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Hello again and welcome back to another rec list! This week we’ve got ten mostly gen Cass based fics and series for y’all to enjoy, as requested by an Anon.

Yes I know it’s late, blame the disparity of Cass-centric fics out there. On that note, another disclaimer that there are some fics here I haven’t read, sadly.

As always absolutely no bat*est here. Leave a rec list request in our askbox and we’ll get to it soon :) Without further ado….

Unspoken by Arsenic

7k+ | G | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Bruce & Cass

“Instead of beginning his adoption spree with Dick, it is Cass who lands on Bruce’s radar–and in his home–first.”

I’m Still Breathing by DontTouchTheSun

1k+ | T+ | Complete | Gen | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Bruce & Cass, Cass & David Cain

“"You’re fourteen and there’s blood on your hands. The knife’s on the ground and the body’s in front of you and your face is stained with tears.“

Cassandra Cain’s life from age 3 to 21.”

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Gotham City Headcanon

(Well, Headcanon of a Headcanon)

Context; I have this headcanon that Scarecrow Listens to My Chemical Romance. I have (accidentally) expanded it from “Listens” to “Probably loves them as much as he loves fear”

Now, I started thinking that, since Gotham can’t really make an emotion illegal (or they can, but that would involve intervention from the US government when it finally gets its shit together), so they decided to make another love of his illegal.

Now, this (obviously) did not go over well, as Gotham is the city filled with Goths, Emos and Scene Kids(and Scene Adults).

Gotham basically made sure that you could not;

Access the music through YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming platform

Can’t do anything fandom related about them

Can’t access Umbrella Academy on Gotham’s Netflix

Can’t Quote songs

Can’t say the name of the band out loud(leading to them being known as either “The Band” or “Our Mathmatical Friendship”)

My Chem Members couldn’t enter the city

Generally;No My Chem for Gotham

Now, most got by this ban with a VPN. But, since most of Gotham did not have this privilege, they had to look for something else.

Enter;Timothy Drake and Barbara Gordon

These two managed to make a YouTube channel that was only accessible if you lived in Gotham(and Actually lived in Gotham, not if you used a VPN to access Gotham internet. That didn’t work) that posted My Chem songs under fake names that related to the song it was. To Gothamites; ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ Was now 'Goodbye to the White Garage Band’. 'The Sharpest Lives’ was now 'The Dullest Knives’



Of course, this didn’t stop other problems concerning the ban.

And so; a free VPN that, you guessed it, was only available to Gotham Computers was born.


Pete:Why are you banned from Gotham?





All 4 at once:No reason

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I’m genuinely baffled at certain double standards in comics fandom but one that’s really started to annoy me the last two years is the difference between how male and female characters are treated when they’re written badly.

For example every time Dick Grayson isn’t written to his fans standards there are posts after posts after posts about how he was written badly and its not his fault and he’s a victim of writer mischaracterisation.

The most famous example that comes to mind is Nightwing Annual #2 where Dick cheats on Kory and sleeps with Babs and the morning after gives Babs an invitation to his wedding. The issue is garbage absolutely and no one is written well in it. And you’ll find multiple posts disputing if not downright rebuking the issue as canon.

And thats all well and good until the shoe is on the other foot.

Since Dick lost his memory in Nightwing #50 nearly every appearance of Barbara Gordon in the Nightwing title has been out of character.

A Babs that was written with care or even remotely close to her proper characterisation wouldn’t act the way she does around someone who had just been through something traumatic especially with her specific experience with being targeted by a villain to get to Batman.

But instead of receiving the same treatment as Dick gets with people talking about how Lobhell and Jurgens are writing her badly, on a monthly basis people bash her character and even sometimes say some outright nasty things about her and as a fan of Barbara its been exhausting seen people throw her character under the bus instead of defending her the same way Dick is when he’s badly written.

How come you can extend enough leeway that every time male comic characters do something bad that its poor writing but the second a female character does anything wrong its a free ticket to bring it up every time the character is discussed for months on end.

Like at no point in almost two years did a single person go its a shame about how out of character or badly written Barbara is in the Nightwing book because its more fun to break her character down to try and justify being completely dismissive of her.

Like where’s the same sympathy you have for every male character thats been written badly over the years. Because trust me people will be bringing this up for years as a way to bash Babs character.

Its almost like the Nightwing writers didn’t have Babs best interests in mind and just wanted to use her as a prop and unsurprisingly no one critiqued the way she was treated because they were too busy buying into lazy writing that demonised her.

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Helena: What are you guys doing out here?
Dinah: Uh...uh...well, Babs and I had discussed getting in an early morning racquetball game. But, um, apparently somebody overslept.
Barbara: Yeah, well, you don't have your racquet.
Dinah: No, no I don't, because it's being restrung. Somebody was supposed to bring me one.
Barbara: Yeah, well you didn't call and leave your grip size.
Helena: You guys spend way too much time together.
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