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btsarmy9593 · a day ago
Congratulations on being so close to hitting the milestone! 😍 🥰🤩 🥳Very happy for you! Can you writes something very summer romance kinda thing with Hobi 🥺. Very Nicholas-Sparks, southern inspired, I D K if I am making sense 🤪. Its okay if you don't want to! No pressure. Again heartiest congratulations to you!!!! ☺️ you soooo deserve it!
Anon, I am so sorry this took me so long to write. I don't know if it at all fits with what you were hoping for, but I hope it's enjoyable?? Thank you again!
Pairing: hoseok x reader
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~700
Warnings: Uh, some kissing. It's really tame.
partially for @xjoonchildx who really wanted me to name the reader Ana (and set up the scene a bit)
Tumblr media
There’s only a few things you remember about that day.
You remember the way the sheets moved on the line. The breeze wasn’t much that day, but it was enough to make the drying sheets dance in the sunlight.
Laundry has never been your favorite chore, but when it isn’t swelteringly hot, or raining; you take delight in pinning each sheet and pillowcase to the two lines drawn across from your back porch to the nearest tree.
Especially when Bonhwa pads up to you and lays down on the grass at your feet. His golden head of fur dances almost as much as the sheets do.
You’re humming to yourself. You don’t remember what you’re humming. It might be a real song, but more probably something you make up as you tend to your work.
You’re thinking of him.
You know that. You’re always thinking of him when no one is around to distract you with ‘help me with don’t have children, what could you possibly be busy with...child, don’t you know that single women are meant to help their elders…” and so on and so forth.
You like helping. You do. But you like being on your own as well. With Bonhwa at your feet. And the sun not too high in the sky yet. The heat will come. It always does, but until then you will stay out here. Alone.
How you miss him. You’ve been waiting for a new letter for what feels like months. It’s probably only a few weeks.
Bonhwa lifts his head and starts to bark. This is not an unusual occurrence and it probably is someone else coming to request your help. The dog darts off, barking with abandon as you pin the cream sheet to the line. It smells like lemons.
“Bonhwa!” you call, more out of habit than actual worry. “Don’t bother the--.”
It must be a mirage, correct? The figure you see walking with Bonhwa must be your imagination and the heat getting to you.
He’s thinner, if that’s possible. He was never big, but wiry (that’s what he always said with a bright laugh). He’s walking straight, though holding his arm as though it’s injured.
You process all this in mere seconds, your eyes already filling with tears that he is indeed here.
You run. You run the short distance, dodging Bonhwa who thinks you’re trying to play a game. He drops the bag from his shoulder, opening his arms (the one more carefully than the other) and suddenly you’re there, surrounded by him, smelling him (his normal scent of the woods is tempered by antiseptic).
“You’re here,” is all you can say. You’re overwhelmed by his presence, not thinking he would be discharged for several more weeks. You know you’re wetting his uniform shirt, but he doesn’t seem to mind; his arms tightening around you.
“I’m here.”
When you draw back, he’s looking at you with those bright, ever-joyful eyes. Perhaps the luminosity has dimmed somewhat. You’ve no doubt he’s seen things he wishes to forget. But there is still joy.
He’s still Hoseok.
“You looked like a little elf,” he says, his hands tracing your arms up to your neck and cheeks. You’re grateful once again for living a bit out of the main drag. No one can see him touch you like this. No one has the right to judge. “Surrounding by billowing swaths of fabric. I wasn’t sure you were real.” He wipes the tears from under your eyes with his thumbs. He makes a face. “My hands are dirty, I just got off the train, I’m so---”
You kiss him, your own hands holding his firmly to your face. He is yours and you will mark him yours with a kiss, with many kisses.
“Do you think I care that you wear your travels? That you didn’t stop in your journey to clean up? That you hurried home to me?”
His own eyes well up at your words. “I missed you, my love.”
You kiss him again, your mouths remembering the other’s taste. He pulls you closer, ignoring Bonhwa’s incessant nudging at Hoseok’s legs and yours to get in the middle of you two.
“I missed you too.”
He nuzzles into your neck. “You smell like home.”
“You are home, Hoseok. Please don’t leave again.”
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jungkxook · 8 months ago
—hot boy bummer. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader 
⟶ genre: fuckboy!jungkook / friends with benefits / friends to lovers + smut  
⟶ words: 14,633
⟶ rating: 18+ 
⟶ summary: when jungkook offers you a proposition of just sex, no strings attached, how can you possibly say no? after all, what are best friends for?
⟶ warnings: kind of a crack fic, sprinkle of angst, way too casual conversations mid-sex, jealous jungkook, slight himbo jungkook tbh (he’s kind of a sweet loveable idiot), he also has a big dick oops, man bun and blonde jungkook to feed my fantasies!, multiple smut scenes!!!, missionary, dry humping, oral sex (m receiving), face fucking, unprotected sex, slight degradation (mostly jungkook hating himself), brief name calling, light choking, sort of praise kink
⟶ note: this was inspired by a number of things but mainly do me by kim petras being on jungkook’s spotify playlist, this tiktok sound, and this tumblr post lol also big thank you to @bratkook​ and @onherwings​ for letting me ramble on about this fic and reigniting my inspo for it 💛
( p.s. i tried to proofread this but if y’all see any typos no u didn’t, thank u <3 )
Tumblr media
Being friends with Jungkook meant a myriad of things but mainly that there were hardly ever any boundaries that stood between you and him.
Having known him for most of your life, it was just a quintessential part of yours and his relationship with one another. From high school parties where you drunkenly spewed on his shoes and in his dad’s car after he tried lugging you home (and taking the fall all himself for your sake) to letting him lose his virginity in your bed to some girl you didn’t know because your parents were out of town and his would crucify him on the spot if they had found out; or him discovering your stash of vibrators in your dorm one day, or seeing each other naked more often than was probably necessary, there was nothing that either of you could do that would phase the other at this point even when it maybe, probably, definitely should.
College, and Jungkook’s sudden six pack of hard rock abs, only seemed to amplify the chaos of your friendship. If you’re being honest, the abs are sort of a plus ━ but they brought an air of fuckboy to him that is undeniably there even if he tries to deny it sometimes. You suppose it isn’t all his fault. Jungkook has always been bold and brash, attractively charming. Considering he’s seemingly made it his mission to sleep with every girl on campus before he graduates (undisclosed, if you’re being honest, because he’s never outwardly admitted it but you have a hunch), his confidence somehow hasn’t failed him yet.
But then there’s one night in which you think to yourself briefly: this surely must draw some sort of line.
“What if we, like, had sex?”
Jungkook says this a little too casually from beside you. He’s sat on the couch in his dorm, scrolling aimlessly on his phone, and you’re sprawled out on the remaining space, feet kicked up in his lap. You’re positive he’s drunk but, then again, so are you. The remnant shot glasses of soju you had both started the night with (though you think Jungkook’s had half the bottle himself), and your second glass of wine, are all evidence of that. You’re so absorbed by some anime Jungkook had been watching upon your arrival and refused to change that you almost don’t hear what he says. Almost. You do, however, nearly choke on the gummy bear you’ve just tossed into your mouth.
After a sudden hysterical fit of coughs, you manage to sputter, “Excuse me?”
“Like, hypothetically speaking.” He hardly budges when you turn to gawk at him, as if he’s asking you something as casual as what to eat for dinner or if you could pass him the T.V. remote. “Except, not really hypothetically.”
“You’re joking, right?” You scoff.
Jungkook blinks. “No. Why would I be joking?”
You blink. The longer you stare at him, the quicker you’re able to discern that there’s some sort of earnesty in his words and it slightly concerns you. Suddenly, you’re warm in the face. To distract from that painfully obvious fact, an incredulous laugh bubbles at your lips and you kick one of your feet at his thighs. “Very funny, Koo. Can we change the show now if you’re not even watching it?”
“I’m not joking, Y/N.” The severity in his tone makes you sit up at once. When you turn to look at him, he flashes you a taunting smirk, though the devious sparkle in his eyes lets you know this seems to be anything but a joke to him. “I’m sure you’ve thought of me naked before.”
“You’re such a fucking idiot━” Okay, so maybe you have thought of him naked before but how is it your fault when you literally have seen him naked before, and he’s so unabashed around you? “Should I bring you to a hospital to get your head checked, or━?”
“Just hear me out━” Now, he pushes himself to the edge of the sofa. “Why are you here right now?”
“In life? Because I honestly have no clue━”
“No, I meant here. Getting drunk in my apartment on a Friday night instead of getting railed.”
“Okay, I didn’t ask to get called out like that,” You grumble stiffly. “And because you’re my best friend, and I like spending time with you.” It’s not entirely a lie, because you would much rather spend time with Jungkook than anyone else. But when you feel his eyes boring into you in a look of scrutiny, your lips form into a pout which you try to hide by puckering them. “Also because boys are stupid and Hoseok’s blind date stood me up. Again.”
The events from hours earlier resurface in your memory, in which you had spent all evening making yourself look pretty for a boy you had only talked to through text that your roommate had introduced you to, only to arrive to the restaurant you were supposed to be meeting at and waiting there for half an hour by yourself before the boy had sent you a message saying something along the lines of “something came up, hope we can reschedule,” filing it under one of the lamest excuses you’ve ever heard because it hardly even borders on a valid excuse. It’s what had ultimately made you storm into Jungkook’s apartment an hour ago, exclaiming aloud as a greeting with a simple yet scarily cheerful I hate men! because Jungkook knows all about your plights with finding a significant other (or even just someone decent enough to open your legs to), usually lamenting men’s inability to have any emotions. Even the ones who you think are respectable enough, who say they’re fine not having sex on the first date, usually tend to flee right after you finally let them in because sex, as you come to find, seems to be all that men care about.
Admittedly, Jungkook is not any different.
“But it’s not like you’re any better.”
This seems to personally offend Jungkook. He looks at you cynically. “Me?”
“Tell me why you’re here with me on a Friday night when you’re literally one of the hottest guys on campus,” You point out. “You can get any girl, and yet you somehow manage to ruin it every single time. Like with Eunha.”
Jungkook winces. The poor Eunha in question is a pretty girl from your chem class, whomst Jungkook had somehow managed to charm. From what you know, they had hooked up a handful of times before that fateful night in which Jungkook had abruptly broken things off with her. If you’re being honest, he’s not a total monster. The only thing that seems to scare him away is when a girl asks to cuddle him in the morning or talks about the prospective future together. He doesn’t want to hurt them, he told you once before, and finds it much easier to nip any potential relationship in the bud before it can get too far, too out of control.
“We literally only slept together three times anyway and we never went out,” Jungkook points out. “What’s the big deal?”
A roll of your eyes doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook. “Yeah, it’s not her fault you’re scared of commitment.”
“Nu’uh,” The boy sulks. “I’m only scared of realistic things, like microwaves.”
A snort bubbles at your lips, and it’s frustrating how adorable he finds the simple action. Rather than entertain the thought of his irrational fear of kitchen appliances (because you’ve heard it all before, and you still can’t find where he was incited with the terror of an exploding microwave), you sit up.
“Jungkook, I don’t even like you like that.”
“I don’t like you like that either. That’s why it’s so perfect!” Jungkook says brightly. “Look, we know each other better than anyone else ever could. We’re already comfortable with each other. We don’t have to go through all that boring small talk. All I’m saying is we could give it a try. No relationship, no emotions, just sex.”
You consider the thought for a moment, weigh the pros and cons in your head.
The cons? He’s your best friend.
The pros? He’s your best friend, and he’s hot.
Truthfully, your slightly buzzed mind can find very little to dissuade you away from the inviting proposition and maybe that’s why you begin to entertain the idea. And, sure, you had just complained profusely about how men sometimes only used you for sex, but it’s not like you don’t have needs too. You just don’t have the gusto in you anymore to spend days on a boy who will only just leave you the moment you let him have sex with you. At least with Jungkook, he’s already offering you a blatant deal of sex only and you know you won’t have to worry about him breaking your heart; and he doesn’t have to worry about the dreaded dreamy post-sex cuddle talk of a future family and babies and a white picket-fence home. It’s a win-win for the both of you, really. Or maybe you’re just telling yourself that.
“How would we even start?” You ask finally. “I mean… Do you even find me attractive enough in that way?”
“Yeah.” Jungkook hardly bats a lash. He meets your stare, licks slowly at his lower lip. When he sees the cross look of disbelief scrunching at your face, he hastens to respond. “I’m not blind. You’re fucking drop dead gorgeous, Y/N.”
“But physically attractive? I’m no hot girl Eunha.”
“If I wanted Eunha, I’d be between her legs right now. Y/N, of course I think you’re attractive.” A gentle sliver of a smile dances upon his lips. He leans his head on the back of the couch, eyes fluttering over your appearance shortly. “I’ve always liked your lips, and your eyes. Think they’re beautiful.”
Suddenly, you’re flustered again. The room feels as if it’s getting increasingly warmer, yet you seem to want to bask in the feeling and attention a little longer. “That’s too sentimental.”
“It’s true though.”
“Well, you’re lucky I’ve always had a thing for idiots,” You jest playfully. “Jerks, too. Playboys who are too hot for their own good.”
“Ah, and I love it when you talk dirty to me.” A cheeky grin tugs at his lips as he clutches at his heart over his chest. “It’s a good thing I like it a little too much, knowing you’ll always keep me in check.”
But then the mirth seems to fade from your mind long enough for you to hum aloud pensively, “And I’ve always liked your eyes. I’ve never seen such big eyes before. Sometimes, if I look long enough, it’s like I can see the stars in them.”
As you’re speaking about them, his irises glisten magnificently. He bites at his lip now, as if to hide the way his soft smile turns sheepish. “I like your bum.”
“Really? I always worry it’s too flat.”
“Are you kidding? Your ass is a fucking god-send. It’s hard not to stare when you wear leggings sometimes,” Jungkook admits, earning a small giggle from you. “And I like your boobs. I’ve always wondered…” He trails off abruptly, shaking his head. He shoots you an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. I’ll stop. I’m being an idiot, aren’t I?”
“Well, maybe I don’t want you to stop.”
Silence saturates the room now, settling comfortably between the two of you. He wonders what you’re thinking, and you wonder if he can hear your heart hammering against your chest. Perhaps on any other day when you were of sound mind, you could find a plethora of reasons as to why sleeping with your best friend was a terrible idea. But being that you were slightly tipsy, and Jungkook isn’t far off, you can find not one fault, except for maybe how tragically hot Jungkook looks sitting across from you and how he’s never been yours, at least in that way. Would it be so wrong to try just once?
You shift then, pushing yourself to your knees if only so you can worm your way towards him before swinging one leg over his. You settle back on his lap, hands gripping his shoulders. He can feel your core press against the inside of his thigh, just where his dick is nestled and he has to bite back a moan. His eyes are wider than usual, as if believing the moment to be surreal, though something sultry threatens to darken them.
The excitement crackles through your veins like electricity. You’ve never been in such a compromising position with Jungkook before, and you wonder if it should be concerning just how much you’re enjoying it. It almost feels as if time slows down, every second dragging on, yet he can’t look away. His hands come to tug at your hoodie (that he’s almost positive was his once upon a time before you nicked it from his closet) and you meet him part way, replacing his efforts as you pull it up and off your body. Then, you’re sitting back on his lap in your full nude glory, chest bare and right in his face. He eyes the swell of your breasts, the perk of your nipples. Of course you’re not wearing anything beneath your hoodie ━ and, god, he loves it.
“Touch me?”
Your voice comes to him in an almost dream. You reach for his hand then, your palm soft around his knuckles and the tattoos that ink his skin. It’s the same hand of which he wears the other half to your pair of friendship bracelets in one of his favourite colours of red, decorated with little pink hearts. It came in a matching set of two (yours in your own favourite colour, currently on the wrist of the hand you’re using to guide Jungkook’s), cute little macrame braid ones with hearts woven into the design that you had pointed out one day while you were both at the mall and he had bought without any hesitation mostly as a joke but resulted in both of you wearing them on a daily basis.
Now, all he can do is continue watching you with bated breath as you guide his hand right where you both want him. He comes to cup the underside of one of your breasts, your hand over his pressing his fingers tighter together until you can feel some sort of pleasant pressure. And, just like that, something feral and needy seems to snap within him. His hand slithers from your grasp if only so he can flick his thumb across your nipple, mesmerized by the softness of it. He’s only ever seen you naked once before and it was fleeting. You were both drunk, skinny dipping in a lake with a handful of other friends, but it had been too dark to notice much else. But now? Now, he can see all of you and the sight strikes a chord right down to his dick.
“You’re fucking beautiful,” Jungkook groans.
“Koo.” The cute little nickname you had given him sounds dirty now as it slips from your lips in a moan. “Too sentimental.”
But Jungkook isn’t listening because you really, really, really are so beautiful. He bows his head to your chest, catching one of your nipples in his mouth. He murmurs something against your chest that sounds akin to, “We can take things slow.”
“Slow…” Your head is spinning, but it’s a delightful sensation. Something hard pokes against your ass now, and the adrenaline only seems to build within you. It’s odd how everything feels so foreign ━ exploring his body and these newfound feelings like the uncharted territory it is ━ yet secure and safe at the same time. As if you know what to do next, where to touch next, how to move, your bodies almost fitting together like pieces to a puzzle. “Y-Yeah, I like that. Can I move?”
“Fuck, yes, please,” he growls. He’s much too busy nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin on your chest, teeth tugging at your nipple.
You hurry to obey, giving a small experimental swivel of your hips that almost immediately has the both of your inhaling a sharp breath of air. His dick strains against his sweatpants, the material doing very little in protecting him against you. Your core throbs as you rub yourself on him.
“Like this?” You rasp.
“Yeah, just like that.” Jungkook’s head rolls back onto the couch, his eyes squeezing shut and his blonde hair spilling into his eyes. He clenches his jaw, the nerves fluttering in the corner, as pure euphoria riddles his features. You don’t think you’ve ever seen anything so sexy. “Fuck, we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Yeah,” You agree, breathless. “Do you wanna stop?”
“No. Do you?”
“Thank god.” The sigh of relief that emits from Jungkook startles even him but, in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t register how any of this could be a mistake. “Ah, shit━ Faster━”
“Mmm, Koo━” You whimper as you quicken your pace, the vulgar harbored thought of his dick in you thrilling you to no end.
“Fuuck, I’ve never heard you sound like this before. So needy, so desperate,” Jungkook grunts, his fingers digging into your hips. And it’s all because of him, the way you’re feeling. He’s never wanted to hurry to please you faster, itching to tear you apart if he’ll get to hear those noises from you again and again. “I━”
He’s gonna cum, and he’s not even in your pussy. What’s gotten into him?  
He presses you a little harsher against his dick, sitting up straighter so that his chest is pressed flush against yours. He leans forward, lips chasing after yours, before you pull back just enough sluggishly to press your finger to his mouth.
“Uh uh. No kissing,” You rasp.
The words process in Jungkook’s head, but the weight of them don’t seem to linger in his daze. He’s far too overwhelmed by you and the way you’re making him feel to even begin to try to decipher why you avoid his mouth and so, for now, he doesn’t care. Instead, he buries his face in the crook of your neck, nose nuzzling against your throat. You clutch at his hair, tugging at the roots tight enough for him to moan.
“Nnngh, Jungkook━” You whine. “I’m gonna━ Oh, fuck, Koo━”
And then you’re unravelling, right in his very arms. He holds you close as you tremble and shake, rutting your hips sloppily against his to ride out your high, and Jungkook thinks he can definitely get used to this. The familiar burn forms in his stomach and, without even thinking of it, he comes in the confinements of his pants.
But in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t notice quite a lot of things. Neither do you.
So, maybe you could both find a hundred and one reasons why having sex with your best friend would surely cross some lines, but the thing with you and Jungkook (and what would eventually blossom into a hubristic relationship of sorts) is that it wasn’t just sex. You would always be comfortable around him, as he would be with you. And nothing could ever possibly get weird between the two of you ━ not when you had both made a promise to each other that it wouldn’t get in the way of your friendship.
Because ━ while, yeah, he’s hot and suffers from fuckboy tendencies from time-to-time and, aside from random late night hookups ━ he was still the same boy that would drag you out at three in the morning to drive to the next city over for a bowl of ramen, who would marathon shows as long as One Piece or Game of Thrones with you, watching as much as you can in one all-nighter; who would come to your dorm, no matter the time of day, the moment you said you were sick or suffering from cramps, piled high with your favourite snacks; who shared a repertoire of silly inside jokes with you that never made any sense to anyone but the both of you; who insisted you both wear friendship bracelets even in college. He would always be an angel to you, treat you well, because you meant that much to him.
A small thought in the back of Jungkook’s head wonders, above all else, if you were anyone different, would he have even bothered suggesting such a ludicrous idea, drunk or not?
Because he’s positive no one else could make him cum in his pants like a horny prepubescent teen ━ no one except for you.
Tumblr media
“If we’re really gonna do this, we need to set some ground rules.”
Admittedly, neither you nor Jungkook knew what would happen after Jungkook’s proposition to you. Maybe you were expecting the two of you to pretend as if nothing had ever happened, or laugh it off as something so inconsequential that neither of you should bother worrying about it. Instead, the very next day, you find that you’re back in Jungkook’s dorm. Only this time, you’re in his bed, and he spent the past half hour sufficiently eating you out.
Now, you’ve had an epiphany in the form of Jungkook’s dick, and that is that it’s big.
You’ve seen it before on occasion ━ like when he streaked nude across campus as a dare or when he needed to use your shower because his apartment was under maintenance and he walked out on you in the living room ━ but this is clearly a very different circumstance. All red, swollen, angry tip wet and glistening with precum. You had to brace yourself as he pushed himself into you, cautiously and slowly, enjoying the way you stretch to fit around him. If you had a drunken excuse the night before for loving the thought of getting off with Jungkook, then you surely don’t have one now. It’s a shameless guilty pleasure, you think, that he’s at least indulging in.
“Rules,” Jungkook scoffs now. “You’re such a nerd. Fuck, you feel so fucking good━ You doing okay?”
More than. Your head lolls back against his pillow, eyes nearly rolling to the back of your head. “Mhm.”
“Want a minute?”
Jungkook pauses without any hesitation, gnawing on his lower lip as your walls clench around him so tightly he feels he might fall apart then and there. His hands are on your hips, thumbs rubbing comforting circles against your burning skin. A few deep breaths later and you’re probing Jungkook to move again. His hips rut into yours at a leisure pace, and he marvels for a moment at the way his dick disappears into your pussy, slick and wet with your own arousal. The thought of being in you ━ of finally feeling your walls wrapped around him, all wet and snug ━ is enough to make him bust then and there, but he refrains miraculously.
“Holy fuck,” You groan. “Why are you so big━”
Your voice cuts off into a delightful whimper, walls aching around him. Jungkook snorts, burrowing his face in the crook of your neck. “Nothing sexier than hearing you stroke my ego.”
“Don’t let it get to your already big head,” You retort sluggishly.
“Big head!” he grumbles against your throat, lips brushing faintly against your skin and sending shivers down your spine. “Insult me some more. You know how it gets me going.”
“Oh my god, shut up. Where were we?”
“Right,” You breathe in a sharp inhale of air as he grinds against your hips. “And rule number one is no kissing. That’s way too intimate.”
Jungkook quirks a brow. “How is kissing more intimate than having my dick in you?”
“It just is.” You refuse to tell him the truth. You poke your fingers at his sides, causing him to jerk against you. “Don’t question it.”
“Fine. Then no sentimental shit in general, like cuddling or pet names,” Jungkook retorts. “And no public displays of affection.”
“Okay,” You nod. “Fuck, Jungkook━”
“God, I love hearing you moan my name,” Jungkook grunts. He watches with fascination the way your face reacts at his every movement. “Too much?”
“No. Kinda hot,” You admit. An abrupt thought pops into your head that has you murmuring hazily, “Oh, and you can’t have sex with me to your sex playlist.”
Jungkook looks appalled. The sex playlist in question is one you’ve heard briefly before, if only because you’ve walked in on Jungkook and his flavour of the month a handful of times one too many times.
“So you’re telling me you don’t want to have the best orgasm of your life to The Weeknd or the Neighbourhood? WAP?” Jungkook asks, wriggling his brows suggestively. “Alanis Morissette?” You have less than half a second to register the 90s pop singer as out of place before Jungkook breaks out into song with a brief rendition of Head over Feet. “You’re my best friend, best friend with benefits━!”
Part of you knows he’s joking, but there’s still a small sliver of you that makes you gawk at him dubiously before dissolving into a fit of unabashed laughter. It rumbles against his chest, vibrates his dick in you. “You’re not serious, are you? That’s not actually in your sex playlist, is it?”
He flashes you a shit-eating grin. “Guess you’ll never know now.”
Another roll of your eyes makes him snicker. He’s gotten used to your snide remarks, but he’ll gladly keep suffering under them if he gets to wipe that taunting smirk off your face each time with the way his dick makes you feel. You cling a little tighter to his shoulders and muse aloud, “So that’s it then?”
“Yeah━” Jungkook knows you’re referring to the rules and your plan, although it’s getting harder to focus on talking as he continues to grind against you. “And nothing has to change between us, even if we stop. We’re still just two best friends.”
“Who have sex from time to time.”
He can’t help himself. He tries again. “Who might kiss.”
“Nope.” You’re smiling even despite the way you shoot him an aggravated stare first.
“We might?”
“No, we definitely won’t.”
Worth a shot, he thinks to himself. At least you really do always keep him in check.
After all, what are best friends for?
Tumblr media
So, maybe a part of you thought the shift in your relationship with Jungkook wouldn’t last very long. A week at most, and maybe Hoseok would find you another pointless let down of a blind date to go on and Jungkook would get horny for some other girl ━ but it’s certainly been more than a week now, and you’ve had sex with him more than two times.
A third, and a fourth, if you’re being blatantly honest, and maybe a few more times after that but you don’t really remember what count you’re both on now which should probably be concerning. Days elapse into days, which turn to weeks, then months. Morning, afternoon, and night.
It’s not as if you hadn’t already spent almost every waking moment with Jungkook but now you had a reason to be at his apartment at any and all hours of the day and not solely for movie watching marathons. You’re positive he’s still having his occasional random flings, though you’re fortunate his commitment issues at least force him to go to their homes rather than his for the most part, so you never really have to witness half-naked girls stumbling out of his apartment just as you’re wandering in. He says it has something to do with how his bedroom is his sacred space, though you think it’s more like he wouldn’t want his hook ups discovering his Overwatch figurines or something (because, before Jungkook’s proposition, you’ve walked in on him once and a girl when they were entangled on the couch in his living room).
But you’ve noticed lately you’re getting too comfortable with your arrangement with Jungkook; too comfortable knowing he’ll be there at the end of a long day to greet you, to please you until you’re crying out his name. Sometimes he tells you about the girls he’s texting, or shows you a picture from a hot girl’s Instagram whose D.M.s he’s just slid into. And sometimes you’re left wondering how often he comes straight to you after hooking up with a random girl.
It shouldn’t matter to you, and you swear that it doesn’t.
Maybe you’re just overthinking things. Hoseok certainly seems to think so, but his judgement wasn’t much to go by.
Because, lately, Hoseok has been encouraging you more and more to give Yukhei (the blind date Hoseok had initially set you up with when you found yourself at Jungkook’s) another chance for two reasons: 1) “Yukhei’s a nice boy,” he had cheerfully reminded you, “he’ll treat you well,” and 2) “Stop fucking your best friend. It’s morally wrong.”
There were many things wrong with his statement, from the fact that you didn’t exactly consider standing up a date as “nice” and that you were also still begrudgingly lamenting the way Hoseok had discovered your recent fling with Jungkook (although, you weren’t being very inconspicuous, having shower sex with Jungkook early one morning when you were certain Hoseok would be spending the day at his fiance’s home instead of yours).
But then you meet Yukhei and you realize that, oh crap, he’s cute. And he’s nice.
As it turns out, after bumping into him one day when you’re with Hoseok lounging on the quad of your campus and he comes bounding over to return a textbook Hoseok had lent him for a specific class, Yukhei is so easily charming. He also gives a pretty valid excuse for flaking on your date, proving that he had to present his dissertation, making you clearly aware that he’s cute, nice, and smart. Jungkook, on the other hand, doesn’t see the appeal, yet his curiosity and intrigue seems to get the best of him.
“So that was your blind date?” Jungkook asks after grabbing your attention on the quad and stealing you away from Hoseok and Yukhei. “Yukhei?”
“You know him?”
“Seen him around,” Jungkook shrugs nonchalantly. “I’ve never really talked to him. But him? You’re not telling me you’re actually interested in him, are you?”
“I don’t know. Maybe,” You’re truly just as clueless about your feelings towards Yukhei as Jungkook seems to be. “What’s so wrong about him?”
“He’s━” Jungkook stops. He shakes his head. “Heard he’s got a small dick anyway.”
You shoot the boy a wary look, only to find him grinning deviously at himself. “Maybe he just wants to be friends.”
At this, Jungkook lets out a scoffing sound that borders on disbelieving laughter. “No, I definitely think he wants to have sex with you in his Toyota Camry, Y/N, but what do I know?”
“You’re not jealous, are you?”
“No, why would I be jealous?”
You can’t quite tell if he’s angry or not but, then again, why would he be? As far as either of you are concerned, there’s nothing to be jealous of.
So then why does it feel like he’s simply just telling himself that?
Tumblr media
“Are you seriously on your phone right now?”
Jungkook asks this from somewhere behind you a handful of days later, a little peeved but most likely because your jarring 8:00 a.m. alarm had roused the both of you violently awake. In his defense, Jungkook is not a morning person.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” You’re currently sprawled out on your hands and knees on his bed, phone still in your grasp after having plucked it off the nightstand in haste. Your clothes are scattered across the floor of his room, remnant clues of the night before when he had beckoned you over after hours, and your body is covered in nothing but hickeys and an unbuttoned blue flannel belonging to Jungkook that you had chucked on last night that does nothing in covering up the swell of your breasts which Jungkook is now currently eyeing. “Am I not giving you enough attention? Were you expecting cuddles or something? Thought that wasn’t in the rules.”
“No,” Jungkook huffs. He runs a hand through his long messy hair in an attempt to fix it; he ultimately gives up taming his locks, instead using the hair tie around his wrist to tie his hair back into a cute yet sexy little ponytail. As he does so, you notice the red friendship bracelet around his wrist and smile smally. “But my dick could use some cuddles. Preferably with your mouth, but it will also gladly accept your hand.”
Jungkook may not be a morning person but, as you’ve come to realize, his dick certainly is.
It’s painfully obvious too, his hardened length straining against the gray sweatpants he had thrown on at some point. And, god, did he have to wear those? It left little to the imagination, the outline of his length teasing you just enough.
“I should get going,” You say. “I have a test coming up. There’s supposed to be a review session today in class, and I don’t want to miss it.”
“Well, you don’t seem like you’re in a rush since you’re still on your phone,” Jungkook points out. “Who are you texting anyway? Yukhei?”
“Anger is an emotion,” You rebuke casually. “So is jealousy.”
Jungkook feigns a look of mock hurt. “I’m not angry or jealous! I’m needy.”
Still, Jungkook reaches out to swiftly pluck your phone from your hands.
He’s pressed up against your back in an instant, his dick hard against your ass, and he doesn’t move very far even when you twist in your spot in an attempt to grab your phone back. You don’t, and instead you end up on your back with him on his side, propped up on his elbow. You miss when he casts a swift gaze down at your phone, only to see that Yukhei’s chat messages are indeed open, and something seems to gnaw terribly at his gut before he tosses your phone to the side. He’s looking at you now with those big beautiful eyes of his, and you hate it.
“Please?” he beckons. He ruts his hips impatiently but slowly against your leg. He drops his head to bury his face in the crook of your neck, lips dangerously close to brushing against your flesh but he refrains somehow. “M’so hard right now, could probably bust the moment you touch me.”
The thought is tempting, having a helpless Jungkook cumming in your hands. The sight alone has quickly become your favourite thing, helping the frustrated boy get off. Besides, you’re certain you could ask Hoseok for the review notes.
Fuck it, you cave.
You fidget until you’ve pressed him back against the bed and have clambered on top of him, wiggling your way down to fit between his legs. Jungkook is watching you now with a half-asleep expression, though his teeth sink into his lower lip as you pull at his sweatpants until they’re down at his thighs, letting his swollen dick spring free.
“You know━” You hum. You reach out to grab at the base of his cock. “Yukhei wants to hang out, and Hoseok keeps telling me to give it a shot.”
That much is true. Part of you wants to say yes, if only because Yukhei seems promising enough, but the thought alone is enough for you to feel as if you’ve done something horribly wrong to Jungkook.
“Oh.” The word eclipses Jungkook’s mouth in a shallow breath of air. Then, your mouth wraps around the puffy head of his dick, shining with leaking precum that you swallow back, and Jungkook’s reaction is immediate. Head thrown back, face scrunching together, muscles in his toned abdomen flexing as he seizes and grunts aloud. “Oh, fuck━ Well… Are you gonna?”
Jungkook asks the last question with much difficulty, and a part of him thinks it doesn’t all have to do with how you’re making him feel.
“Dunno.” You snort around his dick, and he marvels at how adorable such a lewd action can seem.
You decide to focus on sucking him off because it truly is a sexy sight to see, letting the topic of Yukhei drop. Jungkook certainly doesn’t mind. As you swirl your tongue around his tip and reach up with your free hand to fondle at his balls, his long hair falls into his lashes but he still tries to find you past his wild locks, hooded eyes gazing down at you.  
“Ah, shit━” Jungkook hisses delightfully, hips jerking forward instinctively into your mouth. The faintest hints of a drowsy smirk tug at his lips. “Fuck, yes, just like that.”
Yeah, you think to yourself then, you’re definitely going to ride him later. Screw going to class.
Tumblr media
From: Jungkook Sent: 1:05 a.m.
bro i noticed u werent wearing our friendship bracelet while u were giving me head earlier. is everything ok??
You wake in the morning to a single text from Jungkook ━ and one you had not been expecting.
That’s not to say that getting the occasional text message from Jungkook at any and all hours of the day was abnormal, but the extent of his messages sent anywhere past midnight usually always range from something more coherent in the form of “what would u do if i was there rn?” to something exuding typical lazy Jungkook manner with a simple “dtf?” or “send noods lol” to something even more provocatively cryptic such as the eggplant and splashing water (or, as far as Jungkook is concerned, something else entirely) emojis and nothing else, left open for your own interpretation that typically, usually, without a doubt, results in you in his bed and his dick in you. But this seems to be something else entirely.
Unfortunately, Jungkook’s text isn’t the only concern of yours.
Hoseok has spent the better part of the morning giving you a lecture on why having sex with your best friend is bad. He seems so passionate about the topic that you’re certain he would have pulled out a powerpoint at any moment, each slide ending in a picture of Yukhei and why you should maybe try fucking him instead, if you entertained the idea a little longer. Hoseok claims it’s just a harmless date. Yukhei might be a nice boy, but you don’t know how you feel about him. You don’t want to lead him on, and a scary thought points out the fact that maybe, while Yukhei is a nice boy, he isn’t Jungkook.
“I don’t get why you don’t just give Yukhei a chance━” Hoseok is saying now, sat on the couch in your shared apartment with him. “It’s not like you have to marry him. I don’t think one date will hurt━ Aaand, you’re not even listening to me anymore, are you?”
The sheepish look on your face is enough of an answer for him. You’ve been anxiously eyeing your phone and the text Jungkook had sent you last that you’ve yet to respond to, even despite being awake for more than a few hours now.
“Yes, I am listening,” You say dismissively. “Something about how one date won’t hurt, but that’s what you said when Yoongi asked you out, and you’re literally engaged now.”
The glistening metallic ring on Hoseok’s finger is evidence enough. The boy looks down at it as if seeing it for the first time, purses his lips, and then nods in agreement. “Okay, yeah, maybe you’re right. But you’re holding out for Jungkook and for what? He’s hot, yeah, and he’s your best friend, sure, but at the end of the day he’s still just a horny male who wants to stick his dick in anything that moves.”
“Hoseok.” Your grumbling sigh is interrupted by the motion of your phone vibrating against your thigh once more. You peek at the screen fleetingly to see a new text.
From: Jungkook Sent: 2:35 p.m.
send n00ds?
miss ur tits :(
Typical Jungkook.
The text from the night before is all but seemingly forgotten from his mind, and you can’t quite tell if you’re devastated or relieved. You don’t have very long to discern which emotion you’re feeling when Hoseok snatches your phone to look at what’s gotten your attention before exclaiming suddenly, “Aha! See! What did I say?”
“It’s not like that,” You wave Hoseok off. “Jungkook treats me well. He respects me, and I’m comfortable with him.”
“And how long until whatever this is━” He gestures vaguely to your phone as if to point out your relationship with Jungkook, “has to end? Do you really think a pinky promise is going to make sure your friendship with him isn’t totally ruined? I mean, how can you continue being casual friends with someone, see them dating someone else, when they’ve had their dick in you?”
You know it makes sense. Realistically, you either stop sleeping with each other or it potentially develops into something more. But in both circumstances, what were the chances that either of you didn’t get your heart broken? Maybe a part of you was apprehensive of Jungkook finding the “right” person for him one day that has him ending things with you, and while you swear you’d be happy for him, relationships sometimes have a way of distracting people from those already around them. Were you prepared to have someone take him away from you, platonically and whatever it is else that you have with him? Did you really think you could just keep being friends with him, as if nothing ever occurred between you two?
You don’t think Jungkook is bothered worrying about the state of your friendship with him, much less overthinking it like you seem to be. It shouldn’t be a big deal ━ yet why was there still that terrible nagging voice in the back of your mind? Whether or not Hoseok is right, you don’t want to find out. You don’t have feelings for Jungkook anyway.
But your ability to bend at his every will is certainly interesting.
You grab your phone before Hoseok can do any serious damage like unlocking it and responding to Jungkook, clutching it to your chest as you start to cross the living room. The other boy looks at you in bewilderment. “Where are you going now?”
“Where does it look?” You call over your shoulder just before you disappear into the bathroom, and Hoseok deduces all at once that you’re truly a lost cause. “I need to send him a picture of my boobs.”
Tumblr media
“He’s totally into you, Y/N.”
Admittedly, there were many mundane but essentially weird things you’ve talked to Jungkook about while having sex. You’ve had many heated debates about everything under the sun from whether or not pineapple on pizza should be illegal to top five betrayals in either movies or animes, to passionate grand philosophical discussions about what exists outside of the universe.
It’s not as if you had been planning on talking about Yukhei to Jungkook when he had invited you over to his apartment late at night after sending your risqué boob picture to him but, like many things in your friendship with Jungkook, it sort of just happened. He had asked you how your day was and you had decided to broach the topic experimentally, though you think deep down you’re doing it on purpose to see if he’d react in any way. What started with you mentioning Hoseok’s adamance and you sort of genuinely asking Jungkook for advice on Yukhei somehow evolved into Jungkook interrogating you on whether or not you’ve hung out with him yet.
“Jungkook. You’re getting off topic,” You admonish him now, as if your own choice of topic is any better when his dick is currently in you.
Jungkook is wedged between your thighs smushed up against your chest, large palms holding you on your ribcage in place beneath him. He’s a comfortable heavy draped over top of you, cock stretching you wide. You can feel his heart hammering against yours and he’s slick with sweat, golden hair clinging to his forehead and in his pretty eyes. You resist the urge to reach out and brush the messy locks away but, again, how would that be any less intimate of an action than what you’re already doing? Another line uncrossed, you suppose.
“How am I off topic?” Jungkook retorts. “You literally just said you can’t tell if he’s into you but he dropped by when you were done class and bought you lunch. You don’t just do that for a girl you don’t care that much about.”
“You buy me lunch, like, every day,” You point out.
“Because you’re my best friend. Of course I care about you,” Jungkook says.
“Ah, Jungkook━” You curse suddenly, grabbing his attention when you shift your weight beneath him. “You’re crushing me. Why’d you stop moving?”
He doesn’t have an answer, if only because he hadn’t even realized he’d stop moving in the first place. Without hesitation, he continues leisurely rutting his hips against yours, grabbing at one of your legs to hook it around his waist. This new angle lets you feel even more of him as he sinks further into you, if that was even still possible, reaching so far into you that you swear it’s like you can feel him in your stomach. Your head lolls back against the pillows, pure euphoria contorting your face so much so to the point that it distracts you entirely from the distant look glazing over Jungkook’s eyes.
“Yukhei definitely wants to bang,” he huffs under his breath.
At once, an exasperated groan fills his ears.
“I can’t believe we’re seriously having this conversation right now,” You roll your eyes, fingers prodding at his sides. “I don’t wanna talk about Yukhei potentially wanting to have sex with me.”
Jungkook’s glad you said it, at least. Though now he’s watching you with hooded eyes as he thrusts into you a little harder, maybe a little intentionally. His indulgent gaze droops to your breasts, admiring the way they bounce beneath him each time his hips make contact with yours. He thinks back earlier in the day to the picture you had sent him which, really, had sparked the mood for the rest of the night.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he whines abruptly. His eyes screw shut and brows furrow together as your walls clench around him. He drops his head to bury his face in your chest, lips momentarily wrapping around one of your nipples as he sucks harshly at the soft flesh. When he speaks next, forehead still resting against your collarbones, his voice is a breathless croak, “Well, do you like him?”
“No,” You moan. “Maybe━ Fuck, Koo━ I don’t know.”
“He’s gonna be at that party Tae’s throwing, isn’t he?” Jungkook tries to focus, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to do so when he’s inching closer and closer to his high. “Shit, ah, Y/N━ Why don’t you try talking to him or something? See how the night goes?”
“He’s nice but I don’t think he’s the one for me,” You admit sheepishly. “I think I’m just gonna end things while I still can, with as little harm as possible.”
“Well, glad that’s settled,” Jungkook mumbles. “Can we please stop talking about Yukhei now?”
You seem to miss the way he clings to you a little tighter, hands flying down to grip at your hips, nails digging crescent moon shapes into your skin. He snaps his hips into yours a little faster this time, your pussy throbbing around him.
“Nngh, Jungkook━”
Your hands fumble to grip at his hair, tugging tightly at the roots and earning a delightful hiss from the boy. Your own mouth drops open in a silent moan and it’s a wonder he doesn’t combust at just how sexy the sight is. He hates how his eyes stay trained on the shape of your lips, the soft plumpness of them. He’s felt them wrapped around his dick plenty of times before but he concedes that it’s probably hardly anywhere near to how it would feel to kiss you. Like actually kiss you, tongue and all.
God, what’d he give just to smother your lips with his.
And, god, he hopes you never find out. He’s positive that thought is far more scandalous alone than anything you’ve ever done together.
You’re writhing beneath him now, hips jutting forward desperately to meet his. “I’m gonna cum, Jungkook━”
“Fuck, yes,” Jungkook growls. “Wanna feel you cream around my cock so bad. Come on, baby━”
In the heat of the moment, you seem to miss the pet name that slurs off his tongue and the sentiment in it. A few more jolting slams of his hips and you’re tumbling over the edge. He has to sputter for air when he feels your pussy wrapping so tightly around him, stuttering in his pace above you if only to watch as you unravel beneath him. Hooded dark eyes glazed over in that perfect fucked out expression he loves so much, teeth biting at your lower lip so hard he wonders if it’ll bruise in the morning.
A sudden thought pops into his head when you’ve settled enough, amongst the blinding pure white of bliss that clouds his thoughts. “Did you get my text by the way? The one I sent last night?”
You gasp for air. The bracelet on your wrist itches at the mention of it, and you’re fortunate you decided to wear it that afternoon before coming to Jungkook’s. “Y-Yeah━”
“Everything’s fine,” You say this as dismissively as you can. Your core is still vibrating after the harsh impact of your orgasm paired with Jungkook’s swollen length still in you. “I just… I was taking a shower and didn’t want to get it wet. I forgot to put it back on in the morning.”
That’s a lie. You had mostly taken it off as part of an experiment, though it hasn’t answered much. At least Jungkook doesn’t seem to realize that.
“Oh,” Jungkook breathes. A beat of silence passes, before he deadpans cockily, “Wait, you were taking a shower and I wasn’t invited?”
“Oh my god, shut up━” Maybe if he hadn’t just currently driven you to nirvana and back, you’d notice the way the sloppy grin on his face is a simple taunt. But you’re much too distracted to care. Instead, you use your leg that’s still hooked around his waist to gently push and roll him onto his back so that you can straddle his hips. His eyes sparkle mischievously as he watches you waste no time in hurrying to grind against him at an agonizingly steady pace that makes his head spin. “You’re ruining the moment. I’m trying to make you cum.”
A devious cackle rumbles from his chest, albeit a little contented at the same time. Yeah, he definitely likes the sound of that. “Well then, by all means, don’t let me stop you.”
It’s only then that his question comes back into your mind. If he felt the need to ask you again about the bracelet, maybe that meant something after all. At the very least, it means he hadn’t forgotten about it altogether. On the other hand, you wonder how often he had spent thinking, or over-thinking, the issue in the past twenty-four hours, if at all.
Was it wrong to feel some semblance of joy over that potential fact? Probably.
That doesn’t seem to bother you much this time. Not when he’s gazing up at you as if you’re some divine sexy goddess, all his to enjoy. You can’t help yourself; you reach down to brush the sweaty hair from his eyes, perhaps all too gentle of an action for best friends.
And he smiles, maybe a little too softly and maybe a little too ardently if you look close enough.
He smiles.
Tumblr media
The thing about your supposed “rules” with your relationship with Jungkook is that there might be a few loose ends that neither you nor Jungkook pay much attention to sometimes.
But that’s neither here nor there.
Mostly, the “no public displays of affection” clause is easily disregardable. It’s typically when you’re too drunk to remember it and a bit needy, craving one another’s touch, but those around you never truly seem to care or even notice because, if you’re lucky, they’re equally as smashed. Sometimes the “no cuddles” clause blurs into a gray area where it’s simply just you and Jungkook post-sex, sprawled out in his bed, not necessarily wrapped up in one another’s arms and cooing sweet nothings to one another but giggling at nothing in particular except one another as you bask in each other’s company and nothing more. You suppose some rules are meant to be broken.
For the most part, Jungkook never seems to question the no kissing rule you were so adamant in insisting. Not until one night in which you’re left wondering where things go so drastically wrong. It starts off as normally as any other day with you and Jungkook can, spent in his apartment binge watching movies. You hadn’t expected that night to switch as suddenly as it does when Jungkook shoots you a text earlier in the day asking if you want to come to his for a night of casual drinking as simply “best friends.” But, as always, one thing seems to lead to another, and you can’t get enough of Jungkook. Maybe it’s in the way he holds you a little tighter, the way he tugs you onto his lap on the sofa in his living room, the way he grips your thighs with a certain type of insatiable desire.
“You know…” he hums. “You drive me insane. In, like, the best way possible.”
Part of you realizes his actions even without him seeming to, and the drunken smile on your face remaining frozen in place, a little dumbfounded. “Jungkook…”
“When I’m with you…” He lifts his stare to look at you, but you have nothing to say. Neither does he. Instead, you’re left grinning at one another and suddenly your face is warm. He leans towards you, his nose nuzzling against the side of your throat. Your hands stay threaded in his hair now, and he swears he feels you secure your grip as if to pull him closer.
You can feel his lips brush faintly against your skin, grazing along your neck to the underside of your jaw. Up, up, up, until━
It’s just as his mouth meets with the corner of yours that you register what he’s doing, even in your clouded state. You turn your head just in time, and he comes to an immediate halt, his lips barely making contact with your cheek instead before he pulls away. He doesn’t move very far but you also don’t push him away just yet. Instead, you shift your head to look at him, still inches apart from him.
“What are you doing?” You ask. He can’t quite tell if you’re appalled or not, an empty expression staring back at him.
“I━ You━” He fumbles over his words, squeezes his eyes shut. He blames it on the alcohol even though his head is swimming with thoughts that seem to only concern you. But then a fierceness seems to stir within him, one that makes his jaw clench as he meets your stunned stare. The question rolls off his tongue without meaning to. “Is this about Yukhei?”
“Is that why you weren’t wearing our bracelet the other day?”
The question is so ridiculous, you have to laugh. “What are you going on about?”
But Jungkook doesn’t see what’s so funny and so he tries again, his persistence taking hold. “Is that why you won’t ever let me kiss you?”
You blink. Then, you’re shaking your head at him. Exasperation hangs heavy in your words, shaping in the form of a tired scoff. “You’re not serious.”
You’ve slithered off of his lap before he can even think to stop you ━ but if he had, would you have even stayed? You’re mad, but he doesn’t know why. “No, I wanna know. Because if what we have is already so meaningless, what makes a kiss any different?”
“So I wanna know,” he says, brows unconsciously knitting together. His gaze is searching yours desperately, as if begging for an answer he’ll want to hear. But he knows he’s being an idiot, a small sober part in him makes him realize that. “Humour me. Have you had sex with him yet?”
“Oh my god. I can’t believe that’s what you’re on about.” Suddenly, you’re frowning. Your hardened stare meets the boy’s and the irritation that scrunches at your face makes him wince, but it’s too late for him to take back the damage that he’s done. “Yeah, Jungkook, we fucked in his stupid Toyota that you hate so much and he choked me and I liked it. He did all sorts of dirty things to me. Is that what you want to hear?” The sardonic tone hisses at his ears, but he bites back his words, the sober part in him doing some decent good by shushing him. “No, Jungkook, we didn’t fuck. We haven’t even gone on a date, and I don’t even know if I want to, and you think I’m throwing myself at him.”
“But you wanna.”
“You’re being an idiot,” You admonish. “I’m going home. Talk to me when you’re sober.”
He has just enough time to watch you turn on your heel, march towards his door, when he scrambles to his feet. The weight of his words and actions finally seem to dawn on him, hitting him harshly in the face and in the heart.
“Fuck, wait! Wait━” he gasps.
He chases after you, hand reaching out to press his palm against the door before you can shimmy it open. He’s fortunate when you turn to look at him, though your arms are folded impatiently over your chest.
“You’re right. I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad,” he promises earnestly. Then, he lets out a frustrated groan. “I just… What if we… Shit, what if we stop for right now? Y’know… Hooking up. Whatever this is.”
He gestures vaguely between the two of you with his hands, a wearied look plastering his face.
You hate to admit how his words seem to affect you. They bite at the air, leave you breathless as you gawk at him, but the harsh realization of it all is that you were never his to have and he was never yours. Hoseok had been right when he said these things were bound to come to an end ━ so why did it seem to hurt you so much?
A beat of prolonged silence passes between the two of you. Jungkook runs a hand through his chaotic blonde hair, digging the heel of his palm into his temple as if to rid himself of a headache he’s no doubt sporting. Maybe you’re waiting for a better explanation, but he gives none, and you don’t feel as if you have the right to ask why. He’s not your boyfriend, for god’s sake. It’s not like he’s breaking your heart.
Instead, you take a deep breath and say, “Okay.”
“Okay.” It’s all that he says in return.
So then why does it feel like he is?
Tumblr media
When Jungkook had promised that if your fling with him ended you would go back to being untainted best friends, he was apparently lying.
A part of you can’t believe the sheer nerve of him to ghost you in his traditional fuckboy ways, and yet he does. You suppose not entirely, at the very least. Part of it ends up with you being even more vexed by his sudden shift in emotion, and the tangible tension that rises between the two of you should have been dealt with properly, yet neither of you do anything about it, leaving your friendship stagnant and stale for a week. After all, how are you really supposed to go back to “just friends” when you’ve seen his dick one too many times?
You refrain from telling Hoseok, if only so you don’t have to hear him tell you he told you so ━ but you also decide to give Yukhei that one chance, and so you think Hoseok wouldn’t mind so much anyway.
Admittedly, when Yukhei asks to hang with you at Taehyung’s eventual party, you aren’t entirely too keen, but you accept it if only because you heard Jungkook will be there too. For the majority of the night, you don’t see the boy, and you spend the hours cozying up with Yukhei in a conversation that dulls you. As it would appear, it seems to bore Yukhei too, but you only notice that when he starts touching you on your waist and the small of your back. There’s a moment where he leans his head close enough to yours that you realize he’s trying to kiss you, resulting in an awkward encounter in which you push him away, palms on his chest.
“What’s wrong?” he asks. The answer is obvious enough to you, but you don’t think you should tell him for his own dignity. That, instead, all you can imagine is Jungkook in his place. “Should we get out of here?”
“Y/N. Can I talk to you?”
You’re both fortunate yet horrified when you hear Jungkook’s voice. He’s standing just behind you, his own stare devoid of any emotion, though his brows furrow and his jaw clenches in a signature Jungkook manner that you know means he’s pissed. He hardly acknowledges Yukhei, nodding in his general direction. You don’t remember if you leave Yukhei there or if he leaves, or if Jungkook even gives a poor attempt of an excuse to the boy, but you’ve not so much as uttered a single word or let out an exhalation of air, when Jungkook ultimately pulls you off to the side where it’s just you and him once more.
“I’m not sucking your dick in Tae’s grimy bathroom, if that’s what you want,” You scowl once Yukhei is out of earshot. “You’ve lost the privilege that is my mouth.”
“That’s not━” Jungkook shakes his head, exasperated. “That’s not what I want. I just━ I’ll take you home. Please?”
You know the offer is much more than him simply walking you the route to your dorm, which you already know like the back of your hand. Yet, you don’t argue. Truthfully, it’s a relief when Jungkook lugs you out of the party. The entire venture back to your apartment is treacherous, in the way that you’re left sobering up enough to the point that your dizzying thoughts become more coherent. Hoseok is gone for the weekend at least, spending the days with his fiance, so you don’t have to worry about humiliating yourself in front of your roommate when it comes to Jungkook.
You’ve barely made it through your front door when you’re grumbling aloud, “What do you want, Jungkook?”
“I wanna talk,” he says firmly. “About us. About Yukhei.”
“Maybe I don’t want to.” But that’s a lie. Talking to Jungkook, even despite masquerading your annoyance for him, is a blessing in disguise. You’ve missed the idiot, and hearing his voice. “Besides, you told me to give him a chance.”
“And you said you didn’t want to.”
“Maybe I changed my mind.”
“Yeah, you sure seemed like you loved it when he was trying to shove his tongue down your throat,” Jungkook retorts bitterly. “C’mon, Y/N. We both know that’s a lie.”
“You know, you’ve been a real dick lately.”
A sliver of a smirk tugs at Jungkook’s face. “I thought you love dick.”
Clearly, his poor attempt at a joke doesn’t land well with you. “Why do you even care so much if Yukhei and I get together? Stop acting so high and mighty and moral, Jungkook. It’s not like you’re some virgin saint. How many times have I heard you talk about all those girls you’ve fucked? And what was I? Just another notch in your belt this whole time?”
“What?” Jungkook gasps now, as if disbelieving you would ever think such a thing. “No! You’re not just another notch. I would never even think about you that way. And I haven’t had sex with anyone else but you this whole time and I easily could have.”
“Wow! Such a martyr,” You remark dryly. When you speak next, you meet his stare with your own crestfallen gaze. “I just want my best friend back.” Your words hurt him more than you think, but he can’t say he doesn’t deserve it. “You’re the one who tried to kiss me, then suggested we stop whatever it is we’re doing━”
Jungkook flinches. “I know.”
“Then you ignore me for days even though you promised nothing would change━”
“I know,” he says desperately. He closes the distance between the two of you, yearning to reach out and touch you. Instead, he clamps his eyes shut, trying with all his might to focus when the room feels like it’s spinning.
“And then you get mad when Yukhei tries to make a move. It’s like you’re jealous or something!”
“I am.” He can’t take it anymore. The words tumble from his lips in a rush that he hardly bothers to bite back.
“Because━ Because━” He struggles to form his thoughts into words, stumbling over his sentence. Fuck, he’s never like this. Even you can tell. He grits his teeth next. “I lean in to kiss you and you look at me as if I’m out of my mind. I just don’t get it. You don’t want me to kiss you but you let me put my dick in your ass.”
The taut line of your lip quivers as you break. “That was one time and you didn’t even get all the way in!”
“Y/N.” Jungkook hums now. He’s gazing at you a little softly, reaching out to place his hands on your waist. “Look, I know I’ve been an idiot. But lately, when I touch you, I fucking feel so alive and the thought of Yukhei doing anything with you when it isn’t me, who should be with you, makes me want to vomit. And when I wake up in the morning alone, I only want you next to me. And I can’t be the only one feeling that way. If I am, tell me. Right now. Please. I just wanna know why you won’t ever let me kiss you, but you let me do all sorts of things with you. Am I really that repulsive?”
Another moment of silence stifles the room. Jungkook is so close to you now, you can’t help yourself. You reach up to tug at the collar of his shirt, fingers twisting in the material as you lean your forehead out of frustration against his shoulder and he instinctively lets his arms slither around your waist, holding you to him. Then━
“I only made the rule because I don’t want you to kiss me unless you mean it,” You murmur into his chest. “Like really, really mean it. Like I’m more than just a notch in your belt. Because I want to kiss you so badly, and I’m already in love with you but then I’ll really be in love with you and I don’t want to get my heart broken.”
The anticipation kills you, awaiting his response. You refuse to lift your head, until you hear him grumble, “You’re so fucking stupid.”
The retort is filled with your typical jestering hostility as you finally look at him. But just as you do so, Jungkook’s reaching out to grasp at your face, rough hands all soft and gentle as they cradle your cheeks, guiding you towards him and smoothing his lips over yours until you melt like putty in his hands.
Kissing Jungkook, you deduce at once, is not at all how you imagined it.
It’s everything and more. You’ve felt his mouth on you before but in much different circumstances. Between your legs, on your throat, down past the valley of your breasts ━ and each kiss then had been feral, sloppy, rough. Now, it’s sweet and tender, the feeling of his lips as soft as how he makes your heart feel. And the butterflies━ god, the butterflies.
Impatient hands tug and pull at one another until you’ve both stumbled into your room and onto your bed. He’s clambered over top of you, lips struggling to not part throughout the whole ordeal, until he’s wedged himself between your thighs.
Only then does Jungkook part from you just enough in the next moment, lips brushing against yours, as he whispers ardently, “I mean it.”
Then he’s kissing the corner of your lips down to the underside of your jaw, his mouth grazing along your skin in a feathery touch. His hands help you shed your shirt, and the bra underneath. “I mean it when I kiss you here.”
Then he drops his head to your neck, kissing at the base of your throat, before nipping at it lightly. “And here.”
Your hands come to thread in his hair, tugging at the roots. He burrows his face lastly in your chest, snatching the nipple of one of your breasts between his teeth. “Here…”
You’re so soft and supple beneath his hands, all his to love and explore.
“I want you, all of you,” he mumbles. “Only you.”
“Oh, Koo…”
A pretty moan tumbles from your mouth, and he could nearly cry. He had surely thought you were far past the point of enraged, far past the point of pensive words shaped in a heartfelt apology to bring you back to him. But then hearing you rasp his name ━ the little cute nickname that only you call him ━ makes him so goddamn remorseful.
He smothers your lips with his once more, groaning into your mouth. “I’m such a fucking dick. I don’t deserve you.”
“Don’t say that,” You whine.
“I’m sorry,” he laments. He bites at your lower lip, suckling against it. “Please let me make it up to you.”
“You already have.”
“But I’ve been such a shitty friend,” he groans. It’s hard to focus when he’s pressing his hips against yours, the forming bulge in his pants straining against the inside of your thigh. “I should’ve known when to stop. I shouldn’t have even suggested the whole thing in the first place, because then I wouldn’t have messed us all up.”
“Jungkook,” Your grip tightens in his hair. “Jungkook━ I want you so bad. Just wanna be yours.”
“Yeah?” His breath is warm as it fans against your neck. You rub your core eagerly against him, throbbing pussy so close to making contact with his dick.
“Yeah,” You mewl.
“What do you want from me?”
“You. Wanna feel your dick in me, please,” Your fingers tug at the top of his jeans, prodding at the muscles on his abdomen. “In my mouth. Can make you feel better, Koo, I promise. Just wanna be your good girl.”
“Mmm, I like the sound of that.”
He lets you push him until he’s on his back and you’re straddling his hips. Your limbs entangle with his as you shed the rest of your clothes, your own hands wandering up and down the front of his body after he’s tossed his shirt onto the floor. Then he watches as you shimmy your way down his body. You’re so zealous in pleasing him, wrapping your hand around the base of his dick, head angry and red, dribbling pearly beads of precum down the shaft and over the bulging vein that lines it. You run your thumb over the tip and down, spreading the sticky fluid over him. He grunts in response, nearly jolting at your touch, as his head drops back against his shoulders.
“Oh, fuck,” he growls.
You pump him slowly, taking you time as your closed fist glides up and down his length. He shudders each time your hand reaches the base, and becomes so carried away with your leisure teasing that his eyes are screwed shut and misses the way you dip down to kiss at the tip of his cock. His eyes immediately flutter open, a flustered expression painting his face. You lap again at the head, saltiness coating your tongue, and you let out a simpering moan that has him quivering. And when you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down along his length, he swears he’s about to fall apart. Your eyes flicker upward to meet him and the moment they lock, so sexy and dark, he has to look away for fear of busting right then and there. He reclines back against the bed once more, his hand flying out to grab at your hair.
“You’re so good to me, baby,” he rasps.
He can feel the curve of your lips against his cock as you suck him off. You do so well, too. Puffing your cheeks out, taking as much of him as you can until it feels as if he’s hitting the back of your throat. Then, you’ll suck at the tip of his cock, tongue swirling rapidly around, as your fist rubs his shaft. It’s a beautiful mix, one that inches him closer and closer to his high, and each time you switch he has to hold it together to not let go so soon. He wants to enjoy it, needs to bask in it. Your pretty mouth doing such sinful things, making him feel as if he were in heaven.
“Shit━” His hips jut forward to meet with your mouth, accidentally hitting the back of your throat without warning. You gag a little, but don’t pull away, and when he apologizes to you hastily, you only moan in response. A thought pops into his head that has him beckon aloud, “Will you be a good girl and let me fuck your mouth? Huh, baby?”
You hum in approval, eyes shimmering with glee.
So, he plants both hands in your hair, grabs at the sides of your head, and as you hollow out your cheeks, he bucks into your mouth. He does it again and again, listening to your crescendoing mewls of delight, forming a sticky mess of drool and cum that spills onto your chin.
“God, you’re so good,” Jungkook grunts. He’s a complete wreck, eyes screwing shut, blonde tresses spilling into his lashes. The muscles in his abdomen twitch with each sharp inhale of air he takes, so mesmerized by the shape of your pretty mouth around his dick, like you were made for him. “Such a good girl, huh?”
He fucks himself into your mouth roughly, frantically. Tears start to prick at your eyes from holding your breath, yet you keep yourself together just a little longer for him, lashes fluttering shut tightly.
“All mine too,” Jungkook hisses. “Wouldn’t let Yukhei do this to you, would you? Fuck, I’m━”
With your head left immobile stuck in his grasp, you hum in disapproval instead. You know he’s close when you start to hear him panting breathily. When he cums, it’s with a fractured whine and in short hot bursts onto your tongue and down your throat. You swallow as much as you can and, when he parts from you with a resonating lewd pop, you wipe away with your knuckles at the rest of his cum leaking out of the corner of your mouth and onto your chin. Dark hooded eyes meet with yours, a mischievous glint captivating them. You crawl over to him, straddling his hips once more, chasing his mouth with yours. Your own lips are so wet, coated in saliva and cum, bruised plump, but yet you’re smiling so innocently past the way he can taste himself on his tongue.
A dazed thought pops into your head that has you murmuring wistfully against him, “Say it again. I like hearing you call me baby.”
“Hmm? What about when I call you my good girl?” Jungkook nips at your lips. He grasps at your waist, flipping you over until you’re on your back beneath him. “You treat me so well, baby; you’re my only girl, you know that.”
A contented sigh sounds from you as you rut your hips in thinning desperation to meet his, so close to rubbing against his dick nestled against his thigh. He licks at his fingers hastily, reaching between the two of you to press against your clit, rubbing leisurely at the soft bundle of nerves. He’s learned how to navigate your body after months of supposed emotionless fucking, but now? Now, he felt as if his heart may just burst through his chest. Every reaction you make to his every touch ━ the needy plea to have him make you his, call you baby ━ makes him want to see more, and more.
“Am I?” You ask hoarsely. He grasps at his dick, guiding his tip to your core, so slick and wet, glistening with your own arousal. As he pushes himself in with a hiss, he watches as you contort beneath him. “Nnngh, Jungkook━”
“Fuuck,” he groans. He sinks into you, spreading your thighs further and further apart, until his hips make contact with yours. His mouth attacks yours with a feverish passion, the rumble of his moans and your whimpers muffling against one another. Then, he remembers to answer your awaiting question, barely audible between the way his tongue lavs at yours. “You are. I’m so fucking in love with you. But I don’t deserve you.”
Your hands tug impatiently at his hair. “Stop saying that.”
“But it’s true,” he hums. He’s quick to start rutting at your hips in a steady yet agonizing pace, dick burrowing into your pussy as your walls throb and shake. He can’t help but watch, mesmerized as always by the way his length slips past your folds and disappears into you. Again, and again, and again, so lewdly destroying your pretty cunt. “Just want Yukhei to touch you all over instead, don’t you?”
“No,” You croak.
You spread your thighs instinctively wider apart, allowing him to sink even further into you until it feels as if he’s hitting you so far in your stomach. Each roll of his hips is punctuated by the crude noise of skin against skin, sending you spiralling.
“Want him to do all sorts of dirty things to you, huh?”
“N-No. Fuck, Jungkook━ Harder, please━”
“That’s what you said,” Jungkook retorts. Still, he listens to your pleas, snapping his hips into yours roughly enough to send you jolting back on the bed. His hands start to roam your body, pinching at your hips, then grasping ferociously at one of your breasts. “Want him to fuck you in his car, right?” His palm feels like fire as it slides up past your collarbones to your throat. “Want him to choke you.”
His hand comes to wrap around the underside of your jaw on your throat, thumb and index finger pressing against the pressure points there. He squeezes, though with barely any force, just enough to feel your rapid pulse beneath his digits in a way that makes you so suddenly hyper aware of everything he’s doing to you. Cock stretching you wide, palm heavy around your throat, mouth folding over yours. So caught up in the overwhelming sensations you’re feeling, you can’t tell if he’s genuinely upset with himself, though you suspect part of him is. You can sense it in the way he clings to you a little tighter, can see it laced within his dazzling pupils.
Jungkook huffs, hair flopping into his eyes as he grits his teeth and ruts his hips faster into you if only to see more of your pretty little reactions. Your jaw unhinges at the feeling, head falling back onto the pillows. “He could probably treat you nicer too.”
You shake your head wildly, fingers digging into the skin on his shoulders. “Just want you, Koo.”
“Still?” he asks. His grip on your neck fastens a little more, pure euphoria riddling all your senses and making you writhe beneath him. “God, you’re such a dumb little slut, aren’t you?”
You nod in your groggy exhaustion, the familiar burn coiling in your stomach, making your toes curl.
Jungkook feels your own high approach. Your walls are clenched so tightly around him, he has to sputter for air. “Could he make you feel like this?”
“No, Koo,” You whine. “Only you.”
“Yeah?” Jungkook growls. “Good girl. Gonna cum around my dick like the good little slut you are?”
Your hips ricochet upwards to meet his, relentless pounding into your core. “Please, please━”
Jungkook quickens his pace until you’ve deteriorated into absolute shambles, whimpering his name after each thrust. You tumble towards your high, cuming around his length as he burrows it into you again and again, and all he can think is mine, mine, mine. As you unravel beneath him, he slides his hand off of your throat and slithers it underneath you and around your waist, hoisting you slightly enough off the bed so that he can reach his own orgasm. He’s a little more frantic now, sloppy and restless as he pummels into you.
“Shit, baby━” he cries out. “Oh, fuck, you’re so good━”
As you come down from your high enough, you somehow manage to murmur drowsily, “Cum in me, Koo. Wanna feel it.”
You grab at his face, pulling him down to catch his lips on yours, and the thought is so tempting he can’t refuse. He gets so lost in your lips, cuming with one final slam of his hips into yours and a chorus of curses mingling with your name in whimpers. He rides out both of your highs with a few half-hearted thrusts, more concerned with kissing you in useless open-mouthed kisses as your own mouth parts with one last weary moan while he fills you up.
When he’s spent, he collapses against your chest, and you collapse onto the bed. It’s quiet long enough for the both of you to calm the shrill beat of your hearts when you feel Jungkook stir, moving to part from you, pulling his dick from your swollen pussy and planting a lingering peck on your cheek. He disappears momentarily but returns a few seconds later, towel in hand which he uses to wipe at your core now leaking with his cum and your heart croons at all his tender touches.
It makes you realize all at once that, god, yes, you’re so in love with your idiot best friend and he’s so in love with you.
He turns to look at you, an adoring smile dancing upon his lips when he sees your own radiant beaming face. You beckon him over and he relents, letting you pull him into your arms. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck as he wraps his own arms around you to tug you closer to his side. As your fingers come to rake through his sweaty hair, he cranes his neck to follow your hand and hear him coo against your neck, “That feels so good.”
A sudden thought crosses your mind that has you smirking smally to yourself. “Are we… Are we cuddling? Jungkook, I thought you didn’t like cuddling. Said it was, and I quote, sentimental bullshit.”
“I never liked it because it wasn’t with you. Didn’t wanna waste my time on someone that wasn’t you,” Jungkook hums, matter-of-fact. You can tell he’s a little embarrassed at the way you so casually taunt him about such an obvious fact, though he’s fortunate you can’t see him smiling like a complete fool. “And I wanna do all that sentimental bullshit with only you. Now, shush━” He scolds you playfully. “M’so tired and I just wanna hold you tight.”
“Can’t argue with that.” Your heart leaps in your chest. “Just promise me one thing?”
It’s only then that he lifts his sleepy gaze to find yours, apprehensive of any potentially looming severity in your words. “Anything.”
Instead, all he can find is the way you trace your finger along the details of his face, from his nose, to his cheekbones, down to the freckle under his lip with the hand that sports your friendship bracelet. “In the morning, when we wake up, you’ll still be here to hold me tight. And every other morning after that.”
His smile widens even more, if that was even possible. “Wouldn’t want it any other way. But━”
“On one condition.”
“What’s that?”
His eyes sparkle cheekily. “Kiss me.”
So, you do, again and again and again; and Jungkook thinks, yeah, he certainly can get used to this.
Tumblr media
It takes you a month to cave in to Jungkook’s incessant pleas to fuck you to his sex playlist. You do it mostly to humour him, though part of you is a little bit intrigued at the thought.
Stowed away in his room, he eats you out to the choruses of sultry The Weeknd and raunchy Ariana Grande songs, fucks you to the likes of the Neighbourhood and Kim Petras while you’re on all fours, and you’re only half-paying attention to the music until you hear it. Admittedly, you almost completely miss it but you blame Jungkook and the way he’s making you currently feel, sprawled out beneath him, chests pressed flush against one another in a sweaty, sticky mess, breathy and glorious moans of your name filling your ears when━
“I had no choice but to hear you. You stated your case time and again━”
The dulcet chime of Alanis Morissette thrums about the room, a complete and utter shift in contrast in the atmosphere that has you immediately pausing.
“Jungkook.” But he knows what you set out to say even before you do, judging by the tone in your voice and the stifling smirk on his face. You gawk at him, biting at your lip to hide your laughter but you fail miserably. “You weren’t joking?”
He shrugs innocently, leaving you just as dumbfounded as you were two seconds ago. Instead, he says, “Gotta do what I promised then, don’t I?”
You quirk a brow. “What was that exactly?”
“Gotta give you the best orgasm of your life.”
“If you can do that to cheesy 90s pop, I’ll have your actual babies, Jungkook.” The effort is endearing and impressive, to say the least.
A roll of your eyes is met with a taunting roll of his hips into yours that wipes the jest off your face immediately. He grins like a madman, uttering a little stupidly, and a little ardently, “Say no more.”
Because, all things considered and joking aside, he wants it with you ━ the dazed daydreamy talk of a future together and kids, friendship bracelets, and cuddles in the morning. Because you mean the world to him and more. Because you’re his best friend, and he’s so madly in love with you.
Because he wants it all with you.
Tumblr media
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chateautae · 14 days ago
ready or not? | jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary :  jungkook’s too riled up to stay in a tiny closet with you, and taehyung’s bed looks perfectly inviting.
↳ second part of here i come.
➵ pairing : jungkook x f. reader
➵ genre :  college!au, smut, pwp
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 4k
➵ warnings : sexual content, swearing, dirty talk, breast fondling/worship (jungkook really loves her tits), petting, fingering, pussy-eating (panties on and off), finger sucking, cum tasting, big dick!jungkook cause wbk, desperate, needy sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies) slight name kink, begging, creampie
➵ a/n: YES i’m back with a smutty second instalment for jungkook’s ‘here i come’ pwp, just my small gift for our born singer’s birthday today, can’t believe he’s 24 now 🥺 thank you endlessly to my love @inkedtae​ bee for beta-ing!! as always, your comments and feedback are appreciated! enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Jungkook tosses you onto the mattress faster than you can speak. 
You spring onto the bed and a shocked yelp escapes you, the transfer from Jungkook’s warm, muscular body to Taehyung’s mattress tantalizingly abrupt. 
“Jungko- '' He instantly smothers you with a heated kiss, slotting his fingers with yours gently as he presses your entangled hands into the sheets. Taehyung’s once impeccable bedding is now messed up by the sheer force of Jungkook’s kiss, and your two entwined bodies passionately making out. 
The weight of his strong frame above you fills you with fireworks, squeezing his hands back as you hum and moan into the kiss with him. Jungkook’s knee presses between your legs, squishing them together at even the slightest feeling down there. Your insides are raw and sensitive from his previous onslaught, and your pussy folds are still damp with your cum and arousal. 
But despite having your pussy torn apart just moments ago, you still openly invite Jungkook between your legs as though it were his home, spreading them wider. Jungkook moans at the feeling and instantly brings his knee higher, lodging himself right at the base of your cunt and your breath hitches. 
You purr like a kitten into his mouth, tasting him in all his glory as Jungkook shoves his tongue down your throat. He can taste the cherry flavour of your lip balm and shit, does it make him want to consume you, devour you like a ravenous animal.
But for now, this position is ideal for Jungkook. Being able to hold your hands like this, feel your body arch up into his from underneath, sense your legs squirming around him; this is exactly where he wants to be. 
“Jungkook.. we’ll-we’ll mess up Taehyung’s bed...” 
“I don’t give a fuck.” 
Jungkook’s merciless with his kiss this time. You moan and whimper into his mouth as he ravages you underneath. Your arousal is already building within your abdomen again, feeling Jungkook’s cock slap against your body sometimes with how much he dips below and rubs himself against you. 
You pine to touch that delicious cock of his, but it’s as though Jungkook reads your mind, and detangles a hand of his to slither down to your core. He rapidly hikes your dress again up over your ass, and his fingertips slowly press into your sensitive clit. 
You gasp, free hand jutting out to bunch his shirt into your fist as he supplies your neglected pearl with small, calculated ministrations. Your blissed out eyes meet his, and the dark red of desire that taints them leaves your lungs losing air, lip tucked between your teeth.
“Fuck, Jungkook..” 
“Yeah? You like this?” 
You lightly moan and nod a yes, Jungkook’s lips brushing yours as he breathes unevenly and collects your essence all over his fingers. 
“Fuck, you’re dripping like honey, baby. Wanna taste you so badly.” Jungkook groans as he rubs your oozing slick all over your palpitating pussy, before gathering some more all over his two fingers. He feels his skin coated in your cum and removes himself from you, funnily whining at the loss of his touch. He brings his wet digits to his lips, popping them in mouth as he finally gets a taste of you. 
“Shit, princess. Taste sweeter than fucking honey.” He nearly growls, softly grabbing your chin and tipping you upwards to engulf you in a breath-taking kiss. You grow impatient for his cock knowing it still stands tall and proud. You’re restless, snaking your hand, clutching his shirt down his body, feeling every inch of his beautiful torso and brawny muscle until you reach his exposed cock. 
Jungkook bucks forward slightly with a moan, his face burying to the side of your cheek. You can feel the slick of your previous orgasm still wet and sticky all over his dick, and begin slow pumps of twisting that rile up Jungkook more than you’ll ever know. His breaths grow hotter and heavier as you teasingly fist his dick just to hear the way he sexily groans into your ear. 
“Y/N.. ah fuck.” He breathes out shakily, managing his weight above you as you handjob the life out of him, relishing in his deep, throaty sounds. 
“Want your cock so badly, Jungkook.” You whine, your own breaths heated as your ears welcome the low sounds of Jungkook moaning your name. “Fuck my mouth, baby.” 
Jungkook lets out a pleasured groan at such a request, returning to your mouth for another head-spinning kiss. He kisses hard and fast and it leaves you breathless once he takes your bottom lip between his teeth, before releasing it with a lewd pop. 
 Jungkook then grabs your chin and teasingly thumbs your lips, running over your swollen, plushy petals. “You know I’d love to fuck this pretty mouth,” Jungkook breathes against your mouth, peering down at you with obsidian eyes though with a contrasting, endearing smile. “But next time, princess. Right now I need to fuck you senseless on Tae’s bed.” 
He supplies you with a quick peck before he crawls off the bed. Jungkook begins stripping himself of his jacket, shirt and jeans as he steps over to Taehyung’s bedroom door. You take the opportunity to shred off your dress, only left in your bra and panties as you anticipate a nearly naked Jungkook. Your ogling vision lands on his broad, sexy back as you lustfully watch him lock the door. 
And fuck, is his back so hot. Is it normal to be attracted to backs? Why do you suddenly feel like riding the hell out of his back muscles?
Jungkook’s gaze shifts towards you, and he sees your pliant body laid out across the sheets like a gift made just for him. His eyes are tainted with sheer desire, that’s for sure, but you can see his irises gleam with almost this certain.. admiration? You could feel your heart fluttering and suddenly become shy about your exposed skin, arms clutching around your bare midsection. 
You watch the bunny-smiled man crack his signature grin before he joins you in the bed, shuffling himself over you. He clasps your hands gently and unravels them to reveal your skin, eyes flitting over you with kind eyes. 
“You are so fucking pretty.” He confesses, and your heart blooms in your chest. You nibble on your lip as your hands sweep over his thick muscles, palms curling around his biceps and giving them a light squeeze. He’s truly an Adonis, his body crafted to be worshipped in a museum, each muscle and divot and groove made to be loved by anyone who earned the pleasure of touching him. 
“You’re so fucking hot.” You breathe out when his hands slowly slither up your sides, lighting up a fire inside you to feel his rough, calloused hands over your smooth, delicate skin. 
“Says you.” Jungkook’s low timbre resonates in your ear where he’s lowered himself now, pressing a peck to your cheek before he instructs in a spine-shivering whisper. “Get on all fours, princess.” 
You follow his command, positioning yourself until your panty-clad ass is presented to him, and Jungkook squared his shoulders behind you. He hisses at the sight of you below once you’ve secured your position, wetting his cute lips with a curse. 
“Fuck, I’ve been dying to see you like this.” He admits with a hint of desperation. 
You smirk proudly, bucking your ass back on him because fuck, is it just so fun to tease a man. 
Especially a sexy one like Jungkook. 
“Then don’t wait anymore, Koo.” 
Jungkook ignites at the nickname, smugly grinning as his fingertips meet the pliant spine of your back. You shiver when he dances his fingers down slowly, but surely until you’re arching. You can feel his rampant breaths fanning against you as he does so, imagining his flushed face and slightly dampened hair with sweat behind you.
He suddenly grabs hold of your hips, tugging you flush against his crotch and you purr in approval. Jungkook hooks his fingers onto your blush panties, but doesn’t exactly remove them. He brings his nose and lips towards your core, and you spasm at just the feeling of him so near. His nose nudges against your twitching folds and you shudder, breathing hotly as your pussy gushes.
“Jesus Christ, you’re dripping.” Jungkook juts out his tongue to lick at your already soaked panties, mewling when you feel the weight of his wet muscle. 
“Jungkook-- Oh.” 
You sigh when he swipes another lick through your clothed core, biting your lip to contain the screaming urge for him to just shove his tongue through your bare pussy. 
A whimper escapes when he does it again, clutching the white sheets of Taehyung’s bed between your fingers. You gently push your core back onto his face more, voice weak and desperate as you beg him. 
“Jungkook, please.” 
“Mmm, such a sexy girl.” Jungkook hums, fiddling with the waistband of your underwear. “Always knew you would be.” 
God, he’s teasing the fucking hell out of you and you only crave him just like you crave air. His tongue keeps slithering through your underwear as he diligently eats you out with your panties on. The satiating rub of your slicked material against your clit feels good for your pulsing cunt, but you want more, need more of Jungkook because otherwise, you’ll turn into a madwoman. 
Just as you squeal his name, the muscly man practically rips your panties off your core and nose-dives into your bare pussy, smothering himself with your delicious heat. 
The second he gets a taste, Jungkook moans and hums against your sopping core as he makes out with your cunt, veiny hands full of your ass as he holds your wriggling body in place. 
“Fucking shit, always knew you’d taste this sweet.” Jungkook breathes harshly before plunging in for more. Your toes curl and your eyes roll back in sheer ecstasy when you feel the fleshy touch of his tongue against your soft folds. No man has ever eaten you like this and you could see stars in your clouded vision. His tongue feels so wet and long, even reaching down and over you until he prods your clit with the tip of his tongue. 
He wiggles and snakes his tongue through your pussy until you’re arching almost inhumanly and shaking on the bed, close to ripping up Taehyung’s godforsaken sheets. Jungkook seems to notice how hard you’re grasping them and mewling tiredly, breaking away to gently coo.
“Not too much, baby. You’ll hurt yourself.” Jungkook splays his palm underneath your tummy and elevates you, straightening out your back. You physically and internally gush at the sweet gesture, head falling limp against the mattress under the spell of his intoxicating touch.
“Fucking- Jungkook..” You moan his name so seductively, it elicits a groan from Jungkook behind you, the deep sounds rippling through your walls. Never has her heard a voice as pretty as yours, and fuck, do you sound absolutely gorgeous moaning his name like that. 
“Shit, your pussy is dripping wet, princess.” Jungkook attempts to catch his breath, your essence coating his lips, chin and nose. “Need to finger-fuck you raw.” 
“Fuck, oh shit, Jungkoo-” You’re cut off by a lewd moan when Jungkook plunges two thick fingers into your pulsing cunt, reaching out before you and latching onto one of Taehyung’s pillows for even a semblance of control. 
“So fucking pretty when you moan, you know that?” You moan again, face burying into the pillow because Jungkook’s fingers are just so perfectly-shaped and delicious, he could’ve felt like a real cock. 
Jungkook immediately unclasps your bra with a single hand and rapidly removes the damn thing, chucking it aside. His free hand collects a breasts of yours in his palm, and begins kneading your tits he vowed to avoid staring at all fucking night, but now couldn’t contain himself anymore.
“Do you know much..” Jungkook thrusts his fingers inside you deep, bucking forward when he does so. “I’ve thought about you and your sexy body?” 
You shudder underneath him, the deep octave of his voice vibrating in your ears. “How much I had to avoid looking at you in this dress tonight?” 
He shoves his fingers even deeper and dares twist them inside you, teasingly stroking against your engorged g-spot with a ‘come hither’ motion. “How fucking much I stopped myself in that closet with these perfect tits of yours?” 
Jungkook squeezes one in his hand and you mewl, his fingertip drawing tight circles over a hardened, plum-coloured peak. 
“Jungkook, please. Need your cock inside me-ah!” Jungkook suddenly wraps his hand around your throat, lightly applying pressure to the sides as his lips whisper sinfully into your ear. 
“Not so loud, princess. Can’t have the whole party hearing you moan for me, huh?” 
You melt. You shiver and shudder and gush and melt into Jungkook’s arms at the sheer head-spinning depth of his voice. It drips fiery, red hot desire and lust and God, are you the most desperate whore for him. You nod your head compliantly and Jungkook removes his fingers from your fluttering cunt, bringing them before your mouth as he bends over your frame, bare core pressed to his crotch. 
“Taste your cum for me, baby.” He taps his soaked fingers against your lips as almost a cheeky knock, and you open up. You wrap your tongue around and over his digits, little noises of pleasure escaping the back of your throat as you taste your sweet cum. Jungkook groans out shakily as he draws himself out. 
You breathe like a wild animal as you hear the bed rustle behind you, peeking back to see Jungkook removing his boxers. He’s got them off and now completely exposes himself to you, left naked behind you knowing damn well he has a flushed, angry red-tipped cock you’ll get your mouth on one day. 
Jungkook’s all but licking his lips with dilated pupils at the prospect of fucking you properly, lining himself up with your entrance eagerly until.. 
“Fuck!” Jungkook loudly curses. 
“What? What’s wrong?” 
“I don’t have a fucking condom.” He laments. “I gave mine to Taehyung ‘cause he forgot one before coming here.” Jungkook huffs with grave annoyance, rolling his eyes. “I’ll call him and get it from him. He should still have it-” 
“No, no! Jungkook, it’s okay.” You immediately jut out your hand for him to stay, somehow finding his hand when he offers it to you. “It’s okay, go in raw. Just go in right now.”
“Are-are you sure?” Jungkook’s hesitant voice inquires. “Don’t feel like you need to-”
“No, Jungkook. Just go in, please, I need you so badly.” You desperately tug at his hand to beckon his thick cock back to your core. 
“Okay, okay. I got you.” Jungkook kisses your lower back before he sets himself up again, lining his cock with your dripping, pulsing entrance. You feel his meaty tip kiss your spasming cunt, moaning at the sheer feeling. 
“Deep breath, okay?” Jungkook instructs, knowing the size of his cock and waits for your intake of air, and pushes himself right in when you do. You transform into jelly the second his cock invades you, your walls frantically smothering his dick as you adjust to his monstrous size.
Jungkook feels big, fucking colossal like this and shit, can you feel every ridge, vein and unique lining of his delectable, heady cook. “Oh fuck. Fuckfuckfuck-Jungkook..!”
“I know, baby. You’re okay, just breathe, Y/N.” Jungkook soothes a hand to your back as you notice the tension in your body, exhaling deeply to release the tightness of your muscles. Your walls flutter to create more room and you search for Jungkook’s hand again, reaching out behind you. 
He interlocks his fingers with yours and squeezes tight, proceeding into your warm cunt as he groans at the tight, firm fit. “Ah shit, Y/N. You’re still this tight even after I fucked you?” 
“Want more, Jungkook. Fuck!” You hiss feeling the drag of him inching his length inside you, stuffing you full of his cock until Jungkook bottoms out completely. He hilts himself inside you and groans shakily, his pleasure almost blinding as you squeal in ecstasy underneath him. 
Jungkook wastes no time, he’s been waiting for this for too long and now that he gets to see your pretty body like this, he’s all business. Jungkook secures a hand around your hips as he pulls out of your warm, fluttering cunt only to fit himself right back in, cock nudging your damn guts. 
You grip his hand like a vice, mewling at the heavenly feeling of his cock dragging in and out of your walls, attempting to fit his large cock inside you. He thrusts again, another time, a third time until he begins a pace of quick fucks that buck you forward and hit your pussy just right. 
And you realize once he slowly increases his speed, Jungkook isn’t just fucking to fuck. No, he actually knows what he’s doing as a man. He’s got himself angled in this particular method that’s stroking this buzzing spot inside you, feeling sheer euphoria invade your bloodstream when he fucks himself into your warm cunt with meaningful, though hard thrusts. 
“Oh, Jungkook.. oh.” 
“Yeah? You like that? Can you take more, baby?” 
You nod immediately, feeling Jungkook pick up the pace as he sheaths his cock inside you until the very brim. He harshly grips your hips in place as he slams you into the mattress, cocking sliding in and out perfectly with the help of your oozing essence. You clamp down even harder on Jungkook’s cock just to give him hell, and he throws his head back as he relishes in the God-like feeling. 
“Jesus fuck, Y/N. If you keep doing that I’ll fucking marry you.” 
You smirk despite your submissive position and having your pussy battered, only to fuck back on him more just to see where it gets you. “Put a ring on me then, Koo.” 
You hum that nickname in your sing-songy voice and Jungkook’s mind goes haywire. Pleasure courses through his veins like a drug, and he begins practically blowing your back out. Jungkook penetrated deeply and harshly into your fluttering pussy, his movements hot and desperate, indulging in him hitting that one delicious spot inside you. 
You moan so loudly Jungkook detangles your hands and curtains your mouth, lips by your ear for a hot whisper. “Quiet, princess. Don’t want everybody coming in here to see me fucking you.” He practically growls in his lust-ridden tone. “Unless you like to be watched, huh? Cock hungry princess?” 
“No, no..” You breathe, pitchy moans escaping you as your flimsy arms barely manage your arched position. “Just you.. only want you to see, Jungkook.” 
You feel Jungkook smirk, suddenly taking the hand that’s clasping your hip and slithering it down to your lonely clit, touching the flushed, pulsing bud to your pleasure. You squeal into his palm, walls hugging him inside you so tight, your mind and air dwindling out so fast you’re an incoherent mess for Jungkook. 
Something akin to his name escapes you, feeling him wreak havoc over your pulsing pearl and your fingers can’t help but grasp Taehyung’s sheets like a vice. 
Jungkook keeps up his pace, fucking into your sex with so much heated passion you can feel your skin burning. Face flushed, hip imbued with his bruises and your pussy fucked raw, the addition of his hand clutching your mouth silent resurfacing that familiar twisting in your gut. 
He’s fucking you like he has no other purpose, whispering the filthiest, yet prettiest of things any woman would die to hear. 
“So fucking pretty when you take my cock, you know that?” 
“I’ll fuck this gorgeous mouth one day.” 
“Need to feel you cream my cock, princess.”
You nod for Jungkook with every devilish whisper, every cell in your body on fire because his dick feels that good. His backshots are slamming your guts in the best way possible as he grunts behind you, fucking like two horny dogs because shit, that’s what you feel like. 
You mewl and moan and yelp into his hand until eventually, Jungkook provides you with an earth-shattering thrust into your g-spot and your orgasm bursts through your gates like a tsunami. You cum all over Jungkook’s cock, producing your oozing slick so abundantly Jungkook can’t keep quiet. 
“Oh shit, God. So much cum, baby. You’re so wet.” His lips hang open as he manages his orgasm, breathing out grunts as he loses himself. 
“Fuck, I don’t wanna pull out.. I can’t..” Jungkook seems so lost in your ocean you reply rapidly through your gushing slick. “Fill me up, Koo. It’s okay, want your hot cum!”   
And you instantly feel Jungkook release inside you with a feral grunt, stripes of his white hot seed shooting inside you. He fills you like he was always meant to, pussy creamed to perfection and so abundantly that some of his cum drips down your folds and onto your buzzing clit. 
Jungkook has shoved himself to the brim where he slowly, and gently penetrates you through your orgasm, letting you use his cock to ride out your high, fingers decreasing speed over your clit and rather rubbing in soft circles. 
He eventually stops and your breathing normalizes, feeling Jungkook’s throbbing cock finally halt. He pulls out of you carefully with delicate hands on your hips, and his cock slips out as he views the way his cum dirties your gorgeous pussy. 
Securing his grip on your body, he considerately turns you over and rests you on your back. He reaches over your head and adjusts Taehyung’s pillows. He curls a hand underneath your neck and brings you to one of the pillows, setting you down. You nestle back into the comfortable plush and smile as Jungkook’s thumbs smooth your sides, peering down at the mess between your legs; the way a delectable mixture of your cum and his drips onto Taehyung’s sheets. 
“Shit, Taehyung’s gonna be pissed.” Jungkook snorts, slotted between your spread legs. 
“It’s okay.” you ease him with a charming smile as your palms smooth over his. “We’ll get scolded together.” 
He chuckles with you as you beckon him over with grabby hands, and Jungkook happily complies as he slides up your body and wraps his strong, warm arms around your torso, his head falling against your breasts. Your hands fit into his soft, silky hair, hugging him to your chest. 
“Mmm, you’re so soft.” Jungkook hums, the sensation of being able to rest over your boobs the epitome of heaven of heaven to him. You giggle at his openness and just how endearing he is, Jungkook squeezing you tighter as he feels laughs vibrate your body.
“You’re so warm, c’mere.” You snuggle him closer and nuzzle your nose into his hair, catching a whiff of his crisply-scented shampoo that smelled almost orgasmically good. 
Jungkook lifts off your chest and looks into your eyes, something indistinguishable in them, but his sincerity was telltale as ever. His thumb and index finger grasp your chin as he pushes your cute lips together, creating a pout he cracks a smile at and kisses ever so softly. 
He doesn’t say anything when your eyes meet next, instead watching that beautiful smile of his decorate his face. Jungkook elevates himself and fits beside your smaller form on the same pillow, fixing Taehyung’s sheets over your naked bodies. He huddles with you closely underneath, and pulls you flush against his large frame as his nose buries into your vanilla-scented hair. 
You settle into his muscly arms, clutching onto his tattooed one. You feel your eyes flutter shut as you breathe in the smell of sex and his cologne, and Jungkook holds onto you for the rest of the quiet night.
Tumblr media
Hard raps at the door are what stir you and Jungkook awake, groaning at the little light that pokes through the blinds and compromises your sleep, Jungkook lazily rubbing at an eye with a lifted head. 
Five seconds later, a hungover Taehyung bursts into his room and appears to you both as the equivalent of a zombie. He’s clearly freshly woken up, barely open eyes and messy-haired, finding you two with a groggy voice. 
“Oh, shit. I finally found these two-” But Taehyung freezes, rubbing his eyes vigorously to clear his vision and attempting to discern if he’s actually seeing this. He blinks rapidly as his eyes adjust to the vibrant sunlight, and groans in grievous complaint as he smacks his forehead. 
“Oh fucking-c’mon.. did you guys have sex on my bed!?” 
Jungkook breathes a chuckle as your tired head hits Taehyung’s pillow, too exhausted to deal with this. You blissfully slip back into dreamland while the two boys endlessly bicker; Taehyung listing the grand ass-whoopings he’ll graciously provide Jungkook with, only for Jungkook to criticize Taehyung’s sorry-assed hide-and-seek skills. 
Tumblr media
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smoochkooks · 15 days ago
—champagne problems (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook/reader
genre: rich!jk, friends with benefits, slight sugar daddy au, smut, fluff, some light angst because i’m evil
word count: 2.5k
warnings: explicit sexual content, exhibitionism, dom!jk, also bit of possessive!jk if you squint, fingering, dirty talk, degradation, jk calls oc ‘love’<3, oc having a brief moral dilemma while being horny. 
summary: so even if that’s temporary, you are going to stick to jeon jungkook's side, indulge in some sugar babyness, have good sex, drink expensive champagne and listen to trivial problems of the upper-class. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?
a/n: this drabble has been sitting in my drafts ever since sowoozoo happened and blessed us with this look on jk. since it’s my favorite’s boy day, i decided to finish this up. happy birthday, jungkook<3
Tumblr media
It didn’t come to you as a surprise that rich people don’t have the same problems as you, basic humans do. They’re called champagne problems, dilemmas that carry little significance when compared to famine, poverty, inflation or other things only commoners experience on daily basis.
Jeon Jungkook, for example, a womaniser extraordinaire you met two months ago in Stigma, considered buying yet another car for himself a real problem not because he doesn’t have money for that – the black card in his wallet indicates quite the opposite actually. The main obstacle, as he explained to you that night over the second cosmo he oh, so generously bought you, is the limited space in his apartment building's parking lot. He’s currently occupying two spots and the rest is tenanted by others. A pity, truly.
Yet, you listened to him speak about it with nothing less than ardour. The anti-capitalist in you got deadly quiet as soon as the hottest guy in town decided to pay you attention. Putting The Communist Manifesto and your pride aside, you were ready to pounce this man any second. And maybe you weren’t actually betraying your kind that much because frankly, eat the rich applied to your situation perfectly. You could gladly eat up Jungkook.
They say a girl can do a lot to get laid. After bending your morals, the only thing left was your natural charm. And listen, men are easy in theory. But rich men? They are a piece of cake.
Channeling your inner Anastasia Steel, you kept biting your lip, batting your eyelashes, oh, so subtly brushing your palm up his muscled arm – it was all working in your favor. And before you knew it Jeon Jungkook had his hand underneath your skirt on the backseat of the cab and his lips on your neck.
Then he had you on your knees in the middle of his living room, bent over the emerald-green couch, on your back on his enormous bed. Three orgasms later you were nearly delirious, but satisfied nonetheless. Jungkook passed out soon after, his light snores filling the spacious bedroom.
Your best friend would say: “Girl, this is your chance! Rob him and get the fucking away from there!” The thing is, your best friend had never had a dick that good in her life and truth to be told, you really wanted a round two in the morning. Sadly, breaking the law was right after amazing sex in your hierarchy of important things.
Tumblr media
After all, it seemed like Jungkook wasn’t the type to fuck and discard, so you earned the title of his next plaything. You’ve seen them all through his Instagram Stories, and they do have one more thing in common, beside sharing the same experience of sucking his dick – they all seem to be wealthy. Unlike you, a college student with debt and part-time job.
So even if that’s temporary, you are going to stick to Jeon Jungkook's side, indulge in some sugar babyness, have good sex, drink expensive champagne and listen to trivial problems of the upper-class. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?
You aren’t his girlfriend, you’re rather someone in between fuck buddy, therapist and friend, because, surprisingly, Jungkook can become very much chatty after sex. And to your astonishment, he digs quite deep sometimes, opening up about things that, well, aren’t such champagne problems anymore.
And it’s nice. It makes you feel like you’re someone more than a girl he tried to swoon over in the club with the numbers on his bank account.
You like that vulnerability in him, even though it exists only in the confines of his own bedroom, when you’re lying curled around each other after a round of fucking; sweaty and too tired to leave the bed and shower. You know he probably told the sob story about his parents’ divorce to every girl he’s had in his bed but nevertheless, your heart starts stubbornly beating a little faster whenever you’re around him.
And you really spend a lot of time with him. Jungkook, as a wealthy man in his twenties, has a busier social life than the streets of Seoul. Events, cocktail parties, dinners – you name it. He buys you new dresses for each occasion and then slips them off you to fuck you senseless after everything is done.
Tonight, you’re accompanying him to a birthday party. That one friend of his who's a self-proclaimed sex addict and an heir to some food company, has just turned twenty-six. His name is Park Jimin, if you remember correctly. Blonde hair, plump lips, drives Porsche through the streets of Gangnam and all the silly girls falling for his smile and money up the wall.
He's not even here right now and frankly, you haven't seen him ever since he greeted you and Jungkook by the door. His eyes roamed over your body then; up and down, through and thorough, a sly smirk caught on his pillow lips. You weren't stupid, you knew damn well what he said when he leaned to whisper something into Jungkook's ear.
“Will you let me have my way with her? It's my birthday, after all."
Even if you were down for it, you wouldn't have a chance to give into carnality with Park Jimin. The thing with Jeon Jungkook is simple: he doesn't share. What's his, is his. Period.
And ever since he has laid his eyes on you that night two months ago in Stigma, you are his.
(At least until he gets bored and replaces you with someone new. But for now – it doesn't really matter.)
Maybe you are a little bit of a masochist after all, letting him treat you like his plaything, a pretty doll he shows off to everyone in the room and then fucks behind close doors. Even if your relationship has an expiry date, you don’t care. You’re fucking the hottest, richest bachelor in town.
And the sex, God have mercy, is so worth it. For starters: he knows how to make a woman come. Knows where clitoris is and how to use his mouth to have you gushing onto his tongue. Knows just the right amount of pressure to have your head spinning when his fingers are wrapped around your throat.
And maybe it’s because all your past sexual partners have been so dull and incompetent, but needless to say – you let this man do anything he wants to you. And you enjoy every second of it.
Like right now: Jungkook's tattoed fingers are knuckle-deep in your pussy and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, or at least not until you're coming around them.
Rich people are nasty. Jungkook's nasty, paying no mind to the surroundings (you could swear there's at least one person in the room who knows what's happening underneath the table) pushing a third finger into the warm crevices of your cunt.  
“Look at you,” he coos, saccharine-sweet voice that has you leaning even closer to him, like you're bewitched. There’s a string of saliva connecting your lips but you couldn’t care less. You will ask him to spit in your mouth one day. “You're dripping all over my hand, love. What if someone sees you like this?”
You mewl, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. You're not an expert when it comes to perfume but there's one thing you know for sure: he smells rich. It's so intense it makes your head spin. Your grip on his button-up tightens as he roughly shoves his fingers inside.
“You'd like that, wouldn't you? You want this people to see what a pretty slut you are for me.” he says. He starts rubbing relentless circles on your clit with his thumb as his digits fuck you open, bringing you closer and closer to the release.
You've never had a man finger you so skillfully before. It's like he knows you inside and out; every little thing that makes you tick, like he knows where to press, push, caress, grip just to see you lose it.
You’ve also never had a man call you ‘slut’ during sex before but there’s something so deliciously fifthly about the way Jungkook says it. You’re not even slightest bit ashamed of enjoying his degrading words. Once Jungkook's hands are on you, feminism leaves your body.
“Say something, love, don't be shy now,” he beckons, slowing down his pace. Your breathing gets heavier and all you could focus on is Jungkook, his fingers sliding through your slick walls and the husky tone of his voice as he speaks right into your ear, “You were begging me to touch you not so long ago. So needy, so desperate,” His unoccupied hand cups your cheek, thumb stroking your burgundy-colored lip. As on cue, your mouth falls open. He pushes his finger inside and like a filthy thing you are, you suck on it obediently. “Fuck.”
It's spoken so soft and quiet you almost miss it. Your eyes lock with his – two charcoals staring at your mouth with so much desire it's almost suffocating. He removes his thumb with a 'pop' and focuses his attention on making you come.
“Please, Jungkook–fuck,” you moan before you could stop yourself, your hips lifting off the chair. You're practically fucking yourself on his fingers now and like the cocky bastard Jungkook is, he smirks seeing you do so.
He kisses your pout away, his tongue slithering inside. It's messy and so nasty, but you find yourself chasing after his mouth when he pulls back to murmur, “Please what, love?”
“I wanna come.” you whimper as tears well in your eyes because it’s all just so fucking intense.
(In moments like this you’re grateful waterproof eyeliners and mascaras exist.)
“Yeah? Wanna put on a show here? God, you're so filthy,” Jungkook rasps. “Come on, cream my fingers like a good girl, then.”
You do exactly like you’re told, your walls constructing around his fingers as you’re being pushed over the edge. He kisses you through it, muffling your moans and cries, letting you ride out your orgasm for as long as you’re capable of.
When he notices you’re wincing from oversensitivity, he withdraws his fingers and without paying it any mind – licks your release off his fingers.
“You’re nasty.” you grumble, seeing him do so.
He smirks. “But you like it when I’m like that.”
Truthfully, that hasn’t been the filthiest thing you’ve done together so far. The title still belongs to the teacher-student roleplay he persuaded you do to, daddy kink and all the shenanigans (e.g. spanking you with a belt so hard you couldn’t sit on hard surfaces the next day) that come with it involved.
You roll your eyes and take a deep breath. Glancing around the room, you notice that no one is really there left beside two unfamiliar men sitting by the minibar and drinking something, their backs facing you. Everyone is either fucking upstairs or getting wasted outside by the pool, judging from the loud cheers coming through the windows.
Suddenly, Jungkook gets up from his chair. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” he says.
Two minutes later he comes back carrying a bottle of Dom Perignon and two glasses. Before you met Jungkook, you didn’t even know what good alcohol should taste like. As you’re simping on the expensive liquid inside your flute, you can almost taste the luxury.
“I think this is some limited, vintage-edition bottle. Jimin-hyung will kill me if he finds out.” Jungkook chuckles, pouring himself another glass.
At the mention of the birthday boy, you’re now reminded about the exchange between Jungkook and him upon your arrival. Before you could stop yourself, you ask, “Hey, what did he say to you when we came inside?” even though you already know the answer.
Jungkook grimaces. “You don’t want to hear it.”
“Come on, I don’t mind.”
He puts down his flute and sighs. “He asked if I would ever let him fuck you one day,” he says. “He does it with every girl I bring to his parties just to fuck with me because he knows damn that I–”
“That you don’t share.” you finish for him and he smiles sheepishly.
You try not to think how obvious it is that they were other girls before you and will be after you. You knew it that night in the club and still, you let him into your bed. Are you signed up for a possible heartbreak? Definitely. Yet, it doesn’t really matter. Because for now, you are utterly his, you are having fun, drinking expensive champagne and fucking the most handsome guy you’ve ever seen in your entire life. You’re going to live this moment to the fullest.
There are worse things that happen people on this planet and you are not making ‘falling for emotionally unavailable guy’ your own champagne problem.
Then, Jungkook says something unexpected and the whole world stops for a second.
“Would you like to go on a date with me?” he asks and it comes out so quiet that you nearly don’t catch it. Stunned, you stare at him. The man who spoke obscenities into your ear just minutes ago and brought you to the brick of pleasure, is now glancing at you with a boyish smile.
“Aren’t we on a date right now?” you tease.
For a moment, you think that you’re dreaming because there’s no possible way that this is happening, maybe this vintage Dom Perignon is actually too strong and makes him speak nonsense. And yet – here he is, Jeon Jungkook asking you out on a date.
“I want to take you on a real date, love,” he says and your hearts skips a beat. “Not to a night of partying with my friends, not to some fancy dinner with my father's business partners. Somewhere nice, just the two of us.”
Just the two of us.
You’ll think about the meaning and depth of this words sometime later. For now, the night’s still young and one orgasm isn’t enough to satisfy you, so taking the mattress into your own hands you decide to get a little bolder.
You smirk, giddy with excitement. “Fine. But if it’ll suck, I’m going to consider Jimin's proposition.”
Jungkook's eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.”
You lean closer, until your breath his fanning over his ear. “Dare me.”
When he grasps your writs to follow him upstairs, you know it will be so, so worth it.
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venusiangguk · 7 months ago
the art of wanting | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
>>pairing: jungkook x reader / dilf!jk x grocery store clerk!oc
>>genre: strangers to lovers, smut, pwp, a lil bit of plot 
>>word count: 10.3k literally why cant i write anything short ever hhhh
>>warnings: cute baby!!!, jk being a good dad, he likes to garden :(, dom jk, sub oc, age gap, handjob, coming in pants, AYOOO OC GOT A FAT COOCHIE, lowkey body worship, fat coochie supremacy, oral (m/f), safe sex, sexual tension, praise, multiple orgasms, eye contact, jk likes to watch 🥴, asking for permission, jk’s lowkey controlling i guess but it’s soft and like not toxic lol, PLAYFUL use of the word ‘daddy’, no actual daddy kink 🙄, dirty talk
>>notes: idk what it is, but something about actual dads being called ‘daddy’ in a sexy way just does not sit right w me 😐 so i did not include the d word in any sexy context sry daddie luvers, maybe next time !! anyway! late vday one shot!! didn’t turn out as good as i wanted, but i still hope you enjoy! sorry for any mistakes; this is not beta’d lol ALSO ty to @moonb0yy​ for helping me with parts ilysm much bestie ur the best <3
>>summary: you find a baby in your store and in turn, a dilf finds you.
series masterlist, pt 1, pt 2, pt 3
Being a grocery store stocker at the ripe young age of 22 wasn’t exactly where you thought you would be after graduating from university. You thought you’d be in a big city, living it up. The stereotypical vision of a hot, independent, young girl making money, and experiencing success. Turns out you were wrong and that you maybe kinda sorta majored in something you have literally no interest in and now have a degree that you have zero desire to use. So alas, here you are, decked out in your khaki pants and light blue polo. Non-slip shoes truly tying the whole look together. 
 You also didn't think you would have a small, young, baby child gripping said khakis. You look down at the tiny human and then around the empty aisle. No one in sight. You are in the junk food lane of an overpriced, organic whole foods store. The health nuts that shop here don’t usually venture into ‘artificial’ ingredient territory. Baby seems to not be so picky. You glance down at her again. Her big doe eyes blink at you a single time.
 You gingerly shake your leg trying to get her off, kind of like you would to a chihuahua if it was jumping on you or humping your leg. Baby is quite resilient, hands small but very strong. She does have thumbs after all.
 “Can I help you?” You ask her with a quirked brow.
 She babbles for a second before her little chubby arms reach up. She makes grabby hands at you.
 You look at the box of teddy bear cookies in your hand, then back at the child. You slowly extend the box to her. 
 “Nuuu- uw!” She says, swatting the box from your hand to the floor. 
 Her grabby hands are insistent, and now she’s got a little scowl on her face. Might be close to tears? You don’t know, you don’t speak toddler.
 “Listen,” You say, appeasing her and picking her up. “That was not nice, and also, you shouldn’t be talking to strangers. Where’s your mommy, hmm?”
 She’s hoisted on your hip as you bounce her. Her fat little cheeks jiggle. You didn’t usually like kids, but this one was okay you supposed. She’s cute at the very least. She’s wearing the tiniest little skort with a pink shirt that has a taco on it. ‘Taco-bout cute!’ it says. She’s even got baby doc’s on, and you’re a little envious if you’re being honest. Those were expensive. Her pigtails stick straight out the sides of her head, a little lopsided, but endearing. You’re sure her mom did her best. 
 “Daaaaa,” She spouts.
 “Yeah?” You ask. You bounce her a little harder and the sweetest little giggle gurgles from her mouth, her eyes almost disappearing from how big she’s smiling. You spy some little teeth coming in. “You’re a little rude, but I think that’s because you’re spoiled because you’re so cute, huh?” You poke her belly.
 You switch to swaying her, and she coos. Rests her little head on your shoulder, one of her hands coming up to grip at your name tag. 
 “Hey now, don’t fall asleep. I need you to be able to identify your human. I can’t just hand you off to someone random.” You whisper, starting to walk to the customer service area so they can make an announcement over the intercom system.
 As you’re making your way to the front of the store, you see a man turning the corner. A very sexy man. He’s wearing sweats, but somehow still looks clean and put together. He’s got big sneakers on his feet, could pass as dad sneakers if you didn’t know otherwise. Those two tone shoes, your brand savvy mind knows, are Balenciagas. He’s tall and so so fine, but really really frantic. He looks frazzled, and like he’s lost something very important. You look at the baby. She probably counts as something important to most people.
 The man’s eyes fall on you, and then travel to the toddler in your arms. A look of relief falls over his features. He slumps and hangs his head exhaling, before he starts jogging towards you with a dazzling white smile on his face. He’s got dimples.
 And this just won’t do. Nope. You’ve got two hard limits. One of them being anal.
 The other being hot men that are also dads. 
 It’s weird you know. Your friends remind you of it whenever you swoon at seeing daddy-baby duos in public. You don’t even know what it is about it, but it just does something to your womb. Pussy? Same thing essentially. 
 He sighs looking at you like you have the cure to cancer in your arms as he comes face to face with you. 
 “That’s mine.” He says gesturing to the baby. 
 You hum. “Finder’s keeper’s.”
 His face falls and he looks like he’s about to panic again. You laugh.
 “Just kidding. But you do have to prove it. Not just gonna hand a baby to a stranger. I was just on my way to the front.”
 “No! Of course, um. Nari…” He coos, getting closer. The baby doesn’t acknowledge him much, just smiles, like she’s trying to ignore him. She turns closer to your chest and babbles before letting out a happy shriek. The man smiles like he’s in awe of the tiny little human in your arms. 
 “Slight recognition. A good sign. Got any pictures?” You ask, shifting her to your other hip.
 He nods and pulls out his phone. “She’s 18 months, she still only babbles but the doctor said she’s on the right track to talking,” He explains, trying to prove he knows all the baby facts that a dad should while swiping through his camera roll. It’s full of pictures of the baby girl. You see a selfie of him and the baby, she’s got oversized glasses on her face and the man is smiling so wide, mid-laugh. Maybe you’re dramatic but your heart literally shatters in your chest. “Absolutely hates peas, but loves butternut squash?” You glance at the hand basket hanging from his bent arm. There is indeed an assortment of baby mush in jars. “I don’t know, she’s kind of weird. Oh! Her name is Jeon Nari. Right Nari?” He sing-songs, trying to get her attention. 
 She reaches a plump little hand out to him, and he brings his face closer so she can reach better. She taps his cheek before she moves and grabs at his nose. She pulls her hand back with a squeal.
 He gasps. “Nari! Did you take my nose?” He makes an over exaggerated shocked expression. 
 She turns to you and offers you her clenched fist.
 You pull back, “I don’t want it.”
 She giggles, turning back to her dad. 
 “Can I have it back Miss. Nari? Please?”
 Miss. Nari. You’re going to pass away.
 Nari looks like she thinks about it before she all but flings herself from your grip to his arms. They are both laughing, and you feel like you’re third wheeling when you see her place her open mouth on his cheek, giving a kiss in the gross, adorable way that babies do. Not wanting to interrupt, you go back to stocking junk food.
 “Thank you.” He says softly. 
 You turn to look at him, and he’s got the baby on his hip, hand under her little diapered butt. She’s holding his thumb in her hand, resting on his chest. His strong dad chest.
 “No problem. Maybe don’t lose your baby again though.” Or maybe do, so I can find her and find you by association.
 He blushes. “I swear I’m a good dad. It’s just- The baby food is on the very bottom shelf, so I had to put her down to crouch and get it. And I swear. She can’t talk yet, but missy can toddle. Very fast.”
 You look at her for a moment and then just laugh. “She seems like the type to get what she wants, and if she wants to run through the grocery store?” You shrug. “Who are you to stop her? Daddy or not.”
 You swear you don’t mean it in a sexy way. But his blush moving farther down his neck is satisfying.
 He clears his throat. “Uh- Yeah. My fault. She’s a little spoiled.” He rubs his hand over the nape of his neck, bashful. Nari makes a noise of complaint. He gives her his hand back. She kicks gleefully in his hold.
 “Anyway,” You say, “You’re welcome.”
 He offers you a small smile before turning to his daughter. “Say ‘thank you’ baby.” 
 She glances as you and her face lights up. “Ba buuuuu!” 
 You coo. “You are very welcome sweet girl.” You say getting to her level. “Don’t give Daddy too hard of a time, okay?”
 To yours and her dad’s surprise, she leans forward in his hold and places her little hands on your face, leaning into breathe on you with an open mouth in her baby kiss way. Her dad makes a surprised noise.
 “Oop, sorry. She really likes you.” He chuckles leaning away. 
 You stare at him a little wide eyed, baby slobber on your forehead.
 He laughs harder and reaches his arm out. He wipes the spit off with the back of his hand. You both still, seeming to realize you’re having skin to skin contact at the same time. He drops his hand in a jerky manner.
 You both stare at each other, and you don’t miss the way his eyes flicker over your body, like he’s trying to refrain but curiosity or perhaps desire gets the best of him. You don’t know, but you hope it’s because he wants. 
 He looks like he’s gonna say something more, but Nari has other plans. Dinner plans if the way she’s wiggling in his arms towards the basket while gurgling unhappily means anything.
 “Ah, looks like it’s dinner time. Thanks again…” He looks at you expectantly. 
 “___.” You say, pointing to your name tag.
 He smiles and his eyes crinkle. “I’m Jeongguk.” He jumbles Nari a little, she shakes her head and grumbles before burying her face in his neck. He rolls his eyes. “You know her. She’s appreciative, just hungry.”
 “I understand. Have a good night Jeongguk.”
 “See you later, ___.”
 You watch him go, eyes traveling down to his toned back down to his cute butt. He catches you staring when he turns back and gives you a small wave and a smile. You play it cool. Gotta play it cool with cool dads.
 Another day, another can on a shelf. 
 Also, another baby grabbing your khakis.
 Well, not another baby. It’s the same baby. Little Nari. 
 “Why, hello there,” You coo, picking her up. “Where’s daddy? Or mommy?” You say puzzled. “Do you have one of those? Please say no.”
 She stares at you dumbly. She has a single sprout with a bow atop her head today. 
 You look around for her dad and see him peeking around the corner. Like he sent Nari to you and is waiting for her to do something. He sees you looking at him and sighs before he starts walking towards you. He’s in baggy jeans with tears in the thighs, along with an oversized crew neck today. You gulp. Dilf aisle 2.
 “She messed up.” He says on arrival.
 “Huh? No, she could never do anything wrong,” You say shielding her defensively. “Could you, Nari?”
 She rubs her full fist on her belly. “Na na.”
 You both look at her endeared albeit confused before Jeongguk speaks up.
 “You’re right.” He amends. “But she was supposed to give you your gift.” He gestures to one of her full hands.
 She’s fisting a paci in one and a small succulent in the other.
 You eye them before slowly looking at him. “Which one is for me?”
 He gives you a closed lip smile, shoulders shaking as he tries not to laugh.
 Although seeing Jeongguk smile and laugh and turn the prettiest shade of red because of you is satisfying, you give him a break and turn to Nari. “Can I have that?” You ask gently.
 She looks at you, and then at the succulent before promptly turning it upside down.
 “Nari!” Jeongguk gasps. He reaches out and takes it from her before more than just a little dirt falls to the ground.
 You laugh, and Nari squeals at you. She looks at Jeongguk almost as if asking if she did something right. Once again, he’s trying to hold in laughter.
 “Da!” She says pointing at you.
 “Here, let’s switch,” He says, taking the baby human from you and in exchange offering you a baby plant.
 “What’s this for?” You ask. You can’t keep plants alive for shit, but it’s cute and thoughtful.
 “For finding this one last time.” He says rubbing his nose on hers. She blows a raspberry. He makes a disgusted yet adored face. Dads and their babies man.
 “Thanks, sorry in advance if I kill it.”
 “Succulents are pretty low maintenance. Just moderate sunlight and watering like once a week.” He’s got his hip cocked, with Nari settled in the curve of it and you consciously have to avert your eyes from how trim and lithe it looks. 
 “You’d be surprised at how not self-sufficient I am.”
 He hums. 
 “So, she’s two?” You ask, placing the plant on a shelf so you can get back to stocking.
 “She’s 18 months.” He replies. 
 “So basically 2.”
 He makes a contemplative face. “Eh… 18 months.”
 You give him a look. “You’re one of those dads?”
 He’s smiling and makes an affrontive noise. “Hey, she’s only a baby once. I’m not gonna rush her!”
 “Baaa!” Nari agrees.
 “Yeah, tell her baby!” He encourages.
 He’s so sweet and hot and such a good dad. And he has to be successful and well off, you just know it. Groceries here were not cheap. You can feel it in the way your lower heartbeat goes crazy when you see him. You’re basically drooling right in front of him. But you have to keep it cool.
 “And how old is Daddy?”
 Not your coolest. You’ll admit that.
 You don’t even have a daddy kink. You just like his reactions. Mostly.
 Jeongguk cackles, head falling back and Nari looks at him with his copy pasted doe-eyes before she does the same. Her flexible little baby bones allow her to almost bend in half. Jeongguk cradles a big hand under her head and helps her back up, still laughing to himself softly. He adjusts her shirt so her round tummy isn’t exposed. She’s a lady, after all. She’s gotta be decent.
 “I’m 29,” He says once his laughter has subsided some. “And you?” He asks.
 “You wanna know how old I am?”
 He nods on a hum. “I’m curious.”
 “And why would you be curious about my age, hmm?” You tease.
 Jeongguk flushes and rolls his eyes playfully. Giving you a look that says, You know why. 
 You both know why. 
 “Humor me.” He bargains.
 “I’m 22.” You tell him simply.
 “Oh thank god.” He groans under his breath. Still a bit of a gap, he thinks. He still feels a little creepy but at least you're not in your teens still. And also it’s not like this… tension is going to amount to anything more than exactly that, because he will not actively pursue someone who is 7 years younger than him. Even if you are hot and keep calling him the forbidden d word.
 Nari looks at him concerned. “Daaaa?” She offers him her paci. He raises his hand to decline.
 “I’m okay thank you, that’s yours.” He pops it in her mouth and she immediately slumps against him, rubbing her face in his shirt. Must be sleepy. He turns back to you. “Thanks for moving the baby food by the way.”
 You think back to a week or so ago when you were restocking the baby aisle. Maybe you did reorganize a whole entire shelf for a random dilf you talked to once. Not your strongest moment but you justified it by reminding yourself that it genuinely didn’t make sense that the baby food was on the bottom shelf when something less imperative to a baby’s health could be. Like the $67 baby wipe warmer, or the equally pricy turtle bath thermometer. You would like to believe that Jeongguk was perfectly capable of figuring out if the water was right for baby with his hand and common sense.
 You turn a little red, embarrassed. You sniff. “You don’t know that was me.”
 “Ah, well I just have a feeling.” He drones while smiling softly and resting his cheek on the top of Nari’s head, looking at you. That’s when he seems to realize his baby is nodding off. “Hey missy.” He jostles her a little and she looks up blearily, confused and dazed, just having been on the cusp of a dreamland. “Don’t fall asleep, Mommy will be mad if I drop you off fresh from a nap because you,” He boops her nose and she swats at his hand with an unhappy grunt. She is absolutely rotten. “will keep her up all night, and I will have to hear all about it in angry texts.”
 You should mind your business, but you’re nosy and this is actually important information. 
“Mommy?” You pretend to focus on the cans you’re stocking, trying to go for causal and nonchalant.
 He takes a deep breath and the sighs. “Yup. We alternate weeks. Hers starts today. I’m here just restocking baby’s stuff. I like to send her off with extra so mom doesn’t have to worry.”
 Valuable, important information indeed.
 “That’s really nice of you.” You say genuinely.
 He nods, thoughtfully. “The least I could do. It’s already hard enough on this one, jumping around so much when she’s so little.” You can hear a small trace of sadness and guilt in his voice.
 “Hey,” you start, “that set up is a lot better than being in a house with parents that don’t get along. I think you’re a good dad.” You finish feeling a little silly. Like your opinion mattered. You’re 22 trying to console a sexy 29-year-old father.
 He regards you quietly for a moment before he breaks out into a smile. “Wanna know something funny I do whenever I send her off?”
 You nod, already chuckling a little.
 He points to her belly. Nari looks down confused. “I always give her to her Mom in clothes like this.” 
 She’s wearing a teal shirt that says ‘Daddy’s Girl ♡’ in big pink letters. You poke her tummy, and she gives the cutest most infectious baby giggles before lifting her shirt to show you her tummy. You squeeze it a little before she squirms and pulls her shirt back down clutching at her dad and giving him a slobbery, giggly, baby kiss.
 You full on laugh, giving him a round of applause. Funny and petty. “That’s so good.” You pause debating on whether or not to ask what you’re thinking. You do anyway. “Bad break up?”
 “Divorce actually.” He muses, adjusting Nari. “I mean we’re cordial for baby, but I wouldn’t say we are friends.” He thinks for a minute, “Although this is petty,” He gestures to her shirt again, “I mostly just do it because her mom gets annoyed and it’s funny and it makes it so I cry less when I drop her off. It’s not malicious.” He laughs a little to himself.
 Such. A. Good. Dad. Your heart is weeping. Something else is also wet. But it’s not your fault. It’s his. Before you can reply he’s speaking up again.
 “But on that note. I do have to actually shop and get her going. Thanks again for finding her that one day, don’t forget to water that.” He says nodding to the little plant on the shelf.
 “Guess you’ll have to remember to remind me.” You say, smiling slyly.
 “Guess so,” He says with a soft grin. “See you around. Say ‘bye bye’ Nari.”
 “Ba ba!” She says clenching her small hand in a wave of some sort.
 They turn to continue their shopping, and you can’t resist it when you say, “Don’t cry too much Daddy!” 
 Jeongguk’s steps falter before you see his shoulders shake with laughter.
 Without turning around, he says, “You gotta stop calling me that!” You can hear the smile in his voice. 
 He turns the corner, and you go back to stocking, reminding yourself to not forget your baby succulent at the end of your shift.
 You’re not made to work the register often. But when you do? It’s always as awful as the last. Having to deal with people and their coupons, or their questions, or their card declining really just isn’t how you want to spend an 8 hour shift. And you always contemplate quitting. Every single time. 
 Except this time.
 Jeongguk places his items on the belt, and you can’t help but stare.
 He’s got 3 red bull’s, 1 step ladder, some mangoes, and a bottle of plum wine. It’s an interesting assortment, and you have to ask, “Whatcha doin?” as you ring the items up.
 “Hi,” He says with that heart stopping, jaw dropping smile of his. “I’m decorating the second bedroom in my house. Bout time Nari moves out.” 
 You chuckle and nod to yourself. “No baby this week?”
 He shakes his head. “Hence the bottle of wine.”
 “Nice,” you say as you close off your lane. The man behind Jeongguk scowls at you, but you simply smile and wave goodbye, sending him a couple lanes over. You’ve decided it’s time for your break. “Does it have a theme?”
 Jeongguk looks between you and your closed lane as he pockets his card. It’s one of those sleek cards that are thick and heavy. The kind that just feel rich. Like when you see someone use it you just know they are doing well in life. He’s super casual today, workout shorts and a long sleeve shirt on his body. You wish you could see his legs better. He’s worn pants every other time that you’ve seen him. 
 Leaning against your lane he nods. “Yeah, kind of. I like plants and like gardening or whatever. I work a lot and it’s therapeutic and Nari likes playing in the dirt.” He waves his hand dismissively, “Anyway! Little one has to at least like flowers by default. So, I think I want a forest theme? I want to add mushrooms somehow because I found the cutest little mushroom stool at a secondhand store. Also, maybe some faeries.” He nods to himself. “I’ve already got the new furniture and everything. It’s a circular bed that kind of looks like a tree trunk, well not kind of- it actually looks like a tree and then these lamps that hang and look like those droopy flowers that faeries wear as hats? You know, the bell looking ones? Anyway, I also- ”
 You’re smiling really wide when he looks at you. He turns a little red. “Sorry,” he says. “This is probably the last thing you want to hear about at work.”
 You shake your head quickly. “No, no. I was just thinking that of course she’s gotta like plants. Her name does mean ‘lily’.”
 Jeongguk winces, pastes a faux look of guilt on his face. “Ah- That was a little selfish on my part.” He starts to roll up his sleeve. “My birth flower is a lily. I got this for her.” 
 When Jeongguk’s sleeve is properly rolled up, not only do you see a beautifully done tattoo of a lily flower, but you also see a whole entire sleeve covering his fair skin. Your eyes rake up and down his forearm and you have a horrible feeling that the sleeve continues all the way up his arm. He’s even got knuckle tattoos; you have no idea how you didn’t notice before. You blame Nari. 
 You swallow audibly. “That’s so hot.” It comes out sounding like a wheeze.
 “Huh?” Jeongguk says with a surprised laugh.
 You panic. “I said, that’s so… thought. Thoughtful. I think your tattoo is so thoughtful.”
 He laughs for a second longer before humming. “Thank you. But I’ll let you enjoy your break. I have to go get paint and wallpaper still, then I have to get straight to work. I procrastinated so I only have the weekend to get it done before she comes back.”
 You’re biting your lip in thought when he starts to walk away. Something that could be very embarrassing on the tip of your tongue. Are you sure you’re ready for potential rejection dished out by the incredibly hot dilf? What if he stops coming to the store and you can’t even ogle him anymore? Or play with his cute baby? You take a deep breath.
 “Wait! Jeongguk!”
 He stops and looks at you over his shoulder, throwing you a questioning gaze.
 “Do you- want help?”
 The look on his face would be comical and you would laugh at him if you could get a proper breath in around the nervous butterflies fluttering around in your chest cavity. He’s turned himself all the way around to look at you properly and he quite literally is just standing there. In the middle of the exit walkway.
 “You wanna help me decorate my daughter’s room?” He confirms.
 You nod. “Yes. I do. I get off in a couple hours.”
 Jeongguk feels his hands get a little sweaty. Maybe he’s kinda old, and maybe it’s been a while since he’s been in the game, but he’s almost positive that the… pull that’s between you both that’s been nagging at him isn’t innocent, and that if it manifested in his empty house where he is alone with you… it could potentially lead to his complete and utter demise. A little stilted flirting and smothering tension in the dry goods aisle was fine and good every couple weeks or so… but he meant it when he placed those imaginary boundaries between you two. The ones you don’t know about. The ones he put in place to ensure he won’t pursue someone so much younger. That means there’s only one answer to your question.
 “Yeah. I would love your help.”
 The answer being that he’s just going to practice really great self-control. He’s going to be an adult. He’s a dad! He’s like a pro at keeping his cool and being responsible! There’s no way he would break the rules he’s set for himself.
 Everything will be fine.
 Everything was not fine.
 You’re in his house and you’re not in your uniform. You’re in the tiniest pair of black soffe shorts he has ever seen, along with a fitted white v neck that lets the zipper of your sports bra peek out. The sports bra that is working very, very hard. Your tits did not look that big under the work polo, nor did your waist look so small. You reach on your tippy toes to mark off a higher area of the wall with blue masking tape. Your shirt lifts up and a twinkle catches his eye. There’s a jeweled heart dangling from your belly button. How cute. And how fucking awful for his sanity.
 Now Jeongguk’s not stupid. He really isn’t. He was on the Dean’s List in university, has his own company now. He’s smart and he has critical thinking skills. Yet somehow, he didn’t think about how you wouldn’t be showing up in your polo and khakis. Of course, you wouldn’t that would be stupid. Just like Jeongguk apparently. 
 “I think a faerie should go here.” You say pointing up to the marked spot. You smile at him expectantly. He smiles back, although it looks more like a grimace.
 “Don’t forget there’s going to be a tree playhouse in that corner.” He reminds.
 You hum. “Oh, maybe we- or you should put some of the vines you got on the wall? Kind of like ivy?” You bend over to pick up one of the long leaf garlands.
 Jeongguk’s face lights up, temporarily refocused by your idea. He could not be blamed if his eyes wandered when you bent down. He simply could not, any man would have succumbed to such a sight. 
 “That’s a such a good idea, here.” He says reaching for the leaves. “I’ll start tacking them up.”
 You shake your head. “I can do it. Where’s the step stool?”
 And that’s how you find yourself a few feet above him. Rich, successful people and their high ceilings. Jeongguk’s got his hands extended up and out, hovering over your hips, acting as a safety for you just in case you fall. His eyes are obnoxiously respectful, averted and looking away as if the sage green walls are a better sight than your ass in his face. His extended hands give you an idea though.
 What if you just… fall?
 You look at the distance between you and the floor once before committing and kamikazeing off the ladder. You’d like to think that you fall gracefully into his waiting arms. The grunt he lets out, and how hard his back hits the wall behind you tells you otherwise. Good thing the paint is dry.
 “Oof.” He breathes out, hands tight on your waist. His head falls back, and his eyes squeeze shut as he tries to catch his breath. 
 He braced your fall so you’re okay, just content in his arms as he recovers from getting the wind knocked out of him. Your hands are resting on his chest. His body is warm, and he smells good. 
 “Oh my god, are you okay?” He says once he can breathe properly. “You’re not hurt, are you?” His eyes look overly concerned, probably acting as he would if Nari fell. Dad instincts taking over as he lifts your arms to inspect them, bending them to make sure they still work. He looks like he’s about to take a look at your legs, but you stop him.
 “I’m fine, I’m fine!” You giggle. You place your hands on his cheeks and make him look at you. He’s got a surprised look on his face and you can feel how his cheeks heat up under your touch. Seems kind of on edge with you touching him. “Are you okay?” You ask quietly, a smile still lingering. Your hand runs from his cheek to his jaw, down to his neck. Your thumb just grazes his Adam's apple when he swallows and licks his lips. “You’re the one that caught me.” You tilt your head while you look up at him.
 “I…” He starts.
 But he doesn't finish because all he can focus on is the hand that was on his neck, slowly dragging down his shoulder, down his arm, then back up to rest on his bicep. It’s a simple, gentle touch, but the intentions behind your movements are salacious. He knows because the desire in the air has skyrocketed, he’s sure he could touch it if he could even bring himself to lift a hand. 
 “I’m good- I’m okay.” He whispers, frigid in your hold, like he’s scared to move. Like if he does what he should want, but doesn’t, you’ll vanish like one of the faeries on the wall. 
 “Are you sure?” Your tone matches his, and you look at him with wide puppy eyes, brows etched with exaggerated worry. “I know you’re like- really strong,” The hand you have resting on his upper arm squeezes for emphasis. “But maybe I should check? Just to make sure?”
 And fuck, he knows what you’re doing. He sees it written all over your face. The faux concern. The fake way you’re fretting over him. He feels it in the way your body inches closer to him, the heat radiating off of you just on the pleasant side of too hot. Your acrylics scratch at the nape of his neck and he can’t stop the chills that run down his arms.
 “You don’t have to do that I-”
 You’re on your toes, trying to reach his ear. He’s still too tall so you settle on whispering into his neck, “I want to.”
 Jeongguk’s eyes close so tight he starts to see those little white spots burst behind his lids. The whine that escapes from the back of his throat sounds distressed and pained, like he’s fighting with himself. 
 “__…” He says quietly. Just shy of pleading. Or maybe he’s warning. Warning you that you’re about to cross a line neither of you can go back from. It makes you smile.
 “Please,” You beg back. You press your body fully to his, boobs flush against his torso, hips angled against his. “Please tell me I can.” The hand that was at his nape slowly trails down to his torso, down his stomach. His abs tense underneath his long sleeve shirt, and he’s got his head turned away from you, like he’s battling with his cock and his morals.
 You press a soft kiss to his neck, and he shudders, the hands on your hips tighten like he doesn’t know if he wants to push you away or pull you closer. You place a hand on his jaw, then guide him to look at you. He comes easy enough and looks down his nose at you, eyes hooded, and brows furrowed.
 “It’s okay to want this,” You murmur. “It’s okay to want me.”
 His eyes shut, and he lets out a sigh. You feel him just barely press into your palm. “You’re just- I’m so much older than you… I don’t want to take advantage of you.” 
 You laugh a little. “You’re not, I want this. I’ve wanted this.” You press your lips to his neck again and pull a little bit of skin between your teeth before smiling into him. “I’ve thought about it so much… I’m a big girl, I know what I want. Plus, it’s just a little bit of fun.” Your fingertips on his lower belly play with the top of his shorts. “So, can I have it?”
 And Jeongguk can’t say no, not when you sound like that. Not when his cock is already hard and straining against his briefs. Not when your touch makes him crazy, not when it’s the first one he’s felt other than his own in months. 
So, he gives in. He nods and just like that, your hand slips into his shorts over his briefs and it’s good. So mind-numbingly good. The moan that falls from his lips as soon as your palm brushes over the head of his cock over the fabric is lewd and loud and so relieved. His head falls back against the wall, and his eyes flutter shut while you pump him over his Calvin’s, mouth parted slightly. His breaths go up in pitch at the tail end of his sighs, the softest moans filling the air.
 You rub your thighs together as you watch him succumb to pleasure, bottom lip pulled between your teeth. 
 “You sound even hotter than I thought you would.” You say quietly. Your hand travels farther down between his legs to fondle his balls. He gasps softly and spreads his legs wider for you, angling his hips so you can touch him better. You hum and move back up to stroke him. 
 “Feel good?” You ask.
 He laughs lightly and nods. “Yeah… so good.” He swallows. “‘S been awhile.” 
 You grin to yourself and look down. You can’t see much, really just touching in a way you think could be pleasing to him. It seems to be working a little bit at least, because in your palm, Jeongguk is so hard. His cock is thick, and long. It’s pulsing, twitching sometimes when you touch him just right. 
 Almost as if he can read your mind, he settles his big, tattooed hand over your small one, urging you to grip just a touch tighter, speed up just a little more.
 “Like that,” He moans.
 It’s not been long at all, but you can tell he’s close. The way he gets impossibly harder in your palm, and the damp patch that you feel every time your brush over the tip, are complete giveaways. He inhales deep breaths through his teeth, chest heaving before he sighs out shaky moans and groans. 
 “How long’s it been?” You’re nosy as usual. Your hand speeds up, pressing a little rougher into him.
 “Since the divorce so… 8? 9 months? Wait I-” He pauses, breaths coming out in accelerated little puffs. The hand he has over yours squeezes tightly, trying to halt your movements. His cock jumps in his underwear. “Slow- I’ll cum.” He chuckles softly, a little embarrassed.
 Your pussy throbs, and you know there’s a wet patch in your panties. You speed your hand up against his hold. He whines, squirming in your hand just a little. “Yeah?” you breathe. “You gonna cum for me, Jeongguk?”
 Jeongguk’s breathing is coming out in shattered exhales and when you bite at his neck he gasps. He wonders if you’re being playful like you’ve always been, or if you’re just as worked up as him, biting to release the tension boiling just under your skin.
 “Please,” He says, so wrecked. He doesn’t even know what he’s begging for. Does he want you to stop before he soaks his pants like a horny teen? Or does he want you to keep going, so he can finally finish in a hand that’s not his own?
 Jeongguk doesn’t feel like he has a choice as his orgasm rushes him. His mind is far away, and all reason is out the door, cumming the only thing at the forefront of his mind. He presses your palm into his cock hard and ruts up into it, his hips stuttering and thrusts erratic as he spills into his briefs, hot and wet against your hand.
 He doesn’t warn you at all, cums quietly in your palm. Body so tense, and face so obscene he looks like he’s in pain, like he came so hard that it hurt. You know your pussy aches.
 Once Jeongguk catches his breath, you're whipped around and pressed into the wall, taking his place. His lips meet yours instantly and before you can even kiss back, he’s already moving all over your body. Tiny kiss marks glistening here, there, everywhere. Your collarbones are decorated, as well as your cleavage. He toys with the zipper of your sports bra, looks like he’s thinking about pulling but ends up moving past it. One track mind, taking over.
 He settles on his knees, big hands roaming over your shirt before slipping underneath with a quick glance at you. He grips a little here, a little there. It’s like he’s admiring the curve at your waist, the dips of your hip bones. Every inch he can get his hands on.
 He pushes your shirt up to under your tits, and begins placing his soft, wet kisses all over again. His hands keep moving too, making goosebumps form all over your tummy. You feel him smile into your skin once he notices. He dips his tongue into your belly button making you giggle out a gasp. He bites at the dangling charm pulling just a little bit, before letting go and giggling with you. 
 “I love this… ‘s cute.” He says.
 You mumble a tiny thanks, as he nips at the softest part of your lower belly, right above the elastic of your shorts.
 He rests his chin where he bit just a moment before, looking up at you, pretty doe eyes sparkling. “Can I?” He asks.
 You wiggle a little under his gaze but nod, nonetheless.
 When your shorts and underwear hit the floor Jeongguk lets out the littlest gasp. You feel his fingers come up and settle on your hips caressing softly again, while his eyes are trained on your cunt. He licks his lips absently.
 “It’s so cute…” He says. He sounds a little awestruck as he brings his fingers down to stroke over the smooth, plump lips of your pussy. He pinches them between his thumb and index finger, and a little bit of your slick oozes out, leaving you shiny and glossy. 
 Typically, you wouldn't compare your cunt to something from the ocean, but it really was like a little clam. Your pussy lips the shell, and your clit a small little pink pearl tucked perfectly inside. 
 He sighs as he leans in and presses a gentle kiss just above your slit. Your breath stutters as you breathe in, looking down at him. He keeps kissing gently, slowly but surely moving where you want him most, but you're impatient, already trembling from how bad you want his mouth. 
 Your hips buck when you feel his mouth on your lips over your clit. All he needs to do is slip his tongue right there…
 “Please,” You whine, so so quietly. 
 But he hears you. And he groans, from deep within his chest, and you can see him bring a hand down to press at his cock. He sounds pained, overwhelmed as he rests his forehead on your belly. “Fuck don’t beg. I’ll give you whatever you want just-” He pecks your mound quickly, one more time. “Don’t beg.” 
 He suspires and finally fulfills your request. His tongue disappears between your plush little folds, the tip of it licking over your clit. You gasp at the first feel of his tongue on you, mouth falling open while you watch him. He looks up at you, eyes hazy and full of desire, shining with such obvious lust and adoration. 
 The way he looks at you, like you’re something more than sexual tension finally coming to a head, makes you dizzy. You squirm looking away for a moment. His eyes are too tender for the filthy atmosphere around you, too tender for the reality of your situation.
 When you look down at him again, you brush some hair out of his eyes, hand settling in the long strands. His eyes flutter shut, and he kind of pushes into your hold before he blinks up at you, a sultry look on his face, eyes hooded and dark. You see him smile softly, a soft laugh puffing against you before he nips at your mons lightly. Then his tongue is lazily slipping between your slit giving long, slow, filthy licks to your clit. He’s already got the thick, hot feeling of arousal curling in your tummy.
 Your free hand comes down and you slip your fingers between your folds, spreading yourself open with your index and ring finger, while pulling your hood back with the middle one, revealing your clit to him. Showing him exactly where you want him.
 Again, he looks at your pussy like it's the prettiest, most lush thing he’s ever seen. He brings his hand up and rubs over your nub with a single finger, looking up once more to see how your eyelashes kiss your cheeks as your eyes flutter closed and your brows pinch. 
 “It’s so tiny…” he presses a little harder, rubs a little faster. “I’ve heard that the smaller it is, the more sensitive?” He phrases it like a question. “Is that true?”
 “I think?” It comes out airy and distracted. You don’t really know. Makes sense you suppose. More nerves in a smaller area. But you don’t care at the moment.
 He hums. “I think so too… Just look at you.”
 You grip his hair pulling just the slightest amount. Not demanding, just suggesting… hoping. 
 “Lick it?” You whisper, voice salacious and pleading. 
 He holds your gaze and does as you ask, licking softly, almost teasing. His head moves in a nodding motion as his tongue repeatedly grazes over your exposed clit, you can feel his breath hot against your fingers. It’s soft and slow, and just not enough. You whine as you roll your hips to meet his tongue and it’s pornographic, the way you can see a little string of spit and slick still connecting you together right before his tongue meets your clit again.
 “Point your tongue… faster- yeah flick it… fuck,” you whimper. It’s airy and the lust you’re feeling is tangible, just pouring from you. From your lips, your pussy. Your head falls back hitting the wall behind you. You’re sighing and nodding. Encouraging him, letting him know that yes, right there, that’s perfect. 
 The way your orgasm builds takes you by surprise. It starts as that gentle simmer curling in your belly and grows until it’s that sharp pleasure in your chest, taking your breath away. You normally can’t cum just from someone’s mouth, usually needing fingers as well, but Jeongguk’s tongue is magic and the way he suctions gently, making little pulsing sensations with his lips, is ruining you and your legs are starting to shake. 
 “Please… please make me cum,” You beg. “I’m so close Jeongguk please.”
 He groans and the vibrations thrum, heavenly against you as you watch his eyes roll back. His hands grip at your ass and pull you closer to his mouth. 
 “Fuck baby watch me. Look at me while you fall apart on my tongue.” He moans quickly against your cunt. The pet name that accidentally slips from his lips makes you buzz.
 And you do. You look at him and his tongue working wet and nasty against you; it’s the only thing he needs to wreck you. You watch as long as you can until the pleasure is too much and the string in you snaps, eyes falling shut as you moan out a litany of praises full of yes’s and his name. You cum, writhing against the wall. 
 Jeongguk’s on his feet and you’re off of yours, his hands coming up to cup your ass and hoist you against the wall. Your hands wrap around his neck, legs around his waist, and you smile at him as you regulate your breathing. He kisses you, and you whine when you taste yourself on his tongue.
 “I wanna- can I fuck you?” He whispers against your lips, between eager kisses. He presses into you, making you feel how hard he is again. You wonder if it even went down after he came.
 “Please,” you say nodding.
 He nips at your jaw and you feel his smile as he places a peck to soothe. “What did I say about begging?”
 You’re about to reply but gasp instead as you feel him move away from the wall to carry you effortlessly through his home. It’s big and modern, spacious with minimalistic decor, sprinkled with baby stuff here and there. You feel the plush cushion of his bed under you some moments later. He’s over you in an instant, licking into your mouth once again, body molding to yours. He rolls his hips a few times when you wrap your legs around his waist, before pulling away, your lips are the last thing to part, like he can’t get enough for you.
 “I’ll be right back,” he says. Another light kiss is given before he disappears into what you assume is the bathroom.
 You figure he’s cleaning up the mess he made earlier and probably getting condoms. You glance at the crib by the side of his bed that has yet to be removed. Hopefully, he’s getting condoms. If not, you think you have one in your bag. 
 You busy yourself by getting ready for him, taking your shirt and bra off leaving you completely nude. You flop back onto his bed and stretch your arms out, it’s big enough that you can starfish and not have your hands or feet hang off. It smells like a subdued, softer version of him. Less fragrant and cologne-y and more clean and gentle, like laundry detergent and the little trace of body wash that lingers on his skin after a shower. It’s earthy, and kind of feminine. You roll over and shove your face in his pillow, inhaling deeply. Sandalwood you think. You know you don’t have much time when you hear the faucet shut off, and drawers being rummaged through, so you settle on to your back again, lazily running your fingers over your body, waiting for him.
 The bathroom opens and Jeongguk walks out, naked as well. He’s stroking himself slowly as he strides towards you, his other hand full of the goods. Your eyes zero in on his cock. Out of his briefs you can clearly see just how big he is. You gulp.
 He climbs onto the bed and settles between your legs again when you open easily for him. You run your hands over his body, feeling the ripples of his muscles running under his skin. Fingertips touch at the ink on his shoulder. You were right, a full sleeve. 
 He’s looking at you, searching your face, hand brushing gently at your hair. “You still wanna?”
 You don’t hesitate to nod. “Mhmm.” You sit up and peck his lips sweetly. “Please,” You tease with a smile.
 He rolls his eyes playfully and sits back on his heels, reaching for the condom that he set aside. There’s a bottle of lube next to it. You sigh internally, grateful and knowing you’re going to need it.
 You crawl in front of him. 
 He places a hand on your head, making you stop abruptly and laugh on all fours.
 “I won’t last if you blow me.” He says.
 You pout, then mirror his position in front of him. “Can I put it on for you, then?”
 He quirks a brow, but hands the foil packet to you, only to get it back when you have trouble opening it due to your nails. You smile sheepishly at him and kiss him sweetly when he hands it to you again. You stroke his bare cock just a few times, eyes on his face when he hisses at the feel of your hand on him without any clothes in the way. You can’t help yourself; you lean down and lick at the shiny, dripping tip, swirling your tongue around the head. You flick your tongue, and stroke, his foreskin rolling over, as his eyes roll back. His hips buck just barely, before you feel a hand in your hair pulling you up.
 He’s laughing and presses his face into your cheek. “You don’t listen well, do you? Hmm?”
 You pull away just enough to look down and place the condom at the tip of his cock, pinching just a little at the top as you slowly roll it down his length. “I just know what I want.” you whisper, tongue in cheek. His thighs tense and he takes a sharp breath, mirroring you and looking down.
 With your hand on him, the apprehension starts to set in. He’s thick. And long. Your hands are small, barely able to wrap around the girth.
 “Fuck…” He whispers. He grabs your other hand and places it on his cock as well, one on top of the other, his pink tip still sticking out the top. “Your hands look so good around me.”
 You stroke him with both hands, slowly over the condom. “You’re- like the biggest I’ve ever seen.”
 Jeongguk must hear the nervous tone your voice has taken because he places his hands on your face and has you look at him. Your hands don’t leave him, anxious but still eager. “I’ll go slow, and if you need me to stop I will. Just tell me.” He kisses you again, and you nod against his lips before falling back onto his pillows.
 The lubes within reach so you grab it and drizzle some onto your fingers before bringing them down and rubbing over your opening. You’re wet already, of course, but you’re gonna need all the help you can get with him. You know it won’t be that bad, and that your body will do what it’s supposed to. You think that maybe it is a mix of being with someone new, someone that you’ve been wanting, as well as his size that has you on edge. When Jeongguk finds his way between your legs, you drizzle some lube onto his cock as well, stroking to make sure he is thoroughly covered before lining him up. You take a deep breath.
 Jeongguk’s patient. When the swollen tip of his cock slips in all he does is furrow his brow and drop his mouth open, keeping control and resisting the instinctual urge to bury himself inside of your warm, tight, soaking cunt.  He’s over you braced on his forearms, head hanging, watching his engorged cock slip into you little by little, your fat pussy lips pillowing around his girth. He flicks his eyes up to you when he reaches the thickest part of his cock. A worried wrinkle forms between his brows.
 For good reason. It hurts. You feel annoying pricks of tears sting your eyes. A little whimper passes your lips when he pushes in another inch more.
 “So big, Gguk,” You whisper. Your hands are on his back, digging in trying to focus on the give of his muscles when you press your nails into his skin.
 He’s quick, kissing on your face gently, telling you that you’re doing so well, and that it’s almost over, and that he's almost in. He brings a hand between your bodies and rubs at your clit, slowly, trying to distract you from the sting as best he can.
 It works. His fingers are skilled, and you want him so badly despite the little ache, and then he’s inside of you. He’s buried to the hilt, and you both sigh into each other’s mouths.
 “I need a second now,” He laughs on a whisper. “You’re so tight, feel so good around me.” He coos, praising you. Letting you know just how good you did. His face is in your neck, kissing, sucking little pink flowers into your skin. His hands come up to your tits once he’s settled back on his knees, and he squeezes them, jiggles them lightly. 
 He drools at how they rest into soft circles as you lay on your back beneath him. He pulls out a few inches before pushing back in slowly, biting his lip when he sees them bounce before pillowing back into place. He does it a few more times, making quiet moans fall from your lips.
 With Jeongguk inside of you, you can understand how he knocked someone up. His stroke is so good and skilled, making you feel every inch of him every time he makes your hips meet. Pussy swallowing his cock, wet and slick. You never want him to leave, never want him to stop fucking you. Want to wrap your legs around him and keep him inside of you forever. The sting of the stretch has long subsided, his cock now satisfyingly sliding against your sensitive walls, filling you up so well, the tip kissing your g spot every time he angles his hips just right. 
 “You feel so fucking good,” He moans. He’s looking down at where his hips are now slamming into you with long steady plunges. One leg is wrapped around his waist, the other pushed back, resting on his shoulder. “‘M gonna make you cum,” He tells you. Looking at you, holding eye contact, watching every little shift in your features as pleasure courses through your veins. “Just from my cock.” The pace he plunges into you is fast, strokes consistent and long, as his hair swings around his face with every thrust. “On every part of me. With my tongue and my cock in your little pussy today, my fingers next time.” He continues, kissing you softly. The juxtaposition between his sweet actions and filthy words makes your cunt pulse around him. “Does that sound good baby? Hmm? Do you want that?”
 You nod desperately. “Yeah, wanna fuck you all the time. Love your fat cock, Jeongguk.” You’ve got a hand clawing into his back, another raised over your head, so you don’t hit the headboard due to the force of his thrusts.
 Jeongguk groans, and shudders. His cock throbs, you can feel it jerk inside you. He slows for just a moment before he picks back up again, faster and harder and deeper. “Fuck, look at you. Taking my cock so well.” Every word is punctuated by him pounding into you. “You’re such a good girl, such a good fucking girl.” The slap of his hips is as loud as your moans, his words doing something insane to your body, cunt tightening as he makes good on his promise. Bringing you to the edge with just his cock. 
 He reads you well for a first-time fuck. “Are you close?” He asks.
 Your eyes are shut and you’re quieting, body tensing and locking up as you get closer and closer to your orgasm. All you do is nod.
 He moans, higher pitched than before and you feel his hips lose their rhythm for a second before recovering. “Ask me,” He pants. “Ask me if you can cum.”
 Your eyes open and he’s looking at you with a sort of abashed expression on his face. A peek at the timid, shy Jeongguk you knew before you met the one fucking you into his matress. You agree easily with a jerky nod, letting him take control, tell you what to do. He said he would give you whatever you want, and you’ll do the same for him. Anything to make him feel as good as he’s making you.
 It’s not long before you’re doing what he asks.
 “Gguk… I’m gonna- Can I-” Your body shakes, and you turn your head to the side, trying to hide from him. “Please can I cum?” You mewl.
 You feel him grip your jaw, turning your face and making you look at him. “Yeah baby, cum for me. Lemme see.” His hand keeps a hold on you, and his hips never stop the whole time the rush burns through you. Your eyes are closed as you clench and cream on his cock, but he watches you. The way you don't know what to do with your hands, settling for pulling at his sheets. He watches every phase of your climax pass over your face. The look of almost confusion as you get overwhelmed, the devastating pleasure as you peak, the serene smile as you start to come down. 
 His hips slow, but don’t stop. He kisses you deep, before murmuring against your red bitten lips, fingers still gripping your jaw, keeping you where he wants you. “What do you say?”
 You know what he wants to hear, you give in effortlessly. It’s soft and saccharine sweet when you say, “Thank you.” 
 The submission does something to Jeongguk and his hold gets almost painful, before he sits up, and switches to grabbing at your hips, pulling you down onto his cock. “Good, you’re so good. Gonna make me fucking cum.”
 You nod, watching him while lying on your back. Tits bouncing every time he pumps his cock into you, frantic and needy. His hands on your hips are bruising, and his eyes are stuck on the way your pink pussy is getting beat up by his fat cock. He grabs one of your hands and brings it to his chest, urging you to rub your fingers over his nipple.
 “Yeah, touch me,” He whimpers as his head falls back and he moans shamelessly. “Fuck. Gonna cum.”
 He’s so beautiful when he does. His face is flushed, and he looks at you until he can't keep his eyes open, mouth parted, sporadic huffs falling from his lips as his chest heaves before his whole body tenses and jerks. He chokes out the softest, “Cumming.” and you feel him press into you as far as he can, spilling into the condom. His tattoos are a lovely contrast to his fair skin, the way the dark ink shines due to the light sheen of sweat coating his body is captivating. His neck is strong, and you spy a couple of little bruises that you don’t even remember leaving, but they look almost as pretty as his tattoos. When he looks at you again, you feel new waves of arousal flicker. He looks almost lost and overcome with the pleasure he’s feeling, eyes so dark and hooded, body still trembling a little as he keeps his hips moving in the smallest minute little thrusts, milking his cock of everything, like he never wants to pull out.  
 But of course, he does. Tying off the condom and plopping it onto his nightstand. He lays next to you, not too close, but his hand reaches out to play with yours laying by your side. He hums before laughing. It’s airy, both of you still catching your breath.
 “I can’t believe we christened my daughter's room.”
 You laugh with him, rubbing a hand over your face kind of embarrassed. You roll to face him. “Sorry you just- make me so crazy.”
 He faces you as well, and his eyes are sparkling with laughter. He pokes you in the forehead, “You make me crazy. You make my morals nonexistent.” He kisses your cheek softly before heaving himself up. “And I think that’s the cue for the wine.” He grabs a pair of new briefs from his dresser pulling them on before he grabs something from a different drawer and throwing it at you. One of his shirts. Walking towards the door, he turns to you. “Want a glass?”
 You fiddle with the shirt in your hands. “It’s getting late, maybe I should-”
 “You can stay.” He interrupts. He’s not looking at you, fingernails suddenly very interesting.
 “Do you want me to?” You ask.
 He shrugs. “I mean you still have to help me finish Nari’s room. You were the one that distracted us by jumping off a stepstool to get your hands on me.” He’s smirking when your head whips up to look at him, expression appalled. 
 “I did not jump. I fell.”
 He rolls his eyes, a big smile replacing the smirk. “Yeah, okay.”
 “Fuck you, go get the wine Daddy.”
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jimidol · 7 months ago
valentine’s date | jjk
Tumblr media
⏤ pairing: reporter!jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: fake dating au, coworkers to lovers, friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, angst, fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: M
⏤ warnings: dom!jungkook, big cock!jungkook, long-haired!jungkook, alcohol consumption, a lot of making out, oral sex (m receiving), swearing, some teasing, pet names, praising, a bit of jealousy, hickeys, penetrative sex, protected sex and unprotected sex, rough sex, creampie, overstimulation, and multiple orgasms
⏤ words: 12,199
⏤ summary: Every year, on the 13th of February, your family gathers together to celebrate love, it’s your own kind of Valentine’s Day before the actual day. This year is going to be different since, for the first time in years, you’re single but your parents pressured you to find someone otherwise they’ll bring someone for you. Although you love your parents, and you know this comes as a caring act, you don’t trust their tastes. So, you propose to your coworker, Jungkook, to come with you to save you from embarrassment. But nothing goes as planned since both of you have feelings for the other.
⏤ author’s note: so in the end, i managed to post it on the 14th! so it makes me truly happy although i wrote this in like three days. i wish you all a happy valentine’s day! 💜 i hope you’ll like this one-shot, love you all 💜 as always, feedback is most definitely appreciated 💜
⏤ part 2: elevator’s date 
Tumblr media
As every day you enter the building of the biggest broadcasting company in the country, Jung Broadcasting Corporation, known as JBC. This is where you have been working for the past five years, and you love what you do. But today is not a normal day for several reasons. Reasons that you just don’t want to think about right now.
You quickly run to the elevator whose doors are about to close. Since you’re in a rush, you don’t pay too much attention to the people inside, only noticing how full it is. The only thing you want is to quickly go to your desk and disappear for the entire day like every day. You just want this day to be a normal one although you feel it’s never going to be a normal day at all.  
Readjusting your glasses, you jump when a very familiar voice in the back of the elevator says your name.  
“Hey, Yn.”
Your heart starts pounding hard in your chest while a big bright smile appears on your face. This deep but cute voice is a voice you could recognize everywhere, even in a very crowded room just like right now. This voice comes from the one and only, Jeon Jungkook. Yes, you read it well, Jeon Jungkook.
Not only is he the most famous sports reporter in the country but he’s also the hottest man of the year. Just a quick look at this elevator is a proof of it. All the women inside it are completely mesmerized by him, and all the men are just jealous that he’s inside this small metallic cabin.
But as he raises his voice to speak to you, everybody raises an eyebrow, wondering who he’s even talking to. As cliché as it might sound, you literally look like a nerd girl coming straight out of a crappy romantic movie. You’re very insecure about yourself, you barely put any makeup on, you wear glasses and you work in the IT department of this huge company. Most people here don’t know who you are because you’re invisible.
Never in five years, you’ve done anything to draw any attention. The less people know about who you truly are, the better it is. You’ve grown up in a world where your last name could open all the doors you want, and it definitely helped to be where you are today. But you don’t want everyone here to know who you are because you know that they’ll speak to you by interest.  
But sometimes, some people notice when you speak to Jungkook. Every single employee of this company knows who he is, and when he’s with a girl, everybody sees it. But somehow, they all just figure it out that you two are just friends. You always thought that maybe it’s because a man like him is supposed to date some kind of model and not a girl like you.  
As you turn your head, your smile grows when you see his handsome face. God, you hate him for being so perfect. How can even a man be this perfect? You only see his face at the end of the elevator, and you’re thankful you don’t have a full view of his body, knowing just perfectly how it would drive you completely crazy. His face is enough although you know he’s going to haunt your entire day.  
“Good morning, Jeon.” You answer before looking away.  
You look away to avoid letting everyone know in this room the huge crush you have on this man. You don’t want him or anyone to know about it because you prefer to live in your own bubble, imagining that maybe a tiny little part of him is interested in you. Although you’re convinced that he doesn’t give two shits about you in a romantic way.
The doors of the elevators open on the fifth floor where you work, making you walk as fast as possible. If you disappear under your workload, nobody will notice you. Jungkook watches you walk away with a bright smile on his face. Nothing bad can happen now that he saw you.  
“Today, Jin is coming.” Your coworker, Ha-neul says with excitement.
This is what you’re avoiding today, and one of the reasons why today is going to be different. Jin is non-other than your brother but also a very famous actor that is coming today to your workplace to sign a contract with JBC for a new drama.
From what he told you, he’s going to play the main character in a historical drama. Of course, he didn’t give you more details because he just can’t but the fact that it’s a historical drama makes you want to know more about it.
“I know.” You reply, sitting down on your chair while your computer starts.
Being his sister is one of the things you hide from everyone. Why? Because everyone would suddenly notice you and would want to speak with you just to get somehow closer to him. You don’t want that. You want people to look at you because they’re interested in you.
“That man is just so handsome!” She says, imagining his sweet face.
He’s your brother so you just don’t find him attractive at all. Annoying, for sure but not handsome.  
“We most probably won’t see him.” You add.
You’re sure of that, you’re working in the IT department, a place where an actor would never come. Jin promised you yesterday that he wasn’t going to visit you because he just knows how uncomfortable it would make you feel. Your big brother grew up, watching you blossom in a totally different way than everyone in your family. You’re shy, extremely shy and he respects that although he really wants to show the world how smart you are.
“I know, I was just hoping that in a way, we’d see him.”
As you look up at one of the screens that broadcast the show of Jungkook, you feel completely hypnotized by him. A year ago, you would have never imagined that you’d be single by now and have a huge crush on Jungkook, the coworker that you always saw as a simple friend.
But today everything has changed. Taehwan broke up with you almost a year ago, just a week after Valentine’s Day. That was devastating but you had to turn the page. You simply couldn’t live a life crying over a man that just didn’t care about you anymore. The three years spent with him were amazing but you needed to move on from it. It was easier said than done but eventually, the heartbreak faded away.
Today, just a couple of days prior to Valentine's Day, you’re completely single, something that your parents don’t really seem to accept. They loved Taehwan but your mother insulted him of all the possible names when he broke up with you. All they want now is your happiness and they have seen how miserable you have felt for the past year. So, to help you to find your happiness again, they pressured you to find someone for the annual 13th of February family gathering otherwise they’ll find someone for you.
You desperately need to find someone because you don’t really trust your parents’ tastes. They’ll probably invite the son of their neighbor, Taehyung but you don’t want to be with someone whose name sounds just like your ex’s name. You’re sure that he’s a good boy but you’ll just think about his name.
You growl with frustration before focusing on your work.
Tumblr media
Although you consider that Jungkook doesn’t like you, the truth is that he has a massive crush on you. The man only thinks about you all day long.
Unlike what everyone thinks, Jungkook is not interested in models and other kinds of superficial women. That definitely is not his type. He values more than just the appearance of someone because a woman can be interesting in so many ways. And with you, he talks a lot, making him learn tons of things about you in the past five years.
What he loves is to join you at lunch breaks to hear you talk about what you did the previous day or what you thought about the show he presented the day before. It’s always feedback that he appreciates and that he takes into consideration for the next shows. Sometimes, he feels that he owns a huge part of his success to you because without your honest feedbacks, he wouldn’t have evolved this much.  
“This is Yn, how can I help you?”
Jungkook smiles as he hears your voice, he has been waiting for this moment since the second he saw you entering the elevator in a rush this morning, finding you extremely cute as you were walking fast.
Five years ago, when you were both starting in the company, every time he’d call the IT department, it was always you that would answer him and help him with his IT issues. But now that you’ve both grown inside this huge company, he knows your number by heart and calls it every time he faces an issue, or at least a ‘supposed’ one.  
“Hi, Yn.” He replies. “It’s Jungkook.”
He didn’t need to introduce himself, you already knew it was him. Just like him, you know now his number by heart. Every time it appears on your desk phone’s screen, you smile like an idiot because it makes you truly happy that he chooses you over all the people in the IT department.
The sports reporter knows how lucky he is that he can deal with you when he has an issue. The structure of the company allows him to contact you because you were assigned with the VIP Team, a team that Jungkook is part of since he’s very important in the company. Only a few people of the IT department are assigned to the VIP Team, something that you’re really proud of because you managed by yourself to be assigned to those persons.
It’s not easy every day because some of those important persons are always mean but Jungkook is far from being like that. Seeing his number always warms your little heart because you know that with him, you’ll laugh.
“I know it’s you, Jeon.” You reply.
The simple fact that you admit knowing his number makes his heart swell with happiness.
“Tell me what’s your issue today.”
He takes his time to explain what’s the matter today with his computer, a problem that you easily solve. You always solve his problem quite quickly but you both start talking about some other random things.
“Every girl in the office is fangirling over Jin today, completely ignoring me.” You giggle when he mentions the fact that nobody is paying attention to him today.
“It’s temporary, Jin is just here for today.” You reply. “Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.”
You desperately want things to go back to normal, you’re just tired of hearing your coworkers talking about your brother. To you, he’s just a regular guy but it seems that everyone in this office finds him extremely handsome, but you’re the first one to admit how talented he is as an actor. You’ve been his first fan and supporter since he has dreamed of becoming an actor.
“I hope so!” He says with a big smile on his face. “I don’t like sharing my fans with someone else.”
You know he’s joking, he doesn’t like to brag about his “hottest man of the year” award because it makes him uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem like it but Jungkook can be very shy, extremely shy even though you’re convinced that he’s not shy at all. The man seems to breathe confidence all the time.
“You should let him know that.” You tease him a little.
“He’ll just tell me to go fuck myself.” He giggles while he quickly looks around, noticing that it’s almost time for him to present his daily sports show but he doesn’t want to leave you.
You desperately want to defend your brother but Jungkook doesn’t know, so you just don’t do it. Maybe one day, you’ll find the courage to tell him the truth and to let him know who you truly are. But it’s probably not going to be anytime soon.
“Maybe not.” You reply. “Maybe he’s a nice person, and he’ll just accept the fact that you don’t want to share your fans.”
Jungkook can’t help but smile even more. He loves that side of you, the side that just sees the good in everyone and everything. That side of you has given him so much hope, making him see also the positive side of life when it gets too hard.
“I have to go, Yn but thanks for your help and time.”
“Don’t worry, Jeon. It’s my job.” You say. “Good luck with your show.”
With your good wishes, he knows everything is going to be fine.
Tumblr media
When you leave your desk and walk to the elevator to go to the restaurant of the building for your lunch break, you find Jungkook waiting for you in front of the elevator. That’s where you both meet before going to the restaurant together. Once there, you usually join Jimin and Yoongi, two other colleagues with whom you get along very well.
You don’t have many friends due to the fact that you’re extremely shy but the few friends you have are literally the best persons on earth. Nothing would ever make sense in your life without them. You simply can’t imagine having your lunch break without those three crackheads.
“I’ve been waiting here for an eternity.” He says with a grin on his face. “I had the time to die and come back to life.”
You laugh, shaking your head. That man is always exaggerating as if he doesn’t know any limits.  
“So now JBC's hottest sports reporter is some kind of phoenix?” You say, raising an eyebrow before bowing to him.
“You’re so slow, Yn.” He bows back to you before pressing the button to call the elevator. “Next time, I’ll let you go by yourself to the restaurant.”
You roll your eyes, knowing perfectly that he’ll come every day. He keeps repeating that every time you take a bit more time than usual but he always waits for you, a fact that warms your fragile little heart. You deeply cherish everything he does for you.  
“Next time, I’ll make sure to take even more time.” You say, making him chuckle at your words. What he likes about you is that you’re not scared to tease him back. He doesn’t do it with a lot of people because he’s not sure how they’ll react but with you, he knows that you won’t hold back.
The elevator arrives, the both of you entering the small cabin. This time around it’s empty, there’s just you and Jungkook inside of it. Weirdly enough, you don’t feel awkward or embarrassed to be just with him. Your phone rings, letting you know that you’ve received a message. You take it from your bag before taking a quick look at it.
Jungkook glances down at you, smiling as he notices your reaction. You scrunch your nose as you sigh before quickly playing with the end of your hair. Without an ounce of hesitation, he’d say that you’re most probably exasperated with what you just saw. You always do it when something bothers you.
In fact, you’ve received several messages from your mother. She sent you pictures of the famous Taehyung, most probably pictures that she asked her friend because she wants to show you how handsome the man is. The pictures are followed by a little description of what he does in life, it seems that he’s working as a saxophonist in the orchestra of Seoul. That’s very prestigious, not everyone can enter that orchestra, only the best of the best can make it.
For a mere moment, you take the time to look at the pictures. For sure the little glasses give him a certain charm but he looks too serious. He isn’t ugly at all but you’re stuck with the Tae, reminding you once again of your ex. It’s not his fault at all but everything would have been better if his name didn’t start with Tae.
Plus, you have a man that is a million times hotter than him just next to you. At least that’s your opinion. But it just makes you laugh how your mother is trying hard to put you with her neighbor’s son. You know it comes with a very good intention, she just wants you to be happy. Although, you’re not sure that this Taehyung can make you happy.
“My mother is terrible.” You roll your eyes for the millionth time today.
“I guess that’s how mothers are.” Jungkook replies. You gaze up at him, biting the inside of your cheek as you take in how beautiful he is.
“My mother is extra terrible.” You add before taking a deep breath to explain to him what is going on. “Every year, my parents organize a Valentine’s Day with all the family on the 13th and basically, we have to bring someone with us. For the past couple of years, I was with Taehwan so he was coming with me but this year, I don’t have anyone.”
You look away, not wanting to stare into his eyes as you admit that you’re completely alone. But as you look in front of you, you just realize that maybe Jungkook can be the one to save you from the embarrassment of having to spend the whole day with Taehyung. Things are for sure going to be awkward with him because you both don’t know each other, and you’ll have to discover him through a very embarrassing dinner with your family.  
“So, if I don’t find anyone, they’ll invite their friends’ son.” You look at the pictures on your phone before shoving it on his face. “That’s him.”  
Jungkook is surprised but glad that you show it to him. His hands rest over yours while he looks at the man in the pictures. He’d be lying if he said that Taehyung is ugly, making him feel kind of jealous. What if you end up liking him?
The elevator’s doors open, announcing that it’s your way out. You walk with Jungkook, your fingers playing together as you wonder how you can even ask him anything.  
“I don’t want my parents to bring someone that I don’t know and that would make me feel deeply uncomfortable.” You start saying, halting in an empty hallway. Jungkook looks down at you, understanding that this has taken a serious and deep turn. “Would you accept to go with me?” You don’t even let him say anything that you’re already explaining why. “We are friends and I trust you a lot,” you’d entrust your life to him without any hesitation, “plus, my parents will leave me alone if I bring someone…”
Jungkook smiles while shaking his head. Even if you hadn’t asked him, he would have probably ended up proposing to save you from your crazy parents. His chest swells with happiness because he feels like a superhero.
“You don’t have to give me any explanations, Yn.” His hand goes to your shoulder before moving down to your arm, caressing it in a comforting way. “I’d love to go with you.”
Tumblr media
Today is finally the 13th of February.
Jungkook should be coming at any minute to drive you both to your parents’ house. For the past three days, you’ve been trying to tell him who your father and brother are. But it has been very difficult, you never knew how to explain that he’ll be sitting in front of the man that stole his fans when he came to the JBC building.  
You take one last look at your figure, checking the blue dress you put on. This dress is the one you bought last year in hopes to wear it this year and impress Taehwan but unfortunately, you won’t impress him this year. For the past three days, you were overthinking if you should still wear the dress, only to make you realize that this day is about celebrating yourself first. So, you decided to wear it no matter what. But you secretly hope that Jungkook will love it.
For the makeup, you decided to go with something very simple, just some foundation and mascara. That’s already a lot for you, you always preferred to not wear any makeup but for special occasions, you love to get pretty. Since your eyes can’t bear contact lenses, you have to put on your glasses otherwise you don’t see anything.
When you announced two days ago to your mother that you were coming with someone, she was a bit disappointed because she really wanted to introduce Taehyung to you. She’s truly convinced that he’s the man for you. So, in the middle of a panic situation, you just told her that you’ve been dating Jungkook for a little while but since it was still the beginning of your relationship, you hide it.
The moment you hang up, you hated yourself for not being able to say the truth to your mother but weirdly enough, Jungkook just agreed to pretend to be with you as if it was totally normal. What you ignored was that he was more than happy to pretend to be your boyfriend and to have an excuse to touch you just the way he has been craving for a couple of months.
Somebody knocks at your door, you’d say that it’s Jungkook since it is already 7 pm. The dinner is supposed to start around 8 pm but your parents asked you to be there around 7.30 pm. Your mother desperately wants to start dinner at 8, so everyone has to arrive at least thirty minutes before.
As you open the door of your apartment, you’re graced with a Jungkook wearing a long black coat that prevents you from seeing what he’s wearing under it although you can see the end of his black skinny jeans with the black classic boots. He’s all handsome. You feel blessed to see him like this but you definitely can’t wait to see his outfit under his long coat.
Jungkook is completely blown away by your beauty. That cute blue dress embraces your body perfectly, revealing your insanely perfect curves to him. Just with this view, he knows it’s going to be hard for him to hide how attracted he is to you.  
“Hey, Jeon.” You say with a bright smile on your face.
His eyes ride up to meet yours. “Hey, Yn.” He says swallowing hard. “You look really pretty.”
Jungkook can count the moments a woman left him speechless, but this right here surpasses everything. He just doesn’t know what to say or what to even think other than you’re fucking sexy and hot. He feels more than lucky to be able to spend the night with you in this blue sexy dress.
“I just need to put on my coat and scarf, and to take my purse.” You inform him before letting him in inside your apartment.
The man from Busan is surprised to see how huge your apartment is, he was expecting something much smaller since you’re not a woman of excess. But he ignores that your mother bought this apartment for you when you decided to leave your parents’ house because she wanted you to still have a very comfortable place to live.
It is too big for you but this makes you think of your mother. This apartment is just a proof of all the love she has for you. A caring love that helps you to sleep at night when you miss her dearly.
Nevertheless, your apartment is decorated just the way he envisioned it. It’s mostly white with just the necessary things to live. Everything is perfectly organized, nothing is out of its place. This apartment is just a material image of who you are, Jungkook sees it which makes him smile.  
Barely a minute later, you appear with your coat, shoes on, and bag in your hand, ready to leave your place to join your family. Your heart is hammering harshly in your chest as you realize that you’re going to pretend to be dating your crush. This is going to be a very intense night, you know it.
“Let’s go!” You tell him with still a smile on your face.
He nods before you both leave your place and walk to his car parked not too far from the building where you live. Unconsciously his right-hand goes to your lower back while you both walk, holding you close and warm against his body.  
“So, just to be sure we have the same version.” Jungkook starts saying, glancing straight in front of him. “We’re working in the same company, JBC, we’ve been friends since we both started there and two months ago, we realized we had feelings for each other and started dating.”
That’s a very simplified version of what you both decided to tell your family. Basically, everything is based on your real relationship, everything will be easier if you keep some truth, but a small part will change. Two months ago, Jungkook wanted to thank you properly for all the help you’ve given him for the past five years and he invited you to go out. That night, you both realized that there was more than friendship between the two of you which led to you trying to date. Apparently, it seems to be working since you’re still together.
“Yes, that’s it.”
Even though it’s a lie, Jungkook knows that he won’t have any problem pretending that he loves you. The feelings are already there, he just needs to finally let them out which makes him kind of nervous because he’s scared that you’ll realize that he truly loves you more than a friend. He’s convinced that it’s not a mutual feeling, that you just don’t like him the way he does. It’d be hard for him.
“Let’s just hope my parents don’t start asking too many questions.” You say.
You know you’re a terrible liar, you won’t be able to invent something more than what you have already elaborated with him. You know that if your parents start asking too many questions, your true feelings for Jungkook will just bloom out, something you don’t want your friend to discover.  
He stops walking in front of his Mercedes GLC. It’s not the first time you see his car but damn, every time you’re impressed by it. You’ve seen much more expensive cars but this car is a hell of a pretty car. Jungkook loves to look that wonder in your eyes, it just makes him realize how life can be precious.
“Always so in love with my car.” He says.
“How can I not love this car?” You reply. “Have you just seen it?” Your eyes look up, locking with his.
“I see it every day, Yn.” He winks at you before opening the passenger door for you, letting you get inside. Your eyes can’t stop looking at it with marvel, it’s like you’re a kid receiving a Christmas gift two months later. The car is even prettier inside.
This is your first time inside his car, and his strong scent completely fills it. It almost feels like you’re hugging Jungkook, his scent being the only thing your nose seems to smell. But it also feels like you’ve invaded his personal space, like you’ve come into Jungkook’s life, and you’re for sure not going to complain about it.
Seconds later, he enters the car and starts driving to your place. As you give him the address, he instantly knows that it’s where the wealthiest people of Korea live. It makes him a bit more nervous because it means that your parents are not just some random Koreans.
During the drive, you both sing along to all the songs, making you giggle when one of you starts singing off key. Jungkook purposely keeps singing off key just to hear you giggle, nothing makes him feel happier than your giggles filling his ears.
After the ten minutes ride, you arrive in front of your parents’ house, Jungkook completely impressed by the huge house. Now, he’s a hundred percent sure that you’re the daughter of someone very important but he doesn’t get why you have never told him anything. He knows you’re very secretive about your private life but you can trust him.
“I just sent a message to my brother to open the portal.” You inform him.
Jungkook only nods, still very confused about the situation. He’s a bit nervous because he knows he’ll be dining with important persons, he just doesn't know who yet. He tries to stay calm, driving the car inside when the portal opens. While you get closer to the house, he feels like it’s even bigger. This is massive.
When he comes closer to the property, your parents appear on the porch. Your mother is smiling widely, more than happy to finally see her daughter again while your father stays there only looking at the car coming closer. Jungkook’s heart almost drops when he sees your father.  
“Your father is Kim Seokwoo?” He stops the car, his eyes looking at you.
You bite your lower lip, your eyes avoiding him at all costs. “I’ve been trying to tell you that for the past days but I was just scared of your reaction.”
Jungkook’s hand rests on yours, trying to reassure you in any way. “You don’t have to be scared with me.” Your eyes finally meet his, only seeing some form of love. “And I admire your father and brother.”
Your father, Kim Seokwoo is the biggest producer in the country, winning tons of awards for all the dramas and movies he produced. All actors dream to work with him because once they work for him, they become a huge name in the industry. Your brother, Seokjin, who goes by simply Jin, has never worked for him because he doesn’t want his career and success to be associated with his father. He has been working hard to make a name for himself, he just doesn’t want people to think that he owes everything to his father. That’s why he’s just known as Jin and not Kim Seokjin.
That’s what you hide from everyone, nobody knows who they are for you. If anybody in the company finds out that you’re Kim Seokwoo’s daughter, they’ll just speak to you just to get to him. His name is huge, and you could have used it to open all the doors you desired but that’s not who you are. Your father taught you to fight hard for what you wish, and he’s more than proud to have raised two amazing persons.
“Now, let’s go before they start wondering why we don’t leave the car.” Jungkooks says as he opens the door.
You mumble a thank you while you squeeze his hand, more than thankful that he didn’t start fangirling over your father and brother. Jungkook only nods before you both leave the car, walking towards your parents. Your father smiles when he sees you, and your mother is more than surprised when she sees Jungkook.
Like everyone, she perfectly knows who the hell Jungkook is. The hottest man of the year along with the best sports reporter of JBC. She for sure wasn’t expecting you to bring him or to even know him.
“Jeon Jungkook.” Your mother says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” She reaches out her hand to him when he approaches her. “I’ve heard so many amazing things about you and your work.”
You hug your father, happy to finally see him. You’re a family person, always wanting to be around your parents and brother but that only happens on the weekend because you work during the week. Of course, you call them every day after work to at least hear their voices once a day but everything is so much better when you’re around them.
“You could have informed us that he’s your valentine.” Your father whispers in your ear. “Your mother would have directly stopped with Taehyung.”
You step back a bit, looking at the man you love the most on earth. “You know how I am when it comes to my love life.”
Even with your family, you don’t speak much about your love life. It’s something you’re not comfortable with. If it was possible, you wouldn’t speak about it to anyone but it’s nearly impossible with your mother who's always trying to put you with some of her friends’ sons.
You go to your mother that is trying as hard as possible to hide her emotions but it’s crystal clear that she’s a tiny bit mad at you for not telling her that you’re dating Jungkook. But she can understand it because she knows you too well. After all, she birthed you, so she perfectly knows how you always try to hide everything from everyone.
“We’re going to have a very serious conversation, young lady.” She berates you with a small smile.
“Mom, don’t be awkward.” You roll your eyes. “I don’t want you to traumatize Jungkook when he has only arrived now.”
Your mother sighs before you all enter inside since it’s extremely cold outside. Jungkook is smiling while shaking his head, realizing that you’re truly yourself with him. That makes his heart flutter.  
When you’re all inside the house, he takes in how beautiful the house is. The entrance hall is super huge like the houses you see in movies. Everything is perfectly organized and cleaned just like in your apartment but this is just another level. Jungkook feels like he’s in a dream.
He can understand that you don’t want people to know who your family is but he would have loved to know minutes ago that he was going to have dinner with Kim Seokwoo and Jin. Especially, that he’d be in a fucking dreamy house.
“You grew up here?” He whispers in your ear.
“Only a part of my life.” You look up at him with a smile on your face. “We used to live in a much smaller house until I was twelve. My dad was becoming too well-known, it was not safe for any of us to live in a normal house in a normal neighborhood. So, we moved here where it’s much safer, the house has guards, and even the neighborhood is controlled.”
This is the only way to ensure the safety of all the people living here and to ensure your family’s safety. When your father became too famous, he wanted to try to keep living the same simple life he used to have but it was impossible, especially when the fans find out where he was living.
That was scary to go home and see all those people around your safe place. While your parents were looking for a new safer place to live, you and Jin were living with your grandparents but you also changed schools because the other kids were always annoying you and your brother. In less than a week, your parents found a new place, this house and since then, everything has been better.
“This is something else.” He says.
Jungkook lives in a very controlled building because his success has been growing a lot lately. But this house seems to be coming straight from a movie.
“I know.” You don’t stop looking at him, now he’s the one looking like a kid, and you can’t help but find him extremely adorable. His hand grabs yours, holding it tight while you all walk to the living room. You smile like an idiot, loving the fact he unconsciously holds your hand.
“You have a wonderful house, Mr. Kim.” Jungkook says to your father.
Your father looks back at the two of you. “You don’t have to call me Mr. Kim, Seokwoo is enough.” He informs your fake boyfriend. “You’re part of the family now, Jungkook, no need for formalities.”
Your father never loved to be called Mr. Kim outside work, especially by people that date his children. Just as he informed Jungkook now, he did the same with Taehwan and with Soomin, Jin’s girlfriend.
As you enter the huge living room, you notice Jin with his longtime girlfriend. They’ve been together for almost seven years but no marriage seems to be in sight which despairs your mother. She wants to organize a dreamy wedding for her firstborn and she wants him to have children with his lover. She always keeps repeating that at his age, she was already married and a mother but Jin just doesn’t listen to her because he doesn’t feel ready yet to get married.
“This is my older brother, Jin, and his girlfriend, Soomin.” You introduce them to Jungkook. “And that’s my boyfriend, Jungkook.”
It feels incredibly weird to say that but this is all just pretending. In some days, you’ll just announce to them that it’s over with Jungkook and you’ll be back to dreaming about being with him. He’ll just be your crush all over again.
You all take a seat on the couch, Jungkook sitting down next to you and placing his hand over your exposed leg. As time passes, he realizes that this night will most probably end with him confessing his feelings to you. This entire fake situation makes him feel way too comfortable.
Quickly, your father brings an old whiskey that he had in the cellar in the basement. Of course, he gives a glass to everyone to taste his amazing whiskey. Your father has weird collections of wines, whiskeys, and other types of alcohol. The good thing is that when you want to get drunk, you just have to go to the basement and choose whatever you want. That’s what happened when Taehwan broke up with you, your father’s basement became your best friend.
At 8 pm precisely, you all go to the dining room, eating what your parents’ chef prepared for tonight. During the entire dinner, Jungkook keeps being touchy, your heart squeezing with pain every time you realize that he does it to fool your family. In a way, you’d love that every gesture and attention was real but what you ignore is that everything is real. Your ‘fake’ boyfriend is not doing it to fool your family, he’s doing it because he wants to. He wants to enjoy the fact that he can do it without it being weird.
Your parents also explain to Jungkook where this tradition of the 13th comes from. It all started when you were very young. Your parents didn’t want the 14th to be just about romantic love, they wanted to celebrate all sorts of love. They simply wanted to include their children during Valentine’s Day. So, they decided that from now on the 13th would be about celebrating all kinds of love.
Jungkook can’t help but find the gesture absolutely adorable, and even if nothing happens between you two, he’ll make sure that from now on, he’ll celebrate all types of love on the 13th.
The night goes perfectly well, your parents adore Jungkook and they absolutely approve of him which breaks your heart because sooner or later you’ll have to announce to them that this was just a masquerade.
During the entire night, you all drank too much alcohol and after a long discussion, you agreed to sleep here. It’s definitely not a good idea to drive with a lot of alcohol in your system. Jungkook will borrow some clothes from Jin since he doesn’t have anything to wear tomorrow but the stressful part is that he’s going to sleep with you in your old bedroom. You simply can’t ask your parents if he can sleep in a guest room because it’ll raise too much suspicion.
“Your bed is not really big.” Jungkook says when he steps inside your room.
“It was the bed of a single twenty-year-old girl.” You inform him. “I didn’t need a huge bed for myself.”
Jungkook looks around, admiring where you’ve spent a part of your life. Your room is simple but still beautiful, just like you. It doesn’t seem at all that a teenager lived here, it almost looks like you only left two days ago and not some years ago.
“I have a bathroom just there in case you want to undress yourself.” You show him the bathroom.
Jungkook shakes his head because he actually doesn’t mind at all undressing in front of you, this being most probably due to all the alcohol he drank earlier.
“No, it’s okay. You can use it if you want.”
You also shake your head, also being comfortable with undressing in front of your crush. Jungkook is for sure not going to complain to see you in underwear. But although you have drunk a lot, you’re still a bit shy so you turn your back on him and quickly change yourself, putting on your black nightie. You don’t have many clothes left here but you left some sexy pajamas since most of the time, Taehwan was staying with you and it was a reason to tease him a little.
When you turn your back to face Jungkook, the first you see is his insanely perfect body.  He’s on the other side of the bed, so your bed hides his legs but his torso is so damn toned. It’s like he is hand-carved by God himself. You never imagined that Jungkook was hiding such a perfect body under his clothes. You bite your lower lip, your eyes slowly going up to lock with his.
Jungkook is also biting his bottom lip as he glares at you. That nightie barely covers your body. Your cleavage is on full display, revealing the beginning of your breasts but he’s craving to see your legs, more especially if the nightie covers your ass. He’s obsessed with asses.
“Let’s get to sleep.” Jungkook says before you both lay down on your bed. The bed is extremely small for the two of you. That wasn’t the case when you were sleeping here with your ex. Now, with your crush sleeping just next to you, you feel like you’re about to die because he’s way too close to you. You’re looking at the ceiling to avoid looking at the man next to you.
After a little while, you move on the bed, turning your back to him. As Jungkook loves to sleep in the same position that you’re right in now, he also moves his chest pressed against your back. His breathing brushes against your neck, sending shivers down your spine. You try to not focus on the fact that your bodies are too close, trying to fall asleep as fast as possible. The sooner you fall asleep, the better it is.  
But of course, your brother needed to start fucking Soomin right when you were about to fall asleep.
Your brother’s bedroom is not too far from yours but Soomin moans like a crazy girl, almost as she’s being tortured or something like that. The creaking bed, Soomin’s moans, and Jin’s low groan are just too much for you.
“Fuck.” You growl as you cover your ears. You hate hearing them fucking, it’s just disgusting.
The fucking session is also too much for Jungkook, his mind keeps imagining that the moans of Soomin are yours as he fucks you. The whole situation is driving him completely crazy, and you feel it. His member is getting hard, his tip touching your uncovered ass. A sudden heat takes over you, making you get wetter as you imagine your crush completely turned on by the fucking session of your brother.
You don’t really know what to do. Do you pretend you don’t feel anything? No, it’s impossible. He must feel that he’s touching your ass. Then, what do you do?
“Sorry.” Jungkook mumbles as he tries to step back a bit, embarrassed that he got turned on by your brother and his girlfriend.
“It’s okay, Jungkook.” You whisper. “My brother can’t keep his cock in his pants.” You add. “I already told him that I hate when he fucks his girlfriend here.”
Jin doesn’t just care about what you think or say but never have you done anything with Taehwan in your parents’ house. It’s just gross, plus none of you wanted your family to hear you having sex.
“It’s a natural thing.” Jungkook says, defending your brother.
“Yeah, but he purposely does it when we’re here because he knows how much I hate it.” You reply, never turning to face him. You’re beyond embarrassed about all this.
Just as Jungkook, the entire situation is turning you on in a way you never expected it. Your panties are completely soaked with your arousal but there’s nothing you can do right now to make it go away.
Jungkook chuckles because he just knows how siblings can be a pain in the ass when they want. His brother also turns his life miserable from time to time, teasing him about his crush on you when they see each other.
“If you want, I can help you with your boner.” You tell him. His cheeks turn red as he was not expecting you to offer him some help but you’ve drunk too much tonight, so you don’t properly filter your thoughts.
“No, it’s okay, Yn.” He replies. “It’s going to go away.”
Now, it’s your turn to chuckle at his words.
“We both know it’s not true.” You tell him, still chuckling. “Plus, I’m also turned on so we could use each other's help.”
The fact that you don’t even filter your words surprises Jungkook because he knows that normally, you’d never say those things.
“Yn, do you even think what you’re saying?” He asks with a trembling voice.
“Of course, I do.”
You finally turn to face him. You want to look him in the eyes as you’re about to confess the feelings you have for him. Now is the moment. You feel it. You’ve been avoiding this for months because you’ve been too scared of rejection.
“Jungkook, I thought it was pretty obvious that I like you.” You cup his face in your hands, locking your eyes with his. “I’ve been having a massive crush on you for a little while but I never came around to tell you anything because I was so scared that you’d simply tell me that the feelings aren’t mutual.” You take a deep breath, your thumbs caressing his cheeks. “Because I’m not the dreamy type of girlfriend.”
Without thinking, Jungkook’s face leans closer to yours, his lips pressing against yours. This right here, he has dreamed of it too many times but never in his dreams, he saw you confess your feelings for him. This is for sure bold coming from you but he loves it. He loves the fact that you blurt out your feelings for him because he knows that he would have never had the courage to take the first step.          
Kissing Jungkook is not at all how you imagined it.
It’s so much more than you pictured it. The kiss is sweet and tender, there’s no rush or anything else in it. You both have been desiring this for so long that there’s no need in rushing things. In fact, you’re actually convinced that if you rush it, it would destroy the magic behind this exact moment.
His lips are so soft on yours, the tenderness of the kiss making your heart melt completely. Never a man has kissed you like that as if you’re made of glass. Your heart is pounding extremely hard on your chest, ready to burst at any moment while the butterflies on your lower stomach are making you feel completely alive.
His hard length brushes against your leg, making you moan in the kiss. By the looks of it, this kiss is for sure going to take a heated turning. A turning that both of you want. All this holding back has been just too much and has let to this exact moment. Holding back for almost a year was not easy which has led you to become extremely needy, and tonight is the moment that you’re going to let go of it.
Tonight, there are no more reasons to hold back.
His impatient hands run up and down your waist, making you more than happy to have his large tattooed hands on your body.  
“I fucking love you too, Yn.” He whispers as he breaks the kiss. “I’ve been having a crush on you since you’ve been single.” He kisses you again but this time with passion and fervor. “It’s almost like I only realized how fucking pretty you are when Taehwan left you.”
Jungkook presses a peck on your lips before he’s kissing the corner of your lips down to the underside of your jaw, causing you to moan each time his lips touch your skin. The alcohol mixed with his confession and how needy you are is driving you completely euphoric.
“I stopped counting the times I dreamed of kissing you in a deserted hallway of the JBC building.” He drops his head to your neck, kissing the base of your throat. “And leaving you hickeys here and there to let everyone know that you’re mine, and only mine.”
You moan as he starts nipping at your skin, the feeling of his mouth on your throat is divine. Everything he does exceeds all the dreams you had. Your hands run through his hair, tugging at the roots. A moan escapes his pretty lips, his voice vibrating against your skin. When he starts sucking your sensitive skin, he licks it with his tongue, a proud smile dancing on his lips.
“I feel like a horny teenager around you, Yn.” He admits as he looks up at you. “Craving you in every fucking way.” His large hands caress your waist while you both look intensely at the other.
“Then let me help you with your boner.” He nods, letting you uncover both your bodies from the bedsheets.
Jungkook lays on his back while you go down on his body. You’re actually very surprised by his erection, it’s huge which makes you want to desperately rip his underwear off to have a proper view of his cock. Without an ounce of hesitation, you take out the only clothing piece from his body, his cock slapping against his abs.
He’s big. Very big. His cock easily surpasses Taehwan’s cock, and god, you always thought your ex had the biggest cock in the world. Jungkook is proving you wrong.
“God, you’re massive.” You look up at him. “How have been hiding this monster in your pants?” You cock an eyebrow, making him giggle at your words.
“I ask myself this question every day.” He says, clearly making you understand that he gets pretty hard around you every day.
As you’re so desperate in pleasing him, you wrap your hand around the base of his dick. His head is red, precum running down his length and over that prominent vein that lines it. You rub your thumb over the tip before going down on his shaft, spreading his arousal all over him. A deep moan leaves his lips as your hands finally touch him, his head falling completely on the pillow.      
“Oh, fuck.” He growls.
Slowly, you start pumping him, taking your time, your hand gliding up and down his length. A trail of groans leaves his lips while you pump him nice and slow, giving him a dreamy handjob. Every time your hand reaches the base, Jungkook shivers, loving deeply how you’re helping to make this boner disappear.
But you want to give him more. You know your hand is just not enough, he needs more to come undone. So you dip down to kiss the head of his cock, his eyes opening directly as this surprises him a lot. You lick his tip, his precum coating your wet muscle before you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down fully on his length.
“Fuck, Yn.” He groans, loving the warmth of your mouth around him. He swears that he’s about to fall apart, covering your mouth with his cum.
Your eyes look up to meet with his. The moment they lock, both your eyes completely filled with lust, he looks away, too scared to bust right there. As much as he’d love to fill your pretty mouth with his seed, he wants it to be inside you. He wants that the first time that he comes with you to be inside your pussy.
“Baby.” He says while his hand goes to your hair, grabbing it before pulling your head a little. “I don’t want to come right now.”
Your lips leave his length, letting it slap again against his lower abdomen. You crawl up his body, kissing him again languidly. Jungkook can taste his salty precum on your lips and he loves it.
“Do you have a condom?” You whisper on his lips.
“Always.” He replies.
While he stands up to grab his wallet, you lay on your back, taking off your nightie and underwear to reveal your body to the man of your dreams. Who knew that all you needed to confess your feelings to him was to invite him to the annual 13th of February gathering? If you only knew that sooner, you’d have invited him months ago.  
When Jungkook gets back on the bed with his condom in his hand, he bites his bottom lip. “You’re fucking beautiful, princess.” He growls, scanning every part of your body. He wants to spend the night dreaming about your insanely perfect body. All he wants is to be haunted every single night by your body.
The man doesn’t waste any time ripping the plastic, putting the condom on his length. You spread your legs, letting him see your soaked folds. All he craves now is to have you moaning under him. On his knees, he gets closer to your body, brushing his cock against your pussy, and getting you even wetter. He wants you to be as wet as possible to be ready for his massive cock.
“Can I?” He asks, wanting to be sure that you’re ready for what’s coming.  
When you nod, he slowly buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your velvety walls. His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin while his doe eyes filled with lust look into yours. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you.  
“So good.” You mumble as your eyes roll back.
You have to admit that it hurts a bit since he’s pretty huge but the fact that he’s slowly filling you up to the brim helps. It gives time to your body to get used to this massive intrusion. But it feels so damn good to have him inside you. This is even better than in your wildest dreams.  
Jungkook leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a loud moan out of you. “You feel so fucking good, princess.” His deep voice groans in your ear. “Even better than in my dreams.”
The fact that he has been dreaming about this too gets you wetter. How on earth could you two be so stupid to not notice that you were both completely in love with each other? You feel like you’re in some crappy romantic movie, only it’s taking a dirty turn.
“Let’s just show your brother and Soomin how louder I can make you moan.”
He wants the world to hear you moaning because he doesn’t plan on going nice and slow on you. All he wants is to fuck you rough and good all night long, and that’s also what you want. You want him to fuck you until all you know is to scream his name. You want to get revenge for all the years you had to hear your brother and Soomin fuck like animals.
“Fuck, do it, Jungkook.” You swear as he pulls back a bit to look at you in the eyes, and a smirk arises on his face.
“I plan to fuck you all night long until you beg me to stop.”
Jungkook slowly pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. He never imagined that he’d love hearing you moaning under him. That sound is for sure his new favorite music.
“Please do it.” You tell him, making him smirk, satisfied to hear you begging him to show you no mercy tonight.
Brutally, he pushes his cock fully inside you, and a loud moan leaves your lips. For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes look down on your body. He’s surprised by how insanely perfect you are. Your body is for sure the prettiest one he has ever seen, and he has seen tons of bodies.
Unlike what everyone thinks, he’s not fond of skinny bodies. He loves curves and imperfect bodies because they show life. They show that their owners eat to live, and the curves drive him crazy. He could come just by looking at your ass.  
His lips meet yours for a sloppy kiss before going down to your neck, leaving another hickey on your skin. On Monday, he wants everyone to see them. He wants everyone to know that he’s the only one who can make you feel good. Once he has tortured your skin enough, his eyes get lost on your body again, groaning as he watches himself buried deep inside you.
“Your cunt takes me so fucking well, princess.”
You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. You’re completely euphoric and drunk on the feeling of him stretching your walls. Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he pulls back brutally before slamming himself back into you. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you.
For sure, your brother hears the two of you enjoying some good time, and you already know that tomorrow morning he’ll make some nasty comments.  
Jungkook once again stops when he’s fully inside you, torturing you just to hear you begging him to fuck you. This is of course not enough for you. You need more. You need him to fuck you rough on this bed.
“Please, Jungkook,” you start saying, “fuck me.”
He leans closer again. “Never thought I needed to hear you begging, princess.” He whispers before licking the spot just under your ear. He pushes his cock back before slamming into you with both hands on your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your moans quickly fill the room.
“Shit,” you gasp while he thrusts into you with no mercy, “you feel so good.”
You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust he makes. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock. Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing. His cock is buried deep inside you, brushing against that spot that causes you to moan even louder each time. You grip the sheets as hard as possible to steady yourself from Jungkook’s hard thrusts.
Neither of you can believe that you practically missed this opportunity. Without your mother and her insistence on wanting to settle you in with Taehyung, none of you would be having sex right now together. Without your brother and his girlfriend, none of you would be completely turned on. Basically, without your family, you’d still be dreaming about this exact moment.  
“You’re so fucking wet, baby girl.” He hisses before biting his lower lip. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him. “And making such a mess on my cock.”
Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. Nothing drives him crazier than seeing this, it is as if your bodies were made for each other.  
Jungkook bends down, pressing a sloppy kiss on your lips while his thrusts slow down. A desperate whine gushes from you, a sound that Jungkook swallows proudly. His hands go up on your body, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them to make you moan with desire before his fingers start playing with your nipples. Moans flood out of your mouth as he tortures your body.
“It feels so good.” You whine. His thrusts are slow and harsh again, and his fingers on your nipples are just too much for you. Gradually, Jungkook begins to thrust hard into you again, and you moan at the feeling of his brutal thrust. Your walls suck his cock as he slams his hips into you with more force. His fingers keep playing with your very sensitive nipples, pushing you closer and closer to the edge.
His eyes look at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. Your moans are getting louder, and right now, you’re sure that your parents that sleep on the complete opposite side of this floor are able to hear your moaning Jungkook’s name.
“Moan louder, baby.” He says as he goes deeper and harder to make you scream with pleasure. Your voice moaning his name is the only thing he wants to hear.  
His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further. He just knows how to pleasure you perfectly like he became a master of your body in just some minutes.  
“Fuck.” He groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, baby.”
As you look up at him, you can’t help but find him extremely attractive. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He simply can’t believe this is really happening. He can’t believe that he’s having sex with the girl of his dreams. He keeps growling your name, thrusting into you with more urgency each time.
Jungkook leans again forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. He loves to feel your lips on his, even if the kiss is a disaster. Feeling your lips makes him realize that this is real, you’re really under him.
“Gonna be a good girl and come for me?” He asks, and you nod. You want to be a good girl for him, especially on your first time together although Jungkook wants to hear you begging for it, he wants to know how badly you want to come. “Use your words, baby girl.”
His fingers pinch your nipples harder, making the wave of pleasure growing bigger inside you. “I want to come.” You manage to say. “I wanna come so bad.”
Jungkook feels his cock twitching inside of you, a low groan rumbling in his throat as you practically beg him to let you come. He smirks while one of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot as his cock keeps hitting that sweet spot that drives you crazy.
“Beg for it, baby girl.” He says. His fingers show no mercy on your clit, and you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to beg for anything before coming.
“Please, Jungkook.” It’s impossible to even form a proper sentence with the way he’s torturing you.
“Tell me, baby girl.” He keeps teasing you with a smirk on his face.
“Let me come.”
His smirk grows bigger on his face, happy to have you begging him to come. Jungkook never thought he’d be into teasing but with you, he seems to discover what he truly likes. The wave of pleasure inside you is growing bigger and bigger, almost becoming overwhelming. You’re moaning like a mess, but at this stage, you couldn’t care less.      
“Do it, princess. Come for me.”
Those words are what you need for the wave of pleasure to hit you intensely, making you come hard around him. Your arousal covering completely his cock and your walls squeezing him over and over again.
While you’re completely euphoric from your orgasm, he speeds up the pace of his hips slamming into you, wanting to chase his own high. The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. The only thing he sees is the image of you coming under him.
Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. A desperate moan leaves his mouth when his orgasm hits him hard. His eyes roll back with pleasure as his body tenses up and release his load inside the condom. Loud cries of euphoria leaving his lips.
He collapses next to you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this intense sex session. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in your bedroom.
“I think the entire neighborhood heard us.” You say while running your fingers in his hair.
“That’s exactly what I wanted.” He presses a sweet kiss on your forehead before covering both your bodies with the bedsheets. “I guess we should try to sleep now.”
You nod, resting your head on his chest and slowly falling asleep on his arms. To say that you’re happy that this night took a dirty turn is more than an understatement. But tomorrow, you’ll for sure need to discuss about what just happened. You can’t just fuck like this and expect things to stay the way they were. Everything has changed now. Jungkook just loves you the way you love him.
Tumblr media
Sleeping peacefully with him by your side was easier said than done. It’s around 4 am, you’re both awake but you’re not staring at the ceiling. No, now that you’re both aware of the feelings consuming the two of you, you’re using this time to make up for all the time lost.  
His cock is buried once again inside you, only this time you’re riding him. This time he’s also not wearing any condom since he only had one left in his wallet, he actually never imagined that he was going to have sex with you tonight.  
“Shit.” You gasp, palms resting on his toned chest for leverage as you lift yourself up and drop back on his cock.
You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips working in tandem with yours while your arousal drips down your thighs, pooling around the base of his cock. Jungkook can’t help but love the way your body contorts with delight as you’re both fucking again.  
“You’re so fucking wet.” He groans, his hands holding your waist tighter when your walls squeeze him. “You’re making such a mess on my cock, princess.” His deep voice sends shivers down your spine. At this rhythm, you’ll be coming undone at any moment. A desperate moan falls out of your mouth, your nails digging into the skin of the muscles on his chest.
Jungkook groans when you speed up the movement of your hips, the warmth of your walls wrapping around him tighter than before as his hands go up on your body, cupping your breasts in them. He pinches your nipples between his fingers, causing you to moan louder and louder.
It’s 4 am, everyone is supposed to be sleeping while the two of you are moaning like nobody else is in this house. For sure, Jin is going to complain about your night activities with Jungkook but you just don’t care. You just want Jungkook to stretch you out open and fill you up to the brim.
“You’re fucking hot, princess.” He groans. “You’re riding me so well.”
You can feel his cock twitch inside of you as you rock your hips at a steady rhythm, your palms still pressed against his toned chest while his hands grip onto the sheets.
A small moan leaves your lips as you look down at him. His long wet hair sticking on his face turns him into an even hotter man. His eyes are staring up at you in that stunning way that shows you how lost in the pleasure he is. His tongue licks his lips as he moans out your name, tugging at the sheets and thrusting up into you with more urgency each time.
“You look like a sin.” You whisper, trying as hard as possible to avoid making more noise this early in the morning. You lean forward to press a kiss on his lips because that’s the only to muffle your moans.
“Can we just talk about you?” He replies back when your lips leave his. “You’re here, using my cock as if you own it and moving your hips in a way that completely hypnotize me.”
You moan at his words because damn, you’re really riding his cock as if Jungkook is yours. Well, for him, he’s completely yours. He doesn’t want any other girl to ride him like you’re doing it right now.
Your walls clench around his length, squeezing him hard. So far, he has let you set the pace and use him the way you wanted but this is just too slow for him. He wants more. He starts thrusting up to you in a harsh way. He goes deep inside of you, and you are loving it. Tears start to roll down your cheeks because of the way he’s pounding inside of you. He’s stretching your insides so much with his rough thrust and it makes your whole body tremble.
The wave of pleasure inside has grown suddenly so strong that you feel like you’re about to come.
“Gonna cum, Jungkook.” You whimper.
Your nails sink into his chest, making him groan at the pain and pleasure it gives him. He grips the sheets harder as he continues to roughly thrust inside you.
“Go ahead, babe, make a mess for me.” He groans as he keeps thrusting hard.
Those dirty words are all you need to let your orgasm go. You are coming, biting your lower lip to muffle your moans. Your thighs are shaking but he keeps thrusting into you while you’re completely high from your orgasm. Jungkook is completely loving the way you’re creaming his dick.  
His pace becomes more brutal as he’s chasing his own orgasm, making the bed creaking under you. Your walls keep clenching around him and that is all he needs to come. He closes his eyes, enjoying this moment of release and you are sure he’d never look so sexy.  
You collapse over Jungkook as you both try to catch your breath for a little while, and you leave a lot of kisses on his sweet face. He’s loving it and he could stay like this forever.
“This a beautiful way to start Valentine’s Day.” He whispers before falling asleep in your arms. You hold him tight against you, loving to have him pressed against your body. This is for sure the best night of your life.
Tumblr media
It’s Monday morning.
You’re entering the building of JBC with Jungkook. Everybody looks at the two of you although they don’t pay too much attention since they all think you’re just friends. But they ignore everything that happened the last two days.
Yesterday, after all the sex, you had a real conversation with Jungkook. You both expressed the feelings you had for each other, you swear you’ve never been happier than you were yesterday. That conversation made you realized how stupid you both are. You’ve been in love for months but you were both so scared to lose the other that you never said anything.
Yesterday, you agreed to give a try to this whole relationship thing. You want to see if this can work even though you’re both convinced that it’s going to work.
So, you’re not entering this building as friends but as a couple. You both have that stupid smile glued on your faces while you talk to each other. Like every morning, you enter the elevator already full of people but when it arrives on the floor you work, you kiss Jungkook with passion, drawing the attention of everyone in the small cabin.
“Have a nice day, my princess.”
Tumblr media
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1kook · 8 months ago
viki & hickeys
Tumblr media
the 8th installment to netflix & chill :~)
SUMMARY Just like in those Viki dramas Jungkook likes, the world around you is enveloped in shades of pink and red, kisses and hearts, so many goddamn roses it makes you sneeze. It’s absolutely perfect— nothing could possibly go wrong when there’s so much love in the air.  WARNINGS a little hurt + a lot of comfort, mentions of cheating!villain!jin, insecure!kook, emotional breakdowns, mentions of jk’s lonely past, jk cries :( smut in the forms of making out, eating out, fingering, clit play, hickeys, jk likes cum, double orgasm, squirting, tiny praise kink, blindfolding, rough + unprotected sex, doggy style, choking!!!, breeding/impreg kink, JEALOUS KOOK, mini hand kink, a lil bit of spanking, degradation, he gets progressively meaner lol oc cries MISC there’s a lot of fuckin plot omfg -_-, it’s Valentine’s Eve!, doyeon makes Some Points, mentions of park seojoon juicy ass, they go on a d8 😳, oc like rlly wants to marry him, oc commits double phone homicide  RATING m (18+) WC 16.3k !!!! ik its fckin LOOOONG
Tumblr media
NOTES (!) in true Viki fashion, here’s an nc fic where there’s like 3 different plot lines n a hot male antagonist <3 this series started off as just me wanting to write smut n it still is! now i just like to infuse different levels of angst into it as well </3 as always, lemme know what u think!! i proofread it twice but one of those times had been at 4 am so if u see a typo no u didn't. also here’s a gif  of jungkook crying during a dolly parton performances and here’s another gif of jungkook crying bc it’s scary how pretty he looks
Tumblr media
Being evil and hot does not come for free. As you’ve long since learned in the past twenty-three years of your life, you truly can’t have it all. 
There is always some deliberating character flaw the universe must bestow upon you in order to level you out, make you fall onto the same plane as all the other mortals. Everyone has one, no matter how small or insignificant. Doyeon’s is that she doesn’t know how to work a straightening iron. Namjoon's is that he can’t tell the difference between water and liquor. Jungkook, despite all his tech-y nerdiness, doesn’t know how to do his own taxes. And yours? You don’t know shit about romcoms. 
Your knowledge on the romantic genre is what leads to this predicament now, the ring on your finger heavy as Doyeon regards you with what is perhaps the most unimpressed look known to mankind. “This is a promise ring,” she says bluntly, the bustling sounds of the coffee shop around you the soundtrack to your sudden realization. 
“No,” you deny, even though you know she’s right. “It’s an engagement ring.”
Doyeon rolls her eyes. “Babe,” she starts slowly, talks to you like you’re a dorky high schooler with her first boyfriend, “did he ask you to marry him?”
The truth is, the timing had been weird. It had been a few days after you’d rocked Jungkook’s world so you understand if he felt the sudden need to pop the question. But you were also sick as fuck that day, had only vaguely remembered the events because you were too busy with the snot up your nose and the raging fever you were battling. Had Jungkook asked you to marry him? 
You’re not so sure. 
It’s been a little over a month since then, and sure his lack of proactive wedding planning was a little weird, but you had always assumed Jungkook was one of those people who liked long engagements. Liked to drag out the last few months as a bachelor. Maybe he was waiting until you were both financially stable or something, who knows. 
Doyeon had been on some soul-searching journey around the country, so she hadn't been home for a while, had only heard of the ring through a two-second snapchat. This is the first time she’s seeing you and it in person; you can tell by the expression on her face that she’s rightfully disappointed. 
“Have you no shame, woman?” she tuts, arms crossed over her chest. “You have me parading around the world bragging about your engagement— just for this?”
You knock your forehead against the table, know it’s dirty and icky, but you deserve it. “Listen,” you huff. “I’ve only seen The Notebook, like, once.”
She scoffs. “I can tell. This is so embarrassing, don’t tell me you’ve brought it up to him?”
At her words you startle, nearly send the drinks flying across the floor. “No!” you shout, mindlessly reaching to twist the ring around your finger. It’s become a habit these past few weeks, a comfort to feel it around you. Granted, the feeling is a little muted now. “Of course he’d get me a promise ring,” you grumble, gaze flickering down to the silver band on your ring finger. “Jungkook loves all that cheesy corny stuff.” He really did. 
You’ve had enough of Doyeon’s disappointment, decide this coffee date has brought you enough three am anxiety material for the next year and a half. You conclude your date by taking a walk around town, arms locked together as you laugh at people who pass by because you’re both a little mean. 
“Maybe it’s for the best,” she says, and you agree. Well, a promise ring certainly meant something. It was, essentially, a pre-engagement ring. And the engagement ring that followed was a pre-wedding ring. And a wedding ring was, well, a wedding ring. Your heartbeat thunders at the thought. “You’re busy right now anyway,” she points out, snapping you out of your bumbling thoughts. “Aren’t you getting promoted at work soon?” 
Oh, you certainly were getting promoted at work. After many grueling months of hard work and dedication, the fruits of your labor were finally being recognized. Gone were the days of useless desk work, intern-like errands that barely required the use of any higher-order brain functions. You had worked hard these past few months, proved your worth over and over again, until you were here. Getting promoted into a new branch at your company— one where your talents were actually needed. And truth be told, there was one man to thank for that. 
Your friend and superior, Kim Seokjin. 
Seokjin is a great boss. In fact, you could argue he’s the best in the entire world and that, if it wasn’t for him, you would have quit this job that first month you started. But you had him to push you along, friendly smiles and encouragements that kept you going until this point, where you’re being promoted up into a branch where your degree finally matters. And it was all thanks to him! What Kim Namjoon was to Jungkook, Kim Seokjin was to you. 
So what if he cheated on his wife and flirted with the secretaries— Seokjin was practically a god in your eyes. 
And what Seokjin did in his free time was frankly none of your business anyway. You were colleagues at work, got along fairly well, but outside of work you were practically strangers. He was your beloved work colleague, someone Jungkook teased you about endlessly despite never having met him, and you were immensely thankful for him. “Should I be scared he’ll steal you from me?” Jungkook had joked one night, standing behind you as you scrolled through your company profile page. “He is a little handsome.”
You had pinched his side, smiling at his feigned concern when he pressed his lips to your temple. “You’re right,” you had joked back, “he is sooo cool.” And Jungkook had bitten you on the shoulder, laughed that pretty laugh when you yelped in surprise. 
Anyway, Kim Seokjin was a god, Jungkook was on his way to maybe, hopefully, one day, being your husband, and all was well. 
To honor this moment in time, you decide to swing by Jungkook’s place after your date with Doyeon, finding him lazily sprawled across his living room couch while What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? plays on the Jumbotron. He’s in between projects right now, so he’s spent most of his time relaxing and catching up on all his favorite shows. 
Which brings you back to that deliberating character flaw of yours: no knowledge of the romantic genre to utilize in your everyday life. Your love language has always been blunt words, teasing jabs, the raw and unfiltered type of love. Emotions? Impossible to figure out. You’ve gotten pretty far in life reading verbal and physical cues; with Jungkook, you always know he’s upset when he does the little tongue-against-cheek thing, and it has saved you from many potential arguments. 
On the other hand, it is so obvious what Jungkook’s love language is when he spends fifty percent of his time on Viki, home to some of the most cheesy kdramas in existence. Most guys spend their weekends watching sports or dramatic action movies, but here was Jungkook. Watching some guy try to court his secretary. 
(Okay, he does watch sports and action movies too, but that’s not the point!)
“Hello, sweet boy,” you greet, plopping down beside him. Jungkook smiles back softly. He’s serving absolute pre-pre-husband deliciousness right now, cute glasses, fluffy curls, plaid bottoms that make him look so comfy. God, you were going to suck his dick tonight. 
Jungkook slots his mouth against yours, tastes like the chocolate cake you specifically told him not to eat without you. He blindsides you before you can scold him, pulls you onto his lap where the swell of his cock nudges against your thigh. Oh, you were definitely going to suck his dick and ride him well into the sunrise. 
“What’s my pretty girl doing here tonight?” he asks, cutely looping his fingers through yours. “Thought you were with the Wicked Witch of the West today?”
You roll your eyes, reposition yourself in a laughable attempt at pretending like you’re actually interested in the show. “We just went out for lunch,” you explain, watching the hot lead saunter across the screen. Juicy ass, but nothing compared to Jungkook’s. 
There’s a question lingering on the tip of your tongue, Doyeon’s explanations mixed with your worries, and you hold it for exactly ten seconds before you’re turning to face him head on, eyes going a little crossed from how close he is. “Hey,” you say bluntly. “Is this a promise ring?” you ask, wiggle your finger in his face. 
Jungkook blinks, once, twice, and then his face shoots up in flames. “Maybe,” he mumbles, lips pursed as he tries to avoid your gaze. He was adorable. You laugh, endeared by the red flush that crawls over his cute little cheeks and up his ears. Unable to stop yourself, you squeeze said cheeks between your hands, cooing at the annoyed expression that consumes him soon afterwards.  
“Aw, you want to marry me,” you tease, but it’s secretly a leading question for him to confess that yes, he does want to marry you. For as hot and confident as you are, you too are plagued with doubts. Doubts that can only be smoothed over by hearing it straight from Jungkook’s mouth. 
He rolls his eyes, trying to break free from your hold. “We’ve talked about this,” he murmurs, all embarrassed. But like always, Jungkook knows exactly what you want so he doesn’t deny it, and that’s good enough for you. He’s too flustered to look you in the eye now, childishly craning his head away from you when you try to force him into a staring contest. “Can I finish my show?” he whines, slightly not as hard now that you’ve reduced him into a shy, bumbling mess. It was a nice change of pace from his usual, composed self. 
But you relent, sliding off his lap to sit against his side, classic octopus hug around his waist. The episode is in full swing, not that you know anything about it. Like you said, romantic shows and movies were the least of your concerns. Jungkook, however, eats this type of shit up. “He still trying to fuck her?” you ask, not the least bit interested, but if you’re planning on sucking his dick tonight you have to listen to a few minutes of him rambling first. 
Jungkook sighs. “Yeah,” he says, “I don’t get it.” You hum, trail your hand over his abdomen teasingly. He feels so warm and lean beneath your palm, you were getting hot just thinking about it. “Why would anyone agree to dating their boss?”
You know that Jungkook’s boss is some old Facebook fart, pioneer of something on the site that neither of you two care about. So it makes sense that such a notion disturbs him. You shrug anyway. “Everyone wants to sleep with their hot boss,” you offer. “It’s like, the power dynamic, I guess.”
His frown deepens. “Would you?” Your boss isn’t exactly an old fart; the reason Kim Seokjin was such a renowned playboy is because, well, he had the looks to pull it off. Still, he had become a sort of respectable figure to you and the idea of sleeping with him doesn’t really sound appealing as much as it would to any other random bachelorette, which you admittedly were not. You glance at the screen, where Park Seojoon swaggers around in those tight slacks and fitted button-ups. 
“Hm,” you ponder, “maybe.” 
Jungkook laughs. “You’re supposed to say no, you idiot,” he says, knocks his forehead against yours softly. You can’t help but chuckle too, enamored with the happy glint in his eyes and the way his smile eats up his features. 
Oh, you loved this man. 
Tumblr media
Because he was so sweet and good on Christmas, you let Jungkook make the plans for Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s his favorite holiday (“Why? Well, because it’s a day all about you, and me, and us,” he had sighed dreamily in the bathtub one night, hair adorably pushed back to showcase that handsome face of his. Bubbles clung to his chest, had made you dizzy with every breath he took.), so it’s only right that he gets to make the itinerary for the day, fill it with all his favorite things. After all, cheesy romantic stuff like this was right up his lane. 
He reserves a spot at the fanciest restaurant in the city, the one that has a months long waiting list. It sounds perfect, and the closer it gets to February 13th, the more excited you become. You say 13th because the 14th is a Sunday, and as much as you would love to get on your knees and praise Jungkook’s body until the wee hours of the next day, you have work. So Sunday is off the table. And it’s better this way, you tell yourself. Everywhere would have been packed that day anyway. 
It seems like everywhere you go, the entire world is gearing up for the holiday; from the fast food drive-thru to your favorite lingerie shop, there’s Valentine’s Day specials everywhere you look. Just like in those Viki dramas Jungkook likes, the world around you is enveloped in shades of pink and red, kisses and hearts, so many goddamn roses it makes you sneeze. It’s absolutely perfect— nothing could possibly go wrong when there’s so much love in the air. 
But what good is a lovey-dovey holiday without your own lovey dove himself? 
One glance out your window and your knees feel weak, because there he is. Dressed in a loose satin button up, shoulders broad, chest defined. He’s got on these fitted dress pants that accentuate his tiny waist too, thick thighs bulging beneath the fabric. There’s a coat hugging his frame, something to shield him from the cold while he waits out on the curb, does this cute little shivering dance in an attempt to warm up his muscles. Your heart feels like it’ll explode at the sight, and you can practically hear the corny, overused romantic song playing in the background of your thoughts, so you hurriedly distract yourself by slipping tonight’s dress on. 
It’s cold outside, but the sight of Jungkook makes you feel warm and fuzzy everywhere. He’s so hot it makes you dizzy, and the sap knows it when he meets you on the sidewalk. Instinctively, his hand reaches out to tangle with yours, the other slipping around your waist. “Hi, gorgeous,” he greets playfully, kissing your knuckles. His hair has grown out a little, curls up cutely when he lets it air dry and tickles your skin when he gets too close. “Lookin’ like Secretary Kim.” 
“Oh? So does that make you my hot boss?” you tease as you make your way to the car. 
As always, he opens the door for you first, flashes you this dorky little wink as he rounds the front of the car. “If it means you’ll sleep with me tonight, then sure,” he says, buckling himself in. You roll your eyes at his claim. You don’t get to see the proud little smile on his face; by the time you’ve composed yourself, he’s already pulling off in the direction of the restaurant. 
It’s a classy thing, a restaurant and bar in some insanely tall skyscraper. Of course your seats are right beside one of the huge floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the beautiful, glittering cityscape. “Fancy,” you murmur as you sit down, catching a glimpse of the eye roll Jungkook gives you. 
“You say that about any place that serves wine,” he chuckles, reaching for the bottle on the table to pour you a glass. 
The wine tastes like perfection, aged for the perfect amount of time. Whatever that was. You don’t really know, but it tastes amazing! Still, amazement aside, you manage a scoff. “I didn’t say that about your house on our first date,” you huff anyway, throwing him a playful glare over the rim of your glass. 
Jungkook laughs, full and real this time. It’s a little too loud for the classy establishment you find yourselves in, drowns out the jazz music for a second. “That’s because it was a house,” he says, wearing that big, shiny smile you adore, “and we were watching Transformers.” An amazing date, the mere memory of it makes your toes curl. He had been so dreamy— nearly two years ago now! —and had retained that aura up to the present day. You don’t think you’ve ever been so in love with anyone or anything in this world before, as cheesy as it was to admit. 
As if sensing your sudden wandering thoughts, Jungkook nudges your ankle under the table. “Hey,” he says so softly you could melt; his voice was so silky and sweet. “Everything okay?” he asks. 
A sigh, chin in your palm. You had to have been abducted by aliens or something— there was no way this was your life, this disgustingly romantic date with this disgustingly handsome man. An episode of Black Mirror maybe? One where you get forced to live in a romantic Viki drama with the man you love, every single day for the rest of your life? Maybe. 
Dramatics aside, you could practically feel that sticky sweet, sentimental monster begging to crawl to the surface, unleash the entire Shakespearean collection of lovesick sonnets on your unsuspecting boyfriend in the middle of this restaurant. But the weird ones, were you accidentally dedicate an entire six lines to the bulge of Jungkook’s thighs in his workout pants or the heart-shaped mole on his shoulder. Those kind. Before that can happen, you settle on an equally as gentle, “I love you,” murmured for only him to hear. 
Across the table, Jungkook smiles. One of those thin ones when he’s trying to keep his composure but is actually quite flustered, his subtle bunny teeth nibbling at his lower lip. “Thanks,” he responds, still trying to play it cool, but then he almost knocks his glass down and you’re reminded just how perfect he was, flaws and all. “Me too.”
You jab the pointed tip of your stiletto against his shin. “Say it back,” you warn and he laughs. 
“I love you,” Jungkook says like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Straight out of a romantic drama, like the ones on Viki that require a minimum of four different story arcs just to get to this point. But with Jungkook, it takes a few shy smiles and maybe a kiss. It has a scorching heat rising on your cheeks, one you ward away with a hurried sip of your drink while Jungkook reaches for your hand, thumb rubbing over your promise ring as if for good luck. 
That singular phrase makes your world pause, its axis stalling while you deal with the overwhelmingly soft and gooey feelings in your chest. Oh jeez, you had to rock his world tonight. It was only right. He deserved it for making you feel like this— this silly and ditzy, like a middle schooler with her crush. 
Anyway the food gets to your table after a millennia. Jungkook orders some fancy lobster dish, one that you're pretty sure costs more than the purse you brought along tonight (to be fair, you’re a cheap buyer), and still has the audacity to poke around at your plate too. He eats enough to feed a schoolhouse full of children who’ve just come off recess, practically devouring the table cloth before you stop him. And then he doesn’t let you see the bill; “baby, don’t worry about that when you’re with me,” he purrs, warm breath fanning against the skin on your neck, drunk off pure love and strawberry lemonade because he was driving tonight. The hostess is a blushing mess, fumbling for his change as Jungkook practically gropes your ass in plain sight.
You swear he’s spending too much time on that Viki streaming service, because then, as if the romantic dinner date wasn’t enough, he whisks you off to an even more romantic walk along the river. 
If there was ever a world record for “Number of Times you can Make your Girlfriend Swoon,” you’re positive Jungkook had broken it in the span of a few hours. You feel so light-headed and in love by the time you reach the river. 
“You know,” you tell him as you walk, the serene sounds of the flowing water beside you the soundtrack to your date. Jungkook swings your joined hands between the two of you. It’s chilly but you’re so full and happy that you don’t let it bother you. “I was gonna throw wine at you when we first met.”
He cackles, that loud, airy sound again that he only lets you hear, with his head thrown back. “What?” he gasps, smiley and pretty, your pretty boy. “And why were you going to do that?”
You huff, feeling slightly embarrassed now to admit such a thing. But aside from Doyeon, no one else has ever heard this classified tale. And well, you’re feeling extra emotional tonight. An abundance of emotions in one night usually ended with you crying like a little bitch at some point or another, so you’re trying to push that off for later. “Because,” you sigh, squeezing his fingers, your lone promise ring versus his assortment of fashionable rings. “You sounded like an absolute fuck boy when you first texted me!” 
Jungkook scoffs, playfully scandalized. “Me?” he squawks, pausing to stand in front of you with wide eyes and a ridiculously huge smile, the kind that has his brows raised high, lips going thin, practically displaying every tooth in his mouth from how wide it is. 
“Jungkook,” you say calmly, shoving one finger against his chest. “You asked me to Netflix & chill for our first date.” 
He groans, using your entwined hands to pull you into his arms for a suffocating hug. “I already told you,” he laughs, patting the back of your head while you get in a few lighthearted punches against his sides. “I didn’t know what it meant.” 
“Whatever, you sleaze,” you say anyway, eventually melting into his hands. “Bet you tell all the girls that.” Jungkook makes another scandalized noise, but settles when you wrap your hands around him. He smells so good and familiar, comforting even. Like home and safety, a refuge for your heart. When you’re this close, you can hear the light beating of it beneath your ear, a steady rhythm that has you closing your eyes when he begins humming your favorite song. 
He gets about two verses in when your phone suddenly goes off. 
Everything in your body says to ignore it, to continue basking in the comfort of your boyfriend’s embrace and this absolutely perfect moment. But it’s the stupid ringtone you set for all your work peers when you first loaded the entire company contact list onto your phone, so the sound alone lets you know it’s a work-related call. And for work to be calling you on a weekend was definitely not a good sign. 
“Give me a sec,” you tell Jungkook, pulling away from his arms. He frowns but lets you go, staying close as you dig through your purse for the offending device. 
It’s Kim Seokjin calling at this peculiar hour, a fact that confuses the hell out of you. Jungkook’s bouncing on his heels in an attempt to fight off the chill, giving you his beautiful side profile as he glances down the winding sidewalk that follows the river, and then at his watch. His nose is a cute red color that you want to kiss so bad. But work calls, so you tighten up and let that dream go for now. You swipe your thumb across the screen. 
“Hello, Mr. Kim,” you greet, trying to keep the confusion out of your voice. “How can I help—“
“__, my love,” he beams through the phone, so fucking loud it has Jungkook glancing over curiously. You give him a tight-lipped smile, one he returns as he shuffles closer, trying to steal your warmth like a penguin. You let him snuggle close before turning back to the droning voice of your superior on the line. 
“Hello,” you repeat again, slowly. Jungkook takes your free hand in his; when he squeezes, the band of your promise ring digs into your skin just the slightest. “Was something the matter?” 
Seokjin laughs, loud and clear. There’s a lot of other noises filtering in through his line. Briefly, you remember that there had been some work-related party for the higher ups tonight so you write it off as that. “Does there need to be a problem for me to call you, love?” 
You falter. Beside you, Jungkook’s brows furrow together, his devilishly handsome features even more pronounced. He’s obviously heard the other man on the line. “Um,” you flounder for a second, “well, usually yes.” 
Without missing a beat, Seokjin carries on with a playful tut that you’re almost certain has him lifting the receiver up to his mouth, because it’s so goddamn loud it has you flinching away from your own device. “My __,” he says, sweet and… slurred? 
He’s never used this tone of voice on you, only on other women at the office. Something about his broken marriage and needing to heal a wound, you don’t fucking know. You can’t even begin to truly understand that logic, which is why you’ve always just ignored it. Still, in the last few months of knowing Seokjin, he has never made a pass at you. Until now, that is. And until now, you had kind of convinced yourself he saw you in a sisterly way. Which sure, was worse than being friendzoned. But this was your boss you were talking about. Whether you got sister-zoned or not by him was the least of your concerns. So what was going on? What had changed over the span of a few days that had him suddenly reaching out to you on a weekend? 
Beside you, Jungkook doesn’t look the slightest bit impressed, tongue prodding against his cheek as Seokjin rambles on the line. You wish you had lowered the volume before answering, but doing so now would appear suspicious, even you could admit that. “You’re amazing, you know that?” Seokjin praises. You nod, remember he can’t see you, and settle on a blunt thanks instead. Jin laughs. “You’re different from the rest,” he hums, voice soft and weirdly intimate. 
Jungkook’s frown deepens. “What does he want?” he murmurs, somehow managing to keep his voice calm as always. The deep furrow of his brows and the tongue-against-cheek motion he had done just a few seconds ago all indicate he’s annoyed, that much you can tell. 
You shrug, eyes wide as you hurry to get to the reason for the phone call. You’re almost certain it’s just Seokjin being drunk— many people drunkenly dial their friends and family to tell them how much they’re appreciated, this wasn’t anything weird! 
Is what you try to convince yourself, but then Seokjin’s voice is dropping an octave by your ear. “Did you get my gift?” he murmurs, voice nearly drowned out by the sounds of the event he’s at. 
“Huh?” you stammer, quite stupidly if you do say so yourself. Jungkook shifts closer, obviously trying to hear. A breeze ruffles his hair, his cologne wafting over you. “What?” 
A sigh over the line. “My gift, love,” Kim Seokjin says, loud and proud. Jungkook exhales, hard. “I had it sent to your house this evening. Something pretty for a pretty girl— don’t tell me the postman fucked that up,” he jokes and Jungkook huffs, practically breathing fire through his nose when he hears the words. 
You fidget. There had been no gift when Jungkook picked you up around sunset, not like you had expected anything to begin with. And aside from Jungkook and maybe your parents, there was no one else on this planet you wanted to receive a Valentine’s Day gift from anyway, especially not from your boss of all people. “Um,” you mumble, acutely aware of the way Jungkook’s face is nearly pressed to yours now in his effort to listen in on your phone call. “I— um, haven’t been home, Seokjin.”
Jungkook scoffs, spits out a particularly unimpressed, “Seokjin?” 
Said man doesn’t hear. “Oh, of course,” he says, almost sullenly. “I forgot you had that little boyfriend to entertain tonight.” 
It’s the breaking point for Jungkook, who leans back to glare at the phone with the heat of a thousand suns. You press it against your chest before he can hear anything else. “I’m sorry,” you rush out in a hurried whisper, eyes flickering over his face, trying to gauge the intensity of his emotions. “I think he’s drunk— he’s never said things to me like this before,” you stammer, feeling like you have to defend yourself for some reason. “I’ll- I’ll take care of it, okay?” No answer, just an aggravated shake of his head, like he’s trying to calm himself down. “Jungkook?” you say, can feel the panic begin to lace your voice when his eyes flutter shut. 
He calms your worries with a gentle head butt that has you gasping in surprise, one hard exhale fanning over you. “Okay,” he says, teeth clenched. “I’m gonna go sit.” And then he stiffly walks over to one of the many benches lining the pathway. He sits, just like he had said he would, and glares down at his hands instead. 
The sight makes you anxious, unsure of how to diffuse the situation because, like you’ve said many times before, dealing with emotions— especially someone else’s emotions —was hard. Your eyes refuse to leave his figure as you draw the phone back up to your ear again. “Hello?” you call, voice trembling when Jungkook finally looks your way. The soft look he had given you all night is nowhere to be found, replaced with this rather unreadable expression. Something between annoyance and confusion if you had to guess. You don’t know, and the fact you don’t know makes you panic. Your chest feels tight when Seokjin begins speaking again. 
“You know,” he says, “you’re quite something, __. Strong, confident. Beautiful.” Had you been anyone else, you might have been flattered by Kim Seokjin’s remarks, maybe would have swooned. He was, objectively speaking, a handsome man with a hefty bank account. 
But if that was the criteria for a man to make you swoon, then the man on the bench in front of you checked all the same boxes three times over. The man who’s brows draw closer and closer together the longer you linger on the phone. Jungkook’s foot does one agonizing tap against the concrete and you find yourself stammering into the phone. “I think you’re drunk, Jin.”
A scoff. “I am,” he agrees, and doesn't even bother to hide it. “But you remind me of her, you know that? I like that.”
It’s like he knows something is going on on the line, because Jungkook visibly bristles when you sidestep in surprise. What was going on, your brain screams. Having your superior compare you to his infidel wife was definitely not something you saw coming tonight. “Uh, okay?” you say, “listen, Seokjin— Mr. Kim, I’m... I have a boyfriend. And I really lov—“
He cuts you off. Jungkook bristles at the sudden stop of your sentence. “Yeah, yeah,” Seokjin drawls, and you can feel the sheer terror of accidentally jeopardizing your relationship with Jungkook step aside for the briefest moment to allow some annoyance to seep through. Annoyed with Seokjin and his audacity, his tone, his voice. “Mrs. Kim used to say that about me,” he chuckles humorlessly, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” A long pause. You’re unsure of how to respond. “It’s not real,” Seokjin says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world. “Love, that is.”
You clench your jaw, gathering your thoughts to respond when Seokjin beats you to it. “But you know what, love?” You don’t respond. Seokjin pushes on anyway. “Someone’s gonna cheat sooner or later— why not beat him to it?” 
Your body reacts first, a startled gasp inhaled through your lips at his disrespectful preposition. Your phone slips out of your grasp. It bounces twice, lands on the ledge that gives way to the river, and you almost kick it in when Jungkook comes up behind you. “Hey, hey,” he says sternly, tugging you away from the phone you almost killed. “What’s wrong— what did he say?”
You exhale, face warm from the discomfort sitting heavy in your chest. “Nothing,” you huff, mind slightly foggy as you try to process that awkward conversation. “It’s— it was stupid,” you spit, pressing the heels of your palms against your temples, the raging anger and confusion making your head pound now. 
You had always known Kim Seokjin wasn’t the most faithful man, that the infidelity ran both ways in his relationship. But you had never imagined he would ever compare you to her, his cheating wife, in an attempt to win you over. Furthermore, you’re downright disturbed by the fact he would even try to hit on you after all the mentoring he’d given you, all the polite smiles he’d flashed you, all the praise you had bestowed upon him to Jungkook. 
Jungkook, whose jaw twitches as his hands graze your forearms. When you look at him again, you feel an immense wave of remorse wash over you at the way his own irritation is clouded by his worry for you. He had been wronged as well— disrespected just like you —but here he was, pushing his own emotions aside for your sake. He doesn’t want to see you upset. He was so good at dealing with your emotions, knew just what to do when things became too much. 
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, lips pursed together. “I don’t know why— he’s never— I wouldn’t do that,” you settle on, voice wobbling when Jungkook’s jaw clenches. “Jungkook,” you frown, reaching for his hands, “I wouldn’t—“ 
He shushes you with another one of those gentle forehead bumps. “Calm down,” he says, voice deeper than usual. “I know you wouldn’t.” 
Weirdly, it feels like you’ve committed a grave sin against your boyfriend. A crime. “I’m sorry,” you blubber anyway, heart thundering in your chest. “That was horrible,” you huff, desperately blinking away the stinging sensation behind your eyes. “You didn’t deserve to hear that.”
“Don’t cry,” Jungkook says, so soft and comforting; stable. You want his composure, his ability to process and understand things so quickly— his maturity. Sure he had been put off by Seokjin, but he had processed it all so quickly; adapted to the situation and stepped in to save you. Meanwhile, you nearly committed cellular murder because you couldn’t handle yourself. “He’s a weirdo,” he says, for both your sakes. “You didn’t do anything wrong, sweetheart.” 
Still, you sniffle. “I’m sorry,” you say again, the heavy feeling in your chest lightening just a little bit when he pulls you into his arms. 
“Crybaby,” he teases softly, a kiss on the crown of your head. You pinch his side. “Second phone you broke in a year.”
The mood for the riverwalk is off after that, and you only walk a few more meters before Jungkook decides it’s enough. “We can still enjoy ourselves at home,” he reassures you, and the way he tries to salvage that soft, fuzzy feeling from before is admirable. So Jungkook takes you home, holds your hand the whole drive back to your place, like he knows you’re still fragile from that extremely uncomfortable interaction, need him to hold you together. Jungkook’s emotional stability guards you like a shield, covers you in a wave of comfort as you calm down. You tell him about Seokjin’s preposition and he bristles. “Prick,” he murmurs beneath his breath, grip tightening just the tiniest bit. Your ring pinches against your skin a little painfully, but you say nothing. 
There’s a box of flowers on your doorstep when you arrive, one that makes Jungkook pause at the sight. “Wonderful,” he drones, picking it up for you as you unlock the front door. It gets left on the coffee table, practically mocking the two of you as you remove your shoes and coats. “That’s your favorite flower,” Jungkook notes. 
You glance at the expensive bouquet. “It is.” 
Jungkook drops down onto your couch, eyes flickering to the meticulous arrangement in front of him. “You told him?” Not really. But back when you had thought Jungkook and you were engaged (read: last week), you had spent days looking at different floral shops that specialized in this flower, frequently leaving the tab open on your work computer. Seokjin must have seen it then. At your extended silence, Jungkook says, “nice.”
You frown, setting your heels on the shoe rack. “Baby, I didn’t,” you tell him softly, reaching for the zip on the back of your dress. It comes down, and after clearing your hips, it falls to the floor in a dark heap you pick up quickly. It leaves you scantily clad in a black lingerie set. Meanwhile, Jungkook drops his head back, glaring at your ceiling. Tentatively, you step over to him, toying with the fabric of your dress in your hands. “You said it was okay.”
“I know,” he sighs, an unexpected confession from him that makes you pause. Despite all you’ve been through, he still rarely highlighted situations that upset him. “It’s just,” he says, turning his head to look at your form again, eyes not drinking you in like you hoped he would. “It’s scary.”
The couch cushion dips beneath your weight when you settle beside him. “What is?”
Jungkook shrugs, avoiding your question by reaching for the TV remote on the coffee table, right beside the box of flowers Seokjin had sent. He opens up the Viki app in a flash— the one linked to his account —and has even loaded up the next episode of Secretary Kim when you question him again. “What’s scary, Jungkook?” you repeat. 
On screen, there’s a beautiful scene on a bridge, the two leads happily conversing. It’s serene, something neither you nor Jungkook feel at the moment. 
Eventually, he says, “you could leave.”
You pause. “What do you mean?” Leave? Where on earth would you leave to when this was your home? He doesn’t meet your gaze. 
Another scene passes by on screen, some cheesy line and an even cheesier promise. Jungkook’s foot taps against the floor, the sound dull against the plush rug beneath you. It’s a nervous tick you’ve only seen him do at the height of truly stressful situations. Weird because just half an hour before you had dubbed him as the epitome of calm and collected at the river. 
“I thought he was cool before.” 
He did. But the word ‘cool’ didn’t always have the same meaning for Jungkook as it did for you. 
In the past, Jungkook had frequently joked about having to meet Kim Seokjin and thank him for all the help he’s given you at work. After all, up until now, you had only ever had good things to say about the man, raving about his cool demeanor and respectable work ethics. Now, the memories paired with the conversation from earlier leave a bad taste in your mouth. 
You’re a little confused with Jungkook right now; part of you had convinced yourself that whatever happened on the phone earlier with Seokjin was put behind you, marked off as an anomaly in the evening. After all, Jungkook himself had said it was okay. Park Seojoon appears on screen, and you can’t help but glare at the character, residue emotions from the river pushed off onto this innocent actor. 
Still, Jungkook surprises you. “It’s just that—“ he sighs. And then, “what if you leave?” 
You blink, eyes trained on his side profile and the way he’s nervously chewing through his bottom lip until it tints a red shade, gives way to sensitive skin when he bites too hard. “Why would I leave?” 
He says nothing. On screen, Park Seojoon says something so cheesy and romantic that it would have otherwise made you cringe, made Jungkook soft. But he’s stiff as a board beside you instead. You almost think he’s going to disregard the entire conversation when he finally speaks again. “Well.” You perk up at the sound of his voice, overly aware of the way he’s started picking at the skin around his thumb again, another nasty habit you’ve been trying to help him get over. “He’s cool. Rich.”
“And so are you,” you offer, covering his hand with your own. 
Jungkook ignores you, releasing a long, shaky exhale. Somehow, he’s exuding a similar energy as before; discontentment mixed with understanding. Like he’s greatly conflicted but forcing himself to remain calm. Another trembling inhale, and then Jungkook quietly recites, “everyone wants to sleep with their hot boss.” 
You recoil just the slightest, brows pinched together at the absurd conclusion he’s drawn. “Baby, that was just a silly conversation,” you say slowly, slipping your hand into his. He squeezes so tight you’re afraid he’ll break your bones. “And we were joking—“
“I know!” he exclaims, enveloping your significantly smaller hand in both of his before bringing them up to his face, lips pressed against your knuckles. It’s not a kiss, more so a desperate need to feel you against him. Eyes wide, you can’t do anything but watch as that collected exterior slips away, revealing a whirlwind mess of emotions. It’s a rather unexpected show from Jungkook. “It was a joke. We were joking. But I’m—“ his jaw clenches. His voice is so tiny when he speaks again. “I get scared sometimes, __.” 
His emotional outburst renders you speechless, watching as he squeezes his eyes shut, jaw clenching, hands trembling. 
It’s a stark image change from the cool Jungkook that had comforted you at the river, had patted the back of your head when you had been so distraught. His chest heaves for air and you don’t know what to do; it’s always the other way around, him comforting you, that when it comes down to this you find yourself at a loss. It makes you feel like you don’t know enough about yourself or him or your relationship in general to help him, always so lost when things like this happen. 
Jungkook has never been good at expressing negative emotions, always preferring to bottle them up and only show you his very best side. Granted, he’s been getting better at letting go lately, has whispered his doubts to you in the dead of night after a particularly grueling project, an uncomfortable social meeting. But he always waits until you’re half asleep and in the dark to tell you how he feels, hushed worries that you barely remember the next morning. And by then, Jungkook’s moved on from them anyway, flashes you a pretty smile and purposefully guides you away from that conversation. You know he’s started keeping a journal recently, but aside from seeing the blanks pages when he’d first gotten, you don’t have a clue what happened afterwards. It’s probably hidden away somewhere, his feelings locked up in a cupboard or a box, the secrets it holds never to be spoken of aloud. 
He doesn’t like talking about his more personal problems, hoards them until you’re forced to intervene. Find him slumped over at his dining table with bags under his eyes, the skin on his lower lip bitten beyond belief. 
Rarely does he sit down and express himself like this, lays his heart out carefully for you to see. Had he not said so right now, you would have never known Jungkook struggled with such doubts about you and your relationship. 
(It makes your heart ache at the realization.) 
Jungkook always acts like everything is okay, always forces himself to hold it together for the sake of you and, quite frankly, everyone else. He’s there when Taehyung breaks up with his girlfriends, pats him on the back and lets him run through every video game he has on his PS5. He’s there for Namjoon when his thesis becomes too much, proofreads it even though he doesn’t understand a word just for the sake of giving his best friend another perspective. Hell, he had even been there for Doyeon when her new landlord had tried to overcharge her, had carried the bulk of your argument when you ran off to try and fight with the old man. 
(“He’s too nice sometimes,” she had murmured the next morning at her place. After the shouting match the night before, you had crashed with Doyeon on her new bed, your sweet boyfriend taking up her couch. Somehow, you and Jungkook had managed to knock a clean seventy-five bucks off her monthly bill. It wasn’t much, but for an apartment in the city it sure felt like a lot. 
You had hummed, patting the top of his head on the way to the kitchen. “He’s a good boy,” you had said, heart thrumming when he instinctively pushed closer to your hand, nuzzling into you even in his sleep. “He cares about everyone a lot. Worries to death about his friends.”
The state of their relationship was weird; they were always fighting about one thing or another, ‘eternal enemies’ as Doyeon liked to claim. 
But for the first time, she hadn’t denied they were, in fact, friends. Instead, she had quietly stood at the breakfast nook overlooking the living room with a somber look on her face that was completely unlike the Doyeon you knew. She didn’t respond with her usual backhanded compliments, didn’t even call him a gremlin either. 
“He even worries about you, Miss Wicked Witch of the West,” you had teased, reaching over to pull Jungkook’s shirt down where it had ridden up, exposing his cute belly button to the cold apartment. She had sipped at her mug of coffee, eyes foggy and distant. “It just takes him a while.” 
“He’s always cared about you though,” she had murmured then, and you had marked it off as her being half asleep. But Doyeon had given you this look, a look so profoundly wise, as if she was saying, “more than you’ll ever know.”) 
Most importantly, Jungkook is always there for you. He holds you in his arms, strokes your back comfortingly whenever something goes wrong. Listens to your concerns and offers you advice, learns new things for the sole purpose of helping you out. Lets you make stupid decisions and always saves you at the last minute. And you want to repay him for all that, want to look after Jungkook like he does for everyone else. But it’s hard, it’s so fucking hard, when he doesn’t let you in, when he holds his emotions at bay for the sake of protecting yours. When you don’t even know where to start sometimes. 
The beating of your heart is accompanied by a dramatic orchestral ensemble on screen, violins and flutes as the two lovers reconcile some issue with a kiss. Beside you, your own lover is one second away from falling apart. “Hey,” you say quietly, slipping your hand out of his to hesitantly place on his back instead. With your release, Jungkook uses his empty hands to drag over his face, hide himself from you. “I’m not going to leave you, Jungkook,” you try and comfort, “I love you.” 
He shakes his head, dark locks bouncing around. “I know, I know,” he sighs, but it doesn’t sound like he believes you. It sounds like he’s forcing himself into composure again, jaw flexing as he shakes his head. “But— what if—” another aggravated huff, his thighs jumping anxiously. “You’ll get bored.” Not a question, but a statement. 
“Of you?” you ask anyway. He nods. “I won’t.”
He sits up so suddenly you have to move away to avoid bumping into him. “You will,” he urges, finally looking at you, distress painted over every inch of his face. “That guy, that Seokjin, he sounds more interesting than me. He sounds cool and put together, like the world is his oyster and,” he rubs the heels of his hands against his eyes. “You talk about him sometimes and... and you call him a god, __,” he stresses, doesn’t leave room for you to object. “And I know you’re joking, but—“ a sharp inhale, and then, quietly, “everyone gets bored of me, __.” 
Your frown deepens. “But I won’t,” you argue, confident in your claim, shifting onto your knees beside him. Your dress is thrown over the armrest of the couch, and the draft in your apartment makes goosebumps rise on your bare flesh. “You’re not boring, Jungkook,” you tell him, voice softening when his features pinch up, nose wrinkling as he wards off the stinging behind his eyes. 
It’s teenage trauma. Jungkook had told you at least that much before, this crippling sense of loneliness and an inferiority complex that hindered him during an influential growth period of his life. It’s why he’s so quiet when he has so much to say, why he brings you along to every party he gets invited to; he’s never felt like he was enough by himself. 
Sometimes, it leaks into his confessions. “I don’t deserve you,” he says frequently, but some days you want to hot glue him to a chair and force him to listen to every reason why he does and always will deserve you or anyone for that matter. “You make me better,” he claims, but he does that all on his own, lights up the world with his smile alone. 
He’s gotten better, that much you’ve learned from Namjoon and Taehyung. And even you’ve noticed it on your own, watched as he animatedly talked with his friends and his coworkers, drew people naturally to him with his warm aura. 
Even still, there’s moments where he relapses. Moments like this. 
“I’m sorry,” he murmurs beside you, “I know I’m a handful—“
“You’re not,” you interrupt, cupping his soft cheek in your hand, turning him to face you. Jungkook leans into the touch, and your heart breaks in half when a tear escapes over his waterline, pretty eyes brimming with tears. “You’re not a handful, Jungkook,” you tell him, shuffling closer until you can press your forehead against his. The truth is, you don’t know how to comfort him, but this is how he’s always comforted you; it feels nice when he does it for you. “You’re just enough,” you say, voice soft because it feels like your precious boy is about to fall apart in your arms, his shallow breaths rivaling the volume of the television. “You’ve always been enough.” 
He sniffles, and another tear tickles the side of your thumb, catching the light. “I’m sorry,” he repeats anyway, a disbelieving chuckle tacked on at the end. 
“Don’t be,” you shush, pushing away a strand of hair when he leans closer. His frown is still prominent, pink lips red and soft under your thumb when you tap your finger against them. “You can tell me when things worry you, you know,” you inform him, heart swelling when his eyes fall shut and he leans into your touch. He’s so handsome, the cute little mole beneath his lip begging to be kissed. “I’ll always listen.”
Jungkook hums, breathing evening out. “I know you will,” he says. “But I like listening to your voice more, and I can’t do that when I’m talking.” 
You snort and Jungkook finally lets a tiny smile slip. “Don’t flirt with me so soon after your meltdown,” you mumble, kissing his cheek softly. 
Jungkook chuckles, real this time, and sniffles right afterwards. “I’ll flirt with you whenever I want.” And, because he’s just so full of surprises tonight, he sniffles once more before he’s unceremoniously tackling you back onto the couch. You squeal, the TV remote digging into your back painfully. It has the volume accidentally skyrocketing, startling the both of you with an ear-shattering orchestral piece at the height of some emotional scene. Jungkook scrambles to free the device and lower the volume before your eardrums burst. “I didn’t even know your TV could go that loud,” he says, and he’s speaking normally but the deafening violins are still reverberating in your head, making him sound quieter than he really is. 
“Come here,” you say instead, and he obeys, crawling into your arms, mouth hovering just over yours. “You feeling better?”
Jungkook nods, dark hair bouncing. “You make me better,” he tries, but after tonight’s realization, you respond to his corny words with a pinch against his doughy cheek instead. 
“Don’t say that,” you frown, toying with one of the earrings decorating his ear. The tip of his nose is flushed red, the exertion from crying catching up to him. His lashes are dark, probably feel so heavy with the residual tears that cling to them. 
Jungkook repositions himself, guides your legs around his waist. “Why not? It’s true.” He glances at your mouth. “You make my life better.”
“Wrong,” you say bluntly, brushing his hair back with your hands. “Your own perception and understanding of your experiences makes your life better. I just happen to be in it.” Jungkook looks the tiniest bit surprised at your suddenly logical argument. “Trust me, I saw it in a documentary the other day.” 
At that he laughs, full and loud, pecking your lips once with a sweet smile on his face. “Now I know you’re lying,” he grins, gently nudging his nose against yours. The drama on the TV is but a quiet hum compared to the pounding of your heart in your chest when he looks at you like that. “Because you don’t even like documentaries.” 
You kiss him softly, holding his hair back for him. He tastes a little bit like the chocolate cake he had at the restaurant and the lemonade he drank (he didn’t indulge in the sweet wine with you because he needed to drive). His lips mold perfectly against yours, and he sighs softly when he finally draws back. “But I like you,” you purr. 
Jungkook’s eyes darken, one heavy exhale fanning across the lower half of your face. You readjust the leg around his waist, pull him closer just the slightest bit. “Don’t flirt with me so soon after my meltdown,” he repeats, lips brushing against yours. You chuckle. “You don’t know what that means to me.” You can roughly guess, but that opportunity is taken away when Jungkook slots his mouth against yours, soft lips molding to yours. His tongue swipes across your bottom lip, wastes no time slipping in when you open for him, hot and wet. 
Jungkook’s fingers are just as warm when he trails them up the back of your thigh, pulls you impossibly closer until the buckle on his belt is pressed flush against your mound. A tiny whimper escapes your lips, chest jumping just the slightest from the pressure. It makes Jungkook pull away with an easygoing grin, chocolate eyes half-lidded. “You okay?” he murmurs, breath a little shaky from the kiss. You nod, tangling your fingers behind his head and pulling him in close again. 
He evades your puckered lips, ducking down to press his own against your throat, right beneath your jaw. “Ugh,” you groan, digging your nails into his back through his satin shirt. “I wanted a kiss.”
Jungkook nips at your skin, this tiny gesture that couldn’t hurt even if he tried. “You always want a kiss,” he retorts softly, the quiet smack of his lips filling your ears as he bestows a series of smooches against your skin. And it’s so devastatingly tender how he handles you, like you’re made of glass and will break at a moment’s notice, like he wants to treasure your body for the rest of his—
Jungkook chomps down, hard, and you hiss. “Sit still,” he orders, soothing over the bite with one broad lick of his tongue. 
You whimper. “That hurt.” 
“And it’ll hurt even more if you keep moving,” he warns you, and before you can ask what that even means, he’s leaving another stinging bite just further down. It’s at the midway point of your neck, right in front, and you can feel your heartbeat in your throat when he sucks a painful mark over it. “There,” he says, mostly to himself. “All mine.”
Your legs tighten around him, and you fight down the wave of heat that threatens to consume you when he places one final kiss over the second mark— the hickey. 
Jungkook doesn’t usually leave them. In fact, you can rarely recall a time where he had purposefully gone out of his way to mark you up like this. It was always accidental, always unplanned, because he knew how troublesome it was for you to cover them up for work the next morning. Work, where your coworkers and your bosses and Seokjin could see. 
Brows pinched together, your brain begins to draw a connection, one that Jungkook is soon confirming himself. “Everyone will see that now,” he hums, kissing a trail down your neck. 
Of course. 
You pat the back of his head in amusement, hiding a smile against his soft locks. Before you can say anything more, maybe tease him for being so cute, there’s a hand on your hip that snaps you out of your scheming. Jungkook lifts his head, does that endearing little head shake that pushes his hair out of his eyes, before leaning in for another languid kiss. 
It’s even slower than the first, mostly because he’s a little too preoccupied with running his hands over your body now. It starts at your shoulder, teasingly snaps the strap of your bra as you push your tongue down his throat. Jungkook whimpers, that pretty sound that makes you desperate to hear more. It’s the same sound that he always makes when he wants to be pampered, wants you to kiss his entire body while he lays there and takes it. 
And you’re all too ready to act on it. 
Duty calls and you’re there to answer, tilting his head for him with your hands against his cheeks. He sighs against you, breath trembling as it tickles across your skin. That soft and tender way that makes you melt because he’s just so precious, so dreamy. 
But you’re too caught up in your plotting to remember the hand he’s got on your hip, the one that teases the waistband of your panties with one lone finger. It’s only when Jungkook pulls away from your inviting mouth, his other hand holding you down by your shoulder, that you’re snapped back into reality. His lips are swollen and red, slick from your tongue, and so tantalizingly kissable. He huffs out a breath, eyes flickering over your face. “Can I touch you,” he husks, and gives into the temptation to press a kiss against your jaw. 
“Yes, please,” you shiver, hypnotized by his hungry stare. 
Jungkook wastes no time, pressing another kiss against the bruising mark over your throat that dissolves into a series of lighter smooches he trails down between your breasts. His hands come up to cup your boobs over your bra, giving them one harsh squeeze that has you releasing a long exhale as he moves between the valley and down your tummy, over your belly button. “Open,” he says at your pubic bone, carefully guiding your legs apart until you’re spread wide for him. 
The dark panties you’re wearing tonight— the super expensive ones you had spent an hour measuring your body for the exact sizing —receive one light kiss over the front. “Always so pretty for me,” Jungkook murmurs, tracing one lone finger down the middle. Your stomach contracts when he nudges it against you, the soft material of your panties just barely pushed between your folds. 
As his hand occupies itself with some relatively light foreplay, Jungkook tasks himself with leaving another tingling mark against your skin. This time, it’s on the inside of your thigh. He starts it off slowly, a few littered kisses against the skin until he deems one spot worthy enough and abruptly sinks his teeth into you. “Not so hard,” you whimper, reaching down to bury your hands in his hair. 
Jungkook lets it go, sloppily licking over the area. “You like it hard,” he husks, meeting your gaze as he licks one, long stripe over the tender skin. “Don’t you?” You nod demurely, pressing your knuckles against your lips to hold back a tiny moan from slipping past your lips. 
With that new mark blooming over your skin, Jungkook transfers his attention to your pussy, hidden beneath the soft material of your panties. One finger hooks under the hem, tucking them aside until he can see you in your entirety. “Fuck,” he groans, pressing one light kiss over your clit that makes you inhale sharply, fingers digging into his scalp. Jungkook throws one final glance your way before letting his tongue slip past his lips, the very tip flicking against your clit. 
Your breathing becomes shallow, anticipation building in the pits of your stomach as he slowly but surely begins playing with you. His tongue is so warm and wet, nudges your throbbing clit, nose pressed against your mound. “Mmm,” he moans, eyes fluttering shut as his mouth works wonders. 
“Ah,” you gasp, whiny and high-pitched, when he dips one finger past your wet folds. The entry is seamless, his pointer finger sinking into the velvet walls of your cunt as his tongue swirls against your hardened bud. “Jungkook,” you mewl, knocking your heel against his shoulder. Jungkook huffs, suctions his lips around your clit. The cold metal of the rings he always wears— the duo set from that Chrome Hearts brand he likes so much —presses against the trembling lips of your pussy, makes your back arch when he twists his finger inside of you. 
He’s so precise with his tongue, knows just how long and how hard to lick against your pulsing clit until you’re trembling, thighs quivering. Briefly, he pulls away, flicks his hair to the side in one suave motion that lets you see his dark eyes when he glances back up at you again, covered in a thick sheen of lust that makes them appear almost black as opposed to his usual warm brown. His hands reach for the waistband of your panties, tug them off with one fluid pull. 
“So pretty for me,” he murmurs, the end of his words laced with a slight rasp that makes your hips jump. “All for me,” he says, roughly pushing his finger into you again. The harshness makes your entire body tighten up in surprise, eyes fluttering shut when he slips his middle finger alongside his pointer this time around. 
“Baby, wait,” you whimper, walls fluttering around the two digits. Jungkook leans back in, presses a chaste kiss against your clit that makes your breathing stall as he thrusts his fingers into you. 
He ignores your cries, locks his lips at the juncture where your thigh meets your body, sensitive skin that bruises all too easily when he sucks against it too hard. “Only for me,” he sighs, all pretenses discarded as he begins rapidly and roughly fucking his fingers into you. It’s intense, has your thighs quaking as he speeds them up. 
The coil in your stomach tightens, and you have to bite down on your knuckles to stop the litany of whimpers from slipping past your lips when Jungkook ducks down again. He bypasses your quivering clit, warm tongue licking at the warm, wet folds around his fingers instead. The proximity makes the tip of his round nose brush along the length of your cunt, a sight and sensation that makes you moan, his bangs harshly tugged away from his forehead to give you the perfect view. 
It’s with a particularly hard shove and twist combination of his fingers into your clenching walls that you cum, a gasp caught in your throat as your hips push toward him, chasing the feeling Jungkook bestows upon you. Your breathing is a mess, inhales too short, your exhales inconsistent, as Jungkook slows the speed of his fingers inside of you, lets your cum ooze out around them, coat his fingers and his rings. 
“No,” you cry, watching that look come over his face when he withdraws his hand, the look that usually follows him sucking your cum into his mouth. “Jungkook, you don’t have to do that—” you whine, reaching for his wrist and yanking it towards you. 
Jungkook follows, crawls back up beside you as he chases his own sticky fingers. “It’s mine,” he urges, has this weird look in his eyes you don’t think you’ve ever seen before. And just as quickly as it crosses his features, he’s lurching forward to catch his own fingers in his mouth. It’s lewd, the way his tongue wraps around them, leaves them sleek under the TV glow, tattoos and rings glistening. He has the audacity to moan, eyes fluttering shut as his devious tongue slips down between his fingers, so long and precise. There’s a tiny noise that tears itself from your throat, one that has him flickering his clouded gaze up to you as his fingers are released from between his own lips. “You like that,” he murmurs, wet fingers trailing down your cheek, capturing your chin to turn your face his way completely. 
His tongue is sinful as it slips past your lips again, the tangy taste of yourself clinging to him. His breathing feels hot, suffocating. But his kisses are so good, make your mind go blank. So blank, that the fingers that rub at your clit surprise you completely. “Kook,” you gasp, breaking away from him in surprise. 
Jungkook doesn’t let you get far, capturing your mouth with his again. The two fingers you had felt on your chin are gone, firmly pressed against your swollen clit, experimentally rubbing against it. Never mind the fact you were still sensitive from your first orgasm, thighs quivering when he drags them against the wet, soft skin. It makes you shudder, breaking away from him a second time for a desperately needed inhale of fresh air. Jungkook follows behind closely, pressing kisses over your jawline, your chin, as his fingers continue moving against your clit.
He has them pressed together, rubbing at the front of your slit where that bundle of nerves is hidden. It makes your stomach contract, hips jerking forward into the touch in an effort to match him, to speed up the process. “You were made for me, pretty girl,” Jungkook huffs against your cheek, nose pressed against your skin because he’s just so close, practically molded into your side as his fingers send rhythmic shocks of ecstasy up your spine.
Your mouth drops open, stuttered gasps filtering through your lips as Jungkook takes advantage of your sensitive body to draw out another orgasm. But there’s a weird sensation that builds in your stomach this time, one that brings with it a sense of panic. “Wait—“ you gasp, fisting the silky material of his shirt beneath one clenched fist. “Jungkook,” you warn, toes curling.
He responds with a harsh nip against your lower lip that makes you whimper. “Go ahead,” he purrs, rubbing his fingers over you at an insane speed, one that has your juices sloppily spread over your pussy, makes you buck into him and moan against his mouth. 
The feeling grows, an intense, unfamiliar thing that you rarely recall ever feeling before, gasping for air as Jungkook’s fingers caress your clit, pressing down hard. “Fffuck, fuck,” you sob, mouth opening in a silent scream, eyes rolling backwards as you feel your pussy lips contract harder than ever before, thighs quivering as your juices squirt out of you, lower body reduced to jello as Jungkook quickens his movements, wrists jerking back and forth as your pleasure sprays out of you. “Ju— Jungkook,” you wail, forcefully slamming your thighs shut when he doesn’t stop, the pleasure seemingly never-ending under such a torturous touch. “Stop—stop,” you beg, eyes filling with tears that spill over when his trapped hand manages one final rough rub against your clit accompanied by a final gush of wetness. 
Only then does he stop, leaning back on his knees to drink you in with dark eyes that make you quiver. There’s no trace of his usual post-orgasm cockiness, the smile he’ll flash you, the teasing jabs. Nothing, just a frankly terrifying gaze that has you self-consciously pressing your hands over your chest. 
Jungkook doesn’t take kindly to it, roughly snatching one of your wrists up until you’re sitting up, the traces of your own orgasm present in the damp couch cushions beneath you, inner thighs coated in a thin sheen of your own pleasure. Jungkook leans in close, nose bumping against yours. “You came like that for me,” he says quietly, chest rising and falling with shallow breaths. You nod, eyes wide and teary when he reaches for the front of his shirt, giving it the same treatment he usually gives yours; two hands at the front, yanking it apart until the buttons are torn from their stitches and bouncing across your floor. 
He throws it off to the side, his tan skin highlighted by the cool tones of the television, the dark sleeve of his tattoo especially prominent. The black ink almost looks blue under this light. You’re so distracted by the perfect swirls and doodles on Jungkook’s skin that you don’t realize that same hand is reaching for you until it’s too late, long fingers wrapping around your throat to jerk you forward, head tipping back to look up at him. “Say it, sweet girl,” he murmurs, eyes half-lidded. “Tell me you’re mine.”
The fingers around your throat squeeze once and then slowly begin tightening. You gasp, meeting his hooded gaze with yours, lips quivering for a response that’s stuck in your throat, trapped by your own surprise and tightening airways. Frantically, you reach for his wrists with both hands, not to pull Jungkook’s hand away, but to ground yourself from the hazy cloud of lust the moment evokes. 
Still, your body isn’t as strong as you thought, and once Jungkook reaches a certain tightness around your throat you find yourself coughing. Instantly, he loosens his grip. But not too much. “I- I’m yours,” you rasp out, gasping for air. 
For now, it satisfies Jungkook enough for him to release you. And while you’re grateful for the rush of fresh air that fills your lungs, the phantom ghost of his grip around your throat sends a new gush of wetness between your thighs. One that grows tenfold when Jungkook reaches for his belt, undoes it easily. It comes off with one fluid motion, carelessly shucked off to the side as his attention moves to the front of his pants instead. 
He doesn’t let you sit around uselessly. “On your knees,” he says, so quietly you almost don’t hear it. “Sit on your knees facing the table.”
You blink slowly, the dry tears on your cheeks leaving stiff trails against your makeup. It takes a moment for your brain to process his request, one long second that has Jungkook pausing in his movements, leveling you with one solemn glare that eventually has you springing into action. You hastily slip off the couch, shuffling toward the coffee table between it and the television. The rug is soft beneath your knees, a luxury you can’t enjoy to the fullest because there’s a ball of excitement and fear stuck in your throat. (Right beneath your bruised skin and recuperating windpipes.) Sitting back on your calves, it feels like every nerve is standing stiff as you await his instructions. 
“Bra off,” Jungkook says from behind you, and you’re startled by the sudden ripping of stitches behind you, almost turning to look at him. He stops you with one hand around the back of your neck, drawing a surprised gasp from you. “Sit still,” he commands, your back stiff straight, eyes focused on the screen. After a beat, Jungkook lets you go, pats the back of your head gingerly. “Good girl.”
A whimper catches in your throat at the praise, and you barely manage to bite down on it in time, hurriedly reaching behind you. Your hands fidget over the clasps on your bra, and you nearly jump out of your skin when one lone finger traces down your spine, undoing your bra for you. You don’t know why, but you say, “thank you.”
The television changes scenes in front of you, the bright colors a stark contrast to the darkness of Jungkook’s eyes. Your hands tremble in front of you, fingers anxiously tangling with each other. A few inches beside you, there’s a dark red box filled with the flowers from—
Suddenly, your vision goes dark, hands instinctively reaching up to your eyes. The pads of your fingers come in contact with a soft material, smooth and silky. Just like— “Is this… ?” you murmur, hands sliding across the makeshift blindfold Jungkook’s made for you, the same texture as his shirt had been. 
He doesn’t grace you with an answer, just a hand against your hip as he, presumably, settles behind you. “Does it matter?” Jungkook says instead, voice all too close to your ear. Your entire body locks up, hands quickly returning to their spot against the coffee table. 
Just as you’d suspected, Jungkook is all too close now, hands crawling over your body. They start at your waist, massage the skin tenderly, lovingly, before gliding up to cup your breasts. You shiver, a quiet exhale escaping you as Jungkook rubs his palms over your boobs, trapping your stiff nipples between his fingers. A sound threatens to escape you, and you trap it behind a bitten lip, fists clenched against the table before you. “You know,” Jungkook says conversationally, like he’s not pinching your nipples enough to make you squirm. “Who else do you think can make you come like this?”
You brain lags. “W- What?” you stutter, thighs pressing together to ward away the arousal. Not like they’re already sticky from before, from when Jungkook had made you squirt. 
Jungkook doesn’t miss a beat, pressing a kiss against your shoulder that he trails up to your ear, nibbling at your earlobe. “Who else,” he says slowly, “can make you come like this?”
It’s not a trick question— no one could. You tell Jungkook as much. “I— no one,” you answer, rolling your lips in when he kisses the tender spot beneath your ear again. 
His kisses feel loud, but not as loud as his voice when he says, “exactly.” You swallow, gripping at the edge of the coffee table when he releases your boobs, trails one hand between your thighs, the other around your throat to pull you backwards against his chest. It makes your hands flail, landing against the tops of his thick thighs. 
Jungkook holds you close, fingers tightening around your throat teasingly. “No one else can please you like you want,” he exhales, letting his fingers trail over your skin. “Not the guy on tv, not your exes, not the fucking loser at your job,” he hisses, lips against your ear. “No one,” he reiterates, voice softer now as he presses a kiss against you. “No one but me.”
And it’s true. 
You can’t even muster your usual mouthy, bratty attitude when Jungkook serves you cold hard facts like this. Not when you can feel his aching member press against the small of your back, rest perfectly in the slight dip between your ass cheeks. “Isn’t that right, sweet girl?” he murmurs, voice low. 
You nod, tummy tightening when he uses the hand between your thighs to spread them apart. “Only you,” you agree, voice feathery.
Jungkook hides a grin against your skin, a mean chuckle escaping him when he rests his forehead against your shoulder. “Fuck,” he says, releasing your throat. “Such a good girl,” he praises, hands on your hips again. He uses them to encourage you up onto your knees, hips bumping into the edge of the table as he shuffles you forward. “Bend,” he says quietly, palm flat on the center of your back, pushing you down until your belly button is pressed against the cold wood, boobs swinging forward just the slightest. “Perfect.”
Jungkook shuffles up behind you, soothes a hand over your hip when you flinch at the first press of his cock against your folds. “You’re okay,” he comforts, voice like honey as he lines himself up. Your folds are slippery and wet, loose from your arousal and the two orgasms he’s already given you. 
Despite all that, the first push of his engorged cock past the tight muscles makes you gasp. “Baby, that’s,” you moan, nails scratching against the coffee table to make a sound that you would otherwise find uncomfortable. “I—“
Jungkook pants behind you, cock sinking further and further in. “I’ve got you,” he husks. His voice is like the light at the end of the tunnel, your dark vision forcing you to rely on him entirely as he guides you through the motions. “Made for me,” he repeats, voice airy.
You nod jerkily, arms trembling as his cock plunges deeper inside of you. “Made for you,” you gasp, head falling forward, forehead pressed against the cold surface in front of you. 
He moans, and there’s one deafening moment of silence when he finally reaches the hilt, soft pubic hairs at the base of his cock brushing against your folds. It’s a familiar sensation, having him buried inside of you, but it’s always different when he’s doing it from behind. He always feels fuller, bigger, mushroom tip practically kissing your cervix. 
“Kook,” you whimper, walls unintentionally contracting around him when he lingers a second too long. “Move.”
“Fuck, fuck,” he curses behind you. “I know, it’s just—“ he pauses, squeezes your hip so hard, you’re certain it’ll bruise. “I wanna… y’know,” he groans, dropping his head against your back, warm breath fanning across your slightly sweaty skin. 
It makes something in your stomach click into place, shifting back just the slightest. The small drag around your lips makes you brave. “Then do it,” you urge, desperate for any sort of friction. 
Jungkook practically growls, bucking into you once. “No,” he says, like he’s battling with himself, faced with a mental hurdle he can only cross alone. “You don’t understand,” he sneers, suddenly snapping back into position behind you, pulling you flush against his pelvis once more. It makes you whimper. 
“I kinda do—“
“You don’t,” Jungkook hisses, forcefully thrusting his hips into you enough to make your hips knock painfully against the edge of the coffee table, a startled moan falling from between your lips. And from there, it’s like you’ve unleashed a beast, because Jungkook shows you no mercy as he begins fucking you, his fat cock slipping in and out of you, his angry head flirting with your entrance. “I wanna fucking breed you,” he sneers, fingers digging into the skin around your waist to hold you still as he bucks his hips forward.
His vulgarity makes your skin heat up, the warmth probably tangible over your sloppily made blindfold, eyes wide despite the fabric that covers them. “That—” you gasp, thighs trembling with each powerful thrust. 
“It’s too much, I fucking know,” he huffs dryly, releasing one hip to press against your shoulders, roughly shoving you forward until your breasts are pressed against the surface, arms bent up beside you to stop yourself from hitting your head. “But— But,” he shudders, suddenly stopping his thrusts to grind his cock against you instead, pussy lips quivering around his girthy member. “I wanna,” he pants, “wanna see you so fucking full of me, because— you’re mine, __,” he seethes, “right?”
You nod blindly, dumbly, brain too flooded with the stimulation he’s bestowing upon you to think properly. “I- I am,” you confirm, gasping for air. “And you’re mine,” you manage to get out, one hand slapping down against the coffee table when he draws his cock out, slams himself back into you quickly. 
“I’m yours,” Jungkook slurs behind you, slowly picking up his pace again. The hand on your back lets go, and it’s with trembling arms that you manage to push yourself back onto your forearms, one hand blindly reaching for the hand he’s got gripping at your hips. 
“Oh my god,” you whimper, the sounds coming from your connected bodies so lewd and obscene, disgustingly wet when Jungkook slips back inside. He surges forward again, and you try to catch your balance, knees quivering underneath the force of his thrusts. Your hand slides over the tabletop in a feeble effort to hold onto something, anything. You can’t see, and even if you could there’s not much to hold onto on a flat surface. 
Except the box your hand knocks into. Your confusion lasts for only about a second because then Jungkook is ramming his cock into you, over and over, until you’re certain your hips are going to bruise and your knees are going to give out. Jungkook’s moans are soft and feathery, sighs that fan over your shoulder and make your back arch, eyes rolling backwards for the briefest second as if you were possessed. 
“Mine,” he whimpers, desperate and needy, fingernails digging into your skin as he pushes on. “Gonna be mine forever,” he growls. “Gonna— Gonna be so pretty and big,” he moans, “tits so fucking full.” The image he puts in your mind makes you dizzy. 
You nod dumbly, knuckles bumping against the box a second time. “Jungkook,” you choke out, fingers blindly nudging the box aside. But there’s no strength behind it, your entire body feeling weak and useless, all the energy concentrated in the coil in your stomach, the one that grows and tightens with every entrance of Jungkook’s cock into your pulsing walls. “There’s— There’s something,” you gasp, pinky finger tapping against it.
Behind you, Jungkook stills, harsh breaths deafeningly loud. Louder than the television and the corny music that plays, the mindless chatter of the characters you couldn’t name even if you tried. “Why would you...” Jungkook huffs, irritation lacing his words.
You don’t get to question it, because a second later his finger is tucking itself beneath your blindfold, yanking it off carelessly. It makes your head crane backwards, a tiny yelp torn from your lips as the blinding glow of the TV attacks your poor eyes at full force. Jungkook’s long since stopped his rapid thrusts, and it’s only when you glance off to the side that you realize why. 
It’s the stupid box of flowers Seokjin had sent you, the one Jungkook had placed on the coffee table when you first got home. 
Behind you, Jungkook releases one long exhale, both of you looking at the arrangement with various degrees of discomfort. “Did you like them,” he murmurs, cock throbbing inside of you. 
You shake your head, a soft, “no,” falling from your lips. The muscles in your thighs quiver like mad. 
Jungkook says nothing, but you watch as one inked arm stretches out from behind you, the movement of his hips pushing his cock deeper into you. A tiny whimper catches in your throat, watching as Jungkook hooks a finger over the lip of the box. One swift tug has it gliding over the tabletop, coming to a stop right beside your forearm. Jungkook leans back, the silence terrifying. 
“Did you think they were pretty?” he asks, tracing one finger down your spine. Your lower lip trembles as your eyes scan over the bouquet, at the pretty color selection and lovely scent that joined together to overwhelm your senses. 
“No,” you say, but it feels like a lie.
And Jungkook thinks so too, wrapping one hand around your throat and pulling you back forcefully. It’s the same as he did earlier, but with his cock deep inside your pussy, it sends a shock throughout your entire nervous system, a sob tearing itself from within you as he unintentionally pushes himself deeper inside. “Did you,” he says a second time, practically seething, “think Seokjin’s flowers were pretty?”
Your eyes flicker nervously across the screen in front of you, but everything is a blur, Jungkook’s harsh breathing against your ear. “Yes,” you confess, whimpering when his fingers tighten around your throat, press down against your windpipe as he inhales sharply. “But they’re just flow—“ He squeezes your throat so hard, your eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets, mind growing fuzzy. Eventually, he lets go and you dissolve into a fit of coughs, bent over the coffee table again as Jungkook slips his stiff cock out from within you. “I’m sorry,” you sniffle, throwing a teary-eyed look over your shoulder.
What you’re not expecting is for Jungkook to grab that same shoulder and roughly push you onto your side away from the coffee table, falling onto the fluffy rug as he shoves you down. “Something pretty for a pretty girl,” he sneers, biting down a frankly maniacal grin.
“What?” you exhale, probably looking at him with the same maniacal look in your eyes. 
(You were made for each other, so crazy and in love.)
Jungkook stretches one toned arm out, and you flinch when he uses that same beautiful arm to send the box of flowers flying over the edge of the coffee table, a hard thwack resounding throughout the room when they land face down on the other side, petals against the floor, water dripping out from inside. 
With those out of the way, Jungkook wastes no time flipping you over, face shoved down against the soft rug as he angles your hips up. “Thinking about someone else when I’m right here,” he growls, ramming his cock back into you with no warning. You sob, clawing at nothing as he bucks forward. “What a mean girl,” Jungkook scolds. 
“I- I wasn’t,” you defend weakly, shivering as he snaps his hips against you, the rug irritating your cheek when the motion sends you forward. Jungkook uses the hands on your hips to pull you back, your skin clapping together loudly. 
“You think Seokjin would— would fuck you like this?” he spits, using you like a toy as he fucks basically for himself, cock sliding in and out of your squelching walls. “You think he’d push you down and—and call you a stupid girl?” 
You shake your head, eyes squeezed shut to fight the wave of tears threatening your waterline. Truthfully, it doesn’t make much of a difference, especially not when Jungkook yanks your hips back again, your entrance sensitive from all the friction. “No, no,” you sob. ”He wouldn't.”
Jungkook scoffs, not bothering to slow his pace down. “Of course he wouldn’t,” he spits, and then, strikes your ass. Two hard cracks of his palm, rings and all, against the globes of your ass. You wail, unconsciously jerking away only for Jungkook to drag you back. “Stupid girl,” Jungkook sighs, cock twitching inside of you. You can feel the beads of precum oozing out from the tip of his cock inside you, their warmth making you shudder. 
Your other ass cheek receives the same treatment, two harsh smacks that leave the skin tingling, blood rising to the surface. “Stupid, stupid girl,” he repeats, palms rubbing over your cheeks for a brief second, only to strike down again. “Aren’t you?” You nod, fat tears dripping out of the corner of your eyes and down onto the fluffy rug beneath you. Your behind stings, pain blossoming over your skin. But it’s the good kind, the one that has drool escaping from the corner of your lips from how overwhelmed it leaves you. 
“I- I’m a stupid girl,” you agree, your words punctuated by a series of tiny sobs and sniffles. Your walls feel sensitive, raw, from his thrusts. You’re ready to come, trembling hands slithering down to reach for your clit. 
“Don’t,” Jungkook warns, snatching your arm up and twisting it behind you. 
You cry, tears and drool against the rug. “I wanna come,” you whimper, trying your other hand only for it to meet a similar demise. “Please,” you sniffle, turning your face the other way as if the angle will somehow be different. 
“You don’t come until I say so,” Jungkook hisses, using his grip on your wrists to tug you onto his cock. You moan, choke on your own saliva from the force, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix for real this time. It renders you stupid, just like Jungkook had called you, chin trembling as your eyes roll backwards. Behind you, Jungkook grunts something deep and raspy. “Fffuck,” he spits, pistoning his hips into your inviting heat. “You were doing so good tonight—“ a particular brutal buck of his hips, a loud moan torn from your lips “—but first those fucking flowers and now this?”
The rhythm of his deep thrusts cut your moans into stuttered little cries, your words broken with every ram of his cock inside of you. Your walls feel worn, every brush sending a tingling shock up your spine. “I- I’m sorry,” you weep, shoulders shaking from your own tears and the rumbling orgasm that’s just about ready to snap. 
Jungkook says nothing, too busy shoving his cock inside of you to grace you with a response. Instead, you’re subjected to his relentless thrusts, sharp gasps from his pretty mouth. “Fuck,” he pants, releasing your wrists after one particular thrusts, your walls clenching around him painfully when he draws his cock out. 
“I can’t,” you sniffle, knees giving out before he can catch you, sadly sinking down onto the plush rug. “Kook, I—”
Jungkook makes a sound, something between a growl and a roar in the back of his throat as he follows behind you, planting two firm hands on the sides of your head to use as leverage to fuck himself in. With your thighs pressed flat together, the squeeze is tighter than ever before, and your eyes roll backwards as he gets to work, walls fluttering from the overstimulation. 
“I’ve got you, sweetheart,” he pants, all games thrown aside as he begins pounding his cock past your folds, deep into your contracting walls, until that tight spring in your stomach gives out and you’re clenching up beneath him, entire body going stiff for one long beat. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you weep, thighs quivering as you cream his cock, make his movements so slippery and wet, almost dangerous when he’s going this fast. His name falls from your trembling lips, every nickname and pet name you’ve ever given him mindlessly blubbered through your orgasm. Jungkook pays you no mind, thighs tensing up as he chases his high, short breaths and moans filling the space as he fucks himself into you. Until, finally, a few deep strokes later, he’s coming with a shuddered cry of your name on his tongue, collapsing over you, forehead pressed to your back as he catches his breath. 
“Fuck,” he groans one last time, body going slack very quickly. He slumps down beside you, softening cock slipping out of your tender folds. 
The floor between the coffee table and the couch is dark, the television glow not reaching down here. Even still, the sweat clinging to Jungkook makes him look like a sparkly Twilight vampire, the dip between his pecs collecting the smallest pool of sweat. You can’t stop yourself from running your pointer finger along the skin, over his nipple. His pec jumps deliciously under the attention. “Stop,” Jungkook sighs, catching your wrist in his, pressing his lips to your knuckles in an attempt to distract you. “Or I’ll really get you pregnant next time.”
You push yourself onto your elbows, pinching his doughy cheek. “You won’t,” you tease. Jungkook flicks his hair away from his eyes to level you with a look you’ve never seen before, not a trace of his usual post-sex playfulness to be found. It has you retracting your hand, eyes wide when he doesn’t stand down. Still, you can’t lose. “...No you won’t,” you repeat, quieter, almost unsure. Almost a question. 
Jungkook rolls his eyes, tugging you into his arms. He’s all sweaty and sticky, just like you. He’s lucky he doesn’t have four separate loads of cum— three from you, one from him —sticking between his thighs. “Keep telling yourself that,” he pants, so smoothly. Too smoothly. It makes you clench your thighs, something Jungkook doesn’t miss. “Stop it,” he warns a second time.
“You’re just so dreamy,” you whine, sitting back up to play with his hand. “Like, when you made me squirt?” He chuckles softly, eyes fluttering shut. “Not gonna lie, I thought I saw the answer to the universe for a second.” 
He’s worn out today, more than usual, that he doesn’t bother gracing you with a response. But it had been a long day for Jungkook; from planning an entire date, to the Seokjin debacle, to the crazy hot sex he’d gifted you. It was only reasonable. You reward his efforts with a soft peck against his cheek that makes him smile, a light blush painting his cheeks. “You did good today,” you hum, patting chest comfortingly. 
“Felt like I was in a Viki drama,” he confesses after a moment, has that tiny smile on his face that makes the apples of his cheeks especially round, especially cute. “The kind that have twelve plot lines going on.”
You laugh, snuggling beside him. The rug feels dirty, but so do you so the feeling is cancelled out or whatever. “You’d be the Park Seojoon of any Viki drama,” you tell him, and Jungkook laughs.
That loud and airy one he reserves only for you. 
Tumblr media
Namjoon calls Jungkook’s phone a little after eleven, talking your ear off about some date he’d gone on while Jungkook is in the shower. You tell him about what happened with Seokjin and like all respectable college mentors, he just about flips. “You can sue him,” Namjoon hisses, furious for you. Not that you aren’t anymore, but in a weird act of impulsiveness, Jungkook had gone outside and ran the stupid box of flowers over with his car as you watched from the open window of your apartment. It was weirdly cathartic. 
He’s in the shower now, humming the lyrics to one of the songs from Secretary Kim, a song called It’s You by Jeong Sewoon (thank you, Shazam), that makes every inch of your body overflow with adoration when he hits that long note. Anyway, you’re perusing the rest of the streaming service for a movie to watch. Jungkook said you couldn’t watch Train to Busan tonight, something about it ruining the mood. So now you’re debating between a historical romcom or a modern romcom. 
Over the line, Namjoon is doing all the raging for you. “Men are trash,” he huffs one last time, before eventually letting it go. (For now.) “Hey, do you know how to cover up hickeys?” he asks suddenly, just as Jungkook reappears in the living room. His skin is glowing, looking like the hottest man alive. The window is still open, a feeble attempt to air out the smell of sex in the room, and the draft makes Jungkook shiver because his hair is still a little wet. 
“Hickeys?” you repeat, stretching a hand out for him as he rounds the couch. Jungkook takes it, places a soft smooch against your knuckles, close to your promise ring. Your heartbeat stutters just as Namjoon hums. 
“Yeah, this girl,” he says, cutting himself off with a laugh. One you recognize all too well because it’s the same one you let out when you talk about Jungkook to other people. Said boy settles close beside you, leans his cheek against your head when you snuggle into his neck. As soon as he’s there, you lose all rights to the remote, watching as Jungkook completely disregards all your searching just to click back onto Secretary Kim. He had missed a whole episode. “We went a little crazy tonight—“ you gag at the image Namjoon places in your head “—and Doyeon bites kinda hard—“
“Doyeon?” you interrupt, all mental processes coming to an abrupt halt as the name bounces around your mind. Jungkook, having mastered the art of listening in on your phone calls by now, freezes beside you. “You know a Doyeon?” 
“Yeah!” Namjoon says excitedly as you sit up. Jungkook meets your gaze, big Bambi eyes giving the performance of a lifetime, and gives your this overly innocent shrug of his shoulders that tells you more about what he does know than what he doesn’t. “Kim Doyeon. She went to your school— actually, she graduated with you and Kook.”
The world comes to a complete stop as you glare at Jungkook, his panicked features cueing you in to the fact he was aware of this, as you’d suspected. “Namjoon,” you say slowly, fist tightening around Jungkook’s phone. “Are you aware you’re fucking my best friend?” 
There’s a long silence on the other end, Namjoon presumably processing the information while Jungkook tries to calm the boiling anger within you. “He didn’t know,” Jungkook whispers, big pretty eyes on you as he tries to save Namjoon from you. 
All his efforts are in vain when Namjoon clears his throat and so eloquently says, “and you’re fucking my best friend?”
Tumblr media
The Best Buy employee doesn’t ask questions when you and Jungkook go in to get your cracked phone screens repaired. He does, however, give Jungkook an over-exuberant sales pitch on a brand new line of computer monitors that are almost as big as the television at your house. 
You try to save him from the dangerous hands of capitalism, but the Hello Kitty bandaids decorating your neck are itchy, the skin still so tender, so sometimes it’s wiser to let him waste his money than argue otherwise. 
“Good girl,” Jungkook says as he swings your arms back and forth on your walk to the car, impressed by the fact you didn’t argue with him in a Best Buy today. “My perceptions and understanding of you in my life make me happy,” he beams, too smiley as he unlocks the doors. 
“Shut up,” you glare, painfully tearing the stupid bandaids off your neck as soon as you get in, brandishing the blossoming hickeys Jungkook had so graciously given you last night. At the sight, he bites down a smile. “You’re about to perceive and understand these fists.” 
And Jungkook smiles— he always smiles —as he leans over the center console to press his mouth against the darkened skin at the front of your neck, mindlessly rubbing his thumb over your promise ring. “Perceive this love,” he says, so cheesy it makes you gag. 
“Goddd,” you groan, pushing him away before he can see the smile on your face. “Someone get this man a Viki deal.”
Tumblr media
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something to hold on to (myg)
Tumblr media
❦ word count. 17.7k ❦ genre. parent fic, fluff, angst, a bit of boob action ❦ warnings. illness, mention of hospitalisation, mention of minor character death, yoongi is kind of a dick sometimes, accidental(?) flashing ❦ summary. it’s not that you don’t like your job. on the contrary, reading bedtime stories to a certified little princess is something you still can’t believe you get paid to do. it’s just that between all the school runs, snow days and secret second hot chocolates before bed, you may fallen a little too hard for those dimpled cheeks and gummy smiles.... worse still, you’ve fallen for her father too.  ❦ a/n. merry christmas everyone!! this fic is a collaboration with the wonderful @underthejoon​ @kpopfanfictrash​ @suga-kookiemonster​ @junghelioseok​ @bendthekneetobangtan​ @lamourche​ and @hobidreams​. it’s late, lame and cheesy (and probably under-edited) but I like it that way. I hope you’re all having a fantastic holiday, wherever you may be <3 
“...Can we talk?”
For the first time since blustering in through the front door, Yoongi actually stops to spare you a glance.
You’re standing in the entryway in a pair of high waisted jeans and a peach coloured blouse, hands clasped behind your back and a nervous expression on your face. If he notices your outfit is new, he doesn’t pass comment on it. He doesn’t mention the fact that you’re wearing makeup today either, nor that you seem to have taken a little more time with your hair than usual. Not that you’d expected him to. Your employer isn’t well known for giving compliments, much less understanding when a woman is trying to impress him. Yoongi probably wouldn’t recognise flirting if it hit him in the face with a brick. 
His face is impassive as ever when he drops his keys into the bowl with a shrug. “Sure. There’s actually something I wanted to discuss with you too.”
You nod, fiddling anxiously with his hands as he slips off the snow-smattered trench coat to reveal the suit jacket beneath. He looks tired this evening; more so than usual if the dark bags under his eyes are anything to go by. Even on his days off Yoongi works like a tank, often letting himself get so wrapped up in getting everything done he forgets to eat meals. It’s a coping strategy, of course - one that always tends to get a little out of hand when this time of year rolls around. 
Yoongi turns back to you, loosening the knot of his tie with a ringed finger. He raises his eyebrows.
You follow him through into the heart of the penthouse: a masterpiece of white granite and gold strip lights. The room is utterly spotless save for the mug of freshly-brewed tea that sits waiting on the island, steam spiralling upwards towards the vaulted ceiling. 
“Here,” you say, nudging it towards him. It’s a comfortable ritual between you at this point. Yoongi needs a hit of caffeine if he’s going to make it to dinner without taking his work stress out on whoever’s unfortunate enough to be in the room with him, but following a series of chest pains a few months ago, his doctor put a strict ban on drinking coffee past 7pm. Replacing the habit with a cup of white tea in the evening was your compromise. 
Yoongi takes it with a small nod of gratitude, lowering himself onto the bar stool. His eyes flutter closed for a moment when he takes a sip, and your chest feels warm inside when the tension visibly starts to drain from his shoulders. The man is always so tightly wound. It’s really no wonder he suffers from back pain, what with all the stress he carries around with him. You’ve been trying to convince him to see an osteopath, but Yoongi insists there’s only so much ‘voodoo medicine’ he can bring himself to splash out on per month, and the December quota was already filled by the VapoRub you made him buy for his blocked sinuses. 
He places the mug down with a quiet sigh. 
“How was she today?”
You snap out of your reverie, meeting his expectant gaze. 
“She was wonderful,” you say honestly. “Coach said he’s really proud of how hard she’s been practicing. Her toe double toe loop has come on leaps and bounds these past few weeks.”
Yoongi raises his eyebrows questioningly.
“The jumpy spinny thing,” you clarify.
“Ahh. So that’s what it’s called.”
A fond smile tugs at your lips. Though Yoongi never misses an opportunity to support his daughter on the ice, the ins-and-outs of the sport are often lost on him. Surprisingly, he’s far more adept at the hair and costume side of things than he is at giving his little girl feedback on her actual performances. Ever since the day her first ever coach had pulled him aside to tell him Dee had ‘a god given gift’ that needed to be nurtured, he’s much preferred to leave such things to the professionals. 
“So.” Yoongi laces his fingers atop the table. Though you remain standing, you can’t help but feel that you’ve entered in on one of his business meetings. He looks you up and down. “Do you want to go first or shall I?”
“Oh -” All at once the nerves return full-force, fluttering away in your stomach like a flock of migrating birds. You instinctively drop your gaze to the floor when you feel your neck heating up. “Y-you can start.”
Unsurprisingly, Yoongi doesn’t so much as bat an eyelid at your odd behaviour, and you wonder how on earth Mina thought you could do this. You wonder how you -believed- her. Holding a conversation with your employer without taking offense to his social tactlessness was hard enough, especially before you understood Yoongi’s deadpan honesty is something he genuinely doesn’t know how to reign in. But admitting you have feelings for him? 
That was a whole other kettle of fish.
“I got a call from Dee’s grandmother today,” he says, drawing your attention back to him once again.
You raise your eyebrows. “Oh?”
“Her grandpa’s been taken into hospital with a shattered hip.”
Your eyes go wide. “Oh my god, is he alright?!”
Yoongi waves off your concern, cringing slightly at the shrillness of your tone. “He’s totally fine. He underwent surgery last night and he’s stable,” he eyes you across the island. “...It does mean they won’t be able to have Dee for the run-up to Christmas though.”
As your panic ebbs, you think you catch a glimpse of something softer beneath Yoongi’s default unmoved expression. He’s not only tired, you realise, but exhausted, worn thin by the constant pressure he keeps himself under. It takes everything in you not to close the space between you and wrap your arms around him. You know he’ll only burn himself out if he carries on like this, and the thought makes your heart ache. 
“I know it’s a big ask,” he continues with a weary exhale, scrubbing a hand down his face, “but it’s too late to cancel on this work trip. Flights to Berlin are fully booked up until late January, and the company we’re doing business with has made it abundantly clear they plan to proceed with or without our input. I’d pay you overtime of course. Whatever works best for you. I just need someone to sit here for a few days and make sure my daughter doesn’t burn the apartment down while I’m gone.”
“Yoongi,” you say quietly, shushing him with a gentle hand atop his wrist. He stares down at the point of contact, and you hope to god he can’t hear the way your pulse is going crazy. “You know I’d be happy to do it.”
Tentatively, he meets your eyes. “Are you sure? Your family -”
“Can manage a few more days without me. Looking after Dee is never a burden. She’s…” you cut yourself off, unable to hold his gaze. “She’s the best thing in my life.”
It’s not a lie. But perhaps it’s only a half-truth. The other best thing is sitting right opposite you, after all. 
Yoongi has never been the type to smile much. He’s stoic and blunt, and doesn’t know when to loosen up when the time calls for it - but he never says anything he doesn’t mean. That’s why it makes your heart feel so full when he says a soft, “Thank you, Y/N. You’re really helping me out here.”
You extract your fingers from his wrist, suddenly too shy to maintain the proximity between you. 
“Don’t mention it,” you cough.
Completely oblivious, Yoongi picks up his mug again. “You wanted to talk to me about something too?”
“Oh, uh… well. I was just -” You scramble for the right words, your mind drawing a complete blank beneath the weight of his gaze. 
It wasn’t like you’d come unprepared. You’d planned this whole thing out with Mina over the weekend, even going so far as to roleplay the possible outcomes of your confession (a necessity when it comes to Yoongi, because the man has absolutely zero concept of letting someone down gently). You’d practiced exactly what you wanted to say several times over in the car before heading over to pick up Dee, and all the whole way back to the penthouse you were convinced you had it down pat. 
Right up until Yoongi walked through the door, that is.
With the air stolen from your lungs just looking at him, your confidence crumbles, and the fact that he’s clearly had a shit day doesn’t help any. The harder you will yourself to form a coherent sentence, the more your tongue refuses to do so. 
“I-It’s not important,” you manage eventually.
Yoongi quirks a sceptical eyebrow at you. “Are you sure?”
You pause, then jerk your chin in a nod. 
“I’m sure.”
Yoongi doesn’t push it. 
“Okay then.” He finishes off the last dregs of his tea and rises to a stand. “I’ll walk you to your car.”
“Oh, you really don’t have to -”
“I know I don’t.” He crosses over to the clothing hooks and grabs your jacket, holding it out to you. “Put this on. I need to check in on Dee first.”
Dazedly, there’s little else you can do but follow his instructions. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for Yoongi to see you through the parking lot outside his place, especially during the winter months when it’s dark out, but the gesture still never fails to make you giddy.
Next time, you say to yourself firmly when he returns, holding open the front door for you to slip out first. Next time, I’ll tell him.
Last Year
You slide your feet into your heeled boots, wincing at the way your toes pinch together inside. 
It’s a Saturday evening - one you’d normally spend watching curled up on the couch with a takeaway in your lap or running yourself a nice hot bath, had Mina not spent the better half of the week trying to convince you to go on a date with the IT guy from her office - and between running slightly late and the shot of Dutch courage you definitely shouldn’t have taken ten minutes ago, your stomach feels like it’s tying itself up in knots. 
“You need to get out more,” your friend insists. “It’s been literal years since you last had fun.”
You open your mouth to correct her but she fixes you with a warning glare before you can say anything. 
“Fun in the form of Hula Fit and pottery class don’t count, Y/N. And you should probably save the conversation about your weird hobbies until at least the third date. Preferably after sex too, or your chances of getting any will be slim to none.”
You sink down in your chair, scowling at her over the top of your ice cream cup. 
“I still have fun,” you mutter. “I just have a lot on my plate right now. This new job is taking up a lot of my time, and I’m really not interested in getting fired before the trial period is up.”
“Y/N, you pick a rich couple’s kid up from skate club five times a week, make her pasta and watch cartoons until bedtime,” Mina snorts. “What the hell could go wrong?”
“First of all Mr Min is a single father,” you say, pointing your plastic spoon at her accusingly, “and second of all, you haven’t met the guy. If you had, you’d understand why I’m so on edge.”
“Why? What’s wrong with him?”
“He’s freaking terrifying, Mi!” You throw your hands up in the air to emphasise your point. “He barely spoke in my interview, just sat there giving me the dead eyes while his assistant asked all the questions! And he did exactly the same thing the first time I met his daughter. Just stood in the corner of the living room and watched, like he was assessing my ability to play with her or something.” 
“Well he must have liked what he saw, right? You got the job.”
“Barely. Apparently when he called the agency to let them know I was hired, he made a point of saying it was only because the other girl he’d been speaking with came down with pneumonia and he needed someone ASAP.” You pout sullenly, stabbing at your ice cream. “And since then he’s taken every opportunity to point out when I’m doing something wrong.”
“Maybe you’re just taking it too personally? That’s his little girl after all. He probably just wants to make sure she’s in safe hands.”
“I guess… I just wish he wasn’t so blunt about it,” you sigh. “Mostly I just feel sorry for Dee. I don’t get the chance to see them interact often because he usually gets home after her bedtime, but he doesn’t strike me like the type of dad who’s particularly involved, you know? She must only see him a couple of days a week.” You take another spoonful of ice cream, your gaze turning contemplative. “She must have one hell of a mother, wherever she is. I can’t think of any other way she could’ve turned out to be such a good egg, given that her father’s so emotionally constipated.”
“Okay, that’s it.” Mina lifts a hand to stop you from going on. “You think way too much about other people’s problems, you know that? It’s depressing. You need to stop getting stressed about the things you can’t change, and start focussing on the stuff you can.”
“Such as?”
“Such as your non-existent dating life.” She pulls her phone out and starts typing. “I’m sending you Jungkook’s number, and you will text him this week. Understood?”
Your phone vibrates in your back pocket.
“Mina -”
“Nope.” She holds up a finger. “I’m not backing down this time. Not until you agree to put yourself first for once.”
“...Fine,” you sigh eventually, pulling your phone from your back pocket. “I’ll text him. But I’m not promising anything more, okay?”
Though it physically pains you to admit it, Mina was right to an extent. You haven’t so much as given a guy your number in the past year, let alone one as hot as in the picture she’d showed you. Zipping up the tiny black skirt you’d borrowed from her closet, you realise with a sense of looming dread that the odds of making a fool of yourself tonight are decidedly not in your favour.
“Jungkook is a gentleman,” you recall her telling you, sipping daintily at her bubble tea. “He definitely doesn’t put out on the first date. Buuut -” she’d lifted a finger before you could chime in. “that does not mean you get the green light to wear your granny panties.”
“I don’t see why not. They’re comfortable and non-restrictive.”
“A girl should always wear her best lingerie when it counts, Y/N.”
“Says who?”
“Oscar de La Renta.”
“Ha, right. And what would he know about women’s underwear?”
She fixes you with a deadpan look. “Are you literally kidding me right now.”
“Mina, if Jungkook’s not going to see it then what’s even the point?” you mumble through a mouthful of ice cream, pointing the spoon at her to emphasise your point. “I’m not just gonna slice myself in half for nothing.”
If it were possible, you’re fairly certain Mina’s eyes roll all the way back into the back of her skull.
“It’s not for him, you loser, it’s for you. Sexy underwear is a confidence booster!” 
“It’s also expensive and a pain in the ass to move around in. Quite literally.” You tilt your plastic cup in an effort to dig out the last of the chocolate chips, but Mina reaches across to pluck the spoon from your fingers. “Wha-? Hey!”
“If you think I’m letting you pull a Bridget Jones on your first date in twelve months, you are sorely mistaken,” she says resolutely, ignoring your sullen expression. She raises a hand to flag down the server, muttering under her breath, “Clearly we have more work to do than I anticipated.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m taking you to Silky Fit, and we’re not leaving until you’ve picked something out,” she clarifies, pulling her purse out when the waiter came over with the bill. 
After sparing you a second glance, her expression softens somewhat. She tilts her head and sighs fondly at you, the same way someone might sigh at a helpless child, or a puppy covered from head to toe in mud after playing in the garden. 
“You have ice cream on your chin, babe,” she says, tossing a balled up napkin your way.
And thus, here you are a week later, teetering around your apartment in an outfit that’s two sizes smaller than anything you’d usually opt to wear, the string of your new thong pulling uncomfortably tight between your ass cheeks. 
Admittedly, glancing at yourself in the mirror before slipping your blouse on had left you feeling pleasantly flushed. Even despite the minor physical discomfort, Mina hadn’t been lying about the confidence boost. Your body looked good. The colour of the set you’d picked out provided a pretty contrast against your skin, and the bra had just the right amount of upward push to make your breasts look full and perky in their cups. Though ‘sexy’ was never typically a word you’d thought to associate with yourself, turning from side to side in the mirror almost had you reconsidering. 
Makeup done and hair styled into a loose updo, you snap a quick picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror, feeling surprisingly content with the end result.
Y/N: [image.png]
Y/N: all good ???
Despite being at a formal dinner with her boss and some company associates, it takes less than a minute for your friend to respond. You snort when an image of her disgruntled face comes through, clearly shot from beneath the restaurant table. 
Mina: stop trying to sext me ?? I don’t have time for this right now
Y/N: desperate times. need validation :(
Mina: you look so good I could eat you
Mina: ...are you wearing them?👀
You smile at your phone. Feeling emboldened by her praise, you pull up your camera again, this time shooting a quick video in which you turn slowly so she could see the full effect of your outfit. At the very end you tug your blouse to the side a little, flashing just the top of your lace bra with a comically over-exaggerated wink. 
Y/N: video.mp4 🤫
Y/N: enjoy your night baby x
Your taxi calls shortly afterwards to let you know they’re downstairs. 
Despite how busy the restaurant is tonight, it isn’t hard to spot your date. 
Jungkook is big. Far bigger than you’d imagined the stereotypical nerdy tech guy to be. He practically dwarfs you when he stands up to shake your hand, and you feel positively giddy when he rounds the table to pull your chair out for you. He even has the presence of mind to catch you when you inevitably stumbled over your heels on the way down, a gentle hand on your elbow stopping you from face planting in front of the entire establishment. 
“Careful there,” he murmurs, the amused smile on his face causing your neck to prickle with welcome heat. “You almost fell for me.”
When you let out a loud snort in response, clapping a hand over your mouth as a second too late to catch the unattractive sound, Jungkook doesn’t even bat an eyelid - just proceeds to tuck your chair in behind you and call the waiter over to take your drinks orders. You can’t help but wonder if Mina warned him about you beforehand. 
All in all, the date gets off to a good start. You’re relieved to learn that Jungkook is smooth enough for the both of you, seamlessly filling any lulls in the conversation before things have a chance to turn awkward. What’s more, he seems genuinely interested in learning more about you, listening attentively when you explain how you’re currently studying part time for your masters in education whilst nannying on the side. You flush with warmth when he praises your ambition. 
“It must be hard, juggling work with your studies,” he remarks. “It’s awesome that you’re so committed.”
“It’s not that impressive really,” you say, though your whole body is practically aglow from all the compliments. “Truth be known, the agency I work with deals primarily with parents from wealthy areas of the city, so most of us get paid a bit more than your average sitter would. It almost feels like cheating, really.”
“Oh?” Jungkook quirks an eyebrow, raising his wine glass to his lips. “Any celebrities on your contact list so far?”
“Sadly not. I’m only two weeks into my first job so far, and my current employer flies a little lower under the radar than most rich people.”
“A businessman then,” Jungkook nods.
“Precisely. He used to run a tech company, which I think is how he made the majority of his wealth. Nowadays he just does marketing stuff though.”
“A tech company, huh?” Jungkook presses. “Would I have heard of him?” 
To your alarm, he almost spits out his wine when the name Min Yoongi comes out your mouth.  
“Min? As in Min Enterprises?!” he sputters. 
You’re quick to fill him a glass of water, which he accepts gratefully. “That’s the one. You know him?”
“Sure I do,” he says between gulps. “We use literally all of his anti-virus software at work. The guy’s a genius.”
You raise your eyebrows curiously. “Really? The woman from my agency told me his tech company closed years ago. I don’t know much about this stuff, but I would have thought any software they produced would be a little outdated by now...”
Jungkook snorts in amusement. “Closed down is one way of putting it.”
“What do you mean?”
“His programme was good. So good that none of the other tech giants compete with it,” Jungkook explains once his eyes have stopped watering. “Come 2010, Microsoft bit the bullet and bought him out for around fifteen million. They’ve been developing and expanding on his work ever since.”
“Fifteen million?” Your eyebrows shot up towards your hairline. “Christ! No wonder his apartment looks like the Louvre.” 
“I bet it does,” Jungkook laughs. “I’d kill to see what your Christmas bonus looks like.”
It certainly explains a lot, you think to yourself. Particularly Yoongi’s attitude. You’ve seen The Social Network, after all, as painstakingly boring as it may have been. Those matrix-minded, Zuckerberg type kids always grow up to be emotionally stunted. It’s like a trade-off they make with God for getting to be smarter than ninety-nine per cent of the human population. 
When the waiter comes back to whisk away your starter plates, you momentarily excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to check your teeth for wayward broccoli. After giving yourself the all clear, you fix your lipstick and pull your phone out to let Mina know everything’s going well. 
You’re surprised to discover you already have three new messages from her.
Mina: helloooooo ??
Mina: man. she goes on ONE date and already I’ve been dropped
Mina: after all I’ve done for you 😭
You furrow your brows in confusion, scrolling up in the chat. Your bewilderment only increases when you discover Mina’s previous texts have, indeed, gone unanswered. Your video clip is nowhere to be found, and you wonder absently if the Wi-Fi back at your apartment is screwing you over again.
No sooner have you exited the chat that another text comes through, this time from a different number.
We need to talk.
Your heart abruptly flatlines. 
Several things click at once after that, the first being that clearly, it was not Mina’s name you had clicked on to send that video to. 
With shaking hands you open up the chat with your employer, utterly horrified when all your worst nightmares are confirmed at once. 
There, staring back up at you from beneath a message asking if Dee is allergic to band aids, is your cleavage. 
Enjoy your night baby, is what you’d said to Mr Min afterwards. 
Mr Min, who could slice a grown man’s confidence to ribbons with little more than a look. 
Mr Min, your boss of merely two weeks. 
“Fuck!” you hiss, pressing the call button and bringing the phone to your ear. “Oh fucking, fucking fuck…”
Your employer picks up on the second ring. You suck in a shaky breath before speaking. 
“Sir, I -”
“Miss L/N.” 
His voice is ice cold. So cold that the sound alone sound has your apology catching in your throat. 
Not for the first time since you met him, you’re reminded of exactly why Yoongi is so revered and respected among those in the business world. You can’t imagine what it would be like to have him speak your name like that in a boardroom full of men in suits, but you’re pretty sure any shred of self-confidence you had would be all but crushed beneath the toe of his designer oxfords if he so desired. In all honesty, you’d probably prefer it if he were yelling at you. At least if he raised his voice, you wouldn’t be gripping the faucet right now for fear your knees might buckle beneath you.
Somewhere on the other end of the line, a door slams shut like Yoongi is just getting in after a long day. Or perhaps he’s taking this conversation somewhere more private. Either possibility has your stomach churning with anxiety. 
“What is wrong with you?” he hisses under his breath.
You swear you’ve never wanted the floor to swallow you up so badly as you do in this moment.
Screwing your eyes shut, you force yourself to respond. 
“Sir, I can’t tell you how completely sorry I am… th-the video was meant for someone else. I would never be so bold as to -”
“You do realise I’m entrusting my child to you?”
Immediately, your mouth snaps shut. The sensation that you’ve just been slapped across the face takes you by complete surprise.
It takes a few seconds for your brain to play catch up with what Yoongi just said, but when the words finally compute, you feel -hurt-. The suggestion that your personal life might impact on your ability to take care of Yoongi’s daughter stings like hell, and for all his lacking interpersonal skills, your employer didn’t strike you as the type to draw such conclusions until now. The notion doesn’t sit well with you at all. 
Swallowing tightly, you place a hand over your abdomen to ground yourself.
“I really am sorry, Mr Min,” you repeat quietly. “It was an accident. I never intended to put you in an uncomfortable position, and I promise it won’t happen again.”
On the other end of the line, Yoongi is quiet for a moment. 
You wonder if he could hear the slight tremble in your voice. If he can sense the fact that he just squashed your self-confidence beneath his thumb like it was nothing. 
“Make sure it doesn’t,” he mutters eventually. Then, after another short pause, “I’ll see you on Monday.” 
Before you can so much as thank him for not threatening to report you to the agency, you’re met with the tell-tale click of your employer placing the phone down on you, leaving you with an embarrassed lump in your throat and bottom lip wobbling with the threat of tears. 
As could probably be predicted, your date with Jungkook goes rapidly downhill from there. Apparently unable to enjoy a good thing without utterly humiliating yourself along the way, you feel sick to your stomach with anxiety for the remainder of the evening. You barely even touch your dessert, and when Jungkook walks you to your cab half an hour later, you brush him off with a forced smile and a handshake, already having accepted the fact that he wouldn’t want to see you again.
Only when you’re in the back of the cab and heading home do you allow the first quiet tears to fall.
Showing up to work the following Monday is one of the toughest things you’ve ever done.
Even Dee seems to notice something is off when you pick her up from practice. Shrewd as she is, she eventually settles for humming along to the radio when she realises you’re in no mood to talk. Try as you might, you can’t stop replaying her father’s words to you on the phone, and despite Mina’s insistence that he’s an unforgiving prick, a small part of you still wonders if he’s right… Are you even fit to look after a kid? Are you fit to do -anything- besides making a fool of yourself?
To make things worse, Yoongi arrives home early that evening. 
As nervous as you are to see him again, you can’t help but be momentarily distracted by the way he hoists Dee up onto his hip to greet her. It’s not that he’s smiling or anything - such an expression would probably look wrong on him, anyway - but the way he cradles the back of her head seems strangely affectionate for a man like him.
“You’re getting heavy,” he murmurs, pausing to sniff her damp curls. His eyebrows furrow slightly. “And you smell different.”
“Y/N put lime jelly in my bath,” his daughter responds in a sleepy voice, her voice muffled against his lapel. “The water turned green like a skeptic tank.”
“Septic tank,” Yoongi corrects quietly. Though his face remains as expressionless as ever, you don’t miss the way his aura grows soft around her - a detail he himself probably doesn’t even recognise. “Sounds like you two had fun.”
His eyes lock with yours across the living room and you drop your gaze immediately, your body flushing with heat like you’ve been caught out doing something you shouldn’t. 
“S-sorry,” you blurt reflexively, already moving to grab your satchel. “I didn’t realise you were coming home early. Let me just pack up my stuff -”
“Y/N.” Yoongi’s voice stops you in your tracks. “Can I speak with you for a second?”
Standing stock still like a deer in the headlights, a sense of impending doom floods through you. This is it. Clearly Yoongi’s thought it over and decided to fire you after all. And the worst thing is you couldn’t even blame him! How could he possibly see you as a professional again after witnessing you running your tongue over your top teeth like a hungry carnivore? You haven’t even had the chance to explain it was -ironic.-
“Sure,” you squeak, torn between accepting your fate and grovelling on your knees for forgiveness. Who the hell was going to hire the babysitter who got fired from her first job during the trial period? For sending -provocative images- no less!
Carefully, Yoongi sets Dee down on the floor again, nodding in the direction of her room. 
“Why don’t you go pick out a bedtime story?” he says.
His daughter peers up at him like he’s just sprouted a second head. 
“You’re going to read to me?”
“No, I’m going to hit you over the head with it.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Obviously I’m going to read to you.”
Dee doesn’t look convinced. She folds her arms over her chest. 
“Alice in Wonderland?”
“That book is long as hell, Dee. I’ll read two chapters.”
“With the voices?”
“What am I, a performing monkey? Get out of here before I change my mind, kid.”
Dee huffs, clearly dissatisfied. Nonetheless, she trudges off to her room, her ringlets bouncing as she goes.
The living room falls uncomfortably quiet again once it’s just you and Yoongi. 
You fiddle idly with your hands, unsure of where to look. The embarrassment of the situation hits you all over again when you accidentally replay the video in your mind, and despite the fact that you’re wearing two layers already, you can’t help but cross your arms protectively over your chest. 
As if sensing your discomfort, Yoongi clears his throat.
“May I offer you a drink?”
You pause. It’s not quite what you’d expected, but then again, rich people are weird. Maybe it’s customary to send your incompetent employees on their way with a glass of Chateau Petrus. Having skipped out on the whole making-millions-of-dollars-in-your-early-twenties thing, you probably wouldn’t know.
“I’m fine,” you manage weakly, shaking your head. “Thank you, sir.”
Yoongi gestures towards the couches. “Shall we sit then?”
You gnaw at your lip anxiously. “... I think that depends.”
“Whether you’re going to fire me.” You force yourself to look up. “With all due respect, Mr Min, I’d rather just shake hands and go. I’m finding it hard enough to look you in the eye right now as it is.”
Yoongi blinks. Your words hang heavy in the air between you. 
“Miss L/N,” he says slowly, clearly taken aback by your forwardness. “If I wanted to fire you, I would have done so already.”
You open your mouth, then abruptly close it again. Your eyebrows tug together in confusion. 
“So you... aren’t?”
“Of course I’m not.” Yoongi shakes his head as if the notion alone is utterly ridiculous to him. “I only held you back tonight because I wanted to -” 
He cuts himself off suddenly, like there’s a physical barrier stopping the words from coming out. Then with a tired sigh, he leans back against the sideboard, carding his ringed fingers back through his hair. 
“Because I wanted to apologise,” he finishes.
If possible, your eyes grow even wider than before.
“...Huh?” is all you can manage.
“I shouldn’t have been so hard on you,” Yoongi clarifies simply. “I was out of line. I had no business speaking to you how I did.”
“Oh, n-no Mr Min,” you scramble for words, already raising your hands to stop him from going on. “Please don’t say that. What happened on Saturday was totally my fault. That message was -”
“A harmless accident,” he cuts in gently, and you pause at the unfamiliarity in his tone. “Please rest assured that I was the asshole in that situation, Y/N, not you.”
Lips parted softly, you gape at him from across the dimly lit living room. It’s beyond strange hearing such a formidable man issue such a humble apology, and you had absolutely no idea how to respond. 
Seeming to mistake your silence as a prompt for further explanation, Yoongi exhales heavily through his nose, his gaze momentarily dropping to his feet.
“I tend to get a little… short-fused around this time of year,” he says. “I lost Dee’s mother in early December. Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of her death.”
Your heart stutters in your chest. 
Of course, you knew there was a woman involved at some point. And in more than just an oven-for-the-bun kind of way, if the drawings on the fridge were anything to go by. But up until now, you’d assumed the two of them had simply parted ways - that she lived a few neighbourhoods away, and Dee visited her every other weekend. To learn that her absence is something far more permanent than that - to witness that purple stick-woman transform into a real, vibrant image in your mind’s eye - is something else entirely, and a thousand possibilities flash through your imagination at shutter speed. You see someone who took care of Dee when she was sick. Someone who encouraged her husband to pursue his goals and start up his own company. A mother and a wife, with hobbies and dreams and a presence that probably bled itself into every cranny of the apartment before Yoongi had stripped it bare in her wake. 
Someone who probably would have been utterly furious at you for all the bold assumptions you’ve made about him so far.
You wonder who the man standing before you might have been, had he not had the person he loved most in the world torn from him just as they were starting a life together. All at once, your gut burns with shame.
“Mr Min...” you say, your voice barely loud enough to make the distance between you. “I’m so sorry.”
Yoongi is quick to shake his head. “Don’t be,” he says, his tone kind but firm. “I’m a grown man. My grief is no excuse to treat people poorly. If I could take back what I said that night I would, but when your message came through it -”  He abruptly stops talking. 
If you didn’t know better, you’d think there was a hint of a blush on his cheeks. 
“It caught me off guard,” he finishes eventually, inclining his head in a small bow. “Please accept my apologies.” 
Feeling a little winded by the whole ordeal, there’s little else you can do but return his gesture, stooping low with your hands on your thighs. “Of course,” you manage. “Please, consider it forgotten, sir.”
Yoongi straightens up with a nod. His dark eyes skim over you with an unreadable expression.
“Just for the record,” he adds tentatively, “I never would have fired you for something like that. I’m afraid my daughter is already far too attached to you.”
You flushed at the sentiment, embarrassed for reasons you couldn’t quite place. “I highly doubt that’s true,” you mumble, glancing downward. “I’ve only been here two weeks.”
“On the contrary, there’s a bag of Christmas peppermint creams in the fridge that she made you at after school club,” says Yoongi. “I asked where mine were and she pulled my wallet out of my pocket, handed it back to me and told me to stop sponging off other people’s hard work.”
For the first time during a conversation with your employer, you let out a genuine laugh. 
Yoongi doesn’t laugh along, of course. He doesn’t even smile. You’re starting to figure at this point that his blank expression might actually be his happy one.
“Hey - will Dee be okay?” you ask a few moments later, when the room lapses back into a comfortable quiet. “I wasn’t aware that she might be going through a tough time...”
“I think she’s normalised it now,” Yoongi explains, sliding his hands into the pockets of his slacks. “She was too young back then. Her memories of her mother are abstract at best. The drawings she brings home from school, they’re just copies of photographs really. The stuff she knows from home videos or stories I’ve told her.” He pauses. “I think she can sense it though. How I get a bit funny around Christmastime. I think it upsets her.”
“You can’t help it,” you insist gently, the guilt of judging Yoongi too harshly causing your stomach to clench up once again. “Dee’s a smart girl. I’m sure she’ll come to understand it one day.”
Yoongi watches you from across the room, his head slightly tilted like he was trying to figure something out. 
“Thank you,” he says eventually. “For taking care of Dee. Things before… they were hard on her. I wish I could be there for her more.” He glances away momentarily. “I think you being here has made things easier.” 
Something warm and fuzzy unfurls in your chest at his words. 
“I’m happy I could help,” you say honestly. “She really is a great kid.”
“She is.” Yoongi nods.
“And she thinks the world of you,” you can’t help but add, because despite your previous assumptions about Yoongi’s parenting, it hadn’t taken long to cotton on to the fact that Dee never shuts up about him. 
“Right,” Yoongi snorts. He pushes away from the sideboard. “Tell me that again when the teenage years roll around.”
You grin, and he hesitates a moment for gesturing towards your raincoat.
“It’s dark out, and the light in the parking lot keeps flickering out,” he says. “I’ll walk you to your car.”
The offer takes you by surprise. You’re not used to seeing the kind side of your employer. Hell, you’re not used to much more than thinly-veiled criticism and blunt remarks.
Nonetheless, after saying a final goodnight to Dee, you let Min Yoongi walk you downstairs that day.
(You let him do it every day after that, too).
You’re sweating buckets by the time you reach the front door, your hair a wild mess from the unexpected bout of snow that had caught you on the way over. Panting like an animal, you raise your elbow to press the doorbell, taking about three tries before you actually manage to accomplish such a feat. 
It’s barely even finished ringing before Yoongi is standing before you, a disgruntled look on his face and cheeks pink from exertion. 
He’s dressed down - or as dressed down as one can be in a Ralph Lauren sweatshirt and comfy slacks, which in reality is about as close to loungewear as he’s likely to get. Up until now you were convinced the man slept in a full suit. 
Standing in the doorway with one hand on the frame, he gives you an unimpressed once over.
“You’re late.”
You roll your eyes. “Hello to you too.”
“What’s with the bags?” 
“Just a few things to get us through the week. Can I come in, or...?”
Begrudgingly, Yoongi moves out the way, though he’s still eyeing you warily.
“Exactly how much sugar are you planning to stuff my kid with while I’m gone?” 
You place your shopping bags down in the entryway with a sigh. “It’s Christmas, for heaven’s sake, what else are we supposed to do if not overeat until we pass out in front of the TV?”
Yoongi hums, his lips pursed. “Right. Just remember no sweet treats after eight. And no milk either for that matter, we’re trying her on -” 
“A lactose free diet to see if it helps with the stomach cramps,” you drone. “I’ve been here every weekday for a whole year, Yoongi. There’s no need to reiterate the rules every time I walk in.” 
“You might know the rules, but I know my daughter. She despises oat milk with a passion, and she’ll try every which way to get you to cave when it comes to hot chocolate.” He pulls out his wallet with a sigh, and your expression morphs into one of confusion. “How much do I owe you?” 
“O-oh! You don’t have to pay me back,” You hold your hands out in front of you, shaking your head. “These are a gift, and they barely cost anything anyway. It’s just gingerbread men and.. and colouring books and stuff.” 
Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. 
“Really,” he drawls. “So you’re telling me I won’t find the new Super Smash Bros game buried underneath all that junk food if I take a look?” 
“Shh!” You clap a hand over his mouth, eyes darting towards the living room. “Don’t spoil it!” 
Yoongi sighs, taking your wrist gently so he can speak again. “Snacks are fine, but that game is at least forty dollars. I can’t have you spending that much money on us.” 
“But I want to,” you insist, giving him the puppy-dog eyes. “Dee’s wanted it for months, and she’s been working so hard recently. I want to show her I’m proud of her.” You stick your bottom lip out. “Please let me.” 
Yoongi narrows his eyes at you. “Don’t look at me like that.” 
“Like what?” 
“You know what.”
You grin wickedly. You already know you’ve won.
With a reluctant grumble, Yoongi slides his wallet back into his pocket. “I’m only letting this slide because I’m running late,” he says, even though you’re both aware he’s not. He nods towards your grocery bags. “You need help getting those to the kitchen?” 
“I’ll be fine,” you wave him off. “You finish packing, boss. I’ll go say hi to the little monster.” 
Unsurprisingly, Dee is still in her pyjamas when you find her. She’s curled up on her side at the foot of the Christmas tree, Home Alone playing on the TV for the umpteenth time. You know it’s her favourite. She and Kevin have a lot in common when left to their own devices.
“Hey, bug,” you say in passing. “You getting into the Christmas spirit?”
Dee barely even lifts her head to look at you. “How can I?” she mumbles into the carpet. “I’m being abandoned. Again.”
You tut, opening the fridge so you can unload the goods into it. “Hey now, it’s not all bad. You have me, remember. And I have gingerbread men.”
You hold up the box and shake it, but Dee merely blinks at your efforts to raise her spirits. 
She sighs forlornly, her gaze sliding back to the TV.
Your eyes soften as you watch her. She looks so small like this, rolled over on one side with her knees tucked up against her chest. It’s hard to believe this is the same little girl whose performances explode like dynamite when she hits the ice, the energy she exudes reaching every corner of the rink. 
In these smaller, quieter moments, you see more of her father in her than ever.
“Dee,” you say, your voice gentle but firm. “Look at me, bug.” 
Reluctantly, she peels her eyes away from the TV screen to meet yours.
“You know your dad doesn’t want to go any more than you want him to, right?” you say. “If it were up to him, he’d be staying right here.”
“I know...” Dee mumbles, playing with her fingers. “I just don’t like it when he’s gone.”
“I know you don’t, bug.” You smile sadly. “And that’s totally okay. But we need to make sure we don’t make this any harder on him than it needs to be, right? That means no tears this time.”
Dee rolls her eyes, her cheeks flushing. 
Yoongi had been called away on a weekend business trip in Paris a few months ago, and for whatever reason, the kid had had a meltdown like nothing you’d ever seen before when it came time for him to leave. It had taken all your strength to pry her arms from around his leg, and at the time it had been heart-breaking to witness. 
Her separation anxiety always tends to show its face at some point when Yoongi goes overseas, but never before to that extent. You don’t think you’ve ever seen a man look quite so torn as Yoongi had in that moment. If you hadn’t been there, you’re convinced he would have cancelled the trip altogether. 
Thankfully, the farewell goes a lot smoother this time. When Yoongi returns from his bedroom with suitcase in tow, Dee stands up and hugs him with little fanfare, burying her face in his stomach. He lifts a hand to smooth over her hair. 
“Be good, okay?” he says. “I’ll be back before you know it.”
“Love you,” Dee mumbles when she pulls back, and you send her an encouraging nod Yoongi’s shoulder. 
“Love you too, kid.” Yoongi bends to kiss the crown of her head, and you observe the exchange with the familiar ache of longing in your bones.
You see him to the door afterwards, the two of you loitering in the threshold as you go through the usual routine of checking he has everything.
“Boarding pass?” you say.
“In my bag.”
“Phone? Wallet?”
He pulls both out to show you. You smile fondly, leaning up against the doorframe with your arms crossed. 
“Text us when you land, okay?” you say softly.
“Yeah.” Yoongi nods. “If you have an emergency while I’m gone -”
“Call Namjoon, his number’s on the fridge under the banana magnet.” You roll your eyes, absentmindedly reaching out to fix his collar. “Again, been here a whole year, Yoongi. I know the drill.”
Your brain catches up a few seconds too late, and by the time you’ve realised your error Yoongi is already blinking down at your fingers, frozen in the process of smoothing down the hem of his sweater. 
Your eyes go wide in panic.
“Um-!” You retract your hands as if you’ve been burned. “H-have a safe flight, okay? I’ll see you soon!”
Yoongi merely hums, staring at you from beneath hooded lids with an unreadable expression.
You all but slam the door in his face, leaning your back up against it and pinching the bridge of your nose in frustration.
“...fuck!” Yoongi hears you curse on the other side.
Last year
The first time you realised you’re in love with your employer, it’s the evening of Dee’s first regional skate competition.
At the request of the little princess herself, you wander into the changing rooms fifteen minutes before the show to give her a good luck hug, finding her perched on a bench in a sparkly blue costume. Her skates are already done up, feet swinging back and forth and her entire body seeming to buzz with energy. Smiling, you begin to make your way over. 
Then you spot him.
Perched on one knee, his hair swept back off his forehead and the sleeves of his work shirt rolled up to his elbows, Yoongi wields a makeup palette in his left hand and a brush in his right. When he murmurs something soft under his breath, Dee responds by closing her eyes. You watch on in quiet awe as Yoongi leans up to brush the glittery powder over her right lid with feather-light strokes. 
When he’s satisfied with the blending, he swaps out the eyeshadow palette for a pack of rhinestones, even going so far as to use a pair of tweezers to apply them seamlessly to her lash line one by one. You can’t help but wonder how many times he’s done this before. He must be the only father in the room right now, and something about the way he owns that fact makes your chest swell with something warm and unidentifiable. You wonder if the braids on her head are his handiwork too. If it was his idea that she wear her mother’s necklace over her costume tonight.
In this moment, you know with certainty there was no one in the world Min Yoongi cared about more than his little girl. 
When he just so happens to glance your way a moment later, Yoongi’s expression barely shifts from his default glower.
“Oh, good,” he remarks drily, tossing you a can of hairspray. You barely managed to catch it without fumbling. “She’s got some flyaways round the back. There’s a comb in the front pocket of her gym bag.”
He goes straight back to work without sparing you a second glance after that, firmly instructing Dee to stop wriggling lest he poke her eye out by accident. 
You swore your heart has never felt so full. 
Biting back a smile, you wordlessly locate the comb and start smoothing out her hair. 
“Hold it… hooold it…”
“Dee, babe. I really don’t think -”
“Hold it, Y/N!”
You exhale heavily through your nose, arms trembling as you struggle to maintain the downward dog position you’ve been forced into. Dee isn’t having nearly so much trouble, her forehead lightly touching her yoga mat when she arches her spine. She wiggles her bottom playfully in the air.
“That’s, guys. You look great!” chirps the annoyingly perky young woman on your iPad screen. “Now we take our right leg and extend upwards, pushing down hard into our heel so we can really feel that stretch in our hamstrings.”
“Trust me, I’m feeling it,” you grunt, barely managing to raise your right leg thirty centimetres off the ground. 
Dee giggles, her leg already extended to its full height as if her body were made of elastic. 
Your core contracts with the effort of keeping you upright, knees threatening to buckle beneath you.
“How is this fair? You’ve been skating since before you could walk and I haven’t moved this much since high school.”
“Tina says each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself.”
You roll your eyes. “Tina sounds like a hoot.” 
“That’s the spirit, ladies! Other leg, let’s go!”
You groan, switching sides. It’s the third day in a row that Dee’s had you do stretches with her, and you’re starting to feel more like you’ve signed up for a week of boot camp than a week of babysitting. 
Dee squints at you from beneath her armpit. 
“Y/N,” she sighs.
“You’re dropping your hips.”
“My apologies, Drill Sergeant Min. Won’t happen again.”
She returns to her position, shaking her head like a disappointed school teacher. “You’re worse than dad, you know.”
You do a double take. “I’m sorry - Yoongi does this with you?”
“Sometimes.” Dee moves gracefully into a side plank, facing away from you. “When he doesn’t have work.”
“And you’re telling me I’m worse?”
“It’s considera-bly,” you correct her with a huff, more out of indignation than anything else. 
“Po-tay-to, po-tah-to,” Dee shrugs.
You let out an amused snort, though your mind is still reeling at the thought of Yoongi willingly assuming the lotus position and breathing out for eight counts. Scratch that, your mind is reeling at the thought of Yoongi wearing anything other than slacks. What kind of power does this kid wield that she can get the human robot himself to break a sweat? 
You continue on with the routine until you can’t any longer, at which point you collapse onto your back with little ceremony. 
“That’s it,” you pant, waving the metaphorical white flag in the air. “I’m done. No more.”
“But we haven’t even got to the headstand part yet!”
“Go on without me, bug. I’ll only hold you back at this point.” You manage to sit up despite the dull ache in your abs, glancing over at the wall clock. “Man, it’s getting late. I should get started on dinner.”
No sooner have you spoken it that Tina’s bouncing breasts disappear from your screen, replaced by Yoongi’s caller ID. 
“Dad!” Dee gasps, already lunging forward to press accept before you can think to stop her.
When Yoongi’s expressionless face appears, he is confronted with the image of you kneeling on your yoga mat in a ratty pink sports bra and leggings, frozen like a deer in the headlights with your brow glistening with sweat and an eight-year-old’s halloween headband holding your hair back from your face. 
You freeze. Yoongi blinks at the velvet cat ears sticking up from atop your head.
“Good morning,” he says in a low rumble.
In the next second you’re diving off-screen with a muttered curse, grappling for your T-shirt where it sits bundled up on the floor. 
None the wiser to your panic, Dee scrunches her nose up. 
“Morning?” she says, settling on her stomach with her chin in her hands. “It’s like five p.m.”
“Different time zones, kid. It’s almost lunchtime here.” Yoongi reclines in his fancy armchair, which is presumably in his hotel suite. “You two have been working hard I see.”
“No pain, no gain,” Dee tells him matter-of-factly, even going so far as to flex her bicep for the camera.
Yoongi hums. “Just don’t go pushing yourself too hard, hm? One of these days you’re going to twist yourself up into a pretzel position you can’t get yourself out of, and when that happens -I’m- the one who’s going to end up carrying you around.”
“Tell that to Y/N,” Dee snorts. “She looked like a drowning octopus when we got to the backbends.”
“I was not that bad,” you hiss, your face heating up with embarrassment despite being off-camera. Then, as an afterthought, “And how the hell does an octopus drown?”
Nobody is listening to you. It might just be a trick of the light, but you’re convinced you spot the corner of Yoongi’s mouth give a slight twitch of amusement.
“Be nice, Dee,” he says, though he doesn’t sound particularly worried for you. “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen, right?”
You pause, giving Dee the side-eye. “...Did he just quote Tina?”
She fixes you with a serious gaze. “Careful. Dad is a big Tina fan.”
“Ugh, I bet he is,” you mutter under your breath, pulling a face as you recall the way Tina’s cute little glute muscles had contracted during the standing pigeon. 
“Feel free to let me know when you’re done talking about me like I’m not here,” Yoongi drawls dispassionately, taking a sip of his coffee. “I need to speak with Y/N.”
You can’t help the way your stomach flutters at that. Hesitantly (and having disposed of Dee’s cat ears), you lean back into frame. 
“What’s up?” you say with an awkward wave, already cringing at yourself internally.
Yoongi blinks languidly, passing no comment on your previous state of undress. 
“I’m expecting a delivery to arrive at some point this week,” he says. “I need you to sign for me and put it somewhere safe. Preferably out of reach for anyone below four-foot-two, if you catch my drift.”
“Ohh,” you nod slowly, giving him the thumbs up. Clearly this delivery was Christmas-oriented. “Gotcha. Don’t worry, boss, I’ll make sure no prying eyes see anything they shouldn’t.” 
You shoot him an exaggerated wink behind Dee’s head.
The smallest of smiles works its way onto Yoongi’s lips, and the sight is nothing short of stunning. Just like clockwork, the sight has your chest aching for him to be home. You open your mouth to speak again - perhaps to ask how Berlin is treating him, or some equally lame attempt to keep him on call for a little longer - but before the words can form there’s a sharp knock on the door of Yoongi’s hotel suite.
“Come in,” he calls gruffly.
Fortunately (or perhaps not so fortunately) the angle of the camera is just right that you can see the reflection of the door in the mirror behind, swinging open to reveal his guest. 
“Aha! There he is,” a sultry female voice sounds through the screen. “I’ve been looking all over for you, mister.”
Your heart sinks right to the pit of your stomach. Lower, if it were possible. 
There’s no doubt in your mind that the woman standing in Yoongi’s doorway is anything short of a goddess in a pinstriped skirt. You’d have to be blind not to see how gorgeous she is, all long limbs and softly curled red hair that falls in waves about her shoulders. She leans up against the doorframe with her hip cocked, a playful smirk on her face as she looks at your employer.
“Sofie,” Yoongi acknowledges with a polite nod. True to form, his expression betrays precisely nothing of what’s going on in his head. “Did you need something?”
“I just wanted to ask if you’re coming to lunch. We’ve made reservations at the restaurant downstairs if you’d like to join us.”
Your eyes skirt away, seeking out something better to look at. Anything really, so long as it’s not the obscenely beautiful woman who's hitting on the man you love in a swanky hotel eight thousand kilometres away.
“That’s very kind of you,” says Yoongi, and you wish for once that his voice was anything other than a monotone drawl. There’s absolutely no way of deciphering whether he's into this woman when he talks to her the same way he talks to you, and Dee, and noodles on the damn stove when he wants them to hurry up and boil. “I just need to finish up this call. I’ll be down in a minute.”
“Perfect.” Sofie pushes away from the door with a coy smile. “I’ll see you there.”
She turns on her heel, hips swaying like a pendulum as she slinks out of the room. When the door closes behind her, Yoongi returns his focus to the camera, totally nonchalant. 
“Looks like I’m out of time,” he says.
Dee props her chin on her hand, pouting sullenly. “Are you gonna be home soon?”
“Four days, kid, then I’m all yours.” His gaze flickers over to you. “You two take care, okay?”
“You too,” you nod quickly, determined not to let the internal battle you’re having right now show up on your face.
“I’ll see you later.”
“Bye, Dad.” Dee waves.
“Enjoy your-”
The call ends abruptly, cutting you off.
“... Night,” you finish lamely.
The lovely Miss Tina returns to your screen, and Dee blows a gust of hair from between her lips. The sound startles you somewhat.
“Man,” she says, flopping down onto her stomach. “I hate that B-word.”
“Dee!” you shriek, your eyes almost bugging right out of your head.
She blinks up you innocently. “What? I didn’t curse.”
“I - God, who even taught you that?”
“Family Guy,” she shrugs.
“Right, that’s it. I’m revoking your TV privileges for the rest of the week.” You stand up, waving your finger at her so she knows you’re serious. “Just because it’s a cartoon does not mean it’s suitable for kids.”
“Fine. I’m sorry,” she mutters. “But Sofie really -is- annoying. She’s a froo-trarian, so we had to eat this really weird meal with papaya and stuff when she came over. And she said figure skating is basically just a style of dance!”
You freeze halfway to the kitchen.
“A froo-trarian,” Dee repeated, with extra emphasis on the ‘froo’. “It’s this religion where you don’t eat anything with a face, or anything that came out of something with a face, or anything green unless it’s a kiwi.” 
“No,” you shake your head jerkily. “No, I mean - Sofie came here? To the apartment?”
“Yuh-huh.” Dee’s already distracted, rewinding the workout video to where you left off. “She was doing some work thing with Dad. They were in his office for hours.”
Immediately, your stomach tightens with anxiety. Something about that doesn’t sit right with you at all. Yoongi hardly ever has people from work around, much less for a meal. The man can barely even feed himself when the recipe calls for more than a microwave.
A selfish part of you wants to press the matter with Dee. To ask her more questions about Sofie, and what was said over this illusive dinner they had together. How Yoongi had acted with her. But you know it’s not your place to pry. 
Yoongi deserves his privacy, and you refuse to let your paranoia infringe on that.
“I’ll get started on dinner,” you murmur, continuing on your way to the kitchen.
The feeling of unease stays with you for the remainder of the evening.
Last year
You’re filling in for a friend at the university library when the call comes through. Not on your mobile, because that’s been off all morning, but via the landline you didn’t even know the place had. Your supervisor hands you the phone with raised eyebrows, looking slightly rattled by whoever’s on the other line. 
“It’s for you. They say it’s urgent.”
‘They’ turns out to be an uncharacteristically flustered Yoongi. You’ve barely managed to greet him before he’s rushing to speak over you in a garbled voice, his tone simultaneously exhausted and frantic. 
“Dee’s sick,” he blurts, followed by the distinct sound of rooting through his cabinets. “The doctor said it was just a cold but - I don’t know, Y/N, her face is so hot and she can’t keep anything down, not even plain toast -”
“Okay, deep breaths.” You hold a hand up as if he were standing in front of you, doing your best to placate him. “Panicking won’t solve anything. What’s her temperature like? Is she drinking okay?”
“She was at a hundred last time I checked. I managed to get her to drink a little water, but she could barely even finish the glass.” He pauses to suck in a sharp breath. “Fuck, I think I’m having a heart palpitation. Should I give her a whole painkiller or half?”
You blink, taken aback by this new side to your employer. Eternally unmoved, it’s strange to hear his stress manifest itself in anything other than reclusiveness and a sharp tongue. You have to remind yourself how scary it must be to have your child fall sick - especially when you don’t have anyone to support you in taking care of them. 
“Hey,” you say, assuming a more gentle tone, “try to calm down a little, yeah? She’s only just pushing a fever. Her taste buds are out of whack right now, but you can put a dash of fruit syrup in her water to make the taste more bearable. One painkiller should be fine if you can get her to eat a snack with it.” You reach for your coat, shoving your free hand through the sleeve. “I’m heading to my car now, okay? I’ll be with you in twenty minutes. Just hang tight until I get there.”
Yoongi releases a shaky breath on the other end of the line.
“Shit,” he breathes. “I’m sorry, Y/N. Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it,” you say, signing yourself out. 
Things come to a head two days later, when the delivery guy shows up with enough parcels to fill Santa’s sled. 
You’ve managed to wrangle Dee into the living room while you find a spot to hide them all, but it’s no easy feat. You know she’ll sniff them out if you’re not careful enough. Thus, you find yourself in Yoongi’s home office, shoving the final few boxes under his desk. Due to the electrical work he’s in the middle of having done, there’s a strict policy on Dee entering this particular room unsupervised. 
“Finally,” you huff, the last package jammed tightly into the limited space beneath the desk like the final piece in a game of Tetris. You stand up and brush yourself off, feeling pretty pleased with yourself. 
The feeling is quick to dissipate, however, when you turn around to find you’ve somehow managed to miss one of the gifts. 
“Oh for goodness sake,” you mutter, glaring at the unassuming white shoebox atop the filing cabinets. “How many pairs of skates does one kid need?”
There’s no room left under the desk, so you figure one of the larger drawers will have to suffice. Crouching down, you root around in search of one empty enough to store it. 
Later, you’ll muse that it’s funny how something so small can flip your entire world on its head. You probably wouldn’t even have noticed the palm-sized box in Yoongi’s bottom drawer had your sleeve not got caught in the slide mechanism. You yank at it unceremoniously, somehow managing to dislodge the entire drawer in the process. 
“Fucking hell,” you mutter under your breath, the miscellaneous contents strewn all over the floor. 
Setting aside Dee’s gift, you start putting things to rights with a heavy sigh. Only then do your eyes fall to the dainty turquoise box that’s fallen between an old roadmap of Busan. Topped with a pearlescent white ribbon, the branding is unmistakable. 
You pause for a moment, blinking down at it like it might disappear if you stare long enough. When it doesn’t, you pick it up with shaky fingers.
You’re not sure what possesses you to do what you do next. Perhaps you need to see it with your own eyes. With your heart in your mouth, you flip the box open to peek inside.
There’s no denying that the necklace inside was designed for a woman. It’s custom made; dainty and romantic, everything about it practically screaming with intention. It’s almost comical, in fact, how very Yoongi it is. Who else could pull off a courting gift in this day and age if not him?
You laugh at the thought, ignoring the lone tear that slips down your face as you slide back onto your ass with a thump. The realisation that you’re actually crying over something like this makes you feel beyond stupid, but once you’ve started, you can’t seem to stop.
Nonetheless, you can’t bring yourself to peel your eyes away from the necklace either. You imagine Yoongi wandering into the shop during his lunch break and browsing the options - discussing her tastes with the clerk. Despite its beauty, you don’t have the stomach to take it out of the box. To open up the pendant and look at the photo. You think you might be sick if you read whatever beautifully intimate inscription he’s picked out to go inside.
You press your free hand down against your chest with a soft grunt. 
It hurts so much more than you thought it would. It hurts like a bitch.
“As if you thought he’d want you back,” you whisper, your voice thick. You bark a sharp laugh at your own idiocy. “Fuck. I’m such a loser.”
“Y/N?” Dee yells from the living room, and you almost drop the box to the floor in surprise. “The gingerbread men are burning! We gotta take them out!”
“C-coming!” you shout back, your throat tight.
You set the drawer to rights, shoving both the shoebox and the necklace back inside before slamming it shut. 
Last Year
“She really scared you, huh?”
Yoongi’s slumped over on the sofa, his head resting in his hands. With Dee finally asleep in bed having vomited, cried her eyes out, and clung to him like a limpet all through bath time, it’s no wonder he’s feeling worn out by this point. A quick glance at the clock tells you it’s almost midnight.
“Mm,” he groans into his palms, lacking the energy to even lift his head.
“Can I get you anything?” you offer, your voice soft. “Coffee? Something stronger, perhaps?”
He waves a hand vaguely. “Tea will do. I’ll be with you in a minute.” 
You round the corner into the kitchen area, flicking the kettle on before moving over to the fridge. As per usual, it’s covered in Dee’s drawings - more so now, given her recent interest in sea creatures. In between the rough sketches of sharks and jellyfish, there’s countless portraits too - you and Yoongi. ‘Uncle Joon’. Their car Freddy, who sadly found a new home before you could meet him. A self portrait. Yoongi again... ‘Mommy.’
You pause, looking over the picture for the umpteenth time. It’s the only depiction of Dee’s mother you’ve been given - a wobbly purple stick figure in a ruby red dress, with curly black hair that stops at her shoulders. She’s smiling. Her little stick hand is attached to Dee’s on one side, and Yoongi’s on the other. Much to your amusement, Yoongi’s mouth has been drawn as a characteristic straight line.
Apparently some things never change.
You’re so busy examining it that you don’t catch him padding in behind you.
“She’s quite the artist,” he remarks, leaning back against the counter.
You turn around, offering him a soft smile. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”
Yoongi shrugs. “They’re up there for a reason.”
The kettle reaches boil, and Yoongi observes quietly as you set about making the tea. He accepts his mug with a nod of thanks, but doesn’t drink it immediately. Instead he slides his finger contemplatively over the rim, catching a lone drip before it can roll down the side.
“Thank you for coming over tonight,” he murmurs, staring down into the dark liquid. “I really appreciate your help.”
“It’s no bother,” you say honestly. “You barely needed me at all, by the looks of things.”
Yoongi huffs a small laugh, but the sound falls just short of genuine. “It’s okay. I know I’m shit at this stuff. Elle always took care of the coughs and colds when Dee was small.”
You feel your heart skip a beat, only just stopping your tea from going down the wrong way.
He’s never said her name before.
Yoongi is watching you carefully, like he’s trying to gage your reaction. His dark hair shrouds his eyes. 
“It’s okay,” he confirms quietly. “You can ask.”
“What happened to her?” you breathe, like it’s something you’ve been holding in all this time. You didn’t even realise you wanted to know until he said it, but for some reason it feels like there’s so much hinging on his answer. 
You realise belatedly it’s because you want to know Yoongi. You want to understand the little intricacies that make him the man he is, and the woman who played such a big part of it. 
You want to earn his trust. 
“It was four years ago now,” he says, bringing a hand up to work the kinks out of his neck. “She fell ill out of the blue, and the doctors told us it was a lung infection. A rare one, especially given her age, but not incurable. Unfortunately, her body didn’t respond well to the treatment.”
You shake your head. “Oh, Yoongi...”
He nods. Places his glass down with a small sigh. Despite the fact he doesn’t open up often, it’s clear to see he’s made peace with his story now. There’s no anguish in his words; only the fleeting sadness of someone who’s known more loss than they should. 
“She spent her last six months in hospital, and during those last few weeks when she was sick… I’ve never felt so helpless in my life. I think that’s why it was hard today. With Dee.” He seeks out your gaze hesitantly. “I get scared seeing her like that.”
“Anyone would,” you say assuredly, secretly wanting nothing more than to close the distance between you and comfort him. You hold yourself back on principal. “But I promise you, Dee is going to be just fine. It’s just a stomach bug. Some kids are more prone to them than others.”
“I know.” He nods, sweeping his hair back. “I know, I just... get caught up in my head sometimes. Especially this time of year.”
“Totally understandable,” you nod. “You don’t need to explain yourself to me, Yoongi.”
Slowly, as if part of him is still waiting for you to press for more information, Yoongi picks up his tea again and takes a tentative sip.
“...Thank you,” he says after a long pause. 
You raise your eyebrows at him. “For what?”
“For loving Dee,” he clarifies. 
You smile at him softly in the dim kitchen light.
“Thank you for letting me,” you say, raising the mug to your lips.
Yoongi arrives home on Saturday evening, just as the second smattering of snow meets the ground. You hesitate when you hear him come through the door, staying behind in the kitchen as Dee skids into the entryway in her socks. You can hear the surprised grunt she forces from his throat as she flings her little arms around his midsection. 
“Oof. Hi there, kid,” he says, and you can hear the exhaustion in his voice after a long night of travelling. You imagine him lowering himself down into a squat so she can hug him properly. “Isn’t it past your bedtime?”
“Y/N said I could wait up for you.”
“Is that so?” he hums. “And where is Y/N?”
You sigh quietly, understanding that this is your cue. Steeling your nerves, you hike your duffel bag up higher on your shoulder and head out into the hall, your boots heavy against the hardwood floor.
Yoongi’s eyes sweep upwards when you round the corner, trailing all the way from your shoes to the hem of your coat, already buttoned to the top. You pause somewhat awkwardly in the doorway, and he rises to a slow stand. Despite having practiced three times in the bathroom mirror prior to his arrival, your attempt at a casual smile falls miserably short of hitting the mark. 
“Hey,” you say softly, wondering if you look as drained as you feel. You had next to no rest last night, woken at 2 am when Dee had knocked on your bedroom door claiming she’d had a nightmare.
“I can’t sleep now,” she’d said tearfully, clutching her stuffed rabbit to her chest. It was a gift from Yoongi when she was small - something she’s always kept extra close whenever he’s away.
“You and and me both, bug,” you sighed, picking her up gently to take her back to bed.
Yoongi’s coat is still on as he watches you. He eyes the bag on your shoulder warily.
“Hi,” he says, his tone somewhat tentative. 
He knows something’s up.
“How was your flight?” you ask, your gaze skirting all over the place in an embarrassed bid to do anything but meet his eyes.
“Tiring,” Yoongi nods. “It’s good to be home.”
“I’m sure,” you hum.
It’s uncomfortable. Even Dee seems to sense it, burying her face in Yoongi’s stomach again. He settles a hand on the back of her head, but his eyes never once leave you.
“You aren’t staying,” he says slowly, and it falls just short of a question.
You shift your weight from one foot to the other, your fingers tightening around the strap of your duffel.
“I can’t. My family... they’re expecting me.”
“I thought you said you weren’t headed home until Monday now.”
Finally, your gaze shifts upwards to collide with his. It’s not like Yoongi to call you out, but he can sense there’s something awry here. You’ve never been so quick to head out before, always sticking around to put Dee to bed or discuss how she’d been while he was away. Yet here you are - practically two seconds away from shoulder-checking him against the doorframe in your haste to leave.
When you speak again your voice is quiet, but there’s something in your tone that implies you won’t be taking further questions.
“Thing’s change.”
Yoongi blinks. Unable to formulate a response fast enough, all he can do is watch as you lower yourself down to kiss Dee’s head, murmuring that you’ll see her soon. When you straighten up, the small, closed-lip smile you offer him is tinged with sadness. 
“Enjoy your Christmas, Yoongi,” you say before moving towards the open door.
“Y/N, wait -”
“I really have to go,” you sigh, pausing with your back to him.
“Evidently,” Yoongi nods. “But I need to talk to you first.”
“Can’t it wait?” you grit out.
“I’m afraid not.”
You’re at war with yourself when he tells Dee to go sit in the living room for a minute; too distracted to be surprised that she goes without a fuss. Clearly, your weird behaviour is more obvious than you thought. 
Yoongi ushers you wordlessly into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind you both. 
“Y/N,” he says in a low voice, fixing you with a look.
You raise your eyebrows at him.
“What?” you say, crossing your arms defensively. You wince internally at how stand-offish you sound, but Yoongi does little more than quirk a brow. He slides his hands into his pockets.
“Explain,” he says levelly. 
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“You do.”
“Yoongi -”
“You know exactly what I mean, and you’re taking advantage of the fact that I’m shit at reading people’s emotions,” he cuts across you, an underlying note of warning in his tone. “Talk to me, or I can assure you we won’t be ironing this out any time soon - whatever this is.”
You blink, momentarily taken aback that he managed to work that out so easily. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t be. Yoongi’s always made a habit of observing more than he speaks.
“Is it Dee?” he presses, raising his eyebrows expectantly.
“What?” You shake your head. “Why would it be Dee?”
“I’m just throwing out options here,” Yoongi raises his shoulders in a shrug. “Is it me?”
“Yoongi, please…”
“Okay, so it is me,” Yoongi nods. “Good. Now we’re getting somewhere. Tell me what I’ve done, and I’ll fix it.”
“Christ,” you mutter, raising a hand to massage your temples. 
Ever the businessman, Yoongi’s answer to everything is cut and dry. He locates the problem and he fixes it. He despises leaving things up in the air like this, and if you didn’t feel so sorry for yourself over the fact that he’s screwing his work colleague (or at the very least, will be in the near future), you’d almost feel guilty for doing it to him. 
It’s better this way, you remind yourself. This way, no one else gets hurt.
Unfortunately, your employer has a knack for throwing salt in the wound without even realising he’s doing it. 
“Is it the money?” he asks out of nowhere, ticking his head to the side to look at you. “If you feel I’m underpaying you for your time, all you have to do is say so, Y/N. I can’t read minds.”
You open your mouth, then close it again without saying anything. 
For the second time since meeting Yoongi, the force of his words make you feel like you’ve been physically slapped. You glance away as the familiar lump starts to form in your throat.
“You know what?” you choke out. “Forget it.” 
Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow slowly. “Y/N -”
“Tell Dee I said merry Christmas.”
With that, you turn on your heel and make for the elevator, your eyes blurry with tears as you punch desperately at the dial.
Yoongi doesn’t call after you. 
Last year
“I’m really not in the mood for this, Mina...” 
“Just one more round!” your friend begs, clasping her gloved hands together with a pout. “It’s unfair of you to waste your god given talents like this. I need that plushie, Y/N!”
You narrow your eyes at her, your expression largely hidden behind the chunky knit scarf which obscures half of your face. Christmas Pikachu smiles at you mockingly through the glass.
“Fine,” you cave eventually. “One round. And you’re paying.”
Mina claps her hands in delight before pulling her purse out, shoving her coins merrily into the slot.
Around you, the Christmas Eve fair is in full swing. It’s an annual event, complete with ice rink and arcade games, the food stalls crammed with families and friends who are practically rolling in the festive spirit - something you can’t quite bring yourself to get into the swing of this year. 
You haven’t spoken to Yoongi since you left his apartment a week ago, though admittedly, this was not for lack of trying on his end. He’s texted you twice so far - once to ask if you’d made it to your parents’ house okay, and a second time to let you know your overtime payment had been transferred to you. Which, in hindsight, might not sound like much if you didn’t know Min Yoongi like the back of your hand. Getting him to respond to his messages, let alone send one -first-, was nigh impossible if it wasn’t a matter of business.
“So…” says Mina, leaning her shoulder up against the glass as the claw machine whirrs to life. “You’re really just gonna keep ignoring him?”
“Are we still talking about this?” you hum, fiddling with the levers. 
“I just want to know where we’re going from here, babe. You were in bits when you called me the other night.”
You sigh heavily. “There’s nothing to discuss, Mi. He likes another woman. He’ll be dating her by the new year, if he’s not already. The only thing I can do is suck it up and move on.”
Mina nods slowly, watching your side profile. “And what about your job?”
You gnaw the inside of your cheek, hesitating for a moment. Your voice is tentative when you say, “I’ve been in touch with the agency.”
Mina straightens up. “Y/N…”
“Don’t,” you murmur, your eyes remaining fixed on the claw as it descends. “Please don’t lecture me. I know it’s not ideal, but they said there’s a couple of girls on book who can take my place on short notice. They also said they get an influx of requests for sitters around new year, so I shouldn’t be out of a job too long if I play my cards right.”
Your friend’s expression softens. She reaches out to touch a gloved hand to your forearm.
“You know I only want you to be happy, right?”
You nod stiffly. “I know.”
“And if resigning is going to make you happy, then I’ll be right behind you the whole way. It’s just…” she pauses, biting her lip gently. “I know how much you love that kid, Y/N. And I can only imagine how much she loves you. I don’t want to see you hurt.”
“I think it’s a bit late for that, Mi,” you mutter, just as the claw drops Christmas Pikachu an inch from the chute. “And I’m pretty sure this shit is rigged. Let’s move on.”
“Giving up so easily?” says a familiar voice behind you.
You freeze. 
Turning slowly, your stomach sinks at the sight of Yoongi hovering a few feet away. He stands with one hand in his pocket, the other clutched tightly around Dee’s mitted fingers. The dark feathers of his fringe stick out from beneath the woollen beanie on his head, and you can’t help the way your heart clenches up painfully at the sight.
“Y/N!” Dee exclaims, breaking away from her father to close the distance between you. 
You open your arms to her on autopilot, your breath catching in your throat when she wraps her arms around your middle. She rests her chin on your stomach, cheeks flushed and rosy from the cold as she looks up at you with imploring eyes. 
“Where have you been?” she says, showcasing the gap in her front teeth. “Uncle Joon’s had to pick me up from practice three times now, and he’s so much worse at it than you. He doesn’t even let me listen to the radio,” she adds sullenly. 
“I’m sorry, bug,” you say softly, placing a hand on her hat. It’s shaped like a panda head, complete with button eyes and two fluffy black ears. “I’ve been... busy.”
“Y/N,” Mina prompts, not unkindly. Her eyes flicker warily over to Yoongi. “Are you going to introduce us?”
“Uh - right. Sorry.” You clear your throat, gesturing vaguely between them. “Yoongi, this is Mina, my friend from college. Mina, this is Min Yoongi, my -” You cut yourself off, embarrassment coiling in your stomach. “Dee’s father,” you settle for in the end. 
Yoongi steps forward to shake Mina’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Likewise,” Mina hums, though her tone is sceptical at best. “I’ve heard so much about you.”
Yoongi nods. He steps back with hands in his pockets, and you fear another awkward silence might be coming on until he glances sideways at the grab machine. 
“Anything I can help with?” he says, raising his eyebrows.
If Mina is taken aback by the proposal, she doesn’t show it. She’s the complete opposite of you when it comes to social situations. (Meaning she’s actually good at them for the most part).
“Only if you’re better at this stupid game than Y/N,” she sighs forlornly, pressing her finger to the glass. “Christmas Pikachu won’t stop staring at me. Fancy taking a stab at it?”
Panicked by the prospect of being around Yoongi any longer than you have to be, you’re quick to wave her off. “Yeah, I really don’t think -”
“Sure,” Yoongi cuts across you with a shrug, already pulling his wallet out. “How much is it for a spin?”
Dumbfounded, you find yourself standing awkwardly on the sidelines as the three of them crowd around the claw machine. While Mina leans up against the glass with her arms folded, Dee jumps up and down on her toes, cheering her father on as he works the controls. Yoongi barely spares you a glance, already far too absorbed in beating the machine before his time runs out.
Not twenty seconds later, Dee is squealing with delight as Christmas Pikachu dives down the chute with three seconds to spare. 
“Woah!” Mina exclaims, dusting the plushie off as she examines him. “Nice skills. You learn that in business school?”
“Of course,” Yoongi blinks. “They’re big on the fundamentals.”
Mina snorts, but you know she’s not won over just yet. She holds Christmas Pikachu out to Dee.
 “There you go, kiddo. Consider it an early Christmas present, hm?”
Dee’s eyes go wide, her lips forming a surprised ‘o’ shape. 
“Really?” she says in a small voice.
Mina shrugs. “He’s all yours. I don’t really rate guys who play hard to get anyway.” 
She shoots a pointed smile at Yoongi, and you elbow her hard in the back.
None the wiser, Dee accepts the gift with a happy little noise, hugging it hard to her chest. “Cool!”
Yoongi places a gentle hand on her shoulder.
“What do we say?” he prompts.
You can feel your heart thawing when the little girl blushes, realising her error.
“Thank you,” she says shyly, looking down at her pink snow boots.
Mina pats her affectionately between the panda ears. “No problem, kiddo.”
“Right. Well.” You clap your hands together. “It was wonderful seeing you both, but we should be heading back now. Mina and I have a thing.”
Your friend quirks an eyebrow. “Do we?”
“Yes, we do,” you hiss through your teeth, and the message seems to go through. Turning back around, you open your arms to Dee. “Got a goodbye hug for me, bug?”
To your surprise, Dee doesn’t indulge you. Instead she shrinks back behind Pikachu until only her eyes are showing, big and round and hopeful. 
“Aren’t you going to watch me skate?” she says in a small voice, the question muffled by his fur.
Your heart sinks. -Of course,- you think. There’s an ice rink at the fair, and Dee never misses an opportunity to get on the ice. She also never forgets a pinkie promise, and you’ve sworn to her on several occasions that you’d always be there to support her if you could. 
Not about to break your word like that, you sigh inwardly before forcing a smile. 
“Of course I am, bug,” you breathe, straightening up. “But just one round, okay? Mina and I will be watching from over here -”
“Y/N,” Yoongi cuts across you softly. 
Startled, you meet his eyes. It’s the first time he’s addressed you properly since his arrival, and there’s an expression on his face that you’ve never seen before. He peers at you tentatively from beneath his bangs.
“I was actually hoping we could watch from over there,” he says, nodding to a cluster of secluded benches over by the hot chocolate stand. Clearly he’s trying not to make things weird in front of Dee, but you have no trouble picking up what he’s putting down. 
Yoongi wants to speak to you. Alone.
You open and close your mouth a few times as you try to come up with a subtle way to reject him but (as she seems to be so fond of doing these days) Mina beats you to the punch.
“What an excellent idea,” she says, a firm hand on your lower back. “Y/N and Yoongi can go be boring grown ups over there, and in the meantime -” she holds her hand out to Dee with a smile, “- us two will hit the ice and have some real fun.”
Dee flashes her gummy grin, her tongue poking out through the gap her missing tooth left behind as she accepts Mina’s hand. Your friend glances at Yoongi with raised eyebrows, waiting for permission. 
“Fine by me,” he shrugs. He flips his wallet open again, but Mina waves him off.
“Ah, ah, ah. You’re not the only one with money, Mr Marketing guy. This one’s on me.”
Yoongi snorts at that, but he doesn’t protest when Dee tugs both Mina and Christmas Pikachu off towards the ice rink. As he slots his wallet back into his pocket, your friend tosses you a supportive smile over her shoulder.
“Sorry about her,” you mutter, wrapping your arms around yourself. You stare at the frozen ground beneath your feet. “She can be a little… hard to please at first.”
“Don’t be,” Yoongi shrugs, like it’s the easiest thing in the world. “I’m actually glad I ran into you both.” 
“You are?”
He hums lowly in affirmation. “It’s been a while.”
You bite your lip in embarrassment, suddenly unsure of what to say. There’s not much point in trying to defend yourself. Both of you know you’ve been ignoring him, and the fact that Yoongi’s acting otherwise right now is a professional courtesy you definitely don’t deserve.
“Come.” He says, jerking his chin in the direction of the benches. “I’ll buy you a drink.” 
He’s already walking away when you look up, and you have little option but to follow. 
Yoongi gently insists that you take a seat while he queues for your drinks, and returns five minutes later with two mugs of mulled wine. You accept with a quiet thank you, raising your eyes at the saran-wrapped cookie he slips into his coat pocket.
“For Dee,” he explains. 
The two of you lapse into an extended quiet as the new skaters take to the rink. Dee and Mina appear together, laughing as Mina nearly stumbles over right off the bat. They appear to have pawned Christmas Pikachu off to a good-natured attendant, who lifts the plushie’s paw in a wave every time Dee passes by. 
You can’t pretend the sight doesn’t hurt your heart a little. Dee is easily one of the best things that’s ever happened to you, and the thought of not seeing her as much come the new year feels just as painful as the alternative. 
You sip your drink, keeping your eyes glued to her even when Yoongi clears his throat. 
“So,” he says.
“Did I do something wrong, or?”
“N-no? Why would you think that?” you try.
Yoongi pins you with a look.
“Seriously?” he says, though his tone is not unkind. “You’ve been ignoring my texts for a week now. Dee said she emailed you an invite to her New Year's showcase and you still haven’t got back to her. She got Juliet by the way.”
You smile ruefully at your lap, thumbing at the rim of your mug. “I knew she would,” you say quietly.
Yoongi watches your side profile carefully. 
“Y/N,” he says, and you know there’s no wriggling out of it when he takes that tone. “Whatever it was I did, I can’t make it better unless you tell me what’s wrong. You know I’m not good at this stuff.”
You sigh, your breath spiralling upwards in a cloud of white. At this point, you feel utterly defeated. 
“Would it be cliche to say it’s not you, it’s me?”
“Then I’m sorry,” you shrug. “It’s the best I’ve got right now.”
Yoongi stares at you a while longer, his expression carefully blank. Then he turns back to the ice rink.
The pair of you sit in loaded silence for a few moments.
“So that’s it?” 
You shrug. “That’s it.”
Yoongi leans back in his seat. He says nothing.
You’re acutely aware that anyone passing by right now would think you’re a couple. You certainly look the part - sitting side by side in comfortable silence, watching your daughter having fun on the rink. And maybe in another life, in some alternate dimension, that’s exactly what you are. Just the three of you, with no hang-ups or baggage or strings attached. No complications. Just happy.
You almost jump out of your skin when Yoongi speaks again.
“You remember when you sent me that nude by accident?”
You choke a little on your mulled wine, your hand flying to your mouth.
“I - it wasn’t a nude!” you exclaim.
You stare over at him with wide eyes, but Yoongi keeps his gaze firmly on the ice rink.
“I blew up at you over the phone afterwards because I felt guilty,” he goes on, his voice a low murmur. “I don’t think I ever told you that.”
Your eyebrows pull together in confusion. “Why would you feel guilty?” you mutter. “I sent it, not you.”
Yoongi shakes his head minutely, still not looking at you. “The timing was all wrong. It was the anniversary of my wife’s death, and I was… I was confused.” His Adam’s apple bobs when he swallows. “I felt like I was disrespecting both of you at once. It fucked with my head.”
“I’m sorry, Yoongi,” you murmur.
“How many times are you going to apologise for my misgivings?” he says forcefully, and you shut up immediately at his tone. “You’ve done more for Dee in the past year than any school teacher or single parent support service has managed to achieve in five. You cook meals for her, watch every single one of her practices even though you don’t have to, and read to her in those stupid voices she’s always begging me to do.” You chuckle wetly at that. “Not to mention her confidence has shot up from having a woman around the house. She misses you like crazy now that you’re not around.”
“I miss you like crazy.”
You freeze. He’s looking at you dead in the eyes now, and his gaze is burning.
You flinch when something touches your hand, your throat constricting when you glance down to find Yoongi’s fingers wrapping tightly around yours.
“Come back to us,” he implores softly.
“I don’t think I can,” you whisper, your voice thick with unshed tears.
“Because I love you.”
The silence seems to stretch on forever. Your heart beats in your throat. 
When Yoongi retracts his hand, your heart shatters into a million pieces all over again.
“I love you, and you’re in love with someone else,” you say, cursing yourself when your bottom lip starts to tremble. You turn your face away, unable to meet his eyes as you continue. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have been snooping, but I was looking for a hiding spot for Dee’s presents, and then the necklace fell out and… and when we called you Sofie was there, and Dee let slip that she’d been at the apartment to see you so I put two and two together, and I felt so awful, Yoongi... I felt awful that you’re trying to start this thing with someone new, and here I am wishing it was me instead. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to Dee.” You scrub the sleeve of your jacket under your eye. “You deserve to be happy. Dee deserves to see you happy.”
For a man known for being chronically unreadable, every emotion under the sun seemes to flicker over Yoongi’s face in that moment. Eventually, he settles on utterly bewildered.
“Shit,” he breathes. 
You laugh sardonically. “Yeah.”
“You... love me,” he says flatly.
“Please don’t make me repeat all that.”
He swallows. “And you found the necklace.”
“That’s what I said, yes.”
“The necklace for Sofie.”
You glare at him. “Are you trying to rub it in? Yes the necklace for Sofie.”
“Right.” Yoongi nods. “Just to clarify -”
“- Oh for god’s sake.-”
“- You mean this necklace, right?”
You pause mid-sentence when he pulls the box from his pocket, before narrowing your tearful eyes at him.
“I - Why on earth are you carrying it around with you?”
He thumbs over the ribbon gently, resting the box in his lap as he peers down at it.
“Dee and I are headed to her grandparents’ after the fair,” he hums. “I shoved it in my pocket because I was planning on returning it tomorrow.”
Your eyes flicker up to meet his face. 
“Why?” you dare to ask.
“Because last time I saw the girl I intended to give it to, it was as if she couldn’t even stand to look at me. How could I think I stood a chance after that?”
“Yoongi... what are you talking about?”
He passes you the box. “Open it.”
“I’ve already seen -”
Yoongi pins you with a deadpan look. “I won’t ask twice, Y/N.”
You open the box, and the necklace stares back at you. Even though you’ve seen it before, it’s delicate beauty still steals your breath away. 
“Look inside,” he prompts.
Tentatively, you do as you’re told, snapping open the silver locket with gentle care. It takes a few seconds for your brain to compute the image inside, but when you do, you’re clapping a hand over your mouth to muffle the pathetic sound you make. 
There, in the left hand side of the locket, is a picture of you, Yoongi and Dee, snapped by Taehyung shortly after that first skating competition you ever attended. You’re crouching at the side of the rink with your hands on Dee’s shoulders as she holds up her medal, the two of you grinning like idiots. A little further back in the shot Yoongi leans against the railings, his eyes fixated on the pair of you with an uncharacteristically soft expression on his face.
Your heart thuds dully when you realise he’s smiling. 
Your gaze shifts over to the inscription on the other side of the locket, written in simplistic cursive.
Because of you, I have something to hold on to.
Abruptly, your vision blurs with fresh tears.
“I don’t understand,” you croak.
Yoongi shrugs, leaning back against the bench. “What is there to understand?” 
“I… When did you even -?”
You look at him through wet eyes. 
“Paris was three months ago,” you whisper. 
He nods once, decisively. “I figured if I could make it to December without losing my nerve, then the timing would be right.”
You hold each other’s gaze. 
“You want... me?”
“Do you see anyone else here?” 
“But Sofie -”
“Is happily engaged, and came over to the apartment a grand total of once because she was phenomenally behind in her reports and needed the help. I have no interest in her,” he says frankly. “You on, the other hand, are pretty much all I’ve been able to think about for the past year.”
You sniff thickly, shaking your head. “I’m sorry, but I think you’re going to have to spell it out for me. I tend to read these things completely wrong, and I don’t want -”
“I’m in love with you, and you’re in love with me,” Yoongi states plainly. He nods towards the necklace. “Are you going to put that on at any point or just sit there blubbering over it?”
“Can’t we just have a moment for once?” you sob.
“I’m sorry, what else have we been doing for the past five minutes? All these emotions are exhausting me now. Please just put the necklace on so I can kiss you.”
Your eyebrows tug together pathetically. 
“You want to kiss me?”  
He rolls his eyes. “No not really, I just said that for dramatic effect.”
“Yoongi- mmph!”
You’re cut off when he slides his hands around your waist, tugging you forward to meet his lips. His mouth moves over yours softly, as if you’re something precious, and you practically melt into him. Placing a shy hand on his chest, you shudder as a languid heat seeps through every fibre of your being.
Your mind seems to still as the two of you kiss amidst the frigid night-time, and when you break apart a fraction your mingled breath is warm between you. Then Yoongi’s lips are at the corner of your mouth, and on your cheek, and your jaw, and finally hovering gently by the shell of your ear, causing shivers of anticipation to run through you.
“Listen closely, because I’m only going to say this once,” he whispers. “There is never a time when I don’t want to kiss you. I drive myself crazy just looking at you. You’re simultaneously the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and the stupidest woman I’ve ever known because you have absolutely no idea what you do to me.” You bite down hard on your lip, eyes fluttering closed as he presses you closer against his chest. “You’re all I want, every second of the day. You’re it for me, Y/N.”
You feel overcome. The tears have barely ceased, but already you feel like you might start choking on sobs again. 
Unsure of how else to express how much his words mean to you, you wrap your arms around his neck and hug him.
“Say you love me again,” you whisper.
“Do I have to?” he murmurs back, holding you close.
“I love you.” 
“I love you.”
You hold him tighter, turning your face into his neck. “I love you too.”
“Mm. I think we established that earlier when you were -”
“Don’t think I won’t still throttle you,” you whisper softly against his pulse.
You can’t see it, but this time can practically feel him smiling.
You’re not sure how long you stay like that, wrapped up in one another’s embrace as the Heavens open up and a light snow begins to fall, but you can only assume it’s been a while. By the time Dee returns with Mina and Christmas Pikachu, she’s somehow acquired a tub of cotton candy. 
“Why are you crying?” she says through a mouthful of finely-spun sugar, totally nonplussed. 
“Hay fever,” you and Yoongi respond at the same time, quick to extricate yourselves from one another when you realise you’re no longer alone. Yoongi clears his throat awkwardly, his cheeks visibly pink beneath the overhead lights. 
“It’s December,” Dee hums.
Her father pins her with the look. “No one likes a smartass, kid.”
Mina smirks, her eyes flitting shrewdly between the pair of you. 
“All good?” she says.
You and Yoongi steal a shy glance at one another. 
“I think so,” he hums, the corner of his lips curving upwards slightly. 
When he slips his gloved fingers between yours two minutes later, with Dee skipping a few feet ahead of you belting Christmas carols and the cool touch of his locket against your heart, you know without a shadow of a doubt that he was right. This winter miracle - this strange new family you’ve built for yourselves - has finally given you something worth holding on to.
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cutechim · 8 months ago
picking petals|pjm
Tumblr media
summary ↣ you asked for a baby, so a baby is what you’re going to get. 
pairing ↣ f. reader x idol!jimin
genre ↣ married couple au|smut, fluff
word count ↣ 6.3k of pwp i’m so sorry
warnings ↣ nsfw (18+), good old-fashioned baby-making aka unprotected sex, post concert sex, impreg kink, mild pregnancy kink, talk about conceiving/not being able to conceive, dirty talk, soft dom!jm, sub!reader, thigh-riding, oral (f. receiving), brief cockwarming, handjob, cumplay, nipple play, praise kink, jimin is a pretty boy with a pretty cock, use of “daddy” in a non-sexual manner: oc affectionately calls jimin her baby daddy, gross amounts of fluffiness, too much kissing, it’s soft, there is no plot!! (currently unedited)
notes ↣ banner credits: 1, 2, 3, 4. this is technically a stand-alone one shot but it’s set in the owaw universe. enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Jimin knows he’s in trouble before he even steps backstage.
His veins are already pulsing with adrenaline, chest still heaving from two hours of non-stop exertion in the summer heat, but he can feel his heart rate skyrocketing from the mere knowledge of your proximity.
The show proceeded as well as it could have. Jimin takes pride in technical perfection, something that’s become second nature to him. He can perform this choreography in his sleep and no one would know the difference.
But he enjoys being present during concerts—being able to feel the ebb and flow of movement during the performance, using the stage as his canvas, letting the energy of the crowd guide him. Performing was his first love, and to this day, that zeal is undying, pumping through his veins as strongly as ever before.
Yet, he’d been distracted all evening, too busy anticipating the moment the curtains would close and he could get his hands on you again.
Even amidst the chaos of his entrance into the green room—a horde of crew members immediately swarming towards him, pulling off his mic gear and stage jacket—his eyes are able to find you immediately.
You’re conversing with one of his staffers—hair loose, styled casually as it normally is, and there’s a warm glow to your skin that exudes utter radiance. Your eyes are sparkling with enthusiasm, a broad smile filling out your cheeks as you animatedly discuss the show.
And if that isn’t enough to have his heart skipping a beat—your tight jeans hug your figure perfectly, the plunging neckline of your plain blouse providing a generous view.
And though his first thought, regrettably, is how much he wants to tear it off of you, your unassuming eyes light up with excitement when you catch sight of him, and an instinctive smile finds his lips in response. (How you still manage to take his breath away with the smallest, most innocent of actions—that’s a mystery to him.)
He utters quick words of thanks to his crew members as they disperse around him, his surroundings fading into the background as you cross the room to jump into his arms.
“Baby, you were so good!” you exclaim, throwing your arms around his shoulders, completely undeterred by the sweat-drenched towel around his neck. “That aerial was so amazing,” you immediately begin to gush, “and that other move—you told me what it’s called but I forget—it was all so perfect!”
Jimin chuckles in appreciation of your enthusiasm, equal parts endeared and amused.
“You think so?” he asks, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
His mind is already racing to determine the fastest way he can get inside you, but he figures he has to try to show his wife some basic consideration before fucking her senseless.
His attempts sorely fail when your smile broadens to accompany an eager nod, his gaze falling onto the sight of your rouged lips automatically.
Fuck, if the image of them around his cock hasn’t been haunting him for the past few hours.  
“All of it—the choreography, the songs, all that hard work paid off,” you say, reaching to run your fingers through his hair, blissfully unaware of his affliction. (It’s an innocent gesture, but maddening to his sensitized nerves that are yearning for more of your touch.)
“I’m so proud of you, Jiminie,” you whisper, gaze achingly sincere. “You were perfect up there, just like always.”
He feels a twinge of guilt when your sweet, heartfelt words only leave him hungrier for your taste. He values your opinion more than anyone else’s; he cherishes every word of encouragement and support you’ve ever given him.
But what else could he possibly be thinking about, at a time like this? Every passing moment is precious, an opportunity for him to be buried inside you and filling you up again.
“I’m so happy you think so, sweetheart,” he says, pressing a more sensual kiss to your lips—now that the two of you are in the privacy of the hallway. 
You reciprocate gently, letting him take the lead as he molds his lips to yours.
Upon entering his dressing room—while still eagerly chasing your taste—he pushes the door closed with his foot, gently laying you onto the chenille couch.
He wishes he had the self-control to wait a few more hours. He prefers more romantic venues these days, allowing him to take his time and go slow (the complete opposite of most post-concert trysts the two of you engage in).
But this particular room is definitely on the nicer side—resembling a hotel suite with its fancy furniture, a full bath and restroom attached. And it’s insulated from the steaming humidity outside, a dim orange glow illuminating the space, fresh flowers gifted by the venue hosts sweetening its aroma.
Admittedly, this is only the bare minimum he’ll accept on your behalf, but at this moment, he simply needs to be close to you.
Crawling over your form, he bends down to give you a proper kiss, cupping your face with his hands.  
“What else did you like about it?” he asks, mumbling into your lips, refusing to part from them. “Tell me everything, baby.”
You know him well enough to know what’s going through his mind, responding to his leading words with a shy smile.
“You know how sexy you looked up there,” you tease, letting him cage you between his arms. “Anyone with half-decent vision could tell you.”
“I don’t care about just anyone,” he scrunches his face into a pout, shamelessly fishing for compliments. “Just care about what you think.”
He finds your jaw with a dip of his head, gently brushing his lips against your smooth skin.
You let out a faint sigh when he nuzzles your neck, trailing his lips along the contours of your skin languidly.
“Wanna know—” he pauses for a lingering kiss to the nook of your neck “—what my pretty girl likes.”
Meeting his gaze, you take the opportunity to thread your fingers through his hair, encouraging him to lower his weight onto you.
And he loves nothing more than to have you beneath him like this, chest to chest with your beating heart against his.
“I—” You’re distracted from your train of thought when he deftly flicks your jeans open.
Stiffening, you reach for his hand, your eyes darting towards the door.
“Baby—people might walk past—”
“The door’s locked,” Jimin assures you.
He’s a performer through and through, but certainly not an exhibitionist, not when it comes to you. No one else needs to hear the pretty noises you make for him, or to see you all wet and needy.  
“And they won’t be able to hear, it’s soundproof.”
It speaks volumes about how much you trust him, that the tension in your shoulders instantly dissipates, your grasp loosening on his hands to permit him to continue.
He gathers the dark denim of your jeans in his hands, waiting for your approval before pulling them down to expose your panties.
“Tell me what you want, sweetheart,” he utters, hooking a finger into the scant fabric, gently circling his thumb over your clothed clit. “Let me take care of you.”
He’d been hasty about it this morning, and though you insisted you didn’t mind (more accurately: thoroughly enjoyed the rare appearance of his rougher side), the future mother of his children deserves to be taken care of properly.
He gently traces your slit over your panties, pleased to find the fabric soaked through already—a fact that has your face flushing with warmth.
It’s adorable, how you still get flustered by his amorous advances, even after years of being together. It reassures him, that you’re still as smitten with him as he is with you, that the butterflies are yet to subside despite the rollercoaster of highs and lows that you’ve seen each other through.
You hesitate for a moment, as if to debate whether or not to beg him to get inside you as fast as possible, but the sensation of his thumb brushing against your clit coaxes the desirous words out of you.
“I—I was thinking about riding your thighs,” you admit, taking your lower lip between your teeth. “They always look so good on stage, when you dance...”
Jimin hums in approval, feeling his length stir at the mere thought of you on top of him, immersed solely in your own pleasure.
“Yeah, baby? Want to use me to get yourself off?”
With a flushed nod, “Want to get you all wet and messy,” you add breathlessly.
Jimin rewards you with more friction, rubbing the heel of his thumb against your sensitive nub. A little mewl escapes from your lips at the sensation, hips flitting upwards to chase the gratification.
He knows your body, every inch of your flesh, better than his own. He knows exactly what makes you tick, what makes your toes curl in pleasure, how to coax those pretty sounds from your mouth.
And he knows what you like on him as well—it isn’t like he doesn’t notice you eyeing his ass and thighs in this particular pair of pants. But he certainly doesn’t mind hearing you say it, too.
“What else, sweetheart?” he purrs. “That’s not all, is it?”
You squirm beneath him, impatiently grinding into his fingers.
“I want to touch your pretty cock,” you whine, letting out a whimper when he attaches his lips to the dip of your collarbones, nipping gently. “Want to feel you get hard for me, make you feel good.”
Your breathing is becoming ragged, whines growing desperate as he continues his leisurely teasing with an expectant expression.
“I—I just want you to fuck me,” you plead, a swipe of his fingers against your clit snapping your resolve. “Wanna be full of your cock. Fuck a baby into me, Jimin, please.”
He can’t help but kiss you again—earnestly, rougher than he normally likes to, but his fervor is matched by your eager reciprocation, your hips rolling against his impatiently.
After more than a year of marriage to solidify the fact, Jimin can testify to every single cliche he’s ever heard about finding the one. He can see his entire future reflected in your starry-eyed gaze, all the encouragement and assurance he could ever need spoken in your voice only. The intimacy of the stage of life you’ve reached together is only more proof of that.
“Were you good for me?” he asks, his own breath becoming slightly uneven as his mind races in anticipation. “Did you keep your legs up after I left?”
It’s shameless, the way he relishes in the visual from this morning—you in his oversized T-shirt and nothing else, your bare legs resting vertically against the headboard of the bed, cunt plugged up with his seed.
You nod shyly, rubbing your thighs together in an adorable yet infuriatingly-arousing manner.
“You can check,” you breathe out.
It’s an invitation rather than an offer of proof, one eagerly given and even more eagerly accepted.
He drops a kiss to your chin before reaching for the waistband of your jeans, peeling them off your skin to leave you in the scant satin number you have on underneath. A swift tug on your blouse reveals your nipples provocatively visible underneath sheer tulle, the pink of your bra’s binding painting a vivid streak against your skin.
“Fuck,” Jimin mutters under his breath, momentarily distracted by the sight. (Just long enough for you to decide that the new purchase was worth it, simply for the look on his face.) “I have such a hot wife.”
You giggle in response, allowing him to press a grinning kiss to your sternum before lifting your hips to help him shimmy your panties off of you.
He’s greeted by the view he’s been eagerly anticipating all day—your stuffed cunt, still slightly swollen from the treatment he afforded you earlier.
Using his fingers to spread your lips apart, he has to wait a few moments for his cum to begin leaking out, the watery liquid dripping from your lips only sparsely. The fact has him preening, his chest filled with smug pride—knowing that he’d filled you up properly, with his cum deep inside you where it belongs.
It isn’t like the pearly-clear substance coating your walls is a foreign sight. You nearly always convince him to cum inside you, pleading with that doe-like pout of yours until you get your way.
But things are different now, now that your pills have officially been tossed. Now, when you beg him to fuck a baby into you, it isn’t just a fantasy or a distant possibility—no, he’s actually going start a family with the girl of his dreams.
And if he’d been crazy about you before, he’s insatiable now.
Thoughts of you occupy his mind constantly, everything from the most innocent images of you as the beautiful mother you’d be to his children, to what it would be like to cradle your belly and play with your swollen tits while he fucked you from behind.
“Shit, that’s so hot,” he curses under his breath, palming his crotch to relieve the ache that’s building there.
You shiver below him as he runs a finger along the seam of your entrance, fresh dampness already slickening your walls.
“You’re so pretty, baby,” he coos, lifting his reverent gaze back towards you. “You didn’t waste a single drop, did you?”
You nod immediately. “I kept it all in,” you promise, spreading your legs wider for his viewing pleasure.
The earnestness in your voice has his cock stirring.
“I know you did, Princess,” he acknowledges with a breathy exhale. “You want me to get you round and swollen with my baby, don’t you?”
“Please, Jimin,” you beg, once again squirming to get some friction between your legs. “So, so badly.”
Your gaze is so desperately sincere that he has to resist the urge to forget everything else, to spend the next hour simply kissing and teasing you—just to hear more of that sweet, needy voice of yours.
But the sight of your leaking cunt beckons him with primal urgency, overshadowing the flowery sensation in his chest.
If you want a baby, you’re going to get a baby.
“Get on top of me, sweetheart.”
You eagerly comply, swiftly pulling your panties off and switching spots with him. Your hair falls forward to frame your face as you lean over to unbutton his pants, a quick swipe of your fingers popping them open.
To help you out, he pushes his jeans down just enough to expose his thigh, while you clamor for the hem of his sweat-soaked shirt. Your fingernails scrape against his skin lightly when you pull the white tee over his head, before reaching to release his cock from his briefs.
His length instantly springs out of the confines of the fabric, already rock hard and leaking from the tip.
You eagerly wrap your fingers around his girth, but he reaches to stop you.
“Not yet,” he says, lifting you up by your hips to pull you forward, slotting your bent knees on either side of his thigh. He instantly feels your wet folds brush against his skin, a mixture of your fluids and his sweat beginning to mix onto his leg. “I’m not going to last long. Just get yourself ready for me.”
You don’t need him to elaborate, readjusting yourself on his leg, the lips of your cunt rubbing against his flexed muscle.
Hesitating slightly, “I might need some help,” you admit.
You’re clearly seeking reassurance with that worried frown of yours, but he can’t pass up the opportunity to tease you.
“My pillow princess isn’t used to doing the work for herself, huh?”
Your lower lip juts out in a pouty display of displeasure.
“I am not a pillow princess.”
It’s a total lie, but he certainly doesn’t mind.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” he affirms with a cheeky grin, leaning forward to drop a kiss on your forehead. “Tell me how to make you feel good.”
He doesn’t require instructions anymore, but he won’t turn down the opportunity to hear the words in your silky voice.
“Touch me,” you request, breathily. “Wherever you want, just touch me.”
He takes the directions easily, placing his hands on your thighs, enjoying the softness of your skin as he slides them further to cup your ass.
Spurred on by his reassuring touch, you begin rocking against him, easing yourself into the movements slowly.
It takes a few moments for you to adjust to the feeling, but within a minute, you find your stride—grinding down into him while he keeps his thigh flexed.
Jimin’s eyes are instantly drawn to your chest, to the glistening sheen of sweat coating your breasts. Each roll of your hips sends the rounded flesh bouncing in your bra, the fabric lying taut over your perked nipples.
Small whines and whimpers accompany your rhythmic movements, eyes fluttering shut as a wave of pleasure begins to mount in your core.
With a firm grip on the curve of your ass, he reinforces your steady pace, guiding your hips. The wetness of your cunt has smeared onto his skin, allowing you to glide along the length of his thigh without any harsh friction.
And lying beneath you, Jimin is fairly certain he’ll blow his load just from the visual he’s blessed with, without a single stroke of stimulation. There are very few things he enjoys more than fucking you raw, and just seeing you fall apart for him, using his body for your own pleasure—that’s one of them.
For an extended moment, he allows his gaze to linger on your figure, soaking up the beauty in front of him—everything from your pretty eyelashes fluttering with pleasure, to the way your tits sway with each thrust of your hips.
“There you go, baby,” Jimin can’t help but coo, ignoring the ache of his neglected cock. “Look at you, making a mess on me. Is this what you wanted?”
You nod immediately, trying to stifle a moan as you drag your clit against him.
“Let me hear you, pretty girl. No one else is around.”
You let out a soft whimper while continuing to rock against him, prompting Jimin to slide his hands up to the clasp of your bra. With a deft flick of his fingers, he releases your tits from the fabric, tossing the dainty garment onto the pile of clothes at the foot of the couch.
Tweaking one of your nipples in between his fingertips, he rubs circles with his thumb against the other, feeling your peaks pebble under his touch.
“Keep doing that, Jimin,” you gasp, leaning forward onto your hands for a better angle against your clit. “Keep—” you take a clipped breath “—doing that.”
He has no intention of stopping, but your lowered position now gives you perfect access to his leaking cock. You drop a harmless kiss to his base between thrusts of your hips, but then another to his tip, and then one with a hint of tongue—
“Baby,” he interrupts you firmly, taking his desperate, twitching cock into his palm. He barely manages to force out the words, “I want you to cum first.”
You give him that doe-eyed look in response, begging him to reconsider.
“I wanna touch you, Jiminie,” you plead, leaning forward to rest your head on his chest, keeping your legs tangled around his thigh.
Continuing to grind into him, you gently take his cock from his grasp, your imploring gaze fixed on him. “Wanna make sure my baby daddy feels good too.”
He nearly chokes on his own spit at the unfamiliar term, the throb of his dick confirming that the surprise is a welcome one.
You remain completely unaware of his affliction, continuing without missing a beat.
“You have such a pretty cock,” you purr, tracing the prominent vein decorating his underside, teasing his sensitive skin with the feather-like lightness of your touch. “Please, just let me make my pretty boy feel good.”
You’ve certainly come a long way since the two of you first slept together, when you could barely say the word “cock” without a shy stammer. Now, your coy veil is a weapon you use to your own advantage, lifting it off strategically to leave him at your mercy.
“Okay, just—”
You don’t even let him finish his sentence, giving him a pump that has his previously-neglected cock spurring to life, jumping in your hand.
Melting into your touch instantly, he has no choice but to wrap an arm around your frame, his skin craving close proximity to yours. There’s no point resisting his fate—he’s putty in your hands if you decide you want him so, and the way his hips automatically jerk forward into your fondling strokes is proof of that.
Gently circling his weeping slit with your thumb, you spread his precum around the head of his cock, before reaching between your legs to gather the slick that’s dripping from your folds.
You rub his length up and down with your fluids, using them as lubricant for your gentle pumps.
The stimulation hits him all at once—your face buried in his chest, hips rutting against his leg, fingers wrapped around his girth.
“Fuck, Y/N,” he whispers, holding your naked body against his, fingers splayed across your ass for a tight grasp. He takes his other hand to brush a few strands of hair out of your face, looking down at your blissed out expression. “You’re so needy today, baby, aren’t you?”
You nod shamelessly, meeting his gaze with guileless eyes.
He massages the supple flesh of your ass with his palm, encouraging you to keep rocking your hips.
You let out a faint moan in response, release fast-approaching—if your erratic breaths are any indication.
Pressing a kiss to your forehead, “This morning wasn’t enough for you?”
“N-no,” you whimper, caressing him with languid strokes while your cheek rests on his sweat-slickened chest. “Want more.”
Jimin returns his fingers to your nipples, gently rolling them under the pads of his fingertips.
“Take it then, baby,” he encourages you softly. “Take what’s yours.”
You cum with a breathy cry, a shudder running through your frame, limbs going slack in his arms.
Jimin holds you close until the tremor makes its way through your system, pausing to afford you an opportunity to breathe before flipping you over and stuffing you full.
But the moment you catch your breath, your lips are on his.
He’s caught by surprise with how earnestly you kiss him, hands exploring his bare torso, but he accepts the advance easily, breathing life into the kiss with a gentle swipe of his tongue.
You reach to fiddle with the chain around his neck, entangling your fingers with the metal and making yourself comfortable on his chest.
It’s easy to melt into the feeling, your soft hair between his fingers, plush lips caressing his chin and cheeks, chest pressed up against his. In between heavy lids, he catches sight of your crossed legs, feet leisurely suspended in the air.
And the fact is equal parts endearing and amusing.
“I’m not complaining,” he says, smiling in between stolen kisses, “but I thought we were, you know—fucking.”
“You can put it inside,” you hum nonchalantly, continuing to lavish his lips with yours. “Just wanna kiss you for a little longer.”
He can’t help but chuckle at that, though he appreciates the brief lull—it allows the fog of adrenaline from the concert to clear. With his blind lust satiated by the eroticism of what transpired, he can appreciate your presence for what it is.
Comfort. Happiness that seems to seep through his skin and soak him down to his bones.
And so he focuses on the feeling of your lips—soft as the inside of a rose—as you align his cock with your entrance and sink down onto him.
“I love you so much,” he says softly, as your walls ease him into a tight, velvety embrace. The warmth spreads throughout him with an emanating pulse—and once he has your frame wrapped in his arms, his chest is full to the very brim. “You know that, right?”
An endeared smile fills your cheeks as you cup his face with both hands, peppering soft kisses to his nose, mouth, chin.
“You make it hard to forget,” you whisper, stroking his hair as you continue to kiss him, sucking gently on his lower lip. “I love you too, baby. Our kids are going to be so lucky to have you.”
His body responds for him, cheeks flushing pink, cock twitching inside you impatiently.
“Don’t say stuff like that,” he whines. “It’s hard enough for me to last these days.”
Your lips curve into a moony smile, eyes flitting down to his lips momentarily. 
It’s ineffable, what you convey with just that little look—a contrast between contentment, complete happiness, and anticipation, so much excitement and optimism for the future.
“It’s true. You’re going to be an amazing dad.”
His face is practically aflame, and for a moment, he forgets everything else.
“You really mean that?”
You’ve assured him a million times, but years of believing otherwise have left their scars. He’s lucky in that regard, that you’re willing to say it again and again, with as much conviction as the first time.
“I know it,” you assert with a tender gaze, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I can’t wait to make you one.”
You have him under some sort of spell—he’s convinced of that. There’s a form of magic laced in that silvery voice of yours, because he truly believes you. He can see the best version of himself reflected in your eyes, someone selfless and loving, someone worthy of creating life with you.
With one last peck to your lips, he takes you by the waist, gently pulling you off his cock.
“Do you want me to—”
“It’s okay, baby. Just let me take care of you.” He shifts to lay beside you, situating his chest against your back. Snaking a hand between your legs, he rubs a few teasing circles into your clit, eagerly soaking up the pretty sighs that come from you in response.
Gently lifting your leg, he brings his cock to your dripping entrance, nudging your lips open with his head. Collecting more of your slick on his tip, he spreads it along his length with his palm, giving himself a few shallow pumps.
“My gorgeous wife,” he hums upon entering you—slowly, supporting your leg to keep you open wide as his girth forces your walls apart. “I’m gonna give you exactly what you want, I promise.”
As always, despite sliding in without resistance, his size still takes a moment for you to adjust to, and you let out a soft mewl when he finally bottoms out inside you.
“So big, Jiminie,” you whimper, cunt clenching around him erratically.
“Too much?” he asks immediately. “Am I hurting you?”
“No, no,” you shake your head. “It’s good—wanna be full of you.”
He presses a kiss to the back of your neck, attaching his lips there to suck a gentle bruise while his fingers return to your clit. Your silken walls pulse around his length as he flicks at your swollen bud, remaining buried deeply within you throughout.
Despite being unable to see your face, the intimacy conferred by this position—being able to spoon the curve of your backside, hands free to roam your tits and soon-to-be swollen belly—is incomparable. 
He can’t stop imagining what it’ll be like to feel your shared love growing inside you, to caress your rounded flesh as he holds you in this very position.
And though your soft moans communicate your own bliss as he continues to tease your clit, he can feel you grinding your ass back into him impatiently, begging for movement.
He complies, pulling out slightly, then testing shallow strokes to get you acclimated to the friction. Pleasured sighs fall from your lips with each rut, the sounds stringing together to form an intoxicating melody. Maintaining a persistent rhythm with his fingers, he pulls out almost completely, before fucking back into you deeper than before.
“Ah—god, Jimin, keep going,” you plead, prompting him to set a slow yet potent pace. “Don’t stop, please.”
He can’t anyways—doesn’t want to, relishing in the sound of his name falling from your lips over and over again. Your cunt is warm and wet around him, juices soaking his length and dripping down to his balls as he brings you towards your second orgasm. And he can feel your ringed muscles clench around his cock, their frenzy only intensifying when he pinches your clit deftly.  
With your thighs trembling around him, he carries you through your climax, maintaining gentle thrusts to help you ride out the euphoric release. The sounds you’re making only fueled the volition of his hips as they snap into you again and again, prepared to draw out his own cum.
When you finally collapse next to him, muscles spasming around his throbbing length, he slows to a still, reaching to pull your chin back towards him.
“Come here,” he says, meeting your plush lips with a deep, searing kiss. He slides his tongue against yours, caressing it in a manner equally as doting as it is lewd. He absentmindedly rubs your midsection as he does, tracing a circle around your navel with his fingertips.
When he pulls away a few moments later, he catches a glimpse of your eyes fluttering back open, sweat shimmering where your collar bones meet, damp strands of hair sticking to your skin. The sight sends his stomachs doing backflips.
“How are you feeling?”
You don’t hesitate. “Like I want you to fill me up already,” you whine impatiently, despite the fact that your breathing is still shallow from the intensity of your orgasm. “Please?”
He nods, smiling softly at your earnest eyes. He can’t help it, endeared by how blissfully unaware you are of how much self-control it takes for him not to. Sometimes it’s completely unpredictable—a heavy-lidded glance or a swivel of your hips and he’ll unravel like a teenager.
Not that you ever hold it against him when he does. If anything, you get a flattered glow to your cheeks, and he forgets the embarrassment in favor of enjoying the shy giggles that bubble from your lips.
“Anything my baby wants, she gets,” he reminds you with another chaste peck. He slips out of you momentarily to pull your thigh over his, turning you over so that you’re facing him.
He doesn’t waste any time re-entering you, cupping your ass with splayed fingers to draw your hips in. Your heat is sopping by this point, clamped walls coaxing out his release forcefully.
Eagerly scissoring your legs through his, you lean in impossibly close to press your soft tits against his chest, resting a hand on his waist.
“Perfect,” you hum happily, closing your eyes.
He doesn’t have much leverage for his thrusts, but it isn't necessary, not like this. With his cock nestled perfectly inside you, your lips on his neck, short strokes are all it takes. His head kisses your cervix just barely, a gentle sigh into his skin alerting him to the perfect depth for each rocking movement.
“You’re so good to me,” he sighs, as you run your fingers through his hair, cradling his head. He holds your frame tightly in response, grinding his pelvis into yours to give you some more stimulation. The movement draws his attention to his chest, where your pebbled nipples graze against his skin.
He can’t resist the opportunity to take one of them into his mouth, sucking at the sensitive skin with an occasional flick and stripe of his tongue.
You squirm and whimper in response, the stimulation starting to overwhelm your senses.
Lifting his head with a lewd slurp, “You’re going to be such a beautiful mom,” he pants, his warm breath raising goosebumps around your saliva-coated nipple. He drops a kiss to each of your breasts, worshipping their perfect form, trying not to think about how gorgeous you’d look—nourishing the baby the two of you make. A sight to be reserved only for his eyes.
“Make me into one, Jiminie,” you request, in that melodic voice of yours—sweetly innocent and sensuous all the same. You meet his eyes with the most delicate of gazes, reaching to caress his jaw. “I waited so long for you to come into my life, I don’t want to wait anymore. Let’s make ourselves a family.”
He feels his balls tighten, the steady build in his core suddenly tipping over the edge, and he gently pushes you back down against the couch, rolling on top of you. Hooking an arm around your knee, he spreads you open as far as he can, tossing your leg over his shoulder.
And when he meets your anticipatory eyes, so open and earnest, looking at him as if he’s the center of your entire universe—
A groan of “I love you” is all he can manage before his cock begins throbbing inside of you, splashing thick coats of white against your walls. He continues rocking his hips gently as spurts of cum spill into you, his length pulsing while your tight muscles milk him dry.
As he finishes, slowing his strokes down to a still, you cling to his shoulders tightly, peppering his neck with kisses. Other than his chest heaving with panting breaths, he remains purposely motionless, keeping his cum plugged up inside you and enjoying the warmth of your heavenly cunt.
Only when he begins to soften and slip out of you does he stir again—
“Baby,” you whine, protesting his movements. “Don’t go anywhere.”
He chuckles lightly, simply reaching for a cushion from the other end of the couch and sliding it beneath your hips.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done with you just yet.”
Before you can respond, he ducks his head between your legs, ensuring that nothing is leaking out from your slit.
“I didn’t mean—ah!”
He attaches his lips to your clit, lathing your swollen nub with his tongue and draping your legs over his shoulder. Your ripe essence is mixed with his, and he can’t help the instinct to lap up the heady taste, shamelessly reveling in it. 
You instantly begin writhing under him, prompting him to pin your thighs down while he sucks at your sensitive bud.
“Too—too much,” you yammer between gasps. “I don’t—I can’t—”
“You can, sweetheart,” he assures you, relentless. “Need to make sure everything stays inside this pretty cunt of yours.”
You begin bucking your hips into him after a few perfectly-timed flicks of his tongue, waves of pleasure possessing your body. With your spine arched off the couch, your cries sound out with a crescendo, before a shiver marks your climax. The ebb of your release descends with a muted mewl, your thrashing limbs falling limp.
He drops a kiss to your ankle as he unwraps himself from your legs, guiding your feet to the elevated backrest of the couch.
“Are you comfortable like this?” he asks, slightly concerned—it isn’t exactly ideal to have your lower half sticking up in the air as it is.
But you nod without hesitation. “Just come cuddle with me.”
He obliges easily, crawling back up towards you to lay his head on your chest, extending an arm around your waist.
You wrap him up in an affectionate embrace, dropping a kiss to his forehead as he curls up to you.
“I love you so much,” you murmur into his hair. “So, so much.”
“Because I fuck you so well?” he teases, lifting his chin to give you a cheeky grin.
You roll your eyes, through your touch remains tender, fingertips tracing meaningless circles into his skin.
After a few minutes of silence, nothing but the sound of your chests rising and falling in tandem to speak of, “How long do you think it’ll take?” you ask quietly. “For me to get pregnant?”
With post-concert fatigue and fucked-out bliss flooding his senses, he has to force his eyes back open, slightly concerned by the pause in your voice.
“Six months to a year—that’s what the doctor said, right? Why?”
You hesitate for a beat, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m just wondering.”
It doesn’t make sense to worry this early in the process, but he bites back the instinct to tell you so. You’re a worrier by nature, and he knows that this decision places an unfair burden on your shoulders.
A gentle stroke of your cheek draws your gaze back to his face, and he gives you a tender smile.
“I want this as much as you do, but you’re always going to be enough for me.”
You smile weakly in response, eyes soft. “I know that, baby. Trust me, I do.”
“And you feel the same way, right?”
“Of course I do,” you reply without hesitation, almost indignant that he even asked.
He smiles, subconsciously reassured by how confidently you answered.
“I just—I love you a lot,” you explain sheepishly. “I want to share all that love with some tiny humans. Our tiny humans.”
The giddy sensation that fills Jimin’s chest has him floating on air.
“It’ll happen for us, one way or another,” he promises, taking your hand in his to give it a squeeze. “And don’t worry, I trust my swimmers.”
With an amused laugh, “Your swimmers have the easy job,” you reply. “My wrinkly old uterus is going to be the problem.”
“Don’t talk about your uterus like that,” he scolds you. “It’s perfect, just like the rest of you.”
If the look on your face is any indication, that was the right thing to say. Though you playfully feign otherwise.
“You’re such a cheeseball.”
Jimin smirks at that, puffing his chest out slightly. “A cheeseball you’re married to,” he gloats. “And want to make babies with.”
With a dreamy sigh, “I do,” you admit, cupping his face. “I love this cheeseball very much.”
You kiss him again softly, and he feels that inexplicable contrast tugging at his heart once more. 
He could live suspended in that very moment for the rest of eternity, and paradise would pale in comparison.
But he also has a lifetime to look forward to, one filled with unconditional love for the person he knows he’s meant to be with. Whether or not that love will manifest itself into tiny humans—that won’t change anything.
He pulls you in closer to enjoy a few more minutes of solace and intimacy, with the world kept at bay by the dressing room door. The crowds and blinding lights, the spectacle of his career—he loves all of it, but this is what keeps him going. A stillness that filters out all the white noise, attuning his senses to what really matters.
Your thrumming heartbeat lulls him into quietude, both of you blissfully unaware of the bud that started to bloom inside of you a few days ago.
And you’ll have a few more days of calm to enjoy, before the appearance of a simple blue line will mark the beginning of your next adventure together.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Part 13 - Home
pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: one night stand, early relationship, noona, smut, angst, fluff
rating: M
word count: about 6.5k
warnings: SMUT (of course) in the form of penetrative sex w/o protection, hand job, oral f. receiving; language, FEELINGS, alcohol intake (we know everyone is way of age here), FEELINGS, talking about feelings, yoongi being way too amazing for words
a/n: hahaha, so um, thanks for not you know...hurting me for last chapter's cliffhanger. i swear it's the last one. speaking of last, this is the penultimate chapter, but really, it wraps up things (I think and hope). I will do an epilogue and i already have a few drabble ideas in mind, but this....holy shit....this is it. hugs to my support team of @sasseone, @deoxyribonucleicacidworld, @xjoonchildx, @hobi-gif for encouragement and critique. to my patreon ppl who support me with some finances and lovely comments.
and to you dear readers, wow and expletive (i have no idea what to put here). this has been a real journey for me as a writer and me as a person. you all have sent me the kindest asks, comments, messages about birthday girl and this yoongi; and how much they mean to you. i can't express what that does for me. thank you. from the bottom of my cynical, dried-up heart: thank you. i hope this doesn't disappoint.
if you like my writings, consider Patreon. supporters there get an early look at my stuff. :D
series list
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yoongi:: i’m so so sorry, jagi. I can’t get off work to pick you up. I’ll bring the car the moment i can tonight.
You don’t mind. Not really. You’re gross from being on a plane for over thirteen hours, never mind living out of a suitcase for nearly a month. The idea of going home to an empty house to take a shower and do laundry and possibly nap for seventy hours sounds like heaven.
The best friend and her husband have no problem dropping you off, with a travel-weary hug and a promise to have a meal together soon. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been with them this whole time. You always have it in you to spend time with them.
You find the spare key under the deck chair and let yourself in. It smells clean. Not that you live in a disaster, but it’s a very nice lemon-clean smell that you recognize as one of your bottles of cleaner.
Did he clean?
You lock the door and set your keys on the table, pulling your suitcase and carry on with you down the hall to your bedroom. Before you’d left, you’d emptied a drawer in your dresser (no easy feat as you hated to throw things away that were mildly functional) for Yoongi if he needed it if/when he stayed.
You didn’t mention it to him before you left, your mind and body too occupied with other thoughts and actions.
You set your case on your bed and pull open the once empty drawer.
It’s dumb, right? Dumb to feel so much at a drawer full of black and grey t-shirts, black boxer briefs and a few rolled up pairs of socks (he really doesn’t do much color, does he)?
Dumb to touch one of the shirts and sigh at its softness?
You close the drawer, shaking your head and move to do the unpleasant task of unpacking. You make sure that the first load is going before you turn on your shower. Your phone beeps at you.
yoongi:: home?
:: yes, thank you. The place looks better than how I left it.
yoongi:: i wanna claim responsibility but a lot of it was hoseok.
You laugh at the honesty.
yoongi:: it’ll be late when I get in.
:: if you need to stay in the city, that’s fine. I’m not planning on leaving for at least 24 hours.
Was that okay? Yes, you needed, wanted to see him, but you’re nervous. And when you’re nervous you procrastinate.
What a great adult you are.
yoongi:: i might like your bed better than mine.
Your face heats. Even if it really just means that you chose your mattress well and it’s a delight to sleep on.
You take a shower, washing off the hours of canned air and so much human interaction, and enjoying your own loofah and large bottles (no more travel size). You have one of the longest showers you’ve probably ever taken.
You resist falling into your bed in your towel, knowing it’s still a little too early to go to sleep, even though it’s six hours later according to your body. You reluctantly dry yourself off, leaving your hair a wet and tangled mess.
It’s dinner time, so you scrounge in your own kitchen to come up with leftover fried rice. The idea that he has just chilled here and had takeout gives you way too many feelings. It smells okay and all of a sudden you’re starving.
Most of the hours pass in a whirl of laundry and going through a month of mail. Yoongi didn’t throw away anything. Not even the obvious ‘or resident’ mail. It amuses you that he didn’t, that you are now stuck with life insurance offers, and realtors wanting to ‘be the one’ to sell your house. The pile of pointless and rather wasteful mail is much taller than the bills, one letter from your surrogate grandmother, and two ‘this much off if you spend more than you should’ coupons.
You can be gone for a month and very little has changed.
And yet… a lot has changed.
You glance out the window of your back door as though your car and Yoongi will suddenly be there.
Fuck, you’re really anxious.
Which part do you say first? It doesn’t matter that you’ve thought of nothing else on the entire way back. Probably why your dreams had been so unsettling when you dozed on the plane.
As you sit on the couch, exhaustion falls, making you yawn. You glance at the clock over your television. It could be hours with what Yoongi considered ‘late’.
Maybe closing your eyes isn’t the worst idea.
It’s amazing to hear his voice, even in your dreams. You’ve never been really great at remembering too much of your nightly imagines, only the emotions stirred. To hear the low rasp of his voice makes you hum.
You think if you reached out you could actually touch him.
“I can’t carry you to bed. I’d probably drop you.”
Your eyes open and there he is, sitting on the end of the couch, looking at you with messy hair (did he get a haircut?) and his glasses fogged up.
“Yoongi.” You’re up and moving over to him before your brain can catch up, your hands seeking to touch. “You’re here.” His skin barely feels real in your hazy state. You brush your thumbs over the apples of his cheeks. You can feel his skin heat under your hands.
“I missed you,” you say, wanting to infuse those three words with everything you’re feeling. Every time you thought of him while halfway across the world. Every time you wanted to hold his hand, to kiss him.
You can see that he is holding a takeout bag and his messenger bag, so he’s not touching you back. But he’s looking.
What are you so nervous for?
“I missed you too.” He leans in and presses his forehead to yours. “You smell good.”
“You smell like fast food.”
He chuckles and you close your eyes to soak in that laugh of his. The one that always sounds like he didn’t mean to.
“What do you mean you’d drop me?” you ask, eyes opening again. “Are you calling me fat?”
You can’t stop smiling. He’s here. You’re here. A month apart felt like ages but also only two seconds. He bumps noses with you.
“You did say you ate your way through Europe.”
You laugh and playfully push his shoulder, drawing back from him. All you want to do is stare at him. He looks great, but tired. The messy hair is adorable, but the smudges under his eyes make you want to wrap him in your arms.
“How’s work?”
He sighs and then sets down both bags, right on the coffee table. He brushes back your still wet hair.
“I’m exhausted.”
“You look it.”
“My honest girl.”
You feel your eyes well up. You have to tell him.
“I need to talk to you.”
Something flickers in his eyes, noticeable even though the lights aren’t bright in your living room.
But he nods, slowly. “Okay. But I'm honestly half-dead and you look like you might conk out in three seconds.”
“You’re just full of compliments tonight.” Your quick answer covers your disappointment that he wants to wait. You need to get it all out. Right? “Okay.”
He smiles, a slow sexy stretch of his lips. “Can I sleep in your bed?”
You make a face at him, wrinkling your nose. “Only if you shower first.”
He rolls his eyes. “So no kiss?”
Your lips part, eyes dropping to his as though the mere mention makes them a target. The smirk is back.
“Not even a little one?” he whispers, moving closer, reminding you how much you need to tell him. You gently place your hand over his face, pushing him away.
He huffs, but his grin is sly. “You’ll probably be asleep by the time I get into bed.” He gets up off the sofa, stretching
“Probably.” You reach out to grab his bag, but you’re startled by a kiss to your temple. You look up at him and he gives you a lopsided smile. But he doesn’t say anything, just takes his stuff and leaves you in the living room.
You press your hand over your heart like a southern belle in a bad period film. You’re not sure what your heart is doing. You’re not sure your heart knows what it's doing.
You eventually make your way to your bedroom, checking the doors and turning off lights. It’s more early than late for bed, but jet lag is a bitch. You curl up under the sheets, inhaling the scent of your laundry detergent (who knew that felt like home). The sound of water running in your bathroom causes your eyes to drift shut.
It’s in that sleepy fog that you feel your bed dip with his weight. You reach out, almost instinctively now. His hand clasps yours.
“Okay, jagiya?”
“Okay,” you whisper, tired enough that your inhibitions are almost gone. But you’re too aware of the power of the words you wish to say.
It’s about timing, right?
He wakes you with another kiss. This time, on your nose. The softness of it, the sweetness draws you out of whatever dream island you were on.
“Morning.” His voice is effectively rumbly and despite the heaviness of your limbs, you feel much more alert.
You squint your eyes open to see him right above you, looking down as though this is normal. Waking you up after a night by your side is just… normal.
You immediately cover your mouth with your hand and he smiles.
“I really don’t care.” Never mind that you can smell the mint of your toothpaste on him.
“I do.” You maneuver away from him, trying not to laugh as his lips chase your covered ones. He lands a kiss on your fingers, not too far off from where your lips are. You roll out of your bed, avoiding his legitimate grabby hands and hurry to the bathroom. You attempt to tame your hair before brushing the morning out of your mouth. You look like you’ve been sleeping and as you spit and rinse, you remember all the things you’ve been turning over in your brain for what feels like days and weeks, maybe even months. Turning over like those rock tumblers, smoothing the rough edges away until something acceptable is left.
You really hope it’s acceptable.
When you return to your bedroom, he’s slipping on a t-shirt. You pause and he catches your gaze. He sighs, making a sheepish face.
“I couldn’t get off work today.”
Of course he couldn’t. It’s a very important ‘last step’ of his schooling. He needs to be there.
You nod. “Of course. You’re going in early?”
He sits up, opening his drawer and grabbing a pair of clean boxer-briefs. With his eyes squarely on you, he strips the underwear he slept in and puts on the new ones.
Your cheeks heat at his ease stripping in front of you, especially when there’s no aim for sex.
“If I go in early, I can get off early. And come home to you.” He runs a hand through his hair, messing it up even more.
His words are so powerful. Does he understand how much his words mean to you?
He approaches you, still clad in just a t-shirt and his underwear. He tilts his head to the side.
“That okay?”
Your response has him grinning wide, all teeth, and moving in to kiss you.
You have to tell him.
He stops. “What is it?”
You open your mouth, but close it. Maybe you’re really aware of everything or maybe you read him better, but is he nervous? Is that the little shake in his voice?
“When do you have to leave?” You look beyond him at the clock on your vanity. He turns too.
“Like 15 minutes.” He looks back at you. “Bad timing.”
Isn’t it just?
You press your lips together. You can tell him this much. Let him decide what to do with the information.
“The night I called you.” You watch him take a step back as you begin. “Um, when I was drunk?”
“You said you were tipsy.” The teasing is in his voice, there beneath the worry.
You force a smile to your face. “Same thing. I ended the call.”
He lets out a long breath before backing up to sit on the bed. “You know it doesn’t matter, right?”
You blink at him, taken out of your carefully thought-out, though rather lame, speech. “Huh?”
“Whatever happened. With that guy. It doesn’t matter.”
You don’t feel very impressive in your pajamas, standing in your bedroom. But you cross your arms anyway.
“How could it not matter?”
“I mean, to me. Whatever happened. You still–” He swallows. “I mean, you aren’t acting like you want to break up.”
Your eyes widen. “I’m sorry?” You can hear your voice drift into that shrill range and you work to keep it even. “Why would I share my bed with–? No. No. I’m not, but you–”
His head lifts at that, having dropped after his bombshell. “But me?”
You drop your arms. “Can I just… get this out?”
His smile is tiny, but encouraging, like he can’t help but be fond. “Go on, sweetheart.”
The endearment makes you falter, but you strive on, determined. “I kissed him.”
He waits as though you plan to say more. “And?”
“That’s it. I was a little drunk, and he was nice and handsome and I figured, maybe you had a point. Maybe I just want you because you want me. So I kissed him.”
He swallows again and you watch the movement of his throat. “I see.”
“Do you?” You walk to him, intent on finding the right words to make him understand. “Do you understand that the kiss was nice, but it wasn’t you? Kissing him was like… eating my favorite meal, but not made right. He wasn’t right.” You stop walking when your legs touch his bent ones. You don’t know what to do with your hands, so you just lay them lightly on his knees. “He wasn’t you.”
Yoongi’s face can be completely unreadable, but at the moment, you think he’s in shock. He thought you’d slept with Val, which is both frustrating (you’ll never agree with him) and sad.
“I wasn’t sure you’d want to kiss me if you knew I’d kissed someone else.”
He encircles your wrists with his fingers, a little too tight. “I thought you had slept with him. And I still wanted you. A kiss…”
You interrupt him. “Do not say a kiss is nothing.”
His hold loosens. “I won’t. I just… “ His head drops and rests on your upper chest. “When you hung up, I hated myself for saying it. For encouraging you to be with someone else.”
Well, that is satisfying.
“Don’t sound so smug,” he replies, not looking up. “I still think–”
He sighs. “I know.” He runs his hands up and down your forearms, raising up his head.
“Promise me you’ll never suggest it again?”
He purses his lips. “Yeah.” He glanced over at the clock, halting you from continuing. “I have to go.” He stands up, causing you to back up a few steps. Without hesitation, he cups your face in his hands and kisses you.
You melt.
There’s no other way to describe kissing him. It’s the same motions, the same body parts touching as anyone else you’d ever kissed, but it was different. It is different.
You realize you’ve rarely kissed anyone, loaded with feelings as you are right now. A sad commentary on your love life, but even the first night, kissing Yoongi was different.
“I’ll be home before supper, okay?” he says against your mouth. You kiss him again, gripping his t-shirt. “Can I use your car?”
“Yes. I plan to not do anything all day.”
He smiles, making you open your eyes to gaze at him. “I’m jealous.”
“You wanna stay and ‘not do,’ with me?”
“If I stay, we’re definitely doing something.” He punctuates the suggestion with another kiss, lingering this time, his fingers tracing along the curve of your ears.
“You might want to put on pants before you go.”
“You think?” he says, chuckling before letting go of you. He walks around to your closet. You watch as he pulls a haphazardly folded pair of jeans off the shelf in the corner. As he puts them on, he speaks again: “You emptied a drawer.”
“Yes. I thought you might need one.” You don’t say that you debated it for about three days before clearing out the ridiculous amount of t-shirts you own (how many is too many?). You don’t say that you’ve never made space in your home for someone. A guest room is one thing. A drawer is something else entirely.
“Thanks.” He buttons his jeans, allowing him to slide his hands into his pockets. “You sure about the car?”
“Of course. I might sleep more.”
He bites his lower lip to keep from grinning too wide before pulling you in for a hug. “I’ll hurry home.”
“Thank you for telling me. Even if it doesn’t matter.”
“It does.”
“It matters to you. But it doesn’t change anything for me.” He rubs his cheek on the top of your head. “You can show me all your pictures when I get back.”
You just nod, holding him closer.
“Jagiya?” He notices. He notices everything.
“It was a long month.”
His breath catches before he replies. “Yeah.” He draws back. “Go back to bed.” Another kiss to your forehead and he heads out of the bedroom. You don’t move for several seconds, listening to him gather his things, including your keys. When the door closes, you mouth the words you want to say, trying them out.
You don’t give them voice. Not yet.
You doze for an hour or so after he leaves, your nose buried in his pillow before drifting off, wondering how he smells both comforting and desirable (much like the man himself). It takes a little while, your brain back to dissecting your plans, thoughts, feelings, and in general, the very makeup of you.
But jet lag is stronger than your ability to overanalyze and sleep does come. When you wake again, you feel better; maybe not emotionally, but your brain is less hazy. Enough to go through work emails that you avoided during your trip (out of sight, out of mind), learning that someone left suddenly and you are now no longer an assistant professor.
You pause, staring at the email.
You send a quick text.
:: I just got promoted.
It’s several minutes before a response comes in.
bff:: bout damn time
yoongi:: while you were gone? that’s talent
You smile at both texts.
:: I’m kinda still in shock.
yoongi:: i’ll bring home something to celebrate, okay? gotta go. congrats, birthday girl
The moniker surprises you. He seems to prefer ‘jagiya’ to anything else, saying it like it’s your real name. Does he still think of you like that? The bold but naive woman who approached him in a club, resulting in a one-night stand that has now lasted almost half a year, at least in communication.
You grab the book you’d taken with you on the trip, that you’d never gotten round to finishing and decide that maybe you’ll forget for a few hours, enough to finish the book and perhaps Yoongi will be home.
You close your eyes at your own thoughts. Home.
It’s not completely gone from your mind, but the book is entertaining enough to make two hours pass relatively quickly. You haven’t moved for those two hours and you can feel it. So, you close your laptop and walk back to your bedroom, standing in the doorway to see the stack of jeans on your closet shelf.
You’ve lived most of your life alone, and often in your own thoughts and feelings. Many times someone you offered your heart to wasn’t interested, citing reasons that you fall short. Making you feel like you misinterpreted anything that had appeared like affection, fondness, or interest.
You aren’t making this up now, right? You’re not alone in this. You can’t be.
Inclined to picture the worst scenario, you comfort yourself that this might be devastating, but you risked it. You won’t play it safe.
You jump, so completely in your thoughts that you didn’t hear the car approach, the door or even his footsteps. You spin around to see him at the end of the short hall. He holds up a bottle.
“What’s that?”
“Something sweet and bubbly. You like that.”
“You’re home for lunch?”
“Yeah.” He shrugs, walking toward you, glancing at his watch. “A late lunch. It’s nearly three, jagiya.”
Your grasp of time is really off currently. He leans in to kiss you.
“You didn’t hear me?”
“I was… thinking.”
He draws back, eyebrows raised. “That sounds ominous.”
He’s not wrong.
“You’re not denying it.” He sets the bottle on the washing machine, placing his hands on your shoulders. “What’s going on? You just got promoted. I thought I could take you out for dinner. I’d really like to see you tipsy when I can actually touch you.” His smirk is mischievous and when you don’t smile back, his eyes lose their mirth. “I thought we were good.”
“We are. I just…” You should wait, right? For the right moment, for the perfect setting. “I need to tell you something.”
His hands drop from you, a glaze over his eyes. “That’s… not good.”
“It could be.” Why are you talking? Just say it. He’s taking you out to dinner for a tiny promotion, something that no one but those who care for you would do: your parents, your bff.
“Jagiya… I really don’t want you–”
“I love you.”
Your confession would interrupt the man you love who almost sounds like he’s saying he doesn’t want you. But you’re trusting him. And yourself.
“What?” You had no idea his voice could go that high.
You take a deep breath, deciding to relish the words because who knew when you’d get to say them again.
“I love you.”
You’ve never actually seen the expression so clearly on someone’s face, but Yoongi is gobsmacked.
Which makes your confidence teeter just a little.
Maybe you should have waited for a nice dinner, the setting and atmosphere all romantic. Maybe not in the middle of your hallway, the bottle of something sweet and bubbly dripping condensation onto the white metal lid of your washing machine. Maybe wearing something a little nicer than yoga pants and a t-shirt. Maybe with Yoongi having styled his hair, not under a beanie.
Maybe you fucked it all up.
He still hasn’t said anything.
“You don’t have to say it back.” That’s what they say in the movies, right? Even though that is probably the only thing you want to hear in this very moment of your rather uneventful, certainly boring life.
What would it be like to hear someone say ‘I love you’ and not because it’s family or friends? The love; eros, romantic, the wanting of someone for life. A partner. A person you choose.
A person who chooses you. Chooses you first. Not last, or in second place. You’re the one he chooses.
“Yoongi?” You reach out to put your hand near his nose, just to make sure he’s breathing. It’s silly, but he really looks frozen.
“You love me.”
Can you get an allergic reaction from words? Your face feels so hot, like the sun is beneath your skin, blasting outward.
Is this what it means when writers write ‘time stopped’? You always thought it might be a good thing. The world disappears and time stops. But right now, all you feel is a weird combination of both relief (you finally said it) and anxiety (what the fuck is going to happen now?).
“You… love me.”
This is not how you saw this going in any imagined scenario.
“Yes.” You move your hand to rest on his cheek. His eyes close. “I think you are one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever met. Ever known. I know I always seem nervous or jumpy, but being with you is so safe. You are–” Oh great, you’re gonna tear up. How many times has he seen you cry by now? “You’re the person I always want to be with.”
He releases a shuddery breath before turning his head to press his lips to the inside of your palm. Your heart rate, already rather staccato, speeds up. He meets your eyes and you curse how not helpful the one hall light is in revealing anything about his gaze.
Like a brighter light could help you understand this man.
He shakes his head, moving in toward you, ushering you backwards and into your room. You stumble against the side of your bed. His hands fit round your waist to help you sit on the edge.
Perhaps you are now gobsmacked.
The hand kiss meant something good, right? He wouldn’t do that if he was bothered, or burdened, or just in it for sex, right?
You want to speak again, but you press your lips together and wait. Hoping that he’ll say something to ease the marathon of thoughts in your head.
“I am so fucking in love with you.” It comes out of him like water released from a dam, bursting and gushing. His head is dropped, as though the mere act of speaking has exhausted him.
Now time stops.
He looks up, those dark eyes sharp and burning.
You can’t speak.
“You’re so giving and warm. You have your shit together. You don’t need a barely-making-it-by grad student, almost out of school, with no secure job in a completely unstable industry. I live with guys, pretty much everything I own fits into one tiny bedroom.” He swallows and you see his fingers dig into your bedspread on either side of your hips. “You don’t need me.” He tilts his head to the side, half-smiling at you. “You’re crying.”
You hadn’t noticed. You wipe your eyes, mostly so he doesn’t go blurry. This is the moment of all moments to be savored. To be remembered.
“You’re also the person I always want to be with.” His hands find your hips, one thumb dipping under the waistband to touch your skin.
He waits, that little half-smile never wavering. You try to stop crying. You are more or less unsuccessful.
“Please say it again.”
“Which part?”
He chuckles, low and deep, before leaning in to kiss you softly. “I love you.” He cuts off any reply, mouth back on yours, not softly. You open to him, your hands eagerly seeking his hair as he nudges your knees apart with his leg.
Can you hold him closer? Can you hold him too tightly? You want to be so close that not even air can separate you. He groans when you tug his hair after dislodging his beanie.
His mouth leaves yours only to trail down to your neck. You gasp and he chuckles into your skin.
“My pretty, sensitive girl.” He looks up at you, frowning. “You’re still crying.”
“I’m… overwhelmed.”
He makes a face at you. “You’re dumb. How could I not fall in love with you?” He gently pushes you so you fall back on the bed, letting him climb over you, his arms bracing so only his lower half touches yours.
You shudder.
He smirks.
“I thought… we were doing dinner?” he asks playfully, sliding his leg back between yours, pressing his knee right against your core. “Aren’t you hungry?”
You glare at him, even though you’re trembling with need right now.
“Now you say something like ‘Yes, I'm hungry. Hungry for you’ or you know, some variation.” He looks so pleased with himself that you grab his shirt by the collar, pulling him down so you can kiss that stupid smirking mouth. He grunts at the move, but acquiesces to sliding his tongue along yours, one hand guiding your leg to bend and wrap around him. His other hand slips under your t-shirt, calloused fingers pleasant against the soft skin of your stomach.
Then your stomach growls.
He breaks the kiss, rolling over and laughing hysterically. You can feel your face burn with embarrassment and you cover your betraying body part with your arms. He’s still giggling when he rolls to his side to stare at you.
“Let’s go out.”
You stare back. “Us?”
“Yeah. Let me take you out. We’ll eat, drink, be merry.” He leans in, nosing and kissing the curve of your shoulder. “I took tomorrow off.”
“You did?”
He reaches out to lace his fingers with yours, resting both hands on your stomach. Which growls again, making him grin.
“Well, my sort of boss made me.” His eyes move away from your clasped hands to your face. “When I asked off early to be with my partner who’d been gone a month, she told me to take tomorrow off too.”
“Is that what you call me?”
He shrugs. “Girlfriend always seemed so…”
He rolls his eyes. “Kinda. Just not right for what we are.” He brings your clasped hands up to his mouth, kissing yours lightly. “Partner.”
“If I say that with a southern accent, it’ll be weird.”
He grins and kisses you. “Pardner.” It’s an atrocious attempt at the dialect and you snicker.
“Keep your day job, Min Yoongi.”
He opens his mouth to respond, but once again your stomach makes noise.
“I’m gonna shower. We’ll leave in thirty?”
It’s much later. After he takes you to his favorite Cajun restaurant. After he slides in next to you in the booth, hip to hip. After he teases you for your sensitive mouth, but makes sure you have plenty of water and cocktails to drink to abate the burn. Afterwards you order crème brulée for the both of you, but you eat all of it as he grins and sips his whiskey.
It’s later. After you get an Uber, swaying slightly as he ushers you into the backseat, giving your address to the driver. You know you’re tipsy, drunk more on him and his presence than anything you consumed. He kisses you once in the back seat, squeezing your thigh to get you to stop. Which does nothing to lessen the new kind of burn. You just want him so much.
It’s after all that that you’re back home in your bedroom. He’s pulling off his army jacket (never mind that it’s midsummer and hot outside) to hook on the back of your bedroom door.
He turns to give you his attention.
“I love you a lot.”
His smile is so soft. Almost like he doesn’t realize he’s smiling.
“Yeah?” He walks toward you. You’ve planted yourself on your bed for safety as you are still spinny from everything. “Cause I’m pretty?” He wears arrogance so well.
You nod, enjoying his face so close. You cradle his face in your hands once he’s on the bed with you.
“Pretty. Inside and out.”
The smile goes back to soft. He kisses your nose.
“You too, birthday girl.” He moves to kiss you solidly, pressing you back onto your pillows. “I really, really want to be inside you right now.” He meets your eyes. “That okay?”
You nod, taken with the gruffness of his tone, the lower register giving you tingles. He starts to peel away the simple sundress you’d put on for dinner. He starts to tug it down your frame, but you shake your head.
“What’s wrong?”
“Won’t go over my hips.”
His flash of smile is dark and tempting. He reverses, sliding it up, his hands along your sides, making you tremble. When it’s over your head, he kisses you leisurely, letting the fabric keep your arms above your head, restrained. You have a moment of doubt, of fear that he’ll leave you like this, unable to touch him.
He continues to kiss you, biting your lower lip as he removes the dress from you entirely, letting it fall on the side of the bed.
“I won’t ever do anything without asking, or checking in with you, jagiya.”
You’re so easy to read.
“I’m sorry.”
He shakes his head, looking down at your underwear-clad body. “No apologies.” He sits up on his knees, his hands running back down your sides until he’s at your waist, his thumbs right under your ribs.
You squirm.
“Ticklish?” He doesn’t really want an answer, continuing his path now at your hips, his fingers brushing along the width and roundness of them, where the bone protrudes slightly, where it’s all cushioned because you will never be skinny. “I had dreams of your body, its shape when you were gone.”
You try and sit up, but he hooks a finger in your underwear, tugging it down just a bit. He chuckles when you squeeze your legs together.
“You did?”
“I keep thinking I can somehow get that into my music. But no effect quite works.” He raises up off of you, removing your underwear completely. “Fuck, I have missed every part of you.”
You turn your head, unable to watch him stare at your cunt like that.
“Embarrassed, jagiya?”
“I’m still adjusting to someone wanting my body… and me.”
He waits until you look back at him, eyes both heated and soft before sliding down to kiss and lick your folds. You make an indescribable noise and he laughs against your skin. You try and squeeze again, but he has one hand on your inner thigh and he’s holding you open.
A month is a long time and you hardly feel like you have time to enjoy his gifted mouth when you come, your body shuddering with waves of release. He doesn’t move away until you push at his head, causing him to sit back up and wink at you. He removes his shirt, wiping his face on it and letting it fall, probably next to your discarded dress. He’s quiet when you sit up, shaky from your orgasm, but determined to get rid of his pants and underwear. He idly traces his finger along the cups of your bra.
You shove down his pants to his thighs, then his boxer briefs. He hisses when you take him in hand.
“Too harsh?” you ask, worried you gripped him too hard in your eagerness to make him feel good.
“No…” He grins sheepishly at you. “Just really missed your hand.”
You roll your eyes. “It’s a hand.”
He wraps his own around yours as you stroke him, smearing his precum to make him slick. His hand tightens around yours making you look up.
“It’s yours.”
You feel tears again, so you lift up to your knees to kiss him. He sighs into your mouth, his free hand sliding to the back of your head, fingers in your hair. He pulls firmly, making you bare your throat to him. The sounds his mouth makes against your skin only add to the already obscene soundtrack.
Then his hand stops yours from moving.
“You good?” you ask as he loosens his hold on your hair. His face is flushed, glistening with exertion, lips shiny and pink. You kiss him, breathing him in. He inhales sharply, hands on your shoulders to push you back on the bed. He moves some of your pillows, propping you up some, his hand gently keeping your head from hitting the headboard. “I love you.”
He looks up. “I love you. Saranghae.”
You mouth the foreign word back.
He smiles, eyes bright before he puts one more pillow behind your head. He lifts one of your legs and slides in. You both moan in tandem.
“Oh fuck,” he mutters. “Fuck, you feel good.”
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” You barely can speak, but you get that out. His nose flares at your teasing and his only retort is to pull out and push back in, rendering you silent.
No matter how long you get this, you know it won’t ever be ‘just sex’ to you. It still mystifies you: both the ordinariness of it, and the sacredness of it. It’s just bodies, doing something that bodies have been doing for millenia. And yet.
There’s no way to put it into words, just how much having Yoongi this close affects you. You won’t come from this. You don’t. But it doesn’t matter. He will. Tugging on his hair, kissing his jaw, his neck, moving in rhythm with him will make him feel good.
Just like he makes you feel good.
You hope you make him feel as good, cared for, and loved as he does for you. That’s what love is, right? Just giving and giving to the other person as they give and give to you.
You hope so. You can’t wait to know for sure.
When he falls on top of you, exhausted and spent, you play with his hair, feeling his rough breath panting against your chest. You kiss the top of his head.
“You good?” you ask after a few minutes.
“Yeah, jagiya.” He kisses your collarbone. “I’m good. I might fall asleep like this.”
You feel his body vibrate with his chuckles. “I don’t think it’ll be comfortable for you.”
“I don’t care.”
He pushes himself up and off you, pulling out and you both wince. “Come on. Let’s clean up and go to bed. We can sleep in tomorrow.”
You nod tiredly and take his proffered hand and get off the bed too. You clean yourself up in the bathroom as he strips the bed. You pull on one of his t-shirts from his drawer and he smirks at the sight of you in it. While he pops into the shower, you put on new sheets.
Your phone, discarded on the dresser, flashes with a message. You smooth out the comforter before opening your phone to see.
bff:: hell yeah he loves you! don’t forget to hydrate while having marathon sex. you don’t want to pass out.
You show Yoongi the text when he comes back in and you’re laughing. He smiles wide, gums and teeth showing.
“Should I tell her we’re about to go to sleep?”
He takes your phone from you, setting it back on the dresser. He wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you under the clean sheets and against him.
“Let her think that and I’ll make it up to you with marathon sex and water to drink in the morning.” He buries his face in your hair, holding you close. You turn to face him, hands resting on his chest. His eyes already shut, face smooth in repose.
“Do you think you can say ‘I love you’ too many times?” you ask quietly. He scrunches his nose, telling you that he heard you.
“Don’t know. Let’s find out.”
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jungkxook · 7 months ago
—pour up. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jungkook x reader x taehyung
⟶ genre: fuckboy!jungkook / fuckboy!taehyung + smut  
⟶ words: 14,048 (idk how it’s literally just smut)
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: sleeping with both notorious frat boys kim taehyung and jeon jungkook doesn’t sound so bad ━ especially when you’re drunk and faded.
⟶ warnings: mentions of drug/alcohol use, essentially pwp lol, threesome, double penetration, voyeurism, messy rough sex, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, dry humping, manhandling, doggy style, riding (sort of?), fingering, oral sex (f and m receiving), face riding, face fucking, deepthroating, breast play, slight begging (mostly oc making jungkook beg hehe), brief name calling, dirty talking, unprotected sex, creampie
⟶ note: this is a repost of a fic from my old blog! also shout out to miss jlin @bratkook​ for being the sweetest and for liking this trashy fic of mine, and a happy early birthday present to @onherwings​ miss juno, the resident taekook lover!! 💛
also the accompanying song to this fic is pour up by dean!
Tumblr media
There were times when you were sober where you were persistent about never being in a five foot radius of a frat boy, much less strip yourself of your dignity long enough to sleep with one.
Your appalling disgust and immense irritation of the male species that were frat boys kept you well in tune to your rule ━ until you’re far past the point of drunk and faded. Only then, when your bloodstream is laced with alcohol and your mind is nothing but a hazy cloud of smoke, you shrink into a shameless hypocrite and favour the appeal of a simple hook up. But you have needs too; it isn’t entirely your fault. Kim Taehyung offers you exactly that, with the promise to then act as if nothing happens the very next day so that the two of you can revert to despising one another out in public.
You act as if no one knows about your flings with ultimate frat boy Taehyung almost every weekend, as if they’re just as oblivious as you, but damn near the whole school knows and most certainly the rest of the boys in Beta Tau Sigma, or as Taehyung puts it, his brothers. It’s a useless cycle of bicker, avoid, drink, sex, and repeat, ever since you joined the school as a freshman and the sophomore boy took an interest in you. He’s charming in all the right ways and good looking but his smooth appeal was almost too good to be true and, past his “kind” smiles, you could make him out to be arrogant, vain, and cocky. Maybe you would have given him an actual chance had it not been for his snarkiness but all your brain could truly handle was his dick for a few hours a week.
Unsurprisingly, you always end up crashing at Beta Tau Sigma after one of their raging parties that results in your hook ups with Taehyung; surprisingly, Taehyung is miraculously into pillow talk post-sex and so he doesn’t entirely mind if you stay the night. But, by morning, when the alcohol has all but turned into a terrible hangover, he can hardly care less if you stay or not.
Usually, you wake up on your own, courtesy of past sober you setting an alarm on your phone to make sure you wake up earlier than all the other walkers of shame and anyone else in Beta Tau Sigma. Ideally, it was to help guarantee that no one would ever see you or judge you for stooping low enough to sleep with a fuckboy but you don’t know how well that’s working out for you anymore, if you’re being honest.
That’s why, early one fateful Sunday morning after a night of fun with Taehyung, you awaken with a start to the shrill Marimba tone that rips through the silence of the room and causes you to literally jump out of bed and crash onto the floor. You groan at the sharp pain that shoots up your spine and accompanies your groggy mind as your eyes flicker open only to be greeted with a blinding light that is the sun as it filters through the shut curtains. Littered on the ground are clothes, your clothes, beer bottles, red solo cups, discarded bed sheets, a singular condom wrapper (you thank your past selves for at least being sober enough to remember to use one), and your cell phone.
“Turn that shit off, for fuck sakes,” he grovels.
His hangover, and the early morning, makes his already deep voice even rougher, huskier, and you blame your disoriented mind for thinking he sounds even remotely sexy. He doesn’t bother to lift his head from his pillow or to find where you are in the room, the messy longer-than-usual curls of his hair flopping into his lashes as he flips onto his back. Other bodily remnants remain from the night before, from the mellowing ache between your legs left in the wake of his dick sufficiently railing you to the bite marks on his neck that you had so graciously bestowed him.
Now, you roll your eyes at him instead but dive for your phone nearby and tap the snooze button before it wakes the entire house and rouses the army of fuckboys from the dead.
“Good morning to you too,” You remark. “Is that better, princess?”
You push yourself to your feet and stretch, the stiff joints in your body popping and cracking, before searching for your clothes. You’re certain Taehyung has fallen back asleep as you dig around through the clutter to find your belongings but what else is new? It’s a routine the two of you have come to know well, and one that neither of you mind. You spot some sort of lacy material hidden underneath a few of Taehyung’s dirty laundry laying on the floor and reach for it thinking it’s yours. You’re only mildly disturbed to find that it isn’t yours at all ━ though you’re more concerned about the hygienic purposes of touching some other girl’s thong than you are about the blatant fact Taehyung sleeps with more girls than just you (a fact you swear you could care less for).
“Jesus Christ, your room is a disaster,” You scoff now.
“You could clean it,” Taehyung suggests sluggishly. Now, he’s awake, pretty and hooded eyes fluttering open to find you nearby. He props his hand behind his head to lift his gaze a little higher.
You snort, tossing the underwear away. “You never cease to━”
“Amaze you?”
“Repel me more than when I see the collection of thongs you have hidden in your room,” You correct. Fortunately, you spot your own underwear nearby and scoop it up, quickly slipping into them.
“Aw, baby, is that a bit of jealousy I hear?” Taehyung asks. He runs a hand through his dishevelled dark locks and shoots you a drowsy smirk. “You know you’re my one and only. I can always count on you when I want good head.”
“Please, flatter me some more, Tae,” You quip dryly.
As you hastily slide into your stiff shirt and jeans next and turn to face him, combing your fingers through your hair, Taehyung seems to take your words to heart and tries again. “You look like shit.”
You feign a voluntarily loud and overly dramatic moan. “Ugh, you really do know how to treat a girl━” Your cut off by a shameless snort from Taehyung before you continue on, “You know, you don’t exactly look the hottest right now either.”
“I beg to differ,” he replies nonchalantly. Technically, he isn’t lying, but you refuse to feed his ego any more.
“As if.”
“Funny,” he hums. “Could’ve sworn last night you were calling me hot when you were begging for my dick.”
You don’t bother to reply. Instead, you shake your head as you rub your tired face, uttering, “I need a coffee.”
“You could stay,” he offers. “I can make you one.”
“You don’t even know how to boil water,” You retort. “But thanks for the gesture. Try not to throw up on yourself today, okay?”
Taehyung mumbles something in response but then he’s already flipping over onto his side to fall back asleep again. You grab your bag from the floor and slip into your shoes before tiptoeing out of the room.
The Beta house is just as much a disaster as Taehyung’s room is and you find yourself stepping over more bottles, cups, empty pizza boxes, and hungover passed out people with phallic images doodled on their faces. The sun filters into the ever grand mansion and only illuminates the chaos the frat boys put it through. Everyone is thankfully still asleep as you head downstairs but, as you sneak past the kitchen, you notice two figures rummaging about, boisterous unabashed laughter filling the house that somehow hasn’t woken the others yet.
Jeon Jungkook stands before you with Park Jimin, both fellow Beta brothers, though Jungkook is in the same year as you. They, like most other Beta boys (and especially Taehyung), are well known on campus but Jungkook is perhaps even worse than Taehyung. Now, he’s adorned in only low hanging gray sweatpants that show off the ripples of his toned chest and the happy trail that threatens for your eyes to follow it. He holds a bowl of cereal close to him with the same arm decorated on every inch with tattoos, a snapback pushing his messy hair up and away from his forehead. The best part (and you mean that not at all) ━ or the worst ━ is the fact that he stands on a hoverboard, as if walking is too much for him to handle at nine in the morning. Jimin isn’t far off wearing the same attire, only his look is paired with the fuckboy-essential-starter-pack of socks and Adidas slides, and he’s at least actually using his legs to walk.
“Morning,” Jungkook smirks. “Time for the walk of shame?”
You have to retain a sigh. “I’m surprised you’re up, Jeon. I was sure you were gone past the point of saving last night.”
“A couple of shots do nothing for me,” Jungkook replies, shovelling a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. “I was pretty much sober.”
At this, you sit back on your heels and look him once over skeptically. “You kept trying to hook up with me, called your dick Jungcock, threw up in one of the vases, and then passed out in the bathtub. I wouldn’t have exactly called you sober.”
The smirk remains on Jungkook’s face. If anything, he seems more so amused and it pisses you off. Jimin bursts into a fit of laughter and shakes his head.
“Always a pleasure seeing you, Y/N,” he greets. “Hey, are you coming to the party going down at Lambdas house after exams? It’s pretty exclusive but you and your friends are all invited by courtesy of us.”
“Ugh, I can’t even think about going to another party right now. How do you Beta whores do it?” You grovel. “Besides, why would we come if we know you’re going to be there?”
“‘Cause Tae’s going and you’re probably gonna wanna suck his dick,” Jungkook suggests snidely.
“I was gonna say the free booze,” Jimin offers instead. “Man, you know the Lambdas. They’re all rich pretentious sons of country club owners. They hardly throw parties but, when they do, you know it’s going to be wild. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.”
“Well,” You say, “thanks for the invitation but we’ll see. Maybe if we have a pre-game where I can get drunk enough to handle your faces and the Lambda boys together.”
“I’ve always said you’re more fun when you’re drunk,” Jungkook hums pensively. Your eyes narrow into a glare and you’re fortunate Jimin is there to block your path from tackling Jungkook.
“Okay, whatever,” You grumble. “I’m out of here. I think if I stay here any longer, I’ll lose all my brain cells.”
Jimin chuckles but hardly seems bothered by your comment. He waves you off as he slips out of the kitchen to retreat into another room, leaving you alone with Jungkook.
“Can I get you anything before you go?” he asks. There’s a cheeky tone laced in his words that makes you blatantly aware he’s trying to suggest something more, like his dick.
“Absolutely not,” You wave him off. “See you around, Jungidiot.”
He grins and shoves another spoonful into his mouth. “Hey, maybe next Saturday you can think about blowing me instead of Tae, yeah?”
He’s met with you jamming your middle finger in his face and it only seems to entertain him further. As you march out of their home, slamming the door behind you, you have one discernable thought amongst your hangover and that is that you’ll definitely need to have that pre-game before you have the audacity to even see Jungkook, or any of the Beta boys for that matter, at the Lambdas.
Tumblr media
That Saturday, you find yourself at the Lambdas house party.
So maybe you had sort of been lying when you said you weren’t so sure of going to it, but the thought was tempting enough and you aren’t one to pass up on a good party, especially when it’s after weeks of headaches and stressing over studying and exams.
Mid-terms come and go and when you finally finish writing your last paper, all you want to do is let loose and party and get dicked down by Taehyung. The Lambdas, despite their pretentious behaviour, looks to be very promising ━ but only after you down a few shots beforehand and have a beer while you’re getting ready. You’re not exactly as drunk or as tipsy as you would have prefered but it still gives you a nice enough buzz that makes you warm and lets the adrenaline pump in your veins and excites you even more for the party. The house you rent is off campus but it’s close to Beta’s and Taehyung offers to give you guys a lift to the Lambdas who are a fifteen minute walk away (but you know Taehyung will do anything to not walk anywhere his penny board can’t take him ━ and it’s not even Taehyung who is driving but his friend, Jin).
You can hear the party at Lambdas before you’re even there. The thump of bass coming from the house isn’t hard to miss, especially not with the way it seems to rattle the ground the closer you get. The house is crammed full to capacity and people have already begun to spill onto the lawn by the time you have arrived. A potent waft of alcohol and weed fill your senses and it is all you could really make out in the rambunctious party. You can hardly hear yourself think, let alone what others are saying to you. Yet, you still found a way to have fun almost instantly, drifting away from the guys to party with your friends.
Most of the night is a blur and a haze of confusion but you can remember drinking and drinking some more until you’re sufficiently smashed. You can’t quite recall where you had lost your friends, though you suspect it was after the intense game of beer pong you were suckered into in which you were certain there were no winners or losers as it was just an excuse to drink even more. It’s nearing 1 a.m. when you finally bump into a familiar face, pulling you back from the unruly party and the adrenaline rush coursing through your veins.
You’ve just slipped outside for some fresh air, perched on the front porch, when you notice Jimin is passed out on the lawn below. The other stragglers gathered outside barely take note of him but maybe that’s because he had chosen to faceplant in the shadows under the porch, tucked safely away from the rest of the party. Just before you can even think to walk over to him and make sure he’s still alive, the front door of the house swings wide open and a frenzied Taehyung bursts outside, shortly followed by an equally dumbfounded Jungkook.
“Where the fuck is he?” Taehyung hisses.
“I don’t know,” Jungkook sighs, disgruntled, “but leave it to him to run off and disappear.”
“Looking for someone?”
The two boys startle at your voice. They whirl around to find you taking a sip of the drink in your hand, as if only just noticing your presence. You hadn’t seen them since you parted ways a handful of hours ago in the party, though you’re fairly certain they’re just as smashed as you.
“Ah, babe!” Taehyung beams wolfishly. “What a pleasure seeing you out here. Uh, you wouldn’t happen to have seen where Jimin went, would you?”
You nod in the direction of the sleeping boy down below. “He’s there. He’s passed out cold, though. What the hell did you do to him?”
“Nothing,” Jungkook says. He grimaces as he hastily follows Taehyung down onto the lawn to stand near Jimin, and you in tow. “Jimin just likes to get out of hand. What should we do, Tae? We can’t just leave him here and Luna’s going to be pissed if she sees him like this.”
Taehyung stares down at Jimin miserably, thinking momentarily. “Well, Luna’s looking for him so we might as well drop him off at her dorm. He can deal with her when he’s sober.”
There’s a brief moment where you spot Jungkook seriously considering this though, as if leaving Jimin on the lawn of a frat house is a safer option than returning him to his girlfriend. Ultimately, he caves and you watch as Taehyung nudges Jimin awake (and by nudge, you mean he slaps the boy across the face) before pulling a very disoriented Jimin to his feet and slinging one of his arms over Taehyung’s neck.
“Fuck, he’s heavy,” Taehyung huffs. “Give me a hand, Jungkook.”
Jungkook nods, stepping forward to take Jimin’s other arm and hook it around his own neck. The two boys seem to be struggling carrying most of Jimin’s body weight, though they’re carrying mostly dead weight as Jimin continues to drift in and out of consciousness.
Before they can leave you offer to help though you don’t know what you can really do so you suspect your inebriated mind just wanted to go with them for the hell of it. Luna’s place isn’t far. It’s a ten minute walk from Lambda’s, but in that ten minutes, none of you talk about anything of real importance except for chuckle and laugh about things that happened at the party.
Eventually you make it to Luna’s, who answers the door angrily after you knock on it as if you’ve disrupted her slumber and frowns when she sees Jimin’s current state. At least she has the decency to thank the three of you. When she shuts the door behind her, the three of you turn to look at one another, almost clueless.
“So, what now?” Taehyung asks. “Head back to the party?”
The thought of making the ten minute walk back to the party in your drunken mind seems like an eternity. That, mixed with the way your feet scream in agony from the heels you’re wearing, you begin to pout and shake your head.
“I can’t walk anymore,” You whine, words drunkenly slurring together. “I’d be fine just sitting here.”
Jungkook’s nose scrunches as he looks at you once over. “How drunk are you?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, how about we just go back to our place?” Taehyung asks. His arm slides around your waist then, tugging you close to his side. If one thing is for certain, the boy tends to get more handsy the more drunk he is, and you never seem to mind. “I’ve got a fresh bowl we can hit and we can drink there and just chill?”
You and Jungkook consider Taehyung’s offer fleetingly and, to you, it seems much more appealing.
“Sign me up,” You say. “The Lambdas were a bit too over the top for my liking. There’s only so much I can handle.”
Jungkook shrugs and nods in agreement. “Then I guess I’m going with you guys.”
The five minute walk to Beta is short and soon you’re inside the eerily empty house and climbing the steps to Taehyung’s room but not before the three of you raid their cabinets for any type of liquor. Eventually, you’re all lounging in Taehyung’s room, some type of music playing in the background as the three of you pass around a bottle of whisky and the bong Taehyung had promised he had, giggling at each other.
By 2 a.m., you are smashed and faded but blissfully so.
Taehyung and Jungkook are not too far off. It’s Taehyung who comes up with the idea to play strip poker, though with a twist. His version of the game includes: taking a shot anytime one of you loses a round along with either stripping an article of clothing or being allowed to pass it and get dared to do something else, though each person only has three passes.
Jungkook loses the first round, shedding only his jacket. Taehyung and you lose the second round; you decide to strip out of your own cardigan while Taehyung flicks off his hat. Jungkook and Taehyung lose the third round and both kick off their shoes. The game progresses slowly, with the three of you coming up with “clever” loopholes out of the rules, like stripping one sock one round and then another sock the next and all of you are too drunk to really protest. Eventually, the game winds up with Taehyung and Jungkook both in their pants and you still wearing both your shirt and jeans. Both the boys have used one of their passes and are still losing which, you will admit, boosts your confidence ever so slightly especially when you have such a nice view in front of you.
Both boys are toned, with certified gym rat Jungkook’s abs a bit more chiseled, and you know that sober you would cringe at how hard you seem to be drooling over them. Jungkook must notice because he shoots you a wink that has you squirming in your seat.
“Like what you see?” he asks.
“N-No,” You say shortly. “Shut up and go. It’s your turn.”
You end up losing that round, unfortunately, but you have no qualms with stripping out of your jeans and kicking them to the side. The next round, you lose again, except you decide to use one of your passes which has both boys groaning in defeat.
“Remember,” You coo, “play nice boys.”
The two exchange a look and you wait patiently, taking your shot of whisky in the meantime as Taehyung chides you on encouragingly with a cheeky, “Pour up, baby girl.”
You down the shot in one gulp, wincing as it burns down your throat, then chase it quickly with the drink you had stolen from their kitchen. A drowsy smirk tugs at Taehyung’s lips as he takes another rip from the bong, breathing out a cloud of smoke as he hums insouciantly, “I’ve got your dare.”
There’s a split moment where he makes eye contact with you and pushes his hair out of his eyes.
“Come here and kiss me.”
Had you been sober, you might have rolled your eyes at his simple yet assertive dare but, instead, you can’t help but snicker as you lean across to him from your seat on the floor and pull him down for a not so graceful kiss. His whisky coated tongue instantly collides with yours in an open mouthed frenzy that’s full of teeth clashing and wet sounds but it’s hot, too hot, even as Taehyung pulls you closer to him with his hand grasping at your chin. You instinctively react, teeth nipping at his lower lip as you suck hard, momentarily forgetting about Jungkook sitting in the room.
A moan emits from you as your fingers thread through his hair. Jungkook is left to watch but his eyes stay locked on your figure and the way you cave so easily to Taehyung, the way your mouth moves against his. He can’t seem to tear his eyes away from your position on your hands and knees, or the way you arch your back in an attempt to get closer to Taehyung, and he certainly can’t seem to look away from the tempting curve of your ass jutting in his direction. All Jungkook suddenly wants is for you to be kissing him the same way you’re kissing Taehyung.
You’re only interrupted when he finds the nerve to clear his throat after a few moments. “Nah, it’s alright, I’ll just sit here. Do you guys want me to leave?”
He’s being sarcastic, of course, and when you and Taehyung part to look at the boy, he’s scowling. The two of you chuckle lightly but don’t respond, though you remember the game you’re still playing. Taehyung kisses you one last time before you settle back onto the floor, a sheepish giggle bubbling in your chest. Taehyung loses the next round and he decides to strip down into his underwear though he hasn’t lost yet (the goal is nudity and neither of your drunk selves have enough dignity left to give up before then).
The round after that, you lose again. You decide, once more, to use another one of your passes and the two boys pause, thinking of a dare for you as you take a shot (which, you have realized, only get harder to take as time passes).
“I have one,” Taehyung says at long last.
“Bro,” Jungkook groans, “if you just wanna fuck, let me know. I’ll leave. I don’t think I can sit here and watch you dare her to suck your face again.”
Taehyung laughs and shakes his head. “Easy there. I was just gonna suggest that you━” he points at you before nodding toward Jungkook, “give him a lap dance.”
“A what?” Jungkook’s jaw drops open, his eyes widening. “M-Me?”
You glance up at Taehyung, quirking an eyebrow. “Him?”
Taehyung erupts into another fit of laughter but he’s the only one who finds the situation hilarious because you and Jungkook continue to sit there, dumbfounded. When Taehyung calms himself down, he wipes his eyes and shakes his head.
“Are you seriously telling me you haven’t been noticing?” he asks.
“Noticing what?”
“The way Jungkook keeps eye-fucking you,” Taehyung says simply.
Jungkook gaps. “The fuck? I haven’t.”
“Jungkook, you’re not exactly sly,” Taehyung says. “He’s been doing it the whole night, babe. It’s not the first time he’s done it, too. I just figured we could do him a little favour.”
Your turn to look up at Jungkook and purse your lips. He’s seated in Taehyung’s desk chair and has a frown painted on his face. It’s not like it comes as a surprise to you because he’s constantly trying to flirt with you even when you’re sober but his sudden flustered appearance puzzles you slightly. You’ll admit the idea is ludicrous, but Jungkook is undeniably hot, and grinding on his dick sounds more than wonderful to you in your current state. Either way, you stand to your feet.
“I’ll do it,” You say. “Why not?”
“Wh-What?” Jungkook yelps. “You will?”
“Yeah,” You flash him a pearly smirk. “What? Is confident Jungkookie finally shy?”
At the mention of the taunting nickname, he straightens up in his seat and scowls. “No. I’m just surprised you gave in so easily. You must really like me, huh?”
“Keep dreaming, Jeon,” You retort.
The music is still playing in the background as you slink towards Jungkook’s seated figure. Meanwhile, Taehyung is watching with an amused look on his face and sits back, clearly enjoying the view as he tells you that you have three minutes. As you approach Jungkook, he leans back in his seat and watches you with dark eyes. Jungkook’s eyes sweep over your figure, from the way you muse your hands through your messy hair, your tight tank top with one strap falling down your shoulder, your lacy and scantily clad underwear, and your smooth legs. He gulps at the sight and shifts in his seat.
As soon as you’re standing in front of him, you whirl around so that your back is to him and jutt your butt out just enough to catch his attention as you sway your hips to the music. Your hands ghost up your sides just faintly enough so that chills run down your spine and you lock eyes with Taehyung for a split second to see him grinning. You sit back on Jungkook’s lap and his breath hitches in his throat suddenly. He hates to admit how easily you’re driving him crazy and as soon as you are but he takes the time to enjoy the dance anyway, eyes staying trained on your ass as you grind against him in agonizingly slow circles and right against his dick nestled against his thigh. He can’t help it when a moan emits from him.
“Fucking hell,” he grunts, raking his hands through his hair. You snicker at his reaction, craning your neck to look behind at him.
“Enjoying yourself, Kookie?”
“N-No,” he rasps. This is a lie, of course. “Turn around.”
His command only humours you but you don’t disobey. You get up for a second to spin around and face him before climbing back onto his lap, swinging one leg over his. Before you drop your hips completely on him, you’re rocking them back and forth against the thin air, your hands snaking around his neck. His hands suddenly find purchase on your waist and he yanks you down onto him with a sudden neediness that surprises you, though you don’t complain. You continue to grind against his lap and you can’t help your greedy self when your hands reach out to run up and down his toned chest. He shivers at your slightest touch, his jaw clenched, but he keeps his gaze focused on your eyes, as if challenging you for more. Behind you, Taehyung is taking another hit from the bong and laughs lightly at Jungkook’s reactions.
“Let him touch you,” Taehyung says.
You expect Jungkook to listen to Taehyung and reach out to grab onto you but he hesitates, his hands remaining at your hips. So, instead, you take his hands in yours and begin pulling them up, sliding them along your midriff and up to your chest. You don’t even flinch as you let him cup your boobs over your clothes and you watch him slyly as he gulps.
“Is this the first time you’ve actually touched a girl, Jungkook?” You quip. “You’re gawking at my boobs like it is. Not gonna wet yourself, hm?”
“Fuck off,” he growls, though there’s no malice in his voice.
Instead, he focuses his attention on your breasts and the weight of them in his palm. They’re soft and supple and he squeezes them firmly, jiggles the flesh as he fondles at you blatantly. He hates to admit it but he feels as if he’s going to combust at any second, repressing the sudden urge to tear off your shirt and burrow his head in your chest, your boobs in his mouth. He doesn’t know whether the soft moan that slips from your parted pink lips is intentional to mess with him or because you had been getting carried away yourself. Either way, Jungkook’s certain it’s the hottest thing he’s heard in a while, the hottest thing he’s seen in a while, and he hates how his sudden erection forms, how embarrassing it must be. When you feel his hardened length start to poke at your thigh, you look down at him past your lashes and smirk.
“Are you hard already, Kookie?” You giggle.
Taehyung roars with laughter abruptly and the outburst only makes Jungkook redden.
“I━I━” he stammers helplessly.
You shake your head at him and then purposely press your hips a little more firmly against his, gripping at his shoulders now. You’re challenging him now too, and he doesn’t know what you have in mind but you’re wickedly set on making him cum in his pants before Taehyung stops you.
“Time’s up,” he says.
Jungkook almost groans out loud in frustration when you pull away and step off of his lap. He’s embarrassingly hard now but his drunk self doesn’t try very hard to hide it. Taehyung’s stare is settled on Jungkook as you walk back to your seat but, before you can even sit down, Taehyung is beckoning you over.
“Come here, babe,” he hums. You look at him curiously but move in his direction. “What do you say we help Jungkook with his problem, huh?”
“Help? How?” You question.
“Come sit,” Taehyung gestures to his thigh.
Jungkook watches with silent seething jealousy as you take a seat on Taehyung’s thigh and then he’s kissing you, pressing his lips against your neck. You react almost instantly, your head craning to allow him more access and your eyes clamp shut, your mouth hanging open in delight.
“Tae━” You mewl, tugging at his hair, as if to prompt him wordlessly about Jungkook’s presence. But when does it become too much? Every action seems to keep building and building, that you know where the night surely must be heading; that you crave it.
Taehyung’s tongue swirls at your neck, his lips sucking on the sensitive skin, before he peeks one eye open to look at Jungkook.
“Look at him,” Taehyung hums against you. “Look at how jealous he is right now. Look at how bad he wants to be me right now.”
You take a moment to register his words, your head spinning. You struggle to find Jungkook as Taehyung continues to ravish your neck. Jungkook’s stare is hard, his jaw clenched; his hands are balled into tight fists that let you see the bulging veins in his arms. Is he jealous? Angry?
Taehyung suddenly bites down onto your neck and you gasp in surprise, leaning against his chest. His nimble fingers find the hem of your shirt which he lifts and discards on the floor with ease. Next to come off is your bra. You don’t realize your torso is bare until a slight breeze hits your breasts and perks your nipples and Taehyung reaches up to cup the soft tissue in his large hands and Jungkook can’t look away because, fuck, touching you is all he really wants to do.
“Do you see him staring now?” Taehyung asks. “Do you see how desperate he is for you? Look at how bad he wants to touch you right now, baby girl. Will you let him?”
You’re still staring at Jungkook as Taehyung speaks and note how fast Jungkook’s demeanour has changed. He looks helpless, his erection more prominent in his straining jeans which he shamelessly palms at to feel some sort of relief.
“Better yet,” Taehyung hums, averting your attention back to him. He’s sliding one of his hands down your front and in between your legs, pushing your thighs apart. His digits come in contact with your clothed pussy and the sudden touch, light and feathery, makes you jump and gasp. You hadn’t been aware of how wet you had been until he touched you just then and the coil in your stomach only tightens with each passing second. “Will you let him play with you?”
It takes you a second to respond, though that isn’t because you’re struggling to decide. The thought entices you far more than you ever believed it could. Taehyung is suddenly rubbing his fingers against your clothed clit in so very slow circles that it suddenly has you tripping over your own thoughts. You’re biting hard onto your lower lip as you force yourself to nod hastily.
“Do you want him to?” Taehyung asks.
“Fuck, yes,” You whine. “Mmm, Tae━”
Taehyung shifts you in his lap so that your back is pressed against his chest, leaning all your weight against him. It’s hard to focus as one of his hands fondles one of your breasts while his other presses figure eights onto your clit. You’re on full display for Jungkook now, though his eyes fall to the wet spot that forms on your pretty little underwear as your arousal leaks from you.
“How badly do you want him to?” Taehyung asks.
“So badly,” You whimper.
This catches Jungkook’s attention and he leans forward in his seat. Taehyung smirks against you and then he’s moving, withdrawing his hand from between your thighs to hook around the waistband of your underwear. He gives it a quick tug and you fumble to lift your hips so he can pull the useless fabric down your legs. Once it pools at your feet, you kick it off to the side and then Taehyung’s hand returns between your thighs.
“Spread your legs,” he says.
You do as you’re told, pushing your thighs apart but then instinctively squeezing them shut when Taehyung continues to press his fingers against your clit. The sudden stimulation is too much for you and your face begins to heat up so Taehyung uses the chance to push your legs apart for you. He hitches one of your thighs over his own as if to anchor you in place and it works.
“Can you stay like that for me, baby?” Taehyung drawls. “Look at Jungkook for me.”
You nod, your throat dry as you lift your gaze to lock eyes once more with Jungkook. You find the boy gawking at your sex and you moan suddenly. His head snaps up to stare at you with a sudden blazing determination and lust in his eyes before they fall once more to your pussy, admiring the way it pulsates each time Taehyung swipes at your clit or tweaks at your nipples. But the best part? The best part is just how wet you are, your clear juices coating Taehyung’s fingers, spilling onto yours and Taehyung’s thighs with the passing seconds, and suddenly Jungkook is hungry for you. But what he doesn’t know is how you suddenly imagine Jungkook in Taehyung’s place, sat beneath you poised daintily on his lap, his fingers pressing against you.
You twist on top of Taehyung, your own hand reaching up to grasp at your other breast, pinching at the nipple tightly. A delighted moan fumbles from your lips. “Jungkook━ Fuck━”
“It’s nice, yeah?” Taehyung asks aloud to the other boy. “She’s pretty, hm?”
Jungkook nods eagerly and then groans. “She’s dripping. Fuck, it’s so hot.”
Your face burns at his words but you don’t have enough wits to think of a snarky retort like usual.
Taehyung chuckles. “Why don’t you come here then and touch her? Taste her? Is that okay, baby?”
When you realize Taehyung is asking you, you nod eagerly. “Shit, please━ Jungkook, wanna feel you━”
At your request, Jungkook practically tumbles out of his seat. As soon as he’s standing on his feet, the realization seems to hit him and he takes his time, walking to you slowly. His gaze sweeps over your exposed body and he licks his lips, his eyes suddenly darkening. Taehyung doesn’t stop touching you or marking your neck his even as Jungkook walks closer and it hits you in that moment what exactly you’re doing and who you’re with ━ and you fucking love it. Jungkook kneels down in front of you and Taehyung nods in encouragement.
“She’s impatient and feisty,” Taehyung informs. “But that makes her fun to tease.”
“I know how to pleasure a girl,” Jungkook quips.
“But you don’t know how to pleasure Y/N,” Taehyung replies. “You’re too cocky, Jungkookie, and she doesn’t like that. You need to take your time with her and you don’t do that often with girls, do you?”
Jungkook doesn’t respond but, judging by his face, you assume Taehyung is right.
“What do you want me to do?” Jungkook asks. He’s staring at your face now and only your face. His intense stare makes you squirm on Taehyung’s lap, and makes you suck your lower lip between your teeth.
“Touch me,” You rasp. “Touch me, please, Jungkook.”
God, how he loves hearing you moan his name. But the anticipation is killing you. You’ve felt Taehyung’s fingers plenty of time; you’ve never felt Jungkook’s, and the abrupt need seems to grow more intense with each passing second.
“You heard her, Jungkookie,” Taehyung says. He draws his hand away from your heat and kisses your neck softly. “Go on. Touch her. Be gentle, go slow.”
Jungkook is shaking with excitement ━ or maybe it’s just the weed and alcohol in his bloodstream ━ but he eyes you carefully, gnawing down on his lower lip. He reaches out at a tedious pace and hesitates, his fingers hovering over your core. Taehyung is watching with eager eyes whilst planting open mouthed kisses along your shoulders, neck, and jawline. Jungkook finally presses his fingers against your pussy and your reaction is immediate. You toss your head back against Taehyung’s shoulder and jutt your hips forward.
“Nnngh, fuck, Kook━” You whimper. “M-More━ Wanna feel more━”
Jungkook takes that as a good sign and follows after Taehyung, rubbing circles into your clit slowly. He feels just how wet you are, his fingers coating with your cum as they move with ease past your folds, and it’s enough to let the wave of glee wash over him again.
“See? Look how much she loves it already,” Taehyung says. “Keep going.”
Jungkook doesn’t need to be told twice. As he rubs his fingers over your clit, his other hand comes up in a greedy fashion. He can’t stop himself from slipping a finger past your folds and it takes all you can not to moan out loud but you give up on the prospect of remaining quiet when it feels so good to have both boys on you.
“Let him know how you feel, baby,” Taehyung purs. “How he’s making you feel.”
You struggle to find your voice momentarily, too caught up with the lust and desire but then a cry of delight falls from your lips. “Fuck, ah, Jungkook! That feels s-so good━”
Jungkook’s head snaps up to look at you in pure disbelief.
“Holy shit, that’s so fucking hot,” he huffs. “I never thought you’d moan my name and now you’re so wet and tight and for me━”
“And me,” Taehyung admonishes offhandedly.
Jungkook doesn’t reply but that’s mostly because he’s suddenly fixated on curling his finger inside of you and watching your every reaction. Your hips jut forward and you cry out, panting at the blissful feeling but it isn’t enough. You need more, and you need more now. As if Taehyung can read your mind, he chimes in again, disrupting yours and Jungkook’s reverie.
“Why don’t you have a taste of her?” he asks. “You won’t regret it.”
Jungkook’s eyes light up and he watches as you nod eagerly, desperate pleas coming from your mouth. Jungkook lowers himself down between your thighs and you wait with bated breath before he’s licking a clean stripe against your folds with his flattened tongue. The sudden slippery warmth has your body writhing in pleasure.
“Jungkook━” You cry out. “Oh my god━”
Jungkook grins. Then he’s licking at you again, tasting your sweet succulence, and groans into your hot core.
“Shit,” Jungkook huffs. “You taste amazing.”
He nibbles down slightly on your clit without warning and tugs. You instantly jerk into his mouth, a strangled moan ripping from your throat that sounds something like a scold of his name and a desperate plea for more. “Jungkook!”
Taehyung snickers against your neck and you can feel Jungkook’s lips curl into a taunting smirk between your thighs. Jungkook’s finger still curls deep within you as his tongue returns to lapping at your clit and you can feel his nose brushing against you the deeper he burrows into you. Meanwhile, Taehyung is continuing to ravish your neck, his hands tweaking at your nipples. The onslaught of senses is so much for you that you nearly scream when Jungkook’s tongue dips into your heat so suddenly to accompany his finger. He laps at you hungrily and you gasp, your breath stuttering as your hands come down to tug hard in his raven locks, your hips bucking forward and into his mouth. It feels fantastic, too incredible for you to put into words, as you feel the wetness of his tongue lap at your walls and suddenly you’re aware of just how susceptible you are to both of the boys near you.
“Fuck, don’t stop, Jungkook,” You moan.
“Now who’s the needy one?” Jungkook coos against your cunt. “Gonna cum on my tongue?”
“P-Please━ Want it so badly, Kook━”
He smacks his lips against you, taking as much as he can of you into his mouth and sucking hard until all you hear are the lewd wet sounds of his tongue and finger working miracles against you. You’re clutching his hair so tight, pushing him closer into your heat but he doesn’t relent. One of his hands comes up to hold onto your waist, to push you firmly back onto Taehyung’s lap and closer into Jungkook’s mouth. You can feel Taehyung’s budding erection poking against your thigh and it’s enough to make you flustered once more.
In an attempt to help Taehyung, you find yourself grinding not only into Jungkook’s mouth but onto Taehyung’s lap, earning a growl into your neck. Taehyung’s free hand comes up to your chin which he grabs roughly. He forces you to look at him and then he’s smashing his lips onto yours in a heated fashion for an entirely ungraceful kiss. It’s needy and hot, completely open mouthed as your tongues mingle in the air and as Taehyung sucks on your lower lip. Yet you tear your gaze from Taehyung to look down at Jungkook as he buries himself further into your pussy, his nose nuzzling against your clit. You’re dripping by now and you can see your own juices smear onto his lips, dribble down to his chin, and it’s the hottest thing you could ever imagine seeing. He doesn’t seem to care as it spills down his neck and suddenly the mere sight has you squirming again. You part from Taehyung’s mouth with a wet pop that rings in your ears and moan.
“Fuck━ nghn, I━I━ think I’m close,” You whimper.
“Fuuck, yes,” Jungkook growls against you.
“Let it go, baby,” Taehyung hums, nibbling at your ear. “Cum for him, for us.”
Jungkook’s pace quickens, pumping his finger faster in you and sucking at your clit until you have no more strength to hold off. Your hands fumble in his hair, trying desperately to pull him closer, and you hate how badly you want your sweet release already. It doesn’t help when Taehyung twists your body ever so slightly so that he can lean down to your breasts and catch one of your nipples between his teeth. His tongue swishes back and forth against the perked bud and you whimper again, the coil in your stomach tightening and loosening.
You’re so close now and Jungkook can hear it, can feel it, can taste it. You don’t have much longer after that before your orgasm is hitting you hard.
“I’m gonna━” You reach out to grasp at Jungkook’s hair, tugging at the roots. “Fuck, Jungkook━”
You cry out suddenly, the coil in your stomach springing apart. Jungkook moans into your pussy as you cum, pulsating around his tongue and finger and dripping into his mouth. You’re reduced to nothing but a whimpering, writhing mess against Taehyung as you buck back and forth into Jungkook’s mouth to ride out your high. Taehyung pulls apart from you to rub circles into your hips and the seemingly gentle move somehow soothes the intense wave of pleasure into something much sweeter. Fire burns at your core and flicks outward until your whole body is warm and numb and then you collapse against Taehyung’s chest, panting hard. Jungkook drinks up every last bit of you and you begin to cringe at the oversensitivity before you gain some of your wits again. You push his head away hastily and this time he relents.
“Did all your little happy wet dreams finally come true, Jeon?” You snicker languidly.
The boy sits back on his knees and looks up at you, locking gazes with yours. You can finally see his face, his tousled black hair, his swollen red lips, and chin, all of which are covered in your perfect sheen. He licks at his lips and wipes at his chin and neck where his tongue can’t reach and he does all of this without breaking eye contact with you. A small smirk forms on his face and suddenly you’re filled with an intense need for payback.
“Yeah, you act confident now but you seemed to enjoy it when you were riding my face,” Jungkook says. You roll your eyes, about to reply before he adds, “So, you’re welcome.”
“You’re impossible,” You huff, pushing yourself off of Taehyung’s lap.
“Where do you think you’re going, baby?” Taehyung mewls behind you. “We still need you.”
“Oh, I know,” You quip. You reach down to grab onto Jungkook’s chin, forcing him to look up at you. “But it’s my turn, don’t you think, Tae?”
Taehyung chuckles and nods in agreement. Jungkook, however, hardly looks bothered, though he seems a little taken aback by your sudden assertiveness when you begin pulling him up to his feet before pushing him back onto the bed. Taehyung scoots over so that the three of you can fit comfortably on his bed and then you’re moving, crawling over to Jungkook on your hands and knees.
“Are you trying to intimidate me?” Jungkook asks. “Because this is sexier than it is scary.”
You’re hovering over his crotch when he speaks, your greedy hands reaching forward to brush against his hard dick straining in his jeans. He nearly jolts in his seat at the sudden touch and you and Taehyung giggle again.
“Mmm, baby, teach him a lesson,” Taehyung hums. “Suck him off nice and slow but don’t let him cum.”
“Not unless he begs for it,” You say wickedly.
Taehyung stifles a chuckle. “I told you she’s feisty, Jungkookie.”
The younger boy is eyeing you carefully as you busy yourself by undoing the belt buckle on his jeans. He acts unimpressed, unfazed, as you unbutton his jeans and began sliding them off his legs, but you can see the needy and impatient glint in his eyes. Your eyes fall immediately to the ever present straining bulge in his boxers and you gulp in response, licking your lips. You can’t help yourself when you reach out to brush your fingers faintly along his length. He jolts in his seat and grits his teeth, shooting you a hard glare.
“Are you seriously going to tease me?” Jungkook grumbles. “We can skip all of that, y’know━”
“It’s payback, Jeon,” You hum, running your fingers down his dick and then back up again. “Where’s the fun in it if I skip all of the teasing?”
“You know,” Taehyung murmurs from beside you. He’s reclining back, watching you with intense eyes and is completely shameless about his prominent erection contained by his boxers. “I’m surprised the idiot hasn’t referred to his dick yet as Jungcock.”
You giggle, an all too innocent and sweet sound for the way you’re palming at Jungkook’s dick. Jungkook, who is apparently having a rather difficult time keeping up with his surroundings while your fingers continue to work against him, scoffs. His eyebrows knit together as he throws a beady glare at the older boy.
“You’re ruining the mood,” he grunts.
Taehyung clicks his tongue against his teeth, a smirk tugging at his luscious lips. “Of course. I digress.”
You turn your attention back to Jungkook who’s staring down at your hand with parted lips and a crease in his brows. Without warning, you grasp him through his boxers and he groans suddenly, bucking forward. The desperation of his situation only seems to increase in severity when you peel back the elastic band of his boxers and slide them off his legs, finally freeing his dick which springs out from it’s confines. He’s much bigger than you expected, his tip angry and red, leaking with pearly beads that dribble down his length and the bulging veins that line it.
“You’re staring again,” Jungkook hums when he notices you pause, your eyes wide. “Sure you don’t like what you see?”
You shake yourself from your daze and frown. “Shut up.”
The boy starts to chuckle at your flustered expression but yelps when you clasp your fingers around the base of his cock. A beautiful moan falls from his lips and excites you even more. You start pumping him slowly, guiding your hands up and down his length in careful and measured motions, wiping your thumb across his tip each time you reach it. Jungkook shudders in your touch, his teeth coming down to gnaw hard on his lower lip. His eyes are glued to your hands working against him, his face scrunching up in pure euphoria.
“Mmm, fuck,” he grunts, his head lolling back. “Stop teasing me and go faster.”
You don’t listen. If anything, you slow your pace and it has him so frustrated that he lets an involuntary whimper escape him. He bucks into your clenched hand, practically begging for more but remains quiet, safe for his heavy panting.
“You heard her, Kook,” Taehyung says. “Beg for her.”
“There’s no way I’m begging,” Jungkook hisses through gritted teeth. “Never. I never have and never will.”
“Bullshit,” You scoff. You fondle at his balls with your other hand and he moans again. Your hand comes to a complete halt all of a sudden, interrupting Jungkook as he is about to speak. Before he can protest, you lean down and lick at his tip, swirling your tongue around him once to taste his saltiness. His hips rut forward into you but you pull back almost immediately and find Jungkook gaping. You meet his desperate eyes for a steady gaze. “Beg. Just once, Jungkookie.”
Jungkook’s stare wavers as you run your fingers along his tip, squeezing slightly. He tries to compose himself, to remain calm, but when you are relentless, he caves very easily. He only gives in when you kiss the base of his cock. And those eyes ━ fuck, the way your eyes turn so wide and already look so fucked out. How could he resist you?
“Fuck, fuck, okay,” he gasps. “I need more, baby, please. Ah, please━ You feel so fucking good.”
His needy pleas satisfy you and your lips curl into a devious grin. You lower yourself on him suddenly, licking a clean stripe up his length and he moans loudly. You enclose your mouth around his tip and suck, earning a small growl from him as he pushes his hips forward for more. In the next second, you sink your mouth down his length, taking as much of him as you can.
“Fuck!” he moans abruptly. “Ahh, shit, that feels amazing, baby.”
You hollow out your cheeks as you pull your head up and then back down, starting at an even pace that has him moaning and writhing beneath you. He feels much bigger in your mouth but you don’t mind even when he bucks himself into you unexpectedly and hits the back of your throat. The action makes you gag around him and, in return, he curses at the way it feels.
“K-Keep doing that,” he mumbles. “Please, fuck, just like that.”
His fingers thread in your hair and he pulls you down greedily on him but you don’t refuse.
“Can you do it, baby girl?” Taehyung questions. His hand finds his way on your back where he rubs gentle circles into your skin. “Can you take all of him in your mouth?”
You nod carefully around Jungkook’s hardened length.
“Good girl,” Taehyung smirks. “Go slow.”
You follow his orders, sinking gradually onto Jungkook until you feel the tip of him hitting the back of your throat. You gag once more but, instead of pulling back, you shut your eyes and take a few deep breaths in through your nose. In, out, in, out, and then you swallow. Jungkook’s reaction is sudden and intense. He bucks into your mouth unwillingly and moans even louder, his fingers clutching at your roots.
“That’s it, baby,” Taehyung hums and his sudden presence is comforting.
“A-Again,” Jungkook stammers. “Again, please━ holy shit, you feel amazing.”
You swallow again and then a third and each time you can feel yourself sinking lower onto him. Tears prickle at your eyes as your nose is suddenly pressed against his lower abdomen but his reactions are well worth it and so you continue.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” Taehyung says, planting a chaste kiss against your shoulder. “You deserve some more attention, hm?”
His fingers slowly rub circles down your back, his lips following your arch and has you shivering beneath him, before stopping at the dip just above your ass. He’s kneeling behind you now, his fingers massaging into your thighs. You sigh against Jungkook when you feel Taehyung’s fingers continue their trek to your ass, rubbing you carefully. You, in response, push your hips back, waiting for more.
“You’re still so wet, baby,” Taehyung says. “I bet you’d come with one touch of my finger.”
With Jungkook buried hilt deep inside your mouth, you’re hardly prepared for when Taehyung slips his fingers underneath to your folds. It’s embarrassing to admit how right he is. You react instantly, moaning around Jungkook and jutting your hips back for more. The simple vibration has Jungkook groaning, his hips bucking forward. You hadn’t even been aware of just how wet you are before Taehyung pointed it out but then you can feel it, pulsing out of you and dripping down the top of your inner thighs.
“But you need more, don’t you?” Taehyung asks. “How about my cock? Will you let me fuck you, baby girl?”
You nod eagerly, the simple question exciting you even more. Taehyung chuckles and leans down to press a kiss to the arch of your back.
“But you’ll have to be good and keep pleasuring Jungkook too, okay?” Taehyung says.
You hum in response and swallow around Jungkook as if to tell both boys that you have no plans on stopping. Jungkook twitches inside you and scrunches his eyes shut.
“Fuck, Taehyung,” he grumbles. “Hurry up. Any time you touch her, she swallows. It feels so good.”
Taehyung snickers but he takes his time. He runs his fingers up and down your folds until you’re moaning needily against Jungkook. You look over your shoulder to see Taehyung’s fingers wrapped around his own hardened and pulsating erection, pumping himself a few times as he stares at you carefully. He positions himself behind you and takes the chance to run his tip and length along your folds. You whimper suddenly, hoping your desperate noises will spur him on.
“You want more, baby?” Taehyung asks.
You hum again, your voice muffled and hoarse.
“Okay,” he sighs. “Only because you’ve been so good.”
You have no time to brace yourself from the sudden impact of feelings. He doesn’t do much except for push himself into you, past your folds. It’s only just the tip and yet your heart jolts in your chest, the coil in your stomach tightens. It feels so good to finally have something of larger girth in you that you gap, simultaneously sinking down further onto Jungkook. The two boys grunt above you, both of them panting hard.
“You feel so good, baby,” Taehyung mumbles. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”
He leans down to press a kiss against your shoulder, his other hand coming up to rest on the dip of your lower back to guide you. He slowly, so very slowly, pushes himself into you, inch by inch, so you can feel the way he stretches you open, feel the way he buries into you. Your leaking arousal only proves to be of an advantage, letting him easily push into you without any trouble. Your fingers grip the bed sheets beneath you in an ironclad grip and you squeak when he’s finally buried hilt deep within you. You nearly gag around Jungkook again, who’s still panting and writhing above you, but the way Taehyung’s tongue marks patterns into your shoulder comforts you. You whine against Jungkook, pushing your hips back for more and the simplicity of your action has Taehyung’s breath hitching in his throat.
“So warm,” he grunts and then sighs against your back. “You always feel so amazing.”
He still hasn’t moved and you’re beginning to grow impatient, distraught over the feeling of him rock hard inside you but unmoving. You debate pulling apart from Jungkook to yell at Taehyung but you assume he can understand your haste judging by the way your body writhes beneath him, your fingers clench into fists. He pulls out in one languid movement, his breath stuttering, until only his tip is left before he pushes himself back in, equally as slow. He sets at a steady, easy pace that, at the very least, lets you grasp onto some sensible thoughts and pushes you to keep pleasing Jungkook. Jungkook can’t take it anymore; he starts rutting his hips up into your mouth with gritted teeth. It’s a hot, erotic mess of mingled moans and groans but you never want it to stop ━ in fact, you want more.
“You like that, baby?” Taehyung grunts.
You nod hurriedly, humming in response.
“Ah, fuck━” Taehyung groans. “Want it harder?”
You nod once more, this time eagerly. When Taehyung pulls back one more time, he slams himself back into you without any warning and you jerk forward, sinking down onto Jungkook. The younger boy moans, his head lolling back as his fingers twisting in your hair. You don’t expect Taehyung to do the same thing again, pull out slowly and then push himself back in with more force, but he does, and he repeats the action again and again until he abandons it for a whole new pace. Soon, he’s thrusting into you hard and fast but always making sure his hips reconnect with yours before pulling out so you can feel him practically in your throat.
“Like being fucked like this?” Taehyung asks. “You like being used like a little slut?”
His thrusts are relentless suddenly, jerking your body and back and forth until he’s fucking you in a way that has you sucking off Jungkook just right so that you hardly have to put in any effort. Although his hard thrusts feel amazing, each time you’re pushed forward, you sink further down onto Jungkook unwillingly and that, paired with the way Jungkook frantically fucks himself into your mouth, you nearly gag each time as he hits the back of your throat, drool pooling at your lips and dribbling down your chin. Tears prick at your eyes from the feeling and it’s too pleasing to quit, to pull away from Jungkook just yet. Jungkook’s staring down at you when he notices your scrunched up face. You’re surprised when his hand finds your cheek, his thumb brushing reassuringly into your cheekbone.
“You’re doing so━ ah, fuck━ so well, baby,” he rasps.
You can taste the saltiness of precum on the tip of your tongue and you wonder how close he is. You have no qualms in finishing him off then and there but soon the pleasure you’re receiving from Taehyung becomes too much. Soon, he’s hitting you at an angle that shakes something in you. You pull apart from Jungkook with a loud pop, saliva and cum coating his length and your lips, and a gasp wretches from your throat.
“Fuck!” You cry hoarsely. “Ah, T-Taehyung!”
You’re too weak to push yourself up and end up burying your head in Jungkook’s lower abdomen, feeling the heat consume you. You’re near numb, senseless, as you let Taehyung ravish your body, fuck you hard into the mattress and Jungkook. It’s a frantic build up, an intense wave of emotions that you seem to pass through, and you can hardly bring yourself to react. All you can hear is the sound of moaning and skin against skin and the heat seems to make its way up to your head, making you warm and fuzzy. Jungkook gently pulls at your face, lifting you up and bringing you to him so that he can smash his lips onto yours and all you can taste is bitter liquor, you, and him, but that doesn’t stop him from sucking on your lower lip even when you pull apart to moan and gasp.
“T-Tae,” You sob. “Fuck, Tae, I━I’m c━close━”
“Cum for me, baby girl,” he murmurs. “Let me hear you.”
You shake your head frantically at the sensitive sting between your legs still raw from your orgasm from Jungkook, shutting your eyes. Taehyung’s hands find their way onto your hips and he pulls you down his length until you’re balls deep and pauses. He lifts your hips and you can feel him twitch inside you that it even makes your own thighs tremble and shake. You’re sure you’ll collapse on him if he doesn’t hold onto you and he must realize this too because he grips your hips tight to continue thrusting into you. Soon you’re tumbling towards your high. Taehyung’s pumps are frantic, growing sloppy with each passing second, as he pushes you to yours and his high. The coil snaps in your stomach again and you’re in a moment of freefall where you’re stunned by the wave of pleasure. Then, Taehyung is bringing you back down to reality with his hard thrusts, the way he moans, and the lewd wet sounds of him pumping himself into you.
“Ah, T-Tae━” You whimper. “So good, fuck━”
His name falls from your lips in a repeated mantra. You crumble beneath him, collapsing entirely against Jungkook, who’s brushing your hair away from your face. You’re shaking with each touch, your walls pulsing around Taehyung and clenching hard. He moans and curses behind you and you know he must be close to his high because he, too, is fumbling for it. His thrusts are even more hasty and soon he’s reaching his climax. His moans increase in volume and his thrusts become sloppier until he finally pulls his cock from your walls and nearly collapses against your back.
With his hand clenched tightly around his shaft, he jerks himself off until he’s releasing onto your back in white hot spurts. He’s panting hard, sweat coating his forehead, but he takes the time to press chaste kisses along your back and shoulders as the two of you attempt to calm your shrill hearts. It’s silent in the room for a moment despite your panting breaths. Taehyung takes a moment to grab his discarded shirt and wipe at the mess he’s made before he collapses next to you at long last with a huff of air. You moan wearily, rolling off of Jungkook to lay on your back between the two.
“God, you’re amazing,” Taehyung sighs.
You giggle up at the boy and lean towards him to kiss. His fingers rake in your hair and a few silent seconds pass before you’re nearly back to an even breathing pace. That’s when you notice Jungkook, his hand gripped tightly around his still painfully hard dick.
“Jungkook,” You pur his name, catching his attention. “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” he quips.
“It’s your turn,” Taehyung points out. Jungkook glances at Taehyung and then down at you, quirking an eyebrow.
“W-Well, I just thought━” Jungkook stammers. “I just thought you’ve had enough. It’s okay, you don’t have to.”
“I call bullshit again,” You scoff.
“Baby girl,” Taehyung hums, “do you want Jungkookie to fuck you?”
You nod eagerly but Jungkook doesn’t seem too convinced, or maybe he’s hesitant. Taehyung’s eyeing him closely, curiously, before he gaps. He bursts out into a fit of chuckles, earning both yours and Jungkook’s attention.
“Shit, of course,” Taehyung grins. “He’s probably gonna let go the minute he’s in you. You’re close, hm?”
“Only because she’s already been down on me,” Jungkook grumbles.
“You know that’s not it,” Taehyung replies. “You’ve been wanting this forever.”
Jungkook’s eyes suddenly darken as he glares at the older boy. “Taehyung.”
“Wait, what?” You ask, turning to gawk at both.
“Jungkook has a little crush on you,” Taehyung smirks. “This is all he’s ever wanted. I bet he’ll bust a nut the second he fucks you and he’s embarrassed.”
You gasp as you turn to face Jungkook who looks entirely disgruntled but you’re more shocked about the fact that Jungkook likes you than anything else. Jungkook, notoriously arrogant fuckboy, who’s seemingly made it his mission to give you a headache every waking moment by trying to flirt with you. And maybe you’ve always sort of known it; maybe you’ve always sort of felt the same.
“That’s not true!” Jungkook protests. “I━I━ Well, Tae hardly finishes when he’s with another girl. He’s jacked off to the thought of you before, too━”
Taehyung starts. “Fuck off━”
You’re stuck between the bickering boys, staring up at both of them with a dumbfounded expression. Before either boy can strangle the other, you’re speaking up and interrupting them.
“I don’t mind,” You say. “I’m just… surprised.”
Both boys are silent now, aggravated probably, and you giggle. You reach up to rake your fingers in Taehyung’s hair and then look up at Jungkook, using your other hand to grab onto his chin once more and force him to face you.
“Come here, you idiot,” You drawl. “I want you to fuck me. Wanna feel your dick.”
Jungkook seems taken aback but then his eyes are sweeping down your body and he writhes in his seat. Before he can protest, you’re pulling him down onto you to kiss. It’s passionate and rough but hot altogether as your lips smack against one anothers. Jungkook’s desperate situation seems to hit him again, especially when you snake one of your hands down to his length and wrap your fingers around him to jerk him off. He pulls apart from you, gulping.
“Fuck, okay, okay,” he gasps. “I need to be in you right now, please.”
You and Taehyung smirk as Jungkook shifts around on the bed to kneel between your legs. He pauses, glancing up at you once more and noting the way you bite your lower lip seductively, before finally pushing himself in. He goes slow, but not as gradual as Taehyung. You can still feel him stretching you open and he groans. He seems to slide the rest of the way in with a lewd squelch sound because of just how wet you are and then he’s buried balls deep, fitting so snug within you.
“Holy shit,” he whines. “You weren’t kidding, Tae. She feels amazing.”
Taehyung hums in agreement. “What does she feel like? Let her know, Kookie.”
Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut momentarily to focus. “Wet,” he hisses through gritted teeth. “Warm, tight ━ fuck, so tight.”
He marvels at the feeling, wonders how you can still clench so tightly around him despite being stretched wide by Taehyung. He bows his head to rest in the crook of your neck and moans. His words are enough to spur on your own reaction and you whimper against him.
“Oh, fuck, Jungkook━”
The sensitivity you feel in your core met with his hard cock makes you cringe but simultaneously pleases you and you’re bucking your hips for more. He groans at the feeling, his hands flying down to grip your hips. He’s big, stretching you wide, but you feel anything but pain except for the sharp burning sensation as the intensity of your past orgasms start to hit you. He rolls his hips back and then thrusts into you so hard that you yelp and jerk back on the bed.
“Go easy on her, Jungkook,” Taehyung admonishes. “She’s not a doll.”
“I’m sorry,” Jungkook sighs, nipping at your throat. “You just feel so good, Y/N.”
“I’m okay,” You reassure. You feel his length twitch within you and your head lolls back. “Fuck, I feel more than okay.”
“Can we try something?” Taehyung asks.
He receives two weak nods in response. Jungkook pauses, shifts the two of you until he’s on his back and you’re straddling his hips, his dick never once slipping from your core. The older boy grabs onto you and yanks you onto his hips.
“What do you say we give Y/N the pleasure she deserves?” he asks. He pushes his length past your folds and is rewarded by the sound of your moans as your jaw unhinges. “Think you can handle both of us, baby?”
“Fuck, yes,” You gasp.
Jungkook seems just as enticed by this. He’s careful as he pushes his cock into you and your reaction is explosive. With Taehyung already stretching you wide, you wonder how Jungkook will fit but it’s snug and perfect. You can feel him stretching you further, inch by glorious inch, and he hasn’t even begun moving when your walls clench around the two of them. Taehyung hisses in your ear and Jungkook pauses at once, sputtering for air, giving you time to adjust. When Jungkook pushes himself further into your cunt, rubbing against Taehyung’s cock and your own walls, you can’t help the delicious moan that falls from your lips.
“Oh my god,” You whimper. “Fuck, fuck, that feels so fucking good━”
It’s such a sticky, hot mess, and all you can hear is the sound of guttural moans and grunts. You jut your hips forward, a silent plea for something more. Jungkook’s hand grasps at your ass and then he’s pulling out. He growls suddenly, thrusting his hips forward and the sensation suddenly overwhelms you. As he picks up a pace that leaves you breathless, Taehyung slowly thrusts into you and the pleasure becomes too much. Your hands reach out to grab at anything, fingers digging eagerly into Jungkook’s chest, Taehyung’s sides.
“Oh, fuck,” Jungkook grunts. His face is scrunched in pleasure and concentration, his mouth hanging open.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” Taehyung growls. “You like being stretched wide like this, huh? Such a good girl too. Fuck━”
He’s sweating, but so are you, and all you can hear is the sound of yours and the boys’ moans, the vulgar wet slap with each thrust Jungkook makes. It’s only amplified with each small leisurely thrust Taehyung makes into your throbbing pussy, his dick rubbing against Jungkook’s with each thrust. Your walls tighten around Jungkook and Taehyung as the seconds pass and you know you’re already close to your third orgasm of the night but you try to hold off despite the room spinning. All you can do is lay there for Jungkook to ravish and control, for Taehyung to enjoy, too caught up in the moment. Your breasts bounce wildly with each thrust Jungkook makes and his gaze seems fixated on your chest before flickering down to watch himself disappear inside you each time. Taehyung is raking his fingers through your hair, soothing you through your next climax and it’s close.
“Fuck,” Jungkook hisses, panting hard. “I’m not gonna last.”
You push your hips forward as if to probe him on and he growls.
“No, shit, let me enjoy this, baby,” he whines. “Ah, so tight━”
He’s grumbling to himself, cursing under his breath and you smirk tiredly. Jungkook leans his head down to kiss at your chest, catching one of your nipples in his warm mouth. His tongue swishes back and forth over the perked bud and your chest arches into his face. Your fingers are clutching tight at his hair even as he obeys and adds more force with each thrust, slowly picking up his pace. His mouth widens and he sinks lower on your breast, humming against you in pleasure. Taehyung’s own pace quickens. It’s not as relentless as Jungkook’s but he makes sure to help aid you to your high, ramming his hips into yours until both their cocks slip into a seamless pattern. All you can focus on is the crude wetness, the way their dicks threaten to slip from your hold at how sloppy and wrecked your cunt becomes.
“Ah, yes,” You hiss. “Fuck, yes, yes━ So good, oh my god━ Right there━”
Your voice is cut off by a loud moan. You feel the familiar wave hit you once more and this time you hardly have any strength to fight it off or welcome it.
“I can’t━” You wail suddenly. “Fuck, I can’t━ I’m gonna cum━”
You’re fumbling for words to warn him that you’re close before you’re cuming around them. Their names wrench from your throat in no discernible pattern, accompanied by vulgar curses. Your body writhes between the two boys, your chest arching into his mouth, your legs tightening around Jungkook’s waist.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” Jungkook coos. “Come on, wanna feel you cream all over us━”
Stars form behind your eyelids and explode into galaxies as they swirl down your spine and to the tip of your toes, making them and your fingers curl in delight. Your vision grows blurry and tears stream down your face at the build up of pressure finally being released for the third time and you can’t help it when your mantra turns into delighted sobs and whimpers. You’re clenched so tight that Jungkook feels as if he hardly has any space to move and the confinement of his length has him gasping. He pulls apart from your breast to watch your scrunched up face with hooded eyes. He moans again, and desperately leans down to suck at your jawline.
You’re too spent to keep up with him or Taehyung as he helps you further to your high but you know Jungkook is close when his thrusts become messy, quick spurts. You gasp each time he thrusts up into you until he’s finally cuming.
“Shit,” he hisses. “Gonna cum━ Gonna let us fill you up, baby?”
“Please, please, wanna feel it,” You mewl.
He slams his hips into yours and stills for a moment as he releases into you in one hot wave and emits a beautiful moan of your name. You’re panting hard even as he rides out both your highs with a few more incredibly sloppy pumps before he finally collapses against your chest. The two of you are struggling to catch your breaths, your heart beating in your ears.
The room is silent, blissful, and it takes you a few moments of basking in it before you’ve regained your breath. Your fingers rake in Jungkook’s soft and sweaty hair and you hum in content. His mouth presses a few open mouthed and hot kisses along your neck and jawline before connecting with your own mouth. This time, the kiss is chaste and you smile against his lips before he’s pulling out of you. You moan at the missing feeling of his warmth and the way his own cum leaks from your core, down Taehyung’s cock, and your own thighs.
But Taehyung isn’t done. He thrusts up into you to ride out his own high, pushing Jungkook’s release back into you. His pace is steady, deep, and all you can both do is moan and gasp for air.
“Fuck, Tae,” You rasp tiredly. “Cum for me, baby.”
The boy gasps for air, nearly fumbling behind you to reach his high. “Gonna make this pussy mine. Fuuck━”
When Taehyung finally reaches his own high, it’s in another sticky stream of hot cum, each fluid mingling with the other in a pitiful mess. He pulls his slackened length from you and you whimper at sudden the loss, core and legs aching. As you slide onto the bed between the two tired and breathless boys, Jungkook wipes at your glistening core with a shirt and you sigh in content.
“Why haven’t we done that before?” You gasp, earning a chuckle from both. Jungkook lets out a boisterous laugh and you flick his arm. “If you say anything dumb, we’re never having a round two.”
“Round two?” he asks, wriggling his brows. “You want this to happen again?”
You nod, though you can already start to feel yourself succumb to sleep as it creeps upon you. “What do you think, Tae?”
“I think,” The older boy hums, “that’s your best idea yet.”
Jungkook seems surprised, excited even, and you smile sleepily. Taehyung throws his arm over your waist and pulls your back to his chest, wrapping you in his arms as he slips off to sleep. 
Before you fall asleep that night, you snake your arm up Jungkook’s chest and let your hand rest against his beating heart which you can still feel beating shrilly even long after your messy night together.
Tumblr media
You awake to the familiar sound of your alarm.
It’s loud, annoying, and jolts you awake only to toss you into a haze of muddled confusion and an incredibly terrible hangover. Your head throbs and your body aches. Sunlight splashes in from the closed blinds and illuminates your face, making you squint.
“Turn that off, Jesus Christ, Y/N,” Taehyung snaps, his voice muffled and aggravated.
Your mind is too groggy to realize he’s sleeping next to you, too groggy to suddenly remember what happened the night before. Until, of course, you feel your limbs tangled with not only Taehyung’s but another’s. When you crane your neck to look, you see Jeon Jungkook splayed out beside you sleeping peacefully and you gasp.
The events of the night before suddenly flood your mind and everything is hazy up until your wild time with the two boys. Your muddled sober mind alerts your heart and suddenly it’s beating hard and fast in your chest as you register the situation. You’re used to waking up with a naked Taehyung by your side but never were you used to waking up next to a naked Taehyung and Jungkook.
Jungkook stirs in his sleep then and you curse silently, diving for your phone on the floor before realizing your drastic mistake. Your core is still tender and your legs feel so delicate, nearly caving in beneath you as you wobble precariously. Somehow, you manage to grab your phone and tap the snooze button hastily. Taehyung’s still half asleep on his side but Jungkook lays on his back and you’re surprised to see him looking up at you with a quirked eyebrow and a tiny smirk.
“Don’t you dare say anything,” You hiss. “Holy shit, that wasn’t a dream?”
You gnaw on your lower lip and reach down blindly to grab the nearest article of clothing on the floor (one of Taehyung’s shirts) to toss over your bare body. To soothe your aching muscles, you resort to kneeling on the edge of the bed.
“It wasn’t,” Taehyung murmurs.
“Nice to know you think our dicks are dream worthy though,” Jungkook snorts. “So when’s our round two?”
Your promise from the night before dawns on you all too suddenly and, though you feign your usual annoyance for both boys, the potential prospect of another night with the two of them thrills you to no end.  
“I━ I━” You stammer.
“Come back here, baby,” Taehyung muses. “It’s too early to be up right now. You can sleep a bit longer before you pretend you hate the both of us.”
Your eyes flicker down to your phone to check the time: 6 a.m. You can barely walk, let alone function this early in the morning, even without the added stress of your hangover, and sleep seems far too appealing to ignore. Maybe you can stay for a few more hours…
“Fine,” You grumble. You crawl back between them and wiggle around until you’re laying back on the bed. “But you’re making me that cup of coffee when I wake up, Taehyung.”
“Anything else, princess?” Taehyung grins.
“Maybe run me a bath too,” You wince as you settle back against the bed. “Everything hurts.”
“Will do,” Jungkook says. “Gotta do the most to make sure we get that second round. Now, come here━”
The boys snicker and, soon, the three of you have slipped back into a peaceful slumber.
You know that when you wake you’ll profusely deny that the night before and the morning after had ever happened; that you’ll never again find yourself in either Jungkook’s or Taehyung’s bed, much less with the both of them at the same time ━ but you find that you never really listen much to rules anyway.
Tumblr media
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the lines between us | jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
banner credit to my lovely @viefleur isabella <3
Tumblr media
➵ summary : you’re detective partners who hate each other’s guts and everyone knows it. what they don’t know however, is that there’s so much more between the lines, and he knows damn well how to rearrange your guts too.
➵ pairing : detective!jungkook x detective!reader
➵ genre : detective!au, partner!jungkook, e2l!au, fwb!au, slight fantasy!au, one-shot, smut, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 10k
➵ warnings : swearing, angst!!, arguing, tension, mentions of guns, injury & crime, explicit sexual content, heavy petting, slight brat!reader, slight brat-tamer!jk,  fingering, nipple play, oral (f. receiving), clit biting, hate sex, choking, size kink, dirty talk, degradation, humiliation, restraint (w/ jungkook’s hands), denied orgasm, hitting it from the back, a spank, pain kink, missionary, creampie, cum play, overstimulation, f. masturbation, cum tasting, finger sucking
↳ in submission for the july games:
❂ “To The Lighthouse”          ⁂ hosted by: professor bee @inkedtae through @bangtansorciere
⤐  au type: salty shores // enemies to lovers ⤐  themes: slow burn, fantasy ⤐  kinks: clit biting, spanking, pain kink, size kink, dirty talk, overstimulation, degradation, humiliation, masturbation, cum play <3
➵ a/n : first of all massive thank you to bee @inkedtae !! thank you for offering your lovely help by having a read and making me feel 20892x more confident 😭 thank you to @viefleur my beautiful isabella for making this perfect banner for me!! i appreciate her hard work so much and thank you to my lovely @opaljm @taegularities and @hantaev​ for beta-ing!! not to forget @ppersonna​ lindy for helping me figure out my whackass tenses 💀 as always feedback means the world to me <3
➵ playlist : set me on fire by estelle
Tumblr media
“You’re the most infuriating person I know on this fucking planet.” 
Jungkook merely scoffed, a nonchalant roll to his uninterested eyes with his feet kicked up on his mahogany coffee table. He toyed with the stick of his lollipop he was licking at, savouring its flavour rather than paying attention to you. 
You snapped him an audacious, angry look, disbelieving of his current behaviour. “Are you even listening to me?” 
“I’ve been listening to you for the past half an hour, baby girl.” Jungkook chided, shooting the falsest smile he could muster on Earth. 
You exhaled curtly. “Don’t call me baby girl, you know I hate it.” 
“And that’s exactly why I say it.” 
You let out a frustrated grunt, grinding your teeth together as your annoyance boiled over. “Jungkook, I’m going to ask you one more time.” You paced over to where he was seated all lax, watching his once distracted eyes now look up at you. 
“Why the fuck didn’t you shoot when I told you to? We’ve been sitting here at your place for seven hours trying to find out where this fucker went, all because you didn’t have the balls to shoot!” 
Jungkook merely stared at you, and proceeded to deliberately suck on his lollipop, a dry laugh escaping him. “Baby girl, you know more than anyone else that I’ve definitely got balls.”
You took a deep, calming breath, subduing yourself from throttling him this instant. You definitely did know Jungkook had balls, especially considering he has been balls deep inside you, but that wasn’t the point right now. “Can you for once give me a goddamn real answer?” 
“I just did.” 
“Why the fuck didn’t you shoot?!” You nearly screeched out of nowhere. “Answer me right now, what kind of sick game are you playing?” 
“I’m not playing a game, it doesn’t matter why I didn’t shoot.” He avoided your eyes.
You scrunch your face into preposterous confusion. “What the fuck? Yes it does, your inability to shoot nearly cost us this case, you jackass.” 
“I don’t need to share with you why I didn’t shoot, sweetheart. Just take a shot of something and fucking relax.” Jungkook sniped back in an attempt to simmer you down, but you were fed up with his evasiveness.
“Did you want to let him go? Did you fucking sympathize with him or something?” You questioned him rebukingly. “What the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of sick justice are you upholding if you-” 
Jungkook then abruptly rose from his couch, lollipop ripped from his mouth before standing in front of you, his sweet breath close enough to tickle your cheek. You could practically taste the cherry flavour on his lips, Jungkook’s mean eyes staring you down before he grits. “I didn’t shoot because of you.” 
You creased your brows, stunned as all hell. “What? Why would you-”
“The angle I had wasn’t even half-decent. If I wanted a non-lethal shot, I would’ve had to shoot you too.” The information had you malfunctioning, absorbing it but not even registering the meaning. 
“And?” You challenged him, crossing your arms. “It’s not like I haven’t been shot at before.” 
Jungkook narrowed his steely eyes at you with a baffled glare, a dry exhale escaping him. “You just love being stubborn and pissing me off, don’t you?” 
“That’s exactly why I do it.” You mocked his words from earlier with a saccharine grin.
Jungkook inhaled to relax, shutting his eyes before he spoke patronizingly. “Don’t act too brave, baby girl. You know I’ve been in this line of duty longer than you and I don’t appreciate shooting my comrades to capture a damn suspect.” 
“Oh, so it seems I’ve been upgraded from partner to comrade?” You bit back. “And here I was thinking I was just a rump in the sheets to you, how fucking sweet of you, Jeon.” 
Jungkook scowled at you, brows hardened into an angry line with his lips thinly pursed. “And aren’t I just some Tuesday dick appointment to you? Are you saying you would’ve fucking shot me to capture the suspect if you were in my position?” 
“We had spent days looking for him and finally got a lead, I would’ve shot without hesitation.” You argued passionately.
“You can always find a suspect again, but you can’t fucking replace the damage of a gun wound!” 
“Yes you can, we have available units to treat me if necessary!” 
Jungkook let out one final, exhausted breath and paced away from you, chucking his long-abandoned lollipop in the trash as he ran his roughened up hands through his jet black, disheveled hair. His sleeves were rolled and unfairly showcased his delectable masterpiece of tattoos sprawled up one arm, tie sexily loosened and his jacket tossed against his couch, leaving him worn out in ways that dangerously beckoned you to hook a leg over his thick thighs. He appeared quite ravishing, a fact you wouldn’t deny, but your anger towards him clouded your mind. 
Jungkook knew this was an important case with an immensely powerful suspect; people’s families—sanities relied on you two figuring out who this psychopath utilizing such savage blood magic was, and seizing him for good. 
Your bureau was alarmingly behind, as would any organization of humans that overlook magic users, dealing with any fantastical, grim crimes that plagued this hellhole of a city. 
Humans were funnily the minority around here, it was a sparse rarity to be someone with magicless blood, to be ordinary. What did it entail for the poor humans residing here? Powerlessness, lawlessness, food. It allowed magic users to prey on humans till their hearts’ content; easy targets that bent and twisted to the magic they possessed with no means of escape or fighting back. 
That was years ago, however, because humans finally elected to utilize the one thing they harboured that was their very own, special magic.
Controlling people through governance.  
Humans decided to give themselves power, to begin policing, hounding, hunting down magic users that dabbled in any life of crime and claiming jurisdiction over them as some sort of science experiment gone wrong. From gambling to serial killers, shoplifting to homicide, your garbage dump of a city that housed the smallest human-to-magic-user ratio ever collected any and all disgraced, washed-up users. It called for pitiful little humans like yourself to be in the frontlines of it all, to be protected through means of knowing how to combat them.
So it boggled you, truly left you scandalized as to why Jungkook just didn’t shoot. Even if it meant shooting you, your wound could’ve been treated and the treacherous suspect captured, but he seemed to not be in his right of mind, and it made no logical sense to you. 
You and Jungkook hated each other, period. 
That’s how it always was and always will be, he doesn’t care about you. It had been that way ever since he was a reputable, well-respected special agent everyone adored, and you were a new agent trainee assigned to Jungkook like some tenuous Bambi. It was assumed you couldn’t walk on your own two legs in this cruel world as a woman; when in reality you were the sharpest shooter out of your academy.  
You pissed him off the second he’d met you; he despised your smart ass attitude and you hated his suffocating superiority complex. But despite that, and many other rocky mountains and high hurdles, Jungkook trained you better than you’d like to admit, and sooner rather than later your rank had skyrocketed to special agent, leaving him promoted to a senior special agent. 
And you were happy for the arrogant asshole, you really were. After all, Jungkook was your mentor, albeit insufferable and haughty, but you’d fought with him in the field; and you were proud of him. Proud to see him reach new heights and climb the ranks through honest, hard work.
That was, until you blasphemously learned you were to be partnered with him. 
That’s when your entire, placid world imploded, and you knew you wouldn’t live a single day in peace stuck with such an obnoxious, full-of-it prick you’d finally believed you were free from. 
“You should be grateful, do you know how many eager newbies are goddamn itching to be partnered with me?” 
“Shut up, you asshole. I’d rather choke on a cactus than be bossed around by you like some personal lackey.” 
“Your loss, sweetheart. But don’t be crying to me when you do end up giving in.”
Yes, Jungkook was hot and everyone knew it, he was the agency’s most eligible bachelor, caught women like they were damn Pokémon and he was Ash Ketchum, not to mention the X-rated rumours about his filthy, demonic skills in bed had him crowned the finest, and hottest man everyone either loved or envied.
Yes, he had sexy tattoos, yes, he was ripped and could probably manhandle you like his personal ragdoll, and yes, he knew how to pleasure a woman better than any midnight session with a vibrator, but you hated Jungkook, alright? And you’d never give in to him.
Even if one long, tequila-ridden night not only led to you both wearing your hearts on your sleeves, but also him wearing you on his cock. Merlot turned into insatiable nights where he touched your shuddering body like no other man ever did, even tireless days of working without a single lead would leave his only stress reliever being your lips wrapped around his cock, that’s all Jungkook and you were. 
Partners, allies. You had his back and he had yours, you scratched his and he scratched yours; but none of this unfortunately negated the sheer indignation that tainted your relationship. 
He was stuck up, ridiculously cocky, drove you up a wall faster than you could shoot a bullet and you were stubborn, disobedient, too caught up in work for your own good. You were oil and water, a mix of kerosene and an open flame, a disaster waiting to happen anytime you were both left unsupervised. But what made you two even stick together in the first place? Why your deputy chief of staff even recommended your partnership?
Your synergy, your sheer success rate together. When your minds melded as a pair it was a seemingly effortless work of art, your teamwork a formidable force to be reckoned with and rarely ever brought to the ground. Even if you both disagreed and argued on various occasions, you and Jungkook naturally understood each other without words, moved like the adjoining gears inside a clock, the instinctive push and pull of a lunar tide.
You presume it’s what happens when partners spend so much time together. 
But right now, there was nothing synergetic about this. Jungkook was evading you, and you have no clue why. It shouldn’t have mattered if you’d get shot as well, so long as this case could’ve been closed and solved. 
“You drive me fucking insane.” Jungkook murmured under his breath, his broad, muscular back to you.
“Excuse me?”
“I said,” Jungkook swiveled around, facing you with his hands perched on his hips and jaw fiercely locked. “You drive me fucking insane.”
“I didn’t know stating facts could get you so riled up, Jeon.”
“Facts?” Jungkook scoffed darkly. “So what, you wanted me to shoot you? Is that what you wanted? For me not give a fuck about you?”
“Since when did you start giving a fuck about me?”
“Since the day I fucking met you, Y/N!” Jungkook shouted. “I would never, and will never put my partner and previous student in danger for a simple case, when will you understand that?”
“I won’t understand because this is our job, Jungkook. We have a duty as detectives to fight for justice and I will do anything to remain loyal to that oath. Don’t you fucking get it?!”
Jungkook looked away from you then, a disbelieving shake to his head. His cold eyes fell to the patterned rug on his floor, taking a deep, composed breath. He exhaled, tapping his foot uselessly before pacing towards your shrunken figure, like a man with a purpose. He captured your jaw delicately in his inked, veiny hand, the other falling against your neck. Your heart beat ardently as he guided you to peer up at him, and you do, finding eyes that implored you and revealed his uncharacteristic vulnerability.
“Would you have shot if it was me?”
You’re immediately flooded with an abundance of feelings, bewitched when Jungkook’s icy cologne flooded your nostrils, and suddenly it was hard, too hard to breathe. Feeling his strong, wide body so close, the heat of his presence so near made your chest flutter with something fiery, and your insides roared insatiably. His rough, masculine hand against your soft cheek left a rush of memories sweeping through you, too overwhelming to ignore.
All those nights these same hands touched your core that visibly ached for him, wrapped around your throat like a necklace that screamed you were his, fingertips bruising your blazing skin from how tightly he’d hold you, because he needed you that badly.
Your body ignited, intaking a shaky breath. “Yes.”
“Don’t lie to me,” Jungkook said softly, lightly drawing his thumb over your cheek. “Look me in the eye, and tell me the truth.”
Maybe this was what made Jungkook so easy to give in to, what made falling into his perfect abyss so effortless. Because even if you two fought, never saw eye-to-eye, he was gentle, kind, a tender soul. “Would you have shot me, Y/N?”
His eyes, they’re what drew you in first. His expression was always hardened into a scowl; a stone-faced, genius, fearless detective that got the job done better than anyone else, but it was his eyes that revealed to you there was so much more underneath his rock hard, seemingly impenetrable shell.
And every time you’d lay naked in his sheets, let him press his sinful lips all over your sensitive skin. Ran your dainty hands over his inked, meticulously-carved muscles, his gorgeous, bare body moving over yours as you let him sheath his delicious length inside your needy figure, you chipped away at that shell. 
Each intimate and purely lust-filled encounter that morphed into moments of peaceful solitude. Every kiss behind closed doors, the quaint mornings he’d sometimes stay and make you your favourite coffee in your favourite mug, held you close when certain men eyed you for too long, it was a chance to see this Jungkook. A Jungkook you could maybe, maybe have a soft spot for in the depths of your hesitant heart.
You swallowed, wetting your lips as you let them fall open.
Jungkook’s expression lightened, softening as he merely held you, really looked at you. And you could say your heart skips a beat, but whose wouldn’t when Jeon Jungkook touches you like this? Stands this close and goddamn looked at you like that?
“But I still think you should’ve shot,” you repeated earnestly and Jungkook tongued his cheek with a disbelieving exhale, hands quickly abandoning you as he laughed.  “You can’t stop being stubborn for one fucking second, can’t you?” 
“I mean it, Jungkook.” You stressed, not even searching for an argument anymore, but for him to simply understand you. “You can’t hesitate in the line of duty, and if you’re having difficulty doing so then you’re costing people their lives.” 
“Don’t you dare lecture me about being in the line of duty, you have no clue what I’ve seen.” He sneered back at you. 
“And you have no clue what you just cost us,” you implored pressingly. “It shouldn’t have mattered if I got shot.”
“Yes it did, we can always find a suspect later.” 
“And you could’ve easily gotten another partner, I’m replaceable!” 
“No you aren’t!” 
“Yes I am!” 
“I don’t want another partner!” 
“It doesn’t—!” 
Suddenly Jungkook was directly before you and grabbed your face, crashing his lips against yours and engulfing you in an intoxicating, heated kiss. You hesitated for a mere second before you tasted the cherry on his lips, finding relief in the press of his mouth, a home in the way he holds you. 
Your hands hooked onto his wrists, allowing your mouth to open and catch his in yours, craving the taste of him, the saccharine sweetness yet sinful passion of his ethereal lips. 
Maybe that’s what made Jungkook so addicting, tempting. He was a sin in disguise, the perfect combination of heavenly tenderness but moved with the lust and fire of a demon, a hell’s flame that burned you intensely enough you ached to feel the same heat over and over again. 
Your veins rushed with adrenaline, breathing in his kiss as he swiped his tongue along your bottom lip, requesting the permission he knows he has, but always felt the need to courteously ask. You opened up and his tongue invaded you, a plentiful, delicious feeling that no other could replicate. He licked your mouth exploratively, traversing into the wet, slippery confines of your mouth as you sucked on his tongue, offering up your hungry mouth to catch the most you possibly can of him.  
Jungkook suddenly became rougher with his kiss, the sheer power of it having lazily stalked you both back against his oak dinner table, your ass meeting the very edge as a little noise escaped you. Jungkook swallowed it and dragged his hot hands down your body, feeling over your perky chest and sensitive sides until he hooked onto the back of your thighs, tugging at them. 
You understood his motive and leapt up onto the table behind you, settling your ass over the surface as he gripped your legs wide open. He slotted himself in between and utterly ravaged your mouth, his grasp tight on your thighs as his delectable crotch pressed up against your gushing core and elicited your incessant, winded moans. 
He began trailing hot kisses down your jaw, craning your neck for him to mouth at you as though he was starving, your fingers weaved through his black locks you occasionally tugged at. You lightly leaned back as Jungkook met the base of your neck, groaning as he supplied you with pleasure like no other. 
“Fuck,” Jungkook swore, his breaths hard and deep. “You drive me insane.” His insatiable lips returned for more, wrapping his mouth around your neck to suckle at viciously. 
“I fucking hate you.” You sighed out, biting your lip with a heady moan the further he travelled down, and by the time he’s reached the collar of your shirt, he tore it right open without a hitch, abandoning any care for your stupid blouse. 
“I fucking hate you, too.” He groaned huskily. 
You moaned out deliriously hearing his heated voice, your hatred for each other somehow revving you both on, eliciting a passionate fire that burned brighter than the sun. Your bra-clad breasts are bared to him in a plum, lacey piece. Jungkook’s lips met the flesh of your tits as he toyed with the rim of your bra, rough hand curling around your waist he held like fine china, but gripped hard enough to churn your delicate insides.
“Jungkook..” You sighed, throwing your head back as his lips dangerously neared a nipple after exposing a tit, hand swept up in his luscious locks. “Want you.. so badly.” 
Jungkook breathed a scoff against your skin, smirking smugly when you shuddered at the feeling. 
“Always this worked up over my mouth, huh?” You mentally eye rolled at his jab, but physically your body pressed further into his, desperate for something searing, something more. You locked him in by the back of your shins, pulling him snug to you as a signal to get it on. Jungkook confidently took your push and unclasped the hook of your bra, quickly sliding off the pesky straps and tossing the garment elsewhere. 
You moaned lewdly when Jungkook wrapped his lips around your exposed nipple, sucking tantalizingly until they hardened into pert peaks, eliciting your fucked out groans as you bunched his hair in your fist. “Fuck.. Jungkook.”  
“You need me that badly, baby girl?” 
You nodded without shame, the press of his tongue against such a sensitive nub causing you to repeatedly arch into him, enjoying the electrifying pleasure he coursed through you. The heavy, hard feeling of his cock against your leg also did you in, waking the lust-filled beast inside you. “Jungkook, please.” 
Jungkook’s name on your pretty lips sounded like music to his ears, the submissive pleading, the intoxicating need you had for him something he’ll never get past. “I’m coming, sweetheart. I’m not done with you yet.” 
Jungkook slathered his tongue over your other nipple before resurfacing to you, holding your naked waist as your shirt pooled around your elbows. You grabbed at him immediately when he kissed you, making out shamelessly as your greedy hands traversed his neck and muscular chest, tugging on his shirt to hear his deep, throaty sounds. 
Jungkook moaned into your mouth, a delightful ecstasy you swallowed with pleasure and made your pussy gush with arousal. Your hands became restless, feeling up all his brawny muscles you knew he hid underneath his useless tops. 
Jungkook is built as fuck and everyone knows it, that strong, bulky back of his at the forefront of your wild fantasies; yearning to scratch it all up but it’s his unique proportions that always stunned you. His beautiful S-line figure, that tiny waist but broad, expansive chest you wanted to dig your nails into. 
You bee-lined for his buttons, messily undoing them as you ripped his shirt open, Jungkook assisting you by peeling back the item from his thick shoulders rapidly and disregarding it as quickly as he did manners. 
Jungkook’s hand fell down your sides before he hooked his fingers onto the waistband of your pants and panties, lips unable to disconnect. You helped him by shimmying immediately and he aggressively tugged them past your ass, mouths still desirous and flaming
He discarded your clothing and his greedy hands slid over your bare thighs, whimpering when you felt his masculine, rough skin against such a sensitive area. He dipped teasingly towards your inner thighs and gently pushed them open, twitching immediately at the air that kisses your bare, wet pussy. You sense him smirk against your lips, breaking away for much needed oxygen, his fingertips gripped onto your supple flesh. 
You’re left with a flimsy shirt on and nothing else, bared to Jungkook in all your nakedness. He breathed hotly as he scanned over your body, eyes a blown out, dilated mess that made your heart hammer in your chest, exposed chest rising and falling in a rhythm that entranced Jungkook far more than you ever knew.
“Shit, you’re so fucking hot.” You smiled proudly, rising from your leaned back position and wrapping your arms around his beautiful neck, meeting him for another brazen make out. He left you winded, delirious as his arms naturally cradled your waist, and you whispered against his glistening lips; those plump, shiny little petals that always left your soul aflame.
“Fuck me, Jungkook.” Jungkook released a puff of air against you, as though his own arousal raked his insides as you requested but he was abstaining for now. You were nose to nose, mouth to mouth as he enclosed you safely in his arms, soaking in this heavenly feeling, the feeling of you. “Wanna feel you inside me, baby.”
“Not yet, baby girl.” He breathed. “Wanna touch you.” 
Your chest flutters when Jungkook suddenly pinned you down on the table, the slam of your back against the cold wood eliciting an agreeable moan from you. He hovered above, shirtless and golden in all his ethereal beauty, the elegant carving of his muscles, each and every curve and groove sculpted meticulously by God himself. Jungkook was stunning, beautiful, an angel wrapped up in sin and your eyes couldn’t help but devour him while. 
Jungkook ensnared a wrist of yours against the table, his other hand inching up to your throat before lightly choking you, watching you lose some of your air and shut your eyes in pleasure, his own enjoying the eroticism of the image. He smirked before colliding his lips with yours once again, kissing you hungrily. 
He hummed and moaned into the kiss before his hand around your neck traveled down your writhing body. He glided his fingertips over your sensitive, heated skin, touching all that he could as he passed over your stomach and met your pelvis, fingers eventually dipping into your puffy, pulsing pussy lips. 
You gasped, gripping your hand into a fist and Jungkook noticed, slotting his fingers with yours to soothe you. He watched your reactions below intently, enjoying every second of your usually independent, bull-headed self turning into a whimpering, moaning mess underneath him. 
“Baby girl likes my fingers, doesn’t she?” 
You nod while chewing your lip, attempting to silence your submissive noises but he slipped two scheming digits through your pulsating pussy folds, cunt shivering under his magical spell. 
“Like that my fingers can do things your small ones never can, huh? Think about them touching you?” He whispered against your lips and you nodded again, letting out a whimpering moan as Jungkook massaged your little mound, finding the pearl and slow speed that drove you insane. You sighed lewdly, gripping his fingers like a vice as your other grasped his wrist in between your legs, working you like a fiddle as you fidgeted and whimpered. 
“Such a dirty girl, loves screaming at me in the office, but screams my name when she wants to come?” You moaned erotically at his words, digging your nails into his wrist when he teased your shuddering entrance. “Jungkook..”
“If only everyone knew,” Jungkook’s eyes were a crimson red of desire, lips inches from yours as he watched your fucked out reactions to simply petting your little cunt, the cunt he so desperately would love to shove his hard cock inside right now. “How much of a dirty girl you really are, a whore for my cock.” 
You sighed when Jungkook slid two of his thick digits inside your wet hole with ease, fingering you like it were a game he mastered ages ago. “But I know.. only I get to know, huh, detective?” 
The formal addressment made your body shiver, hand gripping his shoulder as you beckoned him closer and gently rutted your hips into his hand needily. “Jungkook.. Jungkook, please.” 
“What do you want, Y/N?” Jungkook purred against your mouth temptingly, his hot, sweet breath and sinfully working his fingers into your aching pussy spelling your doom. “What do you want from me?” 
You keened when you felt Jungkook’s fingers pump you faster, the thick shape of his digits inside you providing the perfect, delicious drag as he lightly scissored you open. “You, Jungkook.” You breathed, chest rising and falling under his scandalous touch. “I want you.” 
“You have me right here, baby girl.” Jungkook cooed, twisting his fingers inside your slicked, fluttering walls as you moaned lewdly, feeling your body ignite with unsatisfied hunger. “What do you need?” 
“Your cock, Jungkook.” You squeezed his hand when he suddenly curled his fingers inside, stroking the roof of your cunt with practiced ease. “Want you inside me—oh God.”
Jungkook smirked, in love with the way you begged for him, needing him and his cock more than anything. Jungkook pecked your pouty lips as his voice dropped an octave, delectable fingers pleasuring your fluttering cunt as he hummed indulgently at your pathetic whimpering. “Mmm, let me taste you first, baby girl.” 
His lips hovered mere centimeters before yours, your whole being screaming to just kiss him, but Jungkook grinned evilly as he slowly drew his coated digits out of you. He breathed purposefully against your skin, body shivering once his lips skimmed down the column of your throat. Your body arched off the dinner table, Jungkook releasing a puff of hot air between the valley of your breasts, lips grazing over your midriff as you lose your fickle sanity, his lips pecking sweetly at your stomach.
He kissed you just underneath your navel, toes curling as you clutched his hand against a fabric dinner mat. “Jungkook.. fuck.”
He continued to lay tantalizing pecks until he’d arrived at your pelvis, your legs restless knowing where his lips planned to go. You became a little fussy, impatient as you craved his mouth on your weeping pussy and you wriggled around, eager for him.
“Jungkook, please.”
“Patience, Y/N.” Jungkook cooed. “Such a needy little cockslut.”
You whined again and your legs incessantly fidgeted, Jungkook hooking his hands around your thighs and prying you wide open for him with a hard lockdown. You moaned when he smoothed a hand over your body, laying you down against the table and reclining you. You felt his plushy lips inch towards your core, Jungkook shooting his eyes up to view your fucked out expression before cracking a smirk, pressing his lips against your clit.
You gasped immediately, back lurching as you felt him wrap his mouth around where you’re most sensitive, tongue coming out to play over your leaking pussy. “Jungkook… fuck.”
He flattened his tongue next and licked up your cunt, gathering your essence on his tongue he tasted pleasurably. “Shit, Y/N, always taste so fucking sweet.”
You muffled your moan as you chewed your bottom lip, but lost your mind when the tip of his tongue pressed against your pulsing clit. You let out a broken moan, hands slithering into his hair as you massaged at the roots of his locks. “Oh fuck me, Jungkook.”
“Only time I can get you to listen is when I’m licking your cunt, huh?” Your hand came down to smack his bicep and he laughed, fingertips gripping you harder as he held your squirmy legs open. “Stay still, baby girl. Need to taste you.”
He slithered his tongue through you again with a moan, swiping through your quivering folds and you crumbled, felt your joints lose their cohesion over your beating cunt. You mewled shamelessly, letting his masterful tongue lick at you like he always does, kneading the flesh of your thighs as he ate you out contently.
“God, how could I shoot you when I wouldn’t get to taste this pretty pussy?” Your stomach brimmed with butterflies, walls pulsating as he made out with your cunt, sucking and licking wherever, whenever he desired. “Can’t wait to fuck this cunt open.”
His words shot adrenaline through you, tugging on his hair as you rode up on Jungkook’s gorgeous face, and he happily let you unabashedly grind while losing your now hysterical mind. “Jungkook, fuck, fuck—!”
“Mmm, dirty girl’s gonna come? Come all over my face?” He chided you, and you realized you’re in fact near your release, your pussy walls aching, your clit begging for attention. “Wanna cover me with your cum?” 
“Jungkook, I—“
And that’s when he glided a hard hand over your pelvis, fingers splayed over your fiery skin as his thumb dipped down to begin toying with your clit, squealing when you felt his delicious ministrations.
You threw your head back against his table, legs desperately itching to close but Jungkook kept you open, whimpering when he wrapped his entire hungry mouth over your cunt and suckled you like a lollipop. “Jungkook, oh fuck, Jungkook.”
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“Don’t stop, oh fucking hell don’t stop.” Jungkook smirked, allowing himself to lose control and go to town on your ravaged pussy. He kissed and licked without mercy, wet smacking noises escaping from between your legs as he worked like a man gone wild.
“Fuck, you’re dripping, Y/N.” Jungkook breathed harshly, peering down to his face shoved between you and a fucked out moan escaped you. You gripped his hair again and he lets out a delicious groan, the vibration sending a ripple through your shuddering body.
“Oh God, Jungkook. Hate you so much but your fucking tongue—!” Jungkook flapped the murderous wet muscle all over your pathetic little cunt with a smile, making you clench so hard your orgasm tickled the bottom of your stomach incessantly. He rubbed your inner thigh as comfort before his fingertips grazed your groin, jolting when you felt the contact. His same fingers teased your entrance before he slicked them up, sliding them right inside your pulsing pussy and you let out a lewd, erotic moan.
“Mmm, wonder who taught you how to be so dirty, sweetheart.” Jungkook goaded you amusedly, and he worked his magic on you then, your walls pulsating so badly you felt a familiar coil tightening your guts, riding up against his face until Jungkook began applying harder pressure on your clit. Your eyes rolled back, this deadly combination of both his hands and sinful mouth licking and touching your pussy spelling your pathetic end.
You began whining, writhing around as you called for him. “Jungkook.. wanna come, please.” You get out, feeling Jungkook’s heavenly ministrations on your cunt and you morphed into complete jelly, insides buzzing with your orgasm.
“Jungkook, baby, please.” You implored, and suddenly you felt his teeth lightly squeeze around your clit, yelping after immediately feeling the bite.
“Jungkook, what the fuck!”
“Didn’t I say patience, sweetheart?” He shot you a smug grin, challenging you with his eyes alone. “Need to take my sweet ass time with a bratty junior like you.” 
Your insides rippled with a rush of arousal, orgasm bubbling in your gut. “Jungkook, I can feel it.. wanna come around your cock.. I need to.” 
“I fucking love hearing you beg, you know that?” He smiled condescendingly at you before returning to soddening up your pussy, licking and sucking it as though you were his favourite meal. You whined again, his tongue so fucking good that you were rutting your hips against his perfect mouth. “Jungkook.” 
“God, always runs fucking circles around me but the second I lick your cunt, you’re a whiney mess?” You knew his words were meant to humiliate you, but they instead ignited your insatiable flame, wanting him to fuck up your insides, to ruin you like you needed.
“And you’re the same asshole.. that never listens to me... but loves hearing me moan?” 
Jungkook laughed dryly, releasing your cunt with a lewd pop before he tugged you up to him, naked chest tumbling into his roughly as your innocent eyes questioned him. “Jungkook, what the fuck—” 
But he shut you up when his lips pressed smack dab against yours, hands firm over his chest as you curled them up in desperation, his arms caging you against his warm, strong body. You tasted remnants of yourself on him, moaning when you caught a sloppy lick and Jungkook’s keen hands canvassed down to your plump ass, feeling you up before he hooked them underneath the flesh of your thighs. 
He lifted you off the dinner table, tugging your exposed body close to him as he allowed your feet to hit the ground, making out with you as though you’re his only fresh water, and you licked into his mouth like he’s a mirage in the Sahara.
You scratched at his sturdy chest in frustration however, biting his lower lip as you ripped away from him. “Asshole, don’t deny my orgasm-” 
And in a split second, you were spun around and shoved onto his dining table, breasts falling against the cold surface. You gasped, opening your mouth to question Jungkook but suddenly felt a harsh smack against your ass, biting your lip to contain the ripple of the indulgent sting. 
“How many times do I have to tell you to speak with respect to your superior?” 
“You don’t deserve my respect when you don’t let me-” You squealed when you felt another harder spank, Jungkook’s hand cradling your shoulder as the other soothed your ass cheek, and you whimpered in delight. 
“God, such a stubborn, bratty little whore.” You moaned at his hand dipping in between your folds, rubbing your pulsing entrance from behind and you twitched underneath him. 
“And what an obnoxious, cocky ass bastard--” Another rough slap to your ass had you deliciously reeling, the pain stinging so good you needed to clamp down on your bottom lip. Jungkook knew you loved this, telltale by the heady groan that escaped your pretty lips, abandoning your ass to work his belt. 
He unfastened the annoying contraption and slipped his pants off, baring to your backside his elongated cock that sprung out, hard and flushed red as his tip glistened. Your hands remained fidgety against the table, sensing Jungkook’s aura and knowing you’re the delectable, five-course meal he’d been waiting for all this time.
Your pussy continued to pulse for something, to finally be filled up and wrecked the way you desired until you were granted all your needy wishes. The bulbous tip of Jungkook’s heady cock suddenly pressed against your center, your body twitching violently at the fleshy touch and Jungkook chuckled condescendingly. “Tuesday’s dick appointment’s here.” 
“It’s Thursday, Jungkook, fuck you—nngh.” 
You whimpered when he suddenly pushed against your hole and breached you, the tip of his meaty cock enjoying the slick of your walls. “You were saying?” He snarked as he eyed up your arousing figure from behind, biting his lip. “Pretty ass up for me, baby girl.” 
You complied, adjusting yourself with your ass up and offering it to him, propped on your elbows as your breasts dangled against the table, supplying your nipples with deadly friction. 
Jungkook kissed your back before you could even utter anything, his hand curled around his shaft as he slowly pushed into you, feeling your smaller form grind back for more and he groaned pleasurably. “Fuck.. you’re so needy right now, my cockslut.” 
Jungkook flitted down and watched the massive size of himself and your tiny pussy, his dick throbbing once he felt the tight squeeze of your walls around him, fitting inside you like a glove. “Jesus Christ, Y/N, such a tight little cunt, fuck.” 
He pressed further into your soaked walls, the invasion of him utterly divine, the sheer girth of him splitting you open in the most delectable of ways.  “Jungkook.. oh God, deeper baby, please.” 
He plastered on a smug grin, hands now curled around your hips as he sheathed his hardened dick inside you. “What did I say about when you beg me, baby girl?” 
“Jungkook..” You groaned, your breaths mangled and hard managing him inside you, nails scratching the surface of his table. 
He gripped your hips harder, leaning down over your already sweaty body and near growling into your ear. “What did I say?” 
“Detective Jeon..” You moaned, knowing Jungkook had a hot fixation with you calling him by his formal addressment. Maybe it was because he had two years on you and yet, you disregarded any and all kinds of respect with him, addressing him however you chose. You knew it always pissed Jungkook off, and you never allowed yourself to fold in a regular setting. 
But this wasn’t a regular setting, with Jungkook having you pinned down and ass up for him, balls deep inside you. Jungkook’s dick was godly, a large, perfect size that smashed all the spongy and erogenous spots inside you, and like hell were you not going to fold to whatever he wanted. 
“Detective, please..” You begged, glassy eyes peeking behind you at his onyx ones. “Want you deep, please. Detective Jeon-” 
And you gasped sharply, ass high in the air when Jungkook suddenly drove himself into your cunt so deep, his tip nuzzled against the opening of your cervix, your crying pussy welcoming him with open arms. You whimpered lewdly when he simply remained there, savouring the way your warm walls fluttered so incessantly around him, and you could feel every inch of his throbbing, fat cock. 
“Jungkook, shit, Jungkook.” 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jungkook repeatedly cursed, relishing in the tiny confines of your small pussy he couldn’t fathom fit his large member inside. That’s what he loved the most, the way your smaller form always knew how to handle any challenges that were thrown your way. Whether it was a formidable foe, a life-threatening case or his massive cock, you were always up for a challenge, and it always ignited his veins with a lusty, desirous flame.
But right now, he watched you breathe shallowly and your hands grip the sides of his table in an attempt to relax, Jungkook’s lips that hang open pressing kisses to your spine with a sweet coo. “You got this, baby girl, breathe.” 
You nodded as your weak reply, allowing your body some ease and your pussy opening up to him, the feeling more than just liberating but riveting, glorious. The sheer size of him in this position, his wide girth that always challenged you but pushed your limits in ways that left you thrilled, only made you crave him so much more. 
“Jungkook, ah—Jungkook. So fucking big, oh my God.” 
“Shh, I got you, sweetheart.” Jungkook fit his free hand around your waist, supporting your body as he pulled himself out, feeling your walls trap and hug him inside, only to sheath his cock back in with a soft thrust. You moaned lewdly, Jungkook pressing his pelvis against your pretty hips as he kept himself deep inside, and it’s as though your world exploded into colours you could feel. 
Jungkook always does this, always did this. He knew where to hit and how, pleasured a woman as though it was his fucking birthright, and God did you yearn for him more than any other desire in the world. “Jungkook.. fuck!” 
“Love feeling me inside you, don’t you, baby girl?” Jungkook goaded, supporting your waist upwards as he drew out of your tight cunt, and stuffed himself right back inside with a gentle pump. Your hands clasped his table like a vice, body wriggling around but he held you hard, groaning pure filth behind you. “You love my cock, huh? Like being filled up like my needy little subordinate?” 
“Yes, detective.. oh fuck.” You voiced weakly, breaths becoming heavier once Jungkook pulled out and began a slow, head-spinning pace with his sizeable cock. He pushed his hips against yours to thrust inside deliciously, penetrating you in ways that leftyour walls clinging to his cock like a lifeline, Jungkook groaned out at the feeling when paired with your pretty moans. 
“Fucking hell, Y/N. Such a tiny little pussy, so tight,” he grunted, thrusting into you with mean precision as his hips kissed yours, feeling your body squeeze his thick length and he groaned out in pleasure “Fuuuuck.” 
He drove himself harder this time, fucking you deeply as he shoved his fat cock inside you, watching you moan lewdly underneath him as your legs squirmed, face buried onto his table.  “Jungkook, fuck—” 
“Shit, pussy so good,” he groaned as he swiveled his dick inside you, melting into a puddle of mush as he scraped the roof of your cunt, stimulating your engorged g-spot. You whimpered pathetically, rocking back on him for more and Jungkook moaned as he grasped your hips in place, voice husky when he scolds. 
“Did I say you could move?—ah fuck.”  Jungkook cursed under his breath when you fucked yourself back on him, needy and whiney and desperate for him. “Jungkook, keep going, oh my God.”
“Look at you, ass up face down for me on my fucking dining table.” Jungkook’s chest swelled with pride, suddenly drawing out and ramming into you with purpose, fucking you with hard thrusts that turned your insides into a weeping mess. 
“Who knew the same girl who never listens to me would let me take her from behind, huh?” He was clearly enjoying himself, feeling blood rush through his veins as he continuously stuffed you with his throbbing member, feeling the tantalizing shape of him fuck you so good; your clit was swelling into a pulsing bud. 
“Such a dirty girl in my hands.. but walks around—fuck—shit-talking me at the office, huh?” Jungkook grunted ferally, breathing harsher as he fucked himself inside you with deep and rough penetrations, skin working up a sweat as he relished in your needy moans. “If only they knew you moan like this for me.”
“Fuck you,” You spat back at Jungkook. “You walk around all high and—shit—mighty but the second your dick’s inside my mouth—ah!” You muffled your moan when Jungkook plunged into your pussy hard, stuffing himself to the very brim as he dared swivel his cock around again, letting you feel every inch of him. 
“You wanna talk to me with attitude again? How many times do I have to remind you I’m older than you?” Jungkook scolded as he supplied you with another deep thrust, seeing your nails dig into the wood of his table and moan pathetically but it only revved his hot engine, enjoying this picture perfect image of you from the back. 
“I don’t give a fuck, Jeon. Respect is—fucking hell!” You cried pornographically when Jungkook grabbed at your thighs and angled his strong thrust a little higher, stroking your g-spot like a sacred place. 
“Your legs, Y/N,” he grunted as he fucked into you, hair damp and sweaty. “Wrap them around me.” Your mind went blank when Jungkook instructed you so breathlessly, gut twisting when he hoisted your hips up and your legs grappled around his waist, wearing you like a belt. 
He continued battering your pussy from behind just like that, giving it to you fast and hard as you gripped the table for dear life and Jungkook railed you relentlessly, fucking you with precision and vigor so blissfully that your eyes rolled back. 
“Gonna fuck that attitude out of you,” he breathed harshly. “My needy little cockslut.” 
You scoffed with a light moan. “Maybe if you could fuck me right I’d be your cockslut, asshole.” You shot back at him knowing it would piss him off, and you could practically feel the energy in Jungkook shift as he hit your pussy with one last, cosmic thrust that had your body falling limp against his table, truly feeling him in your guts. “Jungkook..” 
“I don’t fuck you right?” Suddenly you were transferred from your breasts pressing into the wood onto your back, Jungkook’s cock slipping out of you in a swift pull. Your round eyes met his with panic. “Jungkook, what are you—?” 
He collected you in his strong arms, handling you like a useless doll when he threw your naked body over his shoulder. “Jungkook, what the fuck!” 
He didn’t respond, knowing you’d truly cut his last thread and he practically marched over to his bedroom, dangling you over his shoulder as you held onto him for dear life. “Jungkook, put me down—” 
Your sentence was battered with a sharp yelp when Jungkook tossed you down onto his mattress, the bed springing you back as you propped onto your elbows to question him. “Jungkook, fucking talk to me—” 
Jungkook swiftly engulfed you in an intoxicating kiss as his knee dipped into the sheets, leaning over your humming body that indulged in his lips and pressing you into his bed, hands entangling with yours either side of you as he kissed you deeply. 
His hardened and wet cock grazed your groin and you squirmed underneath him, fighting his hands to touch him, but he only locked you down harder, shifting his head to the side to capture more of your mouth he considered a utopia. 
He groaned into your mouth when you arched your body into his, feeling your hot skin contact his and suddenly the warm feeling of you and your pussy became something he’d missed dearly. He drew away with the release of a lewd pop, meeting his heated, flushed face as you breathed tremulously, eyes begging him for what you wanted most, and Jungkook didn’t need to say a word. 
His hands squeezed yours tightly, biting your bottom lip as your hips bucked upwards for him, chest rising and falling in anticipation and Jungkook had  never seen a sight more beautiful. He pressed his lips to your swollen ones again, gently kissing you when he inserted himself inside your fluttering heat once again. 
He entered you missionary style, moaning into his delicious mouth as he neglected preparation and used the oozing slick of your pussy walls to ease himself in. He began preliminary, experimental soft strokes that eventually eroded into fucking you fast and hard all over again. 
Your hands moved to loop around Jungkook’s sweaty neck as he shoved his tongue down your throat, but intake a gasp of air once he immediately denied you. Jungkook swiftly abandoned your hands to grab your legs and prop them up onto his shoulders, spreading you indefinitely open for him. 
You disconnected from him for a heady moan as the back of your shins settled over his strong shoulders, Jungkook leaned forward as he fucked you to tighten up your pussy and your vision clouded with twinkling stars. 
“Jungkook, oh fuck—Jungkook.” He pinned down both your wrists with his single, rough hand as his other inked one dared curl around your throat, repeatedly shoving his cock into you deeply. His hand squeezed the sides of your neck, losing air as your fucked out eyes looked into Jungkook’s blown out ones, feeling his cock fill you up to your stomach.
“You wanna be fucked like this, baby girl?” Jungkook breathed against your lips, maintaining eye contact that melted your insides. “Like you’re my girl?” Jungkook’s voice was soft and mellow, his lips hanging open as he snapped his hips into yours with deep thrusts, whimpering noises escaping your body that contorted for him. 
He was balls balls deep inside you now, your legs by your head as he moved inside you and stared into your very soul, watching your every reaction with his undivided attention. Your nails dug into the back of your hands, tears pooling your lashline feeling him so, so fucking deep. Jungkook’s tattooed hand choked you again, beckoning your meager voice. “Talk to me, sweetheart.” 
“I do, Jungkook. Wan—wanna be fucked like this—nngh.” You body jerked up into his when he supplied you with a hard enough fuck that felt like heaven. “Jungkook.. Jungkook.” 
“Is this how you wanna be fucked? Like you’re all mine?” You nodded incessantly, feeling his abdomen brush against your buzzing mound as you desperately ached to come, your walls pulsing so badly Jungkook could feel the constant fluttering. 
“You like this, sweetheart? It feels good like this?” You nodded again, your moans constantly ringing in Jungkook’s ears as he fucked you like he meant it, fucked your little pussy with purpose as he aimed to see you unravel underneath him, hit that g-spot hidden inside you until you convulsed around him. 
“Faster, Jungkook. Fuck me faster.” Jungkook heeded your request, increasing his speed as he fucked you into his mattress, cock filling you up to the brim each delectable time and nothing could’ve felt more right, so cosmically satisfying. 
“Oh God, Jungkook, fuck me-” You were cut off by your own moan when Jungkook stuffed himself inside you undeniably deep and upwards, feeling his dick throb inside you as your walls spasmed incessantly, grunting out himself at the divine feeling. 
“Oh fuck.” He cursed under his hot breath, peeking down at the way your tiny pussy engulfed his massive member. 
“Jungkook, please.” You strained at his hands but he only gripped you harder, hand around your throat supplying another light squeeze. “I’m gonna come, baby, please.” 
Jungkook’s eyes met yours, watching the way they implored him and scratched your own skin for more, only building the foundations of his soft spot for you. He leant his forehead down against yours, lips brushing against lips as he breathed over your mouth. “Then come for me, Y/N. Cream my cock like my fucking dirty girl.” 
And Jungkook’s hips picked up to an unforgivable pace, your legs stretched back on his shoulders to the max as he fucked into your tight cunt, relished in the warm wetness of your sex as he thrusted with vigor. 
You were a writhing mess underneath him, raking for that orgasm that so powerfully irked to release, grinding your hips up against his abdomen as you rubbed your buzzing, sloppy clit all over him. Jungkook immediately got the memo, angling higher as he hit that spongy g-spot and all you could see were hot flames behind your watery eyes. 
You practically screamed his name, losing your goddamn mind as he penetrated you hard, fucked you so good your entire system flooded over and your gates burst open astronomically. You came all over Jungkook’s cock, letting out a high-pitched, loud moan as you released your high, Jungkook slowing down his movements as he softly fucked you through your orgasm. 
He gently rocked himself inside, letting your walls trap him in any way they wanted and ride his cock like it was all yours, body falling into a state of relaxation. Jungkook still throbbed inside you though, knowing cum must be aching his balls and you broke out of his iron grip to grab at his torso, beckoning him to move again. 
“Fuck me again, Jungkook.” You breathed, face heated and flushed with post-orgasm bliss. “Fuck me like your cockslut, come inside me, detective.” Something snapped inside Jungkook, the shift in his eyes telling of that when he wasted no time and began rutting into your battered pussy all over again. 
You purposefully clenched the cum out of his cock as you tugged at his hips, squeezing him so tightly, so incessantly to subside your oversensitivity and Jungkook lost all forms of control. His thrusts became rushed and frantic, uncontainable as he used your body for his pleasure and finally released with an animalistic grunt, spilling his hot, abundant seed inside you. 
His face found your neck as he supported his balance on his forearms, ensuring he didn’t crush you underneath. Your legs faltered from his shoulders and ached the second they hit the mattress, hugging him to you as he composed himself. 
Jungkook relaxed from his high, breaths stabilizing as he peered at your fucked out, sweaty features before he spotted the mess between your legs. He slowly pulled himself out of you, drenched dick popping out of your cunt as you groaned the second you felt vacant, pussy clenching around a figment of your imagination. 
Cum spilled out of your battered sex and Jungkook watched with fascination, his eyes a playful obsidian as he wet his lips. Your tired ones fell to him admiring, soon feeling Jungkook’s sweep over your inner thigh before he swiped the excess cum back into your sopping cunt. You shivered with a light moan when you felt his deft hands touching your most intimate parts, biting your lip to contain yourself. 
Jungkook’s eyes snapped up to you, something about the flushed, sweaty sheen of your face captivating to him. He tongued his cheek, looking from your messy cunt up to you. 
“Fuck my cum into you.” 
Your eyes widened, shocked by his command. “Jungkook—” 
“Use your fingers, fuck my cum into your little cunt. I wanna see.” 
You swallowed, something about the order so tantalizingly hot you were left chewing on your lip, slight humiliation tainting your warm cheeks. 
And Jungkook seemed to notice, placing his hands either side of you on the bed as he crawled over your figure, hovering above. You immediately inhaled feeling him so close, body instinctively raising up to feel his against yours, and Jungkook connected your lips for a slow kiss. 
He worked his mouth against you tenderly, tongue dipping into your mouth tastefully before he disconnected, eyes watching you with an indistinguishable gleam, maybe even a small smile. He carefully slid his hand down to find yours, gently clasping on. 
Your eyes remained locked with each other, the energy palpable as Jungkook trailed your hands down your vibrating body, feeling his every hot breath against your soft lips. 
“We’ll do it together,” He said, pressing a chaste kiss to you. “I got you.” 
Your chest did that weird dancing thing it often did around him lately, fluttering with butterflies as your toes curled. You felt your entangled hands reach your pelvis together, breathing deeply to sustain your sanity once your connected hands slipped into your sodden folds, and he made you cup your sex in an instant touch. 
You gasped, the oversensitivity but the sheer feeling of him doing this too good to deny, too good to stay quiet about. Jungkook guided your hand to your entrance and gently grabbed your pointer and middle fingers together. He lined you up with your battered opening, chest rising and falling as you awaited the invasion, your eyes only on his. 
“Detective Jeon..” you breathed weakly, free hand slipping over his inked arm, softly admiring the captivating art and his Adonis-like muscles. 
“Shh,” Jungkook whispered against your lips. “Be my good girl, Y/N.” 
And he pushed your fingers inside your hole, the shape of your digits immediately impaling you and you whimpered underneath him, nails digging into his bicep. “Jungkook...” 
“C’mon, sweetheart.” He cooed. “Fuck yourself for me.” His words made you shudder, nibbling your lip as you slowly drew your fingers out and pushed them back in, setting a steady pace for yourself as you reeled with oversensitivity. You could feel Jungkook’s cum inside you, a white, hot mess of a creampie you knew he adored, so it was almost a little odd Jungkook instead relished in watching your reactions tonight.
His eyes had softened, though they still held the subtle insatiability of a beast, knowing with Jungkook’s stamina he was difficult to satiate. He seemed caught up in you however, even dipping down to connect your lips together as you moaned and whimpered into his mouth, diligently finger-fucking his cum into yourself as he swallowed up your pretty sounds. 
He disconnected, peeking down at you working yourself so hard it was as though his dick beckoned to be inside you again. “Shit, this is so hot.. you’re so hot, Y/N.” 
His lip hung open as he breathed unevenly, watching his cum spill out of your pussy as you continued steadily fucking yourself. “Doing so well, sweetheart. You’re such a good girl for me.” 
You mewled when you stuffed your own fingers deeply inside your heat, casting your arm over your mouth to muffle the loud, lewd noise. Jungkook’s eyes found you, licking his bottom lip at the lethal image. “You’ll never listen to me out on the field, but you listen to me in the sheets, huh?” 
You giggled under your arm, and you earned the chance to see Jungkook’s pretty bunny smile too. You were busy admiring the curve of his cute lips before you accidentally moved your legs open, groaning at the acute pain that stung your abused groins. Jungkook noticed and wrapped a hand around your wrist, drawing your fingers out of your cunt as he kissed the back of your hand. 
“That’s good enough, baby girl.” Jungkook then brought your wet digits before your lips, playfully poking your petals with your fingers as you stifled a laugh. “Suck them for me, detective.” 
You chuckled at his emphasis, opening your mouth to suckle on the mix of your releases and moan headily at the taste of Jungkook, his salty seed throwing a party over your taste buds. You sucked your fingers clean and released them with a lewd pop, Jungkook cracking an amused smirk at the sight before he let go of your hands, plopping down on the mattress next to you.
He folded his hands underneath his head as the action bulged his biceps, needing to refrain from groaning at the sight as you laid next to him naked. Your head naturally fell against his chest as he let it, a dainty hand splayed across his abs as you let your post-orgasm bliss carry you.
“I still think you should’ve shot.” 
Jungkook broke out into a snicker as you giggled against him, feeling the treasurable vibration of his pretty laugh. His laughter died down a bit, exclaiming playfully with a complaint,. “Aish, fuck you.” 
And then, Jungkook swept you up in his big arms, nimble fingers finding your naked sides and tickling you foolishly. 
“Jungkook, stop! You know how fucking much I hate tickling!” 
“And that’s exactly why I do it!” 
Tumblr media
You hummed to yourself peacefully as you listened to the bacon sizzle in the pan, wiggling around with your messy bun and enjoying the breeze the open window wisped up your bare legs. You’d hope Jungkook’s ridiculously large button-up on you would’ve kept you warm, his furnace of a damn body your usual heat source when you stayed the night. But right now, it just passed mid-thigh, and you still felt the drafts crawl up your skin. 
Jungkook rubbed an eye lazily as he stalked into his main area, the fresh scent of eggs in the morning having rumbled his stomach awake. His bleary sight fell to you mindlessly cooking in his kitchen, an indolent smirk inching onto his lips as he approached you, only dressed in his boxer shorts and a grey t-shirt. 
He cocked a brow spotting your smaller form in his shirt from last night, seating himself with an amused contort to his lips as his chin fell into his hand. “What’re you doing in my kitchen, dirty girl?” 
You whipped around to find Jungkook in his sexily mussed bed head, muscles and tattoos on full display in his t-shirt. You attempted scoffing off the arousal that shot through you at the combination of his sexy grin and husky morning voice. “Making breakfast. Though call me a dirty girl again and you get none.” 
“You seemed to love hearing it last night.” 
You gave him a deadpan expression as he chuckled, not missing the way his eyes discreetly scanned your bare legs before returning to your face. You let it boost your ego, setting the bacon aside to sway your hips a bit as you propped open the fridge door, nabbing some milk. You reached up on your tip-toes for a glass and poured Jungkook one, swiftly sliding it over to him. 
“Here, asshole. Just the way you like.” And Jungkook cracked a small laugh, curling his hand around the glass as he appreciated the familiar look of his favourite one.
Tumblr media
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hueseok · a year ago
love grows where you go.
Tumblr media
synopsis: › determined to make you and yoongi grow closer for your upcoming wedding in two weeks, your parents plan a trip for the both of you that lasts five days long. you know you should be ecstatic about it, considering your longtime crush on your fiancé, but by how you're positive that he secretly despises your whole being, you don't find this mini vacation with him something to look forward to. that is until things take an unexpected turn and suddenly, he makes it apparent he doesn’t hate you at all as you reckoned.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 11.4k
rating: 18+
content: angst | fluff | smut | arranged marriage au | pining au | ft. tsundere!yoongi
warning/s: swearing | alcohol | depictions of almost drowning | explicit sexual content | thigh riding | fingering | nipple sucking / play | handjob | idk what it’s called lmao but basically like rubbing your genitals together u know in a bare manner sjdksjd | virgin!reader | this is very vanilla and soft tbh 
→ fic preview
Tumblr media
opening note. hello! this is my entry for ‘the summer bucket list’ collab event by @jamaisjoons with the prompt “watch the sunset on a beach” !! i hope yall enjoy reading !!
Tumblr media
Yoongi turns his head sideways and sees you taking another photograph of the sunset in front of you two, lowering your camera right after to look at the shot you just captured before a small smile comes to your features. He could only admire you for a short while until you turn your head towards him and then he’s the one turning away, acting as if he hadn’t been paying you attention that much as the both of you stood there by the balcony of the restaurant you were dining in, enjoying the magnificent scenery while you wait for your food to arrive, your table a few steps away from where you are standing.
This was the third day, the third day of this five-day-long trip yours and his parents had arranged in another attempt to make the two of you closer now that your wedding officially scheduled to commence in two weeks.
You could say that this outing was completely unnecessary, since you and him aren’t exactly strangers anymore considering the amount of time you two have spent together in classes at school and the instances when you’d spend dinner together (with your families, that is). But you guess this is just one of your mother’s efforts in trying to play cupid, who being quite aware of your longtime crush on him, has done everything in her power to literally always force the both of you alone in any given situation she can think of.
Instead of being pleased though, you find yourself even dreading to be on this trip, knowing that Yoongi will just remain indifferent to you the whole time like he has been since you were arranged to marry, only proving your theory that your relationship with him is going to remain one-sided for the rest of your lives.
“Food’s ready,” he says and you avert your gaze from the ocean to him who is already walking to your table, a sigh coming out of yours lips as you gingerly follow him there.
Two days more, you think, and then you can take a break from feeling hated by your own groom-to-be.
“Yes, Mom, we’re doing okay,” you hear Yoongi talk to his mother by the balcony, looking annoyed and done for. “____’s okay, she seems like she’s having fun—no, I am not giving her a hard time.”
You scowl as you continue packing for today’s agenda, thinking to yourself that he was definitely giving you a hard time contrary to what he assumes. Maybe he just wasn’t realizing it because he never bothered even talking to you in the duration of this trip so far. He was always stuck with one liners, or nods, or just a stare of disbelief—it felt like you were just talking to yourself most of the time.
“Yep. I’ll make sure to do that.” You see him glancing at your way and you immediately bring your attention back to your belongings. “Okay, yes. See you when I get home. Yeah, yeah, I know. Bye.” He finally finishes the phone call and goes back inside the room, getting his bag which was on the table before looking at you. “You ready?”
You shove the case of your sunglasses and nod. “Yeah.”
You really weren’t sure what you were going to do for today. You’ve already gone sailing on your first day here; went fishing on the second; partook in sea caving yesterday. You were honestly drained out already and wanted to just give time resting back in your room, but since your parents have been generous enough to pay for all the expenses and the activities meant to be done within this outing, you just couldn’t abandon it all. Besides, it gave you the opportunity to be with Yoongi more, even if it did nothing for yours and his relationship as a couple who’s supposed to get married.
You’ve liked Yoongi since fifth grade, when you just transferred to the school he was studying at and was put in the same class as him. He has always been quiet even then, always been someone who got everyone’s attention despite not doing anything to gain it—and you were only one of those people who fawned over him behind the scenes, secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, he’ll start noticing you as well.
He never did—well, not in a way you preferred him to. It was always just looking at your direction for a second in what seemed like an accident, or if it was on purpose, it was mostly just because you were saying something in front of the class or your friends had done an idiotic scheme to make him do so. Other than that, you and him were never considered as friends, much less than acquaintances too. You two were only schoolmates who knew the other by names, nothing more.
You were supposed to forget about him when you realized that there was just no way you and him could happen, but then something occurred in senior year that involved you almost drowning during swimming lessons in gym class and him surprisingly rushing to help you. Ever since that incident, you’ve begun liking him even more, your shallow crush turning into something more real.
You never told him that you liked him, though by how your friends teased you and how your mother had exposed you at lunch the first time you met with the Min, you think he’s already pretty aware of that fact, especially since you liking him was one of the main reasons why your parents was so keen on arranging you with Yoongi. Though not once after you were sure that he wasn’t oblivious to your feelings that he tried making it apparent that he felt the same. Maybe because he simply didn’t, but you at least expected that he’d be kind and considerate to you because of it, not pushing you away or making you feel like you’re just this big nuisance in his life. After all, he already made it apparent that he didn’t completely ignore your existence before.
“Two islands?” you repeat. “We’re going to two islands for today?”
“Yes, ma’am.” The tourist guide smiles. “You’ll be having your lunch on the first island we’ll go to, maybe stay there for two hours for some swimming and picture taking, and then for the next island, that’s where you can do activities such as jet skiing, or riding the banana boat, or paragliding. Another one of our staff will lead you there.”
“How long are we going to stay at the second one?” Yoongi asks.
“Only until 5:30 PM, since we don’t want to be there until sundown. It gets pretty dark in the waters.” He chuckles.
Yoongi nods. “Well then, let’s get going.”
He starts heading to the boat without even sparing you a glance, making you sigh as you follow him with the tour guide walking at the same pace. The mentioned tour guide was even the one who assisted you in actually getting to the boat, as the small stairs they provided was a little wobbly for you to go on without making a fuss about it, causing your face to turn red in embarrassment by the time you’ve reached the platform safely.
Throughout the ride, you tried taking pictures with the camera you brought along, though was mostly unsuccessful because of the lack of scenery your surroundings had. There was only the usual ocean and the mountains that you have been seeing for the past days, the occasional tourists too who seemed like they were going the same route as you were; nothing special about that either. At some point, you tried sneakily taking pictures of Yoongi instead, taking the opportunity of him looking at the opposite direction to make your move, but you only catch yourself hastily turning away last minute because of how he’d suddenly look at your direction, and then you’ll proceed on acting like you weren’t doing what you were doing so that he won’t catch on that you did.
“Want me to take a picture of you?” he abruptly asks when you once again try avoiding his eyes and you lift your gaze from the screen of the camera to him.
“A picture. You want me to take one of you?”
“You’d do that?”
“You don’t really have to. I’m honestly not photogenic.”
His lip twitches before he extends his hand out. “Just give it to me. Before I change my mind.”
So you do, awkwardly sitting up properly then and thinking of whether you should strike a pose or just smile at the camera. Yoongi didn’t really seem to care whichever you choose to do because once you’ve gone still and decided to do the latter, he clicks on the camera for about three times and then gives it back to you, not even bothering to see how the picture turned out.
“Uh, thanks, I guess,” you say but he’s already turning away again that leaves you no choice but to mind your own business again, looking at the picture he took.
You didn’t look horrible to be fair, but you hated how your eyes were blank, kinda lifeless, despite the smile you displayed in the photo. You felt sorry for yourself again for being on this trip, thinking that maybe if you really had just insisted on staying at the room and just let Yoongi be on his own, things would be better. After all, tomorrow was going to be the last day, and then the day after, you’re going to leave and be busy preparing for the wedding. You hardly think giving an effort on the remaining two days will make a difference anyway, so why even bother.
Once you’ve arrived at the first island, you enjoy an all seafood lunch unlimitedly just like what the tour guide said. You ate with Yoongi on the same table, but as per usual, didn’t share any conversation. You did try however, commenting how good the shrimp tasted and the baked clam you got from the buffet table. He just looked at you at each comment, eyes gliding at the center of the table where the dishes you were talking about were before having a try of his own. But did he even approve or like showed any signs of agreement? Nope. Absolutely none.
“Mind if I go to the shore for a bit?” you ask after a few minutes on being done, Yoongi still focused on the lobster he was cracking.
He glances at you and nods. “Sure. I’ll call you when I’m finished.”
You get your bag and hurriedly go outside the dining area, heading towards the ocean where the waves crashed gently against the shore. Being outside finally made you feel easier to breathe again, the breeze calming your nerves and putting you into ease, letting your mind drift away from the frustration of dealing with your no good fiancé.
Staring at your feet, you wiggle your toes a little when the water splashes against it, taking a deep breath as the scent of the ocean fills your nostrils. You crouch down and lightly touch the sand and the water, pursing your lips before you notice someone stand beside you, throwing a rock towards the ocean, the rock skipping for about three times before it sinks.
You raise your eyebrows and turn to look, seeing a young man who appeared like he was now looking for what you assumed was another rock, crouched down and attention focused on the ground. You watch subtly as he carefully reaches something by your side, causing your eyes to gradually meet when his hand stops centimeters away from your foot.
“Um, excuse me, but can you...” he gestures to your foot and you flutter your eyes lower, seeing that you were partially stepping on a large stone.
“Oh, yeah, sure.” You stand up hastily and move away, the stranger then picking it up and standing up as well, sending you a quick smile of thanks before brushing the sand off the stone and throwing it skillfully towards the ocean.
You watch as it glides across the water, hopping for about four times until it fades from view, and you can’t help but raise your eyebrows again, in astonishment once more, clearly impressed since you admit that you have tried doing what he just did before yet was never really successful. Though by the way he effortlessly threw it, it came off as really easy.
“Nice one,” you comment.
He turns to you and smiles. “Thanks.”
“How did you do it? I heard it’s like—something about your wrist but, I just never get it.”
“You flick it last second, before you let go of the rock.”
“I tried doing that before but I never really get it.”
He chuckles, somehow finding your puzzled expression cute as you talked. “Well, maybe your stone wasn’t flat enough.”
“Ah, good point. I wasn’t picky with the rocks I used in the past.”
He scans the area where the both of you were standing on and then suddenly crouches again, rummaging through a small mountain of rocks and picking up another stone that wasn’t as big as the others, a little flat like what he said was better if you wanted it to skip.
“Here,” he hands it to you, “why don’t you try?”
You grudgingly take it from him and weigh it for a few seconds on your hand. “So, I just… flick it?”
“Yeah, before you throw it, like flick your wrist so it spins.”
“Like this?” You make a demonstration with your hand and he smiles, a little too big of a smile for a girl he just met.
“Yup, like that.”
You nod dumbfoundedly before repeating the same movement with your wrist and then finally throwing it across the ocean. To your dismay however, it falls down in the waters the moment it lands on its surface, not even giving you a show of one skip or two.
“Well,” you sigh, “that was shit.”
He laughs at the bluntness of your words and so do you, tucking your hair behind your ear as the wind blew and made it fly on your face quite embarrassingly. 
“It’s Yeonjun.” He tells you once the two of you have gone quiet for a bit.
You smile. “____.”
You can tell that he was aiming to speak more but then your eyes shoot past his shoulder and you see Yoongi walking out of the dining area, head moving around in search for something or someone as you think you were the one he was trying to find.
“Uh, excuse me, it was nice to meet you but I have to head back,” you say.
Yeonjun tries to mask his disappointment but fails, face falling a little bit. “Oh, yeah, sure. Nice meeting you too.”
You give him one last smile and then walk hurriedly towards Yoongi not wanting to make things harder for him to find you since he’s probably just dying to go to the second island already to get this day over with. You bet you’re not even going to participate in any of the available activities there once you arrive, but just chill or whatever until one of you finally breaks and demand that you just head back to the main island earlier than planned.
As you’re about three steps away, Yoongi’s gaze finally falling on you, you see a girl with a big smile on her face running behind him, abruptly poking his shoulder that causes him to slowly turn around. She then hands him a hat, a plain white baseball hat that was undoubtedly his and what he’s been wearing for the past days, before letting out an amused giggle, Yoongi’s eyes widening at the sight of her in front of him.
“Wow, small world, isn’t it?” she reckons with a grin.
“Bora.” Yoongi breathes out. 
“It’s nice to see you again, Yoongi.”
You halt and stay in your spot.
“What are you…” Yoongi blinks. “I thought you were in the US?”
“Me and my family are staying for a month. A relative is having a baby and my mom’s one of the godmothers, but we decided to have a little trip first so…” She shrugs. “But anyways, hey! How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”
Yoongi is so lost for words, really not expecting Bora to be here, so he has a hard time in actually thinking of a reply to her simple question. Though his mind goes back to reality once he feels your arm being linked with his, and he fixes his stare from Bora’s face to you who had your eyes focused on her
“Uh, this is ____,” he says upon your appearance. “My fianceé.”
Bora’s eyebrows raise. “You’re getting married?” She chuckles then before fixing her gaze on you. “Well, I’m Bora, by the way. Yoongi and I used to be neighbors.” 
You shake her extended hand gingerly. “____.”
“Pretty name.” She smiles.
You don’t find yourself smiling back, instead still thinking about how she said that Yoongi and her used to be neighbors. It gave you the assumption that maybe she was born from a rich family too, since the place that Yoongi lived in was an exclusive village resided by people who you were aware came from prestigious and well known families as well.
“Thanks,” you say anyway, clearing your throat awkwardly as you pull back.
Bora grins. “Um, anyway, is this like some sort of early honeymoon?”
“No,” Yoongi answers the question. 
“No?” you repeat, now looking at him.
He turns to you as well. “You don’t think this is the only trip we’re having, right?” 
His tone isn’t the usual bored or even annoyed tone, but you could still sense the sarcasm in it that makes you furrow your eyebrows at him. 
“Um, just didn’t think you’d agree to go to another one.” You purse your lips.
“Why not? It can be… fun.”
“It can.” Bora pipes in, noticing the slight tension in the atmosphere. “And I think it’d be good to go somewhere in Europe. Any country there just feels romantic to me.” She chuckles.
“Have you achieved your dream in coming to Greece?” Yoongi asks her and she grins, nodding.
“Yup, just last year. The sunrise there is really something else. It’s exactly what I imagined it to be—maybe even better!”
His lips curve up into an amused smile, a smile that you notice and sends a wave of jealousy inside you. You never saw him smile like that whenever he was with you. “That’s great, Bora. I’m glad you finally visited the city of your dreams.”
“Yeah. Wouldn’t have done it if—”
You automatically turn to look behind you because of the familiar voice and see Yeonjun running towards the three of you, and the sight of him again makes you blink your eyes multiple times.
“Dad said they’ll be having dinner with a business friend. So, it’s just us again later.” He tells her and then his attention drifts to you. “____?” 
“Yoongi Hyung,” he points at him next and a smile spreads across his face, “it’s been a long time. How are you, Hyung?”
“Wait,” Bora chuckles, “ before anything else, how do you two know each other?” She points at you and Yeonjun.
“Oh, just a while ago, by the shore.” He shrugs. “We were skipping rocks—well, technically, I was…” He glances at you with a playful smirk and you smile, rolling your eyes in return.
“Wow, small world indeed.” Bora grins. “Jun, she’s getting married to Yoongi.”
“Oh, really?” 
“Congratulations.” He tells the both of you, but was mostly meeting your gaze. “Should have known you were taken. Almost all the pretty girls I’ve encountered on this trip are.”
Yoongi tries to ignore that strange drop his stomach just did at Yeonjun’s comment since even if it was supposed to sound harmless, it also no doubt sounded as if he was flirting with you. And here you are, laughing at it and appearing pleased to hear that and he unconsciously steps a little closer to your side, tightening your hold around his arm as well that your eyes glance over to him for a second but you don’t give meaning much to it since he’s still looking at the two.
“Anyways,” Bora clasps her hands excitedly, “are you guys free for dinner later? I’d love it if you join us since our parents are going to be spending it with others too.”
You grow stiff. “Uh, I don’t know—”
“Sure,” Yoongi says and you take a deep breath. “We don’t have anything better to do, so…”
“Great!” She grins. “Then we’ll see you two later at, uh—wait, Yoon, do you still have the same number? Because if yes, I’ll just text you the restaurant.”
“It’s the same.”
“I’ll just text you then.”
And as they smile at each other and all, you can feel your stomach twisting in such an awful way that you’re certain your face isn’t doing a good job in preventing itself from contorting a little, jealousy burning deep deep down.
“Stop. Let me do it,” Yoongi says as he sees you struggling with the summer dress you were going to wear tonight for the dinner, attempting to tie the halter strap behind your neck but you were either tying it too tight or too loose for the past minutes of you doing it, and he was the one getting tired seeing you take too long in the wash room as the door was still open.
You shake your head, not even sparing him a glance. “It’s okay. I’ve got it han—”
“I’ll do it.” He cuts you off as he finishes buttoning his shirt, going to where you were and standing behind you, taking the two strings from your fingertips before tying them.
You frown and don’t say anything, just focusing your attention elsewhere and ignoring the way you’d feel little tingles throughout your body whenever his hands would make accidental contact with your skin. You were still annoyed at what he did earlier, as you don’t think he’s not that dumb to not notice how you were uncomfortable to be in the same space as Bora. But of course, he probably just assumed you were going to be fine with it because it was him who was calling the shots.
“Thanks,” you quickly say before leaving him there and heading to the bed to rearrange the contents of your purse, Yoongi left to stare at his reflection in the mirror which showed the defeated look on his face.
No words are spoken as the both of you walk all the way to the restaurant, a very fancy place you thought to yourself once you got a glimpse of it as you near the place, seeing glass walls, a bunch of decorative plants and lights, busy waiters walking around tending to every customer’s orders in their suits, and when you enter inside, you appreciate the minimal look of the overall interior with the design of the tiles and the walls, accompanied with the dining tables and chairs. 
“Just right here, Mr. Min,” the restaurant staff directs you to a vacant table for four people outside, a different section of the venue that had a pool in the middle with water lilies and lotuses floating on it, numerous other tables surrounding it yet majority aren’t vacated yet.
“Bora’s not here yet,” Yoongi states the obvious as he assists you on sitting down, something that he hasn’t done before but upon your grumpy mood, he thinks he should pour a little effort in pleasing you.
You nod, just folding your arms on the table and focusing your attention on the pool, fascinated by the way the water would ripple as the wind blew. He takes the seat beside you.
“You should’ve brought a scarf,” he speaks again and this time you meet his gaze. “It's cold tonight.”
“What are you doing?” You can’t help but ask and he raises an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“Why are you acting like you care?”
“Like I care?”
“Yeah, you never did before.”
“How are you sure?”
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you never made it apparent?”
Yoongi stares at you, almost appearing as if he was scrutinizing your face which he might really be doing as of the moment. “Are you acting this way because of Bora?” he abruptly asks.
You huff a breath and look away. “No.”
“Which means you are, right? In your complicated language?”
“In my complicated language? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that you’re lying about being mad—then proceed on acting like it anyways.”
The way he’s undeniably blunt annoys you further, and you can’t stop grimacing because of it. Yoongi, on the other hand, is surprised to see such a gesture coming from you, considering how you’ve always been all smiles and patience for the last days of being together on this trip. But he guesses you’ve probably reached your limit already, and you were beyond trying to act nice at this point.
“You shouldn’t have just told me,” Yoongi says, “if you didn’t want us to have dinner with them.”
“Well, it’s not like you asked for my opinion, right?” you sarcastically reply. “Besides, it’s too late now.” You look down on the table just as Bora’s voice gets heard.
“Hey, lovebirds!” 
He looks forward and sees the siblings walking towards your table with the same escort that led the both of you here. He smiles automatically then, Bora grinning along with Yeonjun who not so subtly already has his eyes set on you. When Yoongi glances at your way, he sees that you’re smiling at him already as well.
“Sorry for being late. Are we late?” Bora laughs as she sits down.
“Noona takes too long in picking her shoes,” Yeonjun jokes.
“Hey, every piece of clothing is vital to the whole look, you know?”
“I know.”
Bora giggles and looks at you. “You look wonderful, ____.”
“Thank you,” you force yourself to smile genuinely, “you look amazing too.”
You’re becoming more convinced that Bora always talks in exclamations.
“Let’s order?” Yoongi asks, looking at you and you nod without looking back at him. 
“Yeah, let’s.”
You unconsciously lift your eyes forward and when you do, Yeonjun’s glancing at you, being the person who’s sitting right across your seat. As your eyes connect briefly, he smiles and you do too, Yoongi noticing once again the little interaction that sets something inside him he can’t quite pinpoint—though if he was going to be honest with himself, he knows it might already be jealousy.
The night just naturally progressed right after the four of you placed your orders, the delicious food being served not too long and then you’re sharing laughs, stories, and lots of red wine. You, particularly, was drinking way too much than you usually do, consuming more than what even Yoongi thinks is way below your limit. But you aren’t doing anything remotely stupid yet—your eyes are just appearing drowsy and not only are your cheeks so red, but also your neck and a little on your ears. You’ve been grinning and chuckling more than the normal, and Yoongi’s been stealing the bottle of red wine from your grasp discreetly while still chatting up with Bora which you’d also subtly glare at him for.
“Wait, I totally forgot to ask.” Bora downs her drink. “When’s the supposed big wedding?”
You don’t answer, instead looking through your wine, and you feel your fiance’s gaze on your side before he’s the one who speaks.
“In two weeks,” Yoongi says quickly.
“Wow.” Yeonjun chuckles. “In two weeks, you’re going to be a married man, Hyung?” 
“It’s so weird having your friends get married,” Bora says. “Especially if you’ve known them since they were a kid.”
“Just wait until Yeonjun decides to get married then,” Yoongi nods at the boy in which Yeonjun laughs.
“Oh, no way. I’m too young to get tied down. Maybe I’ll live my life for a little way before I decide to settle down and make my own family, you know?”
“Good for you,” you butt in abruptly, the three of them turning their eyes on you for uttering a word again finally. “Unfortunately for Yoongi, he never had that choice.”
“He probably doesn’t have a problem with that,  ____.” Bora laughs.
“Oh, I doubt it. He probably regrets agreeing to marry me instead. Probably thinks he wasted all of his life being engaged to me too—and holy shit, once we get married, he has to waste more of his life then as well.” You’re laughing.
“Uh—” Yeonjun coughs awkwardly. “I guess that’s enough drinking for the night, ____.” He reaches for your glass but Yoongi beats him to it,  placing it on the far side of the table so that you wouldn’t be able to get it again.
“What? You guys think I’m drunk?” You still had that stupid grin on your face. “I’m not that drunk. I’m just—enjoying the night, being carefree, living the best of my moments until I’m always going to wake as a lone housewife.”
“Alright.” Bora clasps her hands and chuckles nervously. “Maybe it’s time for dessert. I’ll call on the waiter. What do you think, Yoongi?”
The hold you have on the material of your dress tightens, your annoyance and pettiness getting the best of you as you bitterly think that how come it is only Yoongi that she asks when you’re just right there too.
You suddenly forget what you even said about him, how you just made it certain that you’re positive Yoongi’s going to be a bad husband to you once you do get married, that looking at Bora now who has her attention fixed on him, all you can think about is how she can make a better person to be with Yoongi instead, and that perhaps he thinks so too.
“I think we’ll pass.” You hear Yoongi say and you abruptly snap your head towards him, maybe quite too fast to be frank since the gesture made you more lightheaded than you already are. “I think it’s better if we head to our room early.”
“Oh.” Bora blinks and glances at you. “Yeah, of course. It’s better to have ____ resting.”
“No,” you shake your head, “maybe I should just go and you stay here.”
You’re already mindlessly standing up which makes Yoongi grab your wrist. “What?”
“It’s okay. I mean, you three should catch up more. I don’t really need to be here.” You twist his grip off, quite unsuccessfully though as his hold only moves to your hand itself, fingers grasping yours.
“But ____, it’s better if you stay really.” Bora breaks off into a smile, eyes flashing to Yoongi then to you again. “Besides, we haven’t talked that much too. It’d be great if—”
“Um, I don’t think we need to.”
“____.” It’s Yoongi again. “If you’re going to go back, I will too.”
“You don’t have to. I’m capable of going there myself.” You finally pull your hand to your side, getting away from his hold before stepping away from the table.
Surprisingly, Yeonjun stands up and so does Yoongi, which causes the two men to share a look with each other.
“Uh, I was about to suggest walking her there instead,” Yeonjun says.
“I don’t think that’d be needed,” Yoongi tells him.
You roll your eyes and start marching towards the door you came from which would lead you back in the restaurant and then to the way of the exit. However, walking with a considerably huge amount of wine in your system was a bad choice, and you find yourself stumbling more than once, twice—desperately trying to make it to your destination without embarrassingly tripping on your own feet. Though after one particular hit of dizziness with your surroundings ultimately getting blurry, you—
The sudden cold and wet sensation of the water sobers you quickly, and you’re gasping for air the moment your head pops out of the pool for a second. How deep was this pool even? You can’t feel something beneath your feet, a fact that immediately sends panic in your mind because water is getting in your mouth and nose the more you’re being restless and you’re convinced that this might be ultimately your doom.
But as another splash of water hits your face, two hands grab a hold of your arms and lifts you up, bringing half of your body out of the water, pulling you until your hand lands on someone’s shoulders, neck, and then you’re hugging him, holding on for dear life as it’s the only thing you can cling onto, you legs embarrassingly encircling around his waist in instinct.
“Fucking hell.” Yoongi sighs though he nonetheless embraces you back, adjusting your position a little bit . “What the fuck were you thinking, ____?”
You don’t answer but just continue to blink and breathe hard, still unconsciously clutching his body for support, your heart probably close to being thrown out of your ribcage by how fast it was beating, you stomach along it still not feeling well and you’re having this slight urge to vomit.
“Oh my god—wait! I’m calling a waiter,” Bora tells the both of you.
Yoongi’s walking towards the edge of the pool, hands landing on your waist and you feel that you’re being lifted again, now off his body to instead have you sitting on the side. As you focus your gaze forward, you’re met with Yoongi’s stare, his hair falling on his forehead but it doesn't eliminate your chance to still see through his eyes that showed a mix of frustration and concern.
This moment makes you inevitably recall the time you swore you can never not like Min Yoongi. It makes you feel a pang of pain somehow, a nostalgic kind because you think that it’s been so long since that happened, and still, there was no progress whatsoever. This was still Yoongi saving you from being idiotic for a reason that you bet not because you were important to him as much as he was important to you.
“____,” a voice enters your ears again but Yoongi’s mouth remains closed, “here you go.” 
You glance behind you just in time to catch Yeonjun wrapping a towel carefully around your shoulders. You nod in thanks, forcing yourself to smile even just a little before he outstretches another towel towards Yoongi’s direction, wherein Yoongi finally comes out of the pool and gets it from his grasp.
“Let’s go back to our room,” Yoongi says as he places it around his shoulders.
You nod again, pushing your butt off the floor, Yoongi surprisingly assisting you in doing so with a gentle grip of your arm, his hand sliding to your palm once you’re standing.
You stare at your intertwined hands and he gives it a squeeze, making you flicker your stare to his face where you see that he still has his eyes on you.
“Come on,” he says, not even giving you a chance to decline as he tugs you to follow him.
You only manage to share a look with Yeonjun and Bora, who both looked apologetic and at the same time hesitant to possibly say anything else to console you or perhaps a friendly ‘goodnight!’. You feel embarrassed for them as well, but you too can’t find the words to tell them your apologies, so you settle to do what you think you can only really do in that moment without feeling more humiliated than you do.
You focus your attention to the ground and walk a little quicker behind Yoongi.
“Go ahead and take a shower,” he says the second you step in the suite.
You stay standing by the door as Yoongi walks forward and places the towel on a nearby chair, ruffling his hair more and looking at himself in the mirror before turning back to you, eyebrows furrowed since you still haven’t moved an inch forward. 
He’s trying to analyze your posture, staring at you while you cross your arms in a manner that appears like you were hugging yourself, your hair sticking together and the dress you wore for the evening sticking to your body too. Maybe that’s why he was being so urgent in bringing you back here, since the tightness of it along your curves didn’t leave much to anyone’s imagination. He doesn’t want to have another reason to be pissed tonight.
“Didn’t you hear what I said?” His voice is still calm, composed, though you can still determine a little bit of annoyance in them that doesn’t help you in not feeling guiltier. “You go be the first to shower, ____.”
“Why don’t we just cancel the wedding?” 
He pauses at the sudden suggestion, obviously surprised. “What?”
“Why did you agree to this? To your parents? You could be with someone like Bora, you know.”
“What?” he repeats.
“God, Yoongi—do you honestly want to be tied to me? For the rest of your life?” you say exasperatingly. “I mean, I know divorce is a thing, but why go through with that when you can just end it here? You don’t have to do this because you feel pity for me and my pathetic emotions for you. You know very well that this is just some dumb scheme by my mom.”
He approaches you and instead of cowering down like what you would usually do when you get a little bit intimidated, you lift your chin up. Y0u had nothing to lose right now anyway. You are already proposing the worst scenario that could happen—and that was losing him for the rest of your life. You think that it was fair, as for the past years, you’ve had him already, even if he always gave you the impression that it was against his will.
Yoongi stops in front of you. “Are you hearing yourself right now?”
“So, you’re aware of what you’re asking, huh?”
“I am—”
“Okay, then I don’t want to cancel the wedding. Discussion over,” he says immediately, removing the towel around your shoulders and throwing it to the wooden bench close by. “Now, go ahead and take a bath—”
“What?” It’s your turn to look outraged as you cut him off. “What do you mean you don’t want to cancel the wedding? I’m practically giving you a free pass now, Yoongi.”
“Free pass? Do you think that by cancelling the wedding, you’re doing me a favor?”
“Aren’t I?”
“You’re not.”
“I am,” you insist. “I’m giving you the freedom—”
He scoffs. “—please—”
“—to not spend your life with me. Fuck, Yoongi, can you just listen to what I’m saying instead of acting like a smartass?”
“____, I am listening.” He sighs frustratingly. “But what the fuck do you know, huh? All you base on are dumb assumptions and negative thoughts. You’re not thinking or even looking at the real thing.”
Your eyes flutter a little faster before you clench your jaw. “I think I know enough to be positive that you don’t want to be with me.”
Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, his forehead scrunching together as his gaze moves to every feature on your face, as if he’s memorizing it or he’s just so mad he can’t focus on one thing. Though just when you’re about to retort another reason that would help prove your point on why you should end this, he suddenly grabs your cheeks gently and tilts your head upwards.
You automatically close your lids, expecting the usual thing to happen—a kiss—but all you remain feelings is his thumb against your cheek, rubbing the pad of it softly on your skin in a manner that you almost deemed as comforting, if it weren’t for how things are at this moment, and you can’t find the will to breathe properly.
“What do you know, huh?” he repeats his question earlier, staring deeply in your eyes. “Do you think I put up with you because I’m an obedient son? Is that it?”
You grit your teeth. “Yes.”
“I’m not.”
“Stop it.” You hold onto his wrists, not really urging him to let go like what your brain was wanting you to do, but instead just letting your fingers cling unto him. “Stop this. I want the wedding off, you’re not changing my mind.”
“I’m not letting you.”
“Why? Do you just want to rub it in my face that you hate me for the rest of my life?”
“____,” he pulls his head away a little, just so your gazes can meet better, his forehead scrunching up as his tone becomes more somber, “I don’t hate you. Why do you always have to plant that idea in your head?”
“Because it’s what you always made it seem since we met,” you say, in a manner that came out like a pathetic whimper as your eyes turn glassy, your tears a single push away from washing down on your face. “You always make it seem like I’m just a big nuisance in your life—that being with me is such a headache and I’m no good. So… so fuck it, Yoongi. I, I don’t want to always be like this and just hope that you’ll love me the same way because I’m so tired. I’m so… I’m fucking tired and I don’t want to be with you anymore if all I’m experiencing is absolute bullshit.”
You’re expecting him to be mad at you once you’re done talking, to lash out on you too and hurt you more by purposely telling you that all the things you accused him off are 100% true. That you are just one big nuisance in his life and an annoying headache he wants gone. But Yoongi’s expression remains blank, possibly wounded as well, and it remains that way for an excruciatingly long time, accompanied with deafening silence and your heart thumping heavily inside your chest—
and then he kisses you. His lips are on yours and your mind is going haywire, along with your heart that seems to have stopped beating to instead drop down on your stomach, perhaps finally giving up on giving you life.
You know to yourself that you don’t actually want to push him away, because as stupid as it sounds and as pitiful it might be, you’ve longed for this moment for such a long time ever since you liked him, that now it’s being handed over to you, you’re not sure if you have the power to drop it all away as quickly as it was presented. 
One of his hands travel to the nape of your neck as the other goes to your lower back, pressing your bodies together while he dips his head lower to yours, kissing you deeper which you welcome without a second thought, your arms that previously lay limp on your side going to his shoulders in order to hold onto something for you feel your knees are about to buckle from the intensity of everything you’re experiencing right now.
“I never hated you,” he murmurs in between the heated kiss, as you’re getting turned around and led somewhere—somewhere you’re pretty certain is the mattress. “I never thought you were a nuisance, or a fucking headache—god, you just hurt yourself with ideas of me that aren’t even true.”
You stare up at him now that he’s hovering you, your gaze focused on his face until he’s kissing you again with so much passion that you’re next breath hitches in your throat, your hands going through his wet hair as he angles his face to kiss you deeper.
Though when you feel his hand go over to hike your dress higher, possibly aiming to remove it from your body, you hold onto his wrist in instinct and he quickly stops, pulling away from the kiss to look at your eyes, suddenly afraid that he might have crossed a like already, afraid that he was misreading your actions and that you didn’t want to do this with him.
“I’m sorry,” he says.
You furrow your eyebrows. “For what? For hurting me or for kissing me?”
“For hurting you,” he whispers. “I’m not… I don’t know how this works.”
“What works?”
“Showing what I feel.”
“And… and what do you feel, Yoongi?”
He fumbles with the material of your dress, wrinkling his forehead. “I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” You frown. “Then why are we doing this?”
“I just… I’m not sure what I feel but I… I don’t want you to go.”
You’re confused on what you’re supposed to say at that, not trusting yourself to speak, and so you keep your mouth shut, staring at his Adam's apple instead of his eyes.
“The only thing I’m sure of though is that,” he swallows hard, continuing his speech, “I want to keep you, and I want to marry you. If I don’t do that, I know I’ll make the biggest mistake of my life.”
“Because it feels wrong not to be with you,” he answers right away, both of you still not looking at each other, your gaze still on his throat while his focus remains on your cupid’s bow, his nervousness getting apparent at just the mere quiver of his voice.
“You just feel so right, ____. And maybe I’m saying this because you’ve all I’ve been seeing since high school, or… or that you’ve frankly grown onto me throughout the years we’ve been forced together—but whatever it is, I want it to keep being that way.” He exhales slowly through his nose, finally looking up in hopes of catching a glimpse of your eyes, and he doesn’t get disappointed as he meets them the moment he glances up.
“I just want you with me,” he adds, “for a long time, longer than this. So, please, can you—can you bear with me for a little more?”
You bite the insides of your cheeks, letting out a huge breath once he finishes. “That’s the longest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
Yoongi smiles despite the situation, gums showing as his lips turn up a little too wide at your claim, and you do the same, chuckling even.
“Desperate times, desperate measures.”
“I should have threatened cancelling the wedding a long time then.”
“No.” He shakes his head. “I should have been better to you instead.”
“You can start being better to me right now.”
It’s too late when you realize how suggestive that sounded but you can’t lie and pretend that you didn’t want it to sound exactly like that. With Yoongi still being so close, the thought of being with him in a completely different way is still present in your mind, not to mention the fact that as you have reminded yourself for the billionth time tonight—you’ve waited for this for so long.
Yoongi leans down and presses a kiss on your mouth, palm back on your waist, squeezing it again before he abruptly pulls back, only stopping  centimeters away from your lips though. “I can prepare you a warm bath, if you want.”
“Will you… will you join me if I do that?”
“If you want me to.”
“I do.”
“Then I will.”
“Okay,” he repeats, kissing you once more and standing up to go to the bathroom to do as he said.
While you’re left there on the bed, heart pounding heavily inside your chest, you begin to think of the possibilities of what might happen tonight. It makes your stomach churn in an unpleasant way because of the nerves suddenly kicking in, but you force yourself to get rid of any negative thoughts or anxiety that’s slowly creeping in. And it kind of works for a little while, until Yoongi’s softly calling you again to tell you that the bath’s ready and that you can go dip in, ultimately prompting you to think of it again.
“Just tell me when you’re done undressing,” he says as he turns around from you who’s standing there by the bathtub. “Or do you want me to leave?”
“No, just—it’s fine.”
You hurriedly remove your clothes, contemplating for a minute whether you should remove all of them but saw no point in keeping your undergarments on so you choose to go all nude, finally carefully hopping in the tub and sinking down, moving from off the bubbles towards you as you sit with your knees pressed against your chest.
“I’m done. You can turn around.”
He does, attention falling onto you. “Do you still want me to join you?”
You nod. “Yeah.”
“Alright. Close your eyes first.”
You snort at that but does it anyway, even ducking your head down, waiting patiently for him while you hear the rustle of his clothes being taken off, his feet stomping on the floor, until the subtle sound of splashing water enters your ears and the thud of his butt landing on the bottom of the tub. You open your eyes without his cue and crane your neck upwards, seeing Yoongi sit right in front of you, bubbles covering almost all of him just below his neck.
“Feel good?” he asks you and you nod slowly.
“Yeah, I guess.”
His eyes skim your face. “You look uncomfortable.”
You raise your eyebrows. “I do?”
“____,” he sits up straighter, “you know I’m not… I’m not really expecting anything to happen tonight, right?”
Your face flushes at the brought up topic, and you can’t help saying what’s on your mind too. “Well, I just thought, from where we were clearly headed earlier…”
“I was being way too straightforward, wasn’t I?” 
He sighs. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“Don’t be. I’m not saying I hate it. It’s just that, I’ve thought about it for a long time.”
“About us having—”
His finger scratches on the edge of the tub. “Do you want to?”
You flicker your stare to him. “Do you?”
“I’d be lying if I say I don’t.”
“Hey,” he scoots closer to you now, cautious and slow, reaching for your hand, “nothing has to happen. Don’t think about it.”
“But I want it to happen,” you murmur shyly. “I just… I just haven’t done it before.”
At the confession, Yoongi freezes, and you think you might have scared him away by how you just revealed the fact that you indeed are still a virgin. Is that supposed to be scary for guys though? You’re suddenly overthinking again and regretting saying that last bit but you feel him tug your hand and you’re back looking at him.
“Come here.”
You grudgingly let him pull you closer, your whole face seemingly burning in both shyness and embarrassment, but the way he’s peering at you doesn’t seem judgmental or bad as you thought. His expression still remained impossible to read even at this time.
“Can I sit you here on my lap?” he wonders out loud and you nod, soon feeling his palms land on your waist, lifting you up a little to position you in front of him, and you prevent yourself from being too stiff or as awkward as you feel deep down.
You have the urge to cross your arms over your chest, but you think that it’d be useless at this point if you do, and you’re appearing more confused and uncomfortable in Yoongi’s eyes that he tilts your head up with a hand on your cheek to bring your attention to him again.
“We can just relax and talk, you know,” he says with a smile and you chuckle.
“We can do that anytime though.”
“We can do this anytime too.”
“We can?” 
“Yeah,” he brings your head close and kisses the corner of your mouth, “anytime you want to. We don’t have to rush.”
Your breath comes out shaky as you exhale. “But I want to right now, Yoongi.”
You can tell that he’s about to say something again so before he can even utter the words out, you press your lips against his to stop him from doing so, gathering all the courage you have as you drag yourself closer to him and kiss him with more urgency and determination, throwing your arms around his shoulders at the same time, Yoongi’s hands falling to your hips to hold you steady.
He lets you have your way—lets you press your chest right to his, lets you kiss him as intensely as you want, even trying to keep up with your pace while also initiating things he assumes you’re still having a hard time attempting to do. His tongue softly swipes against your lower lip after a while, waiting for you to open your mouth a little for him, and when you do, he takes the pleasure of moving the muscle in, copying the small moan you let out with a groan of his own.
Goosebumps would rise on your skin on the places his fingers glided along to, a hand of his on the back of your neck while another still on your waist under the water. Your next breath hitches though at the sensation of his hold loosening, his palm slowly moving downwards to your collarbones, going lower and lower, until he abruptly stops.
“This okay?” he murmurs and you stop yourself from appearing fazed, not wanting to appear like you weren’t enjoying this when in fact you were, it’s just that the fear of humiliation was greater than actually enjoying the moment.
You nod.
“Relax,” he says, as if reading your mind once more, leaning his head back as his eyes fall down. “Just… let me, let me take care of you tonight.”
You bite your lower lip to fight a moan from coming out the moment his palm comes in contact with your breast, Yoongi watching you carefully as he gently squeezes it, thumb grazing against your already hard bud, and before he can think too much of it, he leans in and kisses your shoulder, nipping and pulling your skin between his teeth as he urges you to go even closer, mouth dragging itself west to capture a nipple between his lips.
Something immediately sparks beneath you, a foreign feeling yet a little bit familiar all at the same time—nothing uncomfortable though or distasteful. Instead, your curiosity to experience more of this sensation was more prominent than the initial thought of possibly prompting a humiliating action.
You unconsciously find yourself pushing down your lower half against his thighs where you are still situated, and upon the little gesture, your realization that your bare heat was gliding along his skin coming in late, Yoongi groans, his grip on your waist tightening as he lifts his head up again to place his lips along your neck, trying to find a sweet spot that would have you crumbling further.
You whine as his teeth travel to your earlobe, biting onto it softly as he helps you in really grinding down on his thigh once your urgency to get off becomes more obvious. You’re not really a stranger when it comes to knowing how close you’re getting in each move you do, and Yoongi’s not entirely oblivious to not try doing things to get you near your orgasm.
“Can I—” he looks down on his lap, fingers inching from its position on your hips to your middle— “can I… can I—fuck, want me to help you, sweetheart?”
You only nod and Yoongi immediately stops you from grinding further on his thigh, instead repositioning you so that you were back properly straddling him. He gives you one more look, making sure that you were alright, and once you give him the signal that it’s okay but nodding again, Yoongi gently glides the pads of his fingers along your folds, hissing at the texture of your slickness despite being underwater.
You mewl quietly, leaning your forehead against his shoulder at the sensitivity already, until he inserts a finger in slowly and then keeping his wrist still for a moment while kissing the side of your head.
“Feel good?” 
You sigh, running your hand along his nape. “Yes…”
He pulls it back for a second and then gently pushes it back in, letting out a shaky breath. “God, you’re so tight,” he says, voice huskier and deeper. “You take in my finger so well… can’t imagine how well you’ll take my cock too…”
You moan his name at the statement and the way he begins dragging it out faster, still so cautious yet still feeling so good all at the same time, Yoongi thrusting it back repeatedly in a languid and delicious pace, his free hand going up to one of your chest to add more stimulation to what you’re already wonderfully experiencing. He notices the prominent pulsating of your walls inside and he slightly lets his thumb press against your clint, in which you jolt and dig your nails to his shoulder.
“Fuck,” you whine and he nips on your throat, “I think I’m already—already so close—”
“Do you want to come?”
“No,” you say surprisingly that makes him turn and look at your eyes, “not until you’re close too.”
“But I don’t—”
His sentence gets cut off the moment you grab his shaft and he’s shocked at how that small touch got him so affected that he can really feel an all recognizable rush run to his dick and cause him to be even harder than he already is. He couldn’t even control himself or focus on pleasuring you the second you begin jerking him, your palm tugging the skin in match with the rhythm he has created in finger fucking you.
“____,” he groans, “you sure you have no experience?”
You laugh even if you’re getting more desperate for release, practically riding his hand at this point, Yoongi leaning on his back and watching you jack him, play his head, while he does things to you too. Your face heats up at his gaze, how he bites his lip and heaves and scans your body with a certain look in his eyes, adding to your arousal. His lust is getting more noticeable as well with how he’s inch by inch becoming a little rougher than a few minutes ago, murmuring if he can put another finger in that you answer with a hurried nod.
Soon your mouths are against each other as Yoongi brings you close to his body again, tongues moving in motion and hands moving quicker in eagerness. All of the sudden however you pause and grip his wrist, causing him to stop and open his eyes to see you shuffling even nearer to him, Yoongi pulling his fingers away that leaves you with an empty feeling almost immediately.
“What is it?”
“I want you.”
“Me too.”
“No, I mean—” you begin to do the brave move of positioning his thick shaft right between your folds, keeping it there before you place your hands on his shoulders, gliding your cunt along it carefully that has him grunting as soon as you do so— “like this.”
“Fuck.” He throws his head back, slowly grabbing you by the hips, guiding your movements. “You’re gonna make me come fast.”
“That’s what I want to do.”
“Yeah?” He chuckles, his focus on the way you’re moving your hips. “Why don’t I make you come first, baby?”
His suggestion sends you to the edge, and as embarrassing as it may be, you feel like you might as well just orgasm right there. That’s why you halt to calm down for a second which he catches on right away, his smile turning into a grin as he pulls you by the nape to capture your lips.
You spend making out with him, grinding on him, for the next minutes, your heart pounding so hard that it starts to be felt even right by your ears, this growing knot in the bottom of your stomach getting tighter the more you rocked your hips to him. Added with the feeling of his touch on your breasts, his mouth moving to your neck to litter it with long wet kisses, your self composure crumbles second by second.
“Come for me?” he says then, in such a way that seems so pleading and demanding, that you groan and like a switch flipping, abruptly let go, thighs ultimately shaking as intense pleasure courses through you, probably the best you have had yet, riding out your high that has him moaning along, the sensation of your folds pulsating against his dick weakening him.
As you finish, you lean your forehead away from his shoulder, snapping your gaze to Yoongi’s hooded lids, kissing him until you scoot back and return to holding his hard shaft under the water.
“Your turn?” you timidly ask and he grins, gums showing and all before he  literally attacks you with another passionate kiss that makes you think you’ll be staying here in the tub longer than reckoned.
“Should’ve known you were here.”
You glance up from where you are sitting on, a blanket on top of the sand, and see Yoongi looking at you with a small smile.
It’s officially your last day on the island, and you’re surprised that you’re finding yourself dreading to leave it despite wanting time to go quicker originally. But obviously, with the odd turn of events, with Yoongi proving you wrong and not remaining indifferent the whole time—proving to you that you’re not unimportant like what you always thought you were—you’re now here wishing you could stay with him longer.
“The sunset’s really nice,” you say with a chuckle before turning back to the view you’ve been staring at for the past five days of your trip, the sun slowly descending beneath the horizon with an orange and pink tinted sky surrounding it.
“You know what’s nicer though?” He crouches down and takes the spot next to you.
“If you say that it’s me…” 
He laughs and so do you, the both of you going back to gazing at the wonderful sight in front with this newfound peace you’ve established with him just last night.
It’s not like you two went all the way though after the first time when, erm, you can say the pleasurable incident in the bathroom happened, as Yoongi insisted that the real thing be saved to a much later date so that he and you can be truly ‘prepared’ for it (much to your dismay, if you were gonna be honest). But it did develop something new between you and him—something you can’t put into words but nonetheless is so comforting and has put you in ease to be with him further.
“Hey,” he abruptly nudges you and you’re turning to him again, “I want to give you something.”
You raise an eyebrow. “What?”
“I’ve been meaning to give it to you throughout the whole time we were here,” he starts to rummage through his pockets, “but I always chickened out and never got the opportunity to give it to you. Actually, I was gonna give you this when we were island hopping but then Bora and Yeonjun were there and—”
“What is it?” you ask again impatiently, staring at his pocket where his hand was still in.
Yoongi clears his throat, staring at you nervously before finally retracting his hand and showing you what he’s been keeping.
It’s a small red colored velvet box, that as he opens slowly, contains a ring with a huge glittering diamond, beautifully sculpted on the silver band covered with little gems as well. You blink rapidly at the gorgeous piece of jewelry in complete awe and in confusion, Yoongi clearing his throat once more and then slowly reaching for your hand that lays limp on your lap.
“I know it’s unnecessary to give you an engagement ring, especially since we’re about to get married soon anyways,” he starts with a humorless chuckle, “but I just want you to know that, that I’m—in case you still don’t get it after everything yesterday—that I’m serious about marrying you,” he says with an exhale. “I’m, I’m gonna try being the best husband to you, ____. I know too that I haven’t been someone I should have right from when we got engaged, but I promise that I’ll be the kind of person you’ll need from this moment forward. So… will you… will you—”
“Isn’t my answer to that already obvious?” you say with a cheek hurting grin before he can complete his question.
He frowns. “You didn’t let me finish.”
You roll your eyes. “Oh, well, it’s yes anyway so—”
He stops you from diving in to get the ring by pulling his hand back that held the box, knitting his eyebrows at you playfully. “Yah, let me ask you first.”
“Will you marry me?” he asks with a hopeful look, as if you haven’t been obvious all your life that your answer was never gonna be anything but yes—as if you never made it apparent that you’ve always been in love with him practically all your life, like you haven’t been pining over him and has been waiting for this moment right here to happen the moment you were sure that you loved him.
Your grin minimizes a little at that, getting replaced by a rather shy yet still bright smile, before you nod solemnly,  and Yoongi lets out a relieved sigh, taking the ring out of the box and holding your hand, gently wearing the ring on the designated finger.
“How’d you know my size?” you wonder and he shrugs.
“Asked your mom.”
“Figures why she kept on texting me for updates then.”
“Same with mine. Kept bugging me when I would give you the ring.” He laughs, rubbing his thumb along your knuckles, letting it brush along the diamond. “Do you like it?”
You stare at it, tears starting to form but you hold it in, finding it ridiculous to cry out of happiness but a tear still manages to escape which he quickly wipes away with the pad of his thumb.
“I love it,” you assure him, and you stop yourself from getting too surprised when he leans in to place a quick kiss on your lips and the spot where the tear landed seconds ago, instead speaking again in a joking manner to cover up your shyness once more. “Just sucks that you had to give it late again.”
Yoongi breathes out a snort, sitting straight. “Well, better late than never, right?”
“Is that going to be your argument all the time?”
“No, of course not.” He glares at you jokingly. “I’ll make sure to always be on time from now on.”
“And what if you don’t?”
“I won’t.” He presses. “I’m always going to be anywhere you’ll want and need me.”
You peer at him. “Always?” you repeat unconsciously and he can’t help but smile at your dumbfounded expression, Yoongi slightly biting his lower lip as he nods and steals a quick kiss on your mouth again.
Perhaps you looked too much of a whipped lover while you continued to stare at him, and perhaps he did too, still holding your hand and taking quick glances at the finger that wore the engagement ring he bought. Looking at it now, he wished he had given it to you the moment you two met up at the airport to go to this island, thinking that maybe if he did, it would have helped him express his fondness to you better.
“You hungry?” he abruptly questions and you laugh at the indeed spontaneity of it. “Let’s eat somewhere delicious around here before we go home tomorrow.”
“Is it going to be your treat?” You outstretch your hands upwards once he successfully stands up, Yoongi pulling you towards him upon the gesture.
“That’s another yes for you then.”
He rolls his eyes, automatically grasping your hand before leading the way, Yoongi glancing at you to see this shy yet undeniably happy smile plastered on your lips with your attention however focused on your intertwined fingers, particularly on the ring that is finally on its rightful place.
Twelve days more, he thinks, and then he’ll be getting married to the only person he knows he’ll forever want to be by his side.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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jimidol · 8 months ago
i’m a daddy now | jjk
Tumblr media
⏤ pairing: tattoo artist!jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: M
⏤ warnings: dom!jungkook, big cock!jungkook, long-haired!jungkook, blonde-haired!jungkook, impregnating kink, swearing, pet names, praising, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, rough sex, and creampie
⏤ words: 5,423
⏤ summary: jungkook as a father is something you never thought you needed in your life. he’s always taking care of you and your son, hye-jun but your favourite moment of the day is when he gives him his bath, spending some dad-and-son time. what would you say if jungkook tells you that he wants more babies?
⏤ author’s note: hello everyone! it is finally here and i hope you’ll like it. this was supposed to be a drabble but as i was writing, i knew this was never going to be a drabble! i hope you’ll like it 💜
⏤ tag list: exceptionally the tag list was added at the end ✨
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
After an intense day of work, you finally come back home.
“And here goes another spoon of banana.” Those are the words that you hear as you enter your apartment, and they instantly put a smile on your face.
Jungkook is singing and feeding Hye-jun as he always does. Your son is now used to it and refuses to eat without having his daddy singing to him. In the first ten months of his life, this little man has been very demanding, always wanting things to be done the way he wants.
When you enter your apartment, the first thing you do is take your coat off to join the two men of your life. You missed them dearly, as always. If you could, you’d take them with you to work but you simply can't.
After the birth of Hye-jun, going back to work was not easy at first, you were constantly missing him and you were worrying about him all the time. Even today, it’s still hard but it’s easier than it was some months ago, especially because Jungkook spends a lot of time with him. When he finishes tattooing and needs to focus on his own little projects, he goes pick up his son from the nanny, spending the rest of the day with him. That little human inspires him a lot, some of his best projects were done with Hye-jun sleeping in his arms.
Jungkook has been beyond the father that you were hoping for your baby. For sure, Hye-jun will grow up loving that man more than a son loves his father, and you know that he will look up to him. He’s only ten months old but the bond they share is so special and magical.
As you take your shoes off and put your slippers on, you hear your baby babbling. Hye-jun is a very talkative baby, especially with you and Jungkook. Your mother keeps praising her grandson, always saying how advanced he is for his age when you think that it’s totally normal to speak around this age. You’re sure that she has repeated that to all her neighbors. But it just warms your heart how proud and delighted she is to be a grandmother. Something that only happened because Jungkook decided to be the father of your child.
Concerning Min-ho, the biological father of Hye-jun, he’s been around more than you thought he’d be. Once per month, he comes and offers to the three of you some expensive gifts. His wife, Ye-ri is not aware of the existence of your son, and as long as Min-ho lives, she’ll never know. He made you the promise that he’ll protect you and Hye-jun from his family and that goes with hiding the two of you.
Min-ho is not very happy in his marriage, the birth of Hye-jun completely changed his life. Everything seems meaningless now that a small human being can make him happy with just a simple smile. With Hye-jun, he’s now even more convinced that having a child in this family is probably not the best idea. But he knows that sooner or later Ye-ri will want to start a family with him.
“Junie, open your little mouth for daddy.” Jungkook says in an adorable tone. “You need to eat just one more.”
Hye-jun doesn’t want to eat any more mashed bananas, a fruit that he adores just like his father. You don’t need to see your son to know that he’s shaking his head to his father, not wanting to eat more bananas.  
When you enter the kitchen, you’re greeted by a blond Jungkook, and on top of that, he’s not wearing any shirt, revealing his tattooed torso. You completely freeze as you see him, biting your lower lip. This man is so effortlessly sexy.
Hye-jun is sitting in front of his father, in his high chair. His round cheeks and lips are covered with banana while he shakes his head at the man in front of him. Jungkook is holding a spoon in front of your son’s face while he holds an empty bowl with his other hand, desperate to make him eat the last spoon of mashed bananas.
What is cute to you is the fact that Hye-jun is also not wearing any shirt, his little chest and tummy exposed to the fresh air. For sure, you know that there was an incident with the bananas, and Jungkook had to take off their shirts.
“No, no.” Hye-jun says as he keeps shaking his head.
“It’s the last one, baby.” Jungkook tries to convince him.
The little man is very stubborn and when he decides that he doesn’t anymore, there is no way to convince him otherwise. Jungkook sighs as he perfectly knows that there isn’t any way to make him eat the last spoon of banana.
While shaking his head, your baby boy notices you, stopping for a brief moment before clapping his hands and smiling.
“Mama.” He says.
There is nothing that warms more your mommy’s heart than having your baby saying ‘mama’ and smiling. It makes you feel important and loved by the person that you carried in your womb for nine long months.
Your boyfriend looks at the kitchen’s entrance when he hears his son calling for you. A smile of relief spreads across his face when he sees you. He’s been struggling to feed this crazy baby for the past hour.
You walk towards Hye-jun and take him from his chair, holding him tight in your arms.
“How’s my baby boy going?” You ask before pressing a kiss on his dirty cheek. “Daddy is not torturing you too much?”
You quickly glance down at Jungkook who has already put the bowl and spoon on the wooden table. Now that you’re here, Hye-jun is going to finish eating. Jungkook has been trying without much success for the last hour to make him eat his fruit.
“Daddy is desperate with this crazy child.” He says as he stands up.
As he comes to you, you notice that he has some mashed bananas on his torso. This must have been wild today but you’re sure that your boyfriend stayed calm and patient as always. This man has all the patience of the world when it comes to Hye-jun. But as a father, he doesn’t want his son to be afraid of him and to grow in a bad environment, so he naturally stays calm for him.
It is clearly not a good environment to grow up in a place where the parents are yelling at the baby when they don’t do what they want them to do. Being calm and patient is the key to growing physically and mentally healthy humans.
Hye-jun well-being always comes first. It isn’t anymore about what you and Jungkook want, it’s about what is good for your son. So, if it’s going to take him an entire afternoon to eat bananas, then, that’s what’s going to happen. No forcing or anything else.
Jungkook presses a kiss on your lips, one of his hands going to the bottom of your back. You discern that he’s a bit stressed, and for sure, Hye-jun is not the reason behind it. There’s something more. But since you’re sharing a moment with your son, it’s not the time to mention it. Maybe when the baby will be sleeping, you’ll mention it to your lover.
You take a towel and clean your son’s adorable face. He’s smiling and looking at you like you’re the prettiest thing he has ever seen.  
“He still has one last spoon to eat.” Jungkook adds, looking down at the small human you’re holding.      
Hye-jun rests his head on your chest, making it flutter a bit more. When your baby shows you his love, you can’t help but melt instantly. You caress his dark fluffy hair and pout to Jungkook. This is the best way to come back home.
“I see that I’ve been raising him well.” He smirks before caressing his son’s hair. “Always loving the women, especially your mama.”
When he sees the two of you showing love to the other, Jungkook instantly forgets the terrible hour that he just spent with Junie. Quickly, he grabs his phone and takes a picture of this adorable moment. This is for sure his new lockscreen.
He also seizes the occasion to feed baby Junie with his last spoon of bananas. In your loving arms, the baby will do whatever anyone asks him to do. All that matters to him is to be in his mama’s arms.
“You’re raising him pretty decently.” You say.
The blonde hair man will do everything in his power to teach his son how important it is to respect women. A value that is beyond important to him, and if his son could simply respect them as much as he does, then, he’d be the happiest man on earth.
“Open your little mouth, Junie.” He says, showing your baby the last spoon of mashed bananas.
Without any once of hesitation, Hye-jun opens his mouth and eats it, finally relieving his father.
“It’s always easy with mama around.” He says, looking up at you.
The truth is that everything is easier when Junie has his two parents next to him. Having his mama and daddy is the only thing that brings him peace.
You never stop brushing your son’s hair and Jungkook gives him his pacifier. Now, with a tummy full of food, Hye-jun should fall asleep easily. In your arms, head pressed against your chest, your son doesn’t move at all and you sit on a kitchen chair, eyes never leaving your boyfriend.    
“My baby daddy looks so hot with blonde hair.” You smirk at your hot boyfriend.
He puts the bowl and spoon of Junie in the washing machine before sitting in front of you. He glances at you with marvel, he can’t help but find you extremely attractive as a mother. You’ve been glowing so much since you became a mother which has attracted him to you even more. There isn’t a day that passes where he feels so thankful to have decided to help you out.
Today, everything would be so different if he had never proposed to be Hye-jun’s father.
“Jimin dyed his hair in silver when I went to his place with Junie.”
Since both Jimin and Jungkook had finished work earlier today, they left the tattoo shop to go get Junie from his nanny and they went to Jimin’s place. The now silver-haired man tattooed a hairdresser this morning and he asked her if she could dye his hair in silver still today. She accepted to come to his place and do it.
“I wanted to change a bit, I have been keeping my black hair for way too long.”
Since you met Jungkook, which was four years ago, his hair was already black and for the past four years, he has never dyed his hair once, only cutting it from time to time to not let it become too long.
“And since you liked the young blonde hair Jungkook, I decided to go blonde just for you.”
When he showed you pictures of him before you met, you found out that he loved to dye his hair quite frequently. Of all the colors he had, the blonde one was your favorite. Not only did it turned you on ⏤ which led to a passionate night ⏤ but you craved him to go back to blonde.
“I prefer by far this blonde Jungkook.” You offer him a big smile. “Because he’s mine.”
A grin appears on his sweet face, delighted that you love his new hair color. If you didn’t like it, he would have dyed it back to black.
“And because this blonde Jungkook is a daddy.”
You don’t really know if it’s because you got pregnant or because he’s a daddy now but this man right in front of you always looks like a snack to you. The attractiveness you feel for him is huge and never decreasing a bit. On the contrary, it’s always increasing exponentially.
“Said like that it could be misinterpreted.”
Jungkook’s dirty mind is interpreting it as ‘he’s your daddy’ instead of ‘i’m the father of Junie’ which is the meaning that you were giving the sentence.  
“God, Kook.” You say, shaking your head with a smile plastered on your face. “You’re always so dirty-minded.”
“Not my fault if my girlfriend is the prettiest.” He says, shrugging his shoulders and winking at you.
Even with mashed bananas on his chest, he looks hot. Your eyes get lost on his toned torso before staying a little longer where he tattooed your son’s name.
After Hye-jun’s birth, he asked Jimin to tattoo his son’s name on his chest. There wasn’t any other place where he wanted to tattoo it because right under his chest, his heart is beating. The place where he dearly holds his son.
Your eyes go up, meeting his eyes filled with lust. This man can’t hear daddy without giving a dirty connotation to that word.    
“Don’t start anything with Junie in my arms.” You roll your eyes.
“I wouldn’t dare to traumatize my son.” He replies, and you nod.
The two of you stay like this for a little while, speaking about the day you two had until Junie falls asleep in your arms. It took him a while, he was babbling some times while you were speaking with Jungkook. It was like he was participating in your conversation.
Once he has completely fallen asleep, you went to your bedroom and laid your son in his crib. Jungkook followed you and laid in bed, watching you covering your son with a blanket that his mother bought for him.
“My parents are coming this weekend.” He says as he remembers that his mom called him earlier today to inform him that she was coming with his father.
Just as your mother, his mother has fallen in love with her grandson and wants to shower him with love. Your parents spoil your son way too much but you can’t help but find it extremely adorable. They just love their grandson.
“Okay, but we will need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow then.” You say, quickly glancing at your boyfriend. “We barely have something in the fridge for tomorrow.”
Jungkook nods, and you take one last glance at your baby. Once he’s asleep, nothing can wake him up besides hunger. You don’t even count the times you and Jungkook had sex in your bed with him sleeping in his crib placed next to your bed.
“He looks like an angel.” You whisper as you look at Hye-jun.
Your heart bursts with love as you look at the little human you made. It’s still unbelievable to you that this little baby was conceived by you, and that your blood is running through his veins.
“That’s because he inherited his mother’s features.”
To Jungkook, your baby is a mini-version of you. Everything about him reminds him of you, and in a way, he’s thankful that he doesn’t look too much like Min-ho because he knows how painful it’d sometimes be to be reminded that he’s not the biological father.
You lay next to him in your bed. His usual strong scent coming from Y Eau de Parfum of Yves Saint-Laurent is replaced by the smell of banana.
“You smell like banana.” You look up at him with a bright smile on your face.
“Your son threw over us his bowl of mashed bananas.”
Spotting the rests of the bananas over his chest, you lean closer before licking it with your tongue, sending shivers down Jungkook’s spine. This comes as unexpected to him but he’s not going to lie, he loves the feeling of your tongue over his skin.
“You’re such a good man, Jungkook.” You mumble against his skin.
“I’m a daddy now.”
You clean all the leftovers of the bananas on his chest, making the man under you groaning and closing his eyes. After almost two years of relationship, Jungkook can say without any hesitation that you’re his soulmate. It’s just funny that you needed to get pregnant from another man to finally be together.
But he wouldn’t have it any other way. If things had happened before Hye-jun’s birth, his son would have never existed, and he can’t picture a world without him.  
“Take your clothes off, baby.” You look up at him with innocence, something he knows that you don’t have anymore. “I need you, now.”
Today, something happened that still messes up with him. He needs to have your velvety walls around his big cock to reassure him in a way. Sex won’t solve his problem, and he’s aware of it but that’s what he needs at the moment.
Without questioning him, you take off your clothes quickly while he does the exact same thing. Today, the preliminaries can go to hell for him.
“Lay in bed, baby.” He orders you when you’re completely bare.
The urge he’s feeling is something that you sense, and you don’t even question his commands. His body hovers over you, his eyes getting lost in yours.
“I miss your swollen womb.” He admits with a deep voice, his hand caressing your stomach. His touch always manages to grow you wetter. “I want to have more babies with you, princess.”
Without any warning, his hand goes down to your core, his fingers brushing over your folds, snatching a moan out of you.
“I want to see you full with my babies.”
His thumb rubbing your clit, making you moan loudly. He’s doing this to prepare you for his huge cock, knowing perfectly that he can’t just slip it into you, it’ll hurt you too much.
“I want to give many siblings to Junie.”
Since your son’s birth, you never really talked about having other kids, so it comes as a surprise when you hear those words.
“Then, do it.”
Of course, this surprises you but god, you’d give anything to carry his baby again. Hye-jun may not be his biological son but he’s still his son. Nothing will ever change that. You love to see him as a father, and you’d love to see him with another baby.
“Come deep inside me, and get me pregnant again.”
Those words send shivers down to his spine, and he can’t wait anymore to fuck you until he loses his mind. He places himself in between your legs, spreading them a bit more while he pumps his cock with one hand, getting ready just for you.
His face leans closer to yours, whispering the words that always get your heat fluttering: “I love you.” His lips find yours for a passionate kiss as he buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your velvety walls.
His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you, but his lips swallow every sound. Your eyes roll back, loving the feeling of his length stretching you open.  
The feeling of having him inside you and filling you up to the brim is something you’ll never get tired of. Although it is complicated to maintain a certain sexual life with a baby, you have to say that you always savor those moments even more.  
Your boyfriend leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a loud moan out of you.
“I’ll fuck you nice and slow.” He whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “Until your cunt is completely filled with my cum.” His deep voice groans in your ear.
Those filthy words with his voice can make you come right at the moment.
“Please do it, Kook.” You beg him. “Please.”
You know that he’s going to fuck rough and good, and that’s exactly what you want. You want him to fuck you until all your mind can think of is him. You deeply want him to come inside you until you’re carrying his child again.
“I fucking love to hear you begging, princess.” He pulls back a bit to look at you in the eyes, and a smirk arises on his face. “After this, you won’t even be able to walk.”
You desire nothing more than this. To be completely sore and full of him.
Jungkook slowly pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. That sound is his favorite music, he could record you moaning and listening on repeat, never growing tired of listening to you moaning.
“I’ve been dreaming of fucking you for the past day.”
Last night, after a very tiring day for the two of you, you just fell asleep. Hye-jun spent the entire afternoon crying and being a mess, and it took you a lot of time to put him to sleep. That morning, you had even planned with Jungkook to have a romantic night but your son threw all your plans by the window.
So, today, Jungkook kept imagining you under him, moaning his name and it has been driving him completely crazy. It led to him jerking off in the bathroom of his shop in between two clients.
Brutally, he pushes his cock fully inside you, and a loud moan leaves your lips. For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes look down on your body. Watching your pussy sucking his cock is something that he always likes to do, a vision that helps him to come when he’s all alone.
Jungkook groans as he watches himself buried deep inside you. “Your cunt takes me so fucking well, princess.”
You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he pulls back brutally before slamming himself back into you. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you.
Your lover once again stops when he’s fully inside you, torturing you just to hear you begging him to fuck you. This is of course not enough for you. You need more.
“Please, Kook,” you start saying, “fuck me.”
As he loves to hear you begging for more, he just gives you what you want, pushing his cock back before slamming into you with both hands on your hips. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your moans quickly fill the room.
“Shit,” he gasps, thrusting into you with no mercy, “you feel so good.”
You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock. Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing.  
His cock is buried deep inside you, brushing against that spot that causes you to moan even louder each time. You grip the sheets as hard as possible to steady yourself from Jungkook’s hard thrusts.
“You’re so fucking wet, baby girl.” He hisses before biting his lower lip. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him. “And making such a mess on my cock.”
Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. Nothing drives him crazier than seeing this, you can see it in his eyes.
Jungkook bends down, pressing a sloppy kiss on your lips while his thrusts slow down. A desperate whine gushes from you, a sound that he swallows directly. His hands go up on your body, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them to make you moan with desire before his fingers start playing with your nipples. Moans flood out of your mouth as your lover keeps torturing your body at a slow pace.
His thrusts are slow and harsh again, and his fingers on your nipples are just too much for you. Your nipples are very sensitive since you still breastfeed your baby boy. It was something you really want to do because the moment you share with Junie is beyond unique.
“It feels so good.” You whine.
Gradually, Jungkook begins to thrust hard into you again, and you moan at the feeling of his brutal thrust. Your walls suck his cock as he slams his hips into you with more force. His fingers keep playing with your very sensitive nipples, pushing you closer and closer to the edge. It’s clear that he knows your body very well.
His eyes look at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. You’re trying to not moan like a crazy bitch because you’re still scared to wake up your baby boy, something that none of you want.
“Fuck, baby.” He says as he goes deeper and harder to make you scream with pleasure. He loves it so damn much. “This feels like heaven.”  
His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further.
“Fuck.” He groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, baby.”
The sweat is dampening his body, sticking his long blonde hair to his face. That vision alone can make you come undone right now. He’s so hot when he starts sweating, especially now with his blonde hair.
As you look up at him, you can’t help but think how lucky you are to have this man all for yourself. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He keeps growling your name, thrusting into you with more urgency each time.
“Fuck,” you say as you move your hips to meet his thrust, “this blonde look is so so good.”
Jungkook smirks, loving to hear you say those words. Although he knew you loved his blonde hair in the past, he was scared that you wouldn’t love it. He lives to please you and love you. What you love comes before his passion.
“If I knew you loved it so much, I would have done it earlier.” He giggles while you keep creaming his cock with your arousal.
“You have no idea how much I love it.” You add. “This long hair plus the blonde is something to die for.”
You bite your bottom lip as your eyes scan his face.
“I’ll keep this just for you, baby girl.”
Jungkook leans forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. He loves to feel your lips on his, even if the kiss is a disaster. As he keeps thrusting into you, he senses how close you are to be hit by your orgasm.
“Gonna be a good girl and come for me?” He asks, and you nod. You want to be a good girl for him. But Jungkook wants to hear you begging to come, he wants to know how badly you want to come. “Use your words, baby girl.”
His fingers pinch your nipples harder, making the wave of pleasure growing bigger inside you.
“I wanna come.” You say with despair. “I wanna come so bad, Kook.”
Jungkook feels his cock twitching inside of you, a low groan rumbling in his throat as you practically beg him to let you come. He smirks like he has won the award for the best fuck of the year. One of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot as his cock keeps hitting that sweet spot that drives you crazy.
“Beg for it, baby girl.” He says.
His fingers show no mercy on your clit, and you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to beg for anything before coming.
“Please, Kook.”
With the way he’s torturing you, you can’t even form a proper sentence.
“Tell me, baby girl.” He keeps teasing you with a smirk on his face.
“Let me come.”
His smirk grows bigger on his face, happy to have you begging. The wave of pleasure inside you is growing bigger and bigger, almost becoming overwhelming. You’re moaning like a mess, but at this stage, you couldn’t care less.      
“Do it, princess. Come for me.”
Those words are what you needed to be hit completely by your orgasm, making you come hard around him. Your arousal covering completely his cock and your walls squeezing him on repeat.
While you’re completely euphoric from your orgasm, he speeds up the pace of his hips slamming into you, chasing his own high.  
“Gonna fill you up so much that you’ll bear my baby again.” His low voice is near your ear and his words send shivers down your spine.
The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. The only thing he sees is the image of you coming under him.
“Then do it, babe.” You whisper as your walls squeeze him.
Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. His eyes are completely hypnotized where your bodies meet.
A desperate moan leaves his mouth when his orgasm hits him hard. His eyes roll back with pleasure as his body tenses up and releases his cum inside of you. Loud cries of euphoria leaving his lips.
He collapses on you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this intense sex session. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in your bedroom while you hold him tight in your embrace.
After several days without having sex, it feels good to have him filling you up with his load.
“Let’s go take a shower.” He whispers in your ear.
You kiss his cheek before he pulls out of you, your walls clenching at the sudden emptiness. Both your cums leak down your legs. Jungkook holds you in his arms as he takes you to the bathroom.
Your boyfriend turns on the water in the shower after dropping you on the floor. Once the water is hot, you both enter the small cabin. The water running down on both your bodies, soaking your hair. This new look on him with wet hair is more than hot.  
“I saw Min-ho and Ye-ri today when I went to Jimin’s place.” He confesses.
That thought alone breaks his heart all over again.
“Junie was in my arms, and Min-ho pretended to not know us at all.”
Even if he was aware that it was going to happen sooner or later, it just shattered his heart into a million pieces. Despite everything, Min-ho is still ⏤ and will always be ⏤ Hye-jun’s biological father.
“It broke my heart for Hye-jun, but it hurt me even more that this will keep happening. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle our son’s heartbreak when he’ll get older.”
Your head crashes against his chest while your arms go to his back, holding him tight in your embrace. This is something you imagine every time Min-ho visits you. Of course, your son will only know the truth if Min-ho wants it but he’ll know that man. It will be hard to pass by him in the streets and be completely ignored.  
“I know, Kook.” You whisper. “It’s also my fear but I’ve come to realize that all that matters is our presence. Junie will only need our love and support.”
That’s the only thing that right now comforts you.
“But will it be enough?” He asks.
“I don’t know, babe. I don’t know.” You close your eyes, holding him tighter. “But I hope so.”
You stay like this for a little while, worrying about the future of your son. As a parent, all you hope is that you’ll be able to help him through his dark times although you don’t want him to face it in the first place. But that’s life. Hye-jun will need to face the good and the bad that the world has to offer.
“I love you, Kook.” You mumble.
“I love you too, baby.”
His words warm your heart, and that’s all you need to end this day.  
Tumblr media
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ladyartemesia · 8 months ago
The Luna
Tumblr media
◐ Series Masterlist ◐
◐ Part I ◐ Part II ◐ Part III ◐ Part IV ◐ Part V ◐ Part VI ◐
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha Werewolf Jimin x Omega Reader
Rating: Hard Mature 18+ (for this installment)
Warnings: this one is a little darker... implied violence, mentions of blood, ABO sexual dynamics including discussion of scenting, marking, mating, and claiming, sexual innuendo, discussion of violence relating to ritual combat, possessive behavior, injuries and discussion of injuries, discussions or ruts, (non-explicit) kidnapping and drugging, its not as bad as it sounds, but it is definitely a bit darker...
Word Count: 4200
Author’s Note: You have no idea what your support has meant to me. After getting the dreaded Covid it was awhile before I had the energy to work on this. Truly your asks and your messages and comments...they made me so happy. You made me believe that people wouldn’t forget about this story. I am so grateful you were able to wait. As always, my angels @ppersonna @xjoonchildx @untaemedqueen and @underthejoon were the best betas and the best friends anyone could ask for. My thanks to ALL of you for helping me bring this story to life! I don’t know what I would do without your daily encouragement and your daily support. You guys are the heartbeat of this story. 
Tumblr media
Fifteen Years Ago...
“It can’t be-”
“Run for the elders! Quickly! 
“Red smoke rises from the Luna’s hearth!”
The red smoke was invented by the first wolf known to mate a witch. Legend has it that their bond lent him some of her magic and with it he created a mystical powder that unleashed bloody plumes like knife slashes in the clouds. 
It was a distress call. 
A wolf in danger or in need could throw the powder (usually into their fireplace) and the red smoke would rise - drawing others to their aid. 
No fire was needed and the strange shimmering clouds it produced could even be seen on a moonless night. 
“What happened? Where is the Luna?”
The chief elder was still out of breath, having charged over from his chambers to find Isa in hysterics. 
“She’s gone! Something scared her! It triggered a half-shift!”
His eyes widened in fear and alarm. 
“She’s too young to half-shift. The energy it would take-”
Isa broke into sobs again. 
The girl was only five years old. She and her wolf were too volatile to merge safely. The wolf would be frightened - it would run. 
Eventually the child might regain control, but she would have no way of knowing where she was or how she got there… 
And she would be weak. The effects of the shift were too much for a pup that age. 
The chief elder felt true terror grip his heart. 
“Call for the alphas - immediately!”
Tumblr media
Although they were technically one of the oldest bloodlines in the village, Park Clan had only five families to its name - all betas. 
Except for one. 
Park Jimin was the first alpha ever born to the Parks and as such he became the head of his family on the day of his birth - officially the youngest clan leader in history. 
When the call for alphas spread through the village, nine year-old Jimin was roused from his bed to serve on behalf of his people. 
Clan alphas were required to report, regardless of their age. 
“I don’t have to tell any of you what is at stake. Our pack has been entrusted with the Luna’s bloodline. Her safety is our sacred commission.”
The woods were no place for a child. If fluctuating temperatures and possible starvation weren’t bad enough, there were wild bears, packless ferals, rogue witches, snakes, and worst of all-
Unblessed wolves—animals without a human heart. They were by far the most pressing danger to the little girl. 
“Surely young Park can remain at home for this,” Jeon Jinseok pressed. The boy was barely older than his grandson, Jungkook, and he was reluctant to endanger another pup needlessly. 
Some quiet murmurs of assent could be heard around the elder’s chambers, however the chief elder himself shook his head sadly. 
“I understand your concern… but the law is the law. Every clan alpha is sworn to such a task. He took an oath after his first transformation-”
“He was seven-”
“An oath is still an oath.”
All eyes turned to the gentle voice in the corner. The Park alpha looked impossibly small and soft. 
But his gaze burned with determination. 
“It is my right and duty to seek the Luna alongside all of you.” His round little jaw clenched stubbornly. “I’m not afraid.”
Tumblr media
The sound of bones and sinew shifting filled the air as one by one the clan alphas fell to their wolf forms and took off into the forest. 
Until only a small silver wolf remained. 
The chief elder sighed. 
The boy would not undergo the Change for another six years. The mental link between his wolf and human forms was not yet complete. It was difficult for information to pass from one to the other. 
“You are the wolf force of Park Jimin.”
After a moment the wolf nodded.
“You were called here because the Luna has gone missing and you must find her if you can. Search the woods until your wolf force can endure no longer and then return. If you find the child, bring her home as soon as possible.”
The young wolf nodded again and then disappeared into the night. 
Tumblr media
It was cold. 
The last thing you remembered was a loud noise. It was too close - you panicked-
Then there was heat and pain and running and now this-
Darkness and barren trees looming over you as far as your frightened eyes could see. 
Your hands were bleeding. Tears began to slide softly down your cheek as your lips trembled. 
Tumblr media
Jimin had never been allowed into the forest alone. A myriad of new shapes and odd smells assaulted his senses as he ran. 
He had only seen you a handful of times. 
Bright silver eyes with a smile that could set even the coldest heart into bloom. 
Now you needed him.
And he was going to save you. 
It was not a question or a matter of chance in his mind. He was meant to find you. It was as if a thread from his chest was bound to a thread from yours and his wolf knew to follow it without question or thought for its significance. 
I’m coming, little Luna. Hold on. 
Tumblr media
Your nose was not yet fully developed, but the stench creeping through the air toward you was unmistakable. 
A soulless wolf. 
The last time you encountered it was after a hunt. Your father killed one who attacked him and he brought it home for you to scent. 
So you could recognize the smell of danger. 
Gradually two shining eyes emerged from the darkness, yet unlike the wolves of your village, these were dark and fathomless-
You couldn’t tell much about its age or coloring, it was too thin - too dirty, but the bared teeth and steady progress closer signaled its intent clearly. 
“Please,” you whispered, as it crouched back on its hind legs, preparing to strike. 
Tears blurred your vision as you heard it leap forward. 
But the strike never came. 
Another wolf tackled it to the ground before it could reach you. The two of them tangled viciously in the moonlight; a terrifying mass of snarling and claws. 
The smaller fighter was already bleeding, but he clamped down on his opponent’s throat in the first hit and hung on to it even as the animal snapped and scratched brutally at his skin. 
Jimin could feel his strength beginning to fail him. The pain was excruciating, but he had to endure. If he let go, he was lost- 
You were lost.
So he held. 
And at last the soulless wolf collapsed on top of him. 
For a moment, all was quiet. 
Jimin felt the wounds over his hide begin to tug at the edge of his consciousness. Accelerated healing could only do so much... He was hurt badly. 
Then two small hands began to push at the unblessed corpse. Small huffs and heaves poured from you as you worked to free him from beneath his defeated foe. 
“Don’t be afraid, Silver,” you grunted, “Momma says the healing works best if you can get warm.” 
With one final heave you disposed of the beast as best you could, then moved to wrap your body around your injured champion. 
“I can help,” you whispered, letting the tears fall freely. His soft whimpers were the only reply you received as you snuggled in closer, running your hands gently over the soft fur. 
The young wolf’s eyes were already beginning to lose focus. 
“Please goddess,” you begged into the night. “Please save him.”
Then the two of you drifted into a heavy sleep. 
Tumblr media
Jimin opened his eyes again just as the dawn broke. 
He was still in wolf form, but the pain of his injuries had lessened considerably. 
Either that or he was becoming numb. 
His eyes dropped to the figure curled up next to him and his heart stirred. You were so pale… and he could feel your small body shivering violently against his chest.
She will not last much longer...
It took nearly everything he had to stand to his feet and nudge you awake. 
“Will you bring me back, Silver?” you asked weakly. 
Jimin nodded and the two of you stumbled forward into the forest, trusting the vague recollections of his wolf instincts to lead you home. 
Tumblr media
Isa was beside herself with worry. Wolves came and went throughout the night-
But there was still no sign of you. 
And the odds of a child surviving the woods alone with no heat and no protection were slim at best. 
Her hands shook as she gathered feed for the horses from the storeroom near the back of the house. She willed herself to complete the task - any task - in an effort to busy her mind and perhaps achieve a moment of respite. 
Her hand closed around the back door handle and she started forward - only to nearly lose her balance over something lying on the porch. 
The bucket of feed dropped from her grasp, sending kernels of grain in all directions. 
Two bodies lay in a heap at her feet, clutching one another desperately. The Luna and her silver wolf were covered in matted blood and dirt. 
But they were alive. 
Isa began to scream, drawing out the other two occupants of the house; her husband Roojin and his younger sister, a beta healer named Ryn. 
“Oh my goddess,” Ryn gasped, “that’s the Park alpha! I heard some of the elders saying that he hadn’t checked in last night!”
“Get them inside. If we don’t act quickly we could lose them.”
Roojin tried to lift you away from the wolf, but the action was enough to rouse you and you immediately began to kick and scream frantically. 
“No! I won’t leave him!” you sobbed, wrapping your body even tighter around the injured pup. “Silver, wake up! Please wake up!”
“Baby you need to let him go! We have to treat him!”
But you were frantic, refusing - violently - to be separated from your rescuer. 
Ryn was eventually forced to grab a syringe from her field kit to sedate you. 
Isa carried your limp body to the fireplace and began to peel off your wet clothes while Ryn and Roojin dealt with Jimin’s injuries in the kitchen. Blood dripped over the tabletop and puddled ominously on the floor while they worked. 
“It looks like he was attacked.” Ryn’s eyes began to water. “What a brave little boy.”
“How the hell did he survive this?”
“I don’t know, but without a healing touch he’ll die.” She ripped her gloves off and rolled up her sleeves. “Stand back.”
Tumblr media
Twenty minutes later Isa and Roojin caught the young healer as her legs gave out from under her. She had poured the majority of her energy into restoring the young Park alpha - perhaps more than was strictly safe-
But he would survive and that was all that mattered. 
“I must contact the elders,” Isa murmured as she helped Ryn to a seat near the hearth. “In all the chaos I forgot to tell them that we found her.”
Roojin sighed, letting his eyes drift back to the table. 
“That pup brought her back, but I wonder if they’ll even believe it. I wouldn’t - not if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”
“No...” Ryn whispered from the chair. “You can’t tell them about the boy.”
“Why not? He’s the only reason she’s still alive. He deserves to be recognized.”
“You don’t understand,” she shook her head weakly. “His clan is nothing. They have no power - no other alphas. This will make him a target. The alpha pups will challenge him and the stronger clans will see him as a threat to their influence…”
She pulled herself upright and limped over to the table where the young wolf slept. 
“But he's just a child….and small for his age at that. He has no powerful clansmen to protect him from the ramifications of this.” 
Her hands clenched to fists. 
“When his human form returns, he won’t remember saving the Luna. We’ll take him to his mother’s home at nightfall - make it seem like he wandered back. He may garner some respect for surviving the woods, but then they’ll leave him alone… and he can go on living his life in peace.”
Ryn turned to face them both with a determined expression. 
“We owe him that.”
Tumblr media
“Where is the silver wolf? Where have you taken him?”
As soon as the sedative wore off you reached for the boy once again, only to find that he was gone. 
“The silver wolf was hurt very badly, sweetheart. Your aunt carried him away to be treated.”
“I have to go with him! He needs me!”
“No, honey - you can’t-”
Isa pulled you into her arms and you collapsed into helpless sobs. The last twenty-four hours had finally caught up with you. 
You were too weak to fight back. 
“Luna… the silver wolf is in danger. Are you willing to keep him safe?”
You nodded fiercely, letting the flow of your tears soak through your mother’s sleeves. 
“Then you must never tell another soul that the silver wolf saved you. No one can know that he was with you in the forest.”
Your eyes narrowed in confusion. 
“You will tell everyone that you found the way back alone. Do not mention the silver wolf.”
Isa lifted your chin till your eyes met hers. 
“Promise me, Luna.”
Your heart squeezed painfully in your chest as you thought of your champion. He had spared you from a gruesome fate and you did not even know his name. 
You wanted so desperately to thank him. 
Last night, you were so cold - so afraid - that you hadn’t said it...
Now you never could. 
So instead you would protect him - no matter what it cost. 
“I promise.”
“I don’t like him.”
Jimin tilted his head slightly toward his best friend.
Taehyung took a long sip of water then moved his hand to cover his mouth. To an outside observer he would appear to be wiping excess liquid from his lips. 
“The senior envoy from the Iron Claw pack.” He shook his head. “Something about him is off. He’s ill at ease.”
All the major packs of the mountain nations dispatched representatives to greet and solidify their relations with the new Alpha. 
Any pack who failed to send a proper delegation risked a diplomatic incident. 
The first twenty-four hours held great significance when it came to the transfer of power. The official term for the tradition-packed period between the revelation of the Alpha and his ultimate reunion with the Luna was called “The King’s New Moon.”
The new moon was the darkest phase of the lunar cycle and the immediate separation from his mate was meant to be a test of the Alpha’s restraint and bearing. 
Jimin wanted to put his fist through a wall. 
He missed you. 
Fighting Namjoon was nothing compared to the torture of this bureaucratic circus.
As the day progressed he was extremely grateful to have Yoongi and Taehyung at his side. Yoongi agreed to act as interim Praetor while Namjoon recovered and he and Taehyung were quick to fill in any knowledge gaps Jimin had with regards to protocol. 
The first round of ceremonial greetings between packs dragged on more than an hour before the bell struck for a brief recess. In fact, until Taehyung’s rather strange pronouncement, nearly every moment played out with boring predictability.
Though there was one notable surprise. 
Apparently the Iron Claw pack had just undergone a change of leadership and was now under the command of a female alpha named Azira Kai. 
Authority in the Iron Claw pack was traditionally decided through combat, and Azira beat nearly thirty-five challengers to ascend as queen. 
Female alphas were extraordinarily rare. Jimin knew they existed, but Azira was the first one he’d ever heard of. 
Iron Claw’s senior envoy delivered the news himself at the start of the ceremony and personally conveyed the queen’s well wishes. 
Jimin eyed the representative in question speculatively from his corner of the table. At first glance the man seemed much like every other emissary gathered in the crowded hall to fulfil centuries old obligations. But Taehyung had always possessed a strange sense about people. 
His instincts could not be easily dismissed. 
“I will keep that in mind,” he whispered as he sent the young man a courteous nod.
Tumblr media
The sun had already begun to set when a messenger from the chief elder’s chambers arrived at your door. At long last the ceremonial requirements were drawing to a close and soon the elder’s council would be sending you instructions.
However...‘soon’ could mean anything from twenty minutes to five hours. 
“You might as well rest while you can,” Jin teased with a salacious wiggle of his brows. “Who knows what strenuous activity you might find yourself involved in when they finally let that boy loose.”
You rolled your eyes, trying to pretend that your cheeks weren’t burning with embarrassment. 
“I will rest, but not for any reason you’re thinking.”
Truth be told, your nerves were a bit… frayed. 
A frustration was building within you and nothing seemed to satisfy it. You weren’t even sure what you were wanting, but you definitely wanted it. 
“Of course not,” your cousin chuckled as you gathered your gloves and wandered back to the bedroom. 
An hour later Jin’s boredom found him snuggled up on the couch near the fireplace reading over an old cookbook from your mother’s pantry.
“Heavens… no wonder Aunt Isa’s kimchi is so dry. This is a disgrace.”
Suddenly the front door began to shake and pound violently. Strange smells carried through the air and his eyes widened. 
Foreign wolves. 
He drew in a deep breath and immediately growled in frustration. 
Foreign alphas.
A small bowl of red powder sat on the mantle above the hearth. Jin just barely managed to toss it into the flames before the door splintered off its hinges. 
“Hello boys,” he drawled, unleashing a massive dose of pheromones while the knives strapped to his forearms slid smoothly to his hands. “What brings you here?”
Tumblr media
“I just heard the strangest news,” Min Yoongi narrowed his eyes at the small scrap of paper passed to him by one of the council aides. 
The next set of guild masters were making their way to Jimin at a snail’s pace. It would be several seconds before he needed to greet them. 
“One of the healers sent word that Namjoon has disappeared from his assigned recovery room.” He shook his head curiously. “Where do you suppose he’s gone?”
Jimin’s eyes widened. 
That mangy mutt. He’s probably bent Yunli over every surface of her brother’s house by now. Goddess above! He couldn’t hold out for six more days? 
“I’m sure I have no idea.”
I should have killed him. This is a disaster. He can barely walk, how does he expect to-
“The Miner’s Guild is honored to serve at the pleasure of the Alpha.”
Jimin nodded regally and forced up a pleasant smile. 
“The honor is entirely mine, Master Lee. I look forward to-”
A loud crash split the solemn hush of the room as a young member of the council guard burst through the heavy wooden doors. 
“Red smoke! Red smoke rises from the Luna’s hearth!”
Jimin felt his heart plummet into his stomach. 
Chaos erupted immediately. 
“Call for the guards!”
“We must notify the healers.”
“The messengers just spoke to her-”
“Is it an attack?”
The Alpha’s voice cut across the assembly with authoritative resonance. 
Every eye turned to him in expectation. 
But he could only think of you. 
“Jung, lock the building down. Take your clansmen and seal off every entrance.”
Murmurs began to stir through the hall as Hoseok directed his people toward the access points, but he ignored them. 
“Choi. Make for the healers. Have a dozen of them meet us there.”
Jimin was already heading for the door. The deadly length of his claws flashed ominously in the firelight. 
“Kim, Min, Jeon - with me.”
The three alphas in question fell in step behind him without a word. 
Tumblr media
The scene at the Luna’s home was nightmarish. 
Jimin ran to your room immediately, but all he found was a broken window and the lingering scent of your fear. 
His wolf howled in anguish as he fell to his knees and screamed in rage. 
At the front of the house four badly beaten bodies lay strewn about the kitchen and living room area. Most of the furniture was destroyed and the scent of carnage soaked the air. 
The omega stood at the center of the rubble. There was a nasty slash running up his right leg and another grievous wound near his ribs. 
But his arms were wrapped around a massive foriegn wolf with the thin blade of his favorite knife pressed against the intruders throat. 
“What happened here?” Yoongi gasped. “And that smell-” he moved his hand to cover his nose. 
“Pheromones,” Taehyung nearly gagged. 
His eyes fell to the corpses - examining their injuries with a critical gaze. 
“Jin, you dangerous bastard.”
The omega simply smiled and forced the prisoner onto his knees. 
“I don’t understand…” Jungkook shook his head. 
“He flooded them with omega pheromones... These four were unmated.” The Kim alpha let out a cold chuckle. “He triggered their ruts… and they killed each other over him.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened. 
Male omegas really were terrifying.
Taehyung’s eyes narrowed and he considered the scene. 
“None of this makes sense. The scent markers are clearly from the Iron Claw pack. They didn’t even bother to mask…”
Jungkook and Yoongi began to search the bodies for any hint of their motives or identity when Jimin returned from your room. His fury was palpable in the air around him. 
“Why would anyone kidnap a Luna?” he snarled. “The divine bloodline is sacred to all wolves. Who would be so reckless?”
Jin shook his head.
“I don’t know.” His knife twisted into the prisoner’s neck. “But he does.”
Jimin crouched down in front of the foreigner, fighting every urge in his soul to tear the mountains apart for his mate.  
“Where is she?”
The prisoner sneered.
“You may be a powerful Alpha, but you are not of my pack or my blood.  I’ll never tell you anything.”
“Oh,” Jimin’s eyes flashed with golden fire, “I think you will.” 
Tumblr media
That was how you felt. 
Your body was sore (like it had been tossed and carried a long distance) and your mind was out of focus (as if everything around you was moving either too quickly or too slowly - honestly you couldn’t quite tell).
You remembered being drugged; some sort of compound pressed against your nose and mouth.  
Glass from the window shattered onto your face…
Then unfamiliar scents and unfamiliar hands closed in on all sides. 
Too fast for you to react.
Too shocking for anyone to have predicted. 
Nothing like this had ever happened and there was no reason to believe it would. 
To harm a Luna was sacrilege. 
It was simply not done. 
What could drive men to such a course of action? 
You should be afraid; terrified even.  
But you weren’t.
Your eyes fluttered open to take your new surroundings. You could vaguely see the shape of seven or eight wolves - alphas by the smell of them-
And then you smiled. 
It wasn’t your usual impish grin or anything close to soft or inviting. 
It was a cold twist that crept over your lips as you watched your abductors set up their camp. 
After a moment, one of them noticed your strange expression. 
“Looks like the little Luna hit her head on the way here,” he called out to his comrades with an amused snort. “You should have been more careful with her, Mac.”
He shook his head and made his way over to where you were tied up. The young alpha reeked so heavily of sweat and self-importance, you almost gagged. 
“What’s got you so amused, Miss Luna?”
It was more of a taunt than a question, but your smile widened nonetheless. 
“My mate is going to kill you.” 
Shock flickered over his features for just a second before he threw his head back and laughed. 
“We’ll be long gone before your sweet little alpha even knows we’re here.” He gripped your chin between his fingers and you snarled. “We masked our scent as soon as we got you - and there isn’t a wolf alive that could track our crew through the woods.”
“You’re wrong,” you whispered. 
Jimin’s face flashed through your mind - followed immediately by another memory, buried deeply, but never forgotten—
of a frightened little girl and the silver wolf who braved the forest and fought a monster to save her. 
“He’ll come for me - no matter what precautions you’ve taken.” You leaned forward a bit, letting the conviction in your gaze blaze through to the depths of your captor’s soul. “And then - he’ll come for you.” 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
summary; Regardless of whether you are a liar or not, that didn’t make it okay for Jungkook to lie to you. warnings; virgin jungkook, timid jungkook, church boy jk, a LOT of religious themes/discussion, catholic guilt, fear of sinning, mentions of masturbation, heavy doubts, a little paranoia/fear of being outcasted, jk has a crush, confessions, making out, boob lover jk has his boobs touched, groping/petting, light praise, very brief/light choking, jk is horny like 75% of the time, positive character development <3 rating; m (18+) wc; 9.5k
banner; as always, by @jamaisjoons​ !! ty ty ty!! <3333
notes; i have to apologize for delaying this update for so long. truth is, it was difficult to write the next part bc i felt like i had trapped myself in pt2-- jk wasn't showing ANY progress & i started to really hate his character. LUCKILY, with the help of my amazing editor n wife @kigurumu​ *audience cheers* i was able to put him back on the right track towards redemption! (& even more painful angst in the future!) sadly, that means that this part doesn't include any explicit smut, you'll see why. still, I'm very proud of how much i was able to build his character in this part and i hope you enjoy it!!! lemme know what u think <3
in the future, i will try my best to make sure the chapters aren’t so spaced out. again, i am so so sorry about taking so long to update this series
Tumblr media
He gets your text the following Tuesday morning. 
Now, Jungkook has never been one to be overly invested in his cell phone; he uses it as much as he needs to, just checks his emails, takes some photos, and sends texts when necessary. But you had set up a particularly unique ringtone for yourself the other day, had sweetly asked for his phone as he laid against your chest. His skin had felt warm and the slightest bit sweaty, his body pressed so closely against you that he couldn’t tell where he ended and you began. “Did you have fun?” you asked, fingers combing back his hair. He had hummed, eyes fluttering shut to the faint tapping of your fingers across the keyboard. If he closes his eyes, he can still remember the soft beating of your heart beneath his ear, the leg you had hooked around his waist to pull him closer. The memory makes him shiver. 
It’s a high-pitched bell sound that alerts him of your messages now, completely unlike the classic default tone he had set for everyone else. 
From the other side of his room, Jungkook immediately pauses to look at it, the lit up screen glaring back at him from its idle place on his bedside table. He always leaves it there in the mornings, beside his rosary and the picture of his family, as he gets ready for work. 
He knows exactly who it’s from— after all, that’s what you wanted when you stylized your ringtone —which is why his hand trembles in excitement as he unlocks his phone. 
[❤️]: picnic tomorrow? 🥰
[❤️]: after my last class of course
Jungkook’s first thought is that this was a date, his first one with you since he had met you. His heartbeat hammers at the thought, at the mere suggestion that the two of you would be able to spend more time together this week outside of your usual weekend… acts. Additionally, if you’re asking him on a date, then surely it means you view Jungkook as a potential suitor, just as he does you? Do you want to maybe date Jungkook? Jungkook certainly wants to date you— in fact, if he starts gathering his courage now, he might be able to properly ask you out tomorrow. 
Jungkook’s second thought is of that guilty, gross feeling that’s been gnawing at his insides for three days now, and how it was inevitably going to get worse when he saw you again. 
He had lied to you, Jungkook recalls, sinking down against his mattress, shirt half buttoned, as he stares at the screen. He had lied to your face during a critical moment, had felt that seed of doubt in his chest blossom more than ever. And not only had Jungkook lied to you, but he had lied to you about his feelings toward you. How could he ever hope to hold you close, to date you, when he couldn’t even be honest with you?
The memory of your curious gaze presents itself at the forefront of his mind, the soft sound of your laughter ringing in his ears. 
You had been so sweet to him despite his blunder, had cupped his face and kissed him on the lips when he dropped you off outside your apartment. “Not today,” you crooned, unbuckling yourself as Jungkook’s eyes trailed over your throat— ignoring your cross —and down your chest. “I have schoolwork to catch up on. But soon, okay?” Another sweet peck had left him trailing after your touch, your finger bopping the tip of his nose playfully. “Call me when you get home.”
And because he was so terribly, irrevocably smitten with you, Jungkook had done as you said and called you. He’d called you and then had whimpered against his sheets as you generously talked him through another sinful deed. You had softly sighed his name over the line, told him he was handsome and that you missed him. That you wanted him in your mouth—
And of course, he had felt… something afterwards. 
This is where his dilemma begins: Jungkook had felt something afterwards, and he’s not sure if it had been entirely good or bad. The longer Jungkook stays around you, hangs out with you, does things with you— the more he can feel parts inside of himself change. Because after the phone call, Jungkook had felt two distinct emotions within himself, both of which were up for questioning. 
First, there was that one feeling he was becoming all too familiar with, the crushing guilt that would consume him following any sexual interaction with you or himself for that matter. Why was he like this? Why did he indulge himself in such heinous pleasures when he knew, knew better than anyone, what committing such acts meant for the future of his soul? He was practically dooming himself the way he was now, but Jungkook just didn’t understand— why did something so bad feel so good?
But alongside that gnawing guilt was this tiny, weirdly pleasant satisfaction, a gratification that superseded the relief felt by an orgasm. It was this oddly serene feeling that settled over Jungkook in the moments following a climax, the soft brush of your hands through his hair, the low lilt of your voice. They made him feel like he was floating on the softest of clouds, kissed and pampered by its wispy tendrils. It made something inside of Jungkook feel different, new. Good. 
(In the back of his mind, Jungkook realizes he’s always felt that way. At the height of his pleasure, at the faintest brush of your hands against his. It was a staple of your presence, one that made Jungkook feel like he was walking on air.)
From whatever angle he looked at it, it just didn’t make sense. They were contrasting emotions; while one made him feel godawful, the other one practically made him transcend. The fact they could coincide, exist all at once, had Jungkook’s brain folding in on itself as he tried to figure out why. They kept him up the last few nights, eyes blankly staring up at his ceiling following his evening prayers. Mulling over everything he’s ever learned and been told, always circling it back to your beautiful presence in his life. 
He knows sex in itself is not bad— after all, that was how the beautiful process of life came to be —but years upon years of studying his religion, cultivating his faith, had all led him to the same conclusion: premarital sex was wrong. And for the past few weeks, well. That’s all Jungkook had been doing with you. 
It seems like every time you meet, you’re dead set on pleasuring him, turning Jungkook into a shivering, teary-eyed mess while you grinned from above. That confused him too— as far as Jungkook knew, the whole point of sex was to chase after your own pleasure, something you admittedly did not do. It was always Jungkook’s pleasure, Jungkook’s enjoyment that you wanted, covering him in languid kisses and long caresses until he was inevitably shooting his hot cum all over your lap and into your hands. 
You had told him it was okay, that he should never feel bad for enjoying himself. But, to return back to his original dilemma, he doesn’t quite know if he can trust your word. 
You’re a liar, that much Jungkook can look past his rose-tinted glasses to admit. While you may not have lied to him (or at least, Jungkook wants to believe you haven’t), the fact still stands that you are quite willing to deceive others in order to get what you want. He already knows you aren’t the biggest believer of the Church yourself, that you frequently brush off your religious duties in order to fulfill your own desires— the aforementioned sexual cravings probably the biggest one —so, quite frankly, Jungkook is untrusting of the rest of your practices. Were you lying to him, telling him all was well, just for your own benefit? Just because you wanted to drag him along on your lustful adventures? He wasn’t sure, and as much as he wanted to trust you wouldn’t, there’s a shred of doubt that plagues him. 
But still. 
Regardless of whether you are a liar or not, that didn’t make it okay for Jungkook to lie to you.
He taps his phone against his chin, brain a frenzied mess. 
If Jungkook really wanted to pursue this relationship with you, he needed to be honest with himself and with you. Did it bother him that you were so flippant with the Church, the one he himself feels so devoted to? Yes and no. Jungkook has never been one to impress his beliefs on others, and truthfully, he would not be the slightest bit bothered if you don’t believe in the same things he does. Would there be some awkwardness in your relationship? Certainly, but at least Jungkook would know the real you from the very beginning. 
But to him, posing as an avid follower when you really aren’t rubs part of him the wrong way. He’s slightly put off by that aspect of you, and justifiably felt that anyone would feel such a way if someone were to use something they love as mere leverage for their own personal gain. And to make matters worse, now that he’s been made aware, it weighs down heavily on his conscience. 
Part of Jungkook, as selfish as it may be, wishes you had never revealed your secrets to him. He may have been left in the dark a total fool, but at the very least he would have been a happy fool. Would he still feel guilt about all the sexual deeds he’s partaken in with you? Sure, but at least he would only have himself to blame. The way things are now, he’s unsure who really needs to be condemned. 
Realistically, it is Jungkook’s fault. He knows how you are and even more, he knows you would never proposition him for any such sexual deed if he told you no, if he simply denied you. But he doesn’t tell you no, and that’s the problem: Jungkook really likes you as you are now, questionable behavior be damned. He likes you when you make him cry and when you pinch his cheeks and when you snake your hand down his pants. 
He still thinks you’re amazing, gets this fluttery feeling when you look at him with that sparkling gaze of yours. Your laughter makes him smile, even if you’re not laughing at something he said, because the sound is just so comforting, warm and soothing, makes his entire body relax when you chuckle. You have this gentle touch, these delicate hands that carefully comb his hair back for him in the car sometimes, tracing the side of his face softly. Your smile makes him dizzy, makes him want to cup your face in his hands and kiss you breathless. And, of course, he can’t complain about your… other talents when he’s only been on the beneficial receiving end of said talents. That aforementioned satisfaction, as small as it may be and as difficult as it was to admit to, was something Jungkook has begun to look forward to on the occasions that you meet. 
But his inability to overlook his own beliefs and your confusing nature brings about a great strife within Jungkook. It’s the reason he hesitates outside the church after dropping you off, his car running as he glares at his steering wheel. Everything in him says to go inside and confess to his sins, relieve himself of this overwhelming sense of guilt and shame to the closest person to his Lord. 
But he’s scared. 
Scared that, despite the oath of confidentiality, word will get out. His fellow brothers in faith will hear about what he’s done and call him out for his lecherousness. But even worse, he’s scared of what will happen to you. Would Jungkook’s life be over if he were thrown out of his beloved church? As dramatic as he may be, no. But he recognized that there were different standards to which men were held in this society, that an act of desire by him would not ruin his name the same way it would you. 
And Jungkook didn’t want that. He wanted to keep you safe. Wanted you to be happy and smiling, regardless of how conflicted it made him, because he likes you. He likes you so much, despite the fact he has yet to uncover the true extent of your character. 
But the cloud of mystery is partially what intrigues him, has him pondering over your very existence instead of getting ready for work as he is now. He’s terribly enamored, thinks about you and prays for you every night. So maybe Jungkook is still the fool, because he still daydreams about you when he knows he shouldn’t. 
His phone buzzes in his hand—
[❤️]: i miss you bunny ☹️
—and his decision is made. 
Tuesday passes by in a blur and before he knows it, it’s Wednesday afternoon and you’re texting him the location of one of the parks in the city. You had told him not to worry about the food because you would bring it. Jungkook’s only job was bringing the picnic blanket, a huge checkered thing he had spent all morning rifling through three stores for. He wants to impress you, desperately so, that he’s even wearing a nicer outfit today, darker tones unlike his normal warm palette because he had heard a woman at his job say men look cooler in dark colors. 
Suffice to say, he sticks out like a sore thumb at the park, the stark black of his jeans contrasting with the vibrant green of the neatly cut grass. Jungkook has half the mind to feel self-conscious about it, but then you’re calling his name from a couple meters away and his breath leaves his lungs. 
“Hi,” you greet, the handle of your wicker basket held tightly between two hands; Jungkook rushes to relieve you of the weight. “Did you wait long?” you ask, rewarding his gentlemanly behavior with a chaste kiss against the corner of his mouth that kick-starts his heart back into action and has his face burning up. 
In all honesty, you have never dressed very modestly— not that you had to, nor that there was anything remotely wrong with that. Jungkook has spent many a mass service fighting the urge to glance down the front of your dresses and tops, ignoring the cleavage you liked to show off now and then. But apparently, what Jungkook had seen up until now was your version of dressing modestly. The dress you show up with today, an off day where there are no church ladies to impress and no unspoken dress codes to follow, makes his brain short circuit. The thin, thin, straps that hold it up giving him an all access view to the broad expanse of your shoulders and chest and collarbones and boobs—
“No!” Jungkook rushes to reassure you, fighting down the blush that threatens to travel further down his neck when you carefully straighten out the collar of his shirt for him. “I- I, um, just got here.” 
You beam at the news. “I bought cheesecake,” you tell him, looping your arm through his as you tug him along. “I hope it hasn’t melted yet!”
By the time the two of you settle at a suitable spot near the lake, the cheesecake hasn’t melted. It’s still cold and solid, tastes like heaven on Jungkook’s tongue, and you laugh when his eyes light up. You look gorgeous like this, nestled against the checkered picnic blanket with a glass bottle of sparkling water in your hand, sandals just beside the edge of the blanket. There’s the faint chime of a bicycle bell somewhere to his left and the chatter of birds as they flock over the pond. Wonderful sights that would normally take his breath away and make him marvel at their beauty, but when you smile at him so gingerly like that, all Jungkook can think about is you. 
He watches you slip a strawberry past your lips. “Tell me about yourself,” you hum, seemingly out of the blue, wiping the corner of your mouth with one careful finger. “Other than, like, church stuff,” you tease. 
As you lean forward for another one, Jungkook’s brain stutters for a moment, eyes focused on the curves of your boobs as they naturally follow the movements of your upper body until he’s dizzy. “Huh?” he says, and you snort. “Oh— me, right, yes um—“
“Your favorite color?” you suggest, tugging the skirt of your dress tighter around your legs. It’s not cold, but there’s a slight breeze that keeps rolling over the two of you, pushing your floral scent over Jungkook and fluttering through his hair. “Right now, all I know is that you like cheesecake because you ate three slices at the bazaar the other week,” you chuckle.
It’s such a basic question, the bare minimum of knowing a person. But when you look at Jungkook like that, blinking those long lashes at him, it makes him forget his answer. “Um… Red,” he murmurs, watching you tug off the stem of the strawberry in your hands. “And white.”
You nod, and then you’re stretching a hand outward to offer him the aforementioned strawberry. When he doesn’t open his mouth right away, you silently demonstrate first, until Jungkook is slowly parting his lips and accepting your strawberry. The flavor bursts on his tongue, sweet and sticky, coating the very tips of your fingers when you don’t pull away fast enough. Jungkook averts his gaze when you pop them between your own lips and suck them clean. 
“Red and white,” you repeat, unaware of the lustful images that flicker through Jungkook’s mind, the way his eyes unconsciously drop to the front of your dress, at the crevice between your breasts that he remembers oh so well, the tight suction around his cock as you— “They make pink, which is my favorite color.” He desperately clears his mind of the memories that flash before his eyes. 
It’s a pretty color, fit for a pretty girl. Jungkook keeps the thought to himself as he watches you sift through the contents of your basket. It’s the perfect compliment to give you, he knows it’d make you happy, but his valor disappears when you throw him a soft grin and he’s transported back to a more recent memory, the memory in the car instead. 
A bad influence, he had called you, had watched your eyes well up with an emotion he had never seen on you before. Sadness? Disappointment? Disgust? He wasn’t sure, all Jungkook could really remember was the acidity on your tongue when you had repeated the words back to him, the ghost of your touch when you had abruptly pulled away from him, shut him out. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen you so closed off before, not even when he had first met you and you were parading around with that staged shyness. 
And even when Jungkook had corrected himself afterwards (read: lied to you to cover his tracks), the emotion had lingered. Even when you had playfully brushed him off, he had caught your reflection in the window beside you as he drove to your place. The sullen look on your normally happy face, lips down-turned, eyes lowered. A look he had put there. 
And now he’s watching you carefully rip apart bread to throw at the birds with a tender smile. A cloud moves and suddenly the sun is beating down on your little picnic again, casting a beautiful glow across your skin that renders him breathless for the shortest moment, trapped by the sheer beauty you exude. You’re absolutely ethereal, and yet he had questioned you. Your morals, your character, everything. 
“__?” he says before he can stop himself. 
You hum, “yes, bunny?” before pausing your little feeding task to glance back over at him. When you look at Jungkook like this, meet his gaze straight on, he doesn’t see an ounce of ingenuity in your eyes. It might be Jungkook’s lovesick heart speaking, but he can’t imagine you ever lying to him. He looks away first, frowning at the various fruits sprawled between the two of you. 
You care about him, that much Jungkook wants to believe. And his beliefs are confirmed, when your voice drops an octave lower, becomes softer, as you murmur, “is everything alright?” The fruits are carefully set aside, breaking the wall between the two of you until you can shuffle forward, your knees bumping against his. Hands reach for his, thumbs rubbing soothing circles against his skin. 
Before you can repeat your inquiry a second time, Jungkook finds himself asking, “do you like me?” 
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s sudden inquiry makes your cheeks heat up just the slightest, your startled inhale barely contained. 
It’s like a scene straight out of a teenage romcom— a confession in a park, your hearts bared for each other. But it’s a little awkward, you have to admit, unintentionally giving Jungkook’s soft hand a nervous squeeze as his question rolls over in your mind. 
Duh, you want to say. But there’s something about the look in Jungkook’s eye— the eyes he very purposefully turns towards your hands, the hair he had let loose today providing him ample protection from your gaze —that has you pausing, carefully considering your next words. 
You had hoped by now that it was obvious, that Jungkook understood how much he meant to you, and didn’t require some dorky confession in the park. Partially because, well. This wasn’t your usual role. Usually, it was the guy confessing to you, raving about all your redeeming qualities in an effort to win you over. But with Jungkook, all you know about relationships is flipped upside down, forcing you to play a position you’ve never played before. 
Jungkook wasn’t like you; he was soft and sentimental, practically wore his heart on his sleeve for the whole world to see. And it was a massive heart, filled with so much love and adoration for the world around him, that you felt bad when he wore such sullen expressions on his face.
Expressions like the one he has now, lips pressed together tightly as he misreads your silence. He has honest eyes, a dark toffee color that sends tingles down your spine when he looks your way. They glimmer with a sort of innocence for the world, a thin sparkle that makes him look like a prince sometimes. He was devastatingly handsome, and now he was upset. “Um— it’s okay,” he stammers, trying to move the conversation along. But his eyes flicker around nervously, anxiously. Like your silence has left a burn mark on him, painful and delicate to the touch. 
His comment isn’t completely unexpected. How very on-brand for big-hearted Jungkook to try to save you from an uncomfortable interaction, even if it was caused by him. “Um…” he murmurs, “it’s okay. If you don’t, uh. Like me?”
It sounds flimsy, even to you. 
“No, no,” you rush to correct, your ability to speak slowly coming back to you only after the fact. “I do,” you admit, nerves on edge at this rather foreign situation. “I… like you a lot, Jungkook.”
You shouldn’t be surprised by his reaction. Jungkook blinks slowly, like his brain is still processing the information, and then, ever so artfully, goes up in metaphorical flames. “O- Oh,” he stutters, reaching a free hand up to press his knuckles against his face. The rosy hue that had first blossomed over his cheeks has now started crawling down his neck now, up his ears. It’s terribly endearing. “I— um. I didn’t know,” Jungkook rambles, and it’s so cute, so sweet, how a simple confession from you renders him this flustered.
His face emanates a warmth tangible even on your own skin, lips cutely quirking to the side as he fights off a bashful smile and the raging blush your words bring about. It certainly is a sight to see. His hair tickles his eyebrow, swept out of its usually neat style, but it makes him look all the more gorgeous. “Cute,” you chuckle, feeling the slightest bit shy at such a warm response from Jungkook. You sit back, giving him the space he needs, and turn your attention up at the big blue sky instead. “Really? I thought it was obvious,” you hum.
Part of you actually feels really awkward; as you said before, everything is so brand new with him.  With Jungkook, he flips everything around for you, makes you actually admit to your emotions as opposed to simply going along with his. It’s a nice change of pace, as difficult as it may be, and the results are rather… cute as well. (He bites down a smile, but the action makes his normally soft cheeks look more pronounced than usual.) 
“Because, I, um. Me too,” he says, voice wavering. He clears his throat and tries to meet your gaze under his fringe, but doesn’t last more than a second before he’s pointedly glancing at the picnic blanket beneath the two of you. “I’m— I like you too,” he admits, ears tinted a bright red. You figured as much but it was always nice to hear, especially from someone like Jungkook. “A lot.”
“Thanks,” you smile, placing a hand on his thigh. 
His lips pull into a shy smile, aimed at your knees because he can never look you in the eye when you shower him in praise and other gooey, mushy feelings. It’s the same in the car or against your front door— he always manages to give your hand a tight squeeze, maybe even a kiss if he’s feeling brave. But the second you try to tell him you’ve had fun or that you’ll miss him, it’s like all his courage fades away, leaving him a blushing, smiley mess.
He was cute like that. Despite being so kind and caring, it was like Jungkook’s entire being stopped functioning when those types of gestures were aimed at him. So you relished those moments, looked forward to them with a fluttery feeling in your heart that couldn’t be tamed. 
Today, he throws you for a loop. Just as that proud, giddy smile appears, cheeks and ears a pretty pink, it fades away. The excitement from your mutual confessions seems to remind Jungkook of something else, something less warm, that has him quietly mumbling, “I’m sorry.” 
It’s confusing, to say the least. Just a moment prior, he had been pursing his lips in a silly attempt to hold back a smile. Now he’s staring at the ground with a rather pensive look, his apology sitting heavy in his throat. “What for?” you tentatively ask after one long beat. It had been so sudden. In your mind, there isn’t a single reason for Jungkook to be apologizing to you, especially so out of the blue. There is, however, an inkling of fear brought upon by what can only be classified as insecurity; you had just confessed your feelings for each other, why was he sorry about that? 
Jungkook exhales, a quiet sound that is nearly lost among the bustling noises of the park. If you hadn’t been sitting so close, maybe you wouldn’t have heard it at all. “I just,” he huffs, pointedly glaring at some random spot of grass beside you. His features look sharper than ever now, jawline defined, brows narrowed together. It’s a rather misplaced realization, but Jungkook looks absolutely gorgeous with distress painting his face. “I was… being selfish before.”
In the few weeks you’ve known him, you’ve come to realize Jungkook was many things. First and foremost, he’s an absolute gentleman. Raised on manners and compassion, looking after others everywhere he went. He was caring and sweet, loved this world and the people in it so much. Soft-spoken but straightforward. He was dreamy, disgustingly so. 
But selfish? It definitely sounds like something Jeon Jungkook is not. 
Before you can interrogate him even further, it seems like Jungkook is dead set on getting through this alone. “I- I’m sorry,” he repeats, eyes downcast. Noticing his wavering confidence, you resign yourself to listening, hand giving him a reassuring squeeze. Finally, after a short moment, Jungkook murmurs, “ the car.” You tilt your head to the side curiously, waiting for him to go on. “I said, um. Something rude.” 
It takes a moment for the memory to load, and when it finally clicks into place and begins rolling, you find yourself muttering a faint, “ah.” 
If it’s what you think it is, he’s talking about last weekend outside of the church. That terribly awkward encounter that had left a sour taste in your mouth afterwards. A bad influence, you recall him saying, the memory of his voice looped in your mind the entire drive to your place. 
In all honesty, it had stung a little. While you were aware that Jungkook had an ongoing mental battle, you hadn’t realized your role was that big in it. It’s the reason you had sent him home that day, made up a lie about schoolwork just to give him some space. It’s nothing new, everyone’s had someone think badly of them before; gossipy classmates, rivals, maybe even random strangers on the street. But it felt different when it was coming from someone as sweet as Jungkook, so polite and righteous, who wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Like he was stating a fact, not an opinion. 
It was a slip-up on Jungkook’s end, that much you could tell. Because he had been frantic to correct himself afterwards, had looked at you with these fearful eyes, like one wrong move and you’d slip from between his hands. Luckily, you weren’t that sensitive— definitely not as sensitive as him, at least —and such a comment had been practically meaningless moments later. 
Still, in those few moments where it was meaningful (read: the short period it took for Jungkook to get home and call you, the words looping around your brain until the harsh ring of your cell phone finally interrupted), it had left you wondering. Have you been pushing him too far, asking for too much? The way you saw it, you always gave Jungkook room to object to any of your advances. You know he’s trapped in his thoughts more often than not, but you pay attention to him, you really do. You make sure to take his reactions into account, try to offer solutions where possible. But, for the briefest moment, all of those efforts had felt fruitless that day in the car. 
What you say next is not a complete lie; sure, Jungkook’s comment had hurt for a bit, but here he was now apologizing for it. That was a good sign… right? “It’s okay,” you brush off, patting his cheek softly, hoping with every fiber in your being that it really was okay.
Tumblr media
Your voice is gentle, soothing his doubts. Just moments prior, Jungkook had felt like he was asking for too much, especially when your feelings toward him were up in the air. But your earnest confession soothed the ache in his heart. It’s all he’s wanted these past few months, to belong in your heart like you do his. 
But the guilt from before, the tumultuous feelings he’s been harboring towards you since the weekend, dampens his excitement. From your confession alone, it doesn’t seem like you questioned Jungkook. You weren’t put off by who he was, what he loved. So why couldn’t Jungkook be like you, think like you?
“I’m still sorry,” he says again, feeling like a broken record when he catches this sympathetic smile on your face. The scraps of eloquence he had gathered while originally apologizing seem to fade away, leave him a stuttering mess when he tries again. “That was— I shouldn’t have said—“
“Hey,” you cut off, placing a hand against his cheek. It stops his fidgeting, forces him to meet your gaze head on. There’s a smile on your face but something inside of Jungkook says it doesn’t feel real. “I like you, Jungkook.” 
And it’s true and genuine, your words so honest it pains him to think he had ever thought otherwise. And you’re still smiling, even after being hit with the implication that Jungkook questioned your character and maybe that’s what hurts the most. That you still try to put on an easygoing expression for him after he’s said something hurtful. It’s the car all over again, that blank look in your eyes when he had spoken carelessly. 
Before he can apologize for the umpteenth time, you’re shaking your head softly, smiling anew. But this time, he can’t tell if it’s real or not. “I brought orange juice,” you say, expertly moving the conversation along. And just as Jungkook has been thinking for weeks now, it’s like you know him so well. You know when things make him anxious or uncomfortable, know just how to help him out. 
There’s a feeling of guilt that blossoms in his chest, but this time it’s different. 
It’s not the usual sticky gross feeling of before, the one that has him staying up at night repenting for all his wrongdoings. It’s a personal kind of guilt that comes along with the frank realization that, while you have been learning and adapting to being around Jungkook, he has not been doing the same for you. 
Though you may be a little playful at times, you don’t tease him for who he is, don’t stomp all over his beliefs as much as he deluded himself into thinking you do. (That whole, faux-believer thing was a different circumstance.) Like with the cross in his house the other day. As much as Jungkook wanted to believe what you had done was evil, he had, quite honestly, enjoyed himself afterwards. There wasn’t that heavy discomfort sitting on his chest anymore, that sense of shame lingering as you’d kissed his body and let him caress yours too, in the safety of your eyes only. It was enjoyable and fun, had felt exhilarating to be so intimate with you. 
And instead of being thankful for your mindful efforts, he had questioned your sincerity. 
The picnic goes by in a flash. Jungkook is sad he can’t enjoy it to the fullest, his brain filled with clamorous thoughts that circled around to torture him every few minutes. Still, the entire date feels like a dream, vibrant and beautiful, leaving him in a daze. He doesn’t want to wake up. 
By the time you suggest wrapping up, the sun is setting over the horizon, the windows and lights of the buildings around you slowly flickering to life like a sea of tiny stars. He feels weak in the knees as he helps you pack everything back in your basket. “All set,” you smile, walking beside him, knuckles brushing against his until you fulfill Jungkook’s wordless wish and slip your hand into his. 
Jungkook agrees, hoping his hand isn’t sweaty and that you mean what you say. “I- I liked the food,” he remembers to mention, the fact that you had so carefully and lovingly prepared all this not entirely lost on him. His compliment, as simple as it may be, has you beaming at him as you exit through the park’s front gates. His car is parked along the street, the sleek vehicle coming into view as you round the street corner, hands still fastened. “Um,” he mumbles, pausing beside it. You turn to face him, eyes clear and content. 
All good things come to an end, he supposes, reluctantly letting go of your hand when you tug. “I’ll see you soon, okay?” you say, stepping up close, chest pressed against his. His breath hitched in his throat, eyes going wide when you nuzzle against his neck. Your hands slip around his waist. They wrap around him perfectly, make Jungkook feel like he was made for you. 
By the time he’s springing into action, jerkily raising his free hand up to your back, you’re stepping away. “Call me when you get home,” you wink, sending shivers down his spine when he remembers what happened the last time you said that. 
But Jungkook doesn’t think he can wait that long. 
You’re slipping further and further away, fingertips just barely brushing against his forearm, when Jungkook jolts into action. “How are you, um—“ he stammers, feels too big for his shoes when you tilt your head curiously. And then, “d- do you need a ride?” he mumbles, cheeks warm. 
It’s a feeble attempt at asking what he really wants. Offering you a ride home, while not a bad idea considering it was late and you had taken the bus here, is nowhere near what Jungkook really wants. What he wants is standing before him, thin spaghetti strap slipping down their shoulder, eyes sensually half-lidded and you know this too— because, again, you know Jungkook so well, know what he wants even if he can’t say it —as you step into his bubble again, peer up at him with your arms held behind your back. 
“A ride home?” you ask, blinking your long lashes in a way that robs him of his breath. And he can see that switch flick on inside of you, watches that pure and innocent gleam in your eyes slowly become replaced with something mischievous. Jungkook nods dumbly. “I’d love that.”
Jungkook blinks. “Great,” he chokes out, neatly dropping the wicker basket in his hands. In a way, it brings him back down to reality, lets him snap away from your hypnotizing gaze as he reaches for the keys in his pocket. “Let me— I just have to— yeah,” he stammers, clicking the button on his car keys one too many times, has it perkily beeping. Your lips press together into an amused smile, the last thing Jungkook sees before ripping himself away from you and yanking the back door open. 
He nearly throws the basket in like a madman, glassware be damned. It’s his last shred of rationality that tells him not to, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on edge as he steps up to the edge of the sidewalk and carefully places it on the floor behind the passenger’s seat. 
When Jungkook rises back up, there is a hand that brushes against his forearm, a gentle touch that has him throwing a curious glance your way. He’s not expecting to be so entranced by the dreamy look in your eyes, feet glued to the ground as you trail your hand down, catching his wrist between your fingers. You’re standing so close, making Jungkook feel like he’s trapped between you and his own car. His entire body is on edge when you lean in, placing a soft kiss against the very corner of his mouth. It leaves a tingling sensation, and accompanied with the growing warmth beneath his skin, feels like he’s been burned. “I had fun,” you murmur, voice low. It sends a shock of electricity down his spine, a wave of exhilaration that has him fully turning to face you as you eventually step away, that same playful grin on your features again. 
A surge of confidence and greed overcomes him, has him stepping forward into your space despite the nervousness that builds within him. There’s a hint of surprise in your eyes that you quickly mask, placating his bumbling nerves with a delicate hand placed over his heart. He can’t breathe when you lean in, softly humming, “kiss me?” 
Jungkook’s lower lip wobbles. “O- Okay,” he concedes, voice but an airy whisper that is soon swallowed up. You taste like fruit and orange juice, remnants of your picnic clinging to your lips as you slowly consume Jungkook’s entire attention with this soft brush alone. It’s a rather short affair, one that ends all too soon when you pull away with a soft sigh against his lips. 
Your smile is so pretty when you angle it at him, has him taking one jerky step backwards. His back hits the car, feels trapped. But he isn’t scared, doesn’t find himself anxiously awaiting your next move. “Good boy,” you purr, reaching one graceful hand forward, playfully tugging at his tie, wrapping it around your knuckles as you use it as leverage to pull him close again. 
You’re just so pretty, Jungkook has always thought so. From the moment he first met you until now, there is something about you—a glint in your eyes, a quirk to your lips—that has had him under your spell for weeks now. 
Had Jungkook seriously despised you and your ethics, perhaps this feeling would have gone away. But the fact of the matter is that you make Jungkook’s heart hammer dangerously in his chest, a shot of adrenaline through his veins when you look at him with those low-lidded eyes, touch him with those experienced hands. He wants you so bad, even after all he’s learned, all he’s seen. He wants you over him and under him, pressed against him from head to toe. He wants and he wants, and he knows it’s bad to want so much, to be so greedy. But with you around, Jungkook finds himself giving into that greed, clutching at it like a lifeline. “We can, um—,” he stammers, placing one uncertain hand against the top of the door frame beside him. You raise your brows, egging him on yet patiently waiting all at once. 
Your gaze is so strong, and it’s in moments like these that Jungkook feels that feeling crawl up his throat. A serpentine gaze, a sticky sweet tongue. Everything he’s ever known says it’s wrong, but his heart and your confession says otherwise. He looks away, throws a bashful glance at the plush leather seats behind him. “In… inside?”  
And the offer has you positively beaming before him, that same flirtatious shimmer in your irises doubling at the words that roll off his tongue. “Oh my,” you swoon playfully, stepping back to, Jungkook assumes, allow him to get in. 
He plops down, feels like he would break out in a sweat if the evening temperature wasn’t so cool. The car’s interior blends into the shadows, his clothing practically indiscernible against the dark shade of the seats. A stark contrast to the pretty floral dress that suddenly spills itself over his lap when you climb in, the door tugged shut beside the two of you. All is silent, your thighs over his, hands on his shoulders. “Hi, bunny,” you murmur, lips pulled into a smirk, provocative yet playful, like you know something that Jungkook doesn’t. 
Jungkook’s throat feels dry but he still manages to gulp. He’s drowning in your perfume and your body lotion, in the faint smell of the outdoors clinging to your clothes and your hair, the absolutely heavenly scent of just you in your entirety. “Hi,” he whispers back, voice lost beneath the thundering of his heartbeat in his ears. And his quiet greeting is rewarded with two soft hands that crawl up his neck, cupping his face in their palms. 
“You were so sweet today,” you purr, nose nudging against his when you finally lean in, pressing your breasts against Jungkook. A tiny gasp catches in his throat, his hands instinctively going to your waist. “Can I kiss you again?” 
Jungkook has never wanted anything more. “Please,” he exhales, feeling like he’ll explode if you don’t kiss him soon. You take his request in stride, jut your face forward just the slightest bit until your mouth is pressed firmly against his, the movement of your lips a practiced rhythm that he just can’t seem to master. He still tries his best, puckers his lips when he feels it’s right, tilts his head when you urge him with a soft nudge. He tries his best and hopes it’s enough. 
By now, Jungkook has come to understand that there is a pattern to your kisses. You always start off slow and relaxed, mouth languidly moving against his as you lure him across a tightrope of anticipation. They gradually become more intense, pulling out whimpers and sighs from Jungkook that he had never known were possible. It’s a carefully crafted art form, the tongue that slides out from between your pillowy lips, dips into his own mouth with a giggly pant. “Good boy,” you hum in between, hands burying themselves in the hair at the nape of his neck. “Always so good.”
Jungkook shudders when you eventually part, can’t catch his breath fast enough before you’re reaching for the buttons on the front of his shirt, easily undoing the casual tie too. “Relax,” you tell him, bypassing his lips for the warm expanse of skin just below. You kiss over his chin, down his neck, as your hands crawl beneath his shirt and around his naked waist. 
He’s ticklish, and when you brush against his ribs, he unwillingly releases a sharp huff of laughter. It’s followed by a wide-eyed look of embarrassment, cheeks a warm hue when you lean back in surprise at this new bit of information. “I— sorry,” he blurts out, because he doesn’t know proper make-out etiquette, doesn’t know anything really, except what you’ve shown him. 
But the sound makes you snort, looking at him with this gaze that drips with honey. “So cute,” you tell him, placing a chaste kiss against his lips, before disappearing back down to lavish his throat with filthier kisses. And with you laving your tongue across his skin, biting at every inch available, Jungkook is left to fuzzily stare over the crystal clear windshield. He’s struck with the faint realization that if someone were to look hard enough, they would see him through the tinted glass as he fell apart into the hands of a pretty girl. 
The soft smack of your lips against his skin is sensual, makes every hair on his body stand stiff. Your lips trail down the column of his neck, placing a bruising kiss at the juncture where it meets the rest of his body. “Oh,” he sighs, eyelids fluttering when a hand squeezes at his chest, thumb against his nipple. 
Another muffled giggle pressed against the base of his neck, and when Jungkook focuses his eyes again, he catches his own gaze in the rearview mirror. 
The sight of him is… weird to say the least. 
Even in the dark, his lips look thoroughly debauched, puffier and redder than usual, slick with saliva that isn’t entirely his. He doesn’t tell himself to, but his mirrored counterpart peeks his tongue out, runs it along his top lip sinfully. Startled by his own appearance, Jungkook jolts in place, feeling you shift in his lap with a soft little whine. “Bunny,” you frown, and Jungkook watches your side profile in the tiny mirror as you sit back up, press your lips against his ear. “Sit still for me,” you tell him, hand slithering up his chest, around his throat. Over his Adam’s apple, squeezing just the slightest. It’s not tight, but it knocks the air out of his lungs when he sees the action mirrored back at him on the reflective surface. 
That familiar guilt sticks in his throat, evident when your hand slips away and he swallows harshly, the protrusion just beneath his skin bobbing up and down. 
In the back of Jungkook’s mind, he can recall the religious story that surrounded this bodily feature; a sin and the consequence. A garden and a fruit, a beautiful woman by his side. 
Your hand creeps down between your bodies, palming over his quickly fattening cock, and Jungkook swears he sees stars, a strained whimper escaping from his lips that you giggle at. “Oh my,” he huffs, clutching at the skirt of your dress. You nuzzle close again, pressing a tender kiss against the side of his neck. 
Your hands are so soft and sweet, brushing over his cock like you’re simply caressing him out of adoration and not because you want him to cum, staining his seats and your dress. Either way, Jungkook can’t even begin to imagine what you must be thinking; before the date and his confession, he had been afraid that you would discard him. Maybe Jungkook wasn’t what you wanted, maybe he wasn’t what you needed. You were so confident in yourself and your actions, a stark contrast to Jungkook and his constant uncertainty, his fear of doing the wrong thing plaguing him at all hours of the day. 
Even now, with your hands expertly tugging his zipper down, he finds himself going back to that story. That apple in the garden, the consequences it had hailed. Never mind the fact you’re on top of him, claiming to like him, with your hands touching every inch of his skin. He keeps looping back to that Biblical verse instead, thinks about it when your fingers meanly let the elastic band of his briefs snap against his skin. “Ouch,” he flinches, voice a soft whine. He turns too quickly and too suddenly, nose bumping against yours because you’re still so close. 
You smile, puckering your lips for the lightest of kisses. It’s the little things like that that make Jungkook’s entire thought process stall, distantly aware of the fact that it’s, like always, you leading the majority of your encounters once again. Even during your picnic, it had been you who had practically held his hand as you navigated through basic information, asked for his favorite color and his favorite drink. Had it not been for your own proactive tendencies, Jungkook fears he would have never known your favorite color was pink or your favorite day of the week was Thursday. 
It’s a fact that makes him pause, jaw tightening as he once again realizes how little effort he was putting into knowing you. For someone who claimed to like you a lot, he rarely did the work to prove it. Even now, he’s too unsure of who he is and who you are to indulge you properly, instead watching you lead the scene as usual. Before he can stop himself, a sigh is escaping his lips. 
It must convey his emotions perfectly, because it’s enough to make your wandering hands pause by his waist. “Everything okay?” you ask, always knowing what he’s feeling. And it sucks that he couldn’t say the same for himself. 
“N— Yes,” he rushes to say, looking up at you with round eyes, the moonlight painting half of your face a paler color than usual, the other side shrouded in darkness. It makes your eyes look darker, makes Jungkook gulp loudly when you turn those inquisitive eyes on him. 
His answer doesn’t seem to convince you, and it’s with little to no hesitation that you sit back. It puts a distance between the two of you that Jungkook can’t say he’s a fan of. “Jungkook,” you say, voice stern yet warm, one hand reaching up to brush your knuckles against his cheek. “Tell me what’s bothering you?” 
It makes Jungkook nervous. He knows he thinks too much. Part of him fears that oversharing with you will drive you away, put you even farther than you are now. Maybe next time it’ll be a room’s length away, a football field’s length away. And he doesn’t want that; he wants to hold you close, he really does. But there are traditions he carries and beliefs he holds dearly that make it hard for him to do so, as much as it pains him. 
The only reason he knows he’s frowning is because you press your pointer finger against the corner of his mouth. You lean in close, nose bumping against his. It sends your scent billowing over him, makes him dizzy when he becomes aware of the hand he’s got on your bare thigh, the rumpled skirt of your dress pushed away. “Talk to me, bunny,” you murmur. You don’t make a move to kiss him, a fact that Jungkook feels both grateful and disheartened by. “Please?”
And he can’t deny you, not when you ask so nicely. You have this metaphorical grip on Jungkook, a tight hold around his throat that has made him act impulsively these past few weeks, desperate to be with you, to please you. Even now, despite how much he wants to withhold his thoughts, he finds himself quietly admitting them instead. “I want to know you,” he mumbles, unable to meet your eye. You don’t push him to. “I really, um. I like you, __. A lot.” It’s a repetition of his earlier confession. And still, it makes him nervous. A thumb brushes against his cheekbone, encouraging him to meet your solemn gaze even if it means being a blushing mess afterwards. “Before we, uh, do… things.” 
His words may be choppy and incoherent, but you understand him all the same. “You want to go out some more,” you clarify, removing your hand from his cheek. The phantom trail of your fingertips on his skin remains, feels colder when you lean away to allow him some more space. 
Jungkook nods quickly, hoping this rush of adrenaline might help him through this. He bites down on his lower lip, carefully analyzing your expression for any signs of disbelief or disgust. But all he sees is understanding, a cool expression that makes Jungkook’s heart thunder. “I…,” he says, glancing down at where he’s still got his hand on your naked skin. Something inside of him tells him to rub his thumb across it, an action he doesn’t think through until he hears a sharp inhale, watches goosebumps rise over the skin. “I’m sorry,” he rushes out, snatching his hand away before he can do something else of a similar sort. “I- I just—“ said hand now waves around wildly beside him “—I really like you, as a, um— uh. A person. And I—“ and this is where he becomes aware of his unbuttoned shirt and the way you’ve got your pretty pussy pressed against his thigh now “—I, um. I want to know me— I mean, you —better? More? Like—“
His embarrassing babbling is cut off with a gentle kiss to his lips. No tongue, no saliva. Just soft lips against his, a delicate hand against his shoulders. When you pull away, Jungkook unconsciously trails after the touch, eyes half-lidded and in a daze when you place a palm on his chest. “I got it,” you say, lips quirking into a tiny smile. “I want to know more about you too, bunny,” you admit, reaching for the front of his shirt. He watches on with flushed cheeks as you slowly button it up for him, finishing it off with a playful tap against the underside of his chin. 
You glance out of the window thoughtfully. Jungkook is suddenly reminded of how pretty you are, your skin practically glimmering under the pale moonlight. It catches on your necklace, a thin chain with a cross on the end. If he focuses his eyes behind you, his own reflection stares back once more. Jungkook’s entire body threatens to lock up tightly, but a single kiss on the cheek from you interrupts the process. “Do you wanna date?” you ask, like it’s the easiest thing in the world. 
Jungkook can’t agree fast enough. “I— yes,” he gasps, leaning forward too suddenly. It makes you flinch back in surprise, back pressing up against the driver’s seat behind you in surprise. You wouldn’t have fallen or anything, but Jungkook reacts like it was a serious possibility anyway, grasping at your waist and pulling you snug against him, soft thighs sandwiching his tiny waist. “Oh, God,” he frets, immediately moving to release you. 
But you catch him with two arms thrown around his neck, pulling Jungkook close to you for another kiss. Deeper and… meaningful, your satiny lips carefully slotted against his. While it surprises him at first, Jungkook finds himself melting into it soon enough. This was okay, he tells himself, and for the first time in a few weeks, he finds himself believing it. 
It was just kissing— intimate yet appropriate kissing —between two people who were seeing each other. Him, properly seeing you. His heart threatens to burst out of its cage for a second. It’s the first time since he’s met you that he can fully say he hadn’t felt nervous about his actions, hadn’t felt like he was committing some grave sin for chasing after your touch. It was just a kiss, simple and sweet, making both of you smile bashfully when you eventually pull away. There was no lying and no guilt, no tears and no stress. 
It felt good.
Tumblr media
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seok-jinnies · 4 months ago
so close to perfect | jjk
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook x reader
angst with a happy ending, idol!au, established relationship ; wc : 1480 words
rating: pg13
warnings: swearing, mentions of insecurities, jungkook is a bit of a dick here i'm sorry lol
note: this fic was inspired by this song! it's been collecting dust in my drafts for so long and then i realized that i haven't posted anything in months so....... hope you guys enjoy!
jeongguk has always been your constant, and even with what seems to be the whole world against the two of you, you can't bring yourself to let him go.
Sighing, you take a sip from your tea. “You’re a fucking idiot.”
Jeongguk blinks. “What?”
“I said,” you repeat slowly, “you’re a fucking idiot. I know what I got into. You don’t get to make decisions for me.”
“I’m not making decisions for you, (Y/N).” He scoffs, leaning back on his chair. “I’m telling you that this isn’t working out between us. We need to break up.”
For a few moments, you say nothing. The sounds of the cafe downstairs fill the silence between the two of you and you idly wonder if he’ll gain some sense the longer that you stare at him. You raise an eyebrow.
“You literally told me that you wanted to start a family with me yesterday,” you deadpan. “People don’t change that quickly, especially not you.”
“Then you obviously don’t know me well enough!” He fires back, leaning forward as he grips the edge of your table. His jaw clenches, and in another time, maybe you would have found it attractive. Now, however, it only fuels your irritation further.
Pinching the bridge of your nose, you consider actually slapping some sense into that stupid, big head of his. “Jeongguk, I’ve known you for ten years,” you remind him calmly. “I know you better than I know myself, which is why I know that you’re an awful liar and that every sentence you’ve uttered in the past ten minutes has been pulled straight out of your ass.”
You can practically see the gears turning in his head. It was clear that this strategy wasn’t working out, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that it was time for him to switch tactics.
When his gaze grows harder, colder, you already know that the next thing that comes out of his mouth will tear your heart to shreds. Still, you tilt your chin upwards, meeting his gaze head-on.
“(Y/F/N),” he says quietly, voice so dangerously low. You brace yourself for the impact. “How do I make you understand that the past three years have been nothing but a waste of my time?”
He takes your frozen state as a sign to continue. “The past three years have just been one big trainwreck. You’ve done nothing but hold me back in every aspect of my life. You have been nothing but selfish and it shows even now,” he scoffs. “You refuse to listen to me when I tell you something. It’s always your way or the highway, isn’t it?”
You’re stunned into silence. So this was the path he was going to take, huh? Somewhere, underneath the wave of hurt that washes over you is a thought: textbook. This is a textbook manifestation of your worst fears, your deepest insecurities. He knows you better than you know yourself; knowing exactly which buttons to press to hurt you the most. He’s cutting into your very soul with surgeon-like precision. The wounded, angry part of you wants to take the bait, to rip him apart but you don’t have it in you to tear into him just as he had done with you.
So you say nothing, merely tilting your head to the side. Slowly, you bring your cup to your lips, sipping quietly before setting it down once more. His eyes are still dark, filled with barely repressed rage.
“You’re always fucking clinging to me too!” He spits out. “You act like you’re so high and mighty but then you act like a fucking child whenever you don’t get what you want. Grow the fuck up,” he laughs humorlessly. “Loving you is the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I never fucking met you.”
At that statement, you can’t even hold back a wince. If you weren’t watching him so closely, you would not have noticed the way his eyes widen infinitesimally, fingers twitching as if he wanted to reach out for you. He bites his lip and for a second he looks like the Jeongguk that you know and love. That’s all it takes for you to strengthen your resolve once more, to force your tears back, and to face this head-on as if he hadn’t hit you where it hurt the most.
“Is that all you’ve got?” You say coolly as if your heart didn’t ache at his words. “Let it all out, love; I’ve got all day.”
His facade begins to crumble. “Why aren’t you mad at me?”
You raise an eyebrow. “Do you want me to be mad at you?”
He visibly deflates in front of you. Shaking his head, he looks at the coffee table, fingers tracing the scratches on the surface.
“Just break up with me,” he whispers pitifully. “It’s the best thing you can do.”
You hum softly. “Do you want to break up with me because of the reasons that you listed earlier? Or…”
“Does this have something to do with the conversation you had with your manager this morning?”
His head shoots up, eyes widening comically. “How do you know that?”
“I have my ways,” you shrug. “That, and the fact that Yoongi overheard the two of you and gave me a heads up.”
“How did he even overhear us?”
You only shrug once more. Yoongi was, well, Yoongi. He was a man of many (slightly concerning) talents.
“If you’re worried about me receiving hate,” you start, pulling his hand into your grasp, “then you have nothing to worry about. I’m a big girl. I can handle it.”
He scoffs quietly but there’s no real malice behind it. “People are cruel when they want to be. I’ve been on the receiving end of that, (Y/N). I never want you to know what that feels like.”
“So you were just going to take the easy way out?”
He blanches. “No, I… I just wanted to protect you…”
A sad grin creeps up your face. “And look where that got us.”
Letting go of his hand, you take another sip o