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wwprice1 · 2 days ago
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Love these covers by Dan Mora and Terry Dodson!
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incorrectbatfamquotes · a day ago
Barbara Gordon: Stephanie, can you handle that?
Stephanie Brown: I never know if I can handle anything. That’s what makes my life so exciting.
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theartofthecover · a day ago
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Supergirl and Batgirl commission (2020)
Art by: Chris Stevens
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comcbookart · 2 days ago
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asgardian-arse · a day ago
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pure brain rot on this one…
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stphn-brwn · 2 days ago
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Batgirls by Marcio Takara (Colored by filmncir)
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dctable · 2 days ago
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No, I'm the sexy mysterious one
He's not wrong
That crowbar comment was uncalled for!
Oh wait he carries them
See DC?! It's harder to get indignant now!
Task Force Z #8
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dibs4ever · 2 days ago
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cats-inthe-cradle · 18 hours ago
Bruce: has no idea what normal child behavior is after only raising Damian (aka an assassin child) for years
The rest of the kids: take full advantage of this
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adelfie · a day ago
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big sister🦇💖
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e-elizabeth-l · a day ago
cass=ice bear=mood
after the bat fam met Bernard for the first time
Cass: Cass has a conspiracy theory
Bruce:* buys overly expensive ballerina shoes*
Cass: Cass has buyers remorse 
Cass: Cass has fought personal demons
bat cow: 
Cass: years of therapy
when Tim and Cass lost Alfred in a store after being distracted 
Cass:*holding onto tims hand and dragging him*
Cass: Cass has an internal GPS
Bruce: Why did you think it was a good idea
Cass: Cass has committed no crime
Bruce: So it wasn’t you who did it
Cass: .....today
Dick: *makes a plan* it will as be easy as a piece of cake 
Cass: Cass highly doubts that
Cass: *eats the last cookie*
Cass: Cass waits for nothing 
------------------------------------------------ Stephanie: *training in only a sports bra and leggings*
Cass: Cass appreciates chiseled abs
Damian: do you want to watch an anime with me Cassandra 
Cass: Cass only watches dance-related animes
Damian: *holds yuri on ice*
Cass: I'm in
Jon: *tries to find a recruit Cass as a new fan * do you like marshmallow fluff
Cass: Cass eats jars of marshmallow fluff
Cass: sorry I thought you took the fairytales book again
Jason: then why did you hit me?!
Cass: Cass was feeling petty
*during a movie night while watching a movie that cass picked for the 10th time*
Cass: Cass appreciates they didn't force a boring side plot 
*after scaring dick by appearing next to him for the fifth time that day*
Cass: Cass was channeling her spirit animal which is also a bat
Barbara: thank you for your help again cass
Cass: Cass is only helping for the redemptive arc
Selina: awww the kittens like you 
Cass: *smiles gently * Cass is doing her best
Alfred: I take it you like this type of pasta miss Cassandra 
Cass: Cass *burps* pasta Cass
*to the bad guy of the week who kidnapped Stephanie*
Cass: Cass is a crazier dog
*notices how many are starring at dick in a non-innocent manner*
Cass: Cass will no longer be nice Cass 
Bruce: *sneezes*
Cass: Cass will not bless you 
Bruce: Cass I said I'm sorry for not teaming you up with Stephanie
Roy: um... 
Cass: Cass will mince you like fresh garlic
Jason: *lifts Cass and starts walking* nope, we are done here 
*taking bruce’s card and ordering food because Alfred is not home *
Cass: Cass will cut out the middle man
Tim:*buying more coffee with the same card* my exact thought
Kate: so those are the ones that we will be going after
Cass: Cass will hunt them down
Kate:*smirks* atta girl
*screaming in the background*
Duke: do you want more snacks 
Cass: Cass will have more free chips
*the family cutting their outing short because of approaching paparazzi*
Cass: Cass will destroy the paparazzi 
*while matchmaking Jon and Damian*
Cass: Cass will show no mercy
*Stephanie  gets put in jail during monopoly*
Cass: Cass will avenge you 
*during a gala*
Cass: *not saying a word and ignoring all the guests*
Cass: Cass will still the show 
Cass: ...like usual
Cass: Cass will share her secrets 
Damian: what secrets?
Cass: ...about other assassins mostly
Damian*nods* fair enough
Tim: *eating the last slice of pizza*
Cass: all Cass’ friends are future enemies
Goliath: *sleeping with the rest of Damian's pets on him or next to him*
Cass: Cass's cold heart is melting 
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jetslay · 2 days ago
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World’s Finest statues.
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phoenixstartedthefire · 8 hours ago
Video game headcannons about the batkids
Damian and Cass play animal crossing together. They both hate pietro and will not tell anyone why
Tim and Damian play minecraft. Damian spends all his time collecting pets and Tim spends his time trying to sabatoge the base that Damian spent hours on
Dick only plays shitty mobile games
Babs loves crushing teenage boys at call of duty while steph wears the headset and destroys them verbally
Duke loves torturing his sims. Everytime the welcome wagon comes, he traps and drowns them in the pool. He hates Nancy Langraab with a passion. He has a soft spot for eliza pancakes.
Damian loves rhythm games too
Jason loves crushing his family at mario kart any opportunity he gets
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chadfarsight · 2 days ago
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BATGIRLS #9 Written by BECKY CLOONAN and MICHAEL W. CONRAD Art by JONATHAN CASE Cover by JORGE CORONA Variant cover by SWEENEY BOO 1:25 variant cover by RIAN GONZALES $3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock) ON SALE 8/9/22 After what happened with Seer, there's no time to waste for the Batgirls as they go Batgirling back into detective mode! And this new murder hits even closer to home— literally! As Steph, Cass, and Babs are racing to put the clues together about who might be the Hill Ripper, they get an unexpected visit. Who doesn't love a killer fight scene? Yet with all this murder going on, Steph still manages to get her flirt on!
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thychesters · 2 days ago
The door thuds behind him before he slides the deadbolt home, and his keys hit the counter with a disjointed jangle before they slide to a halt. Tim lets out a breath as he toes off his shoes, and then he’s making a beeline for his couch to deposit himself on it, all loose limbs flailing every which way. Flopped sideways, he digs through his pocket for his phone as it chirps and a text alert from Dick greets him, one of the few notifications that has any merit that isn’t a weather or news alert. He swipes through a couple before finally settling on Dick’s name and pressing the camera icon. His own face stares back at him as it rings, and he grimaces a little at the front-facing camera and the awkward angle.
“Oh no, here comes trouble,” Dick says as he answers, to which Tim pulls a face. There’s tuft of dark hair under his chin, and it takes him a moment before he realizes it’s his son.
“You were the one who texted me first,” Tim says by way of greeting. Dick rolls his eyes and shifts as John snuffles; he adjusts his grip, holding his phone out a little farther so that the side of John’s head comes into view.
“Yeah, but you answered.” His head tilts to glance down at the newborn and Tim finds himself mirroring him, head twisting against the couch cushion. John’s tiny fingers curl gently against his shirtfront.
Tim opens his mouth and then pauses, closing it again. His brow furrows a little. “What’s that noise in the background?”
Dick sighs. “Barbara wanted to watch Dirty Dancing,” he pans the camera to the other side of the couch where Barbara curls against the arm, dozing and neck bent at an angle that might hurt soon, “and clearly it’s riveting.”
Tim has to hold back a laugh. “Clearly. Meanwhile, you’re sitting here answering phone calls.”
“I could have ignored you,” he comes back with. “She’s also a light sleeper, but I think we’ve learned to tune one another out sometimes unless it’s an emergency.” He tilts his phone a little bit in John’s direction. “Now this little guy makes any kind of noise and we both jolt. I think he knows it too.”
“Sounds like things are going well on your end then,” Tim says, swinging his legs over the back of the couch. He almost drops his phone.
“As well as can be expected, I guess.” The music kicks up a little, and Dick glances up at a screen Tim can’t see and then at Barbara. “You stopped watching this an hour ago, didn’t you?”
“I can hear you,” comes a murmur from the other end of the couch. Dick glances her way and his eyes crinkle a little in the corners. By John’s cheek, Tim spies a small spot of drool on his shirt.
“Hi Barbara,” Tim says, trying to be loud enough she can hear him through the phone speaker but not loud enough to wake the sleeping infant. As she murmurs again in response, he pauses before his mouth breaks into a grin: “Is she still mean and hogging the remote?”
Dick stills and then tries not to jostle the baby too much as he laughs. Barbara groans, though he can hears a little humor in it. He holds the camera to show Barbara squinting at them both. Tim can’t see her glasses anywhere. She pulls a face at him with no heat to it.
“Calling just to bully a lady who just had a baby? That’s a new low for you, Timothy.” Tim hisses.
“Oh, she broke out the full name. Yikes.” He sits up a little. “And here I was going to offer my babysitting services.”
Barbara laughs and Dick rolls his eyes. “Sure you were.”
“I was!”
“We’ll add you to the roster,” Dick tells him. John curls against him.
“Good, good,” Tim says around a smirk. “I expect to be the favorite uncle and your go-to for everything.”
“Good luck with that one,” Dick says with a laugh while Barbara says, “I don’t know, I kind of like him.”
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momma-alghul · 21 hours ago
Batfam on a mission and being attacked by LOA assassins and them taking them all out except they notice Dami not trying to take out his opponent but merely playing with them (not toying with but actually having fun sparring sort of fun). The Batfam intervene and Damian quickly defends them before revealing their identity as his twin sister, Athanasia. Damian manages to convince Athanasia to come back to the cave with them, on the ride back although they are sitting quietly the Batfam can easily tell the twin are, as they assume, communicating through twin telepathy.
How does the Batfam react to Damian revealing he has a twin sister born of both Bruce and Talia?
How does the Batfam react to Damian and Athanasia’s twin telepathy?
Damian was having fun "fighting" Athanasia, like they used to do when they were kids, Batfamily is very confused.
Jason didn't seem surprised, after all he's lived with both of them since they were babies (at least before coming to Gotham) he has fond memories of telling the story to the twins and they both talk about the story with each other.
Bruce looked at Damian in a questioning way, no one can say what feelings he was feeling at that moment, Athanasia decided to take a step forward and make it clear that she didn't go before because she didn't want/ was having some trouble since she feel a little guilty with let Mara "alone"
Dick smiled at both twins, it was easy to see the way they protected each other and would do anything for the other's well being, he was proud that Damian and Athanasia have another youngest in the family doesn't sound so bad
Barbara as soon as Athanasia got more comfortable started braiding the girl's hair, that was fun for both of them, Barbara used to play with Cass' hair so the feeling was good, While Athanasia remembered when Damian made a point of learning to braid hair simply to "make her hair beautiful".
Stephanie and Athanasia? Bond through Athanasia talking about funny or embarrassing happenings from Damian and her childhood, Damian face is red? Yes but is happy with the situation.
Duke and Alfred are preparing some extra food while asking if Athanasia has any restrictions or favorite foods, it turns out that Athanasia has some very different tastes than Damian.
While Damian doesn't like sweets that much and prefers to eat them with cinnamon if he does, Athanasia loves sweets and would totally eat any sweet with strawberry syrup.
Tim and Athanasia prove to be both coffee lovers, Tim is happy that someone "is like him" Bruce is worried about someone else getting addicted to coffee in the house, Damian prefers tea.
Cass and Athanasia started practicing dance moves together, apparently both are unbeatable with classical ballet! Barbara's eyes are shining with pride, Barbara helped make the bun in both hair.
Both Twins Love Alfred's Cookies
Athanasia reminds Bruce a lot of Talia, but he's born with his eye color, he's amazed, but sometimes it does Bruce miss Talia a lot.
( I answered the first ask about how to handle the powers in the last post)
Thanks for the ask darling
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incorrectbatfamandpals · 11 hours ago
Babs: Guys, listen up.
Dick: What if I listen down instead?
Babs: Get out.
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funnypages · 2 days ago
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Roy and Oracle
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galactic-fairy · a day ago
my brother's best friend lent me his wig, i have barbara gordon vibes!!! 🦇🦇🦇 I'm fine and alive.
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incorrigiblebatfam · 2 days ago
babs: you know, they make thongs specifically for low-riders now
vera: they don't work for me. i still can't sit down without showing the whole world the crack of my ass
vera: the other night, some guy tried to put a pen in it
jason: [thinking] some guy... i never get credit for anything
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