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#banjou ryuuga
shirleyjakcson · 2 months ago
we look like a couple here.
a couple of BESTIES!!
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vza-ley · 8 months ago
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i’ve missed them a lot lately
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newzealandsk · a month ago
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sento and banjou as bfu screenshots except the “roles” are interchangeable as this is a haha funny
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tokusatsu-incorrect · a month ago
Sento: Does anybody have any stupid questions?
Banjou: *raises his hand*
Sento: Well, what is it?
Banjou: How many stupid questions are we allowed to ask?
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narashikari · 3 months ago
So I was rewatching Cho Eiyuu Sai 2018 for no real reason and then I paused for something and I noticed-
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asknarashikari · 2 months ago
Minific idea: Some punk decides to kidnap Aruto and Sento, but they’re totally calm about it. When the bad guy asks why they’re not panicking, Sento just says “wait for it…” Cue a wall coming down and out walks the pissed off forms of Cross Z Magma and Rampaging Vulcan
“You two are awfully calm for some punks who managed to get their dumb asses kidnapped,” said the ringleader of the trio, looking at their surprisingly calm captives who were just chatting casually while hogtied to each other.
“Excuse you, we’re not dumbasses,” said the other one. He wasn’t actually meant to be kidnapped- their sole target was supposed to be the CEO- but they had no choice but to take him too once he saw them loading Hiden into the van. 
“We’re just biding our time,” Hiden said, smiling amiably at his hostage-takers. 
“Biding your time? For what?” the leader asked again. “We made sure you can’t fight. You don’t have your fancy Rider stuff on you. And with the drugs we put in you two, you won’t even be able to stand, let alone fight us.”
“We never said we were the ones fighting you.”
As if on cue, one of the walls of their hideout blasted apart, blown up from the outside. Two bulky figures loomed within the smoky remnants of the explosion, and the trio of kidnappers scrambled to their feet, hastily grabbing their guns. 
The two followers rushed at figures with weapons raised, but they were easily swatted away, knocked out with one blow. The leader trembled as the smoke cleared to reveal two Kamen Riders- Cross-Z and Vulcan- in their (rumored) strongest forms.
And they were pissed. So very, very pissed.
“Aruto. You alright?” Vulcan demanded, looking at the CEO.
“I’m fine, Isamu,” Aruto smiled at his boyfriend. 
“You’re late, musclehead idiot Ryuuga,” said the other hostage.
“Shut up, you idiot rabbit husband,” Cross-Z grumped at his direction, before turning to the ringleader, his entire body steaming as if about to erupt like a volcano. “Now.. what should we do to you...?”
(Needless to say, the kidnapper surrendered pretty much on the spot, his pants completely wet with fear.)
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Don’t know if this is feasible, but would you do a crossover between Build and Cherry Magic? Maybe with like Kurosawa and Adachi going over to the cafe for family dinner and they meet the whole squad, not just Sento and Banjou, but Misora, Kazumin, Sawa, and maybe even Gentoku? With the prompt “Why are you staring at me”
Darling, your brain is massive.
15. “Why are you staring at me?”
“How did you find this place?” Yuichi says as they round the corner into the little alley.
“Fujisaki recommended it to me, actually.” Kiyoshi grins up at him. “Apparently she and a couple of her girlfriends like to go here sometimes. She says the coffee’s only ok really, but the pastries are really nice. Here, this is it, Cafe,” he squints at the sign, “Nas--nascita.”
The only other customers inside are a group of people who seem to be friends, clustered around a couple of tables pushed together in one corner. Not wanting to intrude, Yuichi goes to get a table in the opposite corner, and Kiyoshi heads to the counter to order.
The barista’s a middle-aged man with a pork pie hat and tinted glasses who looks like he should be playing jazz at a nightclub, not serving coffee to bored twenty-somethings. He’s cleaning a glass as Kiyoshi approaches, and he glances up, says, “Good afternoon and welcome to Nascita, I’ll be with you in just a--” and then cuts off for apparently no reason.
There’s a long, awkward silence before Kiyoshi says, “Uh, why...why are you staring at me?”
“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, you just.” The barista shakes himself. “You look a great deal like someone I--”
“Hey, do you have a problem with me or something?”
The barista looks past Kiyoshi, frowning, and Kiyoshi himself turns around and nearly runs into...
...himself. Except...different.
The other him is scowling at Yuichi, who’s looking at him wide-eyed. “No, seriously, do I have stuff on my face or something? You’ve been staring at me since you sat down, it’s making me--” He turns towards the counter, nearly runs into Kiyoshi himself, and stops dead. “Uh. Sento?”
Someone else stands up from the cluster of people in the corner and blinks at Kiyoshi several times. “Well, this is unexpected. Banjou, is that you?”
“That’s me. I thought there was only supposed to be one other me.”
“No, uh, I’m me. I’m fairly sure.” Kiyoshi laughs nervously. “Kurosawa, help.”
At this point Kiyoshi’s getting the worrying feeling that their new friends might all be insane, which makes it very nearly a relief when Sento, who says he’s a physicist and whose hair has been standing up at the back for most of the conversation thus far, says, “You must think we’re all insane.”
Kiyoshi suppresses a hysterical giggle. “Of course I don’t think you’re. You’re.”
“Oh, no, don’t worry, it wouldn’t be an unreasonable assumption. I mean, we aren’t, I promise there’s a scientific explanation for all of it, it’s just really lengthy and in some places kind of stupid.” Sento peers at him. “You look exactly like him, it’s amazing.”
“Actually pretty sure Banjou’s taller.” That’s the man at the far end of the tables, who speaks with a broad country accent and whose name Kiyoshi vaguely remembers being Kazumi. He keeps looking back and forth between Kiyoshi and his double--Banjou Ryuuga, who’s got red hair and a silk bomber jacket with a dragon on the back, Kiyoshi’s never met someone who looked so much like a comic book character--and sort of gesturing vaguely, as if he’s trying to figure out how tall they are exactly. “By, like, an inch or two.”
“No. He can’t be. Can he?” Sento frowns. “How tall are you, Adachi, if you don’t mind my asking? Strictly for science, of course.”
Next to Kiyoshi, Yuichi seems much more comfortable. In fact, he’s practically giving an impromptu sales pitch to Banjou and Sento’s friend Sawa, who’s a journalist, and who’s listening to him talk about Toyokawa’s new organizational tools with unfeigned interest. Next to her is the cafe owner’s daughter, Misora, who Kiyoshi feels like he recognizes from an idol video he saw Rokkaku watching the other day, although she’s dressed much more simply. She seems less interested in planners than her friend, and after a moment she turns to him and says, “If Sento keeps getting on your case just elbow him or something, he’s always like this.”
Kiyoshi feels his face go red. “No, no, it’s fine.”
“You know,” Banjou says around a mouthful of pastry, “under the circumstances I feel like this worked out pretty well.”
Kiyoshi blinks. “What did?”
“This whole double-whatsit thing. The Swedish word Sento used before.”
“Doppelganger.” Sento rolls his eyes. “And it’s German.”
“Yeah, that one. I mean, it could definitely be way worse. I mean, there’s the other actual me, the one with the same name, but apart from that you seem cool? Like, I’d rather share a face with an office worker than, I don’t know, a cannibal serial killer or something.”
“Was that...likely? I don’t think another version of me would be a cannibal serial killer...”
“Me neither, but you never know, yeah?”
“I mean,” Kiyoshi says, frowning absently into space, “I wouldn’t have expected to have the same face as someone who does shoot fighting, that’s sort of a surprise. Not a bad one, though.”
“Yeah, this isn’t so bad.” Banjou pauses, blinks, and then stands up. “I’m gonna be right back. Hey, babe, if Gentoku shows up before I’m back tell him I said why the hell is he late, I thought politics guys were supposed to be on time for stuff.”
“I’m not telling him that.” Sento leans his face up for a light, brushing kiss, and then Banjou’s off in the direction of the bathroom. “Besides,” called after his retreating back, “you know Kazumi’s going to say it anyway.”
Kiyoshi stares in his direction for a moment, looks back at Sento, and, suddenly, smiles. So we’ve got that in common.
The bell at the cafe door rings, and Kazumi lurches upright in his chair with an abrupt, bright smile and waves. “Hey, Beardy, you’re late! I thought politicians were supposed to be on time for shit!”
At Kiyoshi’s elbow, Yuichi says, weakly, “I’m sorry, Ms. Takigawa, is that the prime minister’s son?”
Kiyoshi looks up in alarm at--the prime minister’s son, who’s wearing a black leather jacket which he opens to reveal a t-shirt that reads:
Kazumi snorts. “Oh, poor you, you had to play tennis.”
“Fuck you too, Potato, just because you can--I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize we had compa--Banjou?” The prime minister’s son blinks several times and then shakes his head. “Did Banjou dye his hair?”
“No, I’m,” Kiyoshi scratches the back of his head, “I’m Adachi, hello.”
Sento beams up at the prime minister’s son as Kiyoshi stifles a nervous giggle and Yuichi shakes himself. “They have the same face, it’s very exciting.”
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pepegle · a year ago
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shirleyjakcson · 2 months ago
i don’t know about this power of science stuff you believe in. but i think… that i can believe in you.
this is terrible. i was thinking the same thing about you.
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hazardlevei · 10 months ago
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cosy ryusens ~
thanks everyone for coming to the art stream! if people are interested for next time, i can post a link here when i stream next ~
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tissue--box · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
all chris know is make the funny little posts
(first one is based on a very haha in a chatfic my friend and i wrote go read it
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tokusatsu-incorrect · a month ago
Sento: I would hate you if you weren't so like, lovable and funny and sweet and like a genuinely nice person. You're very annoying
Banjou: This is a confusing compliment
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imrospink · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I have a headcanon about Touma being the son of Sento and Banjou (Naito slightly looks like inukai and Banjou is a dragon rider so....) it was fun to create a stupid story about that for one year x,D
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