licks his ice cream.
“What about 245?” you look at him.
“Yea, I remember seeing it on my grandad’s old beeper code notebook while rummaging through his things to see which ones could be donated. I think it means that everything is fine?”
“Ahh, your grandad was definitely quite charitable. And yea, that sounds good.”
“Great,” you see your house come in to view, “race you to the front door!”
You quickly start sprinting with Jungkook following you behind, trying to catch up.
“It’s going to be almost a week, YN,” Taehyung sits on your couch, “you sure he’s fine? He hasn’t breathed a sign of life.”
“Yea, he’ll be fine. He just needs some space.”
“And his work?”
“I don’t really know,” you sit next to him, “you know, now that I think about it—do you know what his work is?”
“I always thought he was a photographer since he used to always talk about models.”
“That makes sense. Every time I used to ask him about it, he would change the subject. I know he studied business in college though.”
“Oh!” Taehyung sits up, “Maybe he has a modelling agency?”
You were about to respond to Taehyung when the doorbell rings. You get up and open the door, hoping it would be Jungkook.
“Uhh… hey?” a woman looks at you confused, “I’m looking for Jungkook.”
“Jungkook? He’s been out of town for a few days now.”
“I was with him this morning? Anyway, just hand this back to him he left it in my car,” the woman hands you over one of Jungkook’s favourite hoodies and makes a beeline back to the elevator.
You shut the door in confusion and make your way back to the couch, “So, this woman said she was with Jungkook this morning and told me to return this to him?” you drop the hoodie next to you.
“Damn? So, he’s back?”
“You don’t think I was being a disturbance to him or anything? Shit, I’m starting to overthink.” You start to bounce your legs and snap your fingers.
“Hey, don’t stress over it. I’m sure it’s not anything like that.”
“He did this in college once. He like ignored me for a semester because I was being annoying. Shit, I probably—”
“Wait, wait, wait,” Taehyung stops you, “you’re the one he ignored?”
“He told you about it?”
“I mean…” Taehyung tries to hide his grin, “I— yea, kind of? Like in passing.”
“What?” you look at him confused.
“Nothing? What do you mean?”
“Why do you look like you know something?”
“What, no! I was just thinking about something else, sorry. Anyway! I think I’ll get going now,” Taehyung stands up and gathers his things.
“What, but you just got here,” you say disappointed.
“Sorry, bubs, gotta work tomorrow.”
You pack some extra food you had and handed them over to Taehyung, warning him to bring the containers back or that you’d cut his balls and feed them to the stray cat at your workplace.
“You don’t even like cats!” he says anxiously in defense, covering his crotch.
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missbickerbocker · 5 months ago
BTS Maknae Line Fic Recs
Read-Right-Now NSFW Fic Recs: BTS Maknae Line
Know that what I've recommended are my absolutely, most beloved, smut-filled, re-readable picks. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
No Strings -  It started off as just a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t know Jimin would answer. @kpopfanfictrash (Personal Note: I have read this too many times to count. STAPLE Jimin fic.)
The December of Our Adulthood - Jimin collapsed all over you and the middle console from his seat in a fit of giggles and did his best to tease a smile back onto your face. “Thanks for picking me up so early on a Saturday morning, Y/N. You’re the best friend a guy could ever have.”Even after all these years, you couldn’t control the dip of disappointment at his words. It wasn’t that you didn’t love being Jimin’s best friend. It was more that you knew you would never be anything more. @vyduan (Personal Note: Okay the way @vyduan writes love scenes? Smutalicious.)
Oh What a World - All Jimin wanted was to get his career back. But thanks to his bosses, he’s tasting wedding cakes instead of training for a comeback. With you by his side though, he might be enjoying it more than he had anticipated. @cutechim
Raise the Barre - You and Park Jimin have been rivals for as long as you’ve known one another; ever since he tripped you in the front row of your first dance convention. When you graduate fro high school and enter Russet Ballet Academy, you tell yourself you’re leaving all past quarrels behind. The main problem with this though, is that your past seems determined to not leave you alone. @kpopfanfictrash
NON, JE NE REGRETTE RIEN - You keep meeting a handsome stranger in Paris. One coincidence after another leads to the most amazing trip of your life. @yoonjinkooked
Snow, Don’t Tell (As part of the The Snowball Effect Collab Masterlist) - He’s been a little quiet about himself lately, though. Kept going on and on about that neighbor of his, how cute she always looks and how he likes to help her with her groceries, but I think maybe I teased him just a little too much about that crush of his. Maybe he’ll figure out a way to get closer to her this holiday season, because who knows how much longer he’ll pine over the girl if he doesn’t.
The Girl Who Came to Stay - As the heiress and business queen of a diamond empire, Choice, you believe that hard work, dedication to your craft, steady leadership, and good wine are at the center of your success. Save for a mortifying scandal that marred your early adult years, you breathe easy knowing that your brilliant mind and work ethic are too boring for the tabloids. But when a representative from the one company you loathe most, Gallop Inc., shows up requesting a partnership, it’s only a matter of time before you’re faced with your past once again. @missbickerbocker
Tumblr media
Taehyung is my bias in a big way so his list is... hefty.
Destructive Interference - You do not remember a time before Taehyung Kim — only the after. The afters, if you are being precise. If only the afters were not so akin to little deaths; perhaps you would not have minded so much. Alas, such knowledge is a posteriori. What is the use of regret on hardwon facts such as these?It is too late.There is no time before Taehyung Kim for you; he just is. A priori. Is there a time before your parents or your brother? They are and thus have always. There is not enough time. There is never enough time. @vyduan
The Road to You - Armed with your quick wit, creative passion, talent for storytelling, and innate understanding of your fanbase, you have met every challenge, surpassed every goal, and achieved the unimaginable. Despite the earth shifting erratically under your firmly planted feet, you’ve always had a plan. You’ve made peace with the sacrifices you’ve had to make, and you’ve long forgotten the rejections and heartbreaks that came as a result. Your agent keeps reminding you that you’re at the precipice of something new, that your audience is waiting for your next project with bated breath. This is usually when you thrive. So why do you feel so lost? And who can you count on from your past to help you find your way? (Seriously a phenomenal piece. Also features sexy times WITH EVERYONE on an individual basis.) @bonvoyagenoona
A Passing Pleasure - “You and Jimin aren’t exclusive fuck buddies, right?” You bolted upright. “What are you talking about, Taehyung?” “I’m not stupid, Y/N. I do live here,” he muttered. “Also, you’re not exactly quiet.” (As part of The Apartment Complex series) @vyduan
The Holi-date - When your ex-boyfriend becomes engaged to his new girlfriend at your annual holiday party, you admittedly are not in the best place. Which explains why you down six shots of alcohol, enthusiastically drop it low on the dance floor and - oh, yeah - tell everyone you are also dating someone. The only problem? You are obviously not. Good thing your neighbor happens to be cute and in need of a ride to work every morning. @kpopfanfictrash (Personal Note: This was the first fan fiction I ever read and here I am today - lol)
Obsidian - The world of magic is divided into dark and light, witches and warlocks, chance and fate. You’re a prodigy of light, a witch who works within the police force. You’ve heard of Taehyung in passing, spoken in whispers as the warlock of dark who has the world holding its breath. All this changes on the night you’re assigned as security for a mysterious singer named V and you come face to face with Taehyung himself. What happens after that might be fate. @kpopfanfictrash
Zaddy - Don’t ask questions. Don’t get attached. That’s pretty much all Taehyung asks of you when you agree to be in this relationship with him, one of lavish gifts, a magnificent home all to yourself, and an all-inclusive pass into his bed - if he chooses to visit. You both swear up and down that feelings are irrelevant, but the skins you claim as tough might be thinner than you thought. (Personal Note: Couldn’t find a summary so I hope this works okay!) @btssmutgalore
The Executive - Kim Taehyung has never met a woman, young or old, who did not fall for his looks and genuine charm— until you showed up and knocked him down a few pegs. Incensed by your severe lack of interest in him, Taehyung vows to win you over, if for no other reason than to restore his pride. Taehyung takes to his personal journal to process his experiences with you, as well as plot his way into your good graces. @missbickerbocker
All I Want for Christmas is You - When Park Jimin is unable to escort his precious sister through the gauntlet of corporate holiday galas, he blackmails his best friend Taehyung into being her chaperone. After all, who better to safeguard his headstrong sibling than a man who would never want her for himself? (She and Tae have spent the better part of a decade mutually disliking each other, and that’s putting it mildly.) Yet, even the best laid plans may go awry at Christmas and Kim Taehyung is about to discover that the girl he never wanted has become a temptation he cannot resist… @ladyartemesia
Love Me or We Both Go Down - After going through with an arranged marriage to please his parents and secure his inheritance of the family business, Kim Taehyung thinks he’s got it all figured out. He doesn’t. Apparently just being married to you isn’t enough, not when everybody and their mother can pick up on the fact that the two of you absolutely loathe each other. But Taehyung wants his inheritance one way or another, so he decides that desperate times call for desperate measures: the two of you need to fall in love, and you need to fall in love fast. @gukyi
When You Least Expect It - You’re in love with your childhood friend, Taehyung. The problem is, you treasure your friendship with him far too much to ever risk losing it. Oh, and he’s quite the Casanova. At your wits’ end with feelings you can no longer hide as diligently as you once did, you ask him to set you up with someone, anyone, in a last ditch attempt to avoid a heartbreaking conversation (ft. Jungkook). @johobi
Our Gray Winter - “Were you looking for this?” Taehyung asked as he handed you the box of tampons you always bought. He remembered. You wanted to sink into the floor and die. Instead, you recalled your manners and said, “Thanks.” You put the box in your basket. “I can’t believe you remembered.”He beamed at you. It was patently unfair how he could look all glowy and soft while you looked… not like that. “Of course, Y/N.” If possible, Taehyung’s voice dropped even lower. “I remember everything about you.” @vyduan​
Tumblr media
Rattled - “I’m not gonna call you daddy. I’m not trying to fuck a dad,” you laugh, reaching your high a moment later. On the other side of the wall your neighbor sits on the floor, just as teary eyed as the screaming baby in his arms. He can hear you, too. And he hates you a little bit for it. @gukyi
The Cul-de-Sac Cons - Your two-story Tudor sits at the end of the cul-de-sac, miles away from the life that you used to lead. The life that involved more than a few scrapes here and there. The life that kept you on the run. But here, with your darling husband, you’ve found roots. You’ve found peace. The kind of peace that, unfortunately, could only be ruined by the new neighbors moving in. 
When You Least Expect It - You’re in love with your childhood friend, Taehyung. The problem is, you treasure your friendship with him far too much to ever risk losing it. Oh, and he’s quite the Casanova. At your wits’ end with feelings you can no longer hide as diligently as you once did, you ask him to set you up with someone, anyone, in a last ditch attempt to avoid a heartbreaking conversation (ft. Taehyung). @johobi
Please Love Me - As the only unmarried Jeon and Kim children, your families propose a union to symbolize your unbreakable bond that spans generations. But despite developing an affection for Jungkook growing up, he never returned it; he never seemed to like you, actually. You’re okay with the proposal, but surprise surprise, he isn’t. @ahundredtimesover
Standing Ovations and Other Nonsense - “Um, they accidentally dropped off your package in my mail again, Y/N,” said your hot neighbor in 2E, Jungkook, his cheeks heating up as he handed you the box clearly marked 2F. “Thanks,” you stammered out as you suddenly realized you had opened your front door in a bikini. To compound your embarrassment, your cat had decided right then to squeeze out between your ankles and scamper down the hallway. “Oh, sh*t!” you exclaimed as you ran after your damned cat in a bikini and dropped your package on the floor. “I’m so sorry.” @vyduan (As part of The Apartment Complex series)
Blackjack - Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst - how, exactly can you find a way out? @kpopfanfictrash
The Monogamy Monologues - The year? Some point after college. The occasion? Namjoon is getting married and the Rich Man’s Crochet Club has convened once agin. Somewhere between the drinks and the laughter, everyone has the same realization: Jungkook has never been in a serious relationship. In the name of all that is holy (Overwatch and booze), the club’s mission is revived. Now though, their goal is much more perilous. Now, they aim to find Jeon Jungkook a girlfriend. (As part of The Rich Man’s Crochet Club series @kpopfanfictrash
Birds - In Jungkook’s world, stability is key. He knows exactly what is expected of him as head doctor of Seoul’s ER Unit. He eats at the same cafe every Saturday. He spends his free time with the same six guys and watches the same movies so he doesn’t have to stress over the endings. But when an unfortunate collision lands him at your bedside in his own ER unit, his stable world starts to shift. @missbickerbocker
Low key - In order to pass organic chemistry and pay off your car damages from an accident, all you have to do is help the nerd, jeon jungkook, with a few things: pretend to be his girlfriend and teach him the ways of dating. @xpeachesncream
Ego - What’s a girl to do when her sweet, innocent baby lap partner isn’t quite so sweet and innocent? Well, he’s a grown-ass man, and you’re about to learn that the hard way. @suga-kookiemonster
Clandestine - Big brother’s best friend au @junghelioseok
Ode to the Nature of Romance - As a classical violinist, you understand passion and romance better than most. So why does Poetry professor Jeon Jungkook seem to have such a difficult time getting you to understand? @yeoldontknow
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suzumenokakimono · a month ago
We are even
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jimin x reader 
Genre: AU, smut, fluff, angst, fwb, friends to lovers
Word count: 22k
Summary: Jimin suggests friends with benefits arrangement but you’re not that convinced. He’s your friend and the hottest guy on the planet. Why would he even want to sleep with you? 
A/N: I thought about this one time before going to sleep, so here we are. 
It came out much longer than I'd been planning. I worked really hard on this, I may rest now. 
“We should fuck”
He was standing right next to you, in his tight jeans and low cut T-shirt, holding his drink and eyeing you up and down. Charming smile was not leaving his face, while he maintained eye contact with you. You froze in place at the ridiculousness of this statement, not being sure what just had happened. 
“What?”, you asked with expressionless face, thinking he was just drunk and stupid.
“You look really hot. I love this dress.”, he grabbed the hem of it, feeling the fabric. 
“How drunk are you?”, you narrowed your eyes, looking at him closely.
“Not that much. This is just my second drink.”, he shook his glass and took a sip of a beverage. 
“Then why are you already weird?”
“I’m not weird! I’m serious!”, he chuckled. 
He let go of your dress and took a step closer. His sight was going from your eyes, to your lips and then neck. And then he looked into your eyes again.
“You should stop drinking.”, you raised your eyebrows at his action, feeling like in a standup comedy. 
You shifted in your place. You were not sure what to do. You’d been friends with Jimin for a while now but he had never asked you something like that. It was weird, even for him. You were still pretty sure he was paying a trick on you. 
“Think about it. I’m hot, you’re beautiful. We don’t need to date each other, we can just be fuck buddies.”
You made a mental note how he’d called you beautiful. 
“Fuck buddies.”, you snorted. ”Like friends with benefits?”
“You can call it as you want.”
You looked at him and noticed how he was looking at you. You read pure lust in his eyes and felt an unexpected heat wave going through your body. He licked his lips, while looking at yours and you took a deep breath. Was he serious about this?
“So, what are you gonna say?”
“You really need to chill.”
You decided there and then that this was the end of the conversation. The whole idea of you and Jimin having sex was so ridiculous you needed to leave and gather yourself. You stepped away from him and wanted to leave the room, find a safe place where you could breathe. 
Sure, Jimin was one of those touchy people. Friendly and touchy. You’d never decided which more. And he didn’t need any alcohol to find you in a room full of people and put his arm around you, to hold tight your waist, to even whisper something to your ear, which was never sexual, more like a stupid gossip or a mean remark about your mutual friends. But he liked to be like that. He liked when it looked this way. He was always looking for physical contact even when he was announcing to you he needed to puke in the bathroom, otherwise he would paint the whole carpet with everything that he’d drank the whole week. 
Because drunk Jimin was kinda impossible. 
“Y/N, come on. Think about it!”
And he was drunk.
He grabbed your hand and tried to stop you from leaving. You were surprised how eager and stubborn he was about this. He pulled you back to him, a little too strong, which made you hit his chest. He immediately wrapped his arms around you, pulling you even closer. His scent hit your nose and you had to admit he smelled good. Too good. A thought of you putting your hands on his neck, getting closer to his skin and inhaling him like it was the last thing you wanted to do attacked your brain. You felt your cheeks getting hot and you were really hoping your makeup was able to cover that. Jimin making you blush was something you’d already forgotten about. He’d used to make you so embarrassed by being close to you, you were red on your face all the time. It had made him laugh each time and teased you endlessly. After years of him touching you on any occasion, you’d gotten accustomed with this and it’d been much easier since then. And now he’d found a way to make you fluster yet again. 
“I know you’re not dating anyone and everyone knows I’m not in any relationship.”
He was looking straight into your eyes. One of his hands held you close, resting nicely on your waist. The other one, after abandoning his drink on a windowsill, sneaked into your hair, tagging them behind your ear. You felt his fingers brushing your neck and a shiver went through your whole body, making you swallow hard. Why was he doing this to you? You knew he was good at seducing games, but he was your friend! He should have been doing this to some chick from the party, not you! 
Of course, you would have been lying, saying you’d never thought about this. Jimin was probably your hottest friend, including all your female friends. You were attracted to him, like probably everyone around you. He had that in him, something that dragged people to him. He was very likeable, so he was using that all the time. You’d promised yourself to never fall for his tricks. You pushed any filthy thoughts about him to the back of your brain. He was not looking for anything serious and you didn’t want to be his next trophy. 
At yet now, he was asking you to be his fuck buddy. Your mind was going places.
“Do I need to convince you more into this or are you in?”
His questions snapped you from your thoughts, definitely not about him. This was so insane, that saying what you’d said, was actually not that hard. 
“I think you drank more than two drinks. You should go and chill.”
Jimin sighed heavily. His hand dropped from your waist and you felt like a cold breeze hit the spot, when he’d held you just a moment ago. For some reason you regretted that he had let go of you. 
“Fine. I’ll leave you alone. But my offer stands!”
“Yeah, yeah…”
He didn’t look disappointed or sad. He just left you like you’d been talking about the most random thing ever, like he hadn’t asked you to go to bed with him moments ago. He was so casual about this, you barely believed. He took his drink with him and mingled with people in the room. 
Suddenly you were left alone and you started to look around. Did anyone see you? Did they realize what you’d been talking about? You shook your head. You were at the party, people had better things to do than eavesdropping on you. Nobody cared. 
But did you care?
Jimin asking you that made you wonder and think about all what ifs. Was it such a bad idea to sleep with him? He was a lady’s man, he should have been good in the sack. 
You almost slapped your face for that. Thinking about Jimin like that was the worst thing to do. He was your stupid, drunk friend, who would forget about all of this in a second. Or maybe not but would joke around about his ridiculous proposition, which would make you get back to the same friendship level as you’d been before. 
Making everything clear in your head, or at least you hoped for that, made you get back to the reality and the party that was going on around you. Music hit your ears again, the sound of people laughing, screaming or simply talking became more audible. World was normal again. 
You left the kitchen and started to push your way through the crowd. You’d come to the party with a group of friends, including Jimin. He was gone of course but you were pretty sure you were able to find the rest of them. You wanted to pour some nice drink to yourself and goof around with people you knew and felt comfortable with. You headed for the biggest room in the house, hoping everyone was actually there. 
The moment you entered it and started to look around, you saw him. It was inevitable. Jimin was talking with some cute girl, a little shorter than him, in a pink mini skirt and a yellow top. She was like a traffic cone, visible from any distance. No wonder he’d chosen her. She was all blushing and giggling. He was standing so close to her, he was whispering to her ear, instead of simple talking. One of his hands was on her shoulder, trying to keep her as close as possible. 
He’d left you like a minute ago and he’d already found someone else. He was unbelievable. You snorted. He was probably wearing his pants only because it was illegal to walk around naked. Otherwise, nothing would have stopped him. He was already putting his hands on her. Was he like horny 24/7?
But worse than seeing him flirting with some random girl right after he’d suggested you two should have sex, was that, in that specific moment, you felt something weird, deep inside you. Something you’d thought you would never feel around Jimin. You were jealous. Jealous that it wasn’t you. That his hands left your body and found someone else’s! You were jealous it was not you whom he was whispering most certainly some dirty stuff to. You were jealous!
For fuck’s sake, you didn’t want to be manhandled by him and tossed like a garbage! 
But it felt nice that he’d considered you as the next target, right?
When this thought hit you, you realized you needed a drink. A strong one. This was going in a weird direction and you were not curious what could happen next. Nothing good, for sure. You went back to the kitchen to find some alcohol for yourself. And maybe later your friends. 
You didn’t find your friends. Not that you were looking very intensely. Or forgot about them. You just found yourself busy. You were having fun on your own and that was OK! Someone was talking to you and you were politely nodding, not really sure what the topic was about. Or who you were talking to. Everything became so blurred at some point. You didn’t care much, though. 
You left outside the house to catch some fresh air. It was a really warm night, sky clear, all stars very much visible. You were probably seeing too many of them at that point. Still, you appreciated the view. You took a deep breath and turned on your heels towards the door. But instead of going back inside, you decided to take a trip to the garden that was around the house. Nice walk among bushes of roses sounded more than perfect!
You moved from your spot and went behind the building. It was much quieter there, less people. It felt really nice. Even though you were pretty drunk, you still hadn’t forgotten about the whole situation with Jimin. It was ridiculous and yet you couldn’t have thrown that away from your mind. One simple statement made you go completely insane. You sighed heavily and loudly. 
You were passing some small maze of bushes with roses. It was right next to the house and the entrance was starting in front of the building’s wall. You moved towards there when you realized you were not alone. 
You saw someone leaning to the wall. Image was not clear enough and part of the person was covered by the plants. You weren’t sure if you were not interrupting someone but when you got closer you recognized who that was.
It was Jimin. For some reason you jumped behind the bush to hide and when you made sure he hadn't seen you, you slightly looked over back to him. 
It was indeed Jimin. He was standing with his back to the wall, head thrown to the back and eyes closed, moaning with that high voice of his. And the reason he was doing that was a girl in front of him, on her knees sucking him off. Yes, she had his dick in her mouth. That was Jimin’s dick. You hadn’t remembered seeing it before. Not that you were planning or thinking about doing that. You looked at the girl.
Wasn’t that supposed to be you?
You immediately snorted at that thought. Your state you were in made this whole fuck buddies idea actually funny. If you’d agreed to that, you would be the one kneeling in front of your friend and going down on him. That single thought made your whole body warmed up and a shiver went down your spine. Especially when you heard Jimin again, moaning louder than before. You shook your head to get back to your senses. You were too drunk to do that, though. You lost your balance and fell to the ground, falling out of the bush, right in front of Jimin. He turned his head to you and opened his eyes wide seeing you.
“... Y/N? What…?”
Girl in front of him leaned back hearing his words and left his cock on a display, which this time made you open your eyes wide. 
“I’m not Y/N, you dick.”
Jimin glanced at her, not knowing what she was talking about. You used that to pick yourself and what was left of your dignity and run away. Unfortunately you did that too fast and tripped over your own leg. You fell, face down, ass up and your dress rolled up on your hips showing your butt cheeks, uncovered for the sight, since you’d worn thongs for the night. 
Seeing that Jimin completely forgot about his date and lost interest in what they were doing. He pushed her away and put his pants on, not liking hiding his hard on in tight jeans and ran after you, calling your name.
He caught you before you were able to enter the house. He grabbed your shoulder to stop you but you shrugged his hand off. You were damn sure your face was all red, like it used to be and you didn’t want him to see that. You wanted to hide and laughed everything off, because this night was too ridiculous to your liking. You heard Jimin giggling behind you, still trying to stop you, you felt his hand on yours. 
You turned on your heels, wanting to ask him to leave you alone. But, as you were doing that the whole night, you twisted your ankle. And before falling to the ground, you caught Jimin and pulled him with yourself. 
You both ended up on the ground, with Jimin laughing his ass off.
“Y/N, you OK?”, he tried to stand up and pulled his hand towards you to help you out. 
You looked at his face and remembered everything, the whole image. 
“That was your dick!”
You wanted to make everything clear, just so there were no confusions. 
Jimin bent down in half, almost ending up on the ground again, laughing so hard he wasn’t able to stand straight.
“Nothing will escape your attention.”, he was literally crying. 
You sighed heavily. Why the fuck was he laughing? You made a very reasonable statement. 
You decided to leave this man and maybe forget about his dick. 
You tried to get back on your feet but you found that a little more difficult than it should have been. You fell on your ass again and were pretty disappointed. 
“Let me help you.”, Jimin cleared tears from his eyes and grabbed you by your arm.
“No. Go back to your sweetheart. I don’t need your help.”
Jimin snorted, hearing you calling that girl his sweetheart.
He was also intensely looking at your efforts on standing up. 
“Yes. You clearly don’t…”
When you finally reached vertical level you fixed your dress and started to walk away. You were feeling overwhelmed by everything and immediately thought about going home. You had no idea how to do that, though. You just started to walk one way, hoping you would get there anyway. 
Jimin was still having his eye on you. Seeing you like that shattered all his plans for the night and he ran after you, again. Plus, he was pretty sure “his sweetheart” already left and was not looking for him. 
“Y/N, I don’t think you going anywhere like this is a good idea. Let me take you home.”
“I don’t wanna have sex with you!”
“That’s fine.”, he was still amused by all of this. He had no idea his proposition could make you act this way. He found that cute. “We won’t have sex, but we can get you home. How’s that?”
You had to think really hard to understand his proposition. Jimin didn’t want to wait for you to get to any conclusion though, so he just called a cub and took you with him.
After getting to your place he wanted to make sure you were all safe and sound in your bed. He guided you to your bedroom. 
You climb on top of your bed, trying to find the best place to lay down. Then it just hit you.
“I don’t want to sleep in my clothes!”
Jimin didn’t react on time. Before he realized what was going on, you sat on your heels, unbuttoned your dress and let it slide from your shoulders. Jimin choked on the air seeing you were not wearing a bra. You stretched your arms, feeling much better. 
“Well, that’s a sight.”
Jimin was trying not to look at you, but it was hard. He’d never seen you like this. You looked prettier than he thought you would. Shy smirk curled his plump lips.
You saw him staring at you and you laughed.
“We’re even! I saw your dick, you saw my boobs!”, and you were pretty proud of your observation.
“Yes, we are even.”, he chuckled. He decided he would tease you about this till the end of the world. 
You laid down on your bed and rolled into your comforter. Jimin made sure you were OK, you could breathe and that you were actually already falling asleep. 
“I hope you’ll remember everything about tonight because fuck me, I definitely will.”
He left your apartment, leaving you quietly snoring into your pillow.
Jimin [14:03]: You saw my dick and I saw your boobs, we’re even
Y/N [14:05]: OMG, will you ever let this go?
Jimin [14:05]: Not a chance
Y/N [14:10]: However! This is a true statement. This is really the case. I saw your dick, you saw my boobs.
Jimin [14:11]: Will there be more? 
Jimin [14:11]: Will I see more of you?
Y/N [14:15]: Let it go.
Y/N [14:16]: If you send me a link to Let it go from Frozen, I will rip that dick off of you.
Jimin [22:49]: I want you to see something.
Y/N [22:50]: If that’s a dick pic I’m moving to another country.
Jimin [22:52]: Just open it!
Jimin [22:52]: ‘Sent you a photo P9873.jpg’
Y/N [23:00]: Tickets to Japan are so expensive, I’m charging you. 
You answered the phone hesitantly, not looking at the caller’s name, knowing exactly who that was.
“I was thinking...”, you heard Jimin’s voice.
“About your dick?”, you interrupted him.
“... what? Why would I…?”
“Cause you’re constantly sending it to me. That’s like your favorite topic.”
“I’m just sending you a hint.”
“A hint? Oh my gods, if that’s a hint I don't wanna know what you’re hinting on.”
“But I was just actually thinking about you…”
“... while holding my dick.”
You hung up.
A few moments later Jimin was calling you back.
“D-did you hang up on me?”
“Are you done?”
“No, I’ve barely started…”
You hung up again.
When he’d called you one more time, you waited a bit longer to pick up. 
“FINE! I’m done. Just please, stop hanging up.”  
“You’re so easy!”
“Why are you doing this? Wouldn’t it be better if we had sex? Both of us would be happy.”
“I don’t even know where to start how bad this idea is.”
“I can assure you how good I am. NO, DON’T HANG UP!”
“I was about to!” “I’m just trying to understand.”
“Jimin. We are friends. Good friends! You don’t fuck around with friends.”
“What? That’s why it’s called friends with benefits! THAT’S THE NAME!”
“... that’s not the point.” 
“Are you scared you’ll fall in love with me?”, you could literally hear him smiling. 
“Who said I’m not already?”
“… wait-what?”
You gave him a moment to gather himself. The thought of you being in love with him definitely made him confused. 
“But seriously Jimin. You definitely have tons of girls just waiting for you to call them. Why me?”
“I’d already told you. You’re beautiful.”
“And you’re hot”, you quoted him.
“Thank you.”
“That’s not…!”
“That’s why. So why not?”
“Can we… just be friends again?”
“We’d never stop.”
“OK good, because I don’t wanna see your dick again or know what you want to do with it.”
“I know where I want to put it.”
An awkward silence fell on both of you. He hadn’t said anything, so you did it for him.
“That was lame, even for you.”
“I know. I’m sorry. I can do better!”
“I’m hanging up.”
After a long week and even longer Friday, you finally had some time for yourself. You’d definitely deserved it. You’d decided it was time to catch up with your favorite TV series and nothing could stop you. You had some good snacks at home that you’d bought earlier and alcohol in the fridge, in case the mood would be right for it. Almost running on the stairs to your apartment, all you could think about was changing into your comfy sweat pants and laying in your bed in front of the TV. 
You reached your place and started to look for the keys in your backpack. But something didn’t feel right. When you wanted to open your door you realized it’d already been opened. No key was needed and after pressing your door knob, your apartment was opened for everybody. You were 100% sure you’d closed everything right in the morning. You froze in place with your hand in front of you. Had someone broken into your place? 
You dropped your keys when this thought had hit you. You were living alone and if someone had followed you, they’d known that. You had nobody to help you and in case something had happened to you, it would be days before someone discovered your corpse. 
You took a step back, trying to figure out how not to die. You’d realized someone could still be inside! You were backing down, slowly, trying not to make more noise and didn’t lure any serial killer to yourself. You hit the opposite wall with your back, which somehow surprised you. Your blank mind made you think there is no other way to get out, so you were absolutely doomed but not ready to die. 
You heard someone’s footsteps coming from your apartment and already felt tears in your eyes, feeling like this was the end of your life. And when you’d thought your heart would jump out of your chest, suddenly, your door opened further and you saw no one else, but your friend, Jimin. He slid his head through the gap and narrowed his eyes to the light in the corridor, looking around. His eyes laid on you sprayed on the wall like a spider, his face with absolutely zero surprised expression.
“I thought I heard something.”
You didn’t say a word, not processing the whole situation at all. He saw your keys on the floor and picked them up. 
“The fuck you’re doing? Get inside.”
You had no idea what was going on and you felt how your legs had just given up. You hit the floor with your ass, feeling your soul leaving your body. Jimin had scared the shit out of you and had no decency to even apologize or feel ashamed! You wiped your face and took a deep breath. Leaning on the wall you stood up and went inside your apartment. The whole fear that had taken over your body before, started to change into anger, your tears had dried out and you were ready to fight.
“Under any circumstances, don’t you ever do that AGAIN!!”, you screamed, which made Jimin turn to you, surprised. 
“Why are you screaming?”
“I thought I’m going to die!”
“What? Why... I-is just me. I don’t wanna kill you, I…”
“Why the hell did you come here?”
“What are you talking about? And can you lower your volume?”
“Why are you breaking into my apartment?!”
“The fuck… I sent you a text!”
“You certainly did not!”
Jimin looked at you, truly surprised at that point. He took his phone and checked a conversation with you. He was pretty sure he’d written to you, before you even had left your work. And he was right! He had written. Everything that he wanted, about being around, wanting to drink, to meet. He’d just never sent that. His messages had left unsent. He looked at you with a smirk on his face, showing you his phone’s screen.
“Well, would you look at that?”
You looked at his phone and took a deep breath. He was so calm and you barely stood on your feet. You wanted to slap that smile off of his face. With a chair.
“Why are you here? How did you get inside?”
“I still have your key you gave me in case of emergency. I wanted to drink something and I was in the neighborhood.”
“We understand emergencies very differently. Next time go to a bar, or a club!”
“Come on.”, he walked past you, closed the door and stood in front of you. “Don’t be mad at me. Drink with me!”, and you smelled his breath, vividly. 
“Oh my… You’ve been drinking for a while, haven’t you?”
“Your vodka is gone. You need to buy a new bottle.”
“That’s a yes.” 
“But you still have some beer.”
With that statement he took two bottles out of your fridge and went straight to your couch, patting a seat next to him. You sighed heavily, again, while looking at him. He was definitely something else. 
Before you joined him, which you knew was unavoidable, you went to the bathroom to refresh a little and change into your home, cozy clothes. You were tired and didn’t want to deal with Jimin in your tight jeans and a bra. You removed your make-up and tied up your hair in a messy bun. Your friend was an annoying dick pic sender but you’d never felt uncomfortable around him while being all natural, wearing oversized clothes, just being yourself. There was no pressure around him and you liked that. 
You sat next to him and took one bottle of beer. He was already working on his, leaving it almost half empty. He spread himself on a couch, laid his arms on the headrest, probably felt like a king or a pimp. Knowing the time, he was after his work as well and yet he looked gorgeous and fresh. When you leaned your back you felt his fingers on your neck, playing with a hair that had escaped your bun. 
“So, why did you decide to give me a heart attack today?”, you took a big sip of your beer.
“I like making your heartbeat faster.”
“Hard day at work?”, you raised your eyebrow.
“I don’t wanna talk about it. Let’s just drink and have sex.”
“Wow, that escalated quickly. You won’t even bother with sending me another artistic photo? Buy me dinner first!”
“Should I order something?”, he looked at you with a smirk. 
“You’re boring. Always the same topic. Isn’t your dick tired?”
“Of what? You think I have sex all the time, every day?”
“You don’t?”
“Why are you thinking so bad of me? I am a nice guy and you said I’m hot.”, you rolled your eyes on that “You’re breaking my heart!”, he dramatically grabbed his T-shirt in his heart area. 
“Your heart is gonna be fine.”
“You know, I’m actually a romantic guy. I believe there is someone for everyone. I believe in love.”
“You’d never told me that. I don’t think we ever had talked about this stuff. I don’t even know what your type is.”
“OK, it’s you, Y/N. What’s yours? Me?”
“Stop it. Can you be serious for at least one minute?”
“Oh! You wanna be serious? OK then.”
Jimin took another sip of his quickly disappearing beer and put a bottle on the table. He sat back again but he moved closer to you. He leaned his elbow on the headrest and looked straight into your eyes.
“What are you doing now?”, you felt like it was a memorable party all over again. 
“I’m being serious.” 
He was looking at you very intensely. His brown eyes were piercing you, trying to read what was on your mind, when he was so close to you. And you knew exactly what that was. You’d never admitted to him that you had a crush on him and still was thinking how hot he looked. Even then, after a long day at work and a couple of drinks he looked so damn good, wearing just his T-shirt and a simple pair of jeans. 
He caught you checking him out and snapped fingers in front of your face.
“Hey, my eyes are up here!”
And that ridiculously charming smile of his! Sometimes you hated him so much.
You felt his hand on your neck again. While being so close, having his eyes on you, you felt you lost your old battle, again. Your techniques to control yourself around your friend failed you and you knew very well your cheeks had gotten red. You were feeling hot and embarrassed like a high school girl. 
You gasped when he laid his hand on your arm and broke eye contact. Even beer that you’d been drinking didn’t help your courage. Jimin was too intimidating. 
“You’re so cute when you’re blushing.” and he had been always saying things that made everything worse. 
“You used to make me blush all the time when we’d still barely known each other.”
“I remember that. You were always getting silent and running away.”, he chuckled at that memory.
“Ugh, you were making me so nervous. On purpose!”, you hid your face in your hands, remembering all those times you weren’t able to be in the same room with Jimin. Your face was feeling hot. Talking with him was not making this more casual. 
“I was not! I actually thought you didn’t like me!”
“So that’s why you were making me run away from you?”, you looked at him and playfully punched him on the arm.
“I was really not! I never wanted you to run away.”
“Good that with time I learnt how to deal with you. Most of the time.”
“Is that so? So, you won’t run away from me anymore?”
You snored at that, not being sure how to answer. You still were feeling nervous. You’d definitely found your own way to not die when he was close to you. But you’d realized he was also learning. During all those years of your friendship he’d gotten to know you as well, how to talk to you, how to feel your boundaries and slowly cross them. Whenever you’d started to feel more comfortable, he found something new to make you flustered. That son of a bitch.
“What the hell is going on in that head of yours?”
When you looked at him, you noticed he’d moved closer to you. He reached out his other hand and touched your cheek, which made it hot and red all over again. He chuckled and moved his hand to your arm, brushing his fingers on the skin, having his eyes on you, checking your reaction. 
He was so close.
He lifted himself on an elbow, which was still on the headrest and his face was right in front of yours. You smelled all the alcohol he’d drank that evening. It was intoxicating. 
“Your pupils are dilated”, he whispered. 
You gulped, not liking that much having pointed out that all he was doing was working on you. You didn’t need confirmation of your affection for him! You were pretty much very aware of it. And was almost sure he’d known already as well. 
You swallowed hard, getting more nervous. Could you trust yourself in that situation? Jimin definitely passed being just friendly and flirty with you. And if he didn’t stop, you weren’t sure how this would go. He’d never acted like this before. Did he really want you? Did you want him? Were you about to find out?
He parted his lips, like he wanted to say something. But he changed his mind. He licked his lips which immediately drew your attention. Your eyes snapped to them. You’d realized you wanted to kiss him. Or more like, you wanted him to kiss you. Your thoughts started to wander and you wanted to see how it would be to kiss Jimin. Those plump, pink lips must have felt amazing on yours. You could bet he was a great kisser. 
Jimin snapped you from your thoughts by grabbing your hand. Softly, he wrapped his fingers around your wrist and dragged it towards himself. You felt the harsh material of his jeans under your fingertips. Your hand landed on his knee, his was still holding you in place. By dragging it upwards his thigh, he was looking closely at your reaction, slowly moving his face closer to yours. 
The doorbell almost gave you a heart attack. You jumped in place, feeling your heartbeat in your throat. Your hand, which had been exploring Jimin’s thigh, snapped up like his body was on fire. You just wanted to take it away, stop touching him in a way that was definitely far from being innocent. But you’d done it too fast. He was so close to you, every detail of his lips perfectly visible for you. You hit him right into his chin, which surprised him so much he started to laugh. You were too distracted to actually understand what had happened. 
“Y/N! YOUR MAIL WAS IN MY MAILBOX AGAIN!”, you both heard a scream behind your door. 
You didn’t have to check who was that and what happened next. A few letters showed up under your door, left by your neighbor. 
“It-It’s my neighbor. She sometimes does that…”, your voice was shaking. 
“That’s fine.”, Jimin chuckled. “So, where were we…?”
“I’ll go get us fresh beers.”, you almost screamed. 
You surprised yourself more than you surprised him. But you didn’t have any better idea how to leave your living room and calm yourself. 
Jimin wanted to stop you. He didn’t say anything, he just grabbed your hand, tried to pull you back to him, but you slipped out of his grip. Before you left, you took your bottles from a coffee table and ignored his efforts to draw your attention. 
“... Y/N.”, he said that really quietly, although loud enough for you to hear. 
You stood up and with the last percentage of your brain you tried to make it look normal, not like you were running away from him. Even though you were pretty sure he was aware of everything. He wasn’t stupid. Still, you slowly headed to the kitchen, hoping you saved at least a little of your dignity. 
When you’d reached the kitchen, you put empty bottles on the counter. Before you opened your fridge, you took a deep breath. You had to calm down before going back to Jimin. Your hands were slightly shaking, you were definitely nervous. That was actually the first time had made a move on you. A real move. Before that, you’d always been sure he was joking around or making you flustered to see your red cheeks. But this attempt of kissing you seemed too serious. You really had to calm down.
There were still two bottles of beer left. You took them out and when you turned around you found Jimin standing right in front of you. Your hearts definitely skipped a beat and a hot flash attacked your body. You. Had. To. Calm. Down.
“Oh… you’re here. Great, you can take these.”
You handed him the bottles. You wanted to close the fridge, which was much easier with your hands empty.
Jimin took them out of your hands and immediately put them down on the counter. Before you were able to ask what was wrong, he took a step to you and without any word or a warning, he kissed you. He took you by surprise but instead of being scared and frozen you felt relief. Relief that he’d finally done that. This whole teasing was making you anxious and you weren’t sure if he was serious or not. But his lips on yours got any doubts out of your head. Jimin was kissing you.
He gently put one of his hands on your neck and the second one landed on your waist, his fingers digging into your flesh. They found exposed skin under your T-shirt and it gave you goosebumps, feeling him in such an unknown manner. 
When his lips left yours he didn’t move away. He stayed right there, holding his face right in front of yours. hands still on you. He sighed, maybe even hummed and looked into your eyes.
“You taste like beer.”
You gathered all your strength that had left in your body not to snort in that particular moment. 
“Weird. I’ve been drinking lemonade this whole evening.”
He chuckled at your words. Even in that situation, he enjoyed your way of talking with him. He licked his lips, checking for the said lemonade’s flavor. He didn’t find any.
“I don’t taste any lemonade. Let me check again.”
That was so cheesy and yet you giggled at those words. After that you felt his lips again, more bold than before. He pulled you close to him, you felt his chest on yours. He wrapped his arm around your waist, making sure you were not going anywhere. He was kissing you tenderly, pushing his tongue into your mouth. His touch was so warm, you were feeling that with your whole body, not only in places where he touched you. You knew you were red on your face all again, but you didn’t care. His eyes were closed and it was too dark in the kitchen. Plus, who would care about such a petty thing in a situation like that?
He cupped your cheek with one hand, brushed your skin with his thumb. You wanted to take a breath, parting your lips, gasping quietly. He didn’t let you. He followed you immediately, kissing you again, taking your lower lip between his and sucking. When you moaned he smiled to himself, appreciating your reaction. 
His hand slid down from your face, through your neck and landed on your arm. When he was brushing it further down it pulled your T-shirt with itself, exposing your collarbone. He didn’t notice. He was too focused on your red and already swollen lips. 
“Do... Do you want me to continue?”, he asked, with his eyes half closed. He was peeking at you, turned all, a little sawing in his place. 
This time you’d noticed how his pupils were dilated. His eyes seemed all black. He wanted you. It was real. You felt his whole body was tensed and waiting for your response. You knew that there and then he was all yours, at your command and you felt incredibly powerful. You took a deep breath. 
You understood what he meant and you wanted to answer him as fast as possible. Maybe it was him, who was asking this question, asking for permission, but he owned you way before that moment.
“Yes, Jimin.”
His eyes opened at your words. He looked into yours and bit his lower lip. 
“Are you sure?”
“Oh for fuck’s sake, if you’re gonna a-”’
He didn’t let you finish. Your irritation amused him, he always liked teasing you. He was giggling while kissing you again, not letting you speak, though you abandoned that idea very quickly. 
His lips started to wander. He was kissing you cheeks, jaw line, neck, leaving wet trails with his tongue. He kissed your collarbone, his breath was hot on your skin and made you shiver. Hand from your waist traveled up and hooked on your T-shirt neckline. He pulled it a little, trying to pick underneath, wanting to see you without it. Unfortunately for him, it was too dark in the kitchen to see anything. And he didn’t like it. He looked back at you.
“Let’s move this party to your bedroom, shall we?”
You nodded at your worst. You were scared but it was a good scared. Like before something new and exciting was going to happen. 
He pulled you with him and while walking backwards, he guided you out of the kitchen and led to your bedroom. His hands had never left your body. He was holding you close, peppering kisses on your neck, sliding his fingers under your T-shirt to feel your skin, but still avoiding your breasts, saving that for later. 
He took his T-shirt off and threw it on the floor. His hands were back on you, pulling you close to him. You tagged at his belt, trying to unbuckle it. He stopped you and did it himself. He undressed himself very quickly, staying just in his boxer shorts. He pulled you to him and kissed you hard. Both of his hands slid down your back, aiming at your ass. But before he grabbed it, he slid his fingers under the hem of your sweatpants. You felt him in your butt cheeks, his fingers on your skin when he grabbed them and pulled you close to him. Your body crashed into him. There was something exciting in the fact that he was almost undressed and you were still wearing all your clothes. He looked really good. You liked touching his arms and flat stomach. He had been working out regularly and it showed. 
He pulled you with him and sat on the edge of your bed. You were standing right in front of him, his face almost between your breasts. He was waiting for this. 
You moved away a little to take off your T-shirt, without hitting him with your elbows. Jimin slid further on your bed, wanting to look at you in the most comfortable position. He laid down, put his arm under his head. You’d already had the hem of your T-shirt on your hands and you started to move it up your body. When you were passing your breasts, Jimin noticed you hadn’t had a bra and his eyes went wide with excitement to finally see you topless again. He reached to grab himself through his boxer shorts and palm a little to ease the tension. And when you saw that, you immediately remembered you had your condoms in the bathroom. You dropped your T-shirt back on your body and wanted to excuse yourself.
“No! Y/N! Not in a moment like this. Don’t torture me!”
“Shut the fuck up, I will be back in a minute.”
Jimin dramatically fell on your bed, with his hands spread on both of his sides. He growled loudly, making you tell him to shut up yet again. 
You went to the bathroom, still hearing whiny Jimin. You rolled your eyes on that. How the fuck he was a ladies man with that attitude? Or maybe that was just for you?
You were pretty sure you knew where you’d put your condoms. They should have been under your sink, on a shelf. It puzzled you because you didn’t remember putting them anywhere else. You started to look all over your bathroom.
Meanwhile you noticed Jimin had gone silent. Finally. 
And then you found them. For some reason they were laying in your laundry basket. You had absolutely no clue how the hell had they ended up there. And you only found them because you desperately had started to look absolutely everywhere. But you grabbed them and ran back to Jimin.
When you got back with a pack of condoms in your hand, already trying to finally free yourself from your clothes, when you noticed Jimin on your bed. He was right there, where you’d left him. That one was certain. But he was sleeping. Sleeping like a baby. He even turned on his side and cuddled one of your pillows. His still visible erection probably had stopped him from laying on his stomach, but he was definitely sleeping. You sighed heavily. You felt like an inflatable toy that had just started to lose its air. 
Maybe that was good? Maybe this is how it was supposed to be? Sleeping with Jimin was a bad idea and you knew that, no matter how much you wanted that. It was just his charm, his eyes, lips, smile, smell… and everything. And with alcohol on both sides everything was doubled and you barely had controlled yourself. No, you lost control and threw yourself at him. Not that he was any better. Your friendship was screwed. 
You fell on the bed next to him. He still looked pretty. As always. You’d hoped he didn’t snore because you were not planning to wake him up. 
You realized how exhausted you had actually been and that sex was a cool idea, but sleeping was even better. You chuckled to yourself, looking how everything actually had ended. You were in your bed with Jimin, you’d almost had sex with him. But he had fallen asleep before you even took your T-shirt off. That was something to remember. 
You covered yourself and Jimin with your comforter, staying in your home clothes, actually being glad that Jimin had never taken his boxer shorts off. You rolled on your side, facing your friend and fell asleep. 
You felt his hot breath on the back of your neck. It actually woke you up. At first you had no idea what the hell that was. With confusion and eyes barely opened, you turned in your spot to find sleeping Jimin right in front of your face. His hair was messy, lips parted, though he wasn’t snoring. One of his arms was freely tossed around your waist but he wasn’t hugging you. It was such a weird experience to wake up next to him. Even if nothing more than a make out had happened between you two, he still was your friend. Right?
You tried to not wake him up. You moved slowly and gently laid his arm on the bed. You sat on the edge and hid your face in your hands. It was all so fucking crazy. You chuckled to yourself. Of course when you’d finally were about to have sex, Jimin had fallen asleep in your bed, half hard and half naked. It was like the universe was telling you: You might want to, but you won’t get it. Jimin was out of your league. You hadn’t heard him but you felt his chest on your back, his arms wrapping around your waist and his chin on your shoulder. He swung his legs on both your sides pressing his whole body into yours.
He took a deep breath and yawned.
“Good morning, darling.”
He called you darling.
Why the hell did he do that?
That had not been what this was all about. 
You panicked. You grabbed his hands by his wrist and unwrapped from his frame and stood up. He looked a little confused but also still very sleepy. His boxer shorts rolled up on his thighs, which made him almost fully exposed to your eyes. Not that much fabric was making him not naked on your bed. The only way he hadn’t noticed you staring at him, was that he was not entirely woken up and still trying to process what had happened. 
“What time is it?”, he asked, wiping his eyes to get rid of the rest of the sleep.
“I don’t know… around 10am…”
“I’m hungry… we can go…”
“I think you should go.”
He looked at you, with an unspoken question. Did he look disappointed? For one second you felt extremely guilty asking him that, so fast and basically without any given reason. You had treated him like an intruder and wanted to get rid of him. But when a moment had passed, you didn’t see that anymore. If it had been there in the first place. 
He didn’t say anything. He shrugged his arms and stretched them above his head. 
But he still wasn’t moving though.
“Can you leave now?”, you were getting anxious. 
“I need fresh clothes. Can I borrow something from yours?”
“I guess…”
Hearing that, Jimin stood up from your bed and grabbed the hem of his boxer shorts.
“Are you gonna undress here?”, your eyes went wide and a quick heat wave hit your body. It was way too early for that kind of thing. 
“Are you gonna watch?”
“I’ve already seen your dick, so…”, you didn’t think that through. 
“Fair enough.”
And with that he undressed himself, letting his boxer shorts fall on the floor. You didn’t look away at first and looked straight at him. Yep, that was Jimin all naked, like nature intended. You blushed in an instant and closed your eyes. It was such a weird feeling. A few hours ago, you’d been about to have sex with him, seeing him without his clothes was included. And yet, when he’d undressed in that very bright morning, you acted like a teenager.
“I’ll take a shower first.”
That was not a question. He wasn’t asking for your permission. He went straight to the bathroom. You opened your eyes just to see how his naked ass was disappearing behind the door. 
Your monthly RPG session was something you were always looking forward to. A group of nerds meeting at one of their apartments, drinking cheap wine, eating unhealthy snacks and killing some goblins was exactly what you needed. You had to busy your mind, forget about everything, focus on anything that wasn’t Jimin.
Jimin. Jimin. Jimin. Jimin.
Because that was the only thing that had been on your mind.
You were going crazy.
It had been two weeks since your almost-having-sex-night and since then your mind was going places you had had no idea they had existed. Sure, at the end nothing happened and in the morning you had kicked him out before he had tried anything. And maybe that was the problem. 
Because, despite your fear of losing him as a friend, you wanted him. Oh all gods in history, you wanted him so much. You’d finally gotten a chance to know how he kissed. To feel his tongue in your month, his hands roaming all over your body. And it all had felt so good. It shouldn’t have but it did. Crossing that line, having sex with your friend, was something that should have felt weird and awkward. You both should have felt guilty. But you didn’t. 
And did he?
Jimin. Jimin. Jimin. Jimin.
And, of course, it wasn't helping that Jimin was there too. He had introduced you to this group, helped you find your way in. So, obviously he had come as well, to torment you more and more with his presence. And smell. And his smile. 
He wore a simple hoodie and skinny jeans and you were screaming internally. His hair was a mess because of the wind outside but you thought it still looked cute. You’d noticed some time ago you liked him like that, without a special haircut or fancy clothes he had always worn when going out. But when he was with his close friends he was letting his guard down and didn’t care that much about his appearance. 
You shook your head. You were supposed to stop thinking about him. Or at least not focusing on him looking good or finding everything that you liked about him. 
You blinked a few times to clear your vision. 
Jimin was not that perfect!
His hair was a mess, his hoodie would need a wash, he had a black spot on his pants and his socks didn’t match. 
Then why the fuck did he look so good?
You’d noticed any small detail about his appearance. You were trying to find any possible flaw in the way he looked, talked or laughed. Mission failed. You were whipped as fuck and had no place to go with your frustration. 
Maybe that was the problem with friends with benefits arrangement? Not a possible loss of a friend but having him everywhere at any time and not being able to keep your hands to yourself? You hadn’t done much and yet you were able to imagine this kind of situation. Sitting next to him, bumping your knee into his. Feeling his warmth on your body, his hand on your thigh under the table. Nobody would notice, people had known you as friends for years. But you would know. And him as well. You would have been burning with lust, eye fucking each other for the whole evening, knowing very well not much more can be done. 
A real torture.
You sighed heavily. This was going to be a long night.
To be fair, he backuped a little. After your almost-night, Jimin calmed down. He was still a horny piece of shit but you hadn’t been woken up with his newest dick pick in a message or another late night phone call about him touching himself. Also, he hadn’t mentioned said night, hadn’t teased you about it. It was weird, though. It didn't seem natural. 
So maybe he did feel guilty? 
Did he regret it?
You all sat at the table in the living room. Your seat was next to Jimin, as always. It’d been your place since the beginning. You remembered very vividly how he’d come with you for the first time, showed and explained everything and had taught you how to play. Not everybody had been happy about your presence that day to be honest. They had thought you’d been his girlfriend or a one night stand he had hoped to score and you would disappear as fast as you’d come to their lives. But you’d come the next time and a time after that. You’d been accepted and become part of the group. Since then it’d been your tradition to play together and you’d been always coming with Jimin. And you didn’t remember being that stressed, like you had been that first time. 
Jimin sat on his chair and put his notebook on a table. He wasn’t paying much attention to you since he’d come. You knew it hadn’t been something unusual. He had no obligation to run to you like a puppy, even though you hadn’t seen each other for quite some time. Normally, if you hadn’t seen him touching himself while looking at you undressing, you wouldn't have paid any attention to that. But the situation was not normal, at least for you. You felt your hands getting sweaty and you wiped them on your jeans. You grabbed your glass of wine that had been waiting for you at the table and took a big sip. 
Jimin was talking with his friends, Taehyung and Jin. You’d met both of them during your first game night. You knew they’d known each other for years and had been playing together since the beginning. 
They were probably talking about your upcoming game, or his work, or something completely different. You were not even going to pretend you were listening to the words that were coming out of his mouth. Though, that was what you were staring at. Your point of interest, that you clearly remembered how it tasted like on your own. You licked your lips on that memory, without even realizing it. 
His knee bumping into yours gave you a heart attack. You jumped in your seat, grabbing the table, scared of your own life. Also a very well known heat wave came straight through your body. You were a goddamn mess. 
When everyone finally had gathered around and the game had begun, you tried to completely focus on that. You promised yourself to forget about Jimin. You had to put all your thoughts and efforts on your current task. And not Jimin. 
With the corner of your eye you saw him smiling to himself, when his character got additional points for his mission. His slightly crooked tooth was visible from that view and you thought that was pretty cute. Jimin was not perfect but he was definitely perfect in that. 
“Stop looking at me and focus on the game.”, he said to you, out loud. 
But he also leaned to you, put his lips as close as possible to your ear and made your whole body burst into flames. 
“Or I punish you.”
Your cheeks had become so red you were absolutely sure a steam was coming out of your head. He did it. He did it again. He started the whole flirting game. And you could have sworn it wasn't innocent, like it used to be, way before the idea of your sex had formed in his head. You had no doubts he hadn’t forgotten almost sleeping with you and him being quiet all that time, was just a calm before the storm. You took another big sip of your pink wine. You were not going to survive this. 
He moved away, getting back to the game, not paying attention if anyone had seen his movement. He wasn’t looking at you but now you knew he had had his attention focused on you the whole time. How screwed you actually were?
While talking to one of your friends, sitting on the opposite side of the table, he moved his hand and put it on your thigh. If you were a guy, you would get a boner for sure. Your eyes went as wide as possible and your heart jumped right into your throat. 
That was like a final straw for you. His touch on you had woken up memories of him touching you last time. You were centimeters of his moving hand on your body away from moaning out loud in front of the whole group. 
Game master threw the dice. Everyone was looking at the table, waiting for the result. But you’d already known what was going to happen, no matter the outcome. Dice stopped rolling and before anyone had done or said anything you dropped your notebook with a loud slap.
“Oh, look, I’m dead.”
You dramatically stood up. Jimin’s hand dropped down, he looked right at you, probably the first time that night. 
“You can’t do that! She can’t do that!”, someone screamed. 
You ignored that, completely not caring who actually was talking to you, stood up and stormed out of the room, without looking at anyone. 
Jimin was as shocked as everyone else. He grabbed your notebook and put it on your chair. Everyone was looking at him. They all were blaming him. You were his responsibility. 
“I will check up on her.” 
Jimin quickly followed you, not waiting for anyone to comment on the situation. He found you in the kitchen. You were standing in front of the window, with your back turned to him, trying to gather yourself. 
“Y/N, what the fuck? We were waiting for this game a whole month and you just ruined everything…!”, he sounded mad, but for some reason you very well knew he wasn't. 
“I can’t stand this!”, you turned around and screamed at him.
You made him jump in place because of your outburst.
“What? You had time to prepare, we all got an email...”
“Wha-UGH-Shut up! I’m not talking about the game, Jimin!”
“Then what?”
You looked at him like he had grown another pair of hands on his head. He had no fucking clue what he had done to you.
“I can’t stand this, Jimin! This tension between us!”, Jimin opened his eyes widely, definitely taken-aback. “I can’t stop thinking about you, looking at you, thinking about your offer and what happened that night…”, your cheeks became more pink on that memory. 
Jimin opened his mouth. Maybe he’d wanted to say something, but he quickly changed his mind. The only thing that left his mouth was a sound similar to a sigh or moan. 
But you sighed heavily. This was killing you.
“All I can think is that d-”
Jimin was not waiting for you to finish. He took a few very fast steps towards you and he just kissed you. He cupped your face with both of his hands, his touch was warm but also gentle and very much welcome. You grabbed his wrists, not to push him away but to keep him close to you, right where you wanted. Why did kissing him felt so good? 
When he finally managed to break from your lips, he looked straight into your eyes. His breath was hot on your skin, his lid hooded. 
“Your place or mine?”
“Mine.”, you didn’t even have to think twice. 
“I’ll drive.”
It all went pretty fast. You didn’t tell anyone you were leaving. You took your backpack you’d left in the hallway, Jimin put his shoes on, grabbed your hand and you just left. 
However, the whole drive home was a little awkward. It wasn’t like in the movies. No motion pictures with a separate scenes that just looked good and sexy. You went to the car, you sat in the passenger seat and waited for him to leave the parking lot. There was no traffic jam but still, it took 20 minutes for you to arrive at your place. All this time you were looking at him. He was focused on the road and you barely talked. You weren’t sure what to do on your way home. Should you kiss him? Should you put your hand on his thigh? He’d done it himself last time. Should you maybe go down on him? You were about to have sex anyway. 
Your train of thoughts took all your attention and you snapped out of it when he opened the door on your side to let you out. He took your hand in his and guided you to your apartment. He had his spare key with him. He took it out of his pocket and wanted to open your apartment. 
But right in front of the door you stopped. He felt how you dragged his hand with yourself, so he turned around. You were standing behind him, your sight was nailed to the floor, you seemed to be mentally somewhere else. 
“Y/N, what’s wrong?”, he asked with a soft voice. 
“Jimin, you need to convince me… again.”
“What? I thought you wanted this…”
“Yes. I do. I know I do. But… I’m scared. I… I need you to make me sure again…”
His voice was soft and calming. He reached out to you and pulled you back again. His kisses were tender and gentle. They calmed you down, gave you some reassurance you needed. You followed his movements, melting into his warm touch. You knew he wanted you. You felt that in his lips on yours, in his touch on your neck, in his thumb brushing your cheek. You both calmed down. You stopped stressing out, he slowed down his eagerness to get into your pants. Because you were pretty sure he wanted to do that as fast as possible. Maybe he was scared you could change your mind? It’d been not an easy task to convince you to go to bed with him. Any delay was not doing anything good for him. 
At least that was what you’d thought. It made sense in your mind. But it wasn’t true. Sure, he was horny and ready for you but at the same time patient and opened for your stubbornness. Was it because he was your friend and he knew you too well? You didn’t ask him, you focused on enjoying everything he was doing and everything that was going to happen. 
He slid both of his hands down your arms, through your waist to finally grab your ass. He pulled you to him, your body leaned into his, feeling his slim figure. 
His request might had been ridiculous, but you did what you had been asked to. He caught you right on time and you wrapped your legs around his waist. His lips were back on yours in no time. He was much stronger than he looked. He held you without any problems. His hands were on your ass, pressing you on him, trying to keep you as close as possible.
He took a step back and hit the door with his back. At that moment, both of you realized it was still locked and Jimin’s hands were very much occupied. 
“We didn’t think this through…”, he laughed, hiding his face in your neck. You smelled incredible and he loved that. 
“We’ll think of something.”
With one of your hands on his neck, trying to hold him as tight as possible, you sneaked another one down his body and found his with your spare keys. You took them out and asked him to move a little, so you could open the door. Jimin obediently listened to you but since you were taking care of that, he didn’t want to waste any time. He kissed you on your cheek, moved to your jaw and when you felt his lips on your neck he sucked your skin, marking it as his. You moaned out loud and almost dropped the keys. Thankfully, they were already in the lock and somehow you managed to turn it open. Jimin kicked back the door and went inside, still holding you close to him. Before he went further you closed them behind you, not wanting any unwanted guests. 
He took you straight to your bedroom. He stood in front of your bed and put you down on it. You kneeled in front of him, having his face on the same level as yours. You both were so hungry for each other, you wanted to rip your clothes off of you and at the same time never be apart again. 
You grabbed his hoodie and forcefully pulled it up to take it off of him. The moment you freed him from it and he could see you again, his hands landed on your clothed breasts, like he’d been waiting those two weeks to do that. 
“Y/N, are you not wearing a bra?”, he asked, smiling at you. He was enjoying this very much. 
“You need to check on your own.”
He smirked at you and moved his hands down to find the hem of your pullover. While looking at you, checking at your response, he tagged at the material and moved his palms underneath it, going back up to find your boobs again. You first felt him right under the swells of them, a soft and feather-like touch. His thumbs were gently touching your skin, circling, slowly making their way up. He kissed you at the same time when he cupped your breasts. You moaned right into his mouth, holding him by his neck. Hot flashes hit your body like a tidal wave and you were vividly feeling a pool of arousal gathering between your thighs. Jimin was touching you. Your naked body. It was so surreal it was making you crazy. You felt like you were getting wetter and wetter in an instant. Jimin pinching your nipples was definitely helping with that. 
“So… how does it work? Our sex?”, you asked between kisses.
“How does the sex work? Oh, Y/N, I thought you knew…”
He dropped his hands from you and held them in front of your face. And then he made a gesture. With his pointing finger and a thumb he made a circle and the second pointing finger moved inside it. He did it a few times, making sure you understood. 
You looked at him, at first with absolute shock, what the hell he was doing. The second later you snorted right into his face.
“You fucking dipshit, that’s not what I meant!”
Jimin was already laughing out loud, hiding his face in your neck. He was definitely having fun. He was able to change his mood so quickly. He went from horny as fuck to goofy in a second. You growled loudly. How could he make jokes in a situation like that? And why was he so endearing while doing that?
He left an opened-mouth kiss on your neck. His wet tongue touched your skin. You were feeling like you were burning up, like you were having a fever. Each time he did something you were pretty sure you were about to explode. 
“But, Jimin…”, you said weakly. 
“Yes? What is it?”
“I mean it… How will this work? Do we set any ground rules?”
He stopped kissing you, not without disappointment and looked at you. 
“What kind of rules are you thinking about?”, he put his hands on your waist and pulled you close. You felt his hard dick on your stomach and felt an urge to shove your hand down his pants. But you wanted to settle first for something else.
“I guess the usual ones? If someone catches feelings, we need to stop.”
“Then please, don’t fall in love with me.”, his smile was as charming as always.
“Stop being a jerk or I’ll change my mind.”
“I’ll be good, I promise.”, he kissed you to seal the deal. 
But you didn’t reciprocate his kiss and he felt you became a little tensed. 
“Is there something else on your mind?”
“A-are we exclusive?”
“Do you want us to be?”, he looked pretty serious when asking that. 
You had to pause everything you were doing to actually think about that. 
“I guess not. We’re not dating… so…”
“OK, then we’re not.” 
It surprised you how fast he agreed to that. Not like you were expecting him begging you to be his the only one or anything like that. He’d probably done this before. You felt a relief that everything went fast and painless, was clear and settled. 
“Is that everything? Can we move on to the part when we fuck?”
“You’re such a romantic guy.”, you rolled your eyes.
“I told you.”
He giggled, yet again looking more cute than sexy right before you were about to have sex. Duality of Jimin was definitely going to be the death of you. 
You kissed him to wipe that smile off of his face. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close to you. You felt his hand on your back, his fingers dragging down your spine. Now that everything was clear, he didn’t wait much longer to free you out of your pullover. He’d been waiting too long for that and only he knew how long that actually had been. Last time he’d seen you topless could be called an accident and didn’t count, though he liked to revive that memory in his mind. He wanted to fully see you, touch you, make you his. His fingers felt hot on your body, like they were leaving marks on your skin. Without any further due he grabbed your pullover and pulled it up to take it off of you. Your boobs were finally free in all their glory. 
“There they are.”
They were prettier than he had remembered. He licked lips seeing you like that. He was damn sure he would never get tired of that view. 
Both of his hands were immediately on your breasts. They fit perfectly in them for him to squeeze. He was going insane while playing with them. Holding them and pushing them up a little he licked one of your nipples. He flat his tongue and took a long stripe on the surface that was not covered with his palm. When he heard your moan he smiled to himself and did the same thing with another nipple. It felt so good, you grasped his hair at the back of his head and pulled a little. It made him groan down his throat. He lifted his head, squeezed your breasts together and hid his face between them, as much as he could. You laughed at his action but he didn’t care. He stayed like that for a moment, breathing hard, inhaling you. Your body, your scent were doing things to him. His dick was so hard already it was becoming uncomfortable to him. He wanted to lose the clothes and finally feel you. But he was also enjoying playing with you. Every moan and gasp of yours was music to his ears. He would have never suspected you would be so responsive to his touch. He started to think you should have been done this way before. 
“I fucking love your tits. Can you walk like this everyday from now on?”
“I’ll see what I can do…”
He knew very well you had been joking but he would never mind if you did that each time you were meeting with him, even if sex would not be an option. 
He pushed his body weight on you, making you sit on your heels and  eventually made you lay down on your bed. He dropped your boobs in the middle and when you were perfectly settled in your bedding he leaned down and started to kiss your stomach, roaming with his hands everywhere he could reach. He unzipped your jeans and dragged them down through your legs. He pulled so fast you had to hold on to your bed, so you wouldn’t fall on the floor. Your panties went down with your pants and everything landed discarded next to your friend’s feet. You were lying there completely naked, while Jimin still had his clothes on him. You felt weirdly exposed, like it was unfair for him to see all your naked body and he barely was missing a hoodie. You crossed your legs and pulled up on your elbows, waiting for his next move. 
Jimin was standing right in front of you and couldn’t stop staring. You looked so beautiful, your nude body was just for him, lying and waiting to be taken care of. He couldn’t believe all of this was happening and was way too excited. He bit his lower lip and looked into your eyes. He was riled up like crazy. Without losing an eye contact he dropped one of his hands and grabbed himself through his pants. Palming his hard length he was making sure you were seeing everything. You bit your lip at the sight, enjoying the show and he was more than pleased you liked it. He unbuttoned his jeans and shoved his hand inside, started to stroke his dick. He closed his eyes at the feeling, finally having some relief for his aching cock. He leaned on the bed with his other hand, hovering above your crossed legs. You were watching him closely while he was jerking off but you started to feel neglected. It was extremely hot seeing him like this, falling apart under his own touch, thinking about gods know what while doing so, but you wanted to get some piece of that as well. You wanted to feel as good as he did.
You slightly kicked him in the forearm next to you, reminding him he was not alone in the room. 
“Stop jerking off and please take care of me.”
His eyes went wide open and immediately landed on you. 
“I was thinking about you, though.”
You smiled at him. It was a cute, simple smile. And it almost made him go feral. He left his dick and pulled his pants down, dropping them on the floor. He took off his T-shirt and crawled on top of you, opening your legs with his hands and nestling right between them. His hard cock, still clothed in his boxer shorts, was right on your wet pussy. You felt it twitching at the feeling of you. You rocked your hips to grind on him, to ease the tension just a little bit. You saw him closing his eyes, parting his lips, losing himself at the feeling. You wanted to take him in your hand, make him feel good like he did to himself a moment earlier. But he stopped you. He grabbed your wrist and put your hand above your head. He took a deep breath before opening his eyes and looking back at you. 
“You don’t need to run for condoms, don’t you?”
“They’re… right here…”, you pointed at the night stand. You had left the whole pack there after the last time, just in case. 
His hand followed yours and took a small pack, to put it right on the pillow next to you. 
“OK. I will need them later.”
You weren’t sure what he had meant by later. You wanted to ask him, but he used the moment when your neck was exposed and nestled his face down there. He was lying like that, inhaling your scent like he did before, enjoying every bit of it. When he spoke his voice was low and firm, giving you goosebumps. 
“Y/N, tell me what do you like? What do you want me to do?”
This question evaded your ears or brain completely and went straight down your core. But you had no doubts what you wanted to answer him. 
“I-I want you to go down on me…”
He took a deep breath, still holding his face right next to your skin. 
“I always wanted to do that.”
You thought of saying something, commenting on that statement. But you were too far gone to point out how he had apparently fantasized about eating you out before you had even started talking about having sex. You hoped you would remember that to tease him later, though. 
Jimin had no idea what was going on in your head, so he just simply kissed you on the neck. His soft lips barely touch your skin at first. At the second try you felt his teeth grazing your flesh. He sucked your neck with the intention of leaving a mark on you. He was slowly moving down, leaving wet trails with his tongue. He wrapped his lips around your right nipple. Gasping at the feeling you arched your back, pushing your breasts right into his face. He was swirling his tongue around it, focusing right on it’s tip, making you moan deep down your throat. He was doing things to you like he had known your body very well, known exactly where you touch, which button to push to make you wet and crazy. You gasped when you felt his teeth gently nibbling at your skin. 
He didn’t didn’t leave your other breast unattended. His free hand was on it a moment later, kneading the flesh, digging his digits in it. It was a little too big for his palm, though nothing he would worry about even for a second.
He hadn’t lied saying he loved your boobs. 
After making sure he had given them enough attention, he started to move lower. Kissing down your belly he finally was getting close to where you wanted him the most. You were certain an even longer delay would make you drip down your thighs. When he reached your pubic mound you exhaled loudly, not knowing you’d been actually holding a breath. Jimin grabbed your legs and hooked them on his arms, making himself comfortable right in front of your center. You felt his breath and then soft lips on your inner thigh. 
You were expecting him to start right away, trying to get you off as fast as possible. Instead of that he kissed your inner lips, like he would have kissed you normally. His tongue was gently poking at you, making a shy entrance and then withdrawing in an instance. He kissed your clit, not giving enough pressure for you to feel much, more like a tease or a trailer of what was coming. His lips went lower to your entrance, kissing all the way down. He was tasting you, enjoying every bit of it. He left an opened mouth kissed, slightly pushing his tongue inside of you, gathering your juices on his taste buds. Then he changed his pace and made you moan out loud when he took it out and took a long stripe along your pussy, leaving it flat on your clit, adding up and down motion. Wave of pleasure washed over you, your hands grabbed the sheets. He looked up to observe your reaction, checking what was dragging the biggest pleasure out of you. You were breathing fast, arching your back a little. You looked down at him, made eye contact and in that moment he wrapped his lips around your sensitive nub and sucked. You cried out at the sensation, laying your head back on the bed. You lifted your hips a little, rocked on his face, trying to add more friction. Jimin pinned you down with one of his hands, wanting to have you still and enjoy his maneuvers. He took his lips away from you for a second, just so he could rub your clit with his thumb, with slow circle motions. He kept his face right against your cunt, breathing in you, loving every bit of you. The view, the smell, the taste was intoxicating for him, making him even more aroused than before. He rocked his hips to the mattress, to ease the tension. He felt his boxer shorts were already wet from a precum. He still wanted to finish with you, before going further, though.
You felt his tongue going inside of you again. His tip gently split you open, not giving much stretch. He was pushing it further until his lips were right on yours, wrapping your almost whole pussy. He started to move it, in and out of you, fucking you with it, making you impossibly wet. His thumb was not leaving your clit, adding a pressure, building up your high each passing moment. You were squirming under his touch, under his ministrations. His tongue was soft and wet, but felt so good. You started to wonder how his dick was going to feel. Or maybe fingers?
He didn’t give you much time to think about it. His jaw gave up, it was going numb and started to hurt. Wrapping his lips, leaving a kiss on your pussy he took out his tongue. He didn’t want you to lose your rising orgasm, so he moved up quickly and exchanged his thumb with it. He gave a few tentative licks to your clit, feeling how your hips shook each time, hearing your soft cries and putting it flat again, pressing his mouth to you. You were close, the knowing feeling in your belly was growing and was about to snap any second.
“Ji-Jimin, I’m close…”, you sobbed. 
“Cum all over my face, Y/N.”
His mouth was on you, dragging more and more sounds out of your throat. His free hand sneaked around your leg and found your dripping core. Your arousal was mixed with his saliva, a mess you both made. His finger traced along your slit, gathering all the wetness from your lips. He eased it inside without any restraint. You clenched around him at the feeling, you were closer and closer. He added another finger, giving you a slight stretch, known burning anything but pleasant. He started to push them in and out of you, his slick fingers were brushing your walls, adding even more pleasure. 
With his digits inside you and his tongue on you, you cummed hard, with a moan stuck in your throat. You were shaking while he was still easing his fingers and dragging your orgasm out of you. He was feeling your clenching, holding his fingers inside. He moaned with you at the feeling, imagining how it would feel if it was his dick. 
When you started to be too sensitive he took his fingers out of you and laid his face on your belly. His jaw was all numb and sore but it had been worth the struggle. He could still taste you on his lips, your juices were dripping down his chin. 
He lifted up and looked at you. You were so fucked out, laying flat on the bed, breathing hard, trying to gather yourself. He wiped his mouth with the back of his clean hand and slowly moved up until he had his face on the same level with yours. He pressed his forehead to yours and closed his eyes. You were feeling his body on yours, his hard dick poking you in your inner thigh. 
“Y/N, I want you so bad…”
His lips were right above yours. You could almost taste yourself on them. 
“Are you ready for more?”, his voice was lower than you would ever imagine it was possible.
He leaned on an elbow and reached his other hand to the hem of his boxer shorts. Slightly shaking he dragged them down his hips. His hard cock sprang free, fully visible to your eyes. He was bigger than you remembered from the party, made you bite your lower lip at the sight.
You helped him to free himself from his last part of the garment. He reached for the condom that was next to your head. Slightly impatient, rolled it on his dick and moved up back to you. 
“I’m so hard I think I’m gonna explode.”, he was almost moaning. 
You felt his dick brushing past your entrance. “But just not too fast, Jimin.” “Being smart ass won’t get you anywhere.”
And with that he smacked your left ass cheek. Not very hard, but hard enough for you to feel a slight sting on your skin. You yelped at the feeling, not being prepared for this kind of action. A second later he was soothing the pain with his palm, kneading your ass. 
“Don’t be bratty. I’m too far gone to play with you like this”
He kissed you last time before he leaned on his elbow and he grabbed himself, guiding to your core. He rubbed up and down the tip of his cock along your slit, gathering your wetness on it. He gently dragged it on your clit before pushing inside of you with an ease. You were so wet the stretch was minimal and still you didn’t mind. He was pushing in slowly, not only trying not to hurt you but also trying to control himself. You were feeling amazing, he had to focus on not cumming right on the spot. When he fully buried himself inside you, he stood still for a moment. You both were calming your breaths, feeling yourself and waiting for you to adjust to his length. His body weight was on you, one of his hands brushing skin on your hip. He was looking into your eyes, lips parted. His cheeks were pink from the excitement, bids of sweat gathered on his forehead. He looked so fucking sexy you felt like a new wave of arousal was going through your body. Maybe he was your friend, but in that moment you’d never wanted anyone more than him.
He started to move. First with slow but deep motions. He was trying to find a good pace for both of you. His hips were meeting yours at a leisure rate, sinking deep into you. You groaned each time his pelvis brushed against your clit. You were still sensitive but the new wave of pleasure was already building up. 
“You feel so good, Y/N.”, he moaned into your ear, His voice was shaking. “If I wasn’t so fucked out, I could fuck you all night long.”
You gasped at his dirty talk and the way he thrusted into you while saying those words. You had no idea it would work so much on you. 
He placed one of his hands under your thigh and pulled it up, making you wrap your leg around his waist. You quickly added another one and circled both of them around him, pushing your hips slightly up. Jimin groaned at the feeling, biting his lips. 
His movements sped up. With this position he could go even deeper, making you squirm for him. 
“How are you so tight? I think I will go insane…!”
Those filthy words spilling out of his mouth were doing incredible things to you. Each time he had spoken like this to you you clenched around him, feeling a strong heat wave going through your body. His fingers dug into your hips, he was definitely not indifferent to your body reactions, feeling every bit of it. He was moving fast, brushing against your inner walls, trying to find your sweet spot. He was fucking you so good, each thrust giving a full jolt of pleasure. 
“Are you close?”, his lips were right next to your ear. 
“I-I’m getting there…” 
He moved lower and wrapped his lips on your nipple, sucking and licking, wanting to drag the second orgasm from you. 
“Will you come for me, Y/N? Just one more time, please. I want to feel you clenching on me.”
You wanted to cum so bad. You were getting closer and closer. But you needed more than that. Your neglected clit was almost screaming at you, wanting to be handled. With shaking hand you reached between your bodies to touch yourself, to finally reach your high. Jimin noticed that. His swollen lips left your already red nipple and he looked at your fingers sliding down and starting circling your sensitive nub. A strand of saliva was dripping down his chin to your breast when he lifted his head up. He was looking intensely at how your fingers were working, circling your clit, when a feral thought hit his mind.
He slapped your hand away to switch it with his. He wanted to make you feel good. He wanted to be the one that was going to make cum. He quickly copied your previous movements, not wanting you to lose any of the building pleasure. You gasped overwhelmed by the sensation. You grabbed his hair, pulled him close to you while his fingers continued to assault you in the best possible way. 
You felt him twitch inside of you, he was as close as you were. His thrusts became more sloppy, breathing faster and moans higher. He hid his face in the crook of your neck, breathing hard. His hand grabbed the sheet right next to your head, the other was still on your pussy, doing the best it could to help you to reach your climax. He wanted to get you off first, feel your walls tightening on him right before his own orgasm would hit him. 
The coil in your belly snapped when his skillful fingers flicked your clit once more, cock buried deep inside inside. You started to shake, fingers dug into his back, leaving scratches all over them. Jimin felt you being tighter than before and couldn’t hold any longer. He spilled his load with his hips strongly pressed into you, halting in the moment when pleasure hit his whole body. You felt his teeth on your neck, he moaned out loud, pressing himself into you. He couldn’t remember the last time cummed so hard. He felt like the whole strength had left his body, leaving him on top of you for the rest of his life. 
You weren’t feeling any better. You were fighting to catch your breath, your heart still pounding fast in your chest. You didn't want to move any time soon.
Slowly, Jimin’s cock softened and he slipped out of you. He pulled up on his arms and looked at you. Wet strands of your hair stuck to your forehead, eyes still blown up from arousal and a shy smile curled your lips. You were breathtaking.
Jimin leaned down and kissed you. It was a soft kiss, more like a peck on your lips. He moved up and jumped out of the bed to throw away a used condom and quickly get back to your bed to lay next to you. He brushed his hair with both of his hands. 
He turned his head and looked at you. Your eyes were closed. You looked so relaxed and calm. The whole heat from your sex was wearing down but you still were lying naked and uncovered, smiling to yourself. He was really enjoying the view. 
“You OK, Y/N?”
You nodded your head. 
“Oh yes, Jimin.”
You were actually feeling very good. The whole stress about having sex with Jimin was gone and you couldn’t be happier. It had all turned out so good, better than expected. 
You stretched your arms above your head, making yourself comfortable. You didn’t remember feeling that satisfied in a long time. Any possible regrets about this situation were long gone. 
“You know…”, you started when you realized how raspy your voice was, you grunted a little. “I had some second thoughts about this before… But…”
“Not anymore?”
“Oh, definitely!”
Jimin smiled to himself. 
“It was so good… We’re doing this again, for sure.”, you chuckled. 
He lifted himself on the bed and hovered over you, putting his arms on both sides of your head.
“But this time we’re doing this my way.” “Wha-Your way?”
“Yes. On your fours, ass up, baby.”
Your back was pressed to the bathroom wall. Your right leg wrapped around his waist. He hooked his arm under your knee, making sure you won’t lose your balance. Your panties were hanging on your foot, mocking you every time Jimin pushed his hips into you.  He was breathing hard into your neck, holding you close to him, digging his fingers into your waist.
You moaned, the feeling of him filling you up, making you feel so good was overwhelming. His hands shot in a blink of an eye and covered your mouth.
“You need to be quiet, OK? They can’t know we’re here, fucking like bunnies.”
You snorted into his palm. 
But he was right. You had to be quiet, otherwise your friends could hear you. Because you were fucking like bunnies in the bathroom of one of them. During your game night. 
And it all had started so quickly.
You were back on your RPG session. Nobody had asked you about the previous incident and you were very grateful. You’d really wanted to get back to the game but had no intentions in explaining you and Jimin disappearing last time. Everyone had probably had their own explanation about the said event and you were OK with that. 
In the middle of the game, you all took a break to gather your thoughts and you used that to go to the bathroom. You’d been drinking a cheap wine and you felt it had gone right through you, even without feeling much drunk. 
He followed you. He had left the table, making sure nobody had seen him going after you. You were just cleaning your hands when the door went open and Jimin sneaked inside. 
“Can you… just wait? I’m still inside!”, you scolded him. 
But he didn’t. He closed the door behind him, quietly, making sure nobody had heard him. 
You saw him in the big mirror in front of you. He stood behind and wrapped his arms around your waist. 
“You look so good in this dress. I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”
You smiled to yourself. You would have been lying if you said that you hadn’t noticed how Jimin had been eyeing you up and down the whole evening. You leaned back into him, laying your head on his shoulder, looking at his reflection in the mirror. 
“I will definitely take note of that.”
“Did you do it on purpose? To lure me somewhere where we are alone and have your way with me?”
“Sounds like a cheap trick. I think I'm better than that.”
“But still, it worked.”
He moved your hair from your neck and kissed you there. You closed your eyes and hummed in response. You really started to like his lips on you. 
His hand slid down your belly, he took the hem of your dress and pulled it up. You opened your eyes and both of you saw in the mirror your black panties covering your count. 
“You have no idea what you’re doing to me, Y/N.”
Slowly, his hand slid down your stomach, fingers found the hem of your underwear and slipped underneath it. You hummed, feeling him on your skin. When he started to touch you, a jolt of pleasure shot through your body. You closed your eyes and pushed your body harder into his. 
You felt his dick hardening behind you, pressed right to your ass. You started to grind on him, trying to rile him up. Jimin hitched a breath. He grabbed you by your hips with his free hand to stop your movements but you were having too much fun. Making him like this had become one of your newest hobbies.
Jimin was looking at you through the reflection in the mirror. He knew how much you enjoyed that, him fingering you and making him hard and even more horny. But he wasn’t able to deny you both of those things. The sight you were giving him was just too good.
But he also felt like your movements were doing more than they should. He didn’t want to finish all the fun so fast and in his pants. 
He took his hand out. Feeling the lack of his touch, you opened your eyes and caught him looking straight at you in the mirror. You saw his wet fingers leaving your panties and going straight into his mouth. 
“I love when you do that.”, you whispered.
“Do what?”
Jimin looked at you, slightly surprised, not being certain what you had meant. 
You smiled and moved away from him. His hands left you, he thought you were turning around to face him. 
“Hmmm, that was fun.”, you fixed your dress and headed right to the door when Jimin whined behind you.
“No, wait, Y/N! You can’t leave me like this!”
“Hm?”, you turned around and looked at him. “What do you mean?”
He was palming himself through his jeans, while looking at you, with his big, brown eyes. He looked desperate, asking you something that did not have to be said out loud. You understood him in a second.
You raised your eyebrows.
“We are not having sex in this bathroom.”
“I have a better idea. We will have sex in this bathroom.”
“Am I talking to myself?”, you raised your hands and theatrically looked around the room. 
“And…”, Jimin was already standing in front of you, his lips touching yours. “As much as I love your little moans, you need to be quiet this time.”
“How come you're so horny?”
His answer was him kissing you.His lips crashed into yours, taking your breath away and pushing you to the door. 
“I told you. You look too good in this dress.” “Why is it always a dress I am wearing? That’s a lame excuse.”
“You’re so cute when you’re trying to resist me.”
He tucked your hair behind your ear. You tried to say something, make a sarcastic comment, but he wasn’t listening anymore. You saw his eyes, pupils black and blown. He was horny like a teenager. He pressed his body into yours and you felt his cock on your stomach. You were not leaving that bathroom anytime soon.
The moment you entered his building you felt how tears were starting to gather in your eyes. You were on the edge of breaking down and still had to go up the stairs. 
When he opened his door you were already in tears. Jimin was standing right in front of you, wearing just his sweatpants and eating a chicken wing. His eyes went ridiculously wide when he saw the state you were in. 
“Y/N! What…?!”
You didn’t let him finish. You took a step that was between you two and you kissed him. Hard. Force that you’d used to do that pushed him a little into his apartment. 
“You taste like chicken.”, you said to him. 
Jimin smiled but when you leaned in to kiss him again, he stopped you.
“Y/N. What's going on?”
“Please, don’t ask questions.”
You wrapped your hands around his neck, you tried to pull him back to you. 
“Y/A…Wait... We can’t… let me just…”
“What? I thought you wanted this? Friends with benefits?”
“I-I do. But you’re clearly upset. Maybe we can talk first?”
“I don’t wanna talk. I wanna fuck.”
“I get it. I do. But this is not what we’re gonna do. Wait here!”
He left in the corridor alone. He was still holding his chicken wing and took another bite while leaving to his kitchen. He finished eating this particular food and washed his hands. He found his phone and before going back to you, he looked at youtube for a video he’d wanted to show you. It seemed random, but he had had this saved for you, knowing you’d like to see it. And the occasion looked perfect. Maybe this video would make you feel better?
When he stepped out to the corridor, where he had left you, he almost dropped his phone. 
You were standing in the middle, like before. Your bag and your clothes were on the floor. All of them, beside your panties. You were looking right at him, waiting for him to finally come to you. 
“Oh fuck this.”
He threw his phone on a shelf and in a few quick steps he was right there, in front of you, kissing you and dragging you to his bedroom. 
“I always thought I’m out of your league.”
“What? How can you say that? Y/N, you’re beautiful.”
“Yes, you told me that once.”
“Only once? Unacceptable.” 
“Have you ever done this with another guy?”
“Are you trying to politely ask me if I have ever sucked a dick?”
“Or, has your dick been sucked by another guy?”
“Which one?”
Jimin smiled at you and kissed you on the nose.
“Being bi kinda suits you.”
“What can I say? I like the attention, no matter from which side it is coming from. And I like my dick being sucked.” 
Y/N [15:45]: I can’t tonight, I got a date.
A few seconds later he was already calling you.
“You have a-what?”
“A date. A guy asked me out a while ago and we’re going out today.”
“Who is he? Do you like him? Where are you going? Are you going to have sex with him?”
“None of your business, I guess, to the restaurant and don’t know yet. Are you jealous?”
“Yes.”, his answer startled you. You hadn't expected him to admit that, even if it was true. 
“Well, that’s your problem. We decided to not be exclusive.”
“Can we change that? I don’t want you to fuck with someone else.”
“But why? You didn’t mind when we set this…”
“Yeah, but now I mind.”
“Would this work both ways? You won’t fuck anyone else as well?”
“OK, that’s not the point…!” “I knew it.”
“You know I can hear you rolling your eyes.”
“That’s because I’m doing it”
“Is this how it’s going to be now? You’re going to date some random dudes to make me jealous? And force me to jack off instead of inviting me to your place?”
“Like I would have to even convince you to jack off.”
“You’re ditching me, I have no other choice.”
“Stop being so dramatic. It’s just a date.”
“But you can’t forget about me, being alone in my bed, thinking about you.”
“Now, that’s a nice picture.”
“Wouldn't it be better if it was your bed?”
Your heartbeat got faster when this picture had come into your mind. You already knew where this was going. 
“Should I expect you in my bed when I get back?”, you sighed, somehow already excited about that idea.
“I think you’re out of condoms. Buy some on your way back.”
“I wanna do this again today. I’ll come back after work.”
Jimin kissed you and quickly jumped out of the bed to dress himself. He had tossed his clothes earlier to the floor and he started to run around, naked, to pick them up. You rolled on the bed and looked at him. It had become so normal for you to see him like this. He’d never been a shy person, but before you’d started to be your booty calls, he hadn’t undressed fully in front of you, of course. When everything had changed and Jimin had become a frequent guest in your bed, his clothes had been off even before and after sex. 
Had you watched Netflix together just in your underwear? Sure. Had you cooked together and he’d worn just an apron? Oh yes. 
And you had always enjoyed the view.
“Stop looking at my ass and help me to find my boxer shorts. I will be late for work!”
“No what?”
He also had stayed at your place sometimes for the night. He’d been simply falling asleep in your bed and you had never thought of waking him up. I hadn’t bothered you. 
That night he had decided to not going home, since it’d been closer to his work from your apartment. He’d woken you up early in the morning, even before his alarm had gone off. His morning boner had been poking you in your ass and you’d already known what kind of day it was gonna be. 
“Check under the couch, I don’t know!”
Jimin narrowed his eyes on you. But he still checked the place you mentioned. When he had come back with his lost garment he looked pretty puzzled. 
“How the hell did they go there?” “Don’t ask me, it’s your shorts.”
“OK. Never mind. I’m coming today, don’t start the party without me.”
And with that he finished dressing up and quickly left for work. You stretched on your bed not wanting to move at all. You still had time before leaving as well, time for a shower and getting ready. You really liked when Jimin was coming over. You had been enjoying your arrangement more than you would have thought. Not only you’d been spending more time with your friend but with a cherry on top, you’d been having some good dick. 
You rolled on your bed again. It’d been some freaking good a few weeks. 
But your day at work had been awful. It’d been one of those days when nothing had been working out for you and at the end you’d just wanted to lay down on the floor and die. Not even a thought of naked Jimin back in your bed had helped you. You’d lost all desire for any sexual activities. But you’d forgotten to write to him or even warn him that the night it was going to be different than he had planned.
When you’d come home you’d just changed into your pajamas and had sat in front of the TV. Your brain had been shut down, only mindless TV show watching was an option for the night. 
Jimin came in without knocking. He’d been using your spare keys and coming like it’d been his second place. You’d stopped even noticing that. 
He stood next to your couch, he was actually saying something but you didn’t listen.
“... and he told me to buy a new one.”, Jimin looked closely at you. “Y/N? Are you here? And why are you dressed like that?”
You looked at him with your red eyes. You bit your lips, they were trembling and you didn’t trust them. 
“What the hell, what happened?”
And with that you just started to cry. It startled Jimin at first. It was all so sudden! He looked at you with his eyes wide open, being completely clueless. But when he realized something must had happened that had made you so upset, he sat next to you and waited until you were able to say some decent words. 
He stayed with you. At some point he had jumped to the kitchen for something to eat and drink but despite that, he was sitting with you, listening to how your boss had been an asshole to you and how you had tried all day and nothing had worked. It’d been a nightmare. 
Jimin hadn’t complained at all. He had come to you for a completely different reason but couldn’t have pretended that your mood was nowhere near to a sexy one. After all, he was still your friend. 
You leaned back at the couch headrest. You were exhausted. 
“I’m sorry, Jimin.”
“For what? It’s not your fault. You were right about talking with that guy…”
“No. I’m sorry I’m nagging all this time.”
“That’s fine, you needed someone to listen to you.”
“But the morning was so good and you came here to have sex with me…”
It made you jump in your place with Jimin’s sudden outburst. His mood changed in a blink of an eye and you had no idea why.
“Can you not treat me like another of your vibrators? I’m more than a cock on the legs with a nice ass.”
You looked at him, not being sure what he was talking about. 
“You do have a nice ass.”
“I know that! But I’m more than that! I have a brain. And feelings!”
“Jimin. It was your idea to start this ‘friends with benefits’ thing.”
“Yes! And we’re still friends, aren’t we? And friends talk, they share. If you’re upset you can talk to me.”
“But you…”
“Y/N! You’re not that stupid! Stop acting like this! Just because we’re doing this, doesn’t mean our friendship disappeared!”
“I-I didn’t mean that…”
“Ugh, I know you didn’t. It’s just… sometimes I cannot crack you. One day you’re super smart, the other one you seem so dumb…”, he sighed deeply.
Jimin hid his face in his hand, trying to calm himself down. He didn’t realize how his words had affected you. He missed how new tears started to come out of your eyes. You stood up and moved on your way to the bathroom. Or the kitchen. Or at least somewhere else, where you could hide from him. 
He noticed you passing him by. He quickly stood up after you.
“Y/N, wait, what, no!”
You stopped, but didn’t turn around. You’d already been crying again. 
“Don’t call me dumb, you ass.”
“But you know what I mean!”
“No, I don’t! I’m not dumb!”
“Ugh, sometimes you really are.”, Jimin rolled his eyes.
“Don’t call me that!”, you screamed, but your voice cracked in the middle. Jimin halted in place, caught off guard. You were crying again and this time it was because of him. Sudden realization hit him hard.
“No, no, Y/N, no! Don’t cry!”
Obviously it’d made you cry even more. You’d been already feeling lousy because of your shitty work day. Jimin calling you dumb had made it even worse. It’d sounded like a confirmation that you’d screwed up, it’d all been your fault. That you were actually just dumb. 
It hurt. Even if that hadn’t been his intention and you were really trying to convince yourself that that was the case, it still had hit you hard. You wiped your face, which was completely pointless. You weren’t able to stop crying.
Jimin’s arms wrapped around you, enclosing you inside. He placed his chin on your shoulder, you felt his breathing on your neck.
“I’m sorry.”, you were still trembling. “I don’t think you’re dumb.”, he took a deep breath. “You’re my friend and I am here for you. You can talk all night if you want.”
And you did.
You moved back to your couch, you were still shaking but Jimin calmed you down. 
He stayed with you. Not only until you finished ranting but for the whole night. He fell asleep with you in your bed, holding you close, having his arms around your waist the whole time. 
“Will you stay for the night?”
“Hm…?”, you rolled on a bed to face him, still with eyes closed.
“Can you stay here for the night? I like waking up next to you.”
“Sure, I can stay.”
You nestled your face in the crook of his neck, wrapped your hands around him. You were slowly falling asleep and truly didn’t want to leave anyway.
“I don’t have any clothes to change, though…”
“That’s not true. I still have the one I borrowed from you.”
You smiled to yourself, your lips touched his skin.
“Oh yeah…”
Last thing you remembered before falling asleep was him kissing you on the forehead. It was a gentle, soft kiss, full of affection. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. 
Jimin [16:46]: I need to cancel tonight
Y/N [16:50]: Something happened?
It had been two weeks.
Two weeks since he’d sent you that message. He had never replied, though he’d read yours. He’d never called, he hadn’t paid you any visit, not even a single photo had been sent. It was so not like him. 
You were starting to worry something had happened. He had disappeared without a word, he had never done that. 
One day you’d called Taehyung. You had had his number because of your game nights and even had joined a small group chat to be always in touch. What he had said had not eased your worries. He had told you he’d been busy, so he also hadn’t seen Jimin in a while. He had told you not to worry and that he would call you back, in case he would have some more information about your friend’s well being. And he had never called. 
You’d started to wonder if it was you that was the cause of this. Had you made him angry? The hell you’d been doing last time you’d seen each other? You’d had sex, like the past few weeks. He hadn’t seem unhappy. 
You heard someone had rang the doorbell. You hadn’t expected anyone, nor you hadn’t ordered any food so it caught you off guard. It snapped you from your thoughts and at first you weren’t sure if it really had happened. But then you heard it again. You definitely had a guest. 
You opened the door and to your surprise Jimin was there. You weren’t certain how to react. He looked alive, that was sure. He wasn’t hurt or anything, at least for the first glance. But he looked really upset. His hair was wet and messy from the rain that had been pouring all day long. He was wearing an oversized black hoodie and simple, black jeans with black, leather boots. And he fucking looked upset.
He stepped past you, stood in your apartment, dripping with water, looking straight in front of him. He seemed to be unpresent. You closed the door and stood in front of him. 
You wanted to ask him where he’d been. You wanted to scream that you’d been worrying about him., wondering if he had been dead or worse. But it all disappeared while you were looking at him and gathering the strength for the upcoming outburst. 
You felt extreme relief that he was there and he was OK. 
“I tried to call you.”, you said, quietly. 
“I know.”, his voice was raspy, though he didn't look like he’d been drinking.
“Why didn't you answer?”
“I saw your calls. Each time. I just… didn’t pick up the phone.”
“That explains… absolutely nothing.”, when he didn’t say anything, you tried to push him again. “I was worried about you. I thought something happened.”
Jimin closed his eyes, he looked like he was trying to find the right words to say something.
“I’m glad to see you alive but I still don’t know if I did something wrong or…”
“I broke your rule.”, he said, still without looking at you.
“What... What rule?”, at first you had no idea what he was talking about.
“Your rule. About our sex.”
You froze in place. You both agreed to only two simple rules, before starting your friends with benefits fun. You were the one who insisted on them and you were pretty sure he hadn't been talking about not being exclusive one. You felt like your heart jumped right up into your throat. You could have sworn it was beating so fast and loud everyone in the building could hear it. 
Jimin finally turned to you. He looked so tired. He had dark circles under his eyes. 
“I have feelings for you, Y/N. I cannot pretend it’s not true anymore.”
It still startled you when you heard that from him. 
Wait. Jimin liked you? Your friend that you’d been sleeping with for the past three months liked you? But he was the one who had suggested that! It had been his idea! How the hell had he ended up liking you?!
“Wait-What?”, you whispered, more to yourself than to him, not comprehending fully what was going on.
“You don’t need to be that surprised.”
You wanted to protest, but your mind was like a blank page. 
“I’ve been trying not to think about this. About you. But I can’t. You are all that is on my mind. All the time.”
You blinked once, twice. What the hell was happening?
“I know this is very sudden and a lot to take in. But… here we are.” You really hoped you didn’t look as scared as you really were. Because you were terrified. 
“I don’t know… I’m not sure what I am expecting from this.”
Jimin started to look nervous but he wasn’t able to stop talking. It seemed like he wanted to throw everything from his chest, to get over with that. 
“I know we were supposed to break this off when someone catches feelings…”
You weren’t sure but you probably drifted off for a moment. You lost a little from what Jimin was saying. 
“But… would you try this with me?”
You weren’t able to look into his eyes. You felt tears gathering in your eyes. You weren’t sure why they’d appeared. It was not Jimin’s confession, that was certain. But maybe what you wanted to say to him?
You blinked once, to make them go away, not to blur your vision. 
“”, your voice was shaking. Saying this word made you almost burst into tears, which you counted as a gigantic fail.
Jimin froze in place. Before he looked sad, depressed and tired. When he processed your answer, you noticed his eyes became wet as well. But instead of crying, he started to scream. 
“Wha-why?!”, his voice was shaking, though. 
You had no idea how to explain this to him. why you’d say what you’d said. It was an impulse, words had left your mouth without communicating with your brain. They had seemed like the right ones, like something you should have said. At least for you. 
“... because you’re Jimin…”
“The hell that’s supposed to mean?”
“I-I can’t… I can’t do this…”
You felt your hands start to shake. You tried to hide that by grabbing your sweatpants to keep them steady. You bit your lips hard, still fighting with your tears. Those bastards were doing everything just to escape you. 
Jimin was observing you closely the entire time. It didn’t escape his attention how you were acting from the beginning, when he’d confessed to you. Every detail about you and how you were trying to hide that from him. 
“You don’t like me like that.”, that was not a question. 
“...I do.”, you blurted out. 
There was no turning back. 
Because, of course you did! How could you not? You’d been friends with Jimin for a few years, you’d never been blind to the way he looked. You’d had a chance to get to know him better than anyone else. And not just in a sex matter! Even after you’d started to full around, you’d never stopped being friends, real friends. He was still someone you could talk to, someone who was making you laugh without an effort, someone who’d also gotten a chance to know you. 
The moment you said that Jimin’s expression changed. His frown on his face disappeared, his eyes went wide open. You liked him! For fuck’s sake you liked him too! His heartbeat got faster, a train of thoughts attacked his mind. He wanted to say a million things at the same time but you overtook him. 
“I do like you. B-But I don’t think this is a good idea. We’re friends. If anything goes wrong…”, you started to shake your head. The whole idea of losing him had become even worse the past few weeks. You’d gotten too close. 
“Nothing will go wrong.”, he took a few steps and reached out to you. But you moved back. “Y/N, no, don’t run away from me.”
“You’re asking me too much!”
“I’m asking you to be my girlfriend!”
Hearing him saying that word, word “girlfriend” shot a spark through your whole body. You didn’t remember feeling that way when he offered you to have sex with him. Excitement, sure. Arousal, yes. But no special feelings, no warmth in your whole body that was making you shake. 
When he took another step towards you, you didn’t move. You weren’t able to. Frozen in place, lost in your own thoughts. 
“Why are you making this so hard?”, he stood right in front of you. His lips were ghosting near your forehead. You didn’t want him to go away.
“Because it is hard. Jimin, you're asking me to throw everything and… throw myself into your arms!”
“So? Is that so bad?”
“If you’re gonna say that we’re friends one more time, I’m gonna lose it.”
“But we are.”
And with that you burst into tears. You weren’t able to stop them anymore. You felt like the biggest dork in the world. Wanted to hide, didn’t want Jimin to see this. 
You rested your forehead on his shoulder, hiding yourself before his sight. Your tears were falling on his hoodie, though it didn't make much more difference for him. He was soaked anyway. He smelled as good as always, you thought you could never get tired of that. 
His arms slowly wrapped around you, pulling you closer to him. He sighed heavily, holding you like this, having you so near him, while still not knowing what the situation was.
For the past two weeks he had been tormenting himself with hundreds of scenarios where he told you about his feelings and you were rejecting him. Each time. He was too scared to assume you could actually reciprocate them, like him back. You were the one that had insisted on making rules of your engagement. He understood you didn't want any trouble or relationship. So when he had actually caught feelings, he’d gotten really scared. He had been damn certain he wouldn’t be the one to catch them first. And yet, here he was.
But now he knew you liked him back. You had said it yourself! To be honest he hadn’t been prepared for that, so as for you being a stubborn piece of shit and rejecting him only because of him being your friend. It was making him cry and laugh at the same time.
“You’re so stubborn sometimes, I don’t know if I hate it or love it.”
His face was buried in your hair, tingling his nose. He wanted to stay like that, never let you go. How had this happened? How had he let his feelings for you grow so fast? And how on Earth was he supposed to let you go now?
“Y/N, can you please look at me?”
He moved away, so you could lift your head from his shoulder. You looked up at him. Your eyes were red and still full of tears. Your lips were trembling from crying. He used his thumb to wipe tears from your cheeks. He felt an urge to kiss you all over your face, to make all of them disappear with his kisses. But he stopped himself, not sure how you would react at that moment. He was torn apart seeing like this and not being able to help you, to ease your pain.
“Can we stop this? Can we act like adults, at least for once?”, you giggled at his comment, which made his heart beat faster. You had such a cute smile. “I like you, you like me. There is no quantum physics needed here.” 
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”, you asked.
“What? How can you ask this? Isn’t this how people start their relationships? They like each other, they go to bed, they date?” “I think we mixed the order here…”
“Because we’re doing this our way!”
“We are doing this?”
“Do you want that?”
It was so weird to hear that question from him. Knowing his intention, what he was actually asking you. Did you really want to do this?
“How… When did this actually happen? When did you… fall in love with me?”
“Y/N, does it matter?”
It probably didn’t. You still had so many questions, though. Had he caught feelings before you? And when the fuck had you caught your feelings, actually? Before him? Before you’d had sex with him? Had you always had those feelings, but you just had ignored them? Your mind was a mess at that moment. You felt like you were spinning around, scared you would fall down any minute. 
“So, do I need to convince you more into this or are you in?”
When you heard his words, you realized he asked you exactly the same question he had back at the party, when he had just wanted to have sex with you. It hit you hard, remembering everything, the road that you’d been on together. It’d been all so simple at the beginning. 
You didn’t say anything. None of the words in your head sounded properly. 
One last tear fell from your eye, went down your cheek and disappeared after falling from your jaw. Before Jimin reacted in any way, you reached out to him and hugged him. Hugged him tight. You hid your face in his hoodie again, not crying anymore this time. His arms were hesitant to wrap around you. He still hadn’t gotten any answer from you, scared a little it was your way of final rejection of him. 
Your answer was muffled but he heard you. He gasped when you’d said that, when you’d finally answered him. He clenched his fists on your T-shirt, overwhelmed by the feeling that was taking control over him. He wanted to jump, scream and cry. All at the same time! But even more, he wanted to kiss you. Kiss you for the first time as his girlfriend. 
He tried to gently push you away, to look at you. But you grabbed his hoodie tighter, you didn’t want to let go. So he let you stay like that, as long as you needed. 
“I’m scared.”, you said, still having your face pressed into his chest. 
“I know. Me too. But this is good. It means we care.”
You smiled to yourself. You liked the way he was thinking. 
It took you some time to finally be able to let him go. You took a deep sigh and found the courage inside of you to look at him. He was still the same person yet you knew you would never look at him the same way. His eyes became prettier for you. His smile was even more charming. His smell was breathtaking and his touch was more anticipated than ever before. 
He was looking at you with such affection. His thumb brushed your cheek and he pulled you to a kiss. A soft, nice peck on the lips. It felt like a seal of the deal. You were a couple. 
He had no idea how, but he dropped his hands off of you and grabbed your hand. 
“OK. Let’s go to my place”
“Wha-Your place? What for? We’re here, at my place!”
“No. Let’s go.”
It didn’t make any sense. But you listened.  
“Ok, guys. You’re inside the cottage. Door is closed and you need to get out, otherwise you will choke to death. What do you do?”
You took a sip of your wine. It’d been two hours of your game night and you’d barely done anything. Taehyung had brought his friend Jungkook and it had been his first time in a meeting like this. It had taken some time to introduce him to the story and taught how this actually all worked. You remembered how it had been with you, how it had felt being a rookie and a complete newbie, so you’d patiently waited. It wasn’t easy to be a new one, not knowing anyone except a friend that had brought you in. Good thing that this had been far behind you.
You were a little bored, though. Everything was going really slowly and you weren’t able to enjoy it as much as before. You looked at the time, checking if it was late enough to just leave without detailed explanations. But you didn’t want to leave your boyfriend and he seemed to have fun.
Instinctively you took Jimin’s hand in yours, he gladly squeezed it. 
“Do we have our weapons?”, you asked. 
Game master threw his dice.
“OK, so I will use…”
“HOLD THE PHONE!”, Taehyung put his hand on the table, covering the dice. Everyone’s eyes were on him. “I have a different question. What is happening with Y/N and Jimin?”
In an instant everyone looked at the two of you. 
“Are you guys dating?”
“None of your business.”, Jimin hissed, while still holding your hand.
“They are dating.”, he narrowed his eyes. 
“Maybe we are.”
For a longer moment nobody said anything. Everyone was waiting for Taehyung or Jimin to say or react in any way. You were doing everything that was possible to have a straight face. 
“OK. Pay up.”
Taehyung’s facial expression changed immediately and he pulled out his hand to Jin, who was sitting next to him. Second guy was not happy about the events but he took his wallet and put a few banknotes on friend’s palm. While doing so, he looked at Jimin, clearly blaming him for losing money. 
“Excuse me?”, Jimin was outraged.
“We’ve been betting for a while now. I knew you would end up together. You’ve been in love with Y/N for quite some time now. We just needed to wait.”
“I was-what… wait…”, Jimin was utterly confused. 
“Oh for fuck’s sake. Don’t tell me you had no idea?”
“I swear, I wasn’t...”
“He didn’t. That’s rich.”
“Hold on. You’re really dating? Like holding hands, going on a dates, kissing, fucking?”, Jin was still not convinced. 
Jimin ignored the last point. While still holding your hand, he pressed it to his lips and kissed it.
“Yes, we are.”
“OK. Then kiss.”
“What for, you freak?”
“I think we all need proof.”
“You just can’t accept the fact that you lost... And they’re kissing.”
And indeed you were. Jimin didn’t hesitate any longer. He cupped your face and kissed you. First, it was a simple kiss but completely ignoring the audience, his kisses became more passionate, he really let himself go. 
“OK. OK! Enough! This is starting to look more PG18. Nobody wants to see that.”, Jin shut his eyes, acting like he just had seen his parents doing the-naughty-stuff. 
“Speak for yourself!”
The last sentence was said by the newest member in the group Jungkook. He was pretty enjoying the show, sitting in his place and smiling. But when everyone turned their heads towards him, he blushed like a tomato and looked down on the floor. 
Jimin didn’t want to leave your lips but he did. He looked into your eyes. Very quickly you recognized that look. You’d been dating for a while now, having sex for even a longer time. Your sex radar was screaming in your head. 
You smiled at him. He was so easy sometimes. 
“OK, you perverts. We are leaving now.”, Jimin announced to everyone. 
“Perverts? Look who’s talking. You guys are leaving just to hump.”, Jin huffed.
You snorted at that comment. You couldn’t say Jin was wrong, though.
Jimin stood up from the table and waited for you to do the same. You took your bag with you. But before you went away from the table, you leaned above it, made sure Jin was looking at you, same as everybody else. 
“Go be jealous somewhere else.”, you shoot and before anyone had anything to say, you left.
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borathae · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Jungkook was sent by the Ravens of the Black Forest to kill the Queen of the Night Queendom. He hadn’t expected to find love when he climbed the high walls of the Queen’s castle and pressed a sharp blade against her throat.” 
Pairing: Bandit!Jungkook x Queen!Reader
Genre: Fantasy, e2l!AU, Smut, Romance
Warnings: LOTS of plot & worldbuilding omgmg, an assassination attempt, gags, ropes as bondages, switch!Jungkook, domish!Reader, knife play, blood play if you squint, choking, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, rough (angry) sex, crying kink ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ˡᵉᵗ'ˢ ᵇᵉ ʰᵒⁿᵉˢᵗ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵐᵉ, mutual striptease, food play in the form of feeding (bruh it’s hot), they share a bath all nakedy 👀, Kook is such an angry boy in the beginning, lmao this whole story is sending me down a spiral tbfh
Wordcount: 19.9k
a/n: This is without doubt one of my fave stories I have written so far. I love the world I created so much. And yes this takes place in the same universe Unveiled takes place. I hope you guys enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it! 💜 also I know it’s long, but please give it a chance, it’s really good :(
Tumblr media
A cold blade against your throat wakes you. Your reaction is instant. You were prepared, waiting impatiently for the day to come. 
Your murderer is beneath you in an instance. His own blade is pressed right under his eye, your fingers have a tight grasp on his throat. 
He wiggles and growls, dark eyes glued to your face.
"Uh-hu", you warn, pressing the blade tighter to his skin. 
He grunts and eyes his shiny demise. 
"Fuck", he presses out, forsaking his fight against you. 
You tilt his head up, nails bruising his skin.
"Now tell me. Who could be so reckless to attack me in my bedchambers?"
"You have to kill me before I talk", he spits. 
You study him. Strong body with muscles that strain against his dark clothes. Pretty face with a chiseled jaw and soft cheeks, there is dirt and sweat on his skin. He is panting heavily, chapped lips parted. His nails are dirty and broken. That means he climbed up your walls. Logical. Your castle's wolves would have found him otherwise. Clever. Means he knew the grounds and your customs. 
"You climbed. Impressive. That would have been a high fall had you slipped. Fatal even." 
He growls and sits up, getting himself pressed down again. 
"It would have been worth it", he spits.
He is angry and filled with hate. It is directed at you. Interesting. People don’t normally look at you with such hatred. Which can only mean one thing.
"Ah!" he gasps, back arching in pain. 
You slashed through his shirt, cutting his skin in the process. He wiggles, finally showing you his strength. But you pin him down by his throat easily, ripping the shirt open with one hand. 
"I knew it." 
He snarls angrily, swallowing heavily because breathing is becoming terribly difficult. 
"You are one of them", you say, studying the raven tattoo on his right pec, "The Ravens of the Black Forest." 
He growls and fights harder. You figured him out. 
"Will you stop fighting against me?" you hiss, finally putting real pressure on his throat.
His eyes widen, fingers clasping your wrist. 
"Tell me your name." 
"Never", he chokes out. 
You squeeze harder, making his eyelids flutter. 
"You'd rather die than tell me your name? Your conviction is remarkable."
His body twitches, his lips opening and closing in search of air. You laugh. 
"Remarkable really. Such devotion could be useful. Also…" 
You drag the knife over his cheek softly.
" would be a waste to kill such a pretty face." 
You release his throat. He coughs and wheezes. 
"There, there you'll live. It will bruise but you will live", you soothe him, patting his chest.
He calms down slowly, staring at you with widened eyes. 
"Why would you spare me?" 
"Because I am not the monster you think me to be." 
He tries to sit up. 
"Stay", you order, pressing the blade right against his throat. 
He falls down on the mattress, licking over his lips nervously. 
"That's better", you smile, "now, I’ll give you one last chance to tell me your name before I call in my warriors and tell them to throw you into a cell to rot." 
"Call them", he hisses. 
You lower your eyes in anger. 
"Valkeria! Auralia!" you call them, "your silence won’t save you stranger", you tell him. 
"My Queen you called upon us", Valkeria asks, grasping her sword. 
"A confused bird has found its way into my bedchamber. Take him back to his cage." 
"Yes my Queen." 
The stranger leaves with an impressive struggle. Your warriors have much to do. 
"You won’t get through with this! You hear me? They will come looking for me!" he screams. 
"Gag him too, he is oh so noisy and I am trying to sleep." 
Tumblr media
The torches flicker, casting deep shadows on the stone walls. His steps echo, giving off the impression that at least three people were being dragged over the floor. He gave up fighting one night ago when all it brought him was a cut across his stomach. It stopped bleeding this morning, but still burned. 
"Walk, will you?" the Queen's warrior tells him, tugging at his aching arm. 
"If I was the Queen, I would have fed him to Woltron three nights ago", the second warrior, who was dragging him, says. 
"Don't let Her hear you." 
"I don't care. She is too merciful with his people." 
He could feel her iron nails dig into his arm at the mention of his people. She hated him and wanted him dead. Just like he hated them and wanted them dead. 
"Valkeria please lower your voice." 
"Don't forbid my words. You know how it ended last time. Ymir is still dead and he is still on the run." 
At that he felt his ears twitch in attention. Is he, they are talking about, who he thinks he is? But that wouldn’t make sense, he never returned home. They must be talking about someone else.
"The Queen thinks this one is different." 
"Well, then she is delusional." 
He found it peculiar that they were fighting. His teacher always told him that the witches of the Night Queendom, which called themselves rulers, always stuck together. He was taught like that. Cut off one head and three new ones will take its place. That is why the witches of the Night Queendom were so successful in banishing his kind, because they always stuck together. 
"We will see of her delusions very soon." 
A lock gets turned and he gets pushed up the same stairs he had been dragged down three nights ago when he failed his mission to kill the Queen. 
"Come now little bird, don’t give up now", she warns and pushes him roughly. 
He was close to giving up. He was taught that people like him were not supposed to give up no matter how hard life was. But he felt close to giving up, passing out to be more precise. Three nights and four days is a long time with no nourishment or sleep if one had to run for five days and climb walls before that. His body was losing its will to produce strength. 
And so he stumbled, cushioning his fall with his hands and knees. It ached so terribly. 
"Get up!" 
He gets pulled to his feet roughly. He could feel the sharp pain of the warrior's nails on his skin. 
"Aren’t you people supposed to be strong? Where is that strength now?" 
"Valkeria! Stop your cruelty, can’t you see that his body is weakened?" 
He gets pulled down a familiar hallway. He stumbles with his eyes barely staying open and his head pounding. He knows that hallway. He was led through it when he was caught. They are bringing him back to the Queen's bedchambers.  
She stops him with a harsh tug on his hair. It made him stumble and groan in pain. 
He could hear three knocks somewhere far away and a voice call out even further away. Then he gets pushed again, falling to his knees. 
"Oh my! Valkeria you mustn’t push him that hard." 
"I am sorry my Queen, I underestimated my strength." 
He feels a warm hand place itself on his arm and rub circles up and down his skin. 
It was the Queen's hand, he knows that it was. It gave him enough strength to lift up his head and send her a deathly glare.  
You are smiling at him. 
"Good evening stranger. I apologize for my warriors, they can be quite rough at times. Auralia please help him up and help him take his place." 
She follows in an instance. Just moments later he is secured on a chair, arms and legs tied. He grunts and wiggles, but to no avail. He knits his brows and grinds his teeth. This is it. He is going to die like a weak bitch, tied up and starved. Oh if his fellow brothers would see him right now, they would laugh at him. 
He can hear them talk behind him, the Queen and Her warriors.
"Leave us." 
"But my Queen-" 
"Leave us."
"What will you do with him?" 
"It mustn’t concern you Valkeria." 
"You know how it ended last time, Ymir is dead." 
"Valkeria, don’t speak to Her like this." 
"No, don’t defend me Auralia. Valkeria’s worries are justified….Valkeria." 
"Yes my Queen?" 
"This one is different. And if he isn’t, Woltron will be happy to feast upon him." 
He shivered at that, tugging at the ropes in hopes of getting free. Woltron. That name fell twice this night. It must be one of the wolves he heard growling behind the castle walls. As tall as trees and with a fur as dark as the night and as sturdy as the strongest armour. They scare him. 
"I understand my Queen." 
"Leave now, I can handle him from here." 
"Yes my Queen." 
He can hear a door open and close then steps as the Queen rounds him. 
"It is just you and me now." 
He grunts and challenges you with a harsh tug on the ropes. It makes his stomach ache again. 
"Don't fight it. They are laced with magic, they only loosen when I tell them to." 
"You witch", he growls and spits at your feet, "your curses can’t hurt me." 
You stare at your feet and the spot on which his saliva is glistening in the lights. 
"You have terrible manners for someone, whose life I saved”, you observe with disappointment lacing your voice.
He looks away and clenches his jaw in anger. You call it saving, he calls it keeping him captive. 
"Now, let me see if my warriors were too cruel to you." 
You lower yourself to inspect his body. His muscles were tense, his skin dirty and his shirt was clinging to his torso in torn stripes. 
"They cut you open", you observe, stroking your finger underneath the deep cut. 
He tenses and tries to flee from your touch, pressing his toes into the ground with all he got. 
"Don't touch me witch", he presses out through gritted teeth. 
"I must if I want to clean you." 
You rise to get a bowl of warm, clean water and a soft rag. The water smells like eucalyptus, making his eyes water. You soak the rag and wring it out.
"Stay still now or else it will hurt more than it must." 
He tries to fight it, tries to flee but he knows it is fruitless, soon the rag is touching his wound. He hisses and writhes under the burning sensation.
"What is that? What are you doing to me?" 
"I am cleaning you. I don’t want you to get infected." 
You clean the rag of his blood and place it on his stomach a second time. His muscles ripple in answer, fleeing the sensation. It must burn a lot, you pity him, it must be really uncomfortable.
"No, don’t touch me." 
"I know it burns. I apologize but I must clean it." 
One last time you drag the clean rag over his stomach. 
"Don't touch me", he growls and writhes.
"Will you stay still?" you hiss, straightening up to be face to face with him, "I won’t hurt you, I merely want you to feel better." 
He grunts, breathing heavily. 
"I don't need your help." 
"Yes, yes you do because right now you are tied to my chair in my chambers after starving for four days while outside an army of my strongest warriors just burns to bury their swords in your chest. So yes, you do need my help right now." 
He understands. He knows that he was outnumbered, weakened and defenceless and that your mercy was the only thing still keeping him alive. He was clever enough to realise that fighting you right now would only end in his death. He was trained for this, trained to survive when his chances were miniscule and fight when his chances were overflowing. He knew that right now the best thing to do was be complacent. 
He scoffs and stops wiggling, challenging you with a cock of his eyebrows.
"That's better", you smile victoriously and begin cleaning the cut on his chest. 
It wasn’t as deep as the one on his stomach and he had almost forgotten about it, hadn’t you dragged your rag over it. 
He hisses and tenses up. 
"It burns doesn’t it?" 
He stays quiet. 
"I know, but worry not. You will feel better once it begins working." 
"What?” he stares at the rag with widened eyes, “what have you done witch?" 
"I'm no witch", you halt your movements, "and I haven’t done anything”, you begin cleaning him again, “I merely added healing oils to the water to soothe your pain.”
“Healing oils?” he asks, craning his neck to stare at his exposed torso.
“Yes, my healers prepared them for me. They are quite helpful I must say. I use them whenever something aches”, you explain and send him a reassuring smile.
You must be lying. These aren’t healing oils. They must be infused with magic. Must be made to kill him, poison him slowly until it looks like he died of a weak body. This is all just a trick. He grunts, begins writhing again until his wrists and ankles hurt from the ropes digging into his skin.
“Will you stay still?” you hiss, grabbing him by his cheeks and squishing them, “I am almost done.”
“Leave me alone. Leave”, he grunts in exhaustion, “leave me alone.”
You sigh, dropping the rag back into the dirty water. You stand up and pet his hair, making him flinch back and growl with every touch.
“They sent a feisty one this time. I must say, your friend was easier to handle.”
“My friend?”
“Yes, your friend. He came to us a fortnight ago, climbed the walls just like you did and failed to kill me”, you pause to study his features.
He doesn’t look at you, grinding his teeth with a clenched jaw.
“He was far more loquacious than you. Said his name was Seokjin and that his brothers wouldn’t stop trying until I am finally dead.”
You could watch how he tenses up at the mention of his friend’s name. So your assumptions were right, the Ravens of the Black Forest are finally making their moves again. They were a group of men, hiding out in the deepest corners of the Black Forest. They despised you for being a woman and for being the one in control. You did understand them, men on this earth were treated poorly by many of your fellow women, but their hatred still offended you. You made sure that men in your lands were treated fairly and as equals, not as lesser beings made to be a woman's ragdoll. But these men, these angry, misunderstood men wanted you dead nonetheless. It had been years until their last attacks before they started again last month.
“Why is Rafkan attacking us again?” you ask, spreading healing creams on his wounds, “tell me stranger, what is his motivation?”
He scoffs and turns his head away. He only reacts when you reach the cut on his stomach, sucking in air through his teeth at the cold sensation. You soothe him with a quiet “hush it’s good for you” and a soft pat to his stomach. It makes him tense up to the point that his muscles shake.   
“Is it gold that he wants?” you begin, placing the bowl of ointment on your table, “perhaps food? Or medicine?” you ask, eyes flitting up to meet his’.
His expression stays stone cold. He doesn’t want to talk. You begin placing clean bandages on his cuts, making him tense up. It is peculiar how he is still fighting your kindness when you are so gentle with him. You place the bandages on his cuts with uttermost care and smooth over them as cautiously as you could and he was still fighting you, hissing in anger and sending you dark looks.
“Clearly he wants something”, you say, finishing the last touches.  
“He doesn’t, he just wants you witches dead.”
“How you talk disappoints me. I am no witch, I already told you so.”
He scoffs, “sure.”
You furrow your brows and take a deep breath. This one is a lot more stubborn than his friend was. You can see it in his eyes, it won’t be an easy task to gain his trust.
“You know, your friend was the same as you. Stubborn and filled with anger. Until he realised that he had nothing to fear here.”
“I’m not scared of you”, he spits.
“Of course you aren’t, but wouldn’t it be much easier for both of us if you started to talk?”
He laughs dryly, shaking his head.
“I see, you don’t think that way. Fine, then I must convince you otherwise.”
His head snaps up at your words, eyes filled with fear even though he clearly doesn’t want you to know that he was scared. He knew it. He knew that you would sooner or later retort to torturing him. Just like Rafkan told him, the witches of the Night Queendom were evil, sadistic monsters. He watches you as you slither through the room like the poisonous snake you are. He is sure that underneath that ebony dress your scales are hiding and that behind those red painted lips your poisonous fangs were waiting to be used. He watches you as you disappear behind a folding screen, using the opportunity of solitude to tug at the ropes again. He grunts, grinding his teeth. No matter how much he fights, how much strength he uses or how angrily he wiggles, the ropes stay closed like iron fingers on his body.
“Fuck”, he presses out quietly, dropping his head. The bandages look weird on his body, almost forbidden. He hates to admit it, but whatever you did to him is working. Ever since your warrior cut him open, he felt this everlasting ache on his stomach. It is finally gone. He doesn’t feel anything other than the prickling sensation of whatever ointment you put on him and that sensation wasn’t painful, it was as a matter of fact pleasant and he hated it. He hated it because he never wanted to connect good sensations with your kind.
“So, now let’s see”, your voice makes him raise his head again.
You are back, strutting to him with a tray in your hands. His heart is racing unbearably fast in his chest. This is it. He only heard nightmare stories of your people’s cruelty and now he will experience it on his own body. You set the tray down on the table beside him and pull a chair close to him to sit down on it. He eyes the tray, wondering to himself why the tools looked like cutlery.
You reach for an iron jug, pouring translucent liquid into a mug. You guide the mug to his lips, touching them with the cold edge.
He shakes his head, pressing his lips closed as good as possible.
“You must be thirsty, drink.”
He turns away.
“It will do you good.”
He shakes his head no and eyes the drink with panic in his eyes.
“Here, look”, you say and take a big sip, “it is water from our fountains. It is clean and tastes fresh, you have nothing to fear.”
“Don’t be stubborn, you need water to live.”
“I don’t need your water, witch.”
“You must stop calling me a witch when I am merely trying to help you.”
“Help me? It would help me far more if you just slid my throat instead of poisoning me slowly.”
You sit back on your chair, tilting your head to the side in confusion.
“Poison you?” you laugh loudly.
It angers him to hear you laughing at his words. He tugs at the ropes and growls, hoping that the surge of anger gives him enough strength to break through. It doesn’t.
“I am not intending to poison you stranger, so come don’t be stubborn and accept the water”, you say, placing the mug against his lips again.
He breathes quickly, it smells like nothing. Only the iron mug gives off a faint scent. You tilt the mug, making the water touch his lips. He presses his eyes shut at the cold sensation, waiting for the unbearable burn of the poison. It doesn’t come, as a matter of fact, nothing happens other than that his skin feels wet all of a sudden.
He locks eyes with you and finally parts his lips. The liquid feels cold on his tongue, coating his terribly dry mouth. He swallows, grunting when his throat finally stops aching in thirst. You were right. It tastes clean and fresh and so, so cold. He hates how good it felt and how hungrily he began drinking it.
“There we go. That’s better. You must have been really thirsty. I apologize that I kept you waiting for so long, but I needed to weaken you a little before I could talk to you.”
The water runs down his chin and trips down on his chest. You wipe it off with your hand.
“Don’t worry, you won’t return to your cell again. Unless of course, you decide to misbehave.”
He breaks away from the mug and swallows the last bit of the water.
“Just throw me in there again, I won’t talk”, his voice comes out easier now that his throat wasn’t so dry anymore.
“Oh trust me, I know that you won’t talk tonight. That is why I brought this”, you say and open an iron cloche.
He had expected to be met with torture devices, but instead freshly cooked food was looking back at him. Meat and potatoes, garnished with a red sauce. His stomach rumbles on instinct, so loudly that you could hear it as well.
“I can hear that you are hungry. So eat as much as you desire.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“You think it is poisoned, don’t you?”
His silence is answer enough for you.
You sigh and cut off a piece of meat and potato so you could eat them in front of his eyes. You chew and swallow.
“See? It is not poisoned.”
He eyes it, swallowing down the saliva in his mouth.
“I’m not hungry.”
You cut off a piece and guide it to his lips.
He locks eyes with you, opens his mouth and lets you place the food inside.
“There you go, that’s-“, your voice cuts off as he spits it back out again right at your face. You gasp and touch the spot it had touched.
“I don’t need your food witch”, he spits.
“I am trying to help you. How dare you spit at me”, you hiss.
“Be glad I am bound to this chair because if I wasn’t, I’d do things far worse to you.”
You place the fork down and sigh.
“You disappoint me stranger, I thought you would know better than this. Valkeria! Auralia!”
The door opens.
“What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”
“Take him back to his cell. He hasn’t learned his lesson yet.”
“I’ll kill you. You hear me?” he growls, fighting against your warriors' grasps.
“And gag him again, he is oh so noisy”, you order, locking eyes with him. Your warriors are stuffing a rag into his mouth, doing with little concern for his wellbeing. He grunts and whimpers, fighting against the feeling but losing miserably.
“I told you not to misbehave, this is all on you”, you tell him coldly, “now take him away, I don’t want to see him anymore.”
His screams are muffled and unintelligible, but you know that he is screaming curses at you.
Tumblr media
He had been sleeping before. It wasn’t really sleeping if he was being honest, the rag in his mouth and the ropes around his hands prevented him from feeling comfortable. Not that he found any kind of comfort in the cold, wet prison cell her warriors threw him in after he spat at her face last night. Or was it two nights ago? Perhaps even three nights? He doesn’t quite know as the only source of light was the measly torch outside his cell. But he knew that it was time for him to leave his cell again. It was being opened and two warriors stepped through the threshold.
“Wake up birdie”, one of them tells him and kicks his side.
He groans and writhes away, trying to sit up but failing miserably.
“Stop that Valkeria.”
“Why? She just told us to bring him to Her, she never spoke of treating him gently.”
“Yes, but kicking him awake won’t do you any good.”
"Yes it will, it's fun", she says and kicks him again. 
He could feel the pain in his entire body. It leaves a dull thumping sensation behind. 
"Stop that!" 
The other, and nicer, warrior squats down before him and places her hands on his shoulders so she could help him sit up. He does so with a groan, everything inside of him ached.
“I apologize for my friend’s behaviour. She doesn’t know what she is doing. The Queen sent for you again, you will leave your cell tonight”, she spoke with a calm and gentle voice.
She helps him to his feet and supports him by his arm.
“Come now, walk.”
He stumbles and tries to walk. He regrets not taking any of the Queen's food. He thought that he couldn’t feel any worse, but he does. He feels close to death. The colours around him looked washed out and pale, the world seemed blurry and distorted and his legs felt like two pieces of iron. He stumbles up the steps, the warrior pulls him back up easily.
“See? That is what you get when you refuse Her food”, she says with disappointment lacing her voice.
She was right in a way. He should have at least eaten the potato, then he wouldn’t be in so much pain. Perhaps then he would also have enough strength to push her down the stairs and run for his life. Perhaps if he ate that potato he would have already been able to flee.
He stumbles again, being held up by the warrior’s strong grasp.
“It’s not far anymore, hold on for a little longer.”
“Why are you so nice to him Auralia? He doesn’t deserve our kindness”, the first, and sadistic, warriors spits and a second later he feels his hair get twisted painfully.
He groans and stumbles, hitting his shins and toes way too many times as she pulls him up the stairs by his hair.
“Valkeria stop that!”
She stops tugging at his hair but only because they have reached the Queens chambers and she needs to knock. He is crying by now. Not actually, physically crying because he feels sad but out of his eyes tears are spilling from the discomfort of his hair being tugged. And then she tugs at his hair again, making him stumble into the Queens chambers.
He would have fallen on his face if you hadn’t caught his body before that, now he is lying in your arms, face buried in your chest.
“Valkeria! If I see you abuse him one more time, you will be the one being fed to Woltron”, you spit angrily.
“It is not my fault he is too stupid to walk”, Valkeria answers, shrugging her shoulders.
You click your tongue, “leave for the night and tell Yeri to take your place instead.”
“My Queen?”
“You need to take control of your emotions Valkeria.”
“Yes my Queen. I understand my Queen”, she mumbles and bows her head.
The door closes then and he feels his body being straightened up.
“Good evening stranger”, you greet him with an apologetic smile, “I apologize for Valkeria’s behaviour, you must know she has good reasons to hate your people.”
He furrows his brows in confusion.
“Your friend, Seokjin, he killed one of my warriors before he fled back to you. Ymir was her name and she was Valkeria’s wife.”
He lowers his eyes in shame. 
“But for now let’s take off this gag shall we?”
He gasps for air the moment the rag is out of his mouth, licking over his lips repeatedly. The soaked rag lands on the floor with a low thump.
“I felt awful having to gag you for days, but you spat at my face, it was only the right thing to do.”
He scoffs, wiping his mouth with his tied hands. The corners of his mouth ache terribly, they also feel hot when he licks over them, he must have inflamed them from the rag constantly rubbing against them.
“Don’t worry, they are only a little reddened. It’s nothing a few days of rest can’t fix”, you assure him, “but now, come follow me. I need to clean you.”
You tug at his arms. He is too weak to fight back, stumbling after you.
“Where are we going?” he asks weakly, eyeing the chair he had been tied to before.
“The bathing room. You stink.”
You lead him past a wall of thick curtains into a small, windowless room. Dozens of candles were lit and in the middle of the room an iron tub was standing, filled with warm water. It smelled of lavender and chamomile in the room.
You stand him next to the tub and reach for a pair of sharp scissors. He eyes them.
“Stay away”, he warns.
“Stay calm, I won’t hurt you.”
You move closer, he stumbles back until the back of his knees hit the tub. It makes him hiss at the sudden warm sensation on his skin.
“What, what are you doing?”
“I am undressing you.”
“No, don’t touch my clothes.”
“I prepared new clothes for you. Worry not, they are still black”, you tell him and cut open the right sleeve of his blouse. Next the left sleeve, it rips easily. He wiggles with his upper body in an attempt to fight you off.
“Stay still”, you pull at the ropes, “I don’t want to cut you on accident.”
He stays still but only because the scissors were terribly close to his crotch. He raises his head and looks up at the ceiling. Rafkan was right, the witches of the Night Queendom were sadistic monsters and now the leader of them all was stealing him of the only thing still keeping him connected to his brothers. He wonders if next she tries to give him a new name or worse burn off his tattoo. That’s what those witches do, they steal your identity until you have forgotten who you were, that is what Rafkan told him. And that is why Seokjin has never returned to him and his brothers. He knows that you were lying. Seokjin probably never left the castle’s walls, perhaps he became dinner for the wolves or Valkeria killed him when you weren’t looking or maybe he was living among them, thinking that he was someone else. Seokjin would never willingly stay away from his brothers, something must have happened to him.
You cut off the last thread keeping his pants together and pull the destroyed fabric from his legs. You stand up again and watch his face. He stares at you with angry precision, jaw tensed and eyes burning in hatred. His tied hands are covering him, muscles flexed in the desire to bash your head in.
"Let’s get you in the water, shall we?”
He lets you help him step in the bathtub, but only because you kept his hands still tied. It is warm on his skin, he had already forgotten how warmth feels like or how baths felt like for that matter. It must have been years since his last bath. Rafkan doesn’t really let them take baths because baths were reserved for witches, so he said.
“There we go”, you say, supporting him as he sits down.
The water reaches him to his chest just a little under where his tattoo ends. The smell of lavender and chamomile is even stronger in the bathtub, making him dizzy.
“Now lean back and relax, I will get your soaps.”
He stares at you angrily, leaning back against the bathtub. He may seem like he is relaxing, but he isn’t, every fibre in his body is tensed. He watches you as you turn your back to him and begin sorting through something on the little table next to the tub. He wonders if he could strangle you, he would only need to act quickly enough. Jump to his feet and out of the bath and use the ropes around his wrists to strangle you instead. Or perhaps if he is even quicker he could steal the scissors from the table and carve a new hole into your ribcage. He sits up and pushes himself up.
“There we go”, you turn around, making him fall back against the tub, “I have everything I need. You must know our soap makers create masterpieces, you will feel so clean afterwards.”
You place the bar of soap on the edge of the tub and fill an iron bowl with water. Then you go behind him, making him crane his neck.
“Keep looking forward”, you tell him, turning his head back.
“Don’t touch me.”
“Hush, you will thank me.”
“No don’t-“, a gasp interrupts him as you pour water over his head. He grunts with his eyes closed, mouth opening and closing repeatedly and shoulders heaving up and down. You pour more water over his head, making him hold his breath. A third time and then you finally place the bowl on the floor and reach for the soap. He sends you a deathly glare over his shoulder. You merely give him an apologetic smile and turn his head to the front again. He grunts, frowning.
“If my body wasn’t so weak I would kill you”, he growls, “I would drown you in this bathtub right here and now.”
“Yes?” you say and begin rubbing the soap into his scalp.
“Yes. Or maybe I would bash your head in with the corner of the tub and watch your rotten brains spill out.”
“That sounds gruesome”, you say, running your nails over his scalp gently. You watch goosebumps form on his shoulders and neck.
“And then I, I would dig your rotten heart out of your chest with the scissors.”
“Really?” you pay special attention to the nape of his neck, massaging the soap into his hair thoroughly.
“And, and then I would strangle you and, and…and…” he drifts off, body relaxing just slightly.
“That sounds like a thorough plan. So why not do it?” you ask, running your fingers over the crown of his head repeatedly.
“Because you tied my hands”, he answers you.
“I thought the Ravens were taught to fight with their hands tied so that they would never be handicapped in a fight.”
You brush his hair out of his face, making sure to caress his forehead with relaxing touches. The movements make his head tilt back just enough that you could watch his eyelids flutter. You keep watching them, massaging the front of his head in circular motions.
“That is a lie”, he presses out, forcing his lips closed so they wouldn’t part in relaxation.
“It is? I apologize then, it seems I was misinformed.”
You tilt his head back to the front and get the bowl.
“Close your eyes, I need to wash the soap out.”
He hates that he closes his eyes and that he waits for the water with held breath and he hates it even more that he feels disappointed that you have already finished washing his hair. If his brothers would see him right now they would beat him with sticks until he wasn’t moving anymore. He is betraying them, with every second he sits in this tub and allows you to wash him he is betraying them.
“There we go”, you place the bowl down, “the worst is gone, now I will make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.”
He tenses up when he feels your fingers in his hair again, rubbing soothing circles on his scalp. He hates that he doesn’t hate it. Your fingers draw circles on his scalp, tugging on his hair softly with every movement. He sighs and closes his eyes. Somewhere far away he remembers the sensation. He can’t place the location or person to said sensation, but he knows that sometime in his life he had experienced it before. He squeezes his eyes shut further to stop the brickling of tears. Why does he like this so much?
“Now tell me something else. I heard the Ravens are all orphans and that Rafkan was the one who saved you. Is that also a lie?”
He growls and turns, pushing himself out of the tub. The mention of his leader clearly angered him. You push him back down, “stay I’m not finished with you.”
“I hate you”, he spits, writhing away, “don’t touch me witch.”
Now he realises what had happened, why he enjoyed this moment so much. It was black magic again. You bewitched him and made him believe that he enjoyed your touches. It was all a scheme to get him to talk and spill the secrets of his people.
“I am no witch”, you hiss and press him down harshly, “now stay and let me wash you.”
He wiggles, making the water splash over the edge of the tub.
“Keep still.”
He fights more, almost making you fall into the water with him.
He gasps and stops fighting. You just slapped his cheek with the back of your hand. It wasn’t hard or painful, just a mere nudge, but it surprised him nonetheless.
“See? Now I slapped you on accident. That is what you get from wiggling so much.”
He looks over his shoulder to send you a deathly glare. You smile and connect your fingers with his hair.
“I apologize for slapping you, I hope it didn’t hurt.”
He scoffs.
“I take this as a no”, you say and massage his scalp so well that he can’t help but shiver on instinct, “I merely want to help you stranger.”
He turns to the front and clenches his jaw. It angers him how weak his body feels. Just those short moments of struggle drained him to the point that his eyes feel droopy. He couldn’t fight you any more, even if he tried. He just has to sit here and allow you to wash his hair.
“Tell me stranger, do you have a name? I don’t like calling you stranger.”
He stays silent. You massage the spot behind his ears, watching how he straightens up at the sensation and tilts his head back. You keep touching him there. His lips part without him even noticing that they do.
“Or perhaps you have no name”, you wonder.
He doesn’t answer you. Your fingers run through his hair again, making his shoulder raise and sink in a deep breath.
“Worry not, I can give you one.”
He tenses up.
“How about Ragnahr? Or perhaps a longer name. Something strong and mysterious. Something like-“
“Jungkook. My name is Jungkook.”
“That is a good name. It fits you.”
Jungkook closes his eyes and squeezes his own hands in anger. He wasn’t angry at you, he was angry at himself for revealing his name to you so easily. All it took was for you to threaten him with a wrong name and he already broke. Rafkan would be so disappointed in him. He should have just let you give him a wrong name. It is not like he is planning on staying here for long. Once he has eaten and rested and has regained his strength he will finally fulfill his task of killing you. He should have stayed unknown, should have taken on a wrong name and lived under an alias until his destiny was fulfilled.
You twist his hair softly, gathering it up at the top of his head to really rub the soap into his scalp. He can hear your movements and feel them all the way down to his toes. It makes them curl and his eyelids flutter. He allows them to fall closed because deep down he knew he couldn’t fight this exhaustion for long anymore. 
He begins thinking again. There must have been something stopping him from living under an alias. Something inside of him that told his tongue to speak the truth because living in a lie would have been torture too big. Perhaps it was that everlasting emptiness in his heart, which was present ever since he was five and ripped away from his parent’s dead arms by a masked stranger. Perhaps it was this hollow unknowing he always had to carry around with him that told him that losing even more of his identity would end in his ruin.
“My name is ___, you can call me this instead of always calling me a witch”, you say, running your fingers along his temples. You could feel that he carried a lot of pain in that area, it was written all over his features and was present in the way he tensed at your touch.
“Why would I call you this when you are nothing but a witch?” he hisses, but the slight shake in his voice made him sound a lot less angry.
“Because you think wrongly of me. I am no witch, I am a simple woman with no magical abilities.”
“Lies. You and your people are witches.”
“Is that what Rafkan told you?”
He closes his mouth and stays silent.
“Of course he did”, you sigh, “Rafkan doesn’t know everything about this world.”
“Yes he does and he told me that you would say such things. That you would use sweet words and soft touches to bewitch me until I am your slave.”
“My slave?” you laugh loudly and for some reason it makes him feel really stupid.
“Don’t laugh”, he spits angrily.
“I must apologize, but that is perhaps the most amusing thing I have ever heard.”
He scoffs, clenching his jaw.
“I don’t keep slaves in my castle. Everyone who is by my side, who works for me or does things for me, does them out of their own free will.”
“I don’t believe you”, he hisses, “I know your true nature. I know about your scales and your poisonous fangs and about the human sacrifices.”
“Human sacrifices?” you laugh, “scales and fangs?” you laugh even more.
“Stop laughing!” he screams in anger.
He just told you that he knows your darkest secrets and you are laughing at him. You are mocking him. It angers him so much that he feels like crying. You are not supposed to laugh, you are supposed to beg him not to tell anyone.
You round him then, carrying amusement in your eyes.
“Tell me Jungkook. Where did Rafkan tell you that I am covered in scales?”
He stays silent but looks at your torso.
“My torso? Oh that’s a clever place. He probably told you that because of them you need to make sure to stab me with all your strength so the knife would pierce them didn’t he?”
He turns his head away and grinds his teeth. You are still mocking him, taking him for a fool. This must be your way of hiding the truth. Make him out to be the idiot while your secrets stay safe. He clenches his jaw, feeling all the tension you massaged away return to his head.
He hears something then, as if fabric had hit the ground. He turns his head, instantly looking away again. You have bared yourself to him. Rafkan told him not to look at your naked body because the scales would hypnotise him. He holds his breath, squeezes his eyes shut and hopes that this would be enough to keep him safe.
“Don’t turn away. Look at me.”
“You can’t trick me witch.”
“I am not tricking you. Look at me.”
“No, I know what this will do to me. I’m no fool.”
“Yes you are. A fool who believes the ramblings of an even bigger fool”, you step closer, “look at me Jungkook.”
“Look. At. Me.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then you will prove to me that you are nothing but a foolish child.”
He isn’t foolish, let alone a child. It angers him that you would even dare to put such words into your mouth. He peels his eyes open, looking at the ground. He can see your legs from the corners of his eyes. They seem normal to him. He takes a deep breath. He needs to be brave now, Rafkan will be so proud of him if he survives.
He turns and holds his breath.
“What?” he gasps, feeling his world crumble.
He blinks in confusion, letting his eyes run over your body almost obsessively exact. There are no scales, not even one. You turn a few times to show him everything. Still nothing, only human skin.
“Rafkan lied to you”, you close the distance between you and him and step into the bath.
He tenses up, tries to get away from you. He ends up housing you between his legs, panting at the feeling of your skin against his.
“Just as he lied to you about my fangs”, you say and open your mouth.
He looks at every tooth, feeling like his head might explode. Rafkan told him of big, sharp fangs. He told him that just a touch could kill and that therefore he shouldn’t force your mouth open after he killed you to check for them. There were no fangs in your mouth, not even one.
“No, no he wouldn’t lie.”
“Yes he would. He is a madman, who is obsessed with the idea of making me fall. I am sure that he told you that my people hunt your people for fun, that we find some sick pleasure in hurting men.”
You came closer in the time you spoke, making him press himself against the bathtub.
“Stay away from me.”
You reach for something on the table and Jungkook flinches away as you pull your hand back.
“I don’t want to hurt you”, you say, forcing him to look at you with two fingers under his chin. There is a clean rag in your fingers, “I want to help you.”
You soak the rag, guiding it to his face. He moves back, panting heavily in anger, or maybe it was fear.
“What are you doing?”
“Cleaning you. Your face looks terrible with all the dirt covering it”, you say, dragging the fabric over his chin.
He grunts, watching your hand as it dances up his face to clean his left cheek. His eye closes on instinct as you drag the rag over his skin underneath it. You clean his nose next, up and down the bridge of it until his eyes feel terribly heavy again. This must be your magic again, he feels so tired all of a sudden. You clean his right cheek, doing so a lot more tender because he has a little cut on his cheekbone. It burns just the slightest bit, but not enough to wake him up. Your face blurs in his vision, the colours fade out again as his eyes close more and more.
You wash out the cloth.
“We are almost done, worry not”, you say quietly and support his wobbling head with your hand at the back of it.
“What have you done to me?” he forces out, eyes falling closed.
“Nothing, although I must confess I chose the best sleeping oils for our bath. Their smell is supposed to help you fall asleep.”
“Stop messing with my mind, witch.”
“I’m not and I am no witch.”
You clean his forehead, watching the creases disappear from it. It only lasts a second. He inhales loudly and forces his eyes open again. The warmth of the water, the scent of the flowers, your tender touch and soft body against his’ almost got him. He can’t give up now, not when he had already come so far. Who knows what you would do to him, would he fall asleep. Perhaps you would drown him in this bath, hang his naked body for everyone to see above your castle walls. He can’t allow that to happen.
“Don’t fight it. I know you haven’t rested in days”, you whisper, caressing his cheek with your hand.
He shakes you off and widens his eyes.
“I’m not tired.”
“Yes you are, even now when you are surrounded by warm water, your body is shivering. I can feel it.”
He knows that you were right. He had been shivering uncontrollably ever since you joined him in the bath. He is glad that you think it was because of exhaustion, because in truth he was terribly scared of you. He was scared that this was all just a trick. That Rafkan was right and you were nothing but a snake. Perhaps he failed to mention that you could hide your true nature and you knew that. Perhaps you are using his ignorance to your advantage.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Believe me?” you ask, cleaning his torso with the rag.
“Your scales and fangs, you are hiding them.”
You chuckle, “and you fear that if you close your eyes I would use them on you?”
“I know you are planning something, witch.”
“Yes, I am. I want you to rest tonight.”
Jungkook furrows his brows and watches you. You are cleaning his stomach, using less pressure when your fingers are touching his cut. You are so gentle with him, it is confusing him so much. Why are you gentle and careful with him? Why is your skin not covered in scales? Why does your mouth not carry fangs? And why do you want him to rest as if his wellbeing was of importance to you?
You smile and pat his shoulder, “why not?”
He blinks and shifts his gaze to the water. This all confuses him so terribly much.
“Now, let’s finally wash out that soap and get you to bed”, you say, rising from the bath to leave it and round him. You pour water over his head, making him gasp and grunt at the sensation. You do it a second time and he is holding his breath this time around.
“There we go, now wait here and I will get the towel.”
Tumblr media
He is awake in an instance from the nightmare plaguing his mind. It was the same he always has. A masked man rips him out of the arms of his dead parents. He gasps and sits up, but something holds him back, tugs him down by his wrists until his back collides with the headboard. He groans in pain and surprise, looking around the room only to come face to face with you resting on your knees beside him.
"Good morning", you say, stroking your palm over his stomach, "I just finished treating your cuts, they are healing splendidly." 
"Where am I?" he asks, voice heavy in sleep.
"My bed of course." 
"No. No. What have you done to me?" 
"Nothing, you were just too exhausted to walk to your chambers and so I allowed you to sleep with me." 
He looks down at his body. Black, linen pants were covering his lower body. 
"Yes I put them on. I must say, your legs are quite heavy when you sleep." 
He tries to rub his legs together to see if he was still a man. 
"Don’t worry, I didn’t cut it off and use it as a necklace", you joke. 
He blinks at you with widened eyes. 
"I see you don’t find humor in it", you observe, "worry not, although Rafkan told you about our love for stealing men of their pride, we don’t actually do that, especially because they can bring us a lot of joy as well." 
"What?" he gasps and shakes his head, "no. Stay away." 
"Worry not, I merely intend to take care of your wounds and to feed you of course. 
"Feed me?" 
"Yes, your hands are tied."
He tries to raise them but finds himself unable to do as two ropes keep them on the mattress securely.
“Let me go”, he growls.
“I fear that this is not possible”, you give him an apologetic smile, “you carry too much hatred in your eyes still, I don’t want to risk it.”
“Risk it? What? Do I scare you?” he spits, grinning victoriously.
You study his face. He keeps up the eye contact. You sigh, eyes filling with pity as you let them run over his features. It confuses him again, maybe makes him even feel nervous. He clears his throat, feeling his gaze falter.
“You don’t scare me. I pity you.”
“Pity?” he scoffs and laughs, “if you feel so terrible for what you do to me then free me.”
“You misunderstand me. I don’t feel bad for what I do to you. I feel bad for what he did to you.”
Rafkan was right, the witches are confusing creatures, speaking in riddles and madness. He doesn’t understand a thing you are saying.
“How old were you when they came for you?”
“I, I don’t know what you are saying.”
“You called out for your parents as you slept. More than once.”
He turns his head away, looks to the side. This is not good, now you know his darkest secret and can use it against him.
“I figure you must have been nothing but a child. You must have been. This would have given him enough time to twist his way into your mind.”
He doesn’t understand. It angers him so much to feel so stupid and ignorant in your presence.
“What are you talking about?” and so he screams at you, tugging at the ropes with all he got.
You don’t flinch back, you simply sigh in sadness and reach out to cup his cheek.
He flinches away, skin burning where you are touching him.
“Rafkan doesn’t speak everything out loud, Jungkook”, you whisper.
“I, I don’t understand”, he chokes out, feeling close to tears in desperation. You are confusing him so much.
“You can’t, but give it some time. You will understand one day.”
“Tell me.”
“Not today”, you give him a smile, “for now, you need to eat, gain back your strength and nourish your body.”
You turn to your side then and reach for a grape, which had been resting on a plate on the mattress.
"I picked out the sweetest kind", you say, guiding it to his lips.
He eyes the grape, breathing heavily.
“Open up.”
He shakes his head.
“I didn’t poison it.”
“Stay, stay away from me.”
“Fine”, you give up and eat the grape yourself, “perhaps you want some cheese instead?”
You offer him a piece of finely cut cheese on a slice of bread, it is rolled up so it looks like a flower.
“You haven’t eaten in a week, don’t be foolish. You need the food.”
“I don’t need your food. I need answers.”
“They will come eventually.”
“I want them now.”
You furrow your brows, eyes darkening. It makes him swallow. You scoot closer, sitting down on his lap. He squeezes his eyes shut, head hitting the edge of the headrest as he moves away. He went too far and now he will finally feel the cruelty of the witches, Rafkan always spoke of. But it doesn’t come, instead you cup his cheek and make him look at you.
“Eat”, you whisper, touching his lips with the bread.
It smells so good that it makes his mouth water. Oh heavens, he is so hungry. He swallows and gawks at the bread.
“Eat, it will do you good”, you tell him.
He shakes his head.
“You can trust me.”
For the briefest of moments he looked into your eyes, meeting nothing but the purest honesty in them. Can he really trust you? Is this really just food? You encourage him with a nod of your head and a soft smile, caressing his cheekbone softly.
You brush your thumb over his lips, making them prickle at the sensation.
“Eat”, you breathe, putting soft pressure on his lips.
He exhales shakily and lets you open his mouth, gasping quietly when you replace your thumb with the bread. You press his jaw closed the moment the food rests on his tongue. He knows you are only doing so, so that he can’t spit it out again.
“Now chew”, you order him, keeping a tight grip on him.
He chews, keeping his eyes locked on your face. You stare at his lips, watching him chew with a sort of pride in your eyes. He swallows, feeling the bread against his lips in an instance.
He bites off a piece and chews with the help of you. He hates how helpless you made him, not because it embarrasses him, no for a weird reason it doesn’t embarrass him, but because he gave in so easily once again. First his name and now he lets you feed him. His brothers would be so disappointed in him. Is that how Seokjin felt too? Did you do the same things to him as you do right now?
He opens his mouth and lets you stuff it with bread and later force his jaw closed. He hadn’t even intended on spitting on you this morning. He was feeling too hungry for that and as much as he hates to admit it, he knows that he needs the food. If he had refused it again and you threw him into his cell for yet another three days, he feared that the hunger might have killed him.
“Again. Last bite.”
Your fingers aren’t as tight on his jaw as they were before. Perhaps you already trust him a little more.
He swallows, your fingers fall from his face.
“Perfect. Now”, you reach to the plate, “you must try a grape.”
“Because they taste lovely to cheese”, you explain, guiding it to his lips.
“Oh heavens, will you eat? How are you intending to gain back your strength if you keep refusing the food I prepared for you?”
He lowers his eyes and licks over his lips. You were right. He sighs, opens his mouth and takes in the grape. You had wanted to reach for his jaw again but he moved away faster, looking at you with dark eyes. It makes you smile.
“See? It wasn’t that hard.”
You reach for another piece of bread and some grapes.
“Here, have more. You must try it together, it will change the way you look at food.”
You were right. Again. It tasted really good. He liked it, it made his tongue prickle and his chest feel warm. Rafkan doesn’t really allow them to eat good food, just things to keep the body strong. Good food is reserved for witches who gain pleasure out of it, so he always said. Jungkook kind of liked the good food a lot more than the one Rafkan gave him.
“And? Do you enjoy it?” you ask.
He swallows and clenches his jaw.
“What are you doing to me?” he hisses. There must have been something in this food. Maybe not poison, but something magical. Something that forces him to find this moment so not at all horrible.
You laugh softly and tilt your head to the side, eyes filling with warmth.
“Nothing”, you say, “I’m just feeding you.”
“Did you enchant it?”
You eye the food between your fingers.
“Do you enjoy it that much?”
He looks to the side, hoping that you can’t see the blush on his cheeks.
“You do”, you caress his shoulder and scoot up his lap, “that is wonderful to hear. Here, take more until you feel like your hunger has vanished.”
Jungkook eats a lot this morning and he hates that he enjoys every second of it.
Tumblr media
He was in his chambers, staring at the walls as he always did this past week, when a knock made his head turn.
“What?” he asks coldly, watching the door open and three people enter his room.
Two witches and a man. It surprises him. He saw men on her castle grounds, but this is the first time he is meeting one up close.
“Good morning Sire, I hope you rested well.”
Jungkook scoffs and turns back to the wall.
“I’m not a Sire.”
“Well, Our Majesty told me to treat you with the highest respect, so I am going to address you as Sire today…Sire.”
Jungkook sneaks a glance at him and the masses of fabrics the two witches were carrying.
“What are you doing here anyway?” he asks.
“Dressmaking?” he asks, cocking his right eyebrow up.
“You see Sire, my name is Bartholomew and I am a dressmaker.”
“Tailor, Sire. I am a tailor.”
“Ah I understand….and why are you in my room?”
“To measure you of course.”
“Measure me?”
“You are a man of many questions Sire”, he mumbles and fixes the buttons on his coat, “you see, Our Majesty let me know that she had to destroy your clothes to…well, bathe you properly. And I am here to remake them in your image.”
He snorts and chuckles.
“She wants to dress me? What? I’m her puppet now?”
The tailor clears his throat and looks at his two assistants. It seems that his words had flustered him greatly.
“No…of course not Sire. She merely wanted to give you a part of your identity back.”
Jungkook faltered. What tricks is she playing now? If she really wanted to give him a part of his identity back she would have let him run two weeks ago, not lock him up in a windowless room and only take him outside for walks where his wrists were tied together. There were of course all those countless warm baths she shared with him and the many dinners he had to take with her. She allowed him to eat on his own most nights. She currently doesn’t allow him to eat on his own however, Jungkook has himself to blame for that as he had tried to stab her eyes with a butter knife last night.
That is why her generosity confuses him greatly, no it doesn’t confuse him, it leaves him suspicious. He almost blinded her last night and now she wants to give him presents?
“Why would she want that?”
“Because she felt gracious this morning.”
“I don’t understand. I almost blinded her last night.”
The tailor nods.
“She told me that you would say that Sire and I can tell you that she is more forgiving than you think she is.”
Jungkook grinds his teeth. He thought that a man would understand him better, but it seems that his mind had been poisoned by the witches as well. The tailor claps into his hands then.
“Now! Let us get started. I have a lot of work to do.”
His two assistants place the heaps of fabric on his bed and pull Jungkook to his feet.
“Don’t touch me, let go of me”, he growls, fighting against them.
They show no struggle, leading him to the tailor with ease.
Jungkook grunts and wobbles on the steps they put him on, staring down at the man with dark eyes.
“I swear to god if you even as much as dare to touch me I will rip your head off”, he warns.
“Very threatening indeed”, the tailor mumbles mindlessly, squatting down to begin measuring Jungkook’s legs.
He watches him work, considering for a moment if he should kick him in the face and use the moment of chaos to escape. The tailor's two assistants begin circling him before he can, holding up different kinds of fabrics against his face.
“Don’t touch me”, he hisses, moving his head away.
“They won’t touch you, Sire. They merely want to figure out your perfect colours.”
“My perfect colours? I’m not a witch, I don’t need colours”, he spits.
“Everybody needs a little colour in their life, Sire. Especially in a land where the nights are so long”, the tailor mumbles, “now spread your legs.”
The tailor forces them open.
“I said no”, he spits, closing them again.
“Sire”, the tailor forces them apart again, “stay still. I can’t measure them otherwise.”
Jungkook clenches his jaw, watching the tailor wrap the measuring tape around his thigh. He feels fabric against his cheek and as he turns his head one of the assistants is holding up a rosé coloured fabric. She looks into his eyes, squinting her own as she studies him.
“That colour looks nice with your eyes, Sire”, she lets him know, handing the fabric over to her colleague, “put this on the pile to take.”
“No. I don’t want colour. I want black”, Jungkook spits, lowering his eyes in anger.
She clicks her tongue in distaste, “but Sire this-“
“I want black or else I will use this stupid fabric to hang you from the ceiling.”
Something pinches him on his inner thigh.
“Ah”, he gasps, looking down at the tailor, “did you just poke me with a needle?”
The tailor ignores him. He did poke him with a needle, doing so as a punishment for the way Jungkook talked to his assistants, but he won’t let him know that.
“Strong thighs. You were running a lot weren’t you?” he says instead.
“I could outrun all of you if that is what you are asking.”
“I am positive that you could, Sire.”
The tailor straightens up and wraps the measuring tape around Jungkook’s hips. He tenses at the touch.
“Stay away.”
“Do you want it to pinch your manhood Sire or do you want it to be comfortable?”
Jungkook closes his mouth and stops fighting.
“As I thought, now let me measure you.”
He allows him with a clenched jaw, watching the tailor’s assistants instead. They are discussing the different pieces of black fabric, comparing them to each other as if there was any difference between them. They were all the same to him.
“You seem to be in good shape, Sire. Our Majesty can count herself lucky.”
“Excuse me?” Jungkook's voice pitched in surprise about the bluntness of the tailor.
“Keep your arms stretched out, Sire”, he says, putting Jungkook’s arms in the desired position.
He allowed him, too shocked had made him his words.
“What did you mean by that?” he stresses.
“Are you not her lover, Sire? The castle watched you enter her chambers each night and leave it hours later with your cheeks tainted red.”
“That’s – “, Jungkook falls silent for he is far too shocked to come up with an answer.
He would never. Never. Never. To even think about it...let alone do. Never. Just, never.
“-not mine to ask. You must forgive me Sire, I shouldn’t have asked.”
Jungkook scoffs and looks away, meeting the assistants’ curious gazes. They are studying him, looking at him as if he allowed them to do so.
“What?” he spits, making them flinch and giggle, “stop laughing.”
“Now, now. Don’t be too harsh on them, Sire. Everyone in the castle is excited about the news. You must know, Our Majesty usually doesn’t keep male guests, so we are all excited that she chose such a handsome, strong man to be by her side.”
“I’m not by her side”, he squeaks, “I’m her prisoner.”
They all giggle.
“I see Sire, her prisoner.”
“Why did you say this so weirdly?”
The tailor grins boyishly and winks at him.
“That is – no, just no. How dare you even think of that. This is outrageous, I – no.”
 The assistants giggle again.
“Stop laughing!”
They don’t listen, whispering and giggling to each other as they begin comparing fabrics again. The tailor moves on to measure Jungkook’s chest.
“I’m her prisoner, I mean it. She is keeping me against my will”, he stresses, whispering the words to the tailor, “shouldn’t you be on my side?”
“And why should I?”
“Because you and I are the same. We should stick together.”
“You and I are not the same Sire, believe me.”
“Can’t you see that they have cursed you?”
“Cursed me?” the tailor laughs, “this is utter nonsense.”
“It isn’t and you know that it isn’t. What did they do to you? Did they torture you?”
“No Sire, I am a simple dressmaker, nothing more.”
“Help me, please.”
“Help you? With what?”
“Why do you want to escape Sire? Is Our Majesty not treating you well?”
“No, she is a monster.”
“A monster?” the tailor asks and chuckles, “how ridiculous.”
“I am serious. They are all witches here. All of them and you are nothing but their puppet.”
At that the tailor stops working.
“Now I must forget my manners for a second. Stop calling them witches, they aren’t witches. They have names and feelings and they care a fuck more about you than Rafkan ever did.”
“Excuse me?” Jungkook gasps. Where did that man’s manners go?
The tailor hooks his fingers in Jungkook’s shirt collar and rips it open. Jungkook had no time to react, left gawking at the tailor with widened eyes. His tattoo is on complete display for the tailor and his assistants, they stare at it with pitiful eyes.
“The Ravens of the Black Forest sent you.”
Jungkook covers his tattoo quickly, fumbling with his shirt in hopes of repairing it.
“And if they did? You know going against me will end in your deaths.”
“I know, Jungkook.”
“How, how do you know my name?”
The tailor unbuttons his coat and pulls it open, revealing a black raven tattoo on his chest.
“I was one of you once. A Raven, filled with hatred for the women you call witches and with my mind poisoned in lies. You probably don’t remember me, you were with the Ravens for a little over five months when Rafkan sent me away to kill the Queen’s mother.”
Jungkook jumps from the steps, grabbing the tailor by his throat.
“You traitor. I’ll bash your head in”, he spits, pushing him against a wall.
The assistants wanted to help, but the tailor stops them with a raise of his hand. Jungkook can feel their scared eyes on the back of his head.
“I’m not your enemy Jungkook.”
“Yes you are. You betrayed our people.”
“Our people are here. The blacksmith? Left the Ravens five years ago. The warrior whose left eye always twitches? Left the Ravens after Rafkan hurt said eye in a fit of rage. The three philosophers you always see talking in the gardens? Ravens, who saw that life wasn’t about killing but learning. We weren’t killed by the Queen, we were saved.”
“Liar”, Jungkook growls, pressing him closer to the wall, "she kills people, I know she does."
“I’m not lying”, the tailor insists.
“She cursed you.”
“She didn’t.”
The tailor breaks Jungkook’s fingers away from his throat, lowering them. Jungkook lets him, feeling too weak to fight back. He was dizzy in confusion. This all didn’t make sense to him. 
“I was a little older than you are now when I left the Ravens”, the tailor begins, closing his coat as he speaks, “I climbed the walls and wanted to slit her throat. Just like Rafkan told me to do. I got captured and at first I was going mad at the idea of killing everyone in this castle. That is until I realised that I had never lived in such comfort before than I did here.”
“We are not meant to live in comfort. That is reserved for witches.”
“How naïve can you be, child?” the tailor spits, “we are not destined to live in the cold, wet darkness of the Black Forest and under the hand of a madman. We deserve a warm, comfortable home.”
“No”, he shakes his head, “no we do not.”
“Yes we do”, the tailor steps closer, taking Jungkook’s face between his hands, “tell me Jungkook have you ever slept as well in the Black Forest as you do here? Have you dined that well? Did you smell that good? Or even felt that safe?”
Jungkook falters, “n-no, but – “
“But what? Do you really think you are destined to die from the Black Forest’s toxic fumes or under the sharp teeth of one of the many monsters living in it?”
“That’s, that is why we train.”
“But we don’t have to. You don’t have to. Here, you don’t have to live each day thinking it is your last.”
“No”, Jungkook shakes him off, “no, I don’t believe you. She cursed you, I’m sure she did.”
“Then tell me Jungkook. Do you feel cursed ever since you came here or do you still feel like yourself?”
“Like….like…” Jungkook swallows, pushing his hair back nervously, “I don’t know. Don’t ask me that, I don’t know.”
“I think you do.”
Jungkook shakes his head.
“Tell me Jungkook.”
“I can’t, I don’t know.”
“You do. Tell me!”
“Tell. Me.”
“I feel like myself and I feel a lot damn better than I did in the past!”
The tailor smiles, features softening.
“You see? It wasn’t that hard to admit.”
“Yes it was”, Jungkook chokes out and sinks down on the bed, burying his face in his hands.
All those Ravens Rafkan told him about, all those Ravens he said were killed painfully, actually found a new life here? They aren’t dead. They are alive, protected and taken care of. And...and he could have this too? No more cold, sleepless nights? No more endless days of hunger when hunting was bad? No more aching limbs and burning lungs? He could have this too. He could have a comfortable home. 
“I’m scared Bartholomew.”
“Scared of what?”
“What Rafkan will think of me once he finds out.”
Bartholomew sits down next to Jungkook and pats his back.
“Well, luckily for you. Rafkan can’t reach you here”, he says softly.
Jungkook exhales shakily and raises his head. He can’t reach him here. He can’t hurt him here. Jungkook exhales shakily. He can’t hurt him here.
Jungkook turns, staring at the fabrics behind him.
“Can I…look at them?” he asks quietly.
Bartholomew exchanges a proud look with his assistants, squeezing Jungkook’s shoulder brotherly.
“Of course you can Sire, look at all of them and pick out the ones you like the most. I will do the rest.”
Tumblr media
You are holding a banquet for guests from far away countries. The princess of the Sand Queendom and her husband came with their closest friends. The powerful Sorceresses of the Ruby Hills came, bearing gifts of gemstones and healing oils. Even then Huntresses of the Snow Wall with their black horses and long braided hair came to celebrate with the people of the Night Queendom. He was your guest, the man by your side in fine silks but with chains around his ankles hidden underneath the tablecloth. He hated the evening at first, but then you fed him delicious food and ran your fingers through his hair and he didn’t quite hate the evening as much anymore. He just hated that he didn’t hate your tenderness and worse that he craved it whenever you paid attention to someone else. He especially hated himself when he felt jealousy in his stomach as he watched you dance with another man, laughing at his jokes and holding his hand.
He stands up from his chair, feeling Valkeria’s iron grip on his shoulder in an instance.
“Stay birdie”, she hisses.
He looks up at her with dark eyes.
“I want to dance with her.”
“You want to dance?” she laughs tauntingly, “and make a fool of yourself?”
She shakes her head and looks at Yeri and Auralia with amusement in her eyes. She slaps the back of his head so hard that he hears ringing in his ears for a few minutes.
“Just stay seated and spare yourself of the embarrassment. Idiot.”
Jungkook clenches his jaw and eyes the knife on the table. Maybe he could reach for it and use it to poke Valkeria into her stupid mouth. He hates her so much. He has been the Queen’s guest since two months and she is still hurting him whenever the Queen wasn’t looking. He can’t stand her. She is cruel and exactly how he imagines actual witches to be like.
“That was exciting”, you return before he could hurt Valkeria, plopping down on your chair beside him. Your skin is glistening in a sheer layer of sweat and you are slightly out of breath. Jungkook lets his eyes linger on your neck for a moment, your jewellery was slightly out of place. He wants to fix it, but doesn’t dare with Valkeria’s fingers still tightly around his shoulder. Jungkook looks away, searching for the man who made you laugh. He is dancing with another woman already, making her smile as well. Jungkook looks away, turning a cold shoulder to you. He is angry at you for leaving him with Valkeria and for giving attention to this weird-looking man. Yes, Jungkook thought that the man looked really weird with his blonde hair and blue dress. He looked far better than that fool.
You study him and the hand on his shoulder.
“Valkeria let go of him”, you say.
“Yes my Queen”, she says and steps back in an instance.
You turn on the chair to face him, placing your hand on his lower arm.
“What is the matter Jungkook?”
“Nothing”, he presses out.
“Do you want more food? More wine?”
He shakes his head.
“Perhaps you want to dance?”
He gnaws on his lower lip in contemplation. He does want to dance. Valkeria laughs behind him, voice carrying judgment. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to dance. He shakes his head and turns away even more.
“Speak to me.”
“I want your warriors to stop hurting me”, he hisses and turns to face you, “I’ve done what you wanted me to do. I stayed with you, behaved, was your little puppet whenever you wanted to bath or feed me. I don’t deserve to be hurt by someone like Valkeria whenever you aren’t looking.”
You look over his shoulder at Valkeria. She seems shocked that Jungkook dares to out her in such a way.
“Is that true?” you ask both Jungkook and Valkeria.
“Yes.” “He is lying.”
You look at Jungkook. He lowers his eyes, knitting his brows in anger.
“It seems that your stories aren’t matching.”
“He is lying my Queen. He just wants special treatment. I would never hurt your prisoners.”
“He is not my prisoner. He is my guest.”
“He is still lying.”
“I’m not lying!” he complains loudly.
Valkeria draws her sword halfway, “say that again birdie and I-“
“Worry not Valkeria”, you interrupt her, “I already know who to believe”, you look back at Jungkook, “come now Jungkook, let us leave.”
“What?” he gasps.
You pull him to his feet and away from your warriors.
“But I am telling the truth”, he insists loudly, fighting against you.
“I know”, you assure him, “but I don’t want to stay here when my own people want to hurt my guest.”
“Where, where are we going?” he stutters, stumbling after you.
“Far away from the festivities.”
Jungkook looks over his shoulder. Your warriors are looking at you and him, Valkeria carries hatred in her eyes. He smiles at her victoriously, making the anger in her eyes worsen. Then he turns to the front again, running with you.
Tumblr media
His love for running soon turns sour however, when he stumbles over his chains yet again, hurting his ankles in the process. You support him so he wouldn’t fall, but the pain still lingers.
“Stop running”, he hisses, ripping his hands free, “I can’t run anymore.”
You whip around, reaching for his wrists again.
“Why? We are almost there.”
“At least take off my chains.”
You look down at his feet then back into his eyes.
“Are you in pain?”
“Yes I am. They hurt me. Why are you still chaining me up?”
“Very well then, you are my guest after all. I apologize, it was long overdue, wasn’t it?” you say and he can hear a faint click from the ground. Freedom, he can feel it. His ankles don’t ache anymore.
“How is that possible?” he gasps, stumbling away from the chains, which were on his body a second ago.
“I told you they are infused with magic. They only open when I want them to and I wanted them to open.”
He takes another step back, “I’m free?” he whispers, gawking at you.
You smile and nod, stretching out your arm and offering him your hand.
“Come now, let me show you everything.”
He looks between your hand and the opened gate. You freed him. He scans his surroundings. Three guards on the walls, but none at the gate. Five banquet guests and ten horses. No wolves, none. A sturdy stick to his right and a thick metal pole to his left. He could do it, fulfill his destiny and kill you. Nobody would notice and if they did, he could flee easily. He has always been the fastest runner of them all. He looks back at you, your smile and gentle eyes and your welcoming stance. But destiny has waited for so long already, he is sure that she can wait another night. He takes a deep breath and steps closer, placing his hand into yours.
“Let’s run, just one last time.”
And then you run. You run past gawking banquet guests and worried guards, you run down stairs and climb over rocks, you run up hills and stumble through forests, you run until tears have collected in both your eyes and Jungkook tastes the night air in his throat. And then you stop, underneath a white oak tree with its bark weeping darkness, you stop.
You turn and look at him with glimmering eyes. It makes him nervous and so he looks to the side, scanning his surroundings again. The forest was tense, but carried the smell of life. Not like the Black Forest with its deathly stench. He looked at the white oak again.
“What is this place?” he asks.
“This is the tree of our ancestors Jungkook. Mine and yours”, you explain, pulling at his hands to guide him to the tree.
“The tree of our ancestors?”
“Yes. They danced beneath it, sang songs to it and nourished it until it was strong and tall”, you say and place his hand on the bark.
“Do you feel that?” you ask him.
“A heartbeat”, he whispers.
“Yes”, you squeeze his hand.
“Where is it coming from?”
“It belongs to the tree.”
“The tree?”
“Yes, the tree.”
Jungkook counts the heartbeats, having to swallow. He can feel them so clearly.
“Is…is it human?”
“No”, you laugh softly, “it is neither human nor creature. Jungkook, it is everything. Every stone you see, every grass that grows, every stream which trickles and every tree that reaches for the sun. Even the air that surrounds us and the rain on your skin.”
The heartbeat against his fingers is steady, like that of a calm, sleeping body. It overwhelms him. He feels life surge through his veins and at the same time feels his body drain. He blinks, feeling his eyes burn in tears.
“I, I don’t understand. It is a tree. How, how can it be everything?”
“Must you really know the answer or isn’t it already enough to know that everything we stand on, feel, smell, see and taste is connected?” you say, taking both his hands to turn him to you.
Even now when his hands are resting in your palms, he can feel the heartbeat on his fingertips. It lingers on his skin and burns itself into his memories. He feels changed, as if he touched life itself.  
“But how?” he breathes, “how is it possible that everything is connected?”
“Its roots of course”, you say and smile, “they reach from the Snowy Mountains in the north to the Singing River on the south border and from the Nourishing Fields in the east all the way into the deepest corners of the Black Forest in the west. It gives everything life, nourishes it, protects it from harm and talks to it.”
“Talk? The tree talks?”
You chuckle, “not like you and I would. No, it speaks in a language not many of us still know for knowing it takes a lot of time.”
He inhales shakily.
“What…what does the land talk about?” he asks quietly.
“Many things. History mostly and songs”, you look at him, “you can hear those most of the times. If you listen closely.”
“How can I listen?”
You step closer, making his heart skip a beat as you brush your lips against his ear.
“Close your eyes and listen”, you whisper.
He shivers, eyes falling closed on instinct. He doesn’t hear it at first and it makes him think that you were simply taking him for a fool. He had already wanted to open his eyes again when suddenly a gust of wind made the leaves above his head rustle. They sound like hundreds of voice whispering songs and poems. The call of an owl joins them soon and in the far distance crickets chirp the harmony. Then the cracking of a branch and the trampling of hooves as a herd of deer hurries through the safety of the high shrubs, like drums they control the tempo of the song.
He opens his eyes, allowing a single tear to roll down his cheek.
“You could hear it, couldn’t you?”
He nods his head, knitting his brows and biting down on his lower lip.
“I know how you feel. It made me cry the first time too”, you say, cupping his cheek.
He lowers his head into your touch and squeezes his eyes shut, sobbing quietly.
“I never noticed it”, he presses out.
“Noticed what?”
“The songs.”
“I see”, you drift off.
He sobs and sniffles. He feels so embarrassed for crying, not because he is crying but because he has no idea why he is crying in the first place. This tree, this place, the songs and your warming touch, it moved something inside of him. He realised how dark he lived his life. He lived out his days with his heart filled with hatred, anger and resentment when he could have closed his eyes and felt the connection everywhere. Why did he waste so much of his life resenting something, someone, when he could have spent it loving the rest?
“Do you want to see everything?” you ask him.
He opens his eyes, allowing you to brush his tears away.
“Yes”, he whispers, making you smile.
You step forward and call into the night. Jungkook is mesmerised, your song blends with the songs of the lands and gives them strength. You end the call with a sigh.
“What was that?” he asks.
“I called my friends.”
“Your friends?”
Then he can hear it. The shuffling of feet, the cracking of branches, rustling of leaves and low growling. He draws closer to you, reaching for his blade on instinct. He doesn’t have it on him, of course he doesn’t, but the instinct was still there. He stares into the darkness with held breath, stumbling back when out of it a pack of wolves step. As tall as trees and with their fur as black as the night.
“No”, he gasps, “no what, what is this?”
“Not what”, you look at him, “but who.”
They circle you and him, growling deeply with their fangs bared. You step closer, reaching your hand out. The tallest of them all with its eyes burning in a deep green, rests its nose against your palm.
“This is Woltron”, you say and Jungkook feels his blood freeze.
“You lied to me”, he gasps.
“Lied to you?” you laugh, “you must tell me what you mean for I am utterly confused.”
“You will feed me to him.”
You laugh, “oh dear Jungkook, no. I want you to meet him. Come, step closer.”
He shakes his head.
“No”, he takes a step back, colliding with the nose of another wolf. It growls, watching him with fiery eyes, “no, stay away!” he exclaims, fleeing in an instance. He grasps your arm, hiding behind you.
“You mustn’t be scared”, you chuckle, “they won’t eat you. Well, unless you fail their test that is.”
“Their test?”
You pull him closer until he was face to face with Woltron. Its emerald eyes were drawing him in to the point that he felt dizzy.
“You see Jungkook, they aren’t just wolves. They are gods, old gods who wandered the earth way before humans graced it. They share their memories with the tree of our ancestors, they listen to its voice and answer it in songs.”
Woltron steps so close that Jungkook could feel its hot breath on his skin.
“W-what is it doing to me?”
“He is looking into your heart to see if you carry good in it. If you do, he will allow you to live”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then he will eat you.”
“What?” Jungkook turns away and closes his eyes, “no. No, I can’t. I will be eaten alive.”
You cup his cheek and brush your thumbs over his cheekbones. It makes him open his eyes.
“Trust me”, you whisper.
He shakes his head.
“But I-I am not good. I don’t want to die.”
You smile and caress his lips.
“Trust me Jungkook.”
He exhales shakily. Your touch must be magic, he feels so reassured that he allows you to turn his head back to Woltron’s piercing gaze. You hold his hand as the wolf was gazing into his heart, caressing his knuckles and studying his fearful face. You know that he will pass. You have seen it in his eyes the moment he pressed the blade against your throat. You saw the good in him and as Woltron bows His head at Jungkook you know that He saw it too.
“What is happening?” Jungkook asks, squeezing your hand.
“He is giving you his blessing.”
“I…” he throws his hand over his mouth, “…I passed?”
“But…I’m not good.”
“Yes, you are.”
Jungkook looks at you with tears in his eyes.
“You believed I was?”
“I didn’t believe it, I knew it.”
He blinks, “why? I-I’m a Raven, I’m trained to kill people like you, I pressed a blade against your throat.”
“Even if you are all those things you say that you are, your eyes are filled with good.”
“My eyes?”
“Yes, your eyes.”
You reach out, making him close his eyes in instinct. You touch his lashes softly, caressing his lids afterwards. It makes him sigh.
“Those beautiful, beautiful eyes”, you breathe and step closer, “those aren’t the eyes of a killer.”
He opens his eyes, feeling himself shiver with every single one of your touches. You smile.
“Come now, I will show you everything.”
“How?” his voice felt raspy as he spoke and so he clears it with a shy cough.
“Woltron will take us.”
The wolf rests before you and him and Jungkook watches you as you climb on its back.
“Climb on him.”
Jungkook is hesitant at first. He fears that this was all a trick of the wolf, that once he is close he will open its mouth and eat him whole. Jungkook is so sure that he wasn’t good. The wolf must be playing tricks on him.
The wolf, which nose he had bumped before, pushes him all of a sudden. Jungkook stumbles, falling against Woltron’s warm body.
“It was an accident, please don’t eat me”, he gasps, fearing for his life.
The wolf merely grumbles and waits for him patiently. You giggle, petting his hair.
“You must stop being frightened. They have already accepted you as their friend.”
Jungkook looks up. He finds it mesmerising how you sit on top of Woltron, tall and confident. He thinks that this place fits you. You smile then.
“Come join me”, you encourage him, pulling at his arm.
Tumblr media
Jungkook feels as if he was living in a dream. The wolf carried you and him, took the both of you through the thickness of the forest until a high mountain cut off his way and he had to climb it. He only stopped once you had reached the top. He stayed back with his pack, resting on the snow with his eyes closed. It was cold on the mountain and Jungkook felt himself shiver ever so often. His breath was visible in the air, like a little cloud it lingered in the air for as long as he exhaled.
“It is cold.”
“Are you cold?”
“A little”, he answers.
“Here”, you say and take off your shawl, “it will keep you warm.”
“But you will freeze.”
You laugh, wrapping it around his neck a few times.
“I drank enough wine to keep me warm, worry not I am a heated drunk.”
He knits his brows, deep creases appearing on his forehead.
“What is the matter? Do you not like the shawl?”
He shakes his head, “I mean yes! Yes I do, I am just so confused.”
“Confused? About what?”
“Why you offer me tenderness and why you believed me instead of Valkeria and why you haven’t slid my throat yet.”
“I must say, it makes me sad that you still think that I want to kill you”, you say and Jungkook felt himself lower his eyes in shame.
“But I know why you would think like that”, you assure him, “it is difficult to shake off old habits.”
You tug at his shawl softly to bring him closer.
“You can trust me Jungkook. I don’t want to kill you.”
Jungkook inhales, catching a sweet scent. It was coming from the shawl. It was your scent. He knows that it was your scent because this is exactly how a room began to smell whenever you entered it. It made him dizzy right now.
“Come now, I am already so excited to show you everything”, you say and take Jungkook’s hand, leading him to the edge of the plateau.
“This is our home”, you tell him, extending your arm to point at everything.
Jungkook could see everything. The Singing River in the south, the Nourishing Fields in the east, even his home, the Black Forest he could see. The land lacked colour now that the night was touching it, only the blue light of the moon gave everything colour. But it looked beautiful nonetheless.
“Is this everything?”
“Yes, this is everything.”
“This is really everything?”
“Yes”, you say and chuckle fondly, “well at least everything your eyes can see. There are countries way beyond our vision, but what you see before you is our home.”
He feels so close to tears again. He always thought his world to be so small. It reached from the east border of the Black Forest to the west border and ended by the juncture where it met the Singing River. The Nourishing Fields were nothing but a legend to him and the snowy mountains were nothing but grey phantoms in the distance. He never would have dared to even dream of one day standing on said phantoms and looking at everything.
“It is so big”, he whispers.
“Yes, it really is”, you squeeze his hand, “tell me Jungkook, where have you been already?”
He points at the Black Forest and then your castle, lowering his arm afterwards.
“I see. Mhm”, you pause to contemplate, “worry not, you still have enough time to see the rest. You must see the Singing River in summer, oh its waters are wonderful to swim in. And the Nourishing Fields, oh Jungkook you would love the colours they carry in autumn.”
“Have you been?”
“Yes, many times.”
“With Seokjin too?”
“No, he wasn’t special enough.”
“I’m special”, he whispers more to himself than to you.  
He smiles and closes his eyes to listen for the songs. The Singing River in the distance. The wind down below as it swirls through the trees. The call of an ibex and the answering call of its mate. And behind him the old gods talk to each through their wolf form. Perhaps it is the fresh air on this mountain or the thought that Seokjin wasn’t special but he is, but he thinks that the songs sound even better up here.
He opens his eyes, realising that you had been watching him. He can see the stars reflected in your eyes. You smile softly and draw closer.
“Do you understand now?”
He felt himself smile and pull you closer by your hand.
“I think, I finally do.”
Tumblr media
You don’t wake up at first, only when you feel coldness against your throat. It is dark in your room, but the moon gives it enough light to reveal Jungkook’s features to your eyes. He is sitting on your lap, hovering over you with one hand tightly wrapped around your wrists. He had placed them above your head, moving them turns out to be impossible.
"Jungkook?" you ask, mind foggy in sleep. That changes when the coldness against your throat moves. You widen your eyes, trying to gawk at whatever it was that bothered you. 
"What is that? What are you doing?" you ask him calmly, eyeing the sharp knife he is grasping. 
"What have you done to me?" he asks, voice shaking in emotion. 
"Nothing. What are you doing to me?" 
He presses the knife closer, squeezes your wrists. 
"I am asking the questions tonight." 
"I understand. Ask them."
"I came to kill you. What have you done to me to make me forget my destiny?”
“I showed you your real one.”
He falters and breathes shakily. He shakes his head, finding his composure again.
“I hate you. I am supposed to hate you”, he spits, pressing the knife closer, “why did you take this from me?”
“I didn’t, you just let it go.”
“Stop”, he chokes out and whimpers.
“Why are you crying?”
“I am crying because my head is foggy and it is your fault. You cursed me, witch.”
You raise your head, making the blade glide into your skin.
“Then kill me.”
He draws closer. His tears trip down on your face. He is shaking, squeezing your wrists and pressing the knife closer. He can watch one single droplet of blood taint the clean metal. He looks back into your eyes, meeting nothing but sad understanding in them. Even now when he was cutting your skin and was holding your life in his hands, you weren’t angry at him. Jungkook sobs, tilting your head up with his knife. You let him, lips curling into a reassuring smile.
“I hate you”, he chokes out.
"No you don’t", you whisper.
He whimpers, knife gliding from his fingers as he kisses you deeply. You melt into him, allowing him to taste your sigh. He squeezes his eyes shut and sobs, kissing you deeper until he is sure that nothing could separate the two of you. 
He came to kill you. He was so sure that tonight he would finally fulfill the task Rafkan gave him. He decided that he would. Two hours ago when you left his chambers for the night and left him with his thoughts. Two hours ago when he tossed and turned in his bed and thought about what had happened earlier that night. When you showed him everything and held his hand whilst doing so. He thought about it, repeated it in his head over and over again until it drove him mad. He was not supposed to like you, he was supposed to hate you. And so he decided that tonight he would finally kill you and rid himself of his greatest burden. 
It seems that his plan wasn’t working. Jungkook whimpers and presses you closer with his hand on your back. You arch for him, pulse racing in your wrists. And Jungkook whimpers again, feeling dizzy. He wants to hate that he failed again, but he can’t. No matter how hard he tries, all he finds in his heart is the overwhelming urge to keep kissing you. 
His hand runs up your body to cup your face. He practically pulls you on his mouth, forcing you to sit up as chasing him would be impossible otherwise. You chase him happily, arms hooking behind his neck and lips parting for his tongue. 
He tastes of sweets and temptation. You taste of honey and perdition.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, breath intermingling with yours. 
"I can’t stop." 
"Good, don’t." 
"Why are you doing this to me?" 
"I'm not doing anything, this is all you." 
He exhales shakily, drawing closer. You sit up more, making him flee as your teeth bite his lower lip. He gasps and shivers, thighs squeezing together on your lap. As much as he is fleeing he is also chasing the feeling.
You break the kiss, tugging on lip until he groans. You release it with a purr, dark eyes flitting up to meet Jungkook’s. He towers over you in this position, eyes widened and fingers grasping your shoulders. You like the heaviness of his body on your lap and the warmth of his skin.
"You bit me”, he gasps, licking off the faint taste of iron.
"I did”, you say and smirk, eyes glued to his swollen lips.
He licks over his lip again, tasting nothing but the sweet lingering of your kiss. He looks at your neck then and the little cut he left behind. It is almost an instinct in him to lean down and kiss it. He couldn't stop it from happening, just as you can’t stop your head from tilting back. Jungkook feels your moan against his lips as he sucks on your skin softly. He believes that such sounds must be your way of cursing him as they leave him aching between his legs. He never felt such aching before. It must be magical. It simply must. He breaks away, stares at his crotch. It has…grown?
"What is happening? What are you doing?" he asks. 
You open your eyes and study his features. He is confusing you. He speaks of things happening while you did nothing but accept the tenderness he offered you. Then your eyes fall to his middle and you understand. He is straining against his pants with such intensity you fear he might rip through the fabric.
“You’ve hardened”, you smile and touch it, watching how he shakes at the feeling. 
“What – oh – what are you d-doing?” he stutters, wiggling back and forth on your lap as he hadn’t quite decided yet if he wanted to flee or accept it.
"I'm making you feel good", you say, rubbing his length continuously. 
He gasps, eyes threatening to close and fingers falling to your wrists to stop you.
"Don't stop it Jungkook, allow it to happen."
"But, but it''s….it's not what I came here for." 
"We both know this is a lie", you say, rubbing circles on his leaking tip. The fabric has dampened, leaving an imprint on your fingers. 
Jungkook moans, widening his eyes in shock afterwards. He wasn’t intending to make such crude sounds. He was trained differently, trained that his manhood wasn’t made to give him good sensations but was a tool to keep his bladder from breaking. Good sensations would let the demons of the witches in, so Rafkan said. But he can’t help it. He just…has to make a sound again.
He whimpers, head tangling to the front and lips pressing against your cheek as he begins panting.
"There you go. You sound so sweet", you encourage him, squeezing his length as you rub your palm up and down. 
His fingers loosen from your wrists, thighs squeezing around your legs. He doesn’t want those sensations to stop. He likes that feeling. So he hopes that Rafkan was wrong about the demons too, he was wrong about a lot of things already after all.
"Do you want to give in, Jungkook?" 
"That delights me", you abandon his length to hold his shoulders instead, "I want to give in too." 
You flip the both of you over, sitting down on his lap. He hasn’t even recovered from the change of position yet and you have already grasped the knife and rested its tip against his chin. Confusion ignites in his eyes, growing when you drag the cold metal up his jawline and over his lips. He doesn’t dare to breathe, body tense in fear that if he moved, you would cut him. 
“You stole it from Valkeria, didn’t you?” you ask, dragging it down the other side of his jaw and neck.
“Yes”, he presses out, eyeing the silver blade.
You laugh, “she will hit you once she finds out.”
“You won’t allow her.”
You smile, dancing the knife down his throat just gently enough that it makes him shiver.
“No, I won’t allow her”, you assure him and then he could feel his shirt tear as you drag the blade through the fabric.
He gasps and shudders, back arching off the mattress. So that is why you grasped it, you wanted him bared to you as if he was yours to marvel at. You rip his shirt from his body, running your hands down his torso. Jungkook can feel your warm, soft palms and the cold, hard handle of the knife. It is such an opposite of sensations that he feels breathless.  
You cut his pants as well, bearing him to the coldness of the blade. You place it on the inside of his right leg, dragging it up his skin. Goosebumps rise on the rosy path you leave, his legs part for you. He rolls his hip up once you have reached his inner thigh, fingers grasping the sheets. With a curious fire burning in your eyes, you rest the blade against his swelling member. He shivers at the contact, twisting the sheets.
“Tell me Jungkook. Do you trust me?” you ask, turning the knife so the sharp side of the blade was pressed against his skin.
His chest heaves up and down in a deep breath, you can watch how it stretches his dark tattoo and makes his muscles ripple.
“Do you trust me Jungkook?”
Your eyes meet. Yours sparkled in mischief as you dragged the blade up the entire length of him. It felt cold on his skin, especially on his tip. He gasps and tenses his legs for bucking up his hips would have ended in pain.
“So you don’t think that I will wear your pride as a necklace?” you continue, running the blade down to the base again. You outlined his veins as you went, watching them change under the touch before they popped back into their original shape. It was mesmerising to watch. You press the blade against the base of his length.
“Mhm?” you stress.
He eyes your fingers, swallowing nervously.
“No”, he chokes out, eyes meeting yours in a silent question if his trust was misplaced.
You smile, “that’s good.”
You abandon his length and drag the knife up his abdomen instead, watching how his muscles reacted with every grace. You stop when the blade rests against his tattoo, making eye contact with him. You begin tracing it, making his nipple harden and painting goosebumps all over his skin.
“Who would have thought that the caged bird would be mine one day”, you say, watching how he swallows heavily.
“Like your slave?”
You chuckle deeply, putting pressure on his skin just enough to pierce it. He groans and arches into you, neck flexing as he throws his head back. The raven on his chest is crying one single tear of ruby for you. You wipe it away with your finger, tainting his skin a deep, deep red.
Jungkook looks at you again, brows knitted in pleasure.
“Do you want to be my slave Jungkook?”
He looks away and blushes.
You laugh fondly and twist the knife in your fingers so the handle would be facing him. He looks at it in confusion.
“It’s yours again.”
Jungkook accepts it and sits up, wrapping his fingers around your throat gently. He is so close, dark eyes challenging you dangerously. He starts from the bottom, cutting open the cords of your gown. It cracks with every new cord cut, making you shiver each time. He tilts your head up and squeezes softly. Your eyelids flutter, your head becoming dizzy.
One cord left. He cuts it slowly, eyes lowering darkly. The knife falls from his fingers and lands on the floor with a shrill sound. It is forgotten in an instance as Jungkook hooks his fingers in your ruined gown and rips it from your body.
You were only gone from his lap for a second and then you are already connected with him, sinking down on his length until you have swallowed him whole.
“Fuck”, he presses out, digging his nails into your shoulders.
You agree with a deep moan, twisting his hair at the nape of his neck. Then you begin moving, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head.
“This is witchcraft”, he chokes out.
“Why? Because nothing worldly could feel that good?” you ask him, voice quivering in pleasure.
He throws his head back and presses you closer by your shoulders.
“Yes”, he moans, allowing his mouth to fall open.
“Well, then I am glad that I am the one to bewitch you”, you say, pushing at his chest until he collides with the mattress.
You wrap your fingers around his throat and squeeze softly. His chest rumbles in a growl, fingers slipping down your body until they are grasping your dancing hips, bruising your skin in the process.
His raven hair is spread out on your pillow, his neck was tense and his eyes squeezed shut. Your own threatened to close each time his length graced your favourite spot, if his blissed-out face wasn’t so mesmerising to look at, you would have already closed them. But it was mesmerising to look at and nothing gave you more joy than seeing a man get lost in the feeling of your warmth. Especially if that man was Jungkook, the stranger who months ago pressed a blade to your throat and the lover who right now feels like magic in your body. 
“What are you doing to me? Oh ___, what are you doing to me?” he pants, voice pitched in pleasure.
“Making you mine”, you rasp, writing your name with your hips.
“Yours”, he moans, back arching and heels digging into the mattress.
He bucks his hips up, forcing your torso closer to his’. You moan loudly, squeezing his throat as a reward. He whimpers and swallows heavily, eyes rolling to the back of his skull even now that he has them closed.
“Do you like being mine Jungkook?” you challenge.
“Yes”, he chokes out, basking in the feeling of your nectar coating his every inch.
“Tell me, is my witchcraft still a curse?”
He shakes his head vigorously, “no, no, no it’s not.”
You smile victoriously and straighten up again, forcing his legs back down with two strong hands. You arch your body, finding support on his thighs and throwing your head back.
Jungkook lifts his head for only a second and then the view of his length disappearing inside of you repeatedly becomes too much to bear. He moans loudly, head falling back into the pillows and hands tugging on your hips in desperation. Feeling your warmth is one thing, but watching the movements to the sensations is utterly and truly messing him up. If that is the dangerous witchcraft Rafkan told him to stay away from then Rafkan is a fool. Why would a sane man stay away from such feelings?
Your right hand leaves his muscular thigh, grasping his wrist instead.
“Be useful”, you order him, guiding his hand to your middle.
He is watching you again, shaking with his head dizzy. He groans, lungs wheezing for air, when you make him touch your warmth. It is so soft against his fingertip. You guide his thumb, making him roll circles on your clit.
“Touch me like this”, you tell him, abandoning his wrist to hold his thigh again.
You became tighter ever since he started touching you. Jungkook feels his toes curl at the sensation. He doesn’t want it to end, he wants to experience it until his heart gives up on him and his brain becomes mush. And because he doesn’t want it to end and you told him to touch you at this spot, he continues doing what you told him to do, keeping his eyes glued to your face.
You are glowing in ecstasy, lips parted and eyes closed. Your nails hurt him, he is aware of every nerve you hit as he can feel it tingle all the way to the tip of his length. He abandons your face then, looking at your breasts. He saw them many times already whenever you bathed with him, but he likes them a lot more tonight. They move in a very mesmerising way as you bounce on him. He wants to touch them. 
Your hips falter, your walls squeeze him. A dark smirk curls your lips. 
"You are learning", you say, shivering each time Jungkook squeezes your breast with his big hand and rolls circles on your pleasure spot with his other.
“Oh Jungkook”, you arch and quiver, “, oh Jungkook, oh sweet Jungkook.”
He is lost for breath. He can bewitch you too? He thought only witches could curse other people, not him. He was just a normal man. But then. You were nothing but a normal woman too, you told him many times before. This wasn’t witchcraft, this was simple, but breathtaking, worldly magic. 
You moan loudly, falling to the front. He could feel the impact your hand did as you slammed it on the mattress beside his head. Your other hand wraps around his throat again, making him look into your fiery eyes. 
"You are doing so good that I feel close to breaking", you growl with your voice deeper than usual. 
Jungkook swallows, head dizzy from your fingers cutting off his blood flow. Your hips speed up, forcing a guttural moan out of him. 
"I see you are close too." 
"Close to, to what?" 
You slow down your movements, drawing circles as you connect your lips with the shell of his ear. He mewls with every movement, melting beneath you.
"Complete bliss", you rasp, squeezing down on him. 
He whimpers, eyes opening widely to stare at you in shock. The smile you give him is sending electricity down to his toes. 
"You didn’t know you could do this, did you?" 
He shakes his head vigorously, mouth falling open. You stop him with a tight squeeze, forcing a deep growl out of him. Then you speed up again, watching him go cross-eyed in pleasure. He stopped touching you, grasping your hips to push you off of him. This wasn’t worldly anymore. He was burning up, it is the demons, they are coming for him with hellfire and breathlessness. You choke him harder, squeezing your walls around him.
"I can’t, I can’t, I can’t", he sobs, writhing on the mattress uncontrollably. 
"Yes you can, allow it to happen", you growl.  
"No, I can’t." 
"Let go Jungkook", you order him and release his throat. 
He yelps up, breaking beneath you with such intensity he almost throws you off of him. You pin him down by his wrists, riding him through his shakes. Tears are soaking his cheeks, his mouth is agape so far you fear it might get stuck, he can’t even make a sound. His high has stolen his voice.
His shakes soon turn into painful writhes, his legs wiggling all over the mattress in a desperate attempt to flee. You want to stop, claim your high on his tongue instead, but he doesn’t let you. 
"Don't stop!" he screams despite writhing as if he wanted it to be over. 
"You are dangerous Jungkook. For me and for yourself", you growl, squeezing his wrists as you slam your hips down on him again. 
His body is bouncing off the mattress, making the headboard of your bed hit your wall repeatedly. You wouldn’t even mind if it decided to give up and break underneath you. Not when Jungkook is running through your every vein as if he was a drug meant to make you see colours which don’t exist. 
"Touch me again", you order him. 
His hand searches for your middle in an instance, fingers connecting with your pleasure spot messily. He rubs circles, doing so sloppily and quickly. It is a surprise with every second roll, making your toes curl. 
"That's it", you moan, "keep going." 
He wheezes for air, swallowing audibly afterwards. Is he looking at you or is he seeing the light? You can’t quite make it out through all the tears in his eyes.
“Are you doing fine?” you ask him.
He nods his head, blinking to make the tears roll down his cheeks again.
“Is this the best thing you have ever felt?” you ask, clenching in desperation.
He nods his head more vigorously, moaning your name brokenly.
“Keep touching me”, you stress with your voice pitched, “you are going to break me.”
“Break you”, he repeats, meeting your movements.
You squeak, almost falling into him if you hadn’t caught yourself before that. He watches you shake and hears you whimper.
“Break you”, he says, voice deeper than before.
He speeds his hips up and puts precision into his touches. Your eyes squeeze shut, mouth falling open. He is going to break you. He has enough power over you that he can break you. He is doing that to you. Oh, it makes him feel so good.
“Give it to me”, he growls impatiently, “now, give it to me now.”
“Jungkook”, you yelp up and give him what he needed. Your high, your bliss, your nirvana. And Jungkook accepts it with his own body tensing in his heaven, painting your spasming walls with his seed a second time.
You collapse on top of him. His skin is hot and sweaty, so is yours. You want to speak but find no energy in your body, so you sigh and twist his hair lovingly.
He runs his fingers up and down your spine, keeping his eyes closed. You haven’t let him escape yet, he can feel every pulse of your afterglow on his length. They come with no pattern to them, surprising him each time with a warm tingle in his stomach.
“Rafkan killed my parents”, he breaks the silence.
You sigh and hug him, “I see you truly understand now.”
“I won’t return to the Ravens”, he whispers.
“Mhm”, you smile against his neck, “this makes me happy.”
“Can I stay with you instead?”
“Of course you can.”
And as you raised your head and gazed into his eyes, Jungkook finally understood that no matter how many times he would travel back in time and live his life differently, he would always find his way to you, for being with you is his real destiny.
Tumblr media
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Deviant ⫸KNJ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⫸pairing: Namjoon x reader featuring OT6
⫸genre: Yandere, smut, angst 18+ E
⫸w.c: 15.4 k
⫸summary: Jealousy can  be a powerful thing, and when Namjoon feels threatened by your behavior, he makes sure to  trap you in his web of seduction and charm--with nowhere left to go but deeper.
⫸warnings: Explicit, yandere, controlling, manipulation, aggression, dub-con sexual intercourse, rough touching, rough sex, pussy slapping, finger gagging, shaming, dirty talk, possessiveness, Namjoon finger fucks oc aggressively, masturbation, bleeding, dub-con taking of virginity, mentions of alcohol, jealousy, degradation, gaslighting, forced orgasms, obsessive behavior, stalking, panty sniffing, use of panties in a degrading manner, painful first time, ripping of clothes, impreg kink, belly bulge kink, car sex, sorta voyeurism, Namjoon spits his drink into ocs mouth because why not, praise kink, bruising, biting, oral, DOM!Namjoon, unprotected sex 
⫸a/n: Thanks to the amazing @chimoona​ for writing this with me. It was an honor! Go check out her content! It’s amazing! This fic goes out the my true mvp, the one that’s been there since I had about 300 followers or so, and who never left my side. She’s supported my content since day one and now I am honored to call her my friend. It seems fitting to close out with her as the recipient of my last fic @rmsbicycle​. Here’s one of the first posts I made about her. Thanks to her I stuck around. I love you <3.
Tumblr media
He was sick of it. This was the fourth weekend in a row that you continued to strut around Jin’s house like you owned it. For weeks he pretended to ignore you, let things play out naturally until his time came, but the way you looked standing in front of Taehyung smacking him on the chest because of some lame joke he said had him feeling disgusted. Namjoon shifted in the seat he was sulking in. Jungkook was going on about some new game he’d been playing, but Namjoon’s eyes could focus on nothing but you.
“Oh, looks like I ran out of soju. I’ll be right back, bro.”
As Jungkook left, Namjoon let out a sigh of gratitude that the younger friend of the group had finally got the hint that he didn’t want to talk. Not waiting for him to come back, he stood up and marched up to Jin, his premeditated intentions unwavering.
“Why does she act like such a slut with the guys? Doesn’t that bother you, Jin? I know she’s been a friend of this group for a long while, even longer than me, but doesn’t it just seem a little weird?”
Jin chuckled and turned to look at you. Surrounded by Jimin, Taehyung, and Hobi, Jin could see what Namjoon meant. There was, however, no way he would ever call you a slut. He’s known you for a long time and your flirty nature was just part of who you were.
“She’s not a slut, Joon. She’s always been cute with us. We consider her our little sister.”
“What! I don’t recall little sisters wearing skirts that short.” Namjoon huffed and almost growled when he saw Taehyung run a hand over your leg. There was no way you weren’t doing something with all of them.
“Sounds to me like you’re jealous. She hasn’t given you the time of day since you joined our group. Why don’t you say hello instead of moping around here like a little boy in love.”
“Love?” Namjoon's eyes darkened at the assumption. “Far from it.”
Respect is often required in order to love someone, and that’s exactly how he had to play it in front of the others. In this room, around Jin, Namjoon hadn’t felt an ounce of respect for you since the second he set sights on your pathetic attempts to draw attention. He acted nonchalant with a casual lean to hide how this act affected him. Aside from keeping up appearances, it really did make him furious to see just how easily you got what you wanted. Meatheads like Taehyung and Hobi were too easy, blinded by testosterone. Only he could see your true colors.
“I’m not jealous either,” he added.
Jin smiled and nodded, clearly disregarding everything Namjoon said. “Talk to her then, if she’s so easy.” He couldn’t hide his amusement as it spread across his lips. “I bet you couldn’t get her to like you. No offense, but you’re kind of an asshole.”
Namjoon smiled back. “Thank you. None taken.”
You laughed from the other side of the room and trailed your polished nails down the front of Tae’s v-neck. The sharp tip of your digit hooked into the collar of his shirt and lingered for a second too long, like you were beckoning him to fuck you in plain sight. You didn’t need to say a word--he knew what your intentions were.
Namjoon waited until most of the guys left to piss or grab a refill from the kitchen. Only Tae remained, bewitched by your slutty wiles. Just seeing the confident expression on the idiot’s face made Namjoon want to rid him of it permanently. He needed a good reason to come interrupt this bullshit flirting session you had going on because it really wasn’t a good look on you. If there was anyone you should be focusing on, it was him.
“I need a drink. I’ll be over there if you need me. Oh, and by the way, I’ll have her laid out for me before the night is over.”
Jin lifts an eyebrow intrigued and nods before taking a long drink of his beer. “Best of luck to you. I’ll believe it when I see it.”
Namjoon waves off the cynical nuisance he’s had to pretend to be friends with just so he could get to what he wanted--you. Because of you, he subjected himself to lame gatherings and parties just so he could get in with your crowd. It infuriated him how you could be so obsessed with these men, how you just threw yourself at them night after night. For whatever reason, they never took things further with you. Your teasing would have made him mad were he the one you doted on, but sadly, he wasn’t. And here he was yet again, at another party, except now you were present too. He’d been patient, getting to know each of your six male friends--talking to them, going to events with them separately, building their trust enough for them to welcome him to their homes.
It was months of torture knowing you’d been in the house just hours or even days before he was. He’d come to learn your habits and forgetfulness just by visiting the guys. Purses, sweaters, and even your hair ties were forgotten on many occasions allowing Namjoon to build up a lovely collection of your personal items. His favorite items to date were the extra pair of underwear you had stored inside of your small bag. He wasn’t even sure why you would need that when you were simply coming to visit your friends, and of course his mind raced with countless scenarios. That day he took them for himself, remembering to leave things behind so that it didn’t seem too suspicious that all your items went missing. It took him a few weeks but he was able to figure out that you hadn’t slept with any of them. It made him feel better to know you weren't tainted, and so he kept the underwear safe and in his pocket--always. Whenever he got anxious, he’d put his hand inside his pocket and rub the material between the pads of his fingers. If only you knew how much you and he were meant to be.
Realizing he’d been staring for longer than was acceptable, he began to walk toward the table that held all the liquor and made to reach for a cup. His actions resulted in Tae spilling his drink everywhere, including down the front of your shirt.
“Hey! What the fuck. Watch it, Joon!”
“Oh shit. Maybe you oughta get some napkins for that. If Jin sees this mess he’ll have your ass.”
“Wow, Namjoon. I just bought this shirt,” you whine.
“You know me--clumsy.” Namjoon gestures with his hands up in the air and smiles revealing his dimples.
“Yeah, sure. I gotta wash this.”
“Let me help.”
“No, I got it.”
“Come on, ___. Let me. It was my fault after all.”
At this point Tae was returning with the paper towels and you were giving in to the soft look Namjoon was giving you. “Fine. Just….don’t touch anything.”
Like a sweet puppy he followed behind you. He hadn’t gotten close enough to see your entire outfit, but the way your ass bounced as you walked had him balling his fists. Why were you wearing a skirt anyway? You were such a whore, and he realized more than ever how much you really needed to be taught how to behave. It actually took him back to the first time he saw you, this very outfit similar to the one that caught his eye. At the time he didn’t know any of the guys, let alone of your existence, but when he saw you walking by, swaying your hips, practically begging for attention, he knew he had to have you.
He’d gone to university at the command of his parents and he never really fit into crowds very well. Since he could remember he struggled to make friends simply because he was smarter than all of them. One night he went to a party after being handed a flyer. The excitement he felt from being invited was immense and his emotions were through the roof when they actually opened the door and let him in. After a few drinks he leaned against the wall seeking stability and then he saw you. How long has it been? Three? Four years?
He’d never fallen in love at first sight before, but there was no mistake you were the one. He knew he couldn’t just approach you as he was. Being called a freak for most of his life wasn’t easy, and he had to change--for you. He learned the hard way that not everyone would appreciate his form of affection, so he observed others and learned. He quickly developed a sense of style and personality that had many women vying for his attention. He’d fucked around with a few wanting to make sure that when his time with you came, he’d be ready. And now here he was, walking into the laundry room, alone….with you.
“This isn’t that big of a deal.”
The silence of the room was interrupted by your musing, peeling your shirt over your head without any thought as to who was around. In this case, it was Namjoon, who tried his very best not to gawk with his jaw on the floor.
Without the others flocking around you like birds to prey, you had a bit of innocence. A delicate pink lace hugged the swell of your breasts and covered just enough to hold your modesty. It surprised him, as he assumed you'd worn nothing at all with the way your perky nipples showed through your clothing. He was wrong. Pleasantly wrong, but still deeply critical of the way you held yourself around other men.
You swiveled around and shamelessly exposed yourself in front of the newcomer, which was another strike against your record in his mind. Absolutely careless--starved for attention. At least it was him and not one of the others who got to see you in such a state, however, it solidified his theory. You’re an insatiable whore who needs to be put in her place.
Namjoon averted his eyes to show respect. He didn’t want to, and it took every ounce of restraint in his body, but he managed to do it. Gestures like this were crucial to gain your trust. He learned this after a night of experimenting in college, in which he endured head from an overconfident co-ed. She was all lip and no tongue, but he gritted through it and smiled. When she shied away from swallowing his cum, he looked away so she could spit it into a tissue swiftly and dab the slick from her lips. He was a true gentleman then, even when it pained him to be. She called him back the next day and wanted to grab coffee--a domestic outing that he only hoped to have with you one day, when you came to your senses.
“Of course it’s a big deal,” he tutted, busying his hands with the washer dials. “I ruined your pretty shirt.”
You scoffed. “Don’t be so dramatic, Joonie.” With a long stride, you stood beside him near the machines and began to run warm water over the fabric. “It isn’t ruined, see?”
Oh, he saw. But he saw more than just rivulets of water wicking away the bready scent of beer. Droplets had escaped the sink and stuck to your bare chest; some so thick and weighty that it slid down into the valley of your breasts. He dampened his lips, but quickly, so you weren’t put off by his unabashed lusting. He didn’t want you to get the wrong idea and treat him like one of your many other suitors. Already, you were throwing yourself at him like a fucking steak he desperately wanted to sink his teeth into.
“Looks like you don’t need my help after all. It’s already clean.”
You smiled and wrung out the damp shirt, then tossed it into the dryer to bounce out the wrinkles. You must have found his meek demeanor endearing, because you leaned against the machine and raised your eyebrows to continue the conversation.
“Don’t look too disappointed. You still have to wait with me while it dries.”
It was working. How easily your attitude changed when he simply showed disappointment in not being needed. Is that how you broke for those other guys? Did they show you the cracks in their hearts that made you bend to their will in any effort to mend them? Weak and predictable. He’ll play the part to get you to notice him, but the act stops once he makes you his.
“It’s nice having you alone like this,” Namjoon said with a bold smirk. “Rarely get the chance to hear your lovely voice when Taehyung is talking over it.”
“Hah.” You tried to hide it, but he noticed how the compliment brought a blush to the apples of your cheeks. “He does get pretty animated when he’s excited.”
“Which is all the time!--”
“--All the time!” You cut him off, finishing his sentence in unison.
You two laughed, and your hand slid over his unknowingly. He let you hold it there until you noticed, then pretended like it didn’t happen despite how flustered it made you. He would have loved to indulge in the moment and grab you back, but this had to be your idea. You had to want this--him--more than anything else. No one should be able to compete for your affection, and that level of commitment took time. He knew this better than anyone.
The game had just begun.
“Anyway, I really am sorry about your shirt. Maybe I can get you a gift certificate for coffee or something. I hope that’s enough to cover the damages.” Namjoon offers the bribe with a wink hoping you catch the bait.
“No, no! You don’t have to do that. The shirt is almost clean anyway. There’s no need to get me a gift certificate.”
“Hm..” Namjoon thrummed a few fingers against the tip of his chin. “Then perhaps dinner?”
You quirk a brow at the offer. “Dinner?”
“I’m thinking spaghetti. I don’t know if you like Italian, but--”
“--Are you asking me out?” Your amusement was evident in the high pitch of your tone and light in your eyes. It really was out of character for someone like Namjoon to propose such a thing, but the oddity of it all really was intriguing.
“Me...ask you out?” He pretended to be appalled, holding a hand to his chest to clutch his pearls. “That would be far too forward. I’m the brooding quiet one, remember?”
You bite back a smile. “Mhm.”
“You have me pegged all wrong, ___. I’m not the dating type. However, if you just so happen to be eating spaghetti in the same vicinity as I’m eating spaghetti.” His hand waved in the air, spinning his tale. “And we happen to be seated at the same table with a lit candle and gentle acoustic guitar playing in the background...”
“This is quite the hypothetical scenario, I’m having a hard time visualizing it.”
Then it was his turn to bite back a smile, because it was absolutely perfect. You were so thrilling to speak to, he really began to feel the bloom of love and infatuation beat back into his heart without the others around.
“Then don’t visualize. Meet me at A Mano Italiano tomorrow night. Let’s say...eight P.M.?”
As if on queue, the dryer’s buzzer screamed.
“Eight P.M.,” you confirmed, tugging your shirt back over your head. “Perhaps you’ll find me eating spaghetti within the same vicinity as you.”
“If that vicinity is A Mano Italiano, then the chances are very high.”
You pushed him by the shoulder with a giggle, then stood from the washing machine to straighten out your newly ironed shirt. “Okay, dork. Don’t get too cocky. Let’s get back to the party before anyone jumps to conclusions and thinks you’ve seduced me or something.”
“Hah.” It was alarming how much Namjoon liked the thought of that. A large part of him wanted to find a reason to draw out your conversation so the rumor would spread, but thought against it. No...dinner was so close, he could taste it. “Wouldn’t that be something?”
Namjoon waited to enter the restaurant even when he saw you arrive first. He sat in his car, dark eyes watching the nervous tension practically pouring out of you as you entered and spoke with the hostess. He couldn’t help the smirk that tugged at his lips. For all the pretense you put on while around your male friends, at this moment you looked like a vulnerable little lamb walking toward the table all alone.
He was glad he set up the table he wanted beforehand so that now he could simply sit in his car and observe your behavior. Cute. It’s not like he’s never watched you before, but this time it was different. This time he asked you out, or at least that’s what was alluded. He enjoyed the way you fidgeted with your fingers and checked your phone constantly. Every microexpression upon your face had him unconsciously shifting in his seat. The dress you chose to wear could mean many things, but all he could focus on was your skin. It was clear you took time to prepare for this date.
There was no doubt in Namjoon’s mind that he could win you over. He knew he had you after the way you responded to him in the laundry room. It was something he wasn’t expecting right away, but then again, you were a renowned flirt. Maybe this date wasn’t even really a date to you but an opportunity to get laid. Too bad for you Namjoon had a much bigger plan.
After about fifteen minutes he stepped out of his vehicle and walked right in making a beeline for your table. You barely had time to even notice his arrival, too busy checking your phone to make sure you hadn’t missed his text.
“Hey, beautiful.”
Though you were annoyed that he was late, his greeting made up for it. The way he was dressed was also enough to make you forgive him for any future thoughtlessness. “You’re late.”
“Am I? As I recall, wasn't this supposed to be a chance encounter? I just happened to be nearby and decided to enter. It’s purely coincidental that I found you here.”
“Charming. Do you always lie to the ladies like this?”
“You’re calling me a liar, ___? It’s only our first date. How about you get to know me first?”
“So it is a date!”
This time he could not hide his smile as he sat down to pick up the menu. Without a response he merely read over the items and mentally noted how your demeanor changed. Your shoulders were now slumped forward, head bowed--a bit of your hair hiding your face. Were you feeling shy? Insecure? Whatever it was--he loved it.
“What are you in the mood for? Choose anything you like. Your dry cleaning bill must’ve been through the roof. The least I can do is repay you with my kindness.”
“Oh, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it was. They tried to remove the non-existent stain and had the audacity to charge me an arm and a leg. You’re going to have to pay me back big time.”
You suddenly get your nerve back making Namjoon realize you thrived on being teased. How fucking perfect. It’s funny how this behavior was the very same that made him notice you, and yet, it also set a flame in his belly. He didn’t like it one bit. With him, it was fine, but there was no way he could bear watching you continue to do it with the other guys. This night would be crucial.
“I’ll pay you back. Anyway you’d like.”
With a wink sent your way, Namjoon set his attention to the menu once again, though his eyes were no longer reading the words on the page. Your leg shaking under the table made the water glasses shake, and Namjoon bit back a laugh.
“So, have you decided?”
“I--y-yeah I think so. The fettucini sounds delicious.”
“Good choice. I’ll get the same.” Namjoon waved over the waitress, and once the food was ordered, he crossed his fingers in front of his face and stared at you silently.
“Is there something on my face?”
“Oh. Um, so...thank you for suggesting this place. It’s very nice.”
His one word responses had you squirming in your seat. You were already well aware that you were fidgeting, but his behavior was quite unlike what you were used to. It was easy for you to have the upper hand in almost every conversation with the men around you, but something about Namjoon had always been different.
“Why did you ask me out? I mean, we hardly ever talk. I see you around, but you always stay on the far side of the room. Are you scared of me?”
“That’s pretty presumptuous of you, ___. I’m just here to pay for my wrong doing. How’s that shirt by the way? I sure hope this skimpy dress you’re wearing doesn’t get any wine on it too.”
The moment your eyes widened like saucers Namjoon cocked his head and waited for your rebuttal. It took you a little longer than he expected. Perhaps you weren’t used to being told the truth, and yet something told him you liked that he had.
You grabbed the thin strap of your dress and tugged it higher suddenly feeling exposed. “This isn’t skimpy. It’s a summer dress. I dress like this all the time.”
“Oh, I know, ___. Trust me.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing, it’s jus--”
The waiter’s entrance interrupts his words and the way you pout makes Namjoon want to reach across the table and set you straight. You really needed to stop being such an attention whore. He would ask if the dress was only for him, but he knew it wasn’t. You liked being seen, being desired--except no one should desire you, but him. No one understood how perfect you were and how much attention you needed. There would be no one to fill that role better than himself.
You both ate in silence, the tension palpable, but Namjoon was quite humored. It seemed you had a bit of a bratty streak--nothing he couldn’t fix. After the meal was done, you still hadn’t spoken a word. Namjoon had to give you credit, you were tougher than he thought.
“I don’t appreciate what you said about my dress. I happen to really like it and I don’t need you or anyone telling me how to look. I wore it for this date and because it’s nice.”
“So you wore it for me?”
Namjoon stands up and offers his hand. It felt like the entire date had gone terribly wrong and you were sure he was going to see you off. Before he even says a word, you beat him to the punch.
“I guess I’ll be going. Thanks for dinner. I’ll talk to you--”
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? I’m not finished with you yet.”
“No. I think we’re done here. I don’t even get why you asked me to dinner. I can see you have this preconceived notion about me and it hurts.”
Namjoon paused for a moment, reigning in his temper a little. His goal wasn’t to lose control and yet being around you always clouded his head. He wanted you to want him, just the way you wanted the others. Unclenching his jaw, he sits back down and reaches for your hand.
“I’m sorry that you’re hurt. It was never my intention to do so. I don’t have any preconceived notions about you. To be honest, I’m just a little jealous.”
“Jealous?” The word caught your attention just like he knew it would. Bringing your hand up, he manipulates your fingers with his own all while looking at you over the edge of your knuckles. He kisses them for good measure relishing in the small sigh you release from those pretty soft lips of yours.
“Mhm. I don’t get as much attention as the guys. I feel like you and I should get to know each other better. Let me start over, yeah? How about you come over to my place for some drinks. I promise to be good.”
You thought over his offer for a bit, his large presence yet sweet demeanor confusing the hell out of you. It was hard to read him since you’d only interacted with him while others were present. He seemed like a nice guy overall, and the others wouldn’t socialize with him as much as they do if he were a bad guy, right?
“I don’t know, Namjoon. I just feel like you might get the wrong impression. What are you even jealous about? I’m friends with everyone. That’s just me.”
“That may be true, but I have yet to experience that friendship. I think a little alone time will allow us to become closer. Come on, ___. Just for an hour or so, and then I’ll take you right home. Promise.”
“Say yes.” As he speaks these words over your knuckles, he kisses over the middle one, wrapping his lips over it as if it were the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. The action sends shivers throughout your body that settle right between your thighs.
Namjoon walks around his car to open the door for you hoping that his gentleman-like behavior weakens your resolve. Being so near you wasn’t easy especially when you looked so gorgeous. When you slide past him to sit, he almost loses his composure--you smell fucking delicious. He focuses on making sure you’re seated fully before shutting the door and making his way to the driver side. You were already behaving exactly how he wanted and now that he was taking you home, he’d make sure not to fuck it up. He drove the entire way without saying a word, but the tension was palpable. As soon as he arrives, he turns off the ignition and jumps out of the car.
Tampering down his excitement, he lets his hand fall to the small of your back as he leads you out of the car and up the stairs to his front door. It took everything within him to let go so he could unlock it, but he had promised you he’d be good after all. For a moment, as he twists the knob, he feels vulnerable. You would be the first girl to see his apartment. All this time he slept in the beds of random women, all so he could become the man you couldn't resist. For him to allow you inside would be a big step, but he was more than ready.
When you walk in, he focuses on your face, watching the awe spread over your features. He steps to the side, hands clasped behind him letting you take it all in. He worked hard for what he had, and knowing you loved it just as much as him was rewarding.
“You live here? How can you afford this?”
Another thing you didn’t know about him. Namjoon was intelligent and smarter than most high honor university students. His last year he lucked out with an internship that got him the job he’d always wanted. Now he was living the way he wanted, except there was still one thing he didn’t have.
“Yeah. I was lucky enough to land my dream job right from school.”
“That’s amazing, Namjoon. So where is this drink you offered me?”
Namjoon gestures to take your purse and sets it on the couch. He walks over to the mini bar he had put in the corner of his dining room. It’s immaculate, like the rest of the room, furnished with all the trims a proper bar would have. Olives, citrus garnishes, cherries--anything your heart could desire. However, he doesn’t pause to ask you what you’d like. He clearly has something in mind as his hands become busy behind the counter, clinking ice into a chilled lowball.
“You can handle your liquor can’t you?”
You smirk and playfully roll your eyes. “Yes, Joon. I was in a sorority, I think I know how to drink.”
“I bet.” He begins to pour you a drink he suspects matches your tastes, the way you cross your legs and lean into the bar solidifying his assumption. You were easy--a dessert laid on a platter, and with a little liquor and a lot of attention, god knows what you would be willing to do.
“I hope you like something on the sweeter side.” The drink he chose was sugary enough to mask the amount of alcohol he poured into the glass. If he had to measure it properly, it would probably be 50% liquor and 50% fluff. But you need it on a night like tonight, for him to truly get to know you as he always intended.
Namjoon builds up the drink like it’s the elixir of life, serving it on a gold coaster and sliding it to the edge of the bar closest to you. The condensation on the glass is beautiful as it glides down the lip. You want to taste it and quench your thirst. If anything, it’ll serve as a nice distraction from your surroundings.
“This looks really yummy.” You swipe over the rim once and lick your finger, noticing Namjoon’s jaw tick.
“Maybe you should taste it and let me know how yummy it really is.”
Placing it on your lips, you let the liquid slide down your throat, the burning sensation revealing the amount of alcohol in the glass was more than appropriate for the drink. You didn’t comment, however, the sweetness distracting you if but for a moment. When you finish the contents, you set the glass down and lock eyes with Namjoon.
“Mm,” you hum, bringing the glass to your lips and lapping at the side of it to clean off a stray droplet.
You take far too long for Namjoon’s tastes. And the way your eyes narrow seductively to look at him while your tongue makes work of his glassware is sinful, to say the least. Discreetly he adjusts himself thankful that the counter was a little above the buckle of his belt.
“You must have been thirsty.” He comments casually while his fingers mindlessly fiddle with a olive spear beneath the ledge of the bar, jabbing the soft pad of his thumb with the tip of it.
There’s so much visual stimulation and he’s unsure of what to make of it. Your tongue swipes over your glossed lips and makes them shine under the low light. They naturally pucker, likely adjusting to the aftertaste of the alcohol on the back of your tongue. Those fucking straps on your dress keep falling, and he can’t stop his gaze from following them as they slip down your shoulders. But you keep adjusting them, like it isn’t a big deal.
“Very thirsty. You make a good drink. Perhaps you could make me another?”
Namjoon clinks his glass over the decanter, his own drink untouched. He swirls it in his hand and takes a small sip letting his eyes fall back on you. Lifting up his eyebrow, he sets his glass down with practiced control. The truth was, he was about to lose his mind.
“Sure. But you’d better keep an eye on those straps. Can’t have you being tipsy and falling out of your dress.”
Perhaps it’s the alcohol in your system, but you settle into your seat and recline for comfort. You adjust your posture and swing a leg over the other to rest a hand on your bare knee.
“Wouldn’t you hate that,” you giggle. Your unoccupied hand floats over your thigh and inches the fabric of your dress up a bit. “You’ve already seen me topless, Namjoon. Don’t act like a prude.”
Namjoon steps around the bar, his drink long forgotten and your second serving neglected as well. He enjoys how your head turns to follow him, completely caught off guard and not expecting him to boldly come to stand before you.
“Am I being a prude? Is this more to your liking?” His hand settles on your knee gently, jaw clenching and dragon eyes locked onto yours and nothing else. He waits for your refusal, watching your fingers twitch in an almost attempt to deny him, but he knew you wouldn’t. He tests the waters sliding up a little more, breathing out his frustration, the satisfaction of being able to touch your skin releasing years of tension.
When you don’t make a move to stop him, he slides your leg off of the other and opens them so he can settle between them. The hem of your dress climbs higher and again a strap falls over your shoulder.
“Baby, this will not do. This fucking pathetic excuse for a dress--useless fabric, made for nothing but ruining.”
You’re startled by his forward nature. Up until now he’s been quite reserved, aside from the playful banter over dinner. Now his hand lays on your thigh, and the heat of it warms your skin through the ‘useless fabric,’ as he stated it.
Namjoon tsks and reaches over towards the counter to grasp his drink, hand still lingering on your leg.
“I’ll stop acting like a prude when you stop acting so naïve.” In a smooth motion, he brings the glass to his lips and drinks heavily. The sound of his throat constricting as he swallows the liquid is powerful, like he needs it to survive. “Open your mouth, ___.”
At first you’re unsure, the entire moment surreal. A tiny pinch to the flesh of your inner thigh causes you to gasp in shock. Looking back up, you shrink at the smirk Namjoon wears proudly.
“I said open.”
Perhaps it was the alcohol in your system, or the way his knees begin pushing yours open, but you find yourself hesitantly doing as he says. Tipping your neck back, you open wide and close your eyes not wanting to know what he will do. It’s exciting but also anxiety inducing.
“Good girl.”
Namjoon drinks the remnants of his glass and leans forward, head tipping in admiration of your beauty. He’s never been this close before, but your essence was intoxicating. He noses along your cheek and jaw, your reaction to him setting a fire in his belly. Your legs attempt to shut, but his stronger ones don’t allow it.
He doesn’t say anything or move further once his lips dance over yours. His breath tickles your skin and causes your lashes to flutter in anticipation. When you lock eyes, that’s when he parts his lips to share the alcoholic remnants with you. It’s still cold from the chilly cubes in his glass, but tastes like him.
You swallow what you can, but a small amount dribbles over your chin. It doesn’t make it very far, Namjoon’s tongue is already collecting whatever was lost.
“You’re right. It is yummy.”
You barely begin to process everything, your mind now a bit hazier with the amount of alcohol swirling through your system. “I--”
You feel a tug against your shoulder, the front of your dress now falling forward to reveal a bit of the top of your breast. The culprit stands before you with the tiny string dangling in his hand and a shit-eating grin plastered on his lips.
“Like I said...useless.”
He doesn’t stop after that. His moves are calculated and dominant--who are you to stop him? There’s a moment of indulgence from his end as he stares at your bared breast, weaving his fingers around the other strap.
“Everything you’re wearing is fucking slutty, baby. But that’s the point, right?” His grin grows wider, and then he gives a harsh tug to break the other side. “You wore it for me, so I get to choose whether I want to see it on your body or not…”
His hands make fast work of your clothing, tugging at it to expose more of your skin. In front of the other guys, he’d strain not to say anything while you were shamelessly exposed for their enjoyment. But in the comfort of his apartment, between the two of you, anything goes.
“Take this off and sit on the couch. Now.”
The low growl of his voice makes you jump and you don’t wait to see what the consequences of your disobedience will be. You slide your dress off, shame washing over you at the fact that Namjoon will be seeing your underwear as soon as he comes closer. The dress was fitted and panty lines would have ruined the look, so you couldn’t help but wear your tiny seamless pair. Kicking off the dress, you go to sit as instructed, but Namjoon’s voice stops you.
“What do we have here? I bet you did this for me too, didn’t you, dirty girl?”
He’s much too close, the raspy sound of his words causing goosebumps to spread over your skin. He continues to play his game of proximity and no touch, a game that drives you completely insane. The way his seductive energy had you submitting to him in less than an hour was unlike you. You never gave it a second thought, never imagined him to be this sexy, but you weren’t complaining.
You feel the tips of his fingers work their way up your spine, the feather-like touch drawing a gasp from your lips. He stops at your shoulder, the nail of his index finger following along the outline of your body as if he were memorizing your curves. He makes it back down to your hip and then replaces his finger with his hand. Sliding it down and over your pelvis, he finds your heat and cups it. He doesn’t move, doesn’t speak, his body pressed against your back and breath tickling the sensitive spot on your neck. You want to scream at him, beg him to touch you the way you need, but you knew it would only fuel his already established opinions of your reputation.
“Nothing to say now? That’s funny since you’re always running your mouth, flirting with all the guys--talking all this game--and yet here you are. I would ask what you want, but the way your cunt is soaking my fingers tells me all I need to know. Filthy, filthy whore.”
With a sharp tug he rips the underwear down your legs, the action ruining the fabric and stretching the elastic so that they are no longer wearable. He pulls them from you and stands back up, the low moan that escapes you catching his attention. You bite your tongue in hopes that he hadn’t heard--but he had.
“Yum. You sound as good as I expected. Let’s see what other sounds you can make.”
He leans you forward and kicks your legs open. The position is awkward so you bend further letting your hands support you on the couch cushions in front of you. The hiss you hear behind you causes you to bite your lower lip, the fact that you could get him so strung-- intoxicating. You don’t get to dwell in this victory long, the sharp blow onto the tender flesh of your ass much too painful.
“Do you think this is funny? I find you’re really the worst kind of brat. Wanting all the attention but never able to handle the punishment. Tell me--for how many men have you stood with your cunt spread open like this? I bet if I opened you up like this in front of the boys you’d cum untouched.”
He leans over your body, placing the fabric coated in your juices into your mouth before delivering another slap, this one more angry. You can already feel the welts rising on your skin and it’s hard to find your voice with the way your mouth is stuffed full of your arousal. If you told him he was wrong, he might think you were lying, and if you admitted he was right, he might get even more angry.
There was no explanation for what you were feeling, but for some reason you wanted him to see you in a positive light. You didn’t want to disappoint him, and you don’t know why, but just the thought of him seeing you any other way made you feel sick to your stomach.
“No one!” You barely muffle out when you feel his body jolt a little in preparation to deliver another blow. You weren’t fearful of receiving another, the truth was, you were so incredibly turned on. But something about needing him to know that you were not a whore, that you truly have only ever let him do something like this was so important for you. Whatever this hold he had over you was, his perception of you meant everything.
Joon snickers at your response, the high-pitched declaration music to his ears. He knows you are somewhat innocent with men, and that you flirt mainly for attention, but he needs to be sure that there is still an untainted part of you in there somewhere.
“Good.” Gently he straightens you and moves you to the side so that he can sit on the couch in front of you. With a light tap to his thighs, he gestures for you to straddle him, and you do so without a second thought. His large hands come to wrap around your waist allowing him to hold you down flush against his obvious erection.
“I like you. I can feel how much you like me too. Look how much you need me. You’re ruining my fucking pants, baby.”
Guiding your arms to wrap around his shoulders, he settles you to neatly on his lap, the closeness so incredibly erotic. He’s still wearing all of his clothes while you sit completely ruined and exposed before him. You try to look at his face, follow along with the seduction game that has your entire body surrendering without question, but you feel too shy.
“What’s the matter, whore? Suddenly you want to act innocent? That’s a bit unfair, don’t you think? You act like such a fucking slut with every other man. I think I deserve the same.”
One swipe up your slit with his fingers draws a gagged whine out of you. He continues to rub back and forth, his middle finger probing at your entrance but never pushing further. Your thighs begin to shake, the little strength you have left working toward keeping your control in order to prove to him that you aren’t the slut he believes you to be.
“Tsk, tsk, baby. You’ve soaked my hand. Is my girl needy? Do you want to cum all over my fingers?”
You somehow manage to lift up your face to acknowledge his question, your orgasm already so close it’s embarrassing.
“Know what I think? I think you would love to be mine. Wouldn’t you, baby? Mine to kiss and touch whenever and wherever I want--my shameless whore. That is what you want, isn’t it?”
Whatever he says, you agree to, your sex-hazed mind too focused on reaching your high and not on the words you so easily agree to. It was like he was saying everything exactly how you needed to hear it and you were already too far gone.
Namjoon continues rubbing back and forth, the palm of his hand hitting your clit relentlessly. It was fun watching you lose yourself, your frustration making you impatient and desperate. He doesn’t want to waste this time entirely, his goal to ensnare you never too far from his mind. He does, however, want to give you a going away present, one that will have you crawling back to him.
Deciding to indulge himself, he squeezes your nipple and tugs harshly. When you open your mouth to complain, he pushes a finger into you and swallows your moan eagerly, then snakes in his tongue and rips out the sullied fabric with his teeth. He spits what used to be your underwear to the floor carelessly so his tongue can keep your mouth busy, forcing your tight cunt to take another thick finger.
“You’re dripping, ___.” Namjoon swallows tight when feels how you become a soaked wreck just from the pressure of his digits stretching you out. “Gonna make a mess all over my nice pants, aren’t you? Fuck...”
Your body is perfect, the way it welcomes him so easily--it’s impossible for his ego not to inflate. He knows what to do, has worked so hard to get to where he is now. A woman’s body was always so much fun to navigate and he was quickly learning what made you weep. Small thrusts, and tiny lip bites have you broken-- exactly how Namjoon likes it.
“What if I do this?” He hooks up, right into your gspot, and thrusts with vigor. From the lewd squelching sounds that follow, he knows he can make you cum like this.
“W-what are you...Joon, don’t!” Your voice cracks pathetically as you strain to compose yourself. The alcohol must have gone straight to your bladder, because this feeling is overwhelmingly foreign, yet so familiar. If he continues, you’re certain you’ll release everything right in his lap. It’s embarrassing, but there’s nothing you can do but ride his digits and whimper for relief.
“Don’t?” His lips curl into a devilish smile and then he nips your bottom lip until the skin nearly breaks. He laves over the sore flesh with his warm tongue and whispers sin into your mouth, picking up his pace until he feels you begin to trickle. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
You tense your muscles to hold it in, until you can’t anymore. “I’m--Joon, s-stop!” Your head snaps to the side to bury your shame in the crook of his arm, face beet red and sweating.
With that, he withdraws for a mere second, only to sink in three long fingers, hooking into you hard and fast. “Cum on my fingers, little whore. You want to make me happy, don’t you?” He bites you again, this time at the slope of your neck, embedding his sharp teeth into your skin and creating a possessive mark. “Now.”
You nod, still hidden in his soft clothing. His jacket smells like cologne and his musk, and in this moment, feels like the greatest comfort as your legs shake beneath you. You’re certain you’ve lost all control of your body when you cum hard and scream silently with eyes clamped shut. All you can feel aside from the blinding pleasure is how soaked you’ve become, ruining Namjoon’s pants with your release.
“Fuck, you’re filthy.” He rasps into your ear, breath hot on your lobe. “Is this how you treat your gracious host?” His fingers thrust into you even after you’re spent, to draw out as much of your slick arousal as he can muster. The oversensitivity has you whimpering for him to stop, but he doesn’t relent. Though his movements are slower than before, it still hurts and you squeeze his solid arms, your nails digging into the fabric.
“ hurts.”
“Come on, pretty baby. I know you can give me one more. Be a good girl and try.”
Deciding to have mercy, he moves his thumb over your clit and presses against it, slow and calculated. He moves in a circular motion, then flicks over it rapidly all while his other fingers are still embedded inside of you. He moves them perfectly, as if he’s known your body for years.
It doesn’t take long for you to cum again, but this one felt more intimate, like he wanted it to be more pleasurable than forced. Unable to move, you lay against him, the wetness beneath you bringing a chill to your flesh. You feel embarrassed, but then his soft kisses on your shoulder calm you slightly. The evidence of your reckless behavior is hidden beneath you, but you can find no energy to care. It’s only when you hear him suck in his breath that you move from him in worry.
“___. Why are you bleeding? Are you on your period?”
Your heart thunders in your chest., not this...not now.
He holds his fingers up so you can see--a droplet of blood slides down his palm and collects with the rest of your juices. “What is this?” His eyes narrow on yours, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Are you?...” There’s no way. You can’t be..
You slowly nod with cheeks furiously heated. That was all the response he needed. “You’ve never been with a man? I could have sworn…”
His words are leading into the territory you fear. You know he thinks of you as a whore when the truth is, you’ve never been touched by a man this thoroughly. The realization makes you feel pathetic, but you also wonder why you let him have you so easily. You suddenly feel completely exposed, and your nakedness isn’t helping. You look for something to salvage your dignity, but Namjoon is quicker, his jacket coming off of him as he swiftly places it over your shoulders.
“Thank you. I-- I don’t know what to say. I’ve never done this before. You’re the first.”
“You’re a virgin then. You’ve never had an orgasm?”
“No, I have-- just...not with someone else.”
Your confession makes Namjoon feel soft. This was a new revelation--one he wasn’t expecting at all. “I see. Did I hurt you?”
You can’t say the entire experience was without discomfort, but everything toward the end was just amazing. His touch was intoxicating, making the pain subside quickly. There was nothing done you didn’t want to happen. The proof was all over his pants.
“No. It felt really good. I’m sorry about your clothes. I’m so embarrassed.”
Namjoon tilts his head and brings your face to his own. He kisses you softly before pulling away slowly. “Please don’t be embarrassed. Forget the pants. How about I show you to the bathroom and find you a change of clothes?”
You nod nervously, surprise coming over you when he manages to lift you off his lap to set you down on two wobbly feet. “There. Now, follow me.”
He grabs your hand and leads you down the hall where he provides everything he promises. You can’t even look at yourself in the mirror after your shower, the water not having done enough to wash away your debauched behavior.
Namjoon waits for you to get clean and exit the bathroom. He offers to take you home, but you insist on taking a cab. He doesn’t want to push you, not now, not when he had you right in the palm of his hand. You were going to be easier than he thought. It would be like taking candy from a baby, except in this situation, innocence from a woman.
You don’t know how it happened, but your relationship with Namjoon took an unexpected turn. After you almost ran out of his apartment an embarrassed mess, he called you the next morning to make sure you were alright. By the time you’d hung up the phone with him, there was a flower delivery at your door, and before the day was through he managed to find his way to your apartment for a movie night.
It felt like a dream the way things fell into place so quickly. Over and over he worked to show you that he was truly interested in the real you, and although nothing was official, he made hints often about you being his and no one else’s. You often took it as teasing and flirting, but a tight grip over your hands and an even tighter hold of your waist whenever you went out together said a lot. You didn’t want to be silly admitting to liking such possessive behavior, but something in the way Namjoon swooned you was unlike anything you ever experienced before.
Every guy you’ve ever met flirted heavily with you in the hopes you’d give yourself to them, but not Namjoon. As a matter of fact, ever since the night he made you cum all over his pants he hasn’t attempted a single sexual advance. For a bit you assumed it was because he was trying to be a gentleman by getting to know you without the cloud of sexual desire, but now you were wondering if maybe he didn't like what went down that night.
As you stare at yourself in the mirror waiting for Namjoon to pick you up for your tenth date, a bit of doubt creeps into your mind. Tonight would determine his interest, the sexy black dress you were currently wearing with no underwear beneath, a temptation he most certainly wouldn’t be able to resist. He never really said what his sexual tastes were, and all you really had to go off was one night’s events to guide you. Your best guess was, if he had ripped your other pair right off, surely he preferred women without them.
You sigh out and arch a brow at the pathetic look on your face. “You really are dumb, ___,” you chastise yourself. Here you were trying so hard to get his attention, but you had no idea what steps to take. The ringing of your phone snaps you back into the now. A text from the man that consumes your thoughts glows on the screen and you rush to read it.
Joon: [I’m here, beautiful.]
Walking to the door, you swiftly open it and hurry to the elevator to meet him in the parking garage. As soon as the doors open, Namjoon glances up and swallows hard. Good.
He is leaning against the side of the vehicle looking like temptation itself. You needed to remind yourself of the goal you had set. This night was to entice him, not the other way around. Walking over to him, you smile and lean in to kiss his cheek. The air is crisp and you know for certain your nipples are clearly on display. You make sure to lean against his arm and brush against it, annoyed that now you’ve teased yourself in the process.
“You’re a bit too sexy in that dress don’t you think, baby?”
You smile and shrug your shoulders in response--he doesn’t like it. When he comes around and opens the car door, he dips down and breathes in your scent, his nose tickling the nape of your neck. You almost forget who the experienced person is in this little game you were playing. Sitting down, cross your legs and look up at him with your best innocent eyes.
“I put it on for you, silly.”
Namjoon shuts the door and says nothing more. When you arrive at the club, his arm instantly wraps around your waist to hold you close. The entire night he’s either next to do, holding you, or watching you from afar. You mostly laugh and have fun dancing with some random girls you meet, but when a man comes much too close, the entire night comes to a screeching halt.
“___, let’s go. Now!”
“But, we just got here.”
“I said now!” When he goes to grab your hand the mysterious stranger decides to speak up.
“Hey, my guy, we were just trying to have a good ti--”
Namjoon pushes the guy without a second thought causing him to land on the dance floor. He tugs you harshly and leads you all the way outside. The entire time you throw a fit and tell him he’s being crazy. The moment the cold air hits you both, he lets you go and turns to stare you down with fierce eyes.
“Don’t you ever do that again.”
“Namjoon! What the fuck. I was only dancing. Why are you being crazy?”
“Crazy? You wanna see crazy?”
You don’t get a chance to speak anymore. He drags you around the corner to the empty alleyway and presses you against the brick wall of the club. “I don’t know how many fucking times I have to tell you. You’re mine. That is what you told me, isn’t it? You said no one has touched you before...only me. That means you’re mine.”
“Joon, I know, but I wasn’t--”
“Baby, please just stop talking. Look at you. Look at this fucking dress. Don’t you know how sexy you are? I can’t even be close to you without---”
He has both fists pressed to the cement beside your head in frustration, his breathing rapid and eyes burning with a fire you almost guiltily take pleasure in. Was it right to find his jealousy attractive? To see the desire eating him he could lose control at any moment? The truth was, you were turned on by it and you needed him to know.
“Then touch me.” Reaching for his hand you guide it right to where you so desperately needed him to be. You remember the way he used his fingers--it’s all you can think about, but he tugs his hand back and away. “Joo-”
“My needy little whore. Do you think I want to touch you where anyone passing by can see? Is that what you like?”
“Wha-- no, I just thought.”
Namjoon grabs your hand once again and leads you to his car. He doesn’t say a word as he coaxes you inside, not even looking at you as he begins to drive. In that moment you felt like a true whore and were even more worried that you’d made him think even less of you. In less than an hour you’d managed to disgust Namjoon and push him away. You felt dejected and the memory of his opinion of you surfaces. After all this time, he really did think of you as a cheap slut, and you weren’t helping the matter.
When you arrive at your apartment, you assume he’s just going to leave you there, but he parks instead. He opens your car door and grabs your hand, tenderly this time, and walks up with you to your building. The entire elevator ride is awkward and you want to say something so bad, but the fear of making things worse stops you. When you get to your door, he simply stands to the side and waits. You glance over at him hoping to soften whatever may come, but the way he clenches his jaw and looks up to the ceiling isn’t a good sign.
You open and walk in, set your purse on the table and remove your heels. Now that you’re smaller in height, his tall frame dwarfs yours and you fold into yourself.
“I hope you know how much you hurt me tonight. I wasn’t happy at all. No man should be looking at what’s mine and no man should even touch what’s mine. You don’t get it do you, ___?”
His words set a rage within you. How did you hurt him?
“What! I didn’t even do anything! I was just dancing and he came up to me! What am I supposed to get when you don’t even want to touch me? Do you even like me, Joon?”
You’re halfway seated on a stool near the counter of your kitchen when Namjoon steps forward--you instantly regret your choice of seating. The corner is blocked off with nowhere to go.
“There you go again running that mouth of yours. It’s so fucking pretty too. It should be busy gagging on my cock, shouldn’t it, baby? Open up for me.”
Without a word, he slips his fingers past your open lips, your shock humorous to him. It was cute how tough you thought you were. He presses down on your tongue and when you wrap your lips around his digits, he smirks hungrily.
“Good girl. I’m going to need you to be quiet while I tell you what you did wrong. Can you do that for me, baby?”
You should be having an adult conversation with him right now instead of letting him manipulate you with his sexual prowess, but you’ve been needing his attention for so long. You simply nod and moan in response, the action earning you a chuckle from the man you so desperately want to please.
“Good. Now, listen closely so you don’t miss it. I want you to understand that when I pushed these very fingers into your untouched cunt, I claimed you. That means that no other person is allowed near what I own.” He presses his fingers further when he feels your tongue sucking him in. “You see what a fucking dirty whore you are? If anyone else saw this, they might try and take you from me. We can’t have that. I wouldn’t like that at all.” Again he pushes further and when you gag he pulls them out and then places them into his mouth, running his tongue down the length of them, all the way to his fingertips. “So yummy, baby.”
With a gentle kiss to your forehead, he walks off and right out the door without so much as a goodbye. Your current state is a mess and you can longer wait to satiate your body’s cravings. You run to your room, sliding your dress right off and jump into the bed where you search for your vibrator in the nightstand. You’re so wet you don’t even need lube, and by the time Joon texts you his routine goodnight, you’ve already cum three times.
A couple weeks passed, but the time dragged on. Minutes felt like hours around Namjoon -- some of them pleasant, but most of them not. It seemed your boyfriend had more layers of himself to unveil to you, bit by bit, day by day. You enjoyed the time you spent for the most part...until you didn’t. At those points, you told yourself it would get better, and it always seemed to.
His mannerisms began to shift once he was provoked at the club. As you gagged around his hooked fingers that night, he made it very clear you were his to play with whenever he pleased. You didn’t mind, as he began to kiss you more and show his affection physically. He never tried to fuck you though, but he’d do things to your body that, in your mind, were second best.
He’d cup your pussy while standing behind you at the grocery store where no one could see, or palm your breasts while watching tv. He’d be slow at the start, until he got himself worked up. One night while watching The Bachelor and you made a passing comment about how the man had a nice smile.
“Is that what you want, ___?! Apparently that’s all it takes to get your filthy pussy dripping--a nice fucking smile. You want to throw yourself at that dickhead like every other whore on the show? ...Huh?!” He began to get rough, biting marks into your neck and down your chest, but you were told you’d learn to like it.
While his possessiveness increased tenfold, you found it oddly times. The marks on your skin ached at the start, but they faded to pretty little bruises, subtly showing his claim. No one has ever gripped you with such passion, and there was no doubt Namjoon had passion coursing in his veins. Sometimes he became too passionate, tightening his hold on your wrist when you stumbled upon an old friend from high school.
“He’s just a friend,” you quietly assured him as you walked back to your apartment. But he wanted you to prove your loyalty, so you did.
He scared you a bit with his manic energy, but you did your best to remind yourself that this is how he expresses his affection, so you expressed it back. You got on your knees the second you stepped through the doors, sucked his vascular cock until you couldn’t breathe, and stroked him fast, to finish all over your face.
“What would your ‘friend’ think if I sent him a picture of you looking like this?” He squeezed his cock hard until a few lasting drops drooled over your lips. “You’re so pretty baby...Thank you.”
On one particular Saturday morning you awoke to the sounds of someone at your door. You were extremely exhausted after having stayed up until almost dawn talking with Namjoon. If he couldn’t be with you, he insisted you stay on the phone until he could hear your breathing even out signaling your sleep. You didn’t get up to answer but curiosity had you bouncing off the bed to see who it was.
When you open the door, all you can see is a huge bouquet of flowers that is so large it covers whoever is holding them. The delivery guy sets them on the ground, asks for your signature and leaves. You have no idea who would send you such beautiful flowers, but a tiny note sticking out of the top would clear things up in no time.
‘To the sexiest and most beautiful woman I know. Mine always - Joon’
It doesn’t take you long before you text to let him know that you got his present. He was probably sleeping, so you didn’t call, and now that you were giddy with love, your sleepiness left you. You knew you should at least take a nap because tonight you would be going out to meet up with the guys again with him. It feels like ages since you last saw them.
You mentioned to Namjoon several times how you missed them and wanted to see them, but he always managed to change the subject, making you forget what you asked for. It wasn’t like you meant to stay away for so long, but having a relationship took up a lot of your time and you knew this to be true of many of your friends when they started their relationships. So tonight you would make sure to have a good time and apologize for being such a terrible friend.
The day flies by and soon you’re on the elevator ready to make your way to meet Namjoon and be on your way. The ride to Jin’s house doesn’t take long, and the minute you enter, a booming cheer resounds throughout. Namjoon had asked you before you entered not to leave his side and hold his hand because being away from you would make him miss you, and you honestly tried to stick to the promise, but the boys tug you away faster than you could refuse.
You made sure to glance back at Namjoon, often trying your best to work your way back to him, but Jungkook kept wanting to show you some new videos he edited and Jimin had a lot of dating fails he was eager to share. Eventually you made your way through Hobi and Yoongi who talked about their music and dance club and then Jin had only greeted you the moment you entered, which left Tae. You had the intention of meeting up with him too, but you could see the look of annoyance on your man’s face. Although he was also talking to the guys and drinking, he wasn’t happy.
Finally free, you start to make your way to him, but Tae catches up with you first.
“Hey, sexy. Long time no see. Now that you’re Joon’s girl you can’t say hi?”
“Shut up, Tae,” you giggle and then hug him in greeting. “I was going to come say hello, but everyone was keeping me busy. I was actually just going to go talk to Joon real quick. Could you give me a sec?”
You turn to walk away, but Tae grabs your arm and spins you right back. “Why are you in such a rush? He gets to have you all the time. I’m sure he’ll move on from whatever he’s sulking over.”
“Tae, it’s not like that. You don’t know him. I’ll be right back.”
Again you spin and Tae grabs you once more, but this time he doesn’t turn you. He gets up close, right to your ear, and whispers. “What the fuck? This isn’t like you, babe. You and I could talk about anything. We used to fuck around. Why are you bei-”
“Get your fucking hands off of her.” Namjoon’s voice booms and you close your eyes already expecting the worst scenario.
“Shit, Joon. What the hell? I’m not going to take her from you.”
“Fuck off. Let’s go, ___.”
You feel torn because this is the last thing you want to happen, but one stern look from Namjoon has you moving. You get a moment to say your goodbyes noticing the look Jin gives you--was it pity? You weren’t sure. Before you know it, you’re back in the vehicle on another awkward ride home. You knew his jealousy was becoming too much, but he always made up for it somehow. It wasn’t like him to be jealous of his friends, though. You didn’t even know what he was so jealous about. It’s not like you were going to sleep with any of the guys. Hell, Namjoon hasn’t even taken things that far with you, so why would he think you’d be that way with someone else?
Although you’d been sexual in some ways with him, you still hadn’t had actual sex and you wondered if it was because he might not want to actually be with you. Maybe he was acting jealous because he knew how pathetically in love you were with him. Neither of you have said the word, but you were blatantly obvious, while he just got into fights. What was this relationship anyway?
“Joon. Why are you being this way? It’s obvious you don’t want me the way I want you. You always fight with me, get jealous, and then we end up getting each other off somehow. Is that even what a relationship is supposed to be? I’m trying here but I don’t get why you even wanna be with me.”
Namjoon hits the brakes of his car and parks off to the side of the road. His hands grip the steering wheel so tight you can see the white of his knuckles. Instantly, you swallow your words.
“I don’t want to be with you? Is that what you think, ___? You think I’m over here protecting you from people like Tae and other obviously desperate men because I don’t want you? Look at you! You’re so fucking hot and beautiful. Every man is out here trying to take what’s mine and yet you’re so painfully oblivious. Fuck!”
He smacks the steering wheel and then resumes driving, his foot pressing on the gas a little faster than before. You don’t know where he’s going and you’re too afraid to ask. He manages to pull into a park that overlooks the city, the trees so dense it’s hard to find the location unless you know exactly where it is.
“Get over here, baby.”
With a softer voice, he gestures for you to climb onto his lap, and you do so already knowing what’s coming. He always covered up your issues with sex, something you wish he wouldn’t do. There’s no way your relationship would progress like this. His lips, however, work their magic over your neck, and soon you’re melting right into him.
“Namjoon, we need to talk about this...we can’t just...ughh.”
Your words are stolen as soon as his fingers find their way into your panties. You almost didn’t wear any, but knowing this particular dress tended to fly up with even the smallest pick up in the wind, you didn’t take a chance. It didn’t even matter at this point. Your man found his way to your clit easily and his fingers were already experts in your pleasure.
He removes your jacket, teeth and tongue nipping and tugging on the flesh of your shoulders and neck the second they're exposed. Your arms lay upon his shoulders, thighs holding you up slightly to give him easier access. You think he’s simply going to make you cum and then sit you back down, argument forgotten, but the feel of his soft tip against your entrance stops the motion of your hips.
“What are you doing?”
“Shh, calm down baby. You love me, right? Hmm? You love me as much as I love you, right?”
His words are tender, eyes soft and brows creased as if the sudden revelation of weakness made him feel pain. You couldn’t deny him. Not when he just admitted to loving you in return. You blow out a breath and close your eyes, the tears threatening to spill over due to the overwhelming feelings flowing through you.
“Yes, Joon. I love you. I love you so much.”
“Good.” Your vulnerability was his drug, and wanting to prepare you for your first time, he slid in two fingers, working you open easily since your cunt was used to them. This time, he decides to press in a third without warning and the gasp you release makes him feral. You’ve taken them before, but not so quickly, and the way your body relaxes into them tells Namjoon you were more than ready.
He works your clit with his thumb while he scissors his other fingers into you, proud at the way you drip onto his palm. Knowing that it would only take a second, he removes his hand and then lowers you right onto his cock and thrusts up. You cry out into the vehicle, and dig your nails into his shoulders. He holds your hips down and slowly rotates them in order to bring pleasure back to you.
He centers you with a kiss, his mouth distracting you from the burning sensation you feel after taking his thick cock so quickly. His thumb finds your clit once more and the crease in your brow softens when he flicks it teasingly.
“’s gonna feel better soon, baby. Look at my good girl filled up so full. I didn’t know if you were ready to take me, baby. Maybe I should take it out…”
“No! Please...don’ feel sooo..gooo-”
“Yeah, baby? How good?”
Namjoon knows you can’t speak, but he can’t help teasing you. He can feel exactly how good, your cunt sucking him in so deep he can barely move. He knew this wasn’t the ideal place, that taking someone’s virginity, especially yours, should be done in a more romantic way, but he couldn’t let you go on thinking you could behave the way you had. And even more, he had to wipe the notion that he didn’t want you clear out of your mind.
When he knows you’ve completely surrendered, he tugs your hips forward, helping them to move against his rock hard cock. It was starting to hurt, being inside of you without moving a muscle, but he’d given you enough time to adjust and now it was his time to enjoy it.
Your sounds of ecstasy are enough to break any man, yet he remains in control, fingertips digging in deep and now settling on the round of your ass, hands motioning you faster and faster. His hips have now begun to meet yours, the in and out motions his cock is experiencing becoming too much to bear.
You feel so good, so warm, and so perfect. Your face is buried in his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders and interlocked behind his neck. He could feel you trying to move, your hesitance adorable and evidence that this was certainly your first time. He’d practically taken your virginity with his fingers before, but being inside of you was another feeling entirely. He knew you took birth control to regulate your period, but he wasn’t certain if you took them faithfully. He didn’t care. You were his anyway.
With the way events unfolded, there had been no time to take out a condom or ask if you would get pregnant. All he knew was that you were his completely and the only thing left for him to do was claim you officially. Once he spills his seed into you, no man would ever be allowed to know this feeling. He would know you inside and out, just as he should.
You start rocking faster, the now pleasing feeling of his length rubbing against the walls of your cunt, something you never thought would feel so euphoric. When he starts pulling you down onto his lap and thrusting his hips faster, you feel as if you could faint. It was heaven, the moment, the pleasure--the pain. His breathing labored and heavy against your temple has you feeling more aroused even though he’s already fucking your brains out. He complains a little when his dick gets squeezed by your hungry cunt, but you can’t help it. You were so close to cumming, of that you were sure, but you struggled to find the end.
Namjoon, of course, senses your trouble. Pulling the dress above your head, he takes your bra off quickly and latches onto a nipple. Immediately he sucks and tugs on it like his life depends on it. Your neck is now exposed, back arched, and thighs shaking at the overstimulation. And just when you think you’re about to lose your mind, his thumb meets you at just the right moment. A soft stroke is all it takes for your body to lose control and rock uncontrollably. You don’t know what it is about Namjoon, but your orgasm is incredibly intense and lasts longer than you're used to. Small repetitive spasms continue to hit you and you shudder in his grasp. He continues to roll over the already swollen and sensitive nub, his solid cock letting you know that he wasn’t ready to finish just yet.
“Such a good little whore. Give me one more, baby.”
“I can-- I can’t,” you cry against his shoulder, already worn and ready to collapse.
“Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to feel me inside of you? Right here?”
His hand comes to settle on your lower belly and it quickly becomes clear what he means. He adjusts you slightly so that he can fully settle inside of you. He thrusts up using his powerful legs to balance him, and completely sheaths himself. The tip of his cock hits up against your cervix and you can see when his cock protrudes slightly from your lower belly. He does it over and over, gentle but firm and your whimper at the strange yet uncomfortable feeling.
“That’s my good girl. I’m gonna fill you up nice and good, claim this little pussy for me. You’re gonna be my good bitch and take my cum, right, baby?”
“Yes, oh god...yessss”
When he hears your broken voice, he can no longer hold back. Returning to your clit, he begins to rub desperately needing you to cum at the same time as him. He knows you’re close, so he swirls and rubs it in just the right pattern. As soon as you take in that familiar deep gasp, he spills himself inside of you as you both reach ecstasy.
The car is a million degrees hotter and your body is coated in a light sweat, but Namjoon’s soft laugh is all you can focus on. Barely able to speak, you moan in complaint and he chuckles a little louder. “What’s so funny?” you whine.
“Nothing, baby. I’m just thinking about how I’m the happiest man in the whole world.”
You smile and lean your head on his shoulder, arms limp at your sides. He was right. You were also happy and without realizing, you too felt a giggle creep up to your lips. As you both sat in the car catching your breaths, you realize that whatever fight you’d been having didn’t even matter. He loved you more than anyone you knew and that was the best feeling in the world. Namjoon was right.
Kissing his cheek, you smile and hug him tight, his dimples too adorable to ignore. He was utterly gorgeous, and so amazing to you. You couldn’t remember the reason why you were upset in the first place. “Let’s go home, Joonie.”
A few days passed but everything had changed. Namjoon became more attentive and gentle, even spending more nights with you at home, and you were glad for it. Your relationship was in the best place it could ever be. He must’ve said I love you a billion times already, but you never grew tired of hearing it. This was the softest you’ve ever seen him be and you were falling even harder.
Last night he made love to you too many times to count, the evidence of his presence clearly marked over your inner thighs and belly. You lay in the bed stretched out like a cat listening to the shower come on. You felt sore, yet you couldn’t get enough. Needing to replenish your body, you decide on making a huge breakfast for the both of you, but Namjoon’s phone rings on the nightstand.
You walk around to see who it could be, and Jin’s name flashing on the screen makes you curious. “Hmm, why would he be calling?”
“Oh, hey, ____. I was hoping to talk to Namjoon. Is he around?”
“Sorry, he just jumped in the shower.”
“Good. Listen, ___. There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Oh? What is it?” There has always been a level of mutual respect between you and Jin. He’s not known for beating around the bush either, which is a breath of fresh air.
“Tae and I spoke about the other day, and, well...we didn’t like how Joon was treating you. It didn’t sit well with us.”
“O-oh?” It wasn’t what you expected to hear, but then again, you really didn’t know what to expect. The fresh marks along the slope of your neck and the tender ache of your cunt return as Jin continues to speak.
“He snapped at Tae. Drug you out of the house like a dog. ___, we hadn’t heard from you in weeks. Then we see you, and, were barely allowed to look us in the eye. It’s so unlike you…”
“It’s not like that, Jin.” But then why is your lip trembling and your eyes welling with tears? “He loves me a lot. I know it’s soon, but...sometimes these things can’t be controlled. It’s just the way he expresses himself, and…” You stall to think of the right response, but it sounds muddy and wrong, even to your ears. “Really, I’m okay.”
“Okay?!” Jin never raises his voice, let alone at you.
“Jin--” The pitch of his tone snaps you farther from the floaty bubble of comfort Namjoon has created for you in your room. “Why are you being like this? I said I’m fine--”
“Tae followed you two.” He speaks in deadpan, like he can’t risk the time it takes to add pleasantries and a soft tone to his response. “He was so scared Joon would do something stupid based off the way he was acting, so he wanted to make sure you would be okay.” His breath grows ragged with emotion, noticeably trying to reason with you. “He saw, ___. The way he treated you in his car...he said it didn’t look consensual, but he couldn’t be sure. So he waited until he could see your face.”
“He followed us? Watched us?” Jin I--”
“Despite being safe, he said there was something in your eyes that didn’t look right. Like they were cold and...lost.”
You don’t know what he’s talking about. What happened in the car versus what a spectator could see are two completely different things. Plus, if Tae saw...god knows his own fondness for you could muddle his perception of things. The news is so sudden, and it gives you no time to mentally prepare or form a rebuttal. Why do you need a rebuttal? The relationship between you and Namjoon is amicable...copacetic...loving and kind.
“Lost?” A lump forms in your throat as you take a ragged breath in. “Jin, I’m okay. I’m fine, see? I’m talking to you, I’m happy. I’m in love, Jin. I love him a lot…” Your voice trails on. Some of what you’re saying registers and some of it doesn’t. In the end, it all sounds like noise.
“I don’t believe you,” Jin states bluntly. “I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. I can’t believe that someone who treats you that way is someone you could love. And as for Namjoon, ___, I didn’t want to say this at the start because you seemed too happy, but Namjoon used to hate you. Spoke about you like you weren’t worth a millisecond of his time.”
“He...he what?” You weren’t blind to the way Namjoon thought lowly of you before you were together. The way he tore that dress off of you the first time he sunk his thick fingers into your cunt was telling of how little he cared for your sense of style or the way you carried yourself around other men. But it made you feel speci--
“He said you were a slut. That you were easy. He didn’t respect you then, and I don’t think he does now.”
Jin’s words cut deeper than if they came from Namjoon himself. Hearing them from one of your closest friends makes it feel...real. Like the micro insults thrown your way were more than jealousy and possessiveness.
Just as your mind begins to trail back to Jin’s voice, another one takes its place--
“Babe, who are you talking to?” Namjoon’s lips curl to a frown. “Is that Jin? I heard you say his name.” He shouts over your reply as you attempt to speak. “Hi Jin! Thanks for checking in. We’re great!”
In a flash, he’s by your side; snatches the phone from your hand and hangs up the call, then tosses it to the floor.
“What the fuck did you say to him?” His stare is intimidating, darkened beneath narrowed lids.
“We were just talking--”
“What did you say?!”
Tears stream down your face. You’re rattled, trembling to speak out. “I said we were happy. T-that I love you, Joon.”
“Why?” He takes one step closer and shoves you onto your back. “Clearly you needed to defend our relationship..” His hands are rushed and rough as he peels away your clothing, making you equal to his level of vulnerability, towel slipping off his hips. “Am I a monster, baby? Am I bad to you?”
“No. No!”
“Those fucking pricks think I’m bad for you. I knew they would. They’re jealous, just like I’ve been saying all along!” A TV remote tangles in his feet as he paces by your side of the bed, so he grabs it and tosses it at a wicker chair, splintering the framework. “Fuck! Don’t you see? God damnit, they’re ruining everything!”
You nod, because what else is there to do? You see the darker sides of your boyfriend--his temper, for one. You believe a part of what Jin claimed. Plus, the way Namjoon is handling your body is alarming--aggressive, fast, powerful. He could harm you if he really wanted to, but hasn’t. He’s positively agitated. You trust he’d never do anything to harm you, but for some reason, you’re terrified.
“We should stop, Joon. Uh...put some clothes on and talk about this.”
“Stop?” He shakes his head and closes his eyes, burying his face in his hands. “You want me to stop. I thought you loved me..”
“I do!” You’re quick to come to his side, coaxing him to sit on the bed beside you. “Baby, I love you. I just need you to calm down, okay?”
He laughs and uncovers his face. “Words mean nothing. I need you to show me.”
He grips you at the wrists and presses your back to the bed. “Spread your legs if you’re a good girl for me.” He does it for you before you can comply, using his other hand to pry you open. “There it is. Mine,” he hisses, “Wet little cunt, dripping wet, waiting for me to fuck it.”
You wriggle in his hold as the circulation in your wrists begin to pulse, but you don’t say a word in protest. He’s right, you are madly responsive to his touch. Even if he scares you, you can’t help the way your body reacts.
“It belongs to you,” you coo through a few stray tears.
“That’s right.” He shows you his agreement, using two large fingers to rub through your arousal and cost your lips, holding you open to see your tensing hole. “Mine to use whenever I want. To fill with my cum, as many times as I can. You want my cum inside you, right baby?”
Your eyes grow wide as he turns over his hand and places the backs of his fingers against your clit. “Mmhm. Y-yes.”
A harsh smack follows, right against your most sensitive skin. There’s no space for a yelp or questioning before the next smack lands. This time, he finds the spot he was looking for, directly over your clit. Smack. Smack.
“Joon! Ah--s-stop!”
“Don’t cry, baby. It’ll feel good soon.” Your boyfriend assures you with gentle words while he picks up the pace, harder and faster, smacking your pussy and inner thighs until you grow numb. “Accept it...accept me. Doesn’t this slutty body want to be fucked? If you can’t take this, you can’t take my cock.”
You try, but the pain grows too strong. You can feel the hot heat of your cunt swelling from the shock, so you back your hips to escape the next blow. SMACK.
“Aghh, ow, fuck!” Tears spring from your eyes.
“Unless you want someone else’s cock?” Namjoon rises to his knees on the bed and shows off his glistening length, how it drips pathetically to fill you raw. “Is that what you want?” The anger returns to his eyes as he shouts, gripping his shaft and stroking it. “Tell me, ___! Choose now--me or them?! Be a petty little whore for those liars. Go ahead, but you’ll never see me again...” He lines himself up at your entrance and prods the tip in without warning. “Answer me!”
“You! You!” Your cheeks are stained with tears and beet red.
“You’ll never see them again?”
“Promise me!” Namjoon spits, thrusting his fat cock into you. “Say it!”
Your vision blurs. The pressure of him entering you fully catches your breath in your throat and causes you to choke, struggling to respond quick enough. “I promise! I’ll never see them again!”
“You’ll stay here with me?”
A smile curls over Namjoon’s lips as he gives you another firm thrust. “Good girl.”
In his eyes, he’s finally won. It was a long road with a lot of twists and unexpected turns, but he finally broke you down. He doesn’t have to fear the thought of you giving yourself to someone other than him, or running away to have your mind turned against him by nosy friends. You want everything he has to offer--your mewling lips are enough to indicate how badly he affects your body, and how undeniable his touch has become.
“Say you love me,” he pleas, railing into your cunt with slick smacks. “One more time, so I can cum.”
Like clockwork, you comply. He’s won. You’re all for him, and all he has to do is snap his fingers. In this case, he rolls his hips and fucks you deep until he can feel the familiar slick of your cum trickle over his bare thighs. Now your body is hardwired to his. With a little punishment and a rough fuck, he can turn you to putty.
“Like that,” he groans. His hips angle upward to pulse inside you, spilling everything he has. “F-fuck, all mine. All of you...forever.”
Tumblr media
↳ All works are ©jkeuphoriadreamland. Do not  upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
Thank you for all your support!<3
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dirtybtssnaps · a day ago
Joonie? Can we please cuddle? I've had a really bad day and just wanna cuddle with my daddy *pouts* please daddy?
(first time doing this ask sksksksk)
"Of course we can cuddle moonlight, and I want you to tell daddy what happened and anything he can do for you. But you do know daddy has naughty hands right, he might touch you in some naughty places is that okay moonlight?"
-Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
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jungkxook · 9 months ago
—make it right. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: punk!jungkook / band au / exes-to-lovers au / angst / smut
⟶ words: 11,528
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: you’re wholeheartedly, madly in love with jungkook and yet you shouldn’t be because it’s been almost a year since you broke up with him. worst part of it all is that you know he’s still in love with you too
⟶ warnings: jungkook has a tongue piercing, oral sex because of said tongue piercing (fem!recieving), more tattooed and long haired jungkook to feed my fantasies, angsty pining clingy sex, also just general soft sex, crying sex lol, riding, creampie, slight praise kink themes, unprotected sex
⟶ disclaimer: here’s my one year blog anniversary present inspired by the first ever fic i posted on here! yes this is technically a sequel to melomaniac but not really. sort of like an alternate universe to the alternate universe but you don’t really have to read one or the other to understand the other. so, i hope you enjoy!
⟶ this is part of the melodrama tour series!
Tumblr media
You swear you’re over Jungkook.
In fact, you would even go so far as to say you hate him ━ but you know that’s not true. It’s just that it’s much easier to believe that if you tell yourself you hate him enough times, then maybe you’ll find a way to fix your broken heart, and the pain in his absence won’t hurt so bad. 
As it turns out, it hardly works.
Seven months since he had left you to travel the world with his band, basking in promised eternal glory and fame and money, and yet even miles and oceans away from where you stand, he’s all you can think about. There’s a myriad of reasons as to why trying to forget him was an useless endeavour. The hardships of trying to forget a cherished life-long friendship you had grown accustomed to was one of them, and those lingering happy moments you had shared with him as lovers however fleeting they may be was another. But then there was the ever present fact that Jungkook and his band were so quick to rise to fame, their names far exceeding the seemingly cramped and small city you had both reigned from, and suddenly the boy you had known forever, and everything special that makes him, was now being shared to hundreds of millions of adoring fans.
You were certain it was all Jungkook ever wanted, the added attention and the pretty girls fawning over him, because he had always been a casanova in many ways despite always promising you that you were the only one for him even before you had started dating. You had told him it wouldn’t work ━ I trust you as my best friend, you had said in a moment of despair, grasping at straws. I don’t have to worry about you breaking my heart. But I don’t know if I can trust you as my boyfriend ━ far before he and his band had been signed to their record label and paraded around the world, when they were still practicing in rented storage units and friends’ garages and rundown local studios, playing gigs anywhere and everywhere from dingy bars to college campus parties, supporting him every step of the way if only because he was your best friend, and he had been so persistent that it would work, chasing after you even when you tried to push him away. I would treat you right, he had urged so ardently late one drunken night after stumbling back to his apartment. I already practically worship the ground you walk on.
And how could you ━ who had already been so madly in love with him but scared of him breaking your heart, scared of losing him, scared of this happening ━ ever resist him? He made love seem so easy, and maybe that’s because it was when you were with him. But now, he was no longer yours; now, he was the world’s, and you were nothing but a mere hazy fragmented memory in his mind, long forgotten, watching from the side of the stage much like you always had from the very start of it all.
“Hey, isn’t this that band?” Jihyo’s voice bursts through your wandering trail of thoughts.
It takes you a moment to recollect yourself, finding yourself not in the arms of an ex-lover or stuck in a bygone time of months past, but in the cosy and amiable café nearest your campus and frequented by a plethora of your fellow peers. You’re fortunate to find that your other group mates have also become sidetracked, trailing far from the assignment you were all supposed to be working on. Dahyun is perched beside you, chin nestled in the palm of her hand and elbow propped on the table as she scrolls aimlessly through her phone; Jihyo and Taeyong were sat across from you, gossiping fervently about some mutual friend of theirs. You hadn’t known the pair long enough to know much about them or the tragic affair of whoever Mina is for accepting her cheating boyfriend back for the second time, and, likewise, they seem oblivious to your own self-wallowing once you realize what’s caught Jihyo’s sudden attention.
You hear his voice first.
It’s easy to discern, even after all this time and even amongst the muffled chatter and clanking of porcelain and cutlery of those seated around you. The sweet, velvety lull of Jungkook singing throughout the café from the overhead speakers, pretty upbeat melodies and synths mixed with wistful words making up the song he had written for you before he left, before the fame and fans, as a way of telling you how he truly felt about you. It feels like a dream, and maybe that’s because it is, bringing you instantly to another time, and another world. You still remember him showing you the unfinished song for the very first time, curled up next to him in his living room, listening to him serenade you to sleep, humming in places where he hadn’t formed the words yet, strumming along with his acoustic. It was yours and his until he showed the world almost a year ago on their very first show at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in front of thousands of people, as a final desperate act of proclaiming his love for you after a disastrous attempt at a first date that he had begged from you. Just one, he pleaded. To prove it to you that I can be a good boyfriend. And if things don’t work out, we can pretend it never happened and just go back to being us. That’s a promise.
At the time, you had treasured the song. It was beautiful in every way, his love transcending his words and enveloping your heart in pure warmth.
Now, you hate it.
It’s the third time you’ve heard the song that day. Despite avoiding it as best as you could, it seems to find a way to make itself known in your daily life like the nagging nuisance it is. Because fate seemed to enjoy its sadistic behaviour of having the song be one of the main reasons Jungkook and his band had skyrocketed to fame in such a short span of time and, suddenly, Jungkook disappearing from your life meant little when his voice remained as a constant reminder of what could have been, what couldn’t have been, and what fell apart at the already fragile seams. And what was a proclamation of love to you turned into nothing but a fabled tale of lovers. You wonder if people who hear it ever think about where they’ve gone, or who they’ve turned into, or if their love was made to last. You wonder, above all else, if people ever think about it at all.
“Beyond the Scene, right?” Taeyong asks. He seems just as animated to be discussing the song as Jungkook’s voice fades into Jimin’s.
“God, I love this song. It’s so dreamy,” Jihyo lets out a longing sigh as she slumps against her seat. “Y’know, I’m seeing them this Friday. It’s their first time being back in, like, five months.”
“Dude, I’ve been trying to get tickets to see them for months now!” Taeyong gaps incredulously. “How’d you score them?”
“A friend of a friend knows the guy who plays keys,” Jihyo says. “The cute mysterious one.”
“Yoongi, right?”
As the pair dive into a passionate discussion about the boys and their first full-length album released under their recently-signed-to label from Columbia Records, you shift uncomfortably in your seat. Dahyun almost immediately straightens up, eyes flickering from the pair to you and back again. You’re both fortunate she’s there, having known your past with Jungkook, and despise it a little more, wondering what her pitying gaze must mean.
“Hey, Dahyun. Y/N.” Taeyong’s voice grabs your attention now. “What do you think of these guys? Didn’t some of them used to go to this school?”
“Yeah, I had a few classes with their drummer.” Dahyun waves her hand airly, swiftly brushing over the fact that she did far more than have a “few classes” with any of the boys but was also one of their closest friends. “I think they’re great━” She glances sideways at you one more time. “Hey, maybe we should get back to the assignment now━”
“I had a class with their lead guitarist, Jungkook, last year,” Jihyo continues, her excitement getting the best of her as Dahyun’s voice drowns out in the foreground.
“No way!” This dubious exclamation comes from Taeyong.
“I tried talking to him once but he totally blew me off,” Jihyo says. “Which is fine, because he’s still hot. If I had known he was gonna be a famous rockstar, I’d have tried asking him out a second time━”
Suddenly, you feel sick.
It’s odd to hear two strangers discuss Jungkook’s life while you’re seated across from them, as if you’re nothing more than an outsider to whoever Jungkook has become now. But you can’t stand it anymore. You’re certain you look insane to them when you push your seat back abruptly, the metal legs screeching against the floor as you stand.
“Whoa, what’s wrong━?” Taeyong starts to ask but you’re gone before he can finish the question, murmuring a half-hearted excuse about how you forgot you needed to be somewhere.
You’ve rounded on your heel and have fled from the café before anyone can try to stop you, with nothing but Jungkook’s mellifluous voice fading in the distance as he croons aloud for you in a time long since passed.
You don’t care. Besides, you’re sure Dahyun will cover for you.
The worst part of it all? The dreadful realization that sinks into your mind, and into your heart, beckons the question: who’s to say you aren’t a stranger now to Jungkook’s life altogether?
Tumblr media
“So, what are you trying to say?”
You remember the moment so clearly despite wanting nothing more than to forget it all, and the pain associated with it. Because even from then you knew you would always be in love with Jungkook, but you couldn’t have him. It’s hard to remember whose fault it is this time that caused the sudden fight, though random little arguments had been a frequent occurrence nearing the end of your one year relationship more often than not. You hate blaming it all on him, because you were certain you were at fault too. Maybe a little bit wary at times, a little selfish, wanting him all to yourself. Even though you knew he has an obligation to the world, it still hurt when he started making promises he couldn’t keep, blowing you off for soundchecks, or spontaneous interviews, or record label meetings. More and more you could feel the both of you drifting apart, maybe without even meaning for it to happen.
It was just that Jungkook was destined for a lifetime of greatness, and you were starting to think that meant without you.
You had stopped him late one night after he had stumbled home from his and the band’s nightly studio sessions as they worked through recording their debut album as a signed band. Lately, it seemed as if that was all that Jungkook cared about, and while you knew the band meant the world to him and you would always support him in his endeavour, you couldn’t help but feel lesser in comparison. That, and you hated seeing the boy overwork himself to the point of near exhaustion every night if only because their label was so adamant about having the album finished before the month ended.
“You want to, what? Break up?” Jungkook asked, this time more incredulously and less dumbfounded as he had initially been. He didn’t believe you just yet, but you couldn’t exactly tell what he was thinking anymore at that point.
“I just figured we could use some time apart,” You had suggested awkwardly. “Just a break.”
He had let out a breathless, disbelieving laugh. “Y/N, this is insane.”
You flinched. You remember having to look away, refusing to meet his suddenly sorrowful look. “Is it, Jungkook? I mean… Look at us. We’re falling apart. It was bound to happen eventually. We tried to make it work but maybe we’re on different paths now.”
“But I love you,” Jungkook gasped, exasperated. “Where is this coming from?”
“And I don’t want to have to tie you down for the rest of your life,” You continued on stubbornly, “or make you think you owe me your whole life just because you said you fell in love with me when you were thirteen━”
This seemed to catch Jungkook’s attention. He grew rigid in front of you, a look of wary agony contorting his face. “Is that what this is then? You don’t love me anymore?”
You didn’t respond immediately, instead the dread of the night seemed to finally catch up with you and you had grimaced. You had loved him even then, but the thought of voicing it aloud when you were supposed to be breaking up with him didn’t feel right. The tears began to swell in your throat and blur your vision. Jungkook must have noticed, because he always seems to spot the small things about you that even you miss. Almost instantly, the sour look on his face softened and his gaze turned helpless, with those big puppy-dog eyes that you’ve always been too fond of. He closed the distance between you at once, warm hands grabbing at your own.
“You do.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. He knew you were still in love with him ━ or maybe he’d just been hopeful. “I know you do. So then why are you breaking up with me?” 
He let go of one of your hands to reach up to your face, calloused fingers gentle and soft against your cheek as they brushed away a rogue tear you hadn’t realized had fallen from your lashes. For a moment, you had let yourself get carried away. You leaned into the comforting heat and touch of his palm as he cradled your face.
“Don’t━” You choked out after a moment of silence, hating when your voice splintered into a sob. “Don’t touch me. Please, Jungkook. You’re only going to make this harder.”
His hands sprang away from your face almost at once, as if he had just been burnt by scalding fire. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and pull you into his arms but he had refrained the urge somehow, miraculously. So, instead, he grit his teeth and clenched his hands into fists as his arms fell limp at his sides.
“Then don’t do this. Don’t walk away,” Jungkook pleaded desperately. “I don’t understand. If you love me still, why are you making this harder for yourself?”
“Because what if that’s all we have in common anymore?” You asked wretchedly. “We care about each other. We always will. But you’re focused on the band, and this is my last year of school. Maybe we just need time to focus on ourselves.”
Jungkook blinked once. Twice. His stare was suddenly devoid of any emotion as he gawked at you, but you could tell that he was hurting. It was there in the fluttering of nerves in his jaw; there, in the way his lips pulled taut into a thin line; there, in the way even you could see his eyes begin to shimmer with wet tears that he unabashedly displays without trying to wipe away.
“So that’s it?” he asked. “After everything we’ve been through. You’re just gonna end it, like that? Y/N, come on━”
His hands had found purchase on your waist, and you had lingered for a moment too long; then, fumbling, he tried to grab delicately at your face, probing you to look at him. But you couldn’t. The moment you met his wounded gaze, you shook your head furiously. You had slithered out of his grasp, slipping through the seams of his fingers just like that.
“I━” You paused. “This isn’t some spur of the moment decision, Jungkook. How can you not see it? I’ve felt so alone these past few months. It’s like you’re here but not entirely. Your mind is always somewhere else, always thinking about the band and never about us.”
“What am I supposed to do?” he had asked hotly. “The band is my everything.”
“And what am I?” You asked. The question only mildly offended you, a shot right to your heart. Because if the band was his everything, what were you in comparison? “A distraction until you get everything you want? I can’t keep being that.”
“No!” he protested. “You’re not a distraction. You’re━” He stopped himself short, brows furrowing. “You can’t keep pinning this all on me. You just don’t trust me, do you? You never did. Always thinking I’m with some other girl when I’m not with you━”
“That’s not true,” You admonished.
“Isn’t it?” Jungkook retaliated.
“I don’t want to hear it,” You had said at once. Your tone was final, a decisive ending to your argument with him. “My mind’s already been made up, Jungkook. I don’t think we should see each other again until we sort all this out ━ or, until you sort out whatever your priorities are.”
Jungkook’s stare had hardened, a frown deeply etching into his face. He had straightened up then, perplexed and upset with your standoffish demeanour, as if thinking this surely meant nothing to you. But little did he know this would become one of the hardest decisions you would have to make.
“Fine,” he said rigidly. “If that’s how it is, then I’m gone. You’ll never have to see me again.”
You hadn’t known at the time just how terribly you had messed up ━ neither had Jungkook. He had left before you could stop him, or before either of you could change your minds. Because nothing’s worse than a broken heart, blinded by stubborn and defensive rage. Accusatory fingers and blaming him or you wouldn’t heal the wounds that had already formed, and ending things seemed to only make it worse, months of lonely heartache without Jungkook to further prove just that…
Tumblr media
The last time you spoke to Jungkook, you told him you never wanted to see him again ━ or, at least, that seems to be how he interpreted it.
Now, you were standing in the midst of his domain, surrounded by everyone in his public sphere of friends and colleagues and acquaintances, and there was certainly no way of escaping him.
You were starting to think you’re losing mind, because you’d truly have to be insane to have worked up the nerve to agree to go with Dahyun to a party being held celebrating the band’s recent tremendous success and headlining their first world tour. Their manager, Jin, had personally reached out to you and Dahyun, calling you as a means of asking you to attend, though you had given him a timid and dismissive response at first. If it hadn’t been for Dahyun purposely and almost quite literally dragging you out under the premise that “even if you don’t want to see Jungkook, you at least owe it to the boys to go,” you don’t think you’d even be here. But while you didn’t know where you stood with Jungkook anymore, that didn’t mean you weren’t still proud of him or the rest of the boys. It just became harder to bask in their success with them when you had gone from knowing every detail of their lives, of Jungkook’s life, to knowing only what you could hear from gossiping fans around you, or plastered in tabloids, or all over any form of social media.
The party is held at some sort of fancy lavish restaurant, the entire back room rented out by the band’s record label and management, and is filled with dozens of people you don’t know. Fortunately, you and Dahyun aren’t left alone for very long, as an elated Jin and Jimin, the appointed lead singer, bustle their way through the crowd to you almost as soon as you arrive, leaving very little time for you to feel so awkward that you consider running away again. Jimin, in all his spritely and extravagant blue haired disposition, wastes no time in engulfing you both in a comforting hug as if months hadn’t passed since you’ve last seen them.
“Glad you guys could make it!” Jin smiles from over Jimin’s shoulder.
“It’s been forever,” Jimin affirms.
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Dahyun says. “I’m surprised you guys didn’t forget about us, considering you’re big rockstars now.”
“Rockstar is a bit of an overstatement.” An effortlessly charming smirk unfurls on Jimin’s face, which seems to immediately dazzle Dahyun. “Besides, we could never forget you. Hey, come with me to find the guys. I think we could all use some time to catch up━”
He places his hand on the small of Dahyun’s back as he guides her away, leaving you with Jin. A moment of silence passes, in which time you can feel the boy’s eyes lingering on you.
“He knows you’re coming tonight, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Jin says carefully, treading over his words lightly. It’s too painfully obvious who he’s talking about, though you’re fortunate he doesn’t bother mentioning Jungkook’s name anyway. “There’s no point in hiding. I think you should talk to him.”
“I━” You trail off uselessly, your voice croaking. Fearing an imminent breakdown, you shake your head. Then, holding your chin a little higher, Jin’s startled to hear you pretend as if he hadn’t said anything. “It really is good to see you guys again. If you’ll excuse me, I think I need a drink.”
And you’re gone once more before he can say anything else. On your lonesome, you find refuge at the bar, though you only order water because you’re certain you won’t be able to stomach anything stronger. You don’t know how long you spend there, blankly staring at a spot on the wall as your mind wanders everywhere and yet nowhere at all until━
There it is again. The familiar sound of his voice, only this time it’s much more attainable, closer to your world and not elsewhere so high in the clouds like a hopeful dream. You brace yourself before turning to face him.
This close, Jungkook looks breathtakingly and painfully beautiful.
As always, he’s adorned in all black, the first few buttons of the silky blouse he’s wearing left undone so that it teases the exposed flesh of his collarbones and the rose tattoo that inks his chest, the thorny stems crawling up the side of his neck just below his ear, accompanied by a pair of leather pants. He’s the same as ever. The same imperfect tattoos that decorate his fingers and arms that you’ve always loved, the same ring-clad fingers painted a chipped black, the same hoop accentuating his button nose. His hair is still his natural dark ebony color (something he’s seemed to stick with much more as of late despite dyeing it wild colours throughout his past), only it’s a little longer than you last remembered, and the sides of his head are shaved in the form of an undercut. You’re foolishly surprised to find he still looks the same, but almost a year away from someone can both change nothing and yet everything all at once.
“Jungkook…” You want to say something more, but your words fall short.
It’s hard to tell if he’s angry or upset at seeing you there, but you don’t think he’s either, and you have an inkling of a thought that he purposely sought you out amongst the many faces. Instead, he looks hesitant, apprehensive, as if dreading how you’ll respond to see him. As if you’ll yell at him, push him away. You do neither, fortunately.
Just when the dense silence starts to become almost unbearable, Jungkook clears his throat. “I━ Wow… You look great.”
You blink once, a flustered blush warming your face that you hope he doesn’t notice. “Oh. Thank you. You do, too.”
His eyes flicker over your presence as he nods absentmindedly. Then, he’s offering you a pretty smile, soft and sweet in nature. No malice, or ill-intent. “Um━ How have you been?”
You hate this. You hate the awkward pauses, the prolonged periods of silence. A year ago, even despite knowingly pining for one another, your moments alone with Jungkook were never so terrible. He always found a way to say something cheekily flirtatious even when you were just friends, if only because he knew it would make you blush and giggle because, no matter how many times you would roll your eyes or nudge his sides, he also knew you secretly loved it. All the inside jokes, the milestones shared together, the ardent fleeting touches ━ where did it all go? And while you were both noticeably trying to maintain the peace and pleasantry between one another, it didn’t feel the same. It felt forced, fake. Distracted.
“I’ve been good,” You lie. “How about you? Actually, don’t answer that━” You let out a breathless chuckle. “You’ve clearly been doing amazing. I mean, your album, and your world tour. And tomorrow you’ve got a big day with the hometown show. I heard it sold out in the first ten minutes.”
“Something like that,” Jungkook says modestly. “It’s been kind of crazy. Namjoon says it’s good, but I miss━ I just miss a lot of how it used to be. The slow pace. I dunno. The quick burn up is quick to burn out, right?”
“Maybe,” You admit. “But I think you’ve all got it in you. You’ve worked so hard for this moment. Enjoy it while you’re in it. You deserve it, Jungkook.”
His stare softens as it meets yours. “Thanks.”
Another beat of silence passes. He looks as if he’s warring with himself, as if he’s fighting the urge to say something more, gnawing at his lower lip, brows knitting together.
“Yo, Jeon!” A foreign voice from amongst the crowd beckons aloud abruptly for the boy.
Jungkook glances over his shoulder swiftly in search of the source, then waves his hand as if to motion he’ll be there later. Then, he turns back to you. “Sorry about that.”
“It’s okay. I won’t keep you,” You say. “I know you’re busy.”
“But━” He stops himself, his jaw clamping shut. Changing his mind, he decides to ask hopefully, “Will you be at the show tomorrow?”
“Of course.” The affirmation seems to relieve him, even though it’s a spontaneous decision made by you on the spot. Before this moment, you hadn’t been so sure you could go.
You can’t help but shake your head, a chuckle slipping past your lips at the innocent boyish question he asks. “Yes, Jungkook.”
His smile widens a little more, however sheepish it may be. “Then can you promise me one more thing?”
“What?” You quirk a brow, intrigued to say the least.
“Will you drop by the hotel we’re staying at tomorrow morning, so I can take you out for a coffee? Just to catch up. It’s been a while,” he says timidly. Then, feeling a little stupid for being so bold, scrambles to explain himself. “And no pressure if you don’t want to. I just thought━”
You can’t possibly say no. Not when it comes to Jungkook, all your past struggles seemingly vanishing without a trace. “I’d like that a lot, Jungkook.”
Then he’s positively beaming, his self-indulgent grin making your own heart flutter in your chest. When he leaves your side that night, you find yourself looking forward to the future perhaps a little too optimistically. But how terrible could grabbing coffee with your ex be, if you had survived the first wretched encounter?
So, in the morning when you wake, there’s not a stutter in your step or a wavering flicker of your confidence as you make your way to the Four Seasons hotel Jungkook had told you to from the night before. In fact, a selfish part of you almost thinks that maybe things will start to look up. That maybe you and Jungkook can finally make amends. That maybe you never had a reason to fear Jungkook breaking your heart if he made such an effort to heal it.
The hotel itself is one of the most luxurious ones in Seoul, a considerable contrast from when the boys were slumming it on friends’ couches and in their run-down van touring the country. The room Jungkook tells you to meet him at is one of the hotel’s grand suites, located on the higher levels of the building. But as soon as you reach the landing and have begun making your way towards the designated door, it flings open and a pretty girl comes stumbling out. She’s giggling at something that has just happened inside, her hair a dishevelled mess which she ruffles up in an attempt to fix it. She’s adorned in a pretty little dress, the skirt of which is hiked a little higher up and one strap falling down her shoulder, as she clings her shoes and bag to her chest. She smiles at you on the way past, though she’s too far gone in her own little daze that you wonder if she even notices you at all.
But you certainly notice her, and, all at once, your reverie of him and what could be comes crashing to the ground once more.
Maybe you should have stayed, should have waited for Jungkook to let him explain, but you were too afraid to hear an answer you weren’t looking for. You try desperately not to imagine Jungkook loving someone else. You try not to think about him holding her the same way he held you, his lips finding purchase on some other girl. But by trying to avoid the thought, it beckons the unwarranted memories of how it felt to be loved all over by him once upon a time. You wonder how many girls he’s hooked up with in your time apart, and the overwhelming sense of regret washes over you.
You don’t bother to wait. You know fleeing is the easiest option rather than facing your fear, but you’re far too timid of rejection again. Instead, even before you can approach Jungkook’s hotel room and knock on the door, you turn on your heels and run.
You’re long gone by the time Jungkook comes to the door, prying it open in search of you on a whim. When he doesn’t see you, he glances up and down the hallway but to no avail. Namjoon comes slinking past inside then in his own disoriented haze, having just woken up from moments ago when the girl he had taken back to their room the night before left. Even then, Jungkook had warned the rhythm guitarist against bringing the girl back, pointing out the fact that they had much to do today ahead of their concert. Namjoon had promised it wouldn’t be long, that she would be gone in the morning, and Jungkook was fortunate enough that the suite had two separate bedrooms on the opposite ends of one another so that Jungkook didn’t have to hear whatever it was the pair were doing in the other.
“Did Mina leave?” Namjoon asks through a yawn, digging the heels of his palms into his tired eyes. When Jungkook nods, a sliver of a reminiscent smug grin tugs at Namjoon’s lips. “You missed out, Jungkook.”
The cheeky quip is met with a roll of Jungkook’s eyes. “I’m sure I’ll survive. You know I’m not like that.”
Like that━ As in midnight hook-ups and cheap thrills alike. He tried it once, far ago when you had first broken up with him, on a drunken spur of a moment as a way of healing the anguish in his heart. It hadn’t worked then; he assumed it would never work.
Namjoon seems to understand this immediately. He gives Jungkook a look that the boy doesn’t notice. “Well… is Y/N here yet?”
“No. But I’m sure she’ll be here,” Jungkook grimaces. He hopes. “Something probably came up.”
Namjoon clasps a reassuring hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, humming aloud, “Good luck, dude.”
But you never arrive, even though Jungkook waits for most of the morning, nervous eyes flickering to the door at every commotion outside, running to check only to see room service delivering breakfast or concierge showing guests to their rooms. He has no choice but to give up on the thought of you coming when Jin knocks on their door, prompting the boys to get a start on their day. Interviews and soundcheck await, but how could he possibly go on with his life without knowing what happened to you?
Which is why you stay on his mind for the rest of the day, distracting him in every aspect, mixing up his words when he’s in the midst of his interview, tripping up on stage as the boys set up and begin to rehearse. As the hours wane down to just an hour before the show, the thought of performing in front of thousands of fans starts to make him nervous and he doesn’t know why. He’s done this countless times before, almost nightly during the tour, so what stops him now? Of course he knows the answer, had grown all too accustomed to the feeling the first few months in which the break up had been so recent. It would always be about you.
But just before the show starts, Jungkook is making his way backstage from the greenroom, where the band had been waiting, to the stage. Fiddling with his in-ear piece, he almost doesn’t notice you and Dahyun weaving your way through the roadies and sound tech, being guided by Jin to the pit on the side of the stage where only family and friends are allowed. You don’t see him, and there’s a split moment where he thinks he should just let you go, until he doesn’t.
As he makes his way to you, the tour manager for the band intervenes part way, shouting out to the boy. “Where are you going? We’re on in five, Jungkook!”
“Yeah, I’ll be right back━” He waves the manager off as politely as he can, wasting no time to chase after you. He calls out your name, though it drowns out in the sound of the music being blasted through the speakers of the arena and the screaming fans. “Y/N, wait up!”
He’s relieved when he sees you stop in your tracks, turning to face him as Dahyun and Jin become lost in the chaos of the backstage. He comes to stand just before you, smiling breathlessly at you, unaware of the way your shoulders tense at the sight of him.
“You didn’t show up this morning,” he says as a way of greeting, his voice a curious prob. “What happened?”
You try desperately not to get lost in his big beautiful eyes, laced with such hope. Instead, you fold your arms over your chest, looking away. “Something came up.”
It’s then that Jungkook senses something is wrong. You’re upset with him, though he can’t tell why. Aside from the obvious rift in your relationship that had initially split you two up, you had been so pleasant to see him the night before. But he doesn’t give up just yet. “Well… you’re here now.”
You meet his gaze with your own hardened one. “For the boys.”
A shot right to his heart almost makes Jungkook gasp for air. He flinches, and then his stare softens, and you wish he wouldn’t look at you like that, out of fear that you might just relapse into his arms.
“What’s wrong?” He closes the distance between the two of you. He wants nothing more than to reach out and touch you, but refrains with much difficulty. There’s dozens of things that could be wrong, and he braces himself for your retaliation. “You didn’t want to come, did you?”
When you don’t respond, but also don’t stray from his side, Jungkook hurries to speak again if only to fill the tense silence.
“Look, last night… Maybe it was just me, but last night seemed like things were okay,” he says. “Was I wrong to feel that way?”
“Please, just let me know,” he begs. “Because you’re all I can think about these days, it’s driving me crazy. And I don’t know what’s going on, but the reason I wanted to see you this morning was because I hate how things ended between us, and I wanted to tell you…” He swallows nervously as he trails off uncertainly. “I wanted to tell you that I’m still in love with you. And I can’t get you out of my head. These months away from you made me realize that I━”
Suddenly, you’re shaking your head and he knows you don’t believe him. As soon as the words leave his mouth, he regrets saying it, if only because they seem to enliven you. Now, you push yourself away from the boy. “I’m not doing this right now. You’re not doing this right now.”
As if to further your point, the band’s tour manager can be heard calling out frantically for the boy. “Two minutes, Jungkook!”
But Jungkook is hardly paying attention now, instead solely focused on you. “Please, Y/N━”
“No, you don’t get to say that to me,” You admonish hotly. You can’t bite the words back, no matter how hard you try. “You don’t love me. You think you love me, but you don’t.”
His jaw clenches, and his brows furrow into a frustrated stare. “I do.”
“You don’t.”
“Yes, I do.”
“Stop.” The harsh word makes Jungkook clamp his mouth shut. You shake your head furiously, but you know it’s only to distract yourself so that you don’t let the tears fall. “You’re being selfish, Jungkook. You don’t get to take all of me, love all of me, and leave, only to come back months later and pretend you’re still in love with me. And whatever this━” You gesture vaguely between the two of you, “is, or was, doesn’t exist anymore. We both need to stop pretending otherwise.”
Jungkook winces, eyes tinged with pain. “You don’t mean that.”
You don’t respond. Elsewhere, his tour manager starts to grow impatient, scolding the boy aloud, “Jungkook, we’re gonna be late. Hurry up!”
“Yeah, I’ll be there!” Jungkook calls back, irritated. Maybe he is being selfish. He’s wasting precious time by not leaving, all the hard work that the crew put into tonight’s show, and the fans awaiting his and the band’s arrival. He can still hear the crowd, this time their buzzing voices amalgamating into unanimous chanting muffled by the walls that sounds akin to the band’s name.
“You should go,” You say now. “Don’t wanna disappoint them.”
But he’d throw it all away for you if you told him to. He promised you that even before he had left for tour, before the band had been signed. Had you forgotten? Because he surely hadn’t.
“Good luck out there.”
Then, you’re gone before Jungkook can even make a move to stop you ━ but even if he did, what could he do to make you stay? The feat seemed impossible, and you always seem to find a way to slip from his grasp no matter what he does. Only this time he has no choice but to let you go, out of fear of being berated further by his tour manager or angering the boys so much to the point where he gets kicked out of the band.
He makes it on stage in time, the band filing out to take their places one at a time, deafening screams blowing out their in-ear pieces that stand no chance as each member joins the stage. The lights fizzle out until complete darkness cloaks the venue, but Jungkook still looks for you. He finds you in the pit on the side of the stage, Jin and Dahyun standing beside you, and finds it hard to keep his eyes off of you even though you attempt to pretend as if he’s not even there.
After their first adrenaline-filled opening song of the night, Jimin takes to the microphone to greet the crowd who scream back an indiscernible shout as, elsewhere, you notice Jungkook pry himself away from the microphone stand on his side of the stage to wave the rest of the boys over to Hoseok’s drum kit. They murmur amongst themselves briefly, though they go unnoticed by Jimin or the crowd as the lead singer entertains them.
“Seoul! It’s good to be back. We’ve missed you all so much━”
Jimin’s words get cut short when Jungkook, having just parted ways with the rest of his members for their impromptu meeting, beckons the lead singer over, out of range of the microphone. They seem to discuss something just as shortly as Jungkook had talked with the rest of the boys, in which time Jimin nods understandingly, then steps away from the microphone. Then, Jungkook takes to the microphone, the rings on his fingers glistening under the spotlight as he grips the stand.
“I know the night’s only getting started,” Jungkook’s voice wavers as he speaks, “but we’re gonna slow things down for a moment. We hope you don’t mind.”
Intrigued murmurs echo around the crowd, suddenly buzzing with excitement as they watch Jungkook with eager eyes. A few encouraging bellows has Jungkook smiling smally. Jin, on the other hand, looks perplexed.
“What is he doing?” Jin asks no one in particular, a quizzical look on his face. “This isn’t part of their set.”
“I think a lot of you might know this next song,” Jungkook continues, “but I don’t think I’ve ever expressed how much it means to me. This next one, I wrote for a special someone, and it sort of helped us achieve all of this. So, I think it’s time that person knows how much they mean to me.”
Jungkook glances nervously over at the boys standing behind him, each in their own respective spots. Then, sweeping his gaze across the crowd, he finally finds you already staring up at him. His own eyes soften into a look of longing, however hardened by past tribulations and sorrow it may be. As if he’s determined not to lose you again; determined to make it up to you.
“This next one is for Y/N,” he says timidly. He has to turn away from you in the next second, afraid he might just break down before the fans and the boys and you. “I’m sorry I messed up.”
As the boys take their place, with Jimin taking an acoustic and fading back from the limelight, you wonder why. But then you hear it, the familiar beginning chords making up the song you had so wholeheartedly claimed you hated. Only this time they’re gentler, made up of acoustic strums of a guitar, Hoseok’s drums, and Yoongi’s keys, all amalgamating into a pretty song almost unrecognizable.
Then, Jungkook starts singing, and what was once a wistful dreamy song of prospective lovers suddenly turns into a melancholic requiem for you. Some lyrics are changed, present tense turning to the past, and Jungkook sings his way throughout the entirety of the song in contrast to the one that plays all over the radio featuring the other member’s voices. The fans sing along, their voices melding with Jungkook’s into some sort of celestial mellifluous choir, and you’re left no longer wondering if the fans would ever know the meaning behind the song that Jungkook had brought to life. Because now, it wasn’t just Jungkook singing to you; it was the whole world. And yet, paradoxically at the same time, it felt all that much more intimate. As if it were just you and him once again, seated on the couch in his small apartment, listening to the beginnings of what would be their number one selling song.
Above all else, you realize that you don’t seem to hate the song as much you claimed to.
Tumblr media
That night, you can’t sleep.
You find yourself leaving the venue earlier than everyone else, even when the boys invite you and Dahyun to join them for celebratory drinks, returning to your home in the hopes of forgetting the night altogether. Instead, you stay up tossing and turning, your mind filled with memories consisting of only Jungkook and his haunting voice singing to you, and for you. But at some point during the night nearing one or two in the morning, just when you give up on the idea of sleep, the sound of incessant knocking at your front door rouses you from your trance.
When you finally answer the door, you’re more than surprised to see that Jungkook stands on the other side of the threshold as if coming to you from a dream. But then you register the fact that he’s a complete mess. Dark circles line his weary eyes, now smudged with that faint hint of charcoal liner he had worn for the concert, hair so messily mused beyond repair, and you notice quickly that he’s crying, fresh tears glazing over his pupils and streaking down his face. It’s startling to see him in such shambles, a complete contrast to how effortlessly charming and confident he usually portrays himself. But though you’ve seen him cry before on various occasions, now is all the more unsettling.
“I━I’m sorry.” It’s the first thing he says, screwing his eyes shut tightly as he shakes his head. He fumbles over his words, slurring them together in his rush to get them out. “I know I’m probably the last person you want to see right now, but I needed to see you.”
“Are you drunk?”
“No, no, I swear━” He pries his eyes open to meet your desolate stare, tears unabashedly falling from his lashes. His voice thins with desperation. “You said we need to stop pretending, but I’m not pretending. I never have been. And if you think ━ if you truly believe ━ that there’s nothing here between us anymore… Tell me. Right here, right now. And I’ll leave you alone forever, you’ll never have to see me again. I just━ I’ve missed you every moment and it kills me.”
You’re silent for a long period, pitying gaze sweeping over him, but he doesn’t care if he looks insane. He just needs you to know how he feels.
“Well, how do you think I felt?” You ask the question carefully, but then the memories come flooding back and the semblance of a scowl forms on your face. “You leave and suddenly everywhere I look I see you. Your song is playing everywhere, you and the guys are everywhere, and I’m reminded every day about how we ended. About how you left me.”
Jungkook blinks. He shakes his head stubbornly, the nerves in the corner of his jaw fluttering as he grits his teeth. “You were the one who said we should take a break.”
“A break!” You snap sternly. “Fuck, Jungkook. I didn’t want you out of my life forever. I wanted you to fight for me.”
“No, don’t put this all on me,” Jungkook pleads helplessly. “I have always fought for you. But the minute things got rough, you bailed. You told me you never wanted to see me again. What the hell was I supposed to do?”
“I was scared!” You try to swallow the tears away that start to form as a lump in your throat but to no avail. “I was, and I still am, so fucking scared of losing you. And you━ It felt like you gave me no choice. Like you were over it. I would have wanted to make things work but you left. You just… You left, and suddenly it was like you were never in my life at all. Seven months, and I get no word from you.”
“I fucked up, okay!” He cries out so suddenly, it silences you at once. He bites at his lip, and straightens up half-heartedly, running a hand through his hair. When he meets your stare this time, he’s zealous yet sincere. “I know that I messed up. I know. And it fucking kills me every single day. I don’t know where it went wrong, but it did, and I know it’s all my fault. When you said we should take a break and I agreed, I was only thinking about you. Because I knew I was disappointing you every day, and I was afraid that was all I would ever do, and you don’t deserve that. I thought it would be better this way, if I was just gone from your life for good. But I can’t forget you.”
“How can I trust you?” You ask. When his pained stare gawks at you, you tilt your chin a little higher. “I came by your hotel room yesterday morning, just like you asked, only to see that girl leaving.”
Jungkook’s gawk turns into a dumbfounded expression. He looks weary as he shakes his head, as if struggling to keep up with the way you accuse him now. He tries not to focus on the fact that you actually came to the hotel, then feels inconsolably terrible when he realizes why he never got to see you. “That girl was Namjoon’s fling. We were sharing the suite, and they were in a whole other room. I didn’t even think about her━”
Your stare droops from him, and he knows he’s struggling to keep you on his side.
“Okay, fine. You want trust? I’ll give it to you,” he says. A newfound sense of confidence seems to possess him, though he approaches the topic with extra caution anyway. “After we broke up, I was crushed. I couldn’t move on from you, and the guys thought I should get drunk, find a random girl to bring back to our hotel one night on tour. And I listened, because I wanted to forget you, but it didn’t work. All I could think about was you. Every time she touched me, every time she kissed me, I could only imagine it was you. And when she left that night, I broke down because I felt like such a fucking idiot. I instantly regretted it. Like, even though you and I weren’t together, I still did something to hurt you by sleeping with that girl. And all it did was hurt me too in the process.”
He pushes himself forward, taking a step over the threshold. Even despite him admitting his wrongs to you, you can’t find it in yourself to hate him. Because, at the end of it all, he’s here at your doorstep, pleading for you to forgive him, but he had already won the moment your eyes had landed on him.
“You’re the reason I am who I am today.” His voice is hoarse when he speaks, almost in a whisper. “That I get to do what I love for a living. But all of it means nothing without you. You saw me at my worst, and my best. And you were the best I ever had, and I ruined it, and the worst part of it all is that there’s nothing I can do to make up for it. But I promise I can make it better ━ I can make it right again ━ if you just give me a chance.”
There’s a short pause filled with poignant silence in which Jungkook thinks you’ll push him away or scream at him. He’s fortunate when you do neither; instead, he hears you whisper faintly.
“Kiss me, Jungkook.”
And it’s more than enough for him. His heart thrums in delight as he wastes no time in reaching out for you. His hands are warm as they come to grasp at your face, holding you delicately; then he’s leaning in to you, drawing you closer and closer until his lips are pressed against yours. It’s unadulterated, but not without feverish passion, noses smushing together in both your eager hastiness to close the distance between the two of you. It doesn’t last long either, though that’s partly because Jungkook can taste your tears mingling on your lips, and can feel your faint smile form against his mouth. Kissing him feels both foreign yet familiar at the same time. You know the feel, the taste, and the sense of comfort that comes with it, but months apart from one another has left it feeling different.
Jungkook’s thumb wipes away at the tears on your face. “Why are you crying?”
It’s a useless question, he knows, but he needs something to fill the silence. He’s relieved when he hears you snicker. “Because I miss you, you idiot. And I’m sorry I’ve been acting like such an idiot. I’ve messed everything up.”
His own shoulders quiver with contented mirth. “It’ll be okay.” As he leans in once more for another kiss, you can feel him murmur against your mouth, “I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
“Then make it right,” You say, “right here and now.”
“I’ll do anything for you,” he promises earnestly.
Jungkook understands the underlying yearning in your voice even without having you explain yourself. He knows, if only because he can feel it too. As his hands fall to your waist, fingers digging into your skin, your own arms wrap around his neck and pull him into your apartment. He has you pressed up against the nearest wall within seconds, kissing at your throat, then up to your jawline.
“It’s been so long,” he sighs.
You hum in agreement, though your mind is already spinning, and all you can muster is a weak yet urgent croak of his name. “Jungkook.”
Your fingers thread through his hair, tugging at the roots and he croons with delight. His lips finally meet yours again, only this time he lets his tongue lav at your lower lip. Almost as soon as he does so, you notice something strange. It takes a moment for you to register the small metallic object that grazes your lower lip but when you do, you pull away from the boy.
“What’s wrong?” Jungkook asks in a confused dazed.
“Is that…” You rasp. “Did you get your tongue pierced?”
Suddenly, Jungkook is smirking, one brow shooting up to his hairline in a smug demeanour. He sticks out his tongue for you to see the silver ball poking through and you almost moan at the sight of it as the thought entices you.
“Oh.” Your face warms with a flustered blush. “That’s new.”
“Yeah,” he says. “Always wanted to get it done. Guess I was saving it for the right moment.”
“Right moment, huh?” You scoff as if the implications don’t already have your thighs rubbing together. “Care to explain?”
“I think you’ll find out soon enough.”
You dissolve into a fit of giggles, marvelling at the way Jungkook’s familiar flirtatious bantering can soothe your troubled heart at once. It’s almost as if time hasn’t lapsed between the two of you.
“I’ve missed this,” You sigh. “I’ve missed you, Jungkook.”
You spot him smiling before he’s kissing you again, this time his tongue slipping past your parted lips to meet yours midway. The piercing is strange to adjust to, but you get used to it quickly, humming at the feeling of it against the soft flesh of your tongue. It’s easy to get lost in one another’s lips as you pull and tug at Jungkook, guiding him to your bedroom, nearly tripping and stumbling over one another in the process. He knows the path like the back of his hand, the same way he knows every curve and dimple of your body as his greedy hands explore you. He has you sprawled out beneath him on the bed in a matter of seconds, carelessly shedding each other of your clothes until you’re left naked and he’s without a shirt.
As he’s tugging off the hoodie you’re wearing, he realizes two things abruptly. One: you’re not wearing anything beneath it, your bare body dazzling him at once. And, two: a sudden thought jogs his memory that makes him ponder aloud, “Is this my sweater?”
“Yes,” You admit sheepishly.
He smirks. “Was wondering where it went.”
“You forgot to take it back when…” You don’t finish your sentence. Instead, you tug your fingers at the hair at the nape of his neck, as if scared he’ll leave again. He doesn’t. Instead, he nestles his body between your legs, tonguing patterns on your neck. “I wear it sometimes, especially when I’m missing you. I don’t know… It just━ It still smells like you, even after all this time.”
Jungkook’s heart nearly implodes. He wonders briefly if he’d prefer fucking you without or with the hoodie; but then he’s letting himself time to study your naked body and he deduces he needs to gaze at you in your entirety a little longer.
“Keep talking,” he murmurs. He starts kissing down your body now, starting from your throat to your collarbones, between the valley of your breasts, then your navel. “Tell me more. How badly did you miss me?”
“So badly,” You whimper. Your legs instinctively part to make way for him as he shifts downward, kissing just above your core. A shudder runs down your spine when he kisses the inside of your thigh. “Sometimes I’d put your sweater on and touch myself to the thought of you.”
He grunts against you, teeth softly biting at your flesh. His tongue pokes against your thigh, the metallic piercing a dully cold sensation as he licks upward to your core. He laps at your folds, as if to taste the glistening cum that starts to form.
Your breath audibly hitches in your throat, hips jutting forward to meet his mouth. “I missed your hands, and the way they made me feel. Missed your mouth between my legs. Missed cumming on your tongue, or your fingers.”
Now, you’re starting to understand what he meant by waiting for the right moment to use the piercing to its fullest potential. As he lifts his head higher to tongue at your clit, the piercing makes your head spin. The contrast between his soft tongue and the harsh metal works wonders against you, rubbing you just the right way that has you a moaning mess beneath him within a matter of seconds.
“Fuck━” You cry out, hands twisting in his hair. “My hands never feel the same. You always made me feel so good, Jungkook.”
He hums something in response, the sound reverberating up your spine. He busies himself by replacing his tongue with his finger, rubbing small, controlled circles against your clit as he lowers his mouth to your folds. He teases the piercing against the sensitive flesh before lapping at your insides, burrowing further into you.
“Ooh, Jungkook━”
The noise that eclipses your throat is a piqued sob of delight. The piercing that scratches against your walls has your insides throbbing, body twisting and turning beneath him. You grab at your breasts, fingers pinching at the perked buds as you imagine Jungkook’s hands in replace of yours.
His mouth wraps just right around you and he sucks hard, earning a beautiful moan from you. It doesn’t take long for you to draw closer to your high, sputtering and whimpering at every action he does. Soon he’s burrowing his face even closer against your core, nose nudging against your clit in a way that makes you writhe and squirm. Before he can get carried away (and he certainly could), Jungkook decides to come to a stop which seems to thoroughly surprise and upset you. When you feel his missing warmth between your legs and the sticky wet mess accentuated further by the cool air that hits you, you pout like a child.
“That’s not fair,” you whine.
“Sorry, baby. Need to feel you.” He pulls away from you and crawls over your body once more. He kisses your lips, sloppy and heated, and lets you taste your own succulence on your tongue. “God, I need to feel you so bad.”
You’re just as much startled as you were seconds ago to hear the slight whine in his voice, a sound hot enough to almost push you over the edge.
“I’ve missed you too, just so you know,” he moans, burrowing his face in the crook of your neck. Your fingers continue to scratch delicately at his scalp and he simpers delightfully against you. He ruts his hips eagerly against yours, the bulge in his pants rough against your core. “So fucking much.”
“How much?” Now it’s your turn to ask, your curiosity getting the best of you once you find your voice.
“Every day,” he sighs as he continues to grind his hips into yours. “Get so hard at the thought of you. Your pretty mouth moaning my name. Your hands in my hair, just like this━” You pull a little tighter at the roots of his locks, and he has to stifle his contented moan. “And your body━ Fuck, your body. You take my dick so well, baby.”
“Jungkook,” You mewl impatiently. “Wanna feel you in me.”
“Fuck, okay. Okay━”
He hastens to rid himself of his pants and you help, arms momentarily tangling with one another in your rush. Then he’s kneeling before you, one hand planted firmly on your hip, rings digging roughly against your skin, as his other hand wraps a fist around his hard length, slowly pumping himself. He guides the tip of his leaking cock to your core and pushes himself forward carefully. He easily slips past your folds, coaxed by your slick walls, that he has to pause to give you both time to adjust to the feeling. It’s just as he remembered, though somehow better, and he isn’t so sure how long he’ll last. You don’t know either, marvelling in the way he stretches you open.
“Oh, shit,” he grunts.
He watches as your jaw drops open in a silent gap, your eyes fixed only on his. You grab at his hips, fingers scratching delicately over the laurel tattoos inked there, prompting him to move. He does so in one languid movement, burying deeper and deeper into you until you feel so full and he feels so warm. He fucks into you a little sluggish at first, taking his time and enjoying the way your clenching walls feel around his throbbing cock. It’s a pace so maddening that it soon has the both of you panting, heavy moans filling the space around you. Your own fingers dig into his shoulders, his back, his hips ━ anything to keep a hold on reality as you slowly lose yourself to the pleasure. He reaches for one of your hands, eager to feel you in more ways than one, and laces his digits with yours, pressing your clasped palms above your head. You squeeze tightly, his name falling from your lips in a cry.
“Doing so good,” he mumbles through gritted teeth. “Feel so nice, baby.”
Jungkook grasps at your hips and flips the two of you over. He lands on his back on the soft mattress and you fumble to not break the pace. Firmly planting your hands on his chest, you grind against him, sweat coating your forehead. He watches you with a dark fascination, brows screwed together and jaw clenched as your own cum starts leaking down his length. Not wanting to waste another moment without being beside you, he sits up and shifts you in his lap. Then he pulls you close to him, chest pulled flush against chest to the point where he can feel the rapid beat of your heart against his. You whimper aloud, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck as he guides your hips back and forth on him. There’s little to no space between your gyrating bodies, sweaty skin sticking to one another.
At some point, Jungkook notices you’re crying again, steady tears tangling in your lashes and wetting your face. Despite the way you’re driving him to near euphoria, he brushes your hair out of your face and manages to ask, “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt?”
“I’m sorry━ fuck,” You gasp. He can tell you’re genuinely sympathetic for whatever’s making you cry but it’s hard for you to convey it properly when you’re still so consumed by him. “I’m so sorry━ I’m okay. I just━ You feel so good, Jungkook.”
“It’s okay,” he whispers, rubbing tender circles against your waist that contrasts with the fierce burn between your legs. “You’re okay, baby. Doing so well for me, aren’t you? Cum for me, yeah?”
You won’t tell him why you’re crying ━ not yet, at least. But Jungkook thinks he knows why; he can feel it too. The bitter sense of longing and mingling regret for all the time lost. The overwhelming feeling of love of finally being reunited. You continue to roll your hips against his, and he, breathless, rubs his nose faintly against yours, resting his forehead against yours.
It doesn’t take much longer after that for you to come tumbling to you high. He strokes your hair so lovingly as you ride him recklessly, leisure rolls of your hips driving you to your high. When you cum, the feeling completely washes over you and electricity crackles in your veins, warming your entire body. He holds you close to his chest the entire time as you writhe with pleasure, your walls clenching around his cock.
“Fuck, I’m gonna━” His voice splinters off as you busy yourself by sucking a bruise onto the underside of his jaw.
He reaches his high moments later just as you’re beginning to wince at the feeling of oversensitivity. He grunts and groans, spilling his hot seed into you, and then, with his hips slammed against yours, grinds leisurely to ride out your highs.
Then, the room falls silent.
Neither of you move from your warm embrace, with you still perched on his lap, his cock softening inside you as his cum runs down his length and onto your thighs. Your face is hidden in the crook of his neck, and he waits until you’ve both calmed down from your orgasms. You’re running your fingers through his sweaty hair, but he knows you’re still sad. He kisses you all over in the meantime, a few ticklish kisses that make you smile sleepily and a few loving ones that have your heart swelling. Then, he gingerly shifts your head to look at him.
“Why were you crying?” he asks silently.
It takes you a moment to respond. You cling to him tightly when you do and all he can do is cradle you closer to him. “I don’t want this to be some kind of drunken one night stand thing. Like we both needed one last fuck to get over each other, or something."
“You mean more to me than a one night stand,” Jungkook says and it makes you smile smally, a little timidly. 
“That’s good,” You say, “because I’m not over you or us. I want us to work out. I love you too much to lose you again, and I’m scared this might be the last time I’ll ever see you.”
“I’m not letting that happen,” Jungkook shakes his head furiously. “I’d be an absolute idiot to let that happen. You won’t lose me. I’m not going anywhere this time. You’re my priority, Y/N. You always have been. Not the band and definitely not the record label.”
“I’m sure the boys will love to hear that,” You snort to yourself.
“Yeah, well, I’m sure they’ll understand,” Jungkook grins. But you’re only joking, and you know he sort of is too. That’s not to say the band isn’t still important to him, but you take precedent over it. “Without you, I wouldn’t even have the chance to be where I am now.”
You nuzzle your nose against his own, and he steals one sweet kiss from you. 
“Do you really mean all that?”
“With my whole heart.”
And, when he says it, you know he means it. There’s no reason not to trust him.
You’ll both move eventually from one another’s arms, soft touches from Jungkook peeling you off of him and wrapping you in your covers before falling asleep beside you, and waking up in the morning with you in his arms. But, for now, it’s just you and him, a little broken still yet all the more in love.
While you both know healing a broken heart will take time, you’re both prepared for it because you’re both worth it to one another ━ and that’s all either of you really need in the end to make it right.
Tumblr media
⟶ All rights reserved to © jungkxook. I do not allow reposting, translating, or any sort of modifying and reuploading of my work. 
⟶ Feedback is always appreciated!
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bangtangalicious · a month ago
fuck me better (m) | jjk, kth
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader ft. taehyung x reader
summary: jungkook isn't happy when he finds out he's eating someone else's cum out of you // taehyung is tired of seeing you fall for jungkook's games
genre: smut, pwp, oneshot, slight angst, fwb!au, f2l!au, fuckboy!jungkook, bestfriend!jungkook,  fuckbuddy!taehyung college!au
wordcount: 3.1k
warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, coercion, manipulation, jealous!jungkook, possessive themes, sloppy seconds, jungkook eats you out but taehyung came inside you first so idk is that cum play, rough sex, major degradation, spanking, choking, jungkook spits on you, breast play, oral, toxic relationship!!!, hate sex kinda, needy!jungkook, dom!jungkook, sweet!taehyung, bigdick!taehyung, praise, taehyungs HANDS. sorry. ehm. sex while intoxicated, mentions of alcohol 
a/n: this is a ~drabble~ from the fuck me forever au. it can be read as a standalone, but makes more sense if you read that so you can understand this jungkook. he's...something. s/o to this anon for the idea, hope you like it ;)
Tumblr media
“Baby…ohh fuck” Tilting your head back, you watched Taehyung’s beautiful, slender hands travel over your trembling chest. His touch was scalding, delicately wrapping his fingers around your throat. Thumbs pressing against your jaw as he looked at you, eyes dark with desire. Sweat painted his forehead as he flipped his hair back, before lowering back to you. Eyelashes brushing against your forehead as his nose nudged against yours.
The room was filled with surreal sighs, desperate moans and the intoxicating scent of sex. The roll of his hips, slow and deep. Your legs snug around his torso, hands combing through his hair, letting him know how much you adored every move he made. 
"You like that?" He growled, baritone voice vibrating against you as he gave a tight thrust, causing the bed beneath you to creak. You loved the feeling of him inside you, his large size was painful but stretched you out so good. You wanted to feel him deeper—wanted him to tear you apart.
“Y-you’re so big” You gasped, words flying out of your mouth before you could stop them. Your mind was numb. Hounded by the pleasure that overwhelmed your every nerve. Taehyung nuzzled into your neck, chuckling slightly at your comment.
“Yeah baby?” The hint of cockiness in his voice made you surge with wetness. He pressed his lips behind your shoulder, a sweet spot for you, causing you to sigh loudly in bliss. He was so incredibly close, but still wanted to feel you even closer. He wanted to be consumed by you—your scent, your body, your everything. 
"You can take it can't you? So good for me" He sighed, moving his lips behind your ear, kissing you softly as he picked up his pace, chasing a high he was trying so badly to suppress. "You're gorgeous. So fucking beautiful”
He meant every word, and you could tell. You pursed your lips, holding back the desperate scream you wanted to let out, suffocated by his praise as he fucked into you hard. Your breath hitching every time he pushed you closer and closer to the head of your bed. Making sure you could feel every inch he had to give as he came inside you, filling you to the brim.
Your lips found one another, eyes falling shut as you shared an intimate kiss. Taehyung stilled, pulling away to admire your face “Y/n” He whispered, a small smile on his face. It was still unreal to him. The fact you of all people were beneath him like this. His friends would kill to be in his situation—a fact he was well aware of. Even so, he had no intention to kiss & tell, content with wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.
You had been straight with him, you had no intention of starting a relationship. And Taehyung knew exactly why—because you were hung up on a certain good for nothing, insecure fuckboy who you claimed to be your best friend. Jeon Jungkook. He hoped over time he could show you that you deserved so much more. It’s for this reason he fucked you like a lover, despite knowing deep down that to you, he would never be one.
“I-I just can’t even fucking believe that you’re—“
Taehyung’s confession was interrupted by a loud BANG on the door. “Y/n!” Taehyung hissed, rolling his eyes at the sound of Jungkook’s whiny voice cutting clean through the beautiful tension that had formed between the two of you. “Y/n please open up!”
Taehyung could see the guilt in your eyes as you pushed him off of you, pressing a finger to your lips “Shit. Taehyung, I’m so sorry. Do you mind hiding for a bit? I’ll get him to leave but if he sees you here…” Taehyung wanted to scowl. If he sees me here then what?
“Y/nnn pleaseeee” The banging persisted, and the slur in Jungkook’s voice confirmed Taehyung’s suspicions. The boy was drunk. Of course. “I’m so sorry. You know I am. Please let me in…I love you baby please” Quickly you guided Taehyung into your closet, where he grabbed your wrist, yanking you into his chest so he could leave you with a chaste kiss.
“Don’t” He urged you, hoping—wishing you would just give up on him. “Don’t answer” 
But he knew his request was in vain. “I can’t just leave him there” You threw on an oversized shirt, barely covering your ass before sliding the closet door shut. Your legs trembled, sore still as you made your way to let Jungkook in.
Jungkook didn't miss a beat the second his eyes landed on you. He threw himself into your arms, lifting you slightly as he pressed you back into the wall. "Mmm" He sighed deeply, relishing your touch. "God I missed you" He pulled away, stroking your jaw as he gazed into your eyes. The bitter stench of alcohol evident on his hot breath “Oh baby I'm so sorry”
“Jungkook, seriously, you need to leave. Go home" You said sternly, drawing an annoyed groan from his drunken lips. He tapped his foot impatiently, gripping your waist against his. He was like a child having a tantrum as he pressed up against you, fondling your ass—unaware of the cum dripping down your thighs.
"I n..need you right now baby" He circled his thumbs into your skin, caressing you lightly "I just...feel like shit and..I don't" He inhaled sharply, blinking at you with pleading eyes. His words stuttering with need and urgency "I just need you. Okay. one else but”
You groaned internally as the larger boy pressed his mouth against yours, lips molding together seamlessly. Your taste was so familiar to him. So sweet and addicting. He could feel your hesitance, but knew if just fought long enough, you would give in to him. You always did. You couldn’t resist him. 
"I love you" He hummed, knowing how weak those words always made you "I love you so much it hurts” You pushed back against him, feeling him scowl as you broke the kiss. He began shaking you slightly. Hands sliding under your shirt to feel the expanse of your naked figure. Finding your supple breasts and pinching at the sensitive skin. He gripped them hard, pushing them together as he kissed the bulging tops through your shirt, looking up at you—blinking cutely.
“Please baby” He continued to kiss your chest before planting his mouth on them—wet over the soft fabric, not caring at how filthy he was being as he lapped away at you. Tongue circling your clothed nipple with warmth.
“Jungkook” You sighed in defeat as he bit down. You couldn’t deny you wanted him, and he knew that you did too. His hands trailed down your stomach, finding your thighs as teasing you. Spreading them wide so he could press up his pulsing bulge against your bare cunt.
Noticing this, Jungkook grinned “No panties baby?” He taunted you, lips latching onto your jaw “You want me. Don't even fucking deny it Y/n. You were waiting for me, sitting all pretty just for me weren't you?”
The thought alone thrilled him. If he asked you to wait, naked and tied up in a skimpy silk rope on his bed while he went about his day, letting him shove his cock into you—your mouth, your ass, your pretty pussy, whenever he wanted, however he wanted. Would you? Aroused at the prospect, he dropped to his knees, pushing your shirt up so he could admire your pussy—the pussy that belonged to him and no one else. He licked his lips in excitement.
“Tell me baby” He began to kiss your knee, gliding his lips up your smooth skin, higher and higher, closer to your trembling heat. His eyes glued on you, a hint of amusement at your undeniable willingness for him. He had you right where he wanted. “You really don’t want this? You want me to stop?”
Your breath hitched, at a sudden loss for words as you watched the boy let out slight moans and an exaggerated smack of his lips as he kissed all the way up to where you craved him most.
“That’s what I thought” He gripped your thighs, yanking your hips forwards so he could shoved his face into your drenched cunt. You squealed at the sensation, looking down at the mess of hair between your legs— who was now licking feverishly at your clit.
His tongue assaulted you like there was no tomorrow. Drinking you for all you were worth. He knew exactly what made your knees weak, all your favorite spots, the one’s that would have you screaming for him in a matter of no time. Flattening his tongue, he messily slid the muscle into your entrance, cock twitching at how blatantly soaked you were. He sucked on you hard, using his tongue to dig through your sweet juices.
Jungkook scrunched his nose as he tasted you. Something He couldn't quite place it. You tasted different.
His mind assured him it must be a result of the shots of vodka he had practically inhaled only minutes before arriving at your place. But he had fucked you drunk before. He pulled away, lips smothered in a glossy white as he gasped for air. Rolling his tongue inside his cheek as a thought occurred to him.
You didn’t. No. You couldn’t have. 
Shooting you a nasty glare, he suddenly shoved four fingers into your cunt. You yelped, caught off guard by the intrusion. You looked down at him as he pulled his fingers out, and with it a stream of Taehyung's cum. He bit his lip, jaw clenched to try to suppress his urge to scream at you. To slap you across the face once he realized what it was.
"Who" Jungkook growled, standing up as he grabbed your shoulders, harshly banging you against the wall. "Who's fucking cum is this Y/n?” He shoved those same fingers into your mouth, watching as you gagged on them. He no longer cared as you squirmed for air. Slapping at his wrists, desperate for his release. His other hand found your neck, squeezing it until your eyes were bulging.
You could barely speak, choking out before Jungkook loosened his hold, only to yank down his sweats—not even bothering to remove them fully before grabbing his hard cock and fisting it rapidly.
“You slut” He spat at you, causing you to flinch. “You really are just a dumb fucking slut aren’t you Y/n?” Spitting on you one last time, he ignored the way your face flushed with embarrassment as he turned you onto your chest, smacking his cock against your ass. His other hand tight on the back of your head, shoving your face up against the wall. “All the rumors are true aren’t they? You disgust me”
Releasing his cock, he smacked your ass with the palm of his hand, and when you let out a soft squeal. "You're a fucking bitch. Worthless cum dump. Let just about anyone cum right inside you, God”—he smacked you again, leaving a handprint on your tender flesh. “Filthy. Just filthy”
Gulping you called his name, voice soft, trembling—afraid. You had never seen him like this. He never spoke this way to you ever. And you hated yourself more because of the way it make your heart pound faster—in excitement.
"How could you?" Jungkook's tone shifted, hands sliding to cup your breasts as he rolled his erection into the nook of your ass. "How could you do this to me? I thought...I thought we were in love”
He pinched down on your nipples. "You're a fucking whore. You have no self worth what-so-ever. Here I am, on my knees for you every fucking night. And you deny me? How dare you. How dare you say no to me.”
You whimpered as Jungkook dug his nails into your chest, rutting onto you hard. "You feel this baby? Feel how hard I am for you, all for you. You don't care do you huh? You're just a fucking sell out. Letting anyone touch you. Don't you see that I can give you everything baby? Why, Y/n, why would you let anyone else have you?”
"I can do whatever I fucking want Jungkook" You hissed, voice muffled by the wall. Jungkook snapped. He yanked your hair, pulling your head back until he could look in your eyes. 
"When will you get it through your dumb, fucking, head, that you belong to me?" With that, he shoved his cock into you, ignoring your pained cries as he began to pound you furiously.
"Jungkook" You sobbed. He kissed your cheek, not slowing down as he continued to yell filth into your ears. 
"I've had enough. Stop playing games with me Y/n. You want me. I want you. You do, don't you? You love me don't you?”
"Yes...of course I do”
"Then shut up and fucking take it." He snapped, cock violently pushing through your walls, filling you with a burning stretch over and over again. "God you're so tight, how are you so fucking tight even after you let the entire campus fuck you silly hm? Useless slut.” He was ruthless, fucked you like a dog, not giving a shit whether it hurt you. If it did, you deserved it. 
"You're tryna make me jealous hm? Is that it? You like when I'm rough with you baby?" He smacked you again "You do. Don’t you. I can feel your pussy dripping all over me. Such a dirty girl. You need me. Only I can give it to you good. Tell me baby. Tell me how much you love it. Did the other guy fuck you as good hm?" He tilted your face, catching your lips in a deep kiss. 
Your eyes widened, as you recalled that Taehyung was still waiting in the other room. And here you were, getting fucked hard by your best friend.
"Say it!" Jungkook screamed "Answer me”
You couldn't. Because you would be lying if you did. "No" You kept your voice low, praying that Taehyung couldn't hear.
"Don't you see how hard this is for me baby? I don't want to be rough with you" Smack "But you leave me no choice. I mean," He scoffed, "What the fuck do you expect me to do huh? How can I be okay with this?" His cock impaled you, filling every crevice of you as he pulled your ass back, pushing in deeper. "I'm trying to protect you, why can't you just be grateful?"
He hissed, thinking about another man's hands on your body. The body that belonged to him. "You're mine. These tits" He squeezed them, "Mine. This ass" He smacked it, "Mine. This cunt" He slapped your pussy before thrusting especially hard "MINE." He twisted your jaw forcing you to look at him as he pounded into you roughly with every word "You. Are. Fucking. Mine.”
Jungkook's hips stuttered as he came. You gasped for air, feeling his hot seed bleed out of you, draining out onto the floor. You felt dizzy, with lust, confusion and heartache all spiraling through your head. Jungkook sighed, lips pressed on your nape as he held you still.
There was silence. Until finally you felt Jungkook's arms around you, hugging you tight. Like a child holding onto their toy. You could feel his heavy breathing, the pounding in his chest echoing yours. 
Jungkook’s mind began to clear. A pain surged deep within him at the reality he now had to face. He wished he didn’t, but he simply had to know. ”Y/n…w-who…who was it? Who fucked you?" His voice was timid. He looked like he could fall apart. "J-just tell me.”
Jungkook's heart dropped. He blinked at you, searching for a sign that would assure him this was some sick joke. He stumbled back, allowing you to turn around, fixing your shirt before you crossed your arms over your chest.
"I fucked Taehyung. In fact, I've been fucking Taehyung. Because I am a single woman and I can. You are not my boyfriend. And until you are, I can choose to fuck, and not fuck, whoever I want" You snapped, chuckling bitterly "You were right though, he didn't fuck me as good as you" 
"He fucked me better.” 
Jungkook gaped at you, words lost to him as you opened the door, "Get the fuck out. You and I are done Jungkook. I mean it”
Gulping, Jungkook carefully stepped towards you reaching for your hand. "Y/n...b-baby come on. L..let's just talk about this. You know I need you. You know I love you. Don't..." He inhaled sharply "Stop doing this to me. I can't take it”
"She fucking said get out" Your shoulders relaxed as you heard Taehyung's booming voice. The two of you turned to see the man, fists clenched as he came to your side, pulling Jungkook's hand off of yours. "That means, get out"
With ease, he slid his arm around you, ensuring Jungkook could see the way his hand landed at your hip, hugging you close. Jungkook looked at you one last time, pleading for a sign to stay. You wouldn't look at him. You couldn’t. 
“FUCK" He screamed, kicking the wall next to you “I love you Y/n. You know I love you. You know how I am and I know how you are. I’m the only one who could ever love you, don’t you get that? How could you?” 
Reluctantly you met his eyes, and what you saw in his absolutely crushed you—pure, utter, disappointment. Hurt. It made you stumble back into Taehyung’s hold as Jungkook stormed out, slamming the door behind him.
Taehyung gently cupped your cheeks, turning you to face him. Your eyes trembled with pain. "Aw baby..." He pulled you into his chest, hugging you tight. "Sssh...he's not worth it Y/n”
You shamelessly sobbed into his chest. At this point you no longer knew what to think. Your mind running a mile a minute as you tried to process the look in Jungkook’s eyes. You betrayed him. ”Oh God…I-I love him. I hate him. I hate him. So much. B-but I love him Taehyung…”
"I know" Taehyung kissed the top of your head. "I know you do" He tilted your face back up. "Come on princess. Let me get that bastard's cum out of you”
You sniffled, blinking up at him curiously “Huh?"
Taehyung captured your lips in a deep kiss, allowing you to explore his mouth with yours, revel in the sparks that the two of you shared, strengthened by the emotion of the night. Pressing his cheek against yours, you could feel his hot breath as he smiled.
"Baby. I'm gonna eat you out until you can't even remember that asshole's name."
Tumblr media
a/n: she finally got a happy ending! i guess! lol thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed this subpar mess of a drabble. lmk what you think & have a great day ;) | masterlist
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sweetbunnykook · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2,103 // angst (mention of torture/physical harm, gore, mention of hell, mention of neglect), the lightest smut if you squint, too short to be a oneshot too long to be a drabble
Hades’s son!JK X Soulmate!Reader
Summary: You are happy and safe in Jungkook’s arms after escaping the blasphemous man who had kept you from your soulmate. You are ready to move on, but the prince of the underworld has other plans. 
A/N: This came out of nowhere but I hope you guys like it!
Music: X
Today marks the sixth month point of your time with Jungkook. Two seasons have passed, the lush blossoms of spring and summer falling away to reveal the naked glory of the trees surrounding the modest house. Early fall brought premature freshness with its massive gusts of cold wind that knocked branches against the window.
Jungkook presses his nose against the softness of your dark hair, still damp and smelling of fresh pomegranates in autumn rain. Your skin is soft and nourished with oils, your pliant arms falling on either side of your head as he turns his face to suckle the hollow cave where your collarbones meet your neck.
“Jungkook-” you mewl as his large hands trail up your forearm before he tangles his fingers with yours.
“Do you not understand what you have done to me?”
His voice is labored, harsh, and he hisses against the softness of your cheeks. As your mouth part to respond he presses his lips to yours, tongue curving as your neck cranes to take more of him in. Your free hand moves up his bare arms, fingertips tracing the ridges of his muscle.
Born a demi-god, son of the man who ruled the underworld, Jungkook is every bit as beautiful as he is menacing. He captured you in his maze of pomegranate trees, watching you feast upon his fruits swollen with juice and seeds with your bare feet nestled in grass. His eyes had traced over the bright red stains over your modest white dress with a hunger that had, for the first time, heat blossoming between your legs.
With your arrival, the prophecy proves true: the woman who finds her way into his invisible garden will be his wife and the bearer of his children. It is nearly impossible for a mortal to stumble upon his trees unless a great sacrifice is made in his father’s name. But you, his destined soulmate and the light of his life, had so easily came to him. When the first pomegranate seed fell between your bruised lips, he knew it was you. He knew the heart beating beneath your ribs belonged to him.
He may believe he had captured you, but you, too, fell in his arms willingly. You allowed him to believe he caught you for the sake of his ego. He has you pinned underneath, but it is still you who he bows to.
“I don’t understand.” You say as he preoccupies his time nuzzling the valley between your breasts. “Can you show me?”
“I will,” he props himself on an elbow, a corner of his lips curled in cruel amusement. “If you tell me who you were running away from.”
This was his intention all along – feed honeyed words in your ears and place kisses along your skin only to find his path to bloodshed. The thought of Jungkook seeing how you used to live in that damp, dark basement with nothing but a bare mattress and scraps of bread makes your heart pound hard enough to rattle the walls. He must’ve sensed your fear for he quickly seals his lips over yours to coax you back down to earth.
Despite his kindness, he doesn’t let you slip by this time. He had been trying for months to find out why you stumbled onto his land at age twenty when you were promised to him much earlier than that in the prophecy. He had been trying to find out why he couldn’t sense where you were, who you were with, what happened within those missing years.
“Just his name. Just tell me his name.” He whispers.
Your lips part but there’s no sound. Your fingers and toes are numb, your mind swirling with the sound of a belt whipping across your bare buttocks and the smell of soil as the shadowed man in your head presses your head down to the ground with the heel of his boots.
Jungkook’s eyes burn deep crimson as he sees your memories, thunderous rage flowing through his veins to see your helpless face streaked with tears. He hears the belt against your skin, your hoarse cry in that dark place, and your fingers scraping the wooden doors as you beg to be let out. He sees it all and knows the walking corpse won’t be spared. He will make sure that man’s spirit will never know peace in the underworld, will never see sunlight, will never find forgiveness.
If only he had the power to see your memories clearly inside his own mind; at such an important time, it seems like a punishment for him to be half human. He had his father’s eyes, but not his full power.
“You can trust me, sweet one.” He hides his ruby eyes by kissing your collarbones. “We promised we won’t keep anything from each other.”
He places his ear against your heart, the gentle pulsing of your skin keeping him grounded as does your fingers finding the nape of his neck to caress.
“I want to leave it all behind. I want to forget about it.”
“I know, sweet one, I know.” He whispers, his slender fingers find yours at the back of his neck and he holds you still.
“Just his name. And I will not ask for more.”
Your unbuttoned dress piles beneath you as you twist your waist to the side. You wrap your arms around Jungkook’s head, bring him into the warmth of your cocoon, and close your eyes.
He can hear your screams in his head. He can feel your apprehension as you draw in a sharp breath before releasing ever so slowly. He almost demanded the answer until the name, dripping with horror, falls from your lips.
“Hoseok. Jung Hoseok.”
By the time the moon hangs high and your lover brings a blanket over your spent figure, you’re knee deep into a peaceful dream. Jungkook makes sure you won’t be awake by the time he comes back, choosing to omit the fact that the glass of honeyed tea he had you drink after making love has been laced with a substance not of this world – a drop of ambrosia that’ll bring you peace and pleasure while you rest.
He pulls a clean collared shirt from the closet and black wool slacks. In pitch black darkness his crimson eyes glow. He looks back at your resting figure, eyes softening as he takes in your long dark waves and soft belly that will stretch with his child in due time, and fade into the darkness, his smile fading along with the rest of his body.
Miles away from the invisible haven, he emerges from the shadow of Jung Hoseok’s basement.
Jungkook’s fingertips traces the bare mattress on the floor left untouched, fixes his eyes on the moldy bread and butter on the sheets, and breathes in the dampness. As he walks further into the moonlight casting down from the small rectangle windows you wouldn’t be able to reach, he hears your screams again in his ears. He hears you beg.
‘Please I’m sorry! I won’t do it again, please!’
‘It hurts! Agh! Oh god, please, no!’
‘I’m sorry!’
As if you were in the room with him he turns, piercing eyes falling to the chair in the corner. This was where that man watched you suffer. This was where Jung Hoseok, a mere servant of the local temple, kept you away from your true place as Jungkook’s wife. All because Hoseok had denounced religion and grew to hate you for being the poster child of piety, all because you were prophesized to be powerful, all because you were pure and he was the marrow of filth.
Jungkook’s fists tighten as he glares down at the concrete floor, at the underworld, at hell.
“Father!” he roars like a beast, chest heaving. “Let me be his punisher.”
Hearing his pleas, a crack forms from his feet to the opposite wall and the ground caves in, forming a staircase down to the gates of the underworld guarded by the three-headed dog he had cherished as a child. The walls of Hoseok’s house vibrates, prompting the ignorant man to awaken in panic as he makes his way down the stairs. His hands are against the wall, as if to steady it, until a pair of shadowed hands wrap around his ankles and bring him down into the darkness. His head smashes against the concrete floors, a hoarse cry wringing from his mouth as he holds his forehead with both hands.
It takes a minute for him to realize he’s in his basement, unable to comprehend how he could fall through the staircase to the dark room. There’s a staircase he’s never seen before leading down to pitch black darkness. When he looks up, unconscious of the crimson eyes behind him, he’s alarmed to find that there’s no hole in the ceiling. He couldn’t have fallen through – or pulled through as he remember the sensation of being dragged – but somehow he did and landed rather ungracefully on the concrete. Could he be dreaming?
“Do you believe in hell, Jung Hoseok?”
With a gasp Hoseok turns, meeting Jungkook’s bright eyes. His knees tremble as he finds his tongue tied.
“W-Who are you?” He asks, eyes darting left and right. “How did you get in my house?!” His voice is louder this time, feigning courage.
“Keep silent,” Jungkook hisses as he walks closer to Hoseok. “I ask the questions here.”
When he comes into the moonlight, the man is unable to stop himself from wailing. Whoever it is he’s looking at, he knows it’s not human, at least not wholly human.
“I will ask again: do you believe in hell, Jung Hoseok?”
He nods up and down, shifting back until the heel of his palm meets the first staircase down to the abyss.
“Tell me what the books told you about hell.”
Hoseok stammers as he finds the words to speak. Sweat pools beneath his neck and under his arms, the room becoming hotter and hotter, his vision hazing over as he continues to obey the stranger’s demands.
“They s-say the hell i-is,” he swallows, “a dark p-place with- oh god, please have mercy. Please!” He falls forward to his knees, forehead on concrete.
Jungkook wonders if you had begged like this with your sweet face pressed on this dirty floor for mercy too.
“Mercy,” the young demigod snarls, balancing the word on his tongue like the scales of justice. “That word-” he continues, crimson eyes fading into pools of black, pupils melting the entirety of his eyes until no white is seen. “-is foreign to me.”
Hoseok lifts his head from the floor, catching a glimpse of Jungkook’s outstretched hand before he feels searing agony from within his stomach. Three separate jaws belonging to a single dog latches onto his burning skin and the son of Hades watches with utmost satisfaction – of Hoseok’s feet writhing, the human gaze disappearing down the staircase, the hand he used to dirty you with now in the mouth of his beloved guard dog.
Then, a mist of warm blood bursts out of the darkness, painting Jungkook’s angelic face with a red that akin the luscious fruits hanging in his garden.
‘Are you satisfied, my son?’
Jungkook closes his eyes, ears tuning out the sound of screams and limbs tearing from the dark pit, skin relishing in the warmth of human blood.
‘I am, father.’
When he opens his eyes, the concrete is sewn shut, leaving not a single crack.
‘I am. For now.’
“The pomegranates are ripe!” You exclaim with glee as you spin around the trees in your green linen dress. The fruits glisten like rubies among the leaves.
“Are you sure I can eat as many as I want?” You giggle, reaching for a low hanging fruit. “I might eat them all.”
Jungkook grins, coming behind you to wrap his arms around your waist. He had begun to notice your appetite is far greater than his, not that he minded. He places his chin on your shoulder, watching you turn the fruit in your hand, small thumbs rubbing its scarlet skin. A crescent shaped wound forms as you press your nail into the skin.
“We are one. What belongs to me, belongs to you too.”
You turn your head to face him, to look into his deep brown eyes that glisten with copper red specks in the sunlight.
“And if I want the heavens, would you bring it to me?”
He presses his lips to yours.
“I’d turn hell into heaven for you.”
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aajjks · 4 months ago
Love me Again;
Tumblr media
synopsis. The thought of you drifting away from him drives him the edge that he ends up triggering his heat coming early.
pairing: yan!bunny hybrid!jk x owner noona!reader.
warnings: MATURE THEMES AHEAD, yandere, dark, fluff, obsession, obsessive themes, posessive themes. Sexual themes, hints at mastrubation, hes one horny dude, jealousy, manipulation, seduction, he’s a seductive master, crying, he still has separation anxiety :((, he’s one manipulative bitch.., sexual tension damn. Stockholm syndrome.
note. okay in honour to celebrate one year anniversary of the bunny!koo saga, I decided to write this. It’ll be officially a year since the first part was uploaded here :,) share your feedback and questions! ENJOY! I’m literally so tired pls praise me and I haven’t proofread bcz I’m vv sleepy,
wc: 3k
Tumblr media
Jeongguk missed you.
You were drifting away from him, the hybrid was unable to stomach that. Jeongguk thrived on your attention. As the man laid down on your bed, legs spreaded on your bedsheets, nose pressed against your pillow, inhaling your scent that made his mind numb with thoughts of you surrounding him, he sniffed your pillow harder, taking in your scent that reminded him of you.
Oh how much he missed you.
Jeongguk was feeling incredibly frustrated and neglected. It was not enough, jeongguk did not deserve this kind of a treatment from you, who used to love him the most, oh.. who was he kidding...
You were the only one to ever love him. jeongguk pressed his eyes closed, his hands grabbing your pillow harder, anxiety and fear was taking over him, his legs were shaking at his thoughts. "n-no..." The hybrid was starting to panic, his thoughts getting the best of him as a tear rolled down to his cheek, damping the pillow.
Did you not love him anymore? or were you tired of him? maybe, jeongguk did deserve this kind of a treatment from you. “n-noona... please forgive me... I have been bad... very bad... especially to you...b-but I love you so much... I need you so much more than your sick mother...” The words came out of his mouth in muffled sounds because of his face buried in your soft pillow. Jeonnguk choked in middle of his sentences, trying his best to hold back the pathetic sob that threatened to leave his mouth, despite him being absolutely alone in the apartment.
Jeongguk hated the now familiar feeling of loneliness that accompanied him these passing days, he hated being without you.. He did not want to be without you.
Now observing this, the one who really knew the situation without the interruption of jeongguks pov, would say that the hybrid was pretty good at being overdramatic.
You were at work, working hard for yourself, you hadn’t left him, but the difference was that... you had started avoiding him, giving him the silent treatment.
And jeongguk noticed. He was quite the observer. He had displeased you, he was feeling quite ashamed for letting his emotions and hormones get the best of him.
He couldn’t be vulnerable to them, he couldn’t [shouldn’t] have lost control.
Jeongguk was ashamed of his actions, he almost regretted locking you up for a whole week in your own home.
but then again... almost.
Jeongguk rather preferred blaming the love he had for you. Opening his shut eyes, the hybrid sat up, not caring for the ache in his pants. Sitting up, his long black hair fell on his eyes.
The bunny man, exhaled a breath in frustration as he finally opened his eyes, unable to chase his release. Dried tears of frustration stained his cheeks as he forced his mind to think of something.
Of something....
that could make you love him back again, something that will make you want him, just as much as he wants you, just as badly he wants you.... back.
Jeongguk’s eyes quickly glanced at the clock that was ticking on the wall. “It’s five thirty seven right now.... noona comes back home at night....” his eyes lit up at the realisation. His ears started moving and his tail wobbled to the sides.
He had so much time left! he could make a plan of how to get you back. Stretching his legs, Jeongguk winced at the tinge of ache, but ignored it once again. His muscles were pulled as he grabbed his shirt back from your night stand. Standing up was hard as the man was obviously struggling but he managed to get up with wobbly feet. “I’ll get you back noona, anyhow...” his dark orbs were set on your picture as his pupils were dilated twice their original size, his heart was hammering inside his chest.
Jeongguks lips were curled in a smirk, “I’ll do anything for your love.” His tone was sinister, voice was deep with accents of raspiness. His throat was dry from all of the sounds he was making earlier. “You’re mine,” his gaze darkened while a chuckle tumbled out of his chest, he was chuckling like a psycho, the shirt still in his hands. His fingers grip tightening on the fabric. “Only I can have you.”
He gave your photo a glance once more, as he finally looked away, still laughing like a maniac while turning his feet, exiting your room.
Tumblr media
you were absolutely tired. Your eyes were droopy as you gave the file in your hands a last careful glance. Your head was pounding, because of the lack of sleep. You massaged your temples while observing the carefully made file,
You couldn’t make any mistakes, anymore.
A wave of relief and satisfaction took over your chest. It was finally completed after a whole month of hard work. “Thank god...” a weak smile painted itself on your face. You could go home now.
It was pretty late at night. You raised your left hand to look at your watch. You sighed heavily. It was already one in the morning.
You needed to get home as soon as fast.
Where jeongguk was, the one who hurt you the most. You couldn’t have ever imagined that he’d ever do that you for his own selfishness. How could he lock you up like that... for a week without any human interaction. All because you wanted to visit your sick mother??
You closed your eyes and inhaled a few breaths of air so you could calm down... you stood up from the chair so you could keep the file in the safe, you needed to submit it tomorrow.
Walking towards the safe, your mind was wandering around the events that traumatized you. Jeongguk was absolutely dangerous. You needed to be careful.
Exhaling a breath out, you carefully kept the file in your safe. Closing the cabinet, you locked it, keeping the Keyes in your pocket.
You were finally done. You could go home now.
You felt so exhausted that you didn’t want to think of what jeongguk did to you. You just wanted to go home and sleep without any worried or unnecessary thoughts.
Or unnecessary distractions.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk was absolutely ecstatic.
The scents of the candles making him excited. Their aroma was spreaded all around the house. Jeongguk felt immensely proud of his choice. Their scent was romantic but light.
He knew you hated strong scents.
His eyes were set at the petals, taking a few in his hands, he was feeling so romantic tonight, his mind thinking of you. He was almost done with his preparation.
He had done it right. Just like in the movie. He had watched the scenes very carefully. Now Jeongguk’s plan needed to work. Jeongguk quickly gave the room a final glance and to say he was pleased wouldn’t be a lie. He had cooked your favorite food, cleaned the entire house, he also made your bed...
Which was his most favorite part!!! He also took a long shower, he had dressed nicely... just like how you’d want him to, he wore the most exotic musk that he could find and now all that was left was waiting for you.
Waiting for you was always dreading for Jeongguk. He hated the time that he had to spend without you. He loved you so much and he missed you like crazy. You did not even spare him a glance, his heart fell in his chest, he was ashamed, he had hurt you but he loved you.
Jeongguk just wanted to please you, he wanted to make you feel good as much as he could. It was about time he made you happy. Jeongguk walked out of your room, walking towards the lounge so he could wait for you, there.
“Noona come back soon...” he whispered to himself as he sat down on the cream colored couch. he threw his legs over it and laid down, What could he possibly do to make you love him again... Jeongguk was still feeling incredibly unsure. Would his strategy work out? jeongguks eyebrows were farrowed as he thought of all the ways this could go wrong.
“This cant go wrong....” Jeongguk was determined. if the actors strategy had worked out so could Jeongguks. he could not let this fail... this was his only chance,
And he refused to waste it
Tumblr media
You barely even managed to drive, but nonetheless you were home now, taking out your houses’ keys, you quickly unlocked the door and went inside.
And, You were tackled into a bone crushing hug from Jeongguk. The hybrid had his strong arms wrapped around your weak self as he buried his face into your neck and sniffed your scent.
“Noona, you’re back I missed you so much.” Jeongguk mumbled in your neck as he gave it a little lick. You shivered at the contact as you tried to get him off of you. “Jeongguk... get off me please...” but the hybrid, as expected, didn’t even bulge. “nooo... I missed you.” And with that if it was even possible you felt his grip tighten around you.
God didn’t give you enough energy to deal with him right now.
“Jeongguk...” you softly called out, massaging his scalp, his hair tingling between your fingers, at the feeling, jeongguk purred. “You smell so good noona... could eat you up..”
Oh no.
“Jeongguk... please leave me I’m so hungry and tired. I need to make food—“you don’t need to my noona... I already did!” The hybrid interrupted you mid sentence, loosing his grip on you. “I made your favourite!” You raised your eyebrows at his sudden change in demeanour. “I hope you’ll like it!!! Come with me!” He lifted you up bridal style catching you off guard. “J-Jeongguk!!” You quickly held onto his shoulder while he just giggled.
“Sit here noona!” He softly instructed you while putting you on the dining seat. You were confused... Jeongguk was acting weird.
But you brushed it off, you were just so tired that you didn’t care anymore. “I’ll be back with the dish! Please wait for me, my pretty noona!” And with that, jeongguk went into the kitchen. You watched the man go as you laid your head down on the table.
It had been so long since someone cared for you like this... you knew that you were supposed to be upset with him but no.. you weren’t, really. Because you had found out that your mother was better now.
And it had been two months since you had started behaving cold with jeongguk, it was about time you had stopped his punishment.
“NOONA? What are you thinking about?” You were pulled out of the train of your thoughts by Jeongguk who stared at you with his doe big eyes.
He was so pretty...
“N-Nothing..? You- YOU MADE ALL OF THIS..?” Your eyes were widened at the sight in front of you. The food infront of you looked absolutely delicious. “Jeongguk?!” You were amazed. It was like your sleep had died.
Jeongguk chose not to reply but sit next you as you watched his cheeks redden with shyness. You smiled at him. god, was he so cute... “y-yes noona... I hope you will like this... I made this with a lot of effort and love..” he pouted, his eyes shone looking at your smile.
His heart fluttered abnormally.
“I’m sure I’ll love it, sweetheart! Let me taste it!” You giggled as he eagerly served you the delicious looking dish. The smell hit your nostrils and you unknowingly licked your lips, unbeknownst to you, jeongguk watched the movement of your lips very carefully, chewing at his lower lip.
The things you made him feel were absolutely sinful to tell, “Jeongguk!!!! It’s so delicious!” Jeongguk was startled at the sound of your voice. He cleared his throat and passed you a bright smile, while trying to fight his inner demon.
“Yeah? Thank you noona! I’m so happy!!” You nodded as you quickly dived back into eating, jeongguk just watched you like a hungers puppy.
His desires wouldn’t calm down.. this wasn’t healthy... oh lord... Was he going into heat once again..
He hoped not. Now wasn’t the time. Jeongguk had started to sweat. His gaze fixed on you. You were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. You were absolutely ethereal in every single way. The way you made him feel was unexplainable.
You made him addicted to the feeling.
Jeongguk closed his eyes but was forced to open upon your call. “Jeongguk you’ve really satisfied my hunger... thank you for this delicious meal!” You chuckled while licking your fingers clean.
Jeongguk gulped.
“How can I satisfy my hunger noona.” Jeongguk got up from his seat and carefully removed your hands from your lap as he sat on it, wrapping his hands around your neck, nuzzling his face in your neck. His legs swinging around yours.
Jeongguks body was vibrating, burning like fire and you immediately got the hint. “I missed you so much, noona... don’t you miss me...? I’ve been going crazy without you... I need your love and attention...”
“Noona I need you so bad.” Jeongguk spoke in a sultry tone while slowly grinding himself against you, earning a breathless sound from you.
“erm... jeongguk...” it was your turn to sweat. “Don’t say a word noona... just let me take care of you tonight... let me please you... let me take care of you...” jeongguk breathed in your neck, pressing a kiss on it and you gasped at him.
“I missed you so bad noona that I’ve going crazy from need. Please help me...forgive me and love me again...”
“Love me again.”
Tumblr media
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7deadlysinsfics · 18 days ago
put you to sleep | pjm
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader - the couple from dimple
rating: 18+
genre + warnings: established relationship au, sexually explicit content, dirty talk, jimin calls yn babygirl a lot lol, cursing, kissing, marking, nipple play/biting, clit biting, oral sex, fingering, unprotected sex, praise kink, size kink, some begging, multiple orgasms, body worship, creampie, mentions of pregnancy, fluff
word count: 2k
summary: jimin always knows the best way to help you relax…
—note: this is a drabble for my dimple two-shot. it can be read as a stand-alone though
Tumblr media
Sighing, you turn over to your right for the fifth time tonight. It’s not that your bed is uncomfortable; it’s pretty soft; you can’t turn off your brain because of the meeting with your boss first thing in the morning. Tomorrow you’ll find out who he’s going to give the project to, you or the asshole who has been trying to one-up you on everything for the last three years.
You also miss your boyfriend right now. There’s nothing better than falling asleep in his arms, but you know how hard he’s been working as well, and he deserves some time to unwind with his childhood friends from back home while he plays video games. Although it’s through a headset, at least he gets to chill with them for a bit.
As luck would have it, though, you hear the bedroom door open softly, and when you look over your shoulder, you see him standing at the entrance staring at you with a grin, his pretty eyes hidden behind his cheeks.
“Can’t sleep, babygirl?” You sit up with a pout and nod, watching as he strolls over to you in his silk pajama pants and matching striped robe, which is untied, showing off his naked and perfectly sculpted torso. You can’t help but almost drool at the sight of him. “I bet you’re worried about tomorrow, huh?”
Jimin plops down beside you on the bed, running his fingers through your hair as you smile up at him. “I am. I’m usually sure about how things are going to go, but this, I can’t get a read on Mr. Choi about the new project.”
Your boyfriend hooks a finger under your chin, “Baby, look at me. You’re the one he calls when things aren’t going right. He calls you whenever he needs anything, advice on what to do with a client or whatever else. He depends on you more than on his secretary at times. You’re one, if not the best financial analyst he has on his team. That other guy has nothing on you. Your boss is going to make you the leader of that project. I can feel it.”
Your heart flutters at how much faith Jimin has in you. Even with how busy he’s been with things getting back to normal after the pandemic, he always finds the time to make sure you know how much he supports you. He’s so proud of you.
How’d you get so damn lucky?
“Thank you, baby; you’re the best.” He smiles into your kiss, loving how affectionate you’re feeling. When he pulls back, you let out a small yawn, prompting him to look at the time. The glowing number on the bedside table reads 1:17 am.
“You must feel so tired. You should get some rest.”
You shake your head, “I won’t be able to fall asleep as fast as I usually do. My brain won’t let me,” once again, you pout, and he chuckles lightly at your cuteness, but that only ignites something inside of him because he knows what you need.
“Want me to put you to sleep? Fuck you until all you can think about is how good my cock fills you up, babygirl?”
Your body immediately responds to his words. You shudder a little, wanting nothing more than to feel him all over you. Slowly, you nod, answering his question. Jimin stands and slips his robe off, and it’s all you can do but stare at how good your man looks right now in the dimly lit bedroom.
You notice the tent in his pants, and you feel smug about it. The fact that he’s this aroused by you already and you haven’t even touched him still somehow baffles you. You’ve been with him for three years now. Three years have not been easy, not because of any severe arguments but because of the time spent apart due to both careers. Although it’s been hard, you both always find the time to communicate each other’s needs and wants.
You begin to lift your shirt, but he stops you, “Let me.” He slowly crawls over to you on the bed.
Lifting your arms, he proceeds to take the fabric off of your body and then pushes you back softly to lay on the pillows. Jimin hums in satisfaction at the sight of your body, already showing signs of your arousal.
The dark gleam in his eyes is enough to make you squirm, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside of you. “Please, Jimin.”
“Please what, YN.”
“Please, touch me.”
Your boyfriend smiles at you before running his fingers delicately across your legs until he reaches the top of your knees and orders you to spread them for him. His eyes are glued to the delicious wet mess coating your thin underwear; meanwhile, your chest is rising and falling in anticipation of what his fingers will do to you. But instead of giving you what you crave so desperately, his hands slide up your torso until they envelop your breasts, thumbs brushing over and over your nipples until they stiff for him.
Your legs jerk when he pinches hard on your nipples, a soft moan causing his cock to twitch in his pants. His favorite thing is listening to your sweet noises.
“My girl is so sensitive.” Jimin hovers over you and drops his head to your chest, and starts to lick at your nipple, wet tongue running over it in soft circles that only make you whine for more of his touch. He sucks and teases, doing the same to the other as your cunt begins to clench around nothing. It’s when he bites down on it that you moan out loud as your body begins to tremble underneath him. “You’re doing so well, babygirl. You’re so good for me, coming only like this. Can’t get over how sensitive you are.”
When your eyes flutter open, Jimin is still hovering over you, smiling and waiting for your breathing to come back to normal. “There she is,” he kisses you, tongue quickly in search of yours as your arms circle around his neck.
You whine into the kiss as he presses his hips against yours so that you can feel how hard you make him. “Jimin, I want you.”
“You’ll have me, baby, but first, I want you to come on my tongue.” He kisses down your chest but not before leaving some marks along the way. His second favorite thing is getting to look back at his little artwork left behind on his favorite kind of canvas. He’ll be going on tour soon, and knowing that his marks will be on your body for weeks to come somehow makes him feel like he’s leaving with you another small part of himself.
You’re pliant under his touch as his deft fingers descend to your hips to remove your panties. You let out a shuddering breath at the feeling of the cold air hitting your exposed heat.
“You’re so quiet,” Jimin darkly chuckles as he moves to lay on his belly. He grunts at the sight of your cunt still swollen from your first orgasm. You let out a loud moan when his whole mouth covers your pussy, sucking and licking quickly in a way that has your legs shaking and wanting to close around his face. Holding your legs apart, Jimin plunges his tongue inside you, and you scream at the sensation of finally being filled by him.
“Oh, Fuck! Please, please.”
“What exactly are you begging for, YN?”
“I—I. Oh!” You try to answer, but he’s already sucking on your clit and teasing your entrance with two fingers. When he inserts them, you gasp loudly. You’re close to coming once more as his fingers drag in and out of you in rapid successions, your walls clenching around them. When he bites your clit, you cry out Jimin’s name. Pain and pleasure making your skin burn for more.
“What—” You surprise him when your hand reaches down to grab his wrist; wrapping your hand tightly around it, you begin to rock your hips against his fingers. Jimin can’t take his eyes away from you. They’re stuck at the way your mouth opens to let your needy whines escape. He’s transfixed at the way you stare at him. Yes, you’re consumed by desire, but beneath all of that desire, he can see the love you have for him. It’s that look that makes him want to be inside you right now. And you do; you love him so much.
So, as you’re fucking yourself on his fingers, he curls them until they find your spot, and he watches as your body begins to shake. Right as you’re about to orgasm, he latches on to your cunt, and he moans as your sweet essence finally coats his tongue.
“Baby,” you pant, your breaths still erratic, “fuck me deep.”
“I’m going to fill that pretty little pussy, baby.”
He’s desperate for you. Jimin doesn’t even take his pants off all the way; the need to have you wrapped around him is intense. His fingers barely wrap around his girth as he pumps it a couple of times. His pretty cock is a mess with precum that you want to taste, but you know he won’t let you. Not tonight.
The hiss you emit when he rubs his cock along your still sensitive but drenched slit makes Jimin let out a chuckle, “You’ve been so good for me, YN. So fucking good, baby.” His praise makes your skin prickle with goosebumps. “But I can see you’re exhausted now. Should we stop?”
“No! Please. I need you.”
“I can see. Look at how needy this little cunt is for my cock,” Jimin groans when he pushes inside you. Your walls are enveloping him, gripping his cock in a tight vise. He places your legs over his thighs and sits on his knees. As he holds you in place, your arms circle his neck, and you begin to move with him.”
“Ah, so big. Baby, you fill me up so well.”
“That’s it, baby. That’s a good fucking girl,” he grunts, and you moan, his words affecting you as pleasure takes over. “I’m not going to last long, fuck, too good.” Your boyfriend stares at where you two are connected, and you feel his dick twitch inside you. He’s dying to see you come apart on his cock. “You’re so beautiful. So fucking beautiful taking my cock like this. Oh, God.”
“Jimin, baby, I’m going to come.” He bites his lower lip as his thumb rubs circles on your throbbing nub. That, paired with how he’s fucking you, sends you over the edge. The pleasure is so intense that you go limp in his arms when you come, words escaping you. The constant fluttering of your tight cunt coaxes Jimin into his orgasm, his seed painting your walls as his loud moans, and your name is the last thing you hear before your eyes shut.
Jimin walks over to the bed after cleaning himself in the bathroom to do the same for you. He smiles as he watches how soundly you sleep. Your hand is placed over your belly, and Jimin’s heart swells because even in your sleep, you’re already protective of the life growing inside of you. You’re not far along to show yet, but he’s so excited to see your belly grow rounder with each passing day.
He often imagines what features and whose personality the baby will inherit, although he hopes it’ll inherit your beautiful heart most of all.
Your hand suddenly reaches out in search of Jimin’s warmth, and he almost coos at your cuteness. Grabbing his phone off the bedside table, he opens an app to turn off the lights and then lies next to you, bringing you in closer to his body and inhaling your scent.
With your eyes closed, you still find his lips and kiss him. It’s just a tiny, quick kiss, but it’s filled with so much emotion, “I love you,” you whisper against his plush lips.
“I love you,” he echoes against yours.
How’d he get so damn lucky?
Tumblr media
all rights reserved ©️ 7deadlysinsfics
do not copy, repost, translate or modify any of my works
Tumblr media
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shukakoo · 2 months ago
right here | jjk drabble series
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: best friends to lovers, angst, eventual smut
word count: 913
blurb: jungkook has a break up and you help him go through it.
a/n: this is a drabble series, i'm unsure how many parts it'll have.
[ two. ] [three.] [four.] [five.] [six.] [seven.] [eight.]
Tumblr media
The knock on the door woke you from the sweet sleep that you were enjoying all too much. The rain outside grew in intensity as did the knocking on your front door, shooting your anxiety to the skies.
You slowly got up from the bed, reaching out to your desk for the torchlight you keep there—for what exactly, you’re not entirely sure but it’s there as a “just in case”. You leave the torchlight at your kitchen counter as you leave your bedroom and adjust your eyes to the darkness. Opting to use the frying pan instead, you grab it from where you kept it by the sink after washing it clean earlier that night.
Your movements still slow, you made your way to your front door and peeked into the peephole to see who was waking you up this aggressively so late into the night.
Just as you recognise who it is, a thunder strikes and you push yourself away from the door and drop your pan. The loud pang is heard by the guest outside and this causes another wave of aggressive knocking coming your way.
You shake your head and grab the keys you brought along with you from your pocket, unlocking the door slowly.
“What in the world took you so long?” a drenched Jungkook enters your house, removing his raincoat and shaking off the water from his hair.
“It’s like heaven knows what o’clock right now, sorry I couldn’t hear you all the way in my sleep,” you roll your eyes and hand him a towel from the laundry you left folded on your sofa.
Jungkook sighed while drying his hair, not wanting to catch a cold.
“What are you doing here anyway?” you say turning on the yellow lights of your living room and the two of you settle on the sofa opposite to the one that you piled your laundry on.
You hadn’t seen Jungkook for awhile but his sudden visit doesn’t exactly surprise as it’s not anything new.
“Just wanted to see you,” he mumbled, looking blankly at your wall decorated with framed pictures.
You weren’t someone who was exactly enthusiastic about decorating your place, usually preferring the boring tone of beige with minimal effort. But when you finally moved out of your previous apartment that you shared with a few other girls, your mother made sure to pay you a visit and help you with settling down.
And oh, did she definitely help.
But you don’t really mind it anymore; the memories spewed across being a source of comfort in some way.
Just as your thought slowly starts drifting off, Jungkook sighs next to you.
“We had a fight,” he mumbles again.
“She had an award ceremony at work and I completely forgot about it.”
You stare at him in disbelief. You knew he was completely helpless with his memory, but something as important as this couldn’t have been that easily forgotten, right?
“That’s… I don’t even know what to say,” you look away from him, “what excuse did you give?”
“I didn’t. Not this time. I just told her I forgot and it got her even more mad.”
“That’s expected.”
“I feel so shit. What do I do now?” he bends down and catches his face with his hands in frustration.
You don’t know what to say, don’t know how exactly he can make things better with how worse they’ve already gotten.
Jungkook is a great person, you know that. You’ve been friends for a couple of years so you know how good of a person he is. But good people are still capable of hurting others. And the hurt cuts deeper when there was never an intent to hurt someone at all.
Because then you don’t actually know what the problem is or why it happened.
“Do you even still love her, Kook?” you ask him.
A thunder breaks out and the rain becomes much heavier, almost a reflection of the tempest brewing in Jungkook’s mind.
Do you still love her—that’s the million-dollar question and as Jungkook thinks about it, his heart feels heavy.
Falling out of love with someone is painful. A person you once looked at as if they were your whole world turn into just another face amidst the crowd. The kisses you once wanted to shower them with turn into a chore you need to complete for the day.
And it’s a painful realisation for Jungkook. He turns to you, eyes brimming with tears, and then looks down. You place your hand on his back, slowly rubbing him as if to soothe the pain he’s feeling.
Although his eyes are filled with tears, Jungkook doesn’t cry. He bites his lip, balls his fists and shuts his eyes tightly.
“It’s okay, Kook. You’ll be okay,” you say softly.
Jungkook’s hands go back to his face as you continue soothing him with your words and your hands on his back.
“What does the two years spent mean now? All those memories and feelings—what was the point?” you hear him sniff.
“I don’t know. Maybe to make sure the next person you share these memories with won’t end up away from you too.”
“This is so shitty. I feel so shitty.”
“I’ll be right with you,” you grab his face with your hands, forcing him to look at you, “I will be right here with you, okay?”
He stares at you in a slight daze but nods.
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missbickerbocker · 6 months ago
BTS Hyung Line Fic Recs
Read-Right-Now NSFW Fic Recs: BTS Hyung Line
Know that what I've recommended are my absolutely, most beloved, smut-filled, re-readable picks. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
Woman of a Certain Age - Y/N has known Seokjin since he was born. She has even helped change Seokjinnie's diapers. Growing apart when Y/N went to the U.S. for college, Seokjin runs into Y/N when she is hired by Big Hit as a top consultant. Sparks fly despite Seokjin nursing a broken heart and Y/N trying to make partner at her firm. Will this noona ever see Seokjin as the man he now is? @vyduan
Leveled Up - You have no idea what you're doing when you log in to a new video game with your brother's beta code. But what you do know is that you want to see more of the dazzling virtual reality game he showed you despite the fact that you're not much of a gamer. And though you quickly realize you're out of your depth in this world, it gets even worse when you're pulled into a raid with a group of players who know exactly what they're doing – and have very little time for your amateur antics. This is how you meet Kim Seokjin, famous singer, famous gamer. Except, you don't who he is. You just think of him as KimRJ92. And he thinks of you as a puzzle to solve. @erinbrownwrites
Hideaway - Only the respected patriarch of the Kim dynasty thinks you are worth anything. Despite his vision, the rest of the upper crust sees you as nothing more than your station, a girl borne of a family that only ever existed to serve them. Cruelly, the only thing standing in your way is also the key to your success: having to take care of a smiley, goofy, lanky, drunk manchild in ill-fitting clothes who just happens to be next in line for the throne, and who has just inadvertently kidnapped you. The next three days with Kim Seokjin will make or break you. @bonvoyagenoona
Made-Up Love Song - Your first encounter with Kim Seokjin doesn’t go so well, nor your second, or your third… and maybe that’s because it shouldn’t work on paper. You’re an elementary school teacher living with your best friend, and have never left the country despite hitting the third decade of your life not so long ago. He’s the dad of one of your students, nearly a decade older than you and divorced. Oh yes, and just another minor detail – he’s a multimillionaire. Your lives are lightyears apart, yet somehow, your paths having now crossed, things just seem to fall into place… @floralseokjin
Don't Go Baking My Heart - You fall in love with Kim Seokjin’s bakery after wandering into it to take advantage of the post-Valentine’s Day discount on the chocolates. Maybe it’s the owner’s bad jokes, maybe it’s the other regulars, maybe it’s the delicious pastries. Or maybe there’s something more that keeps you coming back to that shop. @candlewaxandp0lar0ids
Off Limits - You’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse… @floralseokjin
Pride & Fidget Spinners - Seokjin has always prided himself on being the top mall kiosk salesman. His turf, the spot nearest to the fountain, is due to him being the undisputed best in the game. At least, until you arrive and throw his game into chaos. @kpopfanfictrash
All Along - It’s no surprise when you learn you’ll soon be engaged to one of the Kim brothers. What does come as a shock, is just how determined Seokjin is to make sure that person is him. @underthejoon
Min Yoongi
Countermelody -  This new city has already invigorated your tired bones and shy heart. The people here seem kind and exciting. All sorts of interesting silhouettes are always shuffling about, and you write little stories for each person who passes you by. Even the stationery shop next door is warm and inviting, and you’re grateful that Mr. Kang offers you the store manager job on the spot. But you get a funny feeling about things when he shows you the boxes in the back, the ones marked with red tape and the name MIN YOONGI scribbled on top. You wonder what makes this customer particularly special. You don’t know that the process of finding out will make you question why you ever moved here in the first place. @bonvoyagenoona (HELP I've read this one like five times)
Want a Taste? -Pretzel pro. Most skillful tongue in the food court world. Allegedly. Of course, you’re reasonable skeptical of his claims- but if there’s one thing that motivates this notoriously-lethargic man, it’s proving skeptics wrong. @suga-kookiemonster
Fortuitous - Your fates were sealed long before your paths crossed. Get your diploma and get married. You were similar in that way – both bound by outdated customs. Falling in love was never something either of you dared to dream about. Until it happened. @underthejoon
Shameless - Fleeing a scandal, Y/N signs with Big Hit Entertainment to launch her singer/songwriter career in South Korea. Denying her attraction to Suga out of fear from past betrayals, Y/N blunders through years in Korea as BTS gets more and more famous. Will she give into the chemistry she has with Suga, risking her career for a second time, and have her happily ever after? Or will she be doomed to be alone forever? @vyduan
The English Teacher - After watching an unfortunate interview with iHeartRadio, you write up a piece on ways BTS could improve their English interviews. Your post reaches the eyes of BigHit Entertainment who took what you had to say seriously. Now three months into your probation period as BTS’ resident English teacher, you’re finally beginning to understand both Korean and celebrity culture, as well as the toll of living lands away from your husband of ten years. As for one of the BTS members, he’s trying to understand you, too - as much as you’ll let him.
Carousel -  He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it? @yoonia
Watermelon Sugar - Traveling alone to your dream destination had sounded like a good idea at the time. And you don’t regret doing it, of course not - you’re in Greece! The food! The sun! The smell of the sea! The white walls and blue chairs, the hills, the warm days and colder nights. A little company wouldn’t hurt, though. That’s how you end up talking to Min Yoongi, your next door neighbour with whom you practically share a balcony. He’s quiet, he barely leaves his room but when you reach out, he doesn’t push you away. That’s how your Greek adventure begins. @yoonjinkooked
Kim Namjoon
Roommates with Benefits - You and Namjoon are roommates. You're both really horny one morning. So you come to an understanding: It's not a regular thing. It happens on the couch. Kissing is allowed. Condoms, always. And just like that, you're roommates with benefits. @erinbrownwrites
Kakistocracy - As the top Senior Aides to the President of the Republic (a fictitious country based on no specific location whatsoever), you and Namjoon are nearly always at each other’s throats. The sole thing you agree upon is your president is an absolute idiot, with zero idea how to run a country. This is why, when a new threat emerges and your nation is plunged into chaos, you two are the only ones capable of keeping the world from disaster. If you can stop arguing long enough to try, that is. @kpopfanfictrash
For the Books: An Unlikely Holiday Romance - Kim Namjoon begrudgingly agrees to be part of the local library's annual holiday date auction.You are duped into buying a ticket to the library's annual holiday date auction by your best friend. Both you and Namjoon are dreading the actual event. Neither of you expects what happens next. @erinbrownwrites 
Office Hours - When you’re an early career researcher who has just broken up with the love of your life, who is desperately trying to keep your lab afloat, and who is still embattled in a years-long feud with the hotshot professor down the hall for the only tenured spot that will make itself available at this top tier university in at least the next decade, you really don’t have any choice but to save the emotions for another time. You don’t expect them to bubble up and out of you when you have a particularly rough day, and you certainly don’t expect refuge in the arms of your rival. But crazier things have happened in darkened hallways and behind closed office doors.
The Rich Man’s Crochet Club - When they were freshmen in college, Namjoon began a club with his six closest friends. The one thing they all had in common? Virgin-as-fuck. Obviously, they couldn’t call it the Virgins Club, and so, The Rich Man’s Crochet Club was born. Until time passes and Namjoon is the only left. Now, the Club has one final mission: to get Namjoon laid. @kpopfanfictrash
Obligated - Married by obligation, weighed down by circumstance. Except for those nights when you’re both drunk, falling into bed with one another and realizing you’re human. Occasionally this happens, occasionally you fuck. Until your life changes and you realize Namjoon, the very man you’re obligated to, might just be the very man that you crave. @underthejoon
The Body Through Time - When you’re offered a job as the graduate assistant for the Art History department at Bangtan University, it is a requirement for the department to sign their approval on the paperwork. You have one signature left and, unfortunately, he doesn’t want to see you. At all. @yeoldontknow
Jung Hoseok
Holly-Jolly Crisis - At this time last year, you thought you had it all: A kick-ass screenwriting job for the hottest TV show in LA, an actor boyfriend whose career was taking off, and an affordable apartment with not one, but two bathrooms. Fast forward to now, and you’re single, soon-to-be jobless, and searching for a way to scrape together January rent. Everything seems to be falling apart, which was why you told your family you weren't coming home for the holidays. Enter your little sister, Sara, who recently became engaged to her boyfriend, Yoongi, and needs you home to celebrate. The biggest problem? Returning home means you’ll forced to face everything and everyone you left behind, including Yoongi’s best man - and your ex-best friend - Jung Hoseok. @kpopfanfictrash
Madeline - It was supposed to be a one-night thing. Just one, perfect night to remember forever. Life, it seems, has other plans. @kpopfanfictrash
Trouble - How Hoseok lost his virginity (as part of The Rich Man’s Crochet Club) @kpopfanfictrash
Hot Rod - A 1950′s inspired fic where greaser Hoseok can’t keep his eyes, or hands, off the new waitress at his and his boys’ favorite diner. @kinktae
Guarded - You’ve tried to separate yourself from your infamous crime family, but a new case has your carefully-constructed world crashing down around you. Now you have to figure out how to heal old wounds and handle the new man who enters your orbit. @xjoonchildx
Systems of Touch - You know the works of renowned author, researcher, and professor, Jung Hoseok, and have the pleasure of meeting him in person at an annual gathering. Entirely infatuated with you, Hoseok wants to do things the right way - wait until you’re no longer a student. Whether or not you can abide by that rule? Time will only tell. @yeoldontknow
What’s Past is Past - After your eight years relationship comes to a brutal end, you don’t really see yourself getting back into dating — ever, probably. And then, your new neighbor who has the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen needs to borrow a corkscrew, and you don’t realize it just yet, but your resolve doesn’t stand a chance. @candlewaxandp0lar0ids
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