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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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but like, when it comes to fiction about one species clashing with another it’s entirely up to the author or audience to determine whether that sort of deliberate dehumanization is applicable to the story or not 

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bones…my pal. my friend. i am going to dm you right now to demand that you show me the glittery tea and I thought I should warn you before I do because I WILL be excited and I WILL have my finger on the shift key the entire time

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replied to your



Just kidding. :> Actual banana. He doesn’t have a…

Hes adorable! I nominate to name him Slug, as in…banana slug.

He’s definitely getting a DBZ or Fusions name (my other two scaly babies were named for characters from stuff I was fangirling over at the time I got them…and technically my featherbaby yeeears ago was, as well)… and the best part is, Slug actually does fit that criterion, so it’s definitely going on the list, thank you. xD

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Hey Godzilla whatchu drinking and how did you get a mug that big to put it in?

i enjoy a finely brewed coffee every once in a while. helps to give me a nice energy boost when im down.

also to answer the mug thing….im not entirely sure. king kong gave it to me as a gift. he never told me how he got it, though.


he says the picture on it is supposed to be me, but to be honest i don’t really see any resemblance.

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I seem to be the lone person who actually enjoys the Polar Express and that means I can force people to watch it with me more easily than having to put one of those other movies on and torture myself along with them.

that movie made my spouse and i shout “HOT CHOCOLATE! HOT CHOCOLATE!” at each other over and over again while we were visiting my parents for the winter holidays one year and i dont know if there’s any way to redeem ourselves now

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barabones replied to your post: i hate hand-drawing chains so much

im so glad i figured out how to make chain/rope/border brushes in clip studio paint.

Oh, I have brushes for things like this that I made in Manga Studio, but I use them as a template to set up for hand-drawing over because using the brushes straight looks really unnatural, especially if I have to resize them to the point where the lineart thickness doesn’t match up with the lines on the brush.

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barabones replied to your photo “becdecorbin: some faux-Tezuka concept I came up with when trying to…”

the badguys name is something obvious like Blackhole and he wants to…i dunno….collect or destroy all the comets and planets for whatever reason.

speaking of, I was thinking of it being like, there are people living in that asteroid/dwarf planet field and likely the antagonist wants to use them for terraforming, either as materials to use for it or as places for people to live in. and probably also for covert military operations cough cough

I just thought that up

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