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dilfsugaaa · a day ago
make me | J.JK
Tumblr media
summary: jeon jung kook with a dash of teasing dominant spice (?)
Tumblr media
pairing: dom!jungkook x female reader
rating: explicit | 🔞
word count: 0.8k
genre/au: drabble, no plot, filthy smut | established relationship au
warnings: vaginal fingering, orgasm denial (f.), no dicks involved (I can, like, write a fucking ton of such fics), daddy kink, f. o/c is kinda conservative, you’ll never stop thirsting on this jeongguk guaranteed :)
a/n: inspired by an IRRATIONAL sexual desire, which increases day-by-day. and a stupid idea that twirled into my head. I mixed them both
please kill me :)
ao3 | wattpad
Tumblr media
“Sit down on my lap, baby girl, and be quick about it.” 
He had made himself more than just comfortable, spreading his legs wide open, seated on the plush leather couch both of you had, up until now, used only to binge together, nightly, on Netflix and shit. And the occasional make out session, of course.
To be honest, it had been an abhorrent idea to you, the idea of having sex anywhere except for on a bed. You could thank your ultra conservative upbringing for that, but it was how it was. And Jeon Jung Kook was looking to change exactly that state of affairs.
Somehow, just so somehow, he had managed to convince you to play this ‘daddy-baby girl’ game with him (which he sold to you as a game proposition, and not as something of a kink. He had a rough idea of how less you were receptive to unnatural behavior). And now, since you had pissed him off for some reason, he had decided to punish you. And get what he wanted. 
Shyly, you made your way towards him, and sat down onto his lap, his lusciously thick thighs managing to elicit a moan from your mouth.
“The thighs come later, baby girl…” He let his words hang in the air, licking his soft lips in a suggestive manner. He threw his hands around you, holding your body securely in place, before his order made its way to your ears. 
“Grind onto me, princess.” 
Reflexively you turned around and faced him, snaking your arms around the back of his neck, a whiff of the musky perfume he was wearing at the time invigorating your olfactory senses. You looked up at him, running your hungry eyes along the length of his bare pale chest, cheeks blushing red, and found his large brown eyes staring directly into yours. Focusing hard on each move you were about to make. Lustful and dark.
You bit your lower lip, so intensely it hurt a bit, as you moved your hips rhythmically against his erection, hard and huge. And which somehow seemed to grow larger with each buck, turning you on even more.
Your embarrassment (that had no apparent reason whatsoever) had just about kept you from moaning as his hips began to push forward and raise up with each grind. On top of that, Jungkook groaning into your ear wasn’t helping either. 
Just when you thought you were about to break, the immensity of sinful pleasure clouding your senses, he stopped abruptly and carried you over, in his arms, to the wall. Pushing you up against it, your legs looped around his muscular frame, he kissed you on the lips. Starting a bit mellow before turning passionate, his hands roaming all over your upper body, sliding underneath your top and fondling your breasts. 
You gave up resisting the vulgar urge within, beginning to moan lightly in your soft voice. Jungkook chuckled before taking your top off. He leaned closer, sucking at the sweet spot on your neck he was well acquainted with, a free hand sliding down your stomach and making its way to the waistband of your shorts. Your heart stopped beating for a second.
His lips moved upwards, from your neck to your jaw to your mouth, this time the kiss turning heated as soon as you touched, his long tongue exploring each corner inside as he deemed fit. He tasted, or rather, enjoyed the strawberry lip gloss to his heart’s content coupled with the heat of your mouth, before he pressed his hips against yours, yet again. 
This time it was faster. This time it was wilder. You knew you were losing it, and you were losing it fast enough. Thoughts blurry, head clouding, loud moans unstoppable and your soul coming quickly undone.
Now it was time for him to switch his attention to your ear, nibbling lightly down the soft cartilage of your earlobe, hips still moving, you still in pure pleasure mode. You wrapped your slender fingers into the silky strands of his hair, and moaned.
Another chuckle later, he stopped, and you felt a large hand slipping into your shorts. From the outside of your silky lace panties, he began rubbing at your clit.
“So wet, aren’t we?” His husky voice sent shivers down your spine. The pace of his fingers moving increased, and your moans too in equal measure. You threw your head back, enchanted.
He tugged your shorts down and undid your bra before letting his fingers start fucking you deep. And at the same time, his lips were around a nipple, sucking onto it.
Complete bliss. “Ah...Jungkook!” 
And a few moments later. “I’m gonna cum-”
He withdrew his finger and chortled, looking you in the eye. “You really thought I was gonna let you, didn’t you? Beg for it.” 
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mercurygguk · a day ago
risqué (m) | two [teaser]
Tumblr media
➵ summary; in which jungkook finds himself stuck between doing what’s morally correct and giving in to his feelings and desires. what will he choose?
➵ series masterlist · playlist · risqué tag · taglist
Tumblr media
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
word count; approx. 20k
rating; 18+
content; age gap au, mutual sexual attraction, smut/angst/fluff
warnings; making out, grinding, swearing (more to be added in the final part)
release date; october 31st, 2021 @ 9pm CEST
a/n; part 2 of risqué is coming soon!! here’s a small teaser of it – comment underneath this post or send me an ask to be added to the taglist :) i hope all of you will look forward to it! thank you sm for reading this series <3
Tumblr media
“Fuck,” you whimper as his lips suddenly wrap around your exposed nipple while still helping you grind against him. It’s almost too much – his lips on your breasts, his hands on your ass, squeezing the flesh tightly like you’ll stop if he doesn’t have a tight grip on you. But as your fingers tangle in his black curls, you find yourself suddenly giggling. This whole scenario unfolding right now is quite humorous in a way as it reminds you of two months ago when he so easily gave in just like tonight. You were so sure that nothing would happen between the two of you ever again, but here you are, already losing yourself on his cock and he’s not even buried deep within you yet. You’re not sure what’s more funny though – him giving in to your teasing ways or you being an absolute simp for him once he’s all over you?
“What’s so funny?” Jungkook asks, letting go of your nipple with a popping sound, but lips still leaving kisses against the soft skin of your upper chest.
“This whole thing,” you sigh deeply as you close your eyes, enjoying every single touch he leaves on your body, his hands moving on from your ass to slide up the sides of your torso, hands spreading across your back, “you really need to grow a backbone, you know?”
Jungkook grunts against your skin, biting softly causing you to yelp in pain as he huffs out, “shut up, ____.”
Leaning back, you cup his face to make him look at you. Smirking, you lean in to brush your lips over his, whispering: “make me.”
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © mercurygguk on tumblr, 2021.
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blushedarmybunny · 2 days ago
Testing the limits | Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
♔Pairing: Kim Namjoon x fem reader
♔Word count: 1.5 k
♔Summary: He is shy to show affection in public.
When y/n and Namjoon started dating, everyone in their friendship group thought that it just a natural cause and effect.
They met in college, both passively aggressively competing with each other for the number one student of the class, for their friends and classmates it was very entertaining.
They seemed to hate each other with passion but the graduation party was the knife that cut the sexual tension that you two were accumulating.
It was a very good surprise for both of you.
You could never imagine that inside the highly arrogant and calculated image that Namjoon portrayed was inside an adorable, clumsy, funny and caring man that is a trillion times better in every aspect than any man that you dated before.
Bed wise, he definitely knows what he is doing, he is a giver, passionate and so dominating.
He liked hip hop, cycling and nature, he always remembered your conversations, bought you little gifts just because, damn, he even helps you clean.
So you had been together for two years, move to the same apartment and even adopted a cat.
After graduating in sociology major, Namjoon choose to teach at university while you publish books on whatever topic catches your attention, you were doing well, after all, you two are nerds.
Attractive nerds, though.
Now that said, today you were happy, not a particular reason but your mood is good and you want to pass some of those good vibes to your boyfriend.
So this morning you had morning sex and shower sex, you were overly sweet and even made him his favorite breakfast, you felt like giving lots of love.
“Am I missing a hint, honey?” he asked happily eating his meal “I feel so good right now that I need to paid you or something” he joked.
“No hints, I’m just happy” you replied smiling at him “but you could pay me” you winked your eye.
He looked at you seductively.
“Satisfying you is addicting” he licked the orange juice of his lips.
“Stop right there, my love, I don’t want to ruin your suit”
He smiled again finishing his meal and grabbing his briefcase, you kissed him goodbye.
“So, after work…?”
“After work” you said before watching him leave.
You cleaned the house, work on your latest draft and took a shower, in the dressing room a cute, adjusted dress caught your attention, you bought it last week, it made your body look amazing, it showed your delicate curves and it was comfortably short but at the same time your legs still showed and looked incredible.
Maybe you could pay Namjoon a visit.
All dolled up and ready, the sound of your heels while you walk confident through the university halls made you anticipate more the reaction of your boyfriend.
His last class was about to finish, minutes later a flow of students exit the classroom, you wait until it´s empty so you can made your dramatic entrance.
There it was your boyfriend organizing some papers in his briefcase, you made your walk loud enough making Namjoon look your way, his mouth slightly open.
“y/n ”he whispered
“Namjoonie, my love ” you said while hugging him happy and trying to kiss his lips but he stopped you.
“Honey, what are you doing here? I mean, its good to see you but I’m in professor mode right now” he said flustered, red cheeks and trying hard not to look your cleavage.
“That’s why I waited till your last class” you said “now take my hand and invite me to a romantic dinner ”
He could not help but smile, Namjoon was shy and a very private person, very few of his colleges knew that he had a girlfriend, it was not professional to discuss those kind of matters in work, but he wasn’t hiding you or anything like that, if someone directly asked he would gladly said he was taken, but still, now that you are here looking this hot, he felt that it was not the time or place, he much rather pick you up and take you where you wanted to go, the two of you.
How is he supposed to look professional when you are making him sweat, he also knew your love language was touch, so your hands are going to be all over him.
He didn’t want to reject the woman that he loves, but he would have to tell you to keep it down until you get to the car if you keep trying to kiss him like anybody was around.
“Okay, wait in the car I’m going to get some documents that I need in my office” Namjoon told you passing you the car keys.
“I don’t wanna” you replied almost like a toddler, you were feeling sexy today, you were expecting Namjoon to proudly brag you in his job, how he looked in his suit and the outfit you were wearing made you look like a power couple, you wanted to live your tv drama moment. “I haven’t seen your office in while, it would be nice to take a look”
“Right, but let’s do it quick I bet those heels are uncomfortable” he said exiting the classroom, you smiled widely and hold his hand, he looked a little bit flustered.
You arrived fast, and just as quick as he promised he had everything he needed.
“Let’s go, honey” he said to you.
“First give me a kiss” you asked him with puppy eyes.
“Not right now”
“It’s uncomfortable we are in my office” he said, he felt sad when he saw the shine in your eyes evaporate “I´ll kiss you from head to toes when we arrive home” but you whined, you were about to protest when a voice interrupted you.
“Namjoon?” a masculine voice called behind you.
You two turned just to found a man with a raised eyebrow.
“Hoseok” Namjoon said surprised at his presence.
Hoseok eyes were examine you, he didn’t miss a detail of your gracious figure.
“You didn’t tell me that you have a girlfriend” that was your calling, you went ahead and presented your hand.
“Hello, my name is y/n, I’m Namjoon’s girlfriend” you said with a smile, he shook your hand in response.
“She is way out of your league” Hoseok teased
“Well, it was good to see you, but me and y/n are in a hurry so…” he made you a gesture to walk to the exit.
“Wait! I was here to asked you to celebrate my promotion on Friday” he said to Namjoon. “You can come too, y/n”
When you got up to the car, you quickly turned to Namjoon to get your kiss that got rejected in the office but Namjoon stopped you again.
“Can you stop, you made me uncomfortable the whole afternoon” he said serious.
You didn’t like that tone.
“Is my love and affection uncomfortable?” you asked him raising an eyebrow.
“It’s not, but I don’t like you show it in public” he replied.
“Well you have been very insensitive with me, I put effort in my looks today hoping you’ll like it, but you were nothing but ice cold” you said bitter “It completely ruined my mood, so let’s go home I guess”
“If you say so” he had his jaw clenched.
The fun was ruined and your outfit wasted, you both made out a day later, but you were petty as fuck so you’ll wait for the right time to make Namjoon pay back, a little fun revenge.
And your moment finally arrived on Friday, first you made sure to tease Namjoon the whole morning, wearing nothing but underwear and a not so oversized shirt, accidentally bumping your ass in his crotch and dropping things to pick them up, not even giving him the good morning kiss, he was visually aroused and sweaty.
“y/n give me a kiss” he said and you quickly turned around to give the world fastest peck on his lips, he was clearly frustrated.
“You are going to be late for class, babe” you reminded him “I don’t want to be a distraction”
“Okay” he said defeated “I pick you up at 6” he said leaving the house.
Hours later you were seated in front of Hoseok, you made sure to look like a bombshell, he was like a lost puppy it was clear that Namjoon could not concentrate in the conversation any longer, you were making it very hard when you teased him with your feet but when he slide a hand on your leg you put his hand away, Hoseok went to the bathroom.
“Hoseok is gone, quick y/n kiss me” he pleaded you.
“But, babe, I don’t feel like it, we are in public” you said with a devilish smile.
You would never forget the look that Namjoon gave you.
“I can’t wait to get home then”
It sounded like a warning; you almost fell of your chair.
You loved it.
Dom Namjoon is going to teach you a lesson when you arrive home.
Who are you fooling? You can’t wait either.
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btslx13 · 2 days ago
Hey ..hope u are doing well 💜 can I req some OT7 wallpapers ....if possible written you are my universe or We Are all alone in the universe plz...🤧✨ I m pretty excited as I know u always do a great job ....
Thank you so much 😊 and thank u for waiting 💗
Here you have, hope you like them!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bts wallpaper
➳ if you save, like/reblog. Thanks ♡
➳ request are open
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pinkcherrybombs · a day ago
Make A Wish
Tumblr media
♡ Summary: Established Relationship Au: “Make a wish, my love, but make sure it is worth it.”
♡Pairing: Min Yoongi x Female Reader
♡Work Count: 500
♡TW: Angst, Bittersweet, Major Character Death
(A/N;I wrote this while procrastinating studying for my midterm, so it is on the shorter side. Anyways though as usual I hope ya'll like it ! Oh and pls wish my luck on my exam <3 Love you all! )
“Make a wish, my love, but make sure it is worth it,” words merely above a whisper as he mumbled them into the crook of your neck, sending vibrations down your spine with each syllabub.
“I made it,” you hummed softly, turning to wrap your arms around his waist as he had been doing to you prior. Hooded eyes now greeting your own, he smiled softly, wondering to himself what he would ever do without you.
“I wish we both become stars after we die,” your sentence trailing off as your lips curve into a soft smile. Yoongi stared back, not fully comprehending the wish but still acknowledging the beautiful sediment behind it. “A little morbid there, love, but I kinda like it.”
You giggled quietly as you now stopped on your tippy-toes to become eye-level. Still wrapped in each other embrace, “When we’re old, and everyone around us is all crinkly.”
“Except for Jin Hyung,” he quickly rebuttal as though the older gentleman was around the two of you to scold you on ever thinking he could possibly grow old.
“Of course, except for Jin.” placing a kiss to his lips, you continued.
“When we are old and wrinkled, if one of us dies before the other, then all we will have to do is look up to the night sky, and we’ll always be able to talk.”
It was moments like these that Yoongi truly felt how deeply his love for you encased him. You weren’t just his partner; you were his other half, his reason for existing. To love you was as simple as breathing for him.
“So what you’re saying is you’ll always be right by my side, my love.”
“Forever,” you mused.
His gaze make their way up to the stars above him as the tears begin to cascade down his already reddened cheeks. Every single night for the past two years, he makes the routine of sitting on the porch before bed and looking to the stars, silently praying that one of them is you. As his eyes trail from one constellation to another, he tries to remember every single detail about his beautiful girl. His love. But sadly, the memories get harder to recollect with age, and the feeling of your lips against his has become harder to imagine. He can’t remember as much as he used to, so instead, he just watches the stars. His words barley slip out as he's now hiccuping with tears.
“I know your wish came true, my love. I can still feel you right by my side. Thank you”
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euphoriyoongi · a day ago
🎬Too Far Gone || kth
Tumblr media
🎬 Take 01
Tumblr media
Both of you are top Stars acting in the newest hit drama. Taehyung plays the second lead—with whom you have much more chemistry with instead of the first lead. Was it because you slept with each other? Or is it your growing feelings?
🎬Pairing: actor! Taehyung x actress! Reader x Seokjin
🎬Word count: 2.7k
🎬Warnings: (kind of)rough sex, language
Prev. Story: Drugs // pjm
Too Far Gone Masterlist
Tumblr media
You didn’t know what you were getting into by becoming an actress.
Sure, you were blessed with the undying love of millions of people. You also had a wide range of luxury cars and a penthouse apartment away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seoul.
But little did you know that being watched twenty-four-seven could affect you so significantly. Well, more than you imagined, at least.
And with the freedom of money and beauty, you had a history of sleeping with the sexiest men.
From top actors to even idols, as long as they were good in bed and had a pretty face, you were smitten. But only for the night, that is.
Before your fame, you had a boyfriend for nearly six years. You believed he was everything you ever wanted, but when you discovered he was cheating on you with your best friend at the time, you broke down and keyed his car.
That left you at the police station with mascara dripping down your cheeks as you kept saying, “that fucker deserved it.”
Luckily nothing ended up on your permanent record, but the scars of that relationship were left on your heart just like the scratch on his car.
Just like that, you were never in a relationship again. You found fame after a recruiter for an entertainment company discovered your talent at one of the plays you did in college. They swooped you in, and you transformed into one of the greatest actresses in Korea.
Being the most desired woman came with flaws. You couldn’t go to your favorite restaurants anymore, and the only part of you in them was the posters you did to promote soju that hung on their walls.
You also seemed to have someone always following your every move. There were articles about you bringing different men to hotels—or vice versa—all over the internet, but you didn’t care. Maybe you should’ve realized how toxic this was to you, but all you wanted was something to ease the hole in your heart, even if that meant sex. Maybe one day you’ll find someone, but until then, you carried on with your pleasure.
And that one day you met Kim Taehyung, you knew there was something else there other than lust and sweat.
As you stood face to face with the man who did so many dirty things to you the week before, your mouth nearly dropped to the floor.
“Alright Miss y/n, this is Kim Taehyung.” The director stated but all you heard was mumbling. He stared at you with the same intensity, as if he was having flashbacks of tossing you around the hotel room’s bed. “He’s going to be playing the second lead, Hajun.”
For a second there, you completely forgot you were in the presence of your boss and a few other crew members. Today was the day of the character photo shoot, and you were sitting down in your makeup chair, waiting for it to start.
The first lead was Kim Seokjin. He’s known for being more of a model than anything, but has acted in a few hit dramas. You’ve never worked with him before, but you were nervous to be in quite intimate scenes with him.
“Oh!” You shook yourself out of your funk and stood up to bow. Even if you had seen every part of him head to toe, it was only right to show respect. “It’s nice to meet you.” You said and bowed, to which he quirked an eyebrow at your flushed cheeks.
He licked his lips and you shivered, remembering where that tongue has been. “I’m Taehyung, I don’t think you got my name last time we met.” He smirked, but maintained his distance from you.
You ran a hand through your hair to fix it and looked at his expression, which reminded you of the minute you tore his clothes off of his body.
You thought back on that day now, daydreaming as if people weren’t around.
It was late at night, and you were at a Halloween party at the club with one of your fellow actress friends. With a few drinks in your system, it wasn’t enough to completely blank your mind, but it was enough for you to get rebellious.
The minute you laid your eyes on Taehyung was when you saw him standing in the corner of the room, a cigarette in his hand and a drink in the other. Something about that drew you in, and it made you walk towards him.
The music blasted loudly, some western Halloween tunes filling the air as well as the smoke from his cigarette. He intoxicated you just like the alcohol, and when you stood face to face with him, he dragged on the cigarette and blew it away from your face.
His voice rumbled deep. “What’s your motive?” He asked simply, licking the taste of alcohol off his lips.
You were taken aback, and crossed your arms across your chest. “My motive?”
He nodded, taking a sip of his drink. “Yeah. You obviously came over here for a reason.” He shrugged, and licked his lips again. Oh god, he definitely was doing that on purpose. “So what is it?” His eyes then raked down your have naked body, as you were dressed as a devil.
Your dress was short and all black reaching mid thigh, and the tights that dawned your legs were ripped it looked like something tore you up. Dark obsidian horns rested on top of your hair, making you look just as evil as the glint in your eyes.
He smirked, and met your gaze. You subconsciously reached down at the hem of your dress to pull it down, but it wouldn’t budge. “I think you know what it is.”
“I don’t know, y/n, I’ll have to hear it from your mouth.” He shrugged, his dark eyes still browsing your body. “Or your body. You choose.”
You didn’t know this man, but everything in you was telling you to jump his bones. He was dressed in all black too, with a witch hat on top of his head. You tried to brush off his comment. “What are you, a witch?” You questioned, tilting your head at him as you took a step closer.
He watched as you moved. He took a gulp, looking a bit nervous, but didn’t sound like it. “Yes, but it seems like you’re the witch.”
You took another step, your platform boots hitting his shoes. “Ah, what’s that supposed to mean?” You tilted your head up towards him and lifted your hand up to grab his hat.
With what it felt like a hundred people dancing around you, it didn’t affect your focus on him. With the dark glimpse he was shooting into your eyes and the lit cigarette that was burning away in his hand, it was like he was the only person in the room.
Something was burning inside you, and it wasn’t just lust. He pulled you in so fast, you felt an emotion in your heart that was much different than all of the other times a man caught your eye.
“This is going to sound cheesy.” His dark brown hair fell over his eye as he leaned towards you. “But you must’ve put a spell on me.”
You kept your laugh in since it was overcome by desire. You took the hat off his head and your other hand gripped at his waist, wrapping your fingers around his shirt. You didn’t say anything though, and just let go of him to walk towards the back exit. When you realized he wasn’t following you turned around to see his mouth slightly agape. You nodded your head towards the door with a smirk, and he finally took a step to follow you.
Fast forward to sneaking by paparazzi and fans, you find yourselves tossed in the back of a cab, making out aggressively. Teeth clashing and clothes begging to be taken off, his hands decide to explore your body as well as his tongue.
His taste was like ecstasy that you couldn’t get enough of. The pressure of his hands on your body sent your mind spiraling in thoughts about how he would feel inside of you, and you wanted to find out more than anything.
You stumble into the elevator of the hotel you were staying at for the time being, making it shake as he tossed you into the wall. As the doors closed and you didn’t press the bottom for the floor, the elevator stood stationary until you broke away from his intoxication for just a second to press the number.
You find your way to the room, stumbling through the door and kicking off your shoes. He then slammed you into the wall, and lifted you up then and held you to his body, gripping the back of your exposed thighs. You wanted him so bad, even if you didn’t know his name.
He tossed you onto the bed with one swift motion and slides his shirt off, undoing his belt and taking his pants off too. The room was still pitch-black as it was nearing midnight, and you reached to pull the tight dress off your body, as well as your tights.
He groaned with red eyes and slid his body on too of you, ripping the dress right off your body. You would’ve been mad if it was anyone else, but you didn’t care. He was too electrifying, too alluring. Every part of you craved his touch. His big hands grasped onto your hips tightly, rocking them up to hit his. He growled in your ear and bit it, making you moan in pleasure.
You moaned loudly, begging for him to enter you. He teased you for a bit, his hips buckling against yours as he hovered on top of you. You grabbed his curly brown hair and spun it around your fingers, making him wince in pleasurable pain. “Oh, y/n.” He moaned, and just as he was about to enter you, his lips met yours softly this time, like he was kissing someone he loved. That wasn’t the case, but it definitely wasn’t just lust.
As he thrusted into you with deep movements, his hands gripped your neck and you stared into the dark pits of his eyes, wincing. You were a sucker for rough sex, and you wondered if he knew that. You didn’t tell him your name, and he already knew it.
Your lips met his neck and his teeth bit into your hair, unable to hold his excitement in as you grazed your hands up his back. You had a sudden thought about losing his hat. You broke apart from him for a second, your breathing heavy. “Wait, your hat—“
“I don’t give a fuck about a stupid hat right now.” He growled into your ear, and then penetrated powerfully into you again, and you felt every part of him inside you. He sucked on your collarbone while he moaned, and you thought that was the sexiest sound you’ve ever heard next to the way he moaned your name.
Everything about him made you never want this to end. But as he came, you dug your nails into his shoulder, holding him tightly as he—
“Y/n? Did you hear me?” The director waved a hand in front of your blank stare. “Are you—is she okay?”
Taehyung just stood there with a smirk, knowing her thoughts were the same as his. He shrugged with a quirk of the eyebrow.
You shook the dirty thoughts away. “Yes, I’m sorry. Got a bit distracted there.”
“Okay okay!” The director clapped loudly, causing the whole room to look at him. “Let’s start the shoot. We’ll start with the main cast.”
He signaled you to stand from your seat, and you walked over to the set for the photo shoot with Taehyung walking close behind you, making you shiver.
“Seokjin! Let’s go.” The director called out, and in came a beautiful man who also took your breath away.
Seokjin seemed to be able to woo anyone in is proximity. He had some sort of Midas touch, and everything her would touch seemed to turn to gold. He was named the sexiest man a few times, but now that she remembered, Kim Taehyung was the most recent one.
Here you were, surrounded by the two sexiest men in the world. A girl could dream, huh.
“Sorry, the makeup artist took a bit long.” His smile could kill, and he approached you in the midst of the set. He turned to you and raised his eyebrows. “Ready?”
You already met him at the table reading. Taehyung wasn’t there, which is why it startled you so much to see him standing in front of you.
You smiled at Seokjin and nodded, not glancing to the side to see Taehyung standing there glaring at jin. “Yes, let’s get started.”
You both sat down on the couch that was in front of the cameras and sat as close as you could to each other. He was very attractive indeed, but you couldn’t help but notice Taehyung watching you with his arms crossed over his chest. You suddenly had the thought of making the man jealous, but you didn’t even have to try, he was jealous by just looking at you standing near Seokjin.
As the photographer positioned you to sit on Jin’s lap, you smirked at Taehyung with a glimmer in your eyes. You rested your hands on Jin’s broad shoulders and he turned to face you, his lips just centimeters away from yours. You felt nothing, but you couldn’t let Taehyung think that.
Jin gripped your waist with his one hand and rested his other hand against the back of the couch. His shirt was barely buttoned and your hair was messy, almost like you were about to fuck. You looked graceful though, and couldn’t help but smirk as you noticed Taehyung turn away.
After a few shots and different positions, it was time for the photos with the second lead. Taehyung slowly but confidently walked over towards you.
This time, the set was a window frame. It was hinting at a scene from the upcoming drama, in which you and Hajun—or Taehyung—share an intimate moment together.
“Okay, can you guys make your way to the window, please?” The photographer asked as he flipped through the pictures in his camera.
You moved to the window sill and Taehyung was close, you could feel the hot breaths just like that night.
You shut the thoughts out of your mind and listened to the director as he told you what you were going to be doing. And just as he was told, Taehyung gripped your hips and lifted you up onto the sill, the photographer’s camera clicking fast just like your heart. His face was closer than Seokjin’s was, and you were dying to pull him by the collar and attack his lips.
When you noticed the deep look in Taehyung’s eyes, your gaze softened and you lifted a hand up to run through his silky hair. It wasn’t scripted, but you went for it anyway.
Your lips neared each other and you heard a few “oos and ahs” from the staff. Your chemistry was undeniable, and you knew it. His fingers tightened onto your jeans belt loop and he bit the corner of his lip, keeping himself calm before he got turned on by just the look of you.
“Alright! That was great.” The director yelled excitedly and you stayed in Taehyung’s arms. He didn’t let go yet, and your hands still stayed in his hair. “Guys? We have to do more shoots.”
That broke you apart pretty quickly, and you both distanced yourself as far as you could with a few awkward coughs. Seokjin stood with a smirk on his lips, knowing exactly what was going on.
And he knew that if their chemistry continued that passionate, the drama’s ratings would go down.
He needed to make sure you were attracted to him and only him.
And he was going to do whatever it takes.
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fluffyydumplings · 2 hours ago
Heart Strings - Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Gif by yooboobies @yooboobies (my favourite gif maker of all time)
Tumblr media
Plot: Mornings like this one are the best - especially when your boyfriend is Min Fucking Yoongi.
Word Count: 450
Genre: Fluff / Crack
Warnings: profanity
A/N: This was inspired by @yooboobies’s gif - as seen above. But... Also. I miss playing the guitar and am planning to get back into it. The song mentioned here is one I used to know how to play. This is a very self-indulgent fic. I have no more to say.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One early morning... No! No! No! One not so early morning..
‘Uhhhhh!’ stretching your arms out, you rub your eyes sluggishly.
‘Eh? What the fuck is this?’
‘It’s me, honey..’ still sleeping on you, he responds.
‘Play me a song,’ yawning, you request ever so randomly.
‘Honey, it’s too early for that.. The clumsy guy who accidentally rings our bell isn’t even here yet.’
‘It’s eleven pm, Yoongi boongi boo boo.’
‘Ahhhhhh...’ he cringes, as pink tints his cheeks.
‘Now play me a sooong..’ you whine.
‘Nooo.. I don’t want to,’ he pouts, shaking his head in refusal.
‘But... Yooooongi.. I want you to,’ you don’t give up.
‘At what cause?’ he’s got to get at least something out of this.
‘My love..’
‘Ahhh! Don’t you dare be cheesy this early in the morning.’
‘It’s not early in the morning though.’
‘We have lunch in an hour, yoongi boongi boo boo,’ you stick your tongue out.
‘Still... At what cause?’
What does this man want? -ㅅ-
‘What do you want?’
‘A kiss.’
Ahhhhhhh!!! It’s way too late in the morning for this!!!
‘What? Why do you look as though you have seen a ghost?’
‘Ewwww... I have saliva all over my cheeks,’ you point at the mess he made.
‘What are you talking about?’ he brings his guitar out of its case.
‘Just play already!’
‘Okay.. Okay..’
‘This one is for how you make me feel, Y/N...’
‘It’s AmAzing HOW Yu- Speak Right to my Heeaaaart!’
‘Without Sayiiing a Worddddd!!’
‘Tryyyy As I Mayyyy... I can never explain!! What I hear when you Doooon’t say aaaaa Thing!!!’
He sings playfully around, strumming lazily as happiness graze his eyes. His fluffy hair dipping down to his forehead, your giggles inducing a big fat smile on his face.
‘The SmIle Oooon Your Face LET’s Me Know THAt You Need Meeee-’
He stops abruptly.
‘That’s all I know,’ his teeth shows, shyly grinning at you.
Oh.. Yoongi!
‘How was that?’
Yooooooongiiii Boongiiiiiiii Boooo Booooooo!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhshhdhfjjfjfnfbfbfbfbjfhfjjfnf! Arrest him! Arrest him!!!! Arrest him right this instant!!!
‘Good,’ you nod, still mesmerised by it all. Or perhaps, slightly sleepy.
‘Oh.. How you play.’
‘With my heart strings.’
Cringe wave number 10345.. -ㅅ-
‘Is this what having Jin as a best friend does to you?
‘Is this what having Yoongi as your boyfriend does to you.’
‘A kiss for a kiss!!’
Revenge, Yoongi Boongi Booo Boooo!!! Meow ha ha ha ha!!! Ahhahahahaaaa!!!
Ahhhh!!! My heart strings!!!
He might have scared the clumsy guy away. Numeric was it? No... Namjoon.. Yeah. He scared Namjoon away.
Oh.. Turns out, the clock stopped running yesterday. It's actually six am in the morning. Oops!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dulcebangtan · a day ago
here you go :D
the truth untold | jjk x reader [scenario - a]
part two of two
Tumblr media
you never thought that your relationship with your boyfriend, jungkook, would fall apart, but now your once abundant happiness was fleeting.
warnings: some angst
genre: angst
word count: 540
link to masterlist
read part one here
getting things back to normal wasn't easy at first.
you and jungkook had a few arguments here and there as you two struggled to figure out a way to bring back your once healthy relationship.
eventually, you two decided to return to couple's counseling, deeply listening to the counselor's advice and applying it to your everyday lives. 
ultimately, you and him decided to go on a short break to collect your own thoughts and feelings. the break only lasted a week and a half before jungkook was knocking at the door of your apartment, crying his eyes out and apologizing for all the times he's hurt you. 
now here you two were, sitting on the couch as you stroked jungkook's hair and held him, telling him that you've forgiven him and that it was okay. 
"it's not okay, y/n. i hurt you so many times without even realizing it," your boyfriend sniffled as he looked up at you with watery eyes. "i feel really bad for everything that i've done." 
"koo, i've forgiven you," you softly told him, gently kissing his forehead and adding, "i'm sorry too, jungkook. for hurting you."
jungkook gave you a feeble smile, embracing you tightly as he nuzzled his face into your neck and left desperate kisses on the skin there, continuing to apologize and rambling about how much he's missed you. 
you two eventually made your way to the bedroom, jungkook holding you so carefully like you were made of glass and he was afraid to break you. he covered your face in kisses, leaving you flustered and giggling underneath him. 
"i love you, baby. always have and always will," he mumbled into your ear as he laid on top of you. you stiffened in his hold, your cheeks turning even redder as your heart swelled with joy at his words; you couldn't remember the last time jungkook has told you that he loves you, and him saying it just now had you feeling ecstatic.
"i love you too, kook," you said, holding his face in your hands as you grinned at him. "i'm so glad that we were able to work things out. it feels like a huge weight was taken off of my shoulders." 
"me too, baby, me too," jungkook happily sighed as he rolled over, switching your positions so he laid on his back and you straddled his lap. "you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."
you didn't reply, simply smiling down at him and kissing him, holding his hands with yours. you felt a lot better and could also feel yourself slowly but surely beginning to heal from all of the pain. 
your relationship with jungkook grew stronger everyday, and you two finally were able to get back to that honeymoon-like state you two used to be in. all of the arguments and sleepless nights only made the both of you stronger and made the both of you mature and apologize for your mistakes; as weird as it sounded, you were almost grateful for the bad times, as they ended up creating something beautiful and worthwhile.
when jungkook would fall asleep, sometimes you would stay up and watch him sleep. it sounded weird, but you just liked to lay there and admire his soft features, gently cupping his cheek and kissing his forehead before rolling over on your side and going to sleep. 
you could feel your happiness beginning to return and you couldn't have been more proud of all the progress you and jungkook have made, both together and individually. 
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dilfsugaaa · 8 hours ago
Falling for Sin [1] | M.YG
Tumblr media
summary: “I have heard shy girls are the loudest on bed. I wanna see it for myself.”
Yoongi, the florist next door, falls for the already-smitten-with-him high school student, Y/N. but for her, is loving him a sin? how does her world crumble when her elder brother comes to know of their forbidden relationship?
Tumblr media
pairing: florist!yoongi x female reader
rating [over the series]: explicit | 🔞 
word count: 2.5k [for this part]
genre/au: smut/fluff/angst, porn with plot | flower shop au
warnings [over the series]: age difference (not too much but still uncomfortable for some readers), loss of virginity and innocence, hickeys, shameless smut, voyeurism (both accidental and intentional), dark and tragic themes, outdated and conservative school of thought, yandere! (kind of), this screams bad!
a/n: originally posted to my wattpad, and ao3. slightly rewritten.
my first het fanfic ever (actually started January, 2021). this might be shitty so reader discretion is advised.
the pov of the o/c is that of an eighteen year old, and hence she sounds innocent when she’s doing the narration.
also, this fic has been split into parts and has been written in the first person pov, which is alternately of the female reader, and that of Yoongi. links to the different parts can be accessed via my masterlist (releasing soon)!
ao3 | wattpad
Tumblr media
Y/N P.O.V.
6.30 AM
"Did you hear about the new flower shop?" Taehyung asks me, putting down the city newspaper he has been reading and folding it.
"How would I know? They rarely let us know anything other than what is already in our school textbooks." I reply, taking a long last look at my school uniform in the life sized mirror and ensuring that it looks proper. The skirt is a little too short for my liking, though.
"I will take you there when you come back home today from school. I remember when we were little you used to love with flowers, basking in the positive, floral proximity of them." Taehyung waxes poetic, smiling at me. I return the same expression.
"Well yeah, why not? Now, bye!" I mouth, wolfing down the last of the breakfast cereal in my bowl and push past the main door of our apartment. I don't want to be late to school. Who wants to get early morning detention anyway?
"Bye, honey-sweet!" He waves at me. I hear the door click shut behind me.
I half-run, half-walk to the bus stop to catch the first bus I can get to school. I am luckily on time. Since I am among the first passengers in here, I get to the second last row which is my favorite one, and seat myself beside the window. Ninety minutes to school. I sigh as I let my head rest against the back of my seat.
8.30 AM
We file into our respective classes soon after the morning assembly is over. It is Chemistry for me. I make my way to the classroom and find the teacher, Mister Park, grading our test papers from the previous day.
"Good morning, Mister Park." I bow to him while walking towards my bench.
"Good morning, Y/N." He smiles at me. "This test of yours went better than all of your previous ones. Keep working hard!"
"I will, Mister Park. Thank you." I reply out of courtesy and make myself comfortable on my seat. I turn to take my organic chemistry textbook out of my bag.
Slowly everyone arrives into the classroom. The teacher stands up. "Here, class! I have graded all of your test papers on the topic, general organic chemistry, and every one of you has done exceptionally well." He beams, handing us our corrected answer sheets on our desks. "Since you guys have begun to find the lesson really easy, remind me to raise the difficulty level next time." He smirks. The class groans collectively.
"Open your book on the forty-seventh page. Kim Y/N, stand up and read the text out loud." He commands me. "The topic is hyperconjugation."
I start reading. "Hyperconjugation is the delocalization of the sigma electron. It is also known as sigma-pi conjugation or no-bond resonance. It occurs in..."
As soon as I finish reading the full text on the said page he asks me to sit down and then starts explaining the concepts one-by-one.
I gaze absentmindedly out of the window. I would rather sleep than listen to this shit. 
Then, just as I am about to doze off, a small piece of white chalk hits me. I get snapped out of my siesta.
"Kim Y/N, am I this boring?" Mister Park Jimin runs his hand through his beautiful blond hair, an amused expression plastered on his face.
"Sorry, Mister Park, I-" I begin.
"You don't need to be sorry, Y/N. Drink some water and try to refocus. So, where were we? Yes, so, hyperconjugation is a permanent effect. What this means is that..."
Dammit. I had better concentrate now. As it is, this was a major embarrassment.
The rest of the class goes by with me trying my best not to fall asleep and him outlining the whole concept explicitly, to the best of his ability.
3.30 PM
I am back home. I ring the doorbell.
"How was your day?" Taehyung asks me. He is clad in an off-white apron that has cooking stains on it. Not his favorite one, but he wears it because he says it helps him visualize himself as a professional chef, for some reason. I mostly disagree, though.
"It was tiring, to say the least...uhhh, what's with that?" I point at his apron.
"Oh this! Well, I was in the mood to, you know, bake some great delicacy." He says proudly.
"And what 'great delicacy' have you baked?" He is such a mood.
"Chocolate pudding!" He exclaims, emerging from the kitchen carrying a large dish with the pudding on it. Admittedly, it looks fabulous. I just want to dive in.
"Get yourself a spoon, girl. This is gonna be today's lunch." He declares.
I run to the kitchen to get a spoon. This is not the kind of lunch anyone’s used to, anyway. More like a scarce opportunity.
Both of us are busy digging our spoons into the pudding and grabbing mouthfuls. After a while, all of a sudden, Taehyung turns to face me. "We have to go visit the new flower shop before it closes for the day."
"Ahhh yes! I'll go get ready." I mouth. 
4.51 PM
The flower shop has such a beautiful appearance, I wonder what the owner looks like.
Set in red brick and mortar, the shop looks like the protagonist's house atop a hill in some age-old fairytale. It has a mystic feel to it, a feel that entices you to enter the building and explore it, expecting to have a tryst with the unknown. A small bell, made out of copper, hangs at the entrance. Before getting into the shop, the visitor has to ring it. Surely to let the florist know some visitor has arrived, and that they would like to take a look at the flowers on offer.
It is almost as if I am frozen at my place, drinking in the magical surroundings of the red building. The dreamer inside of me has been awakened and my mind is full of countless adjectives to try to describe the indescribable.
"Y/N! We can't flex here all day, you know..." Taehyung shakes me by my shoulder, harsh but soft.
"Yes...yeah, let's go in." I reply, still dazed.
Taehyung rings the bell and I push the glass door open. At this hour, we are the only visitors in here.
A pair of eyes looks up from behind a massive flower décor that seems to be a work in progress. Those eyes meet mine. I look away instinctively.
"Welcome! What can I do for you?" That man, presumably, comes up in front of us.
Gosh, he is so handsome. 
I can't contain myself. That pale skin, those cat-like eyes, that gummy smile...this place is full of beauties, I am pretty sure by now. I draw in a sharp breath.
"We just dropped by to have a look around here." Taehyung replies. "You have just opened shop here recently, right? What is your name?"
"I am Yoongi. Min Yoongi." He smiles at us, all warm and welcoming.
"So, Mister Min, do you prepare all of these decorations by yourself?" My elder brother enquires.
"Yes. I work on them by myself, with flowers that I freshly pick from the garden at the back."
The topic of their discussion bores me. I zone out, and instead choose to observe Yoongi with a fascinated admiration. His name, it is just...beautiful! I think it means that red pearl in our language, and if you ask me, it is a beautiful one, and he is true to its meaning. 
I peek at him. His well-toned muscles, his slender body which is clothed black...I take in each detail, visually feasting my eyes.
We walk around the shop. There is a variety of decorative flowers in here, all arranged on huge gilded silver-colored shelves and vases, atop long red pieces of satin. For the customers who wish to buy fresh flowers and ornamental plants for their homes, there are those too, arranged in colorful and neatly pruned arrays.
Taehyung seems really very happy. There is no denying the fact that this visit to the florist's has rekindled lost memories of our childhood, wherein we used to roam around town back in our native city of Daegu, together visiting lush lawns and deep thickets that burst with the freshness and abundance of flowers. "Well, I think I have fallen in love with everything in here. I wish to buy some pots." He whispers to me.
"I would love it if you do that." I speak in the affirmative. I can't help but admit that the place, combined with the beautiful fresh flowers, gives off surreal vibes.
Yoongi walks past us and in the process, my left hand brushes past his. He chooses to ignore the contact and approaches Taehyung. "I think I can offer a discount to first-time customers like you." He flashes that dangerously adorable gummy smile at him. Taehyung's face takes on a relieved expression. "I love your generosity. I will place my order now and send in the money tomorrow. Will that be okay?"
"I guess that would be fair enough." Yoongi replies as he walks to his vintage-looking cash register, almost as if it time traveled its way here from the 1950s, with one of those time machines from superhit science fiction flicks. It is kept on top of the cashier's desk. He is apparently in charge of all the duties in here, that encompasses tending to the plants, selling them, and drawing up the checks for payment; apart from keeping the place clean. He must be working hard, quite a lot of it.
Taehyung walks up to the desk with me by his side. Yoongi grabs a royal blue ink pen and his notepad, I presume, and starts jotting down stuff. "What is your name, sir?" He asks my elder brother.
"My name is Taehyung. Kim Taehyung."
"Can I know her name as well? Just in case you are not able to come here and then you will send someone else in, who I assume would be her, I need to know who-"
"I am Kim Y/N." I interject. I shouldn't have done that though. It seems as if he has taken offence to it. He looks at me and opens his mouth as if to say something, then decides to shrug it off. He writes our names on the page, one below the other. 
His handwriting is just beautiful. Nothing else.
"What plants would you like to take home?" Yoongi asks my brother next, tapping his pen against his white knuckles while looking at him.
"For now I would opt for white roses and Shiloh." Taehyung seems to have decided on a choice. "What do you think, Y/N?"
"Uh...that is cool!" I say, obviously not being able to catch what he said because I was busy worshipping Yoongi in my head.
Before I know it, the cash receipt has been drawn up and the check is all ready to be settled. Yoongi walks over to the nursery and comes back with two pots, white roses in full bloom in one and beautiful purple buds of Shiloh in the other. "Where do you want me to load these on?"
I realize just then that we have spent over two hours here in this shop. Time flew by so quick.
"Could you deliver them home? We don't own a car and the scooter does not have space to-"
"Sure Mister Kim. I will ask my brother to drop the plant pots off at your home." Yoongi puts the plants down, interjecting with his suggestion to help. He straightens his back, and yanks his head backwards, in the process of stretching his body. I get a glimpse of his wonderfully sculpted Adam's apple and his neck. I'm almost ready to pass out.
Is he an incarnation of God? I am left gaping.
My brother nudges me. "Y/N..."
"I am coming." I answer impatiently as I walk to the exit where my brother is standing. I turn around one last time, just to take a last long look at the beautiful man, who smiles at me. I give a slight, hesitant smile in return.
9.30 PM
Taehyung comes to my room and knocks at the door. "Hey, Y/N!"
"Yeah, Tae?" I call out.
"Can I enter?"
"Why not?"
He enters the room and sits on the edge of my bed. I am at my worktable, finishing all of my school assignments for the next day at school. He smiles at me. "Working?"
"Yes." I reply.
"Which subject?"
"Math. And after that, English Literature."
"Keep studying, then." He stands up and makes his way to the door. "Good night, Y/N! Don't stay up too late!"
"Sure, Taehyung. Good night!" I squeak in response. He smiles while closing the door. I smile back.
What should I do next? I take my math worksheet out of the folder. It is on the topic of complex numbers. I put it back. I struggle with math as it is already, and my head is spinning as a bonus. Because of thoughts. Thoughts about a handsome man, who I met today for the first time. Thoughts about his chiseled jawline, and his face that was both cute and handsome at the same time. Simultaneously. Thoughts about his thighs, that seemed strong, just like a rod molded out of wrought iron. I close my eyes and smile to myself, color warming my cheeks up.
He is not alone on his job, though. Unlike what I had made out earlier in the evening. At the flower shop. He has a brother to help him out. I am curious to see for myself if his brother is also as handsome with godlike features as he is.
And what was with that parting smile? It spoke volumes. Has he taken fancy to me? Does he find me special? Do I interest him? 
Nah-uh. My silly-ass mind is probably playing tricks on me. He is so good-looking, a million girls would queue up for him in just one call. Who knows, he probably must be in a committed relationship already. And anyway, it is basic courtesy to greet a person, while meeting or parting. That must be the correct reason. Don't overthink, Y/N! Fucking don't!
I sigh loudly and close my notebook rather loud. My head is all muddled up with half-cooked thoughts by now, and I will have to complete my schoolwork by waking up early next morning to avoid getting into the bad books of my teachers. They are a stingy lot, for all I can say. How the fuck can anyone be so cautious in giving good grades to their own students? I always wonder.
I had better go give my head some rest now. A good night's sleep. I jump into my bed, not caring to make it, and cover myself with the large Korean mink blanket that’s my most prized possession, the last image occupying my mind being that of Yoongi. 
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veronawrites · 2 days ago
Found this on twitter and wtf what kind of sorcery is this?? why does Yoongi look so much like JK here 🙂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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secretmischief · 2 days ago
T R I G G E R E D (Changbin x Fem Reader)
Contains: Mafia!Seo Changbin x Older Reader; Mafia!Jung Hoseok x Reader
Word Count: 4K
Warnings: Infidelity, roughness, oral (F. Receiving), protected intercourse; fictional representation of existing person(s), foul language, angst, depictions of criminal activities, mild depictions of violence with weapons, character death. 18+ 
Summary: As the wife of the boss, you’re assigned a bodyguard. Nothing out of the ordinary for your station, except your new detail is a smokeshow. This could be a problem.
A/n: Look at me, broadening my horizons to SKZ. Anyway Seo Changbin is amazing and vastly underrated (IMO). He’s got the sweetest face and a wicked rap ❤️ K. Thx for coming. Moodboard made by me with shameless Google searches and Pic Collage. No joke. 
Tumblr media
“You summoned me?”
Your voice is dry and emotionless as you sit down at the table, claiming the seat next to your husband.
Hoseok is a formidable man. While he may not be the tallest, or the thickest in the room – which houses plenty of tall, thick men – his presence is larger than life in any space he occupies.
“I don’t think a text message asking my wife to join me for lunch counts as summoning her,” he responds just as dryly. You watch him wave his hands, and suddenly your meal appears as two guys set plates and glasses down in front of you both. And they say magic isn’t real.
“I suppose it isn’t, pass the salt please. It is unusual for you though. We haven’t had lunch together in ages. What’s the occasion?” you wonder as you sprinkle your potatoes.
“I’m giving you a bodyguard,” he says between multitasking. Chewing his food, reading what looks like some sort of dossier, he seems totally disinterested in what he just said to you. 
You swallow your food and stare at him.
“Giving?” you laugh, “I don’t need a bodyguard, don’t be absurd.”
“Yes you do, and it’s not a request,” he says blandly, not even bothering to look up.
“Okay. Why do I need a bodyguard all of a sudden?”
Hoseok sighs as if your voice is an incessant aggravation.
“You need a guard because I say you do. You don’t need to know anything more.”
“I’m your wife,” you lower your voice, “and I’m entitled to an explanation as to why some hulking Neanderthal will be attached to me, especially if my well-being is compromised.”
It doesn’t go unnoticed by you the way some of the men standing at the rooms edge exchange glances, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by you the way Hoseok finally looks up. His eyes go a little cold, you’ve spoken out of turn somehow and although you feel nerves prickling in your belly you remain stoic, unblinking. Mama didn’t raise no bitch.
Hoseoks eyes never leave yours, but he’s not speaking to you. One by one the handful of men in the room walk out, leaving you alone with your husband.
“Have I said something?” you ask with a sarcastic innocence, taking a sip of your water.
Hoseok rubs his eyes in frustration, dragging his slender fingers down his face.
“You’re a brat, I ought to teach you a lesson,” he chuckles dryly.
“Indeed, but I’m sure you’ll be teaching it to one of your little whores instead,” you accuse, emboldened by the absence of his posse. 
A normal person would probably deny this, scoff at the idea, or maybe become overly defensive, but nothing about this life is normal.
“I will,” he says so coolly and casually that it twists your heart in two.
You wipe the corners of your mouth with a napkin and steady yourself.
“I’d like to leave, I’m not hungry,” you say.
“Fine. You’ll be leaving with Changbin though,” he shrugs. 
 “Your bodyguard. He’s young, sturdy, he’ll keep you safe at all costs,” he explains, “Things aren't ideal, right now dove. It’s dicey, the kind of dicey where they want to come after my family, and since you still haven’t given me any children - that just leaves you.” 
 The fact that he thinks he’s being sensitive and loving right now is disgusting to you. You’d love nothing more than to spit in his food and storm out, but you remain still. 
 “If you want children from me you’ll want to pull your cock out of other women long enough to impregnate me,” you tell him. 
 He laughs. 
 “I’ll keep that in mind ___, I’ll keep that in mind,” he turns his attention to the door and whistles. One of his thugs appears seconds after and waits for his command like a good dog. 
 “My beautiful wife is leaving, go tell Changbin to pull her vehicle around,” he smiles and the man disappears. 
 Hoseok stands and walks behind your chair, dragging it out from the table to let you know you’re dismissed. 
 “Lovely to see you darling,” you say tightly. 
 Hoseok grabs your chin roughly and pulls your mouth to his for a kiss that you didn’t ask for, but you return regardless. Despite being enraged with him. You’ve pushed back enough already this afternoon, you know better than to deny him something he thinks is his right. He pushes his body against yours, nipping at your lip and squeezing the hell out of your waist. You just keep your eyes closed, pretending your life isn’t an absolute mess. 
 Finally he pulls off to catch his breath. 
 “Let me know if there’s a problem with Changbin,” he pats the side of your head, “Fuck, you’re so pretty.” 
 Then he sends you off. 
 It wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time it was love, you’re sure of it. When you were a young, sweet 19-year-old who saw a limitless future with the most handsome man you’d ever known. 
 Now you just felt like a worthless accessory. Something important enough to him that he wasn’t willing to toss, but also something that needed to be kept out of his way. 
 You’re thinking of this when you walk up to your vehicle. A young man stands with his hand holding open the passenger door. He’s cute, you think for a split second. His messy dark hair hangs just a tad too far over his brow, ears lined with expensive looking hoops and a dark gray suit that puts him apart from the other goons dressed in all black. Very cute, you think. 
 “Good afternoon ma’am, I’m Seo Changbin. I’m going to take really good care of you,” he smiles adorably. You only laugh and climb into your own passenger seat as he closes it gently behind you. 
 “Where to ma’am?” 
 “I’m hungry, are you?” you ask him idly, watching the rows of cherry trees that line the mansion your husband resides in - that you used to reside in - begin to blur. 
 “Uhm, I - a little?” he stumbles over the words, probably wondering if he’s allowed to share whether or not he’s hungry with you. He’s new. Clearly. 
 “Let’s go to McDonalds and get nugget drunk Changbin,” you sigh. 
 “Oh, er, okay…” he half laughs.
If you didn’t already know that Changbin was residing in your penthouse apartment - you’d think your home was haunted - by a very hungry ghost. 
 The occasional light left on in a room you hadn’t been in. Doors you usually kept closed were open or vice versa. Then there was the fact that your groceries were being inhaled. Yet you rarely ever see Changbin. The only time he seems to manifest is when you’re about to go somewhere. 
 It’s only been two weeks and you’re about to make your sixth, sixth, trip to the market. The moment you pick up your keys from the bowl in your foyer you hear the immediate movement. 
 “Where are you going, Mrs. Jung?” he peeps his head around the corner. 
 “I’m going to buy groceries,” you tell him, then under your breath add, “again.” 
 “I’ll drive,” he says, taking your keys from you.
 As he steps around you to get the door you feel his palm against the small of your back. It’s an innocent gesture, truly, but he reminds you so much of Hoseok - the Hoseok you met all those years ago. It sends an excited shiver up your spine. 
 You say nothing. As much as you’d love to flirt, love to press your body against his and tease him within an inch of his life, you don’t. Hoseok was his boss, and your husband. Regardless of his many indiscretions and lovers, you were held to different standards. If anyone found out that you were even thinking of Changbin sexually and relayed it back to him, well, you’d both end up dead in a ditch. Your extremely neglected libido wasn’t worth being murdered, probably. 
 The market, you think, is probably the least necessary place for your bodyguard to accompany you. As you look around, at midday on a Wednesday, all you see are harmless shoppers. You tried to convince Changbin to just stay in the car but no dice. 
 “Oh! These are so good!” Changbin waves a box of cakes over the cart but you knock it away. 
 “That’s trash, it’ll rot you from the inside out,” you say, setting the cakes back on the shelf. He laughs with a pleasant smile on his face.
 “My grandmother used to keep a drawer full of them in her kitchen. My parents were strict, but I knew whenever I was with her she’d stuff me full of them, it was our secret,” he shares with a soft smile. You stare at his expression, a distant and pleasant recollection of his life before he fell into this.
 When he walks on down the aisle you grab the cakes and toss them into the cart with a huff. One day you’ll overcome your exceptionally weak resolve against dangerous men. Not today though. 
 “Let’s go by Starbucks on the way back, I want a macchiato,” you call to him as he loads bags in the trunk. You walk around the back of your SUV to the passenger side, you gave up trying to be the driver about three days into his stay. 
 You stop cold, blood turning to ice as you stare at the words DEAD BITCH etched into the side of your vehicle. It 100% was not there when you went into the store. 
 “Sounds good,” he responds casually, still unaware of your current panic. 
 “Changbin?” you attempt to keep your voice relaxed but you hear the shake in it anyway. You stand still, wondering if someone nearby has a lock on the back of your head right now ready to pull the trigger. 
 “We need to get in the car, don’t react, just close the trunk and get in the car,” you tell him, trying to keep your teeth from chattering despite the warm day. 
 You hear no concern, no questioning, no fear in his tone. He simply loads the last bag, closes the trunk and matches your steps as you both crawl into the front seats. 
 “What’s wrong?”
 “In the door, someone keyed Dead Bitch, someone keyed it in my door while we were in there. Someone who knows I’d be on the passenger side, someone was watching us, they keyed-,” 
 “Breathe,” he tells you as he throws it in reverse with a squeal of the tires. He doesn’t necessarily fly out of the lot, but he does catch the scowl of a little old lady who clearly thinks he’s going too fast. 
 “Who the fuck did this?” you ask, your voice breaking. 
 You shouldn’t be so surprised, it wasn’t as if you didn’t know this exact scenario was a likely possibility when you married the heir to the biggest crime organization in the country.  
 “Is this what you all do to each other?” you spit, “One gang to another? Keying threats in cars like little punks?” 
 Changbin is still focused on driving but he still manages to speak with a dangerous smirk, “Mr. Jung doesn’t key cars or scare innocent people.” 
 “Who did this?” you repeat. 
 “One of the rivals, can’t be sure which, but I’m guessing it’s the same ones trailing us in the two black sedans back there,” he says, mouth in a tight line. 
 “Fuck, are you serious?” you gasp, clutching the edge of your seat. 
 Sure enough when you muster up the courage to look in the rear mirror, you see two black sedans speeding up on either side of your tail. 
 “Shit,” Changbin mutters, “get your head down!” 
 “Right,” you duck down and pop open the glove compartment, pulling out a 9mm that you keep. 
 You make quick work releasing the mag so you can check it then shove it back, turning the safety off and pulling the slide to ready it. 
 “Can you reach mine? It’s on my side?” he asks and you lean over and slide your palm over his firm chest and around his rib cage, feeling the leather straps of his holster. 
 This is not the time but, fuck, he feels fit. What is wrong with you? 
 “Here,” you yank his pistol out and hand it to him. 
 “I’ve gotta lose these assholes, buckle up, don’t shoot unless they do first - I think they might be trying to scare us, so no blood shed, that’ll just give them a reason to start a war,” he spouts off all this information that you’re only half hearing. 
 The other half is hyper aware of the two midnight black Beamers that are now neck and neck with your vehicle. 
 “Changbin…” you warn. 
 “I know, I know…fuck,” he seethes through a clenched jaw. His eyes dart ahead and you notice an exit ramp in his line of sight. You’re not sure how he plans on getting to it, sitting in the middle lane, with a black sedan blocking the way. 
 “What are you thinking, gotta talk me through it man,” you beg. 
 “Just hoping these motherfuckers are as stupid as they seem!” he yells then slams on the brakes, jolting you forward into the dash. 
 By the time the Beamers realize what’s happened they’re too far ahead and Changbin has successfully veered onto the exit ramp. You decide to stay quiet as he weaves in and out of traffic, taking sudden and unexpected turns. 
 “Where?” your voice comes out as a shaking whisper. You meant Where are we going? but the rest of the words don’t get the memo. 
 “To Mr. Jung.” 
 Oh great.
Changbin keeps one hand on the small of your back and one on your shoulder as he leads you into Hoseoks office. 
 “What happened?” Hoseok demands and you just stand there silently as Changbin recounts the entire afternoon play by play. You note that his hands are still on you. 
 “Take her to the penthouse to pack, she’s moving back home,” Hoseok glares down at you as if your recent request for a physical separation is the reason you were attacked today. Like it has nothing to do with his job as the king of crime. 
 “Yes sir,” Changbin bows and starts to move you toward the door before you’ve even had the opportunity to speak. 
 “Darling,” he pulls you out of Changbins grasp and tilts your chin up, “it’s for the best. This way we can work on us, on starting a family,” he smiles and kisses your forehead gingerly. 
 He smells like Daisy by Marc Jacobs, damndest thing though, you don’t wear that scent. You want to retch at the irony of him wanting to work on your marriage. 
 Instead you just nod, still silent, through tightly pressed lips. It would be so much easier if you didn’t love him anymore.
 When Hoseok releases you back to Changbin, his hands resume their spots and you feel the comfort behind his touch. It eases you considerably. 
 “Changbin?” Hoseok calls. 
 “You’ve had your hands on my wife since you walked through my door. If you don’t want me to cut them off at your wrists, I suggest you remove them,” he says coolly, fixing one of the links on his cuff. 
 Changbin pulls his hands from you as if your body felt like hot coals. 
 “Sorry sir,” Changbin bows and keeps his eyes down as he grabs the door for you. 
 “Indeed. I’ll see you both by this evening at the house then. ___ will be safe at home and you can receive your new assignment.” 
 “Yes sir.” 
 You narrow your angry eyes at him, “Yes sir.” 
 He smiles coldly and dismisses the both of you, you make note that Changbin walks with as much distance between you as is physically possible. 
 In the car you feel hopeless. You don’t cry, you can’t remember the last time you were even able to. You’ll be moving back into your own personal prison tonight. You’re sure Hoseok will take over the penthouse for his afternoon frolics with whatever mafia-obsessed whore he chooses. 
 “I’m sorry he was mean to you,” you tell Changbin as he drives you in silence. 
 He scoffs, “I didn’t take this job expecting it to be cheerful.” 
 “Why did you anyway? Take this job? You’re what, 22? You should be sitting in a classroom at some University learning about philosophy or some shit,” you wonder. 
 “I bet my parents would certainly prefer that. It’s, complicated,” he says, “what about you? You’re what, 27? How did you come to be married to a mafia king?” he chuckles. 
 “It’s complicated,” you smile. 
 “You’ve got a pretty smile ___,” he says sweetly, then turns his attention back to the road. 
 As usual, Changbin opens all the doors for you. As you walk into your apartment, dreading the task of packing your personal belongings, you feel him press his hand just over your backside as he shuts the door behind you. Nothing out of line for him, except this time he doesn’t remove it, he bunches your shirt up in his fist as he pulls you against the wall. 
 You swallow hard, very aware of the sensation his actions are causing in your belly. 
 “You’re going to get your hands chopped off,” you warn, only half teasing. 
 “Mm. What Mr. Jung doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” he whispers. 
 He brushes his nose against yours before pressing his lips against your mouth. You can’t help the little whimper that escapes as his body pins you against the wall. 
 Your hands move up his sides so you can bury your fingers in his messy hair as his tongue invades your mouth. 
 “Let me fuck you, please,” he asks politely, and fuck, you love manners. 
 You just nod as he pushes you through the apartment, removing layers of your clothes with each step.
 He shoves you onto the bed and you land with a soft thud, moaning at the way he’s manhandling you. 
 You watch, your teeth biting down hard on your lip, as he pumps himself standing over you. 
 “Put a condom on,” you order and smirks. 
 “Why? Don’t want me shooting my load into that gorgeous cunt? Afraid hubby will notice if you get pregnant after not fucking him for months?” 
 “Just shut up and put a condom on, fuck me, please,” now you’re the one asking politely. 
 “Whatever you want ma’am. I promised I’d take care of you,” he smiles, ducking down to retrieve what you assume is a condom. 
 When you feel his mouth on the inside of your leg, you jump. Then immediately melt into the mattress as his tongue laps dangerous patterns across your skin. 
 You part your legs to give him access to your dripping center as your fingers tug at his dark hair, pulling him in. 
 “Mmm, god,” you moan and writhe against his mouth. 
 “Tastes so good,” he smiles into you, adding his finger as he traces languid circles over your clit. 
 “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” you can feel yourself on the edge already, but you don’t allow yourself to orgasm yet. It’s been way too long and you’re going to enjoy this. So you spread your thighs wider and concentrate on letting yourself get to the edge, then pulling it in over and over until your cunt is literally aching. 
 “That’s it,” Changbin pants, no doubt feeling your walls clenching against his fingers. He presses his tongue to your slit once more and your hips come off the bed with the jolt of a powerful orgasm pulsating. 
 You grab his hair and pull his face to your mouth, flipping him onto the bed underneath you. You eye the foil wrapper on the edge of the bed and rip it open, rolling the latex down his stiff member. He sucks in a breath at the sensation of your fingers on him, and you briefly consider teasing him a bit, but you want to come again and his cock looks too good not to be bouncing on it. 
 You make quick work of lowering yourself onto him and you gasp at the pinching sensation of flesh stretching around his dick. It hurts so fucking good. 
 “Oh shit,” he groans, grasping the sides of your hips to dig his fingers into. He tries to sit up, probably to suck your tits or something but your hand comes down around his neck, pushing him back onto the mattress. 
 “No marks,” you tut, and start rocking harder so his cock brushes against your sponge of nerves nestled deep inside. 
 You begin to remove your hand but he wraps his own around your wrist to keep it there. You smile as you continue to ride him, hard, gently squeezing his throat. Admittedly, watching him come completely undone, looking fucked out and whimpering underneath you could absolutely get you off. You know he’s close, with as hard as his cock was before you even jumped on it and the way his angelic little face contorts with pleasure, he’s got maybe another minute or two left in him. 
 That won’t do at all. 
 You pull off of him and roll onto your hands and knees. 
 “Fuck, no, where are you going?” he moans with a whine. 
 You lower yourself onto your forearms and elbows and he rolls to his side to watch. 
 “I want you to fuck me right into this mattress, hard,” you command and he licks his lips as he takes his place behind you. 
“Yes ma’am,” he says, and you feel both of his hands come down on either side of your ass with a small slap as he kneads and jiggles the flesh. 
 “Mmm, what are you waiting for?” you grip the sheets as he teases his cock up and down your slit. 
 “Just savoring the moment, not like it’s going to happen again,” he breathes. 
 “Probably not, so make it count, you’re killing me,” you groan. 
 He chuckles a bit, but relents, pushing into you hard and deep so the side of your face gets slammed into the mattress. 
 “Yes, fuck, just like that,” you praise him and you can hear him suck in a breath. He’s holding your ass so tight you want to remind him about the whole marking thing, but it doesn’t even matter to you anymore. Let Hoseok see it. Let him see how good another man fucked you. 
 “Wish I could come deep inside this pussy,” he says with a grunt as he fucks into you with a particularly sharp thrust. The sound of his hips smacking against your ass should be on a fucking soundtrack, you think. 
 “You’re so fucking hot,” you murmur into the mattress, “got me so fucking close.” 
 You start meeting his cock with a grinding motion, twisting yourself around him subtly and it’s exactly what you needed. You can feel the white-hot pulses starting again, and you move one of your hands between your legs so you can play with yourself while he fucks you into oblivion. 
 “You gonna come for me baby? Fuck, I feel it,” he groans as you moan his name into the bed, stilling inside you so he can enjoy his own high. 
 You only let yourself lay on the bed, panting for a moment, before you stand up and start to dress yourself. You try to feel guilty but you can’t seem to muster it. It’ll probably hit you later.
 Changbin slowly pulls his boxers then his jeans on, then sits on the edge of your bed with a frown. 
 “Why the long face?” you ask and he’s quiet for so long that you start to worry that this was a trap set up by Hoseok. 
 “I’m a cop,” he says in such a low timbre you think you misunderstood him. 
 “What did you say?” you whisper. He’s not looking at you, so you grab his jaw violently and force his eyes on yours, “What the fuck did you just say?” 
 He removes your hand. 
 “I’m a police officer, undercover, and I want you to help me take down your husband,” he repeats with a little more detail. 
 You take a few steps back, your skin crawling. 
 “Did you just...did you just fuck me to try to get me to help you?”
 “No!,” he shouts, but then his face softens a bit, “Maybe a little, but not on purpose!” 
 “You’re a cop?” you lean against your nightstand for support. A setup by Hoseok would’ve been much easier. 
 He nods sympathetically. “I’ve been undercover for months, even before Hoseok hired me.” 
 “Fuck,” you rub the back of your hand across your mouth, “how many of you are there?” you ask, nearly in tears. 
 “It’s just me, I’m trying to build a case but I need someone who’s closer to him, who knows things on a deeper level,” he explains. 
 You nod, clicking your tongue. 
 “I’ve got a fucking headache,” you say, opening the drawer and grabbing the Tylenol bottle you keep there. 
 “I understand,” he says, “it’s a lot. I’m sorry to spring it on you like this but I know he’s going to pull me off your detail and I need to know you’re on my team before our communication becomes very limited,” he pleas. 
 You pop two pills and swallow them down. When you put the bottle back in the drawer you make sure to pick up the glock that sits next to it. 
 “That’s really a shame, Changbin,” you say, flipping the safety off, watching him freeze on the bed. 
 Thing is, you’ve been part of this world your whole life. Your father, Hoseoks predecessor, built this entire organization on his back. With no sons to claim, he chose Hoseok - his best and most trusted employee, as his heir. It worked out, at the time, since you loved him so much. Of course you’d never seen the dark underbelly of your fathers job. You never saw the man it turned him into, you only ever saw the doting father who loved his princess. You never knew how it twisted him up into a cruel man until you watched it happen to Hoseok. 
 For years you told yourself that maybe Hoseok was just, more evil, than your father could’ve been. In reality though, it’s just part of being the boss - and you’ll be damned if you let some punk bitch cop take everything your father worked for, everything that Hoseok continues to work for, away. 
 You may live in an emotional prison, but that’s the price you have to pay. It’s the same price your mother paid as well. However, there are much heavier prices that Hoseok pays on a daily basis. 
 “I need your help,” you say into the phone. 
 “What happened love?” Hoseoks voice sounds gravelly and curious over the phone. 
 “I have a half-naked dead cop on my bed.” 
 “I see,” he sucks in a breath, “so Changbin was the rat...been trying to smoke that shit out for months,” he says distantly, then remembers you’re on the phone. “You fucked him?” 
 “Yes,” you say quietly. 
 “It’s okay baby, I forgive you.” 
 “I know.”  Of course he would. You just single handedly eliminated a threat that’s plagued him, and an entire organization, for months.
 “He asked you to help him, didn't he?” he asks. 
 “So you shot him?” he continues. 
 Hoseok laughs darkly, “That’s my girl. What a dumb motherfucker he must be.” 
 “He was,” you say. 
 “Exactly. Just stay put baby, I’m sending over my guys right now.” 
 “I love you.” 
 “I love you too baby,” you say, then hang up. 
 You set your gun on the table then go to take a shower, suddenly feeling tired. When you get home you’ll take a nap. That sounds nice.
A/N: Sincerest apologies to Changbin stans. I’m so sorry! I love him too but I wanted OC to be a bad b*tch 😂❤️❤️❤️
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btslx13 · a day ago
@pennyllanne here you have the Hobi themed desktop wallpapers you asked for! Hope you like them 💖 (sorry if the quality is not great 😅🙏)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hobi wallpaper
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afterhourspapi · 4 hours ago
Inexperienced ~ Kim Taehyung
"Baby you are incredible.."he panted out, head thrown back into the headboard. His fists were clenched around the bed sheet. He laid, legs sprawled open, the muscles over his thighs strained. His toes curled at the intense pace you were moving your head up and down.
His neck flexed with his Adam's apple bobbing ever so often as profanities erupted through his tightened lips. His hair was sticking to his sweaty forehead and his eyebrows joined together while he bit his lips to suppress his moans.
His lips had been pulled on and sucked dry, hung low and swollen with a slight red tone. You lied between his legs pleasuring his tip as he laid on the less than desirable end, over delicate from the simulation.
Digging your nails on his squirming thighs to stop him from moving you kept him in place as you put your skilled mouth to work.
His climax hitting the back of your mouth as you took every drop in not allowing yourself to spill it out. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand as you laid beside putting your hand over his stomach. He opened his eyes as he looked to your side, smiling ear to ear as he relaxed before pulling you closer.
"You take me to heaven every time" He mumbled as he looked at you before pressing his lips with yours "I can't feel my legs" he breathed out as you massaged his thighs. "I have never come this hard, this felt different" he said as you hummed in response.
"Do you want me to do the same to you?" Your ears perked up as he finished his sentence. You nodded before sitting up straight and standing up from the bed. He looked up at you as he sat down, his legs dangling to the side of the bed.
"T-Teach me how you want me to touch you" you smiled at him before he hooked his fingers to the side of your panties as he pulled them down.
"If you feel a bit overwhelming coming over you just tell me and we can stop" You said as he shook his head before pulling you closer to him by wrapping his hand around your hips.
He tugged on the end of your shirt as he pulled it over your head before throwing it somewhere in the room. He kissed his way up from your waist to the space between your breasts.
He nuzzled his head in between your breasts moving his head right and left. He brought his finger up to your nerves. Using his thumb he rubbed the already swollen up clit before placing his index finger on the entrance.
He lifted your leg up to his shoulder as he looked at you before bringing his tongue out to flick on your clit sending shivers down your spine after a long time of suppressing your needs to fulfil his. Fastening his pace of his tongue, your legs started to shake from the sensation as you grabbed his hair.
Getting up he kneeled down before you before repeating his movements. His fingers found their way up to your nipples as he tugged on them. He sucked on the entrance before bringing his thumb to gather the wetness from the slit as he kept moving his lips.
"C-can I put my tongue inside?" He asked looking up at you as you nodded desperate for a release. Snaking his arm around your thighs to pull you closer, grinding your core against his mouth as he sucked before you released all over his mouth.
"How was I?" "Too good for a beginner"
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euphoriyoongi · a day ago
🎬Too Far Gone || kth mini-series
Updated: 10/28/2021
Tumblr media
Hello! This is the second story in my mini-series, following Drugs. This will also be a three part series and another story will follow.
Both of you are top Stars acting in the newest hit drama. Taehyung plays the second lead—with whom you have much more chemistry with instead of the first lead. Was it because you slept with each other? Or is it your growing feelings?
🎬Pairing: actor! Taehyung x actress! Reader x seokjin
🎬Genre: smut, fluff, a bit of angst, one night stand!au, actor au
🎬Warnings: 18+, rough sex, shower sex, biting, hotel sex, language, smoking, jealousy, angry sex, just a lot of sex, oral sex, drinking
🎬Tags: one night stand, actor, sex, drinking, secretly falling in love, drama, jealous Taehyung, hotel, movie stars, paparazzi
Previous Story: Drugs // pjm
Next Story: Getaway Car // ksj
🎬 Take 01
🎬 Take 02
🎬 Final Cut
Bonus: social media posts
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strawberryoons · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m still hungry”, “what’s for dinner tonight”, she whined eating the chocolate ice cream, “Would this hot male be sufficient for your hungry heart, he said to licking off the dripping chocolate sauce around his fingertips .
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