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A moment of silence for the Black Swan Era Haircut™️

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Black Swan- A Passionate Tale

Black Swan- A Passionate Tale

“A dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” – Martha Graham. 

Combining twenty six alphabets of the English language isn’t enough for me to convey what Black Swan means to me, but Bangtan have lyrically and visually created an anthem that beats so closely to my heart and soul. Filled passion slowly to crevices where only loss and hurt and…


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Hai kamu, laki-laki yang selalu membuat saya tertawa. Kamu orang hebat. kmu adalah orang yang selalu penuh dengan kepositifan. Kamu tidak ingin menunjukkan kesedihanmu. Saya pernah melihat komentar disalah satu live instagram, orang tersebut berkomentar bahwa orang yang memiliki zodiak scorpio sangat sulit untuk relate dengan bangtan. Tapi saya tidak, saya seorang scorpio, tapi saya relate dengan Kim Seokjin. Saya relate dengan dia, karena Moon saya adalah Sagittarius. saya tahu apa yang Kim Seokjin rasakan. Dia pernah melanggar peraturan agensi karena dia tidak suka diatur, saya pun juga tidak suka diatur. Dia selalu menyebarkan kepositifan san keoptimisan kepada orang-orang, saya juga memiliki sifat seperti itu. Tapi ada satu yang mungkin bisa dikatakan sifat ini adalah sifat negatif, karena kita sama-sama keras kepala……hahahahaha. Saya merasakan perjuangan dia untuk bisa menari seperti yang lain. Perjuangan dia sangat berat. Kini dia bisa melakukan tarian dengan begitu indah. Banyak yang saya pelajari dari dia. Saya belajar untuk menjadi orang yang selalu menebarkan kebahagiaan, kepositifan, keoptimisan, dan selalu menunjukkan kebahagiaan disaat kita sedang sedih.

Hi you, man who always makes me laugh. You are a great person. You are a person who is always full of positivity. You don’t want to show your sadness. I have seen comments on one of the live Instagram, the person commented that people who have the zodiac Scorpio are very difficult to relate to Bangtan. But I am not, I am a scorpio, but I am relate to Kim Seokjin. I relate to him, because my Moon is Sagittarius. I know how Kim Seok Jin feels. She broke agency rules once because she didn’t like being ruled, nor did I like being ruled. She always spreads positivity and optimism to people, I also have that kind of attitude. But there is one thing that might be said that this trait is a negative trait, because we are both stubborn … hahahahaha. I felt her struggle to be able to dance like the others. Her struggle is very hard. Now he can do the dance so beautifully. I have learned a lot from him. I learned to be a person who always spreads happiness, positivity, optimism, and always shows happiness when we are sad.

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I don’t know if anyone would read this, but as I thought of what I should write, I wanted to especially write this for BTS and ARMYs, but I think it can also be for anyone who feels down.

It’s been quite an emotional day for me, and usually on days like this I would make some art, but I’ve been having an art block so I decided why not just write it.

Just a little background about me so you could better understand this post, I am a doctor, and in my profession especially during these times I’ve developed the habit of listening to music as I eat, since I often have my meals alone to somehow entertain and cheer myself up. As I said, I was having a bit of an emotional day so as I was eating I listened to BTS songs, and I was surprised how by just listening to their music lifted my spirits up.

I realized what an impact BTS really has been on my life, and I know my fellow ARMYs share the same sentiments.

The past year has been really tough for all of us, it’s as if the world shutdown, nobody really knew what to do, even us doctors don’t have a certain answer of how to stop this COVID19. I am fortunate that in my field of specialization I am able to cater to my patients’ needs online, making me less exposed and somewhat less vulnerable from getting the virus. But even with that, I was not spared from the worry, and heartbreak of this pandemic. News about friends and colleagues testing positive from the virus, the consecutive deaths. Being a doctor, a lot of people probably thinks were used to seeing death, a part of it is true, but seeing or hearing someone die during this pandemic really hits different, especially since because of the safety protocols, most of them die alone, a lot of them even dies without seeing their loved ones for days or not being able to say goodbye one last time.

Over the months, we have somehow adapted to it, the cases have declined, vaccines are finally available, and then there comes the news of new variants of the virus, cases spiking up again. It was so tough for me to the point that I really considered quitting from my job, and I’ve thought of other possible careers I could have.

These tough times, BTS have been my go to happy pill, either I listen to their music, or watch their performances or shows. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for them to release their new album BE. I was crying as I watched Life Goes On, though I really don’t understand Korean, the music still resonated with me, after listening I read the translation of the song, and I thought it is such a beautiful healing song. It made me realize that no matter how hard it may seem, and how things have changed, life definitely still goes on. Because of this song I was reminded to take life slowly, day by day, and I was able to find comfort and appreciate the small things, like being able to have a proper meal, hugging my stuffed toy or simply by just being able to comfortably lie down on my bed.

I am very grateful for BTS, for each and every member, although you might not get to read this, but you have been like my sunshine. Your music and shows have helped me a lot to get through life, especially during this tough pandemic times. You have brought not just sources of entertainment, but you’ve also given me inspiration, motivation, comfort, you’ve made me laugh, smile, and also made me cry happy tears. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for all of you. I know it has also been tough for you, and you probably already miss performing in front of an audience, in front of the ARMYs, but just know that even though you may not see us, we are still watching and supporting your performances.

Though everything seems to be a blur right now, I am hopeful that a better tomorrow will come. And I look forward to the day of seeing BTS, all 7 of them on stage, performing in front of a sea of ARMYs. Until then, I wish you all to be safe and healthy. BORAHAE.

-Vylette Bloom, Doctor, ARMY. Jan. 16, 2021

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V on Weverse on January 16, 2021

Vmin. Their friendship is so precious. 💜

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jungkook’s bag vs the stuff inside of it reminds me a lil too much of a certain meme


the resemblance is uncanny….

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Be honest, does he shine like a star or he is a star? ✨



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