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yourplayersaidwhat · 10 days ago
Not my fault no one asked
I play a level 4 monk (long death)/ 3 barbarian (wild magic) named Theo who is pretty much your stereotypical surfer dude. Had anyone in the party ever asked him any questions he'd answer in a very chill and laid back way. No one ever did much to the DM and my amusement. Which means since Theo has never raged before everyone thinks he's a level 7 monk. I have not done anything to correct this assumption. 
DM: So Theo fails the strength check and is shoved over the cliff. That's 60feet down, so 6d6's. 
Me: Bummer dude. Gonna use my slow fall to cut out 20 of that damage. 
DM: OK, so that's then two damage. You also find some creatures down here that look ready to attack.
Me: Cause I'm also super petty and Theo is probably not very happy about the shove is gonna rage. 
Wizard: I'm sorry you're what now?
DM: From the bottom of the cliff you hear a blood curling scream. What'd you roll?
Me: A 1. 
DM: Alright I'll roll the creatures constitution-- and they all failed. That's a d12 for them, take your temp hp. 
Me: hehehehe.  Wizard: WAIT CAN WE SHOVE GUYS TO THEO?
Fighter, Rogue, and Druid: Oh that's a good idea.  *After the fight* 
Druid: So Theo is still down there?
DM: Yup.
Druid: I'm going to yell down. Since when were you so angry?
Me: Why'd you think I got kicked out of the monastery dude? Someone would say something and I'd lose my shit. 
Fighter: We're learning so much about Theo today. 
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Tumblr media
I really want to revive my character Marta, who was a barbarian warrior—but she was lawful good, and I want to bring her back as more of a neutral character, because oh my gOD I feel like she would be hilarious 😂
Marta is strong, not smart; Marta also talk in third person. Marta have -1 Charisma. Marta have thing for short men 😏
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noodledragon · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
"Of course there are things I know I should know, but what's scarier are all the things I don't know I've forgotten."
Rieldan, my silver drakyn wild magic barbarian for Hoard of the Dragon Queen
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rosepetalrevolution · a month ago
I was working out a thing for my Overwatch kids playing pathfinder/D&D (with Dva as GM) and Jetty informed me Mercy plays a stupid barbarian and I've never been able to see it any other way since.
A smart, overworked, generally mild-mannered woman going absolutely apeshit with violence, idiocy, and rage in her weekly grown up make believe sessions is something that can actually be so personal
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gin-draws · a year ago
Jsyk I would die for ba'sura
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you anon 😭😭😭I would die for her as well (but she’s so strong, and has cure wounds, so she wouldn’t let it happen) here’s a little thing I’ve been working on to show my girl’s growth.
8 Levels Totem Barbarian - 3 Levels Swords Bard
it’s been really fun playing her for almost two years and having her grow from having been a stupidly rich overprotected heiress, to a feral “12” year old barbarian, to her best 62 year old bard-barian self.
(she was a raccoon for 50 years- and looks about 30 now... long story short: halflings and magic are both weird and don’t steal from witches in the woods)
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makenna-made-this · a year ago
Tumblr media
Been re-imagining some of my OCs as dnd characters for funsies, so have a druid/barbarian Spot~
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rockshortage · 7 months ago
So I figure that if dnd isnt still around (tho I assume it would be), I figure that Butch woulf eventually, probably on accident, get a bunch of other people in the gang into it
But then it would be amusing if Hector was visiting the compound during a dnd night, and someone managed to convince him likely with help from Butch to give it a try with them, and spends the entire time angrily trying to logic his way through everything
"You can't just shoot fireballs out of your hands, it doesn't make sense!!"
It's magic, Hector, and this is a game. It doesn't have to make sense.
"But--" ............ >:(
I think it's safe to say he's not a huge fan of the complete fantasy style campaigns. At least not until Butch convinces him that it's just really really really advanced science that they can't possibly understand yet, and he can't really argue with that, no matter how much he wants to
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la-corona-sopra-il-mare · 5 months ago
#mypost #not okay to reblog #im writing this in the tags bc i dont want to start anything. bls. #i am making my mc into a dnd character for.....reasons. and solely based off the d&d&beyond descriptions i would class them as a sorcerer #multiclassing: d as a paladin!main & ranger//r as a wizard!main & cleric//a as a monk!main & cleric//x as a rogue!main & sorcerer #i would not multiclass mc but for shits and giggles: sorcerer!main and barbarian lmao #mc goes 'hulk smash' with power during a dramatical reveal moment #i still havent been able to play the last two chapters but i know in my heart im right about this #they're all human ovvio. itd be fun to pick other stuff based on their trains and symbolism but i think they should stay human #but for funsies: r as a half-elf//x as a sexy tiefling//a & mc as kalashtar//d as an aasimar #i thot kalashtar would have the sexy haunted by the ghosts of the past and present vibe #and i am correct. #i also think its hilarious that x is a tiefling and d is an aasimar bc those are like diametrically opposed and i ship it #i actually have an aasimar sorcerer oc thats in love w a tiefling wizard and they make me so happy #rn theyre retired in a sapphic cottagecore bakery daydream bc the tiefling player and i needed a break from playing #anyway. the end. *[dabs]* #if y'all discuss this in the discord at least lmk. i dont wish to be in the dark. #if you dont discuss it. even better! i cannot even witness human interaction rn or i will be overwhelmed in a not great way.
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sexysideoftheforce · 10 months ago
I am haunted by who my pillars of eternity oc should be
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goneagainbackagainbrannigan · 9 months ago
An Actual Post
Instead of just shitposting/reblogging let me make an actual post about something I love.
The 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but more importantly its absolutely amazing soundtrack!
While the movie is still in my opinion a fantastic watch with some issues here and there, The soundtrack is one of the best ever in cinema and definitely a top soundtrack for the fantasy genre. 
People joke about how TRON Legacy was a music video for Daft Punk’s banger soundtrack, well I don’t feel entirely the same about Conan the Barbarian but I do feel somewhat close.
The absolute standout tracks for me are: Riders of Doom, Kitchen/The Orgy (great title), and the Battle of the Mounds. Not the most unique picks I’m sure but still my fav songs to listen to just about anytime. 
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favuya · a year ago
Tumblr media
2 Barbarian Bros
I know I'm really late, but when I first saw Simon's trailer for Smash Bros, I thought that it was like He-man and Skeletor got into Smash. I could not be the only one who was reminded of He-Man. I mean come on, huge muscular blonde barbarian, skeleton enemy, and castle of super natural power. Since I love both these characters, they now need to team up to take down Skeletor and Death.
If you want to go deeper in the comparisons between the two, He-man has an enemy called Snakeface who can turn enemies to stone by looking at them.
He-man is modeled after his 2002 cartoon series. (Amazing)
I like this one a lot, but I'm wondering if I ruined it by shading the cliffs. I didn't want them plain though.
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yourplayersaidwhat · 3 days ago
"Fuck you I can do magic too. I cast rage."
-Me the barbarian, and the only non-magic caster in the entire party. (Warlock, Wizard, and Druid) 
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Tumblr media
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incorrectsmashbrosquotes · 2 years ago
*Ridley and Samus have just finished one of their legendary bouts, and Ridley is clearly outclassed*
Ridley: He, he. Oh Samus, you wouldn’t kill me? I’m as good as your father.
*Samus glares from beneath her helmet, but hesitates with the final blow. Ridley takes the opportunity and stands up*
Ridley, slowly walking towards her: My actions have shaped every step of your journey. Face it Samus, I created you are. Everything about you, your strength, your resolve, and most especially your hate, came from me. You won’t kill me. You NEED me.
*he is directly before Samus now*
Samus: You’re wrong.
Ridely: Excuse me?
Samus: I’m not who I am because of you Ridley. *punches Ridley so hard he flies through the air* I’m who I am in spite of you. Yeah you gave me hate. But my strength? My resolve? That’s me. You tried to break me Ridley, more times than I can count. But you failed. Every time. I’m me, Ridley. I’m Samus motherfucking Aran, and I made myself.
Ridley, lying on the ground in pain: And what is the mighty Samus Aran without her dragon to slay!? Eh? WHAT ARE YOU WITHOUT ME?!
Samus, pointing her Zero-Canon at Ridley: Let’s find out.
*Samus blasts Ridley into oblivion*
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itsnotmydreamdaditsyours · a year ago
i think about rich people for all of a fraction of a second and i go into a rage
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finalsorrow · 2 years ago
@nightslain: time for me to also cry with you about how ellis has butchered the canon and removed basically all the emotional gravity of one of the most important instances in the whole story THANKS I HATE IT we all gonna unite when season 3 airs to drag it through the dust or what
we’re gonna tear a bitch a new asshole
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pencilbrony · 2 years ago
BARBARIBOLD for @askbrisky !
Tumblr media
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rscola · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve made a shocking revelation
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super-saiyan-senpai · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Maining Simon be like...
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labyrinthofchaos · 4 years ago
Players of DnD as Majors
DMs: Psychology Majors Magic Users (i.e. Wizards, and Mages): Physics Majors Paladin: Religious Studies Majors Rogue: Economics Majors Assassin: Political Science Majors Bard: Music Majors Barbarian:  Kinesiology Majors Ranger: Environmental Majors Druid: Forensics Majors Cleric: Medicine Majors with a minor in divinity
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