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h0neypjm · a day ago
Confident 04 | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: After giving Jungkook the best suck of his life he’s left wondering if what you said was true. Was it really your first time? ‘Cause Jungkook thinks you might’ve lied.
↳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
↳ Genre: Smut, fluff, angst, college au, fuckboy! jk
↳ Rating: 18+
↳ Word count: 5.6k
↳ Warnings: profanity, manipulation, verbal and physical assault, slut shaming, sum pining and yearning here and there, some slight jealous kook, also this is kind of unedited? I read through like the first few paragraphs then posted it cos i just couldnt wait !
↳ a/n: finally !!! here she is ahhh thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and patient for this series <3 I hope you enjoy this chapter and of course feel free to leave any comments. Also, i know i alluded to our oc being a total girlboss but i had to rewrite some of those scenes as i felt it wasn't very realistic in terms of her relationship with jk. anyways i hope you guys have a splendid time reading and once again thank you ! <3
↳ Series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04
Tumblr media
He doesn’t do anything else but stare at you impatiently. You think there is a hint of annoyance there too.
On the screen, Tony Stark’s heart deteriorates.
You don’t know why your own heart feels the same.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook has definitely had his fair share of angry phone calls.
Majority of them happen to come from the many women Jungkook had slept with. Why you may ask? Well, because Jungkook has a terrible habit of making empty promises. Promising whispers of staying the night and waking up to cuddles and breakfast, only for these women to wake up to an empty bed of lies.
This angry phone call however, was a complete outlier from the rest.
“Hello, Sana?”
There’s a deep sigh followed by a small sniffle that makes Jungkook hold his breath.
“Can you come over please?”
Jungkook stills like a sim waiting for its next instruction before realising he hasn't replied when Sana lets out another sigh. Though this time she’s clearly frustrated.
“Uh, you want me to come over right now?”
Her reply is quick and fierce, “Yes! Why are you busy or something?”
Jungkook slowly leans towards the small opening of his bedroom door to peer out at you lazily blowing stray strands of hair out of your face. It brings a warm grin to his lips.
“Sana, I- I’m sort of in the middle-”
Again, her reply comes quick, “Jungkook, I need you.”
Jeon Jungkook is a weak, weak man, and before he knows it, he’s flying out of his dorm, completely missing the way your whole body drops.
Tumblr media
Sana’s face is flawless, not a single smudge of makeup or hair out of place. It’s definitely not the sight Jungkook expected judging from the muffled sniffles he had heard earlier. It makes Jungkook wonder the true reason as to why he was asked to come over.
Sana doesn’t beat around the bush the second Jungkook steps foot in her apartment. “What are you doing?”
Jungkook scratches his head, “You asked me to come over? Did I do something wrong?”
She scoffs in reply, hands on her hips and a perfectly shaped brow condescendingly raises. “Listen, I know what I said the other day, but I didn’t expect you to go off with her of all people.”
An awkward pause fills the room along with a rising tension that becomes more and more suffocating as the seconds tick by.
“Are you serious right now Jungkook?” Sana rolls her eyes heading towards her desk where her phone lays.
Jungkook remains confused and slightly irritated by the loud clicking of Sana’s pointy acrylic nails against her phone screen. He quickly tries to wrack his brain of any terrible actions he has done recently however, nothing comes up. That is until Sana’s bright screen is pushed towards his face and a grainy picture of you and Jungkook burns his retinas.
Oh, so that’s what she’s mad about.
Jungkook remembers when the photo was taken. He remembers how he so unwittingly grabbed your hand. He remembers how your fingers fit so perfectly in his, your small fingers gripping his tightly. “How did you get that photo?”
Jungkook jumps at the sudden shriek, “Ugh! That’s the first thing you ask? Really!?”
Sana rarely ever irritates Jungkook even when she can be overdramatic and unreasonable. So why has her mere presence suddenly become suffocating?
“Why are you so upset? You’re the one who wanted to stop this...” Jungkook starts, motioning wildly with his hands. “...This complicated friendship.”
She scoffs, breaking the intense eye contact they share because she knows he’s right but is too proud to lose this fight. So she changes tactics, like she usually does because it always works on Jungkook, because she has Jungkook wrapped around her pretty little finger.
“I just didn’t think you’d get over me this easily,” she croaks, voice changing as she begins to fan her face to stop any oncoming tears that may spill out of her misting eyes.
Something feels different, Jungkook can feel it. There is no sudden tug at his heartstrings, no sudden urge to comfort and cuddle her because now Jungkook can finally see right through her act.
How has he let himself become blind to her actions for so long?
“Sana stop, you’re being really immature right now,” Jungkook firmly says as he takes a step back towards her door, and it's that small movement that triggers something red and livid within Sana’s small frame.
She moves with slow and controlled motions, her hands slowly and sensually trailing up Jungkook’s toned chest. She takes one step closer, and then another all while she flutters her wispy lashes innocently in a way she knows will make him crumble. It's her last resort.
Jungkook's eyes widen as he watches his world suddenly move in slow motion. He watches Sana lean onto her tippy toes, her glossy lips puckering up to Jungkook’s stern grimace.
It’s Jungkook’s turn to sigh when he turns his head away from her and gently places his hands on her shoulders as a means to reject her next move.
“Sana,” he breathes out, “what are you doing?”
It's then Sana realises she's lost her very first battle with Jungkook, and she won’t lie, it infuriates her.
Sana keeps her distance while her once dazzling eyes turn into fiery slits. “You’ve changed, you know. Ever since you started hanging out with Jin and the rest of those idiots you never have time for me anymore,” she spits bitterly.
Jungkook’s stomach flips, but not in a way it usually does when he’s around Sana. Jungkook’s stomach flips with anger and alarm. “Don’t say that about my friends.”
Jungkook hates the way she rolls her eyes at him, but he soon finds this hatred growing the second her next sentence hisses out of her venom laced tongue. “I miss the old you, you were so easy. Whatever happened to that Jungkook, hmm?”
Jungkook feels like a fool. The realisation and humiliation hits him at full force, and although he towers over the petite girl in front of him, he is small, powerless.
His next words come out shaky, his throat burns like it's wrapped in barbed wire. “I’m not you’re fucking puppet that you can control Sana.” His vision blurs as his fists clench tightly, “Did you really think of me that way all this time?”
Sana laughs, high pitched and bubbly. It’s sweet as well as sickening. “Newsflash Jungkook! I built you. You would be nothing without me.” She scans his frame menacingly, “did you really think you would become this popular on your own?”
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
“I’m done,” Jungkook states, way too calm for someone who just realised their friendship has been built on manipulation and lies.
“Yeah? Get out then,” she huffs back, a hard scowl set on her face.
Jungkook turns on his heel and does just that.
Tumblr media
Pretty pastel pink icing oozes out of the flimsy piping bag clutched between your hands. The shade is cute, though the swirl you attempted to make was not. You frown.
You won’t lie, you’re still a little sensitive about how Jungkook left you. Granted, your place in his life is non-existent. You’re not his girlfriend, not a close friend. You’re merely an acquaintance that just got too close. So why have you begun yearning for his presence despite the way he treated you so unpleasantly?
“How is my little baker doing- oh God that is ugly.”
A scowl instantly forms onto your face as you stare up at Jin’s disapproving eyes. “Sure, this is your first time decorating cupcakes, but that’s like the fifth one! Surely, you would’ve improved by now.”
Putting down the so-called ‘ugly’ cupcake, you continue to send Jin a deathly stare. “Thanks Jin, you’re really helpful.”
“Ah, I should’ve kept a closer eye on you,” he tsks, “you’ve wasted my precious icing on these hideous-”
Rolling your eyes for the nth time, you pick up a nice, hefty glob of icing onto your finger and rub it into Jin’s expensive Louis Vuitton shirt. You laugh wildly when he yelps, eyes flickering to his shirt and back to you before running to the closest bathroom all while yelling curses your way.
Breaking off a chunk of your cupcake and stuffing it into your mouth, you hear a shuffle behind you followed by two warm hands on your shoulders.
You're surprised by the bright boxy smile and sweet greeting that meets you. “I didn’t know you were here,” Taehyung says, engulfing you in a lung crushing hug which would be entirely uncomfortable if it weren't for the way he sweetly rubs your back and places his chin right on top of your head.
“I didn’t know you were here either,” you reply before further questioning, “wait, why are you here?”
“I was trying to study but my roommate is too loud, and the library is crowded.” He ruffles his fluffy hair slowly like he’s frustrated, and your eyes subtly follow the movement, “plus have you seen Jin’s study room It’s fucking beautiful.”
“Oh my gosh it is! And he never uses it!” you exclaim, turning around to offer Taehyung one of your decorated cupcakes.
Taehyung takes it without hesitation, breaking off a small piece to pop into his mouth. “Mmmm”, he hums, “did you make these?”
“Nah Jin made them obviously, but I did decorate them,” you say proudly, “though Jin said my icing skills are ugly.”
Taehyung studies the swirl you made, shaking his head slightly, “no, they're cute!” he exclaims brightly to which you return with a wide grin. “But, they're definitely not as cute as the person who made them,” Taehyung winks at you, his lips dropping into a smirk.
You look away, embarrassed by his teasing while Taehyung uses your shyness as an opportunity to boop your nose with an icing smothered finger.
Gasping at the sudden interference, you push Taehyung’s shoulder, turning back around to find the piping bag and get your revenge.
Predicting your next move, Taehyung is quick on his feet, running away from your wicked grin. However, Taehyung’s legs are long, so long that it’s quite difficult to catch him. “Taeeee,” you whine out as you attempt to chase after his giggling form.
He stops with a huff and bends down just for you to swipe his nose with sticky icing. “You got me,” he hums lowly, staring intently into your eyes.
Now that Taehyung is leveled with your face, you can’t help but let your eyes flicker down to his lips. He licks them out of habit and you're reminded of the time your own lips had met his.
God, girl get a grip!
“Okay, what the fuck is this,” you jump, gazing at Jin from the corner of your eye as he walks towards the two of you. Taehyung remains smug, throwing an arm around your shoulders, while you keep an awkward smile plastered on your face.
Jin squints at the sight dressed in a new but just as expensive shirt before going back to baking. You’ll never understand why he chooses to bake in such expensive clothes. Damn trust fund babies.
You breathe out looking up to find Taehyung already looking down at you, mouth opening to ask, “do you have any classes today?”
You shake your head, “do you have something planned?”
A cheeky grin spreads across his handsome face when he replies, “there’s a new bar that just opened up and I was wondering if you wanted to check it out with me.”
You just about agree excitedly before a cough interrupts your glee, “don't make plans while i'm right here assholes,” Jin grumbles.
You and Taehyung giggle forgetting that you were in fact inside of Jin’s home. Taehyung dramatically bows, gesturing towards Jin, “well, would you like to come with us?”
Jin hums satisfied, “we should invite the others, I’ll text the group chat.”
A puddle of anxiety begins brewing in the pit of your stomach. “Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Taehyung murmurs, cheeks stuffed with the rest of his cupcake.
“Who are you inviting?” you ask, though deep inside you know what the answer will be.
“Don’t worry I'm sure Jieun will come, which means Yoongi will be invited,” Taehyung voices thinking off the top of his head. “Uhh Jimin will probably come and I think maybe Jungkook?”
You simply nod, the excitement manifesting into something sour as you let your thoughts wonder.
If Sana hadn’t interrupted, what would've happened? Would you have gone all the way, or would you replay that same night you first met?
Your indecisiveness truly frustrates you and it seems like Taehyung has picked up on your change in mood.
Taehyung’s voice is gentle, “what’s got you looking glum all of a sudden hmm?” Taehyung has always been great at picking up when there’s a change in your mood. It’s comforting and is one of your favourite quirks about him.
You shrug, “nothing, just thinking.”
“You wanna talk about it,” he coaxes, stepping closer to create a more comforting atmosphere.
You offer him a smile to cool down his concern, “nah, it’s ok, I’m probably gonna go back to my dorm now and get ready, text me the details?”
He mirrors your smile, “yeah sure, no problem, I’ll see you.”
You give him one more soft glance and shut the door behind you.
Tumblr media
Deep bass rumbles through your body while bright neon lasers point in every direction like some sort of low budget spy movie.
The steamy air around you clings onto your skin and warms you up quick as you search for your group of friends. Drunk strangers bump into with slurred apologies flying your way as you approach the booth your friends sit at.
The wild atmosphere of the club would have made it extremely difficult to spot them if it weren't for Jimin performing a wild lap dance for an unbothered Yoongi who lazily sips on his drink with a giggling Jieun attached to his side.
Jieun immediately spots you, jumping from Yoongi’s embrace to bring you into a tight hug. “Y/N! I missed you soooo much,” she screams drunkenly into your ear as she peppers little kisses around your face.
Her kisses tickle making you throw your head back in laughter before turning into a sharp yelp when she pulls on your hand to lead you to the others.
Taehyung is second to greet you, wrapping his long arms around your shoulders, “long time no see,” he jokes. Rolling your eyes, you playfully push his shoulder before waving at Yoongi and Jimin.
Shuffling towards the round table, you aim to sit next to Taehyung though Jieun sends you a sly wink as she forcefully pushes you down towards the opposite seat.
Jieun’s actions had a purpose and it comes to you when your shoulders collide with Jungkook’s sturdy ones.
His cologne wavers to you and it is a reminder of his warmth, his home, and also the rejection you felt when he kicked you out.
Jungkook pauses in his conversation with Jin, a nervous uneasy smile etched on his face. “Hi?” he croaks, but it comes out like a question more than a greeting.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jieun discreetly smirking at your flustered state. Yes, you were flustered, but not for the reason Jieun seems to be theorising.
“Hi, Jungkook,” you finally mumble.
If anyone can sense the thick tension between you and Jungkook they don’t mention it.
“How are you?” he starts, opening the conversation gently.
Well, you’re hurt, confused, and at the same time you don’t even think you should be feeling this way about Jungkook considering the absurdity of your relationship.
You internally shake those thoughts away, “I’m doing alright, how about you?”
Jungkook nods, “Yeah, I’m okay, uh,” he pauses, breaking eye contact to look down at his fidgeting fingers. “I actually wanted to apologise for-”
“Jungkook! Get your ass over here!” Jimin abruptly yells, motioning to a line of tequila shots.
Jungkook sends a thumbs up as if to tell Jimin, ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ before looking back at you to continue his sentence.
Despite the chaotic stream of neon lights that flicker around the club, you remain a sight for sore eyes.
Your makeup is natural, a dab of blush here and a little line of eyeliner there. Your hair is out and slightly curled at the ends complimenting your pretty collarbones accentuated by thin straps of your dress.
Jungkook is so lost in you that he has failed to pick up on the bored expression on your face. It makes him stumble terribly with his words.
With a slight eye roll you stop him, “Jungkook it’s fine go over there, I’m gonna go get myself some drinks as well.”
You don’t give him enough time to reply, getting up quickly in search of something to drink.
A sigh flutters past Jungkook’s lips and he gets up leaving an awkward tension that disperses between Jin, Jieun, and Yoongi.
Yoongi speaks up for the first time that night, “anyone else notice how weird that was?”
Jieun and Jin simply glare.
You make your way to an empty barstool. One that is far from where Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook down shots like its water.
You also order yourself a few tequila shots in hopes of easing the tension that stiffens your body. The burn stings though it's worth it when you begin to feel more loose and less like someone with a stick up their ass.
You down one more shot before deciding you should head back, the bartender however settles a pretty pink cocktail in front of you.
Confused, you flag down the bartender, “uh sorry, I didn’t order this.”
The bartender points at a lone man who sits four seats away from you, “that man over there bought it for you.”
Scrunching your brows you look towards the man who had supposedly bought you a drink and quietly thank the bartender. The mysterious man meets your gaze and gets up from his seat to make his way over to you.
You still. The man is definitely way older than you, his hair is dark, speckled with grey strands and a glittering Rolex on his wrist.
You crane your neck up towards his gleaming grin, “are you alone, sweetheart?” he says sickly sweet with a soft caress to your hand.
You laugh nervously, pulling your hand away from his hold. He notices, raising a brow and sitting down beside you.
“No, I’m here with my friends, speaking of which I should probably get back to,” you voice hesitantly, an uneasy smile settling on your lips. You slide off your stool nodding your head towards him, “thank you for the drink sir.”
Before you can make your escape, he moves swiftly grabbing your waist harshly. “You know, pretty girls like you should be more thankful. How ‘bout you sit and talk with me for a while?”
You don’t like his tone, the greasy smirk on his face, and the way his hand tightens around you. Twisting in his grip you place your hand on his fingers that continue to hold you with an iron grip.
“With all due respect, just because you bought me a drink doesn’t mean I owe you anything in return,” you proclaim, though it seems he does not like your reply.
“Now, now,” he laughs menacingly, “don’t be a fucking bitch.”
His quick change of tone from sweetness to anger sets alarm bells in your head.
Where was that damn bartender?
You realise you can’t get away from him by being sweet, so you stand your ground, grabbing his wrist just as hard as he holds you.
“Let go of me,” you raise your voice, grabbing the attention of a few other people.
He doesn’t, obviously. He only pulls you closer towards you, whispering into your ear, “hmm? Let go of you? What are you gonna do?”
The husk in his voice is repulsive making you squirm in his hold. Your fear only feeds his desire, his twisted grin staring down at you.
You stare at the people around you, and although some see your situation they are not brave enough to interfere. Or rather they're too drunk to realise what is really going on.
You shut your eyes for a second, a burn of panic rising in your chest. However, the second your eyes blink open, they are not met with an evil face, but a storming Jungkook that has noticed your frazzled state.
You’ll admit, you’re not too pleased with him right now, but as you feel your panic settling, you’re glad Jungkook of all people has noticed the danger you’re in.
With all the strength you could muster you break out of the man’s hold, ready to finally flee. It’s then an unexpected warmth latches onto your waist and pulls you to the side.
The hand is gentle, not at all like how the man treated you, but it isn’t Jungkook that gets to you first. It’s Taehyung who stands tall and protective in front of you.
“Sir, I believe you’re making her uncomfortable, if you could please leave her be we won’t have any issues,” Taehyung presses calmly, not wanting to aggravate the man before you.
“This your little boyfriend sweetheart?” the man sneers, examining Taehyung’s frame. You can tell Taehyung is ready to throw a punch no matter the consequences his actions may cause.
You intertwine your fingers with Taehyung’s, letting him know that you’re okay and that he doesn’t need to result to violence because the man was simply not worth the hassle
Jungkook closely watches the interaction with steady eyes. He can’t help but think he could have been in Taehyung’s position if he was fast enough. But would you even hold him?
Jungkook wasn’t oblivious to the boredom written on your face earlier. He knows it has something to do with how he had left you in such a hurry. He needs to clear it up with you, after all he has become quite fond of you.
The man gets up, puffing out his chest to square up to Taehyung. His attempts to assert dominance are embarrassing as Taehyung towers over him, his fire-filled eyes looking down with disgust.
The man scoffs, sharp eyes locking you down, “next time tell your bitch not to wear such slutty dresses if she doesn't wanna get hit on.”
You swear you see Jungkook’s jaw tick and his hand curl up into a fist. You signal to let the man be while simultaneously tightening your grip on Taehyung’s hand. Let him go, It’ll be better this way, you tell them with your eyes.
The older man takes off in a frustrated manner, pushing people aside. Letting out an anxiety filled breath, Taehyung envelopes you in a safe hug.
You breathe him in, feeling the presence of several other people next to you. Jieun instantly wraps her arms around you and holds your face in her hands, examining your expression. “Oh my God Y/N, are you ok? I should’ve come with you,” she coos, bringing you into another hug.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just glad it didn’t escalate,” you muffle into her skin.
Jieun releases you as Jin hands you your purse and begins to move your group out of the building. It seems the night is over. You’re grateful. You’re tired.
Taehyung pushes Jungkook towards you with a chuckle, “you’re lucky Jungkook noticed you right away, I don't even want to think about what would've happened if we didn’t get there in time.”
Jungkook scratches his ear, shyly looking away from your curious gaze. Taehyung’s right, he was the one who noticed your distress, though he won’t admit it was because he couldn't take his eyes off you. Not even for a second. Your beauty has truly put a spell on him.
You keep a soft gaze on him waiting until his sparkly eyes meet yours again, and once they do you hum out a quiet, “thank you.”
He nods in response as you all continue to walk further and further away from the bar.
“Our Uber is here,” Yoongi announces, sparking the others to discuss their plans to travel home.
Jieun gently grabs your wrist pulling you into another one of her tender hugs. She releases you but continues to hold your hands lovingly, “do you want me to order you an Uber home?”
You shake your head, “No need, the walk here wasn’t too long, I’ll be fine.”
Your answer obviously doesn’t settle Jieun when she fires back protectively, “nope, I’m not letting you walk home alone after what happened tonight, just come with Yoongi and I.”
You reassure her once more that you’ll be fine just for her to whip out her phone to order you an Uber. A protest begins to spill out of your lips when Taehyung places a hand on Jieun's shoulder.
“Don’t worry Jieun, I’ll take Y/N home,” he assures, pointing a grin in your direction.
Wordlessly, you agree, saying your goodbyes to Jieun and Yoongi until Jin interrupts to pull Taehyung aside.
“Taehyung you’ve had way too much to drink, Y/N I’ll walk you home, come on,” Jin vocalises, motioning you over with a shake of his head.
If you’re being honest, you don’t mind who takes you home. Hell, you’re one second away from sprinting off and walking home alone because truly, all you really desired at this moment was to be under your warm blanket, sound asleep.
“What? Jinnnn,” Taehyung whines, causing you to roll your eyes and sigh. “I’ll walk Y/N home, I didn’t drink that much I swear.”
“Taehyung, you can’t even stand straight, in a few minutes you’ll end up like Jimin,” Jin snaps back.
Taehyung huffs looking over to a confused Jimin who stares up into the infinite night sky, his mind completely empty, and body swaying slightly. You too, stare at Jimin, holding in laugh as you watch him point into the abyss with a fretted Jungkook pulling on his sleeve.
It’s like Jimin knows someone is talking about him as his body suddenly snaps in Jin’s direction. “Jin, can I sleep in your bed tonight? I miss those satin sheets,” Jimin pouts, throwing himself onto Jin
Taehyung joins Jimin in their quest to smother Jin while you stifle the laughs that so desperately want to tumble out.
“Oh for crying out loud! Would you two get off me so I can sort everything out” Jimin and Taehyung giggle amongst themselves, and you too would join them if it weren’t for the sudden words that utter out of Jungkook’s mouth.
“I can take Y/N home.”
The sound of crickets and the faint hum of lively music is the only thing filling the unanticipated silence.
All eyes fall onto you, waiting for your answer.
Your answer does not come quick enough according to Jungkook when he backtracks bashfully. “You don’t have to say yes, I didn’t drink much, so I just thought-”
Holding his fidgeting hands lightly, you stop his rambling, “yeah sure you can walk home with me. I don’t mind your company.”
The way Jimin slaps Taehyung’s chest in disbelief makes you want to curl up in embarrassment so you hide it by burying your face into Jin’s chest as you say your goodbyes.
Before releasing you from his grip he leans down to whisper, “text me when you get home ok?” You nod silently, squeezing him to finalise your goodbye before moving on to Taehyung and Jimin.
The two give you the dorkiest smirks, raising their eyebrows suggestively. Rolling your eyes, you hug them goodbye and wait for Jungkook to join your side.
From the corner of your eye you spot Jin whispering into Jungkook’s ear. Jin locks Jungkook down with stern eyes and furrowed brows, Jungkook nods with genuine earnestness before Jin pats his back, sending him off towards you.
There’s a small quirk that raises at the corner of his lips. It’s a quirk that asks if you’re all set to go, and with one final wave to Jin and the two buffoons that hang off his shoulders, you start your walk with Jeon Jungkook.
You don’t really know what to say at first, totally content with listening to the sound of concrete against the soles of your shoes. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook has a lot on his mind when it comes to you.
He hums softly, grabbing your attention. “I really want to apologise for leaving you so impolitely the other night.”
You only bow your head, waiting for his explanation before you decide if he deserves forgiveness.
“It was Sana that was on the phone,” he sighs, “I’m guessing you know our history and how much she means to me. She has some supernatural pull on me that always has me at her beck and call.”
Jungkook pauses and you let him. He’s a deep thinker, an observer. Although he adores a crowd around him, he’s completely himself when he’s quiet and alone with the space to think.
“I guess it came to bite me back in the ass.” He chuckles, but it's dry, sarcastic, lacking all humour.
You chime in, “what do you mean?”
Jungkook looks straight ahead, closing his eyes for a brief moment that makes you think you have crossed the line. “I didn’t mean to pry or anything, you just seem upset,” you reason.
Jungkook offers a smile. It’s not a happy smile, it’s sad yet warm and you want nothing more than to hug him and shake off that lingering sadness.
“No, no. I would like to talk about my feelings more. Jin always told me that it’s not shameful to talk about my feelings, and you always make me feel welcome too.” Jungkook looks at you with his round doe eyes, his smile shedding small hints of his previous melancholy.
His soft spoken words make your heart sing and your stomach swirl with warmth, “Jin’s absolutely right, whoever told you it was shameful or embarrassing to bottle up your feelings is a loser.”
He laughs at your remark, his nose scrunching up cutely, You inwardly coo at the action while something within your heart soars with adoration.
“Yeah, that person is someone I realised isn’t worth my time anymore, I guess my friendship with her kind of ended today?”
You already know who he’s referring to, and the thought of all the things she has dragged Jungkook through brings new feelings of disgust. “I’m so sorry Jungkook, that must’ve been really difficult for you to go through.”
You stop your walking to hug him. The action doesn’t surprise Jungkook, it only strengthens his fondness for you and the new friendship the two of you seem to be creating.
Jungkook squeezes you like you’re about to leave him all alone, and it's this action that makes you notice something. Hugging each other is something the two of you seem to do a lot. It's almost like your own personal love language. The action is a universal sign that you’ll be ok, because at the end of the day you have each other.
“I feel like the universe brought us together in the most absurd circumstances,” Jungkook mumbles in your hair.
Giggling softly, you look up at him with affection and Jungkook mirrors your grin tenderly. To any outsider the two of you look like a happy couple relishing in their sickening love. For a moment you believe that it's true. What would it be like to date Jeon Jungkook?
He doesn’t have a clean record in the dating scene. That fact alone is enough to scare you, but the way he holds you gives you an insight on what Jeon Jungkook could possibly be like as a boyfriend.
These thoughts are way out of pocket and you release him with a shudder, missing the way he deflates at the lack of your hold. “I live right there in that building,” you point, still trying to shake off the Jeon Jungkook flavoured thoughts running through your mind.
“Oh,” Jungkook didn’t even realise how fast the time flew by. That seems to happen alot with you and maybe that’s a good thing.
You stumble a little, when you say, “goodnight Jungkook, and thank you again for tonight.”
Once again, you are brought into a hug. Jungkook hides his pout while he savours your presence, your smell, you.
Jungkook doesn’t want to let go of you, not right now. Not when he feels so good, so secure, so safe.
He swears it's an accident when he murmurs, “can I kiss you?”
You’re stunned.
Should you? Things are moving too fast and your heart flutters all too violently when you’re around him. But maybe those flutters are a good sign.
You won’t lie, you’re protective of your heart, it can only go through so much before it breaks completely. But maybe Jeon Jungkook is a risk your indecisive heart has space to take.
So, you kiss him.
He gasps cutely into your mouth like he expected you to say no. You hold his face delicately while hands hold you securely around the waist.
His breath is hot when he sneaks his tongue past your lips and you melt, moving your hands to tug on the small curls at the back of his neck.
He kisses you like he has to prove something to you, his soft lips dipping down to meet your hungry ones, his hands holding onto you tighter with want.
Moaning into him, you seperate, leaning your forehead against his to take a breather. Jungkook pants back against you, closing his eyes as you continue to play with his hair.
“Goodnight, Jungkook,” you whisper, looking closely at all the small details of his face.
He shakes his head, holding you more fiercely. “Can I have one more kiss?”
You throw your head back, soft giggles tumbling out, “I'll see you later Jungkook,” you say waving bye as you walk up the stairs to your apartment.
Jungkook lets you go, watching you get into your apartment safely. He waits a couple minutes before looking up into the stars, whispering a quiet “fuck.”
Tumblr media
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bite me | pjm
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jimin x  reader
⟶ rating: R (minors DNI, 18+ ONLY)
⟶ word count: 7.5K
⟶ genre/tropes: strangers to lovers, college au,halloween party au,  fluff, smut
⟶ warnings: so much smut, grinding, dirty talk, unprotected sex (practice safe sex!!), oral sex ( m and f receiving), mirror sex, jimin makes some cheesy jokes, mentions of bondage but no actual bondage, spanking, use of pet names (baby, babe, princess, babygirl, angel)
⟶ summary: Halloween is just another regular day of the year for you. That is, until you meet Park Jimin at a frat party. A poorly dressed vampire, red wine, and a mirror - what’s the worst that could happen?
Banner credit: A very special thank you to Dee Dee @sugasbabiie for making this incredible banner for this fic! 
I wrote this fic as part of a collab project for Jimin’s sunset spooktober alongisde some other incredible authors! Make sure to check out the other works in the project as well since they are incredible! A special thank you to the organizers as well for making this happen  ♡
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Friday, October 29, 2021
There are three things you hate most in the world: Halloween. Tequila. And Kappa Alpha Betas. Lucky for you, today included all three of those things.
The bass was pounding through your body as you clutched the colorful drink in your hand. Halloween was just another day of the year to you, maybe just a day where you could get more free alcohol than a regular weekend. However, your best friend Lia seemed to share a very different view on the holiday, as she begged and pleaded with you to let her create a costume for you.  Silver fringe stuck to your legs as you moved your way around the all too crowded frat house. You think you’re a space cowgirl, or something like that, since your roommate mumbled something along those lines to you in passing as she threw the clothes into your bedroom a mere hour before you left for the party, but for now she was nowhere to be found. It seemed futile to try and look for the girl wearing the matching pink glittery cowboy hat to yours, since she had probably already sauntered off to find her boyfriend Namjoon. 
It was a classic Halloween tradition, a Halloweekend bender put on by your college’s frats. Friday belonged to Kappa Alpha Betas, Saturdays to Sigma Thetas, and Sunday to Delta Epsilons.  Normally you wouldn’t even be caught dead at these events - it’s not that you weren’t a partier, you just would much rather be getting wasted with just your close friends and your favourite EDM playlist. But after the frat flu gave you a good excuse to not join in the festivities last year, there was no way your roommate was letting you out of going through everything there is to Halloween with her. 
“Well, fuck it -  if I’m stuck here I might as well have some fun.” you thought to yourself.
So after a quick trip to the kitchen to fill a cup full of tequila and small talk with some friends, you naturally found yourself  gravitating you to the edge of the dance floor, slowly blending yourself into the crowd of people vibing with one another Naturally, your hips started swaying to the music and you raised your drink in the air. It was calm, and comfortable, just sacrificing yourself to the DJ’s whims as he played what seemed like a halloween playlist that hadn’t been updated since 2010. 
And then you heard him. 
“Can I join you?”
Just the deep baritones of his voice made goosebumps appear on your skin. You couldn’t will yourself to turn around and see him, knowing that you would probably be at his mercy the moment you locked eyes with him. His hands on you made your chest tighten and let the heat pool in your stomach. You didn’t even have to see his face to know who was behind you.
Park Jimin. 
If you were honest, you didn’t know much about him. He was a frat member that seemed to fly under the radar. Quiet, good looking, but kept to himself. Always mysteriously by the bar or kitchen with a red solo cup in hand. Since you were both involved in Greek life he most definitely knew your name and obviously the same went for you, but your paths had never seemed to cross. At least not until now. 
By the looks of his appearance, it seemed like he decided to dress up as a vampire today, a red cape complementing the fitted dress shirt that hugged his chest. It was only after you realized that your eyes had spent too long lingering on his chest that you looked up to meet his piercing gaze. As if his prominent collarbones weren’t enough of a distraction, Jimin had red contacts that seemed to materialize the fire behind his eyes. The passion, the lust, the hunger. 
And so you danced, and what started out as some innocent flirting quickly brought you and Jimin face to face, chest to chest as the music slowed to an R&B beat. 
“Turn back around for me?” Jimin asked as a question, gazing deep into your eyes as he cocked his head to the side. 
Jimin’s hands found their way to your hips and he ran gentle circles over your hip bones, the ghost of his touching bringing goosebumps to your skin. What a tease, you thought to yourself. 
You knew that two could play at that game, and so you slowly leaned your head back onto Jimin, your neck now clearly exposed to the frat boy who let out a deep exhale at the sight. You kept your hips swaying to the music, but only let yourself lightly brush up against Jimin’s cock. You could feel the way his body tensed at the contact every time it happened, trying to savour the feeling. It only took a couple minutes until he couldn’t take it anymore - his senses were on fire with your presence and he knew he had to do something about it. 
Jimin guided your hips to press up right against his hard cock, which fit perfectly against your plush ass. 
“This is what you do to me, baby.”  whispered Jimin as his lips ghosted against your earlobe, the pet name falling freely from his lips. 
You couldn’t help the small moan that fell from your lips as the words came out of Jimin’s mouth. His lips then fell against your neck and you knew you were a goner. You were Park Jimin’s for the night. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
“I need to know that you want this.” whispered Jimin, his body hovering mere inches away from yours, his mere body heat making your brain short circuit. You nodded, barely able to look him in the eye for more than a second. 
Jimin quickly tsk’ed and cocked his head to the side. “Not good enough, babygirl - I need to hear you say it.” 
“i  - . I want you Park Jimin” you said in quiet tones, barely getting the words out. 
Your words brought a smile to Jimin’s lips, and he lifted his head up with a gentle smirk painting his face before pushing his body flush against yours. 
From that moment on, your tongues were instantly fighting in for dominance. Your senses were overwhelmed by Jimin’s close presence to you, begging for you to be closer to him. You wrapped your leg around him, and you struggled to not let out a moan as you felt his hard length pressing against your upper thigh. You bucked your hips instinctively into Jimin, only for him to hold them in place against him while he whispered in your ear. 
“Patience, baby.”  
From there he kissed his way down your neck, leaving a trail of marks from his fake vampire teeth in your skin. The pain blended with the pleasure as he nestled his way down to your chest. 
“How attached are you to this shirt” mumbled Jimin while his head was still buried in your cleavage. 
He lifted his head this time, showing you his swollen lips and darkened eyes. “How. attached. are. you. to . this. shirt.” said Jimin as he tweaked your nipples through the fabric. 
You could barely think straight as each one of Jimin’s touches sent shocks of electricity through your body. As soon as you told him that you couldn’t give two shits about the shirt you were wearing, Jimin ripped in in half, his hands instantly cupping each of your breasts. It was Lia’s shirt and you were sure you were going to pay the price for your actions later, but for now all you could think about is how you wanted Jimin’s hands all over you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin swore in your chest as he wrapped his mouth around your nipple. 
You couldn’t hold back your needy moans as waves of pleasure ripped through your body. Fuck, with the way Jimin was going you knew you could probably cum just from the way he sucked on your tits, already between rolling your nipple around his tongue. As if that wasn’t enough, he made sure to look up at you with those sinful eyes as he continued with his ministrations.
Without missing a beat, Jimin hiked up your skirt and instantly slid his hand underneath to cup your cunt.  You couldn’t help but let out an unrestrained cry at the feeling of Jimin’s hand on your pussy. You knew that your thong was soaked and Jimin could probably tell too.
“So needy, aren’t you?” Jimin rasped as he gently moved his palm back and forth on your sex. You rocked your hips instinctively as you tried to gain some friction. 
“Need, fuck - need you Jimin” 
“Anything, everything, please Jimin” you begged as you raked your nails across his back”
Jimin pressed a sweet kiss against your lips before heading further down on your body. “Your wish is my command, princess.”
He quickly unzipped his pants, leaving him completely naked for you to see. The sight had you drooling, and your eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to the sight of his thick cock in front of you. 
After a few moments of his fingers in you, Jimin quickly replaced them with his cock. 
He slid into you slowly, looking you deep in the eye as he saw your expression change as each inch of his cock slid further into you.
“So tight Y/N, holy shit” Jimin groaned as he finally bottomed out in you, his pubic bone pressing against your clit. 
He gave you a moment to adjust to the intrusion, pressing soft kisses to your temples and muttering how good a girl you were being for him. At your cue he began to build up his pace, going from slow thrust to more punctuated snaps of his hips against yours. 
“No touching yourself until I tell you you can baby” declared Jimin as he gently moved your hand away from your clit. He wanted to roll his hips into you with no interruptions, letting a natural rhythm fall between you two. You let out a pleased hum as Jimin continued with his actions, but your hand naturally fell back to your clit after a few moments, wanting the extra pleasure and forgetting Jimin’s instructions
“If you don’t listen I’m gonna have to tie you up with my belt next time Y/N” scolded Jimin as he brushed your hand away, this time choosing to replace it with his own on your clit. You let out a loud moan at his words, and if that wasn’t enough to show Jimin your emotions, he could feel your pussy tighten at his commands. 
Jimin couldn’t help but let out a languid curse at your reaction. “You are going to be the death of me Y/N, you really are.” muttered Jimin as he shook his head in disbelief at you. He didn’t know what he did in a past life to deserve being here with you, but he felt really fucking lucky.  
Overwhelmed with the feeling of your pussy pulsing against his cock, Jimin couldn’t hold back any longer when he needed to cum. His thrusts faltered as he moaned out your name, burying himself deep inside of you. You felt yourself cum almost instantly at the feeling of Jimin painting your insides white, him helping bring you to your orgasm by wrapping his mouth around your nipple as well.
The post-sex moment were hazy, almost magical as Jimin’s touch guided you. He held you tightly as he kissed your forehead, taking the time to clean you up and wrap you under the covers as well. 
And somehow, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Saturday, October 30, 2021
You were dressed as an angel tonight, an adorable white halo adorning your head. But to Park Jimin you were the devil, the one who could get him to lose inhibitions. When he was in front of you he knew he was at the mercy of your gaze. 
Park Jimin was no stranger to a one night stand, but now that he had a taste of you he couldn’t stop himself from wanting more.  As much as he tried to convince himself that he was spending time in the Sigma Theta kitchen because he wanted easy access to the alcohol, a part of him knew that the only reason he was there was because the room would give him a perfect view of the door that you would walk through to enter the party. 
It was as if everyone else seemed to fade away as you entered the room - Jimin only had sights for you as you walked into the room with that all so charming smile on your face. 
“A vampire again, really Jimin?” were the first words that came out of your mouth as you spotted Jimin in his classic position, a red solo cup of what you could only assume to be red wine in his hand as he leaned against the counter. 
Jimin smiled. He instinctively reached to pour vodka into a solo cup for you, a habit that you didn’t even know he had picked up on last night, before walking over to you. 
“What can I say, the costume helps me pull hot chicks,” joked Jimin as he winked at you knowingly. It was only as he got close enough to you to whisper into your ear that he spoke again. “You look beautiful, angel.” 
Yesterday, you saw sultry vampire Jimin, the one with hips on the dance floor that you’d never forget. Today, you got to see a different side of him that still made your heart do backflips. Jimin, while still an extremely hot piece of ass, was much more than just that. For starters, he was a beer pong champion, but he still never got frustrated when you lost 3 matches in a row with your bad aim. You learned that Jimin was best friends with Lia’s boyfriend Namjoon, and if you didn’t already have enough proof that Jimin was a good person, if he was friends with Joonie, there was no way the man could have bad intentions. 
Intentionally or not, you found yourself by Jimin the whole night - you didn’t know where Lia or the rest of your friends were, and frankly, you didn’t care. Jimin made you laugh until your stomach hurt, he made butterflies flutter in your stomach everytime he lightly touched you or hung his arm around you. Both of you didn’t even notice that you had found yourself alone on a couch, talking about all the random things in life you could come up with. 
You don’t remember how you ended up going up to Park Jimin’s room - it was something along the lines of “Lia’s going to go home with Namjoon so I don’t want you to walk alone” and “ the DJ sucks so I can’t stand to be here any longer”, but the truth was that neither of you needed much convincing to spend more time together, especially if there was the possibility of a reenactment of last night. 
Park Jimin was a simple man, and his bedroom definitely reflected that. 
While Jimin shrugged off his coat, you took a moment to inspect your surroundings. You chuckled as you realized Jimin was a “blue bedsheets with one pillow” type of man. He didn’t seem to have too many personal belongings decorating the space, just a guitar by the bed and an extremely cute photo of baby Jimin in a cow sweater that you were begging to ask him about. However, that would have to wait as you were met with the sight of Jimin taking off the cape that adorned his vampire costume. 
“Keep the cape!” you yelled to him from across the room. 
Jimin froze in his tracks. 
“You’re fucking with me right?” Jimin said, trying to stop the giggles he had from bubbling over. “ Y/N L/N has a fucking cape kink?” he alleged with an curious tone. As he maintained eye contact with you he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a few chuckles at the situation. 
“Don’t laugh! I’ll leave right now, Park” you huffed with your arms crossed, using his surname to signal your displeasure at his teasing.
“Awe baby” he muttered as he got closer to you, enveloping you in a backhug and pressing kisses into your hair.  “ I’ll do anything for you, including keeping this cape on. But you, my pretty angel, need to take this off” swooned Jimin as he reached for the zipper at the back of your dress. 
You let him take his time with unzipping your dress, both of you focused on the feeling of the zipper going down inch by inch. Jimin couldn’t suppress the pleased noise that came out when he realized that you had no bra on today. But the real surprise was when he got to the last notches of the zipper and noticed that you weren’t wearing any panties.
“You dirty fucking girl - you did this for me, angel? All night, you’ve been waiting for me like this?” chided Jimin as he looked at the sight of your exposed cunt. 
“All this is for you, Jimin” you whispered sensually, taking two fingers to spread your already dripping cunt and show Jimin your arousal. 
“I can’t let my babygirl be so messy, can I?” tsk-ed Jimin as he led you to the bed, letting you spread yourself out for him. 
He took his time, kissing his way up your thighs, before finally reaching your cunt. Catching you off guard after teasing you, Jimin buried his nose in your cunt, delving his tongue in to lap up your juices. Your body responded instantly to his actions, a depraved scream erupting from your chest at the pleasure Jimin was giving you. 
“So fucking sweet, Y/N” Jimin swooned as he looked up at you covered from nose to chin in your arousal. 
When he dove back in he made sure to play extra attention to your clit, flicking the nub between your tongue in just the right ways to elicit some sinful gasps from you. 
“I need your cock, Jimin” you whined between wanton moans that escaped you. 
“As you wish, princess” said Jimin as repeated his words from just a couple days ago. “On all fours for me babygirl.”
As soon as you got in position, Jimin plunged his cock into you, eliciting a scream of pleasure from you and a low groan from him. Three days of fucking meant that your pussy was more than ready to envelope his cock, and Jimin immediately sprung to slamming his hips into your pussy, the sounds of skin slapping echoing around the room. 
“I want you to see yourself for me baby, see fucked out on my cock” muttered Jimin as he pounded into you. 
It was only as Jimin tilted your head up that you saw that you were aligned with a mirror directly in front of you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin murmured as he punctuated each word with a thrust. 
Lifting you out of doggy style, Jimin kept you wrapped around his cock as he pulled your upper body up to meet his, the feeling of the heat radiating off both of you just adding to the pleasure. 
The sight in the mirror looked like it was out of the Louvre, or a porno, or both for that matter. Jimin had beads of sweat rolling down his body, his face displaying the pleasure and desire that he was feeling as he rolled his hips as far into you as he could. You couldn’t help but mirror his expressions, your mouth stuck in what felt like a permanent O shape and Jimin’s cock stretched you out. 
Jimin’s fingers found his way to your clit as he rubbed your swollen bud. You writhed against him in pleasure as your body gripped at Jimin’s in any way that you could.
Testing out the waters, Jimin placed a light tap on your clit, coming down on it just hard enough to elicit an electric jolt through your body.
“Oh my fucking god” you yelled out at the feeling, your chest raising up in satisfaction at the feeling.  
“Oh? I think you liked that baby, look at the way you’re clenching around my cock. Did you like it, hmm?” growled Jimin as he landed yet another slap, this time directly on your clit. 
The moans kept pouring from your mouth as Jimin was relentless in his ministrations to your clit while he continued pounding into you. And you knew you wouldn’t last long with the sight of the two of you in the mirror showing you the way Jimin’s face was scrunched up in pleasure. 
“Jimin, I - “ you panted, trying to get the words out between bated breaths. 
“Gonna cum for me, angel?’ rasped Jimin in your ear, still not breaking his space. 
You could only nod as more moans spilled out from your mouth. 
“Look for me baby, look at yourself while you cum.” 
The sight of you and Jimin together pushed you over the edge as the waves of your orgasm washed over you. Your brain could only string out a series of “Fuck” and “Jimin” pouring from your mouth as you felt your release. 
As you felt Jimin start to lose his rhythm, it seemed that the pulsing feeling of your orgasm washing through you was enough to bring him to the edge, the tight knot forming in his stomach telling him to pull out. 
As Jimin jerked his cock to the sight of your naked body in front of him, he was moaning your name within seconds as white ropes of cum landed all over your ass, a couple drops sneaking down to your dripping cunt as well. 
And after many forehead kisses and a warm bath, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms for the second time that week. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Sunday, October 31, 2021
Today Jimin couldn’t even bear to wait in the kitchen for you to walk by -  instead, he wandered the halls of the Delta Epsilon house looking for you. Making it through the halloweekend bender was a challenge, and by the decreased number of bodies floating around the house, it seemed like some people had definitely succumbed to the two day hangover they had. Jimin, however, found himself instead addicted to you instead of the bottle of Jack Daniels that he thought would definitely finish by the end of the weekend. From the moment you left his bed he was counting down the minutes until he would get to see you again. 
But soon the night started to go on for far too long without you around and he could help but think that something was wrong. No, he knew that something was wrong. 
And so, Jimin swallowed his pride. He didn’t know how much you had told Lia, but he had enjoyed keeping you as his own little secret over the past few days. Not because he was embarrassed of you, in fact it was almost the opposite of that - Jimin didn’t want to share you with anyone. All your smiles, your moans, your laughs , he wanted to keep them as a precious memory for only himself to enjoy. But he knew that if he wanted to see you (or at least know if you were ok) he would have to face Namjoon and Lia. He was sure that Namjoon would have many words on the matter once he told him (something along the lines of “damn Park you bagged a babe” was bound to come out of his mouth), so it took Jimin a moment or two to work up the courage to interrupt Jimin and Lia’s all too intimate make out session, Jimin let out a polite cough as he stepped towards them. He was eternally thankful that they turned to greet him immediately, stopping him from having to awkwardly third wheel them for that much longer. 
“Um, hey guys uh, did Y/N come with you today Lia?” Jimin asked, his gaze anywhere except into your best friend’s eyes, fearing her reaction. 
“And what would you need Y/N for, Park?” Lia said with an all knowing smirk on her face. 
“I - , just wanted to hang with her, that’s all” Jimin mentioned, trying to keep things as vague as possible to stop the conversation from going further than he wanted, the blush already painting his cheeks giving him away. 
“She stayed home today - some about not feeling well or something? Maybe it’s the frat flu, did I ever tell you about how she got the frat flu last year and - “ 
Jimin couldn’t help but cut Lia off, muttering a quick thanks and have a good night before setting off for this destination. And before Jimin could think too hard about how he was walking in the pouring rain to the Delta Gamma house, he already rushed out the door without even grabbing a coat.
“He’s so whipped for her…” muttered Namjoon to Lia as he shook his head in pure disbelief.
— ♡ ♡--
If one thing was for sure it was that you weren’t expecting to be at your door, it was Park Jimin. If you had even an inkling of a feeling that he would be here, you definitely would not be wearing powerpuff girl shorts and a ruined shirt you wore to a paint night years ago. But you didn’t. And honestly, you barely had the brainpower to think about what you were wearing while you took in the fact that Jimin was in front of you. That he was here for you. 
Jimin’s brain short circuited. He had decided to come here in a heartbeat, but he hadn’t thought of a single word of what he was going to say to you. 
“You’re sick. I mean - are you sick? Are you ok?” asked Jimin as he visibly scanned your body looking for signs of you being ill. 
“I’m not sick, I’m perfectly fine. Just a little tired i guess, couldn’t handle that much tequila three days in a row and Lia let me off the hook.” 
“Lia told me - “
“ Lia was drunk before Joon even picked her up today, I don’t think she remembers a single thing that happened after 5pm” you said factually, softening your tone to make sure you didn’t sound angry with Jimin’s arrival, especially since you were more than excited to see him. 
“Oh. ” 
Jimin let out a shaky breath and he wasn’t sure whether it was in relief because you were fine or because the fact that he just ran all the way to your sorority house the minute he thought you were sick finally dawned on him and he couldn’t find the words to express why he did that to you. 
“You’re wet. You’re a vampire again for the third day in a row, and you’re wet.” you muttered, an ironic reflection of Jimin’s words mere moments ago.
“Hm?” Questioned Jimin, until he looked down and realized that he was in fact, soaked to the bone with the rain coming down. He felt a crossroads in his chest as he didn’t know what to do - what if you didn’t want to see him today? Does he have to make the walk of shame back to the party and have everyone ask him why he’s a soaking wet vampire?
Sensing Jimin’s aloofness, you pulled him by the elbow to bring him inside without saying another word . Within minutes you were rubbing a towel on his hair as he stared at you in wonder. 
I hope you don’t catch a cold.” You muttered as you diligently stayed focused on your task of drying off Jimin’s hair. 
“What did you say?” He wondered through the muffled sounds of the towel covering his face. 
You apologized for almost suffocating him as you lifted the towel off his face to give him some breathing room, unintentionally also running your fingers through his hair to get the water out of his eyes. As you repeated yourself you could barely find the confidence to look at Jimin, but you’re glad you did because you could see the blush creep up on his chest. 
You smiled as you felt that all too familiar warm feeling creep up in your chest. 
It was a no brainer that Jimin was going to stay with you for the rest of the night. In no particular order, Jimin’s logic was that:
His clothes needed to dry before he could leave 
What was he going to do at a frat party without you with wet clothes (see point 1 for reference)
Halloween movies were his favorite thing in the world and there was no way he was going to miss out on watching your reaction to Monster House
WIthin just the last couple of days, you and Jimin had fallen into a comfortable nighttime routine. You would tell each other random things about yourselves, like how you make the best broccoli and cheese soup and Jimin can do a backflip once he drinks enough beer, make cheesy jokes, flirt and tease one another until the other got a little frustrated, but always end up in enjoying the physical presence of one another. The teasing and playful banter was what made you giggle until your stomach hurt (or until Jimin decided that he wanted a tickle fight and he was not about to lose). It was all so simple, but it felt like everything to you. 
So that’s how you and Jimin found yourself in your deceptively small bedroom. It was intimidating to let him into your room - it felt like the final piece of bearing yourself to him, almost more than being intimate with him. When he first walked around your room and looked intently at the photos of you from your childhood and with your friends back home, you missed as he muttered “cute” under his breath every single time he saw a cute photo of you, but you were relieved to see how non-judgemental he was about it all.  
Until he spotted one thing. 
“What’s this, Y/N?’ A black piece of lace hangs from Jimin’s finger. 
“Another one of Lia’s halloween costumes that she planned for me tonight. There’s more pieces for it scattered around here somewhere. I think it’s a dark angel? Or a witch? Or something like that” you said with your gaze still focused on tidying up some of the mess in your room. Your tone of voice was something that you’d use to describe a boring history assignment or doing laundry, definitely not what Jimin was feeling as he looked at the cloth in his hands. 
“It’s fucking sexy, that’s what it is.” 
“Have a costume kink or something Park?” you joked, eyes still focused on the pile of sweatshirts you had taken to folding during the conversation. 
“I don’t have a Halloween kink” he scoffed. “ I have a “you’re really hot and I think my dick is throbbing just thinking about you wearing this” kink.” Jimin  walked over to you, kneading the garment between his fingers. You could practically see Jimin’s imagination come to life as he looked at the fabric. 
“Well ask and you shall receive, baby boy” you winked as you grabbed the fabric from him and sauntered off to the bathroom to change. Before you could get very far, Jimin caught your wrist and therefore your attention. 
“Wait ,Y/N, I don’t want you to think that I came here for sex. I genuinely just wanted to see you and you look just as beautiful and sexy as you are right now and I don’t want you to feel like i’m forcing you into - .” 
You couldn’t hesitate from pulling Jimin in for a quick kiss to cut him off. Jimin’s rambling was cute, charming even, but you couldn’t let him get too far in his head with those thoughts of his. 
“I know, Jimin, that’s why I’m doing it - because I want to.” 
------ ♡ ♡------
In what was objectively a couple minutes but felt like hours to Jimin, you returned to the room. And his jaw dropped.
Jimin let out an unholy groan as his gaze stayed fixed on you. 
“You like it or something?” you tease as you do a twirl to show off the way the lace barely covers your ass. 
You truly were a sight to be seen - it was like the fabric was made for you as the sheer bodysuit clung to your skin. Had you actually worn this to the party you would’ve put a bra on underneath and a skirt on top, but you felt like bearing it all to Jimin as your nipples poked through the fabric, seemingly teasing Jimin from behind the black lace. 
“Like? Oh baby I fucking love it.” said Jimin as he stayed frozen in his position, taking in your figure in front of him. 
Even though there was no music playing, you found yourself sauntering sultrily over to Jimin with a natural rhythm to your steps. As Jimin stayed seemingly star struck, you sunk down to your knees in front of him. 
“Oh no, no, no, baby” muttered Jimin as he tried to pull you up from the ground. “You’re too pretty to be down there like that. Gotta treasure you” muttered Jimin while his lips ghosted over your skin, pressing kisses into your neck and shoulder. 
“Please, Jimin?” you begged, puppy dog fuck me eyes coming out in full force as you gazed up at him. “Want your cock so bad… want it in my mouth…” You nestled your nose and mouth right against his cock to express your desire, darting your tongue out even through the fabric to try and reach his member that you could feel throbbing underneath.  
Park Jimin was a simple man - how was he going to say no to that?
Your licked your lips as you unzipped his jeans, the way his cock popped out to freedom from its constraints making both of you groan.
You started by lightly licking the tip of his cock, teasing him slightly as you swiped your tongue along his frenulum. 
“Baby…” moaned Jimin through a raspy breath, obviously already affected by your actions. 
His reaction inspired you to go further, and you started bobbing your head up and down on his cock, never breaking eye contact with the beautiful man staring down at you. It was so good, so fucking good to Jimin, which he made sure to let you know almost constantly as it fell out of his mouth as a chant as you swiped your tongue all along his cock, making sure to take the time to play with his balls as well. 
You took one good look at Jimin before burying your face as far down his cock as you could go, nose brushing against his pubic bone as you had tears in your eyes from the feeling of fullness that you had in your throat. Jimin accidentally bucked his hips at the feeling, instantly apologizing and running his hands through your hair to make sure you were okay. 
“Fuck my mouth, Jimin” you said with a raspy tone, your lips covered in his precum. 
Jimin tilted his head back in disbelief at what you said. “You’re gonna be the death of me Y/N,” he muttered again as he leant down to press a quick kiss to your lips.
“Tap me twice if you ever  need to stop, okay?” Jimin said seriously as broke free from his sex-driven persona for a second.  You nodded in agreement while sending him a small smile. 
And with that, Jimin gathered your hair in his hands into a makeshift ponytail and guided your mouth back onto his cock. If your pussy was the best thing Jimin had ever felt, your mouth was definitely a close second. He began by slowly letting your lips surround his dick, taking in the image of your lips dark and wet with saliva. 
“You’re fucking amazing, baby - Oh fuck”  Jimin moaned as he kept his eyes focused on you down below. 
Soon he began picking up the pace, building up a steady rhythm of his cock down your throat. You hollowed your cheeks accordingly, the vibrations of your moans around his cock only increasing his pleasure.
Jimin was ready to cum from the moment you had stepped in the room wearing that all too sexy piece of black lace, and he knew he wasn’t gonna last very long. 
“Baby I - I’m gonna cum. Fuck, can I cum on your face princess?” Jimin begged as he looked down at you. 
You took him out of your mouth with an overdramatic “pop” as you switched to wrapping your hands around his length, one on his dick and the other cupping his balls. And Jimin could barely warn you before thick ropes of cum started shooting out of his length onto your face. 
“You’re fucking incredible, Y/N” Jimin moaned out as he rided out the shockwaves of his orgasm 
Jimin pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming as he looked at the vision of you in front of him on your knees, black lacy lingerie on, face covered in his cum. He knew that from this moment on, every time he closed his eyes he would see this image burned behind his eyelids. 
You laughed as you easily plopped down beside Jimin in the bed after wiping the extra cum off your face, him obviously still being in a post-orgasm haze. Within seconds the mood had shifted from sex powerhouse Y/N and Jimin to your usual playful state as you tickled underneath his chin. 
“Mmm, I’m not done with you yet” Jimin said as mustered all his energy trying to sit up. Before he could even get onto his elbows, his stamina had already sent him collapsing back into the bed, a moan of tiredness coming out of him in defeat. 
“Jimin, babe, you look completely fucked out.” 
Jimin raised his eyebrow as if to signal “you think?”, before chuckling at you and shaking his head. 
“Only for you, Y/N, only for you.” He paused and you could see his eyebrows furrow as he took all his energy to sit up. “But I’m a gentleman, I can’t give and not receive” 
It was now your turn to laugh. “You just throat fucked me to oblivion, babe, I think we’re past chivalry.” 
“but - “ 
“Tomorrow my pussy is all yours, Jimin, but you need to get some energy back babe” you proclaimed as you grabbed a bottle of water off of your nightstand to hand to him. 
“Pinky promise” you nod as you intertwine his finger with yours, kissing the tips of them with your lips.
{In true Jimin fashion, as soon as the clock hit 12:01 he was buried between your legs.}
Naturally you tangled your limbs with Jimin’s as you watched the movie playing in front of you, the lines where your body begins and his ends slowly starting to fade away. You don’t know who initiates it, but somehow your lips find their way together and Jimin pulls you into his lap to straddle him, bringing you even closer together. 
It’s different than usual. You’re not kissing each other with the same hunger and desire as before - it’s caring and calm, like you’re in no rush, just enjoying each other’s presence. 
“This is all a little cliche, isn’t it?” Whispered Jimin as he pulled his lips away from yours for a breath. 
And the truth was, it was really cliche. Halloweentown playing in the background, wrappers from candy that you should’ve given to trick or treaters but ate instead lying around - to an outsider you must’ve looked like the perfect couple. 
And then the word dawned on you -  couple. 
Jimin and you had never talked about being a couple. Fuck, you hadn’t really talked about much at all about relationships. But you knew how you felt - how you always want to be close to him, how your chest fills with this unexplainable feeling when he’s around, how. Park Jimin was definitely more than a halloweekend hookup to you, and your skin went cold as you worried that he may not think the same. The moment that brought you so much warmth now seemed to turn ice cold as you feared that this may be the last time you ever get to see Jimin like this - his eyes glimmering under the moonlight streaming in from your window.
“Thinking too much is bad for your brain, Y/N,” scolded Jimin playfully as he picked up on your uneasiness in a heartbeat, throwing one of your favorite candies at you at the same time in an effort to lighten your mood. It was going to take more than a piece of chocolate for your brain to switch gears, and you knew that there was no way you were going to get through the rest of the night without having the talk. 
“What are we doing, Jimin?” 
The silence that seemed to plague for what felt like hours made you instantly regret your decision. You were too caught up in your own head that you couldn’t see the gears turning in Jimin’s head too. 
“What are we - what do you mean what are we doi- oh. That what are we doing?” Rambled Jimin as he put the pieces together. 
And then you were back to silence… 
“Do you really wanna talk about it right now?” his voice seeming much more timid as he couldn’t even look you in the eye.  His fear seemed to also creep into your soul as you couldn’t look at him as you nodded.
“Um, ok - I guess I’ll go first” said Jimin as he cleared his throat with a small cough. You could feel the tension radiating off of him as he squirmed around in your bed while trying to find a comfortable position. Eventually with his head propped up in his hand he began to speak. 
“I don’t do this, I mean I don’t - . I don’t know, I -. Fuck, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never done this.” Jimin expressed  as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. 
You instinctively reached out to hold his free hand, rubbing circles gently on it with your thumb. You nodded slightly, letting him know that you think he can do this. 
“I guess, I’ve done this before, but I’ve never felt this before, yknow? This is just - this is scary but it’s all so amazing at the same time” His hands gesturing to god knows what at this point as it fluttered through the air
You chuckled and pulled Jimin’s hand closer to you, effectively bringing the two of you to be mere inches from each other. 
“You lost me a little there Jimin, I’m gonna need to know what this is” you said cheekily with a slight smirk on your face. You couldn’t help but be a little playful with his shyness. 
Jimin shook his head with a slight grin as he gazed at you, before taking your hand and putting it on his heart. You could feel his heart racing, pounding out of his chest essentially. At the same time, you looked at him and you could feel what he was saying to you even though no words were being exchanged. 
“You do this to me. In fact, I think you’re the only person that’s ever done this to me. And I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of it. I can’t get enough of you, Y/N. And I don’t want to ever be without you - yeah, I just don’t want you to forget about me after this weekend, I guess. But I don’t know how you feel and if I made you really uncomfortable I’m sorry but I just wanted you to know in case there was a chance but I don’t know even know if there is a chance or if you even - “ 
You stopped Jimin’s rambling in his tracks by calling out his name. 
Wordlessly, you took his hand and placed it over your heart, letting him hear its rapid rhythm. 
“My heart beats for you too, Park Jimin.”
The smile that spread on Jimin’s face is one that you’ll never forget. He instantly grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to be on top of him, peppering kisses all over your face in pure elation. 
As you got lost in your thoughts, you let out a hearty laugh while still laying on Jimin’s chest. 
“Think I can convince you to dress up as something other than a vampire next year?” 
“Oh bite me, Y/N” Jimin laughed as he pulled you in for another kiss, muttering something about how his vampire costume definitely made you fall for him. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Thank you for reading! - Emily  ♡
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mrsparknamjoon · 2 days ago
hangsang • myg one shot
Tumblr media
𝘨𝘪𝘧 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘣𝘺 𝘴𝘶𝘨𝘢-𝘴𝘴𝘪 | 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 :)
pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 1.268
genre: light angst with a sprinkle of fluff
rating: pg-15
warnings: cursing, mentions of sex, implied mental health issues
au: slice of life 
trope: established relationship
tags: musician!yoongi, boyfriend!yoongi
summary: on a particular difficult day, while feeling at your absolute lowest, you confess to yoongi he would be better off without you
☆ disclaimer: this is a work of fiction taken from the depths of my imagination, which takes place in an alternative universe (AU) and has no real connection with people, places or organizations. everything you will read is fictional and created by me. i do not authorize its reproduction, translation or publication, partially or entirely © mrsparknamjoon
♡ A/N: i wrote this after being obsessed with THIS song for a few weeks and toying with the idea of the calm and centered yoongi reacting to his girlfriend feeling insecure about herself. sometimes we all let our anxiety get the better of us and end up letting the voices in our heads bring our self-esteem down. this is a oneshot dedicated to all the beautiful ppl out there who are currently struggling with self-acceptance <3 hope you like it
special shout-out and major thank you to miss ella (@ lovelytaes-blog) for beta reading this for me and making such great suggestions. i appreciate you, love! ^_^
Tumblr media
It was Sunday afternoon, you and Yoongi were on his couch looking for another movie to watch. The last time you'd seen each other was well over two weeks ago, and this would be the only weekend between your business trips and his vacations that you’d be able to see each other while he was staying at his parent’s house.
You've been together for three months, but the last few weeks had been extra difficult. You began considering all the pros and cons of continuing to see each other. As much as you kept reminiscing about the wonderful moments you two spent together or how great and safe Yoongi made you feel, it was impossible not to let the crushing fear of the reality of your situation creep into your heart.
Unable to hold it any longer and forcing yourself to swallow the lump in your throat, as soon as Yoongi got up to get more popcorn, you blurted out the affirmation that had been consuming you day and night.
“You’d be better off with someone else”
“What?” he stopped and looked down at you, bucket in hand.
“You’d be better off with someone else” you repeated, avoiding his gaze and nervously pushing down the right sleeve of your black hoodie. Yoongi’s hoodie, actually.
“I heard you, I just…” he sat next to you, “Where is this coming from?”
You didn't want to look at him, if you did, you wouldn't be able to hold back the tears. Still the affectionate tone he used automatically made you crave the comfort only his eyes could provide.
“I don’t fit in, Yoongi” you confessed with a faint smile and watery eyes.
“Don’t fit—what do you mean, Y/N?” Yoongi moved the popcorn bucket to the side, holding your face with one of his hands, gently stroking the nape of your neck, “What’s going on?”
“In your life...I don’t fit in” you moved his hand away from you, “This was a mistake. We’re not good together”
Yoongi was visibly shocked by the words that just came out of your mouth, especially by the fact that you had rejected his touch. That has never happened before.
“You deserve a woman that likes the same things you like, maybe even one that works with music like you do,” you continued, drying up a single tear with the back of your hand, “because then you two would have something to talk about” 
Yoongi slid closer to you, hands fixed on his lap.
“You definitely deserve someone more available too, someone that has time to go on dates instead of postponing them time and time again” you bitterly laughed, “Speaking of dates, you should do what normal couples do together, like have sex for example”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa” he jumped right in, knowing how sensitive this subject was for you, “You don’t really mean that, right?” he intertwined his fingers with yours.
“I do, Yoongi” you softly squeezed his hand, “It's not easy to admit that I'm less than I'd like to be. It pains me to know that I'm not good enough to maintain a relationship, especially with you. We've been waiting so long for this opportunity, and I thought I would be worthy of a beautiful story, like the one where two friends meet in middle school, pine for each other in secret, and lose contact during college, only to end up meeting randomly at a party… So naive, right?” you scoffed bitterly to yourself.
The tears were silently wetting your face, falling like a broken faucet.  The more you tried to hold them in, the more suffocated you felt. It was useless to keep your feelings in, he deserved to know.
Yoongi studied your face with a mixture of confusion, despair, and love, breaking your heart into another thousand new pieces right before he begged with a shaky voice, almost a whisper, “Wait, no, listen…”
“Yoongi, I don’t know what I’m doing half of the time, okay? I have zero experience on how to be a proper girlfriend other than books and tv. I suck at this” you sniffed, fixing your hair, “I feel like a teenager when I’m around your work friends, your exes have set the bar way too high, I can’t compete with them. We’re both older now and I shouldn’t be the one holding you back” you finished, getting up from the couch.
“Holding me back?” Yoongi said to himself before getting up and hugging you, “No, please, Y/N, take a deep breath” his hands now drawing big circles on your back, “You're getting ahead of yourself.”
“You just can’t see it yet, but you will” you muttered against his chest, “I’m doing you a favor”
“Stop!” he pulled you away and held your face in his hands, “We’re good together, we’re meant to be. Our story is pretty dope and I love telling people about it” he smiled, “And sure, we like different stuff, but it’s honestly one of my favorite things about us, you’re always teaching me something new”
“Yoongi… I-”
Yoongi was sad and feeling somewhat guilty for hearing you say such heavy things. He had no idea you felt that way. Your despair made him think he was lacking as a boyfriend, like he should have been more attentive to your needs.
“To be fair we’re both busy with work right now so we’ll figure dating out, okay? Together.” he kissed your forehead, “We agreed that we were taking things slow. I don’t care about sex right now, Y/N, I care more about you and how you’re feeling. So, what’s up with the ‘not being good enough’ talk or how you ‘can’t compete with my exes’ thing?” he tilted his head, meeting your puffy eyes and red nose, “You don’t suck” he brushed a strand of hair away from your face, “You’re everything I want.  I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, truly. I don’t think you understand how much you mean to me. Fuck, you’re the reason that I believe in myself, Y/N. You’re the best partner, the term girlfriend doesn’t even compare to what you are to me, we have a bond for life. No one compares, babe”
And there you were...crying...again. This time full-on ugly expressions and unable to hide your face from Yoongi while he held you carefully as if you were made of glass and going to shatter at any moment.
“I can’t leave you. I won’t leave you” he emphasized the last part as he looked deep into your eyes, trying to convey everything he was feeling, “You’re a gift from the universe. One of a kind. Being in a relationship with you was the best decision I made so far. Why don't you believe that?” he leans down, pressing his forehead softly against yours, “I don’t know how else to show you how much I lo-”
Quickly closing the gap between you two, you crashed your lips onto his, feeling the familiar warmth invade your body. The pain that had been bubbling up before now made room for a more beautiful and colorful feeling, full of life and desire. You simply had to get the words out before the lingering fear crept back and filled your mind with doubts. 
“I love you, Yoongi” you whispered, lips brushing against his.
His eyes doubled in size, “Wha-”
“I wanted to be the first one to say it” you giggled, “I love you. I looove you!”
“I love you, Y/N” he whispers, contently sighing, holding you close, as he always does.
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hoebii · a day ago
Black Mamba X
Tumblr media
Pairing : OT7 x Hybrid! Reader Genre : Angst, Fluff, Hybrid!Au Rating: nc-17 Warning : Violence, swearing, mental breakdowns, weapons (mentioned), toxic thoughts, blood • Information above may change as the story progresses Wc : 2k Betas : @kerikaaria, @moccahobi​ (Can someone make a ‘best betas in the world award’ please cause they really deserve it) Banner and divider : @jaeism Wanna be tagged? Complete this form A/N : Boo boo the clown lives! This chapter is a little different but I hope you guys still enjoy this~ As always, feedback is always appreciated <3
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Tumblr media
Darkness surrounded you. Anywhere you looked, it was just overwhelming darkness that felt as if it was going to swallow you whole. You couldn’t see anything, the darkness engulfing the entire place. You tried calling out but nothing came out except a broken whimper. Your nose twitched and your tongue darted out as you tried to pinpoint where you were but to no success.
You pushed yourself up from where you sat on the ground, the sound of your tiny feet pattering against the floor resonating around you as you ran. You failed to notice the door in front - your eyes not having adjusted to the suffocating darkness that surrounded you and your body slammed into it with such force that the wind got knocked out of you. The impact had you stumbling back in pain and surprise as you tried to regain your footing. 
You rushed towards the door and your tiny, fragile hands banged on the door as you screamed for help. Begging for someone to come get you out of the dark scary place. 
“Someone help me! Please!” you screamed, “it’s too dark here! Please!”
Tears ran down your face as you continued to scream until your throat was raw. Your throat burned, vocal chords rubbing together painfully, as if they were ripping and your hands throbbed in pain but you kept pounding on the door with all your might. 
Your face collided with the door when it suddenly swung inwards, flinging your body away. You whimpered in pain, your cries increasing ten-fold as tears constantly streamed down your face. Your breath hitched as you tried to gasp for air in-between the sobs that wracked through your body when you saw that your hands came back covered in red as you wiped your face. Oh how much you hated the sight of blood and the smell that came with.
Wait, saw? Light!
You forced yourself to stand up, ignoring the pain in your face as you rushed towards the now open door, hope and excitement of finally getting out of such a dark place coursing through your body only to be stopped by the figure that stood there.
“Where do you think you’re going?” the figure asked. The deep, gruff voice made a shiver run down your spine, but you didn’t let the fear get the best of you.
“Please get me out of here! I want to go home, I hate the dark,” you whimpered, grabbing their leg and looking up at them in desperation. The figure loomed over you, his face shrouded in the shadow above the door frame. He wore a long white coat, the end of it now stained red from where your hands and face touched it.
The figure sneered, shaking his leg to make you let go but you held on. You didn’t want to be alone again.
“Get off me, you brat. You’re ruining my coat,” the figure growled, shaking his leg harder. Hard enough to make you lose your grip and fall away. 
You shook your head to make the dizziness that started creeping in go away before getting up again. The figure slowly walked closer to you, crouching down to be at your level. Even at that proximity, you couldn’t recognise him - the face still shrouded in darkness.
You didn’t like it one bit.
“Listen here, punk. This is your home now. Now stop causing a ruckus and shut the fuck up.”
Desperation and fear overtook you, the thought of being left alone making your eyes go misty all over again. You were about to once again beg for him to let you go but before you could, he flicked your forehead. You stepped back, the spot where he struck throbbing in pain. You stumbled a little before you fell back from the sudden impact but rather than hitting the floor again you only kept falling.
When you did hit something solid, you gasped. Your eyes opened wide as you scanned your surroundings. The sudden change disoriented you, the dizziness from before coming back with vengeance. It took you a moment to regain your composure, your eyes squeezing shut to try and make the incoming headache leave. Opening your eyes, you took in what was around you and recognised the place to be one of the bathrooms in the shelter. 
You pushed yourself up from the ground yet again and wiped at your face, only this time your hand didn’t come back red. You looked around and saw one of the tiger hybrids standing at the entrance sneering at you alongside some other hybrids who held the same distaste on their face as him. 
“What are you doing?” You asked, this time your voice sounded stronger than before. You felt stronger than before, the fear that had run through you just a moment ago now gone, only to be replaced with indifference. Before, every little thing made you jump in fear but in that moment, you couldn’t have been any less bothered about what was going on around you. 
“It speaks!” the tiger hybrid jeered, his mocking laugh encouraging his little entourage to join in. 
You sighed in annoyance. Your headache was killing you and whatever this hybrid was trying to do wasn’t helping in the slightest.
“If you have nothing of importance to tell me or do, I’ll be on my way,” you said as you moved to walk out of the bathroom and away from them but before you could, he put up a hand to stop you.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked and your breath hitched for a second, body tensing before you got yourself under control again.
You must not show weakness. 
“Somewhere else where you’re not wasting my time?” you replied.
You heard him growl in annoyance, suddenly getting yanked back by the collar of your outfit. Your head snapped to meet the eyes of the now angry hybrid, your eyes darted towards the others who were with him - they had formed a circle to enclose the two of you in and cut off your exit. You fought the urge to roll your eyes into the heavens, not impressed in the slightest at their actions. 
Not wanting to get sucked into any trouble - something that you knew these hybrids were trying their best to stir up - you raised your hands and shook your head.  “Look, I don’t want any problems. Just let me go.”
The hybrid sneered, “What? You scared that I’ll kick your ass?”
You let out a heavy sigh. What was with people thinking they could intimidate you so easily? 
You said nothing, choosing to ignore his comment and tried to walk away one more time, pushing through the ‘barrier’ around you easily but this time you felt someone grab your shoulder. Before you could even realise what was going on, the tiger hybrid was on the ground groaning in pain as you stood over him with your foot against his throat and a staff member screaming at you.
Needless to say, you were sent to isolation that night. 
Tumblr media
You paced the tiny room from one wall to another, having nothing to do but not complaining about it either. You were glad to be alone, away from others. The dark comforted you, made you feel safe that you were able to blend into it and have no attention on you. Though you didn’t enjoy getting left alone with your thoughts, you were used to it. You never did have anyone to truly talk to and you had accustomed yourself to be alone. 
Socialising was overrated anyway. The only thing it was good for was to get intel from your targets, but as an activity to pass time or enjoy? Hard pass.
You were brought out of your thoughts when you heard the main door to the isolation ward open and you were quick to move to the back of your room where the light didn’t quite reach and you could stay undetected. You kept your guard up and ears perked in case of any potential danger.
“Y/N?” You heard a meek little voice call. 
“What are you doing out of your room after lights out?” You asked, moving out of the shadows and towards the glass door.
“Eek! You scared me!” she exclaimed, before quickly walking to the door you were behind. “I got food for you, I doubt you got any tonight.”
You raised your eyebrow at her, crossing your hands. “Why do you care? Shouldn’t you be more worried about getting caught loitering around when you’re not allowed to?”
The demure little bird hybrid puffed her cheeks out. “You’re my friend, of course I’ll care about you!”
Your eyes widened, dropping your hands to your side.
Friend? She considered you her friend?
“You know that you don’t have to be nice to me just because I helped you out with the other hybrids, right?” 
Her cheeks flushed, eyes widening as she fumbled for words to say. “That’s not why I’m here, you dumb-dumb!”
You almost smiled at how cute she seemed even when mad. You stopped yourself before showing any excessive emotions.
“Then why are you here, may I ask?”
“I told you! Cause you’re my friend and I care about you~” she sang happily. “Now, here’s some food I managed to take during dinner for you.” 
She slid a tray through the little slot the door had. Your tongue darted out for a second, the smell of the food hitting your senses as soon as it was inside. You were used to not eating much, having been trained to survive the harshest conditions one can throw at you so you didn’t have much of a reaction at the sight of food. Though, you were quick to scan the area when the tray touched the ground and made a noise. You didn’t want the giddy little hybrid who seemed so proud of herself for being helpful get in trouble. 
“Thank you. You should go back to your room now.”
“Uh-uh little missy! I’m going to sit here and make sure you eat before leaving. Don’t think I don’t notice you skipping meals sometimes or not eating enough!”
You coughed to hide the blush that you could feel rising to your face. 
When did this little hybrid notice so much?
Picking up the sandwich from the tray, you made sure to maintain eye contact with her as you slowly ate it. Almost choking when she gave you a bright smile that had her eyes disappearing.
Quickly finishing the food, you made sure to hide the tray under the mattress so no one would be able to find it before you could put it back when you got out. 
“There I’m finished,” you announced. “You should return-”
“Why do you never smile?”
The two of you stared at each other after speaking at the same time. Realising that she wouldn’t budge before you answered her question, you sighed.
“Showing excessive emotions is unnecessary.”
“I bet you have a really pretty smile!” She said, her eyes almost glowing from the excitement in them. 
“Um,” you coughed, scratching the back of your neck as you looked away. “Thank you?”
“Aw, you’re blushing! You’re so cute~”
You were about to say something but were cut off when the two of you heard the ring of the morning bell. It was to alert the residents that the staff would soon be going to get them for morning activities and breakfast. The shelter always made sure to escort all the hybrids out of their rooms in the morning and then back to their rooms at night even though the hybrids had freedom to do and go wherever they wanted to during the day. The rules and policy of this place always seemed strange to you. 
The bird hybrid looked at you with wide eyes before scampering to her feet quickly and walking to the main door, pausing and looking back at you with a smile.
“I’ll see you tomorrow night!” She whisper-shouted before promptly rushing out to get to her room before she could be caught. 
You let a small smile shine through as you watched her hurried departure. 
“Thank you for caring when no one did.”
Tumblr media
Taglist -  @fangirl125reader, @lvpersona, @the-obsessive-fangirl, @littlrmills14-blog, @drunkzseok, @meowsimpson, @rosereveries, @kimahnjung98, @creamberrypies, @ryujinnie94, @cjphoenix135, @xyahrinx, @alphavvlycanluvbts, @azucarian, @yoursoontobestepmom, @icedoutmywristtitanic, @tinyoonsblog, @c-olbybrock, @btswdwsmhrdt, @mayla548, @sevenpersona, @noir-et-blank, @ajikdonamjinie, @needyomnivore, @fangirl-nonsense, @yoongi-bear, @beach-bitch-bitch-beach, @singukieee, @pb-n-juju, @yuuji1core, @blackrockshooter780, @ah2002, @narcissism-iskey, @mangminnie, @unicornbabylover, @childfmoonn, @agustdjoon, @katbonv, @ferret-u, @zae007live, @diamonddia-mond, @gukieater, @skyys-universe, @colourlyhobbit, @nishi-noyas, @jjjj-ssi, @yoonchrisgull, @sugapiie, @reallysparklychaos, @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered, @rosequilleta, @mageprincess7, @aestheticslover1, @christiandosworld, @veronawrites, @crushedblackroses, @inwhatworld,  @toughbook, @motscult​, @malewife-supremacy​, @mickeyekim​, @marauderssimppp​  
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bangtanficsforyou · 22 hours ago
Early Morning Confessions
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x OC (reader)
Genre: fluff.
Au: established relationship au.
Warning: too much fluff, kissing, they do not do anything sexual but Jungkook kinda suggests, Jungkook swears like once.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: You let the three words slip on a fine, lazy, Sunday morning.
Word Count: 1.2K
A/N: To be honest, I was just in the mood of writing some fluff and my exams are going on so something short and sweet. Please let me know if you like it, it would mean the world to me.
Tumblr media
"Get up."
"Shhh, five more minutes." You mumble sleepily.
"You have been saying that for half an hour now, you sleepyhead."
Groaning in faux annoyance you open one eye. "So what? It's Sunday aka the sleep-as-long-as-you-can-day."
Jungkook's big doe eyes stare at you in amusement. "And how long exactly are you planning on sleeping?"
"As long as I can." You reply, closing your eye. "Now shut up, and cuddle with me."
"What else do you think we have been doing for so long?" He asks with a teasing tilt to his voice.
"Don't pretend as if you are not enjoying it." You huff.
The hand that was resting on your waist comes up to remove the few strands of hair that had fallen on your face. "Trust me, I wouldn't be anywhere else." He mumbles softly.
A small, sleepy smile forms on your lips and you pucker your lips to place a small kiss on the crook of his neck. A small shiver goes down his spine at the contact, which prompts him to pull you closer.
"Same." You mumble sheepishly into his neck.
He hums, as if deep in thought and then begins in a teasing manner. "Is that why you don't want to get out of bed? Is your whole Sunday-sleep day, an excuse to cuddle with me?"
You playfully nip the smooth skin of his neck. "Yes, it is. Happy?"
He looks down at you and brings his hand under your chin to tilt your head towards him, and places a peck on your lips. "Very."
You however seem displeased. Opening your eyes you let out out a whine. "Don't kiss me, what if I have morning breath?"
Jungkook has the audacity to roll his eyes. "Firstly, that was just a small peck. Secondly and most importantly, you don't have morning breath."
"Still," you grumble. "No kisses until I have brushed my teeth."
"No, *a peck* can *a peck* do *a peck*"
You whine again, this time to stop the smile that's threatening to break your pretence.
Jungkook sees right through you. "Don't pretend as if you are not enjoying it." He throws back, mimicking you.
"That's such a terrible mimicry." You grumble and hide your face in his neck, which causes him to chuckle. "You're lucky, I love you."
His hands that were playing with your hair abruptly pauses and so does your breathing.
You were not supposed to say that.
It has only been three months that you both have started dating. Isn't it too soon to say the words?
God knows you have been running away from yourself in your mind, to stop yourself from having the realisation that you are indeed, madly in love with Jeon Jungkook. But when you couldn't run anymore, you accepted the fact that you have fallen in love with him but you also made a deal to not confess anytime soon.
You told yourself that you'd tell him, after some time, when it feels right and you cannot count the number of times it had almost slipped from your tongue. And you remember at some point you were frustrated at him because he just makes it so difficult to not let him know, how loveable he is.
But every time you held yourself back.
Your sleepy self, however, just drowned all your plans.
Jungkook pulls back slightly to look into your eyes, which you adamantly refuse to do. "Do you mean it?" He whispers.
You close your eyes shut in panic. "I am sorry–shit."
He places a hand under your chin and gently angles your head so that you look at him, similar to how he did minutes ago. "Do you mean it?" He repeats slowly.
You open your eyes to look into his. If you are going to admit it, you want him to know that your feelings are genuine. "I do."
The biggest grin, you've ever seen on him, breaks out on his face and his eyes swirl with emotions.
"Thank god," he sighs in relief before placing a kiss on your forehead. "I don't how long I could have gone without telling you."
Seeing your slightly panicked expression mixed with a bit of confusion, he coos. "I love you. So much."
You blink at him before your expression turns into that of disbelief and then slowly a giddy smile appears on your face as his words sink in. "You do?" You look like an excited small child.
Jungkook observes your face tenderly as the various emotions play out on your features. "I do. How can someone not fall in love with you?"
You open and close your mouth like a fool, trying to form coherent sentences. "Shit, I can't believe this. I thought I would scare you. I thought it was too soon–"
"It's never too soon with the right person." He interjects with a soft smile playing on his lips. "If anything, I feel so honoured to be loved by someone as amazing as you and to be honest, I was a goner from the very moment you let me love you."
Feeling overwhelmed, you do the only thing that comes to your mind. Kiss him.
You kiss him to convey all the emotions that you're feeling. Joy, relief, gratitude, excitement and most important of all, love.
His soft lips slot perfectly against yours and move at a feverish speed. His hands come to rest on your waist and he pulls you towards him to have you as close to him as he can. One of your hands slowly messages the expanse of his naked chest, feeling his toned muscles while the other plays with his hair.
You wish you could lay next to him like this forever, feeling the warmth of his body with tangled limbs and just oozing love.
Feeling his tongue ask for entrance you moan but pull back. "I haven't brushed my teeth."
In the blink of an eye, Jungkook is on top of you. And it's a sight to behold.
His hair is messy from the way you have played with them while kissing, his eyes are slightly swollen being freshly awakened from sleep, his skin glows radiantly. However, if there is something that you can never get tired of, it would be looking into his eyes. It never fails to amaze you how they seem to have galaxies in them.
Now that you look into his eyes, you can see the emotions that so freely dance in them, and can't help but relish thinking, that you are the star causing the storm of emotions inside him.
He kisses your neck before grumbling into your skin. "You cruel human. Why won't you let me kiss the person I love?"
You shriek at the tingling sensation and break into a fit of giggles. "You have kissed her enough."
"No, I haven't." He denies as he slowly leaves a trail of wet kisses. "No number of kisses are enough."
"Aww, you are such a sap." You coo at him.
He comes up to plant a kiss on your cheek. "Only for you. You are the fucking best and I am so lucky to have you. Can never get tired of kissing you." He murmurs softly as he places kisses all over your face in between his words.
You feel yourself getting all weak and wrap your arms around him tightly. "I love you too, baby. I consider myself lucky too, to have someone like you." You say looking into his eyes.
"You should get original, instead of copying lines, though." He says, placing a kiss on top of your nose.
Your hand comes up to slap his clothed ass playfully. "I do not appreciate you making fun of me."
He looks at you with a cheeky expression. "Slapping my ass? Is that your way of telling me you want to do the dirty?"
"That's not what I meant, you dirty-minded person." You scold him, with a smile.
"Your dirty minded person." He reminds you, finally, finally kissing you on the lips.
You sigh against his lips. "I love you."
"I love you too." He mumbles back.
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tangerineyoongles · 21 hours ago
Scumbag Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: ??? x Scumbag!reader || wc: 2.7k || Genre: Angst, Smut, some Fluff || Fic type: cafe!AU, Fleabag!AU || Rating: 18+
Warnings: Alcoholism, character death, car crash, angst, implied smut
Summary:  Poor, tired, utterly lonely, a pathological liar, and kleptomaniac. Oh, not to mention an absolute alcoholic. Life had not dealt you a favorable hand, but instead of trying to make the best of it, you live your life with a bitter kick in your step, taking anyone and everyone you can down with you.
What a fucking scumbag.
A/N: Here’s chapter 2! A little bit more back story and over just angst.
Previous Chapter || Masterlist || Next Chapter
Tumblr media
Sunlight spills through the windows, only making you want to screw your eyes shut tighter. You just wanted to sleep, forever if you could, but morning was beckoning you awake. Slowly, you peel open your eyes and the light berates you, temporarily blinding you. When you come to, your surrounding are not your usual bedroom surroundings. Why weren’t you in your bed? Where the fuck were you?
Tall windows, blue walls, book shelves, unsteady tables, dear god this was the fucking shop. You fell asleep in the shop. How? Oh yeah, you walked into the shop at one in the morning and decided to get even more plastered than you already were.
“Are you seriously drunk right now?” Jin cries, gripping at your lax shoulders, trying to hold you up.
“Maybe.” You slur, only partially coherent.
“We have to fucking open shop in the morning. You’re going to be hungover.” He reaches for the bottle in your hand and you desperately try to pull away. “Give me that! That’s enough.” He eventually snags the bottle out of your hand and runs off to hide it.
“Jin! Give it back! I’m fine I just want one more little drink! Just a bit!”
He returns with a glass of water and hands it to you gently.
“There, there’s your little drink. Now drink it up, I’m going to make you drink seven more of these before you go to bed.”
“Tequila?” You ask, hope glittering in your eyes.
“Water. Drink.”
A frown falls upon your face, but you do as you’re told. Alcohol was a girl’s best friend in college, especially right after said girl’s mother had died, but for Jin, the drinking act was getting old. He just wanted you to be safe, healthy, not drown yourself to death with liquor and get liver poisoning. Was that too much to ask?
It was now past 7 am. You didn’t have time to go home and make yourself presentable if you wanted to open on time, so you were just going to have to open shop looking like a hungover piece of shit. Awesome.
You run to the restroom in the back and splash water on yourself, trying your best to clean up as much as you can. You opt to keep your coat on to cover up how dirty your top had become the night before, curse you for being a messy drinker. It was the best you could do, all you can hope for now is that no one notices.
And quite frankly, no one does, because almost no one comes in as usual. The day was starting off just wonderfully. At the rate things were going, you’d lose the shop by the end of the year. Money was clearly not in your fortune lately. In fact, you were practically desperate enough to rob the next person who comes in of everything they have.
“Good morning.” A gruff voice comes from the front door, timid steps from old bones make the wooden floors creak. Your step-father. Not the most ideal person to rob of all their money.
“Oh, morning!” You want to question why he’s here, but you won’t push your luck. “Can I get you anything?” At the very least, you can scam a few bucks from him.
“Ah, no, thank you.” He stands silently, awkwardly, looking around at the small shop. It seems as though he wants to say something, it’s on the tip of his tongue, you’re already ready for this encounter to be over with.
“Is there… something you need?” You ask cautiously.
“Well, uh. You see I was just in town and I-” He pauses to look at you. The eyes of a once lively man all burnt out, you have a feeling it’s partially your fault. Mostly your fault, probably. “You see, last night I got several calls from you…” He begins.
What? You never called your step-dad. You quickly pull out your phone and open up the phone app. Immediately, your eyes are met with the most horrifying thing you have ever seen in your life. Call after call after call to different people. Why the fuck would you do that? And how were you drunk enough to not remember?
“It was probably about 3 in the morning. Now I didn’t know it was you until I woke up this morning, I thought it was just prank calls or something of the sort.”
“Dad, I-”
He cuts you off before you can attempt to apologize.
“Look, I know-I know you like to drink in your down time, but I really don’t appreciate behavior like this. I was asleep. Try to be a little more responsible next time, alright? Don’t do this again.” He was stern and cold, just like he always had been.
“Alright, dad.” You muster just before he takes his silent leave.
You’re glad he left without another word, or else he may have seen the tears that begin to mist in your eyes.
After a long and desperate drunken night, you reached out in hopes of finding someone, anyone who would save you from the bitter loneliness that flooded your heart. Your dad, your sister, old college friends who you don’t talk to anymore. You even tried to reach out to the number of your dead mother, the number that you have memorized by heart. No answer from anyone. The worst part was instead of stopping by to check on you, to ask if you were okay, all your step-father did was criticize you for your behavior. He didn’t care, he never did.
“I’m actually adopted. Sort of.” You say casually, leaning against the sofa, keeping your gaze away from Seokjin.
“Really?” The young man inches closer, curious to know more about his new friend.
Your mother had just died, mere months before you began college. You were still utterly bitter about the fate you had been dealt.
“Yeah. My mother married my step-dad and he adopted me into his family. Now that she’s gone him and his family is really all I’ve got.”
Jin smiles but your frown only deepens.
“He seems like a good man!”
“Not even close.” You sigh. “He’s a controlling asshole. If my mother really had to die I’m glad it was right before I moved out of that godforsaken home. I don’t think I could have continued living under his roof without her.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t- I-” He pauses to take a breath and refocus himself. “I’m sorry about your mother.”
You can’t help but let a smile pull to your face, wanting nothing more than to giggle at his little flustered state. “Thanks.”
Fuck it. You decide to close a little early. It’s not like anyone was going to come in anyways, right? You set the shop’s sign to closed and begin cleaning up. Cleaning was a bit therapeutic in a way. You fucking hated it, but it took your mind off things when you were too focused on getting stains off the counter.
Once all the work is done, you step out and lock up, ready to take your leave. Outside, you catch sight of the cute flower shop owner, maybe he was locking up too.
“Say, how well does a shop like yours do here?” You ask in hopes of making light conversation.
He doesn’t seem shocked to hear your voice at all, almost like he wanted you to talk to him, like he was expecting it.
“I’d say it does pretty well. Though I can imagine yours does much better.” He says with a wide smile.
“I wish. If that damn Barnes and Noble wasn’t across the street, we’d probably be doing fantastic right now!” You laugh, not noticing how easily the word we slipped in.
“Anyone else run the shop with you?” Jimin noticed though, and his curiosity was apparent.
“Yes. Well, no. Sort of.” Yes, physically you ran the shop alone, but it didn’t always feel like it. Jimin raises a brow, waiting for you to elaborate. “Right well, you see, me and my fiancé opened this shop together originally, but he died. Car crash. He wasn’t in a car he was walking, someone hit him.” You say all too casually.
The night is dark, you can hardly see outside the shop windows. Cars seldom pass through these streets at this time of night. Jin knows it too.
Perhaps that’s why he allowed his steps to be so reckless.
Your body moves with out you thinking, almost against your will. The sight that meets your eyes the second you exit the shop feels unreal. It can’t be real.
You see the lights reflecting in the window before you hear the car horn, you think nothing of it at first. That is until you hear the car come to a screeching halt, until you hear screaming.
The scene around you fades, you can only focus on what’s directly in front of you. You can’t hear, you can’t think, you can barely speak. And the only words you seem to be able to pull from your lips is:
Jimin’s eyes widen and he pulls back in shock.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” He says, looking as though he’s ready to jump into action and comfort you, an almost stranger he met for the first time only a day ago.
“Oh no don’t worry, it was ages ago.” More like a few months ago, but what’s the difference.
His face is still marred with a frown, part of you finds it cute. Wow, he really was an attractive man. He opens his mouth, ready to say something, it looks like it was going to be profound, but the sound of his phone ringing cuts him off.
“Sorry.” He says, pulling it out of his pocket. You can’t here who’s on the other line, but his response of “Oh hey babe” tells you all you need to know.
So much for starting a holiday romance with your cute flower shop neighbor. You offer him a wave of parting and decide to take your leave.
The day had been long and seemingly endless, especially after your step-father showed up. There was only one thing you could do after that god awful encounter.
Visit your mom.
Even in death, she was always there for you. Your rock, literally considering you talk to her gravestone on a regular basis.
“Hey mom.” You say, plopping on the bench that’s across from her grave. A sea of names and dates lays itself before you, but you only care about the one engraved into the mossy stone at your feet. “Today was kind of shit, to be honest. Oh sorry, I should ask about your day first, shouldn’t I? How have you been?”
You probably looked fucking insane, talking to your mother’s grave like this, but you didn’t care. Honestly had it been the other way around, you feel as though she would have done the same thing. You and your mother were a lot alike. She was kind of a hot mess, always blowing away her money, smoked too many cigarettes, you’re not sure how or why your step-father, AKA: Mr. Prim and Proper ever decided to marry her. Even with her flaws, she was a wonderful mother. She was kind and caring and protected you for as long as she lived.
“Mom, you know I’m really fucking lonely right now, right? Kind of your fault. Also Jin. Say hi to him for me.” You smile and shake your head, trying to hold back a laugh. “Oh who am I kidding, we both know you’re probably in hell and he’s up in heaven.” The smile slowly fades from your face as the desperation bubbles up in your throat.
“Mom, how do I stop feeling lonely?”
What would she do if she was here, you could only guess.
Tears you had no idea were there begin to drip down your cheeks. You hated crying, really fucking hated it. It was a sign of weakness to you and that’s the one thing you didn’t want others to know about you, that you were weak. You may be an absolute train wreck, but at least to others you were a train made of steel. If anyone saw you like this, they’d see right through your little act.
After a couple hours of silently loathing your life and venting to your mother, you feel like it’s in your best interest to not go home feeling alone tonight, so you call none other that Mr. Sexy, Jung Hoseok himself. He picks up after the first couple rings.
“Hey, you busy tonight?” You ask as you gather your things from the bench and begin making your way out of the cemetery.
He takes a minute to silently think, then he responds. “Nope. Want me to come over?”
“Yes please. And bring something to drink, I’ve finished off the last of my whiskey.”
Tumblr media
Hoseok’s presence is exactly what you needed. A strong drink and good dick. He didn’t offer you a shoulder to cry on, he didn’t offer advice, just ways to forget your worries. That’s all you needed.
“Fuck yeah baby, you’re so tight. I’m gonna- ah!”
Except you’re having trouble getting into it. Honestly, you kind of just wanted it to be over already. The moment he finishes, you push him off, but regret it immediately. You kind of miss the warmth of a body against you.
Usually when he finishes, he’s either up your ass about round two or begging you to call your sister, but not tonight. Instead he sits pensively at the edge of your bed, clearly contemplating something. As rude as it sounds, you never really thought he had a lot going on up there. He was always so happy go lucky and care free, people who don’t think are usually the happiest. Whatever’s on his mind has got you curious.
“Hey, what’s up?” You ask, reaching your hand out to lay upon his shoulder. He jumps a bit at the contact, then settles back in. Something seems off.
A Sigh escapes his lips and you raise a brow in worry, waiting with baited breath for a response.
“I don’t really know how to say this.” He looks at you with big round eyes, shining in the dim light of your bedroom. Oh god, you think you know exactly what he’s going to say. Those are the eyes of a man in love.
Sure, Hoseok was incredibly attractive, well endowed in his lower region, overall a fun guy to be around, but you weren’t ready for all that. You had to let him down gently.
“It’s okay, just say it.” You offer him a pitiful smile.
“I-I think I’m in love.”
You knew it. With a sigh, you gather yourself to give him a direct answer. “Oh, Hoseok-”
“We’ve only been seeing each other for a few months, it hasn’t been serious.” A few months? You only started this a month ago. “But, lately things have felt different with her.” Her? “The truth is, the only reason I came tonight was to make sure I wasn’t going to miss this.” He gestures vaguely to the bed he just devoured you on. “I needed to make sure I wasn’t going to regret losing my hookups.” He takes a moment to look you deep in the eye with a small smile. “And I can safely say that this isn’t worth the true love I have for her.”
How sweet. If you could roll your eyes right now, you would.
“Thank you. I really mean it, thanks for your time. It’s been great. Would have been better if your sister-”
“Alright, alright, you’ve said enough. Go on, get out of here.” You shoo him off the bed and he happily gathers up his clothes.
“It was nice! Don’t worry, I won’t miss you!” He calls from the door.
“Yeah well I won’t miss you either.” You whisper to yourself.
The room grows silent once he’s gone. Hoseok, a man of loose morals, a womanizer, the biggest fuck boy you’ve ever met, on his way to being in a committed relationship. With someone other than you. Not that you wanted to be in a relationship with him, but damn, that still fucking hurt. Even your most reliable hookup didn’t want you in the end.
You sigh as you fall back onto the bed, the never ending loneliness draping over you once again. Maybe it was time to do something about it.
Maybe it was time to get back into the dating game.
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jimilter · a month ago
mine to claim (m) | | one-shot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎧 good for you by selena gomez once in a lifetime by landon austin
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader
rating: m (18+)
genre: smut | angst | fluff | alpha!taehyung | omega!reader | werewolf!au | idiots to lovers!au | fwb!au
summary: You are in love with Taehyung, your Alpha. But he just sees you as the Omega bitch that helps him relieve stress by letting him use her body however he likes. And you’ve come to be okay with that, because you know you are no good for him. But now with your heat coming up and the pressure on Taehyung to find a Queen increasing exponentially, will your ties with him severe forever? Or will they bloom into something else?
warnings: swearing + jealousy + pining + a/b/o universe stuff (talks of heats, breeding, mating, pups) + implicit sexual situations + explicit sexual situations (fingering, oral(m+f), clit slapping, clit biting, unprotected penetrative sex, dirty talk, slight degradation, praise, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, rough sex, breeding kink, knotting, some spitting, some manhandling, some marking) + dumb oblivious characters that may frustrate you + we love and appreciate park jimin in this house <3
word count: 13 k
Tumblr media
submission for the October Games hosted by House Seokubus.
❂ Pleasure Hallows           ⁂ Hosted by: Professor Kat @yeoldontknow through @bangtansorciere
⤐  AU Type: Full Moon - A/B/O Dynamics ⤐  Themes: Werewolves/Hybrids | Mutual Pining ⤐  Kinks: Knotting, Scenting, Breeding/Impreg, Begging, Pain Kink, Praise Kink, Clit Spanking, Pussy/Cock Worship, Size Kink
Tumblr media
note: I hadn’t written Tae since, like, May??? I missed him so much🥺 Hasn’t been beta-read because I finished proof-reading this a couple hours before posting. This month has been busy as hell as is, and now I’m being forced into on a 4-day long family trip tomorrow... RIP the Halloween fic that I have 20% written, so far - 😃
Also, praying for a speedy recovery for Tae’s calf muscles and sending him positive vibes that fill him with happiness! 🥺💕
Rest, I hope y’all like this ride with Dumb and Dumber, but please don’t kill ’em, they’re trying~ 😩💜
— masterlist
— feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
You smell him before you hear him.
Thick, pungent, stifling stench of disappointment fills your lungs, prompting you to put away your computer. The reports are urgent and need to be sent in by midnight, but you need to be able to breathe to get work done. Besides, Taehyung is infinitely more important than your job to you, and you don’t care if that makes you an embarrassment to all the feminists in the world.
Coughing, you get off your bed and almost stumble your way out of your room and down the hallway to get to the door, just as the sound of keys clanging against the house’s main entrance echoes loudly in your head. You freeze in your place, focusing all your senses on his movements instead of smell.
His breathing is labored when your ears finally manage to hone in. The keys keep jangling, without actually attaching with the lock. 
Why is it taking him so long? What could have possibly happened to have him so out of sorts?
You swallow, thickly.
What is he gonna do to clear his head?
Well, having come here smelling the way he has, the answer to that one is pretty obvious.
You look down at yourself, nodding in self-approval at your shaved legs beneath your shorts which remind you of every other place you're clean shaven at, too. You make a quick work of tugging your hair-tie off your bun, letting your hair tumble down your shoulders and back.
Bowing your head in the kind of submission you know he would appreciate, you walk up to the door and quietly unlock it from inside.
Your eyes catch his black Oxfords right as a surprised sound escapes him when you tug the door open. He wordlessly steps in and you step backwards on your bare feet.
In the half decade you’ve known him closely, you’ve come to be able to expertly discern when to be his friend and when to be the Omega he’s addicted to by judging just his mood. And so you keep your mouth sealed and gaze lowered even as he steps up close enough for his suit jacket to brush against you.
His harsh exhale washes over your neck and collarbones, you holding back a shiver at the sensation. But then he opens his mouth to speak and his low timbre pulls the repressed shiver out of you.
“I’ve had a horrible day,” he murmurs into your hair, and as his scent of distress lowers and desire builds up, your breathing gets rocky. “I am going to fuck you deep and hard and long – all night if I have to, and you will take it like the good, little bitch you are. Am I clear?”
Your jaw trembles when you try to open your mouth to word your agreement. Unable to formulate words, you nod your head as clearly as you can.
Which immediately earns you a disapproving click of his tongue. “Is that how you respond to me, now?”
You shake your head vigorously, deciding to drop to your knees to reassure him of your submission. 
Although in hindsight, he should be able to smell your overwhelming arousal and the need to please him that is sure to be emanating from you. But maybe his displeasure is so grave today that he needs to see you break before him to calm down.
It isn’t the first time this would happen, if that is actually the case.
Last summer, when Taehyung’s father passed away and the responsibilities of the pack fell onto his shoulders, he kept you in his bed for a week. You took another week off work after that just to recover from the dehydration and the bruising you endured.
And also to attempt to heal your heart when he trampled all over it by informing you how the Elders at the Court were pressuring him to find a perfect Alpha bride quickly, now that he was going to be the King – the obvious choice because one of his brothers is a businessman and the other in a same gender relationship that the Court doesn't approve of – in the form of pillow-talk.
He hasn't found one, yet, but that doesn't help at all, because it is only a matter of time until he leaves you behind. You, the stupid Omega friend of an Alpha, who dared to think that societal tags couldn’t come in the way of her heart’s desires she has had for years just because he chose to spend his first heat with her. You were eighteen and naïve – now you’re older and hopeless, having learnt that life doesn’t always work your way.
So now, other than being his friend, you’ve assumed the role of your Alpha’s Omega bitch that helps him through his emotions by letting him use her body however he wants to. While he continues to be your everything, just like he has been since you first met him through your parents at the age of thirteen. It took him a year to even acknowledge you and more years to actually consider you a friend. That should've been a red freaking flag, should it not have? But you have been stupid all your life, so what's new.
“Try to make your mouth work before I put it to other uses.”
You blink at Taehyung’s command as you come back to yourself, horrified when a tear trickles out of your eyes with your action. 
Grateful when he steps away to take off his suit jacket and shoes, you quickly swipe at your cheek with a palm. It would be disastrous to have him smell your gloom when he’s been feeling the way you know he is. His scent has mellowed down to just frustration now, which is quickly merging with sexual need, and you’d like it to not revert at any cost.
You clear your throat, closing your eyes to focus on the wetness that has been leaking out of you ever since you felt his proximity and heard his voice. Yes, that will get you smelling like lust in no time.
“I – I’m sorry, Alpha.”
He hums in approval. “Did I overwhelm you, little Omega?”
You duck your head further to rest your chin atop your collar-bones. “Your voice, Alpha…”
“My voice overwhelms you?” 
You can hear the amusement in his tone, along with the clicking sound of his cufflinks coming off. He is folding his shirt sleeves up. 
Oh good God. 
Every little thing about him is so deliciously arousing, it turns you into a quivering, wet mess, begging for him to ruin you.
“Answer me!” he growls and you instinctively drop your hands to the floor, not unlike a perfectly trained Alpha's bitch.
“I – I – I’m sorry, Alpha! I… Your – your voice… turns me on,” you mumble, a little embarrassed at your admission but also pretty helpless because he would know in a while, anyway, so you’d better not lie unnecessarily. 
"Does it, now." He doesn't frame it like a question, and that makes him sound all the more imposing and massive and irresistible. "My voice gets that pussy all wet and leaking?"
Your teeth clench when his words manifest themselves, instantly. "Yes, Alpha."
"Good. Show me."
Your muscles lock up. What?
"Do I have to tear your clothes off with my own hands?" There's mockery in his voice now, making you want to look at his face to catch his raised eyebrows and narrowed eyes that he is usually sporting when he talks to you like this, looking unfairly sexy. "Don't make me repeat myself."
"Yes, Alpha."
You rise up to your knees. Your hands have a tremble in them, but you try to tamp it down the best you can and hook your thumbs into the waistband of both your shorts and underwear together. You pull them down your thighs in one, single, sharp movement. You bite down on your lip to ignore the way your underwear tries to cling on to the wetness your pussy has coated it with.
Knees scraping against the coarse carpet, you twirl around to face away from him. He smells like sex, now, and you use that scent as a guide to direct your exposed nether regions to sit perfectly in his line of sight.
Then you rest your palms on the floor and lift your ass up.
Taehyung groans loud and deep, echoing in your stomach and filling it up with nervous butterflies. Your eyelids flutter like the wings of one.
"My perfect little bitch, look at you," he approves, words coming from the back of his throat. "You're dripping down your thighs, baby."
Shit, being called his bitch was making you lose your sanity as it is. But this other, infinitely more intimate sounding pet name hits you in a different, much more vulnerable place.
You whimper in response, lowering your face so that it hides behind the curtain of your hair.
His heels clap against the hardwood floor, alerting you of him moving closer to you, until the carpet muffles his footfalls and leaves you in the dark. And then two of his long, elegant, perfect fingers brush over your clit, feathering up your pussy with a barely there touch to make you choke on your next exhale. He pauses at your entrance to draw in a loud breath.
"So so fucking delicious, baby, you smell so good." His words are tight and rushed, but his fingers take their time sliding into you.
A moan builds in your throat until you can't contain it behind clenched teeth anymore. It reverberates against the walls of your living room, earning you an amused hum from the formidable male behind you. 
Two of Taehyung’s digits rest snugly in you, reaching that sensitive spot deep within you with practiced ease. He teases you with tiny movements – letting his fingertips jump just the slightest against the rough patch of nerves deep inside of you, barely even moving, but it has you clawing at the carpet in need. 
It is always like this with him, in all spheres of life – the faintest effort on his end turns you into a puddle at his feet. Always. He would smile at you once and you would dream about it for a month. Being in love is bad enough. Knowing it is hopeless and destined to doom is worse. 
Your despairing thoughts are suddenly pushed away when you notice how his broad shadow swallows your body. It always makes your eyes glaze over with lust, the realization how every part of him is big enough to break you like a twig if he wants to, but he chooses not to. Delirious with desire, you push your ass back against his fingers.
“Oh, my desperate little bitch,” he rumbles affectionately, bending to press a kiss against your ass cheek. “Don’t try to rush me. This pussy deserves all my attention and care…”
Fuck, why does he have to sound so darn intoxicating all the time?
“Please… Please go harder…”
“Should I, baby?” He hums, finally moving his fingers. “You want it fast and rough? Won’t let me make a shrine of this gorgeous, delicious cunt?”
You almost preferred it when he was just teasing with his fingertips, because now his fingers are dragging halfway out of your cunt and then sliding back in, just shy of brushing against your sensitive spot that he knows the location of almost better than you do. 
Sometimes it feels like Taehyung has a map of your body tattooed to his brain. The thought is not as comforting as it should be, because he always has you at his mercy with this power.
His words have your thighs shaking with effort, another, “please,” leaving you in a hushed whisper as your furrowed brows and squinted eyes focus on the fur of the carpet inches from your face.
“You really wanna come like this, little Omega? Won’t wait for my lips? My cock?”
He sounds amused again.
Oh God, you really shouldn't find his amusement arousing. He has you strung like a puppet and you somehow feel gratification in that? What the hell is wrong with you? You lean down to mush your face into the carpet in frustration.
"No… Want to please you, Alpha," you mumble into the fur. "Please just… use me. Please.”
A large hand canvasses one of your ass cheeks, smacking it playfully before he grabs a handful. “Look at my little bitch beg. I am using you, sweetheart. Using this juicy little pussy to get my fingers all nice and wet so that I can fuck it better with them.” He curls said fingers to push against your g-spot, and you moan into the carpet. “And then I’ll fuck you open with my cock.”
With that, he finally changes his lethargic pace to a fast, brutal one – pulling your most intimate parts open with his grip on your ass cheek while his fingers move in and out of you in a blur of a movement. You whine, scream and cry into the carpet, both your hands fisted in its fur next to your face while your hips stutter against the assault of his unfairly skilled fingers.
"Oh, you like that? Fuck, you sound so fucking sexy, baby," he groans, fingers fucking you thoroughly.
At one point, your upper body falls limp to the ground, Taehyung playing with you like you are his personal sex toy. Which you, in a way, very much are. 
Your arousal gushes out of you with every perfectly aimed stroke of his fingers, and you wail, mouth wide open and eyes screwed shut against the coarse fur. You can feel yourself climbing the peak to your climax, but you know better to even think about trying to get to it without his command. And so you grit your teeth as tight as you shut your eyes, body stiffening a bit with your efforts of trying to keep your orgasm at bay.
“What’s this,” comes a gravelly murmur, Taehyung’s fingers dimpling your ass cheek obscenely. “Baby’s trying to hold herself back, huh? So soon?”
His low chuckles make your whole body thrum with renewed arousal, attempts at holding yourself in immediately rendered futile. And then he retracts his fingers from you, leaving your cunt to convulse around nothing.
“Alpha,” you whine, wiggling your ass in desperation, and earn a prompt spank to your ass cheek with his wet fingers.
“Stop being a slut,” he admonishes you, gripping at your waist to turn you on your back.
You look up at him through hazy eyes, taking his beautiful self in for the first time, tonight. 
He looks as delicious as you thought he would. His black hair is combed away from his forehead, shapely eyebrows on full display. His soft brown eyes are coated with a golden layer of lust that they always wear when he has you beneath him, and his plump lips are red from his teeth constantly digging into them. He is kneeling between your legs in deep brown slacks and a white shirt that is rolled up to reveal the veins in his forearms. The expensive watch on his wrist looks sexier to you than it probably should, especially when you catch the wetness on the fingers of the same hand. 
Your wetness. He had those fingers in you. Your gaze spans to his crotch, throat drying at the sight of the bulge you spot there. You’re going to have that thickness in you too, soon.
You look up to his face, blushing red when you find him smirking.
“You’re so gutsy for eye-fucking an Alpha the way you always do, you know?” he teases you, gripping the edge of your pajama top to roll it up your body. “One of the reasons why I can’t resist this pussy.”
The implication that he tries to resist doesn’t escape you. The reminder that he isn’t here because of you but just because your scent tempts him to do so, is like a slap across your face. You scramble to cover up the pain with arousal before he can sense it.
You don’t have to work hard, though, when he snakes both his arms beneath your shoulders, leaning over you to cover your body with his. His breathtaking eyes look into the depths of yours, making you fear for all the secrets you keep locked away in your heart.
“Climb,” he commands, and you immediately wrap both your legs around his waist and arms around his back.
He stands up with you clinging onto him like a Koala with laughable ease, squeezing your ass as he walks the two of you to your bedroom. Your chin rests against his sternum, mouth peppering light kisses over the expanse of his throat.
"Behave," comes his grunted admonishment, making you look up at him with round eyes.
"Did you not like that, Alpha?"
Taehyung looks at you from under his lashes, the fire in his gaze threatening to turn you into a bigger mess that you already are. 
"It was distracting me," are his final words before he drops you onto your mattress, standing back to watch your body bounce, amused. "Cute."
Cheeks warm, you scramble into a sitting position, quickly rearranging your legs to kneel on the bed. Taehyung shakes his head, though, and you freeze.
"Lay back," he orders, beautiful fingers reaching up to unbutton his shirt.
Your heart thumps in your ears when the silk cloth slides off his broad shoulders. His toned, golden body beckons you to him – but you resist, arousal pooling on the bedsheet between your legs when Taehyung moves to stand next to the edge of the bed, in front of your exposed pussy.
Long, elegant fingers wrap around your thighs, digging in with his strength as he tugs – and you're pulled down the mattress to him, ass settled on the edge. Taehyung meets your eyes with his gaze gleaming golden, his wolf showing itself in his heightened lustful state.
You gulp when he quietly lowers to his knees, tongue licking at his lips, wide shoulders rolling back, built chest bulging. His eyes still look at you – look through you, to your soul.
And then his gaze moves to your bare center, the golden brightening in his eyes to an intensity that almost glows.
"Such a pretty, fucking pussy," he growls, your thighs quivering in his clenching hands. "Pink and wet and mine."
Your eyes flutter shut as the last of his words washes over you.
His. Yes, you are. Undeniably, irrevocably his.
But he isn't yours. At least, not in the ways you want him to be. Not outside of bed.
And maybe that should be enough. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes, the love you hold for him in your chest overwhelms you too much for that to be enough. God, you love him so much, so freaking much, you wish you could have him – all of him, in every way, all the time. 
“Am I stressing you out?”
His hiss against your skin travels through your thigh to spread all over your body until your muscles lock up in fright. You scrunch your eyes shut, face twisting in a grimace. He sensed your shift in emotions.
“Maybe,” Taehyung cuts you off, “I need to engage you better, hm?”
Your throat, your whole mouth runs dry, but you don’t even get the chance to collect your thoughts before a slapping sound echoes around you – along with a stinging sensation hitting your clit in full force.
Your mouth freezes in a silent scream, shocked gaze running down to the man between your legs. His plush lips tilt up in a smirk, molten gold eyes narrowed at you with his hand poised next to your thigh and palm turned towards your pussy. His fingers glisten with what must be your arousal. 
“Look at this cunt soaking my hand when I slap it,” he mumbles almost affectionately, separating his fingers to show you how your slick sticks to them. “So perfect. My perfect little wolf.”
His praise fills you up with pride, making you want to do better – to please him until all his earlier stress leaves him.
As if to drive his observation home, his palm rears back and hits you again – a shriek of his name tearing out of your throat this time. Your clit throbs at the assault, becoming more sensitive and alert. You’re positive a single stroke of his finger through your walls can bring you to a blinding orgasm, right now. But you also know he isn’t going to allow you that just yet.
His perverse smile turns into a feral grin, upper lip peeling over his teeth. Pieces of dark hair fall over his forehead, hanging over his hooded eyes that stare at your sex as if it is a three-course meal. 
He looks so dangerous.
You want him to ruin you. 
Another slap over your pussy sends you rocking up the bed. Your eyes water and teeth bite into your lower lip, a muffled groan escaping you.
A rumble of, “what’s that?” is pressed into your knee as Taehyung plants a kiss there with his smirking lips. 
Your whimpers tremble with the shakes of your head. Taehyung gives a hearty laugh, delivering one more slap to your cunt.
“Alpha!” you screech, back arching off the bed.
That one was painful. But so, so amazing. Tears trickle out of your eyes and travel down the sides of your face to seep into the bedsheets. Just as more arousal floods out of your pussy. God, why are you such a mess for him?
Taehyung, always attuned to your body, immediately deduces your pain, sinking to press his lips to your battered clit. Your body jumps at the contact, hypersensitive as it has become, but his soothing lips and tongue have you reacting a lot differently in no time.
His tongue licks into your entrance, massaging your walls just as his teeth drag against your outer lips and you quiver under his attention. His tongue ravishes your cunt, ploughing into you with a vigor before flicking at your clit, and then going back to your entrance – until he decides to wrap his lips around your sensitive nub, and suck.
Your neck is tossed back into the bed, breasts pushed up in air at the heavy onslaught of sensations, and your release closes in on you unannounced.
“Fuck fuck – Alpha! I can’t—can’t hold it—fuck!” You’re sobbing, now, and trying to think up ways of how your Alpha will punish you for coming without his permission, when he surprises you.
Leaning up from your cunt with a parting nip at your clit, he meets your blurred gaze with his lidded, sparkling golden one. “Come for me, then.”
That is all the command your body needs, walls clenching around nothing even before his mouth has gone back to press against your pussy. He brings in a finger to slide into your channel, and immediately, you trap it in your walls – screaming Taehyung’s name to high heavens as your release washes over you. Your body spasms, rocking against his finger for a while, and then falls slack in the bed.
Taehyung is naked and on your body, cupping your cheek when you manage to open your eyes again. 
“You did so well, baby,” he murmurs to you, eyes a duller shade of gold now, the brown of his human self peeking through. “Can you take more?”
“Always,” you whisper, losing your mind over how handsome and delicious and big he looks hovering over you like this. 
But then your gaze travels down his firm body to meet his length, fully hard and ready – so freaking beautiful, it is summoning you to have a taste. You coyly look into eyes that have taken on a questioning look. 
“Can I… please have you in my mouth, Alpha?”
Taehyung’s jaw hinges, golden flooding back into his irises at a scary rate, before he mumbles curses and gets off your body to let you get to his throbbing length.
He is long and thick and so so hard. His girth is a trait owed to the species you belong to, but the length is solely him. You’ve been with guys that share the thickness of his cock – but the way his length comes up to be close to your forearm in size is something you haven’t ever experienced with another. And you don’t think you ever will.
You stare, transfixed, at the bead of precum on his tip. You roll your tongue and open your mouth to spit on it, watching as the globule mixes in with his arousal and trickles down the side of his veins.
With a moan, you wrap your mouth around him and slide down, lubricating him with your mouth. His groans meet your ears, erasing the ache your jaw initially felt at the spread. 
Your mouth moves on his cock, diving deep to have him hit the back of your throat, before pulling back and sucking on his tip. Taehyung slowly cards the fingers of both his hands through your hair, gasping with every motion of your head. 
“My precious little Omega with her perfect little mouth,” he grunts, sounding stifled and exerted, and your chest swells with pride.
His fingers wrap over your head to hold you in place soon enough, though, and hips start to drive into your throat at a rapidly increasing pace. You moan around him, eyes rolled to the back of your head. He goes hard and rough, and you desperately cling onto his legs to stop yourself from tilting off your balance.
One of your palms reaches for his heavy balls, fondling the twin sacs and squeezing lightly until you hear him hiss out a curse. You increase the pressure. 
"Fuck!" Taehyung shouts, warning you, "I'm close… fuck, baby, I'll come soon…"
You have no intention of moving away, though. 
You relax your throat as much as you can, never faltering in the motions of your hand. You gag a couple of times when he cuts off your air supply by choking you with the head of his cock down your throat, and he allows you a few seconds’ respite with shallow thrusts before going back to fucking your throat raw.
"Baby," he grunts, hand fisting in your hair. "I'm coming…"
With another couple of thrusts, he gives a muffled whisper of your name and unloads his release down your throat – pulsing and twitching in your mouth as you quickly work on gulping the bulk flooding there. You cough a bit when he pulls out, but swallow every last bit, wiping at your bottom lip with your thumb to catch a leaking drop and lick it.
“Fuck,” echoes his hiss before he knocks you flat against the bed with his kiss.
And then the two of you move in a loop – pleasuring each other till completion, separately, and then one time together. His cock eventually decides to leave your raw throat to nudge your pussy lips apart and drive home into your warmth that has been fluttering almost non-stop, tonight. You’re too far gone to hold onto any cohesive thoughts at this point, vision and senses getting muddled with exhaustion from all the juices you’ve released already.
Making true on his promise, Taehyung fucks you into the early hours of the morning, only letting you rest when you actually black out after a strong orgasm.
When you sleepily complain about the reports you couldn’t mail last night, Taehyung assures you he’ll talk to his brother – your boss – about letting you off the hook and maybe giving you a day off, too.
You don't know if he can or should – or even actually will – use his authority like that, but the fact that he wants to, makes your heart flutter. You think you fall a little more in love. 
And then he cuddles you until you fall asleep, confusingly affectionate and caring, but you aren’t lucid enough to really analyze it. Your last waking thoughts revolve around the way your entwined fingers fit between his perfectly as you fall asleep with both your hands held in his.
Tumblr media
"Her heat is coming up."
Taehyung pauses. "What?"
"You heard me." Jimin, his most trusted Beta and closest friend, rolls his eyes. "I am reminding you that if she asks me again, I'm not gonna say no to her this time."
Taehyung's blood boils in his veins. "No," he grunts, nostrils flaring and forehead creasing.
But Jimin, unbothered and unafraid, waves a dismissive hand in the Alpha’s general direction and goes back to scrolling on his phone.
"Save the aggression for the Pack. I wasn't asking for your permission, I was informing you."
Taehyung gets this uncontrollable urge to drive his fist through his best friend's face. "I'm your Alpha. I can—"
"—not command me to not help out an Omega without valid reasoning." Jimin raises a challenging eyebrow. "I will challenge you in Court and bribe Sehun to turn the Council's vote in my favor. You know I will."
All Taehyung can do is grit his teeth and clench his fists and mentally chant all the reasons why hurting Jimin in this situation will be massively counterproductive. It barely works, but he manages to rein in his violent instincts. Instead, he scowls at the other guy.
"Why the fuck do you have her calendar memorized, you creep?"
"I didn't have to name her for you to know who I'm talking about, and yet I'm the creep here, somehow."
"As if you talk to me about any other female?"
"Actually, I do." Jimin raises a finger up. "You just don't pay any attention when I'm talking about other females."
Wow, Taehyung really walked right into that one. While Jimin breaks into peals of high pitched laughter at the hilarity of this situation – which, mind you, Taehyung fails to see – he himself chooses to get off the couch and make his way to the kitchen. 
Gripping the refrigerator's door, he frowns at himself. What the hell is going on with him? He used to have better control over himself, limiting his jealousy and general annoyance at other wolves being around you like a pro. He never used to be bothered by Jimin talking about you. What has changed?
He is quick to remind himself that Jimin has never before talked about helping you through your heat. But then, you have had other Betas do it for you over the years. It shouldn't bother him so much. Well, not more than the fact that you never try to ask him.
Extracting a cold bottle of water from himself, Taehyung figures he's partially to be blamed for your disinterest. He has staked such a blatant claim on your spare time, it should be understandable why you would want to steer clear of him whenever you can. You already see more of him than you want to. He would hate him, too, if he was in your position and was made to take care of his Alpha just because the Alpha had taken an interest in him.
Taehyung freezes.
Is that what he’s doing to you? 
Fuck. He’s so horribly pathetic.
He reminds himself that there are also a couple of other issues an Omega needs to think of when asking for an Alpha’s help with their heat. Alphas tend to be the most possessive and territorial, and more often than not end up mating with the Omega they help through its heat. And he can come up with a laundry list of reasons why you would run in the other direction from that possibility.
You do not have it easy, in the least. Omegas are supposed to be special, what with their undying loyalty to their pack and the Alpha. But instead, their little to no sense of self preservation and the capability of making Alphas bend to their wiles by the scent of their sex actually makes them an easy target for abuse and disrespect. No one wants to marry an Omega, knowing they would have to ward off potential suitors all their life because even a mated Omega has a scent that attracts attention. Well, unless it is an Alpha they are mated to, because no one wants to mess with an Alpha’s mate unless they have a death wish. 
Taehyung gulps down half the bottle of water to take the reins of his spiraling thoughts. 
Literally everyone in his pack has been wanting him to choose a mate for nearly a year, now, with Jimin dropping hints that it could be you. Taehyung knows better than to follow that advice, but he is starting to wonder if should maybe take the rest of his pack more seriously before the Elders force him into a contractual marriage or some shit. 
He kind of wishes the Moon Goddess actually designated mates to wolves, the way his ancestors used to believe she did. Mating would be a lot less of a headache if he lived in a world where his body was conditioned to be attracted to just one other individual. Yeah, it could go horribly bad if something happened to one half of the mated pair, but then, it isn’t that easy for mates to live without each other, anyway. He would know. He has seen his father live as a shell of himself after his mother died.
Sighing at his suddenly heavy thoughts, he walks back to the living room – to a sight that makes him do a double take.
You are sitting in the spot he just vacated, cuddled into Jimin’s side and giggling at something on his phone.
For a moment, Taehyung is convinced he is hallucinating. He didn’t hear you get here, couldn’t – can’t smell you, at all. He could have been distracted by his thoughts earlier, but what about now? He does something peculiar in the air, but it is not a scent he has ever associated with you.
He walks ahead, making up his mind to sit on the spot that he believes is most definitely still vacant and he has conjured you up, until—
You look up, meeting his gaze with your eyes crinkled at the corners. 
His chest caves at the sight. You look so beautiful like this – more than you do naked, more than you do with your mouth full of his cock, more than you do with his seed on you. Your smile is radiating the kind of carefree happiness he has never seen on you, and it leaves him absolutely astounded how his heart starts to beat rapidly in his chest at the sight.
“Alpha!” you greet him formally, jumping to your feet to dip in a bow, before you grin at him as his friend. “Jimin was showing me pictures of his sister’s pups. They’re so cute! Have you met them, Tae?”
Taehyung is rooted to his place, senses overwhelmed by all these foreign scents he keeps encountering. Your attention is caught by a wail emerging from Jimin’s phone, and you bound back to the Beta’s side to coo at the screen.
Jimin meets Taehyung’s eyes with a concerned frown, to which he simply shakes his head.
How the heck does he explain himself, when he doesn’t even know what he’s feeling?
Making a split second decision, he grabs his running bag that all the wolves keep on the ready when they have to go for runs in their shifted forms, and slips on his shoes.
“I don’t feel very well,” he announces to the room as he heads for the door. “Gonna take a couple laps around the forest. See you two, later.”
“But you were fine just—” Jimin cuts himself off when Taehyung shoots him a sharp look over his shoulder. “Right.” The Beta clears his throat. “See you later.”
As he’s leaving the apartment, he finally smells something similar on you – worry. 
And then it hits him.
The reason why he couldn’t recognize your scent was that he has never been around such a jovial you. You usually smell like lust or distress around him, nothing even remotely close to the unfettered happiness emanating from you in Jimin’s company.
Is there anything possibly worse than that? Maybe Jimin should take care of you through your heat. Maybe he should even mate you – you two loving, selfless souls certainly deserve each other. And this is, he realizes, why he was so bothered by Jimin contemplating saying yes to you if you asked. You two could very potentially fall in love, and it would be the greatest thing to happen to both you and Jimin.
Taehyung should be happy – what’s better than two of his closest friends getting together?
But every fiber in his being absolutely hates the prospect. His stomach violently lurches when he imagines you swollen with Jimin’s pups, and he has to pause at the edge of the forest to calm his breathing. If he shifts this enraged, he will end up going back to his apartment and claiming you as his mate. In his wolf form.
He drops his backpack to the floor, eyes looking skywards at the moon that is starting to show in the still pale blue sky.
“Why did you have to send such a perfect fucking Omega my way, huh?” he shouts at the Moon Goddess, tears stinging his eyes. “What the hell do I do with all these feelings when I’m the worst thing to happen to her? She’s such an angel… always welcoming me into her body for me to let my frustrations out… and I…”
He purses his lips to hold back his tears, throat feeling heavy with the ball lodged in there.
Well, what’s more to even say? He knows he is the most selfish fucker for still going back to you when he knows you only do what you do out of obligation for your Alpha. The fact that he has never smelt your happiness before today in all his five years of being lucky enough to have you as one of his closest friends is more evidence than he needs.
Taehyung laughs drily, hating himself like he’s never hated anything ever before.
Tumblr media
"What the hell is going on with him?" 
You're still staring at the door Taehyung just walked out of, confused beyond your wits.
Jimin looks at you for a few moments before moving his shoulders in a shrug. "He's been stressed lately. That's why I called you here in hopes of movie night to get him to relax, but…" He morosely gestures to the direction Taehyung took off into.
“Wait, stressed?” You frown.
“Yeah, he’s being rushed to find himself a mate, and stuff by the whole Council at the Court.”
You snort at Jimin's choice of words. "Mate? What is this, 1820? And what's new about that? He is being pressured ever since his father died and he assumed the throne."
“Okay, one – that's what the Elders call it," Jimin protests, even though he's laughing with you. "And two, the proposals are piling on and the Court is becoming impatient."
You gulp at the revelation. “Oh?”
“Yeah. The neighbors are going at it, left and right.”
“Why won't Tae accept any?” The question frames in your head and slips out of your mouth too quickly.
Jimin gives you a look of disbelief. "Are you that thick, or do you need me to validate what you already know?"
You have no darn clue what he's going on about. "Jimin. Quit riddling me."
"Ugh, for reals?" He groans, leaning back to hang off the side of the couch, upside-down.
"It's been more than a year since his father's death, he's been looking for so long. But you can't find elsewhere what you already have, can you?"
You look away when he moves back into his previous sitting position and gives you a knowing look. 
"I think he isn't looking for an Alpha at all, but an Omega. One in particular."
You roll your eyes at his subtlety. "We're just sleeping together, Jimin. I'm not delusioned into thinking there's more to it when there isn't."
"Oh, please," Jimin scoffs. "As if you don't reek of longing when you're around him. That dumbass just doesn't realize how much he wants—"
"Do not finish that thought," you grit out, teeth and fists clenched. "I'm done hoping for the impossible."
You earn another long look from Jimin followed by a scoff. "You cannot seriously believe he doesn't want you."
"I know he wants me." You raise a hand up when Jimin opens his mouth. "In his bed. But the selection of the Queen cannot be solely based on what he – or anyone, in fact – wants. It should be about what's good for Tae. For the Pack. The Queen needs to suit the throne, not be sexually compatible with the Alpha. Who wouldn't be sexually compatible with an Alpha, anyway?"
An elongated groan is released from Jimin's lungs. "You're talking like one of the Elders, I hate it."
"I'm just being mature."
"And whom does your maturity deem suited for the throne, then? Some snobby Alpha bitch?"
You wince at Jimin's choice of adjective, but then very slowly shake your head. He looks at you with interest.
"Who else, then?"
You exhale, immediately thinking about Kira, one of your closest friends in the world and a Beta from your Pack. She’s so perfect to be Taehyung's Queen, it almost hurts thinking about it. 
"A respectable, stable Beta. One that would listen to him and not challenge his authority, but also be smart enough to make her own decisions when need be."
"And that would be, who? Some Beta?" Jimin looks disgusted when he looks at you again.
"Well it won't be me. And I think it's better if we don't bring up the possibility anymore, too, please."
"What? I was actually thinking you should ask him to be with you through your heat."
You blink at him. "And why the heck would I do that?"
"To signal to him that you're interested in him, too, and don't just let him fuck you you out of obligation."
Your mouth parts in surprise. "Obligation? This is the twenty-first century, Jimin. Why would Tae think I'd do anything out of obligation?"
"He's an idiot, babe, you know that," Jimin reminds you with a wry smile. “What’s the harm, anyway? You’re yet to make a request, right? Request for Tae.”
"I don't wanna make a fool of myself if he rejects me, Jimin. Which he might." You tuck your legs in, curling into yourself. "And you know what it's like for an Alpha to help an Omega through their Heat. I don't want Tae to be coerced into mating with me. I'd never be able to forgive myself."
"Coerced." Jimin gives you an exaggerated roll of his eyes. "God, babe, you're so dramatic! Emotions do not happen by magic, you know that. Hormones or pheromones cannot create urges that aren't there. All they do is heighten them – take off the filter and let you live out what your instincts demand."
Jimin has you speechless by his rapid fire spray of facts. 
But just because you do not have a response for him doesn't mean this is enough for you to change your mind. You can't think of anything worse than having Taehyung despise you because your scent persuaded him into mating with you and now he's been manipulated into a lifetime bond he didn't ever want.
Your heart aches at the imagery.
Your concentration breaks when a message pings somewhere close by. You turn to look at the phone kept on the table next to you.
"This is Tae's phone, right?"
A message flashes on the screen, making you invade Taehyung's privacy unwittingly.
Yoona Tae-bear! Heard you're looking for a Queen? Why go looking when you have your best friend, right here? (; I'm coming to see you tomorrow xx
"Ugh, you stink of heartbreak, what is it?"
You hand the device over to Jimin.
"She's his childhood friend, right?"
"I… yeah."
Taehyung is going to say yes to her. There’s no reason for him not to.
You nod to yourself. "Okay. That's, uh. That's good for him, I guess."
"Hey, babe—"
"I'm fine."
And you are. You knew this would happen – you wanted this to happen. Sure, it stings a bit, knowing the love of your life is going to be with someone else. But you'll get over it because you know all the reasons why you’re bad for him.
"Get me a glass of water, be hospitable," you grumble, nudging at Jimin's thigh with your toe. "And show me more of Unni's pups. I wanna smile."
"Wow, using me as a butler and my nieces and nephews as clowns. Nice." Jimin makes a face, even as he stands up.
He pauses to stretch his arms above his head, and—
His gorgeous back muscles and sculpted Adonis’ belt peek at you. You immediately look away in embarrassment. Jimin cackles at your reaction.
"God, babe, you're allowed to look and be horny, it's fine!"
"No. My heat hits the day after tomorrow, I'm in pre-heat, it's fucking with my pheromones," you grumble, earning a loud gasp from the dramatic Beta.
"Did you just curse?"
You moan in irritation when he pokes his head into your line of sight, too close for comfort. "Can you not? You know you're handsome and tempting as hell, but I'd very much not like to climb you up like a scratching pole. Not when my heart feels so heavy."
Jimin gives a thoughtful hum. "You know. You can spend your heat with me if you'd like."
Your eyes cut to his sharply. "Didn't you ruthlessly reject my request last year?"
"That was when I thought you and Tae would have a chance."
You swallow. "And you… don't think so anymore?"
"Well, didn't we just have that conversation? You're not gonna say yes to him, he's probably gonna say yes to Yoona. So where does that leave you?"
You pause, actually considering his words. They do kind of make sense. You don't reckon you have any more business left with Taehyung if he has a bride. Which he is very likely to, now. And Jimin is a good, trustworthy friend of yours that you have complete faith in to help you through your heat with more care than you'd ask for.
"Babe. I'm just saying. If you want to close the Tae chapter of your life forever, I'd be more than willing to help." Jimin gives you a serious look. "Okay?"
Close the Tae chapter of your life? Forever? Do you want to?
But do you need to? When he's obviously close to finally finding a partner and obviously getting confused by your pheromones? Should you?
You inhale deeply, looking into Jimin's friendly eyes, and exhale.
Tumblr media
It is needless to say that when Taehyung saw the text he received from one of his best friends – who also happens to be an Alpha of a pack, close by – he didn't expect she was being serious.
He stares, jaw slacked, at the female's placid smile.
"Yoona, I—"
"You said you were in a rush, right? I don't see a better alternative."
And although it does make practical sense what she's saying, Taehyung doesn't like it. Not one bit.
"Yoona, we've been friends for so long," he tries to placate her. "Wouldn't it be… awkward?"
Her face is so calm, it's almost scary. "Absolutely not. I think that would make things all the more better, in fact."
Taehyung cannot wrap his head around this. Why does he feel so disgusted thinking about marrying her? It is the right choice to make. They are friends, she has a pack that shares borders with his, so they won’t have to work too hard to take care of their combined packs’ boundaries. 
So then why does his heart hurt and stomach twist when he thinks of spending his life by Yoona’s side?
He closes his eyes to calm his spiraling thoughts – only to have himself immediately invaded with the images of a smiling face that he longs to see. A pair of arms he wishes to have wrapped around him. 
A hand he wishes to hold.
An Omega he wants to claim as his and belong to – not just use her for her body.
He wants you.
Oh shit.
“Yoona, listen—”
Jimin chooses that exact moment to loudly walk into the living room, Taehyung being too distracted by his thoughts to have sensed him in advance. The Beta tosses a suspicious glance at Yoona and then subtly arches his brows at Taehyung.
"Oh! Beta Jimin, is it?" Yoona is quick to greet, standing up and quickly folding into a bow.
Jimin does respond with a smile, but the wariness in his demeanor and the scent of discomfort wafting off him is enough for Taehyung to discern that he doesn't like the situation he is witnessing. And that he knows more about it than Taehyung thinks.
"You can take your time to decide, Tae," Yoona addresses him, getting up to take her leave. "I'm in no hurry." She pauses, a friendly smile that somehow looks calculated painted across her face. "But you are."
Jimin doesn't even wait for her to be out of earshot before he's jumping on the case.
"I swear to Moon Goddess, Tae, if you don't say no to her right now—"
"I will!" Taehyung exclaims, bile rising up his throat at the very prospect. "I think…"
A pair of kind, warm eyes. A warmer body. Tinkling laugh. Searing touches. Eyes full of passion that he wants to want him back. Needs to.
"I think I know where my heart is, Jimin…"
Jimin gives a loud sigh. "Oh fucking finally! Do you know how stressful it has been? I even tried to make you jealous by telling you I'd accept her request, but it took Yoona for you to realize! How are you so fucking dumb, Tae? I’d hate you if you weren’t my best friend!" Jimin breathes heavily after his raging rant. "Congratulations. It only took you more than five years to admit what I saw from the first day. Ten, if we count from the day you two first met."
Taehyung nibbles on his bottom lip. "But does she even want me?" 
Jimin gives a pained groan, fumes of frustration rising from him.
"She's been crying that she isn't good enough for you. She almost agreed to spend her heat with me just so that you can live your life in peace. You're an absolute idiot if you're still confused about her feelings, Tae."
Well. Taehyung doesn't want to be an idiot anymore.
“We’re gonna have to talk about you calling me dumb and an idiot in less than two minutes, sometime, Park Jimin…”
Tumblr media
On your way to filing a request for Taehyung to be your partner for Heat at the Court, you receive two very cryptic messages from Jimin.
Tae rejected Yoona 👀 Remember what we discussed? Make your official request ASAP and make things easier for him 👀
For a moment, you stop at the side of the road as your head reels. What does he want you to do again? 
But then you start to understand.
Taehyung is getting confused about Yoona because of you. Again. Faltering in making decisions that are right for him, yet again. Curse your captivating pheromones. 
You understand what Jimin is hinting at. You shouldn’t confuse Taehyung further by asking him to be near you when all the chemicals in your body are at an all time high drive. The thing Jimin said about signaling your interest to Taehyung is obviously a moot point, now.
You need to submit a request for Jimin.
You pace up to the Court compound, walking down to the concerned department that is flooded with wolves in pre-heat all around the year. You make your way into the line and then to the front desk where a bored looking Beta asks you to fill the digital form on the tab placed before you.
Your hands tremble only slightly when you enter Jimin’s name. 
The clerk tells you you’ll receive your confirmation from the party concerned within two hours.
But you have barely even made it to your home, hardly taking fifteen minutes, when your phone rings with Jimin’s call.
With a chuckle, you put the device to your ear – only to pull it back when Jimin’s screech threatens to deafen you.
“What the hell?” you yelp, putting the phone on speaker.
“Have you lost your mind? What the hell did you do? Even after I texted you? I swear to fucking Moon Goddess, I will haunt your ass if he kills me before—”
“Woah, woah, Jimin,” you interrupt his enraged shouting. “Slow down. What did I do?”
You hear him take a breath and use that moment to quickly unlock your apartment and get in.
“You put in my name. Why the fuck?”
You pause in the act of pouring yourself a glass of water. “Because… that is what your text said?”
“What? Where? I literally asked you to make things easy for Tae! How does this do that?”
“Well, you told me he rejected Yoona’s—”
“Exactly! And? I even asked you if you remembered what we discussed!”
“Yes, and we discussed that you’d help me close the Tae-chapter in my life!”
“I—well, yes, but I was talking about the reassuring Tae you weren’t sleeping with him out of obligation thingy!”
“What? And how the heck was I supposed to figure that out? Your messages were confusing! Especially with those emotes!”
“Oh, God, this is a mess,” Jimin bemoans. “Look. Tae’s on his way to the Court to overrule your request with his, and then he’s coming to your place with an overnight bag.”
“Wait, what? Overrule?” You slump into your couch, aghast. “He can do that?”
“He’s the… King? Also, he can do that if he admits to the Council that he’s committing to pursuing you as a potential partner for him.”
Your brain refuses to believe that Taehyung would go to such lengths. You sulk, pushing your lower lip out in a pout. 
“The system sounds corrupted.”
“Yeah? We live in fucking monarchy, what else did you expect?” Jimin snorts. “Now stop chit-chatting with me and prepare for his rage. Oh, wait.” He sniggers like the nuisance he is. “You already have practice.”
“Shut up, Jimin.” You roll your eyes and disconnect the call.
And just that second, a key aggressively turns in your lock.
You stand up with a gasp of fear. How the heck did he get here so fast? Did he turn on the way or something?
He probably did.
Your feet are still cemented to the ground when Taehyung bursts through the front door in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants with his hair sticking to his forehead from sweat, and eyebrows drawn down tight over narrowed eyes that are bleeding into golden, just as his lips purse into an unimpressed line. He looks really hot and your messy, pre-heat hormones make you want to pounce him despite the fury rolling off him in waves. 
“Hey…” you try, fading off when he raises an unamused eyebrow at you.
“Jimin. Really?”
His voice is thick and deep, and with the way he smells of barely controlled anger but also barely concealed lust – you’re holding back from jumping him with great difficulty. Your pussy clenches regardless of your efforts.
“I just…” You trail off when he clicks his tongue.
“Did you really think I would let him do it without putting up a fight?”
You gulp. “Honestly? Yes. I didn’t think you would mind at all… And you shouldn’t, Tae.” You look at him through a pained gaze. “This isn’t good for…”
You’re forced to trail off again when he suddenly stalks up to you and cups your face between his palms. His eyes are wild as they search yours, breath coming out in small puffs that wash over your face.
“Before we spiral into another chain of overthinking or miscommunication or misunderstanding, I want to tell you something,” he quickly says with deep, earnest eyes. 
You hold your breath. “Yeah?”
Taehyung breathes in and holds it. You watch multiple emotions dance across his face – from fear and nervousness to anxiousness and worry, until he finally settles on determination.
“I’m in love with you,” he exhales, shoulders relaxing as if he’s getting a weight off of them. 
And maybe he is, because what did he just say? 
You stumble a few steps back, stunned and speechless at the fact that Taehyung would actually say it out loud to you – that, what you have felt for him for a decade now; that, what you never could say to him in fear of getting your heart crushed; that, what you have longed to hear from him for so so long.
He really said it so easily.
It is obvious that Taehyung takes your shocked silence as your answer with the way horror washes over his face. When his eyes start to cloud over with hurt and his scent morphs into one of pain, your heart pushes you to stop it in place.
“Tae,” you whisper, scared out of your mind, but also thrilled that you finally get to be honest with him, “I’m in love with you, too.”
His face lifts. “You do?”
You barely get the chance to nod, let alone admire the way his lips push his cheeks up into cute little buns with his wide smile, before he’s on you – your back meets the wall with the force of his kiss. He doesn’t waste time consuming your mouth, gripping your face with both his hands. Your legs take leverage from the wall behind you to hitch over his waist, and with one of his hands supporting one of your thighs, you lock them in place around him, firmly. His hardening length presses up pleasantly against your core, making you press down on it more firmly.
Taehyung lets go of your bitten lips with a heaved breath, wrapping his arms around your back to carry you to the closest flat surface – that so happens to be the kitchen island just next to you.
Your dress is torn off you within seconds, Taehyung’s warm mouth travelling over every part of your body with a frantic passion, hands tearing through your undergarments until he has you fully naked under him. Your eyes become unfocused, brain foggy with the scent of his arousal choking your windpipe with his lips attached to your chest and your hands pulling at his shirt. His teeth mark a path down to the tips of your breasts, the flat of his tongue licking at your nipple before his mouth encloses over it.
“Fuck fuck — Tae!”
He growls a warning into your flesh. You shudder.
“Alpha," you correct. "My alpha.”
Pleased, gleaming eyes look up at you from his position at your tits, and your back arches at the provocative sight, pushing the mound further against his face. He switches sides, sucking the other bud roughly against the roof of his mouth, and cups the undersides of your thighs to draw you tight against his swollen member. 
With a moan pulled out of your throat as his teeth dig into your areola, you manage to cause a rip in Taehyung’s shirt. You tug at the opening in the fabric hard to separate it from his body.
“Fuck,” he seethes into your skin, delivering a punishing nip to the top of your breast. “You just love acting fierce and bratty, don’t you?”
You swallow, huge eyes looking at him. “No, Alpha.”
Your actions contradict you wholly when you still pull at the scrap of fabric that hangs off his shoulder. He chortles at that, but allows you relief by freeing himself of the offending pieces of cloth that hindered both the pleasing sight and his skin's warmth. Just as his buff chest is revealed in its full glory, you immediately reach forward with a hand to wrap around his neck and bring his body down over yours. 
And just as your skins meet – delicious, heated weight of him plastering you to the cold kitchen counter – a spark originates in the pit of your stomach. Not the usual heat of arousal that Taehyung stirs in you, no, it’s…
Something stronger. 
Taehyung chooses that exact moment to bury his face in your neck, rubbing his nose along your mating gland. He licks at it, coating you in his saliva and dousing you in his scent. You realize he is Scenting you. 
No sane thought remains after that.
"Alpha," you murmur, eyes closed and mind blank. "My alpha…"
“Yes, my little Omega. You smell so sweet and so fucking ripe, do you know?”
His rough voice seems to scratch directly against the walls of your pussy, a throb spreading all over your body that makes you shiver uncontrollably under him. Warmth starts to accumulate under your skin, dousing you in sudden sweat.
The spark in the pit of your stomach is suddenly an inferno and you’re burning.
Wait, burning?
“Tae,” your voice comes out in a ghostly wisp, vision blurred when you open your eyes, unable to focus on him.
But Taehyung stiffens over you all the same. And then you realize you don't need to tell him for him to know.
When he meets your gaze, his pupils have shrunken to dots and his wolf’s golden has swallowed his natural brown irises.
“I thought your heat wasn’t until tomorrow?” 
He sounds like he’s straining to hold back and so strongly smells of sex, that you're distracted from his words completely. Like a bitch in heat, which you now are, you grab his face and practically smash it down on yours, attacking his lips with a passionate clash of teeth and tongue.
His moans alert you of something, but you’re too far lost in his scent of pure Alpha to form a coherent thought that doesn’t involve having his cock in you. Your hands map a path over his back, nails that are just shy of turning into claws by the intensity of your arousal dig into his delicious flesh. More hungry for him than you’ve ever been for someone in your life, you latch your teeth onto his lower lip and suck like you would die without the taste. Your heated and dripping core is met by what you know to be the best cock you’ve ever been filled with and you push against it crazily, desperately, trying to get at least some friction over your clit.
But then your journey to nirvana is interrupted with a growl that has all the hair on your body standing on end. 
It isn’t a human sound – it’s Taehyung’s wolf, the Alpha, calling out to discipline you. All your limbs fall off him like a puppet with its strings cut.
You look up into pools of aureate that glare at you. You gulp.
“What a greedy little bitch,” comes another nearly inhuman growl through his gritted teeth, a large palm coming down with a slap against your tit.
A keen leaves you at the sparks that light up your body at the contact. “Alpha… please…”
“You will take what your Alpha gives you and only take that. Understood?” he snarls, his body visibly tense – in anger or restrained lust, your haywire senses can’t tell past the essence of his wolf you're drowning in.
You still tremble. “Y–yes, Alpha.”
He grips both your wrists and pulls them above your head. You gasp, arching up into his body like a taut bowstring when he leans into you to lick a path up your collarbone to the back of your ear, stuffing his nose there to draw in a deep inhale. 
He lets out a sound that is a mix between a human wail and a wolf’s cry, “God, you smell so fucking good, baby… I wanna fuck you full of my cum…" 
Your pussy clenches. You want – need him to fuck you until you pass out and then paint your insides and outsides with his cum. You feel like you’d die if he didn’t.
“Please,” you brokenly beg him, writhing in his grip, but he doesn’t relent.
More kisses are pressed to your searing flesh, travelling down your body. Even the brush of Taehyung’s hair against your sweaty skin makes you release a pool of arousal, walls clenching around nothing painfully.
“Fuck fuck – it hurts, please, baby,” you plead, now crying with tears wetting your entire face. “Do something…”
Taehyung pauses immediately and leans up to look at you. You meet his hungry eyes very briefly before yours screw shut with another painful spasm of your empty cunt. With his heated glare cutting through your skin, he brings his free hand to roughly cup your pussy. A groan leaves both of you at the same time, yours lengthening into a sob when two of his fingers glide through your cunt to stuff you full.
“Fuck, baby, look at you,” he pants above you, sounding as fucked out as you feel. “Dripping so much, you sucked me right in, shit.”
All you can do is cry in agreement, allowing him to fuck you open with his fingers thrusting through your slippery entrance. You can feel your wetness trail down to your ass-cheeks, leaking out of you unstoppably with Taehyung’s ruthlessly pounding fingers.
“You’re clenching already, baby, shit,” whining, he leans down to suck bruises into your neck and collarbones.
And you are. In three more strokes, your pussy flutters around his fingers in an orgasm that levitates you all the up to the clouds. For a few moments, everything around you fades away – the nearly painful arousal caused by your heat, the overwhelming burn of your skin, even your Alpha’s presence recedes from your mind. Only relief and release cuddles you in its embrace.
Until it wanes and the ache is back.
Whimpering, you open your eyes to a feral Taehyung. “Tae… More… Give me more…”
He curses under his breath and then captures your lips in a kiss. When his hips push against yours, you’re immensely pleased to find him ridden of his remaining clothes.
His fingers toy with your battered pussy, flicking at your swollen clit. “I’m gonna fuck this cunt senseless," he murmurs into your mouth. "Tear you apart with my cock. Fill you to brim with my seed, mark you, breed you until you know you're mine. Until everyone knows you're mine."
You shake beneath him like a leaf, mindlessly nodding at everything he says. 
"You want that, little Omega? Want me to make you mine?” 
As soon as his lips detach from yours, you scream out your affirmation, "please! Please, Tae, fuck – I need you! Fill me up, please!"
Strong arms slide around your waist to lift you off the counter and place you face-down on it. Your cheek and tits and stomach press against the cool marble, Taehyung’s grip on your waist tight as he holds your ass against his hips.
His thick, bulbous head pushes against your slit, a snug fit despite your crazily elevated state of arousal. He eases himself in slowly despite all the wiggling around you do. When you try to buck against him, a spank lands on one of your butt-cheeks, a lewd moan escaping you at the sting.
“Do you want me to stop?” comes a harsh snarl.
He just knows how to wrap you around his little finger.
“S–sorry,” you gasp. “Please don’t stop, Alpha…”
Taehyung slides the rest of the way in, in one stroke, familiar enough with your body to know you never require him to pause and adjust, and immediately begins pounding into you savagely. He hits you where you need him to right with the first thrust, propelling you towards an impossibly quick orgasm in your sensitive state.
“Tae… I’m gonna…”
“So soon?” he pants into the back of your neck, planting a wet kiss to your shoulder blade. “Come, baby, let it go. You’ll feel better…”
Your body strung up in the throes of pleasure and your heart warmed with love for him, your climax makes you see stars. Like it happened with the previous one, your brain is cleared of any thoughts but immense relief for a few extended moments, until you crash back with your senses even more magnified than before.
Taehyung fucks you through your orgasm, your walls stretched obscenely over his fat cock. Every stroke hits home with practized precision – so darn perfect, as if his cock was meant for you.
He shares your sentiment with his groaned, “this pussy was meant for me, fuck – wanna fuck you forever, baby…”
God, you want him to fuck you forever, too. But your brain won’t let your mouth string that thought into a decipherable sentence, half-formed shouts of his name being the only sound that escapes you.
Your nipples hurt with the friction they are subjected to against the kitchen counter, and your wince catches Taehyung’s attention. He slows his brutal pace to loop an arm around your stomach, pulling you down on his cock and away from the marble.
You deliriously smile at his thoughtful action. “I love you so much, Tae…”
His thrusts suddenly turn wild. “Fuck fuck fuck – my little baby, I love you too. I love you so fucking much, you have no idea how much…”
Being pushed and pulled every which way, you are fully lost to the sounds, the feel and the smell of him – barely registering his other hand fondling your tit and sliding down to your messy center until you feel pressure of his fingers on your clit. You’re so high strung, you can come untouched just by breathing him in. And so his motions make you immediately plummet into a series of orgasms – your cunt grips him tight, unwilling to let go as your body trembles with the force of your completion. Then before you can come back from your trip to heaven, another orgasm carries you away again. 
“You’re… doing so well, baby,” Taehyung whispers praises to you. “My best girl – my perfect little Omega bitch… I love you, my baby…”
You stay suspended among the clouds as three consecutive releases wash over you, one on top of the other. Taehyung’s words fill you up with happiness and satisfaction, but your body cannot even muster enough energy to even allow you a smile. Overstimulated and close to death because of how exhausted you feel, you tap the counter with a hand to draw Taehyung’s attention.
“Hand… too much…” you choke out.
His fingers disappear from your clit, coming up to brush hair away from your face to press a kiss to your cheek. 
“It’s okay, it’s okay… that was important,” he soothes you between his own broken breaths, hips losing rhythm in their pursuit of completion. “You can’t take my knot… without loosening up properly, baby… Relax… It’s okay.”
With a feral growl, he buries himself to the hilt and releases into you. Warmth meets your walls with his seed painting your cunt like he owns it… which he does. Now instead of pulling out of you like he normally would at this time, he instead freezes on top of you.
And then you feel it – the thickening of his base. Fear starts to coat your emotions, immediately alerting Taehyung.
“Don’t worry, my strong baby can take it,” he tells you with such confidence that you instantly believe him.
He still keeps swelling, though, reaching a point where it feels like he really is about to tear you apart like he said he would. But then he thankfully stops, held in place with his thick knot plugging your slit.
A shuddered breath is wiped out of you, tailed by a whimper of pain.
Taehyung presses his cheek against your back, planting soft kisses along your skin to comfort you. “You can do this, my baby. My little Omega – so gorgeous and strong and mine… Look at you taking everything I give you.”
His praise helps, calming your heartbeat down a bit, but the extended minutes that his knot stays in you are spent with no movement other than Taehyung’s brushed kisses against your skin.
When he starts to shrink back to his size again, you finally heave a breath of relief. But along with that seeps in pride – you successfully took his knot.
Taehyung pulls out of you very slowly, quick to turn you over and hug you to his chest when he’s untangled from your body. 
“Are you okay, baby?”
You press your face to his skin, your head swimming. “I… a little weak?”
Taehyung gives a chuckle, picking you up and cuddling to his body to bring you to your bedroom. He sits on your bed with you still in his lap.
“Hi,” you shyly mumble to his flushed face and sparkling eyes.
He presses the back of his hand to your neck. “Temperature's better. I think you can take a break."
A bar of chocolate is produced in front of your face. You give a surprised chuckle; you have no idea where or when he got this. 
Taehyung laughs at your hanging jaw, breaking apart a cube to slip it into your mouth. You chew on it with a bashful grin, feeling your eyes open wider and thoughts arranging themselves better as some energy is restored in your body.
You enthusiastically nod your agreement.
Taehyung's face morphs from amusement to a peaceful smile. Still in both of your naked glory, he reaches for your hand and brings it to his lips to press a delicate kiss against it.
His eyes are now completely brown, and full of immense softness and love. You inhale deeply, almost cooing at the scent of adoration he gives off.
He says your name in a tender, questioning voice.
"Yes, Tae?" you ask him in response, smiling when he does.
“I want to marry you. Will you be my Queen?”
You choke on your chocolate.
Taehyung pats your back, softly chuckling. “Are you really that surprised?”
You shouldn’t be, because the implication was there, in all that happened between you two today. But hearing the words makes it realer.
His eyes are kind and relaxed when they look at you, lips tugged up in a small, loving smile.
“I don’t know if I’m fit for the throne…”
He gives a sigh, not looking exactly disappointed but more like if he was expecting this but also hoping you won’t say it.
“You absolutely are. Whatever makes you doubt yourself, baby?”
You snuggle closer into him, unbothered by the sweat on your bodies or the stickiness between your thighs from spillage of both of your combined releases from your core.
“I’m an Omega, Tae,” you remind him, tilting your head to maintain eye-contact with him. “Being with an Omega is an extreme amount of headache in itself. Add to that the Queen part…” You sigh. “No one will take me seriously.”
Taehyung’s forehead creases. “Yes, they will. Everyone will take you seriously, they’ll have to. And about being with an Omega… I’m the Alpha of the pack, baby. The King. You have nothing to worry about.”
“But you do,” you retort with glum eyes. “What if I can’t handle the responsibilities, the spotlight, the expectations? They’ll charge at you, Tae.”
“Well, sweetheart,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your forehead, and you swoon – both, at the gesture and at the sudden pet name, “if you could handle me in all my moods, always aiming to please and taking care of me when I needed you to… you’ll handle the throne just fine.”
You roll your eyes at his joke, pushing at his chest. “Come on…”
“Hey, I’m being serious.” He takes your hands in his. “I have been in love with you for longer than I want to admit because it’s kinda pathetic.”
You giggle, overjoyed and bursting with adoration at his bashful expressions.
“And now that I know that you want me too, I would like to spend the rest of my life by your side.” He stares into your eyes. “I won’t compel you to make a decision, because I know it is a big one… but I want you to know that you’ll be okay – that we’ll be okay, if you say yes. The pack will accept you and love you as their Queen. I will cherish you as my wife, till my last breath.”
You don’t even realize when you start crying, only becoming aware of the tears on your cheeks when Taehyung wipes them away.
“Think about it, okay? We can discuss everything in more detail… later.” He suddenly smirks, pulling you close enough to breathe your air. “Right now… let’s sort your heat out first.”
His words travel straight to your pussy, starting your engine up again when he tosses you on the bed beneath his body.
And when his lips move against yours with all the tenderness and love in the world, you begin to feel like making a decision might not end up being that difficult, after all.
Tumblr media
taglist: @shrimpmsg​ @codeinebelle​ @afangirllikeme-blog​ @chateautae​ (bec u said it in passing and i took it to heart <3)
© jimilter | 2021
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nip it in the bud (m) – kth
Tumblr media
➻ female reader x taehyung
➻ going to get a piercing au/completing bucket list au + my brother’s best friend au + tattoo artist!taehyung
➻ genres: smut, romance
➻ length & status: 10k words; complete
➻ rating & warnings: 18+; taehyung has tattoos and piercings, he and his big hands are illegal, tae's oral fixation is entirely out of control, nipple sucking/breast play, semi-public sex (? idk tbh), the pussy eating he does is sloppy and gross, squirting, nasty/messy sex, unprotected sex (wear a condom and be safe kids OR ELSE), riding, creampie, pussy stuffing cuz tae has a big dick (I don’t think you understand it’s GIGANTIC), multiple orgasms
➻ summary: You're not sure how you ended up here, but maybe a shitty ex and a horrible breakup had a hand in what placed you in front of the tattoo parlor. It was already a nerve-wracking experience, but what you never expected was seeing that the owner and artist giving you nipple piercings was your older brother's best friend you hadn't seen in ages. to make things even worse, he got fucking hotter.
➻ a/n: this was born out of a TikTok where I learned that tattoo artists have to make sure your nipples are hard before piercing them and then I yelled at @jamaisjoons, having an existential crisis about how hot that was. She is the one who told me to write about it 😌 and the reason the fic exists. The last time I got piercings was idk 16 years ago (yes I was 7 🥴). I also have zero tattoos so my knowledge of this is minimal I just wanted to write hot Taehyung sex. Hope y’all enjoy this mess regardless. beta-read by @taegularities @hantaev & @chateautae​ (she helped with the summary too🤩) my favorite tae accounts who have encouraged me so much during this arduous writing process! beta-read and banner made by @softestmuse! You all were there for me for so much during this whole thing and helped so much 🥺
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Tumblr media
Were you actually going to do this? Was this really happening?
As you stood in front of the tattoo parlor christened “Inked in Blue & Grey,” by the messily arranged jagged font that laid out the cobalt blue neon letters decorating the shopfront, you almost chickened out. 
When you had been scrolling through Yelp late at night two weeks ago, flitting between the stages of depression and bargaining as you made your way through the grief from the breakup between you and your ex, Donghyuk, your eyes had stopped on the highly rated tattoo parlor – 4.9 stars? That was practically unheard of, especially when they had reviews and ratings in the tens of thousands. It hadn’t taken much for you, with eyes hurting from the blue light of your cellphone in the late hours and a head aching from how wine drunk you were, to quickly find the link to their website and sign up for an appointment to get twin nipple piercings. Well, no one ever wanted a singular nipple piercing to your knowledge. But you had no doubt that there were countless people out there who had chickened out from the pain of the first to not follow through with the second one.
You slowly pulled your lower lip with your teeth, softly biting down on the plump flesh as you had your head tilted up towards the intimidatingly bright letters of the parlor’s sign. The last time you had gotten any piercings was in summer camp ten years ago when Yuju had stabbed your ears through with a sewing needle. The needle had been unbearably hot from having been heated by the flame of the fluid lighter she had snuck into camp by tucking it in the black Nike crew socks she had been wearing on drop off day. It had stung you with the quick flashing pain of a burning stab wound. 
Yuju had been your last resort to get additional ear piercings which you had thought were so cool after you saw your brother walk into the house one day with several new helix piercings to go along with his lobe ones. You had begged your mother for another set of piercings, tired of having the boring set of two you had. You wouldn’t get them in the cartilage like Jimin had but wanted to add to your lobe. Your mother had vehemently denied your protests and grounded Jimin for sneaking out and getting piercings with his best friend Taehyung. 
You had complained about it to your cabin mates, who had seen the scores of tween and teen campers swoon over your brother and his friends who seemed edgy and dangerous. Your friends however were immune to their appeal and knew that they weren’t much more than geeky nerds who carefully hid their embarrassing tastes in both anime and porn. Hearing thirteen-year-old Y/N complain about her plight in the late-night whispers covered by the chirping of crickets that kept the night camp counselors from checking in on your cabin, Yuju had jumped down from her bunk into yours and eagerly offered to help you increase your total number of piercings up to four.
Looking back, you had no idea why you had trusted Yuju’s dubious claims of working at the Claire’s in the mall close to her house for three months. Later on, you found out that it had actually been Yuju’s older sister who had had the nice mall gig. The incident had left you with piercings that kept getting infected until one of them finally closed up, and you were still rocking the asymmetrical ear-piercing look, almost a decade later with one dangly earring threaded with stars on your right ear while a cubic zirconium stud and gold bedazzled moon clipped your left ear. You never saw the point of getting them fixed and had avoided piercings and needles to the best of your abilities until now.
You thought you pulled off the mixed jewelry look pretty well, but your face instantly scrunched up with an unhappy frown when you remembered Donghyuk telling you to wear matching earrings when you went out on dates with him. You bit down on the flesh of your bottom lip harder as you recalled how Donghyuk had constantly berated you and put you down for the entire duration of your three-year long relationship. Your face twisted as though a bitter taste had flooded your mouth when you remembered that your mother had been expecting him to propose to you this year. Why had you begged him for another chance when he callously threw your arms off him as he stomped around the apartment gathering up his things, ignoring your pleas and requests for an explanation until he couldn’t take it anymore? Then Donghyuk had turned around to you, glaring at you with the heat of his hard black-brown eyes, staring you down resentfully from his towering height of 6’2.
“I broke up with you because I’m tired of having such mind-numbingly vanilla sex with a woman who never comes. You’re so boring and honestly, I’m just not attracted to you anymore, Y/N. I thought I could change the meek mousy weirdo. But after three years, it looks like I was wrong,” he had said with a caustic bite to the venomous hate he spewed from his mouth.
Yes. You remembered exactly why you had booked that appointment in the fuzzy high you had gotten from too much wine and “Emily in Paris.” You had been so livid. Of all people, Donghyuk thought you were boring? Unadventurous, and vanilla? You were the one who was always holding yourself back from being too enthusiastic during sex because he could only get off when he was doing you doggy style with his hand covering your mouth in what he thought was his attempt at BDSM in the bedroom.
Your eyes lit up with renewed heat and you found yourself marching forward to the door and swinging it towards you with a powerful pull as you made your way in. Your newfound confidence only lasted until you made your way to the receptionist. There, you found yourself fumbling once more.
“Hi, I’m Park Y/N,” you stammered nervously, “I – uh, I made an appointment for… um nipple piercings,” you whispered the last bit, embarrassedly as your neck straightened and you twisted your head around to make sure no one else had overheard you. “Two weeks ago? I made my piercing appointment a while back,” you finished more confidently.
The receptionist stared at you expressionlessly. “What time is your appointment?” she asked, tucking back a vibrant purple lock of hair behind her ear.
“It’s – it’s the one o’ clock,” you mumbled, clearing your throat uneasily. You had never been in an establishment like this before and dressed in your oversized sage colored waffle knit sweater and a pair of charcoal gray Lululemon leggings you felt wildly out of place.
“Alright Y/N, here are the forms you need to fill out before you do this,” she said easily, plucking out the thick stapled document out of a manila folder. “Just a reminder, this is a semi-permanent body modification and this will close up rather quickly if you go without wearing jewelry for too long. There are pages on your medical history and if you have any allergies on the front. Prices and payment information are on the pages following that. The documents explaining the procedure and aftercare are at the end. We’ll send you home with a list of instructions on how to care for your new piercings after your appointment ends as well.”
You blinked, overwhelmed by the staggering amount of information she had just thrown your way. As you sat down at the oatmeal colored sherpa sofa at the reception and read through all the health risks and warnings, making sure you were taking in all of the information, carefully signing all the lines and checking off all the boxes, you wondered if you were in over your head.
Technically, it wasn’t too late for you to turn your back on this. You would lose your deposit, but you could still walk away – pain free. What would Jimin do if he found out that you had gotten your nipples pierced? Probably murder you, based on how he had reamed you and Yuju out after your ears had gotten infected from swimming in the lake the camp had been located next to. But would you really let your overbearing annoying older brother control you even now when you were 23? And how would Jimin even know about you getting these very intimate piercings? 
You only saw him a few times a year. There was no way Jimin would be finding out about this, nipples were more discreet than ears and you couldn’t even remember the last time you had been around your brother in clothing that would even hint that you had boobs, much less nipples. Jimin had only ever seen you in oversized T-shirts, flannel pajama bottoms or baggy sweats, and giant zip-up hoodies when he had the fortune of being in your company. No wonder he sometimes forgot you were a girl. 
Once you finished up the paperwork, you made your way back to the girl at the front desk with the clipboard. Placing it down on the counter, you took out your credit card to pay up front, with your id card beside it as verification on top of the terrazzo surface, but she shook her head, “You pay at the end for the piercings and the jewelry you pick. Personally, I prefer nipple clickers,” she said wryly, twisting her lips into a smirk.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” you mumbled as you watched her stand up and come around to you.
“Follow me, I’ll take you to the private room we have for the more intimate tattoos and piercings. There’s only one artist in today but he should be finishing up with his other client soon. You’ll probably only have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for V,” she threw her words over her shoulder carelessly as she guided you through the narrow hallway.
When she closed the door behind you and left you alone in the room, you felt rather like you were at the doctor’s waiting for your gynecologist to come in and the panic quickly set in once again. Should you have your shirt off and be ready for the piercing? Or would the tattoo artist be freaked out if he was instantly assaulted with the image of your breasts the second he opened the door? Should you sit up on the wide leather covered table or continue to stand while staring awkwardly at the door waiting for the artist to walk in?
As you looked around the small room, your eyes caught on the artwork decorating the walls. They were on white backgrounds that were framed and looked like post-impressionist portraits. The color scheme stuck to black and the primary colors, while the faces had the boldest of expressions painted over them. Extraordinary, you thought, as the door opened behind you.
“Hi, I’m V. I'll be the artist who is piercing you today. I see you’ve signed up for two nipple piercings?” A deep sensual voice flooded into the room, making you shudder involuntarily. 
You turned back and saw a male looking down at the clipboard with the forms you had filled out, his face was half covered by an indigo face mask dotted with silver embroidered stars while the other half was concealed by the soft looking black waves that were flowing forward as his bangs swept over his forehead and obscured his eyes.
“Yes, that’s right,” you nervously tittered, “Should I– should I take off my top?”
“Mmhmm,” he murmured, his eyes quickly sweeping over you, barely looking at you, as he continued on professionally, “Could you also take off your bra and tie back your hair before sitting up on the table?”
V turned around to the cabinets to get out the clamps and needles he would need to pierce you. As he bustled around gathering purple latex gloves and alcohol wipes, he asked in his soothing husky voice, “So what type of jewelry are we thinking? Titanium straight barbells? White gold hoops?”
“Which one is better?” you asked, shuddering in the air-conditioned room as your arms prickled up with goosebumps and you wrapped your arms around your naked upper half.
“Most people get the straight barbells; they find them to be the most comfortable,” V said as he tinkered around with the selection of nipple rings, “Titanium is hypoallergenic so it’s a really good metal choice. If you’re more sensitive to metals I would probably recommend gold but that’s a little more expensive. Any special closures you’re looking for? Star attachments at the end? Moons?”
“Just the basic white gold straight barbells with the star ends,” you muttered quietly. You’d worry about getting more decorative adornments for your nipples when they fully healed from the piercings and you were more accustomed to them. For now, the cute stars at the ends, instead of spherical stoppers, would be enough.
V readied everything on a small table with wheels that he pushed to one side of where you were sitting. As he pulled his gloves on, he said, “I’m going to clean your nipples and then I'll flick them to make sure they are erect enough that I can comfortably clamp them and pierce the needle through them, okay? Let me know if at any moment I am making you feel uncomfortable, sound good?”
You hummed your assent and V finally looked up from his equipment, an alcohol wipe in his hand as he reached forward for your left breast. Before he made contact however, his eyes met yours.
“Y/N?” he yelped in shock, his large gloved fingers brushing against your nipple for the briefest of moments in his shock before he recovered and recoiled from you as though he had been struck.
Your brows furrowed as you confusedly inquired, “Taehyung?”
The two of you stared at each other in shock. The male who was standing in front of you with the Van Gogh-esque vines and branches wrapping their way up his right arm  and covering his throat surely could not be the Kim Taehyung you had grown up with. This could not be your brother Jimin’s childhood best friend. This could not be the former bane of your existence.
“Yes,” breathed Taehyung, still gaping at you with his mouth wide open from behind his mask, not that you could see. You noted that he respectively maintained eye contact with you the entire time, not letting his eyes dip below your gaze. Shrugging on your muted green sweater you glared at him. The second you were covered, Taehyung gazed upwards to the rafters and murmured a not so silent prayer much to your displeasure.
“Y/N why are you getting your– ” Taehyung stopped, obviously struggling with how to word his question while not wanting to talk about his best friend’s younger sister’s nipples. “Why are you getting more piercings?” he said instead with what you thought was highly misplaced affront. “Remember when you almost died because of Yuju in eighth grade?”
Taehyung was so dramatic. You glared at him, crossing your arms over your chest, noting with satisfaction that a red flush was spreading across his golden skin as you held your gaze.
Taehyung had been a junior in high school and the camp counselor assigned to all the cabins in the row yours had been in the same summer Yuju had gone ham with your ears. He had also gotten his ass handed to him when Jimin had found out that instead of making sure the campers were asleep he had been sucking face with Jennie Kim every night.
You scowled, annoyed by how the Taehyung in front of you was a long way away from the gangly nerd with unattractive rectangle framed dad glasses and straight brown hair cut into an unflattering bowl cut that you remembered. Sure, everyone had always talked about how attractive Taehyung had been growing up, but you had never seen it. Taehyung had been a geek who had a penchant for weird outfits with his loose fit/too short culottes, brightly colored oversized crewnecks that were more hole than sweater thanks to his overeager hands when it came to snipping with scissors, and black beat-up converse lows. He had been the furthest thing from what you were into back in the day. However, the man standing in front of you right now? He was almost intimidatingly beautiful. A stunning Adonis, so gorgeous that even Aphrodite had fallen in love.
Taehyung had pulled off his mask and was frowning at you, his petal pink lips pressed thinly together. Your eyes widened when you noticed the glint of silver peeking out between his lips. Taehyung had a piercing on his tongue.
“Are you trying to police my right to have piercings?” you angrily demanded, “You work at a tattoo parlor! You have seven piercings.”
His beautiful dark brows pulled down as his wavy hair swept forward covering one of his eyes again, but he hectically moved his hair away from his face as he looked at you in abrupt alarm, “How could you possibly know that?!”
You froze in confusion, halting your impassioned tirade. Taehyung had seven piercings? You looked at him straight on again, your eyes flitting across his body, scanning him from head to toe. You had known about his five ear piercings. He had gotten them with Jimin when the two of them had still been in high school and you would see Taehyung everyday either at school or your house because of how often he would be over. The only facial piercing he had was his tongue. Where was the seventh? As your gaze drifted down his front, it stopped at his chest. Though you had been thinking about people with only one nipple piercing earlier, you somehow didn’t think Taehyung would be in that crowd. 
Your gaze finally stopped awkwardly at his crotch which was concealed by his black jeans. You stilled at the thought of Taehyung having a piercing on his cock and tried to look away quickly after you came to the realization. 
Unfortunately for you, Taehyung hadn’t planned on making it easy for you. A large veiny hand palmed at his denim covered crotch. “Are you having dirty thoughts about my dick, Y/N?” murmured Taehyung.
“I’m not!” you protested. “I’m just here for my piercing appointment so get on with it, Taehyung! Treat me like one of your usual customers!” 
You grabbed at the bottom of your sweater again and this time, instead of just holding it up above your breasts for Taehyung, you pulled the entire thing off. With your bare chest still heaving, you attempted to straighten your back, meeting Taehyung’s eyes confidently. 
Taehyung held your gaze with heat behind his chocolaty brown eyes for long interminable minutes. A sense of understanding seemed to pass between the two of you before he bit his lips and grated, “Fine, Y/N.”
Taehyung went back to the table where he had been preparing his equipment, making sure that he had gathered everything before pushing it along to stand right next to where you were seated. He sat down on a circular stool with wheels and slid towards you, using his feet to propel him forward.
Sighing once he was in front of you, he squirted hand sanitizer on his purple encased hands to make sure they were still clean, though he hadn’t touched anything other than your jewelry to resterilize them after his panicked realization that you were his client. He slowly and thoroughly rubbed his palms together, working the sanitizer in between his fingers, taking as much time as he could to delay the inevitable and then fanned them to dry. You were mesmerized by the size of his hands. They were so big they could probably cover your boobs with room to spare even though you were a rather busty girl yourself. You whimpered a little as you watched him at work.
Taehyung had heard you making that sound but he tried to ignore it. You were making it hard for him to think straight. He had never once thought that one day his dick would fall for Jimin’s crybaby little sister that he had annoyed at every opportunity he had gotten when he was younger. He had been trying to avoid direct eye contact with your uncovered upper half without much success. Your two voluptuous teardrop breasts seemed to be begging for his attention with their perky upturned nipples, hard due to the cold air drafting into the room. And below your breasts was your tiny waist and heavenly hips. You were shaped like the hourglass filled with black sand that he had for decoration in this room. 
He had already sterilized the white gold bars that you had wanted, and cleaning them a third time would only make you have an angry outburst again he was sure, but now it was time for him to get your nipples ready. He matter-of-factly ripped open an alcohol wipe, unfolding the drenched white sheet within the packet. It was finally time for him to touch you. He didn’t think he had ever been so unnerved in his life. 
Pulling the seat as close to the table that you were on as he comfortably could, he reached out for you. One of his large hands clutched your side, long fingers splayed over your ribs to hold you in place, as his other hand delicately swiped at your nipples with the alcohol wipe. You were frozen like a statue, not even daring to breathe as Taehyung was at work, his face only inches away from your breasts. Too soon, or so you had thought, his hands went away to grab the surgical scrub to further ensure that your nipples were as clean and disinfected as possible before he went to work and actually stabbed your chest to create the piercings. 
You sighed as his hands returned to your chest again. Taehyung had moved on from cleaning your skin to etching them with a marker to indicate where your piercings would be. He cupped the underside of one of your breasts with his left hand while his right hand carefully drew blue dots on either side of your nipples that were parallel to each other. He then switched over to your other breast and drew on the dots to replicate what he had marked before as symmetrically as possible. 
The scratchiness of the pen tip hardened your nipples even more than they had been and wetness pooled in between your pressed thighs. When he was done his palm was flat against your abdomen, pushing you back, “You’ll want to lie down Y/N just to be cautious. Some people get their piercings done sitting but there is the possibility that you’ll faint so I just want everything to be safe for you.”
As you laid back to rest on top of the butcher paper covering the cool leather of the table, you panicked. Taehyung was really going to do this. He was treating you like a paying customer, which you were, but you found yourself wishing that he wasn’t acting so professionally and had tried harder to dissuade you from getting these piercings, especially since you were having second thoughts about this. 
He finally returned to face you again, holding a steel contraption that looked like scissors but the ends were flat with little holes. He had his fingers threaded through the clamps he was going to use to hold your nipple as he pricked through it with a long sterilized needle. 
Taehyung sighed, “I’m going to have to flick and touch your nipples a lot. I’m sure you’re aware of that already but it might take a little more finagling than you thought. It might not be a one and done process where the clamps are perfectly on on the first try. Just, tell me if it’s too much or I’m making you uncomfortable and I’ll immediately back off. Okay, Y/N?”
You nodded mutely. You didn’t trust yourself to speak. What if you threw up all over Taehyung the second you opened your mouth?
Taehyung held your right nipple in between his forefinger and thumb, gauging its firmness before determining that it wasn’t erect enough. He flicked it with his finger, and you had to stifle your reaction, the hardness of his nail bed, even through the latex glove, catching you by surprise. Finally, he was ready to use the clamps.
You breathed through your mouth as the metal clamps pinched your delicate mauve areola to hold the bud of your nipple in place. Leaving the equipment dangling from the edge of your breast, Taehyung turned back around to grab the needle he had prepared. 
While Taehyung had been focused on the next step, you had managed to further your panicked state and were almost hyperventilating. Your lips were pressed tightly together and your hands had furled themselves into clenched fists that had your fingers digging into the thin white butcher paper beneath you, ripping it as your nails dug tiny indentations into the smooth leather underneath. 
Before Taehyung went ahead with the first of your piercings, he glanced at your face, like he did with all his clients to make sure that everything was still going smoothly. What he found had him putting the needle down again. Your face was white with fear and your eyes were filled with liquid. 
“Hey,” murmured Taehyung softly, his gloved hand cupping your cheek. “What’s up Y/N? You wanna tell me what’s going on?”
“No!” you protested fiercely.
“Miss Park Y/N,” teased Taehyung, striving to adopt a lighthearted tone, “Come on, is it just nerves? You can tell me. If I know what’s wrong then I can help you fix it. Do you not wanna get these done today?”
You sighed, “Taehyung, it’s just. I don’t know. Why am I even doing this?”
“Hmm,” hummed Taehyung, steepling his fingers, his warm brown eyes glancing at you comfortingly, “A very good question. Why are you doing this? We don’t want you getting a piercing for the wrong reasons. What is it? Have you been down in the dumps and need some change? Well maybe it’ll help you but maybe it won’t and then you’ll end up with far more piercings than you ever thought you would.”
“Is that what happened with you?” you whispered. Now that Taehyung wasn’t actively working on getting your piercings done, you had covered your chest again with your hands cupping your breasts.
“Not exactly,” admitted Taehyung, “Maybe at first when I was getting the piercings with Jimin, but later on as I got more serious about art and creating, it became a way for me to express myself to the world. A way to solidify my character and what I wanted to be known for and associated with. I really had fun once I started adding the tattoos in,” he laughed huskily. His cheeks came with his boxy wide spread grin. You had missed Taehyung. Though granted, he had been annoying for much of your childhood, you’d had a lot of fun with him. You adored Taehyung, you realized belatedly. Though perhaps realizing it while you were topless was not the best time for your epiphany, you thought as blush took over you, blood rushing to the surface of your skin, painting your cheeks, ears, and chest a muted red.
“Will you tell me where the seventh piercing is?” you asked softly, pushing yourself up. 
Taehyung stared at you, his gaze going in between your face and your uncovered form, its heat was infectious and made your own skin flush even further in its wake.
“Perhaps,” he agreed, “Although, you’ll have to tell me what pulled you into this studio today, first.”
You pouted, “It’s really dumb.”
“This is a safe place,” Taehyung smirked winningly. He repeatedly raised and lowered his thick, impeccably groomed eyebrows mischievously, “I won’t judge you, Y/N.”
“Yes, you will,” you groaned.
“Yes, I will,” admitted Taehyung easily, the ghost of a smile still painting his lips. “But you’ll tell me anyway, won’t you?”
“Donghyuk broke up with me,” you grumbled, “We were supposed to get married.”
Taehyung blinked, he vaguely remembered a baby faced male that was slightly taller than him with a mushroom cap haircut. He scoffed, “The audacity of some people. You were so far out of his league, it’s insulting that you weren’t the one to end things.”
You smiled weakly at Taehyung’s attempt to cheer you up. “It made my mind go all over the place. I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t wrong. Maybe I am unadventurous and boring. Maybe I am vanilla.”
“What’s wrong with vanilla?” complained Taehyung, throwing his hands up. His outcry of displeasure loud and clear.
You snorted, your gaze focusing on the length of his fluttering fingers for far too long, “Let’s not pretend you’re not one freaky mofo, Taehyung. But I don’t know, I just wanted to live a little.”
“So?” retorted Taehyung mulishly, “I am a man of diverse tastes. I can appreciate both vanilla and some of the more– experimental stuff.”
“Hmm,” you hummed, “I wanted to get nipple piercings, they're adventurous right? And it’s not because I think that if I do this he’ll get back together with me. But maybe he’s the one who kept me trapped and complacent. Maybe he’s the reason I’m not bold. I just wanted to try something new.”
Taehyung scoffed, “You didn’t have to go to such drastic and permanent measures. You can barely handle the nipple clamp. You would’ve cried and complained the entire month that you had to wait for your nipples to heal. You forget that, I know you. Oh Y/N,” Taehyung suddenly recalled, “You can’t do sexy stuff with your nipples while they heal so how exactly would that have helped you during your kinky adventures?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “You don’t know me that well!”
“I’m gonna lose my deposit,” you griped. “This is the worst day of my life.”
“You are so dramatic Y/N,” Taehyung replied, “How can this be the worst day of your life?!” he demanded, “What about the day Donghyun broke up with you and pushed you head first through the five stages of grief?”
“Donghyuk,” you corrected. Taehyung made a face at you, contorting his handsome visage into something that made you let out a loud laugh, visibly showing he did not give one fuck about what your former boyfriend’s name was.
“It’s not a complete loss, Y/N,” Taehyung murmured. 
“Why do you say that?” you asked. 
Taehyung placed those devilishly sexy and large hands on your waist pulling you closer to the edge of the table to where he was seated besides you. You gasped at how his grasp almost entirely circled your waist until his widespread fingers were millimeters away from meeting each other. “Ever had sex with the owner of a tattoo parlor?” he breathed, his deep voice purposefully gravelly and husky. 
“No,” you murmured, hardly daring to believe that Taehyung returned your affections. The long buried feelings from your secret crush on Taehyung all those years ago, erupting once again in your heart.
“You don’t need to get piercings to make it fun, Y/N,” Taehyung tantalized.
“You’ll tell me about the seventh piercing?” you confirmed.
Taehyung barked out a laugh. “I’ll do you one better,” he murmured, “I’ll show you where it is.” He finished off with a rakish wink.
“Can I kiss you?” you asked, hands already moving forward to cup his chiseled cheeks and jaw within their grasp.
“Hold on one second,” Taehyung chuckled, peering at you playfully as he looked up at you from where his face was in between your palms. “I gotta do one thing first.”
Taehyung went to remove the metal clamps from your poor neglected nipple that had gone slightly numb from being within its confines this entire time. “My poor Y/N,” Taehyung softened his tone as he rubbed your breast to bring back the feeling. “I’m sorry for not doing this earlier.”
He ducked his head, his plush lips wrapping around the abused peak as he soothed it with warm wet licks and light suction. You let out a high pitched sound and then choked when the cool metal ball on his tongue slinked against your sore nipple as he twirled his tongue around the flesh. He was uncharacteristically gentle though he was spitting against your breast and spreading the welcome coolness around the hard peak.
You let your hands go up to his head, fingers raking themselves into silky soft black waves, holding him into place while he worshiped your chest. Soon, Taehyung switched over to the other breast, enveloping it in the warm wet heat of his mouth, as well. He was much rougher this time as he didn’t have to be careful. His teeth grazed the hard bud, nipping the nipple lightly as you found yourself letting out endless keens.
“Fuck,” muttered Taehyung finally pulling himself away, “How are you this sensitive and responsive? You would’ve had such a rough time with the aftercare if you had gone through with this.”
You shook your head, ignoring his question. “Taehyung!” you whined instead, “I need you.”
Taehyung scoffed lightly as a pleased smirk marked his lips. He ripped the purple gloves off, flinging them onto the side table. 
“Will you let me eat you out, Y/N?” he asked. “I’ve been dreaming of it ever since I saw those snaps on your private story for your 21st birthday.”
Your brows furrowed. For your birthday your friends and you had gone down to Cabo since it was close to spring break. You hadn’t even realized Taehyung was on your private story. Your brother Jimin certainly wasn’t. You had posted everything from videos of you skinny dipping with your friends in the hot tub, to full length mirror selfies of every itty bitty neon colored bikini you had worn on the trip. 
“I’ve had fantasies about you too,” you admitted as Taehyung’s hands slid down your waist to hug your hips, fingers digging into your charcoal gray leggings, ready to pull them off. 
He looked at you curiously, “Since when? Was I your sexual awakening?” he teased, his cheeks full in his joy. You wanted to bite those bread cheeks but you controlled the impulse.
“Hardly,” you retorted, “I was dreaming about Min Yoongi before I ever thought of you. But he graduated and went away for university. And you had that wavy silver brown hair. You looked so hot in your old school hiphop outfit you’d worn for Halloween senior year.”
Taehyung narrowed his eyes, “I was always hot, Y/N. It’s cute of you to deny it. But wow headbands really do it for you huh? Is that why you ran up to your room when we started watching It? I thought it was because you were scared. Had I known that you were sneaking away to shove your hand in your panties–” he trailed off.
“You would have what?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.
Taehyung hit your hip lightly with his fingers, more tap than slap, making you lift your bottom so that he could drag the dark colored athletic fabric down your legs. 
“Why don’t I show you?” Taehyung said. 
With your leggings down to one of your ankles, completely off of the other, Taehyung took a hold of your thighs, swinging your legs around so they hung over the side of the platform you were seated on. You were facing him now, but he was so tall that even with the small boost your seat offered, you were eye level with him. He slid back the stool he was on, moving it out of the way. Then he sank to his knees so that his head was at the perfect height for the treasure that laid between your slightly parted thighs. 
With his left hand still grasping one of your thighs, he used his other hand to prod at your folds over the drenched fabric of your black seamless panties. His forefinger and middle finger stroked at your opening, hunting for your clit, slipping over the sodden fabric over and over. When you were so wet that his fingers went away, picking up enough evidence of your arousal that a transparent string clung to him before finally breaking off, Taehyung decided to move the panty off to the side, revealing the swollen dripping folds of your cunt to him. 
“You’re so pretty, gorgeous,” he sighed, “I want to feast on you.”
His fingers were curiously spreading you even more, parting the furling petals to your entrance, revealing the pretty wet hole to his hot seeking gaze as it desperately clenched around air, wanting something bigger and more substantial to close around.
“Taehyung please,” you pleaded, your fingers knotting into his unruly hair, as you attempted to move his head closer to your cunt.
Taehyung dipped down, his lips pursed at first, almost like he was kissing you down there, but he soon found his pace, tongue wildly thrusting into the hole and gliding over the folds. As he lapped at your entrance, he hummed in pleasure, rejoicing in the sweet poignant taste of you. 
As his tongue ran over your folds and the engorged bud of your clit, you shuddered and trembled. It had been so long since someone had eaten you out. You had been broken up with Donghyuk for two months, but it had been even longer since the last time he had gone down on you. 
He tongued at you curling the tip of his wet muscle to urge more of your juices into his open mouth. You tasted like heaven, “You’re so fucking sweet,” he furiously growled into you, his baritone sending vibrations through your most sensitive part. “I love your reactions. I could eat you out for hours,” he hissed.
When his teeth nipped at the sensitive bundle of nerves, you cried out his name, babbling senselessly, mad with pleasure. He wrapped his lips around it, sucking tightly at the bud. Your eyes rolled back at the pressure, the stimulation almost unbearable. You felt the prodding of two long fingers invading your entrance even as his lips continued its merciless assault on the swollen bud. 
“Taehyung!” you panted. Your fingers were almost digging into his scalp. “I can’t stand this!!”
Your back arched as he scissored his fingers furiously within you. His teeth and tongue were sloppily pursuing their war on your heated and engorged clit.
“That’s it Y/N,” murmured Taehyung huskily, “Give yourself to me.”
His fingers reached deep within you, dragging against your folds that gripped around it like a vise, clenching and unclenching in stuttered movements. He groaned at the tightness, the vibrations of the sound echoing through your opening, your clit fluttering at the stimulus.
“Another finger,” you susurrated, your words chased by loud keens and moans.
“Yeah?” Taehyung breathed out, “You think you can take that? I can barely even move the two I have in you now. Your pussy is clenching around me so much.”
“Want it Tae. Need it,” you babbled, “Need to prep for that big cock you’re hiding.”
Taehyung exhaled loudly through his nose, the gust of air falling over your oversensitized core. “Yeah, you dirty girl? You wanna prep for my fat cock? You need it,” he admitted. “I’m gonna destroy your tight little cunt,” He growled.
With another nip of your clit, this one harsher and more toothy, he stuffed a third finger in you, frantically pumping them and curling them to drag against the taunt muscles of your inner walls. The appendages were stretching you out gloriously. You closed your eyes as you edged head first towards your orgasm. Taehyung’s tongue danced over your folds, stimulating them even further. 
He breathed through his nose as he ate you out even more enthusiastically; he had been going at this for a long time but it would be worth it. His cock was a hard and heavy weight against the confines of his constricting dark jeans. You whimpered, lightheaded and overheated as the pressure at your core continued to build. You were stuffed to the brim with his nimble slender fingers pushing savagely in you. 
All it took was a swipe of his long tongue over your bud, the metal sphere of his piercing a hard heaviness digging into your clit, as his fingers found your g-spot and hit it brutally, and you let out a shrill scream, immediately gushing like a flooding waterfall. There were black dots in your vision as the edges of your eyes gathered with tears. You panted as you continued to squirt over Taehyung’s trapped fingers, drenching his hand with the evidence of your orgasm then trailing down his wrist. 
“Fuck,” swore Taehyung, “You fucking squirted. That’s so hot, gorgeous.”
He reluctantly moved his hand away from you, licking a wide stripe across his palm, tasting your sweetness, still not tired of your delectable release. What he didn’t consume, he wiped against the butcher paper covering where you were seated. You had your hands splayed besides your thighs, needing help to keep yourself upright. Your gaze drifted down to your crotch where the paper was sopping wet, dark, and translucent from where you had squirted all over it. 
This was why you never had sex in public; you were already getting a headache at the thought of Taehyung having to clean up and sanitize everything before his next appointment.
“Hey what’s wrong?” asked Taehyung, getting up from his knees. His hand went to his belt, unbuckling the black leather and loosening it around his hips. He undid his button and zipped open his fly, finally freeing his aching hard cock from the confines it had been resisting against.
You stared at his erection, pressing against the band of his underwear. “Is this really okay?” you asked.
“Going soft on me so fast?” Taehyung teased, “Thought you were gonna prove to Dongkyung that you were fun and freaky. I bet he’s never had sex outside of the bedroom.”
“No,” you protested, “I still want to. I just– I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with this.”
“Oh,” murmured Taehyung with a ravenous glint in his eyes, “I’m thrilled about this. I want to destroy you in a way that has you limping after. I want your pussy to have PDD, never wanting another cock.”
“PDD?” you asked, repeating the acronym with confusion heavy in your tone.
“Post-Dicking Depression,” Taehyung clarified with a faux condescending tone. You could hear the laughter in his voice that he tried to keep in.
“I don’t know if I want to have sex with a man who refers to it as me getting dicked down,” you scoffed, wiggling your butt backwards to move away from Taehyung who scowled and quickly moved his hands from his pants to your hips, holding you in place.
“But you want a dicking from me,” he sing-sang, “You used to have fantasies about me.”
“I used to have fantasies about Flynn Rider, that means nothing,” you retorted, your hands placed over his.
He narrowed his eyes, “That says less about me and more about you, gorgeous.”
He palmed his heavy cock through the cotton fabric of his briefs. 
“You sure you wanna stop right here, Y/N? Don’t wanna go for another orgasm?”
“I can’t leave you hanging,” you acquiesced easily, “Golden rule of reciprocation and all that.”
“You don’t always have to give back what you get in sex,” Taehyung frowned, “It’s not a business transaction, it’s a group effort. As long as we both enjoy ourselves, you don’t have to worry about me, Y/N.”
“You don’t want to have me?” you asked, suddenly self-conscious, “You seemed really enthusiastic about it earlier.”
“I’m dying to have you, but I only want you if you want me,” Taehyung clarified, his baritone wafting into your ears soothingly.
You smiled up at him, even though you were naked in this room that might have his assistant or coworkers knocking at any moment, even though he was completely dressed while you were not, you still felt comfortable with Taehyung. You put your fingers through the belt loops of his partially opened jeans, dragging it down his hips, over his ass, stopping midway on his thighs. Taehyung watched you, his jaw clenched and his eyes hard with the heat of his lust, thick dark brows furrowed as he bit his lips.
“Please, Tae?” you asked, “I want you. I want the heavy fucking that has me walking side to side afterwards.”
Taehyung snorted, “‘4.5 when I make the bed shake,’ huh.”
“Ariana is a legend,” you gasped, outraged at his little quip, your hands falling from where they had been clutching his ass. 
Taehyung just gave you one of his gorgeous boxy smiles that left you breathless before he went to free his fat cock from the cotton confines of his underwear. His cock bounced once it was free from its bounds, his length even more thick and imposing than you had imagined when you were sixteen, slipping your fingers down your throat and choking on them, pretending they were his dick instead. 
It was impressively girthy and you knew your fingers wouldn’t be able to wrap around it and touch at the ends. The mushroom head was flushed burgundy. The seventh piercing winked at you, a curved steel barbell turned towards you as a part of his king’s crown piercing that was threaded through his head, running along the ridge of his shaft. Your mouth watered - the tip of his cock was glistening with precum and you wanted to whirl your tongue around its bulbous head like it was the tastiest lollipop. 
“Taehyung,” you pleaded, your fingers going towards his crotch. 
Taehyung gently slapped your hands away. 
“Uh uh,” he chastised. “Behave, gorgeous.”
You spread your thighs apart, knees up and feet flat in front of you as you sat up with your hands wrapped around your calves, holding your legs open. Taehyung took hold of the meaty softness of your right thigh and pulled you towards him, settling in between you, his cock bouncing lightly, the tip brushing against your entrance as he used his hands to pull your legs around him. Your hands let go and fell backwards and you splayed your fingers and palms behind you to balance your weight as Taehyung carefully situated your lower half, pulling your hips up to be aligned with his so that he could easily slip in and out of you.
He slapped your flushed and swollen cunt with his cock, the proof of your orgasm mixing with his precum. After a few slaps, he finally began to guide his shaft into you. For a moment there you didn’t think the fat bulbous head would be able to breach your entrance even with how wet you were as your tight glistening hole protested around it, but a firm push later he was sheathed. 
“You like that, gorgeous?” he growled, “You feel that? You’re gonna wring me dry when I cum inside, aren’t you? Gonna creampie this fucking pussy. Have your beat up cunt leaking my cum for hours.”
You whimpered as your mouth sought Taehyung’s lips but couldn’t. Instead you found your tongue licking up a line up the bare expanse of his neck, tracing the lines of his tattoos, your lips following their path, leaving bruising kisses and kittenish bites. He moaned and his head ducked down, moving his throat away from you so that you could finally kiss him. At first your tongues twirled around each other, but Taehyung was a messy kisser. His teeth were soon nipping at your lips and his tongue was thrusting in your mouth, licking the insides of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth, not letting you pull away to breath and leaving you lightheaded. 
Taehyung slowly pushed himself in and out, not going more than an inch or two within you, giving you time to get used to the fullness. He was so thick, your walls were clamping around his girthy length like a vise and he was struggling to move, but the movement he was able to make had you keening and whimpering as the round ends of his piercing jewelry dragged against the ridged muscles of your walls, making them spasm uncontrollably at the feeling. 
As you grew wetter and wetter, your desperation increasing exponentially, Taehyung found himself getting lost at the sensations, thrusting faster and more erratically until his control was so frayed that he could no longer hold himself back. He slammed into you, the thick heaviness of his cock stealing your breath away as he was impaled within you. You tried to catch your breath but he continued to jerk inside you, the piercing hitting your g-spot and making you scream as white spots appeared in your vision. 
His pace then grew progressively more frantic and Taehyung found himself holding you up with his sheer strength which left you breathless at the display of power; you were no longer on the table, he was fucking you standing up. Your legs were wrapped around his hips and your head was at the side of his face, pressing kisses against his jaw and nibbling up to his ear. Your moans were an echoing throaty vocalization in his ears, making them burn as a pool of lust gathered in his gut and made his abdomen tighten. Meanwhile, your hands were flitting across the expanse of his back, under his shirt, leaving long scratch marks in their wake as your nails dug into his skin every time Taehyung thrusted a little too hard, his fingers pinched your clit, or his piercing found that glorious g-spot.
“God, Tae,” you panted. You could feel him so deep inside you that as you glanced down you saw that your tummy was bulging a little bit and you had to wonder if it was because of him. You pressed down on your stomach experimentally and then you both gasped as your walls clenched tightly around him, rhythmically pulsating around the entire length of his shaft, keeping him connected to you. 
Taehyung hadn’t forgotten your tiny clit, although it was swollen and not as little now. He thumbed at the responsive bundle of nerves; the pressure from his finger had you on overdrive, hyper aware and feeling like you might go ballistic at any moment. Your mewls were like music to his ears and propelled him forward, making him plunge into you so violently. You were bouncing on his length, your legs loosening slightly around his hips from the force that came with every time he rammed into you.
For your safety, he lowered you down to the table you had been sitting on earlier, making your back flat against it as he had one hand by your head holding him up, keeping himself from crashing into you, and one hand wrapped around your hip, snapping it up to meet his every thrust. The new angle allowed him to go even deeper and he found himself slowing down to enjoy the feeling of your folds fluttering around his shaft as he dragged it through your walls deliberately, penetrating you acutely. 
He was holding himself back, he didn’t want this moment to end but at your surprised cry when one of those thrusts hit your g-spot particularly hard, you suddenly gushed like a broken faucet around him, and then clenched his cock tighter than you had ever before, even as the stream of cum cascaded all around his shaft. He grunted before following you in your wake, the heat of his own release leaking out of his tip and mixing with yours. 
Somehow Taehyung was still hard around you, you noticed with surprise as your legs fell with no strength left in them, no longer making your body cling to Taehyung’s. You stared at him in confusion, your eyes wordlessly saying, What now?
Taehyung licked his lips, his familiar grin appearing sheepishly. “Ride me, gorgeous,” he dictated.
He hadn’t let you remove his cock from inside your pussy and he picked you up, holding you beneath your thighs, his fingers brushing against the cleft of your ass as he moved you two around so that he was now seated with you on top of him. 
One of your hands fluttered against his chest as you got used to sitting on him, the other was holding onto his shoulder. You inhaled deeply, your hands going up to stop his head from moving so that you could kiss him punishingly, neither of you parting to breath for long interminable moments. His fingers threaded through your hair that had long since fallen out of its bun, holding you in place, so that his lips could chase yours easily every time you tried to break apart from him.
He helped you with the first move, his hands gripping your hips and his long fingers dimpling into your skin as he moved you up, almost entirely off his cock that dragged enticingly along your folds as it slipped away, before slamming you back on his lap with enough force to have your teeth knocking against each other. 
You braced yourself with your palms on his chest, fingers curving over the broad length of his shoulders, slowly lifting yourself away from his dick before quickly and forcefully bringing your ass down, reluctant to let him withdraw completely. Each time you brought yourself back onto his cock, Taehyung snapped his hips up, impaling you with his thick impressive length. His fingers were bruising into your hips with how hard he was holding you in place. 
Your movements were erratic and feverish, following no rhyme or reason, only seeking fullness and release. He had you writhing on top of him wantonly as your hips swiveled to meet each snap of his, until his cock was hitting you again and again vigorously. But it wasn’t enough; he wanted to give you more. So Taehyung found himself squeezing two fingers into you alongside his cock, filling you even more than you had thought was possible, bordering on the side of painful. His palm was positioned up so that it was pressed against your clit. And with every bounce and jerk on top of him that had his cock and fingers moving deeper within you, his palm pressed against your puffy bud stimulating you endlessly. 
You screamed as you sprayed around Taehyung, coming again. As you writhed against Taehyung’s body, his arms kept you wrapped in his embrace, keeping you from injuring yourself, pulling any muscles accidentally. Your cunt was reluctant to release its grip on Taehyung’s cock, holding onto him tightly, and he found himself grabbing your hand, borrowing it for a second to have you squeeze his balls. And then Taehyung felt himself cum for the second time that day. He shuddered into your chest as his balls emptied themselves, getting lighter as streams of his warm cum shot into you, painting your insides with lines of white. 
You mewled at the feeling, wiggling on top of Taehyung in discomfort. He chuckled huskily, an airy yet throaty sound. Carefully, he withdrew from you, using one of his hands to keep the cum from pouring out from between your legs, his palm against your entrance keeping the hot liquid trapped inside you. After a moment he moved his palm away so that his fingers could play around in your folds, pushing the cum into every divot and crevice, the pads of his fingers massaging it in and then his fingers went back inside you, swirling the cum around your hole with his fingers messily. You let him play around, rubbing his mark into you even though it was fucking filthy and gross, but when his fingers brushed too close to your battered clit, your inner thighs spasmed with your muscles jumping, you found your hand frantically pulling at his wrists attempting to pull him away from your exhausted and overworked pussy.
“Taehyung, stop!” you whined. 
He glanced back at you sheepishly. “Sorry,” he murmured, an apologetic tone painting his words, “I got distracted.”
You snorted, “Yeah, you did.”
Taehyung pulled you off his lap and sat you down beside him, from in between your parted thighs, your pussy leaked out the mixture of both of your cum out onto the ripped and mangled butcher paper that looked as though it had gone through the wringer. Taehyung stood up to grab a bundle of paper towels from his work station and came back with them, bending down in front of you and starting to clean you up. Once he was done, he looked back up at you.
“I’ll give you back your deposit, Y/N. Don’t get the piercings today, okay?” he said, “And when you finally feel like you’re ready to modify your body for the right reasons, you can come back here and I’ll do it for free. A piercing, a tattoo, whatever the case. Just– just don’t think you have to change for a man. You are perfect as long as you like who you are.”
Your eyebrows dipped down in confusion as Taehyung stumbled over his words, painstakingly attempting to make sure that you understood him and realized that he liked you and you should like yourself too because you were perfect and no man was worthy enough to make you change. 
“Why for free, Taehyung?” you asked instead, uncomfortable at his sincerity.
Taehyung smiled nervously, “Well if you’re dating the owner, it’s the least I can do. Don’t you think so?”
“Who says we’re dating?” you teased, pulling him closer to you, making him stand between your legs.
Taehyung pouted and then huffily said, “Fine, have it your way. See if anyone in the Tri-State area takes you as a client then. I’m getting you blacklisted from everywhere so Jimin doesn’t kill me when he finds out you want to look like Post Malone.”
“Post Malone?” you questioned, laughing uncontrollably. “Taehyung, why would you offer to help me if Jimin would kill you instead of those other tattoo artists?”
“Girlfriends hold more weight than best friends,” he said mulishly, slumping forward and resting his forehead against your sternum.
“Yeah?” you asked, quilting your fingers through his hair, scratching at his head comfortingly.
“I’m also in love with you,” Taehyung confessed, turning his head so his ear rested against your chest. He could hear your heartbeat, you realized with a panic, and how it stuttered at his reveal. But his arms had slowly wrapped themselves around your form and you couldn’t find it within you to push him away.
“Really?” you asked needily, needing the confirmation.
He hummed, “I would do anything for you.”
“I think I’ve been in love with you too,” you admitted as well. You suddenly shoved against him. “It was you,” you accused.
“Hmm,” muttered Taehyung, instantly knowing what you had meant, “I can’t help it if I’m beautiful and you kept fantasizing about me while dating Dongbyun.”
Tumblr media
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License
©OPALJM 2021
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lavienjin · 2 months ago
bigger & better | knj & kth
Tumblr media
synopsis: fuck your gigantic roommates. they should have known better than to put your favourite jam on the top most shelf.
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader & namjoon x reader
wc: 2.9k
rating/genre/au: 18+ | roommates, threesome au | smut
warnings: pwp • threesome • size kink • oral (m. & f. receiving) • face fuck • deep throat • dirty talk • impact play • manhandling • name calling (whore, slut) • hair pulling • spitting • cum swallowing • unprotected sex • creampie • aftercare • these two have big cocks
author's note: well. this drabble grew legs and ran away from me. so, it got turned into a one shot. hope you have fun, anon!
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
It all started because Taehyung decided it would be funny to place your favourite jam on the very top of the pantry shelf, knowing full well your arms can’t stretch that high up. Both him and Namjoon stand in the kitchen, suppressing their giggles as they watch your sad attempts to reach the elusive glass jar through a series of jumps.
“Will you giraffes come help me already?” you huff impatiently at your two roommates, turning around to cross your arms in front of your chest.
This only erupts a series of laughter from the boys. Taehyung grips the counter tightly to avoid falling to the floor as he clutches his stomach whereas Namjoon’s laughing so hard that there’s tears in his eyes, his mouth hanging open, though no sound comes out.
You scowl at the two clowns, rolling your eyes in exasperation before standing on your tip toes to reach the jam again. Muttering curses under your breath, you glare at the fully stocked wooden pantry, wondering if the shelves will break under your weight should you climb them in order to achieve your goal. Just as your toes touch the bottom shelf, a broad chest presses onto your back. You crank your neck to find Namjoon smirking down at you, his tongue swiping slowly across his plush, bottom lip.
“Let me help you with that, baby,” Namjoon smirks with a voice so low that you can’t suppress the shivers of electricity running down your spine. He stretches his hand and grabs the jar while purposefully grinding his hips on your ass. “There, is that all you need?”
You swallow. Your back is flooded with his warmth. Namjoon blows teasingly on your exposed neck, the cool breath against your blazing skin making you shiver, and the quiet whimper you release does not escape him.
“Are you cold? You’re shivering,” Taehyung murmurs with mock concern as he joins the two of you with a smirk of his own, effectively crowding you between their bodies and the wall.
Turning around to meet their heated gaze, your heart jumps to your throat as their towering figures look down at you, making you feel much smaller than you actually are.
You’re suddenly too aware at the scratchy feeling in your throat and you attempt to alleviate your thirst by swallowing another mouthful of spit. Gingerly, you trail your eyes from Taehyung’s smirk to his thick arms before moving on to Namjoon’s thighs, a strange sensation swirling in your abdomen when you realize that they’re doing the same – hungrily assessing you from where they stand.
Do they notice the hitch in your breathing? Can they hear the rapid thump of your heartbeat?
The air stills as the three statues study each other, breaths gradually getting heavier with each passing second. You wait patiently for someone to snap – for the telltale sign of a knife cutting the blanket of tension into strips.
Thankfully, you didn’t need to wait long. Namjoon wraps his thick arms around your waist and picks you up easily, handing the jar to a bewildered Taehyung, before dropping you on the dining table. He tilts your jaw upwards, his thumb swiping across your bottom lip before he eclipses it with his own. You moan into the kiss, your hands snaking up to tug at the strands of his hair as Namjoon strips you off your shorts and panties, grunting loudly when his fingers find your wet folds.
“No fair!” Taehyung pouts, slamming the jar on a nearby counter before he joins you, his large hands caressing your inner thighs.
Namjoon only chuckles, removing his fingers from your cunt to place it on your lips instead. “Open up, baby.”
You whine, obeying his command, tongue rolling out of your parted lips as you stare into his blown-out pupils. However, instead of stuffing his fingers in your awaiting mouth, Namjoon gathers up some saliva and spits in your mouth. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he repeats the action, your cunt gushing out streams of arousal onto the table.
Taehyung whistles, his large hands opening your legs wider. “I didn’t know you were such a slut. You love being treated this way, huh?” he muses.
You’re unable to answer Taehyung’s tease, not when Namjoon pins you with such a satisfied gaze. “Let me see you swallow, baby,” he commands in a soft voice, tapping your chin lightly with a finger. With a simpering mewl, you close your mouth and swallow before opening back up to show Namjoon that you’ve obeyed.
“Good girl,” he praises with a smile.
Taehyung takes the opportunity to run his fingers over your folds, grunting softly when your hips jerk upwards to meet his touch. “So fucking sensitive,” he mutters under his breath. “When was the last time you got laid, huh?”
“Taehyu—mmph—” Your groans are cut off when Namjoon pushes his fingers into your mouth, letting you taste the saltiness of your arousal. You suck and lick the digits clean, tearily blinking up at Namjoon’s smirk.
“Oh, I can’t wait to fill this mouth with my cock. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? You can take it, right?” Namjoon takes your hand and drags it across his erection, chuckling quietly when your eyes widen at the feeling of his bulge. You gulp around his fingers, but despite your nervousness, you’re ready for the challenge.
Twisting at the waist, you claw at Namjoon’s sweatpants, pleading silently for him to remove them. “Impatient brat,” he mumbles, but he removes his pants along with his boxers, letting his cock spring free into the air.
Your mouth waters at the sight of his cock. It’s much longer than you’d imagine, with a prominent vein running along the left side.
“God, can this mouth even fit me?” he wonders before removing his digits from your mouth.
“One way to find out,” you rasp, giving him a cheeky smile.
Namjoon returns your grin with his own, pulling you gently towards him until your head slightly hangs from the edge of the table. Crouching slightly, he taps on your parted lips with his cock before inching in slowly.
“Fuuuck—” Namjoon grunts, removing himself from the warmth of your mouth before plunging back in. “I’m gonna train this throat so you can take me.”
Your nails sink into the wooden table below. You’re unable to breathe, not with his balls pressed up against your nose, but you hollow your cheekbones and attempt to relax as Namjoon pushes himself further inside.
“Swallow,” he commands with a hiss when his head brushes the back of your throat. After taking a few gulps of air, you do, relaxing your muscles while trying not to gag and choke around his length. Mercifully, Namjoon sinks in slowly, patiently moving in and out of your mouth until your throat gradually accommodates his size.
You twitch on the table, fingernails raking the wood, as you breathe through your nose.
“Whoa.” You hear Taehyung gasp in awe and the sound fills your chest with inexplicable pride. He spanks the inside of your thigh lightly as he snickers, “You’re really made to be a slut, huh? You look so sexy swallowing Namjoon whole, fuck!”
Taehyung presses circles into your clit, allowing you to relax as Namjoon begins to fuck your throat. Gingerly, Taehyung pushes a finger into your hole, hissing when you clench around his digit. Your walls flutter, already feeling so full when he adds another finger into your cunt. Your muffled moans are loud in the quiet kitchen and your voice only increases in volume as Taehyung alternates between scissoring motions and curling his fingers around the patch of nerves, making you lightheaded and seeing stars.
“Mmh—” you grunt, eyes falling shut.
“She’s so tight,” Namjoon mutters, shuddering slightly as he increases his pace. Finding purchase on your tits, he gropes them firmly, using your mounds as anchors while he ruts into your mouth. “Shit—I can see the outline of my cock when I fuck your throat.” He presses his fingers lightly around your neck, relishing at the bulge that appears every time he buries his dick inside.
From the other end of the table, you hear Taehyung removing his pants. He spits into his palm, coating his cock with his saliva before prodding your entrance with the tip. “Well, let’s see if your body can take two cocks at once,” he chuckles.
Taehyung’s large hands grip your waist to stop you from twitching as he pushes in gradually. Your walls are crowded with Taehyung’s cock and yet there seems to be more. Your screams turn into airy whines as you buck your hips at the stretch, inhaling deeply to force yourself to relax to avoid biting on Namjoon’s dick.
“Fuck, baby, your pussy is so tight. I don’t know if I can fit my whole dick in,” Taehyung hisses, pulling out from your pulsing cunt. He pushes your legs to open wider and tries again, but your tiny cunt only manages to swallow his tip before he pops out again.
“How about changing positions?” Namjoon suggests, removing himself from your throat. There’s a string of saliva connecting the tip of his dick to your lips.
You gasp, taking in large gulps of air as you sit up on the table. The two men wait until you’re no longer sputtering. “That’s a great idea,” you grin, though your voice is hoarse from overuse. “Let’s take it to the bed. My ass is getting sore from lying on this hard table.”
Namjoon helps you down from the table, but as soon as your toes touch the floor, your legs give out and you yelp when you tumble forwards. Thankfully, he’s ready to catch you and you smile gratefully at him.
“Well, since you can’t walk…” Taehyung mumbles as he gets closer.
Without another warning, he scoops you into his arms, slinging you carelessly over his shoulder. He laughs when you yelp, your palms hitting his back as you demand for him to put you down, but your words unfortunately fall on deaf ears.
“Relax,” he rumbles. “I’m not going to let you fall.”
True to his word, Taehyung doesn’t drop you as he covers the short distance to your bedroom with his long legs until he reaches the end of the bed. He drops you on the mattress then – your limbs flailing in the air for a moment before you hit the bed with an ‘oomph’.
“Taehyung!” you yell, glaring at the brunette, but he only chuckles, his strong hands already flipping you so you lay on your stomach.
“Hands and knees, baby, let’s do this right.” Taehyung pushes your ass cheeks apart to lick your folds before switching to broader strokes from your clit to your hole. His tongue laves at the entrance before his fingers take over and you could only moan – surrendering yourself to the feeling of Taehyung fucking you with his digits.
Namjoon appears moments later, claiming your lips once more as he settles on the pillows. When he pulls away, he grins before pushing your head down on his dick. “Make yourself useful, slut,” he chuckles, patting your cheeks with his fingers. You offer him a mischievous smirk before enveloping the tip with your lips.
“Ready for my cock?” Taehyung asks rhetorically, removing his tongue from your cunt to kneel. He glides his shaft along your folds, purposefully missing your entrance and bumping into your clit.
You shiver, trying to focus on sucking Namjoon’s cock, but when Taehyung continues to tease, you throw a glare behind your shoulder to complain. “Taehyung—come on! Don’t tease!” you pout, just before Namjoon growls and grabs a fistful of your hair.
“Sluts like you don’t get to make requests,” Namjoon grunts, shoving your head down as your nails dig into his thighs. “All you’re good for is taking dick.”
“God, you’re such a useless slut,” Taehyung chuckles. “She doesn’t even know how to properly please us.”
He punctuates the final word by driving his cock deep into your cunt. Taehyung wastes no time with languid strokes, immediately slamming into your cunt with a brutal pace. Despite Namjoon shoving his cock into your throat to remind you of your task at hand, you can only moan in pleasure, mouth no longer cooperating as you slobber all over his length. You whine loudly when Namjoon yanks you away from his dick by your hair. You had no time to prepare, barely screwing your eyes shut when you see Namjoon raising his hand in the air.
The sharp smack across your cheek causes you to whip your head to the side, but despite the sob and tears escaping from your eyes, what surprises you most is how much you loved it.
“Namjoon—” you moan, body shivering from the rough treatment.
“Shit—she got tighter—” Taehyung groans, driving his hips faster into your battered walls.
You grip the sheets tighter when Namjoon slaps your other cheek, the stinging pain forcing you to clench your teeth. When you crack your eyes open, Namjoon’s jaw is set; his tongue prodding the inside of his cheek.
“This filthy whore hasn’t learned. She’s too stupid to move her mouth when her cunt is filled with cock.” he smirks. Namjoon forces your mouth open with his thumb before he spits directly inside and you groan as you swallow his saliva down your throat.
“Not—ah—stupid,” you whine, relishing at the displeasure in his eyes. You hear Taehyung curse under his breath as your walls tighten around his cock. “Fuck—ah—Namjoon, please—I can be good. I promise,” you plead; voice sounding higher than usual.
“Well, prove it then. Use that mouth of yours to make me cum.”
Blinking tearily up at him, you pump his length several times before licking the tip, paying close attention to the underside of the head. You try to maintain your breathing as you fill your mouth with Namjoon’s cock, swallowing dutifully when he reaches the back of your throat. There’s a sudden drive to make him proud and you moan wantonly as you bob your head to match the rhythm from Taehyung’s thrusts.
“Fuck—that’s it— There’s my good girl.” Namjoon grunts. His hands maintain a firm grip around your skull and he aids your movements with a thrust of his hips.
You’re rocked back and forth between the two bodies, happily letting your roommates use your holes for their pleasure. The sloppy wet sounds of Taehyung drilling into your cunt and Namjoon fucking your throat causes the orgasm to build rapidly – the familiar string pulling taut in your abdomen. You moan loudly when Taehyung’s fingers find your clit, pressing figure eights onto the swollen bundle of nerves. The vibration from your voice makes Namjoon thrust up faster into your mouth, and before long, you feel the twitch of his cock as his breathing staggers.
“I’m gonna fucking cum—” Namjoon hisses, throwing his head on the pillows. “Make sure you drink it all, yeah?”
“Fuck—me too. I’m going to fill this cunt with my seed,” Taehyung gasps from behind.
You can only moan, tossed between their rapid pace as they seek out their pleasure.
“Shit—fuck—I’m cumming—" Taehyung groans, thick ropes of cum filling your tummy and painting your walls white.
Your head hums pleasantly in your skull when Taehyung lodges his cock deep into your cunt, his orgasm triggering your own as you’re tossed into the waves of pleasure. Taehyung’s grip around your hips tightens as you thrash on the sheets, the toe-curling orgasm making you groan loudly against Namjoon’s cock.
“Fuckfuckfuck—” Namjoon curses, shoving your head down as he cums. “Drink it all, baby, fuck—yes.”
You screw your eyes shut as you focus on swallowing the bitter liquid, occasionally mewling when Namjoon hits the back of your throat with his twitches. When you milk out the rest of his cum, you leave his cock and open your mouth wide, showing him the evidence – or lack thereof.
“Good girl,” Namjoon hums in between breaths. “Did my cum taste good, baby?”
You nod, body still shivering from the aftereffects of the orgasm as Taehyung thrusts languidly inside your cunt, massaging your hips with his large hands until his cock softens and slips out of you.
“Yeah, fuck, that was amazing, baby,” he agrees, kissing your back until he reaches your shoulder. “How are you feeling?”
“Sore,” you grumble, slumping onto the bed. Your body still twitches occasionally as you curl up on the sheets.
You feel a bounce in the mattress and shuffling of feet before a warm cloth is placed between your legs, wiping off the mess that’s surely oozing out of your hole. “Mmh—feels good,” you sigh gratefully.
Namjoon chuckles, leaving momentarily to toss the wet rag into the laundry hamper before kissing your forehead and settling next to you on the sheets.
Taehyung pulls you up and hands you a glass of water. You down the liquid instantly, whispering out a ‘thanks’ as you return the cup to his awaiting hand. He kisses your lips in response.
“So,” you pipe up, breaking the silence by smirking at the two men. “How about round two? I think it’s Joon’s turn to fuck me.”
Namjoon and Taehyung groan in unison.
“Is this your way of comparing our dick size?” the latter snorts while Namjoon drags a palm over his face before smirking.
Instead of answering, you wink.
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mingoyeob · 2 months ago
oh my ghost (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing ⇾ ghost! jungkook x reader
genre(s) ⇾ smut, supernatural au
word count ⇾ 13k
ratings/warnings ⇾ 18+ | nsfw content, panty sniffing, mutual masturbation, double penetration, ghost dick, oral, nipple play, squirting, multiple orgasms, overstimulation
summary ⇾ fresh out of college, you’ve definitely had your fair share of horrible roommates. fortunately getting your first big girl job also means finally being able to save enough money to move into your own apartment. but you must’ve forgot to read the fine print when you signed the lease because come to find out, your new place comes with an unexpected house guest. oh and did i mention all your underwear seems to be going missing.
namkook moonrise masquerade
today’s weather was perfect for the move, not too hot to the point of sweating but just warm enough that you didn’t have to wear a jacket. From the open window across the room, a steady breeze blew through just as you finish sealing up the last box, the sound of masking tape slicing through the air before you close the flap. pulling out a sharpie you wrote the box's contents on the side. mementos you scrawl across the cardboard. The sound of footsteps coming down the hallway is what had you sighing and closing the cap on the marker, turning to look at the door knowing your ex roommate would soon appear in the doorway.
“don’t forget you still have to pay me this month's rent before you leave. you are not leaving me to pay for it all by myself.” internally you groan, why didn’t i close my door.
“I know, jennie. didn’t I say I would get it to you? so obviously you’ll have it soon.” you glare at her from your spot next to your former bed, hands scurrying to hurry and finish packing up your duffle bag, “now let me finish packing so i can finally get out of here.”
she scoffs, giving you the side eye before tossing her hair over her shoulder and heading back down the hall. “fine. didn’t like you all that much anyway.”
“couldn’t agree more.” you whisper to yourself, rolling your eyes and hooking your bag across your body, struggling to balance the box in your hands.
you hadn’t even lived in the apartment for a year before you realized it was the worst mistake ever. jimin had been the one to recommend jennie to you, saying that she would be the perfect roommate for your small two bedroom apartment. but the wrong girl must’ve showed up because jennie was not the perfect roommate, on the contrary. she was rude, messy and stole your stuff (even if she refused to admit it) and every time you confronted her about it she went and told jimin who would beg you to go a little easier on her.
Since Jimin was one of your closest friends, you couldn’t help but listen to him and try to be more lenient, which obviously backfired. She thought she was immune to anything and took advantage of your good natured personality until you got fed up and started looking for somewhere new to live entirely.
It helped that you had just scored a high paying job in your field that not only came with great benefits, but also allowed you to save up enough to be able to move out on your own, no roommate needed. and after you found the perfect place it didn’t take long to sign the lease with the added bonus of being able to move in right away since the space had been vacant already. When you asked why it was empty for so long he didn’t exactly give you a straight answer, but the place seemed clean and you considered yourself handy enough to be able to deal with anything that needed fixing. whatever it took to get you out of living with jennie a minute longer.
So once your car is packed full of all your stuff, you drive off down the block not even sparing the old run down building a second glance, thankful to be leaving. immediately it was like a weight was lifted off your shoulders, you would finally be able to come home to your own house without having to deal with any nonsense.
When you arrive at your new place, keys in hand and face full of glee, unlocking the door felt like stepping into paradise. you stick your head in looking around at the empty apartment, already imagining it full of all the new furniture and decor you intend to buy once you have the money. for now all you had was a dresser and a bed that was generously donated to you by your other close friend yoongi who had upgraded to some new type of extra firm, comfort technology mattress that you weren’t entirely sure you understood but didn’t feel like asking about. you didn’t have a frame for it but you were fine with placing it on the floor for now.
The sound of your footsteps clicking against the hardwood floors echoed throughout the space and once you reach the center you spin around, sighing in contentment. the floor wasn’t real hardwood, you knew that, (probably some type of laminate) and you could see that the fresh layer of paint that no doubt was covering some type of horrible mistake and peeling drywall, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. it was yours and that’s all that mattered.
“home sweet home.” you whisper to yourself, chest swelling with pride and contentment.
With a clap of determination you looked over at your many boxes and decided to get started. It took you a couple hours to get most of your things unpacked and by the time you finished for the day you could see the sun starting to set from the bay window that faced opposite of the small galley kitchen. you had to shield your eyes as the rays shined through the glass pane into your eyes as you mumbled to yourself, “i’ll hang up some curtains tomorrow.”
Your night ended with a relaxing hot shower (ignoring the lackluster water pressure) followed by snuggling up into some soft flannel pajamas to keep you warm. The apartment seemed to get exceptionally cold at night and you make a mental note to ask the landlord about getting a heater installed later. Once your thoughts begin to drift off and you feel your eyes starting to get heavy, you decide it’s time to push your tasks for tomorrow out of your head and let yourself succumb to the beckoning call of sleep.
your dreams were calm and undisturbed without having a roommate to make noises all through the night and you were able to peacefully float through your dreams, comforted by images of a black haired stranger with shining doe like eyes. you didn’t know who the man was and you probably wouldn’t even remember when you woke up but in the moment he seemed so familiar.
“Who are you?” you whisper to the stranger, sitting up in your bed to get a closer glimpse at his face. you don’t remember yourself waking up but you could tell it was still night time as the moonlight cascaded through your bedroom window. The boy sat at the end of your mattress close to your feet with hands tucked in his lap looking at you with a sense of curiosity. you took a moment to gaze back at him and noticed how pale his skin looked, as if it was made of porcelain. not to mention his eyes were a bit unnerving, dark and wide like the night sky but still full of childlike innocence.
“I live here.” he says, as if it was obvious. his mouth opens as if he was going to say something before he changes his mind and closes it again. The response he gives you only confuses you more and you raise an eyebrow at him to signal for him to keep going, but he just ignores it and continues fleeting his eyes over you. The amused smile that suddenly broke out onto the boy's face was breathtaking and if the small giddy laugh that followed has your heart skipping a beat, you pretended you didn't feel it.
“What's so funny?” you ask indignantly.
“nothing it’s’re so pretty. It's been a while since someone so pretty moved into my home.” you choose to ignore his compliment, too busy focusing on the last part of the sentence. his home? What did he mean by that? The stranger didn’t give you a chance to ask your questions and leaned forward closer to your end of the bed, eyes still wide and glittering like stars. “Can I try something?”
“um...sure i mean- yeah sure.” you sputter, unsure as to why you didn’t say no. Perhaps it had something to do with how captivated he looked, like a little boy who just got a new toy to play with. Either way, it was too late to change your mind, as he was already scooting his way closer to you, face becoming clearer to you the nearer he got. you were even able to see the tiny moles that dotted his face, eyes zeroing on the one that sat just below the jut of his bottom lip.
You get so caught up in the features of his face you barely even notice his hand coming up to rest on the cusp of your cheek, body jumping at the contact. The sound of surprise you let out pull another laugh from him and he just smiles at you, tiny bunny like teeth peeking out. “I’m glad you’re here with me.” he says, voice barely above a whisper as if trying to keep a secret between the two of you.
The stranger's words has heat spreading across your cheeks and you shyly return his smile while subconsciously leaning into his touch. So soft you thought, eyes briefly slipping shut as you lose yourself in the moment. The boy lets out a small hum at the sight and rubs the pad of his thumb gently back and forth on the apple of your check. The sudden urge to return the affection is what has you raising your own hand to reach out to his face, succumbing to the curiosity of how smooth his skin must be. But your feelings of wonder and curiosity were quickly replaced with ones of horror and fear, watching as, upon contact with his face, your hand continues its path straight through, never meeting any type of resistance despite the man still sitting in front of you.
“What- what is this?!” you shout, jumping back from his grasp. “What are you?!”
Your sounds of fright has him flinching, shining smile and glittering eyes dimming as he ducks his head and drops his still lingering hand. Your head was full of nothing but questions and even more began flooding in when the boy starts fading out, disappearing as if made of smoke. Your eyes flicker back and forth around the room trying to find a trace of him as you hear his voice echo around the room, still in the same whispering tone from before.
“Please don’t leave.”
The creaking sound of floor boards is what has you jolting up from your slumber, groggy eyes opening and still full of sleep. When you turn over to check the time, the numbers on the screen read three a.m. and you groan, “what the hell?”
You hated having to pull yourself out of bed at the ass crack of dawn and you were beyond annoyed at the fact that your sleep was being interrupted, but being alone in a house as a female meant you had to be extra cautious. so any sound, no matter how minor, was a concern.
Slowly you creep to the door, hand gripping the knob before cracking it open and peaking your head out around the frame. “Hello?” you call down the hallway, ears open to see if you could pick up any sound. A couple of seconds go by as you wait to see if anything else would respond before nervously stepping out of the room in the direction of the living room.
The air somehow seemed to be colder than when you went to sleep and you were a bit worried at the fact you could almost see your breath in the air. Your hands clung to your shivering body but you were glad to see when you walk around the corner that the apartment was as empty as you left it. Still, you cautiously took your time looking around and checking every nook and cranny before giving up and deciding it was time to go back to sleep since you still had work in the morning (even though you had practically begged your boss for some time off to move in).
However, the sound of something sliding open from your bedroom has you scurrying down your hall in an effort to try and catch an intruder. You wonder what it could be only to discover that it was the sound of one of your dresser drawers opening. The top one, where you kept your underwear, was left hanging open and the materials that were once neatly folded had been disturbed and half hazardly flown back into the drawer. you rushed over to look inside and tried to return it back to it’s organized state, cursing in confusion on how it got this way.
“How the hell did this happen?!” you groan, already starting to fold everything back up and annoyed with the fact that you even had to do so. You were tired from moving and absolutely dreading the idea of having to wake up with only a few hours of sleep and still having to work all day. But you just shake your head and suck it up, tucking the clothes back into the drawer and closing it, sparing the inside one last look just in case there was still a small chance an intruder was hiding inside the small space.
Just as you turn your head around, the sight of a black shadow darting from your closet has you shrieking and falling back against the wall with a thud. “Stay back!” you scream, arms coming up to shield your face. You were scared out of your mind and afraid to even open your eyes to face the person, but when nothing happened you open them only to feel foolish at your reaction. At your feet sat a small black cat, green eyes staring up at you blankly and a piece of bright pink underwear hanging out of its mouth.
You deadpan,“hey! give that back!” you screech, reaching out to snatch it away only for it to dodge your attempt and scurry over to your bed. It seemed to enjoy the janky mattress as it took it upon itself to lay down and begin clawing at the prize it had stolen.
Cautiously you go over to lay back down on your bed, the cat not even sparing your movement a glance. You still decide to keep your distance just in case the creature wants to change its mind and decide to claw at you next. In the morning you plan to try and see if anyone in the building had recognized the beast but there wasn’t much you could do in the middle of the night.
Frustrated, you stare at the cat and raise an eyebrow, looking back and forth between it and your dresser across the room. “how did you manage to get that open, huh?”
the cat just stared back at you without a thought behind its eyes and you shake your head, “now i’m talking to a cat, definitely time for bed.” you say with a sigh, throwing your head back onto the pillow and pulling the comforter up to your chin. For a while you stare up at the ceiling, finding the dream world alluding to you before finally you fall back to sleep. Unbeknownst to you, eyes watched you from the shadows, head fixed in your direction as if it was afraid to turn away. It stood looming, before suddenly it disappeared.
The next day's temperature was not as forgiving as yesterdays but, despite that, you still clutch a large size cup of steaming coffee in your hand as if it was a life saver. Your raggedy hair and the puffy bags under your eyes basically scream sleep deprivation as you walk into the office building. Most of your coworkers can sense the bad vibes radiating off your figure from a mile away.
“Geez y/n did you get mugged on your way to work?” Jimin greeted you upon your arrival to your desk, platinum blonde head swiveling around to glance over your figure. “Or maybe fall in a ditch somewhere?”
You scoff, “Good Morning to you too, asshole.” Your sarcasm had him letting out a laugh just as you place your already half finished drink down and plop heavily into the padded chair on your side of the circular desk. “I wasn’t mugged. I mean- well technically, if you can consider a cat a mugger than yes, I was totally mugged.”
Your response had Jimin raising an eyebrow at you and he leaned back in his chair, “A cat? Really?”
“Yes Jimin, a cat!” you whisper loudly, aggravated. “First it stole my underwear then it proceeded to steal my sleep. I don’t even know where it came from but it must’ve been hell because it wouldn’t leave me alone all night.” you were struggling to keep your voice down the more you started to recall last night.
You should’ve known better than to let a strange cat into your bed but it seemed innocent enough, at least until it tried clawing your eyes out for accidentally rolling over into its spot. Technically all the spots on the bed were yours since it was your bed, but apparently the cat hadn’t got the memo and practically bullied you onto the floor. The hardwood esque flooring sure did look good but, damn, was it cold. You couldn’t have been happier when you saw the little girl frantically running around the hallway as if looking for something this morning, only to let out a cry of happiness when she saw you holding her monster of which you gladly handed over.
“Well that wouldn’t have happened if you had just stayed with Jennie,” you couldn't stop the laugh of disbelief that spill from your lips and just roll your eyes at the idea. Jimin whines and scoots his chair closer to you, “C’mon y/n! It wasn’t even that bad! I swear you just suck at keeping track of stuff, I mean just look at your desk!”
He juts a finger towards your haywire mess of mixed papers and files with a couple of miscellaneous paper clips here and there. You barely even spare him a glance as you start typing away at your computer, pretending as if he hadn’t just suggested the stupidest thing in the world. “Uh-huh sure.”
“Fine, but don’t say I never tried to help you. I did everything I could to find a roommate for you and I honestly thought Jennie would've worked out.” he says with a pout. No matter how many times you two have this same conversation about the situation with Jennie, Jimin always seems to make you feel bad about not being grateful for his help.
It has you letting out a sigh, “I know Jiminie.” you say, using his nickname to try and pacify him, “How about you come over tonight and we can watch the office, hmm?”
Jimin was reluctant to cave in and continues to pout, but finally he concedes and accepts your request, “That was a dirty trick, Y/N. You know I can never say no to the office.” His complaint just makes you laugh.
Jungkook didn’t know how long you’d be gone and in that moment he was too preoccupied to care, hands stuffed down in his pants and a familiar wad of cotton shoved harshly against his nose.
The minute you had left this morning, fresh out of the shower and a cup of coffee in your hand, Jungkook had immediately found himself back in your room snooping around and messing with things he knew he shouldn't have been. But he couldn’t stop himself from just taking a peek and since you had left your room in total disarray this morning after stressing over what to wear he didn’t feel like it was totally his fault for picking it up.
When he had first seen it, sprawled across the ground, he thought it was some type of weird string or perhaps some type of headband. It wasn’t until he had seen the distinct victorias secret label printed on the back that he realized just exactly what was in his hand. At first he was just going to place it back where he had found it, embarrassed with the fact that he had even picked up something so intimate, but when he remembered just how infatuated the cat was with the item last night he began to wonder what made them so great. That train of thought somehow had turned into him stuffing his nose into the material instead. When he first placed his nose against it, he was hesitant, but instantly the aroma had his eyes slipping shut and a groan escaping past his lips.
“F-fuck!” he moans, hips canting up into his hand as he continues stroking at himself. His member had gotten hard so fast after smelling the lingering scent of you on the thong that he had wasted no time in unzipping his pants and palming at himself. At some point, he had pulled his cock out entirely and started thumbing at the weeping head, precum making the slide even easier.
Your underwear was practically glued to his face at this point and all he could smell was you as he continues sniffing at the material, whines escaping past his lips every time he caught a particularly strong scent. Jungkook jerks tirelessly at himself, head thrown back and fingers gently squeezing at the base on every downstroke in an attempt to hold off the inevitable, but he can already feel his abs tightening with a familiar coil.
He bit at his plump red lips, barely even capable of holding in his moans, “Y/N” he groans out as he continues racing towards his climax, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure.
But just before he can reach his glorious orgasm he hears the familiar sound of keys jingling in the door, the entrance of the apartment unlocking. It has him scrambling from his spot where he leans against the wall and hastily pulling his pants up. Briefly he glances at the underwear in his hand, debating on what he should do with it before he slyly shoves it into his pants pocket, disappearing only a second before you burst through the bedroom door.
“Jimin, you better not open the wine without me!” You shout down the hallway, work heels dangling from your hand as you fling yourself onto the foot of the bed. The rest of your work day had been exhausting, all the countless calls and meetings you had to schedule for your boss had you basically itching for a drink. That was the only thing you had in mind when you drove back home with Jimin and you can barely get into your sweats fast enough.
Jimin’s first impression of your apartment was that it was small, alot smaller than he had assumed based on how much you had been bragging about it, but still it was quaint. “No promises!” he replies back from inside your kitchen, already scavenging through your cupboards to find something yummy to eat. Of course it’s empty, he thinks to himself after finding nothing and letting out a sigh of defeat. And, of course, you didn’t have a couch so he was just left to stand there awkwardly, staring into the reflective glass of the wine bottle as he waited for your return.
He quickly finds himself getting lost in his train of thought, mind reeling about all the things he had to do tomorrow at work as he hums unconsciously. But when he peeps the figure that showed up behind him in the reflection, it has him furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. Jimin hadn’t heard the telltale sign of your steps signalling your return so the sight had him spinning around in alarm, only to be met with the same empty space behind him. It has him shaking his head and rubbing at his eyes, chalking it up to his imagination and the stress from the job. When he sees you finally emerge around the corner from the hallway, he holds the bottle out to you. “Here, I don’t think I’m gonna drink much. Already going crazy as it is.”
His words just have you looking at him weirdly before you mutter out a confused okay and lead him back to your room. “Sorry I don’t have a tv yet, but we can still watch it on my laptop!” you express before letting him join you on your bed and pulling up netflix on your computer. You and him manage to get engrossed into the show quick enough, passing the wine bottle back and forth as you two laugh and become a tiny bit tipsy.
The sight of Jimin sitting next to you, so close and on your bed at that, has Jungkook practically fuming. Who was this guy? And why was he in your home? Our home, Jungkook corrects himself. He didn’t like the scene in front of him, jaw tensing and fists balling up next to his side. Finally, he decides that he needs to do something about it.
The incident with the wine bottle earlier had merely been an accident, he was just being nosey and trying to catch a glimpse at the intruder. But this time, as he once again let his shadowy figure show over in the far corner of your bedroom, he was doing it completely on purpose. And to his amusement the movement catches Jimin's attention from over on the bed, unbeknownst to you who is completely occupied with whatever is on the screen. Jungkook sees the man wipe at his eyes again as he did earlier, but instead of disappearing like he had done before, Jungkook merely steps closer, careful not to alert you.
Jimin shoots up from his spot next to you, “AH- I mean I...uh think I need to go to the bathroom!” you raise an eyebrow at his outburst before nodding and pointing him in the direction of the bathroom. He can’t get there fast enough, barely walking into the room before he practically slams the door behind him and leans against it, holding his hand to his chest.
His feet manage to get him over to the sink and he begins splashing water on his face as he tries to wrap his head around what he just saw in your room. Jimin knows he definitely saw something there, or did he? He can;t figure it out and in frustration begins rubbing aggressively at his eyes to try and set whatever had come loose in his mind straight. But when he lifts his head to take a glimpse in the mirror, he practically shits his pants at the face that looms behind him.
“Get out.” Jungkook growls.
Jimin screams bloody murder, “WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells, practically ripping the bathroom door off its hinges as he runs out and down the hall. You hear the commotion and rush out of your room, stopping him in the hallway and trying to get him to calm down. “Jimin, what the hell are you doing?!”
He just ducks around your figure and continues his way towards your front door, “Y/N I don’t know what type of sick prank you’re trying to play on me but I’m leaving. I’ll just see you at work tomorrow.” he says hurriedly, rushing out the door and slamming it behind him.
You couldn’t do anything but stare at the spot from where he had just left in shock, completely confused on what had happened. But you know Jimin had always been weird and you didn’t spend too much time mulling it over before shrugging and heading back to your room. You sigh, “More wine for me I guess.”
After that you proceed to drink yourself into a stupor, falling unconscious with your body hanging halfway off the bed and empty wine bottle still in hand, the sound of your computer still playing in the background. You didn’t know if it was the wine helping you out but not too soon after falling asleep you were already quickly drifting off to dreamland behind your closed eyelids.
“How could you let him in here?”  the same voice from the night before sounds around you. This time you were no longer in your bed, instead you stood in your empty kitchen, pushed up against the counter by the doe eyed stranger. His eyes no longer held the same curiosity and wonder they once had, but anger.
“W-what?” You stutter out, completely caught off guard by his accusing tone. “Let who in where?”
Your confusion only seemed to make him madder and he lets out a growl, “That idiot! How could you let him in?!” His words immediately makes it click, he was talking about Jimin. “This is supposed to be our home not his.”
The boy’s face is full of betrayal and you could tell his feelings were wounded. But the way he was talking was as if the apartment belonged to the both of you and last time you checked, only your name was on the lease. Your gaze is questioning as you continue to digest what he said, staring back at him and detecting the jealousy that was radiating from him. “Why do you care so much? I still don’t even know who you are.”
The internal battle showed on Jungkook's face, why did he care so much? He didn’t know why he was becoming so possessive over you, but the look on your face had him sighing. He raises a familiar hand up to your cheek, hesitating when your glare didn’t waver and hovering it there until you relax into him. His starry eyes gazed into yours, “I’m sorry.”
Your face softens at his words and you nod to show that you accepted his apology. The boy continues to look you over as if trying to memorize every feature of your face and when he seems to find what he’s looking for in them he begins leaning his head down closer. Your breath hitches in your throat at the action and you wait with bated breath as he slowly puts his mouth against yours. His lips are so cold to the touch it has you gasping, goosebumps rising on your skin, but you quickly adjust to the difference and with a sigh you begin returning the action.
It seemed like he was only waiting for your approval because as soon as you start moving your lips back against his, he begins deepening the kiss. The hand that once laid on your cheek begins moving down to grasp your neck gently, no real pressure there but the intention all the same. His other hand also finds its way to your hip, pulling you closer to his own so that you are pressed chest to chest with the counter still against your back. He nips at your bottom lip causing you to let out a hiss and giving him an opening to slide his tongue in between your lips and run over yours.
The kiss was beginning to have an effect on you and at that point you are practically chasing after his lips, straining on the tips of your toes to apply the same amount of pressure back against him. Jungkook notices you struggling and lifts you up onto the counter, setting you down and beginning to trail his lips down your neck. Immediately he begins leaving bruises in his wake, teeth nipping at any expanse of skin he can find. It has you hiccuping out small moans and gasps as your nails dig into his shoulders.
“Uh I need...please...” You breathe out, words hesitating.
“Jungkook.” he mumbles against your neck. “My name is Jungkook.”
The annoying sound of your work alarm has your eyes snapping open, chest heaving from the scare and you immediately sit up straight and begin looking around your room as if searching for something. When you finally realize you’re alone, you relax back into bed and stare up at the ceiling, trying to wrap your head around the small amount that you recall from your dream.
Raw bitten lips and soft hands trailing down over your figure flashed behind your eyelids and had you shuddering. You can't match a face to the mouth and hands that had roused such a reaction out of you and it frustrates you that you were grasping at straws trying to remember. The lingering feeling of lips on your neck sends a throb directly to your core and you can tell your skin was flushed. A deep sigh escapes you, “I need a cold shower.”
The dream stayed at the forefront of your mind the entire time you got ready even when you were in the shower, itching for relief to take yourself where the dream hadn’t. But since you were already late for work and rushing as usual, you didn’t have the time to do anything besides just wash yourself up and begin looking for something to wear. Upon opening the top dresser of your drawer to look for a set of underwear you’re met with the sight of gaps in your meticulous organization system. Not only was your favorite pair of comfortable work underwear missing but so was a thong you reserved specifically for going out. It has you tilting your head in confusion as you sweep your eyes around the room to see if they had been misplaced but with time ticking you couldn’t do much more and just chalk it up to them being in the laundry before finishing up and heading off to work.
As the next couple of weeks was spent busy with work and assignments you barely had much time to spend on yourself. However, an upside to the countless hours of labor your boss had you doing was ultimately getting a paycheck and as soon as you got your next one you began shopping to furnish the apartment. Of course you save some of it to go towards next month's bills and you get most of the new pieces from the swap meet but still it was something. Plus it looked like you were going to have to open up a savings account just to go towards a new collection of underwear as every week a new pair seemed to get lost despite there not even being that much space to hide.
“It's like they’re evaporating into thin air or something and I have no idea where they could be. I literally looked everywhere, Yoongi.” You tell your friend as two you sit enjoying a hot cup of coffee at a cafe down the street from his studio.
“Hmm well maybe that cat really liked how your underwear tasted.” His response was simply met with a face full of napkins.
Despite Yoongi’s snide remark it does have you thinking. Perhaps that kid's cat was still sneaking back into your apartment, I mean it did it once it could do it again for all you know. But you didn’t have time to get all worked up about it and just decide to buy some cheap off brand granny panties from the supermarket to get yourself by. Good thing the weekend was right around the corner and when it finally came you knew exactly what you were doing.
The sound of hot rushing water has your shoulders instantly relaxing, your hand swirling a cup of sweet smelling red wine as you stand watching the water rise. Nothing and you meant nothing felt better than when you finally sink down into the old porcelain tub, steam opening your pores as the water sloshes around your shoulders. “Fucking finally.” you mutter to yourself with a sigh, head laying back on the towel you had folded neatly behind you. Instantly it was like the weeks of stress from moving in and working nonstop melts off your bones and you feel ten times younger. You almost forget that you had done all of this to have a better life, not drive yourself into the ground.
You can’t help but let your mind drift back to the memories of the dreams you had been having almost every night. The kisses and touches from the faceless stranger quickly stirring up heat in your center. It seemed like every dream was only getting more and more exciting but just before you would find yourself trying to escalate it beyond just the sweet taste of his lips, you would wake up more frustrated than before. Your body was practically begging for it, but you just continued to push it off, shoving down your sexual frustrations for nex time. Problem is there was never a next time and you didn’t remember the last time you had an actual orgasm.
Slowly your hand begins tracing circles on the apex of your thighs under the water as you contemplate it, “Maybe it has been a long time.” you whisper to yourself finally caving in. Without a second thought your hand takes the leap, sinking down further to rub at your aching cunt that you had neglected for so long. A long drawn out sigh escapes as you feel yourself getting worked up, fingers quickly finding the bud that was nestled between your lips. It has your back arching from where it met the tub and legs spreading to accommodate your hand.
You spend a couple minutes toying with yourself just like that, one hand rubbing at your clit and the other flicking your nipples teasingly. But you know you wouldn’t be able to fully reach your climax sitting in there and decide to take it back to your room, cunt throbbing impatiently while you dry yourself off and drain the bathtub. Since it had been so long since you had indulged yourself like this, you decide to treat yourself and pull out your handy dandy vibrator. A not very big but still mighty sleek black rabbit with gold trim and over seven power settings. You don’t waste much time teasing and immediately you’re holding the toy against yourself, set to one of the highest vibrations.
“Shit!” You moan out, a laugh escaping as you already start to feel the signs of your orgasm approaching. You bite at your lip to try and conceal some of your noises, still stuck in the habit of trying to be quiet for the sake of a roommate. But it feels so good a couple managed to slip by as you pick up the pace of the vibrator, hips thrusting up to meet your motions.
You’re so distracted you don;t see Jungkook over in the corner of the room who watches intently from his spot. He had tried to be courteous when he caught you fondling yourself in the bathroom, you were a woman and you did have needs. But when he sees you pull that toy out of the small box you hid in your drawer and start holding the buzzing object against your clit he couldn’t look away. Jungkook had always wondered what you kept in there but didn’t particularly care enough to check, he was too preoccupied with stealing your underwear.
So as he continues to watch, eyes sweeping over your naked figure from head to toe as you quiver in pleasure, Jungkook can’t stop the hand that had found itself unconsciously pulling his cock out of his pants. From his spot he can see the way your nipples pebble in the open air and the point where the toy met your mound. His hand takes up the pace you held as you fuck yourself swiftly.
“A-ah feels s’ good…” you whine to no one in particular, mind conjuring up images of a man with dark brown hair and sultry eyes that sang of corrupted innocence. You didn’t know where the inspiration came from but it has you throwing your head back in welcome and exposing the apex of your throat as if asking for something. Secretly, Jungkook knows what it was you wanted and has to hold himself back from going over there and giving it to you.
“So good for me.” he whispers to himself, trying to keep the groan he wants to let out at the sight down to keep from alerting you. He just spits in his hand to make the glide easier as he starts thrusting into his hand, imagining the tight squeeze was your weeping cunt.
The buzz of the toy rings loud in the room along with the sound of your whines and moans as you continue rubbing it against your bud, occasionally slipping it down to tease at your entrance. The palm of your hand must've accidentally clicked the button on the end because suddenly kicking up to the last setting and your mouth opens in a silent scream. You can’t do much but just take it, hips raising off the bed and head thrown back with your eyes rolling back. Your legs are shaking with pleasure and suddenly the string that was holding your climax back snaps and you’re tipping over the edge.
“Jungkook!” you scream out, mind going blank and calling out a name you had never heard but still sounded so familiar. It has said man cursing and almost doubling over as cum bursts from the leaking tip of the swollen member in his fist. The pleasure ringing in your ears was too loud to hear the moans that he let out and you just continue letting the shockwaves roll through your figure, chest heaving from the effort.
When you finally come down from your high, you can only stare at the ceiling, limbs like jelly. The calming feeling of the orgasm warming you from the inside out has you smiling in content as you roll over and take a minute to collect yourself. Jungkook just continues to watch you silently, cock tucked back in and hand still covered in his own cum. His face holds a look of concentration as he internally weighs the pros and cons of the plan he was conjuring up in his mind because deep down, he knew he needed to have you.
A hand trailing up your side is what initially catches your attention, but what has you coming to was the feeling of teeth nipping at the nape of your neck. You don’t recall falling asleep but you recognize the touch and immediately know it’s the stranger that was visiting you every night. You crane your neck to catch a glimpse and meet his gaze, eyes simmering with lust.
“Don’t tease…” You whisper, voice breathy as you find yourself already starting to get riled just from the feeling of his fingers rubbing against your skin. He just smiles and places a gentle kiss on your lips, letting out a mischievous chuckle when he sees you try and chase after his mouth.
“I don’t plan to.” he says and flips you over onto your back, broad figure coming up to hover above you. Immediately his lips find your neck, his favorite place to start, and he begins trailing down to your chest all the while leaving hickeys in his wake.
All you can do is watch as he sets a torturous pace between lavishing at the swell of your breast and gently kissing the skin. When he finally decides to take one of your hard nipples into his mouth it has you letting out a whine, “Ah!” you cry, hands coming up to grip his shoulders. You feel his smile against your skin at your reaction. His smugness has you biting your lip, deciding to hold in your noises so as to not give him the satisfaction.
He notices your stubbornness as his eyes find yours and he mumbles against the mound he was still licking at, “Don’t try and fight it Y/N. I want to hear how  pretty you sound.” he says before gently nipping at the bud in his mouth making you hiss.
You want to shoot him a glare for his roughness but can’t stop your eyes from slipping shut when you feel his tongue flick over the nipple as if to soothe it. He just watches as you start to let yourself relax into his teasing, hand straying down your hip to cup your cunt. Your hips jump at the sudden touch but when he starts rubbing a fingertip up and down your slit, smearing your wetness around, you breath out a moan and toss your head back against the pillow. The slow build of pleasure he was giving you felt so good but was quickly making you frustrated.
“Please, I feel so empty.” you say and buck up into his hand. He pulls his hand away in retaliation and waits for you to calm down, which you do regrettably with a whine. When he sees you finally start to behave his hand goes back to its ministrations, this time rubbing at your clit. He continues this for a while along with alternating back and forth between both of your breasts. Occasionally his fingertip finds its way down to your entrance, dipping in just enough to give you a taste and make you moan at the stretch before pulling back and going back to the bundle of nerves. The pleasure feels so good and you quickly become distracted by the climbing climax you feel stirring in your core. It all felt so real it was hard for you to believe that you were dreaming.
Jungkook feels his heart swell at the sight of your hips grinding down on his hand in your sleep as you let cute little moans slip out of your mouth. After watching the show you put on earlier in the night, he couldn’t help but let himself sneak into your bed no matter how bad he felt about it. And you had made it so easy for him, falling asleep naked atop the covers like this. It was like you were begging him to touch you.
But he wants more of you “I just want a little taste.” he mumbles to himself, followed up by him scooting down your legs, face stopping right above your mound. His hands take up residence on your thighs so he can pull them apart as he stares hungrily at you.
Feeling the stimulation you were so desperately chasing after in your dream stopping so abruptly has you stirring in your sleep and when you feel the cool air touch your exposed cunt your eyes open, still heavy with sleep. When you realize that the hold on your legs you had been feeling hadn’t stopped with your lucidness your drowsiness completely vanishes.
“Wha’?” you question as your gaze flits down to where you feel the touch between your legs. Seeing the stranger you had been dreaming about for so long right here in front of you has your heart leaping up into your throat and you freeze. You open your mouth to protest but are silenced when you feel his tongue lick a fat stripe up from your entrance to your clit causing you to moan wantonly. The way he was using his fingers to spread your lips open had you whining in embarrassment from feeling so exposed. “Please!” you cry out, but whether it was a plea for him to stop or to keep going you didn’t know.
Jungkook can feel himself hardening at the sound of your cries, but right now the need to devour you was stronger than his need to cum. So when he doesn't hear any more complaints and your hips continue to chase after his mouth, he takes it as a sign to keep going, tongue licking up all the arousal that's leaking out of you.
The taste of you dripping into his mouth and down his chin has him letting out his own moans and in an effort to get more it delves into your hole and begins thrusting it in and out. He could feel your spongy walls squeezing down onto him and knew that you were probably getting close, especially since he had spent so long teasing you while you slept. So Jungkook decides to take mercy on you and brings a thumb up to rub at your clit, matching the rhythm of his tongue.
“Oh god!” you moan, hands gripping onto the dark mop of hair atop his head to ground yourself as your legs shake in his hold. The stimulation of being filled and having someone else finally touching you this way after so long was getting too much. And you were still sensitive from earlier when you had used your vibrator on yourself and his assault on your clit was bordering on painful. But that didn’t stop the pleasure from racking your form as your back arches off the bed and you start spiraling to your end.
Jungkook pulls his tongue away and replaces it quickly with two digits, continuing to push you closer to climax as he gazes at you in pure want. “I want to hear you say my name again.” he breathes out. He sees the confusion that flashes on your face before quickly being replaced when he gives a particular hard thrust with his fingers. “You know it Y/N, just say it for me one more time.”
You can barely register what he’s talking about and your head shakes back and forth as you so desperately chase after your orgasm. He can tell you’re heading over the edge quickly and gives one final thrust, this time curling his fingers inside you to hit that spot he knew would finish you. “Go ahead, princess. Cum.”
His command is what does you in, your body going stiff as you feel yourself cream on his fingers. You let out a drawn out moan, “S-shit! Jungkook!”. The grip you have on his hair is probably ripping out strands, but you don;t seem to care as your body is wracked with pleasure, orgasm ebbing through you. When Jungkook could tell you were starting to come down he slips his fingers out of you and maneuvers out of your hold, backing up towards the end of the bed.
As soon as you’re able to regain your senses it suddenly clicks in your brain what had just happened. The stranger from your dreams was real and he was in your apartment AND he had just given you probably the best head you’d had in awhile. “What the fuck is happening?!” You screech, scrambling upright in the bed and huddling close to the pillows as you hurriedly try to cover yourself and preserve what little modesty you had left. “How are you even here?! And who the fuck are you?!”
Jungkook just sighs, “I’m Jungkook...pretty sure we’ve been over this already.” he mumbles, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly. His reply has you sending a glare his way.
“Well how I was supposed to know if that was your real name or not?!”
“You’ve called it out plenty enough times for it to be real at this point.” your leg flew out to give him a kick to the thigh at his snarky response but when your foot goes right through him you let out another screech and scurry off the bed across the room.
“You- you-” Your mind can’t seem to find the right word as you point at the man, hand shaking and eyes wide with fear. “My foot just went through your leg!”
“Yeah I can do that sometimes.” Jungkook says and proceeds to turn transparent, pale skin no longer looking solid but as if you could stick your hand straight through and he would come out unscathed. “I’m a ghost Y/N.”
All you could do was stand there, mouth agape and brain going completely haywire at his words. For a minute Jungkook thinks he has completely broken you until he watches as you calmly walk over to your closet to pull out some sweats and a shirt, dressing yourself before starting to head out of the room. He was confused but still got up from his spot on the bed to follow you as you proceeded towards the front door. “Wait! Where are you going?!” he says.
You turn on the heel of your foot and just stare at him bewildered, “There is a man, claiming to be a ghost, who can turn transparent in my apartment. I am going to check myself into the psych ward because I am obviously going nuts.”
Jungkook looks at you in concern. “Y/N I’m serious! I’m a ghost, I used to live here. I don’t know how long I’ve been like this but I can assure you that I’m no longer alive.” he could see you starting to realize the seriousness in his voice, “Trust me, you’re not crazy.”
Your gaze stays trained on him as you continue to digest what exactly he was saying before you seem to finally accept his claim. It has Jungkook visibly relaxing as he lets out a sigh of relief. But now that you knew you weren’t losing your mind your sense of curiosity was sparked. “Um if you don’t mind me exactly did you get like-” you gesture wildly to his figure “-this.”
He bites at his lip anxiously, “You mean how did I die?” you seem to have realized how invasive your question had been because he saw the embarrassed look that crossed your face as you nod nervously. “I don’t..I don’t really remember. I mean I guess I do? But it’s kind of a blur and I’ve never been able to piece it together no matter how hard I’ve tried.”
The two of you stand in silence for a while, awkwardly standing in the middle of your empty living room. You didn’t really know what to say, torn between both the fear and wonder that came with having a ghost in front of you. “Do you want me to leave?”
Jungkook's question catches you off guard. “What?! No no, I couldn’t make you do that!”
“Are you sure? I mean I don’t have anywhere else to go but its not like I could die-”
“Jungkook, it's honestly fine! This was your home first!” you say trying to get him to remove any thought of him not being welcomed, “As long as you um...stop popping up in my dreams and all that.” Your words have him blushing, cheeks blooming red and eyes widening in embarrassment.
“Yeah yeah no completely valid. I’m really sorry I don’t know why I did that. I didn’t think it would escalate that far.” Jungkooks words flow out of his mouth so fast they jumble together. “I'll return your underwear too.”
That has you letting out a sound of realization as you put two and two together, “You’re the underwear thief?! I thought that stupid cat was doing it!” He just chuckles nervously and bashfully looks at the ground as he plays with his hands, hating how much of a pervert he must’ve sounded like. You giggle at his reaction, “It’s okay Jungkook. We can just put that behind us, yeah?”
His face lights up with a small smile, those bunny teeth you remember vaguely seeing peeking out from behind his lips. “Yeah that would be great.”
After the two of you talk a little more about how everything would work around here from now on, you both part ways, you going back to your bed and Jungkook going to wherever he went at night. Briefly you hope that wouldn’t be your dreams but the twinge of absence you feel at the thought has you second guessing that maybe that hope was misplaced.
Over the next couple of weeks the two of you begin to settle into a bit of a routine. He was kind enough to respect your boundaries after your talk and, much to your delight, actually returned a few of your underwear to your drawers. Jungkook even went as far as to start making your coffee for you in the morning. “I know you hate having to rush to work so I just thought this would make it easier for you!” was his excuse. You had felt your heart skip a beat when he said that, grin stretching across his face sheepishly along with a blush.
Everything was going so smooth it almost felt normal, well as normal as living with a ghost in your apartment could be. But if there was one thing you can complain about, it was the sexual tension that undoubtedly remained around the two of you no matter how hard you had tried to push it down. You could feel it when he sometimes caught you coming out of the bathroom fresh out of the shower and only covered in towel, his eyes following the droplets of water as they flowed down your skin. Or how when you got back from a run and your body was covered in so much sweat your shirt clung to every part of your chest and his gaze couldn’t help but follow your pert behind as you walked past him in those godforsaken tight exercise shorts. It was killing the both of you.
You can’t even try and calm yourself down either as you’re too paranoid that he would accidentally catch you or be spying on you from somewhere in the shadows. Him catching you in the act wouldn’t even be the problem actually, but him hearing you call his name out while you did it is what you would never be able to live down. The man was the focal point of all your fantasies at this point and there was no guarantee that you would be able to stop yourself from calling out for him in the heights of pleasure.
But as the days ticked by and you felt your muscles grow stiff from work, the itch at the back of your head telling you to just cave in and give yourself just a tiny bit of release grew more persistent. Today had been a particularly bad day, your horniness making you so antsy that even Jimin noticed judging by the weird looks he was sending you the entire time you two sat at your desks. And when Jungkook greeted you once you got home you didn’t even have it in you to meet his eyes, only squeaking out a small ‘hi’ before rushing past him. You had planned to just ignore it like you had been doing so far but that seemed to be easier said than done.
Tonight Jungkook had suggested that you guys watch something new he said was premiering tonight. And since all your new furniture had been delivered, the two of you would be able to sit and watch it on the tv at a safe distance instead of having to share your bed and huddle entirely too close over your small laptop.
The movie was actually pretty good once you start watching it and not internally screaming at being in the same room as the man who made you want to jump on his dick at any second. Your attention became completely absorbed in the screen, so much so that you forgot that Jungkook was even sitting down on the couch from you. But when the mood in the scene suddenly changes and the two feuding main characters start tearing each other's clothes off (talk about plot twist) you gulp. Suddenly you’re all too aware of how easily it would be to just scoot over and climb on top of his lap.
You try to focus your mind on anything but the moans coming from the movie but after being so pent up, just watching the shots of pleasured filled faces has your core throbbing. Images of the dreams you used to share with Jungkook run through your mind and you can’t stop yourself from rubbing your thighs together in an effort to relieve some of the ache between your legs.
Next to you, Jungkook could tell that what was happening in the movie was affecting you. He had tried to be on his best behavior these past few weeks as he was trying to make up for the bad impression he made when you first moved in. But he can see the movement of your thighs and was barely holding on to the shred of chivalry he had left. Maybe if he just offers you a little help it would be okay?
“Y/N-” he starts out, reaching a hand over to touch your leg in an effort to catch your attention. Immediately the feeling of his warm palm laying on you after so long has you letting out a small moan escape your lips, your hands slapping over your mouth the minute you realize. You shut your eyes in embarrassment and you can feel your face flushing with heat.
Jungkook opens his mouth to say something but you can’t bear to hear it. “I’m going to my room!” You say hopping up from the couch and rushing down the hallway to your bedroom, the sound of the door slamming shut behind you ringing around the apartment. You’re completely mortified by what happened out there in the living room. Were you that horny that just a simple touch had you wanting to risk it all?
Your back was pressed against the door and your mind was racing as you internally curse at yourself. But the sound of a knock on the door has you jolting up as you squeak, “Go away!”
You hear Jungkook shuffle on the other side of the door, “Y/N? Can you open the door? I just want to talk.”
“Jungkook, I’m fine! I just need a minute!” You lie and hope that he believes you. But of course, this was Jungkook, and he pays no mind to your words as he walks straight through the closed door. Fuck ghosts and their stupid nonsolid bodies. “Jungkook, I thought we talked about you not using your weird ghost powers to invade my privacy!”
“You didn’t give me much of a choice, I asked nicely.” He says while raising his hands up innocencently. You sigh exparrated and crossed your arms in irritation before turning your back towards him. “Y/N, when are you going to stop pretending?” Jungkook says from behind you.
His question makes you stiffen as you know exactly where he was heading with this. “...Pretending about what?” you say feigning cluelessness.
“Pretending that you don’t want me.” the response makes you gulp, heart pounding in your chest. You hear him step closer, “I see the way you look at me..and I know you see the way I look at you too.”  The feeling of his hand landing on your shoulder makes you gasp before suddenly you’re turned around and pulled closer to his chest, your head tilting up to look at his face. His eyes are staring deep into yours and you can see the lust swimming in them, it has you biting at your lip. Jungkooks gaze follows the movement.
“Jungkook, I…” you trail off as you get lost in his dark irises, feeling the tension in the room start to grow. “I need you.”
At that, he squeezes you tightly in response “You have me.”
Jungkook didn’t waste time before walking you backwards towards the bed, both of your hands scrambling over each other's body as your lips locked. There was so much pent up want between the both of you that you didn't even take time easing into it, teeth nipping at each other's lips and your tongues fighting for dominance. When you feel the edge of the bed knock against the back of your knees you sit down, pulling Jungkook down over you as you lay spread out across the sheets.
His broad shoulders tower over you making you feel so small compared to him, but inwardly you love the feeling of being completely overpowered by the man. Jungkook breaks the kiss to pull his shirt off, tossing it somewhere in the room before he dives back down to start mouthing at the corner of your jaw. “Hmm take this off.” he says as he tugs at your top. You don’t need much convincing and slightly raise yourself to lift it over your head, Jungkook backing up to accommodate the movement. You hadn’t been wearing a bra as you normally didn’t when lounging around the apartment so when Jungkook catches sight of your pert nipples hardening in the exposed air he lets out a groan. “Y/N, I fucking love your tits.”
His crude compliment makes you laugh but it’s interrupted when he takes a bud into his mouth, his hand coming to fondle the other one. He rolls your nipple between his teeth, alternating between flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. His ministrations has your back arching into his embrace as you let out small breathy gasps. You can feel his member hard in his jeans against your leg and reach down to tug on the waistband of the pants. “Jungkook, come on. Wan’ you.” you mumble, quickly growing impatient.
He just chuckles and pulls away from your nipple, a string of saliva connecting his lips back to it. He heeds your bratty command and pops the button of his pants, standing up briefly to pull them down along with his underwear. The sight of his cock has you squeezing around nothing. In all your dreams you had never gotten so far as to him inside you, so seeing it for the first time was breathtaking. It wasn’t big per se but it certainly was longer than average and it had girth to it that would definitely have you stretching to accommodate. A couple small veins run up the side of it and your eyes follow them up to the bright red head that had already begun leaking with precum.
It has you rushing to take the rest of your clothes off as well, tossing them to the side before looking up at him lustfully, parting your legs in welcome. His gaze instantly lands on your cunt, watching your hole twitch as if begging to be filled. It has his breath catching and he crawls his way back over you, one hand placed next to your head to hold himself up while the other trails down your side and in between your legs.
You whine when you feel his finger prod at your entract instead of what you really wanted. He let out a chuckle at that, “Sorry princess I have to get you prepped first.” he says, a digit circling around your entrance to spread your arousal. When he deems it slick enough, he finally dips his finger inside you, moving it in and out slowly, occasionally curling it up to rub at that soft spot inside you.
“uh!” hiccup moans leave your lips as you lay back with closed eyes, letting him stretch you open in preparation. The feeling of a second finger has you gasping a little, but to ease the intrusion you feel him bring the pad of his thumb up to gently toy with your clit. He feels more of your arousal leak out around his fingers and uses that to slide in a third, the stretch of your walls making his cock twitch. He continues thrusting them for a while, listening to your sounds of pleasure before he starts scissoring them inside of you.
The pace his fingers take up pushes you to the edge and the combination of his thick fingers inside you hitting your g spot and the assault on your clit was what did you in. “Jungkook!” you cry as you climax, hips bucking to meet his hand as you cum.
He watches you intently as you topple over the edge, not stopping his fingers but slowing them down enough to ride you through your high without it being painful. You can feel your high coming down and open your eyes to look at him, biting your lip at how sexy he looks over you. “Jungkookie..” you sigh, hand trailing up his abdomen.”Wan’ your cock.”
Your words have him groaning as his member lets out another drop of precum on his thigh. He wants so badly to be inside you already but he knows the minute he is, he would be done for and it would be over too soon for his liking. So instead he proceeds to pull his fingers out, stuffing them between his lips and moaning at the taste. You watch him hungrily, already feeling empty without something inside you.
Jungkook pulls his fingers out of his mouth with a pop before trailing his mouth down your torso, nipping and sucking at the skin. He mumbled against your skin, “Just want to taste you first.” His nose bumps your clit when he finds his way between your legs causing your hips to jump at the sensitivity. He soothes it over with a lick, but that just has you pushing at his head. “I’m too sensitive!” you whine, trying to shut your legs.
He tuts and holds your legs open, tongue continuing to draw circles around the bundle of nerves. “Just one more, princess. One more and I’ll give you my cock, okay?”
You hesitate for a second, not knowing if you have it in you but nod in the end, afraid if you didn’t he’d never get inside you. Jungkook smiles at your confirmation and gives your thigh a kiss then goes back to licking at your clit. His tongue trails up and down your slit, dipping in and circling around your most sensitive areas. It has you turning into a panting mess especially when he finally decides to stop teasing you and cups you entirely with his mouth, proceeding to devour you as if he was starving. You can feel the juices leaking down between your lips and know the sheets were going to be an absolute mess in the morning but you don’t care, hips riding his face as your orgasm begins to build.
“S-shit!” you squeak, gripping on the sides to ground yourself as your thighs squeeze around his head. Jungkook moans at the suffocation, pace picking up as he licks up every last drop of you. It’s the vibrations from his sounds of enjoyment that has you creaming around his tongue. This time he stops once he knows you’ve cum, not wanting to push your sensitivity too much just yet, and kisses his way back up to your lips. You taste yourself in his mouth but you don’t care as you let him kiss your already raw bitten lips.
“You were so good for me, princess. ‘m gonna fuck you now.” you moan at his words, nodding your head almost embarrassingly fast.
Your legs part around his hips as you look down between your legs, seeing his rock hard member already poking its tip at your entrance. Jungkook braces himself before slowly sliding the tip inside you, both of you moaning at the feeling. His head throws back and his eyebrows furrow as he concentrates on trying not to bust his load just from entering you. “So tight..f-fuck y/n.”
You feel the same, already feeling like you’re gonna cum just from the way he stretched you out. You swear you can feel him in your stomach and he hadn’t even gotten all the way in. Your legs find their way around his hips, pulling him in closer before finally you feel the tip of his cock sit snugly against your cervix. Above you, Jungkook’s breathing heavily and you grow impatient, squeezing your walls down on him. He growls, “y/n if you keep doing that I’m not gonna be able to last long enough to make you cum.” he complains, voice strained.
You smirk and squeeze down around him again, relishing in the strained noise he makes. “Then you better hurry up and fuck me, ghost boy.” He just sends you a glare and starts pulling his hips back. For a second you think he’s going to pull out of you completely, afraid that your teasing angered him enough to stop. But instead he thrusts back into you hard, knocking the wind out of you and making stars light up in your eyes.
Instantly he takes up a rough pace, hips snapping against yours so hard you moan in both pleasure and pain. “so- so big..” you hiccup.
He growls at your words, cock picking up the pace “you like that, yeah?”
“I love your cock- i love it- ”  you cry, using your legs around his waist to help you fuck yourself down onto his cock.
Jungkook pounds you with such speed it has you breathless and you can’t even form coherent words, slurring out jumbled words. He just continues rolling his hips against you as you fall apart beneath him “such a dirty slut. Fucking yourself on my cock like this.” he laughs as he sees you don’t even stop at his words. “I bet you wanted me to see you fuck yourself on that vibrator, huh? The way you called out my name like that as if I was the one in your slutty pussy.”
“yes- yes fuck me harder-” you sob around the words from pleasure, nails scratching down his back. “-wanna be your slut jungkook-”
He fucks you without mercy. You don’t even register when you feel his finger prod at the entrance to your ass. “Fuck you gonna let me in here, princess? Let me make you feel even better?”
You’re gasping with every thrust he gives and can’t respond, just letting out a chorus of “ah!ah!ah!”
He takes your lack of response as a yes and uses the liquid leaking from between the two of you as lube as his finger breaches the entrance. His hips falter at how you suck him in, “fuck! Princess, you're just begging for something to fill you up in there huh?”
Jungkooks asking too many questions and you don’t even know what he’s talking about. Too caught up in the pleasure of how his cock knocks at your womb with every thrust.
His hips snap forward to meet yours, rough enough to leave bruises, and he growls down at you “answer me” he says.
You can't stop the sounds of pleasure that tumble from between your lips as you answer through the fog “yes, yes, yes-” you moan “fill me up- i want your cock-” “You already have my cock princess, remember?” his hips grind against yours as he sits snugly inside. “You want another? Hmm so greedy, but since you asked so nicely.” Your mouth opens in a silent scream, eyes rolling back into your skull so you can see the white of them. His cock is already pounding inside you, so why does it feel like he’s inside your ass now too?
Both members move in tandem inside of you. As soon as one pulls back, the other one is pushing back inside. Your mind is too far gone to understand how he’s doing this but you don’t care. I’m in heaven you think to yourself, tongue lolling out your mouth.
Above you Jungkook is grunting as he continues to pound you into the mattress, face strained from the effort. He can feel his end approaching and decides he needs to get you there first so he reaches down to stroke at your clit, matching the aggressive pace of his hips.
“Too much!” you shout “‘s too much- i can’t!”
“yes you can.” he growls, each syllable paired with a thrust as he races to the edge. “Go ahead and cum princess.”
Your body thrashes uncontrollably underneath him, curses flying from your lips. Your climax is rising and burning through you and it feels so good, his cocks feels so good pounding inside you. suddenly you’re crashing down and your mouth slacks open letting out lewd, drawn out moans as you cum,
reaching his own high, jungkook moans too, his thrusts becoming shallow and a string of curses flow from his mouth as he slumps down next to you, cock slipping out of you with a squelch. You register the feeling of his seed dripping out of you as both of your holes squeeze around nothing from being empty once again. Your legs shake and you can’t even raise an arm to wipe at the sweat that drips down your face.
He sees you struggling to make yourself comfortable and pulls you close to his chest, shushing you as you reel from the strength of the orgasm you just had. You hum at the feeling, struggling to keep yourself awake.
“Stay with me?” you say, staring up at him drowsily, completely spent.
You know your hair is a complete mess and you smell sticky with sweat but that doesn’t stop Jungkook from looking down at you, dark eyes shining like stars as he whispers, “Always.”
Jungkook held you for the rest of the night and despite the temperature difference, you slept soundly. It was weird having a roommate that you couldn’t tell your friends about or tell them that you were also sleeping with him. Even harder to not be able to tell them you were falling for him. Ultimately, Jungkook was dead and eventually you would have to part ways. But for now you were going to enjoy his ever looming presence, even if that meant your underwear was going to continue to go missing.
(Jungkook still continues to blame the cat to this day)
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mimikookie · a month ago
Seeing Double, Prepare for Trouble | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
"It was no surprise to see multiple people dressed up as Spider-Man at the party. You were no exception. The difference was your costume was only meant for Jungkook's eyes."
🍭 Pairing: spiderman!Jungkook x girlfriendxReader(f)
🍭 Rating/Genres: M(18+); smut, light crack/humor lol, light fluff, college au, established relationship, SBaFL au, marvel au
🍭 Word Count: 8.9k
🍭 Warnings: soft dom!Jungkook, sub!reader, jk likes being complimented, multiple orgasms, strength kink, fingering, oral (f. receiving, hint of m. receiving), mentions of bruises/marks/alcohol (no mentions of intoxication), unprotected sex (reader's on the pill; stay safe!), dirty talk, big dick!jk, spanking (jungkook likes ass a lot), rough sex, multiple sex positions, breast play, reader has a pain kink?maybe, manhandling, hair pulling, creampie, bound by webs (light), one dark humor joke at the end (can be related to prostitution), they share some candy 😌, jk and reader being their teasing selfs, Yoongi gets the boot
🍭 Betas: @hoebii (My go-to for all my Spidey JK stories! Thank you for always being there for me - the dedication! I know I can always count on you. Thank you for all the "hammy" suggestions hehe) / @hobeemin (Ahh! Thank you for giving my story a shot and giving me great feedback! I'm glad you liked it.) = Thank you both for fitting me into your busy schedules and giving me great feedback. Both your comments made me laugh. I feel much better about this piece after all the help. I'm grateful to you both ^-^
🍭 Author’s Note: Happy Spoopy Day, y'all. Please enjoy my contribution to kinktober. I've had the first scene in mind for over a year lmao, so I wanted to write it before I had to wait another year. I've missed writing the SBaFL couple ^-^
🍭 Storyline: First year in college; Sometime between And if I did? and Warning Signs; Can be read as a standalone but has (unimportant) references to And if I did?. You can still understand what's happening without knowing/understanding the reference... There's like one lol.
SBaFL collection | main masterlist
Tumblr media
There was a moment of silence as you stood with your door open, baffled by what was before you. Jungkook had been raving about the annual Halloween party at one of the frat houses ever since he overheard Taehyung talking about it to Jimin three weeks ago. It was unusual to see him so giddy about a party since Jungkook was never thrilled for large gatherings, yet for some reason, he was excited for this one. Despite never telling you what he decided to dress up as this was least expected. You had asked if he wanted to do a couple’s outfit, but he had declined the offer.
Jungkook shook his upended Spider-Man mask as if he was waiting for you to toss in some candy in his make-shift basket. His lips were pulled back in a grin, standing confidently in his suit in the well-lit hallway. It had your heart racing at the thought of someone catching him without his mask.
You hastily grabbed his forearm and yanked him inside your room. Your roommate was hanging out with her friends, so you didn’t worry about her seeing Jungkook. You gawked at him a moment more, wondering if he really just walked to your dorm in his suit—out in the open for the entire campus to see.
“You’re not going dressed like that, are you?” You questioned your boyfriend in disbelief. Jungkook tilted his head at your question, eyebrows knitted together as he wondered if you were serious.
“What’s wrong with my suit?” He huffed, a small pout forming on his soft lips.
“It’s your suit,” you replied with what you figured was the most obvious answer. “It’s your real suit.”
Jungkook shrugged and tossed his mask on your bed before taking a seat next to it. His eyes scanned your outfit and frowned when he realized you weren’t ready. You were in your pajamas, yet had makeup on—your eyes and lips coated in purple. Part of your hair was pulled into a ponytail by a green hair tie. He wasn’t sure what you had decided to dress up as, but purple-pajama lover was not in his list of guesses.
“I’m sure I won’t be the only person dressed as Spider-Man. It’s the one day of the year I can dress in my suit and not have to worry about my identity. Isn’t that neat?” He reasoned, eyes wide with excitement. While Jungkook probably wasn’t wrong about not being the only Spider-Man, you worried he would still stick out with the material of his suit. It wasn’t like the ones in the stores.
“You don’t think people will be suspicious that yours is… Better in quality?” You reached out and glided your fingertips across his shoulder and down his arm to feel his suit. It wasn’t your first time touching it, but you couldn’t stop feeling it again. It was bumpy unlike the ones being sold, yet the ridges weren’t rough. Jungkook stared up at you.
“Maybe,” he shrugged. “But I doubt anyone will make the connection. Don’t worry, baby. No one’s going to know the truth.” He smiled at you reassuringly. You hummed as you thought about his words. You were still skeptical but he looked so happy to wear his suit confidently without his mask that you decided to let it go. He could always say he got it customized for Halloween, which isn’t entirely a lie. It was customized for him. As long as he didn’t get nervous and accidentally reveal the truth, he should be fine.
“Hurry and get dressed,” Jungkook interrupted your thoughts with a light pat to your butt. “I’m still wondering about your costume.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” you replied and walked to your closest to grab your clothes. Your back was turned as you started to change into your costume. It was plain and simple, yet it would do to convey who you were trying to imitate.
Jungkook was quiet when you slid off your top and replaced it with a black one. It was normal to change in front of each other now, but he could still feel his skin heat as he watched you peel off your clothes. He was so used to having you change in front of him without much care that it felt odd to have you go somewhere else to change.
His eyes followed the curve of your back down to your ass as you bent down to pull up the purple stockings. His fingers twitched at the thought of helping you, his fingers grazing your exposed skin as he tugged the fabric higher until he reached-
“Stop looking at me like that,” you chuckled. Jungkook’s eyes snapped to your face. His cheeks reddened, having been caught ogling. You had already finished putting on your stockings and were sliding on your skirt.
“Sorry,” he mumbled but couldn’t stop his eyes from roaming down your body. “You look great.” He grinned when he recognized the childhood character you used to love. He remembered seeing you watch it in high school, claiming that it was still good despite having already seen all the episodes. He doesn’t recall the show well… Something about a boy who could turn into a ghost?
Once your combat boots were snug on your feet, you walked to stand in front of Jungkook. His hands were quick to rest on your hips.
“Do you like it?” You pondered, hand brushing away his hair. Although he had finally gotten a haircut, the length was longer than he typically wore in high school. He must’ve liked the way he looked after growing it out. Turns out his laziness was helpful for once.
Jungkook slid his hands lower until they rested on the back of your thighs. He squeezed your legs gently, hands just beneath your ass, and pulled you closer.
“Yes,” Jungkook said and leaned in to press a light kiss to your exposed skin above your skirt. Your heart began to hammer in your chest at his affectionate actions.
“You know who I am?” You quizzed and twirled a strand of his hair around your finger mindlessly.
“Pam something,” he replied, not entirely interested in the answer anymore. His hands glided up your legs and slipped beneath your skirt to rest on your butt.
You frowned at his answer. “Sam,” you corrected. “Sam Manson.”
Jungkook hummed but you knew he didn’t care about your response. You called his name to get his attention. He slowly peered at you again, eyes darkening as thoughts of what he wanted to do to you floated in his mind. You noticed the stare and felt your body get giddy; however, there wasn’t time to do anything since the party had already started thirty minutes ago.
“We need to go,” you announced softly and slowly retreated from his grasp.
Jungkook stopped you from moving too far. “Let’s stay here a little longer.”
You placed your hands on his shoulders when he attempted to pull you onto his lap, shaking your head with a teasing smile.
“You were really excited about this party; let’s go.” You argued and reached down to grab his mask from your bed.
“Yeah, but there’s always next year,” he murmured, eyes glued to your uncovered skin. You lifted his chin to look at you, bending down to meet him halfway.
“Don’t be so upset,” you whispered, a hint of a smirk on your face. Your hand slid from his chin to his chest, the feel of his suit sending chills down your spine. There was always something about his suit that had your skin heating up. “I have a surprise for you when we get back.”
Jungkook quirked an eyebrow, ears perked up in interest at what you had up your sleeves. “Care to give me a hint, baby?”
You giggled and pressed your lips against him briefly.
“Nope. Now, take your mask, and let’s get going.”
Jungkook sulked, bottom lip sticking out at your disappointing reply. He reluctantly grabbed his mask from your grasp and stood up. One of his hands was still on you as he did so, making sure you couldn’t walk away. He leaned down, eyes locking with yours as he neared your face.
“We’re not staying long.”
With that, he pecked your lips and adjusted your skirt before ushering you out the door—barely giving you enough time to grab your bag.
Tumblr media
Jungkook had an arm wrapped around your shoulder as you walked up to the house. It wasn’t as crowded as you had expected. Sure, there were over a handful of people roaming around, but it wasn’t sardine-packed as you had pictured.
The lawn was cluttered with Halloween-related decorations. It was as if the house vomited its Halloween storage room all over the yard. There weren’t many people entering and exiting the house. They either stayed indoors or out. You glanced at the faces in the yard as you walked by, realizing that many of them you couldn’t recognize. There were a few familiar faces you’ve seen in classes, but you’ve never spoken to them before.
As you continued your stroll to the door, you noticed many heads turn towards you. No, not you. Jungkook.
You glanced at Jungkook and wondered if he felt the eyes on him. He held onto his mask in his other hand, hair dancing in the light breeze. From the way Jungkook straightened his posture, you knew he was aware of the attention. He peered down at you, flashed you his bunny smile, and continued onwards.
“Woah!” Someone called out when you both entered the house. Music was blaring from a stereo in the other room and there were buckets of candy scattered around along with alcoholic beverages. There was some finger food on the counters, but most of it was gone. “Where did you get the suit? That looks way better than this one.”
You turned your head to the newcomer. The man wore a Spider-Man suit, but it was obvious his wasn’t as nice as Jungkook’s. The stranger's costume was loose and had a tie knotted behind their neck to keep the one piece up. His hands weren’t covered from the suit, which meant the costume either didn’t come with gloves or the guy decided to take them off. The outfit also stopped at the man’s ankles.
Jungkook smiled at the man. “I got it customized.” He replied proudly.
“Seriously? How much did you have to pay?” The guy questioned and leaned in closer, examining the intricate patterns on the material. Before Jungkook could answer, two girls and another so-called Spider-Man appeared. This Spider-Man had a better outfit. The man’s outfit clung to his body and was made out of stretchy fabric, similar to Jungkook’s, but still not the same material.
Your eyes roamed the area as you let Jungkook’s conversation fade with the booming music. You noticed some others dressed as Spider-Man; a few were women with the same tight-fitted outfit. It’s not until your roommate’s face came into view that you slithered from your boyfriend's hold. He didn’t seem to mind as he glanced at you briefly before going back to his new friends.
“Hey Yn!” Jihyun exclaimed. You quickly took in her costume—a red skirt, orange long-sleeve, glasses, and orange knee-high socks. She engulfed you in a quick hug before she looked down at your costume. Her confused expression told you she didn’t recognize who you were dressed as.
“It’s a character from a show I used to watch,” you explained, not feeling the need to go into too many details as she wouldn’t understand.
“Ah,” she said with a nod. “Where’s Jungkook?”
You leaned over to give her a clearer view of your boyfriend behind you. You both glanced to see Jungkook with an arm stretched out, clothed fingers clenching and unclenching. He had his mask on now. He must’ve been asked to put it on for show. Even though you couldn’t see his expression, you imagined he was beaming with pride.It wasn’t every day he was able to be showered with compliments about how well made his suit was. You weren’t there to witness his trial and errors in him making it, but you knew he put a lot of thought into the design and creation. You were on the edge of your imaginary seat seeing him surrounded by people who knew who he was beneath the mask. You hoped none of them connect two and two together.
“I bet your suit is better than the real Spider-Man’s,” the first guy stated.
“You’ve never met him, hyung, so you don’t know that. Spider-Man’s suit has to be better than this guy’s costume. He has to run up walls and stuff,” another guy replied, one who must’ve joined the conversation after you left. The first man rebutted the argument, but you didn’t hear it because one of the girls interrupted.
“Can I touch it?” She asked and held out her hand. As soon as Jungkook nodded his head, she placed her palm against his forearm. Her eyes widened at the soft feel and began to rub up and down his arm.
You bit the inside of your cheek as you watched the stranger touch Jungkook. It was just his arm she was touching. You ignored the jab from the green goblin on your shoulder as you watched the interaction. Envy didn’t consume you, but you were still wary. Jungkook had this aura when he wore his suit—one that made him more confident. Jungkook didn’t care if he was the center of attention until he was dressed in his suit.
“That’s Jungkook?” Jihyun gasped next to you. You hummed in confirmation.
“That’s an impressive Spider-Man costume he found. I’m sure his is the best one out here,” she complimented. “Hey, you know there’s a costume contest? He should enter!”
“What’s the prize?” You questioned and glanced at your roommate before looking back at Jungkook. The second girl was now rubbing his other arm. You felt your breath halt when the first girl ran her hand higher to his shoulder and near his collar. Jungkook took a small step back and hovered a hand near hers as if ready to grab it if she persisted. The girl’s cheeks grew red and apologized quickly. You couldn’t stop the corner of your lips from tilting upwards at the exchange. You felt a little guilty at that.
“I heard it’s a gift card to a ramen place,” she chuckled. “But hey, free food is free food.”
“True,” you agreed and turned to your friend. There was a sudden presence to your right that had you glancing over. The first thing you saw was Namjoon’s dimples. They were on display as he greeted you with a hug. Jihyun dismissed herself to find the friends she came with, offering Namjoon a small hello before she left.
“Funneth sheeing you hereth,” Namjoon said, though it sounded a little distorted. You tilted your head in confusion and he sighed. He pulled out a plastic set of vampire’s teeth and licked across his top row of teeth. You laughed at the reason behind his distorted words and finally noticed his outfit. It wasn’t much of a costume, just an added black cape to his jeans and short-sleeve outfit with fake blood at the corner of his lip.
“Jungkook wanted to come,” you explained, knowing you were indifferent about attending.
“It’s nice to see you out of your dorm. You know you don’t have to live there, right?” He chuckled. “I can still give you a tour if you want? I know it’s a few months in the semester, but,” he trailed off.
Your smile grew as he spoke. “That’ll be great. I’m sure you can guess, but I haven’t explored campus yet, so a tour would be helpful.”
Namjoon nodded. “Text me later and we can figure out a date and time.”
“Date and time for what?”
You jumped at the new voice behind you; a set of hands rested on your waist. You glanced up to see the famous red and blue mask—the real one.
“Hi Spidey,” you smiled before explaining, “For a campus tour.”
“Jungkook?” Namjoon asked with wide eyes, astonished with his so-called costume. Jungkook pulled off his mask and shook his head to get his hair into place. He smiled at Namjoon.
“Hi,” he greeted.
“I thought you were the real one for a second,” Namjoon laughed. “Great costume.”
Jungkook thanked him then averted his attention to you; however, you were already looking at Namjoon. You fell back into conversation with your friend. As the minutes passed, you found Jimin, Taehyung, and Yoongi. You learned there was another party happening and that they planned to visit that one for a moment before going trick or treating. While Yoongi seemed out of his element, he seemed content hanging around the others.
Thirty minutes passed with you hanging out with your friends, talking aimlessly about anything and everything. You could’ve stayed longer, but Jungkook was poking your sides, whining in your ear, and playing with his mask so much you knew he was getting bored.
“Baby,” he murmured to you, “What happened about leaving early?”
You glanced at him and saw he was slumped against the couch cushions. You rolled your eyes at his exaggerated position. Placing a hand on his thigh, you leaned in so he could hear you over the music.
“We’ve only been here for a little over an hour, and you want to go? But you were so excited the past few weeks.”
He shrugged and covered your hand with one of his own. “That was before you teased me earlier,” he pouted and glanced at your lips. You giggled and squeezed his leg.
“I didn’t tease you that much,” you argued. He shook his head in disagreement.
“Let’s go,” he urged, though it was more of a suggestion than a demand.
“And what if I want to stay longer?” You challenged. His lips tipped downwards, and he groaned quietly.
“Five more minutes,” he offered. You smiled at his reply and nodded, averting your attention back to your friends. Jungkook removed your hand from his thigh and started tracing patterns on it mindlessly. Truth be told, you were fine leaving when he asked, but you wanted him to wait a little longer just for the fun of annoying him.
Precisely five minutes later you were hastily telling everyone goodbye as Jungkook tugged on your arm impatiently. He guided you to the door, thanking those who gave him last-minute compliments as he made his way to the exit. The only time he had paused was to grab a handful of candy. He dumped the treats in his mask before walking you to the car you arrived in. Needless to say, he didn’t get the chance to win the costume contest.
Tumblr media
He was quick to guide you to his dorm. He shut the door with a shoot of a web.
“We’re back. What’s the surprise?” He asked immediately and plopped down on his bed.
“You’re too antsy,” you laughed, crossing your arms over your chest to stare at him. Jungkook’s gaze flickered to the way your breasts were pushed together at the action.
“I had to wait for two hours. I think it’s time you tell me what it is,” he huffed and opened his mask to distract himself, digging around the candy he had dumped in it before you left the party. He couldn’t stop glancing at your chest and your short skirt earlier. He was slowly going crazy watching you adjust your skirt or top at the party. While you didn’t notice the gazes of the other party attendees, he did. He didn’t like the way some people’s eyes lingered on you. He came close to webbing their eyes shut at one point.
“Hm, you’re right,” you said, a smile on your lips as Jungkook pulled out a small lollipop.
“Where are you going?” Jungkook asked when he caught you moving to his bathroom.
You paused at the restroom door. “I’m going to go to the bathroom really quick then I’ll tell you the surprise.”
Jungkook was unwrapping his candy as you spoke but nodded to show he had heard you. He seemed gloomy at having to wait longer. Without another word, you slipped inside with your bag.
While searching for this year’s Halloween costume idea, you stumbled across multiple Spider-Man costumes. Each was styled a little differently depending on the context—goofy, sexy, realistic—but they all were centered around Seoul’s masked hero. You felt a little foolish when you put one of the silly costumes in your cart, but you were also excited to see Jungkook’s reaction. It was originally meant as a joke for the party, though, your eyes had snagged on another costume before you checked out. It was more revealing, something meant to be provocative. You had contemplated your decision for a few minutes. In the end, you went for the latter and decided it would be a costume only Jungkook would see.
You slid the ponytail from your hair and removed the purple eyeshadow, leaving your eyes with eyeliner and mascara only, before replacing your purple lipstick with red. Your heart hammered in your chest as you stared at your reflection. The costume was a one-piece with black-webbed patterns on it to mimic his original suit. The front was red while the sides were blue. The top stopped low, revealing the soft curves of your breasts that were slightly covered by black elastic strands in another web-like pattern. The same pattern was on the back, showing off more skin. Etched on the middle of your chest was the Spider-Man logo. The bottom did nothing to cover your skin and almost felt uncomfortable from the way the cut sat high on your hips. You supposed it was just the fact you weren’t used to wearing this style. You finished the outfit with black heels that laced up your legs.
You had tried it on when it first arrived, only this time felt different. You felt more conscious of how much you were, or weren’t, wearing. The outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination. Although it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve worn something so racy in front of Jungkook, this was based on his suit. You were nervous he wouldn’t like it; you didn’t want him to feel offended. However, you spent the money and might as well commit.
Taking a deep breath, you quietly opened the door.
Jungkook’s focus was away from you, kneeling down and trying to retrieve something under his bed. He was still in his spider suit, mask abandoned on his bed, and lollipop hanging from his mouth. Your hands ran down your costume to smooth it out, giving your hands something to do in an attempt to call your nerves.
“Baby,” you murmured.
Jungkook turned his head to you and was mid “yeah” when he got a glimpse of your outfit. His doe eyes grew, blinking rapidly in case his eyes were deceiving him. He quickly staggered up, arms dangling by his sides as he took in what you were wearing.
“Wh- Wha-” he stuttered. He removed the candy from his mouth. His eyes remained wide as they trailed down your body languidly. You noticed the way his chest rose and fell faster. His jaw clenched, making his features more prominent, and his eyes narrowed as they became clouded with a familiar look. His silence had you shifting your weight from one foot to another.
“Is it too much?” You asked and rubbed one of your arms, needing to do something to get your jitters out of your system. Jungkook approached you slowly, eyes still lingering on every detail of your outfit.
“No, you look amazing,” he said promptly and tilted your chin up to meet your eyes. “But if you wanted to be webbed up, you could’ve just asked, baby girl.”
Your cheeks heated at his comment and you tried to turn your head, but he kept it in place. His lips raised in a reassuring smile when he noticed how tense you were. “Don’t be shy,” he continued. “Is this the surprise?”
You nodded. His grin grew, and he leaned down to steal a kiss.
“Hm, I’m glad you didn’t wear this to the party. You would’ve stolen the spotlight,” he joked, trying to ease your nerves. From the small smile forming on your lips, he knew it worked. He slotted his lips on yours once more, pulling you close to his body with one hand. His tongue found yours easily, kiss progressively getting fervent. Your hands wandered down his chest, feeling his muscles tense from your ghosting fingertips.
Jungkook hummed when he felt how much the outfit failed to cover your butt. He pulled back and moved your body to the side so he could peer at the back of your suit.
“God, you’re so sexy,” he groaned in appreciation, hand coming down on one of your ass cheeks. His lips were faintly red from your lipstick and you were sure it was smeared now. One of your hands held onto his forearm for support while the other trailed up the side of his neck. It tangled in his hair and you tugged him closer—needing to feel his lips again. He leaned into your touch, only looking away from your backside at the last minute.
Jungkook pulled away from the kiss after a few seconds, placing the lollipop back in his mouth. He bent down slightly and grabbed your thighs. He lifted you up easily, and you instantly wrapped your legs around his waist. You leaned forward and kissed his neck, sucking gently to leave scattered marks. Even though watching the other girls trying to get cozy with Jungkook earlier didn't bother you in the least, you couldn't help the spark of possessiveness that blossomed through you.
Jungkook softly moaned at the feel of your lips upon his skin. He adjusted his hands to rest on your ass and kneaded it occasionally. One of his hands moved lower, fingers grazing your folds through your costume. You pulled away with a gasp; your chest brushed against his as you tried to calm your breathing. You shivered at his subtle touches, hands clutching his body for a second.
“Everyone liked your suit,” you said and glanced at it as you recalled everyone gawking over it. He smiled, keeping his face close to yours, fingers feather-light against your clit.
“They did,” he hummed. “But I like yours better.”
Jungkook paused his movements against your clothed core and secured his arm around your back. He removed the lollipop and held it out to you. You kitten licked the candy, tasting to see if you liked the flavor. When you realized you did, you wrapped your lips around it and sucked. Jungkook twirled the candy in your mouth for a moment before letting it go. It stayed between your lips.
Jungkook kissed just beneath your jaw near your ear. You felt secure in his hold, carefully moving his hair from his eyes and not worrying about him dropping you abruptly.
“I don’t know; I’ve always found you sexy in yours,” you replied, suppressing a moan as Jungkook pressed your body closer. Your eyes closed for a moment as you focused on the mixture of his hands and the way his mouth pressed kisses along your jawline then to your chest, over the straps.
“Is that so?” He chuckled, grabbing one of the straps between his teeth. He pulled back slightly before releasing the material, watching as it snapped against your skin. He hadn’t moved far enough for it to hurt, but there was a hint of a sting to it. You nodded at his question. The corner of his lip quirked in a small smirk. You pulled the lollipop from your mouth and brought it to his lips. He licked the candy a few times before nudging it back to you. Your eyes were fixated on the way his tongue swirled around it. He chuckled at your expression.
“Eat the rest of it,” he murmured. You did as you were told and chewed off the candy from the stick since there wasn’t much left. You hummed happily and tossed the remnants in his trash bin near you. He smiled fondly at you and continued to tease your pussy. His fingers prodded your entrance, which caused your hips to buck against him.
“You want me to fuck you in my suit, baby?” He asked lowly when he recalled your earlier comment, eyes watching your face carefully. Your heart leaped in your chest. You couldn’t stop your legs from squeezing his waist, moving you closer to his taut figure. He got his answer from the way your body reacted.
“‘M not wearing the right suit, but I’ll make do,” he mumbled and walked you to his bed. He gently laid you down and slid his hands from your breasts, massaging them briefly, all the way down to your legs. He felt himself harden at the dark patch between your legs. Usually, he would tease you, but having been forced to leave your dorm before anything could happen earlier, he was too worked up.
One of his fingers hooked underneath your one-piece to move it to the side. He almost moaned when he saw your arousal sticking to the underside of your outfit. He brought his other hand to touch your folds, smirking to himself when his fingers were coated with your wetness within seconds.
“Do you like me in the suit this much?” He smirked playfully and circled your clit. You whined at his touch. Something about him in his suit had a fire light inside you. The way the material hugged his firm body had you wanting to run your hand across every inch of him. At least, this urge was mainly prominent when he wasn’t in grave danger. In those times, you worried about him being in his suit.
Jungkook’s mouth on your clit tore you from your thoughts. He sucked on the bud, finger still rubbing between your folds. His other hand came up to play with your breasts through the costume, pinching your nipple to elicit a wanton gasp from your lips. Your legs quivered every once in a while, threatening to close in on his head at every harsh suck or flick of his tongue. One of your hands flew to his hair when he slid in a finger. He pumped it slowly at first, quickly increasing his speed along with the number of fingers in your hole.
“Jungkook,” you panted, grip tightening on his locks when he spread his fingers. The stretch felt good, but you knew it was nothing compared to when he stretched you with his dick.
“You sound so pretty, jagi,” he cooed, his breath hitting your soaking cunt. He flattened his tongue and licked one long stripe against your slicken folds. You clutched the sheets under you when you felt his tongue rapidly flick against you; you shuddered in pleasure while you tried to muffle your sinful noises against your arm. You leaned up to get a glimpse of him. His eyes were closed, eyebrows furrowed slightly as he savored the taste of you. Your grip on his hair tightened as you pushed your hips up. You slowly moved your hips against his tongue.
Jungkook’s tongue circled your entrance, teasing it before dipping his tongue in briefly. You panted his name again, which caused his grip on your breasts to get stronger. Your body jerked when you felt his fingers on your clit. They circled it quickly. It wasn’t long until your legs trembled with your approaching high.
“Jung-” You gasped, feeling every movement of his quicken.
“Go on, baby.” He encouraged, though his words were muffled as he kept his face close to your pussy.
“B-but I wanted to come with you,” you complained and tried to pull your hips away. Jungkook stopped you quickly, holding you still.
“Who said this was going to be the only time you were coming tonight?” Jungkook laughed, not stopping his movements as he spoke. You barely registered his words as you tipped over the edge, coming with a loud moan that filled Jungkook’s ego.
Jungkook moaned as you came, mouth and hands relentless as he helped you ride out your orgasm. He lapped up your juices as your knees grew weak. Your body melted into the mattress, mouth agape as Jungkook licked you clean. Before you came back to reality, Jungkook was grabbing your hips and flipping you onto your stomach. He moved off the bed and pulled you to him; your feet were on the floor, and your body was bent over the edge of his bed. A surprised yelp escaped your lips at the sudden change and you peered behind you to look at him.
Jungkook was palming himself through his suit as his eyes scanned over your body. His nose and chin glistened, making you feel aroused at the sight. You started to stand up, but Jungkook pressed a hand down on your lower back.
“Stay like that,” he rasped, voice gruff as he continued to touch himself. You whined as you were forced to watch him pleasure himself. The snug fabric did nothing to hide his bulge—making the shape more prominent. He smirked down at you when he heard your desperate whimpers.
“Want something?” He chuckled, hand gripping your ass. You nodded, and you tried to get up again, but like before, he stopped you.
“Use your words. You know I love to hear your voice, pretty girl,” he murmured, tongue swiping his lower lip. He groaned when he tasted you again.
“Want you,” you huffed and reached out to touch him. He watched as your hand fell out of reach of his crotch. “Want to touch you. Please.”
He glanced down at your pouty lips and was tempted to tug on your bottom lip. “Well, since you used your manners,” he trailed off. He shuffled closer and removed his hand from his crotch. Your hand quickly rested on his bulge; you felt yourself getting wet again at the feel of his cock. It was firm and thick, making you squeeze your legs together to get some friction.
Jungkook released a strangled breath, fist-clenching at his sides as you rubbed him roughly. He gently pushed your hand from him and began discarding his suit. You watched with hungry eyes as it peeled off his body, exposing his rippled torso. He moved it just enough to free his cock, but since this version of his suit—he had multiple—was a one-piece, his upper half was completely bare.
“I’ll keep your earlier statement in mind for the future,” he said, remembering the way you became needier at the thought of him fucking you in his suit.
One of his hands rubbed your ass while the other pumped his shaft slowly. You angled yourself so you could get a better look at him. His hair was messy, and his breathing was uneven. When he caught you staring, he smiled. It was small, one where his teeth weren’t on display, but it was beautiful nonetheless. His eyes softened, and he quickly leaned over you, chest against your back as he pressed a tender kiss to your lips. You smiled into it and propped yourself on your hands to get closer. One of his hands wrapped around your chest as he pulled you back until you were standing against his body. His other hand came to rest on your cheek, caressing it adoringly as he rubbed his thumb across your skin.
“I love you,” he whispered after he pulled away and tucked some of your hair behind your ear. The butterflies escaped their cage in your chest, beating rapidly at the three words.
“I love you more,” you replied, lips spread in a wide smile.
“Not possible,” he retorted. Before you could argue, he continued in a whisper, “Gonna’ fuck you until you’re sore, baby.”
Jungkook’s hand found their way between your legs again, causing you to gasp when you felt his fingers glide between your folds before sliding a finger inside you. He grinned when he heard your breath hitch. He removed his fingers from your pussy, making you whine at the loss of contact. He pressed one last kiss to your lips before he pressed you back onto the bed.
He didn’t make you wait long and gathered your arousal with his tip before slowly pushing the head in. A small moan bubbled from your throat, and your hands briefly clutched his sheets. Jungkook pulled out, rubbed his shaft against your pussy a few times, then pushed in again. This time, he didn’t stop until he bottomed out. You mewled when you felt his hips meet yours, dick stretching your walls pleasantly.
His movements were leisurely the first couple of thrusts, enjoying the way his dick disappeared inside you. You felt so warm and tight around him. He loved watching the way your pussy stretched around his thick cock. The sound of your pretty moans spurred him to move faster. His grip on your hips tightened as his thrusts quickened in pace. He bit his lip as he watched where your bodies connected. His moans were being mixed with yours. Your eyes closed as you focused on the feel of his dick sliding in and out. Jungkook watched your face, taking note of the way your lips parted and eyebrows furrowed slightly.
“So good to me,” he praised. “I love how tight you are for me.”
You cried out his name when he slammed into you, pressing himself against you as much as he could. He reached forward, grabbed a fist full of your hair, and tugged you up.
“You enjoying yourself, jagi?” He questioned. He began to grind himself against your ass, moaning lowly in your ear.
“Yes,” you breathlessly replied.
“Wanna tell me who’s making you feel so good?” He asked. You knew what he was searching for. Jungkook had always loved when he received compliments. It stroked his ego and made him feel appreciated. Even in high school, he wanted people to recognize him for who he was, not the image being placed upon him by his peers.
“You,” you shivered. “You fucking me.”
He hummed in approval. “You like the way I fuck you, baby?”
Jungkook began to move his hips again, slowly sliding out until only the tip remained before shoving back inside you in a single thrust. The force caused your body to jerk forward, but Jungkook’s grip on your hair kept you from moving too far. A broken whimper slipped past your parted lips at the action—pleasure and pain intermingling.
“Yes,” you repeated. “Love when you’re rough—when you fuck me hard.”
He chuckled, except the sound wasn’t as sweet as it usually was. It was darker, a little sinister.
“I’m not even using all my strength,” he said and stilled his movements. “You want it harder? Hm? Want me to show you how strong I am?”
You nodded eagerly, not thinking of the possible bruises he may inflict by gripping you so firmly.
Jungkook released your hair suddenly, though before you fully fell onto the bed, you were yanked back again. Your hands were touching the mattress, but most of your weight was being held by Jungkook. He had grabbed onto the straps that formed a spider web on your back.
“You know I haven’t webbed you this time,” he thought out loud as he eyed the pattern of your costume. “Kinda wanna change that.”
“N-no,” you protested.
“No?” He asked, partly worried if he had hurt you last time because of them.
“You said they dissolve in two hours,” you huffed. “I don’t want them on me for that long.” You started to circle your hips. You were keen to feel him move. He hid his smile at your eagerness but didn’t stop you—holding back a groan.
“I took them off last time, so they weren’t on you for that long,” he frowned.
“It still took you some time to remove them.”
“It’ll be different now,” he pouted, mind turning fuzzy from the pleasure you were giving him. “These are less durable.”
“You can take them off quicker?” There was disbelief laced in your question.
Jungkook slowed your hips with one of his hands. He was finding it hard to concentrate on what you were saying.
“Fine,” you sighed. “But please just move, Jungkook.” You pleaded, half whining from the wait. You couldn’t see his facial expression at your answer, but you were sure he was smiling.
You felt him lean against you, and within seconds there was a soothing kiss on your shoulder. The gentleness didn’t last long, though. He had a firm grip on your costume, and he started to snap his hips against yours again. His speed increased swiftly, muttering praises as he pounded into your tight core. It didn’t matter how many times he had fucked you; the euphoric mixture of love and lust overwhelmed him every time.
The telltale signs of your second orgasm were approaching quickly. Your legs were feeling weaker as they shook beneath your weight. Jungkook groaned when you clenched around him. He let go of you abruptly, which had you falling onto the mattress. He slid out of you and you fussed at the empty feeling, pussy clenching around nothing.
“On the bed,” he said and brought a hand down on your ass. You moved a leg up, ready to untie the straps of your heels to take them off, but Jungkook grabbed your hand. “Leave them on.”
You glanced back at him in confusion. He was staring down at you with hazy eyes, palm stroking his dick as he waited for you to comply. From the look in his eyes, you knew you had made the right decision to wear them. The heels accentuated the curve of your ass and made your body look sexier to him. He took a mental note to have you wear them again.
You climbed onto the bed, getting ready to lie down on your back when Jungkook spoke.
“Flip over, on your stomach.” He waited until you did so before he climbed behind you. His hands traveled from your ankles to just under your ass, pushing it up and causing it to become fuller. He shook his hands and bit his lip at the way your ass moved. He mumbled something about how pretty you looked, but his voice was too low to hear well. With one last squeeze, he pulled away.
“Up,” he commanded and nudged your hips. You compiled automatically, hips lifting in the air. He grabbed your arms and pulled them behind your back. Your cheek was pressed into his sheets. From your peripheral, you saw his hand flip to where his palm was up. His middle and ring finger pressed down; your wrists were tied with webs within seconds.
“I think you’re enjoying your powers too much,” you teased as you tried to separate your arms. As expected, nothing happened. Jungkook trailed a hand down one of your arms calmly.
“You just look so pretty bound with my webs,” he said and grabbed onto your tied wrists. With one hand, he moved the bottom of your costume away again as it had fallen back into place, then aligned his cock at your entrance. He shoved in at once, picking up where he left off with a fast pace. Each movement nudged you closer to your release that he had disrupted earlier. You were a moaning mess. His cock was slamming into you forcefully, yet his pace wasn’t quick. He had traded speed with strength. It had your toes curl and your fists clench.
“Close,” you whined. Although Jungkook didn’t verbally respond, his thrusts became rougher. You could feel yourself move up the sheets with each snap of his hips. Jungkook kept his hands on your hips and lifted them anytime they fell or you slid too far forward, forcing you to keep your knees underneath you. You felt deliciously full. You could feel every inch of his thick cock penetrating your walls. Your pussy was fluttering around him as you were edging closer to your orgasm. Jungkook snaked a hand around you, circling your clit fast and hard. His swift ministrations were your undoing and you came with a cry of his name, broken moans and whimpers following closely after.
He thrust a few more times before he stopped. Jungkook sat back and unexpectedly pulled you back so his thighs were under yours. Your legs squeezed his body when he trailed a hand from your wrists to shoulder, gently massaging it and keeping your torso on the mattress.
“Want your cum, baby,” you mewled when you realized he hadn’t come yet. Your haze was fading, and although he was still buried in your pussy, you felt empty.
“Go on then,” he encouraged and slapped your ass with his other hand. “Make me fill this sweet pussy.”
Your hips jerked when he smacked your ass harder, whining at the sting and the way his cock felt in you. However, you didn’t stay stunned long. You raised your hips up and slid them down again. Jungkook moaned behind you, watching the way your pussy swallowed him. Your movements were quick and sloppy.
“That’s it, pretty girl,” he praised. His mouth parted, hair stuck to his forehead from his sweat. There was a sheen of perspiration covering his chest. His eyes were glued to your lower half—to the way your ass bounced as you slammed down on his dick. He loved watching your pussy suck him back in. His breathing was harsh; his thighs were tensing at the tight feeling in his stomach.
You whimpered when you started to feel overstimulated, movements choppy and slowed as you fought through the feeling. Jungkook rubbed your back momentarily before shoving you toward and pushing your ass in the air once more when he regained some energy. He shifted to where he forced your body into the mattress as he got a deeper angle.
He pounded into you as he chased his high. The sound of skin slapping was prominent in his room, and you wondered how thick these walls were. Jungkook didn’t seem to care, though. He rammed into you and held onto you securely. Although you wanted it harder, he still refrained some of his strength not to hurt you.
“Jungkook,” you cried, voice muffled by the mattress. Jungkook became more vocal as he shoved inside you the last few thrusts. He did one final thrust and stilled his hips against yours as far as he could go. He shot his load inside you, eyes closed and eyebrows knitted as he washed in waves of ecstasy. Your hips and shoulders were beginning to ache, but the pleasure between your legs was worth it.
Jungkook pulled from you and rubbed his hands on the back of your legs momentarily. He trailed his hands upwards to spread your ass when he started to see his seed leak from your pussy. His eyes followed the way it slid down your folds. He could’ve sworn he felt his dick twitch at the sight. Before it could drop onto his bed, he adjusted the bottom of your outfit.
He patted your ass and climbed off his bed. You let your hips fall, sighing internally at the comfortable position. You heard some rustling before the bed dipped again with his weight. Before a complaint about still being tied left your lips, Jungkook had freed you. You rolled onto your side and saw him placing a pocket knife on his dresser.
“You okay?” He asked softly, glancing at your wrists and hips. Although your wrists didn’t hurt, you lifted your hands towards him with a feigned pout. He chuckled and peppered delicate kisses onto your wrists. He peered down at your hips. He tenderly rubbed at the skin he had gripped, guilt flooding his chest at having been a little too hard.
“It’s okay,” you reassured. You had both come up with a safe word, and since you didn’t use it, you didn’t want him to feel bad. It wasn’t as painful as he was imagining.
“Stop pouting,” you added when you saw his lips continue to dip down. “You weren’t that rough.”
He eyed you suspiciously but eventually seemed to relent. He removed the rest of his suit and shoved it in a box he kept under his bed—taking a mental note to wash it later. He crawled in bed with you, tugging the covers from under your body to cover you both.
“What are you going to do with that costume?” He asked and traced the straps across your chest.
“Thought about wearing it to next year’s Halloween party. It’ll save me money since I wore something else this year,” you coyly replied and poked his side.
“Not gonna happen,” he snorted.
“Why is that?”
“It’s going to be ruined by the time you try to leave,” he said. “You got lucky I didn’t rip it off your body this time.”
You rolled your eyes playfully and pushed him onto his back. You straddled his lap and placed your hands flat against his solid chest. “You shred this; you owe me money.”
He laughed, rubbing the top of your thighs lazily as he stared up at you. You traced some of the scars marred on his chest from various fights. They were mostly from his earlier years, but it didn’t help remind you of what could happen to him. While he was more experienced now, there were still many possibilities for injuries.
“I’ll give you good dick instead,” he argued confidently.
“Trading in money for sex, Jungkook?” You teased and raised your eyebrows.
“More like forgiveness for sex,” he scoffed. “Can’t have my baby being mad at me, now can I?”
“I’ll also take some gummies for forgiveness, too,” you said and tapped the mole under his lower lip.
“Noted,” he said. You smiled, climbing off his lap and standing next to his bed.
“What happened to cuddle time?” He complained and sat up. He reached out for you, but you moved from his hands quickly.
“I want to change,” you replied. “May I borrow one of your shirts?”
“You know borrow doesn’t fit in your vocabulary; you never return them,” he mumbled but walked to his closest to fetch you a random shirt of his.
You shrugged and held out your hand for it. Instead of throwing it, Jungkook walked to you.
“Yet you always give them to me regardless.”
He let out a small huff at your counter, knowing it was true. “Yeah, yeah. Get changed, little brat.”
You glared at him but it didn’t seem to faze him. He simply handed you the shirt and waited for you to change. He reached out when you started to walk away again.
“I need to clean up your mess, too,” you explained as you stood at the entry of his bathroom. He smirked at that, remembering how he watched his load spill from you.
“I can help with that,” he said, eyes drifting down to your crotch.
“With your tongue?” You bantered and walked farther into the bathroom. You moved your hair before starting to unzip the outfit.
“Are you offering?” He followed you inside and quickly helped you slide down the zipper.
“You just want a round two,” you said and pulled your arms out of the outfit. Once your arms were free, Jungkook carefully peeled the costume from your body. You grabbed his shoulders as you stepped out of it. While you quickly undid the ties of your heels, Jungkook tossed the costume on the floor. Before you could slip his shirt on, he stilled your arms.
“What do you say?” He asked, voice dropping an octave. He backed you against the bathroom’s small counter, hands coming up to rub your bare sides. “Wanna come for the third time tonight?”
You giggled and set his shirt on the counter. “You’re lucky you’re irresistible.”
“Right back at ya’ babe,” he chuckled and pecked your lips. Before he could slot his mouth against yours, there was a rustling at the main door. He quickly extended an arm, shooting a web that shut the bathroom door at the same time the other door opened.
“Code purple!” Jungkook called out and the footsteps halted. There was grumbling on the other side and you faintly heard Yoongi’s voice.
“Hey Namjoon, can I stay the night at your place?” There was a second muffled voice before Yoongi spoke again. “My room is occupied.”
The other door shut and Jungkook slowly lowered his arm.
“You have code colors?” You giggled.
“Shut up,” he mumbled. “I got rid of him. Now kiss me.”
“I could’ve left. I don’t want to intru-“
“Too late; kiss me,” he hurried and puckered his lips as he leaned forward. You shook your head at his antics but complied.
“Good girl,” he muttered and glided one hand up your chest while the other traveled between your legs. You moaned into the kiss at his touch. Despite the pleasure he was providing, you pushed his hands away. He opened his mouth to protest, but you quickly lowered yourself. He grabbed his shirt from the counter, rolled it up, then dropped it on the floor in front of you. You whispered a ‘thank you’ as you moved it under your knees. It was small actions like that that had you feeling like the luckiest person on the planet.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! 🥰 I still monitor my SBaFL survey and I'm so honored for all the replies I've gotten. It may not be many for some, but it's a lot more than I expected. I really appreciate everyone's time. Thank you for the feedback and for helping me. I'll try to do some drabbles based on what some of you suggested for more content. No guarantee they'll be published soon though because classes consume my life D: My asks are also open for suggestions. The survey is still open if you want to provide your input. It's 100% anonymous.
Thank you again. Feedback is always greatly appreciated c:
I hope you all are staying safe and happy.
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evafrechette · a month ago
What happens in Busan, stays in Busan
Tumblr media
↠ Jungkook (BTS) x Reader | Smut | MarriedCoupleAU! | 18+ | 4.6k
Tumblr media
↠ Summary: Chuseok, it’s all about getting together with family to share stories and good food. To thank ancestors, trade gifts . . . and have I mention all the amazing food yet?
But when your husband Jungkook packs up the car and drives you and your adorable infant daughter to Busan for the festivities, suddenly Chuseok is the last thing on your mind when Jungkook’s hard cock is only inches away from your warm mouth.
Tumblr media
↠ Warnings: blow jobs, bath sex, public sex, jk likes to be called daddy, he also has a thing for pregnancy tits, finger fucking, breast fucking, age gap, mentions of surgical procedures and a birth condition.
Tumblr media
"Oh honey look at the view, it's absolutely gorgeous!"
Peering out of the hotel's window you look down at the golden sands of Songjeong beach, the gentle waves lapping against the shore and seagulls squawking in the distance, the familiar and comforting song of the beach side. The sky is adorned in shades of yellow, orange and pink, bright bold colours reflected back on the darkening tide. A few beach goers walk along soft sands, resembling ants rather than humans from this high up.
Sliding the door open you walk onto the intimate patio area, the air smells warm and slightly salty but the closeness to the shore makes you shiver as a cool breeze blows past.
"Welcome to Busan baby." Strong affectionate arms wrap tightly around your waist as your husband Jungkook rests his chin on your shoulder. His warm breath tickles your cheek which instantly brings a smile to your face. You take a deep breath, Jungkook's muguet and rose cologne is mixed with his natural scent, slightly tinged with the unmistakable musk of sweat.
It had been a long day, travelling in your Hyundai Avante from Seoul to Busan with a 6 month old infant during Chuseok - probably not the best idea the two of you had ever had - but Jungkook had wanted to show you the sights of South Korea as you had never travelled out of it's main center - Seoul and you were whipped pretty hard for the man one year prior you had exchanged vows and rings with.
"Babababa." You both turn immediately when the angelic babbles of your daughter traveled outside.
Stepping back inside the hotel room, you slide the door shut and follow Jungkook to the lounge area. Two maroon couches face one another separated by a wooden coffee table, a large wide-screen TV sits high on the dividing room wall. Beige swirled concrete tiles sit coolly under your bare feet, while overhead an extravagant light shade drowns the room in it's yellow glow. You watch with a loving smile on your face as Jungkook bends down and unclips the straps of the car seat and then lifts your daughter Nari into his arms.
Nothing tugs at your heart strings more than seeing your husband gaze lovingly at Nari - and you didn't think it was possible for someone to love another human as much as Jungkook loves his daughter. He had cried when the nurse returned to the small curtained off triage room to announce your pregnancy test had come back positive. Jungkook tried to hide it at first, sniffing quietly, lips quivering as he smiled but once the first tear slipped he couldn't hold back any longer.
"I'm going to be a Dad." He choked up, blinking back his glossy eyes, "I've always wanted to be a Dad, I'm so fucking happy."
Jungkook had bowed deeply towards you, while you may have not been Korean yourself or truly wrapped your head around all of the social expectations, you knew bowing so deeply meant total respect and honor. From that day on he had treated you like royalty and when your daughter was born she became his little Princess.
"Ooohh I think someone needs a diaper change." Jungkook spun towards you, bopping Nari up and down in his arms, a silly lopsided smirk on his face.
"Well there is her diaper bag," You pointed towards the small pile of luggage sitting near the large double bed, "Growing that chunky little baby for 9 months destroyed my bladder and I need to pee really bad. Good luck super Dad."
You quickly ran off to the small bathroom leaving Jungkook to deal with the diaper change. The tell tale sign of his toe socked feet shuffled to outside the bathroom door, a small knock followed seconds later. "But mummy, appa has been driving all day and is tired so I really want you to do it instead." You rolled your eyes at Jungkook's terrible baby impersonation, his voice high pitched and exaggerated.
You finished up and opened the door, nearly walking straight into Jungkook who still had that smirk on his face.
"Let's do it together huh? I know how much it turns you on to see me doing my fatherly duties." He wagged his eyebrow at you then turned and ambled towards the large bed.
"Ugh, you're such a gross idiot sometimes babe." You dragged yourself into the room just as Jungkook laid Nari on the soft mattress. You kneeled at the end of the bed beside Jungkook and rummaged around in the diaper bag, placing a fresh diaper, wet wipes and diaper disposal bag next to your squirmy, chubby baby.
"Thanks my love." Jungkook pressed a quick kiss to your cheek before getting to work in changing Nari. He was correct though, seeing him embrace fatherhood was incredibly sexy, he did everything with such focus and determination, wanting to be the best father he could be.
"Do you feel better now hmm? That was a big poop, how can someone so small produce something so huge? That smell was quite something though." He redid the clasps on her green frilly romper, stamped with precious daisies all over, adjusted her beige crotched socks and then pulled her against his chest, nuzzling into her head of thick black hair.
"We made a cute baby huh? When do you think we can try for another one? I want you barefoot and pregnant all the time, your tits get so fucking huge when you're pregnant." Jungkook looked up at you with his big innocent doe eyes pleading as you placed a bottle of water on the side table for him.
Nari was very loveable. She was a chubby baby, arms and legs decorated with adorable rolls and creases. Her cheeks were puffy and soft and reminded you of a strawberry and cream mochi. She had big, wide curious eyes and surprisingly faint eyebrows that sat above. Her nose sat small and flat in the center of her face, one side was slightly lopsided, a nostril bigger than the other. Below sat her small pouty mouth, the left side of her top lip pulled towards her nose, the same side that had the larger nostril. A pink scar attached the two.
During a routine ultrasound it was discovered Nari had a cleft lip. Jungkook being the amazing human being he was spent the night comforting and reassuring you, as you wrapped yourself around him tightly and cried until you passed out.
The day of the surgery was a nerve wrecking one. You both paced the corridors of the hospital, filled up on way too much disgustingly bland hospital coffee and begrudgingly cursed yourself for having given up smoking years before as the hot, rich hit of nicotine would have eased your nerves immensely. Seeing your four month old baby in the recovery area was hard, her little arms placed into splints, clear plastic tubing seemingly appearing from everywhere and her mouth swollen and bloody. But she was strong and recovered well (even with being forced to wear arm splints for three weeks)
Nari's fingers tugged on the thick hoop earrings that dangled from Jungkook's ear, he chuckled and quickly removed her hand bringing it to his mouth and nibbling gently.
"You really need to change them, she'll pull them out one day, and you know I don't do well with blood." You observed, as you plopped bellyside down on the bed, resting your head against your crossed arms.
It quickly became a game, Nari grabbing onto a hoop, then Jungkook carefully removing her surprisingly strong little grip.
"I think you may be right." He replied when Nari tug hard, both Jungkook and yourself wincing.
He bought her hand to his face and brushed her soft skin against his own. She smelled like baby oil and dried milk powder, a scent that quickly became a favourite for you both. Her little fingers touched the scar that was etched into the side of Jungkook's face as she explored her father's features. He in return gently thumbed the scar between her nose and mouth.
"We both have scars on our faces, we match." His deep voice whispered.
Your heart swelled with love witnessing the sweet moment between father and daughter. "Whenever you're ready Jungkook." You blurted out loudly.
He looked at you confused, head quickly tilting to the side.
"Baby, a baby. Yes. When you're ready let's try for another." You groaned internally at your awkwardness.
His eyes widened more than you thought was possible and he let out a humorous noise, a cross between a scoff and a chuckle. His eyes crinkled shut and his nose scrunched as his smile grew big, "Yeah?" He gawked at you, eyes glittering with excitement.
"Yeah. Just maybe not bare foot and pregnant all the time okay? Maybe. .  one or . .  two more times?" You mumbled, suddenly feeling nervous under his gaze.
"Fuck yes!! Big ol' pregnant titties, I can't wait."
With Nari tucked into her black and white polka dot pyjama set, and a belly full of puréed rice porridge and formula, Jungkook carefully placed her into the travel crib pushed against the double bed. He tucked the lightweight blanket around his daughter and kissed her lovingly on the forehead.
You sprawled out along the couch in the living space, feet dangling off the arm rest. Jungkook approached with a knowing gleam in his eyes. He was dressed in a matching dark green see through knit pyjama set, his black bangs hung over his eyes which hid the shiny silver barbell that was pierced into his eyebrow. The jelwery matched the lip piercing he had got on an impulse after drinking with his friends one debauched night.
Jungkook stood confidently in front of you and held his hand out, "Come on jagiya, let daddy make you feel good hmm?"
"Daddy?!" You smirked, swinging your legs around and allowing yourself to be pulled up and then pushed close against his body, arms wrapped loosely around his neck as his tattooed hands massaged your lower back with just the right amount of pressure to make you hum in delight.
"So I take it you have some kind of impregnation kink now or something? Daddy? I'm older than you Jungkook, I'm not calling you daddy."
His hands roamed downwards and slipped past the waist of your red and black plaid pyjama pants, kneading and squeezing the soft flesh of your ass. His nose bumped into your own as he moved his thin, chapped lips against your mouth, kissing you slowly and deeply. Your hands rushed to the locks which were shorter at the back and sides of his head, fingers running firmly over the sensitive skin of his scalp.
Jungkook broke the kiss, "I bet I'll have you calling me daddy before the night is through. . Hey what?!"
You pushed against his firm, muscular chest and took a step back, cocking an eyebrow at him. He was such a idiot at times. Your sexy, hot, tattooed idiot.
"I really want to try out that tub. ." You motioned towards the patio space outside.
At one end of the enclosed patio was a small square table with matching chairs. The other was a deep rectangular bathtub, the taps and shower head were mounted onto the green and blue tiled wall above the wood enclosed porcelain tub. A tiled wall reached knee high, a dark blue tinted glass railing ran along the rest of the way, providing privacy from the streets below.
Jungkook sauntered past, flinging the sliding door open a bit too enthusiastically, as it opened with a loud donk. You followed him out and dragged a chair closer to the tub, sitting to watch as he filled the tub with warm water. Jungkook ran back inside to the bedroom and returned with a bottle of bubble bath and a heart shaped rose decorated bath bomb. Jungkook dropped the rose geranium and lemon scented bath bomb into the water and watched as it fizzed and dissolved, leaving the water a milky white shade. He then squeezed a good dollop of bubble bath underneath the steady stream of water and immediately bubbles began to form.
"Jungkook! That was supposed to be a gift for your eomma!" You laughed as a guilty smile spread across his face.
"We'll pick something else up before we head over tomorrow, don't worry about it." He brushed off your comment, choosing to focus on the rising waters instead. When he was happy with the depth of water he shut the tap off and walked back inside, switching off all the interior lights plunging the patio into complete darkness.
Jungkook returned with just his bottoms on and yanked them down when he approached the tub, throwing them carelessly to the side. His gorgeous cock was semi hard, hanging thick and long underneath a small tuff of black pubic hair. Your eyes travelled over his body, wide shoulders with strong arms, a tiny waist and thick muscular thighs. He had a set of impressive abs, the result of hours in the gym and pretty little brown nipples. Small dark moles decorated his tan skin like the twinkling stars of the milky way; under his bottom lip, one on his neck, two on his thigh, along his cheek and nose, plus a few on his arms and hands.
Jungkook slid into the bubbly water and groaned, his head dropping back against the edge of the tub, "Come in baby, the water feels great." He cupped his hands together and squirted water in your direction, water splashing against your white tank top.
"Jeeze thanks babe." You chuckled as you inspected the damage. You cautiously peered around, eyes searching for any potential witnesses to what was about to happen.
Jungkook just laughed, "No one can see us out here, I turned all the lights off. It's too dark. Now hurry up and get that beautiful ass in here, daddy wants bath cuddles."
You glared at your husband and slowly inched your way towards the sliding door, "Okay, okay no more daddy talk." Jungkook sniggered, his arms resting on the edge of the tub.
Satisfied you quickly pulled your pyjama bottoms down and climbed into the deep tub, sitting snug against Jungkook's front, your body melting into his. You both sat like that for a while, enjoying the sounds of waves crashing against the shore like a hypnotising lullaby. The heat of the warm bubbling water turning your skin a deep flushed pink. You could feel Jungkook's nose brush against your hair as he took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of your rosemary and mint shampoo. It was one of your husband’s many endearing quirks.
Jungkook's arms dropped into the water and his hands moved to your thighs, caressing over the wet skin. His touch moved further up your legs until he reached your pussy, rubbing gently over your core, soaking wet cotton underwear clinging against your folds. His touch never changed from the ghostly soft caress, enough to know he was touching you, but not enough to get you off. Jungkook's intention was to work you up until you were begging for his cock.
His lips sucked and nipped against your neck, the stainless steel ring in his lip cool against your hot, flushed skin. A large hand snaked underneath the white tank top that was soaking wet, practically translucent and clinging to your curvy breasts. Jungkook clasped onto your flesh, massaging the wet skin while continuing to kiss along your neck. He took your nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched hard, causing you to gasp loudly into the quiet Busan night from his rough but exciting touch.
"Shhh babe you need to be quiet or someone will hear us. Can you do that for me hmm?"
"Yes, ahhh Jungkook." You quietly whimpered as he twist your swollen nipple in the way he knew you loved, not enough to hurt but to get electric sparks rolling through your body and straight to your aching core.
You let out a small whine when his hands left your body, but it wasn't for long. He tugged the bottom of your tank top up and over your breasts, freeing them into the pleasant Autumn breeze, you helped by raising your arms and allowed him to remove the top completely. Immediately both of his hands came to your breasts, pushing the mounds of flesh together.
"Fuck I'd love to see my cock in between those tits." He breathed heavy against your ear, watching the way the bubbles floated across the surface of the water every time he let go and then pushed them together again.
You turned your head to face Jungkook and brought your lips to his mouth sighing into the kiss. "I think you like my tits more than you like me." You giggled against his mouth, biting his bottom lip playfully.
"They are a pretty good I will admit, but I love you most of all." Jungkook brushed his nose against yours tenderly, his dilated pupils peeking out through the dark lashes he was blessed with. The kisses between you and Jungkook became deeper and more passionate, warm tongues meeting to tease, breath becoming hot, bodies flush against one another.
"Jungkook mmm I want your cock, please." You whined as his fingers ran up and down your folds, teasing the sensitive skin, but never entering your desperate core.
"Yeah? How do you want it baby?" He pushed in his middle finger, groaning from how tight your walls clenched around his digit.
"My tits . . an. . and my mouth. . ohhh. ." Your plea is cut off when Jungkook adds another finger and begins to fuck you a little awkwardly, the movement restricted drastically by the tight underwear his hand is stuffed into.
Jungkook pulls out slowly and you feel him move from behind you, the water in the tub sloshing around and splashing on the tiled floor as Jungkook sits on the edge of the tub, his back resting against the wall. You're aware of the sound of water dripping against the cool tile, the white noise of a muffled television from the room next door and cars driving past in the distance, but all you can focus on is the thumping of your heartbeat as you gaze up at your gorgeous husband, naked as the day he was born. Wet and glistening, cock hard and inviting.
You slide yourself between his spread legs and take his length in your hand, it's hot and heavy and you can feel a warm, tingling sensation move from your abdomen down to your clit. Jungkook sighs when you press a kiss against the head of his cock, your lips locked in a sinful pout. You begin to pump his length slowly, making sure to jiggle your tits with each stroke of your hand. While your hand continues to jerk him off, the other starts to play with his balls. Gentle touches, running back and forth over the seam.
You run your flattened tongue up the underside of his cock from the base to the tip, slowly inch by inch, flicking your muscle around the head in the way you know drives him crazy. Opening wide you push your lips down his cock until you feel a slight pressure on the back of your throat, your cue to pull back and then bob down on his length again. Jungkook places his tattooed hand on the top of your head, fingers fisting into your hair as you continue to massage his shaft with your tongue. You swallow hard around Jungkook's cock, it feels so perfect inside of your tight throat. Your face flushes at the thought.
A slight tug at your hair breaks you from your inner perverted thoughts and you try to suppress a groan when you see the sight of your husband, eyes closed, mouth parted as he pants and moans, his cheeks a bright red.
Part of the thrill of what you're doing is that you could be caught. Even though the lights are off and there is a tinted glass barrier, the minute either of you lose yourself to the pleasure and raise your voice, it would be obvious what is going on. But that's what makes it so exciting. The image of Jungkook clamping his hand over your mouth when you come to muffle your moans makes your clit throb and tingle.
Jungkook soothed a finger over your cheekbone as he slowly pulled out of your mouth, spit clinging from his tip to your lower lip. His drew his thumb along your lip and smeared the liquid all over plush flesh.
"Push your tits together." He ordered, moving closer to the edge of the tub. Raising yourself higher on your hunches, you held your breasts hard against each other. You waited, chest heaving with anticipation as Jungkook took hold of his hard length and slapped it down against the top of your flesh. Jungkook then circled your nipple with the head of his cock, precum smearing against the wet skin. He smacked your tits again, watching with eagle eyes as the flesh wobbled from the movement.
"Holy fuck jagiya." Jungkook hissed as he slid his cock between your breasts, the deep red swollen tip peaking out from the top. You lowered yourself down, exposing more of his gorgeous glistening shaft, then pushing yourself back up, fucking his cock with your tits at a steady pace.
"Do you like that . . /sigh/. . daddy?" You cringed internally at the silly pet name, but the throbbing cock trapped between your flesh let you know Jungkook had enjoyed hearing the words slip from your lips.
"Fuck, fuck. Get up babe." Jungkook quickly slid back into the bath, water once again sploshing over onto the floor.
Your knee accidentally knocked against his balls as you manoeuvred yourself into his lap, "Oh my god, I'm sorry hun." You laughed nervously, kissing softly over his cheeks and the tip of his nose.
"Jagiya if you didn't want to call me daddy you just didn't need to say it, no need for the violence." He smirked as you cupped his balls in your hands and softly massaged the delicate flesh, whispering small apologises into his ear.
After making sure you hadn't caused any damage and he was good to go you began to rock your wet slit up and down his cock as you relaxed against his chest. You always felt safe and secure around Jungkook, he may have been younger than you were but he was staunchly protective of the little family you had made together.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against Jungkook's. His lips fit perfectly against your own as he deepened the kiss, his tongue pushing past your lips to explore your open mouth. Jungkook's hands slid down your wet back and he gripped on tight to your waist, tugging you nearer, both desperate to be as close as possible. Reaching down between your legs, you lined Jungkook's cock to your pussy and then sunk down, groaning because of the sudden fullness.
"Shhhh, not so loud baby." His voice was low and breathless.
He took an experimental thrust, bouncing you in his lap like you weighed absolutely nothing at all. Your nails dug into skin of his shoulders as his cock dragged along your sensitive, warm walls.
"Jungkook, oh, fuck. Do that again." You whimpered against the mole on the side of his neck, breath tingling his skin, sending shivers directly to the cock throbbing inside of your core. Jungkook lowered his hips and began to thrust his cock hard and fast in and out of your pussy. He took two handfuls of your soft fleshy ass and yanked you down onto him.
"Ahhhh fuckkk Jungkook." Filthy, lewd muffled cries echoed from the balcony as he continued to fuck into you from below. The sounds of water splashing, and balls slapping against skin with every stroke.
Jungkook's eyes were locked onto your bouncing breasts, nipples hard and pink, faint white stretch marks gracing the sides. You leaned back, arms placed firmly on the bottom of the tub behind you and then moved your hips back and forth, grinding your wet pussy up and down his cock. From this position he had an even better view of your tits bouncing on every thrust of his cock.
Jungkook was truly beautiful. His lips were parted, two front teeth visible as they sat larger than the rest, water dripped down his arms, glistening the black and grey ink that was etched into his skin - a mix of tattoos; flowers, swirly patterns, a tiger, your eye, words and phrases. A patchwork of Jungkook's struggles and life experiences.
His eyes were heavy as he watched you grind and squirm on his lap, you could tell by the way he took his bottom lip into his mouth and bit down Jungkook was close to his release. A flushing warmth built up in your core and spread throughout your body, arms shaking, so close to giving out as the sight of your husband struggling to stop from coming whips you up into a frenzy. You begin to slam against his thick cock, your walls tightening around him like a vice.
Jungkook pulled you up and against his chest, his muscular arms wrapping around you as he takes over, pistoning into you as though his life depends on it. You begin to feel overwhelmingly warm, the pleasure between your legs becoming close to unbearable.
"Jungko-- oh my god, oh, oohh." His lips smash against yours, interrupting your stream of needy whimpers.
Matching his pace with your lips, you began to slowly rock against him, your orgasm sweeping over your body. Your tight walls pulsed around Jungkook's cock, a silent cry escaping your throat. With a few more sloppy thrusts Jungkook reaches his own release and he slumped against the back of the bath dragging with along with him, laying you against his chest, holding you close as your breathing evens out. The two of you remain like that until the water becomes unbearably cold and you both sneak inside the hotel room as quiet as possible to not wake up your sleeping daughter.
Jungkook jumps into the shower first, leaving you to wrap yourself up in the hotel robe and check on Nari, readjusting the blanket to keep her warm and secure. When your husband strolls past, white hotel room towel hung low on his hips, hair damp and water dripping down his chiselled chest you quickly turn and run to the bathroom, not wanting to get turned on again. You both should get a decent nights sleep - it's Chuseok tomorrow and you're meeting his extended family for the first time in over a year.
Stepping into the shower you notice the hotel shampoo, conditioner and soap has disappeared from the shelf. Huffing you step out of the soothing hot stream of water and open Jungkook's toiletries bag sitting on the floor. Jungkook always had a habit of packing the things you would tend forget about.
A loud laugh booms out of your chest. Inside the bag are all the hotel toiletries, including a shower cap and the spare toilet roll.
Later that night as you and Jungkook snuggle in under the heavy duvet, his head squished against your breasts and arm tight around your waist you break the silence.
”Hey babe, I noticed the toiletries in the bathroom were missing by the way, you wouldn't have something to do with it by any chance?"
Jungkook tilts his head up to you and gives his precious bunny smile in response. "No idea what you're talking about."
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hoebii · 16 days ago
gamer boy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader Genre : Established Relationship!Au, Smut Rating : 18+ Warnings : sexual content, unprotected sex, slight exhibitionism I guess?  Wc : 2.3k Beta(s) : @taegularities​ , @mimikookie​ Banner : @pars-ley​  A/N : Reposting cause tumblr hates me :,) Huge thank you to my amazing betas, they helped me so much into making this not ~C r I n G e~ and lovely Ley for making the banner, such talent! We love! I don’t think I’d have the courage to post this without their help so please go drown them in love, they deserve it! As always, hope you guys like this one, feedback is always appreciated~
“Kook?” you called out, peeking out of your bedroom when you heard someone shout. Getting no response, you called his name louder.
“Game room, babe!”
Ah, you should’ve guessed. Where else would your dearest boyfriend be if not in his beloved gaming room? You chuckled to yourself as you grabbed a random shirt from the closet before going to him. 
The shirt you took was too big on you - as one would expect when you wore Jungkook’s clothes. You tugged the shirt down a little to let it cover your bottom and buttoned it up except the first two. 
You had just gotten out of the shower when you had heard him, so you didn’t bother putting on any proper clothes. It wasn’t as if he never saw you naked anyway.
Knocking softly, you twisted the knob to push the door open that led to his game room. He hadn’t seemed to notice your arrival, too immersed in the game he was playing. You smiled when you saw him shout at someone - most likely Jimin or Taehyung - about getting spotted by the enemy. 
Soundlessly, you moved towards his chair, standing behind him to watch his gameplay for a bit. You had to admit, seeing the focus written in the crease between his eyebrows and the way his jaw clenched whenever it seemed like he wasn’t winning had affected you more than it should’ve. Your eyes trailed over to his fingers, which were dancing rapidly across the keyboard for different combos. You shifted from one leg to the other when you heard his gruff voice.
Did the room suddenly get warmer?
You tugged on the shirt’s collar you had on to try to cool yourself down, not wanting to disturb him with your neediness during his gaming hours. His bare torso also did nothing to help your predicament. 
Curse you Jungkook for not wearing a shirt! 
But the longer you stood there watching him, the harder it was to remain strong. You were about to leave the room when an idea suddenly popped into your head.
It was the stark opposite of your previous thoughts of not wanting to disturb him, but now that it had made its way into your mind, you would be damned if you didn’t go through with it.
So, with a smirk on your face, you bent down and put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention, whispering a little ‘boo’ into his ear.
You giggled when Jungkook jumped a little on his seat, his fingers pausing over his keyboard. Realising that it was you, he shot you a bright smile, mouthing ‘hi’ excitedly as he moved to grab you by your hips and pulled you onto his lap. 
Your soft laughter continued as he motioned for you to stay silent a while longer, quickly speaking into the mic to take a break before muting himself.
“Hi baby,” he cooed, pulling you close to give you a kiss on the cheek. “What do I owe the pleasure of having you here?”
“Mmm,” you hummed, slinging your arms over his shoulders and leaning closer to him. “I missed you.”
Jungkook pouted at you, though you could see the sides of his lips twitching up into a smile. “Did you? Aw, I’m sorry baby. Do you want me to tell the guys that I’m done playing for the day?”
Ah, such a sweetheart. Ready to finish his game early just for you.
“As much as I’m honoured to be more important than your game, I have another idea,” you said, smiling cheekily when he raised his eyebrow.
“Oh? Do tell.”
You bit your lip, one of your hands coming up to wrap the chord of his headset around one of your fingers, moving your hips to get some friction. “I want you to fuck me while you play.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened. His posture straightened and you felt his hands grab your hips tighter. 
“Baby..." he breathed, the low tenor of his voice coated in warning and intrigue.
It was you who raised an eyebrow at him this time, not stopping your movements. “What? You don’t want to?” you asked. You knew he was interested in the way he reacted; you could feel his length twitching at your actions, so you weren’t too worried about him not being on board with the idea. Staying true to your teasing self, you let your expression change into a taunting smile. “Scared that your friends will hear? I didn’t know you were a coward.” 
Jungkook’s eyes darkened at that, his hands sliding down from your hips to your ass. “Clearly this morning wasn’t enough. Let’s see where that smart mouth of yours has to say when you beg me to let you cum.”
Your pussy clenched at his words, already dripping palpably. 
“So what? You want to ride me while I play?” he asked, one of his travelling across your body to settle on your breasts.
Your voice came out as a breathless whisper when he squeezed it. “I want you to stay unmuted the whole time.”
Jungkook took his headset off slowly while he processed your request. His eyes were hooded, hunger evident in them. “You really think you can stay silent while I’m balls deep inside you?” he teased. “Or do you actually want them to hear?”
Jungkook’s sly smirk only grew at the pathetic moan that escaped your lips. “Am I right? You want them to hear the way you beg for my cock?”
“Jungkook,” you whined. The longer you went without him inside you, the more desperate you grew.
He pushed you off of his lap gently to pull his trousers down, his dick springing free. He leaned back against his chair and patted his thigh. You eagerly climbed back onto his lap, wrapping your fingers around his length. A groan left his lips as he closed his eyes at the pleasure, his jaw hardening when you started stroking his member the way you knew drove him crazy. 
You grinded your hips against his thigh, not bothering to hide any of the sounds that left your mouth. You felt Jungkook’s fingers make quick work of the shirt you had on, opening the buttons but not pushing the article of clothing off your shoulders like you had expected him to. Rather, his hands moved underneath it, running them over your body before stopping at your breasts. He leaned forward to place kisses all over your chest, sucking hickeys wherever he pleased.
You gripped his dick tighter, movements stuttering when you felt him take one of your nipples into his mouth. The hand that wasn’t busy with his dick, raised to grab his hair - tugging on it as you moaned.
You could feel your orgasm approaching fast, the coil in your stomach getting tighter; but as much as you would have loved to come from fucking yourself against his thigh, you had a specific way you wanted to do experience this. So, with great effort, you leaned away from Jungkook, removing your hand. 
“Do you plan on letting me cum on your thigh, or am I going to get dicked down by you, instead?” you asked, raising your eyebrow.
Jungkook licked his bottom lip as he took in how disheveled you looked with the open shirt and hickeys scattering your chest - some from the night before and today morning. “I don’t know, that sounds hot as fuck too, you know?” He chuckled.
“Jungkook,” you whined. “Fuck me already.”
“Well, If you insist.” Jungkook laughed quietly, finding the way you were begging for him adorable. He grabbed the front of your shirt and pulled you down in a kiss. “You just can’t resist me, can you?”
You playfully glared at him, flicking his forehead. “You say that as if you weren’t the one begging for my pussy last night.”
Jungkook remained silent at that, just giving you a sly smirk as his eyes twinkled in mischief. “Come on then. Ride me, darling.”
That was all you needed to hear, for you wasted no time on lining his dick with your entrance before moving down until he bottomed out.
The two of you moaned at the feeling - you from the way his cock still managed to stretch you out even after fucking you any time he got the chance and him from how warm your walls felt and clenched around him. 
“Fuck, baby,” he groaned. 
You suddenly heard his phone ping, indicating the arrival of a new message. Jungkook placed a hand against your back as he moved forward to grab his phone, his dick sliding deeper into you making you mewl. Your legs around his waist tightened.
Jungkook placed a kiss on your shoulder as he read through whatever was on his screen before placing the device down. “It was Taehyung. Said they were waiting for me to join the lobby for the next match.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning your head against his shoulder and placing kisses up his jaw. “Then join the game,” you spoke slowly into his ear, smirking when you felt a shiver at your words.
“You will be the death of me,” he said before you felt his hands moving behind you, most likely relaunching his game.
“Don’t tell me you don’t like the idea of fucking me while the others have the chance to hear. That you don’t find the thought of having to stay quiet thrilling,” you sang teasingly, purposely clenching around him and basking in the moan that he let out.
Jungkook stayed silent, but you could swear that you felt him get harder at your words and your smirk widened. He didn’t bother putting his headset back on, rather muting the gameplay and putting the Discord call he was on with the boys on speaker.
When you heard their voices, your body almost reacted on its own, your cunt contracting around Jungkook’s dick. 
Jungkook’s voice wavered a little, shooting you a look before turning up the volume of the call. One of his hands grabbed the back of your neck and brought your ear close to his lips. “You’re enjoying this a little too much, don’t you think?” he asked. “Don’t forget that you’re mine, sweetheart. Your tight little cunt belongs to me.”
You had to bite down hard on your lips to hold in the whimper that threatened to escape. You knew how jealous he could get and you didn’t want to feed into his jealousy by not replying - so with great effort, you managed to keep your voice low as you replied to him, “Only yours, baby. I enjoy having your dick in me, not theirs.” 
Even though Jungkook didn’t verbally reply to that, you knew that he was happy with your answer from the smile that appeared on his face.
You tried staying still to let him converse with his team members without any disturbance till they joined a match. But feeling his throbbing dick twitch inside you without fucking into you was driving you mad.
You waited for a moment longer before you gathered your courage and lifted yourself, moving down on him. Jungkook buried his face in your neck to muffle the groan that almost escaped at your sudden action before one of his hands moved to support your back while the other glided over his keyboard. His eyes never left the screen as you set a quick pace from the start, but he had started to thrust up to match your movements, eager to chase his high. 
You bit down on his shoulder to stop any noise from escaping, your nails raking down his back as you tried to ground yourself. 
It didn’t take long for you to get that familiar feeling of your orgasm nearing, and from the way Jungkook’s thighs shook and his brows furrowed - you knew he was close, too.
You didn’t need to tell him about your building climax - the two of you knew each other like the backs of your hands. The fingers drawing circles on your back moved to play with your clit, rubbing it in tight circles to help you reach the edge. 
Your surroundings blurred together the closer you got and before long, you were cumming with a cry and you felt Jungkook’s movement grow frantic - both his hands gripping your hips to move you up and down. His low groans rang out into the air as he chased his high. 
Your mind was blank from the pleasure that ran through you and you moaned when he finally thrust into you as much as he could before you felt him shoot cum into you.
The two of you stayed in that position, panting as you leaned against him, trying to catch your breath. It was only when you came down from your high that you realised how quiet the room was nothing but your heavy breathing filling the silence. 
Your eyes widened comically when you remembered that Jungkook was in a call unmuted and the two of you had just given Jimin and Taehyung a free audio show. It seemed that Jungkook had yet to realise what was wrong when he pulled you in for a kiss and whispered a soft ‘I love you’ against your lips.
Before you could say something to him though, a voice chimed through his computer’s speaker that had both of your faces flushing red.
“As hot as that was to listen to, I didn’t sign up for a boner when I texted you to come play.”
Jungkook hid his face in your neck, his lips brushing against your collarbone and you couldn’t help but moan. Hearing you, Jungkook pulled back to look at you with wide doe eyes - the lust and hunger that was in them now long gone. 
“Baby, why.” he whined and it did nothing but feed into his teammates’ teasing. 
Jungkook gave you a small pout, even though you knew he wasn’t really bothered from the small smile that was on his face and he pulled you into his embrace to hide his face against your chest again. 
You ran your fingers through his hair and you hugged him back and placed a kiss on top of his head.
Poor Jungkook wasn’t about to live this down for a long, long time.
PS- I didn’t tag anyone even after some of you filling up the taglist form because I realised I didn’t ask for you guys to clarify if you wished to be tagged for nsfw content so 👉 👈  I’m gonna have to annoy you guys one last time to go fill it up so I can make sure no one gets tagged in things they aren’t comfortable with. Thank you!
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balenciaguks · 4 months ago
ROCKSTAR 101 | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ pairing: jjk x f!reader
➵ word count: 8.2k
➵ theme: pwp, established relationship, smut , just pure unadulterated filth
➵ rating: 18+ explicit for mature audiences only
➵ summary: In the words of Christina Aguilera, “there’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm” and Jungkook is certainly coated in it.
➵ warnings : JUNGKOOK HAS A FULL SLEEVE - think sowoozoo jungkook in the black sleeve ripped fit • mentions of koo shredding on an electric guitar - im hornee for it • hard dom!jungkook • sub!reader • bratty reader with bratty behaviour • koo is a lil mean bcs he gives no attention • jords’ awful attempt at brat taming • very slight switch jungkook if u squint real hard like put ur reading glasses on and squint • use of derogatory terms - for example slut • jungkook in a pair of bunny ears sksks • sex in the form of - pussy slapping • mouth stuffing • choking • panty sniffing • unprotected sex but oc is on the pill (wrap it b4 u tap it) • oral (m receiving) • face fucking • size kink • belly bulging • bdsm themes - for example use of PINK HEART SHAPED HANDCUFFS  and mention of oc having a safe word • spanking with a leather belt • doggy style • saliva - the return of jords’ spitting kink so expect a few of that • messy sex • messy kissing • missionary bcs koo has pretty eyes n im a sucker for all the eye contact • non-penetrative grinding • failed attempt at edging • multiple orgasms bcs jungkook has staMINA • throatpie (hehe) followed by cum dribbling and multiple creampies
➵ aksglfjah this is the longest one i have ever written n im so happy with how it came out. a big thank you to my baby @kithtaehyung​ for betaing this for me at the last minute. sowoozoo koo really fucked me over , ive been residing there with that tattooed demon since
➵ song rec : rockstar101
➵ masterlist
Tumblr media
Jungkook was currently sitting on the floor of the lavish hotel suite, one of his many custom-made guitars in hand; a Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, to be precise, as he practiced some advanced shredding on the electric instrument.
The guitar had been a gift from you, bright baby blue on the body and black all the way down the neck. The impressive instrument was decorated with black peony flowers with your initials intricately placed inside the bed of flowers in Jungkook’s own handwriting, “because you will always be with me, even when you aren’t,” as he told you when he revealed it to you.
It was hard to not stare at him in moments like this. The way the guitar sits firmly gripped in his lap allows his biceps to protrude right in front of your eyes. His freshly cut hair hangs lazily over one side over his face whilst the other is sitting neatly gelled to the side, showing off his freshly pierced eyebrow piercing. But his hands working up and down over the fretboard are what really grab your attention. His fingers decorated in expensive silver and black rings and an abundance of bracelets adorn his wrists creating a soft tinkling sound as he continues pressing down and strumming away.
Looking up, Jungkook catches your eyes for the briefest of moments before offering you a smug smirk. He’s stupidly hot, and what’s worse is he knows it.
Accentuated by soft candlelight, your complexion illuminates ethereally like a halo around the most beautiful angel Jungkook had ever laid eyes on.
But angels are forbidden to be in love with the Devil.
Leaving your place on the couch, you crawl your way on all fours over to Jungkook and sit yourself on both knees behind him. Trying to get his attention, you place your arm around his neck and rest your hands underneath the hem of his shirt on his chest, giving wet kisses along his shoulders and up his neck.
“___, what are you doing?” Jungkook murmurs under his breath, not in the least bit interested. “Can’t you see that I’m a little busy?”
“Mm, but Koo - I want you,” you whine, your nails digging slightly into his flesh.
“Not now baby, I’m busy,” he answers you. Jungkook doesn’t bear you any attention when he responds to you either, fingers too busy plucking at the strings in front of him.
You sigh in defeat, another attempt at taking his attention failed. “You’re always so busy,” you mutter under your breath as you get up to relocate yourself back onto the bed, hoping Jungkook didn’t catch on to what you said.
Little did you realise, he heard every word but chose to ignore it for the meantime.
Tumblr media
Another ten minutes of sulking and huffing passes by with you still scrolling aimlessly on your phone before you see Jungkook leaning forward to set his beloved guitar in its stand. 
Jungkook gets up from his place on the floor before making his way over towards you, dark eyes drinking you in. His hands come down to the leather of his belt, unclasping the metal and pulling the material through each of the loops and discarding it to the floor at the end of the bed. 
Jungkook stands at full height and looks down at you, humming quietly in an attempt to get your attention. 
You look up, missing his gaze entirely to stare at the new piercing nestled into one of his eyebrows. The silver from the newly placed barbell glimmering in the gentle glow of the fairy lights hung around the wall.
He takes a hold of the top of his acid denim skinny jeans and pops the button open, a small sigh at the small release before slowly pulling the zipper down. With no satisfaction of your attention, Jungkook bends down to reach your eye level and places both hands over the back of the headboard resting behind your back, trapping you in between.
“My eyes are down here, angel,” Jungkook laughs with amusement, as he reaches for your cheeks with his tattooed hand, squishing them between his forefinger and thumb, allowing your mouth to part. Dressed in tight jeans and a fitted tee, he looks good but it’s the leather jacket that ties the outfit together is what made him look insatiable.
He raises one arm behind his head and removes the ripped band t-shirt in one swift motion. Jungkook knows what he’s doing. Knows how to rile you up and turn you on. It’s always the simple things that do it.
In the words of Christina Aguilera, “there's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm” and Jungkook was certainly coated in it.
With the lack of a shirt, you are able to clearly see the expanse of his upper body. You can clearly tell he has been working out at the gym a lot more often than usual as the deep lines of his abs running down his lower body are prominent in the soft light before dipping into the waistband of his boxers. Little hairs trail down his tummy deliciously. Jungkook intentionally tightens his abdominal muscles, sending you a reminder of just how fucking hot your boyfriend is. Like you need one.
But your favourite part of him? His arms. The way they are covered sporadically in tattoos, from flowers to grungy lyrics curving around his wrists and forearms, every piece of art decorating his tanned skin holding special meanings to him. Eventually all coming together as one at his elbow before the clear saran wrap was tightly hanging off his body.
Earlier, Jungkook had been out all day before the show telling you white lies about finishing touches to the new album before it’s due to be released in the next month or so, only to return to the hotel suite with saran wrap covering the entirety of the muscles. New ink etched onto his skin.
You haven’t left his side since he walked through the door. Eager eyes to find out what designs lingered under the protective layer. To touch and admire the pretty drawings littering his now full arm. Jungkook already had an ego, but this just heightened it tenfold.
Jungkook leans towards your ear, licking and sucking at the skin of your earlobe. “Gonna go for a shower, angel,” he whispers, the devilish smirk still playing on his lips as he lifts himself up and walks away from you.
You watch as he disappears out of the room, eyes trained on his defined shoulders, the muscles flexing as he runs a hand through his fluffy black hair.
Getting up from the bed, you pick up Jungkook’s discarded shirt from the floor. With some time to spare before he finishes his shower, you dig around for your black fluffy bunny ear headband, placing it on your head to move your hair from your face before undressing yourself for the night. You slip on your boyfriend’s shirt over your own frame, giggling lightly at the way it drowns you. The lingering scent of Jungkook’s cologne and fabric softener is a welcomed feeling of comfort as it pierces through your senses.
You turn to look at yourself in the mirror, smirking at the stark contrast of the cute set of ears on your head that stands out against the Metallica shirt. Twisting your body, you manage to view a peak of black lace showing at the swell of your ass. If Jungkook wants to play, you can too.
In the midst of your daydream, Jungkook appears behind you, his large warm hands wrapping around your waist, startling you briefly with his presence. You stare at him through the mirror, taking in how breathtakingly beautiful he is. 
Jungkook presses a kiss to your cheek, smiling as he lingers for a moment. You sigh and lean back into his touch, lacing your fingers with his that rested on your stomach. “You look so cute with those ears on, bunny,” he comments, nuzzling his nose into your neck, breathing in the fruity perfume that is left on your skin from the day.
You make eye contact with Jungkook through the mirror as you admire how he towers over you with his arms still wrapped around your frame like he was protecting you from the world. You smile at just how happy you are. How did you end up so lucky as to bag a man like Jungkook?
Then it came to you. Remembering how not even twenty minutes ago, your idiot boyfriend rejected your affection for attention. You remove yourself from his embrace and roll your eyes as you bend down to pick up the basket of skin care products, conveniently pressing your ass against Jungkook’s cock before you strut back over to your side of the hotel bed.
Jungkook groans in frustration at your actions before witnessing you sit on the bed with your back facing him, feigning ignorance to your ministrations. “Baby?” Jungkook tries.
“Yes, Jungkook?” you turn your head to look at him for the briefest minute, the look on his face one of disbelief; how you could just tease him like that and act as if nothing had happened.
“Don’t ‘yes, Jungkook’ me, what was that for?” Jungkook is annoyed by your behaviour.
“What was what for?” you ask demurely, keeping up the act.
“___, don’t start.”
At this, you had to turn your head to conceal the smile fighting its way to your lips. You look at him through the small compact mirror in your hands, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just busy doing my night routine,” you childishly rebuttal, putting the emphasis on the word busy knowing Jungkook will figure out exactly where this attitude is coming from. 
Following your game, Jungkook nods his head and climbs onto the bed behind you “Stop acting like a brat, baby,” he breathes into your neck before planting three small kitten licks at the junction between your neck and shoulder.
“I don’t think I’m being a brat, I’m just busy,” you hum. 
You feel the bed dip as Jungkook sits, giving himself enough space to manspread out in front of you. He looks dangerously good in his outfit. Your favourite pair of his loose black tracksuit pants that cuffed at the ankles hanging low on his hips evidently showing a lack of underwear underneath judging by the prominent outline of his cock. 
Jungkook hasn’t bothered to put another shirt on, allowing your eyes to graciously eat up his frame in front of you. Wet droplets are running down from his still wet hair and onto the taut muscles of his chest and stomach.
Jungkook takes hold of your ankles and places them over his thighs, running his hand up and down creating a trail of goose bumps building a home on your legs.
“You look really cute like this, you know.” Jungkook smiles at you whilst pointing at the bunny ear headband on the crown of your head, trying to change the conversation. 
An idea in your head has your mind racing. You settle yourself in your boyfriend's lap, legs either side of his tiny waist, careful to sit directly above his cock, not giving in to him by giving him what he’s been looking for. You stifle a small laugh at your egotistical boyfriend before taking the headband off your head and placing it on his own. “There,” you giggle.
You lean back ever so slightly, taking in the full look of Jungkook. His shoulders are broad and define the deep crevices of his clavicles wonderfully. The saran wrap is now long forgotten from his arm, giving you your first full look at the new full sleeve showing off scattered drawings, shaded shapes, words and numerals on his skin all etched and linked together so beautifully. His artist had truly outdone themselves this time around. Even with a pair of fluffy animal ears on his head, nothing will make him look ridiculous.
You rubbed his arm and pouted, “Koo.”
You nuzzle your head into the side of his neck, biting softly into his skin, his arms on your hips tightening, signifying you had hit his sweet spot. You continue to suckle on his honey skin, littering it with pieces of your own ruby stained art. “Are you in the mood yet?” You whisper into his neck, grinding your panty covered pussy over his hardening length.
Jungkook’s eyes flutter shut, basking in the feeling of your tongue and teeth nipping and grazing at his throat. He’ll give you this one time - just to test how far you’ll go with this.
“You’ll regret this.”
You ignore him, your pace quickening up.
Jungkook sighs heavily. “___, I’m warning you.”
“Don’t want to stop."
You reach your hand down to move the fabric of your underwear to the side, the feel of Jungkook's hard heavy cock stiffening through the fabric of his sweats giving you the smallest amount of friction to your bare clit. Rutting yourself against him faster but it just isn’t enough to fully get you there.
In your state of euphoric concentration, you move your fingers over your clit and rub small circles over your sensitive nerves. Your breathy moans filled the dimly lit bedroom. “Oh fuck, fuck, oh my god, shit you look so good, Kook.”
Staring down at where you were pressing yourself on your boyfriend, you begin working your fingers on your clit, bringing the other down and inserting two fingers deep inside of you.
Jungkook’s jaw is firmly locked in place, the anger radiating off him at your blatant disobedience and bratty behaviour.
Sliding in and out, back and forth, you continue to pleasure yourself on top of your boyfriend, the sight of him laying there with your pair of stupid rabbit ear headband on his head, blending in with his newly short black hair a true fucking sight for sore eyes.
Spreading your legs further as you pumped your fingers in and out, you locked eyes with him as you whined, “I’m gonna cum, Jungko-”
Jungkook has had enough, snapping in a fit of blinding horny rage. Jungkook grips at your sides and rolls you over, planting you firmly on the bed, grabbing your wrists and pulling you up the bed, ruining your moment of bliss.
He removes himself off the bed and goes over to his packed case across the room. Sensing you moving, he turns back. "Fucking stay," he growls.
You stay put as instructed. The first one you followed all night. Eyeing Jungkook from the side, you see him raking through the clutter for something.
Jungkook turns round and makes his way back over to the bed and climbs back over you, his turn to straddle you. "Arms up, princess."
You lift your arms up over your head, deciding best to do as he asks. Jungkook, not pleased with where you place your arms, drags them up and through the bars of the headboard, allowing you to grip onto the cool metal. A contrast to your searing hot skin.
Jungkook reaches behind him and pulls out what he was going through all the effort to find.
Bright pink heart shaped handcuffs. 
You giggled loudly with amusement only resulting in pissing Jungkook off more.
“Looks like I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. Remind you how to fucking behave, hm? Put you in your place,” Jungkook snarls as he wraps the metal around each wrist and locks you to the bed. He gives a rough tug at your restrained wrists, a loud yelp tearing from your throat. Finishing with his task, he leans back to admire his work. You’re purring, a vocal acknowledgment to how much you love being restrained.
Jungkook stared down at you directly. “Safe word?”
“Red,” you answered confidently.
“Do you remember your signals?”
“Green for good, amber for slow down, red for stop,” you respond, this being second nature to you now.
“Two taps for warning, three taps for I need a minute, four taps for stop.”
He removes himself from straddling your waist and kneels at the bottom of the comforter. 
“Good girl. Now, where do we start with you,” he questions, more to himself more than anyone else. He gives a light slap to your pussy, looking for any reaction he can gather from you.
You yelp in sensitivity, your clit still hyper sensitive after being torn from the brink of your orgasm.
“Huh, well would you look at that; still noisy it seems. Let’s fix that,” Jungkook states. Not a moment later, Jungkook is tearing the lace material from your ass, the sound resonating throughout the room, before he lets the sodden panties dangle by his pointer finger, watching it swing slowly back and forth in his grasp. You watch on in shock at the action, not daring making a sound.
“Fuck, you’re wet without me even touching you,” he moans as he begins to fist your underwear tight in his grasp and brings it up to his nose, giving them a long sniff. Your heady arousal painting the material. On one hand, Jungkook can’t get enough of your scent, yet on the other, he’s irritated by how wet you get just from pissing him off. He glances down, watching you spread your legs further for him, seeing your sweet juices coat the expansion of your glistening thighs.
 “Fucking stupid slut only wants to be fucked, huh? Well, if you’re not going to listen to simple instructions and keep quiet when told, we may as well find some other use for your pretty little mouth, isn’t that right? Open.”
Doing as you’re told, you open your mouth as wide as you can, allowing Jungkook to stuff your mouth full with the ripped lace material. The taste of your heady arousal prominent on the cloth.
Leaning close to your ear, Jungkook’s hot breath fans over your skin as he whispers, “What makes you think you even deserve my cock tonight, sweetheart?” Jungkook questioned, giving each of your tits a harsh slap making you whimper out in pleasure.
Your skin feels hot at his touch as he leans down and takes a nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue and sucking on the hardened bud as he kneads the other in his veiny hands causing you to harshly buck your hips and grind into him. Satisfied, he swaps, and gives the other tit the same treatment.
“Mghgmhg,” you moan through your full mouth as his teeth graze over your nipple. Jungkook pulls away from your tits to sit back on his knees and gaze at your glistening pussy.
As Jungkook cups your warm cunt in his palm, feeling the heat radiate from your core, you gasp at the contrast between the warmth of the pads of his appendages and the coolness of the multitude of rings that decorate his long fingers as he diligently swipes two fingers from your hole to your clit and gathers as much as your slick before bringing it up to your lips.
Jungkook removes the panties from your mouth, sodden with a mixture of arousal and spit. “Clean them, filthy girl.” You do as he tells you and open your mouth, your tongue darting out and wiggling back and forth in anticipation for his fingers. He slides both fingers in and pushes them down your throat. Your lips wrap around his digits as your tongue licks and sucks the salty essence from his fingers. You gag around his fingers as he keeps them lodged in your throat.
Moans spill through your lips as you continue to suck your slick from him. Hastily removing himself from your mouth, Jungkook plunges them back into you, starting up at a rapid pace, curling deep inside you with every thrust of his digits in your sodden pussy. The squelching sounds are borderline obscene and pornographic but motivate him to continue.
“You wanna come on my hand? Come on then, I want you to fucking come,” he grits out as his eyes only darken with molten lust, stretching you further with a third finger and adding his thumb to rub circles on your sensitive clit. 
Your mouth falls open in a silent scream as your walls clench around him signalling your near release as you pull at your restraints, the pink cuffs clinking against the metal as the grooves of the cuffs bite at the skin of your wrists.
Jungkook watches you as he increases the pace of his fingers in your tight, wet pussy, spitting on your face and smearing it with his other hand across your face. 
His words echo in your head as you try to conjure up a response but with the brutal pace of his fingers inside you relentlessly fucking you closer to your own orgasm, your eyes roll back to the back of the head as you begin to see stars and not a single coherent thought comes to mind.
“Fuck yes, come on then __, going to make you come so hard.”
Your restrained hands thrash around before they find the cool metal bars and grip on for dear life as your body finally finds release and trembles at the force of your orgasm.
“Look at you, fuck you’re so hot, keep going,” Jungkook moans. He doesn’t relent and keeps up the aggressive force of his digits in and out of your pussy, forcing the cum of your climax to coat his hands right down to his wrists.
“J-Ju-kook I-,'' you whimper as your eyes fill with tears.
“You wanted to act like a big girl, so act like a big girl and come again.”
Your pussy is clenching repetitively over your boyfriend’s fingers as your clit pulses with overstimulation. You squeeze your eyes shut as you feel another oncoming orgasm.
“Shit, shit Jungkook, please,” you scream as this one hits you harder than the last. Your head turns to its side into the pillow as Jungkook removes his fingers in time to watch your climax dribble out of you with force, coating your thighs and the bedsheets below you.
“Holy shit, __,” Jungkook gasps, “That was fucking hot.” He pushes his fingers into your mouth again as he slightly instructs you to suck again. 
“Oh baby, you gonna do that with my cock? You wanna suck my cock like that?” Jungkook can’t take his eyes off you. Arousal seeping from your cunt as you stare up at his dark eyes, the silver piercing catching the light.
You nod your head, chest heaving as you breathe through your nose to take in as much air into your burning lungs but pliant as always as you wait for his next move.
Satisfied with your sucking, he pulls his digits out your mouth and holds them up above your face. His fingers are coated in your saliva as it begins to drip down to your face. Again, Jungkook brings his hand down and drags his wet fingers across your face, coating your cheeks. He squeezes your cheeks together, protruding your pout. “Mm, is that mouth ready to get filled with my cum, pretty girl?”
You nod.
Jungkook removes himself from your body after your confirmation and lightly pushes your face to the side. Standing at the foot of the bed at full height, he watches over you and the way your chest rises and falls with each breath you take, clearly affected by his actions. The sound of your heart shaped restraints rattling against the bedposts filling the room as he begins pulling his pants off and kicking them away, leaving him in his tight black boxers.
The orange of the soft lighting of the bedroom warms his skin in the most beautiful hue of golden brown - the kind of glow you would be lucky to witness at the break of dawn. Mesmerising and easily drawing you in.
Jungkook bites his lip when he takes the sight of you bound to your shared bed and legs spread open. Your sticky wetness coating your thighs like a second skin; an open invitation to your boyfriend. He brings his palm down and cups his hard cock over his boxers, palming himself roughly. The outline of his cock grows harder by every passing moment.
Jungkook releases a heavy moan from deep within his chest. His eyes flutter shut and head rolls back as his thumb rolls over the dark wet patch over the sensitive head of his confined cock. “Look at me,” he orders.
Jungkook gives you a lazy smirk as he makes his way over to the side of the bed. He leans down over you and gathers an abundance of pillows and carefully places them behind your head, allowing your neck to sit slightly raised as your wrists are still bound.
Satisfied with his work, the bed dips as Jungkook hovers above you. Leaning down, he captures your jaw in his palm and kisses you hard. He’s not gentle in his kisses, his tongue quickly swiping across your lower lip for entry. You moan at the contact, a quick gasp leaving your lips giving Jungkook enough time to slide his tongue in hungirly. The tip of your tongue traces along the surface of his, and you moan at the taste of him - peppermint and an after taste from the bourbon he indulged in earlier in the night.
The kiss is messy, a battle between tongues and teeth as you both strive to take control of the kiss. Jungkook pulls away slightly, tugging your lower lip in between his teeth and pulls gently. Another moan passing through your lips.
Once he pulls away completely, he manoeuvres himself back onto his knees, giving you the opportunity to take him in entirely. His hair starting to dampen, chest muscles and hard abs glowing with perspiration. He moves his boxers low enough for you to take in the view of his ab muscles as he flexes in front of you but not low enough for you to see anything else.
Jungkook sees the pout on your face and knows exactly why it’s there. He gives off a devilish laugh as he removes his boxers entirely this time and kicks them to the side of the room. His cock slaps against his stomach, standing proudly against his tummy falling just short under his belly button.
His cock was beautiful to say the least. Veins running up and down the underside, the prettiest pink shade contrasting with the angry red at his tip. Precum glossing over the head in all its glory.
He drags his cock over your cheeks back and forth, mixing it with the dry saliva he left there moments ago, making sure to run it over your pouty lips and coating them in his salty precum.
He shoves his cock on your mouth without any warning just allowing the tip to sit on your flushed parted lips.
“Kiss it.”
You lean forward and pepper little kisses along the tip, tasting the salty precum on your lips watching it harden impossibly more. You pay extra attention to the underside of his shaft, knowing how much of a sensitive spot that is for him as you glance up into his dark eyes and give a bratty smirk.
His cum has a bitterness to it, but the longer your mouth is wrapped around his cock, the more the bitter dissolves into a sweetness that takes over your senses.
Satisfied with your compliant behaviour, Jungkook moves closer to you and slips the tip inside your mouth. "Show me — show me how much you enjoy sucking cock," Jungkook grunts and gathers your hair into a makeshift ponytail in his hands, careful to keep the rabbit ears on and tugs you forward giving you permission to suck.
Taking his head into your mouth again, you slowly suck the tip, licking up the precum that drips out his slit. You moan loudly, signalling your appreciation to Jungkook for feeding you more of his cock. 
With no warning, Jungkook slides his cock further down your throat until your nose is firmly pressed against his pubic bone. His balls touch your chin as your saliva coats his cock thickly before Jungkook stills, momentarily stopping the airflow to your lungs.
“You’re my good little bunny, right?” he questions as he forces your head down. You look into his eyes and nod for him. “Bunnies like you do as they’re fucking told, huh?”
Your eyes allow the tears to fall as you gag loudly. The loss of oxygen makes you lightheaded in the best possible way. Jungkook withdraws himself from your mouth, a thick string of spit and precum connecting you both together, allowing you a quick breath into your burning lungs before quickly shoving himself back down the column of your throat. 
“Fuck, you look even prettier with my cock stuffed in your mouth.”
Lips slick and swollen, you moan around his thick cock; the vibrations you create make the hair on his skin rise as he nears his orgasm.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” Jungkook grits as he takes a fist of your hair and pushes your head back and forth forcefully of his cock. It’s Jungkook this time who moans as he repeatedly shoves himself deep inside your throat until you can’t take any more of his length. You want to be able to touch him, to feel his skin under your fingertips, to feel the hair on his skin rise, to tug his hair. 
“Fuck, oh fuck, shit,” Jungkook stills your head and relentlessly thrusts himself in and out of your tight throat like his own personal cocksleeve a few more times before finally hitting his release.
His balls tighten up, and a deep, throaty moan leaves his mouth as he stills deep in your throat. Hot, sticky ropes spurt down your throat without warning. There is a never ending stream of cum as your mouth starts to become full of both his cock and cum. 
Jungkook's hair sticks to his sweaty forehead as he looks down at your fucked out face as he pulls his length out of your mouth slowly, careful not to release the messy white substance from your mouth.
He leans back down on the bed, his arms propping up his weight. “Let me see,” he smirks.
You open your mouth at his request, a puddle of thick hot cum and saliva sitting in your mouth.
“Tongue out, baby.”
Your tongue dips out of your mouth as requested, feeling the messy mixture drip down to your chin and neck, decorating the skin in a glistening messy concoction.
“Such a filthy girl, fuck, I’m going to get hard again just looking at you like this,” Jungkook laughs. “Colour?”
You swallow the remaining mixture in your mouth. “Green,” you smile. Voice hoarse with the rough fucking your throat just received.
Jungkook looks at your bound state; your forehead is glossly with sweat and your skin flush red. Your cheeks are wet from your tears as a mixture of cum and saliva coats your chin and chest. Messy. Just the way you both like it.
“Wanna kiss, though,” you whine out.
Heat washes over you as Jungkook lowers his head and nudges his nose against yours before kissing you passionately, switching between biting and sucking on your lower lip as his hips roll slowly against your core, only separating when the need for air burns in both of your lungs. You gasp as you realise he’s still semi-hard as he grinds his bare cock over your clothed pussy.
Removing himself from you, he grabs the unlock key from the night stand and proceeds to unlock the set of cuffs, kissing each wrists with his soft pillowy lips, a juxtaposition to his rough ministrations just moments ago. 
A smile tugged your cheeks at his tender touches, a light blush dusting your cheeks following. It was one of the ways you would silently let Jungkook know you were fine, and to continue with his dominant persona.
“What do you want to do to me, right now,” you chirp up, feeling bold enough to meddle with him again.
“Wanna ruin you. You’re mine and only mine,” he recites as he silences your moans with the sloppy crash of his lips against yours, dipping his head down to kiss you in a messy, passionate kiss filled with love, lust and utter adoration for you. Jungkook growls as he tastes the remnants of himself on your tongue.
Breaking the kiss, Jungkook manoeuvres his hands underneath your thighs and pulls you down to him on the bed. He slides in between your open legs and wraps your legs around his waist. “Open your mouth like the pretty slut you are,” he smiles.
You follow his instructions and part your lips, whining when he gathers his saliva and spits in your mouth, the string of saliva hanging between the two of you as he chases it down and crashes his lips back against yours, forcing his tongue in immediately. It is fucking hot when he kisses this way. The lewd sound is filthy, a fresh stream of slick running down your folds.
Jungkook pins both your wrists above your head with one hand and leans his lower half against your cunt. You whine in protest as Jungkook teases you with his movements as he sets a languid pace of rubbing his cock against your swollen clit. “You fucking love this… So fucking wet I could slide in with no resistance. Is that what you want?” Jungkook hisses as he starts to pick up the pace.
Your breath is caught in your throat as you writhe and tremble under Jungkook, the fluid motion of his thrusts over your clit beginning to be too much. Your hands grip the pillows as your back arches at the searing hot pleasure taking over and burning into your skin. All your concentration is on Jungkook’s cock as you start to feel light headed as he brings you towards your orgasm.
“Oh god, I’m going to fucking cum,” you grit, the fire in your abdomen becoming too much.
“Hold it,” Jungkook growls, rutting harder over your pussy.
“J-jungk-kook, I-I can’t,” you cry, a fresh batch of tears finding home on your lash line.
“I. Said. Hold. It.”
Screaming, your body rejects his command as your gut tightens, the pressure in your abdomen becoming too much as you climax for the third time.
Jungkook leans back from you in silence and stares you down with fury at your disobedience.
“I told you not to come yet. Look at this filthy mess,” he barks as he crosses his arms over his chest.
“I-I’m s-sorry. J-jungkook, I’m so sorry.”
Jungkook lets out a snarl from deep within his chest, “You know what happens to disobedient sluts? They get punished.”
Your head falls to the side in shame away from Jungkook’s piercing stare as you nod in agreement. Jungkook stands at full height at the end of the bed and grasps both your ankles and tugs your body towards him and swiftly turns you over, instructing you to get on all fours, turning his own back to pick up his discarded belt from earlier.
You know the rules already. Face down, ass up. 
A hand brushes over your ass as his fingernails occasionally sink into your plush skin and pulls at your cheeks, "Wanna hear you, alright?" You moan in agreement at his words. 
Spreading your thighs apart, Jungkook's hand slips in between your thighs from behind and gently carcasses your folds, playing with your clit teasingly, captivated by the way your pussy clenches over nothing just by the small brushes of the pads of his rough fingertips. "I love you," he whispers.
The belt makes its first contact with your skin and you let your eyes flutter closed and a broken moan leaves your lips.
You heard Jungkook suck in a breath through his teeth and chuckle a little as he lets the belt crack against your ass, watching ruby red welts appear on your skin, Jungkook admires you all the more. “You know…” he starts, as he unfolds the expensive leather from his hands, taking a break and lets his hands dip back into your pussy. You groan at the slippery mess in your cunt, "You have the prettiest…" He stops again to bend down and lick a broad strip over your delicate pussy, spitting into your folds once more and watches as runs in between your folds and mixes with your juices. "...Prettiest pussy. So fucking beautiful," Jungkook goes back to teasing your clit and listening to you moan and whimper, a silent ask for more.
Jungkgood chuckles lowly at your wants, deciding not to indulge you. "Ah ah, pretty girl," he smiles, letting the belt meet your ass a few more times.
"Such a good girl for me," he snorts in amusement at how well you take your punishments. 
Your breathing is erratic as he delivers the last spank to your ass, turning your head to look at your boyfriend behind you. His honey skin glistening with sweat from above you in the soft light.
His hands are back on your meaty flesh as he tentatively soothes the red welts and leans his face down to press soft kisses into the soft flesh. "You always get so wet when I spank you. It's meant to be a punishment but I think you enjoy it too much, hm," Jungkook asks rhetorically, "I think you act like a pushy brat on purpose," you can hear the smile in his statement before he gathers a glob of saliva in his mouth and spits onto your cunt. 
"Please, w-want you," you mewl, "Fill me up." 
Jungkook growls at your words, at how you always get what you want yet still want more, how you're just so insatiable from him. Only him. He grabs the base of his shaft and covers himself in your slick, coating his cock before he begins sinking into your entrance in one fluid motion. 
"How come I fuck you all the fucking time yet every time you're always this fucking tight, bunny," Jungkook groans, voice laced in lust and arousal. Your mouth hangs open at the tight squeeze of his girthy cock inside your velvet walls, drooling into the sheets as you ball up the duvet beneath you in your fists.
"You're always so big, Koo," the nickname slips out nonchalantly as your eyes roll back in the pleasure of it all. You will never get enough of his cock as the tip presses against your cervix as he bottoms out completely. 
You give an experimental clench around his cock and hear him mewl from behind you. Jungkook pulls out from behind you until just his tip is nestled into you before sinking back into you going as deep as he possibly can. You let out a small shriek at the motion as he pulls himself back out of your quivering hole and pushes back in, in another fluid motion. 
“Oh fuck, you always take my cock so well, your tight little pussy was made to be ravished by my fat cock, isn't that right? I love getting my dick wet by such a pretty pussy,” Jungkook moans, hands finding your waist and grips tight enough to leave colourful speckled bruises on your hips before stopping his movements altogether, keeping the tip snug inside as he uses his hold on your waist to pull you down on his cock instead, fucking yourself onto him. Tears gather in your eyes and threaten to spill over the edge at the pleasured powerful movements of your hips on his cock. 
"I-I'm gonna come," you shriek, allowing the tears to fall onto your sodden cheeks. 
"Yeah? Go on then, if you want to be a slut so bad, come all over my thick cock," Jungkook snarls as he pulls you faster and harder onto him, the sounds of skin slapping filling the room increasing as he piledrives you to completion. 
Your pussy flutters in pleasure of it all as you clench over and over onto his cock, feeling your orgasm wash over you, pulling you into a euphoric state of bliss. Perspiration gathers on the skin of your neck and forehead at the force of your climax.
However, above you Jungkook doesnt relent in his actions as he plants both his hands in your hair at the nape of your neck, gathering the strands in two tight makeshift ponytails and pulls you flushed against his chest and continues to fuck you through your orgasm.
"J-jungkook, 'm s-sensitive." 
"Do you want to use your safe word?" 
You let your head fall back against his shoulder, "No,” Turning your head towards Jungkook, you seal your confirmation with a heated and messy wet kiss. 
Grunting from behind you, you hear Jungkook gather more spit in his mouth and let the liquid dribble down into your mouth. "Swallow."
And so you did with no argument.
“Fuck - fuck,” Jungkook groans out as he impales his cock as deep as he can into you, his balls tightening as he watches your meaty ass ripple with every thrust he gives you. "Come, gonna cum," he stutters. The feeling of you cinched around his cock bringing him closer to the edge.
Jungkook grunts as he gives a few more ruts of his hips, feeling your pussy full with the warmth of his seed filling you up from inside. Jungkook doesn't stop fucking himself into you, milking himself with your pussy as you mewl in pleasure at his cum being thrusted into you.
Jungkook pulls out of you and flips you onto your back. You look down between you and see that his cock is still hard. How much stamina did this man have?
Jungkook looks like sin above you with his fucked out expression painted across his face as he fists his cock in one hand, making sure to curl his thumb around his sensitive tip. "One more yeah, you can give me one more?"
Hovering over you, he paws at the head band that is centimetres from falling off your head, fixing it back into place. Jungkook leans his face close to yours and presses a sweet kiss to your lips. Bringing your hand to the nape of his neck, you tug at the roots, deepening the kiss Jungkook pulls back and catches his breath. He brushes his thumb over your lip, dragging it and letting it go with a snap. You pull him back down and push your tongue into his mouth, kissing feverishly, hard and passionately. "One more," you whisper into the kiss. 
Jungkook releases a deep groan as he sinks his cock back in with ease, moaning when his thrusts speed up into a ruthless pace. The squelching of your cum, his spit and skin slapping mixed with your harmonious moans fill the room.
"Jungkook, you feel so good, keep going," you purr. Jungkook without missing a beat, fucks you harder and faster. You wrap your hands over his back and dig your nails into his sweat drenched creamy skin. Your moans grow in volume and intensity, letting Jungkook know just how good he makes you feel.
Jungkook takes one of your legs and places it over his shoulder, the change in angle allowing him to fuck deeper into you. Looking down at your tummy, Jungkook can see the outline of his thick cock lodged inside of you. “Such a good girl,” he praises. Hand pressing down on the bulge. “You’re mine. No one else can fuck you this good You're mine. Just remember that,” he mewls, emphasising his words with forceful thrusts.
Screaming, "I'm yours, I'm yours Kook - fuck, I love you." Your eyes let more tears go at the sheer force of your boyfriend's shaft obliterating your pussy.
Jungkook brings his hand down to your throat and curls his dings around your oesophagus, squeezing lightly on the sides. 
A dry sob leaves your mouth and your eyes rolling to the back of your head, "J-Jungkook, fuck, fuck, fuck."
His hand wraps tighter around your throat, not enough to hurt but just enough to constrict the oxygen into your lungs. Feeling the coolness of his rings dig into the searing skin of your neck was a welcomed feeling. His actions matched by his powerful ruts into your cunt mixed with the sounds of sweat soaked skin slapping against each other filling the room was bringing you closer to your third climax of the night. Your pussy involuntarily contracts around his cock. "Jungkook, g-gonna, gonna c-cum."
He gives a few vigorous thrusts before he focuses his attention on rubbing figures of eight on your clit, knowing that will help to get you there faster, desperate to get off himself. "Look at your tiny fucking cunt taking my cock. Still so tight, I don't get it," he grunts out with no mercy, "Doesn't matter how often I fuck you, you're. Still. So. Tight." 
Jungkook moves your leg off his shoulder and wraps them both around his waist. He grips your hips tightly, pulls you toward him and jackhammers you onto his cock, every stroke brings you towards the precipice of euphoric bliss. The feeling of his pulsating cock plunging into your seeping core has your hips bucking wildly. His teeth find your neck and he bites you hard enough to make you yelp.
Without warning, your third orgasm washes over you causing your body to still, in a state of bliss. There isn't a single coherent word that manages to fall from your lips, only the sounds of screams, cries and garbled incoherent sounds. Your walls constrict around Jungkook's shaft as he grunts on top of you. 
"Fuck yes, that's it, look at you. So fucking beautiful," he swears and fucks into you harder, "Gonna make me cum too, baby." Jungkook impales himself a few more times, the sight of him pumping in you like this is too much. He is fucking you as if you were just a doll to use for his own pleasure yet all you can do is take his cock in this position. He bites his bottom lip as he fucks you, some of his hair falling in front of his face. He looks delicious.
Jungkook releases an animalistic snarl from deep within his chest as he buries his thick, throbbing hard cock into you as he comes — warm ropes and ropes spurt from his pulsing cock, filling you up, and that sends you over the edge once again.
You come just as violently as the last, clamping down on Jungkook's cock, milking him through his release as he groans at the feeling. You can feel yourself squirt a tiny bit as he keeps pressing into you. 
Feeling his balls emptying and filling up your pussy with his warm load puts a smile on your face. You rock against him, both of you pant and groan together as you bask in your orgasmic state together.
Laughing, Jungkook dips his head into your shoulder and presses delicate kisses up your neck, on your cheek and lastly to your lip. He looks down at your tummy and giggles at the way it bloats, filled with cum.
Jungkook pulls out of you, the feeling of his cum dribbling out your spent cunt is warm and sticky. He pulls your bunny ears off your head and pulls you down to him by the waist and drops down next to you, pressing your head to his chest. Together, the two of you lay there trying to catch your breath not realising how warm and sweaty you were from all the fucking.
"Are you — are you okay?" Jungkook giggles as he kisses the top of your head. 
You have to try to get your mind and body working again to reply. The feeling of being fucked so hard has your entire body shut down. All that leaves your mouth is strange noises. They could have been words but probably not.
Pulling the comforter over both your bare bodies, you wrap your arm around Jungkook, pulling him closer. He smiles brightly, relief evident on his face as you listen to his heart beat slow to its regular rate. "You're too good to me, Koo." 
Jungkook intertwines your fingers with his own to bring them up to his lips and kiss your hand, "No, you're too good to me.. bunny," he winks.
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bratkook · 2 months ago
switch up! (m) jjk.
Tumblr media
banner by @dee-ehn
pairing. bass player!jk x reader  genre. fluff, smut word count. 18k warnings. lotsa kissing, oral sex (m. & f.), sooome spit bc why not, protected sex, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, cockwarming?? summary. you would have never expected your shy, innocent art partner to be the man on stage covered in tattoos note. the tags are janky as fuck so if u read and enjoy, pls reblog ! let me refer you to this post of mine that birthed this hannah montana/double life jungkook. he is sweet and lowkey filthy and i love him sm & hope u will too <3, this fic is half plot and half smut to get myself back into writing filth and also to finally give jk a bassist story on my page lol, i’ve been working on this idea since january...writers block has been gnarly as please let me know what you think of it hehe ty ilysm (also pls dont ask me for a part two, if i decide to write more for them ill let u guys know<3) taglist. @parkdatjimin , @jimilogy , @cheekychoca , @jjk301 , @marcoazz2 , @girlsforgloss , @fancycollectormoon , @aurevoir-le-bitches , @redbabie17 , @tomotae​ , @heartykoo ,
Tumblr media
The gentle breeze of the wind flows around you, trees rustling above, leaves fluttering down and landing on the blanket you had just meticulously spread out. The red and yellow leaves stand out against the light material, and you’re tempted to just leave them there but your desire to make this perfect has you crawling forward instantly, plucking the leaves and tossing them aside before smoothing out the fabric once more and settling back onto your butt. 
There, that’s better. 
The set up you currently had looked more like a picnic than the original drawing ‘date’ you had arranged. A wooden wicker basket was to your left, full of a variety of snacks and treats for you to munch on while you worked, your art supplies nestled to the side of it. You had almost forgotten them in your haste to leave, too excited about spending time with your art partner outside of class to remember what the actual premise of this was. It doesn’t stand out too much, the giant quad in the middle of your campus was occupied by other couples having similar picnics all around you, so hopefully you can pass this off as no big deal. 
Jungkook definitely doesn’t mind it though. When he approaches the set up you have, dark bag slung over his shoulder and his arms tucked into the pockets of his coat, he smiles as he sees you fidgeting with the edges of the blanket that flutter up with the wind. There's a small pep in his step as he gets closer, the small jitters he always felt while around you creeping up his spine and mixing with excitement. It's the same cocktail of emotions he has swirling in his gut anytime you were near. 
The crunching of leaves grabs your attention, looking up as you rest your bag on a corner to prevent it from flying up again. He eyes the curve of your legs peeking out underneath the plaid skirt you wear, covered in sheer black tights in an attempt to shield yourself from the cooler weather. A blush dusts his cheeks when he meets your gaze and realizes he’s been caught gawking at you like he normally does. 
The smile on your lips as you wave him over only makes him hurry up, taking longer strides until the chunky black shoes on his feet are sticking out against the creme colored blanket. 
“Sorry, am I late?” he wonders, lowering his bag beside yours before slowly sitting down. His all black ensemble swallows him up, the only form fitting article being the turtle neck peeking through his coat. When he adjusts his glasses, looking up at you with a small grimace, you snap out of it and clear your throat. 
“No, I got here a little earlier to set this all up.” You reach for the wicker basket, flipping it open and sliding it in between you so he could get a glimpse of what was inside. “I hope you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”
Jungkook smiles down at the basket before locking eyes with you once more. “I love them actually. Thanks.” His fidgety hands waste no time pulling out his art supplies, not knowing how to sit in comfortable silence with you beside him, needing to occupy himself to not say anything without thinking. His mind was always whirling whenever you were within close proximity, it was a miracle he could get work done in class with you inches from him. 
You recognize the nervous ticks he has, how his fingers twirl the pencil in his hand as he flips open his sketch pad, how his eyes bounce from your knees back to the paper—too nervous to look up at you again. His toffee brown strands fall over his brows, tips of them resting on the rim of his glasses as they slide down his nose, his finger coming up to push them back up with a scrunch. It’s adorable—he’s adorable—in that sweet boy next door kind of way. 
His soft spoken demeanor and gentle smile was the first thing you noticed months ago when the semester had just started, mentally cheering yourself on for choosing to sit beside him and becoming self proclaimed partners. Jungkook was definitely artistically gifted, not once complaining when you’d lean over to his side and awe at his work, trying to hide his bashful smile as he shrugged off your praise. It was the main reason you weren’t shy to compliment his art, or his outfits, or him in general, just wanting to see the cute way his nose scrunches up and his lips curl into a grin. 
“You look cute and cozy,” you breathe out, staring right at him and smiling when his eyes peer up at you through his glasses. Jungkook has since learned to not expect you to look away, you were far too comfortable with yourself to be embarrassed or bashful. Instead, you continue to give him a once over, small smile on your face when his cheeks blush slightly in a way that can’t be attributed to the cool breeze. 
You can already tell his mind is trying to unscramble a response to your casual compliment but you save him from it with a small sigh, your eyes falling onto his sketch pad instead. “So, how do you want me?”
Jungkook can’t hide his look of shock, his own thoughts taking over before he realizes what you truly meant. His fingers grip the edges of his sketchpad as he clears his throat, smoothing over the paper and looking up at how you were positioned. “Like that’s fine, but however you’re comfortable. I’ll try to work fast so you’re not stuck in this position for long.”
You merely shrug at his comment, delicately placing your hands on your knees and readjusting your legs to the side. “Honestly take your time. I know it’ll look amazing.”
“Yeah, thanks to you,” he mumbles quietly, a sheepish smile on his lips that only makes you smile widely in return. He quickly tries to deflect it by reaching for his pencil and beginning the sketch but you’re having none of that. 
“Was that your way of saying I look amazing?” Your voice is soft, a small fluttering in your stomach at his compliment. Throughout the weeks of knowing each other, in between your harmless flirting, Jungkook had only had the courage to reciprocate it a few times. Each time he did, whether it was saying your hair looked pretty, or you smelled nice, it stuck with you and continued to fuel the gentle crush you have. 
“You always look amazing,” he adds, eyes focused on the light strokes of his pencil, outlining your silhouette in the exact position you were in. Jungkook knew the second you set your sights on him you’d push his train of thought right off the tracks every time you spoke to him, turning him into the shy, stuttering boy he was in highschool. 
He’s grateful that you never push it too far, not knowing if he’d be able to keep up the teasing and compliments while attempting to focus on the project at the same time. Instead you try your best to fight back the smile on your lips, not wanting to mess up what he was currently drawing. 
It really didn’t matter to you how long this took, you’d be more than happy to sit here for hours if it meant you’d be able to have his full attention. It gives you all the time in the world to admire your view, your eyes tracing down the slope of his nose, the outline of his lips when he purses them in concentration, the fluttering of his lashes as his eyes bounce up from the page to glance at you before looking back down to capture any detail he might have missed. 
Jungkook is a silent worker, his style of choice relying too much on intricacy and detail to allow him to focus on anything else. His hands move smoothly across the page, the gentle scraping of his pencil blending in with the rustling of leaves and soft hums he’d let out as he analyzes his work. It’s only when he finishes the general sketch of your face that he looks up at you fully, a proud smile on his lips as he holds up the sketchpad for you to see the progress. 
“Okay, you’re free to talk now.” He must have sensed your desire to spark a conversation, knowing fully well how chatty you were on a daily basis. Jungkook enjoys it though, finding the random questions you’d ask or the simple stories you’d tell him very endearing. Everytime he spoke to you felt like he was flipping the page into another chapter of your life, knowing just a little bit more about you in a way that left him eagerly anticipating the next. 
“Oh that looks amazing already,” you gasp, inching forward a bit to get a better look. It was the bare bones of what would be another one of his masterpieces but what he currently had was still enough to leave you in awe. 
“I still need to add all the heavy details and shading but we’d probably be stuck here all night if I did it now.” 
“We have until next week to turn this in so we can always meet up again in between classes to finish up anything.” The eagerness laced in your words makes him smile, the thought of seeing you once again before today’s date was even over leaving him just as giddy. A shy nod in confirmation is all he gives you before he’s jumping back into the drawing. 
This time however you don’t sit in silence, able to chat away now that the attention was off your face. It lets the time fly by, giggling together as you casually bring up the fact that the campus goose had chased you down earlier and you’d have to find a new route down here because the experience had been slightly traumatic. Your favorite moment however was munching on the sandwiches you brought and carefully feeding him some so his messy fingers wouldn’t ruin his work, his eyes crinkling up in thanks after every bite. 
His boyish laugh makes your cheeks hurt from smiling, something he takes note of as he looks up at you fondly, eyes locking together for a brief moment before the vibration of your phone grabs your attention. It buzzes against your leg, a slew of messages coming in from your best friend, all in varying degrees of distress as she contemplates her outfit choices for tonight. That's when you take note of the time, realizing you were supposed to be on your way to her place already. A quick response saying you’d be there soon is all you send before locking the device entirely. 
“Are you busy tomorrow?” you wonder, peering over to see how much more he had finished of his drawing. 
“I’m free in the morning. Why? Do you have to leave right now?” His doe eyes stare at you in curiosity, twirling the pencil in his grasp while you inch even closer to admire his work once more. He can smell your perfume, the earthy scent of amber warming him up, it reminds him of a rainstorm and he tries his best not to not make it obvious how much he enjoys your close proximity. 
“Yeah, I didn’t realize what time it was. I’m supposed to meet up with a friend right now, but we can finish up our drawings tomorrow.” 
Jungkook fishes his own phone out of his pocket, the bright white numbers letting him know he was also running late to his plans, quickly packing up his supplies as he nods his head. “Do you want to meet here again?”
Despite his rush, he helps you fold up your blanket as you pack up the rest of your things as well, gently tucking it into the wicker basket you brought and handing it over with a cute smile. 
“Yeah, just text me what time and I’ll be here. Bye Jungkook,” you sing out, wrapping an arm around him in a swift hug that makes his heart skip. His own arms envelop you easily, squeezing you tight before pulling away, the two of you going your separate ways with excitement weighing heavy in your chest.
Tumblr media
“He sounds geeky,” Chungha jokes when you finally bring him up to her later that night, your turtleneck, glasses wearing, art loving description painting him in a nerdy light that was very much Jungkook. 
“Shut up, he’s nice.”
“That's always code for ugly.”
You roll your eyes at her jab, but it’s not like she sees it, too focused on lining her lips as she stares at herself in the mirror. A huff escapes you as you fall back onto her bed, arms spread out and your heart still feeling light from the time spent with him. Your lips roll together as you hold in the small squeal you want to release when you remember the way his cheeks had bulged out while you fed him the sandwich, how his tongue would peek out to swipe at any of the jelly on his lips. Jeon Jungkook was the definition of cute, Chungha had no idea what she was talking about. 
“He’s actually really cute Chungha,” you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest as you sit back up, watching as she fluffs her hair out before turning to look at you with an unconvinced stare. 
“Yeah, I’m sure he’s adorable. Hurry up and put some lip gloss on or something.” She reaches forward, grabbing a tube of gloss and tossing it at you with a chuckle. 
“Where are you dragging me to tonight?” you wonder, hauling yourself up to approach her brightly lit mirror. She has a prideful smile on her wine colored lips when she sees you doing exactly what she said, shooting you a thumbs up when you set the lipgloss into your bag once complete. 
“This club downtown. Cherin told me they play good music, and I’m in the mood to dance and make questionable decisions with cute boys.” You know she’s being serious too, the mischievous glint in her eyes and the way she adjusts her boobs in her top show you that much. When her finger comes up to poke at your own boobs you gasp and swat her hand away, cupping your tits with a glare. “Bring the girls out!”
“No, this top is cute.” She pokes at them once more, an evil laugh filling the air when you lift up your shirt to cover the small bit of cleavage showing. Thanks to your poor time management skills, it's the same outfit you wore earlier with Jungkook. Perfect for a cute day time drawing date, apparently not perfect for Chungha’s nightly activities. 
“At least take the tights off to show some skin.” She claps when you grumble under your breath as you once again do what she says, toeing off your heeled shoes and yanking the sheer material off your legs, balling it up before tossing it at her face. 
“Partially, but I’ll manage. C’mon let’s go.” You know she desperately wants to force you to wear something a tad more revealing but she bites her tongue, keeping any more comments to herself the entire way to the club. And once you step into the crowded space, she’s too focused on trying to score free drinks to even think of saying anything else. 
You follow close behind her, eyes scanning the interior, trying to make everything out in the dim lighting. This isn’t like the usual places you go to on your nights out, the atmosphere differs greatly from the typical clubs where the bass was heavy and the flashing lights were blinding. Instead a stage was placed in the far end, low to the ground with a good crowd of people surrounding it as a group in rhinestone covered shirts played music. Suddenly, you’re grateful you had kept your earlier outfit on, the atmosphere in here being more laid back than you had anticipated. 
“Did Cherin tell you this was a music venue?” you speak into Chungha’s ear with a laugh, grabbing the shot glass she passes your way. The boy beside her looks a little offended when she completely turns away from him to talk to you, deeming him unnecessary after he bought you both drinks. 
“No, but I like the vibe. Plus, look around, there's plenty of options for you to choose from.” Her elbow nudges into your side obnoxiously before she throws back her shot, eyes screwed up as she makes a face at the taste. You mimic her actions, licking your lips as you look around at all of the options you apparently have. The two of you were pros at this, jumping from club to club, getting free drinks and a handful of new numbers added to your phone before the night was over and you were taking someone home. It’s what you did best, it was harmless fun that made for great stories, but as you analyze the crowd around you, no one catches your eye, your flirtatious abilities having been drained after the day spent with Jungkook. The only thing you want to do tonight is loosen up and enjoy the music filling the space up. 
“Go work your magic and get us more drinks,” you deflect her suggestion, laughing when her eyes switch back over to predator mode as she searches for the next sucker to buy her alcohol. 
You’ve learned a long time ago to never underestimate your best friend’s ability to get what she wants, only further proven when she manages to get you comfortably buzzed without ever taking her wallet out. By now the crowd of people have begun to move around as the band starts to play covers of popular songs, you and Chungha nestled in between them as you dance along to the music. It's a mess of limbs and raspy voices as a huddle of drunk girls joins you both, horribly singing along to the 80’s pop cover filling up the space. 
It’s not until she sneaks away once more to grab yet another drink that your bladder finally throws up a white flag in surrender for you to take a break. The pout on her face makes you giggle as you slowly leave her in her spot, sliding between people and following the glowing neon sign that leads you to the bathroom. Stumbling into the surprisingly vacant restroom and into a stall has you realizing you’re a little past buzzed. The checkered floor seems to fuzz together and the dark green stall doors begin to sway as you rest your elbows on your thighs and laugh to yourself. 
“Oh god,” you groan with a smile, rubbing your cheeks with your cold fingers. “No more drinks.” It’s honestly in your best interest, you and Jungkook were set to get together tomorrow morning to finish up your projects and there's no way you could allow a hangover to put a damper on it. 
With a lot of fumbling, you exit from the stall, catching sight of your reflection on the mirror above the sinks. The gloss coating your lips has long since wiped off on the glass of the drinks Chungha was feeding you, and that just wouldn’t do. Reaching into your side bag, you pull out the cherry scented gloss you had swiped from your best friend's counter, uncapping it and giving your lips a generous swipe before deeming yourself ready to re-enter the scene outside the bathroom doors. 
“What took you so long?” Chungha groans, manicured hand gripping your arm as she pulls you back into the crowd of people. “You almost missed the babes on stage.”
“Babes?” you snort. “I don’t think the men in bedazzled shirts count as babes.”
“Not them! Them.” She points up at the stage now, your eyes following her finger and spotting the new group that had taken over, just barely setting themselves up. The dreamy sound of her voice has you turning back at her before you get a good look at the members, gripping her cheeks to get her to look at you instead of drooling over them. 
“Nuh uh, you made me promise to never let you mess around with any band guys again after the last one!”
“But c’mon, look at them. The lead singer looks like he can slap me and call me a good girl.” That compels you to take a look for yourself, spotting the man gripping the microphone as he smiled into the crowd, a black striped shirt loosely buttoned down his chest. He was totally her type, which meant you had to drag her out of here asap before she was somehow shimmying her way to the front and tossing her bra at him. 
“I gotta get to the front. Its fate,” she announces, already attempting to slip her way past the tightly packed crowd. 
“That’s not fate, Chungha,” you laugh, gripping her arm tighter to prevent her from moving. The last time Chungha had gotten involved with a self proclaimed rockstar she went on a downward spiral and was fully convinced she needed to shave her hair, so really you’re doing her a favor here. 
“Why not?” she huffs, eyes squinting up at the stage to see the rest of the members. “Take your pick of the rest of the band, the drummer’s cute!” 
A quick glance lets you see the bright orange haired man sitting behind the drums, twirling the sticks around with a giant smile as he spoke to the singer. He was cute, but not enough for you to aid your best friend on her quest. “Not my type.” 
“Fine. The guitarist has big hands, I know your ass likes that.” The man stood to the right had a dangerously unbuttoned shirt just barely clinging on, long black hair framing his face perfectly. But the sharp look in his eyes as he scans the crowd makes you avert your sight immediately. 
“I’m pretty sure he would ruin my life, like instantly.” 
“What about the bass player?” She continues on, going down her list until hopefully one of them sticks enough for you to loosen your grip on her arm. 
“Oh my god Chungha, drop it,” you scoff, but your curiosity has already been piqued, wondering if he was just as attractive as the other members. The man in question has his back to the crowd now as he adjusts the straps of his bass before beginning to fiddle with the instrument. 
As he wanders to the left side of the stage your eyes follow him, dark strands of hair covering his face as he stares down at his fingers. Thick silver chains hang off his wrist, veiny hands curling around the neck of his bass, bold lines of ink trailing up from the silver bracelets before getting cut off by the cuffed sleeve of his dark patterned button up. 
He was definitely your type. 
And as you follow the trail up his arms, to the chains around his neck, tracing the dark lines that barely touch the edge of his throat, and the soft curve of his lips when he finally looks up, you can’t help but feel like he looks oddly familiar. Until suddenly, the similarities are a little too strong to chalk up to pure coincidence. 
“Oh my god,” you whisper out, blinking harshly when you don’t believe your eyes. Maybe it was the alcohol sloshing in your stomach and making your vision all wonky, but the man who has the bass hanging low on his hips looks far too much like your art partner. The similar shade of brown hair on his head is swooped back instead of covering his forehead the way it always did, but that adorable bucktooth smile you had a soft spot for is the clear indicator that it was him. If that didn’t tell you as much, the wide doe eyed look on his face as he faces the crowd is the giant sign that lets you know Jeon Jungkook from art class has a double life. 
Did he really have a double life? Not likely. But the stark contrast in his appearance had you thinking this was some Hannah Montana moment and you would have to take this secret to the grave. 
“Oh you liked the bassist huh?” Chungha cackles, success coursing through her veins when she realizes she might get her chance tonight. 
Okay maybe you could tell Chungha the secret too. 
“Shut up, that's him!”
“Jungkook, the geek from my art class.” When she snorts in disbelief you slap her arm with force, ignoring her wince of pain. “On bass, the one covered in tattoos.”
“Oh shut the hell up.”
“I’m serious,” you whine.
“You said he was cute, not fucking sexy! He’s in a band?!” she shouts in a fit, ready to bombard you with questions before you cut her off with a plea. 
“We gotta go, I’m not sober enough to not make a fool out of myself in front of him.” Put Jungkook beside you in class, with his turtleneck and glasses, and you could flirt with him until his cheeks were red. But put him on stage where he's glowing, covered in ink, with an aura of confidence surrounding him, and you will go down way too fast for your dignity to survive. 
“What no, why?”
“Because what? You already told me you think he’s cute, how he gets all nervous around you, and now that you see him up there looking all fucking glorious you wanna run? No, babe this is fate.”
“This is not fate!” 
It’s uncharacteristically chicken for you to want to scram before you’re spotted, almost as if you were doing something you should be ashamed of instead of just enjoying a night out with your best friend. But your mind could not get itself out of the gutter, and all your thoughts were scrambled together to form some lewd visual of your cute art partner—who was currently chugging water like his life depended on it—spitting that exact water onto you. You had to go. Now. 
“You know the band, so I have a way in. Seems like fate to me.” Chungha sports a sly smile on her face, eyebrows wiggling at you as she tries to pry your hand off her arm a final time, giggling when you loosen your grip. 
“Oh you bitch, you’re pushing this for your own benefit.”
“Of course I am, but who are we to deny fate. Now we gotta get closer so you can get his attention and go fuck him in the bathroom!” 
You have absolutely no intention of fucking your art partner in the bathroom of this venue, but this version of Jungkook on the stage has you second guessing yourself. That’s not something you admit to Chungha though, because she will hold on to that and use it to guide every reckless decision she chooses to make tonight. Instead, you allow her to shimmy her way to the front with her free hand clasped to yours, no apologies sent to the girls she shoves out of the way. 
The band must have a good name for themselves judging by the people surrounding you, popular in this scene of music because the second the drums kickstart the first song everyone surges forward and screams in excitement. Chungha doesn’t care that she doesn’t know a single song, her eyes peering right up at the singer, just wishing and waiting for the right interaction to hook him. You were doing a slightly better attempt at pretending like you knew the music, bobbing your head along to the beat, but your own eyes were locked onto Jungkook. 
The loose fabric of his shirt flows around as he plays, slightly falling off his shoulder and revealing more of his tattoos to you, only making your brain short circuit some more. Why was it so hard for your mind to morph the cute and bashful Jungkook you were with earlier with the one you were currently staring at. This definitely had to be a sick dream, or maybe you were blackout drunk still in the bathroom stall you had walked into earlier. That had to be the only explanation to this. 
It’s something you believe, and sort of make peace with, until Jungkook scans the crowd with a smile and his eyes land on you. It’s a brief second before he moves on, but then the realization hits him and he’s double taking, the smile never leaving his face while he tries to make out that it's really you underneath the occasional flash of light. There’s a curious tilt to his head, his fingers never missing their spot on his instrument as the band goes through their songs, but he edges closer. 
He doesn’t look off put at seeing you—which makes you feel less guilty about discovering his double life—instead he looks proud, the twinkle in his eye sparkling when you finally smile back at him. That small interaction is just one of many, his eyes naturally gravitating to you throughout the set, almost as if he was double checking that you were actually there and weren’t just a figment of his imagination. 
As the band takes their first break, the singer panting into the microphone as he scans the crowd with a smile, Jungkook crouches down to grab his water. Your eyes are glued to him as he throws his head back and tilts the bottle, letting the liquid pour into his open mouth before he’s capping it once more, long fingers swiping at his lips to catch the stray drops. 
“It’s always nice to see a full house here On the Rox.” The crowd cheers at that, Chungha doing the most as she screams louder, successfully catching his attention as his eyes drop down to her. Your hands have to clasp around her shoulders to prevent her knees from giving out on her as he smirks. “I see a lot of pretty faces here tonight.”
Damn Chungha and her love of fate. 
“A lot of new faces here too,” another voice cuts into the space, and you recognize this one. Your eyes gravitate towards the left side of stage once more, locking onto Jungkook’s stare as he smiles at you before looking at the rest of the crowd. “If this is your first time seeing us tonight, I hope you enjoy it.”
“And if you’ve seen us before, make sure you give the newcomers some love.” The guitarist speaks now, his wavy black hair being raked off his face as he runs his fingers through it. The pick in his hand glides across his guitar with ease, a random chord playing through the speakers. “We got a couple songs left, are you ready?” 
The crowd cheers in response, Jungkook chuckling into the mic as he grips it, the silver chains dangling off his wrist. “You can do better than that. Are you ready?” His voice is strong, booming through the amps and getting the reaction they craved, everyone screaming as loud as they could. His lips spread out into a proud smile, and it’s impossible to look away from him. You’d never seen him like this before, but you can’t deny that confidence suits him, bathes him in this light that has your palms going clammy as he stares at you again. 
The sound of the next song rolling through barely registers within you as you snap out of it, pressing your forehead against your friend to collect yourself slightly before you’re able to look back up. It’s a blur of sounds and lights as their set progresses, you and Chungha loosening up enough to move around with the crowd as they play with their hearts. Jungkook continues to creep closer to you, never close enough to make it obvious but it makes your heart race each time he inched forward before wandering to the opposite side to interact with the crowd. 
You don’t even realize it’s coming to an end until the last note fades out and the lights dim, the low lighting in the place just barely showing you their silhouettes as they make their way off the stage. Chungha’s sighing dramatically the second the lights come back up, turning around to face you now that her eye candy was missing. 
“God they’re hot and talented. Do you have his number?” 
“Yeah, I do,” you mumble out, still in a daze as you slowly make your way through the huddle of people, eagerly anticipating the next group to take over and keep the party going. You needed a drink, maybe some water to quench the thirst you had growing inside of you. 
“Text him then, let him know you’re here.”
Jungkook definitely knew you were here, but maybe texting him wouldn’t be so bad. As you both get to the bar, Chungha ordering some water while you pull your phone out, someone settles in beside you in a haste. You don’t notice them at first, their palm resting on the bar top inches away from you, but when they tap their finger onto your shoulder they grab your attention. A quick glance to the side has you locking your phone instantly, forgetting the half written text meant to be sent to the man beside you. 
“Jungkook,” you breathe out, eyes wide and mouth drying up. Seeing him this close like that was so much harder than it was on stage. He’s still catching his breath from playing, ordering himself water to cool down. The tips of his hair have curled up, raked away from his face as he swipes it back, but when his nose scrunches up into a smile it brings you back to the earlier date today and the way he’d laugh at your stories. 
“I knew that was you, I just had to come make sure.” Jungkook chuckles, looking down at you with crinkled eyes. It's the first time you’ve seen him without his signature frames on, their absence opens up his face more, and you find yourself not able to maintain the normal eye contact you have with him without them on. 
“I was just about to text you to make sure you didn’t have a twin or something,” you laugh, hands fidgeting on the countertop, reaching for your water and taking a gulp. Chungha gently nudges your side, not able to contain herself as she sips her own water, trying her best to not look like she's eavesdropping. 
“No, I definitely don’t.” His voice blends in with the starting music of the next group that takes the stage. “We play On the Rox pretty often. I didn’t know you came here.”
“It’s my first time here actually. Our friend told us about this place.” You point at Chungha, holding in a laugh when she quickly inserts herself into the conversation, reaching her arm across to greet Jungkook with a handshake and a charming smile. 
“Hi, I’m Chungha. Is your lead singer single by any chance?” A snort escapes you at how forward she is, your hand coming up to cover the growing smile on your face when you notice the way Jungkook’s eyes widen at how unexpected her question is. 
He recovers quickly with a small laugh, his eyes looking over the both of you to scan the room, trying to find the blonde man in question. Jungkook spots him easily, waving him over with a knowing smile. “He is actually.”
“Score,” Chungha whispers low enough for you to hear, fluffing up her hair and adjusting her tits in her shirt before her eye candy approaches, the both of you turning around to face him. 
“Hey Yoongi, just wanted to introduce you to some people.” Jungkook rests his hand on your shoulder gently as he speaks to the singer, a soft smile on his face as he stands close. “This is Y/N.”
At the mention of your name Yoongi’s smile widens, his eyes looking up at Jungkook for a moment before locking onto you as he extends his hand out in greeting. “So you’re Y/N. Glad he finally invited you to a show.”
Jungkook clears his throat loudly, the two of them having a mental conversation that leaves Yoongi looking a little sheepish as he presses his lips together. It doesn’t take much guessing to know that he said something he shouldn’t have, exposing the fact that Jungkook obviously talked about you enough to have his friends hassle him into inviting you to a show. 
You hold back any teasing comment you might have as you nod along, barely able to say that it was nice to meet him before Chungha was swooping in for the kill and introducing herself. “Can I buy you a drink?”
Kim Chungha buying someone a drink, with her own money? She was down bad. 
With Yoongi’s attention gravitating towards your friend, it leaves you and Jungkook seemingly alone. His hand still rests on your shoulder, something he seems to realize as he slowly slides it down your arm before it comes to rest by his side. You grow to miss his touch instantly, subtly stepping a bit closer to him to close the small distance until your arm is gently pressed against his own.  
Jungkook smiles as he stares at you, noticing the uncharacteristically shy smile on your lips, how you can’t maintain eye contact, choosing to trace the petals crawling up his shoulder towards his neck instead. For the first time, he feels like he has the upper hand and he takes slight advantage of it, slyly tugging at his shirt to expose more of the tattoos he had somehow managed to keep under wraps this whole time, enjoying the way your lips press together as you avert your gaze when you know you’ve been caught staring. 
“Do you want a drink?” Jungkook breaks the silence, leaning back onto the bar top. 
“No, I'm trying to sober up, I don’t want a hangover tomorrow morning,” you laugh out, pressing your palm to your warming cheeks as you smile. If you added more alcohol to your system you could only imagine what your unfiltered self would blurt out in front of him. Your slightly buzzed self was already struggling to keep yourself together around him, you know all it would take was another shot for you to bring up how good he looked all sweaty on stage. 
“Were you guys planning on staying here all night?” he wonders, absentmindedly playing with the thick chains around his wrist. 
At his question you glance over at your friend and hum, seeing her and Yoongi huddled close as they spoke. The plan of action was usually hopping around clubs and bars until one stuck, but judging by the way she’s playing with the singer’s hair, it's safe to say she wouldn’t be going anywhere without him tonight. 
“We were but I think Yoongi hooked her already,” you chuckle, setting down your empty glass with a smile. “Do you usually stay here all night after you play?”
“Sometimes, but for the most part I end up at the convenience store down the street to stuff my face with ramen.”
“Oh that sounds good,” you hum, hands coming to pat at your stomach as you smile. The thought of slurping down warm ramen at the end of the night was enough to excite you, add Jungkook to the mix and it would be the perfect scenario to wrap up your night. 
“Do you wanna go, or do you think your friend will miss you?” he jokes, flicking his head in her direction, a smirk spreading on his face when he sees the way Yoongi’s staring at Chungha. 
“Definitely not. I’ll bet you a packet of cosmic brownies that she won’t even notice if I leave right now.” 
Jungkook does in fact get you a packet of cosmic brownies the minute you step into the convenience store, the two of you able to leave and walk all the way here without Chungha sending you a frazzled text. You know she’ll be beyond occupied with Yoongi until tomorrow morning, but Jungkook was good company so you’re not exactly opposed to the direction this night has gone in. In all honesty, being across from him as he slurps up steaming ramen, sitting on squeaky plastic chairs, illuminated by the light that filters out of the window a few feet away, beats stumbling drunk from bar to bar—for tonight at least. 
“It’s kind of alarming that neither of our friends noticed we left,” Jungkook laughs, wiping his mouth with a napkin before he's scooping up more noodles. 
You join in with his laughter, finally deeming your own noodles ready, opening up the flap to let all the steam billow out into the cool night. “Yeah, I’m gonna turn this into a life lesson for her tomorrow, but I'll let her enjoy her night.”
Jungkook hums suddenly as his phone vibrates on the table, eyes narrowing slightly as he reads the message he just recieved, his lips pulling into a smile until he’s laughing again and shaking his head. “My other bandmates just noticed my disappearing act, but only because I left before we packed up our things.”
“Oh,” you sit up straighter, “do you need to head back to help them?” You’re already gathering your things, ready to abandon your warm meal to leave. It’s not until Jungkook reaches across the table, his large palm coming to rest over your own, that you come to a pause, curious eyes looking at him and seeing the spark of humor written on his features. 
“No, it's fine. Taehyung, our guitarist, owes me for the amount of times I’ve loaded up his gear. They’ll be okay without me.” His voice is laced with reassurance, the weight of his hand lingering on top of yours for a moment longer. A smile spreads on his face as you turn your hand over in his grasp to gently wrap your fingers around his palm, thumb softly running over his knuckles before pulling away to allow yourself to eat your meal once more. 
“So, when did you guys start this band?” you ask with a small clear of your throat, leaning closer over the table to scoop some noodles into your mouth. Jungkook chuckles as you slurp them up, quickly sliding over a napkin when he spots the lingering noodle on the corner of your mouth. 
“They started the group a few years ago but I didn’t join until last year. I was roommates with Yoongi at the time and their original bass player quit so I filled in for a few shows as a favor until they found a replacement.” He stops for a moment to slurp up his own noodles, eyes staring off into the empty street as he chews before they fall onto you again, seeing the look of endearment clear on your face. “I never really wanted to be in a band, but once I joined them on stage and got to feel the rush of playing somewhere other than my bedroom, I was hooked.”
“So did they even try to find a replacement or was that just their way of luring you in?” 
Jungkook playfully scoffs at that, tongue prodding at his cheek as he straightens up in his seat, eyebrows cocking up in a way that makes you giggle. “My raw talent was all they needed to see for them to forget about trying to get a replacement.” He can barely finish his sentence before he’s laughing, the small burst of confidence morphing into the same bashfulness he’d have when you’d gush over his art pieces. The small slivers of his personality, the one you’re familiar with, help ease your silly nerves from earlier, replacing the jitters of the unknown with the airy feeling that came from being around him. 
“I mean, am I wrong? We have to be sort of talented if you actually stayed and watched.”
“Can I be honest?” you mumble out, a wry smile on your face that instantly makes his expression drop. 
“Oh god, did we really suck?”
“No!” you laugh, cheeks warming up when you see the way he’s looking at you, eyes wide with worry. “You guys were great, honestly, but I sort of panicked when I saw you up there and almost left before you could spot me.”
His laugh fills the air now, teasing and playful, not being able to fathom you doing that. “What, why?”
Without the earlier alcohol clouding your thinking, you’re able to feel the tinge of embarrassment creep up on you. Jungkook only laughs louder when you pick up your chopsticks and try to hide your shame by stuffing your face with more noodles. It doesn’t work, he’s as patient as ever as he sits back with his arms crossed, staring you down until you have no choice but to give him an answer. 
“Look, I was a little tipsy so when I saw you on stage looking like that, I kinda just chickened out and wanted to leave because I thought I would embarrass myself if you saw me.” 
Jungkook is a little too humble to know what you mean, not realizing that seeing him on stage in all his glory compared to the version of him you were used to had given you whiplash. He also can’t imagine a situation where you’d be the one embarrassing yourself, the amount of times he’s been caught in the act of admiring you, having your voice snap him out of his daydreams was enough to make him nervous about being around you. But you being on the opposite end wasn’t even a thought for him. 
“Is that why you’ve been acting like this?” A smile tugs on his lips when you look down at your empty bowl, no longer able to use your food as a distraction. He finds it endearing, deciding to pick up one of the steamed bun cakes he got and passes it your way, a soft smile pushing out his doughy cheeks when you accept it. 
“Like what?” You’re feigning ignorance now, hating that he had been able to detect your change, no matter how small. 
“Quiet, looking all shy. I’m used to being the flustered one,” he admits, recalling all the moments he would stumble over his words. The way you couldn’t make eye contact earlier, how wide your eyes were when he approached you at the bar, it seemed like your brain was fumbling as you tried to respond to him. It’s a stark contrast to the way you’d interact with him in class, confident gaze never failing in making his heart stutter in his chest. The tables have turned slightly, evening out the playing field because he can see the effect he has on you so clearly now. “Who knew all it would take was me holding a bass to have you switch up on me.”
“It’s not you playing the bass that got me like this,” you chuckle, smiling when he takes a bite of his bun, one side of his cheek bulging as he chews it. “I was just a little surprised by all of this.” Your hand motions to his arms and neck, giggling when he extends both arms out and flips them over like he has no idea what you’re talking about, playful frown on his lips when he stares at the dark ink on his arms. 
“These? They’re temporary tattoos, don’t let them fool you. I did them right before the show so they’d look fresh.” He’s full of shit, you can tell by the way he rubs his arms, the ink settled into skin, no sheen or obscene brightness that came with fake tattoos. The smirk he wears doesn’t let you believe it for a second, his hand coming up to tug at his shirt like he had earlier, sneakily showing you the tattoo you had seen crawling up his neck, being able to make out the lines more clearly outside of the dim club. 
“Oh really?” you laugh, nudging his leg under the table with your foot as he snickers, nose scrunched up while he adjusts his shirt once more and settles his arms on the table. He reaches across to give your curious eyes a better view, palms outstretched until his fingers meet yours. A small shiver racks his body as your fingers trace along his skin, eyes looking up at him for permission, and when he softly nods you slowly inch up past his wrist to make out the art on his body. Each piece is connected, woven into the next so intricately you could tell he had properly planned it out. Whether they had meaning or not, it was clear Jungkook had put a lot of thought behind it all. The proud smile on his lips never falls as you make your way up his arm, tracing flower petals, the intricate scales of a snake, the billowing clouds that get cut off when his shirt sleeve tightens around his arm too much for you to push up. 
“Why do you hide them?” you question softly, feeling the need to whisper as you continue to analyze the art of his other arm, the continuity of his previous sleeve was missing here, each piece being its individual work of art instead of telling a story, thick lines of traditional flash being easier to trace with your finger. 
Jungkook visibly shivers as you pass his elbow ditch, moving on to the reaper he had on his forearm. “I don’t hide them on purpose,” he mumbles, growing to enjoy the slight ticklish feeling of your fingers on his skin, hoping you continue to admire his tattoos to keep the contact with you. “I only ever wear short sleeve shirts during the summer, or on stage because it gets hot up there. But the weather has been cold lately and I enjoy layering up. I promise I’m not trying to disguise myself.”
That much was true, Jungkook was always wearing hoodies or oversized long sleeves that concealed his arms and considering the tattoo on his neck was barely creeping over his collar it’s not a shock you never noticed it before. 
“Are you sure? Seems like you’re trying to live a double life to me. I kinda dig it tho,” you giggle, smiling when he looks over at you with raised eyebrows, a spark evident in his eyes as he perks up. You’re fiddling with his bracelet now, slowly making your way down to his palms when Jungkook lifts them up and intertwines your fingers together. 
“Oh yeah?” His smile widens when you give his palm a gentle squeeze, the warmth of his skin making your stomach flip as you stare into his eyes. 
“Yeah,” you sigh. “Adorable artist by day, sexy rockstar by night.”
“I’m not a rockstar,” he snorts, his thumb softly rubbing your knuckles. 
“But you agree, you think you’re sexy?” And there it was, the familiar words and confident gaze Jungkook was accustomed to seeing from you. You inch closer, head tilted slightly with a teasing smile on your lips, playfulness written all over your features. 
“I thought I was cute,” he shoots back, eyes crinkling as he recalls all the times you’d call him that, playfully pinching the strands of his hair in class when they’d cover his eyes, muttering the compliment each time he’d smile at you, just loud enough for him to hear and blush at but you had yet to call him sexy until tonight. 
“You’re both, it’s the best of both worlds.”
“I’ll take it,” he laughs, wanting to get even closer to you, scooch his chair over or flip the table out of the way entirely but he decides that's a little too much, content sitting here despite the dropping temperature. The chill of autumn is more noticeable now as you sit here, no longer warmed up by the meal you had earlier, it's evident in the goosebumps that trail up Jungkook’s arms and the shiver you release with a small laugh. 
“Do you live far from here?” It’s an innocent question in theory, exactly the way Jungkook takes it as he shakes his head in response. 
“No, my place is pretty close actually. Do you?”
“I don’t live too far either. If you want, we can walk to mine or take a taxi if you’re too cold.”
“I don’t mind walking you home.” He smiles and you can’t find it in yourself to be upset that he hadn’t caught on to the fact that you were inviting him over. You wanted to spend more time with him, preferably outside of the cold, but the additional minutes spent on your walk would be good enough until you could see him tomorrow morning. 
The innocent question of yours doesn’t fully register as he cleans up the table, not even as you share bites of your cosmic brownie with him before leaving. The gears in Jungkook’s head finally click a few minutes into the walk, hands laced together as you make your way up the sidewalk, making soft conversation. It’s not like he wasn’t well versed with girls, but more often than not he needed a little more straightforwardness to get himself to kick into action. So as you near his block, shoulders brushing together in an attempt to keep warm while you share hushed laughter, Jungkook decides it’s his chance to make a move. 
It’s not until your body shivers and you jokingly say you should have taken a taxi that Jungkook speaks up. “My place is down the street.” He slows his pace, pointing down the road with his thumb when you stare up at him. “Do you want to come over to warm up?”
Your place isn’t much further, and you know that going over to his would only mean you’d be walking home later in even colder weather, but you were not going to turn this down. As Chungha so kindly put it, this is fate, and you don’t fuck with fate. 
Jungkook stares down at you with his top teeth nibbling on his lip, looking a little nervous for asking, hoping he hadn’t come across as sleazy when that wasn’t his intention. But he tries to keep cool, knowing that just because you come in doesn’t mean anything would happen. But what if something did? It makes his skin tingle and his heart hiccup, moreso when your thumb gently rubs against his knuckles, squeezing his palm in reassurance. And then you’re muttering out a response with a sweet smile on your lips, “Sure, I’d love to.”
He hears the giggle you let out as he freezes momentarily, snapping out of it with a smile before turning down the street and leading you towards his place. There's a subtle pep in his step that you take note of, biting back a smile as you hold his hand a little tighter, walking a little faster to get out of the cold as his building approaches. Jungkook doesn’t release your hand as he enters his code, not even as you step into the elevator, riding up to his floor in comfortable silence. He only lets go once you step foot into his actual place, mainly because you start to step away, your curiosity making you want to take his place in. 
It’s a cozy studio apartment, walls covered like a gallery full of different pieces of art mixed in with music posters in differing sizes. His bed is pushed towards the corner by a window, enough space to allow a nightstand on one side and his desk on the other, overflowing with his art supplies. His sketchpad is laid out on it, opened on the drawing of you he had started earlier today, a little more detail on it than before, letting you know he had come home and worked on it some more before going out. 
“Do you want something to drink? I can make coffee, or anything warm.” His voice grabs your attention, turning to see him approaching his kitchen counter, a soft smile on his face as he allows you to snoop. 
“Coffee would be great.” It’s warmer in his apartment, his heater slowly filling up the space to a comfortable temperature, but you could never deny caffeine. 
He occupies himself by filling up the kettle, turning his head to glance over his shoulder and see the way you make your way over to the other corner of his place. He has a full set up in this corner, a record player with speakers on either side placed on top of a storage unit that holds records and CDs, his bass resting on a stand beside it. It’s different from the one he wore on stage, this one was a shade of blue and white with a few stickers placed on the back of it, a little rough around the edges from use, not the shiny black one he had on earlier. When he catches you staring at it he makes his way over to you, watching how your fingers gently trace the neck of it with a smile. 
“This is the first bass I bought as a teenager so I keep it safe here.” 
“So you won’t be smashing this on stage anytime soon then?” you joke, staring back at him with a smirk as you step away from the instrument and move closer to him. 
“I’ll save that for when I’m an actual rockstar, and definitely with a bass that’s not as cherished as that one.”
“Is that what you want to do?” you wonder, curious to know where Jungkook ranked his love for music and being on stage. He was so very clearly gifted with artistic ability, being able to transform simple images on paper into something astounding, but maybe that wasn’t what he actually craved from life. 
“Nah, I don’t think so,” he sighs, his eyes staring at the walls surrounding you, bouncing from the works of art to the bands he had tacked around. “If that's how it plays out I’m not against it because I really do enjoy it, but it's more of a hobby for me. Making a career out of my art is all I’ve ever thought about doing since I was young and my heart has never strayed from it. What about you?”
“I don’t know,” you sigh. “I love art, but I don’t think I’d love it if I had to use it to make money. Maybe if I thought I had more potential with it I’d pursue it more seriously. Until then, I’m okay with filling my units up with art labs, I mean it landed me with you as a partner so I think it's going pretty well.” 
Jungkook doesn’t even try to hide his smile at your words, his hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck as he laughs softly. His eyes never leave yours as you step closer to him, fingers reaching out to toy with the material of his shirt, tracing the pattern of it before fiddling with the buttons. The beating of his heart is felt in his throat as he swallows, rattling in his chest so loud he wonders if you could hear it, decides to speak to mask it just in case. 
“You have potential,” he chokes out in a whisper, hands clenching at his sides when you slide your palms up, smoothing over his shirt until you reach the collar. A shaky breath is exhaled into the air when your fingers gently touch the tattoo on his neck, finally able to admire it up close, appreciating the detail put into the petals of the chrysanthemum. Jungkook cranes his neck out to give you more space, enjoying the soft touches too much to pull away. 
“Pretty,” you murmur, too lost in your thoughts to realize you had uttered it outloud but Jungkook hears it perfectly thanks to your close proximity and it makes his skin warm up. 
“You’re the one with potential.” You inch back a bit to stare up at him, the earlier effect he had on you long gone now that you were comfortable, your eyes fluttering to each of his before landing on his lips and coming back up. “I’d pay to have any of your art on display at my place.”
“Really?” he wonders, voice quiet but laced with elation at the idea of you thinking his art was worthy of money. 
“Yeah, whatever your favorite thing to draw is, I’d love to put it on my wall.”
Jungkook’s eyes scan your face, following the slope of your nose before landing on your lips, seeing the small smile etched onto them. He’s only ever been quiet and reserved around you, allowing you to have your fun as you teased and flirted with him, but now that you’re in his place, staring up at him with eyes full of want, he feels the confidence brewing up within him. It starts slow at first, slight nerves tingling his skin as he takes a breath, morphing into a simmering heat as he feels a confession settling onto his tongue. 
“You know what my favorite feature of yours to draw is?” It’s a low rasp, a quiet question that leaves you desperate for an answer.
“Your lips,” he mumbles, his hand slowly coming up to cup your jaw gently. His palm is cool against your skin, thumb tracing the bottom of your lower lip, pulling the flesh down before letting it bounce back. “I know you catch me staring at them all the time but I can’t help it.” 
That much was true, Jungkook’s tendency to be caught in a day dream trance was not new to you, sometimes he’d be staring at your legs but more often than not he was transfixed on your lips. “The curve of your cupid’s bow, the way they shine in the light when you wear that pretty lipgloss. I could spend hours trying to perfect them on paper but I don’t think I’d do them justice. You’re a work of art Y/N.” He whispers the last part of it and you feel it deep within you, drying out your throat as you find yourself at a loss for words. Maybe it was a blessing that Jungkook never reciprocated your flirting before because if he ever came at you with these words during class, you’d melt into a puddle and stare at him with googly eyes the entire lesson. 
A small smirk pulls his lips up when he sees how his words have affected you, his half lidded eyes staring down at you in a way you’ve never seen before and it leaves you weak once more. “I wanna know what they taste like,” he breathes out softly, inching closer ever so slightly, his thumb once again tracing your bottom lip. “Can I?”
At his question the kettle sounds off, the bubbling of water and beeping letting you know the water for coffee was done but you’re not ready for him to pull away yet. Your hands tighten around his shirt, urging him to not walk away. You’ve been wanting this to happen since the moment you met him and you’d be damned if coffee would be what ruined it all for you. 
“Kiss me, please.”
Jungkook doesn’t know how many times he’s dreamt of you uttering those words, and now having it become reality, he wastes no time closing the narrow distance between you. His lips are tender against yours, gently pressing into you as his hand remains cradling your jaw, finger softly caressing the skin as you kiss him back. It’s a slow smack of your lips together, pulling back briefly as you stare up at him through hooded eyes, but now that you’ve had a taste you don’t want to pull away again. 
His free hand grips onto your waist as you reconnect your lips, fingers digging into your skin when he senses the urgency flowing off you, your own hands slipping up and around his neck until you’re carding your fingers through his hair. That’s when you hear the first sound from him, a low groan against your mouth that shoots straight to your core, and you want to hear it again. 
It becomes clear that although Jungkook was quiet in day to day life, he was not shy about being vocal in these situations. The hiss he releases as you yank on his hair, the subtle groan into your mouth when he feels your tongue tracing the seam of his lips, to the soft curse words spoken into the air as you bite down on his lower lip and let the flesh snap back. 
“Well,” you mumble, pecking his lips once more as you twirl a strand of his hair around your finger. “How do I taste?”
His hands tighten their grip on you at your words, lips shiny as he slowly licks them over with a slight tilt to his head. “Sweet,” he murmurs, nudging your noses together, his lips ghosting over yours in a teasing touch. “I bet the rest of you is sweet too.”
You choke down a gasp, caught in your throat, not expecting the bold words to come from Jungkook’s mouth or the effect they’d have on you. It makes your stomach flip and your mind spin as you imagine it. “Why don’t you find out?” There’s an underlying challenge lacing your words, urging him to do something about it, to do anything he wanted because you were more than willing, and Jungkook is never the type to back down from a challenge. 
He chuckles softly, kissing you once more as he begins leading you towards his bed a few feet away, the coffee now long forgotten, no longer needed as you warm each other up with roaming hands and shared gasps. You can feel the way his lips curl into a smile against you when you squeal in surprise as his hands grip your waist, lifting you onto his bed properly. The soft sheets are felt against your legs as you slide up, resting against the pillows he has set up against his headboard while he hovers over you. When he pulls away from you he takes a moment to take the scene in, seeing you nestled into his sheets like you belonged there, looking up at him with lust filled eyes and swollen lips.
“God, you have no idea what you do to me,” he groans softly, large palm gently touching your neck and feeling the racing pulse of your heart against his thumb. His knees are slotted in between your own, bunching up the material of your skirt until he can see the small sliver of your red underwear beneath it. With a quiet giggle you’re lifting your leg up, nudging against his thigh until you feel the slowly growing bulge in his jeans.
“Hm, I think I have some idea.” 
His eyes playfully narrow at you, jaw ticking out as he huffs out a teasing laugh, enjoying the way you join in, morphing into a breathless sigh of his name when he kisses down your neck. Your hands meet in his hair once again, scratching at his scalp in a way that makes him shiver against you, distracts him momentarily as he licks and nips at your sensitive skin. 
The turn of events that lead to this moment is not what he expected, ever, so as his hands reach the hem of your shirt, he hesitates for a moment. You notice it when his lips pause their downward descent, craning your head back slightly to see the unsure look on his eyes. But you want this, so your hands pull away from his hair and meet his on your stomach, slowly pulling your shirt up for him and smiling when he looks up at you with curious eyes. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, Jungkook. I’m sure.”
That reassurance was all he needed to kick back into action, pulling your shirt off of you and revealing the matching red bra you had underneath, the swells of your chest rising and falling with each breath as you lay there and let him admire you. You bite down on your lower lip while you lift yourself up slightly, gripping his own shirt and slowly tugging it up until he got the hint and helped you yank it off fully, revealing his golden skin and a mixture of more tattoos you had never seen before. Your fingers curl around his ribs as you marvel at the rich black shading the large moth across his sternum, following the curve of its wings before moving on to the following pieces in similar styles.
“I think you’re the work of art here Jungkook,” you sigh, leaning forward to kiss his skin, smiling against it when he rakes his fingers through your hair at the action. Your hands fall to the buckle of his belt, fiddling with the metal until you’re able to undo it, his button and zipper following suit and he laughs at your eagerness. 
“Wanna make you feel good.” His cock jumps at your statement, pushing against the denim and you feel it beneath your palm, looking up at him with a teasing smirk. “Can I?” you repeat his question from earlier, batting your eyes at him as if you weren’t asking for permission to do something sinful.
“Hm, I still want to get a proper taste of you first babe.” Still, he allows you to tug his jeans down, helping you slide them off his thighs until he’s left in his black briefs, kneeling in front of you with a cocky smile on his lips when he sees the way you focus on his cock tenting the fabric. “Lean back for me.”
He doesn’t need to tell you twice, settling back onto the pillows once more as he hooks his fingers into the waistband of your skirt, pulling the flimsy article of clothing off of you entirely, groaning under his breath when he spots the small wet patch on the front of your thong. His mind was currently whirling at the visual, only worsening when you reach behind yourself to unhook your bra, the straps sliding off your arms as you slowly peel it off and let it drop onto the floor beside the bed. Any teasing comment you were about to say gets swallowed down with a kiss as he closes the distance, large palm sliding up your torso until he has a handful of your tits in them, giving them a squeeze that leaves you moaning into his mouth.
“Ah, Jungkook,” you whine out when his fingers pinch your nipple, gently tugging at the hardened bud. He smirks against your skin as he trails kisses down your neck, messy smacks of his lips as he passes your collar bone and slides further down your body, his warm breath fanning across your other breast.
“Sensitive?” he teases, cocking up an eyebrow at you before he’s kissing around your neglected nipple until finally wrapping his lips around it and humming. The warmth of his mouth makes you keen, jutting your chest forward for more as you place your palm over his head, groaning when he pops off and flicks his tongue across the pebbled nub. “Are you this sensitive anywhere else?”
“M-maybe,” you gasp, looking down at him as he continues down your torso. He was your living wet dream, from the charming smile on his lips when you stare at him dazed, to the way his fingers dig into your thighs to pull you further down the bed, you want to remember this moment forever. 
He’s just the right mix of rough and loving, fingers kneading your flesh after he slides your soaked panties off, groaning at the sight of your sodden folds on display for him, dripping and begging for him to get a taste. Jungkook settles between your thighs, staring at your pussy with lust filled eyes, it catches you by surprise when he leans forward and presses a firm kiss against your bundle of nerves, chuckling slightly when you gasp as the feeling. 
“I think you are,” he teases, slowly flicking the top of his tongue across your clit, reveling in the shuddering breath you release as your back relaxes against the bed. His hands slowly rub against your thighs as he takes his time, wanting to get to know every inch of you from this perspective. The way you roll your hips up for more, how your hands glide down your own body to tangle into his hair, the breathless moans of his name; he wants to store this memory under lock and key in his brain forever. 
Jungkook hums against your folds, loving the taste of you on his tongue, heart fluttering when your hand releases his hair to lace your hand with his as you moan at the pleasure. 
“Wanna leave you messy,” he mumbles as he pulls away, lips shiny with your arousal, glistening in the light of his room. A curious hum escapes your lips as you lift your head to stare at him, seeing his free hand spreading your lips apart before he’s spitting onto them, smirking when you gasp at the lewd action. The contrast of his spit on your warm skin sends a tingle up your spine, mouth dropping in awe when he digs back in, eating you out with more determination. 
His nose presses against your skin as he sucks on your clit, finding the perfect rhythm that leaves you mewling on his sheets. He smirks against you when your fingers tighten around his hand, eyes looking up at you, focused on the way your boobs jiggle as you pant from his ministrations. He can feel the way his chin gets wet as another gush of arousal spills out of you and when his finger comes up to circle your entrance he lets out a satisfied sound as the slick coats his digit. With no resistance, his fingers slip into you, the warmth of your walls wrapping around him as he slowly pumps his fingers, leaving him softly rutting into the sheets as he imagines how you’ll feel wrapped around his cock. 
The waves of pleasure wash over you quickly, rolling in with each tantalizing flick of his tongue and when he adds a second finger into the mix the delicious stretch fills you with excitement. The tips of his fingers curve up just right, nudging against the rough patch inside of you until you’re gasping again. A deep groan vibrates against your skin when your walls tighten around his fingers as he adds a third, your body eagerly inviting him in as you arch your back at the sensation. Jungkook takes great enjoyment in watching you fall apart, feeling you melt at his touch, that much is made clear as he moans like he was the one being pleasured, and it further fuels your approaching climax.
“Gonna cum,” you choke out, gasping as you stare down at him between your legs. Maybe it was because you’ve been wanting this—or some version of it—for so long but you can’t find it in yourself to feel embarrassed by how quickly he was able to break you down into a whimpering mess with his mouth. 
Jungkook’s finger’s quicken up their pace at your words, determination set in his brows as he pulls back, lips shiny as he smirks up at you. “C’mon, be a good girl and let me taste you.” The way he says it, eyes piercing into you as he latches back onto your clit, it makes your eyes roll back into your skull, the wet squelch of his fingers pumping into you mixing with the sinful sounds of your desperate moans. You’d never expect those words to come tumbling out of him, the need to do as he asks taking over, wanting to be as good as he says, and how could you ever deny him? 
A shout of his name is all you can say before you’re cumming, a flash of white displayed against your lids as you squeeze your eyes shut, hips unable to wiggle away from him when he pins you down with your connected hands, forcing you to ride out your orgasm completely until you’re whimpering and gasping on the bed. 
“So sweet,” he mumbles, pulling away from your messy folds with a look of awe on his face. His eyes are still focused on his fingers lazily pumping into you, admiring the way they shine with your slick coating them, feeling the pulsing of your sensitive walls around him as he gives your pussy a final lick before slowly crawling up your trembling body to stare down at you. “Have a taste.”
His wet lips reconnect with yours instantly, slowly creeping his tongue into your mouth while you hum in surprise, moaning into it as his tongue tangles with yours, passing the lingering taste in his mouth to you in an intimate display that left your sensitive core aching for more. Without pulling apart, your hands trail up his sides, gliding across his skin before venturing down his front. You can feel the way his muscles tense at the ticklish sensation, your fingertips ghosting across his skin until you’re toying with the hem of his briefs before slowly slipping your palm inside. He grunts against you, finally pulling away with a pant just as you wrap your hand around his length, thick and heavy in your palm while you slide it up, feeling the oozing beads of precum coating your skin as you circle his head with the flat of your thumb. 
“Wanna taste you too,” you mumble, still breathless from it all but the flicker of excitement is evident in you as you begin kissing his jaw, down his neck to suck a small blossom of purple into his skin. The ache makes him hiss, eyes fluttering shut when your palm squeezes around him slightly as you slide up. 
“Fuck,” he groans. “Y-yeah, okay.”
His agreement is all you need to pull your hands out of his briefs, pressing them flat against his chest to flip him over, letting him rest his back onto the pillows against the headboard as you settle between his thighs with hunger swirling in your eyes. Jungkook looks pretty like this, strands of his hair framing his face as he stares at you, head tilted with a small smile tugging at his lips while he contemplates your next move. His head falls back slightly as you let your hands trail down his skin once more, feeling the twitch of his stomach when you run your finger along his length over the material of his briefs. There’s clear enjoyment on his face as he allows you to take your time because it gives him a chance to admire you, to see the way your eyes widen slightly when you finally tug down his underwear, his cock springing out at no longer being restrained.
“Of course you have a big dick,” you huff, tip of your tongue running along the bottom of your teeth while you take it in. The prominent veins trailing up the body of it only accentuate his size, guiding your eyes up to the bulbous pink tip, pearls of precum dripping and begging for your attention.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he laughs out, biting down on his lower lips when you lift your palm up to your mouth and spit into it.
“It means,” you start, reaching forward with your messy hand and wrapping it around his base. “That you’re the perfect package, so why wouldn’t you have the perfect cock?” If Jungkook had a response to that, it dies in his throat the minute you start pumping his length, the slick of your saliva aiding the glide. Jungkook’s hands fist the sheets beside him when your thumb rubs the underside of his cock, jaw dropping open in a gasp while you lean forward in your kneeled position, mouth just inches away from his head. The warmth of your breath tickles his skin, a tender kiss pressed to his mushroom tip before you’re slowly opening up your lips and taking him in.
“S-shit,” he rasps, fighting the urge to thrust up into your mouth as your tongue curves underneath his cock, sliding deeper into your mouth. You repeat the motion, sliding down a bit before coming back up, collecting enough spit in your mouth to coat his length each time until it was pooling around the base of his cock, dripping down the side and leaving it as messy as he had left you earlier.
“Feel good?” you breathe as you pop off his length, giving him a sinful smile while your hands continue their movements, twisting in tandem in the perfect rhythm that left him feeling like he was floating. 
“Yeah, so good.” You feel the spark of pride in your chest when his voice trembles, leaning back over to wrap your lips around his tip only, giving it your undivided attention while your palm tightens its grip slightly. His thighs tense on either side of you as he slowly ruts up, no longer able to fight back his urges when you were making him feel this good. He groans at the visual in front of him, the slurps of your mouth sucking him in, how your lashes flutter while you sink down onto his length, the mess of drool on your chin and before he knows it he’s lifting a hand up and coming to place it behind your head. There’s no pressure behind it, simply his fingers resting on your hair, but you can feel the temptation he has by the way his fingertips briefly tighten around your strands. With a flicker of your gaze, you’re staring up at him through your lashes, giving him a quick nod with a mouthful of his cock as confirmation for him to do what he wanted.
Jungkook lets out a shuttered breath as his fingers grip your hair with confidence, yanking at it slightly and smirking when you hum around his length at the sting to your scalp. Your hand falls from his cock, settling over his thigh to let him have full control, taking in a slow breath when you feel him begin to push you down. He takes in every sensation, the pull of your lips pulled taut around him, the glide of your tongue alongside him, the way your nails dig into his thigh just as his tip nudges your throat, your muscles spasming around him for a moment before he’s pulling you off and allowing you to gasp in a wet breath. There’s a smirk on your lips that lets him know you enjoy it, the slow simmer he feels inside spreading when you allow him to do it again, and again, enjoying the messy way you choke on his cock too much to stop.
“God,” he groans out, thick with desire. “Who knew all it would take to have you acting like this was me on stage showing off my tattoos.” The confidence at the change of it all was swirling within him, never imagining the same eyes that would stare at him until his cheeks were red would be looking up at him full of tears while you gave him a blowjob. Seeing you so pliant in his grasp, the fiery, flirty version of you broken apart to reveal this image, it makes him chuckle darkly at how clear it is that the both of you were hiding aspects of yourself without knowing it.
His hands pull you off his cock when he starts to feel his orgasm beginning to spark inside of him, not wanting to cum in your mouth before he gets to feel your walls around his cock. Your lips are swollen and shiny as you sit back up, biting down on your lower lip as you rest your palms on either side of his hips and lean closer to his face. “Honestly, even with your cute turtleneck you could do whatever you wanted to me.” Your lips ghost over his own as you speak, breathing out a laugh as he leans forward in an attempt to kiss you, missing you when you inch back.
“Oh yeah?” he chuckles, his hand coming up to cup behind your neck, not letting you inch away before his lips are pressing against yours. It’s messy, the drool on your lips coating his own but he loves it anyway, groaning when you slip your lips open and lick your way into his mouth. Jungkook was only teasing, he knew your crush on him wasn’t purely based on the version you’re seeing tonight, having seen first hand how much you’d compliment him when he showed up to class in new glasses or told him how cute his smile was on a daily, but he can’t lie and say he doesn’t enjoy the slight flustered way you had behaved tonight.
“I can do whatever I want?” he wonders, pulling away and staring at you with hooded eyes, thumb rubbing along your jaw as he loosens his hold on your neck.
“Mhm,” you confirm sweetly, squealing when he suddenly flips you both over, the pillows cushioning your head while you stare up at Jungkook hovering over you. His dark hair hangs beside his face, nose scrunched up cutely at your giggle, eyes sparkling with mischief and desire so strong it makes your tummy flip. 
“Can I fuck you?” he questions softly, eyes flicking down to your lips and back up. His cock rests on your folds, slowly sliding against them as he ruts into you, lips pulling into a smirk when you groan at the sensation. Your fingers grip his sides when the head of his cock nudges against your swollen clit, hips rolling up to meet his thrusts, nodding with a small gasp. “No, baby. I need words.”
Shutting your eyes briefly, you try to calm your racing mind with a slow breath, opening them back up to stare directly at him. “Fuck me Jungkook, please.” He savors the words after you say them, breathing out a sigh when you lift your head up slightly to press a tender kiss to his lips. “I want it.”
A groan fills the air, fingers digging into his skin when he speeds up his thrusts, grinding against you with a tiny curse uttered under his breath before he’s pulling away. His body leans across to the side, scrambling over you to reach his nightstand in the corner, yanking the drawer open to pull out a small foil packet, biting the corner of it as he resituates himself over you with a boyish smile. You giggle at his obvious enthusiasm, biting down on your lower lip while you watch him tear the condom wrapper open, eyes falling onto his cock when he slowly fists it before rolling it on. Jungkook takes his time as he does so, eyes looking up at you with a smirk etched onto his lips, sighing softly as his hands meet the base of his cock. 
“Ready?” he breathes out, hands settling beside you as he leans over your body, nudging your noses together with a shared smile. When you nod, mumbling out a confirmation, he leads his length towards your dripping center, feeling the tight ring of muscle as he slowly inches forward. Your breath hitches in your throat at the sensation, palms gliding across his back as the head of his cock breaches your entrance. The slight stretch in the beginning sends a shock of excitement through you, moaning slightly when he pushes in further, sliding in with ease from how wet you are. 
Jungkook feels like he’s on cloud nine right now, the warmth of your walls enveloping him perfectly, tightening around him each time you’d gasp when he’d get deeper inside of you. His jaw is slack as he takes it all in, letting out a small groan of your name when he finally bottoms out, nuzzled deep within you, and he swears his body trembles slightly when he takes a glance between your bodies, seeing the way you’re connected now. Somehow you want him impossibly closer, hooking your legs around his slim waist to keep him close before he even has a chance to move, adjusting to his size as your walls flutter around him. 
“Fuck,” you shudder, mouthing kisses down his jaw to bring him back to reality. “Feel so full.” There’s a slight slur to your voice now, heady with pleasure, drunk off Jungkook entirely and it fills him with a sense of pride to hear you sound so needy for him like this. The groan he releases vibrates his throat as you kiss it, wet smacks to his warming skin that just make it harder for him to unscramble the words in his brain, and when your lips ghost over the earlier hickey you painted onto his skin his hips have a mind of their own and inch back, thrusting into you suddenly. A gasp hits his skin at the motion, your fingernails pressing into his back as he repeats it once more, pulling out a little more each time until he is slowly rocking into you.
“Tell me,” he pants, his finger tapping the bottom of your chin to get you to look up at him. “How do you want it?” His brow is cocked up in question, lips shining back as he runs his tongue along them. “Soft and slow?” His thrusts match his words, fucking into you sensually, reaching deep within you, his cock nudging against the best part inside of you until you were gasping. It makes you cling onto him tightly, feeling each deliberate roll of his hips, a slow heat of comfort and pleasure spreading through you until your skin is tingling at his touch. 
“Or rough and messy?” You have no time for the words to settle in your mind before he’s changing up the tempo, rearing his hips back before thrusting forward, skin smacking together and filling up his room. A strained moan leaves your lips, quickly swallowed down by a kiss as he closes the small distance between you, each gasp of yours fueling his hips until he’s fluidly pistoning into you. His cock fills you up deliciously, stretching you out until your walls are molding around him as if he belonged there. Each rough rock forward has him hitting your patch of nerves perfectly, cock curving just right inside of you, turning your thoughts into mush, every single cell in your body screaming for more.
“Like this,” you choke out, pulling apart with a wet smack, a string of saliva breaking between you. “God, just like this.” Your head is thrown back now and Jungkook takes full advantage to even out the playing field and give you a hickey of your own. The second his lips press into your neck your hand is coming to tangle into his hair, groaning softly as he nips and sucks your tender flesh. Your walls tighten around him at the new stimulation, your warmth sucking him back in with each thrust, greedy for more and he gives you exactly what you want. He hums against your neck when he feels another gush of your arousal drip out of you, coating your thighs, the wet squelch of your pussy soaking his cock getting louder, blending in with your soft cries in a perfect mix.
“Dirty girl,” he groans out, tip of his tongue flicking against the purple splotch beneath your ear, enjoying the way you shudder at the ticklish feeling. His hand fists the sheet beside you as he speeds up, balls smacking into you each time from the force, his eyes falling onto your tits to admire them as they jiggle with each thrust. His other hand comes up to squeeze your breast, rolling your nipple between his fingers until your back is arching up, the small jolt of pleasure spreading through like a shock of electricity. 
“You like getting fucked like this?” he questions, knowing the answer very well by the look on your face. Your eyes are dazed as you stare at him, brows pinched together into a beautiful scowl while he continues his rough pace, tightening your legs around him and rolling your hips up in time. 
“Mm, want it harder.” There’s slight humor laced in your voice as you bite down on your bottom lip, feeling the skip in your heart as he narrows his eyes at you playfully, tongue prodding at his cheek like he did earlier as he shakes his head in thought. 
“Oh, you want it harder?” he teases, his hips coming to a complete stop before he’s pulling out entirely. You don’t have time to complain over the sudden empty feeling, his large hands gripping your hips so tightly it dimples the skin, flipping you over with ease onto your front. Jungkook chuckles as you turn your head around to stare at him, feeling his hands scoop under you to haul you up onto your hands and knees properly. 
“I can fuck you harder, pretty girl.” A mirth smile is on his lips while he kneels behind you, knees pushing your legs further apart, palm coming down to glide up your back until he’s pressing down to bend you over fully. Your mind’s spinning at the gentle pet name he had called you, heart warming in your chest in an adorable way that doesn’t match the raunchy events transpiring, but you bask in it for a second, coming out of it when your chest presses into his sheets. His palm doesn’t ease up until your hands are planted beside your head, cheek pressed to the side.
The sheets rustle as you tighten your hold on them, letting out a stuttering breath when you try to calm your racing heart at the tone he had used. Your skin breaks out into goosebumps as he trails his hand back down your body, over the curve of your waist, down to your butt where he softly palms your flesh. A small groan fills the air when his hands slip down to your thighs, feeling the mess coating your skin, showing him just how much you want him. With bated breath, he fists his cock once more, leading it to your heat and sliding in with a smooth thrust, the wet squelch blending in with your raspy moan when you feel how much deeper he reaches you in this position. 
“Shit, Jungkook—ah.” He gives you exactly what you asked for, large hands gripping your hips tightly to prevent you from going anywhere, hips thrusting into you with enough force to make his bed frame rattle, but his eyes were glued to the visual of his cock splitting you open. His jaw clenches slightly as he focuses on the bounce of your ass each time he rocked forward, the resounding smack of skin filling up his room. Jungkook can’t hold back the moan of your name when he spots how you’re creaming his cock, adding more mess to all of it, but this is what you wanted, rough and messy, so he’s keeping his word. 
“How’s that for harder?” he drawls out, tongue coming out to swipe at his lip, feeling the way your thighs tremble against his own. 
Words leave your mind for a minute, the speed of his thrusts turning you into jello as he pounds into you, the feeling of his cock robbing you of your voice. Jungkook can see his effect on you easily, scooping an arm under your hips to hold you steady when your form starts to falter, and you squeal as he lifts you up, angling your hips higher, tip of his cock nudging different parts inside of you that made your walls tighten around him. 
“You feel so good Kook,” you whine out, knuckles turning white as you tighten your hold on his sheets, wrinkling them in your gasp. Your cheek is smushed into the bed but he can make out your words just fine, the neediness laced into each syllable makes him want to give you more, sliding the hand around your hips to meet your sensitive clit. Your reaction is immediate, gasping lewdly as his calloused finger finds your swollen nub, rubbing circles in time with his thrusts and smirking when your hips twitch in his grasp. 
“Yeah?” he rasps, never slowing his pace, his own stomach tightening when he feels the way your walls flutter around him. “Am I gonna ruin you for everyone else? Make you dream about me fucking you like this?”
His words have their desired effect on you, crying out as you start to rut back onto him, your desperation to cum growing inside if you, striking a match within you until a steady fire is spreading. From Jungkook’s perspective, desperation looks good on you, leaves your skin sweaty and glowing in the light, makes your voice breathy as you moan out his name like a mantra, eyes screwed shut as you crumble into the sheets with his hand holding you up. 
“Yes, fuck. I’m only gonna want you, j-just you.” Your confession makes his chest tighten, his own pleasure crawling up his spine, sparking up every nerve ending, making his brain foggy until all he can think about is you you you. 
“Me too, pretty girl,” he groans out, speeding up the flick of his fingers, fucking you with more urgency to send you both over the edge. Your body tenses up as you focus on the pleasure, mouth opening up in a silent gasp as the feeling overwhelms you, pushing you over with a final flick that sends you shuddering beneath him as you cum for a second time tonight. 
Jungkook marvels at the way your body reacts to him, hips twitching in his grasp as you lift your face up from the sheets to gasp in a breath when his pace never slows, seeking out his own pleasure as it floods his system. 
“Fuck, fuck—“ he chants, raspy and trembling. The tingles of oversensitivity flare up inside of you but you bask in it, mewling softly under your breath as he surges deeper into your pulsing walls and cums with a raspy groan of your name. His heavy breathing fills the air, hips pressed flush against you, and you’re expecting him to pull out but he seems to have other plans in store. A choked moan is ripped out of you as his fingers come back to life, sliding up your sodden folds and enjoying the way you tremble under his touch. 
Jungkook leans over your weak form until his lips are pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder, feeling the warmth of your skin. The tenderness of his kiss doesn’t match the quick figure eights he rubs into your clit, thighs shaking as you debate running from the sharp pleasure. 
“You wanted it messy baby, make me messy again.” His words go straight to your core, stomach hiccuping as you gasp and moan, the overwhelming pleasure building up until you have no choice but to take it. Jungkook continues to press soft kisses to your skin as he praises you, a final flick of his fingers is what breaks the dam as you cum a final time. He groans against your skin when your walls clamp around him, arousal gushing out of you and coating his dick, dripping down your thighs until his sheets are messy from it all. Only then does he pull out. “Good girl.”
He slowly helps you lower yourself onto his bed, choosing to lick his fingers clean before he’s disposing of the condom and coming back to your defeated body on his sheets. “C’mon, let's get you cleaned up.” His voice is soft now, a gentle smile on his face that you see as he flips you over, fingers soothing your skin. 
“You can’t do that,” you scoff, finger coming up to prod at his chest. 
“Do what?”
“Fucking destroy me and then act all cute.” That earns you a laugh from him, nose scrunching up in that way you always love and it makes your heart flutter in your chest. 
“Yes I can,” he argues, slowly hauling you up to sit. “Do you want to use my shower?”
You hum under your breath, distracted for a moment as your eyes focus on the ink on his skin once more. You could use a shower, but having to walk home in this weather with wet hair was asking to get yourself sick. “I can shower at my place.”
Jungkook’s eyes look away from you instantly, pushing away the slightly dejected feeling that settles into his stomach and forcing himself to speak properly. Why was it so easy for him to talk your ear off while buried inside of you but his mind can’t formulate a sentence to invite you to stay. With a small clear of his throat, his eyes find yours again, uncertainty swirling in them as he speaks, “You can stay the night…I’d like it if you stayed the night.”
Your hands come up to cup his cheeks as you smile, that funny feeling in your chest spreading and making you feel giddy as you stare at him. “Well, if that’s what you’d like, I’m staying.”
Jungkook allows you to shower first, taking his time to finish up the coffee he promised you earlier as well as leaving some clothes for you to sleep in once you come out, also taking the liberty to swap his bed sheets because his current ones would need to be cleaned. It feels domestic to be bundled up in his clothing, sipping coffee in his bedroom while you admire more of the art on his walls, hearing him in the shower a few feet away. 
When he finally emerges from the bathroom, you do a double take, seeing him exiting with a long sleeve and sweats, brown hair falling over his forehead and his signature frames back onto his face. It was a softer looking version of the man that had walked in, but as he rolls up the sleeves of his pullover, the black ink meeting your eyes once more, it blends the two versions perfectly. 
“What?” he wonders when he catches your gaze, charming smile on his lips as he settles onto his bed a few feet away from you. 
“Nothing, you’re just cute.” His cheeks tint at your compliment, trying to brush it off with a smile as he pats the spot beside him to beckon you over. 
“You’re cuter,” he counters, snickering as you settle onto the bed, placing your mug on the coaster resting on his nightstand. 
“Hm, what was it again? I’m your pretty girl?” Not an ounce of embarrassment lays in him as he nods along, finger coming up to playfully tap at your chin. 
“You liked that huh?” 
“I did,” you confirm, smiling up at him as he inches closer. You beat him to the punch, swooping in and pressing your lips together sweetly, giggling as he makes a small noise of surprise. 
“I’ll make sure to say it more often.” It makes heat spread through you, having to ebb away your thoughts as he pushes down his sheets, a knowing smile on his lips when you look away from him. Jungkook chuckles under his breath when you finally join him under the sheets, his arm hooking around you to bring you close to his side. You get comfortable quickly, nuzzling into his chest as you throw your arm around his waist, hearing the slow beating of his heart. 
His body moves slightly as he brings up the blankets, his head looking down at you and smiling at the content look on your face. “I know this is totally backwards,” he starts, licking his lips over when you peer up at him with curious eyes. “But I’d really like to take you on a date. A proper one, that doesn’t involve you getting chased by the campus goose beforehand.”
“Really?” You can’t lie and say you weren’t hoping that this is what it would lead to, not wanting this to just be a one off hook up that would either make your relationship in class awkward or limit this to being the extent of your relationship. Jungkook had reeled you in the second you spoke to him on the first day of class, his polite demeanor and gentle compliments making it easy for you to picture what he would be like as a potential boyfriend. Tie that in with the way he was able to turn you into a stuttering mess with his fingers earlier tonight and that was all you needed to know he was the perfect package for you. 
“Yeah, we can go out for breakfast tomorrow before we finish our drawings? Or, I can take you to this really cool art shop a few blocks away. There's also this really pretty cafe that has themed drinks I think you’d like. And—“ his rambling is cut short as you squish his cheeks and bring his face down to plant another kiss on his lips. Jungkook finally releases a breath as you kiss him, eyes fluttering shut while his mind slows down and focuses on the gentle smacks of your lips together. 
“Yes,” you mumble against his mouth, lips curved up into a smile. 
“Yes to what?” he wonders, kissing you once again because he can’t get enough. 
“All of it. I’ll go anywhere with you.” You feel his heart race pick up against your palm, the smile on his face letting you know it’s not from nerves. Jungkook’s mind begins to whirl again with ideas, wanting to come up with something perfect, something worthy enough to show you just how he felt, and as he starts to speak them out loud once more, you can’t help but feel just as giddy.
Promises of taking you to see his band again, making you an art piece for you to hang on your wall, teaching you any song you want to learn on bass, are spoken into existence and you agree to all of it. The sparkle in his eyes makes your heart melt as you lean forward and kiss him once more, your cheek nudging his glasses while his palm comes up to cup your face. 
“I know how I wanna draw you for my project,” you murmur against his lips. 
You pull back and turn to face the corner of his room, making two L shapes with your fingers and holding them close like a frame as you point to his bass. “With your cherished bass of course.”
He chuckles, arms wrapping around your waist to bring you closer as he kisses your cheek. “Yeah? I’ll even pose shirtless for you if you’d like.”
“Oh, don’t threaten me with a good time,” you laugh, tangling your fingers in his hair, feeling the way his body shakes as he joins in with your laughter. As you lay there, feeling Jungkook pressing gentle kisses to your cheek, twirling strands of his hair in your finger while you keep him close, you’re flooded with excitement at whatever he has planned. From this position, your eyes make out his opened sketch pad, the drawing of yourself so clear on the paper, and as that same fluttering feeling takes over your chest, you’ve never been more thankful to have chosen his sweet, geeky self to be your art partner.
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jimilter · 3 months ago
ain’t real cherry | | one-shot (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎧 candy by doja cat come my way by plvtinum
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader (ft. taehyung)
rating: m (18+) 
genre: smut | humor | fluff | touches of angst if you really squint | college!au | roommate!au
summary: Not to be too sickeningly romantic, but his wank bank needed a desperate overhaul if he was ever going to stop being pathetic. He was done envisioning his roommate in positions he would never actually get to see her in.
And maybe, just maybe, this exercise would get him back in the game and he would actually be able to fuck people without your face in his head to push him over the edge, every single time. 
warnings: swearing + unresolved (?) sexual tension + nude photos + vivid descriptions of curvaceous female bodies + careless objectification of said bodies by horny college students + mentions of masturbation + heavy making out + sexual situations (oral (m+f), penetrative sex, dirty talk, softdom!jimin, switch!reader, choking, manhandling, rough sex, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, overstimulation, marking) + unrequited (?) lustful (?) pining [citation needed] + fuckboy tae with a dick for brain + unintended allusions to Ryan Reynolds’ dick + mentions of blue beanbags + mentions of erect dingalings +  explicit conversations featuring dingalings + i realize these are getting progressively more ridiculous so ima stop
word count: 24.2 k
note: IT’S FINALLY HERE! so this was the result of me obsessively listening to doja cat’s candy and daydreaming about jimin. i wanted to make a pwp-ish drabble out of this concept, but yet again, i kept adding backstory and it was nearing 5k words by the time things actually started to get heated up for real, so i decided to actually add more depth and plot to it, and — here we are, at more than three times the initially planned wordcount. i’ve been slaving since the beginning of june. why am i like this??? 😩😭
it’s really more than 15k words of pure filth, proceed with caution!
a few honorable mentions in the form of @getmemyfries who constantly helped me push through and finish this up. ily bby. 🥺💕 @ressjeon​ @sugasbabiie​ & @jamaisjoons​ for helping me out in the BS server when i was stuck! i appreciate y’all loadsss! 🥰❤
annnywayyy, hope y’all like this one, while i go work on the jk birthday fic before going back to the youth series. much love~ 🥺💜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— masterlist
— feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
Late at night, do the things to him, mean that guy who Need someone who's sweet enough, who'll shoot to make that high note~
Tumblr media
Park Jimin was having a surprisingly nice Wednesday. And you were the reason why.
The fact was surprising, because Wednesdays were one of the three days that housed the most despicable compulsory classes he'd ever sat in his life, Cognitive Psychology 101. He honestly still didn't get why he, a finance major, was forced through this torture – what was up with this university and its combinations, he didn't know. But since he had to endure it, he braved the class with a grimace and slumping on the very last row of seats in the lecture hall with Taehyung.
“You look happy today,” the guy in question mumbled around the lollipop in his mouth.
Jimin gave him a small grin, shrugging. “I just have these positive vibes going around my head this morning.”
Your words from this morning, aka, said positive vibes, still echoed in his head.
There’s this… guy I’ve kinda been thinking about. I’m, like, ready to put out if he’d take it, but I feel like I might be out of his league…
Jimin had wanted to hold you by your shoulders and tell you that no guy in the world—least of all on this campus—could ever be out of your league when you were Aphrodite, Persephone and Hera all rolled into one sexy as fuck human body. But he had refrained, only scoffing in disbelief and asking you to shoot your shot like the confident goddess you were—okay, he might not have refrained that well—while secretly hoping you’d jump him at the end of his encouraging speech.
And even though that didn’t happen, Jimin still wasn’t completely hopeless. 
“Vibe—what now? Positive? Head?” Taehyung looked at him in confusion, basic human language seemingly too complicated for him due to all the sex related jargon that filled his brain at all times. He suddenly leered, proving Jimin right. “Oh, wait! Is that a euphemism for morning head?”
Jimin choked on his next inhale, violently coughing as he shook his head, partially to negate what Taehyung said but partially to get rid of the sudden mental image of you on your knees with your lips wrapped around his—
Sweet mother of Jesus!
Taehyung simply shrugged at Jimin’s tiny meltdown and went back to his phone. He was simple like that, and Jimin kinda preferred it that way. Mostly.
Taehyung, much like Jimin, wasn't too fond of these classes. He had seemed like a chill person to Jimin when the dark haired guy first sat next to him, easy to get along with and talk to in order to pass time in class. But as three weeks had gone by and Jimin had had occasional hangouts with the guy outside of class, he had realised that Taehyung wasn't much fond of anything to do with education, in general. He was a performing arts student majoring in music and unnecessarily dipping his head in a couple of culture related subjects, when all he seemed to care about was working his vocal chords, grades be damned. 
That, along with the fact that Taehyung was a notorious fuckboy. If he wasn't lewdly ogling someone in class, he was sexting someone. Or looking at nudes. Or sifting through his contact list full of girls to look for someone to spend the night with.
Multiple times through the span of the weeks they’d sat together, he had encouraged Jimin to join in with him in one of the aforementioned activities to pass time in class. But Jimin had refused the offer. And not because he was a saint himself, not in the least. Jimin had had a filling and frivolous sexual life through high school and upped his game with trying new things through his freshman year in college — trying out every sex position possible, getting in bed with multiple partners at the same time, hooking up in the oddest of places, having sex with two brothers one after another, to name a couple stunts. 
But ever since his second year in college started and his previous roommate graduated and moved out to make space for you, things had started to change for Jimin.
You had entered his life as a temporary roommate, claiming plans of only lodging with him for a few weeks until you found yourself a sorority that would take you in. But a few weeks had changed into a few months, and then a few semesters — and now you’d been living with him for over a year, with your sorority plans tossed in a dumpster when you failed an exam and lost the eligibility. 
Somewhere in between, Jimin had developed the most gigantic crush of his life on you.
And, yes, it was the biggest cliche trope in the world to crush on your roommate, but he couldn’t help it, okay? You were sexy, gorgeous, witty, really caring when you needed to be, sexy, at the top of each one of your classes, made the best fried rice he had ever tasted and could hold your liquor almost better than Jimin could. Did he mention you were also impossibly sexy? Because you really really were. He’d never been one to objectify women, but damn did he want you to suffocate him with those thighs of yours. So with all of that, how could he not be completely infatuated with you?
Hence, he really was. And slowly but surely, his sleeping around had stopped as a result of said infatuation. He had found himself quickly turning into a pervert and an asshole of a huge degree when he noticed he had started to prefer fucking girls from behind so that he didn’t see their faces, and, well…could imagine yours in its place. He’d forgone getting it on with guys as a whole, because he couldn’t pretend with them. So yeah, he had decided he was better off jerking off in the confines of his room with your thoughts in his head. Better just a pervert than a perv and an asshole, right? 
You, though, were none the wiser about his developed feelings and still went around hooking up with and dating guys. Jimin didn’t really mind – he wasn’t in love with you by any means – until you didn’t bring back guys to your apartment, which you thankfully never did. It definitely hurt a bit, yeah, but it was his own fault for not telling you how he felt. Maybe you’d go easier on him and not loudly reiterate details of your sexual encounters and bad first dates to him over your shared meals. Maybe you’d confess to reciprocated attraction and actually fuck him. But, at the same time, maybe you would find it to be a breach of your trust on him and decide to move out and cut all ties with him forever. And therein was the reason why he hadn’t told you.
Something had been different as of late, though. 
You hadn’t slept with a single guy since the start of this term, and the last date you’d been on had been before the summers. At least from what you told him. But then, why would you lie when your usual breakfast conversation with Jimin consisted of descriptions of what some random one night stand from months ago had done with his tongue and how you hadn’t yet found someone who came close to replicating that?
Jimin had desperately wanted to volunteer himself, on an embarrassingly large number of occasions, but he had held back. At the end of the day, you were also one of the closest friends he had and he really didn’t wanna lose you because of sex. 
Now, though, he was getting ideas.
Was there a reason why you hadn’t been on a date in months and had refrained from sleeping around?
That, when put together with your conversation from this morning, was making Jimin think things.
Now, of course, you could be talking about literally anybody in the world because you’d given him no specifics. Hell, you could be talking about Ryan Reynolds, and he wouldn’t know! You hadn’t even specified if you even knew this guy personally, least of all if you were friends, or something.
But Jimin was still brimming with hope, because there was still a chance you could have been talking about him.
Jimin sighed to himself at the wishful thought.
The professor had started to drone about something to do with language ability and when the word “psycholinguistics” came up, Jimin decided it was time to tap out.
Taehyung sat manspreading next to him, intently focussed on his phone, not even trying to be subtle about not focussing on the class as he leant over the device. Jimin started a game of PAC-MAN on his laptop with an admirable straight face. His eyes met the professor’s by accident, though, but instead of freezing up and giving himself away, he gave the man a short nod with furrowed brows. His professor looked away after a satisfactory hum, and Jimin immediately moved to position his laptop between himself and the man’s line of sight properly, this time.
His own acting skills sometimes astounded him to the point where he thought of switching courses to Taehyung's bachelor’s.
He snorted at his thought, and caught said man's attention.
"What's so funny?" Taehyung asked with an amused grin, eyes still trained on his phone screen.
Jimin had just opened his mouth to respond when he saw Taehyung's grin change flavors. It became lecherous, all of a sudden, and when he licked his lips, Jimin averted his gaze with a grimace, mildly disturbed. 
Was Taehyung sexting someone, right now? Jimin hoped the guy wouldn’t pop a boner in the middle of the class for the sake of his own eyes. Shuddering in revulsion at the thought, Jimin looked back at his computer.
“Gosh, those hips,” Taehyung mumbled under his breath, and Jimin froze.
So he was looking at nudes, then. 
Rolling his eyes, Jimin had just started a new game when Taehyung tugged at his sleeve. “Look at this, Park, ugh, she’s so hot,” he mumbled, producing his phone before Jimin.
Jimin screwed his eyes shut, bringing his hand up to shield them, just to be safer. “Kim! Don’t show it to me! Someone sent it to you in confidence, don’t go around asking others to look!” he scolded Taehyung in a harsh whisper.
Taehyung clicked his tongue, moaning as if he was in actual pain. “Gosh, Jimin, I’d print these out and paste them on the walls of my bedroom if I could!”
Even though Jimin had detached himself from Taehyung’s grasp, his curiosity had peaked. But he still stared into his computer with a straight face, until the next set of words left Taehyung’s mouth.
“I’m seriously considering forwarding this to every single group chat I’m a part of so that people can tell me I’m not insane for wanting to lick my phone’s screen, man,” Taehyung nearly whined.
“Kim!” Jimin’s hand flew to grab Taehyung’s phone in alarm, and he snatched it away before the other guy could blink. “What the hell is going on with you today? Fucking around is one thing but compromising a girl’s trust and privacy is something else! Stop talking about spreading the pictures around!”
After his little tirade was done with, Taehyung rightfully looked somewhat chastised. But then he pushed his lower lip out in a pout. “It’s not even pictures, it’s just a picture. Only one. And that has me going insane.” He suddenly sucked in a sharp breath, and Jimin leant away, warily. “Imagine what it would be like to dig my hands into those shapely hips, that plump as fuck ass, God's above—oh! I’ll probably bite into the meat of her—”
“Yeah, okay, that’s enough erotica from you!” Jimin interrupted him, entire face scrunched up in a scowl as he rested Taehyung’s phone on the other side of his own laptop. He still didn't trust the guy to not shred someone’s privacy to pieces in his haze of lust. “Don't drool so hard, dude, come on. It’s 2021, she probably photoshopped some bits.”
Taehyung shook his head, eyes looking a bit blown out. “Trust me on this, Park, I can tell the difference between fake and real. And those stretch marks wrapping up delicately like a fucking vine around her hips? They’re as real as they come.”
Jimin swallowed, fighting against the visual of your thighs and the threading stripes of olive that ran along the sides of your knees. “I still think you’re overreacting a bit.”
Taehyung looked offended at that. “Well, you’re saying that because you haven’t seen it! Just — just take a goddamned look, Park, it’s right there and the screen isn’t even locked.”
Jimin inhaled through his mouth. “No. It’s wrong, and—”
“Jesus Christ, her face isn’t even in it!”
That gave Jimin a pause. His eyes darted to the device, and just as he’d registered the silhouette of a curvy, olive torso, he snapped his head back. “It's still immoral!”
“For the love of—fine, gimme my phone, I’ll text her and ask if it’s okay for you to see it, alright?” Taehyung hissed in his face, brows lowered in irritation. “Stop acting like a fucking priest, and look at the damn photo, Park!”
And before Jimin could react, Taehyung’s long-ass arms with his long-ass fingers had ripped the device off Jimin’s desk and shoved it in his face.
Jimin sucked in a breath. He had been having a surprisingly nice Wednesday, and his pessimistic ass was basically waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop. Maybe this would be it, this immoral leering— 
“Holy fuck, those hips!” he exclaimed, wide eyes drinking up the female torso on the screen.
It was a picture taken in a mirror, with the girl standing facing to the side. It began right at the fullness of her breasts, capturing the taut peaks of her dark nipples and golden stretch lines near the lower curves of her full breasts. Her stomach was tight but had a soft curve below her navel, which then tapered into a shaved triangle of soft skin that disappeared into the juncture of her meaty thighs that she’d strategically crossed to hide her pussy from sight. But the main attention grabbing attraction were the wide, sloping, round hips that her trim waist tapered into. She had an hourglass figure, with the juiciest curve connecting her waist to her legs.
Jimin breathed out. It was a really artfully clicked picture, alluring to the point where Jimin felt his mouth water just staring at it.
“Do you get it now?” Taehyung sounded to be in pain, and Jimin could understand.
Yep, he got it now.
“It’s the first picture she’s sent that’s why she’s hidden the cooch, but honestly? I don’t even miss it right now,” Taehyung mumbled, now looking at the picture himself.
Jimin secretly agreed, not even needing to look at the picture to confirm anymore, now that he had it seared in his brain.
Out of nowhere, an image of you lounging on the sofa in an oversized shirt and little else as you watched the TV entered his thoughts.
He groaned at the mental image of your thighs and groaned further when his brain automatically pictured them wrapped around his waist as he drove into—
Nobody’s driving nothing nowhere.
His eyes widened in panic when he felt his jeans tightening.
No. Nope. Think ugly thoughts! Think psychology – think fucking psycholinguistics! Think gross men! Taehyung! The psych professor! Taehyung's tongue! Taehyung's tongue on the psych professor's face!
Sufficiently calmed down, Jimin breathed easier when he felt himself wilt. 
He bit down on his bottom lip, exhaling harshly in frustration. As if lusting on one temptress wasn't too fucking much to handle for his brain, now he had two.
And to think his Wednesday had been going good!
Tumblr media
Jimin delayed getting back to his flat as much as he could, instead choosing to spend long hours in the library with his nose buried in a Napoleon Hill he'd been planning to read for a long time.
But his mind, the betraying fucker, completely refused to decipher the literature before him. It, instead, insistently played loops of imaginary scenarios featuring a delicious pair of curvaceous hips that made Jimin’s head hurt and pants tighten. And if he somehow battled his way out of those, it immediately switched to the image of your thighs, and Jimin honestly couldn’t decide what was worse.
He was embarrassed by it all, hating how he seemed to be unable to control all the horny thoughts in his mind like a thirteen year old who’d seen porn for the first time. He’d had his share of hot women—and men—in his bed, he should have been good at controlling himself from physically reacting to the thoughts of a sexy body. And he really had been, in the past. He couldn’t understand what the catch was, this time.
Maybe your words from this morning had caused more short circuits in his head than he had knowledge of.
In any case, he desperately didn't wanna face you when he was having such a hard time controlling himself. He had even considered going home with one of the girls on Taehyung’s list of potential booty calls to take the edge off. But the memories of the last few one night stands he’d had left him scarred. He did not wanna fuck another girl from behind and climax to the image of your face painted behind his eyelids.
He left the library at eight when it closed, avoiding the librarian’s shocked but curious gaze when she had to escort him out. He understood her completely, though. This was the first ever time he’d actually sat in this particular building on the campus in his more than two years of college, let alone stay till closing like a nerdy bookworm.
He trudged his way to the train station on heavy legs as he left the campus, earphones plugged in and some rap playlist playing some Eminem song to drown out the erotic images in his head. 
The ride to his apartment was a really short one, and within fifteen minutes of leaving the library, he was climbing up the stairs to his first floor flat.
He switched off the distractingly good music as he unlocked the door. He was pleasantly surprised to find out his distraction had worked, when the sight of your side profile as you sat huddled up on the couch in a t-shirt and shorts with your hair in a bun atop your head didn’t cause any stirrings in his pants.
“Hey!” he greeted you, shutting and locking the door behind him as he moved to hang up his keys on his designated hook next to the door.
“You were out till late,” you mumbled, sulky face giving him a once over before you went back to stare at the TV.
Jimin’s heart skipped a beat. You could not be wearing this expression because he was late, could you? 
He dared not hope. 
Toeing off his shoes, he gave a shrug. “The weather was nice, out there. Kinda stayed and lounged around the gardens on campus,” he lied, knowing full well that you’d bombard him with a million questions if he told you he had uncharacteristically stayed at the library. “Lost track of time.”
You simply hummed in response, looking almost petulant as you crossed your arms against your chest with a pout. "I got some fried chicken on my way back, it's in the fridge," you spoke in pout. "Have some if you want."
"I will, in a while, yeah. Thanks." Jimin bit his lip to hold back an amused smile, endeared by your cuteness and welcoming the fucking change in his channel of thoughts. “What’s up with you, though, grumpy? You okay?” he asked you, walking up to his room to toss his belongings in.
“I’m not grumpy,” you called out very grumpily, and this time Jimin let a hearty laugh escape him. “Don’t lau~gh!” you whined.
Jimin quickly switched out his jeans for a pair of sweatpants, not bothering to shut his door when he knew you were seated facing the opposite side. He wouldn’t even mind if you did look, he was wearing his boxers, it won’t be that bad. 
Was he…perhaps…hoping you would look?
Jimin cleared his throat to derail that train of thoughts before it could end up being a devastating trainwreck.
"Come on, what is it?" he asked again, walking towards the fridge to extract a bottle of water. "You get graded today, or something?"
You scoffed at that. "I'm above letting my grades dictate my mood, Park, you know that! Not that I have room to complain when I've never gotten anything less than perfect," you smugly said, shooting him a smirk over your shoulder. 
He had to work very hard to not choke on the next sip of water he took. He quickly capped the bottle and put it back to avoid any further incidents. Why did you have to look so goddamn hot doing literally absolutely everything?
Jimin walked up to crash on the couch next to you, hooking a knee over the armrest and letting the other leg spread out towards the floor. One of his arms dangled off the back of the couch while he ran the other hand through his hair with a roll of his eyes. He purposely faced away from you.
"Sure, never – except that one time. Basically the only time it really mattered," Jimin teased, bringing up last year's fall semester.
"What?" You looked confused with a frown on your face.
Jimin chuckled. "Yeah, sure. As if you would ever forget failing that test. As if I didn't hear you lament about getting rejected from that one sorority for literal weeks."
"Oh!" you sounded genuinely surprised this time, and he chanced a curious glance.
Only to find you looking at the TV with a frown. Were you really that preoccupied? You couldn't possibly have actually forgotten, it was one of the biggest failures of your life. Or so you had said, back then.
"Yeah, but it's kinda good I got…y'know, rejected," you continued, lips morphing into a pout again and Jimin looked away. "I'm not even friends with Kira anymore, and she was why I wanted to join that srat in the first place.”
Jimin felt bummed. He was almost hoping you’d say it was good you got rejected because you found him. Like, not like that, but as friends. Because you guys were pretty good friends, and putting the sexual attraction aside—though it really was damn near impossible for him to even envision not being attracted to you—he was grateful you got rejected from that sorority because he cherished your company as a friend a lot.
You were a good listener, a fun drink buddy and, most importantly, you made some mean fried rice. It was the best he ever had, okay? It reminded him of his mother's cooking! He wasn't made of stone to not grow soft at that!
“Anyways! Grades are not the reason,” you said with an even more defined pout on your face.
Jimin gave a small hum, smiling fondly. “The reason for? Your grumpiness? So, you admit you’re being grumpy!”
You stuck your tongue out at him in response, and Jimin froze, fondness slipping from his mind as lust gripped at him. 
The sight of your tiny, pink, glossy tongue nearly made his vision go blurry with the blood rush that took place in him. His sweatpants could not have been doing a good job of hiding his erection, but he could not be bothered to think past the images flooding him.
A kaleidoscope of carnality burst open in his head, every single one of the pieces featuring your tongue smoothing over a different part of his body – flicking over his nipple, licking down his neck, diving between his abs, dipping into his navel… tangling up with his own… wrapping around the tip of his—
He blinked, snapping his involuntarily gaping mouth shut with a clack. He could only imagine how starved his eyes must have looked, going by the desperate longing that seared through him. He was very nearly salivating over you, sitting one foot away from you! And he was painfully hard.
He had also, very inconveniently, not heard a word of what you just said.
Covertly lowering his leg from the handrest to loosen up some of the fabric of his sweatpants over his crotch, Jimin shook his head to physically dissipate the daze fuzzing up his head.
Fucking hell, he was way too much sexually pent up!
“Sorry, sorry, I zoned out,” he mumbled in apology, pulling his gaze off your frowning face to look at the TV. You were watching some American sitcom he knew nothing about. He focussed on a bald, skinny guy that was poking his nose and willed his arousal to calm down. “You were saying?”
“Can you please stop daydreaming when I’m in a crisis?” you grumbled.
Jimin nearly scoffed. If only it were that easy to control his head. He was nearly in a crisis, too, at this point. His eyebrows suddenly rose when it registered. “Wait, crisis? What happened?”
“Um… you remember the guy I told you about? This morning?” you sounded nervous, and his heartbeat picked up.
Oh, he remembered, alright. 
Jimin’s throat bobbed with a dry click. 
“Uh huh?” he managed to mumble, bracing himself.
"I think he's got a nice dick."
Jimin wasn't even drinking water, he choked on fucking air.
Your concerned voice said something, but Jimin couldn't hear you over his hacking coughs and the pulse pounding loudly in his ears. 
What the fuck did you just say?
He dry-heaved, wiping at his watering eyes when he could finally breathe easily. "I'm sorry… I was… I just…" he panted between long, drawn out breaths.
You looked concerned and confused. "Are you okay? You're being weird. Did something happen at college?"
Jimin vehemently shook his head. "I had psych today, my mind’s just in a bad space."
You pursed your lips, seemingly not believing him, but thankfully let it go.
So you thought your mystery guy had a nice dick.
Jimin's spirits fizzled away like froth. It wasn't him. It couldn't be him, because you didn't know what his dick looked like. 
Well, not unless you'd been a pervert and peeked. Which he really didn't believe you had done or would ever do.
But then again, you said you "thought" the guy's dick was nice. Implying, you could very well be using your imagination and fantasizing.
You could still, hypothetically, be talking about Ryan Reynolds.
He needed more information.
He cleared his throat, this time bracing himself for any more bombshells you could possibly drop on him. He breathed through his nose and vowed to not gasp no matter what came out of your mouth in response to his question.
"So… his dick, huh?" he asked, trying to be as casual as he could be, putting a curved index finger in front of his lips as he stared at the TV. He could’ve been asking about the weather, given the casual aura he eluded. "Did you, uh, see it?"
He sensed you shrug in his periphery. "Not really. Just the outline. The bulge, if you may. And it looked so good, Jimin," you nearly moaned and he nearly became hard again.
You had seen a bulge.
It could very well have been his bulge.
In fact, there was a very, very high possibility that it was his bulge, given how careless he'd recently been about stripping down to his boxers where you could see him. Like, subtly, of course, but still. He left his room's door open when he changed, these days. You were in your room, and if not, sat with your back to his room and your eyes glued to the TV screen, the way you had been this evening. But you could very easily look if you tried.
You could really have seen his bulge.
And thought that it looked nice.
So much so, that you considered yourself to be in a crisis right now, just thinking about it.
His breath hitched. Was he dreaming?
A voice from the back of his mind suddenly slid to the forefront:
You could also, just as plausibly, be talking about Ryan Reynolds' dick!
Jimin swore to himself under his breath.
You really could still be talking about literally anybody because guys tended to be casual about their semis. Pair that up with tightly fitted jeans or thin clothed sweatpants, and the result would be what you saw: a dick's outline. Celebrities were sometimes photographed that way, too.
"Why're you distressed, hun?" he quizzed further, hoping you wouldn't catch the lower octave his disappointed voice had taken.
“I just…I wanna suck it. His cock."
"What the—" Jimin broke off, remembering his plans of breathing through the nose and not gasping.
"What?" you irritably threw a scowl his way. "Don't be a prude, you've heard worse from me."
Jimin nodded with a grimace. He indeed, very painfully, had. "I, uh…" He paused to clear his throat. "Why's — why's that a crisis?"
You looked at him as if he was stupid. Which he really, really was, but probably not for the reasons you thought. "Jimin! How am I supposed to ask a guy to suck his dick when I haven't even seen his dick? That'd be so slutty!"
Jimin licked his lips, his eyes zeroing in on your plump ones. Yep, he could totally picture it and it looked more than slutty — it looked obscene and depraved and filthy and sexy as fuck.
He harshly exhaled through his mouth. Why was he being tested like this? What had he ever done to deserve this torture? Did some previous jaded lover of his do some black magic on him? Or worse yet, did some previous jaded lover of his put you up to this task of teasing and torturing him to the brink of insanity?
Jimin pulled his lower lip into his mouth. "Don't judge." He let go of his lip with a pop, his voice coming out borderline raspy. His eyes wandered away from you when he figured he would probably command you to look at him with his next words. "Some guys like it slutty. Maybe your – maybe yours would be into it."
God knew Jimin was. So, so super into it.
You hummed, thoughtfully. "You don't think it'd turn him off?"
"Not in the least," Jimin murmured, gaze snapped back to yours, lips parting as he gulped a heavy breath in. You were looking away in thought. "I think it'd drive him insane."
"So, what? I just – tell him?"
"Depends," Jimin throatily responded, a complete goner now with his semi-erect cock marking a wet spot against his sweatpants, and visions of your thighs wrapped around his waist running free in his head, now that he didn't try to rein them in, anymore. "If he's someone that likes to be told, you do that. But if he's someone who likes to tell," Jimin paused, waiting for you to connect your clueless eyes with his, "you ask him."
Your lips parted and eyes widened. "You – you mean, like, seek permission? To suck his cock? What kind of a guy would ever say no to that?"
A cocky smirk ticked up Jimin's cheek. "The kind that doesn't feel you deserve it."
He saw it – the momentary glaze that cast over your eyes – it wasn't a trick of the light from the TV, your pupils had actually, really expanded. 
But then you blinked and your nose wrinkled up. "You're into some kinky dom shit, aren't you, Park?"
And just like that, the trance broke and Jimin floated back to earth. He cleared his throat uncomfortably, well aware of the pink climbing up his cheeks. 
He forced a roll of his eyes. "Just ask him, you little shit," he muttered, crossly. "It's just as you said, no guy would reject a proffered blowjob."
He almost hoped you would ask him.
He kept observing you from the corner of his eye as you kept worrying your bottom lip, gaze hung on some invisible point in space. And then you started to nod, looking resolute as you raised your head to meet his eyes.
His heart stopped when you opened your mouth to speak.
“Okay. Uh, yeah, I’ll ask him. Yep, that’s—that’s a great idea. Thanks, Jimin,” you mumbled in a rush, looking somewhat out of it, probably because you were picturing asking the guy.
And just like that, Jimin sank into himself.
He gave you a brittle smile as you nodded at him. “No problem. Always happy to help,” he said, the words acerbic in his mouth.
You proceeded to get up from the couch. “Alright then, I’m off to sleep. Got a seven am class tomorrow,” you told him, but his helpless eyes were stuck to the strip of your golden skin visible above your shorts as your shirt rose – a hint of your gorgeous butterfly tattoo peeked out, taunting him. 
He wanted to trace its royal blue wings with his tongue. Jimin licked his lips, gaze gliding past your plump ass to land on your thighs. He drank them up while you stretched, trying hard and failing at his attempts to not imagine his teeth digging into the softness of your skin as you writhed underneath him. 
“Good night, Chim.”
At his nickname, Jimin swapped his eyes up to meet yours. You were already looking at him, but he found no annoyance or even suspicion in them. Had you not noticed him eye-fucking you? His brows furrowed a bit. 
“Yeah, good night,” he mumbled, shutting his eyes to the view of your jiggling butt as you walked away.
Jimin released a deep sigh.
Even after a whole year of him making eyes at you, you were interested in sucking other dicks. Why was he even bothering anymore?
He was gonna forget all about your thighs and your ass when he looked at the most deliciously curvaceous pair of hips he’d ever seen, again, tomorrow, he promised himself. He would ogle them lewdly, drink his fill. He would replace every lustful desire he ever had for you by directing it towards someone else. He would.
But tonight, he would have to be the weaker man one last time and soothe his day-long blue balls by the aid of his fantasies of your naked body in his arms.
God, he was pathetic.
Tumblr media
Taehyung's sexting with the Curvaceous Goddess from yesterday morning had progressed drastically. The guy could barely speak over the drool in his mouth.
"She's sent me multiple shots of those hips, man," Taehyung mumbled with a barely held back moan as Jimin made his way out of the psych class with him. "And a couple of her boobs. Gotta admit, though, I didn't pay that much attention to them. But her nipples look really biteable. Do you wanna see?”
Jimin very reluctantly shook his head. He was barely able to handle himself with the one picture he’d seen. Anymore, and he’d been walking around the college building with an erection.
Taehyung shrugged. “Your call. Hey, maybe I should ask her for some close-ups of those areolas! I gotta…" trailing off in a mumble, Taehyung started to furiously type on his phone.
Staying true to the promise he made to himself, Jimin had dutifully spent the entirety of the class staring at the woman's picture from yesterday – saving her gorgeous body's every texture, every blemish and every beauty mark to his memory. So that it'd be this body that came to his mind when he tightened his fist over himself in the middle of the night.
Not to be too sickeningly romantic, but his wank bank needed a desperate overhaul if he was ever going to stop being pathetic. He was done envisioning his roommate in positions he would never actually get to see her in. Or, at least, he should have been done. He was sure as hell gonna work on it, though.
And maybe, just maybe, this exercise would get him back in the game and he would actually be able to fuck people without your face in his head to push him over the edge. 
"She says she'd send her ass when she gets back from class, today!" Taehyung suddenly exclaimed, waving the chat screen of his phone in front of Jimin's face. "Wow, dude, this girl is something else."
Jimin gave a small rise to his brows at Taehyung's lovestruck eyes. The dude literally fell in love every week, it wouldn't be a surprise if he felt he'd fallen again. Even when he hadn't seen the girl's face, yet alone actually met her in person. 
"Show me, too, when you get it."
Taehyung shot him a grin. "See, that's the kind of stuff I like hearing from you, Park! We're young, we're warm blooded – the world expects us to be perverted. We're literally being disappointments by showing morals."
Jimin had to laugh at that, choosing to see the words in a humorous light instead of beginning to correct them. 'Cause where to even start? And knowing how much he did of Taehyung, the guy most definitely believed in his flawed logic, wholeheartedly.
"So, where to, next?"
Jimin hummed. "I got Econometrics in half an hour. Probably gonna crash in the cafeteria. You?"
Taehyung looked lost in thoughts, looking straight up ahead. Jimin knocked shoulders with him to grab the guy’s attention, causing Taehyung to look at him with a start. "Uh? Oh! I was actually thinking I'd pay her a visit. I've got Music Theory in three hours. Much time to spare."
Jimin's jaw dropped open. "You – you're gonna visit her? You don't even know her name, dude! Or what she looks like!"
Taehyung blinked, very slowly, before letting a smirk curl up his face. He raised an eyebrow. "And she doesn't know any of that about me, either. But… I wasn't actually talking about her, Park."
Jimin gawped. "What? But you—"
"I was talking about her," Taehyung emphasized with a finger pointing at a girl standing a few feet away from them, eyeing Taehyung with her tongue flicking her lips.
Jimin blanched. Oh fuck, this was embarrassing.
"Although," Taehyung continued because the subtle humiliation had apparently not been enough, "I do see what goes on in your head, Park. Despite your strict moral code."
Jimin rolled his eyes. "We were just talking about her, dude, come on."
"Uh huh. That is exactly why you sounded so panicked and jealous, too, right?"
This time, Jimin scoffed. "I was certainly not jealous. Or panicked. I was taken aback."
Taehyung laughed. "Sure, buddy. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Or, stay awake at night, in this case."
Jimin was left fuming as Taehyung made his way over to the girl he’d actually been talking about. He had to admit, he did feel somewhat foolish. It wasn’t like him to zone out so badly, or not be able to catch the context of a conversation like this, or not be aware of his surroundings. He’d always been remarkably sharp at it, in fact. And if his brain hadn’t been all jumbled since last night, he still would’ve been.
With a silent curse aimed at himself, Jimin stuffed his hands into the pockets of his dark pants and started walking towards the cafeteria. 
If all boiled down to it, it wasn’t even his fault that he was so lost. It was yours.
Jimin grimaced when last night’s events floated up to the forefront of his brain. He really did not need a reminder to feel worse about his situation with you. For a few moments, today, he’d even wondered if it would be better for you two to stop living together. But he would never in a million years kick you out, and he himself was way too selfish to willingly leave your shared living spaces.
Stepping into the cafeteria, he beelined for the counter. Ordering himself a mocha and a puff pastry, he pulled his phone out.
Only for his brows to jump when he discovered two unread messages from you.
roomie🌸💗 anthro proff failed to show up yAY ME going back home
Jimin rolled his lower lip between his teeth. Why were you being a good friend when he wanted to avoid you? You were making everything hard in his life – figuratively and literally.
With a snort at his own joke, he sent back a string of emojis and shoved his phone back into his pocket.
In the middle of his coffee and snack, he let his mind be plagued by the images of Taehyung’s nudes girl. 
Ew. He needed to refer to her with something better, because that was a huge turn off, right there.
Jimin suddenly realised that this could turn into a problem if Taehyung actually ended up pursuing something more than a one night stand with the girl. Because, after all, the girl was sending nudes to obviously pursue something with Taehyung. Jimin probably should not be worrying all that much because Taehyung wasn’t even the last guy he would picture getting into a relationship in the middle of Junior year.
But this whole switching-my-lust thing he was doing was still not very healthy, was it? No, it wasn’t.
Jimin realised that it was a borderline toxic coping mechanism. He needed closure to get over the unfortunate crush/obsession/infatuation he had on/of/with you. Replacing one obsession with another was counterproductivity at its best. But he really couldn't afford any closures, no matter what. The whole reason why he was so stuck was that he couldn’t risk your friendship with him because his hormones were out of control. Telling you to get over would defeat the whole purpose of getting over you.
So he had to make do with his next best option – making his dumb mind realise that there were other things to get turned on by than your thighs. Even if it ended up being slightly destructive. But it couldn’t really be that bad when he hadn’t even seen this girl’s face, right? 
Probably not, but he didn’t care all that much.
Just as he’d gotten up to toss his empty cup and paper plate into the bin, his phone pinged with a message. Wondering—and somewhat hoping, like the pathetic idiot he was—if you were, uncharacteristically, informing him that you’d reached your flat, he quickly pulled the device out of his pocket.
By the time he unlocked it, three more successive messages had arrived in his inbox.
All of them were from Taehyung.
Jimin cursed under his breath, grabbing his backpack to rush out of the cafeteria.
His heart thumped wildly in his chest as he jogged down to the parking lot. He was gonna miss his class – and Econometrics was one of the important subjects – but he honestly couldn’t be bothered, right now.
He was slightly out of breath by the time he reached Taehyung.
The guy really did look like he was minutes away from unzipping his pants right there, sitting on the hood of what was probably his own car. Huffing out a small laugh, Jimin walked up to him.
“So,” Jimin said as a means of greeting. “That good, huh?”
Taehyung’s trousers were very obviously tented, and despite the grossness, Jimin couldn’t judge him. He’d nearly had a similar reaction to the girl’s hips. He could sympathize with the guy.
“Kim?” Jimin called out with a laugh, making Taehyung startledly look up from his phone with his pupils swallowing nearly the entirety of his irises. “Holy shit, don’t come in your pants, dude!”
Taehyung released a pained groan, face contorting as if he was in actual, physical pain. Going by the condition of his crotch, he might actually have been. “Park,” he nearly moaned, “she told me to video call.”
Jimin's eyes widened in surprise. “Wow, dude. Congrats… I guess?”
Taehyung bit his lip, finally repositioning himself to make his erection slightly more covert. “I'm not ready, dude.”
Jimin cocked a single brow. “Evidence says you’re more than ready, Tae. Um, on that account,” he hesitantly began, almost not wanting to but knowing his inner moral compass would keep him awake through multiple nights on end if he didn’t. “You don’t have to show me the picture if things are, um, progressing between you guys. It’d be mo—”
“Don’t you fucking say morally wrong, you ass. I’m trying to fuck her, not marry her. You can even have a go after—” He suddenly cut himself off, frowning down at his crotch. “Awh, man, there goes my boner! Why’d you have to make me talk about relationships?”
JImin stifled a laugh. Taehyung was the poster child for college fuckboys, it seemed. Not that he didn’t know the fact beforehand, it was just hilarious and more than a little awakening to see him go through it, up close. “Um, sorry?”
“Just look at the fucking picture, Park!” Taehyung snarled, shoving his phone in Jimin’s unprepared hands.
Juggling a bit to catch the device before it could drop, Jimin had barely held the phone with the screen facing him, when—
He froze.
His breath halted and his heart skipped a couple of beats.
Everything around him came to an immediate, screeching stop.
He didn’t even have the time to ogle the glorious twin globes separated by a thin strip of burgundy red running down the middle, because his attention was caught by—
Holy fuck, he was so so so royally fucked, thoroughly, in every single orifice in his body.
There, in the smack dab center of the screen, right above the barely there string of the red thong running across the luscious hips he’d fallen in love with in just a day — there sat his undoing.
A bright, royal blue and black butterfly tattoo.
The butterfly tattoo he’d been peeking at for a year now.
Your butterfly tattoo.
Holy fuck.
Holy fuck.
“See?” Taehyung’s whiny voice pulled him out of the despairing pool of absolute shock, blinding lust and utter agony he was spiraling into. “I can’t, man, I really can’t. If this is what her pictures do to me, oh God, the video call’s gonna kill me. And I can’t fucking wait to die a sated man!”
Taehyung’s words suddenly poured a bucket of iced water over Jimin, making him bodily jolt out of the remainder of his stupor.
The reality of the situation suddenly hit him – you’d been sending your nude pictures to Kim Taehyung. You were about to have a video chat with him. You intended to fuck him. Taehyung. Kim motherfucking Taehyung.
Oh no. Not on Jimin’s watch.
Molten jealousy filled up all his veins as he saw Taehyung getting comfortable in the backseat of his car with all the tinted glass windows. This fucker.
Uncaring how barbaric it made him out to be, Jimin decided he was not gonna let Taehyung actually see you on video before he’d at least had the chance to confront you about this whole thing. From what he knew of you and how much he understood, you weren’t the kind of girl to fall into the traps of the biggest fuckboy on our campus. There had to have been a major reason behind these actions of yours.
He had to talk to you — if not as someone who wanted to be the one to fuck you instead of Taehyung, then at least a friend and a well wisher who was worried about your well-being and emotional health.
“You can’t call her, Kim,” Jimin declared with a calm finality. 
Taehyung did a double take. “Wh—did you say can’t? What? Why the fuck?”
“You just… shouldn’t. It’s not fair to her.” Jimin was really on the verge of a mental freak out.
“What the fuck, dude?” Taehyung looked irritated and more than a little indignant. “Fair to her? Who’re you, her caretaker all of a sudden? She literally asked for it!”
Jimin pursed his lips, swinging the phone out of his reach when Taehyung made to grab it. “You should tell her you showed me her pictures before you call her.”
“Dude! No, the fuck? Stop being a moral fucker! Is this girl your sister? Your girlfriend?” Taehyung looked a bit lost at Jimin’s sudden distress.
Jimin frowned. “No, none of those, but she’s—”
“Wait, so you do know her?” Taehyung looked surprised, and Jimin was surprised that he’d actually shown some use of his brain. “How’d you even recognise her? Wait! The tattoo?”
Jimin looked away, bitterly. “Yeah, the tattoo.” He exhaled, deciding to be upfront. “Look, Kim. I’ve been besotted with this girl for a really long time, okay? So—”
“So nothing, man! I didn’t come at her, okay? She was the one to approach me, and really boldly too with that nude of hers.” Taehyung suddenly narrowed his eyes. “And how can I even believe you? Maybe you’re lying because suddenly you wanna fuck her first!”
Jimin rolled his eyes, but Taehyung’s words did reach him. You really had approached Taehyung boldly. It hurt like a bitch that you were willing to fuck the campus fuckboy, actual personification of scum, but not him. Not Jimin, who cared about you enough to not try to fuck you.
What a world.
“She’s told me to be online at—oh fuck, in ten minutes! Give me my phone before I tackle you, Park!” Taehyung yelled from inside the car.
Jimin pursed his lips in thought. You had texted him about being home, hadn’t you? If he left now, he could get there in under ten minutes, and—
And what, then?
Well, at least talk to you before you showed Taehyung your face and cemented your place in the guy’s bed.
Mind made up, Jimin tossed Taehyung’s phone below the driver’s seat to buy him more time as he ran for it. 
“Hey, hey, what—Park, you fucking bitch!” 
Ignoring Taehyung’s calls, Jimin rushed through the college gates and sprinted down the sidewalk. Shouldering people out of his way—but also mumbling a litany of apologies along with it because he could picture his mother’s disapproving gaze—he didn’t even pause to catch his breath until he was scrambling down the stairs of the subway.
As fate would have it, the doors of the parked train were just beginning to slide shut when Jimin set foot on the platform.
Cursing, he leapt from the last stair, his feet meeting the ground just twice as he dived into the train, two seconds before the gates sealed shut.
Doing a victorious, little fist pump, he finally allowed himself to catch his breath, leaning his hands on his knees. When he straightened, a couple of people around him were looking at him weird. But he couldn’t let anything bother him — he was a man on a mission.
Within three minutes, the train was stopping at the next stop and Jimin was running out the gates and straight out of the subway. 
As he stepped up the stairs to his flat, sweat was soaking his white t-shirt and he was hating himself for wearing skin tight jeans. Jogging up to the door, he quickly unlocked the apartment and rushed in, locking the door behind him. Haphazardly taking his shoes off and tossing the keys somewhere on the couches, he beelined for your room.
Hesitating only once, he turned the doorknob. It was locked.
You were getting ready to have virtual sex with Taehyung.
Clenching his jaw, he rapped his palm against the door thrice, his rings helping louden the sound.
He fidgeted, nervous out of his mind. He couldn’t even think about what he would say to you, way too occupied with the task of stopping you from making that call to Taehyung.
He called your name, followed by two more successive raps.
For a frightening second, he feared he was too late and you had already started with your—
“Jimin, is that you?” you yelled from inside the door.
Jimin squared his shoulders. “Open up! It’s urgent!”
Sounds of shuffling filtered through the door to him before you unlocked it and nearly tore it off the hinges with the strength you pulled it open with.
“What?” you barked, scowling at him. But then suddenly your frown melted away as your eyes did a quick sweep of his breathless, sweaty self, lingering—he noticed—around his neck. “What the hell, Jimin? Where’re you coming from?”
Jimin decided to do some exploration of his own.
Your face was flushed, chest heaving up and down—
And Jimiin was fixated on your prominent nipples pushing against the oversized black t-shirt you’d obviously tossed over yourself in a hurry. He’d glimpsed your breasts in that very delicious photo, of course, but he’d fixated on your hips and not paid them enough attention. He regretted saying no to Taehyung's offer of looking at the boob pic you’d sent him, because…
Jimin’s thoughts faded out when he came back to himself.
You had sent Taehyung a pic of your boobs, too. The way Jimin felt like punching through a fucking wall!
“Stop staring at my boobs, pervert!” you suddenly scolded him, clicking your fingers in front of his face. “What was so urgent? I’m kinda in the middle of—”
“Please don’t do it,” he blurted, wide-eyed at his own brazenness, but he just felt so desperate, at this point.
You gaped at him. “What?”
“Don’t – don’t fuck him, please,” he continued arms darting forward to hold you by your shoulders.
You stiffened in his grasp, eyes going impossibly wide. “Jimin, what—are you – are you okay? What the fuck are you even talking about?”
He grew pained. “Taehyung. Don’t fuck him.”
He saw you draw in a sharp breath. “I wasn’t actually—wait, how do you know this?”
He rolled his lower lip into his mouth. “Well…he told me.”
You jumped away from him with your mouth dropped open. “What? How the hell do you even knowhim?”
“I sit with him in my psych class."
"In your psych—" You suddenly gasped. "The eccentric fuckboy!”
Jimin blinked, lip leaving the confines of his teeth with a plop.  He didn’t miss the way your eyes dropped down to it for a moment. “What?”
“After your first class together, you told me you'd found a fuckboy with eccentric fashion choices to sit with. You said his name was Tannie! You have his number saved under Kim from psych!"
Jimin winced. "He’d told me way too much about himself, I messed up some details. Tannie’s his dog’s name."
“So, Taehyung is the eccentric fuckboy you sit next to, for an hour, three days a week."
“Oh, my God, this is fucked up,” you wailed, turning around to pace next to your bed, hands sifting through your open hair.
Jimin eyed the laptop on your bed. It suddenly came back to him – you’d seen Taehyung’s dick’s outline. You wanted to suck that abominable, STD infested, overused dick. 
Jimin really hated his life, right now.
“So, don’t do it,” he tried again, walking into your room with authority he didn’t have. “Please.”
You looked at him with a scowl, face pulled in around your scrunched up nose in the middle. “Stop saying that!"
“Why do you even wanna?” Jimin whined, sounding more than a little sulky as he stood in your way, prompting you to stop walking. “He’s, like, the most despicable fuckboy on campus!”
“Well, that’s exactly why! I don’t need his heart, I just need his dick!” you crudely told him, throwing both your arms up. “It helps that it comes with explosive reviews from the entire female population on campus. I’ve had a frustrating couple of weeks, and, ugh. I really don't have any energy or patience to go through trials and errors to finally find someone who won’t disappoint.”
Jimin was breathing heavily after you finished speaking. You were that desperate for a fuck? 
He dragged his heavy gaze over your body, bottom to top – you were barefoot with your toenails painted a gorgeous shade of royal blue, your bare calves were toned, slowly expanding into thighs that were—fuck. These thighs were ultimate ruiners of his sleep, God. 
Your hands were balled at your sides. The oversized t-shirt you wore ended mid-thighs on your body, wrapping over your hips that he now knew to be juicy as fuck, and proceeded to tent at your breasts where your nipples were still fully erect and intending to cut through cloth. 
The neck of the t-shirt was wide enough to let your collarbones be on complete display. Jimin held in a groan of want, pulling his lower lip in as he followed the smooth line of your long neck all the way up to your face. Your lips were redder than he was used to. You were wearing lipstick, he realised with a start, mouth falling open in surprise. Your eyes were lined with something, too, making them sharper than usual.
You were dressed to seduce, and he was trapped under your spell.
You looked good enough to eat.
What wouldn’t he give to be able to toss you onto this very bed and fuck the living daylights out of you…
“I can’t believe that fucker really told you,” your mumble suddenly brought him out of his lewd musings, and he adjusted his legs to be covert about his hardening length. 
“Isn’t it typical of him? What else did you expect?” Jimin shrugged. “He also very nearly circulated the first nude you sent him to half the college campus. He literally bullied me into seeing it.”
Your face suddenly colored. “You… you saw my pictures?” you asked him in a small voice.
Jimin noticed how you focussed on the latter part of the sentence, and not the—evidently more concerning—former. Interesting. 
“Just the first one.” His voice came out hoarse, throat suddenly very dry at the memory. “And then the last one, briefly. I recognized your tattoo…” 
His eyes travelled down to your waist of their own accord, images and scenes running wild in his head. Those hips. Those delicious fucking hips were right here, within his reach. And they belonged to you — the girl of his fantasies of over a year.
Jimin exhaled brokenly, trying to calm himself down.
“Why are you stopping me?” you asked him in a mumble, sitting down on your bed. “I’m not trying to marry him, just hop on his dick for some gratification. I’m even gonna block his number after.”
He looked back up at your face, only to draw in a sharp breath. Your eyes were so so dark. His own probably mirrored yours.
He couldn’t hold back anymore.
“I…could possibly have an offer for an alternative. A better, less emotionally damaging and certainly more STD-proof alternative.” 
Your lips quirked to the side. You leant back on the bed, supporting your weight on your palms, and crossed your legs.
Jimin’s gaze immediately zeroed in on your smooth thighs, and the desire to bury his face between them nearly incinerated him from within.
“Is that so?” Your voice had turned breathy. “Better alternative, huh? Got any testimonials to back it up?”
Holy fuck, were you really responding to his flirting? 
“Not really,” Jimin murmured. And even though he did have a slew of ex partners that could vouch for his sexual prowess, he just wasn’t the kind of guy to brag so brazenly about all that. He licked his lips, taking a tentative step closer to you as he came up with a more tantalising offer. “You could sample it.”
Lust flooded your gaze, making it darker than he’d ever seen it in his life. Even if your words from yesterday morning had, apparently, not meant what he’d hoped for them to, this, right here – the naked want on your face, told him a whole different story. It felt unreal, and he wasn’t certain this wasn’t just a fever dream. But if it was a fever dream, he was gonna make it one hell of a memorable one.
When your hands nimbly reached out to wordlessly shut your laptop, moved closer to you, leaning a bit to catch your gaze.
“Would you like to?” he mumbled, softly.
Your breath stuttered out in response.
“Taehyung promised me he’d choke me on his cock,” you told him so abruptly, he almost gasped out loud.
But then Jimin clenched his jaw and walked even closer. He stepped between your legs and slid a hand into your hair, cupping your head with his fingers and massaging the skin behind your ear with his thumb. “Is that something you want, baby?” he breathed out, relishing the way your eyelashes fluttered at his touch. Or maybe his words, he wasn’t sure. “Hmm?”
Your tongue licked at your bottom lip, dragging a salacious path against the plump flesh until the red matte lipstick was glossy with your saliva. Jimin wanted to suck on it until it was red without the makeup’s tint, too. 
“What do you think, Park?”
Something about the way you spoke his surname in a challenging tone had him going rock hard in his pants. He wanted to ruin you.
“Oh, I think you do,” he whispered, tugging your head up to straighten your body from its recline. 
Your chin came to the same level as his belt. His whole body shuddered when you accidentally brushed against it. 
“And I’ll make you choke on it, alright,” he continued, “after which I’ll make you clench on it, make you drench it with your juices. And if you’re good, maybe I’ll choke you without it, too.”
Your irises were twin black disks as you stared into his eyes with your breath bated. “Shit, Park, I…” You shook your head, pulling your lower lip into your mouth. “You’re so fucking hot,” you moaned, eyes sliding shut, and brought both your palms up to bunch into his t-shirt.
A small smirk slid up Jimin’s face. “Is that so?” he murmured, thrilled by the look of torture on your face when your brows scrunched up. “Well, sweetheart, you happen to be the sexiest, most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. And even though I’ve acquired evidence to support my claim very recently, I’ve told you this multiple times before,” he mumbled, mouth watering at the sight of you nibbling on your lip. 
Your heavy lidded eyes met his as you slowly opened them again. “You have, but… never with this look in your eyes.” Your breath hitched, one of your hands leaving his shirt to wander the length of his torso, lingering near the end of his abs. He held back a shiver. “Like you want to rip my clothes off and devour me whole, this very moment.”
Jimin’s nostrils flared, teeth grinding even harder. Oh, how he wanted that. How he wanted exactly that.
“Oh, sweetheart, I do intend to do that and more. Lay you bare beneath me, touch every single inch of your body. And then let my tongue follow.”
You made a small sound from the back of your throat and Jimin very nearly came in his pants. “What’s the hold up, then? All I hear are promises, Park. Where’s the delive—”
With a growl, Jimin tightened his grip on the back of your neck and pulled your face in to capture your lips in a bruising kiss, effectively shutting you up and fulfilling your demand at the same time.
The first contact was, very poetically, electric. Current zapped through his body, beginning where your soft lips had molded against his in acceptance, and reaching all the way down to his semi-erect length. Which was now starting to painfully strain against his too tight jeans. 
Your mouth opened up to him, and he swallowed your moan of want when his tongue brushed against yours. He poured all his pent up feelings and desires into the kiss, pressing harder against you when you pliantly tilted your head back to give him more room. 
Jimin couldn’t fathom he was kissing you. Finally, fucking finally, after more than a year of lusting for these lips — he finally had them entwined with his own. He lost his mind somewhere in between the soft pull of your even softer lips, harsh nips of your teeth, smooth glides of your tongue. 
And then he grabbed a handful of your hips, and went feral. 
With a grunt, Jimin opened his mouth wider, licking into yours between harshly sucking on your tongue. It was a mess — sloppy and wet and desperate when he explored your mouth with full fervor, tongue curling against the inner seams of your lips. 
Your hand slid over his waist, leaving fire in its wake as it slid past his t-shirt to trace the tight muscles of his abdomen. Jimin brought his other hand to rest next to you on the bed, now leaning over you.
His lungs were protesting for air, but he just couldn’t get enough of your taste. It was you that finally pulled away, panting heavily into his mouth. 
Jimin blinked, struggling to come out of the daze you’d put him in. He looked at your parted lips, hunger building up in him when he saw the smudges of your lipstick around them. Your wide eyes gazed up at him with so much naked lust, holy fuck. He so very desperately wanted you naked. 
“You want this?” he asked you, testing his own restraint when his length ached from being confined for so long in its rock hard state.
You looked too delirious to respond, nodding very slowly with your eyes nearly glazing over as your gaze lowered to look at his crotch.
“Say the words, sweetheart. This is about consent, I’m not trying to force you into something you’re hesitant about,” Jimin unnecessarily clarified, well aware of how both of your bodies were vibrating with need.
“Jimin, for God’s sake, stop talking and fuck me,” you gritted out, grabbing hold of his t-shirt and tugging at it until he was raising himself off the bed to get rid of it.
Tossing it aside, he raked a hand through his hair and peered down at you. Your mouth hung open, eyes seeming to drink him up. 
Well, good for you, because he was losing his sanity with every passing second that he was spending close to you but not close enough. 
“As you wish, sweetheart,” he mumbled before moving to unbuckle his belt and quickly unbutton his jeans in succession. 
He stopped there, though, and caught hold of your hand when you tried to reach for his waistband. He shook his head when your eyes shot to his. 
“Your turn.”
He saw your throat move on a gulp. You skittered back on the bed, rising up on your knees when you’d reached the center. He followed you, placing a knee on your bed to get to you.
Your fingers trembled as they reached for the hem of your t-shirt, with suppressed want or nervousness, Jimin couldn't tell. He was a mixture of both.
He watched, breathing completely ceased, as the t-shirt rose and unleashed more and more of your smooth skin. When you raised it above your waist, he sucked in a large breath, eyes widened, jaw dropped open and body nearly quivering with want.
Your hips.
Your juicy fucking hips.
They were right there, calling out to him with their hourglass curve as they tapered into your trim waist with a soft abdomen. You wore a tiny, burgundy scrap of lace as a substitute for underwear, and he recalled it to be the thong he’d barely caught a glimpse of in the picture of your ass. 
Your breasts bounced free, next, and Jimin moved his throat in a thick swallow, a palm cupping over his crotch. Your nipples were pebbled and juicy, and he just wanted to wrap his lips around them and suck to his heart’s content.
He shuffled forward on the bed when you got to your shoulders, helping you untangle your arms and hair from the piece of clothing.
Once the t-shirt was fully off, you looked at him with a bashful smile. “Why’re you gawking like that? You’ve seen it all before,” you mumbled, sitting back on your haunches, your own gaze rounding back to his torso.
“Pictures don’t hold a light for the real deal, holy fuck,” he managed to choke out.
Your coy smile turned challenging. “How do you know? You haven’t even touched, yet.”
The nerve of you to—
Jimin pounced, knocking you back into the mattress as he covered your body with his, making sure to press every inch of himself on you.
Your wide eyes looked at him in surprise but more than a little hunger, and oh did he want to take care of that.
One of his forearms dug into the bed next to your head while his other hand gripped at your shoulder. He hissed against your lips when your curves molded against him. 
“You’re so fucking insufferable but so fucking delectable, fuck,” he gasped, unable to resist when his eyes fell onto your quivering lips, and kissed you again.
You moaned loudly into his mouth, not in the least bit shy about devouring his lips as messily as he did yours. Your tongue curled against his, making his insides turn to molten lava. He could feel your nipples against his chest and, his palm slid down your side, curving along your breast as it spanned down to—
His palm met your hip and he was lost.
“Oh, fuck,” he muttered, digging his fingers in.
Your dark eyes looked back at him, shuttered, sensuous and perfectly fitting for the goddess that you were.
“Do you know how fucking long I've fantasized about having this body of yours under me, you minx?” he grumbled, sliding down your body.
His mouth latched onto your neck, both hands curving around your waist as he pressed kisses down the column of your throat. Your head fell back with a moan, granting him more access, and he took advantage of it, running his mouth up to your jaw, his tongue licking at your skin.
Your skin was so soft and smooth – even more than it looked.
He grazed his teeth against your jaw, pulling back to look at you.
Your eyes were shut, brows pinched, and mouth was hanging open in abandon. He leaned over your face to pull your bottom lip into his mouth. Giving it a hard suckle, he let go with a pop. 
Your eyes fluttered open, looking at him with an intoxicated look on your face. “Jimin…”
“Yes, sweetheart?” His fingers dug into your waist.
“Touch me,” you whimpered, throat convulsing.
Jimin grinned. “I am.”
His palms slid down your sides, and as he met the curve of your hips again, his previous plans of teasing you flew out the window.
Holy fucking hell.
“These fucking hips,” he grit out, digging his fingers into the meaty flesh. “They’ve been driving me insane, do you know?”
You really did have the sexiest body he had ever seen. A perfect figure with enough chubbiness in places to make you feel soft, womanly and real. His eyes were caught by your abdomen and he leant down to press a kiss beneath your navel before he could think too much about it.
“You’re so soft and so delicious…”
You released a muted gasp in response, but he was too busy exploring the curve of your waist. His fingers ran over your smooth skin, nails scratching lightly. You jumped when he went a little rougher, and he gripped you harder, leaning down again, this time to suck open mouthed kisses over your waist, all the way from your navel to the dip in your side.
“Fuck, Jimin—” 
You broke off on a gasp when his tongue met your skin, tracing wet paths, absorbing the taste to his memories. He groaned into your stomach, dragging his face over the flimsy waistband of your underwear. He moved to the side to tug at the string at your hip with his teeth, licking underneath it, and then dug his teeth into the delicious flesh beneath.
A moan slipped past his own lips, nearly drowning the stream of gasping sounds coming from you. He had his mouth on these goddess-like hips.
Finally, fucking finally.
“Jimin, Jimin, fuck—”
He tasted his fill, leaving kisses, and nipping, biting and licking you up as he desired. The delicate waistband of your thong was haphazardly pulled every which way, only barely covering your center as Jimin went about devouring you.
Your breathing was labored, chest heaving and shoulders twitching when he finally managed to pull himself off your body. He looked at you from under his brows. You had an arm folded over your forehead and the other hand fisted in your pillow. You already looked fucked out and he’d barely even done anything.
Pressing a hand down on your abdomen, he pulled your attention to him.
Your eyes fluttered open, pupils dilated and everything. Your lips were well-bitten, swollen and red. So fucking delicous.
He slid his palm up your torso, curving around your breast. You visibly trembled when he gave the rounded flesh a squeeze. Jimin loved the sight, moving his thumb to flick at your nipple.
“Jimin,” you breathed, hand moving from the pillow to grip at his wrist.
Jimin clicked his tongue, removing your hand. “Ah ah, no,” he murmured, voice deeper, loaded with arousal. 
You mutely looked at him, eyes wide and irises nearly wholly eclipsed by your pupils.
He swiped his tongue over his lower lip, placing your arm above your head with the other one. He held both your wrists in his hand and tugged, causing your breasts to jiggle invitingly. Barely containing the wanton moan that swelled up in his throat at the sight, Jimin flicked your nipple again.
“These hands,” Jimin murmured, face lowered to your throat as he leant over you, “stay here. You move them, we stop. Understood?”
He dipped his head to lick at a sweat droplet collected between your collarbones. Your breath stuttered out and he saw you swallow.
Jimin drew back when he didn’t hear you respond. 
You were panting, now, lower lip extended way past your jaw as you looked at him with your eyes rounded.
He raised an eyebrow. “I asked you a question, sweetheart.”
You gasped aloud, as if suddenly inhaling a lot of air after having stopped breathing for a few seconds. Maybe you had, you looked very much on the edge. 
Your head jerked in a nod, fingers of both hands gingerly clasping together above your head. 
“I’m gonna need your words, baby,” he prompted you in a low murmur. “And I better not have to repeat myself.”
You shut your mouth with a click, eyes widening just a tad bit. “I… yes,” you whispered, voice nothing but a hoarse whisper. “Yes, I understand.”
Jimin nodded, lowering his mouth to sweep his tongue over your neglected nipple before engulfing it whole. “Good,” he spoke into your skin, relishing the taste of you.
“Uh, Chim?” 
Jimin caught apprehension beneath your breathiness. He immediately pulled his head up to look into your eyes. “Yes, sweetheart? Are you okay?”
“I…” You nodded. 
But then you were biting your lip again and Jimin couldn’t believe how fucking lucky he was to have you looking so submissive beneath him. All his dreams – coming to an unimaginably amazing conclusion. 
He still wasn’t a hundred percent sure this wasn’t a fever dream. 
You cleared your throat, jutting your chin out in an obviously faux show of confidence. “I don’t have to call you, like… master, or something, do I?”
Despite the instant tightening in his pants, Jimin couldn't hold back the laugh that tumbled out of him. He threw his head back and guffawed. Yeah, this was definitely real.
You slapped him on the thigh. “Shut up!”
He collected himself with difficulty. “No master, sweetheart. Just my name would be fine.”
“Well, you’re into some kinky shit, Park, I was just making sure.” You crossed your hands against your chest, pouting crossly. “Could’ve said a simple no, though. Didn’t have to laugh like that, you meanie.”
He was still grinning even as he gripped both your wrists and pulled your arms up to pin them next to your head. Your pout slipped away, lips falling open on a gasp. He leant over your body, pressing his chest against yours, smirking when your lashes fluttered.
You felt delicious, all sweet and soft curves pressed up against his planes.
“You hit me.”
You blinked, frowning. “Wha—”
“You hit me. On the thigh.”
Your eyes went wide in alarm and Jimin chuckled at the horror on your face. “I’m — I’m sorry, Jimin, I—”
He slid higher up your body, grinding his denim covered crotch into you. “Are you?”
You choked on an inhale, moaning with your mouth closed when Jimin moved his hips again. Your tongue peeked out to lick at your lips while you gave him a nod. 
“Yes, Jimin,” you whispered, eyes looking away from him as you demurely lowered them.
Jimin hissed. Why did every single, little action of yours make him lose all control over himself? He sighed.
He looked up at your hands struggling in his grip, and then around the room. And then he looked down at himself, eyes pausing at his waist. He quickly unlooped his belt from his jeans.
“Jimin, what—oh.”
He pulled your wrists up to the bars in the headboard and glanced at your face. “This okay? Use your words.”
Your cheeks were red when you nodded. “Yes. Yeah, it’s okay.”
“Good.” He looped his belt through the bars and, binding your wrists together, tightened the buckle. “This good?”
You nodded.
He quickly dipped his head to nip at your collarbone. “Words.”
“Y—yes, yes, Jimin. This is – it’s good,” you brokenly breathed. 
Jimin nodded his approval, patting your cheek affectionately.
Then he descended your body and got to work on your breasts, weighing them in his palms as his thumb flicked both their tips. Your body twitched beneath him, little whimpers egging him on, you looking at him with your sultry gaze. He moved a hand to close his forefinger and thumb over a nipple, tugging the flesh and giving it a jerk. Your breast jiggled, and you both groaned in unison.
“Look at you, sweetheart, God,” Jimin groaned, one hand mapping the surface of your abdomen to rest below your navel. He tugged at your nipple with his other hand, again. “These are pure sin.”
His mouth closed over the other nipple.
Jimin hummed contently, swirling his tongue around the nipple before dragging his lips off of it. He immediately moved on to the other side, bringing his other hand back up to cup over your breast. He squeezed at the soft flesh while his teeth grazed against the sensitive tip, and you mewled beneath him.
He had his mouth wrapped around the gorgeous, perky nipples he’d seen in your picture, yesterday, and wanted to taste. Life really didn't get better than this, did it?
He looked up at your face to find your lip locked between your teeth and eyes screwed shut. He bit down, sinking his teeth into the supple flesh of your tit.
Your eyes sprang open with a gasp, neck immediately craning to look at him. 
He met your gaze with a wink, lapping at your skin with his tongue. 
Your moan was loud and deep, vibrating through your chest to his mouth. Jimin suckled hungrily, hands grabbing at you greedily.
When he finally pulled away, he’d left a huge, blooming red mark on you and it was rapidly changing colors to turn purple. Jimin pressed a kiss against it.
His hands made their way down to the string of the waistband of your thong, index finger twisting the fabric. 
“This little piece of lace,” he mocked. “What good does it do, anyway?”
Your cheeks were flaming when he met your eyes. “I…”
“It’s so fragile,” Jimin whispered in a breathless urgency, moving to plant a kiss in the middle of said piece of clothing, over the wet patch he could clearly spot. “Bet I could tear it off with a single finger.”
He heard your breath hitch as he gave the waistband another twist, wrapping it over the knuckle of his index finger now. He tucked his bottom lip into his mouth, eyes ravenously drinking up the sight of you peeking past the tiny triangle of your thong. 
And then he snapped the damn thing, tearing it into two and pulling it off your body.
“Chim!” your gasp was instant, back arching in an attempt to rise but you were held back by your tied hands.
“Yes, sweetheart?” he mumbled, but he wasn’t actually in a condition to listen to you, right now.
Not when he had you spread out, pink and swollen and pretty in front of him. He dropped the cloth off to the side, bringing in both his palms to part your legs even further. 
And your thighs. These fucking thighs with all their plumpness and the jiggle in them when you walked around in booty shorts, ugh.
“D’you know how crazy you’ve driven me with these?” 
He massaged the inside of your thighs and your body gyrated, hips shifting with your gasps.
“I was walking around with permanent boners because the sight of your legs drove me insane. All I could think about was wrapping these around my waist,” he husked, depraved eyes running over the smooth skin of your thighs before his palms followed, tracing a path from the underside of your knee, up to your hips, “and fucking you against the nearest wall.”
“Jimin,” you stuttered, eyes looking at him in what looked like wonder, your breathing seemingly ceased. 
Well, he would give you a reason to breathe. Gasp. Scream his name.
He dragged his hands up to the juncture of your thighs, spread them, and trained his eyes at your center. His reserve completely gave out when he found you slick and sopping wet, with your arousal painting the tops of your thighs. 
“So fucking messy,” he gritted, teeth clenching tight, “and much more dirtier than my filthiest fantasies.”
Jimin reached out with two fingers, parting your folds to expose you fully to his sight. 
“Ah, fuck. That’s – that feels cold…” you whispered, wide eyes roving his face.
Jimin realised his rings had made contact with you. He sucked in a breath at the sight of your slick rubbing over his silver bands.
“Oh, baby,” he purred, drowning in lust, mouth salivating. “You’re dripping everywhere, sweetheart, fuck. Look at you ruining my rings. So fucking pretty.”
His fingers slipped down your lips, brushing your clit and converging as they travelled lower yet. He watched with rapt attention, eyes wide and tongue resting against his upper teeth as his fingers slipped right into you, travelling deep into your gripping warmth.
A low sound left him just as you moaned out his name.
"All this for me, yeah?" He nipped at your thigh above your knee.
You nodded, your half lidded gaze on him. "All for you. Just for you."
He sucked in a huge breath, grunting when his fingers scissored up to the spot he was looking for inside of you. He experimentally curled his fingers, eyes darting up to look at your face. 
You jumped at the contact, eyes squeezing shut and jaw dropping open. 
“There?” He watched your contorted face with rapt attention.
“Uh huh,” tumbled out of your mouth as you nodded frantically.
Having mercy on your mindless state, he let you get away without speaking up this one time. He wanted to touch you, taste you, consume you until you were sobbing in his arms. That, and he himself was too far gone to care, right now. 
He released your thigh from his other hand, sitting up on the bed and spreading his own knees for some relief while his fingers moved in you. Unzipping his jeans with his free hand, he tugged the fabric off his crotch, sighing when the tightness released. Then he moved the hand to hold you by your waist, your leg folding up between your bodies.
Jimin licked his lips, hair falling in his eyes and gaze never leaving your fucked out face. He gripped your calf, unfolding it and tossing it over his shoulder. Your eyes opened, looking straight at him past a hazy curtain. He gave you a grin, moving his head to press an open mouthed kiss against your ankle, and you jerked against him, biting down on your lip and squeezing your eyes shut again.
“S—so good, Jimin…” 
Jimin’s cheek ticked up in a smile, fingers moving in you faster.
You looked exquisite like this – spread in front of him like a platter, hands pulled up and tied off, breasts bouncing, back arching, hips moving to his rhythm, and pussy stuffed full with his fingers. He wanted to touch you, taste you, consume you until you were sobbing in his arms.
“You look so delectable, I wanna fucking eat you up whole,” he grunted, pressing his nose into your ankle to ground himself.
But it still wasn’t enough.
Drunk on your inebriating scent filling up the air between the two of you, Jimin lowered himself on the bed and launched himself onto you, tongue moving to lick at your clit.
“Oh m—Fuck! Jimin! Holy – shit!” 
Egged on by your yelps, Jimin attached his open mouth to you, letting his lips meet your wetness while his tongue rolled over your clit. Your taste was heady – an aphrodisiac if there was ever one. He could get drunk on this.
And he intended to.
“So fucking delicious, baby,” he spoke into you. “Could eat you out forever, mm hmm.”
“Jimin, Jimin, oh my God, fuck, Ji~min,” you chanted his name, tugging at your constraints and twisting your body every which way, but Jimin’s grip on your thigh held you in place.
He slurped at your leaking slit, pulling his fingers out of you to let his tongue take their place, massaging your entrance and dipping past it in small licks.
“Chim...please,” you groaned, craning your neck as far as you could to look at his head of dark hair working between your legs. “More.”
But Jimin was unrelenting, not letting up with his mellow teasing as he licked, kissed and nipped at your cunt without delivering what he knew you needed. His fingers, slick with your arousal, moved to hold your hips down from moving too much, smearing your abdomen with your own wetness.
The thought of licking your essence off those sinful hips made him lose what remained of his senses, and Jimin dove full in. He had you at his mercy with your hands out of service and hips in his vice like grasp, and you were well aware of the power he held if your desperate pleas were anything to go by.
He hummed against your clit, teeth raking against the soft flesh and you convulsed above him, begging for a whole different reason now. 
“Jimin! I’m close… please, baby…”
“Not yet, sweetness,” Jimin murmured into you. “Let me have a proper taste first.”
He flattened his tongue over your slit, licking a fat stripe up your cunt, and you yelled out a garbled curse, thighs quivering in his grasp. Then he dipped his tongue in again, licking into your heat while his nose bumped into the hood of your clit. Your high pitched yells of his name were gradually losing coherence, making him grin against you in satisfaction.
He decided to bring his fingers back in, sliding two of them into you again and massaging the spot they met when he curled them, while his lips closed over your clit in a tight suction. Your body quivered above him, drawn out groans of some contorted form of his name escaping you and echoing in the space around you two. 
“Don’t you dare come until I tell you to,” he spoke into you, voice coming out ragged and heavy and hungry.
Jimin furiously fucked you with his fingers, teeth coming in to play with your clit as he did, grunting at the squelching sounds it made. Your cunt seemed to be growing narrower by how hard you were clenching around him, he could tell you were getting closer. He uncurled his other hand from your thigh to rest on your abdomen, feeling the stickiness he’d left there before, and he gripped your waist to pull you further down onto his mouth and fingers. He messily ate you out, tongue licking every inch of your delicious softness and lips meshing into you before sucking at your clit, voraciously.
You whined aloud, and Jimin chuckled against you.
“All good, baby?” he hummed into you, and you broke into a litany of pleas.
“Jim...Jimin...I’m gom—gonna – please, I—ungh, please lemme come, pleathe…”
Jesus fucking Christ, he would lose his fucking mind.
He swore to himself, detaching his mouth from you long enough to rest the side of his head against your thigh and look at your face which was all screwed up in agony. He groaned at the sight, sponging a kiss to the inside of your thigh, fingers moving in you even more frenetically. 
“Come for me, baby.”
He immediately returned to your core and pressed even closer into you, flicking his tongue over your clit once before swirling it around in tight circles.
“Come all over my tongue, pretty, lemme drink you up.”
Your channel gripped his fingers even harder and your moans grew in pitch. Jimin immediately wrapped his lips around your little nub to suck as hard as he could.
Your reaction was instant, a scream of his name ripping from your throat and the heel of your leg hooked over his shoulder digging into his shoulder blade as your body drew taut.
“Ji—min, fuck fuck fuck. Fuck! Fuck—ah!” 
Your walls fluttered around his fingers, squeezed so tight around them he wondered if he would even fit inside of you. But your juices had him forgetting about everything but your intoxicating taste, and he withdrew his fingers from you to seal his mouth over your entrance, lapping up every bit of your release. 
"Mm hmm, so pretty, so delicious, baby…"
“Chim… too much, ah…” your weak sob somehow penetrated the cloud of lust he was swimming in.
Very reluctantly, Jimin gave a single parting lick to your pussy, swiping his tongue from the very bottom to the very top, and moved to sit up between your spread legs. He brought his wet fingers up to his mouth, popping them in and licking off every trace of your heavenly taste from them.
He hadn’t realised when his eyes had closed in bliss, but your little gasp made him open them to meet yours. 
“You did so well, sweetheart,” he praised, brushing a kiss on the top of your knee with his lips still soaked in your essence. He sat back on his haunches and swiped the back of his hand over his mouth and chin, then. “Are you okay?”
Your gaze was heavy, lips red and parted as you stated at him. Then you scoffed a small laugh, lips pulling up in a  smile. 
"I’m – I’m more than okay, oh God. That was… so fucking good, Chim, your mouth is… fuck," you breathed out, still panting heavily. “You’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life. What the fuck, Park?!”
Jimin scoffed. You were calling him sexy? Had you seen yourself? Your breasts were heaving enticingly, sweat dotting various parts of your body, and Jimin really just wanted to lick your entire body clean. 
He brought a hand up to rake through his hair, abs and obliques flexing with his action. He noticed your eyes trace his torso. He grinned at you wickedly when you licked your lips. 
“See something you like?”
“Oh my God, Jimin, untie me,” you moaned, taking him by surprise. “Right now.”
He squinted at you. “What makes you think you’re in a position to give orders, here, sweetheart?”
"I really really need your cock in my mouth in the next ten seconds, or I might die," you announced with your wide eyes looking really serious and sort of panicked.
Jimin nearly swallowed his tongue, because damn did that filthy mouth of yours bypass his imagination. He had never been so hard in his life.
“Is that right?” He reined in his surprise and looked down his nose at you.
You squirmed under his gaze. “Yes, Chim. Please?”
“You could’ve asked nicely to start with, sweetness," he chastised, even as he moved to close your legs and straddle your waist to work the buckle of the belt. “Why run your mouth and risk being edged for an hour, hmm?"
Your movements froze for a moment, alarmed eyes connecting with his challenging ones. “Please don’t do that.”
Jimin gave a hearty laugh. “Ask nicely, then.”
He sat back on your thighs, leaving the belt still twisted up in your hands despite the buckle being undone. Waiting. 
He crossed his arms over his chest when you kept gaping at him. “Go on?”
You whined, turning your face to the side. “Come on, Jiminie, untie me! You deserve to have your soul sucked out of your cock, baby, please don’t deprive me. Please?”
His eyebrows shot up at your unexpected surrender. He’d expected you to protest more. Did you really want him in your mouth that bad? Oh, God.
“Are you trying to make me come in pants like a fucking teenager, what the hell?”
You pouted at him, eyes shining with mischief. “Someone said something about choking me with his cock. I’m just trying to get you to fulfill your promises, Park.”
Jimin smirked at you, lips parting and teeth peeking. He moved on top of you, nipping at the peak of your breast, the edge of your jaw, your earlobe – before feathering his lips over your ear. “I could do that with your hands tied, too, pretty,” he breathed. “Say the word.”
You choked on an inhale, chest frozen under him while he chuckled at you and sat back up.
“You’re sinful, Park Jimin,” you muttered, eyes shuttering in a playful glare.
Jimin tugged his belt off your hands and the bed frame, softly massaging your wrists while he slowly brought your arms down to rest on your abdomen.
“Looked in a mirror lately, Miss?” He raised an eyebrow, pulling your hands up to plant a soft kiss on the reddened skin of both your wrists. 
You bashfully ducked your head, rising to sit up with his help.
He slid back on the bed, slowly widening his stance to accomodate you between his legs. He wrapped an arm around your waist, tugging you to him while he feathered the fingertips of the other hand over your thighs. 
Your hand came up to cup his jaw, eyes gazing at him with unabashed lust and what seemed like a little bit of admiration. He smirked in response, tilting his head to accept you when you leant forward to capture his lips in a kiss. He immediately moaned into your mouth as you took command, massaging his lips with yours. Your other hand travelled to the back of his head, gripping his hair as you moved his head in accordance to you. Your tongue didn’t waste time in coming out to trace his lips, and he relinquished all control when you slid forward to straddle his lap with a deep groan. 
He maneuvered the two of you around without breaking the kiss, and sat back against your headboard. He helped you wrap both your legs around his waist, one hand reaching up to massage your scalp while the other traveled down to palm your ass.
You fell against his chest, both palms landing on his body, and instead of gripping onto him to steady yourself the way he’d expected you to, your hands started to wander. One of them reached up to trace his pectoral muscles, fingers brushing his fevered skin until your thumb suddenly flicked against his nipple, making him grunt into your kiss.
Your lips formed a smirk, your other hand sliding down his abdomen to curve over the front of his jeans. Jimin nipped at your upper lip when you drew his bottom one into your mouth, massaging it with your tongue. 
Your palm curled over him above his boxers. Blood hummed in his veins, making him cry out into your mouth.
Jimin pulled away from the kiss, canting his head back onto the headboard to catch his breath. You did the same with your head rolling over your shoulder, provocative eyes looking at him like a predator’s while your fist tightened over his length. 
“Ready for the best suck of your life, Mister Park?” Your voice was breathy, borderline desperate, but your eyes held a spark of defiance.
Jimin bit his lip, very well aware of the jump in his cock at the address. He couldn’t believe how easily you changed forms from being a writhing, submitting mess underneath him to straight up messing with him. 
He loved it.
When your eyes left his cut, muscled V-line, you winked at him and crawled backward on the bed, getting off his lap. 
Jimin gave you a wolfish grin in return. “Hit me with your best shot, Miss,” he teased.
And you did.
Your hands immediately busied themselves in wrestling his underwear past his ass. He lifted himself up from the mattress to aid you in the process as you tugged at his jeans, tearing the piece of clothing down his legs as if it had personally offended you.
Jimin watched you in amusement while you hurriedly freed his legs off the jeans and then his boxers. His cock was rock hard, slapping his abdomen when it sprang free from the confines of his underwear. His tip was red, begging for attention, and it took everything in him to not grip himself and give a few satiating strokes. He had been doing that for months. Now that he had you sitting in front him, buck naked and eyeing his cock with yearning in your gaze, he wouldn’t miss any fraction of an opportunity to have your hands on him.
He gave a small chuckle when you grumbled between your struggles of freeing his ankles from his skinny jeans.
But then all humor was knocked out of him. 
You didn’t wait for a single second, not even pausing to breathe before wrapping a palm around him and descending over him with your mouth open wide and wet. Your lips wrapped around his tip and you gave his cock a loud, wet, slurpy suction before licking off the precum slathered around the slit.
Jimin’s hips bucked off the bed, hands scrambling to find purchase in your hair and the bedsheets. “Holy shit, babe!”
You looked at him through your lashes, all sultry and luscious, and dipped your chest further down towards the bed.
Jimin slowly followed the lithe line of your spine, all the way up to—
Your ass was raised up as you knelt between his legs and your mouth-watering hips fell in his direct line of sight. The navy blue and black butterfly moved in tandem with your head, taunting him.
This was quite possibly the most erotic sight he’d ever seen in his entire life. Better than his imagination.
While he was still recovering from the visual of his dreams, you removed your hand from his cock, and using your tongue to spread his precum and your spit all over him, you opened your mouth to take him all in.
A choked cough escaped him when his tip hit the back of your throat. 
“What—sweetheart, I—fuck,” he brokenly stuttered, confused between pleasure and concern, the hand in your hair trying to pull you off him. “Are you—ah, are you okay, babe?”
You moved your hand to squeeze at his thigh, and Jimin relaxed. You’d caught him off guard and so he wasn’t aware of how prepared you were. It would kill him if he accidentally hurt you. 
But going by the way your lips were moving over his cock in a tight vacuum seal, you’d been more than prepared for him.
Your mouth bobbed up and down in quick, shallow strokes. Not every stroke hit the back of your throat, but you had your tongue flattened over the underside of him and were licking at the really sensitive vein that ran beneath his skin with your every move. Jimin dragged his other hand through the bed, abdominal muscles flexing and twitching with every jerk of your head.
“Fuck, baby, that’s so good. So warm, shit—”
He peeled open his involuntarily shut eyes with effort, looking down at the lewd sight of you.
Your cheeks were hollowed, and lips progressively growing a darker shade of red. Jimin belatedly recalled the lipstick you’d worn. Pride swelled in his chest on realising he’d probably wiped it all off with his own mouth.
“Look at you, fuck,” he grunted, chest heaving with short, quick breaths. “So fucking filthy. D’you know how often I have imagined this?”
The carnal sight of your lips stretching wide over him was nearly too much to handle. He sat up from his recline, one hand tightening in your hair and the other reaching across the span of your body to grope at your hips, squeezing the delicious flesh there before moving lower to give your plump ass a smack.
Your responding groan vibrated through his cock, and Jimin threw his head back with a muffled whine. “Shit, shit, shit—”
Your mouth slipped off him, hand coming to grip around his length. You swirled your tongue over his tip, rubbing it back and forth when his hips bucked, while your hand maintained a steady rhythm over the rest of him.
Jimin wheezed in heavy breaths, pulling his hand off your hip to shove his hair back from his sweaty forehead. 
His grip on your hair tightened. “What a dirty fucking girl… fuck… you look so good like this, baby.”
You looked up at him through your lashes at his praise, and he nearly fucking came. Oh God, you were so sexy.
But you recognised the delirious look in his eyes because you removed your hand from his thigh to grab his free hand and put it in your hair. Jimin swallowed a gasp. How were you able to ignite every single nerve ending of his with every little action of yours?
Jimin combed the fingers of both his hands through your hair, twisting it into a makeshift ponytail and held that in one hand. He tapped at your cheek with the other. “Pat my thigh when you need to tap out, okay? Don’t go over your limit.”
You nodded around a mouthful of his cock, and Jimin really fucking lost it for a second there. Remembering himself, he gathered his bearings, and tugged at your hair. You detached your mouth with a gasping whine, a thread of his precum hanging off your swollen lower lip and connecting to his dick.
He moaned at the sight, thumb moving to swipe against your lip. You caught it in your mouth, flicking your tongue against it the way you did on his dick, and Jimin’s breath caught.
You were nearly too much to handle. Nearly.
“Speak up, pretty,” he grunted, roughly pulling his thumb off you, replacing his hand to hold your chin.
You blinked at him with big, muddled eyes. “Yes.”
“Yes what?” he implored. “Tell me you understand.”
“Yes, I understand.” You licked your lips, eyes falling back to his length. “Won’t go over my limit. Just… fuck, Jimin, fuck my throat. Please. Need you, wanna feel you.”
Jimin didn’t need another summoning. Swearing under his breath, he gripped your face with both his hands and raised himself to his knees. You got to your hands and knees before him, cheek nudging his slit.
Your eyes were nearly glazed over, and if Jimin sat back to ponder the fact that you looked so freaking intoxicated by the prospect of having him fuck your mouth, this would be over way too soon. He breathed in deeply, instead, raking his eyes over your prone form and reminding himself of the thorough fucking you deserved for being so fucking unbelieavably receptive.
Tucking his lower lip between his teeth, Jimin directed your mouth towards his cock with a hand, sliding himself in with a grip on your hair, and your lax throat took him right in.
“Oh my God, fuck!”
Any and all thoughts left his brain – the feeling of your throat constricting around him the only thing in his world.
“You feel so incredible, baby, fuck—”
He wanted to hold back, really truly did, but the way you were suppressing your gag reflex and presenting yourself to him with such abandon had him going feral. With a muted growl, Jimin pulled himself out, tapping his tip against your deep red lips before driving deep again.
Your throat convulsed on him, teasing eyes telling him you’d done it on purpose, and he sputtered, mouth salivating and eyes rolling back.
“You dirty fucking minx,” he hissed, tugging at your hair to get your eyes back on his. “If you lose your voice because I fucked your mouth too hard, you’ll only have yourself to blame.”
And then he was wild, ravenous, untamed – holding your face still as he rammed his length into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. Your scattered moans around him were making him lose his mind. He had no clue how long he would last like this, but he could not restrain himself.
He’d always had lengthy plans for you, if ever got you under him. All his fantasies comprised him tasting every single, supple inch of your body, bringing you so much pleasure that you passed out from his mouth alone and he had to wake you up to fuck you. But right now, it seemed like he was gonna nut down your throat and pass out himself before he got to dick you down.
That thought, and that thought alone, was what helped him grip onto his slipping control.
Slowing his tempo for a moment, Jimin clenched his abdomen, reeling his spiralling restraint back in before he thrust again, repeatedly meeting the back of your throat. Your mouth was so warm, oh God.
He could feel sweat accumulating over his brow, running down his back, gathering over his abs from exertion.
“So good to me, so fucking pretty,” he heaved between heavy breaths, feeling hs balls tighten when you hummed in response.
Three more thrusts and then Jimin paused, pulling your head away from him.
“Enough! Fuck, I don’t wanna come before I get inside of you.”
Your slacked jaw came off him, pupils completely blown out, no trace of your irises visible at first glance. Jimin sank back on his haunches, jerking you up to kneel with him.
Your eyes still hadn’t connected to his, chasing his length until your face started to descend again.
Your reddened lips, watery eyes and all the spit and precum dribbling down your chin was already too erotic of a sight for Jimin to resist. But the second he saw you trying to get your mouth back on his dick, he lost all semblances of lucidity.
“Fucking hell, come here, you—”
Jimin grabbed your whole face in his hands and closed his open mouth over your delicate lips. He tasted traces of himself on your tongue, salty and wholly unpleasant, but the obscene sight he just saw was painted on the back of his eyelids and he growled low in his throat before sucking on your lips harder.
He let go of you when your hand tapped against his chest. 
“Need to… breathe…”
Jimin chuckled, letting go of you. “You okay, pretty?”
Your eyes were shut, palms resting on his thighs as your chest heaved. You swiped your hair over your shoulder, nodding. 
Your eyes opened to connect straight with his, your palms moving up his thighs. “I wanna ride you.” You licked your lips when he raised an eyebrow. “Please? Will you – will you let me ride you?”
Jimin swallowed, breath faltering. What a fucking sex goddess. And how good at learning and retaining instructions.
Inwardly, he wanted to moan out a depraved agreement and let you ride him into eternity, because God knew he would spontaneously combust if he wasn’t inside of you soon. But he also needed to pound you into your bed really bad. So on the outside, he looked at you with his head tilted back and thighs spread, deciding to entertain you for a while.
Taking in his inviting stance, you didn’t waste time climbing into his lap. He licked a path up the soft, delicious skin of your throat while you wound your arms around his shoulders. His palms flattened over your thighs, fingers digging into your delectable flesh.
“These thighs have been ruining my nights ever since I saw them,” he breathed into your neck, lips ghosting over the side of it. “Couldn’t sleep because the thoughts of having them wrap around my waist won’t fucking leave me.”
He relished the tremble that overcame your body, and moved his hand to palm your ass. His gaze dropped to your hips where multiple red spots had started to bloom as a result of his feasting. God, he needed a picture of this.
“And these hips.” He hissed out a breath. “Look at how pretty they look all marked up.”
Said hips undulated over his thigh, coating his skin with your arousal. Your own thigh made contact with his stiff length and he groaned. Jimin ground his teeth together, hips jerking upwards to engage in more friction.
A loud moan left you, head rolling back over your shoulders. Jimin didn’t waste a single second before catching one of your nipples in his mouth, grip tightening on your thighs. Your moan bled out into a breathy whimper, and Jimin sucked harder, pulling you down on himself harsher.
“Stop,” you breathed out, a shaky hand coming up to rest over his chest. “Get—get inside me already, God, please, Jimin! I need you in me so bad.”
Jimin pulled you up in a flash, teeth nibbling his own lower lip as he nudged your nose with his own. Staring deep into your eyes that were thickly layered with arousal, he slowly shook his head. Your eyebrows dipped in confusion. He licked at your lower lip, holding you tighter when you shivered.
“You can have your fun riding me, later, sweetness,” he told you, voice coming out breathless and scratchy. “Right now, I really need to fuck you into this bed, really hard.”
He winked at your dropped jaw before grasping you by your waist and flipping the two of you over. He absorbed your gasp of surprise in his mouth, taking you into a bruising kiss. His hands moved to clutch at you, one at the waist and the other gripping your thigh as he situated himself between your legs. He sucked your tongue into his mouth, grabbing your tit when your back arched up to him.
His length was hard and angry and even a feathery brush against your thigh had him groaning into your mouth.
Separating from your ambrosiac lips, he brought a hand up to cup your face. “Condoms. D’you have condoms, sweetheart?”
You blinked up at him, nodding as you pointed to your right. 
“Still no words, huh?” Jimin mumbled in admonition even as he turned his head to follow the general direction to your nightstand. 
Immediately leaning over, he pulled at the drawer and reached in. His fingers brushed against a couple of tiny packages, and he plucked one out.
“Handy, huh,” he remarked, raising a suggestive eyebrow at you, relishing the way your cheeks pinked.
He dropped the packet on your chest. 
“Help me?”
He smirked when you gulped, running a finger down the line of your throat, all the way down to your sternum, in the middle of the soft mounds of your breasts.
Looking into his eyes, you took the packet up to your lips and bit into a corner. Jimin sucked in a sharp breath when you tore it open with your teeth, the harsh foil pressing into your lips and skewing them crudely.
You rolled the condom on him with smooth swipes of your fingers over his length, and Jimin held back a shudder when you pumped him twice after you were done.
“There,” you breathed, breath audibly hitching when Jimin pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
His eyes connected with yours, one hand wrapping around your right thigh to tug it over his waist, and the other brushing over your center. He hissed when his fingers came in contact with your slick.
“You’re soaking wet, pretty baby.” His voice came out hoarse and lower than his usual pitch.
He dipped his fingers in to ensure you really were properly aroused, and he had to bite back a groan when you clenched over his digits.
“Such a greedy baby. Gripping my fingers even when she’s about to get my dick,” he sneered, pulling his finger out harshly and rubbing your wetness over his length. “Look at me when I fuck you, okay?”
“Y—es, okay.” You bit your lip, shaking underneath him. “Need you, Jimin. So so bad. Please – just, plea—oh!”
You cut off in a gasp when Jimin aligned himself with your entrance, pushing into you slowly. He looked up to find your eyes shut.
“I asked you to look at me!” he growled, glaring at you when your eyes opened. “Eyes. On me. The entire time. Understand?”
You dumbly nodded, and he brought up his hand wet with your arousal to grip at your jaw. 
“How many times,” he hissed, “do I have to remind you to speak the fuck up?”
With that, he slid into you in one strong, smooth motion, bottoming out through your slippery channel. You both groaned together, and Jimin’s head fell onto your clavicle. He drew his hips back and thrust back in, shallowly. 
“God, you fit me like a fucking glove, baby.”
Pressing kisses into your collarbones, he bit down when you still just moaned in response.
“I still don’t hear your words,” he grunted against your throat.
And yet, all he got from you were little gasps, in time with his slowly moving hips. The hand supporting your thigh separated from your skin, only to reconnect with a resounding slap.
“Speak up.”
You jumped, moaning with your mouth open. “I—I’m sorry – fuck – I’m sorry, Jimin, it just feels so good, baby—ah! I… I under—ah! I understand! I’ll look at you…”
He lifted himself up on his forearms to check whether you really did, and hummed in satisfaction to find your eyes on him. 
“Now, was that so difficult?”
He rose to his knees, cradling both your legs around his waist as he drew back and thrust in again. Your warmth enveloped him so well, he had to clamp up all his muscles to maintain his composure.
“How are you so fucking tight, sweetheart, fuck. Squeezing me so fucking good when I just fucked you open with my fingers,” he groaned, driving his hips against yours.
Your heavenly thighs framing him was literally a dream come true and he found himself groaning at the sight of your flesh pressed up against his. Your breasts swayed in time with his thrusts, tempting him to take them into his mouth. So he did, prompting you to lock your ankles at the small of his back as he grabbed at your tits. 
A lewd moan tore through your chest. “Fuck! Yes!”
Jimin picked up pace, gleaming eyes stuck on the tantalizing way your soft flesh bulges through his fingers.
"What a fucking sight, baby, fuck."
He removed one hand to press it down over your chest, looking into your barely open eyes. He snapped his hips against yours harder, grinding them when he was balls deep, and you stuttered out a broken rendition of his name.
Jimin's gaze went up to your arms that you'd crossed above your head, away and out of the way. 
"What an obedient little baby, ugh," he grunted, leaning over you to lock an appreciative palm over your wrists. "Definitely deserving of a reward for this."
Your breathing grew heavier, gasps melting into little whines at the end.
Jimin licked at your nipple with the flat of his tongue, rolling it over the areola before moving up to suck bruises into your neck. 
"Jimin, I—ah! Tha–thank you!" you sobbed.
He hadn't really been expecting you to respond this time, given how delirious you looked, but appreciated it all the same. Appreciated it way too much, in fact because he felt himself throb inside of you.
The hand he’d pressed down on your chest slipped over your collarbones, moving up. It wrapped around the base of your neck, his fingers and thumb pressing into either side as he squeezed a little. Your eyes widened, slowly, irises thinning even further with more arousal bleeding into your orbs.
“You like that?” he rasped, pulling his bottom lip into his mouth and grinding his pelvis against your clit.
Your lashes nearly fluttered, but you fought against shutting your eyes and never broke eye contact. “Y–yes, Jimin, it’s s–s–so goo—”
You sputtered into a muted groan under the suddenly increased pressure of Jimin’s fingers. He gripped your thigh firmly with his other hand, pushing it up against your chest and leaning over you to pound into you at a deeper angle.
Your eyes rolled back into your head, hands gripping onto the headboard. “Ji—min, fuck, fuck, fff—ungh!”
Jimin’s hand tightened over your throat, now cutting off some of your air supply and speech abilities. Your muted groans, incoherent yells, his own breathy pants and the wet, smacking sounds of skin slapping against skin filled your room. 
He reached up to grip at the headrest, hand closing over one of your own, and fucked you harder, shaking the bed dangerously under the two of you. Your entire body shifted against the mattress with the force of his thrusts, your little shrieks and yelps coordinating with his movements. 
Your gaze was completely unfocussed. Jimin could tell you weren’t actually looking at him even when your eyes stayed on his face. But he was looking at you. Oh, God, he was definitely looking. And saving every single inch of your gloriously fucked out self to his memory to revisit for the rest of his fucking life. He wished he could save the way you felt around him to his memory, too, because God knew he’d never felt anything like this before.
He told you as much, grips tightening over your hand around the headboard bar and your throat. You eagerly nodded back, whether in reciprocation to his sentiment or to egg him on, he didn’t know. But he went harder all the same, pulling your other leg over his shoulder, too.
“Min!” you suddenly gasped nearly unintelligibly. His eyebrows furrowed. “I–I’m—”
“Are you close, pretty?” Jimin asked, dropping a wet kiss against your lips when you nodded. “You wanna come, sweetheart?”
You eagerly nodded again, trying to say something else but making zero sense. Jimin choked you harder, making it impossible for you to even try to speak.
His eyes dropped to the place you were joined at, and he watched, transfixed, as your sopping cunt repeatedly swallowed his length. He groaned. “You’re taking me so amazingly, baby, fuck. This tiny pussy spreads so well for me…”
He let go of your throat to reach between your bodies to place his thumb on your clit, a giggle escaping him when it slipped.
“You’re so fucking wet, baby, shit. Can’t even touch you properly…”
He brought his index finger together with his thumb to pinch at your clit.
“Ahhh! Fu~ck! Jimin!”
He smirked at your rough yelps, immediately grumbling a curse when you clenched around him. “You’re so responsive, baby, shit. What an amazing girl. So good to me.”
Your eyelids fluttered at his praise, hips moving against him to meet him thrust for thrust.
“B–baby—so close—” 
“Yeah? You gonna come for me, sweetheart?”
You nodded, eyes slitted, but still fixed on him. “Ye–ye—ngh—yes—”
“You’re such a good girl, pretty,” he cooed, letting go of the headboard to grab one of your thighs for leverage, hips pistoning into you at an unforgivable pace. “Deserve to be,” he panted, “fucked so good, you—” he broke off, catching his breath “—you pass out, sweet baby…”
A high pitched moan tore through your chest, knuckles turning white in your tight grip at the headboard, and Jimin massaged your clit with two fingers. 
“Come for me, baby. Squeeze my cock, cream all over it, fuck, come on, pretty,” he grumbled, biting his lip at the visual, and ran his nose along the line of your throat.
Your breath was coming in gasps and hiccups and Jimin could feel you gripping his length harder. He breathed out against your neck, flicking his tongue out to taste you before rising up again to look into your feverish eyes. Your nose flared with every broken inhale and breasts pushed up against his chest with every frantic jolt of your body against the headboard.
Jimin could die like this with zero complaints.
“Oh—oh, I’m gonna—Chim, baby, I’m–I’m gonna come, I—” 
Your eyes finally broke contact with him, abruptly clenching shut. Your back arched and body froze for a second, and then your walls clenched him so fucking tight and you—
“Jimin, holy fu~ck-k-k-k!” 
“Shit shit, you’re so tight, baby, you’ll make me—”
Your pussy spasmed around him, tightening like a vice before easing until it tightened again, and it was all Jimin could do to not profess his undying love to your cunt.
You screamed, stuttering through your words, barely even sounding like yourself, and Jimin continued to furiously drive his cock into you, his tip meeting a spot deep within you and pulling him closer and closer to his own release. Jimin watched with a gaping mouth as you fell back against the bed, his restraint fully undone.
Your eyes opened to meet his own, and arms lowered from their position. Jimin let your thighs off his shoulders, to wrap them around his waist. You hummed, face relaxed and limbs loose. Jimin dipped his head to devour your lips, letting go with a resounding smack when breathing became a trouble.
“Can I touch you?” you then murmured, voice hoarse and worn out, and he felt himself throb a little harder at the knowledge that he’d done this to you.
“Yes—ah, fuck—yes, sweetheart. Yes, you can touch me."
You shakily lowered your palms to his pectoral muscles, and Jimin hissed at the touch of your cold hands against his heated flesh. Your fingers fluttered over his nipples, the softness you eluded in contrast with the ruthless pace he was going at inside you. Jimin grunted when you scraped a nail over one of them. Then you suddenly pinched both of them between your finger and thumb and twisted at the same time, and a groan of pleasure was pulled out of him in between his gasps of exertion.
You were exhausted, though, and so your hands quickly left his chest to wrap around his torso, arms looping beneath his upper arms to grab onto his shoulders. Your lashes fluttered up at him, parted lips shiny with spit now quirking in an open mouthed smirk just as you dug your nails in, and fucking raked them down his back.
"Fu~ck, oh my God!" Jimin gasped loudly, eyes widening at your mischievous expressions.
He was gonna fucking explode without preamble. Letting you touch him was a bad idea.
One of your hands situated itself on the small of his back and the other reached up to wrap around the base of his neck. All your nails scratched at his damp skin, your eyes sparkling when Jimin’s hips faltered in their movement in response.
“You like that, baby?” you whispered in a husk, ankles locking behind his back to pull him further in, and Jimin toppled on top of you with an oomph, chest meshing into your breasts and face falling onto the bed, next to yours.
He growled, scowling when your giggles trickled into his ear.
"You fucking tease, you’re—"
He pulled out of you, and dropping both your legs off his waist, gripped your hands in one of his to tug them up. Grabbing you by your waist, he rose to his knees again and flipped you over beneath him, your yelp of surprise muffled by the pillow your face sank in.
He let go of your hands and waist, sat back on his haunches, and placed both his palms on the gorgeously delicious flare of your hips to drag your ass up. In a second, he slid home, hitting you even deeper at this angle.
The two of you moaned, and Jimin gripped your hips tight to begin a brutal pace, pounding into your weeping cunt with renewed vigour. 
"Jimin! Fuck!”
Your shout was followed by you stumbling to rise on your palms, failing and landing on your elbows. He laughed menacingly, smirking at your breathless moans. 
“Yes, pretty, hold yourself up like that. My pretty girl… So hardworking, so good. Yeah.”
“Yes… yes, oh my God, Jimin—ie,” you moaned, turning your face to the side so that he could see your gaping mouth, “love it, baby—”
"Yeah, baby," he panted, feeling himself lose coherence at the overwhelming carnality of this position, "I love it, too."
And he did.
The erotic sight before him was straight out of his wildest fantasies. 
Your hips, those delicious hips he'd fallen in love with, unknowingly, were held tight in his grasp. Your thighs framed his own, meeting him with lewd slaps with every thrust. The butterfly tattoo between the dimples above your ass seemed to flap its wings with every roll of your ass over his dick, and Jimin had to bite back a moan at the sight of your ass cheeks jiggling with the same motion.
He delivered a smack on one, palming the tender flesh immediately. You shouted his name, head stretched far back and back arching.
Jimin cursed under his breath, letting go of your ass to wind his arms around you. He gripped at your breast, rolling a nipple under his thumb until you mewled in protest, and then slid his palm down your stomach to run his fingers around your stuffed pussy.
“Gonna come for me again?”
You violently shook your head. “No! No, Chim, I can’t, I’m—I’m too sensiti—ah!”
Jimin twirled a finger around your swollen clit, licking his lips. “Yes, you can, pretty, and you will.”
His finger worked in rhythm with his cock, slipping over your sensitive nub just as his balls slapped against your pussy.
“Jimin, too much…” you groaned, elbows giving out.
“Shh, just a little more. My pretty baby will give me another one.”
He wrapped an arm around your hips to hold you up, dipping to plant a kiss between your shoulder blades. Soon enough, your groans of protest were turning into gasps of pleasure. Jimin chuckled against your shoulder, licking a path up the back of your neck.
“Does it feel good now, baby?”
You nodded against your pillow. “So good!”
Jimin fucked into you with renewed conviction, ignoring the cramping in his forearm as he rubbed your clit, this time chasing his own high that he could feel hovering close by.
And then your walls were fluttering around him for the second time just as you sobbed curses into your mattress. Jimin’s brain went haywire at the sensations, hand falling off your clit to grip at your shoulder, his chest pressing up against your back.
“Baby,” he groaned into your neck, “I’m gonna come.”
Your breath hitched, hips making some sorry efforts to push back against him, but the coil beneath his navel tightened all the same. Topped by the sensation of your still spasming cunt, Jimin’s head swam, eyes clenching shut as the coil grew taut with tension and then— 
“Fuck fuck fuck, baby, fuuuu~ck—”
The tension in his abdomen snapped, every single nerve ending in his body lighting up as he came, literally exploding with a shout of your name. Tremors overtook his body and his cock twitched, ropes of his release filling up the condom just as his brain blanked out, all sensations leaving him in the wake of the overwhelming ecstasy of his orgasm. White noise filling his ears, he collapsed on top of your body when his knees gave out.
Heavy breathing filled the room for extended minutes.
And then you coughed beneath him, an elbow nudging at his ribs.
“Chim… heavy… can’t breathe…”
He floated back to the world of living with lazy blinks of his eyes, belatedly chuckling when your words registered in his brain. With a heavy sigh, he pulled his softening dick out of you and heaved himself off you to fall on his back on the bed, next to you. His hands still lifeless, he made an effort to roll the condom off himself and tie it up. He peered over the edge of the bed to look for a dustbin, extending an arm to toss the soiled condom in it when he spotted it under your bed.
Once he had comfortably situated himself back in his lying position, he gazed at your nearly lifeless form. You were still lying on your stomach with your head turned towards him, your eyes closed and mouth parted. Jimin could tell you weren’t asleep though, despite the soft rising and falling of your back.
The reality of the situation suddenly hit him like a truck.
He fucked you.
He fucked you – his crush of over a year, the muse of his every lustful pining, the lead actress of his every sexual fantasy, his roommate, and, as of late, also the other girl he had started to lust over.
He fucked you – and you let him. Enjoyed yourself quite a bit too, as far as he could tell.
He finally fulfilled his dream of over a year, holy shit, and it was so fucking good! Better than his expectations!
You suddenly cleared your throat, and Jimin blinked away his mental fistpump.
Your eyes were now open and trained on him. He couldn’t help his answering smirk, rolling onto his side to face you, a hand coming up to rest on the curve of your hips that he had finally had the opportunity to claim. Your cheeks reddened at his action, and his smirk widened a bit.
“So…” he began, biting down on his bottom lip.
He laughed at how awkward you were being.
“So that was fucking fantastic, sweetheart, you’re a sex goddess,” he finished with a roll of his eyes, still chuckling when you scrunched your nose up.
“It most certainly was, Chim,” you mumbled, humming with a smile. 
You slowly turned over your side, too, to face him properly. His eyes automatically fell to the globes of your breasts, his smile turning sheepish when you flicked his forehead. 
“And you’re a sex god yourself, if we’re really gonna get into it.”
Jimin just smiled at you, too sated and comfortable to stir up anymore conversation, content by just watching the post-orgasmic flush on your face.
You cleared your throat again, gazing away from him. Jimin laughed. 
“You can look at me, I don’t mind.”
You snorted. “Of course you don’t, you cocky bastard.”
Jimin quirked an eyebrow when you met his eyes again. “Well, I sure am cocky, ain’t I?”
You gasped in outrage, smacking a palm against his chest which he caught in his own to hold in place. Your face turned serious, gaze dropping to his lips, and he sidled closer to you to brush his nose against yours. 
“Chim,” you breathed, rubbing your lips against his, and he responded with a stuttered hum. “Can we… um. Are we gonna do this again?”
He reared away from you in surprise. “Uh…”
Your face fell, eyebrows furrowing, and you sat up, turning away from him. “I—I was just, um… offering? I guess? We totally don’t have to, I—”
Jimiin cut you off with an arm curled around your abdomen. “Come here, you idiot.”
You turned to look at him with wide eyes, and he sat up to face you, sliding close enough to press his chest against your side, consciously not letting his eyes stray beneath your face. 
“I was taken aback because I assumed that this would be a regular thing, by default, babe,” he honestly confessed. “I mean, I'm gonna admit… I’ve slept around a lot. More than I should’ve, probably. But the fire you light in me? Yeah, I’ve never felt that before. And now that I have felt it up close, I wanna feel more of it.”
You were shyly biting down on your bottom lip by the time he finished talking, and Jimin couldn’t fathom how you changed into this irresistibly demure girl under his praise when you were a sassy, sexually over-expressive individual on the normal. Not to say he minded, because he liked it. A lot.
“And I’ve kinda wanted to do this with you for a while now, please don’t kill me,” he admitted in a single breath, looking at you with apprehension until your wide eyes reassured him that you weren’t offended.
“I kinda figured that one out already. You talked about having imagined a lot,” you reminded him, and he gave you an unabashed shrug, somewhat surprised you’d retained his passionate confessions.
But then you had him freezing.
“And you’re good, Park. I’d be a hypocrite to kill you when it’s been kinda the same for me,” you said with a casual shrug of your shoulders. “Minus, of course, the sleeping around more than I shou—”
“Wait, wait – what?”
You blinked. “What?”
“You said it’s the same for you—what?”  
You squinted at him, huffing out a small, incredulous chuckle. “You seriously don’t have a clue, do you?”
Jimin squinted back. “Clue? About what?”
You looked at him with a torn expression slowly spreading over your face. “I didn’t really plan on bringing this up directly. Ever, if it didn’t come to it. But… guess you’re more oblivious than I thought.”
Jimin thickly swallowed, kind of able to guess where you were headed with this and unable to believe it was happening.
“Well… I had this gigantic crush on you when I moved in,” you mumbled, pulling both your lips into your mouth.
Jimin stopped breathing. You really—?
You winced. “I know, I know, it was horrible. But, come on, Park. You’ve looked in a mirror. You know you’re a fucking catch. The first few weeks with you were torture. I’d seen you shirtless a couple of times, and… my mind wasn’t ready to forget that.”
Jimin was sure he was dreaming, at this point. The mindblowing sex had really been a fever dream. He subtly pitched himself, jolting when it hurt. 
No, he wasn’t dreaming.
Fuck. Fuck yes! What the fuck?
“Why didn’t you ever say anything, babe?” he mumbled, sounding breathy even to his own ears.
“I – I tried to give you subtle signs, planning to come on to you when I was sure you were reciprocating. Because, as I got to know you, I realized that the attraction wasn’t worth sacrificing our friendship for, and so I didn’t approach you directly.”
Jimin sucked in a harsh breath, shocked at how perfectly your side of the story aligned with his. 
“Well, obviously your subtle hints were way too subtle,” he murmured, a little annoyed at fate.
You shot him a glare. “Jimin. Are you serious? I gave up the sorority to live with you!”
Jimin gaped at you, caging you in his arms to put his face next to yours. He narrowed his eyes. “No. You got rejected because you failed an exam and—”
“Oh, my God, Chim! Are you really that naive?” You rolled your eyes with a self-conscious laugh, but something akin to adoration shone on your face. “All those eligibility rules are just on paper! Srats and frats don’t actually reject people that harshly.” You brushed a kiss against his lips, and his breath stuttered. “Besides, I didn’t actually fail that exam, Park.”
Jimin pulled back from you with a loud gasp. “What? Oh, my God—babe! How the hell was I supposed to figure that one out?”
You gave him a sheepish smile. “Yeah, alright, that was a tough one. But what about all those tales of my escapades I forced you to listen to? Did you think I was some sort of a closet exhibitionist or something?”
Jimin’s cheeks warmed. He sat back again, shrugging a shoulder. “Well, I don’t kink shame.”
You laughed aloud at that, shaking your head. “I just kept hoping, day after day, for that one fine moment when your resolve would weaken and you’d react. Maybe pull me in for a kiss? Or, at the very least, show me a sign that you were bothered by those talks? But no! You just sat back like a darn wingman, and never showed any interest. The only crack I saw was last night, and even then you didn’t revolt over me talking about sucking a random guy’s dick! You didn’t even try to ask who the guy was!”
Jimin shook his head. “It was very difficult, on all occasions but especially last night, I assure you. But I didn’t wanna come off as a pervert and have you run out of the house.”
“That would never have happened.” You bit your lip. “Gosh. We could’ve really been doing this a year ago!”
“Damn. That’s a lot of wasted time, shit.” Jimin exhaled, still reeling. It suddenly came back to him. “Was the Taehyung thing meant to rile me up, too, or…?”
Guilt spread on your face, cheeks flushing. You shook your head and Jimin gaped at you.
“That was pretty real, I’m afraid. I—hey, don’t give me that look! I was pretty frustrated, okay? You weren’t budging from being a good friend, I was getting kinda desperate here.”
Jimin still scowled at you. “You sent him nudes, ma’am. The biggest fuckboy on the entire campus has your nudes. And he obviously doesn’t have any qualms sharing them with people; exhibit a – me.”
You worried your bottom lip with your teeth. “Well, they don’t have my face, so…”
“And thank God for that! Or I’d have to hack into the fucker’s phone to burn them out of existence!”
A teasing smile crawled up your face. “Look at you getting all protective and shit after having sex once, huh?”
Jimin stiffened, worried he’d overstepped. Your eyes widened, too, and you hurried to shake your head.
“Not – not in that sense! I’m not proposing a relationship—” You cut yourself off with a wince. “I mean, not yet—” You cut yourself off again when his eyes widened, before giving up. “You know what? I’m just gonna shut up.”
Jimin shook with silent laughter. You huffed, petulantly, grabbing your t-shirt from the edge of the bed to toss it over your body.
“Hey, listen,” Jimin called out, pulling both your hands in his, “let me help you sort things out?” At your timid nod, he smiled. “I liked what we did. A lot. And I’d like to do more of it. A lot more of it. We good so far?”
You chuckled, looking away from him. “Yes.”
“Great. Next, I think it’s too soon to be jumping into a relationship. But I may be open to it in future,” he tentatively continued, eyes stuck to yours.
You exhaled at his words, face flooding with what looked like relief. You gave him a nod. “Yes. Yes, that. Exactly that.”
“So, we’re on the same page then?”
“The same sentence, too.”
Jimin felt his own inhibitions lower at your enthusiastic tug at his hands. This didn’t feel awkward, at all. This felt good.
So good. Wow.
Your gaze dropped to his crotch, surprising him. But instead of feeling self-conscious, he felt like teasing you.
He wiggled his eyebrows at you. “The same sentence, you say? Is it, perhaps, a question that begins with ‘what about’ and ends with ‘a second round’?”
Your cheeks puffed out in an attempt to contain your laughter. “It does, as a matter of fact. Followed by an all-caps ‘yes’, and an asterixed clause saying ‘I get to be on top, this time’.”
Jimin broke down into fits of uncontrollable laughter, falling into your lap, and you followed suit, tilting to a side on the bed.
God. You were the same level of crack-headed as him. This was gonna go so well, fuck. He couldn’t wait.
Jimin glanced at the clock on your nightstand when you were both sufficiently calmed, turning to grin at you. “It’s been over an hour since you were due for your video call. Taehyung must be losing his mind.”
Your brows arched in surprise. “Oh, I completely forgot about that!”
Jimin licked his lips, pulling you over his lap. “Uh huh. That’s really good to know.”
You eyed his lips. “I’m just gonna block him. He won’t even miss me. Bet he’ll get over it in a day.”
“I support that action.”
Going by the way he’d drooled over you, it might take the guy longer than a day. But Jimin was positive it won’t be longer than a week.
“So, about that asterixed clause,” Jimin began in a murmur, pressing a kiss to your jaw. 
“Yes?” you responded with your eyes gleaming in excitement.
Jimin bit his lip. “I support that action, too.”
With a squeal, you rushed to pull your t-shirt off, and Jimin would’ve laughed at your enthusiasm if he wasn’t moaning at the sight of your sexy body that he really couldn’t get enough of.
Tumblr media
The next time Jimin saw Taehyung was for the psych class on Monday.
True to character, he was already drooling over someone else. And dude was so lost exploring the slew of nudes he received to pick out a candidate to spend the night with, that he didn't even notice Jimin’s own barely concealed groans as he looked at the Snaps you’d sent him.
“Park, man, I think I’m in love.”
Jimin blinked away from the picture of your pussy glimpsing past the new thong you’d bought, with a ‘what sentence we on today?’ written over it, and hurriedly locked his phone. Taehyung was longingly staring at his own phone screen when he turned to face the guy.
“You’re what?”
Taehyung clicked his tongue. “Gosh, man, that fucking ass—ugh!”
Jimin rolled his eyes, chuckling. “You’re in love with her ass?” 
“His. His ass. Says his name’s Yeon Kimin. Weird, but I ain’t tryna marry him. But dude, those pasty fucking globes—oh my God…”
Jimin smoothly tuned the guy’s lustful musings out to focus on his phone. Unlocking it, he discreetly placed it beneath the table to open Snapchat and click a picture of himself with his lower lip tucked between his teeth and an eyebrow raised. He quickly typed a ‘we replacing that thong with these lips, obv’ over it and hit send.
You typed back a response, this time, a blue bubble appearing in his notifications. 
not just a roomie👅 storage room behind the photo studio in ten PLEASE
Save the begging for later, sweetheart ;) Meet you in 5
Jimin locked his phone and picked up his bag to slink out of the classroom, smirking at Taehyung’s raised eyebrows. The guy sent back a dirtier smirk, mouthing ‘get it, soldier’ with a wink and a thumbs up.
God, what a guy.
Jimin ran out with a skip in his steps, full of excitement and energy, now that his nights were actually full of sleep and not visions of you. They didn’t have to be, when his days were already full of the real you, did they?
Tumblr media
I don't wanna take you nowhere; I don't wanna waste your time. Baby girl, won't you come my way? Baby girl, won't you come for me~
Tumblr media
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scream your panties (m) – pjm
Tumblr media
➺ pairing: jimin x female reader
➺ genres/tropes: fluff; humor; smut; minor angst; panhellenic college au ; established relationship ; halloween shenanigans
➺ warning/content tags: 18+; swearing (cuz issa fic by me), extremely inaccurate depictions of Greek life (I used PBP because I have friends from there and it’s the only one I feel safe making fun of); mutually jealous Jimin and Y/N who are in a deeply symbiotic relationship and are somehow the same person, sexualized Toy Story Halloween costumes, Y/N is prone to murderous fits of rage but so is Jimin (he just pretends he isn’t to look more civilized), haunted houses are scary (includes jump scares, scary themed rooms, and also taegiseok n yeonbin in creepy costumes), fighting n misunderstandings (gets scary for a sec but its quick like ripping off a bandage), smut: boob enthusiast Jimin, tons of breast play n nipple play, chest enthusiast Y/N cuz Jimin has nipple piercings 😏, Jimin likes to spank you both inside and outside the bedroom, hand job, unprotected penetrative rough sex (multiple times), Jimin n Y/N get randomly into the feels all the fucking time so if you hate intimacy this fic aint the one for you, copious marking/biting, spit play, panty thief Jimin returns (sorry but this is canon to my Jimins I can’t make him stop 🤡), big dick size king Jimin, creampies/pussy stuffing, blow job, sixty-nine action (yes they blow and eat out each other at the same time), fingering, multiple orgasms, riding, cock warming, showering together
➺ word count: 17.4k
➺ summary: As your midterms have ended and Halloween has arrived, you are looking forward to a pleasant time relaxing and enjoying the festivities at your sorority and Jimin's frat houses. Luck is not in your favor, though, because things keep going wrong like a trail of dominoes falling – the only upside to your slowly deteriorating day being that you get to end it with your boyfriend's delicious self between your legs.
➺ author’s note: Yo sorry for being a hot mess 😭. I had to change my fic idea for this collab last minute (literally on like Oct. 29) and since then it's been a mad dash to get this fic out. I didn't abandon the vampire fic idea, I'm just gonna write it outside a collab with deadlines don't fret! Anyways I hope you really enjoy this fic, it was supposed to be a short lil cute pwp and I made it a super long smutty mammoth fic because I'm obsessed with Jimin 🙄. Btw I amped up the steamy factor and length cuz I'm going on a writing break after Nov. 15 since I’m not really going to have much of free time to write. I’ll still attempt to post once a month but if that doesn’t happen please don’t pressure me about it? I posted like 100k for you guys this year and the year isn’t even over. I hope this tides you over until you get the second half of LOTL. Cuz like, is it a Halloween fic? Sure. But also, do sororities and frats always have random ass costume parties in the middle of the year? Yeah, man. You can read this fic at any time of the year honestly. Please leave some love for this fic if you did like it 💕 feedback is always incredible to receive. The validation I get on each fic I post increases my confidence and allows me to feel secure in continuing to write and post more stories for you guys. I love you a lot and I’ll miss you when I’m on my writing hiatus. These exams are absolutely critical though; I can’t manage both the stress of tumblr and school at the same time for Nov-Jan tbh.
This fic is a part of Jimin’s Sunset Spooktober! Banner made by my darling @knjsnoona & me! It’s just collaboration after collaboration in this household lmaoo 🥰. Beta-read by @jimilter she’s on payroll now! Jimin writes the checks to my lovely bff for all of her help (this is a joke I hope you understand that 😭). I feel like I should credit Ash as a ghost writer. I mean she didn't write this fic but she basically could've with how much I told her and how much she helped. I’m truly blessed to have such lovely and supportive angels as friends 🥺
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Tumblr media
It’s hot in your bedroom but you don’t want to push the male who’s got his face buried in your chest off your body.
Stifling a sigh, your left hand caresses his scalp, long fingers threading themselves into the messy overgrown gunmetal gray strands. Jimin slides his palms over your sides, grasping a hold of your tiny waist and pulling you closer to him as you throw a leg over his hips. His hands move north as he brushes them past your ribs and grabs your bare breasts, uncovered since you are mostly nude underneath him and only wearing a scrap of red lace to cover your lower half. He presses your breasts together, bunching the round full globes together before swiping a thumb over the puffy nipples until they start to harden. He finishes the job by enclosing his mouth over one of them and then the other, sucking and nibbling on those stiffening points until they tighten into sensitive, rigid peaks.
It’s not unusual for you to be wrapped around your boyfriend’s body, his slim yet muscular limbs grasping you like a vice, on a Friday afternoon. You don’t have classes on the last day of the week, only a morning shift as a writing tutor at the student center, and Jimin only has his Philosophy discussion on Fridays, led by the course’s TA. The two of you always find your ways back to each other on this day, hence, making up for the lost time over the rest of the week.
Today, you met him for lunch at the Panda Express on campus and then walked back with him to your apartment. Which brings us back to now – Jimin with his shirt off, only wearing the sky blue jeans that make his ass look divine, hovering over your body with his overly long, steel colored bangs falling into his eyes as he sucks on your tits and hums absentmindedly.
The two of you have come to prefer your place over his for moments like these. In freshman year, you were in a triple in the dorms while he had a double with Kim Taehyung, so you two would usually find yourselves fooling around in random empty classrooms in the Physics department. In sophomore year, you lived in your sorority which had much stricter rules than the apartment Jimin had gotten with a couple of his friends. But this year, Jimin is living in his fraternity and you are the one with the apartment which you don’t have to share with anyone. You’ve slept over at the frat before; Beta Tau Sigma doesn’t care if they have girls over, but sometimes you both prefer the privacy here. Jimin and you are usually insatiable; two and a half years together and you’re both still exceeding horny when it comes to each other, and if Jimin’s frat knew how often you two actually were fucking rather than doing anything else, they would never let him live it down as they hurled teasing but impressed compliments his way.
“Jimin?” you murmur, tightening your grip to tilt his head upwards so he can meet your gaze.
Jimin looks at you, heated dark brown eyes under hooded eyelids, his soft silvery hair a rumpled mess clinging to his forehead. “I love you,” he mutters, locking his eyes with yours, pushing his lips out into a puckered pout that eagerly seek yours.
Fuck. He’s so hot.
You move your head towards his and sigh as your lips meet. Jimin slots his lips over yours again and again, their plush pillowiness feeling like heaven against your mouth. He languidly darts his tongue out to press against your lips until they part enough that he can slip it inside. As your tongues twine together, Jimin sucks on yours, his cheeks hollowing out. A moan slips out from you, unbidden as you’re unable to control your urges around this man. One would think that time would make it easier for you, make you less susceptible to the temptation that was Park Jimin, but they would be wrong.
You still make a valiant effort to pull away from him, breaking apart from the kiss. You press your palm against his chest, flush against the Nevermind tattoo crawling up the right side of his torso, to keep him from drawing even closer to you although his grip around your waist keeps you from getting too far.
“Jimin,” you whine trying to engage your boyfriend into conversation.
The male lets his face fall into your chest, banging his forehead lightly against your sternum, “No,” he protests, his straight, dark eyebrows getting pushed together as he furrows his forehead. “Lemme kiss you. I just wanna spend time with you here in your bed until I’m forced to leave and help the Beta Tau Sigma set up for the haunted house. You’ll let me fuck you, won’t you baby?” he needles, “We have all night to talk.”
You scowl, not that he can see it, and push him off of you. Jimin rolls his body around, flopping next to you in bed, immediately wincing when he notices your narrowed eyes. “What is it, Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asks it sweetly and it seems at odds with how his previous sentence caught your ire and made you instantly see red.
“Why do you never want to talk to me?” you demand, crossing your hands over your bare breasts. You irately sweep your long mess of dark hair over your shoulder to let it hang down your back.
You barely got to speak to him this week; when you delivered a bag of hot tofu stew and rice to the study room he had booked, he snapped at you when you hung around, though you were only planning on sticking around long enough to kiss Jimin and force him to put down his books to eat. But this feels different from how Jimin goes radio silent during the weeks when he has a heavy school load filled with studying for exams. Both of you were done with midterms. You wouldn’t have tests again until finals. Jimin even made up his mind to come out and celebrate Halloween with you and his frat, even though he has his Autumn showcase the next evening.
You don’t know if you’re being entirely too sensitive but you don’t like this. It’s hurtful that Jimin says he doesn’t want to talk to you right now—right?
Jimin stares at you, pink mouth wide open as he looks aghast. “I know. I messed up. This is my fault. I shouldn’t have worded it like that, but you know I love talking to you. That’s all we ever do, baby. I text you more out of everyone. I facetime you at all hours of the day. It’s never ever a silent meal when we’re eating together. And I love every bit of it. You know that, right? Y/N, I just. Baby, I miss you. I haven’t seen you all week. I want physical intimacy with you, not just emotional.”
Your frown softens. Fuck, you are being overemotional. He’s right. He’s a great boyfriend. He always tries his best to stay close to you and make your relationship seem special. You were especially craving Jimin’s soft words after so long without (or so it felt, anyways), said in that husky yet sweet toned drawl, fanning over your heated skin as he delivered them with hard kisses from his plush, Bratz doll-esque lips. Your love language was words of affirmation, after all. But in that way, perhaps Jimin needed to slowly ease his way back into talking to you. He did get frighteningly shy. Your sweet loveable boyfriend grew quiet and uncomfortable with people, even those he had known his entire life if he hadn’t seen them for a while. It never took him too long to get back into the flow of his old ways, but he was always a little awkward at the beginning. How had you forgotten that?
You bite your lips as you frown and you let yourself get wrapped in his embrace again, remembering that Jimin craved physical intimacy with you and that that was his love language. For a moment, you allow yourself to enjoy the warmth from his hold, cherishing the way he buries his nose into your crown and tenderly drops light kisses on the top of your head while you attempt to calm your breathing and reign in your emotions. This has nothing to do with him. You’re overreacting.
Striving for a lighthearted tone, you let out a hopefully airy laugh that doesn’t ring too hollow. You brush your fingers along his spine, where you can feel the ring of bones going up his back, softly letting your fingertips tickle his sensitive skin.
“We’ll have sex, I promise. I just need to talk to you about tonight first, before I forget.”
“What’s there to talk about, babe? You got me the costume; I’ll wear it and show up to the Pi Beta Phi manor and we’ll win the thing. And then we go over to my frat to go through the haunted house.”
There were multiple reasons why Jimin walked you home today, but the most important one in your eyes is to pick up his Halloween costume. You have grand aspirations of winning the costume contest at the function your sorority is holding. The winner of the couple event will not only get a month off of required duties at the sorority but also a weekend stay at a fancy hotel room in the city. You are so tired of the mac n cheese lunches they held for philanthropy events. You gain ten pounds, or so it feels, each time. And the date parties? The themes are always so weird and unique that you have to buy a completely new outfit for yourself each time because you can’t reuse anything that was already in your closet. That’s not even the worst of it but you’ve gotten your point across. This sorority is bleeding you dry.
“Ugh, the haunted house,” you groan, burrowing your face into Jimin’s shoulder. His skin is warm and flushed, but he smells amazing and his hugs always give you the instant boost of serotonin you desperately need. Which you now need more than ever. Tonight has to be good for both of you.
Jimin thinks you’re only upset because you hate being scared and bemoans, “Hey! You said that if I let you pick the costumes you would come with me to my Beta Tau’s event too. It’s not Jack and Sally, is it?” His lower lip juts out into a pout that you’re too distracted to notice.
“I thought you guys would throw a Halloween party,” you grumbled.
“We’re doing that too, babe. It’s just half the first floor and all of the second floor we’re converting.”
You suddenly remember the second part of Jimin’s question which makes you laugh lightly, more genuinely this time, before pressing a soft kiss against his throat, “Sorry, ’Min, I didn’t have time to hand make costumes for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Next time, okay? I still think this is good. We could win.”
“What is it?” he asks, sounding full of suspicion. But his attention is wavering again and he’s more focused on groping your ass and pulling on your red lace panties before they snap back softly against your skin.
“You’ll see when you get ready,” you murmur, “But, Jimin,” you hedge.
“Hmm?” He's not paying attention at all. Not when he gets to grip at your luscious hips and squeeze your juicy ass.
“I need you to look very sexy. Pull out all the stops when you’re getting ready, baby.” It’s not that Jimin doesn’t look good when he doesn’t put in effort. He has a casual beauty that is heightened by his effortless style. But you need him to look lethal. Park Jimin when he wants to slay is a whole other kind of demon, one that you are glad is your boyfriend. You would cry if you got to see Jimin looking fine as hell but he wasn’t going home with you.
He bends his neck, nuzzling his face into your chest again, “Sure thing, baby. I won’t forget. Do you need to do my makeup? Should I just ditch helping with the setup?”
You tighten your grip, “Stay with me. Fuck Beta Tau Sigma.”
He chortles, letting out peals of pleasured laughter, “Babe. I wish.” Jimin’s so fucking cute, you wanna pat his head and thus you immediately do so, not even attempting to curb the urge, and then you finger comb back his silver gray locks that you had twisted into a mess earlier.
“No, you don’t need any face makeup, unless you want to. You just need to look hot and be shamelessly confident. Maybe you can channel Seokjin?” you suggest. You heard that Seokjin has a nautical themed costume to wear tonight. If he’s going as a sexy merman that bares all, then Jimin could probably stand to borrow some of his confidence.
Jimin narrows his eyes, looking affronted, tightening his grip on one asscheek before spanking it loudly, “I don’t need to channel Seokjin hyung when I can channel myself, Y/N.”
“Okay, okay,” you easily acquiesce, your own hand moving down to your backside and attempting to rub the reddened flesh. “You’re right, but… remember to do that please.”
“Okay, I don’t get all this remembering business. Y/N, I always look hot,” Jimin tilts his head looking down at you, “What the fuck are you dressing me up as, dude?”
You blink. “Something sexy?”
“Then explain your comment or I’m pushing you off me. You don’t deserve me or my body,” he sasses, already with his hands on your shoulders, prepared to throw you off. “Y/N, you do think I’m the hottest guy you’ve ever seen or been with, right?”
You nervously giggle and lightly scream. How the fuck do you explain that you need Jimin to pull off a very specific look without spoiling the surprise and telling him what it is? “Of course, I think you’re the most attractive man that’s ever lived. Jimin, you are pure aesthetic excellence,” you quickly interject.
“You know how there are several kinds of attractive men? I need you to put on the costume first and let that influence how you do your hair. Like remember when we watched 50 Shades of Grey and you said you were Christian Chim Chim. Don’t fucking do that shit. I need—oh shit, you’re right. I need you to channel yourself. Baby, when you pick your filter for tonight, I need you to be the frattiest, most cocky, and confident fuckboy ever. Give your entire frat a run for their money. Baby, you need to be able to get any guy or girl. That Jimin. The one that bagged me. Be that Jimin.”
“Wow, I didn’t think you were going in that direction,” he laughs, sheepishly, “I came at you too hard. Of course, I know my girlfriend is fucking attracted to me. Sorry, babe, my head isn’t right this week.”
You look up at Jimin, “What’s wrong?” the words aren’t delivered lovingly – no, they’re delivered like a threat; like you’re fully prepared to go find the bitch or asshole who knocked down Jimin’s self esteem and tear them a new one. Nobody gets to hurt your baby like that. Not even you. And if you did do it, accidentally, you would usually wallow in a pool of despair ,begging for Jimin’s forgiveness while at the same time knowing you didn’t deserve it.
And that had only happened once and only because you didn’t know that his hand size was a trigger for him. They’re bigger than yours by a centimeter, though his pinky is about a millimeter or two smaller and you had laughed about how you found it funny that your pinky was longer. But then you cried yourself to sleep when you noticed that Jimin had gone quiet for the rest of the date and didn’t even bother to kiss you goodnight before leaving.
Right now, Jimin snorts, “I’m just being dramatic. Jungkook said I looked like a hot mess this week. And I know that my hair looked like a haystack and my clothes weren’t coordinated, but it’s not like I had time to blow dry my hair or plan outfits or even breathe.”
“Well, Jungkook’s an ugly jock, so what does he know about sexiness?” you scowl, “Stupid fucker with his big, ugly muscles and his meatheaded coconut shaped skull.”
“I have muscles,” Jimin interrupts, rolling the two of you around again until he's caging you under his body. His hands are right by your ears, fingers splayed out and his 13 tattoo looks so starkly black from where it is on his flexed left wrist. The devious male smirks before he subtly rolls his hips into you, hard zipper from the denim pressing against your messy and flushed front.
“Sexy muscles,” you sigh immediately, “Jungkook wishes he looked like you.”
He bites down on his lower lip to hide his smile but it still breaks free, the curve of his lips curling up as it spreads wide to show how happy he is. “Pretty girl,” he mumbles, “I want to destroy you but you’re too sweet.”
At that, your legs immediately surge upwards to cross over his ass, thighs hugging either side of his hips while meeting those shallow rolls of his. You gyrate your own hips until you can get your folds perfectly aligned with his zipper and his cock beneath it, an angry hard length that’s desperate to break free.
Jimin inhales loudly, a sharp sound that makes your skin breakout with goosebumps even with your warm skin pressed against his hot flushed one. You’re hyper aware of his every move and sound. When he moves his hands over your ass-cheeks, palming them, his dexterous fingers are restless as they seek to make you whimper and keen before he squeezes your ass, pushing you up to draw your hips to him until your pelvis is flush against his. He grasps you so tightly that there’s barely a hairsbreadth of space in between the two of you. Jimin loves going commando and his cock head breaches the waistband of his jeans, the tip stabbing you in the belly button because of its monstrous length.
He’s looking down at you with his eyelids hooded. His blackened eyes are dark from desire, the pupils so blown out you can barely make out the brown irises that edge them. The heat terrifies you but also makes you yearn for more, and you haphazardly move your face in the direction of his, almost missing his mouth as you sloppily join lips together. Your arms go up, twining around his neck, both your hands have their fingers buried in his gunmetal colored locks, palms supporting and cradling the back of his head lovingly.
His jaw almost crashes into your chin as he vigorously leans into the kiss, greedily inhaling through his nose, reluctant to pull apart from your mouth as he keeps swiping his lips over yours, sucking at your plump lower lip and nibbling at your cupid’s bow, before he eases you into opening your mouth again. All the while he’s got a hold on your ass, using it to further push you into him instead of crashing down on you, suffocating you with his heavy weight and pressing you into the mattress. The act is thoughtful, though born out of desperation, and your fronts collide with each other, your breasts clinging to his chest as your hardened nipples brush against his metal adorned ones. You hiss when you feel the round ends of his piercings drag against your soft skin, dimpling into them when you’re pushed even tighter against Jimin.
One of Jimin’s hands wander from your ass to clench your thigh, gripping your smooth, supple flesh as his fingers, with the nails slightly grown out since he had forgotten to cut them this week, dig into your skin while he pulls your legs apart and bucks against you. It’s not hard enough to truly hurt but his fingernails do leave temporary red crescent indentations and make you whimper from the tiny bit of pain.
Your tongue, meanwhile, is still roving around Jimin’s mouth and brushes over his reddened swollen lips, and you can taste the mint from the Listerine strip he had dissolved on his tongue after lunch, as well as the peach flavored lip balm he had swiped from your book bag. After a particularly hard nip from Jimin’s teeth, you break apart from his lips to let out an embarrassingly loud wanton moan. He doesn’t let a single second go to waste as he drags his lips along your jaw, nibbling along the way as he moves lower in the direction of your throat. Once there, he bites roughly at the sensitive skin above the hollow of your neck, sucking on it harshly until it leaves a blossoming mark of reds and violets. As he darts his tongue out to soothe the aching flesh, he sneakily dips it into the hollow of your neck and then your collarbones as well, messily licking up the flushed expanse of your skin.
Jimin soon finds his way back to your cherished breasts that he loves so ardently. As he wraps his mouth around a still angrily reddened and tender nipple, you make your hand sneak in between the two of your abdomens, not playing the role of an idle participant. Your hand grips at the front of his pants, holding his cock against your palm as your thumb rubs at its swollen head. You stop your movement over his dick to turn your attention to undoing his button and Jimin growls out in frustration, biting down on your soft underboob, leaving a half circle of teeth marks.
“Chill, baby,” you soothe him, and as soon as you free his cock from its confines, your hand tightly grasps the member to stroke it.
The tight, suctioning grip of your fingers and palm around his heated shaft makes him sigh lewdly in relief as his eyes flutter closed in ecstasy, his long dark eyelashes fanning the apples of his cheeks. He slumps against you, his sweaty forehead pressed against yours as one of his dampened locks of hair falls over his left eye. His nose brushes against yours, and if you wanted, you could place gentle open mouthed kisses on his slightly parted lips, but you ignore them to focus on his cock, while Jimin turns his attention to wetly press his mouth against your cheek and then your jaw.
His moans go up a pitch, filling your ears with his musical sounds of pleasure. Biting your bottom lip, your teeth sinking into it as you press your forehead against Jimin’s even harder, you switch up your form and go to fondle his balls with your nimble fingers. As you tug on them, Jimin lets out an anguished sound that's a cross between agony and elation.
“Y/N, don’t. Don’t tease me. Please?” he begs, “I haven’t had time to get off all week. Baby, please. I’m gonna blow my load. Let me fuck you, beautiful.”
You quit teasing him and instead, your hands got to his waistband on either side, fully determined to shove his pants down his thighs. You don’t even need them down fully, just enough so that Jimin could fuck you without any complications.
He backs up from you and you sigh in discontentment the second Jimin’s flushed peaches n’ cream skin is no longer clinging to yours as the male hops off your bed to tear his jeans fully off his legs. He struggles a little, jumping lightly as the tight material clings to his sweaty thighs and you almost swoon when you see his ass jiggle. What was that thing Doja Cat said? Oh yes, “if you could see it from the front wait till you can see it from the back.” And you can definitely see Jimin’s from the front while also confirming that yes, the backside view is even more mouthwatering.
The pants successfully taken off and thrown to a far corner of the room, Jimin immediately hurls his whole body onto the bed, catching himself with those toned arms whose biceps have started to look shockingly large in the past couple of months and made you demand Jimin carry you everywhere around because he was definitely strong enough to. The thought makes you smile and you immediately smack a kiss against Jimin’s lips because he always carried you whenever you asked.
“Hi, baby,” he whispers against your lips, nuzzling his nose against yours. His thick thighs are bracketing yours as Jimin hovers above your lap, his cock bobbing against your pelvis and its head getting caught onto your lace underwear as it soaks it with precum. As he pulls your panties off, he asks, “Can I keep these? I’ll return them to you later. Hand washed and folded.”
You snicker, “Sicko,” teasing him, but then you press your lips against his before they can droop down into a frown. “Yeah, go ahead, baby. Thanks for remembering that they don’t go into the washer.”
And then you and Jimin are finally getting to the main event. Bare as always, because while you had been on the pill since you were fifteen, Jimin and you hadn’t started having condomless sex until the third month of dating. But once you started, you never went back. Your clit doesn’t need much to get it going and you’re already gushing like a broken faucet so Jimin thrusts his cock into you without much pomp or circumstance. As always, you gasp at the intrusion. Not only does your boyfriend have a sizable length, but he’s also girthy as hell and whenever he first fills you up, he takes your breath away.
According to Jimin, it’s because you don’t work out and you’re possibly asthmatic. At that you always smack the back side of his head and tell him no, it’s grossly romantic that he can take your breath away with his fine ass dick game, and your lung capacity is fine for someone who wasn’t in the church choir for twelve years. Yes, your boyfriend is a former church boy. If only Father Thomas could see how low he had fallen. But compliments about Jimin’s dick always makes the cocky, pun intended, jerk smirk like a self-satisfied Cheshire cat and giggle adorably. He is a stunning contradiction of a man. Sometimes you want to suffocate him with your thighs, other times with a pillow.
He shallowly thrusts in you once, twice before he unexpectedly takes almost his entire dick out of your folds before slamming back into you so vigorously that it makes your thighs quiver, wrapped as they are around his waist. He’s so deep in you that you can feel the clean shaven base of his cock pressed against your mons. From there on it’s a frantic joining of the two of your bodies as Jimin furiously pounds into you, letting out all of his frustrations from the past week onto your body in the form of turbulent love making. You hold on for dear life, clutching onto his broad shoulders as your mouth slides against Jimin’s ear, softly whispering how much you love him and how you’ll always be there for him and how there’s no one else in the world more perfectly suited for you than your beloved boyfriend.
When he finally cums into you, a messy and molten flow of whiteness that paints your insides and then leaks out from the overflow, proof that your poor darling truly didn’t have a moment recently to let off some steam, the male wearily drags his body away from yours so he can return with a damp cloth to clean you up between your legs. As you drowsily look up at him and make grabby hands, he gently slaps them away, before placing a loving kiss on your forehead and brushing back your hair, tucking in a lock behind your ear.
“I need to go, baby,” he bemoans, “But I’ll see you tonight, okay? I’m setting an alarm on your phone to wake you up in an hour so you don’t oversleep and then have to rush to get ready.”
“Sweet baby,” you murmur, locking your arms around his neck and keeping him in place.
“Considerate baby,” Jimin argues, tenderly moving his hands up to encircle your wrists and pull your arms away from him so he’s no longer trapped in your hold. “I love you, Y/N.”
“Love you,” you parrot drowsily, your eyes slowly falling shut as Jimin walks around your room to gather his clothes and then get ready to leave. He remembers to grab the shopping bag from Nordstrom you stuffed his costume in, not that you would ever shop there to buy a one time Halloween costume. It’s more likely that you reused the bag. He squints in confusion when all he sees is a mess of brightly colored fabric within it but he just shrugs, too tired from the sex to work up enough brain power to guess what his costume is. He then heads out the door, not forgetting to lock it behind him.
Tumblr media
When you wake up to your annoying ass alarm an hour later—now why the fuck did Jimin use the quacking ducks preset as the ringtone? You feel boneless yet still exhausted. You tiredly drag yourself into the shower to get the smell of sex off your body and wash your hair, though it’s going to be hidden under a wig, just so you can feel squeaky clean before you put on your costume.
You and Jimin are dressing up as Ken and Barbie from Toy Story 3, and in your opinion the costumes don’t look half bad. You were running late with the costume planning in between everything you had on your plate this month but a successful run at the thrift store has given you plenty to work with. You ended up with explosively colored outfits for both of you, although they were more loosely inspired than exact replicas. After all, this is Greek life, you have to amp up the sex appeal for both of your costumes.
For yourself, this means that instead of wearing Barbie’s electric blue jumpsuit, you are wearing a bright turquoise bodysuit with a deep plunging neckline that divides your bust in two and goes all the way to your midriff, fortunately keeping your navel concealed even as it dips dangerously low. The pink belt that goes around Barbie’s waist is instead a hot pink belted choker around your neck but you are rocking the green, white, pink, and blue 80s inspired leg warmers she was wearing as well as patent leather stiletto pumps in the same pink as your collar. Your look is finished off with a wild blue smokey eye and iridescent pale pink lips, and after you are done with your makeup, you struggle to make your synthetic blond wig not look completely awful on your head.
As you leave for Pi Beta Phi, you grab your purse, keys, and phone but a quick step outside reveals that the weather has gone unexpectedly chilly, making you rush back to the apartment and grab the first piece of outerwear you see – which happens to be Jimin’s oversized light colored denim jacket he left in your apartment two weeks ago.
It’s probably for the best that you’re wearing the jacket, you think to yourself as you wobbly make your way across the hilly sidewalks that lead to Greek row in your stiletto heels. Your entire ass is out in the leotard-esque bodysuit and had you not been wearing a coat, the boys walking behind you surely would’ve gotten quite the show all the way uphill.
At the house, your sisters are busily running around making sure everything is perfect and ready for the party. They have made Pi Phi manor look great, although it leans towards the glitzy and glam side of decorations rather than the cute and spooky side. Black and orange is prominent throughout the entire house however, with the grand staircase railing done up with black poofy garlands and glittery orange streamers. You sign yourself and Jimin for the costume contest and then grab a red solo cup of apple cider – non-alcoholic since sororities aren't allowed to serve substances on their grounds, thanks to a decidedly sexist rule that never gets changed no matter how many elections pass – before heading back outside to watch the costumed guests walk up.
Your sisters and their guests are hanging around the cute little games that were set up on the grass. There’s a beanbag toss where the bags are all white and decorated with the faces of various mischievous ghosts as well as a cider bottle toss. You know that your boyfriend will get excited by the pumpkin smash station so you pointedly walk far away from it to the other side of the lawn where you see a couple of your friends surrounding the giant tin containers that have been set up for apple bobbing. Jimin’s fraternity brothers Seokjin and Namjoon are on their knees, since the basins are too low for their tall statures, while Namjoon’s girlfriend cheers for them as Jungkook simultaneously jeers them on.
Seokjin is dressed in a sailor costume that leaves little to the imagination. He has a peaked captain’s cap placed jauntily on his dark brown hair while his slutty outfit consists of white suspenders strapped onto navy skin clinging short shorts. A white and navy striped sailor collar hangs over his Pacific Ocean wide shoulders that ties in the front with the two floppy end pieces bouncing against his pecs from any sudden movements. Apparently, you were mistaken when you had thought that his nautical nod for the night meant that he would be a sexy merman. Seokjin seems to prefer a slutty sailor. His hands are clasped behind his back as he bends down to bite down on an apple.
Namjoon on the other hand is fully prepared for the costume contest in a TV accurate depiction of Khal Drogo. You don’t doubt for a second that it was his girlfriend’s idea as the brown girl is dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and looks picture perfect as the mother of dragons with her freshly bleached hair. She keeps rubbing her hands over Namjoon’s bare shoulders and back as the male bobs for his own apple, all while keeping the lookout for Jungkook with narrowed eyes since the male seems dead set on shoving one of his hyungs’ heads underwater.
Just as Jungkook nudges Seokjin into the steel bucket of water with his knee, you hear someone shout your name. You look towards the sidewalk where Jimin’s walking up, looking like the perfect Ken from Toy Story 3 and you immediately dart away from your friends to jump into his arms.
“Jimin,” you hum, kissing his cheek as your arms tighten around his neck. The male strengthens the hold he has on your thighs, holding you more securely against him as he walks the two of you back to the apple bobbing crew.
“Y/N, what is your costume?” he asks while perplexedly scrunching his slightly pinkened face up, flushed from the biting cold air of the autumn night, as he easily sets you down and looks at the denim jacket swallowing your frame and the blonde wig that seems strangely out of place, “Now I’m even less sure of who I’m meant to be.”
You stare at Jimin. He’s wearing the brightly colored abstract print shirt completely open, letting you stare at his sunkissed rock hard abdominal muscles as well as the platinum bars that decorated his pecs. You sneakily stretch your hand forward so that you can possessively press your palm against his Nevermind tattoo and he snorts, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and squeezing you close to him. Your eyes make their way from his face to his neck where he haphazardly tied the blue bandana you got for him, the shade matching the exact color of your bodysuit. You untie it and redo it for him in a perfect Ascot knot.
“You’re Ken from Toy Story 3,” you explain, “It was hard finding the right shirt though,” you pout cutely at him.
Jimin tucks his hands into the small pockets of the light blue shorts he is wearing, cuffed to be even shorter. You forgot to account for how bootylicious Jimin is or how thick his thighs are because the cloth is tighter than you anticipated, clinging to his lower half like a second skin. You frown, biting your lip, no one better stare at his ass, suddenly possessed by jealousy. This peach is for your viewing pleasure only.
“Barbie doesn’t dress like that,” Jimin nods at his jacket, clearly indicating that he wants you to take it off so he can see what you’ve got on underneath.
“I was cold,” you defend yourself, but you slip off the outerwear and give it to the male to hold onto.
Jimin narrows his eyes as he walks around you to get the full 360° view, taking his chance to smack your ass lightly when he’s behind you. “You can put the coat back on if you’re cold,” he says nicely, sounding chivalrous though you know it’s more likely because he is just as possessive of your ass as you are of his, and both of your cheeks are practically hanging out due to the high cut of the leotard.
“Nice costume, hyung,” Jungkook nods in Jimin’s direction, handing him off an apple he clearly swiped from the game.
“Thanks,” Jimin snorts, putting the apple into your pocket instead of having it rest against his warm thighs in his shorts’ pockets. “What the hell are you supposed to be?”
Jungkook is shirtless and wearing a pair of crimson colored hot pants. You don’t have a damn clue what he is meant to be either. “The devil.”
“Where are your horns,” you scoff, crossing your arms as you narrow your eyes at him, very visibly and judgmentally looking him up and down, unimpressed by his lack of effort.
At that Jungkook’s eyes widen as he frantically pats the top of his curly black locks, “Shit, Sooyeon is gonna kill me.” And with that the male disappears into the fray, heading back into the sorority house to find the headpiece to his costume.
Jimin smiles, rocking back and forth on his feet, “I saw a jar of candy corn. If I guess the amount in it correctly or get the closest to it, I get to keep the jar.”
“Jimin, you hate candy corn,” you complain as you take his hand and allow him to pull you through the party so that you guys can walk around and see all the attractions.
“I could donate it. Or,” your boyfriend pauses, lower lip getting bitten as his brows become furrowed, “Halloween’s actually on Sunday. I could give it to the trick or treaters.”
“Children come by to the frat to get candy?!” you shriek, aghast at the thought. Those poor kids, getting scarred for life. The thought of them witnessing the shenanigans that Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook get up to has you distressed.
“Actually, we have a little event we do at the local elementary school. We play games. They show a PG-rated spooky movie in the auditorium and there’s little goodie bags we made earlier this week with individually wrapped candy and ghost and pumpkin stickers,” Jimin rambles, his cheeks going up and his eyes getting all squinty as he excitedly explains to you.
A soft smile overtakes your face as well, “That’s really sweet, Jimin, but what if you don’t end up doing anything with the candy corn because you forget? Wish it were jelly beans. Or even gummy worms.”
“I would do so well, though,” he grumbles, running a veiny hand through his silver locks, pushing the strands back and off of his forehead, “I’d win.”
“I know you would. You’re really good at estimating, but since we both know you’d win... Do we really need a 6 pound jar of waxy corn syrup flavored junk?”
“Disgusting,” mutters Jimin, and then he gently swings your attached arms back and forth as you both go deeper into the fray.
There’s a Quidditch themed butterbeer pong game that you’re pretty sure has been illegally set up, that you and Jimin spend most of your time at, drinking the disgusting butterscotch flavored soda – when you’re not at the snacks table eating the Southern bbq your sorority had catered, as well as all the sickeningly sweet seasonally appropriate desserts your sisters had either baked or bought.
Slightly sluggish from your full tummies, you guys finally go up to the cute little section inside the front entrance to the house where the formerly giant open space has been turned into a little stage with seats for the audience wishing to watch the costume party. Your Pi Beta Phi president, Sariya, is waving her little bedazzled orange and purple gavel like she thinks she’s a judge requesting order in the courtroom. You and Jimin speed walk your ways to getting seats in the far back, where you can make a quick escape if necessary.
You guys make it through several of the costumes, the highlights being Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé being dressed up as the teletubbies; Namjoon and his girlfriend providing steep competition as a Dothraki and Daenerys although you don’t think they’re going to win since pretty much everyone hated the last season of “Game of Thrones;” and several groups and couples embarrassingly dressing like characters from the ever popular Squid Game which is 2021’s version of how literally every couple dressed like Harley Quinn and the Joker from “Suicide Squad” in 2016. Then, it’s finally time for you and Jimin to hit the stage. You pull off the denim jacket and put it on a chair off to the side of the stage before you rush to catch up to your boyfriend and walk on stage with him hand in hand.
Your sorority’s chapter president announces that the two of you are dressed up as Barbara “Barbie” Roberts and Kenneth Carson as the two of you spin around and do little twirls to let everyone see your costumes from all angles. This is met with a second of split silence since no one knows the iconic Mattel couple’s full names but then she continues to tack on, “Barbie and Ken from Toy Story 3!” At that the audience is wracked with cheers since the third movie has always been the fan favorite out of the franchise. Though it could have easily been just as likely that they were screaming at how much skin you and Jimin were both revealing. The two of you skip off the stage feeling pretty secure about your victory since the cheers for you two were the loudest they’ve been all night.
“I think it helps that you have such nice muscles and proportions, you look like the perfect male,” you smirk as you feel your way up Jimin’s chest, smoothing your palm over his abs and flicking one of his nipples. Your/Jimin’s jacket is hanging in the crook of your other arm, you’re reluctant to put it back on until after your victory lap from being announced as the winners.
Jimin immediately grabs you by the wrist after the nip flick, “Don’t do that,” he reprimands gently and then he pulls you into his arms, resting his chin on your shoulder and trapping your arms under his embrace so your sly hands can’t feel him up some more. He has the two of you facing the stage as Jungkook and his girlfriend Sooyeon take the stage. Jungkook’s in the aforementioned bright red booty shorts but has somehow managed to find his devil horns and is using a red silicone spatula as a pitchfork. His girlfriend is dressed in a white lace babydoll nightie from Victoria’s secret and has a fuzzy white halo on, though her wings are nowhere to be seen.
“Who would vote for that,” scoffs Seokjin, materializing next to you two from out of nowhere, making Jimin let out a surprised shriek that he attempts to conceal by turning it into a deep grunt. “He stole that spatula from our kitchen.”
Yeah, all of you are judging their costumes hard. It’s easily the outfits where the least amount of effort was made. Every single person dressed as a Squid Game character looks better than them. Unlike you and Seokjin, who are embroiled in a heavy discussion of Halloween costumes, Jimin is distracted as he contemplates how to get snacks and get back to you before the announcement is made. When his perusal of the space makes his eyes catch on two gentlemen looking you up and down, their gazes trapped to your chest, he immediately makes you put the jacket back on. You smile at him thanking him, because God, there’s nothing worse than creepy unwanted attention. Like, why can’t men ever let you be a baddie in peace?
When the winner gets announced ten minutes later as Jungkook and Sooyeon, you start screeching and attempt to run up to the stage to fight the judges. Jimin, knowing what would happen if you lost, grabs a hold of you and hugs you to his chest as you kick and squirm. When you break a hold of Jimin’s grasp to lodge the apple from Jungkook that had remained in your jacket pocket this entire time at the aforementioned male, Jimin grabs onto you again, tightening his arms around you and locking you against him even harder. Beside you two, Namjoon is similarly enraged, having found the group with his girlfriend after the announcements were made. He says it screams rigged since Sooyeon is the chapter vice president, and his girlfriend lets him rant to her though it’s clear from the way she’s undressing his already half naked body with her eyes, she’s not listening to a word he’s saying.
As you glare at Jungkook, giving him a stink eye from where he’s accepting the dumb little trophy on stage, Jimin takes the chance to hike you up over his shoulder as he carries you away from the sorority. He keeps dragging your jacket down to cover your cute butt from where it is beside his head, not only because it distracts him while he’s walking but also because he doesn’t want any other perverts looking at it. Jimin is the only pervert that’s allowed to openly fawn over you.
You let him carry you this way halfway down the street before you start squirming and tell him you can walk by yourself. The male hesitantly lowers you beside him, watching you with narrowed eyes as you stalk forward, growling under your breath about stupid nepotism and how you could never hold a more important role at your sorority because you weren’t a legacy Pi Phi, wishing you had a dozen more apples you could aim at Jungkook and Sooyeon’s heads.
“Hey,” Jimin protests as he runs ahead to catch up to you, “Community outreach chair is very important too, Y/N. Don’t undersell yourself just because Sooyeon got all her friends to vote for her.”
“It’s not fair, Jimin—” you cut yourself off, clearly holding back the meaner things you wanted to say. Instead, you change the subject, “Are we really going to the haunted house, Jimin? Last year you abandoned me in a corn maze.”
“I didn’t abandon you,” Jimin argues immediately, still disagreeing with you a year later, his brown eyes glinting as he rolls them at you, “You got lost… in a maze… because it’s a maze. They’re designed that way.”
“You let go of my hand,” you pout, your lower lip quivering, the pale sparkly lipstick making it look like your mouth is covered in fairy dust.“You left me. I still have nightmares. I found a random ass crop circle. I was literally seconds away from being abducted by aliens,” You declare dramatically before then crossing your arms, frowning deeply though you don’t change paths and continue to walk in the direction of his fraternity.
“I won’t do that this time, Y/N, I promise. And this is just a basic frat run haunted house. It won't be anything like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Hobi hyung and Yoongi hyung got dragged into playing the role of the scarers. Hobi hyung is dressed as Edward Scissorhands but honestly, do you really think he is the type of person who is good at scaring others?” Jimin has to admit he had to bite his tongue to keep himself from snorting the second you mentioned the crop circle and aliens. You are literally the most paranoid person he knows. Even worse than Hobi hyung although he knows you’ll disagree.
You furrow your brows, they got the resident scaredy cat Jung Hoseok to participate in the haunted house? Hoseok’s fear tolerance is much lower than yours. Last year, you and he ended up alone in Jimin’s apartment while Jimin went downstairs to pick up the pizza delivery and Hoseok ended up screaming his head off when the two of you saw a giant spider on the ceiling. He demanded that as his junior, you kill the creature – which you tried, but it only resulted in failure. After all, Jimin is the one that kills bugs in your relationship. When Jimin came back into the apartment, half of it was burned down from the two of your attempts. Well… not really, but you are exaggerating to make a point.
“Come on, Y/N, one quick run through the house and then we can go to my room on the next floor. I bought you snacks and we can watch Nightmare Before Christmas together,” he suggests biting down on his lip.
“Fine,” you whine, stomping with one of your pink leather encased feet, “But this time, no letting go of me!” And with that you speedily shuffle into Jimin’s arms and make him awkwardly walk with you the rest of the way since it felt like you two were practically conjoined with how close you remain to him the entire time.
“It’s going to be fun, Y/N,” Jimin murmurs as he takes out the tickets he got for you two earlier in the evening and hands them off to Taehyung who is manning the entrance as the clown from It. He has a face full of white makeup on and had even drawn on Pennywise’s terrifying red smile with the crimson paint running through his cheeks to cut right across his eyes and go into his forehead in two curvy lines from the end of his smile. The male had teased his blond hair into the shape of the dancing clown’s iconic hair before spraying with temporary orange hair chalk.
“For you,” you grumble, pointedly stepping around Jimin to his other side to avoid Taehyung and his unnerving costume, “But as long as you play the role of my dashing protective knight in shining armor, I shall try to persist.”
Beta Tau Sigma is the first male fraternity that was founded in your university. Though their massive mansion gets major renovations every five to ten years, the Victorian structure was built in the 1800s. So when the boys convert it into a spooky haunt, it is successfully terrifying.
From the moment you step in, fog clouds the interior, making you clamber to Jimin’s side, pressing into him when you can’t see more than five feet ahead of you clearly. To your utter dismay, the frat’s brothers have taken advantage of the location’s history and how it houses so many young individuals and made that the central theme for night. It is designed like a cross between an asylum and a school for troubled minds and Yoongi leaps out scaring the living shit out of you three minutes into your traipse through the first floor, dressed up as Hannibal Lector in his bright orange prison garb and tiger-esque hockey mask.
Jimin is, of course, unfazed. He stares at Yoongi with a wry lopsided smirk gracing his lips before striking a conversation with his hyung. You try to justify your reaction, and Jimin’s lack thereof, by convincing yourself that your boyfriend didn’t react because he already saw Yoongi today in his costume and you hadn’t, so your jump, followed by the screech that had you ducking your head into Jimin’s chest, was a reasonable reaction.
“Do you think I would be less scared if I closed my eyes and had you blindly direct me through this place?” you ask, seriously considering it, quickly flapping your shimmery blue lids shut.
“Don’t do that, Y/N, it’ll make the music seem even louder to you,” Jimin warns, as he gently pushes you forward so that the two of you can now make it up the stairs to the second floor.
Your neck hairs stand at his words as goosebumps take over your entire body. Now that Jimin has mentioned the music, you can hear the eerie Tethered remix of “I Got 5 On It” as it finishes off and is replaced with a creepy instrumental remix of Melanie Martinez’s “Carousel” as though the playlist is blasting in your ears, attacking your eardrums. “Okay, maybe you’re right. But, Jimin! I hate this,” you cry out, sharply snapping your eyes open, before you gingerly make your way up the stairs.
Each step is covered with fake cobwebs and as you move your legs the giant spider and snake decorations on the banisters and railings start to move, activated by motion sensors and making weird broken noises. It’s definitely not the scariest part of this entire thing but you flinch every time a fuzzy pincer or a plastic reptilian tail brushes against you and you find yourself dashing through the rest of the stairs though Jimin hurriedly calls out for you to wait for him.
At the landing for the next floor, you wait for your boyfriend and when he finally slings an arm around your shoulders, the two of you take off again. This floor has bedrooms, though, and some of the brothers that live on it have given up their spaces to be used as miniature themed scare rooms, though not every door is open and available for the public to walk into. You and Jimin make your way through one of them that has been set up to look like a medical operating room as well as another set up like a bedroom with screaming frat members strapped into beds with metal frames that try to grab you as you wake by them before the trouble starts.
Later, Jimin will say he told you not to move and wait for him while you will argue with him that you heard him say nothing so you moved on like everything was fine and dandy. You’re in a room that looks like an abandoned classroom or something of the sort when things go awry. You won’t be able to appreciate how they converted the study room until months later because you receive the worst fright of your life there.
As you make your way through the desks towards the whiteboard at the front, the lights flicker before turning off completely and then the room, that’s already cold from the air conditioning blasting throughout the entire fraternity, begins to fill with fog. When the lights turn back on five seconds later, you blink, seeing dark spots from the abrupt brightness. As your eyes focus, you let out an earth shattering scream when you notice that there are two grown ass men who are much taller and bigger than you dressed like the Grady Twins from The Shining, brown shoulder length wigs, light blue dresses, white stockings and all, standing two feet away from you looking both incredibly imposing and impossibly threatening.
You fall to the ground and let yourself crumble into a ball, wrapping your arms around your legs as you press your shiny cobalt eye-shadowed eyelids against your icy knees. Jimin bursts into the room a minute later, following the sound of your shriek and immediately drops down on the ground next to you to wrap his arms around you and hugs you to his chest, squishing your face, the part that's not pressed against your knees, against his shoulder. He cradles your head into him as he brushes his hand over your hair several times soothingly.
You can hear him gruffly asking Soobin and Yeonjun to take five and vacate the room. The underclassmen readily do so since Jimin is a vice president of the chapter this year. Unlike your sorority, which has one president and vice president and then several chairs, Jimin’s fraternity has three vice presidents since it has a much larger student body. Namjoon’s the president, of course, while Yoongi is the external vice president with Hoseok dealing with internal affairs. Jimin is the member development vice president and since rush is over, his workload is a little lighter than the other heads’ at the moment.
“Y/N, I told you not to leave me,” he chastises as he somehow manages to pick you up from the ground and carry you as you wrap yourself around his body like a koala, clinging to his front. You burrow your nose, which feels like an icicle, into his collarbone as you tighten your arms around his neck like a noose. Your boyfriend, feeling horrible about your scare, ignores the discomfort that comes from the frosty contact of your skin against his.
As Jimin grasps your thighs more securely, you cross your legs even more tightly over his hips, “You didn’t tell me anything! I thought you were with me the entire time,” you cry out. You have no idea how your mascara and eyeliner are holding up but you hope they keep their waterproof promise as you start to sob again.
He brushes a kiss across the top of your head before he unexpectedly rushes to spit out a plastic strand of hair out of his mouth, having forgotten that you were wearing a wig since it was so dark inside the mansion. “Y/N, I don’t want to play the blame game with you when you’re in distress but, sweetheart, you walked away from me in the corn maze too. Y/N, if I’m going to be holding your hand the entire way through so you don’t get scared, you can’t let go of my hand and then blame me when you get frightened later on,” he harps softly, trying to keep condemnation out of his voice.
You pause your crying to protest, “You let go of my hand!” You still haven’t quite regained your senses and you keep attacking Jimin, whether validly or not… who’s to say? One thing’s for sure: the shock from your fear is keeping you from reacting rationally.
“Y/N, I told you I was going to tie my shoes and to not move, didn’t you hear me?” he asks, walking through the rest of the attractions without any harassment from the scarers. He’s guessing that Soobin and Yeonjun told them to leave the two of you alone, or the sight of Jimin carrying his obviously distressed girlfriend throughout the second floor has the other scarers giving you two a wide breadth. Hoseok even walks in the opposite direction with his cool scissor hands as he sees Jimin going for the next flight of stairs to the floor that has his bedroom.
“I didn’t hear anything, baby,” you mumble honestly, biting on your lip again, the soft waxy pink from your lipstick having long been worn off, “I swear.”
Jimin squeezes you around the middle, “Maybe it was just a misunderstanding,” he seems willing to let it go. He obviously doesn’t want to spend the rest of the night arguing with you.
Though it would have been infinitely easier for him to get his keycard out and open his dorm door if he put you down, Jimin lets you cling to him and one handedly hunts for the card in his wallet and then pushes the door open wide with his back, allowing the two of you to enter.
“I’m gonna set you down on my bed and change out of this costume okay, Y/N?” he asks, “Just because the costume party and this didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we have to end the night on a bad note, yeah? Take off your shoes and wig, baby, and put Disney+ on. I’m going to get the snacks I bought yesterday out.”
You stare at Jimin, forgetting to do as he’s told you as you gaze enraptured by his handsomeness and natural charisma. As you watch Jimin peel off his multicolored shirt and shorts to abandon them in favor of a pair of black sweats, he mischievously smirks at you, playfully winking and giving a little strip tease which then shifts to him dragging his hand down his bare abdomen as he cutely yet sexily performs a hip roll for you which ends with a violent hip thrust that makes it clear that even with how cold it’s been tonight, the male is already at half-mast and still growing, his arousal undeterred by the chill.
The light smile that has been gracing your face disappears when Jimin sinks to his knees before you to pull your pink leather pumps off and you unexpectedly find yourself bursting into tears, distraught from the immense kindness and care Jimin has shown you tonight. This results in your boyfriend looking sharply up at you in abrupt alarm, puppy eyes widened as a look of deep concern takes over his entire face.
Jimin wiggles his way in between your legs, standing on his knees which make him basically the same height as you even with you sitting on his bed which is much higher. His hands, a little red from earlier outside, are freezing as they palm your cheeks and swipe both of his thumbs under your eyes at the same time to wipe away the fallen tears.
“Y/N, you need to tell me what’s wrong, right now,” your boyfriend stresses as he worries his bottom lip with his teeth, his crooked tooth digging into the plump flesh. As he pulls your blond wig off your hair he continues, “Baby, you’ve been off all day and it’s been getting worse and worse. You’re crying. What is it? Did I break a boundary in the haunted house? You wouldn’t cry over not winning a contest, right?”
You pull the wig cap off your darker natural hair, undoing the bun and finger-combing through it. Your bottom lip quivers as you pointedly look away from Jimin. How can you tell him? It’s your burden, not his. But how can you not tell him? It’s been eating you up inside, keeping it all to yourself.
“I can’t do this anymore,” you confess, pulling Jimin’s hands off you to bury your face in your own as you sob loudly behind your palms. Even as your eyes leak with salty tears you’re unable to control, you know that Jimin’s probably looking at you in bewilderment and possibly a little frustration that he can’t fix this for you since you still haven’t told him what’s wrong. You wish you had a makeup wipe to rub off all the makeup on your face that’s getting muddled from your tears.
“Do what? That sounds like something you say to someone when you want to break up,” he angrily spits out.
That makes you peek out from behind the darkness and protection of your hands. You look at your boyfriend and he looks livid. He looks like you have completely blindsided him and as though he immensely resents you for it. His thick eyebrows are furrowed low and his plump rose colored lips are pressed into thin white lines. His eyes are tinged with red and watery as they hold in unshed tears and glare at you with hard brown irises full of indignation. He has his arms crossed over his bare chest as he backs away from you, standing stiffly as he stares you down and you already know he’s closing up and getting his guard up. Soon, he won’t listen to a word you say.
Shit. No. NO NO NO. You’re panicking immediately, your hand coming up to your mouth but you instantly force it aside, knowing you can’t bite your nails anxiously when your relationship is falling apart right before your eyes.
“Jimin, no—Jimin, I wouldn’t,” you stammer hurriedly, tripping over your words in your rush to get them out fast enough while Jimin still is open to hearing you out.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Why did you have to stumble over your words like this? You can’t even talk properly, you think in disgust. You tried to blurt out your words fast enough so Jimin’s mood doesn’t darken over the heavy misunderstanding even more, but you can’t even speak.
NO! This can’t be happening to you two right now.
Finally you just scream out, the words frantically being pulled from your throat in your incredible frustration and distraughtness, “Jimin, I’m not breaking up with you. I swear to God. Jimin, I swear on my own fucking life, too!” You sob in anguish, “Jimin, please? Listen to me. I swear—I wasn’t thinking when I said that. Baby, please! This has nothing to do with you. Baby, this is just a miscommunication error—Please?” you implore, gulping and gasping in between every inconsolable plea, “I can’t lose you.”
“Tell me right now, Y/N,” Jimin spits out. His words are so hard they pierce through your heart like ice. He’s closing off, you despair. “I am so sick of today, Y/N. Maybe it’s gone on for even longer. I don’t like this month. We can’t continue like this.”
You ignore the anger that prickles through you. It’s not as though this is your fault entirely. He’s the one who is rude to you when you reach out. Maybe you’re more mad about him saying earlier that he didn’t want to talk than you thought. But this isn’t the moment for that fight. You need to rein in your temper and tell him what’s been eating you up inside. That thing with Jimin? It could be dealt with at another time.
You exhale shakily. It’s loud and uneven but you manage to get in and out a few more pulls of air before you attempt to talk to him. He stares at you stonily from where he’s perched against his wooden dresser the entire time. How has the night gone so wrong? Oh right—you ruined everything.
“This is humiliating, but. God, Jimin. I had to drop my Chemistry course. I was failing it,” you bitterly bite out, wiping away angry tears, “But it was far enough along in the semester that I couldn’t just drop it and enroll myself into another class to replace the units. And then I got a call from the financial aid office that this would drop my standing from a full-time to a part-time student this semester and I would have to pay them back part of my aid since they had disbursed it already, but part time students receive less money than full time students.
“And I thought it would be fine because, you know... I dropped a class and I suddenly opened my schedule up for more shifts and a second job.
“But God. My landlord increased our rent starting from October because he only lets us pay month to month in that stupid building and not have yearly leases. I never saw that as a problem before when I used to think it meant I could leave at any moment but... Pi Phi has gotten so fucking expensive too.”
You clamp down hard on your lips tasting wax and something vanilla-y from the remnants of your lipstick. As you think about Pi Phi, you are suddenly filled with a blistering rage. It causes you to growl out, “And I hate the stupid sorority, Jimin! They keep asking more and more out of me in every single way. They not only want my money but they want my time. My fucking blood, sweat, and tears.
“WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR A MEAL PLAN AT THE PI PHI HOUSE WHEN I DON’T EVEN LIVE THERE OR EAT THERE?” you suddenly lose even more of your cool, screaming about it for the first time. Finally able to unload your frustration at the events that have upended your entire life, “For the monthly chapter dinners??” you hiss and then venomously bite out, “Why aren’t the chapter events paid for with what they take from us in the form of dues already?!” It’s obvious you think you’re being swindled.
“I don’t have time either, Jimin. I picked up so many extra shifts for everything since I was low on cash after paying back the university. My grades have even started to suffer. What am I supposed to do? I’m trapped in this stupid sorority. I can’t leave or my children and I will be blacklisted from Pi Phi forever. I won’t have the damn connections I spent the last three years building when I start job hunting. And I already spent all that money and it’s gone down the drain if I leave.” you lividly brush away the tears that fall from your eyes, immensely chagrined at your delicate emotions and how you seem to be spilling tears at the drop of a hat, unable to control them.
“But, Jimin... I might be fucking homeless too if I can’t pick up shifts because of Pi Phi obligations. What am I supposed to do?”
Jimin rushes to you, basically tackling you as he wraps his arms around you and the two of you fall back onto the bed. Your hair is a dark halo around your head as Jimin squishes you into the mattress. “Y/N? My lovely Y/N. My precious angelic Y/N. My darling sweet Y/N. Why didn’t you tell me, baby?” he murmurs as he brushes soft kisses all over your face as he overwhelms you with tender compliments to make up for earlier when he mistakenly accused you of attempting to break up with him.
“I don’t want handouts from you, Jimin,” you fiercely protest, your eyes still glittering from unshed liquid, “I know you. You can’t stand it when someone you love or care about is going through something terrible. You want to fix it immediately, You’re a problem solver but I’m not your damsel in distress, Jimin. This isn’t your burden to carry or your problem to solve.”
Jimin just smiles at you lightly, evidently your boyfriend feels incredibly terrible about his outburst earlier that had led to his unfounded accusations. He also smiles in an attempt to control his anger, since it shouldn’t be entirely directed at you anyways, so it comes out a little rough and toothy, “It’s okay to ask for help, Y/N. You might not be my damsel in distress to save but no one said you had to slay all your dragons by yourself.”
“I don’t want your money Jimin,” you push against his shoulder, trying to wriggle out of his grasp, but his dumb muscled frame doesn’t move an inch. Why is he so strong and solid? You’re no longer appreciative of how he can cart you along without breaking a sweat.
“I wasn’t going to give you money but I do have an idea,” he admits, tightening his arms around you as he rolls the two of you around so he’s no longer suffocating you underneath him. You struggle against his hold but are unsuccessful at loosening it even though your chances of escape should have increased since you are no longer buried underneath him. Quickly, you give up and flop back onto him, resting your head on his hard pectoral muscles. You can hear his heartbeat and it feels terribly intimate, making you struggle once more restlessly. You can’t stand this overwhelming downpour of love and acceptance from Jimin when you’ve treated him like shit today and continuously implied that he had a tendency to ditch you in scary situations.
“No ideas. I can do it by myself,” you protest stubbornly, lightly banging your head against the smooth silken expanse of his chest. You eye the tanned surface with narrowed eyes and contemplate whether you should bite him to show your ire, leaving a crescent of teeth marks on one of his generously endowed pectorals. You will that urge away and sigh.
“But you don’t have to,” Jimin cheerfully sings, with your eyes snapped shut against his warm skin you can’t see his face, but you have no doubt that he’s smiling widely at the moment. “Clearly, you can’t manage the stress.”
“Don’t, Jimin,” you warn, turning your head to the side so your lips are right by a tender nipple before taking it between your teeth, rolling the nub between it and biting down roughly. Evidently, you don’t have remarkable restraint. “I’ll hate you forever.”
“That’s an interesting dilemma you’re presenting me,” Jimin grins through the pain though you felt his full body wince and the way his body flinched away from you when you bit him, making you smirk deviously. His voice takes on the same tone as when he makes you listen to the stupid shit his Philosophy professor makes them argue about which then results in Jimin forcing you to counteract all of his arguments before the debates in class. “I don’t think you’ll hate me for what I’m going to suggest. But you know what, Y/N? If I ever had the opportunity to save you from ruin but it would result in you resenting me, I think I would still do it. I love you too much to let you live in misery.”
“I’m only in misery when I don’t have you, Jimin,” you disagree, pouting, “Everything else doesn’t matter.”
“Great,” Jimin grins, smacking a loud kiss against your lips, taking advantage of how enticing your puckered up lips look, rubbing off the remnants of your lipstick even more, “You’re gonna love my suggestion.”
“Ugh,” you groan in defeat, “Fine, let's hear it.”
“Let me move in with you.”
“Absolutely not!” you immediately protest, slapping a beefy bicep, and then pinching it lightly because that’s a dumb idea. No. He’s not moving in with you.
Jimin rolls his eyes, “Oh, come on. I spend more time at your apartment than my frat because you can’t fall asleep when you’re alone. You think someone is going to break in and murder you. You desperately need a roommate, or a better long term solution, and who is better than the guy who already spends so much time at your place that he should’ve probably started paying rent all the way back to August? Y/N, you spend so much money buying groceries that I end up finishing because you feel bad for making me spend nights with you that you feel like you have to pay me in ‘dinner and sex.’ Which, by the way, I don’t need constant food and sex, Y/N. I mean it’s nice but you’re not obligated to fulfill both those needs every time I’m at your place.”
“Jimin, you already paid for the entire year at your frat. You’re the vice president. You need to stay on deck at all times. You’re so important to Beta Tau,” you were not going to let Jimin waste money on an empty dorm. You knew how expensive Panhellenic housing was. Jimin probably paid for an exorbitantly expensive meal plan too. You ignore the comments about the food and the sex. You and Jimin cannot last more than five days without touching each other. Also, despite what Jimin says, he fully believes that you make the best Korean food out of anyone he knows at university. He’d probably wither and die if he had to live without your cooking since his diet otherwise consists solely of greasy takeout and energy drinks.
“First of all I’m a vice president not the vice president. Also, officers actually get free housing. That’s why the elections are so stiff every year. It’s the same reason that most of us decide to stay here instead of getting an apartment. We’re not being forced to stay and there’s no evil landlords trying to hike rent up illegally. Besides, it’s likely that a sophomore is going to be praising God the second he gets notified he got taken off the housing waitlist because a room just opened up. And it’s a single! Only officers get singles. Let me make that guy’s entire year, Y/N.”
“Are you sure you’re okay with that?” you shyly mumble, looking down at Jimin’s chest and the glittering jewelry on his nipples to avoid eye contact.
“Mmhmm,” Jimin agrees, placing two fingers under your jaw and tilting your face up, “Let me help you,” he whispers across your lips before pressing them against his own.
You break apart from the languid kiss to gasp softly, your breathing still raggedly from your crying earlier, and finally concede, “Okay.”
And just like that. It’s like a switch has been flipped. Now that your boyfriend is under the understanding that he has just fixed everything, caring thoughtful Jimin goes away as horny wicked Jimin takes his place.
The look Jimin casts over your entire body as his darkened brown eyes nonchalantly track their way down is diabolical. He has no idea how your body suit is staying attached to your chest when its cut down the middle to your navel and he immediately has both of his hands going up to your breasts to cup them – his fingers slipping into your bodice, gripping onto the sparkly blue cloth before he roughly pulls them off the soft mounds. You glare at him as the sticky tape you used to keep the cups in position gets pulled off your body, leaving red marks on your skin where the adhesive had been.
Jimin ducks his head down, nosing your puffy nipples that begin to tighten once exposed to the chilly air, in apology. As his nose brushes against the sensitive nubs, hardening them, his mouth seeks those agitated red patches of skin, swiping fat strokes with his tongue over them, massaging in wet circles with its tip, as he sloppily layers them in his spit, soothing the flesh before puckering his lips around the sore areas, sucking on them until the marks darken into more vivid reds and purples, sometimes even adding the sharp bite of his teeth to deepen their permanence. He kisses all around your breasts, leaving marks from all over, even on the valley in between – almost as though he wants to make sure you can’t wear anything low cut or this daring without everyone seeing how you are his like he is yours.
You rake your nails down his back when you realize that, scoffing at how he’s still possessive almost three years into your relationship. Jimin looks up at you as he feels your nails dimpling into his skin, a shy but proud lopsided smile on his swollen, fuschia colored lips. He’s so fucking unapologetic. You roll your eyes before you return his grin and it’s only then that he returns his attention to your breasts, finally wrapping his lips around a pebbled peak, gently nipping them before his cheeks hollow out from the force that he’s sucking them, suddenly taken over by desperation. He swathes his tongue over and over the hard nub, before deciding to drag his teeth along the sensitive bud, rolling it between his teeth and then closing down, making you squeal, your head lolling to the side.
His intensity has you losing your mind underneath him. You writhe restlessly beneath Jimin’s body, your limbs spasming while your hips keep surging up, knocking against Jimin’s front frantically, seeking friction in vain. The stupid thick cloth of his dark colored sweatpants don’t let you feel anything but the faint shadow of Jimin’s dick, despite all your frantic bucking.
“Jimin,” you cry out in frustration, “Jimin!” You don’t even know what you want. Do you want him to take his pants off and furiously rut against you through your panties? Or do you want him to stop making you fall apart into pieces with his mouth that doesn’t cease its relentless besiege on your breasts?
Your boyfriend hears you, though, and it has him backing away from your body so he can look down at you to figure out the dimensions of your costume and how the fuck to get that thing off of you so you can be completely nude in his bed. You immediately whimper at the loss of contact. Jimin’s like a furnace and without his body covering you or his hot mouth against your skin, you can now feel the chill in his room which has not been excluded from the icy drafts that the fraternity has blasting through the mansion with the aid of central air conditioning to further the intensity of their haunted house. The entire place is temperature controlled which means the only thing Jimin can do to keep you warm is to wrap his frame around you since both of you are unwilling, at the moment, to put on more layers.
When Jimin finally rips the bright turquoise suit off, you’re left in only your mesh thong – the panties are made up of a diaphanous pink fabric that covers your mound, but lets Jimin see everything underneath as the golden tint to your skin peaks out through the cloth, and is edged with a lime green scalloped ribbon that has a cute little green bow on the center. Jimin can even see how the swath of fabric that’s pressed against your folds is darker from how wet you are, dripping into the material, deepening the color. “I love how you matched your panties to your leg warmers, Y/N. That eager to have sex with me tonight? You already creamed, no oops – screamed, them, and we’ve barely done anything,” Jimin goads, shamelessly staring down at you, his lips curling up devilishly as he can see the visible effect he has on your body.
“I always want to have sex with you,” you shrug blasély, unashamed of your desire and immune to Jimin’s taunts after so many years. He doesn’t embarrass you with how vulgar and descriptive he gets anymore.
But when Jimin starts to pump his fingers through your folds, the incessant speed and fervor has you whimpering to the point that you have to purse your lips in an attempt to conceal them. Jimin’s prodding fingers leave your pussy revealing that it has completely soaked them, making the male hold his hand up to his mouth, swirling his tongue around the pads of his fingers as he rejoices in your delicious taste.
“Come here, baby,” Jimin hums, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling warmly as he lulls you into a false sense of confidence. His fingers wrap around your smooth, shaven calves, gently dragging your cotton leg warmers down your legs.
In the blink of an eye, before you can even realize what has fully happened, your boyfriend has tied you up with those dumb multicolored striped pieces of fabric to his headboard. Your hands are bound together at the wrists and then closely tied to one of the headposts, limiting your upper range of motion. The most you can do is buck up, your back arching as you struggle and your legs kick about, but then even that motion becomes limited as Jimin straddles your abdomen. He’s up on his knees, his legs on either side of you and then the male pushes his black sweats and the navy boxer briefs he had worn for the party, so that he wouldn’t flash anyone in those tight costume shorts, halfway down his bulging muscled thighs, moving up your body until the pinkened mushroom head of his dick nudges against your lips, wordlessly telling you to part them.
Feeling defiant, you turn your face to the right and the precum that was beading the head of his cock smears against your cheek at the sudden movement. Your entire face heats up at that, a scarlet flush deepening the color of your cheeks, reddening your throat and décolletage.
“Y/N,” Jimin growls lowly, biting harshly down on the inside of his cheek and that’s all it takes for you to reposition your head, though you glare at him before you slowly spread apart your lips and take in just the bulbous tip into the warm wet cavern of your mouth. You suckle it languidly, focusing on just that part for a moment, twirling your tongue around it and sucking it hard, the point of your tongue poking the slit and eagerly lapping up every bit of precum that leaks out.
But soon you get into it, your neck stretching as you eagerly attempt to take in more of his length, hollowing your cheeks as you slide your lips over it. His tip drags against the roof of your mouth and you splutter in frustration around his cock that you can’t move enough to get even more of his length down your throat. At that Jimin moves even more up your chest, his bony knees almost digging into your armpits since your arms are thrown over your head in their tied position, though he carefully keeps himself perched so none of his weight is pressing down on your delicate rib cage. The male leans one of his arms back to rest his weight on his hand which is fisting his sheets, his fingers digging into his mattress while your actions pick up fervor as you eagerly bob your head forward to enthusiastically deep throat him. His other hand blindly reaches behind him in the direction of your folds, traveling down your continuously clenching tummy and pelvis, the delicate digits traversing the tightened muscles to successfully find the opening to your core, his thumb brutally pressing down on your pulsating clit, striving to hurl you towards release as you do the same to him.
His thumb furiously rubs at that sensitive bud while his other fingers roam your folds, two of them breaching your entrance to plunge into your gushing center, thick digits knuckle deep as he multitasks, pumping two of them in and out of you, curling them up with his fingertips brushing against the furled grooves of your walls, his hard fingernails raking against your insides to making you wail in discontent as his thumb keeps building up that pressured assault against your battered clit.
Meanwhile, you’re gagging on his cock as it sits heavily on your tongue, allowing you to feel the protruding vein along the underside, jutting further into your mouth, brushing against the back of your throat, stabbing your tonsils. You curl your tongue upwards, trying to follow the path of the vein with the tip. The ribbed, warm skin of his shaft against your tongue makes you salivate, drool dripping out your lips while you similarly drench yourself down south as a flood of arousal flows through your core.
But after a moment Jimin snarls, “No,” in frustration, his flushed forehead scrunched up as he seeks something more, something that will perhaps yield more satisfaction and result in greater relief, moving off of your body to agitatedly pull at the fabric of his pants, shredding them off completely.
When the male returns to you, completely nude, all warm peach, soft cream and blush pink shades, he decides to straddle you in the opposite direction, facing away from you. He grips your thighs firmly to maneuver your legs in a bent position, his palms feeling rough as they grasp onto the round globes of your ass to lift your pelvis off the bed, making your back arch as your pussy becomes level with Jimin’s mouth so that he can eat you out. He slides backwards after he properly positions you like you’re his feast so that you can once again take his dick in your mouth, allowing the two of you to properly sixty-nine.
Jimin’s cock twitches in your mouth in excitement and you quickly suckle it to keep it from jerking unexpectedly again, slowly teasing it and building up the pressure. As you keep things slow, Jimin shudders against your mons, his breath seeping through the mesh fabric of your thong, falling over your sensitive skin and making you get goosebumps all over. His lips close over your engorged clit through your panties, sucking so hard he wets the material so heavily it becomes transparent. But after a moment he abandons it, using his nose to nudge the cloth aside so that your folds are finally bare before he eagerly sets in. He sloppily licks fat stripes from your clit to your core, jabbing the tip of his tongue into you, nipping at your petaled folds. In his hunger, he doesn’t realize that he is slowly moving away from your mouth until your lips frantically wrap themselves around his mushroom tip, as you struggle to keep him in your mouth, back to only being able to suck on that upper part of his shaft. He grips your thighs even more soundly, slurping at your juices as your thighs quiver and jiggle on either side of his face. He can’t get enough of how you taste, his grunts mingling with your lustful moans and whimpers that pierce through the air. It doesn’t take him long before he successfully catapults you into a powerful climax, your soft thighs trapping his head as they close around it. Jimin ignores the constraint, sniffing at your delicious scent, lapping at your folds until he has successfully slurped up every bit of your orgasm.
When he releases his grip on your ass, no longer holding you up, your legs unbend, falling as you can no longer hold the position on your own due to the current jellylike state of your limbs. He climbs off your body to sit beside you, his back against the headboard as he finally takes off the bindings around your wrists. The second you’re free, you don’t get a chance to do much before you find yourself hauled up by Jimin and dumped on his lap, your still sensitive cunt brushing against his painfully hard dick as your thighs bracket his, making you twitch in his embrace.
You face him, taking in the messed up hair, voluminous and in disarray, the puffy reddened lips, and the coral colored flush that overtakes his skin from his ears to his cheeks to the entirety of his throat. He looks delirious, so terribly fucked out, and when you eagerly seek to touch his plush lips with your own red bitten ones, his eyes close softly, his black eye lashes fluttering closed as he lets out a blissful sigh. The kiss is earnest and gentle, Jimin’s fingers lightly twitching against your chin as they delicately grip it. “I love you,” you hum into the kiss, when you break apart for the smallest of moments, your lips trembling against his.
His heart skips a beat at your sincere declaration, blood surging to both his cheeks and his cock as he becomes even more maddened at those words, filled with an overflowing amount of love and lust for you as they take over his mind and make him lose control. He leans more deeply into the kiss, intensely passing his lips over yours again and again, too restless and greedy to let you part for a second or breath.
You’re his, he’s yours; he will never let you two be anyone else’s. This is forever for him.
“Ride me, Y/N?” he begs, when he finally is able to let you go, comforted by how your arms are wound tightly around his frame. His gray hair is darkened at the roots to a sooty charcoal color from how much he’s sweating even in this freezing room and as you brush it back, away from how they’ve fallen into his eye line, he murmurs, “At least in the beginning. Please, baby.”
You press your hands against his chest, your palms brushing against the rock hard points of his nipples as you lift your ass off his lap. You ask Jimin to help line your folds up with his cock because you’re too busy with your sudden obsession with the furled buds of his dark mauvy brown nipples. You find yourself too busy flicking them and rolling them between your forefinger and thumb, to be bothered to make sure that his cock would enter your opening. Honestly, if Jimin left you to your own devices, distracted as you are by the pretty shiny jewelry adorning his pecs – you would probably just absentmindedly sit down on him, rubbing your pussy against his length, too lazy to make sure he was actually penetrating you with his fat cock, fine with just getting off by humping each other.
You continue to swirl your tongue around the beaded nubs. Jimin hisses and groans when you nudge the metal ends of his piercings with the pointed tip of your tongue. The hardness of the platinum bars brushing against your taste buds seem so at odds with the silkiness of Jimin’s skin and you find yourself moaning as you lick up his chest, your tongue capturing the saltiness of his sweat on it.
Jimin sighs as he continues to let you dart little kitten licks against the hard points of his nipples. It always surprises him just how similar he and you are. You say it’s because he’s a Libra and you’re an Aquarius and that makes you both air signs, but honestly – he doesn’t know. What he does think is that he’s glad you two still get along, even though not only do you both have the same personalities down to a tee, the two of you often blow your lids at the most random things – fortunately, it’s usually not over the same things. But you both are also infatuated with the exact same features on each other, often wanting to perform the exact same sexual act on each other, even if you guys sometimes have to determine an order when it’s not possible to do it simultaneously.
He can’t blame you for wanting to suck his nipples right now when he spent over an hour with his face pressed to your breasts earlier in the afternoon, at one point even motorboating you until you shoved him away rolling your eyes, pretending it wasn’t enjoyable for you at all. This means that he'll happily let you hum against his sweat slickened skin in pleasure as you lick and nibble while he grabs ahold of your shapely hips and makes you slide up and down against his length. When you finally stop your adoration of Jimin’s chest, you sheepishly take back control and increase your speed, enthusiastically bouncing up and down on his dick, using his shoulders to clutch onto.
As the pace picks up momentum, you get sloppier, resulting in his cock dragging against your folds roughly. It makes you mewl mindlessly and Jimin moves his hands away from your hips now that you’ve taken back the reins. Instead, his hands go upwards, fingers knotting themselves into your hair as his palms cradle the back of your head, he gently nudges your head forward with his hands, guiding you towards his lips before you meet them in a desperate kiss that has you both sighing intermittently against each other’s mouth.
It’s taking you more and more effort to lift yourself off his cock and fall down onto it again as your thighs tighten with another approaching orgasm. When Jimin finally notices your struggles, he quickly rolls the two of you around so that he’s on top of you and you’re lying on your back with your legs wrapped high around his waist as he energetically jackhammers into you with tight, lethal snaps of his hips, keeping up a furious pace. His fat, monstrous length pounds into you again and again as you mindlessly rake your nails down his back, struggling to find purchase. He rams his cock into your hole as your walls quiver and tighten around him, reluctant to let him go.
Too enraptured by your beauty as he is full of both love and lust, it’s not enough for Jimin to just stare down at you, maintaining eye contact as he snaps his hips, pistoning into you. No, Jimin has to remain busy, giving you as much pleasure as possible, and so his head ducks low, wetly and messily kissing and biting his way from your throat to the expanse of your chest, littering your smooth skin with even more torrid love bites and hickeys. It’s fortunate that it is sweater weather because there is no way you can wear a bikini top without showing everyone the, at least, twenty impassioned marks that stain your skin as proof of Jimin’s adoration and devotion. His hand also sneaks its way down to increase the intensity, fiercely rubbing your clit to stimulate you. This time when you come, you squirt, drenching Jimin’s bed sheets. And all it takes is you gushing around him from your orgasm for your boyfriend to come powerfully inside you, collapsing onto your frame.
For a long moment, you let Jimin crush your body under his weight, welcoming the closeness and how his skin sticks and clings to yours with how sweaty you both have become. You tighten your legs even further around his hips, keeping his warm cock buried within you for as long as you can, but when it starts to erratically twitch from the overstimulation, you know it’s time for Jimin’s exhausted cock to pull out.
“Shower with me?” Jimin whispers against the shell of your ear, making you shiver. All of your senses are still overwhelmingly heightened after that second orgasm, “We can use up all of the hot water since they turned on the fucking A/C even though it’s almost winter.”
You let Jimin pull you along to the ensuite bathroom, both of you thanking God that he’s an officer who gets several privileges. Jimin lets you remain a little longer in the shower than himself, escaping early since you two couldn’t agree on the temperature. You had wanted it warmer than he did and he could only stand it for so long. You use the time to scrub every bit of Halloween makeup off your skin. As the water runs a bluish gray, you wonder how the fuck Jimin had sex with you when you looked properly fucked out and a right mess with your makeup running all over your face. Surely you could not have looked very pretty. You bite your lip, making yourself blush, but Jimin certainly must’ve thought you did with the way he kept staring at you the entire time. The heat of a thousand suns were behind his eyes as his eyes swept over your body and locked with yours.
When you exit the bathroom, in an oversized fuzzy Beta Tau crewneck that belongs to your boyfriend and one of his thicker pairs of sweats, your hair is blown dry since you didn’t want to drip water onto Jimin’s bed, wetting the sheets, when it was already so cold. Looking over the room, you find that Jimin has changed his bedding so it no longer has the evidence of his cum and your squirting splattering it.
Jimin’s already on top of the new sheets with, what do you know, Toy Story 3 all queued up on Disney+, though you know he takes any and all opportunity to rewatch The Nightmare Before Christmas that he can. The male hurriedly opens his arms out wide for you when he notices that you’re back in the room and you launch yourself into his embrace. Once you’re comfortable with your back pressed against his chest, he covers the two of you with his thick, warm blankets.
“Jimin?” you ask, twirling a flat lock of hair. Unless you style it, your freshly washed hair never has any volume.
“Yes, baby?” he answers dutifully, kissing your forehead. He’s warm and cozy, smelling like orange blossoms and citrus trees, both floral and woody and you love it, inhaling deeply.
“Can you come over on Sunday? I want to eat dinner together with you,” you admit, pulling the sleeves of his crewneck until your fingers are no longer visible and you have sweaterpaws.
“Depends on what you make,” he teases, nudging his nose against yours.
But you don’t realize, answering him seriously with thoughtful consideration to your dinner menu, “I was thinking I could make kimchi jjigae and maybe also dakgalbi?”
“Y/N, I was gonna be there with you regardless,” Jimin murmurs, raking his hand through his hair, pushing back the long straight strands of gunmetal colored hair from falling over his eyes and impeding his vision, “I’ll start moving in from tomorrow but it might be a little hard since I have rehearsal and then the actual showcase in the evening. But I figured I could get a huge chunk done on Sunday. Of course, I’ll eat dinner with my baby.”
“Yes, baby?” Jimin giggles before grinning at how you keep hesitantly repeating his name first before just saying whatever you wanted to tell him.
“I love you very much,” you admit, shyly, worrying your teeth over your lips that are covered with Jimin’s cherry chapstick you found on his sink’s counter. It’s not gross to share lip balm when you two are always kissing anyway. At least this way, neither of your lips are ever chapped and flaking.
“I know, baby. I love you, too. I’m sorry about snapping at you on Tuesday when you brought me food,” he confesses, his hands sliding up and down your arms, attempting to increase the friction to warm you up as you curl into his form.
“Oh. No, baby. That’s okay. It’s already forgotten, don't worry about that.”
“Yeah?” Jimin asks, hugging you tightly from the back, burrowing his nose into your hair. It smells like his Aromatica shampoo and you.
“Of course. You were just under a lot of pressure from midterms, baby. Don’t fret.”
“Yeah?” Jimin repeats, quirking his eyebrows playfully, “So you know that I don’t hold anything that happened today against you, right? Let’s just move forward, baby.”
“Oh, I see,” you opine, “This was a trap.”
“Don’t look at it that way,” suggests Jimin, cackling his head off, his cheeks stretched high and his eyes closing in the shape of half moons that are edged with his long dark lashes, “It’s a testament of my love for you.”
“What a forgiving and reasonable boyfriend I have,” you giggle, playing along, knocking your shoulder back into his chest, “He’s probably the best boyfriend to ever exist.”
“He is,” Jimin agrees.
“And I love him so much,” you declare, punctuating your statement with a happy kiss.
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